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Price was $32.99. Ordered this as anker has yet to disappoint- battery pack portable charger, ear buds, and now this speaker. . Out of the gate, the expectations were high- solid look and feel, presentation and unboxing is very nice- has a premium appearance to the packaging as well, as mentioned, i've previously used other anker products, and they get great review; plus a solid price! arrived prime one-day and out of the box it paired right up and delivered good sound, without being bass heavy (which was the preference), yet just a little oomph. . If you listen to bass-heavy music, at higher volumes, you will probably find it lacking the deep bass. For everything else from rock to jazz, you will find the sound far reaching and balanced. Although, i wish a *bit* more bass was present. The size is perfect for sitting on kitchen counter or for a backyard patio table gathering. Good range- a solid value for the money as with all anker products.

-F. Anonymous

Soundcore 24-hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker Loud 10w Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66 Ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker Iphone, Samsung, Soundcore The Bluetooth Speaker Superior Sound And Playtime. From Anker, The Choice Of 10 Million+ Happy Users Industry-leading Technology Superior Sound Quality Wherever Life Takes -Anker Soundcore 24-hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker Loud 10w Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66 Ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker Iphone, Samsung, More

  1. Extra: 24h Worry-free Battery Life: Anker’s Exclusive, Long-life Battery Technology Provides 24 Hours Of Sublime Music.
  2. Extra: Effortless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4. 0 Ensures Instant Pairing And Maintains A Strong Connection Up To 66 Ft.

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I was excited to see a bluetooth speaker from anker and jumped at the deal. I should have read the product dimensions as this thing is just smaller than a 20-oz bottle of soda. For it's size it does decent with sound, just don't expect a lot of bass. The sound is similar to a small lcd tv speaker. Also, when you buy this make sure you have a usb wall charger as this only comes with a usb cable. . That being said, bluetooth does connect easily and there's no lag when music starts playing or mangling of music in between songs like with some cheaper bluetooth speakers. . In comparison i bought the tdk trek max a34 when it was on sale which is considerably larger and has more clear and boomier sounds, but it does cost about 4x as much. I'll use this to replace my jvc onbeat in the garage. . Update: customer service is outstanding! i had a couple of conversations with them and they offered to make things right. This is one of the reasons i will always seek out anker products before any other. Best soundcore playtime bluetooth speaker | Anker-Speakers Review ( Sep 2019 ) Extra Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with Loud 10W Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66 ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung, and More Astonishing sound: breathtaking stereo sound with deep bass is delivered with exceptional clarity and zero distortion by two high-sensitivity drivers and a patented bass port.. 24h worry-free battery life: anker's exclusive, long-life battery technology provides 24 hours of sublime music.. Effortless connectivity: bluetooth 4. 0 ensures instant pairing and maintains a strong connection up to 66 ft.. Designed to play: combines a solid, drop-proof build with tactile materials and seamless controls.. Grab, go, listen: lightweight, yet robust unibody design provides the perfect soundtrack for the park, yard, or anywhere else at home or away. .

Anker soundcore 24-hour playtime bluetooth speaker with loud 10w stereo sound, rich bass, 66 ft bluetooth range, built-in mic. portable wireless speaker for iphone, samsung, and more Review (ak 848061070804)

Good solid sound for such a small speaker. This is getting close to bose sound quality compared to similarly sized bose. It's very heavy for its size and i feel that really helps with bass output. Excellent value at this price. -Q. Wells

Anker Soundcore Playtime Bluetooth Portable

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Anker
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0848061070804
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.90 inches
    Length:6.50 inches
    Weight:0.79 pounds
    Width:2.10 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Anker
  7. Model: AK-A3102011
  8. MPN: AK-848061070804
  9. Quantity: 1
  10. Part/Serial Number: AK-848061070804
  11. Type: Wireless
  12. Category: SPEAKERS
  13. Size: Soundcore 1
  14. UPC: 848061070804

soundcore 24-hour playtime bluetooth speaker loud 10w stereo sound, rich bass, 66 ft bluetooth range, built-in mic. portable wireless speaker iphone, samsung, Wireless, Soundcore the bluetooth speaker with superior sound and playtime. from anker, the choice of 10 million+ happy users industry-leading technology superior sound quality wherever life takes you, experience your music with powerful stereo sound and crisp, tight bass. boasting less than 1% total harmonic distortion, soundcore sounds great even at the highest volumes. incredible battery life anker's industry-leading power management technology keeps your tunes playing for up to 24 hours on a single charge-that's over a week's worth of playtime (based on average usage). uncompromised portability to keep soundcore small but also sounding great, we've designed it using a unique spiral bass port design. the result is a clean bass sound you can easily pick up and put in your bag. bluetooth 4. 0 connectivity unlike most other speakers, soundcore uses the very latest bluetooth technology to maximize device compatibility and pairing speed. worry-free warranty at anker, we believe in our products. that's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. Anker Soundcore Playtime Bluetooth Portable (AK-A3102011-Anker).

Anker Soundcore Playtime Bluetooth Portable Wireless

  • Ok so far i've had this little powerhouse speaker for about a week now and i charged it full after opening it took about 4 1/2 hours ! i bought it for my echo dot that's in my bedroom to stream and just make the dot more loud and the ability to bring music into the bathroom it has been on for well tomorrow will be the 7th day continuously and it still hasn't needed to be charged ! the sound is very nice not too much bass which i like but enough to enjoy the power of this little speaker and it is smaller the i thought ! it was very easy to connect to bluetooth as soon as you turn it on it's in pairing mode ! the only very small negative i have is i think that i notice (actually don't even know how to describe it) at low volumes a crackel or something like it might be a bluetooth connection symptom or something but i have used this speaker downstairs and it stays connected at 70 or so feet ! i haven't tried to connect it to another bluetooth sourse to see if it's a echo dot or speaker problem but all in all this anker soundcore is a great little speaker would definitely recommend getting one and i spent two days researching inexpensive little speakers and this one came up on every search but for $28 you can't go wrong ! sure you could spend a lot more money and get a better one but why bother if this one sounds great !
  • Maybe five stars is a little high, but this speaker is a great mate for my echo dot. The voice even sounds the same through this speaker, just louder. I tried the mokcao power+ and the concept of inserting the dot and the appearance are very cool, but the speaker is very harsh and shrill and my ears did not like the instant ear fatigue that comes from overly bright speakers. The one thing you can say for the 20 watt power+ is that it gets very loud, but as i said it's hard on the ears. . The soundcore sounds great and may not have a ton of bass, but it's a far better choice for me than the mokcao. . Quick update: while the speaker may not be the best for music it handles voice very well and is great with my dot, which i use primarily for live talk radio and podcasts.
  • Bought it in 2017. Used it a couple of times, less than 35 time, mo joke i barely used it. It never got wet or dropped. The speaker sounds like it has popped, everything that i play can't be understood unless i lower the volume. The battery life never worked for 24 hours (some 7 hours, yeah maybe, it always made the low battery sound), i barely used it with bluetooth.
  • This speaker worked great, until it stopped charging. Disappointing, because anker is a brand i have come to trust.
  • I truthfully have to give this speaker a 1 star. I read the reviews sharing that it can play up to 60 feet away, battery life is long and minimal disruptions. All of that is inaccurate. Patchy sound with the speaker. If you walk near it or around it, it cuts off the sound. I continuously have to recharge the battery daily to make sure the speaker can play. In addition, it doesn't connect to my computer easily. I wish i got another speaker. Unfortunately, i bought 2 of these. I regret this purchase and highly recommend thinking twice if you are considering this. I believe the other reviews are paid for or incentive reviews. Simply put, this speaker sucks bad.

soundcore playtime bluetooth speaker Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker with Loud 10W Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66 ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung, and More (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

We were looking for a relatively inexpensive portable wireless bluetooth speaker to replace a fun looking big lots boom box style speaker that lasted for about a year. Our primary use is for streaming music or internet radio services such as pandora and spotify, and listening by the pool and while having dinner. My wife and i decided to take a listen to 3 highly reviewed speakers that received mostly positive reviews on online store. Here are the 3 speakers tested:. 1. Cambridge soundworks oontz angle 3 (cost: $27. 99). 2. Anker soundcore (cost: $35. 99). 3. Jbl flip 3 splashproof ($81. 30). . We were really hoping that the less expensive speakers would have been close in sound quality to the jbl flip 3 splashproof. Sadly, that just wasn t the case. Upon the very first look, when opening up the box, you get a sense that cambridge soundworks oontz angle 3 is a very no-frills, inexpensive speaker. The packaging, the speaker, the extremely short, tiny usb charging cable. Visually speaking, this speaker screamed no-frills. . Conversely, the anker soundcore gave the impression that you were opening up a well-constructed, tiny speaker. It was packaged nicely, easy instructions, it felt a lot more substantial than the cambridge soundworks oontz angle 3. Aditionally, the usb charging cable looked like your average size charging cable for your portable devices. . Last, was the jbl flip 3 splashproof. At $81. 30, it was a lot more money than we were hoping to spend on a portable pool speaker. It was plain to see that this speaker just looked more expensive than the other two models. Great packaging, a super long and thick usb charging cable that came in an eye-catching orange colored jacket. The speaker itself looked awesome too with its compact cylinder shape. . Enough about the appearance a speaker is all about ease of use and more importantly - how it sounds. How did all 3 sound and how easy were they to use? . . On all 3 speakers in our test, we used 3 separate samsung galaxy 7s phones. We played the same identical songs on each speaker and set the volume identical on all 3 phones. Here were our results-. . 1. Cambridge soundworks oontz angle 3. Unfortunately, this speaker was the least inspiring of the three speakers. The sound was clear. However, it sounded tiny, none to very little bass. It projected a rather flat sound with the various music we played through it. It was though extremely easy to use, and the bluetooth worked flawlessly. I would generously give it 3 stars. On sound alone, i d say it s more 2 stars. 2. Anker soundcore this speaker was hands-down better than the cambridge soundworks oontz angle 3 for just a few dollars more. Lots of great features all of which worked perfectly. The only downside of the anker soundcore was that it lacked bass. The sound coming out of the anker soundcore is very balanced and fairly loud for such a small speaker. I would lean more towards the 4 star mark on the anker soundcore simply for delivering a very nice, balanced sound quality, and is capable of filling a small room. 3. Jbl flip 3 splashproof at $81. 30, we were really hoping that this wouldn t be a situation where you get what you pay for . Unfortunately, it was in the end. Regardless of the song, or the type of music we played through it, it was far superior to the other two speakers. It worked flawlessly and the sound/projection of sound coming out blew away the other speakers. The flip 3 splashproof produced a rich, full sound that was extremely clear and thumped just the right amount of bass. It easily fills space with great clarity. . All-in-all, the jbl flip 3 splashproof blew away this competition. 5 stars. If you re on a tight budget, you can t go wrong with the anker soundcore. If you can swing the extra bucks for the jbl flip 3 splashproof go for it! it sounds amazing! . . Update: even though the jbl flip 3 splashproof sounds very good, the bluetooth range is awful. As long as your phone is within a very short distance of this speaker you will be happy. The bluetooth range on the anker is way better than the jbl.

Anker Soundcore 24-hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker Loud 10w Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, 66 Ft Bluetooth Range, Built-in Mic. Portable Wireless Speaker Iphone, Samsung, More
Click to see NoticeAnker Soundcore Playtime Bluetooth Portable (ak 848061070804)"Hey all. Today i received the newly released anker soundcore bluetooth speaker. I couldn't have been more pumped! i love anker products and their customer service! anyway, you're here to read my review and i'll try to keep it short and sweet. . Anker packaged this soundcore very well. The black cardboard box is actually quite attractive, if a little misleading on the actual size of the soundcore as its quite a bit bigger. On the inside you'll see the speaker is tucked away behind some more cardboard for protection and to the right, a small cardboard sleeve with your micro usb charger. Immediately i was kind of bummed this speaker wasn't yet using usb-c as it will become the new standard. The speaker is very light, as my similar in size jam box mini seems heavier. It's nicely built and has a good feel in your hand. . Powering on the speaker was a breeze by simply holding the power button. It was ready for immediate pairing so i paired it to my iphone 6s plus. I started to play psy's new song "daddy" (don't hate on me just yet, ok? ). The speaker was quite loud and completely clear at max volume. "bass" isn't quite there, but it is clear and not hollow sounding. However, it gave me a beep and disconnected. My iphone said it was still connected but the music had paused. I didn't think much of it at first but i wanted to compare sound to my other much used anker bluetooth speaker. I've supplied some pictures quickly comparing the two. My square anker speaker sounded just as clear at full volume, albeit not quite as loud. We're talking maybe a few clicks higher on the volume scale. But, that's ok. The soundcore is an attractive speaker and it sounds very nice compared to its price point. I hooked back up to the soundcore, and i had connectivity issues again, and again. Finally i was able to get half way through the song while keeping my phone, which was a foot away, paired with the soundcore. . Overall, it's another anker product which means it is attractive, and built well. Competition in its price range may exist, but anker carries the brand name i trust. My three star rating is due to my issues that seem to be pausing my music. If i hit play, the music typically resumes. . Update: 12/6. Anker has reached out to me to let me know that the speaker stops playing at loud volumes to protect from hearing / device damage. I exclaimed my dissatisfaction with this as the soundcore speakers higher volume was one of my biggest reasons for liking this speaker. They told me that a new version would be coming out within a week or two to remedy this fault. I will update my review when i'm able to get my hands on it. . Final update 12/28/2015. . I received my new soundcore speaker and i am happy to announce that this new speaker does not have the audio issues my first speaker did. The speaker is able to go to full volume while continuing consistent playback with great sound for a speaker at this price. There are no notable differences between the two speakers other than my original issue being resolved. If all of this really was just a "bug" or planned execution to save the speakers and/or prevent hearing damage to just be updated and fixed at a later date, i'm a bit disappointed but i do like the speaker. Ankers customer service has been exceptional and they've been keeping in contact with me all along the way. I've updated my original rating."

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(1) Question: I need a charging cable for my anker speaker not sure what type of usb or other end to order?

(2) Question: Can i use this with my smart tv?

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Portable Speaker, Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker Anker, 12W Louder Stereo Sound, Ip67 Waterproof, 12+ Hr Playtime, Soundcore Speaker Upgraded Edition Home Outdoors

Bigger beats not only does motion b deliver 12w of intense audio power, it is designed to significantly reduce distortion. Even when you push your music to the volume limit there is zero compromise on clarity or performance. Deeper bass bassup technology uses a customized digital signal processor to analyzes, then enhance your music's bass frequencies in real time. This audio signal is then turned into intensified sound via state-of-the-art neodymium drivers. Ipx7 waterproof motion b's internal components are fully protected by an ipx7 waterproof casing. It withstands full immersion in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes ready for whatever the beach and pool can throw at it. Don't stop 'tilt you get enough if you want to keep dancing, motion b can keep playing; get over 12 hours of continuous tunes, or around 240 songs from a single charge. Turn up the volume and prepare yourself for a full day or night of musical power. Power2 a single motion b delivers unprecedented power for its size, but it is also possible to double it. Pair two speakers* via a single bluetooth-enabled device for a huge hit of stereo sound; 24w of portable audio intensity. *note: for optimal performance in wireless stereo mode, position speakers within 16 ft. (5 m) of each other indoors, or 48 ft. (15 m) in open spaces.

Portable Speaker, Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker Anker, 12W Louder Stereo Sound, Ip67 Waterproof, 12+ Hr Playtime, Soundcore Speaker Upgraded Edition Home OutdoorsPortable-Soundcore-Bluetooth-Anker-Waterproof

Brand :    anker
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    AK-A3109011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Portable Audio (anker product review) for Portable Speaker, Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker Anker, 12W Louder Stereo Sound, Ip67 Waterproof, 12+ Hr Playtime, Soundcore Speaker Upgraded Edition Home Outdoors available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $35.99
  • Turn it up: dual full-range drivers and an oversized bass radiator drop a huge 12w of stereo sound.
  • What you get: soundcore motion b, micro usb cable, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.
  • 12+ hour playtime: listen more and charge less thanks to a high-performance li-ion battery.
  • Pool party proof: ipx7-rated casing offers impermeable protection, even during complete submersion.
  • Upgraded edition: our original soundcore bluetooth speaker with bigger sound and stronger protection.

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Price :    $31.07 (was $42.95)
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Add On (cta digital product review) for CTA Digital Universal Anti-Theft Security Grip POS Stand Tablets - 11-inch iPad Pro 2018 , iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, Galaxy Tab, Note 10.1, 7 11-inch Tablets PAD-UATGS available ( Sep 2019 )

OontZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo Edition IPX5 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Volume Booster AMP 10 Watts Power, Custom Bass Radiator, 100' Wireless Range Bluetooth 4.2

The oontz angle 3 is custom designed and engineered by cambridge soundworks - an industry trusted brand for over 35 years, to deliver the critical features you're looking for in a portable bluetooth speaker: high quality, loud stereo sound rich, deep bass ipx5 water resistant 2200 mah battery for up to 12 hours of playtime at 2/3 volume on a full charge built-in mic for hands-free speakerphone ultra-lightweight cool, stylish design what makes it so much better? excellent sound and volume two precision acoustic drivers provide very loud, distortion-free stereo sound in exceptionally high quality passive bass radiator delivers punchy bass for a perfect blend of crisp highs, strong mids and deep lows; stand speaker on its side when playing bass heavy music to prevent it from moving around power packed with loud sound to entertain and fill any room, outdoor gathering, picnic and pool party ultra portable ipx5 water resistant pushes the boundaries of portability so you can bring your oontz angle 3 to the beach, pool and in the shower your go to compact speaker: weighs only 9 ounces and just over 5 inches long to fit in your backpack, purse, suitcase or travel bag 2200 mah battery with 12 hour battery life on a single charge for taking on the go great quality lightweight sturdy design with no sharp edges or corners and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand connect over bluetooth in just a few seconds to pair with your device up to 33 unobstructed feet away

OontZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo Edition IPX5 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Volume Booster AMP 10 Watts Power, Custom Bass Radiator, 100' Wireless Range Bluetooth 4.2OontZ-Angle-Enhanced-Splashproof-Bluetooth

Brand :    cambridge soundworks
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.56 pounds
Model :    OontZ Angle 3 Black Grille
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Incredible 100 foot bluetooth range - play up to 100 unobstructed feet away from your device; our advanced antenna design with bluetooth 4. 2 technology provides greater range and faster connection to your device; you can place your speaker up to 100 unobstructed feet away from your echo dot or echo, or other bluetooth device
  • Higher quality crystal clear sound - the new oontz angle 3 enhanced stereo edition delivers greater clarity stereo sound with clear mids and highs from dual precision acoustic stereo drivers; the bass output is enhanced by our proprietary passive bass radiator; unique triangular design and downward facing bass radiator enhance the sound quality of the music and vocals; the clarity of the sound & features distance it from the competition; makes the perfect christmas gift
  • Louder volume - surprisingly loud, the volume booster 10+ watt power amp pumps out more volume and plays your music with no distortion even at maximum volume; perfect speaker for your iphone, ipad, echo dot, echo, samsung galaxy, samsung note, smartphone mac, windows laptop, computer, chromebook; perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, golf cart; stream your music on itunes, music, spotify, pandora from your device wirelessly to the oontz angle 3 enhanced stereo edition
  • Longer battery playtime play up to 14 hours - play from morning till night; bigger 2500mah rechargeable battery can play up to 14 hours at 2/3 volume; play while charging so you can keep the music going around the clock
  • Water resistant ipx5 splashproof, rainproof shower speaker; ipx5 can resist gentle water spray and splash but cannot be partially or fully submerged; aux in port connect from tvs and non-bluetooth devices with the 3. 5mm audio cable; built-in mic for handsfree personal speakerphone calls from a smartphone or iphone; portable 10 oz, 5" long, 2. 8" tall travel speaker; includes micro-usb charging cable; official oontz angle 3 carry case available sold separately on
Price :    $27.41 (was $27.99)
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (cambridge soundworks product review) for OontZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo Edition IPX5 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Volume Booster AMP 10 Watts Power, Custom Bass Radiator, 100' Wireless Range Bluetooth 4.2 available ( Sep 2019 )

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The spooky spider web is one of the easiest way to make people get in the halloween spirit shortly! looks real to make your skin crawl turn your home into a house of horrors give trick-or-treaters and party guests a fright! perfect for handing out as a halloween party favor specifications: color: white material: 280g of artificial cotton coverage: 1000 square feet package content: 1 x spider web, 60 x fake spiders note: the cobweb is flat shipped, please uncoil and stretch it out to get the creepy effect. Spider web with 60 fake spiders only, other accessories in the picture is not included! warnings: keep away from any fire hazards, naked flames etc.

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Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable 4ft / 1.2m AUX Cable Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos More Black

I got this to replace the cord on my skull candy headphones because it was ripping. At first i thought that having that wider metal part near the ends would help keep that from happening again, but as it turns out the jack in the headphones is a tiny bit recessed, so it can't actually plug all the way in and i only get audio from one side. I just swapped it out for the cord in my car, problem solved, but just keep that in mind if you're getting it for headphones or any other recessed jack.

Anker premium auxiliary audio cable plug in and play your sound. Connect any device phones, tablets, ipods, cd & cassette players (remember those). Link just about anything to your home or car stereo via its 3. 5mm aux port. Superlative quality audio our cables are built to the exact same standards as leading headphone brands. 24 carat gold-plated contacts ensure the purest possible sound experience. Incredibly durable we bent this cable over 10000 times and saw no damage or change in performance. Premium metal housing makes it extra durable. Superb fit each aux jack has been slightly extended to enable use with pretty much any phone or tablet case (unlike most other aux cables). Outstanding warranty at anker, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support. Compatible with: iphone, ipod, ipad, other smartphones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, walkman, discman and all other audio-playing devices with a 3. 5mm aux port from brands including sony, sandisk, samsung, htc, motorola, nexus, nokia, lg, blackberry and many more. Beats and other brands of headphone, hi-fi stereo sound systems, car stereos, radios, portable bluetooth speakers and wireless audio receivers with a 3. 5mm aux port. Note the audio jack's upper end measures 5. 7mm across and 2. 3mm long , please confirm compatibility with your device before purchase. If you're unsure, please contact our customer service team. Incompatible devices include: sony mdr-1000x beats solo beats studio wireless 2 echo dot lifeproof cases iphone 7 / 7 plus / 8 / 8 plus / x

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable 4ft / 1.2m AUX Cable Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos More BlackAnker-Premium-Auxiliary-Headphones-iPhones

Anker Premium Auxiliary Headphones Iphones (Wireless Accessory) FAQ.

These are great with the exception that the metal just around the base is too wide and in order to use this with my phone i have to take it out of my protective case. If it wasn't for this, i would give them 5 stars. -Notice from . Anonymous, Hampshire

Click to Show anker premium auxiliary headphones iphones (wireless accessory) Details

The cable that i had purchased originally had broken within three months, as shown in the picture, so i had written a negative review on this product. However, anker reached out to me a few days after i posted the review informing me that the one that i received may have been defective and they offered me a free replacement. This whole process went very smoothly and i now have a new one in my possession that works great. Here's to hoping that this one will last me for a long time.

Anker-premium-auxiliary-headphones-iphones-(wireless-accessory) set picture

- . CindyThe cable works well and has a long enough cord that can reach into the back seat of my car. The sound quality is high level and does not make the crackling sound when in use. My major complaint is that i have to take the case off of my phone to get the best use out of it since the metal casing near the jack is large in diameter.

Not much can be said for an auxiliary cable that does its job aside from - it does the job! the 2 highlights that i am particularly pleased with are 1) that the plug itself is narrow enough that i do not have to remove the case of my ipod (yes i still have an ipod! ) in order to plug it in. My previous cable had a rather wide "grip" area adjacent to the actual plug that would not fit into the hole of the silicone case, so i had to remove the top of my case every time i wanted to plug it in. No issue with that, with this cable. 2) the cable itself is almost a rubbery texture that pretty much resists tangling and seems very durable. . The only thing that could potentially be an issue is the length, but i'm not taking away any stars for that, since the 4 ft. Length is very clear in the description. My prior cable was just a bit longer and i miss the extra foot, but that's my own fault :). . Overall, i definitely recommend this product, especially for the very reasonable price. Would definitely purchase this again.

U. Suzanne, Auvergne

Price :    $4.69 (was $4.79)
  • What you get: anker premium auxiliary audio cable, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.
  • Incredibly durable: with a 10000+ bend lifespan several times longer than original audio cables, premium metal housing and four feet of durable, flexible cord, this cable really is made to last.
  • Premium sound quality: built with the same grade materials as premium headphone brands. 24k gold-plated contacts ensure the cleanest sound experience possible.
  • Universal compatibility: play audio from any phone, tablet, ipod, laptop or other media-playing device on your headphones, hi-fi or car stereo (fits standard 3. 5mm aux ports).
  • Superb fit: ultra slim extensions to the aux jacks enable use with pretty much any phone or tablet case (unlike standard aux cables). no need to remove cases during use.
Brand :    anker
Color :    Black
Size :    4ft
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    AK-A7123011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Wireless Accessory (anker product review) for Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable 4ft / 1.2m AUX Cable Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos More Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter

Add even greater capability and versatility to your ipad pro by powering the lightning to usb 3 camera adapter with a usb power adapter. Then you can connect usb peripherals like hubs, ethernet adapters, audio/midi interfaces, and card readers for compactflash, sd, microsd, and more. The lightning to usb 3 camera adapter supports standard photo formats, including jpeg and raw, along with sd and hd video formats, including h. 264 and mpeg-4. The 12. 9-inch ipad pro transfers data at usb 3 speeds, while the 9. 7-inch ipad pro uses usb 2. W

Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera AdapterApple-Lightning-USB3-Camera-Adapter

Price :    $17.95 (was $38.00)
  • With the lightning to usb 3 camera adapter, it's easy to transfer photos and videos from your high-resolution digital camera to your ipad pro.
  • Supports standard photo formats, including jpeg and raw, along with sd and hd video formats, including h. 264 and mpeg-4.
  • After you connect the lightning to usb 3 camera adapter, your ipad pro automatically opens the photos app, which lets you choose photos and videos to import, then organizes them into albums.
Brand :    apple
Color :    Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
Weight :    0..05 pounds
Model :    MK0W2AM/A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Wireless Accessory (apple product review) for Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter available ( Sep 2019 )

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Superior Stereo Sound, Exclusive BassUp, 12-Watts, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 24-Hour Playtime, Perfect Wireless Speaker Home, Outdoors, Travel

Build quality is very nice. Material is good and smooth rubber finish prevents fingerprints. Feels high quality. . Sound wise it is not great. Random spurts of static sound here and there. Like you're repeatedly plugging in a guitar aux. Seems like it might be defect because no one else seems to have this problem. . Edit*. Anker reached out to me and sent me a brand new one right away. The new one works very well and i am satisfied by the sound quality, easy connectivity, and great customer service. Would buy again.

Soundcore 2 the bluetooth speaker with enhanced sound and playtime from anker, the choice of 20 million+ happy users industry-leading technology worry-free warranty awesome audio soundcore 2 produces outstanding audio from an astonishingly compact speaker (165mm*54mm*45mm). Upgraded 2x 6w drivers blast out rich, clear sound. Brilliant bass bring your music to life with proprietary anker bassup technology. Deeper bass ensures a wide, balanced audio range. Play all day 24h-hour / 500-song playtime means you can listen all day, and all night too. Note: playtime varies according to volume and audio content. Audio on-the-go ipx5 water-resistant rating and dustproof engineering mean you can bring your beats anywhere - from the garden, to the beach. Upgraded materials provide smooth touch, and better grip. Streamlined connectivity listen for up to 66ft with latest bluetooth 4. 2 technology, while an in-built microphone makes hands-free calling a breeze. No bluetooth? no problem, an aux port allows you to plug in and play. Worry-free warranty at anker, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Superior Stereo Sound, Exclusive BassUp, 12-Watts, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 24-Hour Playtime, Perfect Wireless Speaker Home, Outdoors, TravelAnker-Soundcore-Bluetooth-Exclusive-Water-Resistant

Anker Soundcore Portable Wireless Bluetooth (ak a3105011) FAQ.

I was surprised by the sound quality of this portable speaker. For the price i paid, i was expecting an ok device. But this device sounds great. Even the bass is very good; don't expect a sub bass, but it is very good. Highly recommend if you are looking for a high quality portable bluetooth speaker that is budget friendly. . The only reason i left out one star is that i could not turn up the volume to max as the bass started to get distorted. But don't get me wrong even at 70% vol, this tiny speaker was very loud and clear. -Notice from . Lawrence, South Dakota

Click to Show anker soundcore portable wireless bluetooth (ak a3105011) Details

Connected quickly, has good sound for its size. It's not audiophile, i couldn't expect it to compare to the sound to my wonderful old m&k speakers, but good enough and loud enough for audio at the computer, and bluetooth connectio is very convenient.

Anker-soundcore-portable-wireless-bluetooth-(ak-a3105011) set picture

- S. YvetteBought this speaker for my bar to provide some background music. It provides very clear sound throughout the entire space, but is not overpowering. So small i can tuck it away anywhere and it is out of sight.

I was looking for an affordable speaker that had an audio input jack to use with a projector. I read the reviews of this product (noting the great customer service reviews) and took the plunge. I couldn t be happier. Surprisingly rich sound for the size and price, solid construction, and a total of 5 buttons (power, play, bluetooth, and 2 volumes) make for a great, durable, portable option. . On a side note, my wife was super wary of this product when we got it. I don t know if she had a bad breakup with a bluetooth speaker before we met, or if she got bit by one as a kid, but she wasn t into it. She had always listened to music on her phone or the laptop speakers, and it appeared as though that tinny nightmare was going to continue. Then one day i came home to find her listening to music on the anker unit. Her world had changed, and there was no going back. Now i almost never get to use it. . I will add that sometimes my phone has a hard time pairing with the bluetooth, but if i forget the device and re-pair it, it works fine. This does not happen with my wife s phone, so i m assuming it has more to do with apple wanting me to buy a new iphone than any problem with the speaker.

U. Imelda, Merton

Brand :    anker
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.79 pounds
  • 24h non-stop music: anker's world-renowned power management technology and a 5200mah li-ion battery deliver a full day of sublime sound.
  • Grab, go, listen: classic design that has been refined and lightened, with effortlessly simple controls.
  • Outdoor-proof: ipx5-protection safeguards against rain, dust, snow, and spills. get incredible sound at home, in the yard, or anywhere else imaginable.
  • Unbelievable sound: 12w of pure audio power with enhanced bass thunders from dual neodymium drivers. an advanced digital signal processor ensures pounding bass and zero distortion at any volume.
  • Intense bass: exclusive bassup technology and a patented spiral bass port boost low-end frequencies to make the beats hit even harder.
Price :    $25.00 (was $29.99)
Model :    AK-A3105011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Portable Audio (anker product review) for Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Superior Stereo Sound, Exclusive BassUp, 12-Watts, IPX5 Water-Resistant, 24-Hour Playtime, Perfect Wireless Speaker Home, Outdoors, Travel available ( Sep 2019 )

Co2crea Hard Travel Case Anker SoundCore 1/2 / Motion B Portable Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker, Blue

Co2crea hard travel case for anker soundcore 1 / 2 / motion b portable outdoor sports bluetooth speaker

Co2crea Hard Travel Case Anker SoundCore 1/2 / Motion B Portable Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker, Blueco2crea-SoundCore-Portable-Outdoor-Bluetooth

Price :    $8.99
  • Shockproof dustproof and water resistance, comes with hand strap
  • Comes with mesh pocket perfectly for cable and other small accessories storage
  • Co2crea hard travel case for anker soundcore 1 / 2 / motion b portable outdoor sports bluetooth speaker
  • For sale is case only (speaker and accessories are not included)
  • Material: eva, color: blue
Brand :    co2crea
Color :    blue
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    E3-NRIT-ETA0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (co2crea product review) for Co2crea Hard Travel Case Anker SoundCore 1/2 / Motion B Portable Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker, Blue available ( Sep 2019 )

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

The apple usb ethernet adapter is a simple, one-piece external adapter that plugs into the usb 2. 0 port of your macbook air to provide 10/100base-t performance. Simply plug your ethernet cable into the rj-45 connector no external power is required. It s small, light, easy to install, and even easier to use.

Apple USB Ethernet AdapterApple-MC704LL-A-Ethernet-Adapter

Brand :    apple
Weight :    0.0.28 pounds
Model :    MC704LL/A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Easily connect your macbook air computer to an ethernet network with the apple usb ethernet adapter.
  • Small and light, it connects to the usb 2. 0 port of your macbook air
  • Provides an rj-45 connector that supports 10/100base-t performance
Price :    $17.78 (was $29.00)
Home :    Best Computer Input Device (apple product review) for Apple USB Ethernet Adapter available ( Sep 2019 )

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra : Portable Bluetooth Speaker 14-Watts Deliver Bigger Bass Hi-Quality Sound, 100ft Wireless Range, Play Two Together Music in Dual Stereo, IPX-6 Splashproof Black

The oontz angle 3 ultra portable wireless bluetooth speaker, designed and engineered by cambridge soundworks our best sounding speaker ever bluetooth 4. 2 play up to 100 feet away from your iphone/smartphone crystal clear distortion-free sound exceptionally well balanced oontz dual wireless stereo allows you to connect and play two oontz angle 3 ultra speakers together up to 100 apart for incredible stereo separation or playing in two different rooms or playing inside and outside exceptionally loud volume from precision dual stereo drivers 2 x 7 watts of power rich bass unmatched in a speaker this size dedicated passive bass radiator with its own grille ipx 6 rainproof splash proof - shower proof the perfect shower speaker up to 20 hour battery playtime, provides power and performance all day and into the night stylish design plays horizontally and stands to play vertically hands free personal speaker phone for calls from iphone and smartphone connects quickly over bluetooth to your iphone, ipad, smartphone, tablet, laptop with bluetooth, chromebook, echo dot and echo aux in port for connecting to tvs and non-bluetooth devices comes with an extra-long 6 micro usb cable top quality sound our engineers took on the challenge of designing our latest generation of the oontz angle speaker line to have the best available sound

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra : Portable Bluetooth Speaker 14-Watts Deliver Bigger Bass Hi-Quality Sound, 100ft Wireless Range, Play Two Together Music in Dual Stereo, IPX-6 Splashproof BlackOontZ-Angle-Ultra-Hi-Quality-Splashproof

Brand :    cambridge soundworks
Color :    Black
Model :    OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA Black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Receiver Or Amplifier :    Best Audio Or Video (cambridge soundworks product review) for OontZ Angle 3 Ultra : Portable Bluetooth Speaker 14-Watts Deliver Bigger Bass Hi-Quality Sound, 100ft Wireless Range, Play Two Together Music in Dual Stereo, IPX-6 Splashproof Black available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $39.19 (was $39.99)
  • Play up to 20 hours on a single charge - play from morning till night with up to 20 hour playtime; talk to siri from your oontz angle 3 ultra just press the speaker and talk to siri when connected over bluetooth to your iphone or ipad; comes with long 6ft micro-usb charging cable and a 3. 5mm audio cable; official oontz angle 3 ultra carry case sold separately on
  • 100 - foot bluetooth range - play up to 100 feet away from your device; our advanced antenna design with bluetooth 4. 2 provides fast connection and incredible wireless bluetooth range of up to 100 unobstructed feet from your echo, echo dot, iphone, ipad, mac, samsung galaxy, samsung note, smartphone, computer, laptop and tablet. connects quickly and easily
  • Superior sound quality with rich full bass - our digital audio processor pumps up the bass and enhances the clarity of the mids and highs; 14 watts of power delivers surprisingly loud room filling volume from the dual precision stereo drivers and proprietary bass radiator; distortion-free stereo sound even at max volume - the perfect home speaker and travel speaker
  • Weatherproof splashproof rainproof ipx6 - the perfect shower speaker - ipx6 certified to resist water spray and splash; cannot withstand being partially or fully submerged
  • Play your music to two oontz angle 3 ultra speakers - wirelessly connect two oontz angle 3 ultra speakers together, one speaker plays left the channel and the other plays the right, for incredible stereo separation; set each speaker to play full stereo and place the speakers in different areas up to 100 unobstructed feet apart. to play the audio from a video, your tv or device needs to be connected to one of the oontz angle 3 ultra speakers using the 3. 5mm audio cable; speakers sold separately

Anker SoundCore Official Travel Case Anker SoundCore/SoundCore 2 /Motion B Bluetooth Speaker ONLY - PU Leather Premium Protection Carry Case

This case is pretty nifty! my sound core 2 fits nice and snug and it also has a pouch for the charging cord. The quality is good and it was made to fit the sound core 2 like a glove. I am very happy with my purchase!

Soundcore travel case the official carry case for soundcore and soundcore 2 from anker, the choice of 20 million+ happy users industry-leading technology all-round defense soundcore travel case is designed to safely cushion your soundcore speaker, while the exterior protects against scratches, bumps and splashes. Built for soundcore engineered to fit your speaker like a glove. Simultaneously carry an aux and micro-usb cable in a convenient mesh pocket, so the music never has to stop. Leading design a smooth pu leather finish means your speaker is protected in style. Boost your defence, with hard-wearing performance, and unrivaled durability. Get hooked in a heavy-duty aluminum carabiner hook is ideal for latching your soundcore onto a backpack, or resting practically anywhere. Taking your tunes on-the-go just got easier and more secure.

Anker SoundCore Official Travel Case Anker SoundCore/SoundCore 2 /Motion B Bluetooth Speaker ONLY - PU Leather Premium Protection Carry CaseAnker-SoundCore-Official-Bluetooth-Speaker

Anker Soundcore Official Bluetooth Speaker (ak 848061063257) FAQ.

Added to gift for wife. Excellent case, with room for usb and aux cables, if you use them. Wish anker would make a soundcore bundle that included a case. Not a con, just a thought. -Notice from N. Sheila, South Dakota

Click to Show anker soundcore official bluetooth speaker (ak 848061063257) Details

Loved this travel case! it feels durable, and i liked the fact that it has an inside pocket where i can place my cord and charger together with the actual speaker. It also came with a travel hook that will help me hang this sucker to my bag or anywhere i want it to be. Overall, a great buy. The price is also a steal.

Anker-soundcore-official-bluetooth-speaker-(ak-848061063257) set picture

- I. ClaudiaFits my anker speaker perfectly. It will definitely protect your speaker. I would highly recommend it, you wont be disappointed

My anker soundcore 2 fits perfectly in this case and comes with extra space to hold charging cables and other wires. The case is pretty sturdy so it can take a beating if you accidentally drop it with your device inside.

K. Rebecca, Louisiana

Brand :    anker
  • What's in the box: soundcore travel case, carabiner hook, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. (please note: this product is designed to fit anker soundcore and soundcore 2 only, not for soundcore boost or anker premium stereo. )
  • Superior protection: pack the party away, without having to worry about bumps and scratches.
  • Premium material: high quality pu leather provides a sleek finish, and leading durability - including water-resistance.
  • Made-to-measure: tailor engineered to snugly hold the soundcore, or soundcore 2. an interior pocket carries all necessary cables in one convenient location.
  • A smarter way to carry: it's never been easier, or safer to take your music on-the-go. with an aluminum hook, you can simply zip-up, and lock-in.
Price :    $12.99
Model :    AK-A3502011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Portable Audio (anker product review) for Anker SoundCore Official Travel Case Anker SoundCore/SoundCore 2 /Motion B Bluetooth Speaker ONLY - PU Leather Premium Protection Carry Case available ( Sep 2019 )

Co2crea Hard Travel Case Anker SoundCore 1/2 / Motion B Portable Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker

Co2crea hard travel case for anker soundcore 1 / 2 / motion b portable outdoor sports bluetooth speaker

Co2crea Hard Travel Case Anker SoundCore 1/2 / Motion B Portable Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speakerco2crea-SoundCore-Portable-Outdoor-Bluetooth

Brand :    co2crea
Color :    black
Weight :    0.24 pounds
Model :    4336299760
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Co2crea hard travel case for anker soundcore 1 / 2 / motion b portable outdoor sports bluetooth speaker
  • For sale is case only (device and accessories are not included)
  • Shockproof dustproof and water resistance, comes with hand strap
  • Material: eva; color: black
  • External size: 7. 5 * 3 * 2 inch, weight: 120g
Price :    $8.99
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (co2crea product review) for Co2crea Hard Travel Case Anker SoundCore 1/2 / Motion B Portable Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Speaker available ( Sep 2019 )

LTGEM Hard Case Anker SoundCore DKnight MagicBox I II Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mesh Pocket-Black

Fits the soundcore xl perfectly, gives it a little extra protection.

This amazing case for your anker soudcore stereo speaker or dknight magicbox i and ii, you have to give it a shot! notice: our case does not exist problems listed below: *speaker cannot fit the case perfectly *very flimsy and not well made *the handle ripped in a short time *zipper is stuck all the time and easy to break *unacceptable peculiar smell advantages of choosing ltgem case: +totally tailored for your anker soudcore stereo speaker or dknight magicbox i and ii, so it fits perfect! +durable exterior and soft interior +tough exterior protects your speaker from bumps and jostles. +soft lining layer keeps your speaker free of scratches. +sturdy hand strap makes transportation easy and convenient, so you can take it easily! +smooth but strong zipper gives you a better using experience. 360 zip is convenient for you to put your speaker in and out the case. +shockproof & semi-waterproof! case is made of superior hard eva for durability. Keeps your favorite speakers 100% safe. +if your friend also has this speaker, its simple but very fashionable design makes it a great gift idea. We offer full refund if there are quality problems. Note: the speaker is not included.

LTGEM Hard Case Anker SoundCore DKnight MagicBox I II Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mesh Pocket-BlackLTGEM-SoundCore-MagicBox-Bluetooth-Pocket-Black

Ltgem Soundcore Dknight Magicbox Pocket Black (us008) FAQ.

Fits the anker speaker very well. Is well made and leaves room for cables in the top. I also like the lanyard for carrying. Overall a great product. -Notice from B. Meghan, Bolton

Click to Show ltgem soundcore dknight magicbox pocket black (us008) Details

Perfect for a protective carry case for echo dot anker speaker.

Ltgem-soundcore-dknight-magicbox-pocket-black-(us008) set picture

- E. CarolynHappy with my purchase, good quality product and durable and not pricy.

Bought the anker stereo for my work as a teaching artist. The stereo pumps out some good sound and is very easy to carry around. I was debating on buying the case but i'm so glad i did. It's perfect.

H. Amanda, Walsall

Price :    $7.99 (was $19.99)
  • Safety guarantee: hard eva material is shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect your speaker from impacts and splashes.
  • Super convenient: comes with comfortable hand strap to carry easily and specifically designed mesh pocket perfectly for cable and other small accessories.
  • Luxury and fashionable: build-in super quality villus reflects superior taste and ensures a long-lasting performance.
  • Considerable design: smooth but strong zipper gives you a better using experience. 360 zip is convenient for you to put your speaker in and out the case.
  • Risk-free purchase: totally tailored for your anker soudcore stereo speaker and we offer 100% money back guarantee if there are quality problems.
Brand :    ltgem
Color :    Anker soundcore case
Model :    US008
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (ltgem product review) for LTGEM Hard Case Anker SoundCore DKnight MagicBox I II Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mesh Pocket-Black available ( Sep 2019 )

anker soundcore 24-hour playtime bluetooth speaker with loud 10w stereo sound, rich bass, 66 ft bluetooth range, built-in mic. portable wireless speaker for iphone, samsung, and more Price : 32, was : 39 as 2018-12-13
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Anker Soundcore Playtime Bluetooth Portable (ak 848061070804) Reviewed by on

Top anker soundcore playtime bluetooth portable (ak 848061070804) Content

The F.A.Q. for anker soundcore 24-hour playtime bluetooth speaker with loud 10w stereo sound, rich bass, 66 ft bluetooth range, built-in mic. portable wireless speaker for iphone, samsung, and more

I bought this anker sound core bluetooth speaker in june 2017. I bought it to match up with my apple ipad air, and it worked perfectly. I then bought an apple ipad pro and thought i was having trouble with the anker. It wouldn t match up with my ipad pro. I emailed anker and they responded within 4 to 5 hours. Their response was so positive that i couldn t help but appreciate anker s interest in the product as concerns the customer satisfaction. Then i tried a new route and found that it just took a switch to switch on the anker in the ipad pro, and lo and behold it worked perfectly for my ipad pro. I can t thank anker staff enough for the willingness to help me. This product is very good and i really use it all the time. A little small, the speakers work well, and i m very satisfied with the product. And i know you will also like its performance.

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(0) Question: How many watts is it?

(1) Question: Can the speaker plug into the wall?

(2) Question: If this is connected to alexa, will the speaker always stay on, or will it go to sleep?

(3) Question: Is it possible to operate the speaker while charging it at the same time?

(4) Question: I have had my anker since july 28, it worked great, i absolutely loved it. now it is no longer working. i've only charged it once time.

(5) Question: How do i turn it on, i bought it three months ago, used it a couple of times and now it won t turn on

(6) Question: I just bought a new desktop computer. i can't get my old speakers to work. can i use this somehow? i'm 70 yrs old and a novice at this stuff.

(7) Question: Tiene entrada 3. 5?

(8) Question: Will this work with fire 7?

(9) Question: Can you play this with an aux connected from your phone instead of using bluetooth?

(10) Question: Can this speaker connect to non-bluetooth devices?

(11) Question: Suddenly my anker wont pair in bluetooth anymore anyone have suggestions? im using iphone 7, i can see it but wont connect

(12) Question: What are the controls on this speaker?

(13) Question: 3. 5mm input jack?

(14) Question: Why does the details of this speaker list the output as 2x6w but the documentation that comes with the speaker says 2x3w?

(15) Question: 0does is workwith kindle fire hd

(16) Question: Is battery included?

(note) Question: where/how to get Anker (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Anker's products

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Wow! . I purchased this speaker because my tv is 12 feet across the room and i am a senior with hearing loss. My tv is louder than normal and always told by family it's too loud. I decided to try this item out since so many great reviews. Took 2 or 3 times to bluetooth to my tv but that's because i didn't set it right. Now, i put the speaker on and i was disappointed the speaker wasn't that loud. I was ready to send it back. Then something told me to check the audio on tv. I thought i had the type of audio wrong checked which may have lowered the volume due to the type of audio. But, before i could do that, i noticed that the volume on the tv was low. Naaah, that couldn't be the problem could it? well, i raised the volume on the tv ( the tv doesn't get louder) and guess what! . The volume on this speaker was blasting! . I then had to lower this speaker because it was too loud! . This speaker is great, great and great! . Great sound! u will not be disappointed! . Take it from a half deaf senior!

Electronics 282271, Portable Audio & Video 326271, Portable Bluetooth Speakers 1106593707, Portable Speakers & Docks 110736986Top Anker Soundcore Playtime Bluetooth Portable (ak 848061070804) FAQ Content

Best anker soundcore playtime bluetooth portable (ak 848061070804) in review

My t12 speaker refused to properly pair with my new kindle. I suppose i could have tried to figure out what was wrong, but i've had the t12 for a few years and it doesn't owe me anything. I'd have bought another one - it had really excellent sound with quite good bass, but they aren't making that version anymore and i didn't like the others. . I have other anker product and all of them work well, from the smallest inexpensive sd reader to some fairly complicated interface devices. When i saw this at a very reasonable price, i bought it. . It paired with the kindle instantly and it sound very good. Less bassy than the t12, but it was also less expensive and this one has the advantage of being rather louder than the t12. Since i use it for audiobooks and not music, i'm not all that concerned with bass. This is a good, loud speaker. It charges quickly, pairs easily, adjusts without complaint. I'm very pleased with it and the price is more than reasonable.

J. Tracey, Oxfordshire

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Y. Amanda, Vermont says

I am very, very pleased with these speakers. The sound is nice and rich. Maybe a touch on the bassy side, but still quite good. If this was a $100+ speaker, the slight bassiness might warrant marking it off a point or two, but at this price it is absolutely within reason. There is almost no noticeable distortion at all until both your phone and the speaker are at max volume. Even then the distortion is only minor and only at the peaks, and at that point it is putting out a huge amount of sound considering the size of the package. . The battery life is great. I haven't had it long enough yet to confirm the advertised 24 hours but i have used it for over 12 hours of playback spread over multiple days without charging, and it is still going strong. . The 66 foot advertised range is probably pretty close to accurate in open air. Inside it is a bit shorter, but not much. I only start to see the signal break up with the speaker at the complete opposite end of my house from my phone. That is only about 50 feet, but at that point the signal is going through multiple walls, so still pretty respectable. . The physical construction is also outstanding. It is solidly built, with a nice rubberized surface that seems like it will stand up to a decent amount of abuse. . For the price and the size, i really have nothing but good things to say. I just could not be happier with this purchase.

. Valdez, Northumberland

This is the second one i bought. (the usual problem with asian products, quality varies a lot. The good units are fine, the poor ones stink. ) the first went back because the bluetooth range was ridiculously short, less than 10 feet with no obstructions. This one is much better but not 60 feet. 25-30 is about it but it held that distance through a french door with hurricane glass. That's about average for these type of speakers and is all the distance i need. Battery life is extraordinary, in excess of 20 hours. Pairing with an iphone and an echo dot was easy and re-acquisition was immediate when it was turned back on. Sound quality is very good for a small speaker but with minimal base; you just can't move much air with tiny drivers. Volume is good without distortion until you turn it up towards max. Overall construction is very solid and the rubberized coating has a nice feel to it. Beware, the rubber coating does not make it water resistant. The control buttons are large and well marked even though they are the same color as the case. The bluetooth light is slightly off center because of speaker placement but who cares. The charging cable is about a foot long but the mini usb connector is so common now you probably have a longer one somewhere around your house; i did. So bottom line is a fine speaker with the limitations a small speaker has: don't expect martin-logan sound quality or big, round base notes but it sure makes an echo dot sound really good.

E. Cindy, Coventry says

I have been nothing but thrilled with this product from day one. For the price you could never beat it and frankly, i am surprised by some of the poor reviews a few people have left about the sound quality. For 99% of the world population, the sound quality coming from such a tiny inexpensive speaker could not be better! . . Battery life - i have never timed it, but i am always surprised that it is still on after hours of use without plugging it in. . Blue-tooth - works well, i use it primarily paired with an android phone and never have issues. . My only complaint is that you can't plug it into a computer via usb to use as a sound device. There are no supporting drivers that i have been able to find. And to make it a little annoying, if you do use it with a computer via audio cable and try to charge it from usb on the computer, it causes a hissing noise.

A. Guest, Haute-Normandie

I had purchased this speaker and it had stopped working just after the return period. I posted my disappointment, and the customer support team was unbelievable in following up with me and getting me a new speaker! they really wanted to be sure that i had a working speaker. They were very nice and sincere. I am sure to purchase their products again, knowing that they stand so strongly behind their products. It was a pleasure to deal with them.

U. Meredith, Montana says

If it didn t have that loud annoying beep at it s highest volume and also when the song changes it beeps so loud that it s ear piercing and causes me to have light migraines. Ruins the moment of listening to your favorite songs especially the relaxing ones. The speaker is very well built. The sound quality is superb and ideal for me. Bass is sufficient for my taste but i just couldn t stand that loud beeping letting you know it s at the highest volume. I honestly have never owned a bt speaker that did that so idk what the purpose of it is. Please remove it. I don t know if anyone else experienced this with theirs? i have their earbuds as well and it does the same thing. It s more tolerable because it isn t as loud but still unnecessary in my opinion. . Update 3/31/18:. Anker has amazing customer service in my opinion. They ve reached out to me after reading my original 3-star review and offered me to try their anker soundcore 2 at no charge. I agreed and have since received it. I ve been using it for the past few weeks. It s a decent speaker and again, well-built. Oddly, i prefer the quality of sound on the one that made the loud beeping noise than the 2 and the original one is smaller. Still a great speaker but lacking bass. The oontz ultra plus is my ideal bt based on sound but the connection was not in sync. The speaker was . 05 seconds behind the yt videos played on my phone so i had to return that as well. They haven t reached out to me or anything at all so customer service points definitely is won and deserved by anker. This is what you call good business practice. I commend them on their commitment to their products and most importantly their customer. (which makes perfect sense if you want to be a successful and trusted company. )

P. Kimberly, Wakefield

So, this is my first experience with any anker products. This thing got delivered yesterday and i've been furious ever since. I bought it for background music for my office, so i didn't need anything great or loud, so i thought this $29 speaker would do the trick. The problem is that i spent about $250 on a braven speaker last year for camping and such, and although i was more than pleased with the performance of that speaker, it is only marginally better sounding, and maybe just a little louder than this anker speaker. It's also about 3 times as big and has a 12 hour battery life, as opposed to the anker's 24. . This is probably the best value i have even seen in a bluetooth speaker. I just wish i would have found this before spending tons of money on others. I would gladly have paid more money for a speaker of this quality. . Is it the utmost in premium quality sound? of course not, don't be an idiot, it's a tiny speaker that costs under $30. But i think you would be hard pressed to find anything at this price point that comes anywhere even remotely close to the awesomeness you get with this speaker. . I will be buying more anker stuff.

. Aldana, Southampton says

A friend recommended this anker speaker and i'm glad i bought one myself. Great quality sound for a very affordable price. . Pros:. + price point - beats spending high dollar on "name brand" speakers. + sound quality - i use this around the house while cooking or hanging out with friends and also set it on the deck porch during the evenings to enjoy a relaxing night. No matter where the speaker is sitting, it still pushes quality sound. + portability - it's light, small and very portable. + charge life - i've owned this speaker for a few months now and use it weekly and i've only charged it once. . Cons:. - no comment. It's been that great of a speaker. . I'd recommend this to anyone. It may not be a bose, but for a recreational user that enjoys music on the porch or around the house, go for it.

D. Neva, Manchester

After your ears become accustomed to it, the sound will seem clear and crisp with depth. It doesn't have booming bass but it reproduces the thumping sound of the bass really well so if it's in a corner it will sound boomy but without any of the actual movement. The battery life is ridiculous. I gave it a full charge and got over a week play time while playing via bluetooth at around 5 presses below max volume for about 10 hours a day. The volume on my phone is usually right at the orange bit where it warns you about playing for too loud etc,

B. Julia, Maine says

I have been using my anker soundcore for over half a year and i love how versatile it is. My (old) car doesn't have bluetooth available, just the radio and cds, so this speaker fills my car with sound when i can't take any more of the local radio stations or i can't find my cds. The best part is that the music doesn't stop when i turn off my car lol. I also used to ignore incoming calls while driving, but now this also makes it possible to take those calls, even on the highway. It's the perfect size and shape for toting around in a large bag and the battery is plenty for me: normally my phone dies well before it. It improves chores because i can bring it along in a bag while i'm moving around and the sound just keeps flowing. I love anker products, and this is definitely one of my favorites and best purchases! i'm no sound quality guru by the way, but i think the bass is just fine, maybe a tad light, but then again, for me, it's purpose is to serve as a portable speaker so i am not seeking high quality sound. I find it better than cellphone and laptop speakers, and comparable to my old ipod radio docking station speakers if that helps.

Z. Ruby, Torbay

No question, was the best speaker for the price! in short: solid design, long battery life (sometimes i even forget that it runs on batteries), nice button placement, good response (can double press play to skip forward), nice sound (some bass and doesn t sound like its coming from a can), i do not use it much that way but good enough as a speaker phone (make sure that microphone is placed upright and facing you), water resistant and feels / looks like one (one continuous piece of rubber on all three sides with mesh on front), long range, easy connectivity and good reliability. Had it for almost a year now and no problems! we liked it so much that we decided to buy a second one so we did not have to share. :) small sidenote: would be nice for the bluetooth speakers in general to connect to each other to play off of the same music device (just a thought)!

. Courtney, Alabama says

Got this speaker and was really pumped about it. Barely a month later however, it won't charge, turn on, nothing. I had used it at work the day the before and it worked just great. Not sure what changed within 12 hrs. Was a great speaker while it lasted though. . Edit:. I was contacted by their customer service and they sent a replacement that works great! lena was also very helpful and patient. Everyone at work keeps asking me where i got my speaker and i haven't hesitated to recommend these guys. Found a new company for any future purchases. Thanks!

C. Hannah, Languedoc-Roussillon says

Update: i immediately got a response from anker when they saw my review. I must say that their customer service is one of the best i have ever dealt with. Not only did they work to solve the issue i was having, they offered an upgrade to soundcore 2. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and anyone else. . This product arrived at my house on 6/4 when i was out of town. Finally listened to it 2 nights ago. Though i hoped it had a little better bass i thought oh well it was a good price and still sounded pretty good. Today i went to play it through the bluetooth and my songs kept cutting in and out frustrating me to no end. I rebooted my device and the anker hoping that maybe it was just a glitch but sadly no, it still did it. I plugged my device directly into the anker (i purchased it for the bluetooth for a reason) but still, it cuts in and out, totally leaving me frustrated. I believe i will be returning this tomorrow. Shame because it seemed like a great buy.

G. Medina, North Dakota

Why did i wait, this thing rocks! have only had it for a week, but took it with me on a trip and was fun to have something better than a phone to play tunes while getting ready in the morning. It was small and fairly light so tucked right in my carryon. I sing in a blues band and picky about sound so did a good bit of research prior. Great for a home office as well and much better than laptop speakers. This has great sound, you can probably turn it up to about 60% before any distortion begins, so will fill a medium sized room with great sound, but not a ballroom. It does have an aux input. I have not tried it outdoors yet. I do suggest you buy the protective case by dsall. And my only suggestion to the manufacturer for the next version, the controls are molded into the rubbery top of the unit and are very hard to see in a dark hotel room! . . One thing i did not notice in other reviews, (might have missed it) if configured in your settings, when connected to your device (iphone 6 for me) your lock screen will give you a notice of the battery life of the anker as well as your iphone, so no guessing about how much battery life is left. I have only charged it once and have likely played it for a total of 4 hours over the last week (bluetooth) and the battery still says 100%.

H. Ruff, North Lincolnshire says

This little speaker sounds and looks great, though the first one was d. O. A. -wouldn't turn on at all after full charging. Excellent customer service shipped a replacement immediately, and the new one charged right up and produces clear, strong sound. I am not a serious audiophile, but for my purposes this little unit does a great job. . At first i had trouble with the range being quite short, and said so in my initial review. Anker replied immediately with several helpful suggestions, and it turned out it was my (older) device that was the culprit, not the speaker. The soundcore transmits perfectly through my whole house when i pair it with my newer device. . The speaker has clear, bright sound, is compact and good-looking, and plays music in every corner of my little house. Customer service for this company is truly amazing and responsive. Five stars from me.

R. Shawna, Iowa

Great little speaker especially for the price. Sound is crisp and full, it looks great, and has a nice, solid heft to it. It's also extremely easy to pair to an iphone. Once paired, it quickly and reliably connects to my phone when turned on. . I get that anker wants people to see their brand name and the white paint they used isn't so bright that the logo is obnoxious, but i still didn't want to look at it. So, using a metal pick in holes around the perimeter, i slowly and carefully pried off the grill. It's held in by tension and a very thin strip of black adhesive tape. Once the grill was off, i wrapped masking tape around the small ledge all the way around the grill. This was to keep from painting and ruining the black adhesive so i could reattach it later. If you use the slick, non-sticker paper from a sticker sheet you might get better results than i did. The masking tape took off a small amount of the adhesive, but it still worked. Then, with a $4 can of generic-brand metallic copper spray paint from the hardware store, i gave it a couple coats from all directions. Don't spray too heavily or you'll clog some of the small holes in the grill. Imo, it turned out perfect. Really classes up the little speaker.

X. Moore, Halton says

Update to 5 stars: anker direct customer service sent me an upgraded replacement anker soundcore 2 bluetooth speaker in the mail within a week of learning about my faulty speaker. The new soundcore 2 is more sturdy than the previous generation, with rubberized edges and tiny bead legs to give it stability on most surfaces i've tried. It just feels well made. . The sound quality, (which was the reason i gave the original speaker 3 stars) is now one of the deepest and clearest audio output devices i own. Everything comes out clear and without static or scratching. I can use it in the office or outside when i do yard work. The volume buttons are clearly labeled, along with the power and bluetooth button. . Overall this is an exceptional device and an amazing customer service experience with anker. I would recommend any of their speakers or battery charging bricks. . The product i received was very well designed and sturdy. My intention was to use it as an office desktop speaker for ambient background music throughout the work day. It connected easily and i was excited to play some tunes, but the sound out put was clicky and static filled. After tinkering with the volume buttons on the device, (which are very user friendly) i realized that the speakers weren't able to play music much louder than a whisper. I don't believe this was it's intended design, but ultimately if the speaker isn't able to output a reasonable volume for music it is basically useless. . Aside from that i thought it was a well priced product. Anker portable battery chargers are awesome too!

W. Mable, Cornwall

It's a fantastic little speaker with *incredible* battery life. The battery life is so long, in fact, that it's actually an issue that it doesn't have a battery indicator! you really don't ever know if it's gonna go out or not - and it never does! this isn't always a huge issue for me, though, as i mainly use it as a simple solution for an external speaker at my desk. You can plug it in for charging and still keep the music going. Also, with it being a modern lithium battery, you can simply charge it whenever you feel like, and the battery life won't be negatively affected. (what, you're gonna miss that extra half of a minute off of a 24 hour battery life? ) the sound quality is also fantastic for the size of the speaker and price point. You won't be rattling the rafters or anything, but you also won't really ever feel like you're missing something. The only time i've ever wished it was louder is when i wanted to use it on the counter while i was in the shower.

K. Adrienne, West Virginia says

I can't sing the praises of anker and their products enough. I own several other products of theirs (it all starting with their powercore chargers) and they've hit it out of the park on another one. Solid, quality products that are highly functional, versatile and affordable. Live in socal and got this for beach / backyard patio / general bluetooth speaker. Researched a few others including bose soundlink / beats and i found the reviews (and notably the price) to guide me toward buying. I'm so glad i did. Truly y'all (from the south so no apologies) buy this. Stop your endless pursuit i hear some of you here "but that bass though" "the distance for connectivity. " please. If the bass isn't enough for you, you're a) out of your mind and setting unrealistic expectations and b) probably should be looking at more expensive products and not wining about this one. This is solid no matter how you compare it to the competition. Pairing is super simple. Have a 2100 sq ft home and in an upstairs bedroom i can still hear it and it fills a room completely (when placed at top volume limit). Materials are quality and i even got the case ($14. 99 or what have you) that they make to go with. Don't waste time or money looking, this is your guy/gal. Trust.

N. Watson, Alsace

I am so impressed with this speaker. I purchased this to replace an old logitech speaker, in my bathroom. I was amazed that the anker speaker was about 1/4 the size of the old logitech, but the sound is so much better. I used to turn my logitech speaker all the way up to be able to hear it, but this would cause very distorted sound. This anker speaker sounds very clear, no matter what volume i set it to. I think this speaker will be what i give everyone, for christmas this year. Another hit product from anker. I own a lot of anker products and have never been disappointed. I'd like to invest in this company.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

F. Aldana, Idaho says

 it was great for about 6 months. I don't use this speaker very often so i was surprised when one day i heard it constantly beeping. I realized it was because the usb port had come loose-and was losing charge. I have to keep the speaker positioned a certain way now to keep the wire connected. Kinda sucky as i liked the product in general. Unfortunately, i won't be buying this one again.

. Cecilia, Nebraska

Worked great then charging port failed! was very pleased with the sound, size, run time etc. Then the cable started falling out of the charging port. Using the cable that came with it and tried other cables when the original kept falling out! don't buy these,

P. Alice, Western Australia says

When it worked, the sound was great but after two months it completely stopped working. It never left my desk top during this time so it wasn t due to rough handling. Sad quality! . Update 8/18/18: after my original review, the manufacturer contacted me and offered to replace my failed unit. I received the new one promptly and it has been working great. As with the original speaker, i love the sound. My new one has reliably connected with my iphone at least twice per day since then. If this one continues to work as it does now, i would upgrade my rating to four stars because the manufacturer stood behind their product.

A. Florence, Bracknell Forest

I have owned three of these anker soundcore speakers since 2016. In that time all of them have had the same problem: the power cord jack expands and the power cord will not fit snugly in the enlarged power cord jack and therefore will not charge. I got a replacement from anker for the first one. The second one was unable to charge one month after the 18 month warranty date and i was told anker would not do anything about it. I bought one august 1, 2018. I bought a three year warranty with it. Why did i buy a third one after the other three (two purchased, one replacement) ? the sound is fantastic, the pairing is easy and works every time and the speaker lasts a very, very long time on a full charge (i'm speaking of at least a week of listening to audiobooks). The cost of the speaker and the warranty makes the speaker still a bargain. Buy this, but insure it.

. Glenda, Plymouth says

Was looking for a good speaker and after looking at so many, i came across this anker speaker. I read many reviews on it, many which were good reviews, so i decided to purchase it. Received it the following day but not working! it would not turn on at all. Charged it for a little over an hour (thinking maybe it didn t have battery) and all that i got was a hot speaker. Pretty bummed. Will look for another speaker

. Erin, Arizona

This is my first anker product. I bought this to pair with my new echo dot. Pairing it with the echo was not easy. Now that the speaker finally works the mic does not pick up alexa commands. I'm going to contact customer service about this otherwise i'm returning. Deeply disappointed.

D. Alma, City of Kingston upon Hull says

You get what you pay for. It s an ok speaker fir the price. It s loud without distortion, and you can hear the mids and highs fine but you ll only get a faint whisper of lows and bass. Based on the reviews i read before purchasing, i was hoping for average bass but there is none. I m returning for something more my speed. . If you re looking for a entertaining, party speaker, you ll be able to pop to the beat but you won t be able to drop to the baseline because you won t hear it.

R. Ophelia, Virginia

Coming from the single speaker mini cube i expected it to be twice as loud, but it really isnt. Also the battery life isnt 24 hours or really even close, more like 6-8 hours or so using bluetooth at full volume which is ok. Other than this was a decent speaker for the 3 months i had it until it stopped charging. I popped it open what i believe to be the charging controller had burned up because the circuit board was browned around it.

Q. Allen, Lancashire says

We have enjoyed this item after it was turned on. To turn it on however requires skills. Buttons are behind thick rubber lining (you need to press the rubber in a locations marked hoping to depress a button behind). Seams easy but it is not. I am strong man but i had to press so hard until my fingers hurt. It is possible that my fingers are too fat. My wife is not a weak person either but she was not able to turn this unit on at all. At first you may think that the unit is broken or discharged as there is no response to any buttons. Than you realize the problem and you get disappointed with the product - such a waste. . Regardless of good sound quality and significant loudness of the speaker we were forced to return this unit as it was not usable.

O. Julie, City of Bristol

I'm a big anker fan. I own many of their products. I'm sorry to have to say that this soundcore speaker is the first time i've been disappointed. The sound is just ok. It is somewhat tinny sounding. I hoped for it to be fuller sounding. The bass is pretty minimal, despite the claims in the product description. Of course, with no tone/equalization adjustments, i'm stuck with the way it sounds. It is what it is, as they say. I wasn't expecting it to sound like something four-five times more expensive jbl, bose, etc. . I'm not "that guy". I was just expecting better based on anker's own product description and, yes, based on the many 5-star reviews. One other issue for me are the controls on top. They are aesthetically cool giving a seamless look to the unit which is solid in its build . However, i can't see these controls and i can't seem to get them by feel. No don't hate on me kids, but i'm 60 years old this month! i have to actually turn a lamp on right over this speaker to be able to see the controls. Even in regular room light they are invisible to me! don't laugh, you'll get here someday if you live long enough! so, i wish i could be more enthusiastic about this speaker. I think my expectations were realistic, based on my great experience with anker products in the past, anker's product description and the vast majority of positive reviews. This time, with the soundcore, my expectations were not met and i'm a little disappointed. I'll still buy anker in the future. You can't win 'em all!

G. Sally, Yukon Territory says

I bought this base on the great reviews! . It worked amazing the first three months! i thought this is an awesome product for such a low price, but . After three months exactly this anker speaker stopped working. I doesn't charge at all, i though the problem is the charger cable so i got a new one, but nothing. It just doesn't charge. I can't even return it because it passed 3 months. Waste of money. I would suggest to spend a little more in a durable speaker.

V. Mays, Centre

This speaker is very nice but only in limited capacity ie cell phone or computer use. For regular listening it's just too small and not loud enuf. I use it on my echo dot and it's just ok. As soon as i want to listen to something that needs volume it bottoms out and starts beeping. Still for the money it's a good portable speaker. Update: anker direct customer service contacted me about my mediocre experience. They offered me a new upgraded soundcore 2 speaker at no charge. The new speaker arrived quickly and was amazing. Almost triple the speaker wattage, huge bass more mid range and plenty of volume. I was truly impressed. The bottom line is anker is a consumer centric company, and what started as an ok experience turned into a great experience.

J. Meredith, East Sussex says

Update, . Anker customer reach me, and ask about the problems. I feel they are really caring customer, that's why i am going to add 2 star for they customer service. Still the device have several problems. . Before getting it, i read a lot of reviews and i thought this is a perfect speaker, but they are not, at least the one i received are not. . Sound is alright, i will never expect a $36 speaker to have excellent quality, but still, this speaker provide low volume and little bass. With this price, i am pretty sure they can do much better on sound quality. . Besides i use bluetooth speaker for conference call quite often, and anker speaker does not work well. The mic is quiet, it is hard for the other side to listen my words. Even worst, when i switch to aux-in, i cannot hear the other s voice, while they can barely hear mine. For some reasons, i used aux-in a lot, and these really make me feel frustrated. . Besides, the material chosen are not good, the plastic get fingerprints easily, which makes it really bad looking. Furthermore, after i put it on the table for a month, it starts getting dusty! . . For a relatively cheap speaker, anker is one of your options, but at this price, i would suggest others to try something else

. Cortney, North Tyneside

The anker soundcore speaker worked well until i let the battery discharge completely while i was traveling for 2 weeks, on returning home, the battery would no longer take a charge turning the speaker into another silent paperweight on my desk.

. Cunningham, South Tyneside says

Worked for three days and all of a sudden i cannot connect any of my devices via bluetooth which kind of defeats the purpose of having a bluetooth speaker. Will be returning this one. Hopefully i can get a new one and it will work for me because i really liked this speaker.

Z. Lara, Arkansas

I was looking for a small portable bluetooth speaker that i could use around the house or at work that wouldn't break the bank but offer good sound, so, having good luck with anker products in the past, i bought this little guy. . The sound is clear and clean and the battery life is awesome, but there is simply no bass. After playing it for a few hours, i shut off bluetooth on my htc 10 and played directly through the phone's speakers and i have to honestly say the htc 10 boomsound is just as good if not a little better (to put this in perspective, i liked the htc one m8's boomsound better than the htc 10) so i'm afraid this one is going back. . So three stars because it delivers clean, clear mids and highs and performs well at it's price point, but it doesn't match the sound of my cell phone speakers, so that's a deal breaker for me.

. Sarah, Ile-de-France says

I received this anker soundcore today and follow in introduction to charge it before use. The pairing process was clear. I got this paired up to my iphone 6s and i can see the battery bar in the notification. All the buttons work well ( skip song, change volume on my phone). But the speaker doesnt play any sound! i tried ipad pro 10. 5, old iphone 5, roommate galaxy s7 and all the buttons work except there is no sound at all. . I have several anker chargers and lightning cables, they are all good products. Just unlucky got a defected unit.

U. Anonymous, Bremen

I must have gotten a dud. I plugged in a stereo cable from it to my online store alexa and there is horrible distortion. I use other speakers with other alexa devices and works fine. The bluetooth is fine for a bit and then it starts getting distorted and the anker needs rebooted to get it to play correctly for a bit. The anker is on 24/7 and wired to a power source. I wish it would be more stable with audio quality.

S. Theola, Telford and Wrekin says

I love everything about this speaker except for one thing. Unfortunately, the one thing is that it is a complete pain to charge this thing. There seems exactly one sweet spot where the cord and the speaker connect and will actually charge. It can take a very long time to find the sweet spot. Then, it will only hold the sweet spot for a few seconds unless, by some miracle, the forces of the universe align and it will actually charge as it is supposed it. Additionally, this problem seems to be getting worse. Thankfully it lasts a long time on a single charge so i don't have to deal with this too frequently.

. Taylor, Redcar and Cleveland

We wound up returning this unit as the bottom end sounded very hollow. If you are looking for a cheap speaker to just tote around to the beach or family bbq then by all means pick this little guy up. Do yourself a favor and spend a few more bucks and upgrade to the anker 20w version though. The sound difference is amazing.

M. Noguera, Bromley says

The description says "astonishing sound" but it doesn't mention the maddeningly difficult process of linking with the speaker. Whether it's my computer or my phone, i've yet to find a combination of button pushing that quickly links either device with this speaker. It holds a charge well, it does what it's supposed to do - the sound is fine, but for god's sake - the idea of having no input cord is that it's supposed to be convenient. If that's not the case, i'm not sure what the advantage is. If you're a patient person who likes to keep trying, trying, trying to accomplish a specific task, this is a perfect opportunity for you to test your mettle. Some bluetooth devices are great - others, like this one. Not so much. Very, very difficult to link.

K. Connie, Solihull

You need to face the speakers up (unlike the pictures). Kinda disappointing sound. Some types of music sound ok: dance music sounds ok - the bass is adequate but acoustic guitar sounds like music pumped through a tin can for some reason. Especially if you are close to the speakers and the volume is low. We have a creative sound blaster with speakers all around it- granted we paid a lot more for that but this doesn't even come close to comparing. It was a gift for our 9 year old so its fine but i would have spent a bit more to get better sound quality. It is small and lightweight but that's about all it has going for it. Maybe the mini ones just can't compare and something that you spend 25 bucks for just can't cut it. I don't know.

L. Powell, Prince Edward Island says

Now led light goes on and claims to be bluetooth connected but no sound at all. I bought it only 3 months ago. It's not the most expensive speaker but i thought it should have lasted a little longer that that! . Too bad because the sound wasn't bad when it worked.

B. Dorothy, Midi-Pyrenees

At first i loved my anker, it sounded great and for the price it was fantastic. I had noticed it wasn't connecting to my iphone 6 plus after a few weeks of use. I thought it was just because my phone was old. I recently upgraded to an iphone x and again it simply doesnt connect even after charging it completely. I restarted my phone removed bluetooth and turned it back on and once again it is not connecting. I loved the device but this has left me high and dry. Disappointed. :-( .

I. Susan, Enfield says

I paid $43. 99 at the time of purchase. I love anker products as they are always of quality. I purchased two other bluetooth speakers (total of three) so that i could compare them all together. I found that anker was clearer, but lacked in volume and bass compared to the other two. I'm sad to say that it came in third place which was a surprise because out of the three it was the most expensive lol. I tested the doss touch wireless bluetooth and cambridge soundworks oontz angle 3. I have left reviews for both, but the oontz wins hands down. I plan on buying more speakers and testing them out soon.

W. Hakala, Reading

This sound bar offers decent sound for the price. The big draw back with it comes down to the buttons. They are so hard to see. If you have poor eyesight you may want to avoid this particular item. There are raised icons on it however they are as black as the casing they are poking up from. The buttons are barely visible at an angle and definitely indistinct in low light. However if you are young and your eyes are fit, this is still a good sound bar for the money. Easy to pair with bluetooth devices, it also has a port in the side for your standard 3. 5mm aux plug, and will charge using the usb b port on the side while running. All in all it is okay for what it is.

C. Heidi, Wisconsin says

Speaker works great if charged. Over time the charging port does not connect, therefor not charge the speaker. The cord will not stay intact. It is too late to get a replacement. I will not purchase another since this is a common problem. . Anker, please fix this problem.

X. Melissa, Kansas

It has a nice look, it connects reliably, the sound is mediocre. You think you're getting something like a bose which i have one of, but the sound is only about one-third the quality of the bose. There is no bass at all. . Anker contacted me about this review, they sent me a replacement speaker that was the newer model, the soundcore 2. It did have much improved sound. There was a moderate amount of bass and the overall i am impressed at how anker wants to ensure that i am pleased with my purchases from them. Thanks anker!

E. Teresa, Leeds says

I was really excited about this speaker after reading the reviews, but it stopped working after three weeks. There are other reviews that mention this. Unfortunately i missed the return period so now i am stuck with a speaker that won't turn on. And yes i know how to charge it. I hope the manufacturer reads this and wil exchange my speaker. I bought their backup battery at the same time, so i know they have good products. Unfortunately this must be a defective speaker with the power button. Updated 11/4/17 - i was immediately contacted by customer service at anker after my review and they asked for my serial number of the defective speaker. They sent another one out free of charge. I was very impressed with their high level of customer service. So far the new speaker is turning on and i hope it keeps working.

N. Elanor, Nevada

Pairs well, decent volume, great battery. My main issue with it is that when a loud or bass-heavy portion of a song occurs, the volume cuts dramatically and noticeably. I assume it s to prevent distortion, but i personally don t like the feature . But, for the $, it works ok. Fwiw, i listen to mostly metal. Maybe the pop songs of today do better with it since they re more processed with more clearly defined ranges since they are computer-generated. Just a thought.

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