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Price was $124.99. Cons so far:. 1. No real documentation. Mostly intuitive but not entirely. 2. Storage card is not replaceable. I want a larger capacity card. By my calculation it uses about 1mb per second of recording (at higher resolution and frame rate) so the 16gb card holds about 266 minutes of video. 3. Motion sensitivity setting is a slider without the ability to enter a specific value. 4. Is not capturing some major motion events on medium sensitivity. 5. Cannot set the number of seconds to capture prior to a motion event. Just an on/off switch which seems to capture about 3-5 seconds prior. 6. Cannot limit the motion sensing to a user specified area on the screen. 7. Zoom buttons require press-and-hold so doing a small/fine adjustment is difficult. Same with focus buttons but autofocus makes that less important. 8. Can t find any way to scrub during video playback. 9. On the product registration page in the app, the date purchased field is required but cannot be entered. 10. No access to support from app. . Update:. Pc software resolves issues 3 & 6 above. They really need to add these to the phone app.

-Z. Juliana

5mp hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet 16gb micro sd card relink rlc-411ws 2. 4/5 ghz wi-fi outdoor/indoor camera- relink rlc-411ws is a dual band wi-fi security camera 2t2r mimo antennas, supporting 2. 4 ghz and 5 ghz bands, which guarantees -reolink 5mp hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet 16gb micro sd card rlc-411ws

  • Feature: Dual-band Wifi Network Connection: 2. 4/5 Ghz Dual-band Wi-fi With 2t2r Mimo Antennas For Strongest Network Signals. No Messy Cabling. Waterproof Housing For Outdoor Surveillance.
  • Feature: Smart Motion-activated Alerts In Real-time: Inform You When A Home Invasion Is Happening, By Emailing Photos Or 30-second Video Clips. Support Ftp Upload.

Economical Reolink Wireless Security Autofocus Rlc 411ws (Surveilance Systems) Rlc 411ws

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Overview:. . I bought this camera to try out the brand in general, and to catch some occasional theft. I've been impressed so far with both the build quality and the customer support, who actually respond when you ask a question. They even speak english. I received the camera and immediately installed it out at the property our family owns in the next town over. We only visit there on weekends, so there is frequently no one home. Unfortunately as nice as some of the neighbors are, there are some equally not nice ones who can be described only as man-child rednecks with sticky fingers. This camera will provide some much needed security, and since it has the built-in 16gb sd card, a stand-alone installation was easy to pull off. The camera overlooks the parking area and doors to the storage building. It's a good 20 meters away from the building, mounted on a fence post, and still gets a very nice picture. We actually settled on having this camera zoomed all the way out normally; the resolution and excellent quality lens makes it so the image is quite clear, and we can watch a large area with just one fixed position camera. . Comparing this product to hikvision and other common industry brand names, i have to say i am more pleased with this camera than any other i have ever bought in this price range. . I did have one issue:. . The camera kept resetting itself, every reboot. This is an issue because not only does the power sometimes go out for a few minutes there, but the 'auto reboot' feature of the camera would cause it to reset every sunday even with battery backup power in place. I contacted support, meanwhile i figured out the issue and resolved it by putting a nice plastic junction box to conceal the wiring harness and shore up the mounting point for the camera. It was a $7 fix, and in hindsight i should have done it in the first place. . I think the instructions could have covered this clearly:. The wiring harness is not waterproof. We had some very strong rain just after i installed the camera and of course, the wiring harness just being secured to the fence post with zip ties was quite exposed, and the reset button shorted. Thus, every reboot the camera proceeded to reset everything, ruining my remote viewing of it on my desktop pc. (the ports i forwarded through my firewall were not the stock ports. ). . Support responded and even offered to verify the issue and replace the camera, but since i had resolved the issue there was no need. . Pros:. Great picture. Great resolution. Zoom lens with auto focus (or manual remote focus adjustment) makes it a very versatile camera for a variety of applications. Onvif compatible. Seems compliant and no issues using onvif hardware and software with this camera. 16gb sd card makes stand-alone installation possible. Motion triggering makes the most of your storage space on the sd card. Wireless means you only need to run a cord as far as your nearest power source. Wireless range is decent. External wireless antenna with standard connector means you can use a different antenna as appropriate for your installation. Camera seems to draw 5 watts or less average during operation. Very impressive for a camera with built in storage and motorized zoom with auto focus. I plan to implement solar power for this camera later on to make it truly wireless. Reolink support is responsive and speaks (or at least types in) english. . Cons:. Wiring harness not really water proof. Use a water tight plastic junction box to keep it out of the rain if necessary. ( $7 at home depot). It's not cheap; if they were, i'd buy 10 of them just because. The Best hd dual band wifi wireless security ( Apr 2020 ) | Reolink Digital Technology Co Ltd-Surveilance Systems Review Feature Reolink 5MP HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Autofocus Bullet with 16GB Micro SD Card (RLC-411WS) See your home in super hd: live video streaming in higher resolution of 5-megapixel 3072x1728, that is, 1. 4x the resolution of 1440p, with night vision up to 100ft. 4x optical zoom provides a wide viewing angle from 33 degree to 98 degree.. Dual-band wifi network connection: 2. 4/5 ghz dual-band wi-fi with 2t2r mimo antennas for strongest network signals. no messy cabling. waterproof housing for outdoor surveillance.. Smart motion-activated alerts in real-time: inform you when a home invasion is happening, by emailing photos or 30-second video clips. support ftp upload.. Easiest client/app for access camera anywhere: view live videos on a pc/mac computer locally or remotely anytime. also stream videos to your iphone, android phone via mobile app.. Video record and playback via built-in 16gb micro sd card: record motion detected events and save up to 400 motion events in local sd card, relink nvr. .

I selected the rlc-411ws camera based upon its unique features including optical resolution, zoom, 5g wifi, and its ability to record motion actuated events without an external dvr or constantly running computer. I currently have 2 of them and plan to add 2 more in the near future. I am very pleased with this camera and how well it performs under all light conditions. While viewing the image on my 2k monitor, i can easily read license plates out to about 80 feet. I would recommend this camera to anyone who needs the many features offered by this camera and/or wants to setup a top notch system with minimal wiring and effort. -S. Guest

Reolink Wireless Security Autofocus Rlc 411ws

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Reolink
  3. Color: Autofocus Bullet With 16GB Micro SD Card
  4. EAN: 0749110051884
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.00 inches
    Length:10.00 inches
    Weight:1.50 pounds
    Width:3.00 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd
  7. Model: RLC-411WS
  8. MPN: RLC-411WS
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: RLC-411WS
  12. Type: Photography
  14. UPC: 749110051884

5mp hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet 16gb micro sd card Photography, Relink rlc-411ws 2. 4/5 ghz wi-fi outdoor/indoor camera- relink rlc-411ws is a dual band wi-fi security camera with 2t2r mimo antennas, supporting 2. 4 ghz and 5 ghz bands, which guarantees no signal loss. it s a super hd camera, 4-megapixel (2560x1440), with the 4x optical zoom function. with waterproof ip66, it can be installed outdoors and indoors. relink mobile app and client- you can use free relink app on your mobile phone, or free relink client on a computer to remotely or locally access the camera, get live view (multi-channel streaming), take snapshot, record video, and do more with the camera. Reolink Wireless Security Autofocus Rlc 411ws (RLC-411WS-Reolink).

Reolink Wireless Security Autofocus Rlc 411ws Photography

  • I purchased a reolink rlc-411ws-5mp after having purchased two rlc-420's less than a week ago. I have to say that this camera even tops the rlc-420 picture quality. This camera has a 4x optical zoom, but the pan/tilt are fixed at installation. That's not an issue in my application where i am monitoring my front driveway and yard. . This camera is much larger than the rlc-420. I mounted mine just under the eve at the corner of my garage. See attached picture of the mount. The mount is a simple three screws but i added some long screw/anchors just because i didn't trust the 35 year old wood i was attaching to. . I use this camera on my qnap surveillance station and i am very pleased. Initially i installed the camera wifi connected. I was not satisfied with the bitrate or consistency of the connection though. The access point i was using was a unifi ap-lr and this camera connects at either 2. 4ghz or 5ghz but only at 802. 11n. My access point was located 25feet from the camera through three sheet rocked walls. I was not satisfied with the performance, so i ended up running a dedicated ethernet cable back to my computer room. The end result of having the camera wired was rock solid performance, connectivity and quality. . In my tests, the reolink application on android or the webpage interface to the camera generally provided a better adaptive interface to the camera when it was wireless. The reason i changed to wired was because surveillance station experienced constant disconnects. Now that all three of my reolink cameras are wired, performance is outstanding. . Strongly consider using e1loan's code on github to enable h. 264/rstp to hls streaming for the roku up camera viewer pro and you can view these cameras on your roku. . This camera is not poe like the rlc-420 and comes with a dedicated 12v power supply that runs at either 110/220v.
  • I have installed over 10 of these cameras so far. They are easy to install and very reliable. I do recommend recording to an external nvr if possible however, as rain and snow will cause the camera to motion record all the time and get very little useful footage on the integrated card. Reolink, it would be nice if users could swap out the microsd for a larger capacity card. Otherwise, great camera and i will be getting more
  • Good camera, but its not for everone, soo very hard to set up. Instructions are terrible , took all day to get it set up . Have to do lots of googling to find out how to set it up. Good luck if u buy one.
  • A pretty decent camera image, but the builtin wifi is absolutely terrible! it has a maximum line-of-site distance from the wireless router of 25 feet at best for 5ghz and maybe 35 feet for 2. 5 ghz. That's line of site! if there is a wall or even a bush in the way then 15-20 feet is the best you will get and you will need to be within 10 feet for full bandwidth!
  • Arrived doa. Power supply bad or unit itself. Past return time. :-(

hd dual band wifi wireless security Reolink 5MP HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Autofocus Bullet with 16GB Micro SD Card (RLC-411WS) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

For the price and features, it's a great camera but the software interface it terrible. Definitely written without much trial and error checking. I would recommend it but make sure you have time to figure out everything because the manual is not intuitive.

Reolink 5mp Hd 2.4/5ghz Dual Band Wi-fi Wireless Security Ip Camera, Autofocus Bullet 16gb Micro Sd Card Rlc-411ws
Click to see NoticeReolink Wireless Security Autofocus Rlc 411ws (Surveilance Systems)"This review is for the rlc-411ws. The rlc-411ws is the one with 5ghz wireless, records to micro sd and is made for out doors. I bought 3 of them along with a 128gb microsd card for each one. I took apart each one of them and swapped out the 16gb cards they came with. Swapping out cards is a bit of a pain but not impossible. You have to unscrew the big black tube on the front of it to remove it and then it's a matter of removing six tiny screws. Once it's apart you can swap out the cards and put it back together. You'll need to track down some specialty software to format your microsd cards to fat32 format. Then you plug in the power, hook up the network cable, run their desktop software and update them to the newest firmware. While you still have it connected via network cable you'll want to enter your wireless network settings, give it a password to access it and change any other settings you want to change. Once you have everything the way you want it, it's just a matter of mounting the cam where you want it and running the extra long power cable that it comes with. Then you're all up and running. Video quality is great. Night vision has a low effective frame rate, the only way you're going to get a good picture of someone breaking in at night is if they move slow and look at the cam. Over all i'm happy with this product."

(0) Question: My question is how is this powered?

(1) Question: Google fiber does not have a motem. will this camera work with google's "fiber network box" as the motem?

(2) Question: Will this camera work with smarthings hub and app?

REOLINK 4MP HD Pan/Tilt 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi Indoor Wireless Home Security Camera C1 Pro

It's great! i'm planning on buying more!

Reolink 4mp hd pan/tilt 2. 4/5ghz dual band wifi indoor wireless security camera

REOLINK 4MP HD Pan/Tilt 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi Indoor Wireless Home Security Camera C1 ProREOLINK-Indoor-Wireless-Security-C1

Reolink Indoor Wireless Security C1 (Surveilance Systems) FAQ.

The reolink 4mp hd is highly recommended. It has excellent performance at night and the view cover a good perimeter. I am very satisfied with this product. -Notice from K. Walsh, Haute-Normandie

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I got two different cameras to be able to watch two new cats. While getting used to the maneuvering of these via my android phone was, and still is a bit iffy, they both work pretty well. I can see if the cats are fighting and even call their names to get their attention so they stop. It is not the best camera, but light or dark (it goes to black and white when it is darker in the room) i found them well worth the money. I actually found this one's pan and tilt a easier to use then the other brand i purchased.

Reolink-indoor-wireless-security-c1-(surveilance-systems) set picture

- O. CrawfordExcellent camera. Easy installation. Very clear sound and picture. Very pleased with this purchase

Great price and functionality to keep an eye on things. Especially like that this interfaces w/mbp. No zoom really, tho you can pinch it open on phone screen. I use it w/the sandisk ultra 64gb microsdxc. Able to access stored events w/ease and can download anything via phone or mbp. Would be better if video clips were thumb nail pics just for the quick visual info that would provide instead of orange lines on a timeline, but it is what it is. Motion sensor works well and has sensitivity adjustments. Glad i got it as i can't hear the door bell or knock. The alerts i have found to be quite valuable in that sense.

I. Palmer, Wiltshire

Price :    $79.99 (was $84.99)
  • Stay in touch anytime: never miss a thing with motion detection alerts. listen and talk to your elders, kids, nannies, and pets remotely via two-way talk.
  • 4mp video monitor for home/baby/pet/nanny: top-rated indoor wifi camera for home 24/7 protection at a high definition, and see up to 20 meters at night.
  • Video recording & playback: save motion-activated video records in the inserted micro sd card (up to 64gb), or work with reolink nvr for 24/7 continuous recording building up your home security camera system.
  • Easy local/remote access and control: stream live videos via mobile app (ios/android) and client software (windows/mac).
  • Strong wifi network signals: 2. 4/5 ghz dual-band wifi and 2t2r mimo antennas supported. quick wifi setup. no messy cabling.
Brand :    reolink
Color :    Matte/Black
Size :    125*120*200MM
Weight :    0.69 pounds
Model :    C1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (reolink product review) for REOLINK 4MP HD Pan/Tilt 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band WiFi Indoor Wireless Home Security Camera C1 Pro available ( Apr 2020 )

REOLINK IP PoE Security Camera 5MP Super HD 3072x1728 4X Optical Zoom SD Card Bullet Outdoor & Indoor IR Night Vision Motion Detection RLC-411S

Reolink 2. 8 12mm 4x optical zoom bullet security camera rlc-411s includes a 1/3" cmos image sensor with a full 2560x1440 resolution, a 2. 8 12mm 4x optical motorized zoom lens with viewing angle 36 100 and 36 ir leds with night vision range up to 80-110ft. It is a poe camera, which transmits video and power via one network cable. It also comes with a weatherproof housing. The reolink rlc-411s with a built-in 16gb micro sd card supports motion detection video recording up to 450 motion events (30s/file). Reolink mobile app and client software the mobile app is easy to use. It can automatically search and add the camera to your mobile devices. The client software supports both windows and mac system. You can use the mobile app and client software to see live view, snapshot and record videos. It can also help to configure the camera locally and remotely. *onvif support list: blue iris, milestone, ispy, digital watchdog, video sighthound, security spy, synology, and qnap. As to others not listed here, please contact reolink support team for more information. Camera specifications video quality: 4 megapixels (2560 x 1440) lens: f 2. 8 12mm, 4x optical motorized zoom, autofocus; f 1. 2 viewing angle: 100 at 2. 8mm and 36 at 12mm microphone: no night vision distance: 80-110ft (depends on the environment) frame rate: up to real-time 30fps operating power: ac 100-240v, dc 12v or by poe, 8w storage: a built-in and fixed 16gb micro sd card poe standard: 802. 3af, 44v 54v. Support up to 330ft with cat6 cables network connection: p2p and qr code computer os: windows, mac 10. 9 (and higher versions) mobile os: ios, and android

REOLINK IP PoE Security Camera 5MP Super HD 3072x1728 4X Optical Zoom SD Card Bullet Outdoor & Indoor IR Night Vision Motion Detection RLC-411SREOLINK-Security-3072x1728-Detection-RLC-411S

Price :    $114.99
  • Real-time movement detection & alert: smart motion detection and real-time alert to cell phone via app push notification & email without delay, support customize motion detection and schedule movement alert.
  • Poe & optical zoom: poe wired with cat 6 ethernet cable, no power adapter, need poe switch or injector, simple wiring; auto focus wide angle lens, 4x optical zoom, zoom in and out, great for hallway, entryway, entrance surveillance.
  • Free apps & remote view: free and intuitive apps for mobile phone (iphone &android), video surveillance software client for windows pc & mac, and no monthly subscription fee. live view, remote view, motion alert, video recording, recorded video playback anywhere any time.
  • Built-in sd card &24/7 recording with nvr: embedded 16gb sd card support up to 400 motion events capture; customized video recording on apps; with nvrs 24/7 continuous recording and storage, video playback on reolink nvrs (support up to 16 cameras and all reolink poe cameras).
  • 5mp hd ir camera: 5mp super hd, 3072x1728 high resolution, sharper images and video, built-in 36pcs infrared leds to achieve 100ft decent night vision range at night, visible ir light and no need of extra lighting.
Brand :    reolink
Color :    4x Optical Zoom Bullet Cam w/ SD Card
Weight :    2.27 pounds
Model :    RLC-411S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Consumer Electronics (reolink product review) for REOLINK IP PoE Security Camera 5MP Super HD 3072x1728 4X Optical Zoom SD Card Bullet Outdoor & Indoor IR Night Vision Motion Detection RLC-411S available ( Apr 2020 )

Reolink RLC-410WS 4MP Super HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Fixed Bullet 16GB Micro SD

First of all, i spent a significant amount of time (many, many hours) researching to get the right cameras for my application. I paid the asking price for the cameras $99. 99/each and i purchased two of them. I am not the most tech savvy person so first and foremost - they had to be easy to use and for outdoor use. I also had a list of requirements that the cameras had to meet and the reolink rlc-410ws did not disappoint. Here are the things i wanted the cameras to be able to do:. . - record to an sd card so i could review recorded images and not pay additional monitoring fees each month. - have wi-fi so i did not have to run ethernet cables and drill holes through my walls. - good quality night vision. - motion detection and send alerts by e-mail or app. - have very good hd picture quality. - can access footage remotely on iphone using app or ip address. . The reolink rlc-410ws does all of the items above very well. Also, many prior reviewers mentioned they had a hard time to setup and that the software was not intuitive. There are many good videos on youtube to show how to get started. This made the setup very easy. I had my first camera plugged in to my router and up an running in less than 10 minutes. Now, the cameras are not perfect. I do have two complaints that i think reolink could easily correct and i would have given them 5-stars. First, in order for you to connect the cameras by wi-fi you have to add it to your router. Well my router has an 18-digit wep key. The software on the cameras i received did not allow for an 18-digit wep key. (only up to 16-digits) however, there is a new software that you can download for free and it fixes this problem. I just think the cameras should have already had the newest updated software already installed on them. Again, not being the most tech savvy person, it took me over an hour to figure out why the wi-fi would not connect when i unplugged from the router for the first time. There are some basic instructions when you go to the download center to install the new software but it took me 30 minutes to click on the right things to get the download to start. (so if you don't have an 18-digit wep key like my fios router has this may not be an issue for you). If reolink included a troubleshooting guide that would have been a big help. My second issue was on the actual installation and mounting of the camera. Due to the way the camera tilts and pivots it is very hard to screw in the three screws if you are mounting in a tight location. The base is very narrow and i could only get two of the three screws inserted properly. The cameras are very well built and solid. In any event, as you can see by the pictures, i did get them mounted. The last item i want to mention is the wi-fi on the cameras is only as good as the wi-fi signal that you have at the camera. So before i mounted anything, i tested and made sure i had good signal strength and viewed it on the app while installing. I still need to make some adjustments on the motion detection as i was getting alerts every minute due to the sensitivity. So far i am very happy with my purchase and i will more than likely buy two more cameras so that every doorway in and out of my house is covered. Hope this helps you all with your security camera purchase research. "like" if this was helpful.

Relink rlc-410ws dual band wi-fi outdoor/indoor camera relink rlc-410ws is a dual band wi-fi security camera. It supports 2. 4 ghz band and 5 ghz band, with 2t2r mimo antennas. That means it s much better than other wi-fi cameras of any other brand. You never suffer from signal loss or interference. It s weatherproof, so that you can place it indoors or outdoors. One of the most outstanding features is the resolution - 1440p super hd, which is much better than 1080p and 720p. Relink mobile app and client you can use free relink app on your mobile phone, or free relink client on a computer to remotely or locally access the camera, get live view (multi-channel streaming), take snapshot, record video, and do more with the camera. Refer to the user guide for troubleshooting steps.

Reolink RLC-410WS 4MP Super HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Fixed Bullet 16GB Micro SDReolink-RLC-410WS-Wireless-Security-Camera

Reolink Rlc 410ws Wireless Security Camera (Surveilance Systems) FAQ.

Purchased this camera for use in remotely monitoring a covered boat lift where i had recently had some theft. . I originally order this item due to following characteristics". - size. - internal storage - was not sure what bandwidth i would be able to get remotely to the camera. - wifi - wanted flexibility in mounting - although i ended up configuring this over the optional wired ethernet connection. . The configuration & install of the camera went very easy - i initially setup with the iphone app and it quickly found the camera over my local network and i was able to set things up quite readily - i then moved over the to client application, running on a mac, to configure more detailed items such as the motion detection. . Overall the ui for the web & app are fairly intuitive - though some aspects such as the types of streams and how to select took a little playing (probably should have read the manual more in depth first). . I was a little disappointed initially with the image quality, then i found the "clear" stream (the higher bandwidth stream) was set at 720p resolution vs the higher 4mp that the camera supported. As i had the camera connected to a wired ethernet network (and connected back to a synology nas running their surveillance station software) across some high-speed wireless links, i cranked up the bandwidth to the max rate, max frame-rate and max resolution - and was very pleased with the quality of the video captured & recorded - very good detail - can read lettering on the shirt of someone 15' away from the camera. . The app has been working well thus far - i have "slow" dsl at the property with about 900kbps upload speed, so i can only get a lower-res stream delivered to the app when not on my local network, but it is still sufficient for most needs - and i know i have a clear-stream recording on the camera itself and also on my nas in the house. . Have been playing with the motion detection & masking - i misunderstood the mask settings at first and was selecting the areas i wanted to disregard - so i know the mask is working well - corrected and tested with a walk-through - works very well. Have been playing with sensitivity as the camera will pick up bugs flying through the lens that are lit-up by the ir illuminators - will work to dial this in to get less false-triggers (well, it is a valid trigger from the camera's perspective). . It would be nice to be able to disable the ir leds on the camera and use an external ir illuminator - this would help with some of these situations of bugs - as this is located on a covered boat lift, there are plenty of bugs around, drawn to the ir - this will in turn draw the spiders and then the spider webs - i expect this to be an on-going battle during the warm months. Update: i have blocked the on-camera ir and installed an external ir illuminator several feet away and this seems to have addressed most of the false triggers due to bugs. . I had read some reviews about problems with water getting into the reset button on the break-out cable coming off the camera - so i made a water-tight box to place the break-out connections in - consisting of a 2x2 junction box and a couple of 3/4" conduit connectors with rubber stoppers inserted - and holes drilled sized to the wires - this allowed the power & ethernet connection to be made (and the reset button placed) inside the water-tight box to avoid any issues - i don't envision needing to press the reset button on any regular occurrence - if so it's accessible via a ladder and a screwdriver. . For those using synology nas and their surveillance station application - setup of the camera using the onif profile was simple once i read that the camera used a different default port than the defaults in the setup wizard on the synology. I was able to use both the reolink app and the synology application concurrently to view. . Impressed overall with the product and looking at adding a second unit for more complete coverage of the boat lift - and likely a few for my main home. . Attached a few image captures from the 4k video / 8kbps stream video captured at night - this is with the on-camera ir blocked an an external ir illuminator active to keep the bugs from being drawn to the camera, but the low-light / night performance with the on-board ir is just as good. -Notice from S. Gilmore, West Sussex

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I needed a weather proofed wireless camera for my weather station, so this is being used as a 'weather cam' rather than a security camera. It seems to be a nicely built quality camera and it was very easy to set up. I have it mounted on a shed out in my backyard and it's been running constantly for almost a month now. To date, i have not had any dropped connections and the video is very good. I'm very happy with this camera and hope it continues to provide me with what i need for a long time go come. If i ever need to purchase another camera, i'll definitely buy another one of these. Good unit.

Reolink-rlc-410ws-wireless-security-camera-(surveilance-systems) set picture

- I. CunninghamFor the most part, the camera works as expected. However, i am only giving it 4 stars for the following reasons:. . 1) the power, reset, and rj45 connectors are not weatherproof. I had to seal each connector with heat shrink material in order to keep rainwater out. For an outdoor camera, i shouldn't have to do this. 2) the windows version of the client software is flaky at best. It crashes at least once a day and has to be restarted. The mac os 10 version is stable, as is the ios version. 3) the date/time stamp on the os 10 version is in the incorrect format. March 02, 2018 is shown as 02/03/2018 instead of 03/02/2018. It took me some time trying to figure out why it was displaying incorrectly. 4) manufacturer needs to have someone that is fluent in the english language proofread all documentation prior to release. It is frustrating to read documentation that is not clear due to grammatical errors or misspelled words. Minor example: "login successed" instead of "login successful. "

I wanted to point out, for anyone like me who did not realize this at first, that your wifi does not have to be on, in order for the camera to record. You need the wifi to get notifications and to play back the video, but not to record it. Ok, having said that:. . After some initial problems getting this set up, everything has been smooth so far. The camera is mounted over our front door and connected via wifi to our router which is located through several walls. I will say that the mac version of the software is not very intuitive and the instructions reolink provided when i asked a question about it were wrong! if you are using the mac version and you want to change configuration, you must right-click on the device (where it says "login successed" - reolink might want to correct that in future updates) and choose "remote config". We had to turn the camera sensitivity way down during the day, as it was picking up motion from outside the range we wanted. This was a bit of a hassle to do until we caught on to how to change the squares (that will make sense once you look into it - it's alarm motion - area). . The ios app was working fine until 2 days ago, for no apparent reason it stopped sending notifications. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and that seemed to fix it.

R. Harrison, Bournemouth

Brand :    reolink
Color :    Fixed Bullet with 16GB Micro SD
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    RLC-410WS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Real-time motion detection alerts: send you alert emails with photos or 30-second video clips in real time. push notifications to mobile phones, when a thing happens.
  • Audio and video recording in built-in 16gb micro sd card: record and store up to 400 motion activated events, for later playback.
  • 4mp super hd home security day/night: capture live videos 24/7 in 1440p high resolution with night vision of 100ft. also supports 1080p, 720p. 80 degree viewing angle enables a large and wide view.
  • Pc/mac/iphone/android phone access: keep an eye on your home anywhere anytime via client and app software. easy setup with zero configurations.
  • Best dual-band wifi bullet home security camera: 2. 4/5 dual-band wi-fi and 2t2r mimo antennas guarantee stronger network signals. no messy cabling.
Price :    $84.99
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (reolink product review) for Reolink RLC-410WS 4MP Super HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Fixed Bullet 16GB Micro SD available ( Apr 2020 )

Reolink PoE NVR 8 Channel 2TB Hard Drive 4MP HD IP Home Security Camera System Outdoor Night Vision Motion RLN8-410

The nvr only works with reolink cameras. If you want to use other cameras, please choose nvr products of other brands super hd 4mp home security camera system this reolink 8-channel poe nvr features a professional-level 4mp real-time record and playback, h. 264 compression storage, hdmi out and the ability to monitor video feeds live from a mobile phone or internet browsers. The security camera system is easy to set up. You just need to scan qr code to add devices. The nvr pre-installed 2tb hard drive is for continuous recording or for motion-triggered recording. Descriptions video input: 8 channels video outputs: vga, hdmi audio input: cameras mic audio output: 1 x rca compression format: h. 264 recording mode: manual/motion/schedule recordin: 2560*1440, 30fps playback: 4ch 120fps hdd capacity: pre-installed 2tb(support up to 4tb) network interface: rj45 x 1 power over ethernet: supported usb interface: usb 2. 0 x 2 operating power: dc 48 v computer operating system: windows, mac os 10. 9 (and higher versions) handheld device supported: ios, android, 3g/4g smartphones & tablets package details dimensions: 14. 2*3. 8*2. 7 inches weight: 6. 0 lbs the nvr only works with reolink cameras. If you want to use other cameras, please choose nvr products of other brands

Reolink PoE NVR 8 Channel 2TB Hard Drive 4MP HD IP Home Security Camera System Outdoor Night Vision Motion RLN8-410Reolink-Channel-Security-Outdoor-RLN8-410

Brand :    reolink
Color :    8CH NVR with 2T HDD
Weight :    4.41 pounds
Model :    FBA_RLN8-410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (reolink product review) for Reolink PoE NVR 8 Channel 2TB Hard Drive 4MP HD IP Home Security Camera System Outdoor Night Vision Motion RLN8-410 available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $229.99
  • Only work with reolink cameras: work perfectly with all reolink poe 4mp & 1080p cameras, such as rlc-410/411/420/422/423 cameras. manage up to 8 cameras simultaneously easily.
  • Poe easy setup: plug & play for real, no wiring hassles. poe enables you to use just a single cable for both power and data transmission.
  • Local & remote access: view your security camera system locally by connecting to a monitor or a hd tv, or via free reolink app and client on your mobile devices & computer or a web browser remotely.
  • Unfailing 24/7 recording: get 24/7 continuous recording with the pre-installed 2tb hdd. support up to 8 reolink cameras recording simultaneously. install an external hard disk (up to 4tb).
  • Versatile functions: use the nvr with all reolink poe 4mp or 1080p cameras. enjoy real-time video live stream & playback. get instant alerts when there are motion events. backing up local data can't be simpler.

reolink 5mp hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet with 16gb micro sd card rlc-411ws Price : 117, was : 124 as 2018-04-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for reolink 5mp hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet with 16gb micro sd card rlc-411ws

I was looking for a smaller outdoor video camera and decided to give this a shot after discounting the overpriced and trendy toy offerings like nest and arlo. Didn t want my video streams leaving my network. Didn t want to pay for a subscription service just to use extra features. Didn t want to be stuck with limited functionality mobile apps. Didn t want to log into someone else s system to manage my camera. Wanted advanced features the toys just don t offer. . Liked:. Ac power with full functionality. Optical zoom. Resolution 3072x1728. Fast ethernet and 2. 4ghz/5ghz (although n speeds like others) options. Web browser support. Static ip support. Reolink client was decent for what was needed. Onvif support. Create multiple user accounts that can stream simultaneously. Built-in storage. Doesn t need wan access to function. Build quality. . Didn t like:. Antenna placement limits swiveling. Fixed cabling should be detachable, especially ethernet if not used after initial configuration and reset switch. Cabling doesn t appear very weather resistant, especially power cable extension which is questionable as far as outdoor rating

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Reolink-Wireless-Security-Autofocus-RLC-411WS

(0) Question: How many frames per second does it record and live stream at?

(1) Question: What is the difference between the 410ws and 411ws?

(2) Question: Is it possible to disable the auto-focus on the 411ws?

(3) Question: Hey reolink: why does this camera make weird udp connections to remote servers? see

(4) Question: Can someone explain exactly how to adjust the sensitivity to low so bugs aren't the only things being captured, settings are confusing thanks

(5) Question: Can i view/record into a private wireless lan (without internet). does the uid code work without internet connection? . thanks

(6) Question: The google modem is on the side of the house. can i use a laptop(connected wirelessly to the modem)and setup this camera using a cable from laptop?

(7) Question: I don't have wifi. can this be used on a tmobile hotspot?

(8) Question: My rlc-410ws doesn't see my 5ghz network, only 2. 4ghz. is there something i need to enable?

(9) Question: What is the wireless range?

(10) Question: Will this camera work with the home automation hub home assistant?

(11) Question: Can i get audio recording added to this camera?

(12) Question: Can i control, view and record using a web browser?

(13) Question: Can someone or roelink post some screen shots of the web browser interface ?

(14) Question: Does this set-up work with mac (osx) and safari, chrome or firefox? i do not own a pc (windows).

(15) Question: Are this camera motorized?

(16) Question: How long is the power cord? are different lengths available to purchase?

(note) Question: where/how to get Reolink (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Reolink's products

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Positives :. - very reasonably priced compared to other wifi capable cameras. - very nice 5mp camera. The image quality is excellent. - not too difficult to set up - the start up booklet was accurate. - the tech support group is very responsive - albeit they are in hong kong, so there is a time zone difference you have to deal with (email). -. - there is both a windows client and an android/iphone app. (make sure you set it up to use uid vs ip address if you plan to access it over the open internet vs lan). . Negatives :. - it is advertised as being wifi capable "250 feet in wide open". However, in my experience, my router is not sitting in the "wide open" with a clear view of the camera. My router is indoors - about 50-60 feet away from the camera, and multiple doors/walls in between the router & camera. So this was a major headache in getting the camera "stable". Only after several days of back & forth with tech support were we able to confirm that the distance of my router was the culprit. After i moved the router just a little closer, everything was working perfectly. - there is no us-based phone contact. They are in hong kong. - the documentation is not 100% accurate. In fact there is no smartphone documentation at all - that i can find. The windows client documentation is lacking. Screen shots in the documentation are not totally accurate to what the screens are on the computer. - the client & the smartphone functions can be kind of not user friendly. The playback feature (on the windows client) is kinda wierd and could use some improvement. But it's a decent start. Hopefully their tech group "listens" to the customers & is willing to improve the client experience.

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Best reolink wireless security autofocus rlc 411ws (surveilance systems) in review

 this is a combination review of the reolink rlc-410s and the rlc-411ws (4 megapixel). This review is also posted for the rlc-410s at . Quick pros/cons:. . Pros:. Great picture. Solid construction. Affordable. Easy setup. Good access via mobile app. . Cons:. Advanced camera options not very intuitive. Mounting hardware (screws) are cheap. . Who should buy this camera:. People looking to enter the security camera market who don t want to shell out a lot of money or commit to an entire system but still get a camera that gives them a fantastic image and easy access while evaluating what they truly want/need from a complete system. . For the price point these cameras can t be beat. $125 for the 4x optical zoom rlc-411ws and $75 for the rlc-410s, both of which have a 16gb micro sd card built it. The quality of the image is incredible. On my front cameras i have the ir mode disabled. I have a 75-watt equivalent led light at the front door and 100 watt equivalent led next to the garage door. Both of those combined with the street lamp that is just out of frame on the right of the rlc-411ws (the driveway camera), provide more than enough light to make the ir/night vision mode unnecessary. . I only have a few complaints about the cameras that i d like to see adddressed (but not enough to give less than 5 stars). The screws that came with the cameras to mount them are cheap and strip out easily. Objects in motion tend to have motion blur and i haven t been able to figure out how to set the shutter speed appropriately. The advanced control for this aren t intuitive and there not much support in the documentation that explains the finer points of adjusting the shutter speed. . I have 2 rlc-410s installed, 1 rlc-411ws, and 1 reolink c1 pro (i just got this camera and will review it later). I m seriously considering adding a reolink nvr to my setup so that i can extend the amount of recording history beyond what you can get with the built in micro sd cards.

I. Anderson, Pennsylvania

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Competitive Amcrest 1080p Lite Security Included Amdvtenl8 4b B (Surveilance Systems) Scnew 12601 Amcrest 1080p Lite Security Included Amdvtenl8 4b B (Surveilance
Or you might like to consider Infrared illuminator, 850nm 6 leds 90 degree wide angle ir illuminator night vision,waterproof led infrared light ip camera,cctv security with 90 degree wider angle, this high quality ir infrared illuminator is a good choice to installed wide angle ip cameras, cctv camera and improve the quality of night vision image. -univivi infrared illuminator, 850nm 6 leds 90 degree wide angle ir illuminator night vision,waterproof led infrared light ip camera,cctv security camera
  • Benefit: Waterproof Ip67. Ideal For Both Outdoor And Indoor Use. With High Quality Aluminum Case And Reinforced Glass Window.
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Discount Univivi Infrared Illuminator Waterproof Security (Camera Other Accessories) 4331910724 Univivi Infrared Illuminator Waterproof Security

B. Pearson, Trafford says

This camera is connected to my blue iris security system. The difficulty was finding a solution to hide the thick multi cable that extends out the rear. I decided on installing and mounting it in a pvc waterproof box. I had to drill a 7/16th hole and mount the camera to the cover. I decided to pass the power and reset cable through the wall and seal the hole to keep out moisture. Learn from my first mistake -don't close the reset button in the box because if you have to do a reset, disassembly is a pain. Also, take a photo or write down the uid number because it is affixed to the exterior of the camera and will fade over time. I can access the reset button from inside. The camera easily sends the signal back to my router through the garage exterior wall, then the main house wall about 40 ft total without any issues. I don't use the reolink app because i use 2 different manufacturers, and the client app is only for reolink cameras, also it needs a major update. The android app is basic but functional for on the go. . Initially i had two of the much newer model (rlc-422w) cameras but ran into so many problems with constant dropouts i returned them. This rlc-411ws is seasoned and works very well. The colors appear a bit washed out at times, and the focus is somewhat slow to react but i think a firmware update can fix these small issues. . Tech support is not to my liking because it is only done via email; which usually takes a day or so because they are located overseas. They never really clear up any issues i had when i reached out. The camera is very well made and comes with a very long power extension cable that will accommodate everyone. Overall i am satisfied with how it operates thus far. Daytime video is great, and my nightime pictures are too. I have it mounted about 10 inches above a 3 head led flood light.

W. Cassella, Midi-Pyrenees

Ok, this is a review based on 7 days worth of operation since this is when i received these cameras. I purchased 2 of these and mounted them on the eves of the house to monitor the front yard area and driveway. We have had a few acts of vandalism in the neighborhood and we wanted to get a few cameras to monitor and record any event should it happen. I have done quite a bit of research on all types and styles of ip cameras and i understand that no camera will fit my needs perfectly for the money. During my research on these cameras, i looked at many reviews of course and what stuck out to me about this company is most of the feedback about the support was good. I work for a factory that makes electrical test equipment and for me, i am on the support side of things and i was glad to here reolink had the same strategy with their customers as well. Often most companies state they give excellent support and yet fall short. So during my "shopping" phase i wrote into reolink and asked a question. I was not yet a customer and i wanted to test out the support departments services. I did receive a response to my question and it was a very polite and professional response. The time i had to wait for this response was the next day from when i sent it. I figured as much since the company is overseas. I went ahead and purchased them as soon as i found a good price for them. Actually, these cameras are on the reolink website for the same price as online store but i get the free shipping with prime so i went this route. . Setup was very easy and only took around 10 mins to power up and connect it to my router. The ios app connected to the device automatically once the internet connection was established. The longest part of installing these cameras was me climbing in the attic to run the power wires for the camera. Since this model is wireless, i took advantage of this feature. I get very good signal strength back to my router with the help of the camera antennas. What i also like about this camera is the 16gb flash card in the unit. I like that i can setup the recording option and adjust the settings to my liking. I installed the reolink software on my pc and it works very well. I was able to setup the cameras to be view while connected to my wifi home network or login in over the web remotely from any terminal. I think the software has many good features and i have been adjusting and tweaking the settings this past week. I will update my review when i have used the cameras and software for a month. I have added photos of daytime and nighttime viewing. One of the pictures is from the ios app and the others are from the pc version of the software. Reolink 4mp hd 2. 4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet with 16gb micro sd card (rlc-411ws)

H. Anonymous, Herefordshire says

Great camera with excellent night vision. Easy to install and set up. So far it has not dropped wifi connection even though it is installed more than100 feet from the router. Highly recommended.

. Delgado, Kansas

Great camera, i installed the app on the phone, downloaded the software on all of my computers, . It took me a little while, as they say trial and error, but everything is working now, and i did not get any help from. Reolink support. At times was frustrating trying to connect to different emails and passwords, but i learned, and my next camera. Will be easy to install. Update - i had some issues later with the media player, i installed different media player and problem was solved. The support from online store and reolink was great, all the issues that i had was for me not paying attention to details, . The camera is really great, and i have no complaints what so ever.

. Williams, New Jersey says

I setup this camera out by my front gate, about a good 75 ft from my router and access point and it picked up the 2. 4 ghz signal from both of them. 1) i get email alerts whenever i have motion on my street and by my front gate. Sure other cameras do that, but i love the fact i get a video clip of the actual motion instead of a still or text email telling me it had motion. 2) the wifi connectivity is rock solid. 3) the images of clear and crisp, even at night. 4) i like the mobile app and desktop software where i can control everything on the camera remotely and even do remote playback. 5) with the highest quality setting, i'm seeing about a week of motion video being stored on the built in card. 6) i didn't know the camera would be so huge, but i think even stevie could see he was being recorded with it. I think it's a plus, if you want people to know you have a camera observing. 7) this camera is onvif compatible and i used the rtsp functionality to configure viewing in another app and to even adjust the quality of the feed i view on low/high bandwidth connections. . I would highly recommend this and i am strongly considering getting the tamper proof version.

X. Judith, Dudley

The camera works really well. The software is pretty intuitive, both from a pc and from a mobile phone. It does what it says it will. I can see what's going on at my house real time from anywhere in the world. I have my camera mounted outside, where it is exposed to the elements. In less than a year, it got water inside it. The lens would cloud up when the weather changed. This would cause the image to blur. It wouldn't always resolve even when the lens cleared up, because the camera would auto focus way out of whack while the lens was foggy. These were minor annoyances, but when they went on for 3 months or so, the moisture apparently began to affect the electronics, and i lost connection with the camera. Luckily, there is a 2 year warranty. After a little back-and-forth making sure i really had a faulty product, they had me ship them the camera, and within a week, i had a brand new replacement of the same model.

. Kellie, Wakefield says

I installed this camera to have visibility to my driveway and front walk. There are no windows facing this part of the house so i wanted to see when guests arrived or packages were delivered. The camera was very easy to install and had quite good range on wifi my router as about 50ft from the camera through 1 exterior and 2 interior walls and the signal was still strong and consistent. I loved that this camera had optical zoom. I didn't use it often but it was nice to change up the field of view now and then. I primarily used this camera when i was working in my office like a window to the front of the house. But it was fun to show off to friends that i could keep an eye on the house from my android phone using the reolink app. The app had all the same features as the computer version and was very functional. In general the software is ok, the software runs fairly lite on system resources compared to a blue iris or ispy so that was a plus. I wish there was an easier way to directly record to a hard drive in my laptop, rather than having to offload files from the internal storage. The motion sense masking worked well enough to keep false alarms at bay and still catch people walking up the driveway. I would really like to see an app for roku or kindle fire sticks that way i would have an easier time viewing the camera on my tvs. . When we listed this house for sale i deliberately left my computer on with the reolink app open during our open house. We received several offers on the house and they all wanted the camera included. . My overall experience with this camera has me once again shopping for reolink cameras for my new home

Y. Laura, Derbyshire

I own several hikvisions and this has just as good as an image as they do. I really like the motorized zoom. I agree the interface can be a little clunky but when connected to blue iris you are good to go. It was easy to set up the wifi. Note you need to use the included network cable to plug the camera into your router first so that you can tell it your wifi name and password. Both the ios app and the desktop app found the camera right away once connected via ethernet. After setting up wifi, unplug the ethernet cable and it should be connected via wifi. Note the camera is not as compact as a hik. The infra-red has a good range. . The only real con for me is adjusting the camera's position once mounted. It has two allen screws that have to be loosened to adjust the tilt and rotation whereas the hiks have a single knob that loosens/tightens the position adjustment.

Q. Maria, Suffolk says

One of the best wireless security cameras i've ever owned. Excellent day and night pictures. I use this and the other reolink rlc-410ws to give me an excellent security video coverage of my vacation cabin. I have been using these cameras for about five months now and never had a single issue. I am already thinking about buying some more for my home. It is so easy to setup and use. I use the android app for my phone and tablet and the windows client software for my computer and both work flawlessly. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you are looking for an excellent quality video security system, look no further. You will not regret your decision.

G. Shirley, Hertfordshire

The camera works great and links to a wifi extender node without difficulty. The programming inside the camera is high caliber. I was unable to hook it up to my synology nas , was told to use ftp upload and haven't really tried yet. Nice optics in the day and at night. Have to mask the picture area to blot areas of moving leaves in trees so the motion detector doesn't go off as much. Very pleased with the 3 cameras i got. Will get some more.

F. Lara, Iowa says

I bought two of these for my farm. They have a very good range and a sharp image with ability to recognize faces and license plates. They also have a zoom feature but software is a little buggy so hard to zoom in and out. I'm a great grandmother but was able to install the software and set the cameras myself. I have no previous experience with this type of camera but it wasn't too difficult if you have some computer knowledge. I had my son install the camera after i had the camera settings the way i wanted them. The cameras are excellent; the software needs a little help, or you could purchase separate camera software that might help. I'm using the software that came with the camera and hope there will be more updates. For anyone who may have adjusted the text size on your computer and are having problems setting up the wi-fi because you can't find the ok button on the wi-fi menu, you may need to adjust your computer's text size. From the start menu, click on control panel and select display. Set your text size to 100%. The wi-fi menu should then show the ok button to click when you set your modem's name and password in the menu.

. Meghan, Michigan says

After 6 weeks, this camera is proving to be a real winner. Great customization via the mobile or the desktop app. Easy to setup, easy to share with family. Optical zoom is a luxury, and i now cannot imagine doing without. On-board sd stores plenty of footage, and for me at least, negates the necessity for an nvr. A common complaint seems to be connectivity issues. However, these problems might be indicative of weaknesses in the wifi network to which the camera is attached. Case in point: this reolink camera worked pretty well with my 7 year old wireless router, but there were occasional connection issues. However, after upgrading recently to a new, modern router the camera snaps to attention no matter if i'm connecting locally or remotely. All in all, it's hard to imagine a better system. Great job reolink. . Update: 10-18-2017. Captured a thief on camera. Detective commented on the high quality of the image, and said it will be helpful. However, a few limitations of the camera system came to light. These are unpublished and were explained to me by reolink support. . The camera records at two resolutions: clear (higher quality) and fluent (720p). In playback, i noticed the clear clip was missing footage the lower resolution fluent included. Also, both clips were "choppy. " reolink responded quickly to my support questions about these two issues. Their response: "clear clip is 6 seconds shorter than fluent. Night vision is only 12 fps. " what this means is video encoded at night is encoded a lower frame rate no matter what you've selected in the software preferences. Additionally, both clips were missing the 15 second "pre-roll" that is supposed to be captured before the event that triggered the motion detection. Since the higher resolution clip is 6 seconds shorter, it missed some vital information. . Would i buy another reolink? sure, but knowing these limitations has me rethinking camera placement and adding some motion lighting in certain areas.

. Mays, Luton

I have installed four of these in addition to several of the slightly smaller version. This one does not have a microphone; the other one does. For my purposes, i prefer to have a mic. Nevertheless, both cameras are excellent. Image is good, colors are good, everything works and the software that comes with them is delightful. Can't go wrong for monitoring the outside of your home or business, or anything else. Nanny cam for livestock? this is a good option.

J. Colleen, Sandwell says

I did not get the motorized optical version. But the reolink was much easier to get setup than the amcrest cameras, (i have 4 amcrest & 2 of the outdoor reolink cameras. The reolink will hold the connection to the app even if the router reboots, and the ip address changes. The amcrest app is lost if the ip address changes. The reolink app asks for the cameras id and uses that id to locate the camera for display. . I wish i had purchased all reolink cameras. I've had to hardwire all of the amcrest wifi cameras to make the app reliable. Remember. Even if you can't connect to the camera with the app, the camera is still working and recording. . Update: i have ordered two more of these reolink cameras. . All cameras have issues because the apps are arcane, at best. The manufacturers need to stop following the quick dollar and put some real effort into their apps. !

K. Kathlene, Bracknell Forest

The software included is pretty good but i always use blue iris 4 software which is top line. It sort of works with blue iris but i cannot get it to perform necessary tasks or the video smears at times. It's annoying. The picture is excellent and the video produced is excellent. The software that is included gives a great picture, and you can change all of the camera settings from that software. It can support multiple cameras. The software is still limited. I haven't tested the sensitivity much with the included software. . Update: july 2016: it now works with blue iris software and i have had no problems

C. Josephine, Louisiana says

I've only had this camera (reolink rlc-411ws 4mp dual band wireless 2. 4g/5ghz autofocus ip camera) a few days but so far i love this camera! i've owned a couple dozen ip cams of different brands over the years but this one was the easiest to setup and has the best quality video. And the auto-focus is the bomb! i am upgrading from a foscam fi9803p which is a horrible camera btw. The video feed delay was all over the place - up to 2 minutes at times and initial user setup was a pain. If you are thinking of getting that camera, don't, get this one instead. It cost me a little more but when you consider i had to throw away the other one after struggling with it for 2 months i think it is a bargain.

O. Parker, Wokingham

The finest day/night camera ever. The image quality in daylight is astonishing and the "night-vision" is an understatement, as it's not just able to see in the dark, the night image is as clear as a 4k video but with just the color turned off. It is not the fuzzy ir quality we've seen in the past, this is total clarity and detail. The night vision range is stated to be 100 ft. But that is rather conservative. The night vision is actually usable to about 175 ft. The wifi is dual-band and is quite powerful but not limited to wifi, it can also be used as a lan wired camera. The client software was easy to set up on both a desktop computer and an android phone. I would expect an apple computer or phone would be just as simple to set up. The remote control of the camera settings is easy to use and offers total control of the camera (brightness, contrast, detail, lan, wifireolink 4mp hd 2. 4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, autofocus bullet with 16gb micro sd card (rlc-411ws), etc. And more). The motorized zoom lens is remarkable because it is a true zoom lens. No phony digital zoom with ever-increasing pixilating, this zoom lens really does zoom in on the subject. Manual focus is a simple click in the client program for those that choose to do it themselves. This camera is physically well built in a metal body and even includes mounting screws and adapters for mounting on a sheet-rock wall. Once installed and aimed, you will never need to visit this camera again to make any adjustments as it can all be done within the client program. In a price decision of "what you pay vs. What you get, " this camera is a bargain at about $125. 00 at most seller locations. I would have paid much more to get this camera so the price is the final "done deal" thing about it to consider.

A. Rebecca, Enfield says

Camera is high quality. The video quality is not nearly as good as the ads make it seam. I give the camera 5 stars, but the client software was no where near easy to get it connected to this camera. Maybe others had an easier time. The android app was super easy to get running. 5 minutes. Client software took at least 20 tries to get it connected to the camera. It did not auto find it period! i had to go into the router, get the ipaddress, reset all the passwords, guess at the camera name, all kinds of challenges.

R. Nancy, Massachusetts

I've been using this camera for about a week and am happy with it overall. The performance is very good, very clear picture, good night vision. It was easy to install and can be mounted in endless positions (you can rotate it in many different directions before locking it down). I would definitely recommend this camera. . Now we come to the software. While the camera took only a few minutes to connect to the network, the software took longer to set up. After many google searches finding out how other people set various things up, i was finally able to set a motion detection area, send push notifications to my phone, change the sensitivity. It is not very intuitive. After putting in the time though, i like the capabilities of the software. However - even at a sensitivity of 50, i get notifications every 3 seconds on my phone from shadows. Leaves gently blowing. While i know that is inevitable with motion detection, maybe there could be a setting to say 'wait 15 seconds for next alarm'. ? when you click on the notification on your phone, it does not take you to the event, just the current live view. The playback function is ok, but you do spend a good bit of time searching for events. Plus the notification says "you have an alart. " no, i didn't spell that wrong, that's what it says. It's alert, guys. If you're going to market a motion-detection camera, at least spell it right. Small thing, i know, but not very professional. It is funny, though, we walk around in my house now saying we have an alart. . Here's what i would like to find - the quality of this camera with the software nest has. If i could find that combination, i would be very happy. Bottom line - buy this for the excellent quality of the camera - deal with the software. Maybe pairing it with a program like blue iris would take care of it.

. Alba, Wirral says

I bought these for a gift and you can't get better quality than the reolink units. They are built to last and come with all the mounting equipment you need. This includes water tight ethernet connections. The quality of the lens is very good, and they have pretty solid night vision. I had done many comparisons when trying to decide on a platform and this one was great since it includes an sd card so you don't have to pay for a cloud based service. Thats a key element that most people fail to realize. The reolink apps are also very good quality and simple to use.

U. Audrey, Minnesota

I only needed help in adjusting the camera during installation. I like the camera. The best part is the night time view. There is a backlight which make it great for my front porch. I feel safer now especially at night. The camera gives me a clearer view of the front door. The picture is 8:14 pm.

P. Benton, Reading says

Excellent wifi camera. Stable wifi connection if you invest extra in a mesh network. Most people that complain about the wifi are really clueless about the technology and expect miracles to happen. First of all, run this camera on the 5ghz range if you are within 75' of wifi router. 2. 4ghz if your range is within 12' and minimal obstruction if possible. 5ghz will eliminate competition from your neighbors and and less traffic on this frequency. To totally eliminate any issues with wifi range and lag, future cussing and technical issues, save the headache and spend the extra to get the linksys velop 2 or 3 node system. My home is 3100 sq ft. , i have a 3 node linksys velop system and have the cameras mounted on each corner of my house and have no issues with wifi connection and picture. This is truly a great and excellent system as long as you are aware of the wifi technology limitations and one has a mesh network. Having a mesh network will also make all your devices with less lag and buffering. Probably, the best system and "bang" for your buck in a home security system. I have used the arlo pro 2 , which i hated and just couldn't justify the exorbitant price on this system. Have used the ring (poor video quality and inconsistent motion sensors). I will not pay $10 or more monthly for cloud fees, like some companies do. I chose the wireless system so i wouldn't have to drill holes in outside and inside wall and run cables everywhere. Purchase a monitor and a have a separate location house the monitor and nvr unit. Easier to use my phone and kindle fire device. Too much work and also too much cost to have somebody come out and do it. As long as your home as a mesh network, you will have no issues and love these cameras. Invest in the mesh network.

T. Gladys, Baden-Wuerttemberg

The manual did not make it clear that you need to plug it into an ethernet network before setting it up. The software didn't even show the wi-fi button before that, so i was seriously frustrated and confused. I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong before figuring that out. . Once i figured that out, things have gone pretty well. Physical installation was straightforward, though i did hire somebody to do that for me. The ios client works well. But both ios and the desktop client will randomly stop working from time to time, just showing a frozen frame, so you can't even tell it's stopped working unless you look at the clock. . There are other things in the software that aren't intuitive at all. It's obvious that this was written overseas. . But i've figured it out well enough. They did not put an ir-blocking filter on the camera. Helps for night vision, but terrible for daytime identification of people, as much clothing shows up as pink. Jeans, hoodies - you name it - frequently show up as false color. Plants are pink, too. . The resolution on playback is much better than live - but only if you set it up that way. There's that pesky software again. Wish it could record remotely without having a computer running 24/7. Thieves could just steal the camera and get away with the evidence. . I'm still trying to figure out playback. It works sometimes, but not others. Right now, it will only play back recording since midnight. I tried different dates on the calendar, but no dice. . Maybe too much to expect for the price. I do like the camera itself. A lot. Much cheaper than that my alarm company was offering, with 4x the resolution! they wanted $25 a month for my cloud storage, +$350 for the camera itself, which is a 720p (1 megapixel) model that probably dates back to 2006. This is a great value. They can update and improve the software and make this one of the best security cameras on the market.

Top hd dual band wifi wireless security Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. Patton, Northumberland says

I've waited 6 months to give my feedback so i could give a more comprehensive review after owning it for some time. I would almost want to give this camera 4 stars because i found the daytime picture quality is better than that of a lot of the other typical diy surveillance packages that i have compared it with. It is one of the better cameras i have seen but it still fell just short of 4 stars because there are some disappointments. I initially bought this camera to use with a spare computer running the reolink software. The cameras wi-fi connection was not reliable even at close range (less than 20 ft) so i opted to use ethernet which defeated the reason for me paying extra for this camera. After hard wiring the camera i found the motion detection was unreliable. I have tried so many times to adjust the settings and sensitivity but i could not get consistent performance. Example: someone pulls into my driveway, i know it happened because i have video a car leaving my driveway at an angle in which the license plate no longer visible but there was no video capture of the car pulling in. I decided to setup 24/7 recording instead but then this started to be a drag on my network since i was using a computer as a nvr. Eventually i decided to just buy a reolink nvr which isolates its own network segment and not impact my network performance as much. I will review the reolink nvr separately. The synopsis is that i wasted my money by purchasing the rlc411ws over the rlc411, the rlc411ws' wi-fi is not reliable so i lost $120 from the price difference and could have used that money to buy a 5th camera or cover half the cost of the nvr i bought. . Pros. Good picture quality, clear daytime images, i found it better than many big box store popular brands that i have did comparison shopping with. (swann, arlo, samsung etc. ). Pretty hardy cameras, i have had no problems with weather, i have not had to touch these cameras since they were installed. . Cons. Wireless is not reliable even when the transmitter is less than 20 ft away it just loses connection. Occasionally the camera just loses focus, it happened twice on 1 of 4 cameras in a 6 month period so not that frequently but it s critical. In my case i could not make out which neighbor was walking their dog to my yard to do you know what, the camera lost focus 5 min prior and stayed out of focus until i manually adjusted it. Night time images of a subject more than 15 ft away from the camera are pretty unidentifiable, you re basically looking at a grainy silhouette past that distance. The motion detection is inconsistent, sometimes it takes a picture and video of a bird flying by about 20 feet away but it doesn t take a picture or video of the car that drove into my driveway 10 feet away to do a u-turn on my street. (circular driveway)

. Bethany, West Virginia

Not impressed. Connection kept crashing. Intermittent use as best. Motion sensing didnt work. Returned.

. Cageen, South Dakota says

Very solid and well constructed. Quality image. Auto-focus does not work well at all. Disabling auto focus does not work. Adjusting focus through software is too course to get it just right. Upgraded to latest firmware but it did not fix it. Thankful online store has a friendly return policy.

N. Alice, Newcastle upon Tyne

Good camera not the best also one out of 4 leaked water inside so on those hot days its all foggy cant see anything another one stopped focusing normally on and off , i have cheaper cameras that have better night vision. I just tried these cameras for the 5ghz wireless i have so many on the 2. 4ghz they work great on 5ghz

Q. Hannah, Bedfordshire says

I really wanted to like this camera. It showed up and appears to be well built. This camera model is listed on the qnap compatibility list and i thought it would be a great addition to our home. Unfortunately, the camera connection drops constantly, but by far the most annoying part is the constant motion alerts. Even with the sensitivity turned all the way down, i get constant false alerts for motion. This includes testing indoors in an empty room. Connectivity does seem is better if i drop the resolution down to 720. The camera was attempted to be used in close proximity to our netgear nighthawk router so signal strength was not an issue. . Reviewing footage between this camera and the nest camera we also have, the nest wins hands down, especially at night. I expected the opposite to be true. . Tech support is available through email if you are in the us. The support did respond with additional questions for me to my request for help along with screen captures. I complied and sent the requested information back. The next day, i was asked for the exact same information again. There is not a chat option to work things out in real time with support. . If you can figure out how to get the camera to work and eliminate the false motion alerts and connectivity. Then it could be a decent camera for the money.

L. Mary, Barnet

The auto focus goes out when on night vision. Camera is good, just so good at night. Found i don't really use the zoom funtion like i thought i would

T. Adrienne, District of Columbia says

I was really impressed when i set it up in my window-less office with the lights off and it still saw the room. But, i sent it back because i couldn't get software to run it (and i'm a retired computer geek).

Z. Kristen, Virginia

Not bad, but should have bought fixed view, the zoom and focus seem worthless once its mounted. Night vision is decent but red lights give it away that a camera is there. Overall easy to setup but software is a little buggy and slow, and playback requires 4 windowed view when i have 1 camera its stupid waste of screen, should allow single window instead of split screen. . . Update: software crashes daily on updated windows, this stops the computer from saving clips. Downgrade to 2 stars.

V. June, Yukon Territory says

If you are not a computer genius, then don't get these. Very confusing set-up. I returned product.

M. Emma, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

I purchased this camera to replace a tascam camera i'd had for several years, because tascam's video feed uses browser plugins that modern browsers no longer support. A friend recommended riolink. Folks. Do not but this camera. Omg! i probably don't have enough room to tell you all the bad things about it. Blurry video. Every time i try to view, from all devices; home pc, work pc, phone. The image initially comes up blurry. I have to close the image and re-open it. Then it's clear. When accessing from my home pc, which is directly connected to the same network as the camera, it will fail the login 6 or 7 times before succeeding. All of the recording playback is grossly out of aspect and blurry. No way to fix it. The night vision stopped working after 3 weeks. I find this camera to be a real piece of junk, and i only wish tascam would update their software to be compatible with modern browsers because my old tascam blows this riolink piece of junk right out of the water. I find it difficult to believe a company like riolink can survive selling inferior pieces of junk like this camera. Buyer beware.

E. Campbell, Kentucky says

I ordered the rlc-411ws after several communications with reolink support. 1. A major consideration was the mounting position on a wall with 90 degree angle. They told be no problem and sent pictures. They neglected to mount the two wifi antennas. It is not possible to turn to 90 degrees for mounting on a wall with two antennas mounted. The maximum angle is about 70-75 degrees. The answer to my issue from their support people was to mount it another way. Easy to say, hard to do! . 2. Despite that i decided to go ahead with one antenna and was getting a 2-3 bar signal at the location where it would be mounted. I regularly use wifi equipment including 4k uhd tv further away on 5ghz so the 2, 4ghz did not appear to be a show stopper. I installed the surveillance software on my qnap nas and reolink pc client, configured the system for motion alerts according to reolink online documentation and verified by their support person. Then result is that will spool constant video but no motion alerts to the qnap. The reolink pc application can configure the camera to send email alerts which i can receive so i know that the camera is sensing motion as it should. There are regular disconnect / reconnect occurances. The reolink sofware documentation is one star at best. Little issues such as changing the camera user / password took a long time to locate. It is called "user password" in the client software with no indication that it is camera password. 3. The installation instructions do not show the same screens as the actual software displays on the pc screen. The best way to configure the camera is directly via connection to the camera. The reolink client pc software repeatedly hung, and needed to be canceled by windows 10 task manager tool and restarted. I never could get the android application to get past "logon failed" message. 4. It was possible to record constant camera video on the qnap ts-251. Unfortunately the camera would not report alerts to the ts-251. The camera did a good job recognizing motion alerts and would generate it's own e-mail notices directly to my inbox. 5. On a positive note, the video performance appears very good to excellent in both day and night conditions. Given that it can be mounted where needed and the user only needs pc access to video and recorded alerts it is a fine product. Not ready for prime time with my nas. 6. Answers to my problems were received from reolink support people. Unfortunately it takes 12-24 hours or more for email answers from china with no telephone support. 7. I probably spent an order of magniture more time trying to make this camera work than i did installing and configuring my nas. . Al

X. Stacey, Stoke-on-Trent

Camera works but there's been issues with connectivity. Sound also is not being picked up and it's muffled.

Y. Erickson, Mississippi says

Not a bad camera, but wish the ir illumination was wider. Also, a bit tricky to level the image when mounted to angled eaves.

S. Julia, Bury

Junk camera isn't reliable after 1-2 months wont stay on or connected to the pc technology isn't stable enough also stooped sending notifications to all of our phones my opinion get a hard wired camera internet cameras relying on internet connections are junk the camera i have is running straight ethernet cable at 100 mbs stay away from all of these types of cameras

C. Perez, Lambeth says

Had a different version of this camera that was evidently damaged in shipping. Now, i have this new version (without zoom function) and it is working very well. I especially like how easy it was to set it up and also all the different settings you are able to adjust. My kucam cameras do not have all those adjustment available. (also, it seems that kucam has gone out of business, so as they fail i will be replacing them with the reolink camera. ). Update: 10-1-16 although water did not ruin the camera, every time it rains on it, it stops working until it gets dry. Thus, i have moved it inside to use as a strictly interior camera. . This is an update on these cameras. I just purchased the third one, anticipating that by now they had corrected the lack of water resistance. It has gotten even worse. The first one never worked, the second one worked until placed outside, but still works well inside. This third one was only placed outside and worked until the first rain. Now it has completely failed.

I. Nellie, Lancashire

Setup was fairly easy with the mobile app and quick qr code setup. Was able to integrate it with blue iris with no problem. The wifi was not the strongest or as consistent as desired, so went with the hardwired setup method instead. It had a waterproof ethernet jack, but was missing the seal cap and gasket for some reason. Luckily i had these missing parts left over from another camera that fit. Overall a well priced camera with good optics and mechanical zoom. . Update:. Focus now broken. Some flimsy plastic gear or something slipping and not allowing focus to engage. Opened the front glass and turned it by hand to get it to re-engage. Worked for a bit, but once you get to the end of the focus range whatever is broke slips again and there goes focus again. When used with blueiris software and you select (ie click) on the camera to bring it up to full screen, it usually causes it to zoom 50% of the time. Well, when it zooms you'll need it to re-focus. And that's when this broken-maggier really gets annoying. Will stick to hikvision. Have 8-10 of the hikvisions and they have been bulletproof. Both this reolink and the amcrest cameras are a whole different story.

R. Glenda, Wyoming says

A good camera. However, it took awhile to figure out the mobil app, macos app, and i discovered i can access the camera's using a web browser. Each method displayed the video feed slightly different. The quality of the video feed appears different when using a web browser versus the mobile app versus the desktop/laptop app. The "help" function link on the macos application has an invalid hyperlink and never opens in a web browser. I have notified reolink about this issue already. The zoom and focus function is to slow to be of practical use in capturing objects moving either by motion detection or while taking a snapshot manually. I have one camera pointed to the street running in front of my house and when motion detection captures a vehicle or when i manually capture a vehicle license plate, the quality is too poor to read the plate number. This is not the camera if you want to capture and review vehicles in any detail. It takes very good close up pictures of people moving at normal speed in front of the camera. . Tech support/customer support is lacking and unhelpful. Some in support do not understand english well enough to answer submitted questions. Knowledge base on website is virtually non-existent. The are no moderated user forums to exchange information/ trouble shooting tips.

. Denise, Somerset

I've only had the camera for 3 days and it seems to function as described, however, i have found the user documentation to be almost useless. The user guide was clearly written as an afterthought by someone who is not a native english speaking person. Camera set up is relatively easy once you figure it out, the user guide does not provide clearly understandable step by step instructions that explain the more technical concepts related to the set up and use of the camera. Nor does it explain the use of the client pc software or mobile phone app which are used to configure the camera settings for use. As a result the user, if not familiar with the technology or concepts that surround these camera will be left frustrated and aggravated trying to use a camera and related software that would be easy to use if adequate user documentation was provided. . The camera is sturdy and does provide a satisfactory day time image in color. I can't use it for night time use because the neighbor across the street has a light turned on at the foot of the driveway (approximately 50 - 60 feet away) that causes the night image to be blurry and undefined due to their light being on. There's probably a setting on the camera that could be used to correct the problem but the user guide doesn't explain any of this, so i'm stuck until i figure it out on my own. . It would have been great if the camera had a setting that could be used for continuous or longer recording times, but apparently the small storage size of the memory card does not allow for this, and apparently it can't be upgraded without taking the camera apart. So for the meantime, only events triggered through motion detection are recorded. In the future it would be good if the manufacturer provided a feature for continuous recording, a memory card with more storage capacity, and user documentation that is detailed enough and clearly understandable, so that the frustration that comes with figuring out that which should be explained in the documentation, is alleviated.

. Meyer, New Jersey says

This reolink camera (rcl-411ws) worked fine in wifi mode, but after a firmware update, it no longer connects to wifi. It connected to ethernet fine. When i contacted reolink support they gave me a few recommendations to try but they didn't work. I asked about a replacement since it is still under warranty, and was told that since it wasn't bought from their online store website which is (reolinkusonline), they wouldn't honor the warranty. However, online store. Com sells their products so one would assume that someone would honor the warranty. Still trying to contact online store for an answer, but making contact is almost impossible.

. Paula, Auvergne

Camera is freezing from time to time. Software provided on website is crashing all the time.

F. Colleen, Cumbria says

 a very good quality camera. Great imaging and reproduction in daytime. A great value for your dollar. Would have given 5-stars if it had larger than a 16gb micro-sd card builtin. I barely can get 2. 5 days of stored footage in my environment with highest resolution setting. A slight blur is apparent with objects in motion while in night-vision mode both in live view and in reproduced recordings, which could use some improvement. Easy setup and installation. Pc client software and app installs along with their operations went well. . Update: after 1 year in operation this update reflects many, many issues. And i have downgraded the 4-stars to 2-stars. 1st) no u. S. Support is a bad thing. There's no phone support here. 2nd) if you have a rainy day, the 16gb of storage will only get you approx. 12 hours of stored footage on the micro-sd card. 3rd) pc viewing with the client software has many, many issues once you add an additional camera and try to view one of the two cams in playback. Had tried all 4 versions of cms available. Even tried the latest beta version. All are horrible. All your troubles will start when you add additional cameras. 4th) the 2. 4ghz band engineered in this circuitry is horrible and will not stay connected. I have to run them on the 5. 0ghz band and still get only a 1 to 2 bar signal in my environment. One camera is 30 ft from router and the other is 40 ft from the router and the router is a high power tp-link archer c1900 and last) the cameras have excellent imaging and the app is ok, but be prepared to operate them with a wired connection if you run more than one camera. Running one camera operates descent. Needs lots of improvements for pc remote viewing and playback. Pretty much just use them for live monitoring. Can't used them for nothing else. Bought a revo wireless rw41b4g-1t system https:// to take up the slack and am very pleased overall with its operation. Any questions are welcomed

B. Peggy, New Mexico

Good camera but app for remote access sucks and don't work 95 percent of the time no good with out it. Sent back for refund

P. Bertie, Kensington and Chelsea says

I had really high hopes for this camera. The day images were very crisp and clear. You could even read tag numbers in the street. Night images are another story. The camera would never focus and the image looked like you were looking through a very filmy, fogged lens. I have 4 other reolink cameras that were much cheaper, they offer crisper night images and have audio. This one for the price should at least have audio. I will be returning this and going back to my old reolink camera with audio.

. Carmen, Colorado

Great camera and wifi connection made completely useless with extremely poor software. I'm very tech savy and i found the software so poorly written and ineffective after three hours of patience i finally through it all back in the box. The wifi range is good, but the motion is jittery and multiple attempts to change the frame rate in the settings netted zero results. It's as if the software is not connected to the hardware, just a bunch of useless toggles. I couldn't even effect a simple username/password change. Seriously. The only login it would accept was "admin" as a username and "blank" as the password; totally insecure. Complete failure from that point on. If you are a security cam wizard you might be able to get some third-party software to work. I don't have the days or weeks to screw around with jury-rigged software. Also, inconsistent and different results with the desktop ui and the iphone ui while sitting next to each other. This setup is not even ready for beta-phase. "manuals" are poorly written, mostly ineffective showing screenshots that do not correspond at all with the actual menu/ui at all. Clearly written in another language and transposed by computer software, i. E. : "login successed". This has been a complete waste of my time. Looking elsewhere.

D. Wimbish, Brent says

Great resolution during the day. However, night vision with the lowest f stop at 2. 8 unfortunately makes this cam useless for night surveillance! disappointing. Wish it was better for night vision.

J. Aldana, Michigan

Nope. I could never get my camera to go over 720p even with the ethernet cable. The wifi wouldnt work. I tried everything. I did some research and found this is a common problem with these cameras. I wouldn t by from this company again, quality control is lacking.

. Smith, Dorset says

Camera build and image quality are good, client software and related camera control are terrible: zoom and focus are virtually unusable as client and hw seem locked in a death struggle for control. Neither wins and camera remains out of focus, occasionally "deciding" to focus on whatever object the firmware and hw deem a focus point. More often than not the so-called "focus" control causes camera to zoom out of control, losing the previous focal length and sending camera into a irrecoverable out-of-focus state. Waiting for firmware and hardware to sort it out is a colossal waste of time (hint to reolink: this is what client software is for - so a client can control a device). . Update 5/3/2017: if there was a 1/2-star, i'd downgrade to that: camera/client now unpredictably dropping resolution of feed into a pixelated mess. Reolink throttling clients from their pass-thru servers? crappy hw/sw? who knows . Reolink isn't saying anything. Advice to prospective buyers: find equivalent competitor products while shopping remote ip cameras. . Update 3/26/17: after 3 months of use downgrading to 1-star due to repeated loss of "auto-focus" and needing to reboot camera almost daily to recover focus (client software control of focus/zoom is useless, see review above). Advice to reolink: don't market this camera as "auto-focus" . It doesn't.

W. Cortney, Bournemouth

Had to send it back because of extremely low wifi range.

O. Anonymous, Suffolk says

Good when it works, but camera routinely disconnects from blue iris. It will usually reconnect and start working again after a few hours, or i can power it down and then up to get it working again. I believe i have the latest firmware installed.

G. Theola, Northwest Territries

I am very happy for those of you who like this camera . . Make no mistake ( camera software is not recognizing that i am trying to do a system set up period )and to think i bought 4 of these cameras

U. Pete, Tower Hamlets says

Worked great for about 2 weeks. Updated to version v2. 0. 0. 889 17080807 recently and added an ftp site for recordings. Now, most all of the records on the ftp site aren't complete mp4 files (corrupt file? ). There are multiple pictures with no video. Plus i cannot access the recordings from the app, server, or windows client software. Would not recommend this one. I have 2 others that are power over ethernet that work just fine. Also, the window client software is buggy - selecting this camera's recording always play one of the other cameras recordings. How can this be returned. ? "

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    Amcrest Outdoor 3 Megapixel Vandal Security (ip3m 956b)

    Amcrest Outdoor 3 Megapixel Vandal Security (ip3m 956b) 1158

    Get Price Amcrest Outdoor 3 Megapixel Vandal Security (ip3m 956b), Prohd fixed outdoor 3-megapixel 2304 x 1296p wi-fi vandal dome ip security camera - ip67 weatherproof, ik10 vandal-proof, 3mp 1080p/1296p , prohd 3mp wi-fi security vandal dome camera: wide 100 fov / remote web access from smartphone or tablet / storage to microsd, nvr or amcrest cloud / intelligent digital zoom / night -amcrest prohd fixed outdoor 3-megapixel 2304 x 1296p wi-fi vandal dome ip security camera - ip67 weatherproof, ik10 vandal-proof, 3mp 1080p/1296p , ip3m-956b black
    • Cliff hoyer was the service tech that helped me set up my camera. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns in lay an terms and was able to understand what i needed and set up my camera specs correctly. I was very appreciative of his ability to work easily remotely and save ... go to
    • Additional: Quick Wi-fi Setup Vi Iphone Or Android Smartphone Using The Amcrest View App (included). Seamlessly Stream Video Directly To Your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac Or Windows Pc. This Is A Fixed Position Camera, It Does Not Provide Pan Or Tilt Functionality.
    • Additional: Remarkable Field Of View With Wide 100º Degree Viewing Angle, Intelligent Digital Zoom, And Ir Led Night Vision Up To 98 Feet. Ip67 Weatherproof Housing Protects Against Most Weather Effects, While Ik10 Vandal Resistant Housing Is Able To Withstand Sudden High-impact. Heavy Duty Outdoor Metal Housing With Ip67 Weatherproofing.
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