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Price was $169.00. Truly impressed. This delivered as advertised. I live in a suburb of raleigh, nc about 20 miles from the main broadcast tower. I live in a townhome i needed something i could install in the attic. . I originally bought the channel master cm-4228hd which claims an 80 mile range, but the results were mediocre. So stations came in fine, but some would often drop, especially in bad weather. So after about a month i decided to try the marathon antenna. . The marathon antenna worked awesome! was super easy to install. Way easier than trying in install one of those big metal array type. Took me about 10 minutes to get installed. I easily got a 20-30% boost on my strength meter for each channel. All of them maxed out and came in crystal clear with no drops. Even the local pbs which is not on the same broadcast antenna as the others and is typically hard to get because of being in a different direction.

-H. Imelda

Outlander Hdtv Long Distance An Amazing Whole-house Hdtv Antenna Solution No Monthly Fees Get Rid Of Multiple Antennas And Connect Up To 4 Tvs To The One Amplified Hdtv Antenna. The Marathon Makes Things Simpler -Outlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna

  1. Attribute: Designed For Easy Indoor / Outdoor Hook Up, And Unsurpassed Performance Across All Tv Bands Including Fm/am Radio.
  2. Attribute: Delivers Signals Other Antennas Miss, Hauling In Transmissions From Up To 100 Miles Away, Long Range Hdtv Reception For Whole House.

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I purchased this with the intention of connecting all my televisions in the house to it instead of using those flat mohu ones on the wall in the house. The mohu worked perfectly, however my wife was wanting to rid our walls of wires and flimsy antennas. . Installed the marathon at the highest point of my house, atop the chimney facing the direction of all the oklahoma city tv towers. I was so disappointed that i was only able to pull in two digital channels. I was totally confused as i was bringing in over 40 channels with all my little mohu antennas. I am only about four to six miles away from the towers. I called and left a message with the company since the box says to contact them for trouble shooting. Later that same day i received a phone call back and an email from them with tips and specific questions. In his message he did say i may be so close to the towers that the signal is just so strong the antenna is picking it up but the tv is having a hard time reading it. Hearing that, i went and unplugged the power that is connected to the antenna and at that point rescanned for channels and behold, i was able to receive all channels available, crystal clear, and had the strongest signal for each channel as indicated on the screen. . The footprint on the house is not that bad. We have a very tall roof and you would have to be looking up at the chimney to see it. It passed the wife test on the outside of the house. . I recommend this product, hands down. Best outlander hdtv long distance | Free Signal Tv-Consumer Electronics Review ( Apr 2020 ) Attribute Outlander HDTV Long Distance Antenna Specifications: signal capture: up to 100 miles, construction: weatherproof composite shell, advanced internal alloy components, gain: 20 db. Designed for easy indoor / outdoor hook up, and unsurpassed performance across all tv bands including fm/am radio. Delivers signals other antennas miss, hauling in transmissions from up to 100 miles away, long range hdtv reception for whole house. Design: directional, power requirements: 110v .

Outlander hdtv long distance antenna Review (ca 2600)

I see some reviews showing one star for "less-than 100 miles" reception. While i can not personally vouch for this, i can confirm the antenna is one of the best indoor - attic antennas of this caliber to tune-in both indianapolis and ft. Wayne, indiana over-the-air broadcasts, 120 miles apart! my residence is around 50 miles from ft. Wayne and more-than 65 miles from indianapolis towers. Using the winegard flat-wave indoor tv antenna, i picked-up maybe 4 channels at best from ft. Wayne - standard def, only. As soon as i made the switch to marathon from free signal tv however, i was able to increase my network range with high definition tv from indianapolis stations more-than 60 miles away (with a compass heading of 230 degrees)! tuning in stations takes a bit of finesse, but the support at freesignaltv. Com made it easy! keep in mind, placement of the power supply near the unit makes a big difference (gained 7 additional channels on auto-scan). In the end, being able to tune-in major network tv on the backside of an indoor - attic antenna, while watching college game day in crystal-clear hd 60+ miles away in the opposite direction, deserves some positive recognition! buymarathon -F. Florence

Outlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. EAN: 0854343002456
  3. Product Dimensions:
    Height:21.60 inches
    Length:4.30 inches
    Weight:4.80 pounds
    Width:35.80 inches
  4. Manufacturer: Free Signal TV
  5. Model: CA-2600
  6. MPN: CA-2600
  7. Quantity: 1
  8. Part/Serial Number: CA-2600
  9. Type: Speakers
  11. UPC: 854343002456

outlander hdtv long distance Speakers, An amazing whole-house hdtv antenna solution with no monthly fees get rid of multiple antennas and connect up to 4 tvs to the one amplified hdtv antenna. the marathon makes things simpler and saves you the high costs of cable and satellite subscription fees. super long-range reception power like no other antenna this 100 mile indoor and outdoor tv antenna offers high-power amplification to deliver the best network and independent channels into any room in your house. to view stations available in your area, visit the fcc reception map located here: cutting edge design and technology years of research have gone into producing the marathon high-definition tv antenna. engineering and circuitry design allow this whole-house antenna to capture signals up to 100 miles away. it includes built-in instant signal amplification that's 4k ready, indoor/outdoor durability in a compact sealed unit design that is 4k ready, and the latest 4g/lte filter circuitry for noise free reception. easy 3-step installation the setup is super easy, using standard cable and 110v outlet. consult the customized reception map & quick tips sheet emailed to all buyers for where to aim the antenna during installation. connect the marathon antenna's unique power insertion module into coaxial line between antenna and tv (or splitter) wherever power is available (place within 50 feet of antenna location). replacing cable or satellite service? mount the marathon inside or outside at the highest available location and connect in place of incoming cable and satellite feed. the unit will then power all the tvs in your home using existing cable wiring. got any questions? free signal tv tech support experts are available by calling 859-250-9538. Outlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna (CA-2600-).

Outlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna Speakers

  • Background first: i live in orange county, california, 43 miles from the los angeles tv broadcast towers. Placing a tv antenna on the roof outside is not an option for me. I also do not have any attic installation option. So, i must use an indoor antenna. . I was using the ultra thin indoor hdtv amplified antenna rated for 50 miles first, because it is both economical and easy on the eyes. I needed to use two of these, however, because in order to pick up all the network stations, one antenna had to be vertical, and one had to be horizontal. (ahh, the frustration of finding the exact right location and orientation of a tv antenna to get the desired stations. ) so, using a radio shack a/b coax switchbox with a remote control i was able to get all the stations perfectly utilizing two antennas. And this worked fine for my needs for a nice amount of time until i decided to get the new tivo bolt. . I could have continued doing the a/b switchbox scenario with the 4-tuner dvr, of course, but it is more practical to have one antenna that can pick up everything regarding the use of the recording feature of a dvr. So i sought out a solution. And i found it with the marathon antenna. . The marathon antenna is placed as high up as possible, with the top flush against the ceiling. And it picks up all the local broadcast stations 43 miles away. It is very easy to set up, and the design is clever where the two rods screw into the left and right side to allow vhf to be received. . I almost deducted one star because of the following: this company markets this antenna for indoor use, which they should, and which is fabulous. But for those like me who will use it indoors, fairly close to the tv itself, i bet we'd love it if for $150 we'd also get an included coaxial cable to go from the antenna to the amplifier. (other much cheaper antennas do include a coax cable. ). . Also, and certainly less importantly, for the many like me who use this indoors, it might have been nice if the bottom of the antenna had been perfectly flat so one could stand it up on a shelf (or table) on its own, where it would not tip over, etc. (of course, if one uses the antenna outside, they will mount it using a bracket. But for indoor use, not in an attic, but in a den or living room, or bedroom, well, you understand. And if making the bottom edge perfectly flat is not possible, perhaps some kind of bottom attachment piece could have been made. ). . Bottom line: this is a powerful antenna . And i'd recommend people certainly consider this antenna since i found success using it indoors, 43 miles from the towers, after failing to find total success with cheaper antennas that claimed 50 and 60 mile range. This might just be the best tv antenna out there for people a good distance away from the towers. (oh, and the communication from the company was great. This is a company that cares, and really wants you to find success with this antenna. Which luckily i did. )
  • I was skeptical that this would actually get any reception where i live. I am 45 miles north east of st. Louis. I really didn't think i would get all 18 channels from st. Louis. Boy was i wrong! i have it hooked up to 3 tv's in my house. The cable run i thought would have been to long to get a good signal (it is well over 100 ft run to the splitter in the basement) i do have one complaint; the instructions want you to put the powered booster right on the antenna (it is not sealed for the elements nor do most people have a power outlet on the roof near the antenna mast) so i have it in the basement before the splitter. But is it really a complaint if it still works awesome? . . So here are the pros and cons. . Pro's. 1. Pulls in channels! . 2. Small form factor (unlike the old weather-vane looking antenna) ascetically pleasing (housing associations should have no problem with this device on the roof. ). . Con's. 1. High price tag. 2. Antenna booster is not weather proof (they want it plugged into the antenna outdoors; and who has an outlet or power on the roof where they want you to mount this antenna?
  • If i could mount this on my roof it might be great, but as it is, with my compass range being n. W. And the only dble. Window facing that direction still wouldn't give me a good reception, as it's a due west window, it's a fail for me. And the tv is placed on the opposite wall , as due to the living room configuration that's the only wall that works and the couch has to be in front of the west-facing window. . I wish i'd known all this before i purchased it. Now i have to go thru the trouble and expense of shipping it back.
  • Waste of money. Gets no more, and no less, channels than my $15 test antenna.
  • This antenna is is big, bulky, and expensive. It is also so sensitive to direction, that i had to constantly be adjusting it. A small, flat antenna in our home does a much better job. I returned the product a month ago, but have yet to see my refund.

outlander hdtv long distanceOutlander HDTV Long Distance Antenna (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

At first i wasn't too impressed but after researching i found that these longer range antennas have a narrower path that reaches further. The antenna i am replacing had a wider path and could pick up 3 different towers. But the thing is they all had the same channel broadcasting. And though it was a good antenna it would cut out when it rained or even if the wind was blowing too hard. Sometimes i wouldn't get some of the channels. I noticed with this marathon that does not happen. We had some pretty bad storms here and it did not bother my reception at all. I zeroed in on the best tower and the reception is about as close to cable as i have seen. Some of my stations are every bit as good if not better then my cable was. My search found 63 stations and many of them were hispanic. After channel blocking all that i wont watch. I have 42 clear and watchable stations. It's pretty easy to set up. This antenna mounted on the same pole as the antenna i replaced. So i just bolted the hardware on the back of the antenna that came with it and attached it to the same pole. The amplifier is easy as well and i just replaced my old one with this and it hooked right up. I noticed it has a way to make it free standing indoors but the foot did not come with it. Might want too check and make sure you have that if you want to use it like that. I am very happy with the signal strength and stability of the signal.

Outlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna
Click to see NoticeOutlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna (ca 2600)"Very powerful antenna. I live about 45 miles from the broadcast towers over flat land (no mountains, etc. ). I mounted the antenna about 25 feet high in a second floor room with a high ceiling. It's mounted close to the ceiling on a shelf. I attached a 5" or 6" l bracket to the mounting bracket on back of the antenna so the antenna will stand and be stable. The tv signal is passing through two layers of shingles, wood sheathing, plasterboard and plaster walls, and some high trees. No window near by. The signal virtually travels through the house to get to the antenna. I am receiving all of the networks (abc, cbs, nbc, and fox). I do need to adjust the antenna a bit to receive fox. I'm receiving about 26 channels total. I had been using another antenna for years that had good performance but this one is better. One note, i am also using an external hdtv tuner that is a tad more sensitive than the one in my tv. You do need to be patient and experiment with placement. I was amazed that shifting it just a couple of inches made a huge difference. Very pleased with this purchase."

(0) Question: Does this have to be positioned high on the roof?

(1) Question: Can this antenna pick up vhf channels from about 60 miles away ?

(2) Question: Can you pick up cable channel swith this antenna?

1PLUS HDTV Antenna Outdoor 150 Miles Range 360 Rotation Outdoor TV Antenna Wireless Remote Roof High Crystal Performance

1plus outdoor amplified antenna - 150 miles range - 360 rotation - wireless remote are you still pay for the cable or satellite fee for televison? come on! our outdoor tv antenna is a receiver that can get all of your local free channel if operate correctly, which can help you save lots of money! features: built-in low-noise and high gain amplifier built-in motor turns the antenna 360 degrees motor turns in both directions to avoid tangles wireless remote controller control box with dual tv outputs is included assembles in minutes mounts to a pole up to 1" in diameter (pole not included) recommended to be mounted 30 feet above ground

1PLUS HDTV Antenna Outdoor 150 Miles Range 360 Rotation Outdoor TV Antenna Wireless Remote Roof High Crystal Performance1PLUS-Antenna-360 Rotation-Wireless-Performance

Brand :    1plus
Size :    Non Mount Pole
Weight :    4.61 pounds
Model :    PD102
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Dual tv outputs - outdoor tv antenna support 2 tvs at the same time without a spliter. no special adapter needed. don't bother to buy another hdtv antenna.
  • 150 mile range hdtv reception - tv antenna can capture 1080p hdtv and 32db high gain reception within 150-mile range, full support 720p, 1080i, 1080p working frequency: vhf 40 300mhz uhf 470 890mhz receive free digital broadcast high definition tv antenna signals.
  • Weather resistant - 150 mile tv antenna is for outdoor using. hdtv antenna outdoor is lightning protected, durable design with grounding done -don't get struck out by bad weather.
  • Wireless remote controller - built-in 360 degree motor rotor built-in super low noise amplifier includes 33ft hdtv antenna coax cable. the pole is not included, you can purchase antenna pole mount here: b0744dcjvw.
  • What you get - outdoor tv antenna with wireless remote, power supply adapter and 33ft coax cable. together with 45 days money back, one year guarantee and friendly, easy-to-reach support.
Price :    $35.95
Furniture :    Best Home Furniture And Decor (1plus product review) for 1PLUS HDTV Antenna Outdoor 150 Miles Range 360 Rotation Outdoor TV Antenna Wireless Remote Roof High Crystal Performance available ( Apr 2020 )

Extreme 4 Way Balanced HD Digital 1GHz high performance coax cable Splitter - BDS104h

Extreme broadband bds104h 4-way balanced digital coax splitter

Extreme 4 Way Balanced HD Digital 1GHz high performance coax cable Splitter - BDS104hExtreme-Balanced-Digital-performance-Splitter

Brand :    extreme
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    BDS104H
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Computer Component (extreme product review) for Extreme 4 Way Balanced HD Digital 1GHz high performance coax cable Splitter - BDS104h available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $2.00 (was $4.39)
  • 5-1000 mhz/emi - 130db
  • 7. 0 db / 7. 0 db / 7. 0 db / 7. 0 db out
  • Manufacturers part no. : bds104h

SiliconDust HDHR5-4US HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro 4-Tuner Live TV Cord Cutters

Have you thought about cutting the cord and forgetting about cable tv? make hdhomerun connect quattro part of your home network. Receive free to air tv via an antenna allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over your existing home wi-fi, or a wired ethernet connection from your home router. No more expensive cable tv subscriptions or cable boxes rental fees. You can now easily watch another program in a different room or enjoy football in the yard - whether on android tv device, phone, tablet, computer or smart tv. You can watch live tv through our hdhomerun dvr app and you can record, pause, rewind and schedule your favorite shows using the hdhomerun dvr service. You can also watch and record live tv with plex or you can record, pause, rewind and schedule programs using our kodi/xbmc add-on or popular compatible third party dvr software. Requires guide subscription.

SiliconDust HDHR5-4US HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro 4-Tuner Live TV Cord CuttersSiliconDust-HDHR5-4US-HDHomeRun-CONNECT-4-Tuner

Brand :    silicondust
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    HDHR5-4US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (silicondust product review) for SiliconDust HDHR5-4US HDHomeRun CONNECT Quatro 4-Tuner Live TV Cord Cutters available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $124.99
  • Cut the cable and save on monthly fees
  • Compatible with hdhomerun dvr plex ios android windows 10 mac linux devices etc.
  • Works over your home wired or wi-fi network to many devices throughout your home
  • Watch live tv on multiple devices simultaneously throughout your home with our multi room multi user network tuner solution
  • Pause recordings on one device in one room and resume in another on a separate device with hdhomerun dvr service

Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV Antenna

Great antenna. I live on the eastern plains of colorado, over 60 miles from the signal source for many denver stations. Get a great signal and a clear picture except in the most heavy weather. Quick and easy to install on the roof mast i had with a couple of simple hand tools. I doubled the number of stations by replacing our previous antenna.

The channel master cm 4228hd is a pre-assembled 8-bay outdoor tv antenna which will receive uhf and hd signals. This antenna has a signal range of 60 miles and will pick up available local digital and hd signals. With an hd television you will pick up any crystal clear hd signals being broadcast in your area.

Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV AntennaChannel-Master-CM-4228HD-High-Antenna

Channel Master Cm-4228hd High Vhf, Uhf Hdtv Antenna FAQ.

Works very well at 35 miles away, it says its 180 degrees with getting a signal, i would say that is only 60 degrees, but every other antenna i tested was about the same, but this one gets vhf and uhf at 35 miles which is very good so this one wins! -Notice from J. Peggy, Texas

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Mounted it in attiac and now can get all local channels and then some.

Channel-master-cm-4228hd-high-vhf,-uhf-hdtv-antenna set picture

- S. HelenWe purchased this to replace a antennas direct clearstream 2v(decent antenna in its' own right) that was having issues keeping reception on a couple vhf high stations we like to watch. The reception on those channels is greatly improved and it picks up the stations that the clearstream picked up as well. We rarely lose reception on any channel now, very happy with this purchase

We are on the fringe area from seattle's queen anne where most transmitters are located. Previously received one broadcast channel occasionally. Still spotty reception everyday for all channels, but consistently receive komo and kiro. When we have clear days we get king/kong, and fox as well.

P. Carmen, Delaware

Brand :    channel master
Color :    Gray
Size :    80 Miles
Weight :    10.00 pounds
  • Top performing and highest rated long range outdoor tv antenna
  • Reception range: up to 80 miles
  • Powerful reception: 12db gain
  • Reception angle: multi-directional (up to 180 )
  • Picks up free tv from networks like abc, cbs, nbc, fox, cw, pbs, metv, ion, univision, telemundo and many more in crystal clear uncompressed hd
Price :    $109.00
Model :    CM-4228HD
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Speakers :    Best Antenna (channel master product review) for Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV Antenna available ( Apr 2020 )

TV Antenna, ANTOP Outdoor / Indoor Digital Smartpass Amplifier HDTV Antenna 80 Miles Multi-Directional VHF/UHF High Gain Reception Tools-Free Installation 40ft High Performance Coaxial Cable

Disclaimer channel reception quality will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings before purchasing this antenna, please check out what channels are available in your area: receptionmaps. Com/advanced-tv-maps. Html antop's new generation digital technology - smartpass amplifier - 4g lte filter - high gain reception technology - durable exterior, waterproof design with uv coating. - supports vhf & uhf digital signals. - mounting accessory options. By following the simple tips below, you can enjoy free tv with your antop antenna - re-scan the channels after each switching of the smart switch. - scan channels monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed. - do not place or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects. - install the antenna as high as possible and near a window for better reception. - keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference. Features range: 65 to 80 miles from point of signal origination power supply: dc 12v reception pattern: multi-directional polarization: horizontal/vertical color: white size: 10. 24x4. 72x23. 46in coaxial cable: 40ft exclusive technology: smartpass amplified, built in 4g lte filter smart switch on: long range reception smart switch off: short range reception what's in the box at-400b flat panel smartpass amplified digital outdoor/indoor tv antenna power inserter with smart switch ac/dc power adapter indoor stand 40ft coaxial cable wall/pole mounting bracket instruction/user manual instrucciones de instalación en español

TV Antenna, ANTOP Outdoor / Indoor Digital Smartpass Amplifier HDTV Antenna 80 Miles Multi-Directional VHF/UHF High Gain Reception Tools-Free Installation 40ft High Performance Coaxial CableANTOP-Multi-Directional-Tools-Free-Installation-Performance

Brand :    antop
Color :    White
Size :    23.46 x 4.72 x 10.24
Weight :    7.50 pounds
Model :    AT-400B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Antenna (antop product review) for TV Antenna, ANTOP Outdoor / Indoor Digital Smartpass Amplifier HDTV Antenna 80 Miles Multi-Directional VHF/UHF High Gain Reception Tools-Free Installation 40ft High Performance Coaxial Cable available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $79.19 (was $98.89)
  • 80 miles long range multi-directional vhf/uhf high gain reception, perfect for indoor / outdoor / attic and rv mobile using.
  • Antop on-line customer support team is available mon-fri 9am to 5pm (pst), offering antenna selection & installation assistance, etc. all antop antennas come with 30-day money back guarantee. visit antopusa for complete warranty, return and replacement details.
  • Sleek durable design, anti-uv & waterproof exterior, hard abs plastic casing protects internal elements from any weather conditions, and sleek design provides visual appeal.
  • Free for life - never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again
  • Without installation fees, tools-free, multi-way installation and easy set-up, this fashionable designed tv antenna is so much easier to install than the traditional antennas using the included accessories.

Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount Antennas

The winegard ds-3000 "j" pipe mount is designed for outdoor antennas. It can be used on either end of pipe for best mounting. Pipe is made of galvanized steel, 39 inches long, with a wall thickness of . 060 inches. 1. 66" of, e-coated for maximum protection from the elements.

Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount AntennasWinegard-DS-3000-Pipe-Mount-Antennas

Brand :    winegard
Color :    One Color
Size :    One Size
Weight :    4.20 pounds
Model :    DS-3000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Mountable on side of house or roof
  • Tripods & masts over 10ft should be guy wired
  • Designed for outdoor antennas
  • 3ft heavy-duty galvanized steel tripod mount for off-air antenna
  • Pitch pads are recommended but not included
Price :    $15.00 (was $15.65)
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for Winegard DS-3000 J Pipe Mount Antennas available ( Apr 2020 )

Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder DVR Over-The-Air OTA HDTV Wi-Fi LIVE TV Streaming

I have been a tivo user for years and have really enjoyed their product. Tivo just got bought by the same people that built macrovision. Ugh! . Lately, my tivo after 2 years with no problems stopped receiving cbs? after i bought two new tivos, a new antenna, and talking with tech support i still could not tune in cbs on my tivo. Never-mind all my other antenna tv's in the house received it just fine. I have now diagnosed this problem to a software update from tivo that uses a macrovision flag to turn it off. Tivo tech support will not admit this becasue they would loose to many customers. However, cbs has just started their own streaming internet service and doesn't want competition. . Enter the tablo. Yes it receives and records all ota channels including cbs that tivo turned off. I just bought the tablo lifetime membership and i could not be happier with this product. I use it with. A roku 2. Great product with to many features to list. I am very happy again!

Tablo is a 4-tuner over-the-air (ota) dvr for cord-cutters using hdtv antennas to access broadcast tv signals. All tablo units include dual band wi-fi enabling tablo and the antenna to be placed in an optimal location for ota reception. Browse, record and stream up to four simultaneous live or recorded hdtv programs on your ipad, android tablet, laptop, smartphone, or your big screen tv using roku, chrome cast or apple tv. A whole-home-dvr and place shifter combined, tablo streams your favorite hdtv programs including local news and sports to all connected devices on your home network or anywhere you have internet.

Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder DVR Over-The-Air OTA HDTV Wi-Fi LIVE TV StreamingTablo-4-Tuner-Digital-Recorder-Streaming

Tablo 4 Tuner Digital Recorder Streaming (spvr4 01 na) FAQ.

At first i was a little hesitant buying this because so many people had issues or thought this product was subpar. I bought it anyway because it had everything i wanted. I could use it with any of my rokus, record anything i wanted, watch on my iphone or ipad, and gave me access to all the major networks . My review is almost all positive. It works faster with the wired connection, it took awhile to figure out my antenna setup but works great now because i'm allowed to put the tablo anywhere i want (i have it hidden under my son's dresser). Two things that keep it from a 5 star. It takes some time to load a show, and sometimes it thinks there's no hard drive connected. That's it. This is a must purchase for cord cutters! -Notice from S. June, Darlington

Click to Show tablo 4 tuner digital recorder streaming (spvr4 01 na) Details

Jury still out on tablo for me. Android app isn't that great. I can get tablo to work locally using kodi add on and fire tv. Remotely doesn't work. Guide will download but just says connecting to tablo but you never get option to select a channel. Picture quality is good locally. Recordings are good. Only wanted so i can stream to all my tv's and use remotely. Right now it's losing the remote access battle so not sure if i want to keep device or send back. Will do some more testing. Hopefully it will get better. Btw this things gets hot. Very hot. Should consider a laptop cooler. . *update*so i figured out remote access. It setup screen it shows you the ports that need to be opened on your router. I thought it was and either or type situation but you have to configure both ports. I set for tcp/udp on my port forwarding in router just to be safe. Now video remotely works flawlessly. I am streaming full quality with no hiccups. Still concerned by how hot it gets but updated rating a star to 4 stars now the remote setup is working. . *last update*resolved issue with tablo being hot. Bought a laptop cooler laptop cooling fan with built-in 3 usb hub - silver finish ideal for notebook, netbook, macbook, and other 9"-14" laptops that works with tablo. Keeps device considerably cooler but still i had to buy a separate device so will keep rating of 4 the same. . Key things you will need. Strong signal preferably a root top antenna for a strong signal. Laptop cooler(device normally runs hot). Good platform to run on(website, kodi app. Fire tv, android app work flawlessly) my not work right on android tv box it didnt on mine. Configure router for remote setup(both parts have to be setup not just one). Patience(lol)

Tablo-4-tuner-digital-recorder-streaming-(spvr4-01-na) set picture

- D. MableI can only give this 4 stars, since i was never able to attach the device to my network over wifi. I didn't try tech support - i decided to hard-wired it to my router. That, of course, created another problem relative to antenna placement, but that seemed an easier problem to overcome than fighting wifi throughput. Other than that, the device works exactly as described and designed. Its interface is simple and functional, and integration with the tablo program listing service is excellent. I have a 1 terabyte ssd attached to it (they're cheap), and don't think i'll be struggling with capacity issues. The only other observation i might make (and this isn't relative to the device, but to cutting the cord in general) is that you have to make sure your antenna produces a sufficiently strong signal. Mine is clean most of the time, but we discover poor quality recordings from time to time, impacted, i assume, by weather and other problems associated with over-the-air broadcast. I'm in the process of updating my antenna installation to suit. But, again, this is a very viable alternative to cable dvr systems for folks who are mostly interested in the content broadcast locally, and otherwise purchase streaming services (netflix, etc. ) for content beyond that. I'm saving a bundle over my cable bill.

It has been a year since i bought this, and i really like it. We had occasional issues in the beginning, but firmware updates have resolved them. This works a little slow on our older roku xs, but on the new roku 2 it is very responsive. We also have a g box q with kodi, and just added the new tablo add-on. It is pretty much identical to the roku app. We chose the tablo because it was the only ota dvr i could find that lets you place it wherever you get the best reception. For us, that's on our third floor. If i could change anything about the tablo, it would be the format for recordings. It would be great if i were able to copy/transfer to another device, or just to make backup copies. It is also worth noting that every time we have a power outage, i need to reset. Otherwise, it doesn't record any of our prescheduled shows. A backup battery would be a nice addition. Overall, tablo has done a nice job on this dvr. They are timely with their firmware updates, have a pretty good interactive blog and seem to really listen and interact with their users. The recent addition of the kodi add-on was a nice surprise.

F. Bethany, City of London

Price :    $259.99
  • With tabloconnect subscription you can stream your hometown news and sports when traveling
  • No hdmi with tablo's wi-fi wireless broadcast of content to tablets, laptops, firetv, appletv, roku, android tv, chromecast, iphones, galaxy smartphones, nvidia shield, and more
  • Watch, record, pause, and stream free broadcast hdtv channels: cbs, abc, nbc, and many more, 100 mbps ethernet 802. 11n dual band wifi with mimo
  • Discover new shows, schedule and manage recordings and skip commercials using the content-rich interface of the tablo apps for ipad, android & kindle tablets, smartphones, chrome, roku, android tv and fire tv
  • Four tuners allow you to record and watch four different programs on up to (6) devices in your home, h. 264 (hls: live streaming)
Brand :    tablo
Color :    black
Weight :    0.93 pounds
Model :    SPVR4-01-NA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Digital Video Recorder (tablo product review) for Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder DVR Over-The-Air OTA HDTV Wi-Fi LIVE TV Streaming available ( Apr 2020 )

1byone Adjustable Attic/Outdoor TV Antenna Mounting Pole Universal Wall Mounts/Brackets 1.65 Diameter Mount Pipe , 19 Arm Length, Easy to Install, Solid Structure, Weather Proof

1byone outdoor tv antenna stand ous00-0660 is specially designed outdoor antenna. Convenient and easy to position the antenna outside. Specifications arm length: 485mm fixing plate: t1. 5mm diameter: 42mm weight: 1. 1kg perfect antenna stand the ous00-0660 universal outdoor tv antenna mounting pole is a quick and economical mount for adding antennas to any mounting situation. It can quickly adapt to many different pole installations: the mount can be set up for roof, attic, or sidewall installations. Locate digital tv broadcast towers the distance from the broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit or http:// and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This information will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and aiming your antenna for the best results. Buyer guarantee 1byone 12 months warranty assures you of its superior build quality. Note: get 1byone mounting pole for easier installation.

1byone Adjustable Attic/Outdoor TV Antenna Mounting Pole Universal Wall Mounts/Brackets 1.65 Diameter Mount Pipe , 19 Arm Length, Easy to Install, Solid Structure, Weather Proof1byone-Adjustable-Mounting-Universal-Structure

Price :    $14.74 (was $33.99)
  • Buyer guarantee - we stand behind our mounting pole 100% with a 12-month warranty.
  • 1byone wall mounts & brackets, the best accessory for you to mount your outdoor antenna. with best size design, it can fit most outdoor antennas.
  • Reversible design - both ends of the j-pole antenna mount can be used.
  • Comes with all the screws and plastic anchors, super easy to assemble.
  • The mounting pole can be rotated 60 for best reception angle to get strongest signals.
Brand :    1byone
Color :    Black
Size :    485*42mm
Weight :    2.56 pounds
Model :    LYSB013057BDU-ELECTRNCS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (1byone product review) for 1byone Adjustable Attic/Outdoor TV Antenna Mounting Pole Universal Wall Mounts/Brackets 1.65 Diameter Mount Pipe , 19 Arm Length, Easy to Install, Solid Structure, Weather Proof available ( Apr 2020 )

Vilso Flat HD Digital Indoor Amplified TV Antenna - 50 Miles Range - Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster - 12ft Coax Cable - Black

Vilso flat hd digital indoor amplified tv antenna - 50 miles range - detachable amplifier signal booster - 12ft coax cable - black

Vilso Flat HD Digital Indoor Amplified TV Antenna - 50 Miles Range - Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster - 12ft Coax Cable - BlackVilso-Digital-Indoor-Amplified-Antenna

Price :    $15.95
  • Full hdtv support: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Detachable signal amplifier booster
  • Vilso top indoor tv antenna: are you still pay for the cable or satellite fee for televison? come on! our indoor tv antenna is a receiver that can get all of your local free channel if operate correctly, get the free hd channels like abc, cbs, nbc, pbc&fox in 65mile rang from broadcast tower, start to access all of the news, sitcomes, kids amd sports programs! 65 miles range receive free digital broadcast high definition tv signals
  • Super thin design allows you to place it almost anywhere ( table, window, wall )
  • Frequency range: vhf 47-230mhz, uhf 470-862mhz
Brand :    vilso
Color :    Silver
Size :    50 Miles Indoor Tv Antenna
Model :    50 Mile
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Digital Video Recorder (vilso product review) for Vilso Flat HD Digital Indoor Amplified TV Antenna - 50 Miles Range - Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster - 12ft Coax Cable - Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Channel Master CM3414 4-Port Distribution Amplifier Cable Antenna Signal

Channel master distribution amplifiers, manufactured by channel master's former parent company, pct international, one of the leading manufacturers in the cable telecommunications industry, will boost your digital tv and hdtv signals, increasing their overall signal strength. They have a miniature design which will give you more space to relieve congested installs when space is at a premium. Channel master distribution amplifiers are professional grade and meet stringent us and international standards, including those developed by the society of cable telecommunications engineers (scte), who creates international standards for many tv signal distribution products. Channel master distribution amplifiers can be used in hdtv, catv, off air, analog and digital rf distribution applications where high performance and reliability are required. The cm 3410 is a high quality ultra mini single output digital tv amplifier with passive return, which means the distribution amplifier does not have any amplification for signals in the return path frequency range (5 42 mhz). This frequency range is used in cable telecommunications networks to allow cable modems and set top boxes to communicate back through the cable network. Passive return amplifiers are the most commonly used in house distribution amplifiers by cable operators. Channel master distribution amplifiers have precision machined f ports (conforms to scte standards) that are gold plated with beryllium copper construction to provide optimal distribution and amplification of your rf signals.

Channel Master CM3414 4-Port Distribution Amplifier Cable Antenna SignalChannel-Master-Distribution-Amplifier-Antenna

Brand :    channel master
Color :    White
Weight :    1.25 pounds
Model :    CM-3414
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Ac/dc power supply included
  • 7. 5db gain per output. verify ac voltage rating of power source conforms with ac/dc adapter
  • Meets us and international standards
  • Professional grade performance
  • Four output ports
Price :    $37.99
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (channel master product review) for Channel Master CM3414 4-Port Distribution Amplifier Cable Antenna Signal available ( Apr 2020 )

Outdoor TV Antenna -ANTOP 400-BV Amplified Flat Antenna Noise-Free 4G Filter VHF Enhanced, 70 Miles Multi-Directional Long Range Reception, 39ft Detachable Coaxial Cable, Waterproof

Disclaimer channel reception quality will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings. Always re-scan channels after moving the outdoor antenna, the result may be better. Before purchasing this antenna, please check out what channels are available in your area via: dtv. Gov/maps. Outdoor ota digital hdtv antenna features 1. Fast setup with included tools. 2. Unique birthdays gift and christmas gift for everyone on your list to help them cut-the- -cord and enjoy free tv channels. 3. Multiple installation: outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, attic antenna, roof antenna, etc, . Specification: frequency range: vhf:87. 5-230mhz, uhf:470-700mhz gain: 10db or 33db max output level:100db? v impedance:75? noise figure:? 3. 5db reception pattern: multi-directional polarization: horizontal/vertical smart switch - off: non-amplified smart switch - on: amplified with dc 12v via power adapter kindly note the antenna is a little bit heavy, so please pay attention to your safety during the installation. If your outdoor tv antenna is not working as expected, try the following tips: 1, check to make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your hdtv or third-party hd receiver. 2, re-scan for channels: in the tv's setup menu, set the mode to indoor antenna or air. Refer to the tv manual for detailed instructions. 3, reposition the amplifier antenna in a different location. It is suggested place it higher on a wall or closer to a window. Sometimes moving a few feet can make a difference. 4, you can receive hi-v signals when you install the detachable rods.

Outdoor TV Antenna -ANTOP 400-BV Amplified Flat Antenna Noise-Free 4G Filter VHF Enhanced, 70 Miles Multi-Directional Long Range Reception, 39ft Detachable Coaxial Cable, WaterproofAmplified-Noise-Free-Multi-Directional-Detachable-Waterproof

Brand :    antop
Color :    Outdoor VHF Enhanced Antenna
Weight :    7.72 pounds
  • No need for multi antennas : the reception range of this flat panel antenna is strong enough to power up few tvs with splitter. invest in the best, so you can start saving today and enjoy hd quality local broadcasts in multiple rooms!
  • Waterproof & anti-uv : with high tech supported, this compact antenna reduces wind load, providing much better signal reliability on windy or rainy day and unti-uv coating and provides visual appeal.
  • Save on installation fees : tools-free and easier installation. compared with big size traditional yagi antenna, this modern antenna is much easier to install by our included accessories and provides visual appeal.
  • Unique gift you need : purchase an antop antenna for everyone on your list. your friends actually want for their free tv channels. being a smart guy, help cut-the cord and save $.
  • Vhf-enhanced : adopts detachable vhf rods for enhance hi-v signal reception, like nbc, abc, etc.
Price :    $99.99 (was $143.00)
Model :    43235-182995
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Home (antop product review) for Outdoor TV Antenna -ANTOP 400-BV Amplified Flat Antenna Noise-Free 4G Filter VHF Enhanced, 70 Miles Multi-Directional Long Range Reception, 39ft Detachable Coaxial Cable, Waterproof available ( Apr 2020 )

ViewTV WM-022A Adjustable Outdoor Antenna Mount Pole - Attic Antenna Mount

Have an outdoor or attic television antenna? have a satellite dish you need mounted on your roof? look no further than the viewtv universal tv antenna mast with j-mount bracket. This is everything that you will need to mount your television antenna / satellite dish to your roof. You can also use this to mount an antenna in your attic without issue. Specifications: made of weather resistant iron 18. 5" in length from bottom to top 1" diameter installation: 1. Select a desired mounting location. 2. Place the mast through the mounting base of the j-pole. 3. Level up the mounting base and then mark the pilot holes to be drilled with a marking pen. 4. Drill the pilot holes (with a drill bit about half the diameter of the bolt) into the marked areas. 5. Line up the holes of the mounting base of the j-pole with the drilled holes. 6. Drill and then secure the lag bolts into the pilot holes. 7. If necessary, you may adjust the direction of the mast by loosening the two lateral nuts on the mounting base of the j-pole.

ViewTV WM-022A Adjustable Outdoor Antenna Mount Pole - Attic Antenna MountViewTV-WM-022A-Adjustable-Outdoor-Antenna

Brand :    viewtv
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Extra wide base for stability
  • Pole is 18. 5" in length
  • Screws and nuts are included
  • Made iron with a weather resistant seal
  • 1" diameter will fit most tv antennas and satellite dishes
Price :    $49.99
Speakers :    Best Antenna (viewtv product review) for ViewTV WM-022A Adjustable Outdoor Antenna Mount Pole - Attic Antenna Mount available ( Apr 2020 )

3 GHz Ground Block Single/One Port, High Frequency With Weather Seal Boots Coax Coaxial Cable, F Type approved Antenna, Dish Network, DIRECTV, Comcast, CATV, - 1 Port

These high quality and high frequency ground blocks are available with 1 port, 2 port, and 4 port configurations. They are not typical vhf/uhf blocks that may be found locally or from low quality supplies - these blocks have high quality components, including: the center coax conductor indexes into a close-tolerance tube that is resilient (spring) brass and is gold plated. The close center-tube tolerance assures a tight connection, the gold plating assures a good electrical connection and the overall performance is greatly improved over standard designs. Features include: scte outdoor compliant bonding block; one inch spacing between center of ports; uv resistant rubber weather seals provided; ul approved; internal components designed for high frequency and low loss; gold plated center conductor assures good connections; resilient internal metals for dependable repeated insertion connections; minimal insertion and return loss numbers; two mounting screws are provided with each block. Specs: insertion loss: 100 db; bonding effectiveness:

3 GHz Ground Block Single/One Port, High Frequency With Weather Seal Boots Coax Coaxial Cable, F Type approved Antenna, Dish Network, DIRECTV, Comcast, CATV, - 1 PortGHz-Ground-Block-Frequency-approved

Brand :    the cimple co
Color :    Ground Block
Size :    1 Port Block
Weight :    0.11 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Consumer Electronics (the cimple co product review) for 3 GHz Ground Block Single/One Port, High Frequency With Weather Seal Boots Coax Coaxial Cable, F Type approved Antenna, Dish Network, DIRECTV, Comcast, CATV, - 1 Port available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $5.99 (was $6.97)
  • Required for satellite and off-air antenna installations by nec and most local electrical codes
  • Approved and works for directv, dish network, comcast, fios, at&t (both dtv and u-verse), charter, cox (and other catv/cmts), off-air antenna, hd antenna, and many more devices
  • High quality features: gold plated center conductor; ul listed; rated from 0 mhz to 3 ghz; uv resistant rubber weather seals; high frequency; low insertion loss ( 0. 2 db 2mhz - 3ghz)
  • Removes noise and static from coaxial cable (often caused by wind, interference, dry weather (static build-up), and dc ground loops)
  • Includes single port grounding block, weather seals, and mounting screws

Winegard DS-2000 Universal 22-inch Tower Mount Off-Air TV Antennas 1.5in Diameter Mount Pipe - Includes 2 U-Bolts, Fit 1in to 2in Pipe/Towers

The ds-2000 universal pipe/tower mount is a quick and economical mount for adding antennas to any mounting situation. With the two 2" u-bolts included, its is quickly adaptable to many different pole installations. Used without the u-bolts, the mount can be set up for roof, attic, or sidewall installations. The 22" pipe has an e-coat finish for maximum weather protection.

Winegard DS-2000 Universal 22-inch Tower Mount Off-Air TV Antennas 1.5in Diameter Mount Pipe - Includes 2 U-Bolts, Fit 1in to 2in Pipe/TowersWinegard-DS-2000-Universal-Antennas-Diameter

Brand :    winegard
Color :    GRAY
Weight :    3.75 pounds
Model :    DS-2000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 22in pipe e-coated for maximum weather protection
  • Includes two 2in u-bolts adaptable to different pole installations
  • 1. 5in diameter
  • Quick & economical mount for adding compact off-air antennas to satellite system
  • Use without u-bolts for attic installations
Price :    $10.90 (was $12.65)
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for Winegard DS-2000 Universal 22-inch Tower Mount Off-Air TV Antennas 1.5in Diameter Mount Pipe - Includes 2 U-Bolts, Fit 1in to 2in Pipe/Towers available ( Apr 2020 )

Parts Express Cable TV In-Line Coaxial Surge Protector

Protects your expensive equipment from damage by lightning and power surges. "f" male to "f" female.

Parts Express Cable TV In-Line Coaxial Surge ProtectorParts-Express-Cable-Coaxial-Protector

Price :    $9.79 (was $9.99)
  • Essential for dss type wireless applications
  • Designed for hfc or fttc broadband network application
  • Transparent to analog/digital bi-directional signal transmission
  • Provides lightning surge protection for customer premises
  • Unique patented in-line coaxial gas tube lightning surge protection
Brand :    jeje
Weight :    0..2 pounds
Model :    FBA_Parts Express
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (jeje product review) for Parts Express Cable TV In-Line Coaxial Surge Protector available ( Apr 2020 )

outlander hdtv long distance antenna Price : 149, was : 169 as 2018-06-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Outlander Hdtv Long Distance Antenna (ca 2600) Reviewed by on puqus.com

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This thing is incredible. I was a little worried about the price but i had tried many other antennas that supported up to 60-80 mi range without much success. This thing got be stations well into the 80+ mile range without even trying. I mounted this thing outside about 4 ft off the ground just to try it out and it picked up stations in greensboro and winston salem and i live in charlotte, nc. Worth every penny; buy it now. . Pros:. -. - pulls in everything, it's like a black hole for channels nearby without even breaking a sweat. - easy to install - sets up in minutes. - excellent customer service - they even sent me a customized pdf of what angle and degree to set it based on my zip code to get the best signal. . Cons. -. - pricey. - massive (this thing is like a antenna that eats cake all day)

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: How is wired to more than one tv at a time?

(1) Question: After looking on the fcc. gov website for my location, it shows that i have a weak or no signal to my house. can the marathon magically overcome this?

(2) Question: Will this work if we have a row of evergreens in the path from the house to the station channels? they are old and can see through the branches.

(3) Question: Can the marathon hdtv long distance amplified indoor / outdoor digital tv antenna be used with the channel master dvr+ ?

(4) Question: What is the maximum effective range in miles for this antenna?

(5) Question: If i purchase this antenna what kind of reception will i get living in homosassa fl 34448?

(6) Question: Does anyone know if this will work better than the aatal 160miles outdoor amplified tv antenna - omni directional hdtv antenna

(7) Question: What are the dimensions? need to know to put it indoors.

(8) Question: Can i hook this up to both my tv's and an old stereo receiver for fm stations?

(9) Question: Does this unit need to be installed outdoors? can it be installed in an attic?

(10) Question: What brands of powered amplifiers is recommended? i have a 40' high house and my cable box is in the basement. i need to put it in my attic.

(11) Question: Does it pick up hi-v signals?

(12) Question: I live in el cajon ca, has anyone installed this in my area and how's the signal quality and what major channels did it pull in?

(13) Question: Would this work in a commercial vehicle?

(14) Question: Do you think this device will work in philippines?

(15) Question: I can't figure out where the clamp with bracket and wing nuts attaches to the antenna. there are no picures that show this.

(16) Question: I need a splitter for the antenna what can i buy

(note) Question: where/how to get Free Signal Tv (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Free Signal Tv's products

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Some background on my setup. I have the antenna mounted on the top of my second story roof, i have a 50ft coax running down to the plug in amplifier and then a 15ft coax running through the wall to the back of my tv. I started out with a cheaper ($85) antenna that claimed 150 miles, the tv station i was trying to reach is 50 miles away. I would get that channel 50% of the time. That cheap antenna got me around 30 channels in my area (oceanside, ca. San diego). I grew frustrated with it and decided to give the marathon a try. All i can say is wow! i now get over 60 channels, even some from downtown la (100+ miles away) and all the channels i would get 50% of the time; i now get all of the time and they come in perfect! mind you, this is using the extact same mount and it is pointed in the same direction. I should have started with this antenna, but i was being cheap! the company sent me an email after i ordered, they gave me the compass coordinates for the best direction to point the antenna (they used my shipping address for accuracy), they also offered personalized customer service if i was having any problems (never had to use it because it worked right out of the box).

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Best outlander hdtv long distance antenna (ca 2600) in review

I bought this antenna over 3 months ago. I progressed from an indoor 35 mile to an outdoor to pick up my public tv programs that i wanted. I also live in a townhouse with height, direction and other restrictions. My advise is keep the telephone number of the company next to the phone to ask questions. Ask questions. You can not just put this antenna up and expect it to work. You have to learn to work it. Example. If you go over 25 ft of cable you will not receive a signal if the amplifier is not close to the antenna. I put it up with 75 feet of cable. Did not work. Called company. Said put it in the middle of the two cables. I received a signal after i moved it. Picture was not very clear. The company gave me advise on how high and the correct direction for the one channel that i had to have. When the channels keep fading in and out the company sent me a new amplifier to try to better my receiving and it worked. I now receive over 55 channels with 12 of those being public tv. Now i am not saying that my reception is perfect but it is the best that over the air is going to get. I know because i have worked at it. Thank you free channel tv. Ps. I am a 65 yr old retired woman who crawled under the house. Then attached this antenna to a corner patio post so i do not have to pay high cable bills. If i can do it you can do it!

U. Neva, Reading

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Or you might like to consider Coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps mediabridge coaxial digital audio/video cable provides a connection for tv's, vcr's, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas & other coaxial f-pin enabled devices. enjoy -mediabridge coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps cj25-6bf-n1
  • Included: Construction: Manufactured From Triple Shielded Rg6 Coaxial Cable Suitable For Outdoor Or Indoor Use.
  • Included: In-wall Use: Ultra Series Coax Cables Are Ul Rated For In-wall Use.
Affordable Mediabridge Coaxial Cable F Male Connectors (Cable Or Adapter) Cj25 6bf N1 Mediabridge Coaxial Cable F Male Connectors (cj25 6bf

S. Newell, Walsall says

I just received this, and only bought it after i was assured i could return it if it couldn't pick up any signals decently. As we are located in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains (about 90 miles from washington dc to the north, and 30 miles from charlottesville va to the south), i did not have a lot of confidence. But, figured i would try it and see. I climbed on the roof, and used electrical ties to lash it (temporarily, to see if it worked) to my exiting direct tv dish mount. Unhooked the dtv cable, and attached it to the marathon antennae. Came back into the house, configured the tv (it took changing a couple of settings on our samsung smart tv) and i was shocked to see over 30 channels were being received, all crystal clear. Although the antennae was facing north towards dc, i still received charlottesville and even harrisonburg stations to the south perfectly. I had read some negative reviews, and now realize they were just bs, or the people couldn't figure out how to configure their tv to this antennae. We do not have a line of sight to either localities, and never could receive decent tv signal in the past. Saying goodbye to direct tv tomorrow, just going to stream online store, hulu and netflix , and watch some network now and then. This works much better than expected.

W. Elida, Gloucestershire

Installed it on the direct tv pole in backyard. I'm getting about 30 channels. My antenna is down in a hole due to living on an old mill pond. But it is still getting 60 miles plus. I had to put the power booster probably 50ft from the antenna in my basement. I then have at least another 50ft to my channel master amplifier 8 way splitter. I have 4 tv's and i also have connected my fm receiver in the basement. I have 1 tv on 2nd floor, 2 tvs on ground level and 1 in basement. Savings about $200 a month. I have 1 station that is sketchy during the day, but solid at evening time. It's got to be 80 miles plus and on the other side of columbia sc (lexington). Put this thing up high and it will probably reach a 100 miles. Hope this helps someone. Not cheap but works and one about 1 month cable bill for me.

E. Laura, Ohio says

Worked out of the box just great. I was able to pick up tv channels over 60 miles away with the antenna sitting on my dining room table. Mounted it on the side of my house and it didn't work. So, i contacted customer service via email. They figured out what was wrong and promptly sent me out the replacement parts and now my new antenna is working and looking great on the side of my house. Their response to my email was fast and their tone and effort to help me was top notch. I would recommend this antenna (and this company) to anyone wanting to cut the cord. Forget about buying separate amplifiers and poles and mounting hardware. This one purchase was all i needed to get great tv from very far away. I can't wait for football season. And i just learned it can be painted to match my house so it will blend in even better and not stick out like some (dish) other ugly eyesores on the side of your house.

M. Aldana, Missouri

I mounted this directly on my directv pole on my roof and used the existing rg6 that fed into my basement, where i plugged in the amplifier and split it off to 4 tvs in the house. Local signals come in as expected, as i don't live very far from the local broadcast towers. I receive cbs very clearly, which i have heard others having a hard time with. The antenna is really only around 12' off the ground but once in a while i can still receive some stations around 70 miles away. I am sure if i took the time to mount it in the house attic which is 25' high i would probably receive these signals more clearly. There is something intriguing and fun with seeing what far away signals i can pull in, but in reality i will probably only be watching the local stuff. . That all being said, i tend to think that i could have probably gotten away with a highly rated/reviewed antenna for about a third of the price. Though it seems like a quality product with a team of friendly support people behind it so i feel better supporting this company versus just getting some cheap knock-off item.

Q. Stacey, District of Columbia says

Works better than advertised! i was actually able to pull in stations 50-60 miles from behind. All in all. Got 26 channels and mounted inside of attic. We will be purchasing another one to point in a different direction. Called support once, because i was wondering about using two antennas. They called me back in about an hour. Great product.

X. Megan, Derby

Did a lot of research before buying this. We had another antenna that was getting 20 channels so when this arrived, we were eager to see what it could do. I initially set it up in about two minutes lying flat on the floor and was amazed. The reception was so good in fact that we decided to keep it inside and out of the weather and mounted it on the wall. Channels that we couldn't get at all before were now in hd crystal clarity, some as far as 85 miles away. And if you need them, customer support is superb. Bottom line: this product and company are top notch. Buy this! you'll be very glad you did.

. Angela, Montana says

I've been looking at hd antennas for a while now and couldn't find anything that i thought would work. We live about 60 miles from indianapolis and with all the hills i figured getting an antenna to work could be a real trick. I ran across a couple of reviews on this antenna and it looked as thought it may work. It's pricey compared to most of the others i looked at, but this thing actually works. I have it inside the house on top of a cabinet facing north east and it pulls in 39 channels. All of them are clear as a bell. I still can't believe it, especially for being inside. Goes to show that you get what you pay for.

. Kimberly, Maryland

. Thanks to free signal tv and the marathon antenna, i'm free at last! folks, like so many of you, i've been held hostage for many years by my cable company for local news, programming and especially live sports. I never thought an antenna would work for me because i live in gainesville, ga. , about 50 to 60 miles north of the atlanta broadcast towers. My house is situated down in a hole and i'm surrounded by thick tree lines (click on photo attached). . Having grown sick of paying an expensive monthly bill for tv when i only watched 8 to 10 channels of the 150+ i had to pay for, i. Decided, after long and careful research, to take a chance on the marathon and boy, i wish i had done it long ago! folks, i'm pulling in about. 35 stations, some better than others and most of them i won't watch anyway, so that didn't matter for me. I'm getting the big 4 (abc, cbs, nbc & fox), like gangbusters, with crystal clear, uncompressed hd clarity and great sound! there's my locals and there's my football (big atlanta falcons fan here! ). I'm a happy camper! well, happy with the antenna, not so much with the falcons. :(. . Now, i never intended for the marathon to be the "end all". I also invested in an online store fire tv box (not the stick), to round out my tv viewing experience and to get espn. There are different streaming devices and streaming services available and i'll let you do your own research about all that. (i went with the sling tv orange package, $20. 00 per month, 25 channels including espn, easy to cancel if you want and works good. ). . It gave me great pleasure to return the digital cable boxes to my cable provider yesterday and opt out of their tv service. I kept their high-speed internet because i'm streaming now on my fire tv and need it for my computer, but i'll still be saving over $100. 00 a month and not having to pay for dozens and dozens of channels crammed down my throat that i don't want and have no use for. . I feel liberated and installing the marathon antenna was the first step in setting me free. Highly recommended and i would certainly buy it again in a heartbeat, especially considering the great customer support at free signal tv.

Z. Lisa, Basse-Normandie says

This is worth every penny, cheaper antennas work very well also (tried a few and had to return) but they are not multi-directional, i. E, you won't get all the channels at the same time without changing the antenna direction. This antenna will bring in all the possible channels (70 in my case), actually the reception is almost too good in that i was getting too many duplicate channels from other cities. I am 60miles from 2 large metropolitan areas and getting duplicate channels, i just deleted the ones i didn't want. I mounted the antenna outside on side of house. I was not able to get any reception at all inside my home trying numerous locations and this made me nervous at first until i tested outside and then boom, 70 channels tuned in; i have been using this for a few days/nights now and no pixilation just perfect! . Thanks free signal tv

. Donna, Southend-on-Sea

Ok installed this in place of a winegard sensor lv, that was fine in the winter time (no leafs on the tree's) also had the sensor pro which also worked fine. Wife and i are full time rv'ers and moved to our summer spot a state park which is in the forest. With the winegard i was getting about 23-26 channels. My favorite channels 10. 3 and 25. 2 would come in and out and was pretty much unwatchable. Well i took the head of the winegard sensor lv off its mast and mounted a light pole to get this marathon up just a little higher (still surrounded by tree's mind you) i was able to rotate it using inside the rig to find the most channels. Got a whopping 52 channels! i took the winegard amplifier box out of the loop and just plugged the main antenna coax into marathons adapter (from antenna) then the adapter side to tv into a 2 way splitter that went to my main tv and the tv and the bed room. Tv in the bedroom get the same amount of channels. I really wish i got this antenna 1st before getting a new winegard sensor head and sensor pro booster and signal meter. Fantastic customer support by the way! contacted the seller and he got back to me extremely quickly (like 20 minutes) i can highly recommend this product! oh by the way, its built like a tank! zipcode 02044

L. Margaret, Bracknell Forest says

I had 22 channels max with basic cable ($105/month with internet). Then i moved into a small town and needed to rely on air. I was only able to get about 3 channels with a cheaper antenna, but once i installed the marathon in my attic, i instantly get 19 crystal clear channels plus a few sketchy ones. Less than 2 months of the price of cable just paid for virtually the same number of channels that are free from here forward! . I also received emails from free signal tv explaining exactly what degree i should aim it based on my exact location, (and some helpful hints), before it even arrived! . I downloaded a free compass app on the phone, and set up the marathon in my attic on the first try! . Great service, great product!

. Dorine, Poole says

Got this antenna a little over 2 weeks ago. Very nice set up. Its large, don't get me wrong, but not as large or bulky as a lot of other antennas out there. I set this up in my attic on a mounting pole, the only place i could unfortunately. Used a compass and a handy app i found to point it in the right direction, did my channel scan and viola, i'm getting 19 of the 22 channels i was supposed to be getting. I ran a homerun rg6 quad shielded coax from the antenna to my tv, about 30ft give or take. I placed the power insertion unit about 8ft from the antenna. The marathon seems very particular about which direction you point it in, my towers were all 29 miles away, and all in the same general direction by about 5 or 6 degrees except for one of them, but there are a lot of hills, trees, etc between me and them. Not to mention i'm mounting it inside pointing through my asphalt shingle roof. So i found that pointing it just a bit out of alignment to see if i could pick up more, really messed with my original results. But, given all that, 19 of the channels, major networks for football season included, i wanted are all coming in crystal clear and consistent. I tried various indoor antennas, but unless your within a clear line of site a few miles away, you'll probably get what i got, a whole lot of nothing. This was the first antenna that gave me anything. I did try another antenna very similar in style if not mechanical set up but i got 3 fewer channels consistently, trying that antenna in the same spot as this one, adjusting and moving it, scanning at all times of the day and weather but i couldn't get that one to replicate the performance of the marathon. The company seems like they really care, the package came promptly and in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend the marathon antenna if your thinking about cutting the cord.

. Pearson, Newfoundland and Labrador

I recently upgraded from a clearstream 4 with a channel master pre-amp. I had been happy with this setup until the latter died (i guess this is common) and i thought i would upgrade my setup since i had to replace the pre-amp. . Here is my setup: i have roughly 100' between the placement of the amp and the dish. Worse, the cable is most likely rg59. I am trying to pull in signals that are 40+ miles to the south (buffalo) and to the north (toronto). I know that the length of the run is twice what the manufacturer recommends (i have reached out to them to ask for a good passive amp) - i gave it a go anyway based on the comments that i've seen on this site. . So i headed up to the roof with the antenna having dreams of pulling in channels from all over the area. To help me measure signal status i brought my tablet so that i could bring up my hd homerun page in the browser. I plugged everything in and turned it on. And i got 3 channels (all within 5 miles away). I suspect that this is the problem that most of the negative reviews have. Unlike some of the others at this level this is a directional antenna. Anyway, i pointed it due west and ran the hd home run channel finder and sure enough it lit up like christmas. I was able to pull in 35 channels from both the north and south. . Is it that much better than the competition? that's tough to say because of my setup. To be honest i pulled in more channels using my original setup but i suspect that is because the channel master was actually a high-end amp that compensated for my cable run better than the marathon does (again, they clearly state the ideal cable run so i can't ding them for that). It wouldn't surprise me to get even more channels (and higher signal quality! ) once i get a passive amp and upgrade my cable (currently rg59 installed by previous owner).

N. Edna, Windsor and Maidenhead says

This has got to be one of the best if not the best antenna on the market. After much study and research i decided on the marathon and have not been disappointed at all. Once installed on my chimney top and the best direction determined i now have a clearer and sharper picture than ever with twc digital. Unbelievably clear! . . Also, in this age of bad customer service i was extremely pleased to receive the most courteous and punctual help and advice by free signal tv from beginning to end of my installation and setup. . Consider me a satisfied believer!

K. Ruby, Wirral

We received our marathon hdtv long distance amplified tv antenna yesterday and installed it today. This antenna is incredible. We installed it on the 2" metal pole where the directv dish had been and connected it to the existing whole house coax. It could not have been simpler to install. It looks much better than the satellite dish that had been there. We have three tvs running on it and all three received 51 clear channels from as far away as 50 miles. Note that some of those miles are hilly and wooded countryside. Our nearest tower for the 4 major networks is 40 miles away and the antenna pulls all 4 of them (and their sub-channels) in like we were across town instead of two counties away. . The manufacturer suggests putting the antenna in the highest place you can work out. Ours is mounted approximately five feet off the ground and does a great job there. . If there is anything at all to fuss about, it would be the lack of instructions on how to position the u-bolt (used to mount the antenna to a pole) so that it comes through the bracket holes in the right direction. One person wrote that you have to remove the wall mounting bracket, position the u-bolt, then reattach the wall mounting plate. I did not have to do that. The wall mounting plate is mounted to the antenna in such a way that it swivels side to side. I discovered that if i swiveled it to one side, then tinkered with the u-clamp for a minute, i could get it in place without removing the wall plate from the antenna. Perhaps in future printings, the manufacturer could write out more detailed instructions for inserting the u-bolt easily.

G. Mathis, North Tyneside says

This is easily the best amplified antenna for over-the-air digital tv. I live on the extreme edge of coverage, 60-70+ miles from towers, and this is the only antenna that picked up enough signals clearly enough for me to cut the cable cord. There are a number of ways to install this antenna. It is large for an indoor antenna but that is the way i chose to use it placing it on an old floor lamp post near an outside upstairs window. I then plugged the antenna coax into the room cable outlet with the supplied amplifier positioned just before the room plug. I then used that room's coax in the cable box to plug into the socket where the incoming cable line used to plug into. That provided clear signal to the rest of my 'cable' outlets. Just remember to re-position the tv incoming plug from the cable tv plug to the antenna tv plug on each tv. Then just run the antenna find program on each tv. This way all connections are protected by being inside, or inside the existing house cable box. . It is designed for outside use as well as inside use, but the rather fragile amplifier must be placed between the antenna and the cable box splitter, and this can be difficult with an outside installation if you do not have a protected outside outlet where this amplifier can plug in. The amplifier itself is not made for outside use. Also, i had to remove the back plate to insert the u-joint needed for a pole (mast) installation (on my old floor lamp). The bolt that held the back plate in place must have been air hammered tight because it took lubricant, a long wrench for leverage, and an hour or so of cussing to get it loose. Another outside installation concern should be lightening. I'm not convinced the grounding is sufficient to protect from lightening. I just paid off my house. I don't need an outdoor antenna mast attracting lightening. All-in-all, while it is clearly designed for outside as well as inside use, it is much easier and probably safer to use it indoors. An attic mount is ideal if you can pick up the signals through your roof. . Only the unit basics are included in the box. You will need to supply any coax cable you might need for either installation, a sheltered, covered location for the amplifier if installing it outside, and you will need to supply any outside masts and mounting that is required to attach to a roof or other outside location. The supplied hardware will allow you to connect to an existing wood wall, fence, or metal pole or mast. . And remember, it is quite large. Make sure if you mount it on a floor lamp post inside that it won't easily tip over. . Having said all that, i am totally satisfied with my indoor solution. All channels come in clearly showing excellent strength on my tvs meters for air stations, and i'm running three tvs through the old house cable with great clarity. The antenna is providing a whole house solution. I tried several antennas before i tried this antenna and it was the only one that worked at the distance i am from the closest tower. . Of course, this antenna is really only useful for people with spotty coverage, or people who want one antenna for a whole house solution. If you are in an area with good tower coverage, a mohu or similar indoor antenna for each antenna may be the solution for you. Also, a much less expensive non-amplified clearstream ii antenna came close for me and may be a solution to try. But for me, it wouldn't quite bring in the stations i wanted, and did not provide a whole house solution.

J. Melissa, Kansas

Great product. I have had this antenna since aug 2017. This is one awesome unit picks up stations all over my area. I have five tvs and they all work great. The picture is also great. I receive 60 plus channels although some are double from different areas. This thing is big and will need some thought to install. I used a compass to position the antenna from the hdtv map on line for my area. My house attic is about 25 to 30 feet high and works well from the attic. I am sure if this was mounted outside the reception would be better, but heck. I get all the channels in my area with out mounting it outside. I have cut the cord and i am not looking back glad i did. Free t. V.

T. Cassella, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

I'm a very studied and deliberate shopper and a bit thrifty with my purchases. But because i don't know much about antennas, rf waves, or uhf, vhf or whatever the hf. My strategy was to throw a handful of money at the problem ($169 on online store) and trust the good reviews that i read on the internet. Yep, it's a lot of money for an antenna, but i leaned it up against the inside wall in my attic, and i got more stations that i even knew existed! i'm even pulling stations that this thing is not even aimed at! (pardon the grammar) now that i successfully test drove it (about 10 minutes ago) i'm going to paint it and mount it on the outside of my stucco house. Very happy. Yeah, a lot of money, but my tucson az reception problem is now solved.

C. Nicole, New South Wales

Easy to install and pulls in distant signals. I think we're all used to marketing hype and exaggeration (ok, lies), but in this case the claims seem to be pretty much spot on. I bought this antenna along with a channel master 3020 along with a mast amplifier in the hopes of finding the best antenna after comparisons. I live fairly deep out in the country with the closest townships being about 15 miles away and with populations of approximately 2, 500 and 5, 300 respectively - with no local tv towers as you would suspect. We've been paying well in excess of $120 per month for satellite tv and only getting 3 regional channels. Out of the 200 plus channels that our service providers claim we only watch half a dozen or so channels on a semi-regular basis with the 3 regional channels being the bulk of our viewing (and they charge for that - an extra $10 a month and add fees for this and that). To make a long story short. I live in the woods on a hill top with trees and hills everywhere (ozarks), with the closest tv stations being about 52 miles linear distance and the better ones coming in at 72 miles. After running about 70' of rg6 cable to my set (installed my antenna on top of a chicken coop with a 5' mast and 3 fairly large trees in the way) i find that i'm getting right at 60 channels when an antenna rotor is used to pull in the weaker signals - i was hoping to get at least 20 channels (many of those listed that i'm getting are said to require extreme measures to receive). So yes, i'm well satisfied with this antenna. I'm going to reduce my satellite package and drop their local channels. I'm incorporating an ota dvr which no doubt will ensure there's plenty to watch during the winter months when activity slows. At some point i'll compare this to the channel master 3020, but for the time being i'm well satisfied with this antenna (i'm picking up stations that are about 90 miles linear distance away) and feel comfortable in recommending it. I would definitely buy it again and since satellite tv compresses the tv signal the picture quality is inferior to broadcast tv (my wife was amazed at how much better the antenna signal was compared to the satellite signal. I do wish this was a little cheaper, but you are getting a no hype antenna that really pulls in the signals.

Y. Denise, Redcar and Cleveland says

I had intended on writing this review last year, not long after hurricane hermine made landfall with sustained 80 mph winds here in north florida. The antenna powered through up to the moment the power went out. And despite the heavy lashing of wind and rain, it brought in crystal clear reception once the power was restored several days later (i have it connected to two tv's in two separate rooms). This year, it was irma's turn, and while "only" a tropical storm when it came through, it was powerful enough to take down trees and zap the power for thousands of people in the area. The antenna, though, was still standing, still bound with a bungee cord to an old direct tv satellite assembly mounted on the roof. And once again, as with the last storm, after several hours of direct sunlight, it brought in the full range of stations available not long after the power finally came back. There were a few glitches when i first purchased the antenna. I live about 25 miles from the nearest broadcast station (several are much further), and needed an antenna that could pull in signals despite heavily wooded areas. The first one i received would not work properly for any sustained period. But the difference was in the customer service; john barry went out of his way to help me, and readily shipped me a new antenna to replace the previous one at no charge. I don't know of too many businesses where you can call and chat with a live human, especially one that's knowledgeable and takes an interest in what's going on, when there's a problem. This is definitely one of them. Great antenna, great company, great service!

P. Patricia, Wyoming

Upon delivery i was not terribly impressed. The unit is lighter and smaller than anticipated (though that actually made things easier). When i took it out of the packaging (good packaging and not banged around), i could hear something loose rattle inside. I decided to give it a fair try anyway. Hooked it up to the tv in my bedroom just to see what would happen. Zilch - less than the leaf antenna i was using. Hooked it up in the living room, different tv. No more than i already got. Futzed around, tried with it high up toward the ceiling, still nothing better than the leaf antenna. Was feeling quite disappointed. Took it outside, hooked it to the old coaxial cable from the previous owners sat tv hook up and propped it high up on the wall. Ran my tv's channel search and voila! 26 channels. Several of them duplicates and weird stuff i don't want to watch, but i got the nearest cbs and nbc affiliates, which had been impossible before, thanks to a location deep in a creek canyon and distant from the nearest transmitter towers. Since the reception map i'd checked out through free signal tv's site for calculating what it should receive didn't indicate it would even get the nbc affiliate, i'm thrilled. I'm going to try mounting it higher, just to see what happens, but i consider it a good purchase and product. I know 26 channels (several duplicates) doesn't sound like much today, but it is basically anything and everything available in my rural area, and quite impressive given the geography. . It appears well made and certainly less obnoxious than a big dish or old style exterior antennas. And while it goes without saying that you should get everything that's listed as part of a purchase when you buy something new, it's hardly a guarantee these days. Everything was in the box, clearly new, and of good quality. The instruction sheet included is clear and helpful - hooking it up is a breeze.

R. Lawrence, Milton Keynes says

This is antenna is great! -just tried 2 other long range antennas, got 3 channels on one, 43 on another but could not get metv- 76 miles away. Hooked up marathon to a pvc pipe- 3 feet off the ground, not a tall pole mount! - and picked up 60 channels, including metv. Now my cable cord is cut. With local news and fav. Ota stations, and streaming with roku-(bought at online store, ) even after paying more for internet, will still save $1020 a year! that is a one week cruise in florida! . Simple assembly, screw on 2 pieces, attach pole u-bolt -or bolt on holes on back bracket and attach cable-put amp with tail going to tv before splitter, then scan channels with antenna facing direction of most stations in your area. Oh yes, free signal tv even sends you an email with the best antenna direction with compass heading for channels in your area!

B. Yvette, Northwest Territries

Just received my marathon hdtv antenna. After unboxing the antenna i started to ponder mounting options. I am in weston, fl, and my neighbor has a very large tree right in the recommended compass direction, and my hoa has many restrictions. I ultimately decided to put it in the attic of the garage. The compass direction put me just between the tree and my neighbors house, and as a bonus, when the house was built, all of the cable tv outlets home run to a splitter right next to the garage scuttle opening, so far, so good. I plugged in the power adapter, and connected the tv in the bedroom, selected air, than began the auto program option and came up with 42 channels. All local channels came in very clear and strong, couldn't detect a difference other than audio volume, but the picture was equal to xfinity. This is my hurricane backup, so while it will not be a daily driver, it will be an invaluable piece of my hurricane prep kit along with the whole home generator. I am buying a second for my house in bonita springs, but this one is planned to be my primary tv feed since the rest of my entertainment is via internet.

D. Campbell, Barnet says

Let me first say that we had been using one of those smaller indoor hdtv antennas for the past 2 years. Those are ok, but their performance tends to be erratic, depending on wind, overhead airplanes, etc. There is a night and day difference between our old indoor hdtv antenna, and the marathon antenna. . We actually hired a pro to come in and install our marathon antenna on the top of our roof, and to aim it in the most ideal direction. I don't think that i would have been able to install it myself, because the cable tv infrastructure that time warner had previously laid in our home had not been done correctly, and the marathon antenna installation required a lot of extra cable wiring to get it to work throughout our home. However, the final result was wonderful. The marathon antenna pulls 33 channels into our home, and the quality and consistency is great. There is no comparison between an indoor hdtv antenna, and a marathon antenna when installed properly outside. We're very satisfied with this purchase!

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

U. Bertie, Liverpool says

Here is a list of antennas that work better than this 169$ piece of crap. A 10$ flat window antenna (twice as many channels). An ancient set of rabbit ears from the 1970's. (i'm not even joking, got 5 more channels). And before you ask, i did 3 channel scans with each antenna, at the same height, facing the same direction. . I knew i what was coming as soon as i read the descriptions printed on the outside of the box, they called the ac adapter an "electricity injector"! . . Really cheaply built, if i didn't want my money back i'd open it up and see what's inside. Bet any amount of money it has the same innards as a cheap flat panel antenna. . I'm sick of having to sift through chinese scam products being sold under 5 separate brands. I've basically stopped trusting the online store rating system.

Y. Meyer, Maryland

I was hoping i could replace my existing lower end terk hdtv indoor antenna which i'm only getting 2 channels but it got me nowhere. I've tried with almost the same location set-up with the terk. I've also tried different location but still nothing. It's advertised with 100 mile coverage. The closest station i have is around 60 miles. Zip code: 46975. . This is also my first product return from online store since 2008.

. Jackson, Wandsworth says

Really thought this would work. But did not. All broadcast towers are 50-60 miles away. Only was able to pick up 4. Pbs and fox. Nothing else. Mounted on roof, clear line of site and not good. Very disappointed. Returned for refund. Big bummer

K. Nicole, City of London

Not as many stations as hoped, especially since i live in the city. The electrical hookup for the antenna can get a bit inconvenient when installing in the attic. I am not crazy about leaving electrical components like transformers and ballasts in the attic where they are exposed to a lot of heat. Unit is light and easy to install and is fairly compact. It worked great when i was testing it just hanging off the back of a chair. I was really surprised when i ran the station scan and picked up 60 channels just hanging on the chair.

R. Erickson, Utah says

Can t really rate this product accurately. The manial is extremely basic and nowhere can i find how to configure it with the common setup today - cable modem for internet only, antenna connected directly to tv. No word from customer service yet for the correct way to handle this. Also it was suggested that it would work well inside, just like the typical flat panel product for $19. It didn t matter where i put it in the room. 6 channels versus 32 on my flat panel antenna. Waiting for word from customer service to try to find the correct configuration as i do believe this is a good product. Should be for $169. . Update - i believe this is an overpriced scam product. Installed a dedicated coaxial from crawl space to tv ($175). Adjusted the position 10 times. 2 channels only. Broadcast towers are 40 miles away over flat, rural landscape (sw florida). Attempted 5 calls to customer support. Each time was told call could not be transferred and try again later. Back in the box it goes. Overpriced, overhyped, rubbish.

L. Emily, Calderdale

Worked great on south side of houston not worth a flip on lake conroe north side of houston

Q. Anonymous, Oregon says

Two stars for a good looking antenna, great instruction and packaging. Missing three stars are for that fact that it was an under performing antenna. The $35 dollar one did and continues to out perform this when installed at the exact same location. But it looks great. Returned.

S. Julie, Merton

Ordered this antenna and a much cheaper amplified 4 bay bowtie antenna ($40). It worked as well as the cheaper amplified antenna. Returned the marathon antenna.

Z. Connie, Delaware says

Worked for 2 weeks and stopped. Contacted manufacturer, yet i have not received a replacement power inverter

. Russell, Manchester

Get the extended warranty! the antenna worked great for 4 months then i lost half of my channels. Bought new booster it didn't fix the problem. I have this hooked to three tv's in a two story home and used the cable box with a high end splitter.

A. Mahood, Haute-Normandie says

At the end of the day, ota reception is nothing but uhf and vhf reception. There is some validity to claims and advertisement of an "hdtv" capable antenna, but this is grossly inflated by most manufacturers. Yes, modern antennas can be optimized for hd reception but by and large all this means is that they are optimized for a smaller channel range of hi-vhf and low-uhf bands in which most channels today now operate, that's about it. An antenna is an antenna and there is a lot to consider, but very little of those considerations are hdtv related, if any in practical use. . The marathon is a uhf antenna with a vhf element and also includes an amplifier built-in as well, which does simply things, and the amplifier is indeed effective, as amplifiers almost always are. An important thing to keep in mind when looking at antennas as a non-professional installer, is that they are listed with a maximum range that is, in everyday use, the absolute maximum range and assumes good weather conditions, few obstacles and non-challenging topography between your location and the transmitting towers. Keep this in mind. Visit antennaweb . Org and/or tvfood . Com and get to know what you're going to truly need and proceed from there. . That being said - if you live in a metro or suburban area that is reasonably close to (within 20 miles or less) to the transmissions towers, this antenna will probably work great for you. However the further you get out and the more topography comes into play, the less effective it will become. . This antenna is decent. It's rather ugly, but it works. Just bear in mind that the advertised 100 mile range (as well as the "works great for up to 4 tvs") is assuming the best possible scenario, and has quite a few unspoken caveats attached to it.

X. Isabel, North Carolina

My half the size antop antenna work much better !

M. Perez, Harrow says

The 1 out of 2 channels i was promised to get came in extremely clear. Better than my cable channel. Customer service was unresponsive after my 1st contact. Still had questions, no answers.

W. Ruff, Mississippi

Read the directions, watched videos online, and studied graphs. After all that and trying to dial in the direction for a signal, it picked up 1channel. The antenna we have inside the house gets 21channels. It was a no brainer to send it back.

O. Whiteman, Wirral says

Don't recommend. Didnt pull in any channels. Rabbit ears did a better job

V. Anonymous, Herefordshire

Slightly better signals then the 30 dollars from target antenna i bought, disappointed two local channels did not have audio. Any one know how to resolve it? cannot get boston channel from ri which is only 50 miles. Long range may be misleading, you have to be on the hill to received long range signals. Therefore the cheap antenna would do the same job. This is 5 time more expensive.

F. Rose, Isle of Wight says

With this antenna mounted 20 feet off the ground it had trouble holding stations 42 miles away. Stations seemed to come and go with lots of pixelation. I used a compass to align the antenna to the direction of the signals so no issue there. I made more trips up my ladder to turn the mast than i care to remember. Boxed it up and received a full refund so that was nice. Now get this. I picked up an antenna (off brand for $15. 99) from another retailer that you hang in a window and i'm totally impressed. It's rated for up to 50 miles and delivers the goods. Channels stay locked on and the picture looks fantastic. And best of all, no lighting rod sticking up above my roof.

D. McCarthy, Texas

This antenna was worthless for me. I live in folsom, ca and this would not pull in any stations except for a few spanish and qvc channels. I tried it in multiple locations outside. The majority of any channels i could get in any one area was seven. That's horrible! plus this came with no cable and the antenna doesn't rotate automatically. For one hundred dollars less i also bought the boostwaves outdoor amplified antenna combo- 150 miles range antenna for only $39. 99 and it receives over 62 local channels and it includes extra cable and a remote to automatically rotate the antenna! :-) marathon is no where near as good.

H. Shawna, Warwickshire says

Was unable to obtain signals as expected, moved the antenna all around and was never able to pick up many channels and when i did they would go in and out, contacted technical for help but was not able to do any better, was superior quality and can't complain about that-wish it would have done the job since we are located in great radius of several stations

T. Clara, Reading

Well, the best thing i can say about this is. It's a nice design. I tried getting reception by various setups. Inside , outside, on the roof. With the pre-amp, without. I was so hopeful. Still not much. Just a few channels. But not as many as the current rooftop antenna that gets many more. And my "rabbit ears" indoor antenna. I called twice, left my name and phone number. As suggested by a large printed notice on the package flap that advises you to "stop", and call them, etc. And never heard back. So, i sent the antenna back.

N. Gilmore, California says

I installed in attic and works fine but since it is a directional antenna, sometimes a bit finicky to get a good signal. In my opinion, the cost is a bit higher than it should be.

I. Hurst, Lincolnshire

No vhf channels at all within less than 40 mileage range. Works well if all your channels are on uhf and transmitting from the same direction

. Jessica, Blackpool says

I had high expectations for this antenna, especially at the price, boy was i wrong. First, just to say, my goal was to pick up pittsburgh stations from just northwest of youngstown, oh. Difficult? yes. Impossible? no. Not at least according to tv fool. The antenna indicates that it has 100 mile range in ideal conditions, i get that's certainly nearly impossible, but i feel that 59 miles as the crow flies, with a clear view of the southeastern sky, should be doable. My local channels out of youngstown are about 12 miles as the crow flies, obviously this antenna is overkill for those. This antenna performed no better than the $35 rca small yagi style antenna i previously had in place from walmart. . Perhaps it would've gone better if i had the provided power injector a little closer to the antenna. The injector provides power to what i believe is a preamp inside the antenna. If you contact support, this is the first thing they will tell you. Problem is, when you put the antenna up towards the peak of the tallest point of your roof, it's not possible to plug into a nearby working outlet for most. However, i know the amp was getting power because i was getting at least nearby channels at full strength and occasionally channels from cleveland (nearly complete opposite facing direction). The cleveland antenna farm is about 45 miles west as the crow flies (the cleveland antenna farm is south of the city in parma, so due west for me). So to believe i would've achieved my goal with the injector right there is questionable. . Realistically, if you're in a situation where you sit 30-40 miles from your locals, based on what i was getting out of cleveland, this is probably a reasonable route. But if you're locals are within 15 or so miles, a standard antenna will do just fine. I'm a believer of placing an antenna on the roof, if it's your primary method of receiving locals, to eliminate the possibility of multipath interference (signals bouncing off your walls, which doesn't happen all of the time, but can be an annoying intermittent inconvenience). . As for customer support from free signal tv, they were great. They did offer some advice, but ultimately the antenna just doesn't perform to the advertised standards which causes unrealistic expectations.

G. Anonymous, Stockton-on-Tees

It does ok in an area that people told me good luck getting signal. Id even say it works well

J. Anonymous, California says

I had a winegard flatwave amped fl5500a that i was using prior to this, but that did not pick up abc 7 well in nyc (vhf signal). So i got this however, it constantly drops signal. Uhf signals are not stable. I had a much better reception with the flatwave.

P. Patton, South Tyneside

I'm not impressed to say the least. If you want an attractive antenna that your hoa may be more inclined to accept then this expensive antenna may be right for you. On the other hand, if you want an antenna that will give seriously good performance then you should look at the other options out there. I installed this antenna in my attic and was not able to view stations that are only 25 miles away. I finally moved it outside to mount on my chimney with a 10 foot pole to get it elevated and it was able to pull in the main stations like abc, cbs, nbc and fox. I wasn't happy with how it looked from the street and neither was my hoa so i took it down and got a channel master cm-4228hd. The difference in performance is extraordinary. I put the channel master in my attic in the exact same place that i originally installed the marathon. The channel master pulls in all stations with an impressive 100% signal strength and 90-100% signal quality according to the signal meter in my tv. If i still had the original box i would be returning this for a refund. Shame on me for throwing it out. Now i'm stuck with an antenna that cost twice as much as my channel master just lying in my attic collecting dust.

B. Sherry, Hounslow says

Had high hopes for this antenna, but i had to to send it back, didn't work any better than the cheap 30 dollar one that i already owned.

C. Fabian, Hackney

When we first set it up we were getting over 30 channels on each of the 4 tv's. Now 2 months later and it isn't working at all. So far this has been the biggest waste of money.

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