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Price was $14.55. Over all i'm very happy with the mount but didn't trust hardware to hang my projector to ceiling.

-D. Elanor

Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt Dlp Lcd Ceiling Projector Mount Will It Fit For My Projector ? 1. Please Check Your Ceilling Wall, Is It Concrete Wall Or Regular Wall ? The Ceiling Plate Dimensions: 3. 1 Inches X 3. 1 Inches (square), Make Sure -Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt Dlp Lcd Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket

  1. Attribute: Removable Extension Arm With Variable Height Adjustment: 4. 3″ (without Arm) And 16. 9″ To 25. 6″ (with Adjustable Arm).
  2. Attribute: The Maximum Distance Between Any Two Holes Is Less Than 14. 2 In/360mm In Diameter; The Minimum Distance Between Any Two Holes Is More Than 9 In/230mm In Diameter. The Mounting Holes On Projector Must Be Between 9″ And 14. 2″.

OnSale Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Projector (Computer Drive Or Storage) Lysb00tgzuno8 Electrncs

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Was on the fence about buying this product due to mixed reviews but eventually said why not with online stores a-z guarantee if i don't like it send it back and ill tell you what for the price this product was worth it. First off i had no issues with soft allen screws stripping out maybe i was just lucky. Second instructions are a little vague but at least there were some in the box. Third making adjustments takes a little patience as every small movement makes a large screen move drastically. In all honestly id have given a 5 star rating but only con to my product was 2 set screw holes were not drilled perfectly square which in my case threw off my projector horizontally and i didn't want to square it with my keystone. Not the biggest setback for me as i'm sure not all the prodducts will be like that. I just made due with a spacer to straighten out my projector and then used my keystone for a small tweak. All in all worked out perfect for my needs would buy again. Used on an epson 2045 projector. Best universal extendable adjustable | Henxlco-Computer Drive Or Storage Review ( Sep 2019 ) Attribute Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket Durable black finish, loading capacity 66 lbs (30 kg). Removable extension arm with variable height adjustment: 4. 3" (without arm) and 16. 9" to 25. 6" (with adjustable arm). The maximum distance between any two holes is less than 14. 2 in/360mm in diameter; the minimum distance between any two holes is more than 9 in/230mm in diameter. the mounting holes on projector must be between 9" and 14. 2".. Compatible with projector has 3 holes pattern or 4 holes patte. Notice: please check your ceilling wall, is it concrete wall or regular wall ? the ceiling plate dimensions: 3. 1 inches x 3. 1 inches (square), make sure your wall could be installed. .

Henxlco universal extendable adjustable tilt dlp lcd ceiling projector mount bracket Review (1)

Good mount. Lots of screws, lots of adjustments. Works very well for my case when the projector (benq mh741) couldn't fill the whole screen from my possible mounting point. The extender feature on this mount gave me just what i needed. 4 stars because the little brackets that screw in to the projector were 4 long and 2 short and i needed 4 short. Somehow i made do. -K. Meghan

Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Projector

Personal Computers
Product Dimensions
Height:1.60 inches
Length:12.40 inches
Width:4.60 inches
Part/Serial Number

universal extendable adjustable tilt dlp lcd ceiling projector mount Speakers, Will it fit for my projector ? 1. please check your ceilling wall, is it concrete wall or regular wall ? the ceiling plate dimensions: 3. 1 inches x 3. 1 inches (square), make sure your wall could be installed. 2. the weight of your display should be less than 66lbs. 3. for projectors with 4, 5 or above mounting holes on the top. please measure the maximal diagonal distance of any 2 holes of all mounting holes on the top of the projector; it should less than 14. 2 inch, more than 9inch /230mm. 4. for projectors with 3 mounting holes on the top. please measure the maximal distance of any 2 holes on the top of the projector; it should less than 14. 2 inch, more than 9 in/230mm. package include: 1 x projector mount; standard hardware included Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Projector (LYSB00TGZUNO8-ELECTRNCS-Henxlco).

Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Projector Speakers

  • Hardware works as advertised. It's a really good price and works great for me. It comes with bolts to mount it on a brick or concrete wall so i had to run to the local hardware store to get some drywall bolts and a couple of washers. That's it. Once i found a stud it mounted perfectly. All i need to do is run the wires up. It has nice adjustments whether mounted on the wall or ceiling and is well worth the money if you go get a few bolts. Cons: not much directions but you can easily figure it out. Works well.
  • You need to be patient when adjusting it, otherwise great purchase and awesome value for the amout that you pay. You go to best buy and they sell you the same thing for 15x what you get for this.
  • A lot flimsier then it appears in the pictures but it does the job its supposed.
  • Shipped in a bubble wrap envelope, totally insufficient for an item like this. As a result part was bent (i was able to bend it back) and it was scratched up terribly. Luckily, this was for the garage, so i don't care, but if you want this to look nice in your house, you'll need touch up paint. Many of the screws stripped when trying to loosen them, very soft metal. Spend some extra cash and save yourself a headache.
  • It does fine and was able to get it where i wanted but some of the joints seem a little loose where it's riveted or where you can't get an allan wrench on. This makes it a little difficult to really position the projector where you want it, will take some time trying to deal with it sagging back after you move it. . Very easy to strip out the allan screws as well so be careful.

universal extendable adjustable Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt DLP LCD Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Henxico product met our basic needs but is flimsy

Henxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Tilt Dlp Lcd Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket
Click to see NoticeHenxlco Universal Extendable Adjustable Projector (Computer Drive Or Storage)"For my particular projector which is the lg smart one i think pa77u something like that it was a bit big, however it worked because there's places for more screws(included) to secure smaller projectors. And it's so adjustable i didn't position perfectly initially but, i was able to have it fill the screen perfectly. My suggestion to you is that you plug it in with the screen down to get a nice idea of where to position it. Overall i would buy again. It is ver solid. Also i used two toggle bolts for one side(drywall) and stud bols because i found a stud so it's staying up there. However, toggle bolts only will be great too. I ended up adding a outlet in the ceiling as well because my mom didn't want cords all over(was not fun) definitely pay someone the $200 if you want the outlet in the ceiling."

(0) Question: Does anyone know if this will fit the weird dell business projectors with the 2 hole triangle pattern? like the dell 1609wx or the 4610x?

(1) Question: Will this bracket swivel 180 degrees?

(2) Question: What's the chance of this breaking drywall?

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Bring the cinematic experience into your home with the affordable 3, 000 lumens optoma hd143x 1080p home theater projector. The 23, 000: 1 contrast ratio, reference display mode, and rec. 709 color support delivers extraordinary video quality perfect for movies, sports and gaming. Pair the optoma hd143x with a blu-ray player, high-performance gaming pc or console and transform your living room into a big-screen home theater. The vivid colors, deep black levels and crisp details make it a must-have for watching hollywood blockbusters and gaming. A pair of hdmi inputs and usb power provides easy connectivity to the latest hd video streaming devices and gaming consoles to the optoma hd143x. The 1. 1x zoom ensures flexible mounting and installation.

Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-HD143X-Lumens-Theater-Projector

Price :    $425.07
  • Flexible zoom & throw ratio: 1. 1x zoom and 1. 47 - 1. 62 throw ratio allow for flexible and easy installation for various spaces and screen sizes up to 300".
  • Extended lamp life: with an extended lamp life of an impressive 12, 000 hours, your projector's lamp should last over 10 years, even if you watch a two-hour movie every day.
  • Bright 1080p projection: bring the cinematic experience home with this 3, 000-lumen 1080p home theater projector, delivering extraordinarily sharp video quality perfect for movies, gaming & sports.
  • Transform your living room into a big-screen home theater: the vivid colors, deep black levels and crisp details make it a must-have for watching hollywood blockbusters and gaming.
  • Stunning picture quality: add stunning color and detail to every home theater experience. high contrast (23, 000:1), reference mode and rgb combine to deliver bright, accurate colors that are perfectly aligned to the rec. 709 and rec. 709b color space.
Brand :    optoma
Weight :    5.50 pounds
Model :    HD143X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP Home Theater Projector available ( Sep 2019 )

Mount-It Wall Ceiling Projector Mount Universal LCD/DLP Mounting Epson, Optoma, Benq, ViewSonic Projectors, 44lb Load Capacity, Black MI-604

Versatility mi-604 is a versatile and sturdy projector mount that is suitable for any projector mount installation. This projector ceiling/wall mount is made from solid steel, unlike most cheaper models made from lighter aluminum alloys. The modular design of this projector mount allows you to install it flush to a ceiling, lowered down from a high ceiling with the telescoping arm, or to a wall. Compatibility mount-it! projector mount is compatible with virtually all the projectors on the market. The mount can carry up to 44 lbs. It can be used to mount projectors that come with 3 or 4-hole mount patterns. The adjustable arms that connect to the projector mounting holes can be collapsed or extended to fit different monitor hole patterns between 8. 85" and 12. 40" from the center of the projector mount. This projector mount will work with most popular projectors from benq, viewsonic, epson, optoma, asus and acer. Features mi-604 provides full-motion capabilities, with pitch, roll, height adjustment (ceiling installation) and extension from the wall. Almost zero vibrations compared to aluminum models. The quick release connector allows the projector to be installed quickly and then easily released for maintenance, without re-alignment. Comes with cable management to conceal hdmi, audio, video cables. The package comes with the necessary hardware to install the mount to the ceiling/wall and to the projector.

Mount-It Wall Ceiling Projector Mount Universal LCD/DLP Mounting Epson, Optoma, Benq, ViewSonic Projectors, 44lb Load Capacity, Black MI-604Mount-Projector-Universal-Projectors-MI-604

Brand :    mount-it!
Color :    Black
Size :    Long
Model :    MI-604
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (mount-it! product review) for Mount-It Wall Ceiling Projector Mount Universal LCD/DLP Mounting Epson, Optoma, Benq, ViewSonic Projectors, 44lb Load Capacity, Black MI-604 available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $49.99
  • Cable management system helps keep cables concealed and organized
  • Universal design compatible with all monitors in the market. the mounting holes on projector must be between 8. 85" and 12. 40".
  • Full-motion design - pitch: +/- 15 degrees, roll: +/- 8 degrees, swivel: 360 degrees, height adjustment (ceiling installation): 5 inches to 25. 6 inches. extension from the wall (wall mounted installation): 16. 9 inches to 25. 6 inches.
  • Solid steel material with durable powder-coated finish (black)
  • 3-in-1 universal projector wall mount bracket: 1. flush ceiling installation, 2. telescoping arm ceiling installation, 3. wall installation

FIXEOVER GP100 Video Projector,LCD 1080P Full-HD Level Image Quality, LED Light Output Brightness, WXGA Resolution, In Your Living Room Bedroom Meet All Entertainment,Games,Video Viewing

Very nice projector, super clear either the hdmi line. I use it in my room for movie, i think is perfect for home use with the short distance. I thinks is a bit not clear enough for the ppt, but is perfect for movie. Very valuable, very easy to use, i like how it comes with speaker. I find out they have the wifi version, but this one does not. If it comes with it will be better.

Brighter and clearer native 720p resolution with led light utilization efficiency means three times better than the 480p's viewing effect. Healthy led light source, the use of diffuse imaging principle, will not hurt your eyes while still allowing you to enjoy movies, sports, tv. With 15 keystone correction please adjust the focus and keystone correction at the same time to obtain a satisfactory image. This is a vertical keystone correction not horizontal keystone correction adjustable small support easy to install, suitable for different environments. Flat, use the small support or ceiling mount projection that's all be ok. Just depending on your demands. Projection system: native resolution: hd ready/1280x800pixels physical resolution lcd size: 5. 8' liquid crystal display led luminous efficiency: about 95%; led luminous efficiency contrast ratio: 3000:1/static, 10, 000:1/dynamic max. Supported resolution: full hd(1920x1080p) 60hz lamp life and type: led light source, above 30, 000hrs noise level: about 32db(about 2. 5m) throw ratio: 1. 45:1 image size(diagonal): 35' 180' projection distance: 1. 2 5. 5m best screen size/distance: 72' 120'/2. 5 3. 5m projection lens: manual lens/focus aspect ratio: native 16:9, compatible 4:3 usb multimedia format: movie format support: mpg, avi, ts, mov, mkv, dat, mp4, vob /1080p level audio format: mp3, wma, aac, m4a(aac) picture format: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png e-book read: txt, lrc etc package includes: 1*fixeover projector 1*remote controller(battery is not included) 1*vga cable 1*3 in 1 av cable 1*quick and easy operation manual 1*power cable

FIXEOVER GP100 Video Projector,LCD 1080P Full-HD Level Image Quality, LED Light Output Brightness, WXGA Resolution, In Your Living Room Bedroom Meet All Entertainment,Games,Video ViewingFIXEOVER-GP100-Brightness-Resolution-Entertainment

Vivibright Projector Efficiency Resolution Entertainment (vbgp100) FAQ.

 honestly, this is really lovely projector, really cool design. I tried it right away because i really want one to watch the movie on the backyard with my family. Installation is easy, connect it to the power and then use the included hdmi cable to plug it into a computer. The remote is made easy, there is a separate button for each input instead of a single input button. The picture is phenomenal and at 3500 lumens very bright, even with the lights on in my den or during the day with all curtains open. The image is crisp. In the dark, it is giving bright and vivid colors. For outdoor use we definitely needed to hook up some speakers, but that's to be expected. I am not an expert in projectors, but i would highly recommend this to anyone who just wants something relatively inexpensive for setting up a backyard theater or for watching movies on a "big screen". We've only watched a dozen or so shows/movies so far, but i love how easily it connects to our laptop. I absolutely love how easy it was to setup and how light and convenient it is to move when we need to. -Notice from R. Bethany, Isle of Wight

Click to Show vivibright projector efficiency resolution entertainment (vbgp100) Details

Just moved in a big house where there s a big room for entertainment. Choose this affordable high lumin project for this room. It does well , clear on the wall, the sound internal almost make me confused : i did not connect other speaker but this one is pretty good: loud enough, clear and enough for most scenrions. It come with an remoter with i do not need to come close to adjust it. . Sorry for my wall, it s not a pure white.

Vivibright-projector-efficiency-resolution-entertainment-(vbgp100) set picture

- S. GinaGood for a projector that you are looking to mount up on a wall up high someplace but does not adjust if you're looking to put it on a table someplace but good quality.

Wow guys just follow the recommendations of the top review work by word and you're in for a surprise. It's a home cinema and it's a steal for that price. Just make sure to get a tripod and 4k hdmi cable

. Weber, New Jersey

Brand :    fixeover
Color :    Black 1
Weight :    4.85 pounds
  • 3. trust gp100, led light output brightness, means accepting its noise : select gp100 with greater screen size compatibility, more suitable for your family, your child, your wife, as well as their friends together to feel the big screen. because we need led light output brightness, the higher power of the led light source has enough optical efficiency, too much heat to require faster speed fans to lower their heat, these designs are reasonable.
  • 4. simple usb plug & play for your home theater : fool-style operation gp100, you will achieve greater fun. just plug and play usb to watch movies, picture, music . no need for cumber some data lines. this means that video entertainment is the ideal realm of life.
  • 2. high resolution&high brightness :led light output brightness with 380 lux color brightness, hd level minimum requirements 1280x800pixels physical resolution. this means that your picture quality is very clear, but choose 480p, means that you see that's vcd picture quality. gp100 top-quality projector - wxga resolution (1280x 800) offers 3. 5x more resolution than svga(800x480) for hd image content
  • 1. choose fixeover, change the way you play :rebranded from vivibright to fixeover: packaging may vary, no changed to the material. fixeover gp100 suitable for 97% of middle-income families. a whole new projector for home cinema. only need 2. 8m to get 100' cinematic size. max up to 180' open your smart big screen era.
  • 5. 30, 000 hours of entertainment : the projector's pure led lamp displays natural and rich colors. more suitable for children, the elderly to watch and will last up to an estimated 30, 000 hours. it means that the lamp does not have to be replaced for 10 years even if the projector is used 8 hours every day. customer service: info visualgreat
Price :    $149.99
Model :    GP100
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Office Electronics (fixeover product review) for FIXEOVER GP100 Video Projector,LCD 1080P Full-HD Level Image Quality, LED Light Output Brightness, WXGA Resolution, In Your Living Room Bedroom Meet All Entertainment,Games,Video Viewing available ( Sep 2019 )

Eapele Universal Wall Hanging 6 Adjustable L-Bracket Mount Plate Hook Kit Projector Screens

Universal l-shape brackets for extended projector screen wall mounting, designed to hold most projector screens on the market. The brackets can be secured to stud, brick, concrete, and drywall and we provide the necessary hardware along with two l-shaped brackets. The carrying hooks can be adjusted to hold your projector screen between 1. 85" and 5. 16" from the wall.

Eapele Universal Wall Hanging 6 Adjustable L-Bracket Mount Plate Hook Kit Projector ScreensEapele-Universal-Adjustable-L-Bracket-Projector

Brand :    eapele
Model :    EA99003
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (eapele product review) for Eapele Universal Wall Hanging 6 Adjustable L-Bracket Mount Plate Hook Kit Projector Screens available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $6.99
  • Note:carabiners are not included.
  • Easy installment: all the accessories needed to hook your screen up are included. includes 2 brackets, screws, washers and hooks. there are installation steps in the picture. carabiners are not included.
  • Sturdy iron construction :keep your screen safely and properly secured.
  • Adjustable hooks: hang your screen and adjust the distance to meet your need by rotating the screw and moving hooks. adjustable hooks hold your screen 1. 85" to 5. 16" away from the wall.
  • Universal 11" l-brackets: mount on study and dry wall, brick, and concrete walls.

henxlco universal extendable adjustable tilt dlp lcd ceiling projector mount bracket Price : 14, was : 0 as 2018-12-07
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Dthis worked out good for me it had the lot of adjustments my projector only had three holes so i did need 4 arms only three or it had so many adjustments sometimes it came loose but just make sure you tighten them up and it works fine. Sorry for the mistakes i m using dragon speech recognition software

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(0) Question: Will this fit my eason ex5200

(1) Question: Does this come with the screws that connect the projector to the mount?

(2) Question: Mine fell out of the wall after installation. what did i do wrong?

(3) Question: Does this come with smaller brackets for smaller projectors? the holes on my projector are 8. 7 inches apart. (approx. )

(4) Question: Is it okay if only two of the screws on the right side are on the stud and the other two on left are not?

(5) Question: Does this mount swivel left & right?

(6) Question: Will this securely mount to the wall a sony vpl-vw1100es that weighs 44lbs and is very big?

(7) Question: I want to mount this in my basement with low ceilings will this swivel back and stay back so i can move the projector out of the way when not in use?

(8) Question: How far can the wall portion be extended? is it the same extendable distance as mounting from the ceiling?

(9) Question: Where the two white spacers and two washers go?

(10) Question: Can you mount this on a wall?

(11) Question: What's the heaviest projector that anyone here has used this for, with a wall installation? this is smaller than i expected.

(12) Question: Is it possible to extend it (maybe with an additional extension arm) both vertically and horizontally?

(13) Question: Can the power cable be ran through the mount?

(14) Question: How do i do the 3 hole pattern?

(15) Question: Will this work with epson 2150 projector ?

(16) Question: Can this mount be used to mount a vesa 100x100 lcd display monitor on the ceiling, facing straight downward?

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Top support was too wide to drill into the ceiling support beam. Had to apply extra plywood to get it to stay.

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Exactly what i wanted and was very easy to install.

G. Nielsen, Peterborough

You might like to see 80ft heavy duty extension cord open reel 4 120v / 10 amp integrated master plug's easy-use open reel is perfect for use in workshops, homes, yards, and light industrial applications. the integrated cord is kept neat and ready-to-go and 4 surge protected -masterplug 80ft heavy duty extension cord open reel 4 120v / 10 amp integrated outlets
  • Listed: Built-in Overload Surge Protection And Reset Button For Extra Safety.
  • Listed: 80 Ft. Of 14/3 Gauge High Visibility Cord With Right Angle Plug.
Cut-Price Masterplug Heavy Extension Integrated Outlets (Hardware) Ola801114g4sl Us Masterplug Heavy Extension Integrated Outlets (ola801114g4sl
Or you might like to consider Wall Mount Heavy Duty Universal Bracket Curved Tv Flat Panel Screens 37 To 70 Mount-vw070 By Vivo Is A Heavy Duty Curved And Flat Panel Wall Mount Designed To Hold Screens 37" To 70" A Total Max Capacity Of 110 Lbs. This Mount Has Been Strength Tested Three -Vivo Wall Mount Heavy Duty Universal Bracket Curved Tv Flat Panel Screens 37 To 70 Mount-vw070
  1. Supplementary: Heavy Duty All Steel Construction With A Weight Capacity Of 110 Lbs (tested Three Times The Stated Weight Capacity).
  2. Supplementary: Open Architecture Provides Superior Ventilation And Easy Access For Wiring While Keeping A Low Profile, Fitting Flat Screens Just 1" From The Wall.
Affordable Vivo Universal Bracket Screens Mount Vw070 (Ce Accessory) Mount Vw070 Vivo Universal Bracket Screens Mount Vw070 (Ce

X. Finch, Sefton says

Awesome buy and good product for the price!

U. Carol, Ealing

A bit complicated to assemble. but works great.

E. Meyer, Hammersmith and Fulham says

You kind of get what you pay for. Metal used in mine was heavy and thick (a good thing) and came in a box not an envelope. Did not come with instructions but you can just look at it and see what parts get attached to what. Came with actual projector mounting screws/washers (probably 1/4-20) and even plastic spacers. . Tip: before attaching your projector to the little mount arms, remove the mount arms first, align the base of the mount arms to the center of your projector, then arrange your little mount arms in a way that allows the base to stay closest to the center of the projector. This really helps when you have a projector with a 3-hole mounting pattern, and especially when the 3 holes are not equidistant from each other (like mine). Then mount it to the extension arm like normal.

C. Cassella, Aquitaine

I am amazed! this thing is awesome! i was skeptical because it was so cheap but it is hardcore quality materials and i was expecting cheaper tin. Its heavy almost 5 lbs and durable and that blew my mind because i was going to buy one for 45. That looked simular but i'm cheap so i took a chance and pictures this one, and i'm glad i did! i feel like i hit the lotto and saved myself a tank of gas! thank you! thank you!

P. Lewis, Illinois says

You can not beat this mount for the price. It does not include any mounting hardware for the projector so you will need to go out and buy your own screws, but that's only a minor inconvenience for the price.

J. Donna, Centre

Built well, and does what you need it to. Plenty of extra hardware and adjustment options.

S. Laura, Bracknell Forest says

Worked great for my epson projector. It comes with an additional leg and they are easy to adjust. I didn't even need to read the instructions. My projector only has 3 holes, and it was very simple to attach. The unit is secure and there is room at the top to run some speaker wire through. Good, solid unit for the price.

T. Nees, Wokingham

This unit is a great buy. It is easy to set up and built well. I mounted an epson hd projector tp the wall with it. The epson jas three mount hiles which requires one of the arms to be rotated away only using 3 arms like a triangle bit even so it is pretty sturdy. I would recommend using some locktite on the screws or hiding the cables begind a vertical conduit or cable hider though. Bumping the wires can cause it to shift a bit. That said, it is a simple fix. I am very happy with it overall.

M. Sharon, Yukon Territory says

Works well for what it is. It s cheap. Few things need to be rigged to work but for the price i m not complaining. Once you get it set it does the job and that s what matters.

Q. Zelda, Dudley

This worked well for our projector and was easy to put up.

F. Smith, New Mexico says

Works as described, mine came with concrete mounts only (reason for 4 and not 5 stars) so i had to use screws but it still worked. Mount was kinda confusing and instructions were confusing. But mount works like described holding my 7 pound heavy projector.

I. Stacey, West Berkshire says

I'm extremely satisfied for with the quality of this product, especially for such a low price. I actually had a unique need, wanting to mount the projector on the floor facing strait up to project on the ceiling. I have an epson hc2030 (about 6 lbs) and it works fantastically for that even though it's not what it was designed to do.

R. Connie, Stoke-on-Trent

Great product, exactly as sold. It only comes with madi art screws though to mount to the wall, so it will be necessary to purchase the proper screws for any other type of wall

O. Guest, Wisconsin says

Worked good but i had to modify it

Z. Mahood, North Dakota

Very sturdy and looks good. Bought new hardware to instill in drywall

Top universal extendable adjustable Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

D. Allen, Hounslow says

Junk. Even the provided hex screws are garbage that fit neither any metric or standard size and whatever you make due with strips them immediately.

C. Josephine, Bracknell Forest

Not universal. Does not have the small screws for other types of projectors. Could not form a triangle configuration.

. Hayward, Kingston upon Thames says

Does not fit my dell 1610 hd projector.

K. Ruby, Nevada

You get what you pay for. I installed this last night for my simulator projector and a few of the hex heads stripped out with the provided alen wrench because the screws are cheap soft metal. Luckily, the mount is in place and i'll never have to move it.

N. Rita, Hartlepool says

Came with concrete screws and i haven t figured out how to mount it yet

O. Joanne, Connecticut

I like the design but it was missing parts when it arrived so it just sort of sits. Not really worth the effort of returning it was cheap.

E. Lewis, Mississippi says

Should have guessed right away due to the price. Still, this is he exact same item as one under another brand name that retails for $40 and both have good reviews. I don t know who is giving this thing a good review. . The description says it holds up to 66 lbs. That s a laugh. I put a projector that weighs lesss than 10lbs on it and the whole thing began to warp and pull apart. Try to tighten the hex screws and they ll just strip out. Again, i should have known for the price but that doesn t stop this product from being a complete sham. You might have better luck using this for a ceiling mount but then i it s so flimsy i wouldn t trust my projector on it. Buy something better.

. Morgan, Medway

The price was good but you get what you paid for. It is cheaply made, difficult to level/tilt align and doesn't come with screws to mount projector.

P. Lisa, Camden says

I suppose you get what you pay for so at 13. 00 i was hoping for mediocre at best. I wouldnt trust this device to hold up anything more than the cords that come with your projector. Putting it together took ridiculously longer than it should have and i actually did attempt to return it but couldn t get the dang thing apart and back in the box it came in. Don t waste your time.

H. Alberta, Arkansas

Product is extremely difficult to understand assembly even with the you tube video. I ended up just putting it together with what made the best logical sense. Product mounted to the wall with projector on extension was unstable and appeared as it was bending the metal connection the extension arm connects with the wall mount piece. Projector was within its weight range and at maximum weight. I could not let projector remain installed without being concerned of it being a safety issue especially at the height it was installed. Product is very difficult adjust or swing and keep in place if hangin from ceiling. I guess for the price you cant complain but regardless of the price nothing is worth risking a safety concern and possibly causing severe damage or death should that projector mount arm fail. Hopefully they will fix this and include better instructions. Item needs to be redesigned at the connection point where base meets the arm.

M. Elizabeth, Tennessee says

The screws easily strip out and the unit is flimsy. I chose not to risk hanging my projector from it.

Y. Cecilia, Somerset

The screws are not easy to handle, it seems the paint is obstructing the assembly. Had to improvise to make it work.

B. Stacey, Wyoming says

I've tightened my pieces as much as i can, and i admit i'm not technically using it as intended but dear god, this mount still wiggles with the slightest of breezes. . Thank goodness my projector has a remote. . Pro:. -its metal, its strong, i doubt it'll give up and time soon. -adjustable arms allow for a large number of configurations. . Cons. -wiggle wiggle wiggle. -arm to pivot joint connection is pretty strict, i had to remount my base to get the angle i was looking for when i hurried. -instructions are very very very simplistic but enough to get the job done

X. Broyles, Lorraine

Item won't hold my epson projector its just way too fragile, you won't get the right screws and all you going to be left with is a headache stay away from them

. Hurst, Georgia says

Not as universal as it claims to be. And directions said it could only be fastened to brick or concrete. This was not specified in the product description

S. Palmer, Saskatchewan

I bought this because of all of the great reviews. Mine fell out of the wall. I'm so glad i did not put my projector on it. I have been told to buy dry wall anchors and plastic screws but this is not, in my case, fully equipped for a regular person to install. I had to watch various youtube videos and will have to buy extra pieces. I almost considered hiring a professional.

Z. Weber, Harrow says

Despite being called a "universal" mount, it really isn't. First, it didn't fit my acer projector. I was able to modify it to fit, but took work. Also, the swivel part is designed to work with the unit mounted to the ceiling. In that configuration, it would work fine. It's described as wall or ceiling mount, however. In the wall mount configuration, the unit adjusts left to right, but not up and down. Kind of worthless if you want to mount it at a height not perfectly aligned with your screen.

R. Carmen, South Gloucestershire

This mount is not as universal as they suggest and, if it doesn't fit, then you have to pay for shipping ($8+) in order to return it. In my opinion this product is not worth the risk unless you know for absolute certain that it will fit and work for your setup. I'd recommend going to a brand that'd more reliable and recognized.

. Nellie, Bremen says

I got the bracket in my delivery however when i went to install it there was none of the hardware included.

F. Walsh, Alabama

It unable to keep the projector steady. The hex head strip very easily.

Q. Newell, Barnet says

I wish my husband wouldn t have bought such an unadjustable eye sore lol

U. Finch, Kansas

Screws were soft, and torqued too tightly at the factory, and i stripped a couple with the included hex wrench. I was still able to make it work, but the extension bar is not adjustable, and i had to loosen the screws on the projector arb bars with vice grips because they stripped completely.

G. Barbara, Idaho says

Missing part, lack of information to assembly

I. Guest, Salford

The product is so complex and hard to align.

J. Judith, Ohio says

Basically no instructions, but if you can figure it out, it works and isn't horrible for the price. It is difficult to adjust the projector once mounted. Would not recommend for home theater use.

. Bethany, Berlin

The product works as expected however the hardware (screws) that come with it are worthless i had to replace with different screws.

W. Kathlene, Stoke-on-Trent says

This mount is really designed per the included instructions to bolt to brick or concrete with the included steel sleeve expansion bolt anchors. The width of the bolt holes in the wall mount is around 3-1/4" which is much wider than a typical 1-1/2" stud so it will not screw directly to a standard wall stud safely in a drywall/stud application. I ended up bolting mine to a piece plywood and then screwing the plywood to a stud in the wall with 3-1/2" screws none of which are included because this is not the recommended application. The positive is that the mount is cheap and strong enough to hold but took some backwards engineering to make it work. Had i known this was only for concrete or brick application i probably would have gone with a different mount. They should probably add the fact that this mount is for brick/concrete applications in the title or description. Again this mount is designed specifically for brick/concrete applications and is not for drywall/stud applications.

V. Monique, Telford and Wrekin

Easy to install but directions could use a little more detail. The picture makes it appear a lot better quality than it actually is. Doesn t fit my projector, but my fault not the product. Luckily it was not a huge investment and i was able to use the bones of the mount to fabricate something that would work with my projector.

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