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Price was $2,699.98. First, props to online store for excellent customer care. I pre-ordered this product, since it was coming out aug 22nd, 2016. I got it from online store aug 23rd. I rushed home from work, ripped out my old mitsubishi 6800hc, adjusted the ceiling mount and installed this all my own. I was so damn excited. As soon as i powered it on, i saw the epson logo popup. Then all of a sudden, the shutter closed and the temp + power light were flashing. It was for sure not hot, waited a while, tried again. I called epson premiere support, which they give you a contact number in the box where you get an expert for these higher end systems. The guy didnt even know about the 5040ub yet. Went through the troubleshooting guide, and he determined it was a bad sensor. He told me epson would advance replace to me at no cost. I was thankful for the excellent customer service, but told him i bought it via online store, and i know that they will get me one soon! . That was on tuesday. I received the replacement one aug 25th from online store. This time, i powered it up before going through the mounting process. Worked like a charm. Few things i didnt know, that i think is very cool. . - when you power on/off this device a shutter opens and closes. I can only imagine thats to protect from dust. My other one was loaded with it! . - its quiet. Its mounted about 10 feet above my head. Didn't bother me at all. - color - omg! played battlefield 4 on the xbox one from 6pm to 12pm last night. - clarity. So damn clear. - lens - this was really cool. I my previous projector didn't have a center mounted lens. So when i mounted this one, i just had to use the lens shifting option, and it squared in my screen. - daylight - i struggled with my previous projector when the curtains were open or any light would come in. I opened up the blinds, and it was still very vibrant. - contrast - 1m to 1 dynamic - i was cautious about it. But man, black is black. - game play, i couldn't detect any lag, and coincidentally had one my of my best rounds of battlefield 4. - menu has many options. Many i am not sure i would ever use! . - picture posted below, had curtains open behind me. The screen was so vibrant, that it looks like they were closed! . . I haven't had this projector for 24 hours yet, but will update my review as i find out cool new things.

-M. Medina

3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut ultrablack get exceptional, color-rich performance and immersive images the home cinema 5040ub. epson pro-uhd 3lcd home theater projectors deliver a groundbreaking combination of color, contrast -epson home cinema 5040ub 3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color white brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut ultrablack contrast

  • Value: Advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd Design – 3lcd Technology Ensures No Color Wheel, No White Segment And No Rainbow Effect.
  • Value: Hdr10 (2) High Dynamic Range And Ultrablack Contrast – Full 10-bit Color Output And A Contrast Ratio Up To 1, 000, 000:1 Deliver An Extraordinary Range Of Color And Detail In Both Bright And Dark Scenes.

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Before getting this epson home cinema 5040 ub projector, i was using the epson home cinema 2040 and i was very pleased with it. I am usually using projectors for everything, meaning accessing internet, watching movies and playing video games. The epson home cinema 5040ub is not a true 4k projector. The true ones are still selling for about $10k. It will on the other hand accept 4k contents and display them in an acceptable manner. Furthermore, it will display 1080p contents with a truly great image quality. It boasts a contrast ratio of 1:1000000. On the other hand, this thing is gigantic and still expensive. To be honest, although i love it, i am not quite sure i would have been ready to pay such an amount for the small improvement as compared to my epson 2040. The 5040ub is detected by my operating system as a native 3840*2160 30mhz refresh rate. When i use this resolution, it is less than perfect for a few things as the characters are hard to read simply because the image is too far. 4k is really good when you are sitting close to the image, from my viewing distance, it is too small. If i use the "native" resolution, the 1080p contents are scaled up to match the 4k resolution and the image is not as good as with the epson 2040 which has a native resolution of 1080p and does not do any scaling. The videos appear more choppy, the refresh rate is likely the culprit. Now, when i force the computer to see the epson 5040ub at 1080p, 60mhz, then the image is wonderful. To be fair, epson does not claim that it is 4k. It is sold as a 1080p projector. I just do not exactly understand why it is detected as 4k by my computer. In clear, as a 1080p it is wonderful, as a 4k, it find it disappointing. . Let's do a few comparisons between the two:. . - brightness: 2500 for the 5040 - 2200 for the 2040. - contrast ratio: 1:1 000 000 for the 5040 - 1:35 000 for the 2040. - image size at the same projecting distance is about identical. - noise: much more silent for the 5040 compared to the 2040. - weight: about 36lbs for the 5040 versus 9lbs for the 2040. - both are 3d capable. - the remote for the 5040 is gigantic compared to the 2040. - the lens control for the 5040 is fully automatic when it is manual for the 2040. No lens shift for the 2040. - the lens cache for the 5040 open and closes automatically when the projector is turned on and off. It is very good for dusty environments. . I have attached a few pics to this review to show the difference in size and projection quality and size between the two (the image in the dark is for the epson 5040). . So why would you want to pay up to 5 times the price of the epson 5040? . - you want to come as close to 4k display as possible without investing $10 000. - you want a silent projector. - you have the shelf room to accommodate the projector and you are not going to move it around often as it is not frankly portable. - you have 4k movies you want to watch. . Why would you want to not get the epson 5040? . - it is about 5 times more expensive than most 1080p projectors. - it is gigantic and not portable. - the quality gain in 1080p is not proportional to the financial investment. . In conclusion:. If you really have money, get the true 4k. If you do not but you can wait, skip this one as it is not a true 4k. If you still want as close to 4k and cannot wait, the epson 5040ub is a good compromise. If you can wait, get a regular 1080p projector like the epson 2040. It will be slightly better than a regular 1080p projector but it comes at a price. The Best home theater projector enhancement ( Apr 2020 ) | Epson-Video Device Review Value Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Home Theater Projector with 4K Enhancement, HDR10, 100% Balanced Color and White Brightness, Ultra Wide DCI-P3 Color Gamut and UltraBlack Contrast Epson pro-uhd with 4k enhancement technology (1) - accepts 4k uhd content and upscales non-4k content to deliver amazing lifelike images with resolution that exceeds full hd.. Advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd design - 3lcd technology ensures no color wheel, no white segment and no rainbow effect.. Hdr10 (2) high dynamic range and ultrablack contrast - full 10-bit color output and a contrast ratio up to 1, 000, 000:1 deliver an extraordinary range of color and detail in both bright and dark scenes.. L*a*b* ultra wide color gamut - delivers 100% of the 3 dimensional dci-p3 color gamut (3), the digital cinema standard, with 50% wider color gamut than rec. 709.. 100% balanced color brightness - 2, 500 lumens of equal color and white brightness (4) for vibrant, rich color, even in rooms with ambient light. .

Epson Home Cinema 5040ub 3lcd Home Theater Projector With 4k Enhancement, Hdr10, 100% Balanced Color And White Brightness, Ultra Wide Dci-p3 Color Gamut And Ultrablack Contrast Review (home cinema 5040ub)

I upgraded from a 5030ub to the 5040ub. The 5030ub is great but lacks, of course, 4k enhancement. I have it mounted from the ceiling so the larger size is not an issue for me. It is 17' from my 150" screen and i sit 15' from the screen. My theater is completely light-controlled with no windows. I have dish and a ps3 for streaming. Currently, my only 4k source is 4k recordings of the rio olympics. . In many 1080i programs, i see no difference in the picture quality. Newscasts, however, are better. I don't know why the difference. . On most blu-rays, i see little to no difference. The 5030ub and the 5040ub are both pristine in 1080p. In some, the pacific, for example, the picture quality is somewhat better on the 5040ub. I don't know why the difference. . Turning to my only source for 4k (currently), i was immediately stunned and elated by the picture quality! i have basketball, track and field, and swimming recorded from the rio olympics on dish's 4k channel. The picture is stunningly clear! bright, clear, and colors pop. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the panasonic dmp-ub700 and oppo udp-203 uhd players. Based on the olympic recordings, 4k discs should look astounding. I cannot currently test the hdr capability. . The 5040ub has other improvements over the 5030ub, including remote-controlled lens control (far superior to the manual controls on the 5030ub) and slightly more light output at 2500 lumens. This is so bright that i can run in eco mode and it is still plenty bright (though in a completely darkened room). . Unfortunately, at 34 hours, the lamp refused to turn on. However, epson's warranty is fantastic as after just a 10-minute phone call, epson had a brand new unit in my hands the next day at no cost to me. . I will update this review after i test it with a 4k disc. In the meantime, i've included several photos. The oblivion shots are on dish 1080i. The olympics shots are in dish 4k. . Update: i swapped my ps3 for a new roku 4k and the oppo udp-203. Uhd image quality very much depends on the source. At best, the picture quality of my 5040ub, on my 150" screen, makes it look like a clear window that i can step through, including on dish 4k or even uhd nature youtube videos. There is a noticeable improvement in resolution (or perceived resolution) between 1080p and uhd, but the bigger difference is between sdr and hdr. Colors in hdr are much more vibrant, though to offset the darker image in hdr mode i have to change to cinema bright mode, and i often choose to switch from hdr2 to hdr1 mode. Uhd movies look great but so far it seems most discs are upconverted from a 2k intermediary so the resolution improvement is modest, however, the improvement from sdr to hdr is significant. -F. Audrey

Epson Home Cinema 5040ub Enhancement

Product Dimensions
Height:7.60 inches
Length:20.50 inches
Weight:24.30 pounds
Width:17.70 inches
Home Cinema 5040UB
Home Cinema 5040UB
Part/Serial Number
Home Cinema 5040UB
Home Theater

3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut ultrablack Home Theater, Get exceptional, color-rich performance and immersive images with the home cinema 5040ub. epson pro-uhd 3lcd home theater projectors deliver a groundbreaking combination of color, contrast and resolution for the ultimate entertainment experience. every detail comes alive with 4k enhancement technology (1), which accepts 4k uhd content and upscales non-4k content. an advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd design means no color wheel, white segment or rainbow effect. with hdr10 (2) and l*a*b* ultra wide color gamut, movies look extraordinary. plus, get 100% balanced color brightness, with 2, 500 lumens equal color/white brightness (4), and an ultrablack contrast ratio up to 1, 000, 000:1. 1. 4k enhancement technology (4ke) shifts each pixel diagonally to double full hd resolution. resolution is full hd in 3d mode. 2. hdr performance available with select devices. for more information, see our official site. 3. entire dci color space can be displayed in digital cinema mode only. 4. color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. color light output measured in accordance with idms 15. 4; white light output measured in accordance with iso 21118. 5. for convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site. 6. smartway is an innovative partnership of the u. s. environmental protection agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency. Epson Home Cinema 5040ub Enhancement (Home Cinema 5040UB-Epson).

Epson Home Cinema 5040ub Enhancement Home Theater

  • This projector is amazing and a light cannon. I have it mounted about 25ft from my 135" elite screen and find the picture quality and brightness absolutely excellent. Motorized zoom, focus and image position make set up and tweaks incredibly easy to perform.
  • I've been using the epson 5030ub (the predecessor to the 5040ub) for the past 2. 5 years. Given the price for true 4k projectors today (starting around $10k), i was intrigued by the 5040ub, and wanting to upgrade. This review was written based on a 5040ub received through the online store vine program for review purposes. . Size and weight. . The 5040ub projector is about 3 inches longer from front to back than the older model. It weighs in at a heftier 24. 3 pounds, versus the 18. 4 pounds of the 5030ub. It's also a bit taller than the predecessor. Once mounted on the ceiling, you don't notice the difference in size or weight so much, partly because the front grill is now white, and not black. . Startup and out-of-the-box calibration. . When powering on the 5040ub, the electronic lens shade is nearly silent; no longer do you hear the loud noises associated with the 5030ub (great improvement). I used disney's wow! disk to set up the projector's lens shift, focus and zoom. The image quality was so mesmerizing out of the box, that i did not even bother to calibrate the projector. I will do so, as the deepest blacks are still looking a bit dark gray. . Electronic lens shift, zoom, and focus. . Whereas the 5030 had manual controls for focus, zoom, and lens shift, the 5040ub has electronic controls. When adjusting the zoom, lens shift, and focus, there is a noticeable lag between the time the remote control button is pressed, and the projector's response (perhaps up to 1 second). It's a little annoying at first, but you'll likely spend less than five minutes adjusting the focus, zoom, and lens shift (assuming the projector's lens is aligned with the top or bottom or your screen), so this is by no means a major issue. I like the absence of mechanical controls (offering a cleaner look), and i no longer 'jiggle' the ceiling-mounted projector while making these adjustments. . Brightness. . Wow! just wow! the 5040 is rated at 2, 500 lumens (color and white brightness); the 5030 is rated at 2, 400 lumens. I did not think that 100 lumens difference would be significant, but i was very wrong! the projector can now be used in moderately-lit rooms, and looks brighter when watching in all environments. It's almost like watching a lcd tv now. This is partly due to the increased contrast ratio and deeper blacks. Major improvement, and this alone, makes it a worthy upgrade. This projector has a dynamic brightness mode that appears to increase the brightness based on viewing conditions. . Contrast ratio. . The 5040 has truly dramatic ultra black levels, utilizing an improved iris design that delivers up to a 1, 000, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This is a vast improvement over the 5030's 600, 000:1 ratio. Once properly calibrated, the "black bars" that are present with non-native aspect ratios should truly appear black. No need to use a masked screen! . . 4k pixel shifting. . The 5040ub pixel-shifts a 1080p signal to create to 4k image, meaning that it displays some 8. 8 million pixels. On my installation using a 120-inch screen, having four times the number of pixels (compared with 1080p) means that the dot pitch (size) of the pixels is much smaller than with the 5030, and unless you're closer than 6 feet from the screen, you can't see any of the individual pixels. This results in remarkably better text for subtitles (smoother, less jagged edges), and an image that is much smoother in appearance than a standard 1080p signal. At closer distances (say, less than 8 feet), you can tell it's not true 4k, but at this price point and based on what's available on the market, it's a good 'bridge' projector while the masses wait for a true 4, 6, or 8k projector. . Conclusion. . The 5040's 4k pixel shifting, combined with increased brightness, and a vastly improved contrast ratio, make this projector well worth the upgrade. At its price point, and based on alternatives available in 2016, this projector is highly recommended! i will likely keep it until true 4k projectors (or higher resolution) become available at the 5040's price point. I hope the future brings true 8k laser projectors, but until then, this is a superb projector that i will truly enjoy using every night!
  • I really really wanted to love this. I have looked forward to it and saved up for a long time. The picture quality just isn't there though. I feel like a crazy person but my wife and i both greatly like the sony hw45es better. A lot better. It's a sharper, more beautiful image, and no matter how much i adjusted the settings on this epson i could not get it to look as good. I tried for days. Maybe we have untrained amateur eyes, or maybe this needs a professional calibration to look as good as everyone says it does. In my theater room though, i just can't recommend it.
  • After months of careful research, i purchased a new epson 5040 ube from projector people in sept 2017. Subsequently, the unit failed to power on after about 2 months/100 hours of use. The replacement unit (new) then failed in a similar manner in 1 day/1-2 hours of use. In speaking with the epson specialists, they've confirmed there is now a known issue with the power supply on the new units. However, to my astonishment, they continue to sell them anyways, a business practice i find quite unscrupulous. Rather than fixing the new units when they come off the production line, they wait for them to fail after being sold, then send replacements to their unfortunate customers that are not new, but instead refurbished with "modified chip-sets. ". . Although i was hesitant to accept a refurbished product at this point as it had only been about 3 months since my original purchase date, i reluctantly agreed to the refurbished unit with this "new chip-set" as i was assured it would be "better" than a new unit, given the known power supply issue with those coming fresh off the line. However, to my dismay, when i received this now third replacement, i found the lens shift to be non-functional, requiring yet another (fourth) refurbished replacement. . One can imagine the amount of time i've wasted speaking on the phone, being on hold, installing and uninstalling projectors, and shipping units back. . It should be noted that epson consistently refused my requests for simply a new replacement unit with a new chip-set to address the power supply issue, stating that providing such was simply "not possible. " they declined to satisfactorily explain why this straight-forward solution could not be offered, but one can hypothesize that, from their analysis of the failure rate, it is simply more cost effective for epson to replace new failed units with refurbished units than to ensure new units will not fail. . My suggestion to anyone looking at this product is to consider saving money and simply purchase a refurbished unit from the start, as there is a good chance that you will soon end up with a refurbished one anyways. Alternatively, consider that there are several other brands and models that have similar or better functionality at lower price points that i doubt have a similar failure rate.
  • This is not a projector which i use daily, in fact probably a couple times per week with about 2 hours each sitting. Suddenly one day it would not turn on. No lights nothing. I was about 10 days past my online store return policy and thought i was out $3k. I had to call epson and was pleased to learn that the product has a 2 year warranty. They sent me a new projector overnight and i returned the broken projector in the box they sent me. . So why the low rating? i take great care of equipment. When i pay $3, 000 for something i expect it to last several years let alone 40 days. The thing is heavy and it is no easy task to un mount, package and mail this thing back. Epson customer support is great, but i cant keep mailing projectors back and forth, hope this one lasts.

home theater projector enhancement Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Home Theater Projector with 4K Enhancement, HDR10, 100% Balanced Color and White Brightness, Ultra Wide DCI-P3 Color Gamut and UltraBlack Contrast (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Worth every penny, so glad i didn't go with a lesser product

Epson Home Cinema 5040ub 3lcd Home Theater Projector 4k Enhancement, Hdr10, 100% Balanced Color White Brightness, Ultra Wide Dci-p3 Color Gamut Ultrablack Contrast
Click to see NoticeEpson Home Cinema 5040ub Enhancement (Video Device)"Pros:. - has an automatic open and close lens lid shutter that activates to protect the lenses from any dust and scratches. - quite as it could be, very good especially with the power it holds. - setup is simple and easy. - wireless hdmi works at it should. - any adjustment with frame/image takes less than 30 seconds when setting up. - no lag if playing any games. - 4k enhance is pretty badass and it has a 1-5 level, given your preference. - hdr is incredible as any show is brilliant on it. - black contract is one of the best out there right now. Even on a sunny day you ll get excellent black on black. - sharp and bright 4k experience, it s an epic viewing and it s something that i can t honesty emphasize in writing. - 1080p in cable tv if no 4k is on air. - giant screen, exactly like you re in a theater by yourself. - clear, brilliant color contract, and any movie on it looks like your actually at the location. . Cons and oks:. - its big, and i mean its big . - electronic focus is difficult to adjust as its challenging to stop at the right point. I prefer automatic or even manual. - wireless hdmi programing has extra annoying steps if you want change between inputs. . Overall:. I was nitpicking on the cons. This is great if you have the money. It s unfortunate that a lot of shows still are not in 4k, but you get the whole experience if you re watching a movie or playing any gaming on it. The best part of it all is that the color contrasts are brilliant because you don t need to shut the blinds to experience it. It is big so recommend that you install it on the ceiling, if you can. I m giving it 4 starts because beside of some software annoyance the technology is a couple of years ahead of a lot of television shows. Meaning that 4k is a beautiful sight but their still isn t that much on the air to fully experience (as most shows are still 1080p). This is the same effect when lcd and plasmas came out in 2005. Ahead of their time and the cable television experience needed to keep up. For gaming and movies, yes get it, it truly is a home theater projector. . Hope i was a help to you all. . Love, . Honest reviewer"

(0) Question: Power supply for this thinng is 100-230v?

(1) Question: Is the output 4k? there are a lot of references to 4k input and enhancement, but nowhere is it explicit that the projected image is 4k resolution.

(2) Question: What's the difference between this model and 6040ub besides color? and where do you buy replacement lamps for it? are they pretty expensive?

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Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

The optoma hd142x is a dynamic and cost-effective 1080p home theater projector packed with an array of features including 3000 lumens, 1920 x 1080 fullhd resolution, 1. 1x zoom, srgb support, and 23, 000:1 contrast ratio. The hd142x is the perfect home theater projector for watching blu-ray movies on movie night or games of thrones on a sunday evening. The 8000-hour lamp life leads to extended hours of viewing with limited need for maintenance and a lower overall cost-of-use without sacrificing outstanding picture quality. The hd142x is a great projector for gaming platforms including xbox one, ps4, and your personal computer. The advance optical lens, crisp 1080p graphics and deep blacks produce detailed and vivid graphics and textures. Srgb color profile enables rich accurate color, based on the primaries of rec. 709 hdtv specification when used with a pc, mac, or any srgb compatible source. It features the latest and greatest digital media interface with support for mhl v1. 2-enabled hdmi ports and is compatible with mhl devices such as optoma s hdcast pro, roku streaming stick and smart phones which connect directly to the projector to playback music and video, view pictures and even share web pages and other user generated digital media content.

Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-HD142X-Lumens-Theater-Projector

Brand :    optoma
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.50 pounds
  • 2 x hdmi (1. 4a 3d support) + mhl v1. 2, audio out 3. 5mm, 12v trigger, 3d-sync, usb service display technology: single 0. 65" 1080p dc3 dmd chip dlp technology by texas instruments
  • Brightness: 3, 000 ansi lumens
  • Screen size range: 66-inches from 8 feet; 107-inches from 12 feet
  • Contrast ratio: 23, 000:1; keystone correction: yes, lens shift: no
Price :    $441.00 (was $534.98)
Model :    HD142X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma HD142X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector available ( Apr 2020 )

STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120 Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White Material

I am giving this 5 stars! it was super easy to assemble, i assembled this all by myself in about 45 mins. I bought one on ebay prior to buying this one and i must say it came in professional packaging and seems to be of much higher quality. The seller also emailed me promptly after purchasing with a helpful youtube video showing how to install it. I put this 106" screen together myself and hung it to the wall myself. Absolutely amazing, couldn't be happier! thanks so much silver ticket. If anyone needs any help, i'll be more than happy to answer anyone's questions.

The silver ticket products fixed frame projection screen offers powerful performance for the price. This screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. The material is a white stretchy, high-quality vinyl at 1. 1 gain that is designed for watching movies. Wait until you see the colors! there is no resolution lost at any angle. This screen truly assembles much faster than any other brand available! forget about tucking the screen material into the frame - the silver ticket tension rod system saves you time and frustration. How does the material connect to the frame? each side of the material has a pocket. A rod slides through the pocket to attach to the frame. This saves you time during assembly, but also removes any puckers or wrinkles in the viewing surface. The rod holds the material perfectly square all around the whole frame. This pocket and rod system remains hidden behind the frame so you only see the movie. Forget about tricky installations - this fixed frame screen mounts on the wall much like a large picture frame. The sturdy aluminum frame is wrapped, not flocked, with a light absorbing black velvet fabric to absorb over-projected light so you don't have to be a professional when aligning your projector. While other brands use square tubing in their frames, this screen is built with durable extruded aluminum that contours down to the projected image so you won't have any ugly shadow on the image area. Join the thousands of satisfied customers - buy silver ticket today!

STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120 Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White MaterialSTR-169120-Silver-Ticket-120-Diagonal

Str 169120 Silver Ticket 120 Diagonal (Ce Accessory) FAQ.

I am super happy with this screen! it arrived a day earlier then expected so that was a great start! it only took me and one other person 1 hour to put together. I did not have any issues with the instructions that were provided, all the instructions were clear and simple. The only thing that we struggled with was the very last step which was inserting the support bar across the center so one thing i suggest is putting that bar in place before snapping the last few pins for the screen. I absolutely recommend this screen! -Notice from . Lawrence, Saskatchewan

Click to Show str 169120 silver ticket 120 diagonal (ce accessory) Details

I haven't written many product reviews, but this screen is prompting me to change that approach. I spoke to a few of my friends who bought varying screen types, but nobody had a silver ticket. I took a chance based upon many favorable reviews of the product, and overall, i am not disappointed. . General:. The product arrived in a non-descript brown cardboard box, which had a couple of dents and tears in it. That said, the packing materials were sufficient to protect the screen from damage during shipping. It has a standard 1. 1 gain, which was sufficient for my needs. . Pros:. The screen build quality is better than i was expecting. It has an aluminum frame that fits together pretty solidly. The attachment of the screen material to the screen itself was very easy. You do have to work at it a little, but that is to be expected to ensure a tight fit. The velvet wraps around the entire aluminum frame as opposed to being only tape-like on the outside edges. This will prevent fraying of the velvet and is a great touch, as more expensive screens lack this approach in some cases. . Cons:. Some of the machined screw holes on the aluminum frame did not line up with the connecting joints. This isn't a big deal, but did make assembly a little harder than it needed to be. There was one small 2mm scrape on the velvet which made the aluminum frame visible. When there is a bright image on the right side of my screen, it reflects brightly as the proximity of the damage is within 3mm of the screen material. I have to fix it with a velvet or felt dot. . If you are looking for a 120" screen and are new to the home theater arena, buy this screen. You will not be disappointed.

Str-169120-silver-ticket-120-diagonal-(ce-accessory) set picture

- C. WilliamsWell packaged and easy to sort out. The company did an excellent job on packaging and informing of parts that were included. Descriptions on how to assemble were clear and easy to follow. Putting the screen together required about 60 to 90 minutes and overall was pretty straight forward and easy to do. I anticipated it being more difficult than what it was and marveled at well the instructions worked out. In this case, the instructions were more helpful than the video of how to put it together online. That was due to the video had not been updated to the changes made in the screen assembly that had been made but not updated in the video. So if you buy the screen and considered following the video which is very helpful at the site, just be sure the screen assembly has been updated on the video to the screen you have received. I am completely happy with the screen and how well it works.

I have had about 10 different screen for our home theater over the past 20 years. This is by far the best, and reasonably priced. Assembly took a bit of time but some reviews suggested it was hard - it really isn't. Also, some reviews suggest the holes for screws don't line up well. You need to use the standard practice of starting all screws or bolts in their holes before you tighten any of them. The screen came out with no wrinkles and is a huge upgrade over the elite screens model we had before.

O. Elida, Nebraska

Price :    $174.99 (was $249.98)
  • 2 3/8" heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material for a beautifully crisp viewing image; enjoy beautiful movies, pictures, and games in full hd and active 3d
  • The screen surface provides a 1. 1 gain and an exceptionally wide viewing angle at 160 degrees with no resolution loss at any viewing angle
  • Secure top and bottom mounting brackets that allow horizontal adjustment
  • (recommended) watch the online videos on manufacturers website and video websites
  • Quick and easy assembly with tensioning rod system ensures that you can bring cinema-quality entertainment to your home in just a few minutes
Brand :    silver ticket products
Color :    White Material
Size :    16:9, 120"
Model :    STR-169120
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Ce Accessory (silver ticket products product review) for STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120 Diagonal 16:9 4K Ultra HD Ready HDTV 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen White Material available ( Apr 2020 )

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector

The home cinema 2045 wireless projector is designed to be your home entertainment hub, delivering full hd 1080p content from an array of devices. Offering up to 3x higher color brightness than competitive models, epson 3lcd projectors ensure vibrant images. The projector features up to 35, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, advanced image processing, plus 2200 lumens of color brightness and 2200 lumens of white brightness. Enjoy hd movies, games and more with two hdmi ports and mhl, or wirelessly stream content via miracast and intel widi. Use your blu-ray disc player, gaming console, streaming device, tablet or smartphone and project up to 300".

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater ProjectorEpson-Cinema-Miracast-Theater-Projector

Brand :    epson
Color :    white
Weight :    6.90 pounds
  • Color brightness: 2200 lumens, white brightness: 2200 lumens
  • Up to 3x higher color brightness, and reliable performance - 3lcd, 3-chip technology
  • Full hd 1080p, widescreen, 3d performance - for movies, games and more, up to 300" on virtually any wall or screen
  • Focal length: 16. 9 - 20. 28 mm; zoom ratio: 1. 0 - 1. 2 manual
Price :    $625.00 (was $671.99)
Model :    V11H709020
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector available ( Apr 2020 )

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Single Joist Ceiling Adapter, 3 1.5 , White

Installed quickly, worked as expected and i intend to buy for a third projector we are looking to get!

Qualgear pro-av qg-kit-ca-3in-w projector mounting kit includes a professional grade qg-pro-pm-50-w projector mount, qg-pro-pm-ca-w single joist ceiling adapter, and a qg-pro-pm-3in-w 3 inch 1. 5-inch npt threaded pipe in white. Easy installation with color installation manual and presorted hardware. This projector mounting kit is suitable for mounting to single wood joist, wood beam, wood stud, and concrete ceiling surfaces. For details about each component of this mounting kit, please look up their model number.

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Single Joist Ceiling Adapter, 3 1.5 , WhiteQualGear-QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W-Projector-Accessory-Ceiling

Qualgear Qg Kit Ca 3in W Projector Accessory Ceiling (Office Electronics) FAQ.

Excellent product. The packaging can be a little overwhelming but slow down and it goes up without a problem. -Notice from Z. Guest, Newham

Click to Show qualgear qg kit ca 3in w projector accessory ceiling (office electronics) Details

The qualgear pro-av mount is by far the best quality projector mount i have found. It is built to last and is engineered like a tank. The install was very smooth with the provided instructions and adjustments are easy to complete. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality projector mount.

Qualgear-qg-kit-ca-3in-w-projector-accessory-ceiling-(office-electronics) set picture

- F. JosephineWe needed to mount a projector on ceiling tile grid and this product was perfect. I comes with all the accessories you need and then some!

Very great and very easy to install my epson 5040ub-great mount

K. Carol, Iowa

Brand :    qualgear
Color :    WHITE
Weight :    5.90 pounds
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Color installation manual
  • 1. 5" npt thread compatible
  • Suitable for regular wood and concrete ceilings
  • Professional quality
Price :    $78.40
Model :    QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Single Joist Ceiling Adapter, 3 1.5 , White available ( Apr 2020 )

Epson-Compatible ValueView 3D Glasses. Rechargeable. MULTI-PACK

Valueview 3d glasses for epson rf 3d projectors includes four pairs of epson 3d glasses, storage cases and usb charging cables compatible with powerlite home cinema: 750hd, 2000, 2030, 2040, 2045, 3020, 5020, 5025ub, 5030ub, 5030ube, 5040ub, 5040ube, 6020, 6030 compatible with powerlite pro cinema: 4030, 6030ub, g6550wu, g6900wu, ls9600e, ls10000 compatible with home cinema: 2030, 2040, 3000, 3100, 3500, 3600e, 3700, 3900 compatible with pro cinema: 4040, 6040ub, ls10500 *not compatible with epson 3d projectors that use infrared (ir) technology. * *note: the battery indicator on epson 3d projectors is calibrated for epson oem 3d glasses. Epson uses a different battery with less capacity. As such, the on screen battery percentage indicator is not accurate with respect to valueview 3d glasses. The batteries used in valueview 3d 3active glasses are more powerful and have a 30 hour battery life.

Epson-Compatible ValueView 3D Glasses. Rechargeable. MULTI-PACKEpson-Compatible-ValueView-Glasses-Rechargeable-MULTI-PACK

Brand :    valueview
Model :    A2S01245BP5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes four 3d glasses, storage pouches, and usb charging cables.
  • Designed to fit over most prescription eyewear.
  • Lightweight frames allow for extended viewing comfort.
  • Radio frequency (rf) synchronization
  • Rechargeable 3d glasses compatible with epson rf projectors.
Price :    $129.95
Speakers :    Best Consumer Electronics (valueview product review) for Epson-Compatible ValueView 3D Glasses. Rechargeable. MULTI-PACK available ( Apr 2020 )

Epson 5040UB Projector Ceiling Mount V2 Vega AV Systems

The ceiling mount for epson 5040ub v2 by vega av systems comes completely assembled and includes the hardware to mount your 5040ub. This is the mount that we use at affordable home theater to mount all epson home cinema projectors. Look at the pictures for detailed instructions.

Epson 5040UB Projector Ceiling Mount V2 Vega AV Systems5040UB-Projector-Ceiling-Vega-Systems

Brand :    vega a/v systems
Weight :    4.00 pounds
Model :    6868763
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Made with epson's wide mounting pattern in mind
  • Holds up to 40lb
  • Locks in to position
  • Completely turn key
Price :    $54.95 (was $69.95)
Network Media Player :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (vega a/v systems product review) for Epson 5040UB Projector Ceiling Mount V2 Vega AV Systems available ( Apr 2020 )

Adjustable Ext Column 6 To 9

Designed to blend in and work in almost any environment, the peerless-av adjustable extension column (6 in. To 9 in. ) is for use with peerless-av display mounts, projector mounts and ceiling plates accessories. Whether it's for an office or mounted from a tall cathedral ceiling, the adjustable column supports up to 500 lbs. , making it ideal for exhibit, retail or digital signage applications. The adjustment slot design makes for easy incremental height adjustments to find the perfect position and then securely locking it into place.

Adjustable Ext Column 6 To 9Adjustable-Ext-Column-6-9

Brand :    peerless-av
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.90 pounds
Model :    AEC006009
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3 to 5 days
Photography :    Best Camera Other Accessories (peerless-av product review) for Adjustable Ext Column 6 To 9 available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $10.31 (was $35.54)
  • Extends 6"-9"
  • Column's cylinder shape conveniently offers ample internal space for cable management of multiple cords
  • Gives a clean look to any installation

Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - Black

Peerless' prg precision gear projector mount is changing the way image alignment is done. The patent-pending precision gear design provides exact tilt and roll image positioning with a simple turn of a knob. Once the installer sets the precision gear to the desired position it stays securely in place. It will not shift during projector maintenance, bulb replacement, and will not loosen or change alignment due to vibration, accidental bumping etc. With peerless' prg precision gear projector mount the installer sets it and forgets it.

Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - BlackPeerless-PRGS-UNV-Precision-Universal-Projector

Price :    $96.86 (was $99.99)
  • Patent pending precision gear provides accurate projector image alignment
  • Two adjustment knobs control projector image alignment
  • Pre-assembled design reduces installation time
  • 50 lb. weight load capacity
  • Horizontal wrench access slots make flush mounting installations fast & easy
Brand :    peerless
Color :    Black
Size :    3.25 x 13.56 x 6.38 inches
Weight :    2.87 pounds
Model :    PRG-UNV/BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (peerless product review) for Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Peerless ACC570 Wood Joist Ceiling Mounts

Peerless wood joist ceiling or structural ceiling, mounts to wood joist or structural ceiling

Peerless ACC570 Wood Joist Ceiling MountsPeerless-ACC570-Joist-Ceiling-Mounts

Brand :    peerless
Color :    BLACK
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.20 pounds
Model :    ACC570
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Features cord management access hole
  • Mounts to wood joist or structural ceiling
  • Unit has 1 1/2" 11. 5 npt fitting for attachment of extension column
Price :    $15.84
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (peerless product review) for Peerless ACC570 Wood Joist Ceiling Mounts available ( Apr 2020 )

Peerless PRG-UNV-W Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - White Discontinued Manufacturer

Peerless white precision gear projector mount (prg-unv-w)

Peerless PRG-UNV-W Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - White Discontinued ManufacturerPeerless-PRG-UNV-W-Precision-Universal-Projector

Brand :    peerless
Color :    Black
Size :    3.00 x 14.25 x 6.75 inches
Weight :    2.87 pounds
Model :    PRG-UNV-W
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (peerless product review) for Peerless PRG-UNV-W Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - White Discontinued Manufacturer available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $131.07 (was $135.82)
  • White mount with universal spider adapter
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Precision gear reduces installation time and makes mount easier to align by simply turning adjustment knods

QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory

This mount worked perfectly to install the projector on the ceiling. The design allowed me to easily attach the mount to the rafters above the drop ceiling, slip the tile back into place then attach the projector with only the smallest hole cut for it to stick down through. I was worried i would have to cut the tile and leave a large unsightly gap around the mount or have to cut the tile in two; that was not the case. The perfectly designed adjustments made it super simple to align the projector exactly on the screen. This turned a job i was slightly dreading into a simple task. Next time i need a mount for anything i will check their product line first.

Cold-rolled steel material; durable construction universal design fits most projector brands; weight capacity: 30 lbs. ; maximum distance of mounting holes on projector: 15. 63" low profile flush mount; holds projector at 5. 31" from the ceiling multiple adjustments. Swivel: 60 degrees. Roll: +/-20 degrees. Pitch: +/-30 degrees. Shift: 2. 75" snap-on / snap-off design for quick installation / release

QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector AccessoryQualGear-PRB-717-WHT-Universal-Projector-Accessory

Qualgear Prb-717-wht Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory (prb 717 wht) FAQ.

I used this to mount an optoma hd25e projector. This mount is so adjustable in so many ways and it has so many parts, it took me a long time to figure out how to attach it to this projector. It is sort of like putting together a jig saw puzzle combined with an erector set, but it is good to have all those pieces and adjustments. This mount is solid and very adjustable. My main problem had nothing to do with the mount, really, it was finding screws to fit the projector. . The two m3 10mm and one m3 14mm screws are easy enough to find, but i also wanted to use another screw socket on the projector that seems not to be documented anywhere. After spending about two hours at two different hardware stores, i could find no screw with the right thread count or thread pitch to fit this screw socket. The closest i could come is one i think was called a 1/4x20 machine screw. It threaded in four turns, just enough to help hold up the projector. I couldn't find one the right length, so i had to use a hack saw and a file to cut it down to size. . With a lot of trial and error, i was able to line up all four screws with the base plate of the mount, using only two short arms and a couple of the shims (one thick and one thin) that came with the mount on one of the screw sockets which sits lower under the plate (and it needs a longer m3 screw). This is because the base of the projector is not smooth. It has high and low spots. I also used washers and lock washers to make things more secure. These are not supplied with the mount. . When i finally attached the top plate to the ceiling i found i just about needed a third hand to hold the projector up in the air, while holding the bolt, washers, and nut. Also, it is hard to see what you are doing with the projector in the way of the mount. It is hard to line up the bolt holes, since you have to hold the projector at just the right height, not too high, not too low to put the bolt through. . Once i got it attached, however, it was quite easy to aim the projector and line up the picture with the screen. The mount is very sturdy and adjustable, but i never want to have to take the projector down from there again. -Notice from U. Olga, Rhone-Alpes

Click to Show qualgear prb-717-wht universal ceiling mount projector accessory (prb 717 wht) Details

I purchased this ceiling mount for my epson 2045. This product is well made and is very versatile to attach to any projectors. It included all the arm links, rubber washers, and screws to adjust any possible combinations to attach it to the projector. The manual that it came with was very detailed and easy to follow along. The cons were since it is so versatile, it took some time to find the best option to attach the projector and that the weight of projector is held evenly. The other issue is i didn't find it easy to adjust the projector vertically but it can be done. Overall, i would recommend this product, as it does what you need it to do at a fraction of the cost.

Qualgear-prb-717-wht-universal-ceiling-mount-projector-accessory-(prb-717-wht) set picture

- M. CarrieThis is a great ceiling mount for the epson homecinema 3700 projector i just bought. The instructions were very clear, and i loved how the small parts are all organized in labeled compartments within a small plastic bag. I wish ikea would make it so clear which nuts and screws are which.

Does exactly what it needs to do, and includes all the hardware needed to effectively get the job done. Some of the reviewers said it didn't work with the epson 5030ub or they weren't sure. For those wondering, it works fine, you just need to add the extensions and use both the short and tall spacers. . Pros:. Very adjustable. I was easily able to aim my epson 5030ub properly and then mount my 120" screen. . Cons:. I had to rotate the ceiling part of the mount 90 degrees, as the joist i attached it to ran perpendicular to the wall the screen is on. They should re-engineer the ceiling part of the mount to allow for installation either parallel or perpendicular to your projection surface.

E. Anonymous, Richmond upon Thames

Brand :    qualgear
Color :    White Mount
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Snap-on / snap-off design for quick installation / release
  • Multiple adjustments. tilt: 0 to 60 degrees. swivel: 360 degrees. roll: +/-20 degrees. pitch: +/-30 degrees. shift: 1"
  • Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel material; durable construction
  • Low profile flush mount; holds projector at 6" from the ceiling
  • Universal design fits most projector brands; weight capacity: 30 lbs. ; supported range of mounting holes on projector: 6. 6" - 16"
Price :    $24.95
Model :    PRB-717-WHT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (qualgear product review) for QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory available ( Apr 2020 )

Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector 2017 Model

Go from living space, to theatre and back again with the amazing flexibility of this ultra-short throw projector that lets you experience over 100" of 4k hdr picture quality on any wall. With no limits on the design or layout of your home, it s never been easier to live the dream of having a large screen display when and where you want it.

Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector 2017 ModelSony-VPLVZ1000ES-Ultra-Short-Theatre-Projector

Brand :    sony
Weight :    36.80 pounds
Model :    VPLVZ1000ES
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Screen size range: 80" from 2 inches, 100" from 6 inches, 120" from 10 inches
  • Triluminos display for rich colour
  • Advanced reality creation for upscaling sd/hd sources
  • Ultra-short throw for flexible installation
  • Native 4k resolution (4096 x 2016)high brightness 2500 lumens laser projection
Price :    $17999.99 (was $24998.00)
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (sony product review) for Sony VPLVZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theatre Projector 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projector

Super clear, super bright, great contrast, great whites and blacks, great picture even with allll the windows and lights open and turned on! . I don't know why i waited so long to upgrade from my crappy 720p projector all these years.

Bring the big screen home with the home cinema 2100 projector, featuring full hd resolution and flexible, easy installation. Get widescreen 1080p images up to 11 feet or more over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel. Offering 2, 500 lumens of color/white brightness (1), the projector delivers vibrant images. Stream movies, games and more with 2x hdmi ports and mhl (2) connectivity. Portable and powerful, the projector features up to 35, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and no rainbow effect. Thanks to its vertical lens shift and 1. 6x zoom, you can place it virtually anywhere. Plus, a built-in 10 w speaker means you can enjoy hd content out of the box. 1. Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with idms 15. 4; white light output measured in accordance with iso 21118. 2. Includes one mobile high-definition link (mhl) hdmi port. 3. Depending on your mhl device, charging may not be supported. 4. Color brightness (color light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with idms 15. 4. Color brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 5. Gamut volume in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in 3d in the cie l*a*b* coordinate space. Top-selling epson 3lcd projectors versus top-selling 1-chip dlp projectors based on pma research sales data for dec. 2015 through nov. 2016. 6. For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site. 7. Smartway is an innovative partnership of the u. S. Environmental protection agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projectorEpson-Home-Cinema-1080p-projector

Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3lcd Projector (hc2100) FAQ.

Can this projector justify its price? . . After ripping down my old epson and mounting this one on my ceiling, playing a few movies on my drop down projector screen, i think the answer is probably. It really depends on what you need. . The construction quality is good, it all feels solid and no different really than my last epson, which lasted many years without any trouble. . Installation is easy. I recommend a ceiling mount even though this only has three mounting points (rather than the typical four). This unit puts out a fair amount of fan noise, and on the ceiling you just don't notice it. Using the remote, it was easy to select ceiling mount (flipping the image) and then quick corner (letting you precisely aim each corner of the image at your screen). I plugged a steam link into the hdmi port and was quickly watching movies and playing games. . Image quality is outstanding. It's far beyond my last projector and the "cinema" branding is a reasonable label for what this product is for. The brightness is amazing even across a living room / kitchen open floor plan with lightly colored walls at noon, with no good way to eliminate light. It's so bright that this might work without a projector screen, but it would be a waste to cheap out like that. Colors are vivid, almost like watching a plasma screen, and the enormous picture you get with these projectors makes every youtube video feel like a special experience at the theater. . Unlike my other projector, this doesn't come with a carrying bag, and i really don't think this is the best projector to carry to presentations. It's got a much larger lens, is about double the price, and if you're only showing powerpoints, you are better off with a less expensive product with the carrying case. This projector is more suited for a permanent mount in a home, for someone who wants to watch movies and play games. . Audio quality was poor by the standard of a television, but was much better than my last projector. The tinny sounding speaker is adequate. Remember these projectors have to be relatively light weight because so many mounts use molly bolts and drywall to hang. The grand picture quality deserves a soundbar or surround sound setup. . Fortunately, this projector can be controlled over hdmi with minimal setup, and i am controlling mine via a soundbar, so i get rich sound, a seamless experience, and enjoy the great picture. There is no optical audio input. Really you need to use the two hdmi inputs or the inferior vga input. That's not a problem for modern sound systems, but someone out there is still relying on a toslink optical audio input, and this isn't the right projector for them. . All around it's an excellent projector, but it's also a pricey model. For those who really want a vivid, bright picture for watching movies on a drop down screen, this is going to impress and be worth the price. . I've included a photo i took at lunchtime in a pretty bright room, and the picture is blazing sharp. This performance is unlike most projectors! -Notice from A. Cindy, New York

Click to Show epson home cinema 2100 1080p 3lcd projector (hc2100) Details

I actually love this. It's easy to set up and use and very bright. For a projector, you could actually watch something without having to darken the room, which was what i was looking for. We had to fiddle with the color quite a bit, out of the box, but only the once. I was impressed with the contrast as well - it's still a projector, but the contrast was much better than i've seen from other projectors. I've even hooked this up to a laptop for out door movie nights and projected onto a portable screen - totally fun. . This was easy to set up and use, easy to adjust for the best picture, and easy to swap from device to device. I'm really happy with it!

Epson-home-cinema-2100-1080p-3lcd-projector-(hc2100) set picture

- G. MableBright enough in ambient light. Super clear picture. Not as loud as i was expecting in full brightness but i cant hear it at all in eco mode.

Ok first thing i ll say is we all know there are projector that cost $1000 or $5000 or $20000. But damn. I m truly amazed at how hd it looks-. . I have it set up on a 120 inch screen and i couldn t be happier- especially for the price which isn t expensive at all when you re talking projectors and yet the image is incredible. . The pictures i ve provided are in a pitch black room- honestly close ups of people s faces wow. The pics i ve provided still don t do the actual image justice

K. Joanna, Surrey

Brand :    epson
Color :    na
Weight :    7.50 pounds
Model :    HC2100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projector available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $748.98
  • Stream hd tv, movies, videos and games - supports mhl-enabled devices (2) for mirroring and charging (3).
  • Widescreen full hd 1080p entertainment up to 11 feet (132 inches diagonal) or more - over 4x larger than a 60-inch flat panel.
  • Bright - ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, the projector has 2, 500 lumens of equal color and white brightness (1).
  • Innovative 3lcd technology - amazing action scenes with no rainbow effect.
  • Dynamic contrast ratio - up to 35, 000:1 for rich detail in dark scenes.

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector

Uhd60 is a state of the art 4k ultra high definition (uhd) projector for home cinema and home theater capable of delivering ultra sharp images with a high level of detail and breathtaking color. With 4 times the pixels of 1080p, an ultra high resolution of 3840x2160, 3000 lumens, 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio, high dynamic range in the form of hdr10, vertical lens shift and a massive 1. 6x zoom, the optima uhd60 has been engineered to deliver the ultimate 4k uhd home viewing experience. Incorporating ultra hd 4k resolution it brings content to life with thrilling detail, colour and contrast for a stunningly immersive experience. The optima uhd60 is powered by a revolutionary texas instruments 4k dlp uhd chipset with a high performance dmd utilizing xpr video processing technology with fast switching to display 8. 3 million distinct pixels as mandated by the consumer technology association s 4k uhd 2160p specification. The uhd60 can project 4k uhd images up to 140 inches, allowing viewers to be in optimum viewing area to enjoy all 4k uhd pixels, from a distance of up to 16 feet. The average 50-65 inch 4k uhd tv simply cannot match this, as viewers typically sit further away from their tv than the optimum viewing area of 6-9 feet. High dynamic range is the true star of the 4k uhd show, leveraging rec. 2020 and dci-p3 color gamut's to deliver bright and luminous whites, the deepest black levels, and beautiful, life-like, real world color that was previously only possible on the big screen at the movies. A generous 15% vertical lens shift and 1. 6x optical zoom provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of installation location within any home, while dual 4w stereo speakers generate audio that is loud and crisp. The lamp life on the uhd60 is a robust 10, 000 hours in eco mode and 15, 000 hours in dynamic mode.

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-UHD60-Definition-Theater-Projector

Brand :    optoma
Color :    WHITE
Weight :    16.00 pounds
  • Dynamic black delivers 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional black levels
  • Vertical lens shift and 1. 6x zoom provide an intuitive and flexible installation
  • Hdr-compatible - hdr10 produces the brightest whites, deepest blacks, and life-like color due to the rec. 2020 wide color gamut and dci-p3 color gamut compatibility
  • True 4k uhd 3840x2160 2160p resolution, bright 3000 lumens, and cinematic color with rec. 709
  • Hdmi 2. 0 and hdcp 2. 2 deliver a full 18gbps for the best 4k uhd video bandwidth, image quality and device compatibility
Price :    $1400.00 (was $1729.08)
Model :    UHD60
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector available ( Apr 2020 )

Epson V12H548006 RF 3D Glasses

Take 3d entertainment to a whole new level - right at home - with an epson 3d projector 1 and epson rf 3d glasses. Stylish and lightweight, while offering amazingcoverage, these 3d glasses enable you to experience eye-popping home entertainment in thecomfort of your own living room. Fully adjustable, they ensure comfort and convenience, andeven fit over most eyeglasses. Epson's rf 3d glasses are rechargeable up to 40 hours 2. They also include a cleaning cloth for easy maintenance, and a soft storage case for protectionwhen not in use. Easily adjustable - offers the ideal fit for almost anyone; fits over most eyeglasses. Compatibility - for use with rf 3d projectors including the powerlite home cinema3020, 3020e, 5020ub, 5020ube and pro cinema 6020ub. Rechargeable 2 - up to 40 hours, plus 3 -minute quick charge

Epson V12H548006 RF 3D GlassesEpson-V12H548006-RF-3D-Glasses

EPSON V12H548006 RF 3D GLASSES Overview
Brand :    epson
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Weight :    0.30 pounds
Model :    V12H548006
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Crystal-clear 3d entertainment
  • Easily adjustable; fits over most eyeglasses
  • Sleek, lightweight design; remarkable coverage
  • Compatibility for use with rf 3d projectors including the powerlite home cinema 3020, 3020e, 5020ub, 5020ube and pro cinema 6020ub
  • Rechargeable up to 40 hours, plus 3-minute quick charge
Price :    $94.50
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (epson product review) for Epson V12H548006 RF 3D Glasses available ( Apr 2020 )

epson home cinema 5040ub 3lcd home theater projector with 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color and white brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut and ultrablack contrast Price : 2699, was : 2699 as 2018-01-18
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for epson home cinema 5040ub 3lcd home theater projector with 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color and white brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut and ultrablack contrast

Great projector. Value for money. If u want 4k enhanced and perfect picture. Nothing can match it. I spent days to decide on project type, brand and reviews. This is the best. If u want to save time. Just go for it. It is bit pricey but worth it.

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(0) Question: Is it the hdr compatible for gaming? e. g. with ps4 pro?

(1) Question: Can this be ceiling mounted? if so, is there a recommended mount?

(2) Question: This will have 3d functionality? i see the logo, but the description and title doesn't mention it.

(3) Question: Can i get the most of this projectoe with a yamaha rx-v481 receiver?

(4) Question: What is expected life span of the bulb for this one?

(5) Question: Canon 5040ub or this benq? i ll be using a ps4 pro and xbox x most of the time.

(6) Question: Can i use my sound system with this projector? and if so, how?

(7) Question: What is the max size this projector can display?

(8) Question: Does it come with 3d glasses?

(9) Question: Hello, can someone please tell me if the hdr10 on this projector is compatable with the samsung and the new sony 4k uhd blueray players?

(10) Question: How well does the epson home cinema 5040ub perform using the latest apple tv 4k hdr unit? is there a big difference between it & previous apple tv's.

(11) Question: Can this be used outside, around dusk roughly? is this equivalent to about 5000 lumens? (assuming you combine numbers? )

(12) Question: Would this projector work with a curved screen?

(13) Question: What's the average power consumption (watts)?

(14) Question: Does the 5040ub come with a white or black power cord? trying to match ceiling.

(15) Question: What is the optimal throw range when displaying on a 120" screen?

(16) Question: What is the widest i can project? can i fill up a wall? does it look crisp projected on a white wall?

(note) Question: where/how to get Epson (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Epson's products

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This is a universally fantastic product, with a single caveat: it cannot accept a 4k/uhd signal with hdr at 60p. This isn't much of an issue with 4k/hdr bluray players, which usually output at 24p, 25p, or 30p, allowing for simultaneous hdr and uhd. However, it presents a problem with streaming set-top boxes and game consoles, which are frequently locked to a 60p output. . That said, i believe this projector still merits 5 stars for the price point because, a) the light output is outstanding; b) the input lag ( 28ms) and motion resolution are good to excellent; c) the contrast ratio is best-in-class; and, d) projectors under $20k poorly handle simultaneous uhd and hdr. Since individual pixel brightness decreases as screen size increases, for screen sizes under about 120" the pixel structure of 1080p content will be invisible and the benefits of uhd will be marginal, but the screen will be bright enough to showcase the expanded color/brightness range of hdr. Above 120" screen size, most viewers will appreciate the increased sharpness of uhd content, but the screen will be dim enough that hdr content will either look washed out, or you'll have to calibrate the projector to maximize light output at the expense of color accuracy. If you have a super dark viewing area and a giant screen, you may wish to look at sony's native 4k projectors, but the epson still meets or exceeds contrast ratio and black level depths at a price 1/2 to 1/3 of the sonys. . Streaming content remains the major problem for this projector, since you want the higher bitrate provided to 4k/uhd content, regardless of visible pixel structure. In a perfect world, devices would (like bluray/dvd players) send an output signal matching the framerate of the content, allowing for uhd+hdr at 24p/30p, but most do not. Nvidia's shield tv is reportedly the best in this regard, though i have not tested it.

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Great projector. Nice crisp picture. We can even use it during the day. The picture isn't as good but doable. We have a lot of light coming into the room so we were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to see a picture.

G. Dorothy, Brent

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K. Brenda, West Sussex says

Excellent picture especially when up scaling to 4k. It is a little louder and much bigger than i was hoping.

N. Ross, North Lincolnshire

Very bright projector! love this unit!

Z. Megan, Oklahoma says

This is the most amazing projector i have ever seen and i have had my fair share of projectors over the years. Sharpest picture with the most amazing color gambit. 1, 000, 000:1 contrast and the smartest remote i have ever used. It automatically paired with whatever device i was using. It even paired with my phone when streaming content. My only complaint is the 3d isn't the best. I am not sure if it is the glasses or the projector. Other reviews have had positive things to say about 3d. I will be sampling other glasses to see if it fixes the problem. The only 3d i have seen that has been flawless was a passive oled by lg. The first one i got was defective but i got a hold of epson and they were amazing in their customer service. The overnighted a new one and gave me a return label to send the defective one back. They just made a loyal customer for life. After dealing with samsung and even worse lg customer service i was blown away by the customer service by epson. If you are looking for the ultimate picture in home cinema then look no further. The picture is so amazing some times my wife and i will just watch random pictures come up on our chromecast because they just look that amazing. We are also sporting 140 inch screen. Even at that size it is still super bright and sharp.

O. Cecilia, Newfoundland and Labrador

Amazing! picture is bright and sharp. i love it.

I. Alice, Champagne-Ardenne says

Fabulous projector. Picture and brightness better than anything close to this price. Hdr no easier to use but that is the normal nature of hdr right now.

J. Alexia, South Gloucestershire

Love, love love this thing. I did a lot of research before buying this one. The 4k upscaling doesn't do anything for me, i watch everything in 1080p, but its quiet, and great.

P. Terry, Northumberland says

Images are fantastic but setup was not easy. Make sure that the projector is horizontal with a leveler before you do lens shift. No regrets but i could have waited a little and gone with the latest epson which is couple of 100 dollars cheaper but not as good as this one as far as images go.

T. Cindy, Kentucky

First of all i'd like to say that i'm not a video expert. I'm just a regular person that likes watching a show with a good picture. This projector does just that. I replaced a highly rated epson 8350 that i really loved, but wanted to see if i could get an even better picture. I took a picture of one scene with my 8350 and then put up the new projector and took another picture of the same (or as close as i could get it) scene with the 5040ub. These pictures do not show the true capability of having this projector in a perfect setting. The scene is of a brightly lit area of mexico. I took these pictures a day apart so they would have about the same amount of light coming in through the 3 windows to the left of my screen on a bright sunny day. To say it was bright in my room is an understatement. The video signal is a 1080p image from cable tv. I never realized how washed out the 8350 image was until i put up the new projector. Take a look at the red of the guys shirt. And remember, this is in a brightly lit room. You can also see the job it does up upscaling a 1080p picture to a 4k enhanced image. The difference in sharpness is amazing. All that being said, i couldn't wait to get it in a dark room! that is when the picture really came to life. If there is a difference between true 4k and 4k enhanced, i can't see it. Watching the martian in 4kuhd was like watching it for the first time. And of course since the 5040ub is also capable of 3d, i had to buy and watch avatar. Again, truly impressed. I'm glad i spent the money to upgrade to this projector and i'm sure you will too.

Y. Lorenz, Massachusetts says

Great projector, i returned mine(wireless), and repurchased it through best buy (magnolia audiovisual consultants) without the wireless component that made it costs extra at first at the request of my home media consultant, wireless is not recommended for dependability according to them. By the way, it's huge, i call it the spaceship, lol!

L. Stacey, Nebraska

Awesome picture. Can watch in fully lite room and still maintains. Bright whites and good color image. Best projector i've owned.

C. Monique, Suffolk says

The 4k and 1080p upscale on this thing is tremendous! just watching test demo's and other 4k content on youtube is enjoyable. I had an older 1080 p epson and then an optoma hd33 1080p. I was hesitant on ordering this because once it was released i found it wasn't a true 4k projector. But after seeing the picture who the hell cares. I haven't actually seen a sony 4k so i can't compare it to that but i can tell you this makes the picture from my old 1080 epson and optoma look pale in comparison. Vast difference. Watching 1080 nfl upscale was great, i could actually see scratches and damage on the players helmets. . One thing i am not sure of right now is if i'm actually seeing anything with hdr. When i go to settings i can see stuff in the projector info settings that is is 4k and i think only sdr. I am using the wireless version of this so wonder if that has anything to do with it. . Also for any of you wondering about the performance of the wireless video on the ube version it's flawless with an annoyance. I played my ps3 with no lag. In fact i think now that my old (wired) projector had some lag after playing this. Movies and everything else the same zero lag. Streams perfectly. Now the annoyance. There's a delay when anything switches apps, channels and the device goes into a search mode. So to give you an example if i'm watching a channel on my roku and switch from say youtube to online store it's searches for a connection again which caused the screen to black out for about 5 seconds. Also trying to find the correct input is the same thing, the screen blacks out for about 5 seconds so it's annoying and time consuming. Once something is playing all is great. . Only reason i'm using the wireless version now is because my so called (high end) emotiva receiver doesn't pass through 4k and the only upgrade option they have now is to send them back the receiver and get an upgrade for 1 single 4k output without hdr. Absolute joke. So for now i am using the wireless on this device which has 4 outputs and run an optical out from the epson wireless device to my (high end lol) emotiva. . I'm not taking away a star or anything and will follow up with epson as far as the finding device/switching delay on the wireless unit and hdr compatibility. So far after starting out very skeptical i am very happy with this projector. I'll try to update with some pictures & or video in the near future.

X. Melissa, Aquitaine says

Love this thing! but it didn't come with the back cover. Picture is holy smokes fantastic!

Q. Florence, Hessen

 this was running at nebraska furniture mart right beside a 10000$ sony and it wasn't even compatible. This this was better than the sony in every way. Brighter / crisper picture/ better black level. If you are on the fence about this projector just buy it you will not be disappointed. Mine is in a not very well light controlled room onto a 150 inch elite aeon cini gray screen.

W. Paula, Sheffield says

Crystal clear picture. Easy installation. Quieter than expected

B. Kellie, Southampton

The bees knees! buy this projector you wont be disappointed!

Top home theater projector enhancement Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

E. Allen, Cornwall says

I did not receive the wireless hd transmitter that is included with my $3, 000 purchase

B. Valdez, Middlesbrough

I had to exchange the original projector because of a focus problem. Epson sent me another unit, however it hasn't been installed yet. I will follow up with an additional comment when the unit is installed and is operational.

R. June, Barnsley says

Please read before buying! (purchaed from best buy) 5 stars on picture, 4 stars customer service, 1 star on quality. The fact i used it for 6 weeks under less use than i would a normal tv in a nice cool room before it failed, i cannot give it a full 5 stars overall. I have to take yet another day off of work (in addition to the many days i took off of work receiving all my other home theater items) to receive the replacement. . Also, they are sending me a refurbished unit in trade of my 6 week old unit and i've had bad experiences with other refurbished products with disgusting animal hair, human hair, scratches, filth on them. I hate getting something older and used when i paid for brand new. I would understand if it was a year old, but 6 weeks? it hasn't even had time to let dust settle on it. I wasn't happy with the $2, 000. 00 hold on my charge card when i am going on vacation a few days after my replacement is due to arrive. . Otherwise, their customer service is ok. They're sending a refurbished one right away. Today is thursday and they say i'll have the replacement by monday or tuesday. However it's going to be a long weekend having to watch my tiny 65" lcd (be forewarned, this thing will make you feel like every other tv in your house is a computer monitor). . As far as the picture. I sit roughly 13 feet from a 120" projection in a fully light managed room, onto a ceiling paint screen, and i cannot see the pixels. The quality and color is as good, if not better than a theater. It's a nice looking unit and easily ceiling mounted. It's pretty quiet when in the 2 low power consumption modes. The 3rd mode with unfettered power consumption is pretty loud without much benefit. It's just a hair brighter. Hdr isn t that great on this unit because it s not bright enough and really makes the image difficult to watch. It s kind of like an ipad with the brightness turned way down. I prefer watching without hdr. . The motorized lens shifting is great. It has a lot of range shifting up/down/left/right and can adjust/compensate for not being perfectly level with its lense adjustments. . All in all, great picture for the money but i have never had something in this price range just crap out before, ever (add to that, it s failed multiple times). I hope this isn't an indication of the remainder of my 2 year warranty (update, looks like it will be). . That being said, (edit here, i once said go ahead and buy the unit, now i m not so sure). Maybe you'll never have an issue and i usually never do. It seems others have reliable units. I guess my luck just ran out. . Update: received my refurbished unit and the picture it is projecting is unacceptable. When i pulled it from the box the lens shutter was open! i was assured that the refurbished units went through many quality tests before they are sent out. I went through all possible color adjustments and it's still projecting red in one of the corners (see photo). I've had it with this. I've been trying to get my home theater in working order for 7 weeks now and if it's not one thing it's another and this is just one more thing to irritate me. I just want to watch a movie in my finished theater and i'll be going onto the 3rd projector in 7 weeks. . Update 2 i got a new unit overnight and all is well for now. I would have given this unit 5 stars had i not had to return 2 units within 7 weeks and make arrangements to receive a replacement unit twice during my working hours, having to disconnect and remount multiple times, make phone calls and go through the usual routine of plugging cables in various components and sources only to finally have an american get on the phone after 45 minutes, take 1 look at the picture i sent and say "yeah that's a bad unit". At that time i asked to be sent a new unit and he said he would try. He delivered on my request for a new one so that made me happier. . So time will tell. Maybe i'll get through the rest of my 2 year warranty without an issue. . Another update! . . My new unit that i received in mid june succumbed to the same failure as the first projector. It s early december 4th today so it made it roughly 5 months under moderate use. I hadn t turned it on for about a week and i wanted to watch a movie tonight and the thing is fried again, it won t turn on, flashing blue lights. I don t know what to do at this point. I m going to have to switch out the unit again. I ll have to battle them for another new (not refurbished) unit, again! or do i just ask for a refund and spend more money on a different note trustworthy brand? so annoyed right now. I really like everything else about the projector it just kills me that it doesn t seem likely to last more than a few months as i will be going on my 4th projector in about 7 months? ! that s just ridiculous. I m really a fair person. I m hard to get worked up. I would have loved to give this 5 stars, i just can t due to multiple unit failures. If the next replacement last me 10 years, the best rating i could give would be 3 stars because of the quality.

W. Zelda, Oklahoma

I purchased this on may 10th 2017 and its already dead. The doors opened for the bulb and that was it. Going through hell with epson to try and do something about it. I'm not happy. Update. I was sent a refurbished unit. It works but for how long i wonder. Its refurbished so this one failed someone else. Epson is garbage. Here's a picture of a epson printer that was also junk. That's an ax in it. I think it is becoming the norm to buy expensive electronics that only last months.

Q. Mable, East Sussex says

Bought this projector and the picture on it is fantastic, fantastic that is until i popped in a 3d movie. I often heard talk of crosstalk and ghosting but never experienced it on my benq w1070. Well this one has it and has it bad! unwatchable picture in 3d. Called epson and after an hour with tech support they said there was nothing they could do that i should return it. I had the projector for almost 2 months so i couldn't return it i needed a warranty repair or replacement. Well epson wouldn't do that, at least not at first. After i wasn't willing to accept there response i finally talked to the next level of support and was told they would send me a replacement out and i would have it the next day. Ok now i was satisfied, that was until about 2 hours later when i got an email saying they wouldn't honor the warranty because my serial number said that unit mas manufactured to be sold in latin america. What does that mean? don't latin americans get warranties? i called them up the they explained to me that even though i bought it from their authorized dealed in the us, and the projector was manufactured 3 months ago they wouldn't honor the warranty. What does this tell me about epson? stay clear! once you bought it, even from them, they won't stand behind their products. I'm guessing that they manufactured the unit originally for sale in latin america for some reason, demand, they diverted some to us dealers. Those that bought those units are sol.

Z. Imelda, Plymouth

This is my very first impression. I am expecting it to change. I just bought it yesterday and hooked it up. . Size: big. Looks much bigger when hanged on ceiling. Have to move the mount to the back of the hall. . Picture quality : default set up. Amazing. I have not calibrated it yet. Noise threw me off. . Noise: no noise in settings mode. As soon as i switch to hdmi1, loud cranking fan noise starts. I am using xbox one as dvd player. Noise is so loud that, i am thinking of returning it. Noise is only when connected to dvd player. As soon as i click menu option, noise goes away. . Looking for some help here to ensure that it's not a defective product. Don't want to get into unnecessary return headache.

F. Jennifer, Saarland says

Fine as long as you have a very very dark room.

V. Wilson, Yukon Territory

I bought this projector five months ago it worked great until last weekend when it wouldn't power on. I contacted the seller, topseller7, he said he won't take returns after 30 days. I contacted epson, they informed me that i'd been sold an international unit that isn't suppose to be distributed in the united states so they can't honor the two year warranty. Online store then said they won't do anything because i waited more than 30 days to report it, even though there was no way for me to know. Now i'm stuck paying repair costs. It's a nice projector but this may be something you want to buy from best buy.

T. Nees, Rhode Island says

I dont recomend it. it only worked for five hours

Y. Emma, Brent

Hdr problems galore. Great image, but. Just be aware that if you plan on using hdr with any of the popular players out there, you will have serious problems getting it to work at all. I hate that epson markets this unit as hdr compliant but i have tried 3 different players that support hdr and the epson does not take it. Numerous reports of this issue online so i know it's not just me . They put a limited 10gb chip in this thing which was a terrible design mistake. It limits the outputs tremendously to only certain resolutions, frequencies, and chroma subsampling. Works with all 1080 signals but it's a nightmare with 4k signals.

P. Marguerite, Wisconsin says

Let me start by saying this is still a very nice projector, but buyer beware. Hdr is one of the major upgrades from epson's previous model. The problem is, with the xbox one s and nvidia shield tv hdr does not work. Perhaps hdr works with certain uhd players, but i am also hearing the samsung uhd player also fails to display hdr on this projector. Looks like i am returning mine and going without a projector for a while. I already sold my previous 1080p projector. It sucks having a dedicated home theater in my home without a projector because of short cuts taken and advertised features not working.

U. Taylor, Nevada

I've never been angrier in my life. We bought this projector a little over a month ago give or take a week and watched about 6 movies on it. The projector goes out. We call epson. They will send us a refurbished one to replace our brand new one. This is bull crap. 2700 after taxes and we get a 1700 refurbished projector. I can't believe almost a 3000 product can go out in a less than a month and to be treated like crap like this. It doesn't matter how good it looks if it doesn't work. Thanks a lot epson for ruining our home theater experience.

A. Kelly, Auvergne says

When the unit works, i love it. However, i am now on my third projector since purchasing it in may 2017. Each one of them, including the one i currently have, has died. Completely. Not the lamp, the projector. It won t turn on. It doesn t even have a single little light turned on anywhere. It s like it s not even plugged in. The first two times epson has been good to send a replacement, but this is ridiculous. They hardly last a month of only using them a few hours/week. It is on its own surge projector and all of my other electronic equipment is fine. The receptacle it is using has power. The power cord is fine. Really disappointed and, of course, past the return period for online store. There s $2000+ gone.

C. Shirley, Coventry

My 5030ub 3lcd stopped working right after 2-year warranty. Epson offered no service support. The estimated repair cost provided by epson authorized repair store is almost $3, 000 since the parts from epson is super expensive. I will never spend such amount for a high end epson projector any more. It's too unreliable and the support from epson is so poor. I'd rather buy a much cheaper model so that i'd feel too bad if it stops working after 2 years.

S. Cecilia, Bolton says

Had this projector for 10 days , no matter what adjustments i made , picture was not sharp , not bright enough , even in a totally dark room if i turned on 1 light the picture was washed out. ! i m not sure where all the high reviews came from but i was not impressed , maybe i expected to much.

. Annette, Arkansas

With extremely limited use, the projector failed after 2 months. Will power on but lamp will not illuminate, followed by status lights flashing. Contacted epson and they indicated that it was internal failure and are going to send a (refurbished) replacement. Honestly wasn't very happy with picture prior to failure but perhaps i got a lemon. Will revise rating once new unit arrives and is tested.

X. Guest, North Dakota says

This is a nice projector, easy to set up and the wireless transmitter works flawlessly. The main reason i bought this model was because i wanted the 4k feature and the 4k picture is only as good as a blu ray dvd. After 3 long phone calls to epson i was told the picture i have is as good as it is going to get. My reason for 3 stars.

O. Erickson, Halton

Probably best to wait a bit for a real 4k projector.

G. Sharon, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

The worst experience ever had with a brand. I bought a projector that stopped working after few hours of use, with a temperature. Problem, it was not under warranty anymore so i brought it to a authorized repair shop. The shop sent it to epson for diagnosis before the repair, and they came back with a estimate of $350 for a sensor ! and another one for a lens problem that i never had before i gave it to them for $990. The lens problem probably appeared during the transportation between the shop and the epson repair center but nobody wanted to take responsibility and they just expected the customer to pay for it. I paid the projector $2700 and they just wanted me to pay an additional $1340 (plus tax) more for problems that should never have append so quickly. This is my experience with epson, very bad product quality, very bad dealer network, and very bad customer service. (with bad faith). I will never buy any epson product again.

I. Whiteman, Limousin

Purchased earlier model 5030. First projector i have owned, and i really wish i went with the sony projector i was considering. 1) i have a 100inch screen set up. Love mlb the show on ps$. Can't play it on this projector because the input lag is pretty bad. Shame on me for not looking into this more thoroughly. Baseball gaming is limited to second tv. I am not much of a shooter game-type, but i would imagine it would be problematic as well. 2) had a contractor install the projector. When i moved into my new home a month later. A distinct yellow line ran north to south. Had to get contractor back to my home (we know how difficult that it) and epson sent me a refurbished unit. Frustrating. Buy new get refurbished. 3) lastly they were supposed to send an extra bulb. Never happened. Back and forth with not a real good explanation as to why. . If i could turn back the hands of time, i would have went with the sony vplhw45es - no question.

L. Diana, St. Helens says

Awesome projector, wireless functions are convenient for everyday watching but to utilize all features you do need to run a long hdmi to the hdmi 1 port, using the wireless i could not get the hdr to work. Only other issue is delays when switching channels/inputs with wireless unit, not a real long delay but is a hassle. I recommend hard wiring the unit if at all possible. . Purchased from onecall, they did a good job getting an original factory sealed unit to my door in the time specified, much appreciated. . Update nov 2017: i finally get a 4k hdr gaming system (xbox one x) just to find out that this $3000 projector will not support 4k/60hz/hdr? that really sucks! after calling epsons 'outsourced' support (worthless by the way, like all middle-east support nowadays) all they could tell me is it's impossible to use hdr 60hz on this projector. Maybe they should put that in the brochure? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

D. Janice, Ontario

Worst projector ever. First one died within 2 months. Replacement died 6 months later.

H. Sandra, Alabama says

Received 4 days ago. This projector has turned itself off at least once every night we've had it and twice tonight in the last 30 minutes. It's in a cool room mounted on the ceiling so it's not overheating. Defective unit obviously but for the price i should have stuck with my sony projector. Will be returning soon.

M. Neva, Minnesota

I'll keep it short, it is not a 4k projector. The fact that it says "4k enhancement" is misleading. All it does is accepts 4k as an input.

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    Viewsonic Pro7827hd Rec 709 Theater Projector (Video Device)

    Viewsonic Pro7827hd Rec 709 Theater Projector (Video Device) 2131

    See Offers Viewsonic Pro7827hd Rec 709 Theater Projector (Video Device), 1080p hdmi rgbrgb rec.709 lens shift home theater offering incredible color accuracy and stunning, razor-sharp images, the viewsonic lightstream pro7827hd is the ideal projector for home theater entertainment. featuring full hd 1080p -viewsonic pro7827hd 1080p hdmi rgbrgb rec.709 lens shift home theater projector
    • Benefits: Packed With Our Most Advanced Color Technology, This Projector Provides An Incredibly Immersive Home Cinema Experience Coupled With Viewsonic's Industry-leading Durability And Dust-resistance.
    • We returned a less expensive, off-brand projector (with a loud fan! ) and ordered this one and we're so glad we did! my husband mounted it in our theater room and the picture (in hdmi) is great! viewsonic is a well-respected brand so i don't anticipate any problems with it or with customer service.
    • Benefits: Pro7827hd Is The Ideal Projector For Both High Definition Presentations, Vibrant Multimedia Entertainment And Gaming.
    Half Price Viewsonic Pro7827hd Rec 709 Theater Projector (Video Device) Pro7827hd
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    Epson Home Cinema 5040ube Enhancement (Video Device)

    Epson Home Cinema 5040ube Enhancement (Video Device) 2095

    Get Price Epson Home Cinema 5040ube Enhancement (Video Device), Wirelesshd 3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color white brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut ultrablack take color and detail to new levels the home cinema 5040ube, featuring wirelesshd. epson pro-uhd 3lcd home theater projectors deliver a groundbreaking combination of color, contrast -epson home cinema 5040ube wirelesshd 3lcd home theater projector 4k enhancement, hdr10, 100% balanced color white brightness, ultra wide dci-p3 color gamut ultrablack contrast
    • Benefits: Advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd Design - 3lcd Technology Ensures No Color Wheel, No White Segment And No Rainbow Effect.
    • Benefits: Hdr10 (2) High Dynamic Range And Ultrablack Contrast - Full 10-bit Color Output And A Contrast Ratio Up To 1, 000, 000:1 Deliver An Extraordinary Range Of Color And Detail In Both Bright And Dark Scenes.
    • Speechless. I know i saw the dimensions advertised, but maybe i did not pay attention. When the shipping box arrived, i was thinking, damn that's a large box for a projector. Then i opened the box and my mouth just stayed wide open. . Definitely not portable. Wow, wtf, does this thing perform like i... go to
    Lowest Price Epson Home Cinema 5040ube Enhancement (Video Device) Home Cinema 5040ube

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