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Price was $269.00. Excellent, excellent! this is by far the best security camera, monitoring system i have used so far. I replaced a kuna enabled maximus lamp for this and this one is better except for one critical feature that may or may not mean that much to you (mentioned below). I love the fact that this replaces your door lamp / porch light, and is relatively easy to install and requires no routing of wires. If you are ok installing a porch lam, you are ready to go . . The quality of the video and the cloud based analysis is really, really, good and will give you meaningful alerts and videos. I did find that it constantly alerted me to my parked car when i first installed it, basically saying "i see a car" . Well of course you do, it is in my driveway ! :). . After tweaking the "alert zones" it works great. I see small animals that cross my lawn and i also see anyone coming and going. It records in full hd and scales the resolution up as it sees something. Best yet, is that it gives all this great alerting and software / cloud analysis of what it is seeing for no monthly add on cost. This is not the case with kuna enabled devices which cost money to have this type of cloud based monitoring. Bravo netatmo! the apps for android and ios also work really well. The ios app gives me the ability to see a quick snapshot without having to unlock my ipad and i can quickly see if it is ups or someone else . Awesome. . The one difference that may sway you is that it doesn't have a speaker and cannot communicate with anyone on the "porch". The kuna enabled lights will allow you to "talk" with people. This doesn't have that ability. This was not an issue for me, simply because i also have a ring pro installed and the different cameras coupled with different services makes this a fantastic and dare i say perfect mix of monitoring gear. I can talk to people via ring as needed. . The light is super bright and works really really well. . Highly recommend it.

-F. Erickson

Presence, Outdoor Security Camera People, Car Animal Detection Presence, The Smartest Outdoor Security Camera Is Able To Distinguish People, Cars And Animals. It Tells You Exactly What It Sees Around Your Home And Notifies You Directly On Your -Netatmo Presence, Outdoor Security Camera People, Car Animal Detection Noc01-us

  1. Reviews: Integrated Smart Floodlight Which Switches On Only When Needed, To Help Deter Unwanted Visitors, Cars, Animals Or All Three.
  2. Reviews: Diy Installation: Presence Simply Replaces Any Existing Outdoor Light.

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I decided to pick this device based on the following abilities over it's competitors:. 1 - ability to upload files to ftp (to my nas) as well as an option for uploads to dropbox. 2 - replacing an existing light fixture provided constant power without running additional wiring. . I am happy with the device, as it has met all of my expectations. Push notifications with screenshots to my apple watch are very convenient. There does appear to be about a 14 second delay when comparing live recording to real-time actions. Though the device isn't perfect, it fit my needs / criteria. Best presence outdoor security camera | Netatmo-Surveilance Systems Review ( Apr 2020 ) Reviews NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera with People, Car and Animal Detection (NOC01-US) Detects and reports in real time if someone loiters around your home, a car enters your driveway or your pet is in the yard.. Integrated smart floodlight which switches on only when needed, to help deter unwanted visitors, cars, animals or all three.. Diy installation: presence simply replaces any existing outdoor light.. Ultra-precise alerts let you know instantly about what happens outside your home. the alert-zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts.. Free video storage: locally on the camera's microsd card. optional: store videos additionally on your dropbox account or on your personal ftp server. .

Netatmo presence, outdoor security camera with people, car and animal detection noc01-us Review (noc01 us)

 i installed a couple of netatmo presence cameras in my holiday home. Since my house is isolated and often empty in winter, an outdoor camera enables me to know what s going on when i m far away. I installed one of the cameras by replacing a standard motion-sensing floodlight. The installation was very easy: i only had to connect the 2 cables from the old floodlight with those of the camera. Networking the camera and installing the app were also very easy (as with all the other netatmo products, by the way). I placed the other camera on a bare wall where no lights had ever been installed. That too was simple: i only had to run a 220 v power cable, and then it was all set. . Now that i have it installed, it s pretty awesome. I can finally find out what s going on when i m gone. What dazzles me the most is the animal detection feature. I spotted many wild animals roaming around my house, both during the day as well as at night. Among them, there s mister fox , a fox which spends most of its time rummaging around in the garden. I never had a chance of seeing it in person (video below) but every time the fox turns up, the camera records its passage. The camera even detects smaller animals like magpies. I found out that they turn up every day at the exact same time. . We also often nab our neighbors and their dog. You know, the kind of neighbors that tell you their dog didn t poop on your lawn but that you actually catch red-handed at the end of its leash in the middle of the process. Besides, the camera is also handy at spotting cars with a handful of guys wandering around to see if there aren t any valuables to steal. . I found very impressive that the camera doesn t activate in other cases (like, for example, swaying trees). I had a couple of false alerts one night when it was really raining a lot. I registered it in the app and it never occurred again . . To make it short: great product! -Z. Gilmore

Netatmo Presence Security Detection Noc01 Us

Black Aluminium
Product Dimensions
Height:7.87 inches
Length:1.96 inches
Weight:2.29 pounds
Width:4.33 inches
Part/Serial Number
1 Year

presence, outdoor security camera people, car animal detection Boost, Presence, the smartest outdoor security camera is able to distinguish people, cars and animals. it tells you exactly what it sees around your home and notifies you directly on your smartphone. it has an integrated smart floodlight which switches on only when needed, to help deter unwanted visitors, cars, animals or all three. * 1 year warranty * Netatmo Presence Security Detection Noc01 Us (NOC01-US-Netatmo).

Netatmo Presence Security Detection Noc01 Us Boost

  • Your love or non-love of the netatmo outdoor security camera will depend on having the perfect storm of ingredients to make it work. 1. You have to wire it into existing wiring or have it professionally wired. Not every house has a porch light on the wall, some are in the ceiling, and some don't have spotlights on the side of the house. Keep that in mind. 2. You have to have a great wifi signal. The further from your porch the stronger your signal will need to be. 3, a basic understanding of software and it's limitations. The frustrating thing is when something goes wrong, the process of elimination can be tedious. Is it the sd card? is it the wifi, password, phone? . Given that the netatmo is a self-contained alert system, it's perfect for those that just want to know if there is something unusual crossing the yard or porch. It's a light and a camera and it's bright, scaring away unsuspecting life forms of all kinds. I was able to figure out my issues without contacting tech support but it looks like that could be an issue if you don't reach out through online store first so keep that in mind or call before you buy to see if you can reach someone fairly easily. . The video capture at night was mostly good for me, and the alerts were helpful but it would be great if a snapshot of what the alert was doing would help. I did need to adjust the alerts to settle them down, i really think wind was setting this off, but now, it's been running smoothly for about 30 days with no issues.
  • I just got and installed two presence cameras last week. Very happy so far. The car, person and animal detection has been spot on so far. I've used d-link and x10 cameras for a couple of years and with those you get a ton of the false alarms on movement detection. Those use a very basic algorithm for detection and you get almost every few mins same false alarm. The netatmo camera is a bit smaller than i thought but it blends better that way. They simplified the setup a lot compared with the netatmo welcome. They use same air play feature on iphone and they even get the wifi info from the phone. Very cool. I like the dropbox link feature since i do want to have the videos saved but positively i do not want to be tied up to a camera subscription and as an added bonus you can play the videos even if camera is offline. It has a ton of ifttt events you can integrate with e. G. I set it up such if i setup my house alarm it will also put netatmo into the nobody is home mode meaning it can start notifying you etc
  • Overpriced, slow, drops off-line, reliability is about 50%. Nice design and leds are bright, so works good as an expensive light. Bought two one works better than the other? frequently get a black screen for live view. Says it is connected but won't play live view. Reset, reset, reset. You can see in the picture it says connected but all i get is a black screen with the loading circle going round and round. Just finished another reset and back to this again.
  • Update 3 (5/3/17):. After seeing some positive reviews on online store i thought maybe they just released a bad batch in the beginning and the problems have been resolved now. I ordered a third unit to try one more time. Received and installed and it is failing at the exact same step. Opened another case with netatmo support but am not holding my breath. . Original review:. Unboxed it, hooked up to existing light fixture (whoever designed the place for the allen wrench to be used to tighten the camera should be fired btw), and powered on. Lights turned on and did their thing. Was briefly pleasantly surprised. . Downloaded the netatmo security app. Detected the camera. Tried to join to wifi network. Failed with picture attached. Kept repeating. Created an open ssid without any encryption to see if that was what was breaking it but it failed with the same error. . Tried to contact netatmo. No phone number anywhere and contacting through their site is a serious hassle. Sent initial communication three days ago of problem. Received one email back approx two hours later asking me to confirm my order number and email address. Replied right away. Nothing since. . I have ordered a replacement unit from online store which i will try installing today to see if it was just a faulty unit. If i have the same problem both will be going back and i will be done with the presence. Shame too because weatherstation is a good product i am fond of. . Update 2: received replacement, installed, experienced same problem.
  • Object recognition ai needs refining though - my two dogs are recognized as people and sometimes vines and leaves are mistaken for people. This is especially an annoyance throughout the night when too many alerts go off mistaking them for people even when animal alerts are turned off. I guess this camera works best with a very high upload/download internet connection and low end routers will find it hard to stream live and recorded video especially if you are out of the router lan network. Also this cam seems to attach to only 2. 5 ghz networks in dual band modems. Not sure if this is setup this way or if i missed any installation steps. . Vehicle recognition and people recognition functionality is excellent and works perfectly as expected. The app is easy to use. Installation was quite simple as well. The general order of stored videos and retrieval of older videos from within the app is quite simple and user friendly. Overall i am very happy with the product and i highly recommend this. I have given it three stars only because i wish to see the ai refined a bit more so that the number of false alerts would be reduced.

presence outdoor security camera NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera with People, Car and Animal Detection (NOC01-US) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Great product. Much better than the arlo camera system i was using. Gonna replace the rest of the arlos with these. . Pros:. 1. 1080p image quality is great. 2. Nighttime recording is great. 3. Night lighting is very bright. 4. Application is very good. 5. Facial recognition. 6. Includes a microphone and picks up audio very well. . Cons:. 1. Requires 120v connection. 2. Plastic base trim is a little cheap. . Overall, recommended. . Now that i have used the cameras for a while. In addition to my earlier comments:. . 1. I have had zero issues with the camera being slow and picking up people/animals/cars late. This looked to be a buffering issue which some have seen. I never had this issue so it might have been fixed by the time i set up my cameras. 2, you need a good wifi system. I have excellent wifi at home. When i launch the apps, i see my cameras instantly. So any delay in viewing would be in effect a limitation of your wifi network. 3. The ftp feature works very well. I have successfully used both dropbox and my own ftp server. 4. We recently had a terrible storm and the cameras, (one of which is very exposed) had zero issues. . In total i have had zero issues with the cameras.

Netatmo Presence, Outdoor Security Camera People, Car Animal Detection Noc01-us
Click to see NoticeNetatmo Presence Security Detection Noc01 Us (Surveilance Systems)"So far, so good. I have had the camera up and operational for about a week now and i am really happy with its features and performance. When i started researching what i wanted in a surveillance camera, the netatmo had what i was looking for. I was interested in a camera that would not require me to re-wire my house and garage with power and cat5 cable. The netatmo replaces an existing light fixture and has wireless connectivity so that fit well. Also, i wanted a camera that would send its videos and photos to my own personal storage. The netatmo allows you to send to your own personal ftp service or to a dropbox account you have so you dont have to pay additional monthly storage fees to a third party like so many other security camera providers. I also wanted a camera that had night vision and a flood light capability. Both of these are included with the netatmo. So far, i have learned that the camera can distinguish between cars, animals and people and will send you notifications on which ones it sees. You can also tweak the area it scans and help it learn if it is misidentifying certain incidents for others. The installation was probably the only part i was not very pleased with. The mounting of the device is not very intuitive and it works better if you use wire nuts to attach the power cables to your house wiring rather than the tiny junction coupler that they include. At this point i dont have anything negative to say about the product or its operation. The video is very sharp and i have wonderful surveillance of the area in front of my house now. As a final note, i feel that this solution would not scale well if you wanted a system with many cameras. It works best if you have a need for only 1 or 2 cameras since i believe that each would operate independently."

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NETATMO Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Black

Nice build quality, easy to set up, works well. Just wish you could export your data to a spreadsheet. If you had full access to your data i would give it 5 stars. (my mistake, i was able to find this functionality after all. You sign on to your web based weather station page, click the gear icon on the upper right. You can find the data export options under advanced. ) based on this i would give the product a 5 star rating.

A rain gauge on your smartphone receive an alert on your smartphone the moment it starts raining. Measure the rainfall and decide how much watering your plants need. The netatmo rain gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately. Only one rain gauge can be connected to a netatmo weather station.

NETATMO Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - BlackNETATMO-Gauge-Netatmo-Weather-Station

Netatmo Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Black (nrg01 ww) FAQ.

Works great right away. Paired system with sprinkler controller and everything is automated. Recommend highly. -Notice from Y. Widmer, Kirklees

Click to Show netatmo rain gauge netatmo weather station - retail packaging - black (nrg01 ww) Details

So i just bought this and used it for a day and i can already see potential problems. I have installed it near a pine tree about 20 feet away but i'm pretty sure the pine bristles are going to get in the unit even with the strainer. Another fear i have is the way it dumps. I can see in the winter time or anytime that it gets cold enough that the exit point could freeze and potentially the whole inside would flood. You must be careful to bring it in and not block the exit way of anything as inside the gauge is where the computer and transmitter are! if it floods it could short circuit! netatmo addressed this by encasing the computer inside the unit but still i highly recommend being careful and to open it up regularly to check for debris! another thing i noticed is it was not easy to screw the unit back together so be careful! for mounting i read the review recommending the cctv security camera mount and i tried it out, works amazingly! i got the one that's only about 4 inches tall and buried the end that you would screw into your house as i don't wanna ruin my house but be sure to only bury the camera mount end and not the unit! leave an inch of the mount above the ground so it'll drain properly too. Highly recommend doing that as you don't wanna bury your 80 dollar high tech instrument.

Netatmo-rain-gauge-netatmo-weather-station---retail-packaging---black-(nrg01-ww) set picture

- B. KellySeriously? how can you not love netatmo products? imagine how cool you will sound at the water cooler when you know down the thousandth how much rain or snow you got? chick magnet for sure. Yeah they should include everything in a package option but being an early adopter the rain gauge wasn't released yet. This is easy to setup or add to your existing station, it has a threaded mount at the bottom (i wish it gave the specs of it so you dont have to drag the whole thing to the hardware store) and it has a pretty good range. My main station is in the front of the house and the gauge is in the back on a pole (150-200' away) and it connects beautifully. It would be cool if they provided mounting ideas or had a stand for both the wind and rain gauge, but that is for another review. . I highly recommend this product.

Netatmo rain gauge works great and is accurate. I did take it inside this week for the winter due to to the extreme cold. Overall the entire netatmo weather station works well. My outside temperature and humidity module is housed in a solar radiation shield to protect it from the rain and snow. I very happy with my netatmo purchase and i'm looking forward to wind gauge.

C. Claudia, Slough

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Black
Weight :    0..45 pounds
Model :    NRG01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (netatmo product review) for NETATMO Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $70.00 (was $79.00)
  • Receive an alert on your smartphone the moment it starts raining
  • Measure the rainfall and decide how much watering your plants need
  • A rain gauge on your smartphone
  • The netatmo rain gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately
  • Only one rain gauge can be connected to a netatmo weather station

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Wired Home Security Camera Person Detection, 24-Hr Free Time-Lapse , Works Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google Assistant

Whole home security made simple. Keep home in your hands with circle 2 the whole home security camera designed to help watch over home when you're away, indoors or outdoors. Whether you're at work or just next door, always know about unexpected household activity in real time with instant smart alerts on your mobile device. Circle 2's unlimited live streaming, 2-way audio and smart recorded video are accessible anytime and anywhere at no additional costs, unless you choose to add a subscription plan to see up to 14 to 31-days of video storage, and more. With circle 2, you'll never miss a thing at home.

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Wired Home Security Camera Person Detection, 24-Hr Free Time-Lapse , Works Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google AssistantLogitech-Weatherproof-Detection-Time-Lapse-Assistant

Brand :    logitech
Color :    na
Size :    1
Weight :    1.15 pounds
  • Talk and listen - built-in speaker and microphone let's you talk to your pet when the camera is placed indoors or to the delivery man when it's outdoors
  • Advanced motion filtering - identifies and records relevant motion activity so you can keep an eye on unwanted visitors without spending hours sorting through video footage
  • Smart time-lapse day brief - recap important moments in the last 24 hours of home in a free 30-second day brief
  • Smart alerts - get instant, customized motion alerts; and with circle safe premium, be notified when a person is detected or when activity happens within a specific motion zone you've created
  • Full hd video and night vision with 180-degree lens - see more of what's happening at home in full 1080p hd, day or night, with an ultra-wide 180-degree glass lens
Price :    $174.99 (was $179.99)
Model :    961-000415
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Surveilance Systems (logitech product review) for Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Wired Home Security Camera Person Detection, 24-Hr Free Time-Lapse , Works Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google Assistant available ( Apr 2020 )

Additional indoor Module Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Aluminium

Thanks to additional modules and netatmo weather station monitor your entire house. Additional modules measure temperature, co2 concentration and humidity. Add up to 3 additional modules to a netatmo weather station. Additional modules are sold individually and work with the weather station sold separately. If, after restarting the wi-fi access point and nothing happens to the station (note: consider changing the power supply cable, the mains adapter, or plug the station into the usb port of a computer, and take the station several meters away from the wi-fi access point), your wi-fi access point may be configured to reject the station.

Additional indoor Module Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - AluminiumAdditional-indoor-Netatmo-Weather-Station

Price :    $68.00 (was $79.00)
  • Additional modules are sold individually and work with the weather station sold separately.
  • Additional modules measure temperature, co2 concentration and humidity.
  • Add up to 3 additional modules to a netatmo weather station.
  • Thanks to additional modules and netatmo weather station monitor your entire house.
Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Aluminium
Weight :    0.66 pounds
Model :    NIM01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (netatmo product review) for Additional indoor Module Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Aluminium available ( Apr 2020 )

Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face Recognition

The size is smaller than i though, and it clearly satisfied my needs, notification for face detected, so that i don't have to watch the recording, even x4 fast-forward still a waste of time, to monitor what happened in my apartment. The con as per what have been shared by others, delayed 'live' monitoring, perhaps 10 seconds, quality of video image does not let you feel it's 1080. . If you want to have notification of people detected in your place, go for this

Welcome is a revolutionary smart home camera with face recognition technology. Besides providing a powerful remote security monitoring experience both day and night, welcome can alert you when your children or elderly parents pass in front of the camera: the camera sends their names directly to your smartphone. You will always know when your loved ones are safely home. The camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger, which helps you better protect your home. Use welcome to keep an eye on your home when you are away or to watch your vacation home remotely. Watch live stream and recorded videos from your smartphone, tablet or computer. (app available on app store and google play store). Welcome provides reassurance without surveillance. Thanks to face recognition, you can disable video recording and notifications completely for individual people, such as your adolescent or partner. All videos are privately stored on the camera's local micro sd card. Take the micro sd card out and all identification data and videos are gone. Access from the user's smartphone is secured by a bank-level encrypted connection to guarantee the highest level of protection. There is no subscription, no contract and no fee. Storing your videos is completely safe and completely free.

Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face RecognitionNetatmo-Welcome-Security-Camera-Recognition

Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face Recognition (nsc01 us) FAQ.

Not easy to setup initially with all the software updates but once it's up, all is good. Although i should comment, the device is pretty hot. -Notice from V. Monique, Suffolk

Click to Show netatmo welcome, home security camera face recognition (nsc01 us) Details

Love the ease of setup and the notifications in the app.

Netatmo-welcome,-home-security-camera-face-recognition-(nsc01-us) set picture

- B. JoannaThis camera is the only one on the market that recognizes faces, which is a great feature that dramatically reduces the amount of alerts you would otherwise get, because as long as it recognises the face, it does not need to send you an alert. You can set up and customize alerts however you like to meet your needs. For example, if you want you can set it to only notify you when an "unknown face" is seen. Or when you're on vacation, you can set it to alert you whenever any motion is sensed. Or maybe you just want a notification each day when your kids get home from school; if so you can set it to alert you when each kid arrives home, and you'd get an alert on your phone like "jimmy seen" with a thumbnail snapshot. If you get an "unknown face seen" alert, you can jump on the app and watch the recorded video footage within seconds, to identify who it was, or watch any of the other recorder incidents, or the live feed to see what's happening now. These alerts come to you by means of an app that installs on your iphone or android. But if you want to get creative, you can also install ifttt on your phone and then use it to make other things happen when the alerts come in, such as sending a text or email every time an "unknown face" is seen, or even integrate it with other home automation products such as turning on a light whenever no one is home and motion is detected. . The facial recognition technology is not perfect, but it is a lot better than nothing, and this is the only product that has it. I say "not perfect" because it takes a while to train it to recognize the faces of family members, and even still it does not always recognize them. If it doesn't recognize a face, it will alert you and show you a snapshot, which you can then identify through the app to help it "learn" to recognize that face. But if i come in the house wearing a winter hat for the first time, it will likely not recognize me, until i "train it" to recognize the picture as me. This process can require lots of training, but it is easy, and it does get substantially better in the first couple weeks of use. Netatmo is supposed to be improving the recognition technology, and once they release the new version, the devices will automatically update on their own to use the new technology. You can already send photos off-site with existing ifttt software, and soon they are also adding ftp support, so you will be able to configure it to send video to your own ftp site, thus giving you a "free" way to have a backup copy of the video security footage. . There are lots of good articles and reviews out there about the differences between this and competing products, and i would read those thoroughly before deciding which product is right for your needs (and if you don't have time for that, this may not be your ideal product). But if you like the facial recognition idea, this is the only one offering it so far. I love it, but i am not expecting perfection, and i have time to work with it to customize to my needs. And i do not want to pay another monthly fee, so for me this is perfect enough, and meets my needs better than the competing products. . I use this camera as a supplement to a standard security system. What i love is that if i ever get an alarm, i can immediately check to see what the netatmo saw, and also get a live feed. Last time, it turned out to be my wife who set off the alarm, so this helped me figure that out and cancel the police dispatch right away. . Update: a few days ago, my netatmo automatically updated itself, adding some great new features. One was second generation facial recognition, which seems to have a lot less "unknown face" issues. Another great addition is that it now supports ftp storage of all video (for free)! this means that as long as you have a home router supporting plug-and-play usb drive access via ftp (such as the netgear nighthawk r6700), you can configure the welcome to automatically send all video to a mass storage device via ftp within your home network. This provides a secondary backup of everything that gets recorded on the welcome. I connected a 4tb drive which will hold a lot of video! competing products charge a monthly fee if you want to store the video, and netatmo lets you do it for free.

Amazing camera, face recognition is fantastic, but sometimes not perfect ; -) anyway the camera it worth its price. The only cons is that the camera get really hot (phisically)

N. Janice, Franche-Comte

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Gold
Weight :    0.88 pounds
  • Home security camera with revolutionary face recognition technology
  • Free video access fully accessible from your smartphone or computer
  • Stunning full hd 1080p videos, extensive 130 degree field of view, superior night vision
  • Beautiful anodized aluminum. please refer user manual attached below for instructions and troubleshooting steps
  • Private and safe local storage on micro sd card (included), no video storage fees
Price :    $96.96 (was $199.00)
Model :    NSC01-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Boost :    Best Surveilance Systems (netatmo product review) for Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face Recognition available ( Apr 2020 )

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate Monitor

Discover how to create a healthier home : netatmo healthy home coach measures the vitals of your home and alerts you when something needs to be fixed. Air quality level, humidity, temperature, noise, you know precisely how healthy your rooms are. Thanks to its easy app you know at a glance if your home is healthy or not. You get notifications when something needs to be fixed and advice on what you can do to get a healthier home.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate MonitorNetatmo-Healthy-Indoor-Climate-Monitor

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Rose Gold
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    NHC-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Boost :    Best Baby Sale (Boost product review) for Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate Monitor available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $99.99
  • Air quality level, humidity, temperature and noise measurement and ranges from 35 db to 120 db
  • 3 profiles in app: baby, person with asthma, general
  • Connect multiple healthy home coaches to your smartphone to monitor several rooms.
  • Receive advice on how to create a healthier environment
  • Real time notifications on your smartphone (ios 9. 0 minimum required for iphone, ipad, ipod, android 4. 2 or later)

Netatmo Weather Station Smartphone, Compatible Alexa

I would have given this a higher rating but i did not figure out from the information given that i would not be able to get environmental information from the outside unit in my city. Not all cities are covered. Nice unit and easy interface. You have to have your phone handy for this but who doesn't these days.

Made for iphone & android, made for youthe personal weather station with air quality sensors, for iphone & android. The new standard of design and technology for the personal weather station. Attune your senses, and get new onesweather and air quality monitoring, indoor and outdoor . Measure co2 concentration and monitor confinement. Get local air quality index report, real-time. Improve your indoor wellnessthe netatmo station measures indoor temperature, co2 concentration, noise pollution and humidity in the home. Your netatmo station also indicates the best moment to ventilate. Get relevant info, take appropriate stepsyour netatmo weather station helps you decide about your activities. Receive real-time alerts. Monitor over time, get the big picturediscover weather patterns and cycles. A comprehensive and powerful tool to understand your living environment.

Netatmo Weather Station Smartphone, Compatible AlexaNetatmo-Weather-Station-Smartphone-Compatible

Netatmo Weather Station Smartphone, Compatible Alexa (nws01 us) FAQ.

Fantastic product that has worked without issue for just under a year now (and the outdoor unit still has a full charge from the original batteries). . The best feature is the ifttt integration, which has enabled control of a number of devices, from a small humidifier to a cheap window ac unit. . One thing i've found is that the noise/co2 meters effectively act like occupancy detectors. I can tell when someone is in my room, or when the ac is on from the noise. I don't really have a use for this yet, but it could be used with ifttt as a sort of security alarm (i. E. When noise rises above 55 db, send me a text). -Notice from X. Mathis, New Jersey

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Received this as a christmas present. Setup was a snap. Was a bit concerned about the outdoor unit's wifi reception and battery life, but both have been good so far. Overall i'm very happy with the feature set, hardware and software, but as i said in the headline, the cost is way too high. . Oh and, it'd be nice if it had a motion detection sensor incorporated in the indoor unit .

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- P. AndersonThis weather station was very easy to setup. Works great and i find to be pretty accurate. Both indoor and outdoor sensors seem to be accurate within a degree or so or right on the money with my other weather station and independent temp sensors. The web interface is slick and easy to use and the android app is nice as well. Netatmo is releasing a rain gauge in the next few weeks (spring 2014) which i am looking forward to. Battery life in the sensors seems good, but time will tell. . Warning: as others have said, it is important to keep the outdoor sensor dry and not in direct sunlight. Getting it wet renders the sensor useless and direct sunlight will give you false readings. . If they offered some type of outdoor sensor protection i would be willing to give this item a 5-star rating.

The netatmo station works as expected and provides me with up to the minute weather at my home. I also allow other in my small community to see my weather readings. Worth the money.

J. Shirley, Utah

Price :    $129.99 (was $149.00)
  • Connect multiple stations to your smartphone and multiple smartphones to a station.
  • Fully weatherproof. uv-resistant
  • Lifetime free personal account for your data.
  • Real time notifications & graphs for data history
  • Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, indoor co2 concentration and sound meter
Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Aluminium
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    NWS01-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen technology - Silver, works Alexa

Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen technology - Silver, works AlexaAugust-Smart-Lock-Connect-technology

Price :    $191.24 (was $248.99)
  • Retrofit installation works with most standard single cylinder deadbolts
  • Certified z-wave plus smart home product
  • Know your door is both closed and locked with doorsense
  • Works with alexa for voice control (hub required and included, alexa device sold separately). does not support unlock by voice at this time
  • Requires ios (9. 0 or higher) or android (5. 0 or higher) smartphone
Brand :    august
Color :    Silver
Size :    100
Weight :    0.87 pounds
Model :    AUG-SL03-C02-S03
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Netatmo Mount, Netatmo Rain Gauge Wind Gauge - Retail Packaging - Black

Mount for netatmo rain gauge and wind gauge. The netatmo mount makes it easier to attach your rain / wind gauge to a wall, roof, pole or railing.

Netatmo Mount, Netatmo Rain Gauge Wind Gauge - Retail Packaging - BlackNetatmo-Mount-Rain-Gauge-Wind

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.41 pounds
Model :    NWM01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • One mount for netatmo rain gauge or wind gauge
  • Makes it easier to attach your rain / wind gauge to a wall, roof, pole or railing
  • Two mounts are required to install a rain gauge as well as a wind gauge
  • Standard camera mount thread: 1/4-20 unc bolt
Price :    $19.99
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Wind Gauge The Weather Station

The first ultrasound wind gauge for your smartphone. Accurately measure wind's speed and direction with this revolutionary solution. Netatmo wind gauge has no moving parts and uses the latest in ultrasound technology. It is maintenance-free and produces extremely accurate measurements, especially reliable in case of gusts. You can configure how you want to be alerted if the wind reaches a certain speed. The netatmo wind gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately. Only one wind gauge can be connected to a netatmo weather station.

Wind Gauge The Weather StationNetatmo-NWA01-WW-Gauge-Weather-Station

Brand :    netatmo
  • Ultrasound no inertia. unlike the mechanical wind gauges
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone and track historical graphs on the app (smartphone, tablet or pc)
  • Ultrasound the best accuracy for wind direction
  • The netatmo wind gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately
  • Measure wind with a revolutionary ultrasonic technology
Price :    $99.99
Model :    NWA01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Netatmo LLC Netatmo Outdoor Security Cam

Netatmo presence outdoor security camera with people, car and animal detection

Netatmo LLC Netatmo Outdoor Security CamNetatmo-LLC-Outdoor-Security-Cam

Brand :    netatmo
Weight :    3.60 pounds
Model :    NOC01-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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netatmo presence, outdoor security camera with people, car and animal detection noc01-us Price : 221, was : 235 as 2018-01-12
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Works great. There is a noticeable delay in getting notifications (2-3 seconds) but i still find the notifications useful. There is also a noticeable lag on live video which i don't have with my dropcam. Wifi and internet speed can certainly impact notification speed and live streaming delay but i don't think that is the case here. . The thing that annoys me is that i can't click on a video that is currently being recorded. Most common scenario for me is i get a notification and want to watch the video that triggered the notification. Unfortunately it tells me it is still recording and i then i have to wait. . I am still going to keep my dropcam in a waterproof case but i'm going to stop paying for service. I can still use it to view live video and talk to people at the front door.

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I've recently installed both the netatmo presence and ring floodlight cam at my residence. Toughest part was deciding which one to install in the front and which one for the rear given their unique differences. Installation: besides the printed directions i suggest watching the installation video on youtube. It clarifies the directions in a meaningful way that paper can not. Compared to installing other light fixtures this one is a bit trickier because of the design and mounting screw. Having 2 people is extremely handy especially if your installing the system higher up. My first suggestion would be supplying a longer mounting screw. Holding the camera in one hand while trying to center and screw the short screw was a bit annoying. Good thing i had an extra set of hands. Design:. Easily the most attractive and modern of the floodlight camera. Well made durable. App: the netatmo app installation went smoothly. Before installing the light double check that you have wireless internet where the light is going to be. The app itself is easy to use and operate. There are some great features including uploading to dropbox and well as allowing for zone recording. Yay, no annoying monthly fees like ring. Features: the 1080p resolution is clear, sharp with a good balance of color. It immediately alerted me to moment with perhaps a second lag. The camera included an 8gb micro sd card for local storage as well as uploading to drop box. I upgraded my memory card to 128gb and it went smoothly. The resolution and picture quality is really excellent. The camera also includes a sensitive microphone that records sound as well. Unfortunately it is one way communication only so you cannot speak with the person being recorded. The sensitivity of the camera is excellent and can filter movement by person, car, animal or misc. Zoning monitoring is good but selecting zones is limited to adjusting the area to a square or rectangular shape. My ring camera has a more user friendly option in that regard. I also wanted to add that the night time floodlight option is fantastic allowing you to turn it on automatically when dark as well as being to adjust the brightness. This has replaced my front entry porch light and has been bulletproof. Has not once gone down or offline. If they made a few changes this would be the perfect surveillance lighting system. Suggestions: hopefully the next variant will include some of these. 1. Longer center mounting screw. 2. Two way communication (like ring), loud siren or alarm. 3. Additional designs and or leds. Overall it's a nice system that should be easy to use once it is so set up. Best part is the local storage or drop box upload.

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This product is a great option for those that need a security camera/flood light offering. The fact that the competition wants you to pay a monthly fee seems insane as presence has no monthly fee option (which is wonderful). The camera setup process was pretty straightforward, but for a handful of folks like me that had to install it on my roof 20 ft off the ground. Upside down. You need to hold onto those little screws with your life. The quality of the camera display when viewing through the app is about as good as it gets. I am very impressed with the picture quality. One negative of the camera lens though is that for being over 20 ft up in the air the angle view of 100 degrees is pretty limiting. I would expect you to have a lense that can toggle different modes to expand the viewing field. The app is designed pretty well, but it took some getting used to as several options are pretty buried. It would be nice if there was a quick button on the main screen of the app to toggle the floodlight on instead of having to go to a menu in the app to toggle the light on. Lastly, the detection of objects, cars, people, and animals is so far pretty accurate even at night. . To summarize and what it would have taken for 5 starts:. -install should be a bit easier with navigating tiny screws as a handful of folks need to install these high off the ground. -the alan wrench did not perfectly fit in my screw hole (joking aside) which made it harder to tighten as the screw began to strip. -the angle of the lens should be configurable to widen if needed (think of gopro's software fish bowl lense). -navigating the app to simply turn on the floodlight should not require more than one click/tap. -the ability to download a time lapse recording over 24 hours is nice, but it would be even better if we could have something closer to the raw data without the time lapse setting (full 24-hour footage to download)

Y. Beale, Wokingham

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K. Janice, Stockport says

I'm a happy owner of the netatmo weather station, so i was eager to try the new presence outdoor security camera. Although there are some weak spots, for the most part, the presence has a lot of promise, and netatmo should have another hit here. . The camera itself is a compact and modern design with squarish angles. It's more compact than most of the competing devices i've seen, and although it looks slightly out of place on my traditional home, it is small enough not to be noticeable. Otherwise, the quality of construction and materials is good, although as other reviewers point out, there do seem to be a number of spots on the camera that could be prone to moisture issues. . Installation was the most difficult part. The camera is designed to be hard-wired into a junction box having normal 110v power, so you might want to consider hiring a professional electrician if you're not comfortable with this type of setup. In my case, i already had an ideal location where an existing exterior security light was installed, so luckily there was very little wiring work needed. I was pretty much able to take down the existing fixture and replace it with the netatmo presence. . One issue we had was that the square base plate on the netatmo didn't fit well against the exiting opening of the junction box we wanted to use. Our home has cedar siding, and the prior fixture had a base plate that could swivel slightly to fit properly against the siding material - unfortunately, the square base on the presence was a poor fit. After trying a few different solutions, we ended up using a small 4"x4" wooden block that was flat on one side and scribed to the siding on the other side. This created a nice tight fit against the siding while giving the presence a flat base for mounting. We were careful to paint, seal and ground this extra block, and it is very secure. . We also ran a very small bead of silicone caulk around the base of the presence in order to maybe help prevent any moisture from entering the unit as some other reviews suggest. The spot we chose to mount the presence is somewhat protected from rain, but sometimes it will get quite wet when the wind blows from a certain direction. Overall, this seems to be working well as we've had a few torrential thunderstorms now and the presence has been completely reliable. . With the installation complete, connection to my wifi network was pretty straightforward. One minor issue is that the presence reports that my wifi signal is marginal, even though it is less than twenty feet from my wifi access point. If i put my cell phone or tablet exactly where the presence is mounted, i get a solid "excellent" reception level. Strangely, i've had this same problem with my netatmo weather station. The good news is that it does seem to work fine, even though it's reporting a marginal signal strength. . My network is 150mb fios, and so far i don't notice any issues with video quality or with the presence slowing down other network applications by using too much bandwidth. Live streaming works well, with only a very minimal time lag. We've had a few network outages recently due to power outage, and the presence always seems to sync up properly when things come back online. . We found that most of the features in the presence work as advertised, although there are some occasional issues. . The motion sensor seems to work well, day or night. At night, the built-in floodlight is a good idea - it certainly gets your attention, and video quality is much better than units that try to film in the dark using ir lighting. To be clear, the presence has ir lighting too (it's used when streaming live video after dark so you can see without the floodlight being on), but when it senses motion, the floodlight comes on. The motion sensor does in fact seem able to distinguish between people and small animals, helping to minimize "false alarms". Still, we did notice that sometimes moths or other insects flying close to the unit will set off the floodlights, and i'm sure our neighbors don't appreciate this in the middle of the night. Also, also the built-in led floodlight is bright, it isn't nearly as bright as the two 300w halogen bulbs in the fixture it replaces. . We installed the apple ios app on an iphone 6p and 7 plus an ipad air, plus we also used the presence through safari and chrome browsers. In all cases, things pretty much worked as expected and we were able to configure the device, see alerts, and view live or recorded video. I've used some of the apps from other camera manufacturers, and for the most part, the presence is fast and easy to use. One thing i was unclear on is how the apps would handle things if you happened to have multiple cameras installed, but for now, that's not an issue for me. . We did have issues getting the video to save in dropbox. Although seemingly configured correctly, this feature always seemed to work unreliably. It would connect and work for a day or two, then suddenly stop. In the end, we setup an ftp server in the online store aws cloud, and that's proven to be much more reliable. In our case, we already had a server in the aws cloud, so there was no additional cost here. The resolution and picture quality of the videos stored this way is much better than what you see in the various apps, so this is important if you want the absolute best picture quality. . One other issue is that so far, we haven't been able to figure out how to connect the presence to our home automation system. We use homeseer, and i'd like to be able to trigger automation based on people or cars showing up, however this doesn't seem easy to do with presence. To be fair, this isn't a feature netatmo advertises, so it's just a "nice to have", and i suspect if these cameras get popular, someone will develop the proper interfaces. . Overall, there's a lot to like about the netatmo presence - it's compact and feature-rich, and it seems to deliver high quality video surveillance at a reasonable price. Compared to the other similar products i've used, it's certainly one of the stronger solutions at a fair price. Definitely worth a look.

A. Cecilia, Devon

Excellent product for the price range. Very clear 1080 video. Infrared works well at night, options for what notifications you want sent to your phone. Camera does have a "flood light" as well. Can use both light and infrared. When the light turns on due to motion, infrared shuts off meanwhile video seamlessly records. My only issue is there a micro sd card in the bottom and i tried to access it and i couldn't. So don't forget to format the card before you start recording. Easy to use app, easy to understand timeline. Has safety zones and many other options. Plan on buying many more of these. You do need wi-fi for the camera to function properly. Camera even picks up animals.

E. Shirley, New Jersey says

I like netatmo products in general. This device works as advertised. Installation was straightforward. Setup had some hiccups but worked fine (hint: once connected to wifi give it sometime to update to the latest firmware which solves many issues in older firmwares in case your device come with an older firmware). The detection seems to be accurate most of the time. The floodlight is bright and provides good lighting at night.

L. Newell, Redcar and Cleveland

The alert system is really accurate. I am no longer surprised by deliveries left sitting out in zero degree weather all day. Easy to set up and maintain.

J. Hayward, South Tyneside says

I bought this to monitor my backyard porch entrance, and it fills that role adequately. Here are my thoughts:. . Install. If you are familiar with basic electrical wiring, how to use an allen wrench and a screwdriver, you will be all set with installing this. I turned off the electricity, removed my old floodlight fixture, and connected the hardware and wires to the presence as per the included instructions. The tedious part was using the allen wrench to connect the actual camera bit to the base plate, as due to the design you could only make about 1/8 turn before having to readjust the wrench so you can turn it again. It was then a matter of aiming the camera at the optimal pitch and yaw. Overall physical install took 30 min. . Setup. Once you have it installed, you turn the power back on. Then you use the app on your smartphone to pair the camera to your netatmo account. It is really helpful to make sure you have a solid wi-fi connection first (use your phone as a signal checker), and that your phone is already connected to the correct wi-fi access point before doing this. . Application. Netatmo doesn't really provide any instructions on how to use their app. For the most part, it is intuitive. I was able to set up ftp uploads with a minimum of fuss. At maximum quality, the resolution is 1920x1080 24 fps. You can change the resolution from 1080p, 720p, then a "medium" and "low" quality setting. I opted not to upload videos to dropbox. Videos are also stored locally on the micro sd card (more on that card below). . Video quality. In broad daylight, video quality is about what you'd expect for a 4 mp camera. However, with lower light (cloudy days) the video quality drops off dramatically. There is a lot of background pixelation. Details and sharpness are lost. Audio is acceptable, but wind noise will be a problem as it is very loud in the recording. At night, you can program the floodlight to automatically turn on at dusk, to only turn on when motion is detected, or to always stay off. There is near-ir which allows seeing/recording in darkness, though the range is limited. . Pros. - fairly straightforward install. - easy to use app. - floodlight is configurable (when to turn on/off) and dimmable. - motion detection is fairly good. . Cons. - they originally advertised this as coming with a 16 gb micro sd card, but in fact it only came with an 8gb. When users complained in their forums, they secretively changed their specs to now say "8 gb sd card" - any made no admission of error nor compensation for early buyers. - night time video quality (with flood light on) is not as good as with the flood light off (ie. Ir recording only). - they use near-ir emitters instead of pure-ir, meaning at night you will see glowing red leds even if the floodlight is off

T. Gladys, Alsace

The neatmo outdoor security camera is a pretty slick device that combines the ability of being able to view live security footage of your home with motion activated outdoor lighting. . I initially set up this device to work with my smartphone and the installation went without a hitch. The software is largely self-explanitory, so you don't really need to refer to the documentation when getting it to work. The app seems very mature and smooth. There is definitely a delay with the webcam feature, where everything lags about two seconds behind. I have found this to be the case with every single ip-based camera i have ever used though, wired or wireless. If you want "real time" live video with no delay you will need to get an actual cctv system, i'm afraid. . I'm not sure exactly how much light that the unit puts out, but it seems to be about the equivalent of a 100w incandescent bulb. The ability to store video locally (or remotely) via ftp is one of the best features that this product offers. I am definitely no fan of these "cloud" devices that store your video who-knows-where for some kind of monthly fee. It is so much simpler, cheaper and more reliable to be able to manage your storage on your own pc or storage device. It also provides a lot more privacy, as who knows who has access to live or stored video that you have in the "cloud". . Video quality is well above average, so long as you have a decent wi-fi signal available. About the only downside of this product is the fact that you will need to have some experience with electrical wiring, or hire someone who does, to install the device. If you don't know the first thing about electrical wiring, this is definitely not a good project to start with. For pete's sake, if you have never installed a lighting fixture or wired home appliance, hire someone who knows what they are doing. It isn't worth dying for.

N. Guest, Lewisham says

Works great. I like that i can set it to turn the light on only when it recognizes a person or car via the ir vision. Recognition accuracy is excellent. Video quality is good. . It is also very cool that you can set up an ftp server application on your pc (filezilla server in my case) and have the video stored to your local pc rather than paying a monthly service fee. Score one for netatmo. . The appearance is obviously rather modern, and definitely is out of place on my texas brick luxo-pad unfortunately. . However as some indicated, there is normally about a 10-15 second delay before presence indication is received on the phone app.

R. Maria, Telford and Wrekin

Good video, bright light, next i will test-drive in potential locations, good advice to check wifi reception before hardwire installation, but i have learned about wifi extenders/repeaters and to place them up high as possible (like a cell tower) to avoid all the metal appliances/drywall/electrical conduit interference. Just practicing prudence, not paranoia, hahahoho.

S. Bullock, Tennessee says

I've tested a lot of camera systems including nest outdoor cam, presence ios app, reolink, and ezviz and this is the only one that delivered on its promises. . We use it as a camera for our loading dock for alerts when trucks pull up. As such we needed bulletproof alerts. Nest alerts are terrible and i spent hours with them trying to figure out the problem. It would detect motion and make a note on the timeline, but i wouldn't get push notifications or emails. This is a widespread problem. Reolink spams alerts constantly as there's no way to give a timeout to eliminate duplicate alerts for ongoing motion. Ezviz has no motion alert ranges and constantly disconnects. The presence app (a completely different setup than the netatmo presence) had perfect alerts, but it does not send images in the alerts and does not have a motion range. The software is also a bit clunky. . The netatmo presence wins for alerts hands-down. We can specify an area of concern and say on notify when vehicles show up. This eliminated false positives for when people walked by or cars far from our dock drove by. The notifications contain thumbnails and even sends those thumbnails to the apple watch. . Like some people are saying there is a small delay in the live stream and you can't view the video until it's done recording. There's no email alerts and the motion zones have to be rectangles instead of more complex shapes. These are minor grievances though, but enough to give it 4 stars instead of 5. . If you need an alert system this is it. If you need full surveillance you should absolutely not be looking at these all-in-one systems and should be getting a full system that does 24/7 recording. It'll be way cheaper and function much better.

Q. Widmer, Leeds

Setup was fairly easy; the mechanics of getting power where i wanted it was the most difficult part. Putting the main allen head mounting screw directly behind the camera. Weather sealing seems good, picture is exceptional in any sort of light, and not bad with the built-in light at night. The first unit i had ordered was defective, with loud, continuous static as the only sound. It was returned to the vendor (we'll see how they refund. ), and a second one was ordered (from another vendor). I haven't set up an ftp server for the files, but right now the link to dropbox is working well. I don't know if it's mentioned anywhere, but the default is for the camera to record whenever it detects motion (choice of auto, person, and/or animal), which is cute - note what time the mailman, garbage man, etc. (excuse the sexist terminology) comes around, while only sending alerts at scheduled periods. Sound on the working unit is quite good. Most professional reviews seem positive on these cameras, with the biggest ding being the $300 price. Agreed. But at the $200 price point here, it's much nicer. It would be nice if this camera would play nicely with any home automation system. It does not. But the phone/tablet app is pretty good. Maybe it's just me, but i see no way to use view this on a pc.

O. Stacey, Hackney says

This camera is great and setup was straightforward. I love being able to separately configure what types of movement should a. Notify me and b. Be recorded on my local ftp server. . The only downsides are:. . 1. At night when it rains, the camera often detects headlight reflections off the driveway as a person. I've continually corrected the classification, but it still happens. . 2. Zone configuration is somewhat limited. The camera looks over my driveway at an angle, yet you can only configure zones as non-overlapping rectangles. This has been problematic with the first issue where i attempt to not monitor just the end of the driveway where headlight reflection occurs. I either end up with the false positives or lose more coverage than i want.

H. Adrienne, Victoria says

I replaced my regular outdoor porch light with the netatmo presence outdoor security camera. So far, it is working flawlessly. The floodlight can be switched on manually or set to activate by motion. The floodlight is bright and it still startles me when i approach my own front door and forget the motion activation! the video is bright and crisp in the daylight and the infrared camera produces very good videos at night. You can watch live video on your smart phone or you can access recorded video at any time. Video is stored on a microsd card so it can be accessed at your convenience. The netatmo presence is affordable and offers a real sense of security.

M. Evelyn, Missouri

If i could give this camera 4. 5 stars, i would. . In terms of monitoring, this camera is fantastic! 5+ stars! it was easy to set up alert zones, to monitor only specific areas. I live in an urban area, so this feature is essential for eliminating false alarms from cars and people at the periphery of the camera's zone. . Also wonderful - the ease of setting up a sync with dropbox. . Less great is installation, which i would only give 3 stars. I installed the camera myself - replacing a deck light without a junction box. The big problem was getting the camera base flush to the wall - which proved to be impossible given the combination of a plastic (rather than metal) base, the need to twist the base onto the wall mount and the small size of the base. I just couldn't get the wires into the right positions, no matter how many times i tried. I ended up caulking over a sizeable gap. . I suspect that netatmo was trying to achieve too many things - low price (hence plastic), one-person installation (twist-on approach) and low profile (small size of base). I'd vote for giving up on one or two of those things in order to make the installation tighter.

W. Hannah, Delaware says

For context, i am both a techie and coincidentally i have also previously worked in the video security imaging industry. I have experience with both consumer and 'enterprise' level ip cameras. . Before we continue, there are three major requirements for anyone who wants digital video security that many reviewers here tend to overlook due mostly to lack of experience:. 1. You need a good wireless router with good performance and good range. 2. You need place this ip camera within your range of your wireless router. This is easier said than done since this is an outdoor ip camera. 3. You need to have a good internet plan as in both fast with either unlimited or very large data cap. Specifically you need to have good upload speed. My upload speed (not to be confused with download speed) is about 30 mbps. It costs us over a hundred dollars a month. This is really important, the more ip cameras you have operating. We have multiple both inside and outside our home. . What makes this great? . - the biggest feature of this camera is it makes the hardest part of outdoor video cameras easy: installation. All you need is a place on house that was used for outdoor lighting. There's no need for extra wiring. Even the outdoor cameras from nest need some wiring for power. From experience, battery based ip cameras just have poor performance because they can't stay on continuously and there's a huge lag between when they detect motion and when they actually start recording. With this camera you get both easy installation and decent performance for a wireless camera. You will save either money (from not having to hiring a professional installer) or time. - it looks great. It blends with most houses. - it doesn't look like a camera. Why is this important? it helps prevent tampering with the camera since most installs will probably be within physical reach of people of normal height. - video performance (resolution, fps) is good for a consumer camera. - it's designed to withstand being outdoors. We haven't tested this long enough to fully confirm this i. E. It hasn't rained enough here yet. . What's ok? . - despite this ip camera making things much easier, you still need to be technical unless you want to become one through experience with this and other products. It's not always fun. - most installs of this camera will be within physical reach of most people due to the location of most outdoor lights for most houses. I. E. People can tamper with it. - this is not cheap for most people outside of major metros.

U. Courtney, Baden-Wuerttemberg

The coolest security camera ever made. I love this. I had researched security cameras, and although college educated, i felt inept in making a decision regarding home security. The more i read about them, the more i realized. I had no idea what i really needed. I was lucky to get the opportunity to review this item, and it is amazing. It was simple to install, and that is a huge plus. It is not difficult to use, another huge plus, and it is soooo high tech, i am amazed. Anyone can install this. The only thing i needed help with is that it requires electricity running to it, and most people just replace their porch light with it since electrical is already ran. I don't quite have that set up, so i needed some help with the wiring, as i preferred not to take the chance of electrocution. Great camera. Really clear images.

C. Meyer, Southampton says

Had been thinking about installing a security cam system at my second home upstate for quite some time. But the complexity, wiring headaches, esthetics and cost limited my choices. Then netatmo finially released their presence camera. After waiting a few months and following reviews of customers, i decided to take the plunge. Wiring the device was fast, easy and foolproof. Setting it up to my wireless router was a breeze. Customizing the mobil app settings was intuitive and easily tested. I now hav a security system whose motion activation can kick in up to 1000 yards down my drive and differentiate from animal, human, car or motion with a. I. Accuracy. It s color 1080 really is fanominal. And it s ability to download to dropbox automatically or directly to any of my mobil devices allows me to forward videos of trespassers to my local sheriff for instant review. I just wish the unit came equipped with a speaker amp connection manually or automatically scare away the deer, turkeys, raccoons, feral cats, crows, and other trespassers that either eat or remove my landscaping or flowers.

P. Garner, Herefordshire

I wanted to use this camera to replace a flood light in a far corner of my backyard, but you really have to have really strong wi-fi for this to happen, which i do not (so i purchased an extended which kind of works). My husband ended up having to create a junction box for the camera since there was no existing porch light where we wanted it. This wasn't all that difficult, just tedious (so says he). . The alert system is really great and really sensitive to your needs. At first i received an alert for every little thing (i *love* that it can detect different entities, animals (i realized that we have a stray cat that visits us every night! )) but just work with it and you won't be receiving alarms on your phone for every little thing. To be honest i've turned off the alerts which i know defeats the purpose, but i haven't been able to get it exactly the way i need it. . The best part is the flood light. We're doing construction work in our backyard and the camera is directed at that very area. The picture is clear and i admit the image is a bit laggy, but i'm sure it's because of the wifi. There are a lot of cameras on the market and for most of them you don't have to have an existing porch light/ junction box, but this is great because it uses heat sensors to detect cars, people and animals. If you have your camera in an obscure place like i do, for sure you want to know if it's detecting a squirrel or an upright walking person!

V. Juliana, Nebraska says

Does exactly what it says it will with very little fuss. I had it installed in an hour and it has worked great ever since. . Motion detection needs a lot of work. Would not buy this if you're hoping to only get real notifications of intruders on your property. I get 20+ false detections a day even after "training" it.

Top presence outdoor security camera Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

T. Theola, West Virginia says

Having a hard time with it going off line. Looked it up and they are aware of the problem. Hoping to have it fixed

K. Broyles, Suffolk

Worked great for a month or so, but now i have an sd card issue and the whole thing no longer works. Support is taking forever to send me another one, so in the mean time the device is utterly useless, just blank - ridiculous. . When it was working the issues are the fov is too narrow and the monitoring zones can only be squares. This is frustrating since the lense distorts the picture to make my fence look like an arch and you can't draw an arch to be monitored.

S. Alba, New Hampshire says

I have two of these. . A very good looking enclosure. . The light is harsh but also not as bright as you would want. . Syncing over ftp is a bummer, no support for sftp or ssh. . So you're paying for dropbox forever. . Support is just ok. . The ios app is just ok. . Once a week the camera crashes or drops off the network. Power cycling works but if you're not home, you know, when you need the camera to work, and it goes dark, well, now what? . . Kind of also just assume this thing is streaming my back yard to the dark web.

N. Susan, New York

Update 3: netatmo rma'ed the unit after my online store review. Unfortunately it appears that online store complaints get their attention rather than my other ongoing complaints via their email support (which is painfully slow). Humorously, and in line with the bad support, i sent the unit back only for them to not have a record of receiving the unit. Thank goodness for ups and my insistence (had to follow up multiple times). With all that being said, the new unit finally works. So i upped my stars back to 3. My suspicion is that the original units were flawed and a new run of units addresses these issues - that's just a suspicion and one that seems to be floating around the netatmo support forum too. If they weren't such a nightmare to deal with, then i'd say this product is 5 star, when it works. This whole drama really isn't worth it, though. I'd likely stay away until they resolve their customer service issues. It also seems netatmo is releasing new products and focusing their resources on coming up with new rather than addressing the clear issues with their current products. But one does't have to go far to see this is hurting their brand. . Update 2: id stay far away from this predict until they resolve the connection issues. Go to the forums on the netatmo site to see both the english and french language boards talking about the problems that netatmo isn't addressing. Their support is terrible. I fianlly got an rma to return the unit almost 2 weeks ago but haven't been provided a new one. And nobody will respond to me about getting my replacement. They seem more inclined to announce new products at ces rather than fixing the issues with their current one. Needless to say i'm frustrated. . Update - unfortunately i had to revise my original good review. After using the camera , it's clear that there is a bug with connections to wifi. It will only stay connected a few hours and then goes offline - no alerts or ability to see the live feed. I've emailed netatmo support and 3 days later have no response. Unfortunate, as it's a great idea - but seemingly poor firmware and execution. Hopefully they will address this in an update, but i'm concerned, as on their forums it's clear it's been an ongoing issue. My guess is there are problems with particular routers but they haven't acknowledged it. I will update the review if this changes, but it appears to be headed for a return. . I'm almost ready to give this 5 stars but still working through a couple things. First i do have a wide array of internet of things devices at home - netatmo weather system, dropcams, kevo locks, nest, instead, ring, etc. I sure wish they all would integrate, but that's another issue for another day. Thus, i'm pretty familiar with the technologies, setups, drawbacks, etc. I was very hesitant about presence due to some of the bad reviews i've read, but after running it for a week or so, i'm very very pleased. . One thing folks should realize is that this isn't designed to be a live camera like a full on security camera system would be. One can see a live feed, (with some lag) but the real purpose is to be able to record and replay 'events' that it detects - which it does differentiate between, cars, people, animals, and 'other'. It does this very well. You can set up alert zones to make sure that cars passing by on the street don't keep tripping the notifications, too. That's handy. . The light is great - and much much brighter than i expected. Plus as someone mentioned, it's not quite as big and bulky as some of the pictures make it seem. We have a white painted house and i was concerned about the black/white sticking out like sore thumb - rest assured it doesn't (although it would be nice if they did offer different colors). . The wide angle lens gives picks up 90+ degrees where we have it set up, which is on a corner of the house pointing back down a driveway and the front door. It manages to easily capture both. . The final selling point for me was that one doesn't have to subscribe to a video recording plan. While the price is high at the start, it more than makes up for it over time (dropcam is offensive how expensive it is for video recording - and they give very little discounts for extra cameras - i learned my lesson from that one). . I've had a few issues with the camera going offline, and am working on that. Plus i can see how future software upgrades will improve the overall experience, lag times, etc. But again, overall, i'm very pleased with this purchase. . 16gb

H. Delgado, Nottinghamshire says

Difficult to set up and obstinately refuses to maintain a connection in a wireless heavy neighborhood. With everyone around engaging in electronic warfare-buying increasingly powerful wireless boosters to overcome the neighbor's more powerful booster, this poor thing does not stand a chance. I recommend something with coax or cat-5.

M. Benton, Norfolk

I have many of netatmo's other products (all their weather station products plus a welcome indoor camera. I love them all! i can't say i love the presence, though. . It worked great. For the first two months i had it. But, one night it came up with a fault saying it was unable to read the micro sd card. When this happens, the camera doesn't operate at all. And nor does the light. Effectively, it is just a hunk of useless metal and plastic. . The weekend following the sd card problem, i carefully opened the bottom of the camera to take the micro sd card out, check it and give it a clean. All seemed a-ok so i carefully put the card back in to the camera. Only for it to not stop & click in position. The card went right inside the slot and now won't come out! . . I contacted netatmo's help centre . They advised putting another micro sd card inside the slot to poke the other one out the other side (further inside the camera! ). This did not work. And, with the grease the card is covered in to protect from the weather (which netatmo told me was probably the reason the sd card stopped reading in the first place. At least, the lack of enough grease - remember, the camera is two months old) i suspect it is stuck inside the camera somewhere, the innards of which are very inaccessible. . Netatmo told me the presence would be replaced if i couldn't sort the sd card problem out. Let's hope they are true to their word. . Mind you, i've already paid once for the camera to be installed by an electrician. A replacement camera will need another electrician's bill to install. And i don't think i trust the presence anymore to want to put another one up. It's a shame, because i love all the other products of theirs that i have. . By the way, had i reviewed this camera in the first month or so of owning it, i would have given it glowing reviews. And i love the way it worked with my welcome camera on the same app too. So, maybe that's why there are quite a few positive reviews of the presence by others on here?

E. Wayt, Oregon says

I was happy with this solution, until a recent system outage revealed some very serious weaknesses in their architecture. I was compelled to purchase this device because it 'seemed' to work without the need for a cloud solution. One of the selling features is the ability to save detected security events locally, to an ftp server. . But as many netatmo users are learning this weekend, the solution seems to be heavily dependent on the netatmo cloud infrastructure. The detection and notification of security events is no longer working; it appears their cloud service is experiencing 'problems' processing a back log of events. . There is no clear support mechanism from netatmo. Aside from a forum with minimal feedback from the company, and no way to create a support ticket with them. . It is also possible that this could be a firmware issue. But without any direct communication from netatmo support, it is purely speculative. Very weak architecture. Very weak support.

U. Carolyn, Croydon

Let me say i bought this through walmart because online store didn't have any stock at the time and it was the same price. Now to my review. . Don't buy this! . . It worked great for about 1 month. Then it just went to s$% ! as the other one stars reviews will say, it's an overpriced floodlight. The camera capabilities are a joke. Sure it says it's 1080p but that's at the lowest bitrate it can be. It stutters and hangs constantly. It will be at 360p for most of the video unless i pause the replay and let it buffer for 5 minutes or so. I run approximately 60mbps wifi and i only have no more than three things connected to my wireless network as everything else is hardwired and gets about 120mbps so i know it's not an issue of bandwidth. If it's true that the video has to go overseas to some off-shoot server farm and then come back to me to be displayed, then the whole system setup is ludicrous. I am not alone in this either. I bought this a few days after my neighbor bought it. Another neighbor bought it about a week after i bought it. We're all experiencing similar issues to each other. . A hard reset (disconnecting it from power for 10 mins or so) doesn't do anything as well as a soft reset. And that doesn't even touch the subject of having to reset the camera using the qr code that came with it so you can pair it up to your network again. It doesn't want to scan it. Researching online people say that it can't really be paired in the evening or night while others say it doesn't matter what time of day it is. I found in my case i belong to the latter group. What i had to do, in broad flipping daylight, was shine a flashlight onto the camera and hold the qr code the one foot it tells me to from the camera. Even then it was hit or miss as for when the camera started blinking like it's ready to be paired, it would immediately stop being in pairing mode. According to the documentation, it is supposed to stay in pairing mode for 15 minutes. Try 5 seconds. Eventually, it stayed in pairing mode long enough for me to put down the qr code and flashlight, pick up my phone, and hold it close to the camera so it could pair. . As for support, it is non-existent. All the troubleshooting steps for my issues i only found to be answered by other people had the same or similar issues and found possible solutions from messing with it. I reached out to the company and no responses yet from two months ago and a month ago. The website doesn't really address any issues with video playback other than it's a black screen during "live" and is lag normal during "live" broadcasting. . No company involvement for support + 3 units all failing in similar ways + hundreds of posts in forums about similar issues a worthless camera that is an extremely overpriced led floodlight.

X. Nancy, Delaware says

It's a good cam but one of the main reasons i bought it was the web app browser viewing. It states on the company website "browser support. Web app available for the two latest versions of: chrome, safari, firefox, internet explorer" after i installed it and was setting it up i find out this is a false statement. It does not have a web app or have browser support. Guess you can't believe the manufacturers websites anymore!

Z. Beale, Maryland

11/29/2016 - this is my third re-write of this review. I will preempt my review with the statement that i continue to be a loyal customer of the netatmo family of products for the last two or so years. I own the weather station, additional modules, rain guague, the indoor camera, etc. I've not had problems with any of those. . That brings me to the netatmo presence. At this point it seems as though there are two major issues with the camera:. . First, and quite concerning, is that all of the product literature i received (and when i ordered) said it included a 16gb sd card, which could be upgraded to 32gb. That's not what i got. I got an 8gb card. I found this out as i had issues with the stock sd card in the unit, so i went ahead and ordered a 32gb card. Upon receiving the 32gb card i swapped out the stock card. The stock card was only an 8gb card. Upon doing a little bit of research online, i'm not alone. Several us customers have been finding 8gb cards despite all of the product literature stating 16gb. I also have come to understand that the company has changed some of their site language now to show 8gb, but that was not the case when these initial units were purchased. It's on paper, in writing, 16gb. This is a big problem and needs to be addressed. . Second, and even more concerning, the sd cards have failed for me during two rain events thus far, and i've only had the camera installed for one week. It is under an overhang on the roof, so it's not even in a location that gets direct water unless it's a very windy situation. I can say with anecdotal certainty (if that's a thing), that the failure is a moisture issue. Both times of the sd card failure were at the peak of the rain events that were moving through. The camera shuts off and says "defective sd card". When you open up the back, it becomes pretty obvious that despite all of the other waterproofing, there is nothing but grease to waterproof the sd card. This is a huge design issue that needs a fix asap, and we as early adopters of this product need some direct feedback from the company that they will take care of this. This rain failure issue is also echoed by others in the product forums, so i'm fairly confident i'm not taking an unscientific leap here. . I wrote in my prior review, which is being replaced by this one, that this, when working, is what i consider a 5-star product. I want this product to work, and will absolutely update my review when/if things are resolved. With that said, the false advertising on the 16gb stock card, and the sd moisture failures on an outdoor camera, are huge issues. I still have faith in the company that's delivered quality products several times over, but that goodwill and trust are eroding quickly. There are really no excuses for either of these issues, and i hope that they communicate a plan with their loyal customer base quickly.

F. Helen, Montana says

Almost imposible to reset it and horrible custumer support, the site wont help you straigth forward with simple directions.

G. Erickson, Wokingham

So far, so "slow". I bought this as a more reasonable option to my current axis and optex laser scanner setup. The only issue is by the time its detected a person, car, animal etc and told you on your phone, its already 20 seconds behind. That doesn't do it for things like presence when you are home, only presence after the fact. Anyone else have similar performance issues ?

C. Lara, New Mexico says

I never got mine to work it was doa. Luckily i tested prior to hard wiring. There is no ac adapter, you connect three wires to the back. . It is a great idea, i loved everything i read sbout it, but when i received a non functional one, my opinion was not to get a replacement. Why, if longevity is not good i will either have an ugly ornament on wall or a hole in my brick house entrance. Back to trivision.

W. Denise, Camden

Requires ios 10. X or greater for app. You must use app to setup camera. I'm stuck deciding whether to send it back or not. I like my ios 9. X and do not want to change.

O. Heidi, Maryland says

Update 5/4/17 - it has now been 5 months without any detection algorithm improvements whatsoever for this product. I consider that to be totally unacceptable. And have therefore lowered my rating from two stars to only one star because this feature is such an essential part of what supposedly sets the presence apart from the competition. . Original review:. Bought my presence directly from netatmo due to lack of inventory here. . Have been in advertising and so understand marketing hyperbole. It can be taken too far. And, in my opinion, netatmo has gone to the extreme in describing the presence. A product s rating should reflect to what degree it succeeds or fails in living up to the claims made by the manufacturer. So this review will take each claim made by netatmo on their website (in order of appearance) and compare it with my actual experience with the product to date. . Should preface what follows by saying if you install presence in a place without much activity, or don t pay real close attention to how well it s working, you re probably going to like it. In my case, there's a lot of wildlife pretty much constantly present, and i m retired. So my presence has really been put to the acid test in terms of ability to differentiate animals from people, and i ve had lots of time to keep a close eye on it and keep track of things. . My presence unit has now been in service for almost two months. During that time there were no new firmware updates to address acknowledged, ongoing problems. That is until just a few days ago. In fact, i had held off writing this review waiting to see what the new firmware update would fix. In short, it fixed nothing in terms of my observations detailed below. Which was extremely disappointing, to say the least. . Netatmo claim: "detects the presence of a person, car or animal. , "presence detects and reports in real-time if someone loiters around your home, a car enters your driveway or your pet is in the yard. . . My experience: no doubt it can do this. But the key is how accurately it does it. I m going to provide details, but my experience so far leads me to describe this claim as simply laughable. Should preface this by repeating that i have a lot of wildlife. So much so that i disable recording animals during the daylight to avoid pretty much continuous recordings. But i do have things set to record people. And presence has not been anywhere near reliable in consistently recognizing the difference between people and animals. . The ai recognition algorithms used for detection are probably very complicated. And so i understand it s not reasonable to expect this feature to perform perfectly. Which is probably why netatmo has incorporated something they call a "product improvement program a built-in learning tool provided in the presence software interface. Customers can agree to participate in this program and thereby help the presence learn from its mistakes. I participated from the get-go. And each and every time the presence mistakenly identified an animal as a person, i would use this to correct the mistakes and (theoretically) help the presence learn. I did this mostly as the mistakes occurred, but sometimes only a couple of times during the day, or in the morning when presence had mistaken an opossum for a person during the night. . This feature performed so poorly that i finally decided to keep records. In short, during a three week period presence identified animals as people 118 times. Sometimes, as many as 18 times in a single day. This included squirrels, opossums, hawks, bluejays, and mourning doves. All were repeatedly identified as people with squirrels being the most frequent error by far. I have since tired of keeping detailed records, but the errors continue and i keep using the product improvement program to correct them. This is so frequent it has become a part of my daily routine. In fact, if netatmo were to ever actually correct it, i may miss doing it. Ha! . . Seriously, this may seem to be merely bothersome to some. However, what it has meant in my case is i have notifications about people disabled after dark because i really don t need to be awakened multiple times during the night by false alarms caused by presence identifying animals as people. So a major feature is now missing for me. . A netatmo rep addressed my problems on the netatmo forum with the following:. "when you do this kind of report your personal camera learn a little bit that a squirrel is not a person. But in order to really improve it you need make sure you agreed to contribute to netatmo algorithm. As it, the next camera update will have been improved specially for your personal squirrels and you will have help everyone with squirrels detection issues. So, it's normal you don't see great improvement right away but it should be improved in future update. . . Well, i participated in contributing to the netatmo algorithm, and almost two months later with a brand new firmware version just installed, i am still waiting for improvement. So far this morning, presence has identified a squirrel, a mourning dove, and a bluejay as people. And the day is still young! so i guess some logical questions are; how can presence be so bad at doing this right out of the box? and how long can one be reasonably expected to wait until it performs as advertised? fortunately, i am a patient person who can resist the urge to rip the presence from the wall and attack it with a sledgehammer . So far. . Note: my presence is mounted at around 7 feet high with about a 30º down angle and all the action is taking place at a distance ranging from 5 to 10 feet from the camera. So poor performance is not due to some particularly weird installation position or the camera not being able to properly focus on the subject. . Netatmo claim: "prevent break-ins or damage on your property , "ultra-precise alerts let you know instantly about what happens outside your home. , "use live stream to view your property in real-time. . . My experience: i ve already covered their claim of "ultra-precise alerts in the animals/people detection errors section. So let s address the concept of instantly and real-time . That, to me, is what one sees when viewing the lcd screen on a smartphone while shooting video of your kid s birthday party. Now imagine trying to do that with a 10 second lag between what s actually happening and what you re seeing on the screen. The presence has an acknowledged 10 second lag in the live stream monitoring. I will say that while this is not optimal, it is acceptable to me for my purposes. However, it s neither instant or real-time, in my book. I consider the claim to be misleading. . Netatmo claim: "protection day and night. , "at night, either watch discreetly with presence's infra-red night vision or switch the camera's floodlight on. The smart floodlight can be switched on manually in the app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal - or for all three. It helps you find your way safely at night and deters any unwanted visitors. . . My experience: the infra-red sensors glow red at night. This is very noticeable. So am not sure how this is described as discrete. But i suppose they mean you can remotely monitor from a place which can t be seen. Not sure. However, as far as the red glow from the camera, i m not personally bothered by this and actually view it as a possible deterrent to a potential trespasser. That said, in my case there s no way for anyone to trespass without being in view of the camera. So it s not possible to spot the red glow from the camera, be alerted to it, and avoid being seen. . Note: if you have the floodlight set to come on when presence detects a person, it will, of course, come on if an animal is mistakenly identified as a person. This could potentially annoy your neighbors. Especially if you have it set to the brightest setting to startle intruders. In the case of identifying a trespasser, annoying your neighbors is probably justified. However, the floodlight needlessly turning on multiple times during the night because presence thought an animal was a person could cause friction with your neighbors. Who may own sledgehammers. . Netatmo claim: "simply installs as an outdoor light. , "presence simply replaces any existing outdoor light fixture. In just a few minutes you have a sophisticated security system with a powerful floodlight. ". . My experience: this is an excellent floodlight. It's bright, and also dimmable. And the unit was easy to physically install. I already had a netatmo weather station and the presence recognized my network, connected seamlessly, and was up and running in no time having automatically installed the latest firmware. So no complaints here. . Caution: if you ve replaced your sole source of light with the presence if your internet goes down you have no control over the floodlight. Zero. Even if you have electric power and your local wi-fi is working. Because if the netatmo app can't connect with netatmo servers, the app is not functional. And not being able to manually turn the light on at night (if your internet is down) is not cool. Especially if the presence is your only light in the area. Netatmo claim: "free video storage. ". . My experience: true. Kudos. . Netatmo claim: "be notified when it matters. , "each home is unique. With presence you receive customized notifications that match your needs. The alert-zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts you know instantly when someone enters a zone you selected. . . My experience: have already covered the whole idea of instantly , and the continuing numerous identification errors. But it s probably worth mentioning all the compromises i've made in re-configuring alert zones in order to eliminate areas which i figured were reasonably confusing for their algorithms. For example:. - i have a vertical slat fence with 1" gaps facing a highway. At night, presence would consistently identify slow moving cars on the road as people. Alert zone eliminated. - thought it would be good to at least monitor the top of the fence in case someone (or a bear) tried to climb over it. No go. Presence tagged buses as people. Okay, maybe it saw people in the bus. Alert zone eliminated. - have hanging bird feeders which presence did a good job of ignoring when swaying in the wind - except when they twisted and turned. Then presence saw lights reflected off the large, shiny carabiners they're suspended with. And they were identified as animals because the reflection probably resembled animal eyes. Understandable. Alert zone eliminated. - have a bird bath that shows ripples on the surface whenever it rains or sleets. Presence saw the refections off the concentric circles as animal eyes and would continuously record clips for as long as the precipitation continued. Alert zone eliminated. . So, i obviously don't expect miracles and am pretty forgiving about what presence can reasonably be expected to recognize. The very restricted alert zones i can actually set without having these types of problems are devoid of any of the above mentioned issues that might trigger recognition errors. And yet presence continues to fail rather badly in those. . Netatmo claim: "see the day in a minute. , "watch what happened during the day effortlessly with presence s timelapse feature quick to watch and fun to share. . . My experience: this is a cool feature that works as promised. The video quality is not the same as the normal recordings, and is only 720p, but adequate just for fun. . Netatmo claim: "stunning video quality and zoom , "videos are recorded in excellent full hd quality. Pinch-to-zoom into the video to see every detail. . . My experience: as a video producer and editor for some 20 years, i understand that judging video quality can be highly subjective. And, for my purposes, the presence recorded video is okay. So i m not among those bitterly complaining about poor quality. It s okay with me if it doesn t get any better. It s really not a deal breaker for me. . However, what upsets me are the marketing claims netatmo makes for the presence recorded video. It is marketing hyperbole taken to its extreme. And in my opinion borders on fraudulent. Because there is absolutely nothing about the presence recorded video that could reasonably be described as excellent, and it s certainly not stunning. Especially if viewed on anything larger than a small smartphone screen. Moreover, in most cases, zooming would not help in identifying anything requiring more than a cursory glance. Anything where details needed to be seen - a license plate, for example, would merely appear more pixelated and may even be harder to discern. Yet netatmo consistently replies to criticism about the video quality by endlessly simply stating it is full hd 1080p. As if that says something about quality. When, in actuality, it merely indicates a resolution of 1920 x 1080 that s progressive. In other words, it simply indicates the size of the video frame. I think most people these days have a pretty good idea about what quality to expect when viewing full hd 1080p footage. And the netatmo video quality falls short those expectations. . Video compression is complicated and there are many factors determining ultimate quality of the image. One of the major factors is the bitrate of the video. Netatmo has chosen to limit the bitrate to approximately 3mbps. Which is not optimal for truly excellent quaity full hd 1080p. I won t get into the possible reasons why they ve done this. There are comments here speculating about that. Simply put, a 3mbps bitrate in a 1920 x 1080 frame is a little like covering a 200 sq. Foot wall with a gallon of paint meant to cover a much smaller area. It can be done, but it probably won't look so good. . Netatmo is aware of this issue and has mentioned the possibility of addressing it in future firmware. At the same time, they caution video quality is not the only consideration when looking at the entirety of the product and that various compromises need to be made. I m paraphrasing here, but think i ve caught the drift. . Note: i m only commenting here on recorded video. Live stream video is dependent upon your wi-fi speed and so can be highly variable in quality. . Netatmo claim: "records only what matters , "presence records only when something happens, there are no hours of empty footage. . . My experience: true. However, there has been lots and lots of footage recorded which would have never been recorded if animals were not frequently identified as people. . Summary: seriously considered giving only 1 star. However, think that should be reserved for products that are pretty much total failures on delivering what s promised. So i gave it 2 stars because:. - is a very good floodlight. - was easy to install. - has mostly remained reliably connected during the time it s been in service. - stores video on the included card, instead of netatmo servers (so video is free). - microphone is decent, although only one-way. - has well-designed software. - is not completely useless as a camera although it pretty much fails as a security camera, if you can t rely on the detection features thus needing to have notifications disabled. And that s a pretty big fail.

P. Lawrence, Waltham Forest

I've been using a netatmo presence camera for a week now. Here are some first impressions. I used the web browser interface in windows 10 and also the presence app in android. I tried several browsers - firefox, chrome and edge, with slightly different results in load time and failure rates. I'm not sure why but it was pretty consistent. . In a nutshell:. Given the netatmo cloud issues if i hadn't been able to set up an ftp server i would probably have returned the camera. All the problems i experienced appear to be software and/or server related, so i'm hopeful that they will be fixed over the next couple of months. Actually there's a lot more good than bad. . The good:. The install process is actually quite easy. I've installed two. The first took about 45 minutes, the second just about 15 minutes. . The "build quality" of the unit is very good. The aesthetic is "modern" so opinions may vary. I like it and it works on my house. . The picture resolution is very good in the higher resolution mp4 files. . The "recognition" feature seems to be fairly accurate. I did get a vehicle mis-notification one night during some light blowing snow flurries. Still i'm happy enough with that portion. It identified a snow covered cat at night in light snowfall from 30 feet away. Pretty impressive. . The time from motion sensing to identification to notification on my phone took about 30 - 60 seconds. Satisfactory. . Live view streaming has a bit of a lag, but according to the netatmo faq this is normal. "presence uses live streaming protocol. Experiencing a slight lag time of a few seconds is normal, as live stream is sent through an encrypted connection from presence to your device. Videos recorded always provide beginning of the event" the good news then is it appears the netatmo server is not involved in live streaming. . The camera has the ability to save files to an ftp server. If you know how to set up the server do it. Mp4 files will be saved to both the netatmo server and locally. This makes reviewing them easy and some of the more problematic issues below more bearable. . The bad:. I am on a 3mbps dsl connection. I have no other options. I have yet to successfully download an mp4 file from the netatmo cloud service. This may or may not be related to my dsl speed but i routinely download files of much greater size with no issue. I've attempted to download multiple files in the 11 - 20mb range. Every download either fails outright or just hangs and times out. I sometimes get a "bad gateway" error 502. This would be a show stopper for me if not for the ability to do local saves via ftp. . I mostly can view the lower resolution "clip" in the web interface. Firefox seems to fail at this regularly, edge fails less and chrome loads most of the time. I did not do extensive testing on a per browser basis. The resolution is certainly not what i get viewing the mp4 files in the local ftp directory. Again, i could not download a single file in any of the browsers or via the android app. . The ugly:. If you want to review your clips at full resolution you may need an ftp server. The time lapse portion is currently unavailable as all downloads from the netatmo server fail.

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