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Price was $76.00. If this thing holds up, it's perfect. Snagged it for $100 and am impressed with the quality for the price. Sure it's not perfect, tab tensioned, electric, and acoustically transparent. But it's $100ish, and takes ten minutes to install. I sure hope it lasts a few years before the mechanism has issues. . My speakers wound up being behind it (l and r, center channel peaks out a bit). It sounds fine. The image is great, bright, with a 2100 lumen epson.

-. Shirley

Manual b, 100-inch 16:9, manual pull down projector screen 4k / 8k ultra hdr 3d ready slow retract mechanism, 2-year warranty, elite screens manual b series is a great choice for any home/business/professional video presentations. it is easy to install and comes an auto-lock mechanism that allows for various -elite screens manual b, 100-inch 16:9, manual pull down projector screen 4k / 8k ultra hdr 3d ready slow retract mechanism, 2-year warranty, m100h

  • Extras: Maxwhite B; A 8k / 4k Ultra Hd And Active 3d Ready Front Projection Screen Material Featuring A 180 Viewing Angle And 1. 0 Gain. Fully Black Backed, Mildew Resistant And Easy To Clean Surface. Greenguard And Greenguard Gold Certified. Compatible With Standard Uhd/hd Projectors.
  • Extras: Features A 2-inch Interval Auto-lock Mechanism That Allow For Various Height Settings And A Screen Lanyard For Easy Pull Down.

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This screen is awesome! it is my first screen but it is great. I purchased the 120" screen so i can move it when needed but it is as big as i could fit in my room. It provides great color and can be viewed off to the side as well. For the money you can not go wrong with this screen. The Best manual b manual pull down projector ( Mar 2020 ) | Elite Screens-Ce Accessory Review Extras Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M100H 100-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio. view size: 49. 0" h x 87. 0" w. overall size: 59. 8" h x 93. 8" w x 2. 8" d. white case.. Maxwhite b; a 8k / 4k ultra hd and active 3d ready front projection screen material featuring a 180 viewing angle and 1. 0 gain. fully black backed, mildew resistant and easy to clean surface. greenguard and greenguard gold certified. compatible with standard uhd/hd projectors.. Features a 2-inch interval auto-lock mechanism that allow for various height settings and a screen lanyard for easy pull down. Easily installs to wall or ceiling. mounting kit included (wood screws x2, dry wall anchor x2). 2-year / 3-year enr-g, manufactures warranty by elite screens' an iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 and lifetime tech support by email, web chat or toll free phone call by elite's professional service team. .

Elite Screens Manual B, 100-inch 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4k / 8k Ultra Hdr 3d Ready With Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-year Warranty, M100h Review (m100h)

Screen is as described, and basically works. Retract mechanism is fine, and seems to re-position quite well, i never have to adjust the projector. Using this as a "temporary" setup, will probably get a tab-tension powered screen at some point. It does work plenty well enough to watch movies, etc. . Currently using with an epson ultrabright series home theater projector, in a room with good, but not total, light control. The pj is great, by the way, almost any of them in the ub series are highly recommended. . This screen does have a few large waves or wrinkles. These become apparent in certain pan shots, and/or flat white illumination. 99% of the time you don't see them. I expected this, at least a little bit, on a manual screen at this price point. -K. Lisa

Elite Screens Manual 100 Inch Projector

  1. AspectRatio: 16:9
  2. Class: Electronics
  3. Brand: Elite Screens
  4. Color: MaxWhite B
  5. EAN: 7426800752742
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:52.40 inches
    Length:2.50 inches
    Weight:17.60 pounds
    Width:93.80 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Elite Screens Inc.
  8. Model: M100H
  9. MPN: M100H
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: M100H
  13. Type: Speakers
  14. Category: CE ACCESSORY
  15. ReleaseDate: 2018-08-01
  16. Size: 100" / 16:9
  17. UPC: 848448006907
  18. Warranty: 2-year Parts And Labor

manual b, 100-inch 16:9, manual pull down projector screen 4k / 8k ultra hdr 3d ready slow retract mechanism, 2-year warranty, Speakers, Elite screens manual b series is a great choice for any home/business/professional video presentations. it is easy to install and comes with an auto-lock mechanism that allows for various height settings. manual b series features include: sturdy steel casing in your choice of black or white finish flush wall or ceiling installation auto-lock mechanism for aspect ratio versatility 2-year manufactures warranty and lifetime product support by elite screens; a iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 manual b series includes elite screens' maxwhite front projection screen material which features: 180 wide viewing angle 1. 1 gain active 3d, 4k/8k ultra hd, and hdr ready! black-backed for a bright image four sides of black masking borders black backed to prevent light penetration/loss greenguard & greenguard gold certified * minor waves may appear on the screen when first use, it can be easily removed by applying heat from a common blow dryer at the medium setting making sure to apply heat consistently in a circular motion to prevent a burn to the surface. * *manual b series screens are not recommended for ultra short throw or short throw projectors elite screens is focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices while offering exceptional service. since 2004, elite screens has become a global leader in projection screen manufacturing through its headquarters in the us and branch offices in europe, japan, australia, india, taiwan, and china. with a focus on superior product and service, elite screens is dedicated to making projection screens for any projection environment. ask about elite s 2-year warranty and 3-year enr-g enhanced warranty. Elite Screens Manual 100 Inch Projector (M100H-Elite Screens).

Elite Screens Manual 100 Inch Projector Speakers

  • My husband decided he wanted to set up kind of a home theatre thing in the living room. We had a pretty small budget and don't know anyone with a home theatre to compare how ours turned out to. Obviously not going to be to the same level as those professionally installed thousands of dollars setups you see photos of online, but we figured we could still probably set up something usable. This screen seems good to me- a big, flat white surface to project an image on to in a durable feeling metal casing. Installation was minimally frustrating, due mostly to the fact it's kind of an awkward thing to hang perfectly straight. Once hung, it is so much better than having a large tv that is ever present, this thing rolls up and "disappears" when not in use, allowing for a much bigger viewing surface than we could have ever afforded in a tv. Seems to pull down/roll up pretty smoothly. Again, i don't really have any experience with screens to compare the quality of this one to, but to me, it seems just fine and like it does what it should do.
  • Self-roll-back feature works great. There were still some waves on the canvas toward the bottom edge, despite the fiberglass backing, but i'm trying to see if they will flatten out over time. . The first screen arrived damaged due to improper ups handling-one of the plastic ends that's used to hang the screen was shattered to pieces. The rest of the screen was fine. The replacement screen arrived quickly (thanks, online store! ) and thankfully without any shipping damage despite some dents in the box. While most of the screen is well protected with the shipping box and padding, the plastic ends don't have enough protection, in my opinion. I'm also baffled by the fact that they are made of plastic, but i trust elite screens to know the security of their own design. Just a bit odd to be hanging a huge very heavy screen only by 2 bolts, one on each end, inserted into relatively thin plastic. But now that the screen is up, it seems to be fixed reassuringly firmly on my wall. Bonus for including long mounting bolts and drywall anchors in the package. . I'm subtracting a solid star for the great difficulty with which i can (or rather can't) lock the screen at certain extended length. For instance if i want to unroll the 4:3 screen to 16x9 size, locking it down to the nearest 1" even is difficult. Stop-lock intervals are listed as . 78 inches, but actually getting the screen to lock at those intervals is very difficult. It usually keeps rolling up past the point you want it to stop at more often than not. It takes many times of pulling the screen a bit downward and gently letting it go up, trying to get it to lock at a certain length. I've marked an erasable thin white dotted line on the black outer frame where the 16x9 aspect ratio is-where i initially had it measured and locked. But getting the screen unrolled and locked back at that position is a challenge and takes at least a few tries. Of course if you're always going to use this screen at the full 4:3 aspect ratio, it's not something you need to worry about. . I was going to subtract a star for the odd choice of paint color for the white screen housing, but decided not to, though it does bother me. The color is not actually white but is rather an odd pearl off-white with a strong lavender-pink tint. Against the pure white wall trim behind the screen, which the housing was intended to match, the top housing looks positively lavender. I've placed other white objects near the housing, and against each it is visibly lavender-pearl off-white. By comparison, my previous da-lite screen with white housing had a more typical flat white powdercoated finish. Just fyi if you're very picky about your screen matching the surroundings and expect pure white. One solution would be to paint the housing carefully to match wall color, though i'm not sure if that affects manufacturer's warranty.
  • When i bought this it had a few minor waves in it. I was hoping they would disappear and i let it hang rather than rolling it back up most of the time in the hopes they would go away. Unfortunately they seem to have become worse. I am currently trying to get the screen changed out and have submitted a request to do so with elite screens. During my initial discussion with them they told me that the level of waves was normal for a 120 inch screen but when i indicated this was not acceptable they directed me to a form on their website which i have now filled out. I am hoping i just received a defective screen. I will update this review with the results of the exchange attempt and the quality of the replacement screen.
  • I've had the screen for just over a year now. I'm the only one who ever pulled it down, and i always made sure to be gentle. Last night, two days before my annual nfl kickoff party, the adhesive holding the screen to the rolling mechanism gave out and the screen came completely off. I've spent all day trying to reach their warranty department, seeing that it's still under the 2 year mark, but i've gotten no answer.
  • The screens are nice and professional looking. However. . It's listed as prime (i assumed 2 day shipping) but i received it in 6 business days. Nothing major, but annoying. . The first one arrived with the handle ripped off. Called online store and they shipped a new one. I was told they would send it faster this time. . The 2nd one arrived 5 business days later. Handle was fine but it had nasty creases throughout the center of the screen. Every foot, starting from the top to the bottom, there was a foot long crease. These creases were visible in the image, especially for light colors. Called online store and they shipped me a new one. . The 3rd one is on it's way. I'm hoping this one arrives in decent condition. At this point, as long as the handle is in tact and any creases that may be on it are not visible, i will settle for it. Because they are nice looking, the mechanics work well, and the price is very affordable.

manual b manual pull down projector Elite Screens Manual B, 100-INCH 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 8K Ultra HDR 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-YEAR WARRANTY, M100H (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Update 2/17/18 : i m giving it 4 stars instead of the initial 2, this because some part of the wrinkles were lest noticeable after some days. . First review:. Well i bought this 84 inch screen around 2 weeks ago mainly to have family movie nights and of course watching the super bowl in something bigger than my 50 inch tv. . The quality you get from projecting onto this screen is good, but it has some issues. . The packaging came out good, no dents or nothing regarding the shipping, but after hanging this screen so it could vent the odor which for me is tolerable, i started inspecting the screen and found three things concerning me. . First was the bottom center part of the screen where it has some wrinkes, the second one was the right side that looks kind of bent and the third one is on the sides that tends to fold towards the inside, i let it stay down for 2 days and the screen remains the same without any noticeable changes. . I will be keeping this screen since the issues for me are tolerable by 60-40 and it won t hold me back from watching movies on this screen, but definitely not the quality i was looking for especially for the reputation that elite screens has. (i used to install night clubs audio, lighting and video systems in méxico). . I know what i was getting for the price and for being a pull down screen, but given that elite screen is a top brand, i trusted i wouldn t have this kind of issues even having read some bad reviews here. . I am happy with my purchase but not completely satisfied, in the future i will go with a fixed screen instead of a pull down and avoid this type of situations. . I will keep updating, in the meantime enjoy the show.

Elite Screens Manual B, 100-inch 16:9, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4k / 8k Ultra Hdr 3d Ready Slow Retract Mechanism, 2-year Warranty, M100h
Click to see NoticeElite Screens Manual 100 Inch Projector (m100h)"Boy was i surprised by this screen. I bought this on a whim, after shopping for days, trying to decide on tensioned vs non-tensioned, motor or no-motor. Dalite vs elite vs really expensive. This screen exceeded all expectations. My intended usage was for rare game parties or dinners and occasional group movies and slide shows. I put a larger chunk of money into a home theater projector, that i take out of the cabinet when needed. . This unit is quite long, but only 5" thick in maximal direction. The case is hexagonal. The delivery box is imposing at 8+ feet long. The unit comes with two carabiner style clips for mounting. I bought some cheap chain, two more carabiners, and two 50lb test eye bolts at the local ace hardware store, and mounted it easily. The screen pulls down with about 4lb. Of force, and has a slow auto-retract mechanism which works fine. There were no wrinkles even on first use, but i did let it hang for a day anyway. I perceived some mild fabric waviness towards one side, but it was unnoticeable in use with an image projected on it, mainly, i think because the wow factor of seeing an image on a screen this large outweighs any subtle imperfections. Viewing distance in my case is between 8 and 15 ft. . My one tiny issue is that it would be nice if the pull down handle had a clip to keep it from hanging down. I fixed it with some velcro tape. In summary, i am very happy with this purchase. For the online store price this is a steal."

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(2) Question: It has quite a strong smell, any suggestions for getting rid of it?

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector

Discover your new home entertainment hub with the home cinema 2150 wireless projector, delivering full hd content from a variety of devices. Get widescreen 1080p images up to 11 feet or more over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel. Offering 2, 500 lumens of color/white brightness (1), the projector delivers vibrant images. Stream movies, games and more from wireless or wired hdmi devices with 2x hdmi ports, miracast and mhl (2) support. It also features amazing dynamic contrast up to 60, 000:1. With 3lcd technology, there s no rainbow effect. Plus, enjoy hd content out of the box with vertical lens shift, 1. 6x zoom and a built-in 10 w speaker 1. Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with idms 15. 4; white light output measured in accordance with iso 21118. 2. Includes one mobile high-definition link (mhl) hdmi port. 3. Depending on your mhl device, charging may not be supported. 4. Color brightness (color light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with idms 15. 4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 5. Gamut volume in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in 3d in the cie l*a*b* coordinate space. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 6. For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site. 7. Smartway is an innovative partnership of the u. S. Environmental protection agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projectorEpson-Cinema-Wireless-Miracast-projector

Brand :    epson
Weight :    7.70 pounds
Model :    HC2150
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 2150 Wireless 1080p Miracast, 3LCD projector available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $749.99 (was $837.78)
  • Bright - ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has 2, 500 lumens of equal color and white brightness (1).
  • Stream hd tv, movies, videos and games - supports mhl-enabled devices (2) for mirroring and charging (3). color processing : full 10 bits. lamp type:200 w uhe
  • Amazing dynamic contrast ratio - up to 60, 000:1 for even richer detail in dark scenes and enhanced projection technology - image enhancement and frame interpolation for smooth, sharp, true-to-life images
  • Widescreen full hd 1080p entertainment up to 11 feet (132 inches diagonal) or more - over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel.
  • Wireless screen mirroring - mirror device photos, videos and apps using miracast (android/windows 8. 1/10).

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Bring the cinematic experience into your home with the affordable 3, 000 lumens optoma hd143x 1080p home theater projector. The 23, 000:1 contrast ratio, reference display mode, and rec. 709 color support delivers extraordinary video quality perfect for movies, sports and gaming. Pair the optoma hd143x with a blu-ray player, high-performance gaming pc or console and transform your living room into a big-screen home theater. The vivid colors, deep black levels and crisp details make it a must-have for watching hollywood blockbusters and gaming. A pair of hdmi inputs and usb power provides easy connectivity to the latest hd video streaming devices and gaming consoles to the optoma hd143x. The 1. 1x zoom ensures flexible mounting and installation.

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-HD143X-Lumens-Theater-Projector

Price :    $489.99
  • Amazing 12, 000 hour lamp life reduces overall cost of ownership. keystone correction - vertical 40
  • Bright and colorful 3, 000 lumens with a 23, 000:1 contrast ratio. brilliantcolor dazzles with vibrant colors
  • Reference display mode enables accurate rec. 709 color. screen size: 28 - 301inches. lamp life (hours) 3500 (bright), 12000 (dynamic), 10000 (eco)
  • Full hd 1080p resolution delivers stunning movies and games. throw ratio(d:w): 1. 47:1 - 1. 62:1. audible noise: 27. 0 db
  • Pc compatibility is fhd, uxga, sxga, wxga, hd, xga, svga, vga, mac. 2d compatibility is ntsc m/j, 3. 58mhz, 4. 43mhz pal b/d/g/h/i/m/n, 4, 43mhz secam b/d/g/k/k1/l, 4. 25/4. 4mhz 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60hz), 1080i(50/60hz), 1080p(50/60hz). 3d compatibility is side-by-side:1080i50 / 60, 720p50 / 60 frame-pack: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60 over-under: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60. 3d is full 3d
Brand :    optoma
Weight :    5.50 pounds
Model :    HD143X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector available ( Mar 2020 )

Cloud Mountain 120 Inch HD 1:1 Pull Down Projector Manual Projection Screen Auto Lock Home Theater 1.3 Gain

Cloud mountain manual pull down projection screen will provide the perfect platform to create your own home theater experience or business presentation application. Hang this screen just like a large picture frame at home, in the office, or any other occasion that requires a high quality picture in a minimal space. The projection screen arrives fully assembled and can be easily installed to your wall or ceiling. Manual screen lanyard is easy for operation, and it allows screen's pull down handle to be reached from high areas. Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction, and 4-side black masking borders enhances picture contrast. The acoustic pro uhd screen offers a gain factor of 1. 3 making this suitable for led, lcd and dlp projectors. Specification: *viewing area: 84"*84" *diagonal: 120" *aspect ratio: 1:1 *gain: 1. 3 *screen fabric: acoustic pro uhd *viewing angle: 160 degree *include manual projector screen *1, instruction manual*1 *folded: 90. 6"(l) x 3. 9"(w) x 3. 1"(h) *unfolded: 84"(l) x 84"(w) please note: pay attention to the diagonal and size. We are not responsible for return of wrong bought.

Cloud Mountain 120 Inch HD 1:1 Pull Down Projector Manual Projection Screen Auto Lock Home Theater 1.3 GainCloud-Mountain-120-Inch-Projection

Brand :    cloud mountain
Color :    Manual Pull Down Screen
Size :    120" 1:1
Weight :    15.20 pounds
  • Easily use: features a 2-inch interval auto-lock mechanism and a screen lanyard for easy pull down .
  • Perfect for: dual wall and ceiling installation design. ideal for home theater, public display, business, classroom etc.
  • Dimension: 120" diagonal, 1:1 aspect ratio, screen area: 84. 0" w x 84. 0" h.
  • Great experience: 1. 3 gain, 160 degrees viewing angle with no resolution loss
  • High contrast: four side black borders enhance picture contrast
Price :    $59.99
Model :    CM0025-VE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (cloud mountain product review) for Cloud Mountain 120 Inch HD 1:1 Pull Down Projector Manual Projection Screen Auto Lock Home Theater 1.3 Gain available ( Mar 2020 )

Mount Factory Universal Low Profile Ceiling Projector Mount - White

This premium projector mount is ideal for use in a home or office. This durable, all-metal construction unit has a universal mounting pattern that fits almost all projectors up to 30 pounds. The low profile design holds the projector approximately 6 inches from the ceiling to keep it out of the way and is a true space saver. This mount is loaded with versatile features such as +15 to -15 degree tilt (pitch), a dynamic 360 degree rotation (left to right), side shift, and roll capability. This item was designed for easy installation with user-friendly construction and a main component that is pre-assembled right out of the box. The ceiling mounted base is equipped with convenient quick connect hooks so you can easily attach or detach the projector safely. This unit comes with the projector mount, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.

Mount Factory Universal Low Profile Ceiling Projector Mount - WhiteMount-Factory-Universal-Profile-Projector

Brand :    mount factory
Color :    White
Model :    PRO-PJ135W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Fully adjustable: side shift, pitch, roll, rotate, and quick disconnect
  • Universal mounting pattern and compatability for most projectors
  • Space saving ceiling mount
  • Simple secure installation
  • Sturdy steel frame; rated for projectors up to 30 pounds
Price :    $12.68 (was $13.99)
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (mount factory product review) for Mount Factory Universal Low Profile Ceiling Projector Mount - White available ( Mar 2020 )

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p 3,100 lumens color brightness color light output 3,100 lumens white brightness white light output 2x HDMI 1x MHL built-in speakers 3LCD projector

Portable, bright and easy to use, the home cinema 1060 projector delivers larger-than-life full hd entertainment at home. Get widescreen images up to 300" up to 25x larger than a 60" flat panel in 1080p. Easily connect blu-ray disc, gaming, streaming and mhl-enabled devices via 2x hdmi ports (1). Featuring 3, 100 lumens of color/white brightness (2), the 1060 delivers vibrant images. Plus, epson 3lcd projectors deliver remarkable color accuracy, with up to 3x higher color brightness (3) and up to 3x wider color gamut (4) over competitive dlp projectors and no rainbow effect. And, get dynamic contrast up to 15, 000:1, a built-in speaker, and setup tools. 1. Includes one mobile high-definition link (mhl) hdmi port. 2. Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with idms 15. 4; white light output measured in accordance with iso 21118. 3. Color brightness (color light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with idms 15. 4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 4. Gamut volume in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in 3d in the cie l*a*b* coordinate space. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 5. Depending on your mhl device, charging may not be supported. 6. For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site. 7. Smartway is an innovative partnership of the u. S. Environmental protection agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p 3,100 lumens color brightness color light output 3,100 lumens white brightness white light output 2x HDMI 1x MHL built-in speakers 3LCD projectorEpson-Cinema-brightness-speakers-projector

Brand :    epson
Color :    White
Size :    60 inches
Weight :    5.60 pounds
Model :    HC1060
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p 3,100 lumens color brightness color light output 3,100 lumens white brightness white light output 2x HDMI 1x MHL built-in speakers 3LCD projector available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $639.00 (was $649.88)
  • Remarkable color accuracy - up to 3x higher color brightness (3) and up to 3x wider color gamut (4) with epson over dlp projectors.
  • Widescreen full hd 1080p entertainment - life-sized images up to 25x larger than a 60" flat panel, on virtually any blank wall or screen. throw ratio range is 1. 02 to 1. 23. projected distance size is 30 to 300 inch
  • Bright - ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has 3, 100 lumens of color/white brightness (2).
  • Innovative 3lcd technology - amazing action scenes with no rainbow effect. pc and mac compatible. note-internal speaker is disabled when an external device is connected. if you are using an hdmi connection to the projector, you may need to reduce the projector speaker volume to zero (0), or make sure that the correct audio output is selected on your device
  • Versatile connectivity - 2x hdmi ports (1x mhl) to connect your cable/satellite box, blu-ray disc player, gaming console or streaming device.

Manual Screen Projector Screen Projection 16:9 Pull Down HD Movie Screen Home Theater

This is a great choice as an entry level projection screen at a budget-friendly price. This ultra hd ready material not only provides a 160 viewing angle with perfect diffusion uniformity but also retains precise definition, image color reproduction and black/white contrast for a beautifully crisp picture. The screen is rolled in a sturdy steel case that can easily flush mount to your wall or hangs your ceiling or brackets.

Manual Screen Projector Screen Projection 16:9 Pull Down HD Movie Screen Home TheaterManual-Screen-Projector-Projection-16

Brand :    fdw
Model :    MS-0169
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
  • Wide compatibility our projector screen is an affordable solution for professional or personal projection needs. our movie screen compatible with most led, lcd or dlp projectors, our theater screen brings a wonderful viewing experience at a low cost. projection screen movie screen theater screen
  • Enhanced image quality this home theater projection screen has a standard black backing material that eliminates light penetration, with a 4-side black edging that enhances picture contrast. agile viewing capacity of our movie screen enables usage in any places: home, school, office, classroom, backyard; our projector screen on any venues: presentations, conferences, weddings; for any entertainments: sport events, movies, video gaming. movie screen projector screen hd projector screen
  • Premium matte white fabric projector screen with stand and wrinkle-free matte oxford on tripod gives you a proper view. perfect 16:9 hd projection screen gives impeccable viewing experience due to wide angle with 1. 3 gain reflection and versatile height adjustment. our theater screen clearer and less reflective screen with a wider viewing angle so you don't need to sit directly in front of the screen on movie nights. projector screen hd projection screen theater screen
  • Fast 2 minutes setup our theater screen made of durable steel casing with plastic ends- white, wall or ceiling assembly, simple plug and play system. and we provide clear instructions of our movie screen for your reference. don't worry about installation of our projector screen movie screen projector screen hd projector screen
  • Perfect to small space our movie screen is ideal for smaller rooms or apartments. our projector screen doesn't take up any space, efficiently improve space utilization. we are highly recommended to use our theater screen for the owner of the small space. projection screen movie screen theater screen
Price :    $45.99
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (fdw product review) for Manual Screen Projector Screen Projection 16:9 Pull Down HD Movie Screen Home Theater available ( Mar 2020 )

elite screens manual b, 100-inch 16:9, manual pull down projector screen 4k / 8k ultra hdr 3d ready with slow retract mechanism, 2-year warranty, m100h Price : 68, was : 76 as 2018-12-02
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If my previous 72" screen was like having the movie theater at my house, then this 120" is like having imax at my house! (relatively speaking of course). . Just stunning. Movies, games, & sports are just massive on this thing. I've always kept a 50" hdtv in the same room so i don't burn up all my lamp hours on my projector for just my 'casual' gaming and 'casual' sports watching. But with this new screen, it's getting much harder to do that. . Best screen for the money anywhere. The material and construction are quality. Don't let the price fool you. I would highly recommend for any home theater enthusiast looking to upgrade as i did. Yes, elite screens is a quality brand if you were wondering like i was. I can testify to that now. . I've had this for a month now. I just love the manual slow retract feature. This helps a lot because i have this hanging from a 9' high ceiling. It has retracted successfully each time for the past month, no hangups or getting stuck. And it will lock into place at any level you want it, not just preset positions. The feature works very well. The smell isn't that bad and is nothing funky or anything. It's just the factory smell of fresh vinyl. It doesn't fill the room. It goes away after a few minutes and only comes back after fully retracting and un-retracting again. Seriously, not really a big deal. It gets less and less with time. . Again, this was an upgrade to my current home theater setup and i had already sworn off going to local theaters with my old screen, except for 1 or 2 summer blockbusters. Now this has really kept me from the local cineplex for another thousand years!

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(0) Question: Can you buy replacement parts, for example if the end piece breaks (mine did)?

(1) Question: Is the screen white?

(2) Question: How far apart are the screw holes on either end? i will be mounting this on two 6 inch beams on my covered porch. as long as holes not 90 in apart.

(3) Question: What is difference between black & white casing and which is the better size(120"/150") for lg pa75u led projector

(4) Question: How bad does the texture show on this screen?

(5) Question: Are there loops on the corners for hanging? otherwise how does it hang from the ceiling? thanks

(6) Question: Srm pro series has the height locking right?

(7) Question: What does the "extra 24 inch drop" mean?

(8) Question: Which bracket do you recommend for a wall mount? what is the depth from the wall once it is installed with brackets?

(9) Question: 100 inch 16:9 ratio did someone use it with epson 2030 in full dark room?

(10) Question: Can this be used in front of a window? is is elimination of light penetration good enough for that?

(11) Question: The springs 135' started to get loose. when i open the screen it rolls up slowly without locking itself in place. anyway to tighten the springs?

(12) Question: Does it come with mounting brackets ? or do we have to buy them to install it on a wall ?

(13) Question: Does the screen come with all the mounting hardware? or do we have to buy any additional hardware(brackets n screws) i am interested in 16:9 120inch

(14) Question: Does the 16:9 80" manual come in a white casing option?

(15) Question: What is the difference between aspect ratios?

(16) Question: It says it needs 2 aa batteries, why?

(note) Question: where/how to get Elite Screens (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Elite Screens's products

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I got this screen to put up in my basement. I plan to use it for the occasional movie or video game played from my epson pro ex9210 projector. . The screen arrived without any damage to the packaging but when i got it unpacked i noticed that the metal housing looked twisted, you could tell because the ends were out of line with each other. I don't believe this was from shipping but how it was at the time of its manufacture. I found that you could easily twist the housing so i am hoping that once hung it straightens itself out after a while. . I put the screen up by buying some screw eyes, s-hooks, and about a foot of chain. The screen didn't line up with the floor joists so i put the screw eyes in the joists and attached the chain with s-hooks. I then hooked the screen to the chain with more s-hooks. It worked out pretty well. . Yeah, the screen stunk like everyone complains about but it seems to diminish over time. I like that the screen has a slow retract feature but it could be 2x to 4x faster than it is. It retracts very slowly; so slow that i thought the screen was broke and wouldn't retract at first. . In the end, my projections look good on it and i am overall happy with it considering the price. If i have any problems down the road i'll be sure to come back and update my review.

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I waited quite a while before reviewing this screen. The first thing i need to bring to everyone s attention is that the screen retracts very slowly all by itself. You merely pull to release it from it s locked position and it slowly rolls back up. There s a youtube video about the screen you can look up too. All in all, this screen is absolutely perfect. I mounted it to my ceiling via 2 caribeaner clips. Installation was done in seconds and it s funcioned wonderfully and produced a wrinkle free and crisp picture every time i use it. There is absolutely no wrinkles or creases. Buy with confidence!

Z. Bullock, Blackpool

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H. Guest, Sachsen-Anhalt says

This simple-design pull-down screen fits perfectly in our home cinema. After opening and mounting it to the wall, the screen pulled down easily; there were no wrinkles or waves or other disturbances in the screen. The image from our projector was very clean and crisp. Based on the hdmi connection to the projector, the elongated screen size fits our tv image and xbox gameplay perfectly. I mounted this screen to our 8 foot high ceiling (see note 1); when we pull the screen down to its maximum length, there is plenty of space between the floor and the bottom of the screen. . Note 1: picture 7 of this item on the online store webpage (the zoomed in picture of a metal mounting bracket with multiple anchor points) is not the bracket that comes with this screen; this is falsely advertising what you receive. The actual bracket that you receive with this screen is a plastic bracket with a single screw for each side (look very closely at picture 3 for a general idea). This plastic bracket does not allow you to mount the screen to the ceiling; it is configured for wall mount only. The screen comes with 2 screws and 2 drywall anchors. I had bin these and build an l-shaped wooden mounting bracket to attach this screen to the ceiling. It is for this reason alone that i bumped the item down from 5 stars to 4 stars. . Note 2. Due to the size of the screen & shipping container (120"), this item arrived via special delivery/courier (not usps or other major shipper).

J. Heidi, Hammersmith and Fulham

I've been a home theater enthusiast since the 90's. I've owned and built a handful of fixed frame screens and tweaked and nodded them over the years with d65 grey, screen goo, mississippi mud mix and a few other hobbyist screen treatments. Each of these projects had their pros and cons but compared to this very reasonably priced manual pull down i've got to say i like this screen best. I am pleasantly surprised it arrived in tip top shape and after several trials of the mechanics up and down shows no sign of any defects or warping. The image is incredibly uniform across this screen. I'd previously used a 100" fixed frame but swapped it to this pro fiberglass backed 100" manual so i can put it away and let my toddler watch cartoons on a regular tv in the same room. The really striking thing about this screen to me is the calibration to my previous diy d65 grey screen matches this screen exactly. The blacks have the detail and the whites and colors pop just right. I'm an experienced eye for cheaper screen technology and i can say without regret i will be keeping an eye on this company for future projects. Fit and finish and performance of this screen for the cost is right on the money. Great job guys.

O. Brenda, Warrington says

Nice screen! 120" is pretty big. I put mine on the ceiling cuz my tv is on the wall, so when the screen is down the tv sits behind the screen.

M. Carolyn, Colorado

If you had to buy yourself only one gift this year, this is your gift. . Everything with this elite screens is just premium (the look & feel, packaging, functionality and its usage)! . . From the purchase of the elite screens manual srm pro to it's arrival just was fantastic. . The staff (jessie) at elite screens was just great. . The morning of the purchase, i have received a call from elite screens to thank me personally for the purchase and they went into detail to explain the after purchase process and the shipping freight service (great service)! . . The elite screens manual srm pro is just over the top and buy far the best purchase i have ever made at online store! . . This elite screens manual srm pro is just majestic. . I love the way the blu ray movies look on this 120" screen. . I have only had it for 1 night and i am wowed! . . I can't wait to get more movies on that screen. . I would definitely recommend this elite screens manual srm pro to anyone who has a projector! . . The quality is just great and i love all of the features that went into my elite screens manual srm pro. . In depth review and photos to follow!

U. Betty, Nottingham says

 when setting up my budget home theater, i considered building my own tensioner screen. Upon discovering this product, i opted to go the pull down screen route. . Picture quality is very good. I have added a few photos and a video for reference. I ve tested in low light and brighter conditions. Overall very pleased with it. . Installation is straightforward. I used concrete anchors to mount to the wall without incident. In hindsight, i wish i would have gotten the ceiling anchors to avoid drilling into my foundation. . The biggest issue with pull down screens is creasing. I let the screen hang for several days hoping it would work itself out. There is a distinct v shape. In the bottom middle you can see a little picture distortion. One site suggested direct sunlight. Others suggested a towel over the back of the screen and a hair dryer on low heat. . My solution was to purchase the 3m command picture hanging strips. I planned to leave the screen down all the time anyway. Using these i was able to create enough tension to work most of the creases out. . Again, for the money, this is a good product. Just make sure you have the correct expectations.

. Fabian, Brandenburg

Giving this 4 stars because of shipability. Mine came damaged like someone had tried to bend it in half. Since it's so long, it's almost a guarantee it will get damaged or dented in some way. . Installation to my ceiling was simple. The hanging points were spot on for stud mounting. My ceiling is 24" spacing. Bought some long eye bolts, measured and screwed them in. Got 2 bolt closing links to secure it to the eye bolts, hung the projector, then leveled it by screwing in or out the bolt on one side. . The screen has some waves on the sides that get better over time leaving it out. They haven't quite disappeared but are less noticeable. The fresh vinyl smell is also strong at first but goes away after about a week of leaving it out. The auto retract is nice and takes a little less than 10 seconds to retract i think.

G. Lorenz, Kentucky says

Very happy with this 80" screen. Lovely and bright, it's fine in every way as far as my eyes can tell, but i'm not sure what i should be looking for! pulls down and retracts easily (i've read some people saying they have to pull it down really hard to get it to retract, but mine is super easy, just the amount of pull you'd expect, i'm not at all alarmed or worried about the ceiling caving in! ). My only complaint is that there isn't a ceiling mounting option, so i had to use hooks and hang it from the ceiling (with a 4 or 5cm gap between ceiling and screen). However i was very impressed with elite who answered that particular query very quickly for me. Apparently the larger screens do have ceiling mount options for what it's worth.

C. Cunningham, District of Columbia

I've had this product for just a day and am very happy with it. It was easy to hang (i bought the wall mounts and would recommend to everyone that they do the same as it makes installation easy and feels sturdier than using the stock mounting bracket). The screen pulls out and retracts very smooth and the materials feel of good quality. . As other reviews have stated, there is a little bit of rippling at the bottom but it's hardly noticeable. I read about this before purchasing but for $130 bucks, i figured i'd take the risk. Honestly i can't even tell when i'm watching a movie. . The issue i have at this time is the smell. The screen gives of a chemically smell (which i've read about in most projector screens). I'm confident the smell will dissipate after a short time. . Overall i'm very happy with this product.

. Zelda, Peterborough says

I bought this screen to be used with my optoma zh400ust ultra short throw projector. I chose this particular model because it is one of the only manual tab-tension screen i can find on the market. For my purpose, it is perfect. For ust projectors, it is important to have a tensioned surface to project to, since the slightest wrinkle is exaggerated due to the extreme projection angle. The most ideal option is a fixed screen, but i like to have the option of putting the screen away since it is in my main living room. Thus, this is an ideal solution. . As expected, the case is super long, and a special delivery had to be arranged. But elite screen is competent in shipping, and the screen is well-packaged. It is long and heavier (50-60 lbs for the 100 inch model) than i expected, so definitely a 2-person job. Most of that weight is actually in the bar at the bottom of the screen and that is what provided the tension. . The only thing i can think of improving is the included mounting hardware. They really cheaped-out on this and the included stuff is unusable. I just spent a few bucks on the l brackets sold by elite screens and they work much better. . With a 1. 1 gain and white surface, images from my 4000 lumen laser projector look amazing in a light controlled environment, and watchable during the day. If you do your research, you can see that projection screens run from $100 to a few thousand dollars depending on the screen material. I think this one provides a good price-performance balance.

I. Carmen, Rheinland-Pfalz

The product after being unboxed was very high quality. I took great care installing it to maintain its pristine condition. I installed the product in my finished basement. There was an existing gather area that was perfect to add a 100 inch screen to. I have a drop down ceiling which made installation easy. I went to home depot and bought two large o-hooks and a decorative white chain that would compliment the outer metal base of the screen. I measured the proper distance following an existing wood beam of the house. I drilled in the o-hooks in (guaranteed not to fail) and attached the decorative white chain to the elite screen and the installed o-hook. I raised the screen to the proper height and secured the connections. I made two small cuts in the drop ceiling to allow for the hanging chain. This very much gave the overall install a professional look for only $5 in extra parts. I verified the screen case was level and raised and lowered the screen it to assure proper clearance and function. . Then i turned the lights off and warmed up my new lcd projector. The quality and picture were astounding and everything i hoped for. With a rich large picture and amazing surround sound audio, there is nothing lacking in comparison to my local theatre. . I highly recommend elite screens for both the product and the amazing customer service i received. As a first time customer. The vision of what i hoped the product would be was realized and i am satisfied

A. Hadley, Hartlepool says

Edit 2: elite sent a 2nd replacement screen, it is in much better shape. Again, no non-tensioned screen will be completely flat, so i wasn't expecting perfection, this replacement elite sent me directly is about as good as this kind of screen can be. I've updated to 4 stars, now that i've received a screen that was in good shape i'm very impressed with how it looks. . Edit: to their credit, elite screens has contacted me asking to see if they can make this right. I will update this review with the final outcome and change the rating if warranted. . I am really not impressed with this screen. It arrived damaged the first time, so i had to go through a return process. The roller casing had a dent in it, and the screen was covered in wrinkles and waviness. I figured the dented casing had bent something internally and that was twisting the screen, but no such luck, the replacement had the same issue. . All pull down screens that aren't tab-tensioned will have rippling to some extent, but a well-made pull down screen will look much better than this one. There are three enormous v-shaped ripples that start near the bottom center of the screen, that's where the pulldown handle is located. The bottom bar is so cheaply made that it flexes when you pull the screen down, which over time causes the wrinkles to look worse and worse. . There is also serious curling on the right and left edge of the screen, it's extremely noticeable when there is any motion around either edge of the picture. The v-shaped wrinkles present themselves more by making the image look like it's "breathing" subtly in and out, especially when the camera pans from side to side. . All of this leads to movies looking nowhere near as good as they could. The screen material is plenty bright, the viewing angles are good, and the casing looks great, the wrinkles and waviness just ruin it. Since i've gotten two screens with the same issue, and see plenty of other reviews here where people indicate the same problem, i haven't bothered with a warranty exchange because i'm sure i"ll just end up with the same issues on a 3rd screen, with the added bonus of getting to painstakingly hang and level it a third time as well, no thanks. . I'll go with a tab-tensioned screen next time, i'm not sure if i'm going to go with elite again however.

T. Lewis, Bath and North East Somerset says

I have 9-foot ceilings and have the screen mounted on the wall about 4 inches from the ceiling. It works perfectly and the screen position, with the extra drop, is perfectly at eye level. I don't feel like i'm looking upwards or straining my neck. Overall, a great purchase and i'd get it again. But here are some pros and cons from using it for a few months and moving it once or twice. . Pros:. - the drop is great; because of the extra drop, i can mount this close to the ceiling, hiding it away when it's not in use. - image quality is quite good on this. - the size is awesome; our room is relatively small, so we're only sitting about 11 feet away. The size is very appropriate for that distance. Though if you get close, you'll see that a 1080p resolution actually has pixels that are about 1/10" wide-craziness! . . Cons:. - the edges of the screen (about 3-4") bow inwards towards the screen, causing distortion on panning shots. . I also had rippling at the bottom of the screen, but then i adjusted (reinstalled) the screen with a level and the bottom ripples went away. If your screen is leaning towards the left or the right, the bar will naturally want to be pulled in that direction, resulting in ripples. The best way to get rid of them is to check to see if everything's level first. Gravity can be a real pain sometimes.

P. Hannah, Windsor and Maidenhead

Entry level theater builder here. I had a much more experienced friend help me pick this unit out and it's awesome. Took 10 min to install and worked perfectly. The slow retract feature took a min to get used to. I thought something was wrong with the unit then i realized that it just closes super slow which is actually really nice as it keeps from that grade school event of the projector screen rocketing off into space should you accidentally let go of the handle. Overall very pleased with the unit. . Two things:. - the kit only includes limited installation hardware which is just two screws and associated sheet rock anchors. Issue is the screws hook to the back of the screen frame immediately adjacent to other screw heads that protrude our from the back of the screen frame. It was clear that the screw heads would wear marks or holes in the sheet rock wall over time. I went out to the local hardware store a picked up two hooks and hung the unit from the ceiling. Looks great. . -not a big deal but the screen stinks when it is first opened. Strong oil/voc smell. The smell took about 12 hours to dissipate.

S. Eva, Hawaii says

Used this screen for a backyard theater and even though i use a cheap led low lumen projector, the screen still catches every bit of it's light. Very easy to set up and take down, i just hang it off my deck, and the soft close feature is very nice.

L. Michele, New South Wales

I purchased this 120" manual screen for an epson projector in my living room from elite here on online store. . Before i talk about the screen, let me tell you about the service i've already received. When the screen arrived, i removed it from the packaging to find that i had a defective unit. The spring was broken and the screen just rolled freely out of the unit. I called elite and they sent me another screen that day. They told me to use the first one in the mean time. Second screen arrived in perfect order and is now hanging in my living room. Great customer service! . . Now for the screen. If you want a perfect picture, you need a perfectly flat surface. A hanging screen like this one will never hang 100% flat. The effect is that in panning scenes, the image can "roll" over the bumps in the screen, causing some visual distortion. I didn't want to sacrifice my one clear wall, opting for a hanging screen in front of my windows. There is some minor distortion because the screen isn't perfectly flat, but from 12' away looking at a 120" screen, it's minimal and not a factor to me. . The screen retracts easily when not in use, freeing my entire living room area, and it comes down nicely to the same position each time so i don't have to readjust my projector. . The screen is very bright and can be viewed from nearly any angle. . I'm not only happy with the product, but extremely satisfied by elite screen's customer service! . . If you want a absolute perfect picture, i would recommend taking the time to completely flatten a wall and paint it. However, if you're like me and want something big that can get out of the way when not in use, elite screens are perfect. For the most part the screen hangs very straight, it's heavy enough to not be effected by small breezes from the front door, and in general while watching you forget you're looking at a screen at all. The only time i notice any distortion is when there is a full landscape scene that steadily pans, then i can see any waves in the fabric of the screen. So far, no visitors have noticed, they are all too mesmerized by the super sized screen!

N. Wade, Indiana says

Really pleased with this screen so far. I bought it for an outdoor pool party this summer, along with a cheap $150 dvd quality projector. I wasn't going for anything high end, just something to play some music videos on while the party was going on. After the pool party i also put some hooks in the ceiling in my kids' room (ages 2 and 4), and they love having little movie nights with huge movies playing in their room. It is a good distraction for them, especially when we have multiple families over with lots of kids, as they can have their own little movie room going separate from the adults. . It is light and easy to move around between the two spots that i installed hooks, although i am 6'1" so that helps. My screen is pretty smooth and flat, i have to look very closely to find any kind of waves as others have reported. I guess each screen can be different, but i am happy with the one i got. Unless i look from the side with a light source at an angle, i can't see any waves. I certainly don't have any waves that i can notice looking straight at the screen or while watching a video, and after 6 months haven't noticed any changes. Maybe if i had a high end projector and this was my main source of tv or movie watching, then i would invest in a more expensive screen to be certain i had a very flat surface, but for my casual use this screen works great. It rolls up and down very smoothly, but makes sure to assist it back up and not let it go, or it will retract very quickly and violently. It does have the very strong "chemical" smell the first few days, but it has gone away now and i don't smell anything even using it indoors. . Overall a very solid screen for the price.

Q. Susan, Utah

I've had the screen a few months now. I have and still do experience a bit of a warp where the screen tension connections near the handle. Other than that, this screen has exceeded my expectations. I use a wxga 3000 lumen projector and this screen really makes the colors pop. I originally was just using it against my white cement wall in the basement but after adding this screen, having the blackout areas to "crop" minor imperfections or alignments makes the images very professional. I use a hdmi switch with xbox one, ps4, and pc connected. On the ps4 there is a "display area" in the video settings that i use to calibrate focus and zoom on the projector. Once done, it looks great with any other inputs i use. In the photo i attached i am using slingbox on the pc to watch tv on the screen. I recently added some leds for extra effects. I normally keep the screen down at all times but find the tension and lock system in the screen is solid when i do make changes. This is my first screen as well as projector for that matter so i don't have anything else to compare with but i think the picture speaks for itself. If you have a hd projector i can only imagine it'll look even better.

W. Dorine, Basse-Normandie says

Goes up and down with ease and looks great with my new optoma short throw 1080 3d projector. Got this for under $200 and it looks about as good as the $3000 screen (maybe better as it's a lot bigger) than the screen i saw at one the the remaining big box stores that sells such things. Yes the edges are a bit wavy but that's what you get with a roll-up screen. No big deal for me as the show you are watching should be so good you don't notice such little things. However, if you don't like the show you are watching, that little wave will drive you nuts, lol! it's quicker to watch something you like than to fix the wave. When viewing 4k thru youtube via my laptop that isn't even 4k, it certainly looks very close to 4k in a dark room - very impressive! things have certainly improved a lot in home theater performance since they came out over a decade ago. Got this, the projector and all the cables for under $1k. Schweet!

F. Emma, Knowsley

I bought a 130 dollar screen and a new projector. That screen had a reflective coating that made the colors look garish, and the screen showed up dented. It hung with wrinkles, and after a week, a shadow spot showed up center of screen from wierd wear on the shiny finish. All in all a bad experience. . I decided to upgrade to the 400-500 range screen, so i got this one. . Holy cow, night and day difference. I didnt realize how bad the cheap screen made the colors. With the new screen, its silky smooth, looks like a real theater screen, and the side tensioners are perfect. No more wrinkles! . . So glad i upgraded. . Only negative- the pull string is cheap plastic, and pops open at the link. Small annoyance, but still one star off- the pull line is the thing i interact with every time i go to watch tv, so for a 460 dollar screen, should be metal and solid

X. Kristen, Australian Capital Territory says

I set up a backyard theater using this screen, an acer h5380bd projector and a vizio sb3820-c6 38-inch 2. 0 channel sound bar (go with the 38", not the 29"). . This screen is great. Skip the sheet, skip the do it yourself screen material, and skip those goofy blow-in-the-wind blow up things. This screen is durable, the retractor mechanisms work well, the material is plenty thick. If you're using it outside like i am, you're going to have to bring it in between uses, but i hang mine from hooks on my eves, and store it in a 4" pvc tube with end caps. . It works great for a crowd of 4-15 people in my back yard and i'd recommend it.

D. Diana, Newfoundland and Labrador

Your average-married-family guy review:. . I recently reconfigured my home theater room with a projector. Not wanting to break the bank since i haven't used projectors before i decided to go with the elite screen 100" manual pro slow retract model. Installation was a breeze as i had another help me mount and simply used two heavy-duty drywall anchors (rated at 45lb a piece) to attach it to the ceiling with hooks. . The quality seems great. The housing is nice and seems sturdy. After mounting, i was able to pull it down easily and it will automatically hold at certain points so you don't have to re-position your projector after every pull-down. Slow retract works as described but was a little louder than the demo-video portrays. The screen itself seems to be made of a great material - great whites and a black border that kills any light overlay. The downside is - yes, there are some waves in this screen (this isn't a tension-ed screen) and they seem to be getting a bit worse. Mainly towards the bottom middle of the screen. They aren't huge at this point and when the movies are playing or the games are going - i can't really notice them. However, if the picture is bright and contains a lot of white - they can be noticed. Over overall happy with my purchase for the price. I think it's a great screen for the money and would have 5 stars for sure if there were no waves. . Pros: great price/value, nice bright screen, good materials, slow retract looks nice. Cons: some small waves in the center bottom, slow retract is a little noisy. . Update! 3/6/15 - i contacted elite screens tech support after doing some research online and they confirmed that using an electric hair dryer on low-to-medium heat on the rear of the screen (not the front or you could damage it) could remove most/all of the waves. Keep the hair dryer approx. 2-3 inches away and keep it moving constantly in small, circular motions. This removed most/all of the waves in my screen. I'm added +1 star for their great support (talked to a live person immediately with no waiting) and the fact that the waves were resolved. It's not 100% perfect but then again its a non-tension-ed $150 screen.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. Williams, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

The screen seems built ok overall, but when it arrived the case was bent outward in a small section, not inward like it would from impact during shipping. There are black spots dotted in several places on the screen which are visible when displaying light colored images and the bottom bar seems to bind slightly at the top when retracting the screen back into its case. The texture of the screen seems to cause a "sparkly" film grain effect that is mostly noticeable when displaying bright images. It really takes away from certain scenes and makes me feel like i'm watching shiny colored sand instead of a projected image. On top of all of that, while i expected waves in the screen, i didn't expect to be watching what looks like a video under wavy water with bubbles in the middle in panning shots or really anything that is supposed to be flat or straight that comes across the screen. . Overall, even considering the price, i am very unimpressed with the quality of this screen. . Edit: there are a few more things i wanted to mention. The hexagonal tube that houses the screen when it is rolled up is twisted slightly, and even still a little when the screen is out. Presumably this is caused by the tension of the roller inside but i am unsure if this is normal or not. I have also come to realize after looking at the product page more carefully that there is contradictory information listed about this product. The screen is advertised as having stops of . 78 inches. However, after around 20 minutes of trying different methods of unrolling and retracting the screen, the best i could achieve were stops 5 inches apart. Moving on from that, under the initial description near the top of the page, this screen is listed as having a 160 degree viewing angle. Fine, 160 is enough. However, in the extended description farther down the page it is listed as having a 180 degree viewing angle. Which is it? did i even receive the screen i ordered based on the issues i am currently experiencing or was i sent a reject by (hopefully) accident? . . I have decided to include a few pictures showing that the screen is mounted level and also showing the bad rippling / bubbles.

. April, Colorado

Warning! screen fabric may have distortions. I went through the entire warranty process which included sending pictures of a projected image to elite. (see attached photo from bbc africa bluray) after a lot of back and forth, it was determined that the distortions in the fabric were considered acceptable to elite's quality standards. They first offered to replace it with a lesser model, refused to replace it with a better model, and ultimately told me that i could only exchange for the same product and that they all had warping in the fabric. So basically, they avoided the whole issue. In the end, i have fixed the majority of the rippling on my own and it's now about what i'd expect for a manual pull down in this price point. The housing, retracting and material are all good quality. My next screen will be american made by a company that stands behind its product.

W. Cunningham, Redbridge says

This screen is a fairly decent screen, build wise! it was well packaged, and was shipped within 2 days (prime) with out an issue! . . But where to start this actual review. I guess if your ultimate goal is you wanting a mobile screen that you plan to move around a lot or want to roll up when not in use. Then this screen is actually really good for that. It goes up and down just fine! it does have a smell/odor to it but i am sure it will go away with time. Even so it is not that bad, and you don't notice it a couple feet away. If that's your plan, to have a mobile screen! then i would rate it 3. 5 of 5 stars! for the mobility function of this screen. . But, and i really mean but! if you want to have an actual "home theater" screen? then i would honestly stay far away from this screen or even a roll up screen to begin with! . . This screen does have quite a few (vertical) waves in it! and the left and right edges curl in quite a bit near the black border as well. Probably about a 1" (inch) curl at the left and right edges. It also developed horizontal wrinkles in the middle of the screen that takes up about 3 feet of the center of the screen. The wrinkles are straight across horizontally and spaced apart about 2-3 inches. Totally distracting while watching anything on this screen. The horizontal wrinkles were not there when i first rolled open the screen. But have developed during the time i kept it unrolled for about 5 days! . . Overall i would honestly send it back and go a different route if the option of sending it back wouldn't be so difficult and costly! . . So all in all, if you plan on using this for a home theater room. Please stay away! but if you need a portable screen then well i guess the screen quality will not be as big of a factor! . . The ripples, waves, and wrinkles just kill the overall rating of this screen! not a happy customer overall! i will try to submit photos and show you what i am talking about.

G. Harrison, City of Bristol

The screen does what its supposed to. . The installation is fairly simple, but does take two people depending on the size of the screen. . The con: i'm new to projectors and specifically screens, but this unit has large v shaped wrinkles in the screen that seem insignificant when you're looking at a still image, but if you're projecting a movie those wrinkles become very apparent and incredible distracting. The wrinkles are related to how the matte is tensioned, or really lack there of. I will likely have to purchase another screen in the future.

J. Elizabeth, Staffordshire says

Finally got the screen after a while and after opening the packaging (it was packed good), i noticed the frame had deep scratches all over it, some really bad. . There is no protective film on the case to prevent this. Im not sure what to do, maybe ill try to cover them with a black sharpie. . Not impressed with the lack of quality control.

E. Reed, Westminster

It has quality construction and functions well. The only reason i won't give it more stars is because after a week the ripples and waves have doubled. It still functions fine but the waves in the screen distorts the image. If you are on a budget and don't have the option of a fixed screen or the money for a tension pull down this will work in a fix.

. Taylor, Kensington and Chelsea says

When i initially received this product, the box was damaged. I noted the damage on the packing slip. When i opened the box, there was no damage to the screen, only a slight dent in the metal housing. After mounting the screen, i noticed 'v" shaped wrinkling on the screen. Hoping this was a result of the dent, i contacted elite screens and they were very helpful in sending out a replacement. Unfortunately, i'm not reviewing their customer service, i'm reviewing the screen. I received the replacement screen, with no damage on the box or the screen housing, and mounted it. The exact same "v" shaped wrinkling was present. I'd like to say that i don't notice the wrinkling while watching, but with any horizontal panning, it's pretty obvious. It doesn't help that i'm a fairly detail oriented person. Maybe a pull down screen just isn't for me if every one has this issue. For over $200 i expect more from this screen.

T. Bertie, Isle of Wight

I have ordered more expensive screens from this manufacturer in the past, and have been very happy with them. I bought this one for my brother expecting the main difference to be the quality of the screen itself (as suggested in the description), but the casing is significantly smaller, the metal of the casing is very thin, and the screen will not lock in place. It is unusable. . You might get lucky if you take a chance on this one, but after seeing the quality of their cheaper units, you might want to spend the extra twenty-five dollars. Unless this is representative of the quality of all lines now, in which case i'd have to recommend trying another manufacturer.

D. Nielsen, Oldham says

Arrived in good condition with no visible damage to the box or the screen case. When the screen is pulled down, there are faint but very noticeable horizontal double lines running the length of the screen, about 8 inches apart. It's very noticeable on a blank screen or when a single color is projected on the screen. The lines are not noticeable when there is a mixed image on the screen. Looks like a flaw in the manufacturing process where some rollers may have left an imprint. Or there could have been some compression while on the roll, although the lines are evenly spaced, so probably not caused while on any small roll. Returning for a replacement to see if this is normal. If it's normal, it's poor quality or bad quality control. . Also, after three "pull downs" there is a noticeable set of diagonal v-shaped tension ripples running from the center bottom, where the pull down handle is, to the upper left and right corners. This might be unavoidable and seems to be resulting from insufficient rigidity on the bottom bar. Maybe a square or rectangular cross section bottom bar would not flex as much. On the plus side, the screen material is high quality and the trim is well done. The image is nice and bright and the curling on the sides is minimal and doesn't affect the picture.

F. Powell, Louisiana

As others have noted, this screen is only so-so if you use a short-throw projector. The screen isn't totally flat at the sides and one part of the bottom where it's attached, so you see a bit of waviness when the picture pans. The chemical smell from the black paint is much worse too if you get the added two-foot drop, which i did. The winding gear is also much noisier than the first one i got from elite, which was very quiet if you pulled slowly. This one makes noise each time it goes past the two-inch holds, which is a slight bummer as i have it mounted on a shared wall, so my neighbor probably hears it. . That said, i'm still satisfied overall, as the price is low.

Y. Arnett, Newham says

I really wanted to love this screen. Elite screens are well reviewed, so i felt i was going with a safe option. But ultimately, it's not a huge step up from the cheaper brands i've used in the past. The biggest problem is screen ripples, which i was aware of based on many other reviews, but i had hoped that given the quality of the material used, it might not be as noticeable as others said it was. It is very noticeable. Truth be told, this seems like an unavoidable problem if you're going with a retractable screen. There seems to be no way to get a completely flat surface without either going for a tab-tensioned screen (that costs more than twice as much) or a fixed screen. I went the route of a pull-down screen because i knew i wanted to be able to conceal the screen when not in use (it's hanging in my bedroom and as much as i love my movie-theater-in-the-bedroom setup, i'd much rather it look like just a bedroom when i'm not watching a movie). So, it's a trade off. I get a clean-looking bedroom wall during the day at the cost of a not-so-flat image at night when i'm watching movies. For some, it may not be that big of an issue, but it's bothersome whenever there are pans or camera moves that go from left to right. You'll notice the image rippling, which just kind of pulls you out of the grandeur of it all. I'm a little disappointed, and will likely work my way up to a tab-tensioned screen in the future. The image quality of my benq ht2050 is just way too amazing to waste on a rippled screen. . I've included pics, but it's hard to demonstrate what the waves in the screen feel like without actually seeing it. You can see how wavy the lines in the corner menu are, and also the letterbox border. . On the plus side, the retracting mechanism seems really solid, so i do feel it will last a while, and the brightness of the white is impressive. The image does look very sharp and clear. In that regard, i am happy with it. When i am ready to upgrade, i will likely go with elite screen's tab-tensioned pull down.

. Evelyn, British Columbia

This screen is a big improvement over just watching the projector on the well. I didn't think it would be that much of a difference, but it really is a lot better. A few things i hadn't realized when i bought this. The mounts for the ceiling are just metal loops on the top of the screen. You have to find your own way to attach those loops to your ceiling. Looking online it looks like a lot of people use a screw in eye hook and then some s hooks to link the loops on the screen to the eye hooks. I hadn't measured for that much drop from the ceiling and we didn't have studs in the ceiling where we wanted them anyway. You can also mount the screen right to a wall. It has a hole on each side that you just screw into the wall. . We ended up using a wide corner bracket kind of like hardware heavy duty metal bracket right angle brace, stainless steel, thickened, high-strength, 10 pack then we used some heavy duty screws with metal anchors and screwed the one side to our ceiling where we wanted it, and the screen screws into the other side. It is kind of like making a fake wall for the screen to mount to, but it is just 2 corner brackets. This worked for us so we could keep the screen really close to the ceiling. . One odd problem is that the screen retracts very slowly. It takes over a minute for it to roll back up and it doesn't matter if you are trying to help it move faster or not. I don't know if that is just ours. I wanted one that the kids wouldn't be able to let go of and have it slam back up, but this one takes it to the other extreme. . The bottom bar for the screen is also not level. When it rolls back up, one side doesn't go all the way up. We pulled it down to check it and the white part of the screen and the black edges are level. But on one side there is just under 2 inches of black between the screen and the bottom bar, and on the other side there is just over 2 inches of black. So when it rolls up, one side never makes it all the way up. . None of these issues were enough to make us want to uninstall the screen, pack it all back up, and return it. But i was expecting a little better quality for a screen that usually gets such good reviews. Ours doesn't have any of the rippling or v lines like other people have had issues with. It is a think screen and looks like it will stay flat and work well for a long time.

. Anonymous, South Gloucestershire says

Package came pretty beat up, i suppose that is the fault of the shipper not elite screens, though if it is going to get such rough treatment maybe better packaging might help. . The screen however was trouble. After installation, pulled the screen down and it did not retract much more than 1/2 way. Googled it, not much luck. Contacted support, which you have to do with an e-mail form. A day later they emailed me back saying i would need to retension the spring. A brand new screen should not need to be retensioned, it should be done at the factory. This unfortunately requires taking the screen down and taking it apart. Alas the instructions had no diagram and were somewhat confusing. There are about a hundred promotional videos on you tube for elite screens but none showing how this was done. After two tries i was successful, it is a moderately tricky operation to do, but glad i could do it rather than send it back as shipping something like this is an ordeal in itself. . Now it works but the operation is anything but smooth and the slow return really doesn't seem slow at all. Maybe too much tension in the spring but i wound it the number of times specified. Not super anxious to take it down and do it all over again. . As others have noted there are some waves in the screen when unrolled, i don't know if all screens are like that or just this one. You notice it when you pan over landscapes or such. . I am keeping it since the installation of another screen would also be a headache, but i can't say i am so happy about it.

P. Nellie, Montana

There is a disclaimer on the bottom of the listing that states this screen is not recommended for short throw or ultra short throw projectors. I missed that before ordering it. That being said, the screen has really really really bad v-shaped waves out of the box that made it pretty intolerable to use with my lg ultra short throw projector. The main reason i am giving it 3 stars, however, is that the frame came in the mail twisted and it does not mount level with the wall as a result. Additionally, the drywall anchors that were sent with it were pretty much useless, in fact, i ended up having to throw them away as they did nothing more than make holes in my wall that couldn't hold the projector screen. . Getting this screen to work on my setup required 2 trips to the store. The first trip was to simply get the thing hanging on my wall, as the provided anchors and screws as i stated did not do the job. . I ended up driving to home depot and buying two 3/8" x 6" toggle bolts, two 3/8" nuts, and two 3/8" large washers. . I had to make the already large holes in the wall slightly bigger but the end result was worth it in my opinion as the weight load of the new solution supports 180 lbs which is more than what the screen weighs. The bolts are sticking out of the wall and the screen is hanging on it with the ceiling hanging loops. . This cost me about $7. . Once i was able to hang the screen, i ran into the issue with the massive waves creating a distorted picture. Admittedly this was really my own fault for not looking carefully at the listing and seeing that it was not a good choice for ust projectors. That being said, i really think that the online store page for this screen should have it listed right on the top with the features "not for st or ust projectors". . After doing some online research trying to find ways to remove waves from screens, and seeing a lot of people recommending putting weights in the bottom of the screen with mixed results, i decided to go for my own solution. . I took another trip out to walmart and picked up some things that cost me about $15 (i purchased way more than i needed to be on the safe side). . The end result was that all waves were gone and i did not spend $460+ on a tensioned screen. . Overall i would say i am happy but i had to put a lot of holes in my wall to make it work. Be warned before making a purchase as you might need to do some improvising as i did to make this screen work for you.

I. Emily, Hackney says

After reading reviews i thought this was going to be a good choice when it came to projector screens but i was wrong. First one i purchased i had to return because it came with waves in the screen. So bad that everything looked weird when it was projected. The replacement was even worse! i called elite screens and asked them what could be done about the screen. I took a pic and sent it to them so they can replace it. Lets see if what they give me is any better. Womp womp

X. Garner, Essex

Pros:. No wrinkles (yet). Good quality. Pull down mechanism works. Price. Included free gifts. . Cons:. Wider than what diagram shows. No hardware for mounting. . See updates. . Other:. The free gifts are actually mail in rebates for free items, but none-the-less very much worth it. In my package was info to get a free projector mount and an extra cable for an electric screen (to connect to wall switch, elimating remote). With the screen being wider than what appears in the diagram, it messed up my whole configuration. It is almost two inches wider than planned, i now have to hang it from the ceiling. It still works and does it well, so i am not too upset. The hardware isn't a big deal because the hooks only cost 68 cents. The rest of the hardware to hang it from the ceiling cost a lot more though. Good buy overall. . *update*. After opening the screen and projecting the image, there appear to be some waves. It isn't too bad in the center, it is near the edges. This causes a problem because it distorts the border of the image itself. I am hoping that it will flatten out after a few days. The screen was also missing a cap on the bottom rod of the screen. Elite screens has great support though and had me fill out a form and is sending the me the cap though. Overall the screen is still worth it. Waves will happen at some point with a pull down screen, so the item still gets 4 stars. . *update 2 11march13*. After using the screen for about a month now, i have realized what a waste of money this screen was. There are more waves than what i first noticed, which is highly annoying when i use it for my computer and gaming screen. The screen still retracts perfectly fine. Elite screens did send me a replacement cap with no hassle and did it quickly. I tried to do the hair drier method to flatten it out, but it did not work. My last hope is to take it down, lay it flat to show the back and iron it with the a thick towel on low setting. If this does not work, i do not know what else i can do. I would recommend buying a fixed screen or making yourself one from carl's place.

B. Pamela, Cambridgeshire says

All of the research i read indicated that i should purchase a tab tensioned screen but i ignored that research because this was a well reviewed product for maybe a third of the price of the best tab tensioned screen i would find. . There is a reason this is a third of the price of a tab tensioned screen. . After a few months of use the left and right edges of the screen have begun curving in rather substantially. If i project onto the edges of the projection area the images warp inwards with the curve. At first it was slight but over time it has become more and more pronounced. My choices are to just deal with the warping at the edge of the screen or reduce the projection area by about 6 inches on each side. This is not an unsubstantial reduction in diagonal viewing area. . Before this warping problem i thoroughly enjoyed the screen. It was a fantastic value. But i didn't even get 6 months of use out of this before i've moved on to looking for an alternative. I didn't expect this product to perform as well as a tab tensioned screen but i didn't expect so much bending so early in the life of the product. . My advice is to skip this screen and save up for a proper tab tensioned screen where this sort of thing won't happen.

. Lawrence, Bracknell Forest

Ok and inexpensive for temporary use, but a fixed screen would definitely be better for a permanent location. Even exactly following instructions that came with the screen, it has still has waves and wrinkles that just will not go away. It also seems to be not quite 16:9 format. When a a 16:9 hd picture fills the screen top-bottom, there are still a couple of inches of white space on the sides.

O. Peggy, Franche-Comte says

I would have give this screen 5 stars. I received this screen on august 9, 2016. I was skeptical about the condition of the screen when i opened the box based on some of the reviews. However, the screen was not damaged at all. There was no strong smell as some reviews noted. Today (august 11, 2016) i had someone install the screen on the wall which was extremely easy. . I pulled the screen down and now i can't get it to roll back up. This means i cannot use the dry erase board that's behind the screen. I need a screen for an august 13, 2016 presentation. I don't know what i'm going to do. The dry erase board is too shiny for my powerpoint presentation. This is why i decided to order a screen. I'll return for another one and see what happens.

V. Anonymous, Minnesota

I really wanted to be wowed and impressed by this screen. It was delivered on time, as scheduled, and in good condition: no dents, damage etc. Setting it up was easy for me as i just had to center it on my wall and hang from two screws anchored into the drywall. Unfortunately, one of those anchors went right through a half inch water line i didn't know was in the wall. But that wasn't the screens fault haha! however, once mounted, the negatives of this screen became apparent. . I could not get the screen to "stop and lock" every . 78" as claimed for starters. I could really only find 2 or 3 places the screen wanted to lock. Fortunately, one of them was about where i wanted it it. Next on the list of cons is the waves and curling at the edges, both edges, the full height of the screen! i expected some curling, but not as dramatic as i ended up with. I also have a decent v wave through the middle (see pics). Continuing the list of negatives was the smell of paint or gasoline. I expected that too from reviews, but it took over a week for us to stop noticing it, despite leaving it down over night a couple times. . A couple positives worth mentioning: the screen does have a consistent white that provides an excellent image from my optoma hd27 1080p 3d dlp home theater projector. I also didn't expect more than 3" of black drop at the top, but got at least 20! that allowed me to hang the screen right against the ceiling and eventually hide it when i install a trayed ceiling at a later upgrade. If it weren't for these two positives, i would have rmad this screen, and the fact that i'd probably have to pay return shipping for exchanges or returns. . I might eventually create some mechanism to flatten the edges while in use, but that shouldn't have been required. Or i will move to a fixed screen for my next upgrade. So if you are willing to risk the defects/cons i mention above for the couple of positives i listed, you might consider this screen. Otherwise, keep looking and be willing to pay a bit more, and/or consider a screen with builtin in edge tentioners.

C. Guest, Auvergne says

Ordered the next model up previously, came defective. Already drilled the holes so thought we'd try this one, came with the same defects (difficult to lock in place, large obvious "waves" down the left and right side of the screen) but this one also had the housing bent outwards despite the shipping box in perfect condition. Obviously done at the packaging / manufacturing end. This piece of junk is going back too. Was promised it would be checked before sending, fat chance that was done as this one is defective too. Junk!

S. Lynette, Lancashire

I bought this as a cheaper, interim screen while i work on my home theater where i ultimately will be installing a larger (120") ceiling-recessed screen. . The case is a nice pearl-white metallic paint on the metal case with white plastic endcaps. It's an attractive looking case for the price. . It was easy to install, i chose to wall mount it using the keyhole slots in the endcaps. It can also be hung from the ceiling using the two loops on the endcaps. . Now on the the important thing, the actual pull down screen. Unfortunately i the first one i received had a couple of fairly pronounced wrinkles near the bottom of the screen, equally spaced about 12"-18" from the pull down handle, right above the weight bar. It's hard to tell if the package could have been tweaked during shipping, or if it came that way from the manufacturer. It seems like it may have happened while testing in the factory? when you were sitting any distance from the center-line of the projector to the screen, the wrinkles were very noticable so i called online store and had them ship me a replacement. The replacement was also wrinkled, but maybe only 40-50% as bad as the first one so i decided to keep it (unless the wrinkles bother me too much in the next couple of weeks). I will try to post a picture or two if i get a chance. . The material is the maxwhite fg (fiberglass backed). Maybe the added stiffness of the fiberglass is what contributed to the wrinkles in the screen (and unfortunately that's what the fiberglass is trying to prevent). In the areas above the wrinkles, i will say that it is nice and flat. . The image looked fairly good, nice and bright in a dark room, contrast was good (my projector is the epson 8350 - i got a good price during online store's cyber monday sales). I just can't say that it is more than 20% better than shining it on a bare, white-painted wall. But like i said this was purchased as an inexpensive interim screen and i'm hoping the ceiling-recessed screen will not have the wrinkles (the more rigid case along with not applying force to the center of the screen bottom will hopefully help it to not develop the wrinkles before it gets to me. ). . If there had been no wrinkles, i would have given this a five-star review, but because it looks like it's just too difficult to get this from the factory to the consumer in perfect condition, i'm giving it three.

Q. Moore, Haringey says

Edit unfortunately had to drop this review to a mere 1 star rating. Why? the ripples! ughhhh! . . Out of the box there were some fairly small v shaped ripples on each side, which is fairly common for non-tensioned screens. At first, it wasn't entirely noticeable and thought i could live with it. That would've been the case had the ripples stayed as they were and hadn't gotten worse over time. Keep in mind i keep this screen down at all times, as there was no need for me to roll it up. From what i've learned, doing so could've actually let the screen flatten out further, but this was not the case with mine-the ripples got more pronounced with time as it hung there. Gaming was annoying/distracting as large areas of your field of view would distort, menus were distorted/curved rather than square, and watching 3d movies? forget about it. . I then learned more about the alternative of tensioned screens, either fixed or built-in to a pull down system like these but with some extra tricks to keep tension. Some folks even had luck with this exact screen (or something very similar) by adding weight to the bottom. Some used lead shot to weigh down the bottom tube, others tried adding tension with bungee cords. I opted for the bungee option, and while it did make the situation better, the ripples were still more than noticeable. Adding weight/tension may help some of you guys, definitely worth a shot. . $80 may seem like a good buy, but be mindful that you definitely get what you pay for in this case. This screen is garbage, easily one of the worst available today. It's cheaply made, the included hardware is crap (had to use my own for proper safe mounting), and most importantly your view is going to be junk due to the quality of this screen and the distortion it creates. If you're ok with ripples (trust me, no one is-you will go insane) then this is for you, but take my advice and put out a little more $ for your investment-get a properly tensioned screen and save yourself a huge headache. I'm replacing this with a 100" fixed screen that is only $60 more, but 100% flat and will look 10x better than these cheap pull-downs. It also includes good hardware, crazy no? ! . . Unfortunately out $80 due to the mistake of buying this "elite" screen, but lesson learned. Now to find someone that wants to buy my rippled screen.

M. Lisa, Nebraska

Id really like to give it more stars, i mean it pulls down and rolls up and the image looks goods on it quality wise. However. Right out of the box the screen has a v wave in it starting from the bottom center and going up each side to the corners. When an image pans across it right you will see that wave in the image. Distracting and unsightly! even when doing stuff in the projector menu the menu has a wave in it. I have contacted elite screens via their website and a week later still have not received a response. So not only is the screen poor quality customer service is not all that good either. Be sure to google v wave in pull down screen and you will see what im talking about. . I really really want to like it but for me the wave in it throws off the viewing experience.

L. Michele, Durham says

It arrived on time but twisted. With the help of my wife we were able to untwist it enough so it could be hung. . It has been 3 days now, and there still is a pungent plastic smell, recommend to air the room for 48 hours or so. . Hanging it was relatively easy, if you have 4 hands ; ). . It keeps its promise and returns (very) slowly into its cage once released. If you pull it down all the way it retracts just 2 inches and then stays put. . I am projecting with a epson 5040ub, and picture looks good, both day and night. Would say a bit better than the optoma uhd60 if looking at contrast, color and brightness.

A. Anonymous, Wakefield

Screen is very reflective and works well for projectors as a cheap option. My gripe is there was a huge wrinkle/bulge by the handle. I figured i could live with it. But after 6 weeks it started getting bigger and i returned because i did not want to see how big it would get. It started out as small as a fist and in 6 weeks became as big as an outstretched hand.

K. Candy, Harrow says

The first one arrived home with the retrieving function totally dead. It won t retrieve with all attempts, pulling slowly or fast and with all different angles, it won t work even we hold the bar and was trying to push the screen back to the housing. Replaced with second one, which the retrieving part is ok. But as you can see from the picture i took, the screen is with some wrinkles close to the bottom bar, and the box on the top is twisted, the left end is leaning backward but the right end is leaning forward a little bit. So we just decide to keep it since we are not sure what s the next one will be if we return it again. Elitescreens really should improve their quality control.

N. Pete, St. Helens

Have owned this for 13 months. Fine st first, but over time wrinkles have gotten out of control. Now after 12 months it won t lock in the down position all the way and you have to let it ease upwards to lock. In the 13th month the lock gave out completely. Also the screen ripped out of the metal bar st the bottom on the left corner and in the center, and we did not abuse it. Cheap but can not recommend.

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    Sale Roku Premiere+ - Hd 4k Uhd Streaming Media Player Hdr (Tuner) 4630r
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    Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner)

    Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner) 2866

    Free Shipping Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner), 2 streaming media player faster processor 2015 roku 2 delivers fast performance and stunning high definition video at a tremendous value. enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, -roku 2 streaming media player 4210r faster processor 2015 modelLowest Price Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner) 4210r
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    Tivo Mini Ir/rf Remote - No Monthly Service Fees - Extends Your Tivo Dvr (tcda93000)

    Tivo Mini Ir/rf Remote – No Monthly Service Fees – Extends Your Tivo Dvr (tcda93000) 2911

    Free Shipping Tivo Mini Ir/rf Remote - No Monthly Service Fees - Extends Your Tivo Dvr (tcda93000), Mini Ir/rf Remote - No Monthly Service Fees - Extends Your Tivo Mini Is The Powerful, All-purpose Companion To Your Four- Or Six-tuner Tivo Box. Delivering Tru Multi Room Control, The Mini Doesn T Give You A Watered-down Set Of Features Like -Tivo Mini Ir/rf Remote - No Monthly Service Fees - Extends Your Tivo Dvr
    1. Being a tivo user for the last couple of years and starting out with the bolt, i have bought a total of 3 of these thus far to expand my abilities to watch in multiple rooms. Setup is very easy. If you have standard coaxial lines runs through your house already, you can use the moca protocol to conn... go to https://puqus.com/tivo-mini-ir-rf-remote-29110tibfeia/#tivo-mini-ir-rf-remote
    2. Details: Tivo Service Subscription Is Required. Options Include A Monthly Service Plan At $14. 99/mo And A 1-year Commitment, And An Annual Service Plan At $149. 99/year.
    3. Details: Tru Multi Room Functionality Means You Get The Full Tivo Experience On Every Additional Tv You Equip With A Tivo Mini. Watch Live And Recorded Shows, Stream Content Or Set Up A Onepass.
    Price Fall Tivo Mini Ir/rf Remote - No Monthly Service Fees - Extends Your Tivo Dvr (Tuner) Tcda93000
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    Samsung Electronics Un75mu6300 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un75mu6300fxza)

    Samsung Electronics Un75mu6300 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un75mu6300fxza) 335

    Explore more Samsung Electronics Un75mu6300 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un75mu6300fxza), Electronics Un75mu6300 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Samsung Electronics Un75mu6300fxza 74. 5" 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv (2017) -Samsung Electronics Un75mu6300 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model
    1. Items: See Vibrant And Pure Color For A Realistic Experience. Multiroom Link Present.
    2. Loving this samsung 43 tv. I purchased this for my bedroom, and could not be happier with the picture and sound quality it produces. The set is sleek and beautiful on my dresser. Love the smart features it offers, which easily lets me view netflix and hbo without any additional equipment. https://puqus.com/samsung-electronics-un75mu6300-75-inch-ultra-3356y1ktt9d/#samsung-electronics-un75mu6300-75-inch-ultra
    3. Items: One Remote Automatically Detects And Controls All Your Connected Devices And Content With No Manual Programming Required*.
    Half Price Samsung Electronics Un75mu6300 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) Un75mu6300fxza

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