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Price was $14.98. I was looking for something that i could use to expand my outlet in the kitchen that would also have usb connections in it. This is a great little product. The only thing i would mention is that you are able to turn it one way or the other, so you can put it vertically or horizontally. So you decide which way you'd like to install it, swivel the plug one way or the other, and plug it in. Others said it swiveled a bit hard, but i didn't think it was too difficult. Could depend on the protector itself, maybe some are a little tighter than others. You do have to push it into the wall outlet though because it does tend to be a bit heavy. I think it was worth having though and it is what i was looking for. Nice to take along on vacation!

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Surgeplus usb swivel surge protector charger power strip 3 ac outlets, 2 usb ports 2.1 amp / 10 watt rotating surge protection wherever you go add outlets and peace of mind on business trips and vacations the belkin 3-outlet mini surge protector. plug it into any wall outlet for extra outlets -belkin surgeplus usb swivel surge protector charger power strip 3 ac outlets, 2 usb ports 2.1 amp / 10 watt rotating plug

  • Quality: Portable: Lightweight, Cordless Design Makes This Great For Travel! . Joule Rating: 918j.
  • Quality: Faster Charging: The Two Usb Ports Deliver 2. 1 Amps Of Shared Power To Each Port For Faster Charging Of Usb-a Powered Devices.

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After two years of use, this is still my go to travel charger. I have a long usb charger i wrap around it and i'm set. The extra plugs are nice in hotels where you want to plug in your laptop and whatnot and must share it with a lamp etc. I keep my android phone charged with it just fine. . Big tip: you can twist the prongs sideways! i didn't realize this for a long time and the usb plugs would annoyingly block part of the socket. In the attached photo it's twisted sideways. I pretty much keep it sideways now permanently. The Best surgeplus usb swivel surge protector ( Apr 2020 ) | Belkin-Power Supplies Or Protection Review Quality Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Surge Protector and Charger (Power strip with 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt) and rotating plug Compact and convenient: charge 3 ac powered devices or 2 usb a powered devices from 1 ac wall mounted surge protector.. Portable: lightweight, cordless design makes this great for travel! . joule rating: 918j. Faster charging: the two usb ports deliver 2. 1 amps of shared power to each port for faster charging of usb-a powered devices.. Easy access: 360-degree rotating plug provides easy access to extra charging in small spaces.. Surge protection: the 3 ac outlets provides surge protection for against electrical spikes (918 joules).. Space saver: this small surge protector takes up minimal room and provides a ledge to display or store your device.. In use indicator: the "protected" indicator light turns green to show your devices are grounded.. Durable construction: damage-resistant housing protects circuits from fire, impact or rust, and prevents dents and scratches. Protected by belkin's connected equipment warranty of up to $75, 000. 00. .

Belkin Surgeplus Usb Swivel Surge Protector And Charger Power Strip With 3 Ac Outlets, 2 Usb Ports 2.1 Amp / 10 Watt And Rotating Plug Review (bst300)

This is a review for the belkin 3-outlet surgeplus mini travel swivel charger surge protector with dual usb ports (2. 1 amp / 10 watt), bst300 by belkin. . I put this device to the test this week and i'm very happy with the results. It's especially good for awkward angles and for consolidating the charging of your electronics while traveling. . - be sure to check the specs for the charger's dimensions to make sure it's a size you're happy with. - the swivel feature on the plug works just as i'd hoped it would. It perfectly simplifies connectivity issues in hotel rooms. - i appreciate the sturdy construction and the size is appropriate for the features provided. - the prongs on the swivel head plug have a snug-fitting cover which keeps it from snagging on garments. - there's a handy "active" light on the front so you're insured you're charging from a live receptacle. - power surge protection. - three ac outlets, 2 usb ports. . If this review was helpful to you, please check "yes" below. Thanks! -V. Guest

Belkin Surgeplus Protector Charger Rotating

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Belkin
  • Color: White And Gray
  • EAN: 0722868883426
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:7.20 inches
    Length:2.20 inches
    Weight:2.00 pounds
    Width:5.16 inches
  • Manufacturer: Belkin Inc.
  • Model: BST300
  • MPN: BST300
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: BST300
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Size: 3 Outlet
  • UPC: 722868883426
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty

surgeplus usb swivel surge protector charger power strip 3 ac outlets, 2 usb ports 2.1 amp / 10 watt rotating Speakers, Surge protection wherever you go add outlets and peace of mind on business trips and vacations with the belkin 3-outlet mini surge protector. plug it into any wall outlet for extra outlets without extra cords. the 360-degree swivel feature makes it easy to fit in small spaces. two powered usb ports offer convenient one-source charging for your mobile devices. safeguard your devices voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage your computer and peripherals and degrade overall performance. belkin's wall mount surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption and system crashes. powered usb ports are intended solely for charging devices. they cannot be used as a usb hub and they do not transmit data. Belkin Surgeplus Protector Charger Rotating (BST300-Belkin).

Belkin Surgeplus Protector Charger Rotating Speakers

  • The person who built our house decided to wire it in a way that the top switches in each room are controlled by a light switch. Every last one of them. So, needless to say, we have to plug most things into the lower outlets, resulting in us needing lots of outlet extenders and surge protectors. This is the only non-hanging surge protector we've found that actually allows us full use of the top outlet when it's plugged into the bottom outlet. Most others are just too bulbous, blocking at least 1/4 of the top outlet when plugged into the bottom. Why would you do this, manufacturers? why? . . Anyway, we're very pleased that this product has avoided that little design flaw, and being able to rotate it is a really neat perk! plus, the usb ports make it really easy to charge phones and other electronics. Couldn't be more satisfied!
  • So far so good, doing it's job. I had a nest cam go out in a power surge and thankfully it was still under warranty but i immediately wanted to find a small affordable power surge protector so it wouldn't happen again. Power has gone off and back on a few times but no issues with my nest so seems to be working. It was a little bigger than i thought from the picture but still smaller than one that sits on the floor. It looks great and is easy to access the plugs. Win win win. Hope this helps!
  • I got this assuming i'd be able to charge two usb devices at once. That's not the case. When i plug in both a smartphone and an (ancient) ipod touch, it switches power back and forth between the two devices, making them constantly beep as they toggle between "unplugged" and "charging. " and yesterday in my hotel room when i tried to charge both my phone and battery pack overnight? it didn't fill either device. Overnight! my phone went from 15% up to 84% and my battery pack stayed at a miserable 25%. Once upon a time this was a great charger, but it can't keep up with today's devices.
  • Pros:.  compact and substantial (it's got some heft to it). Swivel plug (use the button on the bottom). Cons:. The 2. 1 amps is shared between both usb slots. A tad pricey at $17. 50, especially for only 2. 1 amps combined. . I would recommend this only if you're charging one device or typically don't have to worry about charge time if charging 2 devices. Combined 2. 1 amps means that if you have more than one device charging you will have a slower charge rate and thus a longer charge time. This is why i gave it 3 stars. I don't know why belkin (or anyone else) would even make them this way without a full 2. 1 amps per port! for quick charging phones and tablets! many makers and models have this shortcoming. However, in my case i didn't check the description carefully enough (or it's since been changed), and i only needed one port, but i still would have liked the extra capacity just in case.
  • As other reviews have stated, the usb output is way too low for modern devices. My galaxy note ii lost power even as it was supposed to be charging on one of the ports (nothing else plugged in to usb at the time) because the total output of this unit is only 500ma over usb. That was fine 5-10 years ago, but not anymore. Most modern phones need at least 1 full amp to charge properly, some even need more, and tablets (including galaxy and ipad) need anywhere from 1. 8-2. 5 amps, depending on the model. So the only way many of these devices will charge on this outlet is if they are turned off while charging, as normal standby power consumption may still be higher than the output of this charger. So, caveat emptor folks. . As a standard grounded power strip, it's awesome that this unit is not only compact, but also swivels on its plug to fit around furniture, corners, etc. Even though the usb sucks, that's still a great feature to have in an outlet multiplier like this.

surgeplus usb swivel surge protector Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Surge Protector and Charger (Power strip with 3 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt) and rotating plug (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I can't say i've ever loved a power strip before, but i love this little thing. I bought this before going on a cruise, knowing from experience that most cruise ship cabins have a limited number of outlets. I'm half of a "techie" couple, and we have a lot of gadgets to plug in. This was everything we needed in one small package. It allowed us to charge both our phones, both of our computers and a camera separately or all at once. Best money i've spent on a travel accessory in quiet some time. I especially like it because the actually plug swivels, so you can set it up in any orientation you want to accommodate wherever the outlet is (for example, if the outlet is very close to a surface, or in a corner between two walls. Well worth the money.

Belkin Surgeplus Usb Swivel Surge Protector Charger Power Strip 3 Ac Outlets, 2 Usb Ports 2.1 Amp / 10 Watt Rotating Plug
Click to see NoticeBelkin Surgeplus Protector Charger Rotating (bst300)"We ordered three of these outlets. We gave two of them to two of our children who are in college. There are never enough electrical outlets in a college dorm room so these were perfect for them. On top of giving each of them more outlets for their electronics and appliances, it gave them two charger ports for their laptops and phones. Perfect! . . My wife and i kept one to use in our cabin when we cruise. In cruise ship cabins, there is only one outlet which is highly insufficient. This gave us plenty of places for my wife's hairdryer, curling iron, and other appliances while also allowing us to charge our cell phones without taking up the outlets. I cannot say enough good things about this product!"

(0) Question: Are the usbs 2. 0 or 3. 0? thanks!

(1) Question: Will this work on a cell phone and digital camera?

(2) Question: What's the difference between the 5 watt and 10 watt? i'm unsure of which one to get.

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360 Electrical 36053 Power Curve Mobile Surge Protector Rotating Outlet USB Ports

Maximize your charging capacity while on the road with the power curve mobile surge protector from 360 electrical. Compact yet powerful - this cleverly designed charger includes 2 rotating outlets to accommodate large adaptors for smart phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices. In addition, there are two usb ports for additional charging options . Protect your gadgets at home and on the road with 306 joules of advanced surge technology.

360 Electrical 36053 Power Curve Mobile Surge Protector Rotating Outlet USB Ports360-Electrical-36053-Protector-Rotating

Brand :    360 electrical
Color :    White and Gray
Size :    2-Outlet + 2-USB
Weight :    0.38 pounds
  • Easy fold plug lays flat for travel convenience and no bulk in a backpack, briefcase or carry-on
  • 360 degree rotating outlets for flexibility with giant plugs - just fully insert the plug and turn to fit
  • Green grounded light lets you know if the outlet you're using is grounded, blue light indicates that your device is properly protected
  • Two usb outlets to charge smartphones, ipods, ipads, tablets, etc. with 5v and 10w total output
  • Advanced surge protection of 306 joules and a maximum spike current of 36000a
Price :    $17.76
Model :    36053
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (360 electrical product review) for 360 Electrical 36053 Power Curve Mobile Surge Protector Rotating Outlet USB Ports available ( Apr 2020 )

Basics 3-Outlet Surge Protector 2 USB Ports

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value. an online store brand.

Basics 3-Outlet Surge Protector 2 USB PortsAmazonBasics-3-Outlet-Surge-Protector-Ports

Price :    $9.99
  • Sleek space-saving design; ideal for home, office, or travel
  • Cetlus listed for safety; led protection indicator lights up when connected to an outlet
  • Includes 2 usb ports-a 1. 0a usb and 2. 4a usb (great for charging a smartphone and tablet)
  • Keeps plugged-in devices safe from excess voltage during an ac power surge
  • 3-outlet surge-protector wall tap with 900 joules of surge protection
Brand :    basics
Color :    White
Size :    3-Outlet
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    CU23011W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (basics product review) for Basics 3-Outlet Surge Protector 2 USB Ports available ( Apr 2020 )

Strongman Magnets Powerful 25LB Neodymium Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks 5 Pack +3M Non Scratch Stickers Multi Use Indoor/Outdoor Hook Magnets Declutter Add Storage Now

Powerful, small and extremely lightweight 25lb neodymium magnetic hooks! - are you sick of clutter? - are you fed up of not having enough storage space? - fed up and ready to take action? if the answer is yes, we have the product that you need! no glue, no nails, instant storage solution! - can be used anywhere in the home, garage, office or as a travel accessory wherever there is a magnetic surface- hundreds of uses perfect for kitchen utensils, shed tools, filing cabinets, child safety, mechanics, wiring, washing lines, removing nails/screws, steel doors, hanging lights, decorations, cruises, the refrigerator and so much more! - made from high grade (n38) neodymium. Neodymium is a rare earth metal and is the strongest magnetic material in the world!  small, lightweight and extremely strong. - dimensions: base 20mm, height 15mm (without hook), height with hook 35mmour bonus just for you! - 5 magnets in the pack (competitors usually give 4)- 5 free 3m protective stickers provided to protect against surface damage- lifetime guarantee!  our products are extremely high quality and are checked during and after production for quality. However, at any point, if you decide that you are unhappy with it, simply return the product for a 100% full refundimportant to achieve up to 25lbs pull strength the magnet needs to be attached to a horizontal surface - imagine the hook attached to a ceiling with a basket hanging from it. Vertical application the pull force is usually 1/3 weaker. Surface smoothness and steel thickness can also have an impact. Don't waste your time looking at other products, we have the best solution! buy now before our special pricing expires!

Strongman Magnets Powerful 25LB Neodymium Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks 5 Pack +3M Non Scratch Stickers Multi Use Indoor/Outdoor Hook Magnets Declutter Add Storage NowStrongman-Magnets-Powerful-Neodymium-Declutter

Price :    $12.49 (was $12.99)
  • Multi purpose - can be used indoors/outdoors, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, lockers, office, your refrigerator or even on a cruise! the perfect storage solution!
  • Bigger pack - 5 x 25lbs magnetic hooks included along with 5 free felt pads to prevent scratching
  • Featured in better homes & garden magazine! - our magnetic hooks were recommended in the june edition of bhg as the magnetic hooks of choice! (see images)
  • Lifetime guarantee - your purchase is protected, return at any time if you are unhappy! what are you waiting for? it's time to declutter!
  • Industrial grade - 25lbs in direct pull power. stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish made with a high grade of neodymium
Brand :    strongman magnets
Color :    Silver
Model :    FBA_STMN38
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (strongman magnets product review) for Strongman Magnets Powerful 25LB Neodymium Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks 5 Pack +3M Non Scratch Stickers Multi Use Indoor/Outdoor Hook Magnets Declutter Add Storage Now available ( Apr 2020 )

CHAFON Multi USB Cable Type C,8-pin Lightning,Micro,Mini USB Ports Charging- Black

Just buy it multifunctional charging cable is widely used in today's digital devices like apple android smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, pdas, digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives, e-readers, external battery chargers etc. Chafon usb cable helps you maximize your performance and convenient when charging. 6 in 1 convenience in use 6 in 1 usb charger cable have 5 different charging connectors, it means you do not need to carry all the respective data cables and can meet your daily devices charging needs when you are going a long trip, in the office or at home, which makes your life more convenient, smart, and colorful, you deserve to own one. Compatible with -apple:iphone7, 7plus, 6s, 6splus, 6, 6plus, 5, 5s, 5c, 5se, ipad 4, ipad mini, ipod touch -samsung:galaxy s7, s6, s4, note4, samsung gear fit2 -htc:htc one, s, v, sensation xe xl, first, thunderbolt, evo 4g, inspire, vivid, wildfire, desire, windows phone 8x -motorola:moto g, droid razr maxx bionic, triumph -lg:nexus 4, encore, optimus, pro, l9, motion 4g -nexus 6p, 5x, oneplus 2, oneplus 3 lumia 950, lumia 950xl, zuk z1 and other usb c devices. -bluetooth smartstick bluetooth wireless mouse bluetooth watch specification -6 in 1 usb charging cable -four kinds of port:type c connector, 8-pin connector, mini usb connector, 2 micro usb connector. -weight:24g -item length:5. 5' -working length:7. 5' 12 month worry-free warranty at chafon, we are committed to provide high quality products. If you need assistance with our products, simply contact chafon and our friendly customer service team will assist you. Please note 1. This 6 in 1 cable only for charging and do not support sync data. 2. Do not suitable for thick case 3. Usb 2. 0 is the only power supply input port

CHAFON Multi USB Cable Type C,8-pin Lightning,Micro,Mini USB Ports Charging- BlackCHAFON-Multi-Cable-Lightning-Charging-

Brand :    chafon
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    FBA_CF-10228
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Compact, handy: multi cord each length with 5. 3 inches(13. 5cm) that is the perfect length for your portable charger, power bank, laptop and all in one design will let you tangle free.
  • Reliable warranty: chafon multi cable come with 12-month replacement worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.
  • Super convenience: only for charging, not support sync data and quick charge, all charging port options in one, no need to carry many long cables when you are in a car, office or in travelling, keep it in your purse, backpack, briefcase.
  • Multi charger cable: 1x usb c cable , 1x 8-pin lightning (not mfi certificated) , 2x micro usb, 1x mini usb, 1x usb 2. 0 port. recommend your powre source with 2a or more when charging multiple devices together
  • Durable multi charging cable: made of corrosion-resistant, environmental non-toxic, tpe+abs material, flexible cord meet your daily equipment charging needs.
Price :    $8.99 (was $12.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (chafon product review) for CHAFON Multi USB Cable Type C,8-pin Lightning,Micro,Mini USB Ports Charging- Black available ( Apr 2020 )

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules USB Charging Ports, SurgeArrest Essential P6WU2

Millions of people trust apc to protect their valuable electronics. The surgearrest essential series offers you peace of mind by providing a lifetime warranty and $50, 000 equipment protection policy. You can enjoy maximum protection, safety, convenience and reliability.

APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules USB Charging Ports, SurgeArrest Essential P6WU2APC-Protector-SurgeArrest-Essential-P6WU2

Price :    $12.92 (was $15.66)
  • 1080 joule wall mount surge protector
  • 6 total power surge protector outlets, block-spaced for larger adapters
  • When lightning and other conditions cause a power surge, be sure your electronics are protected with an apc wall-mounted surge protector.
  • Two usb charging ports provide 2. 4a of power for smartphones, tablets and other usb charged devices
Brand :    apc
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.56 pounds
Model :    P6WU2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (apc product review) for APC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules USB Charging Ports, SurgeArrest Essential P6WU2 available ( Apr 2020 )

Ceptics Adapter Plug Set World Wide International Travel Use - Grounded Safe - Works Cell Phones, Chargers, Batteries, Camera, More

Type e/type f plug, european "schuko" plug, cee 7/17 (7/4, 7/7) standard: type g plug, uk, dubai, honking cee 7/16. Grounded 3-prong plug. (gp-7) standard: type b plug, us, japan, canada cee 7/16. Grounded 3-prong plug. (gp-5) standard: type i plug, australia cee 7/16. Grounded 3-prong plug. Standard: type c plug, cee 7/16. Grounded 2-prong plug with round pins diameter 4. 0mm.

Ceptics Adapter Plug Set World Wide International Travel Use - Grounded Safe - Works Cell Phones, Chargers, Batteries, Camera, MoreCeptics-Adapter-World-International-Travel

Brand :    ceptics
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    GP-5PK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Standard: type g plug, uk, dubai, honking cee 7/16. grounded 3-prong plug. (gp-7)
  • Standard: type c plug, cee 7/16. grounded 2-prong plug with round pins diameter 4. 0mm.
  • Type e/type f plug, european "schuko" plug, cee 7/17 (7/4, 7/7) (gp-9)
  • Standard: type i plug, australia cee 7/16. grounded 3-prong plug.
  • Standard: type b plug, us, japan, canada cee 7/16. grounded 3-prong plug. (gp-5)
Price :    $7.42 (was $7.98)
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (ceptics product review) for Ceptics Adapter Plug Set World Wide International Travel Use - Grounded Safe - Works Cell Phones, Chargers, Batteries, Camera, More available ( Apr 2020 )

Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 2500 Joules BE108000-08-CM

The belkin commercial series surge protector provides premium power protection for commercial office environments. We've used advanced design elements, top-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components to provide the most complete protection from surge, spike, and other electrical abnormalities. Our products are backed by belkin's lifetime product and connected equipment warranties. The commercial series models protect everyday office electronics, offering a slim, sleek design that blends seamlessly with today's modern electronic devices.

Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 2500 Joules BE108000-08-CMBelkin-8-Outlet-Commercial-Protector-BE108000-08-CM

Brand :    belkin
Color :    Gray
Size :    8'
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    BE108000-08-CM
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 2, 500 joules
  • Filters rfi/emi noise up to 58db reduction
  • 14-gauge, heavy-duty 8ft cord
  • $100, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • 8 outlets
Price :    $14.11 (was $15.68)
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 8-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 2500 Joules BE108000-08-CM available ( Apr 2020 )

CyberPower CSB300W Essential Surge Protector, 900J/125V, 3 Outlets, Wall Tap

The cyberpower essential series csb300w surge suppressor is ideal for home/office protection with 900 joules, 3 outlets, and wall tap plug. The three outlet surge suppressor is perfect for environments were multiple devices require power protection, but the space for a larger surge protector and cord isn't available. Its works great for protecting personal computers, wireless/voip routers, cable/dsl modems, tablet chargers and other personal electronics. The csb300w features three (3) outlets, a wall tap plug for direct plug in, mov technology to guard the surge suppressor and connected electronics against line abnormalities and lightning surges, while emi/rfi filters block unwanted line noise.

CyberPower CSB300W Essential Surge Protector, 900J/125V, 3 Outlets, Wall TapCyberPower-CSB300W-Essential-Protector-Outlets

Brand :    cyberpower
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    CSB300W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Emi/rfi noise filters
  • 900 joules of surge protection
  • 3 surge protected outlets
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wall tap - compact design for multiple device protection
Price :    $4.68 (was $7.95)
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (cyberpower product review) for CyberPower CSB300W Essential Surge Protector, 900J/125V, 3 Outlets, Wall Tap available ( Apr 2020 )

Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt , BSV602tt

Very easy to install, just remove screw from outlet plate and plug in and screw in included screw and you are good to go. Fits nicely. This replaces a 15 year old wall mount that was falling out of the plugs. Looks nice and sits flush to the outlet plate.

Add 6 surge protected outlets wherever you need it the 6-outlet wall mount surge protector is perfect for your home office or professional workstation. It mounts directly over any existing wall outlet to give you extra outlets without extra cords. Two powered usb ports offer convenient one-source charging for your mobile devices. Safeguard your devices voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes can damage your computer and peripherals and degrade overall performance. Belkin's 6-outlet wall mount surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption and system crashes. Powered usb ports are intended solely for charging devices. They cannot be used as a usb hub and they do not transmit data.

Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt , BSV602ttBelkin-SurgePlus-6-Outlet-Protector-BSV602tt

Belkin Surgeplus 6 Outlet Protector Bsv602tt (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

I picked up two of these to use in my office at work. Outlets are limited, and because of where i work, surge protectors are a no-no. This solved the problem beautifully. I especially like the usb ports at the top so i don't have to use one of the 6 outlets to charge my phones. So, if you utilize the usb ports as well, you have 8 total options. To install, you take the face plate off, and screw this right in. Awesome product! -Notice from J. Erickson, South Carolina

Click to Show belkin surgeplus 6 outlet protector bsv602tt (power supplies or protection) Details

We have these on either side of the bed. These are easy to install and work like a charm. It's so nice to not have to shift around plugs when we have multiple things plunged in (phones, tablets, lamps, cpap machine, alarm clocks). The two usb ports on top are great and also free up room in the plug. Would highly recommend these.

Belkin-surgeplus-6-outlet-protector-bsv602tt-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- Q. GuestThis is my second wall mount surge unit with the dual usb ports. My first unit is a different brand and also very nice, but for my second unit i purchased the belkin brand because it has the usb ports located on the top of the unit, not the face of the unit like my other one. The reason i needed this is that my home telephone system is hooked up to my 'magicjack' unit. I year ago had upgraded my magicjack system so that it no longer requires being connected to my computer, the usb power connection for the magicjack stopped working, and rather than purchase a replacement usb connector i replaced it with this belkin wall mount, and the magicjack is now plugged into the top of the belkin unit and works great. The reason this was important is that the magicjack unit is about 2 1/2 in length and would be sticking out from the wall by having the usb connections on top it is a much more stable connection and looks more professional. Plus now i can plug in several other electrical items as well and i also have the use of the addition usb slot for charging my kindle paper white 2 ebook reader.

This review is specifically for the bsv602 model of belkin surgeplus surge protectors. Online store seems to have lumped all surgeplus reviews (at least 4 different models in the product series) into one listing which can create confusion. In any case, that has no bearing on how much i like the actual product itself. . I needed a couple of these to expand the number of outlets on both sides of the bed due to the ever increasing number of tech gadgets in the household (not including old standards like bedside lamps and baby monitor). These two units were installed directly to the original faceplate of the outlets with the included screw and the install time took less than a minute each. The unit plugs into the top outlet and is further supported by a plastic prong that fits into the ground of the bottom outlet. The front of the unit features a green indicating lamp that lights when you are protected from surges and an amber light when you have plugged the unit into an outlet that is not properly grounded. . As far as performance itself, it is important to note that the unit charges at 2. 1a at the 5. 0v standard for usb (10watts combined). This is critical when using both ports to charge usb compatible devices; especially, larger devices like tablets or ipads. Some of the other reviews lumped in with this model indicate terrible usb charging capability. You just have to understand that if you utilize both ports for charging then you are cutting the available 10w across both ports and, at a minimum, doubling your charge time for the devices. For example, the standard usb charger for the latest generation of ipad is capable of 10w. You will only get 5w from a single usb port on this surge protector when both ports are in use. So you've already doubled your charge time (quadruple the time if another device is being charged simultaneously that requires 10w) and this is a minimum if the devices are on while charging. Long story, short - for my needs i charge a work and personal cell phone at the same time and don't notice a difference from charging with the standard phone chargers. . The outlets themselves are nicely spaced. If you look carefully into each individual outlet, you can notice how close the contacts are for each prong. This makes for a very snug fit for plugs. Be sure to brace the surge protector against the wall with one hand and to pull from the plug body (never the cord! ) due to the snugness. Otherwise, you may damage the plug, surge protector, or worse - the wall. . The belkin bsv602 6-outlet surge protector has provided me with expanded outlets, usb charging capability, and surge protection of my devices up to $25, 000. Careful with the warranty though. As a couple of other reviewers have stated, it is only valid if the device is solely connected to this surge protector. A pc connected via ethernet will not be covered under warranty because the surge could have passed through that particular port instead of just the wall outlet. . My only thoughts on improving this design would be that the body of this unit be a direct replacement for the outlet faceplate rather than just residing over it. It would be more aesthetically pleasing to see this unit flush mounted to the wall.

. Anonymous, Milton Keynes

Price :    $15.90 (was $19.27)
  • Surge protection: the 6 ac outlets provides surge protection for against electrical spikes (900 joules).
  • Space saver: this small surge protector takes up minimal space.
  • In use indicator: the "protected" indicator light turns green to show your devices are grounded.
  • Faster charging: the two usb ports deliver 2. 1 amps of shared power to each port for faster charging of usb-a powered devices.
  • Compact and convenient: charge 6 ac powered devices or 2 usb a powered devices from 1 ac wall mounted surge protector.
Brand :    belkin
Color :    White and Gray
Size :    6 Outlet
Weight :    0.72 pounds
Model :    BSV602tt
Quantity :    1
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Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.1 AMP / 10 Watt , BSV602tt available ( Apr 2020 )

Ceptics GP-12PK International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set, 12 Pieces

Universal input: 2-prong us "polarized", 3-prong us grounded, european, uk, aus and india plug standards, except for the large south african plug). Types of plugs included: -standard type a - ungrounded usa, canada and japan - standard type i : australia, china, new zealand, fiji islands, salomon island, tonga, and western samoa. Standard type ef: france, germany, south korea, europe: austria, belgium, czech republic, finland, the netherlands, norway, turkey, poland, portugal, slovakia, spain, sweden, estonia (exceptions may occur) and tunisia, morocco. Standard type g: bahrain, belize, botswana, brunei, cyprus, dominica, england, ghana, gibraltar, grenada, hong kong, iraq, ireland, kenya, macau, malta, malaysia, nigeria, northern ireland, oman, qatar, st. Lucia, st. Vincent, saudi arabia, scotland, singapore, sri lanka, tanzania, uganda, uae, united kingdom, wales, yemen, zimbabwe. Standard type c: american samoa, antigua & barbuda, aruba, bahamas, barbados, belize, bermuda, brazil, cayman islands, colombia, costa rica, cuba, ecuador, el salvador, guam, guatemala, haiti, honduras, jamaica, japan, liberia, mexico, micronesia, monserrat, nicaragua, okinawa, panama, peru, philippines, puerto rico, saint kitts & nevis, tahiti, taiwan, thailand, trinidad and tobago, usa, venezuela, virgin islands (exceptions may occur). Standard type d: india, pakistan. Standard type k: brazil. Standard type h: israel. Standard type l: italy, uruguay. Standard type m:s. Africa standard type b: usa/canada standard type j: switzerland

Ceptics GP-12PK International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set, 12 PiecesCeptics-GP-12PK-International-Worldwide-Universal

Brand :    ceptics
Model :    GP-12PK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (ceptics product review) for Ceptics GP-12PK International Travel Worldwide Grounded Universal Plug Adapter Set, 12 Pieces available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $13.12 (was $14.99)
  • - standard type a - ungrounded usa, canada and japan - standard type i : australia, china, new zealand - standard type ef: france, germany, south korea. - standard type g: england, ghana, gibraltar, grenada, hong kong, iraq
  • - standard type d: india, pakistan. - standard type l: italy, uruguay. - standard type m: s. africa - standard type j: switzerland - standard type k: brazil. - standard type h: israel.
  • Lifetime warranty we have the highest standard adapters, if the unit stop working we will replace it for free. please feel free to contact us through our website.
  • Universal input: 2-prong usa "polarized", 3-prong usa grounded, european, england, australia, china and india plug standards, almost every country except large south african plug).
  • Standard type b: american samoa, antigua & barbuda, aruba, bahamas, barbados, belize, bermuda, canada, cayman islands, colombia, costa rica, cuba, ecuador, el salvador, guam, guatemala, haiti, honduras, jamaica, japan, liberia, mexico - standard type c: brazil

Belkin BSV300ttCW 3-Outlet Wall Mount Cradle Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.4 Amp Total

The belkin surge protector offers extra outlets, power extension from wall outlets and protects valuable electronics from damaging power surges. This power surge protector safeguards your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other hard-to-replace equipment against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes.

Belkin BSV300ttCW 3-Outlet Wall Mount Cradle Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.4 Amp TotalBelkin-BSV300ttCW-3-Outlet-Protector-Charging

Brand :    belkin
Color :    Gray/White
Size :    3 Outlet
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    BSV300ttCW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin BSV300ttCW 3-Outlet Wall Mount Cradle Surge Protector Dual USB Charging Ports 2.4 Amp Total available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $8.25 (was $15.03)
  • Compact and convenient: charge 3 ac powered devices or 2 usb a powered devices from 1 ac wall mounted surge protector.
  • In use indicator: the "protected" indicator light turns green to show your devices are grounded.
  • Space saver: this small surge protector takes up minimal room and provides a ledge to display or store your device while charging.
  • Faster charging: the two usb ports deliver 2. 4 amps of shared power to each port for faster charging of usb-a powered devices.
  • Surge protection: the 3 ac outlets provides surge protection for against electrical spikes (540 joules).

belkin surgeplus usb swivel surge protector and charger power strip with 3 ac outlets, 2 usb ports 2.1 amp / 10 watt and rotating plug Price : 13, was : 14 as 2018-04-27
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The F.A.Q. for belkin surgeplus usb swivel surge protector and charger power strip with 3 ac outlets, 2 usb ports 2.1 amp / 10 watt and rotating plug

People love you when you bring this out at an airport. Usually when you ask to unplug someone else's power adapter they look at you like they want to throw you out the airport window onto the tarmac. But when you bring this out and tell them there's a plug for their device, your device, and another person's around you, you're the hero of the day. Everyone is charging their phones and laptops so this makes that long airport wait a little better, you might even find a new friend.

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(0) Question: Is it good for international travel?

(1) Question: Can you put two of these into the same outlet? from the photos, it looks like this blocks a portion of the outlet.

(2) Question: I am traveling to israel, can i use this with a grounded plug adapter?

(3) Question: What are the dimensions? what is given in the description seems large.

(4) Question: Does it work with iphones and macs

(5) Question: 220

(6) Question: Will the 2. 1 amp/ 10 watt work to plug in my mini pc (lenovo q190) and 24" lcd monitor? as in providing enough surge protection. thanks :)

(7) Question: While this product is plugged into the wall outlet, is there clear access to the other open wall outlet?

(8) Question: What does it mean by 2. 1 amp "combined"?

(9) Question: Is this good for international travel. i'm traveling to london, paris and brussels need to know if this good for my converting european outlets tou. s.

(10) Question: Can i charge an iphone and an ipad at the same time?

(11) Question: What is the difference between the two models offered (1 amp / 5 watt vs 2 amp/10 watt).

(12) Question: I'm a real dummy when it comes to electrical gadgets and can't decide between the two belkin power strips (1 amp/5 watt or 2. 1 amp/10 watt) and the outlets to go strip at this link.

(13) Question: Can i use with european converter in france?

(14) Question: Is the input 110v - 240v rating? want to check if its good for international travel?

(15) Question: What's the difference between the 1 amp in the 2. 1 amp

(16) Question: Can this surge protector be used oversea with voltage other than 110, such as 220 or 240? it's a "travel" protector!

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This review is for the belkin 3-outlet surgeplus mini travel swivel charger. I hate how online store combines multiple product reviews together when multiple options exist. Ok, rant over. . While not super compact, this is a handy charger/surge protector that can be used for travel as long as you're not expecting something very slim. I'll admit i was surprised by it's bulk when it arrived even though it's dimensions are clearly listed in the product description:. . Model number: bst300. Item height: 7. 2 inches. Item length: 2. 2 inches. Item width: 5. 16 inches. . The 2 usb ports provide a total of 2. 1a (10 w), so don't expect to charge an ipad and iphone at full speed at the same time-it's one or the other at full speed or both at slow speed (1a 5w). . The length of the charger means that if it's plugged into a wall outlet and you plug in other devices to the included ac outlets (especially the ones further away from the prongs) the charger will lean out of the wall outlet a bit. This is to be expected, but if you happen to run into an especially loose wall outlet, this charger may have some difficulty staying put. . I also wish the prongs folded in to help with the overall size of this charger, but i still rate it at 4 stars due to it's solid build quality and relative portability. I've used it around my house as well as international travel and have had no issues. Plus i have the peace of mind-especially when traveling abroad-knowing that my devices won't get fried.

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Best belkin surgeplus protector charger rotating (bst300) in review

I use this when on the road (and i'm on the road a lot) to compensate for lack of convenient outlets at some hotels and motels. The usb power cuts down on need for some cables and chargers, and the plug itself swivels to make this 3 outlet an easy fit in some places.

Q. Lawrence, Wigan

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I. Guest, Maryland says

Works in finland, norway, sweden, denmark and iceland. . Took it on a nordic adventure, and with a type f converter, works flawlessly across multiple countries. Simultaneously charged my surface pro 3, moto g, anker 16, 000 mah battery and camera battery charger. . The swivel option really helps on certain outlets. . Only downside is that it's not very small. . Overall, a champ considering its decent surge protection capabilities, . Swivel function, and european voltage tolerance. If only it could be a little bit smaller.

M. Wade, Saskatchewan

Ok, not gonna lie, i bring this with me everywhere. I bought a surge protector because i do a lot of traveling. Because i have a large family, we do roadtrips because it's cheaper. This means that my family stops at hotels all the time, and sometimes, they aren't exactly 5 star hotels. So i don't trust plugging in my electronics straight into the outlet. That's why i use this. Another thing is that because i have a large family, we have lots of tech. So there need to be enough outlets for everybody. So the surge protector helps with that too. The surge protector itself is built very nicely everywhere except for a small flaw. The only reason i didn't give it five stars is because of the rotator. The rotator on the surge protector is very hard to turn. And when you do turn it, the joint feels rather cheap. I rotate it all the time though, and it hasn't broken yet so i think it should be ok.

U. Beale, Somerset says

This is a nice surge protector for when you have a couple phones and a couple computers to protect while you travel. It also works well as a home charger for your phones. . However, there is a max current draw on the device which prevents ipads from charging quickly with these usb ports. I also notice that if i plug in 2 iphone 5s, and if 2 of the plugs are in use, the device tends to buzz. You can unplug any of the devices to stop the buzzing. I assume this means the wattage is being exceeded, but it seems like an awfully low current draw to cause such a problem. When i add up the device wattage that will cause this problem, it is below the devices specifications. . Even with the buzzing, this is still an decent device for travel. . To solve the usb charging issue at home we've purchased a bolse 60w / 12-amp 7-port fast charging usb wall / desktop charging station with smarticᵀᴹ technology - full speed charging for iphone 5, ipad, samsung galaxy, touch screen tablet, cell phone, mp3 player, (ac 110-220v international), deta. , which i highly recommend. . Note: the 3 prong protector plastic can be inserted into the small groove on the opposite end of the device. This helps you hold onto it while it's plugged in, then you can use it when you travel. Be sure not to throw out the protector when you receive this.

S. Nicole, Utah

I was a little worried about buying this after seeing all of the reviews talking about it smoking from the usb ports. My main use for it is in an outlet in our kitchen. It's rarely used as an electrical outlet, but does come in handy for popping a phone into the usb for a quick charge. The electric outlets, on the one we received, work fine. I even risked it a little and plugged a coffeemaker into it. A toaster. And a blender. While plugging two iphones into the usbs and everything worked fine. . I should mention our house is a newer house (2012 built) and of course that means the electrical is newer too.

Z. Cortney, North Somerset says

I used this in india on a recent trip and it works with 220v as well. It simply transmits the line voltage to its 3 outlets, so in india you will get 220/240 v at the three us style outlets. You can then plug-in your laptop or mobile device charger which are usually dual voltage capable. I even used the usb plugs to charge my ipad, fitbit etc. And they work. I did not test the voltage on this model, but i had done that on a previous model of this belkin, and the usb port output was close to 5v regardless of whether you are in the us (with 120v) or india (with 220v). This is great feature for travellers and often not appreciated by people. I have not tested its surge protection but i imagine it should work regardless of line voltage. Of course, the specs only mention 110 v, so use this information at your own risk. . One possible improvement could be size and weight. I usually never need all three outlets because of the 2 usb ports. So perhaps belkin should make a device with only 1-2 outlet port and 2 usb ports - smaller and lighter.

L. Meyer, Redbridge

Excellent surge protector for traveling. The small, compact size makes it easy to pack. I leave on in my electronics travel pack with my travel router and spare ethernet cord. When faced with plugging my array of wireless devices into the the iffy looking outlet on the nightstand lamp, i prefer the security of putting a surge protector between the device and the outlet. This also allows me to keep multiple items plugged in close at hand. It can charge an iphone directly into the usb port. I usually carry a 3 to 2 converter also just in case i end up in a hotel without 3 prong electric plugs - it happens.

R. Anonymous, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I got 3 of these plugs so i could reduce the clutter at the wall plugs near the bed on my and my wife's sides and have a spare. We both need 2 usb chargers for the various electronics as well as access to the electrical plugs. This is probably a little overkill for this solution but i wanted to keep some plugs open on the wall socket in case i need access to one for other reasons. This adapter fit the requirements, however there are some minor issues:. . 1) plugging in a large "wall wart" like the 65w apple laptop charger isn't great for this plug/adapter since the weight of the apple charger really pulls down on this adapter. To really support these larger/heavier wall plugs this adapter needs some small feet at the bottom of the plug to touch the wall and keep it parallel to the wall. This will avoid the weight of the charger from levering this adapter out of the plug (this assumes you use this in the vertical position, meaning it hangs down from the plug, not sideways). . 2) there's a bright green led on the top and it's a little annoying at night, however a small square of electrical tape solves that problem. If you don't use this in your bedroom it's unlikely to be a problem like it is for me, but keep in mind that if you really use it as a travel adapter, then you could have a bright led on all night in your hotel room. . Overall it's a good adapter, fairly compact with a modern design, and the fact it's also a surge suppressor is an added bonus.

J. Lisa, Ealing

Just writing to warn possible buyers of this item, it does not support fast charging on any of my samsung devices. I say this because i read 2. 1 amps and immediately assumed that would cover my fast charge needs but actually i think fast charge requires 2. 4 amps so, thats on me and my lack of attn to detail. But just beware, it will not "fast charge" your stuff, aside from that i'd rate it 5 stars. I don't regret buying it, and i still use it but i would reaaaaaaally like it if it worked with fast charge.

D. Nees, Stockton-on-Tees says

Sorry for yelling, but i can see that the reviews for this product are often a bit confusing. Why? because online store in their infinite wisdom has decided to combine the reviews for two very different versions of one product. . I purchased, and quite love, the 1amp/5 watt version of this surge suppressor. Yes it's not quite "mini" and yes the button to turn the plug takes some force, but all in all this thing has served me and my girl all around the world, usually connected to some dubious wall plug and hanging off a two prong foreign current adapter. Yea yea, probably not safe so i don't recommend this, but we've been using two of these since oct 2010 and they both work well for iphones (4s and 5) kindle fire, google nexus and blackberries. . Now for the important part of the review. There is a new version! it has 2. 1amp/10 watt. Many of the reviews that complain this device is underpowered are referring to the 1amp/5watt version. If you are at all concerned with the power supply issues, just buy the newer version. It will handle almost anything. . Back to the foreign adapter thing, i've found that the plastic case that came with my iphone headphones (square thing) is just perfect for helping to balance this monster against the wall. Use it like you/instead of would the plastic piece that comes covering the prongs.

T. Weber, Westminster

I would actually consider this a "travel" surge protector. I have seen other ones marketed as travel, but this one is actually compact comparatively speaking. It's still not small, but for 3 outlets and 2 usb ports it's not much larger than 2 usb ac adapters and it leaves outlets available for other devices. I have not timed how long it takes to charge my phone in comparison to its dedicated charger, but i also haven't noticed a difference to the point i felt like i needed to time it. All in all i think the this is a great little surge protector. I didn't dock any start because i really don't see how they could make it any smaller, i do like what it offers.

X. Pamela, Connecticut says

Bingo! worked really well with a universal travel power adapter i also reviewed. Perfect companion product! . . My other review: http://www. Online store. Com/gp/customer-reviews/rcam4fuvsieb8/ref cm cr pr rvw ttl? ie utf8&asin b00um40e1e

. Gina, Pennsylvania says

Great outlet plug, has two convenient usb ports. There is a newer version that i recommend you check out, because this older version sits in the plug in such a way that it can block the other outlet (since it has multiple outlets, this wasn't really a big issue); however, the newer versions can 'turn' so it doesn't block the other wall outlet and you get the additoonal outlets it offers. This was a grsat buy when i bought it long ago (long before usb data cords were on the horizon to being the "norm"), and i still use it today! it's sturdy construction, generally useful design and techology concept has made it a product whose usefulness keeps on going, so i passed to my mum after i upgraded to a more powerful surge protection strip. With only one cell phone to plug-in, it is ideal for her needs, and i like knowing that she has a basic level of protection to help keep her cell phone from frying due to random current surges. . I definitely would recommend this product to anyone interested, with the caveate that there are newer more advanced models now offered by belkin, so check those out too! if you want to save a few dollars and don't mind the older (out dated version - except since this is still as usable today as when i bought it years ago, it's hard to call this "out dated"), then definitely buy:use this version, you won't be disappointed and it will still be worth using for some time to come! . . This was the 1at belkin brand product i ever owned & used, and i was so impressed with it, that i became a belkin brand fan, and now own a variety of their products.

W. Rebecca, Croydon

I've used this for several different things over the years, at first it was a surge protector i could keep with my laptop for school, then it was convenient to use for charging cables and a lamp on my night stand, now i have a tv, sound bar, and cable box plugged into it. I have used this very regularly over the last 6 years and had very few issues. . Never fried a device, cannot speak to it's protection as it's never been surged or, as a surge protector is meant to, it would've burnt up and hopefully protected what was plugged in. . My only nitpick is the cover for the wall plug, which i have long since lost, the design would make it seem like it will provide support or a brace against the wall while plugging in if it's attached at the base of the unit, it doesn't even touch the wall. If you're concerned about damaging this or the wall outlet while plugging something in, plug it in before plugging this into the wall

F. Candy, South Dakota says

Mini is definitely relative in this case. (i will be posting photos of the unit next to a soda can & an iphone. ) it works as described. When my husband & i travel together, we often have two laptops, two cell phones & two ipods. Sometimes, finding outlets for everything can be a pita. This is helpful. I've had an iphone & an ipod charging on the usb ports & a netbook & kodak zi8 pocket cam charging on the front ports. Contrary to what some reviews claim, you can indeed use both usb ports at the same time. Perhaps the reviewers were experiencing "slow trickle" charging using the usb ports for things like laptops & such. (nothing new in the charging world. ) but if you use the front outlets for items that need a lot of juice & the usb ports for things like cell phones, cameras, mp3 players, etc, you may be fine. (i certainly have not had a problem. ). . Another key feature, imo, is you can change the orientation of the plug, so it can go up, down, right or left (see my photos. ). . I even use this at home, quite often. . Anyway, i highly recommend this unit, if you find yourself regularly hunting down power outlets. . Ps - after publishing this review, i bought a second one. At under $11, this product is a great deal. I'll be able to keep one in my laptop bag & use another in my home office.

. Wells, Kingston upon Thames

This little thing is great! use it when i travel and it condenses what needs to be packed! i can charge my phone, tablet and laptop in one spot and i know they are protected if there is a power surge. As a plus, it is big enough that my iphone 6 can rest on it as it charges! the plug rotating also helps, but i found that the little white button that releases the turning feature is now stuck in the "released" setting.

A. Linda, Suffolk says

Bluf: i'm very pleased with this surge protector. If i were to lose it today, i would order another immediately. I highly recommend it if you need a portable travel surge protector. . Almost two months ago, online store put this on special as a "today's deal" and i ordered one as a gift for my daughter. She travels quite a bit and i thought that it would come in handy. After using it a couple of times, she told me how pleased she was with it so i took another look at it and decided to order one for myself at the regular price of $22. . I travel quite a bit for work and i know what it's like to be at the airport with only one power outlet for 20 people. I know what it's like to go to your hotel room and find only one outlet while having to charge your laptop, phone, ipod, and ipad. What are you going to do now, cowboy? . . I just got back from a trip and was very happy that i had this along. I carry a battery pack with me so i don't have to worry about finding an outlet in the airport to recharge. But when i got to my hotel room, i had a half charged phone, ipad, battery pack and laptop. I pulled out this belkin surgeplus outlet and went to the one wall outlet i saw. Imagine my surprise when the round "third prong" of the outlet was at the top. It's on the bottom for the surge protector so i thought it would be plugged in pointing up. I noticed a small, rectangle white button on the back. Press it in and you can rotate the outlet! problem solved! i rotated the plug and now the surge protector was hanging down and all was right with the world again! . . I plugged in my laptop into one of the outlets and started charging it. I grabbed my apple lightning cable and plugged it into one of the upper usb outlets and started charging my ipad. Note that this charger is 2. 1a so my ipad went from 50% to 100% in about a half hour. I plugged my mini-usb cable into the other usb outlet and charged my android phone up to 100% in even less time. If you have a 1. 0a charger, you will be there forever. Not with this surge protector. . With this surge protector in my travel bag, i no longer use (but still carry) my apple or android charger heads. I'm very pleased with this unit.

C. Carmen, Kentucky

As a parent of a competitive gymnast we are in hotels ever other weekend from december to april. While newer hotels have usb ports and plugs, this is great for older hotels that don't. Heck it's great for even those newer hotels. I can charge 2 iphones, 2 ipads (9. 7 pro and air 2), and my 15" macbook pro off this with zero hiccups or it getting hot. Being able to change the orientation of the plug is a huge bonus.

N. Margaret, North Dakota says

I have bought two of these, it's without a doubt one of the best travel gadgets i carry with me everywhere. It is incredibly convenient especially with the swivel head. I travel a lot and because of that i spend a lot of time in airports where a conveniently placed outlet is usually always taken right away. Having this always guarantees me a free outlet at airports. It's small form factor allows me to easily carry it in one of my backpacks side pockets. Having the normal outlets as well as usb charging ports allows me to charge all my devices in one space instead of having them spread out all over hotel rooms. When doing it work it also helps when i'm dealing with multiple devices at one time that need to be plugged in. Overall, this is definitely one of the best gadgets i've ever purchased.

O. Eleanor, Tennessee

This travel surge protector worked amazingly and was exactly what i needed! i wanted a small surge protector to take on a recent trip to spain so that i could plug in all my devices at once while only using one adapter. This was perfect. The swivel feature was easy to use and came in handy when the outlets were in weird places. I was able to plug in a tablet, my phone and my ipod all in one shot and was not worried about anything falling out or moving in the sockets while i was asleep or out of the room. Very good product and it now comes in handy in my college dorm where outlets are coveted and everyone needs more of them!

B. Sally, Bath and North East Somerset says

I needed something i could use on my back screened in porch for plugging in plugs and usb cords. The belkin 3-outless mini travel swivel charger surge protector with dual usb port was a great option for me. All 3 plugs are grounded plugs, which is necessary for outdoor stuff typically. It also provides charging for 2 usb devices. We have regular storms so finding surge protection in such a small device was a huge bonus for me. I have been using it outside in high humidity for several months and have had no issues. However, something seems to be coming out of the ground openings in the outlets. I have no idea what it could be but since this is really not an outdoor plug, it may be a result of the high humidity. Fortunately, it has not affected our use of the charger so far. This is a really decent product and would probably be fantastic when used inside as intended.

. Angela, North Dakota

I've travelled with this on cruises where they had u. S. Circuitry and it was as useful as everyone said it would be. Yes, it works. . Yes, it's useful and prudent to travel (especially domestically) with it. Or to homes other than your own. I loathe being that guest who the minute they set foot in your house, requests all manner of devices. From your supplies. B. Y. O. Works for other things than liquor, good people! i like to carry my own stuff. . This goes in my carry-on in the event that the checked luggage goes walkabout. Then what? . . Which leads me to let you know that this device is surprisingly heavy. Know that if you've got an edited carry-on instead of a capacious one like the roomy mountainsmith network bag that's my trusty linus blanket whilst travelling. I'm going to use this at home, too. It looks like a piece of lego, don't you think? . . Wirecutter gave this a good write-up in its travel section & that's how i came to purchase, linked as they are to this site. Sometimes you've got to take a chance that the person writing a 'best of' review knows what they're talking about and are impartial. For all i know they could have shares in belkin inc. . This device then, is a sensible, useful thing to have on hand. . Thank-you for taking the circuit less-travelled and reading this review - i appreciate it.

Top surgeplus usb swivel surge protector Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Y. Carrie, Queensland says

I am certain this item, as a surge protector, does what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, many people when seeing it has two usb ports, assume it will charge whatever device they have. It will not! there is nothing wrong with the item being utilized only for its intended purpose. I would not rate it down for that. I am rating it down because no where on the belkin website, nor on the info in the online store. Com page, does it reflect which items it supports via usb and which it does not. The iphone and ipad are somewhat ubiquitous these days and one would think that there should be something reflecting that this item does not support them. I had to call the company and wait on hold for an extended period of time to finally get an operator to tell me that these apple products are not fully supported- it wil slowly charges only one device at a time (even slowly charging cannot use both usb ports for apple products). Again, nothing wrong with that. It should be spelled out in the massive documentation offered on their info page.

O. Teresa, Cornwall

The problem with this item is that the plug doesn't sit flush, so it moves out of the outlet rather easily. It's not that my outlet is too loose. It's just that since it sits out and away from the outlet, once you have items plugged into it the item becomes weighted down and moves, losing the connection, or it gets bumped by something in the area and all that time you thought you were charging your phone and other items was a waste! i wish i had noticed this before my return window expired. I'm just donating it to goodwill.

. Wanda, Redcar and Cleveland says

It worked great for a month and started to make a high pitch hissing noise. I first thought it was my wall, but after trying it on several different locations, it continued. And of course it's right after the return warranty expires. . Design itself is great, but man, the hissing sound drives me nuts!

W. Laura, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Works, but its very bulky, and since the connector tip protudes considerably from the main body (the shape is like an l), weight makes some torque that kinda unplugs it from the wall.

. Mahood, Sutton says

The quality of the product is great but the mounting area is extended a but so it wont sit flat when mounted. Once you add all the cords the adapter always wants to bend back in toward the wall leaving a gap. Just seems like a really stupid design that could have been easily solved by adding a small rise or extension on the end of the body so it actually sits flat against the wall.

L. Courtney, East Riding of Yorkshire

I requested a replacement as i thought the first time i received this product it was defective as it wouldn't charge my ipad but charged my iphone. However, upon receiving the second one, i have the same issue, which means the product is clearly defective in general. If i use the same cable on a different charger there is no issue and my ipad charges. If i use that same cable with my iphone on this belkin it charges that without a problem. Definitely don't waste your money!

D. Beale, Newfoundland and Labrador says

If you're only going to use this in the united states, it's a pretty good travel surge protector. It's definitely not "mini" but it's small enough for travel. The usb ports on the top are fantastic. One flaw for me: the part that plugs into the wall is so far away from the rest of the body of the surge protector that any little bit of weight from a power plug or device will pull it right off the wall, or downward at awkward angles. . But if you're using this internationally, don't. I trusted other reviews here, which were wrong. It's not rated for more than 110v (it doesn't have dual-voltage specifications on the label; it's merely 110 and not 120-240, etc. ). I took this to several hotels in europe. It certainly worked, but it got incredibly hot and i started smelling burning plastic. I think the issue is that it handles the higher voltage better than other devices would simply because it's attempting to manage the higher volts as though it's a long-lasting surge. Maybe that's safe, but i stopped using it because i'm definitely unwilling to be held responsible for the damage of a fire in a hotel room.

U. Rochelle, Prince Edward Island

Just rec'd this today and was excited because the one i bought at the store covered both outlets so instead of 2 extra outlets, i only got 1 extra. So this one doesn't do that, but the outlets are too close together for the larger plugs so i am still only getting 1 extra outlet (plus the 2 hdmi) will likely keep but still can't plug in what i wanted to at this outlet.

N. Emily, City of London says

As evidenced from other reviews this surge protector emits a high pitched whine when plugged in. The sound goes away when you have a device plugged into the usb. I was worried at first that this meant my unit was defective, but this seems to be a common issue. . It's a shame since it's a great size and the rotating feature is nice to save space. So if you keep something charging via usb you won't experience this problem but i'm worried that if belkin let a design flaw like this slip by how many other corners did they cut?

P. Rose, Delaware

It works exactly as intended. The plug in socket is great because it turns in multiple positions, however, it is a pain trying to turn. My fingers were sore after figuring out how to push the button down to change the direction the plus goes in. Also, you have to be cautions of plugging in to the protector because the stability is weighted on the right side of the plug. If you plug something in to the left socket on the surge protector, you bend the surge protector inward and it tugs on the electrical outlet in the wall. I have not noticed anything dangerous about it, but i believe the surge protector should have been designed with the plus in the middle for greater stability.

Q. Sherry, Sachsen-Anhalt says

The offset from the plug means that the item isn't flush to the wall and when you push a plug into the bottom the top pulls out of the wall. I put a shim between the bottom and the wall but it doesn't entirely solve the problem. The design needs to be modified so that the plug part protrudes less and the entire item is flush with the wall. It's a handy item next to the bed but don't buy it until they fix the problem.

K. Cunningham, South Australia

This item has a swivel plugin end. My particular device was almost impossible to swivel. The device seemed to be locked in place and the apparent button to release the swivel refused to be depressed for quite some tries. Now that i have swiveled it for the particular installation i have it in, i do not plan to use it elsewhere. Also, it is not snug against the surface the outlet is on so it has to be held in place by hand when you plug something into it. It deflects away as you press to plug into it. It does give me 3 more regular outlets from 1 of my two plug outlets, and does not interfere with the 2nd plug spot of the outlet. So now i have 4 spots to plug regular plugs into as well as 2 usb charger ports.

C. Wilson, North Dakota says

Think about it. You plug this in to a double wall outlet and get 4 plugs instead of 2. Wrong. You get 3. Because the usb receptacles block the 2nd wall outlet. Duh all the designer needed to do was to have the usb outlets underneath instead of on top. And you would be able to use the second outlet in your wall. What a silly, goofy oversight to an otherwise great (and rather large) product. Best for the end of an extension cord vs. In the wall.

. Donna, Utah

I've had this for a couple of years now and it's well made and holds up well. The big issue with it is, when you plug something into the last 2 outlets it usually pushes the main plug out of the wall due to how it's made. Many other outlets have something behind the other end to keep this from happening but this one does not and therefore is a constant pain for someone like me who is unplugging/plugging things in every so often. If you're going to plug things in and leave them forever then this is a pretty good buy.

I. Kellie, Missouri says

I bought this intending to keep it in my laptop bag for traveling. I would most often just charge an iphone (which only needs 5w), but i bought the 10w version in case i happen to bring along the ipad (knowing i could only charge one or the other at a time) or my wife is traveling with me and we could charge both phones off of it. But this really is not going to work well for traveling. It is significantly bulkier and heavier than the individual components it would replace: one 3way plug, one 5watt appleusb adapter, one 10watt apple usb adapter, yes i realize the belkin gives me two additional outlets, but on the other hand, with the individual components i can simultaneously charge both the iphone and the ipad. Also, this adapter is only rated for 120v whereas the apple adapters can run at 220v as well. So for international travel this is a total no-go.

V. Audrey, Vermont

I purchased this thinking it would be great to travel with and easier than an extension cord. Well, as functional as it seems online, it's also a lot bigger than what you see on screen. It's much larger and heavier than i anticipated and is not really conducive for travel due to its inconvenient size. It's also grounded - which is great for us travel, but not so wonderful for international travel. I will be returning this item.

Z. Edna, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Bought this product so that we can use while we are travelling and hotel's room don't have enough charging points. It's quite handy and consumes less space in your luggage. But on downside, i wish outlets would have some gaps between them. If you are charging devices which have compact sized wall adapters, then it works just fine but if you have something other than that, then not all 3 outlets can be used. . Also i will strongly advise to not to use the usb port of this device. I have used the port to charge my multiple times and over and over it's been proven that whenever i use these usb ports, a strong static or something gets build on the device and their touchscreen starts behaving weird. They become quite unresponsive, which doesn't happen if you the power outlets or even usb charging through other channels. This has been tested over my various iphones and android devices at house.

R. Maria, South Carolina

Probably worth 3. 5 stars, but in the moment as i write this, i'm not inclined to round it up. . The single biggest drawback is that the button that needs to be pushed to rotate the unit is a major pain. It's difficult to push (and to know when it has been pushed deeply enough), and the rotation itself is not smooth at all. . Not surprisingly, once pushed into the socket, the rest of the unit is not close to the wall, which means that inserting and removing plugs must be done carefully - preferably two-handed - so as to minimize torque on the unit and thus prevent damage both to the unit itself and to the wall socket. . Oh, and on my unit, the bottom/right usb port is finicky; using it means fiddling with the cable to be sure it's charging. A bit of a pain, but it works. . It's very plasticky, but that shouldn't be a surprise (though maybe it should be, given the price). . Bottom line: it mostly works, and it's handy to have the extra outlets, but i'd probably suggest looking elsewhere. (i'm going to try the bluelounge portiko as well. )

M. Betty, Telford and Wrekin says

I've only used it a couple of times, as an outlet for the cruise and then here at home a time or two and now it appears as though there's clearly something wrong with it. Looks like one of the prongs has a malfunction going on. And if it hadn't been for the fact that there was no current getting to my laptop, i wouldn't have known there was a problem. But since i've only had it mid september, i'm fairly certain it's not supposed to be looking like that.

T. April, East Sussex

Note: this review is for the 1 amp version of the charger. . Pros:. Rotating plug - makes it easy to fit in any outlet situation. . Plethora of ports - with 3 standard outlets and 2 usb ports, you should have no trouble charging up devices. . Surge protection - though i haven't had to use it, it's good to know that this does more than just add additional outlets. . Cons:. Dog whistle - for those with sensitive hearing, this thing emits an audibly high-pitched sound unless you're charging a device through usb. I don't know if it's the surge protection function or what, but it's very noticeable to me, especially at night. . Unwieldy - this device is bigger than it looks. It's small in terms of surge protectors, but as a travel accessory, i'd say it's large. It's also feels a bit unbalanced when plugged in and used horizontally, since the plug sits to one side. . Bottom line:. Because of the insanely annoying high-pitched sound that comes from my device, i can't rate it any higher than 3 stars. Maybe i just have a defective one, but because of that sound, i only use this if i absolutely have to. . If there was no sound being emitted, i'd give it 4-5 stars are a solid - yet somewhat large - option if you need additional ports with surge protection on the road.

. Debra, Leicestershire says

I ordered this model instead of the slightly more expensive one they had. I regret that. I didn t pay close attention and thought it would sit sideways in the outlet, i was wrong. It sits vertically and is so bottom heavy that it fits in the outlet well. The $20 belkin outlet alllws you to screw it into the plug making it more secure and is more centered so not falling down in the plug. I recommend skipping this model and spending the $4 extra to get the better version

G. Guest, North Carolina

I wanted a small form factor power surge protector so that i could take it on the go and protect my gear. . This definitely does the job and i believe the swivel gimmick got to me. . It's pretty bulky, doesn't feel too cheap but when you're putting in parallel to the outlet. Actually no matter which way it starts getting annoying. . It has a lot of potential to get loose from the outlet because it's obviously not balanced. You have a plug on one end and then it's protruding out about 5 inches, dangling in the air. . If they had a protruding piece of plastic on the opposite end, then it would have more support by going against the wall. It would also minimize the chances of the whole outlet coming loose. . I realized i paid a pretty high price for what it is and how i thought it would be well-designed and portable.

. Powell, Niedersachsen says

Overall it does as stated. It however is slow to charge from the usb ports. Having two items plugged in splits the charge between them and takes twice as long. You must be careful when plugging into the outlets that you do not put too much pressure on the surge protector as where it plugs into the wall outlet becomes a leverage point and feels as if it could easily break if too much pressure is applied. Overall it does what it is supposed to do but am unimpressed with its charging performance and the design leaves a questionable weakening at the outlet connection.

A. Campbell, Bremen

This replaced another 3 socket, 2 usb port surge protector that took up 2 plugs, instead of just one. First, the button that allows the socket to spin broke the first time we tried using it. The button got stuck and now the socket doesn't lock. This would've been fine because no one's trying to spin this thing all the time, but we come to find out two days after receiving that the usb ports do not work for charging an ipad or an iphone. I don't know if it works for charging other things, that's not why i bought it. Very disappointed. This thing replaced some dinky cheap adapter, which will have to go back to.

S. Broyles, Languedoc-Roussillon says

This review is for 2. 1a (10-watt) protector. While it is advertised as a travel protector/usb charger, i guess many people use it at home. Here is my impression of this product:. Pros:. - it is a solid construction. - has 2. 1a usb charger which allows fast charging for ipad, large smart phones etc. - has swivel power plug to allow turing it 90 degrees. Cons:. - when you plug it into a wall socket, the other end is somewhat loose as it has 1/4" gap to the wall, so it would be nice if the other end has small raised area that would actually touch the wall. With that design, the protector would not bend when you try to plug something into it. - if you keep this protector behind a furniture, it would be nice that 110v plugs are actually on top (or side) so that they use minimal space behind the furniture. As it is designed now, you need space about 4 inches or so for the protector itself and the actual plug/cable from the electric device (for example, a lamp on the bedside drawer). It is interesting that some other cheaper protectors like tripp lite actually provide two 110v plugs - one on each side. I think the belkin has a higher quality device and it would be good if they make some design changes for this product, or make a new compact space saving protector.

X. Dorothy, Harrow

I wanted to buy a small surge protector for my computer monitor and docking station; this one looked perfect. It appears so much more compact than the giant 6 outlet version, but since it has 2 usb outlets, and only occupies one wall outlet, i would still be able to connect 6 devices to a single wall location. Or so i thought. . First of all, the usb outlets are not able to power my blackberry. I don't know whether this is the fault of the belkin or of the blackberry, but everything else that i plug the blackberry into is able to charge it just fine - even the $3 ac-to-usb plug that i bought from some generic vendor. . Second, it's actually much, much larger than it appears. It's huge, and wouldn't be something that you would throw in a laptop bag, in the way that they show (it would be about twice the volume of a laptop travel mouse, for reference). Additionally, the ac plug protrudes significantly from the unit. So the unit as a whole sticks far out from the wall. But even worse, because it doesn't rest against the wall it's highly unstable when you try to plug in or unplug any devices from it. I find that i need to hold the unit with my free hand just to get a device in or out, and i fear i'm going to snap the unit apart at the base of the ac plug. I think that i'm going to go back to a plain old powerstrip style surge protector.

B. Clara, Ealing says

Most hotel rooms, even in nice establishments, don't seem to provide enough places to plug in all your electronic devices. And even if there were enough outlets, who wants to carry separate charging bricks for your cell phone and tablet? it's just more things to lose. . The belkin travel surge protector is a great idea, by wrapping up three outlets plus two usb ports into one handy device. It's not as compact as i thought it would be from the picture, but it packs in every feature you need to make life a little easier. . There's just one problem though: and it's a big one. I purchased the 2. 1a version. Using its two usb ports, it can theoretically charge either a tablet (such as an ipad) or two phones (such as iphone) simultaneously. However, when i tried to charge two iphones, they both started behaving erratically at the same moment. The slide to unlock function became barely responsive. The home button required many presses to register. Apps would open quickly but any actions requiring swiping were nearly futile as the screen barely registered my finger. By unplugging the second device, the problem went immediately away. . It makes me wonder whether the belkin is passing along interfering data between the two usb connected devices or if something else is happening. Either way, one pauses to consider whether this device is "safe" for charging the iphone. I have not yet decided on whether to keep the device. Even just using its one usb port is a nice function, but this product was designed to have two functioning usb ports. While connected, both phones charge normally. They even ring normally with incoming calls. But their touchscreens do weird things - and that's a red flag that something is wrong.

. Anonymous, West Virginia

When i plug this in with nothing else plugged to it, it makes a really high pitch annolying mechanical noise. I called belkin becuase it has a warranty, but i was told i need to pay for the shipping. And i was supposed to get an email instruction with the shipping lable but never got it. Got tired of waiting on the phone to get the customer service so i just put it in the drawer and forget about it. Maybe i use it when i travel because hotel rooms tends to be noisy that i may not notice the high pitch noise.

. Perez, Alsace says

Would not purchase again. Unit is heavy and pulls out of wall socket easily which isn't safe. Also, you can really only use 2 of the plugs if you hare using it for a for a tablet or camera battery changer that have a transformer style plug. The spacing between outlets is not wide enough for 3 items. It would accommodate 3 items if they were standard plugs like a lamp and who needs a surge protector for a lamp? anyway, i was disappointed with this item and can't recommend.

H. Adrienne, Kingston upon Thames

At first i wanted to rate this as 4 stars. I just don't see why a microcontroller can't be added with a wifi chip and make this a smart device. I am rating it down another star because it just doesn't work very well in the horizontal position either. This design is more practical for the vertical position as quite a lot of devices have their dc rectifiers at the plug now and this unit just can't handle them. Recommend the unit if you have any plugins like that. Unfortunately it is not a smart device and it is not as low profile as this item either but for a 6 plug wall mount it is really a great device.

F. Lisa, Saskatchewan says

Quite disappointed. I always read reviews before i buy a product, and this belkin unit got pretty good reviews, but it's not working as stated. The green light is lit when i plug it in and the outlets seem to work, except that you can really only use two at a time even with the most narrow of plugs. (hense the two stars. ) if a plug seems to have some weight to it, it will drag this product down from a wall outlet. With all this being said, and having at least two items plugged in right now, the most disappointing is that the usb ports don't work. I have tried different cables plugged into at least one of the usb ports, and it actually says on my iphone, and on my ipad, "not charging. " with all the electronic equipment used in my house by all of the adults, and all our usb wires and adapters, this would've been fabulous. If only it worked. :(

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