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Price was $170.99. I must admit i get no greater joy when i show friends and colleagues this unit and show them the responsiveness. Just a well built and executed device. I have folks just confused and excited about what comes in such a small package. . I used one to be a print server for a sports registration event. Just worked great. . My daughter uses skype with this unit. No issues. Just good stuff.

-. Meghan

Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini Pc Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4gb One-of-a-kind Mini Pc Stick Windows 10 Pro Its Small Compact Design, The Access Plus Is Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket, Making It The Perfect Computer For Travel. Stream And -Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini Pc Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4gb Ram+32gb

  1. Reviews: Powered With A 64-bit Intel Quad Core Processor, The Access Plus Provides A Smooth And Seamless Experience Toggling Between Various Programs.
  2. Reviews: Equipped With 4gb Of Ddr3l Ram, 32 Gb Of Onboard Storage. Micro Sdxc Card Slot Providing Up To 128gb Of Storage Makes It Ideal For Watching Content And Surfing The Web.

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Works good just do a cleanup after windows update. I had to update windows to get my media app to run. Yea i connected it to my 4k display and was blown away when it did 4k video. Cool. Best access plus windows pro fanless | Quantum Suppliers-Personal Computer Review ( Apr 2020 ) Reviews Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4GB RAM+32GB Azulle's access plus continues the legacy of being the worlds only computer stick with an ethernet port. preloaded with a full version of windows 10, 64-bit operating system.. Powered with a 64-bit intel quad core processor, the access plus provides a smooth and seamless experience toggling between various programs.. Equipped with 4gb of ddr3l ram, 32 gb of onboard storage. micro sdxc card slot providing up to 128gb of storage makes it ideal for watching content and surfing the web.. Includes dual band wi-fi, provides stable connections with higher speeds for browsing and streaming. bluetooth 2. 4 provides great connection to wireless peripherals.. Use the access plus as a htpc and stream netflix, plus and many others. designed with an hdmi, you can connect the access plus to any hdmi ready tv, monitor or projector. .

Azulle access plus windows 10 pro fanless mini pc stick, cherry trail t3 z8300, 4gb ram+32gb Review (a 1063 aap 1)

So far everything related to installation was very intuitive. My only two comments to improve the device is 1) the separation of the two usb ports; it is too narrow (too close to fit anything but very slim devices). 2) the included hdmi cable is worthless; think of what can kind of tv screen will this device attached to most of the times . Large, right? you need at least a 2 ft long cable. A larger ram would be great too but for what i need it (work with ms office and see my own videos) is fine. -U. Crawford

Azulle Access Windows Fanless Cherry

  • Order: Personal Computers
  • Brand: AZULLE
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0853685006269
  • HardwarePlatform: PC
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.76 inches
    Length:5.50 inches
    Weight:0.32 pounds
    Width:2.36 inches
  • Manufacturer: Quantum Suppliers
  • Model: A-1063-AAP-1
  • MPN: A-1063-AAP-1
  • OperatingSystem: Windows 10 Pro
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: A-1063-AAP-1
  • Sub-Type: Personal Computer
  • Size: 4GB/32GB
  • UPC: 853685006610
  • Warranty: Azulle's Brands And Its Products Are Owned And Operated By Azulle. To Honor This Limited Warranty, You Must Present A Valid, Proof Of Purchase Of The Product. This Warranty Is Void If The Company Deems, In Its Discretion, That The Product May Have Been Damaged Through Modification, Improper Use, End User Negligence, Water Damage, Or Tampering Of The Bar Code Of The Product Unit. If The Product Has Any Defects, Under Normal Conditions, Such Defects Will Be Repaired Or Replaced With New Or Reconditioned Product, Under Azulle's Discretion, Without Charge, If Submitted To Azulle Within 365 Days From The Date Of Purchase. Azulle's Products May Be Returned For A Refund Within 30 Days Of Purchase. However, There Will Be A 15% Restocking Fee. In Order To Receive A Complete Refund, You Must Send Everything Included With The Original Packaging. Any Missing Item Will Be Deducted From The Refund. Azulle Is Not Liable For Consequential, Indirect, Incidental, Special Or Punitive Damages And Company's Total Liability Hereunder Shall Not Exceed An Amount Greater Than The Retail Purchase Price Of The Product.

access plus windows 10 pro fanless mini pc stick, cherry trail t3 z8300, 4gb Personal Computer, One-of-a-kind mini pc stick with windows 10 pro with its small compact design, the access plus is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it the perfect computer for travel. stream and browse virtually anywhere by connecting to any hdmi compatible tv, kiosk, projector or screen display. the access plus is a portable, fanless pc stick that makes doing everyday tasks on the computer a piece of cake with its pre-installed windows 10 pro. reduced size, better quality the new mini pc stick is powered by a 64-bit quad-core intel atom cherry trail processor to make it even easier to use multiple applications at one time. it doesn t stop there - the intel hd graphics card (gen 8) allows users to enjoy high definition 1080p video playback. this ingenious mini pc stick gives users the ability to handle complex spreadsheets, stream high definition videos, email, and anything else you can on a full laptop or desktop, without the heavy bulk. fanless thermal management integrated with passive cooling technology, the access plus mini pc stick rids of loud and easily damageable computer fans to provide silent running and prolonged product life. one less distraction while working, streaming or playing! endless connectivity the access plus, being the next generation of the original access lan stick, is continuing the legacy of being the world s first computer stick with an ethernet port. users can connect the access plus directly with the lan connection or use the high-speed wireless connection. with the 2 usb ports, users are able to easily connect their wireless keyboard mouse, printer, camera, or external hard disk, along with any other usb compatible devices. includes headphones/audio/microphone output jack and micro sd card slot for bonus memory storage. Azulle Access Windows Fanless Cherry (A-1063-AAP-1-Azulle).

Azulle Access Windows Fanless Cherry Personal Computer

  • Ok, this thing is great. If you need a small machine for instrumentation, or to stream internet video to your tv, or for simple web browsing, this is it. I got it to take my weather station off my main pc (6 core machine- power, heat, and noise) so that i could shut it off when i wasn't otherwise using it. It's silent, low heat, low power consumption. There isn't enough room on the ssd to install a bunch of apps and software, though. I also had to manually do the first win10 update on it. I don't think there was enough ram for it to run on windows update. Been running it 24/7 for a couple of days now. Stable. Good video, even at 2560x1440. I'm thinking of getting another one so that i don't have to stream online store video and netflix through my bluray player.
  • Worked better than expected. I bought it for one of my family members who had a logitech all in one skype can that microsoft stopped supporting(for no good reason). This solution though not ideal has worked well so far. Its power usage is low enough that i don't feel bad letting it run all the time and it's simple enough where all they have to do is click the skype icon with the air mouse. Windows activated without issue and i disabled all the big brother and pre-installed apps that i could which helps with the responsiveness. Video conferencing with skype app or wire app with high def resolution works great(even over wifi). Its also nice to be able to remote in and troubleshoot any software issues.
  • 5 month review. The product worked great as mini computer, but the problem lies in the quality of the build. The mini usb charger becomes loose over time and you lose power if the wires move even a little. I've resorted to trying to duct tape the plug to try to maintain a good connection, but it didn't work. It seems that the opening is wider than it needs to be so it will shift left or right even when pressed firmly into the socket. Having it disconnect and shut off the computer makes it unusable. Sadly, if it wasn't for this issue, it's not a bad computer. It ran the programs fine. I just can't find a work around to keep the power cord plugged in and maintain a proper connection to get power.
  • Unfortunately my experience with this device was just awful! i always had android tv boxes, different brands, and all worked and are still working without any issues. However, i decided to try two windows devices: this one and another one (the nextbox, reviewed here this device initially seemed to be more performing than the nextbox, especially the wifi reception was definitely better. However, after two reboots, the device is dead! i cannot boot it neither with windows neither from boot (or with an external usb mounting linux). It is just an expensive brick with two nice lights red and blue. I have been trying to read the website blog but there is not much info. Unfortunately the time for returning this item is over so i guess i might just need to dispose it.
  • I've had this less than a year and i've used it a handful of times. This thing is a total lemon, it has a 32 gigabyte storage of which 26 gigabytes is taken up by windows 10. It quit working on me the other day and i can't even get it to turn on. Never used for anything but evaluation and now it's a $160 paperweight.

access plus windows pro fanless Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4GB RAM+32GB (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Making pc's obsolete. It's all in this little thing that plugs right into hdmi. I have been using one for nearly a year on my upstairs tv. Never a problem. There is pretty much nothing that can go wrong with this thing. It would have to completely die to stop working and that would take a pretty long time since there are no moving parts. I fix pc's for a living. If more people used these i would have even less to do.

Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini Pc Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4gb Ram+32gb
Click to see NoticeAzulle Access Windows Fanless Cherry (a 1063 aap 1)"Wonderful product! turned my older plasma "dumb" tv into a "smart" tv, and much more. Wi-fi connected easily and quickly, with fast throughput. I had a bit of trouble running "windows update", and had to dig into the settings to turn on that feature. Be patient, it take a long time to download the update files. Also, remember to use the "disk cleanup" tool to remove the windows update and set up files, which restores substantial disk space. Web browsing was easy and streaming video played without a problem. Text displayed on the screan was sharp and easy to read from 10-15 feet away. . I really like this and have recommended it to my friends."

(0) Question: Does this have a microphone? can you setup a microphone with it? skype won't be any good without a microphone.

(1) Question: How well does this utilize excel and shared files?

(2) Question: Can the keyboard and camera be used simultaneously.

Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick, Intel Baytrail-T Quad-core Z3735F 1.33GHz, 2GB/32GB

I am using it now to type this up, works like a champ! . Love it, the kids use it for roblox with their xbox one controllers. And we also use it for tv watching, you will need to adjust the settings on your tv and also change the character size on the accessibility in win-10 and you will be set. Also either get a usb dongle for wireless or just get an online store basics gigabit usb to rj45 adapter because the built in wireless is garbage other than that it works great!

The quantum access is the start of a new era of compact technology. Bringing the windows operating system to your fingertips, this pc stick allows you to truly access windows 10 anywhere you go.   with its built in hdmi output, you can plug the device into any hdmi enabled display and instantly use your pc. With a dominant intel quad core z3735f processor and 2gb of ddr3l ram, the quantum access provides you with a swift experience when utilizing multiple applications, streaming 1080p videos over wi-fi, and playing your favorite video games. Its small form factor allows you to carry this device in your suitcase, backpack, or even your pocket! with the quantum access you can access everything you need. Everywhere.

Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick, Intel Baytrail-T Quad-core Z3735F 1.33GHz, 2GB/32GBQuantum-Windows-Baytrail-T-Quad-core-1-33GHz

Quantum Windows Baytrail T Quad Core 1 33ghz (Azulle) FAQ.

Had mixed reviews from other customers, but let me tell you this, do not let the 2 gigs of memory fool you, it works and well for basic computer use and has full windows 10, added a kodi build and it works well, downside wifi range is not great, but it plays everquest on private servers well, also plays wow on private serves well, granted both games are over a decade old it will handle light gaming. It hasn't heated up and been in use for over a month, this may be the greatest tech gadget ever! i would happily review a 4 gig one(hint hint)and even pay half of face value and post videos am so impressed with this product, a damn lap top in your pocket, as everyone has a hdmi tv now a days! -Notice from U. Hadley, Kirklees

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Bought two of these. One for a customer and one for a demo for a project. First one was great. Worked great two. Second one the antenna was knocked of the clips. I was able to put it back on but not as solid as the first one for the customer. Overall i like these and hopefully will be buying lots more for these projects that i am designing. I would like to talk to someone about my project and what it would take to get these direct from vendor.

Quantum-windows-baytrail-t-quad-core-1-33ghz-(azulle) set picture

- I. ClaudiaA ton of pc power packed into a silly small package. Starts up fast, plugs directly into a monitor, (or in my case a hdmi extension cable) and is fast enough to behave like a normal pc! i just tote this back and forth to work now instead of my laptop. I also popped in a 128gb micro sd to augment the built in 32gb, which goes pretty quick once you load up all of your normal desktop apps. Amazing value, amazing device!

This little stick pc is pretty impressive for what it is. Fine for web browsing, streaming videos or basic office work. It has bluetooth, but like a dummy i didn't order it with a bluetooth keyboard, so i'm using the one usb port it has for the keyboard receiver. One little stumbling block i had was that the unit was too wide to fit in an available hdmi jack. Fortunately my chromecast came with a short m-f hdmi extension, which i didn't need for the chromecast. This solved my problem, but be aware that you may need to purchase one. I booted it up and it had full windows 8. 1 which you can immediately upgrade to win 10. I stuck in a 128 gig micro sd card for my d-drive, and away we go!

N. Melissa, Massachusetts

Price :    $50.00 (was $97.99)
  • This mini pc is perfect for streaming media as it is fueled by a top-of-the-line intel hd graphics (gen 7). with a built in hdmi output, you can simply plug the quantum access into any hdmi port and instantly "access" your pc.
  • The quantum access is driven by the all-new intel atom (quad-core) 1. 33 ghz z3735f processor. to ensure optimal performance, the quantum access offers 2gb of ddr3l ram and a snappy 32gb of onboard memory. this powerful combination of hardware is perfect for heavy word processing, high definition video streaming, and gaming.
  • Truly take the quantum access wherever you desire. measuring 4. 33 x 1. 02 x 0. 45 inches, the quantum access is the perfect size for any office, entertainment center, or bedroom.
  • Access windows 10 everywhere you go. the quantum access is equipped with the latest full version of windows 10. micro usb dc charging port 5v/2a
  • Enjoy a device that excels in versatility as this pc stick provides you with a full usb 2. 0 port, micro usb port, and micro sd card slot.
Brand :    azulle
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    QS-1048-QA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (azulle product review) for Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick, Intel Baytrail-T Quad-core Z3735F 1.33GHz, 2GB/32GB available ( Apr 2020 )

Quantum Access LAN Windows 10 Fanless Mini PC Stick

The quantum access lan pc stick is the world's first and only computer stick with a lan connection. This makes it the ideal pc stick for any business that relies on direct internet connection. The quantum access lan pc stick comes with windows 10 pro which is the 1 os for businesses. This unique pc stick is a great alternative to clunky computer towers and easily connects with its built in hdmi output to any monitor or tv. Digital signage, kiosks, smart conference rooms, office hoteling, and much more is possible with this small yet powerful computer. The new lan port feature allows seamless connectivity and with a dominant intel quad core z3735f processor, 2gb of ddr3l ram, and 32gb memory.

Quantum Access LAN Windows 10 Fanless Mini PC StickQuantum-Access-Windows-Fanless-Stick

Price :    $79.99 (was $240.00)
  • Fanless: the only fanless pc stick keeps the unit cool that prevents it from shutting off due to overheating.
  • Troubleshooting: we offer technical support via phone, email and online chat. you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your mini pc stick. give us a call, we'll be happy to assist you!
  • Lan connection: the only pc stick in the market with a lan connection. this provides consistent and reliable internet since it does not rely on a wi-fi signal. however, it does offer the option to connect wi-fi.
  • Windows 10 pro os: you can work with all microsoft products in a seamless fashion and maintain productivity.
  • Small: this pc stick is smaller than your hand and it fits where most other computers don't. it is perfect for kiosks, smart conference rooms, and office hoteling.
Brand :    azulle
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    FBA_A-1054-QALAN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (azulle product review) for Quantum Access LAN Windows 10 Fanless Mini PC Stick available ( Apr 2020 )

Lynk Windows Multifunctional Remote Control, Fully Compatible Windows Android. Backlit QWERTY Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, AI Learn Buttons, Black

The ultimate multi-functional remote control recognized for its smooth gyroscope technology and audio chat capabilities, complete with a backlit qwerty keyboard and 3d motion sense handgrip for easy web browsing, media streaming, and creating a physically-engaged gaming experience. With the latest infrared ai technology, the lynk is able to learn the functions of most remotes, including universal compatibility with televisions, computers and media streaming devices like android tv set-top boxes, xbox one, ps4 and more.

Lynk Windows Multifunctional Remote Control, Fully Compatible Windows Android. Backlit QWERTY Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, AI Learn Buttons, BlackMultifunctional-Compatible-Android-Keyboard-Wireless

Brand :    azulle
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    A-1068-AL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • This practical 5-in-1 controller combines the function of a full windows keyboard, wireless mouse, remote control, swivel wheel, and microphone
  • Integrated with speech recognition software and a 3d motion sensing handgrip for effortless online browsing, media streaming and, physically-engaging gaming experiences
  • Complete with a backlit qwerty keyboard, the versatile lynk remote makes it easier than ever to control your devices while relaxing and surfing the web in the dark
  • A simple to use duo-faced remote to navigate all your favorite devices, software, and networks
  • The lynk has universal compatibility with computers, streaming media devices, gaming consoles and televisions, including: windows computers, android tv set-top boxes, xbox one, ps4 and more
Price :    $29.99
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (azulle product review) for Lynk Windows Multifunctional Remote Control, Fully Compatible Windows Android. Backlit QWERTY Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, AI Learn Buttons, Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Z83-W Mini PC, Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor 2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz 4K/2GB/32GB 1000Mbps LAN 2.4/5.8G Dual Band WiFi BT 4.0 HDMI VGA Ports, Fanless Computer Support Windows 10

Description: product model: z83-w dimension: 120*120*25mm processor number:x5-z8350 cache: 2 mb instruction set : 64-bit system config: os: support windows 10 system language : multi -language intel cpu: intel atom x5-z8350 processor (2m cache, up to 1. 92 ghz) processor graphics: intel hd graphics 400 installed ram: ddr3 2gb system disk: windows(c:) 32gb ethernet: 1000mbps lan wifi: ieee 802. 11a/b/g/n 2. 4g+5. 8g bluetooth: bt 4. 0 antenna: built-in antenna for wifi expand memory: sd card (support 128gb) performance: of cores: 4 of threads: 4 processor base frequency: 1. 44 ghz burst frequency: 1. 92 ghz scenario design power (sdp): 2 w button and ports: button: 1*power button dc-in: 1*dc in port usb3. 0: 1* standard usb port hd: 1*hd type port rj45: 1*rj45 vga: 1* vga port headphone microphone: 1*headphone microphone jack sd card: 1* sd card slot usb2. 0: 2* standard usb port power led: 1* power led with two - color power management: adapter dc12v 1. 5a(100-240v, 50/60hz) environment: work environment: 5 c - 35 c 30%-90% humidity storage environment: -20 c - 60 c 10%-90% humidity packing size: 132*124*90mm package included: 1x z83-w mini pc 1x power adaptor 1x hdmi cables 1x user manual

Z83-W Mini PC, Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor 2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz 4K/2GB/32GB 1000Mbps LAN 2.4/5.8G Dual Band WiFi BT 4.0 HDMI VGA Ports, Fanless Computer Support Windows 10x5-Z8350-Processor-1000Mbps-Fanless-Computer

Brand :    coofun
Color :    2+32GB / Windows 10 Home / Z8350
Weight :    1.30 pounds
Model :    Z83W-COO-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Package contents : 1x z83-w mini pc; 1x power adaptor; 1x hdmi cable; 1x user manual. it supports auto power on after power failure.
  • Win 10 support with x5-z8350 processor : support windows 10 system, equipped with intel atom processor x5-z8350, higher efficiency, faster decoding data research and development then z8300.
  • Large capacity : 2gb ddr3l + 32gb rom + 128gb max extended capacity(sd card is not included), download your favorite movies and tv shows in advance without worrying about the storage.
  • Strong wireless supports : 2. 4g+5. 8g dual band wifi, 1000mb/s lan, bluetooth 4. 0 make everything smoother whenever transmission and download.
  • Dual screen display : connect two monitors via vga port, simplify your work, reduce your waiting time, double efficiency.
Price :    $119.90 (was $149.90)
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (coofun product review) for Z83-W Mini PC, Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Processor 2M Cache, up to 1.92 GHz 4K/2GB/32GB 1000Mbps LAN 2.4/5.8G Dual Band WiFi BT 4.0 HDMI VGA Ports, Fanless Computer Support Windows 10 available ( Apr 2020 )

2Pack HDMI Cable male to female 28AWG Port Saver-8 inches,Gold Plated Connectors

This port saver helps to put less stress on the internal ports of your devices. Very snug fit which will help to prevent hdmi connection problems of having cables come loose.

2Pack HDMI Cable male to female 28AWG Port Saver-8 inches,Gold Plated Connectorsfemale-Saver-8-inches-Plated-Connectors

Price :    $.49 (was $8.35)
  • 28awg
  • Male to female
  • 8 inches long
Brand :    monoprice
Weight :    0.15 pounds
Model :    102891
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (monoprice product review) for 2Pack HDMI Cable male to female 28AWG Port Saver-8 inches,Gold Plated Connectors available ( Apr 2020 )

Tendak HDMI to VGA Converter Gold-Plated Active HD 1080P Female to Female Adapte 3.5mm Audio Projector HDTV Monitor Laptop PC Xbox STB Blu-ray DVD

Tendak hdmi to vga converter adapter simply connects the hdmi adapter into an hdmi connector of notebook or desktop pc and the female end of the adapter to your vga cable from the display. You can carry this lightweight adapter in your bag for a business presentation from your computer/ laptop/ tablet or use it on the desktop to extend your screen to a monitor. Specifications: super small design concept, carrying easily a simple hdmi to vga conversion support plug and play, do not need to set powered by hdmi port support hdmi v1. 4 support 3d supported resolutions: 480i/480p/576i/576p/800x600/720i/720p/1280x1024/1600x1200/1080i/1080p audio output: 3. 5mm audio jack product input: hdmi product output: vga+audio length of the audio cable: 100cm/ 3. 3ft note: 1. Not bi-directional:this hdmi vga video converter only converts hdmi (female) signal to vga (female). 2. Not support copyright protected content. 3. Setting the resolution of hdmi source do not be over the maximum resolution of monitor/tv. 4. Due to the vga port can't output audio indenpendently, so you have to connect the converter with a vga monitor. If you don't need to play the monitor, you can turn your monitor off or switch it to hdmi model after you get your audio properly. Package include: 1 x hdmi to vga adapter 1 x 3. 5mm audio cable

Tendak HDMI to VGA Converter Gold-Plated Active HD 1080P Female to Female Adapte 3.5mm Audio Projector HDTV Monitor Laptop PC Xbox STB Blu-ray DVDTendak-Converter-Gold-Plated-Projector-Monitor

Brand :    tendak
Color :    HDMI Female to VGA Female
Weight :    0.3 pounds
  • Support full hd resolution: the hdmi vga adapter supports high-definition resolution up to 1920x1080 (1080p full hd) including 720p and 1600x1200 for hd monitors or projectors. please set the resolution of your hdmi input source do not over the resolution of your vga monitor maximum supported
  • Hdmi to vga converter adapter with 3. 5mm audio port can transport video and audio from hdmi compatible device to a monitor or projector with vga port. with this gadget, you can enjoy hd video in large screen or projector.
  • The hdmi to vga converter adapter is compatible with desktop, laptop, ultrabook, notebook, intel nuc, raspberry pi, chromebook, ps3, xbox, projector, monitor, fire tv, stb, blu-ray dvd hd tv or other devices with hdmi port. note:this product cannot work wiht apple or sony devices.
  • Gold-plated hdmi connector: resists corrosion and abrasion, and enhances the signal transmission performance.
  • High quality, lightweight (compact) and portable hdmi to vga adapter. plug & play no driver needed, no external power required
Price :    $12.99 (was $18.98)
Model :    AV-087-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (tendak product review) for Tendak HDMI to VGA Converter Gold-Plated Active HD 1080P Female to Female Adapte 3.5mm Audio Projector HDTV Monitor Laptop PC Xbox STB Blu-ray DVD available ( Apr 2020 )

Azulle Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick Windows 10 Bundled Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus

The azulle access pc stick launched as the 1 new release on online store and now it is available as a bundle with the new logitech wireless touch keyboard k400 plus. This unique bundle allows you to transform your tv into a full windows 8. 1 computer for a fraction of the cost of a smart tv. Just plug and play for easy streaming of movies, tv shows, games, internet, email, and more.

Azulle Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick Windows 10 Bundled Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 PlusQuantum-Windows-Logitech-Wireless-Keyboard

Brand :    azulle
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    A-1051-QAK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Access windows 10 home everywhere you go. the quantum access is equipped with the latest full version of windows 10.
  • Logitech k400 plus keyboard: compact and slim: perfect for the living room comfortable, quiet keys and large (3. 5-inch) touchpad: the ideal htpc keyboard
  • Logitech k400 plus keyboard:familiar, media-friendly key layout: eliminates any learning curve while adding easy-access volume controls and arrow keys plug-and-play design: unifying receiver makes setup of your tv keyboard a snap
  • Enjoy a device that excels in versatility as this pc stick provides you with a full usb 2. 0 port, micro usb port, and micro sd card slot.
  • This mini pc is perfect for streaming media as it is fueled by a top-of-the-line intel hd graphics(gen 7). with a built in hdmi output, you can simply plug the quantum access into any hdmi port and instantly "access" your pc.
Price :    $123.99
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (azulle product review) for Azulle Quantum Access Windows 10 Mini PC Stick Windows 10 Bundled Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus available ( Apr 2020 )

Byte3 Mini PC - Fanless Windows 10 Pro - Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-Core Fanless Desktop Computer, 1.10GHz up to 2.20 GHz 4GB RAM+32GB Storage /2.5 SSD M.2 Supported

Sleek, multifaceted mini pc with windows 10 pro the byte3 mini pc by azulle is designed as a more practical alternative to clunky tower computers. The byte3 is the featherweight champion of fast, functional, user-friendly and affordable technology. Reduced size, better quality azulle powers the byte3 computer with a 64-bit quad-core intel apollo lake processor - making the byte3 compact but extremely powerful. With 4k at 60fps, you can stream netflix, youtube or use microsoft office to complete any business, video-conference, school, or leisure-time task in high quality and speed. All action, no noise integrated with passive cooling technology, the byte3 mini pc rids of loud and easily damageable computer fans to provide silent running and longer product life. Play, work and stream undisturbed. Compatibility & connectivity use the hdmi or vga port to connect to a tv or monitor. Also includes audio output jack ethernet port (1 gigabit), usb type-c port, and usb ports. Wi-fi: dual band 2. 4 ghz / 5. 0 ghz & bluetooth 4. 0 connectivity.

Byte3 Mini PC - Fanless Windows 10 Pro - Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-Core Fanless Desktop Computer, 1.10GHz up to 2.20 GHz 4GB RAM+32GB Storage /2.5 SSD M.2 SupportedByte3-Mini-PC-Quad-Core-Supported

Brand :    azulle
Color :    Black
Size :    4GB/32GB
Weight :    1.12 pounds
Model :    A-1153-AB3-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (azulle product review) for Byte3 Mini PC - Fanless Windows 10 Pro - Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-Core Fanless Desktop Computer, 1.10GHz up to 2.20 GHz 4GB RAM+32GB Storage /2.5 SSD M.2 Supported available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $199.99
  • The byte3 mini desktop computer has 5 usb ports - (1) 2. 0 port, (3) 3. 0 ports, and 1 type c port. the type c usb port features a new, smaller connector shape that is reversible and offers up to double the transfer speed of a 3. 0 usb port, at 10 gbps
  • Integrated with bluetooth 4. 0 and an ir receiver. this mini pc includes a remote control for easy navigation
  • Get rid of your noisy tower computer and connect the byte3 mini pc to your office monitor for a more spacious, modern and silent office setup
  • The byte3 mini pc offers a versatile alternative to conventional bulky computers. integrated with windows 10 pro, this affordable mini computer is ideal for both at home and work application. use your byte3 mini desktop pc as the perfect home media center to stream applications such as netflix, hulu, kodi, youtube and more by connecting it to your living room or bedroom tv
  • Features a powerful quad-core intel apollo lake n3450 processor, 4gb of ram and 32gb of storage for high-performance in full hd 1080p display. bonus m. 2 slot (ahci-sata) and an sd card slot which accommodates an extra 256gb of memory. equipped with dual-band wi-fi and an ethernet port (1 gigabit) for optimal internet connectivity

MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro, Intel Cherry Trail Fanless Mini PC Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel X5-Z8350/4GB/32GB/Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Gigabit Ethernet/Dual Output/4K . Sold Directly MINIX Technology Limited.

Affordable, versatile mini pc with windows 10 pro (64-bit) pre-installed. Neo z83-4 pro is a cost-efficient, intel-powered, versatile fanless mini pc designed for office operation and industrial application; an ideal digital signage, pos and thin client solution. With windows 10 pro pre-installed, set up is effortless and neo z83-4 pro is ready to run straight out of the box. Produce stunning visuals, native 4k output & multi-display ready. Neo z83-4 pro has the power to produce stunning visuals, and supports 4k video playback and streaming. With hdmi and mini displayport outputs available, neo z83-4 pro is multi-display ready (support up to two displays). Fanless passive cooling design. Silent solution that's ultra energy-efficient. The advanced fanless passive cooling design maximizes heat dissipation, meaning all operations can be conducted in absolute silence. Neo z83-4 pro excludes any moving parts, it's 100% solid state components provide longer product life. Tiny form factor equipped with full range of connectivity options. Neo z83-4 pro keeps a low profile without sacrificing any performance, delivering a desktop experience in a fraction of the size and weight. Plus, neo z83-4 pro includes a vast array of connectivity options - dual-band 802. 11ac wi-fi, gigabit ethernet port, bluetooth 4. 2, hdmi, mini displayport, usb 3. 0 and more. Ideal for industrial applications, auto power-on option. Vesa mount included. An auto power-on option can be enabled within neo z83-4 pro's bios menu, removing the need to manually power back on after a power outage. Neo z83-4 pro can be easily mounted to a vesa compatible monitor, no tools are required for mounting once the included bracket has been installed. Neo z83-4 pro's vesa mount allows full access to all ports and power button, and does not affect the wi-fi or bluetooth performance.

MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro, Intel Cherry Trail Fanless Mini PC Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel X5-Z8350/4GB/32GB/Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Gigabit Ethernet/Dual Output/4K . Sold Directly MINIX Technology Limited.MINIX-X5-Z8350-Dual-Band-Ethernet-Technology

Brand :    minix
Weight :    0.77 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Produce stunning visuals, native 4k output & multi-display ready - with hdmi and mini displayport outputs available.
  • Tiny form factor equipped with full range of connectivity options - desktop experience in a fraction of the size and weight. dual-band 802. 11ac wi-fi, gigabit ethernet port, bluetooth 4. 2, hdmi, mini displayport, usb 3. 0 and more.
  • Ideal for industrial applications, auto power-on option. vesa mount included - auto power-on option can be enabled within neo z83-4 pro's bios menu. vesa mount allows full access to all ports and power button, and does not affect the wi-fi or bluetooth performance.
  • Affordable, versatile mini pc with windows 10 pro (64-bit) pre-installed - for office operation and industrial application; an ideal digital signage, pos and thin client solution.
  • Fanless passive cooling design. silent solution that's ultra energy-efficient - excludes any moving parts, it's 100% solid state components provide longer product life.
Price :    $199.90
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (minix product review) for MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro, Intel Cherry Trail Fanless Mini PC Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel X5-Z8350/4GB/32GB/Dual-Band Wi-Fi/Gigabit Ethernet/Dual Output/4K . Sold Directly MINIX Technology Limited. available ( Apr 2020 )

Intel Compute Stick CS325 Computer Core m3 processor BOXSTK2m3W64CC

Get ready for amazing. The intel compute stick is a tiny device the size of a pack of gum that can transform any hdmi display into a complete computer. But it is what's inside that is really incredible: an intel corem processor - with blazing fast speed that gives you performance you need to get the job done - and lets you work in any space that has an hdmi display. From hotel rooms to cubicles to conference rooms, the intel compute stick delivers everything you love about a full-sized computer in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Intel Compute Stick CS325 Computer Core m3 processor BOXSTK2m3W64CCIntel-Compute-Computer-processor-BOXSTK2m3W64CC

Brand :    intel
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.84 pounds
Model :    BOXSTK2m3W64CC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 64 gb emmc device built-in. os compatibility:windows 10
  • Integrated intel 802. 11ac wireless (intel dual band wireless ac 8260)
  • Intel hd graphics
  • Intel core m3-6y30 processor
  • 4 gb total ddr3 1866 mhz dual channel memory
Price :    $274.99 (was $324.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (intel product review) for Intel Compute Stick CS325 Computer Core m3 processor BOXSTK2m3W64CC available ( Apr 2020 )

W5 Pro Mini PC Intel Cherry Trail Computer Stick Windows 10 64-bit Intel Atom x5-Z8350/2GB/32GB/WiFi/USB3.0/4K/Bluetooth

About w5 pro pc stick: the size of the w5 pro mini pc stick is only 3. 9x1. 5x0. 5 inchs. It can turn you regular tv into a fully desktop computer or a smart tv. Plus all this connectivity makes it an ideal second pc for the kids school work, a home office/entertainment or the lounge multi media centre. Windows 10 home 64 bit: windows is legit and will activate itself once you connect to the internet. Hardware: cpu:intel atom x5-z8350 gpu:intel hd graphics 500 ram:2gb ddr3l rom:32gb emmc wifi:2. 4g bluetooth: v4. 0 package: 1x w5 pro pc stick 1x power adapter 1x hdmi extension cable 1x user manual

W5 Pro Mini PC Intel Cherry Trail Computer Stick Windows 10 64-bit Intel Atom x5-Z8350/2GB/32GB/WiFi/USB3.0/4K/BluetoothW5-Pro-Computer-x5-Z8350-Bluetooth

Brand :    yundoo
Weight :    0.55 pounds
Model :    W5 Pro
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (yundoo product review) for W5 Pro Mini PC Intel Cherry Trail Computer Stick Windows 10 64-bit Intel Atom x5-Z8350/2GB/32GB/WiFi/USB3.0/4K/Bluetooth available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $119.99
  • Windows 10 home edition (64-bit) pre-installed
  • Quad-core intel atom x5-z8350 processor. it's base operating frequency 1. 44 ghz/s rising to a 1. 92 ghz in burst mode
  • Bluetooth 4. 0 and 2. 4g wi-fi
  • Intel hd graphics
  • One usb 3. 0 and one usb 2. 0. one micro sd card slot for expanding storage

Microsoft Surface Dock

The docking station is a need for those who are using a surface book or a sp4! the item is small but sturdy and heavy enough to not move around when in use. I really enjoy the ability to open up more usb ports for connectivity along with more screen real estate for my browsing/working needs on the surface! the only gripe i have is when using the mini displayports, make sure to buy cables/adapters with skinny heads as thicker/wider ones will be cause for issues in getting 2 cables side by side. Otherwise, great use for multiple monitors!

Microsoft surface dock (compatible with surface pro 3, surface pro 4, surface book, surface pro, and surface laptop)

Microsoft Surface DockMicrosoft-PD9-00003-Surface-Dock

Microsoft Surface Dock (pd9 00003) FAQ.

Was reluctant to buy this because i had the original surface dock and it started having issues supporting more than one external display (i have two). Finally after all of that frustration i broke down and purchased this new version. It works great. I have had no issues with screens disconnecting, it's fast, has plenty of usb ports, and the two minidisplay ports are great. I preferred the way the old dock snapped around the surface pro better than this one plugging in but once you get used to it it isn't so bad, especially because you can use it if you have a case on your surface pro without having to remove it (i don't but can see the benefit there). -Notice from . Olga, Arkansas

Click to Show microsoft surface dock (pd9 00003) Details

This worked perfectly for my surface pro 4. While i enjoyed the dock for the surface pro 3, this utilized less space on my desk at home, which is what i required. The only thing i wished was different is the surface pro 4 will not utilize dual monitors like a desktop will. I connected a usb hub to this to expand the usb-3 ports. I also utilize a mini usb bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and the connection to the external keyboard and mouse is available immediately on my surface pro 4 when i boot up. I love the mini display port connections as those are my preferred method of connecting monitors.

Microsoft-surface-dock-(pd9-00003) set picture

- G. LisaI really love the concept of the microsoft surface dock. I use it every day and it has transformed my work. I connect i up to 2 hard drives, my touchscreen 27 inch acer and a flash drive with it. . As helpful as this product is, in my opinion it could've been much better. I would have loved to have seen regular hdmi plugs instead of the mini plugs on it. Or at least one of each type of hdmi plug. For my needs i would have preferred 8 usb plugs to 4. It then would have become a truly professional machine, which would have eliminated the need for me to disconnect one device to use another. . I purchased the surface 4 is a backup computer, and it has become my main computer due to the surface dock. If i had to have done it again, i would have purchased the i7 surface 4 instead of the i5. The surface dock is what allowed the surface 4 to become my main computer. I am an artist and i use photoshop and dragon which are both intensive programs which the surface is able to handle.

I've got it set up with large dual monitors, speakers, keyboard and mouse, so after docking my laptops work like desktops and it works well. I like that it works on all my surface devices, as i have a surfacebook work device and surface pro 3 personal device. . Giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because of a few issues that required work-arounds before i could get things working as expected:. * it didn't work well out of the box. But after updating the firmware in both the dock and my surfaces things started working better. * it didn't work with an older monitor i had, but works great with newer (and bigger) monitors i bought for it. * the resolution gets funky if i try to overlap displays (e. G, keep laptop closed and just use two monitors); in that case it will display the overlapped monitor in the laptops resolution and there doesn't seem to be a way to fix this, so i just keep it as three screens (keep laptop open) and just don't use the laptop screen. * early on it wouldn't always connect to the monitors and i had to jiggle things after docking to get monitors to connect, but this issue has mostly gone away (so assuming some recent firmware updates have helped mitigate this).

W. Newell, Knowsley

Brand :    microsoft
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.64 pounds
  • 2x mini display ports, 1x gigabit ethernet port
  • High-speed data transfering
  • 4 usb 3. 0 ports, 1x audio out port
  • Magnetic surface connect cable. transform your surface into a desktop pc by plugging in your dock with the surfaceconnect cable
  • Compatible with surface pro 3, surface pro 4, surface book, surface pro, and surface laptop
Price :    $149.99 (was $199.99)
Model :    PD9-00003
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Add On (microsoft product review) for Microsoft Surface Dock available ( Apr 2020 )

Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer Intel Atom, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC

Kangaroo is the world's smallest personal, powerful, portable pc. It's the mobile desktop. Your windows 10 computer anywhere on any screen. It's small enough to fit in your pocket. Kangaroo is a pc in its entirety, in its smallest form and allows you to take your desktop with you, wherever you go. Simply connect it to a mouse, keyboard and monitor or to your ipad and your windows 10 desktop, microsoft office/windows programs/files/docs, are at your disposal. Moving from pc monitor to big screen tv-productivity to streaming media. It's truly secure and personal-windows hello and the fingerprint reader ensure you will never need passwords again. Because its small it can always be with you and on the road-from your office to conference room to a coffee shop with just an ipad screen. The integrated battery provides hot pluggability so you can disconnect from one kangaroo dock, move from one location (in front of your pc monitor) to another location (in your living room and the big screen tv) and reattach to another kangaroo dock without having to shutdown or put it to sleep. Support at 855-976-1116

Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer Intel Atom, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMCKangaroo-MD2B-Mobile-Desktop-Computer

Brand :    kangaroo by infocus
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.04 pounds
Model :    MD2B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Windows 10 home , 4hours battery life
  • 2gb lpddr3
  • Intel atom x5 z8500 processor 1. 44 ghz( cache)
  • 32 gb emmc
Price :    $330.52 (was $485.95)
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (kangaroo by infocus product review) for Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer Intel Atom, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC available ( Apr 2020 )

azulle access plus windows 10 pro fanless mini pc stick, cherry trail t3 z8300, 4gb ram+32gb Price : 163, was : 170 as 2018-06-04
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The F.A.Q. for azulle access plus windows 10 pro fanless mini pc stick, cherry trail t3 z8300, 4gb ram+32gb

I'm stoked to have one of these. Very useful. I bought a logitech keyboard that i use with the azulle, so the remote doesn't get used, ever. It has an odd learning curve associated with it. It's very much like trying to use a wii, but much more precision is needed to accomplish anything. Stick with the keyboard unless you're using the azulle as a media server only, and then, only use extra large icons.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Bluetooth version 2. 4 for real? that is archaic.

(1) Question: Does it needs a virus protection?

(2) Question: Can you use the tv usb port to power it through the micro usb power slot? or it requires it to be plugged into a wall?

(3) Question: Can this be powered by a usb port?

(4) Question: Does it have a micro sd card slot for memory expansion?

(5) Question: Can it run windows 10 pro? need to connect to a network

(6) Question: Is this pc stick hdcp-compliant?

(7) Question: Is the max resolution really "pixels pixels" as indicated by the description?

(8) Question: Can i connect this to a computer like the ones at my local public library (with lots of administration of the usb drive) and expect results?

(9) Question: Can this only be plugged into a tv or can it go into an old pc or a chromebook or old mac?

(10) Question: Can you plug in a usb dvd drive?

(11) Question: Has anybody tried to stream steam games to this from their gaming pc?

(12) Question: Probably a weird question but, since it is an intel chip, has anyone tried, or successfully installed osx?

(13) Question: Can you edit video with this?

(14) Question: I'm confused. ssd 5400rpm? is it a ssd or not? or maybe a hybrid?

(15) Question: Does the memory card reader support read and write at full speed for a uhs - iii card?

(16) Question: Can this be plugged into a switch and still work?

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I wanted something cheap and small for a htpc application. This is borderline too slow for this application, at least when it comes to itunes movie streaming. I am working on moving my library to network storage to download all of my itunes movies to see if it will stop stuttering the video. . I would have probably would have marked this with 5 star anyway because it's still a good small pc if it were not for the almost endless reboot from a bsod related to the usb3 controller. I've seen others have this issue so i will share what seemed to fix it with me. I had to hit f8 booting up to get it to the troubleshooting menu for windows 10, then i had to reboot into safe mode. After that, i brought up the device manager and went to the intel usb 3. 0 extensible host controller and uninstalled it. Trying this in regular mode kept bringing up the blue screen. I rebooted it and logged back in and it finally stopped rebooting. I think that it must have reloaded the driver upon booting and stopped it from erroring out. I used to be a computer technician before moving into systems engineering thankfully, or i probably would have given up. . Make sure you run the updates for windows first thing, it takes forever. Then run disk cleanup, making sure you click the systems settings (i think that's the name) so that you can remove previous versions of windows which will clear like 15-19gb after the update. . Also, for home theater use, resist the urge to move the audio to the highest sampling rate and bit rate. When i did that, i only got 2 channel audio going to my av receiver. I could go to the audio settings and add the surround channels, but i could only do l c r rs. I had to move it down to dvd quality 16 bit and then i could do l c r sub rs ls. Getting itunes to use the surround channels was also difficult until i found advice after an hour of googling. You have to launch a movie and click the little balloon icon in the lower right corner of itunes that is the audio settings. You have to put a checkmark next to the one that says something about bypass for ac3, then it sends dolby digital to the avr. Other than the stuttering of video, my only other complaint is i can't make the icon on the start menu super large like the others. Right now i have it in tablet mode so that it brings up just the start menu icons that i am using for streaming. Eta: i have tried downloading movies and running them but itunes continues to lag. I think the itunes app must be a bit bloated compared to other video services. I even brought up vudu and put gravity 3d on while downloading itunes movies in the background, figuring that 3d would be harder to download and play smoothly, and it played flawlessly with all of that going on. So vudu really blows itunes away for streaming, even with already downloaded itunes movies. I just don't get it. Vudu seems to stream pretty good using the windows 10 app. I was going to try to use kodi as a hub for all of my streaming apps, but something it does prevents vudu from playing movies; it kept giving the hdcp error until i removed kodi. The disney and disneyxd apps work better than on my apple tv, it seems to output surround sound which my apple tv app does not. My dish network channel isn't in hd, so i used to use the apple tv to watch star wars rebels in hd, so now i get surround sound too; small win! . Native windows 10 movies stream extremely well. Hd, 5. 1 surround (my yamaha avr is only 5. 1), and no lag. I assume all movies work fine, but i only have disney movies anywhere movies in my windows collection since i linked dma to my microsoft account. But running movies from the movies and tv app is really great for video and audio. Dish anywhere app is very laggy, especially audio, which i noticed on all apps, until buffering catches up, sound like princess leia in return of the jedi when she is talking through the voice modulator in the bounty hunter costume. I wish youtube had an app like on ios that i could just launch and play videos rather than using microsoft edge to go to a website. I may have to make a shortcut to youtube and pin it to the start menu. . I still need to think about getting the small remote/keyboard that they offer, i currently use the logitech k400 keyboard/trackpad, and i do love it, but once i'm done setting it up completely for streaming, i want something a bit smaller to control it all. . I have no idea how streaming works over wifi, i chose to just plug in the ethernet to the switch in my entertainment center, no sense in competing with all of my wireless devices. . I haven't decided if i am just going to leave it on all the time or turn it on when i need to use it. I just don't know if i trust a fanless computer running 24/7. . If you boot it up on a tv and the start button and clock run off the side of the screen, go into your tv settings and look for an aspect ratio setting. On my lg, the proper aspect ratio setting was "just scan". Previously it was set to something like "set by program", but that had my start button going off of the screen. . I think that covers my experience, if i remember anything else, i'll update later.

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Best azulle access windows fanless cherry (a 1063 aap 1) in review

Have not completely set up yet. Primary use for it will be for running kodi. . Cursory use of it though, for what it is ram size and such, it does the job(s) you ask of it. . The remote/keyboard took a little to get used to (big fingers), but is way easier to use than the keyboard on my smart phone.

. Guest, Idaho

You might like to see Banana plugs - corrosion-resistant 24k gold-plated connectors - /12 banana plugs part mediabridgetm ultra series fast-lock banana plugs attaches to speaker wire, supplying a high-quality signal path from audio components like a speaker to an audio/video receiver, amplifier -mediabridge banana plugs - corrosion-resistant 24k gold-plated connectors - 6 pair/12 banana plugs part spc-bp2-6
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  1. Highlight: The Newest Standard: Supports Full Hd, 4k, Ultra Hd, 3d, Arc, Ethernet And All Other Currently Available Hdmi Functions.
  2. Highlight: Supports: Resolutions Up To 4kx2k (uhd) Including 4096x2160, 3840x2160, 2560x1600, 2560x1440, 1920x1200, And 1080p - Category 2 Certified - High-speed 18 Gbps. Supports Increased Refresh Rates & 48-bit Deep Color.
Economical Hzsane High Speed Hdmi Cable (Cable Or Adapter) Lysb01h8z309c Electrncs Hzsane High Speed Hdmi Cable (Cable Or

X. Jarvis, Cornwall says

Wow! i ordered one of these to install a "slim" lenovo pc strapped to the back of our conference room tv, where it is used for web / web based apps / office and a web based product kiosk. I was planning to upgrade the lenovo with a ssd and ram, but for the money and time, this cannot be beat. We have this interfaced with a elo touch screen, which never worked quite right with the lenovo, but with the azulle, no problems. . If you are looking for a simple, fast, bullet proof solution for office/web use, this is for you. Extremely impressed!

C. Stacey, Kansas

Nice product. . Like it. . Eazy to use and plug in. . Problem is quality of product is not thats good. . I turn the antenna to defualt position and its broked . Dont know the wifi will work or not. . Thanks

H. Franklin, Wyoming says

Can t believe it fits right behind my mounted tv. I have a qled lg super flat tv mounted and this computer fits behind the tv. Instead of a bulky tv or laptop with cables hanging i now use these small computers with win10. 32gbs do run out pretty quick so i suggest buying a mini sd card too. I now have it behind two other tvs in my office. Highly recommend.

. Ruff, Sandwell

I got the windows 10 version. Much more robust computer than i expected, also a child could install this -it's simple! also, mine didn't get as hot as i worried it might from the warnings -used it for 4 hours and it was just barely warm. Note that you will need a wireless keyboard/mouse, and an hdmi monitor or tv, or else an adapter. Azulle is ushering in the future with this one!

. Lewis, Medway says

I love azule stick pc's. Have it working in every meeting room. This 4gb ram version rocks. World fine with skype, skype for business, webex, citrix and others. Having a version with powerful processor would be great for intense processor video covered programs like zoom or blue jeans

O. Nielsen, Manchester

I was pleased to receive this mini pc and use it to display the results of my security system on a 24" monitor. It was easy to install and worked as good as i could ever want. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that a external +5vdc power pack be used for usb port strips and any external sata ssds you may want to add to the system for loading and storing data or programs. I use a 64gb usb stick for storing and loading the security camera program and it works great. I used velcro for attaching mine to the back of the monitor.

D. Emily, Isle of Wight says

Azulle put out necessary instructions on how to load ubuntu on the device. Follow the instructions. Success is in the details of using rufus to build your bootable thumb drive. And use their tested ubuntu distro. . If your pc boots to windows anyways don't worry just go to recovery and reboot into the recovery modes. Choose your thumb drive from the list and you should be good to go. Note: i inserted my thumb drive in the usb furthest from the network jack (rj45 female).

J. Melissa, Stockport

I received this july 28th. It set up perfectly and let me tell you, it was exactly what i wanted. With windows 10, i was able to log in to work and take care of things from home as needed. Now, on august 26, the power button does not work and will not turn on. I had noticed from the very first power on that the button did not seem to travel much at all, but it always worked so i assumed that was normal. Now i have nothing, no beautiful blue light for power on, just the red light of death. This would have made 5 stars only because there were not 6 stars available. I have recommended it to all my friends. Now i am going to have to tell them no. Very sad about this wonderful little computer. Update, 8/30. It's been 2 weeks and still no response from their website, i would love to say they told me how to fix it, that they sent me a knew one, but all i can say is, no one ever even tried to get back with me. . Update, . I finally got through, and they repaired my pc promptly and under warranty. It works like a charm again. I have to say that they took care of their defect and made me a happy man again. Way to go azulle!

L. Sharon, Virginia says

This is an amazing piece of equipment. I bought this so i could use it for netflix, hulu, cortana on my tv, and a variety of other pc related functions so i could do meetings or demos in my living room. It works flawlessly, even on the windows insider program. This works so well with the creator's fall update its amazing. Easy plug and play and i've never had a hang-up with the drivers. I went for the higher end version with the 4 gb of ram and 64 gb of internal space. Its not worth the money to skimp on memory and storage space when you're talking about a device like this. The windows 10 64 bit install can weigh in at over 8-10 gb, plus system reserves so to avoid needing an sd card or some other external storage space solution for updates and upgrades, i'd firmly suck it up and by the nicer one. I've just been so impressed, i'm buying a usb microphone so i can use cortana better and i've already attached a 4 port usb splitter and a wireless usb logitech combo entertainment style keyboard that looks nice on my coffee table. It all runs so smoothly, originally i had bought a cheap bluetooth keyboard, but don't do that as this unit's bluetooth range isn't that far, especially if you mount or plug this in behind a tv like i have done.

M. Amanda, Minnesota

I purchased this with the intention of setting up a small linux server for home use, as i'd worked with some other atom silvermont cpu's for compact servers through work. I had a modest outlook for this device, but honestly it exceeded all expectations i had. . The only caveat is that several features (the ethernet port and sound on the hdmi output in particular) are problematic unless you upgrade the linux kernel to 4. 11 or higher, but with that done the device is quite capable as a modest and incredibly compact server for any number of home uses. . It works out of the box with 4k monitors, and is even capable of modest gaming in my testing under linux, which is quite remarkable for such a compact and relatively affordable device.

B. Glenda, New Hampshire says

Took 10 minutes to setup win 10. Loaded chrome and other windows apps. Works very well. Not super speedy, but for a stick running hi res on a 60"hdmi tv, for $160, its a good deal. Wouldn't play games, but surfing, youtube, and videos its just fine. . We are now using in our reception room, to show corporate videos and other info. Really works well, and you can set it up to remote control via chrome, and chromecast. . Yo azulle, next version, a little higher chip/cpu, and you have a really great pc. 4gb ram is just fine. Also we mounted ours on the monitor mount flush, which is aluminum, and acts as a very large heat sink to dissipate the heat from the exterior of the stick. I can see why you need to keep it away from fabrics. It does get warm, without any fans.

W. Rhonda, Nottinghamshire says

Great little thing, work just like my surface pro 3 with out a monitor and 1/4 of the price. I brought this as a test unit for work. My work require a pc for remote connection to controls hvac system in hotel, before i need to buy dell mini pc and leave it in the panel with monitor. Now i need just this with out the monitor. Very happy with this purchases. Will buy more for works.

S. Watson, Bremen

Love it it is so small. I wish there was a mounting bracket available to mount it to things. I have attached mine to the back of a 22 inch touch screen and added a 3. 5 inch external drive also attached to the back of the monitor for a jukebox setup in my man cave. It's great! . I like it so much i'm going to be getting one to put on my 72' in the living room for skype sessions with family.

T. Jessica, Auvergne says

I ordered this to replace a computer in my kitchen. It didn't have to be super powerful or able to stream 4k video. I plugged it in and was up and running in about 15 minutes without issue. I got the 4/32 gig version. This replaces an hp mini with 12 gigs of ram and i haven't noticed a difference between the 2. It can get a little warm but this is to be expected in such a small form factor. I have not noticed any impact on performance because of it. This computer is not for those looking to exclusively game or stream 4k content on a regular basis but this is perfect for someone who is looking to add a low cost computer to the livingroom, shop or rv.

G. Perez, Tower Hamlets

Best "dongle" windows 10 pc i have found. Tried others and ones with 2gb of ram. Don't waste your time, 2gb is not enough and this units 4gb makes applications run decently. The others died or chocked on a windows 10 update. Fyi, you need to add an additional memory card to these to make sure windows updates has room to finish. Great video on my 720p tv, the one high up and in the middle.

. Elanor, Kentucky says

Great mini pc stick. Came with windows 10. Fast installation, easy to download apps. Added a micro sd card for additional storage and in order to use the storage for installation of any apps and programs. Runs fast. Great for browsing and doing everyday computer tasks e. G. Watching movies, youtube videos, reading news etc. While one can purchase the lynk remote which adds typing capabilities and mouse functionality, this option would probably not be the fast enough and most efficient for most - you are probably better off hooking up a full keyboard for that purpose. Nonetheless this is a great on-the-go computer without the weight and space requirement of a usual laptop.

A. Eva, Arizona

My intention is to use this as a media center pc running kodi. I was a bit skeptical that this could handle the job but man, was i wrong. First, the builld quality of this is amazing. If you've got, or seen the original chromecasts that's what i was expecting. This has a metal case, and very satisfying heft and just screams quality. . Setup was very straightforward. I was very pleased that not only did they include a male - female hdmi extension cable, but that it was longer than those offered by online store that i bought. . This is a very snappy pc. You could easily use this as a desktop replacement if all you do is internet/email/office work. Obviously, this isn't a gaming pc, it's not a video editing pc. But for the price, it is an exception all around media center pc or desktop replacement. . Would be great for anyone with limited space.

P. Jacqueline, Arizona says

This is a great little toy. I attached it to the back of a 28 inch tv/monitor with 2 sided tape along with a usb hub and a 1 terabyte hard drive. Only thing visible is the power cord. Replaced an old laptop.

Q. Gloria, Franche-Comte

Great little computer. Connected to hdmi port on a 55" monitor for presentations, web browsing, office work. Excellent. Initially would not download updates or app store items - simple fix. Just go into services and change windows update to automatic from disabled, then right click on the service and select start. Great little system.

. Mable, Kent says

I am impressed, stressed tested for 8 hours after performing system updates (enable services first) and no issues. Installed cameyo to make apps on 128 gb sd card along with office 2013 portable and it works like a charm. Removed sd placed on a different pc w/out apps installed and files loaded fine. I have only had this unit for 3 days, but so far it has been my favorite tech toy this year. I wish it had more ram and an extra usb slot. Other than that i can't complain.

. Lindsey, Hawaii

I was excited to get this thing set up and working. It is my first time with a stick pc. Everything worked except i could not get it to read the sd card/slot. I had to reset the computer and reload the windows 10 pro ios. Now it works as advertised. Happy with my purchase. If not for the minor glitch i would give it 5 stars.

. Kimberly, Wiltshire says

This is a fantastic stick. This thing only uses between 3 and 4 watts of power, major importance when you are running it off a battery! just ran some smoke tests on it, one using an anker powercore 26800 portable power supply, and got 30h of portable usage. I got this device as a dedicated telescope computer, that i can control over wifi and do astrophotography and guidance. This thing fits the bill. . Get the 4gb ram device. Also, you will want to add a microsd card too (go with 128gb) for your data and software installation, as the 32gb internal storage fills up real fast. (i'd buy a next gen one with 64 gb internal storage w/ 8 gb ram ; )

I. Anonymous, Barking and Dagenham

I have had this about 3 months now. Like many others, i would not expect this to take the place of a heavy load system, but it is perfect for what i need it for: broswer the internet, email, stream movies (and music) from netflix and online store. Also do a some online wordpress design. I do some simple word processing and excel work on this also. At no time has it let me down. For the price, this is a wonderful little device.

Z. Jennifer, Southampton says

I absolutely love this little machine ! it exceeded my expectations by 10 country miles. Defenitely rec0mend this product to every one ! great job azulle ! . . Update* my power supply went out. Instead of sending it back because i have to much personal information on the hard drive i bought another one! stay tuned. *sometimes i put ice in that coffee mug to keep it running cooler! *

Top access plus windows pro fanless Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

U. Brendon, Sachsen says

*initial review:. This tiny computer is excellent. It has enough cpu & ram to be able to handle windows 10, office 2016, and moderately intense graphics quite well. For the price, this thing can't be beat. It is perfect to run a basic modern pc from your tv. . *. Update 11 months later:. It died on me and it unrecoverable through all documented means (backup restore, recovery disk, self repair, etc). It is particularly bad when a pc dies on you around the 1yr mark. At that point, you've begun to move into it and rely on it. But it is no where near old enough to be expected to die. So this is utter pc betrayal. As a result, i will not buy anything from this company. $150 wasted :(

C. Sherry, Suffolk

Listen, this little thing is decent for the price! if you want to browse the internet, check e-mail, and watch videos it works as advertised. Don't expect to run any memory intensive applications though! the real reason i'm disappointed in this thing is it's inability to run web games (mainly just basic kids flash games) without a lot of freezing and slowness!

J. Allen, Northumberland says

Mini usb for power supply port is very loose and won't stay with on, also nothing get thought the monitor at all. Seems like the power supply connector in side the board is too weak to loose it's bad design! . Just waste money.

. Veronica, California

Doa. First had boot issues. But eventually started. Then wifi began disconnecting on it's own. Then screen went to jibberish. Now will not start at all. My guess is it fried itself. Also had startup issues with lynk air mouse. But those were resolved. But mini-pc is now totally dead!

L. Susan, East Riding of Yorkshire says

It's a great product. It worked right out of the box. I had a vizio smart tv. Hooked it up to an hdmi port. I reviewed all the comments that were posted on this unit. Decided that 4gb was a better choice than 2gb of memory. To have the ethernet cable as well as the wireless connection was a safer alternative and for speedier connections was another bonus. Also used a usb powered connector for additional storage and back was also very useful. It was very easy and portable to hook the unit up to a samsung smart tv as well. Upon later experience, mic. Level had dropped so that a reboot was necessary in order to regain a higher db level. The cpu clock didn't keep time accurately. 4gb was not sufficient for the memory hungry windows10. Even with a 128gb microssd chip, it wasn't enough to satisfy win10 very well. Don't expect alot from this stick.

G. Rebecca, Telford and Wrekin

I liked this device. It did not like me. . For the record, i just filed the rma for mine because it seemed to be a lemon. Aside from that, i'll give you my impressions. . This device is good at mono-tasking. It can handle some browsing, some paper writing, maybe even at the same time. However, the instant you try to power-user this thing it flees in terror. Or just freezes, deer-in-the-headlight style. I was prepared for this. . I knew what i was getting on paper. I've dealt with netbooks and intel graphics, cheap windows tablets and so on. However, there are a few quirks and caveats i was not prepared for. I'll list the obvious ones. . At the time of this writing windows 10 will occupy a grand 19gb section of your storage space. This leaves very little for you toy with. An sdhc card is highly recommended, if not mandatory. Again, not an issue if you are just browsing yon' web, or writing that paper, or watching some youtubes. . If you plan on catching up on your backlog of old pc games while using this stick, consider the following. This device, and many stick pcs it seems, are incapable of stretching a small resolution to scale in full-screen. This is regardless of your settings in the intel hd driver suite. Go ahead and set it to full-screen scaling, it will make no difference on any display. Wing commander 3 is really cute at 320x240. You can use a window to stretch it larger, but most games will fail to accept full-screen resolution. . Again, no biggy if this is your media suite. . This device will get very, very hot ("on purpose! " states the bottom), so be cool with that heat. Be prepared. Don't wrap it in your thermal blankets. . The power button takes a second to respond. Hold it for a touch until the light turns blue. . Know how to minimize your startup programs, this device needs all the leeway you can give it. That processor chokes easily (more than i thought it would). . I stated i liked this device, and it's true. There's a lot to be impressed at. The ram is spacious for such a teeny computer, it is marvelous. The wifi is incredibly fast, and supersedes my gaming pc in reception. That little antenna isn't just for show. It does run well if you don't rush it. Let the tabs load, don't multitask too much (the ram says yes, the cherry trail says no). When you want to play classic games, and they don't face scaling issues, they run very well. I was rocking age of wonders 2 (windowed), freedom force, wacky wheels. And, even some slightly newer fare (legend of grimrock, adjust the settings, vampire the masquerade: bloodlines, full spec). There is a lot to like here. . Just for entirety's sake, i'll mention my computer's lemony features. Hopefully you don't face these irregularities. . -my device lost it's sd card. I had to restart for it to find it again. This happened abruptly. -firefox choked my pc to inoperable at one point. 100%, shadow clicks. Heat symptoms. Scary stuff. -my date and time settings were entirely uncooperative. The date and time, despite my best efforts in services. Msc, is slow. It runs behind. It jumps hours off. Something was wrong here. -the above mentioned scaling issue (no one had hitherto mentioned this) was unpleasant and unacceptable i study and make games, this does not fly. . I give it three stars. It isn't polished, but it does work. The price point is lovely, and it is truly a compact windows pc if you have a specific need for one. I need something else.

V. Janice, Tennessee says

Not a good product and really bad customer service

O. Campbell, Leicester

While it delivers a lot of power for such a tiny device, the built quality is not enough. . The wifi antenna quickly broke with just a few uses.

Q. Pamela, Redcar and Cleveland says

Bought to run power point presentations. Has memory leak and freezes.

T. Nicole, South Dakota

Let's be clear, i knew pretty much what i was ordering when i purchased this. It's a great price point if you are just a touch tech savvy hand have and tv or monitor with an hdmi port. It does what it is meant to do. I can stream music and movies with little or no hesitation, facebook, play facebook-style games with no real problem. Note: this is not a high cpu/gpu combo for running call of duty or high input/output type games. It is a bit slow (both in wireless and hard wired ethernet configurations). I've paired it with a (newly purchased) 24" touch screen monitor, added a wireless mini-keyboard and a blue tooth mouse to cover our needs. It came with and is running (with updates) windows 10 with no discernible issue. Thus, i have a windows desktop for my style of pc usage, and my wife has hers. She reports no problems other than a slight slowness when compared to other devices in our household. All in all, it works. Works at an affordable price, and if left with plenty of open air-flow runs for long periods of time without over heating. . I took one star away (and frankly this problem is industry wide) for their use of either a less-than-sturdy mini-usb plug (which is hard wired to the power adapter) or a less-than-sturdy mini-usb port on the device itself. I have some devices which use the same specification usb where i plug and unplug the device daily for charging. I've plugged in and unplugged this device less than a dozen times (and yes i use "kid-gloves" - i'm big, but gentle) and the power connection fails on a regular basis. I'm not going to bother with doing a return unless it goes toes-up completely as i can fashion a method of holding the usb plug/port secure with items i have around. When purchasing, be aware - this is not up to being moved around or relocated much. . For the price? it works. Just keep your expectations reasonable and you'll be happy. . I've taken away another star as of 08/25/2017. Any reasonable attempt to keep the power plug affixed has been defeated by (i believe) the expansion of the port's contacts due to heat build-up. After running for a couple of hours (i haven't timed it or done any rigorous testing) the usb plug loses contact - the unit shuts down (i. E. : power connect indicator light goes out). The concept behind the device is sound and it's "okay" for some quick or fairly light use. One of the reasons i held off on reviewing this item was because i wondered how this would continue to perform over time. Sadly, i can't give this a generally good recommendation. This is not an item for the general computing public who expects to plug and go with no problems. Coming up with a better power connector might make this a better buy for nearly anyone. However, until that issue is resolved. My recommendation to the average buyer is to spend the extra money and get a device that is more mainstream like a tablet, low end notebook, or internet media streaming device. Do not buy this with the expectation of problem free use.

. Florence, Oldham says

I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately it doesn't work. . After reading reviews and comparing this to the fire stick or google chrome i was really excited to receive my access plus in the mail. . The problem that i'm having is that right out the box the product doesn't work. It's saying that windows wasn't properly installed and must be reinstalled. I called tech support for some help, and at first they seemed to be very helpful and gave me step by step instructions for getting things to work. (which required me to go out and spend extra money on a usb that i'd only use for this one occasion! ). . After following the instructions step by step over and over and over still nothing. And having the same problem. . Now it's saturday, their office is closed so now i must wait till monday to just to probably get told to do the same thing over and over again. I had such high hopes but the frustration isn't worth it. And now i much figure something out for this trip!

. Alberta, Hawaii

Do not update widows or it will brick your pc stick. Also the power slot is a mini usb connector, it will loosen over time and any slight touch will disconnect it. Poor design for the power outlet, windows update causes pc stick to turn off.

. Theola, Minnesota says

Very little room 4 space after you have windows installed and the windows was not stable and they had to do a hard format twice and i never could get it to work properly with windows

P. Rhonda, Slough

Good product not what i expected and over priced

X. Carmen, Indiana says

It's only aug of 2017 and the unit is failing to boot up. It seems that i was under a 30 day warranty not a typical manufacturers 1 year. My bad never buy this vendor again.

K. Sheila, City of Kingston upon Hull

Super disappointing. Slow. Now a useless brick i have no use for. I just wanted this to be able to view online video like netflix, hulu, and online store video. The unit is so very slow and the video lags behind the sound. I went online to look for solutions, cleaned up unused apps, added a micros sd memory card, tried another with more memory. No luck. I wanted to return it, and paid for shipping again to and from the manufacturer. Got it back as they said nothing is wrong with it. Wish i could return it, but that is apparently not an option.

B. Joanna, Wirral says

After 42 days the azulle a-1063-aap-1 access plus, fan less mini pc stick, cherry trail t3 z8300, 4gb ram+32gb storage, black no longer works is like a refund

W. Aldana, Lancashire

I was excited to use the product and worked well. The moment i put my hard drive, the whole file explorer freezes and it couldn't read it even though this stick has 4 gb ram. . Update: 29 july 2017. - the time is not updated automatically and even though i have set it both manually and automatically in the setting zone, it doesnt update automatically. The time is always lagging and i had to correct it every time i boot up the pc. This is junk. . Update 24 jun 2017:. I faced the following issues with this stick:. 1. The pc is extremely slow. I have never seen a windows 10 machine slow like this one. I even tried machines with lower gb of ram and lower processors. Microsoft has done good job with windows 10 which is not reflected in this stick. 2. I connected a hard drive and it freezes. 3. The antenna has broken when i put it in my bag showing poor quality materials. I wish i purchased a 100 $ tablet rather than this one.

S. Denise, Milton Keynes says

I'd rate this as 5 stars if the manufacturer offers a windows 7 version, because my trouble with it is based on windows 10. Hardware appears to be great, but my first in-depth exposure to windows 10 is that it is horrid:. . 1. Right out of the box the fonts on screen are absolutely horrid. Blurry to the point of being impossible to look at after a few minutes. This is with 100% scaling (not 125% as many people complain about) on a 1080p samsung monitor that works fine with a win7 desktop, and the hdmi cable it came with. This right here is a showstopper - if i can't fix this it will have to go back, so i'm begging for help if anyone has any ideas. There's lots of similar issues in help forums but so far i haven't found a solution. Any ideas? it is all fonts in the os or edge or chrome, but all other graphical elements are fine so it is definitely a font issue. 2. The os seems to want to reach out over the internet to do anything (including basic desktop functions like control panel settings), despite my turning off what settings (such as diagnostics/feedback) that i could to minimize this. Over a satellite connection that's really, really annoying. Or have they just made the os that much slower? . 3. Having the startup process include someone yelling loudly over the monitor speakers was really obnoxious. I turned it off pronto - after it woke up half the house since i was doing this once the rest of the family was in bed. . 4 gb is good for basic win10 usage so far, and i have 18 gb left of the 32 after the initial windows update, chrome install and defender malware definitions update. The ability to use a micro-sd or an external hd via usb means storage is not a real issue. There are basically zero instructions that come with this thing so hopefully we can find something online. One thing that nobody seems to point out is that this stick pc has a separate power cord in addition to the hdmi plug. I had the impression that it fed off power through the hdmi connection since the marketing materials and comments never mention a power cord. This is a pain because i wanted something i could carry in my pocket from place to place. Now i know i need to haul a power cord (and a short hdmi cable too) along with the mini pc. . If i can fix the font issue i'll be satisfied with this system, although i'd vastly prefer a windows 7 install all things considered. Otherwise this has to go back, which is a shame because the hardware shows real promise. . Edit: still haven't found any working solutions. Have bought and downloaded a copy of windows 7 but can't get it installed and can't access the bios properly. Azulle tech support pages are all outdated or missing links. Windows 10 continues to be fantastically irritating and slow as molasses. Epic software fail guys. Bring back a win 7 version. As it is i'm pretty close to giving up and returning this thing rather than investing more time and money into getting it working.

F. Parker, Franche-Comte

First of all i really do like this product. The small form factor is perfect for my use. Although i have not needed it yet, i am very happy i have the ability to connect via lan cable if wifi is not available. . My problem with the unit is the micro sd slot that is built into the system. The computer will lose connection to the sd card at random times. Sometimes it can go for hours with no problem, other times it loses connection many times in a matter of minutes. I tried multiple different sd cards and it was the same result. My final solution was simply to use the usb port and a mirco sd adapter for my additional storage. This solution works great but it is still very annoying that the built in sd slot has this problem.

E. Sally, Hampshire says

Won't even boot up, will be returning soon. Very disappointing. Just spinning around on this "just a moment" message for an hour now. Already tried restarting it.

Y. Courtney, Hillingdon

Internal or main memory is to small for win10 is and hence all updates had to be loaded on another media .

D. Claudia, Rotherham says

Received this little jewel in april. I hooked it up to my den tv and couldn't have been more pleased. It was a little slow even with 4gb ram but did all it was advertised to do. As noted in some of the reviews it is a tightly sealed unit and runs hot. I raised it off the cabinet so it could have full ventilation. Unfortunately, with less than daily use, it failed during a youtube video in just under 90 days. I believe i could have returned it for some sort of warranty but that's the predicament. I had used the unit enough to accumulate quite a bit of personal information on it including some passwords and extended family data. There was no way to erase the personal data before returning it for replacement or repairs. I just couldn't take the chance on my information getting in the wrong hands. Will pay a little more in the future to have serviceable components.

N. Kristen, North Carolina

Nice, product, just not for me. 32gb is gone really quick.

. Jessica, Rochdale says

I had high hopes for this z8300 cpu stick but the fact is your not going to get good performance with only 2gb of ram on win10. After a lot of fiddling with the desktop resolution, i could not get it to work on my 65" samsung. Worked fine on my 55" tv's. Hopefully the 4gb version performs better. Lastly i was surprised this didn't include a hdmi dongle which you absolutely need due to the size and weight.

R. Angelica, Sandwell

Be aware! look up all the reviews about the power cord adaptor. It becomes very lose and will not stay in the port and hold the connection. You have to use tape or something to hold it in place and eventually that gives way. Do not buy!

A. Pearce, Hammersmith and Fulham says

I have bought this stick 2 weeks ago , it's really to bad. Hanging a lot of time , i have to shut it down and power it on again. I tried to reset windows 10 , but it stops in the middle of the process and getting blank screen. I tried to download quantum access recovery and put it on a flash , but it's the same problem. I am having also quantum access fanless mini pc stick ( one year ago ) and it's working well , no any problems in it , but this one is so bad. Thanks

Z. Nees, Essex

The performance is lacking, the remote doesn't have a back button and windows 10 apps like netflix and hulu don't support the arrows for navigation (cycling through items/movies). If you are ok using the air mouse the majority of the time you will probably be ok, but i found that to be a pain.

. Lynette, Ile-de-France says

Arrived defective. Had to return it. Purchased a raspberry pi 3 to replace it. Very happy with my rpi3.

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