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Price was $11.25. Exactly what i was looking for at a good price. Our electricity went out last week, and when it came back on a surge fried the board on one of my garage door openers. Turns out my openers were not plugged into gfci protected outlets. The garage door repairman said this is pretty common occurrence. So i bought two of these units to go into the non-gfci outlets. Hopefully, this is problem is solved. The lights say, "grounded" and "protected. "

-N. Suzanne

6-outlet surgemaster wall-mount surge protector, 1240 joules belkin f9h620-cw 6-outlet 1240 joule energy rating provides maximum protection wall mount home series binoculars-belkin 6-outlet surgemaster wall-mount surge protector, 1240 joules f9h620-cw

  • Included: 1240 Joule Energy Rating Provides Standard Protection For Your Basic Electronic Devices. Maximum Spike Current: 72, 000 Amps / 1, 240 Joules.
  • Included: 6 Surge-protected Outlets Supply Complete Protection.

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Our phones got fried in a nearby lightning strike so i bought this to hopefully prevent the new set from getting fried by another. We've had several bad storms come through our area since then and the phones are fine, but it's really not possible to tell if this has prevented a power surge or not unless it gets fried too which hasn't happened yet. I will say that i used to use a different (but similar) type of phone line surge protector years ago on the job and they did a good job of protecting our data lines. I would often have to replace them because they were fried but the equipment was still o. K. The Best surgemaster wallmount surge protector ( Nov 2019 ) | Belkin-Power Supplies Or Protection Review Included Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Wall-Mount Surge Protector, 1240 Joules (F9H620-CW) 6-outlet surge protector offers surge protection for your entry-level computers, peripherals, kitchen appliances and more. 1240 joule energy rating provides standard protection for your basic electronic devices. maximum spike current: 72, 000 amps / 1, 240 joules. 6 surge-protected outlets supply complete protection. Illuminated leds indicate your devices are ground and protected. Lifetime warranty; $50, 000 connected equipment warranty .

Belkin 6-outlet Surgemaster Wall-mount Surge Protector, 1240 Joules F9h620-cw Review (f9h620 cw)

I have a few of these now. Started with one for a small desktop, now have 4 around the house for plugging in ipads, iphones and other small electronics. Aside from the surge protector, it's great having the extra plugs. Even added one to my bathroom and keep my fan, blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron all plugged in at once which is much better than the strip i was using. All work very well and are easy to install. -. Melissa

Belkin Surgemaster Wall Mount Protector F9h620 Cw

Filters EMI/RFI Noise Up To 43 DB Reduction
Product Dimensions
Height:8.00 inches
Length:9.00 inches
Weight:0.55 pounds
Width:3.00 inches
This Product Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.
Belkin Inc.
Part/Serial Number

6-outlet surgemaster wall-mount surge protector, 1240 joules Speakers, Belkin f9h620-cw 6-outlet 1240 joule energy rating provides maximum protection wall mount home series Belkin Surgemaster Wall Mount Protector F9h620 Cw (F9H620-CW-Belkin).

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  • One of the first house remodels i was contracted for was a house owned by a technology guru in california. Nearly every outlet in his "old" house had one of these belkin surgemaster 6 outlet wall-mounted surge protectors in it. It was one of his only demands, "rewire the whole house, but don't throw those away. I want them all plugged in". . I've since used these in nearly every remodel or fresh build we do. The flexibility these offer is much bigger than most people realize. Even with just four of these in a living room/great room, you can turn 4 full outlets (8 plugs) into 24 usable plugs. I wouldn't recommend plugging 6 devices into every outlet in your house, but i've seen older homes being rewired turned into technology/media powerhouses with these. The prices have also dropped a lot over the years. If you're not rewiring your house and just are looking to add some usable outlets, try using 1-2 of these in each room. That should keep you from overloading your house and give you some extra protected outlets for a minimal price.
  • The reason my freezer quit working was because the circuit board was fried by a surge. And it was going to cost his labor (approx. 100 or so plus parts of approx. $100 (maybe more, depends on how long and how exactly much part is) and advised us to just buy another one. Our freezer is about 8 yrs old and only cost $400 plus $50 delivery. . He also said that the same type of surge protectors we have on our computer (my son showed him one of these belkins we own) are the ones we should be using on anything with a circuit board as they fry easily. So we put on on our washer and upgraded all our electronic equipment. It seems regular surge protectors work differently than this type-something about the direction the equipment sends the surge. Maybe some else can explain it better. You don't need this type of surge protector if appliance has no circuit board. You can tell bc appliance/equipment has a digital read out somewhere. There are more powerful surge protectors than this one-we use this one on stuff like toaster ovens, etc. And the more powerful ones on more expensive stuff. . Also, my son ordered the circuit board for about $50 from an ebay person, installed it in a few minutes and now our freezer is as good as new. We would not have known how to do this but my son is good with computers and electronic gadgets. . We even had a good and honest repairman-they have to make a living too and make house calls. He only charged us 3/4 of his normal house call to tell us this info and check out our freezer. He even tries to give you advice on phone so he may not have to come out and charge you.
  • One works fine, but the other worked for less than a minute and then stopped working-no more light, no more power. I'm returning it for a replacement, and expect online store's usual good customer service. Also, i realized that they needed to be installed upside down, as the outlets i put them in are installed 'upside down. ' not a big deal (i can always turn the outlets around if it bothers me), but i hadn't realized that when i ordered them. 1/16 update: i have noticed some slight sparking for a while when i unplug/plug something in, and think it just fried the charger to my computer as that stopped working right after i plugged it in and noticed more sparking than usual. So it is coming off the wall and i will get a different surge protector. Any suggestions for something equivalent that won't routinely spark when i plug/unplug something?
  • It works fine, but i couldn't give it 5 starts due to the fact that it doesn't completely cover the empty space left when removing the outlet cover. I honestly don't think the top would cover any outlet hole completely, seeing as how it barely reaches the top of the outlet itself. And since it uses the same screw hole as a cover, it is difficult to use them both. Seems like a simple design issue that could have been easily solved. So it gets an average rating for a working product with unimpressive design.
  • Always reliable-did protect and died. This one is one set of prongs only. Prongs seem little under sized. Yes, i don't use the anchoring screw. This comes off with the vacuum plug. Edit 1/2018, down one star. Prongs are bit loose fit in the outlet. Whole thing comes out when unplugging an appliance. Also, the prongs are in the upper half, almost at the upper edge. As such, if outlet cover is off, this does not cover the outlet box hole.

surgemaster wallmount surge protector Belkin 6-Outlet SurgeMaster Wall-Mount Surge Protector, 1240 Joules (F9H620-CW) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The home series from belkin offers wall mount-direct, plug-in surge protection for your entry-level desktop computers, peripherals, phone/fax/modem, kitchen appliances, standard household electronics, and more. This model boasts 1240 joules, 72, 000 maximum spike amperage, six outlets, and a lifetime 50, 000 dollar connected equipment warranty. It also includes a built-in phone line splitter and filters emi/rfi noise up to 43 db reduction. Additionally, this surge protector plugs directly into the wall to avoid cord problems.

Great addition to the outlet i use for my computers. . The main, (if not the only), reason i bought this was since one of the outlets i use was very stiff and felt like it could rip out of the wall at any time. This adapter, however, addressed that issue perfectly! it was super easy to install with the included mounting screw, which fit the duplex receptacle perfectly. The plugs can be inserted and removed very easily, and this adapter "braces" the outlet quite nicely. Now i won't have to worry about destroying that outlet as i previously did. . I also like the surge protector function, along with the indicator lights. While the lights are clearly visible, they are not bright nor glary, which is also very nice since i am using this in a bedroom. . -on a side note, be aware, however, that the mounting screw is not compatible with one of those "rectangular, " or "single-pieced, " outlets. It does require the center screw of the plate for mounting. It wouldn't be possible to "mount" otherwise, although the screw could be removed and it could simply be plugged in temporarily.

Belkin 6-outlet Surgemaster Wall-mount Surge Protector, 1240 Joules F9h620-cw
Click to see NoticeBelkin Surgemaster Wall Mount Protector F9h620 Cw (Power Supplies Or Protection)"I was looking to replace a surge protector from apc (half-round looking, bulky protector), and stumbled upon this wall-mount surge protector, it is sleek, it can be attached to an outlet with provided screw, and since it has 2 rows of outlets, even thick and bulky adapters can be plugged in without ant issues. I have my small pc plugged in (giant brick adapter), a tv (regular small cable) and a soundbar (another giant brick adapter). I still have 2 outlets available. Keep in mind, that this surge protector blocks 2 outlets, therefore adding 4 extra outlets. It has an indicator showing if your wiring is good or not. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to get a surge protector and (most important for me, to have extra outlets with some space in between for large adapters)"

(0) Question: I have a n outlet that has a switch on the top and an outlet on the bottom. will it fit and work properly?

(1) Question: Hi, what is the point of that white prong sticking out of the back? i bought something similar and i don't understand how it goes into the wall.

(2) Question: In the back of the unit, there is a thin, square yellow tab on the screw. do i keep that on the screw or remove it?

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Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08

I needed something that allowed all my large plugs to fit. This fit the bill and solved the issue. Multiple phone chargers (work, personal, husbands and wireless charger) plus two monitors and two lap tops and a headset. All going well.

The belkin 12-outlet surge protector protects your electronic devices from surges and spikes. This 4320-joule surge protector features 12 surge-protected outlets to provide powerful protection for your workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater systems and everyday household electronics. It features a cord-management system that helps keep cables organized, and a rotating outlet design to allow extra room for large ac adapter blocks.

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08Belkin-12-Outlet-Pivot-Plug-Protector-BP112230-08

Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Protector Bp112230 08 (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

The problem with six-outlet electrical plugs is that you rarely can use all six. Somehow, the electrical engineering wizards who design these things place the outlets way too close to each other, which basically defeats the purpose of using any appliances or electronics devices that have odd shaped adapters. . In the case of the belkin pivot wall surge protector, the design is spot on with six outlets; each outlet can be independently swiveled. Other swivel outlets only let you swivel a bank of three at a time, which basically presents the same problem as a standard flat six-plug wall mount-you can't fit all your devices because the plugs are too close together. . This belkin provided enough space to use every one of the outlets for my electronic gadgets. The most offending shaped one wasn't even an ac adapter, but a very large, round nightlight that hogged up two spaces. But with the belkin pivot, i just simply swiveled the outlet 90 degrees, and voila, problem solved. . This product gets one star less not because it doesn't perform well, but it is quite expensive when compared to the other six-plug non-movable outlets. . But on the flip side, it does give you total access to all six plugs, plus it offers some safety advantages by not having some of your ac adapters precariously hanging on by a tread because they don't exactly fit. . There's a screw that you can attach to the wall plate to keep the belkin pivot nice and secure, which is also a nice touch. -Notice from D. Weber, West Virginia

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I love this thing! i work from home and have had issues with getting all my cords for my computer and monitors and all my equipment plugged in on one outlet. Because of the way my room is set up, i can't plug them in on the other outlet because it's across the room. This is great because it allows you to plug so many in and you can actually use all of the slots, unlike most power strips. There was a terrible snowstorm that caused a downed wire and a few of our electrical devices were ruined because of the surge. This protected all of my devices for work from being affected.

Belkin-12-outlet-pivot-plug-protector-bp112230-08-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- H. CarolynI bought this because we had a million wires going every which way from 6 different outlets and extension cords and it was just a mess. Now, it all plugs in to the one outlet so everything on the desk can be plugged in without the wire hazard. With a toddler running around, this was literally a life saver. It's durable, great quality, and works exactly like you want it to. Meaning, it brings the power to the stuff you plug in. It's great!

I'm well pleased with the belkin pivot wall mount surge protector. It's very well made and fit nicely under my kitchen cabinet behind my coffee maker. The surge protector i replaced was a 6-plug model that simply plugged in over the existing outlet cover. The plug-in ports faced toward the front causing the 3 cords i kept plugged in to get tangled & take up workspace on the countertop. Also the entire surge protector came out of the electrical socket whenever a single cord was unplugged. Thankfully i no longer have those problems. The belkins wall mount surge protector replaces the existing cover & screws directly to the wall receptacle. There is a countersunk screw already in the new unit. I backed it out a bit, plugged the surge protector into the wall receptacle then tightened the screw back in place. The pivoting plugs are great! i rotated them 90 degrees to the sides so now all 3 appliance cords are hidden behind my coffeemaker freeing up workspace on the countertop . No more tangled cords! the remaining 3 plugs are easy to access for all the other electrical kitchen tools that i use periodically but don't leave plugged in. I really like the cords being flush to the wall; it's a very practical design. The unit has 2 indicator lights: green for protected and red for grounded. It does not have a reset switch which would be nice but isn't an issue for me since it's downline from a gfci receptacle that trips if overloaded. The belkin 6-outlet surge protector comes with a lifetime warranty and a $50, 000 connected equipment warranty. Some reviewers said the company only honors this with a valid receipt so i made sure to print and file the invoice just in case i need it in the future. I'm very happy with the product & really love the pivoting plugs. It's so reasonably priced i am considering getting a second one to use in my basement workshop so i do recommend it & yes, i would buy it again.

W. Neva, Solihull

Price :    $24.99
  • 4320 joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices, input voltage: 125v
  • Belkin lifetime warranty and $300, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • Allows room for large block space outlets
  • 8' cord delivers optimal, safe ac power through a 14-gauge heavy-duty cord
  • 8 rotating and 4 stationary surge-protected outlets provide convenience and flexibility; 1-in, 2-out rj11 telephone/fax surge protection and coaxial protection
Brand :    belkin
Color :    Gray
Size :    8 Feet
Weight :    2.45 pounds
Model :    BP112230-08
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08 available ( Nov 2019 )

Belkin 6-Outlet Wall-Mount Surge Protector, 700 Joules F9H601aspCW-DP

Voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage your computer and peripherals and degrade overall performance. Belkin surge protectors give you peace of mind by safeguarding your personal computer, home theater equipment, appliances and other hard to replace items against damage.

Belkin 6-Outlet Wall-Mount Surge Protector, 700 Joules F9H601aspCW-DPBelkin-6-Outlet-Wall-Mount-Protector-F9H601aspCW-DP

Brand :    belkin
Size :    6-Outlet
Weight :    0.40 pounds
Model :    F9H601aspCW-DP
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 6-Outlet Wall-Mount Surge Protector, 700 Joules F9H601aspCW-DP available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $8.18 (was $11.99)
  • Surge protection and power conditioning
  • Output connectors: 6
  • Color: white

Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 INSURANCE SPIKECUBE

The spikecube surge suppressor from tripp lite is a direct plug-in suppressor providing protection on one ac outlet. Its small size makes it ideal for protecting laptop computers, projectors and other portable electronics. A protected led illuminates to indicate that adequate surge suppression is available. The unit has 600 joules of surge energy absorption.

Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 INSURANCE SPIKECUBETripp-Lite-Protector-INSURANCE-SPIKECUBE

Brand :    tripp lite
Size :    1 Outlet
Weight :    0.13 pounds
  • Direct plug-in design perfect for travel! with its compact, switchless, direct plug-in design, this power cube instantly converts any standard wall outlet to a surge protector, making it ideal solution for traveling!
  • Reliable one outlet ac line surge suppression: the compact direct plug-in design allows for easy portability and features one ac outlet.
  • Lifetime warranty, $5, 000 insurance: lifetime limited warranty and $5, 000 ultimate lifetime insurance covers any connected equipment damaged by a power surge
  • Safety first! 660 joule-rating - conforms to ul 1449 safety standards: two diagnostic leds (grounded & protected) show power and protection status, enabling you to recognize power problems before they affect your valuable equipment. conforms to current ul 1449 3rd edition safety standards.
  • On the go protection! protect any electronic device from power surges & spikes: surge suppressor with one nema 5-15r ac outlet protects your laptops, electronic notepads, personal organizers and other portable electronic devices from dangerous power surges, spikes & line noise.
Price :    $6.49 (was $6.99)
Model :    SPIKECUBE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (tripp lite product review) for Tripp Lite 1 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 INSURANCE SPIKECUBE available ( Nov 2019 )

Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt , BSV602tt

I bought this mainly for the 2 usb ports up top. I use one to charge my phone and the other for usb lamp. I saw that some of the other reviews stated that there was a hissing sound. I did try to listen, but there was nothing. I works perfectly i will keep this review updated since i will be using this all the time. It is a great product. Thanks.

Add 6 surge protected outlets wherever you need it the 6-outlet wall mount surge protector is perfect for your home office or professional workstation. It mounts directly over any existing wall outlet to give you extra outlets without extra cords. Two powered usb ports offer convenient one-source charging for your mobile devices. Safeguard your devices voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage your computer and peripherals and degrade overall performance. Belkin's 6-outlet wall mount surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption and system crashes. Powered usb ports are intended solely for charging devices. They cannot be used as a usb hub and they do not transmit data.

Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt , BSV602ttBelkin-SurgePlus-6-Outlet-Protector-BSV602tt

Belkin Surgeplus 6 Outlet Protector Bsv602tt (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

It works for its intended purpose. It's not so good with a gfci plug - the center of these don't have the threaded socket for the mounting screw. It means that it'll be loose and you'll have to apply force when unplugging. In my case it's not so bad because it has enough plugs to let everything stay connected all the time. It goes into one plug in the back with another protrusion for stabilizing the device in the lower wall plug. . It takes some extra effort to plug things into this. Enough to make me double check the polarity. Make sure you align plugs straight when pushing, it helps. Nothing will come accidentally unplugged. The ground indicator doesn't hurt. For all i know the last owner of my place could have done something unsafe. . My one nitpick is they could have spaced the plugs further from one another on the face. Even small power adapters will interfere with other plugs since these are so close to one another. -Notice from Z. Alberta, Kansas

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I bought this to replace another one that had finally gone bad and burned up. We live at the end of the grid, so we're prone to brown outs, light flickering, etc. And it finally had just had enough. The replacement though had one of the usb ports stop working after a few days of plugging it in, so that was disappointing. Other than that, i'm pleased.

Belkin-surgeplus-6-outlet-protector-bsv602tt-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- T. BertieOnly thing i would change is make the screw on the back removable. It is made to be out into the socket and then the screw replaces the screw that holds on your socket cover. That is cool and all, but not in cancun or any hotel. I just took a good set of piers and cut the screw and boom, went from awesome to perfect. Anyhow, well worth the money.

Very very nice. I like the fact that it protects better than a normal surge protector. Will kill that tv down buzz once it is used. I hope. . Anyone know when lightning is going to come down to test this? :) i got a 4 year degree in electronics and this i trust.

V. Guest, Hounslow

Brand :    belkin
Color :    White and Gray
Size :    6 Outlet
Weight :    0.72 pounds
Model :    BSV602tt
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Space saver: this small surge protector takes up minimal space.
  • Faster charging: the two usb ports deliver 2. 1 amps of shared power to each port for faster charging of usb-a powered devices.
  • Surge protection: the 6 ac outlets provides surge protection for against electrical spikes (900 joules).
  • In use indicator: the "protected" indicator light turns green to show your devices are grounded.
  • Compact and convenient: charge 6 ac powered devices or 2 usb a powered devices from 1 ac wall mounted surge protector.
Price :    $18.00 (was $19.20)
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt , BSV602tt available ( Nov 2019 )

Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 INSURANCE SK3-0

Tripp lite is a manufacturer of solutions to power, connect, secure and protect equipment for it environments. From the largest data center to the smallest home office, tripp lite products keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently. Outstanding reliability, competitive pricing and exceptional service have been tripp lite trademarks for over 90 years.

Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 INSURANCE SK3-0Tripp-Lite-Protector-INSURANCE-SK3-0

Brand :    tripp lite
Color :    Grey
Size :    Apple
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    SK3-0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Direct plug-in design perfect for travel! with its compact, switchless, direct plug-in design, this power cube instantly converts any standard wall outlet to a surge protector, making it ideal solution for traveling!
  • Reliable three outlet ac line surge suppression: the compact direct plug-in design allows for easy portability and features three ac outlets.
  • On the go protection! protect any electronic device from power surges & spikes: surge suppressor with three nema 5-15r outlets protects your laptops, electronic notepads, personal organizers and other portable electronic devices from dangerous power surges, spikes & line noise.
  • Safety first! 660 joule-rating - conforms to ul 1449 safety standards: two diagnostic leds (grounded & protected) show power and protection status, enabling you to recognize power problems before they affect your valuable equipment. conforms to current ul 1449 3rd edition safety standards.
  • Lifetime warranty, $5, 000 insurance: lifetime limited warranty and $5, 000 ultimate lifetime insurance covers any connected equipment damaged by a power surge
Price :    $6.70 (was $7.61)
Ce :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (Ce product review) for Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip, Direct Plug In, & $5,000 INSURANCE SK3-0 available ( Nov 2019 )

GE Pro Surge Protector, Wall Charger, Charging Station, 1020 Joules Protection Rating, Automatic Shutdown, Sleek Design

Protect your household electronics from power surges with the 5-outlet general purpose surge protector from ge. This surge tap features 5 protected outlets that include two adapter-spaced outlets for your powerful electronic needs. The general purpose surge protector comes equipped with a 1080 joules protection rating and a $100, 000 connected equipment warranty. Protected and grounded indicator lights let you know at a glance that your electronics are protected and grounded. Limited lifetime warranty.

GE Pro Surge Protector, Wall Charger, Charging Station, 1020 Joules Protection Rating, Automatic Shutdown, Sleek DesignGE-Protector-Charging-Protection-Automatic

Brand :    ge
Color :    7.64
Size :    5 Outlet
Model :    14496
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (ge product review) for GE Pro Surge Protector, Wall Charger, Charging Station, 1020 Joules Protection Rating, Automatic Shutdown, Sleek Design available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $9.99
  • Protected and grounded indicator lights
  • Ul listed
  • 1080 joules protection rating
  • 5 grounded outlets, including 2 adapter-spaced outlets
  • $100, 000 connected equipment warranty

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules USB Charging Ports, SurgeArrest Essential P6WU2

I ordered two different wall surge protectors at the same time. This one is wonderful. It attaches to the outlet with a screw so it won t pull out when you unplug your device. It fits close to the wall. It charges iphone and ipads quickly. The side outlet is convienvient and the plugs stay plugged in. Nice product, thank you!

Millions of people trust apc to protect their valuable electronics. The surgearrest essential series offers you peace of mind by providing a lifetime warranty and $50, 000 equipment protection policy. You can enjoy maximum protection, safety, convenience and reliability.

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules USB Charging Ports, SurgeArrest Essential P6WU2APC-Protector-SurgeArrest-Essential-P6WU2

Apc Protector Surgearrest Essential P6wu2 (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

I have been using a belkin surge protector for the past few years. When i moved, i used it for my bedside table. Issue was wattage; if i had two usb devices plugged in, the unit couldn t handle it so i had to unplug one. . So having been an apc customer in the past, i knew their items were quality. In my new apartment, i ve noticed lower surges. I bought the non-usb apc (w/phone line jack) surge protector for my tv and router. While my roommates tv died mine was fine. . So when i needed a usb surge protector, i saw apc offered this one. Installation was super easy. It works great! i now can charge my iphone and another usb device without an issue. I also have my bedside lamp, laptop, and thermal hair brush plugged in without an issue. . Not only is apc a great brand, the quality of the product is excellent. I also find that the side plugs help manage the cords and now i have better access. The unit is also attractive and blends right in. It looks far better than the almond color outlet plates my apartment has. Overall, i m very pleased with this purchase. -Notice from J. Sharon, Windsor and Maidenhead

Click to Show apc protector surgearrest essential p6wu2 (power supplies or protection) Details

I live in an area of florida that has been called the lightening capital. In four years, i've had 2 lightening strikes nearby that cause a surge and shorted out my internet router. So, on my 3rd router, i decided to protect it. I wasn't sure if the surge was thru the electric lines or the phone lines. (since nothing else was damaged, i leaned toward it being the phone lines. ) this product will cover both situations. . We've had a few bad storms and one that i really worried about, but no damaged router!

Apc-protector-surgearrest-essential-p6wu2-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- L. ValenciaWorth it because it helped me find several defective outlets. Even if you never had a power surge take out your tv of computer a surge protector is still a good investment for the preceding reason. Electrical outlets and house wiring can fail due to age and usage like plugging and unplugging vacuums and etc. . You never know if a surge protector worked until you have an unprotected appliance blow out due to a lightening strike or other power surge and the protected equipment is still working. So far i've been lucky in that we've never lost anything since only our electronic items are on surge protectors. But then you never know so they are good insurance. . Be sure to read the instruction included with any brand or type surge protector you buy so you know what a lit indicator light means. Some will light if the circuit is good others (preferred) light when there is a fault.

An excellent, wall outlet mounted, outlet multiplier (6 usable outlets from the standard two of a wall outlet) and surge protector. Easy and simple to mount with a simple screwdriver. I've never had to use the surge protector function but i'm confident in the protection it can provide. An exceptional feature is the wide spacing of the individual outlets that allow for oversized plug heads or power bricks.

P. Carmen, Mississippi

Brand :    apc
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.56 pounds
Model :    P6WU2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 6 total power surge protector outlets, block-spaced for larger adapters
  • Two usb charging ports provide 2. 4a of power for smartphones, tablets and other usb charged devices
  • 1080 joule wall mount surge protector
  • When lightning and other conditions cause a power surge, be sure your electronics are protected with an apc wall-mounted surge protector.
Price :    $13.70 (was $15.66)
Ce :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (apc product review) for APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules USB Charging Ports, SurgeArrest Essential P6WU2 available ( Nov 2019 )

Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 2500 Joules BE108000-08-CM

The belkin commercial series surge protector provides premium power protection for commercial office environments. We've used advanced design elements, top-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components to provide the most complete protection from surge, spike, and other electrical abnormalities. Our products are backed by belkin's lifetime product and connected equipment warranties. The commercial series models protect everyday office electronics, offering a slim, sleek design that blends seamlessly with today's modern electronic devices.

Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 2500 Joules BE108000-08-CMBelkin-8-Outlet-Commercial-Protector-BE108000-08-CM

Price :    $15.68 (was $18.21)
  • 2, 500 joules
  • $100, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • 8 outlets
  • 14-gauge, heavy-duty 8ft cord
  • Filters rfi/emi noise up to 58db reduction
Brand :    belkin
Color :    Gray
Size :    8'
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    BE108000-08-CM
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 2500 Joules BE108000-08-CM available ( Nov 2019 )

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules, SurgeArrest Essential P6W

Specifically i wanted a surge protector that would stop a treadmill from tripping my afci circuit. I had read that some surge protectors do, and so i am on the hunt for one that actually does. Anyway this one does not, and i think i will probably have to bite the bullet and buy a better one. . As for this particular one, i do like that it is a wall mount instead of being on the floor or some other way, and that the plugs are on the side is nice for most things. But that brings me to one of my issues, i have a fairly large brick plug, that doesn't fit on here because it is mounted to the wall, and there are no plugs on the front or somewhere else that i could use, so i ended up with an extension cord off of the surge protector just so i could fit the large plug. Also this plug doesn't seem to fit flush to the wall where i have it. It isn't a huge deal for me since it is behind a bunch of other stuff, but i expected it to fit nicer.

The apc surgearrest wall surge protector turns a standard ac wall outlet into a 6-outlet surge-protected powerhouse!

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules, SurgeArrest Essential P6WAPC-Protector-SurgeArrest-Essential-P6W

Apc 6-outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules, Surgearrest Essential P6w (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

Works okay as a timer but the internal power backup doesn't work properly on mine. According to the documentation it's supposed to retain programming during a power outage but as soon as i unplug it from the wall the screen goes blank and the unit won't work until the reset is pushed. Made in china. . I've got four of the "power strip" versions of this device that work great. . *update jan 2013*. Normally i don't take the time and trouble to obtain warrantee service on a product in this price range, but since the package had an internet address i thought i'd give it a try. I sent an email to snyder electric, apparently the owner of apc, and their response was same day. They agreed to send a replacement timer with no hassle at all and it arrived in less than one week. The timer has worked fine for the last two weeks. So, for customer service the way it should be i am raising my rating to five stars. I will purchase apc again in the future too. -Notice from Z. Garner, Idaho

Click to Show apc 6-outlet wall surge protector 1080 joules, surgearrest essential p6w (power supplies or protection) Details

I obviously haven't had a power surge that allowed me to test the joule rating of this piece, but it seems to be working well. You are suppose to remove the screw holding the plate of your existing 1-gang 2-outlet wall plug and then this plugs in and screws down to hold it and the wall plate in place (new longer screw included). This makes for a very secure connection. Impressed with that design. But i wish it had a little spot to store the original wall plate screw though. Seems petty, but let's face it, nobody wants to keep track of a tiny screw for years. All wall plate screws are pretty much the exact same size, so it wouldn't be hard for them to mold a tiny holder in the bottom or something. Just that little something extra that gives your product an intuitive and useful feel.

Apc-6-outlet-wall-surge-protector-1080-joules,-surgearrest-essential-p6w-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- M. FabianThis is the third one of these i have ordered and we are very happy with them. First of all apc is good brand their computer back up power systems and surge protectors are industry standard, which is what lead me to them. The price was really unbelievable for a good name brand similar to the questionable chinese branded ones, so easy choice for me and the reviews were solid. The unit itself is really solid and their warranty covers your protect items some. The first one we used for projector and a/v equipment which is all ceiling mounted and the side outlets saved space and made tight clearances seem plenty adequate, we have had it for years and live outside the city in iowa and no surge issues ever. The second one is in the garage with a deep freeze a flat tv and some iphone and component chargers on it and had this one a couple years with no issues. The garage especially with outlets at 42 high from the floor having side outlets is nice, cords hang flat to the wall and nothing hangs out to catch anything. This third one is going behind our bed where we need side outlets to make things work at all, we had two flat plug drop cords run one to each side of the bed for our lamps and chargers but needed good surge protection for a cpap machine i recently was prescribed. They are expensive machines and insurance doesn t cover half of it on a first one let alone on a replacement so i need to care for it as well as i try to on our other expensive electronics with one of these. I trust these apc surge protectors and recommend them.

For the non-techies, buying a surge suppressor is a very confusing process. The marketing departments want you to focus on the huge print telling you that their device is so good that they include a $100, 000 ! insurance protection for any device damaged by a surge. But don't be surprised when you find out that there are so many strings attached, you'd be lucky to end up with a refund on their surge suppressor. Instead, focus on a few basic technical specs and you will save yourself a lot of up front money and, therefore, be able to buy more surge suppressors to protect more of your equipment. By the way, i do not work for nor have i ever worked for or been associated with apc, i've just worked with computers for my entire career :-). . First, make sure you are not buying a simple power strip with a circuit breaker ! many manufacturers carefully word-craft their descriptions to make it appear that you are getting surge protection. In fact, you are getting nothing more than a very expensive extension cord with a cheap circuit breaker that won't protect anything other than starting a fire and that's not guaranteed either. . Three technical specifications to watch when buying a surge suppressor: joules, response time and ul certification. Joules isn't a rating on protection from a single surge, it is a rating on how many surges the suppressor can handle. It's sort of a life expectancy rating. The experts recommend looking for at least 600 joules. This apc suppressor gives you almost double that amount at 1, 080 joules. . Response time is also important. This determines how long your equipment will be exposed to the surge before the suppressor kicks in and clamps the voltage down. For this apc suppressor, the response time is a very respectable 1 nanosecond. That's tech speak for 1 billionth of a second. Surges take a few thousands of a second to reach their peak, so this response time should be more than adequate. . The ul certification standard for surge suppressors is ul 1449. Ul provides safety related certifications, not performance related certifications. A ul certification basically means that the surge suppressor itself and the equipment connected to it are extremely unlikely to blow up and start a fire when it's hit with a surge. . Ignore "clamping voltage". For technical reasons, you really want to watch the "let-through voltage". Ul certification does include the specification for let-through voltage with levels of 300, 400 and 500. This apc unit has a ul certification with a maximum transient voltage surge suppressor (tvss) let-through voltage of 300 volts, which is the best rating that ul provides for surge suppressors. Other manufacturers often make a big deal out of clamping voltage but avoid mentioning that their ul let-through voltage is 400 or 500 volts. . Finally, a huge feature in a surge suppressor is a "fail safe" function. When a surge suppressor reaches it's maximum joules rating it quits providing surge suppression. The question is, how do you know that has happened? most surge suppressors have an green idiot light (led) that shows that the unit is still providing surge suppression. If you happen to notice that this led has gone dark then you're in luck. Most people don't. A fail safe feature shuts the surge suppressor down so it no longer passes current through to your equipment. So, if your fail safe unit quits providing surge suppression, your equipment shuts down and you know the instant the surge suppressor has reached its life span. Very few manufacturers include a fail safe protection, so you continue merrily on your way until your $1, 000 television or laptop suddenly melts down during a thunderstorm. Apc provides fail safe protection on all of their surge suppressors including this unit. . Remember, these are surge suppressors not lighting arresting devices. A lightning strike on the power line feeding your home can literally blow wall sockets out of the wall. No surge suppressor is going protect you from all lightning strikes. For that kind of protection, you will need an electrician and some sophisticated protection installed at the point where your electric lines enter your home. That's an entirely different level of protection and, as you can imagine, far more expensive than a surge suppressor. . I own a half-dozen of these apc units and i live in florida (lighting capital of america :-) for the price, i don't think you can beat this particular unit for everyday protection. These units have great quality and a very reasonable price which adds up to excellent value.

F. Joanne, Oldham

Brand :    apc
Color :    Beige
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    P6W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (Speakers product review) for APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules, SurgeArrest Essential P6W available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $4.63 (was $8.02)
  • Installation:locate the screw hole in the center of the surge protector. remove the screw from the wall outlet plate. plug the unit into the wall outlet and secure it using the screw supplied in the package.
  • When lightning and other conditions cause a power surge, be sure your electronics are protected with an apc wall-mounted surge protector.
  • 6 total power surge protector outlets
  • 1080 joule wall mount surge protector

APC 7-Outlet Surge Protector 1440 Joules, SurgeArrest Essential PE76

Protection working led proactively indicates when protection circuitry is working properly. 7 surge protected outlets defend your valuable electronics from dangerous surges, spikes and lightning.

APC 7-Outlet Surge Protector 1440 Joules, SurgeArrest Essential PE76APC-Protector-SurgeArrest-Essential-PE76

Brand :    apc
Color :    Black
Size :    6' Cord
Weight :    1.21 pounds
  • 7 total power surge protector outlets, 1 block-spaced outlet for larger adapters
  • Lifetime warranty and $50, 000 equipment protection policy provides peace of mind
  • 1440 joule surge protector power strip
  • Recessed power switch
  • 6' cord, shielded and flexible for ease of placement, with a right-angle plug
Price :    $9.99 (was $10.99)
Model :    PE76
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (apc product review) for APC 7-Outlet Surge Protector 1440 Joules, SurgeArrest Essential PE76 available ( Nov 2019 )

belkin 6-outlet surgemaster wall-mount surge protector, 1240 joules f9h620-cw Price : 10, was : 11 as 2018-05-03
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Belkin Surgemaster Wall Mount Protector F9h620 Cw (Power Supplies Or Protection) Reviewed by on

Top belkin surgemaster wall mount protector f9h620 cw (power supplies or protection) Content

The F.A.Q. for belkin 6-outlet surgemaster wall-mount surge protector, 1240 joules f9h620-cw

These are very handy for plugging in major appliances where there isn't a lot of room between the appliance and the wall. I have the stove, washer and dryer, refrigerator, and separate freezer all plugged into these. I recently ordered two more (microwave and dishwasher). I admit it. I'm paranoid about power outages and solar flares. . The only thing i had difficulty with was the stiffness of the surge protector receptacle when trying to get the plug in, but in all honesty, that's probably because i have arthritis in my hands, and i'm getting kinda feeble in my old age. :p anyway, i chose these because i trust the belkin brand. I have big belkin surge suppressors or my computer and tv stuff, and even though we've had some power outages, none of the equipment was damaged. (i don't know if that proves anything, but there it is. ). . How do you give half-stars? i would have given this 4. 5 if i knew the trick of it.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Well these fit side by side in duplex outlets?

(1) Question: Does it support 240v?

(2) Question: What is the purpose of the "red light" and why is the night light weak?

(3) Question: I have a garage door opener for my single garage. is this surge protector with 1045 joules suitable for protecting it?

(4) Question: Where is it made from?

(5) Question: Most of these items have the 'plugs' too close together so all of the 'inlets' they cannot be utilized. is this the same as others? also, is this a 2-prong plug or 3 with ground? thank you all.

(6) Question: How does this plug in the phone line cord? do you need 2 phone cords, one to this unit and still one to phone outlet?

(7) Question: I need this on an outlet with 4 grounded sockets under a plate. would i have to remove the entire plate to install, or just a screw on one socket? thx

(8) Question: Is it 20 amps

(9) Question: Hi, this item works with a fridge?

(10) Question: Will dsl work through this unit?

(11) Question: Does this filter line noise ?

(12) Question: What type of plug does this unit plug into the wall with. is it 3-prong or 2-prong. my house only has outlets for 2-pronged cords.

(13) Question: Does this work for frigidaire 28 cu. ft. refrigerator? 115 volt 60 hertz

(14) Question: How do i install? does the screw stay in? what about the "peg" below plug in?

(15) Question: Can i plug in a power strip into this to run my computer, monitor, and some other small odds and ends?

(16) Question: Does it have a reset button

(note) Question: where/how to get Belkin (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Belkin's products

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I experienced my first computer "death", when, during a storm we had a power surge. I have several other electronics on surge protector strips, but carelessly charged my computer on a non protected outlet. Needless to say, it is in computer "heaven". I purchased this after researching and reading the positive reviews here. Although we have had several major storms since, my new computer is holding up nicely. I like the size of this protector, how nicely it fits against the outlet, and how it does not clash with my decor. I highly recommend it and will be purchasing more.

Computer Accessories & Peripherals 654271, Computers & Accessories 669145, Electronics 282271, Surge Protectors 025167Top Belkin Surgemaster Wall Mount Protector F9h620 Cw (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ Content

Best belkin surgemaster wall mount protector f9h620 cw (power supplies or protection) in review

Fortunately, i don't think they've been required yet. I purchased several of them upon recommendation from a technician who was repairing my refrigerator that was damaged by a power surge from lightning. It did not matter that the fridge was on a gfci outlet. The strike was indirect damaging the refrigerator, garage door opener motor, sprinkler system controller and two tv's (out of four). Why it was selective damage, i have no clue. . He recommended a single-outlet, 900 joule unit with no auxiliary outlets, specifically for applications with appliances. These fit the recommendation. I now have them on all my appliances. I use different units for computers, tv's, phones. Etc. I will soon have a whole-house unit installed at the circuit-breaker box; but, that is much pricier than these individual units. . Aside from the repair/replacement costs, this was a huge inconvenience that could have been avoided with a little foresight.

R. Delgado, Lewisham

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A. Nees, Lambeth says

During a recent utility power outage i switched over to generator power but, unknown to me, the neutral wire in the generator plug had separated. This had the effect of putting 240vac on some of the electrical outlets in the house for a few seconds until i disconnected the generator. The surge took out my refrigerator - which wasn't protected at the time - but all the electronic devices in the house which were plugged into a mastercube survived unscathed. The momentary overload smoked (literally) the mastercubes, but all of them saved the equipment plugged into them. Being a former electrical engineer, i just had to take apart one of the dead units and look inside. I was very pleased to see the quality of the components. Belkin had even covered the varistors inside - one of which was totally burned up - with fire-resistant little "envelopes" to contain any flames which might result from a massive overload. A lot of good engineering went into these little devices, and i ordered several more, including one for my refrigerator and another for my freezer. Better late than never! . . Edit (july 2013): a lightning storm recently hit our telephone line and once again this belkin unit saved me. I have an l-com whole house telephone protector at the service entrance which serves as my primary protection. That got smoked, and the belkin unit inside acting as a secondary protector for my phone and modem gave it's life to protect that equipment. These units have saved me a whole bunch of money and heartache. I just ordered three more!

U. McCarthy, Bedfordshire

Seems like a good surge protector from a good brand - quality appearance and easy to plug in/plug in to (you'd think this basic requirement of a surge protector would be something all protectors would be good at, but you'd be wrong - some are very hard to insert plugs into). I've not yet (to my knowledge) taken a surge that would test it, but i have faith in belkin products, having used them to good results for many years. . One minor drawback - if you're going to use this, you really do need to plan on using the provided screw to attach it directly to the outlet - otherwise, pulling a plug from the surge protector may well have you pull the entire surge protector from the wall. Worth mentioning, but not a reason to avoid buying this. . Note you will need a couple of inches of clearance out from the wall (in addition to any plugs you may add) as this does stick out some.

. Jacqueline, Missouri says

I purchased several of these surge protector plug extenders almost 3 years ago for use in my office and lab. In our offices, they were installed and only occasionally was a plug removed or added. In our lab, they were installed (by screwing them into the plug, not just plugging them in) at 4 work stations. In these stations, they have had plugs inserted and removed numerous times a day as employees at each station used various tools and equipment. The units in the labs have had hundreds upon hundreds of plugs inserted and removed over the last 3 years and we haven't had a single failure yet. Since i would consider the lab units to have been used so much as to be considered "abused" and still have not failed, i wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Yes, there are better surge protector plug extenders available, but for the money, these really can't be beat.

H. Medina, Darlington

It's not super apparent at a glance, but these actually screw into your existing outlet. You remove the outlet cover center screw, leave the plate on, and insert this unit's screw into the plate mount screw hole. It's a little wonky. One benefit of this type of attachment, though, is that you don't have to worry about this bulky unit being knocked out accidentally. It works as well as can be expected, though the materials feel a little low quality to me.

B. Cageen, Buckinghamshire says

This works very well. Belkin makes quality products. This product works great at giving you 6 outlets where you have a wall 2 input outlet. All you have to do is remove your existing outlet plate and stick the belkin surgemaster in. Then it has a screw in the middle which screws in where your outlet plate did. This secures the device so it does not fall out. Plus it acts as a surge protector for electronic devices.

. Marguerite, District of Columbia

The headline is just a psa. I know to buy my surge suppressors new - with used, you don't know how much protection it has left, if any. . This belkin item:. * the photo shows 6 outlets, but they're so close together and face the same direction. So, it's really 4 usable, protected outlets. * it has leds to show if the outlet is grounded, and if there's surge protection left. A must have. * it's bulky. It sticks out from the wall significantly. * it has protection for a landline, if you have one and want to bother protecting that. * in my case, it would be much better to include surge-protected usb chargers. This has none. If it had that, then you'd have fewer usb plugs hogging those outlets. . Deducting a star for the fact that it only provides 4 usable outlets. Sometimes 5 if i have 3 items with plain plugs, like a lamp, alarm clock and fan. I won't deduct a star for the lack of usb charger, but this item is outdated.

X. Guest, Haute-Normandie says

Great product. . Solves the problem of not having outlets, cleanly and easily. . I use these everywhere now, and it makes things so simple. . Durable and sturdy as well. . Perfect for offices, desks, tv/entertainment centers, or any place you are plugging in several things at once. . I have been using several of them for over a year and they are continuing to work great. . Highly recommend.

Q. Shirley, Leicestershire

I live in the colorado mountains at 10000 ft elevation. The house sits on a large rock outcropping just barely covered by dirt. Storms build here before moving out east to the plains. The rock outcropping is a great attractor of lightning. Before using the belkin surge protector we lost many a phone and modem if we forgot to unplug the phone lines. We got hit with lightning last week, enough to rattle the windows, and the surge protector took the hit and protected the phone. I'm sold. I'm buying two more, one to replace the old one and one spare. Its a lot cheaper to replace the surge protector than the phone.

I. Julie, City of Kingston upon Hull says

Have had this only for a few weeks. I'm pretty sure its as good as the rest. We live in an area where our at&t phone lines are regularly shot through w electricity from lighting striking - somewhere. It's about twice a year and we just can't catch it fast enough - we're asleep - we're out of the house. Last surge protector lasted 4 months. Since at&t put the phone lines down we've fried 2 ethernet cards, 4 at&t modems and now about 6 surge protectors. Surge protectors are important as each time at&t said they didn't owe us a modem and each time we have to beg our case until they give us one. We've been buying surge protectors that include outlets for electricity and phone lines but they're starting to pile up. After a storm they still function for the electrical outlets but not for the phone line. Our new plan is to buy these outlet wall mounted surge protectors for a fourth of the price of the whole surge outlets we've been buying and toss them with less fretting after the storms.

Z. Cathy, Wiltshire

I bought 2 of these-one for a wall phone at my house and one for my elderly aunt who lives in another town. My elderly aunt loved phones with answering machines but stated that she had lost everyone of them due to lightening strikes. Because i love my aunt and wanted to do something for her that would give her pleasure, i bought her a digital phone with an answering machine & one of these phone surge protectors to protect her new phone. That was 6 months ago. . Two days ago we had strong winds, thunderstorms and tornadoes in the area that we live in. My aunt called me the next day about in tears and told me that she did not want any more digital phones with answering machines because she had just lost another one. I asked her how she knew she had lost it. She said she was in the next room when she heard a very loud pop and when she checked her phone there was no dial tone-but the phone itself lit up. Now you have to understand my aunt is in her 70s and doesn't understand about how technical things work. I could not make her understand how to check the phone without the surge suppressor to see if the phone was still working. Since she lives out of town from me i could not do it myself. When she first got this phone surge protector she had a friend of hers, who is retired from the phone company, to install the protector for her-that is how little she knew about how to hook one up. So when she called me and i could not make her understand how to check out the phone without the surge protector, i then told her to call her friend that retired from the phone company and get him back to her house & get him to check the phone out. She called this morning, all happy, and said that her friend had checked the phone out without the surge protector and that the phone worked perfectly. So the lighting strike had come in on her phone line and not on the electrical line and had blown out the phone circuitry. Now her question to me is how does she get another one of these surge protector-it made a believer out of her! so i will be ordering her another one of these as soon as i finish this review.

S. Aldana, Western Australia says

 i had a dual-outlet in my basement and one in my outdoor (enclosed) sun room patio whatever that were almost pure rust. You plug something in and with any effort it'll slide right back out. Pretty sure the sun room one had things living in it. Well, i remove the plastic outlet cover, and the metal one from the sun room one, and screw one of these into each. Now i have 6 secure outlets, no rust, and they're surge protected. Nice.

T. Whiteman, North Dakota says

Bought this to increase the number of plugs and protect my electronics. Installed in 2 minutes by unscrewing outlet cover from a standard 2-plug outlet, placing this over it, and screwing it into the normal outlet cover hole. The longer screw is provided. Electronics connected were an led hdtv, cable box, sling box, bluetooth transmitter and a micro usb for general charging of various devices (phones, speakers, etc. ). Worked fine without any problems for over a year. One of those things you forget are even there, which is exactly what you want. . Last night something happened with our power. I came home to find our block with no power and our local energy company working on something down the street. Talking to some of the neighbors it sounds like there were several power surges before the power went completely out. 2 of my neighbors said their tvs "blew up" when the surges were happening. . The next morning when power was restored i checked out my tv. The surge protector was dead. It sacrificed itself to safe everything plugged into it which is exactly what i bought it to do. All my electronics worked perfectly fine once i removed the surge protector and plugged them into the wall. I couldn't ask for anything more from this product. It cost me about $15 (can't remember exact price i paid) and saved me $2k+. . I didn't see a place to access and replace a fuse inside the surge protector so i can't tell you if the whole thing was completely fried or if it just blew a fuse. I'm sure i could pop open the housing and take a look but i'm so happy with its performance i'm not even going to bother trying to replace. I will gladly purchase another and probably many more in the future. . If you're considering buying this product i can tell you without a doubt it works.

G. Candy, Midi-Pyrenees

Has decent build quality and supports screwing into a socket which is a plus for heavy cables. Only reason why i made this into a 4 star is really just my personal wants and that's to have outlets that turn 45 degrees. They have an outlet that supports it but it doesn't come in white. Another one is having a phone and modem port. I would rather have an internet port or usb port but this design is a couple of years old so it's fine. It does its main purpose and overall i would buy another if i need one.

M. Angelica, Cheshire says

I love these! i had others that don't screw in the outlet and they were always falling off. Problem solved easy to use, just screw them in the existing hole where you remove the outlet cover screw. Voila, they are perfect.

. Eva, Warrington

Having been struck by power spikes through the (dsl) phone line several time before, i used this to provide more protection to downstream equipment (i. E. My router). Shortly after i installed this on my dsl line, i was again hit by a strong power spike - strong enough to cause a popping sound in this device, and to cause scorch marks on the modular connectors on the phone lines going into and out of this device. I *think* the scorching was cause by a blown capacitor which was positioned above the modular phone line connectors. Anyway, the downstream devices were unharmed, and this device died to save them. $9 well spent, i'd say.

C. Clara, Barnet says

Woke up today at 530am to the sound of beeping uninterpretable power supplies (ups). Thought there was a power outage. Nope. Had a nice big power spike. Thanks baltimore gas and electric! (bge). Several breakers were tripped. And 5 surge protectors blew. 3 were these belkin surgecubes. They gave their life to protect my new washing machine, side by side fridge, and a garage door opener. All these devices continue to function. Would have had huge repair bills to fix those. I am getting 5 more to replace the failed ones. Cheeeeeaaapp protection! nuff said. These cubes protected just as well as a tripp lite 3800 joule which also died in that surge. Had a surge in december too. Lost an alarm panel, and had to pay 300+ to replace a defrost module in that same fridge. That module would probably would have burned again if i didnt have a surgecube on it. All the new fridges have very expensive motherboards now. You better protect it. Called bge, not very helpful. They need to check the transformer next to my driveway. They assigned a case number. Who knows when and if they will check it. . Edit: had a very experienced electrician check my homes wiring. All perfect. Bge did a load test on the transformer. No problems found. Said call them if i have a problem. Yeah ok. All burnt surge protectors have been replaced. So i guess i'm ready for the next surge. Hopefully.

K. Alberta, Windsor and Maidenhead

I like belkin products, used various types for many years. So i have faith that this will protect what i plug into it as promised. . Installs easily with just a slotted screw driver. . The problems i had are:. The unit still wobbles a bit after the fastening screw is tightened. And pushing plugs in and removing them is difficult. Very tight, probably more so because of the wobble. And of course, the outlets are spaced so closely that you cannot fill this with 6 over sized plugs. But i filled in with two "skinny" lamp plugs. . Belkin makes another wall mount, also sold on online store, with the outlets spaced sideways top to bottom along the sides. Currently, it is about twice the cost i paid for this one. But i will try that one next, since it appears that it will be more useful.

O. Neva, Yukon Territory says

Installed 2 of these one as a redundant solution to an existing one and another for a separate av/tv room. I was able to remove the wall plate screw only leaving it in place and installing this over the plate, securing it and the plate together. Which makes it look more aesthetically right. I see no reason for this to affect its performance. . Something some may not like is that this has l. E. D. S indicating power, and ground. Not overly bright but some may find it distracting were the plug is visible. But assures you that its working. . Overall build quality feels about a 9/10 . I only worry that this type of plastic may turn color over time, which only time will tell.

V. Dorothy, Sandwell

Fits well. It leaves enough room for another cord to be plugged in. See picture this is a good single outlet protector.

E. Cecilia, Tameside says

I have always needed a 6 for 2 outlet expander in almost every room. Due to constant removal of plugs, the outlets become loose over time. If you have outlets that don't grip the plug tightly (like at my house) this solves the problem. It actually screws into the wall outlet, replacing the center screw in your outlet face plate with their own deep screw. This won't separate from the wall unless you remove the screw. So you get 4 additional outlets, a surge protector, and your devices don't become unplugged. Amazing.

. Alexia, Wirral

I purchased several of these in january 2013 to connect computers & printers, tvs, emergency radios (which i run 24/7), lamps, portable fans and portable heaters, a two burner electric hot plate, and a mini fridge. They re sturdy, never wobbly, easy to install, and doesn t move around once put in place. And even though we ve had numerous blackouts there s been no damage to any of the electronics plugged into any belkin adapter. Keep in mind power surges after blackouts is common and power surges can ruin appliances and electronics. It might not kill an appliance completely, but it can do damage that keeps it from working properly so surge protection is a must if you don t want to replace your electronics. . They were very easy to install (just remove the screw from your current outlet cover, keep the outlet cover in place, plug in the belkin surgemaster, screw it on using the screw that comes with the adapter). If you don t have an outlet cover it will still work, but not recommended since the top of the outlet will have a small space where dust can get in. See my photos, showing i used it with the outlet cover in place, so you can see how much of the outlet cover is sticking out over the top. That's about how much of a hole you'll have if you don't keep the cover plate in place with the adapter. Not advised since dust can get in and that's bad for any wiring. . I can easily plug in 6 items. If the plug has an adapter attached (a small box at the prongs) you can plug in two with adapters and 4 regular 3-prong cords. . I ve purchase cheap surge protectors, in the past, years ago, and they died after a few months, so now i only buy belkin or targus. I recommend you don t buy cheap or no-name electronic products if you want to be sure of quality.

F. Anderson, Brandenburg says

Purchased this device primarily to provide more receptacle capacity. Units without surge protection are cheaper but opted for a surge protection device for the small difference in cost. Plugs into standard 2 outlet wall plug and is attached to the wall by the center screw which replaces the shorter cover screw. Works great for lamp cords with standard 2 or 3 prong plug. Power supply adapters will most likely overlap the adjacent receptacle next to or below. Have never had a power surge significant enough to take out a device or the surge protector.

Top surgemaster wallmount surge protector Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Guest, Warwickshire says

Belkin surge protector quit working after 2 months. Belkin confirmed that it was defective; however, they expected me to pay for return shipping. I do not agree with their policy since the item is defective and not damaged.

U. Brenda, Buckinghamshire

Couldn't tel you if it works or not. The first day i got it i plugged it in and suddenly there was a strong burning smell. Safe to say i didn't feel safe therefore i unplugged it

D. Audrey, Washington says

I've purchased this surge protector believing in belkin brand and hoping that it will have a long life span. We do not suffer from any power shortage or lightening here in my state so my main idea was to get a surge protector "just in case". I've directly connected to it my energy star lg fridge, electric kettle and power cord for electric ignition gas stove (which consumes almost zero electricity). In 3 weeks i found that this belkin surge protector is dead and my freezer has wonderful melting ice and self-defrosting food :-) the white box did not have any visible damages or smell of melted plastic, it simply stopped working. If i would like to believe that belkin saved my fridge, then i've had the best $9 spent ever. But if i have to replace the same $8. 45 surge protector every 3 weeks then it gets costly. The good thing about belkin brand is that they promise to cover your damages in case if their product was not able to avoid damages happened. I might consider to give one more try and order another one. Maybe my unit was defective from day one and another one will work just fine? only time will tell.

G. Maria, Gateshead

Bought two of these to protect electronics and because of the supposed $50, 000 property guarantee. Won't know for sure if they work until a power surge occurs, i do know that the guarantee is not worth the paper it is printed on. There are so many loopholes and conditions that it will be almost impossible to meet the requirements for reimbursement. Things like the original sales receipt of your products, shipping the item at your expense for examination, receiving the lower of original cost or current value, reimbursement amount lowered by any insurance proceeds received, filing within 15 days of the surge event, etc. I give this product 4 stars for the functionality and 1 star for the guarantee.

F. Meyer, Barnet says

I bought this "protector" about a year ago about one month before i bought my $3, 000 projector. I thought about protection before i purchased my projector because it was very important i didn't lose what i spent my hard earned money. The warranty claim of belkin and great reviews were hard to pass up. And a hard lesson that words on a piece of paper do not mean much. . "the story":. One night i was watching tv on my projector when a storm rolled in and lightning struck near by. The lights in the room went out then back on within a second. The audio through my receiver was still playing along with the dvr, all of which was on a separate surge protector. The projector, however, never came back on, it was dead, the surge protector was still on. Both lights still going as if nothing happened. In my home i have 3 tvs, 3 computers, 2 a/v receivers and several more expensive electrical components on multi-outlet surge protectors. *nothing* was touched except for the projector on this dedicated single-outlet surge protector. . The claim to belkin was sent in within the 15 days required, along with the surge protector (still working), the purchase receipt of both the protector and projector to show the sole purpose of the purchase was for just such an occasion. Also sent to them was the professional repair diagnosis and repair estimate ($1, 500 parts alone), the power supply was dead as well as the main circuit board. This was also proof the damage occurred through the outlet and not some magical event. Belkin ran their tests and simulated *minor* surges and found no issues and therefore were not liable. They even sent back the exact protector so i could continue to use it. Very thoughtful. . Long story short, don't *ever* expect to make a claim with belkin and receive compensation for a failure to protect your equipment. There is no honor in this company and i will *never* buy belkin again. I have never had a failure before and i hope no one has to go through such an expensive trial and error as i have.

P. Guest, Maine

I guess it works, but i was hoping that it'd be able to surge-protect a 50 inch tv. Probably my fault for buying the wrong product, but i didn't find this out until it was past the return timeframe. Darn. Make sure you buy something that will protect whatever appliance you're looking to protect. This one is too weak for anything larger than 30 inches i believe.

T. Pearson, Tasmania says

I have several of these installed in my home, and ordered another. It arrived defective; the two green lights would not light. I tested it in another outlet, and got the same result. So i called belkin at the number provided in the instructions, where i spent 15 minutes on hold before hanging up. They called me back, and offered a different number that i could call. I declined and instead followed the online store return process. I checked the "defective" option, and finished quickly. I've been satisfied with the other belkin surge suppressors i have purchased, but i'm not impressed with belkin's customer service. If you get a defective unit, don't call belkin. Instead, use the online store return process.

V. Shirley, Alaska

I had similar items purchased at an ace hardware store years ago. The one from ace could be used on a receptacle with face plate removed and the wall opening was totally covered. I have a bedroom receptacle where a surge protector is needed that is missing its face plate so i figured i'd buy this instead of a face plate. Unfortunately this one is designed so that when plugged in it is not centered on the receptacle so the gap in the wall still shows. I don't get why it's made this way but it is. It must be used in conjunction with a face plate otherwise the gap around the receptacle will be visible.

. Beale, Kingston upon Thames says

I bought 3 of these for the kitchen and bathroom. . One of the outlets died after 3 weeks. The unit normally has a green light and the light went out. Could not get any power through the outlets. No reset button. Only good news is it's less than 30 days so i could ship it back to online store for a refund. . I have a dozen of surge protectors, some of which have lasted for years. This is the first time i have had a surge protector croak on me. I bought this for the price and the belkin brand and expect better reliability. . Edit: now one of the other protectors has also died after 2-3 months of use. Unit no longer lights up or provides power and i'm outside of the 30 day return window. Manufacturer warranty is meaningless when the shipping cost is as much as the price of a new one. Piece of junk. . Edit 2: after looking at other wall surge protectors nearly all of them are made so they become useless as soon as it trips. Unlike larger surge protectors where you can reset them with a push of a button these smaller protectors only work once. I would not use this for hair dryers, portable heaters, or other high wattage items. You are better off buying a wall tap.

. Morgan, Leicestershire

This wall mount surge protector was so bulky. It comes out from the wall a good 1 1/2" - 2" so anything in front of it has to be moved out consideraby. Or you could put it in a power socket without covering it with furniture or an appliance and you are now showing 6 cords coming from it like an octopus. . I ended up giving mine away to my adult son. . We are sticking with a regular surge protector bar. It can be mounted on a wall if needed but is usually better on a floor or countertop hiding behind furniture on the floor or behind an appliance (microwave) where it isn't seen.

O. Valencia, Suffolk says

Belkin is a name i trust when it comes to surge protection, but i am super disappointed in this product (the 1045 joule rating version). I was looking for a surge protector outlet extender to put in my kitchen for when i've got the electric pressure cooker or a slow cooker going and also need to run the hand mixer and possibly another tool - so that i wouldn't have to unplug and re-plug back and forth between the tools i need to use in the same time period. Plus, i keep a water distiller plugged into that outlet since it's a pain to plug and unplug all the time - and living in central florida with all the lightning that we get, that is the main reason why i want a surge protector and not just some small outlet extender. When i plugged this into the wall outlet, i found that due to the prongs on the back being at one end of the item instead of towards the middle, an inch or more of my open outlet showed over top of it. Out of desperation, i tried leaving my outlet covers on as some claimed they did, but the screw was not long enough and the surge protector would fall out of my wall (nothing plugged into it yet). I have finally figured out a place i can use it in another room where it will be behind something, so the exposed outlet area showing above it won't be a huge eyesore. But now i have to find some other surge protector that i *can* use in my kitchen.

. Rochelle, Alabama

You'll need to remove the outlet plate screw and replace with the screw on the device. It's still not long enough for a tight connection. With everything plugged in-yes adapter plugs and apple large plugs but that's what we need- it blinks as not fully connected and pulls away from the wall as if the plugs are too heavy when all are used. I was expecting more quality. I didn't want to remove the plate permanently in a obvious location which would be ugly. Any standard 6 plug outlet replacement over the plate from the grocery store for $6 will do the same so not really worth it.

W. Clara, Nottingham says

I have purchased two of these units they are not as pictured or descibed. . I will still give this 3 stars because still a 6 outlet surge protector by belkin with comparable joules rating. . Why i take away 2 stars when purchased. For one star removed neither unit had a phone jack surge on the unit primary purchase for one of these units. . The reason for removal of a second star one came packaged as a new item another was just thrown in the box with no package and appeared to be used to make it better it was doa. I had to contact belking rather than online store and belkin just sent me out a new replacement unit the following day and they advised me these models are the same with 2 diferences one major is the phone surge and the second a diferent color diode for indication of protection and ground.

Z. Suzanne, Auvergne

Be aware this does not sit flush with the wall. There is no recess on the back to accommodate the receptacle which protrudes beyond the wall. It will sit out 1/4" - 3/8" leaving a gap for dust and an unprofessional looking installation. What were their engineers thinking?

A. Theresa, Westminster says

I bought this item for two reasons. To expand 2 outlets into 6, and to protect my hdtv and ps4 from surges. I am assuming it's doing its job as far as surges go. Been working fine since it was installed. However, when i went to install it to the outlet i had a problem. . This sp (surge protector) has a screw in the center that screws to the electrical box in the wall. After taking off the outlets face-plate, i screwed the sp to the outlet in place of the face plate. When it was fully attached i had a gaping 1-inch opening at the top of the sp that didn't fully cover up the entire outlet opening. The outlets face plate covered it up, but this device extends more downward and leaves uncovered space towards the top. . I obviously had to screw the face plate back on. I also tried to screw the sp to the outlet with the face plate on. The screw wasn't long enough to grab the threads of the outlet. So as it sits now, the sp is just plugged-in over the face plate but not screwed in. The screw is nice to have attached because it stops the entire sp from pulling out of the wall when you go to unplug something. . I bought this model because it was cheap, had the amount of joule protection i needed and sits behind the entertainment center so i don't need it to be visually appealing. But if you want a better sp that fits the outlet nicely, i would recommend the "belkin surgeplus 6-outlet wall mount surge protector with dual usb ports (2. 1 amp / 10 watt). " i own that one as well and it fully covers the outlet without the face plate and has 2 built-in usb ports to charge cell phones and keep them protected from surges. It's a little more than this unit, but worth it. Make sure to go with the 2. 1 amp, 10 watt version if you plan on plugging smart phones in to the usb ports. If you get the 1 amp version it will take forever to charge. . Hope you enjoyed reading my review of a sp ; ). Please "like" my review because i'm trying to get into the online store vine program where they send you items to review. Thanks, and have a nice day.

M. Alexia, Missouri

Item is defective. Instruction paper that came with it was for a completely different item. The surge protector plugged into the outlet, but i couldn't plug anything into the surge protector. Something was blocking the holes where the plug prongs should be inserted.

I. Claudia, Hounslow says

Dead after 2 1/2+ yrs! purchased dec. 2014 for $27. 50 (now $7. 50). Don't know how well it would have protected our panasonic counter-top microwave, unfortunately it died when my wife was heating green-beans. Our home is new (2010) and this is a dedicated receptacle for the microwave. It shut down and i thought the circuit breaker at the panel box tripped, but the receptacle had power. No, the belkin surge cube just died . In about 34 months. It wasn't a surge, it just died during use. Protect your investment! control boards are delicate and can be wiped out in an instant with a single power surge. I'm an appliance repairman by trade and recommend customers use them on all new appliances. It's not uncommon for modern appliances to have 2 or 3 control boards for different purposes, including the user interface (ui) controls. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges and microwaves all use them. Especially otr (over the range) microwaves; most plug in to a receptacle inside your cabinet. Too many repair companies will not work on microwaves these days, and can be a real pain to replace. Again protect your investment. I'll replace this protector with another brand. Maybe not one so inexpensive.

J. Stacey, Wiltshire

I cancelled my order on 2 other surge protector options before going with this product. I made the wrong move, i should've went with my first mind. I bought this because i wanted a surge protector for my laptop only to find out that it doesn't even securely fit into the 3-prong receptacle. This makes no sense to me. The 3 holes are not deep enough for my adapter to fit all the way in. Not only that but i tried other electronic items and it was the same result. I just totally wasted my money.

Y. Judith, Southampton says

I believe it works, to some extent. Protected my equipment from power surge during storm, but then the grounding light went out, not the protected light. Called belkin support for assistance, they had me send it in for replacement. I haven't heard from them since. For the price, still a decent product (i bought the same one to replace the one belkin has taken).

. Veronica, Kent

I have pairs of outlets in nearly every room in the house where 1 of them is connected to the light switch on the wall, the other is straight power. An old surge protector i have has 2 sets of prongs on the back for the top and bottom outlets. So the top 3 go to the top outlet. The bottom 3 go to the bottom outlet. This still allows me to use the wall switch along with straight power but i get 3 outlets for each. Unfortunately this unit is not setup that way. It only has 1 set of prongs for the top outlet and simply covers up the bottom one. Meaning i am going to lose one of those outlet options by using this. It works fine otherwise, but this setup really limits how i intended to use this device.

L. Anonymous, Bretagne says

I purchased a few of these surge protectors about three years ago. One stopped lighting up and no electricity was being supplied. When we took it out of the wall, one of the prongs was burnt. The others are working fine. I don t think there was a surge on this one because only one of the prongs was dark. Please check yours occasionally to make sure it s ok to prevent a possible fire.

X. Julia, British Columbia

It didn't center on the outlet. The top of the outlet showed above the belkin. I expected it would the outlet completely, top and bottom, left and right. Was of no use to me as designed. Had the product description shown a picture of the rear of the product i wouldn't have ordered it. I would have been able to see that the "prongs" were not aligned to do what i wanted. Poor product design.

C. Colleen, South Dakota says

As soon as i plugged it in it sparked, blackens/chard the outlet and melted the metal plate cover. I've always been a fan of belkin products and i'm hoping this was just a bad one.

K. Finch, Louisiana

If you're going to design a wall mounted multi-outlet device that is intended to replace the cover plate, the least you could do is make it long enough to cover the opening in the wall. The bottom of the device doesn't extend far enough, so you're left looking at 1/2" of ugly, cut drywall around the junction box. I guess one could leave the cover plate on, but then it would still look funky with the cover plate sticking out the bottom. . In a nutshell, functional, but best used with outlets hidden behind furniture.

. Wayt, Ontario says

The outlets i have been using this surge protector for don't have the part where the screw is supposed to be used for. Therefore, whenever i would attempt to plug it into an outlet, the nub that is supposed to hold the surge protector in place would prevent me from plugging it in all the way. I had to get a sharp pair of scissors and cut the nub down to be able to plug the surge protector in securely. I still use it occasionally because i don't like the long power strips hanging from the wall, but i am worried i am not using this surge protector safely.

N. Alice, Harrow

So, why create a wall mount that does not cover up the opening for the ac outlet? you can see in my pictures the difference in a no-name, typical mount and the belkin. After removing the plate and inserting the belkin the outlet is not fully covered, because of the position of the prongs on the back of the belkin. They are placed higher. I had to leave the cover plate on, which i hadn't planned to do. Am i not seeing something, here?

S. Carrie, Durham says

Sadly the included screw is too short. So i removed the decorate plate, put on a 47cent plain flat plate and was able to get the screw to work. I still think belkin could have used a long enough screw. It would have added a penny or two to the cost thus the 3 star rating

E. Eva, Rochdale

Bought two of these to use for some electronics since power goes out quite a bit here. Watching tv and one of them suddenly shut down everything plugged into it for no apparent reason and an odd smell came from one of the outlets. I would have thought it was a surge, except the rest of the house was not affected (including another outlet with same surgemaster wall mount). Appeared to have fried my wifi modem, but it later began to work. The belkin is now completely non-functional.

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