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Price was 42. I love roku! it is so hard to find a product that you don't feel nickle and dimed by. I have contacted their customer support before and they are so nice and prompt. All i want to do is be able to watch streaming movies that i pay for via hulu, netflix, etc and that's exactly what this does. Oh! and there are tons of others channels and businesses you get exposed to that way. I have never been disappointed with it. If you have someone in your household that is a tv/movie lover, this is a must for them. Or, if you have someone who is using their wii u or gaming system to view those pages, this is also an awesome alternative (for the wii i owned the graphics card got a lot of mileage because it was either being used to watch netflix or being used to play games. Poor thing never got a rest and i ran it into the ground). Plus, when you go on vacation it is the tiniest thing to toss in your suitcase. Love it. Very much.

-V. Stacey

1 streaming media player the roku 1 is the best basic player money can buy. enjoy stunning video at up to 1080p hd* . roku 1 comes standard composite cables just in case your tv doesn’t have hdmi. enjoy more -roku 1 streaming media player 2710r

  • Characteristic: Stunning Hd Video Quality. Immerse Yourself In The Action With Rich, Vibrant Video Streaming Up To 1080p Hd.
  • Characteristic: Quick And Easy Setup. Sets Up Wirelessly In Minutes With Just A Few Simple Steps.

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The roku 1 worked for me over the more recent versions because one of my old tvs doesn't use hdmi. (yeah, old i know) since this used rca connectors, it worked perfectly with my tv. It lacks certain features, that the newer versions have, such as the headphones, microsd slot, ethernet port, etc. It would also be neat if the quick buttons at the bottom were merely colors and could be linked to any app you desired. Since blockbuster isn't as popular as say hulu (which would've worked well for the color green. ) that critique would be more useful if it were directly relayed to roku but i'm sure the companies paid quite a bit of money to be featured as an individual button (or at least, they should have). One other major drawback for this device is that it requires a direct line of sight for the remote, which isn't major but can be slightly irritating at times. If you're like me and haven't purchased all new tvs, this roku device would work best for an older version. Otherwise, i'd just go with the roku 3. As an extreme tangent, my old tv is kept for my intellivision, nes, snes, and n64 systems. It just feels right playing on the old box tvs, and all of the game sprites will actually show up on older tvs as opposed to newer ones! The Best streaming media player ( Apr 2020 ) | Roku-Tuner Review Characteristic Roku 1 Streaming Media Player (2710R) 2, 000+ entertainment channels. choose from the widest variety of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, and more.. Stunning hd video quality. immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p hd.. Quick and easy setup. sets up wirelessly in minutes with just a few simple steps.. Channel shortcut buttons. jump straight to favorites with one push of the remote.. One-stop search. find your favorite movies and shows in a flash from top channels like netflix, hulu plus, instant video, vudu, and mgo. .

Roku 1 Streaming Media Player 2710r Review (2710r)

I already had another brand of streaming player, but the roku 1 tempted me with it's low price and promise of additional channels. Wow. It opened up plenty. The response time on the roku is better. It loads programs faster. Another nice thing is that you can get an app for your smartphone that absolutely crushes the normal remote control. Typing a search on your phone is a lot easier than trying to select one letter at a time on a tv screen using arrow buttons. The only downside i've seen is that it may not buffer as much as the old model i had, which has caused (very occasional) pauses in programming waiting for more information. A second or two. It was a breeze to set up (and i'm an old guy with a short attention span and even shorter patience for electronics). I love having the wider range of channels, even if many are subscription. I can still find plenty of free stuff to view. . In short. Highly recommended. -. Paula

Roku Streaming Media Player 2710r

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Roku
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 6790840913731
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.23 inches
    Length:3.74 inches
    Weight:0.22 pounds
    Width:3.74 inches
  6. LegalDisclaimer: Item Ships Within 5 Days Of Purchase. Item Is Non-refundable And Can Only Be Returned If It Does Not Work At All.
  7. Manufacturer: Roku
  8. Model: 2710R
  9. MPN: 2710R
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: 2710R
  13. Type: Home Theater
  14. Category: TUNER
  15. UPC: 829610880600
  16. Warranty: 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

1 streaming media player Home Theater, The roku 1 is the best basic player money can buy. enjoy stunning video at up to 1080p hd* . roku 1 comes standard with composite cables just in case your tv doesn't have hdmi. enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels, offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus, music, sports, international programming, kids programming and more*. search the widest selection of channels by title, actor, or director. follow new movies you want to watch, and receive automatic updates when they are ready to stream. *some channels require payment. channel availability can change and varies by country. availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection. Roku 1 Streaming Media Player 2710r (2710R-Roku).

Roku Streaming Media Player 2710r Home Theater

  • I love this! we cancelled our dish and can finally use our tv's again after 8 months of staring at them on our walls. We have online store and netflix accounts and it runs them great. I'm excited to see all of the other features roku has! you do have to have the roku box in a place where there is a straight shot for the remote or it doesn't work. We had our components in a cabinet, but had to place this on top of our tv. It's small and doesn't bother me at all that it has to sit out. It comes with all of the cables you need and doesn't require anything additional. Super simple- just plug in and follow the instructions.
  • Great to have so many free channels ! the lineup is added to on a regular basis as well. It is also nice to have an instant netflix button that allows us to watch on our old crt tv in the bedroom. Setup was simple. For security reasons, we have our router set to only allow internet access from our specific pc's, laptops and phones. I had to track down the mac address of the roku and enter it into my routers "allowable" devices list. A bit tricky for those non-techie types. Piece-of-cake for anyone who has set up a wireless router. Once done, the roke needs no maintenance works like a champ ! highly recommended. The selections are from old movies, tv shows, pilots, commercials, npr and many, many more. Some channels require you to have a subscription to sites like netflix, hulu plus and the like, in order to get current stuff; but no additional fees are charged by roku. There is also password-protected adult sites available. (but i probably shouldn't mention that). This is a great value !
  • Sitting around collecting dust. Waste of money, didn't work in my house. I'd heard such glowing reports of the product, but i think it requires a really stable network (which is not something the eastern shore of maryland offers).
  • I purchased this for a friend who needed to have the composite (audio l-r and video) connections for his dvd recorder we did just fine up to trying to link the unit up to the roku website. It would not link. After putting in all the required info, the webpage just kept saying it was "loading". Did this for 3 attempts using 3 "link codes" (they expire after a certain time, so the "loading" made each one expire). The last attempt we let it "load" for several hours - just kept "loading". Tried to find a 800 number or such to call . No luck. So we wound up returning it.
  • I bought three(3) each of roku 1 and roku 2. My concern is that for us time warner cable (twc) subscribers that when the completion of the comcast buyout is completed that the twc app will no longer work. I've called customer support three(3) times and sent online text messages four(4) times but no answers have been received from roku. I have a feeling that this is a subject which roku is purposely avoiding answering or customer service associates cannot comprehend the nuances of the american language (we no longer speak english in the u. S. ) that would allow these english-speaking associates located in india to understand what i attempted to convey about the ramifications of the buyout of twc by comcast. I bought these roku products because i still have perfectly functioning crt televisions that i intend to use with these units. If these units (specifically the twc app) will not function after the buyout of twc by comcast, then i've wasted my money. If you are a twc subscriber maybe you should investigate. Maybe you can get an answer.

streaming media player Roku 1 Streaming Media Player (2710R) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I've had a roku for several years and have loved it. But as i had moved it on a tv in my bedroom and they seemed to have gone down in price i ordered a new one for the great room tv. Omg this new one is even better. Easiest set up ever, great hdtv 1040 versus my old one which while hd was 740. Incredible sound much better than my old one as this seems one capable of streaming the sound to the surround sound features connected to this tv much better than the older model. I'm not a techie at all but somehow my old one even connected to the surround sound didn't seem to have the oomph that this one has in projecting the sound from the streaming to the speakers that this new one has. It's also much smaller and sleeker than the earlier model. It's not the top of the line by any means according to price but i'm thrilled and can't really imagine what else i'd like it to do. Best $49 bargain i've bought in ages. I don't anticipate any problems but in the past literally several years ago now when roku was fairly new i had to do a lot of re-setting but it seemed more a function of less sophisticated wireless than anything else and i called roku tech support several times. They were unfailingly patient, kind and would walk me through re-setting the roku back in the "stone age" with a straightened paper clip that you inserted into a pin hole on the back of the roku. Lol so i'm a really loyal fan of roku and will continue to love their products as they just keep improving and improving them.

Roku 1 Streaming Media Player 2710r
Click to see NoticeRoku 1 Streaming Media Player 2710r (Tuner)"I was a bit leery of this but i wanted to get away from direct tv and the exorbitant bill which offered very few channels i would watch. It only took me eight years to realize this. After researching how to do it i found that the money i was loosing was greater than just the direct tv bill. I was already paying for dsl service. Two months of research later i purchased a bowtie antenna, a wireless home router, and two roku players. Didn't really know if i could operate two players from the same internet connection and in the same house. It took less than 20 minutes to set everything up after the packages arrived (the antenna had already came earlier and was installed) and i am watching movies on the netflix channel and have since added the online store prime channel, crackle and several others. These things work beautifully and my wife and i like it far better than direct tv. You can watch what you want, when you want, pause if you want, even back out of the movie for the night and then return the next day and resume exactly where you left off. You can peruse the list of thousands of movies and most sites let you set up a "watch list" as you find movies you might like to watch which means you don't have to write 'em down and hope you can fine 'em later. We have one roku in our bedroom and one in our daughters room. She watch's what she wants at the same time we are watching what we want. Everybody's happy. All this including netflix membership for less than two months direct tv bill. It's like i get to watch all the movies i want for 10 months free and next year will be even better. This year roku saves me $1000. 00 next year almost $1200. 00. Do it, you won't regret it. Remember, if you do get a defective one which happens on occasion, don't sweat it, online store will make it right."

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Roku 4 HD 4K UHD Streaming Media Player Enhanced Remote Voice Search, Lost Remote Finder, Headphone , Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Port

I upgraded from my roku 3 to the 4. Works great with my vizio 4k tv. Some reviews have complained about the fan noise. You can go into settings and change the fan speed to lessen the fan noise. I have my roku siting under my tv across the living room with the fan speed set to max for better cooling and i don't hear it running. I have my tv running through a. Sony 7. 1 surround sound system so i never hear it when a movie is playing or watching tv. Maybe in a smaller room and just tv speakers there may be some fan noise if set to high. The size of the roku 4 is much bigger than previous models and does produce more heat. The media decoding is much better than on previous models and is faster. I use plex media server app on the roku and a p. C. In bedroom to serve up media and the roku 4 handles it just fine. So far so good.

The future of streaming is here. Brilliant picture quality for 4k ultra hd & standard hd tvs and powerful wireless for the best streaming experience. The included point anywhere remote offers voice search, headphones for private listening, gaming capability, and even a lost remote finder. Enjoy more than 2, 500 streaming channel, offering access to 300, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus games, music, sports, international, kids programming and more. Search the widest selection of channels, get unbiased results, and quickly find the best option or value. Follow your favorite entertainment and get updates when new content is ready to stream.

Roku 4 HD 4K UHD Streaming Media Player Enhanced Remote Voice Search, Lost Remote Finder, Headphone , Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB PortRoku-Streaming-Headphone-Quad-Core-Processor

Roku Streaming Headphone Quad Core Processor (4400r) FAQ.

I came to love this little box. This is my first roku and i'm impressed with the quality. I connected it to my tv and internet , and was not sure about signal strenght. I have a really lousy internet connection, wirelles, with average down speed of 1. 8kbps ( that is on the good days). The little roku works great. It's fast and responsive, easy to set up. There is a button on the box to search for remote, and it is fun to play with, as well as voice search. The problem starts when you start adding channels. There are literally thousands of channels and options. I lost days already weeding through them. So far plex is my go to source for watching movies, live tv, news. Main problem for me is the internet speed. If you live in the cities or anywhere where there are decent internet providers you want have any problems watching live tv or movies. Even with my poor speed i get minimal buffering at the beggining of the movie, and then i can watch it without any interuptions. If you get digital antenna for local programing you are set. Advice for the first time users: don't excpect to use this as passively as the cabel tv. There is a little work involved getting the right channels depending on your prefference. My husband is a computer illiterate and he needed "training" to use it and watch the news and sports. If you want to be totally cut off from any kind of subscription then excpect to put some time into setting this up. -Notice from O. Sarah, Plymouth

Click to Show roku streaming headphone quad core processor (4400r) Details

Lol this is my fourth roku 4 purchase. I obviously love them and think they are the best. This is really a great product. I use it for netflix, online store prime, time warner tv, espn 3, online store music, pandora and more. I have a ton of smart tvs, but the manufacturers never upgrade the software and after a few years they usually suck really bad. Roku has been around for a long time. They support their products and appreciate their customers. This is a much better product that fire or chrome.

Roku-streaming-headphone-quad-core-processor-(4400r) set picture

- J. ArnettThe device works great. Initially had an issue with the purple screen and it does come up from time to time but the roku support team did help me and i work around. Over all the product is a good one and i would recommend for speed, user friendly and image quality. . Old post . Worked excellent for a month and then this happened. A purple screen when any contents plays. Will be contacting them on this matter. "this review can change if it is rectified"

This product has forever changed the way i watch television entertainment and this 4 model is awesome. Buy it just to try using the headphones connected to the remote! but, seriously, this is the cadillac of streaming players, in my opinion. I love online store and online store products and my wife and kids have fire tablets and a phone, i love the online store basics line of products and shop more on online store than with any other merchant. Online or otherwise. Seriously. However, the fire tv just has not caught up to the roku yet. Maybe one day it will. I actually hope that it does. But for now, this is the way to go.

. Josephine, Louisiana

Price :    $46.41 (was $89.99)
  • Captivating clarity. brilliant picture quality for 4k ultra hd tvs, with 4x the resolution of full hd and the next generation of streaming technology.
  • Voice search. just say what you're looking for into the enhanced remote and get fast and comprehensive search results by title, actor, or director. the roku feed. follow your favorite entertainment and always know where it's ready to stream and at what price.
  • Advanced up-scaling of 720p for hd tvs and 1080p hd streams to brilliant 4k ultra hd on 4k tvs.
  • 2, 500+ streaming channels. choose from the biggest selection of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, international, kids programming and more.
  • Roku 4 works with virtually any tv with an hdmi connection. you can plug your roku 4 directly into your tv or receiver depending on your preference. to view 4k content, you will need a compatible 4k uhd television.
Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Size :    8.25in. x 8.25in. x 2.75in.
Weight :    2.03 pounds
Model :    MAIN-08458
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku 4 HD 4K UHD Streaming Media Player Enhanced Remote Voice Search, Lost Remote Finder, Headphone , Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Port available ( Apr 2020 )

TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT

Great little product to get roku device out of the way. . We have vizio tv purchased at costco. It has circular vents. This product worked great! it is designed to work with circular/horizontal/vertical vents with different clips for each. . We have 2 roku 3 devices ( in addition to older 2 roku 500 and 1000 music devices). The roku 3 worked great but was sitting on tv stand with hdmi cable and power cable, and the whole stand gets dusty and roku device in the way for cleaning and would fall off stand. I tried velcro but that failed. . This was used to get to $35 shipping limit but it works great!

This patented product is made by the trusted leader in media-player mounting. The total mount team consistently delivers quality and reliability. This mount enables easy installation of roku media players. Many customers appreciate that this mount eliminates the need to tunnel the hdmi cable through your wall (because the mount positions roku such that it has easy access to the hdmi port on your television).

TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LTTotalMount-Roku-Mounting-System-Compatible

Totalmount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku Lt (tm roku premium) FAQ.

This mount does everything i wanted it too. Very very good and i like the different options of mounting. -Notice from . Denise, Georgia

Click to Show totalmount roku mounting system compatible roku 3, roku 2, roku 1, roku lt (tm roku premium) Details

Love this item! i use it on my kitchen tv to keep my roku off the counter so that the roku doesn't get wet. Also, there is just enough space between the roku box and the tv so that i can loop the cable and the electrical cord around the roku box and keep them off the counter, as well as keep things looking more tidy. Am going to purchase a second holder for the roku on the tv in the bedroom.

Totalmount-roku-mounting-system-compatible-roku-3,-roku-2,-roku-1,-roku-lt-(tm-roku-premium) set picture

- Y. ColleenIncludes a variety of little plastic clips to enable hanging the roku box in any number of places on the back of your tv. And then the roku box slides easily in and out of the holster if you need it an another room. However, the roku box is so small that one hardly needs to hang it anywhere. In retrospect, maybe a length of string and a paper clip would do about as well.

Great product, does exactly as it claims to. Easy to set up, they considered all the possibilities in their hardware to fit holes in the back of televisions. Once you've got it set up, you probably will forget it's there because you will be busy watching shows. Overall a nice product that i would readily recommend to anyone.

G. Barbara, South Tyneside

Brand :    totalmount
Model :    TM_Roku_Premium
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Compatible with roku 3, roku 2, roku 1, and roku lt (not compatible with roku 4, roku express, roku premiere, and roku ultra)
  • Easy to install - no tools necessary (clips onto the back of your tv without adhesive)
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an hdmi cable through your wall
  • Attaches roku to the back of your tv for clutter-free entertainment (includes three mounting options)
  • Roku streaming player and hdmi cable are not included
Price :    $12.18 (was $16.95)
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (totalmount product review) for TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT available ( Apr 2020 )

Roku Express - HD Streaming Player

This is my second roku - i eventually plan to get one for the upstairs tv as well. The picture is great and they have a lot of the popular channels on tv. I bought it in order to sign up for play station vue.

Get the roku streaming player experience at an incredible price. The all-new roku express 1080p hd streaming made easy. Set-up is effortless. Kick back and enjoy access to 450, 000+ movies and tv episodes across 4, 500+ paid or free channels, including netflix, video, hulu, pbs kids, and more. There are no monthly rental fees for owning a roku express-it s so affordable, you can make every tv in your home smart. And because it s from roku, you ll get great features like an easy-to-use remote, simple navigation, and unbiased search across top channels. Watch what you love and spend only what you want.

Roku Express - HD Streaming PlayerRoku-Express-HD-Streaming-Player

Roku Express - Hd Streaming Player (Tuner) FAQ.

Purchased these as christmas presents, very big hit with the mother-in-law. They are very compact and easy to add to your streaming system. This was an awesome find. I purchased an extra for our house just in case. -Notice from . Donna, Bradford

Click to Show roku express - hd streaming player (tuner) Details

Working great so far! what a bargain! it was easy to install and gets a great picture. I put the little receiver right on the bottom of my screen with the tape they give you. Excellent reception from many angles. Tons of choices in channels including the ones i watch like netflix and online store and google plus. Also it has pandora which i didn't know. Not that i would know, but i heard that you can get adult channels on roku. Some of them are even free. It's a little hard to find just google it. Overall a really great value. I hope it continues to work like it's working now.

Roku-express---hd-streaming-player-(tuner) set picture

- Y. GloriaWe love our roku! it has enabled us to cut our cable bill and save money without losing the show's we love. Best purchase ever!

I used to hook the computer to the tv to watch netflix until i heard about roku. Works great and cheap

. Wells, Pennsylvania

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.59 pounds
Model :    Roku Express
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Roku express - hd streaming player does not include composite cables
  • The roku express delivers fast hd streaming at an incredible price.
  • There are no monthly rental fees for owning a roku express-it's so affordable, you can make every tv in your home smart.
  • Because roku express is from roku, you'll get great features like an easy-to-use remote, simple navigation, and unbiased search across top channels.
  • Refer manual before use for troubleshooting steps
Price :    $30.00 (was $50.00)
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku Express - HD Streaming Player available ( Apr 2020 )

Parts Express A/V Patch Cable 6 ft. Gold Plated

"a super quality, "siamesed" type cable. Two rca cables for stereo (audio) signal from vcr to receiver/stereo tv and one low noise coaxial type cable for video. "

Parts Express A/V Patch Cable 6 ft. Gold PlatedParts-Express-Patch-Cable-Plated

Brand :    parts express
Weight :    0.15 pounds
Model :    CAB3AV6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Rca video cable
  • For tvs, vcrs, and camcorders
  • Three (3) rca connectors
  • Cable length 6 foot
  • Gold-plated.
Price :    $.12 (was $7.09)
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (parts express product review) for Parts Express A/V Patch Cable 6 ft. Gold Plated available ( Apr 2020 )

Roku 1 Streaming Player Black Roku 2710RW Special VUDU Edition $5 VUDU credit

Roku 1 streaming media player, model 2710rw

Roku 1 Streaming Player Black Roku 2710RW Special VUDU Edition $5 VUDU creditRoku-Streaming-Player-2710RW-Special

Brand :    roku
Color :    black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    2710RW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Includes a $5 vudu credit
  • Roku 1 streaming player with vudu shortcut on remote
Price :    $42.89 (was $62.99)
Home Theater :    Best Abis Electronics (roku product review) for Roku 1 Streaming Player Black Roku 2710RW Special VUDU Edition $5 VUDU credit available ( Apr 2020 )

Roku Streaming Stick 3600R - HD Streaming Player Quad-Core Processor

Get big streaming power in a pocket-sized, easy-to-use stick. The 2016 roku streaming stick delivers fast performance with a quad-core processor and dual-band wireless. Device works with all top movie and tv streaming services, including online store instant video, vudu, google play, netflix, hulu, hbo, and 3, 000 more channels. Access 300, 000+ movies and tv episodes plus music, sports, games, international content, and kids' programming. Unbiased search across top channels shows you where content is free or cheapest to watch. And because roku streaming stick is portable, you can stream to different hdtvs in your home, dorm, or hotel room. The roku streaming stick delivers fast performance with a quad-core processor and dual-band wireless. Simple. Access your own subscriptions like online store instant video, vudu, google play, netflix, or hulu. Rent or buy on-demand, and enjoy hundreds of free channels. Save time and money with search results that show you where movies and tv shows are free or cheapest to watch. Totally portable, and streams to different hdtvs in your home, dorm, or hotel room. Private listening via mobile. Use your smartphone or tablet and the roku mobile app for ios and android to enjoy private listening anytime via your bluetooth or plug-in headphones. Mobile control transforms your ios or android mobile device into a roku remote, search with voice or text, and send photos, video or music, to your tv from your phone or tablet.

Roku Streaming Stick 3600R - HD Streaming Player Quad-Core ProcessorRoku-Streaming-Stick-3600R-Quad-Core

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.50 pounds
  • Portable for different hdtvs in your home, hotel, and dorm rooms.
  • Powerful quad-core processor and fast dual-band wireless. 8x more processing power than before.
  • Access to , vudu, netflix, hulu, google play, and more.
  • Unbiased search results across top channels to find where it's free or cheapest to watch.
  • Free mobile app for ios and android with voice search and private listening. please refer the user guide before use.
Price :    $30.00 (was $45.99)
Model :    3600R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku Streaming Stick 3600R - HD Streaming Player Quad-Core Processor available ( Apr 2020 )

Roku LT Streaming Player Old Version

The best value in high-definition streaming to your tv with more than 1000 channels of movies, tv shows, live sports, and more. Enjoy netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, crackle, pandora, and much more. Includes built-in wireless, and works with virtually any tv.

Roku LT Streaming Player Old VersionRoku-Streaming-Player-Old-Version

Brand :    roku
Color :    Purple and black
Weight :    0.19 pounds
Model :    2400R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Smaller and more energy-efficient than any other streaming device
  • Works with virtually any tv
  • High-definition streaming up to 720p hd
  • 1000+ channels with movies, tv shows, music, sports & more
  • Built-in wireless (wi-fi b/g/n)
Price :    $40.00 (was $59.99)
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku LT Streaming Player Old Version available ( Apr 2020 )

Roku HD Streaming Player Old Model

The roku hd delivers all the streaming entertainment choices, 720p hd video quality, and ease-of-use that roku is known for, at an amazing price. Enjoy 600+ channels from all the top sources such as netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, pandora, hbo go and mlb. Includes one-stop search. There s even a free app for ios and android.

Roku HD Streaming Player Old ModelRoku-Streaming-Player-Old-Model

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    2500R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku HD Streaming Player Old Model available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $40.68 (was $89.98)
  • 1000+ channels with movies, tv shows, music, sports & more
  • Works with virtually any tv .

Roku LT Streaming Media Player Old Version

Roku lt streaming player (new 2013 version) streaming is more affordable than ever. The roku lt has all the essentials you need to enjoy 1, 800+ channels of movies, tv shows, music, sports, and more. With a free roku app, one-stop search and channel shortcut buttons, the roku lt delivers simply the best streaming value available anywhere. 1, 800+ entertainment channels. Choose from the best selection and widest variety of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, and more. Hd video quality. Streams up to 720p in high-definition. No hidden fees. Enjoy all the free stuff, like pandora and crackle, and access your own subscriptions, like netflix and hulu plus. Quick and easy setup. Sets up wirelessly in minutes with just a few simple steps. Channel shortcut buttons. Jump straight to favorite channels such as netflix and m-go with the push of a button. One-stop search. * find your favorite movies and shows in a flash from top channels like netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, vudu, and m-go. Movies and tv shows, front and center. Instantly access the hottest blockbusters and hit tv shows, powered by m-go, right from the home screen - no extra account setup required. Free ios and android app. Transform your mobile device into a roku remote. Browse and add new channels. Even use your phone or tablet to send your music, photos and personal videos* to your hdtv. Works with virtually any tv. Connects easily to hdtvs and standard definition tvs. * one-stop search is for movies and tv shows and does not work with all channels. Premium subscriptions are required but are not included with purchase. * capability to share video available on ios and select android phones. See roku. Com for a list of devices that support this feature. Get to the entertainment you want instantly the roku channel store has the largest selection of streaming channels available anywhere with over 1, 800 channels and more coming at a furious pace. Our on-screen interface lets you fly through screens, seamlessly search top channels and launch movies faster than ever before. Simply stream all your favorites, including: over 200, 000 movies and tv shows at your fingertips from netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, hbo go, m-go, vudu, redbox instant by verizon and more music from spotify, online store cloud player, pandora, mog, rdio, vevo and tunein radio live sports packages including nba league pass broadband, nhl gamecenter live, mls live, ufctv, and mlb. Tv premium family entertainment from pbs and disney photo and video sharing via facebook, flickr, and picasa top news sources with msnbc, fox news, huffington post, cnbc and wall street journal live of course, there are also tons of channels featuring international and lifestyle programming, tech news, podcasts, cartoons, and well, you get the idea.     compare roku models     best streaming value. Instant streaming made easy. Stunning video with private listening. Fully loaded and lightning fast. Tv compatibility virtually any tv virtually any tv virtually any tv hdtvs only* 1, 800+ entertainment channels built-in wireless one-stop search across multiple top channels plays up to 720p hd video plays up to 1080p hd video* channel shortcut buttons remote with headphone jack dual-band wireless (wi-fi a/b/g/n compatible)     motion control for games (angry birds space included free) 5x faster processor       ethernet, usb & microsd slot * roku 3 works with hdtvs with hdmi port. Hdmi cable not included with roku players. *availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection.   it's ridiculously easy from the simple remote to the intuitive interface, roku lt was designed to set up in a few quick-and-easy steps. All you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection (and a tv, of course). The built-in wireless and guided setup mean you can be up and running in minutes. And we bet you don t even have to call your nerdy nephew for help.   included with the roku lt standard remote with channel shortcut buttons two aaa batteries a/v cable (red/white/yellow) power adapter get started guide 90-day manufacturer warranty what you need high-speed internet (like dsl or cable) wireless router hdmi cable (for high-definition video) internet browser (for initial setup)   in general, the faster your internet connection, the better the video quality. For the best viewing results, we recommend a minimum of 1. 5 mbps for standard definition and 3. 0 mbps for hd content. To test your network speed, visit either one of the following (free) websites: speakeasy. Net/speedtest/ or please note that your internet speed may vary throughout the day. Product description high-five your wallet. The roku lt makes entertainment more affordable than ever with all the steaming essentials you need. Enjoy 1, 800+ channels of movies, tv shows, music, sports, and more most of them absolutely free. Access your existing subscriptions like netflix, hulu plus, and online store prime directly on your tv. And with included features like one-stop search, channel shortcut buttons, and the free roku app, rest assured that all the streaming fun has just begun. The all-new roku lt simply the best streaming value there is. Roku lt supports closed captioning on channels that support this feature, including netflix, online store instant video, vudu and hulu plus. Video output: 720p and 480p over hdmi. Audio output: digital over hdmi (7. 1/5. 1 channel surround sound pass-through and stereo). 12v - . 5a power adapter. Want to learn more about streaming media players? our streaming media player storefront features educational articles, buying guides, comparison charts, and more.

Roku LT Streaming Media Player Old VersionRoku-Streaming-Media-Player-Version

Price :    —
  • Hd video quality. streams up to 720p in high-definition.
  • Channel shortcut buttons. jump straight to favorites with one push of the remote.
  • 1, 500+ entertainment channels. choose from the best selection and widest variety of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, and more.
  • Quick and easy setup. sets up wirelessly in minutes with just a few simple steps.
  • No hidden fees. enjoy all the free stuff, like pandora and crackle, and access your own subscriptions, like netflix and hulu plus.
Brand :    roku
Color :    Purple
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    2700R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku LT Streaming Media Player Old Version available ( Apr 2020 )

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210R Faster Processor 2015 Model

Regarding being forced to add a credit card when setting up a new roku account, you do not have to do this at all. . Way at the bottom of the roku payment method area is an option in very small print that allows you to skip this step for later. . Select that option, proceed to rest of setup and there will be no credit card linked to the account. . Update: this roku credit card bypass step is still available. I added a new roku to my account recently, and was again able to find and select the nearly invisible "skip, i'll add later" choice when prompted for cc info. It is still way at the bottom and still in tiny grey type, so it is barely visible.

Roku 2 delivers fast performance and stunning high definition video at a tremendous value. Enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus, music, sports, and more*. Search the widest selection of channels and get automatic updates on new movies. Enjoy up to 1080p stunning hd video* as well as ethernet, usb, and microsd card ports. *some channels require payment. Channel availability can change and varies by country. Availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection.

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210R Faster Processor 2015 ModelRoku-Streaming-Player-4210R-Processor

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner) FAQ.

While lots of people like the convenience of being able to watch zillions of streaming channels on smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like, there's something to be said for watching them on the largest television with the best sound system in the house. Although there are a variety of options for doing so, including smart tv's with built-in wi-fi capabilities and online store's own fire tv stick, for my money, the best and most versatile device is the roku. It's simple to set up, easy to operate, and probably has the widest selection of channels around. Plus, the newest generation of roku models provides its best processor and audio/video capabilities in a lower end model. . Roku currently offers four models (1, 2, 3, and 4) but the roku 2 and 3 are essentially the same except for the remote controls (the roku 4 offers 4k video capabilities). The roku 3 has a more versatile remote, with voice search, rf remote, and a headphone jack, but, for people like me who don't need those features, the roku 2 provides a considerable cost savings. . The roku "box" is a small black rounded rectangular device that resembles a hockey puck. The new model is smaller than the older one we had and measures about 3" x 3" x 1" high, and only weighs a few ounces. The roku 2 connects to a television solely by an hdmi cable; those with older tv's will need a roku 1, which has composite outputs. The hdmi cable is not included, so buyers will need to supply their own. The roku 2 also has an ethernet input on the back for those wanting a direct internet connection to the roku. The roku box has no power on/off feature; just plug it in and it stays on, so that whenever viewers access the roku input, they will see the home menu screen. The setup screen is fairly easy to operate, and people should be able to get set up within five minutes, although it can take considerably longer to get all the desired channels loaded. . Roku has over 1, 000 public channels that are listed in the roku channel store on the roku website and can also be found on the roku homescreen as well. To add a channel, just click on the appropriate button either in the channel store or on the homescreen. Some popular channels like hulu and netflix require separate subscriptions from the provider; others like watch espn and fx now require viewers to have an existing cable or satellite tv subscription that includes that channel. Roku bills directly for a few channels (primarily game channels), and there are also a large number of channels like pbs that are completely free. The roku channel store is broken down by categories (tv and movie, sports, music, news, etc. ), and both the channel store and the homescreen have a search feature to help locate particular channels. However, finding some of the more obscure channels can be a challenge. The roku remote has four buttons for immediate access to popular channels: netflix, online store, rdio, and sling. The roku 2 also has a usb input that allows users to connect a flash drive and watch their own video files on the roku media channel, which can be added from the channel store. . In addition to the public channels, there are hundreds of other private roku channels. These aren't listed in the channel store; instead viewers have to research on their own to find them and their access codes. Some of them are actually fairly high quality, while others are simply occasional basement broadcasts. Viewers can load these channels by using the "add private channel" feature on their account on the roku website and adding the access code for that channel. There are over 2, 000 total public and private channels available. . The newest generation roku has improved the homescreen tremendously. It now has a movie and tv search feature that lists dozens of popular movies and tv shows and lets viewers know exactly which channels offer them and the applicable sale or rental price, if any, so they can locate the movie or tv show and tune in within a matter of seconds, the menu screen also allows viewers to search for other movies and tv shows and access them in the same manner. . This is the second roku we've had (the first one died after about five years), and the new upgrades make the roku by far the superior streaming choice. It provides great high def video and audio quality, the widest selection of channels available and a sophisticated searching feature that makes it easy to find and get the best deal on virtually any movie or tv show out there. Plus, the operation and setup are as easy as can be. The only drawback is that roku offers so many channels that it can be a bit tough to find some of the more obscure ones. In my view, unless you really want some enhanced remote control features, the roku 2 is the best streaming option out there. -Notice from K. Ruby, Georgia

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I used to own an wd tv live media player for several years but lately it became a pos after crashing and freezing so often that i can't even watch netflix from it at all. More so the wd tv live doesn't even offer online store instant video, espn, hbogo, or other streaming channels that i'm subscribed to. So i got this roku 2 (2015 model) and i'm happy with it one month of using it, it's not perfect but it did far more than the wd tv live media player ever has to offer. . Pros: tons of streaming channel to add easily from the roku or through roku account on my computer. Fast boot up time. Wireless connection is substantially better than the old wd tv live. What new streaming channels out there, roku has it. Never crashed or freezes even while the roku is used for many hours, left on or on standby for days on end. Roku remote control and the roku app on android are easy to use. Can hot-plug the usb external hard drive or usb flash drive without having to disconnect the roku's power. . Cons: i've learned that roku media players are very picky about video formats if you try to play them from your usb drive, old . Avi video formats won't play on these roku media players and some . Mkv formats won't play either. Roku support two video formats that i know of: mp4 and mkv. So i have to beef up my video conversion-fu to convert my personal videos to the compatible . Mp4 format with avidemux. Games for the roku left a lot to be desired as much of the free games are garbage, so i'm still sticking with the old xbox 360, and gaming on roku wasn't of one of consideration for having a roku anyway.

Roku-2-streaming-media-player-4210r-faster-processor-2015-model-(tuner) set picture

- B. MaryThis little gizmo is terrific! until now i've gone through 2 different brands of blu ray dvd players in the past 5 years. I was never happy with the streaming quality with either. They worked, but there was always delays with the remote response and lots and lots of buffering. Forgetaboutit. . I did my research and found that the roku 2 was more bang for the buck compared to other similarly priced streaming devices. There is no delay with the remote, and i've yet to have a single buffering lag after 6+ months of use. . The only thing i find weird about it is that it never turns off. There is no on/off button. You turn your tv off. But when you turn your tv back on again, there's the roku, waiting. This bugs me just a little because 1. It's drawing power $; and 2. Will this burn out the device faster? i suppose i could dig around behind my tv and unplug the darn thing every night. Like that's gonna happen, right? still, it works great and i would buy another one in a heartbeat.

This is my first roku and i went with this version over the 3 specifically because of the ir remote so i could use my harmony remote to control it. We have a smart tv but have found it to be slow and take a long time. The roku is the exact opposite and even has news! we got rid of our cable subscription over a year ago and have never looked back.

C. Yvette, Haute-Normandie

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    4210R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210R Faster Processor 2015 Model available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $75.99 (was $99.99)
  • Simple remote with channel shortcut buttons
  • Great with mobile devices
  • 2000+ streaming channels - free, subscription, rent, or buy
  • Lightning fast performance

Roku SE Streaming Media Player Black

The roku se is the best basic player money can buy. Enjoy stunning video at up to 1080p hd, using hdmi, and simple and easy streaming for older tv's. Take seamless control with the included super-simple remote and handy channel shortcut buttons. Enjoy more than 2, 500 streaming channels, offering access to 300, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus games, music, sports, international programming, kids programming and more. Search the widest selection of channels by title, actor, or director. Follow new movies you want to watch, and receive automatic updates when they are ready to stream.

Roku SE Streaming Media Player BlackRoku-Streaming-Media-Player-Black

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Model :    2710SE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Search across the most channels
  • 2500+ streaming channels
  • Great with mobile devices
  • Works with hdmi and most older tv's
  • Remote with channel shortcut buttons
Price :    $48.99 (was $68.90)
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (roku product review) for Roku SE Streaming Media Player Black available ( Apr 2020 )

roku 1 streaming media player 2710r Price : 42, was : 79 as 2018-05-31
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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Easy to use, easy to set up. If you lose the remote, there is a free app that serves as a remote which works just as well, but it's difficult to enter text into the text fields. Seems like the app should fix this easily (so for that it gets four stars)! very strongly considering cutting cable as a function of all of the options that this roku presents. Effectively renders any television into a smart television, and the software works much more smoothly and faster than the software in most smart tv interfaces (samsung tv's especially clunky! )

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(0) Question: Curious about this roku, live in rural area have dsl, download speed 2. 5 mbps, is that good enough? thanks

(1) Question: I have heard about the roku. anyone have time to tell me about it? i am not savvy with these things. i have several flat screen tv's and at & t uverse. i was told my a friend this would be great for me because i love tv and movies. what does it actually do? how do i use it. please help me. i am a moron, but it sounds

(2) Question: Does one roku work on all tvs or just the one it is hooked up to?

(3) Question: Will roku stream hulu. com (not hulu plus)?

(4) Question: Where do i get/print receipt

(5) Question: Do i also need a digital tv converter box with this to get the channels?

(6) Question: How do i turn roku off/

(7) Question: My hdtv does not have an "hdmi" interface but does have "s video" inputs and also rca inputs for components. how can i adapt the roku to my plasma tv

(8) Question: Will this work with century-link's *phone company) wireless modem/router combo ('gateway')?

(9) Question: I don't have, nor want, a wireless router. can the roku be hardwired into my system?

(10) Question: Can you record programs to view later/

(11) Question: Do you need to have smart tv to use roku 1 or 2 streaming player and does it work with comcast

(12) Question: Do i need a roku for each tv

(13) Question: Does it come with an hdmi cord?

(14) Question: What is the difference between roku 1 and 2?

(15) Question: Can i hook this model with an older analog tv, which has no hmdi ports? how?

(16) Question: So once u have the roku, do u have any costs for netflix, hulu plus etc? will u still have thier monthly charges for movies etc

(note) Question: where/how to get Roku (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Roku's products

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The roku is a thousand times better than my stupid "smart tv". I have two of these now i use on regular tvs and am seriously considering a third to use on my smart tv. The reason? the navigation menu is far more responsive and the channel selections far more diverse. The biggest plus over the smart tv is that every single time i want to watch something on my smart tv, inevitably it needs to cycle through some update. I have never had that issue with my roku (and all are connected 24/7 so it's not an access issue). . The footprint is tiny, the remote has very few buttons and very good range. Really, there is nothing i don't like about it.

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The roku 1 is a compact, nicely designed media streamer. It may not have some of the bells and whistles that its bigger siblings, the roku 2 and 3, have but what it does it does well. The main features it does have are those that count the most; 1000+ channels, built in wireless, and 1080p video playback. It has a hdmi line out for hdtv's and rca component line out for standard tv's, making it compatible with virtually any tv. The roku 1 comes with a newly designed remote that features 4 channel shortcut buttons. At $60, the roku 1 is very affordably priced. . -. Comparison of features between the roku lt, 1, 2, 3:. Roku lt - 1000+ channels, built-in wireless, channel shortcut buttons on remote, 720p video. Roku 1 - same as lt but adds 1080p video. Roku 2 - same as 1 but adds dual-band wireless and remote with headphone jack. Roku 3 - same as 2 but doesn't have channel shortcut buttons on remote and adds motion control remote for games, 5x faster processor, and usb hook up. . Roku 1: i own or have owned the roku lt and roku 3 along with the roku 1. I like the roku 1 the best. It features 1000+ channels, built in wireless, and 1080p video playback. The remote with the roku 1 is updated from previous roku remotes. The roku 1 remote adds 4 channel shortcut buttons toward the bottom that provide instant access to m-go, online store instant video, netflix, and vudu. Normally if you want to switch to a different channel you have to hit the home button, go to "my channels", and then select a new channel. This is a nice update that saves time and steps if you regularly watch one of those channels. . Roku 2: looking at the roku 2, the dual-band wireless is important if your roku will be far away from your wireless router. My roku 1 is a few feet away so it isn't an important feature. My lt is now about 35 feet away. I haven't had any connection issues at that distance but 1080p will be more demanding than the lt's 720p video. The remote with headphone jack on the roku 2 is a great feature to avoid disturbing your partner or roommate if watching programming on the roku late at night. It does the job but i found the sound quality to be mediocre, most likely as a result of the very cheap earbud headphones included. . Roku 3: the roku 3 also has dual-band wireless and a remote with headphone jack. It however doesn't have channel shortcut buttons on the remote like the 1 & 2. Instead the remote adds motion control for games. The remote basically works the same as a wii remote although not quite as fluid. The roku 3 has been a very well reviewed product but with mine the remote would occasionally lose sync. Of the complaints about the roku 3, it is one of the more common ones. The roku 3 has a 5x faster processor. Using the roku 3, than the lt, and now the 1, i wouldn't have known the roku 3 has a 5x faster processor. Surfing through the menus on the lt and 1 is fluid and i didn't notice any significant lag time in loading videos compared to the 3. Finally, the roku 3 allows you connect an external drive to it. To me this was the biggest selling point for the roku 3 when i purchased it. However, the interface when connecting an external drive to the roku 3 is horrid; it is a very common complaint. . Choosing the right roku: the roku 1 will fit most people's needs. If your roku is going to be far away from the wireless router or if you will be watching programs late at night and don't want to disturb anyone than the roku 2 is your best option. To me the only reason to step up to the roku 3 would be to play games with the motion control remote. -. . Set-up:. If your looking to purchase your first roku rest assured that set-up is easy. Simply plug the roku 1 into your hdtv or receiver via a hdmi cable. A hdmi cable isn't provided so if you don't have an extra one you will need to purchase one. Then you connect the power cord to the roku. There is a set-up menu that walks you through the process which pretty much consists of connecting the roku to your wireless network. The final step is linking your roku 1 to your roku account on a computer. If you don't already have one, you will need to create an account online and provide a credit card number like you do with an itunes account. Like an itunes account the credit card information is provided for any channel purchases that may be made in the future. It is possible to bypass adding a credit card to your roku account by calling customer service. If calling customer service they can activate your account without a credit card. . 1000+ channels:. Roku's channel selection is unmatched. You can select your favorite channels of the 1000+ available to show up on the roku 1's "my channels" screen either through your account on a computer, directly through the roku 1, or with the roku phone app. To be honest many of the channels are what i'd consider "community access" programming. A fair amount of what's left over are subscription or paid channels, like hulu plus, netflix, and blockbuster on demand, or channels which require a tv cable subscription like fox now and hbo go. Be aware that many channel apps are free to download but require payment to view anything. I consider those to be paid channels even if the app is free. . There is a large enough selection of channels to start with that anyone will find some freebie gems in the 1000+ channels available. For me it's pbs, pbs kids, smithsonian, and nasa. While some of the main channels that people seem to watch on the roku, like hulu plus and netflix, are standard on many devices, one of big reasons i looked at the roku initially was to unify my channel/app programming onto one device. I had to turn the blu-ray player on to watch online store instant video, my wd tv live on for hulu, and my computer on for pbs or mlb. Now with the roku i just use one device to watch all those and more plus i can use my iphone as a remote control via roku's app. . Summary:. Roku's new media streaming player, roku 1, has the right combo of features with 1000+ channels, built in wireless, 1080p video playback, a hdmi and rca component line out, and channel shortcut buttons on the remote. Plus, it is at an great price. At $60, it would be hard not to get your money's worth out of it.

S. Lynette, Cheshire

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W. Williams, Vermont says

I started replacing my first gen roku boxes even though they're all still working, but the chip inside is too slow that they struggle with certain channels like sky news, so i'm replacing them one at a time. I first bought the roku 3 which is ethernet connected and is fast and as solid as my first gen models. This time i didn't need the ethernet port, so i went with a roku 1 for bedroom use and the wifi is strong enough around the house that i rarely have any streaming issues. So, as a veteran roku user, it's hard to complain or find faults with something that just works the way it should. I use it for netflix, online store video, hbogo and skynews. The picture is nicer on the new roku's compared to the original ones. The interface is also improved in my opinion. The only two complaint i can think of is that the roku 1 doesn't allow you to select profiles in netflix as you can with the roku 3, plus i thought the roku 1 didn't need a line of sight in order to aim the remote at the box, which is how the roku 3 works, but my solution was to elevate the front of the box just a little so i could bounce the remote signal off the ceiling to get to the box which is lower down than the bed. Don't ask! , but other than that, for $50, you just can't go wrong with this little box, and you get a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you subscribe to the services i do. 5 stars

X. April, Newcastle upon Tyne

I have had my old roku for over 5 years and loved it, so when i moved to my new place i was excited to hook it up and use it! sadly at my new place i can only use wireless. My old roku was only wired. So after going without for a while i couldn't take watching netflix on my laptop any longer and bit the bullet and bought this, or should i say everyone else was tired of hearing me complain about watching netflix on my laptop and i received this new one for my birthday haha. Guess the squeaky wheel really does get the grease. Anyway, the first one i got was defective, i couldn't get it to load the new updates and i had gone through all the resetting steps with no luck. So, i put in for a return from online store. I was amazed at how easy and awesome online store's return process was. They sent me a brand new roku overnight and it showed up on a sunday ! absolutely outstanding in my book. The new roku i received is amazing i had it setup up and working in less than 5 minutes. It has been working flawlessly and i hope it last as long as my old roku did :)

R. Alexia, Haringey says

So easy to set up. Of course it's my second one, this one in the kitchen. And so much more efficient than my other one that only says hd on the unit. The remote is better quality too with a real center button instead of a depressed button my tiny fingers have to find. . Now i have an apple tv and two rokus. The apple is great for watching stuff i've collected on itunes primarily. But it didn't have acorn streaming and that's what the rokus do, stream acorn. I am a huge fan of bbc, itv and the equivalents from canada and austrailia. Roku is the only one that streams acorn and this new roku 1 is so much fun. So i strongly encourage you to get this roku if you want the fun of all that british drama and mystery programming-way beyond the pbs schedule and the episodes are ten to twelve minutes longer. (oh, in one case-silk-pbs cut about an hour! ). . And though you can use this roku with your old standard, pre-hd televisions, the hdmi connection is the best way to go. Seldom does it need to refresh the stream. . As i said: love it love it love it!

U. Teresa, South Dakota

Was initially concerned with idea of wireless video streaming from one corner of the house downstairs to another upstairs, but i consider the performance amazing and exceptional. And am really enjoying. . That aside, though, i dinged my rating one star for the following. 1. Setup requires logging into their site to activate your device on a roku account, so that meant a trip downstairs during setup, . 2. Which then required a credit card be entered in advance of additional potential services one may order later on-line. . I don't really do not like my credit card sitting around on vendor sites any more than needed. And i'd rather that choice be mine, and not roku's. So my preference would be to pay for additional services as i go, and keep my credit card to myself. That's just me. . And that aside, based on the roku 1, i then ordered and setup a roku 3 for my downstairs family room. I went with the roku 3 as i wanted to hardwire via an ethernet cable rather than stream as wireless, plus i wanted full 1080 hd for the family room big screen. The roku 1 is on an older non-hd tv upstairs, and works well for that. I also ordered a roku 1 for my daughter across the country, which has also worked out fine. . So a pretty good family of products. . One last thing. With the roku 3, i ran into a setup issue where the unit would keep cycling on the software update. Customer support was very good and stepped me through as to how to find the "secret" screen for resetting the software update server. Unfortunately, nothing helped, and we concluded i must have a faulty unit and i was set to return. . Then my son figured out a workaround that pretty much proved the hdmi 3 input on my big screen was bad. So i disconnected the bluray temporarily and ran the roku into the hdmi 2 port instead and has worked fine. I've since ordered and set up an hdmi 5 port switchbox so as to run all hdmi inputs other than cable thru hdmi 2. And works fine. . Always something it seems. But the roku was fine.

Q. Brenda, Calderdale says

This is an older model that willi work with older tv sets with no hdmi or dvi connection, but you won't be able to choose a specific profile and you will have to point the remote control more or less in the direction of the unit or it won't respond. I originally got the roku stick but i didn't have sound since i use dvi to hdmi adopter so it's not a real hdmi (which i only learned by trial an error) and i was ready to return it but i found on online store a sound extractor that connects to the stick and now i have both sound and video and remote control with a much better operation. . If you have a dvi connection get the latest roku with:. Dvi (female) hdmi (male) adopter. Hdmi cable (male male). Sound extractor

E. Weber, Nebraska

Roku 1 streaming player is good for us since all the tvs in our house are standard definition crt sets with rca a/v inputs. The lower-cost standard-definition version of online store instant video movies look just as good on our 36" standard-definition sony crt tv as our dvd movies. The lower-cost standard-definition version of online store instant video works fine with our cheap low-end minimum-performance time warner cable internet service package. . I bought the roku 1 streaming player so that i don't have to keep plugging my laptop into my tv, through a pc to tv adapter, to watch online store instant video. . The set up process gives you an activation code that requires you to go to the roku web site, with your laptop or touch screen device, and enter the activation code and then set up your roku account. Until you use the activation code on a remote web browser and fully register your roku account, including credit card information, the device will not activate. Once i completed my online roku registration, with credit card information, the device activated and allowed me to set up the online store and youtube channel's with my existing online store and youtube account log-ins. I set up my roku account so that no one can make purchases on my roku device without my password. . The roku 1 works very nice. The youtube app on the roku lets you control playback with a youtube app on your touch screen phone or tablet with ios or android . . . Also with regular laptops that run windows or mac os. . One of the strengths of the ruko is the quality playback of online store instant video. The play back never gets choppy or jerky. The video motion is just as steady and fluid as dvd playback and the roku has much better audio quality than my two jvc dvd players. . This is the best streaming box out their for watching online store instant video on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen tube tv.

Y. Rochelle, Illinois says

There are a bunch of reviews out here already so i will make this short. This thing is great and i wish i had bought one earlier (well, as soon as my internet speed got up to par). The major difference that i have found between this one and some of the newer ones is that the new ones have more apps. One in particular that i was looking for was for youtube and it was nowhere to be found for this model. I downloaded the beam app to my phone, and use that to stream youtube videos so that took care of the issue. Otherwise, no issues whatsoever. I don't need the headphone jack on the remote so that was not a big deal for me. The only thing i don't like is the stupid tag/label whatever it is on the remote gets in my way (but that's just me).

T. Suzanne, Croydon

This is so much faster and easier to use than a tivo or a blu-ray player for accessing what i've learned is called ott or over the top content such as netflix, hulu+, and online store instant video. I opted for the roku 1 as i didn't feel having headphone remote capability was worth the extra cost of a roku 2 and i figured i'd try it to see if the processing speed was good enough before i spent even more to get the roku 3. I am completely happy with the processing speed of the roku 1. I suggest using the roku comparison page to see all of the differences. . I love the concept of this! access to tons of content, easy to understand, simple remote and inexpensive. It turns out it went from $48 to $39. 99 for about 12 hours so online store was kind enough to credit the difference for my first one and i ended up buying two more but at less than $50 it's a great deal. . One big draw back is that roku has not provided the netflix profiles or you tube updates to the roku 1 or roku 2. They say it's coming so i'm cautiously optimistic. Since the 1, 2 & 3 are their newest releases they should still be supported for the near future. But that means we're back to sharing a netflix watch list and history which is annoying. Also, if you're using one email account for all of your rokus then you're sharing channels too. Further, there is not a parental filter so kids have the same access as parents. We may need to set up three email accounts for roku but not sure yet of any drawbacks of doing that. . We cut cable two years ago and haven't missed much. Saving over a $1000 a year with ota, netflix, hulu+, & online store on 6 tvs with two tivos and will cancel tivo soon as hulu accomplishes most of what tivo does (fyi no cbs on hulu+). I can add mlb and nhl subscriptions to the roku and still be over $700 ahead. That's every year and probably more in savings as cable keeps increasing. If you're curious about cutting the cable write down the shows your family watches and when they watch them and research where else they are available. You might be surprised. And check out tablo. It sounds pretty slick. Give this a try. If you don't think it's for you remember online store has a great return policy.

C. Carolyn, Merton says

I love my roku player. Simple to set up - connects effortlessly and wirelessly and it offers endless possibilities. As cable tv gets more and more expensive, this devise is the way to go. I am not a big tv viewer and mostly like to watch movies on those infrequent occasions when i am so inclined. I really don't need cable and the expensive price tag which comes along with it. If one is an online store prime member, hundreds of movies are offered free of charge - others can be rented at low cost. Same for netflix. Their $7. 99 per month subscription is a heck of a lot more cost-effective than the sort of prices one encounters with cable tv. With a roku player, one has the option of music, movies, documentaries, etc. If one is a fan of tv shows - and i am not one such person - he could chose hula instead of netflix and have an infinite variety of primetime programming. Cable tv has basically priced itself out of the market, as far as i am concerned. Get a roku and cut the cable. Your checkbook will be a whole lot happier for the switch and you won't miss a thing. Actually, i subscribe only to the basic package for $20. 00 per month so as to preserve the option of viewing major news events - inaugurations, disaster coverage, olympic sports events, network news, etc. And use the roku devise for anything else i wish to view - when i wish to view it. You do need an internet subscription - typically available from the cable company - and a wireless router in your home. From their you are loaded for bear. What the roku does is to connect to your internet wirelessly within your home then transmit the signal to any tv set of your choosing. You can connect via standard av connectors (the white, red and yellow jacks) or else hdmi. They also have other high-tech connections which are beyond my knowledge base and needs. I recommend the hdmi connection but you do need to order a separate cable for that so be sure to do so at the time you place your order for the roku devise. Also make sure your tv has an hdmi input jack on it which scenario is the case for virtually all of the tvs manufactured today. Same with the av jacks which are, in this day and age, actually now obsolete. Now they have a superior connection system utilizes are red, blue and green jacks with their respective cables. One system is called component and one is called composite but i forget which is which. The red, blue and green is superior but, i am perfectly happy with the older system (red, white and yellow jacks) and i am esp happy with the hdmi. Roku makes a number of models and they publish a chart which compares them. Consulting the chart will direct you as to which model to purchase, depending on your needs. They are all rather cost effective and less than even one month's fee for "extended tv" via the cable company. Even if you are mechanically and electronically challenged, the set up for the roku is so simple that you can hardly go wrong. They guide you though it every step of the way. Basically, you plug it into your tv, it picks up your wireless router and then it gives you a code (on your tv) which you then enter - via your computer - at the roku internet site. Doing so "links" your wireless router to your roku account. From then on, you don't need to use your computer but rather can watch the programming or listen to the music directly from your tv. Again, you do need to have internet service in your home for this system to work but you do not need to subscribe to any tv service. If you are an online store prime member you can go directly to the online store site from your tv screen for purposes of viewing the free movies. If you are not a prime member, you can still rent movies from online store for a nominal charge. Links - in the form of little rectangular picture icons - will appear on your tv screen once the roku is hooked up. You can then choose the service(s) you want - some free and some with a charge - and begin viewing (or listening to) your choices. You are not locked into any one choice. You can, for example, view online store movies for a while then back to your home page and choose something else. There are literally hundreds of choices offered. Which particular ones you choose, will depend on your budget and your preferences. There is plenty of free stuff and also plenty of subscription services where the subscription fee is under $10. 00 per month. Roku is a perfect example of the beauty of capitalism. When something - like cable tv service - gets out of hand in terms of the price for goods sold - a competitor comes along and provides a better and cheaper mousetrap. Roku can provide 90% of what you get on extended cable tv service for a fraction of the cost. Better yet, it can provide you with additional services not even available from your cable tv provider. Any questions, email me at brennele npceu. Com i get lots of questions on sourdough bread baking from my review of that product. I am only too happy to help folks out concerning bread baking. I will be equally happy to share my knowledge of this topic for anyone who remains confused as to how it works or concerning what it offers.

P. Guest, Bury

This is a game-changer. I love it. Works almost equally well connected to hdmi as wireless (i have two installs) . The hdmi direct cable connect might be a tad quicker than the wireless connection but i think the clarity is the same. . The unit sleeps in a while after you go back to 'home' so it doesn't need to be switched off per se. I basically like the remote, it is simple and straightforward without a gazillion buttons to confuse the less tech-savvy members of your household, and works fine for me, with one suggestion for improvement (see below). . Hundreds of channels (some subscription, some not. That's up to you) including the usual assortment of netflix, hulu, online store, crackle, networks, so many more. . The selection screen works well with the toggles. Eventually i imagine a voice-select option that will be on the remote to either spell out the letters for the channel you're looking for or go right to the channel itself. . As it is, you have to manually select each letter from a keyboard menu to spell out your search, but the built-in predictive search feature works very well so you rarely have to enter the whole name or channel you're looking for, just some of it then page over to the right when it gets the idea. Hit enter, you're done. Pretty cool. . One thing i would improve is the tactile difference on the main 'up-down-left-right-select' toggle. . The middle button ('select') i find a bit hard to distinguish, and i often end up pressing up or down when i really mean to hit 'select' which is center. If the this button felt a little more distinct than the ones surrounding it, that would be a design improvement.

G. Ophelia, Delaware says

Yes, this is nice. Interesting. I researched for a very long time and in-depth because i am ready to cut the cord and i think i made the right choice for starting out a newbie going cable-free with roku 1. I still have an analogue tv and this works exactly as advertised. There are a lot of options - hundreds actually - and many are a very nice surprise. A lot of the apps are kind of junk in my opinion - basically because what they offer is very limited. It's like some of the apps got started but then the developer didn't kept up on them. It reminds me of when people first started figuring out how to build their own webpage. Yeah, kind of hard to look at. And it's to bad too because the ideas seemed pretty interesting, but oh well. There is lots of searching to be had with all those apps for sure if for no reason but curiosity. . I'm also not sure if it's the cheap batteries i put in the remote or the remote isn't very responsive but that has been a source of frustration. A more user-friendly menu might be helpful too - there is no scrolling a channel menu as i am used to - but i am sure i will get the hang of things as i become more accustomed. . In all honesty there is so much to look at and explore on this that i'm pretty sure i haven't even scratched the surface, but my cable box is going back today since gradually for the last two weeks i've found myself spending most of my time on roku than i have on cable so i suspect the weaning is done. And actually it has been my pleasure exploring the options i can get with this roku device. . However be very very aware that most streaming options will of course cost you. Even with online store prime a lot - if not most - available movies and tv series will still cost you. That was very disappointing. But there are quite a few options - many actually - that i'm really surprised and happy about that are free and i have been enjoying those very much. . This was very easy to hook up. I also ordered an over-the-air antenna and digital converter box and was worried i'd be swapping cables out between the two devices depending on what i wanted to watch, but i figured out i could use a coax cable for the tv and antenna/converter box then use the red, white, yellow cables for roku. Now it's just a matter of switching input options with the button on my tv remote. (i did post a q about how to do this and every response was that roku wasn't set up to work with an antenna but you can do it. ) no effort at all switching between the two now. I'm happy with this purchase. It is a good launching pad/learning experience for when i look at getting either a smart tv or just a tv from this century and then use it without cable.

L. Rebecca, Blackpool says

I'm an international med student currently living in overseas. Although i don't get much time to watch tv, there are days that i just want to unwind from my busy week, and i watch my favorite shows. Where i'm at, the cable here isn't the best. A tv show could be in it's 5th season in the states, and here, they'll only be on the 2nd season. Thererfore, i mostly stream shows online. My tv has literally been collecting dust. I would turn it on 3 times a year. If that. But, thanks roku, it has brought life back to my tv. I bought it a month ago, and i absolutely love it. Probably the best thing i bought for myself in a long time. Initially, i couldn't watch certain channels, but i subscribed to unblock-us, and everything works perfectly. I'm even able to watch shows/movies that are saved on my computer using a channel called plex. It great not having to be in front of a computer or ipad just to enjoy movies. . I'm a huge netflix fan. There were tons of shows that i unable to view due to my region. Some channels would automatically give me a message saying that i cant view it because i'm out of the us, but as soon as i hooked up my roku box and set up unblock-us, i was amazed at how many more show options i had. Sons of anarchy, for example, i had no idea it was even on netflix, but once i hooked it all up, it would have taken a fire for me to turn that tv off. Lol. A friend of mine stopped by and did a double take when she saw my tv on. I'm telling you, roku brought my tv back to life. . So would i recommend this? heck yea! wish i could give it more stars.

I. Anonymous, Havering

This came in handy when i moved out of my old place and realized i know longer had my roommate's ps3 to stream on anymore. I went low budget with the 1, because i wasn't sure if i was going to like it or if it was going to work with the old tv i was going to be using temporarily. But it works great, and is good for what it is. In hindsight, i would spring for the 3, because the 1 does not auto-play on netflix, and i've gotten mixed answers on whether the 2 does or not. But for bottom of the line, this works just fine for netflix, hulu, online store, etc.

M. Jessica, Thueringen says

The roku 1 streaming player (2710r)is roku's lowest price basic stand alone player with hdmi connectivity. As such it has the same basic performance and programing capabilities as the somewhat more expensive roku 2 streaming media player (4210r). Although the roku 2 is described as having a faster processor i own both players and could not detect any meaningful difference between them when it came to performance and menu refresh and so forth. . The roku 1 player does lack a few small features included with the roku 2 that are quite frankly of minor importance and probably irrelevant to most users. What it does have that makes it very relevant to some users is analog video and audio outputs in addition to the hdmi output. Analog outputs have been dropped from all other roku players. This is important not so much for the analog video, because after all who wants 480i analog composite video these days, but rather because it will allow users with older legacy audio equipment to get the audio output of the roku into their receivers or other gear if those legacy devices don't support hdmi audio input and switching. It's also great for feeding audio to wireless headphones and so forth. . Both the roku 1 and roku 2 are better in almost all ways than past roku models that i have owned, except of course for the steady deletion of output options from past devices that now leaves hdmi as your only connection option for output on all roku models except the roku 1. The roku 1 is in all respects a smoothed out, faster and generally better executed version of the classic roku device. . The roku 1 2710r model shows the results of continuous evolution and improvement, and it supports the current revision of the hulu app that also supports showtime, which tivo does not so far. Roku devices have always been pricey, a bite that's a bit hard to take when blu-ray players with built in streaming are selling for only a few dollars more. Roku players have always had a very straightforward interface with very simple and basic options. That is in many ways and for many users a good thing. But if i could have any features added to a roku they would be: 1080p 24hz output/pass through, hdmi black level adjust, image overscan adjustment, and bluetooth for use with headphones. The rokus are priced high enough, and always have been, that they really should include features like that without people complaining about it. Nevertheless, the roku 1 2710r is one of the best roku modlels that i have owned and used, and i am a satisfied real world user of the roku 1 2710r streaming media player. Recommended.

H. Cageen, Milton Keynes

We love this roku unit. It was extremely easy to set up and is quite speedy connecting to the various services altho we mostly use online store & netflix. There was an ipad app suggested in the enclosed paperwork and that app will allow you to use the ipad as a keyboard making your sign in and sign up procedures much easier than trying to use an onscreen keyboard & arrow keys. . This model fits nicely under the tv and you can barely notice it's there. It also runs cool to the touch which was one of the biggest reasons we selected this version of roku as opposed to the thumb drive stye unit which was my original choice. . We love it and it works very well. Have a samsung "smart tv" and a sony "smart dvd" player but they don't begin to do the job as well as the roku does. We wasted a lot of money buying that smart tv.

N. Mathis, Warwickshire says

For some reason smarttvs can't seem to figure out how to stream online content channels like roku and the other dedicated streamers (i. E. Appletv and online store fire). My tv and my blu ray player are both "smart" enabled are workable but if you're going to spend any considerable amount of time watching on-line channel content i highly recommended springing for this small, inexpensive device. The hardware is very well designed, sleek and simply like something from the apple playbook. The on-screen interface is simple and aesthetically pleasing - way better than anything i have seen from my vizio or my mom's samsung smarttv. At $40 is about as inexpensive as you can get. And the thing that sets it apart from it's competition is the content. No one else has pbs. Apple doesn't have online storeprime (go figure). Plus a ton of niche channels and in the content category i don't think roku can be beat. I really like the remote. It's mate with just a few rubber buttons. Looks and feels great, and is pretty easy to use. . Compared to the roku3 - roku3 is a bit more responsive in the menus but nothing worth writing home about. I found the motion controller really annoying when trying to play angry birds space. Roku is simply not a game console company. In fact, the remote control was the one big drawback of the roku 3. It is glossy with hard, plastic buttons. The "ok" button is not in the middle of the 4-way arrow controller, making navigation more awkward. It is very sparse, which i like. But it has to bright a and b buttons dedicated for gaming. It also has the very nice headphone jack which automatically mutes the tv speakers when you plug in. But the volume controller on the side feels obtrusive. There is also a green led light at the bottom that seems to blink randomly. Also, the remote is about twice as thick as the roku1 version. It houses 2 aa batteries (vs. 2 aaa on roku1). I guess this is because of the higher power requirement of wifi vs. Ir transmission. However, the wifi works flawlessly. You can control the roku from the next room over (no line of sight required) and there is no perceptible delay or degradation in audio to the headphones. . At the end of the day - for $50 less i can do without the slight speed improvement, the nice headphone feature, and the lame gaming controller in exchange for the simple and effective functionality of the roku1. . One more thing! the roku3 has newer (and nicer) gui . And the netflix app allows you to log in as different users. Very lame that this option does not exist on the roku 1 since it was on the old roku hd. Hmmm. . Note on roku customer service - not so good. I had a roku hd that failed after 2 days. Roku wanted me to pay return shipping and was generally unresponsive. Only after some prodding did they finally accept to send me a pre-paid shipping label. Only $5 either way - but on a product that died in 2 days i think they should have stepped up to the plate. Even so, i still love my little roku 1! :)

K. Kelly, West Virginia

I'm a big fan of apple products but when i was looking for a simple solution for someone less tech, i chose this instead of the competitor. I chose roku because it has way more apps than the other items on the market and it's so easy to use. It's just there when you turn on your tv, and if you don't have cable it's a great thing to have. Almost wish i had one of these instead of my usual. Thousands of available apps, including netfilx and online store which are not available on others.

F. Elizabeth, Dudley says

I bought this roku 1 because i was tired of hooking up my laptop to my flat screen so that i could watch netflix, online store prime, etc. This little device does exactly what it promises. There is all kinds of content one could get into with this little guy. I basically use it solely for netflix and online store prime. My kids watch the disney jr livestream app on it as well. I've taken it along while traveling and it has been a lifesaver. Just connect to an internet connection and it's ready to go. . Before i bought this roku 1, i'd debating buying one of the more expensive versions (2 or3) so that i would have the ability to hard wire it to my router just in case connecting it via wifi didn't work out so great. I'm glad i tried this out first and saved myself the money because i've had zero issues with connectivity. . I plan to get a couple more for different rooms in my house!

Z. Colleen, Ontario

I ditched my cable 4 yrs ago after i was laid off and for all this time i was making do with watching free hulu and netflix on my computer. I finally took the leap into the 21st century when i bought this for my somewhat older (7 years) tv. All i really wanted to do was be able to watch netflix on my tv instead of the computer monitor. So instead of buying a new tv for about $300 i bought the roku 1 to go with my existing tv. . It was super easy to set up; basically just plug one end into the electrical outlet and the other end into the tv. All wires are supplied, along with batteries for the roku remote. Roku will search for and find your wireless internet connection. Then they walk you through everything you need to do to establish your roku account and choose your channels. My options now for free tv are mind-boggling and of course there are paid options for movies or tv.

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B. Isabel, Michigan says

Got tired of my blu ray player (samsung) never seeming to work right with netflix, . Slow loading always updating etc. So i thought i would give roku a try. Seemed like a good pick for a couple of months. Faster upload, no annoying updating. But lately a couple of times it would freeze up and to get it to work again i would pull the power plug for a minute than plug it back in. I have had it for a bout 3 months. Then it would work . Another person i know has the same problem with their roku 2. They have had it for about a year. Online you will find other people with the problem. I do like it better than the blu ray, but since roku has been doing this for quite awhile you would think they would have fixed all these problems by now. Next step if this develops into not worth messing with, the online store player, but since that is new, probably will wait a year to see if it is any better.

Y. Bertie, North Dakota

We are a roku family, with more than half-dozen different roku devices from various generations on various televisions in the house. But with that said, i really feel that the television resolution claims made by roku for these devices are misleading. This particular device, the 3rd generation "roku 1", is actually a 27xx device (all 3rd generation devices were 3xxx, the "roku 3" is 4xxx). This means that although roku claims 1080p resolution, netflix will be quick to tell you that they only stream 720p to 27xx roku devices; they just don't have the muscle for 1080p netflix. . Worse, this device only has two outputs: miserable composite video (480i) and hdmi (480p/720p/1080p). If you don't have an hdmi input on your television, then save your money and go with the lt since it also has a composite output. Am i the only one missing the additional outputs that existed on the earlier devices? used 1st gen devices seem to be the highest quality image available from roku without hdmi. . When i did the real math, i found that devices like this one don't actually provide more functionality than the lt, while making deceiving claims and costing more money.

O. Elida, Tasmania says

Sending the one i purchased back due to it causing a bounce across the screen initially, then up and down the screen as well- the whole screen would just bounce randomly. I only watched netfilx and hulu, so not sure if that issue is isolated to those two sites. Never experienced that problem (or any problem, really) with my laptop. Not sure what to order now, as the roku 1 was within my price range, yet even though this item seemed to have some defect, i also did not like the set-up with netflix. The controller is limiting. No subtitles without having to go back to the previous screen. I'll stick with my laptop until i can find something just as good or better, under or around $50.

R. Glenda, Niedersachsen

My roku 1 worked fine for about 2 months but the past few months i have spent on and off with roku support trying to get it to receive my wifi signal. It seems this product is known to have problems like this and since it has no ethernet port it is basically useless at that point. It no longer picks up any wifi networks in my area, it used to pick up not just mine but also several of my neighbors. Now it just shows all 0's in it's mac address which apparantly means the wifi receiver in it is no longer functioning. . Roku said several times when i have contacted them that they will be e-mailing me an rma number and once i pay to ship it back to them and they receive it, they will send me a replacement. While i feel it is unacceptable that i have to pay for shipping to return a product that is only several months old, i was ok with it if it meant they would at least send me a replacement. After several more weeks now and several more assurances that i will be getting my rma number asap, i am ready to give up and just throw it in the trash. I would not recommend that anyone purchase anything from roku unless you want to risk a similar bad experience. . Update 8/2/14: online store stepped in and sent me a new unit after i emailed them regarding my lack of success getting a replacement from roku. I returned the old one immediately and so far the new one is working fine. Will update again and raise my rating if it lasts at least a year before failing.

E. Marguerite, New York says

I have owned a roku previously when it first came out and found it to be very rudimentary but sold it to purchase an apple tv about 2 years ago. In april i purchased another roku for a second tv, not looking for something as expensive as it won't be used as much. . Again, i have found the user interface to be extremely slow at loading (unlike my apple tv). The channel options are also limited. The previous owner (i thought i was purchasing a new model, but it seems to have been used) had not logged out of most of the apps. Hulu would play but was not playing my huluplus at all so i was forced to watch commercials. I also feel like i'm using a windows98 with the layout. It could definitly be upgraded to more of a 2016 look. . As i do not want to wait 5 minutes to load each app every time i use it, i will be returning and replacing with a firetv.

J. Lewis, Barnet

Dead after 3 months and a week. Worked great while it lasted but exactly after the warranty expired, the roku began to overheat and would blank out. Reading the other one-star reviews about the uselessness of the roku customer service, i decided to accept the losses (bought two) and just move on without wasting my time with the customer "service. " one of the rokus was used for less than 2 hours as it was in a guest bedroom but overheated anyway when the main one (in the bedroom) blanked out after about less than 2 hours of use per day.

A. Lara, Camden says

Caught a break and got a great price on 2 of these devices brand new. Had previous 1st gen rokus that finally gave up the ghost (power spikes i'm guessing since the power packs blew first despite being on surge protectors) and were not worth fixing/replacing given the price of the roku 1's. Out of the box and to the tv set in 5 minutes on 2 hdtvs. Overall spotty connectivity on wi-fi and no rj45 ethernet connector on them - very bad delivery of streamed media and roku channels - often stuck and requires reboot - overall very disappointed and while a quick fix short term, my old ones were actually better than these new ones.

X. Rochelle, District of Columbia

I purchased this december 2013 and it worked fine until complete failure a month ago. There is neither telephone nor live chat support on this device from roku. There is no way to access a screen to try reprogramming it. There is no button on the remote that can bring up any screen. Yes, i have powered it off and on again. After about 20 or so seconds of a roku splash screen it goes dead and will not respond to any command. The hdmi cable works perfectly with other devices.

Q. Kelly, Delaware says

Although it does what it's supposed to do, get streaming video from the internet to your tv, this isn't a graceful product to use. The setup instructions are skimpy, and the support chat has a very long gueue. I never did get through and had to call sony support to resolve my issue by hooking up the roku to the game port on the tv. Since it has no on and off switch, it's harder to work with. The remote has some preselected buttons for channels you might like to change to your own choices, but you can't. If you want to use an hdmi cable, you have to buy it separately, because it is not supplied with the device. And to set up your account you must provide a credit card number, in case you ever buy any pay channels. Altogether, the roku seems like a cheaply made sales tool, designed for streaming sales rather than customer satisfaction. I will probably buy another streaming video device for a second tv, but will try another manufacturer.

F. Hurst, Haute-Normandie

Worked as expected for about a week. Then, it started shutting down and resetting. Now, it shuts down and resets itself after about 20 minutes. The unit seems unusually warm to the touch. Basically, this is useless if you are streaming a movie, or any other kind of programming. I regret this purchase. We have an original roku - 6 years old - that still works flawlessly. Maybe they are using a bad power supply. Whatever the case - a 20 minute device, at best.

V. Pamela, North Lincolnshire says

This item is outdated technology, and will not work anywhere nearly as well as newer models available in the same price range. The seller was unresponsive to my query as to why the item is slow to the point of virtual uselessness. If you want a decent streaming performance, then buy a newer model, such as the roku ultra or roku streaming stick+ (as i finally did. )

I. Ruby, Solihull

I had to return my roku 1 because it was incredibly frustrating. So slow and laggy when you click the buttons. Underpowered processors inside make it as responsive as a gps from 2001. I had to hit the same buttons over and over. It's practically unusable. Hint: if you have an older tv and need a roku with composite cables, don't get a roku 1, get a roku 3 and a powered hdmi to composite converter box for about $30 from online store. It works like a charm!

H. Theola, East Riding of Yorkshire says

Bought to work with a non-hdmi tv . . Good: works well rca/componet input tv. Unit came with a component cable, a remote with batteries. Did provide good picture on projection tv. . Bad: remote control interface faulty . Roku 1 failed to either respond when commanded via remote, or, would uncontrollably scroll through multiple channels after single press of up/down button. Very frustrating experience. Returned to online store for refund - did not get another. . Not sure if an isolated lemon, reason for 2 star review. . Note fwiw, i bought a roku 2 a while back and it's been working flawlessly.

S. Rita, Kentucky

This streaming device was purchased for another tv used by my teenaged niece. I had no intention of paying for an additional dvr with directv so this seemed to be a good alternative. The roku worked well and in over two years i've had no issue with it. I've since put it on the large tv in the living room and switched the blu ray player to my bedroom. Everything was going well until yesterday when it simply cut off during an episode. I tried turning it off, rechecking the cables, and switching out the hdmi cable for another one. At first it said that it wasn't on the house wi-fi network and so i went into settings and reinstalled it on the correct network. It then showed that it was connected to the wi-fi but it still wouldn't stream on any of the channels i regularly use (netflix, online store, and acorn tv). I've had it since july 2015 and obviously it's long out of warranty. I considered buying a new one but decided to first read the reviews. I've decided instead to try the online store streaming device. It's cheaper and since i've bought hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from online store with no issues regarding returns or replacements, i'm going to go with the online store stick.

C. Mahood, Darlington says

Wireless reception is not the greatest even if it's right near the access point. It has to stop and buffer quite a bit whether it is streaming from the net or local storage. They boast about well over a hundred channels but at least half of them are total niche and a lot of the channels are abandoned. No content available on them free or paid. Yeah, this this is good for the couple of major services like online store prime and netflix but anything else is hit or miss. Don't even think about local streaming with this thing because it's codec support is very very narrow. It won't play many formats from local storage. . It's cheap and good for the major streaming services if you have really good wireless. Use something else in any other case.

M. Connie, Iowa

The roku itself is brilliant but unfortunately the remote is a piece of crap. It doesn't keep the signal after each time you use it and is constantly losing the signal if it sits idle too long (say while you're watching a movie) and sometimes it just doesn't connect at all. I was told it was because of interference with other wifi's in my building. Basically, i'm left with using the roku app on my phone which is annoying. My apple tv remote never has this problem. It's a shame roku can't make a better remote.

W. Kellie, Torbay says

I purchased roku device first time in april. I leave in the dr and i use a private mail adress to purchase. First time they send me roku i was very happy until my roku stop working in less than a month. I wrote to tech support and after follow up some troubleshooting steps they set that i have to send it back to online store. I ask for a new roku device because even it have channels limitations comparing us can or uk channels, i though was a good option for watching some tv series and programs there. The annoying thing was as the device came in perfect conditions external like no broken device, i paid for sending back the device to online store almost 69 us and device cost me originally near of 60. I tried to forgot that annoying experience with my new device. But guess what? 2 days ago its started to show again same issues of connection to wireless ( in less than a month), showing mac adressin 000. 000. I follow up basic troubleshooting steps and its not fixed yet. Next step i should follow up (that i wont do) it's to go online to tech support for same issues. As a customeri feel stoled, cheated and really considering never purchase this product again but over all , i'm considering to cancel my online store account. It's not acceptable that same company commits mistakes twice and even they send me again a new device , i have to pay back 69 us. Because i live in the dr so is not free the replacement for me.

G. Anonymous, Hillingdon

After owning the roku 1 for about 4 months, the device failed to turn on. Upon failing, i learned the roku is covered by one of the worst product warranties i've encountered in recent years. The device has a 90-day warranty, meaning it will be going in the trash rather than in the mail for a replacement. . The length of a warranty period typically reflects the expected longevity of a device. The manufacturer seeks to balance the cost of replacing broken devices with the consumer perception that a device is of a certain quality. A standard warranty term for consumer electronics is 1 year. By providing merely a 3-month warranty instead of a longer 1-year warranty, roku is indicating that it's devices are low quality and it expects a significant number of devices to fail before reaching 1 year of age. . I can only blame myself, i suppose. Please don't make the same mistake i made. There are alternatives to the roku.

T. Morgan, Knowsley says

The failure process happened slowly. . A few months ago it just started jumping to the home screen after watching 3-6 videos. Then the netflix select operation ground to a halt. Iow, when i selected a title (press ok) it would take 5-10 seconds to get the play screen. It progressively got worse to 20+ seconds from ok to the play screen coming up. And now it's completely frozen the next day, requiring a power-disconnect to make it responsive. . The problem cannot be software because it initially works perfectly after a power off/on. It must be a high-temperature hw problem (memory? ) as the sealed enclosure is very hot to the touch. (reminds me of a lot of early wifi routers with similar, gradual overheating failures. ). . Unfortunately it's about a month out of the 90 day warranty. So . I'm ordering another, this time with the five buck, 2-year warranty.

. Anderson, Brent

My roku stopped working within 3 months of ownership and became useless. I spent over an hour and a half with roku tech support troubleshooting this problem. I would like to note here that i am an it systems engineer and work on wired an wireless networks and devices for a living. By the time i called roku support i was pretty much sure the device had a hardware problem, but i've learned to give the manufacturers a chance because they know their products best. . For those that don't want to read this long post, i want to say right now that online store took excellent care of me even though my roku was over a month past the return period after i told them about my experience with roku. . Here is the transcript of how my tech support call with roku went. Normally i wouldn't post something like this, but i think potential buyer should be made aware of how roku stands by their products. . S - ashwinth m - hello mike. How may i help you? . Mike - hello. My roku1 doesn't see the network anymore. S - ashwinth m - sure, we are here to help! . Mike - i would like to paste in the information and troubleshooting results. . Roku1. S/n 1xe3av137927. Purchased from online store. Com 02/04/2014. As of this morning, my roku no longer sees my (or any) wireless network. The roku still displays the wireless mac address. I've tried the following troubleshooting steps that i found on your support forum:. . I power it off for 10 seconds and plugged it back in. I did a factory reset. I setup a second wireless network using my verizon hotspot. I tried manually entering the ssid. . Roku still doesn't see any wireless networks. S - ashwinth m - please give me few minutes i will check with my resources and get back to you. Mike - sure thing. S - ashwinth m - thanks for waiting. I apologize for long delay. . Mike - no problem. S - ashwinth m - may i know currently are you unable to see any wireless networks available in the list of wireless networks? . Mike - no. I scan and nothing. I tried to enter the ssid manually and that doesn't work either. S - ashwinth m - okay. Not to worry. Let us isolate the issue. House button - 5 times. Fast forward button - 3 times. Rewind button - 2 times. Please press the buttons with minimal pauses. Please press the keys on the remote as fast as you can. You will get the secret screen on the tv. . Mike - ok give me sec to do that. S - ashwinth m - okay. Take your own time. Mike - ok. I finally got there. S - ashwinth m - that's good. Please provide me the wireless mac address that you see on screen. Mike - dc:3a:5e:2e:20. Ed. S - ashwinth m - thank you for your information. The player is having the valid wireless mac address. May i know the distance between the roku and router? . Mike - it is odd that it showt an ip address and reports an uptime of 2 days. It also says it is unregistered. Under 20 feet. . S - ashwinth m - not to worry. It shows unregistered if you are not signed in netflix account. May i know who is your internet service provider and the brand name of the router? . Mike - cox communications netgear nighthawk ac1900. S - ashwinth m - thank you, that's helpful. Is it possible to reduce the distance between the roku and router? . Mike - not permanently. I had a verizon hotspot within 5 ft of it today and it still didn't see a network. S - ashwinth m - okay. I see. Is it possible to connect the player to any other tv which is located in another place? . Mike - sure. I have to take it upstairs to do this. Give me a few minutes. S - ashwinth m - okay. Please take your time. Are we connected? . Mike - yes. Just about to try it. S - ashwinth m - okay. Mike - ok same thing it doesn't see the wireless and a scan does no good. S - ashwinth m - do you see other wireless networks? . Mike - not sure what you mean. It doesn't see any networks. S - ashwinth m - okay. Mike - it worked fine for a couple of months. I am leaning towards this unit have gone bad. S - ashwinth m - okay i understand that how you feel at this moment. Let us reset the player once again. At the back or bottom of the unit, you should find a recessed little hole. Use a pin or paperclip to press and hold the button till the roku powers up. The device will reset to default and be ready for setup again. Mike - ok. I don't see one. Are you sure the roku1 has that? . I found it on the bottom. Hang on a sec. S - ashwinth m - okay. Please take your time. Mike - ok. I held it until the roku emblem came up. I will need to do the setup now. S - ashwinth m - okay. Mike - nothing. It still doesn't see any networks. It also no longer has a mac address. 00:00:00:00:00:00. S - ashwinth m - please give me few minutes i will check with my resources and get back to you. Mike - ok. S - ashwinth m - could you please go into the secret screen and let me know the mac address? . Mike - ok. It doesn't seem to want to get into that screen. And now i have french as the language. I'm going to power cycle it. . S - ashwinth m - please wait. Mike - sorry. I already did it. It is coming back up now. I am at the chose language screen now. S - ashwinth m - okay. After it powers up please go into the secret screen and let me know the mac address of the roku. Mike - it has been booted up. S - ashwinth m - if you do not have the steps please let me know i will help of how to go into the secret screen. Thank you for letting me know. Mike - no. I have the steps, it just keeps rotating through the languages. Can i select english and try from another screen? . S - ashwinth m - yes please. Mike - ok. No mac address listed. All zeros. S - ashwinth m - okay then. Mike - can you arrange an replacement? . S - ashwinth m - we will process a b-grade for you. You have to send us the faulty unit first with the rma number mentioned on the box. As soon as we receive the faulty unit, we will ship out a replacement unit to you within 5 business from the date we receive the unit. You will receive the rma number and complete replacement instructions through email. You have to pay for one time shipping. Please provide me your shipping address. . Mike - that is not acceptable. I just bought this 2 months ago. . S - ashwinth m - i am sorry for the inconvenience caused but that is our procedure. . Mike - are you paying for shipment? . . S - ashwinth m - no it is a one time shipment charge. . Mike - i will try to get a replacement from online store. Com. I will also. Post this transcript for future potential buyers. . At that point i just disconnected and contacted online store. Online store was great! i explained to them what happened and my experience dealing roku support and they sent me out a new unit overnight. Online store also provided a return shipping label at not cost to me. This was even though i was past my return date by over a month. . If roku would have at least agreed to cross ship a replacement unit and let me send back the other once it arrived, i would have bit the bullet and paid for return shipping. They are not a company i would recommend dealing with. . Mike

L. Annette, Rhode Island says

I've just purchased a roku 2 because the one simply didn't work properly. First of all it got very hot if i kept it plugged in. I also had to deal with a lot of buffering especially on the acorn channel. When i contacted roku they asked me to do all sorts things that had nothing to do with the fact that the roku was not functioning. The finally said that they would send me a return label which they never did. Unfortunately there seems to be no competitors for roku that get good reviews so i'm trying the roku 2. I would suggest that anyone considering the roku 1 order the 2 instead.

K. Sherry, Harrow

I have had my roku for 6 months . All i do is watch my roku and at first the buttons stop working it would only go one direction. It wont go down so i can not select movies or go back or down. So i said it must be the batteries . It only allows 1 direction. I have to log on my computer to adjust the shows i want to watch. Ugg . So im researching . So i want to buy another but not sure i wonder is there another device that would be better

N. June, West Virginia says

I don't know what's happened to roku but this is the last one i'm going to buy. The first one i had still works. I bought it about four years ago. The second one lasted about a year. Okay, i used it a lot so i was all right with it dying. The third one lasted two months, but i still didn't give up. The fourth one lasted a month and a half. I am a game girl so i gave it one more shot. This one lasted one show. I am finally giving up on roku.

D. Anonymous, Windsor and Maidenhead

I had one of the original roku devices. I replaced it with this one because i live in a hearing-impaired household and the older model didn't have an option for closed-captioning when watching netflix. This model does but it's less than ideal. It ignores the preferences we have set on my netflix account but if you try to set preferences for captioning on the roku itself that just makes the situation worse. Hard to explain but they're unreadable. Also we never had picture issues with the old device but this one has had digital glitches streaming everything we've watched so far. Occasional pixelated spots on the image and occasional green lines running through it. It's infrequent, usually once per title, but still annoying. The old model automatically "stretched" the picture, this one does on some title but not on others. Update (9, 4, 2015) i've really grown to hate this device. Not sure if i just got a bad one or what but it has too many quirks to list. One thing that is horribly irritating is its failure to respond. I can push the button over and over and over again and it clicks but it doesn't do anything. Sometimes it takes a dozen clicks to get it to select a title. Also, when i'm finished watching a title and try to go back, it doesn't take me back to where i was browsing; it will launch netflix all over again and i end up back at the top. I never had any of these kinds of problems with my first generation device.

. Meredith, Virginia says

Not as responsive as other roku's i have; runs warm to hot. Ran ok for first three months; now it cuts off than on. Rebooting and other techniques have been unsuccessful in remedying the problem. Service, direction from online store - after the purchase - non existent! . Less expensive devices offer equal or better reception

P. Gilmore, South Carolina

I own this, a roku 3 and a netgear neotv 200. The one is very simple, like earlier smart tv and devices. It does offer all the tv apps of a roku2 or 3, but the apps themselves of very basic, making it hard to navigate, and not being able to you profiles like in in netflix. Its only saving grace is it has slingtv. Not to be confused with sling box, and slingplayer. The neotv 200 by netgear does everything the roku 1, 2 and 3 does except slingtv, so if you have to have espn (on sling tv), then get a roku, otherwise neotv-200 is less expensive than the roku 1.

. Bethany, Thurrock says

This is my 3rd roku player in 8 years? i have another in living room and wanted online store prime and google options so bought this to replace my apple tv. It was an impulse purchase. Shame on me for not setting it up right away. . Tonight i tried to watch a purchased show and the streaming was terrible and network scan shows 1 of my dual channels. Phone shows both. Get old roku from living room and it works fine. Netflix locked up on new box, no problems on apple or old roku so it is not my router. . Remote is cheaper like a bad keyboard where you have to press buttons hard. . Very disappointed and of course i am past my return window.

Z. Cecilia, Lewisham

We bought this to replace our old roku2. We adored the old one. It worked wonderfully, and made it very easy to watch netflix on our tv. So when we needed to replace it, we bought this one without hesitation. We checked the basic features via the video on their website - in the past, only roku 2 came with a "rewind" feature" - but never once thought any roku might not come with an ethernet cable slot. . We have very slow internet - we can watch netflix on our computer, but any slower and it would not work. (outskirts of forks, wa) and we'd read online that if we went wireless, the farther you are from your router box, the slower your internet speed, so we decided to just keep ourselves wired. Who'd a thunk it'd be a problem beyond having to use wires. . Checking online, we found that only their roku 3 still has an ethernet cable slot. And at $99, we went and checked out online store fire tv for the same price - which has many more features beyond roku 3 - and we would have bought it, and said goodbye to roku forever . But it's only for hdtv. And we still only have old, standard tvs. . If you've got hdtv, i'd advise the switch. If you have a standard tv and wired cable, your only option is roku 3. If you're wireless, you're fine. I'm sure it works great. Just not for us wired internet folk.

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