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Price was $197.00. Installation was a bit more challenging that i had hoped for, but ecobee tech support was absolutely fantastic. After navigating my way through a few ivr prompts, i was quickly connected to a real person based here in the usa. Trying to explain a wiring setup over the phone can be challenging, so she had me snap a few pictures and email them to her while she stayed on the phone with me. After closely examining the pictures, she was able to quickly tell me what to do. It did involve having to strip and connect a wire at my furnace that wasn't previously used/needed from my old setup, but it was a breeze - especially with tech support on the phone with me the whole time. . After we got everything connected correctly and the ecobee booted up, she stayed on the phone with me and walked me through the entire setup-up. I've only had the ecobee connected for a few hours now, but i've got all my preferences and schedules set and look forward to a more comfortable summer. . I'm not the most handy of guys and almost bailed when things weren't going according to plan (my setup didn't quite match the installation guide), but i summoned a little faith in myself and tech support was able to do the rest. Just don't let the process intimidate you. If you're unsure about something, call tech support - they're fantastic. With the right tools (wire stripper, pliers, screw driver) and a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, you can install it yourself, too! . . P. S. Take pictures of everything before you start disconnecting wires and throughout the process to document your work. This was exceptionally helpful for tech support to be able to figure out what i did wrong and get me back on track.

-. Anderson

3 Thermostat Sensor, Wi-fi, 2nd Generation, Works Ordinary Thermostats Only Read The Temperature In One Room, But Are Supposed To Deliver Comfort In All Rooms. Ecobee3 Remote Sensors Deliver The Right Temperature In The Rooms That -Ecobee3 Thermostat Sensor, Wi-fi, 2nd Generation, Works Alexa

  1. Supplementary: Smart, Really Smart – Intuitively Understands When To Turn On Your Heating Or Cooling Equipment Based On Your Home’s Unique Energy Profile, The Weather Outside, And Thousands Of Other Data Points To Make Sure You’re Comfortable At All Times.
  2. Supplementary: Knows You Have A Life – Senses Whether Anyone’s Home And Which Rooms Are Occupied, Delivering Comfort When You’re At Home And Saving You Energy And Money When You’re Not.

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This thing is awesome. Best of all, its practically free if you get in on rebates if offered by your energy provider. Southern california edison had one, and they also allow you to use this as a remote ac shut off to give you bill credits. This thing will pay for it self by month 6. Aside from the potential no cost, it is an awesome device. The little bee room sensors are what set it apart. You can get a feel for how the temperature in your home tends to vary, and in my case, i was able to air balance better once i saw all the data and could change dampers over time to get it to equalize better. It's great that it can be setup to detect presence and bias toward certain areas, too. This makes sure that when its sleeping time, all the bedrooms that are occupied are kept to a specific temperature range so everyone is comfortable regardless of what's going on in areas not in use. This has surprisingly good integration with the samsung smartthings system. It will send temperature from the main unit, plus humidity and such, and also includes the motion and temperature from the remote sensors. There are smart apps you can use with smartthings to also help adjust temperature based on other events. It's pretty cool to be able to adjust the temperature from a smart phone or tablet too. Best of all, it looks awesome on the wall! Best thermostat sensor wifi generation | Ecobee-Home Lighting Accessory Review ( Apr 2020 ) Supplementary Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor, Wi-Fi, 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa Works with alexa for voice control (alexa device sold separately). Smart, really smart - intuitively understands when to turn on your heating or cooling equipment based on your home's unique energy profile, the weather outside, and thousands of other data points to make sure you're comfortable at all times. Knows you have a life - senses whether anyone's home and which rooms are occupied, delivering comfort when you're at home and saving you energy and money when you're not. Lowers your energy bills - ecobee saves homeowners an average of 23%* annually, paying for itself in energy savings (*learn more at ecobee/savings) .

Ecobee3 thermostat with sensor, wi-fi, 2nd generation, works with alexa Review (eb state3 o2)

After quite a bit of research, i chose the ecobee3 over nest for my new house. I lived in a house with a nest thermostat for a while and i was never incredibly impressed. I wanted more from the home screen than just the target temperature and honestly, it seemed a little dumb for a "smart" thermostat; maybe i'm a bit temperature did because it never learned my patterns. I'm self-employed and work from home a lot (writing, website production) but i also teach professional classes in 2, 4, and 6 week stints. Nest was (undestandably) never able to figure out my schedule so i never benefited from it. . When i needed a thermostat for my new house to replace the thermostat installed by (and connected to) my electric company, i focused my research on nest competitors, while also reading reviews from happy nest owners. I chose ecobee because for me, the room sensors are a game-changer. Nest figures out your patterns based on when and how much you adjust the temperature. Ecobee allows you to set your preferences then adjusts based on activity in the house. Genius! also, i chose ecobee3 over ecobee4 simply because i'm all apple and have no use for google/alexa. . I recommend downloading the app first and using that to guide you through installation. There are videos at nearly every step to help you if you get stuck. I discovered the setup guide on the app after i installed my ecobee and it would have been handy. . The most difficult part of installation for me was getting the rc cable to connect. I found it easier to connect the cables using needle nose pliers than without and all of them connected without a hitch except for rc. I tried over and over again and every time i released the lever, it pushed rc out. I even stripped a bit of the coating from the wire because i tried so many times (whoops). At this point, i was wishing for the old school tiny screw mechanism as opposed to the levers. I apparently wiggled my nose just right on the 43rd (approximate) attempt because it finally connected. Once all the wires were in place, setup was incredibly easy. . After installation, i couldn't be happier with my purchase. The ecobee replaces a unit that was built to work directly with my electric company. That unit was made by carrier and it was frustrating, to say the least. It wasn't calibrated correctly (i checked room temp often with a laser thermometer) and the swing before shutting the ac unit on/off was too wide, making the room too warm before kicking on and too cool before kicking off. Again, frustrating that i was either cold or hot about 30% of the time i was home. I haven't yet felt cold or hot at home with ecobee, which makes being at home more relaxing (finally! ). Best purchase i've made in a long time with far-reaching benefits. -. Nicole

Ecobee3 Thermostat Sensor Generation

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  16. Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty On Materials And Workmanship Under Normal Use And Service. Call Customer Service At 1-877-932- 6233 For More Information.

3 thermostat sensor, wi-fi, 2nd generation, works Home Improvement, Ordinary thermostats only read the temperature in one room, but are supposed to deliver comfort in all rooms. ecobee3 remote sensors deliver the right temperature in the rooms that matter most. now homekit enabled. ecobee3 sensors know which rooms are occupied to deliver the right temperature in the right places. and they know whether someone's home to help you save energy and money when you're away. ecobee3 comes with 1 free remote sensor that measures temperature and occupancy. you can have up to 32 sensors. the more you add, the smarter your ecobee3 becomes at delivering comfort where it matters and savings where it counts. Ecobee3 Thermostat Sensor, Wi-fi, 2nd Generation, Works Alexa (EB-STATe3-O2-Ecobee).

Ecobee3 Thermostat Sensor Generation Home Improvement

  • This product has solved a problem no other thermostat on the market has been capable of solving. The problem of different rooms, fed by the same hvac zone, having different temperatures. Our sons rooms in the house were always colder than the master bedroom in the winter. And warmer than the master bedroom during the summer. The problem was that the thermostat is in the master bedroom, and before ecobee3, the thermostat has been the only source for temperature data feeding the hvac system. By using the remote sensors and by playing with ecobee3's configuration options, we were able to trick the upstairs into equalizing the temperatures throughout the area served by the zone. We have now purchased a second unit to stabilize the hvac unit downstairs, where are basement routinely runs at cooler temperatures. No other thermostat on the market offers these remote sensors. The ecobee3 offers the same bells and whistles as the competing nest thermostat, but with the remote sensors, it is made for bigger homes with multiple rooms. . The nest uses motion sensors to detect if you're home or away, but our downstairs thermostat is in the dining room, which we use infrequently. With the ecobee3, we were able to place a remote sensor in the heavily trafficked kitchen, thereby making the home away feature work as intended. The ecobee3 is just a superior product to the next. Plain and simple. Nest has the name recognition and the form, but ecobee3 has the form and function. And, at $250, function becomes important really fast. . Product was also easy to install and the customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help.
  • Note: (this review is for the non-homekit-enabled ecobee3, which is exactly the same as the homekit-enabled one except for the homekit functionality). . I really believe this is the best thermostat on the market, for a number of reasons. . 1) this is the biggie: external sensors! you can place multiple external sensors around the house so that the ecobee3 (e3) knows that the temperature is in different parts of the house. Now, the e3 doesn't do zoning, meaning it can't selectively heat/cool different parts of the house, but it can *average* the temperature across multiple sensors to try to "even out" comfort across your home, instead of only "caring" about the temperature where the thermostat is. Now, these little external sensors also have another feature: occupancy detection! which brings me to the next feature:. . 2) "follow me": so, since the e3 knows both the temperature in other parts of the house and if someone is present, it can dynamically "care" about the temperature only in rooms that have recently seen occupancy! so, if you enter a room and start moving around, the e3 begins to "care" about the temp on that sensor and includes that sensor in the "average" temp of the house. And if a sensor hasn't seen movement in a while, it will stop caring about that sensor's temp. This is the "follow me" feature. (ps - this feature is disabled for the "sleep" comfort profile because no one will be moving around the house while they're sleeping). . 3) "smart home/away": this feature also uses the occupancy detection feature of the sensors (and e3 itself). If the e3 and all of the sensors haven't seen occupancy in a few hours, the e3 can assume no one is home and enter "away" mode even when the e3's schedule is telling it you should be home (like after work, or in the morning, etc). So if you unexpectedly leave and it's not part of your usual schedule, the e3 can adapt. The reverse is also true: if the e3 or sensors sees a bunch of occupancy happening when you're supposed to be in "away" mode, it'll switch back to "home" mode. (ps - this feature is disabled for the "sleep" comfort profile because no one will be moving around the house while they're sleeping). . 3) "care" about different sensors per-comfort-profile: why would you care what temperature it is in your living room when you're sleeping upstairs at night? answer: you don't! so the e3 lets you set which external sensors to "care" about depending on what comfort profile is being used. For instance, at night i tell the e3 to only "care" about the temperature in our 3 bedrooms and to ignore the rest of the house/sensors. So it's always the temp i want for sleeping at night. . 4) accessory/humidifier control: the e3 can run an accessory piece of equipment, like a dehumidifier, humidifier, or whole house ventilator. I have mine hooked up to my humidifier (whole-house one on the side of the furnace ductwork). So the e3 uses the humidistat inside of it instead of the "dumb dial" humidistat near your furnace to decide when to turn on the humidifier during heating season. Now, one awesome thing about letting the e3 control your humidifier is that you can do "frost control" functionality without an external temp sensor sticking out of the side of your house! . . Frost control is where the humidifier doesn't run as often when it's *really* cold outside, as some houses get frost on the inside of windows/window frames when the humidity is at a "normal" level. More modern humidifiers allow you drill a small hole in the side of your house and stick a little temp probe out the hole. This means the thermostat can automatically "dial back" the humidity when it's super-cold so you don't get window frost. But, because the e3 is internet-connected, it knows the temp outside without a temp probe! so you don't have to install a temp probe and get the same benefit of frost reduction. Awesome! . . 5) super-granular control: this thing has so many controls for minor things, it's awesome (although default settings work just fine if you want to plug-and-play). Partial list i can think of off the top of my head:. . -control minimum rest period between a/c cycles (to protect a/c compressor from damage). -control minimum outdoor temp that a/c will run at (to protect a/c compressor from damage). -allow a/c to "overcool" house by a degree or two to reduce excess humidity (adjustable). -set amount of time blower fan will run after a/c turns off (to clear ducts of cold air). -set a minimum amount of time the blower fan will run each hour (to circulate air in the home if the a/c or heat hasn't run recently). -a ton of other things i can't remember. . 6) amazing web reports: on the ecobee website, you can see a huge plethora of reports related to your energy use. . -you can see a timeline graph of when heat/cooling/humidifier/blower were running along with the "calculated" indoor temp, outdoor temp, etc so you can see the activity for the previous day. -you can see a "heating/cooling hours vs outdoor temp" graph (per day) so you can see the effect of the outdoor temp on how much you run heat/cool. -you can download a spreadsheet of data with 5-minute granularity (up to a month at a time) that shows the status of everything: blower/heat/cool/humidifier on/off, temperature of each sensor, occupancy of each sensor, outdoor temp, outdoor humidity, indoor temp, indoor humidity, etc. I easily used this data to determine exactly how much electricity i used on hvac last month (blower+a/c compressor+a/c compressor fan run times * amps * voltage watt hours). . Anyway, this thing absolutely blows my mind. Nerd paradise, yet would work fine with zero configuration. . Oh, and it has an ifttt (if this, then that) channel so you can make the e3 change temperature profiles, home/away/etc profiles, via ifttt triggers.
  • Do not buy this product. It will work fine for 6 months, then lose wifi connectivity every week. No idea why. Nothing else in our home has a wifi connectivity issue. Google ecobee wifi connectivity issues. You will see pages of questions. No real solution from the company.
  • Purchased the thermostat as well as extra sensors. Unfortunately the ecobee keeps dropping out of homekit and i can't run my scenes properly. I wrote in to ecobee detailing the problem, and they responded with a pdf on how to integrate it with ifttt (not what i wanted or paid for) and this note: "pls find attached the file as to how you would be able to get compatible with home kit . Sorry for the issues . ". . I'm completely baffled. I was going to buy a second one for my garage heater, but i guess i'll get a different brand. Which is stupid. I recently reset the ecobee (it wasn't running our humidifier properly and we had to get the hvac people to look at it, they had to rewire it) and it has seemed to stay connected to homekit, but that doesn't mean i'm going to dump more money at a company that can't be bothered to support product features that i paid for. . I like everything else and it works great but it needs to have actual homekit integration and persistence. We do not have this issue with any of the other 20 or so homekit devices that are on our network.
  • The ecobee is as expected. I really like remote sensors. The house is much more evenly heated thoughout. My only real issue with it is that the local weather took some time to display. I had to reset the unit and go online to set up and reset up to get it to work. The wifi goes out every once in a while and takes time to reset. Other wifi devices on the network are problem free. . My real issue is not with the ecobee, but with online store's invoice for the product. I purchased this mainly because of the utility company rebates. I purchased the ecobee3 bundle with extra sensors. My invoice showed that this was an ecobee lite. The lite version is not eligible for rebate. I had to jump through several hoops with comed to prove that this is not the lite version. I contacted online store via email and was given a canned response of how to print the invoice and that there are no rebates available though online store for this product. My complaint clearly explained that the rebates were for the utility companies not online store and the invoice was the issue. Online store has done nothing in regards to this. I am still waiting for my rebate to be processed.

thermostat sensor wifi generation Ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor, Wi-Fi, 2nd Generation, Works with Alexa (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This review applies to the feature that are common to both the ecobee3 and ecobee3 w/ homekit. I have two ecobee3s. One was purchased and then installed in late 2014. This is an original non-homekit version. The second was installed in july 2015 and is a homekit version. There are many fine reviews here. I will not repeat everything that i have read but try and focus on aspects that i am particularly interested. Installation:. This was pretty easy. I had common c wires in both my existing set ups, so i did not have to mess around with making changes. There are excellent instructions on how to install. This begins with the in-box included instructions, and more detailed information and videos are available online. Stand out points in favor of ecobee:. 1. The biggest single feature is the remote sensors and their usage. You can add a great number of them and they will be used to average out temperatures. In my house, my one thermostat is installed in a drafty hallway which is several degrees colder in the winter than the important rooms. In the summer, this area is hotter. I have one room in this zone which will be constantly out of sync with the temps in the other rooms. The remote sensor help solve this problem. The sensors report temperature and occupancy in each location. So, i exclude the temperature in the hallway on the thermostat at all times, and use only the information from the individual sensors since those are the ones in rooms. Ecobee will then use information from the sensors to regulate the on/off cycle of the heating and ac systems. If a room is unoccupied according to the sensor, that temperature can be excluded from the calculation of what needs to be done to maintain the temperature at the settings you want. Furthermore, you can include and exclude individual sensors during different parts of the day. So for example, if you have a sensor in your living room, your dining room, your kitchen, and one sensor in each of three bedrooms, you can exclude the bedrooms from the daytime calculation since they should be unoccupied. I have found this feature to be fantastic in resolving my problems. 2. I am a person who is into home automation. Besides the sensor feature, another reason i chose ecobee is that it will play nice with my vera home automation system. Recently, a feature was added to, in essence, allow the ecobee remote sensors to report data on temperature and occupancy to my vera home automation. This is information that can be used to trigger actions in home automation. For example, in a bedroom, i have an ecobee sensor. I use the temperature information that it reports to have my vera turn on a ceiling fan if the temperate gets above a certain level, and this will only happen at night. I have some other ideas which i will hopefully be trying soon. This is important to me because it saves me some money. I do not have to purchase other sensors which would cost $25 (and probably significantly more) to report temperature and periodic occupancy. 3. The web portal gives detailed reports on when your system turns on and off, as well as when occupancy is detected in your various rooms. There are also reports on relative efficiency of your home. There is more data than this available, but i found these the most interesting and useful. Others have provided detail on other aspects of this product. Briefly, i will say this: features like smart home/away and ifttt integration are very nice. The people who work at ecobee are very helpful and aim to assist and please. There is a very helpful online community which includes participation of the ecobee team members where they ask for feedback and take into consideration requests. All in all, it is a pretty good experience.

Ecobee3 Thermostat Sensor, Wi-fi, 2nd Generation, Works Alexa
Click to see NoticeEcobee3 Thermostat Sensor, Wi-fi, 2nd Generation, Works Alexa (eb state3 o2)"So far i'm very satisfied with the ecobee3 and i use it in conjunction with my samsung smartthings smart home environment. I have set it up such that if everyone leaves home, it will stop cooling the house down (in summer) and once we arrive based on geofencing our phones with smartthings, it will start cooling the home a few minutes in advance. I'm still waiting to see all graphs and statistics that only become available after one full calendar month to see how much savings we actually have and how this compares to our neighborhood. In the past i just left my ac running at one temperature and didn't bother switching it up/down whenever i left because i believed that this may cause a higher energy use and i was never able to measure if it would actually help. Ecobee does measure the efficiency of our ac unit and takes external temperature (weather. Com) into consideration, as well as doing a good job at detecting whether we left the home or not. So far it has been pretty accurate in detecting our presence. The judge is still out on the actual amount of savings but once the data is available i will update the review. We have a second ac unit upstairs which is open to the lower floor. If the ecobee3 on the lower floor proves that it helps save $, i will need to add a second unit upstairs as well so they can work hand in hand. So far i see that ecoobee3 behaves different when regulating temperature when compared to my previous dumb thermostat, in that it only starts cooling down once the temperature goes up by 1f whereas the old unit kept it at the same temperature. As a results the ac runs longer but is also longer in off mode when compared to the previous thermostat. I will see which method is better once i get the summer bills."

(0) Question: Is it possible to designate the sensors to a specific thermostat? this would be important in homes with dual zone heating/cooling systems.

(1) Question: Can someone explain how it controls the temperature in different rooms if all vents are connected from the furnace?

(2) Question: Does this integrate with vivint sky panel?

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Ecobee Room Sensor 2 Pack Stands

Ecobee remotes sensors read the temperature in the rooms that matter most and deliver temperature in the right places. The more sensors you add, the smarter your ecobee performs, making your home even more comfortable.

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  • Addresses hot and cold spots to help deliver comfort in the rooms that matter.
  • Compatible with ecobee4, ecobee3 lite & ecobee3.
  • 2 remote sensors with stands, the more sensors you have in your home, the smarter your ecobee becomes.
  • Room sensors detect occupancy and temperature to deliver comfort when you're home and help save money when you're away.
  • Detects temperature and occupancy for the ecobee and communicates with the thermostat wirelessly.

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Programmable thermostat, product type with remote sensor

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Brand :    ecobee
Model :    EB-STATe3-02, EB-RSe3PK2-01
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This is the best smart hub period! handles all my wemo products like the mr coffee. So now i have it so when the alexa alarm (alexa set alarm for 6am) goes off it starts making coffee. We can change the morning alarm when ever we want and don't have to worry about re programming the coffee pot. Just one example.

Smartthings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the samsung smartthings hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free smartthings app. Receive notifications about what's happening in and around your home and use your smartphone to remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more. Since smartthings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different companies, once you have the smartthings hub and the free app for ios, android, or windows, you can add as many additional smartthings sensors or other popular z-wave, zigbee, or internet-connected products as you want to enhance your connected home. The samsung smartthings hub works in the us and canada. If the honeywell programmable thermostat was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a z-wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the smartthings hub. To do so in the smartthings mobile app: 1. Tap the menu 2. Tap the hub 3. Tap z-wave utilities 4. Tap general device exclusion 5. When prompted: 1. Press the system button on the left side of the thermostat's display 2. Press and hold the blank center button until the display changes 3. The first set of numbers/arrows is the "function" section - scroll until you find "rf10" 4. The second set of numbers/arrows is the "setting" section - select 0 5. Press done in the lower left corner to save and exit after the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from smartthings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the honeywell programmable thermostat. Note: please reference user guide and specification sheet below under 'technical specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home HubSamsung-SmartThings-Smart-Home-Hub

Samsung Smartthings Smart Home Hub (f hub us 2) FAQ.

At first, i was apprehensive about buying this hub after reading the mixed reviews. I did some research and homework on what home automation hub and environment i would invest in. I narrowed it down to between smartthings and wink. I chose smartthings because of the wider options of components and devices. I'm sure wink works as well too. . I'm glad i listened to the positive ones and ordered it. I have not had any problems with it. Both z-wave and zigbee devices have synced and work without any trouble. Notifications and alerts from the smartthings app are instant. It's great that my powered devices like outlets and switches act as a signal extender/repeater. That way my devices farther away from the hub act just as reliable as being next to it. . For anyone in this environment, i suggest downloading the smartrules app. It offers an even more configurable automation process based on more detail circumstances - more than what the smartthings app offers. . I highly recommend the hub to anyone. -Notice from . Kelly, Wandsworth

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I've used a few different home automation hubs including older models of smarrtthings and all of them are quirky. Smartthings is quirky as well, but the latest model is less quirky than others. It looks like since samsung took over there is less user created content which is disappointing. In terms of what is out there now, smarrtthings is the tops and best in my opinion. None are perfect, they all still seem to be evolving. The zigbee and zwave are becoming more standardized which will help quite a bit. In my opinion, there isn't a home automation hub on the market today that is without quirks, smartthings makes it more livable and functional though.

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- I. FranklinSamsung smartthings wins the smart home battle! there are so many different items by various manufacturers that work with smartthings. You still need to be careful because some items will only work with wink or another hub. But so far, i am very impressed with this hub. I use it for my clients for smart home monitoring. The app for smart phones also works well (i do wish they had one for ipad). And the website and support are so helpful. It is open source so there is a large community of developers and others with creative solutions. If you are new to smart home automation - start here with smartthings. Buy your hub first! then buy different components that are compatible.

It works like a charm except for when i try to use our phones as presence sensors. Then they work 75-80% of the time. I know support states that interference can come from all the wifi and other devices and locations etc. So i will continue adjusting the hub location or my router or the geo fence distance and eventually the phone itself. For all of my other devices connected to the hub though, the setup, linking and programming is easy and my lights work exactly as programmed. I plan to add thermostats in the future but for now the outlets, switched, and garage controller work great.

Y. Julie, Coventry

Price :    $68.69 (was $73.03)
  • Requires an internet-connected router with an available ethernet port requires the free smartthings app for ios (8. 1 or later), android (4. 0 or later), or windows phone (8. 1 or later)
  • Add smart devices and put your home to work. choose from a wide range of compatible devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.
  • Power: in-wall power adapter with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 aa batteries (included) communication. protocol: zigbee, z-wave, ip. range: 50-130 feet operating temperature: 41 to 95 f. compatible brands: honeywell, philips hue, kwikset
  • Use the smartthings app or alexa to control your smart home. teach your house new tricks by telling it what to do when you're asleep, awake, away, and back home.
  • Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with a smartthings hub. it connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together.
Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    F-HUB-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat Sensor, Works Alexa

With built-in alexa voice service, ecobee4 can listen to your voice commands and respond. Have it set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature, and more. It also works well with other alexa devices by supporting esp, so that only the device closest to you responds to your commands. It also comes with a room sensor that helps manage hot or cold spots in your home, delivering comfort in the rooms that matter. And because they can detect occupancy, they can automatically enable the right mode on your ecobee4 for energy savings when it senses no one is home.

Ecobee4 Alexa-Enabled Thermostat Sensor, Works Alexaecobee4-Alexa-Enabled-Thermostat-Sensor-Amazon

Brand :    ecobee
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    EB-STATE4-01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Comes with built-in alexa voice service, so you can ask your ecobee to set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature, and more. with far-field voice technology your ecobee4 can hear you from across the room.
  • Fast, easy installation you can do yourself. use our handy step-by-step guide right on your phone.
  • Easily adjust temperature and comfort settings from anywhere using your android and ios devices. also works with apple homekit, google assistant, samsung smartthings & more
  • Save up to 23%* on heating and cooling costs each year. *compared to a hold of 72f
  • Room sensors help manage hot or cold spots in your home, delivering comfort to the rooms that matter most.
Price :    $178.00 (was $205.00)
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FAST-STAT Common Maker Thermostat Wire Extender Adds a Common C Connection

Adds a common connection "c" to a thermostat. The common maker is designed to work with all popular wi-fi thermostats. It allows a 24-volt power source to be added to an existing installation, without adding an additional wire. For more information and wiring solutions, refer to the wiring solutions guidebook at http://www. Fast-stat. Net/pdf/fast-stat-wiring-solutions-guidebook-52. Pdf

FAST-STAT Common Maker Thermostat Wire Extender Adds a Common C ConnectionFAST-STAT-Common-Thermostat-Extender-Connection

Brand :    fast-stat
Color :    Black
  • Some systems may not be covered in the instructions provided. see for all installations.
  • This is product is only to be installed by a qualified heating & cooling technician
  • Allows a 24-volt power source to be added to an existing installation, without adding an additional wire
  • Adds a common connection "c" to a thermostat
  • Designed to work with all popular wi-fi thermostats
Price :    $36.75
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, Works Alexa, 2nd Gen

Live better. Save more. With its beautiful design, easy-to-use touchscreen display, and up to 23%* savings on heating and cooling costs*, the ecobee3 lite is the smarter thermostat that helps you live better and save more. It also now pairs with room sensors to help manage hot or cold spots in the home, delivering comfort to the rooms that matter most. And because they track occupancy, they make your home even smarter about saving energy when you re away. Ecobee3 lite pairs with up to 32 sensors. Works with online store echo, apple homekit, samsung smartthings, wink, and ifttt. We want you to love our products as much as we do, so your ecobee comes backed by a 3-year warranty.

Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, Works Alexa, 2nd Genecobee3-Smart-Thermostat-Works-Amazon

Brand :    ecobee
Color :    Black
Model :    EB-STATE3LT-02
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Savings: bring home ecobee3 lite and save up to 23%* on your heating and cooling costs. *compared to a hold of 72f
  • Smarter comfort: your ecobee3 lite works with your local weather, schedule, and desired comfort settings. that's how we ensure comfort when you're home, and savings when you're not
  • Easy and fast installation: everything you need is in the box and follow along our step-by-step guide and videos to complete the self-installation
  • Works with room sensors: ecobee3 lite can now pair with ecobee room sensors to help manage hot or cold spots in the home delivering comfort to the rooms that matter most. room sensors sold separately
  • Control from anywhere: adjust temperature and comfort settings easily from your android and ios devices, including apple watch
Price :    $119.20 (was $156.99)
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GE Add-On Switch GE Z-Wave, GE ZigBee GE Bluetooth Wireless Smart Lighting Controls, NOT A STANDALONE SWITCH, Includes White & Light Almond Paddles, 12723

Transform any home into a smart home with the ge z-wave smart lighting control add-on paddle switch. The ge z-wave smart lighting control paddle switch replaces your current switch, uses existing wiring and provides your home with ultimate flexibility when combined with a ge in-wall smart switch, dimmer or fan control. Use the dimmer feature to customize the lighting output and create the perfect ambiance for any room. The ge z-wave smart lighting control paddle switch operates as your home automation systems primary control, requiring three-way or four-way wiring configurations. Three-way wiring configuration turns the light or appliance on/off from two separate locations. Four-way wiring configuration turns the light or appliance on/off from three separate locations. With an interchangeable paddle design, the paddle switch matches most standard wall plates and home decor. Take control of your home lighting with ge z-wave smart lighting controls! z-wave is the world's largest ecosystem of interoperable smart home products. Z-wave lighting controls provide an easy-to-install and affordable system to control lighting and small appliances in your home. Add ge z-wave lighting controls to a z-wave certified gateway to access and control your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or computer as a home automation command center. Never worry if you accidentally left the lights on because you can turn them off remotely or program your lights to go on/off at specific times. Create customized lighting scenes for any occasion such as a inch go to sleep" scene or a inch movie night" scene. Give the illusion that someone is home by programming the lights to turn on/off while you are away-perfect for deterring crime and adding additional security! .

GE Add-On Switch GE Z-Wave, GE ZigBee GE Bluetooth Wireless Smart Lighting Controls, NOT A STANDALONE SWITCH, Includes White & Light Almond Paddles, 12723GE-Bluetooth-Wireless-STANDALONE-12723

Brand :    ge
Color :    White/Lt Almond
Weight :    0.44 pounds
  • Includes white and light almond paddles that will match most standard wall plates (wall plate not included).
  • Requires a ge home automation switch. this is not a standalone switch. (this product is an add-on only switch, and requires an existing ge home automation switch to function. without a ge home automation switch, the add-on switch will not operate. )
  • Provides ultimate flexibility with your ge in-wall smart switch, dimmer or fan control.
  • The ge add-on switch works with any ge z-wave, zigbee, or bluetooth smart switch, dimmer or fan control, to offer three or four-way control. fits most standard wall plates and home decor
  • Screw terminal installation provides improved space efficiency when replacing existing switches compared to flying leads (requires neutral connection for installation).
Price :    $16.58 (was $19.50)
Model :    12723
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat, Wi-Fi, Works Alexa

This is a limited quantity launch. Buy yours while supplies last. Live better and save more with ecobee3 lite. With its beautiful design, easy-to-use touchscreen display and impressive average savings of 23% annually on heating & cooling, the ecobee3 lite will make your home smarter and more comfortable without costing you or our planet. *learn more at ecobee. Com/savings. Works with online store echo, apple homekit, samsung smartthings, and ifttt. We want you to love our products as much as we do, so your ecobee comes backed by a 3-year warranty.

Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat, Wi-Fi, Works AlexaEcobee3-Thermostat-Wi-Fi-Works-Amazon

Price :    $194.99
  • Your ecobee3 lite powers on through the c and rc terminal. be sure to insert your r/rc/rh wire in the rc terminal of your ecobee3 lite thermostat.
  • Works with alexa for voice control (alexa device sold separately)
  • Fast, easy installation - install your ecobee in 30 minutes or less. the step-by-step guide on our mobile app and free expert support make it easy. smarter comfort - your ecobee understands your local weather, schedule and desired comfort settings, to ensure your home is at the right temperature at the right time
  • Save an average of 23%* on heating and cooling costs (*learn more an ecobee/savings)
  • Personal energy reports - get free monthly reports on how much energy you've saved and tips on how you can save even more
Brand :    ecobee
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.22 pounds
Model :    EB-STATe3L-01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Wink Hub 2

Wink is the quick and simple way to connect you and your home. Manage hundreds of smart products from the best brands in one simple app. Faster, more reliable and more secure, wink hub 2 is the next generation of the wink hub. Hub 2 is compatible with more smart home technologies, so you can buy the devices you like from the brands you trust and know they'll work seamlessly with wink.

Wink Hub 2Wink-WNKHUB-2US-Hub-2

WINK HUB 2 Feature
Brand :    wink
Color :    White
Weight :    0.50 pounds
  • A more powerful wi-fi radio and ethernet port connect your products smoothly, while a stronger processor and more memory make your smart home faster
  • Wink allows your diverse collection of smart products to speak the same wireless language so you can easily control them from the free wink app
  • Auto-discovery and a revamped setup process make getting your smart home up and running easier than ever
  • Sleek, modern industrial design of hub 2 makes it worthy of standing alone on your coffee table or bookshelf. control products from ios, apple watch, android, and android wear. works with alexa. program recipes with ifttt.
  • For owners of the original wink hub upgrading to wink hub 2, you can easily transfer your ecosystem of connected products using the wink app in under a minute
Price :    $82.37 (was $90.89)
Model :    WNKHUB-2US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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ecobee3 thermostat with sensor, wi-fi, 2nd generation, works with alexa Price : 159, was : 197 as 2018-01-10
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Ecobee3 Thermostat Sensor, Wi-fi, 2nd Generation, Works Alexa (eb state3 o2) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for ecobee3 thermostat with sensor, wi-fi, 2nd generation, works with alexa

Been using these for a year now with good results. They are 'smart' in that they do work out which part of the house you are in and heat / cool it on demand. The monthly comparisons with usage rates in your area of the country are fun but who knows how accurate they are because things like home efficiency are dependent on more than 'hours run' for your equipment. . For a larger home, this is a 'smarter' solution than the nest because of the sensors you can deploy. The remote controlling options (web, mobile) are 100% functional as well. You can integrate this with alex via 'skills' (ugh) but its super clunky. New version of these has alex 'built in' which if i know alexa, and i do, is a pointless gimmick. . This also integrates with apple home but the integration is super flaky and i gave up on it after having to reset the thermostats and apple home multiple times. I wouldn't blame ecobee for that at all. Apple is notoriously incompetent at 3rd party integrations - if they don't have full end-to-end control of a solution they literally have zero frame of reference on how to make things hang together. It's anathema to their closed system culture.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Does this work with electric baseboard heating?

(1) Question: Is ecobee3 iris compatible?

(2) Question: Can the remote sensor work through closed doors? example: main thermostat just outside bedroom door. sensor will be inside bedroom.

(3) Question: Can i use the motion sensors to control my home's lights?

(4) Question: I have 2 zones, will i need 2 ecobees?

(5) Question: My thermostat is only used for heating the house and only has 2 wires, a red and white. can i still use this ecobee3?

(6) Question: Does the main thermostat have a sensor for the first floor? or is the white sensor needed for that floor? is the black hub a sensor?

(7) Question: Is there a provision to bypass the 'auto off' motion sensor so that my dogs don't suffer from the heat when i'm out?

(8) Question: Does this use a cloud service to control? if so, what services are unavailable when the cloud is unreachable? can it be controlled directly over wifi?

(9) Question: Does the occupancy sensor detect pets? i'm guessing so, thus making the following feature and auto home away stuff invalid?

(10) Question: Will this work if the home does not have zoning? does this simply averages the temperatures?

(11) Question: Will this work with online store echo?

(12) Question: Compatible with apple home kit?

(13) Question: Can you control this with alexa, or online store echo?

(14) Question: Is this a different model than the ecobee3 that is slightly less expensive? also if wifi is out can you control it fully manually?

(15) Question: How does de-prioritizing a specific room work if you don't have a vav box controlling that room?

(16) Question: Does geofencing work across multiple phones - e. g. all phones "away" before triggering event?

(note) Question: where/how to get Ecobee (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Ecobee's products

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Easy to install, works great. Remote sensor is just what we needed since the thermostat is in a hall away from our family room and doesn't really detect the temperature in the family room. Access via smart phone is really convenient. I can adjust temp or turn off hvac while watching tv and not miss a second of action. The app is easy to use and fairly intuitive. The thermostat has a motion detector built in (as does the remote sensor) so they can tell when someone is in the room/home and act accordingly. The thermostat displays the weather outside (via accuweather i'm told). Wifi setup was easy & when wifi goes down, the thermostat reconnects automatically without a problem when the wifi is restored. It looks much sleeker than the bulky tan setback thermostat (hunter) i replaced that served us well since 1993. The hunter worked well, but was not line powered, so whenever it was time to change batteries (every 2-3 years), it would lose all settings and i'd have to re-program it all over again. The ecobee is line powered, so those days are gone. In case of a power outage, it has a built in charge to maintain the settings (or a flash memory) so i never have to worry about re-programming after power interruption.

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Best ecobee3 thermostat sensor, wi-fi, 2nd generation, works alexa (eb state3 o2) in review

I can't remember the last purchase i've made that i have been this satisfied with. Money well spent 10 times over! . . For some background, i bought this thermostat to replace the stock frigidaire thermostat on my furnace. My home has central air an a gas furnace, no heat pump. My old thermostat used two aa batteries for power, and as such, there was no c-wire connected to the terminal on the old thermostat. At first i assumed this would be a showstopper because smart thermostats such as the ecobee require an external power source. But, as i found out, that is only partially true of the ecobee - there is a power adapter kit included which uses the existing red wire to power the unit. Lucky for me, i didn't actually have to use the adapter, as there were a handful of extra wires that were run in addition to the wires i had in use. I simply attached one of the extra wires to the c terminal on my furnace control panel and attached the other the c terminal on the ecobee, and viola, i was in business. . Otherwise, installation was cake. I made sure to turn off all power to my system before starting. Mounting the unit was made extra easy because there's a level built in to the backplate! what a great idea! . . After getting it mounted, cabled up, and powered on, the initial setup wizard was a breeze. I was pleased that all of the prompts appeared on-screen on the device and allowed me to punch in my wifi password and answer a series of basic questions about my home. It proceeded to take about 10 minutes to "calibrate", and then immediately started working. . Before i go any further, there was one minor complaint i had at this point - the packaging. While the packaging itself was fine (the product arrived without any damage, and it was light and sized right), the instruction manual and large round backplate were located on the very bottom - the thermostat itself is on top, then a divider, then under that is the power adapter and mounting hardware. I was completely unaware that there was yet another divider, which concealed a thin round plastic backplate that would have covered the imperfections in the paint job left by removing the old thermostat, and also a few small instruction booklets. Thankfully setup was easy enough that i did not need the instructions. . Had i looked at the instructions, i would have also known not to insert the battery into the secondary sensor before powering on the main thermostat. A quick google search revealed that inserting the battery upside-down, then reinserting right-side-up would cause the sensor to reset and initiate pairing with the thermostat. . I've only had this thing on for a day, but i'm already blown away by the reporting - and most of the reports aren't even available until it's been in constant service for a month. I'm a numbers junky, and this thing will give me more than enough data. . Most of the preconfigured settings out of the box were fine, but there are so many schedule tweaks, activities, set-points, modes, etc. To explore that i was able to get my thermostat configured exactly how i want it. I'll probably keep playing with it for a few weeks until i really fine tune it, but the level of control and automation is amazing. . All in all, i was skeptical about spending this much money on a thermostat and whether or not it would really meet my needs. I decided to go with this over the nest because of the secondary sensors and the sheer multitude of options in terms of reporting and configuration, and i am (so far) not disappointed.

C. Maria, Bradford

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I. Lawrence, Somerset says

Not sure what the negative reviews are all about. Most likely user error. I had zero trouble installing and setting up this device. Just check if you have the infamous "c-wire" before you purchase. Duh! all apps are setup with my phone and ipad as well as alexa. I like the look too, nice and modern. This was a really nice upgrade from the old honeywell thermostat we used to have. 2 thumbs up from me. I'll be sure to update this review if any future issues should surface, but i don't think they will.

. Amanda, Shropshire

I always wanted the nest, but never had an opportunity to have one. We recently bought a home and i started research on smart thermostats. I immediately went to the nest, but after a lot of consideration i decided to try ecobee - a brand i had never heard of before. I'm very glad that i did! . . The integration between the thermostat and the various mobile apps / web app is seamless. It looks and feels exactly like the same interface. The remote sensor is a feature that i didn't think would be a big deal, but it's been huge for us. Since we have an older home, we appreciate being able to tell the thermostat to ignore the temperature downstairs at night and only use data from the sensor in our bedroom. . And the data we can get from the web app / tablet is awesome. I can see exactly what was running, when. This came in handy when our built in humidifier stopped working. We could show the data to the contractor so they knew when and under what conditions it was and wasn't running. All in all, this is a great product and i'd highly recommend it.

T. Mable, Washington says

Did my research and decided the ecobee3 to be a much better choice and value than the alternative smart thermostats. . Pros:. The availability of the remotes alone sets the ecobee apart because it can adjust the temperature of a room based on occupancy effectively giving you much more control. I have a single thermostat in the living room, but with remotes, the ecobee can run the hvac to keep the bedroom at the ideal temperature when during sleep time, the office at ideal temp during work time. If more than two rooms with sensors are in use at the same time, you can tell it to consider both when running the system and i guess it will split the difference. All i can say is that the house is more comfortable overall. . Being able to control the thermostat from my phone, computer or alexa is nice. Don't have to be home to make changes. Full control is available from the phone and web app. You need to think about naming the thermostat for alexa to keep it reasonable. Alexa control has proven to be more of a feature to impress guests than anything else. . Costs less than the alternatives. . No batteries required. Powered by 24 volts used by modern hvac systems. . Heating and cooling can be active at the same time. No more manual switching between heat and cool. You spend as much to get this feature in simple programmable thermostats. . Simple dyi install if you have a modern hvac system in your home. . Superior warranty. . Cons:. Not compatible with all systems. Requires 24 v, but comes with kit to provide it if needed, which may require professional installation if you aren't really handy. The actual user interface on the thermostat is a bit dumb/dumbed down.

N. Guest, Leeds

I am nearly 1 month into the ecobee3 and i have to say that it has performed exactly as i had hoped. Our raised ranch home has 1 zone upstairs which includes all bedrooms, kitchen and living room. The thermostat is in the hallway. The problem we have had since day one is temperature regulation in the bedrooms that are directly over the garage. Those rooms get extremely cold in the winter and hot in the summer, as compared to the rest of the house. Having a toddler in the house, we have been very concerned about the temperature in his bedroom. Rightly or wrongly, we had been using a space heater in his room (i know, i know, you have no idea how much anxiety it caused us). . We had a hvac technician come by the house to see how we could fix this issue. His "best" advise was to add additional radiators to the bedrooms. Cost? "a couple thousand, all in. " will that fix the problem? "hopefully. " what about a remote sensor for our honeywell programmable thermostat, will that do the trick? "maybe, but i've never seen that. " needless to say, we were less than pleased with the technician's assistance. . Then i saw the ecobee3 at home depot and did some research. Remote sensors? check. Tons of programming features and options? check. It seemed too good to be true. Could a $250 thermostat really keep our toddler's bedroom warm in the winter and cool in the summer? yes! . . In the relatively average new england winter we are currently experiencing (i. E. , cold and snowy), the ecobee3 has been fantastic. The ecobee3 looks to the remote sensor in our son's bedroom during the nighttime to keep his bedroom warm and uses the main sensor and bedroom sensor at other times of the day to keep the house at an even temperature. The result has been us ditching the space heater and everyone sleeping much more comfortable. As an added bonus, losing the space heater has meant less winter time sickness for our son since the room is not as dry. It also means a somewhat lower electric bill. But, most importantly, our house maintains a comfortable temperature whenever we are home and drops the temp when we are away to save us money. . Install: first off, you can do this yourself! don't be afraid, it is just a matter of following a few simple instructions. You'll save yourself a couple hundred bucks if you do it yourself and the included kit makes it a do-it-yourself project that you (yes you) can complete in well under an hour. It really was painless. We have an oil burning furnace and central air. The ecobee3 makes installation a very simple process with tags included for all of the wires and clear instructions. Tip: take a picture of all the wires as they are attached to your old thermostat before you start taking the wires off. It may save your butt if you mislabel a wire or can't remember where one of them goes. . Tech support: the ecobee support staff is fantastic. I made one mistake with my wiring and didn't know what to do when the ecobee3 thought my system was a heat pump instead of a furnace. Apparently the old honeywell thermostat i was replacing had the w wire and o/b wire in the same slot (what i mean is that the wire was screwed into a spot that had both a w and o/b label on it) while the ecobee3 has a separate slot for each. I mistakenly put the wire in the o/b slot in the ecobee when it should have gone in the w slot. As a complete layman, i had no idea what the issue was and called tech support. The woman was very knowledgeable and helpful. She really made the process painless. 5 minutes later, i was up and running! . . Overall: this truly is not a puff piece. I am just extremely happy with the ecobee3. My son sleeps through the night which mean we also sleep. And we are no longer concerned about a potential fire hazard in our little guy's bedroom. Also, i have already seen a savings in both my electric and heating bills. The oil man is not coming as often as he was before despite the sub 30 temps over the past month. . If you have certain rooms in your home that get too cold while the rest of your house is comfortable, the ecobee3 is for you. If you want a smart thermostat that gives you ultimate control over your heating and cooling, the ecobee3 is for you. If you want to save money on your heating and cooling bills while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, the ecobee3 is for you. This is, by far, the best purchase i've made for my family's home in the past few years.

E. Shirley, Swindon says

I was originally a nest owner and have been since nest came out even upgrading to the 2nd gen. But when i heard google bought nest and refused to have anything to do with apple home kit i had to start looking for other options and i found this in the apple store but had to do my research. I'm gonna start with the bad first just to get it out the way. So i installed it quick and easy, so i thought come to find out the nest has a built in battery and only needs 3 wires to work and the ecobee needs a common wire to work which i didn't have. Now they send a kit to help you with that issue but it just confused the heck out of me(and i'm super tech savvy). Lucky for me there was an extra wire in the wall that just wasn't connected at both ends after doing some youtubing i was up and running. So now i'm using the ecobee and i must say the first thing i noticed is i was now truly using a start thermostat cause the nest was no where nearly as comprehensive as the ecobee. Then there is the fact that i was able to buy sensors for every room to really control my homes temperature not just the hallway the thermostat is installed on. If i would have stayed in the dark with the nest i would not have noticed how much i was missing. I love being able to control my ecobee via my apple tv or any siri device yes i said it if your phone is charging and you ipad is nowhere near you pick up your apple tv 4 siri remote press the siri button and request your change, use the word thermostat not ac which is what i was doing. All and all this has been the best switch and i'm a person who hates change, but you never know what your missing until you try it. There was a filter reminder for the nest but that was it there are filter, uv light, and maintenance reminder.

L. Peggy, Arizona

There are several excellent details reviews on online store that convinced me this is the right product for me. And the reviews were right. It is easy to install as long as you have a c wire (power) since the unit does not use batteries. . My house is 9 years old and when i removed my old thermostat, i did not have a c wire attached. I took a flash light and found two unused wires in the wall. I sent a picture to ecobee support and they confirmed that the "blue" unattached wire will most like be the c wire. I did go to the attic into the furnace panel and saw that the blue wire was not attached to the c input (because typical thermostats use batteries). I attached it and the ecobee turned on like a charm. Set up was super easy. All menu driven. I suggest you create an online account before you access the app for your phone or tablet because online access gives you full control over all your settings. So if you made a mistake or want to re-label something, use your online account. After that the app works great for daily use and/or monitoring. . I also connected it to my online store echo. Very easy. I can tell echo to change temperature in the house. I got the extra sensors since i have a number of rooms with differing temperatures (5 degree variance). Thus far it's been awesome. . I can't compare it firsthand to the nest product, but based on reviews this product is far superior.

S. Edna, Durham says

So glad i did my research before making a purchase. I was initially interested in buying a nest, but reviewed consumer reports and saw that the nest was rated relatively low while the ecobee3 was one of its top wifi thermostats. I hadn't heard of ecobee, so looked into their product options and user interface. I love that the ecobee3 has a touch screen as well as the ability to make adjustments with the app or online. . My only suggestion to ecobee is to add more devices to their line-up, such as co2 monitor & smoke/fire alarms that integrate with the thermostat. Great money to be made there and provide added safety to its "hive. "

Y. Susana, New Mexico

I should note that my hvac set up was wired in an unusual way so this next paragraph isn't an implication of the quality of the ecobee. It will tie into their customer service. I spent a lot of time on the phone with support. A lot of time. Getting this thing hooked up was pretty rough. I spent close to 9 hours the first day working on it. I eventually had to have an hvac tech come out to do it for me. It does make me feel better knowing that i would not have been able to do it myself since i would have had to get up into my ceiling. . I had to call several other times because apparently i had never been around a normal hvac system before. I set a time that i wanted to the temperature to be at a certain level and the a/c would kick on 3 hours early. So, i want it 72 degrees in my house at 11:00 pm and 76 degrees before then. Well, the a/c would kick on at 7:00 or 8:00 and the temperature would start dropping. Customer support let me know that the ecobee uses learning to figure out how long it takes to cool my house and kicks on at that time. That is not what i wanted. Luckily there is a setting to disable that. Also, after the a/c turned off the blower kick back on for about 10 seconds. Customer support said that is so the system can blow out any residual air and there is a setting to disable that. . So needless to say i had a slight learning curve with the product. But let's talk about the real shining star here. Their customer service folks are top notch. I would put them at or above the level of online store support, which if any of you have used them then you know it's a great experience. Everyone i spoke with at ecobee was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I can't say enough nice things about them. I initially wanted to give this four stars but the more i thought about it the more i realized that was due to "user error" and nothing to do with the product itself.

H. Colleen, Bromley says

Our house is significantly more comfortable after installation of the ecobee and remote sensors (we are using 3 total - one came with the product, and i ordered two additional). The thermostat in our house was poorly placed by the builder, so the bedrooms and tv room were always too hot or too cold. Installation and setup were simple and only took about 10 minutes. Most of the default settings were used. . Pros. +easy to install (if you are handy and are not afraid of the hvac wiring - just follow the instructions carefully). +easy to setup and use. The user interface is very sleek and brings us into the 21st century. +the 'follow me' feature is great - it senses which rooms are occupied and then maintains comfortable temperature in those rooms. At night it automatically manages the temp in the bedroom. In the day and evening it manages the temp in the living room and tv room. +the website and tablet/phone apps are great. . Cons. So far the only con is the cost. Over $300 for the ecobee + 3 sensors. However, this does not seem out of line considering what you get - a high quality product and apps. . I have not determined if we are saving money with the away feature, but the increase in comfort and ease of use earn this product 5 stars!

P. Fabian, Arizona

Currently rate this product at a 4, been in service a couple of months now, purchased with a total of 5 external sensors. The occupancy sensing and wireless/zigbee sensor aspect is really a leg up over competitors such as nest and honeywell. Operation is somewhat quirky: it uses a weird averaging algorithm between sensors which applies greater weight to occupied areas than unoccupied. I would have expected the system only use occupied areas. The algorithm seems to result in some unpredictable behavior when weightings change, sometime resulting in a short off-cycle with calls for heat (say 3min). For some reason this drove my furnace bananas until they suggested a hack where you apply a minimum ventilation cycle. If it were me, i'd set it up with a simple minimum off-time parameter similar to the cool off recycle time setting they have for heat pump systems. The system is not a pure occupancy-based solution, you still need to set schedules. I would prefer pure occupancy where the sensors drive home or away settings without time clocks. Further to that, the system will not go into 'smart away' (vacant) mode until two hours have elapsed with a lack of motion detected on all sensors. Yet another reason this gets 4 stars.

. Eva, Maryland says

(i'll list my issues first, since it was my fault and not ecobee's). Setup was not straight forward since i * thought * i had conventional hvac and ac. I had a c wire so that was straight forward to power up the unit. Heating kept on turning on instead of ac. Emailed support, no response until 48hrs later (gave up after waiting for 3) however, i called support, and gave them a callback number, within a few hours they called me, walked through my setup, wire colors, and pin pointed the issue. Got it all installed and running! . . This has been a great ad on to the house, i'm using one remote sensor without follow me feature, so it averages temperatures between the hallway where the thermostat is and our bedroom, which has historically run hot during summer nights and cold during winter nights causing me to wake up through the night. That issue is now gone! this has helped our upstairs temperatures more stable in all rooms and wish i had installed one earlier. Up next i'm going to do the downstairs. Love the scheduling features, the remote sensors, etc. Our electric usage has been declining too so this will pay for itself.

R. Wimbish, South Dakota says

Fair warning: this review is a beast. Therefore, for readability s sake, i m dividing it up into sections. . Introduction:. . Today, 4/13/2016, marks my third major revision to my original 10/20/15 review. That review gave the ecobee3 4/5 stars. This revision awards it the 5th star that it deserves. . At the time of this third revision, there are 3 separate versions of the ecobee3 available on online store: this product (the 2nd generation ecobee3), the ecobee3 smarter bundle (which is the same product, except it includes 2 additional remote sensors), and the original 1st generation ecobee3 (which is still on online store but is no longer for sale by ecobee). . I bought the smarter bundle to replace my 2nd generation nest thermostat, which i had in my house for over a year. Keep in mind that at the time of this third revision, nest is selling the third generation of their flagship product. This review compares the ecobee3 to the 2nd generation nest; however, my understanding is that the nest 3 s only improvements over the nest 2 are a larger screen and a more sensitive occupancy sensor, so all comparisons i draw between the ecobee3 and the nest 2 are still applicable to the nest 3. . Don t get me wrong the nest was a good product. But, due to many of the shortcomings that i will mention in this review and the relative superiority of the ecobee3 in those aspects i am thrilled with my decision to replace the nest and i do not plan to go back. . Background:. . My hvac is a heat pump, which consists of an outdoor ac compressor and an indoor air handler with electric heat strips. . I purchased the 2nd generation nest thermostat in may, 2014 to replace the honeywell mercury thermostat that my house came with. The nest was an excellent product in terms of tracking my hvac usage and granting remote access to my thermostat and all its controls. However, many of the nest s original selling features namely, the auto away function quickly became useless in a real world setting (more on that below). Additionally, my household is primarily an apple household, so when apple announced the release of its homekit framework and nest (a google owned company) intimated that they would not include homekit support in their products, i knew my nest thermostat s days were numbered. When ecobee announced that their ecobee3 thermostat would include homekit support, i did extensive research into the product, and i took a leap of faith. . . And it was a damn good idea. . Installation:. . Several other reviews discuss this aspect of the ecobee3 so i won t go too far into it here. Suffice it to say, installation is not terribly difficult. You can use ecobee s website to check for system compatibility, or, if you are really unsure, ecobee customer service work with you to verify if your hvac will work with the ecobee3. In terms of the physical installation, it s literally as simple as selecting your backplate, doing some mounting, and from there it s plug-and-play. After that, the software setup is all guided. . The headline feature - remote sensors:. . The headline feature of this product is its use of remote occupancy sensors. This is the single feature that puts this thermostat head-and-shoulders above all the rest. The remote sensors serve two functions: first, they tell the thermostat when a room is occupied, and second, they tell the thermostat what the temperature is in that room. As ecobee boasts, their thermostat is for homes with more than one room. These sensors are what make this product a rockstar! . . I live in a multi-story home, and my thermostat wiring is located in my dining room, which is on the main floor of my house. After i installed the ecobee3 thermostat, i experimented with the placement of the remote sensors to determine where they would be best used. Ecobee provides some recommendations, and i ll include some of my own: don t place them in a location where they will be exposed to direct sunlight; don t put them directly over or below vents and registers; try to keep them about 5 feet off the ground; etc. One tip i discovered for myself is that you shouldn't put a sensor on or very close to your tv media stand because that equipment generates a substantial amount of heat, which creates inaccurate temperature readings for that room. Ultimately, i mounted one sensor on my living room wall, one on my roommate's bedroom wall, and one close to the dog cage in my master bedroom. My placement of these sensors was crucial, and here is why. . The ecobee3 has a feature called follow me that uses the remote sensors in conjunction with the thermostat s internal temperature sensor to heat and cool your house to the temperature set point. In a regular thermostat, such as the nest, the hvac will operate until only the room with the thermostat achieves the temperature set point because the thermostat s internal temperature sensor is the only data point for the thermostat to read; with the ecobee3 s remote sensors, the thermostat monitors the temperatures detected only by the sensors in occupied rooms, and then the thermostat operates the hvac until the average temperature across those rooms equates to the thermostat's set point. You can also program the system to only use certain remote sensors at certain times of day (see comfort settings below) and in my case, this feature was a godsend. . One of the problems that my house has is that there is a substantial temperature differential between my main floor and my master bedroom, which has a vaulted ceiling. On hot, sunny days, my bedroom can get up to 8 degrees warmer than my main floor. Because my dog s cage is located in my master bedroom, this massive temperature differential can be more than problematic; it can be potentially dangerous. Even if i kept my thermostat set to 72 degrees at all times which negates the purpose of having a smart" thermostat my bedroom would still get up to 80 degrees. With my nest, i programmed the thermostat to raise the ac set point to 76 degrees during the work day to save energy, but the result was that my bedroom would get up to 84 degrees! not good! . . This is where the ecobee3 shines! . . On the hottest of summer days, i had my ecobee3 set to 78 degrees, but i had it programmed to use only the remote sensor in my master bedroom as the sole temperature sensor. As a result, no matter what the temperature was in every other room in my house, i never had to worry about my dog overheating because the ecobee3 would never let my master bedroom get above 78 degrees. Problem solved! . . Now, as some of you have deduced, the placement of remote sensors in parts of your home that are prone to extreme temperature fluctuations will undoubtedly result in your hvac cycling more frequently, and therefore increased energy usage. Yes, you are probably correct, but there may have been other factors at play (see scheduling below). For example: i compared my september 2015 power bill to my september 2014 power bill and there was an average increase in usage of 1 kwh per day; for august 2015 compared to august 2014, the average increase was 3 kwh per day. Regardless, i consider this change in consumption so nominal that i believe the substantial increase in comfort and my dog s safety offsets the only slight increase in energy cost. . The other features:. . Interface - the ecobee3 uses a touchscreen for input, which in my opinion is far more intuitive than the rotary-dial interface pioneered by nest. Whereas the screen of the 2nd generation nest shuts off by default when not in use, the ecobee3 changes to a simplified view that includes the indoor temperature (important note: this is not the temperature of the room that the thermostat is located in, but rather the averaged temperature across all the active sensors! ) and the outside temperature & current weather conditions which is a definite plus over the nest. Additionally, the thermostat s graphical user interface (gui) is nearly identical in the ios app, which is nice for consistency s sake. The homeiq web portal (more on that in the homeiq section below) is more similar to the windows 8 metro gui, but it is still intuitive and navigable. In terms of aesthetics, i ll admit that the all black interface of the ecobee3 is somewhat drab in comparison to the bright, vivid colors of the nest, but i bought this thermostat not for the color of its screen but for the content of its oh, you know what i mean. . Comfort settings - by default, the thermostat comes with 3 comfort settings: away, home, and sleep. Each of these settings is customizable in terms of pre-programming the temperature set points of both your ac and heat, and you can also set the specific remote sensors you want the thermostat to use in each comfort setting. Additionally, you can create more comfort settings, but these 3 sufficed for me. I programmed the ecobee3 to use all the sensors in the home setting, only the 2 bedroom sensors in the sleep setting, and only the master bedroom sensor in the away setting so that my dog can stay comfortable while i m out. The ecobee3 also includes an auto mode, so the thermostat will use the temperature ranges in each comfort setting to automatically engage your ac or heat depending upon the outdoor temperature and how it affects your indoor temperature. . Scheduling - scheduling is fairly standard, but it has some benefits over the nest. Where the nest s scheduling method involves manually setting the temperature set point at different times of day on different days of the week, the ecobee3 s schedule uses your comfort settings mentioned above ( away, home, and sleep ). To me, this method makes more sense than the nest s scheduling method. Like the nest, however, you can program the ecobee3 to use a feature called smart recovery, which pre-heats/cools your home to the desired temperature in advance of the next scheduled comfort setting. For example, if it is summer time and you have a scheduled away period from monday to friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, and your away temperature is 78 degrees but your home temperature is 72 degrees, then the ecobee3 will begin cooling your home in advance of your arrival so that your home is 72 degrees when you arrive. Keep in mind that smart recovery will cause your hvac to run for an extra time window every day, which means more energy consumption; i disabled this feature with the nest but enabled it with the ecobee3, which may explain some of the increase in electrical consumption that i noted above in my discussion about the remote sensors. . Smart away/home - this feature actually makes sense with the ecobee3 and is finally worth using! as many of the nest s critics (correctly) note, not all homes have a centrally-located thermostat, meaning nests with auto away enabled that don t see a lot of traffic frequently go into away mode when people are still inside their homes! my nest happened to be centrally located, but if i was upstairs in my house for even an hour or two, my nest s auto away would engage and trust me, with as rapidly as my house accumulates heat during summer, one notices pretty quickly when the upstairs is becoming uncomfortably warm. This flaw has resulted in a lot of people (including myself) disabling the nest s auto away, which for me was the main selling point of the nest because of my inconsistent schedule. In contrast, with the ecobee3, the remote temperature sensors prevent this glitch from happening. As long as the ecobee3 or any of the remote sensors see you anywhere in the house, smart away will not engage. Additionally, if the ecobee3 detects movement during one of your scheduled away comfort settings, the thermostat will override the setting and revert to your home comfort setting, which is a pretty nifty touch. Now, granted, the current window for smart away to engage is a rather long 2 hours of inactivity, and furthermore, this setting cannot currently be modified by the end user; however, in theory, ecobee could open up this setting in the future with a simple software modification. . Homekit - arguably, the reason i jumped to this particular thermostat was its homekit support. As i mentioned earlier in this review, my household primarily uses apple products, so i wanted to purchase a thermostat that supports the smart home platform that i am most likely to invest in. . In late october, 2015, ecobee ramped up its homekit support (which i noted in my 10/28/15 modification to this review). Ecobee s homekit support does have some perks. I can ask siri about the temperature of any room with a temperature sensor and she will be able to provide that information without me even having to unlock my phone and open the ecobee app (see picture). The ecobee3 also has support for 5 homekit scenes": "good morning, " "good night, " "i'm leaving, " "i'm home, " and "resume schedule. " each of the first 4 scenes corresponds to one of the default comfort settings for the thermostat. So, for example, if you say "good night" to siri, then the ecobee3 will change to the sleep comfort setting. This same command, in theory, should shut off all your philips hue bulbs and lock your august smart lock. The other scenes correspond to their respective comfort settings: "i'm leaving" is away, "i'm home" is home, "good morning" is home, and "resume schedule" will revert to whichever comfort setting is currently scheduled. . Important! homekit remote access only works if you have a 3rd generation apple tv or later and that apple tv is logged into the same icloud account as your ios device. In my original review, i mentioned that homekit remote access didn t work for me, but it was because my apple tv wasn t logged into my icloud account. My second revision to this review (10/28/2015) noted that as soon as i logged it in, i gained full remote homekit access to my ecobee3. Remote homekit access continues to work today. . Geofencing - the final perk of the ecobee3 s homekit compatibility is that the homekit framework gives the ecobee3 geofencing support. Unless you are using a third party framework (ie. Ifttt), geofencing is exclusive to homekit. Geofencing is meant to supplement the occupancy sensors in determining when you are home or away for purposes of engaging the correct comfort setting. With geofencing enabled, when you cross your geofence in either direction, the ecobee3 switches into either the "i'm leaving" or "i'm home" scene, meaning the respective comfort setting is enabled. This new function is analogous to the headline feature of the much maligned honeywell lyric, but my understanding is that honeywell's geofencing algorithm was shoddy and quite buggy. By implementing geofencing as an additional feature, ecobee has now bridged the gap between its two biggest competitors the nest and the lyric by marrying internal occupancy detection to external geofencing and creating a hybrid product that magnifies the merits of each approach while ameliorating their respective shortfalls. This was an absolutely genius move on the part of ecobee. Furthermore, my above criticism about the occupancy sensors requiring 2 hours of inactivity before smart away will engage is remedied by the implementation of this new feature. When used in conjunction with accurate scheduling, the addition of geofencing should save several additional hours of hvac usage every month, meaning additional savings in electricity consumption! . . However and this is a big however the current implementation of geofencing actually overrides your schedule using the ecobee3's 2 "quick changes, " which are "home and hold" and "away and hold. " these "hold" settings ignore your upcoming scheduled comfort settings until you manually disable the hold. This programming poses a possible problem. For example, if you live in a house with multiple people and you are the only person with the ecobee app on your phone, once you leave the geofence to go to work, the ecobee3 will engage "away and hold and it will ignore occupancy detection from all the internal sensors, regardless of whether there are other people in the house; similarly, once you re-enter the geofence at the end of your work day, the ecobee3 will engage "home and hold, " and it will remain in that mode all night instead of engaging the sleep comfort setting. So, be careful with this feature! i am told that ecobee is well aware of this glitch and is actively working to fix it, but until then, i do not use geofencing and therefore i can t endorse this feature. . Temperature tolerances and hvac cycling - this is a weird one. I m not a professional hvac technician, so take this one with a grain of salt. My understanding of these thermostats is that the nest has a greater temperature threshold (1 degree) than the ecobee3 (. 5 degrees, but is customizable). As a result, the nest cycles your system less frequently but for longer periods of time, whereas the ecobee3 cycles more frequently but for shorter bursts. There are multiple schools of thought here as to which approach is better (ie. Energy efficiency, wear and tear on the system, etc. ), and i will decline to offer my uneducated opinion. However, i do like that i can customize this setting on the ecobee3. . Heat pump balance - this was a major change for me. Before i go into a comparison of the ecobee3 to the nest, i ll just do a quick primer for those who do not understand the mechanism of a heat pump. . Essentially, a heat pump reverses the action of air conditioning; air conditioning transfers heat from inside of your house to outside, which makes the inside cooler, whereas when the thermostat engages the heat pump, a reversing valve reverses the flow of your refrigerant and transfers the heat from outside of your home to the inside. This method of heating is extremely efficient, but it s slow and methodical. However, when the temperature outside falls below a certain balance point, the heat pump can no longer effectively harness ambient heat from the outside air, and then a secondary heating system the auxiliary heat must engage to heat your house. The auxiliary heat system is essentially just an electric furnace that uses electric heating strips to create radiant heat, and then the main hvac fan returns air from your home into the air handler, circulates that air around the heat strips, and then circulates it through your home. This method of heating is effective and quick but relatively inefficient and it is also very expensive. . Now, with the science out of the way, let s return to the discussion of the thermostats. During set up, by default, the nest gives you 3 options on a continuum for heat pump balance: max savings, balanced, and max comfort. With max savings, the thermostat will run the heat pump for longer periods of time in order to avoid having to engage the auxiliary system; in contrast, with max comfort, the thermostat will resort to auxiliary more quickly and frequently to warm up the house in less time. The theory underlying this algorithm is that x hours of the heat pump running equates to y minutes of the auxiliary heat running, so if you emphasize savings over comfort, the system will prioritize the use of the heat pump for longer periods of time over running auxiliary for short periods of time in order to save power, and the thermostat will only resort to the auxiliary heat as a last resort. Problem? in the nest s effort to keep setup simple, it uses its own preprogrammed auxiliary lockout temps when you select one of these settings. The result was that in the 2014-2015 winter, because i selected max savings, my heat pump ran for literally hundreds of hours when the climate was too cold for my heat pump to function at all! in contrast, during set up, the ecobee3 immediately presents you with the option to manually set both your heat pump compressor lockout and your auxiliary lockout temperatures. . At the time of this third revision to my original review, the 2015-2016 winter has (mostly) ended and i can surmise in good faith that the ecobee3 made a positive difference in my bills. The major reason for the improvement is that the ecobee3 helped me to determine my heat pump s balance point. The online homeiq data (more on that below) demonstrated with crystal clarity (see picture) that my indoor temperature would steadily decline even with the heat pump running if the outdoor temperature was 25 degrees or below. Because these metrics were available to me, i set 25 degrees as my compressor lockout setting, which meant that my heat pump wasn t running needlessly when the ambient temperature was too cold for the heat pump to function, which in turn meant that i saved money on my electric bills this winter. In contrast, the nest doesn't give you enough data to make this determination, so the ecobee3 wins spectacularly in yet another aspect! . . Other features - there are a lot of other features as well too many to go into here. It s clear that ecobee intended to create a granular product that the end user could micromanage down to the minutiae. A couple of the additional features include fan scheduling, alerts and reminders (ie. Maintenance reminder, filter change reminder, uv lamp reminder, low/high temperature alerts, low/high humidity alerts, auxiliary heat runtime alert, and auxiliary outdoor temperature alert), vacation scheduling, heat set point range, cool set point range, etc. . The webportal and homeiq - ecobee s website has a backend that contains several basic pieces of information about your system, but the most interesting data comes from its home iq section, which contains sections that provide several fascinating metrics. . In terms of the system monitor" data, you can see the times at which your hvac was running, which functions was running (ie. In my case, ac, heat pump, auxiliary, and fan), how long the function was running for, your heat/cool set point, your indoor temperature (calculated according to the active remote sensors), and the outdoor temperature. Home iq also tells you how your schedule and comfort settings affected your hvac usage, which remote sensors were used at any given time to activate your hvac, and how the weather impacted your hvac usage by comparing a line graph of the average outdoor temperature each day against an overlaid bar graph of how many hours your hvac ran. All of this data can be downloaded in . Csv format as well, which breaks down your system s data into 5-minute increments! . . But that s just the basic stuff. Ecobee s usage of your home data goes much further! . . Every month, ecobee compiles usage, local weather, and temperature set point data from your thermostat and it uses that data to tell you how many hours of runtime you saved relative to a standard 72-degree benchmark, how much money you saved on your electric bill as a result, and how much money you've saved in total since your registration. Ecobee goes even further by comparing your compiled data against the data collected from the thermostats of all of the customers in your geographic area. Ecobee uses this data to tell you how efficient and inefficient your temperature set points were relative to other customers in your state, and it gives you a home energy efficiency rating that rates how well your home retains thermal energy relative to other customers in your state. . No offense to nest, but these metrics are way more compelling and practical than a simple total of accumulated nest leaves. . . The flaws:. . Finally, for all the pluses of this product, make no mistake, it is not perfect hence the original deduction of 1 star from this review. . Thermostat sensor overheating issue - the biggest shortfall of this product is not an insubstantial one. In fact, it can be considered fatal if you aren t willing to do a workaround. Many reviews note that the internal temperature sensor in the ecobee3 registers as a few degrees warmer than it should. Those reviews are all correct. I tested this error for myself by putting one of the remote sensors right next to the thermostat for several days and monitoring the temperature readings from both the thermostat and that sensor. The readings from the ecobee3 s internal sensor were consistently 1-2 degrees warmer than those of the remote sensor during inactive periods, and 3-4 degrees warmer than those of the remote sensor when the system is running. My understanding is that the reasons for this discrepancy are that some systems send too much voltage to the ecobee3 through the common wire, which causes the thermostat to run warm. However, i don t consider myself well-versed enough in the subjects of electrical and mechanical engineering to comfortably discuss those reasons, so i would refer you to ecobee customer service if you want to know more. . Obviously this temperature discrepancy would be extremely problematic if you are running your hvac using only the thermostat s internal sensor because your air conditioning would run too long to achieve the temperature set point and your heat wouldn't run for long enough. In terms of an easy remedy to this problem, the workaround is very simple. As i mentioned above, i bought the smarter bundle, so my ecobee3 came with 3 remote sensors. To temporarily fix the temperature sensor defect, all i did was totally bypass the thermostat s internal temperature sensor across all the comfort settings, and i used the remote sensor in my living room as the substitute sensor for my main floor. It s an easy fix, but is it really one that i should have had to make considering how much this thermostat costs? again, i am totally satisfied with my decision to switch from the nest to the ecobee3, but at least the temperature sensor in the nest did its job. . Nearly 9 months after my purchase of the ecobee3 and a couple calls to customer service, i finally took steps to permanently fix the problem. As i mentioned in my december 17th comment to this review, ecobee customer service recommended installing the power extender kit (pek) to remedy the overheating issue. For those who do not know, the pek is a small circuit board that ecobee includes with the ecobee3 to make the thermostat compatible with those systems that lack a common wire. I was unsure about doing the necessary rewiring that this installation would entail, but multiple ecobee representatives that i had spoken to agreed with this course of action because when the pek is used, the voltage that is sent to the thermostat is metered by the circuits inside the pek, which fixes the overheating problem. . Ecobee customer service spent 1 hour and 52 minutes with me on the phone, patiently and thoroughly running me through the installation procedure. The surgery was complicated (because i am colorblind) but it went fine. I did the installation several days ago and i wanted to monitor the system and its readings for a few days before drawing any conclusions. To test whether the sensor discrepancy had been fixed, i did what i had originally done to discover the overheating problem, which is that i moved my living room sensor to a position about 1 foot away from the thermostat and i just left it there. . As i mentioned above, before the installation of the pek, the readings from the thermostat s internal sensor ranged from 2-4 degrees warmer than those of the nearby living room sensor when the system was operating. . After the installation of the pek, the difference in readings between the living room sensor and the ecobee3 s internal sensor ranged from 0-1 degrees. . It worked. . The thermostat is now correctly measuring temperature with its internal sensor. Because there is no longer a discrepancy between the thermostat's temperature reading and the actual room temperature, i have finally been able to introduce the ecobee3 s internal sensor into its comfort settings for the first time since i bought the thermostat. This extra temperature sensor will provide additional useful metrics going forward, along with a snappier response time for smart home and smart away. . Remote sensors disconnecting - as other reviews have mentioned, this definitely happens, but it is very rare! remote sensors disconnect maybe once or twice per month, and it s never for longer than an hour. I am not bothered by this, as i have 3 remote sensors in my house, but i can definitely see why a person who has only 1 remote sensor might be. But again, for my purposes, i do not see this as a problem because it happens so rarely. . Limited home iq access - currently, home iq data can only be viewed on the web portal. It would be nice at a future date if ecobee allowed its customers to view this data in the ecobee app. I shouldn t have to sit at a computer and log into ecobee s website to see my hvac usage logs. In this particular area, nest wins because your usage data is accessible from the app and the thermostat itself. Unfortunately, nearly 6 months after my original review, ecobee still hasn t added support for this. Hopefully some day soon ecobee will add home iq support to the app. . Summary:. . The ecobee3 is more than a mere thermostat; it is an advanced piece of home automation technology. I believe it is a superior product to the nest, and i am thoroughly satisfied with my decision to convert. . I have said it several times in this review and i will say it once more: i am pleased with my purchase. The internal temperature sensor issue was the final shortcoming that kept the ecobee3 from its 5th star. Now that it has been fixed, this product has achieved its state of true perfection, regardless of the other shortfalls i mentioned above. Obviously the product can always improve, but in terms of my wants and needs, it is as damn close to perfect as anything i can imagine. . So, finally, in summation. . This product is the hands down best on the market. But, even more importantly than this product's superior quality is the fact that it is supported by a company that is staffed by employees who stand behind their product. . Great work, ecobee!

V. Rita, Stockton-on-Tees

I tried installing myself and i ran into the "no c wire" do to our house being older (and most stuff in it still being old, including the old ass thermostat before). I can see how the power pak could be easy to install but our wiring was really jacked up and i had to call 2 separate electricians to fix, and install the ecobee. I suggest watching their youtube videos and their faq. Make sure when you remove old thermostat that youre labeling the wires, especially if theyre not labeled. When you remove old thermostat theyre attacked to contacts in the back, which those contacts should be labeled, (maybe not the wires but the contacts should be). . Seriously this is an easy install, just watch youtube videos. . I highly suggest, before buying, is figuring out if you have 2 stories (or more) and multiple rooms, that are far from where youre going to have sensors. You want to make sure you have enough. I bought the one sensor/thermostat pack and wish i bought the one with 3 sensors. 2 for downstairs and 2 upstairs (the actual thermostat has a sensor). It creates an average, of your whole house, rather than the one thermostat sensor (which is usually the hall). So that way youre hall isnt going to be cool, but the rest of your house is hot. If you have a sensor in say the living room, away from thermostat, it will register that its hot and will kick the ac on , even though the hall say its cool. . The layout on the thermostat proper is pretty cool and it will take a few weeks, if not months, to truly get all the functions and menus down. I like accessing my thermostat from my bed, using my phone! i highly suggest the nest for the co2 and smoke alarms.

F. Sherry, Poole says

My review won't be as complicated as the others because i am not a big techie, but i really like this thing. Mostly it looks cool and it is great to control from my phone from anywhere in the house or when i'm not home. I did not install it. I paid my local heating and a/c team to install. I think that cost around $100 for install because we had to rewire from our old thermostat which was built into the wall in a weird way. We connected it to our humidistat, only to find out the humidifer is broken so we have to replace some valves on it etc. , but it seemed easy to connect the ecobee to the humidifier and i know it'll help with the humidity levels in our house so our wood floors don't crack, etc. I love controlling this from my phone from anywhere in the house or work. Very easy to slide the scale to the temperature you want. The sensor is nice and it "averages" the two temperature readings together. We put it on top of a picture in our bedroom. Sometimes the temp is the same in both the bedroom and the other area of our house, but sometimes it's not so this helps account for that. The one thing i didn't like is that it took me a month to figure out why this thing wasn't adjusting to my schedule. I would set the temperature and then wait for it to resume my schedule, but it never activated my schedule. It would just keep the temp at what i set it at. I guess you have to manually program it to do that. It's not hard to do, but why is it not programmed like this out of the box? . Easy to use, hopefully will help adjust the humidity levels in our house once we fix our humidifier, and great once you figure out how to program it. The app is great and very straightforward. I liked this style over the nest (which i heard does not adjust exactly to the temp you set it at). I ordered this particular generation of ecobee because i do not have an alexa and did not want the "red light" on top of the ecobee to always be on. Also, this little thing is great because i find myself constantly standing in front of it to check the weather, which is conveniently displayed!

D. Cunningham, Lancashire

Written 27-nov-2016. I have known for years i wanted an internet connected thermostat, but working from home made it a "want" not a "need". Purchasing a vacation home made me change my mind and search for the most effective connected thermostat, but not in the way you would think. After much research i decided to buy the ecobee3. After a month including a one week vacation, i have been delighted with ecobee3. . Background. My search for an internet connected thermostat started when we bought a vacation home nearly 700 miles away. Just six months early my in-laws moved from 1 mile away to over 300 miles away in another state. My wife & i found ourselves residing several months a year away from our primary home. At roughly the same time my in-laws started returning to visit their friends in the area and accepted our offer to stay at our "vacant" primary home. So i'm hundreds of miles away in our vacation home and my technologically challenged in-laws are staying in our primary home - time for a internet connected thermostat! . . I work from home and my office is the "study" with large windows facing south. The room gets extra warm compared to the rest of the house which otherwise has few southern windows. . In doing my research i had several requirements; 1) security - no amount on convenience is worth insecurity, 2) user interface and ease of programming, 3) integration with automation (something i'll explore in the future), and 4) multiple temperature sensors. This last one is what made me kick myself for not making the purchase much sooner. . Security. While i would have preferred a thermostat that didn't "phone home" for remote access and control, the manufactures has moved that way and i'm reluctantly along for the ride. It was clear i would select a renowned brand and one who developed their product from the ground up with the internet in mind. I've seen problems when manufactures tries to retrofit new technology with older established products. . User interface. I was use to the 5-2 systems where you have four daily settings shared by the five weekdays (morning, day, evening & night) and a second set of four settings for the two weekend days. The user interface is button driven and tedious to step through setting it up let alone changing it for vacation. Making matters worst my in-laws would have to set and "unset" the thermostat when they stayed at our home. . From what i read and seen the nest interface is nice, but i wanted more direct control. Maybe that is possible, but nest users highlighted simplicity of use over programmability. I had another challenge with nest - i work from home so it would always register me as home. . Automation. I am taking baby steps towards home automation. I have philip hues lights and august locks, both of which i highly recommend. I know i will experiment with automation so i wanted the thermostat able to work with apple homekit, samsung's smartthings, wink and other hubs. Ifttt was also a strong desire. . Remote sensors. What i had thought about until starting my research was the ability to manage the temperature by time of day based on remote sensors. I had grown use to manually adjusting the whole house thermostat based on the home office temperature. On sunny days the home office gets very warn and i would have to adjust the thermostat. On wintery days the home office is colder than the rest of the house. With ecobee3's remote sensors i'm able to have the daytime temperature sourced from a remote sensor in my home office, during the morning and evening sourced from the ecobee3 itself, and night time from a remote sensor in the bedroom. . This has been transformative in maintaining the comfort level throughout the house. No more ad hoc adjustments made and forgetting to reset to appropriate levels when my work day ends. This alone makes ecobee3 the choice for me. . Closing. I've had the ecobee3 for a month and will continue to monitor the security, reliability, and ease of use. As my experience grows i'll update this review. Same for when i begin experimenting with automation. . * update 7-jan-2017 *. I remain extremely pleased with the thermostat especially the remote sensors and vacation scheduling. The sensors have allowed me to achieve a perfect comfort level through the day and over weekdays & weekends. I have made use of remote access in both checking the vacation mode and invoking the home mode. For the holidays i left home for our cottage several days before my family (to get things ready) so i simply pre-programmed the vacation mode schedule and it worked perfectly. While we were away my in-laws stopped by unexpectedly and i was able to invoke home mode without their involvement. Our holiday vacation ended a day earlier than planned so about an hour from home i put it in normal mode and arrived to a perfectly warmed home.

W. Rhonda, Medway says

I spent a lot of time researching smart thermostats. After reading online store reviews and professional reviews i narrowed the field down to the nest and the ecobee3 (since i already have three online store echos the ecobee4 didn't make any sense). I liked both and changed my mind three or four times before i settled on the ecobee3. The main reason i picked the ecobee3 was the remote sensors. My master bedroom is a hot-spot during the summer months and, short of moving the thermostat into that room, there wasn't an easy solution to the problem. I put the ecobee3 sensor in the master bedroom and it's helping a lot with the problem. The nest, while it's much better at learning your routines, would have left me with the same problem. . Installation:. Prior to buying the ecobee i contacted them to see how my wires would be connected since i didn't match any of their diagrams. They replied quickly and gave me all the information i'd need. Rather than using the included manual i used the android app to guide me through the installation. After powering it up and answering some questions i was, almost, up and running. One thing they don't say in the instructions is that your thermostat is going to go into a calibration mode and the one message you'll notice first is "heading and cooling disabled". Yikes! summer in phoenix with no a/c! after doing an online search for the message i found that it could take up to 20 minutes to calibrate. In my case it was closer to five minutes and i was happy to see the message disappear and my unit/fan kick on. . Smart home integration:. I use a samsung smartthings hub along with hue lights, harmony, and three online store echos. Another reason for choosing the ecobee was that it works seamlessly with my gear; nest? not so much. Smartthings discovered the thermostat with no problem and after turning on the ecobee skill in my alexa app i was able to ask the ecobee the temperature at the thermostat and the remote sensor. I can also turn the temperature up and down. You can do all of that with the ecobee app as well which is handy if you're not at home and want to get the house ready for your return. . Aesthetics:. Ok, not the most important thing for me but, since your thermostat sits in an open hallway, it should look nice. The ecobee looks pretty slick and modern with a display that's very easy to read. The display will freak you out the first few days because it knows you're standing in front of it and will give you a screen with the current setting, buttons, and a slider to change the temperature. . Does it work? . As i said above it's going a long way to solving my hot-room problem. It also does a good job of sensing whether anyone is in that room or not to decide if it should use the remote sensor readings to control the temperature in the rest of the house. Setting home/away schedules is painless and thankfully you can copy one day of the week into other days, e. G. If your monday through friday schedule is the same you only have to do monday and then copy it. It's also good at knowing that i'm away during the home schedule and home when i should be away because of the presence sensors. Will this save me money? probably but that wasn't my primary reason for buying it. Speaking of which, my utility (aps) gave me a $75 rebate so you might want to check if your utility company has a similar program.

J. Joanna, Derbyshire

This is super awesome. The external sensors you place around the house are the key. I bought two extra sensors plus it came with one so i put one in the living room, and two in bedrooms. At night i have it taking the temp of only the bedroom sensors and finally it's temperate all night long for once. Sleeping through the night is much easier now. During the day it takes an average of all of the sensors and keeps the house at a much better temp. All around this works so much better than the old fashioned thermostats. It's great. I could not be happier. Also, i tied it into alexa and in the first few days when i was still trying to figure out what temps to set things at i could raise or lower the temp in the middle of the night by asking alexa to do it. Brilliant! i like being able to check or control it all via an app too. It's super convenient and much more efficient now. I love it. I can adjust the times and the temp settings and just about everything you can think of. It's really awesome.

B. Cathy, Rochdale says

So this will be my first online store review after being a prime member for nearly 10 years. After using this thermostat for a little over a week. Here is a list of pro s and con s i have found so far. . Pros:. Custom scheduling. External sensors can be added to each room. Smart home/away feature. Apple homekit integration. Accurate temperature readings from the main unit and the sensors (even with the common wire). Web interface is awesome. Easy installation if you have a common wire. Good customer support so far, very prompt replies, and was able to get a hold of someone on the phone within 10 minutes to force a firmware update. . Cons:. Cannot add users to the main account, which means i have to share my login information to whomever i d like to have access. Sometimes when i leave for work a little later than normal, smart home kicks in. However, it won t go back to the schedule away period after i leave because my cats are pretty active and move around. I ve noticed that when it is set to smart home the sensors are very sensitive to my cats, so it still thinks people are home. However, when it s set to away the sensors are much less sensitive so it does not pick up the cats. The issue is i have to manually set smart home back to its schedule if i leave a little later than normal. I contacted ecobee3 support about this and they stated they have had multiple reports about cats tripping smart home and are looking into it. . Overall this is a great piece of tech and i love that when i work from home some days, the sensors know i am in the office and it tries to maintain the set point just for that room instead of the entire home.

Z. Olga, Western Australia

I was a loyal nest 3. 0 owner before i bought my ecobee3, and now i could never go back. The nest is a bit prettier on the wall, but the clean and simple functionality of the ecobee3, with it's super easy to configure remote sensor (i. E. Peel off the tape and stick it somewhere: you're done) is superior in just about every way. . In theory the "smart thermostat" is a great idea, predicting ideal temperatures and deactivating when you aren't home, but in our house, with the temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs, i constantly found myself adjusting the nest. It was wrong half the time, and adjusting the schedule is a micromanagement nightmare with it's excess of data points and scheduled events. . In contrast i had the ecobee3 configured perfectly to account for both my wife and i's differing schedules in under 5 minutes and i haven't had to adjust it once. It just works. The second sensor is great for the bedroom, as you can set your "sleep" settings to begin at, say, 11pm, and heat or cool to a particular temperature based only on the readings of the bedroom sensor, so you are sure to end up with the settings you want, in the room that you want them. . It's also easy to install, though you may have to run a common wire to your thermostat wiring if you don't have one already. The nest didn't need one, so i had to hook one up. It's a 10 minute job, and i have little to no electrical experience (turn off your hvac breaker! ). . Overall, i think this is the best smart thermostat on the market.

O. Meredith, Michigan says

This thing is awesome! we've had programmable thermostats in the past but i (jenni) found them very perplexing. I never could tell which buttons to hit to change the settings temporarily or for good. This one is far more user-friendly. It's a lot like an apple product in that it is all menu driven and very intuitive. My one tiny complaint is that it is rarely ever correct on the outside conditions. I am not sure why, but it will often tell us it is snowing when it is quite sunny and dry or vice-versa. No matter, really. We have windows for that.

Q. Russell, Lincolnshire

I used to have an older filtrete/3m-50 wifi thermostat. But when i heard that the online store echo now supports the ecobee3, i bought it. . First, the echo support works seamless. - alexa, set the thermostat to 70. (it sets to 70). - alexa, turn the thermostat up. (the temp raises 2 degrees). . Compared to the 3m-50, the ecobee is much more efficient and accurate at running the system, so it keeps the house temp much more stable. The 3m, on the other hand, would run the system longer and the temp would fluctuate up and down a lot more. . The interface is great. The display shows the current inside temp, the outside temp (via internet), and when you walk up to it, the controls activate to show it's settings. Oh, and also the interface on the device is exactly the same as the interface for the android app. . It's designed well and i'm really happy with it.

. Gladys, Oxfordshire says

Have had this installed for a couple weeks and liking it a lot so far. Phone tech support was helpful for resolving an installation issue. I used the included wallplate behind the main unit due to the holes in the wall being spaced a bit farther apart than the main thermostat would cover. It looks good, though would have preferred black to match the main display. It takes some time to adjust to the system controls, but overall they are intuitive. The display panel is excellent for setup and resolution. The local weather display is a nice perk. I have 2nd sensor in one of our bedrooms that gets a lot of direct sun on the window. It pretty consistently registers a higher temp than the main thermostat; the ecobee takes this into account with averaging to activate our forced air furnace. Only using for cooling so far. The unit seems to do well at detecting when we're absent and activating the "away" settings. I expect we will have good energy savings, with less need for manual adjusting of thermostat.

. Veronica, Cheshire

Wanted a smart thermostat that worked with alexa. This one is the only one that has remote sensors, so it fit the bill. It's been installed for a couple months now and i am pleased. My heater seemed to run less often as the unit learned my family's daily routine. The savings a gs from the utility bill more than laid for the ecobee already. The remote sensors also tell you if there is movement in their room. I now know if my kids are asleep without having to place a camera in their room or check on them before i go to bed. Also, you can tell it to send alerts to your phone and pair it to other devices through ittt. My ceiling fans turn on if the ecobee says it's over 80 degrees in the house. Gives me peace of mind if i decide to leave the dog inside this summer. I would buy this again!

X. Elida, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

So i just set this up and my hvac is running perfectly. Took me less than an hour to set up (i didn't time it but felt quick). I'm not a super handy man, but found it pretty easy to do it myself. Was worried i'd get zapped by the exposed wires (as warned by the installation guide) but i didn't and i'm still alive so that's good! . I've been living with an old school lcd style thermostat for the last two years and i was over not knowing what the temp was upstairs and always felt like i was too hot or too cold. This already feels better as i have sensors in the living room, in the home office, and in the upstairs bedroom. I can see what the ac is doing in each room. It's what i was hoping for. I was tossing up between this or the nest, but decided to go ecobee for this feature.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

R. Meyer, Alsace says

Took me a while to get it installed: i had to completely replace the cable to the thermostat, buy an extra 24vac power supply, and get an electrician in to install it. However, if the instructions were complete, i would have been able to do it all myself. . Now that it is running, i don't think i would purchase it again.

E. Peggy, Western Australia

It's probably better than the thermostat you have now, and has some useful features, but know what you're getting into. I still bought 3 for my home, even with full knowledge of some of these issues, so take that into account. . The most useful feature, and one that is too often glitchy, is the ability to use remote sensors to measure temperature in another room, and control the thermostat based on that remote temperature-great for keeping your master bedroom or a child's room at just the right temperature at night. But the remote sensors lose their link even when only a few feet away. . Another annoying issue is that the devices don't automatically, at least not in all cases, update themselves to the latest firmware. I have three in my home and even after months of being online, they were still running separate versions. Some of the issues i've experienced i suspect have been addressed in the latest firmware, but it's too much trouble to try and troubleshoot, even for someone like myself that has an expert-level of knowledge when it comes to home automation, networking, etc. . Another useful feature is the ability to have the fan turn on for a specified period of time each hour, even if the heating or cooling isn't needed, just to keep the air stirred. But once again, it's a glitchy feature that doesn't seem to know that the heating or cooling has already run for the hour, thus turning on the fan unnecessarily. . And finally, the most disappointing issues is the limitation of these devices to single-stage hvac units. Have one of those newer, highly-efficient systems with variable speed fans or compressors, then this isn't for you. You're still stuck with whatever your hvac manufacturer provides. So while the features of these devices are very forward-thinking, the systems they control are stuck in the 1990s. Upgrade your hvac and you'll need to throw your ecobee3 away.

F. Lynette, Vermont says

Product installation was simple. I ran into an issue with the common wire not being hooked up on my hvac. After 42 mins on hold waiting for tech support i noticed the 2nd common wire not connected as tech support finally came on the line. Every time i would ask a question the tech would either not respond or take 30 secs to respond. Whatever he was doing it did not involve helping me. For the price and after waiting almost 45 mins - which is ridiculous - i would expect them to actually be listening in on the call. The interfave on the unit is incredibly nice. Setup on wifi and smartthings went very smooth.

G. Cecilia, Tower Hamlets

3 stars. I rate the nest 4. There are many great reviews that talk in depth about each thermostat, pros, cons, etc. I have used each for a significant amount of time. I believe the decision is pretty simple after using both devices. If you want the sensors, buy the ecobee3, if you don't, buy the nest. . I place the sensor in my toddler's room, program the thermostat to keep her room at a specific temp at night and during the day use the temp at the thermostat. I would pay a premium for the nest if it came with sensors, but you have to purchase third party equipment for it to have that functionality.

. Zelda, Luton says

Don't expect this to work well with apple's homekit; about every 2 weeks you have to remove and re-add to the homekit app because the connection simply stops working and shows "not responding. " apple support has verified this is an ecobee problem, and ecobee support has indicated they are still "looking at improving the integration with homekit. " in the meantime, be prepared to be forced to use ecobee's own app to control the device, which works fine. Long story short, if you are looking to buy a thermostat that specifically works with homekit, look elsewhere and purchase a different thermostat until ecobee fixes this issue.

S. Heidi, Kentucky

It worked for a year and a few months. Now it isn't registering temperature properly. It says it is 77 and runs the air to the point i need a jacket, or it days it is 71 and i'm sweating. After reading comments about calling support i'm not very inclined to do that.

U. Candy, Pennsylvania says

The thermostats themselves seem to work about as well as any traditional thermostat, except less intuitive for those who aren't very tech-savvy. The reason i traded both units i purchased for older nest units was because the software interface, both online and in the app, is a glitchy, bug-infested ui disaster. Which sort of defeats the entire point of buying a "smart" thermostat. Because if you can't set a schedule or make changes remotely then why make the investment? i certainly wish i hadn't. . Note: yes, i contacted tech support. Yes, they were overseas and yes it was an awful waste of time. When i asked to speak with a supervisor the request was refused and the agent ended the call. Just a super experience all around.

Z. Sandra, Swindon

It works pretty well for what it's supposed to do, but every week or so loses its connection to ecobee. Com, yet still can connect to my wifi with an active internet connection. During that time i'm unable to connect to it via web or my phone. Part of the draw of the ecobee was to be able to adjust remotely, which due to this problem isn't always reliable as an appliance should be.

C. Nancy, Lambeth says

Thermostat installation not a problem. Thermostat installed on wall directly facing stairway leading to 2nd story bedrooms. First bedroom at top of stairs to immediate right is the master. Turn left down a short hallway is our guestroom. Temperature sensor installed in both bedrooms. Master sensor is easily closest to the thermostat. Thermostat setup to average temperatures between downstairs thermostat and master temperature sensor. Receiving intermittent lost communications alerts between the thermostat and master bedroom sensor but not the guest room sensor which is further away. Swapped remote sensors but problem persists. May request a replacement thermostat since swapping sensors failed to resolve the problem.

P. Jacqueline, Islington

Addendum. After three hours rerouting a three wire to boiler and my havoc tech working for three hours additionally he could not get it to work. Ecobee was nice but thoroughly in the dark. My tech finally stopped waiting for ecobee to get some information and talked with the boiler people (alpine) and they were baffled buy incomplete and spotty information. I purchased the fast-stat device ecobee suggested. Wrong item for my use and $50 down the drain. Now i have to spend 250 to install a 24v step down. My hvac tech said he had several of these this month and all were dismal .

A. Alice, Brighton and Hove says

I got this in april of 2017. We wanted this to use in our vacation rental house to be able to control the environment in between renters. Installation was pretty easy even for a non-ac type person. The unit comes packaged up very well (almost like buying an apple product). The registration and internet hookup was very easy. The unit performed great, i had all kinds of control remotely, the app works well. The remote sensors are a great idea and allowed us to see the different temperature differences. However don't get excited thinking you will be able to control the temperature in different rooms. This unit will seek a temperature in the assigned room which means that other rooms may get warmer/colder. That is not a issue with the unit, short of having duct dampeners, no unit can fix a unbalanced system. My problems started when i had a brand new carrier unit installed inside and out. The thermostat worked great for a few months just like always. Then one day i noticed the fan would not shut off, i tried everything, and i mean everything. Even taking the thermostat and unplugging it. The only way to shut it down was to turn off the breaker. I had my ac contractor come out, he tried everything and had ecobee on the phone for about 45 minutes, they finally determined that the thermostat was faulty. Ecobee service was good, they sent me a new unit within a week, although i would have preferred a priority shipment as this is florida and summertime hot. I installed the new unit and it worked great. For about 3 months, then the same thing happened, except it was january and we were going through a freeze (temps in the 20s). There is nothing quite like your heat pump blowing cool air during freezing temperatures to get your attention. At that point i could not wait to contact ecobee, wait a week, and hope it worked (we had renters coming the next day). So i had my ac contractor come install a web based honeywell unit, it doesn't do all the metrics that the ecobee does, but at least if it stops working i can have the contractor come and replace right away. As the reviews show, this thing works great for the majority of owners. Sorry ecobee, i really liked your unit, loved the metrics and flexibility, but i have to have reliability for my unit.

H. Carol, Torbay

We had a couple of issues with this unit. First, as others have mentioned, the unit gets warm and therefore registers an inaccurate ambient temperature. We set up a regular thermometer next to it and it showed a good 5-8 degrees cooler in the house than ecobee 3 showed. . The other issue is the type of house we have is not conducive for the additional room sensors. The whole house is 4000sq ft. Our main living area has 20ft ceilings with large windows facing west. It gets quite warm in the afternoon. The lower level has standard 8ft ceilings and does not get direct sunlight. The temperature difference between the two levels is too great for temperature averaging and keeps the main living area too warm. . I think the ecobee3 would be okay for a single level rancher type of house.

. Pearson, Corse says

Do not buy this product failed in less than one year and the warranty is a joke. . Worked for less than one year. When it stopped working, emailed ecobee support who said it was a power problem and asked me to go into the attic and do a series of tests, disconnect and reinstall wiring. Instead, i just replaced the unit (which i suspected was the problem) with a new one. I then attached the new unit to the same wiring and it worked fine. Then i tried to return the defective one they said they can't as it has to be returned within 30 days, even thought it has a 3 year warranty. . So now i will return the original failed unit, and the new one as why would i ever buy from this crooked company which doesn't honor its warranty.

V. Diana, Lewisham

It is not as easy to install as they make it out to be. If you have a whole house humidifier or other accessories. I installed mine in the fall and the heat worked fine but we had issues with the central air unit thatwas not part of the initial setup. The a/c has a separate set of wires to be connected but t at is not part of their directions. The wifi on this unit has issues as well. One of the reasons i chose this unit was it's remote capabilities via app and it's compatibility with apple's homekit. I am constantly getting the message that the unit cannot find the wifi connection in the house even those all of our other devices work fine in the house. I probably should have bought the lennox thermostat that works with my furnace and a/c unit.

I. Benton, Bedfordshire says

Not duo therm compatible. Great stat, but not the choice for trailers. Please see my review of sensi smart thermostat for solution

. Clara, Niedersachsen

I bought this specifically for a good app and remote temp sensor support, as my bedroom on the main floor gets much hotter/colder than the rest of the house. The sensor doesn't even reach the 40ft or so to the bedroom consistently, so that was pretty much worthless and i stopped using it. . The app, which is ok i guess, takes longer to connect than i'd like and can take a very long time to refresh current data. The sensi i had last was much more responsive and easier to program via the app. . I was having issues with the a/c running when the temp was already well below the set point, which seems to be fixed by shutting off all of the "smart" features. I still haven't seen any thermostat that can actually do better than a time schedule or manual control.

. Hakala, Southampton says

Works well. Would be great if someone wants to use the default settings. Found it odd that i had to go to the website to add additional settings to the device. Nice product, not for someone who wants just wants to create their own setting and not have the thermostat be the smart one.

J. Rose, Wyoming

Couple issues fixed . - remote sensor wired wrong and won't work, but ecobee sent new one very quickly - great customer service! . - finally found way to disable main sensor and only use remote sensor. . Remaining issues are so far . . - if current status is away, people enter room, remote sensor will start to change status to home (good! ). It supposes to change back to away status if i'm not in that room for a while, but so far no success. It will keep home status (longest i waited over hour before turned it off). - if status change from away to home after sensing people around and you manually turn it back to away again, it will never change back to home status again. . Really thought this is smarter device, but seems still long way to go.

. Noguera, California says

We returned this. Does not work with a variable speed electricheat pump. We installed this and couldn't get it to work and finally had to call ecobee who confirmed that it doesn't work with a variable speed system. Disappointed and frustrated that we couldn't figure this out before purchasing.

O. Ross, Languedoc-Roussillon

Installed 2 of these in my 2004 home. One was for a gas furnace and the other was for an electric/ heat pump hvac. Both units constantly gave me issues. The one to the electric furnace would glitch out and change modes all the time. The gas furnace one would turn off and would keep the air running. I had to turn off the unit every day from the breaker to get it to work. I wanted to like these but it ended up causing me to many issues.

T. Alexia, New Jersey says

This review will focus on two areas of the ecobee that i feel customers should really be aware of: (1) review of it while it's working and (2) what to expect when you must call customer service if it breaks. . Firstly: for the period between november 2, 2016 and january 8, 2017, the ecobee and the "bees" we purchased with it worked wonderfully. The temperature was stable and the ecobee worked well with our newly installed 2-stage furnace. The interface is clean, responsive, easy-to-use. Even our hvac technician was interested in learning more about it given how excited we were and how we talked up its potential. Operationally, the ecobee worked well. However. . Today it experienced a failure and i was forced to call ecobee's customer service to troubleshoot. In under 90 days of use, the item broke. It read the temperature in my house as -6f and was running the heater non-stop to raise the temperature. It would not let us shut it down, but when we did, it would recover intermittently with error messages related to humidity and temperature. . I'd like to talk about the experience you will have if you are forced to call customer service and why i feel ecobee has a ways to go to catch up with other hvac and home automation options with respect to troubleshooting and customer care. . Do not call ecobee unless you have a voltrometer, the presence of your hvac professional, jeweler's screwdrivers, a smartphone with a camera, three people, and an email. Not many homeowners have a voltrometer on hand, so be sure to pick one up while you are buying a space heater at home depot. I know you have a c wire, but if you threw away the box with the power jumper that was included with the box (because you didn't need it), you should probably hang up and fire up that space heater. . We had to call twice because of missing requirements (the voltrometer and our hvac professional). A total of 2 hours and 25 minutes were spent on the phone with ecobee customer support. . Be prepared to spend 50 minutes on hold before your call is answered. Then be prepared to spend an additional 90 minutes troubleshooting your installation, wiring, and system. Despite mounting evidence that the issue is with the unit itself, the customer service rep was forced to have us perform new and sillier resolutions. Our hvac guy determined it was the ecobee in under 20 minutes, but thankfully stayed around while we made the call and saved us from vague instructions. He remarked that there was a potential to short the circuit board on our new heater if we weren't careful with the remediation requests (i. E. Shutting off power before switching wires). The customer service rep provided those instructions in the wrong order when relaying them to us. The hvac professional also noted two troubleshooting instructions that were redundant based on the numbers from the voltrometer. It's safe to say he won't be recommending this unit to his customers based on what he heard over the phone and that's unfortunate because it's a very nice unit. . After approximately 90 minutes on the phone, the customer service rep requested the following photographic evidence:. (1) a picture of the wiring at the device. (2) a picture of the voltrometer measuring the wires and in spec. That took three people to complete. (did he not believe us when we gave the measurement over the phone? ). (3) a picture of our heater and the wiring there. . The rep would be unable to issue a replacement unit without this photographic evidence. Each picture had to be emailed, inspected, and then approval had to be obtained from his supervisor before he could issue the rma. For a thermostat that had an error message on it that was very clearly the ecobee's failure. . Upon issuance of the rma, we are to take a picture of the front and back of the unit and send them the serial number via email. Nevermind that it's registered in their systems when we purchased it and set it up. . Dearest ecobee customer service management: if the c wire is checking out in spec, and the ecobee is saying that it can't tell the temperature (it wasn't -6f in my house this morning) , can't tell the humidity, displays multiple error messages followed by a bee flying around for 10 minutes on the screen, it's ok to let logic rule. My time, and the time of an hvac professional, are valuable, expensive, and most of all not yours to waste. Your customer service was frustrating. This is not the fault of the poor guy who had to give us redundant instructions; i lay this blame on you squarely and i need you to understand that this was the worst customer service experience i've had in over 5 years. It's memorably bad. . Contrast this with other home automation and thermostat providers i've had experience with and it reminds me that ecobee has a way to go. This item is in my house running my heat - it's not some ancillary item i can do without in the winter. . Tldr: ecobee broke in under 90 days, customer service had us go through unnecessary remediation (such as changing wires even though we had established the wires were functioning in spec) and then provide excessive documentation before agreeing to possibly send out a replacement unit, but only after we provided more documentation. Meanwhile, i had to hook up a back-up thermostat so i didn't freeze (for those wondering, the back up is working).

K. Anonymous, Maryland

Extra sensor shows 4 degrees warmer than actual temperature. Very disappointed, as the extra sensor was why we bought this thermostat in the first place instead of a nest. Will be returning unless we are able to get a replacement sensor. If so, i will update my review.

N. Kellie, Northern Territory says

I bought an ecobee3 just over 13 months ago. Out of those 13 months, only 7 months produced the monthly reports. These reports are the only insight provided into savings so since i only receive 54% of the reports it is hard to know where i stand. . The daily reports are nice and give some interesting insight. They are about an hour and a half behind real time so if you're wondering if your system has been running for a while, check back later. That is assuming the device isn't rebooting frequently which was a recent problem i stumbled upon. Was a simple fix but went days before i noticed, the device itself did not provide any notifications or warnings. . I like the ecobee3 website and ios application, easy to see the current temperature and make adjustments as needed. Reports are only available through the website.

Q. Sheila, Massachusetts

Installation was a breeze with very clear instructions and initial setup was done in a few minutes. Got it running immediately and connected to apple homekit. I've had it for a month now and it has dropped connection with homekit 3x. Trying to get it connected back to homekit was a tedious and frustrating process that i finally gave up and just use the ecobee app instead. I hope this pairing connectivity gets better but until then just giving you a word of notice.

B. Meghan, City of Bristol says

The product works well but has an incredibly dumb flaw. In fact i would give it 5 stars if it was not for the following. It basically picks up other sensors from other ecobee users close to your vicinity. What this means is that you will constantly (and i mean every 10 seconds) get an alert message on whether or not you would like to pair ecobee to "x" sensor. Hit "no" and the message just keeps popping up, hit "yes" (for whatever reason) and it will just try to connect for about 2 minutes and give you an error message of "unable to connect". After this, its just back to the same notification. . I've had this unit for about a year and no issues until recently (about a month now). So either ecobee screwed up with one of their system updates, or this problem was always present and one of my many neighbors have only recently bought an ecobee. So now instead of being able to see useful info displayed on my unit - like room temperature, outside temperature, humidity etc - all you can see is an annoying sensor connect request message, until you actually walk up to your ecobee and hit "no" to sensor connect notification displayed. . I contacted customer service and they said to either wait until other person properly connects their sensor, or until said sensor's battery dies out. Hope this review helps. Do not buy this product until this is fixed. You will regret it.

M. Bullock, Knowsley

After a quick setup, most of everything works fine. I choose ecobee3 over nest for more direct control of the available features. I like the ability to use separate temperature sensors. At night when we go to bed i can specify the bedroom sensors. . The only two issues i have is the following. 1. There is an issue with the ecobee3 not reporting the current weather forecast and instead shows a "sad cloud" icon. See attached image. 2. Better integration with smartthings over the basic integration of the default app. It would be awesome if you can set the thermostat to match the smartthings automation of "goodbye! " or "i'm back". Utilization of other non-ecobee3 sensors would be great. . My review will be updated if these issues are resolved.

D. Reed, Quebec says

Decent product but for the money the features are not worth the price tag. Owned this device for a couple years now. It is nice that it works with alexa however still does not talk to google so you need to pick your home automation carefully. For the money i advise a smart honeywell thermostat. A third of the price of the ecobee with most of the features (including working with alexa). The weather app included on the thermostat itself also doesn't sync to my local time. Contacted ecobee support and never resolved the issue.

Y. Carmen, Schleswig-Holstein

Very easy interface and looks really nice. The app works just like the touch screen on the unit itself. I love being able to control my thermostat remotely. This is well designed and very simple to operate. . One thing i don't like is how it reads the temp. I think it's off by 3-4 degrees. I feel like the house is much colder at the same temperature i set my old thermostat at. I haven't had it long enough to notice a savings but i'm hoping it helps in that respect.

X. Eva, Kentucky says

We like the controls for this unit, but for some reason the thermostat produces a little heat and causes it to read the room as warmer than it really is. It is usually 4 or 5 degrees warmer that the area around it. We have an infrared heat sensor that tells us exact temps, so we know for sure. If you put your hand on the unit you can feel that it is warm. So in the summer when you want to set the temp to about 70, you have to set it to 75 to feel comfortable, and sometimes that can be too cold. We have read of others who noticed this problem, and have had a poor response from the manufacturer, but we have not attempted to contact them. We will probably take it back to walmart where we bought it, since it is still under their warranty.

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