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Price was $58.39. Super easy to install. I did it in about an hour. Some pointers to help people out. . After you trace out the templates drill 1 inch holes in the corners. This make the drywall saw work a snap. . Insert all hdmi cables, composite or component into split loom this makes fishing them a snap. Attach to fish tape or a string and feed them up the wall. Have the shorter side coming up the wall. Insert into the top gang box. Secure. Push the bottom cables through the bottom gang box. Secure after wiring them together. . All and all it is a great product

-M. Allen

Flat panel tv cable organizer kit power datacomm electronics easy to install flat panel tv cable organizer kit w/ duplex power solution is used to install power and hide audio/video cables in the wall behind your wall mounted -datacomm electronics 50-6623-wh-kit flat panel tv cable organizer kit power solution

  • Extra: 15 Amp / 125 Volt Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle Allows Power To Be Installed Behind A Wall Mounted Tv Or Similar Application.
  • Extra: Metal Mounting Wings Are Attached To The Top And Bottom Plates And Fasten Against The Drywall As You Tighten.

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I am extremely happy to have bought this. I am not technically inclined or motivated to work with tools or put holes in my wall; however, i am extremely happy that i took the plunge and bought this datacomm organizer kit. After watching the video, i can promise you, it was extremely easy to install and that's with saying that i am no good at working with tools or cutting holes in the wall. I couldn't bother looking at wires under my tv. This kit has hidden everything for me and makes my bedroom wall look clean! get this product, you won't regret it. Also make sure you have all the proper tools that they recommend. Also cutting the dry wall gets pretty dusty, be prepared to vacuum. The Best flat panel tv cable organizer ( Nov 2019 ) | Datacomm Electronics-Power Supplies Or Protection Review Extra Datacomm Electronics 50-6623-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit with Power Solution Low profile design fits behind the industry's thinnest mounts and tvs. 15 amp / 125 volt tamper resistant duplex receptacle allows power to be installed behind a wall mounted tv or similar application. Metal mounting wings are attached to the top and bottom plates and fasten against the drywall as you tighten. Flexible screens close the interior openings of the top and bottom plates. Female end of included extension cord is recessed completely into the wall when plugged in to the straight blade inlet. Male end of included extension cord has a 360 rotating flat head allows furniture to be placed flush against the wall for a clean finish. Includes 16/2 with ground ul approved electrical building wire which is pre-wired to the top plate. Quick and easy installation .

Datacomm Electronics 50-6623-wh-kit Flat Panel Tv Cable Organizer Kit With Power Solution Review (50 6623 wh kit)

This really is a good kit. Everything you need is right there. I expected a good couple hours but had the whole thing done in about 35 minutes. Good quality. Make sure and guide the wires through the box before pressing them into the crimp. -. Patricia

Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 Wh Kit Organizer Solution

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Datacomm Electronics
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0660559010167
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.55 inches
    Length:6.87 inches
    Width:7.00 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: This Product Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.
  • Manufacturer: DataComm Electronics, Inc.
  • Model: 50-6623-WH-KIT
  • MPN: 50-6623-WH-KIT
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 50-6623-WH-KIT
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • UPC: 660559010167
  • Warranty: Datacomm Electronics Warrants The Passive Components For A Period Of (10) Years And Active Components For A Period Of (2) Years From The Date Of Purchase.

flat panel tv cable organizer kit power Speakers, Datacomm electronics easy to install flat panel tv cable organizer kit w/ duplex power solution is used to install power and hide audio/video cables in the wall behind your wall mounted tv, amplifier, and other audio/video devices. this power kit allows you to pass low voltage cables and power through the wall, creating a professional, clean look for your home theater. Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 Wh Kit Organizer Solution (50-6623-WH-KIT-Datacomm Electronics).

Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 Wh Kit Organizer Solution Speakers

  • The product was very easy to install and has worked very well. Once i had determined the best location for the boxes it only took me about 30 minutes to complete all of the marking, cutting, and installation. I did have to complete some touch up painting of the wall after the install, but that is only because i wanted everything to look like this was installed when my home was originally constructed. I would highly recommend this for any do it yourselfer who wants to hang their flat panel and hide the wires with a professional appearance.
  • It works very nicely in that it was easy to put in and looks professionally done. One must make sure that the way from the top and the bottom isn't blocked by additional furring, insulation and other construction. Once that was done, i found a spot that was compatible with the wall mount. I have had to take it down to re-do wires and it comes apart and then back together just fine. It looks neat, even though it is covered up by the tv and cabinet below.
  • This is to cable management what a hummer suv is to urban commuting. Ridiculously oversized - could not hide the top plate behind a 55 inch wall mounted tv. Who can possibly need something that large? maybe if you need to pass 15 hdmi cables. Returned.
  • It did not come with 2 electrical boxes, the one for the bottom outlet was not included.
  • The package was delivered with no damage . But the cable organizer itself doesnt work. It has no power! we tried everything to make it work but it didnt have any power. It was defective! such a hassle mounting and unmounting the tv and putting all the cables. Will not recommend it to anyone. We are putting it to trash.

flat panel tv cable organizer Datacomm Electronics 50-6623-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit with Power Solution (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I few years ago i mounted my tv on the wall and wanted to hide the cables. At the time i didn't know that running your tv's power cable inside the wall is not up to fire code. This is the perfect solution to have the aesthetics you want in your home and being sure that your family is safe. The installation was very straight forward and simple to follow. Cut two holes, place the unit in the wall and run the cable. I did have trouble running the cable to the bottom opening at first but i just simple used a piece of lace my wife had laying around and tied it to the cables and pulled them through. Of course you could by the device to snake the cables but why spend more money? i do not have any experience with running electrical cables but this is so simple, anyone could do it.

Datacomm Electronics 50-6623-wh-kit Flat Panel Tv Cable Organizer Kit Power Solution
Click to see NoticeDatacomm Electronics 50 6623 Wh Kit Organizer Solution (Power Supplies Or Protection)"Very good product. Just a bit of advice, it comes with templates so you can cut the proper size in the drywall. When using the bottom template, you need to account for another 2 1/5 inches to the left for the outlet box which will be behind the wall. I did not account for this and cut to close to the stud. Besides that hiccup, the install was a breeze."

(0) Question: Will this fit a samsung one connect cable on both top and bottom? plug is 1. 75x0. 5 inches

(1) Question: Would the power cable cause interference running in parallel with hdmi or analog cables so close

(2) Question: How much depth do i need in wall to mount the boxes? i am in florida with a block extior wall which may limit depth.

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PowerBridge TWO-CK Dual Outlet Recessed In-Wall Cable Management System PowerConnect Wall-Mounted Flat Screen LED, LCD, Plasma TV s

This was very easy to install, and the directions were great. It's pretty straight forward. Cut the holes, run the cables behind the wall 1st, then install the top/bottom boxes. Done! . . I read a few reviews here prior to purchasing, that the reviewers gave me pointers to follow, and added to my ease toward success. One thing to note, that i'm not sure others would be aware of: i bought the single gang box, which was able to accommodate (3) class 3 in-wall 15 ft hdmi cables (online store's very own) which have thick sheathing, and (1) cat 6 cable. They all fit with a little bit of room to spare. I do think another hdmi cable would fit, but it might require some serious patience.

Conceal cables and power for your wall mounted tv. Introducing the all new two-ck in-wall power and cable management system. Dual-gang size all-in-one design. Designed to simplify wiring behind wall-mounted flat-panel tv. This discreet system allows low voltage cables and wires to be routed through the wall for a clean look. Code compliant to install power, includes hardware and helpful mounting template make the two-ck the perfect do-it-yourself solution for any skill level, without the need for an electrician. No wiring, simple snap together power connectors make this safe and easy.

PowerBridge TWO-CK Dual Outlet Recessed In-Wall Cable Management System PowerConnect Wall-Mounted Flat Screen LED, LCD, Plasma TV sPowerBridge-TWO-CK-Management-PowerConnect-Wall-Mounted

Powerbridge Two Ck Management Powerconnect Wall Mounted (Ce Accessory) FAQ.

This is the third powerbridge in-wall recessed cable management power outlet kit powerbridge one-ck recessed in-wall cable management system with powerconnect for wall-mounted flat screen led, lcd, and plasma tv'sone-ck i've installed. I have to say it's the easiest and best solution made. I have purchased the others from datacomm, wiremold and legrand but those have a bunch small parts you need to put things together with those other non-powerbridge products, don't waste your time or money on those. . This powerbridge is fully assembled and pre-wired right out of the box, all you do with this kit is cut the two holes in the drywall using the supplied cutout template. Powerbridge one-ck recessed in-wall cable management system with powerconnect for wall-mounted flat screen led, lcd, and plasma tv'scut one behind where the tv will be and the other down below the same height as the existing outlet, next or near it. Simply snap the two power connectors together, use a screw driver to secure it to the wall with the supplied screw tabs and that all you have to do! i installed this one in 10 minutes, so easy, no electrical wiring, nothing to do except plug it in. . If you want the easiest and best way to hide the ugly cords for your wall mounted tv, then get this product. -Notice from G. Guest, Tennessee

Click to Show powerbridge two ck management powerconnect wall mounted (ce accessory) Details

This is a nice kit. It looks good and makes a smaller hole in the wall. This is much nicer than the older powerbridge design. I bought this instead ofwiremold company cmk70 flat screen tv cord and cable power kit since i wanted two outlets for my behind tv mini hdtv cable box. Sadly, the comcast plug did not fit in the recessed outlet so i had to run it from below. I would have gone with the single outlet design knowing that. I have to say the wiremold was an easier installation since it uses a provided drill attachment to make the opening in the wall and has a set of sticks to help thread the cords behind the wall. On the other hand, this matches typical square electric outlets and looks quite nice once installed and truly is an easy installation.

Powerbridge-two-ck-management-powerconnect-wall-mounted-(ce-accessory) set picture

- S. PaigeUpdate 9/28/17 to below review. About 7 months after installation, still very pleased. Added a tv console, ordered through online store. Would not hesitate to recommended. Please see picture, very beautiful console.

Excellent product for tv wall mount project. Its easy to install but you will need fish pool to run electric wires through the wall. My wall had insulation inside, and i was lucky to not have fire breakers in the wall. I am women and was able to do it on my own.

Q. Anonymous, Aquitaine

Brand :    powerbridge solutions
Color :    White
Size :    one size
Model :    TWO-CK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • No more messy cables hanging down the wall between the tv and the floor. no electrician needed with snap together power connectors.
  • This system allows for wall mounted tv's to hide low-voltage cables and wires routed behind the wall for a clean look.
  • Dual outlet in-wall cable management system for wall mounted flat screen led, lcd, and plasma televisions. this kit includes two power outlets for mounting either two (2) tv's or one (1) tv and one (1) audio visual accessory such as a soundbar.
  • The included in-wall powerconnect cable and 6-foot power cord is code compliant. does not include hdmi cables or other low voltage audio visual cables.
  • Included recessed wall mount plates are hidden behind flat screen tv mount and should work with the thinnest tv mounts and thinnest tv's on the market.
Price :    $44.24 (was $60.99)
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (powerbridge solutions product review) for PowerBridge TWO-CK Dual Outlet Recessed In-Wall Cable Management System PowerConnect Wall-Mounted Flat Screen LED, LCD, Plasma TV s available ( Nov 2019 )

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datacomm electronics 50-6623-wh-kit flat panel tv cable organizer kit with power solution Price : 58, was : 0 as 2018-12-19
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I am not a very experienced diy'er but i wanted to mount a 32" tv in my bedroom. I knew i needed to run the cables behind the wall and i shopped around for various products to do so. I found this product to be perfect for my needs and it was simple to install. The kit provides two paper cutout templates to mark your cuts into the drywall. The templates were spot on and i didn't need to re-cut. The screw system used to hold the plates against the drywall work well and are very simple. The wiring system for connecting the two plates was very simple as well (just push the open copper end into the harness). Now, the only thing that can make this job extremely difficult is if you have fire blocks running horizontally between each stud. That would potentially prevent the cables from running down to a point low enough on the wall and still be hidden by a piece of furniture/tv stand. I also found it helpful to have a fish tape that allowed me to pull the wires behind the wall instead of forcing them (which would have never worked).

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Can someone clarify what the difference is between this item and the following: ? there's a $20 difference.

(1) Question: Is this recessed enough to fit an apple tv inside?

(2) Question: Is this mounted to a stud or does it snap fit inside the drywall?

(3) Question: Can this be installed in a lath & plaster wall? the video only talks about drywall.

(4) Question: Would there be any issues plugging the power cord into a panamax type line conditioner/surge protector?

(5) Question: Can you hook a power strip to the female side?

(6) Question: This shows two females but only one male. can the single male power both females?

(7) Question: Can you buy just the lower piece? or something like? need a 3 prong male end that hooks up to romex

(8) Question: What are the dimensions of the template (want to know the size of the potential holes in the walls)?

(9) Question: Can the lower box be put in "upside down" so that the power source comes from the left, or do data cables only have a top-in on 1 side?

(10) Question: Can i get this with more cable to increase the distance from plug to plug

(11) Question: I have a panel covered/ sheetrock wall will the grips still work?

(12) Question: What is the difference between the 50-3323-wh-kit and 50-6623-wh-kit? the 3323 seems to be 18 bucks cheaper and seems to do the same thing.

(13) Question: Does this work on exteriorr walls?

(14) Question: Is there a soundbar kit you can add to this setup?

(15) Question: Hard to tell from photos but the space for the additional wires (hdmis) is it just an empty hole or is there something keeping the cold air out?

(16) Question: Is this deeper than a standard power box? my walls are not very thick, so i'd be concerned if its a whole lot deeper than a standard power box.

(note) Question: where/how to get Datacomm Electronics (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Datacomm Electronics's products

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I've used this kit three times for installations in my homes. I keep going back to it because, well, it just works. The kit has everything you need other than a drywall cutter and a screwdriver, and while it does require rather large cutouts, they're obviously *much* smaller than the tv, so it really doesn't matter. The panels are meant to be installed in the cavity between studs, as they have clamps that tighten on the drywall with screws (the way in-ceiling speakers clamp to ceiling drywall). It's also nice that it (50-6623) has two outlets up top. Another nice touch is the electrical cord has a swiveling flat plug. . The only thing that doesn't make a ton of sense to me is the bottom panel has a receptacle that screws on the back on an angle to house the electrical connections. The way it attaches makes it very difficult to fit behind the drywall. On my last install, i just properly secured the electrical connections and left the box off. . I'll definitely be picking up another one to hang my next tv, too!

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Cord Management 15024011, Electronics 282271Top Datacomm Electronics 50 6623 Wh Kit Organizer Solution (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ Content

Best datacomm electronics 50 6623 wh kit organizer solution (power supplies or protection) in review

Used this kit to route (5) hdmi cables, the component cable for the wii game console, and an ethernet cable from the armoire to the 50" tv mounted on the wall in our living room. Well thought out, with good finish and build quality. The wall template of the upper unit cutout was a little snug - had to make it 1/8" wider along the top edge to get it to fit (still covered by the flange). The wall template for the lower unit was very undersized and did not account for the thickness of the wall board as you attempt to rotate the assembled receptacle into place. Had to make a 3" wide cutout along the right side edge to accommodate the well of the housing, but this was again covered by the flange, so in the end, it still looks great. Most importantly - it works and bridges the electrical power up the the 2-place outlet in the upper housing, so you can connect the tv power and one other unit (in this case, a sound bar mounted with brackets to the wall mount. I also trimmed about 1. 5 feet off the length of the romex between the upper and lower housings to fit this installation (you will need to need to prep the ends of the black and white wires if you do this too). See photos of the process.

W. Donna, Reading

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L. Nicole, New Hampshire says

The templates for making the cutouts is perfect. The electrical connections are a snap. Here are some helpful hints that others have mentioned and i echo:. . 1. Run an extra hdmi cable. They are cheap on online store basics and will save you a headache in the future. It will be virtually impossible to run a cable down once mounted. You'd have to take off the faceplate, at least in my case. . 2. If you don't do 1 don't worry bc you probably also ran a rope through just in case you need to fish a line later. It's easy and you'll thank yourself in the future. . 3. Run the romex (electrical cable) through that little box housing before your connect to the bottom box electrical connectors (doh! ). I didn't but luckily with some extra elbow grease and some pliers i pulled them out. . 3. Plug in and make sure everything works before you screw into the wall. Sometimes you can stress break a cable and it won't work. Better to figure that out and run a new wire before you screw in. . Thanks to everyone else for their helpful reviews. It made my installation so easy.

T. Brenda, Yukon Territory

Anyone looking to mount their tv should consider buying this kit. Most people will simply cut a hole in their wall and run the tv power cable down to the outlet. However, the power cable is not rated for in wall use and this would not be up to code. . Unless you would like to hire an electrician to come out and install an additional power outlet, this is the way to go. Simply cut out the 2 holes in the drywall using the included paper templates, run the included power wire down to the second hole, pop the units into the holes, tighten up the screws to secure, connect the wire to the corresponding terminals in the bottom section, plug into the wall and you're done! . . This is my second one and will be buying at least 2 more to mount all my tvs. This kit is great because it comes with everything you need for a clean, safe installation of a wall mounted tv

V. Lindsey, District of Columbia says

Super easy to install! the only issue i ran into was when installing the bottom portion of the box, but i believe it was due to having 3/4' thick drywall (not 100% sure). . The box needs to be installed left side first in order to get the "junction box" that conceals the wire nuts around the drywall, and then you push the right side of the plate flush against the wall. The template provided was too small and i wasn't able to get the box to sit flush against the wall. Again, i think this was due to the extra thickness of the drywall. I ended up having to make the hole a little larger and also loosen the junction box in order to provide some wiggle room when installing. Nothing that stopped it from being easy to install and professional looking.

J. Cindy, District of Columbia

This is a great product! even though the first one that arrived was missing a wire but the seller sent me a replacement the next day and the replacement worked great! easy to install. It was a bit tricky installing the bottom piece because i have a double drywall because it's the shared wall with the garage but it worked out great in the end

O. Miller, Connecticut says

Fairy easy to setup, and the video was nice to have. My biggest problem was mine was missing a cutout template. I went freehand by marking the clamp location, but came out a bit over sized. Not a big deal in the end. . Pro tip: if you are running wires through an insulated wall, use a tape measurer to fish the wire. Bend it into the wall at a 90 angle, using two fingers to keep it against the inside of the drywall. Feed it towards the other hole, tape the wire to the measuring. Tape. , and pull it back through. If that isn't clear, there are youtube videos to help. . Good luck!

C. Alberta, Utah

Received and installed my conduit box yesterday. It's relatively easy to install but before clicking "add to cart", take note:. . - invest in a stud finder. You need space around the holes for the locking brackets to rotate inside the drywall. If you cut the hole next to a stud or fireblock, it won't lock in place. . - fireblocks! these are horizontal pieces between studs. Since you are probably hoisting your tv up on the wall so there is a very good chance you are going to run into one trying to push your cables down the wall. Unless you know where they are, you will be quite miffed when you cut two big holes in your wall and then realize you have to cut another one just to route your cables through the wall. I didn't have this problem (i had photos of my house when it was being built) but i can easily see how some people will get stuck dealing with this problem. In my photo, you can see where i positioned my box which is directly under a fireblock. . - the templates are good but i found it difficult to install the bottom box within the lines provided. It took me a while to shave drywall until the box pushed in without force. . - as some have mentioned, don't forget to push your electrical wire through the small, white box before pressing them into the connectors. Ooops. Due to my mistake, i sanded a small hole off the bottom so the main wire could fit without allowing the other wires to pull out. Easy fix. . - i ran an extra pull line in the box for additional hdmi cables in the future but i now agree with others that you should just go ahead and buy a second 9-10' hdmi cable and run it at the same time. The position of the holes to run the hdmi cables will make it difficult to 'pull' wires through in the future. I don't expect a need for a second line. But if i do, i'll probably have to pull the boxes out of the wall to run the second. . - and the good news: with the boxes in place and the power cables zip-tied, the tv looks great on the wall. No cables visible from the side and it looks professional. Wife is happy with the results (and glad i didn't hurt myself). . This is a good product but you need to plan ahead before cutting holes. Check your wall studs and fireblocks. Make sure you have room around the holes (inside) for the locking clips.

X. Alice, Texas says

This really improved the looks of my wall mounted tv. I had no trouble installing this and i have no experience as either an electrician or a home theater installer. I used simple hand tools and was careful to avoid areas in the wall that might have obstructions like fire blocks and plumbing. I recommend this.

N. Wanda, Waltham Forest

This is the best quality kit i have ever used for a cut-in wire hider. I was in shock at how great it looks on the wall and great design of it. I will definitely be buying this kit in the future if ever need again. Datacomm is a quality and great company to buy products from hands down!

Q. Gladys, Bracknell Forest says

Worked perfectly and actually made hanging the tv itself a breeze - gives you plenty of room to access behind the bracket. . I installed onto metal studs and this allowed me to bolt them into place. . The power extension snaps into place and i was able to fit every cable i needed into both faceplates. . If i install another tv on the wall, i will certainly buy this again without a doubt - worth every penny. . The second outlet it provides fed the sound bar i attached.

R. Campbell, Colorado

I found this product on an online how to video. I was a little sceptical when i seen the price i have to admit. We wanted a wood accent wall so wires hanging and a wire concealer box was a big non option for us. The unit was super easy to install. A small dry wall saw or even utility knife with a little elbow grease and common sense and you will have it installed in no time. The parts are made of hard plastic so forceful application will be unaceptavle here. Overall the unit is great! we will be ordering more for the other rooms in our house. . Caution! if you are planning on buying be aware that not all walls will be compatible with this wire hiding option. Also, i highly recommend that you use a stud finder first on your wall and check to see if you have any horizontal or diagonal wall braces in the application cavity you will be using. While this wouldn t make it impossible to install, it adds extra steps to the installation process that not every diy er would want to do on their own.

Z. Melissa, New Hampshire says

Product is awesome the power wire that comes with to run all the way to the bottom wall plate it s of good quality. Installing was easy just found smal issue on my wall studs lol didn t count on the horizontally studs on the way from top to bottom lol had 2 to drill through what at first i thought i would be a big problem making me not to install it. But with a bit of research found a special flexible cable drill bit what was just perfect to drill it through and fish back down the power cord. Everything is possible when you really want it. High recommend.

Y. Olga, Westminster says

Just installed tv to the wall mount and the datacomm kit made the installation even simpler. Family member had a plain installation where holes cut into walls and it left openings that may need filling and are unsightly, if only to the homeowner. This kit was professionally thought out and done, makes your installation look professional and very functional. And did i mention simple? with the template included and easy to follow instructions, a blind chimp could install this (or a beginner diy-er). With power outlet up top, only hdmi cables make the transit from bottom to top. (and if you use something like a bilge hose between top and bottom, cables have a smoother transit path. ) no unsightly holes in your drywall and a strong sense of pride in a job well done. Very happy indeed!

S. Betty, North Somerset

These worked like a charm. Very easy to install, even for those who have minimal to no electrical experiences this should be a breeze. Before i had an eye sore of wires everywhere and now this looks very clean. My wife loves the look and loves that she can't see any of the wires. The install is no problem, is an absolute must to have a stud finder and to install in middle of the two studs. Beneficial to have a fishing wire, makes it a lot easier when passing insulation in walls. Bought two for each of my living areas. Would recommend to anyone and everyone who wants a clean look.

A. Laura, Milton Keynes says

Easy installation! only took be 10 minutes. The paper template helped during installation. Some advice would be to cut the hole just slightly larger than the paper because trying to angle the box into the hole was a little challenging and i had to trim more of the wall away. . Overall it's a clean look and it does exactly what i wanted. I left some string behind the wall to help me fish hdmi and other cables should i want to add additional in the future

P. Crawford, Kensington and Chelsea

This product really looks awesome! it was a little challenging to put in but once we figured it out it was easy! you need a dry wall saw to be able to put it in i got one at my local store for 7$! wish i realized i would have ordered it on online store! worth the buy, my son has no idea there s wires there and he never touches them before he was always pulling on them

E. Kelly, Sefton says

I decided to wall mount a 55" samsung tv in my office and i was looking for a way to cleanly run the wiring through the wall when i came across this product on online store. I read many positive reviews and so i gave it a shot, i was not disappointed. The instructions are easy to follow and the installation is very straight forward. Finishes looking very professional and i couldn't be happier with the result. I read some complaints about the templates and fitting into the wall. The top plate, dropped in very easily. The bottom was a little trickier, but with some gentle massaging, it goes in without damaging the drywall and without leaving any gaps in the wall. I recommend this to anybody looking for a clean solution to hiding your wires in the wall.

. Meyer, Missouri

So you mounted your tv on the wall and see all those cables all over making it not picture perfect as you imagined. This kit right here is far the best and easiest decision i have ever bought. It took me roughly an hour to install it but it did came out looking nice. . A few notes you need to know before buying this product; . 1. ) you need a stud finder. 2. ) watchout for fireblocks. (these are horizontal studs in between the vertical studs. ). 3. ) you will cut inside your wall. 4. ) you ll need a jab saw. 5. ) tape measure (for insulated walls). . So what i did first, i used my stud finder and locate my two studs so i can install this product in the middle. Then i used the stud finder again vertically to make sure there are no fireblocks between the studs. Then i grabbed the cutted layout they give you to trace on the wall and mark it with a pencil. Make sure to trace it correctly because this is probably the most important part of the installation. Then you just grabbed your jab saw and start cutting the trace you did with the layout. After i finished cutting i noticed i have insulated walls and it was so hard to fish down all my cables and this tip right here really did help me. I grabbed a tape measure and fished it from the bottom up, then i taped all of my cables to the tape measure and just pulled the tape measure back and everything came down so much easily. . Note: do not fish down your tv outlet source because it s not safe and up to code. That is why the top receptacle has an outlet to its own so you can plug your tv up there. (i personally only plugged in my tv up there just to be on the safe side even though there are two available plugs. ). . Then the rest is honestly simple you just need to put the two white receptacles on the top and bottom and the wire that comes with the top part fish it down as well, and connect the white with the white, black with black, green with copper. And that s it you will have a much nicer looking theatre.

G. Garner, West Virginia says

Easy to set up and use. I wish the cable openings were a bit larger to run heavier cables but i was able to send a hdmi and ethernet cable through it no problem. These boxes take up the full depth of the wall (about 4"). . A couple of tips:. 1) make sure you figure out ahead of time where you want to put your boxes and make sure the are close enough together to allow you to connect the in-wall power cable between the boxes. 2) check for cross-beams in your wall if you can ahead of time. I ran into one for my bottom box (1"x2" on the far side of the wall) that interfered with the box sitting flush. A hacksaw to the back of the plastic box took care of that, though.

. Walsh, South Gloucestershire

This was seriously a lifesaver for me when i mounted my new 65 inch 4k tv last weekend. My wife agreed to let me buy the new tv on the condition that i have it wall-mounted and hide all the cabling. . I had been researching for some time and it seemed like i was either going to have to hire professional mounters or improvise adding an additional outlet to the wall, about 10 feet horizontally from another outlet at the same level. About ten minutes before i was about to purchase installation from online store for about $180, i saw a smaller version of this product (datacomm 50-3323-wh-kit flat panel tv cable organizer kit with power solution - white) mentioned on some random forum. This larger version is perfect! no live wires to run, simple to install, and best of all i did it by myself. Wife is impressed, tv looks beautiful, and this genius product made it possible. . I highly recommend this!

Top flat panel tv cable organizer Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Sandra, Halton says

Not what i expected. I used it but not the lower part. I ended up having an electrician run a new lead to the upper box. Datacomm electronics 50-6623-wh-kit flat panel tv cable organizer kit with power solution

. Alexia, Pennsylvania

Would have given it a 5, but while installing i had to go 20 miles to get the wire they failed to include.

Q. Wanda, Warrington says

Works as advertised but the angles make it a tight fit.

J. Mary, Oklahoma

I didn't use the product, as my wall space between the studs wasn't large enough for this product to fit.

R. Bullock, North Carolina says

The product is well constructed and has a great appearance. However, the grommet hole for the pass through cables is just not quite large enough and neither are the angles of entry angled enough. I had difficulty passing the connection end of my hdmi cable. I was expecting to pull the wiring through with a pull-line and this didn't work. I had to remove the wall plates, push the connectors through the grommets, pass them through the wall and do the same at the other end. If i have to run a wire in the future, leaving a pull-line will not be helpful. Expect to have to remove the wall plates to add or remove cables.

W. Taylor, Poole

It's okay, it works great and easy to install. I was anxious about mounting my tv in the first place and jumped the gun and bought this. I recommend that you look around for other solutions like this. If i were to go back, i would spend the few extra bucks on the wiremold version. It does the same thing, and it requires a smaller(actually, a lot smaller) hole. . My only complaint is that, you'll regret installing this big thing. It takes up a lot of space on your wall.

S. Rita, Rochdale says

Not happy with product. Extremely too big. Picture shows item that has a separate cable box. This particular item is all one piece. And cusomer service sucks.

I. Anderson, Bourgogne

All and all the unit worked like it is supposed to however be sure to run all of your cables the first time. If you have to remove the box for any reason be careful as the metal mounting wings are not the best and bend and contort if tighten loosened more than once or twice. I have been able to find replacements for those yet so the box is loose in the wall. May have to replace with something else.

G. Elanor, East Riding of Yorkshire says

Be sure to measure the depth of your walls before buying this. If i remember correctly, this requires at least 3. 5" interior wall thickness to work. I cut a huge hole in my wall for this in-wall wire concealer, but i found out my wall is too thin to accommodate the both pieces. I needed to cut down the pieces with a wire cutter for them to fit my wall. It's a bit hard to tell the modifications on the photos i uploaded, but now the electrical box sits unmounted and loose, and there's much larger holes in both pieces.

Y. Megan, Wisconsin

I bought to hang for apartment wall. It never said it would not fit in a 2x3 wall. Now online store will not let it go back for return.

A. Guest, Nottinghamshire says

The concept is great, the intructions are straight forward and the materials seem top notch. Why the mediocre rating? this is designed for drywall applications, i have plaster and lathe. The junction box for the bottom plug does not have enough clearance to properly install due to the thicker walls. I had to get creative with the wall to get it in but, it wasn't easy.

F. Florence, Cheshire

Obviously this company has no quality control. Had to dismantle all electrical items and connections and i mean all. And correctly. Assemble. Hot wire and other wires, neutral and ground not connected. Insulation not stripped to allow connection. I made the assumption that they must have done something correct but i was wrong. Took me awhile to trace all problems but it is now working. Didn't want to take the time to return after all my work. Online store apologized and made it right. I have written the ceo of datacomm and told them what a piece of junk they are selling but have not heard from them as yet. Probably won't ! really, this product was a comedy of stupid errors. Hey datacomm, it's your reputation ! by the way, $70 plus dollars for this? buyer beware!

V. Jacqueline, Poitou-Charentes says

Advertisement and instructions both say this kit comes with 8ft. Of electrical building wire for installation but wire was not included (see photo).

. Wilson, Newham

Wasted money trying to install this. Parts started to fall apart when installing the unit. I would not recommend to others.

N. Franklin, Arkansas says

Not user friendly compared with competition at similar price

L. Pearson, Connecticut

Make the cut out box smaller. And have wire connectors that can disconnect once you connect them. You can disconnect them once you connect them so be sure when you are ready to connect. Other that product works fine and serves it's purpose.

Z. Noguera, Oxfordshire says

It looks nice and works when finally in place. If you are planning on stringing the cables through after you have it installed you are wrong. Make your cuts, get the kit setup, but let it hang. Then string your cables in the wall and feed them through the two kit plates before installing the kit in the drywall and tightening the anchors. Trying to get the anchor tabs to drop down to allow you to pull the face plate later is a problem. I'm dreading the xbox kinect cable that i should run but keep putting it off.

E. Shayna, City of Bristol

This ships with 14 gauge wire. When putting behind a wall 12 is the standard. Additionally, for all the efforts made, could not attach the bottom wire encasing and then fit the entire bottom unit into the hole cut to the dimensions specified with the provided template, top potion works fine. Had to punt a lot to make this product work which an additional 2 hours to the install and it is still not up to electrical standards for behind the wall electrical installs.

T. Broyles, Gateshead says

We received this several days late and upon opening the package realized that the top box had been returned previously and was damaged. The opening was marked with a black sharpie and hack-sawed larger which we were willing to overlook since it would be hidden behind the tv, but additionally the pegs that the romex outlet plugs into had been cut off as well so that top piece that's supposed to be one continuous piece was in two. This was a very frustrating realization after setting aside time to complete the projects and getting the wires fished. Poor quality control on outgoing product.

U. Linda, Derby

Your better off going with grommets for wring management. It's almost impossible to thread the cables even with a good snake through the angled tiny opening. I had to unscrew the box from through all each time i add a cable. Also one of the screws with the flags on it snapped off on the corner. So it is a bit loose in the wall. The power idea works well though. It's just the combination with the crappy cable manager. I would not recommend. Buy a longer per cord from online store and run they through the grommets. That's how i hooked up my next 2 tv's and it was way faster. The grommet kit is 20 bucks and comes with a circle cutter bit so it literally took 3 seconds and looks much cleaner. Also with a circle. It can never be crooked like a box can. Another thing you don't have to worry about.

X. Finch, Rutland says

Unfortunately this did not work for me because my wall was not thick enough but it's something i would have enjoyed giving the chance to install it

D. Julie, Windsor and Maidenhead

Based on the excellent reviews of this product and the lineup available from datacomm i would assume that they would have their products down to an excellent design. Unfortunately they have missed their mark on this one. . The top portion of this in-wall unit is excellent and the installation is quite simple. . The bottom portion of the in-wall unit was very poorly designed. Unless you have a lot less than 1/2 dry wall, you will not be able to install the bottom portion without expanding the cutout hole on the left and right (see images). The reason for this is that the angled receptacle box is too close to the front face not allowing the whole unit to slide to the left. The right side (wire port) sticks out too far and prevents the unit to slide in. . In order to get around this poor design i had to keyhole the left and right sides to allow it to slide in. This left a small gap on the left hand side of the unit. . Overall, these in-wall wiring units are an excellent idea and i would image that the non-angled units provided by datacomm work just fine. They just seemed to have missed their mark on this one.

M. Hannah, East Sussex says

We cut the holes in the wall by the templates and discovered that behind the 5/8 thick sheet rock there was 1/2 inch cdx plywood. The boxes were designed to be installed in up to 5/8 inch sheetrock. The overhangs in the boxes required that the plywood be removed yet leave the sheetrock in place. That required to make a tapered cut in the square hole on one side in order to put the fixture into the wall. I really think the description of installation should mention the wall thickness maximum for installation.

H. Garner, Sheffield

Well made and easy enough to install. I bought the arlington tvbr2505k. Three years ago and tried the datacomm to try something new. The datacomm requires more side space behind the wall because of the junction boxes. You have to be careful to not use this to close to a stud. The low-voltage capability is small compared to the arlington - it really can't handle more than three cables. Considering the size of these plates that seems unnecessarily small. Finally it is odd that the low voltage port on the top plate is roomier than the bottom. That makes no sense.

O. Hadley, Solihull says

Look great but have issues that cause a serious headache. Ok. I thought what a great idea. Read reviews. All looked great. Ordered two units to install in my new home that was just finished being built. Received the units. They looked great. Instructions looked great. First unit: spent a couple hours cutting the holes, running the wires through the wall, installing, and installing a wall mount for my tv. All looked great until i tried to turn on the tv. Nothing happened. It did not turn on. I had to pull down the tv, remove the plates/boxes and inspect. The black wire that was factory installed in the bottom box was not in the connector. Once i put it back into the clip and reinstalled everything it worked. Second tv. Almost the same thing. But this time i thought i will work to not let that happen again. But this time it was the top box which requires a lot more work to remove the cover, remove the outlet only to find the white wire was just sitting in there and some insulation off of the black wire. I had to bend and trim the wire to get it to insert back into the back of the outlet. Great product when everything is hooked up but a real pain when they come undone not to mention a safety hazard to have the possibility of the wires touching each other inside the walls. Sparking. Tripping the breaker all the while hoping it doesn't cause a fire in the wall. I want a refund simply because of the hassle and risk this caused to my new home. I can't really send then back as i have four holes in my brand new walls

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