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Price was $109.98. As advertised, this was really easy to install. Also as advertised, it works as well as they say it does. What a terrific product! now i'm watching my streaming shows from netflix and dramafever (as well as pbs and others) on my big screen tv instead of my laptop. It's better and cheaper than paying for cable. Count me a very happy customer!

-X. Paige

2 streaming media player faster processor 2015 roku 2 delivers fast performance and stunning high definition video at a tremendous value. enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, -roku 2 streaming media player 4210r faster processor 2015 model

  • Reviews: 2000+ Streaming Channels – Free, Subscription, Rent, Or Buy.
  • Reviews: Simple Remote With Channel Shortcut Buttons.

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This weekend we completed our transition from satellite tv to video streaming only a process affectionately known as cutting the cord. We added a roku 2 streaming media player to the tv in our guest room and moved our roku 3500 streaming stick to the tv in our living room. . I decided on the roku 2 device instead of another roku 3500 streaming stick because i figured it would be a good middle ground between my roku 3 and roku 3500. I was correct in my thinking. The roku 2 is an excellent all-around device, and certainly several steps up from the streaming stick. And, it works so well that i find it difficult to see the difference between it and the more advanced roku 3. . Overall, the roku 2 streaming media player performs extremely well. The processor is noticeably much faster; there s virtually no evidence of video stutter, blanking, or lagging due to slow processing and buffering. As with our other roku devices, its hd video and digital surround sound are of the highest quality, and was easy to set up. . We remain impressed with the enormous number of channels available through the roku streaming service. In fact, we found it imperative to narrow our choices to a manageable number of channels. Our favorites include online store video, hulu, slingtv, pbs, and vudu. We continue to explore roku s channel store in order to find channels that might interest us. . Our decision to cancel our satellite tv subscription is firm and final. Our roku 3500r, roku 2, and roku 3 devices are now connected and working flawlessly to bring us high quality tv viewing at a fraction of the price we were paying our satellite tv provider. Highly recommended. The Best streaming media player faster ( Apr 2020 ) | Roku-Tuner Review Reviews Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R) with Faster Processor (2015 Model) Lightning fast performance. 2000+ streaming channels - free, subscription, rent, or buy. Simple remote with channel shortcut buttons. Great with mobile devices .

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r With Faster Processor 2015 Model Review (4210r)

I bought the new roku 2 and the new roku 3. (yes - i love this stuff. ) i think i'll return the roku 3. The new roku 2 includes a lightning fast processor (which is actually the same processor as the new roku 3, but with a lower price tag). The best feature of roku 2 is that it shows you the cheapest source for each movie, which can save a lot of money in the long run. (the new roku 3 also has this feature, but apple tv and fire tv do not. ). . Main new features. Faster processor the main reason to buy a roku 2 is that it has a really fast processor at a cheap price. The fast processor makes moving through menu options to find shows very fast. It also has shorter loading times (if your internet connection is quick enough). After using this processor, going back to a slower processor would drive me crazy. . Other new features the new roku 2 does not have many other substantial new features, but still includes the many great features that roku has developed over the years. The new roku 2 can be boiled down to a really fast processor at a good price and the ability to instantly see which source is renting each movie for the cheapest price. . What s not included. Here are a few other things you ll need:. - internet. - credit card (to pay for movies and shows . Most require a subscription or rental fee). - hdmi cable. - mount (if you have a wall-mounted tv, you ll need a mount to attach roku to your tv. ). . Unlocked ecosystem. The main reason to buy a roku is that roku is not trying to push you towards certain content providers. Apple tv, for example, does not allow you to access shows and movies from many sources. Fire tv tries to encourage you to buy content from online store (although a few other content providers are available if you look for them). Unlike apple tv and fire tv, roku makes it easy to search for shows and movies from many sources and lets you see how much different providers charge for shows and movies. This difference is important if you want to watch a certain movie, you ll love instantly seeing which source rents the movie for lowest price! bottom line you ll probably save money in the future by renting shows and movies via roku 2. . Difference from old roku 2. The most important thing to note is that the new roku 2 is very similar to the old roku 2, which one exception the new roku 2 includes a much faster processor than the old roku 2. If you want to be able to search for shows faster and load shows faster, then upgrading to the new roku 2 is a smart move. Note if your internet connection is slow, then roku 2 s faster processor will not help load shows faster. . Difference from apple tv. Roku 2 will enable you to access shows and movies from many more sources (often with lower rental prices). The roku 2 interface might not be quite as simple as the apple tv interface, but roku 2 s interface is still easy to use. . Difference from fire tv. Fire tv provides access to several sources of shows and movies, but roku 2 provides access to more sources of shows and movies (perhaps more sources than you ll ever need). Roku also makes finding the cheapest price much easier (by instantly showing you prices from different sources). As of today, roku 2 does not have games (unlike fire tv). . Difference from other roku players. Both the new roku 2 and roku 3 include the same fast processor and 1080p (hd) resolution. Buy roku 3 if you want voice search on your remote (rather than by downloading an app on your phone), you want headphones, or you want to pick from a few simple games. Otherwise, buy roku 2. Roku 1 also has 1080p (hd) resolution, but the processor is much slower. Only buy roku 1 if you don t mind a slower user interface and other delays. Don t buy the roku stick you deserve better. -G. Shawna

Roku Streaming Player 4210r Processor

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Roku
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0829610000565
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.00 inches
    Length:3.50 inches
    Weight:0.31 pounds
    Width:3.50 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Roku, Inc.
  8. Model: 4210R
  9. MPN: 4210R
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 4210R
  12. Type: Home Theater
  13. Category: TUNER
  14. UPC: 829610000565
  15. Warranty: 1 Year Coverage For Parts

2 streaming media player faster processor 2015 Home Theater, Roku 2 delivers fast performance and stunning high definition video at a tremendous value. enjoy more than 2, 000 streaming channels offering access to 250, 000+ movies and tv episodes, plus, music, sports, and more*. search the widest selection of channels and get automatic updates on new movies. enjoy up to 1080p stunning hd video* as well as ethernet, usb, and microsd card ports. *some channels require payment. channel availability can change and varies by country. availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection. Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (4210R-Roku).

Roku Streaming Player 4210r Processor Home Theater

  • I decided to kick my cable to the curb. I researched what way to go and saw good reviews for roku. So happy i ordered this. I am a grandma so i'm not a techno-geek-far from it. I added this to the tv in my bedroom and was able to do it alone! hurrah! i have a vizio smart tv in the family room so i didn't get one for that tv. I just ordered one for that one today. Its easy to set up-easy to use. I have hulu plus on the smart tv but found hooking up my other tv made the hulu easier to use so that why i am adding to me larger smart tv. The cost of the unit is so much cheaper than cable and gives the luxury of choosing what channels you want. I felt that i was wasting my money having channels i never watched. If you're on the fence about stopping cable give this a try. In my experience its only about a months cable payment and if you dont. Like go back. I wont ever go back unless cable starts lowering the cost and giving me menu choices. Spudmom56
  • We have been using this for over a year and the whole family loves it. We use all three of the main services - netflix, hulu and online store prime. The roku itself is quick and responsive. It almost never feels like you are waiting on the device. There have been a few occasional freezes which required me to power cycle or unplug/plug in the device. But i could count them on one hand over the year we have had it. . The channel selection is good for the top tier. Most everything else is pretty garbage. But that is the fault of the channel creators and not roku. Most of them are just the equivalent of click-bait just to get you to view adds. I found one that played vintage cartoons but i had to watch an ad for adam & eve adult store first - not exactly kid friendly. Some of the other apps never load like fox sports go and espn (though that could be because i don't actually subscribe to those real tv channels and was trying to use an extended family member's account. Maybe comcast has some magicy way to block that - who knows). . Of the top tier apps netflix rocks my world. Online store is pretty good but the controls are not very intuitive. Hulu is horrendously slow. I could have watch an entire episode of house of cards before the hulu app even starts showing icons on the screen. We keep hulu for the content but we are swearing under our breath every time we have to use it. Again that is on hulu not the roku. . The phone app is handy for searching. And i added the app to my windows 10 computer so i can more easily search for and add/remove channel. . I had trouble getting it to read pictures from my windows 10 pc but eventually figured it out using the built-in channel. I could add plex but that requires a plex account and they are overly expensive in my opinion. . Parental controls are limited to a 4 digit code required for adding channels. Otherwise the individual channels would have to have their own parental controls - which most do not. So i use the 4 digit code to prevent the kiddos from adding and removing channels. Of course for the most part the channels are pretty family friendly (except maybe the ads - see above) but there are a few "hot girl" type channels that i don't want a child stumbling on. My tv has an option to require a code to turn it on also so that way i can prevent them from vegging too much. . I would definitely buy this again and have recommended it to friends. If we had more than one tv we would have a roku on each.
  • I have just spent the past hour trying to set up an account. The problem is roku does everything in its power to force you to give them your credit card info. I am aware this is not required. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with their support service. At this point the link they reluctantly gave me to sign on without a cc (forget the stories about a hard to find "skip this step" link- they apparently took that out) is coming up with a generic error message. Unless you have no problem with needlessly giving your credit card info to unknown people in some other country, i recommend not buying this product.
  • I really like the roku, but gave it two stars because i am having a real hard time getting it to work consistently. It is having a lot of difficulty reaching the roku servers to stream content. I have a google chromecast, wii, xbox, panasonic tv and multiple ipads/iphones all working on the same network (using charter spectrum). I was chatting with roku tech support who were telling me to change the dns settings on my wireless router to fix the problem (which i will not do, because i know how temperamental wireless networks can be). I was able to download a roku software update, which may fix the problem. If it doesn't, i will reluctantly return the roku 2. . After working with roku support, we cannot fix the problem without changing the dns servers on my wireless router. I am now returning my roku 2 for another google chromecast (which works flawlessly on my network)
  • Pretty unimpressed so far. I bought this, realized quickly that there was something wrong with it, and had a hellish time getting the roku support department to help me. One, it's hard to find their support. Two, you go through a gauntlet of people reading scripts who don't understand what you're saying. Then when i finally got to someone who seemed to understand, she provided a link that sent me right back to square one. After 5 or 6 tries trying to get a replacement remote control shipped they finally sent one. Only for me to realize (when the new remote had the same issue) that the problem is with the roku device itself. Which i have to control by holding my remote less than an inch away. Or with the app. The app works fine but i don't have access to all the settings if it's offline. It's also slow and unintuitive for typing.

streaming media player faster Roku 2 Streaming Media Player (4210R) with Faster Processor (2015 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I'm really unhappy with our roku 2 at the moment. I have had to do a power cycle or soft reset twice this week alone. For people looking to "cut the cord", this is a terrible option. I am in the process of power cycling again right now and it's not working! i hate the roku so much right now that there are no words to express such hate! . Update: i power cycled both the television and the roku. It's been a few weeks now and. So far so good.

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model
Click to see NoticeRoku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner)"I started out with a chromecast, as i had no prior experience with streaming. It was an inexpensive way to get my feet wet and it worked great. . But chromecast offers access to a limited number of streaming sources, and i soon found that i wanted to stream shows that were not available via chromecast: in particular, i wanted to stream content from online store prime. . After surveying the streaming devices out there, i concluded that the roku 2, at $69. 95, offers the best bang for the buck, and i haven't been disappointed: this is a great little device! . . Pros:. . 1) easy setup. Just connect it via hdmi to your system (tv for example), connect the included power adapter, and connect to your wifi network. The roku also includes an ethernet jack, if your prefer to use hardwired ethernet. 2) supports the broadest variety of streaming sources (many - including all the "big names" such as huluplus, online store prime, netflix, etc. Without favoring one over the other - the roku is said to be "source agnostic"). You can re-arrange the presentation of content providers if you wish. 3) includes a handheld remote, which works really well and is definitely a nice-to-have if you prefer "real" buttons. The alternative is a smartphone app (see below). 4) navigating menus and controlling the roku is a snap, both when selecting and viewing content, and includes rewind, fast-forward, pause, and play functions, cursor control, etc. 5) a meta-search feature allows you to search across all available content providers for a particular title. This makes it easy to locate a particular show that you want to watch (note that most content providers require a paid subscription in order to access their content). 6) supports 5ghz wifi networks (whereas the chromecast supports only 2. 4ghz). 7) roku has a very nice free remote control app for your smartphone (available in your mobile device's app store). The app communicates with the roku via wifi (not ir, so it's "point anywhere") and makes controlling the roku even sweeter. Note that the app also allows you to enter voice search requests (similar to the roku 3 - see below) but i haven't tried this feature, so don't know how well it works. . Cons:. . 1) the only thing i found that i don't like so far is that when registering your device with roku, they require you to supply a credit card (on their website, the product info says, "may require credit card" when registering). Note that you're not required to buy anything, only to provide a credit card up-front in the event that you do choose to make an in-app purchase (although i'm not sure what this would be). Personally, i didn't care for this (having to supply credit card info) at all; that's just another website that has your credit card info. But you can't complete the registration process without doing it. Note to roku: come on, guys; nobody likes this. Either make it optional, or get rid of it altogether! . . Roku 2 vs roku 3. . So what's the difference between the roku 2 and roku 3? not much, in my opinion - not enough to justify the expense of the roku 3, which for $30 more, . . 1) includes a "point anywhere" remote (i. E. , not ir), . 2) allows you to enter voice search requests (using the remote) by speaking the name of the desired show, and. 3) includes a pair of ear buds that you can plug into the remote for private listening without disturbing someone else who might be reading, sleeping, etc. . Other than those additional features, the roku 2 is identical to the roku 3 - same fast processor and same features, making it the obvious better value, in my opinion. . Important: if ordering the roku 2, be sure you order the latest (2015) model, as it has the upgraded, faster processor (previous models had a slower processor)."

(0) Question: Will the media player let me stream itunes library and purchases?

(1) Question: Does it support subtitles on netflix?

(2) Question: I recently purchased a roku 2 from walmart, and i noticed that the remote had a headphone jack. i thought only the roku 3 had that feature?

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Roku 2 HD Streaming Player

The best value in high-definition streaming to your tv with more than 300 channels of movies, tv shows, live sports, and more. Enjoy netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, crackle, pandora, and much more. Includes built-in wireless, and works with virtually any tv. Video interface: (1) composite rca video port; (1) hdmi port; audio interface (1) composite rca audio ports; (1) hdmi port, ports and connectors (1) 10/100 rj-45 ethernet port; (1) microsd card slot; (1) hdmi port; (1) a/v output jack.

Roku 2 HD Streaming PlayerRoku-2-HD-Streaming-Player

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Roku 2 XD Streaming Player 1080p Old Version

Instantly stream 600+ entertainment channels in up to 1080p hd quality. Includes one-stop search for finding the perfect moviefrom top channels like netflix, hulu plus and online store instant video. The free app for ios and android even lets you stream music and photos from your phone to your tv. Includes built-in wireless, and works with virtually any tv.

Roku 2 XD Streaming Player 1080p Old VersionRoku-Streaming-Player-1080p-Version

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  • Built-in wireless (wi-fi b/g/n)
  • Free app for ios and android
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Roku 2 Streaming Player Headphone Jack

Roku 2 streaming player 1080p hd plus enhanced remote with headphone jack crank up the volume, and enjoy the show with the roku 2. Dive into 1, 800+ channels of movies, tv shows, sports and more in stunning 1080p hd. Watch without disturbing the house when you plug the included headphones into the remote. Enjoy free features like channel shortcut buttons and much more. 1, 800+ entertainment channels. Choose from the best selection and widest variety of streaming entertainment, including movies, tv shows, music, sports, news, fitness, cooking, and more. Stunning hd video quality. Immerse yourself in the action with rich, vibrant video streaming up to 1080p hd*. Remote with headphone jack for private listening. Crank up the volume and use the included headphones to enjoy a late-night flick without disturbing the household. Extended-range wireless. A robust dual-band wireless connection seamlessly streams video with ease and speed. Channel shortcut buttons. Jump straight to favorite channels such as netflix and m-go with the push of a button. One-stop search. * find your favorite movies and shows in a flash from top channels like netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, vudu, and m-go. Movies and tv shows, front and center. Instantly access the hottest blockbusters and hit tv shows, powered by m-go, right from the home screen - no extra account setup required. Free ios and android app. Transform your mobile device into a roku remote. Browse and add new channels. Even use your phone or tablet to send your music, photos and personal videos* to your hdtv. *availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection. * one-stop search is for movies and tv shows and does not work with all channels. Premium subscriptions are required but are not included with purchase. * capability to share video available on ios and select android phones. See roku. Com for list of devices that support this feature. Get to the entertainment you want instantly the roku channel store has the largest selection of streaming channels available anywhere with over 1, 800 channels and more coming at a furious pace. Our on-screen interface lets you fly through screens, seamlessly search top channels and launch movies faster than ever before. Watch a new movie a day. Every day. For 82 years. Roku has over 200, 000 movies and tv episodes at your fingertips from netflix, hulu plus, online store instant video, hbo go, m-go, vudu, redbox instant by verizon and more with 49 news and weather channels from across the us and around the world, roku is the best choice for news and weather channels. Top news sources include msnbc, fox news, huffington post, cnbc and wsj plus gets loads of other entertainment choices, including: music from spotify, online store cloud player, pandora, mog, rdio, vevo and tunein live sports packages including nba league pass broadband, nhl gamecenter live, mls live, ufctv, and mlb. Tv premium family entertainment from pbs and disney photo and video sharing via facebook, flickr, and picasa of course, there are also tons of channels featuring international and lifestyle programming, tech news, podcasts, cartoons, and well, you get the idea.     watch late-night flicks without disturbing the peace our enhanced remote includes a built-in headphone jack for private listening. Use it with the included in-ear headphones to watch that late-night movie without waking up the rest of the house.   compare roku models     tiny stick. Big entertainment. Works with virtually any tv. Private listening headphone jack. Fully loaded and lightning fast. Tv compatibility hdtvs only virtually any tv virtually any tv hdtvs only 1, 800+ entertainment channels built-in wireless roku search across multiple top channels plays up to 1080p hd video control with included remote or mobile devices via the roku app send videos, photos and music stored locally on your smartphone to your tv via the roku app dual-band wireless channel shortcut buttons to netflix, online store instant video and more remote with headphone jack for private listening cast to tv direct from the netflix and youtube apps motion control for games (angry birds space included) lightning fast with 5x faster processor       ethernet, usb & microsd slot * roku 3 works with hdtvs with hdmi port. Hdmi cable not included with roku players. *availability of 1080p hd video limited by channel provider and speed of broadband connection.   it's ridiculously easy from the simple remote to the intuitive interface, roku 2 was designed to set up in a few quick-and-easy steps. All you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection (and a tv, of course). The built-in wireless and guided setup mean you can be up and running in minutes. And we bet you don't even have to call your nerdy nephew for help.   included with the roku 2 enhanced remote with headphone jack headphones two aa batteries a/v cable (red/white/yellow) power adapter get started guide 90-day manufacturer warranty what you need high-speed internet (like dsl or cable) wireless router hdmi cable (for high-definition video) internet browser (for initial setup)   in general, the faster your internet connection, the better the video quality. For the best viewing results, we recommend a minimum of 1. 5 mbps for standard definition and 3. 0 mbps for hd content. To test your network speed, visit either one of the following (free) websites: speakeasy. Net/speedtest/ or please note that your internet speed may vary throughout the day. Product description crank up the volume and enjoy the show. The all-new roku 2 has everything you need to kick back with your favorite entertainment faster than you can grab the popcorn. Dive into 1, 800+ channels of blockbuster movies, hot tv shows, sports, and more in stunning 1080p hd. Tune out distractions and turn up that late-night flick while the kids (or parents) sleep when you plug the included headphones into the remote. Jump straight to your favorites with channel shortcut buttons. And find that perfect movie or show in a flash with one-stop search. The all-new roku 2 rock-solid streaming with private listening. Roku 2 supports closed captioning on channels that support this feature, including netflix, online store instant video, vudu and hulu plus. Video output: 1080p, 720p and 480p over hdmi. Audio output: digital over hdmi (7. 1/5. 1 channel surround sound pass-through and stereo). 12v - 1a power adapter. Want to learn more about streaming media players? our streaming media player storefront features educational articles, buying guides, comparison charts, and more.

Roku 2 Streaming Player Headphone JackRoku-Streaming-Player-Headphone-Jack

Brand :    roku
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.22 pounds
  • Roku 2 enhanced remote with headphone jack (uses wi-fi direct).
  • Digital over hdmi (7. 1 and 5. 1 surround pass through). analog stereo (left/right/composite video rca).
  • 802. 11 (a/b/g/n compatible) with wep, wpa, and wpa2 support.
  • Streaming player includes ir receiver (compatible with various universal remotes).
  • Less than 4. 5w (typical) when streaming hd videopower input.
Price :    $9.99 (was $199.00)
Model :    2720R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
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Description: - cooling gaming keyboard to offer the most comfortable gaming environment. - fashion and contemporary bright-black design of outlook, perfectly for any working space. - backside super drain holes design, water proof and splash proof, protect the keyboard well. - the pro gaming keyboard is especially for seeking trendsetting users. - this keyboard comes with backlight led lights for using at night time, looks amazing. - it has some highlight keys and multimedia keys which can be easily used for the serious user. Feature: - connector: usb - keyboard weight :800g - multimedia keys: 19 key - color : 7 color - 8 gears for adjusting brightness press key "fn+paup' for light to gradual bright up and "fn+padn' for light to gradual darker, cycling with 8 gears. - domineering appearance for game operation this combo with simple design, domineering fashional

Wingco LED USB Wired Gaming Keyboard 7 Adjustable Colorful BacklightsWingco-Keyboard-Adjustable-Colorful-Backlights

Brand :    wingco
  • With 8 special colorful multimedia key, make you more fast into operation page. domineering cool design, technology lines design, make the keyboard more game.
  • The caps are made of high strength abs plastic, can be an effective anti-violence and anti-beat frequency of use for high-intensity gamers. large and antiskid hand holder and ergonomic design help your hand reduce fatigue while playing games.
  • Simple usb plug & play connection. pressing by 19 keys together, no conflict, no slow, make game more fast. key with over 10 million key-press lifecycle.
  • Good design, smooth lines, angular, fashional light letter and 8 special light keycaps, more cool, giving you a new feeling, show off your exquisite fashion touching and unique charm.
  • Special 7 colors led backlights, every backlight have 8 gears to adjust brightness. seven backlit lights can be switched.
Price :    —
Model :    gaming keyboard
Order click here :    -
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TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LT

The idea is a good one, but the hooks provided did not work with the vents on my visio tv, so i improvised and used industrial strength velcro and stuck it to the back of my tv. Works well, but will have to find a way to cut a slot on the side so i can fit a usb stick to the roku box to watch other movies

This patented product is made by the trusted leader in media-player mounting. The total mount team consistently delivers quality and reliability. This mount enables easy installation of roku media players. Many customers appreciate that this mount eliminates the need to tunnel the hdmi cable through your wall (because the mount positions roku such that it has easy access to the hdmi port on your television).

TotalMount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku LTTotalMount-Roku-Mounting-System-Compatible

Totalmount Roku Mounting System Compatible Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku 1, Roku Lt (tm roku premium) FAQ.

The mount worked fine on my samsung tv. It took longer to read the instructions and find the proper clips than it did to install it. Now the roku is off the tv stand and hidden behind the tv. The roku 3 remote is radio not infrared, so the remote is working fine. I'm pleased with the mount and it frees up a little space. -Notice from P. Joanne, Limousin

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It was very easy to attach to the tv and slip in the roku device, and it's minimal but sturdy design is nice. They are very generous with the adaptors needed to hook the mount to your tv vents so if you change tv's at some point in the future you are likely to have what you need if the vent orientation changes. Great item.

Totalmount-roku-mounting-system-compatible-roku-3,-roku-2,-roku-1,-roku-lt-(tm-roku-premium) set picture

- B. CeciliaThe mount comes with several options for attaching to your tv. Mainly it comes with 3 different clip types for attaching to different vent styles. But it also comes with 3m pads to just stick it on. Like the picture shows, it does need to be towards the top of the tv (or really near an edge i suspect) to avoid having the tv interfere with the remote reception, but even near the top the roku is not visibly showing.

Such a handy device. It fit as expected and works great to minimize the cords on our wall mounted t. V.

Q. Powell, Bayern

Price :    $11.86 (was $16.95)
  • Roku streaming player and hdmi cable are not included
  • Attaches roku to the back of your tv for clutter-free entertainment (includes three mounting options)
  • Easy to install - no tools necessary (clips onto the back of your tv without adhesive)
  • Compatible with roku 3, roku 2, roku 1, and roku lt (not compatible with roku 4, roku express, roku premiere, and roku ultra)
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an hdmi cable through your wall
Brand :    totalmount
Model :    TM_Roku_Premium
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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FARSIC Christmas Solar Led Fairy Lights - 40 ft Cable, 100 Lights, Waterproof - Ambiance lights Outdoor, Patio, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree Warm White

Energy conservation with built-in rechargeable ni-mh battery, the solar energy charging way will save electricity and your trouble of replacing battery frequently, which is environmental friendly. Note: please make sure the solar panel input 2v/160ma towards to the sunlight, otherwise it will not get charged without sunshine. Only can be charged when the switch is turning on. Smart light sense adopting light sensing technology, the light will be off automatically when the solar panel senses the light, and while, it will be on when in the darkness. Easy to install the light can be installed flexibly, and just use your imagination, diy it into different style to enjoy the fun of fancy lighting performance. Ip44 waterproof with the ip44 waterproof rating, the light can be protected from water splash. So you can install it outdoor, like yard, garden, parterre, road, and so on. 2 lighting mode it offers 2 lighting mode, that is, the full brightness mode and the flash mode, to meet your various lighting needs. Each will bring incredible and beautiful lighting experience. Enough length the light rope reaches a length of 40 feet with 100 pieces of leds, which is long enough for your usage. Various application it can be used for decoration, atmosphere creation, lighting show, like making beauty of fencing, potting, plants, trees, holidays, thanksgiving day, christmas, parties, wedding, birthday, gala, ball, etc.

FARSIC Christmas Solar Led Fairy Lights - 40 ft Cable, 100 Lights, Waterproof - Ambiance lights Outdoor, Patio, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree Warm WhiteFARSIC-Christmas-Solar-Fairy-Lights

Brand :    farsic
Color :    white
Weight :    0.55 pounds
Model :    Light100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 2 option modes. according to your needs, you can choose full brightness mode or flash mode
  • Smart light sense:adopting light sensing technology, the light will be off automatically when the solar panel senses the light, and while, it will be on when in the darkness
  • 100 lights, 40 feet length string (bonus farsic phone ring holder)
  • Waterproof: ip44 waterproof rating, which means it can be suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration both
  • Solar energy charge. powered by solar energy, which is energy saving and environmental friendly
Price :    $14.99
Lawn & Patio :    Best Outdoor Living (farsic product review) for FARSIC Christmas Solar Led Fairy Lights - 40 ft Cable, 100 Lights, Waterproof - Ambiance lights Outdoor, Patio, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree Warm White available ( Apr 2020 )

FARSIC Christmas Solar Led Fairy Lights - 72 ft Cable, 200 Lights, Waterproof - Ambiance lights Outdoor, Patio, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree Warm White

Energy conservation with built-in rechargeable ni-mh battery, the solar energy charging way will save electricity and your trouble of replacing battery frequently, which is environmental friendly. Note: please make sure the solar panel input 2v/300ma towards to the sunlight, otherwise it will not get charged without sunshine. Only can be charged when the switch is turning on. Smart light sense adopting light sensing technology, the light will be off automatically when the solar panel senses the light, and while, it will be on when in the darkness. Easy to install the light can be installed flexibly, and just use your imagination, diy it into different style to enjoy the fun of fancy lighting performance. Ip44 waterproof with the ip44 waterproof rating, the light can be protected from water splash. So you can install it outdoor, like yard, garden, parterre, road, and so on. 2 lighting mode it offers2 lighting mode, that is, the full brightness mode and the flash mode, to meet your various lighting needs. Each will bring incredible and beautiful lighting experience. Enough length the light rope reaches a length of 22meters (2-metre part is input wire) with 200 pieces of leds, which is long enough for your usage. Various application it can be used for decoration, atmosphere creation, lighting show, like making beauty of fencing, potting, plants, trees, holidays, thanksgiving day, christmas, parties, wedding, birthday, gala, ball, etc.

FARSIC Christmas Solar Led Fairy Lights - 72 ft Cable, 200 Lights, Waterproof - Ambiance lights Outdoor, Patio, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree Warm WhiteFARSIC-Christmas-Solar-Fairy-Lights

Brand :    farsic
Color :    warm white
Weight :    0.15 pounds
Model :    led200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Lawn & Patio :    Best Outdoor Living (farsic product review) for FARSIC Christmas Solar Led Fairy Lights - 72 ft Cable, 200 Lights, Waterproof - Ambiance lights Outdoor, Patio, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree Warm White available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $17.99
  • Solar energy charge. powered by solar energy, which is energy saving and environmental friendly
  • Waterproof: ip44 waterproof rating, which means it can be suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration both
  • 2 option modes. according to your needs, you can choose full brightness mode or flash mode
  • 200 lights, 72 feet length string
  • Smart light sense:adopting light sensing technology, the light will be off automatically when the solar panel senses the light, and while, it will be on when in the darkness

Saivia Android Universal Qi Standard Wireless Charging Receiver - Micro USB Wireless Charger Receiving Patch All Android Mobile - Narrow - Interface Up, Black

Saivia makes your life better! product details: name: andriod wireless charging receiver color: black weight: 0. 3 oz standard: qi input parameter: 5(v) output parameter: 5(v) port: micro usb charging current: 5v - 600mah operating frequency: 100-150khz transmission distance: 10mm charging efficiency: 72% product dimension: 4" * 1. 75" product material: copper wire recommended use: andriod, such as samsung, nokia, htc etc. Package list: 1 * qi wireless charging reciver.

Saivia Android Universal Qi Standard Wireless Charging Receiver - Micro USB Wireless Charger Receiving Patch All Android Mobile - Narrow - Interface Up, BlackSaivia-Universal-Standard-Wireless-Charging

Brand :    saivia
Color :    Android
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    43210-9723
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Lightweight - only 0. 3 oz, would not be sensed when it attached in the phone.
  • No tangle - this item enables your phone get charged by receiving power from the wireless charger pad. it features attaching to the battery with no cable needed.
  • Multiple protection - over charged protection, over temperature protection and over voltage protection etc.
  • Universal - compatible with the most of andriod phone with micro usb port, such as samsung, nokia, htc etc.
  • This is the narrow-side down receiver, which means that the narrow side of the micro usb port is on the front side of the phone. so, please check out your micro usb interface before purchasing.
Price :    $8.90
Wireless :    Best Toys And Games (saivia product review) for Saivia Android Universal Qi Standard Wireless Charging Receiver - Micro USB Wireless Charger Receiving Patch All Android Mobile - Narrow - Interface Up, Black available ( Apr 2020 )

roku 2 streaming media player 4210r with faster processor 2015 model Price : 49, was : 99 as 2018-05-30
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner) Reviewed by on

Top roku 2 streaming media player 4210r faster processor 2015 model (tuner) Content

The F.A.Q. for roku 2 streaming media player 4210r with faster processor 2015 model

Could not be happier with this product. The addition of sling tv (plus hbo live) and wonderful netflix access sold this for us. We've been paying way too much for cable channels that we never watch just so we can get the premium stuff, but sling's best of live tv package nullifies that. Pretty much every channel we kept cable for is on sling, meaning you don't need cable. It's amazing how much we don't miss it now (about 2 weeks out). More on the product, though: roku's interface is very user friendly, and if you're not a heavy gamer, the roku 2 is the best value. Elements load quickly, channel selection is easy, and you learn the button uses just by fooling around a bit on the first use (forget that silly instruction manual) :). Just be aware that the roku sucks up a fair amount of bandwidth. If you're streaming live video on multiple devices and the roku, you might run into problems, but that's an issue more with your internet than the roku. If you run into slow-downs or pixel drops, you might want to consider faster internet packages (case in point, though: we're at 60 mbps, and only have the occasional frame drop 1 out of 10 uses, still better that charter's digital cable, that seemed to glitch several times every show). Still very pleased with the purchase and i can highly recommend the product to anyone that wants easy access to only the things that they want to see (online store prime and youtube included).

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Roku-Streaming-Player-4210R-Processor

(0) Question: Is there any way to turn the wifi off manually, so it won't emit a signal? also can it be connected via ethernet? thank you!

(1) Question: The old 2 has the headphone jack but this one doesnt?

(2) Question: Can i stream movies from online store prime

(3) Question: Does the roku 2 (4210r) have built-in wi-fi ?

(4) Question: What type of power adapter does this model have? is it the us standard with 120v?

(5) Question: How does this roku 2 connect to an older tv? thanks!

(6) Question: I need a new power cord for for this, specific roku2. can someone give me a link to buy a new cord? i heard i need either a 5v or 12v cord. not sure

(7) Question: How do i get around having to set up a payment account with roku

(8) Question: On the roku 2 do i have to have an hdmi cable or can this just use my wi fi?

(9) Question: Will one of the apps provide nickelodeon and cartoon network?

(10) Question: How many tv's can you use with roku service?

(11) Question: Does ruku have youtube

(12) Question: Gigabit speed?

(13) Question: Hi, may i use it outside usa, i. e. argentina? tks dario

(14) Question: How can i play online store prime music on my roku device?

(15) Question: Ir vs rf remote?

(16) Question: Read most of q&a, didn't see this one; can the usb be used for wireless keyboard and mouse?

(note) Question: where/how to get Roku (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Roku's products

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We upgraded from an older roku to get the ethernet and usb connections. Our isp's router has an annoying habit of crashing while streaming. Our toddler has very little sympathy with this phenomenon. (we aren't exactly thrilled by this, either, so i sympathise with her distress. ) we have copied some of her shows onto a thumb drive and we are hoping that a wired connection will improve some of our speed problems. (we haven't had time to run the cable yet. ). . The pbs kids channel is worth the cost of a roku even if you never stream anything else. Sesame street, daniel tiger, peg + cat on demand with no additional subscription costs. Glorious. We originally bought the roku for the second tv in the bedroom, but we moved it to the family room tv once we discovered the pbs channels.

Electronics 282271, Streaming Media Players 15474431, Television & Video 1102906621Top Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 4210r Faster Processor 2015 Model (Tuner) FAQ Content

Best roku 2 streaming media player 4210r faster processor 2015 model (tuner) in review

Short and sweet:. I love roku, but wish i would have gone with the 3. The remote is hit and miss. Seems like my couch is just out of range for it to pick up (i'll try to remember to measure the distance and report back next time i am home), but other then that, i love how user friendly the device is. Also, with the ability to use my phone as the remote, the lack of range from the included remote i guess isn't a deal breaker. . After reviewing many streaming products, i decided to go with the roku 2. Since i was planning on cutting cable and not using kodi (still worried about how "legal" that is), i wanted something that would be user friendly, but would still let me watch all the programs and channels i wanted to watch. No only would the roku do this, but i was ranked on top of nearly every review list, beating the fire stick and chrome cast. Not only can i still stream movies from prime, but i can also rent and watch movies from google play (part of my 2 big must). . Pro:. You can stream online store prime and google play. Very user friendly. Easy to set up and customize. . Cons. Remote is hit and miss at distances over 15ft. Might want to try the roku 3 since it has a different remote that does not need to be picked up by the box. . If i could do it over again, i would still get roku, but just pay the additional 16ish bucks to get the roku 3 and hopefully a better remote.

Q. Harrison, Sachsen-Anhalt

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Affordable Cable Matters Degree Vertical Adapter (System Power Device) 113010 113011 Cable Matters Degree Vertical Adapter (113010
Or you might like to consider 3 pack 10cm security camera wall mounts arlo pro 2 camera mount netgear dropcam arlo q pro hd go cctv screw wall adjustable swivel 360 degree outdoor indoor anti theft ceiling table smart security metal wall mount- adjustable indoor/outdoor mount for arlo and arlo pro arlo go. material:aluminum what is included in the package: 3x camera wall mount, 9x screws, -3 pack 10cm security camera wall mounts arlo pro 2 camera mount netgear dropcam arlo q pro hd go cctv screw wall adjustable swivel 360 degree outdoor indoor anti theft ceiling table mount
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Low-End Security Netgear Dropcam Adjustable Outdoor (Wireless Accessory) Sc 6368 Security Netgear Dropcam Adjustable Outdoor

M. Jackson, Australian Capital Territory says

Do you not hesitate to buy this! i have had 3 for over 2 years and they re all still working perfectly! no problems with any of them ever! we bought all 3 seperately. $80+ each at the time. They were just so awesome that we decided we needed one for every tv in the house. Our cable provider has an app on it where you can use it as a cable receiver box through the app along with accessing all of the one demand content. The roku works best for on-demand &apps . And we use the tivo s for recorded & live. But if we get any more tvs (like for son when he gets much older (he s 11)), or guestroom, we will only be getting rokus to control them. . If/when one/all of them ever break(s) i really hope that they still have this older roku available! why spend more when this is a perfect product? ! . . The only good comparison i have is between my old rokus and my new tivos:. We use tivos & rokus. 2 of the tivos are new and these old rokus still totally outperform the tivo s in the usability and availability of apps (same goes for our older tivo too). I do love our tivos. But only for live and dvr functions because the rokus so rarely have a glitch. On my tivos most apps just stop in the middle of playing something (like someone paused it when no one did). Sometimes so frequently that it may make you want to smack the person who decided to use the tivo instead of the roku (lol just kidding way too frequent problems with tivos only. But kidding about smacking! ). . Buy it! you won't regret it!

O. Medina, Pennsylvania

Works well. I've used appletv, fire stick, chromecast, tivo (with its apps), and roku now. This one is more responsive than my kindle fire stick (not surprising considering the size and cost). About as good as an apple tv, but cheaper. It also plays online store video (i'm still not sure who to blame for no online store app on the apple tv). . I'd give it a 5, but it's very off-putting that you have to give them a credit card even if you don't plan to add any services for which you haven't already subscribed. I read that you might be able to skip the credit card step if you call and insist to activate without a card. But there did not appear to be anyway to use the device without giving them a credit card using the online activation. . It's also a little strange that you can only add apps by using a different device and visiting their website. . That said, once you have it set up and installed, it is one of the best devices for this type of streaming and seems the best bang-for-the-buck.

P. Wells, Lincolnshire says

I've had roku since the beginning. Its been great. Just bought this latest version of the roku 2. And this is the 'new" 2 (basically a roku 3). It is much faster than our old roku xs. All good except that this new one has a brilliant and blinding white led on the front that is always on and must face you since the remote requires line of sight in order to function. And it does not go off (dumb move, roku). Also- the netflix interface seems less useful than it was in the past. Another dumb move. Screen is covered with graphics instead of choices. Lots more scrolling required. However- there seems to be a better choice of searches available than in the past.

V. Imelda, Oregon

My initial streaming was via laptop hdmi cable. That had a lot of convenience with a real keyboard to search for items and such but also pain having to connect my laptop and not being able to use it practically during that time. Then i got a smart tv, a vizio. The built-in apps were bittersweet: they were a bit clunky, crashed far too often and the remote keyboard was a nuisance (because i use a universal remote. ) next up was a sony blu-ray player. At first this seemed like the perfect solution-lots of apps, presumbly up-to-date. After a year i was frustrated by the slowness and a handful of problems such as flashing green video when the unit was cold. . I finally decided to move to a roku and i wish i hadn't waited so long. Not only is the interface substantially faster and better designed than the other options i've used, but the actual streaming starts faster and feels smoother. That last part could simply be a coincidence of internetwork conditions since i have been using the roku-time will tell. Highly recommend this device (or another in the product family) to impatient folks like myself. . One note: the setup experience could have gone a bit better. I did this via browser on my phone which may have contributed to some annoyance.

U. Lawrence, Colorado says

The roku 2 /3 crushes the other popular streaming devices. Mainly because it doesn't favor any service over any other. It gives you every possible search result, unlike apple tv and fire tv which pushes you to use their service, even if its say. Available for streaming on netflix. . I cant help but laugh that people take off stars because they feel it should come with an hdmi cable and some sort of universal mounting bracket. Even funnier that they go out an buy some $10 - $20 mounting bracket when a 10 cent piece of velcro works just as good if not better. . Ps. If potential customers actually took 30 seconds to look at the roku web site, it shows whats included in the box. Do a little homework and save yourself some grief.

T. Delgado, South Dakota

Roku 2 is a great streaming device. The only flaw is there are no power options on the remote control. So, you can't turn the device off with the remote. You can reboot the device with the remote by pressing a series of buttons similar to the way you'd do a special move on a game controller. There is no power button on the device either. As far as i can tell and the research i've done, the only way to turn it off is to unplug the power source. I couldn't help but laugh when i discovered this problem because a piece of technology this advanced yet without a basic feature. Overall, i'm not disappointed in the device, it does what i need it to. It's fast and simple. . Tip 1: when registering roku online, you must complete registration before the machine will reload the page. Don't reboot the machine without completing registration and setting up your account or you'll have to start all over again. . Tip 2: if you add channels to roku from another device go to 'settings' and 'update system. ' roku automatically updates once daily, so if you want to watch them right away then you'll have to prompt roku to update. . Tip 3: if you want to delete a channel, select the channel and press * on the remote. . I'll update later after further use.

A. Kellie, Dudley says

Okay, so i would rank this 4. 5 stars- can't say i totally love it, but i really, really like it. It has been over a month since i "cut the cord" from traditional cable. Have gone from an att bill of almost $200/mo to $53/mo for high speed internet. I pay $9. 00/mo for netflix, $20/mo for slingtv (got to have cnn) and $99/yr for online store prime. Slingtv isn't the greatest, but you do get some live tv from good channels as well as cnn (a must have for my husband). I previously had access to netflix and vudu via my dvd player. The roku processor is sooo much faster. I have yet to have any buffering or streaming difficulty. There is so much great content outside traditional tv, and i think streaming is the future. Online store and netflix both have great original series and access to other popular series. I thought i would miss my regular tv shows, but honestly it has not been an issue. If you are really considering cutting-the-cord, i would recommend this product. It was very easy to set up and get going. I like that you can search for shows or movies and roku shows you the price from multiple apps. In terms of the roku 2 vs. Roku 3- i have no need for a headphone jack and you can download the roku app to your android phone which then allows for voice search- for free! unless you really feel you need the headphone jack- save money and stick with the roku 2.

D. Pearson, South Carolina

For movie and tv viewing you must get a roku, easy setup and with the remote just set back and select from a huge list of entertainment. No more running to the red box. It's time for another movie.

. Michele, Hillingdon says

It is a nice unit, though your options are somewhat limited if you don't want to subscribe to all the premium services. The unit itself works great. The remote is not bad, though the 4 channel buttons cannot be changed (button for netflix, radio, online store and sling), it would've been nice if you would be able to change those to your own favorite channels as i only use netflix out of those 4 buttons. . The option of wireless broadcast from your cellphone/tablet works pretty good so you can basically view anything on it. Also there are alot of other channels that you can only subscribe from the roku website, which greatly enhances your choice.

. Paula, Hertfordshire

First let me say that this is not my first experience with a roku. I own one of the old lt boxes, and it's still going strong. I recently purchased a roku streaming stick which i returned because of the fact that that unit gets extremely hot. . I have this unit connected to my samsung smart tv. On a side note, if you are experiencing problems with roku disconnects on your samsung tv, go into the tv settings and disable anynet+. For some reason, samsung sees this device as an anynet+ device, connects to it, but then almost immediately drops the connection. . This unit provides a very clear hd picture. I have not experienced any issues with drops, or buffering. I mostly watch live tv streams through the playstation vue channel that is now available on roku. Roku setup was easy. Maybe easier for me since i already have an existing roku. The unit does not overheat (it's slightly warm to the touch). The only thing i don't like about the roku in general is the addition of those 4 hard coded buttons on the remote. To me it feels like very aggressive marketing of partner products. Like shoving those pre-programmed channels down my throat. Since those 4 buttons cannot be re-programmed for my favorite channels, and i don't use the, i would rather roku left those buttons off all together.

K. Ruby, Georgia says

While lots of people like the convenience of being able to watch zillions of streaming channels on smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like, there's something to be said for watching them on the largest television with the best sound system in the house. Although there are a variety of options for doing so, including smart tv's with built-in wi-fi capabilities and online store's own fire tv stick, for my money, the best and most versatile device is the roku. It's simple to set up, easy to operate, and probably has the widest selection of channels around. Plus, the newest generation of roku models provides its best processor and audio/video capabilities in a lower end model. . Roku currently offers four models (1, 2, 3, and 4) but the roku 2 and 3 are essentially the same except for the remote controls (the roku 4 offers 4k video capabilities). The roku 3 has a more versatile remote, with voice search, rf remote, and a headphone jack, but, for people like me who don't need those features, the roku 2 provides a considerable cost savings. . The roku "box" is a small black rounded rectangular device that resembles a hockey puck. The new model is smaller than the older one we had and measures about 3" x 3" x 1" high, and only weighs a few ounces. The roku 2 connects to a television solely by an hdmi cable; those with older tv's will need a roku 1, which has composite outputs. The hdmi cable is not included, so buyers will need to supply their own. The roku 2 also has an ethernet input on the back for those wanting a direct internet connection to the roku. The roku box has no power on/off feature; just plug it in and it stays on, so that whenever viewers access the roku input, they will see the home menu screen. The setup screen is fairly easy to operate, and people should be able to get set up within five minutes, although it can take considerably longer to get all the desired channels loaded. . Roku has over 1, 000 public channels that are listed in the roku channel store on the roku website and can also be found on the roku homescreen as well. To add a channel, just click on the appropriate button either in the channel store or on the homescreen. Some popular channels like hulu and netflix require separate subscriptions from the provider; others like watch espn and fx now require viewers to have an existing cable or satellite tv subscription that includes that channel. Roku bills directly for a few channels (primarily game channels), and there are also a large number of channels like pbs that are completely free. The roku channel store is broken down by categories (tv and movie, sports, music, news, etc. ), and both the channel store and the homescreen have a search feature to help locate particular channels. However, finding some of the more obscure channels can be a challenge. The roku remote has four buttons for immediate access to popular channels: netflix, online store, rdio, and sling. The roku 2 also has a usb input that allows users to connect a flash drive and watch their own video files on the roku media channel, which can be added from the channel store. . In addition to the public channels, there are hundreds of other private roku channels. These aren't listed in the channel store; instead viewers have to research on their own to find them and their access codes. Some of them are actually fairly high quality, while others are simply occasional basement broadcasts. Viewers can load these channels by using the "add private channel" feature on their account on the roku website and adding the access code for that channel. There are over 2, 000 total public and private channels available. . The newest generation roku has improved the homescreen tremendously. It now has a movie and tv search feature that lists dozens of popular movies and tv shows and lets viewers know exactly which channels offer them and the applicable sale or rental price, if any, so they can locate the movie or tv show and tune in within a matter of seconds, the menu screen also allows viewers to search for other movies and tv shows and access them in the same manner. . This is the second roku we've had (the first one died after about five years), and the new upgrades make the roku by far the superior streaming choice. It provides great high def video and audio quality, the widest selection of channels available and a sophisticated searching feature that makes it easy to find and get the best deal on virtually any movie or tv show out there. Plus, the operation and setup are as easy as can be. The only drawback is that roku offers so many channels that it can be a bit tough to find some of the more obscure ones. In my view, unless you really want some enhanced remote control features, the roku 2 is the best streaming option out there.

F. Mays, Midi-Pyrenees says

To start, i've used an appletv and a neotv previously to having ever used a roku. Having used the roku 2 for a few months now, i can say this is a really great product. . Responsiveness feels about the same as appletv, perhaps a tad bit faster. . The gui is better than the neotv but not quite as good as the appletv. . The channel selection on the roku is the best of the 3 brands. Namely because you can choose what channels you have available on your roku and as new ones come out, they are nearly immediately available on to use on the roku. . Channel selection can(not must) be linked to your account through your pc/mac/internet browser device if you feel more comfortable customizing your roku channel list that way. If there is any confusion, channels on the roku are sort of like "apps, " except that they usually focus on displaying video/tv show content and sometimes music content. . Certain cable providers provide a roku channel so you can access your cable channels through your roku. You might not even need your cable box, or you could use your roku/cable box to provide cable to an extra tv. . Dlna is built in and is also available through a number of channels. I haven't tried any of the dlna channels except the built in one, it's possible some of them are very good, i know a lot of people talk highly of plex which is available on roku, however, the built in one is inferior to the neotvs built in dlna channel both in gui and in codec(file type) support. . Aside from the built in dlna not being able to play file types like . Avi, and netflix channel channel not having a "movies like this" section like on appletv, i find the roku to be a very good product and the current superior streaming media player product available.

N. Melissa, West Virginia

I used to own an wd tv live media player for several years but lately it became a pos after crashing and freezing so often that i can't even watch netflix from it at all. More so the wd tv live doesn't even offer online store instant video, espn, hbogo, or other streaming channels that i'm subscribed to. So i got this roku 2 (2015 model) and i'm happy with it one month of using it, it's not perfect but it did far more than the wd tv live media player ever has to offer. . Pros: tons of streaming channel to add easily from the roku or through roku account on my computer. Fast boot up time. Wireless connection is substantially better than the old wd tv live. What new streaming channels out there, roku has it. Never crashed or freezes even while the roku is used for many hours, left on or on standby for days on end. Roku remote control and the roku app on android are easy to use. Can hot-plug the usb external hard drive or usb flash drive without having to disconnect the roku's power. . Cons: i've learned that roku media players are very picky about video formats if you try to play them from your usb drive, old . Avi video formats won't play on these roku media players and some . Mkv formats won't play either. Roku support two video formats that i know of: mp4 and mkv. So i have to beef up my video conversion-fu to convert my personal videos to the compatible . Mp4 format with avidemux. Games for the roku left a lot to be desired as much of the free games are garbage, so i'm still sticking with the old xbox 360, and gaming on roku wasn't of one of consideration for having a roku anyway.

. Hurst, Florida says

I bought this device because my cable company was choking me to death with the monthly bill. I am hardly ever home so i decided to try this. I could not be happier. I am not a very tech-savvy person, but let me tell you, this roku is simple to use. The directions that came with the unit are clear and concise. Once you have your device connected to your tv, you can manipulate everything on the screen of your television with the remote. You will need your laptop or tablet, or whatever you choose to use, to hook up some channels (ie netflix, hbo, some other paid channels). But even that is really easy. . I highly recommend this device especially for people who are trying to "cut the cord" with their cable company. All you need is internet service and not even the highest speed!

I. Anderson, Wyoming

Regarding being forced to add a credit card when setting up a new roku account, you do not have to do this at all. . Way at the bottom of the roku payment method area is an option in very small print that allows you to skip this step for later. . Select that option, proceed to rest of setup and there will be no credit card linked to the account. . Update: this roku credit card bypass step is still available. I added a new roku to my account recently, and was again able to find and select the nearly invisible "skip, i'll add later" choice when prompted for cc info. It is still way at the bottom and still in tiny grey type, so it is barely visible.

H. Lynette, Hamburg says

I actually have two of the roku 2 boxes and absolutely love them. Decided to dump directv after 15 years. I bought an outdoor hd antenna which gives me all my local/major stations (18 where i live) on all tvs in the house. I decided to use the roku boxes to stream our netflix, hulu and sling tv to our non smart tvs. The user interface is pretty straight forward and quick. Occasionally they will mess up and you have to reset them but it's not really that often (and far easier than dealing with directv customer service). With the streaming services being fairly new, i think it will only get better. My router is in the basement of a two story house. One of the roku boxes is in the bedroom on the second floor, opposite end of the house and has no problem streaming the highest quality netflix or sling shows (some of that may be due to my router being higher end). . If your just wanting to be able to stream netflix to a tv, this roku is for you. If your wanting to cut cable/satellite like i did and stream pretty much everything, this roku is for you. I have seen some reviews where the person had terrible luck with the device, i have not had those issues (hopefully won't either)

. Hannah, California

Received an offer for a free roku2 from a streaming tv service if paid three months in advance. I've had a hard time with this streaming service pc apps so since football season is back. We'll give it a try. Received the roku2 and hooked it up to my tv and home network, fired up the streaming application (slingtv) and couldn't be happier! not a glitch, buffer, block pixels or any lag! . Setup was a breeze, operation of this device is very easy. Roku app for both ios and android work very well. I've been running a htpc for over 10 years and with win10 release have had some issues with retired programs. My home setup had wd devices to stream from the htpc and they were buggy but nothing i couldn't fix when wanting to watch. Since the first roku2 arrived, i've utilized online store's trade-in program and returned two wd devices and ordered three more roku2's. 09. 24. 16 the three roku2's arrived and are now set up in rooms that have tv's. Two of the four are wireless and for streaming from my htpc via plex, there is a short buffer time of 10 seconds if the file is over 4gb. After this initial buffer. Seamless playback. Slingtv works without issue on all four. I signed up for the seven day trial for playstation vue to see what differences in quality would be. Ps vue worked flawless as well. There are numerous streaming channels to utilize, and i'm sure i'll figure out which ones will be useful in my home, but for now, i'm completely satisfied with the current setup. Cord cutter for the last four years: antenna for local stations, plex for htpc, slingtv for football season and roku2!

B. Mary, Peterborough says

This little gizmo is terrific! until now i've gone through 2 different brands of blu ray dvd players in the past 5 years. I was never happy with the streaming quality with either. They worked, but there was always delays with the remote response and lots and lots of buffering. Forgetaboutit. . I did my research and found that the roku 2 was more bang for the buck compared to other similarly priced streaming devices. There is no delay with the remote, and i've yet to have a single buffering lag after 6+ months of use. . The only thing i find weird about it is that it never turns off. There is no on/off button. You turn your tv off. But when you turn your tv back on again, there's the roku, waiting. This bugs me just a little because 1. It's drawing power $; and 2. Will this burn out the device faster? i suppose i could dig around behind my tv and unplug the darn thing every night. Like that's gonna happen, right? still, it works great and i would buy another one in a heartbeat.

Z. Neva, Hessen

I cut the cord 3 years ago and haven't looked back. Thanks to netflix, acorn tv and prime videos. I already own an online store fire stick for one of my television sets, i am quite happy with its performance but unfortunately the acorn tv app is not available on fire stick. Since acorn tv is no longer available on youtube, i was left with no option but to give roku a try since steaming via acorn tv's website can get a bit tedious. I set my expectations really low and was hoping that the buffering would be minimal. Setting up my roku was as effortless as setting up my fire stick. So far the "faster processor" has not let me down, great picture quality, the videos load as soon as i click and i have not experienced any buffering. If you are still on the fence and gaming is not a priority, i highly recommend that you give this little gadget a try. Remember hdmi and ethernet cables are not included.

E. Lewis, Bourgogne says

The wifi remains on by default so if you want to shut it off, you have to do a system update to make the advanced system setting available. After you update to the newer software i. E 7. 1. 1 go to home settings system advanced system settings device connect then select disable device connect. I gave the roku 4 stars because it does not have a power on/off button, sleep timer option, it periodically restarts on it's own and every time i shut it off, i have to update the software when i reconnect. The guide button that you select (*) for online store prime doesn't have a filter by year and it's hard to find movies, there is no option for older classic movies and the apps for the roku are so-so. Now, with that being said, this little device is pretty amazing and you get tons of free movies and tv shows to watch. The one free movie app acts like cable box in that you can scroll through live movies and shows so you don't have to find something then play it. You can stream music channels, recipe (cooking & baking) shows and tons of other things so yeah, it was a good investment.

C. Yvette, Haute-Normandie

This is my first roku and i went with this version over the 3 specifically because of the ir remote so i could use my harmony remote to control it. We have a smart tv but have found it to be slow and take a long time. The roku is the exact opposite and even has news! we got rid of our cable subscription over a year ago and have never looked back.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

M. Watson, Maine says

Works well, easy to set up. The processing hp gives a better picture than chromecast. My main complaint is that the stinking remote is ir and you have to have the unit pointed right at you to get it to work properly. It's also sluggish and requires you to hold the button down longer than other remotes, which can cause you to either get no response or double click past what you want. The remote is really a let down on an otherwise good unit. The other downside is that it requires windows 8. 1 or higher for you to mirror your computer or tablet to the screen. Some of us prefer 7. 0 and even pay extra to get it. It'd be nice if they supported it.

Q. Evelyn, Rotherham

Super frustrating intermittent error codes. Randomly won't connect to network. Shows error code 009. Many other people experience this when searching online for answers. Roku says to contact support online, but good luck finding answers. Most answers say it's your router problem, but it isn't because the router works just fine with everything else. Try to connect again and it works. Next time it doesn't. No rhyme or reason to it. I love the roku but it is so unreliable that i will look for other options. This is clearly a roku firmware issue they are ignoring. 30 day warranty!

. Courtney, Bremen says

After all the hype i figured i would give one of these little guys a go. I have discovered that this was not my cup of tea. . Granted, it was a very speedy little piece of equipment, but the features were honestly lacking. There were very few features that you didn't have to pay for. You either have to have a subscription to a cable company to access many of the channels, or have a subscription to netflix, online store prime, hulu, ect. (all of which i have). . I already have an chromecast and it does everything that this little guy can do, and maybe even more. So, i will be gifting this to my grandmother, she might be might have more use for it than i. . I would give it 5 stars the quality of the device, and the quality of the customer service. But it loses two stars because of the amount of features over the chromecast that it lacks.

K. Marguerite, Sachsen-Anhalt

I've had several days testing this new version of roku 2. It's basically a roku 3 minus the voice search remote control. Although, i've read you can also use that remote on the roku 2. Initial setup is annoying and requires a credit card when creating an account, but if you go to the alternative link . Then you can bypass entering your credit card info. Why roku doesn't send new users to this link on the get go boggles my mind. . This second generation roku 2 is definitely snappier than my roku 1. Subsequent visits to the same channel load up faster as it is already cached in memory, but when you go to another channel and it overwrites the cache then the loading time will be long as if you're visiting the channel for the first time once again. Videos start about a second or two faster compared to the roku 1. Overall, the user interface is smooth. On netflix, the initial billboard showcase slows it down when you scroll drown, but then it's smoother further down. I like the infrared remote. It should have better battery life than the wifi direct remote of the roku 3. I initially liked the roku app but it appears to be buggy. For a couple of days the roku 2 had problems with slow buffering and didn't play in hd. I feared i got a lemon. The white light on the device constantly blinked and a reboot fixed it but only to come back again. Eventually, i narrowed it down to the app, which caused either my modem or router to go bonkers. Once i rebooted those, the problem appears to be gone. So, i am staying away from that app for now. . The roku 2 doesn't get as warm as my roku 1 when playing movies. According to specs it's 1 watt more efficient. The bottom side is warmer than the top. I don't get why the roku 2 can't be turned off. The boot up time is so much quicker than the roku 1 that it is a non-issue for me. And the loading screen is funny to watch.

I. Rose, Poitou-Charentes says

I liked this product all except for the performance of the remote. I had to point it very precisely at the roku 2 box to get it to work, and had to have the roku 2 box about 10 feet from the remote. This didn t satisfy me very well, so i returned it and bought the roku 3 instead, which has wonderful remote response. I even attached the roku 3 to the back of my tv, out of site, and the remote still works perfect.

D. Allen, Redcar and Cleveland

Unlike my other roku that allows me to hit play or other buttons and the roku responds with out the remote pointed directly at the device, this roku requires i point the remote directly at the box or it wont work. Kinda annoying. And i think its a bit slower than my old version roku 2 . I also have to reset the box often by unplugging it and waiting a min then plugging it back in because some times on netflix or hulu it says cant play show at this time try back at a later time. Unplugging the device seems to fix this issue and then the shows play fine, but this to is annoying and at times frustrating.

F. Josephine, Nebraska says

I just got this because roku essentially broke my roku xds in that any attempt to stream from netflix, online store, or pandora would claim that there was no internet connection. It would find the internet connection when using my lan and would play media over the mymedia channel. I figured roku deliberately broke the xds, probably because the xds had component video output. Emailing roku elicits no response, so who knows what their side is. . Anyhow, the roku 2 works ok, but it has no audio out jacks. This means that the audio signal has to be decoded by a tv. This means that you cannot play pandora through a stereo without running it through the tv first and leaving the tv on, which consumes a lot of power and is ridiculous. I can't recommend the roku 2 as a streaming audio device. . I'd keep the roku xds for that, but roku remotely ensured i can no longer connect to pandora with it. Phui.

. Meredith, Sandwell

Works very well. That said, i bought it for the bedroom and it has a bright light and no off switch. I have to put something in front of it or unplug it after every use.

. Wanda, Hampshire says

The remote control would rarely work, sent it back and bought the roku 3. I don't have any issues with the roku 3 remote control. Not sure if i had a bad roku 2 or if this is a comon problem with the roku 2s. Besides the remote issues i liked it, that's why i went with the roku 3 because it has the point anywhere remote and it works great. It's just to bad i had to go through the hassle of sending it back and paying more for the roku 3 !

E. Paula, Massachusetts

All in all i like it. Remote needs to be reworked to fit an adult's hands and the menu system is the gateway to hell. But even i, feeble minded as i may be, figured it to a usable point. Ridiculously easy set up. The menu system is one of the worst i've ever seen anywhere. I cannot stress enough how awful the menu system is. Not only is not intuitive but can lead you to the brink of insanity. The movie "spectre" stars daniel craig. A good movie in the bond franchise. But when you scroll through and select the movie, guess whose name doesn't come up? daniel craig. And it's not just this movie, it's many more. Like "scrooged. " whose not listed in the initial view? bill murray. Get into a netflix menu and you get stuck. You can't go forward nor back. You have to select online store or something else to exit the netflix menu and then go back. Whoever designed this whole thing should be fired on christmas eve.

W. Guest, Limousin says

The roku worked fine for about 5 days then would not load or hung up at home screen. I tried online chat and after 30 minutes i gave up as no one would respond, then i sent 2 e-mails. I unplugged unit and it would work fine for one day, then it progressed to working fine for 4 to five hours until i had to unplug it. I finally called and after 30 to 45min on hold a service rep asked how far my wireless router was from unit. I told him about 20 feet, he then responded with unit is only good for 15 feet. I didn't read that anywhere in spec sheet! when i told him i had a smart tv 25 feet from router and had no problem streaming he stated it was still my routers problem and nothing roku could do except reboot my machine. He laso said he would check and get back to me, that was 3 weeks ago. It is not even heavy enough for a paperweight. Stay far away- no support from this company!

Z. Irene, Croydon

I liked the older version better. Bought this one thinking it would mirror android or windows devices, but surprise it won't mirror windows 10 or my hp android even though it's 4. 4. 2 release. The older versions have rca plugs to go directly in to your amplifier if you're not digital. So with this newer model you must bring rca plugs back from your tv, therefore the tv must be on for your amplifier to get the signal. If you're just listening to music you don't need the tv on, and i think the signal running through that way is not as clear and nice as the rca plugs that came directly from the old roku. Also it looked to me like netflix for one uses different menu screens with this device that hide too much of you want to see. And my call to roku was not very good. I had to ask them to go to their own description page because he kept insisting roku 2 would not mirror, but the new 4210 release is built to do this. With other equipment options buyers may be very happy but i'm straggling a bit and want to continue to use an old, high quality stereo receiver, but not support windows 10? come on. Granted certain clips that have a mirror icon like on youtube could be mirrored, but the real point was to mirror whatever you're doing. To fully mirror you may be better off getting the chrome device.

Y. Anonymous, Kent says

I bought this to replace an aging wdtv box, which was both slow and crashed after watching too much netflix. . The positives are that this is very pleasantly fast, it makes netflix a joy. It. Also offers a number of other free channels. . The negatives, in order. You cannot use the player until you have given roku your name, address, phone, email, credit card. . This is outrageous. . You cannot turn the box off. It will turn its status light when it is good and ready. If bright lights bother you when you are trying to sleep, you won't want this in your bedroom. . I had bought this to play movies i had burned onto an external hard drive. It recognized the hard drive quickly and easily, but could not play about 90% of my media. . So, for me, it's a pretty expensive netflix box. That i can't turn off. It is a good netflix box, though. . I probably should have bought the fire.

G. Lara, Tasmania

There is no power off switch on the device or remote! you have to walk over to it to unplug it every time you are done using it. Secondly it does not have a web browser. This sucks especially if you live overseas like me and you want to log into a vpn/dsn provider that will let you watch american netflix and have the american app channels. So beware that if you are living overseas and want to watch american channels/apps that they wont even pop up as an option unless you do what i did. Im stationed in spain so in order to get american app channels i had to take my laptop and log into a vpn website (unblock-us) so my internet routes itself through a us server. Then have my laptop emit its own wifi. I then factory reset my roku and cancelled my roku account. Then turned my roku back on and logged onto my laptops us wifi that it was emitting and started up a new account so the roku would think i was in the us. This allowed me to finally obtain the netflix app and many of the others american channel apps. However to even watch half the apps you need to have an american cable television account or know a friend in the states who will let you use their account to view the channels. Also once i switched off my laptop and went back to using my spanish internet provider wifi i lost the ability to view most of the american apps and my netflix switched to a spanish region netflix. Which isnt too bad cause most of the films and shows are american anyways. Again this could all be fixed if they put a web browser app on the roku so you can log into a vpn website. A lot of the low budget free channel apps are horrible too. Most of them are cowboy western and horror flicks from the 50s or horror b-films from today. I really bought this so i didnt run my ps4 into the ground watching netflix on it.

S. Valdez, Oregon says

I compared this with chromecast to see if it was better. It's not. . Main cons:. - search feature does not work reliably. I entered several movies that i knew were at least on online store prime. For some, it will show online store prime results, along with other different services/providers, and you could compare the price (great! ). But frequently, there were zero results for the movie (just a description of the movie would show) when there should have been at least one. Frustrating. Since the main purpose of getting a roku - vs. Getting a chromecast with the various supported apps - is that since it aggregates all the apps, it should be easier to locate what you want across those apps. But since search doesn't function well, roku loses this main advantage. - it has a clunky interface. Entering text for a search is a complete pain, lots of cursor movement (left and right button presses on the remote) over a big virtual keyboard. Even entering text using a roku mobile phone app isn't much better because after you do that, you still have to press the remote right key several times to move the cursor to the right location to select the matching result it found. It takes way too long. - using remote to fast forward or reverse is frustrating. It's hard to control to get exactly to where you want, and there is frequent re-loading. I've had a much better experience fast forwarding or reversing using dedicated chromecast apps. - it's buggy. For example, i've had a number of server connection related error messages, even when the wifi connection is obviously strong. . The only positive is that online store prime is supported better than chromecast. You can use chromecast with online store prime but you have to cast the entire screen when using your phone, which then means you can't use your phone for other purposes until the casting is done. That is the only reason for me to buy a roku over chromecast, but it's not worth the $65 considering the other problems.

. Pete, Quebec

For the most part this box is a great streamer, it has a ton of apps and is pretty easy to navigate in, but it has a couple issues that i really dislike. 1) no power button! this is really just dumb, it does waste power and it will result in a shorter life for the electronics onboard. When the box is "idle", like 2 days after watching anything it feels quite warm, this means its burning power and wasting chip cycles. Just make a power button for those of us that don't watch tv every day! . 2) the usb input is almost useless for playing video files, it supports a very narrow range of file formats. This is unlike many of the other streaming boxes out there which will let you download vlc to play near any video file you might have. 3) some of the apps are pretty bare bones, spotify for example is definitely not full featured but i expect this kind of stuff will get better over time.

. Carol, North Dakota says

I purchased the roku 2 streaming player for my new 40-inch samsung flat-screen. I chose the roku because i own two streaming boxes purchased here on online store. The first is a roku xd 2050, 720p streaming player purchased in 2011. And, the second is a roku 2 xd streaming player 1080p (old version) purchase in may 2013. . The new roku 2 which i purchased last week is very similar to the latter player. Yet, there was a problem with this box soon after it was set up. Unlike the other boxes i own, this new roku 2 was emitting heat. This player was emitting moderate to higher degrees of heat; more than "warm to the touch". But not burning hot. I knew this was not 'normal'. . I contacted roku technical support. I was told that my unit was faulty and not safe, that the player should not run hot. Was advised to return for a replacement. I then contacted online store, and a replacement has been ordered. I sincerely hope that the replacement does not run hot too. *apparently, other customers have stated they experienced problems with the roku running warm/hot. . Will update when replacement arrives. Meanwhile, i am hoping that the replacement will not be flawed. . Respectfully, . . Maizie lucille jame. June 10, 2016. . I've been very pleased with the first two boxes. My only grip is that the roku streaming players do not have an "on/off" button. Therefore, i've always unplugged my boxes after use. I should mention that i unplug to preserve the life of the units; not because of problems with overheating with my older boxes. . . Update: replacement roku 2 streaming box. . I received a replacement for the defective roku 2 streaming box i purcased. After setting up the replacement roku and using it for several days, to my disappointment, the replacement also emits heat. Yet the replacement is not as hot/warm as the first box. Several customers advised that the roku 2 runs warm to the touch. I don't understand why the newer box runs warm, whereas my previous roku streaming boxes do not run warm. *i will keep this box, even though i worry that it could overheat. My advice is to purchase a warranty protection plan when you buy this item. . Also, i should mention that if you own a previous version of the roku 2, this new box 2015 model is not noticeable different from the previous versions. In fact, the home page is identical. Some of the apps are updated, yet all the other features and settings are identical to my roku xd 2 streaming player which was purchase in 2013. . This newer roku 2 2015 model is shaped different, and has the sd slot, etc. Yet, do not expect any other updated features. . Maizie lucille james. June 15, 2016

U. Angela, California

My experience with such gadgets is limited; previously my only exposure to streaming television devices was to the google chromecast, a product i enjoyed. That said, i was looking for more functionality, more "channels" if you will. I am a showtime and hbo customer and i enjoy their programming. I am also a fan of netflix and my online store account allows me access to programming as well. With the chromecast, i was using my cell phone or tablet as the remote, which often felt glitchy or slow to implement action (part of this, i've learned, is the nature of streaming television, but part is the remote issue). At any rate, i wanted to upgrade. . The roku 2 is an upgrade. There is more access than i had before and most channels that offer paid-for content have an app that's compatible with the system, meaning i can get my treasured hbo go, showtime anytime, netflix, online store and a few other "nifty" channels. The remote is easier to use, for me, than having to resort to cell or tablet. The device is more responsive and feels more powerful than the chromecast (which is a terrific, portable device, nonetheless). . But i am having hdmi cord compatibility problems. Every time i start the roku, i get an error message telling me that the content is not authorized (i've read it could be coming from my tv and not roku) and yet audio plays. I hear the movie, but see a purple screen telling me i can't view it. Then i unplug and replug the hdmi cord into the back of roku and it works every time. It's one of those aggravations i'm learning to live with. Points off for that. . Additional points come off for the search functions. Sometimes, given my plethora of choices, i'll search for a movie. Often the hits that come back are the ones for the "pay for" versions, not the freebies i have on any number of offerings. As an example, there was a documentary about the filmmaker richard linklater, whom i like. I began watching it, but was interrupted. The next day i went to find it again (couldn't remember what channel i was on) and every hit i got required me to rent or buy it. Finally, i scrolled through each of the channels i thought it could be and i finally found it on showtime anytime. For free (or technically as part of my already purchased subscription). But a search didn't reveal that to me. . I also find it. Fiddly. This could be related to said hdmi cord issues, or to the nature of it and to my own bullheaded resistance to the age of innovation. It's no more fiddly than the chromecast, though. Here's what i mean. I want to watch something. I dig out my main remote. Turn off the satellite box while leaving tv on. Set the remote to tv only. Scroll through until i get to the right hdmi input. Grab roku's remote, hit a button to activate. Scroll through each potential channel's lineup to find what i am looking for. Meanwhile, as this is done over your internet connection, things take a while to process. Finally, though a series of scrolling through channels and menus, i arrive at something i want to watch and start it. Then i get up and unplug and replug the hdmi cord. Lather, rinse, repeat. Fiddly. . But for the incredible functionality it brings to television, the overall simplicity of use (even including the fiddle factor) with a simple remote, with simple buttons and with frustrating, but intuitive menus, it's something i'm glad i have. It's not the best thing i've ever owned, but it makes for a good dinner-and-date night for my wife and me on a saturday when the kids are gone and we want to watch something different.

X. Mays, Oklahoma says

The roku works fine but i have been unable to find any microsd card that will work in it. I tried 4 different brands of memory cards, none of them were recognized by the roku. I contacted roku's customer support. It took 15 days to get a response and the response was "no need to worry, please try with microsd cards of different brands and check if the issue has been resolved. " so a descent product with very poor customer service.

T. Margaret, Halton

Can't go wrong with any roku box. Two complaints:. . The usb drive on this version gives you another way to watch movies, but i did have trouble getting audio to play without reformatting the file. . It automatically loads and plays the next episode if you're watching tv shows on netflix, even if you turn your tv off. You need to press the home button on the roku remote to exit netflix and go back to the main screen to keep this from happening. I don't know how to turn this feature/option off. My old roku 1 box didn't do this. This can be significant if you have data caps on your broadband connection.

V. Jennifer, New Brunswick says

I love roku and this is our third. The problem is the junky remote. . I didn't read the roku site carefully enough to grasp that the remote is ir, not rf. It will cost me $25 to buy an "enhanced" remote with the headphone jack and game junk that i have no interest in just to get a radio frequency remote. . Roku's web site says "point anywhere remote" in the comparison chart and i should have realized that meant ir if the box wasn't checked. Aaargh! use the terms infra red and radio frequency, not some euphemism. . I thought i was being clever in getting only the features i need - i have wired internet for it, don't care about the games or the headphones. I thought roku 2 was a bargain in getting the newer processor, but an ir remote is next to useless to me. . We all have smartphones and can use those, but i now feel that the roku 2 is false economy - add the price of the better remote and it's the same as a roku 3

C. Gloria, Wisconsin

I have several roku units in my home. I have a roku tv and at one time as many as four roku 2 units. Roku is a cheap and easy way to bring content to a tv where you only have a network or wifi connection. It has a wide range of apps for assorted streaming services and , on paper at least, it seems like a possible answer to the popular goal of leaving your cable company. . First, the hardware: the roku tv has always been solid, i've never had a problem with it. Roku 2 units have a tendency to spontaneously reboot, say 30% of the time, when coming out of standby mode. This seems fairly uniform across all the roku 2's i've had. Two of the roku 2 units i've had simply became unresponsive after probably a year (of fairly light use), dead and gone. . Software: the apps available are as important to the value that roku brings as is the hardware itself. The apps that are important to me are the timewarner cable app, the espn app, the playstation vue app and the media player app. There are others that i use, but these are the primary ones. Notably, apps i don't use are probably the primary apps that people buy a roku for: netflix, hulu, online store prime. I'm an oddball, i just don't use them. (i've run the online store app a couple times and it seems to have performed well). . Media player: the media player has been pretty great, it runs standard protocols that should be compatible with a variety of servers. I use it to stream media files from my netgear readynas, it's always performed well. Personally, his app alone would justify me having at least one roku. . Time warner: any channel i have in my twc subscription can be streamed live through this app, including broadcast channels. It's generally reliable, but frequently i get network errors with messages telling me content is unavailable. I can usually restart the app and begin streaming again, but sometimes there are extended outages. Frequently, the app goes into a loop where a couple seconds of the stream repeat several times. There was one time where it thought i wasn't on the twc network, so streaming was blocked. There are also times where video quality was very poor - standard definition at best. On a couple sporting events the sap channel was turned on to spanish and there was no way to turn if off, luckily the espn app had what i wanted. This app is less a reflection of roku than a reflection of the quality of the app (which is provided by twc) and the reliability of the time warner network. . Playstation vue: this app is very popular, it's available on apple ios, android, roku (there may be others). I was very interested in this app so i could cut the cord with my cable provider. Live streaming is available for a variety of stations based on the playstation vue subscription package you select, but not on the broadcast channels, those are included in the service, but they're provided "on demand". This can be problematic for sporting events on the broadcast channels. I ran it on my android tablet and it looked great, had a nice user interface and was pretty easy to use. I didn't use it enough on android for performance issues to surface, but overall my short interaction was positive. The playstation app on roku is very different, i found it difficult to use and non intuitive. I also had the roku spontaneously reboot a handful of times while running this app. On sporting events, i had the stream disappear and buffer, sometimes it would return, sometimes i would have to exit the app and restart. This behavior was amplified on the more popular sporting events, i'm guessing demand was too great for the service. Again, this is really a reflection of time warner, the app itself, and whatever infrastructure playstation has behind it, than it is of roku. This app has potential but it's not ready, at least on roku, to be a substitute for cable. (it may be entirely different if run on apple tv, at least from a user interface point of view). . I do like the roku box, and i'll probably always have at least one. Roku is not a substitute for a cable box or dvr, at least not yet. It will provide content to a tv where you might not want to drop a cable box and dvr. The media streaming capability is nice in that it's a small form factor, it's reliable, and it means you don't have to build a media pc to stream from. For me to rate this product higher, they need to have the app authors improve the apps that i find important, right now, those apps are lacking. Also, and this is important, my wife doesn't like using it, so it's never going to be our primary content mechanism.

. Mathis, Northern Territory says

I ordered one of these, it was delivered and i tried to connect to my television. It connected right up, but would not connect to the internet. I spent the better part of almost two hours with a tech trying everything possible to get this to connect to the internet but with on luck. I have to say, that i have five rokus, and no problems with any except for one that i was trying to replace and get the updated version. I tried three of the old rokus on the television that i wanted to add this new one to, and they all worked just fine. I tried the new one on three different televisions and it just would not connect to the internet, so i sent it back to exchange it for a new one, thinking that i may have gotten a defective roku. The new one was delivered right away, the customer service from online store and roku have been great. I am having the same problem with the new roku, it just will not connect up to the internet. I have given up and will give this roku to my daughter and son-in-law and hope that they have better luck with it than i did. Fortunately, i have a smart tv and i am able to get online store, netflix and other things on the smart tv without the use of a roku, so i won't be replacing the old roku after all.

J. Olga, Manchester

Not as reliable as regular tv delivery or a good computer, but passable. I got roku to watch the presidential debates, hbo and college basketball. I haven't been able to watch anything live complete without several restarts because the technology just doesn't seem to be able to stay locked on to a signal. Whether it's roku, the bandwidth, the partner feeds. Whatever the problem, it's clear the ecosystem has some ways to go before it matches tv. And in terms of pricing, roku is free but you're not really cutting the cord so to speak with cable tv or directv because it costs about the same when it's all said and done to get same services on roku, considering my base charge is $65 a month for cable internet. With fast service (60 mbps). I've witnessed roku (connected by ethernet) losing connection while my laptop, simultaneously and wirelessly, ran the same program just fine.

L. Alberta, Leicestershire says

Bought a previous generation roku 2 for my girlfriend, and that was great. This thing was a piece of crap. The remote was much cheaper and the signal for it was much less reactive. I shouldn't have to press a button several times or aim it directly, precisely at the receiver in order to have this thing work. . Get an older generation roku 2. Or potentially the roku 3, if the remote is better on that one. I returned this. Just annoying really.

H. Tracey, Bolton

I only use this with m-go, which seems flaky to me. I usually get errors when browsing through movies or tv shows, and i need to keep pressing back, then go into the menu again, wait for another error, go back out, go back in, etc. It isn't the quality of service i'd expect considering what they charge for movies and tv shows. . My internet service, despite being from comcast, is otherwise very fast and reliable, and the ui of the roku itself is also quite responsive, so i'm thinking the problem is with m-go. I haven't tried roku with other services like online store or netflix, so i don't know how well they work. Since i only use it with m-go, i'd rate my experience with the roku as "just ok".

. Melissa, Shropshire says

Had to return twice, roku 2 defective plays for a few days and burns out. Light stays on bright all the time. I would recommend that you not buy this item. Try another model the roku 2 both models failed on me. Try another model , because you will be return this one over and over again, so frustrating. Waiting for the third roku 2, hope it works, i will update my review.

A. Candy, Arizona

I wanted a device that streamed multiple sources, including online store prime and slingbox. There are not a lot of choices out there. This unit seems to be the best trade-off between functionality and simplicity. It does take time to set-up, will require a networked computer (forget the ipad - it's a pain in this application) and a software download. It does have an ir remote, but my first problem is with the roku2 unit understanding all the remote commands thru my ir repeater. You must open an account at roku and provide a credit card - it will not let you open the account without one - in order to register the product and get access to the free services. But roku also tries to sell you a premium service at every opportunity, so beware of which buttons you push. Once set up the unit works. However, my biggest problem comes with the streaming rate over wi-fi. The first time i used the device i had many, many interruptions for downloading. I don't have this problem streaming on the same wi-fi network thru a panasonic dmp-bdt230 smart wi-fi 3d blu-ray player (2013 model), so i am assuming the 2015 roku2 has a slower processor than the 2013 blu-ray. Go figure. Since this can also be wired to your network, it may not be a problem for you.

. Rochelle, New York says

For the first 30 days this thing was great. Now it just freezes after about 30 seconds and is totally worthless. I still have a first generation roku that runs fine and this thing breaks after a little more than a month? gotta figure out how to get this thing fixed under warranty now i guess. Roku fail

O. Anonymous, Mississippi

Bought this new to save from a monthly rental charge from our cable company and have been using it for quite a while. This unit really needs a strong signal to operate properly. Our signal fades from time to time due to the 5 of us living under the same roof using our wifi. It causes the roku to become fuzzy and to drop and buffer at times. We have installed a range-extender for our wifi and this has helped the buffering, but it still gets fuzzy. It gives a nice picture when working as it should or at the main menu, but the issues begin once the streaming starts. I received no discounts or promotions for this review.

R. Rita, Kingston upon Thames says

The remote is still an ir remote that is very sensitive to how you point it at the roku box. No interface is the same across the different services. You'd think they (roku) would have some sort of standard interface across the various services, but each one is different with search and finding anything in any of them completely different from the rest. I wouldn't recommend this "upgrade" from an earlier version of roku to anyone. Stick with the older interface and even the speed is not comparable. I get cutouts of service, freeze-ups, and reboots. I don't understand how my first generation roku after 7 years is worse than this "newer" model? . . Update: august 2017:. . So, the remote has dead buttons because the company refuses to let you remap the buttons from services they contracted with that went out of business. The dedicated remote has a button for rdio, yet, the company is out of business, but there you are, a remote with a dedicated button that takes you to a "we've closed our doors" message. Why does roku not allow users to remap their buttons? why sell a dedicated product that cannot be customized for this occurrence and then ignore customers and say, "not our problem, we don't support remapping" just plain awful.

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