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Price was $33.55. Overall, this is a great keyboard if you need something simple to control your pc with in the living room. There are certainly more expensive options out there that may offer better quality, but for the price, this one nails it. I've purchased microsoft keyboards for years and they deliver a consistent experience. The major downside is that i can't use this keyboard and trackpad combo nearly as fast as my macbook air, or my gaming mouse and keyboard when i'm at my desk. Considering this is meant for home entertainment, i'm not too concerned about that-starting/controlling games and movies is all i needed this for. . Pros. * keys feel soft and nice to type on. * keys are arranged like a standard keyboard-no messing around with learning a slightly different, compacted layout. * multi-touch trackpad. * media keys and other convenient shortcuts are a plus. * lightweight and doesn't get in the way. . Cons. * trackpad feels okay, but being used to apple's trackpads, this falls short. * pointing and clicking is slow-you have to be more deliberate about what you're doing. * no home/end keys for quick navigation on the web and textboxes. * i wouldn't recommend this for gaming at all

-K. Arnett

Wireless All-in-one Media Keyboard Microsoft All-in-one Media Keyboard Usb Port English North America 1 License -Microsoft Wireless All-in-one Media Keyboard N9z-00001

  1. Advantage: Integrated Multi-touch Track Pad Provides Effortless Navigation.
  2. Advantage: Customizable Media Hotkeys Provide One-touch Access To Your Content.

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Evidently i'm the only one of my old group of friends who has a computer directly hooked into the stereo/tv system. This takes the place of the venerable microsoft wireless entertainment desktop 7000, and it's much better. The old 7k was designed to look sleek, but general keyboard functionality suffered. This is a no-nonsense 'sawed off' keyboard (like the happy hacker line) with a trackpad. The media controls aren't as convenient, but . I only use my pc as the signal source. Aside from pausing the media, my volume / mute controls are all through my stereo. . . . Update 2015-05-26. Lowered it to a four-star rating because there isn't a way to lock the fn key. The media keys are always default, and to get an f4, you always have to hold down the fn key. It's not a fatal flaw, just one that i find annoying. Then again, it's sold as a *media* keyboard, so i suppose i should be grateful that it has f1 - f12 at all. Best wireless allinone media keyboard | Microsoft-Computer Add On Review ( Mar 2020 ) Advantage Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard (N9Z-00001) Connect your windows pc to your tv to surf the web, watch movies, and more. Integrated multi-touch track pad provides effortless navigation. Customizable media hotkeys provide one-touch access to your content. Wirelessly (usb) connect to your pc and control your media content from anywhere within a 10-meter range. Volume controls are positioned for easy access. Basic keyboard functionality works with select usb hid compliant smart tvs and gaming consoles. Durable, spill-resistant design .

Microsoft wireless all-in-one media keyboard n9z-00001 Review (n9z 00001)

I ordered this to replace the logitech keyboard i was using for my media center. I didn't like the right shift key on the logitech because it was too small and not in the right place for my touch typing. . I like this microsoft keyboard. It has 2 full size shift keys and the keys feel good to the touch. The touch pad works well either by clicking the bottom of the pad or by using finger taps. One finger tap is a left click and tapping with 2 fingers at the same time is the same as a right-click. . My only complaint so far is that the usb dongle does not have as good of range as the logitech did. I sit about 15 feet from the media center and i usually have to hold the keyboard up to get good responsiveness. I tried using a usb extension cable so that i could place the dongle up higher, but not much improvement. . All in all i would say this is a good keyboard. Since it is advertised as a media center keyboard however, i would expect the range to be better. -D. Rita

Microsoft Wireless Media Keyboard N9z 00001

  1. Class: Personal Computers
  2. Brand: Microsoft
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0088021786004
  5. HardwarePlatform: PC
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.45 inches
    Length:14.94 inches
    Weight:1.39 pounds
    Width:5.63 inches
  7. LegalDisclaimer: I Am Not Microsoft , I Did Not Manufacture This Item , Small Parts Choking Hazard
  8. Manufacturer: Microsoft
  9. Model: N9Z-00001
  10. MPN: N9Z-00001
  11. Total Items: 1
  12. Quantity: 1
  13. Part/Serial Number: N9Z-00001
  14. Platform: Windows 8
  15. Type: Personal Computer
  16. Category: COMPUTER ADD ON
  17. UPC: 885370737851
  18. Warranty: 2 Years

wireless all-in-one media keyboard Personal Computer, Microsoft all-in-one media keyboard usb port english north america 1 license Microsoft Wireless All-in-one Media Keyboard N9z-00001 (N9Z-00001-Microsoft).

Microsoft Wireless Media Keyboard N9z 00001 Personal Computer

  • I loooove this thing. I often hook my laptop up to my tv in my room via hdmi. I used to just hold my laptop and look at the tv. I wanted to be able to relax more, and not have two screens in my face, or warm laptop on my lap. I almost bought a keyboard and mouse separately but then thought they had to have something like this by now, and boom they do. . Its from microsoft, so its name brand which is nice. Its plug an play ( or was for me) with no issues. The track pad works great, the mouse click button on the left is amazingly convenient when you're just browsing the forums or just clicking around. The keyboard is about the same, if not a little bigger, than my laptop keyboard, making it very easy to type. It is very light, but also feels very sturdy. . Its cheap, its easy, it works. Get it!
  • I purchased this keyboard despite some negative reviews about connection issues and touchpad sensitivity. None of these issues have been experienced on my windows 10 64bit desktop installation. Masking in capture one and affinity photo is easier with the large size touchpad. The left click button and volume controls on the left side of the keyboard are a great features and seem natural to use. . Some settings, such as scroll up or down are only configurable when the microsoft keyboard software is installed. There is no print screen key, however one reviewer suggested using the windows snipping tool as it provides the same function with additional controls for partial screen selection.
  • This really is a terrible keyboard. I don't know if it has problems with wifi or what, but it is very lagged when keys are pressed, sometimes taking multiple tries. Also the function keys are backward. You have to hold down a separate function (fn) key in order to use f1-f12. That wouldn't be so bad if the fn was persistent, but it isn't. Which means you are constantly pressing f keys - then have to readjust stuff (sound, etc. ) peck for the fn key and hold it down. . Microsoft used to make the best keyboards in the world, but lately they seem to have decided not to. The natural keyboards were exceptional, and the high end 4000 is great (other than the cheap way the key legends wear off in a very short time. ). But some of the others leave me to wonder how they went down so fast.
  • I have owned many microsoft keyboards. Most have been great, including many natural keyboards. I am typing on a wireless keyboard 800 set. So i was disappointed to find that this keyboard was not up the high standards of prior keyboards. . Problem 1. It tries to be a logitech k400 but failed in every way. Keys felt more cramped than the k400. (the k400 was not a great keyboard to begin with). . Problem 2: when you touch the touch pad, it does not register until you touch it multiple times. Very annoying. . Problem 3. Keyboard layout is not natural. Manufacturers making multimedia keyboards should try to stick to a normal keyboard layout, not fancy multi-function layout that cram too much function into a small space. Instead, just remove the number keypads and put the touch pad there. . I had to return it.
  • I use this keyboard outside in the garage for my little setup out there, so this short review is based solely with that in mind. . That said, this isn't a very good typing keyboard. The keys are devoid of feel, and frankly it's difficult to know when you've got an actuated depression. Since i'm in the garage, trying to type with gloves or any form of hand protection is completely awful. The real problem with this piece is the trackpad, which for some reason is really rather poor. It's jumpy, imprecise, and difficult to follow. I've tried playing with accelerated settings and on multiple computers, but it's just not very good. And having used macbook's and surface pro's, it feels completely unacceptable. . I can't really recommend this for any application. If you're looking for something compact like this with an attached trackpad for something like a garage or htpc, heel turn now and go with the logitech k400. There's a lot more feel and responsiveness there that will leave you satisfied as can be with an experience like this. . Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!

wireless allinone media keyboard Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard (N9Z-00001) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I really like this unit. My logitec k-400 really sold be on the concept of remote keyboard with a built-in trackpad, and i have no desire to have a mouse rolling around, getting in the way, anymore. I tried this unit basically because i needed another and wanted to see how it compares to the logitec unit. Well, as far as i'm conderrned, it's better, mainly because of a problem with the size and placement of the right shift key on the logitec unit. This ms unit has the correct querty shift keys, and that's more than a little important for skilled querty typists. This unit is also significantly heavier, giving it a more substantial feel, though i'm sure that is just a psychological thing more than a real advantage. I've had no problem with the sensitivity or responsiveness of the touchpad, works great for me.

Microsoft Wireless All-in-one Media Keyboard N9z-00001
Click to see NoticeMicrosoft Wireless All-in-one Media Keyboard N9z-00001 (n9z 00001)"I bought this keyboard to work with my business machine at the office. I built the machine myself to replace my aging laptop. Despite its minimal format, the feel of the keys on this keyboard facilitates fast touch typing placing it, in my view, very much in the class of more expensive keyboards. As a result it turns out work fast. The keyboard features a built-in intuitive touch pad which works with the keys to enhance speed and throughput. As a result, i do not need a mouse when using this keyboard so the whole package makes much less of a footprint on my desk. The wireless worked perfectly from the start thus further reducing the clutter of the spaghetti-like wires of a conventional keyboard and mouse - not to mention the real-estate hogging mouse-pad. Because of its lightness and compactness, before using it i thought it would have slipped out of place while i was typing. But this has (absolutely) not happened! it remains seated on the desktop with perfection. Neither does its flatness (lack of a natural curve or tilt) create a problem in use. On the negative side, i found that on my keyboard the on-off switch felt a bit flimsy and i am hoping it doesn't fail over time. Also, if you type using many key-combinations and shortcuts, there might be a learning curve involved. And speed of typing may be compromised. I do not use these in my typing and cannot provide helpful comments here. Further, if you were accustomed starting your computer with your ps-2 keyboard (as i was), you wouldn't be able do so with this one - this might be more a generic characteristic of wireless keyboards. Finally, i find that the keyboard looks neat and tidy on my desktop; i like its sturdy and functional design as well. My fingers took to this keyboard intuitively from the start and i am very happy with it in the given setting."

(0) Question: Pc is above the living room in bedroom. 360 controller connects without issue. does this keyboard's wireless have similar distance/wall penetration?

(1) Question: In ubuntu or other linux distros, does two-finger scrolling work wth this keyboard?

(2) Question: Has anyone tried this keyboard because they were experiencing pain/issues from a traditional mouse? did it help?

ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D Intel Atom Z8350

The innovative asus vivostick plugs directly into an hdmi port to turn any hdmi monitor into a productive windows 10 pc or any tv into an enhanced smart tv. With 802. 11ac wi-fi, bluetooth 4. 1, vivoremote mobile app and usb 2. 0 & 3. 0 ports, vivostick uniquely combines versatility and portability.

ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D Intel Atom Z8350ASUS-VivoStick-TS10-B017D-Intel-Z8350

Brand :    asus
Weight :    0.16 pounds
  • 1x usb 2. 0 + 1x usb 3. 0 ports for keyboards, mice and speedy external storage
  • Bluetooth 4. 1 and 802. 11ac wi-fi for wireless peripherals and fast internet. cool and reliable performance - vivostick features an internal cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Quad-core intel atom x5-z8350 processor for capable multitasking
  • Asus vivoremote app for intuitive control from mobile devices
  • Measures only 5. 3 x 1. 4 x 0. 6 inches for unparalleled portability
Price :    $110.46 (was $125.70)
Model :    TS10-B017D
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (asus product review) for ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D Intel Atom Z8350 available ( Mar 2020 )

1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Built-in Multi-touch Touchpad, Touch Keyboard Windows/Android Tablet/Galaxy Tabs/Smartphones, Black

Wireless touch keyboard us layout wireless qwerty keyboard & touchpad is an ideal combo. You can pinch/zoom in windows system and use two fingers up and down on the keyboard to enjoy the scroll function. What devices can this keyboard work with? our keyboard can work with your device as long as it supports bluetooth 3. 0 (or above) and is android/windows based. This includes android smartphones, pc, and tablets. Furthermore, this keyboard can also work with the following devices: online store firetv stick, raspberry pi, online store firetv, kindle fire, asus chromebit, nvidia shield, htpc etc. Cable-free connection with bluetooth wireless technology, there is no messy cables anymore, providing a hassle-free wireless experience. What's more, qwerty keyboard with ergonomic tilted design reduces wrist strain. Ultra slim design sleek profile, easy to transport, work and play anywhere anytime. Satisfaction guarantee here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100%. This bluetooth keyboard comes with a 12-month guarantee. If any issues arise, we will happily send a replacement to you. Satisfaction is our number one priority, at 1byone. Special note: 1. This keyboard doesn't support the win 8 mobile and win 10 mobile. 2. For android users: the caps lock indicator may not light, but will still function normally. 3. Apple ios will not support touch pad mouse function. 4. When connecting the keyboard with a pc, please note that a bluetooth receiver is required (not included). Connecting the device with a tablet, smartphone or any bluetooth device does not require a separate receiver.

1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Built-in Multi-touch Touchpad, Touch Keyboard Windows/Android Tablet/Galaxy Tabs/Smartphones, Black1byone-Wireless-Bluetooth-Multi-touch-Smartphones

Brand :    1byone
Color :    Black
Model :    O0000-0710
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Compatibility - this keyboard is mainly made for android and windows, but you can also use it in most bluetooth-enabled devices like phones, pc, tablet, laptop, smart tv etc. bluetooth dongle is need if being used in a pc with no inbuilt bluetooth, but please note that we do not provide the bluetooth dongle for this keyboard.
  • Bluetooth performance - high speed wireless bluetooth 3. 0 technology, which ensures your smooth remote control within 10 meters, wireless range may vary depending on interference or the setup of your device.
  • Design - ultra-thin and lightweight, use frosted keycap with stainless steel back and rubber support, which ensures fashion and stability. the media shortcut provide a one-touch access to your content.
  • Built-in touchpad - qwerty keyboard comes with a touchpad, which supports multi-finger function will offer an effortless navigation. beware that the touchpad cannot work with ios devices.
  • Power saving - with 2 aaa batteries (not include), it can last over 60 days in standby mode. the keyboard will enter sleep mode after being idle for 30 minutes, you can press any key for 3 seconds to awake it.
Price :    $29.99
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (1byone product review) for 1byone Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Built-in Multi-touch Touchpad, Touch Keyboard Windows/Android Tablet/Galaxy Tabs/Smartphones, Black available ( Mar 2020 )

Intel NUC KIT Core Processor BLKNUC5I5MYHE

With an intel core i5 processor that gives you an automatic burst of speed when you need it, the intel nuc is a mini-pc-in just 4-inches square-that helps you answer the call of duty and game on and on and on. You can choose an m. 2 ssd to load your maps lightning fast, and the chassis has enough ports to power all your peripherals-whether it's your tablet or your steering wheel. Support for multiple hd displays means that you have the stunning visuals you need and with intel widi you can connect your displays wirelessly.

Intel NUC KIT Core Processor BLKNUC5I5MYHEIntel-NUC-Core-Processor-BLKNUC5I5MYHE

Brand :    intel
Weight :    1.01 pounds
Model :    BLKNUC5I5MYHE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Component (intel product review) for Intel NUC KIT Core Processor BLKNUC5I5MYHE available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $259.00 (was $373.01)
  • Raise the bar on your pc experience with rich visuals plus an automatic burst of speed when you need it.
  • With built-in gigabit lan, you have the performance you need for gaming success.
  • Powerful and vibrant visuals with intel hd graphics 5500 and 4k display capabilities gives you an immersive gaming experience and the ability to connect multiple hd displays.

Cisco SG300-28PP-K9-NA 28-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch

The importance of maintaining a strong and dependable business network only grows as your business adds more employees, applications, and network complexity.

Cisco SG300-28PP-K9-NA 28-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed SwitchCisco-SG300-28PP-K9-NA-28-Port-Gigabit-Managed

Price :    $335.56 (was $389.09)
  • Form factor- desktop
  • Product type- layer 3 switch
  • Total number of network ports- 28
Brand :    cisco
Color :    Black
Weight :    8.71 pounds
Model :    SG300-28PP-K9-NA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Networking Device (cisco product review) for Cisco SG300-28PP-K9-NA 28-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch available ( Mar 2020 )

ESYNIC 2.4G Wireless Touch Keyboard USB TouchPad Media Keyboard Built-in Large Size Trackpad Mouse Combo Andriod TV Box Google Smart TV Box Raspberry Pi3 HTPC IPTV Windows 10 8 7 Vista

All product comes with 18 months warranty overview: this 2. 4g wireless keyboard touchpad mouse combo is special designed uslayout keyboard, comfortable for working or playing. Features: built-in large size touchpad comfortable size keyboard with a big touchpad, supports multi-finger touch function (keyboard size about 15. 2 x 5. 6 x 0. 8 inches); and super sensitive that offers an effortless navigation. Ultra-slim and lightweight 4. 8mm, with stainless steel back and rubber support, which ensures fashion and stability. 2. 4 ghz remote control keyboard comes with a plug and play nano receiver, high speed 2. 4 ghz wireless technology connection, ensures your smooth remote control up to 33ft. Power saving power saving with 2 aaa batteries (included), long-lasting, auto-sleep feature and use the on-off switch to extend battery life. Compatibility compatible with android, windows and google smart tv box raspberry pi2/3 htpc iptv xbmc windows 10 8 7 vista 2000 xp imac. Specification: color: black wireless technology: 2. 403 ghz 2. 480ghz connection method: wireless battery type: 2 x aaa(included) package included: 1 x 2. 4ghz rf keyboard with touchpad 1 x user manual note: 1, not for the mobile phone, as the mobile phone did not have the usb port. 2, not for tablet, as the tablet did not have the usb port for the usb receiver.

ESYNIC 2.4G Wireless Touch Keyboard USB TouchPad Media Keyboard Built-in Large Size Trackpad Mouse Combo Andriod TV Box Google Smart TV Box Raspberry Pi3 HTPC IPTV Windows 10 8 7 VistaWireless-Keyboard-TouchPad-Trackpad-Raspberry

Price :    $24.95
  • Wide compatibility support windows xp, vista, 7, 8 , 10 and android 3. 0-5. 0; support for smart phone and tablet (apple ios will not support touchpad mouse function)
  • Power saving takes 2 aaa batteries (included), auto-sleep feature saves power and extends battery life. (comes with 18 months warranty)
  • 2. 4g wireless remote control technology connection comes with a plug and play nano receiver, high speed 2. 4 ghz wireless technology connection, ensures your smooth remote control up to 33ft.
  • Keyboard and mouse combo built-in touchpad with control of pointing feature; scissor-switch keyboard provides you with very comfortable and pleasing typing experience.
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight with high quality ultra slim design, easily stowed in a backpack, messenger bag, or case. ergonomic tilted design reduces wrist strain, ergonomic tilted design reduces wrist strain, sleek and durable.
Brand :    esynic
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.15 pounds
Model :    ESY004
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Component (esynic product review) for ESYNIC 2.4G Wireless Touch Keyboard USB TouchPad Media Keyboard Built-in Large Size Trackpad Mouse Combo Andriod TV Box Google Smart TV Box Raspberry Pi3 HTPC IPTV Windows 10 8 7 Vista available ( Mar 2020 )

Crucial 16GB Kit 8GBx2 DDR4 2400 MT/s PC4-19200 DR x8 Unbuffered SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT2K8G4SFD824A

Ct2k8g4sfd824a is a 16gb kit consisting of (2) 8gb ddr4 notebook modules that operates at speeds up to 2400 mt/s and has a cl17 latency. It is an unbuffered sodimm. It conforms to the industry standard ddr4 sodimm layout of 260 pins and is compatible with systems that take ddr4 2400mt/s sodimm memory.

Crucial 16GB Kit 8GBx2 DDR4 2400 MT/s PC4-19200 DR x8 Unbuffered SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT2K8G4SFD824ACrucial-PC4-19200-Unbuffered-SODIMM-260-Pin

Brand :    crucial
Size :    16GB Kit (8GBx2)
Weight :    0.4 pounds
  • Dual ranked, x8 based, unbuffered sodimm
  • Reduce power consumption by up to 40% and extend battery life. non-ecc
  • Increase bandwidth by up to 30%
  • Faster burst access speeds for improved sequential data throughput
  • Speeds start at 2133 mt/s and faster data rates are expected to be available as ddr4 technology matures
Price :    $175.35
Model :    CT2K8G4SFD824A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Ram Memory (crucial product review) for Crucial 16GB Kit 8GBx2 DDR4 2400 MT/s PC4-19200 DR x8 Unbuffered SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT2K8G4SFD824A available ( Mar 2020 )

Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4GB RAM+32GB

I was excited to get this thing set up and working. It is my first time with a stick pc. Everything worked except i could not get it to read the sd card/slot. I had to reset the computer and reload the windows 10 pro ios. Now it works as advertised. Happy with my purchase. If not for the minor glitch i would give it 5 stars.

One-of-a-kind mini pc stick with windows 10 pro with its small compact design, the access plus is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it the perfect computer for travel. Stream and browse virtually anywhere by connecting to any hdmi compatible tv, kiosk, projector or screen display. The access plus is a portable, fanless pc stick that makes doing everyday tasks on the computer a piece of cake with its pre-installed windows 10 pro. Reduced size, better quality the new mini pc stick is powered by a 64-bit quad-core intel atom cherry trail processor to make it even easier to use multiple applications at one time. It doesn t stop there - the intel hd graphics card (gen 8) allows users to enjoy high definition 1080p video playback. This ingenious mini pc stick gives users the ability to handle complex spreadsheets, stream high definition videos, email, and anything else you can on a full laptop or desktop, without the heavy bulk. Fanless thermal management integrated with passive cooling technology, the access plus mini pc stick rids of loud and easily damageable computer fans to provide silent running and prolonged product life. One less distraction while working, streaming or playing! endless connectivity the access plus, being the next generation of the original access lan stick, is continuing the legacy of being the world s first computer stick with an ethernet port. Users can connect the access plus directly with the lan connection or use the high-speed wireless connection. With the 2 usb ports, users are able to easily connect their wireless keyboard mouse, printer, camera, or external hard disk, along with any other usb compatible devices. Includes headphones/audio/microphone output jack and micro sd card slot for bonus memory storage.

Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4GB RAM+32GBAzulle-Access-Windows-Fanless-Cherry

Azulle Access Windows Fanless Cherry (a 1063 aap 1) FAQ.

Took 10 minutes to setup win 10. Loaded chrome and other windows apps. Works very well. Not super speedy, but for a stick running hi res on a 60"hdmi tv, for $160, its a good deal. Wouldn't play games, but surfing, youtube, and videos its just fine. . We are now using in our reception room, to show corporate videos and other info. Really works well, and you can set it up to remote control via chrome, and chromecast. . Yo azulle, next version, a little higher chip/cpu, and you have a really great pc. 4gb ram is just fine. Also we mounted ours on the monitor mount flush, which is aluminum, and acts as a very large heat sink to dissipate the heat from the exterior of the stick. I can see why you need to keep it away from fabrics. It does get warm, without any fans. -Notice from B. Glenda, New Hampshire

Click to Show azulle access windows fanless cherry (a 1063 aap 1) Details

Can t believe it fits right behind my mounted tv. I have a qled lg super flat tv mounted and this computer fits behind the tv. Instead of a bulky tv or laptop with cables hanging i now use these small computers with win10. 32gbs do run out pretty quick so i suggest buying a mini sd card too. I now have it behind two other tvs in my office. Highly recommend.

Azulle-access-windows-fanless-cherry-(a-1063-aap-1) set picture

- . MeghanI must admit i get no greater joy when i show friends and colleagues this unit and show them the responsiveness. Just a well built and executed device. I have folks just confused and excited about what comes in such a small package. . I used one to be a print server for a sports registration event. Just worked great. . My daughter uses skype with this unit. No issues. Just good stuff.

I purchased this with the intention of setting up a small linux server for home use, as i'd worked with some other atom silvermont cpu's for compact servers through work. I had a modest outlook for this device, but honestly it exceeded all expectations i had. . The only caveat is that several features (the ethernet port and sound on the hdmi output in particular) are problematic unless you upgrade the linux kernel to 4. 11 or higher, but with that done the device is quite capable as a modest and incredibly compact server for any number of home uses. . It works out of the box with 4k monitors, and is even capable of modest gaming in my testing under linux, which is quite remarkable for such a compact and relatively affordable device.

M. Amanda, Minnesota

Brand :    azulle
Color :    Black
Size :    4GB/32GB
Weight :    0.32 pounds
Model :    A-1063-AAP-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Use the access plus as a htpc and stream netflix, plus and many others. designed with an hdmi, you can connect the access plus to any hdmi ready tv, monitor or projector.
  • Includes dual band wi-fi, provides stable connections with higher speeds for browsing and streaming. bluetooth 2. 4 provides great connection to wireless peripherals.
  • Powered with a 64-bit intel quad core processor, the access plus provides a smooth and seamless experience toggling between various programs.
  • Azulle's access plus continues the legacy of being the worlds only computer stick with an ethernet port. preloaded with a full version of windows 10, 64-bit operating system.
  • Equipped with 4gb of ddr3l ram, 32 gb of onboard storage. micro sdxc card slot providing up to 128gb of storage makes it ideal for watching content and surfing the web.
Price :    $163.99 (was $170.99)
Personal Computer :    Best Personal Computer (azulle product review) for Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fanless Mini PC Stick, Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4GB RAM+32GB available ( Mar 2020 )

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Built-in Touchpad Easy-access Media Keys Shortcut Keys Windows Android

The logitech illuminated living-room keyboard k830 was designed to enhance your tv entertainment experience. This htpc keyboard is the best way to wirelessly control your connected tv, even in the dark, thanks to the bright backlit keys and a built-in touchpad

Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Built-in Touchpad Easy-access Media Keys Shortcut Keys Windows AndroidLogitech-Illuminated-Living-Room-Keyboard-Touchpad

Price :    $44.89 (was $55.79)
  • Easy typing, even in the dark - type effortlessly in all lighting conditions. a sensor detects the amount of light in the room and automatically dims or brightens the backlight to suit your needs
  • Keyboard and mouse all in one -the k830 streamlines navigation in the living room by combining these two devices into one. the touchpad is smooth and responsive with accurate cursor control and enhanced gesture functions.
  • Worthy of the living room - designed to complement the modern living room with a combination of premium textures, metal-like finish and a unique key design crafted into a compact, solid form.
  • Easy-access controls - the keyboard layout is optimized for a seamless, lean-back navigation. it has media hot keys like mute, volume up or down for quick entertainment control. shortcut keys simplify navigation with windows or android.
  • 10 m (33 ft) wireless range - lean back and browse from your couch or bed with logitech unifying or bluetooth smart technology. compatible : windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 or later android 5. 0 or later chrome os usb port or bluetooth smart enabled computer.
Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    920-007182
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (logitech product review) for Logitech K830 Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard Built-in Touchpad Easy-access Media Keys Shortcut Keys Windows Android available ( Mar 2020 )

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 PT3-00001

This simple, modern desktop set provides security with advanced encryption standard (aes) to protect your keystrokes, and a full-size mouse that provides comfortable, precise navigation. Both the keyboard and the mouse have an average battery life of 2-years and each provide easy access to windows features to keep you productive and efficient.

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 PT3-00001Microsoft-Wireless-Desktop-900-PT3-00001

Price :    $28.71 (was $31.65)
  • Ambidextrous design is great for use in either hand
  • Quiet-touch keys provide comfortable, responsive typing
  • Hot keys provide easy-access to commonly used functions
  • Advanced encryption standard (aes) 128-bit encryption
  • Full-size mouse provides comfortable, precise navigation
Brand :    microsoft
Color :    Black
Weight :    2.57 pounds
Model :    PT3-00001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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VicTsing Ultra-Slim 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard, All-in-One Wireless Keyboard Built-in Multi-Touch Trackpad Windows PC Tablet Gaming Device Google Android Smart TV HTPC Laptop- Black

This wireless touchpad keyboard is an ideal combo. Bid farewell to the trouble of multi-device operation, you can sit on the couch and browse the web comfortably with just two fingers. Power-saving design the keyboard will enter shallow sleep mode after being idle for 90 seconds, you can wake it up by clicking or touching. After being idle for 15 minutes, it will enter deep sleep, you can wake it up by clicking. Long lifespan of keys durable and wear-resistant keys' lifespan is up to 5 million times. It features responsive clicks and can ensure long-lasting use. Cable-free connection with 2. 4g wireless technology, there is no messy cables anymore, providing a hassle-free wireless experience. Wide compatibility compatible with windows pcs & laptops (10 / 8. 1 / 8 / rt 8. 1 / rt /7/vista/xp/2000), mac os x v10. 7-10. 10 multimedia keys are not supported , google android tv, android smart tv, gaming devices, tablets, htpc, etc. Note: in android smart tv, functions of combination shortcut keys from f1 to f7 are not available. Specifications color: black size: 327 123. 5 17. 5mm/12. 87 4. 86 0. 69 in(l w h) weight: 289 20g keys:87 connectivity technology: wireless keyboard interface usb interface working distance: within 10m (without barrier) lifespan of keyboard cap: 5 million times batteries: 2 aaa batteries (not included) package included: 1 wireless keyboard 1 usb receiver 1 user manual

VicTsing Ultra-Slim 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard, All-in-One Wireless Keyboard Built-in Multi-Touch Trackpad Windows PC Tablet Gaming Device Google Android Smart TV HTPC Laptop- BlackVicTsing-Ultra-Slim-Wireless-Touchpad-Multi-Touch

Price :    $20.69 (was $22.99)
  • Convenient multimedia shortcuts-12 combinations of multimedia shortcuts and 5 media hotkeys provide one-touch access to your content like homepage, data encryption, media player, etc. make the operation more efficient and reduce the fatigue of frequent operations.
  • Shortcut keys for windows 10-specifically designed for windows 10 system, the four keys: f2, f3, f5, f7 with the fn key can instantly access to application switching, windows setting, operation center and the share option. it can effectively save your time of operation.
  • Space-saving and fully functional-ultra-thin and lightweight, it's portable and convenient for you to carry around and use it anywhere. come with 87 keys and a touchpad, full-featured, compact and space-saving. designed with frosted keycap and rubber support, which ensures fashion and stability.
  • 2. 4ghz transmission technology-wirelessly connect to your devices with the usb receiver and control your media content from anywhere within a 10-meter range. it allows you to play or work comfortably without being stuck in front of your computer. plug and play, providing anti-interference stable transmission
  • All-in-one design-bid farewell to the mouse. this keyboard comes with a trackpad, which supports effortless multi-touch navigation for easier web browsing. you can sit comfortably on the couch to control your device. but the scrollbar moves horizontally is only available for the software supporting it, such as web, office, etc.
Brand :    victsing
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    USAS3-VTVTPC126ABUS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Ce Accessory (victsing product review) for VicTsing Ultra-Slim 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard, All-in-One Wireless Keyboard Built-in Multi-Touch Trackpad Windows PC Tablet Gaming Device Google Android Smart TV HTPC Laptop- Black available ( Mar 2020 )

Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Keyboard Mouse, Long Battery Life, Secure 2.4GHz Connectivity

The logitech mk520 wireless keyboard and mouse combo provides the functionality of a full-size keyboard with a stylish and streamlined design. The combo includes a logitech k520 wireless keyboard and an m310 wireless mouse. It s perfect for both the home and office. The included m310 wireless mouse is full-size and works well in either hand. It was precision-engineered to feel great even after hours of use. Tired of short battery life and continually having to charge your devices? the mk520 combo has a seriously long battery life. The k520 wireless keyboard lasts for up to 3 years and the m310 wireless mouse for 18 months between battery charges, using smart battery power management. Easily connect to your computer using the included logitech unifying receiver. Plug it into your computer and you re ready to work without any lengthy installation processes. Have all the functionality of wireless connectivity without putting your information at risk. The mk520 uses 128-bit aes encryption and a 2. 4ghz signal to keep your information safe.

Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Keyboard Mouse, Long Battery Life, Secure 2.4GHz ConnectivityLogitech-MK520-Wireless-Keyboard-Mouse

Brand :    logitech
Color :    black
Size :    1-Pack
Weight :    3.37 pounds
Model :    920-002606
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Simple setup - simply plug the logitech unifying receiver into your computer and you're ready to work-nothing else is needed
  • Precision mouse works in either hand - the m310 wireless mouse features soft rubber grips and can be used in either hand. it provides the precision needed for fine applications
  • Encrypted connection - enjoy the flexibility of working wirelessly with an encrypted connection. the mk520 utilizes 128-bit aes encryption and a 2. 4ghz signal to keep your connection fast and secure
  • Long battery life - tired of short battery life? the mk520 package boasts significant battery run time. using 3 regular batteries, the keyboard will last for up to 3 years, and the mouse for up to 18 months
  • Full-size functionality - have the functionality of a full-size keyboard without sacrificing form or function. the mk520 includes a stylish and streamlined keyboard and ambidextrous mouse
Price :    $29.99
Ce :    Best Keyboards (logitech product review) for Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Keyboard Mouse, Long Battery Life, Secure 2.4GHz Connectivity available ( Mar 2020 )

microsoft wireless all-in-one media keyboard n9z-00001 Price : 23, was : 29 as 2018-06-04
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Great Britain
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Microsoft Wireless All-in-one Media Keyboard N9z-00001 (n9z 00001) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for microsoft wireless all-in-one media keyboard n9z-00001

This is a preliminary review after limited use on my android phone. With the tiny dongle plugged in a usb otg adapter, the phone recognized the keyboard and touchpad in just a few seconds. The keyboard is very comfortable for touch typing. The keys are chiclet type and fairly quite. They have decent feel and no "click", which is fine with me. . The touchpad is as responsive as any i have used. You can use two fingers to swipe to another home screen. Tap the home button returns to the main home screen. Press and hold the home button brings up recent apps. Pinch to zoom works on the touchpad. Even though this kb/touchpad was probably designed for win 8/8. 1 i think it is the best i have tried for android also. I bought this kb more for use as a media keyboard using a small win 8 pc, but i am very impressed with its functionality on android as well. . There are a couple of minor cons that were not enough for me to take off a star. The keyboard has no lighting which could be an issue when trying to use it with a tv in a dim room. There is no caps lock indicator. This was not an issue when using my android phone because the onscreen keyboard changes. . I will try to post more after i have had a chance to use it more extensively.

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(0) Question: Is it possible to reverse the scrolling direction for the touchpad? i couldn't find any software setting for this.

(1) Question: Is this keyboard work for samsung smart tv type un55f6350 ? this tv doenst have bluetooth. but the tv had wireless ,

(2) Question: Would this work with the xbox one?

(3) Question: Compatible wiht mac?

(4) Question: There's no print screen key on this keyboard. i have windows 7. how do i capture a screen shot with this keyboard?

(5) Question: Does this work with windows 7

(6) Question: Does it work for tablet

(7) Question: I have lost the connector (little thingy i put on my bluray player to use wireless with this keyboard. anyone knows part or name of part to order?

(8) Question: Does it work with ubuntu 14. 04 ?

(9) Question: Can i configure the f1-f12 key to function key but not media key? thanks!

(10) Question: Is there a way to configure the keyboard so that fn doesn't need to be held in order for the f1-f12 buttons to work?

(11) Question: Does is have a dongle

(12) Question: Does anyone have any idea how to disable 'tap-to-click' on this keyboard? it's driving me absolutely nuts.

(13) Question: What are the dimensions of the trackpad?

(14) Question: How does this connect usb?

(15) Question: Does the trackpad work while a key is pressed?

(16) Question: Does it work on xbox one

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Using with an htpc from across the room and it just works fabulously. I was disappointed when there was no conventional up-down scroller zone on the right side of the touchpad but it took about 5 minutes to get used to the two-finger scrolling that it does support. My only "ding" for this keyboard is that the f-keys (f1-f12) are dual-mapped to media keys and there is no way to permanently choose which you want the keyboard to default to (it always starts up favoring the media keys). Other than that, it's great for my specific use.

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Best microsoft wireless all-in-one media keyboard n9z-00001 (n9z 00001) in review

What's not to love? you insert the usb stick and you're typing (in my case with a surface pro 3 and docking station). Amazing how msft is packaging these things - very well done - definitely stood out upon arrival. Works from across the office, good range. Nice black color - consistent mold pattern throughout the device. Not sure i can pull the keys to clean it out one day, but not to worry about that today. Would like to perhaps customize the optional keys other than going direct to bing music or prescribed locations. May be a way to sort that out, have not explored and must conclude it's not a priority.

Y. Judith, Rotherham

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I. Nicole, Kent says

I got this for my office. It works great, was easy to get up and running. Microsoft is a great company. My only drawback is that it's not really a keyboard for office use. With more frequent use, it feels more and more like a remote with keyboard access than vice versa. I'm a designer so i use external tablets and keyboards for my day to day; this board is ok for typing, feels good under hand, is light weight, and works from across the room, however, the board is more compact. If you prefer wide finger space for comfort across the keys, this probably isn't for you. And if you're looking for a board to use in office, i would get a full service board and have this one as a back up unless you have lots of tablets and other things going, in that case this keyboard is a great addition

L. Amanda, Swindon

What a good deal, i bought this keyboard when my ultra expensive logitec dinovo edge died suddenly. The only bad part about this board (aside from cheap keyboard tactile response you would expect) is the line of sight necessary for your wireless dongle to communicate with your keyboard. Any substantial object breaking the line of sight between the two will disrupt your connection. I solved this issue by getting a 3ft usb extension cable to raise the height of the dongle in my room, goving me a better line of sight to it no matter where i sit. . Vokume keys are convenient, the function key is inconvenient as others have commented (makes function keys automatically bind to alternative functions like putting your computer into sleep mode with f4). I like the mouse pad, and the big click the entire pad makes when you want to select something by pressing down. . Its no pro gamer model, but for this price im surprised it works as well as it does.

N. Parker, Arkansas says

Before this ms keyboard, i had previously bought 2 k400 from logitech. K400r fails right out of the box; sluggish mouse pointer, sluggish clicking even after i installed the logitech software. I'm talking about k400r because this ms all in one media keyboard works nearly perfectly right out of the box. I had to install the software from ms to activate 2 finger scrolling action. All in all, i was extremely frustrated with k400r it was not usable at all. And this ms all in one keyboard made my day instead. . Pros (vs k400r or k400). - both logitech and ms keyboards use plastic (duh) but ms keyboard feel more secure and not clunky or flimsy. - ms all in one media keyboard is slightly wider than the k400s - gives more of regular keyboard fit and i don't have to constantly correct my mistakes (because k400s are smaller, it cramps keys and easy to make typing mistakes unless you are used to it). - this can be pro or con but i like the mouse pad - bigger space than k400s and even though there's no actual buttons for the right or left clicks, it is nicer in my opinion. - usb dongle can be stored where the batteries are. So you don't lose it. - overall more sturdier feel than k400s. . Cons:. - it seems like that i have to press/ hold more firmly on the mouse pad (vs k400s). It feels like it requires more surface from my fingers (? ) if you know what i mean. - this is obvious con but this keyboard is not for gaming or work i 'd say. Just for casual browsing and more for htpc use. . Overall i'm very happy with the purchase and i am returning the k400r.

X. Harrison, Delaware

This keyboard/mouse combo i/o device works well with mint linux, is easy to put down and pick up, and it's black . Not black and silver or black and incinerate your eyeballs neon psychotic grasshopper green . Just black. It's hard to find elegant black i/o devices really. I used this at my drafting desk, where it's convenient to have keyboard and mouse together, and both as small as possible without harming usability. While i hate touch pad mice in general, it is far worse to keep a separate mouse around at a drafting desk. One usb dongle takes care of both mouse and keyboard.

P. Nellie, New Mexico says

I have spilled beer on this keyboard, rinsed it out, and dried it and it still works. For that alone it has earned a permanent spot in my living room. I use this for my htpc hooked up to my 4k tv. It works very well, no issues with range or responsiveness. I found the keys to be much more comfortable to type on than the logitech k400 that it replaced. The touchpad is also much bigger and more precise. You can customize the media buttons above the touchpad to launch different programs if you install the mouse and keyboard software. There is flex to the keyboard but it doesn't feel cheap, and i like that it is lightweight. It takes months to wear down the two aaa batteries. My only two complaints are that you don't find out about the low battery until the range drops and the mouse gets choppy, and that you can't rest your thumb on the clickable area of the touchpad while mousing. I have adjusted but that is one area where the discrete buttons of the k400 are better.

V. Russell, Bremen

I love everything about this keyboard. First and foremost, i am a mac user so i was a little reluctant to buy a windows brand keyboard but at the price i figured i had not much to lose. The two systems link up seamlessly. The function buttons at the top are the only ones that don't seem to work but i hardly use those anyway. . Now let's talk about functionality. The keys are perfectly shaped for your fingers (with the he little indent in the middle) and offer the right amount of resistance and click when you push it down. The touch pad allows for two finger scrolling (on my mac) and will click when you touch the middle of the pad. The keyboard itself is perfectly sized and not awkward to use while at my desk or on my couch. . Not a bad buy.

Q. Alma, Hamburg says

It's a good keyboard for the price - especially for use with a computer connected to a television. . Pros:. - nice size. - good throw for the buttons, although maybe a little softer than some might like. - trackpad means no mouse, which is really convenient if you're on a couch. . Cons:. - trackpad is good, but not great. - i thought this to use with a chromebox, and i must use the provided dongle instead of built-in bluetooth. . The main reason i bought this over a logitech k400 plus is that i was hoping to use built-in bluetooth on my chromebox. I have a very limited number of usb ports, so i was hoping to avoid needing to plug in a logitech unifying dongle. Instead, i still need the provided dongle, and i'm using a usb hub to make up for the used slot. It's less than ideal, but i think these two keyboards are of similar quality at similar price points, so it's hard to get too bent out of shape. . Note that i suspect the dongle issue would be a non-starter if i were using it on a windows 10 machine. . - - - - -. Edit: this keyboard is not bluetooth as i thought it was. That means you will always need to plug in the dongle, even if you are using a windows 10 machine. Sorry for any confusion.

Z. Edna, Hackney

. This is a pretty good keyboard, and that's saying a lot. I've only had the microsoft for a day, and i've previously only bought logitech 4 times. Those are the two versions i've found in the "replacably cheap" price range. I tend to go through keyboards about once a year because i use them like a remote control with my computer connected to a large flat screen tv. A couple points i've already noticed, and i'll update if i discover something new, but overall i'm very happy with this keyboard for a price under $30. . The ms has a better volume button- just one side column you push the top for louder, down for softer. The logitech has 2 separate buttons for up/down volume. . The keys seem a bit more tactile on the ms - a bit lower and softer to tap, and probably less likely to jiggle over time. The mousepad is a lot larger on the ms, so you can move the cursor all the way up and down the screen with one swipe. This is the best feature, in my book. The ms mousepad is more matte, a little rougher, than the logitch, so it feels a little stuttery at first, and the cursor moves less smoothly, but after a few hours, the oils from the hand help with this. The logitech has a very smooth finish pad, but smaller. . I don't like the up/down arrow keys on the ms - too small. That's my major complaint so far. The logitech battery cover always comes off - in every one of the 4 i've bought, but the ms, seems more solid. . Both ms and logitech seem like they can withstand a lot of drops on a wooden floor.

U. Wilson, Hertfordshire says

This small wireless keyboard works with the xbox one! . I couldn't find one review on online store, that mentions any wireless keyboards that work with the xbox one. So i took a change and ordered this one. Inside the box: slim wireless keyboard, battery's, usb dongle, instructions. Insert usb dongle into any usb port on the xbox one. Insert battery in wireless keyboard. Turn on xbox one. Turn on wirless keyboard. That's really it. No fuss. It worked. A tip for ease of use. Use the arrow keys to move from tile to tile on the xbox one. Enter key is like your enter button on the controller "a". Texting friends via xbox live is a plus. Also typing into the search box on the youtube app is good. "just an example". Overall i don't see the keyboard pad working on the xbox one unless microsoft has a future update. This is a well made wirless keyboard and happy it works with my xbox one.

G. Sheila, Luton

Best of 4 wireless boards we have owned. Keys in normal places, not scattered or missing as most other wireless boards. Keys have siort of a good feel but to me the best keyboards are in thinkpads over 10 years old. Trackpad is good for today with left & right buttons in lower area. Not a trackpoint but good as a trackpad. Look on web for instructions & settings. Works for me using linux-gnu sans any ms driver. Probably uses unencrypted radios, probably not a bit secure. Good enough for me in rural area. No wake delay like bt boards. No need to use power switch.

C. Anonymous, Norfolk says

This is a cool little keyboard. It's not super thin, so it feels very sturdy. Not that is thick, but i can toss it on the couch and not feel like it will flex or have little parts loosen and fall off. . It connected to windows 10 quickly and has a good enough range for my house. . It's a standard laptop sized keyboard. I like having the separate volume buttons, and a couple quick launch buttons. The track pad is big enough. . Cons:. The f keys are defaulted to the fn functions which is pretty frustrating when you go to close a window with alt+f4, and your computer goes to sleep. I haven't found the setting in the driver software, but i'll update this if i do. . The mouse and keyboard do not work simultaneously, so it's not a good option for video games unless you use a separate mouse.

E. Cageen, Westminster says

We bought this wireless keyboard with track pad for a 2008 dell inspiron 530 desktop (running windows 7) after we decided to hook our tower up to our tv and use the window media center as a dvr for our ota cable (with the help of the wintv-hvr-2250 from hauppauge). I must say that i love the sleek and slim design of it but am not overly impressed with the quality of track pad and connection. When we were shopping for a "computer remote" we wanted something that was slim and looked fine but that also a good value - all that considered, i think we made the best choice. Simply put, there isn't really a market for "computer remotes" at the present time so there are slim pickins. . As a quick reminder, we use this keyboard to operate our computer from our sitting area in our living room as we use the computer solely as a tv and internet streaming device so please keep that in mind when reading our review - i think that the review could be quite different if we were using this for other computing needs.

B. Hakala, Herefordshire

Very simply put, the pad gives you the same functionality as a lap top. If you use a laptop for everything, then the keyboard can get in the way. This allows you to move back away from the laptop without having to use a mouse. . If you have a desk top, this gives you the ease of use you have with a laptop. The pad is touch sensitive and you can slide your fingers (or stylus) across it instead of waving a mouse. So no more having to drop the mouse or wonder why it just suddenly decided to not work or if you are rocking it old school and still have the ball mouse, you don't have to clean it out or rub it on your jeans to get it to work. You just have to get used to tapping with two fingers to select. . There is no delay from first plugging it in to using it. Plug the tiny thumb drive in, pull the blue tab out of the battery case, make sure it is on (switch is on the right hand side, literally, the side) and you are live. . My only complaint is that it is smaller that i would like. I prefer a wider keyboard which is what i thought i was getting. I learned to type on one of the old metal monsters so my key strokes tend to be spread out. I'm a 10 finger typist and keyboard this small makes me "lose the main row". Hence, type-o's.

W. Isabel, Centre says

I bought this as an upgrade to a $20 budget wireless keyboard for my home theater pc. I got it on sale for $18 and it destroys anything else in this price range. I would rate this up there with $50 wireless keyboards. . Trackpad. Absolutely amazing. Very responsive and able to differentiate page zoom (diagonal two finger movement), scroll (vertical two finger movement), and right click (two finger tap). Having the option for the lower part to click makes using it on my lap a breeze. Either tap to click or just physically press down on the left side of the track pad. Of note, i had to change the pointer speed to max so that it felt barely adequate to me. I don't like to move my finger to much to move the mouse, so those that are sticklers for that may find this annoying. It is speed sensitive, so if you cover the same distance with a rapid flick, the mouse will zoom across the page. This may of course just take some time to get used to. I do have a 4k tv, so it has to move through a lot more pixels than most people's screens, so i doubt this would be an issue for anyone. . Keyboard. I love the chiclet design. The buttons are separate and each key is slightly concave so that i feel when my fingers are moving to a new key. The keys don't compress as much as my older wireless keyboard and my wrists are already thanking me. It is a bit noisier than my other keyboard, but since i don't have to compress as much, i do appreciate the audio feedback that i have fully compressed the key. I like that is has separate volume buttons, my previous keyboard i had to press alt + f9 and it was horrible. Usually when you frantically notice something is too loud you don't want to find and press two buttons. The volume buttons are small but distinctive and at the end of the keyboard on the left, so you can control them by touch only if you are laying on the couch and the keyboard is on the floor. It is the long skinny button on the left most part of the keyboard, pressing the top part of this button increases volume, pressing the lower part decreases. Directly below the bottom part of the button is the mute button. Extremely convenient. . Overall. I like that it has a left click on the left side of the keyboard as well. It allows you to hold the keyboard with two hand like a driver's wheel and use your left thumb to left click and right thumb to control the trackpad. This is great for games like rome: total war or time you want that extra control. The only negative is that it takes triple aaa batteries that i luckily had in my charger and that the up/down arrow keys are half keys instead of full keys in order to fit it in a smaller design. It's not a huge deal for me, but might be for some. . For $18, this is the best wireless keyboard you can get. It is easily the best i've ever owned and i've owned maybe 4 since i started building htpcs.

J. Gloria, Cheshire

(disclaimer: i only used this for about 2 work days, then returned it simply because it did not fit well with my workflow - see the end of this review. ) this seems to be a solid product, well thought out and well made. Fairly customizable, especially the trackpad with gestures. The size is nice for portability but not so tiny it's hard to type. The trackpad is a nice size. The price is great considering the cost of a stand-alone trackpad. I used this with windows 10 and had no compatibility issues. I did download the software for it in order to customize some of the buttons and the trackpad; the basics of the keyboard and trackpad worked fine without the software, and it was truly plug and play. I experienced no interference issues between the keyboard and the receiver despite being in an office with a lot of wireless equipment operating on different frequencies. Having gotten used to a mouse (on my work computer; i use a trackpad on my personal laptop) the trackpad was a bit restrictive for me. I could not navigate as quickly (i work concurrently in a minimum of four applications in addition to multiple browser tabs), and in one specific application i lost an essential functionality - the app's fault i think, not the keyboard's, as the same gesture worked as expected in other applications. I give it four stars rather than five because the trackpad did seem a bit too sensitive at times - it would occasionally register a touch when i was near but not contacting the surface, and there did not appear to be an option to set or change the sensitivity.

. Jennifer, Brent says

This keyboard was bought to replace a laptop keyboard that was no longer working. It is very light weight. A special thing about this keyboard is that there is a left click button located on the top left of the keyboard so that it wont be awkward for those people who use two hands while using a touch pad. This way you can comfortably hold the keyboard and click at the same time. . The usb connector is extremely small and you can pretty much forget about it. The buttons feel slightly better than your typical laptop keyboard. Because it is a solid keyboard, it doesn't flex as you type or press down on the keys. All of the keys bounce right back and is very quiet. . It was a bummer that the built in keyboard stopped responding but this is a nice replacement. . This keyboard would also work great for a media computer connected to your tv. The range is as you would expect from a bluetooth connection, and it pretty much has all you need all on one device. (volume, touch pad, keyboard)

R. Lorenz, Iowa

This is a great keyboard. I was looking everywhere for an all-in-one without a function key in the bottom left, and a full sized shift key, and this fit the bill. Initially i was frustrated with the keyboard because the function keys defaulted to their media key functions, and were messing with my normal keyboard shortcuts (when alt - f4 puts your computer to sleep instead of closing the window it's quite annoying). Since there's no fn lock key to be found on the keyboard, i was afraid i may have to return it, however i came to find that you can toggle the function lock by pressing fn + caps lock and now this is the perfect all-in-one keyboard.

A. Whiteman, Colorado says

Nice! i like it. It's a great size for using in front of the tv, or while sitting up in bed using my internet-equipped tv. You pretty much need an integrated trackpad like this, to take the place of a mouse (which obviously is not practical with keyboard on your lap). I've been using it for several weeks now and cannot think of how it could be improved. It's just the right size for comfortable typing and scrolling in front of your monitor or tv. The wireless function works flawlessly . With no lag whatsoever using keys or trackpad. The on/off switch is nice; something not all of these wireless keyboards have. Seems well-constructed . As much as can be with something this price. The packaging and presentation are first-class : sort-of reminds me of apple's or online store's products. I cannot imagine how anyone would have any complaints about this keyboard/pad combination.

F. Moore, Croydon

Like most i use this with a media pc setup. Out of the box i hated it, mainly because i couldn't figure out how to effectively use the trackpad. Once i figured out what was too little or too much pressure, and how to scroll, i felt a little better. However, it's still far from perfect and sometimes doesn't respond to your movement very well. I had initially plugged the usb receiver in the back of the pc but, as others i've since read have mentioned, putting my leg up would block the signal. I put the receiver in the front usb slot and although i lost the use of that front usb, it now works even with my leg up. Typing on it is okay, when you consider it's usually done on my lap. It's a good size layout and works well enough for light typing. With that in mind, this keyboard is still better off just as an htpc/media center setup while sitting on the couch - it does work well enough for that. But if you're going to need to do any real typing or need to move the mouse around without getting periodically and routinely ticked off, you should look for a real wireless keyboard and separate mouse. For my media pc use though, i'm happy enough with it.

S. Anderson, Leeds says

I am using this for an htpc from the couch. It is the perfect size. The keyboard is large enough to comfortably type out some quick items, but the unit as a whole is pretty small. . Track pad works well. Once you download the software from microsoft, you can customize the buttons and gestures. . The only con is the range. I had the dongle in the back of the computer and the mouse had some noticeable lag. I move the dongle to the front i/o and it works great. This is at maybe 8 feet at most. So, range could be better. . I guess one more con would be that while you can customize some of the macros, you can t set them to launch a windows 10 app from the store. Which is crazy because microsoft is all about those apps now. I was hoping to set a button to launch netflix. But since it is a windows 10 app and not an . Exe, it doesn t work.

. Peggy, Florida

This unit is incredibly well-built. It feels sturdy in your hands and doesn't creak/pop with handling. The track pad feels high-end. I love the volume control buttons! i wish the unit came with a sleep-button built in, as many other microsoft keyboards do. I will caveat that pressing two keys at once can sometimes lock movement while gaming. You wouldn't want to play a competitive shooter with this keyboard as it can make tapping while strafing/moving a real chore. . Pros: build quality, connectivity, trackpad works great. Cons: not for fps gaming due to key locking, could use a few extra misc buttons such as sleep

Top wireless allinone media keyboard Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. Anonymous, Islington says

I would expect more from a microsoft product. I bought this to replace a wireless keyboard for my desktop pc that had a couple of keys go bad. I thought that the smaller size would be a benefit. I was wrong. There are is no print screen key, there a no indicator lights to let you know if caps lock is on, but by far that's not the worst annoyance . It seems that the keyboard constantly goes to sleep. After a period of only several seconds of inactivity the first keystroke does not get transmitted. I find myself constantly going back and inserting the missing first letter. Very much a pain. The keyboard and pc are only about 3 feet apart so transmission distance should not be an issue. This keyboard may be fine for some applications, but if you are thinking about using this as a keyboard to get work done with, look elsewhere.

X. Erin, Maine

As others have noted, the touch pad on this is annoying. You can theoretically disable certain gestures and defaults. I might have looked into that if the thing had worked properly, but the response lagged so badly i couldn't use it. The lag was intermittent, so it may be an interference issue, but all i have is a computer, a tv, a modem and a cable box, which i assume is what most people have if they are buying this. I am going to try one other dongle-based wireless keyboard and then give up and stick with bluetooth ones which are more expensive and have their own issues.

I. Whiteman, Alaska says

This thing has a range of like 10 cm from the base, the range is not far enough to make the 1/2 meter from your desktop to your computer on the floor. I am finding this with ms mice too, nothing but complaints from staff that their mouse does not work, same with this wireless kb. Me no likee.

. Gina, California

Keyboard is at the bottom of this soaked mess.

. Emily, Croydon says

Sorry i cannot recommend the microsoft keyboard. I purchased this keyboard and had to return it all because of the trackpad. For my unit, the trackpad had very poor response. Sometimes it moved sometimes not. The worst was the fact that when you pick up your finger, the mouse pointer would move quite a bit just based on the shape of your finger change so it was near impossible tap anything. I returned this ms keyboard and purchased the logitech k400 plus. This is basically the same as the k400 with some cosmetic updates. I totally love the k400. I strongly recommend the k400. I have several of these and they work perfect every time. The trackpad works great on the k400.

. Olga, Darlington

I initially liked the keyboard, the look and feel is good, the software and customization that i could do with it but with some caveats. I however ended up returning it and getting a logitech k400 plus keyboard though the k400+ feels cheap and i don't like the grey color it comes in itself compared to this keyboard. That said let me lay out the pros and cons of the ms keyboard. The function keys are by default disabled and cannot be reversed, at least i was not able to. What this meant for me is i couldn't close windows using alt+f4 keys and since the f4 key defaults to shutdown (customized to shutdown from the out of the box default 'sleep' function) i ended up shutting down my pc a couple of times unintentionally. One has to hold down the function (fn) key i. E. Alt+fn+f4 key to close a window. I'd rather hold down the function (fn) key and the f4 key to shutdown the pc. The logitech k400+ is also configured the same way out of the box but can however be configured using their software to have the function keys work normally which allows for the alt+f4 to work as intended. The home, media and folder keys over the touchpad are customizable however one of those keys i believe it's the media key is limited in customization unlike the other two. The touchpad being large is good and bad in its own way. A slight touch of your palm and it ends up doing unexpected things. I actually thought i'd like the large touchpad ended up not liking it as much. Couple of weeks later the right shift key seemed to get stuck, that's when i pulled the plug and decided to return this keyboard. I personally liked the build quality, look and feel of the keyboard but the caveats that i mentioned forced me to return it.

B. Arnett, Oklahoma says

The problem i had with this was that when i installed its transceiver, it automatically downloaded the software for this hardware. . What that software did was "take over" my mouse and keyboard functionality. . That would be all good and well if i didn't already have two logitech input devices as well as their logitech setpoint software on my pc. . The result of the automatic installation of the microsoft software was my setpoint software wouldn't work properly. . Worse, my pc bluescreened twice! . . This is all on a desktop pc with a clean install of windows 7 hp which has always run smoothly and bluescreen-free. . I had to return this keyboard just to keep its software off my pc. . It's a pity because this keyboard seemed like a good design and a good value. . Should work fine in the absence of any competing keyboard/mouse software.

G. Anonymous, New York

Honestly its a great board but the track pad is rubbish. It has really bad precision which is annoying because i bought this not need to use the mouse. I would have gave it 4 stars and not 5 for the in accurate track pad because you can use it fine. Except i bought this to slouch in my couch and use and its annoying sometimes. Clicks on stuff or drags stuff while using the track pad. I tried the logitech board and looking back i would 100% chose the logitech board.

C. Cindy, Lancashire says

I bought this used but in new condition and it is! even came with the batteries. I have it connected to my windows 10 laptop that has a broken screen so its connected to the tv full time for movies and youtube primarily. . Pros:. -feels sturdy, no creaks. -small usb receiver (magnetic storage for usb receiver). -great battery life! (i don't use it constantly but i've had it for almost a month now with a decent amount of usage, no low battery yet! ). -not sure if this works with every computer but when my laptop is asleep by the tv all i have to do is turn on the keyboard and the computer turns on automatically! i can put the computer to sleep too! . -media controls are nice, also have shortcuts to browser homepage, music player, and file browser. . You can download the microsoft mouse and keyboard center software for more customization, however it doesn't give as in depth customization that i wanted. It's middle of the road for me. . Cons:. -when typing the keystrokes are a lot softer feeling and sounding than i expected. You're not getting a lot of tactile feedback from the keys. -track pad isn't great. It's a good size but it's a slightly textured plastic and has a soft click, not satisfying. Tracking is decent but is a little wonky at times. The gesture recognition isn't all that great. . Overall:. The keyboard looks nice and is sturdy but the two most important parts about it are lacking. It still serves its purpose for me but i wish it was a more premium product, especially coming from microsoft.

V. Widmer, Rochdale

The left and right mouse click buttons are basically impossible to use correctly because they are a part of the touchpad. So when you move your hand to click them, the cursor also moves, and you end up clicking somewhere else entirely. The right click has a "sweet spot", so more often than not, my right clicks register as a left click instead. I would rate this five stars if only they had just made physical buttons that weren t touch sensitive.

D. Theola, Massachusetts says

The plastic is so cheap my unit arrived with striped out screw holes. The keypad was falling in because the screw holes were striped out. The keyboard is not made to be taken apart or cleaned in anyway unlike other keyboards. If you have an issue with this keyboard do not try to fix it yourself because its basically built to be broken apart if tried to be taken apart. Many keyboards built for longevity are designed to be opened yourself. The receiver can not be replaced and if you loose it, requires a new purchase of a new keyboard. As far as i know from 30minutes of googleing, you can not sync up other devices to this receiver like logitech's unifying receiver. Which is standard in my opinion. The large touchpad requires huge swipes to move your mouse a little distance. Even with sensitivity maxed it takes 2 swipes to get my mouse across the screen. The logitech k400 does not share "any" of these issues. If build quality was high i could forgive all the issues that i knew before buying.

A. Florence, Berlin

I bought this keyboard so i could use my pc from my couch. Mostly just to open a few applications and change a few settings before gaming with a gamepad. Honestly the range is much worse than i expected. Barely works at about 10 feet. I have to lean in towards the tv when i use it. The keyboard half isn't too bad from a tactile point of view, but the mouse touch-pad is pretty sub-par. It's nice and big which i appreciate, but seems very jittery. . Overall it works for my limited use and the price was right, but if you need something for heavier use i would recommend a different product.

N. Rebecca, Bracknell Forest says

Cannot use the trackpad and the keyboard at the same time. It's not black (gray). It honestly feels like a logitech device, but the key spacing is a bit different. The mouse buttons are incredibly tough, and take quite a bit of pressure to activate. Install the keyboard specific software, and flip the two finger scrolling for a more natural experience.

F. Campbell, Somerset

Trackpad keeps jerking like crazy. Hard to pin point things on your desktop. Literally can't rest your hand cuz you've been then multi touching the pad and it won't move at all. The only thing i love was the keys feel. Trackpad. You better off with logitech. I thought it was cuz some other device making interference or something so i shut off my phone deactivated the bluetooth even the router from my internet , got really close to the receiver but the same thing keeps happening. Horizontal drag was more faster than vertical drag. In fact the whole thing was a drag. Not recommended. Thats what i get for betraying logitech.

Y. Marguerite, Brent says

Keyboard looks and feels great. Unfortunately, it doesn't have bluetooth capability; you have to use a usb receiver with it. However, the majority for the 3 rating is because the touchpad is not a true multi-touch trackpad. True multi-touch trackpads have 3+ simultaneous touch points (which vendors are skewing since 2 is technically a multiple) so it doesn't support the windows 10 gestures. It only supports 2 finger scrolling and beware of zooming; it doesn't perform a pinch zoom, rather an equivalent to ctrl+scroll which will change your in app dpi settings. For example, in edge browser it doesn't just zoom in and out rather it changes the text sizes (100%, 125%, etc. ) which messes up the original layout of the website.

L. Dorothy, Leicestershire

Great touch on the keys. The touchpad isn't terribly sensitive or accurate. . Important tip: if you want to be able to us the f-keys (e. G. F1, f2, f3. ) without having to hold the fn key, you can use fn+capslock to switch the mode. This is not really documented anywhere that i could find, nor is it in the software.

M. Pete, Middlesbrough says

It works well enough to get by in a pinch, the keyboard layout and size is better than the logitech k400 but is has some inexcusable design and operational characteristics:. . Function keys are also media keys; the markings for media are blue and are the default action, the f is white like the rest of the keys but require the right-side fn key. . No right-side control key, this affects me as i use virtualbox intensively on multiple systems and the default host control key is the right control and i am not customizing it for one keyboard. . No wake-up/power on key; if you accidentally "f4" without the fn button, you put the computer to sleep and must go to the computer to wake it up. . Touchpad is abysmal; random clicks from touch, the one-piece pad buttons have poor feel, scrolling and motion is not smooth and scrolling is apple-style, i. E: you move fingers as though you were moving a sheet of paper rather than a scroll bar. Also, attempting to hold and drag is nearly impossible and precision is poor. . Frequent key latency, occasional no-registers and rarely misses a character. . The operational complaints may partly the fault of the wireless; if i stand next to the transceiver with the keyboard, performance seems to be slightly better. I have tried it in different locations with the same results. . I am planning to return it and get another logitech tk820, the keyboard has a better feel and the touchpad is definitely superior.

Z. Elizabeth, Northern Territory

Keyboard works for the most part as expected the only issue i had was with the touchpad it s a little too tacky whatever the coding is on and it causes your fingers to stick skip. This is frustrating for me because i bought this keyboard to use through a usb switch to manage multiple desktops so i use it quite a bit. . There are no technical issues with the keyboard it operates as it should installed very easily it s a nice layout and i size if i wanted to touchpad had a better coating on something a little bit more slick.

E. Hadley, North Dakota says

I tried this, along with the rapoo r9080 and the logitech k830. I was looking for a keyboard/touchpad combo that i could use all day at the office as i get back/shoulder pain using a mouse. The logitech was by far the best of the three, though it does cost as much as the other two combined. Well worth it to have a product i can happily use all day without adjusting my usage to avoid issues. . This keyboard is mushy to type on. One of the least pleasant typing experiences i have had on a real keyboard. The trackpad is slightly more usable than the rapoo e9080, as it does physically click, though having two different click areas for left and right click, but 1 physical click button (the entire trackpad) makes it difficult to predict what kind of click you're going to get at times if you're not careful with your finger placement. As an example, if you're moving the cursor around and happen to try a left click with your finger, but it happens to be positioned near the center of the trackpad where it splits between l and r click zones, then you may get a left click or a right click. Where apple trackpads succeed at this, is that l and r clicks are separated by 1 and 2 finger clicks on a single click button, while msft has opted to have 2 distinct click zones on 1 click button. The end result feels clunky to me. . Actually moving the cursor is usually much more predictable, consistent, and smooth than on the e9080, but it did sometimes shoot the cursor to the bottom left corner of my screen randomly causing me to click things i did not intend to click. This became very frustrating. After a couple hours of use, it also started behaving strangely and missing keypresses and moving the cursor in a jerky manner. Turning it off and on did not help. Maybe the batteries were low or something, but by this time, i had already decided i could not use this keyboard all day and that i did not want to keep it.

R. Connie, North Somerset

Upgraded from an iogear trackball keyboard. Love the small size and relatively quiet keys. This keyboard does have a weird quirk: the function key works backwards. That is, by default, f5 will search instead of refreshing. There is a simple fix: fn + caps lock. . Love the touch pad. The two-finger scrolling works well, but is intuitively backwards again: touch with two fingers and slide up to scroll the page down. Haven't figured out how to correct that one yet. . Edit 03. 10. 2017 the backwardsness is killing me. I put new batteries in, then went to close a program with alt+f4. Except now that the batteries have been removed, it reverted to it's backwards configuration, so hitting f4 makes the machine go into sleep mode. Which it can't recover from because windows10 issues. Also, i foolishly thought i could do a little retro gaming on this thing. Keyboard can not take more than one key input at a time. Aaaand, the range isn't great enough for a large living room. Downgrading this review from 3 to 1 stars, but then adding another one back because i really do still like the touchpad.

K. Adrienne, Western Australia says

Don't get me wrong, this is a good keyboard, especially for htpc setups. There are a few things i wish microsoft had gone over a bit; seems like it could be more refined in some areas. My biggest complaint with this keyboard is the touch pad. It's responsive enough, but it could be better. For my uses, this is honestly fine. But it feels like a cheaper product than what it's priced at. Honestly, this could just be me, as it's getting into the colder season and my hands are always dry. One thing that really bothers me though is the scroll direction. It's inverted, as it seems that's "the thing" nowadays (apple just changed this on all their products within the last year or so, and i have never been a fan). Whereas before this new trend, you scroll downwards on the track pad and you scroll down in your internet browser or what have you. Now it seems scrolling down on the track pad actually scrolls up, and scroll up on the track pad scrolls you down in your program of choice. I cannot explain in words how much this bothers me; to me this is counter intuitive. Unlike apple products though, and to my utter amazement, you cannot change the scroll direction with this keyboard (using windows 10 pro at least, not sure about windows 7/8/8. 1) because this isn't a "precision touch pad. " the option to reverse the scrolling direction simply isn't listed in mouse and touch pad settings. There may be a workaround for this, but i haven't found it yet. I can't help but wonder if the logitech keyboard i was looking at for the same price would have this feature or not. Being that this keyboard is used exclusively for my htpc, and i'm not doing a ton of internet browsing or other things that would require scrolling, this isn't really a huge deal to me. But it would be nice if microsoft didn't have this ridiculous "precision touch pad" exclusion for a setting as simple as reversing the scroll direction. . What i like about the product is that typing on it feels pretty good for a $30 keyboard. I did have to move the usb dongle for the keyboard to one of my front usb ports, as the signal was pretty wonky using one of the rear usb ports on my htpc. This is actually totally fine, as i have one usb 2. 0 port up front on my htpc (in my opinion, the only good use for a usb 2. 0 port nowadays), leaving my usb 3. 0 ports open for data transfer purposes. The keyboard has an auto off function after a few minutes of inactivity that seems to work pretty well. To wake my htpc i just hit the space bar once to turn the keyboard on, and then again to wake the computer. To my delight, there is a physical on/off switch on the side of the keyboard to the top/right of the track pad. This is a nice feature and one thing i'm glad microsoft included. . I need to figure out how to use the normal microsoft key combos. Hitting alt+f4 on any pc typically force closes the application you're in. On this keyboard it's a shortcut for some other function that was pretty annoying when i first tried doing it to close the program i was in. I could not seem to find any other button combo using a function or modifier key to get alt+f4 working to close a program. This is a bit disappointing, but i'm sure if i look hard enough i can figure out a way to do this. Most people will probably not experience my frustration over this matter. . Lastly, and one of the main reasons i chose this keyboard, are the physical volume control buttons and primary mouse click button located on the left side of the keyboard. This is super handy to change the system volume on the fly without needed to exit a full screen video to change it from the system tray in windows 10. Unfortunately, this volume control does not work in kodi - if you're using kodi with this keyboard. But i believe this is a kodi incompatibility and not a fault with the keyboard. For watching media in an internet browser (youtube, netflix, online store, etc) these controls work as expected, and work well for my uses. . All things considered this is a good keyboard for general uses, especially for use with a htpc. I wanted something i could use to easily control my htpc if i needed to look up something quick on it, or when i'm not using kodi and wanting to watch something on youtube or netflix in which i would need a keyboard to type. I mainly use a ps4 controller via bluetooth to control kodi and other pc functions, but the lack of a physical keyboard (and windows' refusal to allow the ps4 controller to work with the on screen keyboard, ugh) made things a bit difficult. I wanted something wireless with a track pad built into it, something i can easily pick up that's "all in one" and this keyboard fit that need, along with my budget. Will update if i can figure out how to reverse scroll direction, enable alt+f4 for closing programs, and use the system volume controls while in kodi. . Update 2/27/17. I'm not sure if i'm only just noticing this or if it's worsened over time, but the trackpad is kind of awful. Actually, it's more the wireless capability than the trackpad. If i have the keyboard on my lap with my leg up, there's terrible input lag, to the point where i can't control the pc. If i have the keyboard on the couch and there's a pillow somewhere between it and my pc, or if it's on my table and there's a book between it and the pc, it won't work. I made sure to have the usb dongle plugged into one of the front facing usb ports on my pc's case (rather than one of the motherboard's usb ports) when i first started using this keyboard, but it seems it really needs line of sight in order to work reliably. I tried changing the batteries thinking that they might be closing to dying, but fresh batteries didn't help. The keyboard is never more than 9 feet away from the usb dongle, so i'm disappointed to say the least that this keyboard doesn't work better. I have removed one star because of this, and may end up buying a logitech wireless keyboard and trackpad to compare.

T. Meghan, Midi-Pyrenees

I've had a logitech k400r for about 3-4 years, and it's been working great, but thought i might upgrade to this one. I was super excited about it. Then i used it. Or tried. I'm not sure why, but my experience with the keyboard was anything but smooth. Even with a direct line of site to the receiver, the keyboard would become choppy, to the point of being nearly unusable. Of course, not even thinking this would be an issue, i'd already thrown away the original packaging without thinking. The only thing i could think of that would be causing the issue is that i have a usb bluetooth receiver on my desktop as well. However, if this keyboard has a specialized dongle for it's interface, that should not be an issue. . I guess i'll just have to stick with logitech, as my k400r does not suffer for the same interference issue as this one did.

O. Imelda, Harrow says

I did a collective review of 1 by one, gosin, anker, microsoft, logitech k400 to give everyone a clear picture and best product. Rating parameters- overall, keyboard, track pad, build quality. 1. Microsoft: 3/5 overall, 5/5 keyboard, trackpad 2/5 and build 4/5. Microsoft tried copy logitech k400, the keyboard is well spaced out and good feel to it. Lighter than logitech as well. Bad- trackpad is downright bad no buttons and clumsy to use. Large size but no precision. 2. Anker: keyboard only, overall 4/5, build 5/5, keyboard 3. 5/5. Well built keyboard nicely spaced layout, but not good for windows and keys are a bit wobbly low key travel. 3. Gosin: overall 3, design 3, keyboard 2, trackpad 4. Keyboard is too bad to use, the trackpad is good. No key travel wobbly keys. 4. 1 by one- design 5/5. Overall 4/5, keyboard 3. 5/5, trackpad 4/5 well built and good trackpad but the keyboard is bad not for long use. 5. Logitech k400 plus, design 4. 5, keyboard 4. 5, trackpad 5/5, built 4/5, overall 4. 5/5. The winner. Good key travel and the nice touch to keyboard. Keys are not spaced but it has not been an issue. Same as using a physical big keyboard. The trackpad is the best. A bit thick than others but best to use. My pick and it's best seller in the category go for it.

P. Patricia, Sandwell

I really want to like this keyboard. If it's response was 100% on the up and up, it would be worth a recommendation, but it's not. . Unfortunately this keyboard suffers from range-itis. It's radio, but it behaves like it's line of site for some reason - if anything is between the keyboard and the receiver - even my knee, it seems, the response & reliability drops tremendously. If you're holding it directly at the computer, and within about 8 feet, it works like a charm. Unfortunately, if that's the case, what's the point? . . I'll agree with previous reviewers that button placement is also an issue. For a keyboard like this, there should at least be a "function lock" button to allow you to toggle what the function keys do (i. E. Media with one press, or function with one press). It doesn't. . The concept of this keyboard is great for an htpc. The layout is tolerable but not stellar, but it really falls short on reliability. Because of the lack of reliability, i will be returning mine, and can't recommend buying it. . There are apps available for certain fruit-oriented tablets that allow one to use said tablet as a keyboard/controller for a pc, and while i haven't tried out smartglass yet, i suspect that might be worth an attempt as well. Of course, this all requires a bluetooth connection, but even for a desktop a bluetooth dongle is like $10.

W. Bullock, North Carolina says

If you want a keyboard to interface with your tv, then this may be what you're looking for. However, if you consider yourself a "power" user, then you would probably not like this keyboard. That is in part because there is no home or end button. I use those buttons quite a bit, for instance when i want to go to the end or beginning of a document (ctrl + end, ctrl + home. ) other keyboards get around this limitation using the fn key plus one of the arrow keys. Unfortunately, microsoft has not incorporated this into their keyboard. . The keyboard comes with built in windows 8 keys (search, settings, play/pause, etc. ) unfortunately, those are the default keys, instead of the function keys. I never use the windows 8 keys, as there are keyboard shortcuts that can be used, which don't require you to actually look at the keyboard (i. E. Windows + c brings up the charms bar. ) i need to use the function keys all the time though. This is a pain, because you have to use the fn button in order to get to them. . Lastly, but most importantly, the batteries do not last very long at all. I have batteries 7 and 8 in the keyboard as i type this right now (could be 9 and 10, i've lost count. ) i purchased this about 4 months ago. That's just crappy in the battery life category. . I use microsoft's sculpt keyboard at work, so i know that they can come up with some great products. However, this is not one of them. My search for a wireless keyboard/mouse combo continues.

S. Nancy, Calderdale

Bought this to replace a logitech keyboard that suffered from an awful keyboard layout(right shift key issue was the main problem). The keyboard layout is much better than the logitech one and for a couch experience. The keys feel a little soft and squishy where touch typists might get a little frustrated. The biggest improvement they could make on this keyboard for me would be having the touch pad on the right, and the mouse buttons on the left. Trying to go from touch typing to dragging and dropping with this is awkward at best. I usually end up having to use two hands to do it(hold left button down with one hand while using right hand to move the mouse pointer). I haven't experimented with keymapping to see if i could map some of the sound keys on the left that i don't use to mouse buttons.

Q. Delgado, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

Not as good as the slightly more expensive logitech. I was being a cheapskate when i bought this and now i kinda regret it. Dont get me wrong-it works-but everything about the logitech is better. The 2 finger scrolling on this this is reversed compared to what im used to and i cant change that, it also doesnt "feel" as good to use as the logitech. Also after it has been sitting without use it "goes to sleep". Thats fine, the problem is it does not "wake back up" without switching the power switch off and back on again. Annoying. It looks good and will be plug and play with virtually any windows pc. Other then that, spend a few$ more and get the logitech.

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    Ipazzport Mini Wireless Bluetooth Qwerty Keyboard Apple Tv Kp-810-56 (i16)

    Ipazzport Mini Wireless Bluetooth Qwerty Keyboard Apple Tv Kp-810-56 (i16) 843

    See Reviews Ipazzport Mini Wireless Bluetooth Qwerty Keyboard Apple Tv Kp-810-56 (i16), Mini Wireless Bluetooth Qwerty Keyboard Apple Tv Apple Tv Owns A High Percentage Share In The Internet Tv Player Market. However, The Biggest Complaint Heard Is That The "hunt And Peck" Text Entry Using The D-pad Is Difficult, Time -Ipazzport Mini Wireless Bluetooth Qwerty Keyboard Apple Tv Kp-810-56
    1. Included: Bluetooth Connectivity Via Internal Bluetooth With A 33 Ft. /10 M Range For Most Bluetooth Enabled Devices.
    2. Included: 44 Keys, Page Up/down, Scrolling, 90 Degree Orientation Flip.
    3. Worked good for what it is, buttons are small, handy for typing searches and passwords.
    Bestseller Ipazzport Mini Wireless Bluetooth Qwerty Keyboard Apple Tv Kp-810-56 (Wireless Accessory) I16
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    Bluetooth Keyboard Jelly Comb Universal (3798523)

    Bluetooth Keyboard Jelly Comb Universal (3798523) 1402

    See Reviews Bluetooth Keyboard Jelly Comb Universal (3798523), Bluetooth Keyboard, Universal Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Ultra Slim Apple Ios Ipad Pro, Mini 4, Iphone X/8/7plus/6, Android Tablets Galaxy Tab , Windows Mac Os 6.0 & Later Jelly Comb Is A Top Brand That Offers Extraordinary Electronic Products. We Provide One Year Warranty For Our Products And The Best Customer Service For Our Customer. The Wireless -Bluetooth Keyboard, Jelly Comb Universal Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Ultra Slim Apple Ios Ipad Pro, Mini 4, Iphone X/8/7plus/6, Android Tablets Galaxy Tab , Windows Mac Os 6.0 & Later Black
    1. Add-on: Comfortable Keys : Scissor-switch Bluetooth Keyboard Provides You With Very Comfortable And Pleasing Typing Experience.
    2. Add-on: Work For Longer With Long Battery Life : 700-hour Continuous-use Battery Life And Automatic Sleep Mode Allow Up To Half A Year Between Battery Changes. Requires 2 Aaa Batteries, Sold Separately.
    3. When my original apple keyboard finally bit the dust after nearly 7 years, i chose this one as its replacement. So far, so good. It is similar in size although it weighs much less. I was worried it wouldn't last as long with its aaa batteries, but it goes to sleep quickly when not being used and my ... go to
    Bestseller Bluetooth Keyboard Jelly Comb Universal (Computer Component) 3798523

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