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Price was $49.99. The mounting brackets are more sturdy than expected. The listing does not clarify that these are thick stamped metal. They're actually heavy enough that you should consider their weight when deciding if your wall mount has the capacity to support your tv, as these will add measurable weight to the arrangement. In my outlook the significant weight is a positive attribute. . There are enough holes to mount this to a wide variety of tv and soundbar combinations. Adjustment is made by raising and lowering the brackets, and also by extending the brackets inward or outward to extend at downward angles, allowing the brackets to reach mounting holes on the tv and the soundbar that are not vertically aligned. Based on the position of the tv's mounting holes and the soundbars, it can be difficult to position the soundbar flush with the bottom of the tv as pictured. If there is space between the tv and the soundbar, the brackets will allow for a little on-the-fly adjustment side to side, but anything other than centered would be out of level. The only reason i did not give the brackets five stars is that it is easy to mount a soundbar a little askew, not parallel with the tv using these brackets. Centering the soundbar just requires a nudge. . Overall, this product is easy to recommend because it's simple, inexpensive, and helps to visually declutter space.

-T. Whiteman

Mount-it tv wall mount, articulating, corner bracket 32 65 lcd/led/plasma flat panel screens, vesa 75×75-600×400 mm, 154 lb load cap, mount-it! mi-347l heavy-duty full motion articulating tv wall mount offers extreme versatility a maximum extension of 16. 9″ from the wall. its dual arm design is incredibly sturdy. -mount-it tv wall mount, articulating, corner bracket 32 65 lcd/led/plasma flat panel screens, vesa 75×75-600×400 mm, 154 lb load cap, black mi-347l

  • Plus: Universal Tv Wall Mounting Bracket With Fits Most Of 32 – 65″ Lcd/led/plasma Tvs On The Market (even Up To Some 75 Inch Tvs).
  • Plus: Please Check Your Vesa Pattern And Tv Weight Prior To Purchasing! Just Measure The Holes On The Back Of Your Tv. The Height And Width Should Match One Of The Patterns We Listed Below. The Weight Many Modern Lcd/led Are Usually Negligible. Just Ensure They Are Under 154 Lbs.

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I purchased a curved samsung soundbar to match our curved samsung television and needed a way to mount the soundbar to the television. These brackets were the perfect choice and took only a few minutes to mate the soundbar to the television. I was surprised that samsung did not provide a mechanism to mount the soundbar to a matching television with the soundbar itself, but no, this sort of bracket is required unless you plan on mounting your soundbar to the wall, separate from the television. When the television is on a cantilever mount, wall mounting the soundbar is not something you want to do. The Best mountit tv wall mount articulating ( Nov 2019 ) | Mount It-Av Furniture Review Plus Mount-It! TV Wall Mount, Articulating, Corner Bracket for 32 65 LCD/LED/Plasma Flat Panel Screens, VESA 75x75-600x400 mm, 154 lb Load Cap, Black (MI-347L) Full motion: tv mount can extend/compress 2. 8 - 16. 9, swivel +/- 90 degrees, tilt -12 degrees (down). this wall mount is designed for 16" studs (common house stud spacing).. Universal tv wall mounting bracket with fits most of 32 - 65" lcd/led/plasma tvs on the market (even up to some 75 inch tvs). Please check your vesa pattern and tv weight prior to purchasing! just measure the holes on the back of your tv. the height and width should match one of the patterns we listed below. the weight many modern lcd/led are usually negligible. just ensure they are under 154 lbs. Vesa 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200, 200x100, 200x150, 100x100, 75x75mm). please check vesa (mounting hole pattern behind tv) and tv weight prior to making purchase decision to determine whether this tv wall mount fits your tv.. Weight rated to 154 lbs - this bracket is one of the strongest brackets available on . constructed from reinforced steel. quick and easy to install - bracket comes complete with full instructions and free installation hardware. .

Mount-it Tv Wall Mount, Articulating, Corner Bracket For 32 65 Lcd/led/plasma Flat Panel Screens, Vesa 75x75-600x400 Mm, 154 Lb Load Cap, Black Mi-347l Review (mi 347l)

Very sturdy. Arrived sooner than expected. Easily supports our 32" samsung in the kitchen. Observations are 1- swing arm only moves horizontally relative to the wall mount plate. So the desired vertical height of the tv must be carefully determined before drilling any holes in the wall. Some other products have an up/down joint in the swing arm so placement of wall mount height is not so critical. But those products cost more. This product has an up/down joint at back of tv, which allows changing of the angle for viewing but not the height of the tv. 2- my samsung uses the vesa 200x200 mounting hole pattern which is provided for in this product, but the mounting holes are metric, size m8 with 1. 25 thread pitch, which were not included in the various screws that came with this mount. I had to make special trip to hardware store to find required screws. Recommend getting 13/16" to 1" max length, along with washers to limit how far the screws protrude into the tv back. Would have rated 5 stars if the required screws were included in the hardware kit. Surprised this happened since the 32" samsung is a very common generic tv. Oh well, otherwise a great wall mount for the price. -U. Newell

Mount Articulating Bracket 75x75 600x400 Mi 347l

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Mount-It!
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0617401053698
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:8.00 inches
    Length:3.50 inches
    Width:27.75 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Mount-It!
  7. Model: MI-347L
  8. MPN: MI-347L
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: MI-347L
  12. Type: Home Theater
  13. Category: AV FURNITURE
  14. Size: 37 Inch- 65 Inch
  15. UPC: 859868005319

mount-it tv wall mount, articulating, corner bracket 32 65 lcd/led/plasma flat panel screens, vesa 75x75-600x400 mm, 154 lb load cap, Home Theater, Mount-it! mi-347l heavy-duty full motion articulating tv wall mount offers extreme versatility with a maximum extension of 16. 9" from the wall. its dual arm design is incredibly sturdy. dual tv safety screws are included to prevent accidental liftoff of the display. the use of heavy gauge metal minimizes sagging even fully extended. compare pricing to any other articulating tv wall mount on online store. mi-347l swivels from left to right for viewing from multiple angles. ideal for corner installations. powder coated steel construction provides a sleek, high-tech look. mount-it! experience and guarantee. mount-it! is the expert in television and computer monitor mounts. we apply our decade long experience in this field to offer the best features at value prices. all our products are guaranteed for satisfaction. contact our friendly customer support team for any questions or issues. features fits most of 32-65" tvs large extension capability is ideal for entertainment center installation. tilt, swivel and extend/collapse function easy tilting angle adjustment heavy duty steel construction and high-tech welding technology includes all necessary mounting hardware specifications: * tv size range: 32" - 65" (some even up to 75" depending on vesa bolting pattern and the tv weight) * max tv weight: 154 lbs *mounting pattern: universal and up to vesa 600 x 400. fits vesa 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200, 200x100, 200x150, 100x100, 75x75mm * mounting holes: up to 24" apart horizontally and up to 15. 7" vertically. how do i know this mount fits my tv or monitor? 1. measure vesa holes on the back of your tv or monitor 2. ensure that your tv or monitor is not heavier than 154lbs! (most lcd tvs under 65" are lightweight). send us a message or comment if you're unsure! Mount Articulating Bracket 75x75 600x400 Mi 347l (MI-347L-Mount It).

Mount Articulating Bracket 75x75 600x400 Mi 347l Home Theater

  • Did the job. It didn't fit very well with my curved samsung sound bar. But i used the brackets that came with the sound bar for wall mounting and attached it to these. All in all pretty easy set up. Did like the way you can easily manipulate it to move it where you need it to.
  • Came as advertised. Was relatively easy to place and all the bits of hardware were first class. Very satisfied with the result. Took me about two hours to install, but someone with better tools/experience should be able to put it up in about 30 minutes (i had a hard lltime locating the wall studs, finally defaulting to just trial and error till i found the first one then every 16 inches. Btw instructions were quite clear, even for me, who is still not sure of the difference between a nut and a bolt.
  • The product i received was visually different from the product images, and incompatible with the 100x100 mount i require, contrary to the specs listed in the product description. . Looks like i'll also be buying a mount adapter. . Update: the height adjustment feature is also broken, locked in place even after using the tension adjustment. I am returning the item, and intend to purchase an entirely different mount.
  • I mounted it fine and it was strong and sturdy. Because i was placing it in some built in shelves i couldn't use the locking bar, but didn't see why i needed it. But i could not mount it on its bottom hooks because the ac plug and hdmi cables of my tv plug into the back of the tv and they pushed the bottom out so the tv would not hook onto the bottom hooks. Ordering one with a retractable mount, easier to work and changeout things plugging into back.
  • I purchased this mount for use with a samsung 65" lcd. The tv itself weighs less than 70 lbs, but i wanted something robust. As the other reviews here say, the unit itself is sturdy and heavy-duty. I have no concerns about the mount in and of itself. However, the engineering of the mount regarding its attachment both the the wall and to the tv leaves much to be desired. . In my application i bought this because the tv is mounted in a recessed nook, surrounded by cabinets, and i needed periodic access to the area behind it for wiring, etc. It was easier to buy a telescoping mount that to find a strong person to lift the tv off and set it down each time i needed to move an hdmi cable, etc. . But the size and configuration of the wall-mount plate means that is is difficult to lag-bolt the mount to two studs if you have a typical house with 16" stud centers. In order to even remotely center the mount, one stud ran right down the middle of the mount, and the remaining two were far beyond the limits on either side. Mounting it on two studs would have meant the mount being far off-center. While one can then move the tv along the mount, and the telescoping arms to the side, this is less than ideal, as you can't pull the unit straight out. I had to bolt a 3/4" plywood panel to my (lathe-and-plaster) wall to overcome this issue. I lag-bolted the mount into that panel to distribute the weight over multiple studs. . Also, there is no vertical adjustment once the tv side of the mount is attached to the samsung tv - the vesa mount holes are at the upper and lower limits of the adapter arms. This means that once the mount is attached to the wall there is no - zero - up-and-down adjustment that can be made. This is definitely a "measure twice (or more) and drill once" kind of thing, and even so, i didn't take into account a slight sag and so my tv is about 1/2" off center vertically in the space for it. I decided i could live with that. . As others have noted, the tilt controls are very hard to adjust on a large tv as well. . Mounts in this category sell for as much as $350, so this is something of a bargain, and i suppose i got what i payed for, but that's all. . On the positive side, the mount came with an impressive array of hardware, including both m4 and m6 bolts of varying lengths, as well as a tiny level. Once the mount was installed, it pulls in and out from the wall easily enough for access behind.

mountit tv wall mount articulating Mount-It! TV Wall Mount, Articulating, Corner Bracket for 32 65 LCD/LED/Plasma Flat Panel Screens, VESA 75x75-600x400 mm, 154 lb Load Cap, Black (MI-347L) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I was a little concerned when i first took this out of the package and lined it up to the back of my tv screw holes. The screw holes of the tv are pretty narrow and close together and the holes for the klipsch soundbar are fairly wide apart. Other than that it felt very solid and hard to bend which i was pleased with. What i realized with this mount is that you don't have to mount all four screws on your tv into this thing. I only used two screws which gave me the ability to put it wider to accommodate the klipsch soundbar. I am very happy with it

Mount-it Tv Wall Mount, Articulating, Corner Bracket 32 65 Lcd/led/plasma Flat Panel Screens, Vesa 75x75-600x400 Mm, 154 Lb Load Cap, Black Mi-347l
Click to see NoticeMount Articulating Bracket 75x75 600x400 Mi 347l (Mount It)"They are very versatile and can adapt to almost any situation. Thin and strong, easy to install. The only complaint is the threaded posts that hold the speaker bar to the mount itself are not "keyed or notched", therefore they tend to spin when tightening them up. Other than that the speaker bar stays in place, no sagging or slipping like the sanus universal mounts i have used in the past. This is my new speaker bar bracket! . . I used these brackets with a sonos playbar, samsung 65" hdtv and proconnect articulating wall mount. I was quite pleased with the results!"

(0) Question: Does its swing up and down

(1) Question: Will this work for a 40" insignia led tv?

(2) Question: Will this work for klipsch r-40b sound bar?

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PERLESMITH Universal Soundbar Bracket Fits Most 23 to 65 Inch TVs - Soundbar Speaker Mount Adjustable Arms Holds up to 33lbs, Position Above/Below TV

Specifications: material: steel color: black loading capacity: up to 15kg/33lbs size of tv: works with most 23"-65" flat panel tvs installation options: install the soundbar on the top of the tv, install the soundar on the bottom of the tv, install the soundbar with or without extension bar vesa compatibility: 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm compatibility: our speaker mounts are compatible with a wide range of speakers in today's market such as lg bose, sony, jbl, samsung and so on. Package includes: 2* soundbar bracket 2* bracket extender 30* screws 4* washers 12* spacers 6* nuts 1* english user manual

PERLESMITH Universal Soundbar Bracket Fits Most 23 to 65 Inch TVs - Soundbar Speaker Mount Adjustable Arms Holds up to 33lbs, Position Above/Below TVPERLESMITH-Universal-Soundbar-Bracket-Fits

Brand :    perlesmith
Color :    Black
Size :    Soundbar Bracket A
Weight :    1.46 pounds
  • Sturdy construction - this universal soundbar mount is made from solid steel that can hold up to 33lbs (15kg) and ensures your sound system is mounted securely on your tv so you can sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • Customize your audio - our soundbar mounting bracket provides an ideal solution for adding amazing audio to a tv without running speaker wires by simply mounting your soundbar above or below your tv
  • Universal tv soundbar bracket - fits most 23 to 65 inch tvs. works with a wide range of soundbars/home theater system speakers weighing up to 33lbs. compatible with vesa patterns (75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm)
  • Easy installation - our soundbar mount bracket comes with all the required hardware and a detailed graphical installation guide which helps you mount your sound bar to either a freestanding or wall-mounted tv without any hassle
  • Adjustable design - features adjustable bolt hole slots that attach together with two bracket extenders to make sure your soundbar can be custom mounted above or below your tv
Price :    $15.99
Model :    PSSB1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (perlesmith product review) for PERLESMITH Universal Soundbar Bracket Fits Most 23 to 65 Inch TVs - Soundbar Speaker Mount Adjustable Arms Holds up to 33lbs, Position Above/Below TV available ( Nov 2019 )

HIDEit Uni-S Black Adjustable Small Device Wall Mount, Cable Box, Digital Media Player - Made in The USA

Simple product. I like the adjustable bracket. The only issue is that it is listed as a small device bracket. However, our dvd player is even narrower than the lowest setting of the brackets. I bundled the power cord to reduce the length between the outlet and dvd player and then stuffed it between the player and the bracket. That helped to secure the player in the mount. Without it, it would be easy to have it slide out as you were closing the dvd door. Overall pleased with the product.

Measure your device our uni-s fits devices with the following dimensions: vertical height: 5" we recommend mounting devices 3" - 9" in height vertical length 5" we recommend mounting devices between 4"- 9" in length vertical depth: 1. 0" to 1. 85" devices within this depth range will fit perfectly don't worry if these measurement don't work for your component we have other mounts for larger and smaller components compatible with: please verify dimensions of boxes to ensure compatibility. At&t u-verse boxes, comcast xfinity set top boxes, select roku devices, blu-ray players, tivo mini, sling tv boxes, charter spectrum boxes, panasonic audio boxes, verizon fios boxes, directv receivers, dish dvrs, nvr boxes, and many more systems! features adjustable to fit wide range of devices. Easy access to power button, output jacks, and cables on either side of device. Cold-rolled 16-gauge steel for superior strength. Made in the usa from recycled & imported steel. Powder coat finish prevents rust and won't chip. Quick and easy to install. Includes drywall screws and anchors rated for 25lbs. Stud mounting is optional.

HIDEit Uni-S Black Adjustable Small Device Wall Mount, Cable Box, Digital Media Player - Made in The USAHIDEit-Adjustable-Device-Digital-Player

Hideit Adjustable Device Digital Player (Hideit Mounts) FAQ.

We purchased this to hide our cable box behind our wall mounted tv in our bedroom. . It's the perfect fit. It disguises the cable box so we have a clean look on the bedroom wall. All you see is the tv. The cable box is well hidden and the hideit does a great job. . Definitely recommend this product! -Notice from U. Rowe, Tameside

Click to Show hideit adjustable device digital player (hideit mounts) Details

After using hideit mounts for mounting several mac mini's to the back of vesa monitors, i bought this bracket to mount an hp300-020 pavilion to the back of a monitor. I attached the bracket to the monitor with scotch double-stick tape and used silicone sealant on all of the edges. This worked quite well and supports the little computer.

Hideit-adjustable-device-digital-player-(hideit-mounts) set picture

- . BethanyThis fit perfectly for my friend's full size cable box he wanted to mount outside. I used the second one for a directv mini box and the bracket was a bit too big for it - the box could slip through the opening - so i used some velcro straps to ensure it stayed safely put. I needed the extra protection because it sits outside and i didn't want a strong wind or something else disrupting it. That's why i dinged one star. But for most people, it will work great. It couldn't be much easier to set up and mount.

This mount was easy to install and the perfect size to accommodate my cable box and to fit right behind my 43 plasma hdtv and tv mount. The intallation looked professional as can see in the pictures, first from the bottom, then the front and the side. We are all very happy with final result of the product and the installation.

. Anonymous, Camden

Brand :    hideit mounts
Color :    Black
Size :    Small
Model :    HIDEit Uni-SB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Check your dimensions. adjustable to fit a wide variety of devices.  vertical height: 5" vertical length 5" vertical depth 1. 0" to 1. 85" if the device is larger or smaller there are other hideit models to fit your device! this mount is also available in silver.
  • Installit in just 3 easy steps. easy to understand instructions. no complicated templates. drill not required. stud mounting is optional. the two plates easily connect and are held together by the provided hardware. flat countersink screws, drywall anchors rated for 25 pounds, and black thumb nuts included.
  • Hide your cable box behind the tv. remote will still work. enjoy your beautifully wall mounted tv without looking at a mess of wires and boxes! ir remote control signals can reach your cable box from behind the tv. test by holding your device behind the tv. many new devices use rf technology not requiring line of sight.
  • Made in the usa from steel for ultimate strength. made from cold-rolled 16-gauge steel for strength you can trust without unnecessary bulk. our black powder-coat finish won't rust or chip. our sleek design is versatile and attractive, so who says you have to hideit? ! allows convenient access to buttons, ports and cables.
  • Why hideit? made in the usa. we are the experts in device wall mounts and pioneered the industry in 2009. hideit mounts are made from high quality materials in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. should you ever have an issue, all employees are located in reno, nevada and are available via phone, email, chat and social media. web search afterhideit to see more customer setups.
Price :    $20.99 (was $34.99)
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (hideit mounts product review) for HIDEit Uni-S Black Adjustable Small Device Wall Mount, Cable Box, Digital Media Player - Made in The USA available ( Nov 2019 )

Mounting Dream MD5421 Sound Bar Bracket, Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Perfect Some TVs Protruded Bottom on TV Back, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates Most TVs

Pre-labeled soundbar installation hardware included: keyhole bolts (2) nuts (2) m4 x 16mm bolts (2) m5 x 16mm bolts (2) m5/m6 washers (2) m6 x 15mm bolts (2) m6 butterfly nuts (2) 4mm allen wrench (1) pre-labeled tv installation hardware included: m5 x 16mm bolts (4) m6 x 16mm bolts (4) m8 x 20mm bolts (4) m5 x 25mm bolts (4) m6 x 25mm bolts (4) m8 x 30mm bolts (4) m8 (10mm) spacers (4) m8 (4mm) spacers (2) m5/m6 spacers (4) technical specs: compatible vesa: 100x100mm up to 600x400mm (universal increments) unique design: perfect for some tvs with protruded part on tv bottom bracket dimensions: 20. 7" (w) x 1. 7" (h) long extension arms 16. 7" (w) x 1. 7" (h) short extension arms construction: 100% high carbon steel

Mounting Dream MD5421 Sound Bar Bracket, Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Perfect Some TVs Protruded Bottom on TV Back, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates Most TVsMounting-Dream-MD5421-Protruded-Detachable

Price :    $16.99
  • Perfect for some tvs with protruded part on tv back bottom only, holds sound bar up to 22lbs/10kg. the protruded part on tv bottom should be less than 30mm/ 1. 2' (normal is 20mm).
  • Allows 180 degrees swivel for more mounting flexibility than fixed (regular) brackets sold on the market, two sets extension plates are adjustable for most of tv with standard mounting holes patterns.
  • Tool free knob and teeth on arms' connection easily secure the sound bar firmly in place, provide clean look and save space, avoid leaving screw holes in wall.
  • Compatible with full-motion wall mounts. tv mounting holes compliant: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm.
  • Easy installation with decent instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. us based customer support answers your pre-purchase and installation questions. our bracket is 10-year warranted!
Brand :    mounting dream
Size :    Sound Bar Mount for Bottom Protruded TV
Weight :    2.79 pounds
Model :    MD5421
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (mounting dream product review) for Mounting Dream MD5421 Sound Bar Bracket, Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Perfect Some TVs Protruded Bottom on TV Back, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates Most TVs available ( Nov 2019 )

Basics CL3 Rated In-Wall Installation HDMI Cable - 15 Feet

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value. an online store brand.

Basics CL3 Rated In-Wall Installation HDMI Cable - 15 FeetAmazonBasics-Rated-Wall-Installation-Cable

Brand :    basics
Color :    Black
Size :    15 Feet
Weight :    0.97 pounds
Model :    HL-007318
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Cable length: 15 feet (4. 5 meters); backed by basics lifetime warranty
  • Meets the latest hdmi standards (4k video at 60 hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth) that supports bandwidth up to 18gbps and backwards compatible with earlier versions
  • Cable allows you to share an internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate ethernet cable
  • Cl3 rated for in-wall installations; made with low-smoke materials to resist fire
  • Connects blu-ray players, fire tv, apple tv, ps4, ps3, xbox one, xbox 360, computers and other hdmi-enabled devices to tvs, displays, a/v receivers and more
Price :    $9.29 (was $9.99)
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (basics product review) for Basics CL3 Rated In-Wall Installation HDMI Cable - 15 Feet available ( Nov 2019 )

Datacomm 50-3323-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit Power Solution - White

In the past, i would drill two inch holes at the tv mount, and just above the power outlet. Now, i can install a professional routing system into my new house.

Our home theater products provide all the flexibility installers or experienced do-it-yourselfers need to create sophisticated media environments. Our plates mount into a standard nema enclosure or on to a low-voltage mounting bracket. Straightforward labeling on each plate simplifies room set up and configuration.

Datacomm 50-3323-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit Power Solution - WhiteDatacomm-50-3323-WH-KIT-Panel-Organizer-Solution

Datacomm 50 3323 Wh Kit Panel Organizer Solution (Ce Accessory) FAQ.

This is a clever way of putting wires into the wall. I would have given it 5 stars, but the provided electrical wire was not as high quality as i wanted. Ended up just using my own for running in the wall. Otherwise, smooth, easy installation. Would buy another if i have another project. -Notice from E. Jarvis, South Australia

Click to Show datacomm 50 3323 wh kit panel organizer solution (ce accessory) Details

My wife was on constantly telling me how ugly the cables and wire were going from the tv to the cabinet. I finally decided to hide everything behind the wall. This kit did the trick. It is easy to install with minimal tools (all your really need is a saw to cut out the drywall and screwdriver. Installation took me about 30 minutes and i was able to easily hide my sound cable and hdmi cables behind the wall. The power plug is recessed so if you have a tv mount that is very close to the wall, you still should be able to use this kit. Good value.

Datacomm-50-3323-wh-kit-panel-organizer-solution-(ce-accessory) set picture

- S. PeggyJust installed this , great instructions , good quality, look fantastic . I used 10 foot cables (hdmi and fiber) to my devices. Works great!

This is my first datacomm product, but i am highly impressed. At first i was going to buy the single gang low voltage plates for audio/video and then run the electrical myself. But, fortunately i discovered this kit here on online store. It sure looked like it would make my install/life much easier, and it did just that. . I love the look of our samsung un60d7000 60" led display hanging on the wall with no cables in sight. . I did run into one minor issue, that got resolved easily. The extension cord that comes with the kit has a straight female end that attaches to the lower plate. This sticks out a fair amount. I wanted the option of being able to move our bush furniture sonoma large tv stand, mocha cherry veneer (media cabinet) closer to the wall. I searched and pondered, but couldn't find a ready solution. . So, i contacted datacomm's customer support by email. . Kristin d. Was quick to reply. At first she could only state that is the way the kit is manufactured. I asked if it were possible to get another top plate to put in place of the bottom plate. That way, i could build up a right angle cable using a nema male plug on one end. This would plug into the recessed plate just like the right angle plug from the tv did into the recessed top plate. . Btw, i could have searched for the parts needed to build my cable locally, but instead i found exactly what i needed here on online store: whirlpool w10278923rp 3-prong dishwasher power supply kit and leviton 000-515pr-000 15 amp black rubber plug grounded 125 volt. Easy! . . Anyway, i fully expected kristin to direct me to a point of purchase, if the plate was available separately. Instead, she asked for my mailing address so she could ship a new plate free of charge. Thanks, kristin/datacomm! . . The plate arrived within a few days, i installed it as planned and gained 2" more clearance! our media cabinet is only 1 1/4" from the wall now. Better for hiding the mass of cabling behind it. . I noticed a few negative reviews here before placing my initial order. Based on my experience with customer service, i would highly recommend purchasing this product.

T. Denise, Norfolk

Brand :    datacomm electronics
Color :    White
Size :    50-3323-WH-KIT
Weight :    2.50 pounds
  • Low profile design fits behind the industry's thinnest tvs and mounts. 6 feet extension cord, 8 feet of non-metallic electrical wire
  • Connects your wall mounted tv or other display to your receiver or av components
  • Grounded recessed single receptacle allows power to be installed behind your wall mounted tv or other display
  • Brings power to your wall mounted tv without the added expense of installing an electrical outlet
  • Cable pass-through ports on the top and bottom plates allow you to run your low voltage av cables from your tv, through the top plate, inside the wall, and out through the bottom plate to connect to av equipment
Price :    $38.18
Model :    50-3323-WH-KIT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (datacomm electronics product review) for Datacomm 50-3323-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit Power Solution - White available ( Nov 2019 )

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount Fit Two Screens VESA up to 27 , 14.3 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm GSWM002 , Black

Wali dual gas spring monitor wall mount (model gswm002) made of high grade steel and aluminum. Fits most lcd monitors up to 27" and supports up to 14. 3 lbs per monitor. Gas spring regulating system enable you to adjust exactly and decide how fluid/stationary you want everything to be. Special features include the arm s tension adjustment and cable management. We also made mounting your monitors easy with detachable vesa plates that screw into your monitor and then slide back onto the frame of the stand, it has standard vesa 75x75mm and 100x100mm mounting holes. Brick mount and wood mount options meet your different installation demands.

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount Fit Two Screens VESA up to 27 , 14.3 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm GSWM002 , BlackWALI-Monitor-Adjustable-Screens-Capacity

Brand :    wali
Color :    Black
Size :    Wall Mount Gas Spring
Weight :    8.15 pounds
Model :    WL-GSWM002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (wali product review) for WALI Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Gas Spring Wall Mount Fit Two Screens VESA up to 27 , 14.3 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm GSWM002 , Black available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $49.99
  • Compatibility: fits most monitors, lcd, plasma, panel tv and flat screen up to 27". the vesa plate is detachable and compatible with 75 x 75mm or 100 x 100 mm
  • Dynamic: our monitor arm is easily adjustable, allowing you to work in a more comfortable, ergonomically correct position to reduce neck and eye strain
  • Sturdy construction: the high grade material ensures a strong and stable connection with your monitor screen. the elegant engineering keeps your work space looking modern and sleek
  • Double benefits: double efficiency and productivity to make working or relaxing that much more comfortable. open up available desk space can help to provide a new range
  • Multiple adjustments: the gas spring arm can be extended and retracted, tilt to change reading angles, and rotate from landscape-to-portrait mode

WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracket Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs. Weight Capacity SBR201 , Black

Excellent, enabled me to hang my vizio sound bar under my vizio 43: tv. The top o. Holes matched up with the top holes used to mount the tv and the bottom screwed to the back of the sound bar. Perfect and no complaints !

Please check the mount compatible for your speaker:compatible with soundbar. Check your soundbar weight less than 33 lbs (15kg). Mounting holes less that 24 (600mm)horizontally and 16 (400mm)vertically. Product specifications:material: 2. 5mm steel color: blackloading capacity: up to 33lbs /15kgsize of tv: works with most 32"-70" flat panel tvsinstallation options: install the soundbar on the top or bottemof the tv, install the soundar on the bottom of the tv wall mount. Vesa compatibility: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm. Package includes:2 x wali sound bar bracket (black)1 x user manual 1 x mounting hardware kit

WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracket Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs. Weight Capacity SBR201 , BlackWALI-Universal-Bracket-Mounting-Capacity

Wali Universal Bracket Mounting Capacity (wl sbr 201) FAQ.

The mounting options are almost infinite. So much cleaner than mounting a soundbar to the wall. Metal is of better quality than i was expecting considering the price. Definitely happy with this product. I actually ordered a second one to keep as a spare for future use. Considering the price, it was a no-brainer. -Notice from W. Terry, Australian Capital Territory

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I purchased two sets of these to install a center channel and right and left speakers to give them a floating effect. They worked well. They are fairly sturdy and held the speakers up as expected. The only thing that i would have liked to see is maybe being a little bit longer. It would have been nice to be able to screw them in at four mounting points behind the tv rather than just the bottom two. They did the job, but it would have been nice to have that extra hold. I blame myself for not taking measurements of the 65" tv, because my bright idea of using these for side speaker mounts made me have to go to home depot to get a 3ft long, thin steel bar to attach these mounts to in order to extend them out far enough past the tv to mount the speakers. It wasn't a big deal, and it worked well. Just took an extra half hour out on my install. I'd buy them again, especially since i know what i'm working with. For the price, it's a nice deal and makes the job look professional.

Wali-universal-bracket-mounting-capacity-(wl-sbr-201) set picture

- R. AlmaMy tv is wall-mounted on a swing-arm and is sort of angled in a corner. I wanted the sound bar mounted under the tv and not to the wall. This little bracket worked like a charm. Standard vesa mount. Installation was easy. Definitely recommend.

If you're like me you'll add these to the tv bracket after already installing the tv bracket on the back of your tv. The product doesn't come with locking metal washers so you'll need to buy them or the speaker will slip down eventually. Kind of frustrating but after you install locking metal washers they work great. If the functions on your sound bar are at the top of the sound bar once installed it's hard to get to them so you've got to allow 1/2 space or more. The sound bar also will hang directly or slightly behind the bottom of the tv making it hard to get to the sound bar. There should be spacers to allow you to push it out a bit in front of the tv. Still for the price - can't argue. The product works.

T. Jackson, Maryland

Brand :    wali
Color :    Black
Size :    N/A
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Compatibility: soundbar mount bracket fits most 32 to 70 inch tvs. vesa 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm. dimensions: 17. 5(l) x 6(w) x 0. 1 (h) inches.
  • Features: stylishly connects to tv wall brackets or directly to the tvs on stands, instead of mounting to wall. ideal for corner installations.
  • Built: the brackets are constructed from black brushed high quality 2. 5mm thick steel to hold sound bars up to 33lbs/15kg.
  • Flexible: adjustable bolt slots with sound bar sitting above or below the tv. fits most tv wall mounts (fixed, tilt, full motion, articulating, interactive).
  • Package includes: 2 x wali sound bar bracket , 1 x mounting hardware kit, 1 x user manual, 10 year protection.
Price :    $12.99
Model :    SBR-201
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Receiver Or Amplifier :    Best Audio Or Video (wali product review) for WALI Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracket Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs. Weight Capacity SBR201 , Black available ( Nov 2019 )

Easygoing EG-SB24 Adjustable Universal Soundbar Bracket TV Mount Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most Brands of TVs Speakers, Adjustable Arm Fits 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs Weight Capacity

This universal sound bar bracket from easygoing allows you to attach your sound bar directly to your television to create the ideal acoustics. The design of the brackets makes it easy to install almost any sound bar either above or below your tv and they can also be used in conjunction with a tv wall mount. Our soundbar bracket presents a clean, modern look while hiding any unsightly wires for a surround sound center speaker. The vesa compliant design makes assembly easy with patterns ranging from (200x100 to 600x400). This heavy duty soundbar mount is made of powder coated steel and is rated to support up to 33 pounds (15 kgs). Installation is easy by utilizing the vesa patterns on your tv and soundbar together with the included hardware and instructions. This versatile accessory can be used with televisions on a stand, wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Sound bar speakers can be mounted on top or on the bottom of the tv and the mounts can be turned either way to accommodate wider or thinner sound systems. Includes one pair of brackets, installation instructions, and a hardware set. The sound bar bracket requires a simple assemble connecting two parts together.

Easygoing EG-SB24 Adjustable Universal Soundbar Bracket TV Mount Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most Brands of TVs Speakers, Adjustable Arm Fits 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs Weight CapacityEasygoing-Adjustable-Universal-Soundbar-Mounting

Price :    $9.99
  • The soundbar bracket fits almost any tv and sound bar/ home theater system center speaker due to its adjustable bolt hole slots, as well as the curved form of the bracket. it is made from thick steel and can carry up to 33 lbs. very easy to install, all the necessary hardware and installation instructions are included. assembale required.
  • Heavy-duty. ensures any sound bar will stay in the right place when mounted under your tv. removes the need for additional shelf space or entertainment centers. fewer wires to run behind the wall to the back of the tv.
  • Universal sound bar mounting bracket that stylishly connects to the back of the tv. it can be easily attached to tv wall brackets or directly to the tvs on stands, instead of mounting to wall. ideal for corner installations. creates a clean and neat look with your soundbar sitting above or below the tv.
  • The mount is ideal for hanging on a corner or on an articulating mount where the sound can face the same direction with the tv to create a perfect audio and visual experience.
  • Interchangeable sizes: the sound bar brackets can be mounted with standard vesa tv bolt pattern for the following sizes: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm. connects to all types of tv wall mounts (fixed, tilt, full motion, articulating, interactive). dimensions: 18(l) x 6. 2(w) x 0. 1 (t) inches.
Brand :    ryehaliligear
Weight :    0.90 pounds
Model :    4330169261
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (ryehaliligear product review) for Easygoing EG-SB24 Adjustable Universal Soundbar Bracket TV Mount Mounting Above Under TV, Fits Most Brands of TVs Speakers, Adjustable Arm Fits 32 to 70 Inch TVs, 33 Lbs Weight Capacity available ( Nov 2019 )

Mounting Dream MD5420 Sound Bar Bracket Universal Sound Bar TV Mount Mounting Above Under TV Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates

The tv mount i purchased from mounting dream was absolutely fantastic, so i bought this sound bar mount next. Even with the longer arms, it didn't fit my tcl 55" tv and vizio 36" sound bar. After jerry-rigging the two side arms together to get extra length, it sort of worked, but it looked pretty bad. So i started completely from scratch and ended up reversing the main arm and the longer side arm, and it just barely fit. I had to pull spare parts including longer screws and spacers from the original mount kit that i saved, but at the end it looks great and i'm happy. That said, it shouldn't have been this hard, and they need to include a 3rd set of "extra long" arms. Took about 2 hours to finally get right.

22 lbs loading capacity the bracket adopts high quality 2. 0mm steel, fits sound bar up to 22 lbs/10kg. Withstood 2 time loading test (44 lbs) for secure and stable use. Flexibility with long and short extension plates two sets extension plates are adjustable and more flexible for most of tvs with standard tv mounting holes patterns sits above or under tv secure sound bar parallel above or under tv, provide clean look with wires running behind tv back. Save space without need of shelf, and avoid leaving screw holes in wall. Compatible with mount for better auditory auditory will be enhanced if apply sound bar with wall mounts (fixed, tilt, full-motion mount). Full-motion mount works especially well with sound bar bracket, for sound bar installed with sound bar bracket follows mounted tv to move toward same direction for best auditory and view. These mounting dream full motion mounts are compatible with sound bar brackets: http:// http://www. Online store. Com/dp/b00kxz79vk hardware for tv and sound bar installation easy installation with all necessary hardware included for tv and sound bar.

Mounting Dream MD5420 Sound Bar Bracket Universal Sound Bar TV Mount Mounting Above Under TV Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Detachable Long Short Extension PlatesMounting-Dream-MD5420-Universal-Detachable

Mounting Dream Universal Detachable Extension (fba md5420) FAQ.

This brings my soundbar snugly up to the bottom of my tv. Works perfect. Directions could have been a little better, but the result is my neighbor now wants one. -Notice from W. Sherry, North Somerset

Click to Show mounting dream universal detachable extension (fba md5420) Details

This is exactly what i needed to mount my sound bar above my tv screen. I didn't have room to mount it below and was thinking about mounting it on the stone wall above the screen. I ordered this and it did the job. The only difficulty i experienced was that the sound bar had flimsy female sockets for the machine screws supplied with the mount. The socket threads were stripped when i tried to tighten them and i had to re-fill, re-drill and re-tap the sockets to complete the job. This wasn't the fault of the mount vendor. The blame has to be shared between me and the sound bar manufacturer. Among all the idiotic and useless warnings and pre-cautions that come with stuff these days, this one would have been useful for both the sound bar and the mount vendors to include. The assortment of hardware and mounting brackets should solve any sound bar mounting challenge.

Mounting-dream-universal-detachable-extension-(fba-md5420) set picture

- . JessicaGreat solution for adding a yamaha sound bar to my 15 year-old panasonic plasma. Good instructions and enough different hardware to meet anyone's needs.

It didnt work for me. I have lg 4k 2016 tv with lg sh4 soundbar. I have to go find some extra screw in hardware store to see if i can make it work as screws that come with this mount are too short for lg tv and lg soundbar because they are thick from bottom. So this is not universal as they claim. . Updated review:. . Customer service contacted me and sent me longer screws for this mount point. I havent received those screws yet but i am giving 5 start them as they are trying to solve my problem. I didnt have any issue with quality of mount, it was just not universal due to screwes that came with it but thats been fixed by great customer service.

B. Carolyn, Hertfordshire

Price :    $14.98 (was $19.99)
  • Easy installation with decent instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. us based customer support answers your pre-purchase and installation questions. our bracket is 10-year warranted!
  • Two sets extension plates are adjustable for most of tv with standard tv mounting holes patterns, allows 180 degrees swivel for more mounting flexibility than fixed (regular) brackets sold on the market.
  • Heavy duty and universal sound bar mounting bracket holds sound bar up to 22lbs/10kg.
  • Compatible with wall mounts (fixed, tilt, full-motion mount). tv mounting holes compliant: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm.
  • Tool free knob easily secures the sound bar above or below tv, teeth on the arms connection lock the sound bar firmly in place, provide clean look and save space, avoid leaving screw holes in wall.
Brand :    mounting dream
Size :    Sound Bar Mount for Bottom Flat TV
Weight :    3.47 pounds
Model :    MD5420
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Computer Component (mounting dream product review) for Mounting Dream MD5420 Sound Bar Bracket Universal Sound Bar TV Mount Mounting Above Under TV Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates available ( Nov 2019 )

WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount Dual Bracket Holder Stands, Hold up to 30lbs, Arms Extend Adjustment 7 to 11.5 SLK201 , Black

Wali has earned a reputation for delivering quality yet elegant mounting solutions. The wali slk201 universal center channel speaker wall mount that can help you get the best sound out of a speaker when mounting them to a wall. The slk201 is designed to rest the speaker on the arms using the included isolation pads providing a solid and vibration free mounting. Ideal for home theaters, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, studios, schools, dorms, events, houses, public areas, hotels, lobbies, etc. Adjustable and extending bracket lengths allow for universal soundbar speaker compatibility. Large lag type bolts ensure a strong solid connection to the wall and high weight handling up to 30lbs, and the adjustable arms will extend 7-inch to 11. 5-inch from the wall and they can be placed any distance apart so they will safely hold your valuable speaker. Simple 2-inch l-bracket design has the adjustable arm for providing the correct depth and unlimited width. Constructed from high-quality steel and competed in a smooth satin black powder coated finish for long life and durability. Perfect for home or office use. Each slk201 comes with user manual and mounting hardware.

WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount Dual Bracket Holder Stands, Hold up to 30lbs, Arms Extend Adjustment 7 to 11.5 SLK201 , BlackWALI-Channel-Speaker-Bracket-Adjustment

Brand :    wali
Color :    Black
Size :    Center Channel Speaker
  • Multiple adjustments: arms will extend 7" - 11. 5" from the wall. multiple adjustments allow you to create perfect, concert hall sound quality, from the comfort of your home, office, public areas, etc.
  • Sturdy construction: the modern design is complimented by a sleek reinforced black coat for a contemporary appearance. max. capacity: 30 lbs (13kg).
  • Package includes: dual brackets, 1 x mounting hardware kit, 1 x user manual, 10 year protection
  • Installation: mount the speaker holders to stud, concrete or brick/stone walls in minutes.
  • Universal design: sound bar center channel speaker mount brackets built to be mounted on any wall for maximum compatibility.
Price :    $23.99
Model :    WL-SLK201
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (wali product review) for WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount Dual Bracket Holder Stands, Hold up to 30lbs, Arms Extend Adjustment 7 to 11.5 SLK201 , Black available ( Nov 2019 )

mount-it tv wall mount, articulating, corner bracket for 32 65 lcd/led/plasma flat panel screens, vesa 75x75-600x400 mm, 154 lb load cap, black mi-347l Price : 49, was : 0 as 2018-11-14
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Mount Articulating Bracket 75x75 600x400 Mi 347l (Mount It) Reviewed by on

Top mount articulating bracket 75x75 600x400 mi 347l (mount it) Content

The F.A.Q. for mount-it tv wall mount, articulating, corner bracket for 32 65 lcd/led/plasma flat panel screens, vesa 75x75-600x400 mm, 154 lb load cap, black mi-347l

Fantastic mobility for large tv. Had to mount my tv over a window (outside). This made it so much nicer so that i can raise the tv when not in use as to not block the view of the window when not in use. The tension of the height arm is a little tricky at first. I used a hex bit in a drill to back it all the way out and then hand tightened to the perfect tension so that i can raise and lower it with little ease.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Will this work with a ceiling mounted tv?

(1) Question: Will this bracket connect to a mobile tv stand (like the husky mount mobile tv cart) instead of a wall mount?

(2) Question: Does it works with lg 55 oled?

(3) Question: Will this work with a yamaha has-107bl soundbar?

(4) Question: Will this mount work for a samsung 55" curved panel tv?

(5) Question: How far does this arm extend? i'm looking for something at least 24"

(6) Question: Will this work for my samsung un55f9000?

(7) Question: Will this work for a philips 47 inch tv, model 47pfl5432?

(8) Question: Can i use this mount with 66" lg smart tv

(9) Question: Will this bracket work son the sony xbr65x850c. also what is the profile distance from the wall?

(10) Question: Would this mount work for a 32 inch magnavox flat screen?

(11) Question: Has anyone actually used this with the sonos sound bar yet?

(12) Question: Does this fit samsung sound bar

(13) Question: I am interested in purchasing this bracket, my tv is currently mounted on the wall. can i still use this bracket even though my tv is on a wall mount?

(14) Question: Will this work on sony 75" tv

(15) Question: If the low profile flat model (mi-305) itself is 1. 7" deep, how can the tv sit only 1" from the wall? putting in cabinet so need to make sure flush.

(16) Question: Will this take a 70" tv? (98 lbs)

(note) Question: where/how to get Mount It (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Mount It's products

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There have been times when i ordered something off of online store thinking "why am i spending good money on this? " only to realize that it was money well spent. This was one of those purchases. I had my doubts that this would fit the cheap sound bar that i had bought for my tv some years ago. But since i was upgrading my tv and changing mounts i thought i would give it a try. With little effort these brackets fit between my display and bracket and hung beneath just far enough to attach the sound bar. The brackets are a heavy enough gauge where they have some flex but don't look like they will easily bend. The finish appears to be a powder-coat black which blends in well with the sound bar, tv and wall mount.

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Audio & Video Accessories 235271, Electronics 282271, TV Accessories & Parts 466271, TV Ceiling & Wall Mounts 697067Top Mount Articulating Bracket 75x75 600x400 Mi 347l (Mount It) FAQ Content

Best mount articulating bracket 75x75 600x400 mi 347l (mount it) in review

Just completed a successful top-of-tv install with a new samsung hw-m550, which has no holes on the rear of unit. Pro tip: samsung soundbars come with wall mount brackets that slip over a plastic peg screwed to the wall. The hole in the bracket is gigantic. Solution is 1/4" x 1 1/4" fender washers - i got a pack of six at home depot. Screw the wall mount brackets onto the soundbar (holes are on the underside) upside down. Then bolt each bracket onto the mount-it! soundbar mount arm using two fender washers, one on each side of the wall mount bracket, and the 1/4' x 20 bolt and nut provided in the mount-it! packaging. No drilling required.

I. Franklin, Cumbria

You might like to see Low Profile Fixed Tv Wall Mount Bracket 32 -80 Set It And Forget It. The Ultimate In Easy Tv Mounting. If You Need A Tv Mounted In A Single Location That Doesn't Need To Swivel Or Tilt This Is The Perfect Mount For You. Since It -Echogear Low Profile Fixed Tv Wall Mount Bracket 32 -80 Tv's
  1. Advantage: With A Plethora Of Hardware, Minimum Assembly, And A Blazing Fast Install, You'll Be Saying Things Like "wow, There Is A Plethora Of Hardware, Minimum Assembly, And A Blazing Fast Install".
  2. Advantage: Is There Anything We Didn't Think Of? Click Lock Security System With Pull-string Quick Release Makes It Easy To Ensure Your Tv Is Locked During Installation And Even Easier To Take The Tv Off The Wall When Needed.
For Sale Echogear Low Profile Fixed Tv Wall Mount Bracket 32 -80 Tv's (Ce Accessory) Egll1 Bk Echogear Low Profile Fixed Tv Wall Mount Bracket 32 -80 Tv's (egll1
Or you might like to consider 80ft heavy duty extension cord open reel 4 120v / 10 amp integrated master plug's easy-use open reel is perfect for use in workshops, homes, yards, and light industrial applications. the integrated cord is kept neat and ready-to-go and 4 surge protected -masterplug 80ft heavy duty extension cord open reel 4 120v / 10 amp integrated outlets
  • Listed: Built-in Overload Surge Protection And Reset Button For Extra Safety.
  • Listed: 80 Ft. Of 14/3 Gauge High Visibility Cord With Right Angle Plug.
Cut-Price Masterplug Heavy Extension Integrated Outlets (Hardware) Ola801114g4sl Us Masterplug Heavy Extension Integrated Outlets (ola801114g4sl

O. Cortney, Lambeth says

Really, i rate this product 4. 5 stars, but of course that isn't an option. . Okay, bluf. I bought this product (actually two of them) and am writing this of my own volition. . The good: it is well made. I mean really well made. Don't worry about hurting it if you drop it. Your toes might be another matter. It is almost a one man installation. Remember, this product is made for the heavy plasma tvs, not the lightweight ones that are common. It had all the hardware for installation in drywall or mortar/bricks. It was well packaged with decent instructions (not that you really need them). It fit my pair of 60 inch samsung tvs which have a big bolt pattern. It has lots of other potential sizes/configurations for different makes/models of tvs that makes it a keeper as well. Upgrade your tv and you might well be able to keep this awesome mount. Money saved. I found the price of just under 50 bucks to be very reasonable considering the weight (shipped free from online store) and the manufacturing quality. It is an articulating mount and moves left and right, up and down nicely with some considerable strength applied. (no worries, any adult can handle it except someone very weak/frail). . The bad: well, almost nothing that matters. But, there were two things of note. One. If one grabs both sides of the tv and attempt to tilt it left side up right side down or vice versa, it does not articulate that way. Other mounts i own actually do, but were not suitable for this tv. This really isn't a problem for me, i much prefer my tv to be perfectly horizontal. That is just a feature that it doesn't possess. Two. It is heavy. Not two-man lift heavy, but heavy. . Last point. The best way to install this from my experience is to put the base on top of some scrap cardboard, draw a line around the frame, then fill in the dots/holes where the bolts go in the wall. I used the mortar installation so had no need to find studs. . Great product and would buy again the instant i needed another.

. Candy, Reading

This came with all the necessary bolts, washer, screws, and even spacers for a curve tv. One of the problems i had is that the bolt (m5) that was for the flat tv was too short for my samsung un65ku6300. I had to use the longer bolts for the curve tv and cut off about an inch from it. It is advertised as working for all samsung but this is not 100% true. It's a good thing i had a dremmel and didn't have to go to home depot to find the right size bolts. So if you have a samsung un65ku6300, just be aware of this. . And also, please do not rely on the level. It is not accurate as everyone had mentioned here. It's off by about 2 degrees compared to the 2 other levels i had. On a large tv that is going to be noticeable. . Another issue i had was with the locking bar. It's the length of the wall bracket so it's impossible to push the bar all the way in let alone put a lock on it. There is literally about an inch space between the wall and tv. On a smaller tv, it will probably work but definitely not on a 65. So right now i just have it about 3/4 in. So if you want to lock your larger tv, then this is not the mount you want. . On the positve:. I was able to mount it on a my wall which had 26" stud gap. The height is adjustable 2" up or down and also side ways by about 5 inches on my un65ku6300. Sideway adjustment will be depended on your vesa mount size on your tv. Mine was pretty narrow but not sure the size. This was a good thing as the mount was not centered because of my stud locations so i was able to center my tv to the wall (mount is off the right by 3"). When adjusting height, make sure you have help on larger tv. This is as close as my tv will get to my wall and did not interfere with the small hump on the bottom rear of my tv. Installation was easy after modifying the bolts and seems to be made of strong metal. Overall i'm still happy with this mount as i was able to work around some of it's negatives and was not concerned about locking my tv. Thus the 4 star rating. Love the way my tv is so close to the wall with this mount. I will post side view pictures later today. For now i only have front view.

N. Juliana, Kansas says

Very happy with the look and very happy with the ease or installation. My sound bar buttons were on top and i had to leave a slight (1/2') gap between tv and soundbar to access them (i could have mounted the bar upside down to correct but then markings would visually be upside down so went with the gap) so had small wires able to be seen if look at carefully. This made install of soundbar easy but made the wall mount install slightly harder as the speaker was in the way to install the "lock screws" and tighten but got it done. Recommend this kit rather then having to cobble something together!

C. Margaret, Warwickshire

We have brought 3 of these so far (thinking about one more for the other 36 ). All for for 36 tv s. Easy to hang, put together, hang tv on. My husband is thinking about getting one for our big screen. We wanted a close wall profile because we have 7 cats and i didn t want a new play area. They have totally ignored it

. Nees, Bromley says

Just bought this to hang our 46" samsung hdtv. Easy to install, and our mount looks just like the one pictured here. The only thing i should have done was ordered the smaller mount as this one is slightly too big for our tv. That is not the fault of the bracket - that one is on me. Otherwise this mount is a great value. You can spend 2 to 3 times as much on a mount that will perform as well as this one. The other nice thing about this mount is there are three options for height so you can get the tv just right after you attached the wall plate to the wall. All that to say, great value for a wall mount.

A. Elida, Oregon

Mounting a soundbar on these evenly can be harder than you would think, especially as you are likely trying to mount and keep a tv balanced at the same time. It is easy to get the soundbar leveled and only later realize the two legs themselves aren't quite even, which means the soundbar is level but not quite centered. Also if it is too far off, one or both legs might be visible. Since these brackets fit between the tv and wall-mount it can take some judicious loosening of screws and gentle tapping on the mounts to fine-tune their placement. I can imagine better designs that would make installation more convenient. That said, now that i'm done, i love the final result.

V. Powell, Iowa says

I was excited to mount a soundbar to replace my super old sound system. This product looked like the right buy. However, it took an hour to set up, and not in any of the ways the instructions showed. I must have gotten unlucky with the product lottery where my soundbar (insignia) would be one of the few that may not be compatability in the traditional way. Not willing to give up, i found a way to make it work. With that, my only problem is not enough small washers. That's why it scores a 5, cause the versitility ended up being a huge strength, the material is very sturdy from handling it for an hour, and it does the job it's made for.

Y. Mahood, Niedersachsen

I mounted these to my 55" 4k tv on a swirl bracket and my visio sound bar sits ontop, perfectly! it had all the parts needed, looks clean and is stable, and appears to be able to fit just about any speaker setup! my entire entertainment system is now hung nicely, and freezes up a lot of flat space!

W. Rhonda, Florida says

I ended up going to the hardware store to get the right length screws for a samsung j6200. I understand it's difficult to match every potential screw size with tv make/model, but the manufacturer could have included a variety of differently-sized spacers which would have saved me the trip. . The only other issue i had with the product was that the locking bar can only be inserted from the right. Mine is mounted in a corner, so i had to do without that safety feature. . Now, a word of warning to buyers-this is a very shallow-depth mount! i use over-the-air antenna tv, which means i have a coax jack behind the mount and coming off of the back of the tv. It took several tries to find a coax cable that didn't protrude too far as to prevent the rails from connected with the brackets attached to the tv. It's a very tight fit. Mounting a tv on one of these in a corner with a substantial cable depth will put your marriage to the test. . But, the hardware is extremely solid and well attached to both the tv and the wall. It will be there forever-which is a very good thing, because i don't know if my marriage could survive remounting it.

G. Hayward, Windsor and Maidenhead

Cant beat the price, and these guys are a cinch to mount with the built in bubble level. I bought 3. They aren't kidding when they say "low profile", make sure you have clearance for plugs that stick out from the wall, you wont be able to fit anything behind the tv that sticks out much more than about 1. 5".

R. Theola, Sunderland says

Very sturdy, easy to install tv wall mount. I don't know that i would call it a corner mount, because the wall plates (as you can see in the picture) are two straight channels with holes in them. You could mount it close to the corner and articulate it out somewhat, but i'm sure there are better solutions if you need a corner mount. As for the unit itself . It is sturdy and well built, but somewhat heavy. It easily holds my 55" tv. I used slightly heavier lag bolts to mount this to the wall just because i felt the ones that came with the unit were a bit small for the weight of the unit plus a tv. I probably just over did it like usual. One other minor issue i created is i over tightened some of the tilting bolts before mounting the tv so it was hard to adjust the tilt of the tv. Overall this is a great mount.

B. Anonymous, Lewisham says

Overall this is a good kit. There are so many options to attach the bars to the tv. The set included multiple sizes of bolts, washers and spacers. I was quite disappointed in the instructions. They were just pictures that weren't very clear and absolutely no words to assist with the installation. I was able to attach my vizio soundbar to my samsung tv after much finagling and a trip to home depot for longer anchor bolts for my wall mount. . My difficulties with installing the mount stemmed more from the back design of the samsung tv. Instead of being fully flush, the bottom 3 or 4 inches of the tv are approximately half an inch deeper than the rest of the tv. For the mount to be flush against the bottom of the tv, i needed to create a gap of . 5" for the whole wall mount. This whole process took about 2 hours since it was all trial and error finding the right placement for the mounting bars with my existing wall mount set-up. I would anticipate mounting the bar above the tv would be easier, especially if the tv isn't wall mounted.

. Patton, Northumberland

This mounting kit is a very well engineered set of brackets and attachment hardware. I used it to mount a mid-sized soundbar onto the top of an older panasonic 50" plasma tv. The 2 metal arms are very sturdy and adaptable to match up with available mounting holes on the soundbar and tv. The accessory kit with various mounting screws/bolts/washers was amazing considering the modest cost of this product. The different size parts were individually packaged into clear plastic packs that could be easily identified for my application. . This is a top rate product at a fair price.

X. Hurst, Medway says

Fine product. However does not work with samsung hw-j250. . Giving 4 stars, as it was everthing i expected this to be, hardware is complete and nice. . Taking off one star as the samsung hw-j250 has the mounting hole spacing that prevents these brackets from holding the bar below the tv, while these are vertical. I did eventually find an angle that sort of works, but only uses one mounting hole on the tv, so it's sloppy, and could be moved if pushed sideways. My sound bar is sold with my tv on online store, so there must be a correct mounting bracket, though i'm not sure which one it is, it's not this one. However since the mounting points on the tv's are somewhat standard, i suspect it's the sound bar that is causing the problem for me. If the spacing on the hw-j250 was wider or narrower, it would work correctly.

. Guest, Tennessee

These worked out well to attach the sound bar below our 50" vizio lcd tv. Brackets are rigid enough to locate & support the sound bar, and the shape gave us enough flexibility to pick up the attach points on the tv vesa pattern & on the sound bar. I left a 1" gap between them to accommodate the wii motion sensor along the top of the sound bar. Clear instructions, and the included hardware was just what was needed.

K. Sandra, Portsmouth says

Just mounted my 58in samsung 6 series tv and used the mount-it! to mount my soundbar as well. The universal fit takes a little work but at the end of the day i was able to install everything. I have a samsung hw-m430/za soundbar which is a best buy specific model. Like others who have a samsung tv and soundbar i had to use the wall mount that comes with the soundbar. Even then it requires several tries to fit it on the mount as the stock wall mount has ridges. I had to adjust the angles and check several times to make sure it's not bending anything and eventually got it to fit just right. It's now sitting right below the tv perfectly in the middle. So for anyone with a series 6 samsung tv and a samsung soundbar this mount will work it just takes time and patience to fit it.

. Cunningham, North Somerset

I purchased this mount to attach a sonos playbar to a free-standing panasonic 50" tv. It worked out very well, and i'm pleased with the result. The mount is secure, with no hint of wobble when the tv is moved (it is on a swivel base). . Because i could not find specifications for the mounting holes on the playbar before buying it, and because the product information for this mount did not include details on the included hardware, i was concerned that i might have to improvise, but happily that wasn't necessary. To save others from having to do the same fruitless search that i did, here are some details if you are considering using this mount with a sonos playbar and you want to know what the set-up will be like. . You will need to put the tv down on its face in order to install the mount, and if the tv has a stand, you will find it easier if you remove the stand before starting to attach the mount. . The accompanying picture is taken from the mount's instructions to show the hardware that comes with it. Attaching the mount to a 50" (or larger) tv, requires the m8 bolts (either "d" or "f" in the picture). If the tv is on a stand rather than a wall mount, the shorter m8 bolts ("d") are adequate. The first step is to attach the two mounting arms to the upper mounting holes on the back of the tv. It's important to use a d8 washer ("h" in the picture) with each mounting bolt as shown in the instruction diagrams. On tvs of this size, the holes have a standard separation of 400mm (about 16 inches), and since the playbar's mounting holes are about 29" apart, the curved ends of the mounting arms need to point away from each other. . I positioned the arms so that the upper ends extended far enough above the tv to leave room for the playbar (about 3. 5") and were about 29 1/4" apart, then i tightened the two bolts on the back of the tv until they were snug but not quite tight. . I found that attaching the playbar to the arms is a little tricky. The mounting holes are two keyhole-type slots into which a bolt head slides, after which a nut is tightened to clamp the playbar against the mounting arms. The instructions suggest using the "l" bolts, but i found the heads on them to be too small to "catch" in the keyhole, so i used the "e" bolts instead ("c" would probably have worked too) with the "m" nuts. . The instructions seem to indicate that the tv should be in an upright position when attaching the playbar, but i found it awkward to support the playbar and simultaneously position the bolts in the slots (another pair of hands would have solved that problem). Instead, i left the tv lying face down while attaching the playbar. It requires a little care and patience to ensure that the bolt heads stay correctly positioned and "grab" the keyholes while tightening the nuts (which incidentally are 10mm metric). As with the first set of bolts, i left these nuts with just a tiny bit of play, then i set the tv upright on its stand and did the final adjustments to center the playbar before finally tightening the bolts and nuts the last little bit. . I've given this product a 5-star review because it ended up doing exactly what i wanted, though i would have liked to be more confident about that before buying it. Knowing in advance what mounting hardware was included would have helped. Perhaps the manufacturer will update the product information on online store to add this information.

J. Florence, Stockton-on-Tees says

I should have bought this when i originally purchased the tv and sound bar. It worked perfectly on my samsung units and satisfies an irritation we had from the beginning. The cords easily hide behind the support bars and it gives the tv/sound bar a "clean" look.

S. Sarah, Tasmania

These arms are easy to use and infinitely adjustable. They're made from good quality metal and they're one of those "set it and forget it" kind of things. . The only thing i would improve upon is providing a version with a rear offset. If you have a thin tv, your soundbar will overhang the tv. In my case it was about three inches. It's one of those thing you don't think much about after it's installed, but i get kind of anal about things lining up. If you have a thicker tv, this won't be an issue.

H. Nicole, Havering says

It is really heavy when i first saw it. But i figured out that it is designed to handle a heavy tv set with more than 100 lbs swiveling 1. 5 ft away from wall. It seems making more sense as i started to work on the installation. Although it specs out up to "55", i used it for my 60" tv set and works fine indeed all angles. Here is why:. . First, i placed a 15/16" x 2 x 3' baseboard on the wall that was nailed down with more than 16 long screws (2") with some got into the studs. I don t need to tell you how to find studs. Then i hooked up the bracket with six screws (2 ) and 4 big screws (came with the bracket). Anyway, if you try to hook it with bare wall, good luck with that. And hope it would stick on your wall with no incident. . By the way, it does not provide a level, so you ll need to get your own. . And i do recommend it to anyone who wants more than up and down adjustable bracket.

P. Kimberly, North Carolina

I was at first skeptical, since my samsung sound bar is complicated and doesn't contain mounting holes. After researching, the only way to mount my samsung sound bar is with a samsung wall mount, however i didn't want my bar mounted on the wall since my tv is on a swivel mount, so it needed to be attached to the tv. Researching online came up with nothing, so apparently what i done has never been done before? ! (i find this odd) so i decided to be creative. Once installed, these worked beautifully. You can see in the provided picture, i used this set with the samsung sound bar mount. I mounted the mount it to the tv which then attached to the samsung mount. It worked beautifully and couldn't be happier with the end result. Fits nice and flush under the tv.

. Palmer, Hamburg says

This is a really functional way to mount your television to a wall, saving space and in my case, a toddler from tipping the television over on its stand. The set requires a ratchet and stud finder for installation. This particular set comes equipped with a built-in level (which is probably the most necessary component). If you aren't that adept with tools, you can hire someone to install it for you. Installation typically takes approximately 15 minutes. I highly recommend this television mounting bracket.

Q. Hannah, Delaware

I was looking for a bracket to hang my 36" vizio soundbar under my 55" tcl tv. The mounts are made for tv's with a wider bolt pattern an narrow holes on the soundbar but i made it work using 1 mount hole each and allowing the soundbar to hang underneath loosely. I have no idea why the bolt/not combo that comes with it is too big to fit in the slot mounts so i bolted it directly through so i just used the metal arms. It wasn't designed for me tv but was versatile enough to adapt it and was very inexpensive.

Top mountit tv wall mount articulating Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

T. Lynette, New York says

Bought this as it stated it would hold the large tv. (have 55") and it stated it was ideal for a corner installation. It is not ideal for a corner installation the arms did not come out far enough to allow the 55" tv to be adjusted into the corner. I suppose it is a decent product if i could have actually used it in the corner. . I would not have left this review except for the fact the seller has been contacting me non-stop asking if i was happy with the product and to reply to their email first before leaving a review. . 1. If i don't reply or leave feedback after two attempts from you i am not going to leave it. 2. You should have seen that i returned the product two weeks ago. 3. And now you get this two star review for the installation troubles and the constant spam emails asking if i am satisfied.

F. Sharon, North Carolina

It mostly works as advertised, and it is cheap. But there are lots of drawbacks. First, its not near as universal as they make it out to be. It worked for me, but i really had to get creative to make it fit. Second, it is extremely thin, and not very durable at all. This could be a plus if you have trouble getting it to fit under your wall mount bracket. But either way, once mounted, your sound bar will flop around a bit. I was concerned about vibration when i cranked up the volume. I fixed this by putting some felt dampers in between the mount and the tv. All in all, not thrilled, but it works ok. Really don; t want to re-do this or return it, so i'll live with it. As always, you get what you pay for.

Q. Elanor, Poitou-Charentes says

My tv is older and requires a minimum vesa of 630x400. Yeah, i know this is non-standard, but that's why i paid $10 more for this mount. Web description clearly says it will support up to 750x450, however the actual package that i received clearly says on the box that it goes up to 600 wide. Web description clearly says it will mount up to 34" across. The actual main bracket is 27" wide. So, in other words, this bracket is not wide enough to accommodate my tv, and the description is wrong.

A. Stacey, Iowa

This is a great low-profile, strong wall mount. It's simple and strong and well made, and certainly gets the job done. And it comes with a nice hardware package of 6 big wall screws and a bunch of tv mount machine screws and spacers. I didn't use the included hdmi cable, preferring my own top-quality ones. . But it has one unbelievable flaw - that would have been so simple for the manufacturer to correct . But "too late now" i suppose. . I'm sure you're aware that the age-old standard for residential houses in north america have the wall studs spaced at 16 inches, center to center. So when you go to secure this mount to your home wall, you want to find a place for the screws at 0, 16, and 32 inches apart. While this bracket has lots of long slotted areas for the wall mount screws, there are none where you can find them at 0, 16, and 32 inches! incredibly stupid, it seems. Then again, in the country of manufacture, there's probably a different standard for the spacing. But if you're going to sell the product in north america, you really ought to provide appropriate spacing/slotting for the standard here. . So anyway, i had to get out my angle grinder and elongate a set of slots near the center of the mount, by about 3/4 inch, so that i could get the necessary 0/16/32 spacing . And then securely screwed it to my wall studs. You could hang a car from this mount, if you could figure out how to attach it to the verticals. . I'd give it a full five stars apart from this slot-spacing design "whoops". . Greg. . P. S. Now that i look at the product photograph on online store again, i realize that some folks may be confused by my comments above. The product photo shows a continuous set of long slots, so if i received the pictured mount, there would surely be the opportunity to line up at 0/16/32. But the wall mount that i received is slightly different from what is pictured. On mine, those wide slots aren't continuous all the way across. Rather, near the center of the mount, there's more metal left in place, so the slots are narrower. Perhaps mine is an older design that is now fixed by the design shown in the picture. Or perhaps mine is a newer design that added more metal for strength - but inadvertently caused this 0/16/32 spacing issue. I don't know. But it appeared "new in the box" when i unpacked it, and shipped via online store prime mid-february 2014.

M. Ruff, Derbyshire says

I bought this mount last year and left it boxed for when i got around to finally reworking my living room. So the day finally came and i took the parts out, attached the brackets to the back of the tv and then went to drill holes in the wall with the mounting bracket as a template. Unfortunately, it turns out, the bracket is the wrong one in the box. The picture on the box and the instructions are right, the bracket in the box. Wrong. Sigh. So i've called the company several times and all i get is voice mail. No person. No return phone call. All i want is the correct bracket. Is that too much to ask?

. Kathlene, Warrington

While the mount is solid, it has some drawbacks. I mounted a 50" plasma on it (80 lbs. ). It is nearly impossible to adjust the tv to vertical, it will always tilt downward. The adjustment levers used for that adjustment are not accessible, you have to turn them slightly then slide the small lever through and turn a little more. Not a very good design. I had to use the one inch stand offs included in the kit and even then the vertical adjustment is very difficult. The solid black metal plate that the tv mounts to also bends under the weight of the tv. It might be fine for lighter weight tv's but not an 80lb. One.

. Carol, Rochdale says

Tried mounting a polk sound bar to a lg tv, and the provided l&m screw/nut set did not fit into the screw holes on the sound bar. Screw was too thick, so we filed the slotted part of one of the sound bar screw holes a bit, got the screw to slide into it, only to discover it was too short.

B. Rowe, Nova Scotia

If the center position where you want to install this tv has a wall stud at the center position this item will not work unless you modify it. You have to offset install this and it doesn't give you enough room to center the tv. I had to add an inch and a quarter plate to extend it. The studs were installed correctly 16 in. Also the longest mounting bolts provided to install on the samsung 55 inch tv were too short only three turns we're holding it .

Y. Benton, Maine says

Highly disappointed that the design of this product doesn't takje into concern that there needs to be cords in the back. It is very difficult to hang properly without smashing cords because there isn't enough wall clearance. Other than that it was not difficult to install or figure out but the clearance is a huge problem when trying to install a tv properly without it falling due to it being instable. . Price was great and shipping was great that was what got it the two stars.

X. Guest, New Hampshire

I bought this in february 2016 as i needed a mount that would go across three standard 16-inch-spaced wall studs. Due to non ideal stud placement, a two stud solution won't work for my tv placement. . Both the product description and a product photo say the wall plate is 926mm (36. 46 inches) wide. If this were true, you could go across three studs without a problem. Unfortunately, as you can see in my photo, the mount is less than 33. 5 inches wide, and from the outer edge of the leftmost hole to the outer edge of the rightmost hole, it's exactly 31 inches. . How exactly is this supposed to work for mounting across three standard studs? the included directions even have a diagram (also pictured) showing three pairs of bolts going into three studs. . Why would anyone manufacture a mount this wide and leave it *just* too narrow to mount across three studs? an extra 1. 5 inches each side for the bolts and everything would be fine. . Also pictured: a photo of the mount i received. It differs from the product photos in that there's a hole above the level. That's actually a positive change. Plus a closeup of the hilariously warped and inaccurate integrated level. . I really can't think of any reason to buy this product as it is, unless you have oddly-placed studs. For anyone mounting into regular 16-inch-placed studs, there are smaller plates you can buy that will mount into two studs.

S. Rose, Wigan says

This item's included m8 bolts did not work for my samsung model un55mu8000fxza. (55" 2017 tv). The bolts were a little short. I was able to buy 4 bolts from home depot (for another 4 bucks more or less). I did not bother to deal with a return as i was trying to get this tv mounted on a saturday.

D. Gladys, Bedfordshire

Didn't fit our vizio. Be very cautious. We had to make a special trip to home depot and custom cut an extra piece of metal.

C. Denise, Wyoming says

Not "universal". Parts included do not fit keyhole of zvox sb500. Parts seem cheap. Washers malformed easily while screwing in. Metal bars don't seem very strong - screw them in tight and they still move a bit, even without holding anything. A little bit of pressure causes the screws to loosen. Can't imagine this holds remotely heavy sound bar, i. E. 10+ pounds. If your tv is 45-50"+, or/and if you have a big sound bar, you will likely have to use the ends of the metal bars, which are even flimsier. . Mount shouldn't be used for heavy sound bars or big tv. Be wary.

W. Alma, Kent

Looks a little flimsy, i drilled extra holes for a few more screws as i was concerned about it not holding up my 65inch plasma. Uses a bar to lock it in and it rattles sometimes. There is very little room behind the t. V. For cables and i had to use 3/4 inch spacers so my hdmi cable was not kinked.

H. Broyles, Arkansas says

I bought us a pain to mount my lg sound bar on the back of my lg tv. There were too many curves on the back of the tv for this thing to be practical. It was also pretty flimsy. Not that the material was thin but that it didn t look like it was going to secure things very well. Ultimately i went with a sturdier four-way mount bracket that i absolutely love. Not worth my time to send it back

E. Heidi, Bourgogne

When i saw this i was very excited! i have often thought there must be a way to easily connect the soundbar to the bottom of the tv so when i move the screen the sound bar faces the same direction. The brackets look very sturdy but none of the included bolts are large enough to attach my samsung sound bar. Seems like i will have to go to a hardware store and drill out larger holes on the bracket to make it work. Hopefully i can make it all work

V. Cathy, Yukon Territory says

I tried every configuration under the sun and it didn't fit my tv / soundbar. I have a samsung tv and a sony sb so it's not like it's like some weird off brand pieces i'm trying to connect. I wasted a little bit of money but a bunch of time trying to make this work.

I. Pearce, Warwickshire

I got this mount for the 40" samsung unj5200 and it required extensive modifications to make it work. I would normally have just sent it back but i had time on my hands and some serious metal working tools to do the job so i modified it. Here were the problems; . * the back of the tv at the bottom protrudes out about 1". The two vertical mounting bars had to stick out above the top of the tv to not run into the bottom protrusion. So i had to cut about 4" off of the two mounting bars. * the tv's audio jacks point out of the back. The horizontal mounting plate blocked the audio jacks from being used. I ended up cutting about 8" off of the right side of the mounting plate. The mounting screws on the tv were only 8" apart so there was still plenty of width to mount the tv. * the supplied 8mm screws were the wrong length so i had to buy some new ones at the hardware store. . The only positives about the mounting bracket; . * the price was good. * it was wide enough to span 16" wall studs for mounting (even after cutting off 8")

J. Lawrence, Newfoundland and Labrador says

It may be my sound bar, but this bracket allows the sound bar to tip forward a little bit, directing the sound downwards. I'll end up needing to shim this to work properly. . Update 2 months later: still works fine - i do like how adaptable this is. I haven't gotten around to shimming it out yet to keep the sound bar co-planar with the screen, and doubt i will. It works fine enough as is.

N. Isabel, Bremen

Doesn't work as designed with a samsung hwk450 sound bar on a samsung 50 inch un50h smart tv. I suppose it's universal. Using a vise, i hammered 90 degree bends and had to drill some and even then, it only lines up with two holes on the back of the tv instead of four. Like someone else said, you may as well go to the hardware store and make your own bracket.

. Annette, Northamptonshire says

Needed heavy modifications to fit my samsung tv and yamaha soundbar. Cheap, but i would have been better off making my own with hardware store stuff for about the same amount of money.

G. Wells, Rhone-Alpes

The brackets worked, i used them to mount a sony ht-nt5 under a 65" sony tv. I had to angle the brackets opposite of the way the instructions showed, but using additional bolts purchased separately was able to secure them through the bottom vesa holes and using the extra spacers and new bolts into the holes where the tv stand would mount. Soundbar is secure and seems to be working fine 2 weeks in. Soundbar sits about 3/4 to 1 inch under television. Im sure there are better mounts but these function well enough.

O. Yvette, North Yorkshire says

Honestly i was very excited to use these but i did return them only because when we went to hang our 3 tvs none of them would work. We have 1 samsung, 1 phillips, 1 sony and none of them would line up right. I gave it a 3 stars because they came in perfect condition. I had to return cause they didn t work for me. I wouldn t recommend but that my opinion

Z. Jackson, Surrey

This wall mount was junk. Maybe i just got a defective one, idk. But mine didn't work at all. The arm was locked, couldn't move it up or down, no mater what direction i turned the "negative/positive" screw. One thing to note is this itam was basically made of all metal, except for the cable clip thing. I was only outing up a 32 inch tv, which i think was a bit overkill that size tv. The mount was very heavy and you would definitely need a good strong drill to put this up.

R. Theola, Hawaii says

Terrible for sonos sound bar, the brackets are super thin metal and the included fastener to hold sound bar can barely hold on to the sound bar. After some modifications with washers and nuts i got the sound bar securely attached to the bracket but the weight of the sonos sound bar causes the brackets to bend slightly backwards so it's impossible to keep the sound bar from tilting towards the floor when mounted on bottom of tv. So, if you have a sonos bar or any bar 10-11 pounds i would not recommend it.

U. Monique, Windsor and Maidenhead

I have a samsung sound bar. It has lights when you turn it on. It's forward facing - the speakers work best when it's forward facing and sitting on a stand. With this mounting bracket it faces downward. So when i want to change settings i don't see the text display and the sound also shoots downward. . Not recommended for forward facing. This was my fault i didn't check where my mounting screws were before i bought this. . I guess i can bend he mounting bracket but i doubt a clean bend would happen without sheet metal bending equipment. I'm disappointed. But like i said. My fault.

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    2. It works! for my daughters 20" plasma tv. But my husband did not like the plastic wall anchors it came with. We bought a different kind of wall anchors the kind that opens in the back of hallow walls.
    3. Special: Constructed Of High Grade Steel, Supports Up To 44lbs In Weight Keeping Your Tv Secure.
    Buy Vivo Articulating Plasma Screen Mount Vw01 (Consumer Electronics) 4330178350
  • Low Price
    Kolmon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount Black (Digital Device 3 Accessory)

    Kolmon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount Black (Digital Device 3 Accessory) 185

    Most Wanted Kolmon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount Black (Digital Device 3 Accessory), Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount Notes: Only Fits Echo Dot 2nd Generation And Its Orginal Power Adapter Specification: Material: Abs Plastic Size: 3. 5x2x5. 6 In Ch Product Weight: 47g Usb Cord Length: 6. 3in For -Kolmon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount Black
    1. Extra: No Long And Mess Wires: Connect The Device And Power Adapter With Our Short Cable Hidden In This Wall Mount. Your Device Doesn't Stand In The Way Of The Counter Top Space Any More.
    2. I really love this idea. I hate a cluttered countertop and this solves the problem. I will be ordering another one for my bathroom.
    3. Extra: No Voice And Sound Loss: No Microphones And Speakers Are Blocked Convenience: Move Your Device To More.
    Discounted Kolmon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount Black (Digital Device 3 Accessory)

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