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Price was $1,250.00. This 3d printer is excellent. I love that it works well, was quick and easy to setup and get going, and is open source so that everything is online, open and honest. I did call tech support with a question and they were prompt, professional, and efficient. I would certainly buy it again, but knowing what i know now, i would be sorely tempted to buy the lulzbot taz 6 from online store. It costs 2x as much and prints 5. 3x the volume. Maybe i will sell the mini next year and upgrade after i become more expert. My story: i received my mini 5 weeks ago, sold by online store. Com, not a 3rd party. A few reviews mention older version. Mine was the latest version 1. 04. Setup was quick and easy, about 30 minutes (includes making room on a sturdy tabletop, move the laptop near, downloading the cura open source software comes on a usb stick with the mini ) the first print was excellent (rocktapus), about 35 minutes, and ensures all is well (lots of details, thin to thick features, etc. ). So, a little over an hour later i am good to go. Smelly fumes were not an issue for me, because i knew ahead of time not to print abs (horrible fumes) - i use pla, which is made from cornstarch. I have never felt that i needed to open windows or an exterior door, but i could if i needed to. I bought some pink pla on online store because it was the cheapest for my learning curve. Part of my learning was printing fidget spinners in pink and black, which were great stocking stuffers for kids. There are many free . Stl files on the web and a few were useful to me. My support question was trivial: i accidentally pushed a part out of alignment and all it needed was a push back and hen tighten a screw. My fault. Noise is not an issue for me: yes i can hear it in the room, but not when i close the door. I use mine in a basement hobby room that is 14'x14'; the lulzbot + laptop + small shelf for filament, tools, etc. Fit nicely on a 4'x4' table/bench i made. Probably could compact if i needed the room. Great things and gotchas:. + open source hardware and software available online and updated frequently with minor tweaks suggested by users. + a large community of 3d people, amateurs to pros, with amazing knowledge. + spare parts can be printed and metal/electronics are well specified to be able to buy online. The manual says to print two gears that wear down over time, so they are available when you need them. That cost me less than $2 in filament. I read a blog online by a guy who built his from scratch just using the online info. No proprietary bs and outrageous prices. + many free (or buy/donate $1 or so) . Stl files online. The fidget spinner was a freebie and loved by kids. - gotcha: i skimmed over the instructions about not leaving filament out overnight. Most filament, including pla and nylon, is "hydroscopic" absorbs water from the air and that water messes up prints. I now know to store filament in ziplocked bags. Good news: filament can dried in an oven at 160-200 f and then bagged. I used a food dehydrator for a few hours. Now i know. - gotcha: make sure the tabletop is level or shim the mini to make it level. The self-leveling feature works best when the 3d printer is almost level, not on a sloping floor, as mine is. Easy to fix, just do it. - minor gotcha: don't just start it and walk off. Look in every once in awhile. There are stories online by people who got a clogged nozzle or filament problem and printed a huge blob of wadded up plastic string that costs time and money. I had a couple start to go wrong (due to moist filament) and stopped the print. So i always hang out for a few minutes and make sure that first few layers look good. - big gotcha: expectations. These printers are not photocopier printers that pop out 10 pages a minute. Small objects with low infill (think swiss cheese with holes) take 30 minutes and large objects, say 5" round and 2" high, printed solid, may take overnight. Patience and strategy: i can print two different things next to each other (like a knife, fork, and spoon) at the same time and that saves time printing them separately. So print multiple things at once, over night (or longer). Bottom line: i'm loving it and no regrets about buying lulzbot versus proprietary printers.

-Y. Hannah

Mini Desktop 3d Free Ground Shipping From 3d Printlife The Lulzbot Mini Is A High Performance Desktop 3d Printer Engineered To Be Easy To Use. Even Better, The Lulzbot Mini Is Open Source Hardware, -Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer

  1. Listed: Print Volume: 6in X 6in X 6. 2in (152mm X 152mm X 158mm). Layer Resolution As Fine As 50 Micron And As Coarse As 500 Micron, Depending On Part Geometry And Speed/finish Requirements.
  2. Listed: Maximum Temperatures Of 300 C (572 F) For The Hot End And 120 C (248 F) Open A World Of Material Possibilities.

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The documentation was 5 star, print quality is 5 star. Ohh did you know that they provide everything about the printer on a thumb drive? i don't mean just a manual i mean cad files, drawings, schematics, etc of every component the printer is made out of. . This printer was easier and quicker to get setup and running than a paper printer you'd buy at a store. Best mini desktop 3d | Aleph Objects-Mechanical Components Review ( Apr 2020 ) Listed LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer Enjoy awesome ease-of-use features including auto-bed leveling, auto-nozzle cleaning, an easy carry handle, new cura software, and a low maintenance pei print surface. Print volume: 6in x 6in x 6. 2in (152mm x 152mm x 158mm). layer resolution as fine as 50 micron and as coarse as 500 micron, depending on part geometry and speed/finish requirements. Maximum temperatures of 300 c (572 f) for the hot end and 120 c (248 f) open a world of material possibilities. Modular tool head carriage design allows plug-and-play with different print heads for growing selection of 3d printing filament materials. Freedom to use any number of 3d printing software programs, cura lulzbot edition comes standard. other compatible software includes octoprint, botqueue, slic3r, printrun, mattercontrol, and more .

Lulzbot mini desktop 3d printer Review (kt pr0035na)

Easy to use for someone brand new to printing. Worked straight out of the box with factory settings. Have been incredibly pleased. -D. Joanne

Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer

  • Order: Misc.
  • Brand: LulzBot
  • Color: Mini Printer
  • EAN: 0817752016094
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:19.00 inches
    Length:17.00 inches
    Weight:22.00 pounds
    Width:22.00 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: Warranty And Support: One-year Warranty One-year Customer Support
  • Manufacturer: Aleph Objects Inc
  • Model: KT-PR0035NA
  • MPN: KT-PR0035NA
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: KT-PR0035NA
  • Sub-Type: BISS
  • UPC: 817752016094

mini desktop 3d Biss, Free ground shipping from 3d printlife the lulzbot mini is a high performance desktop 3d printer engineered to be easy to use. even better, the lulzbot mini is open source hardware, certified by the free software foundation for respecting your freedom. computer world exclaimed, "any serious maker should consider this machine because of its flexibility, accuracy and speed". all lulzbot products use free software and are open source hardware. this means your lulzbot mini uses proven technology developed collaboratively. it also means you are free to adopt the latest and greatest technology being developed across the 3d printing industry, from new software packages to experimental materials. the mini ships fully assembled and calibrated so you will be printing within minutes of opening the box. Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer (KT-PR0035NA-Lulzbot).

Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer Biss

  • Works out of the box in 20 minutes! no joke! 200+ prints in 5 months and only 2 bad prints (due to overhang). I mostly print fpv quad parts and odds/ends for friends (i. E occulus rift holder - which turned out perfect). The abs parts seem better than my friend's pla outputs. The only 2 negatives are (1) the noise and (2) requires pc/laptop connected while printing. Worth every cent and my next 3d printer will be the larger lulzbot.
  • Great little 3d printer. Also, thoroughly impressed with detail in quality control at lulzbot. It is very easy to learn to use and begin printing. About 20 minutes to setup and install software, then printed my first test print, then printed a custom print with different materials. Wonderful!
  • I am absolutely shocked with the level of customer service from this company. I have been using this printer for roughly 9 months without issue. Yesterday, the machine started to make noise, after a print job and we found that it reset itself. It appeared to be reprinting the previous job with the models still on the build platform. The platform then fractured. See attached image. We reached out to the company who refused to send a replacement without pictures and a detailed description of what happened. . Their exact words. "we are required to know the details of what happened to the bed before we can send out a replacement under our warranty. ". . After a detailed email explaining the situation, we received the following. . "there's really no way the printer while functioning would do damage to the bed like that. You can see an impact point where it spiders off and that tells us that something with more force then what the motors would do hit in that spot. Either something was dropped in that position or something similar happen to the bed. If the nozzle hit that spot you would see the nozzle indent and there isn't one, even if it were to happen it would not break the glass. ". . They are calling us liars and because their device and software glitched, we are to blame? worst customer service ever! . . I strongly recommend that you buy a different brand as this company doesn't back their product! thankfully, there are many 3d printers to choose from here! . . 20 emails back and forth and they say. "this in not something we will cover under warranty. Thank you. "
  • Horrible product. Bought the taz5 straight from lulzbot in longmont since i am not too far away. Not even the professional we hired to come out and help us getting it working right could do anything. We tried everything. Different bed treatments, every type of filament imaginable, custom built enclosures, you name it. Nothing. It now serves as a giant paperweight in our r&d area. If i could give it 0 stars i would. Total money pi and what's worse is that lulzbot did nothing to remedy the situation.
  • I am a school librarian and i purchased this printer for a makerspace tool. It printed well for a while but lately it is very difficult to successfully print anything. We have had problems with items not sticking to the bed. We have had problems with the filament not feeding. We have been using e-sun filament and have been very unhappy with it, it does not print consistently from color to color. It seem to go bad very quickly, sometimes overnight and once it becomes brittle it will snap off during the printing process. I have contacted lulzbot and have followed their suggestions but still do not have a printer that works. Lately i have had to take so much time to mess with it to get it to work that i find myself starting to give up on using it. This is not what you want from a $1500 device. I would not recommend this printer or this company for any 3d printing needs.

mini desktop 3dLulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

It's such a wonderful concept, and such a neat looking gadget. But. I had it up and running for less than two days before it broke. And aleph won't have the part i need to hopefully fix it until the end of the week. So now i have this useless lump sitting in my office mocking me. I'm seriously considering returning the whole thing and going with another brand. . Edit: i sent the first printer back for replacement. The new one is a slightly different configuration than the first one is. Newer build configurations seem to have addressed the issues that i had with the first printer. Issues with z-axis alignment (what i'm pretty sure happened with mine) were fairly frequent in earlier generations. Been running the new one almost non-stop for almost 2 weeks now with nary a hiccup. Gone through two 1-kilogram spools of filament.

Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer
Click to see NoticeLulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer (kt pr0035na)"We've used this printer for about 2 weeks, and our family can't stop printing. I didn't want to go cheap and have to "suffer" like some folks i've seen online, but i also wasn't going to sink 2k on a printer if the technology "isn't quite there yet". Boy was i wrong. I bought a bunch of abs filament (hatchbox) and some pla. I didn't really know what i was talking about, but those seemed to be the two most common filaments. . We pulled the printer out of the box, followed the instructions to the letter, and within 15 minutes we were ready to print our first item. It was so fast, we hadn't even considered what we wanted to print. We chose something, and it printed perfectly. I was worried the entire time, as the motors make what the kids call "music" when it prints. I wouldn't want this in my bedroom when i'm trying to sleep, but it's like listening to slots in a casino. It's not annoying and you block it out pretty quick. . The software download and "beginner" setting was incredibly simple. Before going to bed, i decided to print something huge (19 hour print on highest quality). About 90 minutes in, i saw the printer squirting filament all over. Doh! the printer is broken! no. That's not what happened. I learned that by simply checking a box, you can have it print a support structure for pieces hanging well off the model. I checked the box and said, "i have to trust this thing if i'm going to keep it. " got up the next morning, and it was still printing. About mid day, it finished up, and it was gorgeous. I've seen some of the printing issues that others have experienced, and i've had none of them. Abs printed perfectly. . Then i tried printing some small and detailed stuff. What a mess! printers fault, right? uh. Nope. I had been printing but hadn't done a single thing to "prepare" the bed. Some alcohol wipes did the trick and i learned another lesson. Then i switched to pla. Followed the instructions and the change out was simple. Tried to print something right away. What a mess! printers fault, right? nope again. It seems that pla should be printed on a bed that's prepared slightly differently. I was told to use "pva glue" or something weird. Turns out that elmers glue sticks work perfectly fine, and suddenly i'm printing with pla just as well as abs. . Why am i sharing all of this? because as much as i am a geek, i wasn't in the position to babysit a 3d printer just to print some widget. If it was going to be worth the money, i'd need it to be accommodating and resilient. This printer has blown my expectations out of the water. I was worried about the size of the print bed, but that's not a problem. Just about everything fits on the bed as it is. Only if you're doing massive prints would you need a bigger bed, and those printers cost substantially more. Most models are cut into pieces that can be printed on moderate sized beds. There isn't anything that i've wanted to print that wouldn't fit. (i later found i could resize the model should this situation come up, but again, haven't needed to). . The mini prints a ton of different materials, the software has a boatload of options, and i appreciate the "openness" of the printer. I thought that i'd miss having an enclosure, but i like how it looks like it's taking up less space. . I don't know what else to say. I didn't go cheap because i didn't want to struggle with this, but i was worried that i wasn't getting a "high end" printer and maybe i should just go all in. I bought this one for $1250, and i couldn't be happier with the decision. Not the cheapest, but it's been flawless (when i've actually done my part! )"

(0) Question: I'm using abs with the corresponding temperature settings. when the printer starts the first layer stick and everything after is a blob. suggestinos?

(1) Question: Does this printer have wifi connectivity like 3d wox or bibo 3d printer?

(2) Question: What does microns mean if the lower the micron the better resolution?

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FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro, Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, Optimized Build Platform, Dual Extruder W/2 Spools, Works ABS PLA

Leaving our competition a step or two behind, these new features are only available on the new flashforge creator pro:- much more powerful software flashprint which is developed by flashforge engineers now is compatible to flashforge creator pro. No need for expensive aftermarket software purchase. - a new power supply from delta-the world's leading power supply maker. The printer's voltage control now sets automatically to match region. - the new front door comes pre-installed, and has been re-designed to provide easier access to prints. - the new injected pc top cover comes in one solid piece, making it stronger and more effective at regulating temperature. - the new, larger platform adjusting screws have been re-engineered for easier use. - the new extruder wiring router can protect wiring from wear and tear efficiently package contains: -the creator pro -dual extruder -2x spool holders -2 spools filament(n. W. :1 kilogram per spool, material and color randomly selected) -2x spare blue platform sticker-2x filament guide tubes -screw drive, screws, allen wrenches and 2 spare teflon tubes in accessories bag -power supply cable -usb cable -injected pc top cover -1 x 4gb sd card (contains software, test sample files and latest operation manual) software: flashprint, replicatorg - compatibility: windows, mac osx and, linux - print from sd card or over usb - input file type: stl, gcode printing build envelope: 225 x 145 x 150 mm build volume: about 5 liters layer thickness: 0. 1-0. 3 mm(adjustable) nozzle diameter: 0. 4 mm materials - works well with 1. 75 mm abs, pla.

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro, Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, Optimized Build Platform, Dual Extruder W/2 Spools, Works ABS PLAFlashForge-Structure-Optimized-Platform-Extruder

Price :    $700.00 (was $899.00)
  • A sturdy metal frame that is substantially more stable than the creator's original wood frame
  • Enclosed chamber insulates and protects abs prints
  • Full manufacturer's warranty fulfilled by flashforge, and lifetime support provided by expert flashforge technicians
  • Metal platform support plus 10mm guide rod ensure a precise z axis movement and prevent platform arm from deforming.
  • Aviation level aluminum plate with a thickness of 6. 3mm guarantee its surface is completely flat and will not warp during heating process.
Brand :    flashforge
Weight :    24.25 pounds
Model :    709652463538
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss Basic :    Best Mechanical Components (flashforge product review) for FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro, Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, Optimized Build Platform, Dual Extruder W/2 Spools, Works ABS PLA available ( Apr 2020 )

LulzBot PolyLite PLA Polymaker, 2.85 mm, 1 kg Reel, Translucent Blue

Poly lite by polymaker offers excellent 3d printing performance, a vibrant palette of colors, and will become your affordable, go-to choice. This premium filament 3d prints reliably, has minimal warping/shrinking when compared to other materials, and is perfect for applications featuring flat surfaces and hard angles, or requiring tight tolerances for fit.

LulzBot PolyLite PLA Polymaker, 2.85 mm, 1 kg Reel, Translucent BlueLulzBot-PolyLite-Polymaker-2-85-Translucent

Brand :    lulzbot
Color :    Translucent Blue
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    6938936705482
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Electronics :    Best Mechanical Components (lulzbot product review) for LulzBot PolyLite PLA Polymaker, 2.85 mm, 1 kg Reel, Translucent Blue available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $25.00
  • Poly lite pla is formulated to have reliable feeding due to the high softening temperature of 140 c
  • Choose 250 g (0. 55 lb) reels to expand your color options and the larger 3 kg (6. 6 lb) reels to keep 3d printing, hour after hour
  • Hot end temperature: 205 c

QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer QIDI TECH I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, 2 Free Filaments, Works ABS PLA

Product description: qidi technology 3d printer qidi tech i is the most precise and dependable 3d printer. Each 3d printer is leveled, fully calibrated and operated 8 hour before delivery. Qidi tech after-sales team supplies technical support and lifetime service.

QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer QIDI TECH I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, 2 Free Filaments, Works ABS PLATECHNOLOGY-3DP-QDA16-01-Extruder-Structure-Filaments

Price :    $560.00 (was $599.72)
  • Easy to use software for simple customization of 3d models
  • Fdm technology; dual extruder; obtained ce, fcc, rohs certificates; qidi technology is registered trademark by edify technology inc
  • New high heat resistant metal platform supports replace plastic supports
  • Aviation level aluminum plate its surface is completely flat and will not warp during heating process
  • Fully metal external frame much more stronger than pvc plate and wooden frame
Brand :    qidi technology
Weight :    55.12 pounds
Model :    QD3DP2016-01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Electronics :    Best Mechanical Components (qidi technology product review) for QIDI TECHNOLOGY 3DP-QDA16-01 Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer QIDI TECH I, Fully Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, 2 Free Filaments, Works ABS PLA available ( Apr 2020 )

LulzBot ABS 3D Printer Filament, 3 mm Diameter, 1 kg Spool, Black

Abs, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is among the most popular 3d printing materials in the world because it is easy to print and strong. Abs is a durable plastic that can be used for making functional / end use 3d printed parts or prototyping. Are you wondering how strong abs really is? lulzbot 3d printers are built with parts printed with abs. This means we rely not only on lulzbot 3d printers to print reliably for our own production, but we rely on the abs parts themselves to last with heavy use. We operate a cluster of over 135 lulzbot 3d printers 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. In other words it's safe to say abs has passed the test. Abs printed parts can be sanded or smoothed using an expert technique with acetone. Advanced users have found that visible layer height on abs-printed items can be significantly reduced with an acetone vapor bath. This is a process in which the abs print is exposed to acetone vapor for a period of time. This technique allows users to have smooth and glossy abs parts.

LulzBot ABS 3D Printer Filament, 3 mm Diameter, 1 kg Spool, BlackLulzBot-Printer-Filament-Diameter-Spool

Price :    $42.95
  • Adheres well to pei print beds when heated to 100-110 degrees-celsius
  • Abs shrinks slightly as it cools which can make it challenging to print large or tall objects due to warping and layer delamination. enclosing your printer to increase ambient temperature can help
  • Hot-end print temperature 220-250c
Brand :    lulzbot
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    RM-AB0043
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss Basic :    Best Mechanical Components (lulzbot product review) for LulzBot ABS 3D Printer Filament, 3 mm Diameter, 1 kg Spool, Black available ( Apr 2020 )

ESUN 3mm Blue PLA PRO PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool 2.2lbs , Actual Diameter 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm, Blue

Esun 3d printer filament: pla pro 3mm size: 3mm nominal, 2. 85mm +/-0. 05mm actual extrusion temperature range: 210 to 225 celsius pla pro(pla+) advantages: superb layer bonding high rigidity. Good glossiness. Several times tougher than pla smoother finished printouts. No cracking or brittle problem. Pla pro prints about 20 celsius higher than regular pla and produces strong products.

ESUN 3mm Blue PLA PRO PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool 2.2lbs , Actual Diameter 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm, BlueeSUN-Printer-Filament-2-2lbs-Diameter

Brand :    esun
Color :    Blue
Weight :    2.20 pounds
  • Spool diameter: 8" - spool width: 2. 50" - spool hub hole diameter: 2. 05" - inner circle diameter: 3. 5"
  • Esun pla pro 3d printer filament vacuumed sealed with desiccant. superb layer bonding. several times stronger than pla.
  • 1kg net (approximately 2. 2 lbs) filament with clear spool
  • 3mm filament. 2. 85mm actual diameter (dimensional accuracy +/- 0. 05mm)
  • Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature 210c - 225c
Price :    $25.99
Model :    IG-C-PLAPRO300U1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (esun product review) for ESUN 3mm Blue PLA PRO PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool 2.2lbs , Actual Diameter 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm, Blue available ( Apr 2020 )

LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer

Up and running in an hour. The lt6 has a tendency to snap off pla filament during autoleveling, as in 3/4 times you will have to reset a pla print. If you value your time, use something softer like ngen.

The lulzbot taz 6 features innovative self-leveling & self-cleaning, and a modular tool head design for flexible and multi-material upgrades. With proven technology & one of the largest print volumes in its class, the lulzbot taz 6 is ready to work. The lulzbot taz 6 is a free software, libre innovation, and open source hardware product, respecting your freedom to create

LulzBot TAZ 6 3D PrinterLulzBot-TAZ-6-3D-Printer

Lulzbot Taz 6 3d Printer (kt pr0041na) FAQ.

It's pretty expensive, but i love it! . I am coming from a davinci xyz 1. 0, and man is that thing a load of crap compared to this! . I love the auto calibrating feature, which calibrates before every print. All i do is hit print, and it just works. Like anything though, you have to play around with printing things different ways to get desired results, but being able to just print without hassle makes things much easier to start over. I also love that many of the parts of this machine are 3d printed, which is very cool, and it makes it feel like 3d printing is finally getting to be legit. -Notice from T. Widmer, Southwark

Click to Show lulzbot taz 6 3d printer (kt pr0041na) Details

I have been using a qidi printer for about 18 months now with good success. It was a cinch to setup and works great with essentially no issues. I have the need for much larger parts now so i decided to move up a grade or two. I chose the lutzbot taz 6 based on reviews here on online store. I am a little concerned by the open architecture. The qidi is totally enclosed and is quite stable with respect to ambient temperature variations. . The taz 6 showed up in 2 days. Online store is amazing. I had read in reviews that there have been some issues with squareness of the frame, so i checked that first. Mine was pretty close, but i was able to adjust it to near perfection. I followed the instructions included. It comes with 3 very nice instruction books. Much more than i am used to these days. When i tried to motor the extruded head around, the machine would make really bad noises when the head was moved up more than half way. I then noticed that the left and right height adjustments were off by an inch or more and the rods would bind and fight the steppers against each other. I figured out that by shutting off the steppers, i could manually turn the right side rod to bring the crossbars to about level. Now things moved over the full range with no issues. It was obvious that the completed unit had been tested prior to shipping. I can only assume that the misalignment came from shipping. . Next i loaded the included media and tried to print the rock frog thing. Time and time again, the auto leveling would fail on the second corner and give a "clean the nozzle" message. I cleaned and cleaned to no avail. I measured voltage from the head to the corner contacts and verified there was signal. After many hours of frustration, i watched the alignment operation up close and noticed that the head didn't quite touch the second corner. I put a dime on the pad and then it moved on to the 3rd corner. It turns out the alignment of the left and right z axis was just outside of operating range. I manually lowered the right side a little and it started working. . The point of this long winded explanation is to make prospective buyers aware of this and possibly other initial alignment issues. So far, the printer is making nice prints assuming they stick to the platen. I am having a lot more trouble getting things to stick than with the qidi. I'm sure i'll develop the necessary technique with practice. It is a little sensitive to drafts but fortunately i have it in a thermal and draft stable location. . The bottom line is that it is a 5 star printer but i had to down grade the rating due to setup problems. The design appears to be very robust once it is setup properly. Buyers be initially wary.

Lulzbot-taz-6-3d-printer-(kt-pr0041na) set picture

- H. MathisPrinter is easy to learn, works great and is the perfect price! as my first printer i found this one easy to adjust to and it made the whole process simple. Final results looked great and i would recommend it to everyone!

I purchased this for a work project but also use it for personal use. I've never used a 3d printer before so didn't know what to expect. The guy i work with has used a number of different printers and explained all the complex procedures for leveling, cleaning bed preparation, dialing in temperatures and so on. I was concerned about the learning curve, but pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and started printing with no issues at all! i'm using sketchup to do all my 3d design and i've printed dozens of custom parts and had no issues, just click print and wait. Now that i have it, i'm finding lots of uses for it personally. I've printed custom usb power connectors, custom pieces for my halloween costume, custom cases for electronics projects, keychains for my kids and so on. It comes with a small sample of ngen filament which you use during setup and i just purchased a few more spools. My buddy has been super impressed by the print quality and ease of use as it self-levels and self-cleans before each print. This unit is pretty big and takes up most of a desk. That said, i'm glad i got this larger unit vs. The mini as i'm able to print some larger parts as well as batch print larger numbers of parts which are then waiting for me in the morning when i get up.

G. Miller, Northern Territory

Brand :    lulzbot
Color :    TAZ 6 Printer
Weight :    43.00 pounds
  • Maximum temperatures of 300 c (572 f) for the hot end and 120 c (248 f) open a world of material possibilities
  • Self-leveling, self-cleaning, tetherless printing, and an integrated power supply make powerful 3d printing easy
  • A large build volume of 280 mm x 280 mm x 250 mm (11. 02 in x 11. 02 in x 9. 8 in) enables large prints, or many small prints at once
  • Modular tool head carriage design allows plug-and-play with different print heads for growing selection of 3d printing filament materials
Price :    $2500.00
Model :    817752017954
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (lulzbot product review) for LulzBot TAZ 6 3D Printer available ( Apr 2020 )

ESUN 3D Printer CLEANING filament 3mm Natural 0.1kg Lulzbot, Ultimaker 3mm 2.85mm FDM 3D Printers, 3mm Cleaning

Industry's first 3d printer cleaning filament used to clean up residues inside extruders. Just like oil-change for your car. Maintenance is important to the longevity and functionality of extruders. Diameter: 3mm excellent heat stability. Wide cleaning temperature range. Not easy to degrade in the heat. Using cleaning filament can prevent nozzle plugging during transition between high and low temperature materials. Color: white semi-transparent weight: 0. 1kg patent pending

ESUN 3D Printer CLEANING filament 3mm Natural 0.1kg Lulzbot, Ultimaker 3mm 2.85mm FDM 3D Printers, 3mm CleaningeSUN-CLEANING-filament-Ultimaker-Printers

Brand :    esun
Color :    white
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    CLN300N01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (esun product review) for ESUN 3D Printer CLEANING filament 3mm Natural 0.1kg Lulzbot, Ultimaker 3mm 2.85mm FDM 3D Printers, 3mm Cleaning available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $6.99 (was $12.99)
  • Industry's first 3d cleaning filament. diameter 3mm
  • Cleans the extruder's interior by removing accumulated residual filaments
  • Possesses a certain level of adhesive quality. will not clog extruder.
  • Clean the 3d printer's extruder before and after printing for better extruder protection.
  • Wide cleaning temperature range range of 150 to 260 celsius

MakerBot Replicator+

The makerbot replicator+ is engineered and tested for reliable, faster printing. The replicator+ prints high-quality concept models faster, easier, and with a bigger build volume. Combined with makerbot s powerful workflow tools, the makerbot replicator+ streamlines desktop 3d printing for professionals and educators. To ensure unparalleled performance, the replicator+ features a sturdier construction, a 25 percent bigger build volume, better print adhesion, and more. The smart extruder+ and all ease-of-use features from the previous mp07825 come standard. The replicator+ is also compatible with makerbot s new slate gray tough pla filament bundle, created for engineers and designers.

MakerBot Replicator+MakerBot-MP07825EU-Replicator

Brand :    makerbot
Color :    Black
Weight :    40.34 pounds
Model :    MP07825EU
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Easier print adhesion and removal using the flex build plate with grip surface. prints adhere better to new grip surface resulting in reduced warping and curling. no blue tape required
  • To ensure consistent performance, our new 3d printers and their subsystems were re-engineered and rigorously tested for over 380, 000 hours across multiple facilities
  • The larger build volume allows you to print models 25% larger than the makerbot replicator desktop 3d printer (5th generation)
  • 30% faster print time than the makerbot replicator desktop 3d printer (5th generation)
  • For improved reliability and precision, the gantry and z-stage are redesigned with stiffer materials and sturdier construction
Price :    $1948.29 (was $2499.00)
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (makerbot product review) for MakerBot Replicator+ available ( Apr 2020 )

LulzBot Mini PEI Sheet

This lulzbot mini pei sheet has a functional dimension of 150 mm by 150 mm, with additional material in width and length to allow users to trim to fit their product. This will also allow for a perfectly aligned and finished edge.

LulzBot Mini PEI SheetLulzBot-KT-HB0004-Mini-PEI-Sheet

Brand :    lulzbot
Model :    KT-HB0004
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (lulzbot product review) for LulzBot Mini PEI Sheet available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $25.00
  • This pei sheet comes prepared with a self-adhesive layer already applied to make installation quick and easy
  • When cleaned and heated to the recommended temperatures, your print sticks well, the first time and releases from the heated bed once cooled
  • Pei sheet dimensions: 170mm x 170mm x 1. 016 mm (6. 69" x 6. 69" x 0. 040")

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

Certifications specifications met - ce, ul warranty (only applies to the users who purchase 3dwox through an authorized seller on online store us) 1) product - up to 1 year from the product purchase date 2) parts (nozzle, bed) - 90 days from the product purchase date for details, please visit our official 3dwox website. (please google "3dwox" to find our website) note: you must register your product on our website for warranty. (go to support register your product) for more information, follow us on our twitter! warranty outside the us (only applies to the users who purchase 3dwox through an authorized seller on online store us) for those who purchased 3dwox on online store us through international shipping and those who purchased 3dwox on online store us and transported it to countries outside the us, we equally apply the warranty excluding the shipping fee.

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D PrinterSindoh-3DWOX-DP200-3D-Printer

Brand :    sindoh
Model :    DP200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (sindoh product review) for Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $1040.03 (was $1299.00)
  • 5-inch lcd screen equipped with the full color touch screen menu and user friendly instructions
  • Standard vga driver on operating system, or a graphics card doesn't support opengl 2. 0, may cause unknown error in 3dwox desktop. nozzle diameter 0. 4mm max build size (wxdxh) 200 x 200 x 185mm (7. 9"x7. 9"x7. 3")
  • Includes a wide range of connectivity options (usb flash drive, ethernet, wi-fi, usb cable); internal monitoring camera for remote viewing via pc, laptop and smart phones
  • Offers users the assisted leveling system; 3dwox calculates and assists user in bed leveling
  • Offers automatic loading and unloading of filament; insert a cartridge and 3dwox will do the rest

ESUN 3mm Black PLA PRO PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool 2.2lbs , Actual Diameter 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm, Black

Esun 3d printer filament: pla pro size: 3mm nominal, 2. 85 +/-0. 05mm actual extrusion temperature range: 210 to 225 celsius pla pro(pla+) advantages: superb layer bonding high rigidity. Good glossiness. Several times tougher than pla smoother finished printouts. No cracking or brittle problem. Pla pro prints about 20 celsius higher than regular pla and produces strong products.

ESUN 3mm Black PLA PRO PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool 2.2lbs , Actual Diameter 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm, BlackeSUN-Printer-Filament-2-2lbs-Diameter

Brand :    esun
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    IG-C-PLAPRO300B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 1kg net (approximately 2. 2 lbs) filament with clear spool
  • Esun pla pro 3d printer filament vacuumed sealed with desiccant. superb layer bonding. several times stronger than pla.
  • Spool diameter: 8" - spool width: 2. 50" - spool hub hole diameter: 2. 05" - inner circle diameter: 3. 5"
  • 3mm filament. 2. 85mm actual diameter (dimensional accuracy +/- 0. 05mm)
  • Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature 210c - 225c
Price :    $23.99
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (esun product review) for ESUN 3mm Black PLA PRO PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool 2.2lbs , Actual Diameter 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm, Black available ( Apr 2020 )

IC3D Black 3mm ABS 3D Printer Filament - 2.1lb Spool - Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm - Professional Grade 3D Printing Filament - MADE IN USA

Ic3d abs is the first and only certified open source hardware 3d printer filament. Ic3d has published their filament production process which includes documentation on equipment used, settings and parameters, material grade, and sources. By choosing ic3d abs you too can help support user freedom in the 3d printing industry.

IC3D Black 3mm ABS 3D Printer Filament - 2.1lb Spool - Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm - Professional Grade 3D Printing Filament - MADE IN USAIC3D-Black-3mm-Printer-Filament

Price :    $34.99
  • Abs can also be post-processed easily, either by sealing and painting or through solvent-based methods
  • Print surface temperature: 95 c with pei print surface
  • Use abs filament when your 3d printed objects need to be strong, stiff, and flexible enough to resist breaking when stressed
  • Hot end temperature range: 235-245 c
Brand :    ic3d
Color :    Black
Size :    2 lb
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    RM-AB0107
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss Basic :    Best Mechanical Components (ic3d product review) for IC3D Black 3mm ABS 3D Printer Filament - 2.1lb Spool - Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm - Professional Grade 3D Printing Filament - MADE IN USA available ( Apr 2020 )

LulzBot Taulman Bridge Nylon 3D Printer Filament, 1 lb. Reel, 3 mm, Natural

Taulman's bridge" high strength nylon co-polymer was specifically engineered for 3d printing. Bridge was developed to address the war page/bed adhesion and moisture absorption issues that make printing taulman's other nylons more challenging. While still considered an advanced print material, best suited to experienced users, bridge is easier to work with than 618 and 645, with only a slight reduction in mechanical strength. Printed correctly it exhibits incredible strength, resiliency, and layer bonding when compared to abs, pla, or hips prints. Specifications: size 3mm round color prints from nearly transparent to bright white depending on thickness. Add color with most common clothing dyes consists of the purest form of a delta transition of nylon 6/9, nylon 6 and nylon 6t with a crystallinity optimization process in addition to post processing for maximum bonding during a thermal transition (3d printing). Chemically resistant to alcohols, resin and mek, oils, acetone, most all alkaline, most 2 part casting compounds.

LulzBot Taulman Bridge Nylon 3D Printer Filament, 1 lb. Reel, 3 mm, NaturalLulzBot-Taulman-Printer-Filament-Natural

Brand :    lulzbot
Color :    Natural
Weight :    0.99 pounds
  • Like other nylon filaments, bridge can be dyed for custom colorations either before or after 3d printing
  • Hot-end print temperature 235c
  • The easiest-to-print, high-strength nylon filament
  • Can be dyed to achieve custom colors
  • Nylon bridge 3d printing filament by taulman is the perfect nylon filament for intermediate users seeking 3d printed parts that are strong and resilient
Price :    $23.23
Model :    RM-NY0008
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss :    Best Mechanical Components (lulzbot product review) for LulzBot Taulman Bridge Nylon 3D Printer Filament, 1 lb. Reel, 3 mm, Natural available ( Apr 2020 )

LulzBot PolyLite PLA Polymaker Filament, 2.85 mm, 1 kg Reel, True Black

Poly lite by polymaker offers excellent 3d printing performance, a vibrant palette of colors, and will become your affordable, go-to choice. This premium filament 3d prints reliably, has minimal warping/shrinking when compared to other materials, and is perfect for applications featuring flat surfaces and hard angles, or requiring tight tolerances for fit.

LulzBot PolyLite PLA Polymaker Filament, 2.85 mm, 1 kg Reel, True BlackLulzBot-PolyLite-Polymaker-Filament-Black

Brand :    lulzbot
Color :    True Black
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    6938936705260
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Electronics :    Best Mechanical Components (lulzbot product review) for LulzBot PolyLite PLA Polymaker Filament, 2.85 mm, 1 kg Reel, True Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $25.00
  • Poly lite pla is formulated to have reliable feeding due to the high softening temperature of 140 c
  • Hot end temperature: 205 c
  • Choose 250 g (0. 55 lb) reels to expand your color options and the larger 3 kg (6. 6 lb) reels to keep 3d printing, hour after hour

lulzbot mini desktop 3d printer Price : 816, was : 1250 as 2018-01-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer (kt pr0035na) Reviewed by on

Top lulzbot mini desktop 3d printer (kt pr0035na) Content

The F.A.Q. for lulzbot mini desktop 3d printer

This is my first 3d printer and i love it! the price was great and the quality is getting even better the more i learn what and how to use it. The print volume is ok for what i'm doing right now, but i see another 3d printer in my future.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on LulzBot-Mini-Desktop-3D-Printer

(0) Question: Will the noise be too loud for my apartment neighbors, if i leave it printing in my front porch?

(1) Question: Is this compatible with windows 10?

(2) Question: How would you rate support for this printer?

(3) Question: Will it print wax?

(4) Question: I would like to know what is the surface finish of the object created, if it is completely smooth or overlapping layers of material are noted?

(5) Question: I need a 3d printer that can create bugs, such as beetles, flies and such. can this one do that?

(6) Question: Does it support the use of 3ds max or mudbox?

(7) Question: Does this printer come fully assembled?

(8) Question: Can mini run flex filiment

(9) Question: Have you printed calibration object from the usb stick if you did are they looking as they should?

(10) Question: Is this the original lulzbot mini or a later revision of it? how many revisions are there?

(11) Question: Does this printer have to connect to a computer wirelessly, over a network, or can you connect a computer to it via usb?

(12) Question: How to resume failed print for lulzbot mini?

(13) Question: What diameter filament does it use?

(14) Question: Can you make the printing surface bigger?

(15) Question: For $1460, what is the difference between this and the $1350 lulzbot mini printer on lulzbot. com?

(16) Question: What is the resolution of this printer?

(note) Question: where/how to get Lulzbot (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Lulzbot's products

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So far has been pushing out prints better then the other printers i have worked with , including xyz, makerbot and others. Unfortunately makerbot only works with pla, so the comparison between those two is difficult as most of the issues i have had have come from using filament of other material types such as abs, nylon , etc. . Has been three weeks and as far as the community goes it's great as well as the amount of support is wonderful. . Waiting on the flex filament head but i will review that next. So far happy but not ecstatic. Will post some pictures when i have time

Bestsellers, Mechanical ComponentsTop Lulzbot Mini Desktop 3d Printer (kt pr0035na) FAQ Content

Best lulzbot mini desktop 3d printer (kt pr0035na) in review

This 3d printer was very easy to setup and is very user friendly. I'm new to the 3d printing community, but i was able to start printing within about 20 minutes and have been able to test several different materials already (pla, abs, bridge nylon, and ngen so far). My only small regret is that i didn't get the next model up with a larger printing area (this one is 6x6x6 inches), but that was a choice i made going in to save money and learn first.

L. Emily, Swindon

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N. Eva, Midi-Pyrenees says

Makes makerbot look like a cheap toy. Don't let the industrial minimalist look fool you, this is top notch gear.

T. Wimbish, Sutton

Great product so far have had 3 successful prints right out the gate, self cleaning and aligning before every print makes this printer worth every penny! will keep you guys updated if i run into any issues. . Update*. . Holy sh*t this thing rocks it has been on since i've gotten it ! printing a 3 foot model right now, this is an architecture students dream

. Judith, Yukon Territory says

This is a great open source 3d printer. It comes with one of the better warranty's for a 3d printer with options to add up to 4 yrs total. It's well built with great tech support if needed. Always able to talk with someone if you have any problems. I know of one 3d printer company if you need tech support you email them the issue. If they feel like it they'll return your email with some sort of answer. If you try what they said and if that don't work you email back. You can see where that's going, nowhere. My point is lulzbot's tech support is the best.

I. Brenda, Illinois

1 printer in my opinion! out of box printing in 10 min or less. Great resolution.

U. Rita, Blackburn with Darwen says

This thing is unbelievable. I'm making things literally out of thin air. To go from idea to finished product in an hour or so blows my mind! . Tech support in awesome, had a quick (simple) question and called on a sunday, somebody answered and help me in less than a minute!

O. Franklin, Texas

I am completely new to 3-d printing, and had the luzbot mini out of the box and printing within an hour. . I will provide updates r. E. Reliability/other issues. I love it so far!

E. Anderson, Southend-on-Sea says

This is an excellent machine for learning 3d printing as a hobbyist. I was afraid, like with most of these cutting-edge technologies, that it would require so much tinkering, adjusting, fine-tuning, etc. That we wouldn't spend much time actually printing; but this product works right out of the box. My son and i are very impressed. I think it comes to around 2x what you could theoretically pay for some of the other machines, but i'm glad i did. I have a feeling that with some of the less-expensive machines, the customers are the beta-testers. Not so with lulzbot.

H. Olga, Baden-Wuerttemberg

We are still very much in the infancy of home 3-d printing, similar to personal computers in the early 1980's. That being said, we are now past the "kit" stage and on to fully assembled and tested models. . I have researched 3d printers since october 2012 and waited patiently for a fully assembled model that met certain requirements: heated print bed, self leveling, metal print head, metal frame, good free warranty of at least one year, great customer service via phone and email, and american made quality, all for under $1, 500. That is a lot to ask for and until the lulzbot mini shipped from colorado in january of 2015, i couldn't find anything that matched my requirements. But i still waited to see what actual owners were saying. Then a few months ago, pc magazine gave the mini their first ever purchase recommendation for a 3-d printer with a rave review. That, along with other reviews finally pushed me over the edge and i placed my order via online store. . Now you may notice that i am giving the mini 4 out of 5 stars as there is still room for improvement. The first mini i ordered had a few problems that were not immediately apparent. It had a defective y axis belt that quickly wore out in a few days. A call to the factory in colorado was answered by a human who apologized stating that they had a bad batch of drive belts get through and he would send me out a free replacement. The printer was down for a week while i waited for the belt. Replacement was simple and i was up and printing again in no time. Then after a few more prints, filament became stuck in the hot end. By stuck, i don't mean jammed which can be a common problem with 3d printers, i mean stuck and stuck hard. I used every suggested strategy to clear it out but nothing worked. The pla filament was melted/stuck above the heated tip (? ) and nothing could free it! very frustrating. Two problems right off and that was it for me. Perhaps i got a lemon. I returned it to online store and requested a replacement. . My second lulzbot mini arrived only two days after the first was picked up as online store shipped it out to me immediately without waiting for the first one to be returned. Wow, class act online store! great customer service! . . My new second mini wasn't without a problem either but it was easily solved. The z axis (up/down) is controlled by two independent motors but electrically controlled in unison. The problem was that they were out of alignment. On my first print, you could hear the left side strain under the pressure. Upon checking self leveling numbers of the four corners i discovered that the physical alignment was severely off and thus was putting a strain on the print head alignment shaft. A simply fix was to shut down the machine and align the vertical lead screw by hand turning it at the z motor, then rechecking the alignment. Like i said, easy fix. All i could think of was that the assembly person who tested the printer before it left the factory couldn't hear the obvious straining of the left lead screw. . I've been printing successfully ever since with a failure rate of only 5 to 7% which is extraordinary and usually my own fault due to incorrect settings! i keep a database on each print as to name, material, time printing, cost, etc. And of course, the quality of the final product and i must say that i am extremely impressed with this little workhorse. It is simply an amazing, high quality 3d printer and there is currently nothing better in this price range. . The good:. 1) self cleaning print head. 2) self leveling print bed (i believe this is the most important feature as every 3-d printer should have this! ). 3) heated print bed that does not require any tape or hairspray or glue or anything else to get proper adherence of the part. It is a glass bed covered in a material called pei which is amazing. When heated it gets sticky. When cooled it is slick and your part usually just pops off or needs just a little help to be removed. Outstanding material! . 4) hexagon metal print head that can be heated up to 300 c (572 f) so you are not limited like others to one or two materials. You can print in several types of plastics including nylon as well as wood/pla and metal/pla mixed filament. There are many, many materials you can use and more are being added monthly. (note: flexible materials require a different print head which is now available from the manufacturer. ). 5) useful tool kit is included. 6) one year warranty with a 30 return policy if you don't like the machine. Now i ask you, what other 3-d printer has such a great free warranty and return policy? (but just to be safe, order yours like i did from online store as their return policy pays for shipping as the factory policy makes you pay for return shipping to them. ). 7) made in the usa with readily available parts. . The bad:. 1) small print bed at 6 x 6 x 6. 2 inches. I am finding however, that 85% of everything i want to print fits just fine. If something is larger, i can print it in two (or more) pieces and glue it together later (which i have done on a t-rex spine and ribs). 2) must be attached to a computer to operate. This is not a stand alone machine like many others. This is an inconvenience only, as i am not planning on moving the unit out of my office. Of course you can continue to use your computer while it prints, but be careful not to accidentally shut down the program or disconnect the cable (yes, i did just that. But only once! ) as everything comes to a crashing halt and your print will be ruined. (note: there is a non-factory option to add a wireless tablet to the mini to free it from the computer connection. It runs about $300. 00. ). 3) keeping little hands and faces out of the printer. The mini has a metal perimeter cage without enclosures. The print head can heat to 572 degrees f (300 c) and thus is a serious burn hazard. Since it isn't enclosed, you may also find yourself constantly warning others of the potential hazard of burns and mangling of fingers if one isn't careful to respect its working borders. My spouse and friends have informed me that they get a strange hankering to touch the machine and/or the part being printed while it is working. This would be a problem if left unattended which i would highly recommend against for reasons including this, but also for others. Things can and will go wrong and you will be better off if you can stop the machine quickly. (there is a fix: currently there is a non-factory made plexiglas enclosure for sale online for about $119. 00). 4) be prepared to put your life on hold and host guests and relatives who want to see/use your amazing 3-d printer. This machine makes kids out of adults as they watch in fascination as it works away on your print. It's amazing to watch people just stop and stare. I've already caught a friend with his face inside the machine watching closely the layers being extruded not realizing that any moment, he could have had his nose burned! . . All being said, this is (almost) a plug & play 3-d printer unlike any other currently on the market. It it truly a quality machine capable of printing in high resolution of between 50 and 500 microns though you will usually print in 140 to 250 microns. The print quality has topped anything i have come across in this price range and above to $3, 000. 00. I carry some parts i have made with me daily. Compared to what i have seen and examined from other available 3-d printers, the lulzbot mini has topped them all in quality, price, performance, and cost of ownership which includes material. . In conclusion: you can purchase a less expensive 3-d printer but you will not be happy without a heated self-leveling bed. You can pay a few thousand dollars more but gain very little if anything. You will not find a better built, reliable, and cost effective u. S. Made printer on the market today. That is saying a lot, but the lulzbot mini is a lot of printer for the money. In fact, i'm planning on buying a second one soon just to print flexible gaskets! it's that good! . . September 2016 update:. It's been eleven+ months since my mini purchase. I've printed around 400 different parts, toys and "things" since. Many my own design and others downloaded. Overall, i've had about a 5% failure rate usually due to a mistake in settings. However, sometimes i've found that downloaded files are corrupt in their design. It happens. But i am here to report on the condition of my mini:. . My mini is still going strong! the one visible wearing part seems to be the pei surface on the heated print bed. Since most of my prints were printed in the middle, the pei surface has become detached there, showing as a discoloration of the reddish surface. You can feel that it has lifted away from the glass bed there. This has created a minor problem as filament won't stick there properly. The easy fix is to adjust your part to print slightly away from the center. The proper fix is to order a replacement pei sheet that runs only $25. It's on my list. . The only other minor problem is that the left side z axis rod/motor assemble has begun to "click" at each revolution. It doesn't affect printing but is annoyingly loud. I suspect this is just normal wear and tear but i'll need to address it soon. . That being said, i have total confidence in my mini and my purchase. I've compared it to other models available and it is still the best working, best value around for a 3d printer. It's simply a reliable workhorse! . . The mini is so good that the manufacturer decided to upgrade their larger taz 5 to a taz 6 that incorporates the mini's self cleaning and self leveling features! had the new taz 6 been available when i purchased my mini, i would have purchase it for it larger print bed and available dual print heads! . . In conclusion, "am i happy with my mini purchase? " yes, extremely so! but if you can afford the extra $, buy the new taz 6! both machines are excellent but the taz 6 is (almost) twice the size (and twice the price)! either way, you really can't go wrong! :). . 2017 update:. Just a quick update: i decided to have the factory look over the mini as the "clicking" sound needed to be addressed. They fixed that and also found a bad y switch and related short in the wiring. I did have to pay for the shipping to the factory which ran about $50 but the mini was still under warranty and thus the repairs were free. Great customer service and i had the mini back in about a week. Note: keep the original box and shipping materials as a replacement box will cost you an additional $50 and is required for shipment. . My mini is working away now reliable as always surpassing the 600th item. Truly a workhorse! :)

M. Wanda, Utah says

Wow. Now i see what all the fuss is about. This printer really has earned its high ratings. And cura slicer is a great beginner tool for printing. It has just enough advanced features to give you some flexibility. Also it's greatest strength is its build plate. The material they use is like magic. You will not be disappointed with this great little printer. I added an enclosure and that also helped in my unstable printing environment. Great job lulzbot!

R. Elida, Nebraska

This printer is superior to others in the same price range. We've had another brand and returned it. This printer is reliable and not all that complicated, unlike other 3d printers, you don't need a ph. D to use this and the quality is top notch!

B. Ophelia, Ealing says

This is my first 3d printer so i cannot compare my experience to other 3d printers. Thus far i would have to say this printer is absolutely great. Me and my friends spent the whole weekend just printing different objects from low to high difficulty. Error happens when pushing the printer to high detail prints when on standard settings but this is due to my inexperience more than the printer itself. This printer really impressed me , is great for a beginner and is actually worth what you pay. Those who say the print lets out too much noise. I mean its a mechanical object it should make noise? senseless. . Auto-leveling. Heated bed. Cleaning nozzle. Easy to use. Consistent print accuracy. . I am engineer myself and i must say the guys at aleph objects did a great job. . Please see images below.

K. Candy, Surrey says

I purchased the lulzbot with zero 3d printing experience. I ordered this on a complete whim and had no idea what i was getting into. I've always wanted a 3d printer, and the reviews suggested this was the best printer for a novice. Although $1300+ is a lot of money to throw down on a risk, i was willing to take it. . The risk turned into a huge reward! . . To start - sketchup does not work for this printer, or any 3d printers. If sketchup is the only modeling program you are familiar with, learn something new before you buy a 3d printer. I made the mistake of assuming sketchup would be my primary modeling tool. There are a couple free software options online. If you don't plan to model anything yourself, there are countless models available for download on thingiverse. Com. I use rhino to build my models, and the program has worked flawlessly with the lulzbot and its software. . I am amazed at the printer's accuracy and detail. While a platform size of 6"x6"x6"seems small, i've never needed to print anything larger. It's really the perfect size for personal use. To compare, makerbot has a 4"x4"x5" mini model for price similar to the lulzbot mini. I'd hesitate to buy something that small. . It's fairly quiet. I can have it running about 12 feet from me and watch tv with no complaints. You'll want a stable surface for the printer, as it will make quick movements and shake an unstable surface. I've printed with both a pc and macbook air. . I have no complaints. This printer has turned me into a complete nerd overnight.

. Carolyn, Poole

Removing items from the print bed can be tricky. Hips plastic likes to let go from the bed very suddenly. I haven't tried abs yet, but i will be later this week. Be careful when removing items from the print bed. Overall i'm very happy with the lulzbot mini. The print quality is quite impressive.

W. Claudia, Bexley says

Excellent 3d printer, easy to use for a beginner, great quality prints. Hardware and construction are extremely good, beautiful even. I have been a machine builder for 40 years (controls) and i can say this is very well designed and made with great materials. Worth every penny!

A. Sherry, Wigan

I bought this after graduating with my master's in mechanical engineering. Not that you need an engineering degree to use this! it was easy to use right out of the box. I'm impressed by how flexible this 3d printer is in making various objects. I would highly recommend he lulzbot mini to hobbyists who want something that just works out of the box. Part quality is usually okay on the first try. The noise is loud and somewhat high pitched if you're right next to it, but if you're in another room it's more faint. I would not recommend using it in the same room if people are trying to sleep, or if it might be disturbing neighbors. For me, it's not a problem because i keep it in the guest room while i'm in the living room. . The only downsides for me are that the 6in by 6in print bed is small, and prints can take a while (87g is 2-3hrs). . Even so, i've put this printer to good use! pictures i included show an iphone/ apple watch stand i designed and printed myself, a game of thrones crown i found somewhere on thingiverse that i printed and wore for halloween (made with wood-infused filament), and a video showing the printer doing its job.

. Susana, Barnet says

Ok, nube to 3d printing, and i'm a novice, but i was so impressed that i had to write my first review ever. I did a lot of research before the purchase, and i thought i'd pass along some kudos to the guys at lulzbot. I am totally stoked! i was up and running in about 30 minutes, and had my first part loaded and done (small part) in less than fifteen minutes after i printed the sample rocktopus. Could not be happier thus far with something i was anticipating to have hours spent in troubleshooting and set up. The documentation is great, the printer arrived a week earlier than anticipated, the ease of use is ridiculous, and i can't wait to get my filament spools tomorrow to play around with it even more. Again, super stoked that i got this, it opens up so many avenues for r&d and creativity!

G. Garner, Aquitaine

I had a minor glitch with the first one. The belt broke after a few weeks. Online store sent me a new one over night! 2nd printer has been chugging along great. With 3d printing there's a huge learning curve, but the mini makes it easy to plug and play. Highly recommended for beginners.

Z. Clara, Hounslow says

It's way better than makerbot we have at work for half the money. :-)

J. Mahood, Tasmania

What a joy to print with. I went form an m3d to this and wow night an day. Everything just worked out of the box. With in 10 minutes i printed with no issues. The open source just helps out too, that i know the specs of any part i need is amazing. Just a total joy to use and would 100% recommend this to any one.

S. Melissa, Nebraska says

I have own my lulzbot mini now 3 months and i have been very happy with it. I had to contact customer service 3 times, once for for my own mistake with a filament order, 2 times for warranty. Service has been excellent every time. Second time i contacted for warranty i choose to send the printer back for repair. . I read from others comments that they have too easily insisted to ship the whole printer back even for a minor repairs. In my case this has not been the case: they are willing to help you repair minor problems yourself by supporting you what needed. I'm happy with this approach and it solved my first warranty issue (filament clamp). . Second warranty case was more difficult problem (z stepper motor coupler) so i choose myself to send the printer back for them to take a look. This item is the reason why i give 4 stars instead of 5: the bolts fixing the coupler have been glued. This makes it difficult to renew the broken part. Added to this the left coupler has to be operated and renewed in a tight slot. The printer design could have been further optimized to make the change easier: the hole in the printed part could be larger so that the remains of the coupler could be pulled up together with the rod for easier removal outside printer.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

C. Pearce, Blackpool says

I had posted a favorable review after owning this for a number of weeks. But over time it has become too problematic. . 1. The first one i ordered encountered a head clog that just could not be fixed. (i was on the phone with the tech support for a long time until he said to return it as they wanted to learn from what was going on -"evaluation") they told me to deal with them on the return not with online store so i did and it cost me some shipping money. I liked the machine and the customer service but was disappointed in re-boxing a new machine. . 2. Without going into a lot of needless detail the "heated bed" is problematic. I replaced it three times. I was about to replace it a fourth when diagnostics told me it was wiring this time. Not the bed dying as before. Working with customer service (they are good) i tested resistance on the board and narrowed the problem down to a wire that is sent down a moving track (design flaw in my opinion). Cannot get to it so major disassembly would be required . And it may wear again even with replacement. . It was out of warranty so now i use it to make crappy prints with glue stick on the bed. Ok for toys. I would not recommend this printer. Next to it i have a $400 qidi that outperforms the lul in speed, print quality and overall quality. The lulzbot had too many failures. In some cases i was able to "jerry rig" the printer and print up parts that had failed. That was ok. But overall the price is too high now compared to other printers and too many problems with the bed itself (cracking, failing, wire routing, etc) being one i have spent many hours on.

J. Guest, Nottingham

One of the fans broke on christmas day after one use. Thanks for the disappointment.

D. Anonymous, California says

 this printer was purchased through online store. I choose the lultzbot to support a local company and had heard they had good support. . On the initial print the printhead crashed into the cleaning bed slightly damaging it. After several power cycles the printer seemed to correct itself. On the first actual print (lultzbot's rocktopus) after the bed crash the printhead imprinted the footprint of the rocktopus into the pei surface - because the z offset was too low. Subsequent prints all had the rocktopus footprint imprinted on the bottom surface. After i adjusted the z offset i was able to print successfully without damaging the pei surface further. . I contacted aleph objects (lulzbot) about the issue. There response was "this is not something that will be covered under warranty". This is unacceptable considering this was damaged doing their initial test print. After numerous email exchanges they agreed to replace the cleaning bed and the pei sheet. They requested a receipt, serial number, etc i was informed that i "was not covered under warranty because this purchased by someone who is not an authorized dealer". Aleph objects lists online store as an authorized dealer but there is no warning that certain purchases within online store are not authorized dealers. . Thankfully, even though i was outside the return time frame, i was able to return this printer to online store. . Because i had also purchased an an enclosure ( for the printer and a lot of 2. 85 mm filament i decided to repurchase the printer via matterhackers. . I have also purchased a creality cr10 for substantially less (and much larger print area). The cr10 uses 1. 75mm filament vs the 3mm (2. 85mm) filament used by the mini. The mini doesn't have an option to use the 1. 75 mm currently even though 1. 75 mm filament seems to be where the market is trending. I was able to obtain prints (w/ pla) that are at least as good if not better than the prints obtain with the lulzbot mini (using lulzbot default parameters). While it's not as convenient to print on the cr10 i would probably have not repurchased the mini if i hadn't had the enclosure and the 3mm filament.

X. Perez, Aquitaine

I tried three different machines. The first one broke the x-axis motor shaft; i sent it back and ordered a second one. The second one did not work straight out of the box, except for making a horrible grinding noise. I ordered a third one, thinking that three times is a charm. It was not. I had difficulty removing abs printed blocks off the bed. One of them stuck so strongly to the bed that i cut my hand using the removal tool. In the process, the glass bed fractured. The manufacturer blamed me and refused to send a replacement. Thank god for online store!

S. Angelica, Missouri says

This was an easy to use printer while it worked. However, it broke after two months of use and their support is terrible. They do not stand behind their product and won't cover things under their one year warranty because they claim it only covers original manufacture defects. They said since my printer was printing for two months it can't be an original problem. What sort of one year warranty won't cover anything if it worked at one time?

G. Valdez, Kingston upon Thames

Used for a couple dozen prints and it stopped extruding, so i looked at the extruder and found that the idler assembly in the print-head had cracked on its own, i guess because of the heat it experienced in the vicinity of the print head heating elements. Anyway, i sent an email to support and they replied back that it's a known defect and that i can print out a new one (! ) which of course is ridiculous - my printer no longer works dude! . . Or i can send my store receipt, serial number of printer and a picture of the defective assembly. I pointed out that it's a chunk of extra work for me to assemble these things given that it was a defective part. Just send me a replacement part, please. I just wasted a bunch of time debugging this thing. Could you help me out by just sending it? but they were steadfast in their resolve, i'm guessing just in case i was running an idler assembly racket. . Anyway, this is not a device that you can use for very long without needing to fix something. If you're a non-technical person, it might be a real challenge to get your return on investment.

. Colleen, Maryland says

After a couple months use of a new machine, i've upgraded my review to 3 stars. 4 stars for the machine, -1 star from tech support/quality control. . Got this model as it is supposed to be a great print & forget type printer. Reviews talk about getting up and running to start their first (and successful) print in 20 minutes. As a (somewhat) experienced 3d printer user, i was surprised it took me two hours and two calls to tech support (at least "matt" was friendly) to get my printer up and running. It still had problems so i had to cut my losses and decide what i received was a total lemon. Terrible experience, i have to rate it 1 star. I am hoping a replacement (through online store) will live up to at least some of its hype. I will update here if so. For details, see below:. . This is my second printer (first was an afinia 480 - pretty user friendly but prints wouldn't reliably stick to the bed for anything but small prints. ) i was expecting a good experience with this well-reviewed product. I opened up the package with excitement and although i've been using a 3d printer for years i thought it best if i stepped through the "start guide" step by step, just to be sure. . Steps 1-5ish: open up box, take off packing material, install software, plug in printer, load up the much-touted "rocktapus" figure. (the guide said it should appear when the program starts but i had to load it off the handy usb drive included with the printer that had all the software, parts, etc. If you couldn't get them off the net. ). . Problem one: i was to: "open the control panel and heat up the print head to remove shipped filament. " i could not get the control panel to open. Checking through the start guide it said to reseat the usb cable. Did several times. Reloaded software. No luck. After 40 minutes or so, i called tech support. Apparently the default "rocktapus" figure is too large for the print bed. (there was no error or warning in the software to tell me this was the problem. ) so, tech support cleared up the issue, showed me where to rescale the figure and i managed to remove the filament and install the spare filament that came with the printer. . Problem two: when i moved the print head higher in order to clear away the extruded filament, only the left side raised up until i heard a distinct "snap" not good. The right motor wasn't moving. Call to tech support again. Over the course of the next hour i worked through loosening the z-drive screws with hex wrenches, hand-screwing the two z-supports so that the print head is level. I had to do this twice because the right z-axis motor still didn't work with my next try. (reseating the plug seemed to finally fix the problem. ) after an hr+ of tech support and elbow grease i had the printer up and running again to try my first print. . Problem three: i started the print (yay, plug and play finally. ) the "rocktapus" started strong (heating and auto-levelling), but halfway through the first layer i heard the machine go "snap, snap, snap" and saw that the printout was now shifted along the y-axis by about a centimeter or more. After restarting the print about 3 or 4 times (and calling tech support so they could hear the "snapping", i finally was able to see that the back cable "snake" was catching on the bottom of the print bed as it went back and forth. I could not find anything wrong with the snake (not broken) but it was sagging too low so it caught on the print bed when the bed was extended all the way forward. (for the ocd folks here, yes, the printer had plenty of clearance on all sides during this whole process. ) tech support wasn't able to give me any good advice or ideas, so i cut (what was left) of my losses and returned the printer as defective. (at least online store works correctly. ). . One side note, several times the tech guy marvelled at how this was so out of the ordinary (duh, i assume not all their stuff is crap. ) i was offended when he inquired (several times) with disbelief and asked if i had a refurbished model. (i stated at the start this was new that came in from online store this very day. ). . So, first experience: yuck, yuck, and triple-yuck. As things stand, i can't recommend this printer to 3d printing neophytes. The size issue is just bone-headed and the printer problems are inexcusable. I'll check in once i get a replacement and run it through its paces, but my next lulzbot mini will need to prove itself first.

I. Nellie, Bayern

The printer did well for the first few print outs. But, the printer bed design is poor at best. The printer bed cracked within 24 hours of setting up the system while it was in a cooling down state overnight (part was properly removed at the proper removal temperature). The pei surface is flawed and the bed is way to thin to be strong enough for the materials they support. They would be better off supporting a consumable material for each print job or make a stronger print bed, that is stronger than the material being printed out. . After printing mostly just their sample designs, at the proper temperatures for the material: the bed failed catastrophically. . I figured with it being 24 hours old and using proper materials the company would be cooperative. Not at all. After providing pictures and explanations they simply fell back on their statement the printer bed is not a warrantee item. . I would have expected more from a us based and made products. Lulzbot fails in this category big time. Worst customer support i've had to deal with. . No room to compromise with their customers either: pay consumer pricing at full rates to have the product fail within 24 hours. Then have to pay full price for their poorly designed replacement products. . Don't worry about the cost of filament with this product. The printer bed, pei and heater will break your budget long before you run out of the first roll of filament! . . The self leveling heated print bed is one of the competitive differentiators. And it is certainly a poorly designed differentiator. Especially if you want to print the variety of materials they claim to support.

L. Bethany, Oklahoma says

At first this product worked flawlessly. Unfortunately the print head fell off, the 2nd printer kept making a very loud clicking/jamming noise, the 3rd printer kept jamming and i spent more time cleaning it than printing. The user manual also leaves you guessing on some points and the software / firmware needs some improvement, (if it loses connection with the pc, it does not know what to do, i have contacted lulzbot and advised it should reset / stop, not keep printing in the same spot. ) and we need a home button so that you can raise the print-head to access it. . So i have to give the mimi a thumbs down, i would not get one.

T. Amanda, Rotherham

I bought the lulzbot mini, it seemed to work straight out of the box, but the first test print failed. I just wrote it up as an initialization configuration setup issue, but i could only get about a 30% successful print. . I quickly noticed that the track catches on the back side of the bed when the head is all the way down and to the left and the bed moves forward. The track also rubs on the vertical rail when the bed moves forward and the print head is all the way to the right. The extruder does not seem to maintain its temperature, on several occasions the abs would stop feeding and the gear that pushes it would grind into the plastic. . At one point the software crashed and caused the print to fail, several times on long prints i went to check the status of the print (percentage done. ) and the software was "not responding. ". . I sent the thing back after 2 weeks of playing with it, bought a zortrax m200. . Pros:. Works right out of the box with little setup. . Cons:. Track hits the bed and vertical rail which will cause quick ware. Excruder does not seem to maintain its heat. The software can be flaky and stop responding. It has to be connected to the pc with the software running if either fail, print fails. The quality of the prints are sub-par for a 1200$ machine. 70% print failures

N. Widmer, Redbridge says

One of the worst 3d printers in our research lab. 1. The self leveling process is faulty, as soon as you start using something other than hips/pla/abs, the nozle never gets properly auto-cleaned, leading to the self leveling process to always malfunction. Also, the auto-leveling is not needed most of the time, as it takes very little time to level, and if you leave the printer in a single place, you usually do not need to re-level the system every time you print. Thus this feature is nearly useless. 2. The cura software only provides the proper support structures 60% of the time, the other 40% of the time you will find out midway your print that you will need to restart your print (gets expensive fast if you're using the more exotic type of filaments on large prints) because lulzbot decided to just start spraying filament into thin air due to the support structure being absent where it is needed. 3. The "high temperature" extruder "advantage" that lulzbot is claiming is useless, because lulzbot does not handle polycarbonate well which requires that temperature. Also, filaments developed specifically for 3d printing, like alloy 910 for example, prints at 250c, and comes out stronger than polycarbonate 3d printed objects that lulzbot printers output. So a better printer that prints at temperatures up to 260c will work better on everything. 4. If you plan on printing with carbon fiber, you won't be able to do so with lulzbot printer, unlike other printers which come with hardened steel nozle, this one does not, and will get immediately ruined with the carbon fiber based filament. 5. Every printing profile they provide on their website for the filaments is worthless. On every forum post you will see that most of their customers note that the temperatures lulzbot provides are incorrect, and you will always need to go to the filament manufacturer website to get the real temperatures at which you will be printing, or using the heated bed with pva. 6. Terrible tech support. Their printer has a large number of problems, you will see their forums filled with complaints about the poor performance of this system, but they will always blame it on the customer, so that they don't have to work out the bugs or deal with the malfunctions. If your printer comes damaged, or does not work, you will not be able to get it fixed or replaced. They are extremely difficult to deal with. 7. You can get a better printer for a lower price, or a larger superior printer for the same or slightly higher price. Don't waste your money, this is a very low quality product.

W. Josephine, City of Bristol

You edited this post. . Nathane gray says:. . I too received 3 bad mini's in a row from online store. They all looked liked they were refurbished and the original seal on the box was cut on all three and taped over with clear tape. . The first worked well but showed signs of heavy use , i paid for new. The second one the y axis belt started falling apart after 12 hours of printing. I called aleph in colorado where i live, they had me send it back to online store, why not send me a belt? . . The third one , the small fan that shoots air at the extruder never turned on. Botched every single print since the first print i tried. Kept cooking the abs and made the whole room smell like burning plastic. Very disappointed with online store and the lulzbot/aleph

R. Betty, West Berkshire says

I was so excited to get my lulzbot mini. I have been waiting for a product like this for years and it was a great out of the box experience. Until i tried to remove the test print from the bed. It was stuck like you wouldn't believe but at least i could get the knife under the little tentacles and pry. I almost cut myself because the print comes off quite violently. . Then i get to my own print, a monster bust i got from work. Set it to fine with support and it printed amazingly. I was all happy again. Until i tried to remove the print. Once again, it would not come loose. This time it was really stuck. Among many things suggested that i tried, it was suggested that i "tap" the model with the back side of the knife. I tapped. And i tapped and tapped. And bam. The glass on the print bed cracked. I had to return this with my print stuck to the bed. It never did come off. . Honestly, i'm heart broken. :(

O. Mahood, Darlington

Overall, the lulzbot mini is great. Easy to setup, easy to use. Probably the best no-fuss printer in the for-home-use price range. . However, don't buy it on online store. There are several revisions of the printer, and they've gotten significantly better over time. The stock here is potentially old. The printer i got was 1 or 2 revisions behind and was manufactured over a year before my purchase date. For a printer this pricy that is supposed to be ready out of the box, i had to do several modifications (y axis damper, print a new idler because the one on it came cracked, and i'm still fighting getting the y axis right). . I use the printer several times a week, and overall i really like it, but i recommend maximizing your value and buying direct from manufacturer.

F. Gloria, Wisconsin says

With one major flaw, this printer is very good. The packaging is sturdy and professional. Everything is included. There are good instructions. It takes a bit of finagling to get the filament loaded, but once you figure it out, it's not that bad. The printer worked straight out of the box and it prints nicely. It's basically, no muss, no fuss. However, the one flaw is that printer is very loud and not only that, it's sort of a creepy sound, kind of like when someone runs their nails against a blackboard (chalkboard scraping). It's a bit odd that no other review has mentioned this. Does everyone have their printer inside a sealed cabinet or are they wearing earplugs?

Q. April, Bury

Ordered this printer after weeks of researching and reading as many reviews and user reviews as i could i decided this was the one for me. Wrong! after 4 printers failing 3 within hours of turning them on. I cannot honestly recommend this printer until they get some serious qa or something. I will describe them individually as best as i can. . 1st one failed the auto calibration on the second print and melted the pei bed. Called the company and talked to their tech support and was told that you have to watch every calibration to make sure it does it correctly and that i could ship them my bed and they would send me a new one once they got mine and it would take about a week. Mind you this machine was less than two hours old and nowhere in their quick start guide or manual does it state that you need to watch this calibration or this could happen. The other option i was told was to exchange it through online store which is what i did. . 2nd machine showed up in a box way to big with one piece of packing paper in it. Pulled it out any ways and fired it up to see if it survived. 1st print started without a hitch. Somewhere in the very early stages of that print the x axis stepper motor stopped working and all it would do is keep printing back and forth. Exchanged for number 3. . 3rd machine showed up and everything looked good. As the first print was finishing i looked down and noticed the y idler arm printed part was split. Called customer service again and was told that i would have to ship the whole machine back to them to fix it under warranty or exchange it again. Then i though well it is a printed part so will just print it. Well that part has brass inserts in for the screws so that was a no go. Debating whether to exchange it or warranty it i decide to finish a second print as the printer was still printing really well. Started print number 3. X axis stepper motor failed again. . At this point i'm not sure i want to even try again after talking to customer service and being told that i would have to pay for shipping to them more than once for warranty work on a 2 hour old machine. I decided that there is no way i could get a 4th bad machine. So i set up the exchange through online store. . Well this exchange take longer and i get an email from online store saying they are going to be investigating my account like i had done something wrong. I immediately call them and go through there bs and never heard back from them so i assume everything is ok. . 4th machine shows up and i turn it on and immediately notice that this one is louder than the other three. Small fan on the hot end is either out of balance or going bad. Deciding to look past this as it is just a small fan no way they would make me send it back for that. Figured i would see if it would make past the 3 hour mark before something failed. It printed great for five days. Then it started to fail every other print. Today all the prints started shifting about half way up, holes were no longer round. Y axis belt stripped and is about to break. This was the last straw! . . It is being returned and i am going with a different company. . Every review you can find on this thing says just plug it and go, it just works. Well you can plug it and go but it does not work reliably. Now there is a possibility that i just got some bad batches but with the build dates i just don't think so 6/5(i think was the first), 2&3 were 6/13 and 4 was 7/21.

H. Claudia, Slough says

Jams every single time. I've been doing 3d printing a long time and i can't believe how bad this product is compared to its reputation. First, their version of cura wouldn't connect to it. Second, auto leveling didn't work at all. I finally had to go in and manually edit several settings in the cura profile. Not to mention that it never asks you what filament you're using and just assumes 2. 85mm. That's fine for experts that know how to debug a poorly design product experience, but god. Good luck to a beginner. So i was fine with all this until i started trying to actually print something that took 4 hours. It fails within about 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, etc. So the last time i took the extruder apart and found that the 3d printed abs had started to melt and block the hole. So i fixed it with some bike cabling to supper the filament a little better since the distance is far from the extruder to the hole. I thought maybe this time it would work properly. Nope. On the second next print failure it jammed so bad i have to take it apart again. I'm debating throwing it in the trash now and getting something less. Useless

Y. Stacey, Saarland

I purchased this unit about a month ago. The machine worked straight out of the box. It is easy to setup and print . Stl objects. However, it is pretty noisy when running. Simple settings (high, normal, low quality prints) works fine. However, once you want to specify advanced settings, things do not go well somehow. More tutorials needed on these settings. . Given all the above, for my applications, i would give it a 4 star. Why it is a 1 star to me? . . Here s why: here s why: it is extremely difficult, even *dangerous* to remove newly printed objects. . Among the tools that came with the lulzbot, i used the blue handled knife the most for removing printed objects. Sometimes some of the printed objects are stuck pretty hard to the base. This time when i was having a hard time removing an object because it was stuck so hard to the base. While i was applying more pressure trying to go underneath the object, the object came off all of a sudden. . Slash! my left hand was holding the knife went straight for my right hand. My right thumb area just opened up! i thought about patching it up with band aids but very soon i realized that was not an option because i could see my thumb joint through the cut! i had to go the the emergency right way to treat the laceration. The wound is too graphic for online store, so i could not include it. Here is a couple of pictures of the knife. . I strongly suggest that if such dangerous tools are given with this $1350 printer, some protection wear (i. E. Cut proof gloves) should be given. I am returning this as it is unsafe for me to use. And, i racked up a hospital bill that's more than over $1000 dollars on this incident. The surgeon said it would take 8 - 10 weeks to recover.

K. Gilmore, Hackney says

I really wanted to like this thing, but it's let me down too many times now. . Within 3 days of getting the printer, filament began to ooze out between the nozzle's threads and the heating block. I tired to wrap it with some teflon tape and reinstall (per instructions i found on lulzbot's own forums, ) didn't work. Support claimed i had just voided the warranty on my printhead by "performing an unauthorized repair". This left a bad taste in my mouth, but ok, lesson learned. . Less than 200 hours of printing later, i was having an extremely difficult time getting settings dialed in for acceptable prints. I noticed that there is now about 2mm of play on the linear bearings that support the "back and forth" motion of the gantry assembly. No wonder my prints look like garbage! i wonder what excuse support will use to weasel out of this warranty repair? . . Other than it falling apart and the warranty being a joke, it does have something to offer. I really respect the open-source design, and the software is actually very easy to use. . I have a friend with the same printer - he purchased his about 9 months before i purchased mine. His has been rock solid since day one. I guess i just got a bad unit.

V. Anonymous, Champagne-Ardenne

I purchased mine july 13th 2015 and everything was fine up until last week i noticed a popping sound down near the stepper motor on bottom right (facing) called customer service and they advised some loose screws so i checked and that was not the issue. Just now my stepper motor for my x axis can barely move the extruder, whats going on! i paid 1400 for this! im starting to think i made a mistake on this one.

U. Cunningham, Halton says

Very poor printing quality. Have had to replace faulty parts 2 times in the first month. Still waiting on the 2nd part to come in. I strongly recommend people to not buy this printer.

A. Jackson, New Brunswick

Good for about 3-4 months at a time. I had to get 2 prior to the third one i have now. But the third one i have had a z axis coupler break in have and for whatever god unknown reason lulzbot team hired hercules to install the 1. 5mm alan screws into the pre-existing couplers. I've already stripped 2 wrench keys trying to loosen 1 screw. Save the $1300 and go with another machine. If the machine is up and running like the $1300 you dropped on it should, the machine works great. Just know by that third or fourth month it will die on you

M. Juliana, Utah says

Similar to what a couple of others ran into here, after about four prints this machine broke down, no longer freely moving from side to side. Basically rendering it useless. I had heard they had the highest quality but it's possible they have started going the cheap route. Not sure at this point if they can fix it or if i need to just return it.

E. Erin, Montana

This 3d printer seems decent enough, it has some good options that most 3d printers don't. But i have only been able to use it for a few months. I had issues and had to return it to them twice. Getting warranty service is a pain and expensive.

B. Maria, Southwark says

Ive owned this machine for a good 6 months now. Having used it and several other machines since my purchase i would like to say that i have a good grasp of this hobby and what these machines are capable of. . That being said, this machine is a tank. In some ways its over built, but the price you pay for what you get isnt really justifiable. The design is now far outdated and over priced for a machine that the majority of its parts are 3d printed. Most of the parts of of good quality, drylin bushings, 24v power delta supply, mini rambo control board, and a hexigon hotend. The 0. 5 nozzle size dramatically limits what it can do. Also the lulzbot edition of cura that is optimized for this machine ignores small details. Anything under 1mm in size seems to be ignored. . That being said, it can do fairly robust parts quickly, but for the price, you would be better off saving yourself $500 and getting the prusa mkiii kit and get a machine with a much larger build volume and actuall customer support and community help to figure out anything wrong with the machine. When my control board fried itself after the fan plug came off the board (theres no retainer for it) i spent a month trying to figure out the issue on my own. The lulzbot forum was of little help and i was often told that i was doing something wrong. After having to buy a new board the machine was working once again. I also own a $350 anet a3 and after some tinkering am getting it to print as good, if not better then my lulzbot mini. The lulzbot i had working out of the box and the anet took some setting up, but i feel like ive learned more about how to really use one of these machines from the anet more then the mini. Now i need to go replace the factory installed pei sheet that is bubbling off the build plate.

Z. Lewis, Wisconsin

After a little over 1 year of very minimal use (less than half of a spool of printing), the rear end stop failed due to a problem with the rambo board. According to lulzbot, the warranty was up and i was on my own for the repairs. Print quality and software was "so so". There were various printing issues with about 50% success rate. Although it was a good price compared to others, the quality of the prints and the quality of the printer itself was not even close to being worth it. Bummer.

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