Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (zw080) 1194

Review for siren zwave plus siren strobe

Price was $43.95. Unit is about the size of a two outlet wall plate. When the alarm is active, the white leds kind of circle around and are half-way bright. Good for a visual indicator, but that's about it. The alarm is about the same decibels as a smoke alarm. So you can hear it outside the house, but you'd have to be listening for it. 5 star unit for what it's marketed as. I give it a 4 star though because the battery is non-replaceable. Which means that it'll go bad at some point making the battery backup non-repairable when it goes through its normal lifetime.

-S. Taylor

Siren gen5, z-wave plus, 105db siren strobe alerts, plug-in, backup protect your home and your safety z-wave. siren gen5 lets you add 210 lumen strobe light and 106db siren alerts to your z-wave home control system. anti-tamper and power-out protect -aeotec siren gen5, z-wave plus, 105db siren strobe alerts, plug-in, backup battery

  • Add-on: Siren Has To Immediately Alert You To Emergencies And Safety Problems. So That You Always Hear It, It Has A High-intensity, 105db Speaker Built Right In.
  • Add-on: Tamper And Power Out Protection With Inbuilt, Self-recharging, 430 Mah Backup Battery.

Top Rated Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (Surveilance Systems) Zw080

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This is a great plug in because it continues to work even when you unplug it from the wall(during the alarm of course). However, i'm not sure how long the internal battery lasts. I am guessing it's only a minute or so directly after unplugging. The Best siren zwave plus siren strobe ( Sep 2019 ) | Aeotec-Surveilance Systems Review Add-on Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren with strobe alerts, Plug-in, Backup battery Z-wave emergency siren powerfully loud at 105db with 210 lumen strobe light alerts.. Siren has to immediately alert you to emergencies and safety problems. so that you always hear it, it has a high-intensity, 105db speaker built right in.. Tamper and power out protection with inbuilt, self-recharging, 430 mah backup battery.. Compatible with certified z-wave gateways and software including fibaro, homeseer, indigo, openhab, piper, samsung smartthings, vera, and wink.. Z-wave plus certified. certification number: zc10-14090012. .

Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-wave Plus, 105db Siren With Strobe Alerts, Plug-in, Backup Battery Review (zw080)

It seems to work with samsung smartthings but when it's just sitting in the app it shows "unavailable" as a status. This seems to be incorrect because if i test it, suddenly it works. -V. Stacey

Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Aeotec
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0642872866102
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.30 inches
    Length:2.20 inches
    Weight:0.18 pounds
    Width:1.80 inches
  • Manufacturer: Aeotec
  • Model: ZW080
  • MPN: ZW080
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: ZW080
  • Sub-Type: Photography
  • UPC: 810667022945

siren gen5, z-wave plus, 105db siren strobe alerts, plug-in, backup Photography, Protect your home and your safety with z-wave. siren gen5 lets you add 210 lumen strobe light and 106db siren alerts to your z-wave home control system. anti-tamper and power-out protect keeps the siren online even when your power isn't courtesy of siren gen5's inbuilt, 430 mah backup battery. built upon gen5 and z-wave plus, aeotec's siren gen5 offers customisation and configuration via z-wave including different tones for different emergencies, adjustment of the decibles to be quieter or louder, and use of siren gen5 as a door chime. z-wave plus certified, siren gen5 is compatible with certified z-wave gateways and software including fibaro, homeseer, indigo for mac, openhab, piper, samsung smartthings, mios vera, and wink. Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (ZW080-Aeotec).

Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery Photography

  • At first i did not know how to work this product and then i bought my window and door sensors and installed them figured out how to pair them with my securifi router and now it works like a charm. Very loud inside but can be heard faintly from out side if door is closed. I suggest you also set one up outside the home if you want to alert neighbors. Product is not outside compatible but if you have a screened in porch with and electric outlet and cover it will work like a charm.
  • This is a good value purchase. This is an inexpensive siren that it is loud enough to be annoying. I bought to pair with smartthings. It was easy to paid and it works fantastic. For my delight, it still works when pulled from the outlet.
  • Order 2 of this item . One of this was returned the same week . The other siren would come on when alarm system is in disarm mode . Don't waste your time with this g4 siren .
  • Pairs but them becomes unavailable shortly after. Then have to remove it and pair again, but the same problem keeps happening. My other devices on the same technology don't have this problem and are further away from the hub.
  • Wish it was louder but it works as described

siren zwave plus siren strobe Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren with strobe alerts, Plug-in, Backup battery (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This thing is loud especially for being about the size of a deck of cards. It works everytime it should and it comunicates seamlessly with my smartthings hub. The only complaint i have with this productis honestly with the smartthings hub as i had some difficulty getting my routines down so that the alarm would disarm before i left for work in the morning resulting in a loud noise that woke up the whole house, exactly what i wanted it to do. So the siren works flawlessly but my smart hub was a little off. The lights are suprisingly bright and can easliy light a hallway. The different siren options are simple and are a little boring but this is an alert tool so that is not really important.

Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-wave Plus, 105db Siren Strobe Alerts, Plug-in, Backup Battery
Click to see NoticeAeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (zw080)"Loud! you would never expect it but 105db is friggin loud. Love this. Have it plugged behind a table that nobody would find. Its so loud, that it sounds like comes from anywhere when it's blowing. You would never find it."

(0) Question: So this device will alarm if a different sensor on your zwave network is tripped? how do you disable it for when you're home? new to home automation

(1) Question: Can you adjust the volume? i'm looking for an alarm that works with smartthings but can be adjusted to a low volume. thanks!

(2) Question: Can you set this to beep or chime when doors open?

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Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

The hub was a snap to setup, and works with all of my smart home gadgets. My schlage lock isn't compatible with the hub for lock codes, but that is what introduced me to the wonder of the smartthings forums. There are custom apps and device handlers for almost anything! not only did i get my lock setup, complete with logging/code creation/burner codes/etc, but i was able to setup a raspberry pi relay to open/close my garage right from the smartthings app. The customization ability is really endless! my only knock on the hub is that some of my devices show up as "unavailable" in the app from time to time. Typically this happens to my wifi smart plugs, and it's not terribly frequent.

Smartthings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the samsung smartthings hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free smartthings app. Receive notifications about what's happening in and around your home and use your smartphone to remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more. Since smartthings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different companies, once you have the smartthings hub and the free app for ios, android, or windows, you can add as many additional smartthings sensors or other popular z-wave, zigbee, or internet-connected products as you want to enhance your connected home. The samsung smartthings hub works in the us and canada. If the honeywell programmable thermostat was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a z-wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the smartthings hub. To do so in the smartthings mobile app: 1. Tap the menu 2. Tap the hub 3. Tap z-wave utilities 4. Tap general device exclusion 5. When prompted: 1. Press the system button on the left side of the thermostat's display 2. Press and hold the blank center button until the display changes 3. The first set of numbers/arrows is the "function" section - scroll until you find "rf10" 4. The second set of numbers/arrows is the "setting" section - select 0 5. Press done in the lower left corner to save and exit after the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from smartthings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the honeywell programmable thermostat. Note: please reference user guide and specification sheet below under 'technical specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home HubSamsung-SmartThings-Smart-Home-Hub

Samsung Smartthings Smart Home Hub (f hub us 2) FAQ.

In general, i am satisfied with this as a replacement for my legacy x-10 home automation system. X-10 with activehome pro offers a greater level of configuration than this product (i. E. "security" mode - random on/off times around a defined schedule), but z-wave has been more reliable and offers much more in the line of available devices. Oh, and then there's internet connectivity, which has helped me to solve other issues. . I purchased this device in march 2017 and have owned it for 8 months now. I have not had any bad experiences with firmware updates as i read in reviews before i purchased. Samsung has notified users in advance (by email) of updates. -Notice from . Anonymous, Vermont

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I waited quite a while before jumping into an iot environment, and only did it at a "discounted" price. I believed after a small amount of research that st seemed like a viable solution, and flexible enough. . After about 2-3 weeks with the device, and some on/off network devices to pair with it- i honestly think it is by far the best value for such a system. At this point, i've yet to suffer any serious outages. . There is some awesome flexibility to be offered when combining this with emulated hue bridges and such.

Samsung-smartthings-smart-home-hub-(f-hub-us-2) set picture

- H. LorenzThis is the best smart hub period! handles all my wemo products like the mr coffee. So now i have it so when the alexa alarm (alexa set alarm for 6am) goes off it starts making coffee. We can change the morning alarm when ever we want and don't have to worry about re programming the coffee pot. Just one example.

This is exactly what the alexa needs to extend her usefulness! no matter what device i go and purchase, this thing can talk to it, and by proxy, can be controlled by alexa! i used to use x10 devices throughout my house with schedules and macros. Now, with this smartthings hub, i can modernize my entire system with whatever smart devices i want to use.

R. Olga, Washington

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.50 pounds
  • Requires an internet-connected router with an available ethernet port requires the free smartthings app for ios (8. 1 or later), android (4. 0 or later), or windows phone (8. 1 or later)
  • Use the smartthings app or alexa to control your smart home. teach your house new tricks by telling it what to do when you're asleep, awake, away, and back home.
  • Add smart devices and put your home to work. choose from a wide range of compatible devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.
  • Power: in-wall power adapter with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 aa batteries (included) communication. protocol: zigbee, z-wave, ip. range: 50-130 feet operating temperature: 41 to 95 f. compatible brands: honeywell, philips hue, kwikset
  • Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with a smartthings hub. it connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together.
Price :    $68.69 (was $73.03)
Model :    F-HUB-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Iris Keypad

Arm and disarm your security system, receive notifications on who is coming and going by assigning unique pin codes and more with the iris keypad. The iris smart hub is required to connect the keypad with the iris app. Premium service may be required for some features.

Iris KeypadIris-Smart-Home-Management-3405-L1

Brand :    iris smart home management
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    3405-L1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (iris smart home management product review) for Iris Keypad available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $42.99
  • Iris offers 24/7 pro monitoring for only $14. 95/month
  • Also reports temperature wherever it is installed
  • Provides audible alerts for entry/exit notifications
  • Arm and disarm the security features of your iris smart home system with personalized access codes
  • Receive alerts when family members arm and disarm the alarm

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

Works well, love the functionality. need more!

The most versatile device in the samsung smartthings family, this sleek zigbee device acts as a movement, vibration, orientation and temperature sensor all in one. The smartthings multipurpose sensor can detect whether an object like a door or drawer is open or closed; sense when valuable or off-limits items have been moved or tampered with; offer temperature readings; and feel vibration. It requires the smartthings hub. Smartthings offers a one-year limited warranty on this product. Troubleshooting steps: if your device doesn t connect after removing the "remove to pair" tab, hold the connect button while inserting the battery. Release the button when the led is lit. The led will blink blue while attempting to connect. Then select connect new device in the smartthings app. Note: check user manual in technical specification before use.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose SensorSamsung-SmartThings-F-MLT-US-2-Multipurpose-Sensor

Samsung Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor (f mlt us 2) FAQ.

I use unit to detect possible theft of one of my 12 volt powered assets from backyard. I mounted sensor magnet section on velcro. I put hole in the magnet section and glued a line to it. That line is attached to ground. Sensor is under asset where no one can see it. Move my asset and the magnet is pulled away and i get an alarm. Enough movement and i will also get a movement alarm. You could mount sensor in a hidden place to fall over if your asset is moved too much and not need line to ground to pull magnet and activate sensor. . ! problem was button battery does not last long. . I pulled sensor apart and soldered wires to + & - . Ran them to a 'drok waterproof dc buck converter voltage regulator 8-22v to 1-15v 5v 12v 3a adjustable output power supply transformer'. Set it to 3 volts and connected sensor to assets battery that has a small solar panel to keep it topped up. I now have a reliable power supply to run the sensor without need for 'button' battery changes. (will work with other power sources with right adaptor) i have one off 120 volt to 3 volt adaptor in attic to control attic fans via st. . Added sensor to alarm for when away and also set up a notification any time for movement or 'open' situation to text me. Someone might be brazen to try during night when i am home asleep. -Notice from F. Hadley, Oregon

Click to Show samsung smartthings multipurpose sensor (f mlt us 2) Details

Sensor has lots of options. worked great

Samsung-smartthings-multipurpose-sensor-(f-mlt-us-2) set picture

- R. JosephineI think this is the best type of sensor because you can use it for many different things.

Works as advertised with no issues. I even have one unit outdoors in the desert heat and it's been working for a year with no issues!

I. Gina, Oregon

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.4 pounds
  • Monitor secure areas of your home and be alerted if a door, window, cabinet or drawer opens unexpectedly
  • Measurements (for combined sensor and magnet): 1. 9 inches wide, 1. 89 inches tall and 0. 57 inches thick
  • Get a reminder if you forgot to close your front door or garage door
  • Know the temperature in any room or location
  • The versatile multipurpose sensor is an all-in-one sensor that can detect vibration, orientation and angle (tilt), temperature and when things open or close
Price :    $29.98 (was $32.99)
Model :    F-MLT-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

Decent, basic motion sensor for smartthings. It would be even better if included a tilt adjustment for corner mounting.

The samsung smartthings motion sensor can monitor movement in your home and send you alerts if there's unexpected activity when you're away. It can trigger lights and other connected devices to turn on when there is movement, and monitor temperature.

Samsung SmartThings Motion SensorSamsung-SmartThings-F-IRM-US-2-Motion-Sensor

Samsung Smartthings Motion Sensor (f irm us 2) FAQ.

Good sensor works from about 10 ft. I have no complaints with this product will update if i run into any issues. -Notice from O. Gina, Nevada

Click to Show samsung smartthings motion sensor (f irm us 2) Details

Great addition to smartthings system

Samsung-smartthings-motion-sensor-(f-irm-us-2) set picture

- H. DorineDetects motion and temperature just fine. Easy to add to smartthings and works great!

Works good provides motion and temp. Use to turn lights off and on, wish range was a little better, but dies the job.

P. Kimberly, Northamptonshire

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    F-IRM-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically as people come and go
  • Receive an alert if there's unexpected movement in your home, or if children access dangerous or off-limit areas
  • Smartthings works with products from samsung, , bose, schlage, yale, cree, osram lightify, honeywell, first alert, and more. look for the works with smartthings logo or visit smartthings for a look at the full list of compatible devices.
  • Connects to the samsung smartthings hub to automate and monitor your home from the smartthings smart phone app.
  • Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically if there's unexpected movement
Price :    $29.99 (was $37.79)
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor available ( Sep 2019 )

Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor

Works as expected. I like the included beeping feature, as our keys sometimes get lost.

The smartthings arrival sensor can be used in a child s bag, a car or around a pet s collar to monitor when they arrive or leave home. It can also emit a beeping noise to help you find your keys. It requires the smartthings hub.

Samsung SmartThings Arrival SensorSamsung-SmartThings-STSS-PRES-001-F-ARR-US-2-Arrival

Samsung Smartthings Arrival Sensor (f arr us 2) FAQ.

Works great. Tells the system when family member gets home, so the door can be unlocked as she gets to it. Operation has been reliable. I am going to get myself one now, since my smart phone is not proving to be near as reliable for presence sensing with my smartthings hub as this unit is. The time it takes for the hub to find my cell phone is too varied, and actually completely lost its detection yesterday. Another of these is on the way to me now. -Notice from H. Cathy, Wolverhampton

Click to Show samsung smartthings arrival sensor (f arr us 2) Details

Works great. The range is okayish, but since my hub is in my kitchen, when my kids come home, i always get a message on my phone, 98% without errors

Samsung-smartthings-arrival-sensor-(f-arr-us-2) set picture

- D. ImeldaA little tricky to get set up to perform actions.

I love everything from smartthings and the presence sensors work perfectly. The few lights i have hooked up already now automatically turn off when im not "present" heheh, just one example of the many perks - i don't have to run around each morning making sure all lights are off before i leave

. Rhonda, Rotherham

Price :    $19.99 (was $26.99)
  • Additional requirements: samsung smartthings hub
  • This version has a more minimal profile than the original smartsense presence sensor.
  • Be notified if someone doesn't arrive home by a certain time and operating temperature (degrees fahrenheit) is 41 to 95 degree
  • Get alerts when people and pets approach and leave a specified area, such as a home or office.
  • Trigger different actions to take place when you arrive or leave home, such as automatically turn the lights on or off, or lock or unlock the door.
Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    STSS-PRES-001/F-ARR-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Dome Home Automation DMS01 Wireless Z-Wave Battery-Powered Home Security Siren Chime, White

Dome home security siren dome now officially works with wink! release the power of your z-wave home security system with a siren that firmly reminds you something s amiss or blares when trouble s coming. The dome home automation wireless z-wave battery powered home security siren works with your other security hub s components to alert you when a door is ajar, there s someone on your property or you have a home invasion. No need to look at your phone to know when it s time to take action. Hear the signal and heed the call. The dome home automation battery-powered siren updates you with your choice of three volume levels and you can choose specific chimes for various notifications. Configure your siren to quietly let you know when your teen has left the building or has returned. Make sure you re alerted if your bedroom window is opened at night. The siren and flashing led lights can be set up to clue you in on doors that are open when they shouldn t be. Install it easily without wires, anywhere, and its low footprint renders it almost invisible. Use with most any z-wave hub including: wink, home seer, smartthings, vera, harmony and more. Secondary chimes, volume control and advance configuration settings my not be available through all smart hubs. Visit dome's how-to page for more information

Dome Home Automation DMS01 Wireless Z-Wave Battery-Powered Home Security Siren Chime, WhiteDome-Home-Automation-DMS01-Battery-Powered

Brand :    dome home automation
Color :    White
Model :    DMS01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 3 distinct siren volume levels - adjust the siren's volume to suit your needs (up to 105 db)
  • Reminds you if doors/windows are left open - install the z-wave home security siren along with door and window sensors to remind you if you've left them open
  • 10 different alarm chimes - pick a different alarm sound to alert you to different events, such as home intrusion, in-home doors opening and even mail delivery
  • Z-wave technology - coordinate with your z-wave home security system hub and other z-wave components, including motion detectors. integrates with wink, smartthings, homeseer, nexia, and other hubs
  • Integrates with security camera system - combine this wireless siren with a z-wave hub and security camera to be alerted to intrusion.
Price :    $44.27 (was $49.97)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (dome home automation product review) for Dome Home Automation DMS01 Wireless Z-Wave Battery-Powered Home Security Siren Chime, White available ( Sep 2019 )

Z-wave Plus Motion Detector, Easy to install PET Immunity, White PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO

From the leaders in z-wave plus technology, the ecolink motion detector allows you to improve the safety and security of your home and family easily and effectively. Built with premium components for better performance, these motion sensors provide instant and reliable performance as part of your security system. Ecolink is a leading developer of low power, highly reliable wireless solutions, including a wide range of intelligent wireless security, sensing and home automation devices. Dimensions: 3. 5 l x 2. 3 w x 1. 8 h.

Z-wave Plus Motion Detector, Easy to install PET Immunity, White PIRZWAVE2.5-ECOZ-wave-Detector-install-Immunity-PIRZWAVE2-5-ECO

Brand :    ecolink intelligent technology
Color :    White
Size :    3.5 x 1.8 x 2.3
Model :    PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • No false alarms: overcomes potential interference of pets as large as 55 lbs, saving nuisance false alarms.
  • Simple instalation: easy installs with included flush mount and corner mount wall brackets and begins to learn as soon as batteries power it up. it works with most brands of z-wave and z-wave plus home security hubs.
  • Ecolink: ecolink is a leading developer of low power, highly reliable wireless solutions, including a wide range of intelligent wireless security, sensing and home automation devices
  • Battery life: five year battery life and discrete design keep it out of sight and out of mind when not on alert.
  • Motion detection: premium components provides accurate and instant motion detection in both automation mode and security mode.
Price :    $55.90
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (ecolink intelligent technology product review) for Z-wave Plus Motion Detector, Easy to install PET Immunity, White PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO available ( Sep 2019 )

VISION ZM1601US-5 Z-wave PLUS Wireless Siren & Strobe Alarm, Battery Type, Gen5

Z-wave wireless siren and strobe dc is fully programmable with z-wave gateways to provide audible and visual alarm based on your home automation and /or security network settings. Speaks z-wave and allows for full operation with other z-wave enabled devices. Has loud audible alarm 105db 1m and led strobe lighting. Powered with batteries only ! .

VISION ZM1601US-5 Z-wave PLUS Wireless Siren & Strobe Alarm, Battery Type, Gen5VISION-ZM1601US-5-Z-wave-Wireless-Battery

Price :    $30.00 (was $32.95)
  • Z-wave plus certification number: zc10-15050013. keep in mind that returning item as defective if your system does not support it is a policy violation and may affect your account standing. all returns are checked by tech. wink users : do not buy anything not listed on wink compatibility chart. wink supports very limited command classes and does not work with most new z-wave devices
  • Loud audible alarm 105db 1 meter *led strobe lighting *low battery detection. 100ft line of sight *led status indicator
  • New, improved z-wave plus chip.
  • Before you buy : make sure your z-wave controller supports this 5 gen device. ( simple systems like wink does not ! ) any alarm system users : your provider does not allow to use some devices purchased off their dealers, especially door sensors, motion sensors, multisensors, sirens. most likely you won't be able to pair it with your system.
  • Working voltage: 6v ( 4 x aaa batteries - included )
Brand :    thesmartesthouse
Model :    ZM1601US-5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (thesmartesthouse product review) for VISION ZM1601US-5 Z-wave PLUS Wireless Siren & Strobe Alarm, Battery Type, Gen5 available ( Sep 2019 )

Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor 2.4ghz ZigBee - Now Works Natively Samsung SmartThings Hub

10/10/17 update: great news the visonic mct-340 e wireless door window and temperature sensors are now natively supported by samsung smartthings for hassle-free connection to your smartthings hub. Connect to your smartthings hub simply by putting your sensor in discovery mode, searching for a new 'thing' on your smartthings app, and pairing with the visonic mct-340 e. Complete sensor installation by following the mounting instructions found on the box and you're ready to get started.

Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor 2.4ghz ZigBee - Now Works Natively Samsung SmartThings HubVisonic-MCT-340-Wireless-Window-Temperature

Brand :    visonic
Color :    white
Size :    1
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    MCT-340 E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (visonic product review) for Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor 2.4ghz ZigBee - Now Works Natively Samsung SmartThings Hub available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $14.99
  • Operating temperature 0 c to 55 c dimensions 66x25x10mm
  • Very small, thin form factor able to blend into the decor of most installations easy installation using high-strength 3m mounting tape (included)
  • Wide gap performance able to be installed in tough situations where magnet gap is over 1" virtually unnoticeable, with sleek design
  • Thermometer feature reports temperature battery life expectancy: 3 years (for typical use)
  • Monitor your windows and doors requires samsung smartthings hub and smartthings app

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Samsung smartthings home monitoring kit

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring KitSamsung-SmartThings-Home-Monitoring-Kit

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    6
Size :    100
Weight :    2.50 pounds
Model :    F-MON-KIT-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the smartthings app. range-50-100 feet
  • Smartthings works with products from samsung, , bose, schlage, yale, cree, osram lightify, honeywell, first alert, and more. look for the works with smartthings logo or visit smartthings for a look at the full list of compatible devices.
  • The samsung smartthings home monitoring kit contains: one samsung smartthings hub, two samsung smartthings multipurpose sensors, one samsung smartthings motion sensor, and one samsung smartthings outlet.
  • Connect compatible appliances, lights, speakers, locks, cameras, thermostats, sensors, appliances and more.
  • Everything you need to start your smart home.
Price :    $152.99 (was $163.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit available ( Sep 2019 )

ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus Indoor Siren ZSE01

This product should be installed indoors . - prior to installation, the device should be stored in a dry, dust- and mold-proof place - do not install the siren in a place with direct sun exposure, high temperature or humidity- keep away from chemicals, water, and dust - ensure the device is never close to any heat source or open flame to prevent fire - ensure the device is connected to an electric power source that does not exceed the maximum load power - the batteries are only a backup power source and are not recommended for use as the main power supply model number: zse01 z-wave signal frequency: 908. 42 mhz volume: 100db power: dc 5v/1a and 4 aaa (1. 5v) batteries for back-up power range: up to 100 feet line of sight operating temperature: 14 f to 122 f operating humidity: 80% installation and use: indoor only

ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus Indoor Siren ZSE01ZOOZ-Z-Wave-Indoor-Siren-ZSE01

Brand :    zooz
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    4331034048
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Acts as signal repeater when powered by ac adapter
  • Works with micro usb power supply (and 4 aaa batteries as back-up power only, batteries not included)
  • Wireless control, notifications, and trigger by other smart home devices (when included to a z-wave gateway controller)
  • Z-wave plus certified product: zc10-16045044. improved 500 chip for faster and safer wireless communication.
  • Works great with most of the z-wave systems supporting simple on/off switch commands (including adt pulse)
Price :    $25.95
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (zooz product review) for ZOOZ Z-Wave Plus Indoor Siren ZSE01 available ( Sep 2019 )

Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense

Fortrezz siren and strobe module provides sound and visual alerts you can depend on. Connect with any device in your z-wave network and create a secure smart space. Choose between silent alarm or normal modes or combine the two - it's up to you.

Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red LenseFortrezz-SSA2USR-Strobe-Wireless-Z-wave

Price :    $42.99 (was $43.99)
  • Requires z-wave gateway for control (purchased separately)
  • 3 modes to choose from: siren only, strobe only, and strobe & siren
  • Before you buy: check to make sure your home automation controller / security panel is interoperable with our device. not all z-wave controllers are compatible. please visit our website, ask your controller manufacturer, or call us with questions.
  • Indoor use only - 110 db sounder, super bright led's
  • Backup 9v battery included w/ tamper resistance. siren will sound if power wire is interrupted.
Brand :    fortrezz
Color :    Red Lens
Size :    Indoor
Model :    SSA-02
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (Photography product review) for Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense available ( Sep 2019 )

GoControl Z-Wave Siren Strobe, WA105DBZ-1

The linear wa105dbz-1 is a z-wave enabled combination sounder/strobe warning device, designed to alert intruders of a security system presence. Once paired with a compatible z-wave controller or hub, the sensor can be turned on or off remotely via the z-wave controller and network. When on, the sounder emits a very loud 105db alert tone and the integrated strobe flashes brightly. The wa105dbz-1 sounder/strobe is designed to be wall mounted, comes with a ul-approved ac plug-in power supply and offers an integrated battery backup in case of ac power interruption.

GoControl Z-Wave Siren Strobe, WA105DBZ-1GoControl-Z-Wave-Siren-Strobe-WA105DBZ-1

Brand :    linear
Color :    Other
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    WA105DBZ-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Wireless z-wave sounder/strobe
  • 100ft line-of-sight range
  • 105db sounder at 1m
  • 360-lumen led strobe
Price :    $38.95 (was $44.10)
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (Home Improvement product review) for GoControl Z-Wave Siren Strobe, WA105DBZ-1 available ( Sep 2019 )

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

The smartthings water leak sensor can monitor moisture to send you alerts that could prevent a leak from becoming a flood. It can also monitor temperature. It requires the smartthings hub

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak SensorSamsung-SmartThings-Water-Leak-Sensor

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    ST-CEN-MOIS-1/F-WTR-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Place the sensor beside the sump pump in your basement to be notified if the sump pump fails.
  • Get an immediate alert on your smartphone at the first sign of excess water.
  • Additional requirements: samsung smartthings hub
  • Trigger a light or siren to turn on to alert you if water is detected where it doesn't belong.
Price :    $35.84 (was $35.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor available ( Sep 2019 )

Aeotec Multisensor 6, Z-Wave Plus 6-in1 motion, temperature, humidity, light, UV, vibration sensor

Multisensor 6 is the foundation of a modern smart home. Its perfectly small exterior hosts the technology for real-time intelligence. Designed and calibrated to be as accurate as it can be, multisensor 6 s accuracy varies as little as 0. 2%. The device measures ultraviolet light and can protect your family's health and your furniture from bleaching. With the newly added vibration sensor, multisensor 6 makes your environment secure like never before. Multisensor 6 is a part of aeotec gen5 range of z-wave products. That means that it outperforms all that has come before it. It s built around the latest z-wave 500 series chip and firmware, providing a 50% greater wireless range and a 250% faster communication speed over previous z-wave products. It has aes 128 bit security encryption built right in. You need a z-wave gateway which operates with the 500 series chip products to take full advantage of the device. Please consult the manufacturer of your z-wave hub to make sure it supports all multisensor 6 features. Specifications: motion sensor : 16 feet, and 120 field of view; humidity sensor : 20% to 95%, accuracy:+/- 5% at 77 f; temperature sensor : 14 f (-10 c) 140 f (60 c), accuracy: +/- 32. 9 f (0. 5 c); light sensor : 0 lux to 1000 lux; vibration sensor : acts as tamper switch, on or off; operation temperature (top): -4 f (-20 c) 140 f (40 c); storing temperature: -40 f (-40 c) 176 f (80 c); working humidity: 8% 80%; operational site: indoor and outdoor; power: dc 5v 500ma or 2 x cr123a battery; weight: 2. 6 oz

Aeotec Multisensor 6, Z-Wave Plus 6-in1 motion, temperature, humidity, light, UV, vibration sensorAeotec-Multisensor-temperature-humidity-vibration

Brand :    aeon labs
Color :    White
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.13 pounds
  • Z-wave plus certified. certification number: zc10-15070011
  • Works with certified z-wave gateways and tested with fibaro, indigo 7, openhab, smartthings, vera.
  • 6-in-1 z-wave plus multisensor: motion, humidity, temperature, light lux, uv, vibration sensor.
  • Super-small at 1. 8 inches. can be installed in corner, in-wall, on shelf or in downlight.
  • 2 year battery life
Price :    $54.99 (was $55.95)
Model :    ZW100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (aeon labs product review) for Aeotec Multisensor 6, Z-Wave Plus 6-in1 motion, temperature, humidity, light, UV, vibration sensor available ( Sep 2019 )

aeotec siren gen5, z-wave plus, 105db siren with strobe alerts, plug-in, backup battery Price : 42, was : 43 as 2018-01-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (zw080) Reviewed by on

Top aeotec z wave strobe alerts battery (zw080) Content

The F.A.Q. for aeotec siren gen5, z-wave plus, 105db siren with strobe alerts, plug-in, backup battery

This is pretty loud but not insanely loud. I think in most instances people would prefer insanely loud. We use it as a catch-all for water leaks or home intrusions and unfortunately it can t be heard outside the house. I would suggest getting something louder or using two of these.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Aeotec-Z-Wave-strobe-alerts-battery

(0) Question: Using smartthings, can i configure different alarms for different scenarios? for example, one could chime when doors are open and another beep

(1) Question: Will this work with lowes iris system?

(2) Question: Does this support 220v like other aeo micro switches even though its not written on the back? can someone please confirm?

(3) Question: Does this work with adt security system zwave hub?

(4) Question: Does it send notifications to your iphone when it is triggered?

(5) Question: Does this work with vivint sky?

(6) Question: Has anyone specifically gotten this to work with the wink hub?

(7) Question: Can i turn it on / off with smart link app

(8) Question: Will the siren sound indefinitely or shutoff after a set amount of time?

(9) Question: Can i trigger the alarm on and off from my smart phone via smart things app?

(10) Question: In case of power-outage, will the siren goes off thinking someone is tampering with house power? or it can only be triggered by z-wave sensor rules

(11) Question: Does this work with nexia?

(12) Question: Does anyone know if it works on 220v? the label shows 120v but many products support 120-220v, want to confirm before burning it :-)

(13) Question: Hi does this siren have a chime setting?

(14) Question: Does it works with smart things

(15) Question: Would this pair with a piper?

(16) Question: Is the gen5 siren compatible with lynx l7000 z wave?

(note) Question: where/how to get Aeotec (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Aeotec's products

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I purchased this to connect to my smartthings home automation hub so when the door sensor is armed and the door is open the aeon siren will sound. It was easy to connect to the smartthings hub and it is very loud, you will be woken up if this goes off in your house. Very pleased with the siren.

Bestsellers, Surveilance SystemsTop Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (zw080) FAQ Content

Best aeotec z wave strobe alerts battery (zw080) in review

These would have been great. Small plug in with internal battery backup. The lynx security panel won't pair these to zwave and must use wired or rf siren so had to return

E. Sherry, Illinois

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D. Sheila, North Lincolnshire says

I delayed setting this up, but when i finally did i am pleased with it.

. Alma, Hertfordshire

Works with smartthings but the volume and tone can only be set once for all events. It would be nice to be able change volume and tones for different events. Below are some of my pros and cons, some are specific to smartthings only. But i still like it in hopes of future updates. I will update my review when it works better with smartthings. . Pros:. 1. Small (about the size of a deck of cards but a little thicker). 2. Built-in battery backup. 3. Adjustable volume (smartthings shows 3 levels). 4. Five different tones available. . Cons:. 1. Non-replaceable battery. 2. Cannot do strobe. 3. Smartthings cannot change the volume or tones depending on the event. Smartthings can only set it once in preferences and use it for all events. Hopefully a custom smart app can be written to change this. No longer a con see update below:. . Update: 2/28/16 a new device handler had been created for smartthings that offers a lot more flexibility to this siren. Along with a smart app called rule machine, you can now do a lot more. On the main screen, it allows you to turn on/off the alarm, play the beep tone, play the beep tone schedule, and play the 6 preset beeps. To change the alarm and beep preferences can be changed from the settings screen. Get more info here "https://community. Smartthings. Com/t/release-aeon-labs-multifunction-siren/40652"

Y. Anonymous, Derby says

It does indeed work with the qolsys iq panel. Paired up easily and works as advertised. Although as far as i can tell, there is only one volume/chime style possible with the qolsys panel. Unless i'm missing something. Works good though. Loud enough for what it is.

I. Paula, Schleswig-Holstein

I will add to this review soonest . But wanted to throw this out there to clear up any confusion some of the 'questions/answers' may have caused . . This does work with the honeywell l7000 . This is a z-wave device and will work with the any standard z-wave controller . The honeywell l7000 has a built-in z-wave controller . All you have to do is enroll this as a 'device' and setup a 'rule' and 'scene' as to how it is to react with the l7000 . I use a handful of these around the house . And they react to a l7000 burglary alarm . A second rule has them go silent after a manual or automatic l7000 'de-arm' . The honeywell l7000 is probably the best diy hybrid security/automation controller currently available .

H. Ophelia, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Really loud and fairly bright led lights. Great as part of a smartthings home security setup, which we use to monitor for water leaks all over the house.

F. Nicole, Durham

The siren is plenty loud for my home and serves its primary purpose. I have been unable to make use of the other sounds for other purposes without losing the one already set up. I don't know if this is a limitation imposed by the siren, or by my smartthings hub. I took a star off for the lack of versatility. Otherwise it works well with samsung smartthings and with alexa.

T. Anonymous, Haute-Normandie says

Connected this device to my samsung smart things. I also have aeon multisensor 6. I have setup some rules to trigger the alarm if motion is detected. Tested and it works absolutely fine. Last night there was motion detected in my basement at 3:27am the alarm turned on. I instantly called 911. This product saved my life.

P. Ruff, Darlington

I love this siren/chime. I use mine smartthings and and the smartapp rule machine which lets me take full control of the siren. I can run the strobes and sounds independently of each other and have the same siren chime when someone comes in a door or blast a full siren based on a different event. I was worried it wouldn't be loud enough. But it is! i actually had to move it from the hallway into the dining room because the lowest setting was a little too loud for the door chime in that central location.

Q. Wayt, Hackney says

Pretty happy with this z-wave alarm. I was able to easily integrate this into my smartthings system and ifttt. Works as advertised.

K. Patton, Massachusetts

Nice and loud! the led strob lights are a nice extra. Any burglar will know in an instant the alarm is activated.

L. Anonymous, Suffolk says

Very loud siren and keeps sounding even when unplugged. It has a small mute button on a side but it isn't very noticeable, i really don't think that a nervous thief will go to the sounding siren, unplug it and start analyzing it to see the button. Also it is so loud it makes you just want to go away from it. . Bad thing is that range isn't very good when connected to smartthings. If this were zigbee it would be better than z-wave because there are some mobile phones that make distortions on the signal of z-wave, my brother had a phone that when he was at my place all z-wave devices stopped working.

C. Rochelle, Shropshire says

Works with samsung smart things. It's loud, but not too loud.

W. Jarvis, Manchester

Works so good i wish i had more. . Now i use this with smart things hub to set off alarm when the house is broken in too or my wife does not answer her phone.

. Erickson, Massachusetts says

Compact unit. Can plug into any electrical outlet. Pairs easily with the hub. It is loud but not loud enough for outside to hear it. If you can rig up an electrical outlet outside your home, e. G. Under the roof line away from the weather, you can get another siren for the outside. The benefit is the ease of pairing. The negative is the price. At like over $45 each, it is expensive. For less price, you can setup an outdoor siren that will cost much less.

O. Broyles, Thurrock

Very loud siren. Integrated with my smartthings seamlessly. I like that i can assign different alarms to different events.

U. Rebecca, Mississippi says

Works great with smartthings! this siren looks good, has configurable tones and volume, and a built-in 3 hour battery backup. What's not to like! ? the battery backup means i can place it in a good location without having to keep it plugged into my apc backup, which is tucked away in a corner.

Z. Gilmore, British Columbia

A great alarm that has options for different alarms for different alerts. The alarm volume can also be controlled.

. Carol, Tennessee says

Received this as a gift to pair with smartthings. It installed quickly and easily. I was worried about someone unplugging it if the alarm was sounding, so i installed it with lectralock - baby safety electrical outlet cover - duplex style (single screw type) - medium cover to prevent anyone from removing it easily. This deadens the sound a bit and is a very tight fit, but it is still useful.

G. Benton, Nebraska

Simple setup and easy to use. I was hoping i could also use it as a chime when a sensor is open, but it only operates as a siren. Also, it isn't super loud. I mean it's loud enough to hear clearly in the house and maybe just outside, but not sure it's completely enough to scare off an intruder or not.

B. Rose, Hawaii says

Overall, this works well. Works with my smart things hub . But could be a lot louder. I can hear my slightly on the 2nd floor. Willl be adding a second for placement upstairs to compensate.

Top siren zwave plus siren strobe Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

O. Perez, Poitou-Charentes says

The one shipped to me didn't work. One cannot hear the siren. Returned right away and bought the fortrezz, that one works!

B. Lindsey, Georgia

Had to return both i ordered. One seemed to be dead upon arrival. The other had a low-level chirp that never went away. Really wanted this item to work as it would be a nice addition to my home automation system.

J. Fabian, Mississippi says

This works as advertised. It was easy to install and setup. Due to the small physical size the maximum volume of the alarm is limited so i may be adding another one of these or looking for on that is slightly louder.

Y. Medina, Stoke-on-Trent

The siren is small, and it is loud inside the house. The neighbors may not notice. I had problem pairing it with the samsung smartthings hub. During the pairing process, i tapped on the siren's button a little too long and the hub could not find it. After i paired it with the hub, i unplugged it for a few days while waiting for my other devices to come in. When i reconnected (power on) it, the smart home monitor app could not recognize it. I had samsung customer support help me exclude, factory reset, and re-add it back to the hub after several failed attempts

K. Cecilia, Herefordshire says

Work good for about a month. Now show online but it will not sound.

D. Helen, Idaho

The siren linked to a smartthings hub easily and the volume and tone selection are adjustable via the app. However the volume is not very loud and the strobe light is unimpressive.

A. Annette, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

Faulted is a normal state for this device, repair of z-wave network does not correct. Unable to follow instructions to remove from network. Removed and threw in the drawer. Not worth the aggravation.

I. Newell, Hammersmith and Fulham

This will work with a z wave alarm system sometimes if the main panel is triggered it wont turn off. Sometimes it also show a malfunction on my system even though it continues to work.

R. Mathis, Oklahoma says

Waste of money. Have smarthings hub and it is always disconnecting. Might be good for day or two. Then have to unplug it and have to reset it. Not worth it !

H. Guest, Virginia

Waste of time. Had problems connecting and then it continually disconnected!

X. Nielsen, Devon says

Worked few times, triggered alarm with smartthings; but now, it does not work any more. No sound goes off when its trigerred.

V. Campbell, South Carolina

Doesn't work well with samsung smartthings. I would reset it and it would work for a few hours or days, but then stop responding.

P. Erickson, Schleswig-Holstein says

Watch out! i bought this 1 month and 2 weeks ago and it just quit. Showing unavailable. Removed and it is sync now.

F. Connie, Louisiana

It sure seemed like a good idea to add an aeotec siren to my vera lite home automation system. Theoretically, it works just fine. We use the vera geofencing capability, so on that day when we both go out to the arboretum the system correctly figures we are in the away mode. The away mode locks all the doors, shuts the garage door, arms all the sensors, and also arms the siren. . So, the aeotec siren has the capability to use three different volumes and perhaps five different voices. Sadly, those capabilities don't show up as menu-selectable items in the vera. More importantly, you can't turn the dang thing off using the vera app. . Sooooo, in the event the housekeeper stops by to clean the house and then opens a basement door while you're hiking in the arboretum, the siren cannot be shut off. Fortunately, she is patient and continues her duties despite the 106 db blare. . I've got several aeotec devices and eventually i can get them working, but their support site is not much help unless you are a hard-core developer. Likewise, vera offers little support of the aeotec siren. For now, the siren is still armed and i've found how to shut the thing off using both the laptop and also the device itself. It's just not as seamless as it should be, or as easy as it is with other manufacturers.

U. Meredith, Salford says

Update: major issues: inconsistent, untrustworthy, unresponsive (even with excellent connection). . Note: the alarm is in the same outlet as a smartthings smart plug/repeater, so it should have a perfect signal, and it appears to have a signal. Other smartthings items are passing through the repeater just fine. This siren, however. . 1. The other day i was testing the alarm and it was not turning on. Smartthings logs showed that the siren was being triggered, but the siren refused to sound. Previously it was working and today it is working. Seems like there's a magic combination of hitting the siren's action button that affects whether it will sound when triggered or not, but this appears to be undocumented and inconsistent. No idea. Maybe just conincidence? . . 2. The siren refuses to turn off 90% of the time. Again, the logs show that it's being sent a signal to turn off, but it doesn't. This is extremely aggravating because i have to physically hit the action button to turn it off most of time, and due to the issue noted above, i'm afraid i'm going to put the siren in a weird state in which it won't sound when triggered. . Original review below:. . 3 stars. . Pros:. 1. It functions well with smartthings. 2. I suppose it's loud enough. 3. It's smaller than i expected (which is a good thing). . Cons:. 1. I don't think that the sound options are any good for home intrusion (none of them really sound proper for intrusions/breakins to me; the only one close sounds like smoke alarm). 2. So far, it's not working well as a repeater for me (i put a zwave motion detector about 6 feet away from this alarm and the motion detector isn't communicating with the hub). . Note: currently, you can't change the sound and volume through the samsung android smartthings mobile app. The option is there, but a bug prevents saving the options. I had to log into my smartthings account on the smartthings api portal to change these settings.

E. Alice, Connecticut

Those 5 tones are ridiculous. I wish there was a tone to deter intruders. . Adding to my review: lowering to 1 star. Stopped working and cannot be reconnected to the smart hub.

Z. Palmer, Staffordshire says

Would need a few of these if i were relying on it to make noise. It's probably better as an alert for opening of doors etc. I think that would require a "smartapp" on smartthings. Com's website to get it working like that since you would only want it to come on for 1 second instead of indefinitely. Haven't gotten around to trying that yet.

S. Irene, Islington

Wish this was louder. Though it seems like its pretty clear it can only produce so much, but i am wondering if there isn't something that could be done to make this better, i could hardly hear from the other floor.

M. Sheila, Hessen says

I expected more for 50$. This product is overrated. I live in a 1200 sqft house which is medium-small sized house. Can barely hear it outside. I doubt even my neighbor across the street can hear it. It's great to wake you up if someone walks in to your house. But don't count on this scaring anyone off. I would need like 3 of these to make it worthwhile. That's 150$. I'm going to look around for a 150$ option. If i find it, i'm returning this. Otherwise i'll have no choice but to buy 3 of these. It's unfortunate as it is very convenient to just plug and play. Also worth noting that it has to be max 15 ft away from the hub which means you can't have them in different spots of your house. Gotta stack them all fairly close to each other.

W. Wanda, Tower Hamlets

Not supported with smart things as advertised. Spent 2 months trying and now i cannot return it.

C. Lorenz, Medway says

It does not work the multi tone and volume feature, i have already searched for instructions on the internet, i asked for support from the vera staff, where i could search for it and the configuration does not work. Disappointing.

Q. Gladys, Delaware

Upon initial use, and continuing in the weeks after, the unit continues to emit a high-pitch noise, audible within several feet of the unit. I have a small house with children running, and would not want it to annoy them as it annoys me when i am in my laundry room (where the unit was installed). Returning the unit. Manufacturer support replied, "this is unfortunately normal for the siren gen5. "

G. Stacey, Centre says

Using it with smartthings. I've had a lot of range issues with it. If it's not within 8-10 feet of the hub it just never goes off. I also tried using it as a door chime, but it just doesn't work very well for that. Works fine as a siren in our living room though.

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