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Review for parental control router opendnssafesearchtime

Price was $99.00. I've tried a bunch of different parental control solutions for my 4 kids of various ages, and this thing was both easy to setup and flexible enough to do what i needed. Highly recommended

-P. Hayward

802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time with pcwrt, you can protect children from harmful content on the web and limit their screen time. aside from the solid parental control features, pcwrt is a standalone router just -pcwrt 802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time management.

  • Benefit: Block Inappropriate Content With Opendns Or Norton Connect Safe.
  • Benefit: Enforce Safe Search, Restricted Mode With A Single Click.

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That's exactly function i want. I can create a calendar for my kid profile. I also use opendns to filter all traffics. Right now i just hope pcwrt can create system log so i can find out exactly url my kid go. . Thanks The Best parental control router opendnssafesearchtime ( Apr 2020 ) | Pcwrt-Networking Device Review Benefit PcWRT 802.11n Parental Control Router OpenDNS/SafeSearch/Time Management. One device protects entire home network, no software to install. Block inappropriate content with opendns or norton connect safe. Enforce safe search, restricted mode with a single click. Flexible, web site specific time allocations for each device or user. Option to turn off parental control for parents .

Pcwrt 802.11n Parental Control Router Opendns/safesearch/time Management. Review (toronto n)

Excellent power and range. Easy to setup. Just don't change the default ip address of the router. Tech support gave quick responses in the forums. It is now up and running and working great! -N. Margaret

Pcwrt 802 11n Parental Safesearch Management

  • Order: Wireless Phone Accessory
  • Brand: PcWRT
  • EAN: 0860439000206
  • HazardousMaterialType: Unknown
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:8.00 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:6.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: PcWRT
  • Model: TORONTO-N
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: TORONTO-N
  • Sub-Type: Personal Computer
  • UPC: 860439000206

802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time Personal Computer, With pcwrt, you can protect children from harmful content on the web and limit their screen time. aside from the solid parental control features, pcwrt is a standalone router just like other general purpose routers. it does not depend on our infrastructure (cloud or otherwise) to function. there's no subscription fee. you buy it, you own it! website blocking with opendns the most effective way to block inappropriate web sites on the router is to configure it to use opendns or norton connectsafe, and pcwrt makes it easy for you to set them up. further, pcwrt blocks the techniques (such as dns override, proxies and vpn) used to bypass parental control. enforce safe search without safesearch, objectionable images and videos may still creep into search results. with pcwrt, you can enforce safesearch on selected devices or users by clicking a checkbox. turn on youtube restricted mode parents concerned about inappropriate videos on youtube may choose to turn on youtube restricted mode, again by simply clicking a checkbox. set sensible time limits you may want to turn off internet at night. you may want to limit the time children spend on social networks or video sites. you may want to be somewhat lenient on school websites. the pcwrt router allows you to set different time ranges for different web sites, for specific devices and users override dns filtering with local white/black lists you can customize web site blocking by entering domain names into local black lists and white lists. parents retain all freedom parents still retain all the freedom by assigning their own devices or user names to a different profile. Pcwrt 802.11n Parental Control Router Opendns/safesearch/time Management. (TORONTO-N-Pcwrt).

Pcwrt 802 11n Parental Safesearch Management Personal Computer

  • I love this appliance. I've known for a long time that i needed to solve the problem of how to restrict internet access for my children but kept putting it off. A tech savvy friend recommended this appliance and i bought it immediately. I received it in 2 days and found it extremely easy to setup. And it must be working because my children are thoroughly annoyed.
  • It works for its main purpose. There are some functionalities that come with software that does not work properly.
  • For me, it's unable to operate on a stable basis. Even without parental controls turned on, mine suffers from frequent unexplainable outages where the internet just goes away for minutes at a time. Despite updating firmware and various forum suggestions, i'm dumping it.
  • This do not work. complicated set up.
  • So disappointed in this product. Quite difficult to set up. I'm not super computer savy, but i'm no fool either. The directions are very confusing and unclear. No 800 number for set up support. Finally got it so i had it working and somehow it disconnected, now it says it can't find router. After many wasted hours on this, we just use as a regular router. Just wanted to take back control over the saftey with my out of control kids, who don't know how to put their phone/tablet down.

parental control router opendnssafesearchtime PcWRT 802.11n Parental Control Router OpenDNS/SafeSearch/Time Management. (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I received this last week, but just got it hooked up today. My tech savvy fifteen year old helped with the install, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Within minutes, i linked and named devices which are now easy to sort into individual profiles. . I have four children, ranging in age from 11 to 17. Between phones, smart tvs, computers, kindles, gaming consoles, and school-issued surface pros, we have 15-20 devices connected to our wireless network at any given time. . Before installing this, keeping track of who was on the internet with what device was tricky. Kindles were slipped under covers after bedtime and instead of reading bedtime stories, kids were visiting youtube and facebook. Monitoring precisely where each child was allowed to visit was nearly impossible, especially as a working single mother. This device really helps to meet my needs in reining in the internet to keep my kids safe. . I can set up as many profiles as i want or need. So far i have a default setting for each of the kids. This includes where they can visit and what times they can visit. I can set up multiple calendars for each kid - allowing certain websites for school during more extended hours but limiting social media visits to more restricted hours. I can limit or extend tv viewing with a few clicks on my phone or computer. And i can see any rogue devices that are on my network and control their access. . I can move devices over into a "grounded" profile should the need arise. I can open up extra time to reward good behavior or soothe a sick child. I love the level of finesse this allows me to exercise with my parenting. I love the device automatically kicking certain devices off the network when the allotted time window is closed. My kids are not quite so thrilled. :-). . Should a child try to access a restricted website, i can set the message they get to see. Should they try to access the internet during a time they are not allowed access, they can get a different message. My current one reminds them to find something else to do, like read a book or play outside. . In a time when technology is moving faster than ever, this really helps me to parent more effectively.

Pcwrt 802.11n Parental Control Router Opendns/safesearch/time Management.
Click to see NoticePcwrt 802.11n Parental Control Router Opendns/safesearch/time Management. (toronto n)"The best internet parental control device! no programs to install, no apps to install, no recurring payment! it controls content to all devices on your wifi with extensive flexibility and options for content control. I have been using this in my home for approximately 1 year now. My favorite features are google safe search for all devices and youtube restricted mode for all devices. Excellent time controls for the internet or individual web sites. I plugged mine into my existing router from my internet service provider, set up a password for the kids and guests to use, and set the time limits and content controls. This type of install leaves you with two wifi networks, the original signal from your provider and the pcwrt signal. The children and guests get the pcwrt password and my wife and i have both. Its rare, but if the restrictions block something or one network has a malfunction my wife and i can easily switch to the other wifi signal. The first time for setup takes a little while to get the feel for it. The calendar especially seemed to be backward and it took me a couple tries to figure out if the grey out times were internet on or internet off times. I have tried web based services, free and paid, and found them extremely slow and lacking in features. This had all the features in those and more and its a one time purchase, no monthly/yearly payments! . I highly recommend this product if you want to control what kind of media comes into your house and is available to your family! i haven't seen anything better!"

(0) Question: Can you block specific content only? only pornographic images and videos?

(1) Question: Will this router work with the motorola surfboard modems where you cannot set a specific dns?

(2) Question: Will this also show history to see what sites users have been visiting?

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KoalaSafe Family Friendly Wireless Router Parental Controls/Access Point/WiFi Internet Safety Kids Technology

Our skydog router subscription is set to die at the end of nov 2016. Been researching all the latest routers to manage kid/family usage and have kept my eye on koalasafe for some time. . I won't repeat all the other reviews on here - they cover nearly all the details you'd want to know. . The only bit of info i'd like to add is for those of you who are used to the skydog router operation (where the router could keep track of the different policies for basic, standard, medium, advanced or extreme shield), the koalasafe router does support at least 2 policies as of aug 18, 2016. . It was a bit hard to find because they consider it a new feature so it must be enabled under settings - new features - homework mode. Once you enable it, you will now have the primary policy (filter) and the homework policy (filter) available to schedule. In our use, the primary filter is basically to allow our child to play games, the homework filter is for schoolwork, no games. Like skydog, you can schedule when each of these two filters kick in so there's no need to modify filters when the kids are done with schoolwork and koalasafe will automatically change to primary filter when their game time is scheduled to start. . So far so good - my kids notice the koalasafe is much more on time when internet availability starts/ends compared to skydog (which always seemed to be 2-3 minutes late). I notice when hit the red "turn internet off" button, the koalasafe responds in under a 30 seconds which is pretty good given the cloud-based services we are all sharing with everyone. . Koalasafe is extremely small and i appreciate the small form factor so it's easy to hide. Another plus is there is no monthly or yearly subscription fee and i hope koalasafe can continue to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Is your child obsessed with minecraft? do you find it difficult to maintain health screen time limits? the koalasafe parental control router makes parenting easier and kids healthier. This wireless router works on all devices. Not only is koalasafe for your desktop computer, you now have tablets with parental controls. It's a tool for parents to set up internet time limits, block inappropriate apps and sites, and see analytics of where kids spend time online, across all devices in the home, controlled by a simple smartphone app. Installed in seconds, the koalasafe router gives parents complete control over their kids internet using the free app - *download from the app store and try the demo before ordering* with the koalasafe router, parental controls are no longer a thing to lose sleep over; and unlike most parental control routers, you do not have to pay for a subscription!

KoalaSafe Family Friendly Wireless Router Parental Controls/Access Point/WiFi Internet Safety Kids TechnologyKoalaSafe-Friendly-Wireless-Parental-Technology

Koalasafe Friendly Wireless Parental Technology (ks150n) FAQ.

Easy to install. Easy to use. From my computer, ipad or phone, i have control of when the internet is used in my home. And specific sites can be blocked. Very pleased with koala for our family. -Notice from M. Parker, Reading

Click to Show koalasafe friendly wireless parental technology (ks150n) Details

This thing is amazing! now, i can block out junk i don't want them to see, schedule set limits on usage, or just pause the internet entirely. All without a subscription! well done.

Koalasafe-friendly-wireless-parental-technology-(ks150n) set picture

- C. AnonymousEasy to setup and fantastic interface to manage kids' profiles and internet time! filters are already established with all the "new" ways kids are connecting online so a simple click gives or takes away capability. Couldn't be happier with this purchase and wish i would have bought years ago before my kids were spoiled with endless internet. Only downside is the inevitable pushback from the kiddos but i can live with that. . Update: i hate to say i had issues because i love this device but ours died (don t know why could have been a power surge). However, the customer service was awesome and i had a new device in 3 days! we are connected again with very little set up.

This device has allowed me to limit my kids internet time much easier than before. I have had issues with it being offline from time to time, but it is usually resolved quickly. I have contacted support a couple of times and they are quick to get back. The range is a little lack luster, but i am used to an apple airport extreme and this device does not have near the coverage. It may not cover an entire home if too large. All in all i am happy with the device and happy with the purchase.

Q. Julia, Minnesota

Brand :    koalasafe
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    KS150NB1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Features include: setting time limits, website and app blocking, weekly usage report, internet stop button,
  • Best reviewed parental control router on the market
  • Allows for plug and play, youtube safesearch, google safesearch, per device profiles
  • The koalasafe wireless access point allows for parental controls and insights into their child's internet usage.
  • Wireless n 802. 11 150m router controlled by your smartphone or web app
Price :    $55.18 (was $73.57)
Personal Computer :    Best Networking Device (koalasafe product review) for KoalaSafe Family Friendly Wireless Router Parental Controls/Access Point/WiFi Internet Safety Kids Technology available ( Apr 2020 )

Circle Disney - Parental Controls Filters your Family s Connected Devices

I love everything about circle. There are some improvements that could be made on the circle go but this is a new product and the bugs i'm sure are being worked on. I love that i can control the phones see what my kids are on and what they are using while on their phones.

Circle allows your family to manage all of your home's connected devices. With circle, parents can now filter online content and limit online screen time as well as set an internet bedtime for every connected device in the home. Circle can even pause the internet and share what kids are up to online. How it works: circle pairs wirelessly or via ethernet to your home router and allows you to manage online access for every device on the network: smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, smart tvs, online gaming consoles, laptops and desktops. Using an ios or android app, families create unique profiles for every member of the home and from there, help shape each person's online experience. If you want to extend circle s settings to your family s mobile devices on 4g lte and other wi-fi networks, you can add our circle go service (optional subscription).

Circle Disney - Parental Controls Filters your Family s Connected DevicesCircle-Disney-Parental-Controls-Connected

Circle Disney - Parental Controls Filters Your Family S Wireless Devices (circ001) FAQ.

We have had our circle for about a week. It was super easy to set up, only took a few minutes. So far it's been great. I have used it to limit my kids time online and on certain apps like youtube. I also like the awake and bedtime feature. Wifi automatically turns off for them. You can pause the wifi for the whole house or specific devices. It also show what websites they have gone to. Wish i had known about it sooner! -Notice from C. Anonymous, Rhone-Alpes

Click to Show circle disney - parental controls filters your family s wireless devices (circ001) Details

As our kids are more and more exposed to the net and you tube and google etc, we wanted a way to screen out the things that you can eventually end up on in google or you tube. Our kids are at the age when they do some homework on the web and have laptops and ipads etc. I had heard this device was coming out and a family friend told us they had one. I immediately picked one up and installed it yesterday. Set up was pretty easy. We have a tri band router so the first thing i did was change all the keys to the different bands just case. Also we had 22 devices hitting the router so you have to know the wifi mac address of each device if you have not named it. We had most of our named since i divided up the three bands for our devices. I then set up profiles for everyone. I used the teen settings for our kids although they are not quite teens yet and tweaked some settings and put time limits on you tube and of course ad blocking and safe google search. For my wife and i, i used the adult setting but still blocked adult stuff etc. Some devices are on the home profile such as online store echo, two network printers, out samsung smart tv, apple tv etc. . I tested the search by googling things that they should not see and it worked very well. I also tried to go to sites that are blocked from their access and they did not come up. I also tried the pause feature and that worked as well. So you can feel a bit safer know thing that they will not end up on a graphic site accidentally or intentionally. . You can also use it when not connected to the network, for example to pause it while away from home. I am sure that more updates will bring more features but for some protection for your kids and allow you to monitor the sites they are visiting etc, i recommend the circle device to those who have the needs i described above.

Circle-disney---parental-controls-filters-your-family-s-wireless-devices-(circ001) set picture

- U. SusanI'm a father of four teenagers, a husband, and a technologist, and a strong advocate with my extended family and community for circle with disney. I've spent the last decade and 1/2 looking for ways and methods to better control device usage in my home, and of lately, how to best protect my children from the myriads of inappropriate things that lurk on the internet. Circle is a phenomenal tool for parents and guardians who would like to have some control of what content children are exposed to, and to better manage and limit device usage and screen time. In my opinion its greatest strength is that you do not have to be a technologist like me to configure, manage, and monitor the devices in your family's network. Its simple, very intuitive mobile interface puts this level of management in the hands of mothers and fathers with little to no technical aptitude, in the ease of three to four steps on their cell phones, without minimally compromising the feature richness that puts that full control in our hands. For the three months we have had circle in our homes, conversations at the dinner table have become a lot richer as devices are easily paused to capture the attention of our very connected teens, bed time has become more predictable, as schedules can now be better enforced, while allowing for some flexibility on weekends, and when, in those rare occasions when behaviors must be corrected, nothing is easier than a simple pause, to help tempers cool off, and reset. Excellent work circle team, just excellent! . . Circle with disney

Probably one of the best investments i've made in the past year. Setup was a breeze and it has been a great way to manage internet access for my three kids (all under 11). I've used different internet filtering systems in the past (open dns, etc. ); however, this has been the best performing i've seen and i love the ability to setup website specific time-limits. Highly recommend. . Note: this will only manage devices while they are connected to your home wi-fi network. You have to download a separate app to manage cellular devices, and it's a bit clunky at this point.

X. Williams, Tennessee

Price :    $79.99
  • Set online time limits: create daily time limits on apps and popular sites like facebook, instagram, snapchat, and youtube.
  • Manage every connected device: circle recognizes and manages wired and wireless devices on your home network.
  • Pause the internet: pause the internet for a single family member or the whole family with a single tap.
  • Requirements: setup and manage circle using a device with ios 9+ or android 4. 2+. home internet connection and a compatible router also required, check your router's compatibility on our support site.
  • Filter online content: set individual filter levels by age (pre-k, kid, teen, and adult) for each member of your family. create custom filters for websites too!
Brand :    circle
Color :    White
Size :    1
Weight :    1.25 pounds
Model :    CIRC001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (circle product review) for Circle Disney - Parental Controls Filters your Family s Connected Devices available ( Apr 2020 )

PcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Parental Control Router, OpenDNS/SafeSearch/Time Management

The pcwrt router helps you to keep your home network clean by blocking pornography and other harmful contents, and to make it more secure by configuring access control rules. It is a standalone router just like other general purpose routers. It does not depend on our infrastructure (cloud or otherwise) to function. There's no subscription fee. You buy it, you own it! content filtering block pornography and other harmful contents with opendns or norton connectsafe. Fine tune content filtering with local white/black lists. Enforce safe search turn on google, bing and youtube safe search with the click of a button. Pause the internet, schedule internet access you may pause/resume internet with a single click. Or, set up different internet access schedules for specific users and specific web sites. Secure your network you can segregate your home network by creating a guest wifi network and/or vlans. Shield your main network from the security risks of iot devices by putting them on an isolated network. Monitor network usage view logs of internet access and bandwidth consumption by device and time of day.

PcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Parental Control Router, OpenDNS/SafeSearch/Time ManagementpcWRT-802-11AC-Parental-SafeSearch-Management


Pcwrt 802 11ac Parental Safesearch Management (toronto ac) reviewImage of Pcwrt-802-11ac-parental-safesearch-management-(toronto-ac)802.11ac Gigabit Dual Band Parental Control Router, Opendns/safesearch/time With Pcwrt, You Can Protect Children From Harmful Content On The Web And Limit Their Screen Time. Aside From The Solid Parental Control Features, Pcwrt Is A Standalone Router Just -Pcwrt 802.11ac Gigabit Dual Band Parental Control Router, Opendns/safesearch/time Management
  1. Bonus: Block Inappropriate Content With Opendns Or Norton Connectsafe.
  2. Bonus: Enforce Safesearch, Youtube Restricted Mode With A Single Click.
Low-End Pcwrt 802 11ac Parental Safesearch Management (Networking Device) Toronto Ac
Brand :    pcwrt
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    TORONTO-AC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Networking Device (pcwrt product review) for PcWRT 802.11AC Gigabit Dual Band Parental Control Router, OpenDNS/SafeSearch/Time Management available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $129.00
  • Block pornography and other harmful content by dns (opendns, notron etc) and black/white lists.
  • Isolated vlan and guest wifi to protect your main network from security risks from iot devices.
  • State of art access control by url, domain, protocol, port and time of day.
  • Bandwidth consumption monitoring by device and time of day.
  • Access control monitoring by device and time of day.

HomeHalo App/Web Managed Router - Parental controls done right Family Router Kids Own Network Functionality.

Bought it to control the internet access of my two boys. There were some problems but eventually they worked:. . 1) the online app wasn't available for download when i tried, so i had to use a web browser to setup the halo. (the app store just kept searching and searching and was stuck at that mode. ). . 2) setup was easy but there are confusing instructions about whether i should replace my existing wifi router with the halo. The quick wizard online instructed me to disable the existing wifi router by connecting the halo to the modem directly. But then of course i lost the wifi connection and also for some reason couldn't connect to the halo. Then, another online instruction document says that i need to setup the account and profile and wifi passwd etc first, before turning on the halo. So i followed that but still had problem whenever i connect the halo to the modem directly (i could not connect to the halo wifi using the passwd i set up online). So, eventually i ignored it and hooked up the halo to my existing wifi router. It's probably much better this way anyway: i would be very upset if halo starts to restrict my access to the internet late in the night (which is the only quiet hour in the house to get some work done). . 3) because i have two wifi network co-existing, i did not use the network name and passwd of my existing wifi for the halo. I just used the wifi name that came with it. I did change the passwd to something that i can remember easily. . 4) setting up the profiles for the kids was quite straightforward. They could not access websites that i defined in the black list. I set a 8:30 bedtime. But to my disappointment, they did not stop playing at 8:30 because many game apps can function well without the wifi. So i still have to go grab the ipads from them. I did not encounter the time zone problem other users reported, but maybe that's because i used a web browser (not an app) to setup the schedule. . 5) the report system does not seem to work. After the kids played for about an hour, the report did not show any activity. Also the report seems to be available only for utc time. So when it's 11:25pm it would show a red dot "3:25" indicating the present time is 3:25am. . Overall, i am glad i have something now for parenting control. I still need to explore in this topic though. For example, with apple's rating restriction, a content blocker such as "crystal", and now the halo, are my kids completely safe from all inappropriate web contents, videos, pictures, and in-app ads? it would be nice if there is a website to instruct busy parents what kind of control each one of these tools offer, and what else can be done.

Please note, homehalo no longer needs a subscription. Installed in seconds, the homehalo router gives parents complete control over their kids internet using the free app - download from the app store and try the demo before ordering. Designed with simplicity in mind, homehalo makes it easy to manage all devices in the home. From setting time limits to blocking adult sites, homehalo offers everything you need to keep your kids safe. Set time limits use the app to easily schedule when each of your children have access to the internet. If you've got kids of different ages you can set up appropriate time limits for each of them. Block adult sites with homehalo you can rest assured that your kids aren't accessing anything you don't want them to. With categories such as social media, gaming, gambling and much more, we make it easy to manage what your kids see. Homework mode let your kids access the sites they need for homework, whilst distractions like social media and gaming are blocked. Works on all wi-fi & broadband devices from games consoles to smartphones and tablets, the homehalo router and app can be used to manage all your kids' wireless and wired internet devices. Simple to use we've designed homehalo with total simplicity in mind. It's completely intuitive and even the most techno-phobic parents can use it. Alerts and notifications your children can request temporary time extensions & unblocking requests. You choose whether you want to be alerted by push notifications or by email. With the app you can respond to requests wherever you are. The kids are happy and you're in control.

HomeHalo App/Web Managed Router - Parental controls done right Family Router Kids Own Network Functionality.HomeHalo-App-Managed-Router-Functionality

Homehalo App Managed Router Functionality (hhr1) FAQ.

Cool product ! - nice to see that the lan ports are all protected as well as the wifi, even my relatively complex home network is covered. Good work guys -Notice from L. Anonymous, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Click to Show homehalo app managed router functionality (hhr1) Details

Pros: (updated 2016). Setup was very easy. Wifi signal very strength and stable. Wifi guest network is awesome. Policies for web filtering are very granular. The android app is very easy to use, and can manage parental control outside your home. . Cons: (updated 2016). There is no setup for shared devices, for example: a desktop computer that will be used by children, adolescent, and adults, so if you configure unlimited policy for that device, you cannot guarantee web filter for childrens. . Notes: you need a subscription for all filtering features, no one tells you this on product specs. You will receive a 30day trial.

Homehalo-app-managed-router-functionality-(hhr1) set picture

- . ImeldaThis is ever parent's fantasy! being able to shut off the internet so the kids have no choice but to go to bed. Blocking bad websites that you don't want your kids to ever encounter. Apps? you can block those, too. I know this is being marketed at a way to b protect your child, but i saw it another way. . A way to ground your unruly teenager! . . I wish that i had found this ten years ago. I have a daughter that stays up all night, and changing the wi-fi password every day became so difficult. Now, she knows that i have complete control. Smart off to me? don't clean your room? grounded? i got this. I can control anything that you can access from websites to apps! this is beyond awesome and i thank you for this! you have no idea! . . I did receive this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest and thorough product review, which i have provided above. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review for the discount that i received for reviewing this product. All opinions expressed are solely those of my own and based on my own personal experience with this product.

I have to say this is a blessing from god who ever made these and selling these. I have always been trying to find ways to make sure my kids don't see the unsightly things on the internet and by the grace of god it has only happened about once when my daughter logged on youtube a video was just cursing away saying f this and shi* i was like omg turn that off now. My daughter being 4 didn't know how to respond except she kept asking and saying the cuss word and i was so frustrated i didn't block the site but i know she likes watching her playdoh shows so with this i can block any materiel that might be offensive to little ones ears. I am really pleased to say this parental router is easy to figure out and easy to add sites they can not see. I also have a 3 year old who has a tablet who next year will start getting on the internet too just like her sister and i will put her profile on more of a lock down too. I received this product for free in exchange for a honest unbiased review.

S. Taylor, Franche-Comte

Price :    $70.00 (was $99.00)
  • There is a small delay in the block reaching the homehalo, so please wait a few minutes for the block to take effect.
  • If the internet speed drops:please restart both your existing router and your homehalo. if the status light on the homehalo is green, then connect directly to your existing router and test the speeds there. if your existing router speeds are slow, then please contact your internet provider.
  • Block websites and apps - plus unique "homework mode" stops distracting websites/apps - individual rules for each user in the home. superfast 300mbps router. wifi and all lan ports protected. also works in complex household networks
  • Set internet access time limits for each child and all their devices.
  • Download and try the free app today. you won't believe how easy it is to use. no subscription - plug in, turn on, done! quickly make the web safer for your children. the most comprehensive web filtering available for the home.
Brand :    homehalo
Color :    White/Green
Weight :    0.80 pounds
Model :    HHR1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Networking Device (homehalo product review) for HomeHalo App/Web Managed Router - Parental controls done right Family Router Kids Own Network Functionality. available ( Apr 2020 )

Router Limits cloud-based parental controls internet safety harmful content managing screen time Mini

Customer service is fantastic. They are patient and willing to work with you till you are satisfied. In addition it is fabulous that they are striving to always better the router!

Take back the internet with the router limits comprehensive web management system! installation couldn't be simpler, simply plug the mini into your existing network to add all of the router limits features. There is no internet downtime or complicated configurations, it's literally plug-and-play. Manage your family's internet and control web access for all of your connected devices individually, from anywhere, using your pc, android, or ios device. Customize filters and schedules for computers, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, smart tvs - everything on your network. No software to install - our cloud management system ensures you're always up to date. Filter by categories like sports, social media, pornography, games, etc. Categories contain millions of websites and are constantly kept up-to-date. Filter by popular sites such as facebook, youtube, snapchat, netflix, hulu, and others (including the apps). Deadbolt allows you to lock on google safesearch, bing safesearch, and youtube restricted mode while blocking all other search engines. Track browsing history for each connected device, so you can keep tabs on internet use. Limit screen time* with custom schedules for each device. Control what and when content can be accessed, or turn off access altogether. Customize settings by device* so everyone has their own customized limits, or group them together as needed. Protect wifi & mobile data* with router limits everywhere, whether a device is on 4g, public wifi, or at a friend's house. (android in public beta, ios launching soon) *everywhere for mobile data requires a subscription to router limits plus. See for details.

Router Limits cloud-based parental controls internet safety harmful content managing screen time MiniRouter-Limits-cloud-based-parental-controls

Router Limits Cloud Based Parental Controls (mini) FAQ.

This is the best filtering hardware device i have found. It works great! -Notice from N. Heidi, Maine

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Setup was easy (for a router). The interface for configuring the settings is also much easier than i expected. . Also, for what it's worth, the category filtering and access time scheduling is included without a subscription. If i ever get an unlimited cell data plan, i'll go for the mobile app too, but for now this meets our needs at a very reasonable price.

Router-limits-cloud-based-parental-controls-(mini) set picture

- V. GinaThis is a fantastic product i had tired a number of internet filters with no success purchased this router and it was easy to set up. My kids recently had not done the chores my wife sent me a text and i remotely turned off all access to each device. It lets you take total control and gives me and my wife piece of mind knowing are kids aren't exposed to the nasty side of the internet.

A great system for setting limits on all of the devices in your home. It's great at blocking unwanted websites and apps. I love that you can set schedules for internet access for each individual device, or for groups of devices.

E. Alba, New York

Price :    $79.99
  • Customize filters by device through an easy-to-use interface
  • Schedule access to specific sites, by device
  • Pause the internet, view browsing history by device
  • Simply plug the router limits mini into your existing wifi router
  • No more bedtime hassles, engage at dinner time, protect your family!
Brand :    router limits
Size :    Mini
Model :    Mini
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Pc Accessory :    Best Networking Device (router limits product review) for Router Limits cloud-based parental controls internet safety harmful content managing screen time Mini available ( Apr 2020 )

Gryphon - Ultimate Hack Protected Secure Router w/Free Parental Control App, Smart Mesh WiFi System w/AI-Intrusion Detection, Malware Protection ESET Technology, AC3000 Tri-Band 3000 sqft

Plug and go smart wifi system gryphon is a new class of smart wifi routers with an app that makes it easy for you to protect your kids and your privacy online, as well as manage your entire network. Some call it a network firewall, we call it sensible protection for your kids and even your webcams, and all the "smart" devices invading our homes. Parental controls create multiple users - safe for kids, unrestricted for adults see website ratings with patent pending crowdranking view browsing history even if your kids surf with incognito mode set bedtimes/homework times pause internet for dinner time enforce safe search & youtube to hide inappropriate results grant approval to website or extension requests from anywhere, in real time network protection block ransomware from coming in your network with eset technology protect your privacy with intelligent intrusion detection scan devices for vulnerabilities daily security updates to prevent the latest threats 24/7 protection while you sleep network management smart network throughput optimization intelligent handoffs for best coverage (requires wifi mesh setup) prioritize a device on the network for zero video buffering (qos) specifications wifi mesh technology 4x4 mu-mimo simultaneous tri-band 802. 11 b/g/n/ac 2. 4 ghz and 5ghz 3 lan ports *network protection is included free for the first year. After 1 year, we will bill you an optional $9. 99/month for network protection. Without it, gryphon will still be a powerful wifi router with free parental controls and network management, but your network won't be protected from malware, ransomware, and intrusions. Free software updates gryphon app requires iphone and android phone with bluetooth le support

Gryphon - Ultimate Hack Protected Secure Router w/Free Parental Control App, Smart Mesh WiFi System w/AI-Intrusion Detection, Malware Protection ESET Technology, AC3000 Tri-Band 3000 sqftGryphon-Protected-AI-Intrusion-Protection-Technology

Price :    $219.99
  • Brilliant parental controls - manage & protect your kids online with our easy to use free smartphone app which includes features such as content filtering, view browsing history, set bedtimes/homework times, limit screen time, enforce safe search, safe youtube, and pause the internet anytime!
  • Super performing smart mesh wifi system - stream content, play games online, download files, browse the web, all simultaneously with 6 high powered antennas, 4x4 mu-mimo, 3gbps fast throughput, tri-band radio, 802. 11bng and ac 3000, 2. 4ghz and 5ghz. take advantage of mesh wifi with additional units.
  • Monster coverage - each gryphon covers 3000 sqft of wall to wall coverage using the latest wireless mesh technology. expand your coverge with additonal units - each unit includes 1 year hardware warranty w/ telephone technical support - 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee - *buy 2 or more and save 5% on your purchase*
  • Unmatched protection & security - intelligent intrusion detection & malware filtering protection by eset technology - includes network protection free for 1 year
  • Simple setup & easy management w/ smartphone - just download the gryphon app and follow the easy step by step instructions to setup your secure network! the app lets you manage your parental controls and all connected devices to keep it protected from hackers, and more!
Brand :    gryphon
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    2.03 pounds
Model :    GRYG1H
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (gryphon product review) for Gryphon - Ultimate Hack Protected Secure Router w/Free Parental Control App, Smart Mesh WiFi System w/AI-Intrusion Detection, Malware Protection ESET Technology, AC3000 Tri-Band 3000 sqft available ( Apr 2020 )

pcwrt 802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time management. Price : 99, was : 0 as 2018-08-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Pcwrt 802.11n Parental Control Router Opendns/safesearch/time Management. (toronto n) Reviewed by on puqus.com

Top pcwrt 802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time management. (toronto n) Content

The F.A.Q. for pcwrt 802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time management.

Received a defective unit & sent it back for a full refund. It did exactly what i wanted when it did work.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on pcWRT-802-11n-Parental-SafeSearch-Management

(0) Question: I have two children with at least four devices between the both of them. i wanted to know if it is possible to control wifi on specific devices?

(1) Question: If you use opendns to block sites or categories, does it do this for all users/profiles or can you have different dns settings for each profile?

(2) Question: Every time i set up a profile and add devices, press "save" they don't get saved for very long. have to redo.

(3) Question: If safe search is blocking youtube videos, can youtube be white listed to allow the videos to work while safe search is still on?

(4) Question: How effective are the white lists? seems like every web site pings 15 other pages, just to deliver content. is this an issue?

(5) Question: How do you set up the filters. on a pc or is it an app on your smartphone?

(6) Question: Is this compatible with verizon/s fios?

(7) Question: Can the usb port be used for external drives?

(8) Question: Will parental control work on wired devices such as tvs or only through the wifi network? can it be used as the main router and wire it to other ap?

(9) Question: Can the router be hung on the wall?

(10) Question: Can i throttle a user so my devices have priority?

(11) Question: Works in norway?

(12) Question: Does the pcwrt require a subscription to get updated sites that it should filter?

(13) Question: My modem has dynamic dns support that changes constantly. will the opendns "dynamic ip updater client" auto update opendns of the changes?

(14) Question: What is the speed of the lan ports? 100 mbps or 1gbps?

(15) Question: Will this device work with att uverse internet router?

(16) Question: Is there a log of the amount of internet used by each device or user?

(note) Question: where/how to get Pcwrt (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Pcwrt's products

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Support has been great and has been responsive. That being said, the first unit i received seems to have been defective. I spent quite a long time to get this set up. I had problems setting up devices that need to communicate with outside servers, specifically, a republic wireless cell phone and a honeywell wifi thermostat. Upon replacement of the unit, it took a little bit of work but things were quickly set up then. I suspect that the problems i had at first were almost entirely due to the defective unit. The hard part is that it wasn't immediately apparent that the unit was defective, so lots of time was spent monkeying with it. All said and done, they get a 5 star review because the product and the support are both fantastic and i do recommend this. With a properly operating unit, it's quite intuitive!

Computers & Accessories 669145, Electronics 282271, Networking Products 405271, Routers 981003Top Pcwrt 802.11n Parental Control Router Opendns/safesearch/time Management. (toronto n) FAQ Content

Best pcwrt 802.11n parental control router opendns/safesearch/time management. (toronto n) in review

This router is based on ddwrt and openwrt. I have used ddwrt for years and it has always been rock-solid. These related systems, however, provides no parental controls; my kids are getting of the age where i needed more control. Pcwrt to the rescue. Pcwrt provides the ability to create profiles and associate these with devices. It also provides a way to use an authenticating proxy so that adults can bypass controls when they are using devices where the kids' profile is applied. Profiles can specify various kinds of parental controls, and calendars specifying what hours of the day / days of the week the device can access the internet. You can also whitelist / blacklist websites by profile, but the more effective way to do blocking with pcwrt is to use opendns. Pcwrt make use of opendns pretty easy. Opendns provides levels of blocking, blocking by type of website and customized rules for blocking. It also provides logging of sites visited. This information can be viewed from various perspectives. . The above might sound more complicated than it is. It was not hard for me to get what i wanted out of pcwrt.

Y. Angelica, Tameside

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S. Erin, Doncaster says

Great replacement for the skydog. Too bad to see this product get acquired and then be terminated, but this is probably a better option anyway (based on using this for a week or so).

E. Laura, Nevada

Bought one second hand, had a bit of trouble rethinking my network around it, but works fine after a few tweaks. Happy with my choice (and i've been looking for something like this for a long time). Oh, and the wifi range is far greater than the apple airport i also have. No 5ghz though. Maybe i'll buy the archer-based model later.

G. Ruby, Montana says

The parental controls are not user friendly. I don't understand the calendar. Opendns is problematic, steam stops working. Restricted youtube is a blunt instrument. . Update, i stopped using the calendar and now plugged this into my router. Therefore the kids have their own router, that i don't use. It works great in this configuration, no more headaches.

I. Paige, Colorado

Very happy with this router. Drop-in replacement for my old one that was dying. Easy initial setup and some of the best parent controls around. As others have noted, many expansion options available for the tech savvy, but great even if you're not.

Q. Wayt, Essex says

Very powerful function to set up the right environment you want in your house.

O. Meredith, Stockport

This is an excellent solution for parents looking for better controls to manage the schedules on which kids can access wifi. Access controls, access schedules, and user interface are all superior to regular off-the-shelf wifi routers. . This product would receive another star if it supported access logging and if i could apply the same schedule configuration to more than one profile. My kids also complain about network performance whereas there were no issues with my previous dlink. I believe pcwrt is offered on better equipment, i recommend that.

B. Anderson, Georgia says

I've had this product now for more than 2 years and love it. It's simplified my life by allowing me to easily set and change parental controls for the students in my house! the couple of times i have had questions the customer service has been wonderful. They answer questions quickly and thoroughly. I would definitely recommend and buy again if needed

D. Finch, Virginia

So far, so good. We use ours to filter content for our kids' internet use, and are hoping it is smarter than our precocious 11-year-old, who has a knack for circumventing our previous efforts by creating new admin accounts. Fingers crossed.

X. Guest, Southwark says

Update 4-27-2017:. . The problem i had with opendns/dynmaicdns turned out to be a bug in the router firmware; i pointed it out to the vendor, and within a week, the next firmware update included the fix, and my problem was solved. Almost a year now with the router, and i'm still happy with it. . -. . I bought this router about a month ago to supplement the poor excuse for a router that at&t provided us as part of the uverse service (the same routers you can find at the bottom of crackerjack boxes, i believe). I was pleasantly surprised at how simple and intuitive the user interface was (at least as compared to other routers), and i had it up and configured, with the parental controls i wanted in place, in less than an hour. . Initially, i used this router alongside my at&t router, on a separate channel, and with a separate wifi network, but ongoing problems with the at&t router (that predated this purchase) finally made me turn off wifi entirely on the at&t router a couple of weeks ago and use this one as our sole home router, with three different parental control profiles. Since then, the problems have disappeared: the signal is strong, no drops, and bandwidth is much better. . I did run into some problems updating the firmware, but tech support was awesome - they responded within a few hours (on a sunday), and provided me with the fix that i needed. That alone is worth four stars. The parental controls are pretty well-documented, and the router offers all the sorts of things you would expect in a modern router: mac address whitelists/blacklists, control over dns, some firewall tools, etc. Apart from the parental controls, which are really simple and self-explanatory, it does help to have some knowledge of core networking concepts, understand what dns is, what ip addresses are, what a mac address is, how firewalls work, etc. To really get the most out of the router: its simple interface assumes you know what the controls do. . I wasn't able to get the opendns/dynamicdns integration working as documented, but i believe this to be an issue whose cause lies with how at&t splits and proxies web traffic separately from other traffic. In any event, the default system parental controls were more than enough for me - i don't need all the finer-grained site-based controls opendns offers. . So far, i've very pleased with my purchase, more than i expected i would be (having been conditioned to expect the worst).

H. Connie, Solihull

Good, strong signal and good parental controls.

L. Adrienne, New South Wales says

I founnd pcwrt after trying to order a skydog router (now defunct). It took a while to set up, but the customer service was on point and professional. . It has brought a sense of peace to our family's technology use. As a mom of 3 young boys it is imperative that parents monitor on-line access and restrict technology use. Pcwrt has allowed us to do that. For that we are grateful.

J. Guest, Tasmania says

I was seeking a router that would allow 1) turning off the wifi with a hardwired (ethernet) connection still active 2) turning off the wifi at night while sleeping this router did not have this feature, but upon emailing technical support, a programmer told me they would update the firmware to add this. In less than a week, the update was complete, and i have exactly what i was looking for. I couldn't find this feature with any other router, and i appreciate the company's responsiveness.

W. Wanda, Redbridge

This is a fantastic tool, simple yet effective. Set up was very easy, only had one problem, streaming netflix. I contacted support and received the solution on the same day (on a sunday) which speaks highly of them. Satisfied with product, does what it promises and great support.

M. Clara, Indiana says

I bought this solely because of the parent controls, especially the ability to force google safe search on every connected device. Why is this not a standard feature in every router? i already had a very good asus router, which i'm now using as an access point. That way, i don't have to re-enter a new password to every device. The way i have it connected: isp modem pcwrt router asus access point. . Before installing this, i was using open dns, and mccaffee family filter (on some devices). The problem was those filters/programs blocked unwanted websites, but did not block inappropriate images when using google safe search, as it can be circumvented by going into incognito mode. The safe search option in this router works on all devices regardless of the web browser or mode of browsing. Exactly what i was looking for. Nothing will completely weed out all inappropriate images, but this comes pretty close and is the best available cost-effective solution in the market that i could find. Plus, there's no monthly subscription fee! . . I haven't used the calendar function yet. Don't know if i will or not, but it doesn't look like it's very user friendly to use, which is the only reason why i gave it a 4 star rating instead of 5. . Last thing i'd like to add, is that the seller was very quick to respond to my questions before i purchased it. A few days later, after i purchased it, the price was lowered due to a sale and the seller happily refunded me the difference after i contacted them again. Thank you!

U. Mable, Maryland

Works perfect, no subscription, and love the google image safe search for the kids

Top parental control router opendnssafesearchtime Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

P. Cathy, South Gloucestershire says

I lowered the rating due to issues i am facing after using this router for over a year. All below is true. It has very good parental control but router hw is not stable. First one i got used to get stuck after few days. It will become very slow or hang and needed reboot. I got second one as replacement from the company. Second one was worst. It kept disconnecting wifi within 5-10 minutes. After disappointing two routers, i did not go back and ask for third replacement. Now i have original one handling only kids devices and they run and reboot it as soon as it slows down. Its a beautiful product with not so capable hw. May be next version is better. . Older review:. For a long time i was looking for something like this router and finally found this product. Parental control interface is really good. The way i configured it as below. 1) identify and name all connected devices. 2) create one profile per kid. 3) add each kids devices to his/her profile. 4) add calendar's to each profile. One calendar used to set internet times. Second one to allow school and educational sites all the time. 5) as i use iptv, so i added separate profile for tv which sets tv times. 6) all parent devices and ip phone use default profile with no parental control. 7) all kids profile use restricted mode which keeps youtube and google searches in restricted mode. This is irrespective of setting on the device. 8) allows adding sites to blacklist to block them. Best part is pause button which pauses only parental control enabled devices. This is used to declare dinner time which stops all kid devices and tv. It resumes automatically after 30 minutes. User interface is easy to use. Device needs some improvement though. I still kept 5 stars as there is no other device with such controls. . 1) it only supports one wifi network. So guests also need to join your home network. This is generally not good. Separate guest nw is required. 2) it needs ability to pause a profile. This will allow to pause one kids profile blocking only his devices temporarily. 3) it needs ability to add temporary calendar entry. Change that is effective only for a week or ability to add time for calendar entries. Sometime we want to add say 4 hr extra to kids profile just for onetime. 4) in hostname and static leases, it does not show which ones are static and which ones are dynamic. It also needs way to convert dynamic entry into static by just editing ip address. 5) need more powerful wifi for extended range. Current one is good enough for me but signal strength is low compared to my old netgear router. 6) also need 5ghz channel. 7) need wps badly to set devices like printers with clumsy programming interface

I. Anderson, Iowa

I followed the directions but can't get onto the website to set it up.

B. Nancy, Florida says

It was broke and didn't work as advertised. I don't recommend this one. The good news is the company did process the refund though. Thank you.

L. Anonymous, Cheshire

Setup was simple and the instructions were pretty good. Overall, the features seemed to be pretty decent, but i didn't get to fully test them as the wifi signal strength was just too weak for my needs. I have a pretty central location in my house for the router and the only room that was really well supported by the signal strength was the office where the router is located. In fact, my really cheap frontier wifi/router had better signal strength than this unit. . I ended up buying the netgear nighthawk x4 instead and it has tremendous wifi strength. While i think the parental control features are not quite as good, those features work well enough and the wifi strength is more than sufficient for my needs. It is nearly twice the cost though so, there is that. . Overall, if you really want the features of this router, i'd suggest looking at range extenders as well.

S. Terry, Haringey says

I really thought i found a solution to limit my kids' time online but unfortunately, the device i received didn't work properly. 1. It wouldn't recognize all of the devices that were connected to the network. I had previously logged all of the mac addresses of our devices and checked to see which ones were online and off. There were at least two devices that never showed up in the list, and this was the only network they could connect to. Well, that's a huge problem! they showed up in my previous router, so i know it's nothing in the settings for the devices. 2. The profiles i set up for each child would not store the devices that i added for them, even after i saved them several times. I went so far as to add a device and hit save one at a time; rebooted the router and repeated the steps; i also did a factory reset to default settings so that i could start over. Nothing worked! i even went online with my tablet instead of my computer to see if that would help, but the same problems continued. 3. The calendar is a bit tricky to work with and very tedious. It also had trouble saving my settings. 4. There is no tech support other than an online forum. Sorry, i don't have time for that. For a $99 router, i would have appreciated a phone number to call or at the very least an email address. And by the way, i made sure i did a check for any firmware updates prior to all of this. While the concept of this product is good, all i got was several wasted hours. Frustrating.

N. Campbell, Plymouth

It great product but it it dificult to block web sites one by one also aggresive youtube filter does not work and blocks everything and combine with opendns at cisco $29 membership per year

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