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Price was 84. Great product! i have cut the cable! using the fire along with online store prime, a netflix subscription and a sony vue live tv subscription has cut i my cable bill by $70 a month! online store prime $10. 00 a month), netflix ($10. 99), sony vue (live tv $29. 95 a month). Online store prime has recovered its yearly cost in the first month from shipping charges saved otherwise spent on former cable company! and i get all the online store prime music, video, books, and free two day shipping! what a deal! if you want live sports try sony vue sports package for an additional cost.

-R. Evelyn

Certified ed fire tv previous generation tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills, online store fire tv offers all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services. fire tv delivers the content you love in -certified ed fire tv previous generation 2nd

  • Add-on: Fire Tv Supports 4k Ultra Hd For True-to-life Picture Quality. Watch High-definition 1080p Streams On Video, Netflix, Hulu And More, Even Without A 4k Tv.
  • Add-on: Use Your Alexa Voice Remote To Check Sports Scores Or The Weather, Play Music, And More – Instantly.

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I had wanted to purchase one of these for a while, but it wasn't until my fire stick started acting up that i decided to get one. The problem is that the current gen of fire tv is nothing more than a glorified fire stick. So i took a chance on the refurbished gen 2 fire tv. What came to me sure seemed like it was new and not refurbished. Once i had it connected, it worked beautifully. No pixels as others have noted. It is much faster than my fire stick ever was, and i love that i can plug a network cable into it instead of having to do it over wi-fi. If you have been thinking about getting one, i would suggest you do so before they are gone. I don't know if the gen 4 fire tv will go backwards with tech, so this could be the last chance to get one like this. Take a chance, you'll be glad you did. The Best certified ed fire tv previous ( Jan 2020 ) | -Digital Device 4 Review Add-on Certified Refurbished Fire TV (Previous Generation – 2nd) A certified refurbished fire tv is refurbished, tested, and certified to look and work like new.. Fire tv supports 4k ultra hd for true-to-life picture quality. watch high-definition 1080p streams on video, netflix, hulu and more, even without a 4k tv.. Use your alexa voice remote to check sports scores or the weather, play music, and more - instantly.. Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills with access to over 500, 000 movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, starz, and more. plus, access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox.. No cable or satellite? no problem. watch the best of live tv and sports from amc, hgtv, espn, fox, and others with a subscription to directv now, or top-rated primetime shows with cbs all access.. With a dedicated graphics engine, 2 gb of memory, 8 gb of storage, and expandable storage of up to 128 gb.. Prime members get unlimited access to prime video, including original programming like transparent, plus millions of songs with prime music. get a subscription to apps like hbo now, showtime, and starz to watch tv episodes, movies, and sports, without cable. .

Certified Ed Fire Tv Previous Generation 2nd Review (53 003706)

I actually own a large roku tv. As channel developers (including online store) "enhance" their interface the roku has become increasingly sluggish. The fire tv solves that problem. . Most people will install kodi on their fire. It took me less than five minutes. I have music provided via nfs on the internal hd of my router running linux. Video is via nfs on my laptop. I know of no other client that will work via linux file system servers and the performance is infinitely superior to any dlna/upnp client. It can also use samba mounts for windows users which will probably be less snappy than the nfs flavor. . This is where the problems arise. Contrary to assertions, this device is not atmos compatible. Kodi developers have been in direct contact with online store. They claim that online store refuses to fix broken firmware on the fire. That is very disappointing. . Another disappointment is the usb port. Android, which is linux, uses the linux file system internally. External resources like memory cards are formatted fat32. Online store followed suit which means that the usb interface is all but useless for video given the file size limits of fat32. They should have done exfat. They still could with a firmware update. . Prime video, hbo, showtime and starz work very well. That and the great experience kodi (and the comparative experience to roku) make this a four-star review in spite of the curable deficiencies. -. Joanna

Certified Refurbished Previous Generation

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Amazon
  • Color: BLACK
  • EAN: 0848719063264
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.70 inches
    Length:4.53 inches
    Weight:0.59 pounds
    Width:4.53 inches
  • Manufacturer: Amazon
  • Model: DV83YW
  • MPN: 53-003706
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 53-003706
  • Sub-Type: Amazon SMP
  • Category: DIGITAL DEVICE 4
  • ReleaseDate: 2015-10-05
  • Size: 8 GB
  • UPC: 848719063264

certified ed fire tv previous generation Smp, with tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills, online store fire tv offers all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services. fire tv delivers the content you love in up to 4k ultra hd resolution for true-to-life picture quality. plus, get universal search results across top apps, enjoy live sports, music, games, and more. online store fire tv connects your hdtv to a world of online entertainment, letting you stream over 500, 000 movies and tv shows in 4k ultra hd, 1080p, or 720p. use the included alexa voice remote to easily find the content you love with universal search across more than 190 channels and apps, or discover something new with personal recommendations right on the home screen. with access to netflix, hulu, hbo now, online store video, and more there are over 500, 000 tv episodes and movies ready to stream. watch live tv (including sports and news) as it happens. directly access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox. subscription fees may apply. use the alexa voice remote to quickly find what you want to watch. just say, "find romantic comedies, " and alexa will show you results from apps like netflix, hulu, hbo now, and online store video. want to skip the opening credits? say, "fast forward a minute. " no cable? no problem. watch live tv with subscriptions to hulu, playstation vue, sling tv, and others, or use an indoor hd antenna connected directly to your tv to get broadcast networks like nbc and pbs for free. even better with prime being a prime member unlocks thousands of movies and tv episodes, including online store original series, plus ad-free listening to over two million songs. from award-winning series transparent and mozart in the jungle to great shows for kids like tumble leaf and creative galaxy something is always on. with online store channels, prime members can also choose from over 100 premium and specialty channels like starz and showtime to add and stream-no cable or satellite subscription necessary. only pay for the channels you want to watch, and prices start as low as $2. 99 a month - and you can cancel anytime. even better, each channel starts with a free trial, so it's easy to discover new favorites. tiny box. huge specs. experience true-to-life picture quality when used with compatible 4k ultra hd tvs. enjoy rich cinematic surround sound via hdmi with dolby audio in supported apps including online store video, hbo go, starz, netflix, and plex. from universal search to ultra-smooth streaming, everything about fire tv is fast and fluid thanks to a quad-core processor with 75% more processing power than the previous generation fire tv, better wi-fi support with dual-band 802. 11ac, a dedicated graphics engine, 2 gb of memory, and expandable storage of up to 200 gb (microsd card sold separately). entertain your way set the mood for any party with millions of songs ready to stream through pandora, online store music, and iheartradio. plus, watch videos from youtube, vevo, and vimeo or play hundreds of games from mojang, ea, disney, and more. just press the microphone button on the alexa voice remote and say what you d like to hear, see, or play next. Certified Ed Fire Tv Previous Generation 2nd (DV83YW-).

Certified Refurbished Previous Generation Smp

  • Refurb. My a. ! this unit was packed perfect and i could only tell it was refurb because of the sticker on the box. Wow, i contemplated this purchase for too long, but took the time and searched utube for reviews of so many android units that it became too much. I looked at the minix u1 and u9, nvidia shield, azulle byte 3 and also aspire, h96 max and pro, but for now this is worth the price. Don't get me wrong i will get the minix or maybe set up a windows 10 unit like the azulle or even the acepc but i think i was getting ahead of things. Do yourself a favor and download plex, set up a server, add your music, videos, photos, and personal movies and wow! also add a few chromecast around the house so everyone can use plex and also play their personal stuff anywhere and wherever they are in the house. Back to the fire tv 2. There were comparisons on the gen 2 vs the gen 3 and hands down, the ability to add an sd card, usb, and direct cat5 plug for speed vs using the wireless option is supreme in my book. I setup the online store, netflix, hulu , logitech wireless keyboard for adding apps faster, and a few others and this unit works great. And yes, i forgot to mention alexa, which works just fine. The speed, picture quality and sound makes this the best choice over the gen3 and also the firestick. They need to bring this back and maybe add the optical port, bump it to 4gb rams and this would be a top seller over the china boxes out there. As oprah would say, " you get a gen 2, you get a gen 2, you get a gen 2!
  • Wow. Glad that these refurbed gen2 boxes were available again. This box solves the puzzle for me finally. It has all the major apps that i need (mlb, nhl, sling), that replaces the nvidia shield (limited app support, poor side loading). And it has the versatility of kodi (3rd party apps) for my home collection replacing the roku 4. The firetv also lets you tweak the ip settings (something roku won't do) which is absolutely necessary for certain applications. The only thing it doesn't do is atmos and hdr. For all the supposed horsepower of the shield this firetv box puts it to shame when streaming very large files from my media server. Perhaps a better 5ghz connection? the roku media app is just too restrictive and poorly laid out to handle a large media selection. I am not interested in the intrusive alexa feature so i can't comment on that. Even though this is considered taking a step back this box is clearly better than the firestick and it has built in ethernet which has been moved to a post purchase accessory on the new offerings. After dealing with qboxes, shields and rokus. This one is finally a winner.
  • I received the item very quickly and right on schedule. There are several parts to my review, so i will break them down into pros and cons. . Pros:. If you're only interested in getting online store prime tv, then this item should work well for you. It does decode and provide dolby digital 5. 1 surround sound, should you want to use a 5. 1 surround amp instead of your tv speakers. Setup was easy, and i was able to log into online store prime tv very quickly. Picture quality was as i expected it to be, 1080p that was crystal clear. . Cons:. If you wish to use a movie service, such as vudu, the fire tv box does not provide dolby digital 5. 1 surround sound or higher. It's strictly dolby pro-logic. I now have directv now, which is a fairly new streaming service offered by at&t, using your broadband internet connection instead of a satellite dish. Just like with vudu, the sound was limited to dolby pro-logic. There is no output provided, either rca coaxial or fiber optic, for those wishing to do a direct connection to their surround amp. You need to use with a fiber optic or rca coaxial ac-3 pass-through output on the back of your tv if you want to use your surround amp. When adjusting the picture during initial setup of the fire tv box, it states that you should decrease the size of the screen until you see the tips of all of the arrows, top, bottom and both sides. When doing that, the picture is not centered at all, and there are black areas around the picture. When i attempt to adjust the screen size, just being able to see the tip of the arrow on the right without any black areas showing, again, the picture was not centered and was offset to the left. I don't know why fire tv has this feature, but online store should work closely with their vendor, or else seek out a new manufacturer, that does away with that adjustment in favor of an already centered screen, as it should be. . I did return the fire tv box, and online store was most gracious when handling the return and the refund. I like the fact that they stand behind what they sell, which keeps me coming back again and again to purchase other items.
  • Underwhelmed with my firetv. The homepage is a crazy three-ring circus. I stopped using yahoo search 15 years ago because of that. I use google because it is clean & simple. The roku home page is much simpler, and better. I dislike the endless recommendations everywhere on online store. . This unit is refurbished, but it all seems to work ok. I purchased this version because the newer one has worse reviews and lacks ethernet connectivity. After my set up, i had a problem with everything showing the loading spinning circle. I called my isp thinking it was internet. The suggestion was to restart my router. That's not easy here, but i finally found a restart option in the firetv settings. That worked. . The firetv has several problems - i can't add the weather underground weather app, but roku has it. There is no time display on the homepage. Come on, why should i have to ask alexa for something so simple. The fast forward button is too slow. We do a lot of recording and playback buttons are important. While recording a program in slingtv, if i stop live viewing for a break, i can't resume at that point. It takes me back to the live broadcast, even if i click "resume". I then have to use the rewind button, which is super annoying in a sports program. This was not an issue with roku. The firetv feedback url in "help" is wrong, google can't find it so i guess they don't really want feedback. So far, the features i like are the screensaver, being able to precisely adjust the display size and use an ethernet cable. . I've used it for a week now but will probably go back to my roku. It doesn't have the awesome screensaver, but does have shortcut buttons on the remote, a simpler homepage and fewer annoyances.
  • The actual firetv unit is rather reliable for streaming. The problems i've encountered were with the remote. I am on my third remote in two years. The first remote would not stay paired, the second one would eat batteries every other day. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with online store tech support before being forwarded to square trade and sending a full replacement unit. I have had nothing negative to say about online store support until now. As i look back on this experience, i cannot understand why it would take 40 minutes of my time to accomplish this task at hand. . There is an important feature that is missing from this android device - the ability to backup this unit. . Edit on 11/29/2017 :. . A reply to online store firetv customer support :. . Thank you for following up with me on my firetv remote control issue. Over the many years i've been an online store customer, i have had no issues with the customer support. In fact, online store has raised the standards for others to meet concerning their customers. The fact that online store followed up on my review is additional proof of online store's attitude towards customer service. . Many thanks for your response to my review of my experience of the replacement of the firetv remote.

certified ed fire tv previous Certified Refurbished Fire TV (Previous Generation – 2nd) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

So much less flaky than the first gen fire. I have owned and used one of these fire tv boxes since they were introduced. We are cord cutters so this is our tv viewing box for netflix, hulu, online store, youtube (not for much longer apparently as online store and google are apparently at war) and plex and while i liked the original it needed rebooted daily as some of the apps would get slow and out of sync audio. This unit is much faster and more stable.

Certified Ed Fire Tv Previous Generation 2nd
Click to see NoticeCertified Ed Fire Tv Previous Generation 2nd (53 003706)"Well i was so excited about getting this, had a firestick which my daughter took to college. So i thought i would get the fire tv. I saw a refurbished fire tv and purchased it. When it came to my house found out that they sent the wrong power supply. So it's kinda of useless right now. Will purchase a power adapter and hope for the best. Will write another review once that comes in. Well have to say that online store came through. They had called me about my review and refunded me for my power adapter when it came in. I was pleasantly surprised when this happened. The fire tv is working like a champ. I commend yvette and online store customer service for doing the right thing and making me a very happy customer. Online store rocks! ."

(0) Question: Hi i don't know much about there boxes i like to watch sports but some are on cable or dishes can any of these boxes work for me ? please help me!

(1) Question: I forgot the password on my fire tv. how do i recovered?

(2) Question: How do you open online store fire remote

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TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System - Not Compatible New Fire TV

This holder works perfectly and hangs on the tv vents securely - they even have different kinds of hooks for different types of tvs the folks that invented/marketed this did a very good job

Patent-pending mount designed exclusively for online store fire tv. Universal mounting system for online store fire tv (compatible with all televisions and all online store fire tv boxes, including the newest version)

TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System - Not Compatible New Fire TVTotalMount-Fire-Mounting-System-Compatible

Totalmount Fire Tv Mounting System - Compatible New Fire Tv (2289 fire tv mount) FAQ.

Did away with cable. This is the best to find the shows you want to watch. Moderately priced. Will order another one in the near future for the kids room. -Notice from J. Brenda, Knowsley

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I don't know if it was a poor initial adherence or the heat of the tv, but the sticky on one original foot wore off and it kept partially hanging off the tv. I since cut/grinded off the feet and screwed the piece to a neighboring wooden column and have had no problems. . It holds the firetv device, no problem. It holding itself with feet. Maybe i screwed up or the adhesive did. With a screw, it's solid.

Totalmount-fire-tv-mounting-system---compatible-new-fire-tv-(2289-fire-tv-mount) set picture

- V. FinchI like this product. I used the hooks to attach it to the vents of my tv. Easy to use and only took a couple of minutes. I would not use the sticky on the back of this, since the tv / fire tv would generate some heat and fall off. So the vent attach solution would be the best. Unless you want to attach it on the wall behind the tv as well. The only gripe that is have is the price. It could have came a bit cheaper, even though i caught a sale on it. Otherwise, i am satisfied with it. Gives it a clean look

This is a great solution. I have multiple firetv's and the fact that the remove is bluetooth based, means i don't have to leave a box sitting out and visible. This mounts on the back of the tv, and can hold the firetv unit. I have these on multiple tv's in my house and would recommend for anyone looking to keep the firetv out of sight.

. Sally, Prince Edward Island

Brand :    totalmount
Size :    Mounting System for the OLD Fire TV
  • Easy to attach - no tools necessary
  • Fire tv and hdmi cable are not included
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an hdmi cable through your wall
  • This mount is not compatible with the new fire tv that hangs from an hdmi port. this mount is only compatible with fire tv models sold prior to october 2017.
  • Ideal for wall-mounted televisions (includes heat management features)
Price :    $9.75 (was $14.00)
Model :    2289_Fire_TV_Mount
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Digital Device 4 Accessory (totalmount product review) for TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System - Not Compatible New Fire TV available ( Jan 2020 )

Fire TV Cube Hands-Free Alexa 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player

Hand-free tv fire tv cube is the first hands-free streaming media player with alexa, delivering an all-in-one entertainment experience. From across the room just say, "alexa, play billions" and fire tv cube turns on your tv and starts playing the showtime drama, allowing you to control your entertainment with voice commands. Watch as thousands of movies and tv episodes come to life with vibrant colors and detailed contrast in 4k ultra hd and hdr. With far-field voice recognition, eight microphones, and beamforming technology, fire tv cube hears you from any direction. From across the room, just ask alexa to turn on the tv, adjust the volume, and control playback. Fire tv cube also comes with the alexa voice remote, for when you want to navigate your favorite tv shows and movies without making a sound. With alexa on fire tv cube, you can control compatible tvs, sound bars, and a/v receivers from top brands like samsung, sony, lg, vizio, and more. Plus, tune to live tv channels with cable or satellite boxes from providers like comcast, dish, directv/at&t u-verse, and more. You cannot use your voice to change channels through an over-the-air hd antenna. Use alexa on fire tv to control playback of content (play, pause, resume) in many of your favorite apps. Additionally, many apps including netflix, hulu, cbs all access, showtime, nbc, and others have integrated even further with alexa, which will allow you to browse, search, and change channels within supported apps. Voice control is getting smarter all the time. Fire tv cube is the first hands-free streaming media player with alexa, delivering an all-in-one entertainment experience. From across the room, just ask alexa to turn on the tv, dim the lights, and play what you want to watch. With far-field voice recognition, eight microphones, and beamforming technology, fire tv cube hears you from any direction. Enjoy hands-free voice control of content-search, play, pause, fast forward, and

Fire TV Cube Hands-Free Alexa 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media PlayerHands-Free-Alexa-Ultra-Streaming-Player

Brand :    
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.03 pounds
Model :    EX69VW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 ( product review) for Fire TV Cube Hands-Free Alexa 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $89.99 (was $119.99)
  • Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills. get over 500, 000 movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, nbc, and more.
  • Fire tv cube is the first hands-free streaming media player with alexa, delivering an all-in-one entertainment experience. from across the room, just ask alexa to turn on the tv, dim the lights, and play what you want to watch.
  • Do more with alexa. fire tv cube has a built-in speaker that lets you check the weather, listen to the news, control compatible smart home devices, and more-even with the tv off. fire tv cube is always getting smarter with new alexa skills and voice functionality.
  • With far-field voice recognition, eight microphones, and beamforming technology, fire tv cube hears you from any direction. enjoy hands-free voice control of content-search, play, pause, fast forward, and more. plus control the power and volume on your tv, sound bar, and a/v receiver as well as change live cable or satellite channels with just your voice.
  • Experience true-to-life picture quality and sound with access to vivid 4k ultra hd up to 60 fps, hdr, and the audio clarity of dolby atmos.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote

Out of all of the set top boxes i've used, i like the look and feel of the shield. Aside from integration with other phones in the house, i like it more than my apple tv. . The only con i can come up with is that it doesn't quite have enough horsepower to transcode videos recorded from my hd homerun.

Nvidia shield tv is the most advanced streaming media player, delivering endless entertainment and the perfect fit for your google-connected lifestyle. Play your favorite shows in up to 4k hdr, share your photos, stream the latest songs, display your calendar, dim the lights, and so much more, all with just your voice. With shield, it's more than tv. It's your life smarter and more connected. Enjoy netflix and online store video in stunning 4k hdr and youtube, google play movies & tv, and more in up to 4k. Cast your favorite apps to your tv with chromecast 4k built-in. Add smartthings link to turn shield into a zigbee and z-wave smart home hub to wirelessly connect and automate hundreds of compatible smart devices so they can all work together with voice commands and automations. Even use shield as a plex media server and stream your personal media collection to any device. Use the included remote to play fun android games on the big screen. Troubleshooting steps: -what do they have installed on their shield? sometimes customers side load apps not on our product and those apps kill the experience of apps legally allowed to be on shield. We would tell customer to delete those unlicensed apps and then test experience of online store video on shield. This process would identify the bad app. -have they rooted their device? rooting is something customers do that pretty much wipes out software on shield. It actually would technically void the warranty. We could helpful customer if we knew if they did this though we would need to know they rooted their shield first. -do they have usb port on shield ? what device are they using? some usb hubs go bad after extended use and we can show customer how to test them. -if above does not work, consumer should contact nvidia customer case.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player RemoteNVIDIA-SHIELD-Streaming-Player-Remote

Nvidia Shield Tv Streaming Media Player Remote (945 12897 2500 100) FAQ.

I had a different streaming box for the last three years but this one is by far superior. It's easy to navigate, has a great voice remote and gave me lots more bang for the buck. I was considering the firestick or fire tv but am glad i got this instead. It's a cadillac in the streaming media players out there now. -Notice from S. Ruby, Alaska

Click to Show nvidia shield tv streaming media player remote (945 12897 2500 100) Details

The nvidia shield really is a wonderful piece of hardware. Except for the small storage space. We don't play video games so we don't need the gaming remove that comes with the shield pro but after a few weeks with the nvidia shield tv and a plex pass, realized that this just won't cut it so i returned the shield tv and bought the shield tv pro home media server that comes with 500 g internal memory instead of a paltry 16 g. . We have had the chromecast at home for a couple of years and as fine as it is, when you have the shield and press play on that netflix video it is actually quicker to start the shows/movies than it is for our tvs with an hd antenna to tune in a station. . To the shield tv i installed plex (with plex pass) and added the hauppauge wintv-dualhd usb tuner and have been enjoying 'free' dvr service with my digital over the air tv. If it is so great then why did i return the shield? because after installing the software and cataloging digital libraries i was left with 2. 8 g on the shield. An hour of recording a tv show takes 4-6 g and because of that some recordings would fail or we would get a 'not enough space' message again and again. . This is how they get you to spend the extra $100 for the upgrade (i'm not counting the $20 gaming remote) but if you look for an external ssd drive to expand the internal memory of the shield, it will cost you more so it is an equitable trade. . My shield tv pro showed up just yesterday. I'll review that after i've used it for a couple of weeks.

Nvidia-shield-tv-streaming-media-player-remote-(945-12897-2500-100) set picture

- A. FinchIt s a beast with built in chromecast. It capable to stream 4k hdr 10 bit video signals from network or attached usb storage. The quality of the video in fantastic. You can install on it kodi for android and run it smoothly. For it s price i prefer the shield over a pc. It s very quit (noisless). You can control the shield via logitech harmony hub based remote. I am very happy with this product.

I love the shield tv. Fast. Powerful. Tiny. Android tv with online store prime! what more could you want! . . . A remote that i don't want to snap in half. That's what. Out of the box, the remote is quite impressive. Small, minimalist, fancy capacitive slider for the volume, made of "metal*. It screams "quality! " then you start using it. It's so small that it gets lost. It's so minimal that it takes multiple clicks to do simple video tasks like play, pause, etc. The volume slider is hard to control accurately and sometimes random surfaces will change the volume if the remote rubs on them. The metal bottom isn't rounded at the front or back, and it's actually sharp enough to scratch things up! . . Do yourself a favor and buy this with another remote of some sort. A universal remote, or perhaps one of the numerous keyboard remotes you can get here.

L. Pamela, Trafford

Price :    $159.95 (was $179.00)
  • Smart home ready - use your voice to dim lights, turn up the temperature, view your nest cam on the tv, and more. add smartthings link to turn shield into a zigbee and z-wave smart home hub and automate hundreds of smart home devices.
  • Great for prime members - watch video in 4k hdr with surround sound. or cast music to your tv from an android phone and take advantage of twitch prime on the twitch app.
  • Google-connected lifestyle - unlimited entertainment with google play movies & tv, google play music, cast your favorite apps to your tv in 4k with chromecast, and get the latest apps from the google play store. ask questions and see the answers on your tv, including google photos, your calendar, sports scores, and more.
  • Home theater experience - enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4k hdr quality and the most immersive sound with dolby atmos and dts-x surround sound pass-through.
Brand :    nvidia
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.15 pounds
Model :    945-12897-2500-100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (nvidia product review) for NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote available ( Jan 2020 )

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote & Game Controller

Love nvidia just found out how to load directv now, purchase logitech k400 and use it to download the app and operate works great no problems, remember only two devices can be loaded with app

Nvidia shield tv is the most advanced streaming media player that provides endless entertainment and is the perfect fit for your google-connected lifestyle. Play your favorite shows in up to 4k hdr, share your photos, stream the latest songs, display your calendar, dim the lights, and so much more, all with just your voice. With shield, it's more than tv. It's your life smarter and more connected. Enjoy netflix, online store video, and vudu in stunning 4k hdr and youtube, google play movies & tv, and more in up to 4k. Cut the cord with apps like youtube tv, sling tv or playstation vue. Cast your favorite apps to your tv with chromecast 4k built-in. Add smartthings link to turn shield into a zigbee and z-wave smart home hub to wirelessly connect and automate hundreds of compatible smart devices, so they can all work together with voice commands and automations. Even use shield as a plex media server and stream your personal media collection to any device, anywhere. Nvidia gamestream harnesses the power of your geforce gtx graphics card to let you cast your games from your pc to your tv. Don t have a powerful gaming rig? just stream pc games from the cloud with geforce now. You can also play a new class of exclusive android games.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote & Game ControllerNVIDIA-SHIELD-Streaming-Player-Controller

Nvidia Shield Tv Streaming Media Player Remote & Game Controller (945 12897 2500 002) FAQ.

I've had it only for a day (the base version, not pro). So far i love it's streaming apps. Netflix, online store, and plex support 4k hdr, youtube, google movies, vudu and ultraflix and a few others support 4k (no hdr for those yet, rumored to come later for vudu, google movies and youtube). The netflix app had to be updated on the google play store to get hdr support. Sadly, the sony ultra app (where you can own or rent sony's 4k hdr movies) is available but is unable to play 4khdr items. Feels much faster and responsive than my roku, and better than my apple tv as that only does 1080p. Sadly, no google home/assistant support with handsfree mic yet - that apparently comes later this year, even though nvidia has been touting it as if it's already supported. For now, you have to press a button on the remote or the controller to talk to the system. That works very well. An annoying thing initially - accidentally touching the vertical touch area for volume control on the remote would pop up a message saying volume is controlled with the amp. I solved it in settings by enabling cec audio. Now the little shield remote also seamlessly controls the amplifier volume, and no annoying popups on the tv when that area is accidentally touched - easy to do. The interface is fast. Launching apps, browsing content in them, playing is almost instantaneous. It supports dolby atmos in vudu. My shield is connected to my denon amplifier which supports atmos. I have not explored the gaming aspects at all. Improvement requests to nvidia:. 1. It currently upscales everything to 4k. I wish it'd give an option to send content at the content's original resolution and refresh rate to the tv, and let the tv upscale it. 2. Support the twc (now spectrum) app for live tv. 3. Add 4k support for hulu. My xbox one s already does, which i use for 4k blu-rays and 4k content on hulu. 4. Hurry up with the "google home" handsfree update. To me, this is the best streamer on the market now that includes pretty much all the popular streaming content apps. The handsfree microphone update (like google home), when it comes, will make it an amazing device. -Notice from P. Gilmore, West Berkshire

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Powerful android game system. Glitchy at times. Son enjoys it however.

Nvidia-shield-tv-streaming-media-player-remote-&-game-controller-(945-12897-2500-002) set picture

- . NellieI've used pretty much every streaming device and finally bit the bullet and paid the premium cost for the shield. It is much smoother than any other device, and being able to sideload any android app is great. . My only complaint, like many, i really don't like the remote. . I use it mainly to stream from my computer with plex and to watch other streaming services and it works great. I play the occasional game on it (mostly as an emulator) but games are not a priority for me.

Simply the best streaming device i have ever bought. It is fast, responsive, sleek, and small.

B. Courtney, East Riding of Yorkshire

Brand :    nvidia
Color :    Black
Weight :    3.80 pounds
  • Home theater experience -enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4k hdr quality and the most immersive sound with dolby atmos and dts-x surround sound pass-through.
  • Operating system:android 7. 0 (nougat) powered by android tv and google cast (chromecast built-in)
  • Nvidia-powered gaming -stream games from your geforce-powered pc to your tv in 4k hdr at 60 fps. you can even get nvidia-powered cloud gaming on demand with geforce now and explore shield-exclusive android games.
  • Cut the cord -apps like youtube tv, hulu, sling tv, and playstation vue give you access to live tv and sports without the mess and stress of a cable box.
  • Smart home ready -use your voice to dim lights, turn up the temperature, view your nest cam on the tv, and more. add smartthings link to turn your shield into a zigbee and z-wave smart home hub.
Price :    $189.99 (was $198.79)
Model :    945128972500002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player

I own both the new fire and roku stick (3600r), below is a short review and honest (personal) opinion on both products. . User interface: the fire stick has essentially the same ui as fire tv (which i also own), it is largely divided by content category (home, video, tv, movie, music, games, photo, apps, etc. ), and integrated seamlessly with prime eco-system. If you are already a prime member, you will have better experience with fire stick than roku. Roku s ui has the advantage of integrating more contents (google store, my feed, news, etc. ). Roku also allows user to make certain changes in home screen (add/remove/move tiles), unlike fire stick. However, both uis are well designed, smooth. It comes down to personal preference. . Hardware/streaming quality: as far as i can tell, there isn t much difference, both are powerful devices, almost no lags with either device. One of the attached pictures is a screenshot of streaming youtube 4k content from fire stick, the picture quality is stunning (output as 1080p). . Remote: i personally like the fire remote, it is simple (only 7 buttons with a navigation ring), but provides all the functions you will need. I find it is both slimmer and easier to use than the roku remote. In addition, fire remote has a voice function, which you won t find on roku, this is a big plus. Also note that the fire stick remote will work with fire tv but you will have to "unpair" it first (please see the comment made by roaddog on this review). . Voice search/alexa: online store has greatly improved the search function. One of the main complains of earlier versions of fire tv/stick is that alexa only search online store contents, but not 3rd parties (netflix, etc. ). However, with the latest software update, the search results now show both online store and 3rd party. You can choose from multiple ways to watch a movie (and whether the option is free of charge is clearly indicated). . Power cord: the usb cable came with fire stick is about 4 feet long, it also comes with an adapter. However, i am using a 3rd party wall charger (iclever boostcube+ 30w dual usb wall charger with qualcomm quick charge 3. 0), and it worked well. In one of the pictures you can see the fire charger output 5. 0v + 1. 0a, iclever output is sufficient. It is a benefit in case you travel a lot, so that you won t need to bring two separate chargers. One charger with two output slots will be enough for both your phone and fire stick. . App quality: one of the main reasons that i bought the fire stick after i bought roku is because the quality of playstation vue app on fire system is much better than roku, from my experience there is simply no comparison. Vue app on fire gives you much easier access to your recorded shows, live programming schedule and channel switching. Roku doesn t have live programming schedule, and some of my recorded shows are missing. However, quality of other main apps (netflix, youtube, espn, etc. ) are more or less on par between fire and roku. . Price: fire stick is $9 cheaper. . Hotel/travel log-in: with roku, you will need a separate mobile device (phone) to connect to a specific wifi network established by the stick, then open up a browser and log in (normally with room and last name). Often it took me several tries to establish the connection. With fire stick, no need for a separate device, you will go to "settings/system/network" and press the "option" button on the remote, an on-screen cursor would appear, which allows you to log in as if you are using a laptop. I found the "fire" way simpler and more intuitive. . Physical appearance: in fact, this is the only category i d put roku on top of fire stick. The new fire stick (1. 2 x 3. 4in) is much larger than roku (you can see from the picture), it is even larger than the first generation fire stick. This really surprised me as i thought the trend is to make them smaller. I also prefer that roku put the power slot at the end of stick, while fire stick put it right in the middle, which is really awkward. . In short, if you are a prime member and use playstation vue, i d highly recommend the new fire stick.

Fire tv stick connects your hdtv to a world of online entertainment. Stream a massive selection of movies and tv episodes from netflix, online store video, hulu, and more, and easily find and control content with the alexa voice remote. Plus, get universal search results across top apps, and enjoy live sports, music, photos, games, and more. Just plug fire tv stick into your hdtv and start streaming in minutes. Use the included alexa voice remote to find the best way to watch across more than 190 channels and apps with universal search. With the fastest wi-fi and most accurate voice search of any streaming media stick, shows and movies start faster and stream smoother than ever. With access to netflix, hulu, hbo now, online store video, and more there are over 500, 000 tv episodes and movies ready to stream. Watch live tv (including sports and news) as it happens. Directly access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox. Subscription fees may apply. Your alexa voice remote can easily find, launch, and control content. Simply say, alexa, find suspense thrillers and alexa will show you results. Alexa, the brain behind online store echo, doesn't stop there. Just press the microphone button and ask to play music from pandora, order a pizza from domino's, shop for popcorn and snacks, and more. Plus, alexa on fire tv is always getting smarter. With newly expanded voice control in apps like bravo, cbs all access, hulu, nbc, playstation vue, and showtime, alexa can help you do even more. Use your voice to search, control playback, and even change the channel within supported apps. You can also pair fire tv and echo devices, allowing you to control your fire tv with alexa. Just ask alexa to play and search for movies and tv shows, launch apps, and control playback from over 190 apps and channels on your fire tv.   no cable? no problem. Watch live tv with subscriptions to hulu, playstation vue, sling tv, and others, or use an indoor hd antenna connected directly to your tv to get broadcast networks like nbc and pbs for free. Even better with prime prime membership unlocks thousands more movies and tv episodes through prime video, including thursday night football and online store original series like the tick, the grand tour, mozart in the jungle, and just add magic. Prime members can also add premium channels like hbo, showtime, and starz-no cable or satellite subscription necessary. Only pay for the channels you want to watch, with prices starting as low as $2. 99 a month-and you can cancel anytime. Each channel starts with a free trial, so it's easy to discover new favorites. Take your tv with you never miss an episode when you're away from home. Fire tv stick works with any hdtv so you can take it over to a friend's house or bring it along to hotels and dorm rooms. Just plug and play anywhere - all you need is a wi-fi connection. Some content not available in all countries. Entertain your way millions of songs are available to stream on fire tv stick through pandora, online store music, and iheartradio. Just press the microphone button on the alexa voice remote and say what you'd like to hear next. Plus, watch videos from facebook, vevo, and vimeo.

Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media PlayerAll-New-Fire-TV-Stick-With-Alexa-Voice-Remote-Streaming-Media-Player

Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player (Digital Device 4) FAQ.

Mostly i love that i got this thing on a crazy black friday deal. But otherwise, it does perform quite well. I also have a roku se, which is a sloth compared to this thing. And i have a newer lg tv with webos. The main reason i purchased this is because you can currently only use an online store fire device to stream your prime music. And it does support a few more apps than lg right now. Namely, i like pluto tv which isn't on lg yet. I do like it, but i am brand agnostic and also like roku, samsung and lg smart devices. You can't get all apps on all devices, so were are sort of compelled to use at least a few different ones. -Notice from G. Beale, Michigan

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I bought the fire tv stick for my son for christmas. He does like it but i did not know that it would come loaded with my acct. Attached to it. I did not put it as a gift because i figured if it didn't work or he had problems using it i would just print off the return label and send it back for him. Regardless, i had to deregister it and it basically resets it and i'm not sure that it still had the free stuff that it came with originally when linked to my acct. I just think it shouldn't come already attached to your prime acct. Which linked up to my credit card. That is why i gave it 4 stars. What a nightmare if it would have been stolen off my porch. Someone could've ordered a bunch of stuff and it would be charged to me.

Fire-tv-stick-alexa-voice-remote-streaming-media-player-(digital-device-4) set picture

- O. EleanorI purchased two of these to replace a roku streaming stick and roku express on different tvs due to roku's terrible performance with playstation vue. I'm very glad i did. . I have an original fire tv box on my main tv, and i should not have strayed away from the fire tv. Between roku, chromecast, and fire tv, fire tv blows the other two away. Now, i'm not going to bash chromecast, as it does have its uses and works well, but roku's performance was just laggy and frustrating. I'm sure their more powerful devices would have solved some lag, but these are just for tvs that don't get used a lot, so i wasn't going to spend that much. But i'm sure the streaming issues would have remained. . The fire tv stick is super snappy and responsive, just about as fast as the original fire tv box. I've had no issues with streaming. . If you use psvue as your primary live tv source, fire tv is your best choice.

Works great and it's easy to set up. I cut the cord four years ago and i needed it for online store video, slingtv, hulu, youtube and netflix. I replaced an original roku lt with this unit because that version of the roku did not support use profiles within apps. I also chose the fire tv stick because the price and functionality are better than any product currently out there. The remote will take your speech input and find content based on what you say. It's 4k capable, but with my isp provider's monthly data usage restriction, i won't be doing anything 4k anytime soon as it would quadruple my data usage and i'd be paying monthly overages regularly. As a result, i'm sticking to 1080p.

C. Cageen, Rutland

Brand :    
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.7 pounds
Model :    LY73PR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • The next generation of our best-selling fire tv stick-now with the alexa voice remote.
  • No cable or satellite? no problem. watch the best of live tv and sports from amc, hgtv, espn, fox, and others with a subscription to directv now, sling tv, or top-rated primetime shows with cbs all access.
  • Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills with access to over 500, 000 movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, nbc, and more. plus, access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox.
  • Launch and control content with the included alexa voice remote. simply say, "play game of thrones" or "launch netflix" and alexa will respond instantly. plus, play music, find movie show times, order a pizza, and more-just ask.
  • Find the best way to watch with universal search results from over 200 channels and apps including netflix, hulu, and prime video.
Price :    $39.99
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 ( product review) for Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player available ( Jan 2020 )

Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Alexa Voice Remote Pendant Design Streaming Media Player

This replaced my first gen fire tv stick, and i was wary of the negative reviews, but most of those were comparing the big fire tv and complaining about not being able to control your tv power and volume, which i didn't care too much about. This thing is *much* faster than the fire tv stick. Switching between netflix and online store video is super snappy, whereas it used to take forever with the original fire tv stick. Alexa search is also noticeably quicker (just wish you could voice search within netflix itself), which is a plus. Because it is so fast, and i don't need extra storage or control of my tv, i am a happy customer.

Fire tv connects you to a world of entertainment. With a compatible 4k ultra hd and high dynamic range (hdr) tv, watch as thousands of movies and tv episodes come to life in vibrant colors and detailed contrast. Find your favorites with universal voice search across more than 190 integrated channels and apps or discover new content with personalized recommendations on the home screen. Watch what you want watch over 500, 000 movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, starz, and more. On fire tv, it s never been easier to access thousands of 4k ultra hd movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, and more. Enjoy live tv, including sports and news, as it airs. Directly access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox. Plus, stream millions of songs through prime music, spotify, and iheartradio. Subscription fees may apply. Say it. Play it. Your alexa voice remote can easily find, launch, and control content. Simply press and say, alexa, find suspense thrillers and alexa will show you results. For hands-free control, pair fire tv with your favorite echo device and alexa will hear you from across the room using far-field voice recognition. Plus, alexa on fire tv is always getting smarter. With newly expanded voice control in apps like bravo, cbs all access, hulu, nbc, playstation vue, and showtime, alexa can help you do even more. Use your voice to search, control playback, and even change the channel within supported apps.   immersive entertainment enjoy stunning 4k ultra hd streaming at up to 60 fps and hdr enabling more vivid, lifelike colors and exceptional clarity. Feel scenes come to life with three-dimensional dolby atmos audio when connected to compatible home audio systems. Go beyond streaming use alexa on your fire tv to view camera feeds, control lights, thermostats, and other compatible smart home devices with your alexa voice remote. Plus, play music, check the weather, listen to the news and more just ask. Better with prime prime membership unlocks thousands more movies and tv episodes through prime video, including thursday night football and online store original series like the tick, the grand tour, mozart in the jungle, and just add magic. Prime members can also add premium channels like hbo, showtime, and starz no cable or satellite subscription necessary. Only pay for the channels you want to watch, with prices starting as low as $2. 99 a month and you can cancel anytime. Each channel starts with a free trial, so it's easy to discover new favorites. No cable? no problem. Watch live tv through fire tv with subscriptions to hulu, playstation vue, sling tv, and others, or use an indoor hd antenna connected directly to your tv to get broadcast networks like nbc and pbs for free. Simple, fast, and fluid simply plug into your hdtv's hdmi port and connect to the internet via wi-fi or the optional online store ethernet adapter to start enjoying your favorite content. With an ultra-fast 1. 5 ghz quad-core processor, fire tv is 40% more powerful than fire tv stick. And with a compact and portable design, it's easy to bring your movies and tv shows with you when you travel.

Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Alexa Voice Remote Pendant Design Streaming Media PlayerRemote-Pendant-Design-Streaming-Player

All New Remote Pendant Streaming Player (53 006252) FAQ.

While this fire tv is advertised to work with ultra hd, i use it with my past generation back lit 3d led. I bought this to replace the last generation fire tv. I found the new fire tv to load much quicker and to run with much less hiccups. The improved performance is readily apparent even on an older tv. The additional cost is more than worth the improved performance. -Notice from W. Pamela, Kent

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I like it. Will sometimes have to reboot when first starting up to acquire a solid wifi connection. Have second generation fire tv stick and secnd generation chromecast and a chromecast ultra. I am pleased with performance. Will try out the basic gaming experience with the controller when i receive it.

All-new-remote-pendant-streaming-player-(53-006252) set picture

- Z. HadleySince this was the first firestick or firetv we have purchase, it's been awesome! what we like:. It works awesome with our new echo. "exa, play stranger things" and it brings us right to it. Although, it doesn't play it. Hopefully it will soon. . It's easy to search through all media services. Alexa will search hulu, sling, netflix, and whatever services you are signed into, instantly. . Simple interface. . Satisfied! wish google and online store got along better.

I do not know if the 4k ultra hd square thingy makes any difference compared to just the stick, it doesn't seem different from the older stick without alexa in performance so far. Draw back has been getting used to a new controller, it wasn't intuitive for me as maybe younger folks; i have had periods of frustration also with learning the ins and outs of apps, using the fire stick tv, and being able to compare costs with all the different choices (like hbo through directtv or use the hbo now app). After more than 2 weeks, i have figured most things out and how to get answers when i can't. I am cutting monthly bill from . , i am embarrassed to say how much, by 50%; i am getting services like the great courses plus and much more! i just ordered 2 more firesticks with sideclicks (so i can control volume, on/off without using the tv controller) so i can set up all 3 tvs. In addition i found out that when i change internet provider i can kick my speed from 150 mhz to 1 gig at the same price. I have gone from cable with 100s of channels, (maybe 12 that my wife and i actually watch, and usually nothing i want to watch or haven't already watched). Going to being able to watch just about anything, with no contracts and month to month billing that is decipherable. (though they could maybe make billing easier to follow, as many apps require you to set up accounts and payments with them; that is a hassle)

. Shawna, Saarland

Brand :    
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    LDC9WZ
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 ( product review) for Fire TV 4K Ultra HD Alexa Voice Remote Pendant Design Streaming Media Player available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $69.99
  • Now supports dolby atmos audio-feel scenes come to life in three dimensions.
  • 40% more powerful than fire tv stick-an ultra-fast quad-core processor delivers an even smoother, more responsive experience.
  • Access 500, 000+ movies and tv episodes from popular channels and apps including netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, nbc, and more.
  • Experience true-to-life picture quality in 4k ultra hd and hdr.
  • Do more with alexa-find and control content, play music, check movie showtimes, order a pizza, and more. just press and ask using your alexa voice remote or pair an echo device for hands-free control.

Micro USB LAN Ethernet Adapter RJ45 3 USB Hub TV Stick Streaming Device

Rj45 to micro usb ethernet adapter compatible with online store fire tv device, shark roku tv or any micro usb device (computer, tablet, phone, chrome) to your modem, router or switch allowing a fast ethernet network speed how to setup? 1, disconnect with your wifi 2, connect your fire tv stick's micro usb port to this ethernet adapter's micro usb 3, plug your internet cable into this ethernet adapter's rj45 port 4, plugged dc cable into dc hole (refer to the 2nd picture) 5, enjoy with your tv time package inclulde: 1 x ethernet adapter 1 x dc cable

Micro USB LAN Ethernet Adapter RJ45 3 USB Hub TV Stick Streaming DeviceMicro-Ethernet-Adapter-Streaming-Device

Brand :    smays
Color :    White
Weight :    0.7 pounds
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 3-port usb 2. 0 hub - support otg on-the-go, works with mouse and keyboard, usb flash disk, ssd, card reader data transfer
  • 5v dc-in power cable - it's an external power which is supply power to 3 hubs and tv stick
  • Ethernet adapter compatibility - fire tv stick with alexa voice remote (2nd gen) (2016 release) , all-new fire tv (2017 release) , fire tv cube and shark roku tv
  • Quickly speed - the internet speed is 10/100m
  • Easy to set up - simply connect the ethernet adapter into the micro usb port on your fire tv and connect an ethernet cable directly from your router
Price :    $15.99 (was $18.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (smays product review) for Micro USB LAN Ethernet Adapter RJ45 3 USB Hub TV Stick Streaming Device available ( Jan 2020 )

FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top Boxes

The flirc works great with my minnowboard turbot-based media center. I use a logitech harmony universal remote with it, and once i figured out to use samsung or panasonic *tv* in the harmony software as my kodi/flirc device (instead of the pre-defined kodi device), i was able to map all the buttons to the kodi functions that i wanted.

Flirc allows you to use nearly any remote control with any device that has usb including; firetv, xbox 360, xbox one, playstation 3, htpcs, raspberry pi, and more. Flirc's user-friendly software guides you through each step of the pairing process and takes just a few minutes to complete. After your remote is paired with flirc, there is no other software to run or install on your device. Just plug flirc into any usb port and enjoy! flirc has partnered with logitech harmony to provide the best user experience on the best line of remote controls. Add the flirc firetv or xbmc/kodi device to your harmony remote and it will work with flirc without any additional configuration. You can also use the many built-in preset configurations in the flirc software to quickly and easily configure flirc with your remote for common applications such as xbmc/kodi, firetv, and windows media center. If your favorite application isn't one of the presets, simply use the virtual keyboard in the flirc software to pair any button on your remote control with any standard keyboard key. Flirc works on any device that supports usb keyboards and is one of the top accessories sold for the raspberry pi. The flirc team is always working on new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Free firmware updates are regularly released and are available on flirc's website. Flirc is also working on an api for seamless integration within other applications. Remember to visit the flirc website and forums for helpful tips, tricks, and support. Coming in future firmware updates: long key presses - assign two functions to one button. Macros - want to run a number of commands on a key press? with the new flirc, you can store over 500 keys, and have more than one keypress per individual remote button. Iospirit - bring ir remote support back to the mac. Coming in 2017 is a unique collaboration to bring you exciting new features between flirc and iospirit

FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top BoxesFLIRC-Generation-Universal-Control-Receiver

Flirc Generation Universal Control Receiver (100013) FAQ.

Difficult to use with a logitech harmony. I had to tell the harmony that i had a tv i don't have in order to get functionality on the buttons. I then had to program everything which is no big deal but it took 2 weeks of struggling to figure this out i had to lie to it. -Notice from O. Josephine, Idaho

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The team who designed this desvice. You are the real mvp! . . I have this little guy setup to run on my rpi 3rd gen using kodi. This is perfect and works great! even better is this thing allows me to use two remotes at the same time. I have my home harmony 650 remote and a small travel remote when on the go. . This solved a lot of problem!

Flirc-generation-universal-control-receiver-(100013) set picture

- X. LewisI've ordered two of these for raspi based media players i've built. I don't know about other control solutions, i use them with logitech harmony remotes and everything just works. If i *had* to pick a nit, i wish it were just a bit smaller. It sticks out of the slot a bit, but that is minimal. I don't worry about it at all and the next time i put together a piplayer box, this will be on the "have to have" list of parts.

Just plugged it into my fire tv box, and my factory tv remote (samsung, 7 years old) just worked. No additional configuration required, which is good because it came with no documentation whatsoever. Would have given 5 stars if it at least had come with some customization instructions or the item had shipped more quickly.

R. Guest, Kansas

Price :    $15.99 (was $16.00)
  • Out of the box support for logitech harmony remote controls with the harmony firetv device
  • Control your firetv with almost any remote control, including logitech harmony remotes
  • New version brings many new software features, hardware features, and partners
  • Also works with playstation, xbox 360, raspberry pi, windows media center, kodi, plex, and many more
  • Flirc's easy-to-use software walks you through the entire pairing process and works on windows, osx and linux
Brand :    flirc
Weight :    0.6 pounds
Model :    FL-25626
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (flirc product review) for FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top Boxes available ( Jan 2020 )

certified ed fire tv previous generation 2nd Price : 84, was : 0 as 2018-08-07
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Certified Ed Fire Tv Previous Generation 2nd (53 003706) Reviewed by on puqus.com

Top certified ed fire tv previous generation 2nd (53 003706) Content

The F.A.Q. for certified ed fire tv previous generation 2nd

Arrived sealed and seemed brand new to me! . . This is a very nice streaming box. I specifically bought it to use with playstation vue. This little gadget streams playstation vue better than my ps4, and certainly better than my sony smart tv. Connected via ethernet it streams sports as good or better than an expensive cable tv box. I've watched an entire red sox game on it in perfect quality with no freezing, crashing, or stuttering. Voice remote with alexa functionality is an added bonus. Very happy with the fire tv box!

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(0) Question: How is this refurbished unit ($94. 00) different from new unit $84. 99 ?

(1) Question: Can i watch sports

(2) Question: Can you stream online content from websites (like primewire) besides paying apps , or use it for setting up email ect?

(3) Question: Lost internet connection. trying 2 reconnect but unit doesn't respond. changed batteries but still no response

(4) Question: My internet speed ranges between 7 and 19 mps. it is also intermittent. will fire tv work with that?

(5) Question: Can you watch you tube ?

(6) Question: Does this box record like a dvr

(7) Question: Can you add a usb hard drive?

(8) Question: Does each tv need a box

(9) Question: I have a online store fire box is turn on by itself in am morning?

(10) Question: Can you use the xbox360. as the harddrive

(11) Question: If i have a hard wire connection does it serve as a wifi connection/hotspot for other devices?

(12) Question: Will this work on vizio 4k tv

(13) Question: Have these fire stick was jailbreak

(14) Question: Is remote rf ir or both?

(15) Question: Can i insall kodi on this?

(16) Question: Where is the system tab under settings

(note) Question: where/how to get Electronics (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Electronics's products

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It didn't set up out of the box as instructed. The remote wouldn't pair with the box even with a change of batteries and cycling through the instructions 4 or 5 times. I attempted to set it up late in the evening and was ready to send it back the next day (i had been advised by other reviews to get a new one vs. Refurbished), but lo and behold it was ready for set up when i turned on the tv the next morning. Can't explain it (any help there online store? ) but it has worked great since then; seamless connection with the apps, great picture quality, quick access to online store prime videos, lots of selections for content. It's not quite the cable killer you might think, in that the apps that i have found don't make local tv channels available in my market. I live in an apartment, so an antenna is really not an option for me, but fire tv will take a serious bite out of my cable/phone/internet bill. By the way, i have at&t's next to slowest internet speed with 4 computers on the system and i have no problems with speed, picture quality, or buffering

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Best certified ed fire tv previous generation 2nd (53 003706) in review

I was very excited about getting my online store fire tv box 4k, this item was out of stock for some time. I noticed around november 20th that some refurbished units were available for sale so i ordered one. I already have a fire stick on my bedroom tv but i wanted a streaming device for the main entertainment center in our family room. I mainly wanted the first tv box because it has an ethernet usb and micro sd ports. I mainly want to use it as a plex media player client as i stream ripped blu rays from my computer. . Once i got everything hooked up i immediately attempted to download and install the plex app, much to my disappointment every attempt was unsuccessful. While the app would download it would encounter an error and the installation would fail. I also tried several other applications and same thing the apps would download but fail to install. Then it start to reboot itself several times then it would freeze and the last straw was the rebooted loop. I finally gave up contacted online store for a replacement unit. I am scheduled to receive it november 25th, if that unit is defective i believe i will end up giving nvidia shield a try. . As of nov 30th 2017, i received the replacement unit, i was able to get it hook up without having any issues and as of now (april 27, 2018) i have not experienced any kind of issue and i am very much enjoying the online store tv box 4k 2nd generation.

W. Florence, Saskatchewan

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J. Candy, Kansas says

Nice alternative to paying higher costs for cable tv, although the additional subscriptions are adding up. Easy access to prime, hulu, sling etc this box is convenient but i do not see a major advantage in purchasing this more expensive unit over the cheaper firestick. Having both models i see no speed difference or quality difference.

I. Nees, Nordrhein-Westfalen

By far the best streaming device released by online store. I got one in 2015, 2016, and recently acquired another. The newer 3rd gen box and the cube are a disappointment. Are you listening online store? to omit ethernet and usb, forcing the buyer to purchase additional cables is a giant step backwards. The ideal thing would have been, to take the existing 2nd gen box, and simply boost it to 4g/32g. Its a win/win situation. We get the wonderful software, plenty of ram and rom, plus the benefits of existing ethernet/usb/sd. So online store, do us all a favor and make millions in return-revamp the 2nd gen box and supercharge it to 4g/32g, and set the streaming world on fire.

M. Janice, South Carolina says

I had a roku x2 for the longest time. I've tried google chromecast, apple tv, and utilizing my ps4's media interface. I am truly happy with this purchase. It is extremely fast at processing my requests, it has all of the apps i'd want, the voice feature on the remote works very well, customer support for the product is top notch, and it plays streaming video better than my ps4 and roku ever did. It is definitely playing video at 30+fps with much better resolution than the roku/ps4 ever did. . This is truly a must buy. . There are a lot of negative reviews on this product, and keep in mind that online store has made many updates to the software since those reviews (addressing their negative concerns). Since those updates, this item is really great. I would just suggest you try it out for a week and see if you have the same issues as the other people. It really won't dissapoint.

Q. Olga, Washington

Picked up the refurbished fire tv box second generation to use mainly for playstation vue. The fire tv box showed up in a plain cardboard box all shrink wrapped. There were no physical scratches or defects on the box or the alexa remote. Plugged it right into my router for the best connection (you can also connect via wifi) and was up and running in a minute. Installed the vue app and have live tv for a third of the price of comcast. The new december 2016 ui update to the fire box is sleek. Easy to hop between netflix, online store prime, vue, espn, etc. This box is great and definitely recommend for cordcutters.

. Aldana, Camden says

I have tried a couple of the more cheaply made android tv boxes for media streaming and plex and having wasted far too much time just tying to get them to work. The chinese models all seem to start locking up after a day or two and were more trouble than they were worth regardless of the specs they boasted. I avoided the fire tv mainly because of the customized version of android. I have come to the conclusion that the online store fire os is just far more stable. I'd rather weed through an advertisement or two (and get there incredibly fast) than try to wait for a cheaper device to even function. It even works with games! however there are a few quirks. If you decide to use an xbox 360 controller with the wireless dongle it can lead you to the factory reset and select it for you. I've discovered that this has to do with the way in which you connect it. Although i'm happy to say the factory reset works flawlessly (if you need it) to avoid this follow these step:. 1. Connect the transmitter to the usb with the controller powered off. This is important if you want to avoid it doing strange things. 2. Pair the controller. 3. Make sure every time you connect the controller it is done in this order. I really do appreciate the controller support that this unit has built in. It's a pain with android devices when it's not. Most have to be rooted to make it work. Overall i'm pretty impressed with the unit, although i really don't understand why online store decided to discontinue it. The newer unit has an optional wired connection that just seems to be way too slow while this has gigabit connection. Kodi runs faster on the fire than on my laptop! (you do have to sideload, but there are apps available to do this from another android device).

Z. Patricia, North Lincolnshire

I am very satisfied with this. I was hesitant to get this for obvious reasons. Given it s a refurb, and potential no more youtube (but confident google and online store will straighten things out! ). . Nicely and neatly packed. Next to brand new. I prefer the built in gigabit ethernet port so this choice works very well with my wired setup. Os is fluid and fast. Very responsive with incredibly awesome resolution. . Plus my alexa works great with it. Overall i am glad i made this choice. I do hope online store keeps supporting the os with updates.

L. Heidi, Harrow says

I seriously wonder why it took me to get firetv for so long. I originally had a roku xs and then i stupidly bought a roku 4. Both devices were all right but neither could handle 5. 1 audio from netflix on my vizio sound bar (essentially your device must be cable of handling dolby digital plus and nothing less using roku). I finally decided to give firetv a try and i'm amazed. Not only does it convert dd+ to dd on netflix and hbo go, i can install xbmc (kodi) on it! i wish i knew about this before i bought my roku 4 and htpc. I now literally have no use for my htpc anymore. Firetv can handle everything now and all with dd and dts 5. 1 audio. Even better, i have a ton of smart devices and 3 echos. I can now control all of these devices directly from the remote. This is seriously one of the best purchases i have made in the past year.

. Ruby, New South Wales

Thank god i could get a refurbished unit at a higher price than the new version! the new version is horrible and more like a fire stick. No ethernet port! love online store but they dropped the ball on the new version and it is a glorified fire stick not box. Horrible marketing and a serious flop on the new version as who wants something hanging from a connection and a dongle to connect an ethernet port! no one that wants a box! again love online store but the new fire tv is a joke. So happy i got this and just pray online store works out its differences with google and you tube as my kids watch 90% of their view time on you tube! online store show them some love and sell their products as well. The better product wins and that coming from someone who has dots in the home and no interest in google home!

B. Cortney, District of Columbia says

I wasn't sure if buying a refurbished item like this was the best choice. It has performed wonderfully. The setup was easy and i haven't had any problems with it. I wanted one of these a while back but i have always been on the fence about buying one. My brother purchased one from best buy and after seeing the product in action i decided to get one. I went with the refurb to save a few dollars and i have no regrets. Thanks online store for offering this at such a bargain price ($65). The picture and clarity is awesome. I haven't experienced any buffering issues. . Cons: the only bad thing i have noticed, is that the back of the remote is extremely difficult to remove to change the batteries. Some models come with a little click tab on the remote mine did not. It has to be slide up to removed.

A. Noguera, Bury

I was at first tentative about ordering anything refurbished but i now and again try to save a buck or two. To my surprise this fire tv box came in what looked like brand new pristine condition. I found it to be extremely easy to set up and i am very happy at how it performs. I read the horror stories about people getting these refurbished items and so i am surprised that everything is working well for me. I can't believe it took me so long to get a fire device. They really rock and makes my 4k uhd tv looks better than ever. Runs all the apps i need except the charter spectrum tv app like my roku ultimate on another tv in my home. Side loaded the app but won't allow me to sign in. But i am still giving it five stars because of how fast it is and the 4k performance is stunning. I even like the screensavers as the colors are stunning. I recommend this item especially if you are trying to cut the cord.

X. Sherry, Oregon says

This is an outstanding streaming device that's far above and beyond any other device of this type. One thing i wish people would do is verify the accuracy of their information before posting. Youtube is still available on your fire tv. Simply download the silk or firefox web browser app and alexa will use the browser to access your youtube account. . I've bought two of the refurbished 2017 fire tv boxes. They work great! that includes youtube.

H. Josephine, Cornwall says

After the first one would not initialize the second one worked flawlessly it is a very good source of entertainment. There is a new model now but i did notice that if you want to hardwire it the nail you another 15 bucks for the usb to net interface. No idea when people in this industry will learn wifi is not secure a suggestion i got tired of doing the phone style hunt and peck and put a kb on the usb port. Add another for the mouse and make it totally compatible with current computing interfaces

T. Pamela, Halton

I have had no issues with either of my second gen refurbished fire tv box these are the absolute best fire tv box ever made they have all the options available no extra purchase's needed to make it work all inclusive in the box as it came from online store except the hdmi cord but as with all others its the normal thing no short cables like that new one and then you need an adapter for wi-fi to get plugged into the wire to work correctly, what are they try to pull with all of us being sly after the sale they say that's not included and make you buy and then your not able to use the new fangled version fire tv box not worth the money if it was 20$ not in my eyes and stay away from the fire stick even with an adapter still lags so why bother spending the extra money just make online store bring back the 2nd generation fire box tv version and make it all happen all over again it is the greatest one their ever was !

E. Crawford, Durham says

It was a choice between the new fire tv cube or the 2nd gen fire tv for me. I already a couple of fire tv 1's, and outside of ebay, i didn't think i'd be able to purchase a fire tv 2 from online store new or refurbished anymore for a reasonable price. The thing that bothered me about getting the cube was it was too new of a release, thus plenty of bugs, plus i don't have a single use for voice control deciding to continue to control things with my harmony remote for all my hardware, which is fine because it works great. I am also using both ethernet and usb ports on the fire tv 2. Since the fire tv has the ethernet built in as well as usb without having to purchase an additional ethernet / usb mini adapter to turn the cube into the same specs as the fire tv, i thought why not just stick with the original. The processor in the fire tv 2 in comparison to the cube is faster with no external additional cables to bother about and that also suits me fine, because i've got enough cables all over the place. My only issue with this certified refurbished fire tv 2 at the start, was getting the remote control to pair up with the box. Took me a few minutes. Don't know why, but haven't had a problem after that. I currently own a few fire tv 1's and fire sticks, but i'm still happy with getting a 2nd gen fire tv, refurbished or not while i still could, before they were all gone, because i would never use the voice features in the cube.

U. Brendon, Haringey

The main issue with the fire tv is that it has a design flaw. It's not made to dissapate heat well. It has no venting. The heat sink is on the bottom & the board is on the top so heat builds up around the components. The box needs seams or vents for the heat to escape. The way to combat this is to not mount it on the back of the tv where more heat is being generated. Mount it flat & upside down & get some ice packs & place it on the unit with a paper towel for condensation. This will work for hours so if you want to watch a marathon if you want. The thing that will heat up first is the wifi section & it will start buffering & freezing. Secondly, always put it to sleep manually if you leave it plugged up so it go into cool down mode. Don't let it go to sleep on its own because it may not totally go to sleep. Trust, i learned the hard way. The same issue follows the the stick as well. No heat dissapation!

V. Kimberly, Delaware says

I bought several refurbished 2nd gen fire tv simply because it has the ethernet and micro sd options. . They are all working wonderfully at the moment. . I don t have a need right now for anything the new 3rd gen fire tv offers if i have to buy a separate ethernet adapter and i can t increase the storage locally. It is just a beefed up fire tv stick. . Online store, you should pay a bit more attention to customers needs with these devices, i bet you would have sold and will sell a lot more 3rd gen fire tvs if it wasn t so limited.

P. Erickson, Stockport

I bought this after being an avid apple fan for the last 10 years. I had old style two apple tv's and even bought a new apple tv to help with me cutting the cord to directtv after 11 years. I switch to using the apple tv with the directv now streaming service. After the apple tv would no longer let friends or family airplay to it because of new updates or let me load any third party apps i knew it was time to switch. It was a great switch to the fire tv and i have not looked back. I have been able to load numerous apps that are not available on the apple tv such as showbox and kodi. My biggest complaint was the fire tv remote was not able to control the volume on my sound bar like the apple tv remote and was not able to turn my tv or sound bar on or off. The sideclick remote was exactly what i needed. I was able to program the remote to control power and sound level, along with change the input on the tv. I would highly recommend using the fire tv. . Pros:. . Works extremely well. Allows 3rd party app installation. Much cheaper than apple tv. Allows use of online store music which apple tv did not. . Cons:. . Home page is not at visually pleasing as the apple tv. Remote does not have volume controls. Remote is not touch sensitive and has a very loud *click* noise when pushing buttons.

O. Donna, Somerset says

Best box out there and now discontinued so i had to buy a refurbished unit because they don't make it no more, some reviews say stay away from refurbished, mine looked brand new and packaged like brand new, a week later working great with no issues, i think it is a toss up on refurbished, you will either get a good one or a bad one, i hope mine stays good, you have to take a chance with it, if it doesn't work return it for a refund, not to hard ! the new ones are not very expandable and that is why they are making them !

F. Julia, Vermont

When will this be returned to stock? this product is far better than the newer generation-3 product. It has a real network slot, better processor and is incredible in everyway. This is the box that finally made me a full time cord-cutter. Extremely disappointed that the new generation of the fire-tv is actually a step back with only a wifi option and the processor is not as good . Very surprised! mine is still working perfectly 2 years later, but if it dies . I am not sure i will buy the new generation. I love the fact that is has a real gigabit port and the fact that lies flat on a table rather than as a dongle. Please bring back or create a new box that actually competes with this one!

Top certified ed fire tv previous Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

B. Franklin, Darlington says

Directions on how to use and setup the device are poor. You must go online with online store to get any info. I am finding out more and more that there are a lot of apps you can get. But, most of them cost money and you still have to maintain a tv provider to use the apps. Where do you save money? don't cut your cable or satellite service because you still have have it to use a lot if you want what the fire tv offers.

. Guest, Centre

Certified garbage! lesson learned about paying attention to reviews. Fire tv box and remote was packaged like new, even included new batteries. After plugging it in it would only show online store logo and ' unknown boot' on screen. Cycled power several times and even tried to reset using remote buttons, no dice. I read all the negative reviews before i purchased this, i chose to take the chance so i'm angry with myself, but very disappointed with online store for even suggesting this is refurbished, let alone "certified", as if that means something.

T. Laura, Doncaster says

I love my fire tv, but the remote lacks something. I was shipped a replacement remote when the first remote quit working. The second remote quit working after a month. I am thankful for the fire tv app as i can do most everything with it in place of the remote.

O. Edith, Haute-Normandie

Have ordered two of these, "certified refurbished" fire tvs. Both have not worked. It seems that online store takes the faulty new fire tvs in on return, then resets them, and sells them as "certified refurbished. " however, they don't fix the problem. . I have returned two now. For the $5 in savings, it is not worth the hassle of these. . Garbage "refurbishing" process. Shame on online store.

Q. Watson, Tennessee says

Didn't work and it had a lot of bugs. I guess that's what i get for purchasing something refurbished.

D. Sharon, Montana

I've had nothing but problems with this. Calling in for tech support wasn't the best experience i have had. The kid i talked to decided it was the power cord and there wasn't any sense trying to argue with him, because he said they had a list to go by ! it still isn't operating correctly, has to be the remote, not 100% sure, but it still doesn't work half the time.

V. Marguerite, Hertfordshire says

I'm having problems with the remote. I put the batteries in that it came with and those worked for a day then i replaced them after the remote stopped working. After i changed them the remote worked for a day or two but quit working again. I now have to use the app on my phone which is a small hassle. I would rather just use the remote. Any ideas how i can just trade out remotes or maybe it's a setting issue?

W. Sarah, Southampton

I purchased this unit and to my surprise, it only worked for 3 months. I called online store and they sent me a refurbished unit which was also defective. I just called them today, 3/15/2018 and they will send me yet another refurbished unit. Online store has really dropped the ball with its quality control and with this product 'period'. I am very disappointed because of the time that i have wasted waiting for the units to arrive and the frustration of trying every single troubleshooting tip on their support page as well as on youtube without any results. The way i see it is that this unit is garbage, not worth buying. Go with the cheaper version, the fire stick which is only $40 and it will not hurt your wallet as much as this infamous $89-$100 worthless box.

. Shayna, New South Wales says

I used the term "like" new because they do a great job of sending it to you in a sleek black box containing everything you need but it is not the original. The only thing i had to do which isn't an issue on the new units is pair the remote control, which is as simple as holding the home button for 10 seconds until a message appears on the screen telling you its all set. They ship the refurbished units preconfigured for your account, which was also unexpected and a great discovery. Overall, i would definitely buy another refurbished fire tv, however i think they can do a little better on the price considering it is not that far off from the original price. . *update* it started freezing on me at random and i had to periodically unplug the power and plug it back in. They are supposed to be sending me a new unit. Seems hit or miss with these, i'd buy a new one if i had the chance to do it over again.

L. Anonymous, Florida

This was replaced one time two weeks after we received it. I told online store i would rather return for a refund, i was talked out of doing that went for a replacement unit. Was told it has an one year warrenty any problem could be resolved. Have called i to online store help to the point i know what to do when a fire tv locks up so i don t need to call online store or look up how on line. Last issue is the fire shuts down after approximately 3 hours of watching. Almost every night it shuts off. I must unplug the fire and then it will restart. I called prine help spoke to the ustomer service person. After listening to my story and i finished by telling him i wanted to return the fire. He said he could set that up, however no refund. I have lost a lot of trust in online store. I gave information about the ongoing issues he said it is on his computer had the complaints. Told me i waited to long to get a refund. I have dealt with this for four months. I have learned to never try to work with online store, just demand the refund.

M. Powell, Bayern says

I purchased this pair new slightly over a year ago and added square trade insurance to cover it. It has been extremely frustrating the past 6 months having to plug and rep lug, adjust hdmi cable, etc, i sometimes have spent a half hour and given up trying to watch it. I contacted customer service in total frustration. They sent me a replacement refurb which was dated prior to the wonky one i have. I certainly did not want someone else s problem, especially since i had paid for square trade. I have subsequently learned that square trade is no longer in existence! i am completely disillusioned with the service imhave received and the sporadic ability to watch the programming on the device. I am also disappointed in customer service and the difficulty in explaining so that someone who does not speak fluent english can understand. I am at the point where i feel like throwing the device in the garbage and purchasing another streaming device such as roku. Online store has let me down terribly with service and this product is not dependable.

S. Julia, North Yorkshire

The fire tv is working fine but the remote constantly freezes. I have to take batteries out and replace and it immediately starts working. I've had no problem with the app on my phone and using that as a remote. It's beginning to be a pain. I would not recommend the remote at all

N. Denise, Slough says

Refurb i got was swollen as in the bottom bulged out a bit. Figured i'd see if it worked and it did for a bit but started overheating and weird issues with some of the apps. . The good news is online store took it back no questions asked. Turned around on bf and picked up a roku streaming stick+ for $50 and if you aren't totally committed to the "fire ecosystem" i highly suggest you give the roku 3800 stick or the streaming stick+ a shot. Simpler, more apps/channels, ir blaster on the remote and roku private channels are just awesome.

F. Palmer, Kentucky

Only giving 4 stars due to online store's policy for working with content providers and lack of support for 3rd party devices - i. E vudu and chromecast. Not sure why roku can run all these services and online store cannot. Will this get worse or better over time? . . I've downgraded my review due to bug with bluetooth. Every time i connect my bluetooth headphones to this device the headphones will no longer pair to my phone or pc. . Pros: nice interface. User can access content from several providers without having to explicitly launch app. Search seems to cover several apps / providers, although i rarely use it. You can load apps from android store easily. This is a huge plus over other devices. . Cons: lack of support for several devices and content providers. Check before buying this device. Vudu was a big surprise for me.

C. Colleen, Kentucky says

I bought this thing refurbished. I find that i have to unplug / plug back in the hdmi cable on a regular basis when switching inputs on the tv. Not sure if it is the online store fire box itself or if it is the tv (not likely). Otherwise it is a good device. I bought it for the ability to hard wire my ethernet connection to my gigabit switch and for 4k capabilities; which it does do. Having the alexa app is handy but her features can be severely handicapped. I probably should have just bought it new. Usually refurbished devices work well as they are tested before resale and it was probably tough to catch that the hdmi port on these might be finicky. I may have to switch it out.

. Alma, Devon

The firetv itself works but the remote is broken. Took me 3 hours to set up since they sent me a damaged product. Eventually had to use my phone to set up the device. . Their certifier is a blind mentally disabled kid who sleeps on a mattress in the robot run warehouse who answers to the name "kivan 24". Only buy new. I've purchase 4 of these units in the past. I lost money in the time i wasted configuring the unit without a native remote.

. Elizabeth, Cumbria says

Online store customer support normally is good but today it was a disaster, the person at the end of the line was useless no idea what he was doing i bought a refurbished online store ftv received today and it was defective and the only thing i want is a replacement well that was pretty much impossible please stay way from refurbished devices big big mistake and hope this guy get some training. Customer service useless

. Judith, Minnesota

I got this as a gift from my girlfriend. First time use loved it. After the honeymoon stage wore off i was bummed. Every couple of weeks i had to unplug it and then plug it in because the "app" made my tv zoom in and some apps look like video format from the 1990's, very pix-elated or fuzzy. It has gotten better with updates but still. Mehh. On top of that the user interface is so counter-intuitive, when i have friends and family over they have bought shows and movies accidentally. Now i leave a mini how-to guide on how to find the apps or movies/tv shows i own. Its a little frustrating getting home and finding random ass movies let alone having to contain my disdain about not following "my guide" to my girlfriends parents or my parents. They claim the baby does it but i doubt my 6 month old wants to see spanish movies or cooking shows . So yeah, it needs to be re-vamped.

U. Aldana, Sachsen says

Just got my refurbished online store fire tv. It won't boot up. I should have known better. I understood refurbished to be sent back to the factory and tested 100% positive that it worked. That's not the case with these fire tv's , or online store is paying for a service and not getting what they paid for. I absolutely didn't get what i paid for. It's on it's way back.

A. Lewis, Tennessee

Same problems as everyone else reported. Garbage electronics sold by a garbage refurb process.

. Pearson, Mississippi says

I liked the unit and it used to work great until one day it decided to automatically update when i turned it on after i got home from work. Now permission was not asked if i wanted to update and it took about a half hour before i was able to use it. Well, with the update everything went bad. Now, when i watch a youtube video and want to return where i left off it refreshes and some videos i wanted to watch next on my recommended are now gone. And also now part way through videos it will freeze up and it must be reset. Ugggggggggg! i wish i knew how to reload it.

E. Lindsey, Camden

Even though this was a refurb unit i decided to give it a try. I am glad i did. I had the fire stick and was not happy with the performance with it and wanted to have something that i could connect to my router for faster speed with less buffering. The new ones all want you to spend an extra $15 do get an adapter so you can hardwire. No thanks! . . After getting this, unboxing, and setting up the firetv the way i want, i can say i am very happy for the most part. There is one problem though, the remote. It did not work even with new batteries. I didn't care enough to send it back but will see if i can get one sent to me so i can just use it for the firestick that is going in another room. . It load super fast and can do 4k with out an issue. All in all i say this was a worth while buy for me. . *update*. . Well after a short 2 months, if even, i started having issues. I though i dodged the bullet on the refurb madness that i read in the comments. Go figure. Anyway, it quit. I went to turn it on and got the logo then black screen and a slow flashing white light on the box. . Well i called amz and they said to send it back and they will repair or replace it. So i did. They sent it back and i saw what they did, reloaded the os on it, that was all! now with me being a tech guy i was doubting this would work and boy was i right. It wasn't 1 hour after i hooked it up it started doing the same thing. This i noticed was not long, maybe 30 minutes or so, after an update went through. The box went to sleep mode and then would not come back up. . So either the software update does not work with the hardware or the hardware is faulty, maybe both. . I called them again, spoke to a rep. Told him what was going on and he wanted me to do some trouble shooting. I had already did then before i called and told him that. They are just reading from a little manual on the screen, i know this as fact! so instead of sending it back he say he is going to send it to someone else and they will get back with me. Yea right! . . I just want to return this and get a roku ultra instead.

R. Kristen, Idaho says

Used to be a good alternative to new to save a few bucks, but not anymore! . . I have had three of these boxes fail recently. One wouldn't boot out of the box, two failed within a week. . I think the reason they used to be solid (and not anymore), is when they were still making new boxes, a lot of the refurbs were just unwanted returns of said new boxes. But now, they are no longer new returns, just actually defective boxes and obviously from the reviews, they are not being repaired properly before being sent back out. Buyer beware!

J. Guest, Cheshire

The new fire tv is overall great. There are a lot of new features including having the alexa voice remote. I do not use the voice option on the remote all that often, so it is hard for me to comment on that portion. From just my short interactions with the remote though, the battery life seems a bit spotty. I have had the box for about a month now and have had to replace the voice remote batteries twice. On my original fire tv, i believe i have only had to change my batteries twice in 2 years. This makes for an annoyance when i reach for the remote and hope that it still has juice. I may be contacting the online store customer service soon to see what the deal is with remote.

G. Emily, Hackney says

I bought 1 new fire tv box 2015 version, and 1 certified refurb fire tv box 2015 version. This refurb arrived unusable stuck on boot screen. I only bought the refurb because the new ones ( of the 2015) are sold out since everyone hates the 2017 models. People are selling these on e bb ayy for $200! . . Anywho, i love my new 2015 gen 2 fire tv box, got rid of directv and got the directvnow app for this + showbox and terrarium. We are in love. Now for the refurb model of this, when it arrived the box was severely damaged, and so was the unit, it wouldnt boot. Waiting on replacement.

Y. Julie, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Don't ever buy a refurbished one. We have 2, a new one & this refurbished one. The new purchase one hasn't had a single issue in 2 years, the refurbished one would stop sending any signal to the tv, (no video, no sound) in the middle of watching something. Couldn't do anything but unplug it to restart it & then it would work again for another 5 mins. Contacted online store support & it was fixed for a few months & now it is doing it again. Would have spent twice what i saved on the refurbished one to not have to deal with it by buying a brand new one. Do yourself a favor & don't buy this refurbished pos.

P. Whiteman, South Carolina says

This is astounding. My order was held back/ delayed. Date changed. I agreed to the updated order. (read as: downgraded order. ) then the device arrives with the wrong power supply. Can t even turn it on. Online store tv is awesome. Refurbished sales process is terrible.

Z. Imelda, Telford and Wrekin

Tried two of these and neither one would work. The first one stuck on the first online store logo (white one no fire tv after it). This second one seemed to be ok until it went to hook up to my network. The fire tv froze and wouldn't let me enter more than 2 characters. Tried rebooting the fire tv and it went to a main screen that was all pixelated. We tried rebooting the fire tv again and changed the hdmi cord and the slot on the tv. This time half of the screen was fine and the other half was pixelated. At this point i called online store again and explained that this replacement of the certified refurbished 2nd generation fire tv was also not working. They transferred me to their fire tv tech support and they had me run through all of it again, to no use. So the guy puts me on hold for a bit and comes back and says he's going to offer me a new fire tv 3rd generation to replace the certified refurbished unit i had originally bought. I had to explain to him he's offering me a cheaper item (69. 99 for the new fire tv as compared to 84. 99 for the 2nd generation unit). I had to explain to him i have 3 first generations and was wanting the second generation for the micro sd card slot. Also it would've been cheaper for me to just buy the 3rd generation if that was what i really wanted instead of paying 91 for the refurbished and them wanting me to take the 69. 99 plus tax one in it's place. I then told him just issue the refund as they cannot ship another refurbished and after getting two bad ones in a row i'm thinking they must have a bad batch or they did not actually get refurbished. He said he'd have to check if i was still in return window (something that he had to see when he pulled up the order i was referring too).

. Arnett, Manitoba says

I personally think the one i bought was a waste of more ney, home is never available on the damn thing, maybe because it was refurbished

X. Emma, Saarland

Online store fire freaking rocks. I love it. But i bought this one refurbished and it screwed me. It crashes, internet (on device only) stops working, applications glitch, etc. Very often & i'm forced to restart the device. Should have forked out the extra $ for a new version.

H. Gina, Leeds says

Stay away from the certified refurbished online store fire tv. I received two "certified refurbished" defective fire tvs. The first the screen looked half corrupted, see the pictures. The second "certified refurbished" online store fire tv i received would not boot up, it was stuck in an infinite loop where i would only see the online store logo for 10 seconds then it would boot up again. . If anything, online store needs to re-visit its refurbishment process and quality control of the "refurbished" products they let get in consumer hands. . Update 11/28/16: i purchased a new fire tv during the bf sale and i have had no issues so far :).

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