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    Blumoo Smart Remote Control (0010 00002 00)

    Blumoo Smart Remote Control (0010 00002 00) 550

    puqus.com Blumoo Smart Remote Control (0010 00002 00), Smart Remote The Small But Mighty Blumoo Turns Your Mobile Devices Into High-end Remote Controls Allowing You To Control All Your Equipment And Stream Your Music All Through The Blumoo Mobile App. -Blumoo Smart Remote Control
    1. Featured: Customize For Your Family - Add/remove Buttons, Create Activities, Set Favorites.
    2. Featured: Complete Control For Over 250, 000 Different Brands And Models Of Tv's, Set-top Boxes, Receivers, Sound Bars, Dvd/blu-ray, Streaming Players, And Much More.
    3. Really great product. Steve, ignore some of the criticism. Some of the functions require a little work but it is well worth t. I have be using it for a few days with the alexa echo skill and it is awesome. When you make a miscue with alexa more often than not there is a voice suggestion on how to re... go to https://puqus.com/blumoo-0010-00002-00-smart-remote-control-5500jemmd9q/#blumoo-0010-00002-00-smart-remote-control
    Sale Blumoo Smart Remote Control (Remote Control) 0010 00002 00