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Price was 24. Voice remote is a must have. Amazing product that installed easily for me! just installed the remote batteries, plugged it into a free hdmi slot on the back of our new sanyo $198. Walmart 32" tv (great! ), clicked my tv remote to find and select the new hdmi input and then the fire stick found my wireless router. Selected it from among the other signals by the name i had given it, loaded the password and the fire stick connected and synced automatically to my online store prime account and then the fun began. The voice feature is such a time saver and just way too cool. Say "prime only movies" or "prime only war movies" - or whatever you like, and that's what shows up next. You can even ask things like "what's the weather like tomorrow morning in new york city" and in a few seconds it comes up on your screen and starts telling you out loud. But the coolest thing to me is to be able to use the prime videos and shows with this thing. Others will like other apps more, but i am so impressed. Our internet wireless is a bit slow as i have the cheap plan, but watched von ryan's express last night in prime time and it only buffered briefly once during the movie. Great product and love the voice feature. For an extra $10, it's way worth it!

-G. Diana

Fire Tv Stick Voice Fire Tv Stick Voice Remote Is A Powerful Streaming Media Stick, Connecting Your Hdtv To A World Of Online Entertainment. Fire Tv Stick Voice Remote Now Lets You Find All Your Favorites -Fire Tv Stick Voice Remote

  1. Highlight: Now With Alexa, Use Your Fire Tv Voice Remote To Check Local Theater Times, Sports Scores, The Weather, Play Music, And More – Just Ask.
  2. Highlight: Just Plug Into Your Hdtv And Start Streaming In Minutes. The Easiest Way To Enjoy Over 4, 000 Channels, Apps, And Games Including Access To Over 250, 000 Tv Episodes And Movies On Netflix, Video, Hbo Go, Hulu, And More.

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I'm not rating the stick 2 stars, it's great. The customer service pissed me off. I bought a vizio smart tv from online store 5 years ago for the apps and online store prime. Recently the few apps that are on it started not working. Said no longer supported by this device. So i order a fire stick 2 weeks ago to remedy that. Today june 15th i receive an email stating that online store prime is no longer supported on the vizio tv i have. My options are to buy a new tv or buy a fire stick and they would give a 15. 00 promotional discount. So i contacted customer service to ask for a 15. 00 credit since i just bought a fire stick for that very reason. I was told that the discount only applies for today til august 15th. If i bought a stick 6 months ago i would understand but i just bought the stick for the very reasons online store states. They didn't care if i bought it yesterday! the reason i am pissed is because i have been a loyal customer since online store started. Have bought a total of 7 kindles for family members, appliances, tv's, thousands of books and digital content plus many goods over the years. I believed a 15. 00 credit wasn't too much to ask for. . Update*. Online store contacted me by email and wanted to know the details of my situation . I retold my story and told them about my experience on the phone with customer service . The next morning i received another email from online store stating they had given me a 15. 00 goodwill credit and apologized for my experience customer service . My faith in online store has been restored . Best fire tv stick voice | -Digital Device 4 Review ( Mar 2020 ) Highlight Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote Fire tv stick, our best-selling streaming media stick, now comes with a voice remote. find all your favorites just by speaking into the remote.. Now with alexa, use your fire tv voice remote to check local theater times, sports scores, the weather, play music, and more - just ask. Just plug into your hdtv and start streaming in minutes. the easiest way to enjoy over 4, 000 channels, apps, and games including access to over 250, 000 tv episodes and movies on netflix, video, hbo go, hulu, and more.. Cutting the cord? watch the best of live tv on nbc news, nba, and sling tv, which includes espn, cnn, hgtv, amc, a&e, cartoon network, and more.. A powerful streaming media stick with 4x the storage and 2x the memory of chromecast plus a dual-core processor, 1 gb of memory, and asap so the movies and shows you like start instantly. Never miss out. bring fire tv stick with you to watch your favorites away from home, even in hotels and dorm rooms.. Prime members get unlimited access to video, including original programming like transparent, plus over 1 million songs with prime music. now get a subscription to apps like showtime and starz to watch tv episodes, movies, and sports, without cable. .

Fire tv stick with voice remote Review (53 004082)

My parent's purchased a roku to try and get netflix, hulu, and other channels on their tv, but it did not work too well. The roku, even though brand new, broke within a month. I told them to take it back. When they took it back, i purchased a wii for them. While it worked perfectly with netflicks - it still had it's issues. Online store video would not play right, and hulu kept buffering. It was unwatchable. My father couldn't deal with the constant buffering that was needed through the wii and roku. He also had issues with the remote of the wii, being an older gentleman with shoulder issues it is obvious the wii remote was not an ideal solution. We had even tried upgrading the internet. Nothing seemed to help. . Then i saw the fire stick. I was apprehensive about it due to the buffering issues with the wii. However, i jumped on a blind leap of faith when it was on sale. I set it up and expected to see the same thing, but it never happened. For the first time, it didn't stop playing to buffer. My father is not good with new technology, but i showed him. He didn't touch it for a week so i was slightly discouraged at first, but then. I walked out to discover him looking for a movie and before long i found myself paying for online store's star subscription for my father. This was the best gift ever to get him! . . I am a prime member and rarely use any of the perks aside from the 2 day shipping. This is a complete game changer! my parents, both mother and father are super thrilled with it. It is to the point where they even want a second one for the tv in their bedroom! i couldn't imagine a better outcome. Also the fact that it is portable makes it all the better. I didn't have to sync it with my prime account or anything at all! it was super easy to set the wireless internet connection up on it. Also the voice activation is completely awesome and being able to use our tablets both my father and i have 5th gen online store fire tablets as remotes makes it convenient. We don't even have to look for a remote or anything. The tablets also instantly sync'd with the fire stick and picked it up right away. You can even use the voice command from the tablet! . . I have never been happier with a product! . . I purchased -L. Powell

Fire Tv Stick With Voice Remote Streaming Media Player

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Height:0.45 inches
Length:3.34 inches
Weight:0.6 pounds
Width:0.98 inches
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8 GB

fire tv stick voice Smp, fire tv stick with voice remote is a powerful streaming media stick, connecting your hdtv to a world of online entertainment. fire tv stick with voice remote now lets you find all your favorites by just speaking into the remote. the voice remote has a built-in mic so you can instantly search tv shows, movies, actors, and genres using just your voice no more typing with your remote to find what you want. and you can now use alexa, the brain behind echo, with your fire tv stick. alexa, a cloud-based voice service, answers questions, plays music, checks local theater times, sports scores, the weather, and more. what's on fire tv stick with voice remote? with over 4, 000 channels, apps, and games, fire tv stick with voice remote offers all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services. watch over 250, 000 tv episodes, movies, including live tv. kick back with sports, news, music, and games. with instant access to netflix, online store video, hbo now, hulu, and more, you're sure to find something you love. rent movies from just 99 cents. watch live tv with sling tv, which includes espn, amc, hgtv, tnt, food network, abc family, and more. enjoy access to prime video with a monthly exclusive prime video subscription or at no additional cost through your online store prime membership. millions of songs are available to stream on fire tv stick through prime music, pandora, spotify and iheartradio. access your entire online store music library. fire tv stick is also great for gaming on your hdtv many games are free, and paid games start from just 99 cents. say it. watch it. less searching, more watching. speak into your remote to instantly find tv shows, movies, games, and more. the fire tv stick with voice remote has a built-in mic so you can instantly search tv shows, movies, actors, and genres using just your voice no more typing with your remote to find what you want. plus, launch apps by saying "open netflix, " and play online store video and add-on subscription content from starz, showtime, and more just say play the movie ex machina, or watch catastrophe, to get even easier access to your favorite tv shows and movies. a powerful streaming media stick from the responsive interface to instant search results, everything about fire tv stick with voice remote is fast and fluid. it's all thanks to a dual-core processor, a dedicated videocore4 gpu, and 8 gb of storage 4x that of chromecast. with fire tv stick, you can stream movies and tv shows in 1080p or 720p. with dolby audio, enjoy rich cinematic surround sound, consistent quality and enhanced volume level via hdmi (up to 7. 1). say goodbye to buffering: you shouldn't have to wait 10 seconds for a video to buffer every time you press "play". asap (advanced streaming and prediction) learns what online store movies and shows you like and gets them ready for you to watch. perfectly portable never miss an episode while you're away from home. fire tv stick works with any hdtv, including those in hotels and college dorm rooms. just plug and play anywhere even with wi-fi that requires web authentication. bring the world of online entertainment to any hdtv in your home. fire tv stick is so easy to connect to any hdtv, you can watch while cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in bed. tv the way you want it use your cable subscription to stream what you love on-demand through apps like hbo go, showtime anytime, a&e, watchespn, and more. get access to all your favorites with fire tv stick - download the apps and enter your cable account information to start watching. stream your favorite shows at the same time they're broadcast with cbs all access, the nba app, mlb. tv, and more. plus watch live tv with sling tv which includes espn, amc, abc family, tnt, food network, cartoon network, disney channel, cnn, hgtv, a&e, and more. subscription fees may apply. even better with prime thousands of movies and tv episodes, including the americans, justified, and downton abbey, are available for prime members or prime video subscribers to stream instantly, at no additional cost. access your favorite hbo shows like the sopranos in the hbo collection. unlock hours of new shows created by online store studios. from bosch to the award-winning series transparent, plus great shows for kids like creative galaxy, online store originals showcase comedy, drama, and children's programming you can only see on online store. with prime music, you can listen ad-free to over a million songs. and there are more than one thousand prime music playlists to choose from based on your mood, activity, artist or decade of choice. Fire Tv Stick Voice Remote (W87CUN-).

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  • Best thing ever! last year i researched the different devices and decided to buy a roku. Now that i have this fire stick, i have no idea why i made that decision? ! ? this thing is awesome! it does way more than i could have imagined and is so much better and more than roku. It has my netfilx, hulu and all the prime videos plus all these games and apps that are so fun. I'm considering doing showtime or hbo now that i have it and you can sign up thru an app. We bought the first device to see if we could cut the cable cord but it didn't fill all the needs. This may. I explored some sports stuff a little for my hubby as that was the missing piece to cut cable. He will let me know after motocross season if i can cancel cable! highly recommend!
  • I like it but i don't but i do . Make sense? 52" samsung flat screen. Xbox 360 that i use for a media center and hub. I added a vox remote and fire tv stick. After plugging it into my tv. Boom . Awesome easy set up instructions! moments later it's dropping the wifi signal. I ordered an online store hdmi usb 6 ft cable to position the fire tv stick in front of the tv (catch more wifi). I called online store tech support who are awesome! i'm a prime member so there are some nice features and benefits. When. I say when. The stick grabs and holds the wifi signal. . I love it and it drops in and out with wifi. My xbox holds the wifi as do my tablets and laptops. For the money, online store tech sure is worth it when it works. No complaints. Just a hot cold relationship at time :)
  • It was delivered quickly. I got this in order to eliminate the need to use multiple devices to watch my shows and it seems to do the trick. My biggest fault with it is that it doesn't have vudu or any other app to view my digital movies available for the fire stick or fire tv. I have most of my movies on vudu. I did my research and read a bunch of articles comparing the fire stick with roku and chromecast. I went with the fire stick because it had better specs and seemed from all of the articles and advertisements that it had everything i needed. Between the time i started my research and received my order, it was suddenly becoming apparent that i wouldn't have access to my movies as every app used to access them was no longer available on the firestick or firetv. When i contacted customer service about a return a month ago, i was told that by the end of the month there would be an app available to watch my ultraviolet collection on. There still is no app for viewing any digital movies that i own. This would be a 5 star product if only it had those available and now i feel like i'm stuck with it because i listened to customer service on it. If you don't care about accessing your digital collections of movies, this is great. I'm just extremely disappointed with my experience with this product.
  • Okay, i get it. Why would you guys make it easy to search the library of one your biggest competitors? still, the voice search was a big selling point for me. I got this during the prime day sales thinking i'd make the switch from roku to firetv. Plugged in the firetv. Not bad! sleek interface, access to prime video and other services. Let's look something up! aaaaand. Disappointment. No netflix voice-search. Like i said, i get it. Still, i probably won't purchase another firetv product after this. Roku voice search allows you to search every channel they have. It's great. Voice search on online store firetv leaves a lot to be desired. If that doesn't make a difference to you, you'll likely enjoy this product. I'm keeping it since it was dirt-cheap, but yeah for me, it was quite a let-down.
  • We just love our fire stick. You can speak your movie title. . I purchased a fire stick a year and six months ago. The one with voice for $49. 00 and i have not been able to view my online store prime movies for almost six months. I need someone to tell me why! that is way too much money to pay for only one year of movies! it says no connection, but under network settings it says connected! this is so frustrating! i should have sent it back long ago but they don't have this version anymore! i sure hope you can tell me what to do. I'm on social security disability and i enjoy everything about online store but especially movies on prime. Please help me!

fire tv stick voiceFire TV Stick with Voice Remote (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I bought this to replace a chromecast that was making me really cranky with connectivity issues, and to see if i could use it to transform my tv into a camera monitor for the four ip cams i have around the house using the ip cam viewer pro app you can download onto it. The fire tv box i bought a few years ago has even worse connectivity issues (won't stay connected to my secure wifi but runs off the xfinity hotspot), so i was afraid this would suffer the same fate, which would be a deal breaker for me considering why i bought it (it has to run off my secure wifi or it can't connect to the cameras). To my great surprise and pleasure, it hasn't had one single bit of connectivity issues. In combination with some good but cheap ip cameras, it has worked great as an alternative to buying a $1000 security camera setup. I'll also be using it to watch streaming content (particularly when travelling) occasionally but for the most part it will be my camera monitor. Except for that pesky secure wifi issue i've always been very impressed with fire tv and trust it far more than the other similar products i've tried. The voice recognition is awesome, even with my southern accent!

Fire Tv Stick Voice Remote
Click to see NoticeFire Tv Stick Voice Remote (53 004082)"I recenetly purchased the fire stick with the voice remote and i have been very happy with how quickly it navigates through the apps. Previously i had been using my xbox 360 which took forever to load apps such as netflix and hulu. When purshasing the product i decided to get the the stick with the voice remote, which in opinion is a big waste of money. I never used the voice search option and a few days after receiving the product i noticed the remote was not working. I replaced the batteries that came provided with some fresh ones and again they lasted for only a few days. I thought my remote might be defective, so before trying to go through the painful process of trying to return the remote i did some reading and found out i was not the only person having this issue. The review i read said that since there is not a power off feature the remote always stays on thus draining the batteries. I started unpluging the stick stick so it could power off which worked great for a while but this just isn't practical for me because my husband never remembers to do so. You can also just remove the batteries from the remote but again it is just not practical. I found that you can download an online store fire tv remote app from both the apple app store and the android play store. It is amazing! i actually prefer this over the remote that came with the device. It is very simple to use plus it gives you the option to use a keyboard which works a lot better for usernames, passwords and searching. I wasted money buying a wireless keyboard for doing those things and i could not get it to pair with the fire stick. It also has a voice navigation option. So if you are thinking about purchasing the fire stick i recommend just getting the basic version and just downloading the online store fire tv remote apps to your phone or tablet. All in all i love this product, so much so i purchase a second one to give as a christmas present."

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Fire tv stick connects your hdtv to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of movies and tv episodes, voice search that actually works, and exclusive features like alexa and asap, fire tv stick is an easy way to enjoy netflix, online store video, hulu, hbo now, live sports, music, photos, games, and more. What's on fire tv stick? with over 4, 000 channels, apps, and games, fire tv stick offers all your favorite subscriptions and streaming services. Watch over 250, 000 tv episodes, movies, including live tv. Kick back with sports, news, music, and games. With instant access to netflix, online store video, hbo now, hulu, and more, you're sure to find something you love. Rent movies from just 99 cents. Watch live tv with sling tv, which includes espn, amc, hgtv, tnt, food network, abc family, and more. Enjoy access to prime video with a monthly exclusive prime video subscription or at no additional cost through your online store prime membership. A powerful streaming media stick from the responsive interface to instant search results, everything about fire tv stick is fast and fluid. It's all thanks to a dual-core processor, a dedicated videocore4 gpu, and 8 gb of storage 4x that of chromecast. With fire tv stick, you can stream movies and tv shows in 1080p or 720p. With dolby audio, enjoy rich cinematic surround sound, consistent quality and enhanced volume level via hdmi (up to 7. 1). Say goodbye to buffering: you shouldn't have to wait 10 seconds for a video to buffer every time you press "play". Asap (advanced streaming and prediction) learns what online store movies and shows you like and gets them ready for you to watch. Perfectly portable never miss an episode while you're away from home. Fire tv stick works with any hdtv, including those in hotels and college dorm rooms. Just plug and play anywhere even with wi-fi that requires web authentication. Bring the world of online entertainment to any hdtv in your home. Fire tv stick is so easy to connect to any hdtv, you can watch while cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in bed. Tv the way you want it use your cable subscription to stream what you love on-demand through apps like hbo go, showtime anytime, a&e, watchespn, and more. Get access to all your favorites with fire tv stick download the apps and enter your cable account information to start watching. Stream your favorite shows at the same time they're broadcast with cbs all access, the nba app, mlb. Tv, and more. Plus watch live tv with sling tv which includes espn, amc, abc family, tnt, food network, cartoon network, disney channel, cnn, hgtv, a&e, and more. Subscription fees may apply. Say it. Watch it. Less searching, more watching. Fire tv stick uses the same voice search engine as online store fire tv, enabling you to simply speak the name of a movie, tv show, actor, director, or genre into your phone using the free fire tv remote app. Even better with prime with prime video, thousands of movies and tv shows including the americans, justified, and downton abbey, are available to stream instantly, at no additional cost. Access your favorite hbo shows like the sopranos in the hbo collection. As a prime member, unlock hours of new shows created by online store studios. From bosch to the award-winning series transparent, plus great shows for kids like creative galaxy, online store originals showcase comedy, drama, and children's programming you can only see on online store. With prime music, you can listen ad-free to over a million songs. And there are more than one thousand prime music playlists to choose from based on your mood, activity, artist or decade of choice.

Fire TV StickAmazon-Fire-TV-Stick-Streaming-Media-Player

Brand :    
Size :    8 GB
Weight :    0.6 pounds
Model :    W87CUN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • No more buffering, asap learns what video movies and shows you like so they start instantly
  • Never miss out. bring fire tv stick with you to watch your favorites away from home, even in hotels and dorm rooms.
  • Cutting the cord? watch the best of live tv on nbc news, nba, and sling tv, which includes espn, cnn, hgtv, amc, a&e, cartoon network, and more.
  • Fire tv stick connects to your tv's hdmi port. it's an easy way to enjoy over 4, 000 channels, apps, and games including access to over 250, 000 tv episodes and movies on netflix, video, hbo now, hulu, and more.
  • 4x the storage and 2x the memory of chromecast plus a dual-core processor and 1 gb of memory
Price :    $39.99
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 ( product review) for Fire TV Stick available ( Mar 2020 )

Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case Fire TV Stick

Hard eva travel case designed for fire tv stick and accessories

Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case Fire TV StickHermitshell-Hard-Travel-Amazon-Stick

Brand :    hermitshell
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    160420-9
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Material:eva , color: black
  • For sale is case only (device and accessories are sold separately)
  • Made to fit fire tv stick with voice remote / fire tv stick with standard remote and other accessories
  • Protect your favorite device from bumps dents and scratches
  • Hermitshell hard travel case designed for fire tv stick and accessories
Price :    $9.99
Ce :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (hermitshell product review) for Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case Fire TV Stick available ( Mar 2020 )

Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player

I am so glad i bought this fire tv stick with alexa. It has literally made my life happier. As i write this review i'm listening to "soft classic rock". All i had to do was say. "play soft classic rock" and music started playing. For people like me who are elderly, tech illiterate, perhaps disabled, and who love music, movies, and tv shows, let me explain a few things. I've been looking at this stick for some time now but was scared to buy it. Then one day i said. The heck with it. I'm not stupid. I can read instructions. If it doesn't work for me i can send it back. I have nothing to lose and it's affordable. So i purchased a fire stick. Yea me. Lol. . This is not complicated to hook up at all and there are very clear instructions that anyone can understand. The box you get includes power adapter, a cable, and extender cable, the fire stick, 2 batteries for the remote, and an alexa voice remote. It's as simple as can be. First of all the instructions say the extender cable is to improve wifi and remote performance so i used it. Why not. Better is always better. Lol. So. I plugged one end of the power cable into the power adapter and the other end of the cable into the fire stick. Then i plugged the fire stick into the hdmi extender cable and then plugged that into the tv. I have a wide screen sanyo. When you stick your head around the left side of our tv you see three places to plug "things" into. They're called ports. Lol. Mine are marked hdmi 1, 2, and 3. I just plugged the stick into port hdmi 1. Last, i plugged the adapter into the wall socket and that was it. That's it. That's it! that's all i had to do. Read the short instructions to connect this fire stick. Turn on your tv and then follow the instructions that appear on your screen. The fire stick does the rest. . Obviously you can watch movies and tv shows as explained in the description but there's so much more. Ask alexa what the weather is for the day in your home town or where your kids live across the country. I love music but somehow got away from listening to it over the years. Not anymore. There's always music in our house now. Just turn on the tv and tell alexa what to play. This time i pressed the button and said. "play soft rock". Alexa said. "here's a station that plays soft rock". The first station didn't appeal to me so i pressed the button again and said "next". I got another soft classic rock station that's been playing for over an hour now. I've been listening to songs i used to love and haven't heard in a long time. How i love "hotel california". They call them stations but it only plays music. No commercials or chatter. One song plays after the other. Also a box shows on the screen that gives you the name of the song playing and the artist. You can ask for any kind of music from classical, to rock, to alternative, to show tunes. . I'm still learning. I know there's more i can do with this and it will get easier to find exactly what i'm looking for as i play around with it. I bought mine during the introductory promotion for the "all-new" version. Think it was $29. 95. Now it's $10 more but still worth every cent. Don't hesitate to buy it because you think it's too complicated. They really made a good little device here and it's very easy to use for anyone who has a tv and wifi which you probably have if you have a computer.

Fire tv stick connects your hdtv to a world of online entertainment. Stream a massive selection of movies and tv episodes from netflix, online store video, hulu, and more, and easily find and control content with the alexa voice remote. Plus, get universal search results across top apps, and enjoy live sports, music, photos, games, and more. Just plug fire tv stick into your hdtv and start streaming in minutes. Use the included alexa voice remote to find the best way to watch across more than 190 channels and apps with universal search. With the fastest wi-fi and most accurate voice search of any streaming media stick, shows and movies start faster and stream smoother than ever. With access to netflix, hulu, hbo now, online store video, and more there are over 500, 000 tv episodes and movies ready to stream. Watch live tv (including sports and news) as it happens. Directly access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox. Subscription fees may apply. Your alexa voice remote can easily find, launch, and control content. Simply say, alexa, find suspense thrillers and alexa will show you results. Alexa, the brain behind online store echo, doesn't stop there. Just press the microphone button and ask to play music from pandora, order a pizza from domino's, shop for popcorn and snacks, and more. Plus, alexa on fire tv is always getting smarter. With newly expanded voice control in apps like bravo, cbs all access, hulu, nbc, playstation vue, and showtime, alexa can help you do even more. Use your voice to search, control playback, and even change the channel within supported apps. You can also pair fire tv and echo devices, allowing you to control your fire tv with alexa. Just ask alexa to play and search for movies and tv shows, launch apps, and control playback from over 190 apps and channels on your fire tv.   no cable? no problem. Watch live tv with subscriptions to hulu, playstation vue, sling tv, and others, or use an indoor hd antenna connected directly to your tv to get broadcast networks like nbc and pbs for free. Even better with prime prime membership unlocks thousands more movies and tv episodes through prime video, including thursday night football and online store original series like the tick, the grand tour, mozart in the jungle, and just add magic. Prime members can also add premium channels like hbo, showtime, and starz-no cable or satellite subscription necessary. Only pay for the channels you want to watch, with prices starting as low as $2. 99 a month-and you can cancel anytime. Each channel starts with a free trial, so it's easy to discover new favorites. Take your tv with you never miss an episode when you're away from home. Fire tv stick works with any hdtv so you can take it over to a friend's house or bring it along to hotels and dorm rooms. Just plug and play anywhere - all you need is a wi-fi connection. Some content not available in all countries. Entertain your way millions of songs are available to stream on fire tv stick through pandora, online store music, and iheartradio. Just press the microphone button on the alexa voice remote and say what you'd like to hear next. Plus, watch videos from facebook, vevo, and vimeo.

Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media PlayerAll-New-Fire-TV-Stick-With-Alexa-Voice-Remote-Streaming-Media-Player

Fire Tv Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player (Digital Device 4) FAQ.

I like the small size of it and that i was able to get movies anywhere app on it for my disney and other digital movies. The only thing i hate is the conflict between online store and google caused the youtube app to stop working. The app said it would stop jan 1 2018 but on my stick it stopped on dec 29. I don't use it much beyond youtube, prime, music, movies anywhere, and netflix, so i can't tell how well the apps would work. I got mine on sale at best buy on black friday at $24 instead of the $39 regular price. At the sale price it was worth it but at $39, it's a little more costly than what i use it for. This works good for trips. I have used this while house watching a parents house without having to mess with their devices and it is good for trips to places like disney world where you can connected it to the wifi and stream movies after along day out. -Notice from . Gina, East Sussex

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I picked the firestick up on sale and thought i would give it a shot. I attached it to my hidef tv and most of the functionality comes from the included voice controller and remote. One can say, find movie, and the app will find the movie on online stores site. Play music (my music or if you have a subscription to sites like pandora) not only will the device play the music but will display info about the song on your tv. Navigation buttons on the controller allow you to select what may appear on your screen. You will have to connect it to your home network, which honestly took a little longer than i thought it may otherwise should with other devices. One connected though, you can even control lights in your house by speaking into the stick. It has a reasonable range, as i have even stepped outside my house and turned lights on. Obviously this will vary with which home network you happen to own. Remember however that you need to hold down the microphone button when you speak.

Fire-tv-stick-alexa-voice-remote-streaming-media-player-(digital-device-4) set picture

- Y. CarmenSet this up for a friend and found it very simple. It attaches to the online store account that purchased it initially. So i created her an online store account and was able to link it to her new account instead. All i had to do was pug it into the back of the tv (i had to use the little extender because there wasn't enough room at the back for it to sit next to the other hdmi plug), then plug it into a power source and switch the tv input. Then the screen prompted me to choose the network, enter internet password, and so on. You will need to have a form of payment on file to download any "apps", even if they are free. Just so you know. You will not be charged anything to use this product, there is a lot of free content, but should you want to purchase it is easier for everyone if there is already a card on file so you can watch immediately. . Very impressed with ease of use, worth the wait for it to arrive. Friend loves it! she is not tech savvy at all, but with practice is working her way through the jw broadcasting app and really enjoying the programming. . Another side note, i noticed some borders (top and bottom) were cut off on her tv screen, including the top menus. If this happens to you, it can be changed by adjusting the display settings on your actual tv. In her case, i left as is because she liked the way her screen displayed on the regular for tv and movies. She has just memorized which tab goes to which content, and if all else fails, just click it and see and if its not what you want, click the next one, right? . . Also the alexa feature is nice to pull up any app! . . Hope this was helpful for anyone wondering about purchasing this or setting it up

Worked well, it did seem a little slower than the fire tv that i have but that was expected based on the cost difference. I was able to sideload the apps that i wanted so it serves it's purpose as well as the fire tv does. Alexa voice control needs a bit more work as it never seems to find what i am looking for. Compared to other streaming devices of similar nature i would say this is the best one i have tried as well as the most cost effective. Note i did get mine around black friday so i only paid 25 for mine making it an even better value for me.

K. Courtney, Cumbria

Brand :    
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.7 pounds
Model :    LY73PR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Launch and control content with the included alexa voice remote. simply say, "play game of thrones" or "launch netflix" and alexa will respond instantly. plus, play music, find movie show times, order a pizza, and more-just ask.
  • Find the best way to watch with universal search results from over 190 channels and apps including netflix, hulu, and video.
  • The next generation of our bestselling fire tv stick. the most powerful streaming media stick under $50-now with the alexa voice remote.
  • No cable or satellite? no problem. watch the best of live tv and sports from amc, hgtv, espn, fox, and others with a subscription to directv now, sling tv, or top-rated primetime shows with cbs all access.
  • Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and alexa skills with access to over 500, 000 movies and tv episodes from netflix, prime video, hulu, hbo, showtime, starz, and more. plus, access millions of websites such as youtube, facebook, and reddit with browsers like silk and firefox.
Price :    $39.99
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 ( product review) for Fire TV Stick Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player available ( Mar 2020 )

Hdmi to composite av converter fire streaming stick: use fire streaming stick older tvs that have composite red/white/yellow inputs. note: stick sold separately

Vizio's hdmi stopped working and this was good and cheaper solution. The quality of the picture, of course, is not like hdmi but it's not bad at all.

Hdmi converter for online store streaming stick. This device will convert the high-definition hdmi output from the streaming stick into standard definition av output used by most older-model tvs. Includes hdmi to av converter, power cable, composite (red/white/yellow) cable and instructions. Installs in minutes.

Hdmi to composite av converter fire streaming stick: use fire streaming stick older tvs that have composite red/white/yellow inputs. note: stick sold separatelyComposite-Converter-Amazon-Streaming-Stick

Composite Converter Streaming Stick (Bleiden) FAQ.

I had a bit of trouble setting it up but that is really just because i am not mechanically inclined or tech savy. However, once i got it set up it worked perfectly. The company even followed up to make sure i was happy with the product. -Notice from E. Cunningham, Waltham Forest

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So far i love this item. It turned a tv that wasn't usable into a tv i can watch my shows with my online store fire stick. Perfect for the sewing room.

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- R. SallyWorks great! just wish the wiring ports and plugin were laid out a little better. Also, not exactly clear on which input jacks on the tv to use. A diagram with multiple examples would help.

The unit was very easy to setup and included all the adapters and cables you would need. The power cord supplied was very convenient as is doubled as a replacement for the fire stick power cord (eliminating one cord to tangle with). . The picture quality was very good (anytime you downgrade there is some loss) as you could only notice some tiling during dark (almost completely black) scenes

I. Helen, Bath and North East Somerset

Brand :    bleiden
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    HDMI2AV-AZFS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes converter, composite cable, power cable and installation instructions. streaming stick sold separately.
  • Use streaming stick with older model tvs! converts hdmi signal from streaming stick into standard definition hdmi.
  • Installs in minutes and is fully-compatible with streaming stick. also compatible with google chromecast.
  • Youtube install video: https://youtube/watch? v ud4qdpinhm4
Price :    $39.99
Digital Accessories 4 :    Best Ce Accessory (bleiden product review) for Hdmi to composite av converter fire streaming stick: use fire streaming stick older tvs that have composite red/white/yellow inputs. note: stick sold separately available ( Mar 2020 )

Fire HD 8 Tablet Alexa, 8 HD Display, 32 GB, Magenta - Special Offers Previous Generation - 6th

All-new fire hd 8, now with up to 12 hours of battery life, 2x the storage and 50% more ram for faster performance made for all day entertainment. Engineered by online store fast and responsive enjoy your entertainment with a fast 1. 3 ghz quad-core processor. Fire hd 8 now delivers faster performance thanks to a 50% increase in ram over the previous model. Beautiful hd display fire hd 8 features a widescreen 1280 x 800 high-definition display with over a million pixels (189 ppi) and a bright, vivid picture. No more worrying about storage space now with 2x more internal storage, fire hd 8 comes standard with 16 gb. Expand your tablet s storage by up to 200 gb using a microsd card, and keep photos, movies, and compatible games and apps with you. Power when you need it now with up to 12 hours of mixed-use battery life, fire hd 8 gives you the flexibility to go where the day takes you. Capture life's moments fire hd 8 features a 2 mp rear-facing camera for taking photos or shooting 720p video. The front-facing vga camera is perfect for skype calls with friends and family. Stands up to everyday life online store engineers fire tablets to hold up against everyday life. As measured in tumble tests, fire hd 8 is 2x more durable than ipad mini 4 (and costs a lot less too). Designed for entertainment read choose from millions of kindle e-book and magazine titles. Connect with the largest online community of book lovers on goodreads. Discover over a million titles with a kindle unlimited subscription. Also, listen to your favorite books with audible. Watch enjoy all your favorite movies and tv shows on online store video, netflix, hbo now, and more. Discover hundreds of thousands of tv episodes and movies, plus fling online store video content to your tv using second screen. Play over 300, 000 apps including favorites like facebook, twitter, and spotify. Plus online store underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over 2, 000 apps, games, and even in-app items are 100% free. Play great titles like frozen free fall, angry birds slingshot stella, and sonic dash from developers like disney, gameloft, rovio entertainment, and more. Meet alexa alexa comes to fire tablets alexa provides quick access to the entertainment you want, including music, games, audiobooks, and more. You can also ask alexa questions, check your calendar, get news, find sports scores, and even control your smart home. All you have to do is press and ask. Alexa will be available via a free over-the-air software update in the coming months. One press. Millions of possibilities. When connected to wi-fi simply press the home button for 2 seconds then ask. Alexa will respond to you and will even show visual responses to certain questions. Everyday tasks made easier alexa on fire tablets helps make the everyday easier. Just press and ask to set alarms and timers, check traffic, your calendar, to-do or shopping lists, and more. Be entertained whether you re looking for your favorite playlist on spotify or need a quick joke, you can ask alexa.   just press and ask for a song, artist or genre, and stream directly over wi-fi.   alexa also provides voice control for pandora, spotify, tunein, iheartradio, and more. Stay informed now you can ask alexa a question and get an immediate voice response. When you press and ask, alexa can pull up your flash briefing, wikipedia articles, news, sports scores, and more. Control your smart home alexa works with devices such as lights, switches, thermostats, and more from wemo, philips hue, smartthings, insteon, nest, ecobee, and wink. Switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn on the fan or change the temperature on your thermostat while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie all voice controlled from your tablet. Fire os fire os 5. 4 - coming soon in addition to alexa, our next fire os update will also allow you to quickly access great game play directly from the games tab with twitch, the world s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Fire tablet owners will also have easy access to over 65, 000 recommendations from comixology, which provides an unrivaled library of comic books, graphic novels, manga and more. Find the things you love easier fire os is the best entertainment experience on a tablet with quick access to the things you do most. The home screen includes dedicated content pages for books, games, and apps, video, music, audiobooks, and newsstand, making it quick to pick up right where you left off. Powered by online store s recommendations engine, you can quickly browse books, movies, tv shows, music, apps, and games suggested just for you. Apps that are actually free with online store underground fire tablet owners have access to a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over 2, 000 apps, games, and even in-app items are 100% free. Experience titles from top developers including disney, rovio entertainment, gameloft, zeptolab, and sega of america without ever having to pay for the app or in-app purchases. Share content with family library family library links your online store account to that of your spouse or partner so you can easily share apps, games, audiobooks, and books, and it now allows prime members to share their prime video content. Access your family's content across devices both online store devices and free online store apps for other platforms, including ios and android. No more waiting with asap (advanced streaming and prediction), online store movies and tv episodes are ready for you to watch instantly. Asap dynamically adapts to your viewing habits. On deck automatically downloads prime video (for prime members) and the first episodes of online store original series while your device isn t in use, ensuring that there is always something new to enjoy instantly, even when offline. Integrated on-device tech support screen sharing brings mayday-powered customer service to fire tablets. Simply call customer service and online store experts can connect to your fire tablet to co-pilot through features by drawing on your screen, walking you through how to do something yourself, or doing it for you whatever works best.

Fire HD 8 Tablet Alexa, 8 HD Display, 32 GB, Magenta - Special Offers Previous Generation - 6thFire-Tablet-Alexa-Display-Magenta

Brand :    
Color :    Magenta
Size :    32 GB
Weight :    0.75 pounds
Model :    PR53DC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Tablets :    Best Tablet ( product review) for Fire HD 8 Tablet Alexa, 8 HD Display, 32 GB, Magenta - Special Offers Previous Generation - 6th available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $119.99
  • Fire hd 8, now with up to 12 hours of battery life, 2x the storage, and 50% more ram for faster performance
  • Prime members get unlimited access to a huge selection of songs, books, videos and more
  • Enjoy millions of movies, tv shows, songs, kindle e-books, apps and games
  • Stunning 8" hd display, a 1. 3 ghz quad-core processor, and dolby audio. available in four colors.
  • Now with the alexa cloud-based voice service - just press and ask

Fire TV Game Controller

The best way to game on your online store fire tv enhance your gaming on online store fire tv if you want to play games, the online store fire tv game controller is the perfect companion to your online store fire tv. Kick back on your couch with your friends for a cinematic gaming experience on your tv. The second generation game controller has been ergonomically designed for greater comfort and more responsive performance. The control layout is instantly familiar to any gamer, and intuitive to those who have never held a controller before. Private listening, immersive sound enjoy your games, movies and music without distractions. Simply plug your headphones into the jack, and enjoy any audio coming from your 2nd generation online store fire tv. Rich, true-to-life dolby virtual surround sound provides an immersive listening experience. Also, with the game controller you can adjust the volume of the experience by using the onboard trigger buttons. Say it. Play it. Voice search with the push of a button instantly find your favorite games, tv shows, movies, and more from online store using integrated voice search. Simply hold the button and speak into the controller. And now, you can also get news, weather, and more on your fire tv with alexa, the brain behind online store echo. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that provides information, answers questions, plays music, checks sports scores or the weather, and more instantly. It adapts to your speech patterns and personal preferences the more you use it. And alexa is always getting smarter with new capabilities like traffic reports, online store. Com reordering, and streaming music from pandora. Control your media the game controller also works as a remote for your fire tv. Use the joystick to effortlessly browse through your apps, music, and movies, and select with the push of a button. Intuitive playback controls allow you to play, pause, fast forward, and rewind, all from the comfort of your couch. Play all of your favorite titles expanding library of popular games choose from an ever-growing library of games optimized for your game controller. With titles from rockstar games, ea, disney, and more, we have something for every gaming style. Get your blood pumping with tales from the borderlands, ball out with the pros in nba2k15, get nostalgic with sonic the hedgehog, or explore the vast, open world of star wars: knights of the old republic. Our catalog includes hundreds of free titles, with many more priced from just 99 cents. We want you to know while there are hundreds of games that work with the remote included with your fire tv, there are hundreds more that require a game controller. Click here for a full list of games. Technical details size 6. 2" x 4. 1" x 2. 3" 156. 3mm x 103. 6mm x 58. 2mm weight 9. 5 oz (270g) with typical aa batteries / 7. 9 oz (224g) without batteries batteries 2 aa (included) battery life up to 90 hours of gameplay without headphones on the included aa batteries up to 24 hours of gameplay while streaming audio on the included aa batteries warranty 90-day limited warranty and service included. Use of online store fire game controller is subject to the online store. Com conditions of use support quick start guide

Fire TV Game ControllerAmazon-Fire-TV-Game-Controller

Brand :    
Color :    BLACK
Weight :    0.54 pounds
Model :    B00NO8LX7E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Compatible with the fire tv stick and fire tv (not compatibile with fire tv edition smart tvs)
  • Ergonomic design - fits naturally in your hands with precise and responsive controls so you can enjoy hours of wireless gaming
  • Take gaming to the next level - lets you play hundreds more games on fire tv and fire tv stick than with the included remote
  • Stereo headphone jack - enjoy your movies, music, and games without distractions (only compatible with fire tv 2nd generation)
  • Instant voice search - simply speak into the controller to instantly find games, movies, and music, get information, and more
Price :    $42.28 (was $49.99)
Smp :    Best Digital Device 4 Accessory ( product review) for Fire TV Game Controller available ( Mar 2020 )

TotalMount Fire TV Remote Holder

There's not really much to say about the totalmount fire tv remote holder. You just peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to something, preferably on a surface that isn't painted and is easily accessible. That's it! place your fire tv remote into the holder and you'll wonder why you didn't have one of these babies sooner. . If you plan on moving it often, it may be beneficial for you to completely removed the adhesive backing and put on a velcro backing instead, since that adhesive is meant to be stuck once and not removed. Unless you want to destroy the surface that it is stuck to.

If you are tired of searching for your fire tv remote, then this remote holder is for you. This product is made by the trusted leader in media-player mounting. The remote holder attaches to the side or back of your tv with a high-quality adhesive. This product is compatible with all fire tv remotes (including the remotes that come with the new fire tv stick and the online store fire tv). This remote holder is perfect for the alexa voice remote. (a fire tv remote control is not included. )

TotalMount Fire TV Remote HolderTotalMount-Fire-TV-Remote-Holder

Totalmount Fire Tv Remote Holder (Digital Device 4 Accessory) FAQ.

I bought this after a child visitor to the house 'played' with our original controller which then disappeared. I was not best pleased but of course turned to online store to see if i could buy another controller. This holder was linked to the remote and i thought - why not? i was very pleased i did decide to go ahead and purchase it. It arrived speedily and fit quickly and painlessly to the side of the tv. My husband deemed it a waste of money but incan honestly say we have no ore searching down the back of the sofa for the tiny control as for some reason it always gets out back in this holder. Simple but effective and didn't break the bank! -Notice from W. Terry, Nordrhein-Westfalen

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Just as described. Holds remote for fire stick. Wish i had brought another for my alexa remote. Will order another soon. There is no problem placing remote in holder or taking it out.

Totalmount-fire-tv-remote-holder-(digital-device-4-accessory) set picture

- O. LorenzOne of the best holders out. Other ones on here are to thin that the remote won't fit. This is perfect and made from sturdy plastic. Tape holds up good so far.

Sometimes the simplest things in life bring so much pleasure. This is one of them. Very simple, well made. I love it.

F. Campbell, Illinois

Brand :    totalmount
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    TotalMount - Fire TV Remote Holder
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Avoid losing your fire tv's remote control
  • Attaches to the back or side of your tv with quality adhesive
  • Remote not included
  • Compatible with all fire tv remotes (including the remotes that come with the new fire tv stick and the fire tv). perfect for the alexa voice remote.
  • Keep your fire tv remote ready for action with our handy remote holder
Price :    $9.95 (was $9.99)
Digital Accessories 4 :    Best Digital Device 4 Accessory (totalmount product review) for TotalMount Fire TV Remote Holder available ( Mar 2020 )

fire tv stick with voice remote Price : 24, was : 49 as 2018-01-10
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This has been a big game changer for me! i do not have a smart tv and needed a way to stream netflix and hulu. This firestick has been perfect! the setup was easy and so far i've not had any problems with it. I like that i can unplug from my tv in the living room and move it to another tv or even my laptop. Another bonus is that i can take this with me when i travel (as long as there is wifi). I love this product so much that i actually ordered a second firestick a week after my first. It was the perfect birthday gift for my sister. If you are looking for a way to stream, and have access to hbo and showtime this is a great option for you. I honestly haven't watched my directv since my firestick arrived. If you are thinking about cancelling your cable and going to streaming full time i highly recommend this product. Shipping was fast as well. All in all i am very pleased with this product.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Anyone have issues with the batteries not working? having to take one out every time before you use it ?

(1) Question: Does it work in the middle east

(2) Question: How do you turn the fire stick off?

(3) Question: Difference between fire stick and fire tv? usage, not equipment.

(4) Question: Does the stick support hbo go, or just hbo now?

(5) Question: Does this require internet?

(6) Question: What is the channel line up ?

(7) Question: Does all hardware come with it

(8) Question: Can i use the new voice remote with the older online store fire stick?

(9) Question: If i plug one end into one of the four hdmi slots on my tv and the other end into the usb slot. that's it?

(10) Question: Where is the hdmi port?

(11) Question: Will it download a movie to watch later over an internet connection too slow for streaming?

(12) Question: The stick looks like it plugs into a usb port on your tv but some of the things i've been reading says it plugs into an hdmi port. which is it?

(13) Question: Will voice search work with netflix? thanks!

(14) Question: So just to understand, i can use the fire stick with a basic cable subscription and wifi?

(15) Question: How to open voice fire stick

(16) Question: Will it work outside the usa?

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I owe the fire tv stick my freedom from time warner cable. Twc was just getting too price-ridiculous for me and it was time for me to end that abusive relationship. This one-time purchase of $40, my already existing online store prime access and netflix account was all i needed to be able to binge watch or download free apps or buy apps for the few cable shows i watch. *i have a separate review for the fire antenna to get local channels. . I just plugged the "stick" in one of my hdmi ports, adjusted my tv settings to acknowledge the new setting and it popped up for me to log in. I'm not necessarily a technical person, so anything this easy to set up is right up my alley. I did buy the one w/ voice remote, but honestly i don't use it, so i think getting the cheaper one would have been just fine. The remote is simplistic, easy to use. . This is an easy decision if you want to get away from cable & the never ending costs. Lots of entertainment options to see/hear/play without cable.

Bestsellers, Digital Device 4Top Fire Tv Stick Voice Remote (53 004082) FAQ Content

Best fire tv stick voice remote (53 004082) in review

I'm a total gadget geek and this is a cool new addition to my collection. It's easy to setup and works well, plus it's compact and travel friendly. But, i tried connecting in a hotel and it wasn't working for some reason, while my macbook connected just fine. I wish there wasn't need for an external power source. It's shaped like a memory stick, which has been around for eons, so having to hardline it to a usb port or electric socket really makes it feel behind its time. It hasn't made my laptop or cable subscription obsolete yet, but it has the potential to with a few tweaks. I bought it on prime day so i got a small deal on it, not much though. I'm still just getting familiar with it, but so far so good. I'll update in a few months

W. Jacqueline, Wokingham

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S. Kimberly, Oxfordshire says

Really very impressed, the stick is very snappy and the voice search works very well. I have a roku and a chromecast and as a prime member this is a must to get the most out of your membership. Really a great buy and a great price. Also the app for android really works, which is amazing, most times those apps are slow and painful to use not with the fire stick worked right out of the box and not a problem. . The only draw back i could find, is the gaming. The gaming works, but with just the remote it is limited. . This is a buy for sure.

. Glenda, City of London

Easy to install, directions concise and clear. Love how simple voice works and the shows broadcast great! the only reason didn't give five stars was because had to go out and purchase the adapter extension cord because it wouldn't stream without pausing and stopping, then getting an issue notification. When i researched the issue, it seems that this is a common problem with the fire tv stick that there may be interference with it too close to other usb port cables and can get transmitting interference. I feel they should include the extension cord in the whole package and charge accordingly. Nothing more frustrating than getting something hooked up in minutes, then finding you can't get it to work because you have to go out and buy another piece to correct a frequently common issue.

O. Cageen, Bromley says

We don't have cable tv. We have four tvs that stream from roku boxes. I like roku's channel choices, but wasn't really able to access all of prime's benefits on the device (mostly with prime music). I was also putting up with a lot of buffering, that i chalked up as my internet connection (we have cox's fastest). So, i gave "the stick" a try. So far, i'm a happy camper! the set-up for searching is so much more user friendly; it's easier to find "prime only" content. With "the stick, " you not only have access to your (prime) music library, but also the playlists - for me, this is big. Because i get tired of the same old songs. I also haven't had one problem with buffering. I'm not an overly technical person. Our roku boxes would buffer like crazy sometimes. I assumed it was my internet, however? since using the stick, i haven't had one buffering issue. Channel choice is good - would love to see more in the future. The apps are ok (not a ton to choose from, but i do like "you don't know jack. "). There are a lot of other bells and whistles that i haven't explored yet. It looks like you can use it to view photos and music from your pc or cloud. And the voice remote actually works (although, we don't use it much as content is easy to search without it). So far, so good! oh, setup was very easy - pretty much plug and play. Overall, we are happy with the price and the purchase!

U. Brendon, Bury

I purchased a fire stick at its original release and loved it. I don't pay for cable, so i used it daily for netflix and prime movies. Unfortunately, i lost it in a move, so i purchased this as a replacement. . Once again, i'm very satisfied. The fire stick is convenient, unobtrusive, and idiot-proof. It is self-contained, so unlike chromecast (which i also used to have) it doesn't depend on your phone or computer's performance. It has a great selection of popular apps, a great integrated wireless receiver (i've never had a problem with signal, even though my modem is on another floor in a cinderblock house), and the ability to use your cell phone or tablet as a remote if desired. . In fact, my only complaint is the voice feature. Don't get me wrong, it functions great. It is able to understand my husband's thick accent flawlessly. However, the voice search doesn't work within apps. It is only to find and open them. I was anticipating searching for youtube videos by voice, and i am disappointed i can't. But overall this is a great product and i recommend it to all my family and friends.

. Hayward, Ile-de-France says

Like it and what it gives me access to, but had some difficulty getting it installed and set up correctly. My daughter who also has a fire stick installed it and thinking it would be just as easy. Found out we required some additional parts and then it took some doing to get those straight. Hdmi cable and hdmi adapter switch. My tv only has two usb slots both of which were in use with cable and blue ray. So one had to be replace with adapter and then the remote kept giving us message about not enough power. Finally it clicked, after some sticky issues with remote, trouble getting it to respond at first. But then was able to open up and easily set things up, and watched some of available things already. That part was great. So maybe i just didn't clearly read in the buying part that you need additional cables or just missed it as you usual suggested items normally catch that for me and make me consider that!

X. Cortney, Redbridge

I have been very impressed with this purchase. It was super easy to install. Getting started was super easy as well. Prime offers lots to watch for free so even though i do not want to order any paid subscriptions, there is still plenty to watch. On the home screen, there are many channels that you can download for free entertainment such as history channel, fox news, abc, netflix etc. I love the fact that my kids kindles automatically upload and i can view their saved pictures and videos on screen. Fire stick offered mirrored screen technology so i can actually show the kids stuff i am looking at on my phone and display it on the tv. I hope prime continues to add more videos. I do love that i can watch my disney movies anywhere on fire as well. I am very happy with this purchase and this will be something i buy again for gifts and other tv; s in my home.

T. Jessica, Cornwall says

*edit* had to edit my review, because the online store tech gurus did something from behind the scenes and the next time i turned on the tv, the fire stick took about 10 minutes to reload/restart/whatever and all the issues seem to be resolved. Thanks, online store techies! i just wish i hadn't spent over an hour on the phone with the customer support guy going through his script, doing all the things i had already done several times before (which i told him. ). . Original review:worked for a bit, then it didn't. Online store replaced it with a dud that i can't play any online store prime videos on. I've spent hours with their customer service people trying to resolve this and now i'm about ready to just toss the damn thing! online store has gotten so big that it's getting as bad as comcast as far as quality and service and value!

. Elanor, Havering

I finally took the plunge and got a fire stick. I've got a smart tv in the family room, but wanted something that i could put in the bedroom and also be portable if i wanted to take it to another tv. . Out of all the options between the google dongle, apple tv and this, i chose this. Me and the kids use this more for streaming or mirroring from our iphones and ipods. We play games and like to watch each other and this was the easiest to accomplish this. I paid like $5 for an app, which was super easy to install, and we were up and running. . I also like the voice remote feature. While it isn't a true necessity, it does make it easier to find and launch an app. . And i love that this is blue tooth, not ir. I still find myself pointing the remote to the stick, but i don't have to. The best thing is that it always works no matter where it is pointed. Such a great technology, it makes me sad that all my other remotes aren't like this. . I know that it's easy to move, but i'm kicking myself i didn't buy another one of these on prime day for the other tv!

. Kathlene, Essex says

Pros:. Can easily connect to hotel wifi. This includes wifi networks that pop up a webpage to allow for confirmation. The stick is small and plugs into any hdmi port on a tv. Most applications seem to work correctly. Netflix, plex, youtube. Some like fox sports do not, but this is not a fire stick issue. Voice remote - the voice remote is good enough to pick up requests without needing to repeat multiple times. . Cons:. Voice services. The voice remote is good enough to pick up requests without needing to repeat multiple times, but it will not default to your applications that you already have installed. It searches the web first and then adds a secondary tab for applications. Also many applications do not support the voice feature. For the cost, i may suggest just the fire stick, but the price difference maybe worth it to you. . Requires power. The fire stick competitor chromecast does not need additional power. This would be beneficial, but it may not be as fast with that so it is an ok con. . Voice remote is large. Compared to the remote that comes standard with the fire tv this is almost double the size. Lots of bare space that could give me more buttons that are helpful.

A. Sherry, Michigan

I bought fire tv stick to go with my online store prime subscription & really, i can't understand why anyone would want to continue paying for cable or satellite month after month once they've experienced what this pair can do. Unless, of course, you're an entertainment junkie with 18 hours a day, everyday, to kill. I bought the voice remote option for $49. 99 (no-voice is $10 less) and a one year subscription to online store prime costs $99. I've only been exploring what i can do for eight days so forgive me for any omissions. The fire tv stick comes with what looks to me like a flash drive that you connect to an hdmi port on your tv & a controller, a mouse if you will, that you use to access internet content offered on online store on your home screen. There you will find unlimited access to millions of audio & visual selections, thousands & thousands of which are free with your prime membership. There are also apps included so that you can access your favorite content on other streaming services like hbo, netflix, and hulu, to name a few. You pay extra for their programs, but you only pay for the shows you have time to watch, streaming or downloaded (live or recorded. ) when i played carrie underwood, one of my favorite country singers, through the speakers of my tv i was amazed at the sound quality, and my flat screen is at least seven years old, which doesn't seem very old to me, but i'm sure technology has marched on. You can also upload your personal pictures & videos and all of this doesn't even begin to address everything that you get with your prime membership, like free shipping on almost everything online store sells which, at $99/year, comes to a mere $8. 25 a month. Sure, it all takes a little getting used to, but it feels very user friendly to me.

D. Mays, Texas says

Easy set up a 6yr old can do it. And buy kid movies without permission. Lol. 6 yr olds dont understand 'prime' doesnt cover all movies one sees on application. So i wish there was an additional step to prevent accidental purchase. Other than that. Super easy to use and 6 yr old now uses voice to say 'prime' to see what she can watch for kid shows. As far as prime membership. Shipping takes three days not the advertised two day. But not bad. I went thru 30 day trial and all works well so i will give this a two thumbs up for now. Thanks

R. Edith, Bourgogne says

Great product. Me and my husband decided not to purchase cable or tv. Neither of us are home enough to sit there and watch it, and we each have only a few things we actually enjoy anyways to need so many channels. You can basically watch everything off the internet now days. But anyways, we have an older tv in our bedroom that doesn't have apps like netflix or hulu, so when we want to just watch something before bed this little product came in handy. Great section of movies and games and with our prime membership so many other features as well. We love the alexa feature, very similar to iphones siri or windows cortana, it can search whatever we want, need within the apps we install. It's also so small, so no bulky cable boxes and tons of wires its hidden behind the tv and runs super fast with our internet. I highly recommend.

E. Hadley, Wakefield

I think i will be buying the box next time instead of the stick, only a few months into having this plugged in and powered running on my 46" tv it is slowing down alot. I have to turn the tv off for a few hours to let it cool down and reset, when it is working it works great. Now with that being said. I am a wounded warrior, i am retired. I watch alot of tv since i got this. I have not had tv for years. So i am catching up on alot. 2012 was the last time i had television. I am disabled. So understand it will probably overheat for me alot quicker then it would for you because of extensive use. Anyways, thank you online store and firetv stick for even being an option in my life :)

Q. Broyles, Illinois says

I bought this to replace an aging roku. I considered the newest roku since it's a great product but have been fascinated by the reviews on the fire tv stick so i got one. Set up was a breeze and it's a lot faster than my roku 2xs. It's also nice to have the voice command feature which is very entertaining and practical in finding my way around the endless content. My biggest complaint: it does not support time warner cable apps at all! my roku allows me to access all the features available on my twc account including live tv. Big disappointment to find out about the lack of twc app with the fire stick. I'll probably still keep the fire tv stick and hope that i can find a work around to install the twc app. So i'll do some research on the web to find out more about this cool device. As it stands, i've been using it for about a week now and it works flawlessly, picture is clean and clear and it's fast at accessing all the content available. I've also been able to stream from my computer and tablet, so youtube content works like a charm. It would be a five star product save for the lack of twc app.

J. Guest, Brent

I absolutely love the fire tv stick! my television's programming is not being supported for the apps on it by either visio or online store now. But that's because it's all of 5 years old. The picture is still gorgeous so i'm not in any rush to buy a new one. Anyway, i received an email from online store explaining this in a very nice way and offering me a discount on the fire tv stick. In addition to online store prime i also watch netflix and hbo go (and others) and thought this would be a great way to keep them on my television and not hooking up a lap top, etc. For viewing. . I received the fire stick and realized that i didn't have enough hdmi slots (only two which were occupied by my cable box and dvd player) so i did a search (on online store) and purchased a really great 4 way splitter. Now the cable box, dvd and fire tv stick are plugged into it and i am very happy with the results. . I highly recommend this product to anyone looking at this type of system. It's very easy to set up and easy to add your current subscriptions to. I am now binge watching "hannibal" (thank you online store prime) and loving my fire tv stick!

N. Evelyn, Delaware says

Fire stick is giving me the courage to cancel directv. It's a beautiful thing. Now, all i need is a better antenna to receive local network . In highest def available. Cbs, nbc, pbs, local fox, abc etc, a possible monthly subscription to netflix, hulu. Really just for cnn and espn. (i believe cnn recently started streaming live. My wife can't manage without anderson cooper in her life) and i can save easily over 120. 00 a month. I'm so sick of pissing away so much for so little for the last 10 years . This "cutting the cable cord" i hesitated to even consider for so long is now becoming a reality. As long as you have good wi-fi. Get this firestick. I have no experience with any of the other similar devices but ihave friends who have roku, apple tv and online store's stick is less then half the price and works flawlessly for me. Get the one with the voice control. Works better then siri. Which isn't saying much but firestick voice feature is excellent. It gets my brooklyn accent. I've read all the reviews. Whatever bugs firestick had are gone. It's feb 2016. Remote is solid and rf. Voice control is amazing. I have strong wifi and there is no delay. Streaming is lightening fast and the hd is great across every service i've used so far. Even youtube. Crystal clear. Well, i'm pretty darned happy with my streaming experience and i know it's just going to get better. Even the audio quality is excellent. Feeding signal right into my system. Hell, for 39. 00 even if you can't stand the thought of living without cable it's worth it. Lots of free content with online store prime and i've just scratched the surface. I guess the only critical thing is really the network stuff which i do have an rca antenna that pulls in a few of the networks in my area. That cost me 10. 00 bucks at hd. So looking into a better one as the towers are over 35 miles away. And if i can get live feed of cnn and espn and my lovely wife can "handle" the trauma of learning a new gizmo. Life will be beautiful. That last comment is really the only obstacle i have holding me back from calling and cancelling directv today. Keep you posted on my conversion.

C. Neva, Bexley

Very happy with this purchase! i got this mostly because my boyfriend and i love watching netflix but wanted to watch it on the couch not our bed. This came super quickly and was pretty easy to set up. The only issue i had problems with was that it wouldn't connect to the internet but that turned out to be my router's issue not the firestick. The on screen step by step instructions made it a breeze to turn on and i can't tell you how happy i was that they included batteries! my remote that came with my television had voice control which i got so accustomed to so i decided to purchase the voice remote. Very glad i did cause it makes it so much easier to find what i'm looking for! occasionally we get minor beeps that come from the screen which may be due to our power since i plugged it into the wall rather than the usb in the actual tv. Overall super pleased and would purchase again!

K. Lara, Gloucestershire says

This product exceeded my expectations. I simply plugged it in, connected to my home wifi, and that's it. It came with a great tutorial video to explain all of the features (and there's a ton of features beyond just online store prime! ). For example, you can download apps for other streaming services such as netflix and showtime. Once you log in to these apps, it will remember your log in so you can get to a variety of entertainment options quickly and easily. I have always been interested in this product and now i regret waiting so long to buy it! i just bought another one for my daughter.

. Dorothy, Nevada

I bought this a few weeks back on prime day for $35. I had a chromecast but was often annoyed online store instant video wasn't supported and we could only use that through our dvd or tv apps. . Picture quality is great as is app selection. On-screen ui is great. Haven't really used voice remote much yet. . (1) included 'online store basics' batteries were dead. They lasted literally 5 minutes through most of the setup and then the remote stopped responding. Replaced them with my own aaas and it worked fine. Not cool. . (2) would be great to package apps for 'cord cutters'. I spent 30-45 minutes sifting through apps to install ones for channels i typically watch on at&t uverse cable. It would be *extremely helpful* if there was a quick setup that asked for my cable provider and pointed me to a "channel lineup" set of apps i could select/deselect and install at once. . (3) lag time on remote makes it frustrating for action games. Really. The experience is so bad, you shouldn't even promote this as a feature. . Overall i'm very happy with this purchase as are my kids. I highly recommend this to everyone.

F. Moore, Sunderland says

I never take the time to write reviews but this product is just too good not to! i am very impressed with the online store fire tv stick. We previously had an appletv but after the most recent update it continually shut off unexpectedly and would play shows without sound. It became beyond frustrating as we'd have to restart the same show five or six times! i tried everything to fix the issue and it never worked. I was thinking of getting another appletv but with the $150 price tag i thought i'd look into other options. After reviewing all the products out there we decided on the fire tv stick with voice remote. I waited to order it during the thanksgiving sale, which made it only $35. . Upon setting it up it had a very informative video which i appreciated, but honestly itsn't necessary because it's so user friendly. I got all our subscriptions (netflix, hbo now, & hulu) setup in under ten minutes. The home screen is very easy and visibly appealing. . The voice remote works amazingly well! i like most people have always been weary of voice control as it never seems to work as promised. I can say this is not the case with the fire tv voice remote. You can ask it everything from weather to traffic in addition to the typical tv controls. Last night we asked things from the population of fiji to what the mass of jupiter is and it had the answer quickly. We even got the score of the tcu v baylor game (go frogs! ). We also downloaded the app on our iphones for the fire stick and it also works very well. The handheld remote works on radio frequency so you can be 100 feet a away and it will still control the tv. . I would honestly recommend this highly to anyone looking for a new tv component. I think it is comparable to any other device out there without the hefty price.

P. Betty, Nordrhein-Westfalen

I bought the fire tv stick on deal of the day promotion and am very happy with it. The voice feature on the remote is nice, but i probably could have saved the money and lived without it. If i buy another, that is probably what i will do. Still, it's nice to ask a question or get a sports, weather or news update through the voice control, so some may find it more important than others. . I found the fire tv stick very easy to setup and begin to enjoy my shows. This unit is really nice if you do not have an internet enabled tv as it will allow you to watch your online store prime shows, search topics of interest, get useful information and even download some apps such as games to play and listen to music through apps like pandora and spotify. It also allows you to watch netflix and hulu if you have accounts. Youtube is another app that comes to mind. It is very easy to rent or purchase a movie or show through online store instant video as well. . Overall, i am very pleased with my purchase of my online store fire tv stick with voice. I will be looking for this to go on sale again around the holidays.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

D. June, Stoke-on-Trent says

I've been "cable/satellite-free" for over a year and have utilized a roku stick and my blu-ray player for apps. My roku died from overuse and i decided to try something new with the firetv stick. It was black friday and the stick was $15 off so i thought why not! i delayed plugging it in for a week or so, but once i finally did, it refused to pair with the remote included. Online store said it was a bad remote so they sent me another remote. Same issue with that one. So they replaced the whole shebang. That stick worked for about two weeks and now has refused to respond to the remote. Online store's solution is to send me yet another set (stick, remote, etc. ). I should have just gotten another roku for all of this trouble. I have zero faith that the new one will work. This is a huge disappointment from online store, both in how they have handled this and the actual hardware. I have six kindles (5 fires, one e-reader) in my home and am a huge online store fan, but this device does not get my vote!

T. Debra, Knowsley

I've had nothing but problems with this device since the day i received it, i'm very disappointed. I feel like i am constantly messing with this thing, instead of enjoying watching movies and shows. It constantly reboots to the "online store firetv stick" splash screen. I'm talking like six times in a row: reboot, then i can start scrolling through menu items, but then system starts to lag horribly, background goes black and the device reboots. Then sometimes after this fit of rebooting, the remote stops working. So then i'm fighting with pulling the power plug, pulling the batteries out of the remote, holding the home button to try and pair the remote, until finally it connects. No prompt telling me it lost connection, or that it is attempting to pair, just frozen until i try a combo of pulling the remote batteries, powering off the stick and holding down the home button - there is no consistent fix that i can find for this issue. I even had the same problems at my girlfriends house on a completely different wifi network and a completely different brand of tv. Even worse, when i did finally get the stupid thing to play a show, it rebooted about 20-30 minutes into it, on three different occasions! i'm most likely going to return this device. The only reason i went with the firetv stick in the first place over a nexus player device, was so i could watch my prime content i'm entitled to, but to deal with this many headaches it is totally not worth it. I've only had the thing for 5 days and i've already returned to using my smartphone with my chomecast. If i didn't care about the $50 i spent on this thing, i would happily take it out to the garage and smash it with a hammer. . Edit: i'm done with this piece of junk, got sick of it and snapped the remote in two pieces. Just so people know, the voice search is a joke, it doesn't work with anything useful, like netflix or youtube anyway. I just ordered a nexus player, i guess i'll just miss out on the prime content i pay for due to the nazi-like tactics online store uses to bar you from accessing prime content on the device of your choice.

N. Laura, Oregon says

I just hooked this up last night and there are plenty of things i like and things i don't. I have used chromecast for a long time and it get sufficient power from the usb port on the tv, however the fire stick told me it was insufficient and i had to plug it into the wall. This is not a big deal as i have a plug right by it. There are plenty of great apps and i'm even looking into the tv channel apps to replace my cable. A downside though is that the voice search only brings up shows on online store video, even when i am using netflix or hulu. I wish this would search for the shows within the apps i am using. The controller also does not have a long range, i currently have the tv stick plugged in to the back of my tv, however i think i will be using the hdmi adapter to move the stick to the front via another hdmi cable and see how this works. Overall, i am happy with my purchase but i see plenty of missed potential.

Y. Garner, York

We have 3 roku's and 2 apple tv's in the house - decided to try a fire tv stick on our new vizio m-series tv. Unfortunately it did not work with this tv. If you do a quick search you will find articles about the latest fire tv firmware and hdcp problems. The net effect is that audio works but the video does not. We could get the fire tv interface going by rebooting it while the tv was on - but no video would play in netflix or hbo go no matter what we did. Made sure we were running the latest firmware, rebooted countless times and tried all 5 hdmi ports on the vizio m. No luck. We are returning it today. . The parts that we could get working were not impressive coming from a roku - or an apple tv. The interface is slow to load - frequently hangs or pauses for long periods of time - and crashed twice in our first 30 minutes of use. Video quality is spotty with online store prime videos and you often have to hit the same button on the remote several times for it to register with the stick. We were also shocked to get ads that you cannot skip when trying to play content that we have purchased. We have not experienced that with the online store prime app on the roku.

L. Valencia, Newcastle upon Tyne says

Final update and photo. I cannot recommend this item because of the total lack of help on the part of online store help and the fact it started with issues literally days after the 30 day return policy expired. Read below for the progressively deteriorating condition and useless responses from online store help. Now, the fire stick is dead (last photo). Tried hard resets, restarting cable/wifi and leaving powered down over night. As can be seen the the blue screen photo there is no firestick signal. And like before, i included another photo side by side monitors connected to the same cable/wifi system. Note no issue on the other monitor. And yes, i did try moving the fire stick. Result? nothing. It was delivered jan 8, 2016. Five months and two weeks of very bad picture quality and now it's dead. Good luck if you buy one. It's literally the only item i did not get satisfactory service from online store and a total waste of my money. . Another update: received an email from online store fire stick support. They suggested a reset. I ignored the fact that a reset is troubleshooting 101 and did a reset as asked even though i had already previously tried it. The result after the reset is seen in the second to last two photos. Improved or not? you be the judge. The last photo is the tv picture on cable, just as a comparison. I really can't recommend this product from my experience even though there are many many satisfied users. I just happen to be one of the unlucky ones. Update: submitted the review below a week or so ago. Received an email from online store to call firestick help line. Tried three times. First level help was less knowledgeable than myself which is to be expected. She put in a ticket for the "experts" and told me to call them and they would have the info in hand. Called the expert line. Call was dropped before a rep came on, called back, got a rep. Explained the problem. Tried explaining what noise bars are. He said "so the picture is blurry". I told him no, it is not blurry, there are noise bars from electrical interference. Told him i had submitted photos with my review and he should look to see what i was talking about. Call was then dropped again. . I have given up hope of having a useful firestick and still couldn't in good conscience recommend it. I attached a fourth photo to this message showing further degradation of the picture. And, just to make it clear, running video files from my computer and using comcast cable both provide perfectly clear pictures with no noise bars. Also, as a point of note, all those green noise bars translate into the audio creating a very bad frying bacon sound. Again, another sign of electrical interference. From my many years experience in tracking down electrical interference for a large utility company there is little doubt the ac to dc converter or a bad chip in the fire stick itself is the culprit. So once again i say if you can tolerate picture quality like in the photos i provided, order away. Elsewise, try a different device. . Original post: there were interference bars from day one but they would disappear if i unplugged the power supply for a few seconds and then re-energized the fire stick. They got progressively worse until the picture was basically unwatchable. At this point. It may or may not clear up. Ac to dc converters are notorious for creating electrical interference so there is no doubt in my mind that the problem lies in the power supply. It is classic noise bars as seem on old crt displays. The problem is this firestick is less than two months old and just about unusable. Hardly worth the $50. . I suggest if you buy one of these and experience and noise at all, return it before the warranty runs out in 30 days. Elsewise you will just own a brick.

Q. Olga, New Hampshire

Nothing is free that i watch, from the flash, to american ninja warrior to americas got talent, etc. Buy, buy, buy is all i see. This device is completely and utterly worthless. The only advantage is now i can watch my online store prime videos on my big tv. Don't think you are cutting the cord by getting this. I am a real person, writing a real review on this product, don't believe the hype! the few things that are free are little kid shows and crap that i wouldn't want to watch anyway.

E. Brenda, Georgia says

Overall a good streaming device option. The voice remote is more useful than i anticipated it would be and works quite well. My disappointment and frustration has been integrating it into my onkyo receiver based home theater installation. Regardless of what i try i've been unable to get the hdmi audio passthrough to work, i'm unable to obtain dolby digital 5. 1 to the receiver and only get stereo. . Online store support has been uncharacteristically useless, the person i chatted with at online store support says that dolby digital to a receiver is not supported and would not say if it ever will be. Too bad since this is a good streaming solution otherwise but failure to pass dolby digital is not acceptable. . By comparison i also have an apple tv 4 (current gen) connected to my system and it works perfectly with dolby digital. The major reason for purchasing the fire stick was to obtain online store prime video without having to use airplay on my iphone. If only the dolby digital passthru worked . . I may be returning this device.

M. Paige, Derby

Update 11/26/2016. . The remote officially died today. It already had connectivity issues with the stick, though, so really. It basically lasted a year, i bought it bf2015. The stick also overheats : / i'd give it 1. 5 stars if i could. Including being a prime member. . I purchased this in hopes of rekindling a romance with prime, but strangely enough, i was more turned off than excited. Not because it doesn't seem that useful if you're not a prime member, but because even if i was, online store seems to be charging ridiculous fees. So. . I'm torn. I probably would have given this a 5 if i was a prime member. I probably also would have returned it had it cost more than $35. :/. . I think that online store's marketing dropped the ball with this one. If it either a. ) came with the free 30 day prime trial (regardless of if you're new or not). Or b. ) was given away with prime memberships (since they won't make the membership fee more flexible e. G. Monthly, bi-annually, etc. I can understand that part though, they're striving for costco not sam's quality members) it would be awesome. The interface is cool, but constantly being bombarded with "buy" this and 'fee" that immediately out of the box is quite jarring, especially compared to the chromecast experience. . It would be a really dope way to introduce online store into households that don't really use it, except probably for the 2 day shipping. Online store has some great ideas, like dash, and some not so great, like pantry (which should have been like dash, except it's a list of basic household necessities vs 1 item). I shouldn't have to pay for delivery if i'm a prime member already. Sigh. Maybe if online store offered 2 day shipping a la carte for a fee? lol, i've digressed :). . While the voice remote is nice, it doesn't do everything echo does, so it's bittersweet. Plus the voice search only works for online store content, and i think hulu search. I feel like it leaves a lot to be desired, or a defining purpose. It's basically a bare bones echo and/or fire tv box. Oh, and i'm not sure if it ever turns off, as there's no power button but it's always plugged in. ? . . Pros:. - voice remote w/ alexa-i honestly use this at least once a day for the date/time/weather. That in itself is worth it, seeing as i lose my phone more than remotes these days. - virtually no lag, and that's not even using asap! . - the app games-trivial i know, but it's awesome to play them on a larger screen. Plus, if you're not into video games, but have little people around, it's cool for getting in some family time :). . Cons:. - it doesn't let me open browsers to websurf. Which is stupid if one was buying to make a t. V "smart". - doesn't let me edit or see lists, only add items to them. Again, stupid because if i have to find my phone/fire to use it, then it defeats the purpose. - most content is subscription based, so again, if you are subbed, then you probably already have access, and don't need this. - i kind of wish it was rechargeable instead of needing to be constantly plugged in. Wireless is in these days! lol not that big of a deal, but i'd like to be able to use it outside with my projector without needing yet another outlet. Or maybe you just don't have a receptacle to spare. Now i know newer tv usb ports can probably power it without problems, but again, if you're buying this to upgrade a tv to "smart" then you'll definitely need another outlet. . All in all, i think this would be great if you're a prime member or don't mind joining. Good if you're just trying to upgrade a tv so you don't to replace it or if you're trying to cut the cord and save on tv/media entertainment. Because i allegedly can't add kodi, it just might be going back. Outside of the remote, it doesn't do anything any other media stick/box does. Couple that with the fact that raspberry pi costs less that the retail on it. You could probably get a cheapish chinese android tablet w/ hdmi port comparable to this for the price, and it would essentially be the same thing.

G. Julie, Haute-Normandie says

My wife and i discovered online store prime video about a year ago after being consistent netflix users. . We've used the ps4 to watch prime video for the past year or so but the loud fans of the ps4 cut into the experience. Finally after seeing the fire stick on sale i decided to pick one up. At first expectations were reached. The ui was a little slow but the video quality seemed great. . Unfortunately everything went sour the first time we tried to watch a movie. We've tried about 10 different movies on the fire stick over the last month but have never been able to watch a full video without error messages saying our connection speed was insufficient. We pay for one of the top tiers of internet service and see about 45mbps download via wifi on the playstation in the same area as the fire stick. Also, on the ps4 we watch full length hd movies without a hitch. . Naturally, the return window with online store is closed. (seems like if they really stood behind their own branded products they'd give you more than 30 days - but i'm willing to bet they know the hardware is terrible). . We really wanted to like the fire stick because of how easy it is to use. Now i'm just glad i didn't pay full price. Very disappointed in this product.

K. Shayna, Utah

I have to say i gave this device every chance, but am still coming away feeling a bit disappointed w/ it. . Voice search remote function - i paid extra for the voice remote, but that function is only available at the home page - it won't work if i am, for example, in youtube. If i try to use the voice function in youtube, it bails out of youtube & returns to the home page. Very frustrating. . Remote unreliable - during the last 3 or so months, the remote has become sporadic & unreliable. For example, i'm watching youtube or listening to pandora & the remote is functioning perfectly, when suddenly, the fire stick simply stops responding to the remote. Thinking that the fire stick itself may have needed to be re-booted, i unplugged it's power supply, waited several seconds, plugged everything back in, but no use - it simply won't respond to the remote. So, i opened the remote to pull the batteries to check them & found the batteries were quite hot to the touch (this doesn't seem right). I checked the charge & they were ok, but found another pair of slightly used batteries (w/ plenty of charge) & installed them - problem solved. I also notice that this remote tends to chew through batteries in fairly short order. I do understand that this remote is an rf remote (not infra-red) & as such, i would expect it to go through batteries a little more quickly than a standard infra-red remote, but this is really eating batteries faster than i think it should, the fact that the batteries get so hot gives me cause for concern for a possible fire hazard. . Limited function in youtube & pandora - there's no way to bookmark videos on youtube w/ the fire stick. In pandora, there's no way to temporarily disable a station without having to delete it entirely. This is so much more difficult than using a laptop pc, which is how i used to access these services until the hard drive died. I originally bought the fire stick to continue to access these 2 services as it was a lot cheaper than a new laptop. Plus, the fire stick is small & extremely portable, so i can take it w/ me when away from the house. . There are pluses to this device & at first, i was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to work so well. It gets a good signal from my wi-fi router & i don't even have the fastest internet service w/ comcast - just the basic service. I don't think my expectations are unreasonable, but the device has been very frustrating to use of late - especially when the remote goes kerflooey. If/when i can replace the laptop, i'll likely go back to using that. If it weren't for the problems i've outline above, i'd probably give it 4 stars.

J. Arnett, Alsace says

Update: replacing this pos. Useless, and unwatchable. . Sluggish performance, particularly when compared to fire tv. . Ui performs poorly compared to its more capable fire tv brethren. I knew the fire tv is better endowed hardware wise but i didn't expect online store to skimp on the stick's hardware such that it degrades the user interface. Responses to user input are jerky, with low framerate and noticeable lag time. Video pause is delayed. The stick even rebooted once while i was in the middle of watching a movie - an app was downloading in background, perhaps that was too much for it? or it was installing an update? even if it was installing an update interrupting my evening for it is unacceptable - and i thought the device was supposed to perform maintenance automatically, in background, while it is not being watched. . The software is great - the same online store video platform i am so fond of. But the hardware is insufficient. I wish i'd spent the extra money for the fire tv.

F. Sherry, Minnesota

We are having many problems with our fire tv stick. It worked well for 3 days. After that it world not load totally. We set our tv to hdmi 1 and the screen stayed black. We made sure it had power, was connected to the internet and nothing. Called online store for assistance. They suggested we replace the batteries. I protested that the product was only a few days old. They still advised me to replace the batteries. Done. Now the start screen appears but the remote will not move from home. So. , online store support tells me to cut power to the firestick for 60 seconds, i do. Still cannot make remote work. Must reconnect remote to device by hold the remote close to the firestick and pressing the home button for 15 seconds. Worked for about 3 days then needed to repeat the complete process. Now, we must repeat the process every time we use it. In addition we have lost many features of netflix. This is definitely not an improvement over our apple tv.

. Watson, Merton says

This product has a lot of promise, but fails to deliver in some areas, and is just plan not user friendly in others. My experience on this product was that it arrived a day late, and when it arrived it would not work with my visio high definition television. The tv either did not recognize it or it did not recognize my tv. So i dragged another high definition television into the room that i had (lg) and it immediately began working. Set up was fairly simple, however some of the setup features are where my annoyance began. This device every now and again asks for codes for wifi and other settings that were already input. Things like hulu and netflix ask me every now and again if i want to sign up or login as an existing user. Why does it randomly do this? my roku remembered me, why cant this. Online store prime offers password protection to prevent family members or other unwanted individuals from charging content to your credit card through a six digit pin. However the only way to input that pin (other than downloading an app to your phone) is to use an awkward scroll wheel, and additionally oddly marked buttons to get through the numerous number menu options. It is a bit of a pain. The voice control feature is a waste of money, it only finds items that online store can charge you for. I attempted to look up thomas the train for my daughter which was not only available free for prime members but was also on netflix and hulu which i had and was free, instead all it would find was items that online store could charge for. This is a common problem with the voice command feature. This when coupled with the horrendous navigation menus and difficulty finding what you want make this a poor choice considering other options from roku, apple tv and others. A little more tweaking and this could be a great product.

X. Irene, Tennessee

(this review is based on the belief i did not receive two defective products in a row). I purchased this device to replace my old wii for services like netflix, and such. I figured hey, if gary busey can do it so can i-good job online store marketing! the truth is gary would not put up with this crap in a hospital bed. My second fstick worked the same as the first in that it worked amazingly well sometimes but mostly had time delays in controller response from 0-10 seconds-frequently being unresponsive for minutes at a time. This makes the alexa voice control/info genie so hard to accurately use, that the attempt to do so was the most surreal fun had by the family so far with this product. I am on the phone at the same time with customer service, shuttled from india to the philippines, replaced batteries and added hdmi cable to extend the fstick around to the side of the room so it was less than three feet away and in an uninterrupted view of the cheap plastic controller (flat screen tv's block the signal according to one representative) and moved my highest possible speed in a large metropolis known for its highspeed modem to within ten feet of my elusivily functional target. Wtflyingf online store, i loved you so much and you drop this turd on the world.

Z. Eva, Cornwall says

I was truly optimistic about this, especially based on the positive reviews and other cool online store products. But the fire stick, at least for me, is terrible. First off, when it works, for the most part, it's fine albeit a bit slow. Unfortunately, every night i have to climb up to the tv, it's mounted high on my wall, and reset it by unplugging and replugging in order to get it working again. Yes it's updated to the latest version and i've checked all the wiring and even replaced the hdmi cable. Once reset, it takes a good 5 minutes to get it going again and it's very slow. I have a roku in my living room that is absolutely perfect in response and execution compared to the fire stick and i'm thinking of taking a loss on my fire stick and getting another roku. The roku does not have a voice command like the fire stick but it's far more reliable than the stick and that means more to me at the end of the day. Tried troubleshooting with online store with no success and even tried swapping the roku and stick on different tvs only to have the same problems. I'm sure others are happy with the fire stick but i wouldn't recommend it based on my experience. Update 9-12-17. A very nice online store rep tried troubleshooting it with me, even sent me a new remote. It didn't help much. There is no excuse for this poor level of quality. Honestly online store should own up to these very negative reviews based on how terrible this device is and offer a refund because it's simply terrible. I may have to bite the bullet and simply throw this thing in the garbage and get a roku. The remote lasts only a couple of months and the operating system is slow, glitchy and lacking in fluidity. I still have to climb up to the tv, ie mounted near the ceiling, to disconnect and reconnect almost on a daily basis just for it to function. Accepting the fact that slow and glitchy are a natural part of my fire stick streaming experience. . Update 12/17/17 finally gave up the fight. While watching tv, the picture started freezing and a message appeared stating that the fire stick was overheating. When i touched it to check, it was very hot and was concerned that this might be damaging to the tv itself. Finally ordered the roku premier, same as the one in my living room tv, now everything is working perfectly.

B. Rebecca, Pays de la Loire

I like the fire tv - quick and not as temperamental as ruku and much more useful that chromecast and the vudu stick (yes, i have all four) - except fire tv does not have the vudu video service. I wish i had known that before purchasing. Also, i would have liked if you could manually tune into internet radio stations - you can pick many stations through tune-in and other apps (i heart radio) but some stations just aren't on these apps. Over all i would have given it a 4/5 star if it had vudu but may have to stick with ruku. Vudu is a big player so why would it not be included? also, it should also include sen (sony entertainment network) and a direct tv app - that would make it fantastic. Update 5/26/17 - the stick stopped working for no reason - i tried different ports on my tv, different cables and different usb power supplies as well as different tv's and new batteries in the remote - nothing. Sent back for refund. Too bad as i needed this to watch online store video.

I. Lawrence, Louisiana says

I like the fire stick a lot, but could have functioned fine without the voice remote. Half of the time my request is misunderstood and it brings up something totally unrelated to what i was requesting. For instance i asked to see my photos and it took me to movies with the word "photo" in them. When i ask her to play a specific music genre or open a playlist she will do so, but for some reason when i access my music this way the screen isn't the same so the words of the song don't scroll, which i really like having, (just for reference if i want to sing along :-) ). Also, i wasn't expecting to have to keep the fire stick plugged in in order to use it. This creates an unsightly cord hanging down from the back of my television and it heats up quite a bit which concerns me, so i unplug it when i'm not using it.

O. Bertie, Delaware

First off, if the whole package is working the stick is great, but a lot of the times it simply isn't. We have our second stick+remote after sending the first one back to online store, but the issues listed below are still the same. . 1. Every once in a while (about once per hour, especially if you are browsing a lot) the remote control just isn't working anymore. Then you have to remove the batteries, reinsert them, wait 2 seconds et voila it's working again. Don't tell me the batteries are dead b/c they are brand new and it's working fine after that. . 2. You want to plug the stick directly into the tv? forget it as you'll face overheat issues a lot of the times. The playback begins stuttering and the sound will be out of sync. If you are only playing 720p videos you are fine. But as soon as you go to full hd you'll be out of luck. . 3. Guess what? to get rid of the overheating problem online store recommends to use the female-female adapter they include in the box. But there is no additional hdmi cable. So either you are a pack rat and/or scavenge it from some other device you have to buy one. Thanks for hidden costs! . . 4. Even if you use the adapter you'll still run into some overheating issues when you use some of the apps. Want to see hgtv? yeah, either their app is utter garbage or it's the stick. I don't really care which one it is. After 20 minutes of watching playback is stuttering/ out of sync and the stick is overheating. . Lesson learned: the stick is at best a beta phases product. After experiencing all of these issues i began to google if other people had the same problems and guess what. I am not alone. So get your stuff together and add a little fan to that stick and/or better heat sinks. That would solve at least the overheating. Regarding the remote? i don't know what's going on there. But it's super annoying.

P. Guest, Pennsylvania says

Horrible remote. Half the time it will not connect with the system. When it does connect it's only a matter of time before it disconnects. Once called customer support when the remote would not connect and the problem was fixed for the time being. I requested a replacement remote to the agent and to the supervisor; however, they declined. Their attitude was well it's working now if you have more problems keep calling. I explained that this is a repetitive issue, but they didn't care. . I am a busy person and when i get home after a long day i like to sit down, relax, and enjoy some tv. I don't have the time or patience to constantly be calling customer support for a product i purchased.

W. Carol, Texas

I was looking to replace failing connectivity on an old player i've used for years. I got the one with the voice remote. . This arrived and initially looked good. However within minutes, the remote stopped working. New batteries, syncing again and pressing all the buttons wouldn't help. I decided it could be the stick, which was very hot and hurt my fingers when i unplugged it. Indeed, everything would work if i unplugged the stick and then plugged it in again. The remote then failed while something was playing, so i unplugged everything again. After a few times of doing this, i called online store. After briefly describing the problem, the representative asked a question. I then mentioned the stick got very hot and she abruptly put me on hold without another word. After two minutes of waiting music, she hung up on me. I waited, but never got a call back. This was my first time calling online store and it was definitely the worst customer service experiences ever! . . After giving it several hours, i decided to reset before sending it back. I noted an update option and tried it just to see. It worked - the remote didn't have any more issues. I was all set to leave a mostly good review (despite the poor customer service) after using this for a little over a week, but the stick still continues to get very hot sometimes. I've also now noted that when this happens it seems to emit strong interference and causes things like television and radio reception to be severely disrupted, even when i put it in "sleep" mode. Speakers also make noises if on and nearby. It basically became a trade-off of keeping this or having broadcast television - not both. I'm afraid of what the interference could harm and the risk this "fire" could cause one in my home, so we have to unplug it when not in use. We really are trying to make this work, but with all the trouble it is going back. . Regarding the device, it is nice and small. The main images don't show that the power cord comes off of one side - an issue to plan for depending upon where your hdmi ports are. The voice remote works ok, but not great either. It is a little creepy that if you read some of the details they seem to save your voice searches. I was annoyed that i'd have to sit through (sometimes a bit too long) advertisements for other shows that i had no interest in watching. In one case, i felt it was an inappropriate advertisement for what i had selected to watch. I have metered home wifi and i'd rather spend my streaming allowance on things i want to watch, not advertisements. I don't have cable because i don't want to pay a premium for advertisements and feel the same way about this. For the cost of the device and the online store pay-per-view (or prime), i don't see why they need to force advertisements.

U. Reed, Enfield says

Upgrading my rating to 3 stars. If this unit 'earns' a higher rating (by continuing to work as expected) i will consider a higher rating at that point. . Initially:. I am so disappointed in this product. Usually online store has better quality. The voice controlled remote works intermittently, mostly it doesn't work. I changed the batteries but that didn't seem to solve the problem. After 30 minutes on the phone with online store support they are finally agreeing to replace the remote. If the replacement works i will update this review. . 11/16/15 eta. Another fire tv stick is scheduled to be delivered today. Received the replacement fire tv stick. And it is performing much better. A working remote makes all the difference. My only continuing issue is with the battery compartment on the remote. I had to use the thin edge of a knife to pry it open! and of course every mark, even the scrape of a fingernail shows up on the plastic casing. Not impressed with the design and really hoping that i don't have many battery issues.

C. Eleanor, Birmingham

Ok. Got the new fire stick with voice. Was able to set up quickly and easily. Our samsung is older 2010, but has 4 hdmi ports. We also use the ipad (with an apple hdmi adapter to watch some online tv shows. ) here are the weird issues: . 1) video feed lags and stops while watching news channels "live. " yet, doesn't happen while watching a prime movie. 2) 3 times today alone, i walked in to see "video error" on the screen and no feed. (so i have to use the remote to get the feed back). 3) yesterday, there was a weird message on the screen that said "huwaie 2e332ae wants to join. " it gave me a choice of accepting or declining the request. First off, i haven't a clue who has a huwiae device, secondly, why is my "secured" and "locked" network allowing anyone to "ask to join? " this doesn't happen when i am on the pc or ipad. It makes me think that the fire stick isn't very secure, and it causes some concern to me that anyone may be able to access my network. . I cut the subscription tv cord on sept 1, and since i didn't die, i sure don't miss paying $77 to watch 3 shows that i could get for free online. I would say that the free prime movies are not very appealing to a 60 year old lady, but manage to find something to watch, b/c i am not paying for a movie. I may get hulu if i need any tv shows, but haven't missed them. . So, i am wondering if the stick has some issues, if the box also has them. The issues are not awful, just a real hassle to have to reset the feed, or worry about security. Just not sure if spending the extra $ for the box, would be worth the extra $ in the long run. . Also, this stick went on sale 2 weeks after i bought it, that was a pisser, but online store gave me a refund for the difference, so they "made it right, " but i have to decide if the hassles of the stick are worth keeping it or upgrading.

. Jarvis, Kent says

Just for background, i have used many streaming devices - smart tvs, roku, xbox, and xbox one. I purchased this based upon positive reviews and reasonable price considering the voice remote that is included. I use netflix, online store (prime), hbogo, and several other network tv apps. To be concise, what i do like about the online store fire tv stick is its high build quality and the performance for the price. I was a bit disappointed that i had to run ac power to the stick, as the usb port on my samsung tv did not provide sufficient power, but i was willing to live with this. As many of the professional reviews i read prior to purchase indicated - the menu system on the fire tv is far too online store-centric. In addition to this, you lack the basic customizability of the menu, like a roku has. Fairly basic that people want to arrange their apps in an order that makes sense, given what they use most frequently. My primary device on another television is the roku 3, and we (family) find the voice search to be such a handy way of quickly searching for a movie or television show, across all services, and then telling you where you can watch it for free (if available), or what the fee is on each service you have set up. On the fire tv stick, the voice search only searches online store. This really de-values an amazingly handy feature. To be fair, the voice capabilities do some great things the roku does not do - tell me the weather, the score of a game, etc. Etc. , but. I have a smart phone that does that for me; i want this to be a great streaming device. My recommendation - if you don't care about voice search, buy the roku streaming stick, if you like the idea of voice search, spend a few bucks more and buy a roku 3. You can do voice search on a roku stick, but you need to use the smartphone app (less convenient).

A. Carmen, City of Kingston upon Hull

8/24/16 online store replaced my overheating fire stick promptly and their customerservice was great as always. The stick was the only thing they replaced though. They didn't replace the power supply as well. So, i really hope that wasn't the source of the problem because that was the one thing i didn't think to test. Fingers crossed the replacement behaves and we have no more overheating issues. . 8/19/16 *this is an update to a review i did a couple of weeks ago. My fire stick is now constantly overheating. This one was given to me as a gift in early july, so i can't return it. I did find out that this is a major problem with these streaming devices and evidently online store is well aware of it, but has done nothing to correct the issue in the 2 years of their existence. I bought one for my bedroom after leaving my initial review and have not had the overheating issues with that one that i have with the one in the living room (as long as the extender is used. ) the one that i have in my living room didn't come with an extender. It came with a coupler. I tried the extender from my other stick but it still overheated. I now have it hooked up to an hdmi cable using the coupler and placing it on my vent when ac kicks on to cool it down. I am curious as to why the fire stick with voice remote comes with a coupler and the fire stick with the basic remote comes with an extender. The extenders are definitely needed to keep the heat from the tv or receiver from adding to the heat of the stick. You only need a coupler when using long hdmi cables with male ends. I dropped my rating from a 5 to 3. The fire stick is wonderful when it's working properly. So far, i have one that does that. On the other hand, i'm afraid my other is going to burn out any time. I guess that's why it's called fire stick? . . I received the fire stick as a gift when i got angry at the cable company and promptly took all of their equipment to them and told them where they could shove it! i already had a netflix and online store prime subscription. I added hulu with showtime to it and 2 months later, i'm still not disappointed! there are free movie apps like popcorn flix and crackle. A limited free version of nbcsn is available for sports, but you would need a cable provider to use the major functions of that. I have been able to watch the nascar races on the limited version. A free version of cbs news is also available. So, there are a lot of freebies there. The only thing i don't like about the fire stick is that i have to clear the cache and force stop the online store apps several times a day. They seem to run even when they haven't been used. I don't use online store music and i'm constantly having to clear cache, data and force stop on that app. I thought it was just an issue with my stick but it's happening with the one i just got for my bedroom as well. It's not just the online store apps that happens with, but it happens with those always. I have to restart the stick every time i clear cache. I haven't found a fix for this and the memory isn't even 1/3 full on either stick, so it isn't because of too much data or too many apps. Anyway, i'm still less annoyed with that than the cable company and paying $200 less a month between subscriptions. So, i'm still pretty happy. I'm sure these are going to do nothing but improve as more people switch to streaming media.

H. Alice, Northamptonshire says

Update: as of 12/30/17- the stick stopped working. The remote first died or just flat out refused to recongize/connect to the fire stick. We tried using a phone app to connect to it but it was terrible. What a waste. For something that was so great out of the box it's a shame that this thing doesn't last very long. I wouldn't buy it again and i'll be thinking twice before i buy any other online store products from here on out. There's nothing we can do with this thing-it's basically worthless and it's been a year so it's too late to replace it. Oh well. $40 down the drain. . I was really excited to get the fire tv stick and start playing with it. We have a 50 inch plasma that is hooked up to a music/video server we built a while back and a supremely awful panasonic blu-ray player from 2012 that is slow as molasses! we hooked it up and worked pretty well right out of the box. It was easy to hook up and the wifi was also pretty straightforward to set up. Slight pain when we had to sign in to our online store account and netflix and all that but well worth it. I loved that the fire stick came with the voice capability and was hopeful it would be a great solution to our multi-aged household where old and young can watch in peace! the built in voice remote works well; however the one drawback it has is that when you are in another application such as netflix or hulu it will not perform a voice search within that application; it only brings up your options in online store. Go figure. Now this makes sense because it is an online store product- but it is a bit of a let down. We were really happy that this houses all the major platforms in one place and gives each user the freedom to browse the others, etc along with the voice command for those elderly "remote control" challenged- but again, it's a bit senseless to only search the online store application using the voice command. It almost seems wasted. Other small issues include: the stick can get quite hot at times causing it to freeze up on initial launch. If you have had it plugged in all day long without use and it's zapping power from somewhere- i would recommend leaving it unplugged until you are ready to use it. It may be a pain for some but that's what i would recommend in my household. Now this small issue is resolved by unplugging it and allowing it to cool off for a few minutes then plugging it back in. Again, you will need to wait a few minutes if you find it that way but it does cool down. It works pretty well for the most part. Every once in a while if someone leaves it on and comes back say after about 30 minutes you will find it's screensaver feature has kicked in. This is great as it saves you from the dreaded "burn-in" if you have an older tv like we do (plasma. ). The last issue that we sometimes have with that it doesn't always wake up from the screensaver feature so you have to unplug/re-plug it back in to get it running again. Overall for $29 it's really not bad! it's a very nifty, portable option for someone not willing to spend $129 on the larger version or alexa or whatever it is. In our house that nicer, more expensive option they offer would be drop-kicked, knocked over, spilled on, dipped in something perhaps or maybe even drooled on by someone or something. So it offers a good compromise between this and the more costly options. I also like it better than apple tv which has it's limitations that i need not get into here. Overall a good value at $29.

S. Marguerite, Bexley

Bought this because sony no longer updates or supports some of the built-in apps on my sony smart tv. This would be a nice product if i didn t have to constantly fight issues with wireless connectivity, the remote not working intermittently, which is becoming more often than it actually works. I work for a living with computer networking so i m no novice. All my other devices in the home have no trouble connecting to the wireless router. The fire stick drops constantly, locks up. When i do get network connectivity the remote becomes non responsive, although my tv remote can still control it somewhat. Very frustrating with these constant connectivity issues. About ready to pitch it into the backyard. Buy it if you want to be a beta tester. . Update: just got off the phone with online store tech support, they tell me the max range on the fire stick remote is 10 feet for optimal performance. So the couch is 15 feet away, guess i need to get up and walk 5 feet towards the tv to get the remote to respond. Wow wish i had known about this 10 feet limitation before i bought it. So the solution to my remote connectivity and latency issues is too push my couch 5 feet closer to the tv or walk the distance and use the remote. Is this 2016? online store can you develop a remote control booster device you can sell me so i dont have to push all my furniture into the middle of the room right in front of the tv? . . Update: i have concluded the remote is useless, dosent work half the time even when standing right in front of the tv.

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