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Price was $119.99. This is the 3rd leappad3 we have purchased for our grandkids. Grandkids love it. The reason it didn't get 5 stars, was when we received the pink leappad3 this year for our granddaughter, we purchased it in august because it was on sale. We gave it to her for her birthday in december. When we set up the programs, it wouldn't download. Because we purchased through online store, we could not send it back because the deadline to return was october. I contacted leapfrog and thankfully, they sent us a knew one in two weeks time.

-. Amanda

Leappad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet, The Affordable, Fun-packed, Wi-fi Tablet For Kids That Allows Them To Learn And Play In A Way That’s Just Right For Each Child. -Leapfrog Leappad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet, Pink

  1. Value: Features A Shatter Safe 5″ Capacitive Touchscreen That’s Highly Responsive-perfect For A Child’s Light Touch. Leapsearch Serves Up Only Age-appropriate Videos And More From The Web – All Approved By Learning Experts.
  2. Value: Built Kid-tough And Thoroughly Drop Tested, The Leappad3 Tablet Is Perfect For Worry-free Fun. Enjoy Hours Of Play With Leapfrog’s Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery That’s Easy To Recharge Via Usb Or Ac Adapter. 4gb Of Memory.

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This leappad is great for my 6 year old. She has now chewed the tip of the stylus through, not sure if there are replacements available. Seems the memory loads up fast so . If you're looking for something to entertain your little one and load up on apps this is probably not going to do it. I installed one barbie game on this for my child and it seems there are memory issues. But still great for what it is. Keeps her entertained, especially the kids youtube app. Sing alongs as well as other kid appropriate videos. Not a bad deal for the age range. Best kids learning tablet | Leapfrog-Toys And Games Review ( Mar 2020 ) Value LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink Discover exciting experiences and thrilling adventures with the leappad3. this high-performance wi-fi tablet includes a fast, powerful quad-core processor and sleek design. designed for children 3-9 years old.. Features a shatter safe 5" capacitive touchscreen that's highly responsive-perfect for a child's light touch. leapsearch serves up only age-appropriate videos and more from the web - all approved by learning experts.. Built kid-tough and thoroughly drop tested, the leappad3 tablet is perfect for worry-free fun. enjoy hours of play with leapfrog's lithium ion rechargeable battery that's easy to recharge via usb or ac adapter. 4gb of memory.. Access leapfrog's learning library of 1000+ educational games, ebooks, videos and more. games automatically adapt to your child's learning level and draw from 2, 600 skills across reading, math, writing and more.. Strong parent tools let you fine-tune and control what your child is able to access. sign up to receive learning tips and progress updates to see how your child's skills are developing as they play. .

Leapfrog leappad3 kids' learning tablet, pink Review (80 31510e)

This is the 2nd leapfrog3 i have bought. The 1st one met its end when my daughter dumped milk on it. The fact that it is not waterproof is the reason it is only 4 stars. The built in battery holds charge for a good long while. Being able to turn on and off the wifi on it is very very nice so you don't have to worry about your child buying something. I love the on line store, you can transfer your digital buys from your old leapfrog to your new one so you don't have to buy more games, if your child is hard on cartridges or loses them buying the digital version of the tame will save you a major headache. The system itself comes with some very nice games that my 4 year old loves to play and keeps her entertained for a long time for her age. I would recommend a leapfrog3 to any child that can play a game on a smart phone, they quickly learn how to navigate the leapfrog on their own (my daughter has had one since she was 2 and a half) they might not give your smart phone back to you all the time but this does get it out of their clutches more often than not. -L. Cageen

Leapfrog Leappad3 Kids Learning Tablet

Product Dimensions
Height:5.10 inches
Length:0.99 inches
Width:7.50 inches
ItemPart/Serial Number
Will Only Ship To The US.
Recommended Max-Age
Suggested Min-Age
Part/Serial Number
1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

leappad3 kids' learning tablet, Toy, The affordable, fun-packed, wi-fi tablet for kids that allows them to learn and play in a way that's just right for each child. Leapfrog Leappad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink (80-31510E-Leapfrog).

Leapfrog Leappad3 Kids Learning Tablet Toy

  • My 4 yr old had a leak pad kne that kept turning off as we didn't have the correct charger. I upgraded her to this kne so e we had a couple games for it already. She loves it. It's very easy to use and pretty durable. Her favorite thing on it is the ariel sound track i put on it. I like that it doesn't need batteries or have to stay plugged in as her old one did. It went through batteries like crazy. She is learning new things with some of the games too. I really like it for long car rides.
  • We have had the leapster and the leappad 2. This is a "leap" into a new generation! my 4 year old loves it! i love it because i do not have to hook it to the computer to get new content. I just sign in as the parent and turn on the wifi and buy a new app. On our leappad 2 the screen broke so thats why we bought this one. The most amazing thing was that when i signed in to his new leappad 3 all his content was loaded (via wifi) from his old machine immediately! every game was almost immediately on there. I was shocked and impressed. I thought the transition would be hard. . I just hope the screen is tougher. The thing i really like about leapfrog is that almost all of the content is educational in some way. That can not be said about the apps on many other devices.
  • I purchased this for my almost 3 year-old daughter as a christmas gift as she is constantly trying to steal her older siblings ipod touch & fire kindle. I felt those items were a little too "old" for my daughter and purchased this instead as it seemed for targeted to her age group. . I spent a majority of christmas morning trying to set up the device. For an hour, it connected off/on with the home wifi. I then tried to connect manually to my computer, of which, it failed to recognize for quite sometime. Then, when the wifi worked consistently, the computer began working as well. . I purchased/downloaded a series of games/books/apps and tried them out with my daughter. Not only was the device near non-responsive, but when it was responsive, the content of the games/apps/etc. Were slow, and required my three-year old to have the patience to listen to the audible direction that you could not opt out of. Everything we clicked on, we had to wait through an audible introduction and instruction before she could actually play or click on anything. . Further, the device seemed to have a glitch where it would go to a blank white screen with lines while the device still was audibly dictating what to do next in the background. . To say this device was a disappointment is an understatement. I am returning and purchased the kids kindle fire as the parental controls are great, there is a greater range of content, and should she destroy the device within the first two-years, it's replaced by online store.
  • Just buy your child an android tablet or ipad and save yourself the money and the headache. I purchased this as a gift for my daughter for christmas. It's feb 3, 2015 and the thing is already bricked. There's a black screen with blue letters and that's about it. I tried to connect it to my computer to reset it, shocker it won't let me. The leap frog website is a joke too, don't even bother trying to find anything helpful on there. If you enjoy a 89$ pink or green paper weight then by all means buy it. But if i had the chance to do it again, i would pass on this pos
  • We have always been fans of leapfrog products. The educational value cannot be beat. However, we are discovering there are better alternatives. After purchasing a kurio for our older daughter, our 8 year old has disliked the leap pad. The game selection is very small. Whether purchased online or by cartridge, it is expensive. We had a leappad 2 that had a few online games on it, but it did not survive a fall and the screen was shattered. Upon upgrading to this leappad, some of her games would not upload on to this system. Also, the internet on the leappad is a huge disappointment. It only goes to the leapfrog site. . After a lot of upset and frustration after our 10 year was upgraded to a age appropriate tablet, my 8 year old hates her leappad and we are getting a kurio extreme for her birthday. This leappad will go to the 3 year old brother and should entertain him well for years to come.

kids learning tablet LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I bought this for my son for christmas time. I love this! its full of educational games, and movies. I don't mind him playing on this all the time! it has great memory space, the battery lasts a long time. We just took a road trip and had a 5 hour drive each way and it last the whole car trip. This isn't like a tablet that has a bunch of non education games. I love that you can download games on it. He can create things on this, he can take pictures of his favorite things! i don't have a single negative thing to say about the leapfrog! if you want something that does more for kids then a tablet, then this is the way to go!

Leapfrog Leappad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink
Click to see NoticeLeapfrog Leappad3 Kids' Learning Tablet, Pink (80 31510e)"Enjoyed using it for the ten minutes before it started updating for two hours on christmas day. It's a great fun tablet for our 23 month old, but the update definitely tested even my patience. Daughter constantly wants to play with our cell phone, and i think the leap pad 3 will give us our phone back. I took off one star from review due to ridiculously long and poorly timed update."

(0) Question: Can i transfer games from my leappad 2 to leappad 3?

(1) Question: Can you download personal photos to the tablet? from google drive?

(2) Question: Can i use the leappad 2 cartridges with the leappad3?

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LeapFrog Backpack, Pink

Lead the pack in style with a specially designed backpack that works as a perfect carryall for the tablet, games and accessories they can't leave home without! its kid-friendly size (7" l x 3. 2" w x 10" h) provides a comfortable fit for little ones while the heavy-duty molded shell protects their device and belongings inside. Straps are adjustable for growing kids and are padded for extra comfort on those long trips. The interior sleeve fits 7" tablets and a mini pocket provides extra storage space, while cartridge slots provide organization for up to 6 game cartridges.

LeapFrog Backpack, PinkLeapFrog-80-31700E-Backpack-Pink

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Pink
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    80-31700E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Backpack, Pink available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $29.99
  • Heavy-duty shell provides ultimate device protection
  • Adjustable, padded straps ensure extra comfort
  • Kid-friendly size designed to fit your little one
  • Keep things organized with an interior sleeve, pocket and cartridge slots
  • Made to fit leappad tablets and leapstergs

LeapFrog LeapPad Cartridge PAW Patrol

Practice problem-solving and reading skills in the the paw patrol collection, an action-packed game and ebook! in paw patrol: ready for action, help the pups rescue lost kittens by using logic and reasoning skills. Then, practice reading skills and explore new vocabulary to help find ryder s lost robo dog in the ebook paw patrol: the great robot rescue.

LeapFrog LeapPad Cartridge PAW PatrolLeapFrog-LeapPad-Cartridge-PAW-Patrol

Brand :    leapfrog
Weight :    0.3 pounds
  • Read the ebook paw patrol: the great robot rescue to practice reading skills, including basic words, short and long vowels and sight words
  • Help the paw patrol rescue lost kittens by using logic and reasoning to get past obstacles in the game paw patrol: ready for action
  • Pick the right pups to complete missions in downtown adventure bay, farmer yumi's farm and jake's mountain to learn about teamwork
Price :    $11.95
Model :    80-490300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog LeapPad Cartridge PAW Patrol available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog LeapPad3 Pink Carry Case Made to fit LeapPad3

A leapfrog carrying case keeps their tablet safe in tow around the house or on the road! the interior pocket snugly holds their device and cartridge slots store up to 6 game cartridges so that everything stays organized. A hard outer shell provides impact protection from drops and falls that can happen when they're having too much fun, while an interior bumper safeguards the screen. When they're ready to head out the door, a zip closure and a carry handle make packing up and carrying oh-so-simple.

LeapFrog LeapPad3 Pink Carry Case Made to fit LeapPad3LeapFrog-LeapPad3-Pink-Carry-Case

Price :    $24.99
  • Hard outer shell and interior bumper shield against impact
  • Handle makes for easy transport
  • Works with leappad3 and leappad2
  • Protects their 5" leappad device while on the go
  • Interior sleeve and cartridge slots allow room for storage
Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Pink
Size :    5"
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    80-31513E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog LeapPad3 Pink Carry Case Made to fit LeapPad3 available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Learning Game LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad2, LeapPad3

Kid'o seems to enjoy the "fish" game alot

Disney/pixar finding dory is an original learning game featuring beloved characters from the hit film. Children ages 4 to 7 can join dory and friends on a mathematics-filled quest to find her family and home. Disney-pixar finding dory works with leappad tablets, excluding leappad1. Children will have "sum" fun helping dory cross the open sea while getting oceans of practice identifying numbers, adding, subtracting and collecting memory shells as they go. Throughout 7 math-filled mini-games, children can explore the attributes of 3d shapes to find the homes for hermit crabs, extend patterns of colors and shapes to help hank and dory avoid being seen, and navigate a maze using bailey's echolocation.

LeapFrog Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Learning Game LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad2, LeapPad3LeapFrog-Learning-Platinum-LeapPad2-LeapPad3

Leapfrog Learning Platinum Leappad2 Leappad3 (80 39163e) FAQ.

Fast arrival, great product, as described. -Notice from M. Newell, Sachsen

Click to Show leapfrog learning platinum leappad2 leappad3 (80 39163e) Details

It was everything we expected and arrived right on time.

Leapfrog-learning-platinum-leappad2-leappad3-(80-39163e) set picture

- D. LynetteMy son and daughter both love this new game. I love that is educational and engaging.

Christmas gift for my grandson. Haven't given it to him yet.

W. Alberta, Cumbria

Brand :    leapfrog
Weight :    0.9 pounds
Model :    80-39163E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Light the way through pipe mazes for bailey & dory. collect numbers along the way to complete sequences and equations. learn to speak "whale" with dory. record and listen to your own voice saying each phrase.
  • Explore the attributes of different 3d shapes to find each hermit crab the perfect home. extend patterns of colors and shapes to help hank and dory sneak past security guards.
  • Adventure with dory and get oceans of practice with addition, subtraction, shape recognition and more. have "sum" fun helping dory cross the open ocean. identify numbers, add, subtract and collect memory shells as you go.
  • Join dory and friends on a mathematics-filled quest to find her family and home. put dory's memories back together with puzzle pieces earned along the way. works with: leappad platinum, leappad ultra, leappad2, leappad3.
  • Earn puzzle pieces for achievements, and put them together to see snapshots from dory's past. skills learned include addition, counting, patterns, subtraction, 2d shapes, and 3d shapes. for ages 4-7 years.
Price :    $21.77 (was $24.99)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Learning Game LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad2, LeapPad3 available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

My son loves it and he is now learning his abc s with this help. Great product especially for the price

Designed just for kids! this ultimate kid-safe learning tablet encourages amazing discoveries with preloaded content featuring core skills in mathematics, reading, and science as well as music, puzzles, logic, and creativity to prepare kids for school and beyond. Leappad ultimate learning tablet & stylus (8gb), rechargeable battery, ac adapter & usb cord, two cameras for photos and videos, leapsearch kid-safe web browser, music player including 10 songs plus, learning apps & videos.

LeapFrog LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog-80-602000-LeapPad-Ultimate

Leapfrog Leappad Ultimate (80 602000) FAQ.

Bought for 2 year old she loved it -Notice from F. Sharon, New Jersey

Click to Show leapfrog leappad ultimate (80 602000) Details

Probably the best aspect of the leapfrog leappad is the preloaded apps that you are know are appropriate for your children. I literally gave this to my three year old without any explanations and only showed her how to try the different apps. Most of the apps are too advanced for her but she likes trying to figure out how it works and i don't have to play everything all the way through as i just know it will be fine for her. Some of them she can kind of get the hang pretty easily and it keeps her entertained. I think 5 years old is the real sweet spot for the bulk of the included software. . Quality wise, the build is strong and it's very kid friendly. The performance will seem week if you are used to modern ipads and phones but kids won't mind unless they are used to using thousand dollar electronics. The speaker is pretty weak and in general the sounds are somewhat annoying. The rechargeable battery is really nice and lasts a long time. Great for road trips.

Leapfrog-leappad-ultimate-(80-602000) set picture

- L. JuneSo far, so good. Bought it for grandson with some learning disabilities and he loves it! wanted things more geared to learning rather than just playing. He is using the stylus to trace letters etc. And doing very well. Haven't bought any new programs yet but will see what he needs work on from teachers and supplement that. Very happy with it so far.

This tablet is a great learning resource. My first grade daughter has previously played with an older model leap frog tablet and very much enjoyed it. This one is even better than her older one. It has a rechargeable battery, which is awesome! the screen is larger, and the games are more interactive and responsive. It has everything from phonics to upper grades math games and drills. It is very sturdy and is great for travel. Overall, this is a great first tablet for any kiddo about 4 years old to about 8 or 9.

G. Hayward, Barnet

Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Green
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    80-602000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $61.69 (was $87.00)
  • Included content value - $110 of included content
  • Exclusive just-for-me learning technology built into many of the learning games adapts the curriculum to a more or less challenging level to keep kids engaged and motivated
  • Includes a kid-friendly web browser that provides access to pre-selected websites all approved by learning experts. ages 3-9 yrs
  • This ultimate kid-tough tablet features a 7" shatter-safe screen, multi-touch capacitive screen and a built-in bumper for durability
  • Games, videos, ebooks and other apps sold separately

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate, Pink

My grand daughter is 2 1/2. I was worried it would be too grown up for her, but she's loving it.

Designed just for kids! this ultimate kid-safe learning tablet encourages amazing discoveries with preloaded content featuring core skills in mathematics, reading, and science as well as music, puzzles, logic, and creativity to prepare kids for school and beyond. Includes: leappad ultimate learning tablet & stylus (8gb), rechargeable battery, ac adapter & usb cord, dual front and back cameras for photos and videos, leapsearch kid-safe web browser music player including 10 songs.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate, PinkLeapFrog-80-602050-LeapPad-Ultimate-Pink

Leapfrog Leappad Ultimate, Pink (80 602050) FAQ.

It's just awesome learning game. I have leappad ultra xdi and it is also a good product. My children love it. I will definitely recommend you to buy this one because ultimate has the function of playing time control. It's good function for learning not only reading or calculation but time control. -Notice from V. Edith, Saskatchewan

Click to Show leapfrog leappad ultimate, pink (80 602050) Details

I love these. My kid get a new one every to every other year. One thing i love is that the apps adjust to age and ability and that when you purchase apps you can continue to add them to new devices from year to year.

Leapfrog-leappad-ultimate,-pink-(80-602050) set picture

- N. MariaGreat-granddaughter is very happy with her leapfrog leappad and so are we.

I ordered the wrong one i wanted platinum and this was ultimate so i returned it but it came nicely packaged and was cute

Z. Delgado, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

Price :    $67.94 (was $98.00)
  • Includes tons of preloaded content featuring core skills in mathematics, reading and science as well as music, puzzles, logic and creativity to prepare kids for preschool and beyond
  • Kid-safe right out of the box, with a kid-friendly web browser that provides access to pre-selected websites all approved by learning experts
  • Features exclusive just-for-me learning technology built into many of the learning games, assessing your child as they play and automatically adapting the curriculum
  • The tablet provides access to leapfrog academy, the new learning subscription service from leapfrog, features a built-in bumper, reinforced design and shatter-proof screen
  • 2 mp front and back cameras, 480p video recording, operating system brio os
Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Pink
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    80-602050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate, Pink available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog Disney Minnie's Bow-tique Super Surprise Party Learning Game LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapPad3, Leapster Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer

It's a busy day at minnie's bow-tique everyone s getting ready for a super secret surprise party! join in the fun and help minnie and daisy turn ribbon and dazzles into beautiful bows for all of their friends. Children play games designed to foster their awareness of the sounds in words. Developing phonological awareness is a key step in the learn to read journey and sets the foundation for phonics. In this game, children can build phonemic awareness and memory skills while encouraging creative play. They can play three mini games to prepare for the party, including ribbon roundup, butterfly bows and daisy s dressing room. Plus, enjoy the bow design studio and hide & seek with cuckoo loca. Match colors and letters to help create new bows! difficulty level adjusts to the player's skill level for just the right learning challenge. Play fashionista and help daisy design a festive look for the party! use logic and memory skills to help daisy find the perfect bow, blouse and heels for the big party! leapfrog learning difference because younger preschoolers engage in ways that are different than their older counterparts, leapfrog developed content experiences to meet their specific interests and learning needs. Disney minnie s bow-tique super surprise party utilizes an interface that is easy to understand so children are immediately drawn in the game. It s designed to be visually engaging & simple to navigate for a younger audience: for example, items in the game highlight so children know to click on them. Lastly, the game automatically adjusts the curriculum and gameplay, so children get just the right level of challenge. Hear from our learning expert alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness-the ability to recognize and manipulate the sounds or spoken language-are two key skills linked to future reading success. Disney s minnie s bow-tique super surprise party includes games that prompt children blend sounds into words and match uppercase and lowercase letters to help build a strong foundation for early reading. Carolyn j. , leapfrog learning expert. Teaches word sounds, letter recognition, memory skills, logic and reasoning and colors. Works with leappad learning tablets and leapster explorer game systems (sold separately), not with leapster or leapster2 game systems. Innovative learning approach leapfrog learning games, apps, ebooks and ultra ebooks are designed, reviewed or approved by our team of learning experts and grounded in the latest research for the richest possible learning experience. Promoting learning through play taps into children s natural curiosity and inspires them to explore. While reading, children may touch on individual words or a character; the corresponding text will light up, and children can hear them pronounced and sounded out. In addition, they can build vocabulary knowledge by touching on illustrations or tapping on a word to access an audio-visual definition in the interactive visual dictionary. What's in the box? leapfrog s explorer learning game: disney minnie's bow-tique super surprise party game cartridge works with leapfrog leappad1 , leappad2, leapstergs and leapster explorer learning systems (sold separately) and parent guide. Br clear "all" take advantage of hundreds of game cartridges and downloads that keep kids challenged and inspired. Leapfrog s library of educational entertainment content includes learning games, ebooks, videos, music and more. Br clear "all"

LeapFrog Disney Minnie's Bow-tique Super Surprise Party Learning Game LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapPad3, Leapster Explorer, LeapsterGS ExplorerLeapFrog-Bow-tique-Surprise-Learning-LeapsterGS

Price :    $20.20
  • Use the stylus to tie the ribbon into a bow and then decorate it with dazzles and glitter. skills learned include the alphabet, listening comprehension, word sounds & rhyme, logic & reasoning, memory, and art & drawing.
  • Minnie's bow-tique super surprise party includes mini games that prompt children to blend sounds into words and match upper- and lowercase letters to help build a strong foundation for early reading.
  • It's a busy day at minnie's bow-tique and everyone's getting ready for a super secret surprise party-join in the fun! match colors and letters to help make bows! difficulty adjusts to the player's skill level for just the right challenge.
  • Help daisy duck pack her butterfly bows. identify a word by blending sounds. grab the bow with a picture of that word. use logic and memory skills to help daisy duck find the perfect bow, blouse and heels for the big party!
  • Have fun with reading to create minnie's famous bows! works with: leappad platinum, leappad ultra, leappad1, leappad2, leappad3, leapster explorer, leapstergs explorer.
Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Multicoloured
Weight :    0..09 pounds
Model :    80-39126E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Disney Minnie's Bow-tique Super Surprise Party Learning Game LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapPad3, Leapster Explorer, LeapsterGS Explorer available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog Enterprises Explorer Learning Game Crayola Art Adventure

Leapfrog s crayola art adventure game cartridge gives kids ages 3-7 an introduction to colors, shapes, art, drawing, logic and reasoning. Kids use artistic talent and critical thinking skills to explore a creative world and help the pip squeaks solve a puzzling art mystery! the cartridge is compatible with leappad explorer learning tablets, leapster explorergs and explorer gaming systems. Learn colors and build logic skills as you solve puzzles! create and exhibit your own artistic masterpieces! put the art in smart join the pipsqueaks in the crayola gallery to solve the mystery of the disappearing colors. Use logic skills to draw your way through tricky mazes. Match shapes to puzzle pieces to reveal hidden images. Compose a song while coloring a picture. Create your own works of art and see how they look in the gallery. As children draw and trace, they develop spatial reasoning skills, visual acuity and stylus control, which aid in writing letters and solving problems as they grow. Interaction inspires exploration this crayola art adventure creativity game isn t just another open-ended art game; it s an interactive learning opportunity. Leapfrog s team of learning experts designed a curriculum that combines logic and reasoning with engaging and creative game play. Kids become immersed in the storyline and solve entertaining mysteries while exercising their artistic talent. With tools inspired by actual crayola art supplies, kids create their own masterpieces and exhibit them in the game as part of the story! but fun with art is only part of the leapfrog difference: kids draw, color and paint, all the while developing their logic and memory skills through play. This combination of learning and gaming promotes curiosity, exploration and confidence. Designed for kids by leapfrog learning experts because younger preschoolers (age 3+) engage in ways that are different than their older peers, leapfrog develops content experiences to meet their learning needs. The game presents just the right level of content depending on your child s age. The crayola art adventure features game mechanics designed to promote faster engagement with young audiences. Sophisticated problem solving concepts are presented with simple graphics and a clear and intuitive interface that three year olds can follow. For example, mazes only have one turn in them to make it easier for kids to trace in the beginning levels. As they advance, they move on to more complex options with multiple directions and turns. Younger audiences are also supported by built-in hint systems and in-game instructions. What's in the box? box includes an explorer game cartridge (compatible with leapfrog leappad explorer learning tablets, leapster explorergs and explorer gaming systems, sold separately) and a parent guide instruction book. Br clear "all" take advantage of hundreds of game cartridges and downloads that keep kids challenged and inspired. Leapfrog s library of educational entertainment content includes videos, music, learning games, ultra ebooks and creative activities. Br clear "all"

LeapFrog Enterprises Explorer Learning Game Crayola Art AdventureLeapFrog-Enterprises-Explorer-Learning-Adventure

Price :    $29.95 (was $32.03)
  • Teaches colors/colours, shapes, art, drawing, logic and reasoning; appropriate for children ages 3 to 7 years (grades pre-k to 1)
  • Compose tunes using musical colors/colours
  • Build logic skills as you solve puzzles while navigating the gallery
  • Create your own masterpieces with crayola tools
  • Works with all leappad learning tablets, leapstergs and leapster explorer (sold separately); internet connection may be required for cartridge
Brand :    leapfrog
Weight :    0.13 pounds
Model :    80-39124E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Enterprises Explorer Learning Game Crayola Art Adventure available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, Pink

Explore, play and learn with the leapfrog epic, academy edition. This android-based learning tablet includes exclusive full-access to leapfrog academy, the new learning subscription service from leapfrog. The tablet is packed with kid-appropriate on-board learning content plus access to leapfrog's award-winning library including hundreds of games, apps, videos and music. Parental controls allow you to set time limits, manage apps and services, and add features such as web, netflix and android apps as your child is ready. The tablet is kid-safe right out of the box and features a customizable home screen that lets your child create an environment, add stickers and more, inspiring their creative play and self-expression. Uniquely designed to grow with your child, this tablet offers endless learning and creative play.

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, PinkLeapFrog-Epic-Academy-Edition-Pink

Price :    $91.40 (was $118.98)
  • The tablet is kid-safe right out of the box
  • Parents control when to add more features such as web, netflix and android apps as the child is ready
  • This android-based learning tablet includes exclusive full-access to leapfrog academy, the new learning subscription service from leapfrog
  • The customizable home screen allows your child to create an environment, add stickers, animations and more, inspiring their creative play and self-expression
  • The tablet is packed with on-board learning content plus access to leapfrog's award-winning library including hundreds of games, apps, videos and music
Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Pink
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    80-602250
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, Pink available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready School Tablet, Green

Perfect for preparing preschool and kindergarteners for school, leappad ultimate ready for school tablet includes $150 worth of top-selling apps featuring core school skills, social skills, routines, problem solving and creativity. Exclusive just-for-me learning technology is build into many of the learning games, assessing your child as they play and automatically adapting the curriculum to a more or less challenging level to keep kids engaged and motivated. This tablet is kid-safe right out of the box, with a kid-friendly web browser that provides access to pre-selected websites all approved by learning experts. It also includes a built-in bumper, reinforced design and shatter-safe screen. Parental controls allow parents to add multiple kids to one tablet and set play time limits. Parents will have access to a library of content including award-winning apps and cartridges featuring kids favorite characters. Leappad is ready to prepare your child for preschool and beyond!

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready School Tablet, GreenLeapFrog-LeapPad-Ultimate-School-Tablet

Price :    $88.00
  • Access to a library of content including award-winning apps and cartridges featuring kids' favorite characters
  • Includes $150 worth of apps featuring school and social skills, problem solving and creativity that help kids prepare for preschool and kindergarten
  • Exclusive just-for-me learning technology built into many of the learning games adapts the curriculum to keep kids engaged and motivated
  • Kid-safe tablet features a 7" shatter-safe screen, multi-touch capacitive screen and a built-in bumper for durability
  • Use the built-in recorder to record yourself for up to five minutes
Brand :    leapfrog
Color :    Green
Weight :    1.53 pounds
Model :    80-602070
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready School Tablet, Green available ( Mar 2020 )

LeapFrog Learning Game: Barbie Malibu Mysteries LeapPad Tablets LeapsterGS

Leapfrog learning game: barbie malibu mysteries

LeapFrog Learning Game: Barbie Malibu Mysteries LeapPad Tablets LeapsterGSLeapFrog-Learning-Game-Mysteries-LeapsterGS

Brand :    leapfrog
Weight :    0..09 pounds
Model :    80-32221E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Teaches spelling, listening and reading comprehension, phonics, word sounds and rhymes
  • Create a custom spelling list-just for your child! then spell words to power the glitter-rific silk screen machine
  • Ages 4-7 years
  • Use reading and problem-solving skills to help barbie catch a culprit who's been stealing shoes, shiny sparkly items and cupcakes all over malibu
  • Works with all leappad learning tablets, leapstergs & leapster explorer (sold separately)
Price :    $14.92 (was $14.99)
Toy :    Best Toys And Games (leapfrog product review) for LeapFrog Learning Game: Barbie Malibu Mysteries LeapPad Tablets LeapsterGS available ( Mar 2020 )

leapfrog leappad3 kids' learning tablet, pink Price : 97, was : 119 as 2018-10-19
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Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for leapfrog leappad3 kids' learning tablet, pink

We bouth this product almost 6 months ago. I waited a while to write a review because i wanted my toddler to spend some time with it to see what i really think about it. The good:. - it's been 6 months and he still wants to play with it every day! . - a small variety of games and activities built in. - age appropriate for 18-36 months. - stylus is attached. - encourages toddler to think creatively. - introduces numbers, letters & variety of media. - not a web broswer, so internet connection limited to a few (kid frienldy) youtube videos. . The bad:. - the apps are expensive. - the tip of the attached stylus actually broke. (you can still use your finger). - the video quality of the you tube videos (see above) is poor. - the camera/picture quality is poor. . It's been a great product for us so far, but i anticipate that by the age of 3, my son will be very bored with this. My son is 20 months and can effectively navigate through all of the factory provided materials. We let him use it about 20-30 minutes per day. I'm also really disappointed in the cost of the apps and the fact that there is a lack of available app options for age 2/3.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Does this play music?

(1) Question: Can my kids download the furby boom app from the internet to use with their furby boom toy? its not listed in the leapfrog app website.

(2) Question: What apps are installed on leappad3 at purchase

(3) Question: Is the stylus connected like on the leappad 2?

(4) Question: Do you have to buy the games or does it come with some? do you download from their app store or purchase separately?

(5) Question: Whats the difference between this and the leap pad 2? would you recommend this or is there a better leap frod device? theres so many to choose from

(6) Question: Can the wi-fi be turned off?

(7) Question: Is there a place to insert a wrist strap ?

(8) Question: Is this tablet too advanced for a 2 year old or do you think she would be able to get something out of it now and grow with it?

(9) Question: Do you have to use a stylus or is it touch screen useable?

(10) Question: Can you view you tube videos on this tablet?

(11) Question: Is this a touch screen

(12) Question: Can the other sites be accessed besides the ones included

(13) Question: My kids are crazy about minecraft and blockheads. are these accessible on the leappad 3? !

(14) Question: If you had to compare this with kindle for kids? which one would be your choice as a parent, and why?

(15) Question: If you don't have wifi or a computer at home can you use your leappad 3 with what hasbeen downloaded on it. also can it be charged at home too.

(16) Question: Do the programs/apps run without internet? like once they are downloaded no wifi needed?

(note) Question: where/how to get Leapfrog (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Leapfrog's products

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My little girl loves playing with this tablet. Very educational and keeps her entertained on long road trips. Additionally, the durability of this unit is good. It can take some abuse. However the stylus that comes with it failed soon after we got it. No big deal though because the touch screen responds to tour finger.

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Best leapfrog leappad3 kids' learning tablet, pink (80 31510e) in review

I'm glad i read the reviews before buying this is not bad at all, not too laggy as one would have expected. I like the fact that you only need to buy apps once for those of us that have multiples. My twin girls are loving it, they're extremely happy with it and spending more time with it than with us, which could be a good thing sometimes. The mac app to sync apps to the device works really well, just purchase, it downloads and syncs any compatible leapfrog device you have registered with that account. Highly recommended!

O. Guest, South Carolina

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. Lawrence, Luton says

We got this for our 3 year old for christmas. She has played with it nonstop for 1 day and the tip of the stylus broke/wore out. The tablet itself is great but for the cost the stylus should last longer. Especially since she was only performing the "required" tasks. My husband had to remove it so the screen wouldn't get scratched. . Revised: contacted leapfrog and they are replacing the stylus for us, free of charge. Added another star!

M. Glenda, Aquitaine

Bought these for my two year olds for christmas. Wasn't sure if i should get this or the kindle for kids. Went with this because frankly after much thought, my two year olds don't need a true tablet. We were all over the frustration of apps with pop ups, so i figured these would work better for us. So far my kids love them. I didn't realize that you could download videos, so that made the leappad even better! i like that both tablets have the same content so there is no fighting since content can be shared on devices. Sure the screens aren't as nice as those on an ipad, but my toddlers don't seem to mind and it plays dora just fine.

K. Betty, Bedfordshire says

This is the best educational toy! i love it. I got it for my son on his 3rd bday. He just turned 4 and is still sooo into this tablet. I have purchased quite a few games, both in cartridges and downloads. Cartridges for new games make a fantastic gift idea for grandparents, etc. Each game is geared towards age and ability, and also towards subjects like math, spelling, etc. He is going into preschool and i know he has learned a lot of skills beyond what i have taught him one on one from using the skills learned from his leappad. The leappad itself is very durable. He has dropped it uncountable times and it has withstood his abuse. The games cartridges sometimes do not register when he puts them into the slot, but you know what, i am a child of the 80s and 90s so i do the old blow into the hole trick and it works every time, just like we did into nintendo games. Dust happens. This thing is a lifesaver on car trips. The charge lasts forever! i have yet to have it run out unexpectedly. Just keep it on the charger when not in use. I don't let him use it excessively tho. One hour or so a day tops, and multiple times on a 3 or 4 day trip, never charged it and got it home and it still had almost full charge. So all in all, get this. It is a lifesaver at times and an excellent teaching tool.

. Jackson, New Mexico

I bought two of these for my kids, a green and a pink. Sadly just after the 3 month limit warranty ran out on the pink the device went defective. It will no longer hold a charge. If we had bought directly from leapfrog(dot) com then we would have been given a 2 year kid proof warranty with purchase and i think would have rather of gone that route. My girls love these though. The kid safe search they thought was amazing and made them feel like big kids being able to access videos and music. They love the device and now fight over the one. . Edited: i initially rated this a 2 because of the above mentioned issue but i am now giving a 5 because of the stellar customer service leapfrog provided. After i emailed them per their request in the comments of this review they said it would be no problem and shipped me out a brand new one. My daughter is over the moon. Not only that but i mentioned my issue with needing new stylus and they shipped me extra! that is customer support and it blew me away. I will happily buy from leapfrog again! . -. Another issue i had with this that we discovered within the first 3 days of them having it is there is a very soft tip to the stylus and unfortunately when you have a younger child in the house this got damaged beyond repair quickly and there is no option on leapfrogs site to buy a replacement stylus for this specific leap pad. . Loved while it worked but just wish for a different stylus (or ability to replace) and that it would keep it's charge.

F. Paula, Queensland says

First, i'll say that i am a public education teacher of thirty years, have three grown children and two grandchildren. I have bought two of these for grandchildren ages 3 and 5. They are wonderful learning tools and keep young ones occupied when there is nothing else for them to do. I take them along with headphones when we go places where they have no interest and/or must wait. They "grow" with your child in that most games have three levels. It has a voice recorder, video camera, and camera. It gives the little ones a safe "computer" to use. Really a wonderful resource!

W. Hurst, Ohio

My 5yr old son owns a leappad 2 and has loved it for over a year. My 3yr old daughter really wanted one so this is her christmas gift. She hasn't played with it yet, but i sure have! . The 3 is noticeably faster than the 2. I love that all the apps we already own can be loaded on hers as well. Yes, it works in landscape, though i couldn't find a pic showing it. No, you cannot move apps around to organize the home page (you could on 2). All in all. Love it! . . Hint: i like the downloadable apps best because the kids can both play the same game at the same time. (plus, no cartridges to lose - bonus! ) buy a $20 download card from online store for less than face value , then wait for 25% off on leapfrog. Com for a killer deal ; )

Z. Colleen, New Hampshire says

My daughter, when asked what her favorite gift was, said this was it and i agree. It was the star christmas gift! i have my likes and dislikes about it, so here goes nothing:. . Pros:. 1. The ease of use is good for a 4 year old. I was skeptical at first that she may not be able to use this product very well, but she does. She was using my phone and her dad's kindle at first, so i suppose that helped a bit. It helps by talking to you so you understand how to use certain features, and it has good touch response. My daughter also likes to use the stylus. I know some people said they didn't understand why a stylus was included, but i think for little kids, it's helpful. It adds precision so they aren't just clicking random things that they didn't intend to. 2. It has good sound quality surprisingly. It sounds like my tablet! . 3. It has already been dropped many times (on concrete, on hard wood flooring) you would never be able to tell. It is holding up well to the anticipated abuse. 4. Its features (touch screen, front and rear facing camera, wifi, etc. ) give it a grown up feel while toned down to a kid's usability level. She loves that it is so similar to the tablets she's been using which were ones made for adults obviously. I think it's funny she keeps calling it an ipad. In fact, her friend got an ipad air for christmas and they both seemed to prefer the leappad. I found that interesting. 5. It has quality apps that i think are great for kids! when my daughter was playing with my phone or tablet, one complaint i had was that it was hard to find good apps that made sense for her and held her interest. Also, she would want to download multiple apps at a time right after the other because she would get quickly bored of the them and it was so easy to just get them. Also, since this is tailored to children, no stupid ads to worry about her clicking! that was a huge peeve of mine and frustrating to her as well. Luckily, the apps for the leappad are fun and of course harder to obtain because none of them are free, which is a good thing in my opinion. You could choose to download apps for birthdays or good behavior especially since they have to be purchased and it holds more value that way, especially because of how they are designed. . Cons:. 1. Expensive apps! goodness, 25 dollars for an app is murder! i have been fortunate enough to find apps that cost less but they are far and few between. I would be willing to pay up to 10 dollars an app, but 25 to me is just ridiculous. I guess i'll reserve the high priced ones for special occasions. 2. Leapconnect is a bit annoying. I have a linux operated computer, and of course it doesn't work on it. I had to break out an older computer of ours to download it to so i guess now it's exclusive use is for doing leappad stuff. I also don't like how it keeps trying to direct you to the app center for downloads. 3. I had to pay for the mp3 app. I guess they had to find as many reasons as possible to charge more for the leappad ultra, but come on. It was only 5 dollars, but i feel like it should have been included. 4. No netflix/online store instant video. Either one of those would have been fine, but i'm a bit sad that it won't allow that. Netflix does have a kids only section, so does online store instant, so i wish that had been taken into consideration. If nothing else, allow content from the characters that you allow games of (barbie, jake and the neverland pirates, etc. ) i suppose it could be seen as good thing that it isn't readily available on the tablet, but it could definitely have it's uses, and it could be parent controlled so your kid can't just readily access it. . Overall, i feel like this device is solid. It's a good starter tablet for kids, and will probably entertain them through at least the age of 7 or 8. After that it might be time for an upgrade to a different kind of tablet, but for younger children, this is definitely a great option. I would definitely say it is worth considering for sure.

D. Medina, Languedoc-Roussillon

Magnificent! we have twin girls. I wanted something that would teach them before they even got into preschool their letters/numbers/reading etc. So i downloaded the get ready for kindergarden bundle of 9 games. Its excellent! keeps them learning! on one of the games for instance it has a character with a letter above his head. Children have to watch the snowflakes coming down and look for the matching letter coming down to the one above the characters head. And they love it. The monkey game is teaching them to eat healthy by asking children which should he eat, the tray of cookies or the healthy egg meal etc. Excellent! this tab also allows wifi so you can download straight to your device if you prefer not to do usb. Don't hesitate, its perfect!

C. Florence, Tennessee says

Got the purple one, despite the "pink" in the name, for my 4 year old granddaughter. She couldn't wait for it to come out of the box, she was jumping up and down until we handed it to her. Then she sat down and proceeded to play with it. We purchased a couple games at the same time, and she switched between the games until the battery died. After it recharged, she did the same thing again. So i would say she likes the leappad and the games. It may take her a while to figure out the games, but she seems to be laughing and giggling all the time when she has this in her hands. At first glance, i thought the screen size was a little small but then realized it was for a young child and would be perfect sized for her fingers and hands. Comes with a stylus (attached to the unit with a string, helps to stop it from being lost) she can use to play the games. Battery seems to last a while, and doesn't seem to take that long to recharge (4-6 hours, maybe, if i remember right)

E. Debra, Ealing

This is an excellent product. But, you really are better off buying a tablet. Some tablets like samsung's offer real great apps for kids and good locks to keep them from going where they shouldn't. My kid likes this, but rarely uses it. If i buy a tablet now, this will become obsolete. Learn from me. Props to the makers for building a great device, but they should make a tablet instead.

I. Wanda, Michigan says

I bought 2 of these ( pink and green) as christmas gifts and the children loves them. The games are very interactive so half the time the kids don't realize they are learning. It warms my heart to see them excited to learn with their leap pads. Before it was always" can i play with your phone? ". Now i have to put the leap pads away during certain times of the day because they love them that much. This camera is equivalent to one of a flip phone, but the kids love taking selfies. There is a paint tools, pet studio, and voice recording tools that comes already installed the kids love. I did purchase two games ( i have a 3 yr old son and a 4yr old niece). Overall the kids love these!

U. Juliana, Cheshire says

My son is 2 years old and loves this thing. Due to his age, some of the games are just slightly above his level, but he still does well with it. He really likes to play with the petpartypad app, as well as the drawing and camera apps. I feel confident that he'll grow into it nicely. . The pad has wifi, which is great. Unfortunately there's no way to setup the wifi if your signal doesn't broadcast (no manual entry of wifi info), but it's not that big of a deal. You can broadcast the network, set it up on the pad, and then turn broadcasting back off and it still works fine. Also, the wifi will turn off if the battery is low, and you can't turn it back on until it charges. Kind of neutral about that. . This thing is also very, very rugged. My son is hard on his toys (likes to play rough), but thing this has really done well through being dropped, accidentally kicked, and walked on. I'm really pleased with how durable it is, and we don't even have any extra protection for it (no gel skins or anything). . Ios and android apps aren't usable on this device, which is as expected. But the leapfrog apps are expensive as far as apps go. I don't expect them to be free, but average price is $10. They charge just as much for the videos as they do the apps, which is just crazy. They also have "app bundles" which i thought were nice to save a little money, until i realized almost all of the app bundles are either 1 or 2 actual games, and then just 3 or 4 videos. My son doesn't have the patience to sit and watch a video, and needs something he can engage with, so the videos are 100% useless for him. . That being said, i do like the leappad. The games are expensive, but they are engaging and entertaining for an extremely high-energy two year old. He hasn't stolen my phone once in the 24 hours he's had the leappad, which is awesome! . . Highly recommend as long as you're okay with paying $10 for every new game.

V. Jarvis, Torbay

I looked at leap frog products for my 3-year-old grandson, because a friend recommended it. This product exceeded my expectations. I purchased it as a christmas gift. My grandson immediately took to it. He had already had some experience using computer games so this wasn't completely new for him. He did like the idea of having his own "leap pad. ". . I was busy doing a lot of different things with family, so i did not have a lot of time to show him how to work many of the features. However, that really wasn't a problem. There were enough things he could figure out how to do without any adult assistance to keep him interested for hours. I took care of him one evening. He stayed interested in playing with the leappad3 for five straight hours! i finally had to convince him to set it aside so that he could go to sleep. . By happen chance he spotted a young boy, about 7 years old, in downtown solvang, who was using his leappad3. He immediately noticed the young boy. No doubt, a three-year-old boy seeing an older boy using this tablet made quite an impression. . My daughter ordered a few programs to download onto the leappad3, including thomas the train. . This is a wonderful learning device, which is adaptable for various ages. I highly recommend it to any parent looking for a quality learning product.

S. Linda, Peterborough says

You will have to buy more apps for kids to play so they don't stuck playing only a few apps and those apps are not too cheap. Subscribe the email from leapfrog website, purchase apps when they are on sale. (which is always! ) i like the idea that kids are playing more educational apps instead of game apps for tablet. But there is one thing i don't like, when kids are playing it sometimes jump out of the app and go back to the front page. It's kind of annoying if that happens often.

J. Walsh, Idaho

I purchase this product for my three-year-old that will be 4 in just a couple of weeks. I also have bought her the kindle fire for children. Of the two i'm not sure which one i actually think is a better product. However this product seems to have a longer battery life and is a little bit more kid friendly and user-friendly for their age group. I like the fact that it has such good quality of parental controls and that it also gives me the capability to buy the games that i think would be most beneficial to my daughters and her learning ability. I would definitely recommend this product if you are in the market for something in the age group close to my daughter or somebody who is looking for something that is more educational and can also be fun at the same time rather than just a gaming product.

. Beale, West Virginia says

I really like this toy. My son loves playing with it. I do limit his time, because he loves playing it so much. What's great about it, is you can either buy game cartridges, or you can download games on the leappad site! so it makes it super easy to add more games. The only thing i don't like is that one of the games it comes with, pet pad party, doesn't let you get any new toys for the pet, even though the game says that you can. It also has wifi abilities with a kid protected internet access so they can look up short videos about animals, cooking, sports, etc. We got it when they first came out, and it still works great! it's very tough and durable. If you like my review, could you please mark it as helpful? thanks!

N. Jessica, Tennessee

Bought this for my 5yo daughter for christmas and she loves it. Good game selection. My only complaint is with the wireless connectivity. Most devices these days allow for connecting to a hidden wifi and use mac addresses as the authentication method. This leappad doesn't allow for that - the wireless must be broadcasting the ssid in order for it to connect which can create a security vulnerability for a home network. When looking for a workaround for this, the documentation says "change the wifi to broadcast the ssid".

Q. Campbell, Massachusetts says

This is our 3rd leappad. The first one was dropped, i called customer service and they sent me a new one for half the price (great warranty! ). Sadly, we left that on plane by accident, so i just got this one. We travel a lot. And we use this pad exclusively for travelling. I loaded up with cartoons i get from their portal and it is a guaranteed easy flight for my now 3 year old daughter, no matter the distance. Much lighter and sturdier than a pricey ipad, perfect for little hands.

B. Anonymous, Louisiana

Everything works fine! packaging was neat with no problems. Just wish this device had more apps that came with it. I downloaded 2 free apps for my 6 year old daughter (reading and math) but she finished both of them quick! she has some difficulty reading and she's advanced in her math skills but she completed everything which was rated at her age level. She was so excited when she received it but by the second day she got really bored and barely uses it. Paid for some apps that i downloaded for her with no problems.

. Bethany, Connecticut says

Great product our daughter loves hers. I can see her progress in the different leaning apps and i can download apps to the leap pad. Some are a little expensive for my taste and you can get some of the, as game cartridges in a store for same price if not cheaper with store coupons, ect. . My only complaint is with the tech support and the leap search on the leap pad. For about a week the leap search did not work on the leap pad. This is my daughters favorite part of the leap pad so this was devastating for a three year old. The leap search gave several errors. When we researched the errors we found no answers and called the tech support. The team was less than helpful. Not surprising after we bought several expensive apps and filed a complaint and asked that the leap pad be replaced did the problem get resolved.

G. Shawna, Redbridge

Bought this as a gift for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, who loves anything electronic, especially cell phones. She loves it! although the age range of this leappad3 is age 3, our little one seems a bit advanced, for instance intuitively knowing how to use her fingers to scroll through photos on a phone at 18 months. A little scary, but i think kids are hardwired for this stuff these days. This is my first purchase of an electronic toy of this type and i don't think i would classify it as a "toy. " more like a training tablet. The leappad3 comes with a stylus, which is attached with a string and has a slot for safekeeping. This is a very good thing for little ones who may not be attentive to putting things back in their place. If they don't, it will still remain attached. But like any tablet, stylus is not necessary, finger scrolling works just fine on this. Our little one quickly figured out she could do both. She got a little rambunctious with the stylus, but the screen seems to be designed with that in mind and took a little bit of a beating at first with no problem. With just a little set-up by her dad, it was good to go out of the box. Comes with a charger and a usb cable. I did also purchase a game mainly to see how it worked. Again, easy, but at this age, some parental assistance would be necessary. Dad was happy with the parental controls for the device and it easily synced with the wifi at my house, suspect there will be no problem in any hotspot. This might be a favorite gift, which makes me very happy! i will update my initial review after we get some use by our little one.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. Beale, Southampton says

I ordered this as a gift for my niece, purchased it in used - very good condition. When my sister tried to set it up for her daughter, it wouldn't turn on. She charged it and it came on, only the device hadn't been reset before being shipped and had profiles for the previous owners. My sister wasn't able to reset the device because the screen wouldn't work. She'd tap it and nothing would happen. Trying to reset via the buttons didn't work, trying to reset via plugging it into a computer didn't work. . We're returning it for a refund. I find it hard to believe the seller of this item didn't know they were selling a defective, broken device. I feel like i was scammed and now i'm having my time and money wasted by having to return it.

T. Kimberly, Luton

The product is great as long as your kids don't really want to use it. . Whoever programmed the os for this device is an idiot. They left no buffer room in the memory on a child's tablet. This means that when kids take lots of videos and pictures (like my girls did) it fills up and stops working because there's no room to load the os. So, i decided to reset their devices and check them once a week, but i can't reset the device because the interface program won't let me, again because the tablet is too full. It never syncs and freezes my computer after an hour of trying. . Maybe think a little about who your users are when programming an os.

. Anonymous, Brighton and Hove says

 i had one before for my child and it was great. I bought it in 2015. It broke so i bought this one. The wifi doesn t work and i can t download the games i bought for it and customer service is slow to respond and when they finally do the information on how to do this is sorely lacking. This is the only kids tablet that doesn t require wifi to use it but it s needed to do initial setup and download games. . I ll update this if they can help me get the wifi to work properly in here (yes wifi is on and yes i have the correct password) .

U. Hakala, Derby

Bought this as a online store warehouse purchase. That purchase was great. Got a great price and there wasn't too much physically wrong with the leappad. The 2 stars is for the pad itself. If we didn't already have tablets, maybe we wouldn't notice, but this thing is so slow. It does not hold my child's attention. They pick it up and immediately try to treat it like my ipad. It takes forever for apps to load. The apps are super expensive but a better deal than purchasing the cartridges (which are like 25 a pop). If you can afford to get a table with a good case, i would suggest you do that. My kids are 4 and almost 2. They can use my ipad with ease.

O. Harrison, Tower Hamlets says

I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the leappad 3. We bought one for my son in january for his birthday. Within 6 weeks it had broken, never dropped it or did anything negligent at all. It just stopped working. Thankfully, online store sent us a replacement. The replacement has now broken as well. My nephews have the leappad 2 and have never had a problem, so maybe this is just with the 3? ! ? we had also bought my daughter the exact one in pink, and hers has just stopped working this past week. To say i'm disappointed would be a huge understatement. These were not cheap & it is now past the point of returning to online store. Not sure if there's anything we can do, so i hope to help someone else not make the same mistake we did.

. Pamela, Oregon

It pains me to give the leappad 3 a 1 star review because it had potential and i loved the leappad 2, but if you are buying it for games, stick with the leappad 2 and don't waste your money on the "upgrade. " compared to the leappad 2, it has approximately 40% less space for games because the "advanced" os features and wi-fi hog up over 1 gb of space. My sons use their leappads to play educational games while in the car so the wi-fi is of no use. Besides, even if they did play it at home, why does a 4 or 5 year old need peer-to-peer gaming? i could care less about the "convenience" to upload the games through the wi-fi; plus, there is so little space on it, most likely you'll need to connect it to your computer anyway because there won't be enough space to upload through the wi-fi. This was a really poor decision on the part of leapfrog as they are missing what's important for the target demographic for this device. In addition, there will be less revenue for them because there is no point in buying additional games because the device will not have space for them. There are some nice enhancements to the leappad 3, but none are worth sacrificing the primary reason for buying it: the games. . I've had the leappad 2 power (with rechargeable batteries) for a couple of years. With the games we've purchased, there was still 1. 7 gb of free space left on the device. With these games on the leappad 3, we have only 352 mb left. On the leappad 3 with nothing installed, you start with only 1. 6 gb of space so we started with less free space than what we had on the leappad 2 with all the games installed. I did not expect the full 4 gb to be available for games as the os consumes a chunk of that. However, leaving only 1. 6 gb for games, over 1 gb less than what is available on the leappad 2 is a significant loss of functionality which in my opinion is not overcome by the enhancements. . I was motivated to write this review because none of the comparison grids leapfrog provides mentions this significant loss of space and in my mind it is incredibly deceitful. They claim it is a trade-off for the "benefit" of a wi-fi enabled device, but i think they have their target audience confused with 13 year old boys. Why they decided to add this useless resource hog without expanding the memory slot is beyond me. . To be fair, i should point out there are options to buy cartridges instead of the downloadable apps. However, i've found that with 2 young boys, the cartridges get lost and the boys fight over them. I much prefer the downloadable apps that can be installed on both devices (one of the many reasons i loved the leappad 2). The software you install on your computer to manage the apps allows you to delete and reinstall apps on teh leappad and it remembers which ones you've purchased. This means you could temporarily delete an app to make room for a new game and then reinstall it again later after you temporarily delete something else. Technically, you could work around it this way (rotating the games on the leappad 3), but what a pain that would be!

W. Theresa, Bradford says

I have to compare this to the nabi jr and the fire, i thought this would be the best, but the memory is limited ( alot of the memory is taken up by pre installed apps that you cannot delete) and having the app store is great, but, even with high speed internet, the tablet still runs slow; making it very frustrating to myself and my child who is used to faster processing devices. The screen quality could be higher (again, only compared to other devices). But, for the price, its a bargain. I have to say i (personally) love the nabi and only purchased this as a replacement because the nabi is broken. Nonetheless, this one is not my favorite.

M. Julia, Victoria

Update, quit working with wifi all together even attempted connecting to a friends wifi and will no longer connect to any wifi! the system freezes and restarts in the middle of activities and games, we've had it about 2 days and every once in a while there are lines on the screen. There are limited activities, you have to buy every app and game. . . . Update. After working on it for days on end, we finally got the wifi working, for now. Hoping it doesn't stop working again, because we ended up taking it apart and putting it back together then it finally worked so i don't even know what the problem is

S. Anonymous, Kentucky says

I bought this for my son, he does like it, however my leappad 3 seemed like it'd already been used and i was supposed to receive a new one. It didn't come with a usb cord like it's supposed to and the parent lock has already been set, you can't access the code without the email that was initially used to set up the device- in short i can't utilize the wifi and apps that i should be able to. I'm disappointed that i spent $100 on this and i could have spent the same at the actual leappad site and gotten a brand new one like i was supposed to.

Z. Weber, Nottingham

My 3y/o daughter loves this device, however, it's now only 4 months old and almost useless. Almost immediately, we experienced problems with the screen simply blacking out while she was playing. A factory reset of the device appeared to help. The next issue was the stylus. It's got a fabric like tip that wore out almost immediately. Much to our dismay, we discovered that under that fabric material, the stylus has metal capable of scratching the screen. We didn't get a screen protector, so the screen is completely trashed now. The manufacture was more than happy to replace the stylus for free, but they offered nothing for the screen. If your stylus fails prematurely and results in damage to my device, shouldn't that be covered by your warranty? after all, the device is specifically designed to be used by children of that age. If it's not robust enough to handle a gentle 3 year old girl for a few months, it's flawed by design. This is a child who's been using an ipad for years and hasn't managed to damage it. I won't be buying anything else from leap pad.

. Linda, Harrow says

It was an okay little kid's tablet. My daughters enjoyed the camera more than any of the games, but they still used it often enough to justify the purchase. It was easy enough to use for even my 2-year-old. But then it died after 10 months! $90 for a tablet that doesn't even last a year? ! not okay. I'm disappointed, and my 4-year-old daughter is crushed that her birthday present didn't last. However, i contacted leappad customer service and they were very helpful. Since the item was purchased less than a year ago, they are sending a replacement.

. Colleen, Ontario

Bought this for my 2 year-old nephew. . He seemed interested in it at first. Downloaded one of the free apps that come with this game. It held his interest for awhile. . Didn't buy any additional apps for this because they are so darn expensive. . Instead, my nephew seems to gravitate towards the ipad mini which offers a wider selection of games with better graphics which immerses and involves him in the environment far better than this piece of junk. . I realize that ipads are far more expensive than leappad units. However, you get what you pay for. Just consider that.

. Elida, Rutland says

Sadly, this is junk. We got our girls the leappad platinums and they love them! i accidently got our son this one, the leappad 3. And after barely a month it won't even turn on or charge. I even tried to buy him a new charge. Very disappointed, and sadly just missed the returns window. Don't waste your money!

V. Melissa, Tameside

I was very disappointed with this purchase. It doesn't have enough space to even load the apps my leap pad 2 had. I thought this would be an upgrade from our leap pad 2 but decided it wasn't worth it. The stylus has the soft rubber tip. Very difficult for child to work as you have to press down on it to get it to work on the screen. Also, i'm sure the soft tip wouldn't last long as my child would bite/tear it off. I emailed leap frog support to find out if i could remove pre loaded apps to get enough space to add my purchased apps and was told i couldn't. But they offered me a free app for my inconvenience. I appreciate the thought but what good does a free app do when there isn't enough space for my purchased apps? leap frog should have upgraded the memory. I am returning the product and purchasing something else.

J. Powell, Ealing says

This is complete junk. My parents bought 2, for both grandkids and they have the same issues. Often the screen goes black yet the sound is still coming out, or it just plain freezes up. Yesterday i was able to restart it ok but today no matter how long i held the power button down the silly thing wouldn't shut off of its frozen blue screen. Thought i would take one more chance and try another version. The xdi. It just came in and the leapfrog website is down for who knows how long so i can't even set it up! not impressed!

D. Eva, Kansas

My 3 year old granddaughter really likes the leap frog pad but i was disappointed because there was a coupon with it for a free game. The coupon was expired. My daughter said her son's came with a coupon they were able to use. Why would they put a coupon in a packaged game that could expire? very disappointing.

G. Guest, Coventry says

I am in the process of returning yet another leap pad. Out of three ordered within the pas 6 months, two of them have gone bad. The screen has turned black and there is no way to fix it. I ordered 1 green and 1 pink one for two of my grandchildren and both of the green leappads have gone bad. So far the pink one has been working fine and my son recently told me that it was well worth my money as his now two year old daughter uses it everyday. Actually she has mastered it. Just wish i could get one that would work for my 4 year old grandson. I will try again! adding to this review. I just tried to return this second leappad and was told it can no longer be returned. Now i'm going to have to buy another one because my grandson loves it so much.

K. Wade, South Dakota

I believe this is an excellent learning tool however their is little to no free programs available. Also, downloadable apps and cartridges are extremely over priced. . Cons: for the price paid for the device i believe the downloadable apps and cartridges should be more affordable. . Cameras are horrible and without flash. . No memory slot. . Pros: the device is very durable and looks like it can handle any amount of toddler damage. . Easy to use for any age. . Graphics are pretty nice. . Games are educational and fun

C. Guest, Enfield says

When this item works it is fun and educational. My 2 star rating is for the problems encountered and the terrible customer service leapfrog provides. I bought this for my son for christmas. By march it starting giving a black screen with blue dots whenever it started up. I researched and found that j could "tune it up" through the leapfrog connect. This took over an hour and worked. However, within 24 hours it would start doing the same thing again. After tuning it up 5 times over a week i called. Customer service said i would have to reset it to factory setting and through would solve the issue. This took 1. 5 hours and worked. But yet again, 24 hours it was back to black and blue. So i called again. They had me ship it back and said they would replace. Well, after waiting a week for them to receive it, i called today to find out that they tuned it up and shipped it back to me. Despite my explaining that the "tune up" only works for 24 hours and i had preformed that more than 5 times as well as a factory reset. Now i have to wait another week to get the same malfunctioning unit back and call them again once it messes up. More than a month my son has not been able to use his item. I can safely say i will never be purchasing from leapfrog again.

N. Anonymous, Reading

The tablet is nice. It's made of a heavy duty material so i don't have to worry about my daughter dropping it. However, the games are expensive and the camera is subpar. With other devices on the market, this one doesn't stand out. Just a heads up, there is not a replacement stylus available in the us for this product. My daughter ripped the felt top off of hers and i can't replace it. She is using another stylus, but it doesn't fit into the case like the one that comes with the product. Very disappointing.

X. Monique, Iowa says

We originally purchased the leappad2 for my daughter 2 years ago. It has been a solid investment! it has been used and abused by two children now and it's still going strong without any glitches other than needing a new rechargeable battery pack. We were excited to purchase the leappad3 for our daughter now that she is older and can utilize the wifi options to explore and learn. Man! regrets. Perhaps it's just that we purchased it immediately after release so that the glitches haven't been worked out yet, but i have had way too many issues with this product! i am beyond frustrated at this point. Apps that won't download even though there is ample space to store them (which is another issue - not enough space! the leappad2 has every app we've purchased on it, but the leappad3 can't hold nearly as much), the soft-tipped stylus (we've replaced it twice now), and failure to sync properly which causes all of the previously-downloaded apps to stop functioning! this would be a great learning tool if it actually worked! when you're purchasing technology for children, it needs to be easy to use and reliable. The leappad3 falls short on both.

. Maria, Shropshire

I guess i expected too much from a tablet that seemed to be oriented exclusively to educational uses. Frankly, i think you could get a lot more utility out of an ordinary android tablet of the same size with a better screen etc. I understand the cartridges add to the usefulness of the system, but we don't have ready access to them here in the country like might in the city, and being able to download apps sure is easier than making a 100 mile round trip. Navigating the website wasn't the easiest thing either. I tried to buy a couple of apps on line and had to go through the customer service group to get it handled. Rates a strong three for now. Might bump it up after a month with the dynamic trio.

P. Alice, Hertfordshire says

I have never had an issue getting anything to connect to our wifi. We have a first generation ipad, a galaxy tab, a kindle fire, a current ipad, various phones, video gaming systems, etc. They have all connected to wifi with no issues. Not the case with this leapfrog. I have been working for over an hour, resetting everything from the pad itself to the router to the cable box. I have downloaded the leapfrog connect app to my desk top to try to sync with the leapfrog tablet, but the provided usb cable will not hold a reliable connection to the tablet. Again, the usb port works with every other device i have. I have to conclude that i have a defective tablet, but it seems like i shouldn't have to go through all of these trouble shooting steps just to connect to wifi at all. We intended to use this on a flight tomorrow, but now all my daughter can do on it is play the one included app, and watch the videos which say "if your parents connected wifi, you can. " unless i go out and purchase physical games.

E. Cortney, City of Kingston upon Hull

Update 7/29/15:. Believe it or not my son found the 'video camera' function and took tons of pointless videos. Fine by me - it's his toy! well, believe it or not, it filled the memory all the way. Fine by me. Well, now it won't start up at all (blue dots at the bottom - it's on leapfrog's faqs for leappad3). You know what the solution is? not connect to computer and delete a couple files (you can't - it won't let you delete because it says "not enough memory to sync" to delete? ! ? ! ). So - ctl sht r - reset your device. Hope your kid didnt' like the progress they had! oh, so now i tell the 5 year old - start again and don't play with it or you will get it again. . Stupid device. I am very disappointed we didn't just get a 7" tablet. . Moved to 1 star - negative if i could. -. . This was purchased for my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. As probably everyone we have: smart cell phones, a tablet, and computers. . So let me be frank and explain pros and cons:. Pros:. -very kid friendly: ie it's easy to start up and get going, easy to select apps, flexible and etc. Unlike a tablet or computer you can just turn it off and on and get going. -pretty educational games available and many choices. -capable from a speed perspective. -seems to have enough on board storage. -can set up multiple users (so 1 child's game progress is stored separately from another). . Cons:. -locked down! what i mean: it comes pre installed with some apps and games. I cannot remove them. I cannot move them around on the kids screens, i cannot hide them. -forced demos installed: this is the biggest complaint i have. I purchased a couple decent games for a low cost on sale and installed. While i installed from the computer it added demos. I don't want them. I want full control of what my kids see and play and i cannot remove or hide them! . -no bluetooth for wireless headphones. -mediocre screen that is not very high definition and scratches fairly easily! (compared to gorilla glass on cell phones it's weak! ). -i can only install leapfrog's apps. I can only install their videos. I can maybe do my own music if i buy their mp3 app. -not expandable memory. . So this begs the question: why not just by a $100 8" android based table that is significantly more powerful, has bluetooth, expandable memory, can load my videos and music on it for them, can link to free games on google play, can install "starfall" and play tons of educational games for cheap and have something that adults could use any time too? . . To me: the inability to fully control the apps (like the demo issue above) really puts it over the top - i believe if i was to do it again i would get a regular table that can grow with and way more capable. If leapfrog fixes my control of apps i will update and change my view. . Update april 9th, 2015: i emailed leapfrom back and forth for a while. Good thing: they at least respond! also, they offered me 2 free 'games' because of the frustration. Bad: they first said "oops, it was a mistake to auto load, a patch is coming". I waited - no change. I emailed again - they said "there's no patch". I said "please go back and read what you've told me before". Long story short - too bad. The games are there. I asked for the games the forced demo for free (since my kid liked them after playing) - but no, those are the 'free' games offered to me. . Again - it is easier for kids to control and turn on and off. But - that is a very frustrating situation by leapfrog!

I. Rita, Kent says

The leappad3 is a great product, but i have to give it only 3 stars, as we have only had it a week and i am already having to replace the stylus. The stylus is a like a standard tablet stylus, but leapfrog has covered the foam tip and the metal connector ring with a layer of (flimsy) fabric. In less than a week, my son has already worn a hole in the fabric covering and succeeded in scratching the screen of his brand new game with the provided stylus. I am so frustrated and annoyed that leapfrog made such a grave oversight that in less than a week of purchase i am already having to replace part of it. I used to trust this company, but i will spend much more time inspecting all aspects of their products before we make anymore purchases. If this had been my first experience, i would swear off the company altogether. . Edit: i contacted leapfrog and the company replaced our scratched unit, but i did buy replacement styluses. I have already replaced one stylus on our replacement unit. This is clearly a design flaw. I would not purchase any unit from them that has a fabric-covered stylus. Good idea on paper (to prevent scratches), but very poor execution. Go back to the drawing board, leapfrog.

B. Florence, Plymouth

Where to begin with the leappad3? if today was 2007 this thing would be amazing! but it is 2017. The coolest thing about it is the lithium ion battery which allows it to be rechargeable. Just going off of their description:. . "made in usa or imported". This doesn't make any sense? made in the usa or imported. . . Hmmmmmm. . . . "discover exciting experiences and thrilling adventures with the leappad3. This high-performance wi-fi tablet includes a fast, powerful quad-core processor and sleek design. Designed for children 3-9 years old". High performance wi-fi tablet and quad-core processor is a stretch! when i initially turned the thing on it wouldn't connect to my wi-fi. After a google search, people like me had posted on there that i needed to hook the tablet up to my computer so that it could have its firmware updated. What piece of electronics, that you buy today, requires you to hook it up to your computer for an update? nothing! it been at least 5 years since i've had to do that for anything! anyways, once this thing got spooled up every different screen that you move into requires an unacceptable load time in the ipad/tablet age. . "features a shatter safe 5" capacitive touchscreen that's highly responsive perfect for a child's light touch. Leapsearch serves up only age-appropriate videos and more from the web - all approved by learning experts". The only thing i can comment here is on the "highly responsive" touchscreen part. I found myself having to tap the screen multiple times to get it to understand what i was pressing. I finally started using the stylist pen to make my selections and it recognized it just about every time. . "built kid-tough and thoroughly drop tested, the leappad3 tablet is perfect for worry-free fun. Enjoy hours of play with leapfrog's lithium ion rechargeable battery that's easy to recharge via usb or ac adapter. 4gb of memory". As i stated above, the lithium ion rechargeable battery is the best part of this thing. Not having to buy batteries is where it at in 2017. But. . . 4gb of memory? what year is this? how is something this expensive released with so little memory? i don't know, but in the 20 minutes that we had it open, we already filled the memory. So what do you do then? delete the games out of its memory or go out and pay up the butt for their cartridge games. . "access leapfrog's learning library of 1000+ educational games, ebooks, videos and more. Games automatically adapt to your child's learning level and draw from 2, 600 skills across reading, math, writing and more". Sounds amazing if there was actual processing power and memory within this "tablet. " there isn't, so you can't really take advantage of all of that good stuff. . "strong parent tools let you fine-tune and control what your child is able to access. Sign up to receive learning tips and progress updates to see how your child's skills are developing as they play". Nothing very bad to say here except that i had to connect it to my computer to use the "strong parent tools let you fine-tune and control what your child is able to access. ". . Good thing they didn't rave about their camera in their description because i would have torn them down. The camera is pretty bad. . I bought this for my 5 year old who already has an ipad, but i wanted him to be able to concentrate on educational things only. So if your kid has used any real tablet since the ipad1 has come out, your kids will look at you like what the heck is the brick thing. Seriously 10 years ago it would have been awesome. But it is 2017, time to stop raping people of their money and put out a real product! returned mine a few hours after my kid opened his presents, on christmas day. Horrible product. Get back to work!

A. Janice, Cumbria says

Like the other review identified. It is a piece of junk! it asked me to download apps right after parent log on. After downloading, paying additional $50 on the 4 apps. Then within 30 minutes the table died as the screen blank out. We generally like leapfrog products, but this tablet's quality is as low as you can imagine! don't waste your money! . . * update *. We found the workaround to resolve the blank screen issue from leapfrogs website support page. It did help to fix the problem although it took us more than an hour to try it out. If i did not purchase the app already i would return this tablet. The tablet itself is not worth it. But the apps that i purchased are actually pretty good and educational. For kid's usage i would recommend to spend the same amount of money on a cheap adult grade tablet yet purchased the app if the device quality is your concern. Any actual tablet would have better quality and tech support.

L. Carolyn, Virginia

Don't buy this! it has been a couple months past one year that i bought two of these. One just went black and i have tried all the support recommendations to fix it and nothing works at all. It says it's memory is too full to even remove some of the stuff on it to make it not too full! who makes a product for kids like that? the other one is starting to have issues where the charger plugs in, telling me it is not plugged in when it is, & you know what that means, yep soon it won't be able to be charged. The software and leapster/leappad connect is awful & slow and half the things it's supposed to do, it won't do. Who has the time to spend trying to get it to work for hours! so frustrated, i wish i never bought the things! my kids are so sad too to lose their leappads like this! they just got some (way overpriced) games for christmas too that will now be useless. Thank you not so much leapfrog! save your money and time & don't buy this, it won't work right after the warranty is up or very soon after!

Q. Parker, Wandsworth says

We should have got my son a tablet because we wanted him to be able to connect to the internet and watch his favorite youtube videos. I read some reviews saying people couldn't get theirs connected but some said they had no problem. We were one of the unlucky ones. For now it is fine with him playing his games and learning how to use electronics but very disappointed that one of the main features isn't accessible. Would have returned if wasn't for the time we already put in to setting it up for him.

. Edith, Rochdale

Hello i can not log into wifi it's asking for a. Parents lock coded for

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    1. My kids have an orange kindle fire and when we bought it originally we bought a "leather" case for it. You could flip the case open and fold it back to make a stand. Couple problems though, the kid who mainly uses it often had trouble getting the case folded just the right way to make it stand up. A... go to https://puqus.com/dihines-friendly-kid-proof-display-release-168574vcrsb4/#dihines-friendly-kid-proof-display-release
    2. Plus: Made With Dense Heavy Duty Eva Foam, The Same Kind That Is Used In The Soles Of High End Sneakers. Material Can Withstand Considerable Wear And Tear And Provide Extreme Shock Protection. Super Lightweight And Durable Hazard Free Safe Material Perfect For Kids And Grownups Alike.
    3. Plus: Thick Foam Fully Covers The Back, Sides And Extends Above The Surface Of The All-new Fire 7 (7th Generation, 2017 Release) / Fire 7 (5th Generation, 2015 Release) Screen, Which Means That The Screen Will Remain Safe From Scratches If Laid On Its Face. More Important, Grip Handle Can Provide A Secure Grip For The Device.
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