Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) 928

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Price was $2,495.99. What can i say you definitely get what you paid for. This tv is something else and has blown my mind since day 1. First let me say that i was planning on getting a 4ktv but i wasnt entirely sure. I noticed that my day one xbox one was starting to give up on me and i decided to trade it in when i could before it just completely stopped working. I did that and got the x and said mind as well get the tv to complement it as well. Worth every cent hands down. Upon getting the tv you do have to make some configurations to adjust to your needs. Watching tv shows is great and honestly the speakers are fairly good considering most tvs now and days the speakers are horrible. But if you want full on surround sound then by a sound bar to complement. As far as picture quality goes 10 out of 10. If you have been considering it buy right now and think no further. As far as the burn in goes i dont think it will be a problem in the long run especially considering lg has a "pixel refresher" so make the purchase you wont be disappointed! . . Update 12/19/17. So after having the tv for a few weeks i feel like the picture got better as time went on. Just like with anything that is brand new you have to give it a few uses before it actually breaks in. I will keep my rating at 5 stars but the only negative is the lip sync. I noticed it here and there but it was not a constant thing. So i hear they are going to release a update for it soon, so when that happens maybe people will stop giving it a negative wrap. But with this tv it pretty much changes everything. Watching content on other tvs just makes you wonder why you are not watching it on your 4ktv. Tv is still definitely worth it after a few weeks.

-D. Kimberly

Electronics 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 every detail matters. perfect black. intense color. behold movies and more from the most popular providers, brought to life intense cinematic colors against the ultimate backdrop -lg electronics oled65c7p 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model

  • Attributes: Smart Functionality Gives You Access To Your Favorite Apps And Content Using Webos 3. 5. Connectivity : Wi-fi Built In 802. 11ac.
  • Attributes: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.

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I have now spent about 2 weeks with this tv and it is amazing. The picture quality is unreal. Best i have ever seen. The tv is easy to set up, the menu and settings are user friendly and easy to understand and use. I had my concerns about the issue of lip sync and i did encounter it almost immediately after i set up the tv but one phone call with a very friendly lg engineer/advisor and it was fixed, he asked me to download a software update and that took care of it. There is also the issue of image burn in that i have heard of and the lg technical support specialist told me to do a pixel refresh about once or twice a week, this is a little cumbersome and at times hard to remember but for a tv with such a great picture quality and overall package, i am willing to overlook it for now. Overall, so far so good. Very very happy with the purchase The Best electronics ultra hd smart oled ( Nov 2018 ) | Lg-Television Review Attributes LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017 Model) Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 2" x 32. 8" x 1. 8", tv with stand: 57. 2" x 34. 4" x 8. 5". Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webos 3. 5. connectivity : wi-fi built in 802. 11ac. Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture. Individually lit oled pixels achieve the ultimate contrast for outstanding picture quality. resolution: 3840 x 2160. Oled does not require a backlight giving it deep blacks and making it extremely thin. other features :active hdr with dolby vision, dolby atmos, perfect black, cinematic color, billion rich colors, ultra luminance, pixel level dimming. Inputs: 4 hdmi, 3 usb, 1 rf, 1 composite, component shared w/ composite, 1 ethernet, 1 optical, 1 rs232c (mini jack). smart tv operating system-webos 3. 5. Power supply (voltage, hz): 120 vac 50-60hz . recommended sound bars: sj7, sj8, and sj9 .

Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model Review (oled65c7p)

This tv blows me away. The most notable feature, of course, is the infinite contrast ratio, which reveals detail in even the darkest scenes, and adds a satisfying dramatic flair to scenes that fade to black. Brightness is much better than i anticipated (once you turn the eco setting off), and colors are pretty good right out of the box. With the aid of a calibration disc, and some setup advice from rtings, it's a very short job to get the most out of this tv. . One thing you may find helpful: the mounting holes are standard vesa form factor. I was able to mount this tv on a cheap tv mount i was already using with my old tv. You don't necessarily have to use lg's mount. The mounting holes will fit the smaller diameter screws (m4, i think). Most mounts will come with both large and small screws. Bear in mind, however, that the mounting holes are situated low on the tv, since the whole top half of this tv is razor thin, so your tv will sit a little high on the mount. If you already have a mount to work with, don't bother buying lg's mount along with the tv. You can always order the lg mount later if you need to. -U. Arnett

Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65 Inch Ultra

Product Dimensions
Height:34.40 inches
Length:57.20 inches
Weight:54.50 pounds
Width:8.50 inches
Part/Serial Number
Home Theater
65 Inches

electronics 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 Home Theater, Every detail matters. perfect black. intense color. behold movies and more from the most popular providers, brought to life with intense cinematic colors against the ultimate backdrop of perfect black. discover the most hdr entertainment choices, while dolby atmos audio completes this uncompromising home cinema experience. Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (OLED65C7P-Lg).

Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65 Inch Ultra Home Theater

  • Absolutely the very best tv viewing experience i have ever had! exquisite picture and sound quality directly out of the box. Needed little calibration or 'tweaking' to deliver optimum results. Wish this tv had cost less but still definitely worth the $3000 i spent! i am a 66 year old woman with limited tech knowledge but this lg oled is so easy to use. Highly recommend!
  • Beautiful picture, looks like a window into another realm. Amazing detail, color, hues, the total package. Shipping went off without a hitch, no problems with the delivery or set-up (professionally done also by online store), with square trade warranty. Online store completed the total package without any problems or issues, would definitely recommend to anyone considering buying a high-end tv.
  • Last lg tv i will ever buy. I'm an avid gamer and spend around 3-4 hours a day gaming, sometimes more, and i experienced burn in on my 65 inch lg oled. I did not abuse the tv, or submit it through any crazy gaming marathons. This was from regular gaming use. The worst part was lg's customer service. After spending $3500 to purchase a flagship tv you'd expect to get fantastic customer service; so not the case. First they had me download an app to connect to my phone so they could see through my phone's camera the burn in. I go through that 10 minute ordeal only for the rep to tell me that the burn "wasn't too bad". Because i guess since they didn't spend $3500 they don't care. Then, for the icing on the cake, i'm told by the lg rep that the warranty doesn't cover burn in or image retention, that it can happen on all tvs. So she puts me through all that and then mentions that. I respond with, that's like saying all cars break down, but you know you'll get more reliability from a $50, 000 car than a $10, 000 one. Regardless, lg's customer service was horrible. Have had the tv for less than a year and have totally thrown my money down the drain; and who will now buy a used lg oled with burn in? my recommendation, if you game, don't buy this, if you use it just for movies, then do, because when it does work the quality is fantastic. Just don't expect good customer service if you ever have to call lg.
  • This is a hard review because when the tv worked it was gorgeous. However, it only worked for a about a month before it went completely black on us. We spent time on the phone with lg trying to get it sorted, then waited for a week for a technician to come out and look at the tv and confirm that, yup - it's not working, alright. Then the technician said he'd have to order a part and left. He was here less than ten minutes, but that was a day we had to take off work in order to wait for our service call. We were told that they will let us know when the part comes in and then schedule a repair. That was a week ago and we haven't heard a word since. The customer service from lg and the third party repair team has been so, so, so disappointing. This was a huge investment for us and we're literally left in the dark with this tv now. If i could return the entire unit and buy a different product i would in a heartbeat.
  • Within 2 months the screen went black. The power light would come on and off but no picture at all. Have had a very hard time getting lg customer service to respond. Lg said they would contact us when they found a service person in our area but it's been a week and we haven't heard anything from them. Bad tv, bad service.

electronics ultra hd smart oled LG Electronics OLED65C7P 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Well, i have never seen such a beautiful television image. This oled has got to be the best-yet, at least in my experience. I ran some break-in slides for a day but for what? it's absolutely stunning right out of the box. I suppose something better is going to come along, but i won't be looking for a replacement for this display for many years. 100% satisfied.

Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeLg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television)"This television replaces a 2016 samsung ks8000 65" tv which was plagued with issues to include the back panel beginning to pop off after 8 months of use (a now known issue where the glue samsung used to attach the rear panel to the rest of the tv goes bad). I wanted this lg badly, but decided on a more affordable choice and bought a sony xbr65x900e instead. I was immediately dissatisfied with the sony upon delivery-in the panel itself (i could see blotchy areas in the screen while the tv was powered off), the extremely sluggish android software, and the picture quality in general. So, i set up a return for that one and decided to purchase what i wanted in the first place (this gorgeous lg oled65c7p). It was delivered today, and i can't begin to describe how amazing the picture is! perfect black levels make all other colors pop more than any backlit tv, and the clarity and contrast on this tv are unbeatable. Sdr video looks more lush and vibrant than i've ever seen before, and the hdr stuff has to be seen to be believed-i popped in the 4k disc of mad max: fury road and its jaw-dropping. I also test drove the 4k version of john wick and couldn't believe how detailed, yet perfectly dark, the club scenes were. I could go on for ages. . Build quality on this tv is superb, and it feels very sturdy despite its extremely thin form. I can't comment on overall reliability yet, obviously, but it seems very well-built. I can't comment on sound, either, because this is hooked up to a denon avr-x2400h receiver and a 5. 1. 2 dolby atmos-capable speaker setup (which sounds amazing). The webos software is fast and responsive (unlike the sony android tv os), and there are plenty of onboard apps to play around with. Signing in to different accounts like youtube and vudu is a breeze using the handy pointer on the remote-really, i can't find a thing to complain about! the only true downfall is that i will never be satisfied with a backlit tv again (meaning future upgrades will probably be as pricey as this set was). All told, i have to give this a solid 5/5 for now, and will update this review if i run into any issues down the road. . If you're on the fence at all about buying this tv, do yourself a favor and just do it!"

(0) Question: What is the refresh rate of this tv?

(1) Question: Does the hdmi arc port on the lg b7/c7's transfer over 5. 1 surround sound to your receiver? (or only stereo)

(2) Question: Has anyone experienced burn in or burn out or ghosting which all mean the same thing?

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Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount 37-80-Inch TV Monitor

The sanus classic mlt14 is a tilting wall mount for most 37 inch to 80 inch flat-panel tvs up to 130 lbs. Virtual axis technology allows 10 degrees of tilt motion with the touch of a finger to help reduce glare. Lateral shift ability makes it easy to center the tv on the wall, even with off-center studs. Locking mechanism holds the tv securely in place on the wall plate; add a padlock (sold separately) for additional security. Comes pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation. Ul-listed for quality and safety assurance.

Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount 37-80-Inch TV MonitorSanus-Profile-Mount-37-80-Inch-Monitor

Brand :    sanus
Color :    Black
Size :    29.51X8.63X3.25
Weight :    5.90 pounds
Model :    MLT14-B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Lab Supply (sanus product review) for Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount 37-80-Inch TV Monitor available ( Nov 2018 )

All-new Sonos Beam Compact Smart TV Soundbar Alexa voice control built-in. Wireless home theater streaming music in room. Black - BEAM1US1BLK

All-new sonos beam compact smart tv soundbar with online store alexa voice control built-in. Wireless home theater and streaming music in any room. (black)

All-new Sonos Beam Compact Smart TV Soundbar Alexa voice control built-in. Wireless home theater streaming music in room. Black - BEAM1US1BLKAll-new-Sonos-Beam-built-BEAM1US1BLK

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    6.35 pounds
  • With software updates, your listening experience is always improving.
  • Add the latest alexa-enabled video streaming device such as fire tv for remote-free control. find, start and manage shows and movies just by asking.
  • Listen to music, tv, movies, podcasts, radio, audiobooks and video games. experience rich, detailed sound that fills the entire room.
  • Ask alexa to play music from music, spotify, pandora, iheartradio, tunein and siriusxm. listen to hundreds of other streaming services with the sonos app.
  • Thoughtfully designed for your home. place on your tv stand or wall mount. power supply : auto-switching 100-240 v, 50-60 hz ac universal input
Price :    $349.13 (was $399.00)
Model :    BEAM1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for All-new Sonos Beam Compact Smart TV Soundbar Alexa voice control built-in. Wireless home theater streaming music in room. Black - BEAM1US1BLK available ( Nov 2018 )

Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 Model

Beyond high definitionthe sony x900f model television offers the best in 4k hd tv picture quality. With stunning clarity plus high dynamic range color, contrast and detail, and full-array local dimming technology, enjoy a lifelike picture, enhanced contrast and remarkable brightness packed inside an incredibly slim design. Enhanced qualityfeaturing the x1 extreme processor, 4k x-reality pro and x-tended dynamic range pro 6x, this tv offers superior brightness and a wide contrast range for a premium 4k television experience. Enjoy detailed and powerful real-time image processing whether you are surfing channels, watching a movie or playing a video game. Premium displaythe sony x900f includes x-motion clarity technology and a triluminos display. X-motion offers the best in fast action clarity to control blurriness and maintain smooth, clear and bright images whether you are watching a high-speed chase in an action movie or speed skating. Triluminos combined with 4k hdr super bit mapping provides the widest, brightest and most vivid color palette seen on a tv. Voice controlthis tv offers voice control compatibility with online store alexa and google home. Ask your tv to do things like cast and control videos from youtube with google home or change the channel or volume with online store alexa. And, with built-in google assistant, talk into your remote to play your favorite movie, check the score of your favorite team, and control your tv and even your home. Multiple inputscurrently supporting hdr10, hlg and dolby vision, this tv features 4 hdmi, 2 usb2. 0, 1 usb3. 0 and 1 composite port for a variety of input/output options for easy switching between your favorite devices, gaming consoles and more. Box includesvoice remote control, batteries, ac power cord spec (us, 2pin, flat blades, polarity), ir blaster, operating instructions, quick setup guide / supplement cue, table top stand (assembly required).

Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 ModelSony-XBR55X900F-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    55.00 pounds
Model :    XBR55X900F
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 Model available ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $1298.00
  • Premium display: enjoy vibrant colors with triluminos & clear on-screen action with x-motion clarity
  • Beyond high definition: 4k hdtv picture offers stunning clarity & high dynamic range color & detail
  • Enhanced quality: with the x1 extreme processor enjoy controlled contrast & wide range of brightness
  • Voice compatibility: 55in tv is compatible with alexa & google home to change channels & more
  • Dimensions: without stand - 48 3/8 x 27 7/8 x 2 3/4 inch, with stand - 48 3/8 x 30 3/8 x 10 5/8 inch

LG Electronics OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 Model

You simply can't ask for a better htpc montor. I love this unit. Powers off automatically, very good frame rates for reading or browsing.

Perfect black. Intense color. Every detail matters. Behold movies and more from the most popular providers, brought to life with intense cinematic colors against the ultimate backdrop of perfect black. Discover the most hdr entertainment choices, including support for premium dolby vision, delivered via the intuitive webos smart tv platform. Disclaimer: dolby and the double-d symbol are registered trademarks of dolby laboratories. Dolby vision is a trademark of dolby laboratories. Disclaimer: please check with content providers for required bandwidth to stream videos. Smart service on product is subject to change. Some apps that appear on the screen image may not be preinstalled; internet connection is required for download. Online store. Com is not a sponsor of this promotion. Except as required by law, online store. Com gift cards ("gcs") cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. Gcs may be used only for purchases of eligible goods at online store. Com or certain of its affiliated websites. For complete terms and conditions, see gcs are issued by aci gift cards llc, a washington limited liability company. All online store registered, copyrights and trademarks are ip of online store. Com, inc. Or its affiliates. No expiration date or service fees.

LG Electronics OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-OLED65B7A-65-Inch-Ultra

Lg Electronics Oled65b7a 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Phenomenal television. But, i want to know how to get hdr10 (hdr mode) with the fast input speed (game mode) to work simultaneously while playing games. -Notice from E. Rebecca, Utah

Click to Show lg electronics oled65b7a 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model (television) Details

Same picture as all other models in the lg 2017 oled lineup. B7a (this model), b7, c7, e7, g7, and w7 will all have identical picture quality to this model. So what is different about this model? unlike the c-w7, this model comes with a cheaper stand, similar to the b7. It also does not come with the picture on glass that e-w7 models have (this feature is primarily to reduce glare and screen reflections and is more aesthetically pleasing. ). . The biggest difference between this model and the rest of the lineup, is that it does not have native support to decode dolby atmos sound. That means netflix, hulu, online store prime, etc. Streamed through the tvs internal apps will not support dolby atmos playback, and instead will default to dolby digital output, even if whatever show or movie you are watching has a dolby atmos track. . Does that mean that i have to forgo dolby atmos if i want this cheaper model? no. If you have a dedicated receiver and speaker setup that supports dolby atmos, you will still be able to experience dolby atmos through external sources, such as blu ray players, pcs, etc. Only content that is played through the tvs apps will be without atmos. . If you don't need atmos playback through the tvs internal apps, or if you have no idea what atmos even is, save yourself 300 dollars and buy this model over the b7/c7 models.

Lg-electronics-oled65b7a-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-oled-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- K. GuestFabulous tv. Glad i spent the extra money to get the oled model. Well worth the extra bucks.

Easy set up. Easy connectivity into the comcast-xfinity universe. Great picture quality, with a bright picture still visible outside of the typical 11-1 o'clock viewing angles. Forms the basis of my home theater system and has since been hooked up to a sound bar and sub-woofer, so i can't really comment on the out-of-the-box sound quality. Very pleased with my purchase - i've had several lg sets over the last 7-8 years and have always been impressed with their quality and longevity. Would buy again and recommend to others.

U. Gina, Halton

Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    65 inches
Weight :    58.20 pounds
Model :    OLED65B7A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $1995.58 (was $2187.90)
  • Oled does not require a backlight giving it deep blacks and making it extremely thin
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webos 3. 5. connectivity : wi-fi built in 802. 11ac
  • Individually lit oled pixels achieve the ultimate contrast for outstanding picture quality
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 1" x 32. 7" x 1. 9", tv with stand: 57. 1" x 34. 7" x 8. 9"

Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 Model

Beyond high definitionthe sony x900f model television offers the best in 4k hd tv picture quality. With stunning clarity plus high dynamic range color, contrast and detail, and full-array local dimming technology, enjoy a lifelike picture, enhanced contrast and remarkable brightness packed inside an incredibly slim design. Enhanced qualityfeaturing the x1 extreme processor, 4k x-reality pro and x-tended dynamic range pro 6x, this tv offers superior brightness and a wide contrast range for a premium 4k television experience. Enjoy detailed and powerful real-time image processing whether you are surfing channels, watching a movie or playing a video game. Premium displaythe sony x900f includes x-motion clarity technology and a triluminos display. X-motion offers the best in fast action clarity to control blurriness and maintain smooth, clear and bright images whether you are watching a high-speed chase in an action movie or speed skating. Triluminos combined with 4k hdr super bit mapping provides the widest, brightest and most vivid color palette seen on a tv. Voice controlthis tv offers voice control compatibility with online store alexa and google home. Ask your tv to do things like cast and control videos from youtube with google home or change the channel or volume with online store alexa. And, with built-in google assistant, talk into your remote to play your favorite movie, check the score of your favorite team, and control your tv and even your home. Multiple inputscurrently supporting hdr10, hlg and dolby vision, this tv features 4 hdmi, 2 usb2. 0, 1 usb3. 0 and 1 composite port for a variety of input/output options for easy switching between your favorite devices, gaming consoles and more. Box includesvoice remote control, batteries, ac power cord spec (us, 2pin, flat blades, polarity), ir blaster, operating instructions, quick setup guide / supplement cue, table top stand (assembly required).

Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 ModelSony-XBR65X900F-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    69.00 pounds
Model :    XBR65X900F
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dimensions: without stand - 57 x 32 3/4 x 2 3/4 inch, with stand - 57 x 35 3/8 x 11 3/4 inch
  • Enhanced quality: with the x1 extreme processor enjoy controlled contrast & wide range of brightness
  • Premium display: enjoy vibrant colors with triluminos & clear on-screen action with x-motion clarity
  • Beyond high definition: 4k hdtv picture offers stunning clarity & high dynamic range color & detail
  • Voice compatibility: 65in tv is compatible with alexa & google home to change channels & more
Price :    $1709.79 (was $1998.00)
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 Model available ( Nov 2018 )

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker - PBAR1US1BLK

I am very impressed with quality of sound and the ease of use.

Playbar s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for tv, web, movies and video games. It is also a stand-alone all-in-one sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your itunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. Playbar connects to your tv using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your tv, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. Connect playbar or bridge to your wireless router and link all sonos players wirelessly with one touch. Note: to get started, you must wire either one player or bridge to your home network using a standard ethernet cable.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker - PBAR1US1BLKSonos-PLAYBAR-Soundbar-Wireless-Streaming

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk) FAQ.

I'd say this was one of the easiest devices i've set up in recent memory - all through the iphone app which worked seamlessly. I just bought two more speakers and i i'm assuming they will be easy to connect to the sound bar via it's network. The sound is quite good. I've had other sound bars and exterior speakers for the tv and they haven't added anything to the audio experience. -Notice from F. Jarvis, Michigan

Click to Show sonos soundbar wireless streaming speaker (pbar1us1blk) Details

Perfect, like all of the sonos products. I've now got 4 play5 speakers and 2 playbars, and they all work and sound terrific. While the price may seem high, the fact that it just works, every time is absolutely worth it to me.

Sonos-soundbar-wireless-streaming-speaker-(pbar1us1blk) set picture

- Y. RosePerfect sound at higher decibels. When listening to music or watching tv at low levels it is just another speaker at an inflated price. I have the playbar and 2 play1's and life is much better now.

Great way to add sonos to your living room without "overdoing it", especially if you live in an apartment building. Music on this thing sounds great, as it does with all sonos products. As i'm sure others have mentioned, unless your tv outputs dolby digital 5. 1 from it's optical output, you won't get the full experience unless connecting your product directly to it. Other than that, i'm perfectly happy with it

R. Evelyn, Missouri

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    11.90 pounds
Model :    PBAR1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker - PBAR1US1BLK available ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $577.75 (was $679.00)
  • Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home
  • Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device
  • Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience
  • Connect your playbar to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love
  • Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual Black

Love the sound, love the quality- easy to set up and install software update

Experience your favorite tv shows, movies and music with clear, dynamic sound. This ultra-slim sound bar fits discreetly in front of your tv or on a shelf, or can be rotated for low-profile wall mounting. Setup is a breeze with a simple connection to your tv while bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream from your mobile devices, echo or echo dot.

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual BlackYamaha-YAS-207BL-Wireless-Subwoofer-Bluetooth

Yamaha Yas 207bl Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth (Speakers) FAQ.

Just bought this from yahama and it's one of the best soundbars you will ever need ! . I have tried a few from samsung to bose solo . To bose 300 and now this and don't get me wrong the bose 300 was a great soundbar but it is a 600 dollar soundbar. And this for the price you can't beat it! . It sounds amazing and great bass! i recommend it to everyone . -Notice from O. Delgado, Prince Edward Island

Click to Show yamaha yas 207bl wireless subwoofer bluetooth (speakers) Details

Very good for the price. Sounds good. Looks nice. What more do you want?

Yamaha-yas-207bl-wireless-subwoofer-bluetooth-(speakers) set picture

- M. ShaynaUpdate as of 19-jul-2017: the firmware update is available on yamaha support site now. I've just updated mine and i am truly impressed. Dts virtual:x enhances the existing 3d sound of the bar by adding special effect and creating an illusion of the sound coming from all side including from above (yes, it's actually true)! goodness, the sound is so clear and precise that i even have goosebumps - my mind probably is constantly tricked believing that the sound is real, when it's actually not. The indication of the activated dts virtual:x effect is the blue light glowing from "surround" indicator on the panel. . Original review as of 1-jul-2017:. -. Key features of yas-207:. . 1) so far its surround sound can be heard from horizontal directions as dts virtual:x is not yet available. After firmware update (which according to yamaha will be available in august this year) you will be able to listen to dts virtual:x enveloping surround sound coming from above at varying heights. 2) it comes with wireless subwoofer for dynamic sound. 3) it transmits 4k hdr video. There is an arc-hdmi output jack. 4) it's bluetooth got version 4. 1, class 2. 5) there is dedicated yamaha app to control soundbar's settings from your bluetooth-enabled smartphone. You'd need to download it free from apple or android play store. 6) its bass extension boosts low bass levels for a remarkable powerful sound. 7) its clear voice option, if enabled, will make dialogues and narrations sound clearer. 8) yas-207 supports these audio signals:. - pcm (up to 5. 1ch). - dolby digital (up to 5. 1ch). - dts digital surround (up to 5. 1ch). . The only drawback that i see - lack of wi-fi connectivity. The firmware update (promised by yamaha in august) you'd have to make through a usb drive by downloading the update file from yamaha's support website first, then plugging that usb drive to the usb jack on the back side of the soundbar, following instructions provided to complete the firmware upgrade to dts virtual:x.

Fantastic sound for the money! easy setup including dts update

K. Guest, Franche-Comte

Brand :    yamaha
Color :    black
Weight :    6.00 pounds
Model :    YAS-207BL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (yamaha product review) for Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual Black available ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $195.71 (was $269.95)
  • Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass with flexible placement
  • World's first sound bar with dts virtual: x virtual 3d surround sound (available via a firmware update available now)
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming
  • Slim, understated design perfectly complements your tv
  • Simple setup with hdmi, optical or analog connection

LG UP870 3D Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray 4K Player Remote Control, HDR Compatibility, Upconvert DVDs, Ethernet, HDMI, USB Port Black

4k ultra hd blu-ray disc playback hdr10-compatible 3d blu-ray/ dvd playback usb playback 4k resolution upscaling ethernet network connectivity dolby atmos object-based audio support dts-hd master audio

LG UP870 3D Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray 4K Player Remote Control, HDR Compatibility, Upconvert DVDs, Ethernet, HDMI, USB Port BlackLG-UP870-Definition-Compatibility-Upconvert

Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Model :    LG UP870
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 4k blu-ray disc playback
  • Ultra hd premium
  • 4k upscaling
  • 3d blu-ray/ dvd playback
Price :    $99.00 (was $124.99)
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (lg product review) for LG UP870 3D Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray 4K Player Remote Control, HDR Compatibility, Upconvert DVDs, Ethernet, HDMI, USB Port Black available ( Nov 2018 )

LG Electronics OLED65C8PUA 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2018 Model

The sleek c8 is designed to elevate a room s aesthetics while complementing any decor. This new lg oled tv with ai (artificial intelligence) thinq becomes the hub for the smart home: using intelligent voice control, speak into the lg magic remote to pull up family photos, control light settings, check the weather and more. Movies, sports and games come to thrilling new life, more immersive with the perfect black and intense color made possible by lg oled display technology. The new α9 (alpha9) intelligent processor makes the most of the self-illuminating pixels, providing true-to-life images with rich colors, superior sharpness and enhanced depth. The c8 features comprehensive support of major 4k high dynamic range formats including premium dolby vision, as well as hdr10 and hlg. *service limited to certain languages. Some features require 3rd party service subscription. *dolby vision is a trademark of dolby laboratories. *dolby, dolby atmos and the double-d symbol are registered trademarks of dolby laboratories.

LG Electronics OLED65C8PUA 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2018 ModelLG-Electronics-OLED65C8PUA-65-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    65 inches
Weight :    56.00 pounds
  • 4k cinema hdr on lg oled tv with ai thinq features comprehensive support of major high dynamic range formats including dolby vision, as well as hdr10 and hlg, both with lg's advanced tone-mapping technology that provides scene-by-scene optimization.
  • Pixel level dimming enables each of the 8. 3 million individually lit pixels of the lg oled tv with ai thinq to brighten, dim or power off completely, achieving perfect black and displaying a level of picture detail impossible with any other television technology.
  • The α9 intelligent processor inside the lg oled tv with ai thinq is the most powerful ever from lg. developed exclusively for lg oled tv, the new α9 processor noticeably enhances sharpness and depth while delivering vastly more accurate colors, for the ultimate in picture quality.
  • Dolby atmos is the same audio technology developed for state-of-the-art cinemas, with immersive sound that appears to come from everywhere, putting you in the middle of all the excitement. output power:40w
  • Lg oled tv with ai (artificial intelligence) thinq has the google assistant built in, so you can control compatible smart home devices using just your voice through the lg magic remote. create a center for your smart home and beyond. plus it works with alexa devices (sold separately).
Price :    $2349.99 (was $2996.99)
Model :    OLED65C8PUA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics OLED65C8PUA 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2018 Model available ( Nov 2018 )

LG Electronics 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 Model

The uk6300 is crafted with a slim, seamless body that s ideal for any room aesthetic. This new lg uhd tv with ai (artificial intelligence) thinq becomes the hub for the smart home: using intelligent voice control, speak into the lg magic remote* to pull up family photos, control light settings, check the weather and more. The uk6300 uses a powerful quad-core processor that minimizes video noise, enhances sharpness and assures accurate colors for a remarkably lifelike 4k picture. This lg 4k tv supports multiple formats of hdr content, including hdr10 and hlg, both optimized with scene-by-scene picture adjustment. *service limited to certain languages. Some features require 3rd party service subscription. Requires lg magic remote, sold separately.

LG Electronics 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 ModelLG-Electronics-55UK6300PUE-55-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    lg
Color :    Brown
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    30.60 pounds
Model :    55UK6300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics 55UK6300PUE 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2018 Model available ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $546.99
  • The multi-format 4k high dynamic range support includes hdr10 and hlg, both with lg's advanced tone mapping technology that provides scene-by-scene optimization.
  • The ips technology in lg tv uses in-plane switching to deliver rich colors and a strong contrast ratio that remain consistent at wide viewing angles
  • Dimensions (wx h x d): tv without stand 49. 1" x 28. 7" x 3. 5", tv with stand: 49. 1" x 30. 9" x 9. 1"
  • Inputs: 3 hdmi, 2 usb, 1 rf, 1 composite in shared with component, 1 ethernet, 1 optical and audio return channel support via hdmi.
  • Lg uhd tvs with ai (artificial intelligence) thinq become the hub for your connected smart devices. beyond apps and entertainment, lg ai tv uses intelligent voice control to create a hub for the smart home and beyond.

LG UBK90 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player Dolby Vision 2018

The ubk90 is the ideal source component for an in-home cinema experience. Supporting 4k ultra hd disc playback as well as wireless 4k video streaming, this sleek deck is compatible with both next-generation dolby vision hdr and legacy blu-ray/dvd.

LG UBK90 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player Dolby Vision 2018LG-UBK90-Ultra-HD-Blu-ray-Player

Brand :    lg
Weight :    3.60 pounds
  • 4k streaming content - this internet-ready lg device is capable of delivering an uncompromising ultra hd 4k streaming experience. (additional subscriptions services may be required)
  • Hdr playback - this lg blu-ray disc player is hdr compatible with dolby vision and hdr10. (hdr/dolby vision tv sold separately and required for dolby vision playback)
  • Blu-ray & dvd backward compatible - this lg uhd blu-ray disc player is backward compatible supporting both of these popular legacy standards
  • High pressure audio playback - this uhd blu-ray dvd player supports high resolution audio
  • 4k ultra hd blu-ray disc playback provides the ultimate in audio/video quality with a stunning 4k picture and state-of-the-art audio. pop in a 4k ultra hd blu-ray disc and prepare to be transported
Price :    $226.99
Model :    UBK90
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (lg product review) for LG UBK90 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player Dolby Vision 2018 available ( Nov 2018 )

Samsung QN65Q7F FLAT 65 QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018

A blend of style and performance, the q7 mounts flush to the wall. One thin cable attaches all of your components. Q color and an anti-glare screen make the q7 genius. *mount sold separately.

Samsung QN65Q7F FLAT 65 QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018Samsung-QN65Q7F-FLAT-QLED-Smart

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    60.00 pounds
Model :    QN65Q7FNAFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Q hdr elite: step up to elite class hdr with the power to reveal stunning details and in-depth vibrant colors.
  • Q style elite: designed to achieve aesthetic excellence by minimizing wires and mounting flush to the wall as a picture. *
  • Smart tv with bixby voice: a revolutionary way to help find streaming and live tv shows with a universal guide, oneremote and voice assistance. maximum power consumption:230
  • Ambient mode: with our new ambient mode, you can elevate your living room with decorative content, useful information, your own photos, and even some background music. you won't notice the tv on the wall as it blends perfectly with your décor.
  • Q contrast plus: experience dramatic depth with incredibly deep blacks and an anti-reflective screen.
Price :    $1845.00 (was $2397.99)
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung QN65Q7F FLAT 65 QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018 available ( Nov 2018 )

LG Electronics SJ8 4.1 Channel Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer 2017 Model

Lg electronics sj8 4. 1 channel sound bar with wireless subwoofer (2017 model)

LG Electronics SJ8 4.1 Channel Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-SJ8-Wireless-Subwoofer

Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    15.40 pounds
Model :    SJ8
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (lg product review) for LG Electronics SJ8 4.1 Channel Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer 2017 Model available ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $449.00 (was $496.99)
  • 24-bit up sampling
  • Spotify connect
  • Cta-certified high resolution audio
  • 1. 5" ultra slim design

lg electronics oled65c7p 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model Price : 2139, was : 2495 as 2018-08-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) Reviewed by on puqus.com

Top lg electronics oled65c7p 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model (television) Content

The F.A.Q. for lg electronics oled65c7p 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model

Great tv. No significant issues so far but there are a few annoyances. . 1. The built in media player is ok but not great. It played most mkv files i had but occasionally it would stutter or i would get the "audio not supported" error. It also refused to display the subtitles for a lot of movies. But on the plus side using the remote pointer to skip through movies is amazing. . 2. The energy saver mode was turned on by default. I spent about 4 hours trying to fix the brightness only to figure out later the energy saving mode overrides all brightness controls. I suspect a lot of people are going to be scratching their head wondering why their movies are pitch black.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on LG-Electronics-OLED65C7P-65-Inch-Ultra

(0) Question: Can i hook up a nintendo wii to this tv? it's a component cable, not composite-not sure if they're both acceptable?

(1) Question: I heard there is different version/quality of this tv, made in mogolia or made in mexco , please advise where this one from

(2) Question: I'm replacing a 50" panasonic plasma set due to the amount of heat it emits. any info on how much heat the c7 puts off would be helpful?

(3) Question: How's the 21ms response time for gaming? its my main concern coming from a 1ms monitor, will it impact my experience?

(4) Question: What is the size of the box it comes in?

(5) Question: I would be using this for gaming is there any major improvements over last years model besides the 120hz refresh rate?

(6) Question: What s the difference between this model and the oled65e7p?

(7) Question: Is this 3d ?

(8) Question: Has anyone experienced any burn in with this new model?

(9) Question: This this tv support hdr10? or just doubly vision?

(10) Question: What kind of hdmi cable should i use for the oled55c7p?

(11) Question: Is glare on the screen a major issue for brighter rooms?

(12) Question: Can you use a blu ray disc player

(13) Question: This model support apple tv 4k ?

(14) Question: Compare lg tv c7p and e7p 55"

(15) Question: This model has a "c" in the model number. previous models with "c" were curved. this isn't curved from what i've read, but i'd like to verify?

(16) Question: Any recommendations on a sound bar (sh7b, sj8, sj9) for this model?

(note) Question: where/how to get Electronics (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Electronics's products

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This tv was part of my 4k upgrade plan. I updated the tv, xbox, ps4, and apple tv. . So far the experience has been really good. The apple tv recognized the new tv right away and configured itself to take advantage of all of the available features. The xbox and ps4 took a little more time to setup because they each use different nomenclature for features than the tv. Plus i had to turn the features on for each connection to the tv, so it was not plug and play. Fortunately both the xbox and ps4 have ways to verbosely test the connection. Once dialed in, everything is fantastic. Games like horizon zero dawn and forza 7 look fantastic. Movies and tv shows are so good, the look like high quality computer renders. Sound quality is great too. Much better than my last tv, and it was pretty good. . The tv was shipped with version 3 of webos, not version 4, which had been out for some time. I asked the tv to look for updates and it never found them. It wasn t until two days later when it finally found the update on its own. After the update, the apple tv recognized the change and made configuration changes to adjust. . A truly great tv, but you will need to dig around its menus and those of your devices to set it up properly. . Oh, and one thing that i almost forgot. When i first started using it, everything was dark. Adjusting the image didn t help. There is an energy saving feature that you have to turn off. Took me a while to find that.

Bestsellers, TelevisionTop Lg Electronics Oled65c7p 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ Content

Best lg electronics oled65c7p 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model (television) in review

This is the first and will not the the last lg oled i will buy. I had been watching oled technology since sony debuted that 11 oled model several years ago. I knew then, that this would be the standard that would define tv s. Well, in comes lg. I was impressed with the 2016 models. I was ready to pull the trigger, but i didn t. I watched the tv unveiling s at the 2017 ces. I knew then this would be the year i invested in a new set. I am not going to bore you with technical aspects of the set. Reviewers have done a good job on that. Whether you watch sports, movies, streaming or regular tv, you will not be disappointed. It s a damn good buy!

Z. Hayward, Pennsylvania

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E. Lisa, Newham says

Set is incredible in every way- picture quality much better than my plasmas (i really didn't know that was the case with these oled sets, ) and the ability to stream 4k/ "dolby vision" is amazing. . But be aware that lg customer service for this set is abysmal. I have a large defect in my screen and have been trying to get them to even -discuss- getting it repaired for a month so far- they dodge, ignore and deflect.

. Sharon, Lorraine

I'd like to call out walt's tv, for an absolutely superb customer experience. I ordered the 2017 lg c8 65 inch which they said they had 2 of in stock. When it turned out they had none left, they offered me a 2018 for the same price. That's mind blowing, they could have easily said "sorry, we are out" and leave it at that, but they went the extra mile. . The tv is great and has been far better reviewed than i can provide. I will make one comment, the upper half of the screen is thinner than your cell phone (the whole screen of this model is really but the bottom half is connected to the brain bucket- can't imagine working with the "wall paper" model). What this means is that the upper half of the screen is delicate. Extremely delicate, in fact, my stand can tilt forward and it caused the screen to flex (thus distorting the picture) and it may even cause the screen to eventually crack. I think we may be at the limit of thinness here. Moving the tv absolutely should be done according to instructions. I rarely read instructions, in this case i was wrong to think "i have this. " use two people to lift and move and lay down (yes you must lay this tv on its face-if you want to install the base). Directly following the instructions. . In summation: wonderful tv, great experience with the seller, and lessons learned about the limits of flexible, expensive technology.

F. Shirley, Kirklees says

I have to say i'm very impressed so far, 4. 5 out of 5. The interface is fluid and intuitive, the picture is crisp and clear, even the remote feels well engineered. . The interface and integrated apps are great but the selection of apps is the only reason i'm marking it down. Its missing hbo, direct tv now, and a few other big names. . The remote has a scroll wheel and accelerators, letting you use a sort of point and click cursor. This was the part i was worried about but its a very easy to use remote, plus i can control my tv stick via hdmi cec through the tv with its remote. . The picture. The picture is amazing. The dark are impossibly dark, even with the lights on. The contrast is amazing, the colors with hdr are amazing. Its literally jaw dropping. I would suggest pairing this with tv bias lighting too. . To top it all off, even the sound on this model is great. I totally heard a bird chirping outside, then realized it was coming from the tv. . Ps: sorry about my potato quality phone picture.

J. Valencia, Leicestershire

Superb tv. Replaces my 10 year old panasonic 50" plasma, which is still excellent, but i wanted a larger and crisper picture. So far, greatly exceeds my expectations, and having the internet interface in the tv instead of a separate box also streamlines viewing. Excellent receiver for over the air watching (never cable household), and netflix, online store prime content streams more seamlessly than my prior setup. Built in speakers are surprisingly good too. Be prepared for a 2 person job to unbox and set up. It's not heavy, but both unwieldy and fragile - read the instructions for unboxing. I live in earthquake country, so bolting the stand was a must. That's rather tricky, as the 2 screw holes are in the base, directly under the screen, requiring you to bolt the base to your stand, then attach the screen to the base, which required a 3d set of hands to attach its 4 small screws. None of it hard, but takes some forethought and a 3d person.

H. Guest, Prince Edward Island says

If you want to buy an lg oled tv in may (or june) of 2018, then the 55" of the c series is the best dollar for dollar value you will find, in my opinion. . 1- the 2018 version (oled55c8pua), costs $650 more.  . The 2018 version is one year further in technology so it should have a slightly higher picture quality, plus this year's "it thing" is the thinq ai processing. Are these 2 improvements worth the extra $650 to you? . . 2- the 2017 e series (oled55e7p), costs $550 more.  lg electronics oled55e7p 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv (2017 model). The e series has a better build quality and aesthetics, and adds a sound bar. Are these 2 slight improvements worth the extra $550 to you? . . 3- the 2017 b series (b073k3lpgf), costs $200 less.  lg electronics oled55b7a 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv (2017 model). This model lacks the dolby atmos sound processing, and the subwoofer. Are these 2 slight downgrades worth the $200 savings to you? . . 4- respective 65" versions costs anywhere from $600-1000 more than the 55" versions. Are the extra 10" worth the extra prices to you? . . Your opinions vary, but to me, the c series is the sweet spot of price, quality, and features. Also remember that each series shares the same oled panel, so the picture quality of the same year's models should be identical. For example, the b and c series look just as good as the e and w series. . Sometimes, online store warehouse would have some sweet deals that costs lower because they're used, but the price difference is worth it if the condition is "like-new. " and even better, sometimes they will throw in a 10% or 20% discount on top of that. There was a deal where this tv cost $1, 000, plus tax. That's amazing. I have tracked the prices of lg's oled tvs ever since they first came out in 2013, and the price holds excruciatingly long, where sometimes 2 years would pass and they would only drop about $500-700. Now that is a crazy monopoly on the oled industry. So whenever there is a sale, you should really have a long, hard look at buying one, because once you go oled, you'll never go back. The picture quality is that amazing. Forget qled and quantum dot technologies, those still can't hold a candle to the incredible picture quality of oleds. Those who have ever owned one or saw one in action will know exactly what i'm talking about. Enjoy!

Q. Neva, Telford and Wrekin

If you're looking for the latest technology in a tv but don't want to spend more than $3k, then this is your tv. This is exactly the criteria i was looking for. It has all the latest features i wanted (oled, hdr, dolby vision, atmos). But in addition, the streaming is surprisingly great (netflix and online store prime), the interface is snappy and easy to navigate, and even the tv speakers are decent. It has a beautiful, clean design which looks great on my tv stand. Watching cable, netflix, or playing games on my ps4 pro, this thing just has perfect picture (using vivid mode for movies/tv and game mode for games). . The only room for improvement might be the remote (which took some getting used to). I did manage to program it to control my contour cable box but it's not very responsive, so i'm using my cable remote. Still, this is definitely the better buy compared to the over-priced sony bravia oled tvs (which use the same screen anyway). And of course, always check out a potential tv in store or at a friend's place, whether you believe the reviews or not!

. Guest, Warwickshire says

The initial funky colors were the result of being in energy saving mode, once that was turned off color and clarity were spectacular. Internet was spotty, so had to hard wire the ethernet connection directly to the tv. Now the applications respond quickly and without lag. Very user friendly interface between having the lg remote with a pointer and a well designed screen. Remote keyboard and mouse would be nice someday. The lg remote doesn't work well with the uverse set top box, so have to use a separate logitech remote for that.

. Powell, Gateshead

First oled. I waited for the price to come down and it did. Maybe the finest tv i've ever owned. All aspects of it are near perfect. Some getting used to the different settings, but worth the effort. Great sound. I listened without my sound bar and it is amazing with surround. Still experimenting.

R. Elizabeth, Maine says

Absolutely the best tv i have ever owned. You will have to try all the dolby sample videos and oled picture galleries to really see the video and hear the audio, then if you find 4k movies that were designed to use the lg oled dolby video and the dolby atmos audio you will be blown away. But even if its a utube video or over the air hd, this is a great general purpose tv and with the webos 3. 5 linux operating system it is a pleasure to use. This has added to my cord cutting experience, netflix, online store prime, ip movies and apps just bring it home, never again will i watch an advertisement, and my lg makes it easy and a fun experience.

. Barbara, Centre

My comments pretty much apply to all the 2017 lg oled sets. The only real differences are in the onboard speaker systems. I have a 5. 1 setup with external amps and speakers, soon to be a dolby atmos upgraded system, so i went for the least expensive option. Online store would not ship to my location in hawaii, so i went to a local big box warehouse store and found it for the same price as online store. . First, the big pro for oled. Once you have the picture tweaked, you have the current state of the art in a consumer display. The image (with good sources) clobbers anything else and is far better than my panasonic plasma from 6-7 years ago. There are a number of caveats that i can offer. . Unpacking: the internal styrofoam pieces that keep the set intact during shipment are a rubic's cube type of puzzle. Unless you document your unpacking process, you'll be forever trying to figure out how to repack, in the event you have to return it for service. Use your smart phone camera and document each step of the unpacking process. And don't throw the shipping materials away. . Assembly: this is a two person job. While you can manage it yourself if you're physically strong, the potential fragility of the glass is worrisome. Take no chances. Get your significant other, teenager, etc. , to help you attach the stand. . Magic remote control: a nightmare. There should a place in hell for designers of graphical user interfaces who design pieces like this. Functions that are normally accessed by designated buttons (menu, guide) are buried in the menu system. To get to the various set up functions you have to hold the mute button for several seconds, then you see a circular swirl of dots, then the menu system comes up. Also, the red cursor that appears on screen and moves around as you physically move the remove, is annoying to use, with the exception of typing in text for search purposes. I found it useful for that function. Equally annoying is the time out required for the onscreen cursor to go away. . The voice recognition function for search functions seems to work in an erratic fashion. I'm withholding judgement at this point. . Image quality and setup: out of the box i found the set disappointing. Images were garish and definitely not lifelike. I experimented with the various settings for brightness, contrast, color, etc. , and reached a point of acceptability. I then did a search on the web and ytube using the phrase 'calibration settings for lg oled tv' and up came a number of tutorial options. The best i found was titled tv calibration by darko. Some sophisticated instrumentation was obviously used in obtaining the settings but they work extremely well. Using the isf dark room or bright room mode, depending on your situation, you can dial in this set yourself. The results are stunning. . After you reach the level of performance these lg oled sets are capable of delivering, you'll be extremely disappointed in how bad off the air, cable or satellite 720 or 1080 hd looks. You'll see all the mis-match on color from channel to channel, mis-matched studio cameras, missed focus on shots, all the evils of compression artifacts. You'll actually wonder if the set has a problem until you look at the crown in 4k from netflix or avatar on bluray. They, and other equally well produced and transferred sources, look jaw dropping and almost 3d at times. . The ability of oled displays to provide equally good image quality over a wide viewing angle is unsurpassed. You can go almost 90 degrees off axis to the point where you can barely see the front of the screen and brightness, contrast, color, are unchanged for practical purposes, from viewing directly head on. . The black levels take some getting use to. You'll never see black levels in a movie theater that match oled, simply because the exit signs and other low level lighting destroy blacks. Lcds with full panel dimming arrays may come close but they don't match oled. Even in a brightly lit room you'll experience unsurpassed black levels. . Conclusion: i gave the set four stars instead of five, due to the remote design and lack of easy access to some functions. Your mileage may vary. Some users will have a very tough time dealing with the remote quirkiness. There have been some complaints regarding lg warranty and support. I have no first hand knowledge. Yet. And hopefully, i won't. But i bought my set from a big box warehouse chain that offers two year warranty on major big ticket tv sets and a 90 day return policy. If you buy online, i'd suggest buying an extended warranty. . There have also been complaints about image burn (logos that are on the screen constantly). Plasma sets suffered from the same issue but for different technical reasons. The lg sets have options in the menu to reduce or eliminate burn in. I use them, so far, so good. . With good sources, simply the best images i've ever seen. . Update january 2018. After two months with this set i couldn't be happier. I use the pixel processing function a couple of times a week and doing so i have absolutely no trace of image burn that some complain about. After dialing in the advanced settings slightly, oled is simply the best television display i've ever experienced. I've gotten use to the remote and with all of the apps (online store, netflix, hudu, cbsn, etc) that are native in the set, i can't image any need for apple tv or other streaming box. . My comments regarding poor source material (garbage in/garbage out) stills stands. However, when presented with clean 1080 material , the upconversion quality is the best i've seen, far better than my second generation samsung uhd set.

. Julia, Nottingham says

I've had this tv for a little over six months now, and i have to admit, even today i am gobsmacked by the clarity of the picture, the vividness of the color, the depth of the blacks, and even the quality of the audio (lack of stereo separation aside. ) i only regretted my purchase for an hour or so after i first got it, for a very specific, peculiar, and correctable reason. . I bought this tv to use in the dual role of a tv and as a computer display. It's gorgeous no matter if it's viewed from my office chair about four or five feet away, or from the couch on the other side of the room. However, out of the box, the image falls well short of the panel's potential. Here's the secret. . By default, the picture settings on this tv are horrendous. I'm sure they have been optimized to look good under the harsh glare of retail lighting, connected to a crappy, ten year old, 720p av distribution amp, where the biggest, brightest, crispest picture wins. In your living room though it's a totally different ballgame. . The picture settings have a lot of "enhancements" turned on by default that may or may not help a low-quality source look "better", but absolutely destroys 1080p source, and what it does to 4k should be considered a crime. Most of these "enhancements" are hold-overs from the analog days, the prime offender being edge enhancement, aka "sharpness". . Now, of course we want the picture to be sharp. Back in the good old days of 480i you could make the picture look marginally clearer by artificially boosting the contrast of edges, hence the existence of this setting. Today this makes absolutely zero sense. The source is already ludicrously sharp, and applying edge enhancement on top of a high-quality source creates a glowing "halo" around high-contrast elements. This looks simply awful, giving everything a glowing outline like text on a badly compressed jpg. After killing this one setting the picture quality easily jumps by a solid 10-15%, which is no small feat considering that it's already pretty darn great, but there are more gains to be had. . Turns out most tvs aren't giving you the whole picture. Literally. Instead, they scale up the image a bit and crop off the outer edges. Again, in the old days of analog sources this made sense, because the extreme edges of the picture rarely contained anything of value, and often suffered distortion of various kinds. Cutting that distortion off removed distraction, and arguably increased overall enjoyment. Today? utterly stupid. Not only do you lose important interface elements if you're using the tv as a computer monitor, but scaling a digital source on a non-crt display means you create really bad aliasing. This manifests as a "shimmer" or "crawl" along edges, particularly when something at an angle pans across screen. It's immensely distracting and completely avoidable. Setting the aspect ratio to "original" and "just scan" to "on" in picture settings cures this. . There are a good dozen other settings that should be tweaked for the best image. By default the image is not displaying the true colors of the source: "color temperature" must be set to "0"; there are a good half-dozen algorithmic "enhancements" like dynamic contrast, dynamic color, and "true motion" that create weird artifacts; brightness/contrast are boosted by default which ruins the gorgeous true blacks of oled, hdr needs to be enabled on a per-input basis, etc. . However, after rolling up your sleeves and brutally murdering every ine "enhancement" that lg decided to turn on by default, the natural beauty of this amazing panel and a 4k source (or even 1080p source) shine through in an utterly jaw-dropping way. The minor inconvenience of having to spend the first day or so tweaking settings for optimal picture aren't even worth knocking off a half-star for, but they are worth knowing about and adjusting. Now you know, so you're golden!

A. Shawna, Idaho says

Replaced our 10 year old plasma which was the best in its day. The picture is absolutely stunning and all the modern features that you expect. I like the thin black border rather than the clear (picture on glass). This sets off the image rather than seeing the wall behind through the edge of the tv. . You would have to spent two to three times as much to even get comparable performance from other brands. That makes this a great value for a high end tv.

. Colleen, Kansas

Love this 4k tv - i use it for editing - so i watch it close up - 3 feet - very sharp, bright, awesome - no wonder cnet gave it the best ever rating. It replaces my favorite hd panasonic plasma - and kicks it's $ - the blacks are as black as the edges and much brighter. Beautiful hdr and 4k. This kicks the hell out of my sony hd lcd - sorry lcds do not compare with oleds - period.

I. Isabel, Saarland says

Beautiful lg oled television that seems to do everything pretty well, like you should expect. Reminds me of my old (deceased) samsung plasma 1080p. The oled picture is realistic and you don't think about the picture, which is a good thing. The ability to have total absolute black is stunning. I currently also have a samsung 4k led, of which i have been disappointed. . Pros for the lg oled. - realistic picture most of the time, it is rather subjective, but i find the oled to be more natural, the 4k led looks more noticeably artificial. The samsung has more of a video game rendered look, or the soft filter look. - viewing angles much better than samsung led. The 4k samsung picture deteriorates radically the further the viewing angle, which is very annoying and pretty unacceptable. - black screen "color" is very impressive, since the screen is essentially turned off. It isn't essential, but is very cool to see. Led's have gotten much better at black levels also, but the pure black oled effect is stunning. - motion is quite good, i just do not notice many issues. Not noticing is good. - very nice remote control. The minimalist samsung remote is cool, but lg's "magic" remote is simply more useful and can be used just like a wii controller. - front of the television is beautifully designed, the screen itself incredibly thin, no logo on the screen at all . Very good stand, sturdy simple functional aluminum. Not a toy like stand like many leds. - lg default color/picture choices are decent. I find the default color settings on the samsung televisions i've had to be bizarre and you have to customize. - seems to display/ play all common hdr formats, including all internet sources except old flash. Samsung doesn't support everything. - sound is decent and solid but will benefit from being hooked up to a stereo system. . Oled cons. - black shadows seem out if balance, scenes in shadow seem too dark. In real life the human eye adjusts to low light levels in a few seconds, the television doesn't behave the same way and leaves many scenes too dark. May often be too dark overall, but you can adjust the settings from the lower energy settings. - glare is okay but glare is more apparent when the picture is very dark. Most 4k tvs seem to have changed their anti glare tactics, because they do not want to filter the sharpness of the screen, so the glare is worse than older sets. - sound syncing issues with some situations, depends. My cable box sometimes has a sync issue when i use the optical out to the stereo. I read that some have problems with their soundbars out of sync. I do not have a soundbar. - back of the television is white plastic for some reason, will look dirty over time, and the designers did not put any effort into the basic cord input placement/ management. The back needs a redesign, to at least help you hide the cables. . I've not had the tv long, so i don't know about burn in issues, but there is an image erasure application if you look through the settings, similar to what some plasmas tvs' used to have. I love this tv so far, to me the higher cost is worth it compared to still paying $500+ for a tv with many flaws. I have not had any problems so far, but i am not surprised that consumers complain loudly when something goes wrong since these oled's are expensive. . My "magic remote" stopped fully working after 10 days, but lg replaced it quickly once i was able to get in contact. Live contact on their website eventually worked.

K. Nicole, Schleswig-Holstein

Very glad i spent the extra money to buy this top of the line lg oled tv. With cancer in my life for the third time, i don't know if i will ever have another chance to own something so awesome as this tv. 4k uhd is very cool in it's own right but combining it with the state of the art lg organic light emitting diode technology and it is unsurpassed in picture quality. And the use of a center stand rather than separate small stands at each end of the tv makes it easy to place on a much narrower table. And just one more cool note about this tv. It is about the same thickness as my cel phone. "awesome" just "awesome"!

B. Reed, Wakefield says

This oled display is amazing. The blacks are pure black and the grayscale and colors are beautiful. I m driving this with an apple tv 4k and a belkin ultra high speed hdmi cable (av10175bt2m-blk). Dolbyvision will show off this tv best. . I was concerned about the sound, but the oled55c7p has a great audio system much better than my 2010 samsung. The aluminum stand is also very nice. . Even the remote is impressive and i m using it to control my tivo roamio. . This oled display has spoiled me. The hdr and dolbyvision make 4k shine. If you don t have a great 4k input, you won t see the best of this tv.

P. Mays, New York

It's taking me some time to figure out how everything works with the remote, but holy bat-guano. This is almost as profound as the difference between an old-school crt and first gen plasma! . . Brilliant color, contrast, and speed! holy freaking wow!

Y. Pearson, South Gloucestershire says

The first time i saw an oled tv was in a local best buy a few months back and what i saw absolutely blew me away. I could never imagine a tv that can achieve perfect blacks while remaining bright and vivid where needed. When i went back home and tried watching something on my samsung ks8000 i simply could not enjoy it anymore because the picture quality was so vastly inferior, i just had to have an oled. I almost pulled the trigger on a 2016 model until i read that the 2017 models were coming out soon so i decided to wait and boy did my patience pay off. Not only does this tv somehow manage to display even deeper blacks, it's also brighter and more colorful. Motion blur is virtually non existent on any media and the input lag is so low that even competitive shooters like overwatch and battlefield play perfectly and look absolutely gorgeous. The picture quality brings out even the smallest details, it truly feels like you're looking through a window sometimes. I can't think of anything negative to say about this tv. I would still recommend waiting for the price to go down a bit, but i regret absolutely nothing and i am completely happy that i got this tv.

V. Hannah, Salford

What an amazing product. With all the modern technological developments it is an unexpected experience for just a tv to take your breath away. . But you will need a sound bar or home theater sound system, the built-in speaker is totally inadequate. It comes with (virtually) no owner's manual. However an extensive guide and troubleshooting is built in, although you would not be able to access it without basic setup completed.

T. Lorenz, Milton Keynes says

This is a great tv with exceptional picture quality and clarity. I got this tv that was replacing a vizio 60 in m series tv from 2014; i like the old tv as it has good picture quality but this one beats that tv in every department. From picture quality to ease of use and connectivity. I have the tv hooked to an onkyo receiver that does the job of powering my klipsch speakers and polk audio subwoofer. I use xbox, ps4, google chrome, apple tv and a android tv box and the receiver had all the ports that would let me do what i needed to do. After getting this tv i moved most of my hdmi ports to the tv because of beautiful integration options and the lg remote works with apple tv and ps4. . The tv is esthetically pleasing, has a glossy screen and provides great picture quality for my well lit room. It does a good job of reducing glare to which i had to tilt the old tv a bit to reduce. I am very happy with my purchase and if you are planning on buying, so would you be.

O. Monique, Worcestershire

Last year, i gave all 2016 oleds five star reviews because each model provided the same fast operating system and excellent oled display, the differences mostly depending on appearances and pricing. The same concept applies in 2017, where another year has arrived bringing with it a new series of hdr 4k capable lg oleds, all sharing the same updated operating system and providing the latest updated oled display. Pending some sort of recall or manufacturing error, every 2017 out of the box improves on last years models in different and subtle ways. So the question isn't whether or not 2017 oleds are five star tv's (which they are), the main questions really are what's new, and is it worth your money? first and foremost, let me say that unlike my review on 2016 models last year (of which i am a current 65 in e6 owner) where i stressed to wait for a 2016 model, the same recommendation doesn't apply with the 2017 oled models. The reason being that 2016 improved greatly on 2015 models all across the board, while 2017 oleds may have improved in most aspects but not enough to outdate or make last year's models irrelevant. . Having followed oleds for years now and watching pricing trends and sales over time, it is clear that the last 1-2 years have been the best times to buy an oled. One of the first 65 in oleds ranged between $9, 000-$11, 000, where as now you can get a 2016 65in b6 for less than $3, 000 if its on sale. So when making an oled purchase, it is important to know the type of media you plan to play on the tv, the price range you are willing to spend, and know whether or not you are willing to wait until the end of the year sales. These questions will determine whether or not a 2016 model will work for you, and if you do choose to purchase a 2017 oled, which model to purchase between the b7, c7, e7, g7, or w7. Just a note, all 2017 models share the same display and processor, so pricing differences really have to do with differences in sound and overall outer aesthetics. Also, the b7, c7, and e7 will come in 55 and 65 inch models, g7 and w7 will come in 65 and 77 inch. All models no longer have 3d integration and the c7 is no longer curved but improves on materials compared to the b7. Also it is important to note that sony's and panasonic's oled models being released this year were provided their oled display panel by lg since not many are aware. . Changes and improvements. . Picture- 2017 models have been reported to reach 99 percent of the dci color space. I am not sure what improvement or difference this has over the 2016 oled lineup which featured colorprime pro technology. This allowed 2016 oleds to display 99% of the dci-p3 expanded range of colors for better true to cinema visuals. I've yet to find information on what difference there is, but if i find more information i will update this review. For comparision the older 2015 models only covered less than 90% of dci-p3 which really affected their abilities to play hdr content in the first place. In person, i see no discernable difference on a 65 inch w7 model compared to my e6, but again, this was tv displayed loop media, and it would help if a 2016 oled was playing side by side for comparison. . Brightness- a big reason 2015 tv's had a hard time playing hdr content (beside the color spectrum) was the sustained and peak brightness levels. 2015 models could only reach 370 nits when pushed. 2016 models met the criteria for ultra hd premium which required at least a 540 nits peak brightness and less than 0. 0005 nits black level. Rtings website has a great breakdown on a variety of tv's sustained and peak brightness levels. According to them 2016 models can reach levels as high as 652 nits. For 2017, released specs state that this year's oleds can reach peak levels of 1000 nits in brightness which really helps with hdr content. Although other tv models and technologies are able to produce brightness levels easily above 1000 nits, lg oled's ability to decrease black levels in individual pixels to virtually off levels, while displaying rich and vibrant color images, creates enough contrast to generate superb hdr images and video. For reference on my 2016 oled, i find myself turning down oled brightness when watching tv at night, and find the brightness level perfect for days. The increased peak brghtness in 2017 should really improve hdr visual effects rather than make overall tv viewing brighter which i find is bright enough on 2016 models. . Hdmi ports- another reason that 2017-2016 are superior to older oled models have to do with the introduction of hdmi 2. 0a. Hdmi 2. 0a allows 4k content at 50-60fps and ability to play hdr content by hdmi. Both 2017 and 2016 have only 2. 0a hdmi ports. Older hdmi ports (ver. 1. 4) on previous 4k tv's were able to play 4k, but only at half the frames and without the ability to play hdr content. If you follow technology trends, there has been a new announcement on a new hdmi cable and version 2. 1. This hdmi version allows for 4k media to play at 120fps (which only pc's can really pull off), ability to transmit 8k and 10k media (depending where you read 60-120fps), vrr game mode providing better refresh rates, less lag/stutter using a 3d graphics processor to display images in real time, earc, an upgrade to current arc (audio return channel) with ability to play dolby true hd, dts hd, dolby atmos, and dts:x, and the ability to play dynamic hdr through hdmi. Where as current hdr tv's are only able to play hdr10 through hdmi (i'll talk on lg in a bit), this hdmi 2. 1 allows for dynamic hdr to be played by hdmi sources. Hdr10 works by applying one set of hdr rules across the entire movie or episode, where as dynamic hdr can change settings and hdr rule sets from scene to scene, thus the word dynamic. Though many tv aficionados have stated that it would be better to wait until 2018 or as soon as mid 2017 when hdmi 2. 1 is incorporated into tv's, in reality the changes allowed by hdmi version 2. 1 should not have any impact for more than 90% of people for many years. However, you must decide if it is better to wait until mid 2017 to 2018 to upgrade. . Hdr- although the 2015 introduced hdr to lg oleds, 2016 was really the year that you could take hdr on an oled seriously. Between the increased color spectrum and improved brightness, 2016 was really when lg oleds shined and showed off their true potential with hdr10 and dolby vision sources. In 2017, hdr in oleds has changed in that it is now able to play two new hdr technologies which are hlg and tecnicolor. Neither have any content currently available, and lg has already stated that they will bring hlg to 2016 models through firmware update, though no word on technicolor. Another change is the introduction of "active hdr", which is supposed to improve hdr10 sources and mimic the dynamic properties of how dynamic hdr works. As stated above, hdmi 2. 1 introduces dynamic hdr by hdmi to tv's, however, lg is the only major tv company (not sure on vizio) that has a leg up on the competition by having the dolby vision hdr chip embedded on 2016 and 2017 models, which is and will continue to be for the time being the most widely recognized and used dynamic hdr available. As of march 2017, there has been an announcement that dolby vision will become available through software to a number of devices through software update, where previously the only way to get dv hdr was through an embedded chip. According to the announcement, a number of non 4k devices will be able to get the hdr upgrade, including the non 4k ps4 through an hdmi 1. 4 cable. Some games and apps have already received the hdr treatment on such devices just not in 4k, however, it has yet to be seen if there is a difference in image processing between the chip vs. Software. Nonetheless, i have seen some shows on both my xbox s and directly from the tv app menu to compare shows in hdr10 and dolby vision (marco polo, daredevil), and i can clearly see the advantage of dolby vision where hdr properties change from scene to scene, rather than have one set of rules which excel only in certain scenes or with certain visual effects. Although other tv companies may be able to get the dv software through an update as previously announced, lg's for the time being have a leg up on the competition with dv support on its integrated tv apps such as netflix and vudu when the content is available. At ces this year, lionsgate, universal, and other studio companies announced that they will be releasing movies in dolby vision hdr combined with lg's new uhd bluray player which will have dv playback abilities, 2017 oleds will have a lot more content to showcase their capabilities by the end of this year. . Operating system- i can't honestly say that i've had a chance to experiment with the new webos 3. 5 as the in store model did not have a tv remote, but if it improves even slightly to 2016's webos 3. 0, it can only be a great thing. Webos 3. 0 was amazing to me in terms of speed and response time. Coming from an older 2012 lg led and as a current roku 3, ps4, and xbox s owner, i was very impressed with the tv's os speed and ability to handle native entertainment apps. I have not configured all channel (which is supposed to keep things organized for ota channels or cable/satellite), but similar to my xbox s, the tv's is able to open multiple entertainment apps very quickly, all while saving your "place" which makes switching back and forth through different apps quick and seamless. The fact that the tv's remote has an integrated magic mouse which appears onscreen by moving your remote is an added bonus. I am sure that 2017 models will also have the same feature as 2016 remotes which included a microphone to be able to search for shows and channels just like a roku. . Advantages- besides the changes and improvements mentioned above, the integration of atmos dolby sound integration is an important improvement from an audio perspective using the tv's soundbar, however any tv owner can just buy a dedicated av receiver and sound system of their choice if playing the newest audio codecs are important to you. The other major improvement has to be the new w7 model which looks incredible. It is literally a wallpaper oled which hugs to wall and barely sticks out! the w7 is truly a marvel to stare at, especially when mounted to a clear glass display instores which really lets you appreciate how amazingly thin this tv is. The other advantage for 2017 oleds will be the starting price for b7 (tba) or c7 models, which are competitively priced and better than starting prices in the past. Remember, all models have the same visuals, so the increase in price from is really about how much nicer your tv looks on the outside. . Disadvantages to 2017- i waited until 2017 oleds were announced at ces prior to pulling the trigger on a 2016 oled, and for me, the biggest factor for choosing a 2016 was the lack of 3d across all models in 2017 models. For many, lack of 3d does not really affect your decision making in a tv and is considered a gimmick by many, but as a 3d fan for years and owner of various 3d blurays, watching 3d blurays on my 2016 oled is an amazing experience that i would not want to give up. First off, lg uses passive 3d technology which enables each eye to handle a different 3d image, both combining together to create the 3d effect. I have always enjoyed passive over active 3d (which gives me a headache), and it is a simpler (and cheaper) technology to use. Needless to say, i was excited to try 3d on my 2016 oled, and was blown away at how amazing 3d movies look on it. The 3d from 2016 oleds change 3d blurays from an eye-straining and forced gimmick to a visually gratifying and fluent alternative to watching your favorite blurays at home. My 2016 oled has an "auto" setting under 3d which i feel has greatly improved the 3d effect in all movies i've watched, especially when compared to my 2012 led lg tv which had ghosting depending on what scene you played. The other more important disadvantage to 2017 models is pricing on the higher end models. As of right now, msrp prices for a 55in 2017 e7 oleds starts at $4, 500, while the 65 inch version starts at $6, 000. I found a great deal this year after the ces announcements and purchased a new 65in e6 for exactly $2950 (note: i only purchased an e6 instead of a b6 since 3d was lacking in b6 models last year). For me, it made complete sense paying less for a tv that can do 90% of a 2017 oled and still be able to play 3d. Lastly for w7 owners, the inability to mount the tv on an actual moveable mount can be a bit of an issue. With my current 2016 oled which i have on wall mounted on a sanus vlf525 (using an adapter kit from sanus), i really appreciate the ability to move my tv and adjust viewing angles side to side, and also up and down tilt depending on where i watch tv. I think that wall mounting any oled is a great idea, however mounting it flush and flat to a wall without tilt or turning ability needs to be thought out carefully. . Why choose a c7: between the different models available, unlike last year, the c series does not come in curved, and is instead flat screened as the rest of the 2017 lineup. The c7 $3500 and $5000 prices for 55 and 65 inch models respectively are currenly the most affordable models in the 2017 oled lineup, definitely more affordable than the higher priced models. And don't forget that shortly after release last year, b6 and c6 prices saw a price drop of $500-$1000 dollars which be an even better bargain. For comparison, current b6/c6 prices are $2000 (55in) and $3000 (65 in). What will be different between the b7 and c7? according to trustedreviews, the main difference between the two have to do with the stand itself and outer screen bezel. While the c7 will feature a premium "alpine" stand and two toned bezel, the b7 should feature a "crescent" stand and simpler bezel design. The main difference i can see is that the c7 stand looks like an upside down v, being held up by two points lengthwise, while the b7 seems to have a more traditional, flat stand design. I have not seen the bezel difference close up or by picture. In terms of price difference, according to trustedreviews, it seems as if the european prices are the same for either a b7 or c7, which means that lg will sell both for the same price as bottom tier and affordable 2017 oled options, leaving the buying decision for customers up to personal preferences instead. Since the main differences between all models have to do with outer looks and sound integrated sound systems, i can see both the c7 and b7 being the oled of choice for those planning to buy a 2017 oled. . To conclude, i'd like to say that i feel that 2016 was a great year in terms of improvement, value, features, and aesthethic appeal. Even calling it the signature line made you feel that the 2016 oleds were and continue to be a premium product. For 2017, lg has continued the trend of improving on a winning formula with a newer and better lineup, but by a smaller margin compared to other years. Even the os upgrade to 3. 5 instead of 4. 0 shows that lg was aiming to improve but not innovate this year's oleds. If 2016 oleds are all five star products, 2017 leaves the same impression with added bells and whistles. Either way, you can't wrong with either a 2016 or 2017 oled, but it really depends on your tv needs, requirements, and budget. I hope this breakdown is able to help those with questions on which lg oled is right for them, and below i've put together some more information on similarities and differences between all 2017 models in terms of specs, features, pricing, and more. . 2017 specifications and information:. . For 2017, different styles are similar to 2016 models with the exception of the w7 which is the new "paper on wall" oled that has to be mounted on the wall using a thin magnet. The rest of the differences relate to styling. Here's a rundown. . * b7: crescent stand, "blade slim" look. * c7: premium aluminum stand and bezel (note, no longer curved). * e7: picture-on-glass design with integrated sound bar (similar to 2016 e6), soundbar not removeable. * g7: picture-on-glass design with foldable integrated sound bar stand that doubles as a wall mount (similar to 2016 g6). * w7: ultra-thin picture-on-wall design with separate sound bar, has to be wall-mounted using a thin magnetic sheet. . 2017 similarities-. Inputs - hdmi x 4 (hdcp 2. 2, version 2. 0a, 3 usb, 1 rf in (antenna/cable), 1 composite in, 1 component in, 1 ethernet, 1 optical, 1 rs232c (mini jack), . Operating system - webos 3. 5, . Power (voltage, hz) - 120vac 50-60hz, on standby less than 0. 5w. Sound (e7, g7 (65in), w7) - 4. 2 channels, output power 60w, subwoofer 20w. . Differences-. B7 55 in- msrp tba, 1. 9 in thick (8. 9in w/stand), 35. 7 lbs (43 w/stand), vesa 300x200. B7 65 in- msrp $4950 (at costco. Com as of 04/17), 1. 9 in thick (8. 9 w/stand), 49. 8 lbs (57. 1 lbs w/stand), vesa 300x200. . C7 55 in- msrp $3500, 1. 8in thick (8. 5in w/stand), 38. 1 lbs (42. 3 w/stand), vesa 300x200. C7 65 in- msrp $5000, 1. 8in thick (8. 5in w/stand), 50. 3 lbs (54. 5 w/stand), vesa 300x200. . E7 55in- msrp $4500, 2. 2in thick (6. 9in w/stand), 37. 7 lbs (40. 8lbs w/stand), vesa 400x200. E7 65in- msrp $6000, 2. 4in thick (7. 7in w/ stand), 46. 79lbs (50. 9 w/stand), vesa 300x300, . . G7 65in- msrp $7000, 2. 7in thick mounted (9. 6 w/stand down), 69. 9lbs, vesa 600x300. G7 77in- msrp tba, 3. 3in thick (12. 5 w/ stand down), 119. 3lbs, vesa 600x300, sound is 80w (40w woofer). . W7: 65in- msrp $8000, wall mount only, 0. 2in thick, 16. 8 lbs, av audio box dimension 49. 6" x 3. 1" x 7. 8" (22. 7lb). W7: 77in- msrp tba, wall mount only, 0. 2in thick, 27. 1 lbs, av audio box dimensions 57. 5" x 3. 3" x 8. 2" (28lbs)

N. Maria, Buckinghamshire says

Beautiful tv, paper thin, lightweight and easy to use. I was able to install on bracket i had used for a smaller flat screen, but this tv was much lighter and worked well. Yes, it was very expensive but i did a lot of research before making my decision. My hope is the tv is durable and long lasting so it includes enough future tech that it should serve me very well for years. It was white glove delivered to the house within a few days of ordering. I asked them to unpack it for me to inspect it. I did the mounting myself which was super simple, just needed an extra hand. Picture is great.

S. Rose, Australian Capital Territory

After reading countless reviews, i finally decided to purchase a c7p over sony's oled tvs. As a filmmaker who works with 8k and 4k resolution content, this is an absolutely amazing screen to view your content on. The contrast and black levels are absolutely perfect. When content fades in and out, it truly appears as if the tv has turned off. It is just amazing to see for yourself and watch past work on. I also have to mention that it could absolutely be used as a grading or reference monitor for rec709/rec2020. The colors are unbelievably accurate out of the box (i have a flanders scientific and eizo to compare it to) and lg gives you a ton of ways to adjust the picture quality through their intuitive menu system. I was a bit skeptical about hdr, but it is truly been unbelievable for gaming when your going from light to dark environments such as in call of duty ww2 or in unchartered 4. For gamers, it is a 120hz panel, so this is worth the extra cash over the lg b7. If i could find one negative to this tv, i would have to say that i wish they had a bigger model that was not so expensive. The 65 is great, but i think a larger panel would just make the experience a lot more immersive. Hopefully, they can bring some of 4k and hdr tech to their projector systems in the future. In summary, i would completely recommend this tv if you are are a movie fanatic, gamer, or someone that greatly appreciates image quality.

Top electronics ultra hd smart oled Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

T. Wanda, Colorado says

It's hit or miss when it comes to oled tvs. I was unlucky with the first one i received, it had terrible vertical banding dead smack in the middle of the panel. Three bars which were about 3" thick were visible during pans and in darker scenes. The replacement i received has a thin vertical band to the right of the panel, but it's thin, and not nearly as noticeable. Just know that you're playing a lottery when you're ordering oled tvs, but in the end, they offer the best picture quality for the money . If you're lucky.

C. Benton, Arizona

I am only giving 2 stars until lg downloads a fix for the sound which become unsynchronized from the picture. Very annoying to see an image or person speaking and the sound coming out of their mouth not in sync with the mouth. I was told by lg product support that they are working on a firmware fix and it should be downloaded the week of 12-18-2017. However, the image is tremendous. I like the fact that with oled you can view from an off angle. With my older samsung i would have to pan the screen left or right depending on where i was sitting.

. Perez, Wyoming says

I own a lot of lg products. Note: i purchased this one from b&h not online store. This is the first one that ever required warranty service, so this is a new experience for me in that department. Maybe some of you would be interested in this warranty process because, who knows, you might be one of those 2% who have a problem with this tv. . The problem: the screen develops a stress crack at the top center after about 35 days. The solution: repairs will take 20-30 days. A local outfit needs to order the parts and then they come out and do the repair at your home. . I contacted lg and asked for a replacement instead of a repair because of the age of the tv. They refused my request based on lg company policy. So basically you pay for a new tv and get a refurbished one. . As i mentioned, the odds are against this happening to you but buy enough lg products, especially a high end, leading edge tv like this one and you will eventually get to experience this for yourself. For me, this will be my last lg purchase. . Update:. Lg has refused to service the tv under warranty due to hairline crack. Tv was handled, per the instructions, right down to gloves and "palming" when lifting, avoiding any touch of screen but cannot prove. The replacement screen costs over $3000. This appears to be a somewhat rare problem with this tv according to b&h. They sold 200 of them and had 2 returns. Makes a wonderful coffee table. . Update 2. Conclusion: the tv was absolutely installed correctly and not touched again after installation. We installed it without touching the screen and supported it on the bottom when installing per instructions. I am a retired facilities manager at stanford university and have installed numerous flat screens without incident. This particular tv worked for over a month. I believe the tv had beginnings of a hairline crack when we received it. It most likely developed further from expansion and contraction of the glass over the course of the month and a half. Of course, none of that is provable without further examination which lg says they will not do. On top of that they will not even put anything in writing stating their reasons for denying my warranty claim. . Pictures 4 guy: i had to shine a small spotlight on the crack in the second picture to reveal it. The service technician that came out to verify the "physical damage" said lg is absolute worst in customer service and best is toshiba. Btw, toshiba just came out with their new qled series.

. Rochelle, Northern Territory

Let me start off by addressing the obvious: this has been the best looking display i have ever come across. The real problem is that it was too good to be true and definitely not worth the soon to come headaches. I had ordered this tv one sunday evening, by monday it was delivered to me. Understandably, i was super excited and set up the tv right away. From monday all the way until wednesday evening i was an extremely satisfied customer. Picture quality was immaculate, deepest blacks i have ever witnessed. That ended after a mere 3 days of ownership. The display suddenly went dark. I thought it was a glitch or maybe the input needed to be changed. That night, no matter what i tried, nothing would work. I would turn the tv on and off and nothing. I cycled through every single input i have and still nothing. Power is definitely reaching the unit as the small led light blinks when i turn it on and off but the display itself has gone completely black. I tried looking for support online but apparently i am a foolish early adopter. I had no choice but to reach out to lg for a solution. Maybe they knew some sort of hard reset sequence or could send a signal digitally to manually in order to fix things. Sadly that was not the case. The service rep told me my motherboard is fried and they would have to send a repair tech to me. It has literally been a week since this incident and i am still awaiting the tech to take a look at the tv. The best part is that i was told the tech may not have a solution on the spot or may need replacement parts and i would have to wait to make another appointment after the fact. I have never had such a terrible buying experience ever! online store was not able to offer any solutions since they tried blaming the seller. The seller refused to do anything because i threw out the box. Lg's service by far has been subpar to say the least. Regardless of all that. No one should have to spend thousands of dollars on a tv that will only last 3 days and deal with all of this! i know you may be thinking that i was unlucky and ended up with a defective unit. Well, after days of convincing a friend of mine to purchase the same tv, he came over, saw the display and immediately placed his order. About 7-8 days later (knowing everything i have been through) the sound on all of his hdmi inputs stopped working altogether. Seems like another faulty motherboard/inferior parts in regards to the inside. We are beginning to think that lg rushed a product to market for competitive reasons but cut costs on the innards. Avoid at all costs!

Y. Monique, Leicestershire says

This oled tv is prone to burn in and it will burn in after 6 months and lg will not cover under warranty.

A. Alma, Texas

Buyers beware! . I have purchased this tv in april 2017. After 5 months of casual use of 2 - 4 hrs a day, watching variius cable channels, the tv developed a slight ghost image, displaying a faint outline of a logo of cable networks. I have contacted the lg service department and they have sent an engineer to inspect the screen. . Engeneer diagnosed is as a image burn ( just from casual use ! ), and advised me i should contact customer service. He informed me that while image burn isn't covered by warranty, the customer services have a ability to do something as a discretionary service. . After prolonged back and forth with lg representatives, i was blutly told that lg will not stand by it's product, and it will not repair or replace it. So basically i have a 3000 usd tv, which is useless only after 5 months. . Please do a research before buying any of lg tvs. Poor quality, severe problems with image burn and the company is a absolute nightmare to deal with in terms of repairs. Not only they do not stand by their products, knowing full well they selling a dud, but they also treat they customers with disdain. Based of my personal experiences, and the amount of money this company cost me to date, it is my opinion that lg tvs should be avoided at all cost!

N. Donna, Pennsylvania says

Don't trust any oleds coming from lg. These junkers won't even last you one year. The left half of the tv will randomly turn a slight darker tint than the right half. Sometimes for a split second, sometimes for a lot longer.

X. Guest, Idaho

The lg oled tv is very susceptible to image burn if you watch any stations with banners or static logos (cnn, cnbc, fox, msnbc, etc). The burned in image is permanent and lg will not warranty this defect. Do not buy until they overcome this problem. My set is only 6 months only and the display is basically ruined with burn-in streaks and permanent burn-in logos.

V. Kristen, Lambeth says

 the tv arrived at my apartment and was set up on november 15, 2017. I had a solid week of experience with the tv, and the picture is amazing. After a week, the picture started to take anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes to come on after hitting the power button (the sound always came on right away). Eventually, it got so bad that the picture would never appear. Turns out the power supply was bad, and so that got swapped out by an authorized lg tech under the warranty (december 5, 2017). I am hoping i don't have any other issues with the tv because the picture is great. . *update 6/3/18* tv is acting up again with the same issue. The picture is taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to come on after hitting the power button (the sound always came on right away). Added video to review.

E. Theola, Ontario

Hdmi connections cause lag between audio and video, some hdmi ports do not work. Video also blacks out periodically. Have to unplug and replug in hdmi cable. Great picture but pointless given other issues.

H. Gloria, Herefordshire says

Pros:. . Blacks are unbeatable with oled! the viewing angle quality is top notch. Motion is decent. Lg webos 3. 5 is great! sound is surprisingly good for a flat screen tv. The tv's build quality is very good! . . Cons:. . For the price, this tv is not worth it. . Everyone focuses on black with oled, but the white uniformity is horrible on this tv! i got two units, both had strong yellow tint on left side of screen, about 8" of the left side. The second unit even had a pink tint on the lower right middle that spanned out to middle of the screen. I don't know it is is just the c7 65" models, but both the june and august builds had this. I wasted a lot of time because of this defect. Other avsforum users reported this issue as well. Lg cannot expect to charge people for defects like this. I honestly wouldn't keep this tv if they gave me half off with this defect. This was very noticeable on most content, especially hockey or anything with semi-solid backgrounds. I am not talking about light/brightness variation, i am talking about a yellow tint, that changes the color of part of the screen content, which is more distracting than any type of backlight bleed or brightness uniformity issue. Then you have the banding issue that can be seen on darker content. It had this, like all do. This honestly didn't bother me much like it does for most of the internet hdtv oled enthusiasts. Color and contrast is surprisingly not really that good too. This tv on comcast xfinity x1 looks very washed out and blurry. Hdr content is darker compared to hdr on other hdr led tvs. Last firmware version completely crushed black level, so 5% gray is now black (oled pixels are off). . Summary:. . Don't buy until lg can fix their oled manufacturing process so that whites become white and colors are consistent across the screen!

. Alba, Bexley

Unfortunately many of these models have terrible lip sync issues, which lg has not acknowledged. Do a google search for lg oled c7 or b7 lip sync problems and you'll see the av forums are filled with people having problems with the lip sync not working. The tv has settings to help with this, but unfortunately they don't work - and i've tried them all. I love the picture quality of this tv, but lip sync issues render it unwatchable. If lg were to address this problem, i'd rate the tv a five, but unfortunately i have to return it.

U. Campbell, Nord-Pas-de-Calais says

Horrible warranty service. First, the single star is not because of the picture quality. It's because the tv stopped working. I enjoyed the tv tremendously for just over six months, then two weeks ago it simply stopped working. Manufacturer's warranty issue, right? well, i called lg customer service almost every day for the last two weeks without being any closer to a resolution! my case was/is even elevated to the "executive service team", but even with that lg has not been able to sucessfully schedule a technician to visit! to be continued.

G. Lindsey, Alberta

I purchased this tv using online store pay. It is the best tv i have ever had, except after 3 months i saw a vertical blue bar on the right side of the screen. I called lg customer service and they directed me to an authorized repair center where i live. Time will tell if this is a serious problem or just bad luck. I am still waiting for it to be repaired. Please see the attached pictures and let me know if anyone else has had this problem.

K. Rhonda, Tower Hamlets says

5 days after setting up the tv a white dot appeared on the lower right corner. A cluster of pixels apparently malfunctioned. It s still watchable but annoying-especially when you buy a tv known for its abilities to produce pure black. . The tv was everything i d hoped it would be until the dot appeared. I m giving it 3stars because unfortunately my experience is bad but i m guessing overall the tv is fine for most people. . I m stuck having to use lg warranty repair because due to certain circumstances the time between when the tv was purchased and when the problem displayed ( over 3weeks to deliver and then sat 2 weeks to be opened at christmas) exceeded 30 days. At that point online store was not able to help me anymore. . I m in the process of getting it repaired-waiting on parts from lg. . Im hopeful it will all be ok in the end.

F. Melissa, Greenwich

Picture is great, but image retention and banding is visible. Biggest problem is that there is a major audio delay problem that seems to affect primarily external audio. People are recommending routing your audio to external sound systems directly instead of going through the tv first. People are giving up on the included apps, because there is no way to get them to send the audio on time.

M. Angela, Arkansas says

Unquestionably, lg oled tv s have the best picture quality available today. It is also the most unreliable tv i ve owned. Six weeks in, it won t turn-on. A slight flicker for 1 sec. , then it dies. Lg support sent a local repair person 4 days later. He did many tests, took it completely apart, and after a conference call with his boss & lg, he replaced the main board. It worked perfectly. The follwing day, the exact same thing happened. I called lg again, waited on hold for a long time again, and they told me to wait for another call from the local repair company. Three days later they called, but were in dispute with lg as to what to do next. Great my $3200 tv sits dark. . Talking to the very experienced repair technicians, oled tv's have more service calls than led/lcd tv's. They strongly recommended buying the extended warranty. They are sure my set needs a new, expensive oled panel. The rejection rate during manufacturing is high, one of the reasons oled tv's cost more. Lg insisted they replace the main board again, and i have to wait for another one to be shipped to them. The repair folks are certain this will not work, but lg will not authorize a new screen. . The customer is the victim. Week 3, tv is still dark. Good thing i kept my reliable panasonic lcd tv. . Update: 63 days in, i called online store out of desperation for a $3200 tv that doesn't work. They got lg on the line, and insisted they make this right by the customer, as online store endeavors to do. Lg wouldn't budge, claiming i cancelled the 2nd repair effort! an absolutely ridiculous assertion i don t know how to do that, and why the heck would i? why didn't lg communicate with me - perhaps ask why i'd cancel warranty service? ! ? a very frustrated online store mgr. Finally gave-up on lg (take note, lg blew-off online store, the biggest retailer of lg electronics in the us). Online store then called the actual seller, an electronics store in nyc. Between the seller and online store, they agreed to come get my defunct tv - with a full refund! four days later, a team of two came to pack-up my tv and take it away - i did not need the original box. The refund took only 24 hrs. . I spent a total of 90 min. On the phone online store comes-through again - the pinnacle of customer service. . Lg? there wasn t any urgency to fix my new, expensive tv. It was as if they were experimenting on a fix, with telecons w/lg tech support in atlanta from my bedroom. If it weren't for online store, how long would i wait to get a functioning tv? what confidence would i have in it moving forward? (not much). . You make the decision. . The professional repair technicians, who perform warranty service on all tv brands, claim oled panels don't last as long as lcd panels. The supporting electronics are immature - the technology is still in it's infancy. All large oled panels are made by lg - every oled tv on earth has an lg panel. Sony just released their 1st oled tv, with sony-designed and built electronics. If you insist on oled, try the sony, and get the extended warranty! . . What was my replacement tv? a high-end sony 930e led/lcd tv. For hdr, it's much brighter, an improvement on oled. For blacks, it's a slight step backwards, but it has the deepest, most even blacks i've seen on an lcd tv. Evenness of illumination isn't quite as good, but it's so minimal we don't notice anymore. Overall, the picture is 90+% as good as oled. After 3 months with the sony, i've finally stopped worrying about whether or not my tv will turn on.

. Delgado, Alabama

The set has issues with not enough brightness (718 cd/m2 hdr real scene brightness and 383 cd/m2 sdr real scene brightness) and banding on the screen or dse dirty screen effect. It does however meet the 13 stops of brightness variation (2¹³ 8192:1) required by uhd phase a* by having deeper blacks. If you love a black screen this is a great set, if you like a bright, colorful picture you might look at a sony 900e or 930e or even a 940e. The 930 and 940 also support hdr12 (dolby vision) format as well as hdr10. . *uhd phase a defines hdr as having a dynamic range of at least 13 stops (2¹³ 8192:1) and wcg as a color gamut that is wider than rec. 709. Uhd phase a consumer devices are compatible with hdr10 requirements and will be able to process rec. 2020 color space and hlg or pq at 10 bits.

W. Moore, Wiltshire says

Bought the oled 55c7p and the sj9 soundbar. Noticed slight video/audio synchronization problem listening (tenth of a second or so) via the tv's internal speakers. Was able to correct it with the tv's synchronization function. Totally different story when the soundbar was connected-the video and audio are hugely out of synch, nearly 2 seconds. The synchronization problem makes the tv unwatchable; it is beyond annoying to see/hear such an audio lag as compared to mouth movements. I confirmed with lg that the tv did have the latest software upload. In speaking with the lg tech rep (not the initial filipino customer agent, but the american tech rep i was patched into), she stated the lag is a known issue lg engineers are working on. The latest software fixes certain previously identified issues but she acknowledged that it doesn't fix them all (to include synch issues). It doesn't make sense that utilizing lg's own top of the line soundbar would exacerbate the out-of-synch issue 20-fold. The rep acknowledged the compounding issue and couldn't provide me a warm-fuzzy that the problem would be fixed any time soon. . Now i have a quandary-do i return either or both items. I love the picture quality of the tv. It is fabulous for all the reasons oleds are known for. The soundbar sounds great, too. Do i hold on to both of them and let the return window expire under the hope lg is able to figure things out? i'm still deciding. What i do know, however, is that lg has a major issue on their hands and they should not selling or fielding companion products that have such a disastrous flaw when they are utilized together. . Update (december 30): tv has now started to have audio and video disruptions. Audio dropping out was one of the issues the lg tech told me the latest software upgrade was supposed to fix. Lg made the decision for me. I'm returning the tv and will look to one of the other brands now. . Update (january 10): shame on me. I love the picture so much i returned the tv to online store and obtained a replacement but, alas, the same problem exists. Spoke to a friend who bought the signature version and utilizes a non-lg soundbar and he has no problems. Another decision to make.

D. Kimberly, Derbyshire

Defective out of the box, 4 weeks old and they had to replace main board, screen, software, sound. Really disappointed. Lg customer service is the worst, technicians don t know how to fix this technology(their own words) and lg won t replace the tv! buy other reputable brand such samsung or sony!

J. Medina, South Carolina says

Major shadow banding on the set. Tech support says if it does not show up on the test screen then they can not do anything about it. Really who goes home after a long day of work and says; "hey, what test screen color should i watch tonight? ". The tech they sent out even tried explaining to the lg tech over the phone as he could see it easily in person, but the lg "sr. Tech", not knowing i can hear him says, " we do not guarantee that there are no issues on dark screens". Seriously? ! ? ! you sell the product based on the black land grey levels! i should have stayed with samsung.

I. Alberta, Sefton

Breaking news indeed. Burn-in on my 1yr old lg oled65c7p 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv. Otherwise a great 4k hdr tv from lg electronics.

B. Brenda, Hawaii says

Good luck trying to get lg to honor the warranty they provide. They make it so hard to prove that there is an issue it s not worth the time. And that is if you can understand the reprentative named mike or joe that has an accent so thick they cannot be understood. If you did not buy the extended warranty you are truely screwed.

Q. Megan, Surrey

I recently purchased a eg9600 65 oled tv and a c7 after a few days i noticed vertical lines in the screen of the eg9600 during light grey and white images. I contacted lg and they said they would cover it and asked me to connect through their telepresence app. They took photos, a manager approved that an lg authorized dealer would come to check the tv and figure out if it was physical damage or a tv defect. . I had only 15 day to return the tv for a full refund, so i trusted lg would not be an issue since it s clearly a tv defect and the tv looks like new and was in the box. After the technician tried to get lg to agree on the repair, lg now says they will not cover it. These tvs burn very easily within seconds of opening online store video or netflix, the buttons stay in the screen for a few minutes. Google it and you will find these tvs are not ready for primetime, especially with this poor customer support. . The c7 if you turn on online store for example, if you are trying to decide on a movie and take 30 seconds, the buttons in the navigation of the online store app burn in for minutes, such an expensive tv and lg continues to sell it without fixing that issue. Now i am stuck with two tvs, one burned in and another that looks will have the same future.

L. Anonymous, Merton says

I am on my 2nd tv in 2 months. The first one failed within a week or so. Online store replaced a week later. However, now the replacement unit has failed within 2 months of the 1st failing. Not happy about that. Bright white pixel in the middle of oled screen, which is famous for having ultra black and dark screen. Now all i see is bright white dot. . Have to deal with lg now instead of online store. Really really sucks!

Z. Carol, Tennessee

I buy a ton of stuff on online store. I have never been moved to review anything. But the c7 i received had two major defects. First, there was a two inch wide black vertical line that showed up in gray colors. Second, the right third of the screen has a red tint, especially when it should be white. I checked the rting review and got the impression this might be common. Head shaker. I have ordered a replacement. But i can't accept a red tint tv no matter how black the tv gets.

O. Debra, Hackney says

This is an updated review. Lg finally released a firmware update that resolved the issue with the sound not working. The tv would not download and install it, so i had to manually download it on a computer and install it. The sound now works flawlessly. The picture is still excellent and can be seen from any angle. The level of detail that is amazing and the 4k uhd movie i watched on it looked better than when i saw it in the theatre. *previous review*. The picture is excellent. The sound is ok when it works. The huge problem with this is every time i change sources (example: from satellite tv to blu-ray player, etc. ) the sound completely stops working. The only way to get the sound back is to go deep into the menu options and perform a sound check which turns the sound back on then back out of the menu to watch tv. Lg is aware of the problem. I called technical support and after a while on hold i spoke to their over seas support. After i explained the problem, that representative put me on hold for about 5 minutes then told me she was transferring me to tier 2 support. I was on hold for just short of an hour before being connected to their north american technical support. I explained the problem again and the rep told me that they are aware of the issue and are trying to find a solution. She took my phone number to be put on the list for a call back when they find one. It is december and this tv has been on the market for about a year now and they still don t have a solution. While it is just annoying for me to run the sound test every time i change sources, there are so many involved to run the test and back out of the menu that my wife can never remember them all and my children simply cannot do it themselves. So, if i m not home, the they can t use the tv.

S. Beale, Croydon

When you watch demo videos on youtube, the images are absolutely breathtaking. So why not 5 stars? because those demos take advantage of pure black backgrounds, and since this tv will completely turn off each pixel, you see stunning contrast against true black. The problem is that in normal viewing, you are usually not seeing pure black backgrounds, but rather some degree of gray. As soon as you deviate from 100% pure black and introduce just a wee little gray, my screen shows horrible vertical banding with the right (or wrong) content. On shots which pan on a dark, but not pure black background, those bands are quite distracting. I would encourage you to spend some time searching online for "oled vertical banding" and seeing some youtube demonstrations of the problem. And unlike temporary screen retention, which this tv has (but i could live with), the bands never disappear. To be clear, this is an obvious issue with nighttime viewing of movies and netflix and such-it is not as evident during the day. When do i see pure black if not on a demo video? typically, only for commercials where they put text on a black screen. Great for commercials. But for movies and shows, in real life you will rarely see pure black, except perhaps on deep space scenes. Most dark, nighttime scenes have some degree of gray, which activates the banding. . Screen burn in from logos are a big problem if you are a heavy consumer of news or any channel with a prominent logo. The ratings site rting has a page called "real life oled burn in test on 6 tvs" which is a must read. It is obvious from the 2 cnn tests, with different brightness intensities, that it is just a matter of cumulative exposure that will doom your beloved oled to a permanent burn. . Even if you viewing habits consist mainly of movies, from what i gather from forums, it seems like many people have this banding issue to varying degrees. For me, it was bad enough to sour me on the set and lower my rating from 5 stars. After less than a year, i am in the market for a new tv. If all i watched were demo videos, i otherwise would be very happy. Some completely non critical people, like my spouse, might not notice or care, but i got to the point where i couldn't enjoy this investment in entertainment. I do see from forums that some people are able to get lg to replace their screens, but it seems to be a matter of trading screens until you get one you can live with, which is a bit of a hassle to say the least. . I've noticed that the samsung qleds are known for being brighter than oleds. For my purposes, i was happy with the brightness level on this, but never really compared the two. Anyway, i just ordered this samsung q9: samsung qn65q9f flat 65" qled 4k uhd 9 series smart tv 2018 and cannot wait to do a zero gap wall mount and activate its ambient mode. It has nearly perfect blacks, from what i read from professional online reviewers, so i guess i may not be able to enjoy those black screen commercials as much as i could with this lg. After wasting money on both a plasma and an oled, i hope i never convince myself to buy another tv with burn in risk.

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