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Price was $304.98. I replace a 10" klipsch synergy down-firing sub that died. Both were louder than needed, but this one is much more musical. This was the last speaker in my system that i upgraded to the reference line. My initial fronts were kg4s from the lower end of the heritage line in the 90's, so not technically an upgrade on the fronts, but all the way round the rest of system. The old synergy was jump a "thump" of varying intensity. The r12-sw adds a depth to the musical clarity of each instrument that reaches down into the bottom end. I have been collecting music since i was 13 years old, and have gone from 8-track, vinyl, cd and digital, and i am experiencing much of my music for a first time with this sub. Of course, this line is higher than the old synergy line, so it should sound better. I understand that but was still taken aback by how wide the gap was. . As a side note, i got a great deal on this as an online store warehouse deal. The box was damaged, but the sub was not and had never even been opened. Give it a shot if you want to save a few bucks

-R. Lewis

The reference r-12sw subwoofer uncovers what you’ve been missing in your music, movies and games – clean chest-thumping bass.  the high performance subwoofer provides deep bass and -klipsch r-12sw subwoofer

  • Highlight: All-digital Amplifier Delivers 400 Watts Of Dynamic Power.
  • Highlight: Equally Impressive With Music And Movies; Brushed Black Polymer Veneer Cabinet With Satin Painted Plinth.

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These go on sale as cheap as $275. Right now the bargain is the 10 wi. Watch for sales. Woofers go from polk to bic to klipsch to svs. If i could afford 800 bucks for a woofer that's what i would get. Little woofers like an 8 or 10 will work for movies but for music i need 12 or bigger. My 2. 1 is not right left and subwoofer it's robert jimmy and john. Towers should be six and a half or a bigger. Try focal or klipsch or elac you could start with these klipsch rf 62 ii and go up (or svs 2 for $1000) try setting the gain at 3 o clock and running the cal on the receiver and use that for movies and put it back to 12 o clock for music and adjust to taste The Best ( Sep 2019 ) | Klipsch-Speakers Review Highlight Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer Powerful 12" copper-spun front-firing woofer. All-digital amplifier delivers 400 watts of dynamic power. Equally impressive with music and movies; brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth. Low pass crossover and phase control. Line/lfe inputs for compatibility with most receivers .

Klipsch R-12sw Subwoofer Review (r 12sw)

Incredible bass. Purchased this to replace my 10 yr old 12" boston acoustics sub-woofer. Unbelievable. The living room is 25. 5 x 16 with hardwood floors. When i plugged this baby in with the factory settings at 50% gain it damn near blew out the windows. I'm running it at about 20% gain with a 5. 1 set of definitive tech speakers. Any higher and this klipsch could cause a 7. 1 here in so. Ca. Short of an outdoor stadium, this speaker has more than enough output power for any home. -X. Rowe

Klipsch R 12sw Subwoofer

Product Dimensions
Height:16.00 inches
Length:14.00 inches
Weight:33.07 pounds
Width:18.50 inches
Part/Serial Number

Speakers, The reference r-12sw subwoofer uncovers what you've been missing in your music, movies and games - clean chest-thumping bass.  the high performance subwoofer provides deep bass and placement flexibility thanks to its front firing driver and all digital amplifier. Klipsch R-12sw Subwoofer (R-12SW-Klipsch).

Klipsch R 12sw Subwoofer Speakers

  • I have his located in a large room with high open ceilings. This beast sends waves of bass through the entire house and vibrates the furniture. No enhancements through the receiver needed and i don't have the sub tuned to the loudest. Other reviews mention using this in an apartment or split condo. Let's say i wouldn't be happy to be your neighbor - but i would just buy 2 of these to return the favor :). Highly recommend adding this lovely to your system.
  • Great bang for the buck. The previous home owner installed klipsch in walls for fronts and rears in the living room so i wanted to stick with klipsch since their center channel and subs have such great reviews. This sub sounds great for a living room system.
  • Didn't last six months, seller will not refund money, do not buy this product or brand
  • Great sub for movies where deep effects come into play. Unfortunately its absolutely terrible for music. Muddy and boomy with no volume or articulation. Clearly designed for movies/tv nothing else.
  • I bought this subwoofer and i got to say its very sloppy sounding and the cabinet is made from very cheap thin material. The only way this sub was even remotely tolerable was at low listning levels. I was really hoping it was gonna sound great because i got it for a great price at abc warehouse for 300. 00 bucks. Very below average sub and ive tried a lot of subwoofers from velodyn , cerwin vega , sunfires, jbl and i can tell you klipsch is the worse! so needless to say this sub went right back to the store for a refund and i bought a jbl es250 12inch 400watt rms sub and wow is it night and day to this crappy klipsch. You want a great job i recommend 2 for you , jbl l8400p or the jbl es 250p both are amazing and the es250p is actually on sale for 249. 99 right now , honestly that's a incredible subwoofer for that kind of price its regular price is just under 600 bucks.

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Don't let the pictures fool you. This thing is huge. And surprisingly long (in a good way). The bass hits hard and goes deep. The growl of synthetic bass is just sublime. And real drums sound so full and heavy. Other subwoofers i've bought don't go this deep, they basically vanish when it comes to low frequencies, but this one shakes the walls with the low frequency notes. It can destroy your windows if you are not careful. It can compliment your music and movies, or it can overpower everything with a boom, the choice is yours. I have it a on the just a tad louder side and it is wonderful.

Klipsch R-12sw Subwoofer
Click to see NoticeKlipsch R-12sw Subwoofer (r 12sw)"Very satisfied with this klipsch sub! rounds out my system nicely with deep full bass. Perfect for both music and movies. Would definitely recommend! works as well as my 15 sub - you will not be disappointed."

(0) Question: I have used my subwoofer for 1 hour, and it turns on automatically when the receiver is turned on; now it does not power on? what's going on?

(1) Question: The subwoofer does a cut off for 2 seconds when i turn the volumen up about 50%, anybody knows why?

(2) Question: Can i use this sub on a onyko 5. 1 home theater system ?

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Klipsch RC-62 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker - Each Black

Over-engineered in every possible way, the klipsch reference series rc-62 ii center channel delivers all the subtleties and dynamics required for a superior home theater experience. The rc-62 ii is complete with klipsch proprietary tractrix horn technology which produces a unique combination of precision, clarity and effortless power. Finished in a beautiful black woodgrain vinyl veneer, the rc-62 ii is guaranteed to complement any d cor. Features tiltable feet for placement above/below seated ear height beautiful wood-grain vinyl cabinetspecifications frequency response - 57hz-24khz +- 3db power handling - 150w rms / 600w peak sensitivity - 98db 2. 83v / 1m impedance - 8 ohms compatible high frequency drivers - 1 (2. 54cm) titanium diaphragm compression driver mated to 90 x 60 square tractrix horn low frequency drivers - dual 6. 5 (16. 5cm) cerametallic cone woofer enclosure type - bass-reflex via dual front-firing ports inputs - single binding posts mounting - uptilt and downtilt feet finish - black ash woodgrain vinyl dimensions (hxwxd) - 8 x 23. 5 x 12. 8 in. Weight - 30. 4 lbs.

Klipsch RC-62 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker - Each BlackKlipsch-Reference-Center-Channel-Loudspeaker

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    Black
Weight :    30.86 pounds
Model :    1011863
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch RC-62 II Reference Series Center Channel Loudspeaker - Each Black available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $254.99 (was $262.00)
  • Highly efficient design produces more output using less energy
  • A high-end choice in center channel design
  • Magnetically shielded drivers prevent tv interference
  • Enhanced 1 titanium horn-loaded tweeter, dual 6. 5 high-output woofers
  • Delivers realistic, balanced home theater sound

Klipsch RP-240S Surround Speaker Each

The reference premiere rp-240s surround speakers utilize the latest klipsch technologies to take your movies from two dimensions and transform them into a completely immersive experience.  

Klipsch RP-240S Surround Speaker EachKlipsch-RP-240S-Surround-Speaker-Each

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    Ebony
Weight :    13.20 pounds
Model :    RP-240S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dual 1" linear travel suspension titanium tweeter
  • Strong, flexible removable grille
  • 90x90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • Dual 4" spun copper cerametallic cone woofer
  • Mdf cabinet with brushed polymer veneer baffle finish
Price :    $219.00 (was $269.00)
Speakers :    Best Abis Electronics (klipsch product review) for Klipsch RP-240S Surround Speaker Each available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer, Black

Get ready to be moved. The reference r-112sw subwoofer lets you feel the impact of your favorite music and movies rather than just hearing them. In fact, its rich, full deep bass will shake you up as soon as you push play.

Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer, BlackKlipsch-Reference-R-112SW-Subwoofer-Black

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    black
Weight :    48.75 pounds
Model :    R-112SW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • For a simple wireless connection, add an optional klipsch wa-2 wireless subwoofer kit
  • Front-firing slot port with exclusive internal flare technology
  • L/r line-level/lfe rca inputs for compatibility with most receivers. brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with satin painted plinth
  • The country of origin is china
  • 12-inch spuncopper cerametallic woofer. all-digital amplifier delivers 600 watts of dynamic power
Price :    $449.00 (was $569.00)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch Reference R-112SW Subwoofer, Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440C Center Channel Speaker - Ebony

Super! i am not an audiophile but i swear i can hear things i have never heard before . Tv shows . The creaking of a leather chair . Music . Clean and clear . Just waiting for my front main speakers . Sweet .

The reference premiere rp-440 center channel speaker provides clarity and accuracy to your home theater system with a stylish brushed baffle and four cerametallic copper woofers.  

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440C Center Channel Speaker - EbonyKlipsch-Reference-Premiere-RP-440C-Channel

Klipsch Reference Premiere Rp-440c Center Channel Speaker - Ebony (rp 440c) FAQ.

Wow, this just solved my problem. I had a bose speaker system but the center channel wasn't loud enough and it wasn't anchoring the dialogue the way i wanted. I put this in its place, and all of my problems were solved. Crisp, clear dialogue, great overall sound quality. I'm having fun watching tv and movies in my home theater again. -Notice from L. Wanda, Maine

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Current audio setup:. Klipsch r-14m reference speakers, klipsch r-12sw subwoofer, klipsch rp-440c center channel speaker. All on a yamaha natural sound system. In current rotation: gato barbieri "el pampero", pharoah sanders "message from home", dexter gordon "both sides of midnight", . Esperanza spalding "radio music society", melody gadot "live in europe", cannonball adderley "phenix", brother jack mcduff "live", . Ornette coleman live in paris 1971" long unedited cuts. The artist is allowed to express his/her full potential. I'm in heaven!

Klipsch-reference-premiere-rp-440c-center-channel-speaker---ebony-(rp-440c) set picture

- W. KellieI thought i ordered the 450, but the 440 seems to work good. I don't think there's much difference between the two.

This thing is huge, i wish i would have read the dimensions. We made it work

Q. Debra, Bexley

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    Ebony
Weight :    28.90 pounds
  • 1-inch linear travel suspension titanium tweeter. quad 4-inch spun copper cerametallic cone woofers
  • All new tractrix port
  • Mdf cabinet with brushed polymer veneer baffle finish.
  • 90x90 hybrid tractrix horn, all new tractrix port, strong, flexible removable grille.
  • The reference premiere rp-440 center channel speaker provides clarity and accuracy to your home theater system with a stylish brushed baffle and four cerametallic copper woofers
Price :    $379.00 (was $544.95)
Model :    RP-440C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440C Center Channel Speaker - Ebony available ( Sep 2019 )

Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs Part SPC-BP2-12

Bought the monster brand at best buy. They were horrible. They had a different setup to connect the audio cable and just did not do a great job. These are solidly put together and if done correctly work amazing with no problem. Definitely use these if you have a receiver that have the proper inputs instead of using the bare wire into your audio receiver.

Mediabridgetm ultra series fast-lock banana plugs attaches to speaker wire, supplying a high-quality signal path from audio components like a speaker to an audio/video receiver, amplifier or other sound application. Works with bare wire, spades, other banana plugs & 8-18 awg speaker wire. Connectors & crimping teeth are coated in 24k gold-plating for lasting corrosion-resistance. Corrosion-resistance provides secure fits with clarity, natural sonic accuracy & no distortion. A wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer, & a 2-piece screw-on design makes for reliable termination. Ultra series banana plugs are made from premium materials for a pro-grade output. Self-crimping teeth make for easy 1-time installs & a low profile build only sticks out 1". Color coded, distinguishing left from right to enable matching polarity. Fast-lock is an easy plug-&-play alternative to bare wire setups, taking away the hassle of crimping/soldering. Product features - attaches to speaker wire, for a high-quality signal path between audio components - corrosion-resistant 24k gold-plated connectors & crimping teeth for secure fits & clarity - wider base for optimal signal transfer & 2 piece screw-on design for reliable termination/reuse - color coded, distinguishing left/right to enable matching polarity - self-crimping teeth for 1-time setup compatibility - bare wire, spades, other banana plugs & 8-18 awg speaker wire - works with audio components like a speaker, audio/video receiver, amplifier & more installation connect existing speaker wires to a plug through the bottom (step-by-step user guide included) notes unlike tedious bare speaker wire installs, these reusable plugs are designed for quick connections without fraying, meaning that wire tension effects the plug's hold

Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs Part SPC-BP2-12Mediabridge-Banana-Plugs-Corrosion-Resistant-Gold-Plated

Mediabridge Banana Plugs Corrosion Resistant Gold Plated (spc bp2 12) FAQ.

As a professional a/v installer, i used to only carry monster or audio quest banana plugs. As times got harder, people started spending less on small parts like these. I found these on online store and thought i would give them a shot. . Once i got them, i took them out and compared them side by side with the one's i have from monster. They are nearly identical. In fact, if they weren't clearly labeled, i wouldn't be able to tell the difference. . Now i have an economically priced option to offer my customers. . These pieces are such time and headache savers. Especially if you are working in a cramped cabinet with the a/v receiver on shelf that is too narrow for you to spin it around. Simply screw these onto the speaker wire leads and then they plug into the speaker jack on the back of the receiver. . As i tell my clients, these will not noticeably help the sound quality but they will make your life easier on install time, and in the future if there is a trouble call. Nearly all clients are happy to pay the $20 extra bucks if it will save them, say $50 bucks down the road. . I would like to note these are for only the screw post style connections. And not for the spring terminal connectors. Mediabridge carries a different style for the spring terminal connectors. -Notice from . Anonymous, South Tyneside

Click to Show mediabridge banana plugs corrosion resistant gold plated (spc bp2 12) Details

Finally gave into banana plugs and these make it a breeze to plug/unplug speakers multiple times. I've read other banana plugs start to fall apart or bend after multiple unplugging but they seem very sturdy so far. Its sorta tedious to make sure u get the speaker wires to the perfect length to form a mushroom to clamp them in but once u get the hang of it u will be fine. The clamp twist design makes it very sturdy, i can pull of the wires without being scared it will unhook form banana plug.

Mediabridge-banana-plugs-corrosion-resistant-gold-plated-(spc-bp2-12) set picture

- N. DorineWell made, nice weight to them, short to save space, easy to install, easy to tell which is positive and negative and no more worries of the "protector" signal flashing on the receiver from bad speaker connections. I've always connected speaker wires directly to the speaker and receiver thinking less connections are best and how often do you need to remove the speaker wires once connected? with that said my new receiver is much nicer, much better than my old one. If one tiny speaker wire touches somewhere it shouldn't my receiver totally shuts down with the word "protector" showing. When it happened i was baffled. It finally forced me to read the manual. To my surprise it was one strand of speaker wire out of place causing the problem. From me trying to jam 10gage monster speaker wires that were way too fat through the receivers 12gage max. Speaker connection. I connected the mediabridge banana plugs to the monster wire quick and easy. Now no more problems, no more worries.

I like these banana plugs more than monoprice's 24k gold plated speaker banana plugs. These plugs are easier to twist down on thicker speaker wire like 14awg. I am getting great sound when combined with my elac speakers and monoprice 100ft 14awg cl2 rated 2-conductor loud speaker cable (for in-wall installation). Highly recommended.

C. Crawford, Nova Scotia

Price :    $26.99
  • Each plug has a female banana plug connector on the bottom, allowing you to hook up speakers to a single output.
  • Compatible with bare wire, spades, or other banana plugs, and work with 8-18 awg speaker wire. connectors & crimping teeth are coated in corrosion-resistant 24k gold-plating for lasting, for secure fits with clarity, natural sonic accuracy and no distortion. a wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer, and a 2-piece screw-on design makes for reliable termination/reuse.
  • Simply connect existing speaker wires to a banana plug through its bottom piece (step-by-step installation guide included). self-crimping teeth make for easy one-time installs, and a low profile build only sticks out 1.
  • Includes 12 pairs of banana plugs, which are meant for attaching to speaker wire and supplying a high-quality signal path from audio components like a speaker to an audio/video receiver, amplifier or other professional sound application.
  • The heavy-duty plugs are color coded, distinguishing left from right to enable matching polarity. fast-lock is a great plug-and-play alternative to using bare wire when connecting devices, taking away the hassle of crimping or soldering.
Brand :    mediabridge
Color :    12 Pair
Model :    SPC-BP2-12
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (mediabridge product review) for Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs Part SPC-BP2-12 available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker - Ebony

The reference premiere rp-250c center channel speaker delivers theater-quality dialogue in a compact size for easy placement in/on your home entertainment system.  

Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker - EbonyKlipsch-RP-250C-Center-Channel-Speaker

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    Ebony
Weight :    21.10 pounds
  • 90x90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • Dual 5. 25" spun copper cerametallic cone woofers
  • All new tractrix port
  • 1" linear travel suspension titanium tweeter
  • Mdf cabinet with brushed polymer veneer baffle finish
Price :    $229.00 (was $369.00)
Model :    RP-250C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch RP-250C Center Channel Speaker - Ebony available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch R-25C Center Channel Speaker

Didn't know what i was missing. Have a older bose 5. 1 satellite speaker system with the standard center channel speaker. Installed the klipsch and was absolutely amazed at clarity of the spoken word and background sound of movies and tv shows. Could not be happier.

The center channel is the unsung hero of a home theater system, delivering over 60% of a movie's soundtrack and almost all of its dialogue. The reference does just that. It's all about crisp dialogue and precise imaging, producing top-of-the-line sound with the greatest of ease for a complete, memorable experience.

Klipsch R-25C Center Channel SpeakerKlipsch-R-25C-Center-Channel-Speaker

Klipsch R-25c Center Channel Speaker (r 25c) FAQ.

Bigger than expected, sounds great a nice addition to your speaker system very hard to hear a difference between them in the klipsch bookself speakers but overall this is a great pickup it does make a difference. -Notice from . Kellie, Shropshire

Click to Show klipsch r-25c center channel speaker (r 25c) Details

Excellent center channel for dialogue on movies.

Klipsch-r-25c-center-channel-speaker-(r-25c) set picture

- W. ArnettOnce properly setup, the sound is great, clear and very good looking speaker.

Great center channel speaker. I am no audiophile, so this works great for my needs. I'm glad i bought it when it was on sale

Z. Irene, Warwickshire

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    black
Weight :    14.80 pounds
  • Detailed 1" aluminum linear travel suspension horn-loaded tweeter
  • Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet
  • Fills rooms with powerful, lifelike performances
  • Dual 5. 25" copper-spun high-output img woofers
Price :    $149.77 (was $152.01)
Model :    R-25C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch R-25C Center Channel Speaker available ( Sep 2019 )

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black

Psw10 fills in the bottom end of your home theater system. Relieve your main speakers from performing bass duty and let them work on the mids and highs. Psw10 is a great addition to any subwooferless system and will bring your movie watching experience to the next level. All woofers feature a floor coupled downward firing port. This configuration brings you maximum bass impact while keeping the front of the cabinet as low profile as possible. All polk products are made using the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques. They pass the industry s most exhaustive quality tests, including drop testing, extreme signal response and uv & salt exposure testing. Polk loudspeakers are built to perform for a lifetime. The voltage of the item is standard us voltage / 120 volts.

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, BlackPolk-10-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer-Single

Price :    $80.10 (was $99.29)
  • Non-resonant all-mdf enclosure construction with 0. 75-inch-thick baffles and internal bracing. amplifier continuous power - 50 watts. amplifier dynamic power - 100 watts
  • Laser-based klippel measurement technology for improved linearity and deep, precise sound
  • Equipped with one 10-inch polymer-composite dynamic-balance cone driver. line- and speaker-level inputs and speaker level outputs allow easy connection to any system
  • Single 10-inch subwoofer in black with built-in high-current amplifier for big bass
  • Measures 14 by 14. 38 by 16. 12 inches (wxhxd)
Brand :    polk
Color :    Black
Size :    10 Inch
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    AM1055-C
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (polk product review) for Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10 300w Powered Subwoofer Black

The reference r-10sw subwoofer is the ideal companion whether you're looking to achieve a 5. 1 system or a 5. 1 on the richter scale. The high performance subwoofer provides deep bass and placement flexibility thanks to its front firing driver and all digital amplifier.

Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10 300w Powered Subwoofer BlackKlipsch-Reference-R-10SW-Powered-Subwoofer

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    black
Weight :    25.50 pounds
Model :    R-10SW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Equally impressive with music and movies
  • All-digital amplifier delivers 300 watts of dynamic power
  • Powerful 10" copper-spun front-firing woofer
  • Low pass crossover and phase control, dimensions:14(h) x 12. 5(w) x 15. 7(d) inches
  • Line/lfe inputs for compatibility with most receivers
Price :    $248.75 (was $274.95)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch Reference R-10SW 10 300w Powered Subwoofer Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black

Polk psw505 - this high quality powered subwoofer makes opens a whole new dimension of thrilling low end sound for audio and home theater systems alike. This versatile, clinically accurate beast handles bombs and bullets and delicate string sections with equal finesse. Polk audio's psw series of powered subwoofers were designed to deliver powerful and astonishingly musical bass at amazingly low prices. All the psw models represent an evolution and refinement towards a truly visceral home-theater bass experience that coordinate with polk's tsi and rm, and r/m/t series speakers for home sound that truly rivals the best that theater's offer. Experience movies, music, shows and games like never before. Pick up a psw subwoofer and feel its superb build quality. Polk audio psw-505 is comprised of top-notch quality components from the driver, the power amp, and the cabinetry to deliver the finest performance. Hi-roll surrounds to support longer excursion high current 300 watt continuous (460 watt dynamic) power amplifier frequency range - 23 hz - 160hz adjustable low pass crossover, phase switchand volume control for perfect blending with any main speakers unfiltered lfe input magnetically shielded auto on/off circuit that automatically turns your subwoofer on when it senses a program signal. When no signal is present, the amplifier turns off within 15 minutes sturdy feet keep the sub from sliding across the floor when played at high volumes unit dimensions - 16-1/8h x 15-1/8w x 18-3/16d; weighs 56 pounds warranty - 5 years parts and labor speaker; 3 years parts and labor amplifier subwoofer cable required; not included. Monster cable is recommended

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, BlackPolk-Audio-12-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer

Brand :    polk audio
Color :    black
Weight :    43.00 pounds
Model :    AM8505-A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • High current 300 watt continuous (460 watt dynamic) power amplifier, adjustable low pass crossover, phase switch and volume control allows perfect blending with any main speaker. compatible devices-tv, video monitors
  • Polk subs sound better because they're built better. rock-solid mdf construction (including a 1 inch thick front baffle) suppresses enclosure panel resonance for distortion-free, accurate response, big 12 inch long throw driver for longer excursion and better linearity.
  • Auto on/off circuit that automatically turns your subwoofer on when it senses a program signal. when no signal is present, the amplifier turns off within 15 minutes, unfiltered lfe input for use with low pass filtered subwoofer output jacks. recommended location: indoor
  • Huge hi-roll surrounds that support their longer excursion, most powered subwoofers are good for just gut-rumble and boom. polk understands that you listen to music too so our subs are tight, precise and accurate. the wide, long slot load vent dramatically lessens turbulence, noise and distortion, pouring out a tidal wave of precise, thunderous bass!
  • Real wood veneer finish, slot load venting improves bass response. if you have any electrical (50/60hz) hum in your system you're going to hear it clearly as soon as you hook up your subwoofer. most hum problems are caused by "ground loops. " that is, the electrical grounds of the components in your system are not at the same electrical potent.
Price :    $150.00 (was $197.99)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (polk audio product review) for Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer

The reference r-110sw subwoofer is a must have addition to your home audio entertainment. Ideal for high performance systems, this subwoofer provides clean, deep bass, letting you hear and feel your music and movies.

Klipsch R-110SW SubwooferKlipsch-R-110SW-Subwoofer

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    Brushed Black Polymer Veneer
Weight :    47.30 pounds
Model :    R-110SW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • For a simple wireless connection, add an optional klipsch wa-2 wireless subwoofer kit
  • Front-firing slot port with exclusive internal flare technology.
  • L/r line-level/lfe rca inputs for compatibility with most receivers
  • 10" spun-copper cerametallic woofer
  • All-digital amplifier delivers 450 watts of dynamic power
Price :    $379.00 (was $429.00)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer available ( Sep 2019 )

Klipsch R-14S Surround Pair Black

Movie night isn't the same without surround sound.  the reference r-14s offers the ideal surround sound experience and makes sure you feel it in your chest. No matter which seat you choose, this powerful speaker places you in the middle of all the action.

Klipsch R-14S Surround Pair BlackKlipsch-R-14S-Surround-Pair-Black

Brand :    klipsch
Color :    black
Weight :    7.90 pounds
Model :    R-14S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch R-14S Surround Pair Black available ( Sep 2019 )
Price :    $234.95
  • Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet
  • 4" copper-spun high-output img woofer
  • Dual 1" aluminum linear travel suspension horn-loaded tweeters
  • Fills rooms with powerful surround sound effects

Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Small but mighty, the reference r-15m monitor speaker delivers big sound from a small footprint. Highly efficient, this powerful yet minimalist speaker engulfs listeners in their favorite movies and music for hours of listening pleasure.

Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker PairKlipsch-R-15M-Bookshelf-Speaker-Pair

Price :    $129.00 (was $192.21)
  • These speakers perform beautifully as a left, center, right, or surround.
  • Dual 5. 25" copper-spun high-output img woofers
  • Klipsch reference bookshelf speakers feature a rear-firing port that is perfectly match to the cabinet and drivers.
  • Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet
  • Get power and versatility in a small package, the klipsch r-15m bookshelf speakers pack a mean punch.
Brand :    klipsch
Color :    black
Weight :    10.30 pounds
Model :    R-15M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (klipsch product review) for Klipsch R-15M Bookshelf Speaker Pair available ( Sep 2019 )

klipsch r-12sw subwoofer Price : 275, was : 304 as 2018-06-26
United States
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The F.A.Q. for klipsch r-12sw subwoofer

Awesome bottom end sound. Well, after all, they are klipsch. I consider these to be the best speakers ever and this sub is like all their excellent products

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Is this a powered sub? and how many watts does it have?

(1) Question: My receiver has sub out 1&2 not l/r do i use both or just the lfe from sub out1?

(2) Question: Are the speaker terminal's on the back of the sub powered or passive?

(3) Question: What does the phase toggle do? i read ther manual, but it didn't explain it in a manner i could understand.

(4) Question: Are the surrounds foam or rubber. getting tire of foam!

(5) Question: Klipsch r10 swi vs polk 449wi assubwoofer for audioengine 5+ computer speaker?

(6) Question: Does this unit come with a wireless adapter. can this wireless. some people say it is wireless and some say it is wired. can you please clarify

(7) Question: How many rca cables to receiver?

(8) Question: What other speakers pair well with this for a surround sound 7. 2 with a denon avr-x1400h oushing the klipsch 12sw 400 watt and ?

(9) Question: If you set it in "auto power on" mode, what is the standby power consumption? (in watt)

(10) Question: Will this sub be enough with my rp-280f?

(11) Question: How many rca cables needed?

(12) Question: I have a polk psw505, will this be better? be honest, lol i have klipsch rf-82 ii, rc-62, but i wonder about the sub being better.

(13) Question: What is the frequency response for this subwoofer?

(14) Question: Where is this speaker made?

(15) Question: What gain setting do you have your subwoofer set to? i want as much bass as possible from my audio sources (tv, games, movies, etc. )

(16) Question: Can you use with an existing soundbar?

(note) Question: where/how to get Klipsch (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Klipsch's products

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I have a pioneer vsx 82txs 7. 1 receiver (130 watts) configured as 5. 1 originally driving jbl venue series speakers (the large stadium fronts, etc) along with their sub12. Recently the subwoofer started making odd sounds and a burning circuit board smell permeated the room. Can t live without a subwoofer, so time to look around. . Read lots of reviews everywhere and finally settled on getting the klipsch r-12sw. I ve had it now for just shy of a month and am absolutely amazed at how well it performs, especially as compared to the old jbl. It has a much richer and broader response and simply sounds as close to perfect as you would want. I can t get enough of how much it adds to music and movies. We have it in our living room and i can stand in our kitchen/dining room some 35 away and feel our hardwood floors vibrating at only a moderate volume. . Love it and highly recommend it.

Electronics 282271, Home Audio 110648766, Speakers 365271, Subwoofers 865271Top Klipsch R-12sw Subwoofer (r 12sw) FAQ Content

Best klipsch r-12sw subwoofer (r 12sw) in review

Very smooth bass compared to my 12 infinity. I paired a klipsch 10 ceramic sub with this. One and it sounds like a system costing 1, 000 s. Of dollars more! better than b&w s!

. Jackson, New Hampshire

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. Meghan, Oklahoma says

Great price for sale sub this powerful. $225 out the door. This sub will be all you need. I have a huge living room area maybe 1000sqft total and even on low sometimes i have to turn this thing down when i ve had too much bass for the day. I had a little party the other week and all i have is 4 separate 130 watt wall speakers and this and it sound like the club at my house

H. Evelyn, Basse-Normandie

All i can say is bass for days! i love it! . Like others reviewers i needed to turn it down. I dont even want to try it turned all the way up. Thats scary. Haha

I. Harrison, Rutland says

This thing is awesome. I made a big mistake when i traded away my old boston acoustics xb6 subwoofer a few years ago. I purchased an onkyo 7. 1 speaker set and was using just the sub that came with it. It did okay, but bottomed out very easily. I finally decided it needed to be replaced, so i went with this klipsch based on reviews i read here. It arrived well within the stated delivery window, and was up and running in less than 5 minutes. Let me tell you, this thing goes loud and deep. It shakes the walls! you know that scene in game of thrones where they blow up all of the ships? i thought it was going to wake the neighborhood! there's virtually no break-in period. It sounded great from the first minute. It's aesthetically pleasing, too. The veneer almost looks like black brushed aluminum, and the golden cone is nice to look at. And the cost is less than my old boston that i had missed so much. Worth the buy! go for it! . . Update 9/24/16: well, after three months of normal use, the driver developed a rattle. It sounded like wires slapping the inside of the box, so i took the driver out, taped down any loose wires i saw, and plugged it back in. Still rattled. It was the driver itself. It still put out plenty of bass, but that rattle was annoying. I contacted the seller, and they basically said, sorry. Can't help. Window is closed. Contact the manufacturer. I asked if they were an authorized klipsch dealer (because klipsch's website says they only warranty items bought from authorized dealers) and got no answer. So i contacted klipsch. They said nope, we won't honor the warranty because bubba goo goods is not an authorized klipsch dealer, and we can't vouch for them or their equipment. But, they did sell me a replacement woofer for $84. Three business days later, it arrived and i installed it. Rattle is fixed. Just wanted people to be warned. Online store pricing is great, and we take advantage of the deals, but buyer beware. Online store can be like the tj maxx of the internet. The prices are lower for a reason. . Update 5/2/18: the replacement driver i purchased directly from klipsch is still going strong. I haven't had another issue with the sub or any of its components since the rattle incident. I am still very pleased with this sub.

M. Denise, Cheshire

This sub bumps. The neighbors will be pissed. Just rock the house and buy this bad boy and turn it up to (four? ) and it will rock the living room. No problem having that much power on reserve!

U. Wells, Norfolk says

Wow does this thing thump! it will shake things on the other side of the house and is crystal clear. . One piece of advise. Get a good sub cable. The cheap one i had cause humming when the receiver was off.

W. Linda, Bury

This thing has a lot of thump! i mean house rattling. The bass gives a full sound. I like that i can run at 25% of it's max and get the deep bass that i need. This means it's not having to work hard and will last a long time.

N. Susana, Missouri says

If you want a kick ass sub you get what you pay for. I waited three years for this to go on sale. It was worth the wait.

C. Gloria, Blackpool

This subwoofer is very powerful and sounds great! shakes my house well with heavy bass. Liked it so much i purchased a second. The bluetooth wireless setup works great on my home theater at 20 feet away. Has not lost signal yet.

Z. Theresa, Thurrock says

Purchased to replace two polk 10" sub-woofers i had previously, amazed by the new impact and spl in 40hz regions. Over the past few nights of movie watching i've found myself continuing to turn them down, currently low passed at 60hz these have a lot of power to spare. One the best powered subwoofers in the price range, clean, powerful, gets low. I'm using 2 of them in an approximately 500 sq/ft room as part of a 5. 1 system using large towers as my fronts and rears, there is room for growth as the subs are not being pushed hard which will be great as i move back into reference amplifiers for the main speakers. I have a wide variety of musical tastes, classical, rock, metal, edm, rap, country, and much more they do it all well.

P. Sheila, Barnet

This sub was overkill for my needs. But it sure was funny seeing it next to my tv. This was the final peice of the puzzle after i bought the other speakers.

S. Ruby, Ohio says

First off i use this sub for home theater. I currently have a bose acoustimass series iv system. I've had it for years and thought it sounded great when i first got it and didn't know any better. I noticed some serious holes in the low end, mid range and even high end frequencies. Since i don't have the time or money to replace everything i thought i could add some help to the low end. I have a denon avr-x4000 receiver and since it supports a second subwoofer i thought i would start with adding that. I went with the klipsch because the price was right, the looks are extremely appealing, a 12" woofer is more than enough in my 15lx15wx10h room, and the abundance of positive reviews. Positive reviews everywhere, not just here. My setup was a little tricky but my receiver did most of the work. Audyssey took care of most everything but bose doesnt play well with anything so that was very much expected. However, once the lfe and frequencies were dialed in on my receiver this thing rocked. I have the gain knob at about 20%, so i am sure this sub will fill sound in a room much larger than mine. Furthermore, i have set it to 50% and notice no distortion. The sound is super clear. Anything above 20% for me it started to rattle my house and scare the dogs. I tested this on several movies, but one particular scene that i like to test my subs on is in the dark knight rises. It is where the bat comes out of the alley and flies overhead of all the cops that think they have him cornered. Simply amazing sound! it felt like the bat really flew over my house. I bet the neighbors did too. This sub displaces some serious energy. Adding this sub to my current setup really amplified the holes in my current bose system. That's not to say that adding this sub hasn't juiced up my current home theater experience because it has! i will more than likely add other klipsch speakers to complete the 7. 2 experience. I definitely recommend this product. . Pros: amazing price to performance (i paid a lot for my bose system), very nice to look at, lots of power! . Cons: not really a con but some might see it as a con, the size. Don't cheat physics, if you want life like base it comes at a cost.

J. Suzanne, Nova Scotia says

Replaced failed definitive technologies supercube with this sub. Reconciled well with my other reference series floor standing and center channel speakers, which are about eight to ten years old now? regardless, integration was seamless and it sounds right at home. . Sound is fantastic, not as tight as the def tech but very loud and punchy, can move some air. . My only complaint is that the housing is made of what appears to be cheap press-board and its tactile feel is night and day different than my older reference series speakers.

G. Perez, Bretagne

Great product. If you are looking for a subwoofer that will rock your room, then this is a "got to have" item

O. Lawrence, Kentucky says

My first klipsch product. And i've longed to own their stuff for years. This is one heck of a great sub! as with any subwoofer, careful tuning to match the rest of the system is required, and after a phone call to klipsch tech support, a 24 hour break in period doesn't hurt either. That is, 24 hours of moderate to low volume use to loosen the surround before really cranking it up. Klipsch has long been known for their incredibly efficient speakers, which means they can play louder with less, and this sub is case in point. After all of the tuning and adjusting levels, i was pleasantly surprised and how this monster is a highly musical subwoofer if tuned properly, and adds weight, scale, and muscle to any music i give it. Its class d amp (digital) at 200 watts rms, and 400 peak, allows for it to be lighter, and create less internal heat. It effortlessly pressurized my listening room with power in reserve. For under $500 you can't beat this one.

F. Patton, Virginia

Outstanding sub, impressive sound, i use this plus a few smaller vintage sony satellite speakers with an onkyo tx-sr373 receiver and it sounds amazing. The package arrived in excellent condition, all original klipsch packing material, great product. Glad i went this route instead of bose 301's i originally looked at.

T. Annette, Plymouth says

Very powerful sub. Produces the low frequencies which you can feel. Got it to go with some klipsch r-15pms, and it has been an excellent combo. I usually have the sub gain knob around half, any more than that drowns out those monitors in a medium sized room. Great for home theater!

E. Erickson, Warwickshire

This is an awesome sounding subwoofer. I have paired this up with the wired version of this model and together they create deep pulsing bass that radiates throughout the room. Great for movies and music too!

Y. Megan, Isle of Wight says

This is the one! i tried the klipsch r-10sw first but you had to crank it pretty hard to fully appreciate it. The r-12sw adds solid, smooth bass even at lower volume levels. Truly impressive

. Wade, Berlin

Best sub woofer i have ever used. . Plan to get a second one sometime soon

K. Hannah, Virginia says

This thing is insane. Love the adjustability of the bass. Can shake the whole house if i want or dial it down but still be able to feel it. Great fit in my home theatre.

Top Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

D. Anderson, Thueringen says

This subwoofer worked excellently until it developed a rattle. I had the gain knob set below 40% the entire time i owned it and didn't overdo it with the volume. It was loud nonetheless and worked great for about 7 months. Suddenly a horrible rattle started one day, especially noticeable at higher volumes. Even though klipsch claims a 5 year warranty on its subwoofer products, they wouldn't honor that in my case because i bought it through an "unauthorized dealer" on online store. Thankfully online store refunded my money on the purchase straightaway as soon as i contacted them. I don't believe i'll be buying klipsch products after my experience with them and this subwoofer. Great experience with online store, however.

O. Hakala, Alaska

I used to be a big fan of klipsch. That was until i purchased this last set of klipsch speakers, which included a center channel, the matching bookshelf speakers, and this 12" reference subwoofer. I really wanted to like this set but the sound, in my opinion, was just too harsh.

U. Barbara, Worcestershire says

I have this already from another place and decided to buy another one since i have a 7. 2 theatre system. Came packaged well and was in great condition until i hooked it up and it has a humming sound. So i hooked it up to the cable that i'm using with my other sub and still does it . Not satisfied although klipsch is a good brand.

V. Mary, Montana

Product did not work when it arrived.

J. Angelica, Victoria says

Not that this sub doesn't produce great bass; the problem is that it makes a loud "pop" during loud, low-range action sequences. After the pop, it cuts out for a few seconds and then resumes. Klipsch is supposed to be a great product but this pop and cutting out is ridiculous for the price i paid and for the quality you expect from klipsch. What's worse is that i'm stuck with it; there are no returns or refunds!

S. Helen, Hampshire

Bought this sub and it does sound really good and was very impressed. However, after 3 months use the amp went out. Speaker won't turn on in auto mode and when i switch it to constant power the light turns on but no sound. Online store had me contact klipsch directly and they told me that since i didn't purchase the sub from a verified dealer the manufacturer warranty was void. They offered to send me a new amp which would cost 145 dollars. Not happy. After contacting online store again they refunded my money. Ultimately i'm happy with online stores customer service but will not be looking to buy a klipsch sib from online store to replace this one.

X. Jackson, Lancashire says

Do not buy klipsch because their prices are inflated and bogus. I found out after paying that this exact speaker goes on sale for around $200 all the time at local retailers. This seems to be one of those brands where the listed price is inflated because they keep it on sale all the time which is an annoying and terrible practice. I found out this unit compares to lower priced competitors. Even the klipsch subwoofers that list for more go on sale regularly. I'd highly recommend avoiding this brand completely. Do a little internet research and you'll find out you can get much better subwoofers at these price points from other brands.

W. Wade, Hackney

Speaker was blown upon receipt! now have been trying to get online store to cover the refund since circle trade will not respond!

M. Candy, Wolverhampton says

I don't own this particular sub, but i have four much older klipsch subs here, two 12" and two 15", and on all four the built-in amplifiers failed with heavy hum shortly after the warranty expired. . I finally disconnected the amps and am driving the subs with external amplifiers. . If i were looking for a new standalone amplified sub, klipsch would not make the list. Four out of four failures is beyond unacceptable.

I. Garner, New Mexico

I have owned the klipsch r-12wi (wireless version) for about a year now. The unit is still fully functional and performs as well as it did when i first purchased it. It performs to its specs, nothing more nothing less. . When i first purchased this it was my first subwoofer so i was very impressed with the power it was able to put out, but as i expanded my musical listening i began to find its frequency response severely disappointing being 30hz +/-3db. When only listening to tracks within its range it is powerful and performs well, but it doesn't have a low enough extension for me personally. The roll-off slope also seems to be rather high. If i listen to a track that has many notes alternating closely below and above 30hz the track will sound "floppy" due to notes below 30hz just dropping out . . None of my issues are the fault of the subwoofer however. The product performs exactly as it should, so why not more stars? because for the price and form-factor there are better and more robust options. The subwoofers job should be to extend the range of your speakers. If you already have decent speakers than this subwoofer will not extend their range much at all, and if it does it would be less than an octave. This is especially true if you have floor standing speakers since many can already reliably reach 40-50hz. I'm using the klipsch rp-150m bookshelf speakers and they respond well even at 60hz. . If you do not listen to many bass heavy tracks, or have small speakers than this wouldn't be a bad bargain. However, if you already have decent speakers and are really trying to fill out the low end i would pass on this and look elsewhere.

F. Allen, Barnsley says

Be aware, av soundz is not an authorized distributor of klipsch audio equipment. Whats that mean to you, the klipsch factory warranty is null and void! they do not warranty, from non authorized distributors. . Probably applies to other sellers, check with the manufacture, prior to purchase.

N. Benton, Utah

Wheres the bass? couple things about subs. Be skeptical of any sub in a very small package. Subs need room to breathe in their enclosure. Too small an enclosure will suffocate the woofer. You will not get clear punchy powerful bass. Another thing about subs is they like watts. Learn about rms (continuous power). Ignore advertising for "peak power". Also make sure you know how many ohms the amp puts that power out at and how ohms impact watts. . Assume you have a 500 watt rms amp at 4 ohms. Plug in an 8 ohm speaker and now the same amp will only give you 250 watts rms. But amps are only stable down to what they are rated for. So don't go trying to put a 2 ohm speaker (also don't bridge 2 4-ohm speakers) on a 4 ohm amp. You will overheat the amp and it will shutdown. . Now onto my review- not sure the people writing these glowing reviews have any clue what a high quality full range audio system with deep punchy powerful bass is supposed to sound like. But i can tell you that this aint it. . Having come from the world of high end car audio i was very excited to finally have a proper sub for my home system. First thing i noticed was the weight. Very light weight so i was a little concerned right off the bat. Subs are usually heavy. The magnets are large on a quality woofer. The box should be 3/4" mdf which is also heavy. . Anyway i gave it a fair shot anyhow. Plugged it in, fiddled with the gains and the crossover. Not even slightly impressed. When i was selling car audio i would have be embarrassed to demo this to a customer. . I returned it immediately. I tried the 15 inch version from the same company and it was much better. Most likely because the amp has a lot more power. . Guys if you bought this product and think this is good bass you are diluting yourself. It may be ok for a couple flicks but if you are listening to music its a joke. . Let me give one more tip. Get a real sub/amp & use an audio control epicenter. Try it i'm telling you that you will freak out. What it does is it takes the entire audio signal and recreates the bass - not to make it more powerful- but to make it more punchy and "delicious". The effect is adjustable up&down and you have never heard anything like this. Hook it up between your receiver and your subwoofer. Use the full range (dont use the subwoofer output) r/l rca output on your receiver to go to the epicenter. Then from the epicenter the rca comes out and goes into your crossover or amp (on your sub). You'll thank me later!

K. Russell, Isle of Wight says

The sub out of the box didn't seem very loud and wasn't producing that deep bass i was expecting. After a few minutes of tinkering with my receiver the sub began to have a nasty rattle internally. I didn't want to void anything on a brand new speaker so i just shipped it back to the seller. I don't know how much of my dissatisfaction i can attribute to being defective/damaged, but i immediately went into fry's and listened to the r12 and it was still weak. The guy played the r112 and it absolutely blew the r12 away on volume, depth, hit, and range. I wish i bought the r112 on online store so i could leave a verified purchase, but that thing is amazing. Only reason i'm giving the r12 3 stars is because i did send it back for being defective. Even though it sounded just as bad in the store, i'll still give the brand name some weight here. If you can afford another $100, get the r112sw, you'll be much happier.

B. Eleanor, Westminster

Does the job but very light in weight which makes me wonder about quality of product. My other sub is much heavier!

E. Rhonda, Montana says

I bought this sub today at the local bb along with two klipsch r-28f towers. I bought it to add to my klipsch sub 12. I can honestly say this thing doesn't hold a candle to the much older sub 12. If you can get your hands on a sub12 you should not even bother with this one. On the other hand the r-28f towers are some of the best sounding speakers i have ever owned.

H. Kimberly, Poitou-Charentes

Cabinet arrived dented, shipping box was not damaged, but they don't take returns. Also, sub seems to have a rattle. Wish i would've went with the premiere version. Now stuck with this.

Q. Hurst, Leicester says

Didn't sound as good as i thought and it was to big in size.

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    See Offers Samsung Swa-w700 Sound+ Subwoofer (swa w700 za), Swa-w700 Sound+ Want To Experience Extra Rumble? Add The Sound+ Subwoofer To Shake The Room Ultra-deep Bass. This Powerful Wireless Sub Pairs Seamlessly Sound+ Sound Bars, Making It Easy To Add -Samsung Swa-w700 Sound+ Subwoofer
    1. Works fine! the bass is not overwhelming, it just adds the missing bottom end to the sound. . It s a bit tricky to sync at first, it just takes a bit of trial and error. https://puqus.com/samsung-swa-w700-za-sound-subwoofer-86474mghhs4/#samsung-swa-w700-za-sound-subwoofer
    2. Properties: Connects Wirelessly To Your Sound+ Sound Bar And Can Be Placed Virtually Anywhere In The Room.
    3. Properties: Pairs Easily With Samsung Sound+ Sound Bars. The Subwoofer Automatically Tunes Itself To The Sound+ Sound Bar It Is Connected To, For Just The Right Level Of Bass.
    Best Price Samsung Swa-w700 Sound+ Subwoofer (Speakers) Swa W700 Za

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