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Price was $339.99. This is a solid step up from tv speakers, but that's about as far as i can go. I think 3. 5 stars for my interest in the music sound, but i'll round up because it's main advertised function is as a t. V. Soundbar. . First the good: setup is straightforward, going from box to making noise is pretty quick. It's a little more involved to program the remote functions, but it's something to sit down with the manual and do once. My iphone's bluetooth works very well with it. I'm impressed with how well the bass is integrated with the overall experience. Bass is fairly tight, and it doesn't at all come across as a separate part of the sound, as some subwoofer systems can. The overall 'soundstage' is quite good, when watching a movie the soundbar disappears and it's just the experience, both in the higher volume movie watching and low volume t. V. Watching. This is the most important function, and where a hi-fi speaker system can fail in the home video setting, as the sound can come across as disassociated from the video. Overall, for movie and t. V. Viewing, i'll say this is pretty good. . The not-so-good: i'm fairly disappointed by the music sound quality, especially given the positive reviews. This is a replacement for boom-box radio, not a replacement for even a decent bookshelf system. Bass is solid, and well-integrated, as above. Otoh, listening to just the soundbar part, it's a very limited capability speaker system, much worse than i'd expect from a bookshelf of comparable size. The mids sound boxed in and are very muddy. The highs are surprisingly limited and weak, given the components. I'm comparing this to 15-year-old nht 1's and a commodity amplifier, and although these should be similar level components there's no comparison in stereo sound quality. All that said, the soundbar is ok for background music, if you're not caring about listening closely. I'm listening to music on it right now, and i'm getting irritated with the smeared mids, and with missing what i know i should be hearing. . Balancing those two issues, i'm happy with this for the t. V. , but i'm disappointed about the music performance. I'm starting to think that these are simply different functions. I was hoping to de-clutter. Given all that, it would be nice to have this for $200 without the bluetooth or other music pretense. . Some observations. First, for my (visio) t. V. 's stand, i needed to make 1/2" feet to raise the soundbar, and the little rubber stabilizers go on top of them; this puts the soundbar back more flush with the panel and above the tv stand instead of awkwardly out in front. Second, the audio modes seem to be just about how much the subwoofer is engaged; with "music" mode as a baseline, movie mode boosts the sub volume, dialog mode turns off the subwoofer, and i don't think there's any other sound shaping (could be wrong there). Third, it turns out that not having some visual display of volume level is close to a functional problem. Two other gripes. First, although the bluetooth works well for me, i wish i didn't have to switch the mode from the input to the bluetooth, it would be nice to have a mode where if bluetooth is playing it plays, otherwise it uses the cabled input. Second, the subwoofer apparently has an auto-suspend type feature so that if there's nothing playing it turns off its amp. This is a good idea, but it's not sensitive enough, so i often need to turn the volume up to get the sub to wake, then turn it back down for watching. This last issue is really a minor functional/design problem.

-. Sally

Andrew jones soundbar pioneer’s sp-sb23w speaker bar is powered by six individual amplifiers- one for each independent driver. each amplifier produces up to 28 watts of power for increased audio dynamics -pioneer sp-sb23w andrew jones soundbar system

  • Reviews: Tuned To 42 Hz (-10 Db), The Output Level Can Be Conveniently Adjusted With A Speaker Bar Remote. Four 3″ Structured Surface Mid-woofers For Superior Mid-range And Vocals Compared To Smaller Drivers. Two 1″ High Efficiency Soft Dome Tweeter For Smooth High Frequency Reproduction Even At High Volume Levels.
  • Reviews: Wireless Compact Subwoofer For Deep Bass, But Small Enough To Be Unobtrusive.

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I have been recently in search of a good soundbar to replace the really bad internal speakers of the panasonic vt60 plasma tv. I originally wanted a long soundbar to better match my 60" tv. I first went with a yamaha yas-152 (basically a wider version of the yas-101). . The yas-152 had really nice options, and actually, really good internal 'subwoofers' (seriously, quite impressive bass for being built in to the soundbar). My problem was that it only has two full range drivers, leaving the phantom center channel to sound a bit weak and masked next to the bass and treble. The clear dialogue mode was helpful, but it made other things sound unnatural. I was also a bit unimpressed by it's surround dsp, and the soundbar's inherent lack of soundstage width. So back it went. . Next, i brought home a vizio s5430w-c2. It was nearly as wide as my tv, and sounded very, very impressive in all things, except it's horrible internal subwoofers, which were a far cry from yamaha's internal subs. This soundbar actually had a center channel (3. 0 soundbar), and had many, many features built in, like the ability to eq the bass, center, and treble. It also sounded wide, spacious, and had great depth. I paired it up with a pioneer sw-8mk2, and it was a magical combination. My only problems with the vizio bar was the lack of response from remote commands at times (even if the bar accepted the commands, you'd have to redo them in order for the changes to be heard). That, and the housing would rattle obnoxiously at specific tonal frequencies, at moderately high volumes. Mostly mitigated by reducing the internal bass, and letting the subwoofer handle most of the work. I also felt vocals semmed a bit distant and harder to understand than the pioneer. . I figured 3rd time was a charm, and went for this pioneer soundbar. The soundbar sounded stellar in almost every regard, with the exception of it being not as wide (much shorter width than the yamaha and vizio bars), and the sound being a bit flat and less deep compared to the first two. My main goal for getting a soundbar was to better hear speech and other details without sacrificing tonal accuracy, and the pioneer passed with flying colors. I also really love it's simplicity, and no nonsense setup. I bought an optical splitter to switch between my devices, and let that do all the input changes, while only one optical cable goes into the soundbar. I love it when things are this easy. . I had zero issues with getting my phone or ps vita to connect via bluetooth. I also tried two pioneer soundbar demos at the local stores to see if the bluetooth would be problematic, but it worked every time. I also really loved the learning function of the soundbar, which paired up with my panasonic tv's remote with zero issues. Even without it, i love the basic remote, with it's easy to understand buttons. The vizio soundbar's remote is nice, but almost everything is tied to the menu button and really dim screen, which makes it incredibly hard to navigate and adjust on the fly (especially in a dimly lit/dark room). . So again, the pioneer soundbar has a great clarity, rich vocals, and fantastic, natural bass output from it's tiny subwoofer (which i placed in the back of the room, and yet everything still sounds like it comes from the soundbar itself). . My biggest gripes with the sp-sb23w is:. . - it would've been nice if when turning the bar on, the volume would default to a moderate volume. As it stands, if you turn it off at a high level, it will turn on at the same high volume, causing me to scarmble for the volume control. . - the subwoofer's sync light is incredibly bright and never turns off. You will want to cover it with something like black electrical tape. . - i wish there were more information displayed on the soundbar like volume and sub level. An ir repeater would be nice, as this soundbar is definitely likely to block a tv's ir sensor (it does with mine, but thankfully i bounce the signal off a wall or ceiling with no issues). . - lack of depth to the sound, and no surround dsp. I understand they went with the purist approach to sound, but something to widen the soundstage would've been nice for movies. Most sound is confined to the bar, so don't except a great sense of immersion. The vizio soundbar definitely takes the cake in that aspect. . All in all, if you want a simple solution to replace your tv's internal speakers, the sp-sb23w is one of the easiest, and easily the best sounding i've heard, despite a few caveats. The Best andrew jones soundbar ( Apr 2020 ) | Pioneer-Audio Or Video Review Reviews Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar System Do not install this unit in a poorly ventilated area, or in locations exposed to high humidity or direct sunlight(or strong artificial light).. Tuned to 42 hz (-10 db), the output level can be conveniently adjusted with a speaker bar remote. four 3" structured surface mid-woofers for superior mid-range and vocals compared to smaller drivers. two 1" high efficiency soft dome tweeter for smooth high frequency reproduction even at high volume levels. Wireless compact subwoofer for deep bass, but small enough to be unobtrusive. Bluetooth music streaming built-in. 2. 4 ghz wireless subwoofer. each amplifier produces up to 28 watts of power for increased audio dynamics. Optical (cable included) and analog inputs for connectivity to any tv .

Pioneer Sp-sb23w Andrew Jones Soundbar System Review (sp sb23w)

The vocals are great but the sub is just ok. It's tight bass but not as surrounding as a vizio 40" system bass unit. When the speaker is turned off the sub lights stay on. The red light stays constant and the blue light flashes. I put a sticker over the annoying lights. The system is similar to the sound of some quality bookshelf stereo speakers and a subwoofer from a htib. I miss my paradigm ps1000 sub. -E. Delgado

Pioneer Sp Sb23w Andrew Soundbar System

  • AspectRatio: Unknown
  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0012562907314
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.05 inches
    Length:4.74 inches
    Weight:13.25 pounds
    Width:35.98 inches
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer
  • Model: SP-SB23W
  • MPN: SP-SB23W
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: SP-SB23W
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: AUDIO OR VIDEO
  • Size: 1X1X1
  • UPC: 012562907314

andrew jones soundbar Speakers, Pioneer's sp-sb23w speaker bar is powered by six individual amplifiers- one for each independent driver. each amplifier produces up to 28 watts of power for increased audio dynamics and enhanced overall "headroom" at virtually any volume level. to handle the low frequencies, the speaker bar system includes a wireless subwoofer featuring a 6. 5-inch driver that's powered by a built-in 50-watt amplifier. tuned to 42 hz (-10 db), the output level can be conveniently adjusted with a speaker bar remote. the last thing most people want is another remote control unit on the coffee table. that's why we gave the speaker bar system a special learning mode that lets you quickly teach it to respond to commands from virtually any remote you choose. most sound bars on the market have enclosures made of plastic. pioneer's speaker bar features a composite wood cabinet enclosure with a special curved design, helping it resist the "flexing" that can occur when the speakers are at high volume. with its superior resistance to undesirable resonance, composite wood provides more faithful sound reproduction. immersive audio doesn't have to be complicated. pioneer's speaker bar system is designed to make set-up simple. with minimal cables to connect and an easy synchronization process, you'll be enjoying a remarkable entertainment experience in just minutes. crafted by legendary speaker engineer andrew jones to deliver excellent full-range sound from a small, simple solution audio package. as pioneer's chief speaker engineer, andrew has designed multiple lines of award winning loudspeakers ranging in price from $99 to $80, 000 a pair. he is considered an audio master in the industry. Pioneer Sp-sb23w Andrew Jones Soundbar System (SP-SB23W-Pioneer).

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  • I won't repeat most of what others have said here. I think the sound is excellent for the price. I use it for bluetooth streaming (mostly pandora, but also ripped cd's with high bitrates), plus as a tv soundbar. Mine was built in november, and i got it in early january. I tested the bluetooth first thing, and as far as i can tell, it's fine. The music sounds full and clear, and if i use a balance control at the source (iphone or computer), the channel sound shifts as it should. . A couple of things that may not be clear from other reviews or the instructions:. . First, it learned my cable remote (volume up and down and mute) just fine (once i found the correct instructions). There are two critical things about the learning: first, and this is not at all clear, when you are teaching it what you need to do is 1. Put it in learning mode as instructed. 2. Press the button *on the pioneer remote* for the function that you want it to learn (not on the unit itself), and 3. You need to press the function button on the second remote twice (press it once to get the green light acknowledgment, then press it again and wait for a second green light. ). . Second, if the sound quality is set to the dialogue mode (as opposed to music or movie), the subwoofer will be not be active. This is by design, apparently. It took me a few minutes to figure out this is why my subwoofer did not seem to be working at first. . In my opinion, if you want a basic soundbar with excellent sound, this is a great choice. It is a little tall, and it is heavy. There display is simplistic compared to the ones with digital display, but who really cares? it is unfortunate that there is no volume indicator for either the bar or the subwoofer; that definitely would have been useful. I just leave it in music mode for both tv and bluetooth. I have the tv hooked up with rca cables, since the optical output on my tv won't hold onto an optical cable. . The learning remote functionality is important in my situation since i have no way to control the sound out sound level on the tv. I happen to have the bar mounted above the tv, and i can actually determine which sound output i control by how i aim the remote-if i aim it up at the bar, the output of the bar is controlled. If i aim it down at the tv, the tv speaker outlet is controlled. If i aim it in the middle, both are controlled simultaneously. In this way i can control the balance of sound output when the tv is on-it can be all from the bar, or supplemented a bit from the tv. On my tv, i cannot deactivate the tv speakers, just turn them down to 0. . The reason for 4 rather than 5 stars in my case is because the instructions are a little iffy, and because of the lack of mode and especially volume info display.
  • This review is to address issues, if you are looking for a review of all features and functions, there are other excellent reviews for your reading pleasure. :). . Packaging: the box that online store uses is over-sized which leaves a 4 1/2 inch gap on the long sides. They put a couple sections of packing paper was laughable at best, in regards to protection. That said, there is plenty of styrofoam in the original box from pioneer that makes up for it. Although the online store box took a slight beating, the original box arrived in almost perfect condition. Yay, me. . Optical port: the optical port on my unit was ultimately defective. I was able to get the cable plugged in, however it seemed like the port itself was loose. Once the functionality of the unit was established, i unplugged it to run the cable through the wall. When i tried plugging it in again, the port separated from the circuit board. Game over, return. . Ports in general: this isn't an issue as much as a possible inconvenience. The ports are recessed which makes plugging in a bit tricky. I had to turn the backside up to gain better visibility, especially for the teeny optical port which is a specific orientation. Keep this is mind if you plan to mount it. . Bluetooth: the other reviews mentioned bluetooth issues. I never tested the bluetooth since the unit was going back anyway. I will provide feedback once i review the replacement unit. . Note:. Online store prime returns: hands-down the best experience ever with any company. Navigated to my order history, clicked returns, answered a couple questions, added an explanation, printed the return label, and. Done. I was given 30 days to return the defective unit - free shipping. They had another unit on deck for shipping the very next day. Returned 12/28/13, scheduled delivery of new unit is 1/2/14. Glad i kept my over-sized box. . I gave this product 4 stars at this point because of:. -great sound, which i believe is attributed to in part, by the wooden clunky design everyone criticizes. I love the big sound a movie theater provides so when i watch movies at home, i want a similar experience. The subwoofer provides that punch with the convenience of being wireless. . -credit-card sized remote, which is a nice change from all the other gi-normous remotes included with my other devices. They have to make them that big for all the buttons, that most of which are never used. This one is small because there are only a handful of buttons. Nice and simple. I have a logitech harmony remote so i am not concerned about the size or quality of the originals. Besides, everything you can do with the remote is available on the unit itself. Kudos to pioneer on this. If i happen to lose the little remote, i can still operate the sound bar. I will just keep it taped to the back of the sound bar so it doesn't get lost. . -simplistic setup. I had everything up and running in 15 minutes. . I will revisit this review once i test my replacement unit. . *update 4/24/14*. The replacement unit was delivered within a couple days in a box that was perfect in size. I will chalk up the original packaging to an associate in the shipping department that didn't know or follow proper packing. . No issues with the optical port. I believe the original unit simply had manufacturing defects. . Almost 5 months of daily use and it has had no issues and i have no regrets with the investment, so i have upgraded my rating to 5 stars. :)
  • Firstly, here is something you need to know: onkyo bought pioneer home electronics in march 2015. This sound bar is not manufactured by onkyo and is four years old. It is not necessarily used, but it is not new in the sense that it has not recently been produced but is being sold out of 4-year-old stock. I spoke with the onkyo service representative on the phone earlier this week (1/18/2017) and was told they are providing customer support for this product as a courtesy to former pioneer customers. If you want to buy a four-year-old product make sure you are doing so eyes wide open. And informed. . I called customer service because the unit would. Not pair with my 2016 4k lg television remote or my universal remote. I was told that "approximately 60%-70% of the units will not work with any other remote and will experience unsuccessful pairing no matter how many times you try. The sound bars are defective in that area and cannot be repaired or replaced in order to solve the problem. It is a permanent problem of which we are aware but unable to correct because the units were produced prior to the purchase of pioneer by onkyo. We are only providing customer support for this product as a courtesy to pioneer consumers but are in no way responsible for the design or quality of the unit". In other words, you have to use the smaller than a credit card remote that comes with the unit to adjust the volume, and if you lose the remote you are going to have to adjust the volume on the front of the sound bar. . The sound bar far exceeds the volume of any television speakers on the market and does so with clarity and quality. That much is true. However as a separate standalone unit there are much better choices at a slightly higher price with newer technology. Still, these days $300. Ain't what it used to be, so if you want to buy a four-year-old unit at full price with a 60%-70% likelihood of failure in pairing with any other remote, and a subsequent lifecycle of approximately 6 months-2 years then this is the unit for you! excuse me if you don't find me in that crowd, i believe i'm going to have to pass and i have returned the unit. I now consider myself an informed consumer regarding this product following speaking directly with onkyo and cannot find any compelling reason to accept a known defective product that will not last. Read the other reviews for confirmation of the short lifespan of this product before you drop your hard earned money on this problem product.
  • Excellent while it worked. Then, one day, 3 1/2 years after purchase, it just stopped producing any sound. I was quite happy with it up until that point, but no amount of troubleshooting with customer support could get it working again. It still looked like it should work (leds lighting up, ability to change modes and sources, etc. ), but no sound could be produced. Based on the reviews, it looks like i'm not the only one who had this experience. Like i said, though, it was excellent until that point.
  • This product worked twice for me. It would not connect to bluetooth. It doesnt put out audio sound regardless of the hook up. The instruction manual doesn't desrcibe the product set up properly. For the amount of money i spent on this system for my new house, i expected it to actually work. Customer service was no help in diagnosing the problem over the phone. I was told i'd have to send it out to a facility and pay shipping n ppssible repairs for them to tell me whats wrong with it. Assuming its a software issue or capacitor. Just from youtube and reading other customers reviews on forms regarding this specific model. They all tend to have this issue. Frustrating. I now have a $300 tv stand decoration that collects dust. But hey, when it did work. It sounded amazing.

andrew jones soundbarPioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar System (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

All of the great technological power and quality you expect out of a great company like pioneer is here in this soundbar. Some people had bluetooth problems with this soundbar system but i think this problem has long been resolved. I was able to easily pair the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer together as well as connect my soundbar to my computer. Very simple to do and took a small amount of time. . Positives:. The sound clarity of this soundbar is amazing! when listening to music you get all the highs and lows clearly. The subwoofer is small but don't let that fool you as it produces very powerful and clear bass. . I have read some review that say the soundbar looks ugly. I think it looks fine and i wouldn't care if it were ugly anyways as the audio quality is sooo good! . . Great value! i got this soundbar when it was on sale for $299. 99. . Negatives:. No ir repeater. If your tv is not mounted on the wall then this soundbar will most likely block the remote sensor on your tv. This is an annoying inconvenience but it's minor. . No led display showing audio level, settings, etc. . Bottom line: amazing audio quality with a few missing extras.

Pioneer Sp-sb23w Andrew Jones Soundbar System
Click to see NoticePioneer Sp-sb23w Andrew Jones Soundbar System (sp sb23w)"Based on cnet's review calling it the best budget sound bar (speaker bar) available right now and the fact that i wanted a simple, yet great quality speaker system with little to no set up, this was a no brainer. I've owned this for a few a week now and the sound quality is bettrr than i expected to hear. The clarity and balance of the music is great and i haven't connected to a digital source yet. . I'm not a huge audiophile but i always research every electronic i purchase. I was worried about the bluetooth issues that people were commenting on, but it looks like the issue has been resolved because mine works perfectly. The bluetooth's music quality is very good for wireless purposes. I would definitely recommend that those who use this speaker bar play uncompressed, lossless, high bit rate sources, if possible, to really, truly enjoy the quality of speakers included in this bar. Not to be misunderstood, compressed music (mp3, wav, spotify, etc. Even through blue tooth) still sounds amazing on this. I play mostly music from spotify through my samsung galaxy note 3 via bluetooth. . And i'm a happy camper. . I had it delivered to my home on the earliest expected date given through online store's free shipping. The remote is small and simple, but it doesn't bother me. I actually like the size since i have so many remotes as it is. I do truly feel that although television and movies sound pretty great through this (if not better than most soundbars) that music is where this bar shines. . Conclusion. Bluetooth works fine on my android phone. Sound is great for a sound bar or most other speaker set ups. It's not super compact but not ridiculously big either. That never deterred my decision anyway. I'm planning on purchasing a simple, small blu ray player with optical output to listen to cds on this. (excited). . I'll keep you updated on my experience with this speaker bar as the weeks go by. . A+ pioneer"

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Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black

This was one of the best investments i have made. Got this for mom so she could hear the tv. Flat screen speakers suck so i bought this sound bar for better sound. Not expecting alot but i tell you what hooked this up it sounds awesome. Sounds are way bigger than the speaker. Sounds like you have a separate bass hooked up. The sound is excellent. There is a voice setting that brings the voices out so you can hear but doesn't ruin the rest of the listening experience by putting to much voice and killing the rest of the background. Very good speaker.

Experience your favorite tv shows, movies and music with clear, dynamic sound. This ultra-slim sound bar fits discreetly in front of your tv or on a shelf, or can be rotated for low-profile wall mounting.   setup is a breeze with a simple connection to your tv while bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream from your mobile devices, echo or echo dot.

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth BlackYamaha-YAS-107BL-Built-Subwoofers-Bluetooth

Yamaha Yas-107bl Sound Bar Dual Built-in Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black (yas 107bl) FAQ.

I am enjoying this very much. There are a few things that confuse me with respect to arc connections, however it appears to be an issue with the design of my samsung tv. . Watching one movie i did have to raise and lower the sound a lot. I believe it was the source as i was unable to duplicate it. . I did end up having to mount my tv and then soundbar as the tv and soundbar did not fit on the tv stand. -Notice from J. Bethany, Derbyshire

Click to Show yamaha yas-107bl sound bar dual built-in subwoofers & bluetooth black (yas 107bl) Details

Great sound, doesn't make voices that much clearer, but definitely an improvement over speakers in tv. Basic operation is simple enough, doing anything more complicated is confusing when you are working with tiny lights in various sequences on top of unit to tell you what you are doing.

Yamaha-yas-107bl-sound-bar-dual-built-in-subwoofers-&-bluetooth-black-(yas-107bl) set picture

- G. HurstTook me 4 hours to set it up(that's because i'm a total moron), but when i got it working, i love it.

I am not very tech savvy and i hooked this up to my tv instead of using bluetooth or wireless, but so far the sound is so much better than what was just coming out of the tv speakers. I have a samsung tv and there was no problem with compatibility.

T. Guest, Solihull

Price :    $139.36 (was $199.95)
  • Simple setup with hdmi, optical or analog connection
  • Built-in subwoofers for deep bass without a second box
  • Ultra-slim, beautifully-simple design
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity              
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming
Brand :    yamaha
Color :    black
Weight :    7.50 pounds
Model :    YAS-107BL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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LG Electronics UP970 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player HDR Compatibility 2017 Model

Needed this accessory to work with the new lg uhd 4k, 3d capable tv. The passive glasses work the same way as the movie theater glasses. Much less eye strain than the active glasses for my older panasonic hd, 3d capable tv.

The up970 is the ideal source component for a high-end home theater. Supporting 4k ultra hd blu-ray disc playback as well as wireless 4k video streaming, this sleek deck is compatible with both next-generation high dynamic range (hdr) video and legacy blu-ray/dvd discs.

LG Electronics UP970 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player HDR Compatibility 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-UP970-Ultra-HD-Compatibility

Lg Electronics Up970 Ultra Hd Compatibility (Dvd Player Or Recorder) FAQ.

Love it, it meet and excedes all my expectations ! -Notice from Z. Judith, Saskatchewan

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Totally confused by what all these other reviewers are complaining about. I'm hearing zero noise playing blu-ray or 4k discs; completely silent. Fantastic player in my opinion. The menus are very minimalist. If you're the type who loves cycling through dozens of menus, this isn't the model for you - but if you appreciate getting right to the stuff that matters, you'll appreciate the up970. Really like the front facing usb port and the model supports mkv and h. 265 standards! some are complaining that this model only supports youtube and netflix 4k streaming. I've never used my bd player as a means to access those services - that always either came from the smart tv or chromecasted to tv. Seems a bit nit picky to me.

Lg-electronics-up970-ultra-hd-compatibility-(dvd-player-or-recorder) set picture

- E. CindyExcellent! does everything i wanted and more

Lg up970 4k ultra-hd blu-ray player with hdr compatibility (2017). . I wanted a 4k player and decided on this one because of the promised dolby vision firmware update later in 2017. Also, my tv is made by lg, so i hoped for good compatibility. . The image quality is excellent. I have read many reviews about 4k hdr being very dark. I had a problem with dark video from the arrival 4k disk, but the fantastic beasts and where to find them 4k disk looked amazing. I worked on the video calibration for the tv, and the dark issues went away. Arrival look pristine after that. At couch distance, 4k is incredible. I can even stand with my nose a few inches from the tv and see only slight pixelation. Blu-rays and dvds also look good. . I only use this player to play disks. I don't use it for wifi or lan streaming, so i can't comment on those features. . There are two things keeping me from a five-star review: the remote control, and the set up. The remote control seems a bit unresponsive. Sometimes it seems fine. Sometimes it responds, but slowly. Other times i have to really mash a button to get the signal to the player. It is definitely the weakest remote i own. I'm working on setting up a universal remote, which will make the weak remote a non-issue soon. . The problem i had with set up was the audio output. There are two hdmi outputs and one optical output. The hdmi outputs are labeled "hdmi 1 out to tv" and "hdmi 2 audio only. " so i used one hdmi cable to the tv, and the "audio out" hdmi cable to the receiver. I could see the movie on my tv, but hear nothing from my speakers. The way the user guide is written makes it semi-useful but a kind of confusing. I tried the optical output instead. No luck. I went back to the hdmi output and guessed at settings between the up970 player and the receiver until i got the sound to work. I'm not sure if this was really a problem with the player or the receiver. . Overall i would recommend this player. Movies look beautiful. I'm hoping for even better performance with a universal remote and the dolby vision update.

N. Pete, Somerset

Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Weight :    3.60 pounds
  • 4k streaming content and built-in wi-fi
  • 4k blu-ray disc playback
  • Multi-hdr
  • Ultra hd premium
  • 3d blu-ray/ dvd playback
Price :    $174.50
Model :    UP970
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (lg product review) for LG Electronics UP970 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player HDR Compatibility 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

Philips B5/37 Fidelio Soundbar Speaker Black

The philips fidelio b5 sound bar creates surround sound using wireless detachable rear speakers and subwoofer. Audiophile drivers and spatial calibration ensures dynamic, balanced sound. Rears become independent speakers for music anywhere.

Philips B5/37 Fidelio Soundbar Speaker BlackPhilips-B5-37-Fidelio-Soundbar

Brand :    philips
Color :    Black
Weight :    9.88 pounds
Model :    B5/37
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (philips product review) for Philips B5/37 Fidelio Soundbar Speaker Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $739.99 (was $929.99)
  • Surround on demand - detachable wireless surround speakers with nfc for bluetooth pairing
  • Dolby digital and pro logic ii surround sound
  • Connect to hdmi x 2 for great picture and sound quality
  • Stand-alone portable bluetooth speakers with aptx and aac for wireless music streaming
  • Wireless subwoofer for clutter free placement

PIONEER Replacement Remote Control 47466112SPSB23, SPSB23W

This is a custom built replacement remote made by redi remote for the remote control number 47466112spsb23. *this is not an original pioneer remote control. It is a custom replacement remote made by redi-remote* this remote control is specifically designed to be compatible with the following models of pioneer units: 47466112spsb23, spsb23w *if you have any concerns with the remote after purchase, please contact me directly* there is a cover over the lower half of the remote. This will slide down to reveal the lower half buttons.

PIONEER Replacement Remote Control 47466112SPSB23, SPSB23WPIONEER-Replacement-Control-47466112SPSB23-SPSB23W

Brand :    redi-remote
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    RT47466112SPSB23
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Red-remotes cannot be programmed to control any auxillary devices. they will do every function for the unit (i. e. tv, vcr, dvd player, etc) they are designed to control. redi-remotes designed for projectors are not equipped with lasers.
  • Remote measures 7 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 3/4"
  • All of our remote controls are backed by a no questions asked one year money back guarantee, and are fully tested prior to shipping!
  • Feel free to e-mail any questions. we are the remote control experts!
  • Redi-remotes never need programming, they are guaranteed to work right out the package with batteries installed!
Price :    $29.95
Speakers :    Best Remote Control (redi-remote product review) for PIONEER Replacement Remote Control 47466112SPSB23, SPSB23W available ( Apr 2020 )

Mounting Dream MD5421 Sound Bar Bracket, Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Perfect Some TVs Protruded Bottom on TV Back, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates Most TVs

Pre-labeled soundbar installation hardware included: keyhole bolts (2) nuts (2) m4 x 16mm bolts (2) m5 x 16mm bolts (2) m5/m6 washers (2) m6 x 15mm bolts (2) m6 butterfly nuts (2) 4mm allen wrench (1) pre-labeled tv installation hardware included: m5 x 16mm bolts (4) m6 x 16mm bolts (4) m8 x 20mm bolts (4) m5 x 25mm bolts (4) m6 x 25mm bolts (4) m8 x 30mm bolts (4) m8 (10mm) spacers (4) m8 (4mm) spacers (2) m5/m6 spacers (4) technical specs: compatible vesa: 100x100mm up to 600x400mm (universal increments) unique design: perfect for some tvs with protruded part on tv bottom bracket dimensions: 20. 7" (w) x 1. 7" (h) long extension arms 16. 7" (w) x 1. 7" (h) short extension arms construction: 100% high carbon steel

Mounting Dream MD5421 Sound Bar Bracket, Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Perfect Some TVs Protruded Bottom on TV Back, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates Most TVsMounting-Dream-MD5421-Protruded-Detachable

Brand :    mounting dream
Weight :    2.79 pounds
Model :    MD5421
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Tool free knob and teeth on arms' connection easily secure the sound bar firmly in place, provide clean look and save space, avoid leaving screw holes in wall.
  • Compatible with full-motion wall mounts. tv mounting holes compliant: 200x100, 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400, 600x400mm.
  • Perfect for some tvs with protruded part on tv back bottom only, holds sound bar up to 22lbs/10kg. the protruded part on tv bottom should be less than 30mm/ 1. 2' (normal is 20mm).
  • Easy installation with decent instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. us based customer support answers your pre-purchase and installation questions. our bracket is 10-year warranted!
  • Allows 180 degrees swivel for more mounting flexibility than fixed (regular) brackets sold on the market, two sets extension plates are adjustable for most of tv with standard mounting holes patterns.
Price :    $15.99
Speakers :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (mounting dream product review) for Mounting Dream MD5421 Sound Bar Bracket, Fits Most of Sound Bars up to 22 LBS, Perfect Some TVs Protruded Bottom on TV Back, Detachable Long Short Extension Plates Most TVs available ( Apr 2020 )

LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2016 Model

Stop watching. Start seeing. With perfect black and intense color enhanced by both standard and dolby vision hdr, lg oled brings you a world of beauty without compromise. The individually illuminating oled pixels can brighten, dim and power off fully to achieve perfect black. That means contrast - the ratio between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen is truly infinite. Perfect black is essential to a more lifelike image as well as the great shadow detail you can only get with oled. Lg oled tvs display a color palette that virtually matches the vast range of hues seen in today s high-end digital cinemas. With over a billion rich colors at its disposal, lg oled tv delivers a theater-quality experience at home. Oled hdr delivers a stunning high dynamic range picture, including support for dolby vision content. Enjoy brilliant brights and the deepest darks for infinite contrast, rich color and an exceptional viewing experience, closer to what filmmakers intended. With their perfect black and cinematic color, lg oled tvs have also earned prestigious ultra hd premium certification.  

LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2016 ModelLG-Electronics-OLED55B6P-55-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    43.00 pounds
Model :    OLED55B6P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48. 4" x 28. 1" x 1. 9", tv with stand: 48. 4" x 29. 9" x 8. 9"
  • Oled does not require a backlight giving it deep blacks and making it extremely thin
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webos 3. 0
  • Individually lit oled pixels achieve the ultimate contrast for outstanding picture quality
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
Price :    $1549.99 (was $2499.99)
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2016 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual:X Black

First time owner of a soundbar. And though i had serious reservations pulling the trigger, i can say i'm pleasantly surprised and pleased with this purchase. I upgraded from a samsung ht-e5400 5. 1 blu ray system, and though the yas has 1/5th of the power, i can definitely say that it's an upgrade. The sound is clearer, every bit as rich, and the surround effect is just as good (if not better) than the full system. Like others, after upgrading the firmware i noticed only a marginal difference in quality, however, the 'standard' sound is perfectly acceptable for an average joe like myself. My living room is amply filled, bass response from the sub is more than adequate without sounding boomy, and the overall quality is high. I'd prefer the main drivers be about 10% richer/stronger, but overall, no complaints. I have fiddled with the clear voice feature, and though i see no benefit for movies/tv, i could see how this will be handy during poorly mixed sporting events with lots of crowd noise. No issues with the 4k pass-through or bar response with the remote or mobile app. Overall, a good purchase and i'd think most would be satisfied. If you're an audiophile, or super, super picky, you may want to look elsewhere, but for those that want good sound, on a budget, i think you'd be hard pressed to find better in this price range. . 4. 5 stars out of 5.

It's never been easier to immerse yourself in clear, lifelike sound for all of your tv shows, movies, games and music. The world's first sound bar with dts virtual, the yas-207 is capable of virtualizing sound in multiple dimensions - including height - offering more realistic sonic reproduction of any content without the complexity of using numerous speakers. The slim bar fits perfectly in front of your tv or can be wall-mounted, while the included wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room.

Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual:X BlackYamaha-YAS-207BL-Wireless-Subwoofer-Bluetooth

Yamaha Yas 207bl Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth (Speakers) FAQ.

Really impressed, especially considering the price. My current setup consists of rx-v681 yamaha receiver + jbl floor standing speakers + center speaker. I recently bought a smaller oled tv for my den and needed a simple, versatile setup. I play guitar and consider myself a discerning, demanding customer. I am certainly an audiophile. . Pros:. 1) very rich sound in 3d surround mode, both for music and movies. Sounds superior to both lg and vizio in my opinion. I did install the dts virtual:x firmware update from yamaha official website. The firmware update was supposed to come out in august 2017, however, yamaha managed to push it out much earlier on july 19th. 2) easy, straightforward setup. Simple update procedure via usb stick. 3) powerful wireless subwoofer rocks. 4) support for the latest and greatest 4k technologies - hdmi hdcp 2. 2. 5) slim, space-saving design. . Cons:. 1) could've been sexier-looking. Wish speaker cover was made out of metal, not cloth. 2) yamaha's remote control app (ios) works well, however, it is somewhat ugly. 3) no support for wi-fi playback such as google chromecast, spotify connect, etc. Google chromecast audio dongle fixes all that for $35 or so. . Please note that i wasn't not able to compare dts virtual:x with dolby atmos. . Conclusions:. Incredible bang for the buck - rich, immersive sound for less than $300 in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-setup package. Highly recommended! . . Update: i see that many people complain in their reviews that "the sound doesn't seem to come from above in surround mode as expected given that the sound bar supports dts virtual:x (aka "dts:x") technology. We are not impressed - doby atmos is better. ". . Please keep in mind that in order to experience dts:x, you need both the hardware and the content to support the format. In other words, not only you need to have your yamaha yas-207 with the latest firmware update installed, the audio source (e. G. Uhd disk) has to have a dts:x sound track encoded on it as well. You won't hear 11. 1 sound while watching pacific rim in 4k - the uhd lacks dts virtual:x soundtrack - it only has dts-hd master audio 7. 1. The sound will be surround but not dts:x surround. . You will, however be able to enjoy the dts:x sound while watching battleship in 4k - assuming your 4k player is set up correctly sending out non-pcm but dolby/dts sound (dd/dts button is lit green while it plays the movie, and the surround button is lit blue). . Here is the confirmed list of dts:x encoded movie titles as of july 19th, 2017:. . American ultra. Battleship (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The big short. The bourne identity (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The bourne legacy (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The bourne supremacy (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The bourne ultimatum (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Crimson peak. Daddy's home. Despicable me (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Despicable me 2 (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Divergent. Dracula untold (4k ultra hd blu-ray). E. T. The extra terrestrial - 35th anniversary limited edition (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Ex machina. Ex machina (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Fast & furious 6 (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The fate of the furious. The fate of the furious (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Fifty shades darker. Fifty shades darker (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Fifty shades of grey (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Furious 7 (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Get out (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The girl on the train. The girl on the train (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Gods of egypt. Gods of egypt (3d blu-ray). Gods of egypt (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the sorcerer s stone (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the chamber of secrets (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the goblet of fire (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the order of the phoenix (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the half-blood prince (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The huntsman: winter's war. The huntsman: winter's war (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Independence day 20th anniversary (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Ip man 3. Jason bourne. Jason bourne (4k ultra hd blu-ray). King kong ultimate edition (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The last witch hunter. The last witch hunter (4k ultra hd blu-ray). London has fallen. Lone survivor (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The mummy ultimate trilogy (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The mummy (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The mummy returns (4k ultra hd blu-ray). The mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Nerve. Patriots day. Patriots day (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Snow white and the huntsman - extended edition (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Terminator 2: judgment day (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Terminator 2: judgment day - limited collector's edition endoarm box set (4k ultra hd blu-ray). 3:10 to yuma (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Van helsing (4k ultra hd blu-ray). Whiskey tango foxtrot. Zoolander 2 -Notice from . Helen, Manitoba

Click to Show yamaha yas 207bl wireless subwoofer bluetooth (speakers) Details

There are no speakers behind the listener, yet sound seems to come from everywhere! it doesn't make sense! . . I bought the yamaha yas-201 back in 2013 and was amazed. Over time it started to lose connection with the subwoofer and decided to upgrade to the yas-207bl. Out of the box, it was very comparable to the yas-201. It had a great sound and was well powered. . Then the upgrade to dts virtual:x. The only way to describe it is magical. . What a difference a little bit of software makes. The sound bar seemed to get a boost in power and the range became more dynamic. What's amazing about this sound bar is not only does it produce a fantastic sound, but it actually sounds natural. Granted, this will never compare to a professionally installed 7. 1 system and it shouldn't. However, i've thrown ever level of audio at it (dd 5. 1, 7. 1, dts, dts truehd) and i've been impressed every time. . One thing i did different this time is to mount it above the tv. With the wali sbr201 universal sound bar bracket i was able to raise the yamaha's sound stage to above the tv and it made a huge improvement with the surround effect.

Yamaha-yas-207bl-wireless-subwoofer-bluetooth-(speakers) set picture

- H. ArnettWow, wow, wow is all we can say about this sound bar! when the box came we could not believe how big the box was. We were not expecting a full size subwoofer with this bar. How surprised were we when we unpacked the box! full size subwoofer that is awesome sounding. The sound that comes out of this soundbar is fabulous we could not be happier with it. It rivals my full 7. 2 system! if you have a smaller room that you are wanting to put a sound bar in, this is definately a great choice!

For the price its a great sound bar. Fills the room nicely with clear sound.

U. Finch, Telford and Wrekin

Brand :    yamaha
Color :    black
Weight :    6.00 pounds
Model :    YAS-207BL
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (yamaha product review) for Yamaha YAS-207BL Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth & DTS Virtual:X Black available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $229.45 (was $269.95)
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming. dimensions (w x h x d)(subwoofer) : 7-1/8 x 17-1/4 x 15-3/4 inches
  • Simple setup with hdmi, optical or analog connection
  • Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass with flexible placement
  • World's first sound bar with dts virtual: x virtual 3d surround sound (available via a firmware update available now)
  • Slim, understated design perfectly complements your tv

Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar Built In Subwoofer Multi-Award Winning

The q acoustics m4 sound bar with built-in subwoofer & bluetooth the q acoustics m4 sound bar features advanced bmr (balanced mode radiator) speaker drive units, which produce extraordinarily wide sound dispersion. This not only creates clear room filling sound, but also means every listener will enjoy the same outstanding sound quality wherever they sit in the listening room. The m4 sound bars real bass is created by its acoustically matched, built-in, high performance subwoofer. You will enjoy a genuine cinema audio experience with the m4 soundbar, compared with using your tv speakers alone. With both analogue and optical inputs, the unit is in reality a complete one-box, standalone hi-fi system in its own right. It can also be used with a variety of other entertainment sources such as streaming services like spotify, cd players, portable music players, computers and internet radio. Features: multi award winning soundbar built in subwoofer bluetooth with aptx bmr drivers: 180 degree sound dispersion plug and play nfc connectivity (near field communication) wall mount supplied   awards won:   what hifi, product of the year 2015 what hifi, best soundbar 300- 600 techradar trusted reviews recommended avtech media awards 2014/15, best soundbar home cinema choice, best buy stuff magazine, 5 star award

Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar Built In Subwoofer Multi-Award WinningAcoustics-Soundbar-Subwoofer-Multi-Award-Winning

Price :    $169.00 (was $339.99)
  • Our m4 soundbar with built-in subwoofer eliminates the need for extra boxes and cables. its slim design and built in sub overcomes the need for a separate subwoofer
  • The digital optical and analogue inputs from the m4 allow it to connect to a wide range of entertainment sources, including your tv, sky or virgin box, cd, dvd or blu-ray player, smartphone, tablet portable music player, computer or internet radio
  • The m4 uses bmr drive units to deliver outstanding sonic performance. this also disperses the sound across an exceptionally wide area. no matter where you sit in the room, you'll be able to enjoy the full hi-fi cinematic experience
  • The m4 is bluetooth compatible using aptx lossless bluetooth for audio streaming. it can sync to almost any bluetooth compatible audio device. we use atpx v4. 0
  • When wall-mounted, the distinctive flared shape allows sufficient clearance between the unit for cable entry
Brand :    q acoustics
Color :    Black
Weight :    10.80 pounds
Model :    QA7410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (q acoustics product review) for Q Acoustics M4 Soundbar Built In Subwoofer Multi-Award Winning available ( Apr 2020 )

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model , Works Alexa

One of the best pictures i have seen. It fits my room and is part of my complete setup with sony strza3000es receiver and sony ubp-x1000es blue ray player and polk 900ls in wall speaker set. Blue ray and 4k movies look fantastic. Very happy with the whole package.

4k hdr processor x1 powered by the 4k hdr processor zx1, the sony x900e pairs the brilliance of 4k clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of high dynamic range. Combined with 4k ultra hd resolution, hdr delivers exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a wide range of brightness, brilliant highlights and fine detail. Smart functionality from movies and tv shows to thousands of apps, sony s google home-compatible android tv brings you everything in an instant. Enjoy a huge range of apps from google play, youtube, netflix, online store video, hulu, pandora, and contract-free playstation vue. Stunning colors the sony triluminos display showcases vivid colors, faithfully reproduces reds, greens, blues, and skin tones with precise gradation. 4k hdr super bit mapping optimizes colors individually for satisfyingly rich and natural results. 4k x-reality pro upscales images to near 4k clarity, bringing details into clear, smooth focus. Incredible contrast sony x-tended dynamic range pro 5x projects five times the contrast range of a conventional led-edge lit tv. Balanced light output across the screen produces even greater brilliance in every scene. Motionflow xr technology maintains an ideal refresh rate to allow fast moving action sequences in sports and movies. Beautiful design delivering incredible viewing experiences, the slice of living concept for home product design reimagines the aesthetic style of the entire living space. The x900e s narrow, exquisitely designed aluminum frame keeps you focused on the screen, while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front. -sony 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2017 model xbr-65x900e) -4k hdr processor x1 -dimensions without stand: 57" x 32. 8" x 2. 4" with stand: 57" x 35. 3" x 10. 3" -inputs: 4 hdmi, 2 usb2. 0, 1 usb 3. 0, 1 component/composite hybrid, 1 composite -compatible with online store alexa

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model , Works AlexaSony-XBR65X900E-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Sony Xbr65x900e 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Upgraded from older sony bravia and wow! this picture is incredible! -Notice from J. Adrienne, Hackney

Click to Show sony xbr65x900e 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model (television) Details

Go to rtings. Com and you can compare this tv with all of the other tv's on the market. Right now it is the best tv you can buy. The x930e might be a little better, but that is debatable. Do not buy oled's. They have really bad issues with screen burn in. You've been warned!

Sony-xbr65x900e-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- T. YvetteI was bent on getting a 75 inch tv and i really wanted to get oled; that left the lg tv with a $20, 000 price tag. So, next, i was bent on getting a samsung because i like the brightness of their screens. Samsung is charging $6000 for their 65" qled technology which is barely the next generation of technology. Looking at the rtings website reviews for best 75 inch tvs, they mentioned that the best mid range 75 inch tv was this sony 75" x900e. I did the research. It is not oled in terms of measurable quantities (it is very good) but i will tell you that the actual viewing experience is 99% of what it is with an oled tv. The blacks are inky wet black and the the brights are amazing. I can watch this tv outside and it looks great. It very bright. The aesthetics are beautiful. It has a very small bezel, a the glass front has the same allure as fine crystal. It has plenty of adjustments for those who like to tweak and i think it looks great with the settings out of the box. The picture quality, is just amazing and again i can't stress enough how beautiful the hdr (high dynamic range) is. Deep rich blacks, plenty of mid tones and excellent highlights. For the price difference i would buy this tv every time and not really miss any real perceivable differences in oled. Sony deserves a huge compliment for creating such a beautiful tv and picture as such a great price. I got mine for approximately $3200 and that is great at this point in time. . If you are looking for a beautiful tv and picture, especially one in the 75 inch class, mid range and reasonable pricing then this is your tv!

I ve had the 75 4k hdtv for over a month now and overall it is a great set. However, upgrading from a samsung hd tv, there are some things to note. . Overall (the short version): i would recommend this tv for the picture quality alone. 5 stars. It is magnificent! there are workarounds for the cons listed below, so overall it s a terrific set for 4k content as well as regular hd content. I ve decided to start with the cons to get them out of the way. The pros follow below. . Cons:. . The sony bravia 4k xbr75x900e does not seem to be able to handle internet speeds much higher than 60mbps (wired or connected by lan). This is acceptable for streaming hd on the apps that accompany the set, but 4k content can be iffy. I tried viewing a coral reef video on online store prime in 4k, and it took almost a minute for the picture to catch up to 4k quality. There were a few times the picture lagged. I tried watching a random standup comedy video on netflix in 4k and the server wouldn t connect. This was probably an issue with netflix because when i tried again, the connection worked and seemed to hold a 4k picture in a similar way to the online store app. The youtube app was the same. 4k videos lagged and took some time to catch up. . Luckily, the sony ubp-x800 4k ultra hd blu-ray player (2017 model) i purchased can handle faster internet speeds, so we use the player almost exclusively for streaming 4k content. I ve also read other reviewers mention that chromecast or an fire tv stick with alexa voice remote streaming media player can handle higher internet streaming speeds, so that is something to consider. Also, the tv takes about a minute to connect to wi-fi after it s turned on. Not a big deal, but worth noting. Connected to lan, it connects a little quicker. . Upscaling looks terrible when done on the tv. I wasn t expecting this to be the issue, but once again, the sony ubp-x800 4k ultra hd blu-ray player (2017 model) saved the day! upscale regular blu-ray s on the player, and the picture looks nearly as good as actual 4k. You will notice the difference. We streamed a few older shows from hulu like cheers and seinfeld and they looked great as well. Again, the picture quality is fantastic and worth every penny! . . * hdr update *. I want to thank everyone for their comments about my negative thoughts on hdr. It forced me to do some research on the internet to figure out why hdr looked to terrible on this set. After trial and error, i finally figured it out. You see, i have a home theater system. I bought an onkyo receiver a few years back that was 4k compatible. I did not, however, take into consideration that it might not be hdr compatible. (it's not. ) so, i was running the 4k player through an hdmi cable into the receiver first, and then into the 4k tv. Which means, no hdr content was reaching the tv. So, as one commenter pointed out, i was turning hdr on when no hdr was available, which results in my original comments below, the picture is dark and the colors look cartoonish. . I was wrong! and i'm glad i was wrong. Nobody likes eating crow, but i am happy to do it after i saw hdr for the first time last night. It is awesome! the colors look amazing, the blacks are really dark, and the whites are really white. My wife and i watched coral reef adventure under the prime uhd selection from the online store app directly on the tv. Hdr turned on automatically (as a commenter mentioned it should), and wow! it looked spectacular. . If you, or anyone you know, is experiencing a bad picture when turning hdr on, they must first realize that not all 4k content is presented with hdr. But what really fixed my situation is this: run the hdmi directly from the 4k player to the hdmi "1" slot in the back of the tv. That's all it took to make hdr a reality, the way it was intended. . I'm keeping the original comments in the review in the hopes of helping anyone else who experiences this issue. Thank you again for the comments about how hdr should work. You guys are the best! . . *. *. . *original comments*. Hdr is terrible. This is not the fault of the set, but i want to talk about it here because it s not worth turning on. If it works for you because of bright lighting in the room or whatever, go for it. But for my wife and i, hdr is not needed. Basically, it s an artificial layer added to the original picture source to enhance things. After several days of tweaking with the settings, trying multiple hdr enabled discs, etc. , the picture only got worse with hdr turned on. All it seems to do is make every scene darker, a lot darker. The hdr effect on colors can be weird. There is a slight red push over flesh tones, and sometimes the colors appear cartoonish, like they were drawn in with crayons. It s gimmicky, at best. So, if you re new to 4k, and you re worried that this set won t support dolby vision, don t worry too much about it. The 4k picture alone is beautiful you won t be disappointed with the picture as it is. . Also, on the subject of hdr: there are three options, on, off, and auto. The only time hdr will turn on is when the hdr setting is switched specifically to on. If set to auto, it might as well be set to off because it will never turn on automatically. *. *. . Pros:. . The picture is beautiful! it is a vast improvement over the regular hd picture from our older tv (which looked great as far as 1080p goes). There are many settings to tweak the set to your liking, and the live football mode is perfect for games. When you watch 4k content, you can get up right next to the screen and see amazing details in the background. You probably don t want to watch a movie right up close to the screen, but sometimes it s fun to check out the details of things in the distance. . My wife and i have watched blu-ray movies and uhd 4k movies from discs as well as streaming 4k content (using the separate 4k player), and they all look great. Regular dvd s leave a little to be desired, but i knew that going in, so it s not much of a surprise. What sells this set is the picture! and let s be honest, this is what you re looking for in a 75 4k uhd set. It is spectacular for hd and 4k content! spectacular! . . Games and apps: i play uncharted 4 on a regular ps4 (not the pro) and the details in color are phenomenal. Wow! i can t imagine the game looking any better on a ps4 pro, but i d have to do a side by side comparison to really tell the difference. . *a note on screen mirroring: if you have a samsung galaxy smartphone, it probably will not connect to the tv. The phone will locate the set, but won't connect. Solution: use chromecast or (once again) the sony ubp-x800 4k ultra hd blu-ray player (2017 model)

X. Joanne, North Carolina

Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    77.16 pounds
Model :    XBR65X900E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57" x 32. 8" x 2. 4", tv with stand: 57" x 35. 3" x 10. 3"
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Full-array local dimming technology, you get enhanced controlled contrast and incredible brightness in a stunningly slim design.
  • Works with alexa for voice control (alexa device sold separately).
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
Price :    $1223.70 (was $1498.00)
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model , Works Alexa available ( Apr 2020 )

LG Electronics OTW420B EZ Slim Wall Mount

Ez slim wall-mount: the lg ez slim wall-mount (otw420b) has been specifically designed for 65g7p, 65g6p, e6/e7 series, c6/c7 series, b6/b7/b7a series, 65sj9500, 65uh9500

LG Electronics OTW420B EZ Slim Wall MountLG-Electronics-OTW420B-Slim-Mount

Brand :    lg
Weight :    6.00 pounds
Model :    OTW420B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (lg product review) for LG Electronics OTW420B EZ Slim Wall Mount available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $48.44 (was $56.99)
  • Tilt & swivel features
  • Low-profile design + extension
  • Specifically designed for 65g7p, 65g6p, e6/e7 series, c6/c7 series, b6/b7/b7a series, 65sj9500, and 65uh9500

Cable Matters Toslink Cable Toslink Optical Cable/Digital Optical Audio Cable 6 Feet Metal Connectors Braided Jacket - Available 3FT - 50FT

Heavy duty toslink digital audio cable connects your blu-ray player, satellite dvr, cd player, sony playstation, xbox 360, or other device to your digital audio video receiver. Premium toslink cable engineered with durable pvc layers and braided jacket increases durability and protects the cable from nicks, cuts, and kinks. Polished heavy duty metal connectors and gold plated tips provide a secure and corrosion free connection. Connection notes - connector 1: optical digital male - connector 2: optical digital male - remove protective rubber tips prior to installation package content 1x toslink digital audio cable in 6 feet warranty limited lifetime warranty and product support

Cable Matters Toslink Cable Toslink Optical Cable/Digital Optical Audio Cable 6 Feet Metal Connectors Braided Jacket - Available 3FT - 50FTCable-Matters-Toslink-Optical-Connectors

Price :    $6.99
  • 360 degree grip treads help easy plugging and unplugging. fiber optical cable eliminates electromagnetic interference (emi) and radio frequency interference (rfi)
  • Premium toslink cable engineered with durable pvc layers and braided jacket increases durability and protects the cable from nicks, cuts, and kinks
  • Supports uncompressed pcm audio or compressed 5. 1 and 7. 1 surround sound including dolby digital plus and dts-hd
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Ce :    Best Computer Component (cable matters product review) for Cable Matters Toslink Cable Toslink Optical Cable/Digital Optical Audio Cable 6 Feet Metal Connectors Braided Jacket - Available 3FT - 50FT available ( Apr 2020 )

ZVOX SB500 Aluminum Sound Bar Built-In Subwoofer, Bluetooth Wireless Streaming, AccuVoice

Vast improvement over your standard downblast speakers integral to your tv. This unit replaced a troublesome and more costly jbl system with bluetooth subwoofer. Although we do not consider ourselves 'bassheads', we had become used to the subwoofer. We tested this unit w/ and w/o a wired subwoofer and decided we liked the richness the subwoofer provided. If you are not replacing a unit like we were, odds are the bass will be adequate. We were after something that was easy to install and use and this fits the bill. This unit does have some depth to it, about 6-inches, so be mindful if you want to position below a tv on a stand. If you are wall mounting or suspending below a tv (we hung below a 75-incher on an articulating mount), its perfect. . We also wanted a unit that was easy to use; it does not get much simpler than this. No fussing with arc hdmi cables, multiple inputs/outputs and the like. Comes with a nice digital optical cable that plugs into your tv and away you go. Bluetooth works flawlessly. Led display built-in behind the cover tells you volume level, surround output (three choices), and whether accuvoice and sound leveling are on or off. You can easily adjust these settings and bass/treble from the robust remote (not the little credit card thing others offer). Has nice, big buttons on the end of the unit for power & volume. If you are looking for a well-built unit (with or without wired subwoofer) that can easily fill a 20x20 vaulted space with clear sound and crisp dialogue, this unit is for you. Anyone hard of hearing or tired of commercials blasting you out of the room (us in both cases), look no further. Researched several manufacturers and websites; doubt you can find a better deal in this price range. Stop your research, pull the trigger, you won't regret it.

The zvox sb500 is one of the finest sound bars ever made. Its stylish aluminum cabinet encloses three high performance speakers (including a center speaker), two powered subwoofers and a 140-watt digital amplifier. The zvox mega bass system uses advanced digital contouring to deliver astonishing bass from the slim (3. 2 ) cabinet. Unlike most sound bars, no external subwoofer is required. Phase cue virtual surround creates three-dimensional home theater sound from one cabinet. And the revolutionary accuvoice system uses hearing aid technology to deliver incredibly clear voices - on movies, tv shows or sporting events. Output leveling tames loud commercials. Aptx bluetooth provides wireless connectivity with your phone or tablet so you can stream music through the sb500. It's easy to program the sb500 so it will work with virtually any remote control. If you want a home theater with superb sound quality, designer styling and state-of-the-art features, the sb500 is the perfect choice.

ZVOX SB500 Aluminum Sound Bar Built-In Subwoofer, Bluetooth Wireless Streaming, AccuVoiceZVOX-SB500-Subwoofer-Bluetooth-Streaming

Zvox Sb500 Subwoofer Bluetooth Streaming (Speakers) FAQ.

My husband and i are in our late 70's and have hearing issues. This soundbar has wonderful voice clarity. We can understand all of the spoken words on t. V, programs, movies and even music. Love it , love it, love it. I highly recommend. -Notice from U. Eva, Surrey

Click to Show zvox sb500 subwoofer bluetooth streaming (speakers) Details

Latest version of sb500 includes a subwoofer out port for those that need it. Very clear sound and easy to set up. This replaced an atlantic technology unpowered bar that i was using with a sony receiver. This combo was a quite a bit more costly than the zvox and did not sound as good. The bass, even without a sub, is very strong and dialogue intelligibility is great. No need for accuvoice for us. . It's a sleek unit and was well worth the discounted price we paid (and then some). I was ready to pay full price at zvox and found it on online store for a lower price. Very satisfied.

Zvox-sb500-subwoofer-bluetooth-streaming-(speakers) set picture

- . MooreI have gotten used to closed caption, but hubby still dislikes it. Luckily we got this! the sound is fabulous, but the ability to tweak the sound and push the audio for voices up is wonderful! i don't know how they do it, but am so grateful that they can. I like that it is made in the usa, and the case is made of metal. It is a bit heavy if you were going to wall mount it-plan ahead it is heavier than the others we tried. But ours sits on a shelve behind the tv which is on a little stand. Really such an improvement i cannot say enough how much we are enjoying this. It has brought back enjoyment of several shows that had such muddy sound it wasn't worth the hassle to try to decipher them. But it improves even the ones i thought were fine. Also, it hooked up easily. Regular remote turns it on when we turn on the tv, and the bluetooth works well. Took an old iphone and plugged it in nearby and use it to play music or podcasts or audible books when i want. Can hear them thru out the entire house if i turn it up to 6 or 7. Really pleased, wish had found this years ago.

Excellent sound bar as far as the sound quality. I would say unless you're a "bass freak" produces good enough bass without a subwoofer. Also this unit is obviously very well made with all metal construction. My issue was the height of the sound bar. If you mount it on a wall, or on a different shelf from the tv than this won't be a problem. But if you mount it on the same shelf as the tv, it will probably block the remote signal to the tv, and in my case blocked a small amount of the very bottom of the screen. Also not the greatest if you intend to use it to stream a lot of music, has bluetooth, but no wifi. If you can deal with the height, and don't mind no wifi, a lot of quality and a lot of sound for the money.

. Theola, Northwest Territries

Price :    $212.09 (was $423.67)
  • Accuvoice feature uses hearing aid technology to deliver ultra-clear dialogue. amplifier: the sb500 uses a high-efficiency 140 watt class d digital amplifier, speakers: (3) 2" long-excursion full-range speakers
  • Multiple inputs make it simple to add chrome cast audio for multi-zone wi-fi streaming music.
  • Room-filling 3d sound from a single anodized aluminum cabinet. works well with tvs from 50 "- 90". works with your current remote control.
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your phone or tablet. frequency range: 42 hz - 20 khz.
  • Dual built-in subwoofers with mega bass produce great bass without external subwoofer. can be wall-mounted, placed upright on furniture, or placed "flat" on furniture
Brand :    zvox
Color :    Black Aluminum
Size :    3 x 2" High Output Full Range Speakers, 2 x 4" long excursion woofer
Weight :    12.60 pounds
Model :    SB500
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (zvox product review) for ZVOX SB500 Aluminum Sound Bar Built-In Subwoofer, Bluetooth Wireless Streaming, AccuVoice available ( Apr 2020 )

pioneer sp-sb23w andrew jones soundbar system Price : 161, was : 339 as 2018-06-07
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Pioneer Sp-sb23w Andrew Jones Soundbar System (sp sb23w) Reviewed by on

Top pioneer sp-sb23w andrew jones soundbar system (sp sb23w) Content

The F.A.Q. for pioneer sp-sb23w andrew jones soundbar system

I just love this speaker bar because it provides the sound i was looking for. I did not have a clue about the power of speaker bars so i installed it on my bedroom tv until i get a new one for my den then i will switch. Meanwhile, i have to keep the volume low because of the deep and rich bass sounds. My children upstairs came running down because they were trying to determine which neighbor was having a party. . Be a aware that there is some problem with the bluetooth that i have read about on cnet. Since i don't use the bluetooth feature i have not been able to detect the problem.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Pioneer-SP-SB23W-Andrew-Soundbar-System

(0) Question: Audio return

(1) Question: Anyone having trouble with their remote?

(2) Question: Are they now shipping sound bars with working bluetooth?

(3) Question: How many cords would i have to hide with this whole set hooked up?

(4) Question: Does this price include the sub

(5) Question: Does it work with samsung tv

(6) Question: Can i use this for my center channel and subwoofer for 5. 1 surround? i have l, r, rear speakers & receiver.

(7) Question: My sound bar blinks red when i sync sub wof. ( not blue as mentioned in the mannual) is this normal?

(8) Question: Can an owner of a sp-sb23w measure the width for me? pioneer states 35. 98" w x 4. 05" h x 4. 74" d and c-net states 39. 98 inches wide, 4. 05 inches high, 4. 74 inches deep) so, is it 35. 98 or 39. 98 wide? jeff

(9) Question: The subwoofer is paired with the soundbar, but doesn't turn off. is it supposed to power down with the soundbar?

(10) Question: So if my unit has a manufacture date in november, it's good? . the reason i ask is i bought it used and havent opened it yet. thx

(11) Question: The owner's manual from pioneer site mentions the voltage inputs is 100v - 240v, any idea if this soundbar and subwoofer would work on 240v (outside us)?

(12) Question: Has pioneer fixed the defective capacitor that results in the popping sound?

(13) Question: Does this support 5. 1 audio, or only 2. 1?

(14) Question: Does the subwoofer even fade or disconnect from the sound bar? (with other brands i'd noticed that subwoofer would periodically un-pair)

(15) Question: My question is about the behavior of the subwoofer. when turning the system off, the blue link light keeps blinking non stop. is it normal?

(16) Question: The price was $299 for about a month, will it go down again? if so, when?

(note) Question: where/how to get Pioneer (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Pioneer's products

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Love this system. I am not an audiophile. I was looking for something to give me good sound, that was louder than the speakers in my tv. It's loud and clear and the sub hits good. It was a little taller than i thought. I had to move my tv up.

Electronics 282271, Home Audio 110648766, Sound Bars 1103087323, Speakers 365271Top Pioneer Sp-sb23w Andrew Jones Soundbar System (sp sb23w) FAQ Content

Best pioneer sp-sb23w andrew jones soundbar system (sp sb23w) in review

It is what you thought it was. Sounds solid, consistent, and has some balls. I bought a bluetooth puck to go with it, figuring i'd rather spend an extra $32 on an accessory than worry about what i read in reviews.  logitech bluetooth audio adapter the lack of a screen or a bunch of lights is nice, let's the bar fade into the background; out of sight. Works with the universal mount i bought to attach to the curved led. I did make one mistake and didn't hook up the analog stereo pair before i hung it, that was a huge mistake. I did get it connected without removing the rig from the wall though, just took a little patience. Pairing it with my comcast remote was pretty easy too, nice.

C. Elizabeth, Gateshead

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V. Morgan, Medway says

Has been using the soundbar for 2 weeks now. So far i have used it to listen to music and watch movies, it reproduces very nature sound and the sound quality is great. My unit was produced in august and the blue tooth functions properly. Remote function is limited as some of the other reviewer mentioned, but it doesn't bother me as usually i only uses volume adjustment keys when listening to music/watching movies. . One thing did bothered me a bit was that the bluetooth connection with the woofer may drop off sometime if i turn the sub volume too low. But when used for music or movie where there is adequate bass output, the unit works perfectly fine. If the sub-woofer connection to the main unit drops, i will need to turn off the main unit and then turn it back on to get the woofer reconnected(its automatic, no need to pair bluetooth again though). Another solution i found is to turn the sound-bar on dialogue mode when volume output is very low, in this mode the subwoofer will be put on standby mode (but it will not lose connection with the soundbar main unit). . Overall i am happy with the build quality of the unit and its top notch sound quality.

O. Melissa, Oregon

I was looking for a small sound bar system for my bedroom when i found this one this is a really nice sounding system that i was but looking for because my more elaborate more expensive home stereo could not decode movie soundtracks they sounded awful it was strictly an old-school stereo system very expensive for music i find this system when listening to music it is almost as good as my $3000 speakers that i have with 2 a and a preamp and all this equipment takes up a lot of room in here this little thing can put out such awesome power i find myself listening to a quite a bit wonderful with itunes and spotify and pandora but great with movies it really gives me that that soundtrack like i'm in the movie theater it's very simple easy to operate i love this thing would highly recommend it you will not go wrong for the money

W. Broyles, Solihull says

The reason i bought this unit is because i care about sound. Im not willing to pay 5k for speakers, but i probably have that invested between the heos system in the bathroom and kitchen and the bose home theater and denon av. I wanted something that sounds good in my bedroom and was drawn to this system as i have heard and been impressed with andrew jones speakers in the past. From a sound perspective the speakers are impressive. I watch movies and sports but mostly listen to music via the bluetooth features using an android device (havent connected my iphone yet) and the music fills the room with a full spectrum of sound . The high end is solid without being tinny, mid range is the best and the sub does its part to cover the low end. I could easily use this in the living room with impressive results, but in the smaller bedroom the sound quality more than outstanding (which is why the heos 3 is now in the bathroom). . Its not easy to connect the bluetooth and it doesnt have the bells and whistles of some similarly prices soundbars, it simply sounds the best at any volume. Highly recommended. 4 stars because the bells and whistles do count for something .

I. Guest, Vermont

This is by far the most awesome sound bar system on the market for anywhere near its price range. And if you are able to score it for a great deal like i did ($170 shipped) then it makes it a virtual steal! the unit came in the box with most everything still sealed even though it was labeled used. Setup was extremely easy and quick, and personally i do not understand how anyone could have issues hooking up and syncing the sub and such-not trying to be rude to anyone who has posted saying otherwise, but as someone who is anything but technologically savvy, it took me all of a minute to do. . Sound quality is unbelievable. I did not want digital sound but rather just super clean and voluminous recreation for movies and such, and have it hooked to a 40" sharp aquos quattron led tv that has an unreal picture but subpar sound at best on its own. The subwoofer is crisp, clean and deep, and the sound bar itself has a fantastic range of frequency, is clean and clear and also loud when need be. For my little studio apartment, this is so much more than i would ever really need but so awesome nonetheless. . If i had to critique one thing, it would be that sometimes it takes the subwoofer a moment or two to turn on after the sound bar does. It does this automatically though, and most of the time it turns on at the same time. My sub and sound bar are only a few feet apart, and the bluetooth works fine at that distance. The speakers are composite cones (not plastic or paper), and the tweeters are silk dome, all high quality stuff that pioneer is known for. The cabinets, wood composite, are heavy duty, very pretty and also most definitely enhance frequency response and overall sound quality in a way that flexible plastic cabinetry cannot do. . I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this sound bar to anyone and everyone who needs a ton of crystal clear and high quality stereo sound in a small to medium sized space. And thank you to pioneer and andrew jones for making this dream machine a reality:-)!

R. Cortney, Blackpool says

I don't have a good setup for a speaker system aside from the fact that i cannot afford a good one. This sound bar makes me not too much miss that i don't have a full speaker system. The sound from this is full and solid. The highs aren't missed, and the lows are covered by the subwoofer. I'm not going to say it's perfect as mids are not as predominant, but there there. Especially in comparison to other similarly-priced soundbars such as the yamaha model i had tried. The sound difference was astounding as the other sounded tinny, weak, and artificial. It is lacking features other than selecting play modes and having bluetooth connectivity, but i don't need anything more than that.

Y. Ophelia, Midi-Pyrenees

Very good sound. Open, rich, natural, can be played loud, and not a little boxed in and lacking in the vocals in like my older yamaha sound bar or even the newer zvox sb500 that i had at the same time and did an a-b with. The zvox sounded a little thin and tin like and slightly boxy to me compared to the richer more open sound of the pioneer sp-sb23w. This pioneer sound bar offers optional bluetooth for your music, another setting for movies, and another setting for voice. The voice pretty much cuts the subwoofer, the music ads modest bass and subwoofer, and the movie seems to had more to the treble and the bass. The subwoofer is adjustable on all settings. . I had a little trouble getting the subwoofer to sync at first. However, even though they originally ask you to push the button on the main soundbar and sub for them to sync originally, if you ever loose the sync with the subwoofer, you can unplug the subwoofer and just push the sync button on it without dealing with the main soundbar button again or maybe even wait and the sub syncs on its own later. . By the way, i have a high end stereo system that i assembled over the years which will challenge most stereo systems around, and know good sound when i hear it. Bear in mind, no soundbar with its physical and design limitations will compare to a larger stereo system in quality. . The design of the pioneer is a little mousy and boring looking, but at a distance under the tv it looks fine and more importantly, for a soundbar, what you hear is one of the best soundbars out there. Period. Why not. It has numerous larger drivers instead of tiny ones. The subwoofer is wireless and a little small, but for that reason, integrates better with the sound than some others easily produces rich deep bass (adjustable) for music and videos and being wireless lets you move it to an ideal location. I suspect that bigger is better and the physics of the larger speaker drivers in this sound bar and isolated amplifiers is what delivers the rich sound heard in comparison to other soundbars i have hear. I hear clear yet rich quality dialog and good dynamic response with movies and music. . The pioneer sb-sb23w allows you to use the bluetooth function to control it with your ipad, phone, computer, etc. So if you have a library of digitized music on your computer or phone or want to use music and radio services to play through it, for its size, it will not disappoint and can fill your livingroom or even most of your house with sound. This soundbar will learn the buttons on your tv remote also. You just hold down the learn button until it flashes or turns solid blue, use the pioneer remote and touch the key you want to program, then touch your corresponding remote key, they touch the pioneer one last time to program that key and continue through everything on your remote that you want to program, then hold down the learn key again until it stops flashing or turns solid blue which finalizes programming. I mention this because a u tube video by pioneer says to hold down the learn key until it turns a solid blue, and from my experience, a flashing blue is what you really get with my unit to trigger the learning mode. . This subwoofer is being clearanced, so i assume a newer more modern one is coming out. However, don't assume it will sound as good or better, especially for the price. The trend is toward slimmer smaller soundbards with smaller speakers that can't match larger drivers in quality and volume of sound. My older yamaha soundbar did not sound as good, and could not be played loud like this pioneer sound bar. Bear in mind that cnet in its 2018 review, even with the new soundbars in place, still put this soundbar above most of the slightly more attractive newer more expensive and slimmer units sound wise. . If you can get past some of the reliability complaints, this is one of the best sounding soundbars under $1, 000 out there. There have been some complaints historically about reliability. Perhaps pioneer has corrected these problems over time. I have had mine for about a month, and i have no problems. Perhaps buying this pioneer sb23w at the discounted clearance price brand new and spending the extra $20 for the extended warranty is a very good idea. Another good idea, is to do as i have done and simply to leave it on even if muted at night for about two or three weeks straight. If there are any defects or if anything is going to go out , it will probably do it by then. . Either way, know that although it is not the prettiest (nor is it ugly) or quit as fully featured as others , you are buying one of the best sounding sound bars out there for both music and movies at any price.

F. Adrienne, Nebraska says

At current price, this sound bar is one of the best sounding bar in the $250 - $400 range. The sound is full, rich, well balanced and a pleasure to listen to. I haven't a/b compared with brands like klipsch, b&w, yamaha or onkyo sound bars but in comparison with other electronics manufacturers' brands such as sony, samsung, lg, panasonic or sharp's sound bars in similar price range, pioneer trumps them all in sonic quality. It doesn't matter what feature the sound bar claims to have (like 3d sound processing, multi-channel virtual surround, sound enhancing processing gimmicks) unless the speaker actually has good drivers to begin with. Listening to music with this sound bar was the closest thing to listening to a regular pair of speaker - wide, balanced and full. The small subwoofer that comes with the sound bar delivers clean and powerful bass without distorting or muddying mid/high tones. If you are shopping to get the best sound as the top priority, this should do the job. If connectivity and dsp gimmicks are more important, you should look elsewhere. . What i like:. - sound quality (5/5). It is closest thing to real speakers that is pleasing to listen for both music or watching movies and tv programs. Most sound bars that i tested amplified voice/mid frequency too much to a point that made it annoying when listening to music or sounded tinny/boxy. - wireless compact subwoofer delivers clean and tight bass. - bluetooth is now fixed but the range is short and sensitive to blockage (iphone sync performed better than macbook pro -12+ft vs. 3-4ft. ). - remote learning capability. - enough power to fill an apartment living room or small to medium sized living room. - the power adapter (the square plastic box on power cord found on most laptops/monitors/sound bars) is inside the sound bar so less clutter. . What i wish pioneer had or what's missing:. - lcd screen to show current volume, source, eq setting. - auto volume leveler (since current volume cannot be seen due to lack of a display, different sources with varying volume can either be too loud or too weak). - dialogue mode turns off the subwoofer. Instead, it should change the eq to increase mid frequency. - manual subwoofer turn on/off option. The only way is to unplug it or use the dialogue mode which would also modify the sound eq. - i wish they included a night mode that lowers the subwoofer volume without turning it off. - lower profile design dimensions. For current tvs using stands (not wall mounted), 4. 1" height blocks the ir port or part of the screen. - hdmi with arc capability. - no wired connection option to the sub-woofer or no sub-out option in the back of the sound bar for those of us looking to upgrade the subwoofer. - better quality remote control that doesn't use those annoying flat circular batteries. Standard aa or aaa would make life easier. . I think most people would shop to add a sound bar to enhance the overall sound quality more than the looks or artificial sound processing. No sound bar in this price point is expected to deliver true surround experience. However, if you are looking to buy a sound bar that handles both music and movies with gusto, look no further.

X. Patton, Bath and North East Somerset

I researched many sound bars and couldn't decide so i bought the pioneer because of its reputation. Yes, it's a little more than your average sound bar but it's worth it. It's not as expensive as bose by a long shot but the sound is close in quality. I previously bought a sony for my bedroom and can hardly tell the difference between it and the sound from the t. V. Not with pioneer. This things can rattle the room. Easy to install and the sound is killer. Pioneer never disappoints me.

K. Anonymous, East Riding of Yorkshire says

This sound bar has remarkably clean and linear sound that is capable of filling a relatively large rec room comfortably. I am completely impressed with the sound capabilities and very happy with my purchase overall. This means that because of the exceptional sound performance, i am willing to overlook and deal with some disappointing glitchyness. . First, i find the visual design and style clean, black and non-offensive, exactly as it should be. It is mounted under my tv and blends perfectly. I disagree with others who commented negatively about the visual design. My wall mounted tv and soundbar look very professional and clean. Nobody will ever notice it, and that is as it should be. . The bluetooth subwoofer is a great feature. I was able to pair the speaker after pulling some hair. It turns out the subwoofer is paired from the bluetooth button on back, instead of the one on the front. It was confusing but i finally figured it out after sourcing the manual. I was able to place the subwoofer in the best place in the room with no wiring. It works great! . . The subwoofer is not as impressive as the audio quality overall of the soundbar, but it does the job. It fills in the punches for media content that includes an lfe channel. Overall it contributes by rounding out the total sound, it does not have the bass reproduction of a good standalone subwoofer, but a good standalone sub would cost roughly the same as this entire system if not two or three times more. . My soundbar was built in dec 2013, so i did not have the bluetooth bug. Nonetheless, i still find the bluetooth difficult to use. More difficult than it should be. The first time i used it. I pressed the pairing button and the light started blinking, but i could not find the speakerbar on my device. It turns out the bluetooth button doubles as the remote training button so the speaker must be in "bluetooth mode" to pair, but the light still blinks because it thinks your training your remote. This makes sense, but the decision to double up the bluetooth button seems part and parcel of the touchy and glitchy ergonomics that this device seems to be plagued with. . As i mentioned, the soundbar is capable of learning your tv remote control outputs. This would be cool, but i actually have never been able to get it to work. Perhaps it has to do with my remote, or my tv protocol, but i have never had this problem before with a learning remote. I have not put enough energy into the problem by contacting support or researching on the internet to solve this problem. In fact, i am certain that i am doing something wrong, yet i am disappointed that i have to go to this trouble. I am a very savvy electronics user and not used to having to refer to the manual to perform simple tasks. I'm surprised the ergonomics of the device don't allow for a tech savvy user to be able to use it without much outside intervention. . Overall i am happy with the purchase. I had the greatest concern about sound performance, and realistically believed that at my price point, i would have to live with some muddy or whimpy sound as is common in mass market consumer electronics. I am completely impressed that i was able to obtain a device that is so loud, linear and clear sounding. In fact, i wish every speaker in the world had this exact sound. It reproduces digital music and television perfectly without top or mid notes common in high end speakers, or muddy losses common in low end speakers. . Overall great, but i hope i get my remote working eventually.

. Dorine, Hessen

This sounds surprisingly natural to me, considering there are not any proper woofers here. When you listen to it next to some other setups, it might sound a little flat in comparison, but in this case i think "flat" is just "more accurate and balanced". Sizzle and boom are cheap ways to make things sound impressive on the sales floor. . There are not many adjustments. The only tone setting is the sub-woofer level, but it blends so well, and the bass is so well balanced that it really works fine as a bass level adjuster. With a lot of subs, you have to get the balance just right, or the low end is screwed up. Not the case with this set up. It is well engineered and just works. It is also not that picky about placement. I have my tv, soundbar and components on a rolling stand and the sub just sits strapped to the base of the stand and still works great. . There are just three preset sound options: music, movie, and dialogue. The dialog just turns off the sub (i think). It is perfect for late night use if you have neighbors in the building. I usually use the music setting for music and most movies and moderate or louder volumes. I think the idea of the movie setting is to boost the ultra-low frequencies for sound effects (the ones you feel more than hear) and i think there is some boosting in the upper-mids (for dialogue? ). In practice i just use the movie setting when listening at low volumes (movies and music) which is not that often. I actually seldom use this for music. . I do not miss any of the gimmicky sound processing some of the other soundbars offer. I think fake surround sounds neat at first listen, but imo it gets old quick. With this you are paying for a good, accurate, no-frills but well engineered speaker set. . This is not the best sound you can get (especially for music) for the $380 it cost me, or even the $280 i see it going for now. For that, get proper bookshelf speakers. But for a soundbar it is really good. . The one area i fault this in are the actual controls. The remote is laid out terribly, and even after owning this for many months i still have to look carefully when i go for the volume. For some reason they put the sub controls in the prime real estate instead of the volume. And the minimal display takes a but of learning to interpret. . Luckily, it is easy to train the unit to respond to other controllers, so i can use the volume controls on the tv remote instead. . Another design gripe is that the sub stays powered on with a very bright light blinking even when you turn the unit off. I think that light could be a tenth as bright and not blink. Or better yet put a power switch on it so i can kill it when not in use.

M. Lewis, South Carolina says

Tried several systems ( more expensive that this one) for my large panasonic tv ( 62") in my "girl cave" that is next to our laundry room. My"girl cave" is in busy area of our house ( lots of windows/doors-not good for sound system) but was very happy with the this. I did get help from stereo review mag that my hubby insisted i read. . For the area i needed to use, it is great. . My only negative is that it would not pair with my remotes for volume-only for on and off and my tv is only 2 years old. Anyway. It is great for the price.

G. Amanda, New Brunswick says

This is a great soundbar to get good sound if you dont want to spend a fortune. If you are looking to spend more than this you should really be looking at a true 5. 1 system. This can give you the sense of 5. 1 but it is still only coming from one are in front of you. . The quality is great. It is a heavier unit but feels solid. The bass gets plenty high and i have to keep it turned down most of the time. The wireless sub is really nice as it connects easily and without problem. Even if i pull the power cord as soon as i plug it back in it automatically connects and starts working again. . The only issue is that it has a clicking sound from the sub turning on and off if the overall volume is low. This is fixed by me unplugging the sub if the kids are sleeping.

N. Maria, Windsor and Maidenhead

Summary : unbelievably good sound! i could not be happier! ( and i am one picky customer). . I have included photos so you can see the size compared to a 55" tv. . Pros: great sound , very rich and full, the sound fills the room. Wireless sub does wonders yet its so small! . The unit itself has learning capability so you can program your existing remote control. The unit looks nice, has a high quality look to it, no cheap plastic to be seen. . Cons: it took a few tries to sync the sub-woofer to unit. I could not program my remote using the manual (youtube video was much more helpful and i programmed it with ease). Provided remote control is tiny , but its meant to be temporary, since the unit now works with my regular remote control

D. Suzanne, Buckinghamshire says

I'm far from an audiophile, but do feel i have a pretty good ear. I bought this for 2 reasons - one, to improve my tv's sound quality, and two, to stream music to. The tv sound is great - sub-woofer provides great sound, particularly with action movies. Also syncs nicely with the remote to turn on and off with tv. Regarding streaming music, at first, i was a little disappointed in the sound quality as i was using slacker and other online streaming portals to play music. Bottom line is the output of these online portals is far from pristine, particularly since you can't apply an eq to improve the sound to your liking. Once i connected the soundbar to music stored on my phone (i use tuneshell which has a nice eq), i really got to hear what this soundbar was capable of. It completely fills my lr / kit area with fantastic highs and lows. Having an eq for music is the key (and how i wish someone much smarter than me would develop one for slacker, pandora, etc. ). For the price, this thing rocks - literally.

. Alba, Cheshire

The audio quality of this sound bar is pretty amazing for the price. I have only compared to the cheaper entry level models and the difference is like night and day. For the price, this seems to be the best you can buy. . That being said, there are some minor annoyances. The led on the front of the sound bar that indicates listening mode (audio/movie/vocals) does so through color coding, but nowhere is it documented what each color means. Fyi, i figured it out after a while, audio red, movie blue, vocals green. . There is also no button the speaker that adjusts sub woofer levels, which is quite annoying. There might be a way to use a universal remote, but i couldn't figure it out. Don't loose the remote like i did, otherwise you won't be able to change the base level. . Works well with the xbox one, i. E. It can turn it on / off and change volume. . I highly recommend this sound bar for it's audio quality.

Z. Glenda, Waltham Forest says

Well it's a great soundbar, and i give it 4 stars because it has a great sound, but. The first one arrived here with a doa (no power) bar, i sent it back. That was a mystery, as i'm assuming pioneer had to fix the recently discovered bluetooth issues, and would have noticed it then- ythink? . Maybe just one of those things. My bad luck. Stuff happens. So i was sent another, and yes it has an awesome sound, and is an easy setup. But. I had trouble setting up the bluetooth to anything, my phone, ipad, etc. I couldn't believe i had been sent two bad soundbars, so i called pioneer and they walked me through it. It seems to me the instructions do not match what needs to be done, step by step, to pair bluetooth devices. They really should work on that, in my opinion. I think they missed, or maybe assumed, that folks would be able to get past the ambiguities in the instructions. Hey pioneer guys, make it dummyproof. In any case, that problem was also solved. But. One other thing. I can't for love of money match up all the functions on my fios remote control. Or the tv's remote, a samsung. The power button i have been able to program, but that's it. I can't program the volume, which is a major hassle. Since now it leaves me with using 2 remotes inc. The supplied pioneer remote ( credit card sized, and difficult to handle unless you have child sized hands). It mentions in the instructions that other remotes besides the supplied one may not work with the soundbar, and i'm told this isn't unusual with bluetooth applications. But if i could somehow get the remote to work the unit would get a 5. It's a little pricy, but having listened to a few others, it's worth it. It's pretty darned impressive. So much so that i'm keeping it regardless.

B. Rowe, Bromley

I chose this sound bar after a lot of research and price comparisons. I actually bought a samsung bar first but returned it because the sound wasn't as rich as i expected. I'm very happy with this. I have it mounted over my tv because the sound was getting absorbed when i had it underneath. The bass can be adjusted to be subtle or as loud as you want. My only critique is that it is difficult to determine what mode the bar is in (music, movie, or voice) and the input (bluetooth, tv, etc. ). The remote is adequate. Overall, i recommend this for great sound quality at a great price point.

S. Linda, Swindon says

Original review: ordered on march 13th, received unit with november manufacture date on march 14. Bluetooth on sub-woofer fails! (pioneer just finished telling me that online store was no longer selling defective units! ) ordered a replacement, but online store says no way to have distribution center send me one with the bluetooth in place. Guess i order one every single day until i deplete the supply of old ones in the warehouse that serves my area. (it's good i have prime! ) please comment if you have a better plan. . March 24th update: i ordered a replacement from online store and also bought one from bestbuy. Bluetooth worked flawlessly on the bestbuy unit, but the speakers in the soundbar sounded tinny and thin in all three settings (dialogue, movie, and music). I took it back. The following day my replacement unit arrived from online store. They had replaced a defective unit with a november date with a unit that also had a november manufacture date despite my request for a more recently manufactured unit! i set it up quickly, fully expecting it to be unsatisfactory. Surprise! it sounded absolutely terrific and the bluetooth worked flawlessly. . This weekend, my neighbor brought over his new $1, 500 plus paradigm soundbar and woofer to see if the difference was worth $1, 1100 to him. In a blindfold a/b test, he thought the pioneer soundbar was actually the more expensive paradigm. . Verdict: buy the pioneer sp-sb23w if you have a high tolerance for stress and can be patient. My new rating of four stars is generous given that only one of three units worked properly. Pioneer should recall those units they know to be defective. Posting the problem on the website, without issuing a recall creates terrible pr for what actually is an excellent unit.

P. Aldana, Minnesota

This is really an all in one stereo with a freestanding sub, my take. For the money, i like it. And the little sub is something of a gem.

. Hadley, New Hampshire says

Buy the extended warranty! i am on my second one of these, as the first one crapped out after less than two years. Why did i buy a second one? because the real wood of both the sound bar and the sub look great, and the sound is even better. It almost sounds like a surround sound system when watching movies and the sub delivers great bass for both movies and music. I love the sound. That being said, do your research about this product. My first system, like many others, started popping when i first turned on the system, then it progressed to where you would have toggle the system on and off to get it to work, and then it just died. From everything i have read pioneer would want you to ship it to their factory at your own expense to be fixed. Great looking and sounding system, but buy the 3-year warranty from square trade if you purchase. You have been warned.

Q. Rhonda, Derby

I have just received these no more than an hour ago and let me tell you, i am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I have been looking for months for a speaker bar in the sub 400 dollar range and have visited many stores listening to them. I could not find these in stores and took a shot in the dark because i could not find one to fit my needs. I wanted the best sound quality possible for under 400 dollars. This speaker system sounds incredible! i love the wireless sub and practical remote. I have never heard a better sounding system. I love how they cut expenses in the hdmi department and focused on sound! i am just laughably ecstatic right now. Thank you online store! . . I feel compelled to downgrade this rating because a month in i am hearing an increasing popping sound when i power the unit on. The system still works and i still love the sound especially for music streaming but after seeing posts on the continual defects i am crossing my fingers that the speaker won't die. I did not buy the extended warranty and did not pay attention to the complaints about the poor sustainability of the system and terrible customer service. If i would have noticed that, i would have gone with the yamaha yas-203. Again i still love this speaker but fear it will die sooner than later and when that happens, i will shun this company. I am not rich by any means and live pay check to pay check so this was not a cheap but for me so all i can do is pray!

J. Rochelle, Lorraine says

It sounds way better than my samsung 65, music is probably its strong point, my couch isn't directly in front of the tv ( go ask the person who constantly rearrange the furniture ) not perfect but i like it. When the sound is off the subwoofer constantly blinks blue, searching for the sound bar that is turned off, maybe irritating to some sitting in the room with no sound in the dark, i could always turn the power off to the sub.

A. Nicole, Alberta

I have been searching for a soundbar for my main tv for over 2 years. Yes this has been a costly experience. The biggest problem with virtually every soundbar type system is the lack of control over the bass and treble. I do have a full blown denon surround system with boston acoustic speakers which is perfect for watching movies but too much for standard tv viewing. . Boston acoustics tv 10 was a very good bar, easy to hook up but really didn't have the sound field when watching a movie. It was great for news and voice. . Bose solo. It had very good sound if all you did was watch movies but the bass was just too much on most programming. . Yamaha s401 was very good but it's lack of compatibility with the comcast cable remote control was the deal breaker for my wife. . Next try was the panasonic 770 system which was the best sounding by far because it had a great deal of control over the sound field because of the center channel. This would have been the one but 3 days in and the system locked up requiring removing power from the control box for 30 seconds and plugging back in. Did this once and a day later the same thing happened. Searched the web only to find they had a design flaw in the system which caused the frequent lock-ups. . Searching thru some reviews at cnet, this pioneer unit had a very good review for sound quality even though it lacked some of the features some would consider important on a soundbar. I figured i would give it a try. Online store was great again with free prime 2 day shipping and hook up was easy because you don't have to worry about hdmi switching as the primary input to the bar is a toslink optical digital. Programming my comcast remotes was fairly simple and the most important feature of the system is the 3 selections for sound fields, voice is for watch standard tv shows when you want to hear the dialog and in this mode the sub woofer is off. There is a music selection for listening to music. And their is a movie mode which creates a simulated surround sound field (this works so well i have not used my full denon system very often even for movies). The other important control they put in this system is a +/- control for sub woofer level. . One thing i forgot to mention, the sound quality is excellent which i believe is a result of the multi-speaker bar and the fact the bar is made from a veneered composite material instead of plastic like all the other bars i purchased in the past. . The wireless sub woofer is very small and i was very surprised how good it performed. . Save yourself the frustration of dealing with all the other wiz-bang features you don't need and may never use. This product is a basic sound bar that delivers on sound quality.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Paige, City of Kingston upon Hull says

First off, as the title suggests: this is a great sounding system. I have not had the bluetooth connection issue. The new revision solves the problem. The manual is wrong on almost all counts for how to pair the system with bluetooth and the wireless sub woofer connection method. There is a series of youtube videos posted by andrew jones explaining how to do so correctly. I strongly suggest you go through those first. As the other posters have suggested, it is extremely difficult to pair the system with the sub woofer. I have found a simple way to "solve" the problem. Power down the whole system ( remove all power from source), wait approximately 5 minutes and power it up again and you will get back to factory condition. This should solve most of the connection issues. Next, the system seems to disconnect from the sub woofer even if it was originally connected correctly after some time. This problem seems to be linked to distance ( fyi: my woofer is only 2 meters away) and not the "auto off at certain frequencies" as some of the other posters have suggested. If this happens, it *may* be able to reconnect after a while but the connection is spotty at best. . Apart from that, the only other problem is that the system is extremely cryptic as to what is it's current condition. They have 4 leds to explain what is happening at any one time. I do understand that they needed to reduce the cost of the interface in order to give a decent set of speakers but the minimalism is a little too extreme. . If you can tolerate the minor annoyances as well as place the sub in a location that doesn't cause interference, you're in for a treat. It is a great set of speakers. Sound and dialog rendering is clean and clear. As someone who has gone through his fair share of low quality sound bars, i am willing to accept the above-mentioned trade-offs and have elected not to return the speakers. . Buyer beware, there are a lot of small annoyances which i didn't expect from a pioneer product. The quality assurance engineers should have done a better job.

X. Joanne, Newcastle upon Tyne

Writing this review 30 months after purchase. The sound bar 10 months in began to fail. A pop would be heard when powered on even when it was the last piece in the signal chain to be powered on. There was no audio output on any source channel. Customer service requested it to be shipped to california for repair (shipping paid by owner). The unit was received a month later and worked. A month ago it stopped working with the same problem. Of course, the unit is now passed warranty. For a unit which has sat on one table with it's volume never close to it's max setting, it has been a great disappointment.

A. Patricia, North Yorkshire says

The sound is awesome, but i bought this for the bluetooth and with the exception of the first week, the bluetooth just doesn't work at all. I've tested on 3 different devices and i keep getting an error "incorrect pin or passkey" when pairing a new device even though i'm never asked to enter a pin or passkey. . For the device that i had paired when it worked for the first week, it just says "major sure your device is on and try again". . All 3 devices work in other bluetooth devices so it's clearly the sound bar.

B. Matherly, Salford

I had this for 10 months before it completely died. I wasn't abusing it at all. . Update: after it died in the warranty period, i brought it to an authorized service center for repair, as directed by the pioneer website (60 min away). They fixed it for me (replaced an electrical component inside with a beefier one), and mentioned that pioneer was fighting them for the warranty payment. I didn't get charged by the repair shop, but if they do this to everyone, be prepared. Fast forward 3 years, sound bar dies again. I don't believe it is worth hauling it all the way up there for an out-of-pocket repair and the time off of work. I can't recommend this item.

F. Finch, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

Great sound, when they work. Purchased three of these and at 18 mo, 22 mo and 23 mo, all three have failed with the same issues. Each took a couple of months to completely fail but all are factory defective and out of warranty. If you're the type of person that doesn't mind tossing your electronics frequently, then this will work for a little while.

G. Zelda, Quebec

The unit failed after about a year of use. It started making loud popping sounds when turning on then eventually the speakers failed and there was no sound output. When working, there were times it was difficult to get the speakers and subwoofer to sync. The subwoofer would also intermittently turn off when there weren t low frequency sounds going through the unit for several minutes. The sound was decent when working but not worth the money given the poor craftsmanship, which has been noted by several other reviewers.

H. Cassella, St. Helens says

Buyer beware- i bought this sound bar back in 2013 from online store and it sounded amazing! friends would come over and think i have a fancy home audio amplifier and speakers working and can't believe it's just a sound bar and woofer. Now the bad news, the sound bar started to pop and crackle loudly when it was turned on. Sometimes it turns back off and the power button needs to be pressed a few more times with more popping noises produced, before it becomes operational. Looking the problem up on the internet revealed that it is a common problem with this model. Since it was out of warranty, i took it to an authorized pioneer repair facility and after diagnosing the problem, i was told it was a bad power board and parts are no longer available from pioneer! the unit is still being sold on pioneer's website at this time, so i don't know how the parts are not available? i contacted pioneer via the website form to fill out and waiting on a response. Update- no response from web form. I called customer service to complain and they told me to call the parts line. Calling the parts line, i was told that the electronics have been updated several times since mine was manufactured and the newest power board does not work with my sound bar. This is poor customer service for their product that is only 3 years old. I read all the reviews when i buy something and there is always someone complaining about the item when everyone else is giving 5 stars. I feel like that person now, but i just want to warn potential buyers about this big flaw with pioneer. Looking to buy a yamaha unit now.

K. Bullock, Nebraska

I was planning to purchase a sony soundbar for over $1200 for use in a bedroom setup when i came across numerous reviews on audiophile internet sites which praised the audio quality of this soundbar to the skies, often rating it higher than units costing several times as much. The only acknowledged trade-off with the pioneer was the omission of surround-sound effects to get pristine stereo quality at a budget price point. However, in almost every review and in the comments following the reviews were indications of a plethora of problems with the early-production units of this soundbar, including bluetooth connectivity, woofer syncing, and woofer turn-on issues. However, the issues were reported to have been resolved by the manufacturer one by one, or users had found some kind of work-around to address their individual issues. Figuring that the soundbar had been in production long enough (almost two years now) for all these problems to have been resolved by pioneer, i decided to purchase the unit. . Now that it has arrived, i can say this is easily the best-sounding audio device for its price that i have ever heard . . . When it is is working properly. . Alas, my unit is plagued by yet another of the apparently endless problems with this soundbar. When i bring it out of standy mode by activating a source device through either the digital or the bluetooth input, only the subwoofer produces sound. (this is the opposite of one of the earlier reported problems in which the soundbar came out of sleep mode but the subwoofer did not. ) in order to get the main soundbar to produce sound, i have to turn off the master power switch on the back of the bar, turn it back on, and then hit the power button on the front of the bar. This is annoying enough, but my plan was to mount the soundbar on a wall (there are brackets on the unit for doing this, so it is not an unheard of plan). However, since i need access to the back of the soundbar to turn it on, i've got to figure out another placement if i'm going to use this thing at all. . I really cannot understand why pioneer would engage the talents of a well-respected speaker engineer such as andrew jones to produce a product that is so plagued by ancillary defects that owning it is an annoyance rather than a pleasure. It just doesn't make sense to use the name of someone such as jones to draw reviewers and customers and then irritate them all of with dirt-cheap manufacturing and poor quality control unless the underlying strategy is to destroy the brand's reputation. In this, at least, they seem to be succeeding with this product.

Z. Stacey, Windsor and Maidenhead says

I purchased this after doing extensive online reviews, which raved about the quality of sound at the price point. If i had reviewed this within the first few months of my purchase, i would have given this five stars based on the quality of sound (which is why i still give it two stars as i did get some enjoyment out of it). However, ever since the beginning the bluetooth has been buggy. It generally worked, but the range was limited and it was not reliable. . Then, about six months ago, it stopped making any sound whether through analog, digital or bluetooth input. It pops when the power is turned on so i know it is capable of making a sound (and sometimes there is a second or two of the actual audio), but it is useless at this point. . Anyone have any ideas since it would be out of warranty at this point? do i just junk it and get a sonos or is there any decent option to fix this without spending more than it is currently worth?

U. Cageen, Brent

Update 11/12/15: we have successfully repaired our own soundbar for less than $30! here is how we did it. I read this blog post: then i went directly to mouser. Com and ordered the exact part the gentleman on the blog referenced (667-eeu-hd1v472). That ended up costing me about $11. Then i went to the hardware store and bought a basic soldering iron ($17), a desoldering tool (http:// and borrowed solder from a friend. We popped the old capacitors out, cleaned up the holes, put the new capacitors in (the short lead/striped side of the capacitor is negative; that side went in the circle on the board). It actually works! i'm not sure how long it will last, but it is better than dealing with pioneer. We are most likely buying a new soundbar at some point, but this will hopefully get us through the holidays. We purchased this soundbar in february 2014 and had to send it back immediately due to a non-functioning sub-woofer. Online store replaced the product for a different one (with a newer manufacture date) and it worked great. The sound quality was great for what we used it for (streaming pandora via smart phones/bluetooth and connected to our tv for movies). Last week it made a giant popping sound when we turned it on and then it would turn itself back off immediately. It has been consistently doing that for a week, so i called pioneer customer service. I was told their warranty period was only 1 year and that i should ship it back to them in california and pay them $80 to trouble shoot the problem. If they could fix it for less than $80, then that is all we would pay; otherwise we would get an estimate. The shipping from wi to ca (for an almost-30 lb soundbar) would cost more than i'd care to spend. So, based on some other online store comments, we decided to go the route of trying to fix it ourselves. It's useless to us anyway, so if we break it more, we are not at a greater loss. I'm headed to radio shack tomorrow to get a capacitor and hopefully that will fix our problem. Do not buy this unless you'd like a disposable sound bar that lasts less than 2 years.

D. Carmen, Bracknell Forest says

I purchased two of these because i read so many rave reviews on all the review sites. I thought the sound from the soundbar was good. The subwoofer, however, is annoying because it always cuts in and out at low to medium volumes. It seems like it requires some threshold of volume to kick in and produce sound, and if that volume threshold is not met, the sound completely cuts out. . That was all tolerable, until my first unit broke. The soundbar started making a loud popping/cracking sound on occasion, and then it completely blew and would not produce any sound. It was about 6 months out of the warranty period. I have since read forums in which many people have had similar problems with this exact unit. It seems there is a faulty capacitor or something that blows causing the speaker to break. As i do not have the time or technical aptitude to fix this, i had to trash the first unit. Last night, my 2nd unit just did the same thing and died, which ticked me off enough to finally get the energy to write this review, in hopes that some other poor soul doesn't waste $300-$400 of their hard-earned dollars on this faulty piece of junk.

Y. Melissa, Brighton and Hove

This is a fantastic speaker. When it works. The way it filled my living room with sound was great. I can't go back to the plain tv speakers, but here's the issue - it's died twice. . Issue 1 - popping sound. After about 7 months of use a slight popping sound started to occur each time the speaker was turned on. This gradually got louder. Then every time you would mute the bar, the sound wouldn't come back. This gradually got worse, to the point in which the sound wouldn't come back on at all. Now came my first experience with pioneer service. Easily the worst service i've ever dealt with. Their website for repairing a product does not have this bar in its system so you can't fill out the online repair form. It keeps saying that the model number is wrong. I pointed this out to them, with a screenshot even, and they still haven't fixed it 6 months later (i know because i now have a second issue). I had to email to fix it. Multiple people later (each email had a different person responding to me), and after waiting a long time (finally had to send an email asking them if they deleted my initial ones because it had been a week), they finally gave me an address to send the bar to. $35 shipping cost for me to eat. I hear nothing until i receive the bar weeks later. No paperwork with it to say what they fixed. I called the number and found that it was a firmware upgrade issue. They had to do it there. So their bad software cost me an addition $35? crazy. . Now the bar was fine. For another 5 months. . Issue 2 - sound stops. That's where i am now. The sound just stops. Initially it was able to come back on once i turned the bar on/off, but not anymore. I tried all the changing of cords, using the red & white instead of optical, etc. Nothing works. The sound is gone. Now i've just emailed them again because their website still doesn't work. Of course now i'm outside of the 1 year warranty, plus i don't want to spend another $35 for shipping. I have a feeling that they will tell me that i'm out of luck. I get that feeling from the initial "service" that was anything but. . I'll keep you updated if they help or don't. I strongly feel that a companies service goes a long way in helping me chose to buy their product or not. Let's face it, things break. If the company fixes it on their dime, especially when it's their issue (firmware), then i respect them. So far i don't think i would buy anything pioneer ever again. Hopefully they will help and i'll change me attitude. . Fyi - the phone number they have listed on the website goes to an automated message. The message goes through the pioneer items. If you chose "home items" then it gives you a new number to call. If you call that number you got an operator saying that it has been disconnected. I thought that pioneer was a reputable company. Are they getting ready to go bankrupt or something? . . *edit*. . Emailed them since you can't do the online repair with this item. 13 days later and i still didn't hear anything. Had to email again, next day i got a reply saying that they will send me a fedex label through email so that i can ship it back to be fixed. I'll update again later. . *edit 2*. . Mailed back the soundbar over 3 weeks ago. Have heard nothing. Not an email, nothing. Just emailed support again to ask what is going on. This is what i'm talking about with horrible support. . *edit 3*. . Just got the soundbar back. Seems to be working once more. Again no note or anything telling me what they did. Called support, waited, then finally was told that it was. Dun, dun, dun, another firmware update. Yep. Second time i had to send this across country just to get a firmware update. Unbelievable. It would be semi-tolerable if their support wasn't so horrendous. So 14 months i've owned this and most of that time it has not been usable. If i could upgrade my own firmware, i would have been without it for only a few days, not months. Of course they could also make firmware that works in the first place. . Tl:dr - soundbar is great when it works. Broke twice. Pioneer service is horrendous and costly.

E. Alba, Iowa says

Same story here, after 3 years of usage the unit just makes a popping noise when you turn it on. No sound anymore either thru optical or composite cable.

S. Eleanor, Bradford

Best sounding soundbar in all aspects. Too bad i have to leave one star for bluetooth issues. . I've been exchanging this unit for over 4 months. First it was the mono audio output from a bluetooth source. Now with their "updated" units, i have stereo operation when bluetooth connects. But. Now i cannot connect any bluetooth device at all! i can get the pioneer device to show up on my (ipod/ipad/ipod touch/macbook pro) bluetooth set up screen but it refuses to allow a connection. . Pioneer, please get your head out of your posterior and fix this.

I. Perez, Bremen says

First refurbished unit failed, a couple of month later the replacement has failed, yet under warranty. Second email, no response. Still waiting for response from elite about this item to be replaced for the third time. Are we replacing bad parts, with bad parts again? i will revise this as needed, after this is resolved. Read the fine print, full warranty does not apply. Only a 90 day warranty, for which the units are known to be bad, and will fail likely after this period. Also pioneer was bought by onkio, which really complicates matters of serial number records etc. Between the new company and the old companies archives. They are said to be unavailable conveniently, since the purchase is april of 2016. They have completely walked away from my second replacement. And i am left cleaning up their mess and paying for improperly engineered equipment, that they must get their money back on my back. Corporate passive aggressive charging you and me, for their faulty engineering. Now i fear even buying this model new knowing about the engineering problem that they acknowledged today on the phone from onkio tech support.

. Lawrence, Maryland

Great sound for the price, it would be hard to beat! i use it mostly to listen to music from my iphone (pandora) and it sounds great. None of the single channel issues people had reported earlier, i was a little worried about that. I almost gave it 5 stars but i can't seem to get it programmed to work with my tv remote. As for it blocking my remote receiver on my tv, i simply flipped it upside down and put it behind the tv. The soundbar quit working and would only emit a loud pop before shutting of. Looking through other websites it appears this is a common problem with this model. I contacted pioneer and they told me to send them $80 and ship the bar to them for repair. They sent me a refurbished unit and less than a year later it has the same problem. Pop then powers off.

. Wanda, Merton says

Purchased over thirty of these systems for use in classrooms at our state college. While they sound great, over twenty have already failed within 3-4 years all with similar power related issues. Out of warranty and unable to obtain schematics or replacement parts through pioneer for potential in-house repair.

T. Anonymous, Bexley

Out of the box, this system sounds great. And i have a feeling most of the positive reviews are being written in those first few days/weeks after set-up when everyone is blown away by the sound quality and ease of use. . Then about a year later, you're going to start hearing pops when you turn it on. Then one day, it won't turn on. I googled this and it seems a very common issue is a bad capacitor on one of the boards. If you're tech smart, you can crack it open and try fixing it yourself. If not, your other option is to pay big (it'd be $80 for me) to ship this big thing in for repairs (and then possibly more money for pioneer to do their work). Plus, you'll be out of a sound bar for god knows how long. . Even if you can quickly get it fixed - even if you have a warranty that covers the cost - the fact that this is such a common issue that occurs so soon after purchase is unacceptable. This bar was a real disappointment. My suggestions for you folks reading this is to avoid rolling the dice and look for something with more proven longevity.

R. Dorine, Rhone-Alpes says

The update. Although purchased in feb. , my unit was built in 2013. I returned it for failing to program from my directv remote. The unit was returned in about 3 weeks, with the internal software (firmware) upgraded. I tried programming it, and it worked, although if i remember correctly the light timing was different from the video instruction. Great! connected it to the tv, no sound. Some work had been done in that area (around the tv), so i wondered if the optical cable had been broken; bought a sturdier optical cable, no sound. Phoned, got rma, shipped back to pioneer, fedex prepaid by pioneer. Got unit back in about 3 weeks, sound! and it programmed per the manual. However, the modes time out fairly quickly, so know what you're going to do; if you have to refer back to the instructions, it may reset. Also, the manual says that to program the second and succeeding commands, redo the process. Actually, redo the process, from the second step. So, with a bit of hassle, it works. I never tried bluetooth, and i never had any woofer pairing problems. . Conclusions. Since the programming fix was a software problem, that meant that all units were shipping with the problem, so design and manufacturing testing were both, at best, incomplete. There was no cause given, no writeup at all, for the second problem. Obviously the unit had not been checked after the firmware update for all functions. Clearly, the unit was not ready for prime time when released, (although the bugs may now be worked out) and pioneer's quality assurance needs an overhaul. On the upside, sound is good, quite good for the price, and pioneer's phone customer service was also good, probably better than industry average. . The original review. Unit sounds quite good. First hour or so was a bit harsh, but it settled down nicely. I tried to teach it my directv remote, but failed, using both the online pioneer video and the manual's instructions. Call to pioneer support (on a friday afternoon) resulted in several busy signals, then a 45 minute queue. (recording said 20 minutes, but that was optimistic. ) capable, helpful, tech determined that i had a faulty unit, and the bar portion had to be returned for repair. Repair ticket is to arrive within 24-48 hours by email, and i am to deliver unit to a fed ex facility, and then to expect a two week turn-around. . One review site seemed to think it was a fault of the speaker that it sounded better with better sources; that is actually the mark of a good speaker. With a better source, it should sound better, since it should not be the limiting factor. I designed loudspeaker systems professionally, and am impressed by the sound quality/dollar, far less impressed by the apparent lack of quality control/testing.

Q. Guest, Vermont

The pioneer sp-sb23w's sound lived up to it's reputation. I was stunned at the sound quality when i first powered it on. The bass is more than is needed and can be adjusted to taste, though, the lack of visual volume feedback, as mentioned in other reviews, is frustrating. . Here's the real issue i have with this soundbar - it doesn't do wireless well, at all. The bass will often lose contact with the soundbar and thus not be on - this is a guaranteed experience when listening more than 30 min. The absolute worst is that it doesn't do bluetooth well. It's not seamless, and the connection breaks very easily. I have a samsung galaxy siii - a high end phone, on the newer end of things - and it has trouble communicating with the sp-sb23w. Pandora will often lose connection, and the sound will just stop, even when my phone is with a foot of the system. It's incredibly frustrating. . Honestly, this soundbar cost about twice what i wanted to pay, but i bought it because it was advertised as the highest quality sound you could get for the price. And i believe that - the sound is immaculate. But without bluetooth & bass - it's not worth the $. I wouldn't have bought it had i known. . You're almost there andrew jones, but the wireless features aren't up to par.

V. Whiteman, Sachsen-Anhalt says

This sound bar sounds great. When it wants to work. First i had connectivity issues with the sub. When i finally got the bar and sub to work together, i found out that if you turn off the sound bar then you have to reconnect the sub. Bs! the next problem was the bar and the remote. Often i couldn't use the remote to control anything on the bar, and i'd have to manually use the buttons on the bar. What a pain in the a$. So, i thought the problem was the cheap remote it came with. I bought a nicer, new one, and that remote only worker sometimes, so it was clear that problem is with the bar, not the remotes. Now the final straw is that since i've had to use the buttons on the bar one is now stuck in, leaving the bar useless. The sound quality is great, but the product quality is crap. Save your money, and pass one this one.

M. Franklin, Northumberland

Sleek design and good overall sound but didn't pass the basic reliability test. After using it for about a year and a half, in one location with home theater, sound bar inexplicably shut down and would not power back up. Despite using a different power cord and different ac outlet to trouble shoot, sound bar completely dead on power. The unit had been plugged into same power source as other components, including the sub woofer, all of which still function normally. According to customer support there is only one location in the entire u. S. That is certified to repair pioneer products, in huntington beach, ca. Extremely inconvenient and most likely would cost the same as buying a new system. Buyer beware.

J. Paula, Gateshead says

Update! . The unit does not work anymore. It stopped working few months back (1. 5 yr after purchase). There seems to be no support from pioneer. This is my 2nd bad experience with pioneer product. Lost trust in it now. . -below review was few months after i got it. Received a replacement within days. Nicely packaged and brand new. The subwoofer is great and doesn't disconnect and bluetooth is also fixed with latest software update. I gotta give it to online store for their seemless easy customer service. They even give you a return label which you can print at home or have it picked up by ups. . As for the sound system, it's damn nice. Base is not bad for a small subwoofer and the sound is clear. Having my tv remote learn all the functions of their small remote was easy too. You might think the wooden enclosure is ancient but that's not the case. It looks nice and classy. I really recommend getting this product. I wanted to take away one star for my trouble but couldn't do that injustice when the online store service was so great and so was the sound system. . My old review below*8. The sound is amazing. But. . First it looked used because i can see minor scratches around the button and some lint on the speaker cover. But still decided to connect to my tv. The subwoofer worked for a minute before dropping connection. And now it won't connect at all. Same with bluetooth pairing. I bought the item assuming online store updated their inventory with latest fix from pioneer(as q&a suggests) but beware that's not the case. They're still shipping defective units seems like or i hit a bad luck. Only reason i ordered a replacement is due to the damn good sound from the speaker. I'm hoping online store will fix this problem. . I will update this review after i receive my replacement.

O. Yvette, California

Works for a couple months and then dies. Remote will randomly not respond to input. Buttons on the front of the unit randomly do not respond to input. Need to unplug the unit which then it returns to full volume and cannot turn down because the volume inputs do not work. Will not buy pioneer in the future.

L. Mahood, Virginia says

Works fine until it just dies within a year and pioneer customer service sucks! you end up having to pay for shipping to send it to the only service center in the us located in california. I had to call like 7 times to actually get that "help" - truly bad warranty policies.

P. Eva, Havering

I bought this sound bar for streaming music in my living room ( 400sf with high ceiling). Here is my review:. Pros:. Sound quality (5/5): tried different types of music. No complaints. The unit has enough power to fill the entire room. Form factor (5/5): placed the sound bar on top of the upright piano (black) with the rubber feet come with the unit and set the subwoofer on the floor. No wires to be seen. Perfect fit and match. Bluetooth (4/5): bluetooth connection is easy. Hiccup occurs during the streaming. But not frequently enough to bother me. Cons:. Electronics (1/5): the unit makes high pitch noise when powered on. It can be heard 4 5 feet away in a quiet environment. It does make a pop noise as well when powered on. But it is light. Conclusion (3/5): i was very satisfied with the unit when i set it up and started listening the music through out the day. I thought it was definitely a keeper until i stopped music at night before i turned off the power. It was when i noticed the high pitched noise from the speakers. Then i went through the reviews by other users and realized that i am not the only one who has the experience. Honestly, the noise level is not that high. I was thinking about getting a replacement unit. Given the fact that it does exist and who knows when it will be getting worse like other users complained, i decided to return it. Sorry pioneer, i wanted to love the unit. One minor thing: when powered off, the blue led on the subwoofer starts blinking. It seems that the subwoofer goes to pairing mode instead of standing by. I did not measure the power consumption. So i am not certain if that's the case.

N. Maria, Dorset says

I bought this in 2013. It is now less than 3 years later, and the product is broken (it turns on, but it will no longer emit any sound). Unfortunately, it comes with a one year warranty, and this happened in year 2. The entire time i've owned it, it has sat atop the mantle of my fireplace (a fireplace that has literally never been used), so it was very rarely physically touched. . I'm giving it 2 stars (instead of 1) because the overall sound quality was great while it lasted. I don't really have any complaints about the product aside from it breaking inexplicably, but that seems like a pretty severe issue.

C. Ross, Lancashire

Do not buy! pioneer will not stand behind their products. The unit began making a loud popping noise when turned on around the 12 month mark but would still work. By month 15 the unit would make a loud series of pops and then not function at all. I realized the reviews that mentioned this problem weren't just the frustrated few but there was a bigger issue with this product. I called pioneer/onkyo and to my surprise they extended my 12 month warranty to cover the unit. I took it to my local service center and after a bunch of back emails pioneer changed their mind and said that the part needed to repair my unit was out of production and they will no longer honor the extended warranty because they would have to replace the unit altogether, instead of repair it. I guess the good thing is i didn't spend the $85 to ship it to the service center in california that they first suggested. Overall, i liked the sound quality but i will go out of my way in the future to avoid pioneer/onkyo products because they don't take ownership for their issues.

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