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Price was 128. Does the job well for all our sound gear, and even works find as a keyboard for our macmini server connected to our large screen tv. I do wish they'd make a better quality trackpad though. Apple really has it down with the glass trackpads they make. I'd love to see logitech make something similar for their entertainment systems. Otherwise, the software and interface works great! no more remotes everywhere.

-X. Beale

Logitech harmony smart keyboard living room control 8 devices streaming logitech harmony 79-key smart keyboard w/touchpad wireless hub & ios/android app support kyb-kybc/wls-kybm logitech harmony smart keyboard logitech harmony smart wireless keyboard -logitech 915-000225 harmony smart keyboard living room control 8 devices streaming entertainment

  • Details: One-touch Activity Control: Press One Button, Like “watch A Movie”, And The Right Devices Power On And Switch To The Right Settings.
  • Details: Harmony App: Supplements Keyboard Controls To Turns Household Smartphones And Tablets Into Personal Entertainment Controllers.

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The smart keyboard is a very functional add on to the harmony hub for controlling a home theater setup. But seriously logitech? no backlight on the keyboard? what were you thinking? there is absolutely no way for this keyboard to be functional in a darkened home theater room, which is presumably one of its primary target functionalities. Other than that it works pretty great to control all the devices in my media cabinet. The inclusion of the infrared extender was a bonus, extending the reach of the harmony hub to the tv outside the cabinet. I really really wish logitech would have made a generic bluetooth keyboard option for the harmony hub, so that we could at least program a higher end backlit keyboard like the k830 for use with the hub. We know the hub "speaks" bluetooth so i don't really understand the limitation here. Perhaps of something they can enable in a future firmware update. Let's hope. The Best logitech harmony smart keyboard ( Apr 2020 ) | Logitech-Remote Control Review Details Logitech 915-000225 Harmony Smart Keyboard for Living Room Control of 8 Devices and Streaming Entertainment Living room tv keyboard/touchpad: simplifies text entry/searches on internet-connected entertainment devices. One-touch activity control: press one button, like "watch a movie", and the right devices power on and switch to the right settings. Harmony app: supplements keyboard controls to turns household smartphones and tablets into personal entertainment controllers. Closed-cabinet control: controls up to 8 devices, even ones hidden behind cabinet doors and walls. Works with over 270, 000 devices: controls cable tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3 and tv-connected pc or mac .

Logitech 915-000225 Harmony Smart Keyboard For Living Room Control Of 8 Devices And Streaming Entertainment Review (915 000225)

The smart keyboard solves a handful of problems well enough that its shortcomings are acutely frustrating. . The core of the system is the harmony hub. . To control devices, the hub blasts ir like any other harmony remote, it pairs with bluetooth devices (such as a pc, a playstation, or an appletv), and it comes with two logitech-style usb receivers for controlling devices with a keyboard and mouse. . To get instructions from the mobile app, the hub connects to your wifi network. The hub and the mobile app sync the configuration profile with an account on myharmony. Com that you are required to create. . To configure the system, the mobile app communicates with the hub over wifi, initially using wifi direct to set up the permanent wifi connection. There is no desktop app or web-based interface. . To receive commands from a smart keyboard or smart control remote, the hub uses what i presume is the usual logitech rf protocol. No line of sight is required for any of its functions. . "hub" describes it nicely. It takes commands from a mobile device on the network or from the smart keyboard, and relays them to whatever device is in use, using whatever interface is best for communicating with that device. On/off commands go out over ir, for example, while keystrokes go out over bluetooth or usb. It does a good job at this, for the things it is capable of doing. . When i first posted this review, there was no option to use both a smart control handheld remote and a smart keyboard with the same hub, but these devices are now available separately, so you can mix and match. . Setup was fine. A lot of work has gone into the harmony way of doing things over the years, and it shows. The mobile app is easy enough to use. The first-run wizard gets you to a working system. But as smooth as the process is, it has some rough spots which bear consideration. . The wizard forces you to turn devices on and off throughout the process. This means configuring the remote is not something you can do while actually watching tv, so you'll have to set aside some time to do this. If you have a projection display, brace yourself for some jarring and unnecessarily-abusive power cycling on your projector's lamp. And just when you've got everything all set and are ready to watch something, the wizard will shut everything off. You'll have to turn everything right back on again to use it. I can guess at a few good reasons for this, but it makes for a bit of a frustrating tease. A better product wouldn't make you do this. . This system uses a variety of approaches to control a variety of tricky components, and the results are accordingly various and tricky. Different devices have different requirements for command repeats and delays, and the database accommodates these. In particular, if your device requires multi-step control sequences (as for input selection or power off), harmony can handle it by virtue of some behind-the-scenes hackery courtesy logitech. But if you customize delay or repeat parameters, you might clobber the hacks that come from logitech, and the system will no longer control your device correctly. You'll have to delete the device, reconfigure your system, and avoid making whatever changes broke the hacks. . Recovering from mistakes and dead-ends is especially annoying because the configuration process already involves a lot of tapping and waiting. If you're prone to being frustrated by tedious, repetitive actions, you will want to muster some patience. . Macros are available, but the implementation is a checklist of limitations. Command sequences must be mapped to physical keys. Command sequences can be mapped only to selected transport, navigation, and f-keys. You can map a sequence to a soft key in an activity screen, but you first have to map the sequence to a physical key. Sequence mappings are specific to an activity, so you can't easily make a sequence available across all activities. The range of actions you can use in sequences is limited to device commands. Sequences cannot send keystrokes, mouse clicks, trackpad gestures, or other sequences. For now, this area of functionality is little more than a sketch of hope and promise for future revisions. In my installation, macros ultimately can't do anything useful. Of course, what other systems do with macros, the harmony system does with activity sequences, so you might not ever actually need detailed, flexible macros. Nevertheless, for a system that's so good at running sequences, you'd think it would be easier to write up your own. . Because a design or manufacturing flaw, i almost returned the whole system. In the kit i received from logitech, the usb receiver labeled "1" responds as receiver 2, and vice-versa. The result was that neither receiver appeared to work, because i was effectively always controlling the wrong device. If the units are pre-paired at the factory, these were either paired incorrectly or labeled incorrectly. If they are secretly paired during the setup process, the design of the process and my ignorance of any secret pairing permitted me to screw it up. Either way, this maddening flaw resulted in hours of frustrating troubleshooting and days of communication with logitech support via private messages on their forums. Just as i was giving up and preparing to return it, a forum user messaged me about observing the same behavior and shared his findings about the mis-labeled receivers. Logitech took so long to reply about an rma that i gave up returning it, but i wish i had sent it back just on the chance that their qc team would have identified the problem. But after all it took to get this thing working, i quit caring. . I did, after all, get it working, and i do, in the end, enjoy using it. I like having one device that combines remote control, keyboard, and trackpad. The mobile app is nice. I believe my family and my guests will have no trouble figuring it out. I look forward to adding a handheld remote to it. My original ipad has a new purpose in life on my living room table. . But i wish i had more control in software. This hardware has everything it needs to do everything most modern living rooms need, if the software were more open and more flexible. Laughably out of the question are web hooks or a scripting language, which would help integrate this system with the other gadgets in the house. Short of all that, though, i just want powerful, flexible macros and keystrokes, and some way to tweak the device-specific magic spells. Instead, i have to be careful not to break them. . With any luck, this has some forward momentum, and will continue to evolve and improve. This product is both a remarkable achievement and a promising start. -I. Brendon

Logitech 915 000225 Keyboard Streaming Entertainment

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Jaybird
  • EAN: 0097855102911
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:7.68 inches
    Length:15.24 inches
    Weight:2.38 pounds
    Width:12.21 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: Sold As Is. No Returns Or Refunds. Guaranteed To Work As Advertised.
  • Manufacturer: Logitech, Inc
  • Model: 915-000225
  • MPN: 915-000225
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 915-000225
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: REMOTE CONTROL
  • UPC: 097855102911

logitech harmony smart keyboard living room control 8 devices streaming Speakers, Logitech harmony 79-key smart keyboard w/touchpad wireless hub & ios/android app support kyb-kybc/wls-kybm logitech harmony smart keyboard logitech harmony smart wireless keyboard general features: color: black keyboard plus touchpad simplify text entry on internet-connected entertainment devices. search for shows to watch on a set-top box. browse the web on a tv-connected pc or mac computer one-touch activity control to view a connected computer on your tv, watch tv, watch a movie, or any of the custom activities you may create from harmony app includes harmony hub that turns signals from smart keyboard and harmony app into ir, wi-fi, bluetooth and the included wireless usb receivers to control various devices download the harmony app and turn your ios or android smartphone into a personal entertainment remote with personal activities, gesture commands, and 50 channel favorites smart keyboard features: 79-key layout controls up to 8 devices integrated touchpad for navigation on pc, mac, and ps3 type and navigate on pc, mac, apple tv, roku, tivo, xbox, and ps3 harmony hub features: bluetooth connection to pc, mac, apple tv, or ps3 compatible with over 270, 000 devices and 6, 000 brands of av equipment control devices behind cabinets or walls power adapter specifications: input: 100 - 204v, 50/60hz output: 5. 1v, 1. 0a keyboard dimensions: 0. 75 x 14 x 5. 5-inches (h x w x d, approximate) hub dimensions: 1 x 4. 8 x 4. 1inches (h x w x d, approximate) notes: p/n: 915-000225x upc: 0 97855 10291 3 product requirements: harmony app (download from apple app store or google play) iphone 4s or later, ipad (3rd generation or later), ipad mini, ipod touch (5th generation or later) with ios 6. 0 or higher android device with android 4. 0 or later bluetooth internet access wi-fi two (2) aa batteries logitech harmony smart wireless keyboard harmony hub two (2) usb receivers usb extender power adapter ir blaster usb cord Logitech 915 000225 Keyboard Streaming Entertainment (915-000225-Jaybird).

Logitech 915 000225 Keyboard Streaming Entertainment Speakers

  • I was delighted when this became available to me via the vine. It has a good remote control and setting it up was child's play. You can easily download desired apps and make your connection. The keyboard is a nice device. As another u. S. Reviewer noted, be darn good and sure you have your wireless/wi-fi password at your fingertips. . As the other u. S. Reviewer noted, make darn good and sure this device is compatible with your television and its accoutrements, e. G. Blu-ray, dvd player, etc. It won't work for every model, but for those it does work for gives you plenty of bang for your buck.
  • If you are technically minded this is a great product. Works great with the roku. The bad reviews are from people who might have trouble setting up a universal remote. The keyboard has a lot of programmable options, but almost nothing is in pdf or manuals you could read. The setup is pretty much using their app.
  • The requirements to install are ridiculous am returning what ever happened to plug and play
  • Where do i start. These should be sold with a pistol permit included in the price so that you can clear up the headache that you will get attempting to set these up. The general idea of this product is solid and if it worked well it would be a quality product but that is the last good thing i have to say about this product. I have personally set up 10+ of these units and consider myself adept in the set up and use of them. Each new set up is a struggle. For starters the only way to configure these hubs is on a smartphone, so if you don't have a smartphone these hubs are useless. When setting up a device there is a handy feature that allows you to copy over a config from another hub on the same network however, instead of listing the names of the hubs there is a menu that shows a hub and the amount of devices and activities that are programmed on it. So there is no way to know if you are selecting the correct hub to copy over if you have multiple hubs with the same amount of devices and activities. Then if you preform a factory reset, which you will have to many times during each set up, it will reload the exact same configuration that is previously had from logitech servers without even giving you the option of setting up a new hub. We struggled through trying to make the hub "learn" commands from a hdmi matrix remote which took about 2 minutes per button to finally get the hub to learn the command then after finish all 8 buttons they didn't even work! sometimes you will encounter random bugs throughout the setup that will just render the unit completely useless until you do a factory reset (unplug the hub and hold reset while plugging it back in). In about half our set ups the usb dongle wouldn't allow the keyboard and mouse to work with the pc until after removing the power for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Setting up each unit will take about an average of an hour each depending on the complexity and amount of inputs in your set up. . Congratulations! you have set up your harmony, but the headaches don't end there. The hardware inside the hub is about as cheap as it comes. A simple switch between sources takes about 5 seconds which doesn't feel like that long but since there is no feedback when you press a source button to let you know that an action is occurring behind the scenes people wonder if its actually working. When an end user comes in to use the keyboard they end up mashing the button until it works or press the other source buttons and end up on the wrong source. As people are easily confused by this you will need to make sure you hide your remotes. If the tv is turned off with the tv remote instead of the harmony keyboard it will sometimes not turn the tv back on. There are many other problems that occur from people changing settings on the tv instead of the harmony keyboard that will lead to it not functioning properly also. Recently, the harmony also decided that it would start using the source keys as activity keys on the windows pc so that when you switch to the pc there is no way to switch off of it aside from going into the smartphone app and fixing it that way. Finally, on some of our hubs they randomly added password protection that locks us out of them when we go back in later to tweak the sources. This leaves us only two options, neither of which are acceptable, leaving it as is or starting over from yet another factory reset! . . These units are a giant pain and if you can stay away from them i would suggest it for your own sanity.
  • It has its ups and downs. Some days it works others it doesn't. I wouldn't call it a plug an play type of thing. More so reset everything if you are looking to use it, but be sure to have the regular remote handy when the key border isn't responding.

logitech harmony smart keyboard Logitech 915-000225 Harmony Smart Keyboard for Living Room Control of 8 Devices and Streaming Entertainment (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Logitech people have nice ideas sadly they don't know how to express those well to the public. Unless you are computer genius . It will take you a while to figure out how this device works for real. Since logitech doesn't provide a good booklet or a cd-room instructions to set up things up. Most of people will have not a pleasant time. I can tell . I was about to return it since my keyboard was not doing what it was supposed to do. If you already bought it . Don't give it . Just make sure that when you add a new device the more information that you have to set up such of model number would help you . Connect your devices with their activities as well. Remember to have your app downloaded in your smart phone or tablet. Took me awhile to figure out how but now all my devices are operating well with the software app or with the harmony keyboard. Another suggestion buy the keyboard with the hub package! now . Logitech could have done a better job with the keyboard material since it doesn't look with a nice finished cut so i removed one star for that ! i put away all my remote controls for now. Harmony smart keyboard is working like a charm !

Logitech 915-000225 Harmony Smart Keyboard Living Room Control 8 Devices Streaming Entertainment
Click to see NoticeLogitech 915 000225 Keyboard Streaming Entertainment (Jaybird)"I received the logitech harmony keyboard for review via the online store vine program. We immediately fell in love with this product. The harmony system allows you to control all of your audio and video components from one keyboard instead of multiple remotes. Even better, you can control everything from the free harmony phone or ipad app. We installed the app on both android and ios devices and had the same great results with both operating systems. I thought the set up would be difficult and time consuming, but all i did was enter the brand and model of each component into the phone app, and they all worked without any additional configuring. . We are using the device with a television, blue ray, stereo receiver, apple tv, and cable box. . The real power of harmony is that you can program in an activity like "watch apple tv"and it allows you to specify which components need to be on and to which settings. So now when i hit one button, on my iphone or android or the harmony keyboard, it powers on the television, stereo, and apple tv, all with the correct input settings, ready to watch. The real most powerful component of this product in our home is the hub that communicates with and ties together the components by bluetooth, wifi, and infrared as needed. I will mainly use the phone app to control everything rather than the keyboard. No more remotes all over the table!"

(0) Question: Will it work with samsung smart tv 5500 series

(1) Question: Will this work with the samsung ht-h6500wm/za home entertainment system. please answer only if you know it will work. thank you

(2) Question: We have a tivo, appletv, online store & mac mini; will this keyboard allow me to switch between them depending on which one i'm using?

Logitech 915-000245 Harmony Smart Remote Add-on Harmony Ultimate Hub

Bought this to replace my original harmony remote that fell into my dogs water bowl. Don't like the grey color on the bottom and the back of the remote but since you can't buy the same one as the one that comes with the hub it has to do. It's missing some of the home light buttons but i wasn't using those buttons anyways. Wish they sold the original companion remote only but since they don't this remote is a decent replacement if you broke or lost your original one

Logitech harmony smart control add-on companion remote for harmony ultimate hub (915-000245) keep entertainment control within reach with the add-on remote for use with harmony ultimate hub. View larger logitech harmony smart control add-on simple, convenient, companion remote for harmony ultimate hub. Phone charging? on a call? want a remote for your kids to use? this elegant add-on remote for harmony ultimate hub stays in your living room, giving everyone in the house easy entertainment control even when your primary remote or harmony smartphone app isn t handy. Or you can use the remote to simply start an activity like watch tv and then choose your favorite channel from the harmony app on your smartphone everything stays in sync. Product features* add-on living room remote for use with harmony ultimate hub easy-to-use streamlined design one-touch activity control customizable buttons controls devices inside closed cabinets controls cable tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, living room pc or mac easy setup using harmony smartphone app universal control of up to 8 home entertainment devices supports over 270, 000 devices *smart control add-on requires harmony ultimate hub. Harmony ultimate hub is included with harmony ultimate, harmony smart keyboard or harmony ultimate hub, each sold separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub. Streamlined design for easy entertainment control with harmony ultimate hub view larger elegant smart control remote full entertainment control is always within reach with this add-on living room remote for use with harmony ultimate hub. One-touch activity buttons, media playback buttons, dvr and set-top box controls, plus a full number pad make it easy to start and control tv, movies, games and more. You can even customize the buttons to double your number of commands with short and long presses. Works with harmony ultimate hub to control devices in closed cabinets view larger closed-cabinet control of 8 devices when connected to an existing harmony ultimate hub, you can control your entertainment devices and access internet services like netflix and hulu on your pc, mac, apple tv, roku, xbox one, or ps3 (additional subscription may be required. ) it all works without pointing, so you don t have to worry about coffee tables or even closed cabinets getting in the way. Customizable activity buttons turn on the right devices with one touch view larger one-touch activity control with one touch of an activity button like watch a movie the right devices power on and automatically switch to the right settings. You can even customize the buttons to launch 6 different activities. Simple guided setup via harmony smartphone app view larger easy setup simply download the free harmony app to your smartphone or tablet. Enter the brands and model numbers of your devices and you ll be ready to go in no time. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add online store fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (* sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) works with your existing harmony ultimate hub view larger harmony ultimate hub required add smart control remote to your existing harmony ultimate hub for easy control of your entire entertainment system. The remote works with whatever harmony ultimate hub you already own the hub is included with harmony smart keyboard and harmony ultimate. The harmony ultimate hub can also be purchased separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub.

Logitech 915-000245 Harmony Smart Remote Add-on Harmony Ultimate HubLogitech-915-000245-Harmony-Remote-Ultimate

Harmony Smart Remote Add-on (Logitech) FAQ.

This is really just a replacement remote for the smart hub system, but it does the trick. It is very simple to sync, but i don't think the instructions that came with it are correct (all you do is push the pair button on the back of the hub, and then hold the menu and mute buttons for a couple of seconds - the hub will turn from red to green). The only drawback is you can't have more than one remote paired at a time - when you pair a second the first loses sync. If you have the hub this remote works great. -Notice from Y. Maria, North Tyneside

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I got this remote to act as a backup for the remote that came with my logitech harmony companion all in one remote control hub. The remote paired without an issue using the ipad app. Included is a screenshot showing how the new remote shows up in the pc myharmony application, as there seems to be some confusion about whether you can pair 2 remotes to 1 hub. It may not be possible to add 2 of the same model remote to 1 hub

Harmony-smart-remote-add-on-(logitech) set picture

- U. KellieUsed this to replace a tablet used to control a harmony hub. Tablet was too complicated for my elderly mother to use. Only programmed the essential control buttons.

Integrated quickly and easily into an existing hub to replace the original remote that was burning through batteries and finally appeared to fail entirely. Really great system once you get it setup and running.

K. Elida, Alabama

Brand :    logitech
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    915-000245
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech 915-000245 Harmony Smart Remote Add-on Harmony Ultimate Hub available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $27.99
  • Works with over 270, 000 devices: controls cable or satellite tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, and tv-connected pc or mac computers
  • Add-on companion remote for harmony ultimate hub*: a simple harmony remote anyone in the house can use when your primary remote or mobile app is not handy (*requires harmony ultimate hub, sold separately. not compatible with harmony home hub).
  • Easy setup: use the free harmony mobile app to easily connect the remote to all your devices
  • Closed-cabinet control: controls up to 8 devices, even ones hidden behind cabinet doors and walls, when connected to harmony ultimate hub
  • One-touch activity control: press one button, like "watch a movie", and the right devices power on and switch to the right settings

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Built-in Touchpad Easy-access Media Keys Shortcut Keys Windows Android

The logitech illuminated living-room keyboard k830 was designed to enhance your tv entertainment experience. This htpc keyboard is the best way to wirelessly control your connected tv, even in the dark, thanks to the bright backlit keys and a built-in touchpad

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Built-in Touchpad Easy-access Media Keys Shortcut Keys Windows AndroidLogitech-Illuminated-Living-Room-Keyboard-Touchpad

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.77 pounds
  • Easy-access controls - the keyboard layout is optimized for a seamless, lean-back navigation. it has media hot keys like mute, volume up or down for quick entertainment control. shortcut keys simplify navigation with windows or android.
  • 10 m (33 ft) wireless range - lean back and browse from your couch or bed with logitech unifying or bluetooth smart technology. compatible : windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 or later android 5. 0 or later chrome os usb port or bluetooth smart enabled computer.
  • Easy typing, even in the dark - type effortlessly in all lighting conditions. a sensor detects the amount of light in the room and automatically dims or brightens the backlight to suit your needs
  • Worthy of the living room - designed to complement the modern living room with a combination of premium textures, metal-like finish and a unique key design crafted into a compact, solid form.
  • Keyboard and mouse all in one -the k830 streamlines navigation in the living room by combining these two devices into one. the touchpad is smooth and responsive with accurate cursor control and enhanced gesture functions.
Price :    $42.72 (was $53.21)
Model :    920-007182
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (logitech product review) for Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Built-in Touchpad Easy-access Media Keys Shortcut Keys Windows Android available ( Apr 2020 )

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Add-On Harmony Ultimate Hub 915-000241 Certified Refurbished

Ogitech harmony smart keyboard add-on quick and easy streaming media control for harmony ultimate hub remotes. Adding harmony smart keyboard to your existing harmony ultimate hub makes enjoying digital media in your living room easier than ever. Easily search for something to watch, navigate menus, and browse the web right from your couch. Whether searching for music videos on vevo, viral videos on youtube, or your favorite director's films on netflix, smart keyboard makes the best of the internet easier to find and watch on your living room tv. Product features* living room keyboard/touchpad for harmony ultimate hub with all the power of a harmony remote simplifies text entry on internet-connected entertainment devices controls cable tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, living room pc or mac one-touch activity control controls devices inside closed cabinets easy setup using harmony smartphone/tablet app universal control of 8 devices works with over 270, 000 devices *smart keyboard add-on requires harmony ultimate hub. Harmony ultimate hub is included with harmony ultimate, harmony smart control or harmony ultimate hub, each sold separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub.

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Add-On Harmony Ultimate Hub 915-000241 Certified RefurbishedLogitech-Keyboard-915-000241-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    logitech
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
  • One-touch activity control: press one button, like "watch a movie", and the right devices power on and switch to the right settings
  • Closed-cabinet control: controls up to 8 devices, even ones hidden behind cabinet doors and walls, when connected to harmony ultimate hub
  • Easy setup: use the free harmony smartphone app to easily connect the keyboard to all your devices
  • Iving room tv keyboard/touchpad for harmony ultimate hub* remotes: simplifies text entry/searches on internet-connected entertainment devices (*requires harmony ultimate hub, sold separately. not compatible with harmony home hub
Price :    $29.99
Model :    915-000241
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Keyboards (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Add-On Harmony Ultimate Hub 915-000241 Certified Refurbished available ( Apr 2020 )

logitech 915-000225 harmony smart keyboard for living room control of 8 devices and streaming entertainment Price : 128, was : 249 as 2018-03-13
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This is not my first logitech harmony controller, it is by far the best, so there is a steady improvement in the product. It was very easy to set up, and works very reliably. A tv and sound system that had previously caused endless grief with previous universal remotes finally worked, but the problem is that it takes almost 30 seconds to turn everything on. If i use the individual controllers the tv and cable turn on much faster. It may be because my samsung sound system takes a while to start up and the controller turns the tv on at the same rate, but it is annoying. In addition my sound system and tv osed samsung's anynet feature that allowed them to be turned on simultaneously. This had to be disabled for the logitech controller to work. . I had never used a keyboard controller before, it actually has some use, but is not a one handed device. Using the app on my iphone day to day was basically useless in my opinion, though it made setup a breeze.

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(13) Question: Does this control the wii u, media center pc? how many ir blaster does it come with and are the ir blasters proprietary?

(14) Question: Does this come with the home hub or ultimate hub? i want to pair with the harmony ultimate one remote

(15) Question: Does this work with the sony bravia w00b tv

(16) Question: In addition to using this to control a pc, does it switch inputs on an avr for me? what about very old devices, will it power those on?

(note) Question: where/how to get Jaybird (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Jaybird's products

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I've used my trusty harmony one for years, but if you're a phone/pad freak like me, this is the bomb, at a very reasonable price now. Updated the old harmony one from logitech via my pc, then fired up the hub and installed the wifi i-app. Setup was easy using the app, had to create a new free logitech account and just migrate the old setup info from the old account to the new one, following the straightforward app prompts. Easy-peasy, works great, more intuitive than the harmony one, and looks cool. Btw, logitech has updated its app software since some of these bad reviews were written.

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Best logitech 915 000225 keyboard streaming entertainment (jaybird) in review

We got this to use with our xbox, appletv, and a newer desktop pc. To set it up, we plugged it into the pc, and that process was a little frustrating, but we did get it right eventually. . It works great with the xbox and appletv. Searching is so much easier with the keyboard. So. Much. Easier. . The pc, however, isn't as consistent. We think maybe the distance that the pc is from the hub.

O. Broyles, Croydon

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V. Elizabeth, New Jersey says

First, i paid full price for this product. I bought it before i read the reviews. . Something i rarely do. But i like logitech products, and especially the harmony line of remotes, which i have several good years of experience with. If i had read the reviews first, i would not have bought this product. And i'm glad now that i hadn't read the reviews first. . This product, since installing two days ago, has worked flawlessly for me. And so easy to program. Programming may have been made easier for me as i also currently use my trusty, tried-and-true, harmony one which i will never give up (the activities and device settings can be copied and transferred over). . To begin using the keyboard, i had to first install the harmony app from the play store to my android samsung galaxy s4. (i have yet to install to my ipad air). . From there, it was simply a matter of following the screen prompts. One of which included uploading all of my current activities and device settings from my harmony one account to my harmony smart keyboard hub and android phone. And viola! i was in business, up and running immediately! i was totally surprised at the ease and very pleased. . I have continued using my harmony one along with the keyboard and the harmony app on my android gs4. But i can now actually replace all my remotes. I have 8 devices connected to my home theater and soon to add an xbox one or the 360. But when i added the online store fire tv (a very superior product for what it does. And online store certainly got it right), i decided to get the logitech harmony smart keyboard because the fire tv uses radio signal rather than ir which is harmony one exclusive. And the keyboard makes editing data very easy. So i'm playing with it now and very happy with it. . The keyboard is not too large and yet a good size for my extra large hands. It has a good feel to it and is built well and somewhat rugged. And it works quite fast. Very responsive. I do wish there were additional buttons on it. For instance, a eject button for my bluray but i'm sure that can be programmed thru the android app. . I like the android app. It's very convenient to have on my android and i don't find it very difficult at all to program. It's very intuitive and a joy to use. If you want to control your home theater from your phone and have a keyboard to enter data and don't mind programming the keyboard thru your phone, this is a great alternative to one of the universal remotes. In fact i prefer this setup right now used in conjunction with my harmony one (i've had the one for a few years now and it just keeps going and going. Though i recommend changing out the original battery as mine was found to be swelling recently and needed to be exchanged - i have a recent review of the replacement battery and how to do it). . If my review was helpful, and i hope it was, please indicate by pressing the 'yes' button below. If you need any help with programming, please let me know and i'll try to help. Thank you.

R. Joanna, North Dakota

It is a must have for home entertainment setups. Finally a device that can truly control all of my devices. Logitech support was outstanding as usual in helping me setup. For example my watch smarttv function would not let me set my sony receiver to control the sound volume and in a few minutes logitech support fixed the problem and i was on my way.

M. Mary, Virginia says

I can't really fault this product. If you're like me and you're not up to date on the whole "home automation" thing, then it's somewhat tricky to figure out whether this is going to simplify things for you or not. However, after about an hour i had the tv, av receiver and htpc starting up, all set to the correct input channels, at the press of a button on the keyboard. Another button press switches to the tv's built in dlna browser, and appropriate av receiver channel. I even managed to get it to put the htpc to sleep with a little trickery. . You won't need a phd in computer science, but you will need to be tech-savvy. Here are some of the things that you learn while setting this up, that maybe logitech haven't communicated very well. . All configuration is done using the smartphone app. The app expects that you have a home wifi network, connected to the internet, that your phone will use the communicate with the "hub". The first step is getting the hub onto the home wifi network using bluetooth. Provided you have a home wifi network, and you have set up your smartphone to use it, then you should be ok. The only wrinkle is that while the hub does support wpa2-personal, it does not support wpa2-enterprise, but that's not so commonly used in home wifi. There are some fall-back methods; like if your smartphone doesn't have bluetooth (do they still even make those? ) the hub can be connected to a computer and software used to configure the wifi access, but i didn't look at that much past curiosity. . Like most things these days, everything is stored in the cloud, so your smartphone and the hub will need to be able to reach the internet through the wifi network. One of the early steps is creating an "account". Once the hub is on the wifi network, the app can "see" it. It's a bit strange, but the username for the hub will be the user part of the email address you used to create the account, but not the whole email address. If you signed up with me123 email. Com, the username is just me123. . After you get the app talking to the hub over your wifi, you'll be guided through a set-up process. The hub communicates with most devices via infra-red, like your normal remotes do. For some devices it can use bluetooth, and for computers it uses one of two little usb receivers included (no idea using what type of signal, but that's not really important). I found that sitting the hub nearby the home entertainment equipment was good enough; the infra-red light bounces about and gets to them. . It helps to understand that in harmony world, there are "devices" and "activities". Devices are the things the hub will be talking to, like the tv, receiver, computer etc, and activities are how you interact with them: it's where all the power is. An activity is a group of devices, a start-up scripts that turns the devices on and sets their input channels, a remote interface you can use to control the devices, and an off script that turns the devices off. You can customise the start-up and off scripts to an impressive degree, and the remote interface a little. . Activities are started using the app. Everything turns on and is ready to go, like magic. With multiple activities, you can easily switch between them using the app. For example, one might be to watch tv, another to watch dvds, another to use your pc. The keyboard is like a hardware version of the app, there are buttons across the top that start activities, and the keys control the devices. The pc sees the usb receiver as a keyboard and mouse, so when an activity uses the pc as a device, the keys and trackpad work as expected. The app can also work as keyboard and mouse in a pinch, but i found the trackpad on the app unacceptably delayed - about 2 seconds. . A few extra notes; the main part of the app and the configuration menus seem to behave like two separate apps. For one thing, i found that after a configuration change, the app didn't always reflect that change and i had to "synch". When a pc device is included in an activity, the app adds these dummy start and stop apps that say they are manua. However, if you have an htpc that is always on but sleeps when not in use, and power settings are configured to wake up by usb keyboard, you can edit the start up script and add a step that issues the wake up command to the pc. There are also commands to start one of the first three programs pinned to the task bar, for windows 7 and later. If you make one of these a short-cut to the sleep command, then you can add that as a step to the turn off script. Finally, the remote that you see in the app is specialised based on what the app things you're trying to do. Some useful commands, like close program for example, are not in the remote. However, there's an icon in the top right corner that looks like a door; this switches to the device menu where you can select individual devices and all of their commands. . All in all, i found set-up relatively easy, considering how much this thing does for you. The app is easy to use once set up, and the system seems reliable after a week or so of use. Just make sure you tick all the boxes first.

P. Wells, East Sussex

Worth the discount. But i don't think they test the device with the power supply they included. Micro usb didn't make a secure connection causing it to turn on an off. Luckily i had one laying around . And they included a generic ir blaster not a logitech one.

C. Monique, Staffordshire says

Easy to set up, works great. I don't like that there is not number pad to the right of the keyboard though. Might not be great for gamers in that respect.

W. Allen, Leeds

I've had a tough experience with this keyboard but as with my previous experience with logitech support concerning problems with my harmony one remote, all has come out well. . Everything was quick and simple to setup, especially since it imported my harmony one settings. But the app didn't have an option for adding a usb receiver control for my home theater pc (neither of the 2 that come with this remote). After several days of working with the support folks i was asked to put the hub in pair mode and "then" plug in a receiver. Previous attempts to reset/pair was with the usb receiver already in place. For some reason this didn't work the first time but did the second and now i have full control of my tv, dish hopper, onkyo receiver, bluray, roku, and htpc on my table next to my seat. No more pointing and holding the remote until all the actions take place. It takes some getting used to having to look down and press a control rather than by feel as it would be with my one remote but not having to aim at the tv area is a huge plus. And i can still use my other remotes if i need to. . As others have mentioned, there are some things in the app that could be improved but i was never stymied by them. Common sense things. But i did have one annoyance. The fast forward (ff) and skip forward (sf) are assigned to one button with ff being a quick press and sf being a long press (same for back). Since i rarely use ff and can't imagine why anyone would, i prefer that sf be quick press. This way each time i tap the button i get a 30 second advance. Long press is way to slow. I want to reverse this setup. The only way to fix this was to delete ff and then assign sf to quick press (works great). I would then have liked to have assigned ff to long press but long press is not an option (apparently it's only available to the logitech people) so now my ff is a 2 key combination. Not a good solution. . All in all, i'm loving this remote and kudos to the tech support team. I'm confident that improvements will come so it's a high 5.

B. Lindsey, Poole says

I am a big fan of logitech remotes, keyboards and mice and this product didn't disappoint me at all. It was very simple to setup coming from a harmony 700 and it does what i need it to do, control various streaming boxes using a full-sized keyboard. I am using it with a roku lt, online store fire tv 1st gen, apple tv 3rd gen, tivo premiere, and a windows 10 pc. This keyboard does not have backlighting but i always feel deducting points for something it doesn't do, and doesn't advertise it will do, is silly. It is a non-backlit keyboard that works with many ir, rf, bluetooth and wi-fi controlled devices, although not all devices, and it works well. . Compared to other non-backlit keyboards for this purpose, i believe it is the best option, thus the 5-star review. I hope rather than dropping this type of product since it doesn't appear to be a success, logitech offers one with backlighting.

H. Hayward, Trafford

First attempt at a harmony keyboard. Best bought with the home control $99 remote so you have the ability to use both. Worth the spend!

L. Ruby, Torbay says

A majority of the low star reviews here are due to people not knowing what it does or not being able to complete the initial setup. This is surprising because some of the reviews are coming from 'techs'. I got mine working just fine using the supplied phone app. Let me tell you. I have a harmony 890 remote that i never wanted to let go until i got this as a bday present. Works beautifully and doesn't have the issue as the 890 it replaced - where line of sight is needed for almost everything. The usb receiver it comes with takes care of this. After tinkering for about an hour, i got my playstation, online store firetv, onkyo receiver, and/or smart tv to turn on in the right order with the press of a button. It would go to the proper input, delay button presses, etc all with 1 button just like my harmony remote did but without the fuss of accidentally missing one item because the remote wasn't pointed just right.

. Stacey, Cumbria

The logitech harmony keyboard is as much about the software as it is about the hardware. As for the hardware, i really like the keyboard's rubberized grip (over the entire surface) and its surprisingly responsive touch pad. . It handled my fairly complex setup, such as a now-discontinued emotiva pre-amp, an uncommon device available only online. I was amazed at how the logitech system knew so much about every device. For example, the harmony knows that, due to the old hardware it uses, the emotiva works best when connected devices (the projector, blu-ray player) start up after it has warmed up. Example 2: the projector has a blank-screen power save mode and the harmony somehow knows about it. I can assign a button to it, optionally combined with other buttons. Example 3: my projector requires that you press the "off" button twice. The harmony knows to do just that. It even knows that the projector's hdmi2 port supports mhl, but not the hdmi1 port. I didn't even know that! . . The harmony hub has quite a talent for getting a signal to every nook and cranny of the room. Even without using the signal repeaters, included in the box, it is able to turn everything off and on. Most of my devices use infrared, so the signal must be strong enough to bounce all over the place. Whatever they did, it works. . The setup software is very, very powerful. Configure a button or button combination (e. G. Ctrl+1) to do anything your devices' remotes can do, in any order, and for as many devices as you want. This is called an "activity. ". I set up a simple activity to start my pre-amp, wait 8 seconds, then start the nvidia shield & projector. Another activity does the same, but for the firetv rather than the shield, but the remote is smart enough to only turn off unused devices when you switch between the two. . The software to set this all up works on windows pc, iphone 5 or later, and android. Unfortunately, they don't have a windows phone version yet. With all its power comes some complexity. The software is generally well set up, but moving between the right menus can be unintuitive. I hope they will improve the design over time just as they update for new equipment over time. . It took over an hour to get everything set up just the way i like it. Once it's set up though, you never have to worry about it again, and it is so nice to never have to touch the other remote controls again. I even stopped using the nvidia shield remote, which cost $50 extra in addition to the shield itself, though its game pad would still be best for controlling video games. . I did notice that when i change the keyboard's batteries, i have to un-pair and re-pair the keyboard as a bluetooth device with the nvidia shield, so -1 egg. Additionally, sometimes it would press "power off" too quickly for my projector, so i had to increase the delay between automatic button presses. It's great that i can actually increase that delay, but it was unfortunate that i had to. It seems a little harsh to take an egg for such minor issues, but 5 eggs should be for systems that work perfectly. Given logitech's reputation, i am sure they will resolve both problems as new updates are released.

J. Dorine, Lewisham says

Well built keyboard, feels great and i love that it connects via built in bluetooth without the need of the usb adapter (if your motherboard has bluetooth that is)

A. Wilson, Saskatchewan says

This is the way to go as far as having a lot of entertainment equipment to work with including a computer. You do need a smart phone to make setting up a lot easier and a wifi system.

N. Courtney, Limousin

I'm compelled to confess that this device was considerably beyond my ability to work with it - i have clearly reached the point where technology has left me behind. This, of course, is not the fault of the manufacturer. I would only contest them on one point of their marketing assertions: "easy set-up". This might be quite true if you're nineteen and plugged in to the endless technology which surrounds us today, or, if you're older and have the patience of job to attempt to digest the written instructions, a virtue with which i have never been blessed. (and please do not ask me about did i call in for technical assistance because the only thing i hate more than printed instructions is having someone i don't know try to explain some technical actions over the phone. ). . Honestly, i never got to first base on set up, (and quite frankly, i wasn't sure that i even knew precisely what i wanted to do with it as the keyboard performs so many functions in the contemporary household. ). . Finally, my young son-in-law got me up and running. It took him awhile and he is up on high-tech devices but after a few false starts, it worked. Soon after he left and maybe following an hour or so of tinkering around, i placed it back in the box to revert to my comfort zone of doing everything the old fashioned way with one control for each device. That is probably why i have numerous remotes falling off my end-tables but that's how i like it. . This unit is for those who wish to move with the times and i'm all for that. I just don't wish to be part of it. . As for the quality of the components, it seemed very good and really, fascinating when it's up and running. So if you want all your electronics at a central location and at your fingertips, i think you'll be pleased and impressed with the logitech keyboard. As with any product, it's simply not for everyone.

D. Carol, Hawaii says

Good quality, but i didn't find it useful.

F. Campbell, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

I use the harmony hub to control all of the components in my home theater from my iphone with the harmony app. With just one touch it turns on the receiver, dvd, apple tv, cable, and projector. Takes a little time to set up, but well worth it.

. Noguera, Iowa says

This is an amazing piece of equipment. I was somewhat intimated when i first received it. I wasn't sure if i would be able to hook it up. It seemed overwhelming at first. However, installation was so very simple. I just plugged in the harmony hub and connected one of the usb receivers to the back of my smart tv. I instantly had control of all the functions on the television through this one device. Prior to using this keyboard i had a hand held remote that i would use to surf the internet on the tv. I found it annoying to have to type in words one letter at a time. With this device, not only can i easily type in the name of the movie or the song that i'm looking for, i can get on google docs, and write books or anything i need to do. Being a writer i liked that feature. It's nice to lay on the bed and let my writing skills go wild. . I did not hook up direct tv, even though you can, because i like having a separate remote for that. I did hook up my dvd player, and was able to watch movies at the push of a button. I found the mouse pad on the keyboard easier to control than the remote mouse. One important revelation with this product. I never have to worry about losing the remote control again. The technology is amazing.

U. Nielsen, Rhode Island

I'm using the keyboard with my living room gaming computer, and my 24" nabi big tab. I love that it comes with an ultimate hub instead of a home hub. I also purchased the simple add-on companion remote which we use as our primary remote. I was initially planning on buying a separate wireless keyboard/mouse and a universal remote. (the remote that came with our sound system like. Kind of worked. But not really) this ended up being maybe a slight bit more expensive, but way more functional, especially since i would've probably ended up with a non-bt keyboard which wouldn't have worked with my big tab, which has been super useful when my toddler falls asleep on me while netflix is on the tablet. Programming could definitely be easier/quicker. I'd like a way to set certain buttons to be the same thing on all activities (this could be easily accomplished by one more step with checkboxes that ask which activities you'd like the changes to extend to) but once it's set up, it's so easy to use that even my husband can do it ; -)

K. Veronica, Lambeth says

This logitech keyboard came along at just the right time for me! i have been assembling the necessary components for a raspberry pi computer that i planned to use to connect my television to the internet. We used a webtv for more than 15 years and surfing the 'net is frequently much more relaxing from a recliner than at my computer. The main thing with the raspberry pi was being able to use my tv as i had used the webtv. The internet for emails, ordering from online store and ebay, etc. I had planned to purchase a small keyboard but that has limitations. This logitech reminds me of the webtv wireless keyboards but with a touchpad added. I will no longer have an excuse not to get my project underway now! meanwhile, it is serving as a remote control for my tv and dvd player. I like the feel of the keys. As i progress, i'll update this review. One thing you want to be sure to do if you are considering purchasing this smart keyboard is to make sure your intended devices will function with it otherwise you might end up with nothing more than a high-tech remote control.

E. Annette, St. Helens

Logitech harmony smart keyboard is a well made, very flexible and powerful control, like a super-sized universal remote, of home theater devices, such as the xbox one, roku 2, apple tv, but a bit clunky to be carried around. However, accompanied harmony hub allows to connect to it a smartphone or tablet to be used as a much more programmable and customizable touch screen remote. 2 included usb receivers allow to control both a media hub/game system and a pc, if connected to the hdtv. The harmony app is flexible and lets do almost anything with the home theater system from the couch. It can be configured only from a smartphone or tablet. However, the keyboard touchpad is useless with most entertainment devices.

. Lawrence, Blackpool says

Although compact, the harmony keyboard has well spaced keys and is easy to type on. The touchpad works better than my couple year old logitech pad, so they've made improvements there. I prefer the smaller size and this would be my standard go to keyboard if it only had a keypad. There seems to be room for a keypad if they moved the harmony logo to the middle and moved the touchpad up with smaller buttons. You'd expect a tv remote to have a group of number keys in one configuration or another. Having a keypad would also allow better placement of multi-function keys. . I was able to use the harmony hub from two rooms away. I didn't need the plug in antenna. There is also an extender for the usb receiver that makes it a little over an inch long. Using the receiver adds an almost imperceptible lag to keystrokes. Having the harmony hub 2 rooms away caused keystrokes to intermittently duplicate or stick. It's best to have the hub as close as possible. . The keyboard looks sturdy but there's no protection for the keys if you drop it. There is also no on/off switch. You could probably drop it several times with no ill effects except for keys being inadvertently pressed. . Logitech pointing devices have a universal receiver. After a certain date only one usb receiver is needed and it will handle any logitech product. Harmony is a different division of logitech and the pointing devices don't work with the harmony usb receiver. . The keyboard comes with two usb receivers so you can set it up with two devices. I couldn't find any way to switch between the devices without unplugging one of the receivers or turning 1 device off. As far as i can tell the first device turned on is the device that is controlled. . This is a great product. For me, the keyboard not having a keypad means it will be in the closet more than it will be in use.

Y. Miller, Oklahoma

Very easy to set up out of the box, just plug in the right connections, install the app, pick the model of the devices you want to connect to, and done! everything seems to work great as long as your device is supported (key point! ). The signal strength is very good, and the keyboard is responsive to touch and inputs. I had no issues with the device and it works exactly as i expected it to.

. Hannah, City of Bristol says

We have a bose lifestyle av receiver and have it connected to a sonos connect audio source as well as a tivo dvr. We receive our tv ota (over the air). No cable or satellite in our house. This new remote is the first that has worked successfully at controlling all of these devices and doing it well. To top it off. It works from your smartphone or tablet. We have all apple here so it's ios8 on the mobile devices. I would heartily recommend this smart keyboard and remote hub! it is "the bomb" as my kids would say!

Top logitech harmony smart keyboard Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Guest, Bedfordshire says

It is very unreliable. The hub keeps losing its ability to sync, rendering the keyboard completely useless. I have to constantly unplug the hub and plug it back in. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of "wireless". I will never again buy a logitech product.

. Smith, Rhone-Alpes

The cursor stops working after a minute. Disappointed. Will need i return it. Kids can't get it to work either. Must be a device flaw.

O. Terry, Tameside says

I am a computer technician by trade, and i found the harmony smart keyboard very hard to set up. I nearly returned it after spending 2 days trying. Multiple calls to harmony support and a few iterations of firmware updates later, i find out that it does not work for the 1 thing that i use most. I use roku to view youtube videos, and i am a heavy user of the search feature. The harmony smart keyboard keys do not work with the youtube search feature on the roku. How frustrating! i thought that i would keep the keyboard around so that i could use the special keys that perform multiple functions like turn on the dvd player, set the tv input to dvd, and turn up the volume of the surround sound receiver, but i found that setting up those buttons is no easy task. You have to jump through hoops to make sure that enough time elapses between turning the tv on and setting the input correctly. This remote actually caused my tv to freeze up, and even the remote that came with the tv became useless until i re-booted the tv. I mean it got so screwed up that the on/off button on the tv wouldn't even work! i had to unplug the tv and plug it back in in order for the tv to start working again. I think that the only thing that i will use in the future is the 1 button that i programmed to turn on the tv, and set the tv input source to look at the roku output. But i still need to spend some more time getting the delay set up correctly. And to put the icing on the cake, i can only use that button when the tv is off. If the tv is on when i press it, the harmony smart keyboard turns the tv off.

B. Crawford, Solihull

I feel like with hdmi arc, the harmony system is becoming less useful. With my ps4, which due to playstation vue, has become my primary tv device, the remote control for my tv works with my ps4 ps vue, but the harmony remote and keyboard do not.

X. Anonymous, Hackney says

This could be a really great, convenient item to have, which is why i ordered it. When searching my dvr or netflix through my blu-ray player, i'm always wishing there was an easier way to type. Behold, a smart keyboard. Lo, the smart keyboard works neither with my dvr nor my blu-ray player rendering it worthless for me. . The "remote control' aspect of it works great. Set up was easy - downloading the app from the app store, and getting everything connected couldn't have been more simple (make sure you have your wireless password handy, mine happened to be on my phone so that wasn't very handy). The keyboard does function perfectly to turn on and off the tv or tv and blu-ray, etc. I personally don't need a keyboard sized remote control. . I understand that the typing aspect works on: smart tvs, apple tv, roku, tivo, ps3, ps4, xbox. But do yourself a favor, and check the list of compatible devices on the logitech website before ordering. If your devices don't work with the keyboard, a regular harmony remote would probably be the better bet.

R. Brenda, Basse-Normandie

I just bought this harmony keyboard product and i regret i bought before researching it further. The instructions were not that intuitive. Once i was able to configure the on and off function on my sony smart tv, i found that text input on any of the smart tv apps don't work. I googled my issue and indeed the text entry capability is not supported, so this harmony keyboard is useless. This product supports over 270, 000 devices, but text entries are not supported. I am returning it without any doubts.

C. Brendon, Colorado says

Ok, let me first say that it does a pretty good job at the basic functionality, once it's installed. The keyboard works great at core functions, like typing, trackpad, scrolling. The setup process via the app, on the other hand, makes you wonder if you suddenly lost 40 iq points. . I realize it's not valuable just to say "the app is bad", and that you would likely appreciate some details. Here they are, in order of discovery: first, the app is published by logitech europe s. A. , which creates uncertainty in the mind of a us user as to whether this is the correct app to download. It is. Second, the app tried to pair my samsung gs4 with the hub several times unsuccessfully before finally connecting. Third, it's not possible (or, at least not a discoverable process) to quickly edit your settings. You'll need to re-pair your app to the hub via bluetooth and go through every step of the setup process. Including the eula. Want to add a device? no problem. Just start from scratch! . . Ok, so once you're in a happy equilibrium and all your devices are connected, is it worth it? . . No. . Well, maybe. But probably not. . Here's why: it just doesn't do some of the things that it could/should. It is designed to connect to a pc, but completely failed to include some of the buttons that you'd probably like to have on a universal controller for your a/v needs. Like the media center "green" button that opens wmc or takes you to the home screen. . If what you want is a wireless keyboard + controller for your tv and maybe apple tv, then you're in luck. If you intend to use this with windows media center (or other htpc software like xbmc, etc), then this really comes up short. Your basic wmc remote is much better. . The only reason to go through all of the hassle of setting something like this up is to become the "one remote to rule them all". Sadly, it falls short of meeting that expectation. . Verdict:. Are you looking for a way to hook that old laptop up to your tv so you can watch youtube on the big screen? this works, but it's kind of overkill. . Are you looking for a way to run your entertainment center like a boss and impress your guests with your apparent technical superiority? move on to something else. This will just make you look like an amateur in front of your friends, and the setup will probably make you curse in front your kids/dogs. . I have it, so i'll use it, but not for anything outside of watching youtube/hulu/espn go in my browser. It's a light, small keyboard/trackpad for my pc that has a funky setup process.

A. Bethany, South Carolina

Usually i am a big fan of logitech products. Not this time. I couldn't really get this thing to work properly with my roku streaming device, sony tv and yamaha amp. It's a very awkward setup and after several evenings and many hours of fiddling with it i gave up disappointed. Just one example: i could not get the keyboard (of all things) working with netflix or youtube. That was the whole point of this purchase - i don't want to hunt and peck with the chinzy roku remote to type in video titles. Logitech needs to go back to the drawing board on this one i'm afraid.

I. Alberta, Havering says

I was very happy with my setup for about 15 months-it was really slick-then the keyboard hardware malfunctioned. Several of the keys map incorrectly, which may be ignoreable except that one of them is in my login password and another is backspace. The nice logitech lady explained that it was out of warranty, and there's nothing they can do. Now i have to use a wired keyboard like a chump.

D. Glenda, Rotherham

This was the first smart keyboard we have ever tried. Being a family of non-techies i figured this would be a wonderful addition to our home entertainment system. You know, the "one piece fits all" concept. Yeah well, it didn't turn out as well as i thought. First off, it requires a so-called smart phone to set up. But your honor. I don't have a smart phone, i have a blackberry and believe me no one ever accused blackberry of having smart phones. So now we had to drag in (kicking & screaming i might add) my daughter with her dreaded iphone. By-the-way as a side note, i hate iphones. I lost count how many times my daughter's turned into a brick forcing us to reload the software. But that's another grumble. Once she got into it we found many of our devices are not compatible, forcing us to either 1) buy a bunch of compatible devices just so we can sit on the couch and type away without any effort on our part, or 2) use the device as a $150 remote control for the tv, or 3) put the thing back in the box. We chose 3 and gave it to my daughter for her efforts. She is now figuring out how to set up her bedroom with all sorts of compatible devices. . We may need to do an intervention down the road.

Q. Anonymous, Ohio says

We could not get it to work with our new samsung curved tv. Our installer said to get a blue tooth board. Online store was excellent as usual in accepting a return.

G. Jacqueline, Calderdale

Love the concept, but it's finicky in setup and the product description (of course) won't tell you what it won't do. . Problems i had in setting this up. Hub will not connect to my network/router. To resolve this, i put my router on its side so the internal antenna's will face the hub which only about five feet from my router. This is my second harmony keyboard. I sent back a refurbished one jumping to the conclusion: it must be defective. I lost my discount and my time. That's the performance of the hub or what can be expected. . . After getting past that problem pressing one of the certain activities it would not power on my receiver. After contacting customer support online, their preferred method, mentioned moving my ir blaster. It worked! only the ir blaster is now on the floor. Moving it up a few inches and it won't work. I think i would have found a good spot but at this time frustration has taken over so i give up and take a break. . Another problem and this is the part that is not mentioned in the product description. This keyboard is not a full-time pc keyboard nor can it replace your pc keyboard. For me, this problem is a red flag and if it was known i would not have ordered it. It only types in a search when using my roku or using an activity "watch pc". Too bad too. I think a software update would fix this issue. . Another problem, the keyboard became un-paired from the hub in mid type. Pairing up once again fixed it. . Again, i like the concept of this add-on my pc/htpc. I own a harmony 700 remote and activities rock! a keyboard with a built-in touchpad that is a harmony remote. Oh well, the rug was pulled out from under me. I'm over it. Return. '

F. Anonymous, North Lincolnshire says

Barely functioning item. I have the myharmony ultimate remote, and trying to figure out how to connect the keyboard to the hub as well as the remote is like trying to solve string theory. The software is unfinished and buggy. Stay away.

K. Carrie, Georgia

Rec for our smart tv, by reps but just learned very few keyboard goes w tv

N. Moore, Arkansas says

I bought this as a gift for my bf who has 7 remotes for one entertainment setup. It worked for almost everything. Is not compatible with google tv. Had to return it.

T. Dorothy, Utah

I haven't been able to get this working with my smart tv. I downloaded the app to my phone, but couldn't get connected to my existing wifi router. No where do i see where i can get a live tech support from harmony. I went with harmony when my smart tv oem advised that they did not offer a wireless keyboard that would work on my tv. I am about ready to try and return this back to online store as i am very disappointed. John nash

U. Harrison, Kentucky says

I wasted nearly a week trying to get this to work. It is very disappointing as it simply doesn't work as advertised. Cheap hardware, buggy software, and a badly designed phone app make this product nearly useless. . I was really excited to get this since i hate juggling multiple remotes + a keyboard and trackpad. My home setup: a vizio p702ui-b3 smart tv, vizio s4251w-b4 sound bar, an xfinity cable box, nintendo wii, and a mac mini (2010, yosemite). Logitech's online database says that all these devices are supported by the harmony smart keyboard, but that simply isn't true (details below). Be warned: logitech considers a device "supported" if you can power it on and off, nothing more. . The keyboard is cheaply built and not reliable. Switching between devices breaks the pairing between the keyboard and one or both devices. For example, i used the usb dongle to pair the keyboard with the vizio tv and bluetooth to pair with the mac mini. Immediately after pairing it would work, but switch from tv to mac and it wouldn't work on either device anymore. This was 100% reproducible. When it was working there was a noticeable lag in keypress and mouse motion that made it difficult to use. . The whole system depends on the phone app, which is very poorly designed. Settings are scattered around different menus, the app crashes frequently, and remote button customizations aren't always saved. Even with an excellent wifi connection the app would frequently lose contact with the hub. Logitech provides a desktop app, but it just gives you a link to the app store and tells you to use your phone. Very frustrating. . The app also forces you to create a "harmony account" that stores your e-mail address and device settings. This account cannot be deleted. It exists forever. After several frustrating days i decided to delete my account and reset everything back to factory standard to see if that would help, but logitech's solution was "get a new e-mail address . . I did my homework on this before purchasing and logitech s database of supported systems said that everything i own is supported. In reality device support was very poor:. . Smart tv (vizio p702ui-b3): many features were completely missing: online store, iheartradio, youtube, etc. There s a netflix input in the menu but sometimes instead of starting netflix it would just open the app menu. Logitech s support forums suggest mapping multiple key presses to open apps like youtube, but this only works if you re starting with the tv turned off. For example, if i m watching netflix and want to switch to youtube i have to turn everything off then back on again before switching apps. Very very stupid design, clearly never been tested by logitech. (just to be clear, switching between apps with the original remote works great. ). . Soundbar (vizio s4251w-b4): again, several features missing. The soundbar has a nice night mode feature that disables the woofer (great for when the baby s asleep) but you can t enable that feature from within harmony. It just doesn t exist. Balance and sound controls also missing. . Nintendo wii: the phone app takes over controller 1! you can t play games that use controller 1 to navigate menus. This is a huge problem. It s really obvious that logitech never tested this setup or they wouldn t claim that this device is supported. . Mac mini (yosemite): again, keyboard didn t work after changing devices. I bought the keyboard because of the mac so this was a deal breaker. The keyboard is made of a flimsy black plastic with a strange tacky feel that is really obnoxious after using the mac s keyboard. The phone app gives two ways to add the mini: as a computer or as an entertainment device. As a computer the remote on the smart phone app is very limited: just open front row and navigate. You have to add as an entertainment device to get all the remote features. Very frustrating experience overall. . Xfinity cable box: the only component that seemed to work well. Almost no problems with this, except that the so-called smart keyboard sometimes tried to control the channel on the tv when it should have been sending signals to the cable box. . Save yourself the time and don t buy! logitech has a lot of work to do before this is a working product.

E. Noguera, Missouri

This logitech keyboard was my first attempt at using a smart keyboard. While i am pretty tech savvy i didn't have an easy time setting things up. It took me more than an hour to get to the point of it working properly. While the keyboard is created to work with cable tv, apple tv, online store fire tv, xbox one, ps3 and tv-connected pc or mac, i have only used it so far with online store fire and my mac. Just be sure before purchasing make sure this keyboard will function with whatever device you intend to connect to, otherwise you will simply have an expensive remote control.

L. Pete, Northumberland says

Picked this up on closeout at the big blue retail store but even though i got it for a good price i decided to return it. Just to buggy. . I am using the ios version of the app and sometimes it would not connect even after i assigned a static ip. . I did like that when using my ipad and iphone they would know where the other left off. . The major problem i had was some of my devices require a press and hold to bring up menus and i could not get that to work. Also the bluetooth would turn off when not using it in a activity causing my mac mini to bring up a dialog box about a missing keyboard on reboot.

W. Hannah, North East Lincolnshire

The harmony software is poorly designed, poorly documented, and does not function per the marketing hype. Logitech claims that the device can be set up without a smartphone, but this is not true. A smart phone is required to set it up. Further, i could not make it interface with tivo, even though logitech claims that it does. I can make it work with my roku 3, but that is the only reason i'm keeping it, and that is why it gets 2 stars instead of 1.

S. Theresa, Kansas says

Just spent the last three hours trying to get past the first few steps in the setup process. Some caution:. 1. Wifi (g or n) is required. (i have everything hardwired so i normally don't have any wifi, luckily i have an old wireless router that still works). 2. A smart phone is required to setup the keyboard (i do not have a smartphone as i simply don't need one). . The second point above is the most baffling of them all. To start the setup process i had to download a program for my computer, ok that's expected, and connect the harmony hub to my computer via the included micro usb to usb adaptor. After i did some basic setup (including wifi connection) the program then told me to download an app for either android or ios. How dumb is that? i have the hub connected to my computer via usb, why the heck can't the program i already downloaded do what the smart phone apps do? baffling beyond belief. Oh and i guess i's "screw you" to any windows phone owners too. . So i decided to try running the android app from an emulator on my laptop (laptop would be connected to the wifi too to mimic a smart phone). Got that laptop setup and fired up the hub desktop program again from my desktop aaannnddd hub cannot connect to the wifi. I power cycled my router, disconnected (and powered down) my laptop. Took all protections off the router (making it open), power cycled the hub, and still could not connect - i know it was working as my laptop could connect np through this entire ordeal, save when it was power down for a short time). So whether emulating the android app (i was using andy android emulator) works or not i cannot say. . In short this product will be returned. . "harmony" must be the sound people suffering through the setup of these devices, as they're worthless. Stay away!

M. Kelly, Oldham

First i was so excited about this keyboard hub set, set up was not easy but i finally got it working, then logitech launches a firmware update (wich auto installs) and kill my keyboard, it stop working with the hub. Support at logitech just sucks, cant find any problem related. Ar leat the keyboard work on my desktop so i did not lose my money. But i hate to have to manage everything through the app.

P. Lisa, Barnet says

I ordered the logitech harmony smart keyboard to try out with my lg smart tv, xbox 360 and ps3. Setup was fairly simple and i had it going without any issues. It does work with the devices specified, although it'd be nice if it worked with my dvr as well, which it does not. Also, i'm not really sure if the added convenience of the keyboard is worth the cost and extra bulk of another living room device, over just using my remotes. It's a cool concept and i could see how this would work great for people in certain situations with specific devices, but for me it's just a device i'll probably only use sparingly.

H. Wayt, Plymouth

Spent two hours trying to get this to work with my tv and two computers. The ui for setting it up is clunky and slow. This would be fine except that it doesn't work! after two hours, it only worked with one computer and not at all with the television. I recommend the k400, which is capable of doing everything i finally managed to get this to do at half the price and without the useless hub.

Y. Arnett, City of London says

Still doesn't type into subscription sites.

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