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Price was $134.04. Wanted a security camera to keep an eye on things at home while i m working. I liked the idea of being able to get specific notifications for my two girls who are always coming and going after school. The face recognition feature is working really well for that. You need to be careful where exactly you place it in your house though. I had it in our main room facing the tv and was getting constant notifications of unknown faces because it was picking up the faces from the tv! the night vision works really well and reminded me of something from one of those paranormal activity movies. . I m not a very technical person but i have found this very easy to use, especially the app that it works with. They have all videos organized by day and time so you can scroll through and find the ones you may want to watch. My husband and i set it up so that when we are seen it does not record videos. Our girls are close to the age where they will be probably want the same for them but the nice thing is that you can still get notifications about who is home even though it won t record videos. I actually get a notification saying welcome home when it sees me! great purchase!

-K. June

Welcome, home security camera face welcome is a revolutionary smart home camera face recognition technology. besides providing a powerful remote security monitoring experience both day and night, welcome can alert 6080120-netatmo welcome, home security camera face recognition

  • Bonus: Private And Safe Local Storage On Micro Sd Card (included), No Video Storage Fees.
  • Bonus: Free Video Access Fully Accessible From Your Smartphone Or Computer.

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This camera is the only one on the market that recognizes faces, which is a great feature that dramatically reduces the amount of alerts you would otherwise get, because as long as it recognises the face, it does not need to send you an alert. You can set up and customize alerts however you like to meet your needs. For example, if you want you can set it to only notify you when an "unknown face" is seen. Or when you're on vacation, you can set it to alert you whenever any motion is sensed. Or maybe you just want a notification each day when your kids get home from school; if so you can set it to alert you when each kid arrives home, and you'd get an alert on your phone like "jimmy seen" with a thumbnail snapshot. If you get an "unknown face seen" alert, you can jump on the app and watch the recorded video footage within seconds, to identify who it was, or watch any of the other recorder incidents, or the live feed to see what's happening now. These alerts come to you by means of an app that installs on your iphone or android. But if you want to get creative, you can also install ifttt on your phone and then use it to make other things happen when the alerts come in, such as sending a text or email every time an "unknown face" is seen, or even integrate it with other home automation products such as turning on a light whenever no one is home and motion is detected. . The facial recognition technology is not perfect, but it is a lot better than nothing, and this is the only product that has it. I say "not perfect" because it takes a while to train it to recognize the faces of family members, and even still it does not always recognize them. If it doesn't recognize a face, it will alert you and show you a snapshot, which you can then identify through the app to help it "learn" to recognize that face. But if i come in the house wearing a winter hat for the first time, it will likely not recognize me, until i "train it" to recognize the picture as me. This process can require lots of training, but it is easy, and it does get substantially better in the first couple weeks of use. Netatmo is supposed to be improving the recognition technology, and once they release the new version, the devices will automatically update on their own to use the new technology. You can already send photos off-site with existing ifttt software, and soon they are also adding ftp support, so you will be able to configure it to send video to your own ftp site, thus giving you a "free" way to have a backup copy of the video security footage. . There are lots of good articles and reviews out there about the differences between this and competing products, and i would read those thoroughly before deciding which product is right for your needs (and if you don't have time for that, this may not be your ideal product). But if you like the facial recognition idea, this is the only one offering it so far. I love it, but i am not expecting perfection, and i have time to work with it to customize to my needs. And i do not want to pay another monthly fee, so for me this is perfect enough, and meets my needs better than the competing products. . I use this camera as a supplement to a standard security system. What i love is that if i ever get an alarm, i can immediately check to see what the netatmo saw, and also get a live feed. Last time, it turned out to be my wife who set off the alarm, so this helped me figure that out and cancel the police dispatch right away. . Update: a few days ago, my netatmo automatically updated itself, adding some great new features. One was second generation facial recognition, which seems to have a lot less "unknown face" issues. Another great addition is that it now supports ftp storage of all video (for free)! this means that as long as you have a home router supporting plug-and-play usb drive access via ftp (such as the netgear nighthawk r6700), you can configure the welcome to automatically send all video to a mass storage device via ftp within your home network. This provides a secondary backup of everything that gets recorded on the welcome. I connected a 4tb drive which will hold a lot of video! competing products charge a monthly fee if you want to store the video, and netatmo lets you do it for free. The Best welcome home security camera face ( Jan 2020 ) | Netatmo-Surveilance Systems Review Bonus Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera with Face Recognition Home security camera with revolutionary face recognition technology. Private and safe local storage on micro sd card (included), no video storage fees. Free video access fully accessible from your smartphone or computer. Stunning full hd 1080p videos, extensive 130 degree field of view, superior night vision. Beautiful anodized aluminum. please refer user manual attached below for instructions and troubleshooting steps .

Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera With Face Recognition Review (nsc01 us)

Great product well engineered works perfectly not issues with facial recognition -Y. Harrison

Netatmo Welcome Security Camera Recognition

  • Order: Camera
  • Brand: Netatmo
  • Color: Gold
  • EAN: 3700730500616
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:6.00 inches
    Length:1.80 inches
    Weight:0.88 pounds
    Width:1.80 inches
  • Manufacturer: NETATMO LLC
  • Model: NSC01-US
  • MPN: NSC01-US
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: NSC01-US
  • Sub-Type: Boost
  • Type-Order: 6080120
  • UPC: 700730500619
  • Warranty: 1 Year

welcome, home security camera face Boost, welcome is a revolutionary smart home camera with face recognition technology. besides providing a powerful remote security monitoring experience both day and night, welcome can alert you when your children or elderly parents pass in front of the camera: the camera sends their names directly to your smartphone. you will always know when your loved ones are safely home. the camera also alerts you when it sees a stranger, which helps you better protect your home. use welcome to keep an eye on your home when you are away or to watch your vacation home remotely. watch live stream and recorded videos from your smartphone, tablet or computer. (app available on app store and google play store). welcome provides reassurance without surveillance. thanks to face recognition, you can disable video recording and notifications completely for individual people, such as your adolescent or partner. all videos are privately stored on the camera's local micro sd card. take the micro sd card out and all identification data and videos are gone. access from the user's smartphone is secured by a bank-level encrypted connection to guarantee the highest level of protection. there is no subscription, no contract and no fee. storing your videos is completely safe and completely free. Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face Recognition (NSC01-US-Netatmo).

Netatmo Welcome Security Camera Recognition Boost

  • Work wonderfully. Requires good lighting to identity faces.
  • The size is smaller than i though, and it clearly satisfied my needs, notification for face detected, so that i don't have to watch the recording, even x4 fast-forward still a waste of time, to monitor what happened in my apartment. The con as per what have been shared by others, delayed 'live' monitoring, perhaps 10 seconds, quality of video image does not let you feel it's 1080. . If you want to have notification of people detected in your place, go for this
  • While setup was easy and the hardware is solid (pretty good video quality in light and darkness), there are a lot of software problems. The most serious is that welcome frequently disconnects from the network and does not reconnect without a reboot; i have now experienced this on two separate units. I don't see this problem with my netatmo presence, my rachio, chromecast, laptops, phones etc. So i'm pretty sure this is a welcome issue. The app reports a disconnect, then a reconnect, yet if you go to watch live video it says "the camera is offline. " the camera won't generate any events in this state. Disappointing - a security camera that frequently turns itself off is not terribly useful. . My other complaints: welcome is markedly worse than presence when it comes to latency - streaming "live" video is delayed by 10+ seconds, it often fails to load alert thumbnails in the app for as much as several minutes, it has trouble loading the face thumbnails for person id, it isn't very good at learning to recognize people, and even when i'm home (based on my phone being home) it still keeps alerting me about motions despite having the device configured to only do that when i am away.
  • Pros:. * facial recognition. * easy setup. * integrates easily with ifttt. * wide view. * night vision. . Cons:. * takes time to train on faces, it's still prompting me with "unrecognized faces" of people who have already been added after 24 hours though it seems to be getting less frequent. I've probably added over 40 variations that it's captured of each face so far and the learning gauge in the profiles isn't even halfway there. * runs very hot, to the point i was concerned it was going to damage the surface it is on. * appears wearing a hat makes it so it doesn't even recognize someone as having a face. . One person in our house still hasn't even shown up as a picture to classify after 24 hours. Assuming it's because they always wear a hat when they're in the video.
  • There is no operating or setup manual with this camera; only a website listed in a very thin brochure. You go to the website to set up the camera and download a manual, if you need one. Setup is pretty easy. I set it up on my computer and then later on my android smartphone using the free app from google play store. 5 stars for the easy setup procedure once you realize you need to go to the website. The camera started functioning right away on both the computer and the phone. The picture resolution was quite good and it does have a decent wide angle. I didn't test the face recognition feature, as it didn't seem like it would be useful to me. The main problem i encountered with the camera is the delay between the time the action occurs and the video result; it takes almost 5 seconds for the video to appear. That's a real problem if you need live action; it's not quite live with the 5 second delay. The android phone version was very easy to set up and use. It could be a nice camera if they can do something about the slow response time. Also they need to put a little more information into the printed brochure that comes with the camera. Note that my unit heated up quite a bit after being plugged in for a while. Not too hot to hold, but warmer than i expected.

welcome home security camera face Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera with Face Recognition (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I have had it for about 2 months. Works great love it

Netatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face Recognition
Click to see NoticeNetatmo Welcome, Home Security Camera Face Recognition (nsc01 us)"Excellent product. Ready for the app to start working with some others a little better, but i am sure that will come in short time. The face identification is working great for an airbnb i have, and it is identifying well at night in low lights too. What i am looking for is a means to identify guests from their intitial check in with august."

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Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate Monitor

Discover how to create a healthier home : netatmo healthy home coach measures the vitals of your home and alerts you when something needs to be fixed. Air quality level, humidity, temperature, noise, you know precisely how healthy your rooms are. Thanks to its easy app you know at a glance if your home is healthy or not. You get notifications when something needs to be fixed and advice on what you can do to get a healthier home.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate MonitorNetatmo-Healthy-Indoor-Climate-Monitor

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Rose Gold
Weight :    0.38 pounds
Model :    NHC-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Boost :    Best Baby Sale (Boost product review) for Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate Monitor available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $99.99
  • Air quality level, humidity, temperature and noise measurement and ranges from 35 db to 120 db
  • Real time notifications on your smartphone (ios 9. 0 minimum required for iphone, ipad, ipod, android 4. 2 or later)
  • Receive advice on how to create a healthier environment
  • 3 profiles in app: baby, person with asthma, general
  • Connect multiple healthy home coaches to your smartphone to monitor several rooms.

NETATMO Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Black

A rain gauge on your smartphone receive an alert on your smartphone the moment it starts raining. Measure the rainfall and decide how much watering your plants need. The netatmo rain gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately. Only one rain gauge can be connected to a netatmo weather station.

NETATMO Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - BlackNETATMO-Gauge-Netatmo-Weather-Station

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Black
Weight :    0..45 pounds
Model :    NRG01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Measure the rainfall and decide how much watering your plants need
  • The netatmo rain gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately
  • A rain gauge on your smartphone
  • Only one rain gauge can be connected to a netatmo weather station
  • Receive an alert on your smartphone the moment it starts raining
Price :    $70.00 (was $79.00)
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (netatmo product review) for NETATMO Rain Gauge Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Black available ( Jan 2020 )

Netatmo LLC Netatmo Outdoor Security Cam

Netatmo presence outdoor security camera with people, car and animal detection

Netatmo LLC Netatmo Outdoor Security CamNetatmo-LLC-Outdoor-Security-Cam

Brand :    netatmo
Weight :    3.60 pounds
Model :    NOC01-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Battery Powered Security Camera 2-way talk Black

Protect & connect while you re away. Protect your memories longer with circle; the only wireless home security camera with a free 30-second timelapse day brief of the day, designed to help watch over your kids, pets, and home when away. Whether you re at work or just next door, keep a close eye on unexpected household activity in real time, then replay, save and share important moments. Now available with circle safe, a video subscription plan offering 14-days of video storage with circle safe basic or 31-days of video storage, person detection, motion zones to watch over specific areas of home, custom day brief timelapses, custom alerts and more with circle safe premium. With circle you ll never miss a thing at home.

Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Battery Powered Security Camera 2-way talk BlackLogitech-Wireless-Battery-Powered-Security

Brand :    logitech
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    961-000392
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Surveilance Systems (logitech product review) for Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Battery Powered Security Camera 2-way talk Black available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $184.00 (was $189.99)
  • Works on latest desktop versions of chrome, safari, firefox or edge
  • Protect home: see live 1080p video streaming of your home 24/7 and get instant smart alerts on your phone when circle detects motion
  • Use cases: protect home while you watch over kids arriving home from school, talk and listen to pets home alone or check on home while at the office or on vacation- all from your mobile phone or the logitech web app
  • Simple 60-sec setup: "easiest setup, ever. love it! . it was so amazingly easy compared to all other webcams and ip cameras i've ever used (and i have owned and used over a dozen of them over the past 20 years). " connor- customer. free timelapse day brief: the only camera with a free 30-second timelapse day brief created from the last 24hrs. or with a circle safe premium plan, create a custom day brief from the past day, week or month or create a recap from a specific period of time like your daughter's birthday on friday from 2-4pm
  • Free cloud recording & storage: replay, download or share recorded video for 24hrs from your secure private cloud- even if your camera is stolen your data is safe. *additional circle safe subscription storage plans with person detection and smart zones now available

IHome iSS50 5-in-1 Smartmonitor, 24/7 Home monitoring anywhere

Your home is now the home of the future . Monitor crucial aspects of your home environment from anywhere in the world. Automatic triggers - the smartmonitor is compatible with apple homekit technology. Create your own custom scenes to automatically control your home including any homekit enabled accessories. Ask siri, use siri on your iphone, ipad, ipod touch to ask for information on your homes environment the free ihome control app allows users to further automate their home. Works with smartplugs (sold separately) connected to lights or appliances.

IHome iSS50 5-in-1 Smartmonitor, 24/7 Home monitoring anywhereiHome-iSS50-Smartmonitor-monitoring-anywhere

Brand :    ihome
Weight :    0.32 pounds
  • Featuring apple homekit - ask siri on your ios device for room temperature and humidity
  • Wi-fi enabled, no hub required, no monthly fees
  • 24/7 intelligent monitoring of your home from anywhere with internet access
  • 5 intelligent precision sensors - motion, temperature, light, sound and humidity provide real time notifications to your smart phone and automated triggers for your home
  • Monitor your home at a glance
Price :    $45.00 (was $51.59)
Model :    iSS50
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    temporarily out of stock. order now and we'll deliver when available. we'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item.
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (ihome product review) for IHome iSS50 5-in-1 Smartmonitor, 24/7 Home monitoring anywhere available ( Jan 2020 )

Netatmo Weather Station Smartphone, Compatible Alexa

Made for iphone & android, made for youthe personal weather station with air quality sensors, for iphone & android. The new standard of design and technology for the personal weather station. Attune your senses, and get new onesweather and air quality monitoring, indoor and outdoor . Measure co2 concentration and monitor confinement. Get local air quality index report, real-time. Improve your indoor wellnessthe netatmo station measures indoor temperature, co2 concentration, noise pollution and humidity in the home. Your netatmo station also indicates the best moment to ventilate. Get relevant info, take appropriate stepsyour netatmo weather station helps you decide about your activities. Receive real-time alerts. Monitor over time, get the big picturediscover weather patterns and cycles. A comprehensive and powerful tool to understand your living environment.

Netatmo Weather Station Smartphone, Compatible AlexaNetatmo-Weather-Station-Smartphone-Compatible

Price :    $129.99 (was $149.00)
  • Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, indoor co2 concentration and sound meter
  • Real time notifications & graphs for data history
  • Fully weatherproof. uv-resistant
  • Connect multiple stations to your smartphone and multiple smartphones to a station.
  • Lifetime free personal account for your data.
Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Aluminium
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    NWS01-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Wind Gauge The Weather Station

The first ultrasound wind gauge for your smartphone. Accurately measure wind's speed and direction with this revolutionary solution. Netatmo wind gauge has no moving parts and uses the latest in ultrasound technology. It is maintenance-free and produces extremely accurate measurements, especially reliable in case of gusts. You can configure how you want to be alerted if the wind reaches a certain speed. The netatmo wind gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately. Only one wind gauge can be connected to a netatmo weather station.

Wind Gauge The Weather StationNetatmo-NWA01-WW-Gauge-Weather-Station

Price :    $99.99
  • The netatmo wind gauge only works with the netatmo weather station, sold separately
  • Ultrasound no inertia. unlike the mechanical wind gauges
  • Ultrasound the best accuracy for wind direction
  • Measure wind with a revolutionary ultrasonic technology
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone and track historical graphs on the app (smartphone, tablet or pc)
Brand :    netatmo
Model :    NWA01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (netatmo product review) for Wind Gauge The Weather Station available ( Jan 2020 )

Additional indoor Module Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Aluminium

Thanks to additional modules and netatmo weather station monitor your entire house. Additional modules measure temperature, co2 concentration and humidity. Add up to 3 additional modules to a netatmo weather station. Additional modules are sold individually and work with the weather station sold separately. If, after restarting the wi-fi access point and nothing happens to the station (note: consider changing the power supply cable, the mains adapter, or plug the station into the usb port of a computer, and take the station several meters away from the wi-fi access point), your wi-fi access point may be configured to reject the station.

Additional indoor Module Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - AluminiumAdditional-indoor-Netatmo-Weather-Station

Price :    $68.00 (was $79.00)
  • Additional modules measure temperature, co2 concentration and humidity.
  • Thanks to additional modules and netatmo weather station monitor your entire house.
  • Add up to 3 additional modules to a netatmo weather station.
  • Additional modules are sold individually and work with the weather station sold separately.
Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Aluminium
Weight :    0.66 pounds
Model :    NIM01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (netatmo product review) for Additional indoor Module Netatmo Weather Station - Retail Packaging - Aluminium available ( Jan 2020 )

NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera People, Car Animal Detection NOC01-US

Presence, the smartest outdoor security camera is able to distinguish people, cars and animals. It tells you exactly what it sees around your home and notifies you directly on your smartphone. It has an integrated smart floodlight which switches on only when needed, to help deter unwanted visitors, cars, animals or all three. * 1 year warranty *

NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera People, Car Animal Detection NOC01-USNETATMO-Presence-Security-Detection-NOC01-US

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Black Aluminium
Weight :    2.29 pounds
  • Detects and reports in real time if someone loiters around your home, a car enters your driveway or your pet is in the yard.
  • Ultra-precise alerts let you know instantly about what happens outside your home. the alert-zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts.
  • Diy installation: presence simply replaces any existing outdoor light.
  • Free video storage: locally on the camera's microsd card. optional: store videos additionally on your dropbox account or on your personal ftp server.
  • Integrated smart floodlight which switches on only when needed, to help deter unwanted visitors, cars, animals or all three.
Price :    $221.00 (was $235.50)
Model :    NOC01-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Boost :    Best Surveilance Systems (netatmo product review) for NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera People, Car Animal Detection NOC01-US available ( Jan 2020 )

Netatmo Tags, Doors Windows Security Sensors Welcome Camera

Netatmo tags, add an extra layer of security to your doors and windows the netatmo tags are waterproof security sensors which you can place on your door, window, mailbox or garage, to be alerted when they are opened. As the tags detect vibrations, they alert you before an intrusion occurs. Thanks to the tags open/close state sensor, you know if you accidentally left a window open. Installation is easy: simply stick the one-piece tag to any door or window. The batteries have a one-year lifespan.

Netatmo Tags, Doors Windows Security Sensors Welcome CameraNetatmo-Windows-Security-Sensors-Welcome

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    White
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    DTG01-EUS-A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Photography :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (netatmo product review) for Netatmo Tags, Doors Windows Security Sensors Welcome Camera available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $99.99
  • Easy to install: simply stick the one-piece tag on any type of door or window / convenient: works up to 260 feets away from the welcome camera / resistant: waterproof for outdoor and indoor use
  • Open/close status sensors: let you know if you accidentally left a window or the garage door open
  • Vibration detection: alert you even before an intrusion occurs
  • 3 security sensors that detect opening and closing of any door/window and send notifications to your smartphone
  • Only works with netatmo welcome camera. sold separately

Netatmo Mount, Netatmo Rain Gauge Wind Gauge - Retail Packaging - Black

Mount for netatmo rain gauge and wind gauge. The netatmo mount makes it easier to attach your rain / wind gauge to a wall, roof, pole or railing.

Netatmo Mount, Netatmo Rain Gauge Wind Gauge - Retail Packaging - BlackNetatmo-Mount-Rain-Gauge-Wind

Brand :    netatmo
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.41 pounds
Model :    NWM01-WW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Standard camera mount thread: 1/4-20 unc bolt
  • Makes it easier to attach your rain / wind gauge to a wall, roof, pole or railing
  • One mount for netatmo rain gauge or wind gauge
  • Two mounts are required to install a rain gauge as well as a wind gauge
Price :    $19.99
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Hanwha Techwin SmartCam SNH-V6410PN 2 Megapixel Network Camera - Color, Monochrome

High resolution video 2m (full hd) helps you to monitor a clearer and brighter video. Camera pan, tilt you can move the camera to a desired direction (up, down, left or right) to monitor a wider area. Privacy mode for privacy protection, you can turn off the camera at a desired time automatically. Auto tracking the camera tracks a moving person or object for monitoring. Backlight correction the wdr (wide dynamic range) function can brighten up a dark object which has been affected by the backlight. Motion zone detection if you set a specific area such as entrance or windows, it can monitor movements and send alerts about that area. (max three areas can be set) saving in the memory card you can save your important moments in the memory card*. A max 128gb memory card may be used. The recorded video can be played using your smart phone or pc viewer anytime anywhere. * memory card sold separately.

Hanwha Techwin SmartCam SNH-V6410PN 2 Megapixel Network Camera - Color, MonochromeTechwin-SmartCam-SNH-V6410PN-Megapixel-Network

Brand :    samsung
Weight :    1.20 pounds
  • Auto tracking; 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Privacy mode (tilt - 80); sdxc memory slot (max. 128gb); wide dynamic range
  • Motion zone select detection; night vision up to 16ft (5m); two-way talk
  • Quick setup and intuitive operation; 1080p full hd streaming camera
  • Pan 350 (-175 175), tilt 155 (-80 75)
Price :    $129.59 (was $151.43)
Model :    SNH-V6410PN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (samsung product review) for Hanwha Techwin SmartCam SNH-V6410PN 2 Megapixel Network Camera - Color, Monochrome available ( Jan 2020 )

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The netatmo welcome is a very simple to use security camera. Using the free app, in my case on the android store, to connect to the welcome allowed the selection of my wifi network. After setting up the free cloud account, i added my welcome and set it to send motion alerts directly to my phone. It works exactly as expected and a bug plus for me is video is not stored in the cloud but on the welcome. Things to note: the sd card the videos are stored on is encrypted by the welcome, so you can not just download them on a computer. . Pros. Easy to use. Uses a cloud but doesn't store video there. . Cons. Encrypted storage (can be plus i admit, would prefer a setting). Gets noticeably warm to the touch. Uses a custom power adapter so not just any usb cable will work

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So far i love it. I expected from the reviews i read from online store. Com and cnet. Com, that i might be taking a chance on this and i would be disappointed. I set it up at 3:17 pm, it got a software update, and i immediately started receiving notifications of motion detection around 3:21 pm. I currently have the settings have "sr. Veil" (you are prompted to name your device) record everything so that it can get to know my kids for the facial recognition. There is a live feed and audio. I was really reluctant to purchase this item because of other reviews that mentioned a lag in the notification time but i didn't experience this problem. I bought it so when i'm at a meeting, and my son is getting home 30 minutes before me i don't have to bite my nails because he forgot to text me. When he came home today, his picture was immediately captured and i was notified unknown face with a prompt to create a profile for that face. . My son's on camera response, "not even bad though! " - kid code for i really like this! . . 10/9/15 update: i am still enjoying this product almost thirty days later. I'm considering purchasing another. . 11/17/17 still love it. It is a little laggy but if i had to get up to see what was happening at my front door, i would be a little late too. At least it's all recorded; ready for review.

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Best netatmo welcome, home security camera face recognition (nsc01 us) in review

I had made the learning process, one it's done, the cam recognized the faces really good.

. Anderson, Wyoming

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. Denise, North Carolina says

Fantastic product that was easy to set up.

Q. Kellie, Cumbria

Loved the product. Extremely easy to setup . High video quality and face recognition precision. Extremely recommended if you are looking for a user friendly camera with high quality video. . Planning to get my second camera soon

D. Stacey, Arkansas says

Bought it dec 3, 2015. It has stopped working. Steady green light. Can not reset. Can not get to website. Contacted manufacture , they said its a broke. Can not return . Very expemsive camera for what little time it worked. . Worked well while it worked.

A. Lisa, Alabama

A unique product that works well, just requires an understanding of how to work the app. The facial recognition can take some patience to train. Also needs more configuration settings for additional users, such as feature restrictions. I will be buying another one of these. Different color options would also be nice, along with a cloud archiving *option* - for example icloud drive.

. Weber, Solihull says

I thought i made a mistake that i bought this since in the beginning it poorly recognized our faces but eventually it improved: it's pretty accurate in doing so to about 99 percent of the time. Pretty impressive! it's fun to have it now. It's my one of those must-have gadgets. . Update: over a year after, i still love it!

R. Joanne, Kirklees

Prior to buying this camera, i had the fujikam fi-361 hd, the dropcam pro, and i even bought the new nest cam. You cannot even compare the software! . Obviously it's 1080 full hd, but there is a the face recognition software. For about a week i kept receiving alerts for me to identify unknown faces, but now it works perfectly. You don't have to stare at your camera of rewind to see what happened, you have a a time line showing you all the motion and the faces to show you at what time who came, and you can setup alerts for each person. I personally set a notification for my house keeper so i am sure at what time she arrived and leaves. No more bs! . It also send me a notification when someone it doesn't know comes to the door. To recap: i love welcome by netatmo, it's easy to install, reliable, it notify me when someone it doesn't know comes to my house! this is the surveillance camera of the future!

S. Carrie, Limousin says

Talk about a great addition to the smart home. This camera offers what others don't (yet) which is face detection. I have this setup in my home to turn the lights red when an unknown face is detected. The options are limitless as this supports ifttt.

O. Colleen, Thueringen

Wow its wonderful easy to hook up and really beats canary very happy great product

M. Elanor, Ontario says

Great home security camera that doesn't feel super creepy.

G. Imelda, St. Helens

I used to own a foscam and after doing some research on cameras decided that the netatmo welcome was the best option on what i'm looking for. After using it for a few days i've been very happy with how it is working. . I bought a foscam a few years ago and was not happy with it. Right out of the box it was much more complicated to setup than i was expecting and really frustrating. The picture quality was poor and the app was not user friendly. I also wanted to be able to record videos but it would only live stream. I looked at buying the canary but at $249 it was more expensive than what i wanted to spend. From the reviews i read people were having issues and it seemed there were too many bugs that needed to be fixed. I also looked at dropcam and while the price was in my range at $199, i didn't want to have to spend an additional $99 each year to be able to watch videos. . I read about netatmo on wired and decided to give it a try since it checked off many of the things i was looking for. The $199 price was what i was looking to spend and since all the videos are stored in an sd card in the device there is no additional fees to be able to go back and watch them! right from the start i was much more impressed than my experience with foscam. The setup was easy and literally within a few minutes i had it working and was getting live video of my living room. The picture quality is great and i have not had any issues when i go to watch videos of any events or view live streaming. I found the app very clean and easy to use. . When reading about the product they called out how it has face recognition technology which i didn't think i would need at first but actually found it very cool. I like the fact that i can set preferences for when the camera recognizes me so i can have all notifications turned off when i m home and then the camera knows when i left and defaults back to sending me notifications of anything that happens while i m away. It will keep pulling you up as an unknown person for a few days while its learning your face and requires numerous pictures to be taken but once the app shows your profile at full strength it works seamlessly. . For anyone looking for an easy to use camera with good quality i would definitely recommend netatmo.

. Susana, California says

This is a very good product works great and has great pictures and video the night vision is great to! :)

U. Connie, Croydon says

I've had the netatmo welcome for a day or so. I'm just adding three tags. So far, it works well. My major complaint is that it takes 10-20 minutes to add the welcome and the same for each tag. I have trouble understanding this delay.

C. Wilson, Leicestershire

If you can have patience while the camera learns your face then you will like this product. When i first hooked it up i was constantly getting notifications that my face was unknown and had to associate it with my profile. I contacted their support to make sure something was not wrong with it but they said this was normal and it just takes some time for it to learn your face. I m happy i gave it more time because after about a week it was recognizing me frequently and i have only been showing up as unknown occasionally. The app is pretty straight forward but you will want to adjust the setting so you do not receive too many notifications. The video quality is what i was expecting for 1080p. It may be blurry for a split second but then quickly goes to hd. Night vision also works as expected. I really like the hardware design, as it does not stand out as a security camera.

L. Erin, District of Columbia says

Love the ease of setup and the notifications in the app.

Z. Sandra, Peterborough

Below is my original review. In short, welcome was driving me nuts repeatedly asking me who i was. I gave up initially after one week. Well, i gave welcome another try, and a few days later, it stopped asking me to identify myself. Thus, raising rating. . The more i use this, the more amazed i am by the product:. . (1) extremely good at "finding" a face and asking you who it is. So good, in fact, that welcome asked me to identify a face it pulled from my computer screen! before i realized this was the source, i was a little freaked out. (2) local storage. Great to know that i own the video and can do what i want with it, easily. (3) blends right in. I switched from dropcam pro wi-fi wireless video monitoring security camera which looked like, well, a camera. I'm not trying to to hide the fact that i have a camera, but the welcome looks alot less geeky. . *original review*. I'm on week 2 and my welcome asks me virtually every time its sees me who i am. . On a positive note, it is uncanny how well welcome "grabs" your face every time - that is what you get in alerts - just your face. So, it clearly has some degree of intelligence. . However, welcome is supposed to learn, by you telling it who is in the face pictures it provides to you. I've gone through dozens of this step - you telling the welcome who is in the picture it provides to you - and it still doesn't know who i am. Bear in mind, the welcome has seen me in all sorts of lighting, in all sorts of angles. . I've gotten so sick of repeatedly telling the welcome "its me, ! , i've turned off the welcome. Perhaps when i'm feeling a bit more secure, i'll turn it back on. If i don't return it first.

P. Kathlene, Derbyshire says

Great camera and very good facial recognition. But it takes a lot of image verification for it to predict accurately. I wish there was more automation integration. The phone app is ok, but it would be a great product if it worked with smart home automation systems.

I. Crawford, New Mexico

I love the design! it blends in nicely with where i have it setup & people don't even know it is a security camera. The picture quality is good & i like that i can save videos from the app to my phone. Sometimes watching videos may take a few seconds to load before they start to play but it may just be my wifi. I actually like to use watch on my desktop from the netatmo website while i'm at work & it will allow me to download videos right to my computer. The face recognition is very cool & getting alerts of when each of my family members are home i find very useful.

E. Anonymous, Middlesbrough says

Excellent device. Lots of iftt options. Love it. Getting another.

F. Franklin, Cornwall

Activity detection works really well. Not perfect but pretty good compare to dumb security cameras. Face detection seems to be pretty accurate so far.

N. Janice, Franche-Comte says

Amazing camera, face recognition is fantastic, but sometimes not perfect ; -) anyway the camera it worth its price. The only cons is that the camera get really hot (phisically)

V. Monique, Suffolk

Not easy to setup initially with all the software updates but once it's up, all is good. Although i should comment, the device is pretty hot.

Top welcome home security camera face Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

V. Elida, Newcastle upon Tyne says

Too many false identifications for me to reccomend. I have deleted my profiles multiple times. Overall a decent garage monitoring camera though. I didn't like it in busier areas of my house

. Jessica, East Riding of Yorkshire

The package did not contain the camera. What a joke. Returning.

Q. Clara, Lambeth says

I give it one additional star for the fact that it does actually recognize faces. The problems are the following:. - if it gets disconnected from wifi, it doesn't reconnect without a manual reset. (i fixed this by switching to a physical ethernet connection). - it gets really hot. The sd card stops getting recognized when it reaches this state of temp. . The last point was the breaking straw. I felt it was too much a fire hazard and not worth the risk and hence disconnected it. It was a worthy experiment but i think i may switch to dropcam or canary.

M. Susan, Alabama

I have a few other netatmo products, including the weather station and one of their outdoor cameras. I wanted to love the welcome home security camera, but it honestly seems like it's not quite ready for prime time. . I do like the physical appearance of the welcome quite a bit - the form factor is similar to the weather station, and i find it to be compact and non-intrusive to mix in with any decor. The materials also feel high quality - it's nowhere near as nerdy looking as some of the other home security cameras out there. . I had a fairly difficult time getting the product setup. First time, it seemed to get almost all the way through, then gave me some odd message about my wifi router not being configured properly. My wifi is pretty generic, so i doubted that there was really anything wrong there. I have dozens of devices connected, including cameras of a few other brands. I retried the setup a few times, and eventually after a frustrating hour or so, it seemed to be working properly. . I also noticed that, just like my netatmo weather station, the wifi implementation seems to be quite weak. For some reason, i'd get "lost connection" messages with the device less than 20 feet away from my wifi access point. Only by putting it literally inches away from my router could i get it properly setup and configured. Once the device was fully configured, this part seemed better - i was able to place the welcome camera in a room on the floor below where my wifi router lives, and even though i don't seem to be getting a super-strong signal, it does seem to work reliably. The good news is that the camera also provides for wired connectivity, so if you can't deal with getting it a good wifi signal, you can always run an ethernet cable to it. . As for the mobile app, it was easy to install on my ipad, and so far it's been one of the stronger parts of the system. Once configured, it's simple to use and works pretty well, although it does seem to be somewhat slow compared to other apps. The picture quality is generally average to good most of the time, except in low light where the built-in ir lamp only seems to give a few feet of range. I'll point out that just because a camera is 1080p doesn't mean you'll get an excellent picture all the time - much more depends on bitrate and compression than just raw resolution. Thus, you can get a 1080p picture, but one that looks like a grainy, pixelated old-style tv screen. . The facial recognition worked okay, but not perfectly. Part of the issue is that you need to be careful where you position the camera so that someone entering your home is captured properly. It doesn't recognize pets, backs of people's heads, etc, and things like shadows moving across the scene can trigger false motion alarms. We had a funny situation where the camera had a tv in part of the frame - it dutifully sent out warnings about all the unknown people walking around. Still, when this feature works properly, it's quite good - i especially like the privacy feature that prevents known people from being recorded. If netatmo can get the bugs worked out, then this feature has good promise. . The other issue i had is that the unit does get physically hot to the touch after a while. My infrared thermal camera tells me that the surface reaches 140 degrees at times, and that's in an air conditioned room that never gets above 70 degrees. . Compared to other cameras i've used, there also seem to be a few key features missing, such as the ability to designate movement zones. I'd also like to see these products a little easier to integrate with things like home automation systems. Some of the newer products coming out are compliant with apple's homekit, which is one way - but it would be good to see better support for some of the relevant standards so that these devices can be incorporated into broader home automation solutions. Indeed, this is one of the things i like about the netatmo weather station - it provides a source of temperature and weather information to my homeseer- and vera-based automation systems so that i can trigger different things based on input from the netatmo. . Anyway, all that aside, i think netatmo could have a great product here if they fix up things like the initial setup and add in some of the common features the competition has. If that were done, you'd have a stylish, high quality camera with some unique facial recognition features that anyone would love to have.

P. Cageen, Barnsley says

Purchased this smart camera lately but it's ok after two weeks used. This camera needs to update lots of features or functions. Personally don't like face recognition cause it does not work properly, especially same person with/without eyeglasses or sunglasses. I'd rather want to turn it off this function but no option for this. Night vision: you cannot turn it off this feature. Recorded videos: you cannot delete multiple videos if wanted to delete them. I have to delete one by one. If sd card is in full, then it will delete oldest videos automatically but i did not like this. You can control any audio sounds either. It's default. Video quality is good (1080p) but cannot zoom. Reason why far object shows too small and unable to see what the object was. No web-based account is unavailable. You can only see it via netatmo welcome application. Other companies also let you view all videos or live via website.

A. Jarvis, Pays de la Loire

I have a canary, so have some basis for comparison. First of all, this is a good looking product, more attractive and a bit smaller than the canary. But past that point i prefer the canary. Set-up was fast and simple. However, the netatmo has been a bit troublesome since then. I get many false alarms, and since it is in a closed room, and the camera does not show anything, i have no idea what the issue is (ghosts? ). And since there is not sensitivity control there is little i can do about it anyway. The ap is a bit complicated to use, and the facial recognition is not working yet (though to be fair i have only had it a week).

. Hakala, Wyoming says

I have owned netatmo weather station (including their rain gauge and wind gauge) for many years and have been impressed with the quality and longevity of their weather product line. I personally love their weather app and the ability to upload live weather data to their global pin weathermap which shows everyone else's outdoor/wind/rain sensors. It also uploaded to wunderground's global wundermap. So i was ready and willing to test drive the netatmo welcome security camera. Keep in mind that i have been using ip/poe based surveillance cameras for the last 10 years and have developed a certain (high) level of what to expect. I have logitech, nest, arlo and canary in my array of home exterior and interior monitoring consisting of 22 cameras. This netatmo welcome will make my 23rd camera. . I have used the welcome camera for about 2-3 months and comfortable to provide this fair assessment. It was easy to set up but i must immediately state their android app is very clunky and in many respects, takes 1-2 extra steps when it can be more efficient. For example, when identifying faces for family members already identified or for faces that are not really faces, it takes too many steps to complete the tasks. As soon as i complete the last task, the app puts me back in the "home" mode screen which now requires me manually to switch to the "away" mode to continue with the identification process. . Overall, the camera does a good job in identifying faces and sometimes, it does not, especially when one of us is home and the camera should have put that family member in "home" status again, it works most of the time but not seamlessly consistent - too much human intervention to manually clean up the "unknown" faces. I understand the concept of the camera system getting smarter over time and it does appear to be asking me to verify less, however, i still think there is room for improvement in facial recognition. I am not a huge fan of advanced facial recognition when using my galaxy s8+ android phone (or the new apple x) and see this feature being introduced by other manufacturers in recent months. . The "live feed" mode provides average results (360p resolution) and again clunky from a smooth user interface experience. The app settings option allows a customization of the camera name, exact location, timezone, cloud location, firmware version, camera settings and network connectivity settings. . I wished i could have provided a more favorable review but based on my experience with ip-based cameras and multiple brands, i have to rate this netatmo solution at the bottom of my favorites. I am still a fan of their weather station and highly recommend them to anyone looking for great weather monitoring. But, netatmo is a bust for me . And maybe their next iteration of a camera solution will be a success.

F. Russell, Bracknell Forest

This thing is too finicky. It takes several tries to get live streaming to work on my cell phone, moto x, 2nd gen. Get messages like "camera disconnected" when it really isn't because eventually the stream appears. When it loses the wifi connection, it doesn't try to find another one even though it had been set up previously for another wifi so i have to set it up all over again using bluetooth. It doesn't seem to work very well on chrome browser - i have to use ie. Facial recognition is not very good, you have to get too close to the camera. I don't see any way to find out how much room i have on the sd card. Very poor instructions, just pictures to set it up. For every language? . Video quality is good both day and night when it's working. I don't have time to be a beta tester for the netatmo welcome camera - i need something that works good now. I have the netatmo weather station and this has been working well for several months until the last android update. Now i have to keep airplane mode off just to see the weather station on wifi. I'll keep working on the welcome a while longer before giving up.

G. Hayward, North Carolina says

Installed very easy. The app works great. Picture quality is subpar no mic on app to communicate. If this had the lens and quality of the kodac security camera it would be almost perfect. But i do love the no subscription costs. Will probably return it

E. Benton, Centre

I bought this thing to try to use it as a trigger for ifttt and to automate my home theater. The idea was to have this thing recognize my face, and then have ifttt trigger my harmony smart hub to power on my man cave. This "worked" for that. However, the problem is that this will take up to 1 minute to identify a face. It's not actively monitoring for faces. It's taking video upon motion detection, and then the software reviews video in 10-15 second increments to analyze faces. Which is why it takes so long to process my ifttt request. I have since moved to another solution (online store echo dot) to control my man cave a little more freely than with a remote. . I like the idea of this product, and i want this company to continue to develop this tech, because i feel like they have done a great job with it, for what it is. Since i have retired the camera from my home theater, i have moved it around the house to several other locations for other purposes, but have not found a permanent home for it. I would like to use this to build out a home security system, but i cannot find a happy medium for notifications at all. I either get notified of movement or face detection way way way too often, or seemingly not at all. I guess, ultimately, what i'd like, is the platform to be more open to customized development.

I. Williams, Hammersmith and Fulham says

I purchased my netatmo welcome via online store and received it on tuesday 2/23/16 and attempted to install it on thursday 2/25/16. Like many who have aready reviewed this product, i too am having difficulty with installation. I first attempted to install via ethernet cable, the netatmo app needed info like ip address, subnet mask, dns, and router info that i did not have readily available. So i disconnected the ethernet cable and attempted to install via wifi. The unit was recognized by my phone via bluetooth, but when attempting to connect to the internet, kept getting message that connection to welcome was lost and attempts to reinstall with no success. I have many other wifi connected devices that all work just fine. I was able to locate the ethernet info and attempted to connect again via that connection, but the app will no longer allow me to do so. I am now waiting to hear back from netatmo customer service, and am considering returning the unit to online store. Needless to say i am extremely disappointed and am hopeful that either online store or netatmo can resolve the issue. Update: 2/27/16. Tried just about everything. Then i downloaded the setup wizard to my laptop. Everything installed smoothly and the welcome camera connected to my network and seems to be working well. For a camera that touts its easy set up, it caused a lot of frustration, but seems to be working well now that it is set up. Netatmo customer service leaves much to be desired, but i am quite relieved that it is working properly.

. Denise, Waltham Forest

I own a netatmo weather station and it's a great product, sadly the welcome is so bad it's not even funny. The main problem with the welcome is it's useless face recognition resulting in hundred of daily alerts on our phones. . We are just 2 people living in the house. That should make it easier to distinguish and recognize familiar faces but it doesn't as we often have to plant ourselves in front of the camera in order to get the welcome to acknowledge our presence. Today we broke our last record with over a thousand alerts just because we were busy cleaning. . The welcome can detect when we leave the house because it tracks our phones and use their location services. One would think that it should also enable welcome to detect when we are back and one would be mistaken because it's unable to use our phones location to switch our presence to "home". . The solution we found is to turn the welcome toward a wall when we are home, and turn it back to face the living room before we leave the house. So now the welcome can't know if we are home but at least we don't get annoyed with motion alerts when we are home, only when it detects a motion while we are away. . Bottom line: one of my worst purchases, skip this product and don't make the mistake i did.

N. Joanna, Rheinland-Pfalz says

The netatmo welcome should be and could be a great product, but isn't right now the software is weak to be generous, it is lovely to look at but it doesn't function as good as it looks. It's slow to load the video on the web the app while at home is fairly quick. The sound quality is poor it buzzes in the video when there is no sound in the room and there is no setting to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone something just about every one else does. There is no digital zooming like dropcam and others have. You cannot define motion zones like dropcam and others made a decade ago. Their web page says new features to be added soon but no details about what they are. To be honest i'm disappointed 50% in the product and current software as it is today. My experience with tech support on the weather station and my original welcome (it was defective) is awful they really just are useless very slow to respond and don't really provide answers to your questions. I am going to keep it however since each of its faults can be corrected with firmware and app updates and improvements, and since the weather station is such a great product all around i know they can get the welcome where it needs to be also. I will update this review as they improve the product. Should you buy it today yes but only if you are prepared to wait several months for updates to fix its faults or shortcomings. If it did everything as advertised flawlessly it would be 5. It does do what it claims today just not well. And some of the obvious missing settings are needed for this to be a great product. Microphone level, adjust night-vision sensitivity, are two big ones that are missing. Things like motion zones are wishes but should be there. . After s couple of months with the welcome i have to say. I'm completely disappointed with its performance. It just stops working and needs to be restarted once a day. The video had a buzzing sound in it. And the motion zones aren't a mere luxury it is missing they are required my welcome can see the tv. The continuous face detection of people on tv is annoying to say the least. Netatmo promised improvements on the web page for weeks sadly the did not mention what improvements would be made and as far as i can tell none have been made. I would never suggest purchasing the welcome after using it for a couple months. Netatmo dropped the ball on this one. The weather station is awesome definitely buy it but say clear of the welcome for now it's far to unreliable and missing some very necessary features for it to be truly useful. I still hope netatmo makes the changes needed eventually it does have promise.

. Shayna, Midi-Pyrenees

Somehow my review did not stick. . I have a lot of familiarity with cameras. Primarily nest and ring. When this one came up on my vine list i figured i'd give it a shot. . Now that it has been setup for over a day i have slightly better feedback too. . 1. Difficult to setup. Tried through the phone app and gave up as i could not progress past the wifi settings. Switched to the mac app and hit the same problem the first time. But the 2nd time i got past the wifi settings. Not sure what was wrong. . 2. It does monitor and does a fairly good job of identifying faces. How to set those faces to a name is not entirely intuitive. But once you do figure out that you click the little chevron at the top right of the video you can put names to faces. . 3. Settings are confusing and don't do what they say they will do. For example, i have set notifications on motion detection to when no one is home. Yet every motion detection comes through to the phone when i am at home. My only other option is off or always. . 4. The video is grainy. The photos of the faces it captures are grainy. But it seems to be getting better at identifying people i have identified faces for. . The software did update itself on the netatmo. It then said it could do pet detection. I can so so far a day in it hasn't falsely alerted on either our cats or dogs. But i don't think the software is up to snuff. It needs more work and hopefully in a few more revisions this will be a truly quality product.

B. Lynette, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

The netatmo welcome indeed makes a decent access way monitor with various settings flexibilities through its app, however, we did experience some hiccups when pairing the camera to the wifi at first even with strong wifi strength, and also there is about eight to ten seconds of lag during live feeds and device notifications despite being on the same local wireless network. . We liked:. - the facial recognition is definitely a neat feature! . - motion and audio detection are also very useful. - foolproof, straightforward first-time setup means you just keep going to the next step without the need to choose from a hundred ingredients for your pizza. - the app has some fine-grained details to setup the camera to best suit the user, and these fine-tuning are done at small intervals to prevent overwhelming even the biggest of technophobes. . We disliked:. - the facial recognition does require some time for the camera to get to know your face. *not really a minus since all systems will require this process, we reckon. - audio sensor may not be sensitive enough, in our opinion. - some networking errors during first-time setup. Re-trying a few times seemed to fix it. - some lag during live streaming and sending notifications. (approximately eight to ten seconds delay same local network with very strong wifi signal. ). . * our welcome "choked up" (at the moment) once. When subjects are detected, there is no facial recognition. It only sends "motion detected" to the user. Tried pulling up a live feed, but live feed did not stream. Restarted iphone to try fixing, but it did not work. In the end, we re-did the "configure network" for the welcome, and this seemed to have fixed the issue, for now.

C. Ophelia, Iowa

I received my netatmo welcome, ordered via online store, yesterday. It worked for a few hours, but then just stopped sensing motion or recognising faces. Their system also would not verify my email address on the online account. I reset the camera, and tried all else, but no luck. The picture is very good, but all i currently have is an overly expensive, if impressive, video camera. I really do need the motion sensor/alert functionality as well. I don't want to return this but as attempts to contact netatmo have so far yielded no response i suppose they may well lose this sale. It is frustrating because they are so close - but as other reviewers have underlined, there is something dysfunctional about the customer experience at this stage. I'll update if there is a happy ending. Surely it would make commercial sense for netatmo to have proper customer support? it's a french company it would seem (although they are strangely hiding this, not posting the normal address and phone number on their website, something which makes them appear completely shonky). I wonder if the poor service is a cultural thing or whether it is just this company? . -. Update (a couple of days later):. It seems now to have started working again (as randomly as it stopped). I'll persevere as the camera is very good, and the style is just what i am looking for. Still unsure though, and the customer service remains non-existent.

U. Broyles, New Hampshire says

Very bad connection to the wifi, it has to be very close to make it work.

H. Cindy, Idaho

I can't recall ever hating a product as much as i do this one. . It's almost as if they designed a product specially in mind to frustrate a person. . First off it uses the phone to know when you leave, but not when you get back. You have to purposely stand around in front of it to have it recognize you. . But, even then the thing doesn't go "okay he's home and i can go to sleep". Instead it just logs anytime it sees you. This could be dozens of times a day depending on how often you walk past it. . The notifications are so delayed they're not of much value. . There are so many false detections that you'll have to turn off notifications for them or move it to avoid it seeing any shadows. Shadows make it go nuts. . The other problem with false notifications is it chews through your sd card since it's constantly writing to it. Then when you insert a new one it's almost as if it's forgets you. So you have to go through the process of training it to recognize you again. . So now i have this product in my house that i truly hate, but it's gone on for so long that it's kinda how it is. I'll probably be sad when it craps out because then i don't be able to hate on it anymore. . I gave it months before writing a review because i had high hopes a firmware update would make it better, but sadly it's still the worst product i bought last year.

W. Amanda, Pennsylvania says

I've had a canary (reliable and good features) since they were released two years ago. I've also used a beseye (nice camera design, crummy functionality). I really like trying new home security systems and seeing the variety of options and designs they have. . This camera looked pretty darn cool to start with. Face recognition in my security camera? the possibility that it won't get triggered every time my cats run through the living room? i was thrilled to receive this camera. The fact that it was tiny and gold was just the icing on the cake. Sadly, this camera feels kind of a like a beta product. It reminds me a bit of the canary right after it was released. You can tell they want to get to prime time, but haven't quite made it there. . The face recognition is pretty darn cool. But sadly, it can't differentiate between 3d and 2d faces - that is to say, the camera wanted me to identify and name all of the characters that showed up in the tv episode i was watching. So putting it in a room with a tv becomes a huge hassle. Can't you just turn the camera off while you are home and watching the tv? good question. Yes, of course you can do that. But it doesn't seem the camera has geofencing yet, so you have to manually turn the thing on and off. I don't own a single security device that can't just put itself into privacy mode when i get home. It is a very important feature for me. . The app for the camera is really polished looking, but kind of confusing to navigate. Some of the options sound great, like ignore pet activity, but it doesn't really work yet. The app allows you to name your camera (handy if you have multiples), but it doesn't list the camera name on the home screen, instead using the camera name welcome, which is oddly generic. . There are no subscriptions offered with this camera for one simple reason - video is all stored locally on the camera itself. Which means you have some nice options about how long and how many videos are stored, but leads to the security risk of thieves just grabbing the camera and taking all the incriminating footage with them. If you are using this just as a baby monitor or the like, this probably won't bother you. . I feel like in a few updates this camera could be awesome. It just isn't right now.

K. Valdez, Kent

I believe this model is not ready for market yet! . . To recognize my face, i already let it capture my face for over 20 times. But it still can't recognize. For this part, i can accept. Just the algorithm need more capture to practice. . For the clips of video, why the first 2 seconds is soooo blurred in every recorded video? after 2 seconds, video is clear. . I've used foscam and lorex camera, they all can upload video or images to nas or ftp. But this one can not! nas or ftp have much more storage space than the microsd card! . . I can't set ip address for this camera. . There's no ifttt channel yet. Hope it will come out soon. . After working for a couple of minutes, the whole part became very hot! much more heat than other camera, as foscam and lorex. . Too much needed for improvement!

R. Watson, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

- beautiful product. - face detect is ok. But:. - very hot 60 oc. - very slow (5 10s) for detect.

J. Franklin, Northumberland

I own 3 of the weather stations and love them. I just returned the second welcome due to the fact that it would not install. Customer service was almost non existent . A response every couple of days finally admitting it was their hardware problem. Great idea but not perfected. I suspect customer service is being overwhelmed with calls. Online store as usual made even the returns easy.

Z. Mable, City of London says

Would not pick up the facial recognitions at least 85% of the time. Says you can view in 1080p but the most it can get up to is 720p (mostly views in 360p) and it would constantly say the camera has been disconnected and can't view the video. Would recommend not buying this and investing in the canary all-in-one home secruity device.

D. Carolyn, Arkansas

Worked for a few seconds and froze. Hard to setup right from the start. Great concept, poor execution.

Y. Rita, Niedersachsen says

Plugged in unit and it would not connect up with smart phone.

S. Michele, Bedfordshire

Not a suitable replacement for home security. I purchased for my new home, closing was delayed so i couldn't start using for a month, clearly not netatmo's fault. That being said, if you read the other reviews and instruction from netatmo, it takes some time to "learn" faces but still after 2 months of continuous use, it still can't recognize the two faces that occupy my home, causing a ridiculous amount of alerts on my phone. It also has a real lag time-problem as it will "welcome" me home when i have been in the room for 15+ minutes or even welcome me home multiple times in the span of an hour. If you are wondering, yes, my internet speed is strong. It is my understanding that a typical home invasion/burglary is approximately 8 minutes, so really what is the point? so, now that i have given it the the netatmo the time to learn, it is too late to return. Also, i should mention that if you are wanting to take advantage of the motion sensor feature and have, even small cats/dogs, it is way too sensitive and will constantly send you motion alerts. Save your money.

O. Aldana, Wakefield says

Works as advertised except it gets very hot - measured at 110 degrees f. Returned for replacement with the same result. Tech support said that is normal. I don't think so.

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