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Price was $22.90. I love these! . My third one since my wife treats them like crap and drops them multiple times a day on the hard floor. They take the beating for a year or two and then they start to give up. I am on my third one and it is so easy to replace with their application, takes about 5 minutes to replace the old with the new. I am addicted to the one button feature (turn on tv, dvd, receiver, and set proper hdmi input (for a movie). Four buttons for your most used actions plus more if you go thru the screens. Easy to control individual devices if you need to tweak or connect a one-off. Haven't stepped up to the more featured (more expensive) models but maybe next time. I have no doubt that they would last much longer if treated decently :)

-. Julia

Harmony 350 Universal Control Up To 8 Entertainment Devices Certified Logitech Harmony 350 For Universal Control Of Up To 8 Entertainment Devices (certified Referbished) -Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Control Up To 8 Entertainment Devices Certified Ed

  1. Listed: Replaces 8 Other Remotes: Control Your Tv, Cable/satellite Box, Dvr, Blu-ray Player And More With One Easy To Use Remote Control.
  2. Listed: Watch Tv Button: One Button Press Turns On Your Tv And Cable/satellite Box With Just The Right Settings.

Price Cut Logitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished (Ce Accessory) Lysb00y34taa0 Electrncs

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The box was a bit beat up but the contents were in brand new shape. I cannot tell it's a refurb in any way, so save the money and buy the refurb. . This is about my 12th harmony remote over the years so i'm perhaps a bit favorably biased, but this is very good one. It paired with my hub in about a second, did a quick automatic firmware update, and inherited the programming from the hub seamlessly. The remote itself is close to great-not even my wife has complained about it. . 4 stars instead of 5: harmony won't talk to my new sony tv over ip or bluetooth yet, leaving me with ir from the remote to control the tv. This is a bedroom setup and we are about 16 feet from the tv while comfortable in the bed. Ir is not 100% from that range with this remote-more like 70%-meaning lots of "re-pushes" to control the tv. In the past this would have been limited to power on toggles, but with smart tv now it's far more noticeable. I wouldn't think a foot of distance would matter but stretching our arms toward the tv gets us above 90% success rate. When harmony adds ip and/or bt control for new sony tv's it will be great/5-stars. Best harmony universal control up to | Logitech-Ce Accessory Review ( Mar 2020 ) Listed Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal Control of Up To 8 Entertainment Devices ( Certified Refurbished ) This certified refurbished product is tested & certified to work like-new. the product is backed by a 90 day warranty.. Replaces 8 other remotes: control your tv, cable/satellite box, dvr, blu-ray player and more with one easy to use remote control. Watch tv button: one button press turns on your tv and cable/satellite box with just the right settings. Programmable favorites: personalize harmony with one-touch buttons that let you quickly jump to any of your 5 channel favorites. World's most compatible: works with 225, 000+ devices and 5, 000+ brands, including new devices added regularly to harmony's online database .

Logitech harmony 350 for universal control of up to 8 entertainment devices certified ed Review (logitech 915 000230 crb)

This is an excellent product if your devices you own are in their database, it becomes a problem if it is not. I own a kodi box so i had to go through the 'learn the command' process which is not so bad, it is pretty easy to do but whether the commands were learned correctly is another thing - the remote control of kodi box was simple but the left and right button kept moving 2x every time i press it, i tried re-learning the commands several times to no avail - i had to return it. My other devices sony, pioneer, samsung worked just fine. Do your research for devices that are not of the 'major brands' before buying. -Y. Diana

Logitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Logitech
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0638317264428
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:8.80 inches
    Length:1.30 inches
    Width:2.40 inches
  • Manufacturer: Logitech
  • MPN: Logitech 915-000230 CRB
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: Logitech 915-000230 CRB
  • Sub-Type: CE
  • Category: CE ACCESSORY
  • UPC: 638317264428

harmony 350 universal control up to 8 entertainment devices certified Ce, Logitech harmony 350 for universal control of up to 8 entertainment devices (certified referbished) Logitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished (LYSB00Y34TAA0-ELECTRNCS-Logitech).

Logitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished Ce

  • I plugged the harmony 650 into my computer via the provided usb cable and used the harmony online interface to enter in the devices i wished to control with the harmony 650. Within a few minutes i was able to control my av receiver, cable t. V. Box, and television with just one remote! this is a great little device that i got refurbished at a great price from blutek through online store. The seller provided instant follow-up after the sale to offer assistance if needed. My overall experience so far has been great.
  • This review is for the refurbished harmony 350. The remote came in plain white box with the usb cable and manual. Unfortunately there were no aa batteries. The remote looks brand new. The buttons are a bit mushy. It feels good in the hand and the most important buttons are in the center and easy to reach. The my harmony software requires you to login using facebook, gmail, or email which is ridiculous, all i want to do is program it. I had issues with syncing the remote where the software would get stuck at 99%. Eventually it started working and haven't had a problem. I paired this remote with a flirc 2nd gen to control my htpc. The flirc had no issues recognizing the harmony 350. . Overall it's a decent remote but the software is not good but usable.
  • Careful! . . Received harmony 650 remote which appeared to be in good condition, however, after trying to activate the device through multiple avenues (myharmony, 7. 7. 0 software, different usb ports, etc) nothing worked. I kept getting the error "invalid serial number. Please contact support. " i read the logitech online forums and there is no way for them to activate the remote and you have to either get a replacement from the store you purchase from or have them replace it. I purchased another one from the seller and lets hope this isnt an invalid one as well.
  • No instructions were included or printed on the box. Nothing. So, step one with this "user friendly" remote was to flounder around the internet in desperation. I went to harmony's website and dug down through the menus and found the 650's quick set guide and manual. . Setup was well explained in the. The remote's button layout is convenient and the contour of the 650's case is comfortable. . For some of the 650's buttons, the response of the my equipment was slower than with the original equipment's remote. Some of the 650's buttons require a harder push to coax a response than others.
  • I have had this for about 3 months now. I have been trying to build a complete smart home with alexa. When using this to communicate to ir devices, you must create an activity to have alexa discover it. Turns out that even if you change the power settings to allow multiple activities run at the same time and you end one activity via remote or alexa it turns off all running activities by design. This is a problem if i have my tv and air conditioner running at the same time because if i ask alexa to turn off the ac, my tv shuts off too. Same goes for my remote controlled candles. Please logitech, fix this issue with an update.

harmony universal control up to Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal Control of Up To 8 Entertainment Devices ( Certified Refurbished ) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This is the perfect remote. To start off with, it's not $200. I'm not spending that much money on a freaking remote. This one is absolutely perfect. It took me longer to download and install the software to my laptop and create a logitech user account then it did to program the remote. Super easy. Also did i mention that it works exactly like you desire a universal remote to function? i have tried the "wally world" universal remotes many times and they never work like i wanted them to. This one solved everything. You need this.

Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Control Up To 8 Entertainment Devices Certified Ed
Click to see NoticeLogitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished (Ce Accessory)"I love logitech harmony remotes in general. This is my third one over the last decade or so. The last one worked great until my mom spilled wine on it. So. In trying to save some money on its replacement i chose a "factory refurbished" one. It's only been 24 hours and the remote works great. It came fully packaged with no flaws, physical marks, scratches etc. The only small pain was during the set up process. The hub was still configured to the previous users email account. Instead of being able to set it up through the harmony iphone app like the instructions advised i had to set it up with my laptop in order to get rid of the old users account information and program it with mine. Probably took an extra 20ish minutes to figure it out by asking google. Other than that no complaints. This is my first one with a hub and it seems to be more responsive. If anything changes in the next few weeks of use i will update the review."

(0) Question: Can it be used with beyond tv

(1) Question: Does this work for a dvd player made by a less popular brand called proaudio?

(2) Question: Is the myharmony software compatible with windows 10

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Monoprice 12ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cable

Experience superb sonic clarity and accurate musical reproduction with this optical toslink cable from monoprice! . Optical s/pdif (aka toslink) cables are an excellent way to distribute high-definition multi-channel audio without the risk of common electrical problems such as ground loops or rf and em interference. This cable features a full-sized toslink connector on each end and molded connector heads and strain-relief boots

Monoprice 12ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio CableMonoprice-Optical-Toslink-5-0mm-Audio

Brand :    monoprice
Color :    Black
Size :    12ft FT
Weight :    0.26 pounds
  • Optical s/pdif (aka toslink) cables are an excellent way to distribute high-definition multi-channel audio without the risk of common electrical problems such as ground loops or rf and em interference
  • Features: full-sized male toslink optical audio connectors at each end 5. 0 mm outside diameter
  • Molded strain relief connectors reduce strain where the cable and connectors meet gold plated ferrule resists corrosion and provides maximum protection for the connector tip
  • This cable features a full-sized toslink connector on each end and molded connector heads and strain-relief boots
  • Experience superb sonic clarity and accurate musical reproduction with this optical toslink cable from monoprice!
Price :    $4.45 (was $5.03)
Model :    101448
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (Speakers product review) for Monoprice 12ft Optical Toslink 5.0mm OD Audio Cable available ( Mar 2020 )

Portta 3 Port 3x1 SPDIF/Toslink Digital Optical Audio Switch/Switcher IR Remote support LPCM 2.0 DTS Dolby-AC3

1) introduction this spdif/toslik digutal optical audio switchers can let the users to connect three digital optical toslink sources to one optical toslink (spdif) input on your av amplifier. 2) features *three ways of optical fiber signals switch to one sets of spdif/toslink signal receiving device *support signal retiming * audio format support : lpcm2. 0/dts/dolby-ac3 *use optical fiber cable loss less the 0. 2db/m, output distance is up to 40m *the input control can through r/m and also can directly press the button *support last time working state memory when power off *over-voltage protection can prevent the damage caused by connecting unmatched to the machine *led status indication *no loss of quality *installs in minutes 3) specifications support audio format : lpcm2. 0/dts/dolby-ac3 peak wavelengtht : 650nm max baud ratet : 16mbps output cable distance : 40m(use the optical fiber cable loss less the 0. 2db/m) power supply : usb power cable operating temperature ranget : (0 to 40 ) operating humidity range : 5 to 90 rh(no condensation) 4) connection and operation a. If no sound output , (1)check the signal receiving equipment and the machine connected are in good condition (2)to check if the signal source is on and well connected (3)check the system connection quality (4)check if the line is all quality b. If sound interrupted , please try again to connect the cable to be free from the unsuccessful connection . 5) package contents spdif/toslink switch usb power cable user manual remote control ir extender receiver *common customer questions & answers : 1.         does it can keep working state when power off last time? ans : yes, the switching mode ir or manual, it can keep up to the latest situation. 2.         does it work on samsung 4k ultra hdtv? ans : yes, it does. It transmits audio signal, so it doesn t influence the 4k picture quality. 3.         will it transfer 5. 1 audio through this? ans :yes. Even better with the loudspeaker box. 4.         is there a manual button to select input resource device? ans :yes, it has manual switching button. 5.         does the switcher need battery? ans :no, it does not require batteries but usb power supply. 6.         does it have auto switching to switch among these spdif input sources? ans :no, it do not have auto switching. 7.         what audio format does it support? ans : it supports lpcm2. 0/dts/dolby digital. 8.         will there be any loss in any audio technologies? ans : works without issues and no noticeable loss. 9.         i want to use this to connect my soundbar to my tv and cable box. Is this the correct item purchasing? ans : yes, so long as both your tv and your cable box have toslink outputs. And also your sound bar needs to have toslink input. 10. Which reason causes that no sound output? ans : "four steps , wish they are helpful for you. (1)check the signal receiving equipment and the machine connected are in good condition. (2)check if the signal source is on and well connected. (3)check the system connection quality.

Portta 3 Port 3x1 SPDIF/Toslink Digital Optical Audio Switch/Switcher IR Remote support LPCM 2.0 DTS Dolby-AC3Portta-Toslink-Digital-Switcher-Dolby-AC3

Brand :    portta
Color :    No
Size :    3x1 Audio Switcher
Weight :    0.8 pounds
  • The input control can through r/m and also can directly press the button support last time working state memory when power off
  • Over-voltage protection can prevent the damage caused by connecting unmatched to the machine led status indication
  • No loss of quality installs in minutes
  • Three ways of optical fiber signals switch to one sets of spdif/toslink signal receiving device support signal retiming
  • Audio format support : lpcm2. 0/dts/dolby-ac3use optical fiber cable loss less the 0. 2db/m, output distance is up to 40m
Price :    $14.99
Model :    N3AW31T
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (portta product review) for Portta 3 Port 3x1 SPDIF/Toslink Digital Optical Audio Switch/Switcher IR Remote support LPCM 2.0 DTS Dolby-AC3 available ( Mar 2020 )

Logitech 915-000162 Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote Color Screen Black Discontinued Manufacturer

Logitech harmony 700 is the rechargeable remote that's simple to set up and use. It can go a week between charges, so you won't be looking for batteries when you want to watch tv. Its color screen can show icons for your favorite channels as well as the commands you need for the devices you're using. And its one-click activity buttons automatically turn on the right components and select the right settings depending on what you want to do. It replaces six other remotes and supports 5000+ brands and 225, 000+ devices, so you can be confident it will work with what you own today, and the things you'll add in the future.

Logitech 915-000162 Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote Color Screen Black Discontinued ManufacturerLogitech-915-000162-Rechargeable-Discontinued-Manufacturer

Price :    $28.68 (was $59.49)
  • One-touch activity buttons automatically turn on all the right devices for instant access to tv, dvds, music and more
  • Replaces multiple remotes with universal control of up to 6 different components
  • Supports virtually any home-entertainment component, including over 250, 000 devices from over 5, 000 brands
  • Rechargeable design keeps your remote charged and ready for up to a week - no batteries to buy or replace
  • Brilliant color screen displays favorite-channel icons and commands for easy selection
Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.38 pounds
Model :    915-000162
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech 915-000162 Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote Color Screen Black Discontinued Manufacturer available ( Mar 2020 )

Harmony 350

Watch tv button: one button press turns on your tv and cable/satellite box with just the right settings programmable favorites: personalize harmony with one-touch buttons that let you quickly jump to any of your 5 channel favorites world's most compatible: works with 225, 000+ devices and 5, 000+ brands, including new devices added regularly to harmony's online database simple guided online setup: connect the remote to your internet-connected computer to quickly download commands for all your devices

Harmony 350Logitech-915-000230-Harmony-350

HARMONY 350 Benefit
Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.37 pounds
  • Replaces 8 other remotes: control your tv, cable/satellite box, dvr, blu-ray player and more with one easy to use remote control
  • Programmable favorites: personalize harmony with one-touch buttons that let you quickly jump to any of your 5 channel favorites
  • World's most compatible: works with 225, 000+ devices and 5, 000+ brands, including new devices added regularly to harmony's online database
  • Watch tv button: one button press turns on your tv and cable/satellite box with just the right settings
  • Simple guided online setup: connect the remote to your internet-connected computer to quickly download commands for all your devices
Price :    $19.55 (was $26.99)
Model :    915-000230
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony 350 available ( Mar 2020 )

VideoSecu One Pair Black Univaersal Satellite Speaker Mount Bracket Wall Ceiling, fits Keyhole thread hole 1/4 20 threads, 4mm 5mm 1ST

Videosecu new design steel construction speaker mount is the ideal solution for most speakers weighing less than 10 lbs. The ball and clamp design offers flexible adjustment for the speakers to get better audio position. This bracket will fit speakers with 1/4" 20 thread, and 5mm 4mm holes. Fits key hole mounting. Videosecu brand speaker mount, please report to online store if the product you received without videosecu brand. This mount have 1/4" 20 thread insert from 4/15/2013.

VideoSecu One Pair Black Univaersal Satellite Speaker Mount Bracket Wall Ceiling, fits Keyhole thread hole 1/4 20 threads, 4mm 5mm 1STVideoSecu-Univaersal-Satellite-Speaker-Bracket

Price :    $14.99
  • Wall anchor pack included. black color.
  • Fits most satellite speakers weighing less than 10 lbs(4. 5 kg). thread size: 1/4" 20 thread, or 4mm, 5mm. fits key hole mounting.
  • Ball and clamp design provide flexible tilt, pan and rotate adjustment
  • Adjustable +/-30 degree tilt, 180 degree pan and 360 degree rotation;
  • Ideal for mounting home theater satellite speakers on ceiling or wall (drywall/rocksheet)
Brand :    videosecu
Model :    FBA_MS40B2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Ce Accessory (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu One Pair Black Univaersal Satellite Speaker Mount Bracket Wall Ceiling, fits Keyhole thread hole 1/4 20 threads, 4mm 5mm 1ST available ( Mar 2020 )

FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top Boxes

Setup is simple, once i figured out how to do it. It is not very well explained anywhere. No directions included, and the website isn't too terribly helpful either. It took me a little bit to figure out exactly how to get it set up for our fire tv, but once i got it figured out, it works well! lack of clarity is the only reason for the four stars instead of five. I am so happy to be able to use our inteset universal remote with our fire tv, and eliminate another pesky remote! such a nice ir work around from online store's poor bluetooth application.

Flirc allows you to use nearly any remote control with any device that has usb including; firetv, xbox 360, xbox one, playstation 3, playstation 4, htpcs, raspberry pi, and more. Flirc's user-friendly software guides you through each step of the pairing process and takes just a few minutes to complete. After your remote is paired with flirc, there is no other software to run or install on your device. Just plug flirc into any usb port and enjoy! flirc has partnered with logitech harmony to provide the best user experience on the best line of remote controls. Add the flirc firetv or xbmc/kodi device to your harmony remote and it will work with flirc without any additional configuration. You can also use the many built-in preset configurations in the flirc software to quickly and easily configure flirc with your remote for common applications such as xbmc/kodi, firetv, and windows media center. If your favorite application isn't one of the presets, simply use the virtual keyboard in the flirc software to pair any button on your remote control with any standard keyboard key. Flirc works on any device that supports usb keyboards and is one of the top accessories sold for the raspberry pi. The flirc team is always working on new features and improvements to enhance the user experience. Free firmware updates are regularly released and are available on flirc's website. Flirc is also working on an api for seamless integration within other applications. Remember to visit the flirc website and forums for helpful tips, tricks, and support. Coming in future firmware updates: long key presses - assign two functions to one button. Macros - want to run a number of commands on a key press? with the new flirc, you can store over 500 keys, and have more than one keypress per individual remote button. Iospirit - bring ir remote support back to the mac. Coming in 2017 is a unique collaboration to bring you exciting new features between flirc and iospirit

FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top BoxesFLIRC-Generation-Universal-Control-Receiver

Flirc Generation Universal Control Receiver (100013) FAQ.

This is the second one of these i have bought for use with a rasberry pi. The first one was easy to program and this one was even easier as i was loading the same configuration. It literally took 5 seconds to load the existing config. -Notice from G. Shawna, New York

Click to Show flirc generation universal control receiver (100013) Details

Truly easy as plug and play with the configuration software. Plug it in and pick which buttons you'd like your ir remote to emulate and send the programming to the flirc with the "go" button. Flirc is hard coded and ready to go after that. It took longer to download the software than to program my remote. Honestly. . Let's my samsung tv remote run my nvidia shield, which does not have an ir receiver built in.

Flirc-generation-universal-control-receiver-(100013) set picture

- H. CageenI got this to enable me to use my universal remote to control my online store fire tv box. It works great and now i can have 1 remote for everything! step by step tutorial on how to program the keys, quick and easy. Word of advice for fire tv users; make sure the usb debugging feature is disabled on your fire tv box or this will not work.

After fighting unsuccessfully to get cec to work reliably with my fire tv 3, sony x900e tv and harmony 650, i had almost resigned myself to having to shell out $300 to get the harmony elite just to have bluetooth support for the fire tv. Luckily i did one last round of googling and found the flirc. . This thing is amazing. It works beautifully and now my harmony 650 can do everything the native fire tv remote can do (except voice of course). I'm back to a single remote for my entire av system and very happy about it. I didn't even need an ir blaster or extension for the flirc. It's hanging off the fire tv 3 behind my sony x900e tv and yet still receives ir from the harmony 650 no problem. In terms of functionality, performance and value it's 5 stars. The only reason i knocked off a star is that the documentation is basically non-existent. Everything was easy once i understood the process, but it took a little googling to get started. . One thing you need to be aware of if you plan to use this with a fire tv 3 or stick is that you need a cable like estoreimport micro usb host otg cable w/ usb power for samsung phone i9100 i9300 i9220 9250 to be able to connect both the flirc and usb power to the fire tv.

Q. Wanda, Ohio

Brand :    flirc
Weight :    0.6 pounds
Model :    FL-25626
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (flirc product review) for FLIRC USB 2nd Generation Universal Remote Control Receiver Media Centers Set Top Boxes available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $22.95
  • Also works with playstation, xbox 360, raspberry pi, windows media center, kodi, plex, and many more
  • Flirc's easy-to-use software walks you through the entire pairing process and works on windows, osx and linux
  • Control your firetv with almost any remote control, including logitech harmony remotes
  • New version brings many new software features, hardware features, and partners
  • Out of the box support for logitech harmony remote controls with the harmony firetv device

Leviton DH15S-1BZ 15A Decora Smart Switch, Works Apple HomeKit

Apple homekit technology provides an easy, secure way to control lights and more from your iphone, ipad or ipod touch.   free leviton decora smart home app provides advanced lighting control settings including fade rate, minimum/maximum brightness, led response activity, bulb type selection and more.   engineered to work with sensitive, low-wattage bulbs, ensuring off means off .  it uses the latest generation of leviton s technology for smart lighting control for a single led bulb in a hallway or a strand of holiday lights, ensuring leds do not glow when off.   rated for led and cfl technologies up to 600 watts with support for legacy incandescent lighting loads up to 1800 watts. 120v, 60hz, neutral required. Dh15s is for use with homekit installations and utilizes the apple tv for scheduling and remote access capabilities.  if creating a comprehensive smart home via hub like samsung smartthings, leviton recommends the dz15s.  if you do not wish to use a hub but still desire voice controls and select third-party device integration, leviton recommends the dw15s.

Leviton DH15S-1BZ 15A Decora Smart Switch, Works Apple HomeKitLeviton-DH15S-1BZ-Decora-Switch-HomeKit

Brand :    leviton
Color :    White
Weight :    0.40 pounds
Model :    DH15S-1BZ
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (leviton product review) for Leviton DH15S-1BZ 15A Decora Smart Switch, Works Apple HomeKit available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $36.55 (was $41.97)
  • Use siri on your iphone or ipad to turn lights on/off with just your voice
  • Rated for 600w led/cfl, 1800w incandescent bulbs
  • Decora smart home app provides control over connected lights - turn on/off your lights individually or turn on/off entire room at once
  • White and light almond paddle faces included, wall plate and other colors sold separately
  • Multi-location achieved using dd0sr-1z (coordinating) or dd0sr-dlz (matching with led indicator)

Harmony Smart Remote Add-on

The original remote lasted six years and i loved it enough to order this as a replacement. Replaced my original handheld perfectly, simply had to connect my existing hub base to my pc and register the new handheld. The included printed instructions were obvious to me; however, there wasn't a picture of the proper icon to select so i misinterpreted until i eventually, by trial and error, discovered what the instructions intended. . My original handheld remote had started not recognizing one or two of the directional buttons and eventually the select button also failed. Disassembly and cleaning with isopropyl alcohol did not help even though the chicklet key blister wasn't damaged. The new one will bring as much happiness for at least as long.

Logitech harmony smart control add-on companion remote for harmony ultimate hub (915-000245) keep entertainment control within reach with the add-on remote for use with harmony ultimate hub. View larger logitech harmony smart control add-on simple, convenient, companion remote for harmony ultimate hub. Phone charging? on a call? want a remote for your kids to use? this elegant add-on remote for harmony ultimate hub stays in your living room, giving everyone in the house easy entertainment control even when your primary remote or harmony smartphone app isn t handy. Or you can use the remote to simply start an activity like watch tv and then choose your favorite channel from the harmony app on your smartphone everything stays in sync. Product features* add-on living room remote for use with harmony ultimate hub easy-to-use streamlined design one-touch activity control customizable buttons controls devices inside closed cabinets controls cable tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, online store fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, living room pc or mac easy setup using harmony smartphone app universal control of up to 8 home entertainment devices supports over 270, 000 devices *smart control add-on requires harmony ultimate hub. Harmony ultimate hub is included with harmony ultimate, harmony smart keyboard or harmony ultimate hub, each sold separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub. Streamlined design for easy entertainment control with harmony ultimate hub view larger elegant smart control remote full entertainment control is always within reach with this add-on living room remote for use with harmony ultimate hub. One-touch activity buttons, media playback buttons, dvr and set-top box controls, plus a full number pad make it easy to start and control tv, movies, games and more. You can even customize the buttons to double your number of commands with short and long presses. Works with harmony ultimate hub to control devices in closed cabinets view larger closed-cabinet control of 8 devices when connected to an existing harmony ultimate hub, you can control your entertainment devices and access internet services like netflix and hulu on your pc, mac, apple tv, roku, xbox one, or ps3 (additional subscription may be required. ) it all works without pointing, so you don t have to worry about coffee tables or even closed cabinets getting in the way. Customizable activity buttons turn on the right devices with one touch view larger one-touch activity control with one touch of an activity button like watch a movie the right devices power on and automatically switch to the right settings. You can even customize the buttons to launch 6 different activities. Simple guided setup via harmony smartphone app view larger easy setup simply download the free harmony app to your smartphone or tablet. Enter the brands and model numbers of your devices and you ll be ready to go in no time. Music, movies and lighting at your fingertips view larger controls sonos, online store fire tv, apple tv or phillips hue control your sonos* with harmony app to play, pause, change volume or launch your sonos favorites. Control philips hue lights* by integrating lighting control into your harmony activities like listen to music, play a game or watch a movie. Imagine starting a watch tv activity and your hue lights automatically dim to your favorite accent lighting settings. You can control online store fire tv, too. Just launch the harmony app, add online store fire tv, and create a watch fire tv activity. (* sonos music player sold separately. *phillips hue lights sold separately. Online setup required. ) works with your existing harmony ultimate hub view larger harmony ultimate hub required add smart control remote to your existing harmony ultimate hub for easy control of your entire entertainment system. The remote works with whatever harmony ultimate hub you already own the hub is included with harmony smart keyboard and harmony ultimate. The harmony ultimate hub can also be purchased separately. Not compatible with harmony home hub.

Harmony Smart Remote Add-onLogitech-915-000245-Harmony-Remote-Add-on

Harmony Smart Remote Add-on (Logitech) FAQ.

I bought this to replace the harmony companion remote after the dog chewed it up. I was concerned after reading other reviews that this wouldn't work, but i didn't have any issues whatsoever pairing it with the hub, and what's left of the harmony companion remote still works also. . Not sure why logitech won't sell you a replacement remote without you having to buy a new hub, but this is a possible solution if you're not using any of the home control functionality. -Notice from . Anonymous, North Carolina

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I got this remote to act as a backup for the remote that came with my logitech harmony companion all in one remote control hub. The remote paired without an issue using the ipad app. Included is a screenshot showing how the new remote shows up in the pc myharmony application, as there seems to be some confusion about whether you can pair 2 remotes to 1 hub. It may not be possible to add 2 of the same model remote to 1 hub

Harmony-smart-remote-add-on-(logitech) set picture

- . ElanorThis remote is everything a smart remote should be. It doesn't have a fancy user interface or a menu system. You just push a button for the action you want and the hub executes it. Everyone can use this. . The only problem is buying two is useless. I was hoping to resolve a remote war and simplify the entertainment center by having two remotes, but logitech only lets you pair one of these simple remotes with the hub. If you want another remote you have to get the advanced model with a display.

Lost my original harmony smart control remote - it had other buttons such as "lights, outlets" control but we didn't necessarily need those function as a back-up remote. This is a very reasonable price and it easy to pair + copy settings from the harmony hub app. Thank you!

E. Noguera, Texas

Brand :    logitech
Weight :    0.20 pounds
  • Add-on companion remote for harmony ultimate hub*: a simple harmony remote anyone in the house can use when your primary remote or mobile app is not handy (*requires harmony ultimate hub, sold separately. not compatible with harmony home hub).
  • One-touch activity control: press one button, like "watch a movie", and the right devices power on and switch to the right settings
  • Closed-cabinet control: controls up to 8 devices, even ones hidden behind cabinet doors and walls, when connected to harmony ultimate hub
  • Works with over 270, 000 devices: controls cable or satellite tv, apple tv, roku, sonos, fire tv, phillips hue, xbox one, ps3, and tv-connected pc or mac computers
  • Easy setup: use the free harmony mobile app to easily connect the remote to all your devices
Price :    $24.99 (was $28.99)
Model :    915-000245
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Harmony Smart Remote Add-on available ( Mar 2020 )

Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku & Media Center

Originally i was going to return the inteset remotes. Fortunately, the online store return page was broken yesterday. I could not get any remote (rca, inteset, one for all) to work with my brand new roku 3 purchased thru online store last month for my bedroom. Then i went to the other roku 3, purchased elsewhere, in the living room and it worked immediately without programming. Strange, as the roku remote worked fine from any angle or distance (rf) and there are ir repeaters all over the house, per automation. The macros worked flawlessly, unlike the harmony ultimate home that does what it wants when it wants even when you "fix" it many times. My only wish is that the remote could control more than 4 devices (or another remote with that option), without having to purchase the convoluted ir remote control repeater. Maybe with the programming logic we can map buttons from additional remotes. Haven't tried this yet. The stickers are a great idea, but they aren't completely pre-cut so that they just pop off the backing. I had to have my child cut the stickers out, as they are not designed for adult hands.

The inteset 4-in-1 universal ir remote is designed to work with popular streaming devices such as apple tv , xbox one , windows media center , roku (excluding stick) and many more. From the solid feel to the velvet coating on the back, when you hold the int-422 remote you know it's a high-quality product. It has most of the features found only in high-end remotes but at a fraction of the cost. Those features include volume and channel lock, macros, custom button labels, key punch-through, full backlighting and a huge built-in a/v device database. If a device is not found you can quickly program those functions with the remote's intuitive learning capability. The 4 buttons at the top of the remote are pre-programmed for apple tv (a), xbox one (b), media center (c) and roku (d) so that you can use the remote immediately with these streaming devices. You can easily assign any a/v device such as your tv or cable box to the unused device buttons or program over any of the pre-programming. Applying the included stickers above your programmed buttons helps users find the right keys effortlessly. The red, green, yellow and blue buttons function as the standard xbox color control buttons (b, a, y, x). For media center, they invoke the tv, movies, pictures and video screens. For roku, they invoke the netflix , online store and other apps. You can control firetv (excluding stick) and the ps4 if you install a flirc ir receiver. Finding the your device codes is easy using intesets' device code lookup capability on our website. Click on the device type (i. E. Cable box), select the manufacturer and then enter the device code into the remote. Then, the functionality for that device will be mapped instantly to the applicable remote buttons. Any questions are answered in our support forum, or you can contact us directly via our website. You can find our forum, contact page, device lookup, programming instructions and more at - http://www. Universalremotes. Net.

Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku & Media CenterInteset-INT-422-Universal-Backlit-Learning

Inteset Int 422 Universal Backlit Learning (Consumer Electronics) FAQ.

First off, this is a great remote for anyone taking the time to take advantage of it's full functionalities. That being said, i think i've hit a limit with it's capabilities. I have it set up to control my tv, home theater, and apple tv (4). If the button layouts aren't to your liking, you can point the original remote at the new one and make it learn a new button. You can even do this across devices (ei. Control input button no matter what device mode you are in). There are a lot of little tweaks like this that if you take the time and have the patience, it's insanely customizable. If you're like me and love fidgeting with tech, this won't be a problem. . What seems to be missing from this being a "perfect remote" for me is this:. I was hoping i would be able to program discrete functions like only turning off, but not on, by pressing a certain button, or switching to a specific input and not just programming a macro that cycles to the next one. But this doesn't seem to be possible without learning it from another advanced remote that has learned those hex codes. The second thing, and this one's a major issue but not specific to this remote, is that there doesn't seem to be a way for a new gen apple tv to let a universal remote learn the "home" button (used for putting device to sleep/powering off). A second obstacle to setting this up, even if it were available, is that the inteset remote seemingly cannot learn long presses, as opposed to short button presses changing the channels and whatnot (holding down the home button is required to put to sleep). Besides those very particular drawbacks, this is the perfect remote for me, price being irrelevant. It's a huge plus that it's also essentially the cheapest. -Notice from . Anonymous, Islington

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This is a fantastic remote. It supports a great many devices by default including tivo. In addition you can lock the volume buttons to particular device while controlling a different device. This means you can control the tv volume and mute while in tivo mode. If that's not enough you can even mix and match buttons and devices using the learning feature. This means that you can program the power button to control the television while the rest of the buttons control a different device such as the xbox. I'm really impressed. And all this without needing to connect to a computer. Btw it also feels good in the hand. Not as good a the tivo remote feels but as far as universal remotes go it's really good.

Inteset-int-422-universal-backlit-learning-(consumer-electronics) set picture

- B. GuestWorks without a single issue. Tried and returned the logitech harmony 650. . Devices programmed:. Insignia tv (best buy's store brand which is a samsung). Pioneer muli-region dvd. Roku 3. Visio sb4051-c0. . What you don't get from the original remotes:. Roku 3 - headset ability. Visio - display to change eq settings. . Programming: it was easy to program the tv, roku and dvd player. Some program codes work partially but you need to keep adding in the codes until all of your buttons work. For example, one code allowed me to turn the tv off and on, control volume but not select input. As i made my way further down the list of insignia codes, i found the code that worked fully. . Advanced programming:. I was able to set the volume to always adjust the surround sound no matter what device the remote was controlling. No pushing "a" to tune the remote to the surround sound to raise or lower volume. . I was able to set the "television - input" button to punch through as well, again no telling the remote to control the "tv" before i can select input. . Programming a remote to a device without a code:. The visio code did not work for the visio soundbar but i followed the directions and taught the remote each key i needed. Special note about the input key on the visio remote. On the visio remote when you select input to switch between bluetooth, optical, hdmi, etc. , you push one button to scroll through inputs but the remote is sending a different ir signals each time you push the same button and you can't teach your inteset multiple ir signals for the same button under a device. If you use hdmi, bluetooth and the optical input on your surround sound, you have to teach the inteset three different ir signals and store them to three separate buttons. To better explain it, my tv sends the same ir signal each time i click input and it scrolls through the inputs one after the other, the visio sends one signal to switch to bluetooth when i hit input, hit it again and it sends a whole different ir signal to switch to hdmi. I programmed one button for bluetooth and one button for hdmi. Now i just click whatever input i really want to listen to, no scrolling. . Macros:. . I've also programmed some macros to turn on/off multiple devices at once based on what i want to do. Listen to music, watch a dvd, open netflix, etc.

Best remote i have ever bought. I was able to control all my devices with this remote using the learn button function. I now use 1 remote to control: tv, digital converter box, hdmi switch, xbox one, roku, and surround sound system. I did this by using the learn button function and just used different buttons on the a setting and for all the other 3 its just pre-programmed codes. I used the sound override as well to have the volume control the surround sound on all 4 device settings. Overall great remote if you read the manual and understand it the remote becomes very powerful.

Y. Lara, North Dakota

Price :    $16.96 (was $25.95)
  • Pre-programmed for apple tv, xbox one, media center/kodi and roku device codes which are easily changed. full led backlighting-all buttons.
  • Volume lock-the user can lock the volume in all modes; channel lock-the user can lock access to the channel changing capability in one mode such as the cable box; id lock- after a valid code has been set that code can be locked.
  • Button labels- these self-adhesive labels, as pictured, can be cut out and applied under the buttons that you program for your device functions; key punch through-allows the user to configure the same key function in one mode into any or all other modes; warranty: one year replacement for defects.
  • Macro programming-this allows the programming of a string of commands (up to 15) within a mode or mode independent.
  • Device code database- complete worldwide database of device codes; library search capability-you can search the database for any missing codes; learning capability-used to program any device that is not in the database. go to: universalremotes. net.
Brand :    inteset
Model :    INT-422
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (inteset product review) for Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku & Media Center available ( Mar 2020 )

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote Silver

Attention dish network users. Set your receiver id to 1 before setup using dish remote. Press system info button on dish receiver. Press and hold sat button on remote until they all flash. Press 1. Press . When sat flashes three times press record button. Receiver id should say 1 and your done. That is the only issue i had setting up the following. Dish receiver vip-722. Samsung tv. Apple tv 3rd gen. Vizio blu ray vbr220. Sony home theater audio. Watch tv button powers on and controls dish and tv hdmi 1. Watch movie button turns on and controls vizio blu ray, sony home theater (channel 2), and tv hdmi 2. Apple tv activity button turns on and controls apple tv and tv hdmi 3. Remote fixes little issues on the way with simple and intuitive instructions. I left the room and came back to find my daughter using it without any help or assistance from me. That's a testimony to how simple it is to use after programming. Software on my macbook pro worked flawlessly. Allows easy grouping of devices. I fully recommend if you have 5 remotes like i had.

A universal remote with a colour screen and one-click activity buttons that bring you showtime in no time.

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote SilverLogitech-Harmony-Infrared-Universal-Programmable

Logitech Harmony Infrared Universal Programmable (915 000159) FAQ.

Best all-in-1 remote for the money. Reliable, well made, decent windows software app for setup. This is my second harmony - which lasted several years. Only complaint is the difficult setup which took a few hours of tweaking. Home theater system receiver kept turning on the dvd player until i discovered a setting in the receiver for disabling the auto detect hdmi signal. Also had to adjust the source input timing due to slow tv startup. Once set up though, it works great for years as long as you take care of it. Sure beats dealing with multiple remotes. -Notice from A. Dorine, Oklahoma

Click to Show logitech harmony infrared universal programmable (915 000159) Details

I like using this product, as it has simplified the number of remotes i have, but it does have some issues. I like the software that it uses as it walks you through what you're doing, so its pretty easy to plug it in and set it up and use. You can specify which buttons/activities will do what when you press it. For instance, when i press watch tv, it lowers my projector screen, turns on my stereo system and turns on my projector and then uses the remote to control my roku, but the volume is controlled with my stereo. When i want to turn it off, i just press the power button and it shuts down all the devices and raises my projector screen. I had an issue with double clicking, but after reading other reviews saying the same thing, i followed their solutions and was able to fix the problem. The other issue i currently have is that it doesn't always respond correctly to what i want it to do. For example, when i press watch tv it will do everything but lower the projector screen; however, it only does this sometimes and i don't know why or how to fix it. I have tried resetting and redoing the controls on the software and it will still mess up. I can still lower the screen with the remote, but i have to go to devices and then screens and press the up/down key rather than it being in sequence with the others.

Logitech-harmony-infrared-universal-programmable-(915-000159) set picture

- R. LawrenceOver the past few years i have owned a harmony 890, 880, and now the 650. I started with the 890 and loved it. It controlled everything i wanted it it plus features that i didn't use. The buttons on the 890 started to wear out. I bought a used 880 and it worked ok, but the volume up button stopped working. I finally decided to buy a new 650. . My main reason for purchasing the 650 was due to the fact i hate the newer logitech remotes that use smart phones to work. I want a remote, not a smart phone to control my equipment. I downloaded the software, hooked up the remote to my macbook, and was able to load the config from my previous remotes into the 650 with no problems. Took a total of 10 mins and i had a fully configured functional remote. I control a toshiba tv, ps3 (through the adapter), phillips dvr, panasonic 5 disk dvd, & a denon receiver. Before i purchased it i was concerned that the smaller screen would be a problem, but it turns out that the hardware buttons on top make up easily for the smaller screen. The remote works great for what i use it for and i would recommend it for anyone that is looking for a remote to replace their older logitech.

I, like so many others, have had very good luck programming this unit. If you are looking to rip it out of the box and aim it at your tv, look elsewhere. This remote is highly customizable and programmable, and must be set up properly in order to function. I used the downloadable program, told it what components i use, and synced the info to my remote. In all of five minutes i had my whole system working. The only issue i had was that on occasion, when using a "favorite channel" button, the tv box would not recognize a signal and would only accept 3 of the 4 numbers (e. G. It would register "342" as the channel rather than "1342"). Easy fix - go back into the software and increase the "interkey" delay so that the commands would be transmitted a little slower. Get on the harmony forums and read the stickies, faq's, and tips & tricks and you'll know 99% of what you need to make this thing work great.

. Wells, Bremen

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Silver
Size :    Small
  • Simple online setup using your pc or mac
  • Support for 8 devices is enabled at software setup - replaces up to 8 remotes, reducing complexity and clutter in your living room
  • One-touch activity buttons like "watch a dvd" automatically switch the right devices to the right settings
  • Compatible with 225, 000+ devices from 5000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow
  • Bright color screen shows your channel favorite icons plus commands for easy navigation
Price :    $28.00 (was $35.00)
Model :    915-000159
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (logitech product review) for Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote Silver available ( Mar 2020 )

logitech harmony 350 for universal control of up to 8 entertainment devices certified ed Price : 22, was : 0 as 2018-01-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Logitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished (Ce Accessory) Reviewed by on puqus.com

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The F.A.Q. for logitech harmony 350 for universal control of up to 8 entertainment devices certified ed

Bought two of these refurbished and they look brand new. I also have a harmony 650 model that i don't like as well. Too many bells and whistle and it can easily get confused. I am hoping with the 350 to finally be able to use only one remote for all situations, and that includes having my wife use one which is a major consideration. If it isn't easy, or the remote gets confused, then it can't do the job. So far so good and i have ordered two more. My only problems have been with the setup software. Does not always set the 350 up to do what one would expect.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: What is in the box?

(1) Question: Are you certain that this item contains everything that came with the original ultimate home including the hub?

(2) Question: Does this include the hub and the touch screen remote?

(3) Question: Does this work with fire tv stick?

(4) Question: Does this product come with the hub?

(5) Question: What is the warranty on the refurbished product? it says 'minimum 90 days' but the new remotes come with a year. do we know definitively how long?

(6) Question: Can it work with panasonic tv

(7) Question: Because this is refurbished what is the warranty offered with this product?

(8) Question: When i am useing my fire tv, i can navergate with this remote, but i can't turn my fire tv on and off. do i need a hub?

(9) Question: Can you please provide the model number?

(10) Question: Is this unit compatible with nec tv, lcd-3000

(11) Question: Is this compatible with a bose solo?

(12) Question: Does it work as a xbox one s media remote?

(13) Question: Can this remote with alexa to turn on and off tv, or do i need a harmony hub for it?

(14) Question: Has anyone ever tried this remote on a proscan tv?

(15) Question: Are you able to program activities for 1 button control of all associated devices like with the harmony remotes?

(16) Question: I cannot determine if this is an rf or ir unit. i want to shoot through the cabinet door (wood). will this remote do it?

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Best harmony remote i have ever owned. This is actually my third harmony remote in years, and so far my favorite. Yes, it doesn't have the display, but because of that you don't have to recharge it all the time. It has beautiful rubberized grip and feels like a premium product, way better and more high-end compared even to "ultimate" model which feels cheap and plasticky. Base station is fantastic - one short click and everything is done, no need to point and hold the remote until everything powers on/off, everything simply works as it should. Setup is done over wifi using the smartphone app, and it's super simple and intuitive. There are only 6 presets (3 with short click and 3 with long click), but enough for my needs: appletv, wdtv, cable, blu-ray player, cd player and one more to spare. And the best part, it can control your smart home devices with dedicated keys (i. E. Phillips hue lights). Purchased refurbished unit, and it arrived practically new, with all accessories factory sealed. Great, great product!

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Audio & Video Accessories 235271, Electronics 282271Top Logitech Universal Entertainment Certified Refurbished (Ce Accessory) FAQ Content

Best logitech universal entertainment certified refurbished (ce accessory) in review

Looks like new and relatively easy to set up! and at less than i have 5 various units (avr, cable hdr, blu-ray, cd/dvd player and xbox one in my media room and it was able to pick all but one up off it's first try with the online setup. I had to adjust the one that it didn't with another code and it works fine now. It is so much better than 5 separate remotes! automatically turns on right equipment for whatever function you are wanting to use! and easy enough for my technology challenged wife to use as it is very intuitive (where she is not)! she was trying to listen to music and used the on-board help button and it fixed whatever the problem was she was having. Boom, buy one before they are all gone!

T. Hadley, Northamptonshire

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U. Pearce, Blackburn with Darwen says

I've used some version of the harmony remotes for several years, but this has been one of the best and simplest i've had the pleasure of handling. Not a lot of fuss over pretty screens an tons of extra buttons. Simple information displayed and allows me to customize how each button reacts. My kids and wife have been able to use this one much better than previous versions i've had in the house. Except for a qc sticker on the back of the remote, i'd never know this was refurbished. Would definitely purchase this remote from this seller again in the future.

J. Glenda, Darlington

Great price on a great remote. I have a number of harmony 650's, one which i replaced with this and getting the remote/hub set up was very easy. - i just used the option to copy the settings from the 650 i was replacing. Once you are used to the logitech semantics and approach modifying this remote was easy also - i had to change the power on delay for my tv and did not have a problem. One of the nice things about this remote is that you can set it up, modify and synch it either by the remote screen or the phone app - no need to plug it into a pc. The hub works great - i actually have it at the base of my tv (somewhat hidden from view) and it communicates with my tv, roku, dish hopper 3, sony soundbar and vizio blu-ray player without having to use any of the ir blasters. Operation is smooth and responsive. . The remote is sleek and light with backlit keys. Some have complained about the play/pause, etc. Controls being on the top of the remote but i have not had a problem with this - to each his own. . I got a refurbished model. The remote/hub arrived in a logitech box which looked a little worn. However, all the components looked brand new - including being wrapped and sealed. Contents were the remote, hub, 2 ir blasters, usb cable and 2 power cords. There were not any instructions for the unit, but i would recommend going to the logitech site and accessing their set-up instructions - beware the pdf instruction manual at the logictech site because i found that it was not up-to-date (at least the one i found).

P. Taylor, Ohio says

Can't believe i waited this long to consolidate remotes! i was always most worried about how the functionality of the 650 would compare to the comcast remote i was so used to - and those worries were quickly put to the side. Set up was easy, i downloaded the logitech remote app onto my desktop and plugged in the remote with the provided cable. There are no instructions in the box for the refurbished units but really, the set up guide is so easy to follow i don't know why you'd need them. I've also recently bought the 350 for another room and was equally impressed with that one, from the same seller (also refurbished).

. Meghan, Nova Scotia

I bought this remote to use with a samsung tv, samsung sound bar, time warner cable box and a roku 3. It is the first true universal remote i have ever owned. I have been able to store all my other remotes permanently. It picks up every function on all the devices i use. It is even simple enough that my wife, who struggles every time she uses the tv, can use this remote no problem. . That being said it has a few draw backs. The set up is complicated. It requires setting up on a computer through a not quit intuitive program. Though i doubt most tech savvy people would have difficulty, this could be complicated for the unexperinced. The up side of that is it amazingly customizable. You can fiddle with the order, timing and button lay out to a truly impressive degree. . The one true problem i have found is in roku use. When using the roku settings the it functions on infrared. This means having a direct line of site from your remote to the roku. For someone like me who enjoyed taking full advantage of the wifi aspect of the roku, keeping the box stashed away, this is inconvenient. It also suffers a strange glitch. For some of the apps it will sometimes only move two icons at a time. Making it impossible to reach some things. Though it is rare it happens, it is extremely frustrating when it does. . In the end all to be all i find it well worth the few annoyances to have one remote in our living room. And one everyone can use at that.

H. Anonymous, New Hampshire says

This is our second logitech remote and it works as we are used to. You hook up your remote to computer, install necessary software and then just select your devices, what should turn on during selected command, and you are set. I do think that for some people the logistics of the programming may be a bit challenging. For example, if watching dvd, you have to decide what switches on when pressing the dvd button (dvd, tv, receiver) what controls volume (either tv or receiver), what program the receiver should be on, etc. But. If you know your system and you were juggling bunch of remotes for a while, this should be rather manageable. We programmed our remote for smart tv, smart dvd, though when wanting to listen pandora via tv app, we still have to manually select the app as it does not support selection of apps. Perhaps understandable. Overall it is a great, inexpensive way to free up your table from many remotes. (would be great if it would support light/fan, but i know that is a different technology. ).

Z. Donna, East Sussex

Just an outstanding solution to every techies nightmare, how to explain to non-techie person how to watch tv versus how to watch a dvd or play music , etc. Now you can just program via your pc how to turn on or off anything and what inputs to use (hdmi1 or 2 or 3 vga, cable box, sound equipment etc. ) and bam your done. Now all your non-techie person needs to do is to push one button and everything just works, if you want to do something else like just play music bam press one button and just the music come on. This controller is just outstanding!

I. Eleanor, Arizona says

The remote, hub, and blasters look new, but after my initial attempt to program them it was apparent that the units were not reset to factory defaults. I believe any refurbishing that was done was largely cosmetic. Both the remote and the hub still had programming from the previous user and the hub was still registered to that email account. There was no documentation included with the unit, so i was relegated to stumbling around the net to learn how to use and program my new remote. After 3-4 hours i finally removed all the old programming that was left on the hub and remote and managed to update it with my channel favorites and button assignments. All good now, and since i'm retired maybe my time isn't that valuable. I only marked them down one star since i like and have owned several harmony remotes and after finally sorting this one out it works as expected so far. The price is better if going the refurb route, but i would suggest you confirm with the seller that the units are reset to factory default settings before shipping.

L. Ophelia, Alaska

This review is for the logitech harmony 650 remote control. The remote does a good job and the ir blaster is stronger than one of my original remotes. It comes 'stupid' and must be programmed for your devices. You must be online to program the remote for a maximum of six devices. Programming is fairly straightforward and seems intuitive, but can be tricky. It took me several (cranky! ) days to get it to do what i wanted. I want my pvr to stay on constantly, and the remote was sending a command which would 'power toggle' the pvr so i had to figure out how to redefine 'power on' in the remote to send a command the pvr would ignore. After programming, the individual buttons can be reassigned. The 'next chapter' command for my pvr would go to the next recorded program, so i reassigned that button to 'fast forward' to fix it. My wife likes the one button program for a 60 minute sleep timer. Altogether a pretty good remote, once it's programmed correctly. . Pros - programmable for up to six devices, with macros. . Cons - programming must be done online, and can be tricky

K. Cortney, South Australia says

I did not experience the tough setup reported by so many other people. Honestly, for a system consisting of about 7 or 8 components total, it was really as easy as i'd expect anyone to make it. Initially it scanned my internet network for devices that it can control, and it only identified my tv, which it then added to its profile saving me the trouble of digging up the model number. From there, i just scrounged up the model number of all my other devices and added them to the profile. Once added, its pretty easy to make the "activities" such as watch tv - the remote setup (which i did primarily only my computer although i've played with it on the remote itself and the phone app as well) then walks you through which devices are used when watching tv and which inputs each need to be set to. And that was pretty much it for most of my activities. So far, i've only done one which really required any playing around, and that was setting up an old xbox 360 to not only start up and navigate to the correct inputs, but also to then open the hbo go app. Since the xbox doesn't have a direct command for opening hbo go or other applications, you simple have to setup a "workflow" for the remote, where for example, it does: "boot xbox, delay 15 seconds, click up, click right, click right, click down, click a. " which simply makes the harmony hub mimick the process of opening hbo go from an xbox controller. Honestly, not all that bad. . Take that with a grain of salt though, as everyone's got different systems which will likely be different difficulties to setup, and i've only had the remote for a week and haven't had any opportunity to run into some of the other issues purchasers have reported in other reviews.

A. Florence, Iowa

A couple of keys on my old rosewill remote were not working any more on my htpc so it was time to get a new one. Been eyeing harmony for a while and after reading reviews about problems with the remotes that didn't use buttons, decided on this one. Good price, all the functionality i want and need (wmc). Took a couple of hours to program correctly but after much reading on the net found the answer. Caveat: i use ota antennae with hdhomerun and wmc7; also stream using playon and use kodi as well. Here is how i setup my tv, receiver, and htpc:. Download the programming software from myharmony and create a login, then connect the remote to your computer with included usb cable. I added a tv - sharp lc-46d64 and receiver - bose 1-2-3 series iii and they were recognized fine. For htpc - have to input manf: microsoft and model: windows media center se. Next set up activity to watch tv:. Tv to control video (attached by hdmi). Receiver to control volume (attached with optical). Media center to control channel changes. Your preference for media center input (desktop and mce startpage both work fine). Used cbl/sat as input for my receiver. You can add other items to this activity but i just wanted it to work with the basics for now so i was done. It synced to the remote and removed the usb cable when prompted. I went through the setup on the remote screen and clicked the help button as prompted when something didn't work right and it fixed it. Smart remote! thank goodness! . I turn my receiver on and off with the device controls on the screen as i leave my htpc on 24/7. Just got it friday evening, set it up yesterday afternoon and was set up and using same night for halloween horror movie night with my family - worked great. Ordered the flirc usb receiver with the harmony remote but couldn't get it to work - there were a lot of examples where people did make it work but i need it to be an easy mce remote (seems like there was a missing step or two that wasn't apparent to me, that's why i wrote this step by step); couldn't find good instructions on easy use set up for wmc (which my mom uses so is the priority). Used my old rosewill usb receiver and bam! ; worked great with no lag even 10+ ft away. I'll add custom button, etc. Later but for now am very happy. Thank you to all who write instructions, my family thinks i'm techy but i'm just persistent.

X. Lawrence, Bury says

Took almost an hour just to set up-lame! not just a point and try-every-code-on-the-list-till-it-works type of setup. The website wasn't the most helpful, as it said just to download the app or download the software on your computer. The android app won't work for just the remote, it only wanted to work for the logitech harmony hubs. My computer is a chromebook, so i had to use my husband's windows computer to download the software, connect the remote, and finally get it to work. Really, it took too long to set up. But finally we got it working, and the remote looks really slick. Some more finangling and i'll be really happy.

Q. Erickson, Hampshire says

It works well on all ir devices. The setup is easy enough for my grandparents to do it on their own - just have your model numbers ready and know what inputs you're using when watching cable/satellite, blu ray, netflix, etc. And the rest of the process is a piece of cake. However, i have the only roku (streaming stick) that is not compatible with this remote because, for some reason, roku decided to make one remote using rf transmission instead of ir, which is the platform used by the harmony. . So . This thing really is great, as long as you don't have the exact roku i have. This is my third harmony remote and my second of this specific model. It arrived without batteries but with the charging cable, and for a refurb, it looks basically brand new. No complaints. . Stupid roku.

. Wanda, Vermont

. I ordered the refurbished 650 model. Figured i'd save $30 or so off the new version. It's just a remote, right? well, usually i read over the reviews at length, but i was in a hurry. So when i came back to online store and looked the comments over to see what other folks did to set it up, (no instructions were included), the negative reviews on the refurbished remotes had me really concerned. I was wondering if i screwed up by getting a refurb. In short, i simply googled the model and the user manual, then went to the logitech website, downloaded the software and performed the setup. Man, it was really, really easy. As long as you have the model numbers of each device you plan to control. Now i couldn't be happier, we just eliminated having to use 5-6 remotes! and it even controls my old cd jukebox and my new skystream kodi box. Awesome. . A couple notes. . * yeah, the s/n was blacked out with a sharpie. That didn't come into play however. * you need to use fresh aa batteries or the unit will blank out. If you use old (low) batteries and it will have issues. * once you download the software you can make easy changes to the device, then simply plug the remote into the usb with the cable supplied, and sync it. Very easy. * granted we've only had it for one day as i type this, but if this device lasts, then it turned out to be a great buy. It sure simplifies the process of watching tv, listening to music, watching moves, etc. , especially for my wife.

. April, California says

I've been using this remote for about a year. This is my second one - but before i bought these, i had the fancy "touch screen" model. Junk. This one works flawlessly, it's fast, easy to use without looking and controls my tv, av unit, dvd, dish network. Easy to program by going to the logitech website and setting up your account. Using the usb cable, you just plug it in, tell the program what devices you have to control and save it. The advantage of the account is, if like me, you have multiple remotes - it keeps track of each one individually. E. G. One for kids, one for living room. Oh, and it uses regular batteries - no charger to plug in and you can leave the remote anywhere - the batteries last a long time (1 year +).

D. Lindsey, Enfield

It's been really great reducing the remotes we need in the house. Programming it to turn on all your devices, put them all on the right inputs, turn your thermostat down, all with the push of one button is incredible. . Only reason i deducted a star is because i don't love the placement of the play/pause buttons above the screen. You have to adjust your grip to reach them and i accidentally touch the screen while doing so a lot. It's a first-world problem for sure, but it could've been better placed. Also, the battery life isn't stellar, but it at least lasts about 2 days before having to place it in the cradle. As long as the cradle is close by, it's not too much of an inconvenience to pop it in there every 2 days

W. Weber, South Carolina says

Purchased to replace my beloved 550 which finally gave up the ghost. Took me a while to figure out how to turn on the built-in ir blaster on the remote, which (god knows why) is turned off by default. Apart from that hiccup, it has been great. . Like all harmony remotes, it's infinitely customizable, easy to use, and largely idiot-proof. I worry that the non-user-replicable battery will degrade over time, but out of the box this this is great. . I haven't needed the hub, so i can't comment on it.

G. Angela, Massachusetts

Can't believe how easy this was to set up. I thought i was going to have to use the tiny screen to set all my devices but thankfully all you have to do is download a little application and make a few easy selections once you put in the model number of all your devices. Only small complaint is the fast forward/rewind buttons are at the top of the remote and its hard to hold the remote in the top unless you use two hands. . Wouldn't think twice about ordering again and i may order another for my other tv.

V. Irene, Wandsworth says

Was a little skeptical after reading some reviews:. Came in the factory box, with the cradle, cable, documentation, etc. It even came with the screen sticker that protects it from scratches. The only way i could tell it was refurbished was the original box tape was cut (the circle stickers) and replace with scotch tape and the twist-ties for the usbe cable and the power cord for the dock were a little loose. Other wise works flawlessly and looks brand new. Battery lasts all day plus some. The remote will be off the charger all day getting used (icon on the remote shows 90% full). Around 7pm i'll put it on the dock and it is fully charged in under 5 minutes.

. Paula, Western Australia

This replaces a harmony one and it's a big improvement. It uses an rf signal rather than ir. You can point the remote anywhere, up, down, behind your back, anywhere. Ir signals are still needed for the components: tv, receiver, dvd etc. The home control sends an rf signal to an ir blaster located anywhere in the room. It in turn blasts the appropriate ir signals to all your components. One button on the home control and the blaster does the rest. Before i needed to hold the harmony one pointed at the components until all the signals were received. Often one of the components didn't get the message. The home control has been almost flawless.

B. Mathis, Pennsylvania says

This is one handy remote. It requires you to set it up using a laptop, which really makes it easier. I had no problems working through the menu and it took maybe 30 minutes to set mine up. Now i could do it in a much shorter time. It was a refurbished unit, i would not have been able to tell. The only thing i noticed is that there is a little lag time when you use the "watch tv" button as it has to operate a few items in my case (tv & cable box). The first time i pressed it i only waited about one second and got impatient so i pressed it again and turned off the units. If you give it a few seconds, everything fires up and works fine. I am going to purchase another for my other house. I really recommend this remote for the price.

E. Sheila, Havering

Pc software does not work. Google the silverlight version that runs off their website instead. I wasted a few hours trying to get this to work. Touch screen is easily inadvertently trigger and can make your whole system to turn itself to another activity or on unexpectedly. Once i worked out the kinks, it works well. The ipad add is very good, and having it for tweaking and configuration makes things a bit more streamline.

. Courtney, Cambridgeshire says

Works well and i love the sattelite deals that amplify the signal. Really makes a difference. Now i can be across the room from the entertainment center and it still works great. Giving this four stars because ergonomically it isn't the greatest. Sometimes you inadvertently touch the touchscreen and it changes the channel or activity which is a bummer. Also, apple safari browser is problematic with set up. Fortunately i have a pc also so used that online to set up the device and account. So, beware of that. Overall though, i'm happy with it.

C. Meredith, Hawaii

As inexpensive as this remote is, wow what a great product! price for sure was much lower due to being a refurb, but it looks and works like new. Does a better job of controlling my jvc a/v receiver than any other universal i have used. The activity feature is great for turning on multiple devices at the same time. Used to have 4 remotes in the main tv room, now i have just one! and instead of being a compromise the harmony 650 is actually an improvement over 2 or 3 of those original remotes. Using my harmony to control: 55" vizio tv, dish 222k receiver, jvc a/v receiver, roku premiere+, and sony bluray player. Very pleased!

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Z. Bethany, Connecticut says

I have a number of other mid-level harmony remotes (500 and 600 series) and was a bit disappointed by this one. First of all, it was difficult to program has the harmony software would not recognize when i plugged the remote it (even though windows saw the remote (so i know the physical connection was ok). I tried a couple of different cables and computers. One computer would see it intermittently, so i was able to eventually program it. I knew this remote wouldn't have a screen and would control less devices. I assumed it would have less activities, but did not realize how limited activities would be. They really don't exist. The remote can turn on all the devices with one button, but can't turn them all off. And the remote cannot divide its buttons between devices at one time (except for volume buttons). You must select a device, at which point all the remote buttons work for that device; then choose another device to send to use any buttons with it.

A. Finch, Kent

As far as being able to consolidate all of my remotes into one, it worked perfectly. The remote is highly customizable. The software is somewhat easy to use. I really want to love this remote but i'm giving it 3 stars because of the problems i've had with it:. Sometimes it gets stuck at 99% syncing and then it stops reading the remote. After a lot of research, this is common and you just have to take the batteries out of the remote and try again and it should work. I didn't mind that too much since you probably won't be syncing it anymore anyway unless you have to reconfigure the remote for some reason. The main problem i have with this is that it is so slow! there is a very noticeable delay from pushing the buttons to the action. At first i thought my tv was acting up and being slow. It's an early android tv and it's done that before. However, if i use my original tv remote, it works very quickly! it is very annoying when you're picking movies from netflix or you have to sign in to somewhere and use the on screen keyboard.

P. Connie, North East Lincolnshire says

This refurbished unit was my second harmony - it took about three and a half years for the first one to get squirrelly, but unfortunately a couple of the buttons on this one stopped working after about 6 months, and it's not possible to take the unit apart to clean/fix it. . The sad part is that there really isn't a better alternative out there, even among logitech's offerings, so i'll probably end up buying a third one. When the buttons are working, this thing really does a great job. . At this point i don't recommend getting the refurbished model.

O. Joanna, Tameside

Bought this hoping to be able to get rid of 3 separate remotes and just use one. It works to an extent, but there are still times when i have to pull out the other remote controls for specific functions such as adjusting the input on my av receiver or navigating certain menus. It's a good idea, but not 100% there. Overall, it's made my life a bit more convenient most of the time, but it's still annoying that i have to turn to my other remotes from time to time. That somewhat defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

. Patricia, South Carolina says

Bought in oct 2016. Died in feb 2017. Since it was refurbished, there was not warranty. Don't buy this without buying the warranty. However, if you buy the warranty, you might as well buy a new one.

M. Audrey, Tennessee

Bought this as a refurbished "like new" product with assurance that support and warranty are same as new. Not true. It looks new, but logitech will not support it unless additional fees are paid. And, there will be lots of support calls due to the very poorly designed software used to program the device. I originally called four times on the same issue, which is still not resolved. There are numerous other bugs in the software that i cannot get past. On the fifth call, i was told that the device is no longer in the free support period because it was registered by the original user several months ago. After wasting days trying to implement simply commands, it's going back to the vendor, who misrepresented the product in the first place.

C. June, New Mexico says

Product was refurbished (as listed). Couldn't tell, all looked shiny and new. Didn't know that buying a refurbished remote means that support on the logitech programming software (very buggy) is not free but pay-per-incident. The programming software is a bit of a disaster. Acts like the software was contracted out to bangalore. It sorta works, but there is no appropriate error checking. If something goes wrong, you may not know until you've spent an hour collecting data, programming buttons, and then. Poof. It crashes with an unrecoverable error so you can start over again (and again, and again. ). Finally got the right combination of os/3rd party software/cloud services working, but it shouldn't be that hard (especially for a consumer device).

X. Nicole, Hartlepool

This is a really handy remote. It's compatible with just about everything and it's cool that you can program it from a computer. It's a little hard to figure out how to set it up though especially since it gives you options to set for the buttons that don't work at all. . Edit - 1yr 3mo later the volume up button has broken. I was able to reprogram another button to replace it but i'm sad it didn't hold up better.

Q. Claudia, Utah says

I bought this device because it stated on the logitech website faqs section that it does control the online store firestick, it doesn't, you can add the firestick to the device but you get a warning that says that due to the fact that the firestick doesn't have an ir port the device can't control it. It controls my samsung tv and vizio soundbar no problem, xbox one works just fine as well. . Setup was easy, it needs a pc in order for you to do anything as far as getting the device set up though.

K. Sharon, Ile-de-France

My main need was for a dvd/vcr player. Since i had a tv and a stereo i tried to set up all three. The unit would get to 99% of the final sync process and freeze up. It would not finish. So i reprogrammed it only to the dvd/vcr player and that worked. Since i know this remote is capable of operating the other devices that part was disappointing.

T. Garner, Buckinghamshire says

I liked the simplicity of setting/paring this device up with my tv, direct tv receiver, and my onkyo audio receiver. It does what it's supposed to, but my only grip would be that the controller seems to not offer all the functionality the original controller for each device respectively has. It's probably hidden in a button i've yet to program. Who knows, but so far it's worked great and would recommend to others.

B. Meyer, Bayern

This was a refurbed item but it wouldn't charge out of the box, even after swapping usb charger and the rechargeable aaa batteries that came with it with std. Alkaline duracells so i'm guessing it was a power supply problem. Fortunately, other than having to repack it and march the box box to the nearby ups store online store accepts returns even for refurbed seamlessly with no questions asked postage paid.

L. Rebecca, Oklahoma says

As a professional a/v installer, i have been selling and setting up my clients with harmony remotes way before logitec bought them out. I have always found these remotes to save me a lot of extra trips to clients and extra phone calls. Harmony established one touch control for all your a/v activities however, this one does not seem to offer that feature. I have to toggle through, pressing multiple buttons to change to different pieces of equipment. If i am in "watch tv" mode, i should be able to change the volume without switching to my surround sound receiver. But, that is not the case.

W. Irene, Arkansas

A nice idea that has never properly worked, even after calling the customer support team. I have, like most people, too many remotes and was looking for an all-in-one solution. This seemed to be one of the best. So, i took the cheese. I've had it three weeks so far and am still struggling to get this thing to work correctly. Sometimes it works, then it won't. It's just not consistent. I have an epson projector tv and the elite won't change the hdmi input or turn off the epson when finished. Yes, i've done all the fixes and one time had it working but not for long. It's frustrating so i'm probably going to return it. I guess i was dreaming when i thought there was one remote to rule them all.

Y. Cortney, Victoria says

Set-up for my entertainment center too about 3. 5 hours! the product had not been wiped, it had the last persons programming still in it. I think the experience could have been better, but it really just sucked. I like the remote, but the maintenance is just not worth the price, even for the refurbished unit.

U. Shayna, Bath and North East Somerset

I thought this was gonna be a real nice gadget to have but i was wrong. Aside from t being too complicated to program, a lot of the buttons don't do what they're supposed to do, a lot of time you push a button and it doubles the action by itself. In other words, i rater stick to the oem.

. Mahood, Calderdale says

Update: after five months the volume up button only works intermittently. This is my second unit that has buttons quit working. I. . Great remote. This is a replacement for one i bought a couple of years ago. The volume up button quit working on that one, if this one fails in a couple years i think i will have to find a different brand. Pros: easy set up with logitech software, every device i needed was in their library. Cons: my first unit had a button quit working after just 2 years. Logitech's software is great when it works, but it is buggy and i often have to try several times before it will set up my remote.

. Elida, Brighton and Hove

After owning the xbox 360 harmony remote for 6 years, i bought a refurbished 650 unit, thinking i would get similar greatness. Unfortunately, this model is horrible. I have been getting the same reset issues others have complained of here, that i can normally fix by putting in fresh batteries. Even that approach isn't working all that well these days, especially annoying because the batteries need replacing so frequently. . I'm also seeing a strange behavior when used with my roku: it's common for the roku to receive a double command (direction or ok) for one button press. I have no idea if it's the remote or the roku, but it doesn't happen on my apple tv with the same remote.

F. Theresa, Wyoming says

Bought this is april. I loved it, my children hate it. I loved having one remote that controlled everything. But, now the screen is stuck in the on setting, and it will not turn off. Batteries only last 48 hours. I searched the problem only to find it is very common and logitech has no solution. You cannot even "reset" the remote and start over, because logitech doesn't offer the option. Buyer beware.

E. Neva, East Sussex

Con, needs internet connection and software to program remote. So this means if logitech drops support for these remotes or your model you are sol. (the refurbished version i purchased failed to include this software but found online to download). Con software not supported on my computer platform. Con, not as programmable as one would like. Ie. On one device to open the menu you need to press (stop then play) i was hoping to program the menu button of the remote with the stop/play command this is not possible. On another device to open the menu is a long press of the menu/back button, unable to learn short/long press. Pro, can operate all entertainment devices with one remote.

J. Laura, Sefton says

Been a harmony user for years. I've had several models over the years. I "upgraded" to this one. I hate it. It's glitchy and reboots itself and destroys batteries and blech. So i had to go on ebay to replace my reliable and elegant, but worn out, harmony 610. The 650 was a huge disappointment.

S. Kimberly, Nevada

I bought this to combine three remotes into one. I finally managed to get things to work but getting them to work initially was an absolute pain. I followed the directions like it said to get the model numbers off the devices. Well guess what, it couldn't identity the model numbers. When that happens you have to align both remotes and teach one button at a time. I have a roku tv. Don't know why it wouldn't identify it properly. It's a nice remote but make sure you can set aside some time to configure it properly. Don't expect five minutes and you're done.

. Valencia, Hawaii says

Slow reacting. Pain to use! and what makes this one so unique and special i mean i even paid extra money for this one but for some reason i can't program a single thing into it without my computer what a giant drag not to mention it advertises that you can use it for your computer as well but you can't without buying a whole separate device and they work together. And the quick features two for example hit one button and turn your tv on and switch to a channel or whatever does not work i mean i haven't got it to work yet no matter what i try! i wish i never purchased this item!

V. Ruff, Cheshire

This remote does not do multiple activities as my previous remote does. This limitation forced me to return it. Multiple activities means watching tv, watching a movie or net flix or online store video or listening to music is a button push. This remote only does one activity. . The supplier shipped promptly and the product arrived safely. There was no issue with the product.

R. Nees, South Tyneside says

I got the item and had to factory reset it as someone else info was on it. I played with the remote for about two days and returned it because it s to big. I have an apple tv remote and the remote for the xbox one s. The only remote i have that matches it s size is the tv remote. And that only gets used occasionally. If logitech can figure out a way to cut down the size(perhaps you can do haptic type keys like apple did with the iphone 7 plus home button or have the entire remote be a screen that can mimic the exact button layout of whatever remote you program to it)and give it an oled display i would come back!

D. Shawna, Pennsylvania

Well, i wanted to like it more. Maybe because i bought a refurbished unit through online store. The rechargeable batteries did not recharge, after only 4 weeks of use. I had to buy new rechargeables. Second, the programmed activities don't always perform, the tv was not switched to the right input (hdmi 1), even though it was supposed to be programmed, i had to manually do that from the tv devices button. Not as smart as they would have you think. Wanted to have this for my tech-challenged spouse, but it doesn't help her at all.

. Whiteman, Enfield says

The remote is a 4 star product. Works great on all my devices. Was easy to set up. The nicd battery on the other hand gets zero stars. It arrived dead and would not charge after an overnight attempt. I use regular duracell with it and remove them before plugging it into the computer since they are not rechargeable.

G. Arnett, Rhode Island

Laggy touchscreen, inconsistent interface/button actions, clunky pc interface (why exactly do i need to sync to myharmony? )

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    Sewell Direct Universal Soundbar Bracket (sw 29908) 856

    Free Shipping Sewell Direct Universal Soundbar Bracket (sw 29908), Universal Soundbar This Universal Sound Bar Bracket Lets You Hang Your Sound Bar Above Or Below Your Lcd Tv. This Vesa Compliant Sound Bar Bracket Is Designed To Work Almost Any Tv And Sound Bar. Constructed -Sewell Direct Universal Soundbar Bracket
    1. Reviews: Vesa Compliant: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm.
    2. Reviews: Mounts Above Or Below Tv.
    3. First, nothing is really "universal". Because of the bulge at the bottom of my lg 47 inch tv, this thing would not fit the way it was supposed to fit, according to the instructions. However, there was another way to do it. With a few nuts and bolts scavenged from around my parts box, i was able to a... go to https://puqus.com/sewell-direct-universal-soundbar-bracket-8560823170y/#sewell-direct-universal-soundbar-bracket
    Bargain Sewell Direct Universal Soundbar Bracket (Av Furniture) Sw 29908
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    Fintie Lightweight Magnetically Detachable Bluetooth (cen1057us)

    Fintie Lightweight Magnetically Detachable Bluetooth (cen1057us) 1805

    Get Price Fintie Lightweight Magnetically Detachable Bluetooth (cen1057us), Keyboard Case All-new Fire Hd 8 7th 8th Gen, 2017 2018 Releases , Slim Shell Lightweight Stand Cover Magnetically Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Fintie Introduces This Stunningly Attractive And Unique Case For Your Fire Hd 8 (8th Gen 2018 / 7th Gen 2017 / 6th Gen 2016 /). This Case Comes A Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard That -Fintie Keyboard Case All-new Fire Hd 8 7th 8th Gen, 2017 2018 Releases , Slim Shell Lightweight Stand Cover Magnetically Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Navy
    1. Supplementary: Magnetically Detachable Super Slim 7mm And Light Weight Bluetooth Keyboard Ranges 10m. Integrates Seamlessly With Your Fire Hd 8 And Other Bluetooth Enabled Android Devices.
    2. This cover is very nice - it won't close completely with the keyboard and the fire tablet inside, but it still works. I got a stylus for the tablet and want to keep it in the binding of the case, but that's too much. I still like it. https://puqus.com/fintie-lightweight-magnetically-detachable-bluetooth-180571fcztth/#fintie-lightweight-magnetically-detachable-bluetooth
    3. Supplementary: Ultra-slim Design Case Adds Maximum Protection With Minimal Bulk. Adjustable Stand Securely Holds Your Fire Hd 8 In Landscape Mode. Durable Pu Leather Covers With Anti-slip Rubber-lined Interior. Premium Polycarbonate Shell Locks Your Tablet In Place And Absorbs Drops And Bumps.
    Modest Fintie Lightweight Magnetically Detachable Bluetooth (Carrying Case Or Bag) Cen1057us
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    Arlo Netgear Security System Siren (vms4130 100nas)

    Arlo Netgear Security System Siren (vms4130 100nas) 211

    Low Price Arlo Netgear Security System Siren (vms4130 100nas), Arlo Pro Security System Siren 1 Rechargeable Wire-free Hd Camera Audio, Indoor/outdoor, Night Vision Arlo Pro Is A 100% Wire-free Indoor/outdoor Security Camera Rechargeable Batteries And Audio And Can Be Added To Any Arlo Base Station System. Arlo Pro Includes Rechargeable Batteries, -Arlo Pro Netgear Security System Siren 1 Rechargeable Wire-free Hd Camera Audio, Indoor/outdoor, Night Vision Vms4130
    1. Attributes: Weatherproof - Arlo Pro Cameras Are Weatherproof So You Can Place Them Anywhere-indoors And Out.
    2. Very good for it's intended use! we needed it for monitoring entry points around the building and works perfectly, even at night. The night vision will not work for monitoring an entire street, but i'm not sure many people realize that it uses a ir leds, which are just lights, to see in the dark. . ... go to https://puqus.com/arlo-netgear-security-system-siren-2111lr8pg52/#arlo-netgear-security-system-siren
    3. Attributes: Rechargeable Battery - Arlo Pro Cameras Include Rechargeable Battery That Support Fast Charging. Easily Swap Out Battery And Power Up In Seconds Without Having Your Cameras Offline.
    Price Fall Arlo Netgear Security System Siren (Surveilance Systems) Vms4130 100nas
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    Amcrest 3 Megapixel Dual Band Recording 23041296 (ip3m hx2b)

    Amcrest 3 Megapixel Dual Band Recording 23041296 (ip3m hx2b) 1134

    Free Shipping Amcrest 3 Megapixel Dual Band Recording 23041296 (ip3m hx2b), Ultrahd shield 2k 3-megapixel dual-band wifi video security ip camera w/ two-way audio, microsd recording, super wide 140 fov, full hd 3mp 2304 1296 20fps & night vision ip3m-hx2 the amcrest ultrahd shield 2k dual-band wifi video security ip camera helps you stay in touch what you love anytime, anywhere. its quick and easy mobile setup process, you will have -amcrest ultrahd shield 2k 3-megapixel dual-band wifi video security ip camera w/ two-way audio, microsd recording, super wide 140 fov, full hd 3mp 2304 1296 20fps & night vision ip3m-hx2 black
    • Feature: Quick Wifi Setup Via Iphone Or Android Smartphone Using The Amcrest View App (included). Seamlessly Stream Video And Two Way Audio Directly To Your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac Or Windows Pc. Compatible With Third-party Surveillance Software/apps/nas Including Blue Iris, Tinycam, Livecams Pro, Synology, Qnap, Ispy, Zoneminder And More.
    • The camera is outstanding. Very clear picture quality. I had a minor issue with the time stamp on the camera and called customer support and spoke to owen lucus. Within minutes he walked me through the issues and the camera was good to go. Customer service was a+. Thanks again lucus. Definitely will... go to https://puqus.com/amcrest-3-megapixel-dual-band-recording-23041296-11341lx7prmq/#amcrest-3-megapixel-dual-band-recording-23041296
    • Feature: Remarkable Field Of View With Super Wide 140 Degree Viewing Angle, Intelligent Digital Zoom, And Ir Led Night Vision Up To 32 Feet. Magnetic Base For Easy Mounting On Metallic Surface As Well As Standard 1/4" X 20 Thread Wall Mount Bracket Included.
    Half Price Amcrest 3 Megapixel Dual Band Recording 23041296 (Surveilance Systems) Ip3m Hx2b

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