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Price was $2,696.28 - $14,900.00. Samsung's new qled series tv's has to be seen to be appreciated. At first glance the price seems formidable. But after a few minutes with it, the price issue disappears and the picture quality, advanced features, and use of premium components and materials shine. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. And the qled tv rises to a new level of watchability. The fluid motion, and the wide color spectrum create flawless picture quality whether watching a 4k blu-ray or playing a video game in hdr. Also the incredible black levels have none of banding and haloing problems i've experience with my other high end lcd tv's. Any tv has flaws which can be fixed with adjustment to a particular menu setting adjustment. But when you place the qled next to any other television in the same category or price level, your eyes will convince you that the qled is at the forefront of television technology. I was initially worried the about viewing angles but i never experience an issue whether day or night. Obviously the center is the sweet spot if one is looking to totally immerse themselves into a great movie or sporting event? . Aside from it's picture quality. Samsung has gone all out on the style and texture of the qled . Both the tv and remote are covered with an attractive brushed metal finish . Samsung's one remote offers voice commands and minimum button placement features that must be learned to be appreciate. The samsung one connect box sets this tv apart and solves one of the most frustrating issue encountered by anyone that wall mounts their tv. And that's plugging in components and game consoles. This simplified hub configuration i feel will soon become the standard. For those who do not wish to mount their tv onto the wall, there is also a range of stylish samsung tv stands to purchase. There the studio stand which is designed like an easel and the gravity stand which allows the tv to be rotated, ensuring optimal viewing at any angle. I have only touched on a few of many feature which must be research and experience to be appreciated. Do your self and your family a favor and take the first step by visiting your local electronics store and see for yourself. There you will find tv nirvana. I love the samsung qled tv and if you decide to buy one, you will be proud to not only own it but also show it off to your family and friends. The pictures below are of the actual tv screen taken with my cell phone.

-A. Gina

Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Key Featuresq8c Curved Tv Q 4k Color Drive Elite Q 4k Hdr Elite Q 4k Elite Black Curved, Boundless 360 Design Metal Back Smart Hub New Samsung Oneremotea Small Gap Between The Wall -Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model

  1. Extra: Revel In Brilliant Whites And Layers Of Depth, Revealed Even In The Deepest, Darkest Nights. That’s Q Contrast.
  2. Extra: Designed With A No-bezel Screen That Spills Over The Edge, The Q Looks Gorgeous From Every Side, Whether Mounted On A Wall Or On A Stand.

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I ve had this tv out of the box for about 72 hours now and first of all, i ll make this prediction: the day is coming when the only tv s sold will be curved screen tv s. The picture on this tv fills my view comfortably and completely. It s like it has been tailored to my eyes! . . Unpacking and setting up this tv took about an hour. I am using the sleek and solid base that comes with the tv. The unit was well-packed, and the instructions were simplistic but adequate. The one connect hub, with its invisible" optical connections exceeded my expectations for its ease of set-up and minimalist presence on my modernist glass tv stand. The same streamlined thinking was considered from the control end as well. A simple remote and a comprehensive and well thought through smartphone interface are a bonus. Once learned, operations will be frustration free. . The make-or-break test of any tv is first the picture, then the sound. To begin my viewing i chose a sampling of planet earth, a production of the bbc. I streamed this wirelessly over netflix. The production showcases stellar videography, and the samsung tv was every bit equal to the task. Razor sharp, and bright without a strained intensity. Just a stunning picture. The images are bright, but not in the way one is struck walking past an aisle of tv s in a warehouse club. Some of those tvs, showing constantly intense colors, feel like they would hurt one s eyes after five minutes. This tv is not like that. The picture is vivid and inviting. My initial viewing was done at nighttime, so i had to wait until the next day to test the dynamic display in daylight conditions. I have a lot of windows where the tv is and the next day is when i fully realized what an extraordinary tv this is. In full daylight conditions, watching this tv was equal to what it had been the night before. This is where the difference between a general production tv and a premium tv is on display (literally! ). As for the sound quality, suffice it to say it is crisp and clear fully across the audio range, and of fitting quality for the caliber of tv one expects at this price. . So far, if i were to make any critique i would note two things. One would be with the remote. While i do love the design and feel of it, i wish it was illuminated. The second is that i wish the screws used to assemble the base and secure it to the stand were larger. They are sufficient but still feel light. . Bottom line: 5 stars. My test and review of this product was done as part of a promotional campaign Best electronics curved ultra hd smart | Samsung-Television Review ( Mar 2020 ) Extra Samsung Electronics QN55Q8C Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model) Get more than a billion colors and 100% color volume with exclusive new quantum dots. Revel in brilliant whites and layers of depth, revealed even in the deepest, darkest nights. that's q contrast. Designed with a no-bezel screen that spills over the edge, the q looks gorgeous from every side, whether mounted on a wall or on a stand. Absolutely stunning blacks reveal secrets in the shadows with elite detail; bluetooth headset support : yes. Easily access your favorite content and control connected tv devices from one source using the samsung smart remote .

Samsung electronics qn55q8c curved 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model Review (qn55q8camfxza)

So it's been a few days since i've received my samsung qled tv and i'm beginning to love it more each day. Before being granted the opportunity to test out this tv as part of a promotional campaign, the thought of owning a curved tv had never crossed my mind. I never understood the point of having a curved display and have always owned flat screen tvs. Right out of the box, i was amazed at how thin it is, unlike other tv's that are currently in the market, the samsung qled tv doesn't have bumps in the back for connections and has a metallic finish which makes it look sleek and stylish. The invisible connection wire, one connect box along with the instruction manual made setting up the tv extremely easy. When powered on, the one connect box detects all of your connected devices including your phone (it detected my samsung galaxy s7 edge). The tv is bright, bold and beautiful in every aspect! one of the things that really stood out to me was the one remote, although it is small, it feels heavy in the hand and shows you what samsung is all about. Making quality products! i also love the smart hub! it's very easy to understand and navigate the tv with. I love how all of my favorite apps are displayed on the bottom and the response time from the moment you click on an app to it being loaded is extremely fast! the tv speakers are strong and powerful for them being just 40 watts each. And finally, the display and picture: the display is bright, sharp and crystal clear. Even though this is an edge-lit display, samsung did an amazing job with the brightness and colors using the quantum-dot technology and reducing the amount of glare on the screen. Overall, i would highly recommend purchasing a samsung qled tv! . . *i received this tv as part of a promotional campaign to provide my honest opinion -T. Mary

Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55 Inch

  • AspectRatio: 16:9
  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Samsung
  • EAN: 0887276197432
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:31.00 inches
    Length:48.20 inches
    Weight:51.10 pounds
    Width:11.80 inches
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Model: QN55Q8CAMFXZA
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: QN55Q8CAMFXZA
  • Sub-Type: Home Theater
  • Category: TELEVISION
  • ReleaseDate: 2018-10-08
  • Size: 55 Inches
  • UPC: 887276197432
  • Warranty: N/a

electronics qn55q8c curved 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 Home Theater, Key featuresq8c curved tv q 4k color drive elite q 4k hdr elite q 4k elite black curved, boundless 360 design with metal back smart hub with new samsung oneremotea small gap between the wall and the tv may occur if the wall is not 100% flat, is constructed off angle to the floor, or if it is installedincorrectly. sold separately. 2 hdmi cec (consumer electronics control) facilitates convenient control functions with compatible devices. picture quality q 4k color drive elite q 4k hdr elite q 4k elite black q every view mr 240 4k ultra high definitiondesign curved, boundless 360 designwith metal back invisible connection no gap wall mount (optional)smart features quad-core processor apps and games web browsersmart connectivity tv to mobile / mobile to tv mirroringsmart interaction voice controlconnections 4 hdmi connections 2 3 usb connections 802. 11 ac built-in wi-fi bluetooth le rs232c controlintroducing curved qled tv. an unrivaled, realistic picture made possible by abillion unique colors created by samsung s proprietary quantum dots. see it all come to life on a curved, boundless 360 design featuring a sleek, metal back and curved screen that draws you into theaction. the invisible connection and one connect boxstreamline and simplifies connections to other devices while reducing uns Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55 Inch (QN55Q8CAMFXZA-Samsung).

Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55 Inch Home Theater

  • Picture quality is amazing. Like all curved tv's the picture quality is best when seated close to the center of tv. Still great when viewing from the side.
  • An elegant piece of tech with features and a display that will impress almost everyone. Samsung has done a great job at creating something that fits in your environment with its slim bezel, 360 curved screen and strong but beautiful stand. This tv looks elegant as it entertains. They have covered every detail from the outward visual appeal of the screen, the remote, and the ability to hide all the unsightly cables with the single almost invisible one connect cable and box. Best of all is the color brightness and clarity of the display. When watching 4k content the colors are so vivid and life like you almost forget that you re looking at a tv. I have experienced one issue so far in trying to cast my s7 edge to the tv, i was able to resolve it by unplugging the tv and one connect box and plugging it back in. The interface on the tv is fast and has been well thought out. It displays the shows you have been watching or might like when you hover of the app they are available on. There are quite a few interesting features like a virus scanner, auto dimming, and remote assistance from customer support, just to name a few. You can even talk to the remote to operate the tv. Viewing content on the qled has been a real pleasure. If you are looking for a tv that has a great picture with a very responsive interface, is simple to setup, easy to use, and even includes a lifeline to tech support then this is your tv. I am truly loving it and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new viewing experience that will truly impress.
  • Received the tv the box had been opened and retaped closed, the whole top of the tv screen was cracked when i removed the box
  • Tv does not stay on. Had it for less than two months. First the remote stopped working: it only would turn the tv on/off. One week after that, the tv would turn off and on repeatedly which made it unwatchable. Other complaining customers online stated that the samsung invisible connection cable is defective and costs $300 to replace. Samsung was really hesitant in replacing it and i am still waiting for the order to "get filled in their warehouse. " it has been two weeks since i called and closer to three weeks since i've last watched television at home.
  • After several calls to samsung about trying to get my hdmi (arc) port to work, still no luck in getting the hdmi (arc) function to work, even with a samsung soundbar. I have another samsung that this function works flawlessly. Seriously disappointed.

electronics curved ultra hd smart Samsung Electronics QN55Q8C Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Samsung s introduction of its qled television range marks an intriguing combination of redesign and revolution from its earlier suhd range. The 'q' stands for the new quantum dot technology, which offers increased brightness and contrast, in the led back-lit, lcd screen. . Side-stepping jargon and approaching from the perspective of the couch, visual performance is incredible. The picture is stunningly bright, with vivid, beautiful colours present in both sdr and hdr modes, accompanied by the most incredibly deep blacks i've seen. . Acronyms aside, the qled is a sight to behold. Brutally thin brushed metallic bezels frame an elegantly curved qled screen, and samsung s 360 design ethos is evident from every angle. With the brushed metal extending beyond the frame and around the back, owners are clearly encouraged to treat the qled set as a centerpiece, rather than just an afterthought to be wedged in the corner of your room. . Put simply, this is a tv that looks as good from the back as it does the front; as good switched off as it does switched on. . The minimalist design aesthetic doesn t end with the curve; with the glossy oneconnect box serving as remote hub for all external connections, placed out of the way and connecting to the television through a single, barely visible fiber optic cable. . The accompanying smart remote s design matches that of the tv; a weighty sliver of brushed metal, adorned by the absolute bare minimum number of buttons samsung could afford. . Kitted out with an internal microphone, the voice recognition software is surprisingly competent, and intuitive to the point where i found navigating between different sources was quicker using voice commands rather than navigating the smart menu. . Samsung smartphone users also have the option to control the tv using their phone. While this is an impressive feature, it is nothing compared to the other phone integration features, including the ability to broadcast your phone screen to the television, or even more impressively, the tv screen to your phone. . The smart features extend far beyond a few streaming applications, with a plethora of customizable services on offer and, even more impressively, a fully-integrated cable box experience on offer. . Overall, the qled set delivers in every area. As an addition to your living room, it is a stunningly elegant piece that demands attention and for those who demand visual perfection, the qled technology dazzles, handling everything you can throw at it

Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeSamsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55 Inch (qn55q8camfxza)"I purchased the qled qn65q8c after contacting samsung tech support to verify two items. One, that burn-in would not be an issue (advertising said no problem, downloaded e-manual said may be an issue if image is still for two hours or longer) and two, since i use outside camera viewing while watching tv, "picture-in-picture" or "picture-and-picture" was a must and was available. Tech support assured me burn-in from the cameras was of no concern and the tv did in-fact have "picture-and-picture". . After setting up the set i discovered that the e-manual was correct that "picture-and-picture" was not available in the us or canada. With a premium set like this i was very discouraged about the misinformation i received from samsung tech support. I am trying to find a workaround with this issue and hope samsung would issue a firmware update to add this feature. . In all fairness, it is a great tv. The curved screen offers an outstanding picture and the remote connector box makes it very easy to install the set. One other item i found interesting was the low power consumption."

(0) Question: Does it have all the assesories like remote control, owners manual, and one connect box?

(1) Question: Can you still hook up over the air local hd channels with a coax cable from an hd antenna?

(2) Question: Is is it 110 220v or just for use on 110v

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LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 Model

Great picture awesome sound without the sound bar or surround sound. You will be able to immediately tell the difference between 4k and all other video formats. This tv is better for rooms that dont have a lot of sun light. I also play all of my videogames on this and no burn in from many long gaming sessions. Ivr had this for a few months now definitely recommend this tv

Every detail matters. Perfect black. Intense color. Behold movies and more from the most popular providers, brought to life with intense cinematic colors against the ultimate backdrop of perfect black. Discover the most hdr entertainment choices, while dolby atmos audio completes this uncompromising home cinema experience.

LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-OLED55C7P-55-Inch-Ultra

Lg Electronics Oled55c7p 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

It should come as no surprise to anyone interested in an oled tv that lg's 2017 lineup is, in a word, spectacular. The video quality needs to be seen to be believed (in fact, if you're by a best buy most will have the 2016 or 2017 model available for viewing). But is it worth your money? read on to find out. :). . Picture quality - let's talk about picture quality first. Lg oled sets are regarded as some of the best, if not the best, options you can buy - the 2017 lineup only reinforces this fact. Supposedly color accuracy, brightness, and some picture modes are all improved over the 2016 version; i say supposedly because i couldn't tell when looking side-by-side at best buy, and i have nothing at home to accurately measure a tv's color accuracy (i have a tool for computer monitor's, but i can't use it with a tv). Without hard numbers i can only say that this set is absolutely stunning, and everyone who has seen it has agreed. Oled technology means that each pixel is individually backlit, such that if it doesn't need to be on (i. E. If its going to display black), then it doesn't turn on - this means blacks are actually completely black, leading to an infinite contrast ratio. Color accuracy and richness is spectacular, and makes every other monitor in my household look like garbage. The refresh rate is high, i'm guessing 120hz though i can't find any numbers on it; the result is silky smooth picture. There are plenty of reviews on lg's picture quality floating around, and lots of official numbers and measurements - suffice it to say its all true. I haven't even felt the need to go and make any adjustments on my set - the first monitor in my household i haven't spent time adjusting in years. Beyond this, an additional happy detail is that each level of 'trim' in the 2017 lineup features essentially the same panel (just in varying sizes), so you get the same picture quality no matter which set you choose. Great! . . Build quality - again, spectacular. If you haven't seen an oled in person the first thing you'll notice is how thin they are. Really thin - literally as thin as a pencil. The particular model i received has built-in sound, so that there is a thicker back-base at the bottom; however the top of the unit is just screen. In fact, the top end model is just a big screen that you hang on your wall, and is thin enough to peel off a wall. Beyond looking spectacular, this means that oled sets are also much lighter than you might expect them to be, given their size. On the other hand, and this is silly complaint, its almost too thin - at least if you're in charge of installation. I've never been as frightened to handle electronics before - the closest analogy i can think of is if you're trying to move around and mount a pane of glass . Except its a $3000 pane of glass. Definitely get help if you're going to mount this on a wall/stand! . . Port selection - i was actually a little disappointed in the port selection. You've got some usb ports, hdmi, ethernet, optical, etc (i won't list it all out as its in the specs on online store's site). Given that its a 2017 model i would've liked to see thunderbolt and/or displayport to really futureproof the set and give it a full complement of connectivity options. Beyond this, for some odd reason most of the usb ports are on the back whereas most of the hdmi ports are on the side (including the arc-enabled hdmi port). I say this is odd because the arc hdmi port is what you'll be using with an audio system, so you'd think you'd want that on the back as you wouldn't be touching it again once setting it up. On the other hand, usb ports you might want to use to watch movies/look at pictures on thumb drives, which means you'd want easy access . So they should be on the side. The one port on the side is the usb3 one. I don't know why they all aren't usb3 though. This is a definitely a minor nitpick, but something i was hoping would've been thought of on such an expensive set. . Sound - let's be honest - if you're spending thousands of dollars on a tv set you either have a surround sound system already, or you should be at least buying a $500 one; its a bit silly to not have a dedicated sound system if you're going to drop that much money. That said, if for some reason you don't have one, or don't want one, i'm happy to report that the onboard sound is perfectly serviceable. Its certainly can't compare to any sort of dedicated system, but its among the better built-in sound systems i've heard on a tv. . Webos - this is a smart tv, which, if you're been reading the news, is not necessarily a bad thing. From reports of smart tv's being hacked to them spying on their owners, there is a lot to rightly be concerned about. Lg use webos 1. 3, which is a fairly straightforward operating system. It will spy on you, however you can opt out of those features (consumer reports provides a nice guide - just google 'how to turn off smart tv snooping features') without really impacting anything. Beyond that, you will definitely want to make sure you've secured your home network to try to prevent the set from being hacked. Alternatively, use a roku or similar. If you're going to use the smart tv features i've found it to be pretty intuitive and easy to use. You get 4 gb of onboard storage for various apps and players. Youtube, netflix, and online store video all work seamlessly (and the netflix/online store buttons on the remote are pretty fun). . Remote - i'm adding a remote section because the remote has an extra feature that is fairly fun - the 'magic wand'. Waving the remote around (and pushing the right button, of course) makes a big cursor wave around the screen so you can manually select things. In practice it doesn't work that great for text selection due to the movement being a bit too slow, but its great for clicking through menus. . Overall - lg's 2017 oled model (at least the one i was sent) is spectacular - the picture is the best i've ever seen and the build quality is top-notch. I usually don't watch much, but my wife and i have been trying to find excuses to rent movies or watch youtube 4k/8k videos just to enjoy the stunning picture quality. But should you buy it? honestly - at the moment you'll probably want to wait a few months for the price to drop a bit (black friday is always a great time to get a tv, of course), or you'll want to get the 2016 model - which is almost as good but significantly cheaper. A weak ago when i received the tv the price on online store was $3500 for the 55", and its already down to $3000 as of this writing. As of this writing the 2016 model is currently $2000. Thats a fairly sizeable difference, for a very small increase in picture quality. If the 2017 model drops to $2500 for the 55" i think it would be much more competitive. Also keep in mind that there is no difference between picture quality between the varying trim levels. So, while this is beyond a doubt a spectacular tv, its not that much more spectacular than the 2016 model to warrant the current price premium - in a few months i very much expect this to change. -Notice from E. Garner, Staffordshire

Click to Show lg electronics oled55c7p 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model (television) Details

For several years now i have been using oled screens on a tablet and on cameras. I love the accuracy and range of colors including true black. During that time the glowing gray that is supposed to be black on lcd screens has become more and more annoying. Finally the time came for a major home-theater upgrade, including dolby atmos and this tv. The glowing gray problem is certainly solved. When displaying an all-black screen in a dark room, the screen literally disappears. Brightness is exceptional too, probably due to the addition of white to each red-green-blue pixel group. . I am thrilled with the results when playing a 4k blu-ray with hdr. Don't expect miracles with source material created for ordinary hd, but it has quality up-conversion to the higher resolution. It's noticeably better even with old blu-rays. With some of the 4k blu-rays of ultra high quality now available, such as planet earth ii (highly recommended), outdoor scenes are like looking through a window. Shadows are dark and the sun is almost blinding. With white balance set to warm1, all colors seem to be very accurate without any calibration needed. . Controlling the tv is unique in my experience. The motion sensor in the rf remote moves a pointer around the screen. Just click on what you want to select. Pointer not showing? shake the remote. I definitely like this better than having a bunch of buttons and trying to find the right one in the dark. . So far, i haven't found a single issue to complain about. It may be expensive, but i think it is well worth it.

Lg-electronics-oled55c7p-55-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-oled-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- I. MeghanSuperb tv. Replaces my 10 year old panasonic 50" plasma, which is still excellent, but i wanted a larger and crisper picture. So far, greatly exceeds my expectations, and having the internet interface in the tv instead of a separate box also streamlines viewing. Excellent receiver for over the air watching (never cable household), and netflix, online store prime content streams more seamlessly than my prior setup. Built in speakers are surprisingly good too. Be prepared for a 2 person job to unbox and set up. It's not heavy, but both unwieldy and fragile - read the instructions for unboxing. I live in earthquake country, so bolting the stand was a must. That's rather tricky, as the 2 screw holes are in the base, directly under the screen, requiring you to bolt the base to your stand, then attach the screen to the base, which required a 3d set of hands to attach its 4 small screws. None of it hard, but takes some forethought and a 3d person.

This is my first oled tv and all i can say is this is by far the bet tv i have ever owned. After reading everything about this tv beforehand in the avs owners forum, i was concerned about faint vertical banding seen (by some) mainly when looking at static slides of almost pure black. I decided to not even look at the test slides because they say it is hard to "unsee" the bands once you know where to look. I was also intending to get an isf calibration once the tv was broken in, but at this point i see no need to. I usually operate the tv in isf dark room or isf bright room mode. These modes are ideal for most of my viewing needs. The increased color gamut will blow you away. I have never seen anything like it. I was hesitant to pay this much for a tv, but now i can never go back to a conventional lcd tv. Viewing from the side is not any issue whatsoever compared to previous tv's. Big thumbs-up.

Y. Gladys, Cambridgeshire

Price :    $1536.76 (was $1677.94)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48. 4" x 28" x 1. 8", tv with stand: 48. 4" x 29. 5" x 8. 5"
  • Oled does not require a backlight giving it deep blacks and making it extremely thin. wall mount:vesa 300x200
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
  • Individually lit oled pixels achieve the ultimate contrast for outstanding picture quality
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webos 3. 5.
Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    55 inches
Weight :    42.30 pounds
Model :    OLED55C7P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung No Gap Wall Mount 65 55 Q Series TVs

The no gap wall-mount is custom designed to easily mount led and frame tvs on the wall. Allows tilting the tv for high on the wall placement like a fireplace.

Samsung No Gap Wall Mount 65 55 Q Series TVsSamsung-Gap-Wall-Mount-TVs

Brand :    samsung
Color :    black
Size :    65" & 55"
Weight :    7.71 pounds
Model :    WMN-M11EB/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (samsung product review) for Samsung No Gap Wall Mount 65 55 Q Series TVs available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $95.00
  • Safe working load: 30 kg
  • No gap wall-mount: experience 0mm gap when mounted
  • Simple and easy installation: intuitive design reduces installation time
  • Compatible with these samsung tvs: 55q7f, 65q7f, 55q7c, 65q7c, 55q8c, 65q8c, 65q9f, frame tvs
  • Vertical adjustment: adjust and set position up to 6 degree / 10mm

Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar HW-MS6500/ZA

This sound bar is really nice. Both the tv and bt music settings are amazing. The sound is full and clear, i was not disappointed.

Sound+ soundbars are simply beautiful. Samsung audio technologies deliver room-filling, home theater sound without the need for a separate subwoofer. Designed with streamlined wires and an elegant easy mount option, sound+ becomes one with your tv and brings your entire cinematic experience together like never before.

Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar HW-MS6500/ZASamsung-Electronics-Soundbar-HW-MS6500-ZA

Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar Hw-ms6500/za (hw ms6500 za) FAQ.

This sound bar is great. The bass is outstanding in my opinion even though other reviewers complained about it. I did buy a swa-w700 because of the other reviewer complaints about the base. This sound bar connects perfectly with my samsung 8500 curved monitor using bluetooth. -Notice from X. Delgado, Newfoundland and Labrador

Click to Show samsung electronics sound+ premium curved soundbar hw-ms6500/za (hw ms6500 za) Details

Samsung hw-ms6500 sound+ curved premium soundbar has amazing surround sound. Wi-fi, hdmi or bluetooth connection is amazingly easy to connect.

Samsung-electronics-sound+-premium-curved-soundbar-hw-ms6500/za-(hw-ms6500-za) set picture

- B. ClaraLove the new surround with no big bulky box.

Great bedroom soundbar that puts off amazing sound and realy shines while playing games on my xbox one x

I. Lewis, West Virginia

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    14.33 pounds
Model :    HW-MS6500/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Hear consistently great sound anywhere in the room with tweeters that cover a much wider frequency range.
  • Enhance the look and sound of your tv with the sleek design of the curved sound bar. the distinctive curved design blends seamlessly with your curved tv.
  • Wi-fi & bluetooth connectivity
  • Increases the power and depth of bass with control that precisely coordinates the movement of each speaker.
  • Samsung's proprietary technology delivers deep and detailed bass by predicting sound distortion and automatically tuning the speaker's output before the distortion occurs.
Price :    $296.49 (was $447.99)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar HW-MS6500/ZA available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung Electronics QN65Q9 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 Model

Introducing qled tv, our most spectacular tv yet. An unbelievably brilliant picture made possible by a billion colors, producing images you have to see to believe. Thanks to samsung s proprietary quantum dots and our exclusive infinite array technology, picture quality and color volume are elevated beyond what has ever been possible. As smart as it is beautiful, the new smart tv knows what s connected and lets you control everything with one remote. The sophisticated qled tv 360 degree design and invisible connection elegantly fit into any room, whether it s mounted on the wall or on a tv stand.

Samsung Electronics QN65Q9 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-QN65Q9-65-Inch-Ultra

Price :    $2098.97 (was $2499.00)
  • Note: refer the user manual before use for better installation.
  • Q 4k elite black+ with infinite array delivers our most stunning shades of black and reveals the secrets hidden in the shadows with elite detail.
  • Get perfect color with over a billion shades and 100% color volume with our exclusive new quantum dots.
  • Q 4k hdr elite+ with infinite array produces our best contrast and detail in the brightest and darkest areas on the screen at the same time.
  • The no-bezel design and clean back finish look gorgeous front to back, whether mounted on the wall or sitting on a stand.
Brand :    samsung
Size :    65 inches
Weight :    66.10 pounds
Model :    QN65Q9FAMFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics QN65Q9 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung QN55Q7C Curved 55 QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018

The beauty of the q7c arc is a visual spectacle. Equipped with the features of the q7 flat, but with a bend for immersive viewing, it combines q color and an anti-glare screen for a dazzling display unlike any other. *mount sold separately.

Samsung QN55Q7C Curved 55 QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018Samsung-QN55Q7C-Curved-QLED-Smart

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    46.50 pounds
Model :    QN55Q7CNAFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Step up to elite class hdr with the power to reveal stunning details and in-depth vibrant colors
  • Experience dramatic depth with incredibly deep blacks and an anti-reflective screen
  • A revolutionary way to help find streaming and live tv shows with a universal guide, one remote and voice assistance
  • Designed to achieve aesthetic excellence by minimizing wires and mounting flush to the wall as a picture. *
Price :    $1076.46 (was $1397.99)
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung QN55Q7C Curved 55 QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018 available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung Electronics QN65Q7C Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 Model

Introducing curved qled tv, you ll immediately notice a difference. Experience a brilliant picture, enhanced by a billion unique colors created by samsung s proprietary quantum dots. As smart as it is beautiful, qled tv senses which devices are plugged in and controls them with one remote, giving you an incredibly intuitive tv experience. The invisible connection simplifies connections to the tv. Watch it all on a gorgeous tv that 360 degree design that elegantly fits into your home, whether mounted on the wall or on a tv stand.

Samsung Electronics QN65Q7C Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-QN65Q7C-Curved-65-Inch

Brand :    samsung
Size :    65 inches
Weight :    61.70 pounds
  • Absolutely stunning blacks reveal secrets in the shadows with elite detail
  • Get more than a billion colors and 100% color volume with exclusive new quantum dots; depth enhancing technology : auto depth enhancer
  • Revel in brilliant whites and layers of depth, revealed even in the deepest, darkest nights. that's q contrast
  • Easily access your favorite content and control connected tv devices from one source using the samsung smart remote. typical power consumption:90
  • Designed with a no-bezel screen that spills over the edge, the q looks gorgeous from every side, whether mounted on the wall or on a stand
Price :    $1499.44 (was $4297.99)
Model :    QN65Q7CAMFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
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Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

The player does a good job on uhd dvd playback. The remote is nice, but not lighted. It is a pain to turn on the house lights when you need to use it. The most surprising problem i had is with streaming netflix uhd content. The smarthub netflix app will not run uhd. Not a large problem for me as my samsung tv will stream netfilx directly. So, if you just want a good 4k uhd player, this player has you covered.

The ubd-m9500 is the definitive uhd blu-ray player. Packed with unique features, the samsung s flagship uhd blu-ray player offers the absolute best in picture quality and more ways to enjoy your content. With high dynamic range (hdr) content, scenes burst with vivid color, stunning contrast and deep detail. 4k uhd resolution delivers four times the detail of hd, and with an expanded color spectrum, you ll experience your favorites in a whole new way. With smart connectivity, content streaming to mobile devices, and bluetooth wireless streaming, the ubd-m9500 is a true entertainment hub.

Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray PlayerSamsung-UBD-M9500-ZA-Blu-Ray-Player

Samsung Ubd-m9500/za 4k Uhd Blu-ray Player (ubd m9500 za) FAQ.

After trying the current crop of $300 blu-ray players including the sony ubp-800 and the lg up970, i can say this is the best player of the bunch. My issue with the sony and lg players were that both players felt incomplete. The hardware were buggy (in the case of sony's player, i purchased 2 of them) and the software just terrible. Both machines made me feel like i was beta tester. The ui looked slapped on and unfinished. Both of the machines claimed to be "streaming capable, " but sony's player only had 5 apps and lg's player had a grand total of one. Netflix didn't even work out of the box, even though it said on the box it was a "netflix" certified machine. I don't understand why sony didn't put android tv on their player or lg put webos 3. 0 on theirs. I'm sure by the end of the summer both the lg and sony players will have fully functional uis, but as a paying customer why should i have to wait for firmware updates to get what i want and paid for? i don't want to be a beta tester for some new operating system. . Now, the samsung ubp fixed my main complaint about last year's model - no more crummy remote. The new remote is slick, responsive and feels nice in my hand. When you turn the player on, right away it seems like a complete player. The picture quality is outstanding, i wouldn't say it blows away the quality of the lg and sony players. At some point comparing blu-ray picture quality amongst different player types becomes a silly exercise. . What really sets the samsung apart is it just feels like a complete experience. The minute you turn it on, the ui just blows away the other two. It feels like a modern, finished product. Samsung did the smart thing, they just took their tv os - tsing and plopped it on their player and called it a day. If you use samsung tvs, you know how mostly smooth it works and looks. Not only that but it supports almost all the apps that you would need or want - at least your mainstays - online store, hulu, netflix, vudu (no 4k, don't get me started), spotify, etc. Without having to wait for the firmware gods! . . The downside to this player is the lack of 3d support, but then other than the lg oled c and e series and a couple of other 2016 models there aren't any 4k tvs that support 3d anymore and i would bet a $1, 000 dollars that samsung won't support dolby vision. Which the lg player does out of the box and sony said "they might" (whatever that means). I'm salty. . Anyway if you are in the market this is a solid player. Samsung really should be more competitive with their competition, this player isn't $100 better than the lg or sony. But it is a better bet - at the moment. If you can wait, i'd wait until the fall to see what sony and lg do on the software side. -Notice from A. Elida, Darlington

Click to Show samsung ubd-m9500/za 4k uhd blu-ray player (ubd m9500 za) Details

Wonderful service, fast delivery from online store, the unit does exactly what it is intended to do. Make my movies more enjoyable.

Samsung-ubd-m9500/za-4k-uhd-blu-ray-player-(ubd-m9500-za) set picture

- F. JacquelineWork well, especially with a matching samsung 9000 tv.

Still trying to figure out out the unit from an audio perspective. What i mean, is that i have a dolby atmos setup and tried both a ultra blu-ray video and dolby atmos disc and the system information as different. . Example, while watching the moving and setting up my receiver it would not stick to atmos and kept changing audio output. Also when checking information from the blu-ray it was only showing 5. 1 or 7. 1, which my atmos setup is 7. 1. 4. To ensure i was getting true dobly atmos setup, i tried my atmos demo disc. The good news is the playing does play true atmos and tested that it produces true 7. 1. 4 atmos but the information display on the player still only showed 7. 1. In summary, its a good player and reproduces great video and audio, however there is a slight issue with the ability to ensure proper audio is being produced. Which when buying a player as high end as this one, should be fixed.

G. Theresa, Bath and North East Somerset

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black Titanium
Weight :    4.19 pounds
Model :    UBD-M9500/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (samsung product review) for Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $202.61 (was $297.99)
  • Expand your existing audio system to play streaming music. just connect the blu-ray player to your legacy audio player and you can wirelessly stream your favorite music to your speakers.
  • Anynet+ (hdmi-cec). support for dolby atmos and dts:x audio formats bitstream output
  • Play 4k ultra hd movies at 4x the resolution of full 1080p hd, letting you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like never before.
  • New for 2017, turn your tv into the ultimate home entertainment hub. seamlessly access your favorite apps, content, and sports with samsung smart hub. operating power consumption (main): 22w, stand-by power consumption (main): 0. 3w
  • Hdr allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details from the original film format. the player recognizes hdr content and automatically optimizes settings.

samsung electronics qn55q8c curved 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model Price : 3547, was : 0 as 2018-11-13
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55 Inch (qn55q8camfxza) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for samsung electronics qn55q8c curved 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model

This is a fantastic tv, i was expecting a great tv but was surprised at just how good it was.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Samsung-Electronics-QN55Q8C-Curved-55-Inch

(0) Question: Can this tv work with apple tv 4k ?

(1) Question: How does this connect to directv?

(2) Question: Can i use this as a pc monitor? i think its awesome to play aaa games in that. :/

(3) Question: What is the width of the stand i need to know if i need a bigger piece of furniture for the stand to fit on

(4) Question: Tv samsung logo lights up?

(5) Question: What's involved with setting this tv up with xfinity?

(6) Question: I m trying to decide between the q7c and the q8c , both are curved but $400 more for the q8. please explain the difference

(7) Question: Hello are this working on pal or ntsc or both ? also the power are 110/220 or auto?

(8) Question: Does this tv have 4k upscaling?

(9) Question: What is the response time and refresh rate?

(10) Question: Can this tv be used as a pc monitor?

(11) Question: How many inputs does the hub have?

(12) Question: Is the 2018 picture noticibly better?

(13) Question: Does anyone know what wall mounting screws the 65 inch curved tv requires?

(14) Question: What is the width of the tv?

(15) Question: Is this tv sale buy directly from samsung companies and how many year warranty come with when you buy?

(16) Question: Does this tv have the unwanted ads in the banner that consumers complain about in other models?

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products

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Let me pick my jaw up off the floor. Wow! the picture here was definitely a heavy hitter! unlike the q7 i rather enjoyed almost no halo effect. Like honestly zero! viewing angles are perfect. I was watching at an angle from my kitchen and it was great! no color change! to be fair same could be said for the q7. However, this design is so much better! looks far less like a js8500! it's super bright and the colors explode on max brightness without over saturated over exposed images! it really works! the 100% color volume was noticed right away! my ks8000 was close no, as i ramped my color up to 80% it was completely destroyed! i found 80% to be 100% useable without over saturated images! best part people aren't orange anymore! hdr made me cry inside! its sooo. Soooo. Just wow man. Never saw such amazing imagery! black levels are oled! i had zero halo or clouding in a dark room! i also had no vertical blooming on local dimming! my oled b6 was completely demolished! led is definitely not playing around! to be fair, im sure this years oled will compete a whole lot better! but on my tv, i have no complaints it's a flawless panel! the ui is exactly the same from last year so don't expect much of a different. The remote is also the same. Just metal with a redesign. Layout and functionality is the same. Which i don't like, because switching inputs feels annoying without a dedicated source button! air tv feels just as great as last year. Offline screen mirroring has almost no audio drops at all! so even though there is no mhl. You can still get your content on the big sceen! i will say sony still has more highlight detail and a more complete feeling image on the x930e. The brightness here though. Is more than enough to satisfy your hunger for perfection! sound is average so just hook up that awsome 7. 1. The fiber optic cord feels very weak. So be careful. Still no component hookups. Which really stinks if you want to watch older media you still own. If that's a deal breaker sony has a great picture this year so no worries. Input lag is nice an low so gamers are welcome to enjoy ps4 pro and xbox one elite pro or whatever it'll be. Lol. . Simply put, this is the best experience an edge lit tv has ever had! my advice wait until black friday and invest in this monster! if it ever falls under $1. 8k you're getting a steal! i will be returning to best buy to wait until black friday online online store deals! i just wanted to get this review up to help you out until then! . . Hope this helps

Electronics 282271, LED & LCD TVs 1107379546, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Samsung Electronics Qn55q8c Curved 55 Inch (qn55q8camfxza) FAQ Content

Best samsung electronics qn55q8c curved 55 inch (qn55q8camfxza) in review

Saw in store but was cheaper on online store so i went for it. So far so good. Will update if it ever gives issues.

M. Widmer, Havering

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J. Anonymous, Southwark says

I have had this tv for about 2 months. Wow, this is the best tv i have ever had in my 62 yr old life. Picture is great, sound also great, smart hub is fantastic. Worth the $

S. Angela, Plymouth

The picture and quality are second to none. Very happy with product and the customer service at beach camera same day shipping.

I. Wilson, Staffordshire says

I am not going to go into every feature of this tv, there are plenty of reviews like that. But here was some things i found interesting/useful:. . - packaging was very well done. Easy to get out, protects the tv well. Even had a clear film on the front to protect it until the very end. . - remote uses voice commands, which work most of the time when you can't find which menu has what you are looking for. . - curve is very very slight. Looks cool but i would guess it does not affect the viewing experience even 1%. Curved back makes adding a mount a little more difficult since it's not completely flat, but it still works. . - audio is actually surprisingly good for built in, though of course you would want to attach it to a receiver. . - tv auto updates it's own firmware when turned off, though some was released a few days ago is not showing up. Either it is not compatible with this model or they want to wait before rolling it out. . - connect box is great, although with 4 hdmi inputs, you can run out faster than you'd think. . - tv wants to share everything in the house, computers, wireless devices. Very nice. . - remote works well but has a quirk controlling an amplifier/home theatre system. Even though it can control the volume, it will not do so in most modes. You can set up 2 "combo" modes that seem to work correctly, all other modes/inputs will require you to use a 2nd remote for home theatre audio control. Odd. . - tv picture is outstanding! i am an engineer and pretty picky and i don't know if the "professional" reviewers had an early model or what they were looking at. The blacks are black black, the contrast is amazing, and i could not find a shift in quality at any reasonable angle. I know this is not oled but i would never notice the difference unless actually side by side, and this qled has many advantages (color, brightness, no burn-in, etc) over oled. There are also a decent amount of calibration options, though of course i wish there were even more. . - tv is somehow heavier than you would think by looking at it. It is very very thin, yet a full 70lbs, even more in the packaging. This is not a 1 person lift. . - although the main home menu is customizable with any inputs or apps, sling is "sponsored" and not removable. Lame! . . - oddly "judder reduction" setting made the motion nice and smooth for part of scenes, and terribly juddery for others. Needed to turn it off. . - rear mounting screws are an m8, top 2 are shallower than the bottom 2. I got a 1" for the top and 1. 5" for the bottom. . - remote that comes with it worked very well but is only rf which means it cannot be "learned" by universal remotes. The samsung bn59-01268e remote will work with this tv in ir mode and be "learned" by universal remotes.

D. Denise, Sachsen

Received refurbished tv that worked like new. Have some issues with remote and wifi connection, but reading online appears to be samsung s fault, not theirs. They have been prompt with support, overall very happy with the experience so far.

F. Connie, Missouri says

After nearly a year with this tv my family and i are still amazed at the picture quality and depth. It truly is amazing on everything from tv to dvd it is great. When you put in a bluray disc the quality jumps out even more. Prior to this tv i had a 55" sony 3d hd tv that was amazing but the samsung qled is on a whole new level. The gaming experience on my ps4 pro is simply astounding. I love everything about the tv, its easy to use, sounds good, has a great remote, etc. One of my favorite features is the one connect. Do not underestimate how awesome this little gem is! we have the 65" screen mounted on the wall and you can only see the very tiny one connect cable.

W. Marguerite, Southend-on-Sea

Upon opening the box, it was apparent that this is a quality product. After connecting the 1 wire connection to the television, i powered it up. Almost instantly my galaxy s7 notified me that there was another device seeking to communicate with it. This television recognized my cell phone and was ready to share my samsung account information, including the wireless signal for my home. This saved me a huge amount of time attempting to configure everything on it. Once connected to the internet, first thing i had to do was compare it to my older tv. The picture quality was above and beyond what i have been used to seeing. Streaming at 4k without the slightest lag was amazing. All of the colors were so vibrant, i could not tell if it was actually a picture, or looking out of the window next to it. After the comparison, i proceeded to mount it on the wall with a thin wall mount to complement the thickness of it. This thing is about the thickness of 2 lead pencil, so why use some bulky wall mount? the bezel isn't much thicker than the lead within that pencil, which brings up the point of almost not have an edge or almost an infinity display like the s8. The clean connection hub keeps wires away from view of others allowing it complement the clean bezel around the edge. The ability to use my phone and a remote control, share the screen with my galaxy, use my phone as a remote speaker or share pictures from your phone with ease make this the tv that everyone will enjoy using. It is not just a television anymore, it is the home entertainment device.

B. McCarthy, Westminster says

Amazing! the samsung qled tv is definitely the first in technology. I am able to see up to a billion different hues and shades of color in my screen. Its virtually frameless so that you can focus on the pictures. It does not matter which angle you are sitting to experience the colors images. I believe it is the smartest television out in the market. It has a console that gives you the ability to connect online, view different apps and i can pair with my smart devices. I give it a 10, a masterpiece. In my personal opinion, ive never experienced a picture quality so clear and vivid. Anything i view whether its live hd tv or blu ray movies, the picture and sound is incredible. I am fascinated with the curvature, i initially had my doubts, yet i can confidently say while standing in any part of my living room, i am able to view the image, and most importantly admire the sleek design. I highly believe that the ease of use of the single remote control and layout of the menu makes this wonderful experience more interactive as if i'm in my own little movie theater.

U. Walsh, Middlesbrough

First impressions:. Samsung qled is it the best in the galaxy? my family and i are very excited over this qled. The picture clarity, the design, the sound are all very exceptional. More on those in a bit. Unboxing: very straight forward, 2 people, a screwdriver for the base, and about 45 minutes you will be up and running, there's no bulky cables going to the tv, theres one optical cable and a power cable, these can be hidden in the base if you choose to. Also there's no hdmi or usb connections on the tv itself, it all connects to a one connect box. A little about the one connect box, this is where you plug in your hdmi, usb drives, game consoles, modems anything that you want connected to your tv. After turning the tv on it asks for your language, and if you have a samsung account to link to the tv. Then your done. Picture quality: let me just say it's the most amazing experience to watch anything on, first you have to know what qled means, quantum dots they re incredibly small inorganic particles that vary in size, with each size producing a different hue to turn light into perfect expressions of color. And color and more color so much color it's in the billions, with that much color it makes anything you play so clear and vibrant. The black level is phenomenal, let's just say any show looks 3-d, that's how good it is, like my family said it's like the tv is a holographic projector. Also the black level has a lot to do with light absorption in a bright room, we have a bright living room, and even with the lights on all the way, (spot lights on a dimmer) there was no glare or blind spots that we noticed. My son is a gamer, playing on various different game systems he hasn't experienced any lag and the games really comes to life. The refresh rate is great for the most demanding games out there. Design: the qled is thin, and very modern and clean looking in any setting, with the brushed chrome on the rear to chrome on the stand the qled stands out in any room. Sound: the speaker's are clear and not distorted at loud volumes while watching a blockbuster hit. I added a pair of samsung j5500's sound towers and they look and sound great. Curve design: the curve display is a great feature, we have had no viewing problems, from various angles, no loss of color or blurring. The picture is as clear as if you were sitting in front of it. Plus all my friends and family can watch a game with no problems, a plus for any sports fan. Remote control: so much in a small package, the stainless steel remote is very modern and clean, very easy to use once you get use to it, the voice function is very functional, for switching from one program to another one, or changing applications like going from netflix to online store, just push the voice command and ask for what you want. Apps: there are lots of apps for music or television like hulu, online store etc. If you love music there's spotify, online store music, tune in, and lots of others to choose from. Just download your favorite app and there you go. The qled even has a web browser, if you use it i would recommend getting a wireless keyboard, and it does work great, same or better at loading pages as my laptop or tablet. Security: if your worried about internet security, samsung has you covered there are various services for security on the qled. My final impression: would i recommend this qled to friends or even family, the answer is yes, samsung has gone beyond anyone with this tv, from the design to the easy-to-use remote and functions, there will be years of enjoyment. Samsung qled is a experience no one will forget. We love this television. To the moon and beyond title says it all, with this qled, samsung has went beyond anyone else.

G. Courtney, Oklahoma says

I received this television about a month ago to test its features and boy was i impressed! at first glance, i was in awe of the tv's beautiful and sleek design. The screen is barely thicker than an iphone screen and hangs nearly flush with the wall. For those who plan to use the tv stand rather than wall mount, you will be happy to know that the tv features a stunning 360 design for a visually stunning presence from front to back and comes with a beautiful sturdy stand with a slot to hide the wires coming from the back of the television. The back display is almost wireless all but for two wires as all connections are made through an external box called the one box- a genius and convenient feature. . The picture on the qled television is extremely vivid, i'm talking some of the brightest colors you have ever seen and best contrast/ black level i've seen on screen. In comparison to our old sony television, you simply see more of the picture: every detail and shade of light and color are brought to life. Even in extreme action shots, the fluid motion of the picture is spectacular, there is no picture lagging or blurring whatsoever. Perhaps the best thing i noticed was how the screen absorbed light, our living room receives a lot of natural light which can make watching tv during the day difficult, but with the samsung qled tv there was no glare, just a crystal clear picture no matter the brightness of the room. What i really enjoyed were the smart features of the tv. It automatically detects any device connected to it and comes with an external device (the one connect box) to attach consoles to so you're not fiddling around behind the tv (so convenient when you wall mount it like we did). You can connect your smart devices to the tv and even use your phone as a remote to control the smart hub. The functionality of the samsung qled tv is superb and instant- no glitching or delays while switching from different apps in the smart hub back to our cable box, and navigating the tv is very easy which is nice for tech novices. . Between the sleek design, amazing picture, crisp color, and incredible smart features i would highly recommend this tv to tech novices, gamers, movie buffs, or electronic gurus. Worth every penny.

E. Janice, Haringey

I just bought qled 55" on 11/19/17. The sound is good and the picture is perfect. I can buy the 7 series cheaper but the 8 series has better speaker. Samsung is the best for smart tv.

V. Williams, Derbyshire says

Fantastic super the best & most exciting thing i have ever done. Thrilling great tv.

C. Alberta, Iowa says

Absolutely the best picture i've ever seen! simply amazing and worth every penny. Light weight, stylish, great sound and incredible contrast and brightness. No regrets! only wish id bought it sooner!

L. Cassella, Hackney

This is a meticulously designed television that can wow even the most reluctant of viewers. It is clear hours of engineering and design were put into every detail of this tv. I will admit i was very skeptical of the curve going in, but must say that it is a very subtle curve that helps dissipate reflections and adds a piece of elegance to the tv. The back plate is a wave textured masterpiece while the chrome stand accentuates the slight curve of the tv. Cables are able to be concealed in the neck of the stand allowing this tv to be the center of any room. This is aided by the use of the one connect box for all your connections to be connected to your tv via a single nearly invisible fiber optic line. Speaking of nearly invisible, you can also describe the bezel the same way, allowing for a true edge to edge viewing experience. Do not worry about viewing angle because of the curve, as you are still able to see the vibrant colors from even the sides. Even the remote is a fully designed yet simplified masterpiece. The battery tray has a unique sliding mechanism and mechanical buttons to eject the batteries should they need changed. But not only is the remote designed well, it can be programmed to work with a variety of devices connected to the tv. . But enough about design, let s talk about the picture. It is stunning! colors pop off the screen in stark contrast to the deep blacks. While sitting in front of the tv in medium lighting it was as if i was staring into a black hole absorbing all of the light. The smart hub and apps such as netflix, online store prime, hulu, hbo go, youtube, and several others provide many opportunities to get lost in 4k glory. I've never been one to use a smart app features, but this tv has changed my viewing habits. Even regular programming looks beautiful with the tv s upscaling abilities. . I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if i didn't point out the shortcomings. For one there is some light leak from the edge lighting on extremely dark scenes with bright points in it. The other would be the requirement for a power cord on both the screen and the one connect this is in contrast to last year s ks8000. Both very minor complaints and by no means a deal breaker. . In all you cannot go wrong with this set. It is gorgeous inside and out. A great sturdy build with a high-quality picture. Do not fear the curve as it just adds to its magnificent beauty. This tv can be the center of attention in a media room or a classy addition to any décor. . *this review is an incentivized review as part of a promotion, however all opinions above are my true honest opinion.

Q. Mahood, Wandsworth says

This is a great television! i know sony s oled television has a superior picture but until they catch up to everytjing else samsung has already nearly perfected, but this tv, you will not be sorry. However, you would be better off making this purchase at best buy! online store s scheduled delivery and set up is a joke! i am paying the geek squad to correct the errors made by xpo, online store s choice for delivery and set up.

Top electronics curved ultra hd smart Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

N. Parker, Rotherham says

I have had the unfortunate experience of owning not one, but two of these tv's. Yes the picture is beautiful. I loved the curved screen. Unfortunately, the base is weak and ill conceived and makes for a top-heavy, unstable setup. I inadvertently walked into the steel table under my tv, and the enormous tv toppled over like a toy. The set did not look damaged, but the picture was ruined. About 20% of the picture was now a black blob. Samsung refused to consider this a warranty issue because i knocked into the table. The tv was less than a week old. Thinking my insurance would cover a replacement (i was wrong! ) i ordered a second set, exactly the same. When i set it up, imagine, the picture had similar issues, but this time on a different side of the screen. The box was sealed at the factory, and shipped in a second cardboard box and delivered to my door intact. Imagine how fragile these screens are that i now had two defective screens on hand. Either i am extremely unlucky, or these screens are easily damaged. I should emphasize that in both cases, the screens were not broken or scratched. Since this happened to me, i have done some research on the web, and there are folks who insist these screens can be ruined just with finger pressure. I for one, do not want to own a tv that can be wrecked by having a friend touch the screen or knock into it gently during a party, etc. I was able to return the one delivered to me as defective. For the one that toppled off the table, it will cost me to get a repair estimate from samsung, and then about 2/3 the cost of the tv to have the screen replaced. I'm so disgusted with this model that i will probably take my insurance money and just buy a less expensive tv rather than repair this thing. I suggest you avoid this model unless you can get it professionally mounted on a wall far away from kids, cleaning help, parties and any other hazard that might cause the slightest pressure to the screen. See my photo.

P. Guest, South Gloucestershire

I was very excited to get this tv. Online store techs did a fantastic job setting it up and mounting it on the wall. The picture was great at first and then some pixels went dead. Samsung customer service has dodged helping me fix this tv, which is still under their warranty. They keep saying they will follow up, but never do. Phone calls, web, chat and talking to a supervisor. They never do what they say they are going to do. Samsung customer service is the worst. I would never purchase another samsung television.

I. Connie, Portsmouth says

If your thinking about buying a product like this samsung tv from online store i recommend that you do not. I have a problem with this unit that i purchased and is under warranty but i have not been able to get any response from online store to repair it.

G. Nees, Manitoba

I had to file a complaint with the bbb and still it s open and samsung won t provide a solution. Buyer beware, it s my last samsung purchase ever.

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