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Price was $139.99. I love my logitech harmony companion hub and remote. This is one of the few universal remotes that will control a fire tv stick or box, since they are controled via bluetooth and not ir light. This thing will control anything and i love the one touch activity buttons that will fire up multiple devices such as my tv, stereo and cable box with the push of one button. I also have my logitech harmony hub linked to my samsung smarthings home automation hub and an online store echo dot so i have full voice control of my tv as well.

-W. Paige

Harmony companion logitech harmony home control integrates connected lights, locks, binds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-all controllable from your harmony remote or mobile -harmony companion remote

  • Included: Use Your Smartphone (with Available App) Or Included Harmony Remote For One-touch Control Of Your Entertainment System And Home Automation Devices Such As Philips Hue Lights Or Nest Learning Thermostat.
  • Included: Companion Remote Includes Full Featured Home Entertainment Controls Including Dedicated Home Automation Controls.

Low-Priced Harmony Companion Remote (Remote Control) 915 000239

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Pros:. 1. It works well for simple setups and getting started is a breeze. 2. Very easy to add a new device. 3. I had no problems adding my smartthings hub and controlling different lights. . Cons:. 1. The remote will get stuck sometimes and will not control the tv. I am stuck opening my phone to correct the problem. 2. There are times when the light buttons do not work properly, especially the dimmer buttons. I am not sure if its a smartthings or harmony issue, but its still an issue. 3. Setting up advanced controls with the desktop or phone apps can be extremely time consuming. For instance, if you want to open a specific firetv app with a button, you need to manually select many button pushes. Each button push has multiple steps to add it to the sequence. If i only had to do this once, it would be fine. Unfortunately, there is no way to copy or reuse sequences or steps in a sequence. If you have 2 different activities for firetv, one to watch and one to watch with the lights down, you need to manually build every sequence a second time in the second activity. Really, you should just be able to record the steps as your are doing it on the remote without having to choose each button click manually from a list. That would save a lot of time. . Overall, i like the remote and can deal with some of the nuances. If the remote wasn't so expensive, i wouldn't mind as much. Normally, you get what you pay for. In this instance, you get a little less than you pay for, but it happens to be the only game in town! The Best harmony companion ( Apr 2020 ) | Logitech-Remote Control Review Included Harmony Companion Remote Works with alexa for voice control. performs activities like lower the blinds, dim the lights, fire-up the tv for movie night-all with a tap of the finger.. Use your smartphone (with available app) or included harmony remote for one-touch control of your entertainment system and home automation devices such as philips hue lights or nest learning thermostat. Companion remote includes full featured home entertainment controls including dedicated home automation controls. Included harmony hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as ps3, wii, and xbox 360. Simple setup on computer or the available smartphone app - works with over 270, 000 devices, including your tv, satellite or cable box, blu-ray player, apple tv, roku, sonos, game consoles, philips hue lights, and more. Model: 915-000239 (control up to 8 devices). please refer to the system requirements mentioned in this page. .

Harmony Companion Remote Review (915 000239)

I now own 3 of these remotes for around my house, and used to own a logitech 890 universal remote; so i'm very familiar with harmony software and devices. This is a really fantastic universal remote system, especially if you have home automation devices like lights or blinds. This product consists of a small wifi hub that sits in your entertainment center (like a more svelte apple tv in shape/size) and a comfortable, all physical button remote combined with software best used via smartphone app (note this review applies to the app experience using ios). So let's break down the major components/features:. . Hub: the hub is a combination brain and ir blaster for the system. It receives commands via rf from the remote or through the cloud from the harmony app or a 3rd party integration like ifttt, then translates and sends those commands to your tv, cable box, blu-ray, game console, etc. It can control those devices using traditional ir signals sent out from the hub itself and a small wired ir blaster accessory included in case you have an enclosed cabinet for your media devices and via bluetooth for controlling some game consoles or connecting as a keyboard for appletv and other streaming devices. It can also connect to cloud services through its wifi connection, which is primarily used to control home automation devices. The hub hardware could probably use an upgrade as some steps/changes in setup can take longer than i'd like, but i don't notice a lag in general use. The biggest drawback may be the 8 device limit, so larger entertainment systems might top out. . Remote: this might be the strongest logitech remote in a while. It's very similar to the smart control remote, but adding the home control buttons towards the top made them shift the play/pause section down lower where your thumb naturally rests. With the shift toward dvr and streaming sources, it makes sense that users will want easy access to play/pause/ff/rewind. In fact, this shift is why i would recommend this remote over the smart control even for users without home automation devices to control. The buttons feel good on the hand, and the layout is just distinct enough to provide good location by feel, which is important because it doesn't have backlit buttons (to the detriment of waf). No backlit keys does help prolong the battery life, which is rated for a year from a small cr style coin battery and can be easily replaced. You only get 3 activity keys, but each one can have a short and long press for a total of six activities triggered from the remote (you can have many more in the app). . App: the new app-based harmony software works very well. The initial setup is easier than in the past and i didn't have to adjust any advanced settings to get devices to power up properly, which is a good thing because editing settings after setup can be a challenge. The settings menus aren't intuitive and it took me several adventures to find various options, particularly advanced settings that are common to traditional universal remotes like trigger lags and order. The app doubles as the configuration tool and an alternative remote. Fire it up and it logs into your hub (or the last one used if you have multiple) and shows you your activities. If an activity is already in progress, you'll get the power button on its left to turn it off or you can select it to bring up the controls for that activity. As cool as it sounds to control your tv from your phone and never lose your "remote" again, the novelty wears off quickly because the phone interface just isn't a good substitute for a physical remote. There's no tactile feedback or feel, so you have to look away from your tv and no longer get the visual confirmation of your button press. The app on a phone also shows very few controls per "page", so you have to swipe left/right often to find the right button(s). That doesn't mean the app isn't useful. For one, the app is the only place to control individual devices separately from an activity, and it's where you need to go if an activity fails to turn all the right devices or change inputs (i have not had any issues with this so far). I also use the app occasionally to proactively start an activity in another room such as the basement before walking down (great for warming up a projector if you have one). . Home control: the new part of the harmony line is adding functionality for controlling home automation devices. Logitech generally works with the major players like hue, wemo, nest, etc. And the home control remote adds 4 dedicated home control buttons as well as an up/down rocker for adjusting settings like dim level for the latest selected device. The dedicated buttons are great and despite a light bulb on two and an outlet on the other two, they can be assigned to pretty much any device. You can also add home control actions directly to activities, so watch a movie could include dimming lights and/or closing blinds if you have them to integrate. I make extensive use of these buttons through a connection to smartthings. With the flexibility of smartthings, you can make almost anything happen through those 4 home control features. Setup was easy and the app walks you through it; but in order to get the full power, you should be comfortable tinkering with settings and digging a little deeper. . Unfortunately, this is where logitech could use the most work. The overall functionality is great, but it's very limited. You can't assign home control devices to other remote buttons and although you get short and long press options for all buttons, you can't assign two devices to a single home control button either. The functions a home control button has is determined by the type of home control device automatically. For instance, a light will turn on with a short press, off with a long press and the rocker will dim it up/down at a defined step (4% in my experience) that can't be changed. Opening this up to be configured by the user would allow for greater home automation integration and flexibility that might rival higher cost systems; features like having the lights dim up when pressing pause during a movie and returning down when pressing play again. I was able to emulate this via a home control button, but it was an arduous process and means i need to remember to pause via that home control button during a movie. . Overall, this is a great universal remote system that still needs some work on the software side for customization and flexibility. If you have a simple system and don't want to tinker, you'll find this easy to setup and use. The physical remote is in my opinion, one of the best physical remotes in terms of feel and button layout i've ever used (backlit buttons would probably put it over the top). The home control is an added bonus for users with systems in place, and it's the biggest waf upgrade because my wife can turn off the lights or turn on the fan while lying in bed without digging out her phone. -J. Theola

Logitech 915 000239 Harmony Companion Remote

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Logitech
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 8859200026790
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.50 inches
    Length:10.00 inches
    Weight:1.50 pounds
    Width:5.40 inches
  • Manufacturer: Logitech
  • Model: 915-000239
  • MPN: 915-000239
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 915-000239
  • Platform: Windows 8
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: REMOTE CONTROL
  • Size: 1
  • UPC: 097855107640

harmony companion Speakers, Logitech harmony home control integrates connected lights, locks, binds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-all controllable from your harmony remote or mobile app. Harmony Companion Remote (915-000239-Logitech).

Logitech 915 000239 Harmony Companion Remote Speakers

  • This remote works great to control my sony 930d, bose soundtouch 130, and ps4. It says in the manual that this remote will not turn on the ps4 or control the ps4 in several apps including netflix, online store prime, and playstation vue (which is true with the remote in ps4 mode). However if your tv has an hdmi arc port there is a goods chance it will control the ps4 in these apps on the ps4. I have the sony 930d tv connected to the soundtouch 130 over the hdmi arc port (hdmi 4), then the ps4 connected to the soundtouch 130 and i am able to fully control the ps4 including turning it on and off, and throughout the netflix, online store prime, and playstation vue apps. Just have to setup the remote to control the tv and it sends commands to the ps4 over the arc port. This remote is light years better than the universal remote for the ps4 and allows you to control all devices with the included remote and harmony app. Setup is very easy using the app or you can use a computer as well to set it up. Love that you can custom program buttons and macros too. I highly recommend this remote to anyone. You might need a little tech knowledge to set it up but not much if you follow the instructions. For those of you out there like me that use the ps4 for streaming and thought you were stuck with the ps universal remote there is hope as long as you have an hdmi arc port.
  • This remove is awesome! i have it pair with alexa so i can simply say, "alexa, turn on the tv" or "alexa, pause the tv" and much more! the radio remote is fantastic as well. I replaced an older logitech harmony 700 with this one. The cell phone app works great too for the setup. It was very easy. Afterwards, i have never gone into the app to use the remote except for occasional tweaking. Everything is customizable, such as changing the fast forward jump button (we wanted it to jump-forward with one click rather than holding it). The only thing i wish this remote had was a way to get to each device "separately" to switch an input or something else. For that to occur, you must use the app on your phone. Otherwise, i love this remote!
  • I really liked the basic logitech harmony my parents own. It was simple, intuitive and inexpensive. I opeted for the harmony home control because it was the cheapest one that would work with my devices and control the ps4 as a media playback device (netflix, online store, etc. ). . The setup is simple. The remote is lightweight and feels great. I had no problems with it, and i love that i didn't have to point it at anything. However, it will not control my tv. I can't hit a 'tv' button and get into my tv menus. I have to chang the picture setting on my tv frequently to account for a bright room during the day and dark at night; but with the harmony home control i couldn't do that with the remote. Instead, i had to use the app on my phone. The app is fine, but why did i buy a universal remote if i need my phone on me? . . I can't comment on the home control features as i was using it for a more traditional av purpose. I love logitech's 'activities' capability, but couldn't get over the fact that i could not access the menus of my devices with it. In the end, i returned it and will just use the basic $40 logitech. At least with that i can take control of individual devices. There is usually a ps4 controller on the coffee table anyway, so it will get me from 4 to 2 remotes on the table.
  • I bought this as part of a smart home upgrade to go with my google assistant. After learning about ifttt, i am now able to power on/off my entertainment center devices with my voice. The only real drawback is the remote which is a must have in my opnion because i enjoy the tactile feel of the buttons beneath my fingers and have zero interests in controlling my entertainment center with a smart phone. After owning a harmony 650 and a 700 (both still working fine), the remote that comes with the harmony hub is lacking in features. The harmony hub can be purchased for around $90 so at $130 for this package, you are basically paying $40 for a remote with no lcd display and no backlighting. Now compare that to the harmony 650 which offers both features for around $50 and i believe most people would be willing to pay $10 extra to get those features on this "basic" model. Unfortunately, the only other remote that logitech currently offers with those features for the harmony hub is the harmony elite package that normally sells for between $300 - $350. What logitech should do is make all harmony remotes compatible with the hub. If it works with ir, rf and bluetooth, there really shouldn't be any reason why it wouldn't work with other harmony remote models.
  • I want to start by saying this review is based mostly on my experience using this with my ps4. . Ultimately i had no issues setting it up, coming from a couple year old harmony, programming this remote from my phone and syncing, no cable / computer is a huge upgrade. The remote is nice and light and worked well. . My 2 gripes is that sometimes you hit an activity and it seems to not doing anything. And then 30 seconds later it start's working. Other times you hit the activity (like even turn everything off) and it just didn't work. I had to use my smart phone to unstick it or get it to work and that just didn't work for my situation. . The ps4 part is not entirely logitech's fault since sony won't let anyone turn on their system but for what i paid, it's just not worth it to have this if it can't power it on, which is something i found out after i tried using it. If i was doing more home automation i would maybe deal with some of the quirks but i just wanted a universal way to control my media devices, at this point, my tv remote using hmdi-cec seems to work better for me.

harmony companionHarmony Companion Remote (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I like this remote a lot. It simplifies my a/v experience, and as long as i have my phone with me, it is super convenient. It is when i do not have my phone that i run into a few challenges, which i believe would probably be alleviated if i had the more expensive remote with the screen. . I bought this to control my a/v system, which consists of an old panasonic plasma tv, a denon avr-x2200w, an xfinity x1 dvr/cable box, a playstation 3, an appletv, and an nintendo wii. Since this one has the home control, i also connected it to my insteon smarthome hub, even though i don't plan on using it for that. . My hub is on the mantle with my tv, and the other equipment is nearby on an open shelving unit. The setup was pretty easy through the app. You get the hub connected to your wifi, and then you start to connect your devices to the hub. The hub had no issues sending ir signals to the tv, cable box, and the receiver, and the ps3, appletv and wii connected via bluetooth, all with no problems. The app then walked me through setting up activities, which are the main reason for this device. You press one button, and the hub takes care of turning on/off the necessary equipment and changing inputs if necessary. You then get to test the activities and adjust settings if needed. In my case, i had to adjust for my 8 year old tv because it apparently powers on/off slower than today's equipment. . Using the remote via the app has been great. I do wish some of the screens/ buttons could be moved or modified but not a big deal. For example when i am watching cable and want to either use the last channel button or input a channel by its number, the enter button is on a different screen than the number pad screen or the dvr buttons screen, so it takes an extra swipe or two. Not the end of the world, but an enter button on all these other screens would be nice. The hub responds quickly to signals from the app, and the app has the option to stay on, but also dims itself while not in use, which probably saves a little bit of battery on the phone. . The physical remote is ok. It has buttons for three activites, and a few home automation buttons as well, which i used once to see if it would turn on/off the lights i have set up with the insteon smarthome hub, and it did. The buttons can be reassigned via the app, which was nice because currently my tv is the speaker for my system, and during the activity setup, the app set up the receiver as where volume should be controlled. I was able to reassign the remote's volume button to control the tv volume for all activities. I'm not sure this option is available for buttons in the app, but it's just a couple taps to get to the tv remote section and modify the volume there. This brings me to my one gripe with the physical remote. If for some reason things get out of sync (say your tv was supposed to change input for watching tv, but it didn't), i haven't figured out how to have the physical remote change to individual components. I can try to run the activity again to hopefully get it in sync, but if it doesn't then i have no way of changing to control the tv since this activity ends with controlling the cable box. Again, i could probably reassign some buttons to accomplish this, but then i have to remember that a button with a different picture or word under it now does this new task, and explaining that to my wife is not going to fly. I think the remote with the screen, if it is anything like the logitech harmony 650 that i bought for my mother, would rectify this issue for me. I may pay the extra money for it at some point. . The hub has been pretty stable. I did go through a period where i would have to unplug the hub and plug it back in order to get the app to see it after some unidentified period of inactivity, but i'm assuming an update fixed it, or it stabilized on its own. Either way, i haven't had to manually reboot it in over a month. If you look at the reviews for the harmony app (at least on itunes), it got terrible reviews for stability. I haven't had any of those issues on the app side. . I am definitely happy with the purchase, and hopefully i'll get some extra spending cash to get the remote with the screen, which should give me an even better experience.

Harmony Companion Remote
Click to see NoticeHarmony Companion Remote (Logitech)" i have never used a remote system like this before but was bit by the home automation bug this past summer and knew instantly i had to get my alexa to control the tv/entertainment system. I'm giving the harmony a 5 star rating because it works beautifully. The setup was not difficult at all! i did two setups. Initially my first setup was in august then in september when i changed modems. As long as you took your time and not rushed thru the setup both installs went flawlessly. Once you get everything plugged in and app is downloaded the fun really begins. You follow a step by step process to have harmony recognize all your devices like, satellite/cable receiver, dvd player, appletv, surround sound system. Then you setup how you watch tv. What needs to turn on when you want to watch tv or what needs to turn on when you want to watch dvd's or just wanna watch netflix, then bam it works in whatever sequence you choose! while the remote is a universal type remote it handles most basic types of commands like rewind, fast forward, pause, changing channels, tv guide, etc etc. The one draw back is that my satillite remote has a delete button that i use for deleting programs from my dvr, this one does not. Same thing with my remote for the dvd player it has an internet button that automatically takes me to the internet so that i can watch online store prime and this one does not. No worries though it's not a big draw back. I have not set this part up yet but you can even have harmony setup your lights when you want to watch movies just like in the theaters! my favorite part of the harmony system is telling alexa to turn tv on, she turns on and goes right to my most watched channel. If i tell alexa change channel to cnn boom she does it, pause tv she does it, turn volume up she does it! does it work 100% of the time? depends on how close you are to alexa. The video shows how i voice control the harmony by turning on tv and changing channels. Depending on your setup the turning on process can take a few seconds longer if harmony needs to turn on several devices. In my case its 3 devices, surround sound receiver, satellite/cable and actual tv. I also have it setup to tune in to my most watched channel. I love my harmony and i am very satisfied with my purchase and the device is performing as it should. If you too have been bitten by the home automation bug then this is a must have device!"

(0) Question: To use the light control buttons, which switches are recommended? just the most simple switches so that i can control them via this remote. thanks!

(1) Question: Where does the ir blaster have to be placed? home theater set up as follows, from top to bottom: tv, ps3, reciever on different levels in cabinet

(2) Question: What's the difference between the 915-000239 and 915-000194?

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Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Brilliant. I fully automated the home in just a couple weeks. I never expected to do that, but this controller was so easy to use, and the functionality so cool when paired with alexa on online store echo or dot. I ended up replacing close to 30 outlets, light switches and fan switches. Now, we're saving electricity, lights turn on when we drive up to the house at night. I can shut off the porch, driveway, and yard lights from one switch or my phone. If i'm holding the baby in the nursery i can say, "alexa turn on nursery lights to 15%" enough light to put her down and escape without tripping on a toy. This is only a hub, so only the start of your investment in automating the home. Before investing make sure all your compatible devices will work. Must electrical will need the neutral wire!

Smartthings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the samsung smartthings hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free smartthings app. Receive notifications about what's happening in and around your home and use your smartphone to remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more. Since smartthings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different companies, once you have the smartthings hub and the free app for ios, android, or windows, you can add as many additional smartthings sensors or other popular z-wave, zigbee, or internet-connected products as you want to enhance your connected home. The samsung smartthings hub works in the us and canada. If the honeywell programmable thermostat was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a z-wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the smartthings hub. To do so in the smartthings mobile app: 1. Tap the menu 2. Tap the hub 3. Tap z-wave utilities 4. Tap general device exclusion 5. When prompted: 1. Press the system button on the left side of the thermostat's display 2. Press and hold the blank center button until the display changes 3. The first set of numbers/arrows is the "function" section - scroll until you find "rf10" 4. The second set of numbers/arrows is the "setting" section - select 0 5. Press done in the lower left corner to save and exit after the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from smartthings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the honeywell programmable thermostat. Note: please reference user guide and specification sheet below under 'technical specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home HubSamsung-SmartThings-Smart-Home-Hub

Samsung Smartthings Smart Home Hub (f hub us 2) FAQ.

This is my first time ever leaving a review, but i feel that it is needed. I did research into all the new smart hubs. My main use as of right now was to increase the security in my home, turning my home into a smart one was just a bonus. I was skeptical reading some of the reviews about smarthings. I've had my system for 3 weeks now and haven't had 1 single issue. I've found smarthings to reliable and easy to use. I haven't had any false alarms, or any issue connecting any devices! absolutely love it! -Notice from . Yvette, Merton

Click to Show samsung smartthings smart home hub (f hub us 2) Details

Started with hub v1 and now on v2. Everything is working great. I wish they has a better system for upgrading to the new hub besides doing everything all over again but i got it done and all is working. I do notice a faster response time to triggers and i like the idea of having more processes being controlled locally instead of in the cloud. The battery back up is cool just not really part of my system now. If the lights go out i wont need smartthings to turn them on for me (no power). Besides that with the back friday discount i could not find a reason not to upgrade.

Samsung-smartthings-smart-home-hub-(f-hub-us-2) set picture

- H. LorenzThis is the best smart hub period! handles all my wemo products like the mr coffee. So now i have it so when the alexa alarm (alexa set alarm for 6am) goes off it starts making coffee. We can change the morning alarm when ever we want and don't have to worry about re programming the coffee pot. Just one example.

There is a lot to like about this system! . 1. Easy to set up. Easy. 2. So many things (basically all the 'internet of things' type equipment) connects to it. 3. Did i say it was easy to set up? . . So, why not 5 stars? . . Basically, the app. It is good, but needs improvement. Whenever there is an alert, you go to check the app and it takes a few seconds to refresh. Not a huge deal, but it gets a bit annoying after awhile. . We are still getting used to how the system works and fine tuning how the alarms trigger, but it really helps knowing what is going on in the home (using it primarily for security right now).

W. Nielsen, Michigan

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.50 pounds
  • Power: in-wall power adapter with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 aa batteries (included) communication. protocol: zigbee, z-wave, ip. range: 50-130 feet operating temperature: 41 to 95 f. compatible brands: honeywell, philips hue, kwikset
  • Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with a smartthings hub. it connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together.
  • Add smart devices and put your home to work. choose from a wide range of compatible devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.
  • Use the smartthings app or alexa to control your smart home. teach your house new tricks by telling it what to do when you're asleep, awake, away, and back home.
  • Requires an internet-connected router with an available ethernet port requires the free smartthings app for ios (8. 1 or later), android (4. 0 or later), or windows phone (8. 1 or later)
Price :    $68.69 (was $73.03)
Model :    F-HUB-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub available ( Apr 2020 )

Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Black

I have a harmony 650 and it wasn't so bad, but this thing beats it by a mile. . Really, all you need is a home hub and your own smartphone. You save about $30 that way - though the remote is really an excellent one. . You can do most of the programming (if not all) right on your own smart phone. The setup is quite good, though you will need to pay attention to more detail than you wanted to to make it run perfectly. The good news is that you have lots of options to tweak the settings to fit the way you want to use it. . The setup features are good enough to select netflix or hulu as the choice on our new 70" 4k vizio smart tv - so you can start right where you most use your equipment. It synched with our wii and roku 3 and yamaha receiver. . The rf transmission is wonderful. I accidentally turned on the living room tv from the bedroom because the rf goes through doors and walls, nice! . . There are some third party ir emitters that are compatible on online store so you don't have to go with the harmony blaster - some say the third party ones are better. The one i got had three different emitter nodes, so you can spread the ir love a little further. . If it keeps going this well, i'll come back and give it a full five stars.

Easily control entertainment devices even ones in closed cabinets logitech harmony smart control turn your smartphone or tablet into a one-touch universal remote. Now you can control your entire entertainment system with the smartphone or tablet you already own. The harmony hub combined with a powerful app give you personalized control of up to eight devices even through closed cabinets and walls. Plus, you get a simple harmony remote for everyone in the house when your smartphone isn t handy. Product features harmony app for easy tap-and-swipe entertainment control using your smartphone or tablet* rf control of devices inside closed cabinets and behind walls controls up to 8 devices including cable tv boxes, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3 and tv-connected pc or mac powerful customization, including 50 favorite channel icons*, creating one-touch activities and re-ordering buttons also includes handheld universal remote for the household works with over 270, 000 devices easy online setup ( *compatible with ios 6. 0 or later and android 4. 0 or later. *channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) replaces multiple remotes. Controls devices you own today and add tomorrow. Smart control harmony hub turns rf signals from the remote into ir or bluetooth commands your devices can understand and can t see behind closed cabinet doors or walls. Control up to 8 devices including your ps3, wii or xbox one, plus your internet subscription services, like netflix or hulu. Harmony supports 270, 000 devices from 6, 000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow. Harmony s online device library makes it easy to update your smartphone and remote with new devices and commands. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (*sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) easily find entertainment with your smartphone keyboard view larger find your content faster now you can avoid frustrating on-tv keyboards. Use your smartphone/tablet keyboard or speech recognition capability with the harmony app to find your content faster on apple tv, roku or online store firetv. Also works with windows pcs and macs. Turns your smartphone into a harmony controller view larger harmony app for smartphone or tablet anyone in the house can download the app and turn their smartphone or tablet into a personal universal remote. With one-touch activity control, you just tap watch tv or watch a movie and harmony powers on the right devices to the right settings. Simply swipe and tap to change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward and rewind. Plus, you can organize and re-order buttons, activities, and up to 50 favorite channel icons* the way you like them right on your smartphone. (* channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) easy guided online setup view larger easy guided online setup simply download the harmony app to your computer or your iphone 4s or later or android smartphone with bluetooth smart technology. Screen prompts make it easy to set up your app and remote with commands for your devices. Live customer support is ready to help if you need it. Universal remote for times when your smartphone isn t handy view larger comes with a handheld remote for the house this simple all-button harmony universal remote gives everyone at home easy control of your entertainment system when your smartphone or tablet isn t handy. It also works with harmony hub for control of devices in closed cabinets.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control - BlackLogitech-Harmony-Smart-Control-Black

Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Black (915 000194) FAQ.

This is a nice remote. Set up was a snap. Just set up the hub, download the harmony app, connect to bluetooth and it does the rest. . I had a harmony one set up, so once i logged into my harmony account; it downloaded my harmony one set up to the hub. . The greatest thing about this no need fro windows or mac osx to do the set up. . Also, this will work fro any android device be it a smart phone or tablet. . The response, as other have reported, is much faster than the harmony one. . One can use either the included remote or use the android device as the remote. Both work just a quickly. By the way, i like the ergonomics is also very nice. . The only downsides; the included remote is not backlit. If you like a lcd screen, this remote does not have one. It does required a battery replacement, but it uses a standard round watch battery. Because setting are stored on the hub, and at the harmony web site, one does not have to worry about losing any of your set up. . I bought it on sale, from online store, fro $98. 95, which is much less expensive than the rechargable elite, with an lcd, fro over $300. I do not have 16 devices to control, so 8 devices capability was more than ample. -Notice from A. Brendon, Alsace

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Ok. This will take you about an hour to configure the first time. But it is well worthwhile. You see, this is a wireless system. The hub connects to your wifi. The mini-ir blaster connects to the hub via a long thin cable. The remote communicates with the hub via bluetooth. When you configure the remote via ios or android app, you create an account that allows you to seriously configure every function of your entertainment system. Be sure to know the brand of you devices (tv, dvr, amp, etc). Once you are done configuring, the hub sends all that data to your remote. Your remote is non-directional because it's bluetooth. When you work the remote (change channel, volume, input, etc), the hub sends data to the mini-ir blaster, which sends ir signal to the devices. If your tv or devices are old, and system doesn't recognize the brand, you can have the hub learn the remote buttons. There is a learning function where you point your old remote to the hub and it learns the commands. You do it via the app. . Very important: placement of the mini-ir blaster is key. It is omni-directional, so you can put it near the front of all your device ir receiver, and it will work. Do not put it behind any devices because the ir doesn't go through solids. Once you get this working, you will never settle for multiple remotes again.

Logitech-harmony-smart-control---black-(915-000194) set picture

- Y. CindyI finally broke down and bought a universal remote after buying a sound system for my tv that could not be controlled using any of the 5 other remotes i was already using, meaning that i now had 6 remotes that were necessary to control 7 devices made by 6 different manufacturers. . Frankly, i did not have a lot of confidence in this remote, given the variety of makes, models, and ages of my devices as well as my desire to have one remote to rule them all. I unpacked everything with the assumption that i would be repackaging it in a few hours to return it. Luckily, my pessimism (this time) was not necessary. It worked fine for me, controls my devices seamlessly, and was much easier to set up than i ever expected. . That is not to say it did not take some time. It took about an hour from the time i opened it to the point where i was using it. I chose to set it up using my pc and the usb cable included with the device. I accessed the logitech harmony website, downloaded their browser add-on, and followed the directions. I had to sit through a device installation, connection to wifi, and a firmware update before i could do much. Time consuming, but not difficult. Then i had to tell the system what devices i had. I entered the make and model number of my tv, bluray player, sound system, directv receiver, wii, appletv, and 13-year-old vcr when prompted. The app had some clarifications or setting changes that were needed for some of these devices that were clearly documented on the browser add-on. Then i set up my configurations (e. G. , when i "watch tv" i use the tv, the sound system, and the directv receiver; the sound is controlled by the sound system, the channels are controlled by the directv receiver, and the tv input is hdmi1). The system gave me a very accurate list of inputs for my tv using the exact names that my tv used for each port. I was quite impressed. . Once done, i put the hub on an end table facing the tv and plugged it into the wall. It updated the remote as well as my iphone (i installed the app on my phone as well as my wife's). I also set up a list of favorite channels for use on the app. It works very well. I no longer need any other remotes (except my wiimote for the wii) to control anything. I also never have to look at my tv's terrible source selection menu again, the presets on the remote change the input automatically. It has lead to kind of an interesting social experiment in the living room. Since both of our phones double as remotes, there is not clearly defined holder of the television power in the living room any longer. Previously, whomever held the remote, held the power. Handing off of the remote was a symbolic act of trust. Now, anyone can change what we are watching at any time without warning. It is a brave new world. . Because the system is upgradable over time, i hope that some small improvements might be forthcoming (i believe that 5-stars is the right rating, but there are still a few small things i might change). First, it is apparently not possible to add any of the local channels that i get as part of my directv subscription to the favorites list. I can still watch them by accessing the guide or entering the channel number manually, but it is odd that i cannot enter them as favorites. The buttons on the iphone 4s screen are a bit big. I would like to be able to fit the volume controls on the same screen as the select button, arrow keys, and page up/page down keys. You can reconfigure where the keys are, but you can only fit so many on the screen at once. Maybe if i had a phone with a larger screen (e. G. , iphone5) more buttons would fit. The system will change the tv input to the wii and turn the wii on, but it is kind of strange that is all it does. I do still need my wiimote to do anything else with the wii. For me, it is not a big deal. I do not expect to play a game using my universal remote (or iphone), but if i did use my wii as my netflix box (rather than my appletv) i would be a little annoyed. Perhaps i need to synch the hub as controller 1 on the wii, but that would add some additional annoyances. . The people who complain about the remote itself are probably a bit too fussy. It is a nice compromise between too complex and not enough features. It has all of the usual keys that i use regularly from my prior remotes. Button-cell batteries suck, but that's a minor grievance. Next time, let us use a 1. 2v aaa rechargeable battery. Or perhaps i am just a philistine who doesn't really appreciate the necessity of back-lit buttons on my remote control. . Anyway, it worked great with my particular setup. It may not with someone else's. I can imagine that someone who owns an older or obscure model television might have some trouble if all of the inputs are not mapped out as well in the harmony firmware as mine were. As such, you too should probably also open your package carefully and save all of the components in case you want to send it back. But it worked well for me and i (almost) don't regret paying $100 for a remote control.

You do need someone who knows their way around to set it up, but once it's all configured anyone can use even a complicated a/v setup without juggling 4 or 5 remotes. . I had a few issues with the setup, some of my equipment was not fully supported, but it's all programmable, this is more than just entering codes into a universal remote. Logitech took on a really hard problem, i'm not sure a perfect solutions is possible, but they got real close. Now that it's all working it's great, one button on one remote to change from cable tv to dvd to streaming services to radio and back. One volume control that always works no matter what's playing. . I put off buying this to replace my revue but now i'm glad to have it, a much better remote control, still rf wireless, and i don't miss the big keyboard.

I. Anonymous, Indiana

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    915-000194
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $67.88 (was $98.99)
  • Future-proof control of up to 8 devices: works with over 270, 000 devices including cable tv boxes, apple tv, roku, sonos, fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, and tv-connected pc or mac
  • Removable battery
  • Use your smartphone (available harmony smartphone app) or the included harmony remote to control your entertainment devices. internet access wi-fi: supports 802. 11g/n, wpa personal, wpa2-aes and 64/128-bit wep encryption
  • Included harmony hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as ps3, wii, and xbox 360
  • Smartphone app includes swipe and tap control for one-touch control of your entertainment system, up to 50 favorite channel icons, volume, media playback, and more (works with iphone ios 6. 0 or later and android 4. 0 or later)

Monoprice 107121 2.5mm Mono Plug to 3.5mm Mono Jack Adaptor, Gold Plated 3 Pack

Do you have a device with a 3. 5mm plug that won't fit into your other device with a 2. 5mm jack such as a pair of standard headphones and a new smartphone? if so you need this adapter from monoprice! this adapter has a mono 3. 5 mm female ts jack and a mono 2. 5 mm male ts plug. Note that this is a mono adapter. If you need this for a stereo audio application such as listening to music on your smartphone with your standard headphones/earbuds you should get the stereo version pid 7124 instead.

Monoprice 107121 2.5mm Mono Plug to 3.5mm Mono Jack Adaptor, Gold Plated 3 PackMonoprice-107121-2-5mm-Adaptor-Plated

Brand :    monoprice
  • Important: although this adapter will physically connect a headset to a smartphone headset/microphone jack this will not allow use of the microphone
  • The connectors are gold plated to ensure a smooth corrosion-free connection
  • This adapter has ts (tip-sleeve) connectors with two contact points while a headphone/mic device requires trrs (tip-ring-ring-sleeve) connectors with four contact points
Price :    $5.21 (was $6.21)
Model :    107121
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Sengled Element Classic BR30 Smart Home LED Floodlight Bulb, Compatible SmartThings, Wink Echo Plus, Requires Hub Alexa Google Assistant 4 Pack

Sengled element led smart bulbs are the easy, affordable way to get started with smart home lighting. Element is the simple way to decrease energy use, automate hard-to-reach fixtures, and turn the lights on before you get home.

Sengled Element Classic BR30 Smart Home LED Floodlight Bulb, Compatible SmartThings, Wink Echo Plus, Requires Hub Alexa Google Assistant 4 PackSengled-Floodlight-Compatible-SmartThings-Assistant

Price :    $57.99 (was $63.96)
  • Voice control integration: connect the bulb to your favorite hub to use with alexa and google assistant (hub required for use)
  • Smart home integration: connect the bulb echo plus, as well as samsung smartthings and wink hubs. the bulb can also be added to any sengled element starter kit. (classic or plus, hub sold separately. a hub is required for bulb use. )
  • Monitor energy use: monitor electricity use (kwh) from anywhere from the ios or android app. see if you forgot to turn off the lights, then remotely turn off for added savings.
  • Control your lights, at home or away: use the ios or android app to set lighting schedules, dim or turn your lights on and off. control your lights remotely and have the lights on before you get home at night.
  • Energy efficient: led bulbs use 80% less energy than incandescent lighting. sengled bulbs last for over 20 years and are energy star certified. kits and bulbs come with a three-year warranty.
Brand :    sengled
Color :    White
Size :    4 Pack
Model :    E12-N14WA4
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (sengled product review) for Sengled Element Classic BR30 Smart Home LED Floodlight Bulb, Compatible SmartThings, Wink Echo Plus, Requires Hub Alexa Google Assistant 4 Pack available ( Apr 2020 )

Logitech Harmony Companion All In One Remote Control Smart Home Entertainment Devices Black Certified Refurbished

Logitech harmony home control integrates connected lights, locks, binds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-all controllable from your harmony remote or mobile app.

Logitech Harmony Companion All In One Remote Control Smart Home Entertainment Devices Black Certified RefurbishedLogitech-Harmony-All-One-Remote

Brand :    logitech
Model :    Logitech Harmony All In One Remote - CR
Quantity :    1
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Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Companion All In One Remote Control Smart Home Entertainment Devices Black Certified Refurbished available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $89.99
  • Use your smartphone (with available app) or included harmony remote for one-touch control of your entertainment system and home automation devices such as philips hue lights or nest learning thermostat
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box.
  • Companion remote includes full featured home entertainment controls including dedicated home automation controls
  • Simple setup on computer or the available smartphone app - works with over 270, 000 devices, including your tv, satellite or cable box, blu-ray player, apple tv, roku, sonos, game consoles, philips hue lights, and more model: 915-000239 (control up to 8 devices). please refer to the system requirements mentioned in this page.
  • Included harmony hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as ps3, wii, and xbox 360

For Logitech Harmony Smart Nightglow Case Cover, Lightweight Anti- Dust Anti-Drop Silicone Protective Case Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control-Nightglow

For logitech harmony smart cover, lightweight anti- dust and anti-drop silicone protective case for logitech harmony smart remote control description compatibility: logitech harmony smart remote control customized design to fit logitech harmony smart remote control, perfectly fit all ports, buttons and functions, custom cutting on the case allows all functions of the remote are open for use anti-drop designs for drop accidently and reduce shocks, provides the maximum protection made from the highest quality soft silicone material, lightweight and form-fitted case, never make your remote controller looks bulky. Superior protection-provide protection for your remote controller from scratches, bumps anti-dust and other daily damage in daily life. Perfect designed with fashion trend of your remote controller cover, make it different and eye-catching.

For Logitech Harmony Smart Nightglow Case Cover, Lightweight Anti- Dust Anti-Drop Silicone Protective Case Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control-NightglowNightglow-Lightweight-Anti-Drop-Protective-Control-Nightglow

Brand :    moimtech
Color :    #01A,Nightglow
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Remote Control (moimtech product review) for For Logitech Harmony Smart Nightglow Case Cover, Lightweight Anti- Dust Anti-Drop Silicone Protective Case Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control-Nightglow available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $10.99
  • Anti-drop designs for drop accidently and reduce logitech harmony smart control shocks, provides the maximum protection made from the highest quality soft silicone material, lightweight and form-fitted case, never make your remote controller looks bulky.
  • Customized design to fit logitech harmony smart remote control, perfectly fit all ports, buttons and functions, custom cutting on the case allows all functions of the remote are open for use.
  • Superior protection-provide protection for your harmony smart remote controller from scratches, bumps anti-dust and other daily damage in daily life.
  • Perfect designed with fashion trend of your remote controller cover, make it different and eye-catching.
  • Available in a variety of bright and fun colors.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner

Receive free to air tv via an antenna allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over 802. 11n wifi, or a wired ethernet connection. No more expensive cable tv subscriptions or cable boxes rental fees. You can now easily watch another program in a different room or enjoy football in the yard whether on android tv device, phone, tablet, computer or smart tv. You can watch live tv through our hdhomerun dvr app and you can record, pause, rewind and schedule your favorite shows using the hdhomerun dvr service*. You can also watch and record live tv with our kodi/xbmc add-on or you can record, pause, rewind and schedule programs using popular compatible third party dvr software. *requires guide subscription simply plug your hdhomerun extend into your router, follow the quick start procedure then stream live tv around your home. You can watch live hdtv via wifi on an 802. 11n router (minimum spec) or a wired connection. Live tv can be viewed with our own hdhomerun dvr app (which is supported on windows / mac / linux pc or android devices such as phones, tablets, kindle fire, firetv box and android tv). Or you can activate our full hdhomerun dvr service. It works with your playback and network storage devices adding the ability to watch, schedule and record live tv. For your playback devices it s an app that connects to your home network to give you access to live tv and recordings. Playback devices include windows, mac, and android systems, with additional support on kodi and plex. For storage, the recording engine runs in the background on your nas box such as the wd my cloud.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV 2-TunerSiliconDust-HDHomeRun-EXTEND-FREE-Broadcast-2-Tuner

Brand :    silicondust
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.20 pounds
  • Watch and record infull 1080p resolutionwhere available
  • Watch live hdtvon up to 2 devicessimultaneously onyour wifi network.
  • Cut the cable and save on monthly rental fees.
  • Works with ourhdhomerun dvr soyou can watch, pauseand record.
  • Free over the air hdtv with more reach watch transcoded, 'live and recorded' hdtv which can be viewed on multiple wifi devices, across your home network.
Price :    $142.00 (was $169.99)
Model :    HDTC-2US-M
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (silicondust product review) for SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner available ( Apr 2020 )

Echo Dot 2nd Generation - Black

I have the echo in the living room to serve the house. Dot is in the master bedroom to serve only me. I can check on thing as i lay pondering in bed. "echo, what's on my agenda tomorrow? "; "echo, set an alarm for 6:15am"; echo, add dog food to my shopping list. ". . I love having dot nearby while i am able to be away from the rest of the family playing with alexa. "(snidely) alexa, tell me a joke". . I can have dot throw on some smooth jazz while i read my kindle. I am very pleased. The price is awesome for what you get!

Echo dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker it can also connect to your speakers or headphones over bluetooth or through a 3. 5 mm audio cable to deliver stereo sound to the speakers you choose. Dot connects to the alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more instantly. Echo dot can hear you from across the room, even while music is playing. When you want to use echo dot, just say the wake word "alexa" and dot responds instantly. If you have more than one echo or echo dot, alexa responds intelligently from the echo device you're closest to with esp (echo spatial perception). Sleek and compact design makes echo dot a convenient addition to any room in the house. With its built-in speaker, you can place dot in the bedroom and use it as a smart alarm clock that can also turn off your lights. Or use dot in the kitchen to easily set timers and shop tens of millions of online store products using just your voice. Echo dot can also directly connect to speakers using a 3. 5 mm stereo cable or using bluetooth to add voice control to your home stereo system in the living room or den. Echo dot provides hands-free voice control for online store music just ask for your favorite artist or song, or request a specific genre or mood. You can also search for music by lyrics, when a song or album was released, or let alexa pick the music for you. Echo dot also provides hands-free voice control to pandora, spotify, iheartradio, and tunein. Voice control your smart home use echo dot to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn up the thermostat while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie all without lifting a finger. Or even raising your voice. Echo dot works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, fans, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more from philips hue, tp-link, ecobee, wemo, smartthings, insteon, lutron, nest, wink, honeywell, and more. Far-field voice recognition tucked under the light ring is an array of seven microphones that use beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation. With a more powerful processor, the all-new echo dot has improved wake-word performance to hear you ask a question from any direction even in noisy environments or while playing music. When you want to use echo dot, simply say the wake word, "alexa, " and dot lights up and streams audio to the cloud, where the alexa voice service is leveraged to recognize and respond to your request instantly. Always getting smarter alexa the brain behind echo dot is built in the cloud, so it is always getting smarter. The more you use dot, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. And because echo dot is always connected, updates are delivered automatically. Just in the last few months we've added online store order tracking, repeating alarms, and thousands of new skills from third-party developers. Echo dot has skills skills add even more capabilities like ordering a pizza from domino's, requesting a ride from uber, tracking your fitness with fitbit, ordering flowers from 1-800-flowers, and more. Enabling skills lets your echo dot do even more simply discover skills you want to use in the alexa app. To enable a new skill, just ask alexa. New skills are being added all the time. You can also see ratings and reviews to learn what other customers are saying about the thousands of skills available in the alexa app. Do more with the alexa app with the free alexa app on fire os, android, ios, and desktop browsers, you can easily setup and manage your echo dot. Use the alexa app to connect services you already use like spotify, pandora, and google calendar. Setup your smart home devices from philips hue, tp-link, ecobee, wemo, smartthings, insteon, nest, lutron, and more. See which books are available to read from your kindle and audible libraries. View shopping and to-do lists while on the go. Control your timers and set custom tones for your alarms, and much more. The alexa app is also where you discover third-party skills.

Echo Dot 2nd Generation - BlackAll-New-Amazon-Echo-Dot-Add-Alexa-To-Any-Room

Echo Dot 2nd Generation - Black (53 005166) FAQ.

I really (really) like my echo dot. But i'm having some trouble pairing it with the logitech harmony home hub - my vizio tv sound bar never comes on correctly. While it could be an issue with the harmony hub, i'm reserving one star, since controlling my entertainment devices was tops on my lists of functions (and it was heavily marketed as examples in news stories) . And it feels like alexa is just not quite up to the task yet. . Rest assured, if i get it working somehow, i'll come back and give it 5 stars! . . Note: it fulfills it's other functions very gracefully. E. G. , linking to our nest thermostat was seamless and easy. If only it was as easy to turn on my tv correctly. -Notice from . Ruff, California

Click to Show echo dot 2nd generation - black (53 005166) Details

I am a prime member. This was my first purchase of echo and i gave it to my mom who did not want it or think she needed it, haha i purchased echo dot for 2 reasons, 1) i had wanted the original echo but thought the near $200 price tag was too steep so this price was perfect and 2) i wanted to get something for my mom that would open her mind to the power of technology and the need for change because ultimately i want her to have online store fire tv because her monthly cable bill is insanely high but she has always been resistant to change. She had no wifi in her bedroom but i resolved that when i purchased tp link av500 wi fi range extender, powerline edition which did what no other wifi extender i purchased in past could do, gave my mom's room a secure wifi connection; apparently using already existing phone lines. All i know is that she now has wifi in her room. So i got echo as a way to test her wifi connection with something cool. I easily connected echo to tp-link and it worked. We asked alexa a few basic questions, we laughed a little but then i had to leave. When i returned the next day, i walked in and there was music playing (oldies but goodies) and i walked into my moms room and she was singing but was emotional. I asked her if everything was ok. She was in awe. She was happy. She was emotional because alexa helped mom find songs at a blink of an eye that mom had not heard since her childhood and she demonstrated it to me. The speed that alexa found the song and played it was mind-boggling. Mom was also planning a dinner in august and needed to know what day of week it was. She would normally need to leave her room and go to her main calender in the kitchen and find the date. But this time she just asked alexa who gave her the information in like 2 seconds lol. Tp-link and echo / alexa have given my mom a whole new level of excitement, bewilderment, curiosity and wonder and we have only scratched the surface to the power of echo. 2 more echo dots are on the way as i type and more in the future i am sure. What a great gift to give to someone at a great price.

Echo-dot-2nd-generation---black-(53-005166) set picture

- V. JuneI finally made the plunge and bought two while they were on sale for christmas. I liked them so well i bought two more. Voice recognition seems to be really good, and everything that i have tried to use it for has been awesome. Hopefully this holds true for a long time and doesn't bad too soon. I have played music from online store and pandora with no issues. I have connected to my wink hub to turn lights on and off. I am still learning what all it can do but so far i am really excited about the dot. I did not go with the larger echo because i have good speakers that i can connect wirelessly or by cable.

The online store dot is amazing! i have gotten the alexa dot for my grandparents who are both in their 70 s so they can turn off lights off and on in there home which they love because they both have bad backs and knees and it saves them from getting up when they forget to turn off a light! it all started when i was going over my grandparents house a lot and i had brought my online store echo and my grandma and grandfather loved it. They would ask it questions and play music and even listen to the news! so i had gotten them a online store dot for christmas which they love because it s their own and it can turn their lights off and on. I have a tp link smart outlet coming in the mail today so they can turn on and off more lights which ik there excited about! i hope u enjoy the video that i had posted and i hope u get ur hands on one of these online store products especially the dot which is so very cheap for what u get! have a nice day! thanks!

Q. Finch, South Dakota

Brand :    
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.36 pounds
  • Echo dot (2nd generation) is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news, set music alarms, read audiobooks from audible, control video on fire tv, and more
  • Connects to speakers or headphones through bluetooth or 3. 5 mm stereo cable to play music from music, spotify, pandora, iheartradio, and tunein. play music simultaneously across echo devices and speakers connected via cable with multi-room music.
  • Controls lights, fans, tvs, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, locks, and more with compatible connected devices from wemo, philips hue, sony, samsung smartthings, nest, and others
  • Call or message almost anyone hands-free with your echo device. also, instantly connect to other echo devices in your home using just your voice.
  • Hears you from across the room with 7 far-field microphones for hands-free control, even in noisy environments or while playing music
Price :    $36.29 (was $49.99)
Model :    RS03QR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Digital Device 3 ( product review) for Echo Dot 2nd Generation - Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Harmony Smart Remote Add-on

Great remote. This is the second one we have purchased, first was for our father in law to consolidate his many remotes and get him started with his echo and dots. Had it programmed in about 15 minutes. It works with our nest thermostat to turn the heat up with the press of a button as well. The texture on the back of the remote is nice for grip, since i was always dropping the apple remote that came with our apple tv. Works way better than the apple remote which had a touch pad that was not very sensitive and always chose inaccurate channels and commands.

Logitech harmony smart control add-on companion remote for harmony ultimate hub (915-000245) keep entertainment control within reach with the add-on remote for use with harmony ultimate hub. View larger logitech harmony smart control add-on simple, convenient, companion remote for harmony ultimate hub. Phone charging? on a call? want a remote for your kids to use? this elegant add-on remote for harmony ultimate hub stays in your living room, giving everyone in the house easy entertainment control even when your primary remote or harmony smartphone app isn t handy. Or you can use the remote to simply start an activity like watch tv and then choose your favorite channel from the harmony app on your smartphone everything stays in sync. Product features* add-on living room remote for use with harmony ultimate hub easy-to-use streamlined design one-touch activity control customizable buttons controls devices inside closed cabinets controls cable tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, living room pc or mac easy setup using harmony smartphone app universal control of up to 8 home entertainment devices supports over 270, 000 devices *smart control add-on requires harmony ultimate hub. Harmony ultimate hub is included with harmony ultimate, harmony smart keyboard or harmony ultimate hub, each sold separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub. Streamlined design for easy entertainment control with harmony ultimate hub view larger elegant smart control remote full entertainment control is always within reach with this add-on living room remote for use with harmony ultimate hub. One-touch activity buttons, media playback buttons, dvr and set-top box controls, plus a full number pad make it easy to start and control tv, movies, games and more. You can even customize the buttons to double your number of commands with short and long presses. Works with harmony ultimate hub to control devices in closed cabinets view larger closed-cabinet control of 8 devices when connected to an existing harmony ultimate hub, you can control your entertainment devices and access internet services like netflix and hulu on your pc, mac, apple tv, roku, xbox one, or ps3 (additional subscription may be required. ) it all works without pointing, so you don t have to worry about coffee tables or even closed cabinets getting in the way. Customizable activity buttons turn on the right devices with one touch view larger one-touch activity control with one touch of an activity button like watch a movie the right devices power on and automatically switch to the right settings. You can even customize the buttons to launch 6 different activities. Simple guided setup via harmony smartphone app view larger easy setup simply download the free harmony app to your smartphone or tablet. Enter the brands and model numbers of your devices and you ll be ready to go in no time. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add online store fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (* sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) works with your existing harmony ultimate hub view larger harmony ultimate hub required add smart control remote to your existing harmony ultimate hub for easy control of your entire entertainment system. The remote works with whatever harmony ultimate hub you already own the hub is included with harmony smart keyboard and harmony ultimate. The harmony ultimate hub can also be purchased separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub.

Harmony Smart Remote Add-onLogitech-915-000245-Harmony-Remote-Add-on

Harmony Smart Remote Add-on (Logitech) FAQ.

The pairing was simple and now all my devices use this control. Xbox one , kodi, denon receiver, tv's, wii etc. For me at $29. 99 its a no brainer. -Notice from H. Alice, Worcestershire

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There are a number of reviews saying this remote will not pair with the harmony home hub, just the ultimate home hub. Well, it did work for me. You need to make sure your hub has the latest firmware and you might have to do that via your pc. But once i checked that, i was able to add the remote using my ipad with no issues. It is light and slim with a very unconfusing layout so i definitely recommend it.

Harmony-smart-remote-add-on-(logitech) set picture

- . CassellaThis is a very nice secondary remote for my treadmill. (my primary remote is the harmony elite which is excellent). The most important feature for me is the rf capability so that this remote does not need to be aimed at the tv. I just double-sided taped this to the treadmill snd easy to push the buttons. It is unfortunate that harmony elite's hub does not let you use more than 2 remotes. One star off for that significant shortcoming.

Works great, but because it does not have the smart home key set, so it is shorter than the original (which i'm still using concurrently). This makes it lighter and not quite as well balanced as the original. I also don't like having the play/pause button near the top. But it works great!

G. Clara, Harrow

Price :    $24.99 (was $29.00)
  • Works with over 270, 000 devices: controls cable or satellite tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, and tv-connected pc or mac computers
  • Add-on companion remote for harmony ultimate hub*: a simple harmony remote anyone in the house can use when your primary remote or mobile app is not handy (*requires harmony ultimate hub, sold separately. not compatible with harmony home hub).
  • Closed-cabinet control: controls up to 8 devices, even ones hidden behind cabinet doors and walls, when connected to harmony ultimate hub
  • Easy setup: use the free harmony mobile app to easily connect the remote to all your devices
  • One-touch activity control: press one button, like "watch a movie", and the right devices power on and switch to the right settings
Brand :    logitech
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    915-000245
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Smart Remote Add-on available ( Apr 2020 )

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App

I have loved and installed hundreds of harmony remotes. The elite is the best product they have ever produced! i will start on why this might not want to install yourself. Followed by improvements over recent models. . 1) ir blasters. If you have ir equipment all over the place the blasters may drive you nuts. The blasters do not adhere to the equipment. They just sit in front of it. If the blaster gets notched off a shelf or blocked the remote will not work right. The remote does a lot of control using ip communication so that helps a lot. . You can purchase adapters to go from 3/32" to standard 1/8" eyes. No problem using 1/8" mono y splitters to use more eyes. I think i have needed to do 8 eyes or more. I have rarely had an issue when eyes were used instead of ir blasters. . 2) you need rock solid wifi! if your wifi network isn't reliable your remote will not be. . 3) frequent updates. This is the first harmony i have worked with that did not require a computer at any point. The previous model harmony ultimate home needed a computer for firmware updates. The elite has already had a few updates even though it is just a week or two out in the world. Harmony remotes and hubs often require a reboot to work right after updating. The elite has been the same so far. No biggy, just reboot the hub and remote if something is not working right. . 4) programming can get confusing, especially making changes. The great thing is everything is adjustable on the fly. Just keep a iphone or ipad around the first few times you use this remote. Making changes in ios are much easier than from the wand remote. . 5) bluetooth pairing, i had to reboot the hub, remote and the fire tv to get the bluetooth pairing working. Probably took me 20 minutes or so to pair the first time. . 6) 15 device limit, this is the weakest point of the harmony line right now. It's easy to hit the 15 device limit in more complex setups. . Why this remote is the best harmony to date. 1) control of sonos playbar over ip not ir! this is great! no need to have a blaster semi hidden or an eye stuck to the playbar! . 2) hard buttons for lights! super cool! . 3) iot only gets easier with the elite! even better integration of smart devices. . I will keep updating this review as i play with it more at home and install the second one next week.

Logitech harmony elite is the most powerful and intuitive harmony remote that works with alexa. It controls up to 15 devices for seamless control of your entertainment and your home. The all-new design keeps the best features from its predecessors color touchscreen, motion sensing, and vibration feedback and adds an improved button layout, voice integration, dedicated connected home buttons, and a replaceable, rechargeable battery with 20% greater capacity. Internet access: wi-fi: supports 802. 11g/n, wpa personal, wpa2-aes and 64/128-bit wep encryption; for mobile setup and control: ios: iphone 4s or later, ipad (3rd generation or later), ipad mini, ipod touch (5th generation or later) device with ios 8. 0 or higher or; android: wi-fi enabled smartphone with android 4. 2 or later, bluetooth smart technology-enabled ios or android device

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & AppLogitech-Harmony-Elite-Remote-Control

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App (915 000256) FAQ.

Bought this to replace a 10-year-old home theater master model 800. If you don't recognize that brand, it was just an extremely expensive but incredibly flexible programmable remote targeted to home theater installers (and not end users). The old remote served me well, but when upgrading my system, didn't really feel like hunting down a usb-to-rs232-to-phono plug dongle and trying to find the software to reprogram it. . So, i bought this. . What an amazing difference. You can program it from a pc/web, from a mac/web or from anything running ios or android. After the initial setup, you don't even have to be in the same room as the remote. Just run the programming app, make your changes, and the remote later automagically syncs to incorporate your changes. . Logitech has a large library of remote codes, so all i had to do is input make/model numbers, and never once had to make the remote "learn" an unfamiliar component. . Pros:. . 1) easy to set up. 2) easy to use. 3) about as intuitive as a master remote is ever going to be. 4) even talks to home automation, so you can include dimming the lights in one of your "watch movies" activities. 5) very flexible. 6) apparently, the ir blaster is in the base station puck, which can be positioned near the tv, so aiming the remote itself isn't necessary. . Cons:. . 1) poor balance. Some of the lower buttons on the remote are just hard to reach while using one hand. It'd make sense to lengthen the remote with a couple inches of buttonless "dead space" to allow ham hands to hold and reach all the buttons. 2) a bit sensitive. Given the above criticism, it's all too easy when trying to pick it up to make it do something you don't want it to do. 3) expensive. Yes, cheaper than the remote it replaced, but still -Notice from H. Annette, Stockport

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This is a great remote control. I ordered this one, and not a lesser model, because i needed ir on the remote, which some of the others don't have. I wish they'd revert to the button layout of the harmony one/900. It'd be better to put the forward/rewind/play controls below the directional pad, and move the color buttons up. I use the color buttons a lot! i also agree with a reviewer that wanted menu/guide buttons position swapped. It's not just a matter of learning the new placement - it's difficult to hit those buttons when holding the remote with one hand.

Logitech-harmony-elite-remote-control,-hub-&-app-(915-000256) set picture

- T. SherryI am going to give it five stars because it works really well as a remote, it was really easy to get setup. And it saved me from 6 different remotes. The only issue that i have with it is that it does not always play well with samsung smartthings. Sometimes smartthings functions will not even respond to the remote, other times it takes forever (i can get my phone out and open the app faster than it responds), while other times it is almost instant at responding to the commands. I did not count that against the remote as i am not sure where the blame lies whether with the harmony hub or the smartthings hub.

Setup was easy and effective. I added my devices and then created about a half dozen activities (watch tv, play cd, play wii, etc. ). Each activity worked. After a week i then added some customization to a few activities and that has worked well. It is now easy for the family to use the audio-video equipment. I don't consider my setup complicated, but my family does - or at least they used to.

P. Patricia, Champagne-Ardenne

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.75 pounds
Model :    915-000256
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $215.99 (was $295.90)
  • Harmony app: turns ios or android smartphones or tablets into personal universal remote controls for the whole house
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets, or even when away from home
  • One-touch activities: touch an activity like watch a movie to automatically power on and switch devices to the right settings; compatible with 's alexa for easy voice integration and activation
  • The most powerful and intuitive harmony remote works with alexa for voice control. all-in-one control of up to 15 home entertainment and connected home devices
  • Full color touchscreen: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, volume, 50 favorite channels and smart home devices like philips hue lights

Philips Hue White A19 4-Pack 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Bulb Compatible Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google Assistant

Automate your lighting experience with philips hue and control your lights from home or away. Create light schedules from the philips hue app and never come home to a dark house. Requiring the hue bridge (sold separately) for the full hue experience, these bulbs fit standard-size table lamps. Install the led lights as you would install ordinary bulbs and pair them with the hue bridge, which allows you to control smart-bulb-equipped lamps and overhead lights via the philips hue app. Easily expand your lighting system with accessories (sold separately), such as a hue dimmer switch, hue tap, or hue motion sensor. Pair it for automation with your existing nest or smartthings system. This box includes four philips hue white a19 energy star certified standard light bulbs, manual, and two-year warranty.

Philips Hue White A19 4-Pack 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Bulb Compatible Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google AssistantPhilips-Equivalent-Dimmable-Compatible-Assistant

Brand :    philips lighting (phdm9)
Color :    Soft White
Size :    4 Bulbs
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    472027
Quantity :    1
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Home Improvement :    Best Light Source (philips lighting (phdm9) product review) for Philips Hue White A19 4-Pack 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Bulb Compatible Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google Assistant available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $42.47 (was $49.96)
  • Install the led lights as you would install ordinary bulbs and pair them with the hue bridge, which allows you to control smart-bulb-equipped lamps and overhead lights via the philips hue app.
  • Requiring the hue bridge (sold separately) for the full hue experience, these bulbs fit standard-size table lamps.
  • This box includes four philips hue white a19 energy star certified standard light bulbs, manual, and two-year warranty
  • Easily expand your lighting system with accessories (sold separately), such as a hue dimmer switch, hue tap, or hue motion sensor. pair it for automation with your existing nest or smartthings system.
  • Automate your lighting experience with philips hue and control your lights from home or away. create light schedules from the philips hue app and never come home to a dark house.

Harmony Home Hub

Logitech harmony home hub integrates control of connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-turning your smartphone or tablet into a universal home remote.

Harmony Home HubLogitech-915-000238-Harmony-Home-Hub

Price :    $73.62
  • Harmony app for ios or android smartphone or tablet: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, 50 customizable channel favorites
  • Combine up to 8 remotes and countless apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets
  • Create customized activities to control your home entertainment. for example, simply tap "date night" and harmony can turn on your sony android tv, launch netflix, dim your philips hue smart lights and turn on your sonos connected speaker
  • Works with alexa to easily control your home entertainment devices with your voice
Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Weight :    0.24 pounds
Model :    915-000238
Quantity :    1
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Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Home Hub available ( Apr 2020 )

harmony companion remote Price : 99, was : 134 as 2018-01-10
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I bought this selfishly as a gift for our family. We have a samsung tv and bluray, and yamaha receicerwith direct tv. I've been using 4 remotes because while all do some, not one did all. Setup using the app was easy once i had the model numbers. All were found easily in the database and the app worked well for me on android. So far the buttons all work and the shortcuts are still set also. I have set the hub off on a table to the side so it is in view of the components and the separated and elevated screen. I have no complaints at all right now. If i find one, ill post

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(0) Question: I need clarification; does this remote work without a smart phone? i am looking to replace my 880; will this do the same things as the 880? thanks

(1) Question: Our entertainment center has 3 horizontal x 2 vertical partitions with 0. 75" wood in between. and tv is 3 ft away. is there any way that this work?

(2) Question: Is there ir on the remote itself?

(3) Question: How does it manage more than 3 activities, since it only has 3 dedicated activity buttons? (i have 5 to program) thanks for any help!

(4) Question: One iphone connects and works perfectly with the hub but another iphone and ipad cannot connect to the hub though they find it. how do i fix this?

(5) Question: Can you switch between controlling activities and devices as is possible on the harmony 650?

(6) Question: Macros (not activities)? how do i set them up and assign to single button on the remote?

(7) Question: I have the older harmony one, which has a notable "lag" issue when issuing commands. does this have the same issue with the rf hub?

(8) Question: What kind of battery is in the remote? a review i read said a button battery and the online store description says 2 aa batteries. thanks

(9) Question: Anyone know how long it takes logitech to catch up with current hardware? my yamaha rx-v679bl is not listed in the setup.

(10) Question: Will this work with online store echo?

(11) Question: Can it control media programs on your computer like vlc or media player to play and pause videos.

(12) Question: No windows phone or vera support? fail

(13) Question: Does it support the firetv?

(14) Question: Mine is not controlling appletv properly. any suggestions?

(15) Question: Need 2 blasters? (1 for tv, 1 for inside cabinet)? does it only come with one?

(16) Question: Can the app be installed on more than one phone, or does it have to be paid for each time

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Setup: samsung 55" smart tv (i don't using any of the smart features since my apple tv has better versions), vizio 55" soundbar, arris cable box; apple tv gen4; old phillips dvd player. Tv, soundbar and apple tv are on wifi and the remote automatically found and added them. Setting up the others simply required entering the model name/number. Basic setup for watch tv, watch apple tv and play movie (dvd) was done automatically by the harmony - i just needed to specify which inputs on the tv and soundbar to use for different activities - and so far (about a month later) they've all worked flawlessly. . Note re apple tv: i still use its remote for most functions since the harmony doesn't have siri or a touch screen. Not a big deal at all, and volume can be controlled by either the harmony or the apple remote, so when using the apple tv i don't really need the harmony for anything other than to start the activity. If you don't care about siri, you could use the harmony for all atv functions. . Note on placement: my cable box and apple tv are in one section of a wood entertainment cabinet and the dvd player is in a separate section. Tv and soundbar are above the cabinet, with soundbar blocking the tv's remote sensor. I put the included ir blaster in the section with apple tv and cable box and it controls both easily, wherever it's placed. The signal couldn't reach the dvd player in a separate part of the cabinet, but i put the hub (surprisingly small) on top of it - perfect. I bought an extra ir mini blaster placed it on top of the soundbar, near the tv sensor and it controls both perfectly. So my weird setup took a bit of time to figure out ideal placement, but this is not the fault of the harmony. . I also love the ios app. Although i agree it's not very intuitive, it's not hard to figure out. It makes it very easy to access less common commands for all of the components and has a very cool "favorites" screen for tv/cable box channels. And its screen for the vizio soundbar is about a thousand times easier to use than the soundbar's own remote or app.

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Best harmony companion remote (logitech) in review

Oh boy how do i love this product. I can't even begin to count the ways that his product has made my home entertainment experience more enjoyable. I bought the product based on reading around the net that when combined with online store echo you can use voice control to turn on/off your av equipment. Boy does that work perfectly. I walk into my kitchen each morning and i tell alexa to turn on the tv and everything comes on. It's magical for me. Even if you don't use echo the harmony apps on android and the iphone work just as well. I press a button on my android tablet and all of the equipment turns on or off. I can change channels, adjust the volume and do other functions using the app. . This product allowed me to put away all of my remote controls. Before when i wanted to watch a movie i had to grab the remote for the projector, avr, dvr & the tv. Now i just grab my tablet, open the harmony app and press the 'watch a movie' button and everything happens. It's great.

U. Finch, North Dakota

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G. Emily, Cambridgeshire says

I really like this remote, so i bought a second one! it took a little time to get used to programming the activities, but once i figured it out, i've been able to get my smart tvs setup just like i want. My newer tv was trying to be a little too smart, so it's important to understand how your equipment acts before you start to program. For example, will your tv try to adjust the input each time it's turned on. The app is also very good. I can switch between the different hubs, name the activities and generally program as i want for each tv. If i had suggestions for improvement for the remote, it would be:. - light-up the keys. I knew this before i purchased, so i can't hold that against the product. I've figured out button placement by touch, so i can perform most actions without needing to see the buttons, but some illumination would be nice. - have a sleep command on the remote. I can do this activity through the app, so it's really not a big deal. And, i should be able to also program a button to do his activity. A standard button would be nice though.

R. Bertie, North Yorkshire

I researched several remotes looking for a solution to control multiple devices (av receiver, cable box & smart tv) and simplify using these devices so my wife could watch tv, steam movies, etc. Without my help. This system is unique (wifi / home network based) and the reviews were mixed - especially regarding setup. Being somewhat tech savvy i decided to give it a try. . I found it very easy to setup by following the steps in the minimal instructions which came with the unit. I easily added all my current components via the iphone app, set up activities (i. E. Tv) which automatically powered on the correct devices, switched to the correct input, etc. And it even lets me customize the logitech remote as needed. I can operate all my equipment from the remote or my iphone and my wife loves it. I haven't tried any of the other capabilities (operating smart lights, dimmers, etc. ) but it looks pretty straight forward. . I really like and recommend this product.

O. Shawna, California says

Top notch item! fairly difficult to configure initially - as it doesn't work to simply replicate the remotes it replaces, but does so functionally, not button-for-button. But with some tweaking, i am able to get rid of 4 of my remotes and use this one - samsung tv, samsung soundbar, direct-tv receiver and roku! the remote feels great in the hand. The software had initially reported that my soundbar wasn't supported - but it does work without a problem!

D. Anonymous, Bretagne

I previously had the harmony one, which finally took a fall from which it couldn't recover. I rushed to replace it but found that it was no longer available. Shame. Oh well, this system fit the bill pretty well; not over-the-top but functional enough with some new perks. . I'm a huge fan of the hub concept, allowing for better interaction between the remote and the devices it's controlling. I have no idea how the system is more responsive than the harmony one was, but it's most noticeable when doing things like pressing buttons repeatedly (like raising or lowering the volume). Dual function buttons (short- vs. Long-press) really adds to the remote, although i swapped a few defaults to get them just right, at least for my usage. . The addition of being able to control the tv with a mobile device is maybe not quite as obvious at first. Sure, it's convenient, but the additional functionality you gain by being able to modify behaviors through the hub is very welcome. I'm talking specifically about features like the sleep timer (for an activity, not just a device) and some more advanced features previously unavailable like scheduling, etc. The ability to assign macros was another big win, although there's a shortage of buttons to assign these to outside the four colored buttons. . My only gripe, and the reason i didn't give a 5, is that the configuration of this unit is a bit restricted due to the lack of soft buttons. For instance, some of the buttons are reserved for smart home features. I see the value, but i'm not sure i'd reserve space on the remote for it. On the plus side, the reason i got this unit over the model that *does* have soft buttons is the placement of the ff, play, pause, rr cluster. Putting them at the top (soft button model) seems an ergonomic failure i didn't want to have to get used to.

Y. Meredith, Virginia says

The harmony operates as advertised, fits well in the hand, has enough buttons to handle all the functions i need, and simplifed my multi-remote life. It is robust enough to accommodate my odd situation. . Wish it had a backlight. . I had a unique situation, because i didn't realize this until i bought the harmony you can't just pick a setting on my model of samsung dvd player - you have to cycle through each setting in sequence. So i couldn't simply assign a command on the harmony and have the dvd player switch to the right setting. For, say, smart tv or cable or dvd. . I actually had to call geekatoo, and it took a guy who knew home theater really well about 2 hours to figure out how to program the harmony so it cycles through each dvd setting to get the one needed for each different function. So there's a really annoying delay each time i turn the tv on as it cycles through 5 settings. I can't switch functions without turning the whole thing off first. But like i said, i'm an outlier. . A long way of saying: if the harmony can handle my one-off situation, it's pretty flexible and good. When i replace my dvd player i'll bet it's easy to set up.

N. Adrienne, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

I probably didn't need to get a new remote as my old 650 worked pretty well. However, i could not control fire tv or my hopper 3. Set up on the companion was a breeze - mostly. I could not get the dish hopper 3 to work! then i found an article about ensuring the dish hopper was enabled for ir commands - and that was it. I then linked my harmony to alexa and that worked really well - very impressed! my only real issue is that i would like 6 activity buttons and not just 3. Having said that, i can just tell alexa what to turn on!

H. Betty, Maryland says

I don't usually leave reviews for products on online store, but this is one of the first products that i've purchased on here that i've really felt warranted one. . I had been waiting to purchase a universal remote to tie together my tv, receiver, ps3, roku, and chromcast, and then this remote went on sale. I took a chance on it, and i'm really happy i did. It did require some set up (but anyone who is familiar with using apps should be able to figure it out, pretty intuitive), but once i did it was really a revelation. I'm able to literally use one remote to control everything, even my ps3 (which i didn't expect). The ability to update/map the buttons depending on what you're doing (i. E. Watching cable, roku, etc. ) is really great, and the added ability to control your entertainment system with alexa (if you have an echo) is really awesome. . Would definitely recommend to anyone who values their entertainment set up, but only wants one remote that has what appears to be endless amounts of customization.

. Delgado, City of Kingston upon Hull

So far so good. We have five devices, a tv, blu-ray player, apple tv, roku streaming stick, and a sound bar, all of which are now controlled by this. We went from five remotes, a couple of which no longer work reliably due to battery leakage, to one. . I took off one star, even though it might be a little unfair to do that. This is my first universal remote, and i was initially confused about the actions, and how the remote and status of the device could get out of sync. Setting up the actions, e. G. Watch apple tv, i might have had the tv and sound bar working, but no apple tv. But once the kids were no longer trying to use the tv, i realized that on/off is toggle, so i deleted all the actions and started over. That took about 10 minutes after i cleared up my initial confusion. So i have four actions - watch apple tv, watch roku, watch a movie, and watch tv (connected to ota antenna - we cut the cord years ago). . There's so much less clutter, and the actions are easy to use and set up.

T. Ruff, Haute-Normandie says

Outstanding product. I have been looking for years for a single remote that would "pull" all my entertainment components together. Now my entire family can make the system work with a single click of the harmony remote. The setup was very simple and it all worked first time out. I am very impressed with how well it controls my ps3 and samsung smart tv. I do wish the remote had back lighting, but that is a minor issue once you get to know the button locations. . I would recommend this remote to anyone that needs to control devices that operate over wifi rf, ir, and bluetooth.

F. Olga, Hawaii

Well designed and the sufferer is easy to use. I read on one of the reviews that you could not port from a harmony one software. I'm not sure what happened in the person's particular case but i had no issue at all upgrading from a harmony one. There were just some steps you went through and it converted the definition over. The only gripe i have is on the new ruko stick it seems to occasionally send to button presses and no amount of modification in the configuration settings will fix it. I didn't attempt to modify the fixed delays and other settings but still no success. Truthfully a minor issue because it only happens occasionally. The device it has a problems with is not infrared control so maybe there's a minor defect in the software. Although the devices, stereo, home theater pc, tv and blu-ray player have absolutely no issue using this remote.

Z. Palmer, Bury says

I've been using the logitech one remote for several years, and found that it was the best remote i'd ever used. . The only complaints i had with the logitech one were:. . 1) the battery was unreliable. I had to replace it about once a year because it would swell up and stop holding a charge. . 2) it didn't work very well for controlling our roku since it had an ir interface only. . Unfortunately, the next generation of logitech remotes (like the harmony ultimate), just didn't work very well because of the placement of the buttons in front of the touch screen. That's why i was excited to see this remote where logitech switched back to the excellent button placement of the previous remotes. . We upgraded our media center to a new tivo roamio, and decided it was time to upgrade our remote as well. . Anyway, here are the things we like about this new harmony home control remote:. . 1) the feel of the remote is excellent! it has a much better feel than any remote i've ever used - with a solid-feeling rubberized body. . 2) the button placement is just as good as the previous one and 900 series remotes - which is the most intuitive button setup i've ever used. . 3) the setup was actually very simple. Fortunately, it was able to import my previous logitech one remote setup; but, the addition of the new tivo was very simple using the new mobile app on an android phone. . It took all of 20 minutes to completely configure it; although, i did get hung up once with trying to customize the buttons. My mistake was trying to find the correct menu option instead of just following through the wizard. That part wasn't very intuitive - but it wasn't horrible either. . Once the setup was complete, all the menu options showed up in a way that made a lot more sense - but you have to finish the wizard first. . 4) i love the home control options! we're using this with a lutron caseta wireless smart bridge - combined with several of their caseta switches. Everything integrates perfectly, letting me control lights either individually or in groups. . Once you get the hang of it, the options are pretty cool:. - i have it setup to turn the family room light on at a dimmed setting automatically when we turn the tv off at night. It only turns on the light after sunset. - there is another button that turns off all the downstairs lights. - it's easy to setup either a single light or a group of lights to turn on, off, dim etc. I will admit that dimming as a group isn't overly useful; but, it does work. . 5) it controls all my devices absolutely perfectly, and is extremely responsive. . 6) i love the idea and function of the hub sending all the remote commands instead of the actual remote. It really does make the control function more reliable - and there's no more worrying about pointing at your devices (although it's still a habit for me). The remote also comes with an extra ir blaster that plugs directly into the hub if you have a device (like a tv) that's placed separate from everything else. . Although the remote is mostly perfect, it does have a couple of irritating flaws:. . 1) the keys aren't backlit. I can still live with it because the button positions are intuitive; but, it would be far better to have backlit keys. . 2) i suspect the reason they don't use backlit keys is because the remote runs off of a single coin battery instead of being rechargeable. That's fine, and i suspect this battery will last a while - but i would rather have a rechargeable remote with backlit keys. . As far as a recommendation goes, if this had backlit keys i would recommend it whole-heartedly. Without the backlit keys, you'll have to decide if an intuitive keypad layout is going to be enough. I will say that i'm happy with it. . * update 10/13/2014 * . . After using this for a couple more weeks, we decided we liked it enough to replace the logitech harmony 900 remote we were using upstairs. . Unfortunately, the new remote had a defective button (the dvr button didn't work); but, online store was fast with providing a replacement. . We are now using 2 of these on the same account, and any member of the family can log into either one to issue commands with our phones as well. . This really is a great little remote - but i still wish it had backlit keys. . * update 11/5/2014 * . . We're still loving this remote, and i updated the review to cover some of the stuff i've been doing with the home automation features.

E. Erin, Bournemouth says

Shipping was fast and i got exactly what i paid for, kudos to the seller! setting up the hub was pretty painless with a few "issues" getting it to work correctly with my online store echo. One of the pains was, if you need to change your friendly names or edit your favorites you have to disable both of the alexa harmony skills and re enable them to get to the add/remove menu then resync your account, then tell alexa to rediscover. . For the full harmony integration of alexa you will need both harmony skills. There is a red one and a blue one. The blue one gives you the basic harmony functions like turning off and powering on as well as activity control. If you want volume control or play back functions (pause, rewind etc) you need the red harmony skill. You also need to use different commands depending on which function you want to do. If you just want to turn your tv on or switch to your dvd player etc you can just say alexa, turn on the tv or turn on the dvd player. If you want to control the volume or pause or rewind etc you need to say alexa, ask harmony to pause. With all the skills being added and the functions its getting hard to remember what commands to use when. Otherwise, the logitech harmony companion with hub is exactly what i expected it to be and works for me as intended so no real complaints that would prevent me from recommending it to someone.  logitech harmony companion all in one remote control for smart home and entertainment devices, works with alexa

C. Lynette, Kirklees

Love this remote! let's just say it passes the wife test. . Don't look at this remote as being too expensive, because this is worth its weight in gold. There are plenty of comprehensive reviews out there explaining what this does, and what this does well. I will just explain how i am using it, and why i love it. . I just renovated my basement - i built a medium sized room (roughly 14 feet by 12 feet), with a large closet off to the side 7 feet by 7 feet, square (you can never have too large of a closet). In this closet is where i wanted to store all my tv components, thus removing the need for a tv stand/entertainment center. . I was worried that this setup would not work with my tv being in the main room, and everything else in the closet. It turns out everything worked exactly as advertised! . . What i was able to do was place the hub in my closet, on top of all my components. Thankfully due to my closet being square, it seems the hub has no issue bouncing the signal all around it, and it reaches all of my components (xbox one, a/v receiver, tivo mini) without issue. I had to connect the included ir blaster to a 2, 5mm extension cable (i used a 12 foot cable) in order to get the mini blaster out into my main room. . I ended up placing this blaster on top of my center speaker, which was the perfect placement to get my tv to turn on and off from. I am including an image so you can see my setup (don't judge the fact i used a normal piece of wood for my center speaker, i am going to paint it later :) ). . On the whole, it has worked flawlessly once i set it up. . It was somewhat difficult to set up, but i attribute that to just how different all the components work. It took some trial and error, but once you get the devices set up correctly, it works like a charm. . The remote itself is very light weight, but it feels very solid at the same time. The buttons are very "clicky" which is very nice to use. The fact that you can point this remote in any direction is a huge plus, and the interface with android/ios devices is just the icing on the cake. . I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to simplify their tv viewing experience!

A. Mary, Poitou-Charentes says

I just received this remote and finally set it up this morning. So far, everything seems to be working well. I have a home theater pc running windows 8. 1 with media center as part of my setup. Long story short, the menu button on the remote was not mapped and i wanted it to the windows media center start page. When mapping to a windows media center command, the start command sends the user to the windows start page. But i wanted the windows media center start page. . Since i did not see the command, the app had a button asking if my command was not found. Once i click that, it displayed instructions on how the hub can learn a command from any remote control. So, it learned my start page command. And then i mapped it to the menu key. . Maybe i missed that detail in the device description. But this is a fully capable learning remote control. So if we have an issue where certain devices are not included in the library, then it can learn all of the command you want to teach it. . Now for the bad. And i have to investigate further. While all of the activities seem to turn on and off correctly, well, all but one, i did find that when i turned off the activity that had my home theater pc as one of the devices, the pc turned off but i could not turn it back on with the remote. I was expecting the pc to be turned off but sent into sleep mode. I was able to turn on the pc manually using a wireless keyboard. So i know the computer was at sleep. So now i just have to figure out how to make my logitech remote turn it on from sleep. . It lost one star for that. But if i resolve the issue, i'll give it 5 stars. There is no backlight but i knew that going in. But the ergonomics are better than the more expensive remotes by harmony. At least with this model, the play and pause buttons are next to or should i say right below the wheel. The more expensive harmonies have the play pauae stup at the very top of the remote which is an odd place to put any buttons for a dvr type setup.

. Guest, Saskatchewan

Love my new remote. I've had harmony one remotes and they were great but they only used ir which doesn't work with roku. Pros:. One of the best features is that you don't have to keep the remote pointed at your devices once you select the activity. The remote hub handles the rest. Another nice thing is that you don't have to keep the remote in a charger as it doesn't use one. I'll gladly change the battery one a year. It was super easy to program using my smart phone. It found my devices right away. Cons:. It is taking a while to get to know the remote mainly because it doesn't have backlighed keys. At this point i have to use my cell phone light to find the right key. It is also unfortunate that you cannot program the special keys for zwave devices. They are just useless for me then.

. Candy, Salford says

Exactly what i've been looking for to control my windows 8 computer and windows media center with my phone and a "regular" remote for guests (who obviously won't have my phone app available). I'm writing this review because i had this product for some time before i learned that it actually had a number of wonderful features that are not clearly advertised. I'll touch on these and how to set them up - i believe other features are discussed well in other reviews. . Note that the following setup should be performed using the phone app, as the pc harmony setup app is limited in functionality. . Setup to function as a bluetooth keyboard/mouse: adding a remote "device" under "computers" called "windows computer" will add the capability for your phone app to function as a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. You will be directed to connect to your computer using bluetooth (which you obviously may need to add to your computer using usb bluetooth adapter if it does not already have bluetooth capabilities). The separate included remote can not function as a mouse, although (discussed below) you can map keyboard keys to remote buttons, as well as shortcuts to start your applications ( after which you navigate using directional keys and other buttons/shortcuts). Once you set up an activity with "windows computer" in the harmony app and start it, you have what shows a "swipe" screen with a finger as one of the control options. The "gestures" (i. E. Swiping) can be setup to do a number of things, although when "windows computer" is added as the first device, "swiping" will act like a mouse touchpad (although a bit clumsy, it gets the job done). Unfortunately you can not "map" this mouse functionality to other keys or the remote or add it in later to an existing activity. An add on full keyboard / touchpad is available for separate purchase. If your "activity" is setup properly for using a "windows pc" (sometimes you need to go into setup and specfically add keyboard function and also make sure the bluetooth is linked and active), you will also see a keyboard icon on the phone app that you can use for bluetooth text entry and to wake your computer up from sleep. . Automatic windows 8 application launching: this is a great feature that took a bit of digging to get working correctly. When you add a "windows pc" you will notice that some of the available commands for the device include "ctrl+alt+1", "ctrl+alt+2", etc and "1st pinned to taskbar", "2nd pinned to taskbar". For traditional applications, such as windows media center, use your normal keyboard/mouse from your windows 8 desktop and move your mouse to the top right corner of your windows 8 screen and click "search" (the magnifying glass). Type "windows media center" for instance (if you have the windows media center pack installed that is) or another traditional application name (app store apps are different, see below). Right click the application and click "open file location". From here you can right click the application shortcut and under "properties" you will find a textbox labeled "shortcut key". Here you can press "ctrl+alt+1" for instance and now you can use this built in logitech command to open this application. This command can then be mapped to one of your physical remote keys to start an application. Certain programs, such as netflix, that are in the newer "app" form will not give you the option to open file location. For such programs, right click the app icon from your start menu and click "pin to taskbar". If you then for instance move your application to the first position, you can now using the command "1st pinned to taskbar" to open netflix or whatever else you have in the first position. Again, this can be mapped to a key on your physical remote. . The remote comes preprogrammed with keys for navigating windows media center, such as "guide", "dvr", etc. Unfortunately, windows is ending support for windows media center / cablecard support, although it seems that silicondust (makers of the hdhomerun prime cable card tuner) is making a product called hdhomerun dvr which will work with kodi to replace windows media center and in theory (when using a cable card) allow viewing of protected content (that you pay for, but was previously only available when using windows media center). . The only issue when using the remote alone is that you do not have a keyboard to type in searches for netflix for instance. Using the above instructions, however, you can create a link to the on screen keyboard (search for it like an application) and map it to a shortcut key on your remote to start it. From here, you can click "options" on the onscreen keyboard when it opens and set up the keyboard in "scan through keys" mode (takes some getting use to) to enable text entering without a keyboard. Of course, if you are using the phone app this is not an issue as it has keyboard functionality. . Hope this is helpful in providing everyone with some very useful (but not clearly advertised) functions that can control your home theater pc. Definitely takes some time to setup, but this is the best option out there than i have found to replace using a separate full keyboard/touchpad and remote .

B. Harrison, Washington

The first day i had this, i didn't like it. I was upgrading from a dying harmony 350, and thought this might be along the same lines. This is much more/different compared to standard universal remotes, even lower tier harmony remotes. Be warned that there is a steep learning curve to using this remote. However, once you figure it out, it's amazing! i've only had it a couple months, and i can't imagine giving it up. . So, by the second day, i had a better understanding of how it worked, how to program it, and how to tweak the programming. Unlike a typical universal remote, you aren't pressing a device button and then having the remote control that device. You press or long press a button along the top, the hub goes through a sequence (turn on tv, change source of tv, turn on soundbar, etc. ). Once the sequence is done, your remote controls the main device. So, if i press the button for watch tv, it now controls the cable box for channels and the soundbar for audio. . Pros:. - you can point the remote anywhere or nowhere. The hub blasts out the signals needed, so no need to point the remote at the device you are controlling, or anywhere at all. - remote feels great in my hand and buttons are arranged well. - your phone and/or tablet can be used as an expanded remote and allows access to even more sequences and controls. It also allows for easy reprogramming of the whole system. - it can do bluetooth as well as ir, so it controls a multitude of things. I have it controlling my tv, soundbar, cable box, ps4, wii u, nexus player, online store fire tv stick, and an hdmi switcher. There is a web site to search if a device is supported: . Cons:. - it's limited to 8 devices. I thought that was a lot (and it is), but some might have more than that. I don't know why there is a limit, so that's why this isn't 5/5. - that learning curve. - battery is cr2032. It comes with one and supposedly lasts a long time, but it's not likely you will have a spare lying around unless you plan ahead. . Note: i don't have any smart home items, like wifi light bulbs, so i can't comment on how those work with this device. Yet.

K. Campbell, Idaho says

I am generally happy with this remote. The hub approach works well for my mix of ir and wifi network controlled devices. The ir signal from the hub is quite strong, and i have placed it on a table top on the far side of the room. I've had no need for additional plug-in ir blasters. . Many users have reported that this remote frequently goes out of sync with devices and inputs. This does happen occasionally and may be related to pressing power or selection keys in improper sequence. Sometimes it seems to happen at random. However, the solution in my case was to program unused keys to provide specific device power toggle and source selection options. Thus i can easily straighten out sync if it goes out of whack. . I prefer the companion physical remote to the smart phone app. It provides basic functions with logically arranged physical buttons. Lack of a backlight is not an issue for me. The smart phone app is usable, but requires screen after screen of buttons and is not particularly logical in arrangement. It takes a lot of swiping and clicking to do even basic functions. . My system is fairly simple, with only 4 devices to be controlled. I can see that even a few sync problems could become a time consuming struggle for more complex systems. So i believe that this remote is suitable for use mainly with a small number of devices and where a physical remote is preferred. It is a good solution within these limitations.

Q. Brenda, Havering

This is a preliminary rating and i will update it with more details later, however i wanted to get this posted for one reason - a (hopefully) helpful suggestion:. . If you are going to purchase this hub, and have a closed cabinet with components behind separate doors / panels than you should order a second "ir mini blaster". . I did not realize that the ir signal from this unit would not extend through the glass doors that i have in my cabinet as the prior harmony remote that i had (ir based as well) worked fine with the doors closed. That is not the case with this unit. . There is also a way in the setup for this product to direct your component to "seek out" either of the two ir mini blasters, or a mini blaster and the hub. That should be helpful / work well, but as i said i will update with performance details once i receive the additional blaster :). . Rick

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

E. Guest, South Tyneside says

I bought this to use with my home automation but that hasn't worked out so well. The unit by its self works fine but the integration with devices like samsung smartthings or the echo doesn't work that well. Sometimes it work, sometimes it take 5-10 minutes for the function to trigger but mostly nothing happens.

Y. Josephine, Kingston upon Thames

Honest review from an advanced user. Summary (if you don't want to read the explanations below): it's a great product with a really friendly interface. Nice device while it works and then a nightmare if you have to deal with tech support. The big problem is reliability and customer service. In my case happiness lasted about 4 months. . Here's my detailed review. The product was really good while it worked, that was before a firmware upgrade pushed by logitech. Now the "home control" remove have lost control of my lights. It can turn them off but i cannot turn them on. I can still do that with my online store echo, which is also accessing the devices the same way as the harmony. The problem is not the specific issue, that it will most probably be fixed by another firmware update. The problem is that this happened several weeks ago and although logitech confirmed they know this issue was caused by the new firmware, they haven't rolled back or released a minor fix. Customer service will pick up your calls and open a support ticket, but they don't known when a solution will be available. My experience with logitech customer service: i recently have trouble with a keyboard/touchpad combo which stopped charging. It was under warranty so i started the process to get it fixed/replace. I won't get into the details but customer support (in my experience) replies to emails every couple days, but these emails are like a reply via chat. This mean a conversation from the point were you explain you problem in detail, until an action is taken, may take several weeks. In my case they asked me things that i had already stated in a previous message, or replied to one of my questions with another question. The keyboard was replacement was shipped after about a week, and when it arrived it was doa. I know received one that does work, but after almost a month and several hours dealing with customer service.

K. Jackson, Saarland says

Positives:. -the remote is sturdy and feels comfortable in your hand. -the app for your phone is theoretically useful if you have several devices running through the hub but don't want to or can't figure out how to program it properly into the remote. -the hub and mini blaster seem to put out a good ir signal. . Negatives:. -this thing is very difficult to setup. I'm not a tech wiz, but i'm also very comfortable with setting up different kinds of hardware/software and i found this extraordinarily difficult to get going. It took me about 3 hours to get my tv, cable box and roku programmed through the remote properly and then figure out how to properly use all of them. -the app, which you are required to use to get this set up, is not very intuitive. Several times i had to go to logitechs website to get a better explanation during my setup. . In a nutshell:. -i don't have alot of experience with other rf/ir remote systems, but this not an item you would want to get someone unless they are extremely tech literate and have a substantial amount of patience to set up.

L. Hayward, Ealing

I'm using the remote to control a samsung tv with the usual apps like youtube, netflix, online store; tivo; chromecast and a yamaha receiver. I guess the good news is that the remote was able to connect and control (sort of) all that stuff. So if i want to stick to turning on the tv, receiver, dimming the lights and using tivo it works ok. Confusion happens in several ways. If there's a *good* way to switch the tv from tivo (external device) to watching netflix (app on the tv) i haven't found it. I can make it work, but it's awkward. In a similar way i can switch the tv to plex (a media sharing service), but once in plex i haven't found a way to select content. The tablet/smartphone app is a little better (maybe), but the "keys" are awkwardly laid out and non-intuitive. As other reviews have pointed out there's no obvious way to avoid switch tivo on and off when you start viewing-if you don't list it as a device to control which automatically turns it on and off-you can't control it. I also haven't found detailed documentation anywhere-trial and error works, but it tedious. . If there's any hope it's that since this is all software controlled, they could improve it. Right now it's pretty disappointing-especially at the price.

C. Smith, Cheshire says

My goal with this system was to replace 4 remotes with 1. I have been able to get the harmony home control to control online store fire tv, samsung tv, and bose cinemate speakers. Unfortunately, i have not been successful in replacing the remote used to operate the microsoft windows media center application, which i use to record and play back over the air tv. The support is sub-standard in my opinion. . Explanation & instruction on the topic of wmc is sparse, and i've made contact with a couple different support people via email, and over the last 7 days, they have not been able to explain how to set up the system to have the harmony replace the wmc remote. One said to install the device as manufacturer: microsoft, model number: windows media center (which is software). The other just said he added wmc to my account, and to sync the remote. After syncing, it does not control wmc. Web searches have turned up other suggestions, which i couldn't get to work either.

G. Guest, Somerset

I'm ready to pull my hair out. I run multiple wifi networks for home, iot and guests. I wanted the logitech remote on the iot network. I was setting up the hub's wifi and it complained that my phone was on a different network. So i switched it to iot. The app still complained that the 2 devices were on different networks. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I restarted the phone. Still complained. Switch the hub to connect to the home network. Then the app complained that the phone was on the iot network and the hub was on the home network. Switched the hub to the iot network and it still complained that the 2 devices were on different networks. Really? moved both to home and then it finally worked. I'm still frustrated/perplexed. The phone on either network could surf the web just fine. Most people won't have this issue since most people run a single network. . Otherwise the product is great. Setup can still be a little frustrating, but i had an old harmony 880 so the app takes some pain away. It's nice to be able to control my firetv, ht volume and lights with one remote. Although my echo is close to making this thing obsolete.

Z. Jarvis, Nova Scotia says

This device will not work with newer comcast xfinity xg1-p devices that have rf only receivers. Spent hours on with logitech customer support - who were great, but they finally asked me to call comcast and comcast informed me that no logitech devices will work with the newer rf only boxes and that you must use a comcast remote. Not sure if that is true across the board, but definitely would not work with the companion. Wish that it would have though, hate having so many remotes.

A. Beale, Islington

It could be made clear, that if you need ir control of a device in your viewing room, this might not be the remote for you. If you place the hub in a closet, or cabinet, you will need to run a wired remote ir blaster from the hub to a place where in your viewing room so the blaster can control it. For a wall mounted tv or sounder (or both), this could be problematic. You may beed a remote that will emit ir for convenience.

. Lisa, Nottinghamshire says

I had high hopes for this product, but i have been disappointed in its performance. The set up was not smooth, sometimes giving confusing feedback during the process (will it turn on my online store fire tv or do i have to do it manually every time? ). The app is wonky. Tv favorites don't seem to be saved centrally. When i installed the app on my ipad, it didn't transfer the favorites that i set up on my iphone. There are strange mistakes, not switching the inputs, failing to shut off or turn on all of the devices. And why no back-light for the remote itself? strange choices. The jury is still out, but i am not sure it going to convince me to award it five stars!

X. Bertie, Michigan

I will net it out - it's ok. Setup was easy, i like the app setup much more than how you setup the 900. It seemed to have all my devices - except the receiver seemed to be missing an option to switch to the aux output for an activity and i am not sure if or how i should fix. Aside from setting up the device, the app as a controller is ok, maybe i need to learn if it can be customized, but the default screens for the watch tv activity were confusing and only worked like 60 percent. It is much faster than the 900 - both from the app or the remote. . It stinks that you cannot assign the 6 "home buttons" to anything other than their preferred home automation solutions - especially when things like somfy and insteon have been around a lot longer and work very well through ir commands. Those buttons are pretty useless - logitech says "we advised product management of this request" but that really means thanks, this product will be obsolete in a few months and we don't care, we have already moved on to something else. . Would i buy again? no. For the simple fact that those 6 buttons are kind of useless to me, the things they control for the most part are too consumer - i would never buy a hue bulb - so silly. Smart things is so broken they stopped selling them. Zwave dimmers are very ugly looking. I am not impressed with the devices they do support with these buttons. And i am not sure why you can't assign anything to them. . I am hoping that soon there will be some challengers to logitech remotes - i have 3 of them now, and while they work - could be so much better. Debating the return of this one.

. Weber, Isle of Wight says

Spent hours over the 4 months "configuring" this thing, and still can't get it to work. I've designed mobile apps and have worked with computers since the '70s, so i'm pretty sure i know what i'm doing. I've placed the hub everywhere imaginable in my av cabinet per logitech's instructions with no luck. Product support on the website is worthless. Had a harmony 700 that worked great, but i needed to upgrade to a system that worked with both rf and ir after getting some new av equipment. No exotic equipment - yamaha receiver, sony flat screen, roku, directv and a panasonic blu-ray. Advise doing some serious homework if you want a universal remote before shelling out money for this thing.

R. Julie, Georgia

I had high hopes for this remote. I was upgrading a harmony 700 because i also recently got a ps4 and the 700 doesn't work with it at all. I ended up returning this remote. Mainly because even with the "hub" in place, you still need to use the play station remote to turn on the unit, so that was strike one. I may as well just use the ps4 remote in conjunction with my 700. Also, with the hub in the cabinet with my receiver, etc it wouldn't turn on the tv which it didn't have a line of sight for. So i wasn't going to buy another extender and further spend the money to make it work. Lastly, the one thing i like best on the 700 is the help button which will fix any issues with the components not turning on properly if they don't. And bonus last thing, the screen on the 700 can be programmed for various things and adds versatility. So still for me, the old reliable is still the best and i didn't want to fork over $350 for the elite or any other top of the line harmony. I returned it pretty quick.

. Shirley, Derbyshire says

It is a pain to set up, if you use the app, it stays open on your phone, had to reset the hub several times to get it to turn the tv off when the "activity" was turned off. It does work with alexa, which is nice, but no backlight on the remote is bummer. Overall, to keep from running two or three remotes, not bad.

U. Whiteman, South Australia

This works well and it was fairly easy to set up. However, even as a very tech savvy user i have no clue how the ui on the android app for customizing the remote button us supposed to work. Other minor complaints include the fact that when setting up the various activities (tv, roku, bluray), the app doesn't seem to realize that if my tv needs "extra time" to turn on in one case then it's going to need it for all cases. It's a pain to make the same adjustment repeatedly and wait for all your equipment to power cycle during testing. . This alone wouldn't reduce my rating to three stars, so what does? well, the fact that this thing is advertised as allowing control of home automation devices, but if you want to control devices using standards like zwave or zigbee then you'll have to fork over another hundred bucks for an add-on unit, which i certainly didn't expect to be the case.

V. June, Alabama says

The hub and app are amazing, the integration with online store is spot on and wonderful. The remote. Terrible and useless. It is impossible to get it to just simply switch from one device to another you have to use these macro scene based controls that auto turn things on and off in switching the remote "profile". With hours of tweaking you can get it to kind of work in a way thats usable. Huge disappointment that you cant simply use it as a remote. You are much better off just buying the hub and using alexa to control it.

W. Amanda, Missouri

This thing is a piece of junk! like most people ordering this thing, i have three remotes to use every time that i choose to watch television: tv, receiver, and fire tv remotes. Obviously this has been wearing on me over the years, so i chose to give the logitech companion a go. This thing loses sync with my devices at least twice per week! i am constantly resyncing my remote using the crappy logitech phone app and user interface. My family is always complaining about how the remote stopped working again! i'm the only one in the house who is able to figure out how to fix it, so they are often watching tv in a different room until i get home from work. I can't believe that a device costing this kind of money doesn't work as designed. I finally had enough today and contacted online store for a return. The customer service was superb as usual! i'm happy to be rid of this remote finally, and ready to go back to the old fashioned method. I highly urge you to stay away from this product. One star.

. Bethany, Hamburg says

I don't write many reviews - only when something important to share: the yellow "home control" remote control buttons only support a handful of "smart" home devices (about 12 as of this review). . I used the logitech compatibility page ( ) to see if lutron maestro light dimmer is supported. The compatibility page clearly states support by all harmony products. Alas, that's not really true - the home control buttons cannot be programmed to support my dimmer switch. . I can add my dimmer as an "entertainment device" and program the ir codes, but it's very hacky - i reprogrammed the 4 colored buttons but this only works when an "activity" is running. When the "activity" is off, i can't simply pick up the remote and adjust the lights - the buttons don't work. You also need to reprogram the 4 colored buttons for every different activity. I don't consider this "supporting" my dimmer device - it doesn't work as advertised. . So, the 6 yellow "home control" buttons on my remote are unused, mocking me every time i look at my remote hoping to dim the lights. . There's a post on this logitech forum that discusses the "home control" buttons - it's almost a year old and support has yet to be added:. Http://forums. Logitech. Com/t5/harmony-home-control-experience/harmony-home-control-buttons-for-other-devices/td-p/1384306. . I still think this product has great potential and it's an improvement over my older harmony one remote. I would love to update this review more positively if full support for my home control device is added. . One last gripe - i miss having backlit buttons. I thought i might still be able to see this remote's buttons in the dark - but no.

F. Dorine, Baden-Wuerttemberg

The physical devices all work very well, but woah is the configuration software a mess. If you have any but a zen level of patience, save yourself the trouble of bothering with this level of home automation untill the software engineers begin to take this problem seriously. Even computer coders (or especially computer coders) find this software entirely unacceptable. It is in no way user-friendly. . I had hoped to achieve a level of accessibility within my home, so my disabled friends and family can make use of the many excellent functions these logitech products can help provide. I am very well aquainted with tech type hinkey tinkery and well known for my nearly limitless patience, but i could not even encourage an enemy to try configuring these remotes. . If you don't have an apple or android device, forget it. If you do have one, its still shockingly frustrating. I spent days with the android app just spinning me in circles. I managed to get online store echo (alexa) to turn on/off my television and sound bar, but just setting up that default action has entirely drained me of the will to continue. I resist the urge to smash the device with a large hammer, in the hope that an automated update will suddenly transform the configuration software into something even half useful. . With the market for home automation breaking wide open with the popularity of alexa voice interface, its a puzzle as to why logitech has failed to put their seriously powerful product behind a user interface that is so poorly executed.

O. Alexia, Louisiana says

Its a good remote and lots of great features. I have owned 7 harmony remotes now. I am truly dissapointed in them for jave such a lacknof smart hubd. Wink is not suporrted by them so i have all these great features that wont work woth my smarthome. We can see who pays ya off. Shame on you logetich.

N. Eleanor, Vermont

I have a love-hate relationship with this thing. The product is great and could be so amazing but the software is an absolute mess and places limitations on its usefullness. I have to say, it really seems like logitech just wants you to give them ridiculous amounts of money for remotes and isn't truly trying to bring the consumer the most bang for their buck. In fact, yeah, i'm just going to say it: just grab a $10 universal remote.

H. Lewis, Bury says

I'm on my second (replacement) harmony companion and am ready to return this one however i don't have the 60-120 minutes to spare on the phone with technical/customer support to demonstrate the product doesn't work properly. . Despite configuring each device according to all instructions and applying all updates (verified during customer service calls) the unit fails to turn on and off my components consistently and i often wind up using the remote(s) that came with each piece of equipment. Defeating the purpose of why i purchased this device in the first place). . I experienced the identical problem with the first unit i received and after 2 calls to technical support and more than 2 hours of my weekend, they concluded that the device was not working properly and send me the unit i have now. . I am not using this to control any home devices, only a cable box (comcast), av receiver (onkyo), samsung hdtv and sony blu-ray player.

. Hadley, Massachusetts

I've had the harmony home control for nearly a month now, and my experiences have been mixed. . I'm using the harmony with an onkyo reciever, and a lower-end sanyo tv. My tv remote only has a single on/off button, and a single button to cycle the inputs, which the harmony handled well. Set up was smooth, only took around 20 minutes, and paired easily with a roku and a wiiu. . When it worked, everything worked easily, and was straightforward. There are some tasks that can only be accomplished with the app, not the included physical remote. If that's a problem, you'll want to spring for the pricier harmony one. I was fine with that limitation, as i just wanted a physical remote for guests, or when i didn't have a phone handy. . Unfortunately, throughout the month of use, we've had fairly consistent wifi issues. This is a major problem, since the hub (and your media center) are effectively unresponsive when it can't communicate via wifi. After working through as much troubleshooting on our end as possible, we searched the logitech forums and found a huge community that was experiencing the same issues. . I love the product, but i'll be sending this back and waiting for the next version.

S. Kelly, Rochdale says

It controls the devices only in one specific room. No more than that. For me . One tv and one avr. Doesn't not accept the window blinds ir. Needless to say that you can not control the settings of the avr. Can control only the inputs, volume. Better, either you get the newest model on the market(not this thing), or nothing at all.

I. Hurst, Oregon

It is ok. I was able to make it work 75% of the time, because it does not work the same if the dvr is already on. Other times when it switches activities it "forgets" to turn some devices. I can't rely on it, because i have to have my other remotes near by just in case. In addition one the reasons i got the remote was to use my new echo dot with it and every time i try to connect the alexa app with the logitech server to synch accounts i get a server error. It is very frustrating and no support from logitech at all.

Q. Matherly, British Columbia says

Harmony works as advertised, and is very useful once you get it working properly. However, some adjustments can be very frustrating to set up, and some very basic activities (such as pairing bluetooth on a ps3) can be almost impossible to figure out. The whole interface is very cryptic and slow to respond during editing. If you persist and get past these obstacles, the end results are very good.

. Cathy, Florida

This is a good product but has the worst graphical user interface (gui) on my iphone i have ever seen. It would be relatively simple to put a "picture" of the device remote (the real one from the manufacturer) and when you hit a button it does what is should. They do have this but the image they use is missing a lot of function and you often then need to scroll through list of functions and click there. There are also important functions missing- like on the directv device they forgot to include "exit" and it is possible to get stuck with no acceptable way out. The email support is good, not fast but good, or they offer for a fee to talk to you on the phone. I do not know of any better device at least in this price range and it is too bad because this most likely could compete with the very high end units if they would only spend some time getting the gui figured out.

J. Claudia, Wisconsin says

It works just the way i want but it was hell to setup. Otherwise, i would give the remote a 4 or 5-star rating. I heard about the how difficult setup was but i'm pretty good at this stuff. Logitech does a really bad job of guiding you through. They need a step by step video. Be prepared to spend all day fumbling through the setup.

P. Theresa, Nevada

Takes a while to set things up and it's not "fool-proof' as it should be, but it works well and fairly reliable. Makes using multiple electronics easy with a single remote. Negative is that it seems to "lose" some devices (i. E. , sharp tv) over time, every so often (after months of use). Not sure why. Love the idea of it. The phone app is too difficult to use - not very friendly and easy. Seems like more trouble than it's worth, so we end up just using the remote. The best part is that it controls other home devices, not just tvs, etc.

D. Nees, Westminster says

Purchased this to control three devices:. Samsung un48j520dafxza tv. Yamaha ats-1060 35" 2. 1 channel soundbar. Playstation 4. . It does an okay job most of the time. Sometimes it seems that commands aren't relayed properly to the devices, though. For instance, sometimes when i execute the "watch tv" activity (which is supposed to turn on the tv and set it to hdmi 2 input, turn on the yamaha soundbar and set it to the tv input) it will fail to set my devices to the proper inputs. Sometimes it will simply fail to turn on the soundbar altogether. I've set the command delays higher, placed the ir blaster in what it says is the optimal position in front of both devices, and other troubleshooting steps outlined on the harmony support site, but it still fails about 15% of the time. The workaround for me is just to hit the activity button a second time, but it's annoying that i have to do that. It also cannot reliably switch between two activities (e. G. Go from watching tv to listening to music, which is supposed to set the soundbar to bluetooth input and turn the tv off). The workaround for that is to hit the off button, turning everything off, wait for a few seconds, and then hit the "listen to music" activity button-which i sometimes have to hit twice, see above. . Also, the ps4 support sucks, which i know isn't logitech's fault (sony doesn't want to play nice with other companies when it comes to ps4 control), but it's still worth mentioning as i use my ps4 to watch netflix and hbo now. I ended up programming the harmony remote to use tv commands to control the ps4 (employing anynet+), which works for lots of things, but not everything. For example, the four main ps4 controller buttons (i. E. Circle, square, cross and triangle) are not effectively emulated, and there's no anynet+ equivalent for those. So i still have to bust out the ps4 controller for some things. . Tl; dr - when it works, it's great. When it doesn't, it's annoying.

. Zelda, Buckinghamshire

Once again i have to reprogram buttons that have reverted to other functions i don't use. Once again i have to try to pair this damn thing with my ps3, since it lost the connection and can't get it back again (tried 5 times so far today and still not making the connection). Once again i have to reprogram my phillips hue lights. Once again i have to dig out the old tv remote because this cursed harmony thing lost track of how to control my tv and i don't have time to fix it in order to watch something now. When it works it is kind of cool. But functions "break" all the time. Completely unreliable. The only reason i use this is because my directv remote does not control my sonos very well. But other than that i'd throw it in the garbage. I would not even sell it on ebay because i know i'd get bad reviews.

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