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Price was $99.00. I recently bought a very disappointing "smart tv" and this little unit totally redeems it. It's everything previous media players like the wd live tv were not: fast, attractive, lots of functionality, and very cost effective. Two big pros: the headphone jack is a really nice touch that i find myself using a lot more than i expected to, and the remote is actually an rf unit, so it doesn't need line-of-sight to the player. That means you can mount it behind the tv, maybe wire-tied to the tv's mount (that's what i did) for a super-streamlined setup. . One negative is that when using the headphones the remote seems to eat batteries super fast. I'm 99% sure it's the headphone-usage, too. I actually ended up buying a second one of these units for a different room, once i was sure i was happy with the first. We never use the headphones on the second unit, and its batteries are still fine after a few months of use. The one i do use the headphones with (a few hours a week, total), i seem to replace the batteries every few weeks. It has an indicator that tells you when the batteries are low, but it doesn't seem to work properly because for me, it always just dies in the middle of a show. . Another (minor) negative is the remote has four hard-coded buttons for apps: netflix, online store, rdio, and hulu. Well, rdio has gone out of business, but the button isn't reprogrammable, so it's kind of just a silly/embarrassing reminder that technology can be fleeting. I wish it could be set up to go to another app. Not a big deal. . The remote is set up as a gamepad-style unit where you can flip it sideways. Great concept, poor execution - unless you love tetris, the games are pretty useless.

-. Florence

3 streaming media player 4230r voice search 2015 roku 3 is the fastest, most powerful roku player. enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus games, music, sports, and more*. -roku 3 streaming media player 4230r voice search 2015 model

  • Additional: Remote With Headphones And Gaming.
  • Additional: 2000+ Streaming Channels – Free, Subscription, Rent & Buy.

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The roku 3 may be our solution to eliminate satellite tv. Our directv bill has been increasing every year since we got it. The last straw was a charge for the increase in costs for sports channels, and we don't have any sports channel, nor do we watch sports. Our bill for tv is over $120 with no extra channels and a basic program package. . We have a panasonic smart tv with a menu for internet tv, but the choices are very few. So i decided to buy the roku 3 to give us additional options. The setup was extremely easy, and it provides us with so many more free tv options than we had before. Since our router is at the opposite end of the house from the family room where our tv is, i had previously bought the linksys homeplug av2 powerline kit (plek500) to conned our router using ethernet cables. This has worked great with no lag. I connected the roku 3 with ethernet using this system. . I also love the remote. The roku unit is mounted behind the tv out of site, and the remote works flawlessly from anywhere in the room. No more leaning to get a direct line of sight for the remote. The voice search also works great. It eliminates all of the typing for searches. I would highly recommend the roku 3 for anyone that wants to break from the cable/satellite monarchy. . I have to say that i am in awe with the tv options offered by the roku 3. We already had, and were paying for, netflix, hulu, and online store prime as these are all used on tablets and computers. These all connected flawlessly with the roku 3. I also added cbs all access for $5. 99/month because my husband likes to watch current weather and news. Other than this, we have found all of the channels that we normally watch on services that we were already paying for. So i feel we can eliminate the directv bill of over $120/month that includes so many channels that we don't watch. It also irks me that for late night tv we have been paying for infomercials. Now we can watch what we want to watch when we want to watch it, and it will cost a whole heck of a lot less. Granted, it will take a little time to get used to findings the channels on different networks, but i'm sure we can get used to it and deal with it. . Goodbye directv. The Best streaming media player voice search ( Dec 2019 ) | Roku-Tuner Review Additional Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (4230R) with Voice Search (2015 Model) Fully loaded. top rated: voice, headphone & games.. Remote with headphones and gaming.. 2000+ streaming channels - free, subscription, rent & buy.. Search across the most channels. great with mobile devices.. Roku 3 works with virtually any tv with an hdmi connection. you can plug your roku 3 directly into your tv or receiver depending on your preference. setting up your roku player requires that you have a broadband internet connection, a wireless router (and/or wired for roku 2 or roku 3), power , an hdmi cable (sold separately), and an hdtv. once you have all of those ingredients, just plug in your roku player. our guided set up will walk you through updating and installing channels. .

Purchased this roku 3 to replace my fire tv stick and it has been nothing short of spectacular. My fire stick had recently been freezing for a few seconds while watching hulu and netflix, occurring as much as every 30 seconds. The roku has played everything flawlessly, and has an awesome selection of channels with tons of content available. I enjoy the gopro channel which has amazing videos. I've used the search function through the remote a handful of times and it has worked properly each time. . One of my favorite features is the headphone port on the remote. My wife and i watch tv in our room before bed, and she almost always ends up falling asleep in the middle of a show. Now she can fall asleep and i can switch over to using the headphones and finish my show quietly without waking her up. Happy wife! -Q. Meghan

Roku Streaming Media Player Search

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Width:3.50 inches
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3 streaming media player 4230r voice search 2015 Home Theater, Roku 3 is the fastest, most powerful roku player. enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus games, music, sports, and more*. the included enhanced remote offers voice search, headphones for private listening, point anywhere ease of use, and motion control for gaming. search the widest selection of channels and get automatic updates on new movies. enjoy up to 1080p stunning hd video* as well as ethernet, usb, and microsd card ports. *some channels require payment. channel availability can change and varies by country. availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection. Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 4230r Voice Search 2015 Model (MAIN-22786-Roku).

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  • There is so much to love about this roku box. I've been wanting to cut the cord from cable for years; but like many others was stuck in a contract. I decided to give this roku a try. I'm so glad i did. First of all - it's incredibly easy to set up. Plug and play basically after connecting it to your wifi and setting up your account. 2-there are so many channel options; at first it's overwhelming. I think i spent more than a week reviewing every channel i thought had some potentional and then arranging them in the order i think i'd use them (ok maybe that's just my obsessive need for order. Lol). Anyway - there are 1, 000's of channels and 1, 000's more private channels to discover. Some of them are absolute garbage. Some of them have little or no content. Some of them don't work at all. But some are pure gold! i feel perfectly comfortable now saying bye-bye to verizon because i'll be able to access my local news stations (in addition to other local news across the country if i need it), cable stations, network stations, old movies, new movies, westerns, sci fi, documentaries etc. Oh - and my favorite new feature; it comes with earphones which i didn't understand. My hubby was snoring like a monster in my ear - i put on the headphones which drowned him out and i could enjoy my program in peace. Thank-you roku!
  • Did research on all streaming boxes & decided for our needs the roku is best due to content. We have no interest in gaming etc. Also people need to remember they can get more than one box to use per tv. Apple tv for itunes, siri etc. As what comfortable with & roku for different offerings that apple tv doesn't have like online store video & more. I would be happy if it gave me nothing more than youtube! not even one hiccup with this player! read reviews that remote goes through set of batteries in a few days. We are at almost 60 days & it shows you on screen how much in batteries. Freeze ups- not really. Love love love the voice search which works great! say it & a split second on screen - instant! wish roku would allow what buttons on remote as different rokus in house are set up differently. Wish would have left instant replay on remote & keep search & put ok back up in toggle area center. We use apps on phone & tablets that allow that. Great product wish we would have done sooner. So much more to watch. At first overwhelmed with it all! maybe still am!
  • This past 10 years, i'd purchased roku (analogue), roku 2, roku 3 and roku stick. I used 3 currently in my household and have given 3 of the roku models to family. I do think roku products are good and the ease of use is wonderful but the enhanced remote with headphone jack is not so wonderful. I have 3 of them. None of the headphone jacks lasted 1 year. The remotes work fine but the headphone jacks no longer work. If roku can work on making the headphone jack durable and last as long as the remote, then the company would have a great product. Remote control with headphone jack is a wonderful technology. All remote control should have this feature. Roku is in the forefront. I have read reviews from tech sites and other users stating the roku enhanced remote's headphone jack is the first to fail and usually within a year. I went on the roku website to see if i can order replacement (i've already replaced 1 remote), their enhanced remote is out of stock and has been for a month. They don't know when they'll be able to re-stock the remote. It would be nice if online store, google chrome or any major tv company add the headphone jack to the remote control.
  • I purchased this item in september of 2015. By christmas it began to fail but would work fine after unplugging it and letting it sit for a while unplugged then restarting it. By june of 2016 the streaming was so bad that say law and order through the hulu channel would play show for about 45 seconds then require several minutes of buffering. In my opinion it is unuseable. . Fyi: it is installed 26 from the wireless router. The routers measured speed is 32 mbs and no competeing useage of the internet through the router. There is a roku stick installed 3 feet from same router that works fine with no buffering. . Headphones never worked giving an unbearable stutter. . Update: after spending quite some time with roku chat support we have resolved (at least for now) the problem by reinstalling the firmware. They showed me how to get to a secret screen and choose the "install latest software" option. You get to that screen by the following sequence on your remote. Press "home" 5 times rapidly, then press "fast forward" 3 times rapidly, then press "rewind" 2 times rapidly. It took several efforts but i got it. It replaced with the same identicle version number but it fixed the problem none the less.
  • I recently upgraded our old first generation roku. I loved old roku. It did everything i wanted it to, but they started dropping channels (no hbo go anymore! ), was getting pretty laggy after 8 years, and the interface was impractical once we upgraded from our tube tv. On those fronts, the roku 3 is an improvement. I like the phone-as-remote function, and it's still pretty user friendly. However, it's been pretty glitchy, often freezing/buffering, and has already needed one factory reset (after about 2 months), which the box assures us should almost never happen. My least favorite thing is the auto-play for the next episode when watching tv shows. I do not ever want the next episode to auto-play, but there is no way to turn it off. It's especially annoying when you hope to fall asleep to something mindless and have a nap. I can't be the only one who likes to do that occasionally. The remote and headphones are more navigable than old roku, but the remote is lightweight and i think cheaper, as our new one's battery casing broke the second week. Still love the system, but disappointed with some of the tweaks to this generation.

streaming media player voice search Roku 3 Streaming Media Player (4230R) with Voice Search (2015 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

In my opinion, the roku 3 streaming media player with voice search and a remote with ear phones in it for private viewing so you don't disturb anyone else in the room, is awesome! i have a roku 2 streaming media player on one of my other tvs and it is a fine piece of equipment. I also have an h d roku streaming media player on another one, and it is also a fine specimen. I think that a roku streaming media player of any size is better than any of the rest of the streaming media players in its class. I enjoy watching all the quality movies that i can watch on my prime account through my favorite roku streaming media player. In case you hadn't realized by now, i love my roku streaming media players. To be fair, everyone in my family loves the awesome roku 3 streaming media player! i would advise everyone reading this review to go to online store and order your roku 3 streaming media player before they are all gone. That would be a travesty now wouldn't it? in my opinion the roku 3 streaming media player is a wonderful product to purchase. If this review has been of any help to you, please click the yes button at the bottom of this review. Thanks, and god bless you!

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 4230r Voice Search 2015 Model
Click to see NoticeRoku 3 Streaming Media Player 4230r Voice Search 2015 Model (main 22786)"I resisted buying this for a very long time because i was happy with the 2. Well, i thought i was happy with the 2. It started crashing a lot toward the end and i got mad at it. The remote control is a lot easier to use and the voice search function actually works really well. I took away one star because the buttons on the remote are really sensitive. The roku remote used to lay in the middle of the bed between me and the so, but it can no longer lay there because a little bit of movement will cause your viewing to be interrupted. Whereas i thought the roku 2 remote was not sensitive enough, i think they went too far the other way with the 3. Maybe they'll finally figure it out when the 4 comes out!"

(0) Question: Do i use a cat6 cable from router to roku and hdmi from roku to tv? thanks! hate wireless.

(1) Question: Can i use a roku 3 on one tv and a roku stick on another?

(2) Question: Can roku 3 play media files in usb flash drive thru its usb port, if so what video & audio file formats are supported; and does this actually work ?

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TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT

Love this thing. This comes with every way possible of mounting the roku. You can hang it on back of almost any tv, screw it into a wall, sticky tape it to something. If you want to mount your roku someway, you need to get this. Before i got this i just put sticky tape on the back of my roku and stuck it to the back of my tv, before a week it had already fallen off. I found this and now it hangs from the vents of my tv with no way of it falling. I bought another one to mount my other roku on the wall. I love it!

This patented product is made by the trusted leader in media-player mounting. The total mount team consistently delivers quality and reliability. This mount enables easy installation of roku media players. Many customers appreciate that this mount eliminates the need to tunnel the hdmi cable through your wall (because the mount positions roku such that it has easy access to the hdmi port on your television).

TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LTTotalMount-Roku-Mounting-System-Compatible

Totalmount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku Lt (tm roku premium) FAQ.

I didn't know i needed this. I got a roku 3 from costco. I did a price comparison here on online store and this came up (you know how online store works! ) and well, i was brainwashed, tossed it in my cart. . It has a bunch of different clips, so you can attach this sucker to the back of any tv. Popped my roku 3 in, and it does the job. I was perfectly happy with my roku 3 sitting near the base of the tv, but hey, if there's a concealment bracket like this, and it helps me reach the $35 free shipping quota, why not? . . Kidding aside, if you want to hide your roku 3, this works. Leaves no permanent marks, it's just a holder with clips. . Recommended for the incognito-inclined afficionados :) -Notice from W. Widmer, Blackburn with Darwen

Click to Show totalmount roku mounting system compatible roku 3, roku 2, roku 1, roku lt (tm roku premium) Details

Ingenious and well designed hanger for my roku 2 (2015) model 4210rw. Installation took 5 minutes. I purchased 1. 5m hdmi cable to connect my roku and tv. Perfect length. Followed instructions for mounting location and infrared remote works well even though roku is hidden behind tv. All mounting hardware included (2 each of 3 different hooks + 2 wall mount screws + 2 adhesive mounts) for 5 different mounting methods. Hdmi cable purchased separately. Roku seems very secure. I am very happy with this totalmount roku mounting system.

Totalmount-roku-mounting-system-compatible-roku-3,-roku-2,-roku-1,-roku-lt-(tm-roku-premium) set picture

- . CageenSimple, smart design. Excellent product, the quality and intricacy of this little thing is well beyond what you would expect for this price. It comes with all the hardware that you may need to mount it on the tv or wall. If your tv has horizontal, vertical, or circular slots, this thing got you covered. If you choose to just use the mounting tape that comes with it, you can do that too, oh you just want to screw it to the wall, no problem, comes with the screws too. Really great product!

Great little product to get roku device out of the way. . We have vizio tv purchased at costco. It has circular vents. This product worked great! it is designed to work with circular/horizontal/vertical vents with different clips for each. . We have 2 roku 3 devices ( in addition to older 2 roku 500 and 1000 music devices). The roku 3 worked great but was sitting on tv stand with hdmi cable and power cable, and the whole stand gets dusty and roku device in the way for cleaning and would fall off stand. I tried velcro but that failed. . This was used to get to $35 shipping limit but it works great!

C. Carolyn, Nebraska

Brand :    totalmount
Model :    TM_Roku_Premium
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (totalmount product review) for TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT available ( Dec 2019 )
Price :    $11.01 (was $12.95)
  • Attaches roku to the back of your tv for clutter-free entertainment (includes three mounting options)
  • Compatible with roku 3, roku 2, roku 1, and roku lt (not compatible with roku 4, roku express, roku premiere, and roku ultra)
  • Easy to install - no tools necessary (clips onto the back of your tv without adhesive)
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an hdmi cable through your wall
  • Roku streaming player and hdmi cable are not included

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210R Faster Processor 2015 Model

Roku 2 delivers fast performance and stunning high definition video at a tremendous value. Enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus, music, sports, and more*. Search the widest selection of channels and get automatic updates on new movies. Enjoy up to 1080p stunning hd video* as well as ethernet, usb, and microsd card ports. *some channels require payment. Channel availability can change and varies by country. Availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection.

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210R Faster Processor 2015 ModelRoku-Streaming-Player-4210R-Processor

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    4210R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Great with mobile devices
  • 2000+ streaming channels - free, subscription, rent, or buy
  • Simple remote with channel shortcut buttons
  • Lightning fast performance
Price :    $47.95 (was $89.99)
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210R Faster Processor 2015 Model available ( Dec 2019 )

TotalMount Roku Mounting Shelf Remote Holder Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1

No. Is it awesome? yes. . Really nice set up to keep organized.

Roku is an amazing product, but there is a problem: where do you put your roku? the cables often are not long enough to reach your entertainment center. Also, leaving cables exposed looks sloppy. Routing cables through the wall to hide the cables is a major hassle. Totalmount solves the installation problem by attaching roku to your television.

TotalMount Roku Mounting Shelf Remote Holder Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1TotalMount-Mounting-Remote-Holder-Compatible

Totalmount Mounting Remote Holder Compatible (2371) FAQ.

I have three of these and i placed them on the top side , i also purchased the usb power cable so now the roku starts up when i start my tv and no need for a power cord which means i can place it where ever i want. The sticky part is really strong so make sure you know where you want the final placement of the base. . The remote now works great as it is always in the line of sight. I would highly recommend it. You wont regret it. -Notice from G. Anonymous, Montana

Click to Show totalmount mounting remote holder compatible (2371) Details

Good quality adhesive. Used it connected to the back of my vizio smart tv. Because it was their first generation smart tv and had no app store. The roku will only lock into the mount with the roku oriented as the product picture shows. I have my folded down flat against the back of the tv. Bought it so i could mount it below but decided against it since my tv is on a swivel wall mount. . The remote holder is nice, it is stuck to the side of the bed.

Totalmount-mounting-remote-holder-compatible-(2371) set picture

- S. AlmaGreat product for conveniently getting the roku up and out of the way. All my tvs are on the wall and this works perfectly.

Great item, works as described now my roku is in place!

R. Eva, Sheffield

Brand :    totalmount
Model :    2371
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes: roku mount and remote holder
  • Compatible with roku 3, roku 2, roku 1 and roku lt (not compatible with roku 4, roku express, roku premiere, and roku ultra)
  • Enables wall-mounted television owners to install roku (requires at least 2. 5 inches of clearance behind the tv in the mounting area)
  • Keep your roku remote ready for action this handy remote holder
  • Roku player, remote, and hdmi cable are not included
Price :    $14.95 (was $24.95)
Pc Accessory :    Best Computer Component (totalmount product review) for TotalMount Roku Mounting Shelf Remote Holder Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1 available ( Dec 2019 )

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 2014 model

Roku 3 streaming player 1080p hd plus enhanced remote with headphone jack faster and more powerful than ever. Enjoy 1, 800+ channels of movies, tv shows, sports, and more. Plug headphones into the motion-control remote to play games or watch late-night flicks without disturbing the household. Fully loaded with one-stop search, 1080p, dual-band wireless, ethernet, usb, plus a free roku app. The roku 3 the new streaming standard. 1, 800+ entertainment channels. Choose from the best selection and widest variety of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, fitness, cooking, and more. Lightning fast and powerful. Experience ultra-smooth performance with a 5x faster processor and extended-range wireless. Remote with headphone jack for private listening. Use the included headphones and crank up the volume to enjoy a late-night flick without disturbing the household. Motion control for games. Enjoy action-packed games with a motion-control remote. Get the fun started with angry birds space, included free. One-stop search. * find your favorite movies and shows in a flash from top channels like netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, vudu, and m-go. Free ios and android app. Transform your mobile device into a roku remote. Browse and add new channels. Even use your phone or tablet to send your music, photos and personal videos* to your hdtv. All the bells and whistles. 1080p* hd support, ethernet and usb ports, and a microsd slot. Movies and tv shows, front and center. Instantly access the hottest blockbusters and hit tv shows, powered by m-go, right from the home screen - no extra account setup required. * one-stop search is for movies and tv shows and does not work with all channels. Premium subscriptions are required but are not included with purchase. * capability to share video available on ios and select android phones. See roku. Com for a list of devices that support this feature. *availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection.   get to the entertainment you want instantly the roku channel store has the largest selection of streaming channels available anywhere with over 1, 800 channels and more coming at a furious pace. Our on-screen interface lets you fly through screens, seamlessly search top channels and launch movies faster than ever before. Watch a new movie a day. Every day. For 82 years. Roku has over 200, 000 movies and tv episodes at your fingertips from netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, hbo go, m-go, vudu, redbox instant by verizon and more with 49 news and weather channels from across the us and around the world, roku is the best choice for news and weather channels. Top news sources include msnbc, fox news, huffington post, cnbc and wsj plus gets loads of other entertainment choices, including: music from spotify, online store cloud player, pandora, mog, rdio, vevo and tunein live sports packages including nba league pass broadband, nhl gamecenter live, mls live, ufctv, and mlb. Tv premium family entertainment from pbs and disney photo and video sharing via facebook, flickr, and picasa of course, there are also tons of channels featuring international and lifestyle programming, tech news, podcasts, cartoons, and well, you get the idea.           watch late-night flicks without disturbing the peace when you need to keep the volume down but still get your tv fix, roku 3 features an enhanced remote with built-in headphone jack. Just plug in the included in-ear headphones to enter your own private listening world. It's perfect for cranking up that late-night action movie without waking the spouse. Or kids. Or dog. Gaming fun for the whole family need a break from the movies? with motion-sensing technology, the roku 3 enhanced remote with game-ready buttons was designed for lightning-fast maneuvers and family-friendly fun. Hit games include angry birds space, wheel of fortune and jeopardy. Stay tuned we're adding more games all the time.       compare roku models     tiny stick. Big entertainment. Works with virtually any tv. Private listening headphone jack. Fully loaded and lightning fast. Tv compatibility hdtvs only virtually any tv virtually any tv hdtvs only 1, 800+ entertainment channels built-in wireless roku search across multiple top channels plays up to 1080p hd video control with included remote or mobile devices via the roku app send videos, photos and music stored locally on your smartphone to your tv via the roku app dual-band wireless channel shortcut buttons to netflix, online store instant video and more* remote with headphone jack for private listening cast to tv direct from the netflix and youtube apps motion control for games (angry birds space included) lightning fast with 5x faster processor       ethernet, usb & microsd slot * roku 3 works with hdtvs with hdmi port. Hdmi cable not included with roku players. * availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection. * all units manufactured after october 2014 include a remote control that features four quick-access buttons providing one-touch access to netflix, online store instant video, rdio, and hulu. It's ridiculously easy from the simple remote to the intuitive interface, roku 3 was designed to set up in a few quick-and-easy steps. All you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection (and an hdtv, of course). The built-in wireless and guided setup mean you can be up and running in minutes. And we bet you don't even have to call your nerdy nephew for help. Included with the roku 3 enhanced remote* with headphone jack and motion control for games in-ear headphones free angry birds space game two aa batteries power adapter get started guide 90-day manufacturer warranty *all units manufactured after october 2014 include a remote control that features four quick-access buttons providing one-touch access to netflix, online store instant video, rdio, and hulu.   what you need high-speed internet (like dsl or cable) wireless router hdmi cable (for high-definition video) internet browser (for initial setup) in general, the faster your internet connection, the better the video quality. For the best viewing results, we recommend a minimum of 1. 5 mbps for standard definition and 3. 0 mbps for hd content. To test your network speed, visit either one of the following (free) websites: speakeasy. Net/speedtest/ or please note that your internet speed may vary throughout the day. Product description revel in our fastest, most powerful streaming player yet. Fully loaded, the roku 3 packs tons of entertainment into one tiny box. Enjoy 1, 800+ channels of movies, tv shows, games, music, sports, and more. Plug headphones into the remote to watch late-night flicks without disturbing the household. Or use motion-control to play games like angry birds space. And with one-stop search, find that perfect movie or show in a flash. 1080p hd, dual-band wireless, ethernet and usb ports, plus free ios and android roku apps so you can enjoy even more great features. The roku 3 the new streaming standard for your hdtv. Roku 3 supports closed captioning on channels that support this feature, including netflix, online store instant video, vudu and hulu plus. Video output: 1080p, 720p and 480p over hdmi. A usb port enables local media playback (supported formats include: mp4 (h. 264) & mkv (h. 264) video / aac & mp3 audio / jpg & png image). Audio output: digital over hdmi (7. 1/5. 1 channel surround sound pass-through and stereo). 12v - 1a power adapter. Want to learn more about streaming media players? our streaming media player storefront features educational articles, buying guides, comparison charts, and more.

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 2014 modelRoku-Streaming-Media-Player-model

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.31 pounds
Model :    4200R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 2014 model available ( Dec 2019 )
Price :    $27.99 (was $136.02)
  • Amazing remote with headphone jack. use the included in-ear headphones to crank up that late-night flick while the kids (or parents) sleep. all units manufactured after october 2014 include a remote control that features four quick-access buttons providing one-touch access to netflix, instant video, rdio, and hulu. the particular unit you receive may or may not have these new quick-access buttons.
  • Faster and more powerful. with up to 1080p hd video* and extended-range, dual-band wireless performance for increased speed
  • One-stop search. find your favorite movies and tv shows all from one place from top tv and movie services like netflix, instant video or hulu plus. 2000+ channels and growing. the best selection of streaming out there.
  • Free ios and android device app. use it like a remote. browse and add new channels. even stream your music and photos from your phone or tablet to your hdtv
  • A roku account is free. however, payment information is required during setup to provide the convenience of making purchases from the roku channel store on your tv. you will only be charged if you choose to make a purchase.

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player With Voice Search Certified Refurbished

You choose from the biggest selection of streaming channels, you can even follow movies coming soon. There are hundreds of free channels, easy ways to buy or watch films from top providers, and no additional charges to watch streaming services like netlfix or hulu plus if you already subscribe. And if you have cable, roku players bring new ways to watch based on your cable subscription. Roku 3 is lightning fast and loaded with features. The enhanced, point anywhere remote features voice search, gaming, and headphones for private listening. Find what you want-fast we make it easy to see what's on, where you can watch it, where it's free for you, or if there are purchase or rental options. Some channels require payment. Channel availability can change and varies by country. Follow movies coming soon with the roku feed, know when new movies are ready to stream - on what channel and at what price. Say it. Stream it. Voice search included with roku 3 makes it fun to find what you're looking for. A remote that keeps the peace the roku 3's enhanced remote includes a built-in headphone jack for private listening. Use it with optional in-ear headphones to watch that late-night movie without waking up the rest of the house. Hdmi cable is not included. Unit intended for use in usa only

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player With Voice Search Certified RefurbishedRoku-Streaming-Player-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    roku
Model :    4230XB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Stunning hd video quality- immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p hd.
  • Search across the most channels
  • The enhanced, point anywhere remote features voice search, gaming, and headphones for private listening. headphone style and remote shortcut buttons can vary
  • This certified refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all accessories plus a 90-day roku warranty
  • Fully loaded. top rated: voice, headphone & games
Price :    —
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku 3 Streaming Media Player With Voice Search Certified Refurbished available ( Dec 2019 )

ASUS Dual-Band AC1900 Repeater Range Extender Media Bridge Access Point USB 3.0 RP-AC68U

Strengthen your existing wi-fi network with the coverage and speed of dual-band ac1900 using the rp-ac68u repeater, which simultaneously functions as a media bridge with 5 gigabit lan ports. An onboard usb 3. 0 port even enables nas functionality. Finally, the smart led signal indicator ensures placing the rp-ac68u in the optimal location is quick and easy.

ASUS Dual-Band AC1900 Repeater Range Extender Media Bridge Access Point USB 3.0 RP-AC68UDual-Band-AC1900-Repeater-Extender-RP-AC68U

Price :    $129.99 (was $165.77)
  • 5 gigabit ethernet ports to convert any wired network devices to wireless operation
  • Smart led signal indicator helps you find the best location for optimum wi-fi performance
  • Usb 3. 0 port for aicloud support and fast nas performance. please refer to user guide below
  • Extend your existing 802. 11ac dual-band wi-fi network with speeds up to 1900 mbps
  • Quick and secure setup with just a press of the wps button
Brand :    asus
Weight :    3.50 pounds
Model :    RP-AC68U
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Input Device (asus product review) for ASUS Dual-Band AC1900 Repeater Range Extender Media Bridge Access Point USB 3.0 RP-AC68U available ( Dec 2019 )

Roku 4 HD 4K UHD Streaming Media Player Enhanced Remote Voice Search, Lost Remote Finder, Headphone , Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Port

The future of streaming is here. Brilliant picture quality for 4k ultra hd & standard hd tvs and powerful wireless for the best streaming experience. The included point anywhere remote offers voice search, headphones for private listening, gaming capability, and even a lost remote finder. Enjoy more than 2, 500 streaming channel, offering access to 300, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus games, music, sports, international, kids programming and more. Search the widest selection of channels, get unbiased results, and quickly find the best option or value. Follow your favorite entertainment and get updates when new content is ready to stream.

Roku 4 HD 4K UHD Streaming Media Player Enhanced Remote Voice Search, Lost Remote Finder, Headphone , Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB PortRoku-Streaming-Headphone-Quad-Core-Processor

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Size :    8.25in. x 8.25in. x 2.75in.
Model :    MAIN-08458
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku 4 HD 4K UHD Streaming Media Player Enhanced Remote Voice Search, Lost Remote Finder, Headphone , Quad-Core Processor, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Port available ( Dec 2019 )
Price :    $60.00 (was $89.99)
  • 2, 500+ streaming channels. choose from the biggest selection of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, international, kids programming and more.
  • Advanced up-scaling of 720p for hd tvs and 1080p hd streams to brilliant 4k ultra hd on 4k tvs.
  • Voice search. just say what you're looking for into the enhanced remote and get fast and comprehensive search results by title, actor, or director. the roku feed. follow your favorite entertainment and always know where it's ready to stream and at what price.
  • Captivating clarity. brilliant picture quality for 4k ultra hd tvs, with 4x the resolution of full hd and the next generation of streaming technology.
  • Roku 4 works with virtually any tv with an hdmi connection. you can plug your roku 4 directly into your tv or receiver depending on your preference. to view 4k content, you will need a compatible 4k uhd television.

ReliaMount Roku Mount Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT

Great little holder for your roku. Can't beat the price and works as advertised. Nice professional way to mount your roku. Has ridges on inside bottom so air can flow all around your roku. Simple yet efficient! i mounted mine to the side of the entertainment system, just looked cooler there. Comes with 3m tape applied. I did not use it. I use a removable non marring tape adhesive so if we wanted to move the unit it was able to do so with out ruining side of entertainment system.

Perfect for wall-mounted tv owners people with a wall-mounted tv often wonder where to put their new roku. One option is to tunnel an hdmi cable through a wall to an entertainment center, but this option is too destructive and time-consuming for many people. Another option is trying to balance the roku on a fireplace ledge, which can lead to the roku crashing to the floor the first time someone isn't careful around the tv. For wall-mounted tv owners, the solution to the roku installation problem is simple - relia mount attaches roku to the back of your television. The installation is quick and easy. No tools are necessary to stick relia mount to the back of your tv. Faq - will the remote still work? roku 3 uses a remote that does not require "line of sight, " so it will work as expected. The remotes that come with roku 2 and roku 1 will also work if you mount your roku within six inches of the top of your tv or if you download the roku remote app to your smartphone. Happy streaming!

ReliaMount Roku Mount Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LTReliaMount-Roku-Mount-Compatible-LT

Reliamount Roku Mount Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku Lt (Innovelis) FAQ.

Wall-mounted flat screen, kind of in a corner, with the roku3 at the bottom of the tv. Works well capturing the signal from the remotes and giving some breathing room between the roku3 and the tv. -Notice from K. Claudia, Northwest Territries

Click to Show reliamount roku mount compatible roku 3, roku 2, roku 1, roku lt (innovelis) Details

Worked well for its intended purpose. Be careful though as mounting the roku to the back of a tv can mess with the wifi signal.

Reliamount-roku-mount-compatible-roku-3,-roku-2,-roku-1,-roku-lt-(innovelis) set picture

- R. RebeccaGreat product! highly recommended

This works excellent to hold the roku 3 to the back of the television. I tried velcro initially and the heat (as small as it is) loosened the glue enough that it fell off. This has 3m tape on the back and will actually probably be a little difficult to remove should the need arise. It is also very small and though the value doesn't seem great, it does serve its purpose and that is most important.

X. Noguera, Missouri

Brand :    innovelis
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    2418-ROKU-MOUNT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Compatible with roku 3, roku 2, roku 1 and roku lt (not compatible with roku 4, roku express, roku premiere, and roku ultra)
  • Easy to install - no tools necessary (uses special adhesive to attach to the back of your tv)
  • Relia mount attaches roku to the back of your tv (perfect for wall-mounted tvs)
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an hdmi cable through your wall
  • Roku streaming player and hdmi cable are not included
Price :    $10.99 (was $14.99)
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (innovelis product review) for ReliaMount Roku Mount Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT available ( Dec 2019 )

roku 3 streaming media player 4230r with voice search 2015 model Price : 62, was : 99 as 2018-01-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 4230r Voice Search 2015 Model (main 22786) Reviewed by on

Top roku 3 streaming media player 4230r voice search 2015 model (main 22786) Content

The F.A.Q. for roku 3 streaming media player 4230r with voice search 2015 model

I am in the midst of "cutting the cord" and we began with this device. Chose the roku3 over the 2 for the remote with voice search capabilities. I didn't get the roku4 because i don't see the real need in 4k (yet). The roku is an "always on" device. There is no power button. I've noticed it freeze up a few times which required me to pull the plug. I'm guessing its not able to handle all of the apps that are running in the background. Other than that issue, the apps load quickly and its working just fine. One major reason i chose the roku is it won't have brand specific recognition. For example: the apple tv will attempt to only show apple specific apps or available shows. The google version does the same towards the google products. And same for the online store stick. But the roku will tell me that a certain movie is available (for instance) on 5 apps, 4 cost money, but 1 is free on a different app. Making it less costly overall by not purchasing unneeded items. It was very easy to learn for me, my wife, my 8 year old, and even grandma! if you are planning to cut the cord or just want to make a dumb tv a smart tv, choose the roku. . .

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Roku-Streaming-Media-Player-Search

(0) Question: Does the roku 3 come with a power supply?

(1) Question: How much faster is the new 3 compared to the new 2

(2) Question: I am cutting the cable (except internet), 3 tvs all hdtv; 1 is a smart tv. roku 3 for the other 2 units? mohu leaf for all 3?

(3) Question: Can i use this with an older tv?

(4) Question: Can you use your online store prime with roku

(5) Question: Is the roku difficult cult to connect t?

(6) Question: I'm new to all this. i am in rural area and internet not the fastest. i do have wifi though. does the roku need wifi?

(7) Question: Is the remote rf or ir?

(8) Question: I have a smart tv and smart blu ray, both panasonic. i would only buy a roku 3 in order to get the acorn app. is acorn one of the apps on roku 3?

(9) Question: So is the only difference between the voice search model and the "old" roku 3 the voice search? $15 for voice search?

(10) Question: Does this allow you to play movies from your computer to your tv? or from a flash drive?

(11) Question: Can you use this without a cable subscription?

(12) Question: Our current roku has no closed cationing/ which model do we have to buy in order to have that feature/

(13) Question: Can i use the roku streaming player and still use my outside antenna for local (free) tv?

(14) Question: Can you get local channels with roku 3

(15) Question: Can i stream content from my desktop computer's hard drive(s) via windows network share?

(16) Question: Can i subscribe to channels like the history channel, discovery channel, aande, tvland. and how much are the channels?

(note) Question: where/how to get Roku (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Roku's products

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I have this and roku 4 streaming media player (4400r) 4k uhd. I prefer this over the roku 4. The speeds seem the same but the 4 is kind of buggy. Sometimes netflix won't load, or sometimes the youtube channel crashes, and on the online store channel the "watch trailer" button sometimes doesn't work. However, all of these problems are resolved if i reinstall the channels to the roku 4. It's not a big deal, but it can be a hassle. I have never had a problem with the 3. Although the 3 is not equipped to handle 4k, based on my experience with the two units, i would still purchase the 3 over the 4.

Electronics 282271, Streaming Media Players 15474431, Television & Video 1102906621Top Roku 3 Streaming Media Player 4230r Voice Search 2015 Model (main 22786) FAQ Content

Best roku 3 streaming media player 4230r voice search 2015 model (main 22786) in review

I really liked this idea as a x-mas gift for my dad - it's not that expensive, and there's loads you can do from your phone to your tv that make any hd tv with hdmi truly a smart, unique experience. That said, there are a number of different features that the roku vs apple vs fire tv provide that affect your viewing experience. For example, what content is available, process speed, and memory on the device itself. If you know what your dad wants, for example, if he likes to download and store a lot of movies vs stream them, then getting something with more storage is key. Luckily all of these devices have hbo, (game of thrones is a must! ) but many have apps that are specific only to their platform. I suggest you check out . - it's a good place to compare side-by-side each platform and see which one would be best for you or the person you're giving it to. Happy shopping!

G. Broyles, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

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I. Gloria, Schleswig-Holstein says

Replaced my roku lt with this. The newer model with a faster processor allows some of the apps to provide a much higher quality user experience, so things look better and interact much faster on this model. . The wifi based remote is nice too - simply not having to point at the tv is nice when you're exhausted and just want to be lazy and click without having to point and orient the remote. . I don't use the headphones much, but they work nicely. I've used the usb port to read usb sticks. That's nice, but it wasn't able to handle my seagate usb external hd. Not enough power output for that guy. . I have a 2011 era tv that i love that has some smart features built into it. I don't use them anymore: i plan to keep upgrading the roku connected to it so the tv can handle video, my stereo can handle audio and my roku can handle the experience and access to content. This lets me get more life out of old tvs and still feel like i'm having a current, high-quality experience.

R. Heidi, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Worked perfectly once i was able to enter the activation code, as i only had 1 internet cable connection via my computer, i was not able to stay logged into the roku box and internet at the same time, to activate, called support, they are not allowed to enter the code for you, the code stays on the tv screen 15 minutes then request you to get a new code, not long enough for me to drive to a friends or any place to enter the code on another computer. So! bought a router, plugged the ethernet cable directly into the router, only have 1 cable ethernet port, on my cable modem, so i could not be logged into both at the same time, however, if you have a smart phone or notepad or wireless laptop, it's not a problem, but if you only have 1 cable port, and no option to enter the activation code, roku support cannot help you with this. You much great an account with roku, and you must enter your credit card info, to create that account, so, you log into your new account with roku, and there is a enter activation code box, once you enter the code your tv screen will automatically complete the setup. Long story-short, it's very easy to set up your roku. My roku did not come with a power supply, so i used the usb cable provided by roku, and plugged it into the roku box and the other end into the usb port on the tv. It is a short usb cable, so set the roku box close to the usb port, that will provide the power to your roku box.

. Jennifer, Lincolnshire says

As always, roku gets five stars from our family. Hubby and i bought the 2015 version roku from online store for ourselves for christmas. We got our first roku (2014 model) a year ago. We moved that one to the upstairs tv. (it's still working great! ). The new one is just as good, if not better. Being a creature of habit, i have not used the voice search, so i can't comment on that, as far as performance, the roku 2015 is as good as, if not better than, the older one. There is no lag when changing from one channel to another. Sometimes there is buffering, but that is probably because of the internet connection and high usage (there are four tvs in the house sometimes all in use at once! ) we also purchased the 2015 model for our son and his wife (from walmart), to replace the roku stick we got them for christmas in 2014. They love it! we get all of the entertainment we want. Not all channels are free, but the cost of several subscription channels plus the cost of internet is still far cheaper than the high cost of cable. If you are into sports, it's a good idea to keep the cable, however, we have found ways to watch live tv when it was important. On roku, we were able to watch the superbowl and also the celebrations from times square in nyc - both live (and free! ), and we found a channel where we can get local news. The channel selection is vast, with new channels being added all the time - mostly free, some subscription. Some stations require a cable provider sign-in for most of their shows, . Bottom line: i highly recommend the roku 3 (2015 version). If you want to cut the cord - and the budget - this is for you. We have cut the cable and never looked back - no regrets at all!

D. Nellie, North Carolina

We bought the roku 3 as "last year's model" at a significant discount over the latest roku. We've had it in service now for about 3 months, and it works great! we don't have a tv with built-in wifi reception, and we had been streaming through a laptop computer for several years. For us, this roku 3 is a huge improvement. Setup is easy and intuitive. The voice search feature works amazingly well. Since i registered ours without providing a credit card, we never have to worry about accidentally "buying" any programming. Performance has been flawless and fast. Menu's are well designed. . We're very pleased with this device and have no reservations at all about recommending it. 5 stars. . Update: after several months of use, we started having trouble with the roku 3 making reliable connection to our lan via wireless router. We have slow dsl connection, with just over 1 mb speed. After talking with roku, they encouraged me to find a way to move the roku 3 closer to the wireless router. They recommend a maximum of 25 feet distant. We were at about 35 feet from the router, but i was able to move to within almost 25 feet. Performance improved markedly, but still with some instability of connection to the internet. This caused me to try a wired connection to the router, totally abandoning the wireless feature. Performance is now much better. We have no instability at all, and no interruptions of streaming ever. Much of the problem surely stems from our slow dsl connection, but the hard-wired connection to the router seems to have compensated for that weakness in our system. Very happy with performance. If you are having interruptions to buffer content, try making a wired connection from your router to the roku. System setup is simple. You just specify a wired connection with the remote.

E. Stacey, Missouri says

I do like this enough to buy a 2nd one for it purchased the first one as a gift for my mother and she loves it and then i bought a 2nd one for myself for i have a samsung smart tv that has a built-in web browser that has netflix and hbo go etc. On it and when i watch something streaming like hbo go and i log into my account i found that every time i found something to watch let's say a movie i would then click the button to start watching the movie and it would never load the first time for i would have to collect on the back button on the remote and reload it maybe 3 or 4 times before it might actually start working and i thought that had to do with hbo go or netflix just not working correctly for whatever reason but then i purchased the roku 3 unit for myself and i am not joking when i say it's the difference between night and day for my samsung smart tv as i have found is not very smart at all for the tv is only about 4 years old if that but it appears that the firmware built into the tv is not fast enough to properly watch streaming programming for maybe the newer samsung smart tvs are better but when i connected the roku 3 and used it to connect to sites like netflix and hbo go and online store prime i have had absolutely no problem logging into any of these accounts and my shows and movies start playing immediately without having to refresh anything and there is no buffering just click and play and so this far the least i am very happy with the product. . I was however warned about the roku stick player that's the roku player that connects directly to the tvs hdmi connection but from what many people have said is that it is not as fast or even closely as fast as the roku 3 and the stick player from what i have read in the reviews also has a problem connecting to the remote control so i am glad i went this route instead.

J. Lorenz, South Tyneside

I recently purchased this roku 3 after purchasing a roku tv several months ago for my bedroom. I had never used it with cable so i was used to using the roku system in my room for the few times that i watch tv. I put the roku 3 into my living room for my kids to get a feel for in order for me to find out whether or not i can cut my cable bill and just keep wi-fi. I also purchased an android tv box as well and the roku 3 is much more user-friendly for a six and nine year old. I think it has plenty to offer and i have hooked it up with plex on my main computer and it seems to stream well. The only thing i don't like about it is that it needs to be manually powered on and off but i fixed that with an extension cord with a foot pedal that i bought at my local walmart. All you have to do is step on it to turn the power on and step on it to turn the power off. Overall, i would recommend this box if you are looking for something that works for the kids. I don't watch too much tv but it's good for when we do sit down and use it. If you don't have accounts with hulu or netflix, you may desire a little bit more but i do and it's great!

K. Margaret, Thurrock says

Thanks to roku, we've been able to cut the cord to the monopolizing cable company in southern new jersey and save so much money. 18 months ago this cable co had to refund us more than $800 for over charges and they immediately went back to quoting one price on the phone ($197) and charging us more ($310) on our bill. So we fired them. Roku is the way to viewing freedom. Our tv entertainment costs are under $100 with our monthly payments to roku and the paid internet streaming channels. Well worth the investment! roku makes a great product and has a wonderful customer service department.

O. Joanne, Gloucestershire

I did a lot of research regarding the multiple streaming players available to purchase (apple tv 4, online store fire stick and roku 3). Honestly, all of the streaming devices perform very well and very similarly to each other with a good wi-fi connection. It's only a matter of opinion and preference which of the devices you might prefer. Roku seems to have the best availability for all streaming channels that you would desire. Online store fire stick is good but aimed more at prime members. Apple tv is targeted to apple product users. The reason i gave the four star review to romu 3 is due to the remote. Unlike apple tv remote (sleek with a track pad, automatic pairing and the ability to turn on and off tour tv), roku's remote is unable to link with my samsung tv or visio sound bar. Additionally, the remote is behind the times as far as ergonomics and sleekness go. It is a very chunky remote. One positive aspect of the roku remote however is the ability to plug in headphones (into the actual remote) and listen to your movies/shows in private. Finally, appletv links with your itunes but does not offer online store video or the sci-fi channel. These two issues were a dealbreaker for me since i do not have cable. I have no idea why apple and online store seem to not get along but apple does not carry the online store video app and online store does not have appletv available for purchase.

. Denise, Alabama says

I purchased these in order to get rid of cable and using wifi for everything. I had owned the second generation of the roku and i am pleased to say this version is even better. Very easy to set up, streams perfectlt without interuption, and is simple enougn to use that guests have no issue. Beyond all of this the single greatest part of this roku is that the remote have a earbud port and you can control the volume. I have nerve deafness in my right ear so if there is any competing noise in the house i cannot hear the tv. Up until now i was dependent upon closed captions. Now, i can actually hear the tv. Awesome. Not sure if this was the intent but it was the result.

B. Juliana, Iowa

Introduction the new roku 3 is very easy to setup and use. The processor is extremely fast. The user interface makes accessing countless shows and movies simple and intuitive. Roku s best feature is that it helps you find the cheapest source for each movie. . Main new features. Voice search the voice recognition is not perfect, but it definitely beats trying to scroll to type one letter at a time! while it s great to have voice search built into the remote, you can just download the app for your phone to use voice search with older rokus. (as a result, you don t need to buy a new roku 3 to get voice search, but the roku 3 remote s voice search doesn t have reliability issues like the app. ). . Other new features well, in my opinion, there are not many other substantial new features. That being said, the new roku 3 is still an amazing player (because it has the same great features as the old roku 3). I cannot tell any difference in processor speed between the old roku 3 and the new roku 3. . What s not included. Roku 3 actually includes almost everything you ll need. Here are a few other things you ll need:. - internet. - credit card (to pay for movies and shows). - hdmi cable. - mount (if you have a wall-mounted tv, you ll need a mount to attach roku to your tv. ). . Unlocked ecosystem. The main reason to buy a roku is that roku is not trying to push you towards certain content providers. Apple tv, for example, does not allow you to access shows and movies from many sources. Fire tv tries to encourage you to buy content from online store (although a few other content providers are available if you look for them). Unlike apple tv and fire tv, roku makes it easy to search for shows and movies from many sources and lets you see how much different providers charge for shows and movies. This difference is important if you want to watch a certain movie, you ll love instantly seeing which source rents the movie for lowest price! bottom line you ll probably save money in the future by renting shows and movies via roku 3. . Difference from old roku 3. The most important thing to note is that the new roku 3 is very similar to the old roku 3. I bought the new roku 3 because i love having the latest tech. After comparing the two devices, i would not recommend buying a new roku 3 if you already have an old roku 3. However, if you have any other old roku player, then the new roku 3 is a great upgrade (mainly due to the faster processor). . Difference from apple tv. Roku 3 will enable you to access shows and movies from many more sources (often with lower rental prices). The roku 3 interface might not be quite as simple as the apple tv interface, but roku 3 s interface is still easy to use. Unlike apple tv, roku 3 includes voice search, headphones that attach to the remote, and a few marginal games. . Difference from fire tv. Fire tv provides access to several sources of shows and movies, but roku 3 provides access to more sources of shows and movies (perhaps more sources than you ll ever need). Roku also makes finding the cheapest price much easier (by instantly showing you prices from different sources). Fire tv has much better games. Both fire tv and roku 3 include voice search. Unlike fire tv, roku 3 includes headphones that attach to the remote. . Difference from other roku players. Both the new roku 2 and the new roku 3 include the same fast processor and 1080p (hd) resolution. Buy roku 3 if you want voice search on your remote (rather than by downloading an app on your phone), you want headphones, or you want to pick from a few simple games. Otherwise, buy roku 2. Roku 1 also has 1080p (hd) resolution, but the processor is much slower. Only buy roku 1 if you don t mind a slower user interface and other delays. Don t buy the roku stick you deserve better.

Y. Jackson, Pays de la Loire says

I love my roku 3! the set up is very easy if you don't use an android device or a computer with vista like i did for my second roku. I called the suggested support number for help and allowed the lady to access my computer online (mistake). She told me that their tech support team would need to help me because she found 100 foreign hackers that had hacked into my network. Then, she told me that i needed software installed. That's when i called a halt to the session and contacted att u-verse (my network provider) and asked them to check to see if i had been hacked. They told me that i had not and all was well. Very disappointing that i had been lied to by the roku support. After considering my situation, i decided to try to install my roku using my ipad. Piece of cake! i was never asked by the support lady what device i was using to install it. I'm fairly sure i was going to be asked to purchase software. Roku is great, support not so much!

X. Arnett, Cheshire says

I love my roku - most especially the headphones jack in the remote. For 20+ years my poor husband has had to sleep with the tv on (loudly) while he prefers silence. Now, i can doze in and out with the tv on as loudly as i want and he sleeps like a baby! love it! . The only thing i don't like is that some of the apps that come with it automatically are very misleading. One is called something like freeflicks (or something like that) and when i first opened it, a number of adult films appeared on the screen. I have two young kids and was really taken aback that this happened. I haven't figured out how to delete that app from it but i'll keep looking into it. Just be wary of those.

V. Harrison, Montana

I never regretted buying the roku 3 streaming media player! . . Pros:. 1- the remote doesn't make the battery drain so fast. 2- you can control your roku from far distance and doesn't need to point the remote to the roku. 3- super fast and friendly to use. 4- you can insert headphones on your remote which is cool and the headphones are actually comfortable. . Cons:. 1- i live in the middle east, so one issue that comes to me is that i can't activate the voice control as it says that it doesn't support my region yet. 2- it doesn't have a turn off button. 3- you can't control sound if you are not putting your headphones on which is annoying. . All in all, i love my roku and i use it everyday. And it's a great device to have. Hope those issues will be solved with the newer versions!

P. Wells, Kent says

With the recent refresh of the roku 3 (4200 4230) roku keeps what works and adds in voice search. . The new roku 3 (4230)'s voice search works easy enough - just press the search button and speak what you're looking for. This search button does however replace the jump back/replay button. The functionality is a bit hit or miss - it seems overly finicky compared to voice search on online store fire or even android tv - but when it works the results seem better, showing across multiple service providers (netflix, hulu, online store, vudu, etc) and not a select few. To be fair the hit/miss aspect seems more with roku's search sometimes than voice not working out right. . The new roku 3 (4230) keeps the updated processor of the previous roku 3 (4200), which in comparison to previous processors allows for apps to load almost instantly - it's most noticeable with the dedicated app buttons (netflix, online store, rdio, and hulu) which go straight to their respective applications. You get the wi-fi direct remote (not ir) so you don't need to worry about aim, complete with the headphone jack for private listening (a must have for the bedroom or late nights). . You also get access to what is, arguably, the best streaming media device. Sure there's specific features/reasons you might prefer apple tv, fire tv, android tv, or wd but as an overall it's hard to beat the selection of content on roku. Add to that the ability to follow movies for release and sales and you're looking at the most content focused device and without a specific platform to push forward (apple tv has itunes, android tv has play, etc) you get something putting pure content first and not simply the specific store. For example if you're looking to rent a movie you can easily see who has the best price and possibly save a buck or two. . If there's anything negative to say it's arguably that roku has done such a good job with the new roku 2 (4210) and previous models of the roku 3 (4200) that you just may not need this. If you don't care about the headphone jack on the remote, the voice search, or wifi remote you can save yourself $30 by getting the roku 2 (4210) - it's the exact same hardware inside the actual box. If you have the previous roku 3 (4200) model there's not likely enough here to upgrade for - just the update voice search. But if you don't have a recent roku or are looking to get into the game straight off this is the best option baring specific needs (e. G. If you must have itunes then you have to get an apple tv). If you don't care about the headphones or the voice search though, roku 2 (4210) will not let you down. . Pros:. ++ most content of any streaming media platform. + fast, almost instant in some cases. + voice search and headphone jack provide some nifty extras. . Cons:. - voice search is hit or miss at times. - may not be worth upgrading over last year's roku 3 (4200) or worth the cost over the roku 2 (4210). . While this might not be the best media player for everyone, you may have very specific needs, it's likely the best for most people. The combination of performance, content, and extra features make this a hard device to beat. Baring very specific things like airplay, itunes, chromecast you're not likely to find much missing. But if you just need something to watch movies and tv on - hulu, netflix, pandora, vudu, etc etc - you'll be happy with this purchase. . If you have any questions feel free to ask - or for comparisons with apply tv, chromecast, or fire tv (have access to them) let me know.

L. Judith, Northumberland

The roku 3 runs hot, but it is a good performer for streaming movie and tv show content. We primarily use it for access to online store prime, netflix, pbs, and our tablo over-the-air dvr device. But the roku supports many different channels. We've used it both via a wireless connection and a wired connection. Worked fine either way, but of course, the 100gb wired connection is faster. The "search" function on the remote is very cool if we're looking for a particular movie and don't know who has it available for streaming. Just hold down the search key, speak the name of the content you're looking for, and it comes back with the list of every channel where it found that content, together with whether it costs money or is part of your subscription. . Note that if you expect to someday stream content at 4k resolution, you'll need the roku 4. This model supports up to hi definition only.

T. Emma, Newham says

I really only need to access netflix and online store prime on my samsung 2013 smart tv. Over time the performance of the online store prime app has degraded to the point it has become unusable. It may be that the online store prime app has been updated for the 2015 model line of smart tv's which have faster processors and probably the same app is being deployed to the 2013 line of samsung smart tv's. Now it's gotten to the point where online store prime on my samsung smart tv is unusable, it halts as well as going in and out of focus and has become totally unusable! it's gotten so bad that online store prime detected the performance issues and automatically issued refunds for 2 movies that i purchased. . Who's to blame? i'm assuming that online store wrote the applet for samsung, although i could be wrong. It's like trying to run an app that was written for an iphone 6 and running it on an iphone 4! . . I think samsung is now aware that they have performance issues with the smart tv's as a message comes up on the tv saying that the social tv service will no longer be available effective janaury 6, 2016 media service is ending as of january 6, 2016, the on tv panel that appears on startup and when selecting smart hub will no longer appear. Social tv app will no longer be available. This will allow samsung to offer a consistent experience across smart tv's 2011 - 2015 and allow accessing the users apps faster and easier. . Is it coincidental that this samsung change takes place on the opening day of the computer electronics show 2016 in lasvegas that starts tomorrow january 6th, with the announcement of new products? . . 1/6/16 update. Samsung made the deletions to the screen that they indicated they were going to do. Next i went to the tv settings with my remote and updated the tv software. The update took about 4 minutes to download and install. The look and feel is totally different, is appears to be a menu subset of the software that appeared today on the cnet preview of the 2016 models this morning. Online store prime appears to run better than it used to, but the jury is still out. Time will tell. . As a test i tried the roku se that i picked up for $25 and my problem went away. Roku se is no more than a roku 1 with a hdmi port bolted on. It doesn't support multiple profiles for netflix. Called netflix and they can not reorder the profiles so that my profile is the primary one. Really as big as netflix is they can't handle that? they said i would have to cancel my account and start over, not going there! . . Next i tried the roku stick and that worked quite well, but it only supports rf and this would not allow me to add it to my harmony 650 remote. I will keep the stick and use it on another tv in the house. . Next i picked up the roku 3, it works well and can be added to my harmony 650 remote. When you add it to the harmony add the roku 3 profile and your all set to go. . Now that i have the roku i am able to add hbo go which i get from comcast, as well as starz. I added pbs and now have a wealth of pbs programs and downloads that are easy to access, no more need to use an android tablet to find it on the internet and cast it to my chromecast device anymore. . Now that i have the roku and i have all the apps i need i no longer have a need for the smart tv functions of my samsung! probably won't be going back to using the smart hub.

Z. Barbara, Sefton

My sister has the roku2 and after using it at her house, i had to get one of my own. I love it! i would cancel my cable but it's the only way i can get internet service. I love being able to stream netflix, online store prime, pandora, youtube and acorn tv (just to name a few, there is so much more! ) on the big screen tv. Before the roku i could only view netflix on my tablet and computer. . It's nice because my niece and nephew can watch their fav educational cartoons anytime they want and without all the annoying toy and cereal commercials. . Sometimes it freezes (rarely) but it's possible that it is an issue with my internet service cutting out, which happened even before purchasing the roku3. . Product was delivered on time and in perfect condition. It was easy to set up right out of the box. I downloaded a roku app on my tablet to use as a remote for the roku3. It's easier to type in the names of the show you are searching for on the tablet.

. Josephine, Basse-Normandie says

I absolutely love my new roku 3! we've had it for the last 7 months with no problems. It has a fast processor and responds immediately to the remote. The remote is also nice in that you don't have to point it directly at the box in order for it to respond (radio frequency rf remote). I was streaming netflix over my blu-ray player and it was making us completely crazy because my blu-ray player was always buffering and we would be half way through a show and it would just quit on us. I was even considering having my house wired for internet into my living room so we could have speedier and more reliable access. Then someone told me to try the roku 3 and i've also been wanting to get sling tv so i thought it wouldn't hurt giving it a shot. It was a night and day difference. I no longer need to hardwire my living room as the roku 3 responds so quickly to my wifi, no buffering, the picture is crystal clear immediately with no pixelation, and no dropping internet in the middle of a show. . The voice command is super handy once you're in an app like youtube or netflix, but if you do a voice search on the home screen it definitely isn't as responsive (probably user error to be honest). I also love the fact that you can pop on headphones in the remote and not bother anyone else in the house with noise. Honestly i think the roku 3 is a game changer for us! we even bought a second one for our bedroom!

M. Walsh, Solihull

I love you roku, but why can't you include better parental controls? how hard would that be? i would like the ability to restrict adding channels, restrict opening channels, create profiles, any of the things that most all devices these days offer! but the only thing i can do on the roku 3 is create a pin that will restrict adding any new channels. Yep, that's correct. If i have any channel on my roku at all that i wouldn't want my children watching, and i am talking about regular channels like news, movies, etc, my children, no matter their ages, will have complete access to these channels if they know how to operate a tv. I have small children, and teenagers. I do not watch questionable content in my home nor anywhere else. But i also do not consider movies and news to be appropriate for certain ages of children. With a roku, i have 2 options. Keep the remote hidden any time i am not at home and hope no one decides to go looking for it, or, remove every channel that i wouldn't want my children watching every single time i am done using it. How ridiculous! because of this stupidity, i have the roku in my bedroom, and in my living room i have an online store fire, which allows me to control content my children see. Roku needs to get with the program in my opinion. Not family friendly at all.

U. Terry, Sandwell says

Update:. This is now working perfectly, and i really like the product. Please purchase from a seller you trust with a decent return policy and not from roku directly, just in case there is a problem. Roku's customer service and technical support are terrible. I'm confident that online store would've taken care of me if it came to that. And in case you experience the same problem i described in my review, i fixed it myself by performing a factory reset. After hours with technical support and speaking to multiple people, not one of them suggested this. My next step would've been returning it to online store if i didn't figure out how to fix it myself. . Original review:. Summarized:. * my unit is brand new and defective (bought it 3 weeks ago . * i've spent hours working with tech support without any resolution. * i have 70 days left (out of 90) of free tech support. * they charge money for tech support! . * tech support is outsourced to india and you'll experience different standards in professionalism than what you were hoping for. * don't spend more for voice search feature, it will recognize less than half of the shows and movies you ask for. * roku doesn't stand behind their own products. . Full story:. I have been using roku devices for many years, since the first model roku. I've recommended roku many times. This was my 4th roku purchase, and for the first time i am disgusted with this company. Not the product (hey, defects happen) but with roku support team. You should know in advance what you'll be up against in case you receive a defective unit. . The unit i received mostly works. The defect is that it will not work with the roku app, even though they're connected to the same network. I've tried this with 2 smartphones and 2 tablets, all four devices connect flawlessly to my old roku 3 (2013 model). But they are unable to detect or discover this new unit. To some, this issue may seem minor, but we are constantly losing these little black remotes so this is not a defect i can tolerate in a brand new roku. Especially considering the price. . So i contacted roku support using their live chat option and they started troubleshooting, giving instructions to turn off my phone, roku, router & modem and then turn everything back on in reverse order, then contact them again with my case number. . Next person made me repeat many of the same troubleshooting steps, uninstall and reinstall the app, repeat info over and over, and then, finally. Blamed my phone, giving no reason for that conclusion. Please! bought my phone 2 months before the roku. There is not a thing wrong with my galaxy s6. So i tried explaining why i know the roku is defective but she kept arguing without giving any reasons in a "no it's not" "yes it is" kind of argument. Frustrated i asked for a supervisor. Was told i would have to wait for supervisor to call me back within the hour. I did not receive any calls. . Then i noticed a follow-up email after my first chat, checking to see that everything was okay. So i replied that my device is defective and that chat support is failing to resolve the issues. But roku email support never replied. . It became clear that once they realize your problem is a defective unit they begin to either avoid you or blame anything else they can think of (your phone, your internet, your router). . So i gave up on chat and email support and called the number. After a couple minutes i was connected to a woman in their call center. Quickly recognized the accent was from india. (now the differing customer service standards are starting to make sense, we are in different worlds). This person spent a half hour trying to help me and then in the end, no surprise, she couldn't, she needed to forward the info to a supervisor because it sounds like my device has a defect, and i should wait for a call back. More waiting. No resolution. . Don't think this situation is just me. This is what i found on contacthelpdotcom:. Roku outsources its support to india. You will get connected to someone fairly quickly but likely won't get your issue resolved unless it fits into their script. In addition, don't expect a new unit as a replacement, as roku "reserves the right" to send you a refurbished unit as a replacement. According to their warranty, "roku will either repair the unit or replace the unit with either a new or rebuilt roku product, at its option", which is a bit disturbing. . . Also found roku "support" stories much worse than mine. Many were told they had to pay a fee for tech support. I was told "don't worry, you have 70 days left of free tech support". Lol, i bought about 3 weeks ago, so if something fails after a mere 3 months don't expect free help from the manufacturer. The worst stories reported by several people were that roku needed to access their computer and then they were told about hacker/network problems that could be fixed for a fee that is several times more expensive than roku devices. These problems are all results of outsourcing tech support. Roku is obviously not in the business of repairing network problems. They shouldn't even be in the media streaming business since they fail to stand behind their product.

W. Jacqueline, Wyoming

We just bought our second roku 3. Yeah we could easily just move it back and fourth, between the two tvs we use it on, but my wife and i like to watch our own shows sometimes. Anywhooo the device is great, we had some issues with activation, but nothing we couldn't handle. . The things that need to be stressed are:. . 1. For alot of the channels you do need a cable/satellite subscription of some kind and not all channels are free and will prompt for payment. . 2. There are free channels if you don't have the forementioned subscription services, and while some of the content is a bit outdated, they do have commercials, but they aren't any worse than what you'd see on regular tv. . 3. Some channels have issues at times, but this more dependent on your internet connection and the said channel, not the device itself. . 4. Yes they review your streaming habits, but they don't really take any more info than what your cable/satellite provider does. . I'd highly recommend this as streaming services become more the norm

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Emily, Lincolnshire says

First, there is a design flaw in this unit. When listening to audio wirelessly via headphones plugged into the remote, the audio drops out continuously for about a second. This occurs every 30-60 seconds, without fail, regardless of which app or source you are using. It really makes the remote listening feature (one of the biggest selling points of this model for me) too annoying, distracting, and agitating to use. If you google "roku 3 audio dropouts" you will find a vast number of people complaining about this problem, and even a big name professional review specifically mentioned it. Software update does not fix. It's a shame, because the sound quality and power output of the remote's headphone jack is otherwise fantastic- much better at driving big cans than my iphone. Second- this player does not support vudu 3d. My sony, samsung, and lg 3d blu-ray players and my netgear streaming box all support vudu 3d. Only this and my vizio do not. An shameful oversight for a supposedly top-end player. Third- i cannot get the media server player (which can supposedly play movies, music, and pictures from a pc on the network if the pc has media sharing enabled) to work. It sees my pc and connects to it, but claims there are no compatible files to play. But, it works on my samsung smart blu-ray player and my netgear streaming box no problem. Fourth- no usb keyboard support. My wi-fi blu ray players allow you to plug a usb keyboard into the usb jack and use the keyboard to type text into the apps, such as online store prime video and vudu. The keyboard does nothing when plugged into this unit. Fifth- they require a credit card just to get the device activated! this is ridiculous! there is a hidden url you can use in conjunction with selecting a specific set of options on multiple screens that you can use to bypass the credit card requirement, but it takes some research to figure that out. Shameful imo. . Normally a design flaw as awful as the constant audio drop outs would cause me to give an automatic one- or two-star review. The only reason this gets 3 stars, is because it is better than an other streaming media player i have used (standalone and built into blu-ray) in the area of stability, speed, fast response when navigating via the remote, and relative ease of entering textual information into the remote compared to competing devices, combined with the excellent voice search function, ups this unit's score to 3 stars.

P. Maria, Minnesota

I am very disappointed in this particular roku, i have bought 2 before and they were good. This one has not worked very well almost from the beginning. I would have returned it but at first , we thought it was our internet provider as they were having problems. But now that they have finally fixed that, we find that it really is the roku. Of course we are past the return date by less than a month

W. Morgan, Wakefield says

I love my first generation roku, so i was excited to finally upgrade to the roku 3 for an even better experience. Unfortunately, i had nothing but problems with this unit. Right out of the box, it was like pulling teeth to get the remote to "pair" with the device. When i finally got the remote working, the device immediately found my wireless network, but would not connect to it. I factory reset the machine 10 or 12 times, and still nothing. Roku's advice was to "make sure you entered the password correctly. " lol! thanks guys. Very helpful. I found numerous websites showing how to get into secret screens on the roku 3, which was supposed to help you connect if you couldn't before. I tried a couple of these solutions, neither of which worked (and why should anyone have to go through that anyway? ). I put the box aside for a few days and gave up. Before sending the device back, i decided to give it one more shot. Surprise, surprise, the device connected to my wireless network without a hitch, and i had a full evening of blazing fast roku heaven. I was so happy. Unfortunately, the next morning, much to my chagrin, i awoke to find that the device had disconnected from my wifi and the remote had - yet again - become unpaired. I had to factory reset again just to get the remote working, and then once again the box wouldn't connect to my network. That was enough for me! it's being shipped back to online store as i type this. . By the way, during the few hours i had the device working, i tried out the voice search, which was the only reason i bought the 3 and not the 2. I was not impressed! i said "frasier" and something came up about polar bears. And searching for any foreign movies is really out of the question. Do not buy this for the voice search, imho!

K. Betty, Wiltshire

I have never in my life written a product review but felt it necessary to do so here. We already had a roku 3 and purchased an additional one from this site. It did not work. Setting up a roku 3 was easy with our first one we purchased from a store a while ago, but this one would not go through the setup properly. We had to return it and got a repalacemwnt where we had the same problem so i now have two completely non functioning roku3s. We spent about 20 hours trying to get help from the roku support line, it they were not able to get these devices working. Perhaps this site is selling bad batch of devices but i strongly urge you to purchase the device elsewhere. We loved our first roku3 but are very frustrated to have two additional units which do not even work.

. Aldana, Sutton says

When i first received this roku, i fell absolutely in love with it. I love the channel options, the speed, the small size. It was great! . . However, i've now had it for a couple of months and in the past couple of weeks, the roku keeps freezing up or won't connect. It almost seems like the roku itself is fine, but the remote doesn't work. The only way to fix it, since there is no reset or power button on this model, is to unplug the unit from the wall and let it sit unplugged for 5-10 minutes. After plugging it in again, it works great. It also freezes if i leave a show on pause for more than a couple of minutes. Getting very annoyed with having to keep unplugging the unit. . What started out as a product i fell in love with has turned into a product i wouldn't recommend to anyone.

L. Anonymous, Bournemouth

This device does not work well with live shows like the sec network. There are many glitches and we are constantly having to restart the device. I watch slingtv online and i have no such problems. I have discovered that you don't want any intermediate device between your service and where you are watching. I have not problems when i hook up my computer directly to my tv and stream directly from my computer. Works great. I am hoping i can still return the device for a refund. My daughter has the usb version of roku and it has the same problems. Btw we both have super fast broadband services so it is not the connection.

U. Hakala, Nova Scotia says

Doesn't get strong wifi internet signal. My original roku was sometimes slow, but it always connected to the channels. This roku has a weaker wifi antennae (according to roku tech support). Sitting 10 feet further than the roku box from my wireless router, i have no issues watching tv or movies on my iphone or ipad. Roku has been trying to load a channel for over 10 minutes. It hasn't been able to load hulu, online store, netflix, news channels, etc. Roku tech support told me i need to hard wire it. It works for a few days the no streaming for days. Have been through the reboot reprovision move the router move the box routine from isp and roku til i want to get the hammer and end the misery.

V. Moore, Lambeth

Poor quality item. I have had it just over one year and the remote fell to the floor. The flimsy 1/8 th inch tab that holds the battery case closed broke off preventing it from reattaching. . Thinking it was a common problem they would certrianly send me a new plastic cover but their advice is to buy a new remote! my suggestion is to stick with online store fire products to insure a quality product and customer service that is worth your time on the phone! . . Support sent me an email asking if i was happy with support:. No everything is not all right! . . I have two roku 3's, i like the early one so i bought the most recent model. . The "new" remote is a different style with a flimsy small clip holding the battery compartment cover on. One fall and the back came off along with the small clip. This is a big step back from the former quality. . I called support and was told to go to a retail outlet and buy a new remote. (my warranty expired 5 months ago). . I used tape to hold the back on as many others stated in google reviews. I am sure this is not the first time this has happened noting all the hits on google. . I will share this with my online store review of your product.

R. Medina, Georgia says

The voice search function on my player doesn't work. Roku customer service informed me that the player isn't defective; the voice search function doesn't work outside the united states. Obviously, i wouldn't have bought the player if i had known that. Since the player is not defective, it's not covered under the warranty. By the time i received the player here in belize today, it was too late to return it to online store. Lesson learned. I'll ask more questions before making another purchase of this type. But it won't be from roku

E. Nielsen, Suffolk

I got this because i wanted a small streamer that had all of the big 4 apps (netflix, hulu, hbo, online store). I have been using my xbox 360, but i wanted something smaller without the bulkiness of the 360 controller. I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and it has frozen up about 5 times. It freezes up while going through the menus, like when you search for a show. This means you have to get up to unplug it or remember that ridiculous shortcut on the remote to restart. I realized after reading through the reviews that this was common roku behavior. I was expecting much more from the rep that roku has. I've had streaming devices for years (wdtv live smp, kdlinks hd720 and 3 dune smart b1's) and while they all have their quirks, none are as terrible as this device. Since the voice search is an absolute joke, i am going to try the roku 2 and save some $.

Q. Valdez, Ealing says

I had high hopes for the roku 3 but was unable to pair the remote with the unit. I tried replacing the batteries. I tried all the methods of pairing in the manual and all five methods of pairing (several times each) per the roku support web page: . I tried moving the roku to another location and repeated all the various pairing methods. No matter what i did i could not get past the "pairing" screen. So then i figured i just happened to get a bad unit and so i returned it to online store. They were very good about the return and i had a brand new replacement unit the very next day (yay online store! ). . I went through the same procedures on the second unit. Again, no matter what i did i could not get past the "pairing" screen. I am now returning the second unit, this time for a refund instead of a replacement. At this time i don't know what to think since most people don't have this problem! was there a bad lot of remotes or units made? who knows. . By the way, the pairing button is quite recessed and it is hard to push it in properly with a finger. Most people probably don't care about this since they may have used this button a total of one time (lucky dogs, lol). I had to use it literally dozens of times and have to say it has terrible feedback to the user when it is pressed. . I hate giving one star ratings to devices when you just happen to get a bad one. But two? this time i have to make an exception. I spent too many hours messing around with these two units to give it more than 1 star.

D. Angelica, Bayern

Was working fine for about a year, then programming was interrupted now and then by a flashing screen. Tried calling roku several times but was never ever connected. I chose the phone option as i am not computer savvy and felt i need human contact. A recording would come on with advice to unplug and plug in the device and check for internet connection, then referred to another website. Don't buy if you need help with a problem you may have! the roku device eventually stopped working and i cannot get roku to help with the problem.

B. Angela, Wyoming says

Subbing this device for a working online store fire stick. The goal was to move the stick to another tv. Roku android app first failed to locate the device (not feeling good at this point). Next. The device locked up (really feeling bad now) just as i finished a successful set up. Rebooted device. App now made an automatic connection. Signed up for a 7 day lmn trial (which is now useless to me). Roku died. Subbed a different, also new hdmi cable, rebooted, moved roku to another tv, pushed the reset button. Nothing. Still dead. Thank goodness for online store's world class return process. Fire stick still working in the same hdmi port. Bad roku, bad.

T. Hannah, Enfield

My wife and i recently cut the proverbial cord and went to streaming only via the roku. The device worked great for the first couple of months before the roku automatically updated itself. Now we keep getting a purple screen with an error telling us that content is "unauthorised. " i contacted roku support, who indicated that this is due to the fact that both ends of the hdmi cable need to be "refreshed" and told me to restart the device. Indeed, a restart "fixed" the error. Until the next day when another restart is required. Now, since the roku device is always on (the remote doesn't have a power button) this means either pulling the power from the back of the roku, or scrolling through several menus to select "restart. " i reminded roku tech support that the device worked great before their update "broke" it, and suggested that they do the right thing and fix it with another update, but they are not willing to do so. It's worth noting that i have 2 other identical roku devices on different television models that still work normally, but this restart issue is so frustrating to me because it's required on the television in my living room. Bottom line: get assurances in writing that your specific television model is completely "compatible" with their device before purchasing. Either that. Or maybe go with a different streaming device.

I. Debra, Texas says

Possibly the worst, most abusive privacy policy i've ever read. After reading it as part of device registration i returned the device before using it. By "registering" the device online you have to agree to allow roku to use every bit of data they can collect on you from every media, including the voice activated remote; agree to having web bugs/beacons used in all communications and web pages accessed, etc. I was going to suggest you do yourself a favor and read their terms of use policy on-line before puchasing, but after going to i discovered it is very different from the policy presented when you register the device. Nice.

M. Elanor, Ile-de-France

Roku seems to have an engineering design issue. My first roku was purchased to view online store prime movies. I had endless buffering issues so i exchanged it for another. The second time i set it up to use netflix because i was suspicious of online store's contribution the issue. It has worked flawlessly since (several months). That is until i signed up for vudu. The buffering problems were so bad that i couldn't even get through the starting screen credits. I tried and checked everything. Wireless signal was strong speed was above what was necessary to support hd movies. Netflix was still working fine. I brought the movie up on my laptop and set the laptop next to roku. Laptop was playing the movie fine so the finger started to point to roku. Then i went online and discovered the buffering issues were rampant. Something was said about the buffering memory hanging up. The solution? reboot roku. I did and everything was fine. I did find reference on their website to the reboot but is was very understated. I do not expect to have to deal with this every time i watch something outside of netflix and why doesn't netflix experience this issue? i don't know for sure but my guess it that apple tv doesn't experience this issue. It's time these guys get their act together and fix this issue.

. Parker, Swindon says

Did not realize this roku 3 has no "aux" input on the back like my roku 2 sx. I have an older large flat screen sony tv that works beautifully, and wanted an updated roku since my old one quit working. The new "3" has eliminated the "aux" and only has power, hdmi, and usb openings. Will either send back of have to buy a converter, because my bose surround sound is stripping the audio, so i have no sound. Maybe in the details it should mention if it will accommodate an older model tv.

H. Cageen, Languedoc-Roussillon

Great product but their service is terrible. After 8 months of use, my roku suddenly stopped streaming video - the audio was playing in the background. Called roku, spent hours and hours trouble shooting with them. Then sent the unit back in and they still haven't returned a new one. When i asked to speak with a supervisor, the first person hung up on me. The next one asserted he was a supervisor and there was no one higher than him. I don't think i would by this product again simply because of their service.

C. Lorenz, Maryland says

I have bought 55 roku se and 30 roku 2 devices for my condo building with no problems, but this roku 3 stopped working after 5 months. It could not pick up my wireless router signal. I replaced it temporarily with a roku se i had and it worked fine. I informed roku of the defective unit. Although the roku website instructs users to e-mail them with problems and promises responses within 2 working days, i have been waiting for 3 weeks for a response and received none to date. This is very poor service for a normally great product.

X. Brenda, New York

Used to be ok until 7. 0 software update when they added a "feature" that closes your apps after 2 hours of inactivity - making you lose your place. They obviously did this so that they could show more ads on the home screen. It used to be really convenient to pause something, turn off the tv, then pick it back up when you come back. As a result, this roku went from being something i used every day to not at all.

J. Marguerite, Poitou-Charentes says

I've had a roku 3 in my living room since it first came out, and i love it. I purchased a 2nd unit for the bedroom and now the honeymoon is over. During setup, the roke 3 found my home network and connected to the internet - or at least the check marks indicated it did. In reality, the connection to the roku server was sporadic, and i would get different error messages when trying to download and run apps, and would occasionally get a "no connection" message. . After resetting the device and my router and going through all of the troubleshooting steps, i returned the device, assuming it was bad since my other roku 3 works perfectly, and always did. Got a new unit, and guess what? same problem. I called roku support, and the csr indicated to me that the problem was with a setting on comcast xfinity (arris) router's security and channel settings. Issue was resolved after changing the router settings to "older" security setting and channel 11. Apparently, this is a somewhat common problem according to the roku phone rep, and he actually seemed a bit peeved at the situation, putting the burden on comcast. . This seems pretty lame to me considering that all of my other devices, including tablets, phones, blu-ray players and my old roku 3 worked just fine. And i don't like they specify i use channel 11 on my router, since that channel can be congested in my area at times. It seems roku must have changed something in the hardware or firmware in the newer version of the roku 3, and at least in my case, its a step backwards.

. Gloria, Hillingdon

Worked for awhile now nothing but problems like everyone else. See on the internet. Got sound no picture. It just says on the screen. " hdcp unauthorized. Content disabled. " i have tried all the fixes suggested. Works sometimes for awhile then goes back to above problem. Rebooted, reset it, changes the cables, cursed at it nothing works. It seems to run very hot as well. I think they need to replace these for no cost. If i plug in my old basic roku it works but is slower than molasses on a cold day. That was why i bought the upgraded unit. When it works it is great. Come on roku take care of of your customers.

. Pearce, Kentucky says

I have a roku 2 and love it. This roku 3 is not so great. I keep getting glitches in netflix and online store apps that i don't get with the roku 2, and sometimes it freezes and needs to be rebooted. The headphones have static even a few feet from the tv, so i never use that feature. Voice search is useless.

A. Nellie, Bolton

I don't want to trash roku at all, as i may just have a bad unit. I own two other roku 2 units and they work flawlessly. This version 3 seems to freeze a lot on the voice search function. It works about 80% of the time, before i have to reboot it from it crashing on apps and i avoid using the voice search function. Good news is support got back to me in regards to troubleshooting within 48hrs.

N. Joanne, Pays de la Loire says

I realize that most people by roku to use web-based services like netflix or youtube and it probably will be great for these purposes. . To me however media player was an important piece of functionality and it turned out to be a big disappoinment:. 1) many video files perfectly playable by other devices were not recognizable; . 2) cyrillic font in the names of the files and directories was not readable - all cyrillic caracters were replaced with spaces; . 3) files were shown on the screen as big icons, and there was no way to show them as a compact list instead. In case of directories with a big number of files, this is not usable. . The bottom line: if you count on the media player functionality of this device, don't have high expectations

Z. April, Basse-Normandie

In the 9 months that we've had it, the remote has died twice. I really liked the idea of my husband being able to use the headphones when i was sleeping, but the remote dies after awhile. Today, thanks to some other reviewers, i discovered the roku app on my iphone. I downloaded it and it was already hooked up to the roku and worked like a champ. Not sure if the voice command will work with it, but at least hubby can plug in his headphones! . . Other than this, we've used it for sling, netflix, and online store and have not had any issues, picture is good, etc. . Net is don't bother buying one with the fancy remote - plan on buying the phone app.

S. Patricia, New Mexico says

I'm a long time roku fan. Had the original roku, roku 2, and roku 3. I ended up giving my roku 3 to someone who needed it and was going to purchase the new 'updated' roku 3. Now i miss my last one. . The main reason is that the remote control on these new roku 3's suck! they aren't responsive and don't always respond to every click. If you're looking though a long list of netflix movies for example you'll end up clicking the up or down button multiple times sometimes to get it to respond. Most of the time it works fine - the occasionally it just freezes for a sec and 'loses' the click. . I thought it was the remote at first, so i purchased a replacement remote. Nope, same issue. Then i followed the instructions on the roku site to hard reset my roku device to see if that was it. Nope, after completely wiping it twice it still has the same behavior. Now our roku 3 sits largely unused because we're not happy with the responsiveness of it. I have no idea what changed with the newer version - but it's not as smooth an experience.

F. Sarah, Montana

This roku 3, with ethernet, set up immediately out of the box. The picture, 1080 hd, and audio are excellent. There are no interruptions to streaming through the 100mbs ethernet and 3. 5gbs internet download speed. The remote does not need line of sight, the unit responds to signal bounce off walls. Roku does, however, require an account setup through a computer to activate the device. . There are a plethora of channels to access through this device, but it will not replace cable tv because. . Aggregate channel access is inversely proportional to aggregate quality access. The market really does work. If you think most of the channels on your cable system suck, the roku only adds channels at the bottom of the suck list, not at the top, otherwise they would already be on your cable system. . Any show you might like already requires a subscription service such as netflix, hulu, or online store. But the likelihood that every show you like is on one of them exclusively is nil, so you would have to subscribe to many services to get all of the ones you like. And even then, they are not live stream, they are delayed downloads. But after you watch the series a couple of times, the subscription price continues even though your desire to watch runs out. . Of the few news channels that are recognizable, the ones you may already like, the channel alters the programming so as not to upset the cable distributor by either deleting the side bands, like news and stock tickers, or offering much delayed snippets, such as chopping the news into hundreds of three minute segments, each of which requires you to re-access the remote. . What's left to keep on is a lot of b-movies you've never heard or foreign stuff if you're lucky enough to know another language. . Nevertheless there is bound to be three or four channels you'll love for free if that makes it worth it to you.

O. Patton, Calderdale says

I bought one roku to replace a online store fire tv stick. The aftvs froze, worked really slow, and generally was a great idea that performed poorly. So heard great things about the rokus, so decided to try one. First two weeks was great, then it froze one day. Completely frozen. Found some stuff online about a "soft reset" where you hit remote button sequence home-home-home-home-home-up-rewind-rewind-fast forward-fast forward and it would soft reset the machine. Nope, didn't do anything. So i tried unplugging it and resetting it. That got it working again. Frustrating, but not the end of the world, so kept using it. Over the next two months it has happened four times again, averaging about once every other week. Still better than the aftvs, but irritating since it is twice the price of the aftvs. Do i regret the purchase? no. I like the roku format. And maybe its in my head, but the picture quality seems better with the roku than the aftvs. The roku is a great idea, but the software performance in it is weaker than i would expect for a nearly $100 channel surfer.

Y. Meyer, North Carolina

An oddly sparse device with constant glitches. The controller is missing many functions (like a stop button), applications frequently (80% of the time, at least) cease to respond to the remote and must be backed out of and restarted, and i seriously could not tell you what the a and b buttons even do. Settings are difficult to navigate, partially because they are opaque and partially because the controller stops responding while using them. Settings also don't do much user preference wise. Last problem: the device runs hot, even when not in use for days. I unplug mine fearing the plastic may melt and burn. The only reason this gets 3 stars is the video quality, which is superb. It also responds quickly, when the remote is working properly. Roku could use some advisors. The device is way too expensive considering the problems, to be honest. I would not advise buying it.

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