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Price was $99.97. Brilliant. Ive had a few remotes before but this is the best. It took me 2 minutes to enter all my model numbers for my components in all my rooms. Then i set up an activity, watch tv, watch dvd, watch blu-ray, play wii etc etc and it works flawlessly. Turns everything on, sets the correct source etc. Ive only had it 1 hour but i can't fault it at all. Very pleased. Looks great, works great, days to set up. Very happy thus far.

-F. Guest

Harmony Touch Universal Remote Color Touchscreen – Discontinued Rethink Your Remote. We Did. Logitech Harmony Touch Is An Advanced Universal Remote Control For Your Home Entertainment System An Intuitive Touch Screen And Channel Icons Display. -Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote Color Touchscreen – Black 915-000198 Discontinued Manufacturer

  1. Extra: Customizable Channel Icons: Set Up To 50 Favorite Channels On The Touch Screen, Change Channels With One Simple Tap, And Organize Them The Way You Want Right On The Remote.
  2. Extra: Sleek, Streamlined Design: Sculpted, Ergonomic Shape And Uncluttered Back-lit Button Layout For Easy Navigation Even In The Dark.

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This is the best universal remote you can get. The combination of hardware, software and design make this the one you 'want'. I've owned logitech remotes since 2005 from the excellent 880, to the terrible 1000 to the somewhat improved 1100. The touch is the best of all worlds for me. The only product remote that comes with a product that this does not improve on is the one that comes with the new apple tv. That to me is the easiest and best but it's not a universal remote. However, the touch interface is very responsive and it controls all my devices flawlessly. The size is great and i can use it in any lighting condition. . When evaluating a universal remote, an important criteria for me is that the remote should be better or as good as the original device remote i am replacing. The touch is the first one that does it for me. I feel i am not compromising (other than the new apple tv). I am using this with a high end samsung tv with voice control but the remote that comes with it is nowhere as good as the touch. Same goes for my receiver and other components. . At this point i don't think there is any universal remote that comes close. I wish it had siri integration, but other than that, it's perfect. Best harmony touch universal remote | Logitech-Remote Control Review ( Aug 2019 ) Extra Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen - Black (915-000198) [Discontinued by Manufacturer] Intuitive color touch screen: access all your entertainment options, like watch tv or listen to music , with one touch. Customizable channel icons: set up to 50 favorite channels on the touch screen, change channels with one simple tap, and organize them the way you want right on the remote. Sleek, streamlined design: sculpted, ergonomic shape and uncluttered back-lit button layout for easy navigation even in the dark. Recharging station: keeps your remote charged, ready and always in reach. Universal control of up to 15 devices: works with 5, 000+ brands and 225, 000+ devices, including ones you add tomorrow .

Logitech harmony touch universal remote with color touchscreen - black 915-000198 discontinued by manufacturer Review (915 000198)

Up until christmas 2013, i was living a lie. I thought i was efficient and on top of things. Then i got this harmony remote one sleepy christmas morn, and the curtains of obfuscation parted. I was seeing my life for what it was: fumbling, confused anarchy. . Before then, each one of my tvs had "universal" remotes that came with the audio receivers i was using. Despite the time spent programming and tweaking, i still needed all of my remotes out "just in case. " no more. Here is my harmony story. (note: many of these features may not be new to harmony remotes, but this is my first. ). . Opening the box: the remote comes packaged very comfortably in a box with a charging stand, power cable, usb cable, instructional booklet and disc. Unpacking the remote is simple and you're ready to go right away. The remote is simple and clean, gloss plastic over the screen with dedicated buttons for transport controls, volume/channel, navigation hub, and guide/dvr/etc. The remote shape feels comfortable in the hand, and makes using the screen fatigue-free. The back of the remote has a gritty texture that keeps the remote from sliding on surfaces, and in addition to the emitter on the end of the remote, there is an emitter on the back (more on that later). . Setup: before you start on the remote, you need to get the brand &model numbers for all of the equipment it'll be controlling. You'll also need to get the inputs on your tv or receiver/prepro for each source. Then just connect the remote to your computer, setup your account at myharmony. Com, and from there it's very simple. Enter your brand & model nos, choose your activities to use ("watch tv", "watch a movie", etc), and answer the questions about volume and switching controls. You can also choose favorite channels from your specific provider's lineup. You may once you're done, sync time is a few minutes, and you unplug and go. . Use: put your factory remotes away. Plug in the charging stand in a suitable location near your seat, sit down, and press the activity button on the screen. Point it at your hardware and press an activity button, and it only turns on the hardware you need for that activity. All functions will go to the appropriate hardware depending on how you set it up (ie, sound controlled by tv or receiver, etc). The backlit buttons make it simple to use in the dark. . Ergonomics: there's much to love here. When you choose an activity, the screen shows pages for as much info as you need. Since you can configure up to 50 favorite channels in your tv activity, you can have pages and pages of channel logos to just click to get to. Those channels (as well as icons for hardware remote buttons not represented by hard buttons on the harmony) can be shuffled around on the remote so you have your favorites at the top of the list. The number pad is on the screen for anything not in your list. The buttons are intuitively placed, and the shape of the control hub and volume/channel buttons make them simply to identify by touch. The buttons are backlit, making it very simply to see what you're doing in the dark. With the emitter on the back, you can point the remote up to see the screen, and press a button without pointing it back at your hardware. Very cool. Turn everything off with a press of the off button. . Hiccups: these are minor quibbles, but worth mentioning. -sometimes if you forget to point the remote for long enough, and things don't get turned on. Since the remote "remembers" the state of your hardware (ie, once you start an activity your tv is "on", so it knows to send an "off" signal to the tv when you click the off button), it would be nice to hit an "oops" button with power on for the items you just activated. - when you change hardware (ie, a new tv), it would be nice to be able to simply edit the tv choice on myharmony. Com, and have it update your activities accordingly. Instead, you have to delete the old, add the new, and then update your activities. - sometimes a swipe and a press are confused by the remote, but no more than your smartphone does. - i have the harmony playstation adapter, however i've noticed that sometimes with a game loaded, it doesn't properly shut off the playstation. Works very well otherwise. . How much did this remote change my entertainment experience? in the last month i've bought 2 more for my other tvs, and don't regret it a bit. I'd say a c note and a half is a good target price to look for, and there are refurbs you can find here for less. I picked up one refurb and it's just as good as new. Highly recommended. . Update 2/13/2014: i've since added custom controls for fans and lights, and they're working wonderfully. The customization features on myharmony. Com really pay off when you take the time to check them out. -L. Anonymous

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Touchscreen

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Logitech
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0097855087201
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:10.10 inches
    Length:5.30 inches
    Weight:2..5 pounds
    Width:3.90 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: Item Sold As Is.
  • Manufacturer: Logitech
  • Model: 915-000198
  • MPN: 915-000198
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 915-000198
  • Platform: Windows 8
  • Platform: Windows Vista Business
  • Platform: Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Platform: Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Platform: Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Platform: Windows XP Home Edition
  • Platform: Windows XP Professional
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: REMOTE CONTROL
  • Size: Small
  • UPC: 720825551036

harmony touch universal remote color touchscreen - discontinued Speakers, Rethink your remote. we did. logitech harmony touch is an advanced universal remote control for your home entertainment system with an intuitive touch screen and channel icons display. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Touchscreen (915-000198-Logitech).

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Touchscreen Speakers

  • I purchased this because i have an odd equipment setup with directv as the source, then a projector as the display with sound coming through the projector. . Although the system has worked fine for quite a while, it was a hassle keeping track of one remote to control the directv and another to turn the projector on and off as well as control the sound. . The unit came in from a seller named "electronics club", which doesn't seem very popular in other reviews, and i can see why. . The unit they shipped me must have been destined for sale overseas because it arrived with a european a/c adapter and several user manuals, none of which were in english. . Included in the box was an adapter that fits over the round pins for european wall plugs and converts to us type flat pins, but the adapter now hangs off this adapter, several inches from the wall. . I can't in good conscience think that electronics club didn't know they were sending the wrong item. . Once the harmony charged up, however, everything turn a turn for the better. . Setup for a normal system went well, but in my setup, although the power on/off for the projector worked fine, the volume controls had no effect. . I played with it a while then called the customer support number. . A nice young man answered the phone almost immediately, listened to my problem in one take, went into my definition on the logitech website, and saw that since projectors don't normally control sound, the sound control was kicked over to the directtv box. . He fiddled with something that he said i didn't have access to and told me to try it again, and when i did, everything worked fine. . During my attempts to get it work before i called i had tried to get the harmony to "learn" the volume commands from the old remote and couldn't get them to take. I asked the customer service agent about that and even though i no longer needed it, he walked me through the learn process to the point where i would hold down the key on the old remote, and it failed again. . He listened patiently to my issue, and said "are you sure you're pressing the correct key? ". . I told him i had pressed the darn thing for up to 60 seconds and couldn't get it to take. . He very politely told me to try just pressing the key (he didn't say "like the instructions say") instead of holding it down. . Worked first time. . I was probably giving the poor remote an infra-red sunburn before he taught me that. . The unit is great, handles a difficult equipment set-up, technical support was way above average. . Would avoid electronic club if possible, though
  • This is a quality product and performs as stated, the only complaint is that the "touch" section is way to over utilized compared to the harmony one and other remotes available this device should have more button at the ready vs having to swipe to switch to different modes to get the button you want, i really wish they logitech didn't dis-continue the "one". The seller of this device i purchased it from shipped promptly and professionally. . 05-27-15. After getting used to it it works well, and have no real issues with it, you just have to re-train your fingers a little. 03-29-16 this is the third one i purchased, that tells you that its a good product. This is also renamed harmony ultimate and several other names depending on what other options you get with it.
  • The good: easy peasy to set up. Mac friendly. As the it dept of my home, i entered into this relationship dedicated to this product. It has a brilliant interface and very intuitive for the most part. If it is just you and your spouse, i would go for this product. If you have kids avoid it. Why? . The bad: this remote can't deal easily with people who manually turn off the tv or who use the other remote. Sure it has a special routine it goes through in case it gets off sync; and i have used it more than once. But i could not train my kids (10 and 13) to use it. In fact, and more telling, is the fact that i could not get my kids to use the remote at all. They did not like the delay between pressing a button and the behavior on tv (tivo). They did not like having to point unit directly at the tv - the tivo remote worked from any angle and my other dying universal remote (urc product) did not need such accuracy. My issue: i was used to the selection arrows and transport buttons to be all around a central point. (see urc mx700 for example - that is the ideal button configuration). I had to move this remote in my hand to reach the transport buttons. To try o solve this problem, i actually remapped the hard buttons and the touch screen, but even then i had to look down to see that i was indeed in the correct screen mode. My ability to remap the entire remote several times over gives kudos to logitech. Urc can't hold a candle this this interface as far as that goes. But at the end of the day, when you know your kids have just forced you to re-sync the logitech again, and asked for the 100th time where the other remote is, and why can't we have both remotes out etc. It really doesn't matter how easy it is to program. It matters how easy it is to use (by all users).
  • Used to have the harmony one, but the screen cracked, so i figured i'd try the newer model. I really, really regret it. . The two worst parts are. 1) button layout - who thought it was a good idea to separate the play/ffw/stop/pause/record buttons from the navigation buttons? you have to move hand position and grab the remote differently depending on what you're trying to do. The power button is also super close to the rewind button, leading to accidental power offs multiple times. 2) battery life and power management - after a few months of use, the battery life on the remote is about 4 days of average use. The worst part is that while the harmony one would give you a nice battery low warning well in advance, the touch seriously only tells you battery low when it's completely drained and non-functional. When it gets in this state, it also completely shuts off the remote and resets to its initial activity state regardless of if you're in the middle of the activity or not. For example, you're in the watch tv activity, remote shuts off, then when the battery recharges, you have to hit watch tv again, which will of course shut off all your devices that were already actually on. . In short - spend the extra money and get the harmony one.
  • I usually find that the people who mark items with only one star, must be exaggerating but in this case i cannot justify anything higher. I got so frustrated with this remote that i shipped it back within 12 hours of opening the box. This is why. . 1) myharmony. I don't know if it was server issues, connectivity or other. Everything in the instillation process went pretty smoothly up until it was time to program(sync) the remote. It just seemed to freeze up, better yet just continuously sync with no progression. I called my internet provider, reset my modem, and reinstalled softlight. I know it sounds like i was being impatient but this was over a 3 hour period. Somehow i got it to finish. Something to do with softlight (maybe). 2) i was ok, just glad it was working. But when i went to navigate the menus on my "smart blu-ray", it would click twice for every one click i did. I don't think it was a programming error because it was not consistent. I tried to manually program (ran into my 3rd issue), the navigation buttons and still a no go. 3) ok, so i went to log back into myharmony and everything seem to be loading on the server ok but the website kept telling me that the remote was disconnected :(:(:(. I tried switching usb ports shutting down the browser and finally got it to see the remote (magically). I manually programmed the buttons and it didn't fix my problem, still 2 clicks for everyone. . After going through all of this i realized that i paid way too much for this remote. I be the $25 wal-mart brand remote wouldn't give me this much trouble. . *good news is online store has a great return policy :)

harmony touch universal remote Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen - Black (915-000198) [Discontinued by Manufacturer] (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

It s an incredible remote! that should be enough-said, but i ll drop a few more lines. We have now purchased 2 of these; one for ourselves and one for my wife s parents. With our home setup (we have all newer home entertainment devices), i was able to configure without a single hiccup. My in-laws setup took a few phone calls to customer support so they could add delays and other configurations that you don t have access to. . Pros:. 1. ) remote controls everything i ve needed it to seamlessly. 2. ) customer support experience was the best i have ever had hands down! as mentioned above, i had to call a few times to work out the setup at my in-laws and each time, the customer support folk proved they were extremely knowledgeable of both their product and how to work around old, no-name devices. They worked minor miracles in getting an antiquated home entertainment system to do exactly what we were looking for. . Cons:. 1. ) i wish i had the 30 sec advance button back that they dropped from previous remotes and the touch screen s swiping feature page (the only way you can replicate this feature) ignores commands enough that it we don t find it useful. That being said, all the rest of the commands are redundant with standard buttons so this isn t a big deal.

Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote Color Touchscreen - Black 915-000198 Discontinued Manufacturer
Click to see NoticeLogitech Harmony Universal Remote Touchscreen (915 000198)"This is the remote to have. Bought after having 3 harmony 900 and this is the newer version, without the number buttons that you only get to use a few times in life. The rest of the controls are the basic for each daily operations. . After plugging it in the computer, the software asks you what devices you have, their brands and models. It suggests the actions to do. As in my case there is a hdtv, a receiver, bluray and directv. It asked me for watching tv if the volume would be on receiver and after saying yes and yes for changing channels on the directv box, clicked ok and everything is perfectly working for almost a year now as did other harmony remotes. . The remote itself is made with black piano very nice finishing and on the bottom is a rubber medium-soft material with an excellent grip to the hand. The touchscreen is very fast and responsive, big buttons and you can customize with your own channels (select online). . Go for it!"

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Discontinued Manufacturer

Love this remote - better than the harmony 880; s that we've had for 12+ years and they were hard to beat - just not totally pleased with the battery life. Is it normal that this remote needs to be charged every other day - or did we just get one with a defective battery?

Logitech harmony ultimate home integrates control of connected lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-from either an intuitive touch screen remote or handy mobile app.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Discontinued ManufacturerLogitech-Harmony-Ultimate-Discontinued-Manufacturer

Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Discontinued Manufacturer (915 000237) FAQ.

Awesome. I had a harmony900 and setting up the ultimate home was just a matter of "importing" the settings from the old remote. It took less than 15 min to have the remote up and running (without any detail tuning, which knowing myself will take a few weeks until is perfect) setting it up from scratch would take longer of course, but the process is pretty straight forward. . Why all the negative reviews ? it's is probably 99% user expectations and user issues. The remote is not for the "dumb" user. You need to understand the concept behind it and be a little tech savvy. . All that being said, it's a remarkable remote and does all the tricks a universal remote need to do and more. (scary at times, as you can turn on the tv while not in the house and that is spooky! ). . It's responsive, and combined with the ios app once fully setup, it's joy to use it. . 100% recommended! -Notice from B. Melissa, British Columbia

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This was an upgrade for my old harmony 900 which was getting old and was becoming buggy and unreliable. The harmony ultimate did not disappoint. My equipment is in a closet behind 2 walls. The setup imported my old devices, settings, and activities seamlessly. It was very impressive and everything went smoothly. The connectivity speed and button reaction time between my ps 3, apple tv, roku, and the remote became instantly 5 times faster than my old remote action. The range was also increased dramatically because the system uses wifi to connect to the hub located in my closet next to my devices (and right under my router). Harmony also upgraded their "myharmony" program on my imac so tweaking and adjusting button mapping is much more intuitive than it used to be. This may still be tricky for some users, but for a newbie the out of the box mapping of the devices should be sufficient for those who just for pete's sake want to watch tv or switch to another player with basic functionality. I am very happy with this purchase.

Logitech-harmony-ultimate-home-discontinued-manufacturer-(915-000237) set picture

- J. BertieI transitioned to this remote from a harmony 900 and absolutely everything about this remote is better. I have a very complex setup which requires the remote to be able to separately operate multiple tv's with separate sound systems and also operate a ps3, nintendo wii, receiver, directv genie, epson projector, and windows computer. . I had previously asked logitech to update their code database on certain functions for my receiver and projector with discrete hex codes i found online and they did this for me quickly. Because of this great customer service, i went with this top of the line harmony remote instead of changing brands after my harmony 900 died a bit prematurely. I'm glad i stayed faithful as this remote out of the box is light years ahead of the harmony 900. Instead of simply transferring all the activities from the old remote over to the new, i decided to set this new remote up fresh. It took me probably 2 hours to set up compared to probably 10-12 hours for the harmony 900 3 years ago or so. The new software is significantly quicker and easier to use and i have had zero remote errors in 3 months since my purchase. I did not have to change any of the deeper menu settings to adjust delays and lag like i had to do with the 900. This one just worked. It also switched everything on much quicker than the old remote, changes channels instantly, and has a much better touchscreen. . This remote has actually helped me to enjoy my theater much more than i did previously because i can jump from doing one thing to another so much quicker and more easily. I am able to switch from online store shows, to netflix, to tv, to pc work, to gaming without ever worrying about something not turning off or on when i want. The ability to program a series of commands is also excellent as i can press a single button to get split screen or closed captions on directv which used to take 9 or so button presses. It's also easily used by my wife who used to spend 10 minutes on the phone with me anytime she wanted to watch a blu-ray because the old remote wouldn't change inputs correctly or turn on the ps3 every time. The hub and ir hublets that extend the ir capabilities are much better than the old technology, and as i mentioned above, have yet to fail in any of the multipart tasks that i have thrown at them. . The only 2 downsides to this remote are the having the play/pause/ff/rw buttons above the screen, and the buttons on the remote don't feel quite as nice to press as the harmony 900. There is a screen lock so that the buttons above the screen aren't as big of a deal, but it forces you to swipe the screen to get to your favorites and programmed buttons. You can disable the screen lock, but you will likely re-enable it after accidentally hitting a favorite channel button while watching a live game or the like. Had the buttons been below the screen, the swipe to unlock feature probably wouldn't even be necessary for most users. The buttons don't depress quite as far as the harmony 900 in my opinion which makes them feel a bit cheaper, but they do always work the way they are intended so not a big gripe there. . Buy this remote! you will love it.

I have 7 devices i use for my entertainment setup, including a roku 3, onkyo receiver, wdtv, direct tv, xbox, smart tv and dvd. I also had a universal remote that couldn't handle network controlling of the roku 3. Which is why i went with this remote. As well as future proofing myself when i add remote lighting (hue) and nest, etc. My old remotes usually take me about 3 hours to set up (or more) when i change cable companies. Its a nightmare! the harmony took me 15 minutes for everything! i couldn't believe how easy it was. Once i started to add macros, icons and extra activities i would say i have spent about 2 hours tweaking things. Best part about something happening to your remote is the fact that it is all saved in your logitech account - so if you have to factory reset of get another - you just sync and you are done - huge time saver! . . I had a couple of issues in setting up. I didn't update the firmware on the hub properly, which led to the software on the pc hanging when i tried to add favorites. Once the remote hung on me - just hold the off button for 15 seconds and it shuts down. Place it back in the charger to restart it and it is ready to go again. I also locked myself out of my account. Quick call to the help center (kind of a long wait) and i was back in business. . I couldn't find an easy way to start online store prime, pandora or hulu on the roku other than to set up macros with appropriate delays to get there and start things. They took the longest to set up and that was still only about 10 minutes each. Skype on my smart tv was set up with macros and delays as well. . So now i have one button touch to start my most used activities like online store prime, hulu plus, skype, pandora, movies on the wdtv. . Occasionally gets out of sync but generally is easy to remedy and is a whole lot easier for everyone to use the multitude of options we have on our system.

Q. Lorenz, Bretagne

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    Small
Weight :    1.56 pounds
Model :    915-000237
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony home hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets
  • Intuitive color touch screen: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, 50 customizable channel favorites and home automation devices such as philips hue lights or nest learning thermostat
  • Simple setup on computer or mobile app for control of 15 home entertainment devices and unlimited home automation devices: works with over 270, 000 devices, including your tv, satellite or cable box, blu-ray player, apple tv, roku, sonos, game consoles, philips hue lights and more.
  • Powerful home entertainment and automation control: one remote easily controls entertainment devices plus connected lights, locks, thermostats, blinds, sensors, and more
  • Harmony app: turns ios or android smartphones or tablets into a second, personal universal remote control
Price :    $118.79 (was $153.88)
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Discontinued Manufacturer available ( Aug 2019 )

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote With Customizable Touch Screen Control, Black Refurbished

Logitech harmony ultimate one ir remote with customizable touch screen control, black (refurbished)

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote With Customizable Touch Screen Control, Black RefurbishedLogitech-Harmony-Ultimate-Customizable-Refurbished

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    915-000224X-RB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • This certified refurbished product is tested & certified to look and work like-new. the product is backed by a 90 day warranty.
  • Easy customization: organize and re-order buttons, activities, and channel icons the way you like them, right on the remote
  • Swipe and tap color touch screen: navigate tv, movies, music, games andyour most frequently used commands with one touch
  • Control up to 15 ir devices: works with 225, 000+ devices and 5, 000+ brands with new devices added regularly to harmony's online database
  • 50 favorite-channel icons: personalize the touch screen with icons that get you to your favorite channels with one tap
Price :    $98.99
Ce :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR Remote With Customizable Touch Screen Control, Black Refurbished available ( Aug 2019 )

Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Black

So far after 1 day i like it. I've been patiently waiting for logitech to come out with a high tech remote that works good and doesn't have a huge price tag. I've been using harmony 550's throughout my house for several years but they had their limitations. Although very reliable and durable, the 550'sare not so easy to update. I read to many bad reviews on recent harmony remotes that it wasn't worth the high price tag investment. I'm loving the iphone app to work with my iphone5 and not having to plug in the harmony and connect to software to update. Doing everything wi-fi is the way it should be, the future. Seems like all great electronic products are moving to wi-fi and bluetooth. So far my only complaint with the harmony smart control is it doesn't work perfectly with roku 3. The controller is lacking the "home" button and a few others, but the basic functions work. I'll have to dig in some more, but i'm guessing i can assign functions on the controller. Here is a tip for everyone so you don't pull your hair out like i just did the last 4 hours of searching forums looking for a fix. My roku3 did not work at first. Only the hdmi signal going to the roku worked. After reading and trying everything posted on logitech's site, i finally realized my roku box was not getting the signal from the harmony hub, (although only 4 feet away). Other components (my center speaker) was blocking the signal. I plugged in the (included) ir cable sensor and put it next to my roku and it worked right away. Once i realized it was not a software issue, it was only a matter of moving a few things around to get a stronger signal from the hub to my roku 3. My other small complaint is the lack of backlit buttons on the remote. But the remote is laid out nicely and has a 1 year battery life without the backlit buttons. The designers made this remote very thin, there is no way it could be this thin with standard batteries thus not enough juice for backlighting. I suppose. Certainly there must be some led's out there that draw such tiny amounts of juice that even this thin battery could power? . . There has been great improvements in logitechs software this time around. Being around computers since back in the days of dos, i've seen a lot of logitech products come and go. Lately they have been a big disappointment. Especially with the revue, and other harmony's, but with the smart control remote they are on the right path again putting out a quality product. I really like the ease of setup with this remote and not having to plug in a usb cable to slowly make changes. Since logitech is offering the harmony at a very reasonable price, and it seems to work good and is easy to set up, i purchased a 2nd one. For this price point on online store i don't think you can go wrong with this logitech product. The iphone app and remote are nice, but the ease of setup through the app is what makes it a real winner. Also the myharmony. Com setup is a breeze as well if you don't have a smart phone.

Easily control entertainment devices even ones in closed cabinets logitech harmony smart control turn your smartphone or tablet into a one-touch universal remote. Now you can control your entire entertainment system with the smartphone or tablet you already own. The harmony hub combined with a powerful app give you personalized control of up to eight devices even through closed cabinets and walls. Plus, you get a simple harmony remote for everyone in the house when your smartphone isn t handy. Product features harmony app for easy tap-and-swipe entertainment control using your smartphone or tablet* rf control of devices inside closed cabinets and behind walls controls up to 8 devices including cable tv boxes, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3 and tv-connected pc or mac powerful customization, including 50 favorite channel icons*, creating one-touch activities and re-ordering buttons also includes handheld universal remote for the household works with over 270, 000 devices easy online setup ( *compatible with ios 6. 0 or later and android 4. 0 or later. *channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) replaces multiple remotes. Controls devices you own today and add tomorrow. Smart control harmony hub turns rf signals from the remote into ir or bluetooth commands your devices can understand and can t see behind closed cabinet doors or walls. Control up to 8 devices including your ps3, wii or xbox one, plus your internet subscription services, like netflix or hulu. Harmony supports 270, 000 devices from 6, 000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow. Harmony s online device library makes it easy to update your smartphone and remote with new devices and commands. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (*sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) easily find entertainment with your smartphone keyboard view larger find your content faster now you can avoid frustrating on-tv keyboards. Use your smartphone/tablet keyboard or speech recognition capability with the harmony app to find your content faster on apple tv, roku or online store firetv. Also works with windows pcs and macs. Turns your smartphone into a harmony controller view larger harmony app for smartphone or tablet anyone in the house can download the app and turn their smartphone or tablet into a personal universal remote. With one-touch activity control, you just tap watch tv or watch a movie and harmony powers on the right devices to the right settings. Simply swipe and tap to change channels, adjust volume, fast-forward and rewind. Plus, you can organize and re-order buttons, activities, and up to 50 favorite channel icons* the way you like them right on your smartphone. (* channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) easy guided online setup view larger easy guided online setup simply download the harmony app to your computer or your iphone 4s or later or android smartphone with bluetooth smart technology. Screen prompts make it easy to set up your app and remote with commands for your devices. Live customer support is ready to help if you need it. Universal remote for times when your smartphone isn t handy view larger comes with a handheld remote for the house this simple all-button harmony universal remote gives everyone at home easy control of your entertainment system when your smartphone or tablet isn t handy. It also works with harmony hub for control of devices in closed cabinets.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control - BlackLogitech-Harmony-Smart-Control-Black

Logitech Harmony Smart Control - Black (915 000194) FAQ.

Controls almost everything perfectly. The customizable buttons is awesome. Ir blaster and bluetooth hits all of my equipment. The only problem i have is when i use the control to activate/control my ps4, i cannot control anything else until i power cycle my logitech base. . Firmware is up to date and it has been known to be incompatible with the sony ps4 in the past. Problem doesnt occur randomly, it happens evertime it controls the ps4. After the 5th occurrence, i took the ps4 out of the controlled list. Not a problem for me since i use the game controller anyways. -Notice from W. Jessica, South Gloucestershire

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Ok. This will take you about an hour to configure the first time. But it is well worthwhile. You see, this is a wireless system. The hub connects to your wifi. The mini-ir blaster connects to the hub via a long thin cable. The remote communicates with the hub via bluetooth. When you configure the remote via ios or android app, you create an account that allows you to seriously configure every function of your entertainment system. Be sure to know the brand of you devices (tv, dvr, amp, etc). Once you are done configuring, the hub sends all that data to your remote. Your remote is non-directional because it's bluetooth. When you work the remote (change channel, volume, input, etc), the hub sends data to the mini-ir blaster, which sends ir signal to the devices. If your tv or devices are old, and system doesn't recognize the brand, you can have the hub learn the remote buttons. There is a learning function where you point your old remote to the hub and it learns the commands. You do it via the app. . Very important: placement of the mini-ir blaster is key. It is omni-directional, so you can put it near the front of all your device ir receiver, and it will work. Do not put it behind any devices because the ir doesn't go through solids. Once you get this working, you will never settle for multiple remotes again.

Logitech-harmony-smart-control---black-(915-000194) set picture

- . WandaI've used and loved harmony remotes for years. This one is very good in most respects, with a few nuisance issues. (hence, 4 star versus 5). . The good:. - the remote is very nice. Minimalistic, excellent layout, responsive, and just high quality overall. It has very nice balance when holding it, and seems much more responsive than my previous harmony remotes. - app remote. Handy if you always have your phone/tablet nearby, or want to control things from another room. - computer-free setup. Just use the app and your phone/tablet. . The annoying:. - app complexity. The app is definitely could be more user-friendly. E. G. , it shows a lot of buttons for devices you have, so you end up paging back and forth through screens to find what you want. It should allow customization to only display the bare minimum buttons, imoho. Other remote apps are more friendly, but maybe less functional. - customization. I miss the ability to easily customize key mappings. E. G. , there are a couple dish network keys we used extensively on the old harmony remote that simply don't exist on this remote, and i haven't been able to remap an key for them. - lack of help button/screen on remote. If you rely on the help button on the legacy harmony remotes, know it's missing on this. The app has some capability there, but the old help q&a approach to resolving issues was great for less technical people. - remote quibbles. It could really use backlighting! black keys on black remote with small buttons make it a big difficult to find things in the dark. Luckily, the layout is very intuitive - better than other harmony remotes, i think. Also, the remote is svelte, so it's easy to misplace/overlook. It could really use a "remote finder" beacon you invoke from the app.

This is my second experience with a harmony line remote, the first was an ir only model (350 line i think) and i liked that one, but it was far from perfect. I wanted this one because i also use a fire tv box a lot for streaming services, along with an audio receiver, blu ray player, cable box, and of course an led tv. This let me go from 4 remotes to one that works flawlessly every single time i push the buttons. . First, let me point out that everything you need is in this package: the remote shown, the all important hub, 1 additional ir blaster, and the power supply. The instructions are as bare as possible; for a tech guy like me this is no issue, but my parents might have been turned off by this. Even the instructions in the app, while much better, needs improvement for non-tech people to follow. Even i got a little lost in the app trying to figure out how to customize some buttons, but i did figure everything out. . The hub is simply placed on a shelf in my entertainment center, which is open faced. It does not have direct line of sight with my receiver or tv, but controls them with zero issues. My understanding is that it blasts ir 360 degrees in the room and in most cases will bounce until it gets to the desired devices. So you'd really only need the additional ir blaster if you have some devices closed inside the entertainment center. . The remote feels very well designed. The buttons feel sturdy, the textured back is excellent for grip, and it's simply light and easy. It lacks some more advanced features like backlit keys and an lcd screen to customize, but whats there works well. It runs off a smaller watch-style battery, so i'm kinda glad to not have some of those features for battery life. . The remote itself is not an ir remote. It will not do anything without the supplied hub. All this does is tell the hub to give the commands and the hub does all the magic. It works off a radio connection to the hub, which means you don't need line of sight to the hub for the remote to work. This i consider a strong positive, no more having to point the remote and occasionally missing the sensor, especially when performing a multi-phase action like turning on multiple devices and setting the inputs and channel. Hit the button, and as long as your hub hasn't been moved since the last time, it'll work every time. . The hub allows for control from a smartphone or tablet. This is ok for some people, but i consider the app probably the weakest part of this system. It does work, and you need to set up the system from a smart device before everything will work well, but i've never been a fan of controlling my entertainment center like this. Like the online store fire tv app, it does work, but for me personally it doesn't replace a real remote in my hand. For those that like it though, at least i'm confident that it will work if i lose the remote or the battery dies. . Once configured, this is a great setup. I don't use every feature available since i don't watch tv as much as some might, but there are features for setting favorite channels on the app, but i'm not sure that's very helpful from the actual physical remote. If you've grown accustomed to that from more expensive versions of the remotes with lcd screens and some customized menus, you might be disappointed that this remote won't do all that. You'd need to upgrade to the better remote for that. . I also connected this to my online store dot device through the "skills" section of the alexa app. This allows me to do some basic things like activate an activity using my voice. It works very well for those basic commands, but it won't do more advanced things like changing volume. Maybe with more updates it'll get more intricate, but i like the basics so far and enjoy being able to set up and play music without looking for a remote. . Pros:. - replaces multiple remotes very well. - handles bluetooth control as well as ir, the 2 most common control methods today. - hub grants smartphone access and smarthome configurations. - included remote works without line of sight. - many ways to customize activities. - haven't found a single device that it couldn't support yet. . Cons:. - a little difficult to setup if you aren't already familiar with similar tech. - app seems required if things get out of sync, which might be an issue for some

Q. Jackson, Lambeth

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Included harmony hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as ps3, wii, and xbox 360
  • Smartphone app includes swipe and tap control for one-touch control of your entertainment system, up to 50 favorite channel icons, volume, media playback, and more (works with iphone ios 6. 0 or later and android 4. 0 or later)
  • Future-proof control of up to 8 devices: works with over 270, 000 devices including cable tv boxes, apple tv, roku, sonos, fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, and tv-connected pc or mac
  • Use your smartphone (available harmony smartphone app) or the included harmony remote to control your entertainment devices. internet access wi-fi: supports 802. 11g/n, wpa personal, wpa2-aes and 64/128-bit wep encryption
  • Removable battery
Price :    $72.88 (was $98.99)
Model :    915-000194
Quantity :    1
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Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App

Works great. App is intuitive and menu based. Programming takes some trial and error - recommend a bit of patience that will be rewarded. I programmed via ios app. Rf signal between remote and hub works awesome with hub placed in a closed closet behind a solid wooden door. The ir blaster from the hub and the additional ones included work great and much better than expected - avoids the hassle of placing individual flashers. Hub connection to wifi router took place without a hitch and prompted for my wifi password without issue. Bluetooth paired right up with my apple tv too. Very pleased with purchase one week in.

Logitech harmony elite is the most powerful and intuitive harmony remote that works with alexa. It controls up to 15 devices for seamless control of your entertainment and your home. The all-new design keeps the best features from its predecessors color touchscreen, motion sensing, and vibration feedback and adds an improved button layout, voice integration, dedicated connected home buttons, and a replaceable, rechargeable battery with 20% greater capacity. Internet access: wi-fi: supports 802. 11g/n, wpa personal, wpa2-aes and 64/128-bit wep encryption; for mobile setup and control: ios: iphone 4s or later, ipad (3rd generation or later), ipad mini, ipod touch (5th generation or later) device with ios 8. 0 or higher or; android: wi-fi enabled smartphone with android 4. 2 or later, bluetooth smart technology-enabled ios or android device

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & AppLogitech-Harmony-Elite-Remote-Control

Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App (915 000256) FAQ.

I have had at least 3 "so called universal remotes" in the past. All of them failed to my expectations-as there was always something missing from those "universals". So i was really skeptical about this one. I did some research of this on "harmony's " website. The price was just right , so i decided to give it a shot. O boy, it was extremely easy to install the hub and sync it with my remote. All i had to do was type in all model number of all of my units under my entertainment systems and every everything was synced to perfection in minutes. First and foremost , download the app for your phone and sign in for set up. Next, upgrade the firmware for hub after it is logged in your wifi. . I'm quite happy with this one. Be patient, it will take some time and practice to use it regularly. But end result is that you will get rid of your 5 remotes for your system from your coffee table or sofa's cup holder. Experiment with it . Some command control buttons are hidden-scroll up and down the color page at top of the remote and you will find the right buttons- be patient ! -Notice from D. Joanna, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Bought this to replace a 10-year-old home theater master model 800. If you don't recognize that brand, it was just an extremely expensive but incredibly flexible programmable remote targeted to home theater installers (and not end users). The old remote served me well, but when upgrading my system, didn't really feel like hunting down a usb-to-rs232-to-phono plug dongle and trying to find the software to reprogram it. . So, i bought this. . What an amazing difference. You can program it from a pc/web, from a mac/web or from anything running ios or android. After the initial setup, you don't even have to be in the same room as the remote. Just run the programming app, make your changes, and the remote later automagically syncs to incorporate your changes. . Logitech has a large library of remote codes, so all i had to do is input make/model numbers, and never once had to make the remote "learn" an unfamiliar component. . Pros:. . 1) easy to set up. 2) easy to use. 3) about as intuitive as a master remote is ever going to be. 4) even talks to home automation, so you can include dimming the lights in one of your "watch movies" activities. 5) very flexible. 6) apparently, the ir blaster is in the base station puck, which can be positioned near the tv, so aiming the remote itself isn't necessary. . Cons:. . 1) poor balance. Some of the lower buttons on the remote are just hard to reach while using one hand. It'd make sense to lengthen the remote with a couple inches of buttonless "dead space" to allow ham hands to hold and reach all the buttons. 2) a bit sensitive. Given the above criticism, it's all too easy when trying to pick it up to make it do something you don't want it to do. 3) expensive. Yes, cheaper than the remote it replaced, but still

Logitech-harmony-elite-remote-control,-hub-&-app-(915-000256) set picture

- B. EricksonThis is a great remote control. I ordered this one, and not a lesser model, because i needed ir on the remote, which some of the others don't have. I wish they'd revert to the button layout of the harmony one/900. It'd be better to put the forward/rewind/play controls below the directional pad, and move the color buttons up. I use the color buttons a lot! i also agree with a reviewer that wanted menu/guide buttons position swapped. It's not just a matter of learning the new placement - it's difficult to hit those buttons when holding the remote with one hand.

Setup was easy and effective. I added my devices and then created about a half dozen activities (watch tv, play cd, play wii, etc. ). Each activity worked. After a week i then added some customization to a few activities and that has worked well. It is now easy for the family to use the audio-video equipment. I don't consider my setup complicated, but my family does - or at least they used to.

P. Patricia, Champagne-Ardenne

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    Medium
Weight :    0.75 pounds
Model :    915-000256
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $229.99 (was $240.00)
  • Full color touchscreen: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, volume, 50 favorite channels and smart home devices like philips hue lights
  • Harmony app: turns ios or android smartphones or tablets into personal universal remote controls for the whole house
  • One-touch activities: touch an activity like watch a movie to automatically power on and switch devices to the right settings; compatible with 's alexa for easy voice integration and activation
  • The most powerful and intuitive harmony remote works with alexa for voice control. all-in-one control of up to 15 home entertainment and connected home devices
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets, or even when away from home

Aurum Ultra Series - Pack of 5 High Speed HDMI Cable Ethernet 15 FT - Category 2 Certified - Supports 3D & Audio Return Channel - Full HD Latest Version - 15 Feet 5 Pack

Aurum cables certified high speed high speed hdmi cable with ethernet - supports 3d, audio return channel and up to 4k resolution * hdmi cable with audio return - combines both audio and video into one cable * ethernet channel for sharing internet between hdmi devices * compatible with all hdmi devices hdmi combines both audio and video into one convenient cable, so it's all you need to connect your hdtv to your a/v receiver, blu-ray / dvd player, microsoft xbox one, microsoft xbox 360, sony playstation 4, sony playstation 3, nintendo wii u, high definition (hd) cable box, personal computer, laptop, netbook or any other (high definition multimedia interface) device with an hdmi output. Compatibility - supports 3d content - guaranteed 4kx2k, 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i resolutions - supports audio return channel - supports highest refresh rates available - supports transfer rates of up to 340mhz or 10. 2gbps - supports true hd dolby 7. 1 and dts-hd master audio - hdcp compliant quality construction - full metal shielding within connectors for durability and interference protection - shielding throughout cable - hdmi connectors are 24k gold plated. Buy with confidence we at aurum cables put tremendous effort in excellence of quality in the cables, we will back our hdmi cables with a limited 1-year warranty.

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Brand :    aurum cables
Size :    15 Feet - 5 Pack
Quantity :    1
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  • Quality construction: 30 awg pure copper conductors, triple shielding and gold-plated full metal jacket connectors provides strength, durability and prevents interference or signal degradation.
  • Warranty: all aurum cables hdmi cables are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. please contact us via email if you have any questions or concerns.
  • 15 feet 5 pack - high speed hdmi cable connects a blu-ray player, computer, av receiver, apple tv, roku streaming media player, cable box, play station 3, play station, xbox one, 360, nintendo wii, wii u or other hdmi compatible devices to your ultra 4k tv (uhd tv), hdtv, monitor, or projector
  • Supports: hdmi 2. 0 functions including 3d video, hd, uhd, audio return channel (arc), hdmi ethernet channel (hec), 48 bit deep color, 32 channel audio, hdcp, dolby true hd 7. 1 audio, and more
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Price :    $19.99
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (aurum cables product review) for Aurum Ultra Series - Pack of 5 High Speed HDMI Cable Ethernet 15 FT - Category 2 Certified - Supports 3D & Audio Return Channel - Full HD Latest Version - 15 Feet 5 Pack available ( Aug 2019 )

BAFX Products - Triple Zone IR Repeater / Remote Control Extender Kit

Essentially, this kit is 3 ir repeater kits in 1! it allows you to control 3 separate but identical devices independently of each other, from different rooms, while only purchasing and installing 1 repeater kit, rather than 3 repeater kits. Most people will want our single zone kit however, for more advanced users this may be a better solution. Kit includes 3 ir receivers 3 dual head emitter cables (1 cable for each zone; control up to 6 devices) 1 distribution block (with 3 zones) 1 power adapter 1 user manual (extra emitters sold separately)let's assume you have 3 rooms in your home (rooms a, b & c) that all have cable boxes you'd like to hide in your basement/closet. Normally, if all the cable boxes are issued by the same company, these boxes all use the same remote control. Because of this, if you were to connect all 3 cable boxes to one standard, single zone, repeater kit, then when you change the channel via the repeater kit in room a, the signal will be sent to the boxes for rooms b & c as well. Because they all respond to the same remote control commands, they will then all change channels! this not practical for most situations. With a standard (or single zone repeater kit) you would need a separate repeater kit for each identical cable box to prevent this problem. The triple zone ir repeater kit solves this problem by creating 3 zones which are completely separate from one another allowing you to control each device independently of one another. Specs 3 ir receivers 58" long & 3 emitters 9' (can be extended) distribution block approx. 1. 9"x4. 3"x0. 87"; has slots for mounting (screws not included) distribution block can be powered by usb cable (not included) 3 independent "zones" 1 yr bafx products warranty against manufacturing defects! *1 yr warranty only valid when purchased from bafx products or authorized retailer. Bafx products is a registered trademark of bafx products llc

BAFX Products - Triple Zone IR Repeater / Remote Control Extender KitBAFX-Products -Repeater-Control-Extender

Brand :    bafx products
Size :    Triple Zone (Advanced)
Weight :    0.90 pounds
Model :    4330159543
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Remote Control (bafx products product review) for BAFX Products - Triple Zone IR Repeater / Remote Control Extender Kit available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $49.99
  • Kit comes with: 3 ir receivers; 3 dual head emitter cables (control up to 6 devices - expandable to 12); 1 distribution block; 1 power wall adapter; 1 user manual (may also be powered bby usb - usb cable not included)
  • Ir signal sent to the ir receiver plugged into "zone 1" will only be sent to emitter cables plugged into "zone 1" emitter ports. distribution block contains 3 independant zones, allowing installation of one kit for use in 3 seperate rooms
  • Allows you to connect identical devices, that use the same remote control, to one ir repeater kit and control them each independantly of each other from different rooms
  • 1 year bafx products warranty against manufacturing defects*. please note, does not work with: rng150; rng150n; rng250 & marantz devices
  • Triple zone ir repeater kit; this is essentially, 3 ir repeater kits in one

Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control - 915-000279 Certified Refurbished

Rethink your remote. We did. Logitech harmony touch is an advanced universal remote control for your home entertainment system. Its intuitive color touch screen lets you swipe and tap your way to favorite activities, like watch tv or play games. Plus you can customize your device and re-order up to 50 favorite channel icons right on the remote. It's compatible with over 225, 000 devices and controls up to 15. Harmony touch has a sleek, ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels. The included charging station keeps your remote powered and within reach. Harmony touch will redefine control over your home entertainment.

Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control - 915-000279 Certified RefurbishedLogitech-Harmony-Advanced-Remote-Control

Brand :    logitech
Color :    black
Model :    915-000279
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control - 915-000279 Certified Refurbished available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $84.95
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
  • Sleek, streamlined design: sculpted, ergonomic shape and uncluttered back-lit button layout for easy navigation-even in the dark
  • Customizable channel icons: set up to 50 favorite channels on the touch screen, change channels with one simple tap, and organize them the way you want right on the remote
  • Intuitive color touch screen: access all your entertainment options, like "watch tv" or "listen to music", with one touch
  • Recharging station: keeps your remote charged, ready and always in reach

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Remote 2.4 Color Touchscreen, Favorite-Channel Icons Rechargeable Battery Black

Product overview control up to 15 entertainment devices with this logitech harmony ultimate one 915-000224 universal remote, which features a 2. 4" color touch screen that simplifies option selection. Favorite-channel icons let you quickly access frequently used channels. Controls up to 15 devices compatible with more than 5, 000 brands of entertainment devices for wide-ranging use. 2. 4" color touch screen makes it easy to personalize the remote with frequently used activities and commands. Favorite-channel icons allow quick access to the channels you view most often. Eyes-free gesture control lets you change channels, adjust the volume or control playback simply by swiping or tapping your thumb. On-remote customization enables you to organize buttons, activities and favorite icons without connecting to your computer. Rechargeable battery along with an included charging station for simple power replenishment. Compatibility more than 5, 000 entertainment device brands. Dimension 7. 38 inches (h) x 2. 25 inches (w) x 1. 25 inches (d)

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Remote 2.4 Color Touchscreen, Favorite-Channel Icons Rechargeable Battery BlackLogitech-15-Device-Touchscreen-Favorite-Channel-Rechargeable

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Remote 2.4 Color Touchscreen, Favorite-Channel Icons Rechargeable Battery Black available ( Aug 2019 )
Price :    $129.00
  • Eyes-free gesture control, lets you change channels and adjust the volume or control playback simply by swiping or tapping your thumb
  • On-remote customization, enables you to organize buttons, activities and favorite icons without connecting to your computer
  • Rechargeable battery, along with an included charging station for simple power replenishment
  • 2. 4" color touch screen; controls up to 15 devices (compatible with more than 5, 000 brands of entertainment devices for wide-ranging use)
  • Favorite-channel icons, allow quick access to the channels you view most often

Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control 915-000279

Rethink your remote. We did. Logitech harmony touch is an advanced universal remote control for your home entertainment system. Its intuitive color touch screen lets you swipe and tap your way to favorite activities, like watch tv or play games. Plus you can customize your device and re-order up to 50 favorite channel icons right on the remote. It's compatible with over 225, 000 devices and controls up to 15. Harmony touch has a sleek, ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels. The included charging station keeps your remote powered and within reach. Harmony touch will redefine control over your home entertainment.

Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control 915-000279Logitech-Harmony-Advanced-Control-915-000279

Brand :    logitech
Weight :    2.25 pounds
  • Customizable channel icons: set up to 50 favorite channels on the touch screen, change channels with one simple tap, and organize them the way you want right on the remote
  • Sleek, streamlined design: sculpted, ergonomic shape and uncluttered back-lit button layout for easy navigation-even in the dark
  • Universal control of up to 15 devices: works with 5, 000+ brands and 225, 000+ devices, including ones you add tomorrow
  • Recharging station: keeps your remote charged, ready and always in reach
  • Intuitive color touch screen: access all your entertainment options, like "watch tv" or "listen to music", with one touch
Price :    $74.99 (was $77.95)
Model :    4330250464
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control 915-000279 available ( Aug 2019 )

Harmony Home Hub

Logitech harmony home hub integrates control of connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment devices, and more-turning your smartphone or tablet into a universal home remote.

Harmony Home HubLogitech-915-000238-Harmony-Home-Hub

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Weight :    0.24 pounds
  • Create customized activities to control your home entertainment. for example, simply tap "date night" and harmony can turn on your sony android tv, launch netflix, dim your philips hue smart lights and turn on your sonos connected speaker
  • Harmony app for ios or android smartphone or tablet: simply swipe and tap to control channels, movies, 50 customizable channel favorites
  • Works with alexa to easily control your home entertainment devices with your voice
  • Combine up to 8 remotes and countless apps into one easy-to-use smartphone app.
  • Closed cabinet control: included harmony hub lets you control devices in closed cabinets
Price :    $74.99 (was $81.80)
Model :    915-000238
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Home Hub available ( Aug 2019 )

Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - Black

This is a great remote. I had the larger harmony 1100 before and i really liked that one but it was big and you needed two hands to use it comfortably. This one is very easy to use with one hand. I like that it comes with clip art for channels as well. I spent a few hours getting them on the old remote and copy and pasting each one for the favorite channels. This one is preset depending on your cable company. I also love the fact that everything can be put out of site. I have my audio/video receiver, roku 3, playstation 3, xbox 360, and my tivo all in an enclosed cabinet. Makes for a very clean look and easy use. I also like that this remote can be updated over wifi so i can make changes on my computer and then sync wirelessly with the remote. Overall, this is the best remote i've ever had. I can't wait to get the led lights for the house and use this for them as well. Get this remote!

Easily control entertainment and devices in closed cabinets with a tap of the touch screen view larger logitech harmony ultimate rethink your remote. We did. Meet harmony ultimate, the most powerful harmony remote. It redefines ultimate control over your entertainment system including game consoles and devices behind closed cabinet doors. One simple tap of the touch screen adjusts your entire home entertainment system so you can switch between movies, game consoles, favorite tv stations and music without fumbling with multiple remotes or button presses. Customize it the way you enjoy your entertainment. It has the power and intelligence to do what you demand. Product features rf control of devices inside closed cabinets and behind walls controls up to 15 devices including cable tv boxes, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3 and tv-connected pc or mac harmony app turns household smartphones into powerful personal remotes intuitive tap-and-swipe color touch screen powerful customization, including 50 favorite channel icons*, creating one-touch activities and reordering buttons illuminated buttons for easy entertainment navigation in the dark haptic feedback: a gentle vibration lets you know when the remote receives a command from the touch screen, so there s no need to look down recharging station included works with over 270, 000 devices easy online setup (*channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) included harmony hub for closed-cabinet control view larger ultimate control harmony hub turns rf signals from the remote into ir or bluetooth commands your devices can understand and can t see behind closed cabinet doors or walls. Control up to 15 devices including your xbox one, wii, or ps3, plus your internet subscription services, like netflix or hulu. Harmony supports 270, 000 devices from 6, 000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow. Just connect your remote to harmony s regularly updated online device database to download commands for new devices. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (*sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) easily find entertainment with your smartphone keyboard view larger find your content faster now you can avoid frustrating on-tv keyboards. Use your smartphone/tablet keyboard or speech recognition capability with the harmony app to find your content faster on apple tv, roku or online store firetv. Also works with windows pc and macs. Turns your smartphone into a harmony controller view larger harmony app for smartphone or tablet supplement the remote with touch screen gestures and personalized settings via harmony mobile app. The harmony app for iphone or android turns a smartphone or tablet into a personal entertainment controller. Everyone in the house can have their own set of custom gestures and favorite channels right at their fingertips. Download commands for devices you own today and add tomorrow view larger easy guided online setup simply connect the remote to your computer, go to myharmony. Com, and download the commands for your devices without having to enter endless equipment codes. Live customer support is ready to help if you need it. Tap-and-swipe touch screen with favorite channel icons view larger powerful customization the color touch screen gives you the power to access your entertainment the way you want. Tap an activity like watch a movie and the right devices power on to the right settings. Easily customize your remote by creating activities, re-ordering buttons, and choosing up to 50 favorite channel icons* . (*channel availability subject to your local service provider. )

Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - BlackHarmony-Ultimate-Remote-Control-Black

Harmony Ultimate Remote - Rf Control - Black (Logitech) FAQ.

Really a great product for eliminating the need for having to keep track of multiple remotes. You can program your remote for one touch execution of watching a dvd or appletv or just plain old tv. Also great to just be able to shut everything off all at once with one click of the remote. The addition of controlling your nest thermostat is a great bonus also. Gave this 4 out of 5 start only because of the learning curve on learning how to use the remote initially. Took a couple days of getting used to it but once i did i would never go back to juggling half a dozen remotes. -Notice from Z. Sally, West Virginia

Click to Show harmony ultimate remote - rf control - black (logitech) Details

Logitech harmony remotes are a work of art. Nicely designed great looking and simply work with all audio visual devices in the house. It is the best remote control on the market to me. I will never use the original remotes for my devices again. Work will with the online store echo and my smartthings hub. Great device i bought 3 so far and i recommend you buy one as well.

Harmony-ultimate-remote---rf-control---black-(logitech) set picture

- J. AlbaThis is the only home theater remote i found that will do bluetooth (ps3), rf (roku) and ir control simultaneously. The set up software is very well designed, making the organizational and machine set up decisions into consideration. Finally once i did contact harmony tech support who sorted out one major issue i had, and answered several minor operational questions i had on the remote control screens. The support question was properly diagnosed by their experienced support person, and had to do with disabling the feedback control of the receiver and ps3 by the sony tv via the hdmi control channel. Their initial support staff was not experienced enough to properly diagnose the issue. Once this hdmi control of the yamaha receiver by the tv was disabled in the tv menu, the remote has worked quite well.

This remote definitely lives up to its name. Very easy to program - if you can plug in a usb cord, surf the internet, and answer a few simple questions, you can program this remote. . Once the programming is done, operating the remote is easy and intuitive. Select what activity you want to do (i. E. Watch a blu-ray movie): it turns on all the necessary av components and switches them to the proper modes and/or sources. The volume button is then controlling the volume for the stereo receiver, while the fast-forward and play buttons are controlling the blu-ray player - no more switching back-and-forth between components. It works exactly the way you've always wished a "universal remote" would work. . Many universal remotes can do the basic functions, but most of them can't perform the advance tasks, like sleep-timer, menu options, surround mode, etc. This one can. It can literally perform every function of each remote you are replacing. And because it is fully lit, you can easily read all of the controls in dark conditions. . It even goes a step further by dramatically extending the range from which you can control your components. Connect the harmony to your home wi-fi, and now you can control your components from any room - or even from outside. Don't have the remote nearby? not a problem. Use the free harmony app on your smartphone. That's the definition of convenience. . The battery life is exceptional - i usually get about a week before i have to put my remote on the charger. Just be sure to keep an eye on the level. There is no warning that the battery has gone below a certain percentage. And when it's depleted, you're done. Make sure to keep your original remotes stored nearby for just such an occasion. . While the harmony ultimate is very sleek, stylish, and sexy, it can be a little tricky to grasp. Because of the rounded contours of the bottom side of the remote, pressing buttons on the top or bottom rows pretty-much requires two hands. And don't even think about pressing a button without first picking up the remote - it will just roll over like an overloaded canoe in the water. . Little nit-picky ergonomics aside, the harmony ultimate truly lives up to its name. If you want to replace the 4 remotes you have sitting on your coffee table, while adding convenience and simplicity, this is the remote you want to get. Once you come to terms with the dent this purchase makes in your bank account, you'll absolutely love the harmony ultimate remote.

H. Elanor, Maine

Brand :    logitech
Weight :    1.57 pounds
  • Os support(at least):windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, mac os 10. 5+
  • Controls your entire home entertainment system: even controls game consoles and devices hidden behind cabinet doors and walls
  • Intuitive color touch screen: swipe and tap to access and switch between entertainment activities with shortcuts for your most frequently used commands. ultimate convenience features: vibration feedback touch screen, up to 50 favorite channel icons, back-lit buttons and recharging station
  • Powerful remote control customization: includes the ability to create one-touch activity sequences, adjust and remap buttons, set device delays and timing, plus more
  • Works with alexa for voice control. it uses infrared (ir), bluetooth and wi fi to control various devices
Price :    $148.00 (was $164.95)
Model :    915-000201
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - Black available ( Aug 2019 )

BAFX Products IR Repeater - Remote control extender Kit

Easy to install and works great to keep evreything neat and clean

Newly improved ir receiver for better compatibility and ease of use! same great product! want to place your cable box or other devices in a cabinet or other room and still be able to control them from in front of your tv? this bafx products ir repeater (remote control extender) allows you to do just that! simply place the ir receiver from the repeater kit where you wish to aim your remote control, run the ir receiver wire from the kit to the distribution block. Now run the ir emitters from the kit to the devices you wish to control and place them over the devices ir receivers, plug the kit into a wall outlet and your all set! the kit includes: 1 distribution block 1 ir receiver 1 power plug 4 dual ir emitters (control up to 8 devices) manual link to a setup video specs the ir receiver cord is 5' long. Can be extended using a 3. 5mm av extension cable the distribution block measures approx. 1. 9"x4. 3"x0. 87" & has slots for mounting if desired (screws not included) the distribution block can also be powered by a usb printer cable (not included) the kit contains 4 ir emitter cords to control 8 device & has slots for 2 more emitter cables 1 yr bafx products warranty against manufacturing defects! *important note for plasma tvs plasma tv's emit ir frequencies that can interfere with the ir receiver of this device (not applicable to lcd or led). This can usually be fixed by placing the ir receiver further away from the plasma tv or by placing a piece of scotch tape over the ir receiver to reduce it's sensitivity! this does not occur with lcd or led*1 year warranty only valid when purchased from bafx products or authorized dealers with a valid receipt

BAFX Products IR Repeater - Remote control extender KitBAFX-Products-IR-Repeater-extender

Bafx Products Ir Repeater - Remote Control Extender Kit (54 5exn symf) FAQ.

Works great! easy setup and extended the range on my remote substantially! -Notice from P. Rose, Connecticut

Click to Show bafx products ir repeater - remote control extender kit (54 5exn symf) Details

Love this thing. Easy to use and makes my home theater look professional by allowing me to hide wires. We had run a different brand it blaster to our tv and it worked perfectly well with this repeater.

Bafx-products-ir-repeater---remote-control-extender-kit-(54-5exn-symf) set picture

- W. CarolMy marantz receiver didn't have an ir repeater port, so i used this on it. Works great. No complaints.

I bought this because i have some devices that are in another room. Simple to install, works great and the kit comes with plenty of emitters for just about any need.

. Anonymous, West Sussex

Brand :    bafx products
Color :    Standard
Size :    Single Zone
Weight :    0.82 pounds
  • New, smaller foot print & black in color to better blend in with your setup!
  • Kit controls up to 8 devices - expandable to 12 devices (additional ir emitters sold separately)
  • Improved! newly improved ir receiver for better performance and ease of use! compatible with all ir controlled devices including formerly incompatible, marantz devices!
  • 1 year bafx products warranty against manufacturing defects*
  • Control your ir remote controlled devices that are hidden behind doors or in other rooms where they can't normally be reached by the remote control
Price :    $27.90
Model :    54-5EXN-SYMF
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Networking Device (bafx products product review) for BAFX Products IR Repeater - Remote control extender Kit available ( Aug 2019 )

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote Customizable Touch Screen Control - Black 915-000224

Performs as expected . The vast majority of the time. Sometimes it seems to lose its programing as to a particular function. I don't know if i accidentally hit a wrong button first that threw it off or it just failed. Luckily, each time it failed, i have gone in the drop down menu and selected fix it which presents a menu of devices. You then select the device that failed and you are provided with various possibilities as to the failure. Let's say you hit the off button and your receiver failed to shut off. You just select your receiver which is automatically listed under fix it and then select the power off button. Each time the receiver shut off and was thereafter fixed until the next mishap which is acceptabely rare. Another consumer caused problem can be that when you hit off you did not aim your remote in the direction of the receiver long enough. So my ultra high def vizio will shut off but my onkyo receiver may remain on. The "macro" involved with all combined functions sends separate signals out to each device that had been needed for the function button that was previously used, e. G. Watch tv, watch smart devices, watch blue ray, listen to fm. In any case, it allows me to keep all my other remotes in a convenient location, in case there is a failure that might require one of them, but the harmony is the sole remote on my bed. Nice.

Touch-screen control comes to the entertainment room view larger logitech harmony ultimate one the simplicity of touch. The power of harmony. Now entertainment control is as personal, powerful, and easy to use as your smartphone. Access all your entertainment with simple swipes and taps on a large, color touch screen. Touch an activity like watch tv or watch a movie and the right devices switch to the right settings. You can even customize the touch screen with frequently used commands and favorite-channel icons for ultimate control over your home entertainment. Access tv, movies, music and games with one touch view larger swipe-and-tap color touch screen with a simple swipe or tap of the thumb you can change activities and channels, adjust volume and control movie and music playback. A gentle vibration tells you when a command is received from the touch screen. So you can control whatever you re watching without taking your eyes off the tv. Recharging station included view larger power at the ready the included charging station keeps harmony ultimate one fully charged, ready to use and easy to find. You ll never have to hunt for your remote or change batteries again. Display 50 favorite channel icons view larger customizable control no more scrolling through long on-screen guides to find a channel. Select up to 50 of your favorite channels, display their icons on the screen, and watch with one touch. * plus, you can organize and re-order buttons, activities, and channel icons the way you want them, right on the touch screen. (*channel availability subject to your local service provider. ) controls 15 entertainment devices view larger world s most compatible with support for over 225, 000 devices and 5, 000+ brands, harmony ultimate one controls up to 15 devices you own today or add tomorrow. Harmony s online database is updated regularly as new devices are released, so it s easy to add commands for new devices to the remote. Motion-activated backlit keys and touch screen view larger easy navigation, even in the dark both the screen and backlit keys light up when the remote senses motion, so you can easily navigate your entertainment in the dark. The touch screen also doubles as a number pad, clearing the way for a streamlined button layout and attractive minimalist design. Easy guided online setup view larger quick and simple setup just connect harmony to your computer, go to the set up website, and download the commands for your devices. If you have any questions, live customer support is ready to help.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote Customizable Touch Screen Control - Black 915-000224Logitech-Ultimate-15-Device-Universal-Customizable

Logitech Ultimate 15 Device Universal Customizable (915 000224) FAQ.

Excellent. I had another harmony remote and so when i needed a new one it was not a difficult choice. The older logitech remote i had the batteries would not charge up any more. Had rechargeable aa batteries, just use regular batteries and still works. -Notice from B. Finch, Thurrock

Click to Show logitech ultimate 15 device universal customizable (915 000224) Details

My experience with this remote has been nothing but a joyous one. The setup on their website was not only easy, but actually fun for me. It was a four step process (add components, add activities, add your favorite channels, and one more i'm forgetting). Setting up my favorite channels took me the longest, but i'm super organized, so i was moving channels around and going through all of my channels. . The customization possibilities with this remote seems endless. When there were buttons that were either missing or didn't do what i wanted, it was super easy to either add a whole new button/functionality (by simply pointing my old remote at my harmony and "teaching" my harmony the new button) or edit a current button. . You can edit graphics as well, such as the background or your favorite channel icons. I also created a "sequence" (basically a macro), which worked perfectly fine - my sequence was "watch in 3d" which, while in my "watch a movie" activity, had about 4 steps of using my tv's 3d function. I even added a delay of 3 seconds before a couple actions (such as waiting for a screen to fully display before the exit action was selected). . Customizing this remote does require some technical skills, but that's expected with this remote, i think. It is pricey, but for what it does and how it's already programmed for each of my components, i think i got my money's worth. . If i had to nitpick, it's not as easy as it should be to connect the sync cable to the remote. And also, it'd be much nicer if it was bluetooth instead of having to connect a cable to sync. . I replaced 5 remotes and it works great for all:. . Sharp tv: lc-80le844u. Yamaha receiver: rx-v473. Sony blu-ray player: bdp-bx57. Dvr receiver: motorola vip1216. Xbox 360. And i'll soon be adding xbox one. I have a wii u, but this remote won't work with that, which is fine, because i use xbox for media streaming. . Overall, i highly recommend this remote for anyone with the same needs as me!

Logitech-ultimate-15-device-universal-customizable-(915-000224) set picture

- . ClaudiaI have used this remote for several months now. As expected, it is a solid replacement to my logitech harmony 880 that was 10 years old. My only complaint about this remote the battery life. The remote doesn't beep to notify you the battery is low. It just sorta dies. Nothing you can do but put it on the charging cradle and wait. Its difficult to predict when the battery will die leaving me with the opportunity to walk over and manually turn my systems on.

Great product! easy to program, simple to use, and easily eliminated 4 remotes from the coffee table!

. Aldana, Herefordshire

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    1
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    915-000224
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Easy customization: organize and re-order buttons, activities, and channel icons the way you like them, right on the remote
  • 50 favorite-channel icons: personalize the touch screen with icons that get you to your favorite channels with one tap
  • Upgradable with harmony hub, sold separately.
  • Swipe and tap color touch screen: navigate tv, movies, music, games and your most frequently used commands with one touch
  • Control up to 15 ir devices: works with 225, 000+ devices and 5, 000+ brands with new devices added regularly to harmony's online database
Price :    $69.00 (was $85.00)
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony Ultimate One 15-Device Universal Infrared Remote Customizable Touch Screen Control - Black 915-000224 available ( Aug 2019 )

logitech harmony touch universal remote with color touchscreen - black 915-000198 discontinued by manufacturer Price : 49, was : 98 as 2018-01-12
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The F.A.Q. for logitech harmony touch universal remote with color touchscreen - black 915-000198 discontinued by manufacturer

As long as all of your devices use ir, this is the remote for you. The logitech software makes it easy to program the remote. Simply provide the model numbers of all your devices and watch the magic! once your devices are programmed, you can create your activities such as watching tv, watching movie, listen to music, etc. Then with the push of a button, your routines are executed and devices are sent the right instructions. To top it off, if you have cable tv, you're asked for your zip code and provider and the software downloads your channel lineup. From there, you can setup up to 50 favorite channels so no flipping through an entire guide or remembering numbers! although this is a discontinued model, it still serves all my needs. I've replaced my tv, dvr, blu-ray, apple tv and sound bar remotes with one! the only thing this doesn't control is the online store fire stick which i knew prior to purchasing.

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(0) Question: How do you re-order the activities on the screen?

(1) Question: Where is the select button to watch tv on the harmony orle model remote

(2) Question: Will this work for a digital tv converter?

(3) Question: Is it back-lit?

(4) Question: Does it come with software

(5) Question: When i enter channels 2. 1, 3. 1, 8. 1, 8. 2, etc and try to use my favorite channels buttons it just presses 21, 31, 81, 82 without the . in the middle. i have windows 7 using windows media center with a hauppauge tuner card along with the remote that came with the card. i have an ota antenna for free tv but i am having t

(6) Question: Does it control a samsung smartv as a mouse pointer?

(7) Question: I have a hdmi switch which controls 3 of my devices and it connected to hdmi 1 port on my tv. does this remote able to able to support this ?

(8) Question: Can i access my tv's apps with this control?

(9) Question: What's the difference between this and model 915-000224?

(10) Question: Will the harmony control direct t v

(11) Question: How do you manually input channels? is that via the the touchscreen?

(12) Question: Can it be programmed to control x box1

(13) Question: I have 3 hdmi port and all are connected with different device. does this remote able to switch between my hdmi ports ?

(14) Question: Will the harmony touch turn on nintendo wii?

(15) Question: What's the max number of devices that can be programmed into this remote's devices list. also, what's the max number of activities it can have?

(16) Question: I need to know if this will turn on a samsung 40 inch tv, sony 7. 2 channel receiver, ps4 and ott tv box. can someone tell me which do work and do not?

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Design: this thing is definitely aesthetically pleasing. It has a simple elegant shape that feels good in the hand and isn't overladen with extraneous buttons that i wouldn't use (number keys for example - i never enter channels directly using them and instead opt for selecting from a 'favorites' view on the channel guide. I don't just want to see my favorite channels on the remote, i also want to see what's playing on them in the guide before i bounce between them). . I have a 650 that controls five devices in my bedroom and it's really an excellent remote, even if it is quite large and makes no attempt at hiding the fact that it's meant to replace a handful of proprietary remotes. So why not opt for the same solution in the living room? because i have no fewer than 9 devices to control in that setting (the 650 supports a max of 5). None are positioned off in a media cabinet or otherwise distantly located - so although i do have a couple of rf controlled devices, i don't require that feature. I do want the remote to switch everything to my rf device inputs though, and let my rf remotes take it from there. . The design of a piece of technology matters to me. After all, would i consider a tv for my living room if it performed awesomely but looked like a poorly conceived interpretation of a modern electronic appliance? i would not. This is not to say that form precedes function in my buying decisions, but it is most certainly a factor. I no more want 8 oddly shaped remotes sitting out in plain view in my living room than i want one mammoth ugly universal one. I like that this handily replaces all of those in my array and does it with some style. . Setup: the whole process including collecting make and model numbers and installing a firmware update was roughly 40 minutes. That's really not bad considering the 9 devices added and 6 activities configured. The web based application is pretty intuitive and straight forward. Full disclosure for whatever it's worth: i've spent part of my professional career designing web application software. Google chrome is my default browser and there were several instances where something disconnected and reconnected my remote. It reconnected within seconds so although that's definitely buggy behavior, it didn't amount to much of a headache. The sync kicked off and completed successfully each of the several times i executed it. If anything, my background brings some empathy for having to keep up with a constantly evolving grab bag of available browser types and versions. Not to mention silverlight, which is sort of a confounding choice. The result is a simple and nice looking web interface. But not completely stable given all the complaints on this site. . There was only one device that wasn't recognized correctly without intervention on my part and even that was handled very nicely. My amplifier is an older bose system and when i added it, there was a warning that there are several versions and that the most common one would be used. The amp failed to respond successfully after the first sync, so i reconnected the harmony and the application guided me through a process where i pointed the original bose remote at the 'learning' receiver of the harmony touch and repeatedly pressed the power button. The software recognized the signal, selected a new bose version and after the follow up sync, everything was working without a hitch. I fined it quite impressive that logitech's database so thoroughly captures the features of such a large cross section of remote controlled devices and maps the functions of each so well to the touch. . Function: i'll come back and update after i've spent more time with it, but initial impressions are quite good. I'm controlling a lot here - a remote controlled hdmi switch is also in the mix and so the connections routed through that and then to the tv are enough to make most of my guest's head spin. This remote brings order to the chaos. . There was an initial gripe that i think could have been preempted by a better design choice. The home and favorites icons just above the touch screen don't blatantly hint that they are actually directly controlling functions instead of hinting at something on the screen. I mistakenly hit the favorites icon the first time i used the remote and until i realized that the home icon is the only way to leave that favorites screen, i felt like i had entered a cul de sac with no obvious exit. Page 2 of the user guide explains these keys. So had i cracked that puppy first i'd have saved five seconds of trial by error education. . My perspective is that of someone who's very comfortable with electronics of all kinds and complexity levels. That may well bias my opinion that the setup was highly intuitive and the remote is well engineered. But that friends, is the straight dope.

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I wanted another universal remote for the house and since i currently own a harmony one and i'm very pleased with it, i decided to give the harmony touch a try. It's a very good, solid remote but it does have some flaws. . Pros-. . It has a nice solid ergonomic feel. . It's easy to set up on the myharmony site. I currently have 13 devices programmed on the remote and all of the activities and devices work flawlessly with the remote. . The icons on the touch screen make it simple to get to your favorite channels quickly, and they're also customizable. . You now have the ability to edit different settings right on the remote without having to use a computer. This is a huge improvement and one of my favorite advances for the new remote. . The vertical charging cradle works great and takes up less room than the horizontal cradle for the harmony one. . Cons-. . The ff/rw/play buttons have been moved to the top of the remote above the touch screen. This is a bigger deal to other people than it is to me, as i don't find it difficult to slide my palm over the face of the remote and use my index finger to work those controls, but it still makes it a little more inconvenient. This will be a big deal to someone with smaller hands. . With a touchscreen now dominating the face of the remote, a lot of the often used buttons have to be used on the touchscreen itself. The 30 second ff/rw buttons and page up/down buttons for example. Again, to me it's not a big deal because they're conveniently located on the touchscreen and within a day of using the remote i'm now able to hit those buttons without having to look at the screen. However all of the numbers are also on the touchscreen and you have to access them on a totally different screen than the "home" screen. It's an inconvenient extra step in the process. . Some of the buttons don't feel nearly as solid as they do on the harmony one, especially the ff/rw etc buttons on the top. They feel cheap and don't give positive feedback when pressed. I don't like them at all and it makes it more difficult to use them accurately. The rest of the buttons on the bottom of the remote are pretty decent. . All in all the harmony touch is a good remote. I'd put it somewhere around 3. 75 stars. The touchscreen is great in theory and i understand the move to something like this with the popularity of touchscreen smart phones, tablets, etc, but in reality it's just not quite as convenient as having physical buttons. The better charging cradle, ability to change settings on the remote, and the fact that it communicates well with devices do make it a very good remote overall though.

B. Megan, Cambridgeshire

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Q. Powell, Sutton says

Let me be clear upfront, don't buy this if you do not have technical skills. While logitech has made it as easy as possible to configure these remotes, it's still not for the tech-challenged. I love the product and this particular remote has been my favorite of all of theirs. It's small, has a great color touch screen and is easily configurable.

. Susan, Torbay

I have been a big fan of the logitech harmony series for a long time, and i have purchased at least five different remotes as gifts and to own for myself. In all cases, my least favorite part about the previous remotes has been their motion activated nature. The idea is that you will wake up the remote by picking it up, or simply moving it in your hand. In my case, i have a dog, and my parents own multiple dogs, which means that their occasionally rough movements lead to the remote waking up unexpectedly in either house. My second least favorite feature is the charging plate. Over time, my parent's remotes seemingly lost charging connectivity with the charging plate because the contacts rusted or otherwise deteriorated after over a year. Fortunately, i have found that rubbing an eraser against the contacts seems to fix this issue. . As for the harmony touch remote, they have removed the motion activated nature in favor of touch activation. Due to the above, i strongly prefer this approach to activation. I have not owned it long enough to see if the contact issue persists. Honestly, i expect that the issue has been resolved by having the remote stand in a cradle rather than laying on a charging plate, which i hope will mean less friction. . In the particular case of the harmony touch, i am replacing a still-young harmony one because my brother's dog decided it looked like a nice toy as an unsupervised puppy. . Good:. . + the remote feels a lot nicer in the hand than all previous models that i have owned. I have no issue getting to any of the buttons, and i generally struggle with that on larger smartphones (4. 7"+). + the software is a lot different from the harmony one (and earlier) remotes, and it seems like it would be easier for most people to understand. My parents have always gotten me to configure their remotes for them because they found the old setup complicated (or that was the excuse anyway). In my opinion, both are fine, and most people could do it if they are willing to learn. + with fewer buttons on the device, it should be less intimidating for the "uninitiated" to use it, which was a complaint about the old one from my fiancee, and her parents. Also, being a touch device means that most people will know how to use the simplest part right away, activities, because it says something like "play xbox 360" in very big letters. + the touch screen feels very responsive. + the device is amazingly customizable just like the previous models. . Bad:. . - as it is a touch screen, logitech's designers seemed to decide that the screen needed to be simpler by only having a single activity on the screen selectable at once, as opposed to the three or four on the harmony one. Generally speaking, that's a good thought, but it means that people with a lot of activities may need to put more thought into the order that they choose to avoid constantly swiping to go between activities. Over time, this may become a pro, but i have not yet adjusted to it. - my least favorite feature about this is that i often need to manually change something about one of the device's in an activity (e. G. , change my tv's settings like screen color), but the way to do this is not obvious (press the ". "), and i am not confident that clicking on the activity to get back to the original screen isn't going to reinitialize things (although, to be fair, it doesn't appear to do "the wrong thing"). On old remotes there were obvious "activities" and "devices" buttons associated with their display screen, which at least made explaining things a lot easier to people that did not already know what to do. . I should note that there are physical fast forward and rewind buttons at the top of the remote. As it is a harmony remote, you can reprogram what any button does given an activity, which means that you can retool those to do exactly what you want, if they do not already by default. Similarly, if it is a heavily used function, then you can move the feature to the front of the list to avoid unnecessary scrolling. . Finally, it should be noted that you need an adapter to work with the playstation 3 because it does not have a built-in ir receiver. I suspect this was sony's intention to force owners to pay for expensive add-ons, but it's incredibly annoying for people that use the ps3 to play blu-ray movies because you either must buy the adapter, which simply forwards the ir commands, or keep the ps3 controller available, which defeats the purpose of a universal remote. This is a limitation of the ps3, and not the harmony remotes as it would be an unnecessary battery drain to include bluetooth in the remote.

I. Gladys, Alsace says

I bought this unit after purchasing the harmony ultimate. I was so happy with the ultimate that i immediately bought this one for another room. I did not get another ultimate since the rf signals would get confused between the two rooms. This unit works using ir signals only. . Pros: if you still live in the world of multiple remotes, this remote will change your life. It is easy to program and easy to use. I have been using harmony remotes for over a decade, so i am being very critical. The remote is beautiful to look at, and fits nicely in your hand. You can control everything with just your thumb. The touch screen works much like your iphone. . Cons: 1. The design which makes it feel so nice in your hand, won't allow you to put in on a flat surface and push a button. It has a rounded back so it just wabbles. . 2. To use the unit as it was designed, you must use the "gestures". For example, the buttons for "play" and "fast forward" are out of your thumb's reach. This was deliberate since the designer wants use to use "gestures" for these commands. Brilliant! this is fantastic when it works, which is only 70% of the time. The touch screen is not as sensitive as your iphone, and does not always recognize your gesture. This means that you end up cursing at the remote 30% of the time. . 3. This remote does not light up when you pick up the unit. This is a feature which i have become addicted to over the years with prior harmony remotes and the new harmony ultimate. What gives? you have to touch the screen to wake up the remote. This further confuses your use of "gestures". In my opinion, this was a major design error. . 4. The "favorites" and "home" buttons do not light up. Ever. Who at logitech made this decision? they should be fired. Every button on the remote lights up except these two. This makes no sense and is a real pain in the butt. . Based on nearly a month of use, i would suggest that you buy the harmony ultimate instead of this product. Even if you do not use the rf aspect of the ultimate, it can be programmed to use all ir signals.

C. Hannah, Arkansas

This model replaces an older logitech remote and has many improvements i really enjoy. I am not a "techie", so my comments are really simple. The net is that i really like this new remote and would never chose a non-touch screen again. After avoiding touch screen technology for years, i'm thinking about getting a kindle hd or similar ease of use. I'm like a kid with a fantastic new toy! . . Pros:. 1. Rechargeable batteries are a delight . No more running out of power in the middle of a movie! i keep the unit in the charger at night, and the charge lasts through the day. Out of curiosity, i watched how long it took to go from one long day's use to full charge, and it was about 15 minutes, so it doesn't use much of the backup power reserve. 2. I use many more channels with the ability to store 50 favorites . And i now use all hd channels because you can program them once and with a touch to the screen go to a 4-digit hd channel . It's magic! i never use the manual channel selector. 3. It is very easy to use. No user manual needed, very intuitive . And i am no computer geek. I like simple. 4. I like how the function buttons are arranged. They are layed out much better than the older models. 5. It is very simple to go from watching tv . To play wii . Or play dvd. The "width" of the signal is much broader, so you do not have to precisely point to remote at the device you want to engage, you can just be in the general vicinity and it is very accurate. . Cons:. 1. You need someone who likes to "play" with computer programs to setup. Luckily my husband fills the bill! . 2. Setup was difficult because according to logitech support, "sometimes" there's problems with certain browsers. The situation differs with circumstances, but the programs seem to work well with "chrome. ": once my husband switched to chrome, the setup was simple. 3. The function buttons are very small and close together. I have average fingers (ring size 7), but i often choose the wrong function because my finger is too big. I guess making the unit the size of a wireless phone doesn't allow much space. 4. The "off" button is located right on top of the rewind button, and the unit often goes off when i mean to rewind the movie. I've taken to using my "pinkie" finger to minimize the rewind errors. 5. The unit is pricey. Not understanding the value of touch screen technology and the many upgraded features, i mulled the purchase over for a couple of months until finally deciding to try it. I'm glad i did.

. Emily, Northwest Territries says

This is a really nice remote. I've had a harmony one for the last 3-4 years and this is a worthy replacement for my well used harmony one. It's easy to program, and easier to use. The buttons and interface are extremely simple and trimmed down. Having my favorites with colored icons is a very useful feature on the touch screen and adds actual function to the touch screen over the default touch screen of the harmony one. The harmony touch is a well thought out, easy to program, easy to use universal remote.

T. Shirley, Oldham

I've avoided all-in-one remotes for years because they are usually always missing something. Not this time though! . . The myharmony online programming software lets you do all of your programming from an application instead of the remote itself; which is awesome! my only gripe here would be that the application uses microsoft silverlight (i mean. C'mon); it would be ideal if the setup app was just an ios application. Anyway, the application does something really cool. It uses the knowledge of all the other harmony remote users home configuration setups, and makes suggested flow and button sequence setup recommendations (of which i took all of them) based on all of that common setup information. That saved me probably 30 minutes of setup easily. . The tivo remote mapping defaults aren't perfect (e. G. The 5-second rewind didn't even exist by default; i had to add it manually and assign it to a button). Also, the "dvr" physical button on the remote mapping wasn't set to the "tivo" button. I had to do that myself. Odd. . From a design standpoint, i hate touchscreens for remote controls. Who wants to look at a screen in their hand when they should just be feeling around for kinesthetic/physical buttons to push? ! ? the touchscreen is a waste; i basically never use it except to fire up the top-level sequences (e. G. "watch tv" or "watch apple tv"), which should just be done with physical buttons. If they just had to put a touchscreen on there, they should've put the touchscreen at the top of the remote. The play/pause/ffwd/rwnd buttons are at the tippy top of the remote which is unfortunate because those are the most frequently used buttons for dvr watching. There's all this touch screen deadspace in the middle of the remote; again, a waste. . Overall really impressive though. Everything effectively worked right out of the box and after initial setup. . My setup is:. A television. An xbox. A wii. An amp/receiver (that everything drives through). A tivo. An apple tv

N. Josephine, Pennsylvania says

This is the third or fourth harmony remote we've owned. This purchase replaced another. The universal and programmable functionality is good. The key layout is not optimal but easy to get used to. Unfortunatly the ir signal power is significantly lower than the previous harmony we had for the same room and gear. We often have to tap the "help" command to re-send the power-on and power-off signals to the system.

K. Linda, West Virginia

Unlike some reviews i find the form factor to be fine. It's on the small side (which i like) and the touch screen allows for the remote to provide the buttons that the physical keys can not. Like any universal remote it takes some getting used to but it didn't take long. The remote feels good in hand and handles all the devices just fine. I use this to control my samsung tv, tivo premier, pioneer receiver and xbox one with no loss in functionality. . Had a small issue when programming. I had to factory reset the remote to get it to sync. Once i did that the remote programmed easily and worked like a charm. . Some see it as a major issue having to reset the remote. I see at as a slight inconvenience. The remote works and works well. However, logitech, you should fix the programming issue. People shouldn't have to go through that to get their new device to work out of the box. Especially for something that takes maybe a minute. That can be done and checked at your facility.

G. Fabian, Luton says

I wish i could give this remote a 5 star rating because i love logitech and the harmony remotes. I just received this remote in the mail; i started setting everything up i. E. (cable management for the charging cradle, writing down my model numbers for the remote, etc. ). The setup process on the new harmony software is really easy, they have changed a lot with the interface. Once i plugged all my model numbers and programmed my favorite channels it took about 15 minutes, not too shabby. The last step is to sync and download the firmware. This is where the 2 star rating comes into play. The sync and firmware stated it would take 3-5 minutes, but it didn't. I had the remote connected to my computer for over an hour and it stayed put at 1/3 complete, it never finished. I wrote logitech support and they gave me some tips, which i tried and still cannot sync it. I'm really knowledgeable with computers and i could not figure this one out. I tried connecting the remote on multiple operating systems and tried various steps, all of which failed. I hope logitech can help further or i will return this product. . I'm bumping up this review from 2 stars to 4 stars. I kept this remote and was able to figure out the issue, the software had a bug in it from the initial install; i removed the software and reinstalled it. This seemed to do the trick and the remote is working like it should. I really love this remote, the ease and ergonomic control is amazing, i would recommend this to anyone looking to turn those multiple remotes into one great remote.

D. Meredith, Bolton

Needed a replacement for my pronto's. Tried the harmony 900, but did not like its size, complex button layout, and responsiveness. . Harmony touch is now the house remote. . 1. Responsive: have not noticed latency issues that found in harmony 900. . 2. Nice form factor: small, feels good in hand, best looking retail remote. . 3. Relatively easy to program: programmed 5 remotes and only had to learn 2 devices (adt dvr, international dvd player), easy to pair with apple tv. . 4. Simple: removed the clutter in the touchscreen menus, intuitive for children and grandmothers. . 5. Favorites: kept it simple but nice to have programmed icons for a few channels. . Areas for improvement. . O button layout: would prefer play / ff/ rw below the touch screen. . O myharmony. Com: always room for improvement. Could not find how to name my devices. Would like to save templates to reuse touchscreen menus and programmed buttons across devices (e. G. , tivo, apple tv). Got confused on browser-based versus desktop programming. Still have too many logins for harmony.

P. Aldana, Kirklees says

I dropped my harmony one and ruined it. These gizmos are not cheap so i was pretty bummed out. My depression was lifted after i decided to replace it with the touch. I find the touch easier to program both the buttons and the touch screen. I like the feel and responsiveness of the buttons of the touch more than the one. . The reduction of one star is my preference to have the touch screen above all of the buttons. I know the reason for the placement of the touch screen is the supposed touch and swipe convenience. But with programmable buttons, i would like the buttons grouped to allow them all within thumb-movement reach. When reaching for the top buttons, the palm of my hand inevitably hits the touch screen. . Overall, very good and would recommend the touch over the one.

U. Peggy, Wakefield says

Very easy to setup. This is the 3rd or 4th logitech remote i have owned. I have not been disappointed by any of them. The software has gotten better and better. The latest iteration is so easy, an elementary student could set one up. The one thing it does not have is auto wakeup. When you pick it up, you have to swipe the screen. I end up having to swipe it twice. I really miss this feature as all the other remotes i have owned had this feature. Other than that, i am totally happy, so much so i bought a second one for the bedroom!

Y. Carmen, Thurrock

The harmony remote works well, and feels good in the hand. It feels solid and works as advertised. The things i am not crazy about is the ff/rwd/play/rec/stop/pause buttons are at the top, and i find myself using these buttons a lot. Also the touch screen is very sensitive, and i sometimes accidentally shift from watching a pre-recorded program on my dvr to watching a different live broadcast. I would be a lot happier if the playback buttons were moved below the screen. I sometimes would like to pause playback while the remote set down on a table or the couch, but the bulb like shape on the back of the remote causes the remote to tilt, and feels awkward. I do like the touch screen, it allows for direct tuning to a specific channel, and me not having to remember what the channel number is. I do enjoy not having to switch between several remotes while watching tv/watching a dvd/or watching appletv. Alexa is supposed to work with harmony through ifttt, but i would not recommend it. The remote is very responsive, but when tied to ifttt commands are very very very slow to be acted upon, or get lost, i believe this is an issue with ifttt, and could be corrected eventually

. Tracey, Sunderland says

This is a great remote. I use it in my living room for my main devices. It's easy to set up (like the other harmony remotes that i use in my house), it looks sharp, feels well-constructed, and overall works well. I haven't had any issues with it yet. I was a little apprehensive about the touch interface, since i've encountered some pretty terrible touch interfaces over the years, but this one is pretty responsive and accurate.

O. Cathy, Sandwell

While shopping for a universal remote, i came upon the harmony touch. The description sounded just like what i wanted, a device that would do everything all my other remotes would do including complete operation of my dvr. As i always do, i checked the overall ratings and i read the product reviews. I paid particular attention to the negative ones. Although some of the negative comments concerned me (product doesn't do what it says it will, support from logitech was poor, etc), there were enough positive comments that i purchased the product. I've used the product for a little over a week now and i love it! it does exactly what the description says it will do. It takes a little bit of time to set it up initially (most of which is done on your computer) and then you're good to go. All my other remotes have been put away as they are no longer needed. Even the dvr remote. . The harmony touch is an "activity based" remote control. That means when you climb into your favorite recliner to watch the game, you don't have to turn on the tv and turn on the cable box. You simply hit the "watch tv" icon on your remote screen and it turns on the tv and the cable box. If the game gets boring and you want to watch a blu ray, you hit "watch blu ray" on your remote and it powers up the blu ray player, changes the tv input to blu ray and powers off the cable box. Automatically. It took about five minutes to get used to that and it's great. If you'd like, you still have the option to click the "devices" button on the remote and operate each piece of equipment individually. But why would you? . . I had two issues come up during set up that i was not able to resolve, 1) one function on a 15 year old receiver wouldn't work, and 2) the volume control turned the volume up several steps at a time and you couldn't get the level just right. I called logitech support and both issues were resolved over the phone. The tech remotely fixed the volume issue to where the control now steps the volume in much smaller steps (exactly like the tv remote does) and walked me through step by step how to resolve the issue with my old receiver. Both issues were resolved completely in a matter of minutes. The age of a couple of pieces of my equipment were a concern to me going in but all were in the logitech data base. Even a remote control oscillating fan that we have was in the data base and is now controlled by the harmony touch. . If you're looking for a universal remote to control all of your equipment, this one will certainly do the job. I recommend it strongly. Don't be scared off as i almost was, by the couple of negative reviews. This is a 5 star product!

. Arnett, Queensland says

This remote lets you map any of the physical keys to any function - i can't stress that enough - so while i was initially a little hesitant after reading a couple of reviews how people didn't like it as much as the harmony one or they missed the physical buttons, or had to crawl through a ton of menu options just to jump forward or backward - well, let's just say this is all utterly incorrect, and a few moments learning about this remote would save all these people a lot of trouble. A few things are key to understanding this remote: first, it distinguishes between "short" and "long" presses, effectively doubling the use of the physical keys. Frankly, i use "jump" a lot more than "fast forward, " so i switched the two for the sake of convenience. Second: it has an emitter on the bottom, so you can use the touch screen naturally facing you and push the buttons like a cell phone, without having to do awkward contortions to point the front of the remote at the screen. People are creatures of habit, i suppose, but it's just not necessary. Third: the color buttons along the bottom are a heck of a lot more useful on modern devices than number buttons ever were on the significantly larger harmony one. (if you find yourself typing in channel numbers, you're doing it wrong, though using the touch screen to unlock parental controls is easy enough when you need it. ) it's smaller and more natural to use as long as you don't insist on trying to aim it at the television (which you don't need to do) when you work the touch screen and remember that you can map any button to any often-used function in any mode, for heaven's sake. Really, what more could one ask for?

J. Sarah, Lancashire

I've used a number of "universal" remotes and had the best overall luck with the harmony units. Company has a good database of devices, and the remote has a learning function to deal with the occasional oddball. Remote has a good 'feel" to it and is comfortable in the hand. . But honestly i prefer the older (880) remote - this unit has streamlined the unit and eliminated a number of "hard" buttons. I find that the older unit provided me with more flexibility without wading thru levels of touch-screen menus.

W. June, New South Wales says

Let me first say that i consider myself "tech savvy". I bought this remote because i just purchased a new av receiver and my remotes were getting out of control (4 remotes required). Right out of the box, i was impressed with the sleek design and feel, the remote is very nice. Setting up the remote definitely required some initial tech support. I had to install silverlight, a logitech plug-in for safari (i have a mac), had to edit system-wide security permissions, and modify safari security permissions. In logitech's defense, their setup guide (on their website) was very easy to follow. . Once i actually started setting up the remote, i had to collect the make/model number of all of the devices i wanted to use which was a pain (crawling behind tvs and pulling av receivers out of the entertainment center, etc), but this is only required once for initial setup. I am using this remote for:. -tv. -av receiver. -comcast dvr box. -apple tv. . It took about 30 minutes to run through all of the setup options, but once complete, the remote is very intuitive, and the touch screen is very nice. Logitech has some great technology built into the remote, including 'favorite channels' which is incredibly useful because i can never remember the channel numbers when there are 1000 channels! . . There is a nice "docking station" where the remote charges, and is great because i always know where the remote is. Only negative would be that the batteries are built-in and can not be replaced, so there is some concern as to what happens when the batteries won't recharge anymore. . Overall, 4 out of 5 stars. Once this remote is setup, it is a breeze to use. Initial setup takes some time, but is worth it if you have more than 1-2 devices connected.

S. Valdez, Florida

I have been a long time fan of logitech products. I don't have a particularly complex situation, two rooms each with a samsung tv, a dvr and an apple tv. . My initial motivation for looking into this was the terrible buttons on the remotes that came with my dvr's supplied by time warner. After a while you need to use your thumb to generate enough pressure for some buttons to work (suspect this is do to cheap design and recycled remotes by time warner). . A second motivation was the need to use two remotes while streaming via the apple tv since it has no volume control and manually change from hdmi1 to hdmi2 using the tv remote before streaming. . With this single remote i select an "activity" such as "watch apple tv in bedroom on the touchscreen and the correct devices turn on, the correct source is selected and volume is controlled by the harmony touch. In addition the menu button, play/pause button and the navigation/select buttons of the apple tv remote all map automatically to the harmony touch. (note, you need to insure that your apple tv remote is not paired since this changes the ir codes. ). . The setup of the remote is trivial using the . Web site with the remote connected to your computer via a supplied usb cable. . Also impressive is starting out a favorite channel list by entering your zip code and provider information on the harmony web site when asked. . This is a great product. . Edit: after two weeks of using this and programing a couple of custom buttons; it deserves six stars. Have always been impressed with logitech products and this is no exception.

E. Patton, Florida says

The touch screen works well and i've programmed most of my favorite channels so one touch of a button on the screen selects the station. The touch screen has a scroll feature to get to the station you want. It was fairly easy to program for my equipment. You just hook it to your computer with the included usb cable and enter the model numbers of your units. In my case, that included a blue ray/dvd player, set top box with dvr (fios), surround sound system with receiver and hdtv. Programming was pretty automatic and only took a few minutes, including the time to select what channels i wanted to preset. . Because we sometimes use another remote, it can get out of sync and requires you to select "watch tv" with the harmony pointed away from the equipment. That's because if the equipment is turned on with the other remote, the harmony "thinks" it's not on. That little issue is easy and once you select "watch tv" it works fine. I only have this issue because we use two remotes.

Top harmony touch universal remote Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

T. Monique, Franche-Comte says

I purchased the logitech harmony touch universal remote and set it up. But. I did something wrong and it only worked partially and i could never get it to function properly. I read the manual and followed it's instructions (i thought). I finally junked it and went back to the agony of picking up another remote to manage my viewing / listening time. I think it is a good product but just beyond my ability and interest to call the company with the setup problems.

M. Eva, Barnet

So when i purchased this remote, all was well. Easy set up, easy functionality, my family could use it, even the elder family members. Then one day, my grandmother dropped it. It wasn't a huge drop. Just about one foot, it fell off her knee to the ground. The touch screen had gone completely white. Now i had owned this remote for about 2 weeks and figured i'd research and see what i can do. Couldn't really find any information on it. I wasn't alarmed because i figured there would be some kind of warranty. There isn't. Now in all practicality, remotes drop, people drop things. Its human nature. What i don't understand is how a remote this expensive isn't prepared for drops like this. Take what you want from this review, but i will never spend more than 100 bucks on a remote control ever again. Sometimes fancier isn't always better. Lesson learned.

K. Rita, Hampshire says

We had an older logitech harmony one that we absolutely loved. After several years it gave up the ghost and had to be replaced, although we had replaced the battery. There were a lot of choices, and we wanted to stick with the logitech harmony product line since we knew it worked well. We went with this one. While it works exactly as advertised, and much like the old one, we don't much care for the ergonomics of this one. It intuitively feels like it's upside down - for some reason, it feels like the larger part should be at the top. Maybe that's just us, but we both feel that way. The buttons don't feel as intuitive either. Seems like the channel/volume selectors should be higher up, and dvr options (ff, pause, stop, etc. ) should be lower on the unit. The dvr options act a bit "wonky" at times. Sometimes taking several presses to make it work properly (or stop). However, the screen has some nifty features - like "favorites" buttons you set where you can go immediately to cbs, nbc, hbo, whatever - but i still find myself navigating around trying to find what i want to do. I also like the way the "fix it" option works. Like i said, it works perfectly for what it is: a universal remote that turns your components on/off according to what you want to do. We just don't love the feel of it like we did our older one. (although, to be fair, we do love the small recharging base and smaller size of the remote. )

E. Edith, Hertfordshire

The promise of this device is great but the touch screen is so unresponsive, i've been unable to directly select a channel the first try after 2 months of use. This device also has way too many screens & buried menus to be the least bit intuitive. Initial set-up was easier than past logitech software, but "adjusting" the remote to overcome the lagginess & missed commands has been never-ending. I've spent too much time in the configuration software & digging through menus - i'm done. . I should have returned this after the first week. Keep looking if you're in the market.

W. Donna, Leicester says

Dear lord, what an awful product. I am an information systems project manager with 30 years experience with digital devices, and a certified gadget geek. This is without a doubt the least user-friendly device that i have ever purchased. Stepping through the "easy" programming steps only got me to about 30% progress toward a usable device. And then began the descent into hell. The logitech web site didn't even acknowledge that this device existed, and i had to do a deep google search to find any documentation at all. The "app" that i downloaded to program the device had such limited and restrictive programming options that it was impossible to ever get the action sequence correct for activities (e. G. , in order to select the proper input on my tv, the remote needs to wait a few seconds before sending the command. But there was no way to get it to pause, and the input command was sent while the tv was powering up, which meant it wasn't able to select the correct input). Once i got it to about 60% of the promised functionality, it still behaved inconsistently. Sometimes the "off" command toggled all devices off, other times. Well, not so much. This had nothing to do with my proximity to my entertainment center, or the angle of the beam. It was just totally unpredictable what this device would do from one instance to the next. . I should point out that my home entertainment system is very simple: tv, cable box, dvd player and sound bar. While the harmony was able to recognize each device, it could not control each of them consistently. . Finally, the touch screen is a great idea, but the execution is clumsy and non-intuitive. I have touch screens on a lot of devices in my life, so i'm used to their quirks. But this one always leaves you wondering what you need to tap or swipe to accomplish a task. . I have other logitech products that i love, but this is simply a debacle. I guess it's true what they say. Vision without execution is hallucination.

X. Sherry, Champagne-Ardenne

Bypassing the 2 hrs it took to set up online - as microsoft silverlight asked me to update to newest version more than a dozen times (and btw, it's a charge of $29 to get help from customer support) - this device definitely has its positives but isn't glitch-free nor trouble-free. Once set up and synched things have been pretty easy and likeable. There's a lot that takes getting used to, like the advertised swipe functions, but the learning curve is easy to climb. One complaint is that tasks such as page up/down for use in on-screen listings are located in the touch screen rather than assigned a physical button. I appreciate the novelty of the touch screen, but to have to look down at the remote to maker sure i'm hitting pg down nearly every time seems counter-intuitive to the desired outcome for the touch screen. And while i like the size of the device, not too big, the buttons located near the bottom of the device - rarely used ones like dvr, info, and guide (listings) - are close to the bottom and almost allow you to drop the device out of your hand when you are, you know, planning on seeing what's on other channels (which takes you back to the page up/down issue on the touch screen). Lastly, the charging cradle has yet to work. When i sit the device into the cradle the contacts don't align, it fails to charge, and the touch screen wildly flips back and fourth between a couple of different screen. Non-stop. Thanks goodness for the set-up cable that allows me to re-charge by connecting to the computer. Not a major inconvenience, but certainly an inconvenience and absolutely unexpected from a device with this cost.

R. Pearson, New Brunswick says

Malfunctions frequently. Limited programable features when compared to the harmony 1100. Locks up and becomes unusable often. The only way to reset it when it loses its marbles is to plug it into the computer with the software on it. The software isn't terrible but it isn't very good either. Its a very dissatisfying device and costs a lot of money. I recommend that you spring for a higher priced but better model or save some money and get a highly rated but less expensive device. Either way, avoid this one, it is aggravating.

C. Paula, Thurrock

Touchscreen for channel select is soooooo annoying. Need 3 or 4 number input for your channel? well good luck. It will take many attempts for it to finally work. If you choose 1800, the screen looks like u can just push the name of that channel like hbo and it will go there. Nope. U will get 180. 18. Then 80. Etc. Frustrating as hell.

B. Alberta, South Carolina says

Logitech makes many fine products and probably the best wireless mice in the industry, but the harmony touch remote just does t cut it and i feel like logitech has totally ripped me off on this remote. I feel like a beta tester on a newly developed product. While there are many things i like about this remote, like the sleek and quality build, but it fails to deliver on many counts because it can be very frustrating to use and does t even come close to the functionality of the harmony one. . I don t like the touch screen and how it functions. The multiple screens are difficult to control and seem to confuse taps for swipes and result in unintended screen swipes. Then you accidentally brush the wrong screen and you end up accidentally changing activities. This is interesting because on other occasions you tap and tap and tap and the function seems to be dead? . Then you end up tapping the wrong button. This results in a "road trip" between multiple screens and buttons until you can manage to get back to your original programming. It s extremely annoying to lose a function and then have to tap through screens to get it back. . The dvr / dvd transport buttons at the top of the remote are not easy to use and are not very ergonomically placed at the top of the remote. I guess the assumption is people would use the touch screen, which is dysfunctional. Hey logitech, take a look at apple, samsung or android, etc, products to help figure out how touch screens should function. . On top of all this, the remote also has another interesting annoyance with the shape of the remote itself. The big egg shaped bulge on the bottom side of the remote causes the remote to rock and rattle back and forth every time you set it down, touch it or bump it. Over time i have become very annoyed with this, along with the overall experience with this remote. . This week i went out and purchased a logitech smart control and this is truly great remote . "it works" and no mindless fiddling like the harmony touch. Smart sleek design and solid functionality. I thought i d miss the lack of backlit buttons, but that s no big deal. And it sits flat when you set the remote down and no annoying rocking / rattling. . I ll probably eventually take the harmony touch out to the garage and smash it with my 5 pound sledge hammer because i hate this thing so much. The "one star" rating is only because i can t rate the harmony touch any lower.

S. Rose, Dorset

Customer ratings are pretty subjective so i normally take them with a grain of salt. In this case, i ignored them thinking that i wouldn't be plagued by some of the things that bothered others. Well, i was wrong. My home theater is a little complex with multiple devices with different input types (digital and analog), all running audio and video through an a/v receiver that handles the audio and pushes the video to the tv. The cabinet is not in the same line of sight with the tv, so pointing this thing at the right device, in the right sequence, at the right time was something my wife could never really get the hang of. So, when one or more of the devices got out of sync with the state the remote thought they should be in (e. G. Receiver was set to the wrong input because my wife pointed the remote at a different device too quickly), you'd have to manually set the device to that state in order for the macros to work properly. Second issue - the flexibility of the touch screen was nice at first. But after a while it got to be a pain because my thumb would accidentally pass over it and activate something i didn't intend it to do. This was primarily because of the weighted bulge on the rear bottom of the remote where the rechargeable battery sits. It makes effective one-handed operation a bit of a chore while trying to avoid activating something on the touchscreen. Suggestion - get a model that doesn't use the touch screen, or get used to using two hands.

. Zelda, Picardie says

Sometimes a company releases the perfect product and feels he need to innovate just for the sake of innovation, resulting in a more feature rich but less useable device. Such is the case with logitech harmony touch. I had the harmony one plus with a perfect combination of physical buttons and a useful programable touchscreen. When the i dropped and shattered the harmony one, i found that logitech had replaced it with this newer model. Having received the touch, i found the one's wonderfully formatted physical layout replaced with a larger touch screen that was significantly less useful. Overall, i cannot recommend this product.

F. Widmer, California

The remote is poorly balanced and is difficult to use with one hand without dropping it. It would be better if it had actual number buttons on it instead of having to swipe to the "number pad" screen every time. Also the new "lock screen" function adds another step to getting to your favorites. The last complaint is that it does not always turn devices on or off when its supposed to and of course the "help" button to fix it is behind the lock screen. I would wait to see if they fix these shortfalls before purchasing a harmony remote. . The previous version of this remote they made was fantastic. But my screen broke and they stopped making it.

Y. Arnett, Kirklees says

This remote is ok but not worth the money. I have an earlier model logitech the works just fine but frustrates my wife, and i was hopeful this would be better for her. I don't think it's any better and the touchscreen is so sensitive that i'm accidentally causing it to do things by barely breathing on it.

V. Guest, Basse-Normandie

I purchased this, even after reading through many of the negative reviews. I was upgrading from a 550, and, though i had read many an angry review from those who own(ed) the harmony one, i decided to purchase it anyways. My wife and i used the remote for roughly a month. Setup was fairly simple. The usability factor is where it failed for me. Activities are listed one at a time on the touchscreen, so if you have 4-5 activities, you have to swipe and swipe to get to the activity you want to execute. No keypad, so you have to constantly look down to type in a channel number, and hope your finger doesn't hit to wrong area of the screen. Battery life was so-so, with it needing charged at least every 2 days, if not everyday under normal use. In the end, i just became to frustrated with it, and sold it. I purchased a used harmony one from an auction site, and i'm much happier. . . Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the product you may have. Thank you.

H. Finch, Bayern says

I normally do not write reviews, but this is by far the worst product i've ever ordered let alone owned. The programming isn't terribly difficult but it's not the best if you own an macbook or apple computer. The logitech software does not allow you to type the symbol when entering your address, only the number 2, which makes it extremely hard to enter any email address and it won't let you copy and paste in to the field meaning you have to use the web browser. There is always a communication error with the browser so you try and try to use the software and sometimes that doesn't work either. The remote works some of the time, but takes too long to change inputs on the tv when turning all on and you end up changing the input manually. Also the roku remote is okay, but does require line of site unlike the roku remote. It's just not a good remote. It is easy to use and its nice and responsive for some components but some just don't work well. I wouldn't recommend this remote to anyone.

A. Audrey, Alabama

I thought that upgrading from my current harmony 880 to the harmony touch would be a great experience, but i was wrong. The remote management software for the two are incompatible so i had to follow a different, significantly more painful path to transferring my devices and activities than the easy portrayal from myharmony. Com videos. . The problems started with the 880's tool for upgrading your remote. If you are upgrading to a newer remote (hence my understanding of the word "upgrade"), you are forced to create a new harmony account at myharmony. Com instead of simply accepting/transferring your current harmony account to the new software platform. For simplicity's sake, i used the email address from my other account as the login name for the new account. Note here that my old harmony account does not use an email address as the login name so there is definitely no duplication of credentials. . Well, there is no warning that using the same email address for communication on multiple accounts will cause a complete mixup in their systems. The system allowed me to create the account. After the long and somewhat painstaking setup of the harmony touch (it still took a lot of steps to "upgrade" the remote, even with the software guiding you), the time had finally come to sync and see the glory that is harmony touch. . From the first setup's sync to the last sync attempt (before i finally called customer support), the sync process errored out, and none of the cool new features i was hoping to use are available on my new touch. The original devices and activities are there from the "upgrade, " but the recent changes and new devices added to my home entertainment cannot by synced. . According to technical support, the sync process is confused and cannot sync the touch because the 880's account has the same email address on file. That email address is the unique factor across all harmony accounts - not the username. The software doesn't know which device it is updating. What a load of crappy software! . . Now, in order to actually use the touch, i need to create a brand new account, set up all my devices again from scratch, and create all the activities again. The previous efforts to "upgrade" was a complete waste of time. To make matters worse, they cannot even transfer the activities and devices from the recent touch account to the new one i'm forced to create. I might was well take a brand new one out the box and configure it. There are no savings from being an existing harmony remote customer. Either way, i will lose 3 days of effort and add more days of aggrevation as i mull over a dismal start and less than helpful technical support. . I do love the harmony line of remotes, but i see this entire predicament as a software problem. To roll out a new product line that is not fully backwards compatible (only some devices work with myharmony. Com), and for that line to provide instructions that break their own systems is ridiculous. Get it together, logitech! i don't have days to waste while you figure out how to roll out software that works. This will be my last harmony product.

O. Shawna, Prince Edward Island says

Several things are wrong with this device, i ended up returning the device to swap it for a more traditional remote. . But first the good things. Setup is very easy! the touchscreen is easy to use and you can easily customize button layout without having to reconnect to a computer. If you have someone in your house that needs a lot of help with using a remote, then this remote may be for you, the touchscreen allows for easy reading, and simple teaching to someone that is not technically savvy. The sensitive touchscreen may override the ease of use, however. . Now on to the not so good things. The button layout is crap! if you use your dvr or a blu-ray/dvd player with any frequency, you will constantly hit the touch screen, and the distance between the volume buttons and the fastforward buttons is too far. While the biggest issue is the too sensitive touch screen, the next is a lack of a hard button for 'skip back'. Dvr users will find this very aggravating. I also dislike the responsiveness of the remote, it always seems to lag just a little. Maybe about half a second, which is just enough when fastforwarding that you need the 'skip back' button, which is a stupid "soft" button. . Overall, i would not recommend this remote, especially considering the high price. I really expected better from logitech.

I. Kelly, Newcastle upon Tyne

The harmony touch, while a great concept, is lost in execution. I love the touch screen, but i hate the "home" and "favorites" soft buttons at the top that i keep accidentally touching. . The harmony touch also does not change activities as cleanly as the 510 (my favorite), or the 650 and 700. If your input signal change gets missed (telling it to use hdmi2 instead of hdmi1) you have to manually call the hdmi2, on the older remotes it would send the hdmi2 command every time you specify to use that activity. . Also lacking is the page up and page down hard buttons which almost all systems now utilize, and you have to look at the touch screen to touch it. The buttons on the screen are not tall enough to easily keep your finger on it without looking. . The other lacking feature is the second set of forward & backward hard buttons. Most systems now have the fast forward and rewind in addition to the skip forward and skip backward buttons. The harmony touch only has one set of forward and backward buttons, and you can put the second set on the touch screen, but that has the same problems as the page-up and page down. . Lastly, the touchscreen's top two buttons are always "123" to go a number keypad and the "gestures" button. The keypad is completely useless when controlling some devices, so that is the waste of a button, and the gestures suck. . I am returning this remote and looking for something better.

U. Sally, Lewisham says

I wish i could like this remote more but there are a few issues that hold it back. . 1. The placement of the off button near the rewind button. There have been a few times in which i wanted to rewind and while navigating by feel have accidentally turned everything off. There's very little tactile difference between the buttons and they are placed in very close proximity. In general having all of the play/pause controls on the top of the remote is awkward. Real world user testing should have brought these design issues to light. You do user test, don't you logitech? . . 2. The battery life, i've found to be quite poor. In my household with moderate use we'll get about two days of use before having to recharge. . 3. Slight lag on the touchscreen controls. Being used to the responsiveness of smart phone interaction this device is noticeably laggy. . The aesthetic design of the remote is pleasing. It also seems to work fairly well other than the above issues.

D. Angela, Barking and Dagenham

I purchased the harmony touch in january 2105 and have inconsistent performance from it since. I gave it a single star because it hasn't performed according to the expectations promised by the description on online store's or the logitech's website and its use has caused much frustration. I have been purchasing logitech products for over ten years and this one is a dud! beginning with the design, the section buttons are too small and too close; for example; the pause and play buttons are so close that the unit sends inconsistent signals for each function. The screen display becomes erratic and often doesn't respond to the touch commands. Apparently logitech has reduced their quality standards, particularly with this remote; i strongly suggest avoiding this product.

Z. Pamela, Victoria says

This is my second logitech by harmony. We had the older model and absolutely loved it! there were a few things we thought it could improve on but, over all we were very satisfied with it. It got worn so i thought i would buy the new version. I won't lie it has some great features, like it is rechargeable and the battery life is a couple days. The down side, and one of my biggest peeve is the placement of the fast forward, rewind, play, stop buttons. They have them at the top tip of the remote which makes it very hard to control. It should be closer to the bottom like the old one. You have to be very careful your palm doesn't hit the touch screen because you will turn the channel or turn it off which is extremely aggravating! especially when you are watching on your dvr and need to ff through a commercial. Booosh your show is gone! the only way to hold it and operate the buttons is to use two hands. Another complaint is when you turn on your tv it takes the remote approx 60 sec to turn everything on and get to a usable screen. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it is annoying. The remote is in limbo for the first 60 sec so if the volume is too loud you can't turn it down or do anything! also when you want to change from one channel to another and then back again it takes approx 60 sec to comply. If this would've been my first experience with harmony i would never be back! i wish i never bought it! who designed it? the old one was a much better design! booooooo

L. Crawford, Hounslow

The harmony touch, although a very good remote with ease of use and general good efficiency, is no longer available being replaced by the harmony ultimate. The problem arises that after only 18 months the touch screen has stopped responding and because it is past the one year warranty, in order to replace it they company will only offer a 35% discount on the ultimate. They do not have repair capability and can only replace the items. A company such as logitech most likely keeps the warranty period relatively low because it appears that the quality of the devices requires replacement frequently, and usually when it is out of warranty. I would think carefully about finding another remote rather than sticking with the harmony should your present unit fail.

N. Dorine, New Jersey says

Likes:. Favorite channels with icons function. Prior logitech products had this, but it was a bit cumbersome to set up. . Large touch screen. . Simple migration from harmony one to this remote was a breeze. . Dislikes:. Doesn t wake up when shaken like my harmony one. Current users of harmony products will find this annoying as well. A touch to the screen or other button lights up the remote. . Very limited customizations can be done with the new online version of the remote software. Logitech should go back to the prior method or add more customization options (ex: open dvd tray on movie activity. ). . No page up/down button very annoying. I had to set up a swipe gesture on the screen to mimic this. They could ve added this and a few more buttons and only added 1 to the size of the remote. There is a soft button on the screen, but i ve found myself hitting the other surrounding ones instead. Setting up the swipe was the way to go for paging through the dvr/pvr guide. . Overall a good remote, but having a harmony one and a harmony 1100 in the house this one has some minor shortcomings. Hopefully they correct these in future releases as i m not the only one to comment on these. Logitech has one of the best products in this category and this should work for most people.

P. Walsh, Haute-Normandie

Easily the most poorly designed piece of electronics in a decade. It is poorly balanced. It is sometimes hard to get it to stop fast forwarding. The touch screen is inconsistent in terms of sensitive to touch. Once programmed, it is very hard to make changes to equipment settings and it does not learn even after repeated manual changes to the same setting. The battery dies suddenly (though having rechargeable batteries is a nice touch). In short, a complete waste of money. It is so bad that it will be a while before i buy anything else from logitech. An update - purchased this in october. It died in january.

G. Peggy, Knowsley says

I got this to replace my drop-damaged harmony one which logitech would not fix. I am, so far, very disappointed. The transition would not work on the logitech software i had installed, but the directions didnt tell me that. I had to go to the logitech site where i found out, through trial and error, that i had to sign in and alter my account to new rules and then do everything through my browser. The data transfer was not seamless and required a bit of tweaking. The remote "works" but:. . - the control is poorly designed and is hard to hold and control. It cannot be done with one hand. - the touch screen does not respond well to touch. - the control flashes and does strange things when put into the cradle. - programming is done again and again and yet certain features do not work. . I am still debating whether or not to keep this with its limitations or send it back. Maybe if i at least knew why it flashes in the cradle i would keep it, but logitech is also unresponsive. . My advise, this is not what it should be. It is better than three or more remotes, but keep those old ones handy as you will still need them. Logitech has fallen in my esteem with this product. If someone knows a better "universal remote", please let me know.

J. Imelda, Niedersachsen

Setup has improved for these devices over the years. Still, it requires a lot of minor adjustments once you get the basics done. It's somewhat difficult to rename the on-screen buttons as well. I still haven't figured that one out. I know what they mean, but anyone else using the remote has difficulty knowing what each soft button does. I was also disappointed that the quick buttons only works for one activity. I have a satellite box and a tivo box. I could only get the quick buttons working for the satellite activity. Finally, i hate the placement of the fast forward, rewind, pause, and play buttons on the top. Sometimes you get the soft panel buttons when you want to use them. Other times, my fingers block the ir signal. They should be on the bottom like previous designs. . That being said, these are still some of the most functional and powerful remotes on the market. I highly recommend them for anyone who has more than 3 or 4 pieces of equipment to control. I know everyone who uses it likes not having to know how everything is set up to be able to watch tv. I highly recommend the brand in general. I just do not like a few of the ergonomic features of this specific remote.

Q. Wayt, Yukon Territory says

After our harmony one was broken i was looking for a replacement and this was what i chose. Pros: the favorites buttons are nice. The way the back is designed fits well in the hand. Works well. Seems to control just about everything. Cons: no accelerometer, so when you pick it up, you have to touch the screen to get it to come on. The play/pause/ etc buttons are set on the top of the remote, which given the design is not easy to reach one handed. The website to program it requires microsoft silverlight to program the remote. Microsoft discontinued silverlight support, so hopefully that will be addressed. The options when programming seem limited. Maybe i got spoiled by the harmony one. I liked the programming program being on my local pc as opposed to cloud based. I liked the button placement. The touch screen is nice, but it is awkward. It doesn't seem like an upgrade.

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