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Price was $819.00. This is a revolution. I've been waiting for an experience like this my whole life, and showing the surface to people has them laughing at the supposed best-in-class experience of apple devices. This is a new thing, and i love it. . Hardware:. . Sure, it's expensive, but it's smart. The surface book is a 2-in-1, a tablet that docks into a keyboard so it can be used as a laptop. My keyboard base has the extra graphics. When docked, i get great battery life (easily lasts a full workday if you disable updates and focus on work). The tablet on its own has less battery life (often quoted as 2-3 hours, but i've seen it go longer when you're just doing work). You can also mount the tablet "backwards" and fold it over so the whole unit is like one big book, so you get all the joy of a tablet with all the power in the base. Elegant, beautiful. . The current generation surface pen is included with the book, and works a treat. It has a clip or magnets to attach to the unit. Smart. It doesn't have the tilt function of the new pen, but word is one or both will get a firmware update in 2018 for affected people. The pen is pressure-sensitive, and after a few minutes i was accurately doing pencil sketches from the lightest pressure to jet black on the same pen. The only ding is that you have to hold down the button on the side and then click to get a right-click, they should have made it "click, then tap" to right click instead of "hold click while tapping". But i understand the distinction, and it's a small issue. . My unit has 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, and the i5 processor. That's way more than you need for everyday tasks. A brilliant sketching app that makes use of the surface is sketchable, which runs like a dream even on the base model. There's no slowdown, anywhere, ever until you hit some really processor-intensive apps like photoshop that can sink any rig on their more complex tasks. . Gaming? eh. The unit is really not setup for gaming, so it will underperform even with the gpu. However, it will run basic games from my steam library. Some titles i've tried have been shenzhen i/o (works great, actually have to turn down the resolution so screen elements are the right size), i've tried battletech (a new game that loads fast but has to be turned way down to run, which is understandable since it has advanced 3d graphics), and risk of rain was perfect in the short run i had. . Software / experience:. . This is where the surface shines. When you fire it up, cortana (microsoft's virtual assistant) prompts you to complete some of the screens using voice alone. The experience is this smart all over. Select language, keyboard, etc, and get to work. There's a lot of attention to letting you know what's going on, and getting you started fast. It's a beautiful setup, that doesn't waste any time or clicks. Lovely. The tablet also defaults to a mode where you can write text instead of using the keyboard, and it will translate handwriting to text. You can switch to a touch keyboard in 2 clicks. I like the handwriting mode for firing off a quick note to somebody on facebook or email without switching away from my sketching position. . When you click the eraser on the pen (which works as an eraser in most apps! ), some great example apps fire up. There's an option to leave post-it notes on the desktop, which can be handwritten or typed. There's ink which lets you do some quick sketches a la paint. There's also a screen capture utility, so you can grab the screen and annotate it before sharing with your work group or whatever. Top-notch thought went into that selection. It makes the intended use of the device perfectly clear. . The unit turns on and off blazing fast- look away to grab some paperwork and you'll miss it. Switching between tablet and laptop mode is also just a moment. The ease-of-use is intense. . The only bug i've seen is that when i tried a demo unit from a store, i randomly had chrome crash if i tried to use it while the unit was still starting up, but it's fine if i wait a few seconds. Not a killer. The problems that were there at launch, are for the most part gone. . Overall:. . It's a windows pc at heart, so it runs all your stuff. It's blazing-fast for web browsing and using any basic apps from word to most any drawing app. I've seen plenty of demos of people using this unit for photoshop and video rendering, so obviously it has the chops to do those too. It's also just a gorgeous user experience. From the folding format, to the tablet mode, to the pen, to the perfectly oriented suite of starter apps this thing is primed to look gorgeous out of the gate. Truly a new kind of experience. . I hand my surface to people and they get the biggest stupid grins on their faces. Did you know onenote will let you draw a shape, and it will replace that shape with a perfect render of the shape you wanted? you draw a lop-sided circle, and it can replace that with a real circle. The default drawing mode in most apps lets you draw with varying pressure on the pen, then erase with the eraser on the back of the pen. These things seems simple on their own, but you start to add them up and you get an experience that makes you more productive. Take this thing to a meeting and wow people by marking up a screenshot and emailing it back to them in seconds. Reply to a chat message in your own cursive handwriting so you don't break the flow of the document that you're hand-writing, just because you feel like writing! little things like this add up for usability and productivity. . This was such a killer experience, that after demoing a unit my girlfriend and i went from "looking for a new laptop" to purchasing a surface for each person. She took hers to a conference and was mixing hand-written notes with pictures and web links. I use mine for art including sound recording and painting, so the surface will actually pay for itself with all the oil paint that i'm not buying now that i have this puppy to play with. . Final note: i bought my unit from "digitaluniverse", and although the box had been opened the microsoft warranty site says i'm good for a full year. This seems to not be a refurb unit, so i'm happy.

-Y. Delgado

Surface Book 128 Gb, 8 Gb Ram, Intel Core Microsoft Surface Book Features The 6th Gen Intel Core I5 Processor, Nvidia Geforce Gpu 8gb Memory And A 128gb Solid State Drive. It Is Ultra-thin, Meticulously Crafted, An Incredible -Microsoft Surface Book 128 Gb, 8 Gb Ram, Intel Core I5

  1. Extras: Windows 10 Pro Operating System.
  2. Extras: Incredibly Mobile At 3. 48 Pounds (1576 Grams).

Economical Microsoft Surface Book 128 Gb, 8 Gb Ram, Intel Core I5 (Notebook Computer) Cr9 00001

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I've been ridiculously happy with this thing since it arrived. I've always been content to tinker with windows and set up 'the perfect' environment for whatever i'm working on or geeking out on, and this has been a pretty accommodating experience. . Part of my job is to be a technical art lead at work, so getting 3ds max, photoshop and several other programs running was essential. Some of the ui bits in max and other programs come in pretty small, but i know my way around the programs well enough that i don't need to read everything. I think if i did, i'd probably crank down the resolution when working in certain projects. Since that takes maybe 10 seconds to do, it's no big deal. . I also do a lot with audio, but the programs i use are all about 10 years old and can be challenging to install on newer operating systems. After a fair amount of work, i managed to get older versions of sound forge, sonar and a ton of old plugins and soft synths working. Only a couple old plugins and one piano soft synth were so disagreeable that i had to give up on them. . And then gaming - i'm a fan of quite a few different games that span decades, so getting those on my primary setup is a must. Age of conan went easy, minecraft and some other more recent steam games. I even got a hacked version of the 2001 racing game, motor city online running without too much trouble (sadly only runs at 800x600 in non dx9 environments). About the only one i've had serious trouble with is quake 2. It considers 800x600 to be full screen and any resolution over that pushes it out beyond the boundaries of the screen. I'm sure there's a solution out there somewhere, but i haven't found it yet. I'll keep working on it. . Due to the 1tb of hard drive space, i've also managed to get a huge mp3 library, tons of texture assets for 3d work, tons of pictures from over the years and all kinds of archival crap i keep around all plugged into it. I've still got 400gb of space. It's awesome. . When installing all this stuff, the ssd hard drive and 16 gigs of ram made everything quick and relatively painless. I couldn't be happier in that regard. . To make life easier, i also picked up a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a docking bay (with all the needed cables). I guess my only real complaint lies with some of the bluetooth stuff. Once in awhile, all things bluetooth will become disconnected and knock out my wireless adapter at the same time. I'll power down the mouse and then power it back up to get it back. The wi-fi usually returns automatically after that, but it's annoying when it happens. Not too big of a deal, because it's not frequent, but still a nuisance. . And as for the trouble other people have had with it not turning on or off or locking up, i haven't had any of that happen in these first few weeks. That being said, i always power it down when i'm not using it and i never use sleep mode. Since the dawn of sleep mode in pcs, i've found it can create horrible system instability and i never do it. This thing shuts down and starts up so freakishly fast anyway, that i can afford the extra 5 seconds of time to avoid sleep mode and the baggage that comes with it. . So yea, this thing rules. Buy one from online store instead of the ms store and save yourself $500. Best surface book gb gb ram intel core | Microsoft-Notebook Computer Review ( Apr 2020 ) Extras Microsoft Surface Book (128 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5) 13. 5-inch pixelsense touchscreen display (3000 x 2000) resolution. Windows 10 pro operating system. Incredibly mobile at 3. 48 pounds (1576 grams). Surface pen included.. Ships in consumer packaging. .

Microsoft surface book 128 gb, 8 gb ram, intel core i5 Review (cr9 00001)

In the past i generally go through a laptop once a year. It is not because i break them, it is because i am simply not satisfied with them. To be quite honest i generally don't spend this much for one either. My comfort level stops at around $1, 000. 00, regardless of what you buy it is a depreciating item and in a few short years is only worth a fraction of what you pay. With that being said, i read the reviews and discarded the bad ones that had no merit and took the plunge. . Here are some of the laptops that i have had in the past. A. Mac book air. B. Mac book pro. C. Dell xps 13. D. Hp x360 (thought it was a spectre when i ordered). E. Lenovo thinkpad(s). And many many more. . 1. I have had the device less than a week. I will update this review as needed. Prior to attempting to do anything i let the unit charge and then updated any drivers and firmware that needed to be updated. I then installed the latest update for windows 10. 2. I installed the lob applications that i use and configured office. . Thus far my surface has been a joy to use. I have yet discharge the battery with normal use (normal for me). I was onsite for 8 hours yesterday unplugged and still had plenty of juice when i left. Keep in mind, normal use for me is troubleshooting network devices, researching issues on the internet and configuring devices. It is rare that i stream a video or even rarer that i play a game. . I find the screen great, and commented to a friend that my eyes don't seem to get as tired reading text on this screen. Everything just seems crisper. The keyboard is great, i find it comfortable and very easy to use. Did not have to get used to a special layout or size which i appreciated. The unit that i have an i5 processor and is perfect for my needs. No problems running outlook, excel and several browser tabs. . The system as of yet has not gotten hot at all, there is a warm spot in the general area of the windows logo on the back of the screen. . The system is quite and quick to boot. . Pros. 1. Great screen. 2. Great battery life. 3. Great keyboard. 4. Best stylus that i have used. 5. Great look. 6. Clean os no bloatware. I appreciate that. . Cons. 1. Price - we would all like it cheaper. 2. Cannot upgrade - this thing is glued together if you were to get it apart good luck getting it back together. 3. No integrated nic - really no way of doing so with this profile, but i like having a nic. 4. Expensive storage. You really pay a premium for additional storage. . Minor annoyance - the way that i generally sit with the laptop in my lap, i like having my screen tilted back just a tad more than the surface book allows. . 090416 update -. . I have had this unit for a couple of weeks and using it daily. The battery life has been great! i have yet had the system die on me which is great. I have a usb nic and works when i need a nic which has been a couple of times. . Other than showing people how the screen is removable, i find that i do not use the system that way. I have rotated it around and used it as a writing tablet a couple of times but here again i do not use that function as much as i anticipated. . I have no regrets in purchasing this device at this time, i am hopeful that i will use the writing and tablet functions more in the future. -G. June

Microsoft Surface Book Intel Core

Personal Computers
Product Dimensions
Height:1.93 inches
Length:10.95 inches
Weight:3.48 pounds
Width:16.46 inches
Factory Seal
Windows 10
Part/Serial Number
Personal Computer
128 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core I5
1 Year

surface book 128 gb, 8 gb ram, intel core Personal Computer, Microsoft surface book features the 6th gen intel core i5 processor, nvidia geforce gpu with 8gb memory and a 128gb solid state drive. it is ultra-thin, meticulously crafted, with an incredible 13. 5 pixelsense touch-screen display with 3000 x 2000 resolution detachable. use the included surface pen to mark-up presentations, sign documents, take notes and much more. the full punch of a high performance laptop with unprecedented versatility of a tablet. this is surface book. this is the future of laptop computing. Microsoft Surface Book 128 Gb, 8 Gb Ram, Intel Core I5 (CR9-00001-Microsoft).

Microsoft Surface Book Intel Core Personal Computer

  • Surface book review:. . I have been using the surface book for about a week here now and it is awesome! i work for a college in the it department and i wanted to get this to use something other then an apple product! so far it has run like a champ with no problems what so ever! it is most likely the fastest laptop i have ran before in terms of boot/load times. It boots up to windows 10 pro os in mere seconds and it has loaded every single program i throw at it with ease. It looks sweet. Everyone who has the chance to ask me about it, does! there are so many great features with this product that i could go on all day! the resolution on this is awesome, 3000x2000 is crazy for a laptop! the monitor can detach from the keyboard and pretty much become a surface pro 4. It makes the sb extremely portable! i haven't had any issues with the battery. Microsoft claims around 10 hours of battery time which is pretty close i guess. I was playing some games through steam and it was saying 6 hours after 30 mins of gameplay. In terms of heat and it getting hot, i haven't had any problems with that. It runs cool and the 6th generation skylake processors are fast and energy efficient. People have been complaining about the gap when it closes. That doesn't bother me at all and it looks fine when it is closed. It actually prevents the screen from touching the keyboard and getting finger prints on the screen what not. I'm giving the surface book a 5/5 because it deserves it. Microsoft has built a very good laptop and it leaves apple's macbook pros in the dust. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a great 2in1 laptop that is fast, lite, and energy efficient! i am very happy!
  • The best portable laptop solution for me. Screen is fantastic. Touch screen works great with the os. Majority of the programs right just fine. Pen is the first of its kind and is the best. . People complained about the hinge when i browsed through reviews, but to be honest i don't know why they are so concerned about it. The hinge never was a problem for me and when i type, it doesn't bobble or anything. . Oh, and i have to say the keyboard is something i never experienced before and typing is so comfortable with it. . Lastly, battery life is good as most claim and is the main reason why i got this laptop to begin with. No more having to look for an outlet every time. Just charge it when home, and it will last most likely throughout the day.
  • At first, i loved the machine. I've had a series of problems with the computer and technical support, however, that make me wish i had saved my money. 60 days after purchase, i contacted them because the pen stopped working. (i was slightly delayed in contacting them because of the holidays. ) three pens later, i still didn't have one that works. Then, i started having other problems. I couldn't use the touch screen and keyboard properly without undocking and redocking it. The display drivers are constantly messed up. The screen suddenly doesn't show text, but only shows large black marks all over it. Then, windows began not started when the computer was opened up again. This means i had to constantly shut down the computer and restart it again, frequently losing my work, simply to try and use it again. I've requested a replacement and actually received one. But it didn't work properly either. The replacement got so hot that you couldn't even hold it. So, after returning that one and contacting microsoft again and again and again, i was told i would get a new device. Yep, i have it in writing. Today, however, i am told that they shouldn't have promised me that. Since i went beyond the buyer's remorse period of 45 days, i have to get a refurbished unit as a replacement. If i had paid for a refurbished unit, maybe this wouldn't be a bad thing. But i paid full price for a new unit. Less than 60 days after buying it, they want to give me a used unit, potentially with even more problems. Now, after spending almost 7 hours online and on the phone with tech support, i still don't have a working computer. Update:. Got off the phone with a tech support supervisor because i was fed up with the third time i was told that i was being escalated. I was told that if they had a new device in stock at the service center, they could send it. They simply don't have one and have no idea when they might get another one. When i pressed her and asked if she would every get one, she couldn't answer that. . I offered to drive one hour 10 minutes to the nearest microsoft store to pick up a new one (as i was told in a previous chat session that i could do). She said she would call them to find out if they had one in stock. I was told they did not have one available. After asking a series of specific questions, she admitted that they do not have one in stock as a replacement unit, but she did not know if they had one in stock to sell to customers. So, they don't mind taking your money when you purchase a new unit but are not willing to make good on their product. I called the store number and, after being transferred to a regional service since they don't answer phone calls in the store, i was told that they probably have it in stock if i want to purchase the unit. So, a brand new unit identical to the one i have that does not work is in the store. However, they won't exchange it because it is not designated as a replacement item, only a product sale item. I suggest you keep your money and buy another product. I already canceled a department order that would have provided these as our new computers. . If i had only paid 300 for the unit, i probably wouldn't have too much of a problem. However, paying $1500 is a different situation entirely.
  • Original purchased on march, and by november battery expanded so bad that i was afraid it will explode, now that i receive a replacement, it is so freaking bad that every 20 min it freeze and need to restart it, or get the blue screen of dead. Geez first time i spend so much money on a laptop and was the worst investment i have in a laptop. . Last time i will ever buy a surface laptop
  • Really disappointed, i used it two times. When it got here the charger was weird it didn't want to charge well, then i used it and the second time it just got frozen and a red light came out of the bottom you use to take the screen out of the keyboard and it stopped working, it doesn't turn on or anything. It looked used and you guys advertised as new, that is really dishonest of you. Returning it.

surface book gb gb ram intel core Microsoft Surface Book (128 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Really getting a true introduction to windows 10 and loving the surface book. Still have to watch how little pressure i put on the keyboard center access. I use a mouse and not too familiar with that method of getting around the screen.

Microsoft Surface Book 128 Gb, 8 Gb Ram, Intel Core I5
Click to see NoticeMicrosoft Surface Book 128 Gb, 8 Gb Ram, Intel Core I5 (cr9 00001)"To start, i'm going to say that i was ready to return this upon delivery; the surface book would not start even though i had it plugged in. I even let it sit charging for two hours. How could i say that and give it five stars? let me explain and hopefully help someone who has a similar issue. . The surface book would not charge and after i started to really investigate reviews, i noticed that this product has a ton of complaints and forum topics about its buggy performance and people with a similar issue, but for different reasons. Finally, i discovered a topic on microsoft's own forum page that was answered by someone afflicted in the same manner as i had. All i had to do was locate the holes on the tablet to manual release the magnets that lock the tablet to the keyboard. These holes are tough to see, even in light. Once i found them and took a thin paper clip to push the button and release it, i was able to charge it and clean the ports to ensure the issue did not repeat in the future. . For those with a similar issue of not starting (notice i keep saying starting and not the term booting, the tablet literally wouldn't start), look at either side of the tablet portion. Then, look or use a paperclip to feel in the holes about 1 to 2 inches up from the bottom of the tablet. Please note that these holes are diagonal (angled up towards the top of the tablet). Once found, push a paperclip up in the hole. My tablet required a fair amount of push to get the magnet to release. If you're doing this yourself, be sure to put some kind of shim/object between the tablet and keyboard to prevent the tablet from clipping back onto the keyboard. Repeat the process on the opposite side and it'll be free! once free, you will be able to charge the tablet directly and clean the ports the keyboard. I'm not sure what product is best, but i just used a very small amount of rubbing alcohol. . When i was able to finally fire the surface book after the frustration of discovering the above. I was blown away by the display and graphics. I've never seen such amazing quality in display with a tablet let alone such a small laptop when compared to bulkier gaming laptops. It came pre-loaded with microsoft office installed which was convenient considering i'm a office 365 as well as office 365 for business user. . Discovering the onenote program, not the same as onenote 2016, i felt like a kid in a candy store. The way i felt when experimenting with the stylus that comes with the surface book. That's probably how the early neanderthals/humans felt when they discovered fire. I've played with other tablets and convertible laptops that supported styluses, but none of them were as sensitive and accurate as the way the surface book and it's stylus communicate. Then, discovering the feature in the task bar to "write on" the screen. Incredibly handy as i do a lot of architectural drawing reviews as well as software design. Instead of going through the hassle of printing to pdf or equivalent, marking up, and then sending, i could simply press the button in the task bar and i was at it. Given i still have to markup drawings officially, but there are more times where i need to mark it up quick and send it off immediately. That feature is a huge time saver. . I've had this surface book for a week now and about to purchase a "lesser" model for my girlfriend; only reason why i'm not considering purchasing another one of this exact product and seller is because she doesn't need the horsepower this one offers. The last piece of feedback i could provide is that i purchased the uag surface book feather-lite rugged case with it. I'd strongly recommend purchasing the same case to be safe!"

(0) Question: What does "old version" mean?

(1) Question: Can we technically access the ram and ssd compatrtment to upgrade ram to 16gb and ssd later in life? has anyone tried?

(2) Question: Does this come with the surface pen?

Surface Book Screen Protector Tempered Glass , Megoo No Bubble, Anti-scratch, Friendly Touching Glass Updated Version 2017 Also Compatible Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5 Inch

It definitely effects the touch response of the screen which is unfortunate, but it was easy to install and there are no bubbles/peeling at the corners that i've noticed so far and considering i had to be very forceful when i also put my case on it (uag surface book 2 13. 5-inch screen feather-light rugged ice military drop tested laptop case) and it didn't cause any peeling/cracking, i call that pretty good. . You can also see every fingerprint/hand print on it, but i don't care as much about that as the protection of my surface book 2's screen. . I'll update if i run into any problems.

Megoo 2017 version-designed for the perfectionism customers:  perfect cutouts to access all cameras, microphone, sensors, and speakers for surface book and surface book 2 13. 5 inch (2017). Bubble free installation: this tempered glass screen protector automatically attaches to the screen smoothly, bubble-free, no residue when removed. It can be installed multi-times. Maximum protection:  9h hardness tempered glass provides best protection from drops and scratches (knife is impossible to cut it). Oleophobic coating ensures smooth touch feeling, reduces fingerprinting and smudges to a certain degree, makes it easy to clean. Beautiful design:  precise cut and design for every single whole (windows hello sensor, windows hello camera, front camera, light sensor and microphone, speakers), 2. 5d round edge provides better visual experience and touch feeling. High transparency: it maintains original response sensitivity, multi-touch subsystem when you are using with surface pen. Hd glass provides an optimal, natural viewing on the screen.   package included: 1x glass screen protector 1x accessories kit lifetime warranty:  megoo promise! no matter how long you've used it, we'll offer you a quick, no-hassle replacement or refund if: you encounter installation problems such as bubbling or the product does not match your screen size.   your screen protector sustains wear and tear or scratches during normal use (not including damage caused by drops).   the screen protector damaged in the process of transit.  

Surface Book Screen Protector Tempered Glass , Megoo No Bubble, Anti-scratch, Friendly Touching Glass Updated Version 2017 Also Compatible Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5 InchProtector-Megoo-Anti-scratch-Compatible-Microsoft

Protector Megoo Anti Scratch Compatible Microsoft (4328650006) FAQ.

Install was simple and straight forward. Application went on with no issues. Screen is clear and responsive thus far. Happy camper. -Notice from F. Carrie, Michigan

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Hi there, . . I just wanted to leave a quick review of this product (surface book 2 screen protector) and company (megoo). . The application process for the screen protector was easy to follow and had helpful additions such as guiding tape, which is used to make the application easier and with better (straighter) results. They include everything you need to ensure that no dust particles remain on the screen (wet wipe, microfiber cloth, sticker dust remover). This is a must as dust prevents the protector from laying flat on the device. I will say that it may take time to get it perfect, but it's worth it as the protector will pretty much stay on the device as long as you want it there. So spend a little time upfront to get it right and never worry about screen scratches again :). The protector was almost perfect dimensions, maybe a millimeter off, so no big deal there. . It works very well with the surface pen. I actually preferred having the screen protector on it for writing. It seemed to glide easier and the computer picked up writing better with the screen protector on the device. Plus i am not worried about scratching up a $2500 dollar device. All in all, i'd say it's worth the $20 for peace of mind. . Lastly, a few words about the company. I actually had a small issue with my screen protector where the layers of the screen protector seemed to start becoming detached. I contacted their support team by email about the issue and within 24 hours i had another screen protector on its way. They have great customer service and were a delight to communicate with. A+. If you need a protector, go with this company, they stand by their products!

Protector-megoo-anti-scratch-compatible-microsoft-(4328650006) set picture

- W. WalshI have experience with the surface pro 4 megoo shield, and used it to good results. I recently upgraded to the surface book and knew i had to go with my original choice, since it worked well previously. . Shipping and packaging went great - and with all screen protectors, i knew beforehand how careful and slowly you had to install it onto your screen. . Unfortunately, as i was installing my screen protector, my dog decided to tackle me just as i was sticking the adhesive side down. This caused me to fall off my chair - along with a plethora of dog hairs landing onto the sticky side of the adhesive. Needless to say, after many failed attempts to remove the hair from the screen protector, i knew i would need a new one. . I contacted megoo for a replacement, explaining the situation, and they speedily got back to me saying that they would provide a replacement free-of-charge. I cannot recommend megoo enough - not only because of their product, but because of their fantastic customer service. . I now know that next time i attempt an installation - i will not have my dog in the room with me.

Like this it is very hard but doesn't take away from on screen touch but very hard to get placed with out getting stuff under the protector

R. Irene, Georgia

Price :    $22.78 (was $39.00)
  • Lifetime warranty to all customers. premium tempered glass screen protector, and better customer service.
  • The hd glass maintains 99. 99% transmission and touch accuracy. the oleophobic coating reduces smudges and fingerprints, ensures easy cleaning
  • Specially designed for microsoft surface book and book 2 13. 5 inch (not for 15 inch). the super smooth glass is friendly to your fingers, and compatible with surface pen perfectly. you will not feel it exist
  • 9h hardness glass provides maximum protection from scratches and shock. if broken, it will stay a whole piece with cracks in it, safe to fingers and easy to clean
  • No bubble, easy install, and perfect fit. with 2. 5d rounded edges, automatically attach to the screen smoothly. no residue when removed, can repeatable installation
Brand :    megoo
Color :    HD Clear
Model :    4328650006
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Add On (megoo product review) for Surface Book Screen Protector Tempered Glass , Megoo No Bubble, Anti-scratch, Friendly Touching Glass Updated Version 2017 Also Compatible Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5 Inch available ( Apr 2020 )

UAG Surface Book Feather-Light Rugged ICE Military Drop Tested Laptop Case

Urban armor gear surface book cases combine light-weight materials in a rugged, low-profile design to provide maximum protection for your surface book. Our case utilizes rubber bumpers to provide shock protection and strategically placed tactile grip for added grip. With a dual lock screen closure system and impact resistant shell, uag is able to provide mil-spec protection for your surface book. Fits only the surface book 13. 5-inch . Does not fit the surface book with performance base & surface book 2.

UAG Surface Book Feather-Light Rugged ICE Military Drop Tested Laptop CaseSurface-Feather-Light-Rugged-Military-Tested

Brand :    urban armor gear
Color :    Ice
Weight :    1.04 pounds
  • Detachable protection.
  • Armor shell and impact resistant bumpers.
  • Fits only the surface book 13. 5-inch . does not fit the surface book with performance base & surface book 2.
  • Dual lock secure screen closure.
  • Surface pen holder.
Price :    $69.99 (was $79.95)
Model :    SFBK-ICE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (urban armor gear product review) for UAG Surface Book Feather-Light Rugged ICE Military Drop Tested Laptop Case available ( Apr 2020 )

Surface Book Screen Protector, Megoo Tempered Glass Anti-scratch,Explosion-Proof, Protector Microsoft Surface Book-13.5 Inch

Most thoughtful cutout:  most thoughtful cutout: professional cutouts allow full access to necessary infrared sensors, microphones, and speakers. No cutouts for camera to protect it from scratches. High ultra-clear: high definition clear to allow camera under the glass still works perfect and an optimal, natural viewing experience. Scratch terminator 9h hardness, harder than a knife's blade. You can say goodbye to any possible scratches by keys, knife or other sharp objects. High transparency  light transmission up to 94% ratio maintain your surface book original display. You can enjoy a great viewing experience with more brightness and less glare, blacker blacks. High response only 0. 2mm thickness maintains original response sensitivity, which ensures quick app launch, smooth games and video playing. Smudges and fingerprint resistant the oleophobic coating largely reduces smudges and fingerprint. You can clean your tablet's screen with a simple wipe. Easy bubble free installation this temper glass screen protector comes with all you'll need for a fast and easy installation.   kit contains:  1x glass screen protector, wet/dry wipes, installation use guide, microfiber cleaning cloth  color:  glass (ultra-clear)

Surface Book Screen Protector, Megoo Tempered Glass Anti-scratch,Explosion-Proof, Protector Microsoft Surface Book-13.5 InchProtector-Megoo-Anti-scratch-Explosion-Proof-Microsoft

Brand :    megoo
Color :    Surface Book-Clear
Model :    4328650263
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Notice: two front cutouts are for the speaker and proximity sensor. no cutouts for camera to protect it from scratches.
  • High-definition bright, light transmission up to 94%. all the color of the screen shows incisively and vividly almost without distortion. pictures can be restored completely, which protects eyesight, relieves fatigue, and protect eyes.
  • Industry-leading special processed glass to ensure maximum protection, keeps perfect touch sensitivity (barely feel difference).
  • Specially designed and precisely cut for microsoft surface book 13. 5 inch, also compatible with microsoft surface book 2 13. 5 inch not for 15 inch vision
  • Easy installation: precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges, automatically attach to the screen smoothly. easy to remove (no residue)
Price :    $17.99 (was $39.00)
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Component (megoo product review) for Surface Book Screen Protector, Megoo Tempered Glass Anti-scratch,Explosion-Proof, Protector Microsoft Surface Book-13.5 Inch available ( Apr 2020 )

Case Star Clear Ultra thin Silicone Keyboard Skin Cover Protector Microsoft Surface Book Laptop

The case star keyboard cover is made of high-quality materials, with fashionable design to the best of your appetite. The cover helps to protect your keyboard from dust, dirt and scratches. Extra slim skin makes your typing easier and more convenient. The keyboard cover is made of tpu. If your keyboard cover is bent or wrinkled, you can pull it with your both hands and then put it under a heavy book for an hour. The keyboard cover will be flat thereafter. If you have any questions with any product by case star , please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to solve them. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products.

Case Star Clear Ultra thin Silicone Keyboard Skin Cover Protector Microsoft Surface Book LaptopSilicone-Keyboard-Protector-Microsoft-Surface

Brand :    star case
Color :    Clear (Microsoft Surface Book)
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    COM-MSB-KC-TPU-CL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Component (star case product review) for Case Star Clear Ultra thin Silicone Keyboard Skin Cover Protector Microsoft Surface Book Laptop available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $7.79 (was $9.79)
  • Extra slim skin makes it easier for typing, easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting
  • Every key is individually molded in position.
  • Material: durable tpu, with high quality and innovative layout in the market
  • Design to provide the full protection for your microsoft surface book keyboard against dust spills, key wear and more. (not fit with microsoft surface book with performance base)
  • Flexible, washable, easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting

BASEQI Aluminum MicroSD Adapter Microsoft Surface Book & Surface Book 2 13.5 Model-350A

Great build quality, great fit, sits flush and has a little slit to help pull it out easily. My microsc card fit right in and once installed, it was done and i had doubled my storage. Works great as a backup drive or extra storage with any microsd card, but i do recommend you get the fastest brand name card you can to go with it.

* perfectly match to microsoft surface book & surface book 2 13. 5" ! * keep aesthetic of surface book & surface book 2 13. 5" and increase the storage! plug-in-and-forget baseqi is a short / low profile micro sd adapter designed exclusively for surface book & surface book 2 13. 5". Just insert micro sd card and slide in to surface book sdxc card slot to increase the storage of surface book & surface book 2 13. 5". * unlike traditional long micro sd adapter, baseqi aluminium micro sd adapter is plugged seamlessly into surface book & surface book 2 13. 5" sdxc slot without sticking out. It is almost hidden and invisible from outside. No worry to break micro sd adapter or sdxc card when you bring surface book & surface book 2 13. 5" around. * no tool needed! the innovative design (patent pending) makes it hassle free to slide out baseqi aluminium micro sd adapter with your finger nail. No tool is needed! it is handy to swap micro sd when you are outside. You won't struggle to use a paper clip to take it out or worry where to keep the small tool. * please note the product does not include micro sd card and surface book/surface book 2 13. 5". The photos are for illustration only.

BASEQI Aluminum MicroSD Adapter Microsoft Surface Book & Surface Book 2 13.5 Model-350AAluminum-MicroSD-Adapter-Microsoft-Model-350A

Aluminum Microsd Adapter Microsoft Surface (Baseqi) FAQ.

Fits and functions well. However, i am somewhat worried that there is nothing locking this product into my sufacebook. As the product is intended to remain the machine continually, i am afraid that it may fly out or fall out at some point. -Notice from P. Peggy, Bourgogne

Click to Show aluminum microsd adapter microsoft surface (baseqi) Details

I love the way this fit's into the sd slot of my surface book. The micro sd card fits into the adapter very easily and once it is inserted into the sd slot, the menu opens up immediately giving me access to any information i have on the card. . I leave mine in now, but it is easily accessible.

Aluminum-microsd-adapter-microsoft-surface-(baseqi) set picture

- B. GinaThis adapter is by far the best accessory i purchased for my surface book. It sits flush to the device and matches the magnesium finish. I'll admit that i was a bit skeptical when i purchased it considering the placement of the microsd on the inside of the device, but it works wonders. Absolutely thrilled to be able to expand the storage on an already great laptop. Another big upside is that because this stays in the device consistently, it lowers the chances of dust and gunk getting into the sd card slot!

Update may 25th, 2017:. I interacted with the company support via email when my adapter would not read my brand new samsung 128 gig card. I could put the card in the shipped sd adapter and my surfacebook would read it just fine. They agreed it sounded defective and sent me a replacement, and asked me to send mine back so they could run tests on it. I appreciated that (as i am a professional in the technical field), so i did. . The replacement adapter came in what is the inner packaging for the card. Obviously opened. I looked carefully at the outside gold contacts on the adapter and there was a slight blemish you would expect if you plugged it into a card slot. This is what i had hoped would happen. They tested it would work before they sent it to me. . So it works. My file copies onto the card are very fast, in the range of about 70 megabytes a second. So the adapter isn't inducing any problems with this card. At this point i am happy with the adapter and will be leaving it in place. I'll be using the space as a backup location for my files / code / documents. A surfacebook can die at any time. If you don't have a backup of your data that you can have outside of it, then you just lost the game. Using this with a big enough card as your removable backup will safety net for when that happens. . I would not suggest you keep pulling this thing out and swapping cards in it. This was built to be flush to the surface of the surfacebook. It is possible to extract the adapter with your finger nail. But each time you do, you add a little more wear and tear on it. So keep that kind of swapping to a minimum if possible and it will last a whole lot longer. . Why four stars? the only thing i could ding them on is quality control. One person gets a bad one, you say "well, that was unexpected". But when more start popping up, then you know you have a problem somewhere. With an adapter this simple, that should be so unlikely to happen that when it does, it should also be: "well, that was unexpected". . Note that there are absolutely no quality control concerns with the physical device itself. It is well made in that aspect. -. I don't normally write reviews this quick, but when it doesn't work - may as well. I have had it in hand for 4 hours now. . I bought mine and a new samsung 128 gig micro sd card for it. Put them together, put it in my surface book, and nothing shows up. Which isn't quite true. In windows 10 device manager, it shows an sd card device connected, but as if there was no 'drive' in it. . Take it all out, place the card into the samsung supplied sd card adapter and into the surface book, and it works just fine. . Take out another 128gb microsd card i have in a surface pro, and have been using for months. Nothing. Use a 64gb card i have laying around. Nothing. Put them all in the samsung adapter - they all work just fine. (all my other cards are sandisk). . So you would think 'well, its dead then'. And here is where it gets weird. If i put a 128 megabyte card in it, then that pops up just fine. . So something is going wrong. I'll try and see if the manufacturer will directly interact with me to resolve. Otherwise it is a risky purchase i don't advise yet. . If you are looking for an aluminum hole filler to plug that gap, well, then this $25. 00 gap filler fits right in and flush too. A bit much for that task though.

E. Pearson, Bretagne

Brand :    baseqi
Size :    Surface Book & Surface Book 2 13.5" (model-350A)
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    iSDA350ASV
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Use aluminum material and each one is cnc precision machining.
  • Toolless : when you remove without any tools
  • Simple & easy to adding storage space, add up to 400gb of extra space.
  • Completely hidden and fits snugly into your surface book & surface book 2 13. 5" sd card slot
Price :    $21.58 (was $23.98)
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Drive Or Storage (baseqi product review) for BASEQI Aluminum MicroSD Adapter Microsoft Surface Book & Surface Book 2 13.5 Model-350A available ( Apr 2020 )

Anble Mini Displayport to HDMI/DVI/VGA HDTV Audio Output Male to Female Adapter Converter

Anble mini dp to hdmi dvi vga 1080p adapter

Anble Mini Displayport to HDMI/DVI/VGA HDTV Audio Output Male to Female Adapter ConverterAnble-Displayport-Output-Adapter-Converter

Brand :    anble
Color :    Black1
Model :    10011WH3
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Add On (anble product review) for Anble Mini Displayport to HDMI/DVI/VGA HDTV Audio Output Male to Female Adapter Converter available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    —
  • Compatible with apple macbook air, macbook pro (before 2016), imac (before 2017), mac mini, mac pro; microsoft surface pro/pro 2/pro 3/pro 4, surface 3 (not surface/surface 2), surface book; lenovo thinkpad and more
  • 3-in-1mini displayport adapter for connecting a mini displayport (mini dp or mdp)/thunderbolttm( not thunderbolt 3) port compatible computer to an hdtv, monitor, or projector with hdmi/dvi/vga; a separate hdmi/dvi/vga/3. 5mm audio cable (sold separately) is required
  • Low-profile connector does not block adjacent ports on your computer, has molded strain-relief for long life
  • Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, provide rigidity, and improve the signal performance.
  • Mini dp v1. 2 version, also support dp v1. 1; supports video resolutions up to 1920*1080 and support stereoscopic images beyond full hd. transmits both audio and video from computer or tablet to hd display via hdmi

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB - 13.5

Get powerhouse performance and amazing graphics with the new surface book 2, a robust laptop, tablet, and portable studio in one with up to 17 hours of battery life and 2 times more power than before. Now available with a stunning 13. 5" or 15" pixelsense display, designed for pen and touch.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB - 13.5Microsoft-Surface-Book-Intel-256GB

Brand :    microsoft
Size :    Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB
Weight :    3.38 pounds
Model :    HMW-00001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Vibrant pixelsense display: now available with an improved 13. 5" touchscreen
  • Includes an intel hd graphics 620 integrated gpu
  • Microsoft surface book 2 features a 7th generation intel dual core i5 processor, 256 gb of storage, 8 gb ram, and up to 17 hours of video playback
  • The fastest surface book yet, with 2x more power
  • Four versatile modes of use and new usb-c port
Price :    $1377.00
Personal Computer :    Best Notebook Computer (microsoft product review) for Microsoft Surface Book 2 Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB - 13.5 available ( Apr 2020 )

Microsoft Surface Book Macbook Pro 13 Case Sleeve, ProCase Sleeve Cover 13 Inch Macbook Pro 2017 2016 / Pro Retina / Macbook Air 13.3 / Surface Book Tablet Laptop -Black

The cover is snug and does a great job protecting the laptop. It smells nice, looks nice, feels nice, carries easily, and (most importantly) seems to protect the surface book. However, inserting the surfacebook with the surfacepen is a bit tricky. So i recommend inserting the pen after the book is in the cover. Gives a professional touch!

Case compatibility: compatible with the microsoft surface laptop / surface book 13. 5", 13 inch macbook pro 2016 / pro retina / macbook air 13. 3" / 12" macbook

Microsoft Surface Book Macbook Pro 13 Case Sleeve, ProCase Sleeve Cover 13 Inch Macbook Pro 2017 2016 / Pro Retina / Macbook Air 13.3 / Surface Book Tablet Laptop -BlackMicrosoft-Surface-Macbook-Sleeve-ProCase

Microsoft Surface Macbook Sleeve Procase (Wireless Accessory) FAQ.

Purchased this for my surface book i5, and i am completely pleased with the case. I got this to protect the finish on my sb when stored in then "laptop" slot of my larger bag. Material quality is surprisingly good given the price, and it fits perfect when the db is inserted with the hinge toward the top. No issues closing. And although it is not highlighted in the ad, there is a special loop just to hold the pen! sb fits great even with the pen in this loop. . It's not ultra high quality leather, but it doesn't look cheap either. It won't hold your charger, the clasp doesn't lock closed (its magnetic), and there is not a lot of padding, so i wouldn't recommend this as a your only case or for drop protection. Think of it more as a protective sleeve to keep your sb safe and pen secure when you store the unit in a larger bag, or carry it between meetings. The case has a sleeve for papers on the side. -Notice from V. Bertie, Oxfordshire

Click to Show microsoft surface macbook sleeve procase (wireless accessory) Details

It's held up pretty well so far but i don't believe this was made with the surface book in mind. You have to put the laptop in a certain way for the power cord cutout to be available, and even then it's a little hairy to keep the magnetic plug to stay in place enough to charge. As for protection, it's great; it keeps the power button on the clipboard from being pushed and activating in my backpack, the leather feels great, and the inner lining doesn't yank on my surface book's skin protector so there's no worrying about it peeling off.

Microsoft-surface-macbook-sleeve-procase-(wireless-accessory) set picture

- R. HelenI bought this for use with my surface book with performance base. It fits with the pen attached, but it is very snug. You definitely cannot fit anything else in this sleeve with the sb. . I don't use this case very often, since i don't travel much with my surface book; however, when i do, this case provides enough padding to protect the sb from the moderate bumps and jostling that come with normal travel. I am happy with this purchase.

I like it for my surface book and would throw it five stars if they would do just one thing, add a piece of velcro, or some catch, to the outside pocket to hold it closed and it would be perfect. Still a very good product and well worth the purchase.

B. Melissa, Barnsley

Price :    $13.99 (was $15.99)
  • Built-in large back pocket for documents, smartphone and small devices; built-in a surface pen / stylus pen holder inside
  • Features charge port opening, some devices can be charged inside
  • Procase sleeve cover case compatible with the microsoft surface laptop / surface book 13. 5", 13 inch macbook pro 2016 / pro retina / macbook air 13. 3" / 12" macbook
  • Classic and practical; slim fit, light weight; ideal for business and school
  • Magnets secure the closure, keeps tablet tightly in place; premium composition leather exterior and soft microfiber interior to prevent scratches
Brand :    procase
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.29 pounds
Model :    BOOK-1156A-Black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Wireless Accessory (procase product review) for Microsoft Surface Book Macbook Pro 13 Case Sleeve, ProCase Sleeve Cover 13 Inch Macbook Pro 2017 2016 / Pro Retina / Macbook Air 13.3 / Surface Book Tablet Laptop -Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Microsoft Surface Dock

I love my dock, i want to share some info i found. I had an old mini-display port to dvi cable originally purchased for a mac. The company mac was upgraded to air version that no longer had this port. So the cable sat in a drawer. . I was able to use it fine with the port on the surface pro 4, but it would not work on the dock. Then one day it did. Similar to problems others had. . Then i figured it out. If you dock and it does not come up, power cycle the dock power. Seems like when the dock powers up it then correctly sees the cable. This might be the solution to those with adaptors that work sometimes and not other times. . I have only had to do that about 3 times in 50 dockings. . Thanks

Microsoft surface dock (compatible with surface pro 3, surface pro 4, surface book, surface pro, and surface laptop)

Microsoft Surface DockMicrosoft-PD9-00003-Surface-Dock

Microsoft Surface Dock (pd9 00003) FAQ.

I liked that it worked with my microsoft surface pro 4. I was also able to plug in an additional j5 create (multi usb ports) into one surface dock usb port yielding eleven usb 3. 0 ports. I have not tried to load all of them up with devices but i have had two 138 gig thumb nail size storage drives attached with no issues operationally. I did notice what i would consider excessive heat when i tested coping approx 100 gig of data from one drive to another as a back-up. Also: i do not yet know if the surface dock will allow my surface pro 4 to drive two high definition (hd) screens without any issues. What i did not like about this product is microsofts inferior documentation and clumsy manner of providing access to information about people's attempts to iron out issues with their products. This is fairly true of all support from microsoft on their products. -Notice from . Josephine, North East Lincolnshire

Click to Show microsoft surface dock (pd9 00003) Details

Was a bit worried when i saw some of the negative reviews, but this worked like a charm out of the box. . I used a couple of allreli mini-dp to hdmi cables and had no problem at all having the dock detect them ( . Having the dual monitors and extra usb ports for when i'm at my home office is great. Also glad they used the power supply connector for data so i didn't have to use the usb or other port. Very forward thinking of microsoft for a change.

Microsoft-surface-dock-(pd9-00003) set picture

- . ColleenThis worked perfectly for my surface pro 4. While i enjoyed the dock for the surface pro 3, this utilized less space on my desk at home, which is what i required. The only thing i wished was different is the surface pro 4 will not utilize dual monitors like a desktop will. I connected a usb hub to this to expand the usb-3 ports. I also utilize a mini usb bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and the connection to the external keyboard and mouse is available immediately on my surface pro 4 when i boot up. I love the mini display port connections as those are my preferred method of connecting monitors.

I'm using the surface dock with a 4k monitor and a full hd monitor, as well as the internal monitor (3 screens) and . It works great! i wouldn't play games across all 3 screens, but for regular apps, i don't have any real problems. (one of my video chat apps doesn't seem to scale it's video well, but forcing it to the bigger graphics card helps. ). . Every once in a while, when windows resumes it'll have trouble turning on both monitors. All i do is pull the dock, wait for windows to settle after resuming, then plug it back in. This has occurred maybe 2-3 times, total. . I have all four usb sockets in use, including one going to a high-power (for charging while connected) usb hub. The ethernet port is in use. Both video ports. About the only thing i don't use is the audio port because audio is carried over the video to one of my monitors that has built-in speakers. . It's a good setup; only downside would be lack of usb-c - but the surface book doesn't have that, either, so that's not a new issue.

A. Mary, Southend-on-Sea

Brand :    microsoft
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.64 pounds
  • 4 usb 3. 0 ports, 1x audio out port
  • High-speed data transfering
  • Compatible with surface pro 3, surface pro 4, surface book, surface pro, and surface laptop
  • 2x mini display ports, 1x gigabit ethernet port
  • Magnetic surface connect cable. transform your surface into a desktop pc by plugging in your dock with the surfaceconnect cable
Price :    $108.91 (was $134.99)
Model :    PD9-00003
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Add On (microsoft product review) for Microsoft Surface Dock available ( Apr 2020 )

USB Type C Adapter- Type C Charging Port, 4K HDMI Output, TF SD Card Reader, USB 3.0 MacBook Pro More

Specifications 1* usb-c port (connect pc to support the device power) 1* hdmi 4k displays at 30hz refresh rate 2* usb 3. 0 port 1* sd card reader 1* micro sd card reader

USB Type C Adapter- Type C Charging Port, 4K HDMI Output, TF SD Card Reader, USB 3.0 MacBook Pro MoreAdapter-Charging-Output-Reader-MacBook

Brand :    ricov
Color :    5
  • Expand a single usb type-c port to hdmi, usb-c charging port, usb 3. 0 ports, sd or micro card reader.
  • Allow you to connect keyboard, mouse, thumb drive to macbook pro, macbook, google chromebook pixel or other type-c devices, and access files from sd card reader. with emi protection, it will not interfere with your wireless device
  • Supports up to 4k hdmi video output.
  • Does not require any software, drivers or complex installation process. no line hub + we have been working on simplicity.
  • Support macbook 2016, macbook pro, google notebook.
Price :    $99.99
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Pc Accessory :    Best Networking Device (ricov product review) for USB Type C Adapter- Type C Charging Port, 4K HDMI Output, TF SD Card Reader, USB 3.0 MacBook Pro More available ( Apr 2020 )

Mr Shield For Microsoft Surface Book Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector 3-PACK Lifetime Replacement

mr shield screen protector kit includes: -three (3) anti-glare screen protector -instructions -scratching card -cleaning cloth -dust collecter -removing tapes mr shield screen protector features: -100% bubble-free silicon adhesives -anti-glare matte and antifingerprint film ensures reducing fingerpirnts -4h hard-coated scratch resistant protection mr shield lifetime replacement warranty: we will send you replacements free of charge for: -installation problem such as bubbles or other user error -damaged screen protectors -does not fit your device

Mr Shield For Microsoft Surface Book Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector 3-PACK Lifetime ReplacementMr-Shield-Microsoft-Anti-Glare-Replacement

Price :    $6.95 (was $21.00)
  • Maximum screen coverage and sized for easy installation
  • 4h anti scratch and scuff resistant
  • 100% bubble free with high technology glues
  • Anti-glare (matte) screen protector fit for microsoft surface book
  • Include 3 anti glare (matte) screen protector
Brand :    mr shield
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Phone Accessory (mr shield product review) for Mr Shield For Microsoft Surface Book Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector 3-PACK Lifetime Replacement available ( Apr 2020 )

Microsoft Surface Book 13.5-Inch 128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 Certified Refurbished

Microsoft surface book features the 6th gen intel core i5 processor, an optional nvidia geforce gpu with 8gb memory and a 128gb solid state drive. It is ultra-thin, meticulously crafted, with an incredible 13. 5" pixelsense touch-screen display with 3000 x 2000 resolution detachable. Use the included surface pen to mark-up presentations, sign documents, take notes and much more. The full punch of a high performance laptop with unprecedented versatility of a tablet. This is surface book. This is the future of laptop computing.

Microsoft Surface Book 13.5-Inch 128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 Certified RefurbishedMicrosoft-Surface-13-5-Inch-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    microsoft
Color :    Silver
Weight :    3.50 pounds
Model :    CR9-00001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 13. 5" pixelsense touchscreen display (3000 x 2000) resolution
  • Surface pen included.
  • Windows 10 pro operating system
  • Incredibly mobile at 3. 48 pounds
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the resulting product includes all relevant accessories, comes with a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only sellers who meet a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
Price :    $699.99 (was $709.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Tablet Computer (microsoft product review) for Microsoft Surface Book 13.5-Inch 128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 Certified Refurbished available ( Apr 2020 )

Microsoft Surface Book - 256GB / Intel Core i5

Convertible 2-in-1 laptop: this ultrathin, high-performance laptop is equipped with incredible 3000 x 2000 screen resolution & the versatility of a tablet. Windows 10 pro13. 5" pixelsense display: 3000 x 2000 resolution for ultrarealistic detail. Pixelsense technology. 267 ppi. 6th gen intel core i7-6600u mobile processor: ultra-low-voltage platform. Dual-core, four-way processing, high-efficiency power to go. Intel turbo boost technology delivers dynamic extra power when you need it. 8gb system memory for advanced multitasking: substantial high-b&width ram to smoothly run your games & photo & video-editing applications, multiple programs & browser tabs all at once. 256gb solid state drive (ssd): a flash-based has no moving mechanical parts, resulting in faster start-up times & data access, no noise, & reduced heat production & power draw on the battery. Nvidia geforce gpu to quickly render high-quality images for videos and games. Stereo speakers: offer lush audio. Weighs 3. 48 lbs. & measures 0. 9" thin: ultraportable design, featuring a smaller screen size. 2-cell & 4-cell lithium-polymer batteries. Bluetooth interface syncs w/ compatible devices: wirelessly transfer photos, music & other media between the laptop & your bluetooth-enabled cell phone or mp3 player, or bluetooth wireless accessories. 2 usb 3. 0 type a ports max the latest high-speed devices: usb 3. 0 backward-compatible w/ usb 2. 0 at 2. 0 speeds. Built-in media reader for simple photo transfer: uhs-ii sdxc memory card. Next-generation wifi: connect to a wireless-ac router nearly 3x faster than wireless-n. 5. 0mp front-facing & 8. 0mp rear-facing cameras with autofocus & dual digital microphones: easy to video chat w/ family & friends or teleconference. Additional ports: mini displayport. Surfaceconnector dock & power. 3. 5mm headphone/microphone.

Microsoft Surface Book - 256GB / Intel Core i5Microsoft-Surface-Book-256GB-Intel

Brand :    microsoft
Size :    256GB / Intel Core i5
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    TP4-00001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Notebook Computer (microsoft product review) for Microsoft Surface Book - 256GB / Intel Core i5 available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $849.99 (was $869.00)
  • Surface pen included
  • 13. 5-inch pixelsense touchscreen display (3000 x 2000) resolution
  • Windows 10 pro operating system
  • Ships in consumer packaging
  • Incredibly mobile at 3. 48 pounds (1576 grams)

IPearl mCover Hard Shell Case 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Book Computer Black

Ipearl mcover collection for mac pc chromebook laptops product highlights: + designed to fit the new 13. 5" microsoft surface book laptops like a glove to protect all corners against scratches and accidental damages + compatible with 13. 5-inch microsoft surface book models with dimensions of 12. 30" x 9. 14" x 0. 51 - 0. 90" (312. 3mm x 232. 1mm x 13. 0 - 22. 8mm); + fully compatible with surface pen + all ports(usb / camera / hdmi, etc) not blocked; this case is not compatible with: - microsoft surface 3 tablet with 10. 8-inch screen - microsoft surface 3 / 4 pro tablet with 12. 3-inch screen - any other laptops for dimensions of your microsoft laptop, please go to the manufacture's website at ipearl inc is proud of being an "a+"-rating bbb accredited business with 34, 000+ online store reviews and 99%+ positive feedbacks. Ipearl offers protective mcover cases for all current macbook chromebook models and selected popular pc laptops, protecting 2, 000, 000+ mac pc chromebook laptops and ipads kindles nooks around the world. (updated 01/20/2016)

IPearl mCover Hard Shell Case 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Book Computer BlackmCover-13-5-inch-Microsoft-Surface-Computer

Brand :    mcover
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.58 pounds
Model :    mCover-MS-SurfaceBook13-Black
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Carrying Case Or Bag (mcover product review) for IPearl mCover Hard Shell Case 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Book Computer Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $19.99
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microsoft surface book 128 gb, 8 gb ram, intel core i5 Price : 662, was : 819 as 2018-03-04
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I've used this computer for at least 6 months and i'm pretty sure that there aren't any defects in the product i received. I'm a fairly casual user and i should mention i haven't used the computer for anything particularly strenuous, yet. . Display - the screen is absolutely gorgeous. If you're someone who really enjoys colour-rich visuals and high-resolution screens and is wondering whether it's worth the money, i would say that this configuration is worth it. The extra height to the screen is really enjoyable for working on documents and i'm glad that i'm able to watch 4k content on my laptop. I sized down from a 15. 6" so that i could afford a nicer screen and have a more portable device and it was definitely worth it. . Battery - the battery life is good, especially considering the quality of the display. . Experience - this computer is a joy to type on and has great travel. The weight doesn't bother me when i carry it in a backpack or tote, like my previous 15. 6" laptop did.

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(0) Question: What type of nvidia graphics card is in this laptop?

(1) Question: For the 256 gb, 8 gb ram, intel core i5, nvidia geforce graphics model the technical details say i3-5010u processor and not i5. so, what is correct?

(2) Question: Can i charge it in countries with 220v output?

(3) Question: Why does the title page say "intel core i5" while the technical detail suggest "2. 1 ghz core m family"? which one is it?

(4) Question: How heavy is the tablet/screen part alone, in notepad mode, out of the 3. 5lbs?

(5) Question: What is the layout of keyboard? from which country?

(6) Question: Says old version? what does that mean?

(7) Question: What is the difference between this a the pro 4?

(8) Question: Is it possible to upgrade the 512gb hdd in this model with a 1tb hdd later or its built-in at time of order and not changeable? assuming, the latter!

(9) Question: Does it have an hdmi port?

(10) Question: Does it come with bluetooth?

(11) Question: Which i7 model number does the surface book use? thanks!

(12) Question: Has the latest fimware update (nov. 2nd) resolve most of the issues?

(13) Question: What is the specific nvidia gpu on this product? the advertisements claim it can handle gaming, but not all nvidia gpu are equal.

(14) Question: Why is online store's price over $200 more than best buy?

(15) Question: How much additional memory can be added with an sd card?

(16) Question: I5 or core m family? the title said microsoft surface book (128 gb, 8 gb ram, intel core i5) but in product detail the processor is core. why?

(note) Question: where/how to get Microsoft (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Microsoft's products

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I'm coming from years of mac ownership and decided to take the leap over to microsoft with the surface book. After 24 hours installing updates and downloading office i am finding myself very smitten. It's a beautiful machine that is unbelievably light weight. I'm totally off grid so it is my main device for all my work and entertainment. When separated from the base the tablet seems huge and i like it. I've been watching movies on a ipad and this feels like a big step up. The screen is beautiful and the touch features work flawlessly. I like to solely use the surface pen instead of putting my fingerprints all over the screen. . For anyone who is only familiar with macs and is afraid of trying windows10 i encourage trying it. So far i'm in love with all of the ways i can customize everything to suit the way i would like to use it. There are less apps available but it hasn't kept me from doing anything i want to do and eventually there will be just as much content as the windows store as the apple app store.

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I did extensive research about the surfacebook and i read so many negative reviews about the software and the bugs, but i was so impressed by the idea of the product so i ended up buying it. . I have to say, the best thing that happened to me was reading all those early reviews about how buggy it is, wireless issues, sleep issues, screen issues all of that. I expected this device to arrive and then i'd have to struggle with it until i find suitable workarounds for the device i'll get. . In the end, i received a product that blows my mind away. 1 week in and i haven't had a single issue with it at all. I'm happy with the purchase and i would recommend it (unless you want your decision to make financial sense, because it doesn't). . Pros:. Unbelievable screen. Touch and pen work really well. Great finishing and quality. Fast performance and no preinstalled software apart from a couple that are meant to show the capabilities of the surface book. Great battery life (base part). . Cons:. Wireless performance is ok but 2 years older laptops with intel 802. 11ac wi-fi cards perform better. You'll have to install loads of updates when you first receive it, not really a con but it took me a few hours. Long charging time. Not very easy to open the lid when its closed

. Hakala, Pays de la Loire

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. Whiteman, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I gave this a 4-star because this is a refurbished ms surface book and not indicated on the description on this site as such. I was expecting a new one. The log file showed the initial boot up on 1-10-2018 and had multiple log entries for hardware and applicaitons. I received it 2-8-2018. Other indicators that is was refurbished are part of the original packaging was missing and some scratches are on the keyboard. If i had known that this is a refurbished book i would have ordered the refurbished one with the higher gb. Unfortuantely i was in a time crunch to have a working laptop otherwise i would have returned it. Other than that the book performs as expected.

Z. Anonymous, Centre

I initially got to play with one of these laptops last year around when they came out at work for testing, i found it to be one of the most impressive windows laptops i've ever used. I couldn't get myself to spend so much money on a new laptop myself and so put off buying one until just recently. Initially when i got the machine, out of the box it wouldn't actually turn on. Both batteries were at 0%. I had to plug it and let it charge for a bit, then i was able to turn it on though it was running in an ultra low battery mode so everything was rather laggy. I wasn't able to setup the pen during that initial boot as it was performing rather horribly. After the battery got to around 10% or so full performance came back, at which point i immediately wanted to update all the drivers and firmware to the latest and got all the windows updates. Part of this was failing, only to learn a bit later that the machine needs to be charged to 40% before firmware can be installed. Very well, i waited until it was charged to 40% and then the firmware installed correctly. . The out-of-box experience wasn't really as pleasant as it could have been. But after that the surface book has been one of the best windows laptops i could ever imagine using. It's been very stable, the battery lasts a long time, the display is beautiful, the keyboards works and feels great, it also looks great. The pen is pretty excellent and attaches securely to the side magnetically. The displayport beautifully feeds a 4k samsung monitor, 4k videos are a treat to watch. The touchpad has to be the best that has existed in a windows device. Two finger scrolling is buttery smooth and responsive across apps, edge and ie along with most desktop applications. Google chrome was strugging to scroll smoothly though unless i enabled a 'smooth scrolling' feature in the hidden flags for the browser, then chrome performs much better. . I was hesitant with trying out the facial recognition, i wasn't really interested in trying this until last night. I was expecting it to be rather slow. It actually works extremely well, and booting the thing up while it was turned off, it'll jump through the login screen so quickly it was almost as if you never had it password protected in the first place. I've been made convinced, and since it does a 3d scan now it seems significantly more difficult to fool, i'm not really sure how you effectively would. . I did change the power button to hibernate instead of sleep, since this thing sleeps very lightly. Wired mouse and keyboards never power off, and just turn the laptop back on again in an instant. Other than the keyboard and mouse still being lit up though, i didn't have a problem with the sleep mode running the battery down. Sleep mode actually performs pretty amazing on this thing, my old dell laptop would kill itself overnight if just put into regular sleep. Surface book just keeps going. . I haven't really been too interested in the actual surface tablets, as i don't really require or desire a tablet for any of my day to day activities. I'm more interested in a solid laptop experience, and this thing delivers. However i have also played around with removing the display and using it as a tablet. Combined with the pen, this creates for an interesting way to browse the web in positions that aren't reasonable for typing but for writing. It was a fun. The touchscreen itself also works great. . As you can see, i'm very pleased with the way this laptop has been functioning over the past 3 weeks i've had it. Where this shines however, i've only had a rather frustrating experience with the official surface dock that's supposed to go with this thing. I've posted my experiences with that in another review. Ignoring the dock and using the surface book on its own, it's a very solid and fun laptop. Worthy of the premium price, though i could only justify buying the base model which is enough for my needs.

P. Mahood, Sheffield says

*every is so desperate for a review - so. Vendor: yes. I received the product. Yes, online store shipped it from their warehouse in a timely fashion. Yes, it was what i ordered. . Product: not a great deal to say about the surface book. If you are reading this because you want to buy one, you have already read many mixed reviews. Some people may not like it. Others may like it. Here is my perspective. . It's a surface. It is built well. This is my third surface product. I own an original surface pro. I then recently bought a surface 3 as a bedside ipad replacement. (i was tired of the fraking safari browser crashing on every web page i went to). Both work well. Until this purchase, my old pro was my daily commuter and weekend workstation. Put it on its dock, plug it into a big monitor and keyboard and work away. My surface 3 is great as a bed side tablet, and battery life is okay. You can't use it while charging, but it is off for many hours of the day anyways so that is a great time to charge it, when it needs to be charged. So, buying into a surface book came with expectations based on those. The quality feel of the other two devices is there in this. The keyboard is workable like any good keyboard. If you don't like laptop keyboards, then you might not like this. If you have ever used a flat keyboard with what are called 'chicklet' flat buttons, that is what these are. There is enough button to button spacing that you won't hit two keys at once. The keyboard is back lit, so in a dim room it is easy to see all the letters as that is the part the light comes through. . I purchased the core i7 version because i wanted a performance boost over my rock solid core i5 surface pro. If you run an i7 at 'full bore' you will run down the batteries (yes, there are two - one in the keyboard, the other in the tablet portion) pretty quick. I don't so i am unsure how quickly they will drain like that. However, if the workload you are running is pretty light weight (surfing the web, writing code or documents, things like that) than it slows down the cpu and saves battery power nicely. But do remember you are buying a performance laptop when you buy the core i7 model. . The table portion: it undocks with the push of a button. What this really means is that the tablet portion is locked onto the keyboard. So it won't accidentally fall off. To get it off, the button tells the tablet to electricly let go of the keyboard. So, if you have drained the batteries, you will have to plug it in for at least 15 minutes before it will be ready to unlock. For note: the charge cable will charge either the tablet by itself, or as as the keyboard / tablet combo (laptop mode). The bottom edge where the tablet connects to the keyboard is where you will find the charge port. Unlike a surface 3 (not 3 pro) you can charge the surface book will using it. It will take longer to charge if you do, but you still get to keep using it. If you buy a third party charger ti will be 65 watts and will slowly charge a surface book. The normal charger that comes with a surface book is 15 volt, 4 amp 102 watt output. Which is how you get a faster charge and can use it while charging. The charger feels solid. However, my older surface pro charger failed after about a year, so actual quality on this one may be for debate. The old one didn't die early, so it could have been 'luck of the draw'. . The tablet is exactly that. You could think of it like getting a surface pro 4 that you have a keyboard with a good hinge to hold it upright. You would be close. But then wrong. The difference is that the tablet does not have a kickstand to hold it upright on a table like a pro 4 does. The tablet also does not have the windows button anywhere on the edge of the screen. So pulling up the windows menu from any application that hides the start bar is a challenge. So don't think of it as a pro 4. Think of it as a laptop with a cool party trick. . You already know this, but in case you did not: everything is in the table portion. Memory, storage, cpu, cooling, battery. The only thing the keyboard has is the keyboard, a second large battery, a touchpad, the usb ports, and the charge port. Actually, the usb ports are a good topic point: they are in the keyboard portion. That is a critical port to understand. The tablet does not have any usb ports. The surface 3 and the pro models all have one usb port. This does not in the tablet portion. So, another reason you should not consider it a full blown surface 4. The headphone port is on the top corner of the tablet when it is docked with the keyboard. A pretty poor location if you want to actually use it. It really should have been down lower towards the hinge area. Not a problem if you use bluetooth headphones. I don't, so it is an issue. . Gaming: yes. It works for that. At least for what i have tried. But there is a catch. And it is here:. . Display: my surface book comes with a 3000*2000 pixel display. Looks great. And really small. Out of the box windows 10 on this has its zoom feature set to show everything at 200%. You'll need it unless you like very small content in a very larger area. But this high resolution comes at a cost for video games: if the game won't or can not use the secondary nvidia graphics chip, it will have to use the built in intel chip. If the game can even support the high resolution, you may find it to have graphical glitches as the intel tries to keep up. It is possible you may have to reduce the resolution or 'eye-candy' advanced graphics in the game to get it run better at that resolution. While this is a high performance device, it is not a gamers laptop. . What about the pen? yes, it does come with a pen (if you buy a refurbished unit then all bets are off - some vendors don't have it to give to you with the used unit). It has a quality feel to it. It works. It takes a quad-a (aaaa) battery, so any off the shelf brand will work in it. Which is nice. It also has a very heavy magnetic attraction to the left edge of the surface. The magnets are actually in the surface. Put the pen against there and it is lock solid in place. If yours feels loose, side it down a bit. You will suddenly feel it snap into place. Comfort and feel are subjective. Its okay for me. But then i really wont use it much. I seldom draw. The last time i did was probably 10 years ago doing new artwork for the user interface on my website using a toshiba tablet. I might just do that this time around on the surface as well. . Is it worth it? as with anything it depends on why you are buying it. I bought mine because i write code while i am commuting on a ferry. I needed to be able to use it without a table. I wanted a better keyboard than a type pad. This is it for me. I certainly could have saved a lot of money buying someone else's lower cost standard laptop. Or even their idea of a hybrid tablet / laptop device. You could also save a lot of money by not buying this. I bought it because i am familiar with the brand and perceived quality. . In the end though, you are going to sell yourself on this device. If you can over come the price point of the version you want, and if the reviews that you read align exactly with what you want to hear, then you will make the purchase. And unless you get unlucky and get a bad one, it should be a good laptop for you. . Which brings us back around to the complaint a the very beginning of this 'review': the vendor spamming me with a desperate desire to have me write a review. (i am not a professional reviewer - i don't get free hardware - i am just a 'joe off the street' purchaser). One of the points in their own email was that if there was a problem with what i bought, they wanted me to contact them so they could make it right. I suspect that only covers making sure you don't leave a bad review until they do try and solve the problem. Warranty work would be handled some other way. I have never had that issue, so no idea how it would be experience wise. . This is not a review of the packaging, but i thought it was amusing enough to call out. The box this thing comes in (not the online store box or the protective shipping / shelf cardboard, but the actual presentation / in store box) is massive. And heavy duty cardboard. If you have ever owned an iphone or seen those boxes, this gives those a run for the money for heft and thickness. At the price of this thing you would expect quality packaging and you definitely get it here. It opens clam shell fashion (or suitcase fashion if that makes more sense). Everything is packed a lot like an iphone with the laptop floating in its own cubby space, and the charger off in its own box to the side. Overall, quality packaging. I swear the box feel almost as heavy as the surface book all on its own.

Q. Patricia, Greenwich

For 700$, this 128 gb, 8 gb ram monster of a device is a steal. As a college going kid i absolutely love this device. It has everything a powerful processor for engineering softwares, the amazing stylus for note taking during classes on top of the slides that teachers post online, a sleek and portable body(which detaches from the keyboard and is its own device) and looks great. I read that people were having issues but personally i did not had a single issue with it. Charges greats, screen in amazing, no internet issues. Just works flawless. It is refurbished though, if that really concerns you. However the body was new and looks like a new device. You honestly can't tell the difference between this and a new device.

I. Julie, Lambeth says

My everything. I was very skeptical about purchasing the surface book after all of the issues i've been reading about online. I've seen them also at best buy and would always go over and tinker with them out of curiosity. After performing extensive research, i decided to pull the trigger based on using my surface pro 3 on a daily basis for pretty much everything. I am a systems engineer for a government agency and forever researching the latest tech for personal and professional use. We are primarily a windows shop and i must say that the windows 10 os coupled with the surface book tablet is a great combo. No issues with touch. Finger or pen input. Everything is very solid and i feel for those who are in fact experiencing issues with their models. All i can say is that i am very fortunate to receive a stable and solid build from the assembly line. Perhaps ms needs to refine their qc process to ensure they are consistent in issuing their gear. I've had my surface book for several months now and have had nothing but a truly remarkable experience with my device. I also noticed it's slim pickens when it comes to selecting a good case for the book. I ordered the uag armored case and do not use it daily. There are some build quality issues that are not ergonomic for me and many other customers after reading reviews. I ended up purchasing this one https:// which i absolutely love. The magnetic flap which reconnects back to the base of the surface once re-attached is amazing. I didn't know how it actually worked. But when you detach the tablet portion from the base, the magnetic flap snaps back to the "frame" of the case and you can use the tablet without the flap flapping around :-) hopefully i'm explaining that clearly :/ either way, i am very satisfied with purchasing my surface book pro. Microsoft i believe did a great job ironing out the bugs that they've had previously. The surface book is a solid piece of gear and i would recommend it to anyone who demands serious it needs on the go. I'm also to use photoshop cc and premier pro cc without zero issues. It just takes a little bit longer to render video files. But when compared to a desktop, the surface book is a runner up and can handle work on the fly when you need to edit in a pinch or when "hobbying". It is more than capable to perform the task. I hope this review helps someone with the purchase decision. The book is my everything and has completely replaced my laptop. Although, i always carry it with me as a backup. The surface book is my primary device. Thank you for reading my review!

X. Taylor, Brandenburg

Update - three weeks in. . When i originally reviewed this computer, i was just a little tentative about certain elements - the way the screen detaches, the different modes of use, and the computer's power. Let me say that the more i use it, the more places i realize i want to use it. . To give an example, i have been working on a design competition over the past week. With the rate of production we needed to meet the deadline, printing everything out for review would have been a pain and a little difficult to deal with. By putting the laptop into what i'll call "heavy tablet mode" (detach the monitor, flip it around, re-attach, then fold flat), i could use the laptop like instant paper: rotate my 3d model into the view we want to sketch on, then activate screen-sketch mode, which takes a screenshot and displays it immediately in a simple sketching environment. That tool is incredibly powerful, because it lets you get exactly the image you want for every scenario, and not just one or two images that try to cover all scenarios, like when printing material. It's fantastic! . . I now work regularly with an external monitor with much lower pixel density. This is awesome for 3d modelling work that runs just a little jerkily on the 3000x2000 laptop display, especially because some of those programs are extremely poorly designed for high-density displays. This fixes really the only issue i've had with the computer, and it's the thing to do with tiny laptops like this anyway. . Resume earlier review. . For context here, i am an architecture student who typically reduces the school desktop computers to a snail's pace of performance by the end of a semester, because of my extreme needs for heavyweight multitasking, like running creative suite applications on top of one or more 1-2 hour rendering tasks. So when i got fed up with my last laptop, i went looking for something fast. This is my four-day review, and i'll write a follow-up later. . First impressions - this is a very fast machine. My habit is to turn computers on and then go elsewhere for a minute or so to avoid boot-up time. Not so here: the computer boots in about five seconds and is already looking for my face for login recognition. In most lighting conditions, this is pretty quick. Getting applications started is very fast, and opening files is great. I do feel that the screen resolution is both a blessing and a curse here - pictures are beyond gorgeous, but can take a moment to load fully because the graphics card has to render up so many pixels. But for most of the tasks i need - 3d modelling, illustrator, photoshop - there is almost no perceptible lag on anything, which is great. . The screen and pen are fantastic. Drawing and writing are a joy, though as a first-time stylus-user i definitely see that it will take me a little while to get used to the new workflows. Here i really wish that the hinge, which is cool and all, could allow the laptop to fold flat so that the keyboard could be exposed while the screen is down for drawing. I can attach another keyboard and all, but it's still kind of unfortunate that the screen only goes back to around 100 degrees open, which is actually not great for working on my lap (though since most of my work is done at a table, this is fine). For drawing, the ability to detach and flip the monitor is fantastic. The monitor can be used on its own as a great tablet computer, or it can be attached backwards and folded flat (as if to close the laptop), giving you a really great, slightly slanted drawing surface (i wonder if this is really the whole point of the silly hinge - if so, good job microsoft, this is so great! ). The battery life for this mode is amazing - i've spent lots of hours doing pretty intense drawing and never felt worried at all about draining the batteries. . Speaking of batteries, there are two on this machine, one for the monitor and one in the base. They charge pretty slowly, but once charged they last a long time - i was drawing for around 6 hours the other day without plugging in and only reached around 50%, so kudos there. . The detaching system works great, but some software (specifically software that uses the discrete gpu) will want to be closed and reopened so it can deal with the changing conditions of use. This is something that is probably just the way things are, but because i run software like that all the time, and frequently want to leave it running so i don't have to keep on reopening things, that might get a little annoying down the road (though the load times are nearly instantaneous, so this isn't as bad as if the computer was using a hard disc). The connection seems to work great, but the actual hardware connecting the two parts is amazingly small so despite the apparent solidity of it all, i still feel like touching the screen lightly while in laptop mode. . Build quality is peerless. As a windows-lover, i have always found it sad that there were no beautiful windows machines - dell makes too many moves to try to make their computers look like muscle cars, lenovo makes the most hideous laptops ever designed (though this is improving now), hp computers are incredibly boring (until the spectre, which was the first truly gorgeous windows laptop), and all of the gaming computers are designed to fulfill the imaginations of angsty teenagers. Too judgemental? well, apple computers may often look a little plastic, but their laptops have been without compare, until recently when they decided to double down on tradition (read: stagnation) with the silly touch bar. The surface line, however, breaks the laptop-tablet divide and gives you the option of getting a tablet that works fine as a laptop (surface) or a laptop that can be made to operate as a rather heavyweight but extremely powerful tablet (surface book). Is it perfect? no, because the software hasn't caught up to the fact that windows has created this thing out of nowhere, and because they think that thinness is the definition of beauty (i would accept a laptop twice as heavy and thick if it meant reducing costs, increasing robustness, allowing for more powerful graphics and processing, increased battery life, etc. ). . In conclusion, this is an awesome laptop, with some unnecessary effort made to make if feel too delicate (though it is actually quite robust) and some amazing drawing hardware that is ahead of its software (come on adobe, you need to fix up touch mode on illustrator, and develop a better painting interface in photoshop. I mean, would it kill you to include the layers palette in touch mode? there is so much space! ). The pixel density issue varies by software. Some software doesn't adapt (adobe, rhinoceros 3d) with the result that the buttons get absolutely tiny. But the operating system is pretty good with many other softwares, especially with the group that has been designed specifically for the surface line. . My last word is on cost. This is an expensive, beautiful piece of hardware. My version - 512gb ssd, 16gb ram, nvidia gpu - is somewhat north of two grand, which is pretty extreme for a laptop, especially when you factor in the cost of the software to be added on top of that (thank goodness for student discounts). As i said before, i think that laptop manufacturers are too concerned about weight, and that i wouldn't mind if they eased up on making costs escalate and reducing performance by pushing ever thinner. That said, i can see where every penny went here, and if you need a high-octane, efficient laptop good for extended periods away from power sockets, with a fantastic touchscreen (and pen), then congrats! you've found it!

C. Wells, Vermont says

Beautiful laptop. I love the look and feel of it. . Build quality: nice and sturdy. I would say premium. Performance: great. Battery life: 6-8 hours. Storage: mine is 128 gb. Could do with more. But 128 gb sd card slot adds the extra space for my media. Screen quality: marvelous colors and picture quality, detaches quite easily and very light weight as a tablet. Audio: soft on ears. Could do with a bit higher volume. Keyboard: very comfortable and a nice clicky feel :). Price: costly but value worth the money. . Overall. Would recommend to buy. Better choice over macbook.

W. Erickson, Arkansas

Simply stunning piece of technological design. The fulcrum hinge is brilliant, and the powered mechanics behind the detachable screen make it easy and durable. Complete metal body makes it a little heavy, but it is the feel of quality. Backlight keyboard and glass trackpad are very nice luxuries. Speakers are surprisingly great. Display is stunning and high aspect is great for browsing web. I believe that this device, the surface book (not surface or surface laptop) is the best device ever made. I hope microsoft continues to produce it.

M. Matherly, Knowsley says

All i can possibly say is. Wow. . Microsoft outdid themselves with the book. It is the best piece of tech i have owned in 15 years. . I understand some may have had issues when they bought it as soon as it came out, but with most of those bugs worked out (with exception of edge browser issues - but who cares, i use chrome), this *the* device to own if you work a lot on your laptop. . The display ratio - love it. The glass trackpad - love it. The ability to detach and use as a tablet - love it. The surface pen is a phenomenal tool and i love that it's magnetized to the side. The display is extremely good; high definition and contrast makes it easy to read the speakers are loud and clear. . I couldn't be happier since i purchased it at about $500 off of the standard price. . Premium device.

E. Garner, Indiana

Why would anyone ever buy a macbook pro, when this exists? this computer is incredible, and it's objectively faster than the macbook pro line (look up the benchmarks for both the graphics and the cpu and compare. ) there's zero reason to buy a macbook these days - the operating system is getting worse and more buggy, the ports are vanishing, and the screen is still not a touch screen. This is the product to buy right here. My last two laptops were macbook pro's - this thing seems amazing by comparison.

H. Debra, Oregon says

I love this product! i am a apparel designer therefore, the software's i use such as adobe illustrator, indesign, and photoshop work great. The bad reviews on those software's i honestly have no clue what they are talking about because i haven't had any problems. The actual software works better than the app, if that's what they were referring to. This tablet is fast and easy to use! the only problem i have had is when i reverse the tablet to face the other way sometimes it glitches out. I find this is common with electronics because they are resetting themselves to work properly the other way. I hope this helps others looking into buying this product.

. Janice, Waltham Forest says

Overall great satisfaction, this surface was just as described. M, brand new, came with stylus pen and seems to be very fast. I have no complaints, other than maybe my on abilities to get use to windows usage. Touch screen works great, the image goes all the way to edges. There are a lot of features i haven t yet tried, but i m extremely satisfied with the product! keyboard lights up, it s lightweight, charges super fast and is great purchase!

F. Melissa, Merton

Just got this laptop. I'll be updating this review as the weeks go by. . Update: four months later, running ok. . Bugs:. Sometimes i close the laptop and it won't go to sleep, so i'm forced to shut it down so that the battery won't run out. Happens like once every two weeks. Sometimes the whole thing will freeze on me (mouse cursor not even moving). I'll have to lock and unlock the laptop for it to break out of this state. Happens about once a week. . Battery:. It seems like the battery life is short after owning this for a few months (i'm talking 5 hours of continued use, and i do not own the external graphics card version). I'll have to actually time it sometime soon. . Installation:. I was worried about the negative reviews of early adopters, and, sure enough, the laptop out of the box had a lot of problems. The pen didn't sync via bluetooth. The wifi wouldn't work. I had to leave the surface book updating for a few hours, and a lot of times windows update would run into "there was a problem with updating" or something like that and it would fail. The solution was to restart every time. Anyways, after several manual and automatic restarts, everything appears to be working great. . Screen:. The screen is fantastic. Even if it wasn't a touchscreen, i would say the screen quality is top-notch for a windows machine (obviously it isn't at the level of a retina mac screen). However the fact that it is a touchscreen makes it extremely impressive, because it doesn't have the grainy or overly-glossy appearance that other touchscreen laptops have.

B. Rose, Walsall says

It keeps going into never-ending-sleep-mode and it doesn't play well with chrome - but i'm still a fan. . I ordered this machine from online store on may 13th 2016 understanding that i had a 1 year warranty. With less than a month to go, i have a touch screen problem and was surprised to find that microsoft said my warranty 'expired' months before i bought the machine from online store. They seem to have started the warranty clock when they sent the machine to online store! . . They want $30 just to talk to me about my problem since the warranty is "expired" - but it hasn't expired. I see no way in microsoft-land to explain this without a fee. . Help me online store - can microsoft be told the correct purchase date for this computer? . . The touch screen problem shows a phantom finger constantly touching the lower right edge of the window - things jump around so much the machine is now virtually unusable and i've had to regress to my original surface, which is a trouper.

. Guest, Rochdale

Just scanning through the reviews, it seems there are some very different experiences here. What is clear, though, is that all of those who are disappointed were first-day buyers so i'd look at the one star reviews as a cautionary tale about the perils of being an early adopter. I was a bit lucky, in that i live in australia and the release was delayed until microsoft's new flagship store opened in sydney a couple of weeks ago. I also had another delay when i broke mine. Apparently you should not try to repartition pcie drives. Oops. So i took it back to the store and they reinitialised everything and applied the latest updates. The service was excellent and it means my experience is of a surface book with the latest windows 10 updates, which seems to make all the difference. . People who look at this device as something to replace your laptop and tablet are not seeing it properly. I love my thinkpad 8 and have no intention of replacing it any time soon. But it has it's limitations and the gulf between it and my laptop is sometimes vast, a bottomless chasm, so what i end up doing is taking both my tablet and laptop with me, jus tin case. What my surface book (which i shall henceforth refer to as sbook) does is to bridge that gap completely. It eliminates the inner dialogue where i try and work out which device will involve the fewest compromises for any given task and it means i can now leave my tablet at home when i have my sbook with me. For example, at night when i remember something i should have done before i left work, i don't have to think "can i do this on my tablet or will i have to get up and sit at the desk to get this done". Instead i can just whip the screen section (clipboard) off my sbook and continue to wallow on the sofa while i do a bit of work the pen is key to this as it gives me a very accurate pointing device that makes using desktop software easy to work with on the clipboard. . Speaking of the pen, it is something of a revelation. I had a surface pro 2 and i reckon in just over a week i have already used the pen on my sbook more than i did in a year with the spro 2. Why? because it's right there, stuck securely to the side of the clipboard, ready to go whenever you think it might be handy. And it's always handy. It's also much nicer than the old pen, which felt and looked really cheap, and far more useful into the bargain with it's built in eraser. . So, for me, this is what makes the sbook a five star product - the overall experience and massively expanded utility over my old laptop. The specs are far less important, other than being more than adequate to run all my professional software, from adobe creative suite 6 to autodesk 3ds max and maxon cinema 4d. It is also very capable when it come sot my realtime music software and i can't wait for an opportunity to use it on stage, in front of an audience. The 3:2 screen aspect ratio is also much better than i thought it would be. It seems to be something microsoft have actually thought deeply about, rather than just designing around a standard screen spec. . Is it perfect? no, there are a few niggles. Probably the most annoying for me is that sd cards only fit half-way into the slot, leaving around 12mm (half-an-inch) sticking out of the chassis. I'd rather a microsd slot that completely swallowed the card. You also need to find a new way of opening the laptop up as the magnet that keeps it closed makes your usual method unsuitable. I crack the seal from the sides, with both hands, then open it out from the centre. The keyboard backlighting also makes it hard to see some of the keys during the day, even indoors. It should be adjustable but i haven't been able to find any controls. But these are minor quibbles and don't detract from the overall experience too much. . Overall, this is a brilliant laptop with extended functionality that makes it worth whatever premium you have to pay. The build quality is exceptional and the designers have obviously sweated over every detail. If i think about all the reasons i bought a surface pro 2 and then all the reasons i decided to go back to a laptop, the surface book ticks off every point in both lists. Right now it is as close as you can get to the perfect portable computer for professionals who need to get things done. . Edit/update: many of the problems other users were reporting kicked in for me after a month or so and took until about april for microsoft to finally fix them all through firmware and software updates. Since then it has been mostly back to brilliant, with just one incompatibility problem outlined in the comments below. This incompatibility has forced me to move on earlier than i might have otherwise, although i do tend to replace my laptop every year so it's not like i have given up in disgust or anything like that. It is more that my needs have changed significantly this year and i no longer need such a high-spec machine, nor are the unique advantages of the sbook as important to me as they were.

K. Joanna, Pennsylvania says

After 1 week of shipping delays and having to contact microsoft support and then doing a 3 hour reset, everything is now working properly. Seems like other people have had problems on i initial start up. If you don't have to time to troubleshoot then this product is not for you. Had me concerned because $2500 is a lot of money to spend on a lemon. So far only one day in and it's great. The tablet is great to draw on feels like i'm really drawing on paper, i think this is due to the i7 chip and increased ram it's definitely worth putting up the extra money to get no lag while drawing. Plus saving $600 bucks on my purchase is another plus!

L. Mays, Wakefield

Took me a long time to optimize the screen (you must go here to get the same goodness: . ). And i had to fix some windows driver issues causing minor issues. But the hardware experience has been wonderful. This is one incredible machine. . One gripe. When you undock the keyboard the remaining 'tablet' part is really hard to hold. No grip points at all to hold it up. Slides off your lap. Have to prop it up a bit on a table with a rolled pair of socks. This thing needs kickstand like the surface pro has. I'd like to lay it on a table and apply a 10% tilt. Perfect for study and using the pen to highlight that way.

N. Annette, Hawaii says

So, if you really want a laptop to rock your world, go for it. Everything about this unit is appealing. Performance, appearance, functions, portability. Bought this for my wife (a bonafide tech nerd) for christmas, and she's over the moon. Do you remember sophia of the golden girls? the old lady who always carried her purse from place to place, room to room. This is what it's like at our house now with this handy, dandy laptop. This is a great alternative to a macbook pro, in that it has ports, and runs like every other android in the world. Much more versitile. Just ask my wife.

D. Rhonda, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

I bought this, microsoft surface book, two months ago and it is a great product overall. It s a convertible hybrid design where the screen is able to be taken off of the hinge. Completely detaching from the laptop base, turning it into a tablet. The screen, mouse pad, keyboard, battery life, optional upgradable graphics, and its premium quality makes this one of the best laptop that you can buy. The microsoft surface book is ideal for anyone, beginner or expert in any field, who is looking for a premium laptop. Its uniqueness will help you stand out from the crowd of just another laptop user. Peripherals. This screen is stunning; with a 3000x2000 resolution, extremely bright, and its highly color accurate. Making it so you are using this outside you can still see the screen and all its glory. It also come with a free smart pen, giving you the ability to use the included pen to draw or write on the screen. The mouse pad is sensational, using the glass track pad you can feel the responsiveness and precession. The keyboard is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The spacing is the best you can get, and shows that it is truly a premium laptop. The key-travel is very good as well, but it would be nice to have slightly more key travel next time. You can also use the backlit keys. Making working in areas where the brightness might have been an issue before, is an issue no more. Design. The overall design of this is so you can use it as a convertible hybrid laptop. Detached you can reconnect with the screen facing the other way turning it into what microsoft calls, the clipboard allowing the you to draw on it effortlessly. Because of this microsoft developed what they call a fulcrum hinge. Which makes it so the laptop doesn t close all the way, leaving a small gap at the base. Even though some might not find this appealing. It does balance the weight of the laptop very well. The magnesium body is both light and creates a feeling of exceptional quality when working on it. As for ports on the left it has two usb 3. 0 ports and an sd card reader. On the right it has a mini display port, and it has a magnetic a charging dock. All you have to do is drop power connector near the charging port, and the magnets do the work for you! . Battery life. Battery life is very good on this laptop, averaging real time use of over 9 hours per charge on max screen brightness. With over 12 hours per charge when the screen is at half brightness. The microsoft surface book is an all-day laptop, that has no problem keeping up with your busy life. Then there is the tablet, which is a very cool feature. The battery life, however, is not so cool. Lasting only about 2. 5 hours on a full charge, this isn t going to be a tablet replacement. But the nice thing about the tablet is you can mount it backwards on the base of the laptop where the batteries are stored to increase the life of the tablet portion to the life of the total combined laptop. Conclusion. This is a premium laptop, worth the amount of money that it is currently selling for on here on online store. Com of $791. With a display that will blow you away, a track pad that is spectacular, keyboard that feels right, and a long battery life in laptop mode. It is one of the best laptops you can buy. With its unique features, it will make you stand out and make people with they had a product this amazing.

J. Nancy, Utah says

I definitely love the surface book, but it is probably not worth the retail price. I purchased the i7 surface book with 16gb ram and 512gb ssd, which has a retail price of $2800. I got it on here for a bit less than that but it is definitely a bit expensive. . It is fast and gets great battery life. With the dock, i can surf the web for 10-15 hours between charges depending on what i am doing. Be careful what software you install/have running because some things can have huge impact on battery life. I was using vlc player to watch video but it didn't work with hardware acceleration. Using the software video decoder resulted in about 3 hours of battery life while watching video. Someone suggested i use potplayer (potplayer. Daum. Net) for video and it worked for me with hardware acceleration and battery life during video playback doubled. . I was a little disappointed that there are no ports on the tablet section. It has two usb 3, an sd card slot, and a mini displayport on the base. Headset jack is in the upper right corner of the tablet portion, which is a little inconvenient when using it as a laptop, especially if your headset has a short cord. I have seen promotional pictures of the pen attached to various edges of the device, but it only attaches magnetically to the left side (pretty convenient for me since i am left-handed). . The keyboard layout is a little awkward. The up/down arrows are each half-sized keys. There are a few function keys for play, pause, volume, mute, and keyboard backlight brightness (not screen brightness? ). I am a little bothered by the lack of a right control key, but i am getting used to it. It has a good feel and i can type pretty easily on it. . The first time i undocked the tablet i was amazed at how thin and light it was, considering how powerful the hardware is. It doesn't feel flimsy or heavy at all, but holding it one-handed feels a bit awkward (partly because of the size, and partly because i know how much damage it would do if i dropped it). The bezel is about a half-inch border around the display, so there is not much place to grip it without touching the screen. The screen is bright and sharp, though cranking up the brightness seriously hurts battery life. . I have been having an issue with ghost/phantom touch (the screen thinks it was touched when it really wasn't) which seems to be a known issue from what i've seen online. It looks like i may have to rma to get it fixed, which i am not thrilled about. . Overall, i really do love the surface book. It is a great combination of a laptop and tablet without too many compromises. I like using the pen with onenote. I have photoshop, but i haven't taken the time yet to learn to effectively use pen input with it. I don't know how it compares to using a separate drawing tablet like a wacom. . My biggest gripe is it is probably 25-30% more expensive than i think it is worth. But for right now, there aren't really any comparable devices available so they can pretty much charge what they want.

O. Anonymous, Bury

I believe that all the early issues that plagued this computer have been resolved. I've had mine for almost 2 months, and i've had no issues whatsoever. Having gone from the macbook pro to this computer, i'm glad i made the change. The 3 x 2 screen ratio is unique, and i love it, on this and the surface pro 4. If you're reluctant to purchase this because of all the negative (but legitimate) reviews, i think it's safe now, and the driver issues have all been resolved. Also, the price is finally coming down some too. I highly recommend the microsoft surface book!

. Michele, Hertfordshire says

I have long been an avid hater of expensive laptops, often making fun of the apple snobs who pay $1000 for an iphone and $1900 for a macbook. . It made no sense to me. . Then i found this and thought. This is the perfect laptop. I ordered it, trading, in an instant, a sizable amount of money that may have otherwise been a different kind of freedom. . Then i began using it. I will likely never willfully buy a non-surface-book laptop again. I'm hooked. . This is absolutely, without a doubt, the most complete laptop i've ever owned. . The minute you realize you can re-attach the screen backwards, so that the keyboard's attached and the screen is facing the other way, it becomes 100% more useful. . I love it. I love using it. I will never regret buying it, even at the end of 2016 when it was starting to get a little outdated. . I play overwatch on it and i'm hooked. . I would compare this to apple's creation of the iphone. To me, it's game changing.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Joanne, Aquitaine says

It seemed cool at first, but after you realize it's not a streamlined device it just becomes another laptop. I've had the screen crack due to its poor design, and now the final blow. It will not turn on, feeling overheated to the touch. My laptop is dead and it has not even been a year. Considering i can probably pull out my 10+ year macbook and it will turn on, i'm disappointed in this product to say the least.

R. Barbara, West Berkshire

I could tell that the box had been opened. There was gunk under the security stickers. The protective covering had obviously been opened and put back on. The contents were out of place. The screen has smudges and what looks like a scratch. . I turned on the computer. It asked my region and what keyboard would i like to use. It needed absolutely no updates. I immediately ran crystal disk info on it. I got the following results:. . Power on count: 435 (one of those is from me turning it on). Power on hours: 235. Total host writes: 2121 gb. . That is not a new computer. . I would not be surprised if others unknowingly got used surface books. Online store needs to crack down on sellers who sell used items as new.

V. Zelda, Shropshire says

Fantastic laptop! the battery life lasts all day for me and the pen is a great tool. My issue was when i pulled this out of the box, it refused to charge. This was due to some of the pins in the charging port on the base having been bent out of position and away from the charger itself. This should have been checked before being sent out and is not something i should have had to fix myself. I would definitely recommend this laptop to anybody, but buyer beware of refurb issues

. Isabel, Blackpool

The laptop looks and performs as if it was poorly refurbished. This item was advertised as a new item. Please see pictures taken during initial unboxing. While i was excited to begin using the laptop, i had some doubts as to whether this was truly an unused and new product. The oem label was covered up by a different label. After carefully pulling away the top label, i was somewhat relieved to see the oem label sn matched the surgace book's serial number and further unpacked the laptop. Opening the screen, i saw dirty marks all over it(see picture) and had to plug in the surface book to power it on, the batteries were completely drained. After initial setup and some testing on youtube, i opened onenote and experienced a graphics malfunction (see pictures). Restarting seemed to have helped but by now my confidence in the integrity of this product and the seller is shaken. I would like to ask for a replacement that is actually new or ask for a full refund.

E. Alexia, Milton Keynes says

Had to work 7 hours with microsoft to rma the first surface book we received. The replacement device seems to be functioning correctly and actually applied the 1079 ms update. The battery life on these things is phenomenal, as is the 3000 x 2000 resolution. My wife uses this device in nursing school all day every day without a charging cable and it just keeps on working off one charge. Most impressive is the powerhouse sitting behind that long battery life. She routinely works out of 10+ open windows and programs and the surface book is snappy and responsive throughout it all thanks to the dedicated graphics, ssd, and i7. I would thank the ram too, but it's only noticeable if you run out of memory, which we have not yet. :)

Z. Allen, South Dakota

Box was opened. everything was opened.

Q. Miller, Delaware says

I dont even know how some people giving this product 2 stars. As much as i love the idea of the product, i hate how microsoft executed the software. There are tons of bugs you have to fix yourself that is if you can fix them. Bugs in the pen, bugs in the graphics, bugs in the software, bugs everywhere and windows freezes all the time. Please just save yourself time and frustration and buy different product for way cheaper price.

S. Nellie, Auvergne

It's a refreshed item. It should be new. But it is still a nice computer.

. April, Vermont says

This surface book was sold as new and whether or not that was the actual truth or not is unknown. But upon turning on and going through the setup process the surface book went straight into update mode which took 6 hours. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection so that wasn't the issue. After this 6 hours the surface book went to restart to "finish" the updates. The surface book restarted to the blue screen of death. Needless to say i sent it back to online store as there is no reason brand new surface book should have this issue.

O. Alberta, Rhone-Alpes

Purchased surface book as gift for my wife. Fortunately took the computer to the microsoft store for computer setup (i'm not computer savvy and i wanted setup to be done correctly). Be prepared for long wait while downloading updates (caused from shelf time until sell/customer opening). This unit's battery or update driver was defective for the keyboard (screen battery worked, but system would not recognize the keyboard battery keyboard dead/inoperative ). Even microsoft store's troubleshooting guru couldn't muster the voodoo to give connection for the keyboard battery to charge. My total gratitude and applause to microsoft store for their help to resolve the issue caused by this defective computer with a replacement. I can only imagine the hassle of attempting to explain and resolve for a replacement with the seller. Note: comments on the internet reveal battery issues with the surface units remain a problem microsoft is still working to resolve

F. Amanda, South Tyneside says

Not sure what happened but we bought two of these new in unopened boxes, one from online store and another 4 days later from another vendor. In january there were quantity limits in place. After 11 months the one purchased from online store began to have power button issues so we returned it to microsoft as a warranty item. They sent it back unfixed marked as a suspicious item. When we contacted microsoft they indicated it didn't have the appropriate serial numbers on the bottom of the tablet portion (need to remove keyboard). We contacted online store they offered to give us 80% on a return, hmmmm what's up with that. This is a great item worked great and we were very pleased with the unit. . If you purchase make sure you remove the tablet portion look at the bottom near the docking connections and confirm it's a legit unit, apparently online store or microsoft has supply chain issues. We continue to work with ms to resolve this issue.

T. Kellie, Havering

Screen has developed yellow bands on the left side and left top. Microsoft offered to give me a refurbished model in trade for $600. I can buy a new one for $800. Not fair. Many others, on the internet have had the same problem, then reported that the screen cracks. Microsoft seems to have acknowledged a manufacturing problem, but will not stand behind the product. I was about to buy a 15" surface 2 for $2800 but decided against it. Would not buy this product again

W. Kathlene, New York says

It came with adhesive coming out of the screen and the keyboard would not be recognized after falling asleep. I updated the bios and everything but did not fix the issue. Plus the laptop looked like it had been opened and there were scratches on the keyboard deck.

K. June, Ontario

When i first got it. It mentioned that there were some problems becuz of the updates. I thought it would be manageable but the blue screen kept popping up. It was like that for 2 months before i finally decided to bring it to a technician. He mentioned that the harddrive is in terrible condition and was wrecked with viruses. I am so disappointed that something that cost me $2000+ is giving me such grief. I have the square trade protection plan, i hope this warranty will work, and either provide me with a better laptop, or at least the refund. I'm willing to ship this product back, i'm not interested in investing with this disappointment.

N. Julia, Nova Scotia says

Looks like second hand machine! . Already scratches , will return the machine! . . Tablet battery is not able to charge! . . Not able to split from the keyboard. . Unbelievevablely, the machine is already out of warranty

. Dorothy, Kingston upon Thames

The laptop looks fine but the seller listed the laptop as new when it's refurbished.

J. Hurst, Bremen says

2016. 04. 01 maybe i'm the april fool to keep trying but number four: about 8:30 p. M. Last night i unboxed number four. I went through the set up questions and the little blue circle began to spin. 7:55 am this morning it is still spinning. Fail number four. Really wanted/still want this to be as good as advertised but it has been horrible. Returning my 3rd one. 1st - slightly tilted touch pad was not ok on a $2, 600 item. Unstable - locking up, blue screening, up to 8 minutes to boot. Contacted microsoft who said to wipe it and restart. Didn't change. Returned it. 2nd - worse. Blue screen, dock can't handle external drive and monitors at same time, flicker, lines, freeze, reboot, freeze, unplug everyting and restart, goes to sleep and forgets configuration. Returned. 3rd could not even get through set up. Pushed start and it went straight to guest login. Used restart. This time it went into new setup. I answered the questions, hit next and got a spinning cursor for 1. 5 hours then it froze. Tried three more times. Returning it. These come with windows 10 which seems so intrusive it amazes me but if they actually worked long enough to try for a while i may be able to get used to that. Seems microsoft wants to collect all the information about me. Hopefully they collect some information on the fact that the three computers i bought from them don't work. While i am not a computer expert i do own my own company and have set up several dozen pcs. I have not had a bum string of computers like this since dell was having major issues quite a while back. Hopefully microsoft corrects these issues but judging from some of the reviews posted quite a while back it seems they are continuing to sell these with dysfunctional software.

X. Perez, Louisiana

Heat has warped my screen and killed this computer. Big mistake purchasing this.

. Meyer, Saskatchewan says

Terrible product. It registers both batteries to charge, however it won't charge the tablet battery and when plugged directly into ac current the touch pad cursor goes all over screen and can't be controlled. Also had to reinstall windows. I am a med student, studying out of the country and can not return product to get fixed. Not satisfied, won't buy again!

. Moore, Languedoc-Roussillon

Ordered what i thought was a new surface book from always. Deals and the item was clearly used and had nicks and wear marks on the power port. When asking why this happened they were dodgy when answering amd wouldnt give me an exact reason. I highly recommend not ordering anything from always. Deals. You can get an official book from microsoft for a couple hundred more now. Not worth the hassel.

G. Anonymous, Missouri says

Buyer beware of seller. Ordered new i7 surface. Got a defective refurbished i5. Initially i wasted about 5 hours updating windows when first signed in (due to various glitches) before i could get the machine up and running and notice it was an i5. Then i saw the signs of a refurbished machine, including (cover up) labels on box showing it was even a surface 2! . Scammers

L. Alba, Ile-de-France

I like this very much. It is fast enough even with only 8gb for photoshop and lightroom. However, i am having problems with my ports. I am trying to keep an external hd in it because i compromised on space, but it constantly stops recognizing the hd. I know it is the computer and not the hard drive because i have tried several and also it stops recognizing my mouse. Upon a google search, this is a common problem with this device and i am feeling a bit frustrated.

C. Yvette, Leicester says

This laptop is the coolest idea ever with absolulety no follow through. The first 3 months were great. But now its one problem after the next. First the pen stopped working in conjunction with the pinch to zoom feature. The only solution is to manually disable then enable a particular driver whenever it happens, which is about 5-10 times a day. Next it decided to not go into sleep mode when you shut the screen, which made it very hot even when you weren't using it. The solution to that is to manually go into the settings and set it to go into sleep mode whenever you close the screen, this works, but it also makes wake up time signifigantly longer. Next, it would go so hot that it would lose battery even while being plugged in. And just today the charger gave out on me, yep. I have no way to charge it unless i call support and wait weeks to get a new one, or i dump $80 on a new one. I'm taking finals next week! paying $1600 for a laptop ($1200 in my case) is that has this many problems completely unacceptable. . This is by far the biggest piece of garbage i've ever bought.

. Arnett, North Dakota

The item was supposed to be new but it was not. Scratches on the screen and sign on wear and use everywhere on the laptop.

H. Cageen, North Yorkshire says

Got one used in "very good condition". You should not! there is always a reason for such a device being sold off. This is the surface book with a discreet graphics card that has design flaws. 1) the device keeps crashing (bsod) and there is no solution from microsoft. The drivers used are all branded under microsoft as they use a specific version and configuration of the commonly available gpu. 2) the memory is soldered on, so not much you can do about them either, another potential reason for the bsods if there is corruption on the module. 3) a design flaw in the volume buttons keeps it stuck in volume down setting which also invokes the bios settings during boot time, therefore most of the time windows would not boot rather you get into the uefi bios screen over and over again. . The tablet part is extremely light, so i would recommend any time to get the surface pro 4 with a keyboard add-on instead of this. I don't think the i7 version of this would be any better. The newer version may be an improvement, but why risk it. Get a business laptop (not a consumer) of a known brand for similar or less price.

D. Newell, Southampton

I ordered a brand new surface book with 256 gb, 8gb ram, i5 with intel gpu. I made sure to order it directly from online store since i would not have trusted any other seller. . However, it ends up that online store is teaching the rest of its fellow sellers a thing or two about baiting and switching. Have a look at the pictures taken minutes after the unboxing. . Online store. You have committed nothing less than fraud in this instance. Usd 1899. 00 was spent on a brand new machine. Although this clearly is not.

A. Heidi, Medway says

This is a refurbished item! it's not mentioned anywhere! i discovered this only one month after trying to reach them to return the item. Now the long story. . First defect that i noticed when my surface book arrived was a fan issue. As soon as you do processor intensive operations fan turns on and makes a strange sound, i suppose the internal fan scratches over the internal walls. After this issue the next day surface book started crashing with blue screen of death after several minutes of usage. Further crashes became more frequent sometimes right after the launch. First thing i tried is using windows 10 recovery, unfortunately crashes happened even during the recovery process. Next thing i did was downloading the recovery image from microsoft specific for my surface book to try to recover using usb flash drive. Unfortunately even during this lower level recovery it still kept crashing on me. Then the only option i had is returning the item. Even that was a big headache with this seller. I contacted online store support, they contacted seller twice, and they never replied. Further i had issues with their return label. Another 3 weeks of contact trials, again no reply. Overly being online store prime member for 2 years never had such a terrible experience.

M. Patton, City of Kingston upon Hull

Probably one of my more disappointing purchases. I purchased this about a year ago and just got around to writing a review. . The pen nib actually busted within a few months of using it. The pressure sensitivity leaves you wanting more. I constantly have issues with photoshop on here, where with my desktop the program seems to act just fine. . I bought this so i could do some more digital art on the go but it's mostly disappointing and i could have put my money into a much better product.

I. Veronica, Niedersachsen says

I love this computer. It is unequivocally a refurbished model. The seller has it listed as new. . I know this because my performance base stopped working. The keyboard and touchpad are non responsive. This happened three months after i bought it. I went to a microsoft store, they checked the warranty and told me i had 40 days left on a years manufacturer warranty, which is not correct because i was under the impression i bought this machine new in late october. . This is clearly a refurbished item and i am quite upset about it. . I had purchased insurance on it from assurant, which will be either servicing this machine or replacing it. But all in all the seller is engaging in fraud.

U. Cortney, Thurrock

I'm returning this product. I received a clearly refurbished, used product. The battery in the pen as well as the laptop has run out on first boot. Box was already opened. A few dings on the product.

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