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Price was $29.00. I needed something to monitor my front door especially these days when there are people stealing packages right off your porch. I bought the ring to replace my ip cam at my window because it wanted clearer pictures. Ring is pretty bulky and pretty simple to mount and hardwire to any home. Hardwire is the way to go if you want to use the live view function. The main gripe i have is that it the ring doesn't always send motion alerts to my phone, but i can see the recorded event on my history which is strange. The 180 degree view makes the video like a fish eye picture which is expected. I also wish that the night vision resolution was a big clearer. When the ring detects movement there is a slight delay before it starts recording so sometimes the person has already come and gone. Would be nice if it "woke up" quicker so you can see people coming from the side. My doorbell does not face outside rather it faces the inner wall of my entrance so i rely heavily on the 180 degree view of the lens to watch people coming on. Has some room for improvement. But overall great product.

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Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Video At Ring, Our Mission Is Simple: To Reduce Crime In Neighborhoods. And By Putting The Power Of Home Security In Your Hands, We Re Making That Mission A Reality. Ring Keeps Your Home -Ring Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Ring Video Doorbell

  1. Add-on: Plug And Play: Plug It In, Connect It To Your Wi-fi Network And Link It To Your Ring Devices. It S That Easy.
  2. Add-on: Compatible With Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Pro And Stick Up Cam.

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Really cool product but has its pros and cons. I read most reviews and some of them i think are not necessarily true for my situation. For example the motion sensors are pretty accurate. If i walk up to my door or when im leaving, (since im wearing my apple watch) both my watch and phone get immediate notification. . Cons: without the 3/month or 30/year subscription all you can do is answer the bell or watch live feed. Which is fine if you just want this as a digital doorbell. The downside is that i havent been able to get my phone to ring when the notification pops up which is weird, will continue to try! so if you do miss the "doorbell ring" and you dont have the subscription, you wont know who was at your door . . Installation was pretty easy even and i installed directly into the wall wiring. Best chime a wifienabled speaker your | Edison Junior-Home Lighting Accessory Review ( Apr 2020 ) Add-on Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring Video Doorbell Plug ring chime into any standard power outlet, and get instant alerts anywhere in your home.. Plug and play: plug it in, connect it to your wi-fi network and link it to your ring devices. it s that easy.. Compatible with ring video doorbell, ring pro and stick up cam.. Volume control: adjust the volume directly from the free ring app.. Do not disturb mode: disable alerts anytime so you can get some peace and quiet. .

Ring chime, a wi-fi-enabled speaker for your ring video doorbell Review (8ac1s5 0en0)

I have only been using the ring for a couple of weeks now but so far it seems worth the cost. I don't mind the $30 per year cloud storage fee as i'd much rather not have to house the hours of video data this thing records each day in being at the front door. Installation wasn't difficult once we determined we had the right configs. Things you should know:. 1) we tested ring out of the box after a full charge (the ring button will fully circle with blue light when comeplete) and it worked like a dream. Good picture, although fish eyed, even in the dark. That surprised me. 2) we then installed the ring hard wired to our existing doorbell. The doorbell worked, but the ring video and motion/button notification no longer did. 3) we checked the long list of compatible doorbells that you can find on the ring website. While the advertising and box says it works with virtually every doorbell. It doesn't. We have a nutone bell. Fairly common. Doesn't work with ring. I was determined to get this thing working. 4) went to best buy and purchased the ring chime. It's a plug in ring chime that allows you to install the ring without hardwiring to your existing doorbell. So we have the ring doorbell screwed in to the same place on the doorframe, but the wires are capped off and not connected to ring. Plugged in and synced up the chime to wifi and it worked. It's very loud. You can also hear the ring chime outside pretty loud so with that plus the ring chime on every phone, ipad, etc in your house. Maybe not necessary to have the chime unless you have a 4000+ sq ft house or don't have phones, tablets or computers with ring app on them near you. But the plug in chime was only $30. To me less hassle and cost than buying and installing a compatible doorbell transformer. 5) ring began working like a champ. Then it grew increasingly unpredictable. We played with the motion settings, decreased it so that cars going by wouldn't alert us of motion at the door, etc. Butterflies set it off; they say it's heat sensored; not sure butterflies are warm inside, but i digress. It still works when it needs to "most" of the time. 6) as a doorbell, it's flawless. If someone pushes the button, the video begins. Talking to the visitor is clear and easy to accomplish. This is the best feature of the doorbell. 7) motion is hit or miss. It works, maybe not always, but enough to give me peace of mind on top of my other home security without video capabilities. Sure i get video at 4am of nothing, so if you are a scared woman living alone this may freak you out more than it helps, but for people with latchkey kids or teens that you want to keep an eye on in terms of verifying they're home or that unwelcome visitors aren't at your home, this is excellent. For people who get deliveries while at work or out of town, or folks who can't get up to answer the door, excellent. To keep intruders at bay. Eh, there are better surveillance systems out there for that. 8) the live view feature does not work if you set up using the not-hard-wired method. So if doing what i did and using the ring chime, you will not be able to view live feed from your doorbell. You'll need the stick up cam. Didn't know this until after i did all of the above to get this thing functioning. But, we ended up buying a ring stick up cam after all to get a better view of the opposite side of our home since the view from ring is blocked. And we love it. Use it daily. It's motion detection is actually a bit more sensitive but that's okay. We drilled a small hole in our garage door wall to hard wire electricity to the stick uo cam as it works hard every day and loses battery life in less than 2 months for us. Don't depend on the battery. It will drive you nuts. Or get the solar charger panel. . All in all, i'm happy we made this purchase. I wonder is the newer version really worth it for "better" video quality. This one doesn't nearly give out 720p so i'm guessing the new version saying 1080p is more like 720. The newer version had some bad reviews in terms of functionality and quality of the doorbell itself so i went with the longer-tested, older version and am quite pleased. So far so good and worth $200 imo. We are still playing with doorbell types and have yet to find one that works after trying two different mechanical transformers. Customer service was less than helpful and referred us back to the list of tested doorchimes. If you have one that is not on the compatibility list, chances are it will not work hard wired and you will need the ring chime. And again, know that the live feed will not work. Also concerning charging, it of course depends upon your usage but with a few notifications per day, we notice the battery has drained down about 8% over the last few weeks. I suspect it will need to be unscrewed and put on the charger within the next 5 months or so at this rate. If you are hardwiring, it will charge itself. If you are using the ring chime and not hardwiring, you will need to charge it using the included usb charger, so expect having to remove it from the front porch every 5-7 months or thereabouts if using this method. Also don't be afraid to keep playing with the settings. We have managed to get it pretty close to perfect over the last few weeks. It takes some trial & error. It still misses some movement, and still picks up nothing. But it's better to have than not, imo. -. Alberta

Ring Chime Wi Fi Enabled Speaker Doorbell

  • Order: Tools & Home Improvement
  • Brand: Ring
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0852239005109
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:3.00 inches
    Length:1.50 inches
    Width:2.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Edison Junior
  • Model: 88CH000FC000
  • MPN: 8AC1S5-0EN0
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 8AC1S5-0EN0
  • Sub-Type: Home Improvement
  • Size: Small
  • UPC: 783325933160
  • Warranty: 1 Year Standard Warranty

chime, a wi-fi-enabled speaker your video Home Improvement, At ring, our mission is simple: to reduce crime in neighborhoods. and by putting the power of home security in your hands, we re making that mission a reality. ring keeps your home secure and your family safe by protecting you against intruders, burglars, package thieves and any other unwanted guests. ring chime enhances your ring experience by amplifying your alerts and letting you receive notifications anywhere in your home. ring chime links to an unlimited number of ring devices, so no matter how many ring video doorbells, ring pros or stick up cams you have, it can handle the load. chime sends you instant alerts as soon as someone presses the button on your doorbell or triggers your motion sensors, so you ll always know when you have a visitor at your door or a stranger on your property. chime can be set up in minutes. simply plug it into any standard power outlet, connect it to your home wi-fi network, link it to your ring devices, and you re good to go. with chime, you ll never miss an alert even if your phone is in the other room. domestic version with standard us-style plug. requires wi-fi connection. dual notifications: one for motion-activated alerts and another for doorbell button presses Ring Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Ring Video Doorbell (88CH000FC000-Ring).

Ring Chime Wi Fi Enabled Speaker Doorbell Home Improvement

  • I love my ring video doorbell. I can't speak for how easy is was to install, because i had my handyman do it, but the software part of it was a breeze. Already, i've expected packages when i was not at home, but i was able to talk to the fedex guy from a distance and arrange when he could deliver my package at a time that i'd be home. If i didn't have my ring videobell, my package would have gone back to the fedex center, and i'd have to jump through hoops to pick it up. Same with my ups guy - i spoke to him while i was out to dinner with my sister and asked him to leave the package at the back door. I like that i can see who is standing on my doorstep without having to open the door or look out the window. Prior to getting my ring videobell, i have had issues with packages being stolen from off my top step, so the ring videobell recording whoever approaches my door is a great benefit. The video recording is part of a service that they charge for. The first thirty days are free, and then it's $30 a year after that. Well worth it, in my opinion. . Okay, so the only reason i gave it four stars instead of five is that sometimes there's a lag between the movement in front of the house and the recording. Not a large lag, but large enough to notice. Also, the instructions are not really clear about charging the battery. You need to take the bell off the brace (easy to do) every few months and charge the unit. Not a problem, but the instructions should be clearer on that. . Otherwise i really love my video doorbell.
  • Installation was a breeze, setup was straightforward and the product works as advertised. It's a really cool feature to have around the house, i had a real live test an hour after install that made my wife feel very safe to have the ring. I just pulled up at a home depot parking lot to get some pool chemicals and got a notice on my phone that someone was at the front door. It was a door to door salesperson that my wife was trying to get rid of. I pressed the mic on button and spoke over the two way intercom that's built in to the ring and i told the guy "thank you but we're not interested". Surprised them both, he took off and my wife burst out laughing! she felt safe knowing that i was able to keep an eye on her and the front door across the world on travel or just across town at the store! i had a challenge with motion sensitivity setting because of my entry orientation and trash trucks driving by, etc. But after some tweaking it now works great. Had a call with a support person and they were very professional, offered to do whatever it took to fix my problems and followed up to make sure all was well. I'm a fan, will buy more of these and look forward to future products and innovations from ring.
  • Did not work for me. Looked like the box had been opened scratches on the top of the camera user manual not crisp new had been used. No plastic on charger cord. Annoys me to think people won't notice these details. Set up went well. Worked with motion detection the first night. Set it to watch my dogs. Next day no motion alerts. Disconnected from wifi. Reset the wi fi. Still no motion detection. Double checked settings for motion detection. All was in order. Returned. The suspicion that it may have been used and returned then deemed ok and sold as new has left a sour taste in my mouth. Was really wishing this would work. Also lost the free cloud trial when i had to reset the device. I was prompted to buy the cloud service in less the 24 hours. So much for 30 days trial.
  • I have had my ring doorbell since november 2016. I have written very few reviews on online store and actually wasn't going to write one for this even though i am pretty disappointed with it. In the beginning i could have written about the horrendous customer service; the fact my original questions had to be asked several times before they decided to actually answer the questions posed to customer service and not the questions they thought i had asked. That i let slide. The amazing amount of effort it took to simply switch the doorbell from one network to another, that was a fun few hours of spinning lights and patience. It does work, i have videos and alerts and the picture quality is good for what the device is. All of the minor frustrations i was o. K with, it was a burgeoning technology and there were bound to be hiccups. However from the beginning the sensors for motion have always been a little off, cars traveling on the street would trigger it but not me or my girlfriend coming in and out of the house. I adjust the sensitivity/range and the same issue. Car 40 feet away? video! me on the porch with the dogs? nothing! again, not worth writing a review. Then the "welcome to our neighborhood" sign was stolen. From our front yard, in plain view of the doorbell, maybe 15 feet away with the range maxed out. Woke up to no sign, however the doorbell had several fantastic night vision videos of several cars that had passed between 2000 hours the night before and 0700 when i looked outside. Fantastic.
  • This is my updated review my ring wasn't working until they gave me for free a ring chime with a wifi extender great job customer service and great job ring support solve my problem and it didn't cost me a dime that was a $50 value that gave me for nothing just to make my service work but here is one thing they do not tell you and its important in severe cold conditions the battery gets drained within a couple of days even if you have it hardwired to existing wiring to a bell that was wired to your house a pop up shows and says "even though you have your ring device hardwired because of the severe cold the battery will drain faster than the charge can recharge the device as the weather gets warmer it will go back to normal" that was a big let down for me i had this product at 5 stars it is now back down to 3 stars i missed an important package that day because of this set back

chime a wifienabled speaker your Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring Video Doorbell (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I really like this product. Whenever someone passes by or rings the door bell, it notifies me and my husband and send us a video tape of who's at our door. I can view this from my job or even out of town through my cell phone. I can do a live view to see if anything is going on. . I can see and talk to that person at the door while at home or away from through my cell phone. It sends immediate notifications soon as it rings or motion ddetected. . You can allow up to five or six family members that same access so that they can see whose there before answering the door. . However, this is important to know. This company will allow you 30 days to view and review your recording without a payment plan. The plans are cheap $3 dollars a month or $30 a year and free to for live viewing only but to go back and look at the recording you must select a plan. Keep in mind if someone breaks into your home, a live view will not help the police but a recorded reviewed will because it will show the video of that person. A live view will on show real time with recording. . My home was broken into through the front door. If i had this product then. I could have gotten the recording. The video shows pretty clear. It works for me. It has night vision. However, i hear the newer versions of ring has a better camera.

Ring Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Ring Video Doorbell
Click to see NoticeRing Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Ring Video Doorbell (8ac1s5 0en0)"The ring video doorbell has given a little peace of mind regarding our security. It does not always pick up movement, and it sometimes seems to go off without movement, which is what makes it less than perfect. But it was easy to install, and it works far more often than it doesn't. I had one of the more difficult installations onto a stucco wall, but since i already had a doorbell, there was power readily available, and it's worked well off the wired power. I like being able to check out the front door any time from anywhere. I also like the instant notifications if anything is going on, especially if someone comes to the door when i'm not immediately available to answer. I haven't used the intercom feature very much, but it's a nice touch, and potentially very useful aspect of the product. Overall, i'd recommend it and hope that ring keeps improving on an already great product. I also would like to see that upgrades are able to use the same mounting bracket, making moving to the latest iteration even easier."

(0) Question: How many telephone devices can connect to and how does it connect to your existing door bell

(1) Question: Does my existing doorbell around the house still function the same? or does it only ring on the designated phone? can more than one phone be paired?

(2) Question: If the battery is installed outside, how is the battery charged?

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Existing Doorbell Wiring Required

Works as advertised once fully set up, though setting it up was really an exercise in trial and error. It's not supposed to matter which wire you connect to which connector on the back of the unit, but for me, it mattered for some reason (one way worked, and the other did not). Much nicer looking than the older, chunkier ring doorbell that has the battery option too. If you are able to use a hardwire connection, this is the one to get. . The motion detection notifications could be better since when you tune in live, generally the source of the motion has already moved on and you have to wait for the recording to store for you to start playing it from the start. Would be nice if there were an option to have the recording play from the beginning at 2x speed to catch up to live once you chase the notification. . The main issue i had with setup is that nowhere in the documentation in the box is there an indication that holding the side button for 10-30 seconds resets the device and re-forces a firmware update, which is what i had to do in order to get the doorbell to work as well as actually making the bell in my house ring. I ended up having to call the customer support line to ask what to do when i was only able to get the doorbell outside or in the house to work, and they told me this trick over the phone. I had asked them why this wasn't just in the manual, and the (unacceptable) response i got was basically that "oh not that many people run into this so we just wait for them to call us with problems. "

Versatile smartphone compatibility: works with select ios and android devices, wi-fi connectivity-2. 4 ghz or 5 ghz wi-fi: makes it easy to link with your home wireless network download the ring app to view footage and receive alerts on your mobile device: you can keep an eye on your home and speak with visitors, all from a remote location record wide-angle high-definition video: maintain a clear view of your home's entrance for optimal security, optional cloud recording lets you view footage at a later time automatically record footage and receive alerts when motion is detected: motion sensors let you know when someone is at your door night vision: infrared led's allow you to record footage, even in dim lighting, see and speak with visitors: 2-way audio with noise cancellation with crystal clear 1, 080p hd video. Connects to existing doorbell wiring (wiring required), so you never have to charge a battery.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Existing Doorbell Wiring RequiredRing-Doorbell-Existing-Wiring-Required

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Existing Doorbell Wiring Required (88lp000ch000) FAQ.

First of all, the concept really filled my needs, being able to answer the door from virtually anywhere is really helpful. The hardware works great, it comes with everything needed for installation (even with various faceplates to match your door and/or frame. . Night vision is ok, just enough to let you recognize someone. I think the quality of the day vision should be improved, it does not looks like 1080hd, rather somewhat lower than that (i say that not because i have measured it in any technical way, i just compared the image to an arlo camera i have inside that is also in 1080. . The software is ok, takes almost nothing to get use to and the ability to set the motion detection zones so that not everything triggers the motion sensors, works very well. However, the option of setting time frames in which the motion detection is off, does not work all the time. With the option being on, there are still times in which i get motion alarms. . I was sure i did a very thorough search before buying but never bumped into (or maybe i missed it somehow. ) anything that said that only for 30 days i will have free recordings and beyond that it will have to come to an expense of $ 3 per month or $ 30 a year. Even though it is not a big deal of money, products like the arlo camera i have, comes with free recordings (with of course up to some extent but in the end way better than this device). . Important: if you don't have a doorbell ring with at least a 12v transformer, you will have to buy a transformer of at least 16v to install it in parallel with your doorbell (or get rid of your old doorbell if not planning to use it anymore). The kit the product comes with is only to be used on that type of doorbell rings, in my case i choose to adapt an old mac laptop power source (16. 5 v) to make it work because i didn't have the 12v transformer type of doorbell ring. It has been running for a week now with no power problems at all -Notice from Q. Wimbish, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

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Just installed yesterday so not a ton of data yet but so far we are thrilled. No install issues or software glitches and signal is good on 2. 4 wifi network with modem upstairs about 30-40' away from door. The bell seems to respond almost instantly to motion & ring. Will try to come back & update review after some time has passed & definitely will if major issues are encountered. If performance continues i plan on buying one for my elderly mother.

Ring-video-doorbell-pro-existing-doorbell-wiring-required-(88lp000ch000) set picture

- H. BrendonWe love our ring pro doorbell so much we plan to surround our house with ring cameras. With a few text messages a day, i have gained incredible peace of mind, easily maintaining an eye on my front door. Easy to install, easy to set up, and the app makes it easy to use. . The camera is really good, but for me, the greatest value is in the app and the motion alerts. The detailed motion zone setup and the prompt notification, all make for a great user experience. I even like the neighborhood watch feature. . For the record, i have simplisafe cameras and nest cameras, and ring is light years ahead in their design, function and app development. Everything else will end up in the trash eventually.

Product works very well. The only downside i can find so far is no local recording option. You must record via the cloud, the cost is minimal, 30 dollars per year, but it would still be nice to have the option to record over wifi to a nas or other storage device. . Personally i have yet to see any real issues that others have reported, it installed easily in a home built in almost forty years ago, setup was easy, and it automatically downloaded an update right away. . I haven't really used the intercom much yet, but when i did it worked well! . . I'm looking forward to what the software will do next. I wish it was compatible with a better hub than wink, maybe homeseer or even smartthings. Hopefully they open it to more hubs to build more wutomation into when the doorbell rings (locking doors, calling your phone, etc. )

K. Guest, Bexley

Brand :    ring
Color :    Silver(4 Interchangeable faceplates)
Size :    small
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    88LP000CH000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (Home Improvement product review) for Ring Video Doorbell Pro Existing Doorbell Wiring Required available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $185.00 (was $249.00)
  • Live view enabled: check-in on your property at any time with video on demand.
  • Protect your home-day or night-with infrared night vision.
  • Lifetime purchase protection: if your doorbell gets stolen, we'll replace it, for free!
  • See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your smartphone, tablet or pc.
  • Watch over your home in crystal-clear 1080p hd video.

Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime Wi-Fi Extender ONLY Ring Network Devices

I love it. I have a really weak, at the front door, wifi signal. I hope the extender will help when arrives. That being said, every time there is motion on the porch i get a notification wherever i am and can access the video and audio. My only issue and i will update, is access to live view is sporadic. I'm almost positive it is because the signal strength is poor. 30 bucks a year for the basic service is doable for me, and as much online store as i do, could pay for itself. It works, but be ready to relocate your wireless router or use an extender. I agree with another review that the packaging is super and everything you need is there, though i found a cordless drill helpful. I particularly liked the remark to put the n/a hardware in that drawer with all the stuff you'll never use. I called with some questions. Either i. Got lucky or these people know about what they are selling and have an appropriate personality to assist. Got the chime pro. All is well now, . . Very nice. More later.

Chime pro extends the signal from your router to your ring devices, so you can eliminate wi-fi dead zones and ensure that your ring devices stay connected to the internet. It s also an indoor chime that amplifies ring notifications, so you ll never miss an alert. Chime pro can be set up in just a few minutes. Simply plug chime pro into any standard power outlet, link it to all your ring devices, and you re good to go. With chime pro, you ll never have to worry about your ring devices going offline, and you ll always know when you have a visitor. Chime pro strengthens the ring of security around your home by creating a more reliable network for your ring devices, so you ll always have dependable home security at your fingertips. Chime pro links to an unlimited number of ring video doorbells, video doorbell pros, stick up cams and chimes for an unrivaled ring experience

Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime Wi-Fi Extender ONLY Ring Network DevicesRing-Indoor-Extender-Network-Devices

Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime Wi-fi Extender Ring Network Devices (88pr000fc000) FAQ.

The ring is everything i expected it to be and more. Easy to set up and easy to use. The app is intuitive and functions well. My only 'complaint' was that i have a brick façade on my home and the supplied drill bit was cheap and not up to the task of the install. I'd rather you saved me the $1 that thing most likely cost and just recommend i go buy one from lowe's like i did. Would have saved me an hour of time. -Notice from Z. Ophelia, Nebraska

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Before i got the chime pro, the signal strength on my ring wi-fi was "poor" to "good". Very rare it would be at "very good". Once motion or the ring button was pressed, there was considerable lag time when talking and video took a long time to load on my iphone. When video did load, the quality would be choppy. I knew it had to be signal issue so i bought a chime pro and once that was installed, the signal strength is now constantly staying at "very good" and establishing a video and audio feed are much faster now.

Ring-chime-pro,-indoor-chime-wi-fi-extender-ring-network-devices-(88pr000fc000) set picture

- W. PowellI know that the ring doorbell and their other products, such are ring doorbell pro and stickup cam are great products. But there was always a drawback: the time lag. I could get a motion alert or a ring at the doorbell only after the people are gone from the door. The camera used to sense the motion, and the doorbell used to ring only after about 15 to 30 seconds. The camera had the time lag of recording the ring or motion only after the time lag, which was 15 to 30 seconds. After i have installed the new product from ring, the ring door chime pro, which is also a wi-fi extender, the time lag has been reduced to less than 1 second. So, all the frustration is gone. (looking for the person who rang the doorbell, is not seen in the video) so, i would say that this. Ring chime pro cum wi fi extender is a life saver and frustration reliever: now i can see and hear everything clearly on real-time since the time lag is gone! thanks, ring.

I did a bit of independent research and also asked my friends on facebook. Everyone highly recommended it, so i bought and installed one! so far, so good!

A. Matherly, District of Columbia

Brand :    ring
Color :    White
Size :    1
Weight :    0.50 pounds
  • Amplifies notifications from connected ring video doorbells, video doorbell pros and stick up cams.
  • Plugs into any standard wall outlet.
  • Extends the wi-fi signal from your router to your ring devices.
  • Comes with multiple alert tones.
  • Mobile volume control and do not disturb mode.
Price :    $32.00 (was $39.95)
Model :    88PR000FC000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Ring Video Doorbell 2

The next-generation ring video doorbell 2 lets you watch over your home and answer the door from your phone, tablet and pc. Ring video doorbell 2 comes with adjustable motion sensors, so you can focus on the most important areas of your yard. When anyone triggers your motion sensors or presses your doorbell, you ll get an instant alert on your phone, tablet and pc. Answer the alert, and you can see, hear and speak to people at your door from anywhere. With ring, you can also use live view to get on-demand streaming video and two-way audio, so you can check-in on your property at anytime. And with its built-in night vision sensors and weather-resistant design, you can protect your home around the clock day or night, rain or shine. You ll also get a free 30-day trial of ring video recording, so you can save, review and share your videos at anytime with anyone. Ring video doorbell 2 comes with an innovative quick-release rechargeable battery pack, so you can charge your doorbell without moving the device. With two interchangeable faceplates included in your purchase, you can pick a finish that matches your home and your style. And with the complimentary tool kit and setup guide, you ll have your ring video doorbell 2 installed in just minutes. Whether you re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, ring lets you answer the door from anywhere. Because with ring, you re always home. Requires wi-fi connection. Compatible with ios, android, mac and windows 10 devices lifetime purchase protection: if your ring video doorbell 2 gets stolen, we ll replace it for free

Ring Video Doorbell 2Ring-8VR1S7-0EU0-Video-Doorbell-2

Price :    $199.00
  • Easily charge your doorbell with the quick-release rechargeable battery pack
  • Watch over your home in brilliant 1080hd video
  • Get instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger ring's built-in motion sensors
  • Compatible with ios, android, mac and windows 10 devices
  • See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone, tablet or pc
Brand :    ring
Size :    1
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    8VR1S7-0EU0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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ADJUSTABLE 30 to 55 degree Angle Mount Ring Video Doorbell 2 Released in 2017 , Homono Angle Adjustment Adapter / Mounting Plate / Bracket / Wedge Kit Doorbell NOT included

Adjustable (30 to 55 degree) angle mount for ring video doorbell 2 (released in 2017), homono angle adjustment adapter / mounting plate / bracket / wedge kit (doorbell not included)

ADJUSTABLE 30 to 55 degree Angle Mount Ring Video Doorbell 2 Released in 2017 , Homono Angle Adjustment Adapter / Mounting Plate / Bracket / Wedge Kit Doorbell NOT includedADJUSTABLE-Doorbell-Released-Adjustment-Mounting

Brand :    homono
Color :    Ring Doorbell 2
Size :    Ring Doorbell 2
Model :    HPA02-26A
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Allows to adjust the angle to left or right 30 degree to 55 degree
  • Provide greater viewing angle for your ring video doorbell 2 and original (wont work for ring doorbell pro)
  • Compatible with ring video doorbell 2 & original released in 2017 & 2015 only
  • Easy installation kit with detailed instruction , installation can be done within 10 to 15 mins. (use the existed holes for ring doorbell original)
  • Warratny: 1 year total free warranty
Price :    $19.99 (was $79.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (homono product review) for ADJUSTABLE 30 to 55 degree Angle Mount Ring Video Doorbell 2 Released in 2017 , Homono Angle Adjustment Adapter / Mounting Plate / Bracket / Wedge Kit Doorbell NOT included available ( Apr 2020 )

Doorbell Chime

Plugs into any standard power outlet and works with the ring video doorbell to let you know when you have a visitor when your phone is in another room. Set up as many chimes as needed. Connects to wi-fi network. Do not disturb. Customize volume. Made in china.

Doorbell ChimeRing-Doorbell-Chime

Brand :    ring
Color :    Regular
Size :    1
Model :    88CH000FC000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
  • Do not disturb
  • Set up as many chimes as needed
  • Plugs into any standard power outlet and works with the ring video doorbell to let you know when you have a visitor when your phone is in another room
  • Connects to wi-fi network
  • Customize volume
Price :    $31.50 (was $43.28)
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Power Supply Adapter Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro Wasserstein

Finally i found the right power supply for my ring video door bell. It work great, clear instruction very simple wiring to the ring video. I love it .

Power supply adapter for the ring video doorbell, ring video doorbell 2 and ring video doorbell pro by wasserstein

Power Supply Adapter Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro WassersteinPower-Supply-Adapter-Doorbell-Wasserstein

Power Supply Adapter Doorbell Wasserstein (4897080223537) FAQ.

Great product, works well with ring units, simple to install. -Notice from R. Lisa, Ile-de-France

Click to Show power supply adapter doorbell wasserstein (4897080223537) Details

The power supply adapter for my ring video is excellent. The cord is long enough to reach my porch outlet.

Power-supply-adapter-doorbell-wasserstein-(4897080223537) set picture

- W. AlbaI have had the power supply adapter for a few couple of days. So far it is working just fine. Easy to install. Would recommend so far.

Purchased to provide constant power to a ring pro cam. Installed so that the wire was not accessible outside via a small conduit going to a secure outlet. (so that nobody could unplug it, defeating the security aspect) worked like a charm.

Y. Lindsey, Hampshire

Price :    $18.99
  • Wasserstein savings for ring accessories - realize huge savings when you buy two or more of our ring accessories - use discount code ring0eal at the checkout. other ring accessories include solar panel for ring stick up cam (asin: b072lx4ltv), colorful silicone skins (asin: b073h13xt1/ b073gyc8f2/ b073gyxcbm/ b073gyt97g) and 6ft micro usb extension cable (asin: b0722gzznx)
  • Form & function - forgo the hassle of charging your battery by directly connecting you ring video doorbell to the power adapter. simply run the 2. 50m wires along the wall from your outlet to the doorbell. with an ac output of 18v/500ma, our power supply adapter is compatible with the ring video doorbell, ring video doorbell 2 and ring video doorbell pro. designed for easy installation and can be set up in minutes.
  • Ring video doorbell - now you can operate your ring video doorbell continuously without the need to remove your doorbell in order to charge the battery. this allows for uninterrupted operation and on demand viewing. never again will you have to settle for lower quality display or function simply to reduce battery expenditure.
  • Ring video doorbell pro - wish to place your ring video doorbell pro in a location without pre-existing wires? not a problem! simply connect the two copper wire tips to the screws on the bracket of the doorbell and you are ready to go. with this power supply adapter we have eliminated the need to fiddle around with complex wiring and connection.
  • Ring video doorbell 2 - in this latest model, our power supply adapter can help extend the working time of the battery and reduce the rate of power lost, therefore prolonging the period between charge. this is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy foot traffic where it can lead to an intensive drainage to the battery. a quick fix to this problem would be to decrease your motion sensitivity, however, with the aid of our power adapter, you will never have to make this compromise.
Brand :    wasserstein
Model :    4897080223537
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (wasserstein product review) for Power Supply Adapter Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro Wasserstein available ( Apr 2020 )

ADJUSTABLE 30 to 50 degree Angle Mount Ring Video Doorbell Pro Released in 2016 , Homono Angle Adjustment Adapter / Mounting Plate / Bracket / Wedge Kit Doorbell NOT included

Homono angle adjustment adapter for ring video doorbell pro (released in 2016) only, angle changing bracket for the ring video doorbell (doorbell not included) (for ring doorbell pro)

ADJUSTABLE 30 to 50 degree Angle Mount Ring Video Doorbell Pro Released in 2016 , Homono Angle Adjustment Adapter / Mounting Plate / Bracket / Wedge Kit Doorbell NOT includedADJUSTABLE-Doorbell-Released-Adjustment-Mounting

Brand :    homono
Color :    Black
Size :    Ring Doorbell pro
Model :    HPA01-26A
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Warratny: 1 year total free warranty
  • Provide greater viewing angle for your ring video doorbell pro (wont work for ring doorbell generation 1st or generation 2nd)
  • Angle adjustable wedge mount: allows to adjust the angle to left or right 30 degree to 50 degree
  • Compatible with ring video doorbell pro released in 2016 only (ring's part numbers: 88lp000ch000/ringpro) *us patented*
  • Easy to install this corner kit with detailed instruction , installation can be done within 10 to 15 mins. (use the existed holes for doorbell, no additional holes required! )
Price :    $14.99 (was $79.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (homono product review) for ADJUSTABLE 30 to 50 degree Angle Mount Ring Video Doorbell Pro Released in 2016 , Homono Angle Adjustment Adapter / Mounting Plate / Bracket / Wedge Kit Doorbell NOT included available ( Apr 2020 )

CAVN 3-Pack Adjustable 15 to 45 Degree Ring Video Doorbell Pro Angle Mount Corner Wedge Kit Angle Adjustment Adapter Mounting Plate Bracket Ring Video Doorbell Pro More angle choices ,Black

Cavn ring video doorbell pro angle mount features 1, cavn angle adapter kit is specially designed to work with ring video door bell pro for adjusting the viewing angle. 2, using the adapter kit to angle your ring pro towards your walkway, so you can improve your motion detection and get a better view of visitors coming to your door. Three angle choices-ranges from 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree angles when you use 1 pc angle mount, it is 15 degree. When you use 2 pcs angle mount, folded 2 pcs together, it is 30 degree. When you use 3 pcs angle mount, folded 3 pcs together, it is 45 degree. Package contents: 3 x black 15 degree angle mount 2 x m3. 0*12mm stainless steel screws 2 x m3. 5*25mm stainless steel screws 2 x m3. 5*30mm stainless steel screws 2 x m3. 5*40mm stainless steel screws 6 x wall anchors 1 x screwdriver 1 x user manual

CAVN 3-Pack Adjustable 15 to 45 Degree Ring Video Doorbell Pro Angle Mount Corner Wedge Kit Angle Adjustment Adapter Mounting Plate Bracket Ring Video Doorbell Pro More angle choices ,BlackCAVN-Adjustable-Doorbell-Adjustment-Mounting

Brand :    cavn
Color :    Style 1 for Ring Doorbell Pro-Black
Weight :    0.18 pounds
  • Works with ring doorbell pro only-these 3 packs cavn ring doorbell pro angle mount are specifically designed for ring doorbell pro version only (not for ring doorbell 2 or the other ring doorbell). you can also use this 3 pcs angle mount for 3 different ring doorbell pro, each angle mount for each ring doorbell pro, and no more screw or expansion bolt is needed.
  • 24-hour customer service-if you have any issues for our ring doorbell pro angle mount, contact us freely via message. we will provide you satisfactory solution at first time. there are 3 packs ring doorbell pro angle mount including.
  • You will get 3 pcs premium quality cavn ring doorbell pro angle mount to have 3 angle choices. ranging from 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree angles, which can provide more choices and more angles available, so you can improve your motion detection and get a better view of visitors coming to your door.
  • Perfect design-all screw holes are well designed and fit the high quality stainless steel screw perfectly. there's no more broken screw heads in the hole.
  • More angles available-each plate is symmetric, and will give a 15. degree viewing angle towards to down or up. the ring doorbell pro corner kit comes with 3 plates which will allow to adjust from 30 to 45 degree.
Price :    $10.79 (was $11.99)
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (cavn product review) for CAVN 3-Pack Adjustable 15 to 45 Degree Ring Video Doorbell Pro Angle Mount Corner Wedge Kit Angle Adjustment Adapter Mounting Plate Bracket Ring Video Doorbell Pro More angle choices ,Black available ( Apr 2020 )

Doorbell Chime Wi-Fi

Product overview chime connects to all your ring devices and amplifies your ring notifications. Simply plug chime into any standard power outlet, connect it to your home wi-fi and all your ring devices. You'll get ring notifications in any room of your home - even if you're not near your phone. Comes with multiple alert tones, so you can select your favorite easily control the volume of your notifications with the free ring app use do not disturb mode to get some peace and quiet plugs into any standard power outlet connects to an unlimited amount of ring video doorbells, ring security cameras and ring chimes requires wi-fi connection compatible with ios, android, mac and windows 10 devices

Doorbell Chime Wi-FiRing-Doorbell-Chime-Wi-Fi

Brand :    ring
Color :    white
Model :    88CH000FC000
Quantity :    3
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Ring Video Doorbell Elite

The professional-grade ring video doorbell elite lets you watch over your home and answer the door from your phone, tablet and pc. With ring video doorbell elite, you can create and customize your own motion zones, so you can focus on the most important areas of your yard. When anyone enters your motion zones or presses your doorbell, you ll get an instant alert on your phone, tablet and pc. Answer the alert, and you can see, hear and speak to people at your door from anywhere. Ring also lets you get on-demand streaming video and audio with live view, so you can check-in on your property at anytime. With built-in night vision sensors and a weather-resistant design, you can protect your home around the clock day or night, rain or shine. You ll also get a free 30-day trial of ring video recording, so you can review, save and share your videos at anytime with anyone. Ring video doorbell elite installs on standard junction boxes with a flush-mounted finish. It connects to your network via power over ethernet for a reliable connection and non-stop power, so you ll never have to worry about charging a battery. Your purchase also includes four interchangeable faceplates, so you can pick a color that matches your home and your style. Whether you re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, ring lets you answer the door from anywhere. Because with ring, you re always home. Requires ethernet connection. Compatible with ios, android, mac and windows 10 devices. Lifetime purchase protection: if your ring video doorbell elite gets stolen, we ll replace it for free

Ring Video Doorbell EliteRing-Elite-Video-Doorbell

Price :    $416.29 (was $459.00)
  • Get non-stop power and a reliable connection with power over ethernet
  • Connects to standard junction boxes with a flush finish
  • Watch over your home in brilliant 1080hd video
  • See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone, tablet or pc
  • Get on-demand video and two-way audio at anytime with live view
Brand :    ring
Color :    silver
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    Elite
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (Home Improvement product review) for Ring Video Doorbell Elite available ( Apr 2020 )

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk Siren Alarm, White

Put this in to replace a stickup cam - better response, great led floodlights, clear really wide angle camera and motion detection - loud siren - nice package!

Protect your home with the world s only motion-activated security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm and two-way audio, so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere. With object and facial detection, floodlight cam has the most advanced motion sensors in home security. Its 270 field-of-view will let you detect motion around corners and monitor all your blind spots. Floodlight cam easily replaces existing wired floodlights and connects to standard junction boxes. With the app, you can flash the lights, sound the alarm and zoom-in to focus on your most important areas. Floodlight cam sends instant alerts to your smartphone, tablet or pc whenever it detects motion. And from the free ring app, you can protect your property and monitor your home from anywhere.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk Siren Alarm, WhiteRing-Floodlight-Camera-Motion-Activated-Security

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated Security (Home Lighting And Lamps) FAQ.

I love the 1080 clarity and being able to setup zones so my alert does not go off in certain areas of my backyard (where dogs are allowed). Since i set it up i have not had a single false alert. The flood lights are extremely effective and cover everywhere i had hoped they would. I'm very happy with my purchase. Installation was extremely easy as i already had a motion detection light installed. I just removed it and used the existing wires, took 30 minutes total. -Notice from P. Lindsey, Vermont

Click to Show ring floodlight camera motion activated security (home lighting and lamps) Details

The floodlight cam has many settings to help narrow down your preferences in what the camera picks up. The problem with that is that those settings are not as accurate as they look, more on that later. Installation and setup is very thought out and simple! . Packaging is great. Sharing access to your ring products is great! when you share access, that person sets up their own account and cannot mess with the settings of your camera/s. After a few weeks of ownership here is what i know-. Motion settings: there is about a 30-40 foot limit to set off the camera (day or night), stray headlights or lights reflecting off any shiny object will trip the camera/light at night (so no parking near the floodlight if cars will drive by). The "area" settings are cool but fairly inaccurate. The camera view looks nice on your devices but trying to see anything specific (faces, license plates, etc)past about 10 feet, especially if it's moving, isn't happening. The sound doesn't start until about 3-5 seconds into the video. The video's are skippy/laggy with our home network excellent and our isp connection very good(1gb service). Customer service wasn't helpful via email, they really wanted to talk on the phone which isn't the best way for the hearing impaired to communicate(me). . Summary: ring floodlight is good for general safety and security but they're not sufficient for identifying anything specific past 10 feet. Getting the settings right for both daytime & nighttime isn't easy. I'm happy with our ring products but they do require quite a bit of work with the settings in the beginning and then pretty constant tweaking after that. After a few weeks i'm still needing to change settings almost daily (the day/night differences mainly). . Suggested enhancements:. Add a brightness setting (a setting that lowers or raises the brightness of the camera). Times when the sun is shining directly, or nearly direct, into the camera makes it very difficult to see past about 10 feet. Fine tune the camera's light sensitivity at night to help stop the detection of indirect lights (far off headlights reflecting off a windshield or shiny paint sets off the lights). This is a security issue because at night passing cars can tell it's there.

Ring-floodlight-camera-motion-activated-security-(home-lighting-and-lamps) set picture

- R. Claudia i got this with my eyes wide open, knew a had a few flaws but also knew that the basic concept was very neat and if they could get it all to work as stated this would by far be a must have, not only for security, having fun with friends, well the list goes on and on. After a lot of trial and error it is working great now. Ok, let me first tell you what i have, i have the ring floodlight video camera,  tp-link ac1900 long range wireless wi-fi router (archer c9)tp-link ac1750 wi-fi range extender w/ gigabit ethernet port (re450), tp-link 2. 4ghz 8dbi indoor omni-directional antenna, 802. 11n/b/g, rp-sma female connector (tl-ant2408cl), sounds like a lot but it's not. The router settings are simple. There is free software programs out there (google it) that analyze your wifi signal quality, rssi, signal strength and more so when you have everything setup you aim your antennas at the range extender and look at free program to see if it's better or worse, keep doing this until you have best signal, remember ring floodlight video camera goes from 0-100, the lower the number the better:. Rssi (dbm) signal. -30 100%. -40 100%. -50 100%. -60 90%. -64 80%. -68 70%. -73 60%. -77 50%. -82 40%. -86 30%. -91 20%. -95 10%. A lot of people think the higher the number the better, wrong. I had ring outside mounted on front of carport, about 45 to 50 feet from router, the new c9 tp link from online store, well er, ah, what was i doing wrong, kept googling and reading and decided i had come this far can't stop now so ordered tp link range extender, boy did this make a difference. 2 ways to set up extender, simple way wps button, push it on router and then push big button on extender or what i did i used wps but named extender to, it will tell you how in instructions. Even though this was a major improvement i wanted more, after more reading i decided i needed the tp-link 2. 4ghz 8dbi indoor omni-directional antennas so i got 3 of them, but only use two, 1 on each end of router and one that came with router in middle. While reading up on antennas is where i read about aiming them at your device or extender. Man i was cooking with grease now. I thought it could not get any better than this. Ok, man was i wrong, completely. Today i moved ring floodlight closer to router by moving ring on this side of carport, 9 feet up mounted on front of house near window, window is 9 feet up to. Mounted ring, came inside, mounted range extender on window sill inside house, about 2 feet from ring outside separated by glass window, came to router, just aimed the 2 8dbi antennas at range extender, other antenna straight up, turn on iphone, live view and almost fell out of chair, there are no words to explain the difference in video quality. If you do it right, this is a must have. I had not even used free programs yet to test aiming of antennas so i looked at signal strength on ring app -25. This is the stuff if done right. Good luck. Also if you have ethernet connection and want to use wifi at same time (not be kicked off wifi upon every reboot, google use how to use ethernet and wifi at same time, youtube video tells you how to add two things to registry to make this happen, works great, again good ruck.

While i love all the ring products we have, this is by far the most superb product in the ring arsenal. The quality of video, the brightness of light, and the ease of use is amazing. Truly a remarkable product from ring (and it looks great in black! )

U. Stacey, Ontario

Brand :    ring
Color :    White
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    Floodlight Camera
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting And Lamps (Home Improvement product review) for Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk Siren Alarm, White available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $189.00 (was $249.00)
  • Dual sensors with object and facial detection
  • Ultra wide-angle motion sensors
  • Crystal-clear hd video / 110-decibel siren alarm
  • Two ultra-bright led floodlights

ring chime, a wi-fi-enabled speaker for your ring video doorbell Price : 29, was : 0 as 2018-01-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Ring Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Ring Video Doorbell (8ac1s5 0en0) Reviewed by on puqus.com

Top ring chime, a wi-fi-enabled speaker your ring video doorbell (8ac1s5 0en0) Content

The F.A.Q. for ring chime, a wi-fi-enabled speaker for your ring video doorbell

I love most everything about the ring except the distance in the range. I need a zone 3 as a bus stops in front of my home and my ring chimes constantly. Other than this small annoyance, i'm so satisfied. I will be ordering another one for my backdoor.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Ring-Chime-Wi-Fi-Enabled-Speaker-Doorbell

(0) Question: I'll have to install this on vinyl siding, i. e. uneven surface. will that be a problem?

(1) Question: Does it only work through ring hq servers? will it become a dumb switch if ring goes out of business?

(2) Question: Does it have a doorbell function that you can hear from inside the house or do you have to carry your phone around everywhere?

(3) Question: Can i access multiple doorbells from a single smartphone?

(4) Question: Does the ring have the ability to send notifications to more than one iphone?

(5) Question: When the doorbell rings how long do we have to accept the notification or will it just show the person on the phone right away?

(6) Question: It works on 220v?

(7) Question: Does it work with a laptop

(8) Question: Does this door bell have an indoor chime also? what if im home and my phone is not on?

(9) Question: If you don't use their cloud feature and opt out of paying $3 per month, specifically, what functionality do you lose?

(10) Question: Is this unit secure? meaning is it hard to unhook and steal? wouldn't want to spend $200 and have someone take it.

(11) Question: The product description says, "motion-triggered alerts. notify you. " multiple reviews state the motion sensor is not yet activated. pls clarify.

(12) Question: Some doorbells unlock the door by pressing a button. can i do that with this?

(13) Question: How does the recordings work? how can i access previous recordings if i need to review an incident or need to show police proof?

(14) Question: How to ring inside wireless? don't have a wired doorbell, would like ring inside the house. today i have a wireless doorbell.

(15) Question: Does it have app on windows7?

(16) Question: How many smartphones can access the ring? is it only synced up to one phone? thanks.

(note) Question: where/how to get Ring (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Ring's products

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Updated 12/18/2017:. Decided to upgrade to the ring pro. Experienced a problem with the basic ring related to power consumption. Even though hardwired, the primary source of power appears to be the battery, which is depleted quickly with frequent motion alerts and frequent use of "live view". The battery should be able to continually charge, but apparently it wasn't charging fast enough. Experienced "poor" signal strength and weak battery. Ring customer support is very responsive by phone and email. . Purchased the ring (basic) video doorbell from an online store third-party seller. We had just returned the skybell after a very brief and unfortunate experience, including a lack of skybell customer service. Ring seemed like the only other inexpensive option. I m probably going to be disappointed when the 30 day free trial of video storage expires, but overall, ring is doing exactly what we wanted. It was very easy to set up and the instructions were accurate. The set up takes place before attaching the unit to the wall. That was a good idea and we were able to test the video and bell before installing it. We hardwired it to an existing doorbell, but there is a built in battery that is said to last about a year, so this is a good option for locations without an existing doorbell. I have the motion range set nearly to the maximum and have received alerts only when someone is on the property, in the driveway, or at the door. It has not been triggered by activity at the next door neighbor s property, which is actually within video view, but outside of the set motion range. It also hasn t been triggered by street activity. The motion detection is perfect so far. Some reviews have said that the connection is too slow to see people when they re approaching, but that s not been our experience. We are alerted as soon as there is nearby activity and the video seems to be in real time. The sound quality is also good. Not perfect, but more than adequate for a doorbell. Video and audio quality may be related to having high speed internet and a whole house mesh network to cover outside devices. I wish the video storage was free. Even if it was only for a few days of storage. That would be long enough to review video in the event of a problem. I don t plan to subscribe to video storage. The app is very basic. It would be nice if the chime could be changed. There s a volume control, but no ability to change the sound. My husband is partially deaf and he doesn t always hear the chime s particular tone. I rated it as four stars because of the inability to change the chime and because there s no free, temporary video storage.

Bestsellers, Home Lighting AccessoryTop Ring Chime, A Wi-fi-enabled Speaker Your Ring Video Doorbell (8ac1s5 0en0) FAQ Content

Best ring chime, a wi-fi-enabled speaker your ring video doorbell (8ac1s5 0en0) in review

I bought the ring a couple of weeks ago and so far i love it. It works very well and captures excellent video. The areas that are not perfect: 1. My house is concrete and it required a high end power drill (which i don't own) to get the drill bit to penetrate the concrete and 2. The motion detection is very sensitive (despite adjusting it). However, i have disabled motion alerts. This still allows me to watch the videos captured by motion detection, i just don't get a phone alert.

F. Betty, Cheshire

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Z. Dorine, Maryland says

Install was very easy. The view from the camera is a tad high, i discovered after drilling holes into my brickwork that there is an optional wedge kit to point the camera down. Wish i had known this before mounting the doorbell since the mounting holes are different for the mounting wedge kit. The instructions should guide one to hold the camera in place and record video prior to mounting to be sure the view is what you need. . Notifications work well on the phone. I added a ring chime as well since i don't have my phone on me around the house. It's great to get an audible notification when a delivery is made and the bell isn't rung. . The storage fee for video at $3 a month is a little high, compared to security monitoring fees i suppose its cheap.

S. Sherry, Rheinland-Pfalz

Sorry about the length of this review, but i had a lot to say. It was not an easy install and required ring technical support to make it work, but they were great technicians and provided a lot of help to get it done. I have a lot of videos that only started after the subject was walking away or never triggered a video even though the subject was crossing the path, entering a vehicle, and driving away and the same after returning. I have motion detection videos that were completely black and the following one was all white. After installing pro chime, the signal was better, but the video still starts late even after extending the range, such as mail delivered, but the mailman was not videoed until leaving. At least it is working better now and i will continue to experiment to get it to give me more security at my front door and may need more technical advice to eliminate or understand why i get those non-triggered motions. I do like the concept and ability to see, check and talk to the person at the door using my phone while away from home or my pc when home and that is what i bought it for. Installing a bright motion detection light above the ring also helps at night.

D. Cageen, Shropshire says

Update to my original review below: after seeing my comments ring support reached out to me. They were excellent and very motivated to solve the issue. They sent me a new ring chime and it worked as advertised. I would give it 5 stars but i'm knocking one off due to the issues i had with the 2 prior devices. . I had 2 of these shipped to me, one from online store and one from ring directly. The online store one showed up, plugged it in, followed the directions and it wouldn't connect to my network. Went to ring's website and followed all the troubleshooting directions, nothing worked. Got one of their tech's on chat, followed all his instructions, didn't work. He asked for the mac id as if was an identifier of a bad batch and said he would ship a new one immediately and to send the online store one to them when the new one shows up. The device from ring showed up, same story, same result. Both went back to where they came from. I really wanted this to work but nothing i did helped and my network is not the issue. And i just found out my neighbor's ring pro just died 3 days after buying it. Quality control issues? who knows. I just hope my ring pro lasts longer than his did. Unless they solve whatever their issue is i won't be buying anymore of their products like i had planned. I was really looking forward to getting their spotlight and stick up cam but not now.

Q. Theola, Newcastle upon Tyne

I had seen the ring doorbell and kind of dismissed it as a viable security concern, until i bought one due to increased concerns in my neighborhood. After down loading the app and the super easy install i was very impressed! the app is very full featured and offers things like live view which i was unaware of. This product works very well for me and although the camera optics on my original issue ring are not the best, it easily accomplishes its goal in providing me the activity information i want. I am seriously considering the flood cams for the front and back of my house at this time. Thanks for a very good product!

P. Sarah, Blackpool says

As an engineer, i go nuts over techie toys like this but am not easily pleased by marketing hooplah and fancy packaging alone. So far, i'm pleased to report that the ring doorbell's performance has exceeded my expectations of what a smart doorbell should be. I'm satisfied with the lag ( 1 to 4 secs in my testing) from pressing the doorbell to getting a phone notification message. Daytime/nighttime (has 2 ir emitters) video quality is better than expected. 720p resolution is very good. Viewing angle is very good. 2 way audio quality and volume is reasonable for most outdoor applications (making this in app adjustable would be great feature though! ). It's faults are already well known: motion sensing feature not currently enabled, no ability to remotely activate the viewer in the current app, no settings to turn off the in-unit fake doorbell sound, no setting to temporarily disable interior doorbell sound (unlike skybell). I do have a high speed internet connection and strong wifi coverage to support the hd quality video feed. Your results might differ if you don't have these by your front door location. . I do hope the ring app designers release an update soon to fix some of the limited capabilities, but i am quite satisfied with even the current functionality of the device. I've never used the doorbot (the predecessor to ring) and based on its horrid reviews i was scared to even give ring a try. Well, i generally think this is a better looking and higher performing product than skybell and i'm glad i took the gamble to try it out. . 3/11/15 edit: motion detection feature is now enabled and worked pretty reliably for the few days that i tested it. I disabled it again since i don't like generating an alert every time i enter and exit through the front door. I played a little bit with my wifi router placement and noticed that the ring doorbell really needs a strong signal for reliable performance. When i moved my router further, my video recordings would get choppy and my notification lags would range from 2-10 seconds. Sometimes, it simply could not connect meaning you would get no video recordings and no notification of a visitor other than the hardwired existing doorbell chime. I contacted ring support and they remotely decreased the resolution of the video to better cope with a low bandwidth/poor wifi situation but that didn't help enough. I would suggest that if you have performance issues with this doorbell that you increase your wifi signal by better router placement or install a signal extender and see if that corrects your problems. Overall, i'm still happy with this product.

K. Hayward, Virginia

When i first saw the commercial about ring, i knew i had to try it and with online store prime, i had nothing to lose, since i could always return it if i wasn t satisfied. It arrived several days later and i rushed to install it. The packaging itself is something to behold. Think iphone packaging. I knew if the same amount of engineering went into the product as went into the box then i surely had a winner. Amazing. It s worth buying the product just to see the box. Included are all the mounting tools you would ever hope to need. A clear plastic area over the ring is labeled try me, and of course i did and my excitement grew. Mounting the ring was easy. What took the longest was making sure the ring had a good charge. Had our existing doorbell been wired instead of wireless, i would just have had to attach the wires to the ring. I did have one problem when setting up the app on my phone. I entered the incorrect wireless password. I ended up having to call support. Their hours on my package said they are open 9-5 pst but they are really open 7-7. No complaints there. The tech support person i spoke with was terrific. It was a simple matter for them to have me reset the ring and everything connected. Once done i had to test it and it really worked. Last weekend we were travelling and the ring alerted me that we had a visitor. It was our postal delivery woman. By the time i answered the alert, she was getting back in her car. Hey billy, thanks for the delivery. She responded, are you inside? no, we re in charleston. She looked a bit confused, got really close to the ring and asked if i wanted her to sign for a package. I don t think she ever realized we were 300 miles away and we could have been anywhere. The ring is truly amazing. Video saved to the cloud if you want. Two way voice communication. A motion detector that uses a heat signature. Are you kidding me? it is a great product and i highly recommend it.

J. Franklin, Greenwich says

I live in the sticks and have a little less than 1mbps upload speed on my internet. I first tried the ring pro, but that didn't work at all (that one requires a minimum of 2mbps upload and i had no idea my upload speed was so slow). Even though a ring representative told me this early version of the ring doorbell needed at least 1mbps upload to work, i decided to try it anyway. I would say it works about 80% of the time. It's still my best option but it's frustrating that it only picks up motion in the afternoon and evening. The camera faces north, and in the mornings when the sun is to the east, it will not detect anything, including large vehicles that come up the drive from the north and pass the east side of the house. It has nothing to do with the connection to the internet, and everything to do with the camera and the motion detection. Also, the night vision is poor and limited. So if you have slower internet and your options are limited, this isn't the worst. I would not use it as your only source of security since it's not 100% reliable, but it has caught a lot of action in our front yard and it's still better than not having anything at all.

M. Colleen, Nova Scotia

I have mobility problems, and i miss a lot of deliveries due to not getting to the door on time. The ring doorbell solves this problem for me. It is an excellent product, easy to install, and easy to set up and use. The single area that i see needs improvement is the battery life, when used as a standalone without hooking up stationary power. To conserve power, i turn off motion detection and turn it on when i have deliveries scheduled. Thus, until the delivery people get used to pushing the button, rather than knocking, i can let them know i'm on my way to the door. As i live in a condo with a hallway, i wanted the "chime" of the device itself silenced. Customer service did this very quickly and efficiently, coming in over the net. I am pleased with both the product and service. A great product, especially at the price point.

X. Anonymous, Leicester says

Update 6/6/2017. Someone pried the button off my doorbell and i had to interact with ring customer service for the first time. I'm upgrading them back to 5 stars because i was so impressed with my interaction (unlike skybell). I went on chat to see about buying a replacement button. Zach told me they didn't offer replacement buttons, but would be happy to replace the whole unit for me. A few minutes later, i had an order confirmation and a new unit on the way. I'm impressed by how easy it was to contact them, and how responsive they were. On top of that, i'm pretty sure a break-in to my neighbour's house was averted when a suspicious person came to look through her windows last night and she confront him through her ring. . Update 6/1/2016. Finally got live view on my own ring now. Other members of my household got it a few weeks earlier than i did so they don't seem to roll it out by household but rather by individual account. . Update 3/31/206. Although my ring has the latest firmware update (1. 6. 76), i still don't seem to have live view on my app. According to the ring support site this feature is being steadily rolled out and users will receive an email when their device has been enabled. My neighbour's ring has already been activated so i added a screenshot of what your ring should look like with live view as an option. Note : according to the support page on live view, you will only have this feature on the regular ring if you are connected to doorbell wiring for power. . Update 3/23/2016. You might want to wait to get the new ring pro depending on your needs. They just announced that they are accepting preorders for availability within the next couple of months (not available to preorder on online store yet. ) the new pro version requires wired doorbell power while this current version allows battery. The pro version is 1080p instead of 720p and supposedly has better options around motion detection and night vision. I'm curious to see if the pro version will resolve some of the issues i've seen (and some of the criticisms other reviewers have) of the delay between a motion alert or doorbell ring and getting the alert on your phone. . In my previous update 3/19/2016 i erroneously stated that only ring pro will have live view. As joe pointed out in the comments, live view should be available as a firmware update for existing ring devices. My device did not yet update so i cannot test this feature, but once mine does i will check it out and update this review again! . . -. I bought the skybell first because i hadn t heard of ring. Due to a manufacturing issue where i started seeing the video feed of someone else s front door instead of mine, i got a ring instead. I'm actually glad it happened because i prefer the ring so much more to skybell, despite some of the limitations. . Having had a chance to install both on my door, here are my impressions:. . *installation*. Skybell comes with the bell, a mounting plate, and some instructions. Screws were standard and installation was relatively straightforward. Getting the doorbell to connect to our network was a pain. It wasn t able to connect via a 5g network plus it didn t have strong enough signal strength so we had to get a second router for and set up a whole separate network for skybell. . Ring s package impressed the heck out of me. You get a little tool pouch with all the tools you need to set up the ring, including a screw driver, drill bit, self level and more. If you are screwing into stucco (as i was), i don t recommend you use the included drill bit. The hole it drilled was a little large and i had to silicone caulk the hole afterwards to give the screws enough grip. Ring connected to our network pretty seamlessly and didn t need to have a separate network nor require the 2nd router. . *size*. Ring is much larger than skybell. I wish it was thinner but i understand there s a lot to cram in. The ring does stick out quite a bit visually on my wall, but worth it for what i get. See attached photo to see the size difference. . Skybell: 2. 15cm / 0. 8in thick, 7. 1cm / 2. 8in diameter. Ring : 0. 87in thick, 4. 98 tall by x 2. 43 inches wide. . *battery / power to the device*. Skybell is fairly low powered, so there is no battery attached to it. It runs off the power from your doorbell so it cannot be mounted anywhere you do not have direct power. . Ring is battery powered. I charged it to about 60% via a usb cord first before i plugged it into the wall. You can get some trickle power from the doorbell, but depending on the weather and use, you may find you drain the battery faster than it charges. An hour after the bell has been plugged and with one test video call in i was at 57% battery. Three days later it charged to 77%. This might get annoying, but it does mean ring can be mounted anywhere, not just where you have direct power. . *mobile app*. Skybell only lets you have one user at a time. If you want more than one person to have access to the video stream you have to share accounts. I do like that you can see your doorbell on demand. I like being able to check in on my door. I understand that ring is working on this but it s not yet available. . Ring lets you have multiple users. The first installed user just has to send email invites to the other users. Ring shows you recent activity, but you need to pay a $3 a month subscription to see your videos on cloud. I wish that wasn t the case but $3 isn t that bad. I imagine i will upgrade for the cloud storage long term. . In terms of use of app, the ring interface was relatively straightforward to use and understand. I like being able to set the active zones for tracking motion so that you don't get too many false alarms. . *video on demand*. Skybell : yes, but i saw another person's front door too. Ring : not yet, coming soon. . *motion detection:*. Skybell : yes. Ring: yes. . *video quality*. I couldn t find the specs on the skybell. Ring seemed to have slightly higher video quality in the day and slightly higher audio quality but this may be subjective. . Please note : if you are expecting the quality that you get on your web cam or facetime on an iphone the quality will not be comparable. This is still early technology so the voice quality and video quality will be a bit crude. I suspect the design team had to make some trade-offs between video quality and ability to power the unit via battery / trickle charge from the doorbell electrical wire. That said, i am able to identify the voices and recognize people in the camera so that for me is sufficient though of course i hope that future generations will continue to improve in this respect. Ring's cloud recording page gives you a pretty accurate idea of what your videos would look like. . *lag / delay between door bell ring and phone notification*. Seems to be about the same on both. There is a bit of a delay, but for me that s acceptable compared to the alternative of just missing the door altogether. . *customer service*. Haven't had to interact with ring's customer service, but skybell's was so horrid i'm still upset about the interaction. Skybell wanted me to ship my defective skybell to them at my expense when it was broadcasting someone else's video stream instead of mine right from the start. I get that it's expensive for them, but it's not a way to win a customer. . Update : i actually did have to interact with ring customer service and they impressed me greatly. My doorbell button was probably tampered with and they issued an exchange, no questions asked within minutes of contact. . Overall, between skybell and ring, ring wins for me hands down.

L. Finch, Oregon

Pretty painless except if you don't want to hook up to a doorbell in which case they require an unusually large resistor (not included). A bit slow to pick up sometimes, would prefer if the ring had a faster response especially when hardwired. Sometimes the notification gets hidden/cancelled when you unlock your phone but that's really the phones fault. Just enable the remote view features to reconnect. Mounting plate is a bit fragile especially in early models which used a threaded screw that can break they latch if overtightened, newer ones appear to be fixed. Get the pro if your wall is bumpy or uneven since the wider non pro model can be hard to mount level due to its wish.

W. Shirley, Stockton-on-Tees says

I love my ring doorbell! i m thankful that i got it at such a great price. I only have two complaints. My driveway sits to the side of my home. I can t fix it so that one zone goes out further than the other. So right now i get alerts from cars going down my street but only get alerted about ppl in the driveway once they re at the door. My second complaint is that the recording seems to start a little late and ends a little too early. Like i can t get to delivery drivers fast enough to tell them to move the package to the side. I ve watched other videos in my area. I wonder if that s user error? i ll try to figure it out. I still love that i can monitor my front door, even when i m not home. The other day i wasn t dressed and i was able to talk to the person without having to hide behind the door. Of course i recommend this doorbell!

A. Terry, Plymouth says

I currently own several blink cameras which would notify me of motion on my front porch. We had some issues with neighbors stealing my packages so the cameras were helpful in that regard. Last week, i noticed that a gentleman wearing the logo of the local electric company was ringing my doorbell and eyeballing some packages on the front stoop that were left for me. I really wished that i could ask him what he needed, but alas, i could not with my current set up! i read the reviews on ring, ring pro and skybell. As i currently do not have a wired doorbell (the house is 96 years old), the ring seemed to work best with my set up. . Since i was not connecting the ring to any existing wiring, i did have to wait for it to charge fully. Once charged, set up really was extraordinarily easy and i had the whole thing up and running within a few minutes. I live off a fairly busy street and the doorbell does alert me to some traffic motion, but not as often as my blink cameras. . I did also purchase a chime for the inside of the house. I have not been able to get that up and running as of yet, i am working on troubleshooting that with the ring team - looks like the firmware is incorrect on the chime.

N. Susan, Montana

It has been a month with our ring i am not very impressed. It is facing straight down the center of our completely level 30 foot long walk way to our front door. Sometimes it picks up motion at the end of our walk other times it won t pick up motion until someone is five feet from our door. It never fails to pick up cars in the street 55+ feet away though. One solicitor was able even to get up to the door leave a letter and walk away without ever being detected. But it caught the garbage truck. When the mail carry delivers packages it sure catches them dropping them off but never catches their faces or them walking up. It is great if someone rings the actual doorbell but if you are trying to catch a package thief, good luck. Don t mind that taxi in the roadway though. . Video quality is only okay. If the is just in the wrong spot it makes the video vary grainy. . Tl/dr: would not by this again. Picks up cars in the street but not people approaching the door on a level walkway. I may try a better one though.

T. Guest, Sachsen says

We were excited to add the ring video door bell to our home security system. It is about the easiest way to bring yet another level of safety at a very reasonable cost. The installation was a snap, the directions easy to follow. Our system is hard wired, without the need for the ring chime. That being said, our router and modem are at one of the house, the doors at the other. We had to purchase a signal extender to get the video to work. Setting that up was no chore, but getting it all to sync together took a little time. The signal extender was not the issue. It was the time it took the ring to connect with it. I had to reboot everything, disconnect the door button, and start over several times. The signal strength was well over 5. 68, uploads and download times are well above the recommendations, but the actual time it took the door bell to connect was pretty slow. It is sensitive to movement, and adjusting that also took some time. It was registering every car that passed by, even when set at 10'-15'. (front door is 49 feet from street). It even registers the swing of our rain chains! . Once we got it all synced in, and adjusted for proper angle (recommend wedges) for vertical face alignment), it works very well, even after dark. I would have liked to know about the wedges, and signal extender, plus the sync time. But with everything electronic these days, there's a learning curve. Overall, this is a great setup! a lot of help found on the ring support page, too! thanks!

G. Gina, Thueringen

This product is great for what we needed. It can be power by either a battery or get wired to the low voltage wiring for the existing doorbell. I can not testify to the how long the battery last, but i have had it up for a month and is still working fine. The associated app tells you about the level of the batter amongst other things. It has served well as a both a security camera and a door bell especially with the extended chime that is sold separately. Without the extended chime, you may not hear the bell from outside, but it does ring on your phone once you have the app installed. In regards to the app, it does allow multiple people to use it and receive the alert that someone is at the door. . The only thing i do not like thus far is the monthly fee for the cloud service that is needed to store video. It is not a substantial amount at $3. 00 a month, but with all the cloud services we consumers already have, there should be a way to integrate that into our existing cloud services. I understand it is a business model, but perhaps they can provide that capability at a price point so we can set it up to connect to our own cloud services. . Despite the low monthly fee, it is still a good product and does as advertised.

C. Isabel, New York says

Liking this so far. The way our porch and door are we had to choose a view between two angles. So we can t see all of our porch unfortunately. Wish the second camera was less expensive. We also weren t able to hard wire it so have to keep an eye on the battery. Which by my guess will last about 10 days. Does this stop package thieves? not in my area. But atleast we can get their picture and know who to look out for. Neighbors share their findings on nextdoor. So because of that, in my case, i know where one of the main package thief perpetrators in the area lives. So i could go pay a visit to him at his home if he ever steals from me. (the police in my area are a bit of a joke).

V. Alma, Kirklees

I'm picky about products. I like products that are easy to install and that work well. That being said, i am forgiving and i understand if some installations are harder. . My installation had a doorbell perpendicular to the door so i had to order an angle/wedge. My door is about 5' high instead of 4' off the ground because of the stoop. . I installed the ring doorbell with the angle/wedge mount and was able to get it completely wired up very quickly. It's a little too high which means that it's showing motion on some vehicles at the road (about 30') away. . This is tuneable. I could tune it and i've tested it and it does work. But damn it, i really like seeing which big cars and vehicles come around and it's great for spotting whether the mail carrier has already been by. . Overall, it's a fantastic product and it even integrates with my wink hub very well.

R. Rochelle, Kent says

Only had this for a week, and with all the negative reviews i was compelled to write my own review. First of all we had a break in a week ago, and i felt that we needed something like this fast, you get what you pay for, and this is not expensive in my view. We also do not have high speed internet in our home, which is a bummer, but after tweaking the "ring" over the last week, i'm pretty confident it will capture anyone who is standing outside our door. The first night we had it we had the sensitivity turned up all the way, plus we left our outside light on, with moths flying around, this triggered so many motions that i had to charge the battery the next day. Battery life is short in colder climates, we had to charge it after only using it for two days, now it's at 4 days since we totally charged the battery and it's down to 42%, which means we'll probably be charging it again this weekend. I think now that we have it tuned in better, and the moths aren't setting it off every two minutes this will slow some, but i'll bet we will be charging it at least once per week during the cold weather. It's not exactly what we expected, but patients, and learning exactly how to use the sensitivity gives me peace of mind. Due to our slow speed internet we may not be able to use this reliably as a door bell, but as a motion detector with a video of whom ever is outside it is working good/not great, but good. We'll keep it. I read one review where a person owned a vacation home, in florida, but lived in france. They had purchased this for their home in florida, and was not happy that they were not able to "update" it from afar, you have to be able

I. Hurst, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

There have been more and more package theft in the nearby cities and shopping season was here, i took the opportunity to buy my first ring when it was on sale. The installment was easy. I did not like the position where my doorbell is (well, it's a condo so i cannot do anything) so i decided to install ring on my door. The wifi signal is not well but i managed to have it connected. . Ring has been working great. I receive notifications whenever there are movements. One time i just left home and came back to pick up the signature-required usps package when the mailman decided to ring me. Save my time to run usps. I can even tell when my package was not delivered but received notification that it was (funny, huh! ).

B. Wimbish, Iowa says

This is really neat little device. I've had no issues with installing it, using the app, answering the chime or any other issues. Maybe the battery life (i wasn't able to connect it to the regular doorbell wiring) could be a little better but i'm still in shakedown mode so that's not an issue so far. If you have a lot of traffic at your front door then i don't think this is for you. But if you want a notice when somebody comes to the door and you want to be able to answer it even if you're not there, then this is a neat solution. It is a bit larger than a 'normal' doorbell, so you will have to be a little creative in placing it. The view is sort of like a peep hole and can be a bit distorting but i haven't had any trouble recognizing who is at the door. Works for me.

O. Lynette, Bromley

Very cool little gadget. I was very impressed with he angle of the camera, very wide. I was worried that using my old doorbell location would only allow me to see people when they're at the door, and my view of them might be limited. But it field of vision is so wide i can see all the way down my path to the street with the camera located perpendicular to my door. I've had no false alerts from the motion sensor and it's actually a fun way for my kids to run out and ask me a question when i'm at work without them having to facetime me! i shall be buying the stick on camera for above my garage and possibly the flood light camera too for the back yard.

. Monique, New Hampshire says

My ring wi-fi enabled video doorbell is installed and working well, but i was disappointed with the shape it was in when i received it. I bought the item used, and it stated in the description that there was some "cosmetic damage" on the exterior of case. When it arrived, the bottom of the unit that holds the two set screws to lock it in place was all scratched up and the screw head slots were so stripped up that i haven't yet been able to get one of them out. I did manage to get the other one to screw out, and was able to force the unit onto the bracket without breaking off any of the plastic tabs, but now i only have one screw to lock it down. . Even so, it works well, and i've been able to "answer the doorbell" from work and other places, and to see when packages arrive. I turned a salesman away when my wife and i received a doorbell notice while having dinner at a local restaurant. I told him that we had just sat down to dinner and that this wasn't a good time for us. I wasn't lying, as we had literally just sat down for dinner. What i didn't tell him was that we were 15 miles from home at the time. . We have only had a couple of false alarms early in the mornings when birds have flown too close to the unit and when our yardman passed too close when mowing the lawn. Other than that, it has worked flawlessly. I have taken the unit off once to charge the battery and link it to our new wi-fi router. I had no issues taking it off or snapping it back into place. It has already been worth the price (and most of the frustration). I recommend the unit, but would highly recommend paying the extra and getting a new unit rather than a used one.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Taylor, Wisconsin says

Like so many others, i was impressed with the advertised capabilities of this product. I was excited when it arrived; and the installation wasn't too onerous, though it is difficult to get a straight alignment when drilling brick. . The setup of the device worked flawlessly, and it connected to my network and responded appropriately. I chose not to use a hardwired installation, so i needed to charge the internal battery which i understood was to last from 6 mos. To a year between charges. The charging didn't go well. I tried several apple, belkin, and pc charging sources; but i never saw the spinning white/blue led ring. . After finally getting a call back from tech support, the technician was happy to send out a new unit. I am waiting for its arrival over the next 4-5 business days. . In the meantime, at 50% charge, i decided to use the current unit until the new one arrives. Other buyers are correct, the iphone and ipad apps are terrible. Some parts of the app are okay, but generally they are very poor. The website controls are even worse. Video playback and download are not good. . To add insult to injury, after one day the unit has now completely failed. I hope that the replacement is better, or i will be sending this junk back. . Early march 2016 update: after receiving the replacement unit. I am fairly satisfied. I did make one big change that i believe eliminated a potential weakness. I hardwired the doorbell to the existing system. The weak point in the product may be the battery. . The ios apps still need some work, but all-in-all the product is now delivering as it was supposed to in the beginning. . Late march 2016 update: the software is incredibly buggy. Today a month's worth of deleted videos reappeared. Despite every effort they keep coming back. My rating keeps dropping as i get more experience with it.

T. Rhonda, Nevada

For whatever reason, the one i ordered from online store never arrived and they refunded my purchase price. I used the money to buy a video doorbell 2 at costco simply because it was faster than trying again with online store. Anyway, this is a fun gadget. Setup is pretty easy although getting a decent signal can take some experimentation (i tried the chime pro without success but did have a good result with a linksys extendder. ). I like being able to use the "live view" to see what's going on in the neighborhood (weather in particular) when i'm out of town. But, as many other reviewers have noted, the delay in triggering recording means that, unless someone coming to your door stands there facing it for a while, you'll really only see the back of that person after they've turned and walked away. (so, if you're getting this to try and identify what are being called "porch pirates: people who grab your packages and run, you're probably out of luck. There are better options for that . ). The video quality during the day is quite good, but the night ir, while cool, isn't very detailed. Again, for my purposes, it's fine, but, don't think that you'll be able to identify individuals. In short, i like it for my limited purposes. It could be handy to see who's standing at your door if you don't mind waiting for the device to trigger and activate your phone and then have your phone activate the device. In other words, at least with my installation, it'll be a minute or so before i can actually see who's there once they've arrived.

I. Weber, South Gloucestershire says

The concept is cool. The quick and easy set up is cool. Though like many others, i'm encountering all the "bad" about the product. The delay in motion detection, the lack of push notifications being sent to my phone. The black screen of doom where there's no picture of sound. I cannot justify the purchase of this product and would seriously recommend waiting for a "better" version, or for all the bugs to be worked out first. If this device was $50 i probably would keep it hoping the kinks get worked out but at $200 it's easier to just buy a wireless camera or a whole new security system. . (did all the troubleshooting, attempted various fixes recommended by the "ring community" - and still no go. Internet is blazing fast, wireless is speedtested at 70mbps so the problems not on my end. ) i will definitely be returning this product.

. Suzanne, Telford and Wrekin

An item i wish i could give good rating for. Started out "okay" but got progressively worse. Granted my dsl is not the fastest, so i didn't expect completely smooth "real-time" viewing, but firmware updates for liveview, motion detection, door bell notification just got worse and worse. Now seeing black screen. Scheduled appointment with tech support last week. They cancelled 15 before start time. Rescheduled for last tuesday. They cancelled. Finally got someone, spent a hour or so rebooting, reconfiguring, at the end, worse than before. Yesterday called and girl tried to walk me through "fix" but ended up crashing my firmware to previous version. Spent an hour or so today just trying to get newest firmware back - no luck. Now, nothing is working on it. Oh. When i received it, some pins on back were slightly bent, but was told, no big deal (and it did work for a while) great concept. Terrible execution. If you have fast connection should work better as far as recording, but device is suspect. I think they sent me a returned item and now too late to return. $200 paperweight. Some might have good luck with it but it's a roll of the dice. I think they over sold the item and their bandwidth isn't enough to support all the users. Still waiting for call back from tier 2 support. . Okay, edit to add a few things. Ring did finally contact me, several times, got firmware back and device working again. An important point is that you do need a decent dsl/broadband speed. Att upgraded me from 1. 5mbps to 3. 0mbps last week. Improved the video a lot. Clearer, far less lag and appears to be more "real-time". Also, they sent me a new ring device to resolve any possible issue with bent pins. Again, it is a great concept, but there are still some bugs. They added a feature called liveview, where you can at anytime open the video to see what is outside your door and that will stay on for about 10 minutes if you desire. However, after installing the replacement unit and though i was upgraded to the latest version, the liveview feature does not work. Was told today that there is a known issue with some customers on this (obviously i am one of those) another bug is that when the motion detection goes off, the only alert i get is phone vibration. No audio notification working and thus far the tech support has not be able to guide me to make this work. Could be part of the issue that is affecting liveview. So, it does work for the most part, but i am frustrated that the liveview isn't working and i would really like to have an audio notification if there is motion detection. What's the point if it is later in the evening and i'm not carrying my phone and don't notice the vibration. It would be great to know that someone was hanging around my door. Hopefully they can resolve that for me. Saying all this, i still think it is a great concept, but you do need at least 3mbps and possibly may need to add a wi-fi extender for a better connection. Also, ring needs to get the bugs worked out. If i had liveview working and an audio notification for motion detection i would give it 5 stars. As it is, they have tried to help me and contact me about once a day trying to get it working so i bumped it up from 1 star to 3. Again, it may be a roll of the dice for you, but if it works the way it is advertised, it is a nice item to have.

P. Lawrence, Lorraine says

So far i'm pretty dissapointed in my new ring. The live feed option just shows a blank screen for starters and takes forever to load. The support forums basically chalk that up to being poor wifi signal but all my tests from next to the device show in excess of 50mbs download and 20+ up with very low latency. I'll move my wifi router closer to it when i get around to it to see if that improves the performance but i doubt it given current tests. Something wifi can't be blamed on is the lag or latency in start up. My ring is in an apartment building and is pointing all the way down a long hallway. I have the sensitivity set to maximum distance for motion detection but it still takes so long for the camera to start up that i can easily walk down the hallway at a normal rate of speed, unlock my door and enter my apartment without the camera picking me up and by the time it is recording i get 20 seconds of empty video. So far the only thing it's really useful for is the doorbell feature but i already had a doobell so yeah. This morning i crossed the hall to feed my neighbors cat while she's on vacation and the ring didn't pick and of that up and only caught my backside, after feeding the cat going back into my own residence.

V. Carolyn, Delaware

So this ring video doorbell worked for about 4 months. I came home one day and the door bell button was stuck in the down position and the unit burned out. I contacted ring and customer service was receptive and sent me a replacement unit. Unfortunately the replacement unit had trouble connecting to my solid wi-fi and i was directed to reboot the unit by holding down the orange button for 20 seconds. After the unit was rebooted it connected to wi-fi but would not charge or ring my mechanical door chime. My unit was hardwired to my doorbell using a 16 volt transformer and mechanical door bell and the first unit worked fine until it burned out. I spent some time on chat with customer service going through all the troubleshooting when they eventually agreed to send another replacement unit. . Fast forward a week and i received the replacement unit and it was doa (dead on arrival). No sign of life. I even stuck it on a wall charger for a couple of hours as instructed and nothing. . $200 for the unit and $30 for the video storage and access and nothing to show for it. I had high hopes for this device but have lost confidence in it. At this point i would say steer clear of this product or look at alternatives. . Online store will not let me return the item as it is after their refund period so now i am at the mercy of ring to see what will happen. I emailed ring customer service and advised them of the recent failure and will update this review when/if i get a response.

L. Patricia, Bremen says

I ordered the ring wi-fi enabled video doorbell, the 2x ring stick up cams with solar panel bundle and the ring chime all at the same time on 11/27/17 and while i m writing this it is now 12/6/2017. The first few days of having an entire set up (video door bell, 2 outside cams, and chime) were awesome. It activated on motions and prompted my phone with a message to answer. Sweet! as a usmc vet and currently working in law enforcement for 10 + years, i love all the aspects of security and the toys associated with it. Now i will say that downloading the app, installing everything, syncing the devices to the phone app and wireless router were very user friendly. Again, sweet! i had all 4 devices running with no problems within the hour of opening the package. I also purchased some outdoor solar activated motion lights to go in dark areas of the yard to help as a criminal deterrent and assist with better picture quality/identification for persons in view of the camera. I ran into a few problems with the phone app and being able to review footage, but the customer service was quick, helpful, and had me reinstall the app. Fixed. I was so excited and impressed that i went right back on the internet, bought two additional solar spotlight cams ($500) and the $100. 00 a year unlimited access subscription. At first there were some really great shots during the day and especially at night with help of the motion sensor lights, but areas that did not have the help of the lights were pretty poor quality. After a few days i went back to look at the recordings and man . Most of the recordings were terrible, not only were the motion activations delayed, it only caught the very end of a person or vehicle passing in view of the camera. If you are planning on doing a police report with intentions of further investigations, it s better than having nothing, but very weak for a conviction or getting further intel to make an arrest. It wasn t until about two days ago 12/4/2017 the products became independent, they choose when they wanted to work, when they wanted to detect motion, when they wanted to notify the phone, and when they wanted to record. My internet and internet devices are not the problem, as i also own the top of the line router and modem; netgear cm700 (32x8) docsis 3. 0 cable modem and netgear nighthawk x8, ac5000 smart wi-fi along with having the xfinity extreme 150 internet connection. I also have a netreset nr-1000us smart power cycler for my modem and router, which does a daily (reboot) on your modem and router in sequential order, allowing the equipment to receive updated information from your internet service provider, auto-correct issues, and maximize internet speeds due to a fresh connection. My internet is fast as hell averaging around 140 mbps and i still receive strong wireless signals 7 houses down the street. Today i spent several hours trouble shooting (reading faqs and watching videos on the ring website) all the devices with little to no success and the ring chime just all together quit syncing with anything offline all the time. On top of that, the live feed would no longer start up, the motion detection quit working, and i even rang the doorbell several times with no recordings or notifications on my phone. Everything said good connection and everything was synced up according to the device health. I finally had enough of it all, spending $1000. 00 usd to have an incredibly cheap quality feel was not sitting comfortably with me, i immediately went for a refund. The customer service was helpful at first, but the two additional cameras that i purchased gave me trouble. The package was still located in california and as trying to figure out a way to prevent the shipping and save both me and the company time and money, i sought out a resolution. After speaking with one agent alex, he said that i need to notify the company ring once i received a fedex tracking number for the return package, he also said that if i can reroute the package, to just notify them as well. After spending an hour speaking with fedex, they informed me that the sender would have to request a reroute of the package. I got back on with the ring customer help to speak with another agent. This agent was extremely unhelpful, refused to do any further assistance and said that they don t contact fedex. The agent said that i will have to wait until the package is delivered from california all the way to the east coast, instead of just making a quick phone call and having the package rerouted in the same state, way to go out of your way to help the customer, now i have to wait 7 days and then pay full price for re-shipping. Overall the experience was extremely disappointing, great at first, but man . Was i let down. I would not recommend these products and the customer service really was great but depending on who you spoke too. I have been a online store customer since 2006 and this was the first time i ve made a return on a product(s). Onto the next quest for home security any suggestions ? ! ? ! . . 1/13/2018 update i gave back one star because customer service has been extremely helpful and supportive, i am looking forward to getting back on the ring team with further help from customer service.

. Tracey, Staffordshire

I received this product on sunday and installed monday evening. First off, i am not handy. I began by reading the instructions first. Shocking, i know. I downloaded the app and got it synced in no time at all. Everything you need is included in the box. I did not have a wired doorbell. I removed the old nonworking doorbell and installed the ringdoor bell in a snap. So far it works great! i am still working on the right setting for motion detection. . 1/20/18 i ve had the ring doorbell about 2 months now and need to update my review. The battery lasted 2 months, for me, until it needed to be recharged. And it alerted me when it got low. . The negative for me is that if the day is overcast it is not alerting much at all. And sometimes a package gets delivered and i get no alert at all. A car passing in the street will give me an alert, so i expect anyone on my porch or driveway should alert every time. I m not sure what to do about that.

O. Erickson, Kensington and Chelsea says

The ring has nominal picture quality level. The pro has much better picture quality. After the 30 day trial, you end up with a fancy door bell with a motion sensor. There is no recording of the movement or the ringing of the doorbell. You have to subscribe for this. This is a cheap knock off of a legit video security system. Ring recognized this, and then started upgrading to pro and offering motion sensing lights and stuff. If you are going to go all the way to ring, you are better off going to an arlo or similar system that has multiple cameras, better sensor, more complex controls and the ability at no charge to keep video recordings. Yes they are initially a bit more expensive, but you are getting something that is worth something - vs an inferior quality tool

G. Anderson, New Jersey

Our wired basic ding dong doorbell worked flawlessly since our house was built in 1960. Unfortunately the wiring was damaged beyond repair during a recent remodeling project. The ring doorbell looked like the perfect replacement. Foremost, it is battery powered with an advertised battery life of 6 to 12 months. The security features are also desirable. Since installing the ring doorbell nearly a year ago the battery has never lasted more than 15 days. Often i was recharging it after 4 or 5 days. In an effort to extend the battery life i went to the trouble and expense of hard wiring my ring doorbell. This doesn t seem to have much effect. The battery life is still around 5 to 10 days. Often after recharging i have to do a clean set up. . Update. Ring support helped me work around my battery problem. Ring's excellent 24/7 support is good reason to consider ring. I would recommend spending a little more and get the ring pro. It's hard wired and doesn't use a battery making it more reliable. If i had done this i could have avoided my problem.

. Gilmore, Georgia says

This device does what it says it will do - offers an audible ring for your ring doorbell, including a tone for motion detection. If that s what you need, then you should pick one up. But:. . * the reason i needed this is because the ring bell itself did not get along well with my existing doorbell - this requiring me to purchase this separate device. * this bell is pretty quiet. I can hear it from most (but not all) places in our home (2600 sq ft - so not huge). It has a barking dog done that you can t even hear outside of the door (10 feet away from the chime). . If you need a chime for your ring, this gets the job done. It s a shame it is required an it could certainly be louder.

C. Alice, East Riding of Yorkshire

Edited review: i have mixed feelings about my ring doorbell. I've been using it for almost 18 months. It enabled me to catch a porch pirate who stole more than $1000 of packages in the first 6 months. . I've had a number of service issues. Lots of times when someone walks up to the door it doesn't even trigger. If you set it to trigger easily, the battery can run out quickly, even if it's wired for a power source. . It recently just stopped working, for no obvious reason. It had to be removed, and reconnected to the wifi system, again. . The addition of live view is nice, but it often takes 20-30 seconds to show, if it connects at all. Often if the door triggers, it won't show me video at all on my device. My internet connection is faster now than when i first got it, but still has problems showing right away. It didn't do this during the first 6 months. . I mostly use it to check for packages left on the porch, and it usually works in that regard. It's just not as versatile as i had hoped.

F. Nicole, Redcar and Cleveland says

I bought this for my parents. We installed it exactly as told and in the middle of the night the bell began ringing. My dad disconnected it at the bell at 3:30 in the morning. For the next three weeks we did everything the manufacturer told us to do. This included going back the door bell manufacturer and getting copies of the original door bell install diagrams and providing pictures of all components for the door bell. After nearly a month we got and email that said the door bell is not compatible. So sorry! due to the time it took to let us know and agony of it all, online store will no longer take it back as a return. Ring is horrible to deal with. To not know it was not complicated to know from the original email we sent them that their system never work with this type of chime. Now i have a bell i cannot return. Perhaps they know the exact length of time to hold you out on their emails and tech support so you fall a few days over their return limit. I'll definitely remember that one!

K. Anonymous, Northamptonshire

It works, but abysmally slow. It takes about 30 seconds to bring up the image and i have a 200 bps wifi with good reception on the porch. I will use another live cam and leave the ring there just to act as a $200 doorbell.

S. Marguerite, Waltham Forest says

Works well with echo view for live showing but thats about it. Very slow response time when doorbell is rung. Cant view in phone app in enought time to answer the door if at all. Not waterproof! it rained here in houston yesterday and my doorbell started ringing at 4:20am. Not funny! checked my ring app and nothing! went to the door and no one there. Thee were a few drops of water in the ring case causing the bell to short out and ring. Wish i had known that before i installed it. Since i have time left until i send it back i will try to seal it and see what if it fixes the problem. As for the other issues my doorbell will ring and i can use my other camera system as a backup to see who is there.

D. Colleen, Calderdale

I purchased and installed this item from an elderly family member. While it's a great device, there are a couple of issues that are very annoying. . The good:. . - nice quality video and very wide angle lens. - great to monitor activity near your door and deter unwanted guests. - relatively small design with good aesthetics. . The bad:. . - motion sensor gives off many false alarms. During sunrise the motion sensor goes off several times in the morning. The sun is in sight of the camera and it appears that the sun is setting off the alarm as there is no motion during those alarms. The motion sensor works by measuring thermal change. There is an option to block off zones for the motion sensor and adjust sensitivity. I have blocked off the region on the edge that the sun crosses during sunrise, and i have played with the various sensitivity settings. None have stopped the morning false alarms. - the mounting plate is flimsy plastic. This is not a problem if you are mounting the plate on a smooth surface such as brick or wood. However, on an uneven surface, such as common stucco, the plate will deform when you screw it to the wall and make it difficult or impossible to mount. A metal plate would be much better. I had to smooth out the uneven spots if the stucco to get is smooth enough for the mounting plate to work. - the security wrench is low quality. Do not tighten more than barely snug the two screws that hold the unit to the base plate, or you will strip the tool. - finally, the sound cannot be adjusted! this really bothers me. Everytime there is motion a loud wind-chime sound is played from your phone. I called tech support to ask how to change the default wind-chime sound to something not as loud and more discreet. I was told the sound cannot be changed and the only option is to leave your phone on silent / vibrate mode. I want to know when people approach the house so that was not a viable option for me. The wind-chime sound is loud and gets obnoxious very quickly if using the motion detection option. . Deducted 1 star for the remarkable lack of ability to change the motion sensor sound or door bell sound to less obnoxious sounds. Deducted 1 star for motion sensor false alarms. . It is a great device and i would buy it again. However i am not happy with it due to the sound and motion sensor issues. Fix those two problems and it will be super.

A. Emma, Niedersachsen says

 writing this review the morning after it took someone about 20 seconds to disable and steal our ring doorbell. Camera triggered too late to get a look at the person stealing it, speaker feature hung up and didn't activate (like usual) and it was gone from my house in a shockingly short amount of time. . Prior to today, i've always been a bit disappointed at the delay in the motion sensor in triggering the camera. I get quite a few packages weekly, and 90% of the time the camera doesn't activate until someone is walking away from the door. Sure enough, last night, it did not activate until the moment someone was putting their hand over the camera. When my husband tried to speak over it the app, as usual, it delayed and did not activate when it should have. Within 20 seconds the camera went dead. Doorbell gone, hole in my wall as well as feelings of security. When put to the test, it failed at every measure. Camera did not trigger in time to get any view of the person at my door, ability to speak through it didn't work (on an iphone 7 - current phone, updated), and it was gone from my house in less than a minute. So basically my ring doorbell let's me know when a car drives down the street, but when i need it to do what i bought it to do, it fails.

W. Cathy, Nevada

Battery is draining within a few days. Initially the ring worked as advertised . The past few months it has been draining battery within just days and stops working completely until i recharge it and reset it up. Ring support indicated it was likely wifi related and sent a chime pro. Battery drain problem still exists even though the chime pro registers a good signal and the doorbell an ok signal. Even if not a perfect wifi signal, i would expect more than a week on a full charge. Application has also had a number of bugs so it isn't working properly either. Am planning to continue contact with ring support, but am at this point very disappointed with the ring video doorbell and find that troubleshooting is taking an inordinate amount of time with no resolution in sight. Update: ring support sent a replacement doorbell and it if is finally working generally as expected, but with some delays in the connection time and not always connecting from my android phone with rings.

. Brenda, Utah says

This is has been a novelty, but waste of money in the long run. I'll say, i was having trouble with a neighbor and it served its purpose for the time i needed it, but has become another device/gadget that is a brick and will soon join the graveyard of cell phones, tablets and devices i "had to have" but didn't really fit the bill. . My main issue, and the one that will ultimately kill ring for me, is the battery life. I didn't have a working doorbell and wanted a security device so this seemed perfect. I fully understood that i'd have to charge my ring if it wasn't connected to working doorbell wires, but not nearly as much as i do. I charged it every few days! reviews and descriptions led me to think the battery lasted months and that's not the case. I was unscrewing and charging that thing all the damn time! so, for at least two days a month i didn't even have it because it was charging. I changed settings and followed all recommendations. If a free standing doorbell that's not hard wired is what you want, i just can't suggest ring. . What ring excels as is customer service. I've called because of this issue and a mounting issue and they were so helpful and receptive to wanting to fix things. They really excel in this area. I hope they don't change their customer service model!

X. Alba, Colorado

I was really hoping this device would work as advertised. I tried with the help of ring tech support to get the motion part to work. The door bell works fine. They asked me to change the angle downward and i have added several washers to change the angle. However the motion keeps picking up cars and trucks that are about 40 feet away. I have have the motion zones set at only 5 feet. Not sure why or how its picking up heat signatures over 40 feet away. I get at least 30 motion detected daily. I'm at the point i don't even check them any longer. Not real secure hug? i've tried different angles and still gets false motions. To top it off i've had several deliveries from online store walk right up to my door and motion does not go off. I do not think this product was ready for prime time. My last thing to try is to angle the ring upwards and hopefully go over the cars on my street.

B. Carmen, Knowsley says

I've had the ring doorbell just over a year now. In my opinion, a better solution is to use a non-doorbell wifi camera. People do not ring this doorbell - they see the camera and knock instead, so that aspect of it is relatively useless. . I initially received one that did not work - the motion detection aspect just would not work. Customer support took several days to respond and then made me do a bunch of tests to verify what i already knew. Iirc it took about 2-3 weeks to get a replacement. . The second one worked, and i kept it, but i have been pretty frustrated with it. I was prompted to purchase this when we thought we had a package stolen from our doorstep (it turned out ups just incorrectly marked it as delivered when they really held for later delivery). We wanted to be notified when someone rang the doorbell, or if there was motion, and to record the video associated. The ring does fairly reliably notify when there is motion at the door. The problem is that it usually takes 30+ seconds for the app to connect to the camera to view live (it often will not connect at all). By the time it connects, the person is almost always gone. Even if it doesn't connect in time, it does at least record the video (if you purchase the subscription to store video), but it often takes several minutes before you can view a recorded video. This has been frustrating when we are away from our home and it detects motion at an unusual time (like middle of night). It can take 10 minutes before you can watch the video to see what's going on. Also, the video recording starts late. For example, when a delivery person drops something off on our doorstep, the recording usually only captures them walking away - not approaching the door or dropping the package. This would be useless in helping identify a thief who grabs a package and runs. These delays are not due to slow wifi or poor connectivity - i have tested several times. In fact i'm currently sitting home next to a window that overlooks the front porch. A delivery person just dropped a package off. I heard them walking up the steps, drop the package, knock and walk back down. When they were half way down the steps, i got the ring notification on my phone. Both my phone, and the ring are connected to my wifi, which is running at a very high speed. I clicked to try to live view from the camera and the ring app never connected. I then tried to switch to view my recording and it wasn't even in the list - the last motion event recorded was from the night before. I suspect at some time later today it will show up in the list of motion events, but at that point it's useless. This is the normal way it functions. On very rare occasions it will connect immediately and it's always a surprise. . I have similar indoor wifi cameras (not doorbells) that have similar notification, live view, record motion events, allow talk back, etc. That work great. I think i'm going to remove the ring and just put a camera on the porch. As mentioned above, almost no one ever rings this doorbell anyway. . One other complaint is that the mounting plate is way too flexible. Th plate has to be perfectly flat for the rest to mount to it, but the plate is so flexible that if you are mounting to a rough surface or a surface that has any curve/shape at all to it, the rest of the unit will not fit in the mount. The plate should be metal or at least thick/structured plastic. I mounted to plank wood siding on my house, but the texture of the wood made the mount distort too much for the rest of the unit to click into. I had to mount a separate smooth wood plate under it to make it work.

. Bethany, Cambridgeshire

So got my doorbell and had it hardwired. Good to go right? well, a few months later the motion sensor and the live view. Stopped working. So i called tech support and found out that even with hard-wiring, the battery will run out of gas and need to be recharged. This requires removing the unit and jacking in the battery with a usb cord. . Nowhere on the app is there a indicator that shows that the battery is getting low! so we could be traveling in vacation and all of a sudden without any warning the ring doesn't work! imagine that? . . Checked the box and couldn't find any mention of this important safety non-feature of the doorbell. I like the product but am extremely disappointed in the fact that it can stop working at anytime without pre-warning.

M. Kellie, Bretagne says

 i finally decided to order a ring device, specially after being victim of a couple package thefts. Mainly because most of the mail carriers absolutely refuse (even after asking them several times, and using the online tools for delivery instructions) to ring the bell when delivering a package, so packages are left outside unattended until i notice them (i work from home). . I love the idea of this device, and so far i have been able to talk to a couple of mail carriers (when they ring the bell! ) and ask them to place packages elsewhere or go out and retrieve them when i m notified that motion is detected. . The biggest drawback is the motion detection that seems to take about a second to react and start recording and send out a notification (even when set at the most sensitive setting). It is sensitive enough to detect cars down the road but when someone approaches the door/porch area, it only triggers the detection/recording when the person is already leaving, so if you want to use it for face recognition this won t work for you. I'm pretty sure if a thief comes and steals a package, i would only be able to see/record him as he's leaving. . Check out my video review with actual detected footage. . A couple of things i want from a future firmware update:. - ability to reboot the device remotely from the app or web ui (the only way to do it currently is to remove the device from the baseplate and push the setup button). - ability to change motion settings remotely without having to push the ring button for them to take effect. - ability to add time/date information to the recorded footage. - better and more accurate motion detection. - ability to record 24/7 for those times when the motion detection fails. You're paying a monthly/yearly premium for recoding, so why not make it available at all times? . . 12/10/2015 update: ring has stopped detecting motion just 3 days shy of the 30-day trial, definitely not a good sign. I have contacted tech support and they sent out a new unit. One star knocked down - more updates to come. . 01/09/2016 update: ring customer care just doesn't seem to care. I was sent a total of 3 replacement units and the first two i had to send back because they sent the wrong color. The third unit i received was the correct color, but it looked used and completely beat up. I'm sending that one back as well, ugh! . . 1/19/2016 update: finally received the correct color replacement unit. The camera still won't detect a human being as it approaches the door, the delay for the motion detection to react is unacceptable (no matter how 'sensitive' the motion detection is set, it only detects people as they walk away). At this point, i've lost hope until a major firmware update is pushed out to fix all these annoying issues. . 3/16/2016 update: of course ring decided to come up with the "video doorbell pro" now, which addresses all the motion detection issues mentioned by so many. Instead of fixing the issues on the first generation, you now have to spend another $249 for the "advanced motion detection" which does exactly what the first generation one promised to do. . 4/7/2016 update: after months for complaining and going back and forth with tech support (which caused me to miss online store's return window due to empty promises from tech support), i was finally put in contact with a senior supervisor who stated that the device's pir sensors are only designed to work on a flat linear plane and therefore since there are 2 steps to get to my front door, there is no way for the unit to detect the motion correctly. The solution offered was to angle the device downward 20-30 degrees to try to resolve the motion detection issues. Of course this would look absolutely hideous! . I can only recommend for anyone looking to get a ring just to wait for the ring pro to come out (late april 2016), unless you really need to depend on the battery power.

. Adrienne, Plymouth

I've had this doorbell for about 6 months. It was fairly easy to install and set up. My problem is that sometimes i get multiple false notification notices per day. Today alone i've gotten over 10 motion notifications and none of them were when people were actually there, but the one time there was actual motion (ups delivery) i didn't get a notification. I've spent hours adjusting the settings but the problem hasn't gotten any better. It's not like this is a consistent problem, sometimes i've gone almost a month with it working pretty well, but sometimes it's fairly constant. It may have to do with the design of my house. My front porch has a brick archway that extends out about 5 feet out over the door and it seems like many of the notifications are triggered by sunlight. I'll keep playing with the settings but if it doesn't improve i'll be deleting the app and will have spent $200 on a standard doorbell.

J. Diana, Schleswig-Holstein says

Motion alerts seem spotty. Live view rarely ever works. And notifications can lag (thankfully its connected to mechanical doorbell). . Tech support was friendly and wanted to be helpful however my wifi was the "issue". When i mentioned that i have hubless smart switches further from the router and a wireless camera 25 feet further outside they still seemed to think it was my wifi. My iphone which i understand likely has a better wifi antenna and chip has 125mbps connection via 802. 11n 2. 4ghz at the doorbell measure via the wifi sweetspots app. . Honestly i feel their servers might be overwhelmed from all the new users due to holidays. I'm willing to wait it out and i will adjust my rating accordingly.

Z. Jacqueline, Oregon

While i like the concept, the implementation is not quite up to expectations. The wifi has to have a very strong signal for it to work reliably, and even then it seems like the time between when someone rings the doorbell to when my phone actually notifies me takes too long. By the time i get the notification and answer the ring, the person is already walking away from the house. . I've also had people tell me they didn't realize it was a doorbell. While not ring's fault, maybe a redesign of how it looks might help with that. . I would probably not suggest this to someone at the time of writing this, but hopefully ring will improve the response time for the phone apps at which point it would be worth buying.

N. Sarah, Limousin says

There is a design flaw in the mounting plate that is attached to the house prior to attaching the ring device. There is a small circuit board on the base that has contacts to power the ring unit. On the circuit board are two screws to attach the existing doorbell wiring. Th "nut" part of that assembly is provided by brass inserts pressed into the plastic base. The inserts are not electrically connected to the circuit board. The end result is that the connection is not very good one. I couldn't get unit to work reliably until i took the base apart and soldered the brass inserts to the rear of the circuit board. The procedure is not recommended for the average person. . Unless ring has changed the design of the base in later models, i don't recommed this unit.

Q. Sally, Georgia

Bought in december 2016. While on vacation the battery died for about 5 days and after that motion never worked again. Jaclyn through live chat support was awesome but still need to send back for repairs. I do not like the deal i have to pay to have recorded data saved in the cloud compared to arlo camera's that will keep your recordings for 7 days with up to 5 cameras free, if you want more, you pay at that time. If you don't need a door bell, than get the arlo camera's or do what i am and have both to scare thefts at door and film them to catch them.

E. Candy, Yukon Territory says

Update jan 2018:. . I'm giving up on these. I had two of them (this and a ring 2) and they both miserably fail to do their job properly. Frequent disconnects from the network (when i know the network is fine), several minute delay of relaying a ring to the chime and phones, not announcing that batteries are about to go (so they don't work for days until someone knocks and i know the doorbell is no longer online because of the battery), and i can't use them at all to detect motion due to its inferior motion detection system, abysmal interface and total lack of options for mounting and software knobs to achieve a somewhat sane surveillance mode, so it's just an expensive doorbell, nothing else. Doesn't even work half of the time. Two different models! i have to say that customer service, once i escalated the original issue, was superb in that they tried replacing the original one and then were nice enough to send me a ring 2 without charge. Sadly, the product is not on par with this. I can't wait for the blink version to come out to try that, but for now i'll go back to my simple, dumb 20 bucks doorbell set. This one never failed me, once: sadotech model cx wireless doorbell with 1 receiver plugin and 2 remote buttons operating at over 500-feet range with over 50 chimes, no batteries required for receiver, (white), fixed code c series. . June 2017:. . When i first installed the door bell it worked somewhat great, with all the motion detection bells and whistles turned on. I also have a chime so i can hear if someone rings the doorbell without having to rely on my phone all the time, and added the 30 bucks a year subscription to save motion/ring events in the cloud. . After a few months the nightmare of constant noise/notifications from motion alerts started. Nothing had changed. Neither the position of the device, the settings, or frequency of traffic. I emailed support, which was an utterly disappointing experience. . They first tried to get me to change the settings to make it less chatty. When i questioned that, they tried to explain how the motion detection works and that the range control doesn't actually control the range but size of heat signatures picked up by the motion sensor. Say what? fine. Don't care, just tell me how to fix it. They recommended pointing it down a bit more (by buying one of their wedge kits), which i did. No change. Change settings again, no change. I recommended to add a still image behind the range settings screen at some point so i don't have to keep printing out screenshots of the range settings view and a live view screen to overlay them (which apparently, since the range doesn't do what it says on the tin, is utterly useless anyway) - ignored (this is of course reserved for the more premium model). . Multiple back and forth emails later and i still can't use motion detection (which now also seems to eat up all the battery every 2-3 weeks - because for whatever reason motion detection and silent reporting still happens even if it's "turned off"). They continuously fail to address my concern that nothing has changed on my end and it has to be a camera/doorbell issue. When i cancelled my subscription and asked if i can get a partial refund, they stopped responding altogether. . I'm about to ditch this thing, go back to my cheap wireless doorbell and add a smartthings integrated camera to watch over the front porch. This product is utterly useless for this purpose, and i don't need a brick as a doorbell that needs to be charged every three weeks. . For a device that costs 200 bucks (i include the cost for the video storage subscription here) i expect more - it should work, i shouldn't have to learn or understand the inner workings of the motion detection mechanism, the ux should be intuitive, i expect decent battery life, proper and working functionality, and customer service should be stellar. None of that applies, unfortunately. . Update from june 2017: after i could not find any setting to quiet down the motion notifications, customer service kindly sent a replacement and i returned the original. Unfortunately the same issues are still happening. . I just can't seem to find any setting that's not going to make the doorbell go after every car going by even with the motion detection turned off. I have it set to the least sensitive settings, purchased a wedge kit to point it downward to avoid the street, and changed motion zones to all conceivable options, all to no avail. All points to software faults at this point (and perhaps systemic hardware design issues as well). . The device is therefore useless for me for the following points:. * i can not turn off the motion detection completely, even if i turn it off on the app it still triggers. It's ridiculous that turning it off doesn't work or is just per app suppression of notifications! . * my partner's phone app which i have shared the door bell with also has the motion detection turned off but still gets the notifications. * the constant reacting to motion drains the battery - i don't have a regular doorbell outlet and am not willing to invest in custom wiring to feed it with power. That's the whole reason i've bought this device so i can be independent of a power supply! . . I am extremely unhappy with this.

U. Franklin, Thueringen

First off, the ring is very cool. I really like it and many people that come to my front door (salespeople) know what it is immediately and don't bother me. There are three problems however, one very serious (in my opinion). 1 - the motion function engages when people are walking away, not when they walk up. Many of my videos are of people's backsides. I don't know if this is a software issue or what. Tried increasing the sensitivity to the point where i was grabbing cars driving down the street but still only got people leaving my front door. Weird. 2 - this kind of goes along with 2. You cannot access the doorbell with security software like blue iris, et. Al. Now, i get that they want to sell you their cloud service and i'm ok with $30 / year to have an off-site backup. But if you could link the doorbell into your security system you would have an actual video of everything in your possession and you could access it from any computer in the world. That would be really handy for police investigations and any legal hassles that may come your way. 3 - if you do not answer the alert fast enough, you are locked out- even though someone is standing at your front door. You cannot "turn on" the camera from your phone or tablet. If someone is there and you do not have an "accept" button on the screen, there is just no way to see or talk to them. This is obviously a software flaw. You should always be able to "wake" a camera remotely and talk to a person at your front door. Or maybe you just want to see the view outside your front door. You should be able to access the camera / microphone and enjoy your front yard. . Hopefully these issues will be addressed in the future. . Update 1/24/16 - i have found a fantastic use for the ring doorbell and chime. My mother-in-law, now in her 90s, lives by herself. She has become hard-of-hearing and often does not hear the doorbell. By installing the ring on her door, she now is bothered much less (solicitors tend to recognize it and don't seem to like it) and when someone rings the bell, the chime, placed by her favorite chair, gives her a better chance of hearing someone at the door. I think the chime would be much improved if it had an ultra-brite led on top (that you could turn on or off) that would flash when the bell rings. In addition, i really like that i now know when people come to her door and i can talk to them before she answers the door. It gives me a much stronger sense of security for her. . Update 3/24/16 - ring has added live view to their feature set. It allows you to access your ring doorbell any time you wish. This solves the problem with 3 as long as you are not on battery power. Obviously, it also lets you dial in any time you wish to check out your front or back yard (where ever your doorbell is). This is a feature that i like as every once in a while i just like to see if its raining or foggy at the house.

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