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Price was $44.99. Still determining how well the unit records motion detection; not very easy to setup. Had to call customer service. Id ar004627 was very helpful for customer service and final setup. Case id c6729845, tech id ar004273- helped get email notifications set up properly

-N. Walsh

Camera video recorder mydlink-enabled d-link s mydlink camera video recorder (dnr-202l) captures every moment while you re away. designed two usb 2. 0 ports (you bring the usb hard drives) you can record video and audio -d-link camera video recorder mydlink-enabled dnr-202l

  • Bonus: Add Your Own Hard Drives (2 Max) To Store Your Camera Video Footage.
  • Bonus: Quick And Easy Setup With Auto Camera Discovery And Mydlink Service, Free Mobile App And Web Portal For Remote Viewing.

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Very nice device. I would have given it 5-stars if the cameras were any better. It's small enough to place anywhere, about the size of a standard deck of cards, has a blue circular activity led on the top. Very light too. It's silent so you can have it in your bedroom if needed. I misplaced the manual that came with it, but i found a pdf of it. I have it attached to a 1-tb hard drive and it has plenty of room. I'll update this post once i get more familiar with it. The Best camera video recorder mydlinkenabled ( Apr 2020 ) | D Link Systems-Surveilance Systems Review Bonus D-Link Camera Video Recorder mydlink-Enabled (DNR-202L) Simultaneously record video and view real-time or playback recorded video from up to four mydlink cameras with the free mydlink view-nvr app. Add your own hard drives (2 max) to store your camera video footage. Quick and easy setup with auto camera discovery and mydlink service, free mobile app and web portal for remote viewing. System requirements - microsoft windows 8, 7, vista, or xp sp2 mac osx 10. 7 or higher .

I had some issues with the play back. I think it was due to my router. Phone support was great, but they did not resolve my issue. Again the issue was with my router and network, this would very difficult to trouble shoot over the phone although they tried real hard and even called me back after having thier techs try to replicate the issue. Now that i have it working it works great. The app is a little slow to load at times, and thier computer interface is horrible. It has all sorts of plug ins needed, the security certificate is not authentic or up to date, and is very hard to use with any browsers can i was able to get it to work with ie only, i hate ie. If they had a better interface i would have gave it 5 stars. -S. Meredith

D Link Camera Recorder Mydlink Enabled Dnr 202l

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: D-Link
  3. Color: Grey/black
  4. EAN: 0790069384592
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.03 inches
    Length:4.62 inches
    Weight:0.20 pounds
    Width:2.75 inches
  6. Manufacturer: D-Link Systems, Inc.
  7. Model: DNR-202L
  8. MPN: DNR-202L
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: DNR-202L
  12. Type: Photography
  14. Size: 2.03 X 2.75 X 4.62
  15. UPC: 718117595615
  16. Warranty: 1 Year Limited

camera video recorder mydlink-enabled Photography, D-link s mydlink camera video recorder (dnr-202l) captures every moment while you re away. designed with two usb 2. 0 ports (you bring the usb hard drives) you can record video and audio from up to four mydlink-enabled cloud cameras. simultaneously record video and view real-time or playback recorded video from up to your mydlink-enabled cameras. recorded video is secure and safe with local storage and setup is quick and easy with auto camera discovery and intuitive user interface. use locally or anywhere with an internet connection. the free mydlink mobile app and portal provides remote viewing anytime. D-link Camera Video Recorder Mydlink-enabled Dnr-202l (DNR-202L-D Link).

D Link Camera Recorder Mydlink Enabled Dnr 202l Photography

  • The set was pretty easy using the set up wizard. It scanned for existing cameras and added them to the dnr 202l. The only problem i experienced was that the program did not recognized my 2 d link 934l cameras. It did see my 932l and my 5029l. I called d link customer service and spoke to marvin (badge ar0004612). He said the 934ls were fairly new and not on the automatic add list. He said they could be added manually and he talked me through the process. He also helped me ensure the program worked with my windows 10, windows 8 and mac os x laptops. He was great! if you are having any problems with set up or viewing, i would highly recommend calling d link customer service. Be aware that with this recorder, you need to bring your own had drive. I purchased a 2tb seagate slim and it is working fine. Playing back recorded files works well from my ipad and i phone.
  • Only gave 4 stars because . This is old stock - update firmware and everything appears ok. I purchased the same unit from a pc part seller 4 months ago. The sn of this unit was much lower than the unit i purchased 4 months ago. The dvr works as needed. It can connect & record up to 4 cameras. I now have 2 dnr's and 6 cameras. Only problem i have (not a big problem) is that both dnr's connect 4 cameras (rather than 3 and 3 or 4 and 2) so that 2 cameras are on both dnr's. You can add any particular camera to a dnr, but after closing the application, the other cameras are added to fill all 4 channels. Not a big deal, my two most important cameras are being recorded twice. Software is ok, could be much better, but it works. The dnr works best with a 100% wired connection rather than connecting via wire to a wireless device. The dnr that is connected semi wirelessly drops connection occasionally (this is the older sn), and the connected wireless device and router needs to be rebooted. . For the price, great / flexible solution.
  • Stay away! besides setup being frustrating (especially if you are on a mac) it straight up does not do what it is intended to do. First, i watched numerous setup and reviews of the dnr-202l on youtube. There was one thing that stood out between the reviewers and mine. The way the interface looks when you log into your nvr settings. The videos had a orange/dark grey interface where they were able to enable recording, etc. Mine was light grey with light blue. It did have an option to record at the bottom but it did not work! after hours upon hours of firmware updates and reinstalling (just incase i had an old version) i've decided to just throw this piece of crap away. Also, if you're on a mac and you are having trouble viewing the live cam, use safari. Just make sure your safari's java is updated.
  • I liked the idea of this little recorder, but it very much failed to live up to my hopes. First, the interface was horribly slow, and i had huge difficulty getting it to see all my cameras (a mix of 932l, 930l, and 5010l cameras). It seems that when i got half of them added, it would forget the other half. Working with an interface that felt like it was run through a dial-up modem didn't help my frustration level. I ended up giving it to a neighbor, who tried for a week to get it work before giving it back. . I had been hoping, but not really expecting, that it would support a non-dlink (foscam) camera that i had, but had so many problems with the dlink cameras that i didn't even both to try to get this to work.
  • I purchased one which arrived as a brick. It was replaced with a second, also is a brick. Setup is horrible. The instructions tell you to go to the dlink support website to download the setup. If you can setup the dnr-202l, you will soon be met with a message that you need to update the firmware. Don't bother. Upgrading from mydlink results in an endless loop sitting at "initializing". Dlink recommends connecting to the local ip of the dnr-202l and install the firmware manually. Sadly, the certificate for the firmware upgrade is revoked (ridiculous) and any browser with any security setting will prevent you from running the script/activex making the manual upgrade impossible. Dlink recommends disabling any security software and isolating the device on your network in case manually updating does not work (um, no thank you). Dlink customer portal is getting many hits with this issue: http://forums. Dlink. Com/index. Php? topic 63587. 0.

camera video recorder mydlinkenabled D-Link Camera Video Recorder mydlink-Enabled (DNR-202L) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Essential product when you have a setup of dlink cameras. I have two 2tb external disks attached to it and it works without any issues. Only hassle is the notification/alarm sound which is quiet loud even for any minor errors it starts beeping. But you do have the option to silence it from the settings that is accessible through the web interface. I have 3 dlink cameras (dcs-960l) hooked up to this and one problem that i am still not able to sort out is the field of vision. Before i hooked up the recorder my cameras were giving me 180 degrees field of vision but with the cameras connected to the recorder, it reduces to about 140 degrees. This has been infuriating to say the least. Have played around with all the settings and still not able to get the full 180 degree field. When i remove the recorder from the network and access the cameras directly through the camera app, it still gives me 180 degrees vision, go figure.

D-link Camera Video Recorder Mydlink-enabled Dnr-202l
Click to see NoticeD-link Camera Video Recorder Mydlink-enabled Dnr-202l (dnr 202l)"The instructions could be better - but i set up 3 cameras 2 indoors one outdoors - and put a 3tb usb drive on it. After spending more time than i should have learning how to find video and write out files (like on cops tv show whenever there's a crime with cameras) i did an experiment. I put a tonka tractor on our front lawn to see if i could figure out who would steal it. The next day it was gone and i saw who took it in only a few minutes. It was my daughter - too funny. She didn't know i was watching. Really amazing piece of tech. If you're on a budget and need home surveillance without monthly fees this thing kicks butt. User interface is a little bit cryptic and manual could be a little more user friendly. The manual should be scenario based - like - how to do this - how to do that. Instead it just explains pictures of the user interface. Not intuitive enough. Good but could be better. They should hire newbies and watch them use the software then update the manual. Don't just hire tech writers to write technical stuff. Use humans and observe them."

(0) Question: Once one external hard drive is full does it automatically switch over to the 2nd drive. also is there a limit to the drives storage size?

(1) Question: When recording 4 cameras toe the dnr-202l my router and wifi slows down alot. router is new cloud d-link dir-850l. any suggestions to speed up system

(2) Question: Can this device record to a network storage (nas) instead of external hds?

D-Link HD WiFi Security Camera Indoor Night Vision Remote Access Works Google Assistant Casting Streaming DCS-936L

The hd wi-fi camera (dcs-936l) provides crisp 720p video, making it easy and convenient to watch over your home no matter where you are. 16 feet of night vision allows you to see in total darkness and with automatic push alert notifications whenever sound or motion is detected, you ll never miss a moment. The dcs-936l features a wi-fi signal locator led which helps you determine optimum wi-fi connection when deciding where to place your camera. D-link has announced a new mydlink app which allows for remote viewing on a more intuitive user interface. With the app, your mobile device can stream live hd 720p video or record to a microsdxc card up to 128 gbs. The hd wi-fi camera will also support google assistant which allows for live casting to any chromecast device. This third party compatibility features will allow you to keep an eye on all areas of your home with a simple voice command.

D-Link HD WiFi Security Camera Indoor Night Vision Remote Access Works Google Assistant Casting Streaming DCS-936LD-Link-WiFi-Security-Camera-Assistant

Brand :    d-link
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.40 pounds
Model :    DCS-936L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Smart alerts - sound and motion detection sends you automatic push alerts and triggers recording that can be viewed on the mydlink app or web portal
  • Google assistant - live camera casting on google chromecast through google assistant
  • High definition resolution and visibility - 720p hd video resolution provides crisp, clear and detailed live and recorded video on your mobile device, laptop or desktop
  • Night vision - see clearly even in complete darkness with built-in ir allowing up to 16 feet of night vision
  • Remote access - accessible anywhere on ios devices and android devices with the new free mydlink app
Price :    $55.00 (was $60.95)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link HD WiFi Security Camera Indoor Night Vision Remote Access Works Google Assistant Casting Streaming DCS-936L available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link DCS-5222L/RE HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera White Certified Refurbished

D-link dcs-5222l hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera white (certified refurbished)

D-Link DCS-5222L/RE HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera White Certified RefurbishedD-Link-DCS-5222L-RE-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    d-link
Color :    White
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    DCS-5222L/RE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Ultra-smooth 340 pan and 120 tilt capability with 10x digital zoom lets you keep an eye on a larger area
  • Sound and enhanced motion detection with a built-in pir sensor and sends you automatic push alerts and triggers clip recording that can be viewed on the mydlink app or web portal
  • Built-in microsd card slot supports 32 gb capacity to record video clip recordings based on motion triggers, schedules, or continuously
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
  • Hd 720p video resolution gives you crisp, clear and detailed live and recorded video day or night with 26 feet night vision
Price :    $44.99
Photography :    Best Wireless Accessory (Photography product review) for D-Link DCS-5222L/RE HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera White Certified Refurbished available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera 720p HD Resolution Night Vision Remote Access DCS-5030L

The d-link dcs-5030l hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera makes home security easy. Experience confident clarity and total control with 720p hd recording and ultra-smooth pan, tilt, and digital 4x zoom functionality. The integrated sound and motion-sensing plus night vision technology provides you with around-the-clock surveillance of your home. The dcs-5030l hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera offers you peace of mind by enabling you to monitor your home or business anywhere. Using the mydlink lite mobile app on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, you can stream 720p hd camera footage anytime. You can quickly scan a wide area from the app or move the camera to a specific pre-set position, allowing you to focus on particular points of interest automatically within your surveillance area. You can also record up to 128 gb of playback on a micro sd card with the hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera. Using the mydlink lite mobile app, you can save snapshots to your device or set up a recording schedule. For added security, furthermore, the camera s motion and sound detection triggers auto-recording and push alert notifications to your devices. Connect the hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera to any existing wi-fi network and use the mydlink lite mobile app for easy setup. As a scalable alternative, you can also locally record up to four d-link wi-fi cameras by simply adding a mydlink camera recorder (dnr-202l).

D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera 720p HD Resolution Night Vision Remote Access DCS-5030LD-Link-Full-Tilt-Security-Camera

Price :    $88.95 (was $107.75)
  • Remote access - accessible anywhere on ios devices, android devices, and windows phones
  • Operating temperature:32 to 104 f (0 to 40 c). night vision - this camera allows you to see up to 16 feet in complete darkness with the built-in ir leds
  • Simple setup - easily connects to your existing wi-fi network and can be set up using the mydlink lite app
  • Sound and motion detection - the sound and motion sensors trigger auto recording and push notifications to phones
  • Premium resolution and visibility - pan and tilt camera allows you to see large areas with 4x zoom and 720p hd resolution
Brand :    d-link
Color :    White
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.64 pounds
Model :    DCS-5030L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera 720p HD Resolution Night Vision Remote Access DCS-5030L available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link HD Mini Indoor WiFi Security Camera 2-Pack/ Cloud Recording, Motion Detection & Night Vision/ Alexa Echo Show/Echo Spot/Fire TV , Google Assistant Chromecast DCS-8000LH/2PK

The mini hd wi-fi camera 2-pack (dcs-8000lh/2pk) provides crisp hd video, making it easy and convenient to watch over your home no matter where you are. The built-in ir led provides 16 feet of night vision in total darkness and with automatic push alert notifications whenever loud noises or motion is detected, you ll never miss a moment. The dcs-8000lh is designed to be compact and inconspicuous, so it can fit in with any decor no matter where you put it. D-link has announced a new mydlink app which allows for remote viewing as well as cloud recording options. When it comes to recording options this wifi indoor camera has you covered with the ability to choose to record to a microsd card or your mydlink cloud account with free and paid options. Watch recordings and stream wireless live hd video to your smartphone or tablet with the all-new mydlink app. This wifi camera works with online store alexa and google assistant allowing you to stream live video to a compatible google chromecast, fire tv, alexa show or alexa spot and with ifttt integration you can trigger other devices based on motion detection from your camera.

D-Link HD Mini Indoor WiFi Security Camera 2-Pack/ Cloud Recording, Motion Detection & Night Vision/ Alexa Echo Show/Echo Spot/Fire TV , Google Assistant Chromecast DCS-8000LH/2PKD-Link-Recording-Detection-Assistant-Chromecast

Brand :    d-link
Color :    White
Size :    1
Weight :    0.13 pounds
  • Cloud recording - the mydlink app allows users to choose from free and paid cloud recording options
  • Stream and cast - watch live video streaming on fire tv, echo show, echo spot or on google chromecast. works with both alexa and google assistant.
  • Night vision - in complete darkness, this camera allows you to see up to 16 feet inside your home with the built-in ir led
  • Mydlink app - the new, redesigned mydlink app looks great and features one touch viewing from anywhere, easy to use scheduling, multi-view and much more
  • High definition resolution and visibility - 120-degree field of view allows you to see entire rooms with 4x zoom and hd resolution
Price :    $89.99
Model :    DCS-8000LH/2PK-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link HD Mini Indoor WiFi Security Camera 2-Pack/ Cloud Recording, Motion Detection & Night Vision/ Alexa Echo Show/Echo Spot/Fire TV , Google Assistant Chromecast DCS-8000LH/2PK available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera Wi-Fi Extender White

The day & night wi-fi camera (dcs-933l) delivers high-quality video for remote viewing on the mobile devices you already own. And with a built-in icr filter and ir leds, you ll also get clear images in complete darkness to provide you with the ideal 24-hour monitoring solution. Integrated sound/motion-sensing technology detects changes within the camera s environment, triggering instant email alerts. Round the clock notification delivers an additional layer of security and confidence.

D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera Wi-Fi Extender WhiteD-Link-DCS-933L-Night-Camera-Extender

Price :    $33.50 (was $48.98)
  • View, control and pinch to zoom up to 4x using the free mydlink lite app available for ios, android devices and windows phones
  • The built-in wi-fi extender lets you place your camera where you need it most while still providing a reliable wi-fi connection for uninterrupted live viewing
  • Sound detection and motion sensing technology sends you automatic push alert notifications whenever a loud noise or movement is detected
  • 16 feet of night vision allows you to see clearly even in complete darkness
Brand :    d-link
Color :    White
Size :    compact
Weight :    0.21 pounds
Model :    DCS-933L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link DCS-933L Day & Night Wi-Fi Camera Wi-Fi Extender White available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link Camera Business Video Recorder mydlink-Enabled DNR-322L

This standalone storage device accepts feed and records from up to nine d-link ip cameras without requiring a dedicated pc. Provides two drive bays for standard external hard drives not included up to 4tb each which can provide up to six weeks of continuous recording, or longer if set to record on motion detection or limited days or timeframes. Compatible with remote viewing apps for ios and android mobile devices. Supports 3 megapixel resolution. Features extensive recording and configuration options and functionality for customizing the system to your unique needs. With the user-friendly interface, you can even drag/drop video from selected cameras to the viewing area and zoom/pan/tilt by clicking directly on the video. An ideal diy security solution that is easy to set up and maintain. Outdoor use: no memory/storage type: hard drive not included video resolution: 3 mp.

D-Link Camera Business Video Recorder mydlink-Enabled DNR-322LD-Link-Business-Recorder-mydlink-Enabled-DNR-322L

Brand :    d-link
Weight :    1.93 pounds
Model :    DNR-322L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link Camera Business Video Recorder mydlink-Enabled DNR-322L available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $196.99
  • Remote viewing apps for iphone, ipad, android phones & tablets
  • 2 drive bays for up 8tb of storage
  • Eliminates need for a dedicated pc
  • Mydlink cloud-enabled for simplified remote access
  • H. 264, mpeg-4 and mjpeg compression and record on motion detection

D-Link DCS-960L HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Black

The hd 180-degree wi-fi camera (dcs-960l) with 180-degree wide eye lens keeps a vigilant eye on your home and provides crisp hd 720p video to watch your kids or pets with wall-to-wall coverage. Unique de-warping technology maximizes the video quality with less distortion, letting you see more of your home at a glance. Night vision allows you to see up to 16 feet in complete darkness and with the built-in motion sensor, you can be notified via email or a push alert sent to your mobile device when movement is detected. With the micro sd card slot you can record video clips, up to 128gb, directly from the camera so you never miss a moment. And with wireless ac, it takes advantage of the latest wi-fi technology to give you a high bandwidth connection to your router for streaming live hd 720p video to your smartphone or tablet. Access the hd 180-degree wi-fi camera through the free mydlink lite app or website to view and manage your camera no matter where you are.

D-Link DCS-960L HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera BlackD-Link-DCS-960L-180-Degree-Wi-Fi-Camera

Brand :    d-link
Color :    Black
Size :    180
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    DCS-960L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • View, control, pinch to zoom up to 8x using the free mydlink lite app available for ios, android devices and windows phones
  • Built-in microsd/sdxc card slot supports 128 gb capacity to record 720p clip recordings, based on motion or sound triggers, schedules, or continuous recording
  • 180 ultra-wide view and unique de-warping technology maximizes the video quality with less distortion, letting you see more of your home with a single camera
  • Sound detection and motion detection sends you automatic push alerts and triggers recording to a microsd card that can be viewed on the mydlink app or web portal
  • Hd 720p video resolution gives you crisp, clear and detailed live and recorded video on your mobile device, laptop or desktop day or night with 16 feet night vision
Price :    $91.99 (was $139.99)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link DCS-960L HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Black available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera DCS-2330L

The hd outdoor wi-fi camera (dcs-2330l) is the perfect solution for monitoring an outdoor area 24 hours a day from anywhere. This mydlink-enabled ip surveillance camera is built to last with rugged metal housing while the megapixel image sensor and ir led illuminator give you high-quality resolutions up to 720p hd even in complete darkness. A passive infrared (pir) sensor detects motion near the camera, allowing it to automatically record video and send you a notification when motion is detected. A built-in microphone allows for audio monitoring, which is ideal for use in entry ways.

D-Link HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera DCS-2330LD-Link-Outdoor-Wi-Fi-Camera-DCS-2330L

Price :    $119.99
  • Built-in microsd card slot supports 32 gb capacity to record video clip recordings based on motion triggers, schedules, or continuously
  • Hd 720p video resolution gives you crisp, clear and detailed live and recorded video day or night with 16 feet night vision
  • Outdoor ready with ip65 rated weatherproof housing to protect against rain, dirt, sleet and snow
  • Motion detection sensor sends you automatic push alerts and triggers clip recording that can be viewed on the mydlink app or web portal
  • View, control and pinch to zoom up to 10x using the free mydlink lite app available for ios, android devices and windows phones
Brand :    d-link
Color :    White/Black
Weight :    0.45 pounds
Model :    DCS-2330L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera DCS-2330L available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera Indoor Night Vision Remote Access Works Google Assistant Casting Streaming DCS-936L Certified Refurbished

The hd wi-fi camera (dcs-936l) provides crisp 720p video, making it easy and convenient to watch over your home no matter where you are. 16 feet of night vision allows you to see in total darkness and with automatic push alert notifications whenever sound or motion is detected, you'll never miss a moment. The dcs-936l features a wi-fi signal locator led which helps you determine optimum wi-fi connection when deciding where to place your camera. D-link has announced a new mydlink app which allows for remote viewing on a more intuitive user interface. With the app, your mobile device can stream live hd 720p video or record to a microsdxc card up to 128 gbs. The hd wi-fi camera will also support google assistant which allows for live casting to any chromecast device. This third party compatibility features will allow you to keep an eye on all areas of your home with a simple voice command.

D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera Indoor Night Vision Remote Access Works Google Assistant Casting Streaming DCS-936L Certified RefurbishedD-Link-Wi-Fi-Camera-Assistant-Refurbished

Price :    $44.94
  • Live camera casting on google chromecast through google assistant
  • Sound and motion detection with triggered alerts as well as 16 feet of night vision
  • Built-in microsdxc card slot supports 128 gb capacity to record video clip recordings based on motion or sound triggers
  • Hd 720p video resolution gives you crisp, clear and detailed live and recorded video on your mobile device, laptop or desktop
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
Brand :    d-link
Color :    Black (Certified Refurbished)
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    DCS-936L/RE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Digital Video Recorder (d-link product review) for D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera Indoor Night Vision Remote Access Works Google Assistant Casting Streaming DCS-936L Certified Refurbished available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Black

The full hd 180-degree wi-fi camera (dcs-2630l) with 180-degree wide eye lens keeps a vigilant eye on your home and provides crisp hd 1080p video to watch your kids or pets with wall-to-wall coverage. Night vision allows you to see in total darkness and with 2-way audio and pir sensor, you can be notified when sound or motion is detected. With the microsd card slot you can record video directly from the camera so you never miss a moment. Stream live hd 1080p video to your smartphone or tablet with the free mydlink lite app for remote monitoring.

D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera BlackD-Link-DCS-2630L-180-Degree-Wi-Fi-Camera

Brand :    d-link
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.76 pounds
Model :    DCS-2630L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Built-in microsd/sdxc card slot supports 128 gb capacity to record approximately a week's worth of 1080p clip recordings, based on motion or sound triggers, schedules, or continuous recording
  • View, control, pinch to zoom up to 8x and communicate with two-way audio using the free mydlink lite app available for ios, android devices and windows phones
  • Sound detection and enhanced motion detection with 2 pir sensors sends you automatic push alerts and triggers recording to a microsd card that can be viewed on the mydlink app or web portal
  • 180-degree ultra-wide view - the widest angle lens on a fixed camera lets you see more of your home at a glance
  • Operating temperature:32 to 104 f (0 to 40 c). full hd 1080p video - rich detail and crisp image quality guarantees you the best video streaming and recording
Price :    $69.00 (was $159.99)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link DCS-2630L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera Black available ( Apr 2020 )

D-Link DCS-5222L HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera White

View more, do more, protect more with the clarity and mobile control of d-link s hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera dcs-5222l surveillance solution. Download the free mydlink app and monitor your home or business anywhere, anytime on your smartphone or tablet. Experience confident clarity and total control with the dcs-5222l 720p hd recording and ultra-smooth pan/tilt and digital zoom functionality. Integrated sound & motion sensing plus night-vision technology provide round-the-clock surveillance when you re most vulnerable, and with easy installation you ll have an effective, affordable home or business surveillance solution up and running in no time. Experience the peace of mind d-link provides with hd pan & tilt wi-fi camera. Your router s lan & wan connections are ok. If your camera is still not working, check your router and make sure it is using the latest firmware.

D-Link DCS-5222L HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera WhiteD-Link-DCS-5222L-Wi-Fi-Camera-White

Price :    $49.99 (was $87.99)
  • Hd 720p video resolution gives you crisp, clear and detailed live and recorded video day or night with 26 feet night vision
  • Ultra-smooth 340 pan and 120 tilt capability with 10x digital zoom lets you keep an eye on a larger area
  • Sound and enhanced motion detection with a built-in pir sensor and sends you automatic push alerts and triggers clip recording that can be viewed on the mydlink app or web portal
  • View, control and communicate through the built-in mic & speaker using the free mydlink lite app available for ios, android devices and windows phones
  • Built-in microsd card slot supports 32 gb capacity to record video clip recordings based on motion triggers, schedules, or continuously
Brand :    d-link
Color :    White/Black
Weight :    1.19 pounds
Model :    DCS-5222L
Quantity :    1
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Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (d-link product review) for D-Link DCS-5222L HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera White available ( Apr 2020 )

d-link camera video recorder mydlink-enabled dnr-202l Price : 44, was : 0 as 2018-03-28
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D-link camera video recorder mydlink-enabled (dnr-202l) i decided to upgrade my home security to wifi cameras with a network recorder and found this system. I decided on this camera for my indoor solution the dcs-934l and the dcs-2330l for my outdoor solutions. The recorder i chose is the dnr-202l which requires and external usb drive which i chose a wd passport ultra 2t drive with usb 3. 0. . So when i opened the boxes i first connected each camera one at a time directly with a network cable and did the firmware upgrades on all the cameras. The recorder needed to be updated as well before i configured the system. There is two ways to perform this process one from mydlink website or doing it manually by logging onto the cameras assigned ip and going to firmware upgrade. Mydlink website works easier but a littler slower. Suggest you use mydlink website. . Once you have confirmed you have the camera's firmware all upgraded including the recorder you are ready to decide the location on your wifi system you want to place the camera's if you have more than one router you are fine i have 3 and it works great. The cameras can be linked to the recorder but that comes later. . My suggestion is to download the app mydlink to you smart phone if you have one and once you have all your cameras placed check them out with the phone app. . Ok now it is time to configure the recorder. A couple of thing by default the recorder is set to record 24/7 all the time. I changed mine to only record when it sees motion. So each camera will need to have it settings changed to only record on motion. I used internet explorer desktop app on my windows 10 (on your desktop in the ask me anything window type "internet explorer" you will need to download java for windows 10 first). Do not try to use the microsoft edge it does not work. You can also do this on the mydlink website in the advanced settings. The problem with windows 10 is it open microsoft edge on my computer but it will show you the ip which you need to keep track of. If you use a chrome or internet explorer with the java added you will be able to just login to the camera though its ip. In chrome you will need to allow chrome to go to the unsecured website before you can get to the settings. I found internet explorer easier to use. Once you are logged into the camera you can go to settings and change the camera to record on motion. You will also need to change the sensitivity of the camera from 90 to 50% and select the grid where you want to sense movement. I used a checker pattern and did not select all the grids. Don t forget the save. . Now that we have the cameras setup we need to get to the recorder. The best way is to use internet explorer going to the ip of the recorder and setup your schedule. I set all my cameras to record 24/7 once you set one camera there is a way to set all cameras the same during this process. Finally you will also need to set your time zone and do not forget day light saving it that applies to you area. . Ok if this all sounds like a lot of work well it takes about 1 hour if you do your prep work and call the best tech support like i did. The d-link tech support agent for home security system i talked with was randy id ar004611. We decided to use teamview and worked on it together. This was a great experience. 877-453-5465. . I have had a few other security systems and this is the best system i have used with all the bells and whistles. . The best part is this system works 24/7 and i can access it with my app or on any computer anywhere in the world.

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(0) Question: Is this compatible with wd 4tb my book desktop external hard drive (wdbfjk0040hbk-nesn)?

(1) Question: Can you manually start and stop recordings? if so, using what (web interface, app, etc)? also, can you connect a camera directly to the dvr?

(2) Question: Does it continually use the internet (and incur data charges), or is it a local network that only uses internet when i view footage or live feeds?

(3) Question: Why use this over a pc?

(4) Question: Can i run two of these with 8 dlink cameras?

(5) Question: Instead of the external hard drive can you just plug into the pc?

(6) Question: Does this allow motion triggered recording?

(7) Question: Will this support a portable hard drive (not the external hdd with the brick transformer)?

(8) Question: Can the images stored here be accessed remotely?

(9) Question: There is any backup batter inside ?

(10) Question: Does this have to be connected to the internet or does it set up its wifi net work and record ad hoc? i know i would need internet for remote monitor

(11) Question: I keep reading about the "mydlink" web site in these reviews. does this system require an internet connection? or can it run on a disconnected network

(12) Question: How long will it record on a 1tb hd before it is full?

(13) Question: Does dlink nvr support onvif ip surveillance cameras?

(14) Question: How difficult is it to install?

(15) Question: Is it possible to have it auto backup the recording to a cloud or one drive account so i have a copy off site?

(16) Question: Can this work through a cell phone hotspot

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You have to think of this as a project with it's own tedium and frustration. But it is a fairly cheap way to explore the world of networked security if you are ok taking that ride. This box does work, but with lots of quirks and is not plug+play, so don't get involved unless you are already proficient with dlink stuff, firmware updates, etc. If you are not, just buy some dlink cams and work with them first. Some points: my unit needed a firmware update right out of the box, somewhat tedious with the usual annoying "invalid security certificates" popups (will dlink ever get this sorted out? ). Note that this unit is for cameras on your local network - but you can access the box when it is at your remote location. The unit bogs down a basic router with the network traffic of talking to the cameras - you really need something like the high performance dlink ac3200 (ie can handle multiple clients). Lastly, it's better to set the frame rate down on your cams to limit hard drive usage rate for multiple cameras. I admire dlink for continuing to push ahead rapidly with affordable network equipment - great for users who don't mind living with a work in progress.

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Ok there are a lot of reviews on this which all basically say once it is setup it's great. Two things to keeping mind, it's going to take forever to set it up and don't waste your time trying to do it yourself, just call their number immediately. For the camera set up most of the time they manually have to log into it and for the video recorder there are two places to download the setup wizard one works and one doesn't. Oh and if you're working with a mac and an apple airport expect to call apple as well to make sure you set up ip reservations. Give yourself a full day for this project as dlink tech support isn't always the savviest and sometimes you need to talk with a few people before you get resolutions.

V. Anonymous, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

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H. Hannah, South Tyneside says

Worked great right out of the box. Easy setup, though you'll spend some time customizing it to your liking. The number of compatible modern operating system/browser configurations for browser access is disappointing. The initial setup downloads don't seem to be picky, and the mobile apps are solid, but the browser access is where you do what you cant do in the mobile apps. It is cool that you can send images captured at time of motion via e-mail, but being able to send that minute's worth of video would be better. Would be nice to turn off the blue status light. Solid purchase. It is nice that it can support two storage devices. If you're gonna continuously record, i'd recommend an ssd device or a flash drive.

O. Guest, Tennessee

Just finished configuring this product. I'll have to say that it was quite time-consuming and somewhat difficult. I could not have done it on my own based on the provided instructions and support materials. The system is sophisticated but not fully developed from a user experience standpoint so this is a 2 star product on it's own. . However, i contacted d-link and got the support of a fantastic technician named ariane (agt id: ar004619) who walked me through the entire process. The end result was a four camera system that triggers 30 second recordings of event detected by motion events on any of the four cameras, and no other recording. This enables me to get instant email notifications if something (bear, burglar, ) walks across the camera field of view, so i can tune in if available and if not, view the 30-sec recording later. Sensitivity can be adjusted remotely so that harmless intruders (birds) do not trigger event notifications. . Ariane, with her skill, intelligence and patience made the product a 4-star experience. . D-link needs to pay much more attention to the installation process and build a far better wizard. Perhaps their user experience people should watch novice buyers try to install the product - they would be chagrined. Doing so is also necessary because unless someone can sit and watch remote video all day, you will find it necessary to record video and you do not want to have to scroll through hours of video just to see if something happened. This is a needful product and should be the center of the d-link system but at this point the installation process needs a lot of work. . Ariane to the rescue!

. Moore, Poole says

The directions leave out a few crucial details, but after 2 sessions with d-link's tech support (who are not only available 24/7 but were awesome), i am able to record events (video and audio) triggered by motion, uses very little disc space. This device is very flexible, once you get past a few humps. It does seem to use quite a bit of bandwidth, but that is to be expected for constant monitoring. Definitely worthwhile. My only complaints are regarding the instructions. Some things are pre-set without detailed explanations, not intuitive.

F. Ruff, Brighton and Hove

Update as of 8/30/2015: d-link released some new firmware for this box recently. I like it. Again, you have to click around. A bit to figure it all out, but the interface is nicely improved and much more modern than the prior interface. I like that d-link stays. With products for a long time and keeps trying to improve them. Overall, i think this update is a move forward, that said, i still think. You need to be pretty tech savvy to make this product work for you. . Works. You do need to understand things like java security, and ip addressing. I'd also suggest you go. All d-link - router, dnr and cameras. I set mine up without internet - it is a standalone security recorder. Access. Via wireless via the router when in wi-fi range. Tested many of the functions and they all seem to work. . As others have noted, you need to be tech aware to make this work, i don't see it as a plug and play solution and. As such many negative reviews (fair ones given d-link implies this all plug and play). For me, i have a two camera. Stand alone security system that records a week at a time, for about 200 bucks, and one that can be internet enabled for remote. Viewing later. I think that's a pretty good deal.

P. Jarvis, Delaware says

Ok in spite of all the negative reviews i ordered anyway. It might be helpful to know i already have a d-link camera 5020 installed and working fine for over 2 years. Please read up on port forwarding for help on that adventure. . Both the dnr 202l and the old camera installed fine and i could see on my iphone. However getting mydlink website to work either one was an exercise in futility at least with ie11, windows 7 pro 64 anyway. The website always asked for the download of the add in needed, it was installed. Many times and was present in the browser and in the installed programs list. Contacted tech support and one reply as a email, did not help. So i am on my own. Some trial and error later i came to the conclusion that ie11 and the mozilla firefox i tried next were to far advanced for the old website. Ended up with firefox 52. 3. 0 and the new java add in se 11. 144. 2 or u144. Seems the old d-link website add in requires java to work. It records now and i can playback online. Ps my old ssd drive out of my laptop works great with the usb adapter for recording video. . My next quest is my macbook pro and getting it all to work on safari. Only 4 stars, because d-link needs to get their act together and update the website myd-link and the other software. Good product, marginal software. . For all those folks filling up your 1 tb hard drive so soon? your not making a video for you tube or presentation online, why not record at as 5 fps and only on motion control, not continuous at 30 fps? . Macbook pro os 10. 12. 3 mine did not have java installed so i downloaded the latest version required for my os. The add on for mydlink dot com would not install from the download. It must be downloaded as a zip file , unzipped and the add on app copied and pasted into the internet add ons folder. The website actually ran better than under windows.

J. Emily, Warwickshire

I purchased the d link camera video recorder along with 2 d link cameras. I had a hard drive on hand so i did not need to purchase that. Getting this system up an running was a very time consuming process and not at all intiutive. I will briefly summarize what needs to be done. First the cameras have to be plugged into you router via ethernet and discovered, drivers installed, and firmware updated. Of course they dont include any disc with drivers so if you have slow internet like i do that is a time consumer. Each camera needs to be be installed this way. Then the camera video recorder needs to be installed via ethernet and discovered, drivers installed and firmware updated. At this point you connect the cameras to the video recorder or you could have installed the cameras after the video recorder was installed, but the directions say to do it the way i wrote- cameras first then video recorder. At this point you should have the cameras up and running but you wont know that unless you sign up for a dlink access account. Once you have the d link account you log on to the d link site, the cameras send the video link to d link and you view it. So you are actually uploading the video feed to the internet to watch it at the same pc the cameras are connected to. Seems ridiculous to me. If you want to set up the cameras to record you need to install some additional software from d link and of course you have to download it too. Once it is downloaded you will see that it is not at all user friendly. In fact this is the point the real issues show up. The software to record the video is not intuitive, the help option is useless. At the time of this review i had to really hunt on the d link website to find a manual for using the cameras as well as watch a you tube video. Another issue is that you can go to the dlink site where you access your cameras (again with the remote to view something that is on you local pc) and change their settings. You get basic options you can change there, if you want to change advanced items then you use the address for each device and can further change settings. Note that what you change via the d link site does not reflect on the site. You will need to change the settings for each camera and the video recorder the same way for all items you have in the system. This odd set up goes back to my earlier complaint of non existent (useful) help. The help option tells you what a particular option is, but does not tell you how to actually set it up. For example setting up the time to record was the most frustrating thing to me. Another wierd thing is when the cameras switch over to night vision a rather loud audible click can be heard at the camera. So much for setting the cameras in a covert location, they click every time someone turns the lights on or off. The click is loud enough to hear clearly. Also the night vision on the camera has visible lights, there are 4 leds that glow faintly, again so much for the covert use of the camera. . Once you get it up and running and recording video you will need to hide your hard drive and video recorder, but in order to record the video recorder has to be physically connected to the pc via ethernet cable and also connected to a hard drive. If the crooks that break in steal your pc and your connected hardware all your video of them stealing is gone and this system does no good. So you are going to have to hide the recorder and the hard drive and hope that they dont steal them too. . The next step was getting the video into a format that you could give to the police if someone broke in, after all that is really what this camera is about. Get ready for more time consuming time to get that figured out. . So yes i finally got the system installed and running, recording video. The system does indeed work. It has a steep learning curve. If all you can do is surf the internet this system is definitely not for you. You need to be pretty computer literate to get it up and working. If you were not able to get a router set up you wont be able to get this set up without a struggle. . By the time i had all this equipment installed and could actually record video and understand the camera functions i had 10 hours invested in the system.

T. Weber, Bretagne says

I've been using a dnr-202l for three years. I have four dcs-5222l ptz cams riding a pair of 2tb hard drives attached to the dnr. I have these set to the fastest frame rate, resolution and full-time recording possible. I get about a 30 day stream on each cam. This is about the least expensive dvr setup you can assemble, and have north american product support. . As others here have pointed out, the dlink hardware is rather difficult to get fully setup, but once set up the systems are reliable, despite power loss and other assorted interruptions naturally or intentionally caused. An occasional router reset is necessary, i have found. Being an amateur networking hack is both a bane and benefit. . I have both windows and apple hardware. I have found that windows works the best for setup, in fact most efforts i have made to just initialize a new cam for use, never works on my macbook pro. Yes, a new camera fresh out of the box will probably need its firmware updated before use. Firmware updates are a fact of life for the present generation of computing devices. . A word about cameras. I use my 5222's outdoors, but mounted inside a dome to seal the cam from the elements (and insects! ). Normally an indoor camera is not optimized for outdoor use, but i have had very good results using domes and mounting them where the sun does not beat on them (or at least not all day). I had one cam in a window sill and ants invaded it and shorted out something inside, killing the cam. So beware. One important note: i tape off the infra-red illuminators with black plastic tape, to prevent reflections inside the dome. The led's are switchable on/off, but i prefer ensuring ir washout never occurs due to inadvertent setting changes. I use separate ir projectors for improved illumination in place of the cam's. -i also employ external lenses to boost the zoom capability, but that's another thread. . My only real gripe with d-link is their software (their hardware seems flawless) and perception that only d-link server/cloud environ is the only way to access your video feeds. I presume this is difficult for programmers to manage and coordinate while maintaining some level of security from hackers, thus the causality behind it being so. Fidgity. Frustratingly so, thus only 4 stars. . Blue iris works with these cams, has better features too. The only problem is, now you would be dedicating a pc as a video security server, no need for the 'd-link' cloud services, dnr or difficult to get the exact-sequence software.

U. Connie, Redcar and Cleveland

It pretty much works as you would expect. The setup process was pretty painless, as the utility was pretty straight forward and helpful. With four cameras attached to it, i've been able to customize how i want the device to record for each camera. For a couple of them, i was able to set it up to just record if it detected motion within a certain area of the camera, which is useful if your camera is mounted in an area where you want the camera just to record if the door or window is opened. For the other two, i was able to set it to record the video full-time, one of which was only full-time between certain hours. . I only have a couple of issues:. 1. First issue is regarding the usb drive. I had to unplug and replug in the usb drive a few times before the device would recognize it. I'm not sure what the issue was, but the drive i'm using is one of those small western digital usb drives (not a flash drive or a big self-powered usb drive). I'm thinking its powering issue, but once i got it to work, i haven't had a hiccup with it since, so i'm not 100% sure that is the issue. 2. Second issue is regarding the exporting of the video. The interface for the recorder is via a web browser, specifically internet explorer (because it doesn't seem to like chrome or edge). You have to remember to fire up ie using the "run as administrator" option, otherwise you won't be able to see the files that the browser is creating. Some kind of file/os permissions thing. The manual doesn't explain this at all, but i found my solution perusing forums online and figured i'd share it in this review. . Overall, i'm happy with the product. Paired with four cameras and a usb drive, it provides an almost "wire free" security system that you can check on and monitor from anywhere.

W. Marguerite, Alabama says

I've been using this for about a week with two d-link wireless day/night microsd network surveillance cameras (dcs-942l), and it works as advertised. It takes little practice to learn which settings belong to the camera and which to this box (the dnr-202l), but that's a minor inconvenience. The dnr-202l includes a web server, so you can access it from any web browser on the same network (such as a home wireless network). If you want to access it from another network (such as via the internet), you'll have to register it with mydlink. . One thing to remember: you supply your own hard drive to store the actual recordings. The dnr-202l only performs the administrative duties of: getting notifications from the camera; routing the video from the camera to your hard drive; and displaying either live or recorded video when you ask for it. . I'm using windows 7 and internet explorer 11 to access it and the associated cameras. I would have given the dnr-202l 5 stars, but for the fact that it doesn't work with the mac (os x mavericks 10. 9. 5, neither safari 7. 1 nor firefox 32. 0).

D. Sandra, City of London

Surprisingly small and compact (about the size of a can of sardines), it did take quite a bit of time configuring it and learning how to use the web interface (definitely log directly into camera using it's ip address. The interface there is much more extensive than the one through the "my d-link" website and i found it worked better). It took a while to find a hard drive that worked well with it also (several trips back and forth to best buy). But if you're willing to stick with it and persevere, the system works really well. I have 4 d-link wi-fi cameras set up at my home (including an outside camera) and they all record to the hard drive and i can view them from my phone, my ipad or my computer. Not an easy set up but once it is set up, it works well.

I. Kellie, Barnet says

While i had a bit of problem with the connect process and getting it to recognize my camera tech support agent ar004654 was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable and professional and very, very patient with me. We finally worked through all the glitches and everything works great. I especially love the ability to see all three of my camera views at one time. . Update: case c6742517: (this update is nearly a year after my previous problem). Was having problems accessing my recorder. Agent ar004276 was wonderful. As i indicated in my review before this agent was also extremely knowledgeable and professional and very, very patient. It took quite sometime to get everything working correctly again, i appreciated her help so much. . I have to add, that every time i have had to call for customer support the agents i have worked with have all been wonderful. This company has exception customer service. . Update: case c6742517 once again d-link customer service to the rescue. Was prompted to download an updated version of java so i did, and then my recorder would not work again. Obviously i did not do something right, but customer service was able to promptly assist me and get everything up and running very quickly. Thanks to agent ar004216 for her excellent help. . Update 9/29/2015 case c6746330. After installing a new d-link router, i had to re-install all my camera's etc, and had some problems with one camera. Agent ar004216, jasimine, was very helpful. We actually had problems with the recorder and she was able to make the corrections so everything finally worked perfectly. Thank you for your assistance and patience with me. Your customer service was excellent. . I have seen in some reviews people questioning if these reviews that mention the agents are real. Let me say, they are absolutely real. I have used customer service with d-link several times and every time the agents have been extremely polite, and knowledgeable, and have always had me up and running in no time. The problems i have experienced have nothing to do with the equipment as much with user error on my part. I have asked for the persons badge number so i can indicate who specifically assisted me so they can be acknowledged internally.

Z. Lindsey, Michigan says

I have 5 dcs2630l cameras connected to my dcs 202l recorder. The rocorder has 2 usb 2 ports. I bought a 4 t seagate backup plus and i have an old hp external 300gig harddrive in the other port. Both work. I have all 5 cameras on continuous record and so far (1 week ) all are recording . The negative on the cameras are they require a strong uplink. The more you add the better your wifi had better be especially up link strength. I get an occasional camera drop off but it comes right back on. The annoyance is i get a push message to my email. . I have played around with the settings on the cameras to lower resolution a bit from high def to 780 and lowered the frame rate and the connection improved. The key is to have a strong signal. I have two apple airport one of which is bridged. I am adding a third to my basement to increase signal strength since my camera there drops off the most. . This stuff works but you need to understand the limitations and hasstles are mostly due to bandwidth issues. . The recorder hasonly sued about 29 percent of my 4 t recording all 5 cameras continuous and this has been 5 days. I will have plenty of storage. At 80 bucks for the 202l ans 110 bucks for the seagate you get a lot of video capture. . I like the cameras i have but the motion detection is very sensitive to light. Unfortunately you have to decide what is the most important issues in the security system. If you want to continuously monitor and record plus be able to look in and see any room at any time . This set up works great. . The annoyance are the false alarm email pushes i get for motion and camera drop offs. You could just turn off notices but i just delete them at the end of the day. The issue is if i actually get an intrusion will i just ignore the notice. But i usually check my cameras a couple times a day anyhow. . I have lots of tips for set up. The biggest is set static ip addresses. The second is make sure you have a strong uplink and you need 2megs per second per camera. . Support is excellent so far but you need to call in. My issues were all worked through with manuel ar004411 and agent ar004639. Both were excellent. . I would give the cameras and recorder a 5 if it weren't for a few issues. The recorder only allows 4 cameras to record at once. Ok fine. But i want to have the ability to add my fifth to the list to choose it if i want to swap cameras around that i want to record from. Currently you cant. You have to manually go back and reenter info every time you change a camera. I like the d link lite where you have the list of cameras to choose and can choose off the list to see a live view. . Also if the cameras weren't so hungry for bandwidth. The average customer that wants a full security system needs more than one camera. Bandwidth becomes an issue. . Also the cameras send off lots of false alarms for motion. In total dark rooms not many. In a room with any light i get many. I turned of infrared for most rooms and knocked down the sensitivity but then the cameras didnt detect my doors opening and motion very well. So i am still playing with the correct settings.

R. Kimberly, Pennsylvania

Purchased this on a lightning deal for $70. Already have 4 of the dcs-932l indoor cams hanging under eves successfully for the last year and also have 2 of the dcs-2330l's which are an outdoor camera. Before buying this i had all of my cameras sending on motion detection to and ftp server i set up on my laptop. Also have them sending a text with imaging to my android phone. My cameras still do this but 4 of them also record continuously to the dnr-202l. . Hooked this up to my router and hung a wd elements 2tb usb 3. 0 drive on it. Everything fired up as it was supposed to. Downloaded the setup wizard and ran it. It ask to format the drive which was already ntfs. I allowed it to reformat and it defaulted to fat32 but you could skip this step if you have a new disk formatted to ntfs or fat32. You can also reformat either ntfs of fat32 later from the unit's web page settings. The setup wizard crashed under windows 10 at the last step but i reran it and it was fine. It set this up in my mydlink account but you really want to access the dnr-202l's web page directly from your network with it's ip address. Ex: . The nice thing about the dnr-202l is that it allows you to configure each camera's video feed without having to set up each camera from it's web page. I cut down the frame rate for less wifi bandwidth usage. It takes a little experimenting to learn all of the features of the interface but i was able to find my way around in about an hour. It seems that it will lose the real time displays of one or more cameras sometimes but it still seems to be recording. When that happens i close the web page and reopen it and usually i have all 4 feeds again. . * none of the d-link cameras or the dnr-202l currently work with the windows 10 edge browser. You have to use the ie browser *. * also i think there is an android app out there that supports the dnr-202l but it may not be released in the usa as of this date *

. Shirley, Devon says

I'm using the dnr-202l to record four d-link 932l cameras. The dnr-202l setup wizard could not detect the four d-link cameras and i reluctantly gave d-link support a call. I think everyone has a nightmare customer service story to tell and at the very least i would lose a portion of my life that i would not get back. I'm writing this review mainly to report an anomaly; a customer support experience that was amazing! misha at d-link guided me step by step with concise non-boilerplate help. The problem was old firmware, but also my safari browser not handling java well on my mac. We switched to firefox and i was able to update the firmware in my dnr-202l and after that everything worked perfectly. I think the whole process took 15 minutes. One thing to note, i had to turn down my 932ls to 320x240 resolution; i could not get frame rates above 5 or 6 at 640x480 :-(. C6643458. . *update*. After 5 months my dnr-202l died! the device just shows a red light on top and after several attempts at resetting it is officially dead. I called d-link tech support, marvin ar004612 was very knowledgeable and after he verified it was dead he arranged for a replacement. Because they're replacing the device and tech support was pretty responsive i'm leaving the 4 star rating. C6677373

X. Cassella, Oregon

Randy ar004611. Bought this recorder several days ago and just started setting it up 2-3 days ago. Due to inability to download the "mac os setup wizard", i mailed the dlink support yesterday and got a reply and telephone (1. 877. 595. 6935) and after about 10 minutes, randy badge ar004611 answered in a very friendly reassuring tone. After a few tries, he took over my computer on "team viewer" to facilitate around the computer. My problem was quickly determined that i had 2 network and the main network was not detectable by the recorder. After some quick moves while explaining the reasons, the main network became detected and all my 7 dlink devices. He even showed and set 4 cameras (maximum) that can be recorded some all the time and others only with motions and adjusted the sensitivities. I have a new outdoor camera dcs 2330l, which i could not connect to my dlink wirelessly. Again he managed to connect to my main network. All these maneuvers took almost 2 hours, and that is why sometimes the wait call is longer but worth the effort. I have these cameras for almost 2 years now and not paying any monthly fees.

K. Alba, Pennsylvania says

I was close to sending this back, but after hours of tweaking, and a new hdd, it finally started working. I have 3 dcs933l cameras that took just as long to get working correctly. I've discovered that every link in the chain of this system needs to be performing well, especially, but not limited to, the wifi quality. . Here are my thoughts. . 1) the camera system alone needs a really good and up to date wifi router. On 2. 4g wifi i'm now using one that supports 450mbps. An old router just can't handle the data rates. . 2) be very careful using wifi extenders. The 933l camera comes with this built in. If you use the same wifi ssid as your main router, you'll find the system fighting over what wifi to lock onto. The 933ls can change the extended wifi ssid to an alternative name so use this if required. . 3) change the wifi channel if necessary to avoid interference from neighbours. . 4) the video recorder only worked well when i changed the hdd to a better quality one. It needs to write and read data super fast. . 5) the video recorder user interfaces are buggy and frustrating. You're constantly overriding java security warnings and simple things like changing the order of cameras or renaming them is missing. Data rates on the multi video screen are incorrect. Sometimes the only way to get things fixed is to re-install the setup program which then resets your camera settings. I went through this process dozens of times. . 6) the video recorder iphone app just about works. It really needs updating. Simple things like a sound on/off control on playback are missing and you have to learn to proceed in a correct order to see the feed. Most times you have to rerun the app from the top. Fast rewind is missing. Everything about it is so frustrating. However, it does playback recorded video on your phone (while it records the live feed). . 7) on a positive note, once you have everything set correctly, it does work. You do need to be technical to get it up and running. If you don't mind spending hours tweaking data, frame rates, wifi channels etc and can live with the frustrating pc screen interface then it's great for a budget home system. . Update. 8) the system is working really well now. I've upgraded the hard drive to a western digital my passport ultra external usb 3. 0 portable hard drive, 1tb that works smoothly and also is the same size as the dnr-202l so they sit on top of each other nicely. Just to add to my previous notes:- i've changed all the cameras and the recorder to static ip addresses so that after a power outage the system should boot up correctly and every camera links to its correct ip address as stored by the dnr-202l. . I've noticed that the iphone app playback section only works from the start of a day at 00:00. You need to wait until the next day kicks in before it works. And the app still doesn't have fast rewind like the computer interface. And doesn't have multi-screen playback. D-link; if you can upgrade the app and fix these issues, i would consider awarding this 5 stars! . . In summary; nice budget system, interfaces need upgrades, technical knowledge for setup is essential.

M. Margaret, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

My review as of today - one day after receipt (one star). I hope to be able to add some stars after working with it for some time. The concept is great, and i want to use it to record the event-driven video from two dcs-942l cameras and a dcs-931l camera - especially important for the latter because (unlike the other ones) it lacks storage. My first problem was that the nvr set up wizard would not see the cameras - quickly solved by calling tech support, where marvin (ar004612) talked me through manually adding the cameras. However, configuring the nvr is a nightmare. I want to set it to only record on an event (visual or sound). I had that working on the 942 cameras. After connecting and configuring the nvr, the nvr recorded continuously. I spent a lot of time trying to work through the options before getting it set so that it apparently only records with an event, but when i check the hard drive contents it only shows recordings from when it was set to record continuously - i have nothing from last night, even though the camera microsd cards show that events were triggered. . On top of this, i have noticed an occasional huge reduction in my internet speeds (via wifi) since connecting the nvr. I haven't confirmed that this is due to the nvr yet, but it appears to be. Maybe because the feed from the three cameras to the nvr is eating up my wifi bandwidth. . Confirmed (but variable):. Connected: 3 down, 2 up. Disconnected: 44 down 35 up. Disconnected: 31 down 38 up. Connected: 9 down 11 up. Disconnected: 33 down 34 up. Connected: 19 down 16 up. . I will contact tech support once i've done more testing, and hopefully get back and increase my rating later. . Update: i'm increasing my rating to four stars because it does do exactly what i wanted, now that i've had additional assistance from tech support. This afternoon i called for assistance, and even though the message said that the wait could be up to 25 minutes, i had assistance in under two minutes. The technician (aaron, ar004642) was very patient and helpful, walking me through all the setup options and helping find the option that i had missed. He also helped me resolve the gmail problem (use port 587, smtp. Gmail. Com, and starttll), and helped with the bandwidth issue to reduce the impact on my wifi. So, now i have everything working well. . In the end, the problem is the overly complicated software/user interface. They need to do a lot of work to improve/simplify the configuration. For that, i would rate it only 3 stars if not for the excellent, and rapid, support i received. So, i would recommend it, but be prepared to get on the phone.

. Claudia, Leeds says

Excellent seller. Merchandise arrived on time. Perfect system to use with my 4 d-link dcs-932l cameras. I have attached a 2tb western digital password usb drive to the d-link video recorder since the western digital drive is about the same size as the recorder and it sits underneath of it. Easy to set up and use. The recorder monitors my 4 d-link cameras. No problem in watching both live action or playback using the cloud based software. Need to following the step by step directions to make sure the cameras are connected. I had no problems at all with the either the camera setups or the d-link camera video recorder setup. My system has been in use since early april 2017.

L. Cindy, Missouri

The product is not easy to install at all. The instructions are very limited and are not very helpful at al. I had to call d-link customer support twice to resolve this issue. The first unit i had to send back and get a replacement. Thankfully my support technician leny (id ar004627) did a great job helping us resolve the issues we were having. Overall, a great product.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. April, Portsmouth says

It's 2016 and having done research i could not find a better product that does what i need, which is to record video (constantly or when motion detected) from 3 cameras on a local hard-disk and allow me to view them at work. . I received the product 3 days ago and have been setting it up ever since. Instructions that come in the box are not clear as other reviewers have pointed out. Finding things on the forums is not helpful in 2016 because nothing works like it did in 2013-2014 when most of those posts were made. I am rather tech-savy so i did not need to call tech support but still this is one of the worst set-ups i have ever encountered. I have everything up and running now and am able to view video of my home from work including recorded video but it was a nightmare. . If you buy this - ignore most of what's in the instructions - it won't work. Get your cameras on your wifi network. Get the wizard for the nvr, skip through everything (formatting the hd, cameras etc) and get your nvr on your my dlink account. Then get the firefox browser (doesn't work with chrome, pain with safari, i have a mac so can't speak to ie), go to mydlink. Com sign in and hopefully you will see your nvr. Click nvr info- connect. You will have to install a plug-in and java - do all that - may need to force quit firefox and re-start the process several times. Once you have java and the plug-in installed - make sure you are letting it run - upper left hand corner of firefox has a little lego block - click it and make sure you are allowing java to do its thing. Then once you are finally able to click 'connect' successfully you will see the gui of this things out-dated firmware go to nvr info on the firmware screen - advanced settings - setup-firmware and upload the most recent firmware which you can download from the dlink website (just google for it "dlink 202l firmware") - it will take a while - but once the firm-ware is on there re-run the wizard and it will finally let you format your hard-drive but it won't let you add your cameras. So go back to firefox - mydlink. Com - nvr info - connect - you will see a newer user interphase - go to nvr info on this screen - click advanced settings - there you should be able to dig around and find your cameras. If you were able to successfully add them to the same network ( a separate but not nearly as horrible process - i recommend you update the firmware on the cameras prior to setting up the nvr) your nvr is on. Change the name of your cameras so you can recognize them and make sure to enter the password you created "to protect your camera" when you set them up. . Additional notes:. - you may need to add each window as an exception in java security tab which can be found in settings (search for java in system preferences) on mac. - you will need to force-quit firefox and start over each time it doesn't let you open the next window - like i said spent 3 days doing this. . After you do all that you will have a wifi camera system viewable through the internet through a horrible but almost usable interface you will not like. I found that i had to go back to safari to actually watch video play-back although firefox worked best for the setup. . D-link needs to work out the bugs on these things, ditch java, i do not see how a person without a lot of tech background would be able to figure all this out - it's just not usable out of the box. Until they do i give this product 2 stars - would be 1 but it does work for the most part in the end

D. Pearson, Warrington

I had four d-link webcams without a purpose, so i got this and plugged in a spare usb hard disk for recording. I wanted to be able to use this product for home security recording since my twc internet (outbound) was not fast enough at the time for the amount of traffic the cameras were generating when i tested them with the d-link cloud. While i was not expecting a miracle, online reviews at technical sites convinced me to give it a go. The most difficult thing with this product is setup and the second most difficult is accessing recorded video. If you want to utilise dhcp with this product, i recommend that you set it up in your router before you plugin the device for the first time, as it took me many resets and much reconfiguration to get it to move to an assigned address after initial configuration. I have been unsuccessful so far at being able to access recordings from a windows web browser of any sort (opera, chrome, firefox, edge, internet explorer) on windows 10 and windows 8. 1. So that has left me using the clunky android cloud app for the device for almost everything. Though i have recently had some luck getting linux firefox to masquerade as windows internet explorer and can view the interface on it (mostly). I have contacted d-link on their website and their answer was that it should be supported on several of my windows browsers, but they really drop the ball when it comes to assisting with this on both this product and their cameras. Sometimes it is supposedly a java issue, sometime a flash issue, and sometimes an issue due to using a 64-bit browser. So, while their cameras and camera-recording devices are more reasonable than others, look elsewhere for easy-of-use and non-repair support.

B. Lara, Gateshead says

I purchased 4 x d-link dcs-934l cameras and this dnr-202l as part of a home security solution. Not one of the 5 products installed through the setup wizard process, and all required substantial research, investigation and blind luck to stumble across what was needed to get the products working. All required a firmware update before they would function. Needing a firmware update is not unusual, but not working out of the box until that happens is unusual. . After over 40 hours of installation and troubleshooting, i finally have the cameras working and the dnr recording, however i am unable to view the recordings, due to the bugs in the software. I have now tried to view the recordings on 6 different computers, using 5 different browsers, all with no success. I tried using windows 10, i tried using windows 7 and 8. I tried using edge, ie 11 - both 64 and 32 bit, firefox and google chrome. . The documentation on the d-link support site is woefully inadequate, and generally either outdated, or referencing a different version of the firmware programs than i had available. I contacted support, but with no response. Others on the forums seem to have been experiencing similar issues. . Overall i didn't think this was a consumer ready product, and needs a lot more work to reliably support mainstream computer platforms and browsers.

M. Sheila, District of Columbia

Been using this heap for almost a year. . I would love to sit down with the dlink team and have them watch as i try work around after work around after work around to just try and simply review my recorded video remotely. . The nvr app? awful. Doesn't work. They clearly never even tested it once ever. . My d-link account online? hah. Good luck. That won't get you your recorded video either. . The whole system is riddled with bugs and horrible system stability. It's basically good for live viewing. And that's about it. . Once the video is recorded the only way to export is with internet explorer and even that doesn't work as it exports to a virtual folder. So you can't actually save any footage. . My work around was to play the video back in the nvrs admin console ( this only works on a local connection) and then use a third party screen recording all the record the playing video. . This product fails to meet all expectations besides being able to live view remotely. . It does kinda work, but you'll tear your hair out trying to make the impossible work.

Q. Benton, Northwest Territries says

Pain in the butt to configure, first thing it asks for is a mandatory firmware update, then it just wouldn't login until after 5 or 6 attempts and manual resets; after waiting for it to respond to the update. I've tried repeatedly to playback video through their web portal (saw no way to do it locally) and it just sits there and farts. I'm only keeping it because the ios app to view cameras works well, thus the 2 stars. I'm an it consultant, so the firmware problems are not from novice use. I only bought this thing to watch a small room when i'm not home. Next time, i'll bite the wallet and go with a professional system. No more penny pinching on badly designed stuff like this. It's as hard to configure as their cameras, but you only get what you pay for. From what i have read elsewhere and now my own experience, d-link products have a reputation of being unnecessarily difficult to configure and their web setup interface design needs to be simplified too.

G. Alma, Hartlepool

I really wanted to like this item but it's hard to when 2hrs with tech support was required to get it working. I'm fairly tech savvy but this one was tough! dlink's setup wizard failed to complete the process. I tried to update the firmware, but all of the browsers i had (firefox, ie, and chrome) all threw fits with the dlink java programs. I even broke down and bought the mydlink router which turns out had its own problems but was not the underlying problem. Dlink tech support was methodical (a little slow since i had tried everything he was trying) and patient. After we upgraded the firmware (about an hour into the tech support call), he remotely connected to my pc to verify the weirdness i was seeing. After 2hrs, we finally got both of my dlink cameras to be recognized by the dnr-202l. He even defaulted to an older version of the setup wizard through the dlink ftp site to get the cameras to work. Although i can access all my devices through the mydlink web page, only my computer connected to the same router (i have two) as my dnr-202l can actually use all the features. All of my other pcs can't handle the java plugins and unverified certificates. Dlink really needs to address all their browser compatibility issues asap. Their stuff works but with a great deal of effort.

J. Claudia, Saarland says

I purchased the d-link recorder and 4 cameras to monitor my retail storefront, offices, and warehouse and record footage to a usb hard drive. The total investment in the recorder, cameras, and hard drive was pretty expensive, and honestly i was expecting a better user experience. . In this review i'll specifically review the dnr-202l recorder and mydlink service. Check my reviews for reviews of the individual cameras i purchased as well. . Pros. - somewhat easy to setup and configure, if you are somewhat technically savvy. I've worked in networking and it so i imagine it wouldn't be quite so easy for someone who didn't know much about networking. - records 4 cameras simultaneously. - accessible from the mydlink website and mobile apps, though streaming is lower quality than recording quality. - inexpensive compared to some other solutions out there, like nest cam, which with 4 cameras and only 30 days of storage would be $750 a year in addition to the cost of the cameras. . Cons. - streaming is low quality. - mydlink website and local web interface only work on select browsers due to java issues. - d-link support is horrible. Three cameras setup just fine, the fourth kept disconnecting. After hours on the phone with support reading from scripts and being absolutely zero help, i finally returned the camera to online store and purchased another. It also has issues, but doesn't disconnect nearly as often. - mobile apps crash all. The. Time. - this recorder will just become unresponsive sometimes and have to be rebooted. Just hope this doesn't happen when i need it! . - the user experience in both the websites and mobile apps is horrible. Not intuitive at all. . Overall, if i had found a better solution i would not have this right now. But it's the best thing i could find in the price range. All total i've got $700-750 invested in the recorder, 4 cameras, and hard drive.

C. Maria, California

I'm thinking on returning the video recorder. . My biggest concern is that when recorder in on, connecting to my cameras in timely fashion remotely becoming a big issue. . The idea is great, however functionality is beyond desired. As soon as the device was placed on the network, connectivity to my individual cameras from android app (mydlink lite) became much slower or i would be not able to connect at all. And some of my other devices would not be able to connect to my wireless network. If i disconnect the device, i'm again able to connect to my individual cameras within 5 seconds from android app to any of my 6 cameras. And connecting from view-nvr android app is not the way it should be. Not all of my four cameras would be displayed and also view could be stretched and hard to see anything. Making that app useless. No issues with the view when viewing via mydlink lite android app. The browser based app in my opinion is outdated. It feels like that app was developed 10 years ago and no changes were done since. Java interface constantly crashes. Viewing recorded actions is not the way it should be. Too much hassle. . *update*. I decided not to return the recorder and to make it work. The recorder - it seems like an awesome idea, but bad implementation which easily could be corrected if right person is in charge of product development. . To work around slow local network after placing the recorder on the local network, i have purchased tp-link tl-wr841n wireless n300 home router (tp-link tl-wr841n wireless n300 home router, 300mbps, ip qos, wps button) under $20. I have created second local network by connecting tp-link router into my main home router, and connected all my cameras and the recorder to that new router. Now everything is back to normal. All camera's network traffic goes through my second router, while all other local traffic goes through mine main home router. And i'm using tp-link router for wireless access to internet from my other devices also as tp-link router signal is much stronger and more stable than my main home router. . Below is summary of my experience with d-link camera video recorder:. Installation took me under 5 minutes and straight forward. Please make sure the cameras are installed and configured first. I had to purchase an additional router and connect the recorder and cameras to that router. Connecting recorder to the main home router created a lot of additional local network traffic. The local network became slow and times inaccessible. Connecting to cameras from android app was almost impossible. After connecting cameras and cameras were using dhcp, the recorder seems to lose all connected cameras as their ip address have changed after network router reboot. Work around was to assign static ip address to each camera, before connecting cameras to the recorder. . Software is outdated:. Android app and web browser interface desired improvements. From web, only ie could be used to connect and it feels like that the web interface have not seen any updates in past 10 years and is outdated. Accessing the recorder from the android app may be challenging at times and functionality provided by the app is useless. . At the end, i was able to make it work. I have an it and networking background. However it is a lot of hassle to make it work as advertised. I just hope that there will be major upgrades to the software in near future which will make the recorder more useful with the functionality as advertised by the vendor.

P. Mathis, Manitoba says

First off let me get this out of the way. This network video recorder or nvr, as d-link prefers to put it, isn't as plug and play as they advertise. Will it work? yes. Is it easy to setup? kind of, if you are technically inclined, your pc isn't on windows 10 and you have copy's of old browser download zips / java installers on hand. . See the real problem is that d-link inadvertently leaked their private key's for this unit in a driver file and some tech sites picked up on it and published it. Basically any version of java after version 7 will seriously hinder your efforts to install and register the software for this unit on your pc. Which you have to do in order to register & use it with the my d-link apps on your android phone. Also if your pc runs windows 10, 8, 8. 1 & possibly 7 the os itself will block the executable as well as the hdd viewer apps from installing let alone running without disabling the uac system completely. . On windows 7 this is more of an annoyance than anything else but on windows 8 / 8. 1 it gets a bit more complex to do & on windows 10 its a complete and utter pain in the ass to do. Essentially because of how windows 10 handles disabling uac and how its tied into the hidden administrator account. Yup that's right windows 10 has a hidden administrator account & so do windows 7, 8 and 8. 1. . The process on windows 10 ( yes its different on the older versions of windows because screw you that's why. Thanks microsoft ) is as follows, for me to install or even access the nvr, which is important because when you add a camera. You have to. You guessed it. Access the nvr. Also sometimes ( perhaps monthly if your particularly unlucky ) the nvr will forget some or all of your cameras requiring them to be re-added. 1. Boot up windows. 2. Type uac into the search the web & windows section on the toolbar and select the first response. 3. Drag the slider to the bottom or select never notify & reset the pc. 4. Boot up again. 5. Now open an elevated command prompt and enter net user administrator /active:yes. 6. Restart windows. 7. Finally you can install the software & follow the prompts or access the nvr if, like me, you've done this numerous times by the way use ie11 not edge or chrome or firefox to access the internet for my-dlink's website & you must have java installed & the antivirus / firewall disabled or better yet switched off entirely. 8. When you are done open another elevated command prompt and type in net user administrator /active:no. 9. Restart windows. 10. Type uac into the search the web &windows section on the toolbar and select the first response. 11. Drag the slider to at least the third tier select always notify & reset the pc again. 12. Re-enable the antivirus / firewall and be happy. . For what its worth half of this is the security in windows 10 itself, as well as the inherently unsecured nature of java and the other half is d-link themselves. Maybe they could fix this with a firmware update but i honestly think they cant which is why they haven't for the past year. . Is the system bad for the price? not really. Is it secure? no, it is hack-able because of the aforementioned private key leak. But for less than $300 for 4 camera wireless recording with a bring your own usb hdd approach its not horrible. However do you need to be tech savvy ? yes especially if you are using windows 10. . Also i had to actually research all of this with some help from d-links forum and numerous other google searches to figure this out. So if you get it for your aunt mable and don't want to provide tech support definitely look elsewhere. However if you know your stuff you can do it yourself. . As an aside this system will eat wireless bandwidth if you have everything set up to record hd & audio. However d-link cameras can be set to record on motion or audio input and the system does provide for automatic overwrite of stored files. So it is plug and play to an extent. You should also check your states audio / wiretap recording laws. For instance its illegal in pennsylvania to record audio & in some cases video anywhere where there is an expectation of privacy like through a window, in a bathroom / bedroom or in a shared entryway. Luckily d-link cameras can mute the microphone through the settings. . In closing i would definitely suggest you research this unit before deciding to buy it. . Edit. . I decided to leave the above review intact without edits but i changed the review to 1 star the only addendum to the review is the title and the edit at the end. . As of november 2016 i purchased an asustor nas. The main reason i went with asustor was the fact that their nas had 4 free camera licenses for their builtin surveillance station software. After purchasing this nas and setting up static ip's using the mac addresses of the cameras in my router i have been able to make my d'link cameras just work. No monitoring of anything, no fixing and rebooting of anything & no messing with anything. If i couldn't make this any more clear to you i will now this nvr is worthless the security is atrocious at best and utterly heinous at worst. . I got the cameras running with the nas within half an hour of completed setup of the nas. I waited until last week ( 4/3/17 ) to update the firmware of the d'link nvr and try to use it with an external hard drive. The results are bleak at best. First the device still loses connections with the cameras even though the ip's are static, meaning they can't change. The system should know where to look since the cameras are always in the same network location. Second its not any easier to set up the nvr despite firmware upgrades to my cameras and the nvr itself. The cameras are easier to set up but still use the same outdated insecure keys since that's an issue that cant be resolved without changing the mac address that they cant change. Once private keys are given out they cant be changed without changing the hardware. Why do you think there is different hardware versions of the nvr a0 to a1 etc. The best solution i have is update your firmware and hope for the best, provided d'link has released an update that is. I still have to use internet explorer i still cant use firefox or edge i still have to fiddle with the security in windows 10 ( for the nvr at least ). . Its flat out shameful that an outside company can make the cameras work better with their storage solution than the company that designed them. I'm changing my review from 3 stars to 1 star. I gave d'link the better part of a year to smear lipstick all over the whole damned pig and they couldn't even get that right. The only reason the cameras are worth a damn is because a third party vendor has a better implantation of d'links own back end software. Think about that for a minute. Not very secure is it? . . The designers of this should be fired, the person that left the private keys unencrypted in plaintext in the driver file should not only be fired but should be ashamed and if anyone got robbed because of this terrible nvr system the people involved in development, cryptography and d'link themselves should be held criminally responsible. The bottom line is stay away from this nvr. Its heinously, atrociously, terribly and unforgivably bad. If d'link were responsible for network security i would develop my own networking and security solution that's how bad this is. . P. S. I'll be replacing the cameras soon.

K. Lorenz, Oregon

I was very disappointed with this piece of hw. Description and marketing implies that this is both quite simple to set up as well as user friendly. It is not. Firstly, it is not compatible with most browsers in windows10. If you have windows10 do not buy this product (unless you only want to use internet explorer to access the device). It does not work with google chrome and only partially works in firefox. Set-up is anything but plug-n-play. First, if you have sw on the device which is older than v2. 2 (my newly purchased device has v1 sw on it). You have to first find a spare usb drive, delete it, reformat it with fat32, then download a . Bin file, rename the . Bin file, load onto the thumbdrive and then plug the thumbdrive into the device before you plug it in. Next, getting the cameras to both be added to my dlink account and then connect to this recorder is not simple. After following the instructions in detail and trying all options of wifi connection (the last part of formatting the camera) i only got 2 of the cameras to be discoverable by the video recorder. However, that did not last. After a brief internet disruption (a few seconds of disruption from my provider) i lost both devices and can't reconnect to them or have them rediscoverable. It appears i need to take them down from their mountings and connect them back to my router via an ethernet cable and then reconnect. The user interface on their browser and apps is terrible. Be aware that at one point in the set-up process you will need to change from using the account name that you created to "admin" as user name. No prompting regarding this. Same password as set-up of initial profile is what you use with "admin". How you would guess to use admin at the log-in point of a later phase of set-up is beyond me. I just tried it as an assumption without any guidelines in the instruction manual to flag this for me. Over 4 hours later i still do not have a camera which is consistently connected to this recorder. I now have this paperweight connected to my router and am only able to consistently view one of my cameras via the dlink lite app, which only lets me see real-time and not record or view playback. Don't even get me started on setting up the mail alerts for incidents. Terrible instructions and guidance. It took me 30 minutes to get a successful e-mail sent because of ssl/tls settings.

L. Sherry, Salford says

As a little box this product is a great as a little piece of hardware - the software interface on the other hand is not very good. It is difficult to configure and tedious to get info back out of it. If the software were better this would be a 5/5. After i got it configured it does a decent job of detecting movement and recording from my two dlink cameras. Navigating the menu to find the recording is not user friendly. Would you think video playback was under 'advanced settings'? trying to select a time to play back is a very small window representing 24 hours so the little 30 second to a minute tick marks for a motion detected is super hard to select.

F. Rose, Newfoundland and Labrador

Unusable for now, the device requires a setup wizard from d-link. The wizard is compiled with an expired certificate from verisign that is now revoked. I bought this and four camera's and now i am unable to use them because i am unable to install this device. I emailed support with the details and how to fix it and i never got a reply. I finally called and after 30 painful minutes and emailing them a screen shot, they finally admitted it is a known issue. I offered to explain in detail how to resolve it for them (i am an engineer with 20+ years experience packaging software - i figured it out pretty fast) they stated they would let the engineers know. No confirmation email yet on that case either - do not buy this unless the software wizard has a current date ! . (and even then, read reviews more recent than mine to verify)

E. Brendon, Stockton-on-Tees says

Works ok for a little while, then will just go offline. The app that is supposed to let you review video on your phone doesn't work at all. I'm not sure this is worth the money i spent on it, but it was pretty inexpensive. . Need to update: when i really needed this thing to work, it didn't. The mobile app for this is almost hilarious how bad it is, it is completely non-functional. Well, you can exit, that's about all that works. I worked with customer service for weeks trying to get it to work. As an experienced systems engineer and part time developer, it was very difficult to listen to them fumble through the flip cards. . Final thoughts, you get what you pay for. You're better off having a nice dinner than spending any money on this blue night light.

O. Stacey, Hillingdon

I've never used any type of camera connected to my computer so i'm giving this the benefit of the doubt but this thing is not as easy to set up as the advert states. Also i still can not figure out how to record to a hard drive, nor playback. Not a simple or user friendly item. Giving it 3 star just cause of that. Anyways got it connected to my router (netgear r7000) finally, and the cameras shows live feed and i even finally figured out how to connect to my phone for live feed, but again can not get it to record. Been messing with it for over 6 hours now. I've been reading the users manual, looked in the faq, etc and still nothing. Everything i've tried just don't work. If any geeks out there have some tips, it would be appreciated. I'll keep messing with it, but it should not be this time consuming. Update: above i stated i could not get this to record. Well i figured it out. On a whim i decided to swap out the ethernet cable to see if i could improve the connection between the dnr and my router. Low and behold. As soon as i did the record function activated. Anyways. As my first time out using this type of equipment, but i think next time i'll spend a little more money and go with a better product. I would not buy this again nor recommend to anyone.

. Megan, Kingston upon Thames says

Should you buy this? maybe. For the value, it appears to be working for me after some hiccups. . Setup is not that hard. If you can read, you can do the initial setup. . Calibrating what you want to record and when is a little tricker but i was able to figure it out. It requires changing settings on the camera and the recorder using the various mydlink accounts (e. G. , enable motion detection on each camera, setting record options on recorder to be all the time or just motion detect, etc. ). . First i had problems with it staying online. About once a day it would go offline and i would have to unplug and plug it back in. Second i had problems with it losing camera feeds (saying connected but showing a black screen). A call to tech support about a dofffernt problem had me go into the settings of my camera and reset the camera to factory settings. After that, the problem with the camera was fixed. He said it was common. After waiting 20 minutes for a senior rep to help with my recording problems i decided to try the same logic. I reset all my cameras and this recorder to factory settings. Then i set everything up again. It's been working like a charm ever since. . The website and app are clunky and slow but it gets the job done. I have not been able to view playback from the app but playback from the computer is no problem at all. . For the total cost i am currently satisfied with my purchase. I will keep you posted. . - set up following the guide. - update firmware on all cameras and the box. - play around with settings to get a feel for it. - do a factory reset through mydlink advanced settings for all cameras. - re install and add each camera to your account. - adjust the camera settings (motion detect etc). - factory reset of the box. -re install and add the box to your account. - add up to 4 cameras. - configure all the settings. - hope it works!

N. Wells, City of London

Positive aspects first:. . 1. Designed as small as possible with sturdy plastic. 2. Easy to physically connect. 3. Actually comes with all items a novice would need to connect nvr to your network. 4. Packaging is attractive. . Negative:. . 1. The firmware for this device (even the newest) is absolutely the most unfriendly, complicated, outdated i have seen in any product. 2. It's just too much trouble to queue up recordings and make any changes to settings effectively rendering it useless. 3. There are so many issues with the firmware that haven't been corrected that could be corrected very easily but it appears dlink, while continuing to advertise and sell this device just doesn't seem to want or care to correct any issues. . Bottom line - unless you have several days to configure and reset then repeat dozens of times and accept a subpar product buy another brand.

. Pete, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Suggest to look to buy from another company, unless they have better or newer model that doesn't fail. I understand they don't all fail, but a good percentage do, so, that should say something. Good luck. Update 9/25/15 almost a month later and spend hours first trying to get the new one to work then calling in customer service after technical support to see if they will keep this or take second unit back. They shipped a unit which flashes blue and will not communicate-update 8/27/2015. Unit died, stuck in flashing blue light mode. Awaiting customer support to get me another. Meanwhile, no security system. So, it looks like one would need to buy one to sit on and one to use and extended warranty as well for each to have a working system while one goes down. Support is hideously slow. 15 min. Hold time, 48 minute pinging session, then call drop and start over. Fun, fun, fun. Original review follows this- ) holy cow, what a time consuming affair. Start by networking camera(s). To do that, plug in hard wired to router then once set up, registered, firmware updated, then go to advanced settings and make wireless. Once your pc can see the cameras, install this and update firmware. Then install cameras. Take note, you will do a lot of back and forth and this will take a long time to get set up, unless you are a network person. If you are moderate on network skills you will get through it. There is so many guffaws to setting this up, d link needs to hire a few of us who successfully did it alone to rewrite their install books, because, they are useless just about. I will not get into detail about issues, but this will help if you follow the basics. (set up cameras and update) (then set up dvr and update, set up cameras) (then confirm camera set up/dvr set up) done. Plan on a good shift to do all start to finish.

A. Nielsen, Birmingham

D-link dnr-202l: upon installing the software to view anything, i'm greeted with "certificate revoked" (along with the java errors that seem to plague d-link products). A bit of googling ("d-link certificate revoked") and i discovered that d-link had published their private key to the public, so anyone can use it. I'm not the expert when it comes to things like this, but it seems to be that you don't want to leave your private passwords on the web. . Returning unless d-link returns my email with a fix that doesn't require me to disable security on my browser (as the phone tech support suggested). Are you out there d-link?

. Colleen, South Dakota says

This box only allows a max of 4 cameras to monitor/record. You have to buy an external usb hard drive (4tb). What i don't like about the unit is once the usb hard drive is locked up, you have to manually reformat the drive to get it to continue recording and you lose all that prior saved video. Or at least i haven't found the setting to configure to overwrite what's previously been saved, first in first out. The mobile app is not exactly alike as the pc browser app, i have had to use the latter to reconfigure the external drive and it is a pain to switch between the multiple display pages to find where they've buried the configuration settings. Dlink needs to simplify the software and also make it available/apparent with option to overwrite prior video (fifo) without having to reformat the entire drive when it is full. I guess that's why there's an email configuration option to alert you when the disk is full because it's telling you it is dead until you get time to mess around with the software and reformat the drive. Oh one other thing, there's 2 usb disk formats fat and i think ntfs and the default fails on reformat, have to use the other. Finicky unit and has a lot of speed bumps to it. . Hdd full, now can't reformat it, tried both file types and even after rebooting devices. Arg!

Y. Alice, Louisiana

I'd have given it 4 stars, but the installation and support issues drove it down to 3 stars. Once up and running it works great. . Challenges - dnr-202l installation & setup with mac yosemite o/s. . I recently purchased the dnr-202l with two dcs-934l cameras to upgrade my home security system. The installation of the cameras went pretty smoothly although they would not work with my 802. 11ac/n/g/b wifi network. No problems here as i was able to activate a secondary wifi for 802. 11n/g with very little effort on my router. Additionally, i had to download the latest version of java to enable viewing the cameras video from safari. The challenges appeared when i started to install the dnr-202l. . My mac is the imac with the yosemite os. The dnr-202l is hw version a and firmware version 1. 01. The problems started when i attempted to download the setup wizard. The d-link support site for the dnr-202l points you to the wizard version 2. 02 which after a little work i determined was for the newer firmware. When i ran the wizard it would fail and i'd get the error to eject the disk (apple's way of aborting a failed app start up). After several attempts i followed the link used to download the wizard . Dmg file to the d-link ftp site. Once i ftp'd to the site as a guest i was able to find the wizard for the 1. 01 version of firmware and downloaded it. I was able to run the wizard and get my dnr-202l up, registered with mydlink and running. But, it would not auto-detect the two cameras on the network. (note: not sure if anyone else with a mac has experienced the setup wizard problems, but it's not related to the dnr-202l firmware at all. Appears to be a bug in the wizard. ) after a little thinking i attempted to login to the dnr-202l via the ip address and was successful. I was able to add the cameras from the web interface with no issues. I downloaded the ios mydlink ndr app to my phone and voila it worked. I still can't view video using safari (i think its version is 9. X), but that seems to be a known issue per the web. . My explanation makes this sound pretty simple, but it took me several hours to complete. I would also point out that i have over 35 years experience in computing and networking. The average joe or sally buying these things from best buy, online store or some other place would not have been able to figure things out (in my opinion). On and it was christmas, so the technical support center was closed (i attempted to called to let them know i was going on to the ftp site and got the "we are closed. " recording). . Now i'm faced with a decision. I'm on an older version of firmware. As i stated above the wizard is for the newer 2. 02 firmware. I have downloaded the . Bin file (found it on the ftp server), but i don't think i want to go through the aggravation again. As usual, or as i have found, little support goes to the apple related mac software and that's probably why the wizard hasn't been fixed. I also find it frustrating that when running the 1. 01 wizard it does not prompt you to download the latest firmware like the camera wizard did when installing them.

. Hadley, Maryland says

I have a mydlink camera that works fine with the web browser but cannot be found by this device. Attempts to get support are useless. First, it takes several days to get a response. Then the response makes it clear that they are just sending a standard delaying response - they obviously did not read my email. Then, no followup from mydlink for more than a week. . Dlink support is horrid. They take several days to respond then ask stupid questions like what camera i have when that information is in the original contact and the email they just sent to me. . I'm sorry i can't give it a negative score.

U. Diana, Colorado

I hate this thing. The software is awful and slow. It's flaky. It uses a lot of traffic as well and once i had three cameras going totally jammed up my gigabit ethernet network. Mind you i put 5 on my synology and i can still stream 4k tv. So i don't know what this sucker is doing. Maybe it's only got a 100 meg port. I don't know. Overall, this thing is a real piece of crap, even after you spend 2-3 hours just get it to work. Also the driver software (some weird java crap plug in) doesn't install correctly on os x and you will spend a good hour trying to fight with that and find a manual way to install it. The phone app that goes with it is equally crappy.

. Anonymous, Lewisham says

The dnr-202l is a great concept but the device unfortunately is not well engineered. I am technically minded when it comes to it issues and have extensive experience in network architecture . Let me tell you a little about my configuration. I have a windows 10 desktop and laptop with the latest java, windows updates, ie and firefox browsers installed. I have two dcs-932l and two dcs-5009l cameras attached to the dnr. I am using a netgear r8000 for my router where the dnr is located. After going through updating firmware on all cameras and the dnr and running the setup for the dnr i was not able to see live or playback video using firefox or ie (chrome is not supported). The only thing that worked at all was the android app on my phone however this doesn t give you the full advertised capability of the dnr-202l. I gave up trying to access the dnr using the mydlink app and tried connecting via the dnr s upnp port listed in my router. This gave my some spotty capability. Sometimes i could see the cameras through the dnr on firefox using my desktop computer and sometimes i was able to get it to playback video using ie on my laptop. I could never get live video and playback on the same computer or browser. I finally broke down and made the dreaded call to dlink customer service. I found the dlink representatives to be hit or miss. The first person i talked to told me that the mydlink app never works with the dnr-202l but they are working on it. Really? his technical knowledge about the dnr-202l itself was very limited as i was put on hold after every question. After about 15 minutes he stated that someone would call me back at some future date and time although he could not tell me what date and time that was. Not believing this to be an acceptable answer i tried again and this time i got dave (ticket number c684458). Dave was very knowledgeable and he thoroughly trouble shot my configuration by remotely signing onto my computer. After a lengthy time period where he retried everything that i already tried he came to the conclusion that the dnr-202l was defective and he authorized a return and replacement. The dlink return process is much more convoluted than online store so i returned it to online store instead. Upon receiving the new dnr i experienced the exact same problem i did with the old one. So now i was back to square one. I decided to try one more thing and that was to use port forwarding instead of upnp. I briefly discussed this with dave but we both agreed that this really shouldn t do anything but i figured what the heck i m pretty much out of options. Once i did that i was actually able to remotely access the live video and playback using firefox on my desktop computer however ie still wouldn t work. On the laptop i was able to see the live video on firefox but not access playback. Using ie on the laptop i couldn t see live video but i could access playback. Well at least i could do both on my laptop but i have to use 2 browsers to do it. Conclusion: the fact that the mydlink app will not work with the dnr-202l is unacceptable and the fact that dlink apparently is aware of this as told to me by the first dlink technician i talked to is inexcusable. If you are not technically minded and know your way around your router enough to know what upnp is and how to enable port forwarding for a device, i would not recommend you purchase this yet. Once dlink fixes the issues that many customers seem to be having and turn this device into a true plug and play (as opposed the current plug and pray) i will gladly give this a five star rating. Till that day arrives, this is really a one star device that i will grudgingly give two because i was finally able to get functionality out of it.

Z. Wilson, Nebraska

Does what i want, eventually, but for the price, i feel ripped off. . Be warned! this is not a dvr. The device does nothing except create a central hub for (up to 4) cameras. There is no internal memory, you must provide at least one dedicated external usb storage device. The listing makes this statement, but it doesn't reveal just how much storage space is needed. You won't be able to record a whole lot of video unless you dig deep for a very large storage device. . Don't be fooled by the "easy setup in minutes" claim, this device is a p. I. T. A to install and setup. I am very technologically capable. . 1. No installation software disc is provided. 2. Need to download software. 3. Windows 10 doesn't allow easy running of downloaded software ("not trusted publisher" errors). Manufacturer did not respond to request for help. 4. After running setup software, the "recorder" immediately demands a firmware update, which takes ages and may fail/time-out. 5. Camera(s) must be installed separately before the device can be setup. Each camera requires separate installation that can take a long time. 6. Online interface is cumbersome to setup, navigate and use. Customizing settings for recording is horribly non-intuitive. 7. User manual isn't very informative. . Once setup as part of a system with the recorder device and a couple of different cameras, it's a fairly decent home security system for not a ton of cash, but it's let down badly by the software and the absence of storage capability. . Works well with the android app, if anything better than the desktop version.

I. Reed, Tameside says

The web interface does not work well and it is slow slow slow. The product worked ok for a short while but i started having problems almost immediately. Playback did not work well, or at all and anytime there was a power loss i would have to reinstall all cameras. Also it eats up an incredible amount of bandwidth. I finally quit using it months ago. I just updated all the firmware and tried again hoping there were improvements, but now the interface is not compatible with just about any updated browser, is still not considered secure and is even slower and more aggravating than before. It wont even detect all of my cameras this time around and i have tried three different browsers that will not allow me to access setup even after installing various plugins. Internet explorer works ( barely) but it is so aggravatingly slow i would rather stab myself in the eye than spend another minute screwing around with this thing. Waste of time and money. The cameras are ok for a cheap method of checking on your pets or property but i would not recommend for any kind of real security.

. Cortney, South Australia

You get what you pay for. Tl; dr is that the setup and interfaces (that's right, you need more than 1 app, plugin, install, etc. To actually use this thing) are really poorly designed. For example, if you want to playback a video, the scrub control doesn't work and you have to manually select the exact date/hour/minute you want to view from and the amount of video you want to playback, both using clunky side scrolling controls from old app designs. They don't even support all the latest desktop browsers for using their web app. As in no chrome or firefox support. I think the mobile/mydlink team is stuck in in the year 2005 and haven't found a way out yet. . Oh. And good luck with calling for tech support. 30 min wait times. If only someone had invented live chat support. Oh wait, that already happened. . If you are pretty tech savvy and are okay without great functionality and control, then this is great. Else, i would suggest trying another brand or just paying for a dropcam/nest.

R. Medina, Wyoming says

Great looking device however there is missing information. I live in newzealand but bought it from online store us. I discover it would not record or register my cameras. Two of the cameras bought in nz. Plus one camera purchased via online store us. It took me days to figure out. The software installation is not that easy as explain it to be . When there is one small problem it just will not cooperate. . The problem is there is in each d-link system a small code to prevent the operation out side some digital boarders (locale). . I approached d-link . And they told me (hard nosed) that i should have bought them in my country and i would have no problems. They make me feel as that i was a thieve . And illegally imported this gadget. Very sad that this co. Is this short sighted. In this-day of global commerce . I was to late to return my product to online store. I should have saved my packing stuff . And should have tried this device straight after i purchased this . Not a year later after purchase.

T. Kathlene, Texas

First of all let me start with, i bought this product because it was recommended by a friend i whose opinion i trust. Secondly i work in the it industry and am familiar with network configurations. I bought the hype of the remote view and monitoring apps for my smart phone and ipad which basically suck. That having been said my real problem with this device is the overly complicated set up. Even as an it professional i had to call their tech support 3 times to get it installed. The documentation is extremely lacking any helpful information other than call their 24/7 help desk. Their help desk is for the most part knowledgable and patient with you. Other issues i have are that you have to be physically on the same network (basically next to the) dnr to do lots of the configuration and trouble shooting. So i was at home worked with them on the install and while i was on the road the dnr lost connectivity to the camera and a camera scan could not find any. Hd support stated i have to be at home to reprogram the ip addresses of the cameras into the device. They had no idea why it lost the configured devices to start with and not be able to do anything remotely defeats the purpose of having a security system to start with. Also i had to get a different 1tb usb drive as the one i had was "not compatible" with the dnr. No where is there a list of that before you buy it. Another issue i have is that since i am on a mac none of the browser based dnr viewers work. Safari, chrome, and firefox are supposed to be supported if you use their plug in. I downloaded and for all 3 browsers it failed to load the plug-in. Hd stated i needed to use ie although they usually have good luck with chrome for the cameras but not for the dnr device which you have to access separately. For the hidden add on costs, frustration, and camera quality of the dlink devices i have, i would have been better served by buying another system other than d-link overall.

X. Paula, Haringey says

As others have said, the product is just not reliable. It will work for a while, but then just stops recording and appearing on the network. If rebooted, it will start working again. But, the nature of this product must be reliable. As a security device it needs to work all the time or it is not serving its purpose.

W. Hakala, Schleswig-Holstein

I've had nothing but trouble with this. I had it working ok with one camera, then noticed it stopped. The usb stick was corrupted so i replaced it, and it started working again. I don't know if the unit is to blame for that. Next i discovered that a month ago it was randomly adding people's email from my address book to the alert emails, so they would get pictures of my security camera from me! that stopped happening but at the same time it stopped recording anything, so i then tried to reset it. The setup wizard crashed, tried it on two computers both windows/10, one 64 the other 32 bit. No help yet after emailing tech support a couple days ago. That's what is getting the 1 star because i can't even get it working now. I'm guessing it may just not work on windows/10, even though i'm using ie.

V. Newell, Virginia says

Update:. This will leaving you hanging when it matters most! . Just absolutely needed the camera footage for the police. It won't even load the webpage so we can get to the hard drive video. Total piece of garbage! don't wait your time. . Pros: it's cheap and entertaining. Small and easy to tuck away. . Cons: it's cheap and doesn't work reliably. If you're looking for a security system to protect your property, this isn't it. The unit regularly loses "connectivity" with the d-link cameras - which can be accessed independently and found to be working. This "disconnect" causes an alarm to trigger on the dvn and even if the camera comes back, the alarm continues. Forever. In the middle of the night. Repeatedly. When you're asleep. You can turn this off, but then you have no way to know the camera has gone dark. You cannot reset this alarm from the remote application. . The playback portion is a nightmare. You can see when a motion event occurred, but getting it to playback requires you to enter your own start/stop times. Why not just let you click? the player has a reverse button - and it doesn't work at all. The mobile app is better for selecting the event, but it doesn't actually playback. I have yet to see it playback more than 1 second of video, from any application. . Most features are buried in separate portals and apps. It is very confusing to see your system listed in one portal, but when you click on it, it launches a completely different web interface in a new window. . I've been a software/hardware engineer for many years and this is difficult to configure. Took me better part of a day. The "find" features just don't work reliably. I ended up pinging ip addresses on my network until i found the 4 cameras. . The android app and desktop web interfaces are less than stellar. The web portals are insanely slow and you spend a great deal of time waiting for everything - if it works when you get there.

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    1. Bonus: Hdd Quota And Group Management.
    2. Bonus: Hdmi And Vga Output At Up To 1920 1080p Resolution.
    3. I have not fully installed the system but i am on my third brand. I'm waiting on the 2 tb purple drive to show up. I can tell you that this the annke and the lorex system pretty much are the same. Lorex is the worst. They are the same software and hardware. Definitely made by the same group just dif... go to https://puqus.com/hikvision-ds-7604ni-e1-4p-network-recorder-25480q0qsojm/#hikvision-ds-7604ni-e1-4p-network-recorder
    Low-End Hikvision Ds-7604ni-e1/4p 4ch Poe Nvr Network Video Recorder (Surveilance Systems) 7604ni E2 4p
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    Colorful Silicone Skins Security Camera (Wasserstein)

    Colorful Silicone Skins Security Camera (Wasserstein) 1244

    Read Review Colorful Silicone Skins Security Camera (Wasserstein), Colorful Silicone Skins Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera Protect Camouflage Your Ring Stick Up Cam These Uv Light- Weather Resistant Silicone Skins Colorful Silicone Skins For Ring Stick Up Camera By Waaserstein (silicone Skin, White) -Colorful Silicone Skins Ring Stick Up Cam Security Camera Protect Camouflage Your Ring Stick Up Cam These Uv Light- Weather Resistant Silicone Skins Wasserstein White
    1. This was a perfect fit and color for my camera. https://puqus.com/colorful-silicone-skins-security-camera-124473h1zlqg/#colorful-silicone-skins-security-camera
    2. Items: Camouflage Your Ring Stick Up Cam- Choose From A Variety Of Colors To Make Your Black Ring Stick Up Cam Blend In Seamlessly With The Color Tone Of Your Home.
    3. Items: Easy Slip On Mechanism - Our Unique Design Allows You To Slip On The Skins Within Seconds; The Skins Are Durable Enough To Protect Your Camera But Thin Enough Not To Impair The Magnetic Mount.
    Lower Price Colorful Silicone Skins Security Camera (Surveilance Systems) 4331038765
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    Amcrest Nv4116e 1080p Network Recorder (nv4116e hs)

    Amcrest Nv4116e 1080p Network Recorder (nv4116e hs) 1190

    Get Price Amcrest Nv4116e 1080p Network Recorder (nv4116e hs), Nv4116e 16ch 720p/1080p/3mp/4mp/5mp/6mp/8mp/4k Network Video Recorder - Supports Up To 16 X 8-megapixel Ip Cameras, Supports Up To 6tb Hdd Amcrest Nv4116e-hs / Records 16-channels 720p/1080p/3mp/4mp/5mp/6mp/8mp/4k & Playback 8-channel 720p/1080p/3mp/4mp/5mp/6mp/8mp/4k / Easy Qr Code Smartphone Access / Access Via Standard -Amcrest Nv4116e 16ch 720p/1080p/3mp/4mp/5mp/6mp/8mp/4k Network Video Recorder - Supports Up To 16 X 8-megapixel Ip Cameras, Supports Up To 6tb Hdd Included
    1. Craig helped me and the product seems to be working as of now. https://puqus.com/amcrest-nv4116e-1080p-network-recorder-11907478c3cj/#amcrest-nv4116e-1080p-network-recorder
    2. Included: Supports Amcrest Ip Cameras And Provides Limited Support For Third Party Brand Onvif Compliant Ip Cameras. Intelligent Search, Playback, And Backup Functions Provide Enhanced Ease Of Use And Security (for Example, Motion Detection Event And Exact Search Functions That Are Accurate To One Second).
    3. Included: Plug & Play Setup, Easy To Configure, Access And Control. Scan Qr Code On Nvr From "amcrest View" App To Instantly Access Live Viewing And Playback. Connects To And Manages All The Wifi Ip Cameras On Your Network Directly Through Their Ethernet Cables For Ultimate Ease And Convenience In A Home Security System.
    Cheap Amcrest Nv4116e 1080p Network Recorder (Surveilance Systems)
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    Amcrest Nv4432e Hs Channel 16 Channel Recorder (Surveilance Systems)

    Amcrest Nv4432e Hs Channel 16 Channel Recorder (Surveilance Systems) 2569

    On Sale Amcrest Nv4432e Hs Channel 16 Channel Recorder (Surveilance Systems), 32 Channel 16-channel Poe Network Video Recorder - Supports 8-megapixels 30fps Realtime, Onvif Compliance, Usb Backup, Supports Up To 24tb Hdd Included Amcrest 32 Channel (16-channel Poe) Nvr / Network Video Recorder - Supports 8-megapixels 30fps Realtime, Quick Qr Code Smartphone Access, Feature-rich Osd Multiple Trigger, Alarm -Amcrest Nv4432e-hs 32 Channel 16-channel Poe Network Video Recorder - Supports 8-megapixels 30fps Realtime, Onvif Compliance, Usb Backup, Supports Up To 24tb Hdd Included More
    1. Listed: Remotely Access Using Standard Windows And Mac Browsers. Easy To Install: Connect To And Manage All Cameras On Your Network Via Ethernet Cables.
    2. Switched out the 8 channel for this 32 channel and i couldn't have made a better decision, caleb at tech support was knowledgeable and prompt. Installing this was a breeze, thanks again caleb. https://puqus.com/amcrest-nv4432e-hs-channel-16-channel-recorder-256975fz1x1n/#amcrest-nv4432e-hs-channel-16-channel-recorder
    3. Listed: Feature-rich Osd: Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, And Record Status Icons.
    Sale Amcrest Nv4432e Hs Channel 16 Channel Recorder (Surveilance Systems)

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