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Price was $14.95. Been using this on the low setting for over a month now, with the same batteries that came in it from the factory! i just now replaced them (with the other set that came from the factory) so we'll see how many months those last! i was spoiled with my last kindle light being rechargeable, but i had to charge that thing practically weekly, this i can pop batteries in and forget about it. If it gets dim, i can switch it to the brighter setting and still get a week out of it. I have an older version kindle touch, i wrapped the clip with a hair-tie to keep the clip at the right height for my device. It doesn't move. It's super light weight. The light shines evenly over the whole page. I love it!

-S. Medina

Kandle led reading light designed books ereaders, new patent-pending “wide lip” grip that does not block the screen on the kindle, sony reader and other ebook readers. ozeri kandle led book light for ereaders. double pivoting arms -ozeri kandle led reading light designed books ereaders, black

  • Attributes: New Intelligent Led Sensors Automatically Power Off When The Lid Is Closed To Prevent Accidental Loss Of Battery Power.
  • Attributes: New Patent-pending Wideliptm Design Attaches To The Kindletm, Sony Reader And Other Ebook Readers Without Blocking The Screen.

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Received the kandle ii today, and i'm really impressed! my kindle touch was a gift for christmas last year, and i've been searching for a light ever since (i have a drawerful of various designs to prove it! ). I haven't been happy with any of them, and was seriously considering upgrading to the paper white. Came across this little gem quite by accident and was immediately interested. It was small, no flimsy arm to get in the way or adjust, just clean lines and, i hoped, a good light without glare that would reach to the bottom of the screen. Then i started reading the reviews. I always read beginning with the newest, and i'm glad i did. Apparently, when this light was first offered (i read reviews back to 2011), it had several problems, and there were many complaints. However, the reviews from early 2012 were all very favorable. Apparently this company was actually reading these negative reviews and acted on them to improve their product. The light gives a good even light all the way to the bottom of the screen, there is no glare whatsoever, and it clips nicely to the kindle (with a kindle cover). I can't speak to battery life, i've only had it one day; however, this light is so amazing i'm not really conerned about it, i'll just make sure i always have batteries on hand. Bottom line, i'll be keeping my touch for a good long time because of this light. I highly recommend it to all kindle owners. The Best kandle led reading light designed ( Apr 2020 ) | Ozeri-Digital Device Accessory Review Attributes Ozeri Kandle LED Reading Light Designed for Books and Ereaders, Black Powered by 3 ultra bright lifetime x2 leds that adjust from ultra bright to a soft reading light with push button ease.. New intelligent led sensors automatically power off when the lid is closed to prevent accidental loss of battery power.. New patent-pending wideliptm design attaches to the kindletm, sony reader and other ebook readers without blocking the screen.. Double pivoting arms allow for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination.. Includes 2 cr2032 batteries installed (plus an extra set of batteries) and protective pouch. exclusively warrantied by ozeri to original purchaser. there are no factory authorized resellers. .

Ozeri Kandle Led Reading Light Designed For Books And Ereaders, Black Review (ka2a b)

. . There are plenty of positive reviews for this little gadget but there are a few negative things i wish i had known before i bought this item but lets start with the positive. . Positive:. 1. It's plenty bright to illuminate the whole screen. 2. It will not damage your first, second or latest generation kindle (or other ereader)thanks to the soft pads on the clamp. 3. It comes with an extra set of batteries. 4. The plastic is a nice soft mat finish even on the white one. 5. You can use it with a cover, there is no interference. . Negative:. 1. It is very bright and may actually disturb your bed partner. 2. The arm doesn't articulate left and right to fix the aforementioned problem and allow you to direct the light away from your bed partner. (there are other models that do this). 3. The price is a bit much. I would guess that it costs about two bucks to make these, maybe less. . Overall:. I am happy with my purchase although the price was a bit high. It is a very nice book light and it great to read without the room light on. I just expected a perfect product considering the reviews and the fact that it has been redesigned. . On the next design, i would love to see:. 1. A left to right articulation. Update: (other models do this! ). 2. An easier way to change the batteries. Update: (fixed! great redesign job! ). 3. Three light settings instead of two. (a much lower setting in particular) -L. June

Ozeri Kandle Reading Designed Ereaders

  • Order: Accessory
  • Brand: Ozeri
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0815817010285
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.00 inches
    Length:3.00 inches
    Weight:0..1 pounds
    Width:0.70 inches
  • Manufacturer: Ozeri
  • Model: KA2A-B
  • MPN: KA2A-B
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: KA2A-B
  • Sub-Type: Digital Device Accessory
  • UPC: 815817010285

kandle led reading light designed books ereaders, Digital Device Accessory, New patent-pending "wide lip" grip that does not block the screen on the kindle, sony reader and other ebook readers. ozeri kandle led book light for ereaders. double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination. Ozeri Kandle Led Reading Light Designed Books Ereaders, Black (KA2A-B-Ozeri).

Ozeri Kandle Reading Designed Ereaders Digital Device Accessory

  • I tend to toss things into my purse so a book light with a long neck was definitely out of the question. The kandle ii folds into a sturdy little block and they also include a pouch to store it in. If i am going to travel with a book light, i feel this would stand up to the jostling in my purse pretty well. So far so good! i have the latest version of the plain kindle and the online store-produced leather kindle cover without the light. The kandle ii clips on to the kindle just fine whether it is in or out of the cover. The only improvement i would want is for the clip to be adjusted so that it doesn't slide down further down onto the kindle screen. However, it is a small complaint. As long as you are careful not to knock it around, the kandle should stay in place just fine and for the low price, i am willing to put up with this very minor inconvenience. I love that there are two brightness settings and i find the low setting to be fine most of the time. Another great feature is the fact that it will turn off automatically if you fold the light closed which is fantastic. It's the small details like this which really sold me on this booklight. I definitely feel the quality is worth the price and i would advise anyone to get one.
  • This product lets me use my kindle touch in bed without waking up my wife by turning on a lamp. For that reason alone, i can give it five stars and say that it's easily worth the $20 i spent. . Functionality: it does cast a lot of light to the sides but the low setting is just enough light to adequately light the page. There is a bit of a fade toward the bottom of the page, but when the batteries are well-charged, the bottom of the page is still quite readable. . Longevity: battery life is pretty good; i had the kandle ii in fairly constant use for about two months before i had to replace the batteries, and as a bonus, they do include a second set with the product. It uses two cr2032 watch batteries, which are available as of this writing on online store for about a dollar each. If i could improve one thing about the kandle, it would be to include a low battery light to indicate when to replace the batteries. As the batteries start to die, the light fades slowly and eventually gets too dim to use. . Aesthetics: it looks like part of the kindle. I'm not super concerned personally with style, but at least with the kindle touch it fits right in with the product. It's also light enough that i generally just keep it on the kindle 24/7, even if i don't need the light at the time. . Overall: a great little product that gives you the ability to read in the dark without having to shell out for the paperwhite. Recommended.
  • It doesn't fit very well on smaller kindles. It either overlaps the top words in a book or slips off if i move it above. I still can use it but it's not perfect.
  • I was looking forward to my new reading light but found the battery life very poor and when the batteries wear down, the lights dim and reading the last 1/3 of the page becomes difficult. If there was an automatic shut-off when the light is folded down, i suspect the batteries would last longer as these are not cheap batteries to buy. In fact two batteries is virtually the cost of a new kandle which comes with extra batteries so do the math. I have had better lights. . After writing this review i was contacted by ozeri who then sent me a new kandle, free of charge, to see if it would perform better than the first. I am most impressed with the company but still not thrilled with the kandle. Even with new batteries the light it throws on the last 1/3 of the page is inadequate for my old eyes and i remain concerned about the cost of the batteries.
  • I bought this product for my keyboard kindle. If you place the kindle and kandle together, it does block the screen. So i just place it about an inch up, and it is fine. It stays in place. It has 2 light settings, and they are both very bright. A problem i had with my last book light was that the light was a lot brighter at the top than at the bottom. But this is not the case with the kandle 2. Of course it is slightly brighter at the top, but it is minimal and not distracting. And the price is great. The light i had before had a moveable head and it would turn off when i moved it (i think the wires were messed up inside of it), and it cost me $40. But that was about 2 years ago. I would suggest this light as it is superior to any other ones i have had or seen out there. Good product. . That was the original review. Now since i've been using it, i have changed my opinion of it. When turned on, the light is bright but the longer i read, the dimmer it gets. And once that starts to happen, there is a big difference in the lighting up top to the lighting of the bottom. It's very frustrating. My advice: just get a kindle fire since it has a lighted background that can be adjusted. (i have a kindle keyboard and a kindle fire hd also. )

kandle led reading light designed Ozeri Kandle LED Reading Light Designed for Books and Ereaders, Black (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I had an old kandle (two bulbs) as i have been reading with a kindle for some time and i used it alot. However, it no longer met my spec of providing great light while not disturbing my wife's sleep. I thought it was no longer available until i remembered it was "kandle" and i was so pleased to find it. I was even more pleased to see it significantly upgraded with 3 lights and a somewhat adjustable brightness and the price. I have struggled for months trying to meet my need of a comfortable light before i sleep and not disturbing my wife. Finally, i ordered and was richly rewarded by my purchase-i absolutely love it and am so glad to have it. It is engineered perfectly for the kindle or whatever electronic reader you have. Thank you!

Ozeri Kandle Led Reading Light Designed Books Ereaders, Black
Click to see NoticeOzeri Kandle Led Reading Light Designed Books Ereaders, Black (ka2a b)"Excellent light, nice added features since version 1. The new battery cover is a great idea (you used to have to unscrew the back), but it falls short. The turn directional symbol actually points the wrong way, and once turned i needed to use tweezers to actually pull the cover off."

(0) Question: Will this light fit on the kindle while it is in it's cover and/or while with a silicone sleeve? thank you all so much for answering my question - i really appreciate it! now, armed with all this amazing info i will head over to my cart and order the kandle ii - can't wait! thanks again & happy new year to all!

(1) Question: Is the light evenly distributed? i want it for kindle dx.

(2) Question: Can you use the kandle ii to rad a regular book?

Kindle Book Light Clip-On LED Reading Light Flexible Neck 2 Levels of Lumen Intensity Kindle 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5, Kindle 7th / 8th Gen, Kindle Touch / DX / DXG, Nook, eBook Reader

Works as expected. Liked the two light levels. Have read almost three books and only had to replace batteries once. Very pleased!

A perfect gift to provide a brilliant yet warm glow for comfortable reading the loamo clip-on led reading light offers durable long-lasting lighting that is very convenient to use and store. It allows night reading / writing easily when connected to an e-reader / ebook reader, tablet, or even a text book. The book light that is bright and compact, making it easy to carry. Simply clip it on to the reading device, tablet, and/or notebooks and adjust the neck as preferred. A smart, intelligent, and compact design. Adjustable brightness off / weak / or high brightness switch make it easy to conserve power and make the most of the battery life. Slim & compact design light weight and easy to carry and storage. Adjustable bendy neck, shielded bulb to reduce glare and protects from dust. Soft silicone grip mat soft mat on the that will not scratch or damage the back of the reader. Low power lighting 3 soft white lower power usage led's for broader lighting that will maximize battery life. Shielded to reduce glare and help diffuse light. Description: item type: reading light color: black light source: led power source: 3aaa batteries (not included) material: abs package included: 1 x electronic book reading light

Kindle Book Light Clip-On LED Reading Light Flexible Neck 2 Levels of Lumen Intensity Kindle 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5, Kindle 7th / 8th Gen, Kindle Touch / DX / DXG, Nook, eBook ReaderKindle-Reading-Flexible-Levels-Intensity

Kindle Reading Flexible Levels Intensity (Loamo) FAQ.

I like that the light is a clip on and not bulky. It gives off plenty of light for reading. -Notice from L. Alma, Limousin

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A great book light for e-readers. This is an awesome light i've purchased for my kindles. This kindle book light is very bright, even in pitch blackness. I love that the neck part is adjustable and you can bend it to the angle you want. I've also used it for regular books as well, it works great in either case! overall i like it.

Kindle-reading-flexible-levels-intensity-(loamo) set picture

- R. MorganCute. Works fine. This light is perfect for reading right before bed.

I'm not giving this light 5 stars because it doesn't quite fit on my old kindle keyboard as tight as i'd like it to. The kindle back is slightly curved and the book light clip is straight. That said i love the light that this puts out. The low light setting is adequate for reading at night and doesn't keep my husband awake. The adjustable neck makes it easy to adjust for a non-glare reading surface. Wished i bought this light a long time ago!

V. Susan, Maryland

Brand :    loamo
Color :    Black
Size :    Mini
Weight :    0.9 pounds
  • Flexible gooseneck: flexible neck points light to wherever you need it, shielded bulb to reduce glare and protects from dust. fully adjustable arm allows the light to be positioned for better angles and targeted lighting that will not obstruct the screen. lamp head tucks into the clip for easy to carry in bags, purses, or toolboxes and transportation.
  • Perfect compatibility: designed for any book and e-book readers, such as the kindle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, kindle 8th generation, kindle 7th generation, kindle touch, kindle dx/dxg, paperwhite, 6" e ink display, sony reader digital books, kobo and other ebook readers. it may also be used as a free-standing light for book reading or desk work.
  • Low power lighting: the kindle book light clip-on reading light has a small yet powerful led light which only uses 3 x aaa batteries and uses virtually no power meaning your batteries will last you a very long time. shielded to reduce glare and help diffuse light. (battery not included)
  • Stable & durable: ultra-wide clip(7-14mm) provides a strong, secure grip. simply clip on your kindle carrying case reading device, tablet, and or notebooks. it works with or without kindle cover and stands alone. soft silicone grip mat on the that will not scratch or damage the back of the reader.
  • Adjustable brightness: 3 super leds give off a warm reading light. two brightness settings is perfect for book reading, travel reading, car maintenance, music stands, dj booths and many more uses. select the brightness to suit your needs for anywhere.
Price :    $12.99 (was $29.99)
Model :    R-918
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Network Media Player :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (loamo product review) for Kindle Book Light Clip-On LED Reading Light Flexible Neck 2 Levels of Lumen Intensity Kindle 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5, Kindle 7th / 8th Gen, Kindle Touch / DX / DXG, Nook, eBook Reader available ( Apr 2020 )

Book Light, WeGuard Ultrathin Flexible Reading Light Kindle Paperback Book Rechargeable Clip on LED Book Lamp Reading in Bed Plane Train Dorm - 4 Brightness Mode

A mixture of reading light and bookmark, it is a ultra-thin clip on book light for kindle paperback book and regular book. Perfect for reading in bed, plane, train. Best book light for avid reader who doesn't want to to disturb others when reading at night. Best choice for kindle and other devices with e ink screens. Specification: brightness: 8 lumen color temperature: 6500k power supply: rechargeable 150ma li-on battery charging time: 30 min working time: 42 hours after fully charged. Charging indicator: red light meas: 10*1. 5 inch color: metal black note: the clip is detachable, remove it when need. No charging cable need, use the usb interface directly. Red light on means charging, light off means fully charged. Package including: 1 x weguard book light with clip

Book Light, WeGuard Ultrathin Flexible Reading Light Kindle Paperback Book Rechargeable Clip on LED Book Lamp Reading in Bed Plane Train Dorm - 4 Brightness ModeWeGuard-Ultrathin-Flexible-Paperback-Rechargeable

Brand :    weguard
Color :    Black
  • Soft light, 4 eye-protection brightness mode: soft light avoids disturbing others who need dark rest environment. adjust the brightness according to the environment, not only eye-protection but also power saving.
  • Ultra-thin and foldable: suitable for clamping on kindle, paperback book and regular books. ideal for carrying around on a long time plane/train trip.
  • Guaranty: 90-day money back guarantee. 1 year quality warranty.
  • A mixture of bookmark and book light: ultra-thin size makes it works flawlessly as a bookmark. most popular stylish book light among the students and people who like to read.
  • Charge for 30 minutes, last for 42 hours: built-in high quality batteries and power saving led make the book light has longer working time than other normal book lamps.
Price :    $9.99
Model :    BT-001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer (weguard product review) for Book Light, WeGuard Ultrathin Flexible Reading Light Kindle Paperback Book Rechargeable Clip on LED Book Lamp Reading in Bed Plane Train Dorm - 4 Brightness Mode available ( Apr 2020 )

Kindle E-reader - Black, 6 Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

My first kindle from 2010, died a few weeks ago. Trying to fix it, i contacted kindle help, after buying myself a new one. They decided to give me the new one as a gift! . Thank you, online store and alex r.

A booklover's new best friend thin and light for one-handed reading the all new kindle is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the previous generation kindle, making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand. No glare in bright sunlight unlike reflective tablet and smartphone screens, the high contrast touchscreen display eliminates glare in any setting even direct sunlight. No eye strain, reads like real paper kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp text similar to what you see in a physical book. The blacks and whites on the screen are uniform, improving text and image quality. Battery lasts weeks, not hours kindle doesn t need power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for weeks on a single charge. Unlike tablets, no blue light to disturb your sleep recent studies have shown that evening exposure to blue light from devices with backlit screens like tablets and smartphones can suppress the body s production of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps the body fall asleep. Because the kindle display emits no light, you can read anytime without losing sleep. Thousands of books, no distractions kindle is designed as a dedicated e-reader. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts and push notifications. Read comfortably with one hand lighter than a paperback, comfortably hold kindle in one hand for those times when you can't put the book down. Lose yourself in a book by design, kindle is purpose-built for reading and creates a sanctuary so you can lose yourself in a book. Unlike tablets and phones, kindle doesn't distract you with social media, emails, and text messages. Take and share notes add margin notes that you can edit, delete, or even export from your device to your computer. Share highlighted sections and meaningful quotes on facebook, twitter, and goodreads, and see passages frequently highlighted by other kindle readers. Look it up instantly without leaving your page smart lookup integrates entries from the new oxford american dictionary with information from x-ray and wikipedia, so you can access definitions, characters, settings, and more without losing your place. Read more challenging books word wise makes it easier to enjoy and quickly understand more challenging books. Short and simple definitions automatically appear above difficult words, so you can keep reading with fewer interruptions. Tap on a word to bring up a simple card with definitions, synonyms, and more. Available on many popular english language titles. Build your vocabulary words looked up in the dictionary are automatically added to vocabulary builder to expand your knowledge and reinforce retention. Swipe through your vocabulary words, quiz yourself with flashcards, and instantly see those words in context. Share your library with family library, you and your family can access and easily share not only your own kindle books, but also books from the linked online store account of a spouse or partner. Lowest book prices, massive selection over a million titles are priced at $2. 99 or less. Over 2 million titles are $9. 99 or less.   set goals and celebrate with achievement badges kids can read books in a simple, fun, and safe environment designed specifically for them with kindle freetime. Kids are rewarded with achievement badges when they reach their reading milestones. A progress report keeps parents updated on total time spent reading, number of words looked up, badges earned, and books read.

Kindle E-reader - Black, 6 Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special OffersAll-New-Kindle-ereader-Glare-Free-Touchscreen

All New Kindle Ereader Glare Free Touchscreen (b00zv9pxp2) FAQ.

I don't know why there are so many bad reviews. First of, let's start off by pointing out the obvious, it's under $100. You're not going to receive a kindle paperwhite. Before you order, read the specs and compare it to the other kindles. Yes, the specs say it doesn't have backlighting so honestly, there shouldn't be one ounce of surprise when you receive this. I on the other hand, love this little kindle. I have had the new kindle paperwhite and i really didn't like how big it was to hold in my small hands. I don't have children hands, but i'm a female and my hands are on the small side. Maybe for a male this would be kind of small, idk. Anyway, it is smaller than the paperwhite, but i love that. I also love the fact that it doesn't come with a light. I used to read at night with the paperwhite, but that light gave me a headache so i stopped. It is not as dark as these bad reviews make it seem. You can read perfectly fine being indoors. They're exaggerating. This feels more like a book to me than the kindle paperwhite ever did. The letters on this kindle are amazing. . I don't even notice the difference between ppi and i love that the letters are way darker than the paperwhite. The paperwhite had a grey hue to them and i didn't feel like i was reading a book. I felt like i actually holding a technical device to read a book. Of course since this doesn't have a backlight, you cannot read in the dark. It's common sense. If you want to read at night, purchase a little book light that are super inexpensive and attach it to your kindle. It's not a big deal and you're not going to break the bank buying a $119. 99 item when you can buy this little awesome e-book reader for $79. 99. Think about when the light runs out of your expensive other e-books. You will be back to square one and will either have to purchase a new kindle or buy a light for your expensive kindles. You can increase the letter size if you're reading at night with indoor lights and you can read perfectly. It has airplane mode, web search, goodreads, online store store, and bluetooth. . So far i haven't had any issues at all. Pages have gone back and fourth perfectly fine. The bookmark tool works like a charm. I love it more than the kindle paperwhite. You can connect your goodreads account on it, too. I actually use the bluetooth like a audiobook. It reads it for me! yeah, it sounds a little robotic but it's not anything that bothers me. I love how i can still download pdf documents into it and it opens and works amazing! . . I honestly recommend this e-book reader to anyone that doesn't want to spend over $100 on one. You will not regret it. The battery lasts me a very long while as well. Disconnect it from the internet and bluetooth to save you battery. . Thanks online store for coming out with such an inexpensive e-book and it's great for the price! love it 100%! . . How to connect it to read out loud:. 1. Connect your kindle to a bluetooth available device (laptop, speaker, headphone, etc. ). 2. Once connected to bluetooth go to your kindle settings - device options - personalize your kindle - voiceview screen reader and turn it on. 3. Done. . Go back home and click on a book and it will automatically read out loud. . By the way, this is my opinion. I'm not a paid reviewer or anything. Just want to help others out, lol. :) -Notice from . Neva, South Dakota

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I love my kindle fire hd 8, however it can be tiring on the eyes for reading any length of time. I decided to purchase this during the black friday sales and was not disappointed. The screen is sharp and looks just like paper, the more light hits the screen, the better it looks. This definitely makes me not regret all the book purchases i have made through online store now that i can read them on here. The size is perfect and can be held with one hand easily. Wish i would have purchased this sooner, however i am glad i waited for it to go on sale. If you enjoy reading, even in the slightest, don't hesitate to pick one of these up. You won't be disappointed.

All-new-kindle-ereader-glare-free-touchscreen-(b00zv9pxp2) set picture

- . JacquelineI already have a kindle e-reader and bought this while it was on sale for prime day. I love this device that much. There is an user guide and dictionary in the device library. I haven't read it but i've figured out how to use it on my own i recommend this device to any one who loves reading. Lightweight, 6", fits in most back pockets, can read in sun light and dim to well lit places.

I've had a nook ereader for the longest time and when i receieved their newest version (nook glowlight plus) i spent hours trying to set it up so that i can download ebooks from the library. Guess what. It didn't work. There is an apparent glitch that they knew about since november. The employees in the store won't tell you about the glitch. In total, i wasted 9 hours trying to set up the newest nook just to be able to download ebooks from the library. 3 1/2 hours on my own - then an hour in the store - then another 4 1/2 hours wheni got home. I was so mad! that is when i turned to the online store kindle. . I was so happy when the kindle showed up at my house :). I set the kindle up within minutes and couldn't believe how quickly i have a book to read! it's simple to connect to the library system (as long as you have a library card). . When i'm ready for a new tablet i'll tell you that i won't look any further than kindle's version. . Spend the extra few bucks on a kindle. It will be worth it!

Q. Teresa, Buckinghamshire

Brand :    
Color :    Black
Size :    4 GB
Weight :    0.36 pounds
  • No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets.
  • Keep reading-a single charge lasts weeks, not hours.
  • All-new design is thinner and lighter, and now available in your choice of black or white.
  • With built-in audible, access the world's largest library of audiobooks. easily switch between reading and listening on bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones.
  • Easy on your eyes-touchscreen display reads like real paper.
Price :    $42.18 (was $59.99)
Model :    SY69JL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ereaders :    Best Book Reader ( product review) for Kindle E-reader - Black, 6 Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers available ( Apr 2020 )

Cover Kindle 8th Generation, 2016 - Black

To early to tell i got it for my wife for christmas and haven't given it yet. She is always reading books, i think she's going to love it.

Slim, form-fitting cover designed by online store to perfectly fit your all new kindle (8th generation) and provide full front and back protection. The cover is easy to securely attach and remove, and folds back for easy one-handed reading. It automatically puts your kindle to sleep when closed and wakes upon opening, making it easy to jump back into your book. Crafted from durable polyurethane with a matching nylon woven interior, the cover protects your kindle and keeps the screen clean without adding bulk, making it perfect for taking your kindle wherever you go.

Cover Kindle 8th Generation, 2016 - BlackAmazon-Cover-Kindle-Generation-2016

Cover Kindle 8th Generation, 2016 - Black (53 005132) FAQ.

Got a new kindle for the wife, and she can not put it down. And with the unlimited kindle subscription, she has now stopped buying hard cover books, and uncluttered her night stand. Thank goodness for online store's kindle devices, now my wife can take her reading times any where she wants. -Notice from L. Fabian, Champagne-Ardenne

Click to Show cover kindle 8th generation, 2016 - black (53 005132) Details

I wasn't sure about buying it as i've never bought a kindle before. Now that i have it, i'm glad i did. It givens some depth to the kindle and its nice that it turns the kindle into sleep mode when closed. Worth adding it on.

Cover-kindle-8th-generation,-2016---black-(53-005132) set picture

- Z. AprilFeels smooth, easy to open and close, easy to hold with the fold back cover, keeps my kindle safe and snug.

Kindle is good but the cover is not good like what i think to be just lower cost performance than my expectation. However, it is still a good cover to protect the screen of my kindle.

E. Kelly, Waltham Forest

Brand :    
Color :    Black
Model :    4330262718
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Book Reader Accessory ( product review) for Cover Kindle 8th Generation, 2016 - Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $9.54 (was $29.99)
  • Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed
  • Slim design easily and securely attaches to your kindle
  • Cover folds back for easy one-handed reading
  • Designed by to perfectly your kindle (8th generation) - will not fit previous generation kindle devices and no other kindle model
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black Kindle 5th Generation, 2012 model - does fit current Kindle, Paperwhite, Touch, Keyboard

I love this product. I tried several different arrangement for a case and light solution. This is by far the best i have come across, and as it turns out it is exactly what i was looking for! i do not think i could have design a better product for what i was looking for than this one. My requirements were for the cover: light and thin without sacrificing too much protection, snug, secure and sturdy holding of the kindle, does not hinder access to kindle buttons, and quality; and for the light: something with an even light, rechargeable batteries, and ideally something that did not add too much bulkiness. . This product is exactly what i was looking for in every regard. I have read that some people don't like the finish. The finish is slick. It is not a textured soft leather, but that did not matter to me and, in fact, i think the leather finish is very nice. Also, some commented on the fact that it does not appear to offer a tremendous amount of protection. True. It will not stop a bullet, and if you stomp on it you could possibly break the device. Still, it is plenty durable and protective and will do the job perfectly for 99. 9% of us. . Pros:. 1) light. 2) thin. 3) adequate protection. 4) snug, secure, sturdy mounting of the kindle. 5) does not hinder access to buttons. 6) quality. 7) rechargeable (draws from the kindle). 8) even light. 9) does not add bulkiness. . Cons:. None observed yet.

Online store's kindle lighted leather cover protect and illuminate your kindle our sleek, form-fitted leather exterior looks and feels great, while the soft microfiber interior protects your device from scuffs and scratches. The cover was designed to specifically fit your kindle and secures your device without any hinges or straps. Simply place your kindle into the form-fitted interior of the cover and then gently press the device into place. No matter where you take your kindle, you'll never be without illumination thanks to the integrated reading light. Our innovative design allows the built-in led light to draw its power from kindle, so no batteries are required. Never be without a light the integrated high-quality led light is optimally positioned above your kindle to provide an even light across the screen. Designed specifically for kindle's paper-like display, adding brightness without adding glare to read comfortably anytime, anywhere. When needed, simply flip the light out and it automatically illuminates, eliminating the need for a separate power switch. To turn the light off, just snap it back into place or close the cover. Since the light draws its power from kindle, no batteries are needed. On the go thin, lightweight, and durable, this cover is perfect for taking kindle wherever you go. The stylish, genuine leather exterior and form-fitting interior provide ultimate fit and protection to read comfortably with one hand. You'll also never be without a reading light; no batteries are needed since the light draws its power from kindle.  

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black Kindle 5th Generation, 2012 model - does fit current Kindle, Paperwhite, Touch, KeyboardAmazon-Kindle-Lighted-Leather-Generation

Kindle Lighted Leather Generation (53 000022) FAQ.

The cover is a snug and secure fit for my kindle. . Pros:. 1) premium leather finish; looks (and even smells) great. 2) cover flap is similar to that of a leather hardcover book, so i feel it will protect the screen from all but neglectful harm. 3) button access is very good and the kindle retains the tactile response i expect from the buttons, and there is ample access to the charge/sync port so the cable can be attached without removing the kindle from its cover. 4) with cover folded back i find that i have fewer accidental page-turns than i do with "naked" kindle. 5) no batteries need for reading light: a huge plus in my book. 6) super-fast ship, even though i chose standard shipping (had it the same week i ordered it). 7) the cover hides the sometimes-stupid power-off ads, such as that for the "no more leaky tikis" hawaiian-themed disposable diapers (yes, i know you can hold the power button in for 7 seconds and get no ad at all, but i don't always do that). . Cons:. 1) light is "hotter" at top of page than at bottom; i find i have to boost font size by one step to retain bottom-of-page readability with the light on. 2) removal is not as straightforward as insertion (you have to bend one corner away to get started and then work the kindle out); but having done this a couple times to try it, i plan to leave the kindle in its cover from now on anyhow. . Frankly, i am glad there is no latch or flap to hang or add bulk when the cover is folded back, and i feel that, if you exercise the same care you would with a regular book, the cover offers adequate protection (after all, the time one is most likely to drop the kindle is when reading, when the cover would be open, and a latch or strap would be a moot point). . I did have a sharp nylon thread sticking up right where one of my fingers would naturally fall on the opened/folded-back cover. I trimmed it down with fingernail clippers and it is perfect now. I thought about melting it down with a lighter and decided not to - the inside of the front cover appears to be a polymer velour, which i imagine would lose its soft texture if exposed to a flame. . Does the light pull the battery down faster? of course it does, but i still easily get through a week of typical reading between charges (i use the light and the wifi only when necessary). . I bought mine as a "like new" return from the online store warehouse at a discount of about 52%, shipping included. Not sure i would be as happy with my purchase if i paid full price; i just don't see sixty bucks' worth of product here. -Notice from J. Finch, Oxfordshire

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Very well designed. Case provides some impact resistance, while also providing scratch resistance while in a backpack or other bag. Great for traveling. Built in light is efficient and functions perfectly.

Kindle-lighted-leather-generation-(53-000022) set picture

- O. WaytMy wife loves that i no longer need the nightstand table on to do some late night reading. It does add some bulk to the reader, but it's a worthwhile addition. I found mine used online because i wasn't going to pay more for a cover than i paid for my used kindle. :)

I use a workaround for this that is quite simple and works. I just take 2 squares of toilet paper (no really) fold them in half then fold them in half again until i have two rectangles and tape them to the sides with a bit of space between the edge where the opening for the page turn buttons are and the toilet paper rectangles. Then i put my kindle in, and page turn buttons are easier to use :). . I bought this 'used' for $33. 94 from online store warehouse deals. The description said 'like new' and it was. The product itself was pristine, even the packaging looked good - it just had minor creases on the cardboard but that was it. Delivery was really fast, too. Ordered on a saturday, arrived in ny on tuesday. . I already had a purple cover for my kindle 4 so i bought this black one to match my kindle 5. The color is a really deep black, really smooth. And slightly matte leather. Fits the kindle 5 perfectly and doesn't weigh as much as other covers. The light is really bright. Sometimes i wish it could be dimmed a bit and it does shine into your eyes when you hold the kindle the wrong way. Still, it's the best cover i've found for my kindle and removes the need for a separate booklight. Plus, i. Don't have to worry about buying batteries since it draws power from the device. . I do have a paperwhite, but i like the page turn buttons on my basic kindles and this cover is a necessity in low light environments.

R. Garner, Stockport

Price :    $16.50 (was $47.99)
  • Premium leather exterior looks and feels great
  • Cover folds back for easy one-handed reading
  • Light draws power from kindle device. no batteries required
  • Built-in led reading light provides even lighting across kindle's entire screen
  • Sleek, lightweight design protects kindle without adding bulk
Brand :    
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    515-1060-00
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Book Reader Accessory ( product review) for Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black Kindle 5th Generation, 2012 model - does fit current Kindle, Paperwhite, Touch, Keyboard available ( Apr 2020 )

IKross Black Dual LED Clip-On Reading Light Nook, eBook Readers, Tablet, Book, Textbook more

This book light is okay. It is definitely *very* bright, even on the lower setting i find it hard to use it at night to read because it is just so bright. Also it glares off of my kindle screen quite badly, so i have to adjust the light so it shines just over the top of the kindle, or is pointing directly at it's own clip, so as to reduce the glare. It is also quite heavy, and makes my kindle quite top heavy and uncomfortable to hold for long periods. The clip also does not fit snugly on my kindle, so if it gets bumped a little, or if i try to carry it somewhere it is liable to fall off. . I do love that the light is on an easily adjusted and manipulated arm, which is super bendy and allows for me to point the light virtually anywhere i want while reading, which is helpful because of the above mentioned glare. I wish it fit more snug to the kindle, and also wish it had more tempered settings for the brightness of the light. The weight cannot be helped as much since most of it is due to the batteries.

A durable long-lasting book light that is very convenient to use and store. It allows your night reading / writing easily. A book light that is bright easy to carry. A suggested book light for night reading or writing and or on the go. Simply clip on your reading device, tablet, and or notebooks. A smart intelligent compact design. Useful for: e readers such as nook, kobo and more tablets such as ipad pro, ipad air, samsung galaxy tab and more laptops notebooks computers textbooks books magazines & much more low power lighting 3 soft white lower power usage led's for broader lighting that will maximize battery life. Shielded to reduce glare and help diffuse light adjustable brightness off / weak / or high brightness switch make it easy to conserve power and make the most of the battery life flexible gooseneck can be moved and positioned for better angles and targeted lighting that will not obstruct the screen slim & compact design lightweight and easy to carry in bags, purses, or toolboxes. Takes up minimal space soft silicone grip mat soft mat on the that will not scratch or damage the back of the reader powered by 3 aaa batteries, not included

IKross Black Dual LED Clip-On Reading Light Nook, eBook Readers, Tablet, Book, Textbook moreiKross-Reading-Readers-Tablet-Textbook

Ikross Reading Readers Tablet Textbook (885157913584) FAQ.

The lighting is fine with two settings to use, but the clip portion of the device feels cheap in design. I tried clipping this on top of my kindle, as seen in the image on the product page, and it seems that it isn't really holding on to it very well. The light tilts back towards you and if you look on the back you can see a gap where it isn't really gripping the kindle very well. I was able to get around this by actually putting the device on the bottom of the kindle and gripping it with my hand like a handle so that the light was shining up from the bottom instead of the top. Overall, its fine considering the price and the rest of the design seems solid as the light stows away nicely into the grip. Again, my only complaint is that it isn't staying on the kindle very well when put on the top like in the product page pictures. -Notice from . Fabian, Indiana

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Excellent light for e-readers. Got this for my kindle which does not have a built-in light. I've also used it for regular books as well, it works great in either case! strong enough light to read by, even in pitch blackness. Very satisfied

Ikross-reading-readers-tablet-textbook-(885157913584) set picture

- . GinaIt may be designed for a kindle, but it fits perfectly on my acer 15 inch chromebook, which doesn't have a lighted keyboard. After trying various usb lights, which all got in the way of seeing the screen, i bought this little unit. And it works great! slips easily onto the top bezel of the laptop screen, doesn't cover the screen, and illuminates the keyboard beautifully. Stays high up out of the way, no glare in my face, no glare on the screen, no interference with typing (using it now as i write this review). The weight of the unit with the batteries doesn't bother the chromebook's hinges. It's only been a few days, so i can't say yet how long the 3 aaa batteries will last. Highly recommend for anyone with a laptop that doesn't have a backlit keyboard.

I have been using the light for 2 weeks. Works great. The reading light arrived in about a week intact and working very good as advertised. I use a book cover on my new kindle 7th generation and the mounting clip for the light would not open wide enough to include the kindle and the front and back thicknesses of the cover. So i had to squeeze the mounting clip inside the cover and mount directly to the kindle. It was difficult to push/force the battery compartment inside the back of the cover. I may wind up cutting a rectangular clearance notch in the back of the cover for the battery compartment of the light. The light switch for the two light intensities works great. I have found that the light glares off my kindle screen, especially on high intensity setting. When this happens i either tilt the kindle toward me, switch to the lower intensity or position the light off to either side and twist the light itself so any glare is directed to the opposite side and not at me. I use 1 or 2 medium strength rubber bands around the whole kindle to hold the light down against the kindle for traveling. Excellent value for the price.

. Anonymous, Maine

Brand :    ikross
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Compact and very convenient. on/off switch. battery not included.
  • Clips to anything: ebook, books, laptops and more
  • Brand new dual led clip on light - black. easy to use and clip on.
  • Flexible neck points light to wherever you need it.
  • Operated by 3 aaa batteries. ebook reading devices are not included.
Price :    $9.99
Model :    885157913584
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (ikross product review) for IKross Black Dual LED Clip-On Reading Light Nook, eBook Readers, Tablet, Book, Textbook more available ( Apr 2020 )

Kandle Ozeri LED Book Light Kindle 1st latest generation , other eBook readers - in Black

My wife and i are both big kindle readers. Every night we are in bed with our kindles. So we don't disturb each other we both use a reading light, so when one is reading to go to sleep the other can keep reading. It's great. We have been using several lights, and quickly learned that you needed to be willing to spend at least 20 bucks for a good solution. . My previous light which i really enjoyed was a verso. It worked great. . On a recent trip i lost my light, and was pretty disappointed. So i took the chance to try out a new light. After researching on online store i settled on this kandle light and have been very satisfied. . On my kindle (3rd gen) this provides great coverage, and the batteries are lasting longer than i have expected. I am about 24 hours into this light and haven't noticed it growing dimmer. I know a battery change is coming, but as a geek who keeps lots of tools and batteries around, i have already checked out what it will take to change the batteries, and it's simpler than any of my 2 yr olds toys. . It's excellent and easy to read by, and i am very happy with this light.

New patent-pending "wide lip" grip that does not block the screen on the kindle, sony reader and other ebook readers. Ozeri kandle led book light for ereaders. Double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination.

Kandle Ozeri LED Book Light Kindle 1st latest generation , other eBook readers - in BlackKandle-Ozeri-Amazon-generation-readers

Kandle Ozeri Generation Readers (ka1a b) FAQ.

When i bought a newer kindle for myself, i passed my gen 2 kindle on to my husband. We both usually read for a while before going to sleep. I now read on my paperwhite 3g and do not need to use the lamp we keep above our headboard. But it still had to be on for my husband if he decided to read longer than i did or vice-versa. I saw this product at online store and ordered it for his kindle. He loves it! in fact, we both do because we no longer have to have that glaring light on if just one of us continues to read later than the other. This is a great product! it doesn't weigh a lot and attaches to either the top or side of the kindle. I've tried other detachable lights with clamps but they never seemed to open enough to fit the kindle without popping off at the slightest touch. This is a stronger, wider clamp that does not cause a glare on the reading surface. I chose the white to match his white kindle but they also offer gray, graphite, and black. They do offer other lighting products but this one is perfect for our purpose. You can also purchase them used at online store for a lesser amount. . Kandle by ozeri led book light in white - designed for the online store kindle (1st and latest generation), sony reader and other ebook readers. I highly recommend it. -Notice from A. Zelda, South Dakota

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I looked at a few lighting options for my gen. 3 kindle before settling on this one. About the only drawback is a lack of adjustability-there isn't quite as much as the product description might make you believe. . That said, the light from this device will sufficiently cast all the way down the screen on a 6" viewable kindle. The lamps/bulbs are also easily bright enough to allow reading in a very dark room with no eye strain. Frankly, said brightness of bulbs was mind blowing. . How do i know this? i placed the light onto my kindle-the spring clip is plenty adequate to hold it firmly in place with the device in the carry case i chose-then took it into my bedroom, drew the shades and closed the door and the curtains, turned the kindle on, and was able to adjust the lighting angle to run all the way down the screen, and then i proceeded to read for several minutes. Amazing. . If anything, with fresh batteries-it comes with one installed plus two spares! -it is probably too bright to be reading with a significant other or spouse in bed. But many do read before bed. Just go into another room in your place and back to the bedroom when you are ready. If you want to read without using any lights, even in another part of your house, this light from ozeri will let you do it. . Also, the device itself seems to be of decent, though probably not spectacular construction. Anyone who is the least bit careful with their personal stuff would likely not experience premature breakage. And what do you pay for something that works? a fairly reasonable $14. 99 from online store. Many kindle accessories run $25-$40. I bought the item thru online store. Com, and in my opinion, it's worth the asking price. If you think you would put something like this to a fair amount of use, i can very safely recommend it, and say i'm very satisfied. It's likely you will be too.

Kandle-ozeri-generation-readers-(ka1a-b) set picture

- Q. BettyThis is the third book light i've tried since getting my kindle and while the kandle is the best, that's really not saying much. The best part of the kandle is how compact it is, it folds up when not in use so as to not damage the light and also to make it more portable. This is a great feature as most of the other lights i've tried haven't been nearly as small when folded up as this is. My biggest problem with this light is essentially the same problem i've had with every book light i've tried, the top of the page is extremely bright but then the bottom third is very dark. As i said though, this is the best book light i've been able to find so far but that by no means makes it perfect. . Pros:. . Very compact. The light can be angled to adjust it to your needs. The battery lasts a pretty long time. Comes with extra batteries. . Cons:. . Leaves dark spots on page or kindle no matter how you angle the light. Fairly expensive

I originally got a kandle last fall for my kindle 3 (keyboard), as i wanted to be able to read without using the heavy lighted case all the time. It fit perfectly and worked wonderfully, providing light across the entire screen without being to heavy or awkward to hold. . I also have:. 1) a lightwedge (paperback size), provides full-screen illumination and is wonderful for reading in bed without disturbing my husband. 2) the simplelight, which uses the k3's hinges for power, is lightweight with a flexible neck, and works great, i started using it on my k3 all the time instead of the kandle. 3) the mighty bright - don't like it, it's heavy with a large clip/base, and there's not really a place to attach it when not using a case, as it covers part of the screen. . When i got my mom a kindle keyboard (k3) for christmas, i ended up giving the kandle to her, since it was the most user-friendly and i had the other lighting options available. . However, i also got myself a gift of the kindle 4 (non-touch), and found myself missing the kandle constantly. The k3 lighted case and the simplelight don't work with it (no hinges), the lightwedge was too big, and the mighty bright was too heavy and totally off-balanced the little reader. . I just got my two kandles on friday, and i couldn't be happier. My husband has been using his non-stop on his kindle 1, and the kandle is light enough and well-balanced enough to work perfectly on my kindle 4, too. The clip even has enough flex to go over the (thin) leather cover, when folded behind the k4, if i don't feel like taking it out of the case. . The lights are easy to angle and adjust, and with more of a "light bar" rather than a "spotlight" i get even illumination and no spots. The clip opens fairly wide, and i've used it on 3 different kindles with and without covers & skins, with no issues.

D. Hurst, Bexley

Brand :    ozeri
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.8 pounds
  • Double pivoting arms allows for easy positioning and adjustment for tailored screen illumination.
  • Ships with 2 cr2032 batteries installed, a bonus set of extra batteries, and a protective pouch included.
  • Exclusively warrantied by ozeri to original purchaser. there are no factory authorized resellers.
  • New patent-pending "widelip" grip that does not block the screen on the kindle, sony reader and other ebook readers.
  • Newly updated in dec 2010 with increased brightness, the kandle by ozeri is powered by two lifetime x2 leds optimized to distribute uniform light without creating glare or eyestrain (batteries included).
Price :    $13.95 (was $19.95)
Model :    KA1A-B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Digital Device Accessory :    Best Abis Electronics (ozeri product review) for Kandle Ozeri LED Book Light Kindle 1st latest generation , other eBook readers - in Black available ( Apr 2020 )

ozeri kandle led reading light designed for books and ereaders, black Price : 14, was : 0 as 2018-02-09
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While most book lights for the kindles have a clip and a swan-neck scoping out of it with a light attached, this is a more compact version that works equally well and illuminates the page but is more compact for travel. . I have 3 versions of the kindle and an ipad and it fits all 3. . Better yet, there is no telescoping bendable neck that you have to mold into place each time you clip it on then reposition after you take it off and put it back on again because it would move if kept in a bag or suitcase or even during removal. This can stay clipped on and always be at hand when needed without getting in the way as my other lights have. . It adjusts to the size of your e-reader, whatever it may be. . And it's apparently quite sturdy because ups banged the heck out of this package and even put holes in it and it came out of the package unscathed. . That is a good test for the airlines of how it will handle travel.

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(1) Question: Will this light work for books? i have bad eyes and i love to read is it bright?

(2) Question: Does this work with kobo touch?

(3) Question: Can you adjust the brightness level of this light?

(4) Question: Does this light fit over basic kindle covers too? or will i have to take my cover off in order to use this?

(5) Question: Does this work with the kindle fire hd the larger screen?

(6) Question: Will this fit on a reader with a case?

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Very bright light. I use it with my kindle and when i read a book. My husband even used it to repair something in the dark once. It has two levels of brightness and a fold-able head. Clips on the page sturdy and doesn't blind you while you read.

eBook Readers & Accessories 1105212462, Electronics 282271, Reading Lights 1104312462Top Ozeri Kandle Led Reading Light Designed Books Ereaders, Black (ka2a b) FAQ Content

Best ozeri kandle led reading light designed books ereaders, black (ka2a b) in review

I am quite pleased with my kandle thusfar. I should start out by saying that i do not own a kindle. I own a nook simple touch reader, and the kandle fits great on the top or either side. If you were like me, wondering if this kindle-advertised product would work for you, the answer is yes! i believe that the kandle will work on almost any e-reader due to the clip design. The light can be clipped on so that the reader lip sits far back into the clip, or more toward the end, depending on the size of the edge of your reader and your preferences. The clip holds the light to the reader sturdily, and stability shouldn't be a problem unless you severely jostle your reader. The foam lining on both sides of the clip protects the surface from scratches, so i do not fear using the light on my naked reader. This was a must for me, because i didn't want to have a cover on my nook while reading. . The kandle is nice and compact, so it isn't a huge accessory that dwarfs your e-reader like some lights. It folds up to be quite small, and even comes with a little carrying pouch. The weight of the product does not significantly affect the reading experience. I was pleasantly surprised by the small size and weight. . Lit by three leds, the kandle provides bright light to the entire reader screen. I am pleased by the lack of glare and the most even distribution of light i've ever seen from a book light. The two pivoting arms allow you to adjust the light to a variety of angles, allowing you to ensure the entire screen is illuminated from pretty much any placement. The kandle ii also has two brightness settings, which i found quite handy. It's good to be able to select a brightness, allowing you to easily read in conditions from dim lighting to pitch black darkness. . The kandle includes a carrying pouch, two extra batteries (two are pre-installed) and a screwdriver to remove the battery compartment cover. I thought these things were a nice touch.

V. Angela, Bayern

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Z. Marguerite, South Tyneside says

Even though i read all about it, i expected something bigger. Maybe because they said it would light the whole page of the kindle, not just part of it. I read a lot of reviews, about a lot of lights and chose very carefully. And it was worth it! . First of all, the light came in a neat little box. When you open the box, immediately you feel like a valued customer. Everything in the box is just so. Luxurious. I couldn't find a better word. You get a little bag to put the lights in. And you get 2 (two) sets of batteries, so you don't have to worry about that for a while. When i first took the light in my hand, it felt smooth, and light, but at the same time, sturdy. As i had expected a larger thing, i was really suprised to see how small it was. Then i clipped it to my kindle. You can adjust the light to make it perfect angle. You have two options for brightness, which is great, because in dim light the less bright setting is more than enough. And it does light the whole page. If i really wanted to find something not even wrong but some need of getting used to, is that the on-off button is right where you would grab the light when you want to clip it on. But it doesn't turn on that easy. So, it's perfect. I can even use it with my good old paperbacks. And one more thing, when you close the light, it is just a round something, nothing is sticking out, so it's good for travel, you won't break it. Great purchase!

G. Harrison, North Somerset

Kandle ii by ozeri is the best book light i've owned, after using three other e-book lights with my online store kindle. I like it to the point that i have already bought three more as gifts for family and friends. It is very compact, lightweight, clips securely to the top edge of the kindle, and illuminates the whole screen evenly. The newest version has two functional improvements; there is now a self-locking battery cover and the light goes off - and stays off - automatically when the device is closed. This demonstrates ozeri's commitment to manufacture fine products. Furthermore, their customer service is outstanding. When my original kandle began malfunctioning, i contacted them for a replacement as the device was still under warranty. I received a response from them within hours. They apologized for the problems i was experiencing with their product and a new kandle ii was at my door the same week, free of charge (i did not have to waste time returning the original device). . In summary, the kandle ii e-book light is extremely functional, esthetically very pleasing, and i highly recommend the kandle ii by ozeri to anyone looking for a light to use with their online store kindle.

X. Campbell, Sunderland says

I bought this to use with my 2nd generation kindle. I think it is a lot nicer than those goose neck reading lights. The kandle snaps securely on the device and doesn't seem invasive like the other light i have. I know that sounds odd, but i'm sure there's someone who knows what i'm talking about :-) the kandle conforms to the shape of the kindle, it's relatively flat, the adjustable lamp stays in place and shines down the page. It isn't as bright towards the bottom, but that's to be expected. The kandle burns through batteries so pick up a package of batteries if you get this.  se cr2032 battery, package of 5 (5 packs 25 batteries). . This little light is smaller than a credit card and is truly portable. Another nice feature of this light is that you can't accidentally cut it on. The power button is at the base of the lamp, but it doesn't engage until the lamp is raised and it's pushed. To turn the light off, lower the lamp. So drop this in your bag or in a drawer without having to deal with a dead battery because something engaged the power button. . This is a nice addition for e-readers that are not back lit.

A. Bethany, Rheinland-Pfalz

The kandle ii is a nifty little light. It lights up my kindle nicely. My only criticism is that it does not really fit at the top of the kindle securely. If i put it on so that it does, it covers part of the screen. Now, i don't have a case for my kindle so that might make a difference. Instead, i put the light on the corner or on the bottom of the kindle. Over all though, a good light; nice and compact.

F. Joanna, Virginia says

What i like about this is that it illuminates the entire page. No re-positioning involved, just intimate, solid kindle reading. The adjustment of the light makes it even more appealing. It was much smaller than i thought, but, it does the job. . What i didn't like is opening the back to insert the battery. There is a battery inside already, making it ready to work as soon as opened, but, i like to see what challenge is involved with changing the battery early. It comes with a tiny screwdriver that is used to open and close the battery chamber, and once i opened it, i could not close it anymore. I couldn't remember if there was a tiny screw that got lost or not. So, i had to become a bit inventive and used a small piece of cloth tape to close it, and from there, there has been happy reading, but the white cloth tape is a definite eyesore. Since then, i cut the cloth tape into a smaller size where it is not as obvious. A person could probably do the same thing with duct tape, but, it is never the intention of the buyer to have to use tape of any kind to keep their devices together. . Funny enough, i use it daily, because i love reading this way. I listen to my ambient sounds, cut off the light and cut on my "kindle by kandle light" and for me, this leads to total relaxation. I did decide to order a cheaper, used product as a back up in case i misplace the first one. My kindle stays joined at my hip and i feel that i need my kandle light, also, because the total illumination of my page as well as excellent lighting is what encourages my use.

K. Whiteman, Bedfordshire

We were sent an ozeri and ozeri ii. I am very pleased with the ozeri ii. Had read about all brands of lighted cover, finding them way over priced or lacking in quality. I am very happy with my red leather clasped case (under $13. 00)and felt this would suit my needs. It fits nicely with my case, lights the entire screen beautifully, 3 little lights, easy turn on/off. Got white kandle light for my husband's black leather case because the same light in black cost $11 more. The difference between ozeri is two little lights vs three little led lights for the ozeri ii. Also, we close/clasp our covers before putting down the short arm of the light on top, then the cover fits flat. Then lift it up before opening cover. . Works great. Has brightness feature. So we have the best lighted case of quality. For under $25!

P. Hannah, Colorado says

I wasn't sure this would fit on my kindle, as i have it covered by a leather case, but it worked fine. Clip holds on tight and kandle sheds a good light for reading. . Wish the old kindles had backlit screens - wouldn't have been necessary to have a light. But . This did the trick for not a ton of money. . Thanks, ozeri!

R. Shirley, Redcar and Cleveland

Love my kindle touch purchased 2 years ago. One drawback, display is too dark to read when there's not enough ambient light. Tried a few reading lights since, but was not overly satisfied with any of them. Was very excited with release of new kindle paperwhite (self- lit), but was offered only $20 for trading in my old kindle. Decided to search for a good reading light again, market for these has bloomed and somewhat balanced within last couple of years. Ozeri kandle ii has met all my requirements:. 1. Very decent illumination, although fades toward bottom part of screen. This is common for all lights i've tried. Still much better than others. 2. Fits well and stays on sturdy on kindles (tried on touch, original). Fits well with cases, which leave part of kindle edge exposed, so the clip has enough of edge frontage to grab. 3. Portable: folds nicely when detached, fits in pocket, doesn't add much to overall portability with kindle itself included. 4. Very good quality and craftsmanship. 5. Very reasonably priced. Wish list:. 1. More even illumination level over entire screen. 2. Use of common batteries (aaa) instead of special type and at no (or reasonable) sacrifice to overall portability.

O. Beale, Peterborough says

Personally i really line this light. Of course i'm late the world of kindles but i bought an older version which is perfect because it's small enough for me to carry anywhere. I travel a lot so i love reading on the plane and this light is perfect because it has an adjustable light and it perches just right for me. If i had to say one improvement, i had to tussle a bit to get the battery lid off but i finally got it. This is perfect! thank you!

C. Dorine, New York

Being modern, i read myself to sleep at night with my old kindle. Being old-fashioned, my wife sleeps herself to sleep at night with closed eyelids. Problem is, the light needed by my kindle kept her awake. Regular booklights (i've tried several) neither fit the kindle well nor spread a broad, even beam. . To save our marriage, she was thinking of buying me a kindle paperwhite, which illuminates itself, but finances wouldn't allow it. Instead, she added the (cleverly-named) ozeri kandle ii light to the list she gave my mother, who bought it for me. . Marriage saved. This is the best damned booklight i've ever used. The three-bulb illumination is even, there are two brightness settings (i almost always need only the lower one), it's solidly built, and it mounts solidly to my device. The only possible downsize is that it requires coin-style batteries, but so far i'm still using the first one, it came with two spares, and i'm betting replacements are cheap on ebay. A lot cheaper than a kindle paperwhite, anyway! . . Plus, ozeri (despite the vaguely asian-sounding name) is an american company. Rah america etc. . So: eleventyzillion stars. Well done, ozeri!

B. Veronica, Gateshead says

Originally, i wasn't too blown away by this light-i wish it were a little less bulky as i do find it a little tiring to hold up on the kindle-but it's now over two years and still working, which makes it the longest lasting book light i have ever had. All this despite using it regularly, pretty much keeping it permanently clipped to my kindle, unless a toddler has pulled it off and dropped it somewhere. This thing is sturdy! it is thin enough that i can zip my kindle in its case with the light still attached. The biggest complaint i had-that it made my kindle top-heavy to hold-was fixed when online store updated the touch's software to include landscape mode. Now, the light is on the "side" when i hold it, making it easier. The final downside is that the small batteries are more pricey-i've gone through several sets of batteries and keep an extra set in my kindle case as, when they finally die, they die quickly. I am really impressed.

. Jacqueline, North Carolina says

I have had at least four previous lights that were recommended for my kindle, and this one is by far the best. The batteries last a long time, the illumination it provides is excellent - well directed toward the screen with very little spill. It has two levels of light that can be adjusted according to the circumstances. The only (minor) disadvantage is that the battieries are the round/flat type that are not as easy to replace and the "normal" aa/aaa type. It only required a little adjustment, however, to get in the habit of buying extra batteries from my local source and being sure to keep at least one set ahead. I have also given these as gifts and the recipients have liked them as well.

. Ruff, North Dakota

This is a terrific product. It lights up the whole screen, it's so easily adjustable and there's virtually no glare. And there's no "light on a pole" that you have to move out of the way. I also discovered that it makes a handy little flashlight if you're looking for the bathroom in a strange house. I'm very pleased with this purchase and i love the extra batteries and the little carrying case too! it seems to be very sturdy and the price was more than reasonable. It's a great value for the money. . I took off one star (would have only taken a half if i could) because it could use a little more tension on the clamp. It didn't fall off for me, but it did move around and slide down onto the very top of the reading surface a few times. There was no real inconvenience here, just a little anxiety that it would fall off if i moved too fast. . Update: after going back and reading some other reviews, i'd like to clarify a few things. I paid $19. 95 for this light, not the $39. 99 price listed, so i found it to be a good bargain. I'd also like to point out that some of the "cons" mentioned in other reviews have been fixed on the one i have. A screwdriver is no longer required (or provided) for changing the batteries and the the light shuts off automatically now when the unit is closed. This tells me that the manufacturer is paying attention and sincerely dedicated to producing a quality product. For that reason, i've updated this to five stars.

E. Moore, East Sussex says

The was purchased for my mom. She loves it. Provides the light she need when using her kindle. Only issue is that she has difficulty opening and closing the battery door. Not a huge issue but was something that came up.

. Kelly, City of Kingston upon Hull

We have recently purchased 2 items made by ozeri (the kandle ii and an electric wine opener)and have been very happy with both. This seems to be an up and coming little company with smart designs. Good quality for the price. I will look for their products again in the future. . As for this kandle ii, it illuminates my page well without lighting up the whole room. I can use it on my kindle and it also works decently on regular books. The clip mechanism has a nice strip of foam on each side so as not to scratch the kindle. As some have written, there is a dimming effect as you get to the bottom of the page where the light does not seem to reach as well; but i have not found this to be a problem as it is slight and i can still read the words without trouble. The size is perfectly small (much smaller than i was anticipating - seems smaller than the length/width of a credit card) and i love the ingenious way it closes up protecting the lights part. It also comes with its own little velvety case. It will be much easier to travel with than traditional book lights. . I gave it 4 stars because i prefer a softer glow of light than leds give off, so would prefer a different bulb. I do not feel there is enough difference between the two brightness levels this item has, and do not know i would ever use the brighter option. Additionally, the product would be even better if the top pop-up light portion had some kind of swivel - then it would work even better for use with books when you need to read the neighboring page and maybe would combat that bottom of the page issue. However, i am still loving this little thing and would buy it again!

T. Megan, Montana says

I was trying to use a regular book light for my kindle 3, and it kept popping off. The price point on this kandle is a bit high, but now that i have it, i think it's worth it. It fits perfectly on my kindle 3 and matches the graphite color really nicely. Other reviewers have mentioned the feel of this kandle and i have to echo my approval - it's got a soft, matte finish - and this makes it a lot better than if it were shiny plastic. But on to functionality: the lighting is great! i use it on the first level of brightness almost all the time, but for those who want/need more, it has a second higher level of brightness, also. Major plus for having its own case, screwdriver, and additional replacement battery. Very pleased! . . Update:. Ok, so the battery life kind of sucks. The good news is you can get a bunch of replacement batteries cheaply on ebay. The bad news is, i've accidentally turned on the light a few times and have even drained all new batteries without even knowing it (or using it once! ). It's too bad the kandle doesn't come packed in a hard carrying case, because it's too easy to trigger the switch and turn it on while it's in your bag. It's also hard to tell that you've turned it on because you can't really see the light on while the lid is down, so it's not like it's shining brightly in your bag if it's on. My friend got the simplelight for kindle (simplelight for kindle, attaches to kindle keyboard (6" screen), no batteries needed) which does not require batteries and it looks great - i recommend this for kindle 3 keyboard users over the kandle.

M. Denise, West Virginia

After buying several cheap book lights throughout my life, i wanted to get a nice one for me first e-reader (kindle touch) and a nice cover, rather than spending a lot on a built-in light on an expensive book cover. I love the wide light and two brightness levels! you can easily adjust the arm so the light shines just at the angle you want. It is small and compact and even comes with a pouch! the only issue i have with it, is there is a nice thumb indention where you turn it off and on- which is also the same place you put your thumb to take it off and on. If it is closed, you can't tell if it is off or on, so when i take it off, i have to peek and make sure the light is off when it's shut. . Also, it is $25 new which i'm not sure i would have paid for that. But if you click used, there is a seller who sells them new for $6. 95. I also bought this book cover for $12. 99 which is pretty dope too.  moko(tm) cover case for online store kindle touch, purple. So in all i spent less than $20 on a new book cover and light in which i almost spent $60 on the fancy cover with built in book light for $60.

U. Anonymous, Arizona says

After looking at many lights here at online store i finally settled on this one and am so far very pleased with the product. It is small, lightweight, and well built. You never notice it at the top of the kindle it simply provides light. Out of the way and "hardly there" it illuminates the kindle well and has two adjustments for brightness. Click power button once for light, click again for brighter light, click again to power off. Simple. . The light works well and gives a good, full pattern over the entire kindle screen. The light does fade some toward the page bottom, but it's not abrupt. Rather it's very gradual and seems natural as if reading under a lamp. The light flips out and you can adjust it's position to give a bit more or less light at page top and middle. But the bottom of the page remains more subtlety lit nonetheless. On other lights this might be a problem, but this light is designed so perfectly for kindle that it's not a problem, but seems part of it's design. Unlike other kindle lights which may require constant adjustment every time you reach the bottom of a page or which may make you squint and strain to see the print, this light has a very subtle fading effect as opposed to a dramatic dimming effect. As said, it's as if reading under a lamp and the fading is a sign of "almost time to turn the page. " if you're a reader of suspense as i am you know that feeling. And it's a good one. So i feel this light actually aids in the "natural reading" experience i am used to. And being new to kindle it helps it to feel as natural a reading experience as possible. . The light looks good in black glossy. If you want a kindle "match" get the lighter matte gray / carbon unit. But whatever your style the substance of this lamp and it's lightweight, out of the way demeanor will make sure it hardly matters. Because like kindle itself soon enough you won't even notice or care about it. You'll just know you're reading an awesome book.

. Emily, Portsmouth

I'm quite pleased. The item came on the first day of the range i was quoted. It came priority two day mail. A black bag came with it, for when i'm not using the kandle. And it came with a pair of spare batteries. How cool is that? given the time of day right now, i've only tested in low light, as opposed to complete darkness, but that was enough for me to get an idea of how well this is going to work for me. I'm a self-described read-aholic, and my kindle's jam-packed with books. This is a very welcome design for a light, and i applaud those who designed and manufactured it. Kudos to you, folks, and my sincere thanks to the sellers.

W. Heidi, Louisiana says

I read a lot and because of chronic pain i sleep less than 5 hours a night. This terrific, inexpensive little lightweight e reader accessory is perfectly sized for the kindle, allows me the comfort of reading anywhere i want in the house without disturbing my family or my pets. . I own birds and though i cover them at night, with other lights i've tried they would shift in their cages while i was reading, and i felt i was disturbing them and could not sit and enjoy reading guilt free in my living room on my own couch. . The kandle puts the light where it is needed, right on the screen, it doesn't "leak" all over the room like the other lights i've tried. . It adds no discernible weight so my arthritic hands aren't pained by holding the kindle with the kandle clipped onto it. . I can now read at all hours of the night, guilt free, without worry that i am keeping others from getting their rest. Even when i lay the kindle onto a pillow on my lap as i often do and use the eraser end of a pencil to "turn" the pages, the light stays perfectly placed. . I have also used it on "real" books and on my sony 505 reader, both with excellent results. . I have already recommended this to my friends and added it to my shopping list for the upcoming holidays. . I highly recommend this for anyone who loves to read no matter what format you read in.  kandle by ozeri ii in black - designed for the online store kindle (fits latest generation kindle and all models), and other ebook readers

Top kandle led reading light designed Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

R. Teresa, West Virginia says

I'm using this light on my kindle (the one without the keyboard but not the touchscreen). I bought this to replace a different light i had been using that was the type with a long, flexible neck. I didn't like how difficult it was to position the head so as to light the whole screen without giving a bright glare spot on the screen. So i picked the kandle ii which looked like it wouldn't give a glare. It works well for what it should do. The three led's in the light are (mostly) bright enough, i like how compact it is, and it positions the led's so as not to give a glare. It does a pretty good job of lighting the whole screen, though it definitely does peter-out toward the bottom of the screen- good enough though. One thing that does bug me is the clip. It doesn't seem like it's made for my kindle. Other e-readers might have different bezels that work better, but i was under the impression that this model was made for the kindle specifically. It doesn't grip very well (grippy rubber pads in the clip would be better than the soft material they chose that slides rather easily). It feels as though you're clipping the light precariously on the very edge of the bezel- pushing it any further so that it feels more secure and solid only pushes it too far so it blocks text. It just doesn't seem very well thought out. Which brings me to my takeaway- while it generally does the job it's intended for, i really wish i had saved the money i spent on this light (which isn't anything to bat an eye at) and put it toward the newer, paperwhite kindle with the back-lit screen. My wife still complains about the light output when she's trying to sleep, and it only adds weight and uses more batteries. If you're at all on the fence of buying a light for your older kindle or putting the money toward the new, lit version, i'd recommend the latter- i wish i had done that.

Y. Shirley, Missouri

I just bought the kandle reading light for my first generation kindle. I just threw out this product. First problem is it does not fit. When you attach it to the early kindle it covers up the top 3 rows of text. So you need to move it up, and when you do this it does not hold securely. Second, is the biggest problem. It comes with 2 lithium batteries already installed. Of course they don't work. It also includes 2 newer lithium batteries. This is the only good thing about this product. But the cover for the batteries is very cheap rubber. It has a tiny piece of plastic that you turn to open. It is impossible to turn the plastic without using small pliers. So now you put the new batteries into the kandle and the cover keeps popping off. I turned it counterclockwise to close the cover. It still pops off. Don't waste your money-probably cost the ozeri company 10 cents to make it.

Q. Sherry, Herefordshire says

The brightness is crap! even on high. Low setting is useless. Too dim to read in the dark using just this light. I love the design - especially that it folds flush for travel and the graphite is a perfect match for my kindle 3. . But it eats through the cr2032 (button cell) batteries and you need a mini screwdriver (supplied) to open up the battery door. . Very disappointed. Perhaps if you don't like/need a lot of light to read by - because plenty of reviewers rave about this product - then try. But i don't like to have to strain my eyes. . Will have to try another type, perhaps the m edge light that uses aaa batteries (which are more easily available when travelling).

B. Veronica, Iowa

I'm not impressed. The clamp doesn't hold the kandle on my kindle (keyboard) very well, and it easily slides into the screen, obscuring my view. I wish i'd saved my money and purchased a cheap book light.

C. Cindy, Barking and Dagenham says

Although this addresses some of the problems of the original kandle, if you're buying this as a nightlight to not annoy your sleeping partner, look elsewhere. The light spills horizontally right into their eyes and is very bright, even in the less bright setting. Given how nice parts of this design are, why not have small ears that block light laterally?

N. Susana, Shropshire

I have one of the older kindle models that i think is being phased out (or maybe already has been shown the door). It's a kindle 3rd generation. Originally i'd purchased one of the kindle lighted covers which had an extendable led light built into the cover. No batteries were required - it was powered by my kindle. I loved the lighted cover. However, luck was not on my side. One day the kindle took a hard fall and afterwards the light refused to work. I immediately went to online store to purchase a new lighted cover when i discovered that they were no longer being made. So, with tears in my eyes, i realized that i had to find a replacement. I went back and forth between the kandle and the kindle paperwhite with its internally lit screen. I decided to take a chance with the kandle. . The kandle does a good job of illuminating my kindle when i read at nighttime which is when i do most of my reading. The one huge drawback to this device is the fact that the cr2032 batteries can be quite expensive even when purchased in bulk. The kandle uses 2 batteries. Unfortunately, because of my nighttime reading habit i have found that i must change out the batteries about once every 2 weeks otherwise the light gets too dim to read by. Due to the excessive price of the batteries i think that purchasing a new kindle paperwhite would have been the more economical choice for me. If you don't read in the dark very often then this still could be a good choice for you. As i said before, the kandle does do its job. Just be aware that the cost of replacement batteries will add up.

. Hadley, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I have not tried another so i have nothing to to compare it with but 5 star it is not. A $20 flashlight, really? . I own a kindle paperwhite and bought this for my wife's old original kindle. It would have been an better investment to buy her a paperwhite and transfer her library to it. It works ok except when reading in a totally dark room towards the last line or two at the bottom of the screen; especially noticeable when using the dictionary feature with it's tiny font. It has two brightness settings but the 2nd one disturbs my spouse. The spring clip is very strong but the slick pads against the slick case of the kindle makes for a slippery connection and it moves about with little prodding. Where it shines (no pun intended) is when reading in a dimly lit room.

X. Marguerite, Salford

I bought this because i wanted to read my kindle in bed after my wife had gone to sleep. I chose the kandle because the reviews were generally positive and it seemed like a better engineered product than some of the other cheaper lights. . Pros:. -definitely bright enough. -attachment to the kindle device is secure and well designed. . Cons:. -i found the lowest brightness level too bright. On the lower brightness level, the extra light thrown off by the kandle is enough to bother my sleeping wife. -(major frustration) the circular battery door/cover must be unscrewed to access the battery. The door and the base have triangular marks that line up and there is a label that says "open". The crazy thing is that when the marks are lined up, the door is actually "closed". To get the door off, you have to make sure that the "open" marks are *not* aligned. It was really frustrating getting the little cover off and i damaged the plastic on the back. . All in all, i think i would have rather put the money spent on this thing towards a new paperwhite.

F. Lisa, Maryland says

I bought this in sept. 2011. I loved how it clipped to the kindle, how it look and everything. After a month the light started flickering. I tell the seller and they were great, sending one back to me right a way saying the wire inside must be defective. I received my new one and started using it. After a month of use, again the light started flickering. I noticed then when i move the light in close or open position the light will work for a little while then flicker again. How disappointing. I bought this lamp 25 $ and can't seems to have more use then 3 month all together. I will be buying a different lamp hoping to be lucky this time and get more use out of it.

G. Campbell, North Carolina

It burns out the battery fast and it keeps shutting off and does not turn on. And it not the batteries

H. Matherly, Warrington says

Overall i am happy with my kandle ii. As other reviewers have commented it is a little wobbly when you clip it on so you can still see the screen, and the light does fade a tiny bit near the bottom of the screen. However, neither of these things bother me much and i am enjoying being able to read at night without bothering my husband. Overall i am pleased with it and glad i purchased it! . . Updated to add: i was contacted by ozeri and for my positive feedback, i was sent 4 extra sets of batteries for my kandle ii. I have since used all these batteries. I read about an hour at a time with the kandle set on the low setting and am replacing batteries every 2 weeks or less. I wish i had known it was going to go thru batteries so quickly, makes it a bit more expensive now that i know that.

O. Newell, Indiana

If i could give this product negative ratings i most certainly would. Buyer beware! . 1. The battery compartment would not open even with pliers. 2. The instructions are out of date from the model that was delivered. 3. The vendor's "customer care" was not available. . This isn't the first piece of total junk that i've bought on online store. It's starting to feel like a clearinghouse for cheap merchandise. It's called "quality control". Whomever online store pays to qc their marketplace should be fired.

S. Dorothy, New York says

Update august 2, 2013: time to replace the batteries again (it uses a lot of battery power) and i have the same problem as some of the negative reviewers. The cheap battery cover has to be virtually pried off, really poorly designed. It survived one such treatment but today when i needed to replaced the batteries again we destroyed the cover with the mini-pliers trying to remove it. The batteries are now held in place with tape and *might* work until i get a different light ordered. Not happy. Original review:the light is perfect for my new kindle keyboard. I find the lighting to be even enough across the page that i can easily read the entire page. I had also ordered a cover for my kindle at the same time and wondered how the light would fit with the cover in place, no problem! the clamp on the light is easily wide enough to accommodate the cover. I had to experiment a bit to get the light situated so that the first line of text on the page is visible but that's no big deal. Two thumbs up from me! this is my kindle: kindle keyboard 3g, free 3g + wi-fi, 6" e ink display - includes special offers & sponsored screensavers

. Angelica, Birmingham

Purchased in june 2011, worked for about 4 to 5 weeks, thought the batteries needed replacement, worked for another few weeke, then had to replace batteries again. After about 3-4 months, does not work. Light flickers on & off. Contacted online store but because it was past 30 days, could not return. Contacted the vender listed via e-mail. No response at all. So now i'm out $25 + s&h charges and no light for my kindle. I feel swindled. Very disappointed that online store could not give me any further direction as to how to proceed with replacement or refund. Anyone else experience this problem? any solutions out there? . 3-21-12: i was contacted by the vendor within 24 hours of my review. They replaced the light within a weeks' time, new light working fine at this time. Will keep posted if any further problems.

V. Linda, North Tyneside says

Item is nice appearing. It will stay in place for a few minutes if you do not move or tilt your kindle. Mine falls off constantly. It shifts the light and i constantly have to mess with it. . The light is more than adequate. . I regret purchasing this item. It is very frustrating. I do better with a small flashlight. I got so angry with this product with it constantly falling off my kindle, that i threw it in the floor and stomped it with my boot.

. Wayt, Torbay

This light puts out a good amount of bright white light. The clamping mechanism really didn't seem to work on the kindle. It may be designed for the kindle but that does not mean it fits well. My wife just stopped using it so i never bought one for myself.

M. Harrison, Maryland says

The good. First, i love the design. I love the light. I love that it covers the entire screen and has three led lights in it, oh , and i love the two brightness settings. Great idea. Now for the bad. I do not know how well it fits other devises, but it does not fit the kindle 7 very well at all. It's has nice two inch wide clip on the back with grips so it is easy to open. The clip is also about one inch deep. The problem is that if you clip kandle clip all the way on, it covers and does not light the first two lines of text and actually leaves its in a shadow. Secondly, it you only clip it to the 1/2 inch top edge of the kindle 7 it is loose, wobbles, goes crooked or even sometimes falls off. I finally put velcro on the top of my kindle and on inside of the kandle 2. It is an ungainly but efficient solution. Dear kandle makers, your design is elegant, compact, the lightning is awesome and it is just dang cool! but your got to do something about the clip if you want kindle 7 users to use it. May change the shape fo the clip so it is more compatable with the rounded back of the kindle or put something on the clip to make it grip on tighter, (thicker foam? ). Good luck, this could become the best book light on the market.

J. Julie, New Mexico

As long as the original battery set lasts it is great. However, i have found no way to get the replacement batteries to work properly. The twist off cover for changing the batteries is difficult to close. After changing the batteriesthe light flickered and dimmed or increased by its own whim. I am very sorry i bought 3 of them! never again! i would rate it at half a star or less if i could do that!

L. Eleanor, Vermont says

Very lightweight and feels nice, almost velvety in texture. It stays put and doesn't slide around at all. The light is almost too bright at first. I bought so i could read at night without disturbing my husband and 2 year old who sometimes sleeps in our bed, but it's so bright it almost lights up the bedroom as much as my bedside lamp. I find myself trying to angle my kindle so that the light isn't shining in anyone's eyes. But it slowly fades, so that after an hour or so of reading, i have to turn it up to the high setting to keep the bottom of my screen lit. It also eats batteries and i'm a heavy reader, so it's not practical to use every night. I've gone back to using my bedside lamp most of the time. I still like it for camping, power outages, reading away from home, etc. But it's the best ereader light i've found.

P. Gilmore, West Berkshire

Great design, in fact one of the best i have seen, but the problem is it burns through batteries like crazy. When i first got this light the batteries would last about three or four days - equal to approx. 6 to 8 hours of read time. Now two months later the batteries last about an hour before they dim. I thought it was the quality of the battery, so i switched to sony batteries and am experiencing the same problem. I tried to return this item, was was told it's too late. What a waste of $25, but lesson learned. I plan to dump this light and find a better one.

U. Bertie, Michigan says

I found that this product has several annoying design defects which could have been easily avoided. It's impossible to adjust the light so that it illuminates the page evenly. Consequently, when attached to the top of the kindle it is difficult to read the bottom of the page. If you try to adjust the clip to better illuminate the bottom of the page, the clip will cover the print at the top of the page. A slightly longer neck would ameliorate this problem. The placement of the push button on/off switch is also a problem. It's all too easy to inadvertently turn the unit on while it's in the closed position. When it is closed, it's difficult to notice that the unit is turned on. This can be particularly problematic if you use it while traveling and stick it in your bag with your computer/phone accessories. I went through one set of batteries the first week because of this. A slightly recessed sliding switch would avoid this problem or better yet, have the unit turn on when you open it and turn off when you close it. It should also be noted that replacing the batteries requires it's own screwdriver, so if you don't make a point of taking it with you when you travel, you may be out of luck.

. Megan, Pennsylvania

This light didn't stay clipped to my kindle. I ended up buying another paper white kindle.

K. Cecilia, Swindon says

Not quite sure how this has received such glowing comments, however i have just returned mine having had it out of the box for no more than five minutes. The lightning is, as stated, very good and would compliment an overall great product, but for one flaw. The design is god-awful, namely the attaching clip. It is too 'deep', so that when you attach it it is literally perching on the top of your kindle and even the slightest movement will knock it. You could place it to the full extent of the clip, but this would cover the top part of the screen. The designers didn't even think to place any rubber on the clip to provide a decent grip. There is something there, just about as much use as the overall clip. . Steer well clear

A. Lynette, Nevada

First of all, there aren't 3 different light settings, unless of course you count "off" as one of the settings. There's just "too bright" and "way too bright". That is, until about a few days of maybe an hour use each time, when the lights start getting dim. You can try to strain your eyes up to maybe like 4 or 5 hours tops out of this light. The batteries are a pain in the butt to get, as well. Hopefully you make sure to have a backup supply, cause you most likely can't find these in a local store. . Overall, i wish i would have went with a different light.

I. Anonymous, Niedersachsen says

I received this item and it was missing the screw for the battery cover. I searched all through the packaging and was never able to locate it. I contacted ozeri about getting a replacement. They quickly responded that they would send a new screw, but i never received it. I ended up using an eyeglass screw. . The battery life is horrible. Make sure you purchases a large quantity pack of batteries here on online store, because they are really pricey in the stores and this unit requires 2 at a time. On a set of fresh batteries the light is nice and bright for the first night of reading. However the light is dim the next evening. Within a couple nights of reading the batteries have to be replaced. . The good thing about this unit is that it fits the nook simple touch and illuminates the screen well when the batteries are new. I didn't have any issues with the clamp.

D. Rowe, New York

I posted a 5-star review first but had to change it to 1 star just weeks later. . Why i gave it 1 star:. It stopped working after less than two weeks - it turns itself off every 5-10 minutes making it impossible to use. What a disappointment! . . I bought it because i liked the design:. 1. Light weight makes it easy to read in bed. 2. Ease of changing batteries by twisting a round plastic closing to open a battery compartment. 3. Fits over my kindle. 4. 2 sets of brightness, lower brightness is enough to read. 5. A travel case for packing. . Too bad it stopped working after just less than 2 weeks! . Do not recommend.

T. Kimberly, Quebec says

I tend to obsess about finding the perfect solution for things, and this happened also with my search for a light for my new kindle touch, that i absolutely love. I ended up trying 7 different lights, and will post this comparison as a review for all of them. Hopefully others can benefit from my experience. . - might bright xtraflex2: it is, indeed, mighty bright, but more in scope than in intensity. It casts light on a huge area, enough to disturb my partner in bed. On the kindle itself, it is only slightly brighter than other lights. Not enough to justify its size in my opinion. Which brings us to its other flaw - it is big. The clip is too large to clip straight onto the top of the kindle. I had to clip it diagonally. It seemed to work and be stable that way, but it is a big beast, and would not be convenient for travel, for me. Given that the illumination onto the kindle itself was only slightly brighter than other lights, i didn't think it was a good solution. . - verso clip-on: good travel size, very very blue light, not very bright, and it actually popped off my kindle when i tried to adjust the head of the light to shine in a slightly different direction. And while it's fairly small, it does not fold in any particular way, so it's not very compact. . - verso arc: nice form factor, but i found the bright but somewhat uneven, and worst of all (which is why i returned it), if i held it in bed in a particular angle that i happen to like, the light reflected off the top of the screen in a really annoying way. Also, the light was very much on the blue end of the spectrum ("cold"). . - octovo: also a compact light, but i found it very weak. . - belkin clip-on: as *light*, this was the best light of all. It is the only one that was truly "warm" (more like daylight), rather than blue. I loved the *light*. But, it is not adapted for the kindle touch! the adapter they send is for the kindle *keyboard* (as off dec 2011). It just keeps falling off the kindle touch. With tried it with my partner's keyboard, and it fit perfectly. So watch out for that. Furthermore, it is bulky. I could live with the bulk because i loved the light itself so much, but if it keeps falling off, that makes it useless. If they ever come out with a version for the touch, i might buy it just to have by the bed, and use another light for travel (see below). . - kandle (regular): form factor wise, it is the nicest and most elegant. Fits on the kindle like a glove, and even fits into my belkin sleeve for the kindle. Yes, the light on the screen is a bit uneven (weaker at the bottom or on the further side, depending on whether you have it mounted on the side or the top), but not terribly so. But it has two major flaws. (1) when you close the lid, the light does not shut down automatically. And once it's shut, you don't notice it's on. Easy to go through a set of batteries per day in this way. And (2), the on/off button is too easily pressed. I pulled it out of my purse to find the light on, when i know i shut it off. So if you'll have it anywhere where it might come in contact with other things, again, watch out for battery issues. . - kandle flex: this is the one i ended up with. Again, like the other kandle, fits on the kindle like a glove. It's very compact, easy to adjust the direction of the light without disturbing the base (unlike the mighty bright or the verso clip-on), very compact, small form factor, and decent light. Because the direction of the light is adjustable, it's easy to get relatively even light throughout. The only negative i have is that the light is not quite as warm as a the belkin (but i am not sure it's doable with "watch" batteries), and is a touch weaker than i'd like, again, i think because they use watch batteries. In exchange, you get a very nice, light, compact form factor. So, while not perfect, it is, in my opinion, the clear winner in this lot, and the one i ended up. Keeping.

W. Tracey, Wisconsin

I liked the look of the kandle and figured it would light up the entire kindle page. However, no matter how i positioned it, even the higher power of the leds didn't adequately light up the screen. With the new kindle upgrade software free up grade, i am now able to read the print on my kindle in low light (i have kindle keyboard model). But i wish i would've waited for the paperwite model, this would've been far superior even though it has no keyboard. Little add on lights either need to be super powerful or go back to the drawing board. I spent $25 for a light that's no better than the itty bitty booklight. Guys, come on, please improve your products and test thoroughly before putting them out there. Or send another software upgrade to lighten up the contrast of earlier kindles. Please?

Z. Sarah, Sefton says

I have the version with two brightness levels. It clamps onto my nook touch reader well, and if i lift up the articulating lamp i can keep the light in place while closing the cover i use with my reader. I can't complain about the illumination which is bright and broad - especially compared to the single led nook light i was using before. . I just had to change the batteries and was surprised at how fussy the procedure is. The battery compartment is held in place with a tiny screw, so you need a jeweler's screwdriver. The batteries stack and you have to get the bottom one under a tab before you can add the second cell. Keeping the batteries in place while replacing the door and its screw is somewhat tricky. I'm frankly disappointed that changing batteries requires a tool, requires removal of a small (easy to lose) screw, and it requires some artful reassembly technique. Considering how fast this light burns through batteries, you'll need to change cells often enough that the poor compartment design is a problem. And you'll need to carry a screwdriver to change cells when you travel. . A second minor complaint is that i can fold the articulating arm down in contact with the reader and its hard to tell that the leds are on since the lamp head is opaque. This light would be improved if there was a translucent portion of the lamp assembly that would serve as an indicator lamp to warn you if the light's still on when the arm is folded flat.

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