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1 Portable Mastering Quality Sound Mqs Audio Player Gunmetal Color Leather The Bit Has Created The Most Optimized Solution For All Music Lovers To Really Feel What Musicians Feel And Hear What They Hear In Hi-fi & Hi-res Audio Formats. The First, One And -Opus 1 Portable Mastering Quality Sound Mqs Audio Player Gunmetal Color Leather Case

  1. Items: 32bit Processor Core.
  2. Items: Cirrus Logic Cs4398 X 2ea Dual Dac.

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Awesome sound, good build quality, buggy software but improving. Best portable mastering quality sound | Thebit-Portable Av Device Review ( Nov 2019 ) Items OPUS#1 Portable Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) Audio Player(Gunmetal Color) with Leather Case 24bit / 192khz high resolution sound. 32bit processor core. Cirrus logic cs4398 x 2ea dual dac. Arm cortex-a9 1. 4ghz, quad-core cpu ddr3 1gb. Snr 115db, thd+n 0. 0007%, crosstalk - 130db, output 2vmrs .

Opus 1 portable mastering quality sound mqs audio player gunmetal color with leather case Review (opus1)

Opus 1 review. . Arrived in a compact black box, you are greeted with a plain opus 1, hi-res audio ver. 1. 0 at the top and the bit at the bottom. I noticed that original website hasn t been updated since the last year, and all the effort is focused now on their new www. Audio-opus. Com domain, which makes me wonder if they are trying to distant themselves from the best internet technology to the best audio technology with audio-opus rebranding, something that would make more sense. Also, when you visit their website you will find a mentioning of 6 additional products, all labeled as opus with different index number. Looks like opus will be their new hi-res audio platform for various android based daps, dacs/amps, and even a car audio unit. . On the back of the box you will find a detailed general specification and audio performance list which paints a rather impressive picture, though you will not find the picture of the actual dap on the packaging. Continuing with a mystery, there is not much to find once you slide the exterior packaging sleeve to get to the packaging box with another opus 1 print. Not until you take the box cover off, you will unravel the mystery and will be looking at a small rectangular dap with a large touch screen dominating its top surface. . After removing the dap, the only included accessories you will find are the usb to micro-usb quality charging/data cable and a screen protector, while if i m not mistaken the glass back of the dap already has a protector applied to it. When it comes to daps, i don t expect too many accessories, but one must-have accessory was missing in the packaging box. . - the leather case -. . I don t recall ever dedicating a separate section in any of my dap reviews to a single accessory, such as the case, but in this case i decided to make an exception. Along with the dap i also received another audio-opus branded box which contained a leather case for opus 1. I was told that this leather case will be sold as a separate $50 accessory. To my surprise, when i look at opus 1 listing on online store it mentions the dap being sold together with a leather case, included in $599 price. I'm not sure if this is for a limited time only as part of a new product introduction, but i really hope that moving forward they will continue to include it together with opus 1. . So what is so special about this case? for starters and even though it has opus branding inside and outside, this is a genuine leather case by dignis. Perhaps sharing the same country of origin, they decided to collaborate with dignis who makes some of the best genuine italian leather cases for many popular daps. While dealing with abs solid plastic body and tempered glass back panel, as well as slightly wider than average footprint, grip enhancement is important and that s exactly what this case offers without masking the details of the design. . The case has a full opening at the top where the dap slides in, allowing full access to the power button and both headphone ports. At the bottom you get an access to a generous opening around micro-usb port, and you will also notice that bottom corners hug the shape of the dap with a few openings on each side. The micro-sd access will be permanently covered and protected, and you will have to remove the case to replace these cards. Btw, for easy removal of the dap, i recommend using a pencil with an eraser tip pushing up through micro-usb port opening at the bottom. The volume and transport control buttons on each side are completely covered. . In their usual dignis fashion, the shapes of these buttons are imprinted and perfectly aligned with physical buttons, and very easy to press. The functionality print of these buttons is stamped on the leather, but due to their small size a bit hard to see. As a matter of fact, due to a very small size of the buttons, the imprint of their round shape on the leather is not very easy to feel when you slide your finger across without looking. It s a little easier with volume buttons since you are dealing with only two and can blindly figure out which one is up or down, but it becomes a bit of a hassle when dealing with 3 transport buttons without looking at them up close. I still appreciate the fact that i don t need to turn on the display every time i want to pause or skip a song, but here it would have made more sense to offer a cutout for buttons instead of covering them up. . - design -. . When it comes to a design, i found it to be very straight forward and clean. The main focus of this 112mm x 72mm x 18mm dap is a large 4 tft touch screen display with 480x800 resolution. All the edges around the sides are beveled, creating a more unique look with a slight resemblance to a&k daps, especially the asymmetric design with a wider edge on the right side. Don t be surprised, there will be more a&k references in my review since it looks like that thebit drew some external and internal design inspiration from their astell & kern neighbor. With a front covered by a tempered glass touch screen, there is no other visible controls until you turn the unit to look around the sides. The back of the dap also has a tempered glass plate. . On the right at the top you will find 3 transport control buttons, rather small, not rotating (to make sure printed label functionality icon stays aligned), and nearly flush with a surface with maybe less than a mil which sticks out just enough to feel the tactile response when you push it. Also keep in mind, the button arrangement also follows a&k with play/pause in the middle and skip next/prev around it. Not everybody follows the same arrangement, and often i get a bit confused when switch to l&p daps where plays/pause is at the top. But nevertheless, those familiar with a&k daps will feel right at home. . On the left side at the top you have vol+/- buttons, exactly the same size and shape as transport buttons. Down at the bottom on the left side you have a tight cover over dual micro sd stacked slots, similar to those used in dx80 to save the room so you don t have to use 2 separate card slots side by side. Each micro sd slot works fine with 200gb flash card, where along with internal 32gb of flash storage, you can have up to 432gb of space to store your music files. . Bottom of the dap has a standard micro-usb connector for charging and data transfer, and the top has a power button (a typical long press power-on or power-off with onscreen confirmation), 2. 5mm trrs balanced ho (a&k wired), and 3. 5mm trs single ended ho shared with optical mini-toslink output. 3. 5mm ho shared with optical output is also exactly the same as used in a&k daps. You don t have coax spdif output, but can drive any external dac/amp (like ibasso d14 or micro idsd) with optical output which i often find superior in sound quality to coax cable output. . Under the hood you will find a dual cs4398 dac along with filters and amps which hasn t been disclosed by manufacturer. Opus 1 is a prime example of a design where selection of internal dac components doesn t mean it will sound exactly the same as ak120ii or dx80, both of which use the same dual dac config. Unique amp section architecture and other fine tunings will make it stand out from other designs. Considering android os running in the background, i was also not surprised they used arm cortex-a9 1. 4ghz quad-core cpu with 1gb of ddr3 plenty of power for smooth responsive touch screen operation and native dsd support where i tested up to dsd256 without a single hiccup. . Of course, you can also look into snr, thd, and crosstalk specs, but what i typically care about is output power and impedance. Opus guys didn t go into too many details, but did mention that balanced 2. 5mm 4-pole output is rated at 1 ohm output impedance and 2. 3vrms which translates into 330mw 16ohm. For single ended 3. 5mm trs output the rating is 2 ohm output impedance and 2. 1vrms which translates roughly into 275mw 16ohm. These are all decent output power numbers for most iems, efficient full size, and even some not so efficient high impedance and harder to drive cans all of which i will cover in my pair up section of the review. . The 2 ohm 3. 5mm output is pushing it a bit when it comes to multi-ba driver iems, and perhaps it was just a placebo effect where i preferred a sound from 1 ohm 2. 5mm balanced output (especially bass being a bit tighter). I assume that opus team tried to reach a design compromise in order to appeal to different types of headphones. Spec numbers aside, i use my ears to judge the sound, and across a broad range of my different headphone types i found the sound performance to be on par with a number of my others daps that use 1 ohm output impedance. But i still prefer to use balanced vs single ended in case of opus 1. . Another important factor is the battery, where opus design team used 4000 mah/3. 7v li-polymer type. When i first got this dap and after upgrading the firmware to one of the earlier releases, i wasn t able to get as much of a battery life as it was advertised. After a handful of charge/discharge cycles as i was burning in both ho ports and the update to the most recent 1. 10. 23 fw, now i m able to get a solid 10. 5-11 hrs of continuous playback with most of my iems, regardless of balanced or single ended output. Furthermore, it has an impressive deep sleep mode with an instant on feature where i could leave opus 1 without shutting down for days, and i see a very slow battery drain. I mean, it drains after awhile, but i didn t expect that android based os will be optimized to such efficient level. . Overall, i was very pleased with a design. It s not 100% perfect, like for example volume and playback buttons could be bigger, and the dap itself is a bit on a wider side in comparison to many of my other daps. And there is also a question of using abs plastic body versus metal. With dignis/leather case it really doesn t matter, and the plastic itself is actually enhanced and has a high quality. But plastic body will also result in a slightly inferior emi isolation where right next to my phone i can hear an occasional interference, while 3-4 inches away everything was fine. Opus 1 has great one-hand use ergonomics, solid build, and a feature packed design. The performance was very smooth, regardless if you through at it lossy or lossless files, and as i mentioned before it went right through dsd256 like a butter, handling dsd support without a single glitch while i was touch swiping through my 2gb files. . - gui -. . I know it probably going to sound shallow because sound quality should be the highest priority, but after a few recent reviews of daps with touch screen interface i'm having a problem going back to navigation buttons and scrolling wheels. Use of smartphone and tablet audio apps turned me into a creature of habit where i want instant gratification of flipping through dozens of songs, stopping on the one i want, and swiping through to fast forward to my favorite part. For me personally, the user experience of dap operation is very important, and opus 1 definitely got a big check mark next to it! not everything is perfect yet, but i've already seen 3 firmware updates in less than a month since i received this dap for review. . First of all, opus os is android based, but you are not running full android os. There is a custom audio player app/interface running on top of the android os which is in the background, and you don't have access to wifi or bt or being able to install any other apps. So if you are looking to stream from spotify or tidal or want to pair up wireless headphones, you can stop reading this review because opus 1 will not offer that. Presumably, full android support will be available in opus 2 release. If you are ok using only internal storage with a very responsive touch swipe interface, then you can proceed to find out more. . From the moment you press the power button, the current startup is a bit on a slower side, closer to 20-22sec where i feel like something is being indexed or perhaps some extra android processes are being loaded in the background. After a few latest firmware updates, this start up time is actually down from the original 30+ sec. Hopefully, thebit will continue with further optimization of a start up; no complaints about a shutdown which only takes a few seconds. . Once you are in the main playback screen, you have a clear layout with artwork taking approximately half of the screen and other controls at the top in the notification area and playback control in the lower part of the screen. Notification area is semi transparent so you can still see the top of the song/album artwork, if one is embedded. Up there all the way at the top you have a notification bar where you will find play/pause icon and repeat/shuffle mode indicators on the left, balanced on/off and volume level in the middle, and sleep and selected eq and battery indication all the way to the right. That area is for notifications only, nothing to pull down or to launch by tapping. . Right below it, you have touch icon for file browser (on the left), current directory playlist with corresponding number of songs in the folder and which one is being played in the middle, and setup icon to enter shortcuts menu on the right. File browser takes you to another screen where you can view/sort tracks by songs, albums, artists, genres, folders (at the top you can select microsd 1, 2, or internal source), and favorite (from your favorite list of tagged songs). Within those screens, tapping in the middle of the top below notification bar takes you back to the currently playing song. Current directory playlist index has a bit of inconsistent behavior where upon tapping it usually shows you a list of songs in the current sub-directory, but when you are playing songs from the main root directory (/music/) it shows every song including all your subdirectories (i treat all my albums as sub-directories). Not sure if it s intended "by design", but i hope it will be fixed in a future firmware release. . Clicking on setup opens up a sub-menu with a few shortcuts, for eq, balanced output selection, sleep, screen brightness control, and another tools icon in the upper right to enter the actual settings menu. Every dap has their own implementation of menus and controls, and it just takes awhile to get used to it. Eq just enables the eq with currently selected preset (there are 3 user customizable presets), balanced out toggles 2. 5mm output on/off, and sleep starts a sleep timer. Screen brightness slider just does what it says, adjusts the brightness of the screen. . Settings menu is rather simple. You have eq toggle switch (the same one you can access from the shortcuts menu), user equalizer takes you to 3 separate user settings where you can customize 10-band typical paragraphic eq (or reset it touch icon in upper right corner). Current eq implementation is useless because you can t adjust bands in real time as you listening to the song. The eq change will only go in effect after you pause and re-start playing the music. I personally don t use eq, but would be very frustrated with this implementation. I also hope they will add genre specific presets for eq since some people might find it useful. Also when eq is selected, it needs to show eq preset in the notification bar. . Next in the settings menu you have balanced out toggle (the same as in shortcuts menu), balance control to adjust l/r sound balance, language selection, screen brightness (the same as in shortcuts menu), auto display off timeout setting, sleep toggle (the same as in shortcuts menu) with sleep time setting, system info indicating fw version, internal and external storage capacity including being able to mount and to erase each sd card, and a link to open source licenses. Update takes you to system update to apply new firmware which you have to manually download and copy into the root directory no ota update is supported due to lack of wifi. Last, but not least, is initialization with db initialize (this one re-inits the database with song index), settings initialize (to reset settings), and factory reset (resets device to factory state, including erasing all your songs stored in internal memory). . In the main playback screen, below artwork area, you have a touch swipe playback control where you can swipe to fast forward through a song, and you can see playback marker position in time, the song format, and the remaining time (no total song time can be displayed). Below that you have song/album name info, and play/pause and skip touch icons. You can also skip between the songs by swiping the artwork area of the display left/right. All the way at the bottom in the left corner you can select repeat mode where you can either repeat a song in a loop, or you can repeat all (if you are playing all songs) or a folder (if you are inside of a folder) or an album (if you are playing an album). All the way to the right is shuffle selection. Both repeat and shuffle could be selected at the same time, and corresponding icon will appear in notification bar next to the playback function icon on the left. Favorite star icon is in the middle all the way at the bottom, and you simply tag the currently playing song to be added to your favorite folder very easy. . Every manufacturer has their own creative way of implementing gui and the way how they partition and organize the functionality within it. There is always a learning curve when you get a new toy and it s no different with opus 1. I got used to this interface very quickly, and everything now makes perfect sense to me, especially since i have been using this dap exclusively for the last 2-3 weeks. I still hope eq will be implemented properly, and i can copy my loose tracks into the root /music/ directory where i can navigate and skip through those specific songs instead of the list of all song including sub-folders. For now, i just created /music/various/ folder where i have compilation of my various tracks i moved from the root /music/ directory. . Here are a few other random observations about the interface and the playback. Gapless seems to be nearly perfect, at least with my gapless split dj mix directory i use for testing. I also had no problem reading cue file and could fast forward through it, but wasn t able to skip through the tracks embedded in there. Hitting play/pause has a slight delay and that is probably due to a deep sleep mode which opus 1 enters when you pause it, the same when sometimes i have a screen off and play/pause hw button doesn t always respond until i turn the screen on. But i still find it remarkable how i can pause the song, and come back to this dap a few days later to find hardly any dent in battery life. Usb dac is not currently enabled, but on their to-do list. . Overall, the interface is very responsive, like dealing with your typical smartphone touch screen. The resolution is just perfect to display artwork, if embedded with a song. If not, it will display a default image, though i also found a bug where artwork embedded with one of my songs showed up across half a dozen of other songs without embedded artwork. This is an example of another firmware quirk which should be easy to fix. I would also like to see a battery capacity indicator so i don t have to guess remaining battery time based on 4 segments of the icon. Definitely, more work needs to be done, but none of this is critical or a showstopper. . - sound analysis -. . When i received opus for review, i put it through burn in for a few days, switching between 3. 5mm and 2. 5mm outputs while i was spot checking the sound. During these few days, i quickly realized that brief spot checking wasn t enough for me because i really started to like what i'm hearing. As a result, i ended up doing half of the burn in while actually listening to opus 1 at home or during my lunch break at work. . Starting with the low end, i hear a nicely textured and deeply extended sub-bass rumble, adding a nice warm analog flavor to the sound. Moving to the mid-bass - i found it to be not as aggressive as i hear it with other daps where you have more speed and faster attack. Here it was a bit laid back and slightly relaxed, though at the same time still very articulate and with a noticeable impact. Moving to the mids, lower mids have a nice body and never add muddiness to any of my headphones beyond their own sound signature characteristics, while upper mids region is very resolving, very detailed, with an excellent transparency, and still sounding organic and natural. Treble is very detailed and highly resolving as well, adding nice degree of airiness to many of my headphones. At the same time i hear it being slightly rolled off at the top where even my harsh/grainy headphones sound pleasant to my ears. I was quite impressed how some of my borderline sibilant iems and full size headphones (with a typical metallic sheen) never lost their level of micro-detail retrieval yet they were smooth and resolving at the same time. . The soundstage is wide, and it improves even further when you switch to balanced output where it gets even a little bit wider and deeper, resulting in a more holographic staging. The layering and separation is very good, even when i use my warmer headphones which could sound congested with some sources. But one thing that impressed me the most was how transparent and dynamic opus 1 sounds. You don't realize this until you do a/b comparison with other daps, and you suddenly start to hear how the sound opens up and becomes uncompressed and expanded. . Overall, i found opus 1 to have a very unique, open, musical, highly resolving, transparent sound with a smooth natural tonality. It's hard to just classify it as being on a warmer side based on its low end performance, or the brighter side based on its upper mids/treble performance. It has a very interesting blend of a revealing highly resolving sound with an analog musical smoothness. Like a hybrid, it kind of combines both worlds of analog smoothness and digital precision without too much coloring. . - conclusion -. . I discovered opus 1 by accident, without even realizing that it will get catapulted to the top of my dap list. It's still work in progress since usb dac functionality needs to be enabled, not even something i would use on a daily basis, but still a nice feature to complete the package. Plus, a few other minor fw fixes and optimizations would be nice, including eq fix, but nothing which i consider to be a showstopper. Priced to be somewhere between other mid-fi and summit-fi daps, opus 1 definitely offers a summit-fi sound quality with an open, musical, highly resolving, transparent sound wrapped in a smooth natural tonality. Add to that a great battery life of 10-11hrs (headphone dependent), storage capacity of up to 432gb, full touch screen interface with external hardware transport control buttons, single ended and balanced outputs, digital optical output and you see not only summit-fi sound quality but also summit-fi list of features. With a current bonus offer of a custom dignis leather case, still included under online store listing, you have a complete dap package with a very impressive price/performance ratio. . I originally gave opus 1 4. 5 stars (based on the current fw), but since online store only allows whole star rating, i rounded it up to 5 stars. -P. June

Opus Portable Mastering Quality Gunmetal

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: OPUS
  • EAN: 8809484330007
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.41 inches
    Length:2.83 inches
    Width:0.71 inches
  • Manufacturer: TheBit
  • Model: OPUS#1
  • MPN: OPUS1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: OPUS1
  • Sub-Type: Speakers

1 portable mastering quality sound mqs audio player gunmetal color leather Speakers, The bit has created the most optimized solution for all music lovers to really feel what musicians feel and hear what they hear in hi-fi & hi-res audio formats. the first, one and only opus 1 will allow you to enjoy your favorite music in best sound quality up to 24bit/192khz, providing unforgettable experience and unique sensations from the original sound. don't simply hear it, but feel it. opus 1 is based on android operation systems compatible with the arm cortex-a9, up to 1. 4ghz with the quad-core cpu ddr3 1gb to express the best possible sound, providing bit to bit decoding and supporting wide variety of audio formats. Opus Portable Mastering Quality Gunmetal (OPUS#1-Opus).

Opus Portable Mastering Quality Gunmetal Speakers

  • This has become one of my favorite dap's. I had read reviews on headfi. Org and since i listen to a lot of classical music, as well as other genres, it sounded like this would be a good fit for that kind of listening. I love it, and along with a sony a35 dap, this is my go to dap, particularly for classical. I would love to upgrade eventually to the opus 2, but that's a substantial price increase over this, and the law of diminishing returns (along with the limits of my hearing! ) makes me think this will be with me for some time. The qualities i value in this dap are the sound (detailed and yet smooth on top, not exaggerated in any of the frequency ranges), the simple ui, and the cool leather case it came with.
  • I was trying for the impossible, searching for the perfect player, or at least one i could give 5 stars to. Every player has its drawbacks. This player has lots of problems with its programming. I worked around enough of the problems to make the player useable for me. I loaded 183 gb of all of my store-bought cds, but the player would only sort by album and by song, not by artist. So, i reloaded everything (7. 5 hours, 7, 800 tracks) after "initializing" the 200 gb card in the opus 1. I copied each individual cd/ album which had been in a folder the files were copied from a fiio x5 1st gen and it has no problems sorting in the folders, but i read that this may help. It's crazy, each artist is properly listed and shows every album under each artist but not under the artist header, it shows under the folder header. No way can i figure how to sort by genre (the opus shows nothing). In fact, where "artist" is supposed to show in the now playing screen in all 7, 800 cases it shows "unknown". Very strange. Yet i got it to sort properly by artist by performing the aforementioned. The screen does not look the same as in the manuel for the playback (now playing) screen. The firmware number is not available. There is something not quite right about this unit. I decided to keep the unit because it. Works for me and it does have a sophisticated, sweet sound without any brashness that most players have, and the sound is the main thing. . The aspect i like the most of the opus 1 is the sound. I listen to this in bed hooked up to a real stereo, and i am highly critical of the sound when i am wide awake in the middle of the night. No worries, i only require a few hours of sleep usually. I had had my fiio x5 hooked up, but it sounded flat in that application, so i replaced the x5 with a cowon plenue d set on "crystal clear" and that sounds excellent, a little more brash than the opus 1 but still fantastic. The plenue d only stores 16 0 gb and i have 255 gb of lossless music and i am not done adding to the lossless library. I want to hear everything. The opus 1 stores everything and sounds refined and sweet with no brashness. I am sure it will sound even better as it breaks in. I run it 24/7 off of a/c. The opus 1 has to reload everything each time it reboots. . I like the shape and its looks. The case is pretty cool. I love the huge screen and the way the artwork shows. Beautiful. However, the screen gets funky an angle. The back and the front are not glass. They are plastic. Keep the opus in its case. The buttons for volume, track and pause are tiny and difficult to manuver. The android screen is super fast. It flys through songs, albums and folder artists, i like the way the charging indicator shows the percentage of charge upon charging. . This is my first and probably last venture into something that is perhaps a level above my other players, fiio x5 1st gen, shanling m2, cowon plenue d. Every player has its issues. What is important is sound and ease of use. I really like the sound of the opus 1, and i will overlook the flaws and enjoy this product. I will appreciate it if anyone can share basic help explaining what is going on with how this item sorts its music files. I am far from a computer geek. . I recommend this product only if you have the patience to tolerate the programming issues. It has a very sweet, sophisticated sound. B/t/w the opus is big for a portable. It is about the same size of the original fiio x5 but it does not weigh as much. . Thanks everybody!
  • Read all the hype on this dap and decided it try it. I must say i m not that impressed. My previous dap was just a cheap fiio x1 of which in my opinion had better sound quality then the opus 1. I have several headsets and none seem to add much to the opus. Music sounds flat and dull. The eq feature from what my ears can tell is pretty useless and adds very little gains. All in all disappointed in this unit. Will most likely sell it and move onto something better.
  • This is one of those portable hd players that is overhyped. It is very picky with headphones, too bright for my liking and eq is next to useless since only slightly alters the sound. Comparing with all other players that i own, it is really spartan with customization and ultra slow to respond every time when i add song to a playlist on the go. Can't compare to my cowon pm2, nor fiio x5lll, but since i bought at heavily discounted it is passable.
  • Got sent back as i found switching from my fiio to this unit wasn't going to work out so well . Or so i thought. Very highly regarded unit in the forums though.

portable mastering quality sound OPUS#1 Portable Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) Audio Player(Gunmetal Color) with Leather Case (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Astounding value if this opus 1 is still around 230 dollars when you read this review. As to why this is such an amazing hi-res player and such an incredible value, go to head-fi. Com and look around until you find the reviews that have been submitted for this item. Those (generally) thoughtful assessments will tell you all you need to know. . If you don't need (or as in my case, don't want) a customizable android and don't wish to use a streaming service, i challenge anyone to make a case for a player that will serve you better than this one. . And the included leather case - available for purchase separately for around sixty bucks. Ouch! - is just icing on an already scrumptious cake.

Opus 1 Portable Mastering Quality Sound Mqs Audio Player Gunmetal Color Leather Case
Click to see NoticeOpus Portable Mastering Quality Gunmetal (opus1)"The quality of the sound is perfect hi end i was very impressed"

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FiiO L16 Stereo Audio Cable 1/8 TRS Connectors 2.2L16-Stereo-Audio-Cable-Connectors

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Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (fiio product review) for FiiO L26 3.5mm Male To 2.5mm TRRS Female Balanced Output Adapter available ( Nov 2019 )

Pioneer hi-res digital audio player XDP-300R S Silver

The xdp-300r supports all your current audio from mp3's to streaming music from your favorite internet apps. With playback support for up to 11. 2mhz dsd, 384khz/24 bit pcm, flac, alac, wav, aiff, and mqa it is possible to enjoy many existing hi-res audio formats. Equipped with both 2. 5 mm balanced output and 3. 5 mm headphone output; audio can also be output via micro usb-b/otg digital output, and wireless output to connect the xdp-300r offers a wide selection of headphones and peripherals. Compatible formats: dsd(dsf/dsdiff)/flac/alac/wav/aiff/mqa/oggvorbis/mp3/aac. Incorporating twin unit ess technology dac "es9018k2m" and amp "sabre 9601k" each allows for extreme high resolution audio and component audio design philosophy while still maintaining a realistic power envelop for a portable device. Complete separation between the audio circuit board (dac & amp) and cpu board to allow for internally separated construction. Within the dac & amp board, the audio circuitry and switching power are distanced as far as physically possible to limit the effects of noise. The dac & amp have their own capacitors to provide a clean audio signal with its closed loop design. Attention was made to circuit design to keep digital noise from getting in between you and your music. Balanced output via the 2. 5mm 4 pole supports the standard "btl" drive as well as "acg (active control gnd)" drive. Acg drive is a different form of balanced drive where the amp's cold side actively drives to create an ideally stable gnd. Power gains and increased sound separation associated with balanced output are repurposed to create increased stability for a clean signal and a greater sound clarity, especially compared to unbalanced drive.

Pioneer hi-res digital audio player XDP-300R S SilverPioneer-hi-res-digital-player-XDP-300R

Brand :    pioneer
Color :    Silver
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    XDP-300R(S)
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2-3 business days
  • Large capacity storage and battery life
  • Independent audio circuit board
  • Two types of balanced drives
  • Playback a multitude of high quality audio sources
  • High resolution playback with twin dac & amp setup
Price :    $442.99
Ce :    Best Portable Av Device (pioneer product review) for Pioneer hi-res digital audio player XDP-300R S Silver available ( Nov 2019 )

Lotoo PAW 5000 Digital Audio Player, HiFi Sports Clip Wearable Portable Lossless Music Player Bluetooth & Low THD+N, DSD Playback, USB 3.0, 2TB Max Storage,+32GB Micro SD Card Gift

Features dsd supported bluetooth supported balanced headphone output dual gain levels dual damp levels acoustic timbre embellisher user definable parametric eq spdif digital output tempo free fuction full format supported general specification size: 98 x 55 x 17. 5 mm weight: 110g screen: 2 inch color lcd 220*176 core: adi blackfin dsp 514 sample rate: dsd 2. 8mhz, pcm 32-192khz usb: supper speed usb 3. 0 storage: tf card (2tb max) battery: 1700mah li-po wireless: bluetooth a2dp firmware: update supported file format: dsd64 dff / dsf / iso / wav / mp3 / flac / ape / ogg / m4a / aac / alac / cue audio spec (headphone) freq: 0. 5db (20-20khz) thd+n:

Lotoo PAW 5000 Digital Audio Player, HiFi Sports Clip Wearable Portable Lossless Music Player Bluetooth & Low THD+N, DSD Playback, USB 3.0, 2TB Max Storage,+32GB Micro SD Card GiftWearable-Portable-Lossless-Bluetooth-Playback

Brand :    lt lotoo
Color :    PAW 5000
Size :    98 x 55 x 17.5 mm
Weight :    0.24 pounds
Model :    PAW 5000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (lt lotoo product review) for Lotoo PAW 5000 Digital Audio Player, HiFi Sports Clip Wearable Portable Lossless Music Player Bluetooth & Low THD+N, DSD Playback, USB 3.0, 2TB Max Storage,+32GB Micro SD Card Gift available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $279.95
  • With less than 0. 5 ohms of output impedance, this versatile player is equipped with an spdif output for hi-fi equipment, balanced 2. 5-millimeter output for headphones and iems, and built-in bluetooth. it's also been fitted with a usb 3. 0 port for fast file transfer from your computer, and supports both micro sdhc and micro sdxc cards up to 2 terabytes.
  • One of the highest-fidelity players on the market in a compact, lightweight package, lotoo's paw 5000 is ideal for audiophiles on the move. it features the same adi blackfin 514 dsp core processor found in the paw gold, plus an optimized portability and retro sensibility unique to this model. with all the backbone of its pricier older brother, the paw 5000 supports all major lossless and standard music files, and conveys a crisp, clean sound.
  • What you get - complete device, usb 3. 0 cable, wearable clip, sport arm belt, 32gb micro sd card gift , quick guide, warranty card. our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service.
  • Paw 5000 is an entry-level digital audio player especially for music fans, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. with small size, light weight, easy clip-on, it will bring you a rich music life when you are at home, on business, travel or anywhere.
  • You'll enjoy a comprehensive level of control, with an intuitive, highly adaptable system setup and a five-band, fully parametric eq. with excellent contrast and visibility under any light, the two-inch color led display shows a list of folders containing your music library, accessible via a sturdy, fast-scrolling plastic wheel. the impressive ten hours of battery life is built to carry you through any long listening session.

Qadira wooden headphone stand Walnut Finish

Designed to be gorgeously display your prized headphones. Great for home, office, studio, tv stand, etc.

Qadira wooden headphone stand Walnut FinishQadira-wooden-headphone-Walnut-Finish

Brand :    qadira
Color :    Walnut Finish
  • Designed to be gorgeously display your prized headphones
  • Great for home, office, studio, tv stand, etc.
  • High quality wooden headphone stand with walnut finish
  • Unique contemporary art design that fits most headphones
  • 10 inches tall with easy to open package
Price :    $26.99
Model :    HS068
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (qadira product review) for Qadira wooden headphone stand Walnut Finish available ( Nov 2019 )

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Earphones/Earbuds Apple iOS Android Compatible Microphone Remote Titanium

Our triple driver in-ears epitomize 1more s mission: we re not in this business to sell headphones. We re in this business to deliver music. Our triple drivers represent every sonic detail the artist intended you to hear. In essence, they disappear so there s nothing between you and your music.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Earphones/Earbuds Apple iOS Android Compatible Microphone Remote Titanium1MORE-Headphones-Earphones-Compatible-Microphone

Brand :    1more
Color :    Silver
Size :    N/A
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    E1001-SV
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Biss Basic :    Best Headphones (Biss Basic product review) for 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Earphones/Earbuds Apple iOS Android Compatible Microphone Remote Titanium available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $70.91 (was $90.83)
  • Three drivers- these headphones have two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. together they deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power and clarity from deep bass to sizzling highs.
  • Contents triple driver in-ear headphones 6 sets of silicone ear tips 3 sets of foam ear tips magnetic clasping traveling case attractive storage case quality dual prong airline adapter matching shirt clip
  • Comfortable ergonomic design- the oblique angled ear fittings naturally match your ear canals. 9 sets of included ear tip sizes ensure a proper fit for all. they're more comfortable and less likely to fall out, freeing you to enjoy your music.
  • Intelligent control technology- in-line remote control is compatible with iphone, ipad and android, allowing you to conveniently control volume, select songs, and take calls. superior mems microphone has independently set ground wires to eliminate cross-talk and background static.
  • Tuned by a grammy award winning sound engineer- 1more collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer, mixer, and sound engineer luca bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist's intended sound.

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A

So far: this product is working great in my lg g5. Seems to be well made as this brand usually is. I've been buying this brand for several years and have yet to have an issue. Just make sure your phone is compatible with a larger gigabyte card before making this purchase. If i have an issue uploading or transferring data in the future: i will change my review. So far, so good!

Sandisk ultra 200gb micro sd (sdsdquan-200g-g4a)

SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD SDSDQUAN-200G-G4ASanDisk-Ultra-200GB-Micro-SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A

Sandisk Ultra 200gb Micro Sd Sdsdquan-200g-g4a (sdsdquan 200g g4a) FAQ.

Nearly two years and still space! whoo hooo! -Notice from X. Monique, Newham

Click to Show sandisk ultra 200gb micro sd sdsdquan-200g-g4a (sdsdquan 200g g4a) Details

I am a member of a group that uses gopro cameras to capture off road films / documentaries that we produce. This was exactly what i needed to upload pics and film to my mac

Sandisk-ultra-200gb-micro-sd-sdsdquan-200g-g4a-(sdsdquan-200g-g4a) set picture

- F. SusanThe sandisk ultra microsdhc uhs-i card lets you shoot and save more high-quality photos and full hd (1) videos on your android smartphone or tablet. From a world leader in flash memory storage, this card features a class 10 speed rating for capturing full hd video and read speeds of up to 80mb/s (2) for ultra-fast file transfer.

Plugged in effortlessly, was pre-formatted and was able to use it immediately to offload some of my fixed internal memory camera video and photo storage to free up the phone for more apps.

G. Ruby, Prince Edward Island

Price :    $69.99
  • Performance/speed:up to 90mb/s read speed, write speed lower)
  • Microsdxc form factor
  • Class 10 for full hd video (1920x1080)
  • Capacity: 200gb
Brand :    sandisk
Color :    Black
Size :    200GB
Weight :    4..54 pounds
Model :    SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (sandisk product review) for SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A available ( Nov 2019 )

SHANLING M2 HiFi Portable Lossless Musicl Player DSD Player Gold

Specification: model: m2 colour:golden type portable hi-fi series series low level display:2. 35"tft lcd screen(360x400) format supported: ape, flac, alac, wma, aac, ogg, mp3, wav, aiff, dsf, diff sample rate: 44. 1khz - 192khz output level: 1. 3vrms d/a converter: cirrus logic cs4398 low pass filtering: jrc muse8920 dac: supported up to 192khz/32bit usb:usb micro-b output:headphone(3. 5mm)/lo(3. 5mm) audio performance output power: 125mw 32 ohm/13mw 300 ohm frequency response:20hz 20khz(-0. 5db) thd+n:102db clock source clock jitter:30ps(typ) referenced clock jitter:200 femtosecond battery:2200mah lithium battery memory:micro td(maximum 128g) system supported: windows xp, windows7, 8(32/64bit), mac os x 10. 7 or upgrading ones dimension: 11 x 5. 3 x 1. 4 cm package: 1 x m2 player 2 x screen protectors 1 x storage pouch 1 x data cable 1 x card reader 1 x user manual 1 x coxial cable 1 x warranty card

SHANLING M2 HiFi Portable Lossless Musicl Player DSD Player GoldSHANLING-M2-Portable-Lossless-Musicl

Brand :    shanling
Model :    M2
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Speakers :    Best Receiver Or Amplifier (shanling product review) for SHANLING M2 HiFi Portable Lossless Musicl Player DSD Player Gold available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $249.00
  • Micro td(maximum 128g)
  • 2200mah lithium battery
  • Sample rate: 44. 1khz - 192khz
  • Output power: 125mw 32 ohm/13mw 300 ohm

Extreme Audio Premium Gold Plated 2.5mm Balanced Male to 3.5mm Stereo Female Audio Connection Adapter Cable Astell&Kern AK100II, AK120II, AK240, AK380, AK320, Lotoo Paw 5000, Cayin N5

Extreme audio 2. 5mm stereo balanced out audio adapter (2. 5mm balanced male to 3. 5mm stereo female audio adapter) for astell&kern ak100ii, ak120ii, ak240, ak380, ak320, lotoo paw 5000, cayin n5 premium construction gold-plated premium quality connectors one year warranty. Note designed to be used with high resolution audio players with 2. 5mm balanced output.   cable specifications - connector 1: 2. 5mm 4 pole stereo male - connector 2: 3. 5mm stereo female - gold plated connectors package contents 2. 5mm male balanced out to 3. 5mm stereo female (5inch) warranty one year warranty

Extreme Audio Premium Gold Plated 2.5mm Balanced Male to 3.5mm Stereo Female Audio Connection Adapter Cable Astell&Kern AK100II, AK120II, AK240, AK380, AK320, Lotoo Paw 5000, Cayin N5Extreme-Audio-Premium-Balanced-Connection

Brand :    extreme audio
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (extreme audio product review) for Extreme Audio Premium Gold Plated 2.5mm Balanced Male to 3.5mm Stereo Female Audio Connection Adapter Cable Astell&Kern AK100II, AK120II, AK240, AK380, AK320, Lotoo Paw 5000, Cayin N5 available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $29.95
  • Use your existing headphones with 3. 5mm connector. ideal for connecting 2. 5mm balanced out connector to regular 3. 5mm headphones
  • Compatible with astell&kern ak100ii, ak120ii, ak240, ak320, ak380, lotoo paw 5000, cayin n5 or other devices support 2. 5mm balanced output
  • Gold plated 2. 5mm stereo male to 3. 5 stereo female adapter made with premium quality connectors

Sandisk Ultra 200GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card Adapter - 100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MA

Scan disk makes quality products. The switch was easy. I use this in my note 8. Maxed out the storage capacity. I knew black friday it would be on sale nearly 65 dollars off

Sandisk ultra microsdxc uhs-i card with adapter sandisk ultra microsdxc and microsdhc cards are fast for better pictures, app performance, and full hd video. (1) ideal for android smartphones and tablets, these a1-rated cards load apps faster for a better smartphone experience. Sandisk products are constructed to the highest standards and rigorously tested. You can be confident in the outstanding quality, performance and reliability of every sandisk product.

Sandisk Ultra 200GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card Adapter - 100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MASandisk-Ultra-200GB-Micro-Adapter

Sandisk Ultra 200gb Micro Adapter (sdsquar 200g gn6ma) FAQ.

Great card - fast access speeds, works very well. Mine did not come formatted, so make sure and do that before you use it. It comes with an adapter so you can stick your micro card into a regular sd card slot on a computer. -Notice from Z. Courtney, Trafford

Click to Show sandisk ultra 200gb micro adapter (sdsquar 200g gn6ma) Details

I got this 128 gig card to use with my tablets. So far it has worked perfectly in my testing. I always keep a couple of spares around for my future buys and i seem to give a lot of my sd cards away to family and friends. I picked up this 128 gig at a great price and i just couldn t pass it up. . I own about 100 sd cards and i always do a speed test to verify the reading and writing speeds before i install the memory. This card checked out extremely well. The fastest write speed on this card was 73. 143 mb/sec and the fastest reading speed was 93. 368 mb/sec. I have attached the graphical test data for your information. I used a usb 3. 0 port with a usb 3. 0 card reader for the test. . Overall, this card worked well and i rated it five stars. If i have any future issues i will update my review. . I hope my review and photo of the test data helps you. . Out of 100 plus sd cards i have purchased from sandisk i have only had one fail. With sandisk s 10 year warranty they replaced it and sent me a new one at no charge. That is the advantage when you purchase high tech from a top company that stands behind their product. . I simply called them and returned the old chip and they sent me a new one. . I am amazed at how well these work and how low the price has gotten on a sale day. Putting one of these into your phone or tablet is a wonderful upgrade to the device s storage capability. . Almost no one needs a 128 gig chip but at sales prices you can t pass up getting them. . This is a great product and it makes your smart devices even more powerful. . This is a simple and easy upgrade for your smart devices.

Sandisk-ultra-200gb-micro-adapter-(sdsquar-200g-gn6ma) set picture

- C. WidmerOnly had them for several days (bought 3 and 1 replacement of which 2 were doa) - so far the ones that work seem sound enough. Will update should any other issues arise.

I bought this for my go pro and it works good. It comes with an adapter so now the micro card can fit in my computer as a regular chip. Overall works great.

B. Alexia, Lewisham

Price :    $62.99
  • Ideal for android-based smartphones and tablets
  • Shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and x-ray-proof2
  • Rated a1 for faster app performance3 and uhs speed class u1 and speed class 10 for full hd video recording and playback1
  • Transfer speeds of up to 100mb/s*
Brand :    sandisk
Size :    200GB
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Flash Memory (sandisk product review) for Sandisk Ultra 200GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card Adapter - 100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-200G-GN6MA available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony NW-ZX2 128GB ZX2 High-Resolution Audio Walkman Japanese Import

Second-generation high-resolution corresponding walkman start of sony. Highest peak model commitment pulled up to the high-quality audio parts and power

Sony NW-ZX2 128GB ZX2 High-Resolution Audio Walkman Japanese ImportSony-NW-ZX2-High-Resolution-Walkman-Japanese

Brand :    sony
Weight :    0.52 pounds
Model :    NW-ZX2-B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 4-5 business days
  • Headphones non-bundled. and enjoy the high-resolution sound source in sony recommended headphones.
  • Android 4. 2
  • Clearaudio+
  • Google play support
  • 4. 0 inches fwvga triluminos opticontrast panels
Price :    $636.40 (was $1168.53)
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (sony product review) for Sony NW-ZX2 128GB ZX2 High-Resolution Audio Walkman Japanese Import available ( Nov 2019 )

VICTOR JVC EP-FX9ML-B Spiral Dot Earpiece Size ML / 6 pcs

Victor jvc ep-fx9ml-b spiral dot earpiece (size ml / 6 pcs)

VICTOR JVC EP-FX9ML-B Spiral Dot Earpiece Size ML / 6 pcsVICTOR-EP-FX9ML-B-Spiral-Earpiece-Size

Brand :    m
Model :    EP-FX9ML-B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (m product review) for VICTOR JVC EP-FX9ML-B Spiral Dot Earpiece Size ML / 6 pcs available ( Nov 2019 )

FosPower 3 Feet 24K Gold Plated Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable Metal Connectors & Strain-Relief PVC Jacket

Connectivity fospower's fiber optic audio cable will only connect with devices with a mini 3. 5mm optical output/input. Research product specs to be sure this cable will work with your device. Only works with the following devices that have 3. 5mm optical/mini toslink input or output: -macbook pro (retina, 13-inch / 15-inch, late 2013 and later) -mac pro (late 2013) -imac (21. 5-inch, mid 2014) -mac mini (late 2014) -apple hi-fi -apple airport express -astro a30 & a40 mixamp audio systems -chromecast audio -ibasso dx80 -astell & kern ak380 music player -channel master dvr+ -sound blaster audigy 2 zs sound card -turtle beach audio advantage micro and micro ii usb audio adapternot an analog to digital converter cable this optical cable will not plug into your headphone jack and convert analog audio signals into digital audio with optical laser light. The center core is a plastic fiber optic cable with connectors on both ends with a jacket to protect it. It is specifically used to transmit digital (optical) audio. If you need an optical cable to go from mini-toslink to standard toslink, this cable will do the job. Premium fiber core and metal connectors constructed from high quality low-loss, low-jitter, maximum signal transfer, precision polished fiber core to eliminates rf, em, and ground loop interference. Coupled with heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration. 24k gold-plated ferrules with strain-relief pvc jacket 24k gold-plated ferrules that resist corrosion, reduce tarnish, and provide maximum protection for the fiber tip. Quality pvc jacket contributes to the od5. 0mm strain-relief construction that not only provides flexibility, but also protects the cable from kinks. Notes -optical cable only! -does not support dolby truehd and dts-hd master audio. -remove protective rubber tip covers before use.

FosPower 3 Feet 24K Gold Plated Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable Metal Connectors & Strain-Relief PVC JacketFosPower-Toslink-Digital-Connectors-Strain-Relief

Brand :    fospower
Color :    03 Feet / 0.9 Meters
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Optical mini toslink to toslink cable mini 3. 5mm toslink/optical cables will not convert digital audio signals (optical/toslink) into analog signals or the other way round. this is not an analog to digital converter cable. optical cables will not plug into standard 3. 5mm headphone jack and convert analog audio signals into digital audio with optical light. it is specifically used to transmit digital (optical) audio only.
  • Compatible devices the optical 3. 5mm connector mini toslink cables are made for specific devices such as imacs, tvs and notebooks that have a built in 3. 5mm optical port. iphones/smartphones do not have optical 3. 5mm ports
  • Premium fiber core and metal connectors low-loss, low-jitter, maximum signal transfer, precision polished fiber core eliminates rf, em, and ground loop interference. metal connectors dampen vibration
  • Limited lifetime warranty includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • 24k gold-plated ferrules & strain-relief pvc jacket resist corrosion, reduce tarnish, and provide maximum protection for the fiber tip. quality pvc jacket contributes to the od5. 0mm strain-relief construction that not only provides flexibility, but also protects the cable from kinks.
Price :    $6.99
Model :    FBAUK-FOSCBL-2031
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (fospower product review) for FosPower 3 Feet 24K Gold Plated Toslink to Mini Toslink Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable Metal Connectors & Strain-Relief PVC Jacket available ( Nov 2019 )

opus 1 portable mastering quality sound mqs audio player gunmetal color with leather case Price : 244, was : 279 as 2018-03-01
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Opus Portable Mastering Quality Gunmetal (opus1) Reviewed by on puqus.com

Top opus portable mastering quality gunmetal (opus1) Content

The F.A.Q. for opus 1 portable mastering quality sound mqs audio player gunmetal color with leather case

I have three a&k models and not one compares to the ui of the opus. The audio quality is fantastic.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on OPUS-Portable-Mastering-Quality-Gunmetal

(0) Question: Is this blutooth?

(1) Question: How many levels of folders can be used, eg. will "sixties rock" "the beatles" "abbey road" songs (files) work?

(2) Question: Anybody know how good is this dap paired with the pinnacle p1 or other high impedance iems/headphones?

(3) Question: Hi! does it have a built in headphone amplifier? is it coming from usa or from countries incidens eu? thx

(4) Question: Is this blutooth?

(5) Question: If i make a playlist of ten cds will it show up as playlist on the device

(6) Question: Does the gapless feature work equally well for all formats, eg. flac? mp3? also, once turned on does the gapless feature stay active until turned off?

(7) Question: Where are the music files that this thing plays? does it have memory, or do you have to stream thru it?

(8) Question: Is the battery replaceable

(9) Question: Does this have android?

(10) Question: Could i use tidal with this?

(11) Question: What is the current android os version in this dap?

(12) Question: How long does the battery last ?

(13) Question: Does this item have wireless streaming capability?

(14) Question: Does this unit have problems playing files that are drm protected

(15) Question: Hi, i just received this a a gift and i do not see any settings option in the screen? do i have to update firmware to access the settings?

(16) Question: Can i download online store prime music on it? this is downloaded music i don't pay for and only usable when i keep my subscription payed for

(note) Question: where/how to get Opus (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Opus's products

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Electronics 282271, MP3 & MP4 Players 1106684621, Portable Audio & Video 326271Top Opus Portable Mastering Quality Gunmetal (opus1) FAQ Content

Best opus portable mastering quality gunmetal (opus1) in review

One of the best hi-res audio player with balanced output. Very clear and natural sound, wide soundstage

G. Kimberly, Westminster

You might like to see Case Kindle Paperwhite - Thinnest Lightest Pu Leather Cover Auto Sleep / Wake All-new Kindle Paperwhite Fits 2012, 2013, 2015 2016 Versions , Moroccan Fintie, A Quality Product In Your Reach! Protect Your Kindle Paperwhite This Fintie Slimshell Case At All Times! The Fintie Slimshell Case Sports A Simple And Classy Design. The Back -Fintie Case Kindle Paperwhite - Thinnest Lightest Pu Leather Cover Auto Sleep / Wake All-new Kindle Paperwhite Fits 2012, 2013, 2015 2016 Versions , Moroccan Love
  1. Advantages: Made From Durable Synthetic Leather With Soft Interior To Prevent Scratches.
  2. Advantages: Super Slim And Ultra Lightweight Edition. Protect Your Device Without Adding Unnecessary Bulk Or Weight.
Inexpensive Fintie Case Kindle Paperwhite Thinnest (Carrying Case Or Bag) Ekd0218us Fintie Case Kindle Paperwhite Thinnest
Or you might like to consider Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Wine Kindle 5th Generation, 2012 Model - Does Fit Current Kindle, Paperwhite, Touch, Online Store's Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Protect And Illuminate Your Kindle Our Sleek, Form-fitted Leather Cover Was Designed To Be The Perfect Companion For Kindle. The Premium -Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Wine Purple Kindle 5th Generation, 2012 Model - Does Fit Current Kindle, Paperwhite, Touch, Keyboard
  1. Addition: Light Draws Power From Kindle Device. No Batteries Required.
  2. Addition: Premium Leather Exterior Looks And Feels Great.
Price Fall Kindle Lighted Leather Generation (Book Reader Accessory) 515 1060 03 Kindle Lighted Leather Generation (53

K. Margaret, Cornwall says

This was a pleasant surprise, a nice looking midrange dap that costs nowhere near as much as an astell & kern musical ark of the covenant, yet delivers high quality sound in a very attractive exterior. The touchscreen and ease of use are sublime and the storage is vast. While the sound quality isn t as exquisite as models that cost double or quadruple the price what you re hearing comes dangerously close to its top of the line competition. Regular firmware updates have exponentially improved both the ui and soundstage. Despite owning a few other pricier entries in the dap world, this frequently becomes the go to device simply because of the sheer amiability of the unit. There was true pride put into the opus1, even down to the attractive leather case included, the sort of accoutrement normally sold separately. This is a winner.

H. Bullock, Ontario

At $599 this was an excellent dap. At $300 it was a fantastic dap (i paid $300). At $250 this is the deal of a lifetime. It absolutely blows away my dx80 in sound quality and user interface. Get one before they're gone!

E. Finch, Southampton says

Simple to use and sounds better than it should for the price.

Top portable mastering quality sound Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

K. Anonymous, Lancashire says

Sounded good but singers had some sibilence. Also broke down the first day. After the first day, no video. I sent it back. Was going to try the 2 but after that experience ohh noo.

R. Wells, Rheinland-Pfalz

Revamped my review . After fw update my sd cards load now no problem. The sound from this so far is average my phone sounds better imo. I bought this for its optical out function and that works very well feeding my amp/dacs

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    Universal Lcd Protection Intelligent Rechargeable (On The Way)

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    Get Discount Universal Lcd Protection Intelligent Rechargeable (On The Way), Universal battery charger, display ic protection smart intelligent battery charger rechargeable li-ion batteries 18650 16340 rcr123 14500 18350 26650 cr123a,ni-mh/ni-cd aa aaa c specifications: ni-mh/ni-cd battery input: 5v 1a output: 450ma*2 1w li-ion battery input: 5v 1a output: 600ma*2 2w input: 5v 2a output: 1000ma*2 4w compatible : -3. 7v li-ion/imr/inr/inr/icr/lifepo4: -universal battery charger,lcd display ic protection smart intelligent battery charger rechargeable li-ion batteries 18650 16340 rcr123 14500 18350 26650 cr123a,ni-mh/ni-cd aa aaa c batteries
    • It came with simple clutter free package. It is plug and play light weight perfect for travel. I through a couple batteries to test did it s job it did not get hot so believe this is a good quality. https://puqus.com/universal-lcd-protection-intelligent-rechargeable-152175gd9rxg/#universal-lcd-protection-intelligent-rechargeable
    • Highlight: Universal Charger For: Ni-mh Ni-cd A Aa Aaa Aaaa C Sc Battery, Li-ion Lifepo4 Imr Inr Icr 26650 25500 22650 18650 18490 18500 18350 17670 16340 Rcr123a 14500 10440 Rechargeable Batteries.
    • Highlight: Adjustable Slot And Widely Used : The 2 Bay Can Be Adjustable For Different Battery Length. Controlled By Mcu, Automatically Stop Charging When Detecting Improper Input Voltage, Defective Or Short Circuit Or Non Rechargeable Batteries. The Battery Will Not Be Over-charged And Over Heat.
    Low-Priced Universal Lcd Protection Intelligent Rechargeable (Battery) Lcd
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    Ihome Iavs1w Bedside Stereo Speaker System Echo Dot Sold Separately - White (Portable Audio)

    Ihome Iavs1w Bedside Stereo Speaker System Echo Dot Sold Separately – White (Portable Audio) 180

    Show Details Ihome Iavs1w Bedside Stereo Speaker System Echo Dot Sold Separately - White (Portable Audio), Bedside stereo speaker system echo dot sold separately - specially designed to power & connect your online store echo dot, includes insert for gen 1, gen 2 & charging cable for echo dot -ihome iavs1w bedside stereo speaker system echo dot sold separately - white
    • Details: Stereo Sound For Room-filling Music; Weight: 1. 64 Lbs, Dimensions: 6. 70" W X 2. 13" H X 6. 70" D.
    • Nice enclosure for my online store echo dot. The dimmer works great and i like being able to set the clock to military time. The speaker is a real improvement over the dots tinny speaker. It is a little bit bigger than i thought it would be. Over all it is worth the money. https://puqus.com/ihome-iavs1w-bedside-speaker-separately-18075zl8xsv/#ihome-iavs1w-bedside-speaker-separately
    • Details: Additional Usb Port For Charging For Phones Or Other Usb-powered Devices (charging Cable Not Included).
    Deals Ihome Iavs1w Bedside Stereo Speaker System Echo Dot Sold Separately - White (Portable Audio) Iavs1w
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    Ihome Iavs16 Bedside Bluetooth Charging (Portable Audio)

    Ihome Iavs16 Bedside Bluetooth Charging (Portable Audio) 558

    Purchase Now Ihome Iavs16 Bedside Bluetooth Charging (Portable Audio), Alexa Bedside Speaker System Far Field Voice, Bluetooth, Usb The Iavs16 Is An Innovative Bedside Clock Far Field Online Store Alexa Voice Service (avs) To Play Music, Audio Books, And More. Control Smart Home Devices, Get Weather, News, Traffic -Ihome Iavs16 Alexa Bedside Speaker System Far Field Voice, Bluetooth, Usb Charging
    1. Supplementary: The Iavs16 Also Allows You To Play Your Music And Answer Calls Over The Bluetooth Wireless Connection.
    2. Supplementary: The Iavs16 Is Always Getting Smarter, Spotify Voice Control, Alexa Calling And Messaging And Esp Features Are Coming Soon.
    3. I have to admit, ihome surprised me with this one, an item i hand underestimated until i put it through its paces. The bluetooth bedside/home office stereo with far field voice and online store's alexa voice activation assistant far surpassed my expectations. You can link your account over wifi and ... go to https://puqus.com/ihome-iavs16-bedside-bluetooth-charging-558725ylsz9/#ihome-iavs16-bedside-bluetooth-charging
    Affordable Ihome Iavs16 Bedside Bluetooth Charging (Portable Audio) Iavs16
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    Fintie Protective Case Generation (saaa050us)

    Fintie Protective Case Generation (saaa050us) 1475

    Most Wishlist Fintie Protective Case Generation (saaa050us), Protective case echo plus / echo 1st generation - premium vegan leather cover sleeve, emerald fintie, a quality product in your reach! protect and keep your echo looking great this custom case. premium synthetic leather soft non-scratch microfiber interior. provide protection -fintie protective case echo plus / echo 1st generation - premium vegan leather cover sleeve, emerald illusions
    • Benefits: Premium Synthetic Leather With Soft Non-scratch Microfiber Interior. Provides Protection For The Aluminum Body Against Scratches, Greasy Dirt And Abrasions.
    • Benefits: Integrated With Durable Nylon Fabrics Which Act As Acoustic Vents To Deliver All The High-quality Sound Expected From The Echo.
    • Fits kind of loose, and makes my alexa look like she gained a few extra lbs. , but it does look just like the photo, and is such a high quality product that everyone should get their alexa a pretty jacket to protect her. She loves us, we need to take care of her, https://puqus.com/fintie-protective-case-generation-14756xpy4tpd/#fintie-protective-case-generation
    Low-End Fintie Protective Case Generation (Computer Component) Lysb06xpy4tpd Cmptraccs

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