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Price was $3,497.99. Great picture, easy to navigate no issues at this time.

-Z. Williams

Electronics qn75q7f 75-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 introducing qled tv – you ll immediately notice a difference. experience a brilliant picture, enhanced by a billion unique colors created by samsung s proprietary quantum dots. as -samsung electronics qn75q7f 75-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model

  • Featured: Revel In Brilliant Whites And Layers Of Depth, Revealed Even In The Deepest, Darkest Nights. That’s Q Contrast.
  • Featured: Designed With A No-bezel Screen That Spills Over The Edge, The Q Looks Gorgeous From Every Side, Whether Mounted On The Wall Or On A Stand.

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We have previously owned pioneer elite plasma tv's so we are spoiled about clean, crisp images with rich colors. When our 52" pioneer elite died about 18 months ago, we replaced it with a standard quality samsung 65" led and it was just not as good a picture. We saw this samsung qled tv on display at a big box store and we really like the picture quality and color richness. The online store delivery contractor was very easy to work with and did a super job getting into the house and unboxing it so we could plug it in a make sure it worked ok. We are very happy with the tv as well as with online store's delivery process. The Best electronics ultra hd smart qled ( Jan 2020 ) | Samsung-Television Review Featured Samsung Electronics QN75Q7F 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model) Get more than a billion colors and 100% color volume with exclusive new quantum dots. Revel in brilliant whites and layers of depth, revealed even in the deepest, darkest nights. that's q contrast. Designed with a no-bezel screen that spills over the edge, the q looks gorgeous from every side, whether mounted on the wall or on a stand. Absolutely stunning blacks reveal secrets in the shadows with elite detail. Easily access your favorite content and control connected tv devices from one source using the samsung smart remote. Note: refer the user manual before use. .

Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model Review (qn75q7famfxza)

An elegant piece of tech with features and a display that will impress almost everyone. Samsung has done a great job at creating something that fits in your environment with its slim bezel, 360 curved screen, and strong but beautiful stand. This tv looks elegant as it entertains. They have covered every detail from the outward visual appeal of the screen, the remote, and the ability to hide all the unsightly cables with the single almost invisible one connect cable and box. Best of all is the color brightness and clarity of the display. When watching 4k content the colors are so vivid and lifelike you almost forget that you re looking at a tv. I have experienced one issue so far in trying to cast my s7 edge to the tv, i was able to resolve it by unplugging the tv and one connect box and plugging it back in. The interface on the tv is fast and has been well thought out. It displays the shows you have been watching or might like when you hover of the app they are available on. There are quite a few interesting features like a virus scanner, auto dimming, and remote assistance from customer support, just to name a few. You can even talk to the remote to operate the tv. Viewing content on the qled has been a real pleasure. If you are looking for a tv that has a great picture with a very responsive interface, is simple to setup, easy to use, and even includes a lifeline to tech support then this is your tv. I am truly loving it and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new viewing experience that will truly impress. -F. Perez

Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75 Inch Ultra

Product Dimensions
Height:41.20 inches
Length:65.80 inches
Weight:94.60 pounds
Width:16.10 inches
Part/Serial Number
Home Theater

electronics qn75q7f 75-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 Home Theater, Introducing qled tv - you ll immediately notice a difference. experience a brilliant picture, enhanced by a billion unique colors created by samsung s proprietary quantum dots. as smart as it is beautiful, qled tv senses which devices are plugged in and controls them with one remote, giving you an incredibly intuitive tv experience. the invisible connection streamlines connections to the tv and other devices. watch it all on a gorgeous tv with 360 degree design that elegantly fits into your home, whether mounted on the wall or on a tv stand. Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model (QN75Q7FAMFXZA-Samsung).

Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75 Inch Ultra Home Theater

  • I have seen the future and the future is qled. The moment i received the 55" q7f 4k tv and unpacked it, i knew this was something special. Everything from the ultra cool chrome remote to it's one connect box, this is what premium tv should be. Instead of having to so many ugly wires hanging from the back of your tv, samsung designed their one connect box so now you only have one plug for power and one plug for your connections and you can hide the box out of sight. You won't even see the two wires from the tv as they cleverly hid them through the stand. The setup was a breeze especially because this smart tv makes other smart tvs look dumb in comparison. Not only did the tv correctly identify all of my devices that were connected but it also programmed the remote to work with all of them including my xbox one. The smart interface was fast and responsive and the smart apps are the smartest thing i've seen for a tv, when you scroll through them they will show you information or your queue from netflix or hulu and let you scroll through without leaving your current input. Now for the best part, the picture, wow what an incredible looking picture. The picture is incredible and all the colors look incredible, even on regular 1080p content the q7f is able to upscale the picture to near 4k quality. Gaming is fantastic with no blur or ghosting and 4k discs look unreal with hdr turned on. Sports looks clean and clear no trailing. This thing leaves my 2 year old 60" samsung tv in the dust. Once you try the samsung qled q7f you wont be able to watch tv on anything else again. My only problem with the tv is that i wish it was bigger, but that just me wanting to see this thing in 65" or 75". Samsung you have spoiled me, you've created the pinnacle of what all 4k smart tvs will strive to be for years to come.
  • Updated 4/14 with added arc info. See the end of the review. . You have to start any review of the q7f by recognizing that it only makes sense as a 75" proposition. At smaller sizes, lg's oled tv's are simply better. When i was looking to upgrade from my (still excellent) 60" pioneer kuro plasma i wanted both 4k and a 75" screen. That put the oled's out of reach (the 77" lg oled is still running $20k at most locales). The q7f was the next best choice for me and it's a very good television. . Pros:. . - bright, vivid color. - great hdr10 performance. - sharp. - great build quality. - tiny bezel (though i wish it were black instead of silver! ). - decent built-in speaker. - fiber cable with remote control electronics is more convenient that trying to plug hdmi's directly into the tv. . Cons:. . - out of the box picture settings are not very good. - hard to find information on exactly what some of the picture processing options actually do. - vertical ghosting can occur with bright images on a black background. - letterboxes's can show some ghosting. - i couldn't get arc to work with my avr but i don't know if it's a q7 issue or a problem with my avr. . I have found it very tricky to find optimal settings for picture quality on this tv. The suggestions at rtings. Com are a very good starting point for movie mode. This is what i use for both uhd blu-rays and for most hd programming. On baseball broadcasts movie mode renders grass that actually looks like it could grow on the earth. In every other mode (natural, standard, dynamic) grass looks like an irradiated plant from avatar. And the default sharpening setting on these modes is far too aggressive for hd programming. It results in a strange, harsh picture that isn't watchable at all. Turning the sharpening down or off helps enormously - i keep it completely off in movie mode. . But oddly, movie mode is quite terrible for streaming uhd video on online store or netflix using the built-in apps. No explanation for this but movie mode has a creepy yellowish cast with streaming video that looks completely different than it does with uhd disks. Natural mode (with less sharpening and contrast enhancement turned off) looks better (actually really, really good) with streaming 4k video. Some picture adjustments like lcd clear motion are fairly useless - this one inserts black frames but causes flicker and really kills the brightness to unacceptable levels. And speaking of motion it's wise to get the motion settings off of auto and tone down the judder reduction unless you really like that soap-opera/video tape look. I don't but i also don't turn the motion interpolation completely off. I leave it on custom because when it's off i do see some judder in fast-moving scenes. Very different from my plasma which was always perfect in this regard. With a touch of judder reduction (i do leave blur at max) the motion is smooth and i see only a hint of soap-opera weirdness. . If you can ignore the light bleeding into the letterboxes the actual performance of the tv with good source material is outstanding. Black levels are really, really good. Colors are detailed and rich. If you keep that $ ! contrast enhancement off you can really get a lot of detail in dark scenes. The 'enhancement' just crushes everything to solid black but fortunately it can be turned off. . I do not see major fading with off-axis viewing in my setup. Viewing angles in my room really don't get that wide - maybe 30deg max so it's not being stressed. But the idea that the tv will washout if you're just a hair off axis is not right. It looks roughly the same from every viewing position in my room. . Overall, the picture quality is short of an oled (or even a plasma) but it's very, very good. Some 4k uhd content is simply stunning. And for 75" it's more realistically priced than the stratospheric oled pricing for big panels. . Arc update. . I was finally able to get arc working with the built-in streaming apps. There were 2 issues. First, only hdmi 2 supports arc. Apparently this is a known samsung thing but it surprised me. Second, it took several attempts at connected my avr to the qf7 before it recognized it as a receiver that supports arc. Once that happened, the audio selector had a new 'receiver' option in addition to tv & optical. This is only a minor issue - before i figured it out i was using an optical toslink cable to get audio for streaming apps. Some online store content does support dolby digital+ though, which can't stream over toslink. So it's satisfying that i was able to get this working even if it won't make much difference in practice.
  • This is not even close to oled, not worth the high price save your money. I went with oled tv and love it.
  • I went and looked at this set at my local retailer and was shocked to see two identical sets, right next to each other, with the same settings, demonstrating wildly different brightness. I did more research and found that this is a *well known problem*, see yt. Samsung is not offering to repair sets with brightness below the advertised 1000 nits, even for well-known reviewers, and even after sending engineers to actually inspect the sets. I can't imagine why anyone would take a risk on these sets
  • 9/28 edit - returned. Vertical ghost lines are too much to over look. Don't understand why samsung would release a product with this low quality and clearly not ready the market. . I am very pleased with the color, brightness and blacks of this tv. However, i am getting some sort of ghost vertical bands/stripes spanning from top to bottom of the screen. These bands are most prevalent with the camera pans for example when watching a soccer game. I think i have adjusted every picture setting on the tv and nothing has made a change. The input (directv hdmi) was never an issue with the previous tv i had and i don't know a way of changing the frame rate if that could be the possible culprit. Any input would be welcomed.

electronics ultra hd smart qled Samsung Electronics QN75Q7F 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Samsung has outdone themselves! this is the most beautiful tv i have ever seen. Every feature is superb and it makes my wife happy because it looks amazing in our living room! what makes this such a beautiful addition to our home? everything! the q7f is fine art! from the brushed stainless steel stand, screen borders and remote, to the ultra slim profile, invisible connection/ one connect box and almost nonexistent screen bezels. The q series of tv s from samsung are beautiful and i cannot say that enough. The color density and 4k high definition resolution is truly revolutionary and makes movies seem extremely lifelike and real, truly unlike anything you have ever seen before. One of the features that was a bonus surprise during setup is the one connect box. It is what samsung calls invisible connect and creates the ability to place all the wires (hdmi, audio, power, etc. ) in a remote location so that they are not tangled up and distracting from the overall beauty of the tv and your home. This is my wife s favorite feature! another feature that i didn t expect is audiophile sound. It really has amazing built in speakers that resemble my high-end home theater equipment. They have dynamic, accurate and powerful almost surround sound that really compliment the q series other top-notch features. Setup was a breeze and the smart functions are super-fast, smooth and user friendly. The only negative feature is the one i created, i wish i got the bigger one! don t make my mistake too, go big or go home! seriously though, our family loves our samsung q7f qled tv and we look forward to many, many hours together making more family memories and moments together!

Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeSamsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model (qn75q7famfxza)"Yeah. Upgrade from my suhd for sure. Almost didn't buy it, because i have a samsung 55" curved, but i am glad i did. Haven't spent a lot of time tweaking it, but there is no doubt that the resolution, brightness, and color resolution far exceed my 2015 model. I did notice a little tracking of images at first, but it went away somehow. Maybe after i turned on game mode? regardless, it's well built, crisp, stylish, classy, great remote, better smart hub, better mounting, better menu, better options, better picture, better blacks, better color vibrancy, better resolution, and better response times. Have watched movies in 4k and it is utter impressive! great investment, even for someone who only watches movies for about 10 hours a week."

(0) Question: How is the lag input while playing video games on this tv?

(1) Question: Does this have component (ybr connection that are used by wii / xbox original ?

(2) Question: Does it support hdr on playstaion pro ? i know that there were some problems with other 4k tvs

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Samsung Electronics UN82MU8000 82-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

The samsung mu8000 ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience that produces over a billion colors with 4k color drive extreme and a high dynamic range (hdr) picture. Our new smart tv user-interface (ui), the new smart remote controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more.

Samsung Electronics UN82MU8000 82-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN82MU8000-82-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Gray
Size :    82-Inch
Weight :    99.00 pounds
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.
  • Please note the differences between the mu8000 and the mu800d. mu8000: gray cabinet, 500 nits hdr sustained brightness, mega dynamic contrast mu800d: dark titan cabinet, 470 nits hdr sustained brightness, ultra dynamic contrast
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular uhd.
  • Thanks to the dramatic range of triple black, blacks are now blacker-even in morning or afternoon glare-so you'll never miss a detail in the dark.
  • Enjoy smooth action without the blur. motion rate 240 brings sports and fast-moving content to life.
Price :    $2947.95 (was $3479.99)
Model :    UN82MU8000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN82MU8000 82-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Jan 2020 )

Samsung Electronics QLED TV No Gap Wall Mount - 75

The no gap wall-mount is custom designed to easily mount led and frame tvs on the wall. Allows tilting the tv for high on the wall placement like a fireplace.

Samsung Electronics QLED TV No Gap Wall Mount - 75Samsung-Electronics-QLED-Wall-Mount

Brand :    samsung
Size :    75"
Weight :    8.15 pounds
Model :    WMN-M21EB/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics QLED TV No Gap Wall Mount - 75 available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $122.15 (was $177.99)
  • No gap wall-mount: experience minimal gap when mounted
  • Simple and easy installation: intuitive design reduces installation time
  • Compatible with these samsung tvs: 75q7f, 75q8c, 75q9f
  • Vertical adjustment: adjust and set position up to 6 degree / 10mm

VideoSecu Articulating TV Mount Large Big Heavy Duty Swivel Tilt Wall Mount Bracket For 60 62 65 70 75 78 80 , Some Models up to 85 90 LED LCD Plasma TV- Dual Arm pulls out up to 25 1YE

The videosecu full motion articulating mount mp830b is designed for large size lcd led plasma flat panel screen display. Constructed with high gauge steel, it handles screens up to 176lbs. This articulating mount supports tv vesa up to 900x600mm. Dual arm design allows 140 degree side-to-side swivel (the max degree is depending on your display size), 15 degree forward and backward tilt and extends the flat panel screen up to 25" from wall for perfect view positioning and reduce glare. The wall plate is 22. 8" wide, allowing it to be mounted into two standard wood studs 16" apart. Post installation level adjustment allows 6 degree rotation for perfect level in different view angles. How to ensure the mount compliance with your selected display? first, the weight of your display should be less than 176lbs. Next, mounting holes distance on the rear of tv must be less than 36. 6" (930mm) horizontally and 25. 1" (640mm) vertically. Last, your tv should be at least 36. 6"(w) x 25. 1"(h) otherwise, you will see the bracket. Notice: this mount fits most 60-80" tvs (vesa hole patterns from 200 x200 mm (8"x8") to 930x640 mm(36. 6"x25. 1")), some up to 85 90 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu Articulating TV Mount Large Big Heavy Duty Swivel Tilt Wall Mount Bracket For 60 62 65 70 75 78 80 , Some Models up to 85 90 LED LCD Plasma TV- Dual Arm pulls out up to 25 1YEVideoSecu-Articulating-Swivel-Bracket-Models

Brand :    videosecu
  • Standard mounting hardware included
  • Heavy duty mount supports display up to 176 lbs; arm fold 2. 75" or extend up to 25"
  • Adjustable tilt +/-15 degrees and swivel side-to-side for comfortable viewing angle
  • Fits most 60"- 80" display with mounting hole pattern from 200 x200 mm (8"x8") to 930x640 mm(36. 6"x25. 1")
  • Post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level
Price :    $127.49 (was $129.99)
Model :    MP830B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu Articulating TV Mount Large Big Heavy Duty Swivel Tilt Wall Mount Bracket For 60 62 65 70 75 78 80 , Some Models up to 85 90 LED LCD Plasma TV- Dual Arm pulls out up to 25 1YE available ( Jan 2020 )

Samsung HW-M550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 Model

Enjoy a dynamic home audio experience with 3. 1 channel surround sound. Feel the action of your favorite movies, shows, and sports with dynamic, powerful bass. Connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices.

Samsung HW-M550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 ModelSamsung-HW-M550-Channel-Wireless-Soundbar

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.73 pounds
Model :    HW-M550/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung HW-M550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2017 Model available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $219.63 (was $377.99)
  • Enjoy a dynamic home audio experience with 3. 1 channel surround sound.
  • Feel the action of your favorite movies, shows, and sports with dynamic, powerful bass.
  • Pairs with wireless speaker kit (swa - 8500s) for an immersive experience1 (1 sold separately)
  • Connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices.
  • Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports with higher quality audio. the hdmi connection transmits digital video and audio over a single cable, delivering a superior entertainment experience.

Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

Samsung's uhd blu-ray player is simply the best way to experience your favorite movies and shows. With samsung s uhd blu-ray player, scenes burst with vivid color, stunning contrast, and deep detail. 4k uhd resolution delivers four times the detail of hd, and with an expanded color spectrum and high dynamic range (hdr), you ll experience your favorites in a whole new way. 2 1 4k uhd tv required. 2 hdr capable tv needed to view hdr content. 3 internet connection is required.

Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray PlayerSamsung-UBD-M8500-ZA-Blu-Ray-Player

Brand :    samsung
Weight :    4.19 pounds
Model :    UBD-M8500/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Play 4k ultra hd movies at 4x the resolution of full 1080p hd, letting you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like never before.
  • Sync and stream all your favorite tv shows, games, apps, and more with built-in wireless.
  • New for 2017, turn your tv into the ultimate home entertainment hub. seamlessly access your favorite apps, content, and sports with samsung smart hub.
  • Hdr allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details. the player recognizes hdr content and automatically optimizes settings.
Price :    $299.99
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (samsung product review) for Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player available ( Jan 2020 )

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar

An easy and secure wall-mounting solution for sonos playbar.

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR SoundbarSONOS-Wall-Mount-PLAYBAR-Soundbar

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.05 pounds
  • Makes playbar easy to install to any wall with pegs in precisely the right place.
  • Allow for placement horizontally above or below your tv
  • Ensures a secure and rattle-free wall-mount installation.
Price :    $33.15 (was $39.00)
Model :    N/A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sonos product review) for SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar available ( Jan 2020 )

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 42 -80 TVs - Easy To Install On 16 24 Studs & Features Smooth Articulation, Swivel, & Tilt - EGLF2

Extremely well built and solid. Holds my 70" tv like a dream.

Wall mounting is the best way to get the most from your new large tv. Not only will it keep your investment safe, but will drastically enhance your viewing experience. You'd swear charlie sheen came over with all the winning you'll be doing once that 4k beauty is on the wall. So how will mounting your tv improve the viewing experience? so glad you asked. 1. Your screen will be at eye levelif you set your tv on an entertainment center, the screen is often below the best viewing angle. By mounting, you can hang the tv in the sweet spot, with the middle of the screen lining up with your eye level. That gives you a better picture plus reduces fatigue during your overwatch gaming marathons. Dibs on zenyatta. 2. Point the tv almost anywherethis is the biggest benefit of full motion mounts. By extending from the wall, you have space to swivel the screen to point at any seat. Now you can get the perfect picture while sitting in that comfy recliner you found on the side of the road. Trust me, watching the fast & furious movies from your favorite spot enhances the enjoyment tenfold. Man, the rock is so bad-ass. If you're feeling wild, you could even point the tv to a different room, like the kitchen. That means catching up on silicon valley while pan-searing that delicious bass you caught. 3. Eliminate screen glarethe only thing more annoying than screen glare is carl clicking his pen at the office all day. Cripes carl. If you pick a full motion mount, tilting the screen will lessen or completely eliminate your screen glare issues. Without needing tools, you can tilt the screen down and get the best viewing possible. Not to mention all the safety improvements putting your tv on the wall gives you. Rather than your flat screen dangerously wavering every time you touch it, you can keep the screen securely connected to the wall and eliminate the risk of a tip-over.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 42 -80 TVs - Easy To Install On 16 24 Studs & Features Smooth Articulation, Swivel, & Tilt - EGLF2ECHOGEAR-Motion-Articulating-Mount-Bracket

Echogear Motion Articulating Mount Bracket (eglf2 bk) FAQ.

Well packed and product is 100% sturdy, great quality and easy to install. The product preforms everything exactly as it details on there website. I brought 2 thank you echogear -Notice from . Russell, West Virginia

Click to Show echogear motion articulating mount bracket (eglf2 bk) Details

It's nice to see a quality product these days. Well built, well designed, sturdy and strong. I have 100% confidence that this will easily support my large 60" tv or larger if i should ever purchase a bigger one. Good quality lag screws and hardware is included. Designed to fit the back of nearly any tv and adapt to different wall stud spacing. I have no suggestions for improvement. Well done! . Of course you must mount bracket into a wall stud for proper support. Use a stud finder or a small nail to find the center of the studs.

Echogear-motion-articulating-mount-bracket-(eglf2-bk) set picture

- I. OlgaIf i could give this product 6 stars, i would. Everything from the packaging to the instructions to the wall mount itself was top notch! awesome product! my husband and i put it up ourselves. And we're 67 and 64 yrs old. I think that says a lot right there! if we can install it, anyone can!

Wonderful! my son-in-law and daughter installed for me and they were impressed with the ease and they loved the humor in the directions. Good quality and great price.

T. Pearson, South Gloucestershire

Brand :    echogear
Color :    Black
  • With up to 130º of swivel, you can watch your tv from anywhere in the room. or, swivel it away from todd. he's been annoying lately
  • We give it our all. we believe in easy to follow instructions and chatting with humans. our us-based echogear pro's are available every day of the week. sometimes we are crabby on mondays, but who isn't?
  • Pull your tv out 22" away from the wall for ultimate viewing. place back 2. 4" from the wall for the real slim shady look. become the ultimate you. we believe.
  • We never skip leg day. our heavy-gauge steel is strong enough to support tv screens up to 125 lbs.
  • Designed to accommodate almost any vesa pattern, this mount is compatible with all major tv brands, including lg, sony, vizio, and samsung.
Price :    $99.99 (was $129.99)
Model :    EGLF2-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 42 -80 TVs - Easy To Install On 16 24 Studs & Features Smooth Articulation, Swivel, & Tilt - EGLF2 available ( Jan 2020 )

Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

I did a lot of research before this purchase because i plan on not buying another tv for at least 10 years. My previous samsung lasted 11 years so i trust the brand. The old one was a rear projection 1080p and the picture was good. This new one is stunning. Consumer reports gave it high marks also. I read some reviews that the viewing angle was just ok but after watching it i wouldn't worry, it's fine. After setting it all up i went over to youtube to look at some 4k programs and it blew me away. The picture is absolutely amazing. My old samsung was 2200 bucks. This one under 1600. Works for me! i highly recommend this tv. You won't be disappointed. Update 9/14/17. Have been enjoying the tv for a couple of months now and there is not a week that goes by when i don't blurt out how fantastic the picture is. So glad i pulled the trigger on this purchase!

Every scene deserves a brilliant picture. Experience lifelike color with a billion more shades than regular 4k uhd and enjoy the expanded depth of hdr. With extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, you never miss a detail. Mr 240 brings fast action to life, and you can take it all in on a tv that's streamlined from every angle- from a sleek frame to a clean back.

Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN75MU8000-75-Inch-Ultra

Samsung Electronics Un75mu8000 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un75mu8000fxza) FAQ.

I've had this tv for a couple of months now. It is awesome, . Picture clarity is exceptional. The darks are extremely dark. Of course, it's best with 4k content (which i can find on netflix). But even regular hd content looks gorgeous. The smarthub is very fast; it comes up instantaneously, and the apps load quickly. It comes with everything you may want - netflix, online store, hulu, hbo and many others for video; pandora, spotify, iheartradio and others for music. It even comes with a pretty decent web browser, i was able to log into the cliburn competition and watch a lot of it through the browser, with no problems and no latency at all. The built-in speakers are pretty decent, but i had it installed with a sonos soundbar system. It is big, but not overwhelmingly so - i had it installed above a fireplace, and it fills the space but does not dominate it. It is very thin for its size, and surprisingly not that heavy (i could lift it myself). Finally, i absolutely love the remote. It is ergonomics exemplified! fits very nicely in hand, has ingeniously simple controls, every button is distinct, with its own feel. It is really exceptionally well designed. Bravo to samsung - it is one of the best electronic products overall i ever used, ever. I only have two complaints about the tv. One, it does not have a plug for headphones. How can a tv with all these features not have a simple little plug? i couldn't believe it. I had to buy a special gizmo (mpow, which is a great product - i reviewed it separately) to connect my bose headphones to the bluetooth output (the only option). Minor complaint two, sometimes the apps get "stuck. " a couple of times i turned off the tv while netflix or online store was running, and when i turned it back on, it was not responsive to any other buttons on the remote (just on and off). I had to unplug it to "reboot, " then it was fine again. It only happened a couple of times. So overall, i would buy it again, it's just awesome. -Notice from P. Jacqueline, Delaware

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I owned a panasonic 55" 3d plasma tv for years - it was great, but was starting to show it's age and after it died i did a lot of research. I didn't want to spend $5000 on a tv, and though i know the lg oled and samsung qled are much better pictures, just moving to 4k and hdr would be enough of a step up for me right now. After a lot of online research, i settled on samsung and went to best buy with the intention to find last year's model ks8000, which is a lot of the same as this mu8000 and with a couple features the newer model doesn't do as well. It's also cheaper. However, best buy no longer offers the installation on older models, and the ks8000 is quickly going out of stock. I considered both the 65 and 55 inch models before settling on the 55 inch, since that's what we had before. . Best buy ordering and delivery is simply the best! sales associates know their stuff and the delivery guys have always been top-notch. The warranty is a great deal, but i did pass this time for better or worse. I paid an extra $15 so they would haul away my old bricked plasma, and it's so worth it. The only negative about the delivery experience is they can't unbox the tv or even put it up on the stand for you unless you pay for the "installation". That's not as big of a deal as it was with my plasma (which they did unbox and pull out as part of installation because it was so heavy) since this tv is so light, but i'd recommend having two people to lift a 55" tv for stability sake. . Picture quality on the mu8000 is excellent. Vivid colors, deep blacks, no light bleed i can see, motion handling and up-scaling all looks great so far. The samsung remote is really nice and the voice control addition works well. There aren't a lot of buttons - it's basically just like the online store firetv voice remote. I have a logitech harmony so our primary remote is the harmony remote, but i do like the simplicity of the samsung remote. The toggle channel/volume buttons are a bit odd at first, but we don't really use them. . The mu8000 stand is nice looking, but feels a little cheap. I would opt for wall-mounting if you have the option. One thing i'm not quite sure on is the "one connect box" that i personally fins annoying. There are no ports on the back of the tv. It looks really clean, but having all the inputs in an external box is definitely different. The cable management channel around the bottom edge and foot of the tv is really cool, but when you're running both the one connect box cable and the power cable it gets crowded. It also seems like samsung gave up on the cool cable management design once they hit the stand and just said "whatever - if they get to this point we don't care". It looks a bit odd on my stand, but depending on what you put your tv on it's a lot cleaner. The nice thing about the one connect box is it places the inputs away from the back of the tv. I only run one hdmi to my tv from my receiver so my cords are minimal, but if you had multiple inputs i could see this being awesome, especially in a wall-mount situation as you'd only have 2-3 running from the back of the tv instead of 7. The samsung tizen os smart tv software is pretty good - i haven't run in to issues with it, but i don't use it all the time. If i was running cable directly into the tv and not through my stereo receiver, i think the voice control for the cable channels and the smart tv software would be much nicer than my comcast/xfinity box (i don't have the x1). . The mu8000 dims/brightens itself depending on the light in the room. It hasn't bothered me too much and i may disable it at some point, but it's worth noting. There are times the tv looks a bit too dark for the light in the room but it's never been unclear. This may only be a "movie mode" setting. There is some glare on the set, but no where near as bad as a plasma tv. The viewing angle is decent, maybe a little better than my panasonic plasma. I expected better viewing angles from a tv this expensive and 8 years newer. From what i have read, the hdr on the mu8000 is not the best you can get and you'd be better off with last year's ks8000 or the sony 900e series if hdr is important to you. You do have to turn it on in the mu8000 settings for the input you want. . Overall, this tv is a good package for the price. It seems to promise a bit more than it actually has, which is disappointing from samsung, but if you're not going to nitpick over the 500 nits reality vs the 1000 nits promise on the package for the hdr, you will be happy with your purchase. If you want to stay in this price range and care about the best specs for your money, i would recommend trying to find the ks8000 series somewhere or going with the sony 900e series.

Samsung-electronics-un75mu8000-75-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(un75mu8000fxza) set picture

- F. LewisSamsung tv's are exceptional. Quality, longevity makes this a great product. Had sony tv's for years before and they pale against the samsung.

I m not a tv person so take this with a grain of salt. I am, however, a techie. On black friday i spent way more time than i should ve researching tvs but really there were a couple things really important to me. The first was reflection. I have a wall of windows across from the wall the tv is mounted on. This tv does awesome and reflection is absolutely not an issue. The second thing i cared about was os. Prior to this i ve always used a roku and was hesitant to use any native os. I have to say i love the os on this tv. Roku is truly no longer needed. Youtube is even built in so you can watch music videos. The remote is also awesome and modern feeling. . The picture is super amazing but i m guessing that s the case for all modern 4k tvs (like i said, i m not really a tv guy so he s to comment here). . The bezel is pretty much non-existent. . One thing to note when purchasing this tv is that you need to also order some 40mm m8 bolts as it requires them and they don t seem to come standard with wall mounts.

B. Moore, Basse-Normandie

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Gray
Size :    75-Inch
Weight :    84.00 pounds
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and the lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.
  • Enjoy smooth, crisp action, even in the fastest scenes, bringing sports and fast-moving content to life.
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular 4k uhd.
  • Please note the differences between the mu8000 and the mu800d. mu8000: gray cabinet, 500 nits hdr sustained brightness, mega dynamic contrast mu800d: dark titan cabinet, 470 nits hdr sustained brightness, ultra dynamic contrast
  • See what you've been missing, even in dark scenes. product size (w x h x d) without stand 66. 1 x 38. 2 x 2. 3 (inches) ; product size (w x h x d) with stand 66. 1 x 41. 7 x 13. 9 (inches).
Price :    $2060.84 (was $2497.99)
Model :    UN75MU8000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Jan 2020 )

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.

Great product that simplified tv and music playback. All around great sound when paired with a sub and surround speakers. I have p1s in one room and built -ins in another and both sound great with the playbar and sub.

Playbar s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for tv, web, movies and video games. It is also a stand-alone all-in-one sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your itunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. Playbar connects to your tv using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your tv, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. Connect playbar or bridge to your wireless router and link all sonos players wirelessly with one touch. Note: to get started, you must wire either one player or bridge to your home network using a standard ethernet cable.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.Sonos-Soundbar-Wireless-Streaming-Speaker

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk) FAQ.

Great sound and look. Volume controls with samsung smart tv 2015 rc. The only thing i don't like is there are too many levels and you need to click too many times to change the volume enough. -Notice from M. Cindy, Vermont

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Great product and i like how you can group multiple speakers together, just wished sonos had bluetooth.

Sonos-soundbar-wireless-streaming-speaker-(pbar1us1blk) set picture

- R. EvelynGreat way to add sonos to your living room without "overdoing it", especially if you live in an apartment building. Music on this thing sounds great, as it does with all sonos products. As i'm sure others have mentioned, unless your tv outputs dolby digital 5. 1 from it's optical output, you won't get the full experience unless connecting your product directly to it. Other than that, i'm perfectly happy with it

For those that want a simple solution for hooking up a great sound system to your tv, this is it. One simple connection to your tv and use the sonos app to set up for the best sound. This unit eliminates the need for additional left and right speakers as this sound bar has them built in. Sound is very good but i would highly recommend the sonos sub be added to this system for greater bass and better overall sound. Yes it is expensive, but you will love the sound and the ease of operation for not only your tv shows, but all your itunes, pandora, spotify and many other services that it will play.

D. Theresa, Florida

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    11.90 pounds
Model :    PBAR1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa. available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $609.88 (was $697.00)
  • Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
  • Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.
  • Connect your playbar to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.

Samsung Electronics QN75Q9 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Introducing qled tv, our most spectacular tv yet. An unbelievably brilliant picture made possible by a billion colors, producing images you have to see to believe. Thanks to samsung s proprietary quantum dots and our exclusive infinite array technology, picture quality and color volume are elevated beyond what has ever been possible. As smart as it is beautiful, the new smart tv knows what s connected and lets you control everything with one remote. The sophisticated qled tv 360 degree design and invisible connection elegantly fit into any room, whether it s mounted on the wall or on a tv stand.

Samsung Electronics QN75Q9 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-QN75Q9-75-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    75-Inch
Weight :    94.40 pounds
  • Get perfect color with over a billion shades and 100% color volume with our exclusive new quantum dots.
  • Note: refer the user manual before use for better installation.
  • The no-bezel design and clean back finish look gorgeous front to back, whether mounted on the wall or sitting on a stand.
  • Q 4k elite black+ with infinite array delivers our most stunning shades of black and reveals the secrets hidden in the shadows with elite detail.
  • Q 4k hdr elite+ with infinite array produces our best contrast and detail in the brightest and darkest areas on the screen at the same time.
Price :    $5312.99 (was $6997.99)
Model :    QN75Q9FAMFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics QN75Q9 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Jan 2020 )

Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

The samsung mu9000 ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience by producing over a billion rich colors with 4k color drive extreme and triple black extreme for a deeper high dynamic range (hdr) picture. Our new smart tv user interface (ui), the new smart remote controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more.

Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN75MU9000-75-Inch-Ultra

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    75-Inch
Weight :    99.00 pounds
Model :    UN75MU9000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $2599.95 (was $2997.99)
  • Enjoy smooth, crisp action even in the fastest scenes. motion rate 240 brings sports and fast moving content to life.
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than standard 4k uhd.
  • Triple black extreme brings out extreme detail even in the darkest scenes.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, Compatible Alexa

The soundtouch 300 soundbar delivers clear, spacious sound. Every cubic inch of this speaker is packed with technologies that bring your music and movies to life. It starts inside with custom-shaped speakers that keep the profile low and pump out big sound. Quiet port technology virtually eliminates distortion so you hear surprisingly deep bass. Adaptiq audio room calibration ensures the soundbar sounds the best it can in the space you put it, while phaseguide technology makes you believe you're hearing sounds where there are no speakers. On the outside, the glass top and perforated wrap-around metal grille make the soundbar look as good in your room as it sounds. Bluetooth and wi-fi technology are built in, so you can wirelessly stream music any way you prefer, while nfc provides quick and easy pairing. The soundtouch app gives you simple control over your favorites. And the soundtouch 300 soundbar works together with other soundtouch speakers, like a family. You can start with the soundtouch 300 and add other soundtouch speakers when you are ready. And while the soundtouch 300 soundbar sounds great by itself, you can add the acoustimass 300 wireless bass module and/or virtually invisible 300 wireless surround speakers at anytime to get even more performance and a full 5. 1 experience. Place the soundbar on a table below your tv, or save even more space by using the optional wall bracket. It's all run by a universal remote, so you can control your other devices, too. With the new bose skill for alexa, you can now enjoy hands-free voice control of your soundtouch speakers using any alexa-enabled device - like the echo dot. It's easy. Just open the alexa app. Search bose under the skills menu. Follow the simple steps. And ask away. Common commands alexa, ask bose to play in the kitchen. Alexa, ask bose to play everywhere. Alexa, ask bose to play preset 1. Alexa, ask bose what's playing. Alexa, ask bose to turn up the volume.

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, Compatible AlexaBose-SoundTouch-Soundbar-Compatible-Alexa

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Weight :    12.60 pounds
Model :    767520-1100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Add optional acoustic mass 300 wireless bass module and virtually invisible 300 wireless surround speakers anytime for deeper bass and full-on surround sound
  • Bluetooth with nfc pairing and wi-fi technology let you stream music wirelessly, whichever way you prefer. listen to music services like music, spotify and pandora and your personal stored music
  • Adapted audio room calibration fine-tunes the system's sound to your room, so your sound always fits your space
  • Premium glass and metal grille make the sound bar look as good as it sounds. video source compatibility: hdmi and 4k pass-through
  • Hdmi connectivity with 4k pass-through brings your music, movies and tv shows to life
Price :    $599.99 (was $639.95)
Speakers :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (bose product review) for Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar, Compatible Alexa available ( Jan 2020 )

Sanus Super Low Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount Bracket 40 - 80 TVs - Features Slim 1 Profile, Easy Access To Cables, & Simple Install - OLL15-B1

The sleek sanus fixed-position tv mount provides a modern look and aesthetic holding your tv just 1" off the wall. This ultra-low profile mount has an open wall plate design to accommodate for extra cables and provides room for an electrical outlet. Even though this is a fixed wall mount, we don't skimp on the features. You can easily level your tv and center it with surroundings after you finish your installation to make your tv picture perfect. We included a quick-release lock to allow for easy access to cables behind your tv when hooking your components up. We provide an easy 1, 2, 3 step installation and include a drilling template to simplify the process. The sanus difference when you buy from sanus, not only you are you getting an awesome set of specs, but also peace of mind. At sanus, safety is our number one priority, that is why all our mounts are engineered in the us to be durable, safe, and effective. Our tv mounts are safety tested and ul certified, meaning they have tested and verified to hold 4x the weight they are rated to. With most online sellers, you'd be lucky to get a poorly written email response to your product or install questions. We don't think that is acceptable. Our expert us-based customer care team is available 7-days a week, and ready to help you with your project, and even walk you through your installation. Worried about compatibility with your tv? each of our wall brackets was built to accommodate a wide range of vesa patterns (the holes on the back of your tv), and includes the right screws to fit different tv brands. Supported vesa patterns for this low profile tv mount include:100x100200x100200x200300x200300x300400x300400x400600x400still unsure? we're here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about this product.

Sanus Super Low Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount Bracket 40 - 80 TVs - Features Slim 1 Profile, Easy Access To Cables, & Simple Install - OLL15-B1Sanus-Super-Profile-Position-Bracket

Brand :    sanus
Model :    OLL15-B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sanus product review) for Sanus Super Low Profile Fixed Position TV Wall Mount Bracket 40 - 80 TVs - Features Slim 1 Profile, Easy Access To Cables, & Simple Install - OLL15-B1 available ( Jan 2020 )
Price :    $59.99
  • Accessing cables behind the thin profile is made simple with the quick release mechanism.
  • The ultra low profile design holds your tv a razor thin 1" from the wall. sanus mounts are built to be compatible with almost every tv.
  • With sanus, you get a top quality product backed by our us-based customer care team, which is ready to answer your questions 7 days a week.
  • Easy 3 step install in under 30 minutes. includes wall drilling template, and divided hardware. sanus mounts are built to be compatible with almost every tv.
  • Nobody's perfect. after installing on up to 24" studs, quickly level and center your tv for a perfect picture, every time.

Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System 3-Pack , Works a SmartThings Hub

Take ultimate control of your space with samsung connect home, a wi-fi router and a smartthings hub all in one. Not only does it deliver an optimized wi-fi signal to every corner of every room, but it also connects compatible cameras, lights, voice assistants, and more. Now you can manage your home and your life right from the palm of your hand.

Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System 3-Pack , Works a SmartThings HubSamsung-Connect-AC1300-System-SmartThings

Brand :    samsung
Color :    White
Weight :    0.46 pounds
  • Set-up in minutes, and keeps your wi-fi network safe and secure.
  • A smarter router with smart home hub functionality that easily connects compatible cameras, lights, voice assistants and more
  • Corner to corner wi-fi coverage for homes up to 4, 500 sq ft* and up to 866 mbps 5 ghz + 400 mbps 2. 4 ghz (ac1300) *actual coverage will vary based on home construction and layout
Price :    $195.00 (was $219.99)
Model :    ET-WV520K
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung product review) for Samsung Connect Home AC1300 Smart Wi-Fi System 3-Pack , Works a SmartThings Hub available ( Jan 2020 )

samsung electronics qn75q7f 75-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model Price : 2885, was : 3497 as 2018-01-12
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model (qn75q7famfxza) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for samsung electronics qn75q7f 75-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model

I picked this over the lg for several reasons. First being because of the no burn in guarantee samsung gives. Plus the one connect box is awesome, wires are easily managed. The design is amazing. It connects flawlessly to my phone and other devices. Love the one remote. . Although i did find the oled had slightly better picture quality when side-by-side comparison in the store, this tv looks great, quality image is much better than my previous samsung led.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Does this televsion have both hdr10 and dolby vision? many streaming services (e. g. vudu) use dolby vision, whereas my xbox uses hdr10.

(1) Question: Does the one connect come with tv

(2) Question: The size (56. 9 x 13. 9 x 36. 1 inchs) is the box size or the tv size?

(3) Question: Is their going to be or is there dolby vision support?

(4) Question: Can you lose the comcast box with this tv?

(5) Question: Just bought qn55q7n. having little trouble calibrating it. do not like the movie mode settings on rtings. com. prefer dynamic or standard. any ideas?

(6) Question: Do you provide installation?

(7) Question: Are you able to connect your laptop or phone to the tv to view photos or videos?

(8) Question: Can you lose the comcast box with this tv?

(9) Question: Anyone know the size of the screws/bolts needed for the mounting holes on the back of the tv? or does it come with some? most tvs dont.

(10) Question: How long is the tv-to-oneconnect box connector cord which comes with the 75" tv? one answer says 15-18', one says 4'.

(11) Question: Where can one see it first?

(12) Question: Can you connect an older dvd/tape player?

(13) Question: Is this tv a lot more better the samsung ks8000?

(14) Question: Can i use the hdmi jacks i have in the wall behind the tv instead of the one connect?

(15) Question: Does the tv come with warranty

(16) Question: Is the remote metal or black plastic? they seem to have changed it.

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products

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Although i am not expert in display, i can give review based on the average person who turns on the tv whenever i am home. I been using uhd tv that was released last year from other top brand. I did not have any problem with it and overall picture was great. I decided to jump on to qled from samsung and i just entered new paradigm. Watching it from showroom and your living room is so much different. I want to talk about picture quality first. First thing i saw on this tv is game of throne. It is greater than great. This is total upgrade from 4k uhd tv. The color and image is just like you are watch two different show compared to my last tv. Especially, contents are moving toward 4k and tv that is capable of displaying real color is important. Also, you can have it on in bright condition still see the great color. I want to talk about the design and peripheral comes with the tv. I think the picture quality is what people are initially interested in, but design and the details are what makes the difference with competitor. The premium feel of stainless steel for tv and even the remote makes this tv unique. The remote controller will make your remote look like plastic junk. Also, invisible line that connects hub to tv makes your living room much cleaner. No more plastic covers to hide the lines. The hub of tv give you easy access to connect my xbox and usb which i use very often. Smart tv capability is pretty much the same you can expect from top tv maker. It has everything you expect netflix, online store prime, internet. Especially, if you are moviegoer, you need to definitely consider qled which is different world from led tvs.

Electronics 282271, LED & LCD TVs 1107379546, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Samsung Electronics Qn75q7f 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Qled Tv 2017 Model (qn75q7famfxza) FAQ Content

Best samsung electronics qn75q7f 75-inch 4k ultra hd smart qled tv 2017 model (qn75q7famfxza) in review

Beautiful, thin, technologically superior. Seriously, this tv is a beast. I never jumped on the 3d bandwagon because at the time it just wasn't good enough. Hdr is a completely different story! i've watched shows through streaming services using hdr and it really is the difference. Just plain gorgeous. And this beauty is thin and full of technological advances. I love the smarthub. It hides my hdmi inputs via a fiber optic connection from the tv. And even that cord is hidden by the stand. You cannot see a single cable coming out of the tv. Also, this tv has all the smart features including most of the typical streaming services. If i had one quibble it would be the remote, but if you are using all of your remotes you really need to upgrade to a smart universal remote. It works just fine, but i prefer my universal. If you are on the fence about this tv, i'm here to tell you to just jump in. The water is fine (i know because it looks amazing on this tv).

D. Cathy, Hertfordshire

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X. Mahood, Manchester says

Once you get this set, it's very important to update the firmware to version 1015 or better. With that version, some problems with brightness and black level have been fixed. Some early reviews were very critical, but now the q7f has come into its own. With the new firmware, the picture is beautiful. . I didn't get a look at the 2016 ks models from samsung, but i did have a 2015 suhd model, and the q7f is much nicer. I can also compare with a 2015 2k oled model which i still have. The q7f is much better. However, the improvement in off-axis viewing angle promised by samsung is disappointing. It's a little better than previous years', i guess. . The most convenient thing for me is the upscaling of 1080i hd from directv, since this is mostly what i watch. The apparent resolution is very good, but don't be shy about turning up the user sharpness control (i have mine set at 74).

K. Patricia, California

Ok, so it hasn't even been 24 hours but i'm in love. Let's start from the beginning. This replaces an 8 year old 46" sony bravia that experienced catastrophic hdmi port failure. Was looking at 65" replacements and soon realized this size was just too big for the room/space. The dimensions of the samsung q7 55" were virtually identical to the old sony but the addition in 9" on the diagonal was picked up on the infinity edges - this thing is all screen - no boarder - and skinny thin. Set up was intuitive and a snap. Only thing that caused me a little anxiety was agreeing to some of the terms and conditions related to what samsung has the right to do with - spying, selling, reporting - my viewership data and anything else it is capable of gathering. But then reality set in and i clicked "agree" like i always do. Besides, alexa surely has sammy's back. Really enjoy the "one connect" feature to streamline not only all the wiring and conduit but also on the functional side of navigating all the inputs. I still can't believe i made this purchase through online store - it's a big ticket item for my household. I was extremely apprehensive about the shipping arrangement but in true online store style it was professional and comforting throughout the entire process - by appointment no less. Delivered to the house and unboxed by true professionals. Communication was great. So, unless things go horribly sideways in the coming days/weeks you will not hear from again on this subject. I'm busy now looking for the sound system upgrade to match this exceptionally beautiful picture. Cheers!

I. Gilmore, Thurrock says

Color is second to none at this price, i compared it to my previous 1080p tv(un60h6203). My previous tv is a few years old, but it shows how vast of an improvement the 55q7f was for my situation. Even with the same 720p cablebox input, the difference is huge. You can see the difference in the pixels in the images i uploaded. The 55q7f uses a blue led backlight with red/green nano crystals that absorb the blue light to emit a fuller color volume and range. A typical led will use white backlight and filters through rgb pixels by tft (thin film transistors) switching them on/off to create the colors. . It s quite bright even with direct sunlight shining on the display. There are 2 very bright white lights (6500k fluorescent neon tubes) overhead near my tv, and the reflection is not distracting. Many people prefer oleds due to their deep blacks because that area of the screen is actually off and not emitting light. Although the qled will always have some light pass through, it's quite impressive just how little passes through. It's barely noticeable to me even when the screen is dark and the room is pitch black. If you prefer viewing tv with any window blinds open or lights on, i'd recommend this tv for the extra brightness over oled. . The viewing angle seemed great, the brightness didn't noticeably dip until i was at a very severe angle, and the color volume remained very strong and vivid at even severe angles. . The overall system controls feel awesome, the remote is small and clean. The remote is also rf (radio frequency), so there s no need for a line of sight to the tv as with ir (infrared) remotes. I can't express the user interface enough, it's really intuitive and quick, and there's no waiting half-a-second for it to respond when you hit left/right to move through selections. . The one connect box is great. You will need 2 power outlets, but the cleanliness is worth it. I loved not having to mess with all the wires after wall mounting a tv. Samsung also provides a nice optical cord length, so i was able to route it far from the tv and closer to my entertainment equipment. By making the box modular and separate form the tv, the tv is lighter, slimmer, and fits a lot closer to the wall. I was able to mount the tv with the screen surface 1. 5" from the wall. . The tv is also capable of steam link without a steam link box. Just download the app and start playing steam games. My xbox 360 controller was automatically detected when i plugged it in and i was on my way to playing games from my steam library. You can also use the game controller to control the tv (opening apps, changing sources, etc. ). . I found myself putting up some 4k scenery from youtube on the tv and it s beautiful. The tv also remembers the last app and process you were in when you powered off the tv. So if you were in the middle of watching netflix or youtube, the video resumes from the exact point you left off when you turn it back on. . The tv will handle 4k 60hz, and if you're playing games, make sure to turn on game mode. Game mode sacrifices some after input processing to decrease the input lag, bringing the response time down from 25-30ms to 8ms. . Overall, i'm very satisfied with this tv. It really impressed me from the picture quality to the design and build quality. Samsung continues to be innovative and push consumer electronics capabilities at an affordable cost too.

P. Kellie, Cornwall

Updated. I have to change my rating to 5 stars. After many hours of playing with the settings and looking at my different media sources, i tracked down the cause of the pixilation. I never had a problem before because i was using a plasma, how i wish they could make 4k plasma. Turns out one of my media sources, rasberry pi 3, was throwing off the frame rate and causing the pixilation. After a bit of playing and changing a setting on my "pi" to refresh the frame rate with each content change, all looks good now. Still not a plasma for motion, but led/lcd/oled never will be and i have accepted that. Could not be happier with picture quality. Just remember when setting up your tv for novices, you don't want colors and contrast that is not true to life, you will be much happier with your tv. If anyone wants me to post my settings, please let me know. All colors have been calibrated thru expert setup (red/greens/blue/cyan/magenta, white balance, etc. ). . So far the jury is out. Have all my color calibrated under expert settings, and all the experts recommended settings. I have to say the color and picture is incredible. But, and this is a big one, so far the motion is not up to "par" for the price of the tv. I am getting lots of pixilation with motion, some may call it blur, but looks more like pixilation effect to me. I am not sure if this is something wrong with the tv, or my setup. I have tried many different settings and will continue to play with them. If anyone from samsung wants to chime in and help, that would be great. I have 30 days to return this tv, if i can not improve the motion blur it may go back for a different model. So far the 3 stars is a temporary review and can always be changed.

H. Jarvis, Stockton-on-Tees says

I owned samsung 50' 4k uhd tv before and i must say that samsung q7f is better in all aspects and by far gives you the best tv viewing experience. The tv is super sleek and the stand is strong and sturdy. The setup process was super easy and i was able to connect my roku, online store firestick and chrome fast and easy. . Not only the picture quality is top notch with sharp and crystal clear picture, the sound quality is amazing. I have actually stopped using my sound bar and use tv speakers. I watched couple of 4k content on netflix and was amazed by the great viewing experience. It has excellent viewing angle and i see no issues watching it from any corner of my living room. The universal remote has futuristic design though i was not able to control my soundbar and online store fire stick with it. Overall, this tv is a marvel . If you are in the market for a good tv you can enjoy for a long time, go for this one. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

W. Guest, Limousin

I am already a big fan of samsung, and the samsung 55" class q7f qled 4k tv has made me into even more of a loyal customer. . I was very pleased with the ease of the setup. The connections box is attached to the tv screen itself only via a thin optic cable, which comes in a neat little cable holder. I initially was worried about its delicacy, but it has held up just fine. . The cable attachment box itself looks like a small cable box. I really like the fact that it's not attached to the back of the tv screen, as i hate the sight of wires coming out of the back of the tv. This way, i place the box away from the actual tv, and the only visible wires from behind the tv screen are the nearly-translucent optic wire and the white power cable. It is very aesthetically pleasing. . The functionality of the tv is so simple and easy, even if one considered oneself not so technically savvy. The set-up instructions were easy to follow. I was able to quickly connect my sonos sound base and change the settings to make that the main sound output, rather than the tv itself (although i must admit, the sound from the tv itself is not bad at all). I then connected to wifi and was able to quickly log into my various accounts. Since my previous tv was also a samsung, i was already familiar with most of the functionalities of the system. The remote control is sleek and futuristic-looking, with an option for voice commands/controls, to navigate everything from the apps to the settings. . The display on this tv is stunning. The pictures are clear and crisp, and the colors deep and true. It definitely makes for an amazing viewing experience, whether you're watching a fast-paced action movie or a nature show. A little adjusting on the colors to recommended settings i found online made the pictures all the more incredible. . I would definitely recommend this tv to anyone who is looking for a 4k viewing experience.

M. Bullock, Herefordshire says

Very vibrant bright picture. I brought the 75 inch qled. This is the biggest and most expensive tv i have ever brought. On "standard" picture setting the picture is bright and vibrant but also seems realistic. But i like a really vibrant and bright picture so i set the tv picture mode to "dynamic" and you get an really bright and very vibrant dynamic picture. There is also a "natural" and "movie" picture settings. I also got used to the 75 inch size so it doesn't seem that big any more. It was expensive but not overly expensive as 75 inch tv used to be before. I debated whether to get a cheaper model but saved up for the qled model and glad i did. For the amount of use and hoping this tv will last for 10 years it is worth getting a nicer tv. I mounted it on the wall using a "sanus super low profile fixed position tv wall mount bracket for 40" - 80" tvs slim 1 profile oll15-b1" and that worked excellent too. I have the tv connected to a home theater system for the sound so am not using the tv speakers. The one connect box works great so you don't have to try to hide the wires to the tv. But you still need an outlet for the power cord.

S. Anonymous, Oklahoma

This is a great tv. It definitely takes some getting used to. It isn't completely user friendly, but it is a top quality tv!

J. Megan, Maryland says

The samsung q7f has proven to be the best tv i've owned so far! right out of the box everything was packaged well. The new connect cable is nearly invisible and moved through my conduit with ease. The image was breath taking right from the initial start up screen, and that only improved when watching streaming services in 4k, or playing 4k movies. The sound quality from the tv is so good i was able to eliminate my soundbar, it really fills my room with sound, including a good amount of bass. . Probably the feature i thought i would never use, but have fallen in love with, is the voice activated assistant! the q7f can control my cable box and came system with the one tv remote, so all i have to do is say "change to change 123" and the tv will change the channel on the cable box! it works flawlessly too, i've not had any issues with it not understanding what i was saying, even when i was in a room full of other people. . Even content that is not 4k looks great on the screen, the colors pop, while the blacks are indistinguishable from the tv just being turned off! sporting events, action movies, even the local news, all look great on this tv. You really need to see this in person to appreciate all of its beauty. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great full featured tv!

Q. Erin, Arizona

So after being called out by friends and family for being the last guy to still believe his plasma tv was better than any of the led sets on the market i was forced to replace it after 10 years of great service. In my quest to find the very best tv available i did quite a bit of on-line research (online store of course). I found that there were two solid options, qled and oled. As a brand agnostic type of guy i knew that i wasn t going to be swayed by any manufacturer marketing and hit the product review pages for some real customer feedback. As expected there were both advocates for both technologies with a wide array of opinions. That said i knew the end game would come down to an eyeball test. It is a tv for goodness sakes and it really should come down to the picture quality. I went out and kicked the tires at a few larger retailers in my area and ignored the suggestions by the salespeople. Even though i did find there are some very impressive and knowledgale tv salespeople out there. It was clear to me at each store that the qled from samsung was the clear cut winner for picture quality. It also had superior design. So after store four i went home and hit the buy button on online store and my journey from the old world technology of plasma to a new world of 4k had begun. The delivery folks came quickly (thanks prime) and within hours of them leaving i hung it on the flush wall mount. Trust me i m not a dyi type guy bit mounting this set was super easy. When the wife came home we fired it up together (not an easy wait). We walked through the easy set up, and within minutes we were both overwhelmed with just how great the picture really was. I was always one of those guys who assumed that the salespeople in the store made a product look its best on the display and when i get a product home the performance would never match what i saw in the store. Boy was i wrong with this tv. Why i always preferred plasma was how it reproduced black. When i went to friend s homes their leds always looked almost dark gray. The black level on this set is easily 10x better than my plasma. We watched a football game we had saved and was knocked out right away with the colors of the field and the player s uniforms. At first the tv almost seemed a bit to clear and it was then i realized what we had been missing in 4k. Wow. We switched over to watch a saved got and here is where we saw the wonderful colors and deep rich blacks of this tv. Scenes of the wonderful landscapes and costumes were just stunning. My son came downstairs, after exiting the gaming dudgeon, and asked me if we could hook up his xbox one. The set recognized the xbox immediately with no configuration. The picture quality on his games was superb and even he was texting his buds to come over and play fifa later that night. It looks like we might actually see more of him now. As i was always concerned about the wire monster that lived behind my old tv, i quickly fell in love with the one connect feature that eliminated the hanging wires and cords. Nice design samsung! . Also the smart remote is uber cool. We finally eliminated a slew of remotes and can control everything without an extensive search for the missing remote. Finally the bulb has gone off and i know what is meant by smart tv. The smart hub accesses my connected devices and content with complete ease. I didn t even look at a manual or a youtube video for instructions. Awesome picture, cool features, super sleek design, this tv is all that. Buy a samsung qled, you won t be sorry you did! i love mine!

. Guest, Lincolnshire says

Hello, i am average middle-class consumer who considers spending $2500 on a tv a huge commitment. I did not purchase my qled from online store, but i feel it deserves a review as everyone has a story to tell. I originally went to a big box store to pick up a 65" sony x900e. I read great reviews regarding the sony and had my mind made up. . Ch. 1: lg oled. Once i got in the store, the salesman redirected my attention to the 65" lg c7 oled. Wow. What a picture on that oled! i ended up purchasing the oled for $2300 before taxes. I'm not going to lie, it was an impressive tv. However, i found myself stressing out each time i turned it on due to the numerous burn-in issues being reported. It seemed like there were more and more burn-in horror stories coming in each day on these new oleds. I called lg (horrible customer service by the way) and asked them if this is a concern and how they plan to combat or fix the issue. They replied that they are aware of the issues and they have built in preventative factors in the tv such as screen shift, etc. However, i read many reviews from people who still experienced burn-in regardless of these preventative factors in place. I asked about warranty coverage for this and the lg customer service rep stated, "we do not cover burn-in damage as we consider that customer negligence. " so back to the store went the lg c7 oled. I'm not going to lie, i was sad to return it, but it was not worth the worry and short life span. I am more than open to oled technology when they eliminate the burn-in issues. My only other complaint regarding the lg c7 oled was lg's attempt to reach "perfect black levels" ended up crushing a lot of brightness and creating too much black in the picture, but it's still a great picture. Side note: i'm not sure i understand the obsession with creating perfect black levels. So i made the decision to return the lg oled the next day. During return, i was told by a salesman that they had recently returned a 2017 55" lg oled due to burn in from a static tv channel marker. It was a tough decision, but i didn't want to be in a position to have to possibly spend another $2500 in a year and a half. . Ch. 2: samsung qled. So i was now in a position to choose a new tv. The sony x900e, which i had previously wanted before i made the last minute decision to get the lg oled, was still an option. However, i was hesitant due to the android tv format it uses. I highly dislike android and all the reviews i read about sony's android tv format were not good at all. My previous tv was a 70" sony lcd/led (3-4 years old) and the operating system was slow as heck so i didn't want to revert back to those frustrations. I remembered another salesman there pushing the qled as his favorite. So i went to check it out and of course in the dim fluorescent lighting and playing the store's 4k uhd blu-ray demo disks, the 65" q7f looked amazing. Furthermore, there is no concern of burn-in and samsung warranties against burn-in for the life of the tv to ease your mind. I decided to give it a try at $2000. When i got home and put the tv together, i was absolutely amazed. It is the most attractively designed tv i've ever seen. The stand is very nice, the back of the tv is attractive, and i love the connectone box as it makes hooking/unhooking accessories a breeze and cleans up the area behind the tv significantly. I can't say enough about the attractiveness of the tv. Yes, i know the tv is against a wall, but you can still see behind it and eliminating the rat nest of wires is pretty amazing and very clean looking. The remote. I'm in love with the remote. It is simple, the build quality is excellent, comfortable to hold, and easily works on all my devices. It works with my soundbar and my online store fire tv flawlessly. I never even had to set it up to recognize these things. It just worked. Samsung's tizen operating system is a joy to use. It looks great, it's fast, and i also cannot say enough about this. My only complaint about tizen is the lack of apps it offers. However, when i say "lack of apps", there is really only one app i can say i've missed which is espn. I still have my fire tv connected for the rare amount of times when i do wish to access an app that tizen does not offer. Which brings me to my next point, tizen is smart! all you have to do is connect your devices (ps4, fire tv, soundbar, etc) and the tv automatically recognizes it. I do have a ps4 pro hooked up as well and it runs flawlessly with absolutely amazing graphics and no noticeable lag time. One complaint i have is that i wish the tv would automatically switch to 'game mode' when my ps4 is turned on, but really all i have to do is say "game mode" into the remote and it changes it so it isn't really all that bad. Side note: i calibrated my samsung q7f picture with the recommendations from rtings. Com and they look great. . Ch . 3: nothing is perfect. As much as i loved my new q7f, it doesn't come without faults. The one and only fault i've really noticed is some vertical banding. This is a big one and it might prevent some from purchasing this tv. Honestly, the only reason i knew about it was by reading so much about the qleds online. I never noticed vertical banding by looking at my tv. Let me repeat that. I never noticed vertical banding by looking at my tv. I did not notice any banding till i went to youtube and pulled a vertical banding/dirty screen blue screen and even then the banding was only noticeable if you were really looking for it from a side angle. I was upset about this and the more i read online the more i see this is really an issue with software and just the fact that it's an edge lit tv. Most tv's are going to edge lit to keep the side profile slimmer these days. I called samsung customer service and put in a formal service request regarding the issue. I received a phone call from customer service and they ran through all the diagnostic bs with me. I finally just told them, "let's be honest i know vertical banding is an issue. What are you doing to fix it? ". I further told them that the banding was not a big issue and i would have never even noticed it if it weren't for delving into the depths of internet complaints. I can't even see the banding on samsung's picture test screen. Surprisingly, samsung customer support was honest with me and stated, "we are aware of the problems, we have already released some firmware upgrades to lessen the issues, and we are continuing to work on the problem with future firmware updates planned. You have a year warranty on the tv and if the problem has not been resolved before your warranty is up, we will be happy to send a serviceman out to repair or replace the tv. " while this answer did not provide immediate results, i appreciated their honesty and again felt it was a petty concern as it really isn't noticeable unless you are stepping to the side of the tv, with a static blue or grey screen on, and even then you really have to look for it. However, i fully expect a fix to the issue and i will be contacting support if firmware does not eventually eliminate the issue. . Ch. 4: the pros and cons. So i made a trip back to the store to see if their qled on display had the banding problem too. Sure enough it did. I had the salesman pull up the youtube blue screen to check for banding and all the salesman began gathering around to see the vertical banding they had never noticed before. So that should tell you something, all these guys had honestly never noticed any banding and they watch and sell these tv's all day every day. In my haste, i decided to order the sony x900e and planned to return my qled. When i got home i sat in front of my qled and began thinking of all the pros and cons of the samsung q7f vs the sony x900e. If i was trading my q7f for a x930e, i could probably justify it. However, for $1000 less the x900e was 3x the thickness of the qled (due to direct light instead of edge light) and not even close of an attractive of a unit. One of the biggest drawbacks of the x900e was the os. Android tv. Of all operating systems, sony goes with android tv. What a disappointment. I played around with the x900e in the store. Apps were hard to find. The system was slow with a lot of lag when using the remote buttons. It was a repeat of the same issues i had with my previous sony tv. System settings were not well organized and everything just seemed like a task to find. The remote is just ridiculous. It feels cheap and very outdated. The remote is not comfortable to hold, has like 50 buttons, and is not intuitive. I repeat, doing anything on the x900e felt like more of a task than it should have been. According to rtings 2017 fall reviews, the x900e compared almost equally to the q7f in all areas with it's only real advantage being slightly better picture quality. . Ch. 5: the decision. Finally, i made the decision to cancel my order for the x900e and keep my q7f. I will continue to update to the latest firmware and see if it helps the banding, but as i said i don't even notice the banding unless i'm really looking for it and nobody else has noticed it. The q7f picture is a delight in my opinion, the remote is top notch and a pleasure to use, tizen os is also a pleasure and works fast. After considering the alternatives upon returning the qled, i have come to the conclusion that this tv fits my needs the best and i enjoy it so much that i don't want to change to another set. I was originally going to give the q7f a 4-star rating due to the banding issue, but i honestly think it deserves 5-stars, because it is just an amazing tv. The picture quality may not compare to the lg oled or it may be slightly less bright compared to the sony x930e, but the q7f is incredible in it's own right. I would highly recommend this tv for a lot more than just picture quality. . Final notes: in my opinion, there is no need for the latest obsession with "perfect black levels". I also think that the recent obsession with brightness levels is ridiculous, because if you calibrate your tv correctly you end up reducing brightness levels to "cinema" or "movie" mode which significantly lowers brightness levels to avoid viewer fatigue. . Great job samsung! . And keep the updates coming

. Carol, Poole says

Samsung q7f qled 55 flat screen tv. This tv is awesome in every way imaginable. Let s start from the beginning. Unboxing was a breeze. The instructions (if you actually take the time to look at them) make setting the tv up really easy. There is some manual labor involved with hooking the tv up to the stand. There is a total of 8 screws that you have to screw into the tv and stand. Then you have the smart hub. The smart hub is a great feature because you can put that anywhere within the tv stand and you can run things like your cable box and your game system s to the smart hub. This helps clean up the wires and make the tv seem wireless. Two wires go from the back of the tv. A power cable and the cable that goes to the smart hub. Everything else you can connect directly to the back of the smart hub. The picture is just so crystal clear and perfect. You can t even tell your watching a tv because there is zero border, the picture goes edge to edge. We also have the remote. This remote has very few buttons on it and is small but heavy. This remote is going to be very easy to lose. However, i love how you can do so much with it. The volume button adjusts volume up and down and if you press it, it mutes it. Channel button changes the channel up and down and then if you press it, it brings the guide up. If your keeping count that s 6 functions with two buttons. There is also a talking option. If you press a button you can tell the remote/tv what to do using commands like volume 20 sets the volume at 20. Or if your tv is at volume 32 you can say turn volume down 20 this will put the volume at 12. The boot up for the tv is so fast. The old led tv that i used to have before this tv took 10 seconds to boot up. This tv is instant. I am so glad i got this tv as i see now i have been living behind the times.

Y. Guest, Knowsley

Wow! really. I just got my new samsung qled ultra hd smart tv from you guys this afternoon and i'm so glad i did. I've never really spent this much on a tv before but it's worth every penny. Even though i was just replacing another perfectly good 55" tv. I didn't really know what "quantum dot technology" was (and still don't really get it), but it looks so awesome! super clear and sharp. I was also a little weirded out by the connect one invisible connection box at first because i'm used to plugging all sorts of stuff into the back of the tv, but this is way better and easier because the box goes down by your components anyway so you don't have a million wires hanging from the tv. Just one tiny little cable. So set up was super easy. My son's favorite part is how the picture goes all the way to the edge of the frame. Looks kind of like it's just floating in space. I would gladly recommend this to anybody who loves tv or movies. Hockey games and the super bowl are going to be way better now. . Ps: the delivery guys were great! even took the box and stuff away.

L. Campbell, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

The tv is awesome when it works. The tv was delivered by professionals and we opened the box and checked for damage and were satisfied with the tv at delivery. We mounted setup and turned it on. A green line was in the right hand quadrant of the screen running vertical. Immediately set up a return ticket on online store. They were quite helpful. In walking through the troubleshooting with them i pressed really hard at the lower end of the green line, on the screen, it went away. Spoke with online store and they again, being quite helpful, extended the warranty for me through a third party. . Now two months into the purchase go to turn the tv on and its bupcuss. We contact samsung and the this is where the debacle begins. Never having experienced a bad product from samsung, i was amazed at the very poor customer service. . We walked through trouble shooting the tv and this did not repair the tv. The cs agent stated that we would be contacted in two days by an authorized service company. Three days later samsung had the repair request number but something had gone wrong, they would get back with us after two days. We requested the name of the authorized service company. We contacted them and they were unaware of the repair order. They asked for the ticket number and stated they would work backwards. In a few hours they were on the team. . The proposed fix was the controller box for the tv. This would take three days to get and another two days to get us on the schedule. We are now 9 days out from the original call. The service repair person appears and turns on the tv with the old control box and cable. He states that even if the controller is bad the tv would say the controller is not attached. Our screen was blank except for the back light. We asked why this wasn't part of the troubleshooting process, the repairman was unsure as to why this part was not mentioned. . We will now wait for three circuit boards for another 6 days to get them delivered and installed. This is a common issue. " the boards are fine we just got a bad one. " we are waiting. . I wanted to share this because if you are 100% satisfied with all of your samsung products because they never seem to fail, you are in for a rude awakening when you need customer service. . Buy the extended warranty if your tv is in the high end category. Next time we will be investigating an lg, maybe only to find similar customer service but at least we are searching. . Follow up 10/24/2017. After the first review by the service provider they showed up the following week with a new screen and all three computer boards, ready to facilitate a completed repair regardless of diagnosis. They were professional and quick to access and replace the parts to get us back up and running. This experience was quire different from the phone support to get it all started. . Our tv is back working and i believe that we have seen the last of the service man. Great job.

G. Lara, Isle of Wight

I got this tv several weeks ago but just set it up yesterday as a christmas gift to the family (in my man cave). It replaced a 9 year old 47" toshiba lcd that got moved to my son's room. It is truly a fantastic tv. The colors are brilliant, upscaling of hd tv content is fantastic, hdr content plays flawlessly and the one remote is awesome. Of course, the looks are also modern and sleek. I mounted an older but awesome sounding klipsch sound bar on top with some mounting brackets i bought and it works great. Except my sound bar only has a digital/optical connection and as a result i'm having a bit of trouble getting the volume controls to work correctly with the one remote. I did just order a hdmi to optical adapter that supposedly will add arc capability to the soundbar to overcome this last hurdle. Playing 4k content on this tv really takes things to the next level. Maybe there are better tv's in market, but i can only imagine the differences to be subtly incremental. Knowing the image retention annoyance will not be an issue with this set vs. And oled drew me to qled and the slick responsive os interface brought me to samsung vs. The android sony interface which can be sluggish and clunky. No regrets. Planet earth ii on 4k blu-ray is truly amazing on this set. . Update 1/1/18: the hdmi/optical converter did not work with setting up arc on my old optical soundbar. I did learn how to associate my directv box and blue-ray with my old optical sound bar to control the sound without using the adapter. However once associated i lost other button functionality with those units, like being able to turn them off, etc. I went back to the original setup where i need to use my sound bar remote separate from my one remote. Not perfect, but not overly concerning for me. Also, i did receive the black plastic remote. After a samsung chat on their website they are sending me the metal remote in exchange for the black plastic one. . Update 1/9/18: i received my box from samsung today with my new remote. Can you believe they sent me the same black plastic remote? i just shake my head. Ultimately the black plastic one works just fine and matches my xbox one x controller so will just let things rest from here. I watched the college national championship game last night on this tv. All i can say is, "wow". This tv does have a fantastic picture.

R. Widmer, Aquitaine says

Samsung s introduction of its qled television range marks an intriguing combination of redesign and revolution from its earlier suhd range. The 'q' stands for the new quantum dot technology, which offers increased brightness and contrast, in the led back-lit, lcd screen. . Side-stepping jargon and approaching from the perspective of the couch, visual performance is incredible. The picture is stunningly bright, with vivid, beautiful colours present in both sdr and hdr modes, accompanied by the most incredibly deep blacks i've seen. . Acronyms aside, the qled is a sight to behold. Brutally thin brushed metallic bezels frame an elegantly curved qled screen, and samsung s 360 design ethos is evident from every angle. With the brushed metal extending beyond the frame and around the back, owners are clearly encouraged to treat the qled set as a centerpiece, rather than just an afterthought to be wedged in the corner of your room. . Put simply, this is a tv that looks as good from the back as it does the front; as good switched off as it does switched on. . The minimalist design aesthetic doesn t end with the curve; with the glossy oneconnect box serving as remote hub for all external connections, placed out of the way and connecting to the television through a single, barely visible fiber optic cable. . The accompanying smart remote s design matches that of the tv; a weighty sliver of brushed metal, adorned by the absolute bare minimum number of buttons samsung could afford. . Kitted out with an internal microphone, the voice recognition software is surprisingly competent, and intuitive to the point where i found navigating between different sources was quicker using voice commands rather than navigating the smart menu. . Samsung smartphone users also have the option to control the tv using their phone. While this is an impressive feature, it is nothing compared to the other phone integration features, including the ability to broadcast your phone screen to the television, or even more impressively, the tv screen to your phone. . The smart features extend far beyond a few streaming applications, with a plethora of customizable services on offer and, even more impressively, a fully-integrated cable box experience on offer. . Overall, the qled set delivers in every area. As an addition to your living room, it is a stunningly elegant piece that demands attention and for those who demand visual perfection, the qled technology dazzles, handling everything you can throw at it

. Michele, Leeds

This is a great surprise, the best tv that i have ever seen. . Edge to edge screen, looks like a huge dell xps 13 laptop screen if you are familiar with xps laptops. . The remote control is another story, voice commands at the best ever, very easy to control all the settings, change channels, mute, volume up and down and so. . Aesthetically it looks wonderful, before i received it i went to a major electronic store to see other brands, no questions this is the best looking one, it is worth every penny . . The 4k display will take your breath away, now iove watching tv more than ever, movies and sport look stunning. . It takes about 10-15 minutes to install and requires two people to complete the art of handling this beauty. . Highly recommended, you will not regret buying this piece of art.

C. Harrison, Wakefield says

Upon opening the box, it was apparent that this is a quality product. After connecting the 1 wire connection to the television, i powered it up. Almost instantly my galaxy s7 notified me that there was another device seeking to communicate with it. This television recognized my cell phone and was ready to share my samsung account information, including the wireless signal for my home. This saved me a huge amount of time attempting to configure everything on it. Once connected to the internet, first thing i had to do was compare it to my older tv. The picture quality was above and beyond what i have been used to seeing. Streaming at 4k without the slightest lag was amazing. All of the colors were so vibrant, i could not tell if it was actually a picture, or looking out of the window next to it. After the comparison, i proceeded to mount it on the wall with a thin wall mount to complement the thickness of it. This thing is about the thickness of 2 lead pencil, so why use some bulky wall mount? the bezel isn't much thicker than the lead within that pencil, which brings up the point of almost not have an edge or almost an infinity display like the s8. The clean connection hub keeps wires away from view of others allowing it complement the clean bezel around the edge. The ability to use my phone and a remote control, share the screen with my galaxy, use my phone as a remote speaker or share pictures from your phone with ease make this the tv that everyone will enjoy using. It is not just a television anymore, it is the home entertainment device.

E. Cassella, Enfield

This product has so many great features an qualities i will try and highlight a few here as to show why i think this is truly a superior product. . The tv itself is sleek and stunning. Hardly any bezel at all. The picture absolutely destroys my current display purchased only 6 months prior. From the clarity, to color vibrancy, to amazing contrast levels. It does not disappoint. . The interface could not be simpler. Even my wife, not tech savvy at all, was able to use it with ease right away. The set up was by far the most intuitive i have ever used. No guess work or special remote codes to enter. It recognized automatically all connect devices. Such ease and personalization that is missing from all other brands. . Now. Let s talk that remote. How much more sexy could a remote get? truly great simple design. Even down to the battery access. No more clip that breaks and needs duct tape 6 months down the road from the kids messing with in constantly. The fact that it actually controls all devices is astonishing. I no longer need to contemplate buying a $150 universal remote. . The "invisible connection" hub is a great bonus too. Having my components about 6 feet away from my display has always been an issue with running multiple hdmi and other inputs out. The ability to run one, not "cable", but tiny wire is fantastic. All connections are now less than 12 inches away. The only drawback is one more power outlet occupied. . If you are lucky enough to own a current galaxy phone the compatibility and ease of set up with the partnership these devices take advantage of was incredible. The reverse mirroring is so cool. I can take my tv into any room with my phone now. . With apps like vudu 4k streaming is just unreal along with the dolby atmos surround sound compatibility it just doesn't get any better. . Now the only "con" i have so far is the wall mount points were designed quite far apart so there is chance you will need to upgrade that wall mount to accommodate. A very small price to pay for this amazing product

O. Kristen, Arkansas says

I have had 3 large 4k sets before this one. To say this surpasses the others is truly an understatement! the qled has blacks that remind me of the true blacks in my old 50" panasonic plasma set, incredible! the hook ups on the connect box make this super easy for even the non-tech savvy to hook up thier gear. The nearly invisible arc cable routes through the stand with the power cable making both almost disappear. The video when watching action films or gaming does have a very slight blur, but you have to seriously be looking for it to notice. The sound that comes from this super thin set almost matches some soundbars even having genuine bass. All and all i would give this television 6 stars if i could, samsung definately stepped up thier game when they designed this one!

V. Edna, Dudley

Update 9/26/2017: update 1144 has been pushed out to the tv's. I can confirm that the lines are gone from the tv. I am changing my review to be a 5-star review. It's a great tv - just make sure you're looking at it dead-on. Angles kill the quality. -. Update 9/13/2017: i was wrong before. The lines are just as bad as they were previously. Still a do-not-buy recommendation. -. Update 9/2/2017: we had a software update the other day and the lines appear to be better than before. Will continue to monitor and post as soon as i can confirm. Still giving 1 star until confirmed. -. Original: we've had this tv for a little over a month. It has a great picture (although, be prepared, you need to be looking at this tv straight on. Even the slightest angle changes the color and lighting completely! ). . However, there are now vertical lines running through the picture. All i see when i view a landscape or solid background are these lighter solid lines running, vertically, through the image. It does not matter what the input is. They persist through everything hbo go on the tv apps, apple tv, playstation. I can see them more on more static backgrounds, but it's infuriating and frustrating to pay $4000 for a television that has a problem that my $800 samsung tv never had (even after 8 years of use). Very disappointed in my purchase and will never recommend a samsung tv again to anyone. . Edit - adding video so that you can see the lines on a moving picture

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Z. Hadley, Stockport says

I ordered the tv on sale on nov. 24th for $2197. 00 and it arrived on dec. 14th. After assembling the tv and hooking up all the connections i was ready to relax and enjoy my new tv. When i turned it on there was a big crack on the side like someone had shot it with a bb gun. I called online store and they are going to have someone pick it up in a week. They are not going to replace the tv! they are going to start the refund process when they receive the tv. Now i will have to pay $2497. 00 to reorder if i still want this same tv. I am not a satisfied customer and will be ordering it from someone else.

W. Alberta, Hamburg

The price is rape. 1, 000$ more then a b6 oled and it has worse black levels and contrast then last years lcd.

K. Garner, Prince Edward Island says

Just ok same quality as any uhd tv but not oled unfortunately.

P. Alexia, West Virginia

I bought this tv from an electronic store and returned it once for poor picture quality, poor motion artifact. The second tv is the same only the store would not refund my money and i am stuck with it. Although i have spent hours fine-tuning the settings based on industry recommendations, i just don't believe the quality is here. Not worth the money.

I. Laura, Worcestershire says

If you currently have a samsung you will be shocked to find the clear voice option missing from the qled. If you're old like me you'll have to buy a zvox sound bar with accuvoice feature which add $200 - $300 to the total cost to use you new tv, otherwise 5 stars. . Yea its got a great picture. Anyone that ever seen it knows that

M. Maria, Poole

Bought to replace an older samsung 55". But this one has a smaller footprint and there was room to install a 65" which i wished i had purchase. The pros are:. . Great picture. Very sharp and tight resolution. But it has its problems which are discussed in the cons. . Separate box for cables which beats the hell out of having the cable connections on the back of the screen. Excellent wi-fi receiver. Had problems in the past with wi-fi receivers reception but no problems with this receiver. It has a very good selections of apps including google. The drawback to using google is that the on-screen keyboard is somewhat difficult to use. And since there is no password app, entering passwords and usernames is fruitless. . Easy to adjust color and brightness. . Cons are:. . The picture is great when it does not pixelate which it frequently does when there is motion in the picture. That makes it hard to watch and that is the primary reason i am giving it a 1-star rating. . Also when showing older shows, the shows do not fill the screen and instead of having a 55" picture, there is 36" picture. Didn't have either of the problems with my old samsung. . Very poor documentation comes with tv. Samsung provides an on-line screen version but it is hard to use. Besides, it does no good to have the manual on-line when user is trying to set up the wi-fi. Samsung provided printed manual with my old tv so asked samsung why no printed manual with the new one. Answer was that samsung was going green which is b. S. Since if the user has to download the manual and print it, it is far less green than if samsung printed it. Just an excuse to save a few pennies. . Entering text using the on-screen qwerty keyboard is a chore. The e-manual provides very poor instructions for this. For example, entering all caps can be a chore if the user doesn't know how to do it. Someone who doesn't know how will have to click on the caps key and then enter the letter. Then the keyboard reverts to small letters so the user has to go through the process again. What samsung doesn't tell you is that if the caps key is press twice, the keyboard will remain in the caps mode. Even on a big screen the text in the text box is too small so it is hard to read so if a mistake is made, the user may not see it. Sometimes, when a user presses a letter or number key, it doesn't show. If a mistake is made near the beginning of the text or in the middle, the only way to correct it is to backspace and delete all the letters after the mistake. The user cannot place the cursor after the error and backspace. Samsung provides no help on learning how to use the keyboard. Samsung suggest that users use the voice activation feature to enter text. The problem is that i could never get the voice activation feature to enter a word. . The voice activation feature should be a big plus but it is a negative because buyers think they are getting a great feature which it would be if it worked. I was able to get it to do some commands but sometimes i would ask it to switch to another channel and nothing happened. We tried it with three other persons and none had any better success. The e-manual says that a keyboard can be connected using one of the two usb ports. I am going to try to install a keyboard and mouse dongle and see if i can type text in from my lap and move the on-screen cursor with a mouse. . It does not have an av connection which means i cannot use my vhs recorder. To get around this i installed an av to hdmi converter. . The smart remote, while compact, is too compact. It would be helpful to have a trackball available to move the curser. Frankly, i found that the remote that came with my old tv was much easier to use and much more functional. Users have to go through more steps to use the smart remote. . The usb cord that connects the control box with the tv is very flimsy and easily damaged. I substituted a regular usb cable and it works fine. . Summary. This tv has the potential of being a great tv if it didn't pixelate if all the features were easily accessible and usable. But they aren't and i feel cheated for the money i paid for the tv. But this is not the first time that samsung sold a pile of schlock for a fortune and it didn't live up to its billing.

E. Helen, West Virginia says

Its the same as ks8000 exept for design changes not interested unless price drops $1. 799 or lower

B. Meyer, Blackpool

Cant handle motion. Picture was great so i exchanged the tv twice hoping for better results and still major motion issues. Extremely jittery and unfortunatly had to return it and purchase lg oled set.

R. Anonymous, British Columbia says

Received tv yesterday. After 3 hours it stopped working. Tv shows oneconnect box needs to be connected with invisible cable and power. Worst part is their is no led or indicator light showing weather oneconnect box is working properly. Spend few hours troubleshooting with samsung support. It was big revealation to me that samsung support over the phone cannot see ticket open by chat support. Feww finally they are shipping new cable and one connect. Hope it fixes the issue

N. Hurst, Kingston upon Thames

Received new remote. Still doesn't matter. Tried repairing many times. Still no good. It works when it wants to, but usually when it does, it runs through 30-40 channels or sends the volume all the way up or all the way down. Stay away from this model. I love my other samsungs. This one, unfortunately, is horrible! . . Update and down to 1 star:. It is now june 29th and for the last week i have been getting a pop up notification every 6 hours or so telling me that samsung checkout down for maintenance 6/21-6/22. I don't know why it keeps popping up but it is very annoying! as great as the picture quality is (and it really is amazing) there are so many different things that make me think this tv isn't worth having. My older samsungs don't have these problems. . Update and downgrade, again:. Another chat with support, it turns out either the remote is bad or the blue tooth on the tv is bad! i've never had this much trouble with a tv. They are sending a new remote (in 5-15 days). In the meantime, i'm stuck. This was after being on chat for a long time and trying several times to re-pair the remote! what a let down! . . It turns out i was able to use this remote to (somewhat) control my cable box. It was a little frustrating because i was unable to use it to exit it out of things that would randomly appear, like the channel guide, when i pressed a button. That wasn't a big deal. Now, however, the channels start scrolling non-stop when i start scrolling down, or they just don't go or skip. Also, the sound is off, and even playing around with the audio delay tool in the advanced settings doesn't help. It just won't sync. I bring it down one star, but hope that i can figure it out, if not, that will be another major downgrade. The worst part is that my other samsungs don't have this problem and it is very annoying. Stay tuned. . First, let me say that i received this tv looking like it was thrown around quite a bit. There were huge gashes all over the box. I was really worried, but when i unpacked it, everything looked fine. Not a scratch. Nice job on packing, samsung! . . So, the tv itself looks amazing. It is slim and fits very well in my sunroom. This is my 3rd samsung (i have a 48 inch and a 65 inch) and i love them all. Picture quality is excellent. This tv does have great blacks. The difference is amazing. Colors are sharp and vibrant. No dead pixels on the screen, no bleeding, no ghosting. Sound is fine, but i'm never satisfied with any sound from televisions, and honestly, if you are going to get a television like this, invest in a nice surround sound system or at least a sound bar with a subwoofer and really immerse yourself. . The remote is not my favorite, and neither is the one on my 65". At this level, i expect something backlit, and i want it to control my cable box. I have optimum, and apparently (according to samsung tech support) it will not control optimum cable boxes. That is a real disappointment. The remote is small and minimalist. Once you get used to it, it isn't terrible, but i don't like to do all that scrolling, and for certain things, you will be going in and out of different windows, when all you should have to do is press a button. I also find myself hitting the wrong icon because i am trying to scroll quickly. . It synced with my phone (samsung note edge) easily, and that was a nice surprise. I got it onto my network without a problem. My internet speed is pretty fast (usually over or around 100gigabits/second), but sometimes the screen glitches or jitters. Not sure if that is the tv or something with my line, so i have made an appointment for the cable company to come and check my line. If it is not the line, i will update. My other televisions are not doing that, so i am nervous that it is the actual tv. It is very subtle, and happens for a split second, but it happens often enough that it is annoying (to say the least). . I wish there were a detailed manual that i could flip through to really learn to take advantage of the television and set it the way i want. I went into the menu and while it is fairly intuitive, it's nice to have a reference to look at and not have to guess and play around. You can go to the samsung website, i will post the url in the comments section. You should, as there are upgrades available for download as well (as of april 28th). . Not having to reach around the tv to attach hdmi cables is great, especially if you have a lot of accessories to connect. With all the gaming systems, i sometimes have to switch between different systems depending on who in the family wants to play what game. :) my wife likes it because she hates wires showing and we can hide them. . Viewing angles are as i expected, excellent. Because it is in my sunroom, we do have some issues with reflections if the shades are open, but we have blackout curtains for when we are watching movies, etc. , and when the curtains are drawn, it is fine. The stand for the television is well balanced, and we have a piece of furniture that fits into the corner and maximizes viewing for everyone. Nobody has ever complained, but then, that goes for all of our samsungs. . The one thing i get a lot of from my friends when they come over is, "wow, it's weird, but it feels like the people are right here with us. " that's how sharp the television is. It is not a 3-d tv, but you really don't need it because it is like seeing it live. The funny thing is that while 55" seems big, you get used to it really fast (so, i'm thinking next upgrade will have to be bigger).

X. Emily, Colorado says

Purchased from a big box retailer to compare to a ks8000 that was within its return window. The q7 is, to put it mildly, disappointing. There is a noticeable improvement in color detail on very bright areas of the screen, but every weakness from the ks8000 is still present. Samsung also made questionable design and software decisions that've introduced a couple new issues. . My biggest problem with both the q7 and the ks8000 is gaming. Neither set offers a separate picture profile for hdr in the low-latency game picture mode. This means you have to change the brightness, contrast, etc. Manually every time you switch between games with traditional and hdr output. Sony and lg's tv's get this small but important detail right. So both my samsungs are going back to the store and i'll be trying out the sony 900e or 930e. . My second big issue with the q7 is that it appears local dimming can't be turned off. The q7's native contrast is excellent for an led tv, but samsung's dimming implementation creates noticeable vertical strips whenever there's a very bright patch on an otherwise dark screen. This is most obvious during film openings, credit sequences, and game loading screens. Even my wife, who isn't usually very picky about image quality, found the bright bands distracting. Samsung may be able to fix this in firmware as the js and ks-series suhd tv's allow users to turn dimming off entirely, but they shouldn't have shipped a tv with a poor local dimming implementation locked to "on. ". . Third, the new oneconnect box and "invisible" cable are impractical. The cable is fiber and can't be bent at sharp angles, which actually made it harder to route over a short distance than the ks8000's traditional cable. The new cable also can't carry power to the oneconnect box from the tv, so the box has a separate power cord, which is annoying. My understanding is that the cable isn't fire rated and can't be run through a wall. A fire-rated cable would be both more "invisible" than this and more convenient. To be fair, the new box and cable will be an improvement if you want to mount the set without routing cabling through a wall, but they're a step back if you have a traditional media center or want to do an in-wall run. . Other thoughts: samsung's marketing for this set is too aggressive. The q7 appears to be slightly less bright than the ks8000. I don't have the equipment to confirm this, but early reviews confirm my impression that it can't match the hdr performance of last year's models. Also, the viewing angle is not materially improved from prior model years. It's still a va panel. Color shift becomes noticeable very quickly as you move off axis. While it's a bit better than the ks8000, viewing angle is not a selling point for this tv. If you need a wide angle, you should buy an ips lcd or oled. . Bottom line: this isn't a bad tv. It's just not a good purchase when the ks8000 performs almost as well (better if you're bothered by samsung's local dimming implementation! ) for half the price. I haven't had hands on time with other manufacturers' 2017 sets yet, but on paper and from early reviews it looks like they're better buys. I'll update this after spending some time with one of this year's sony tv's.

U. Carmen, Colorado

Had to return, because after a 2 weeks the picture went out. Seemed very touchy, and down graded to a 50" samsung

L. Stacey, South Gloucestershire says

I wrote this for samsung owners who have the recent but previous samsung ks8000 or ks9000 who may ne disappointed. This model is decent and should exceed the quality of anything pre-ks8000 though. . The q series is just a marketing change up by samsung. Q stands for quantum dot technology. In fact the same dot technology samsung has implemented in the samsung ks series the last two years ! to be fair samsung they did slightly improve color saturation. . Black uniformity, gray scale are better on the ks8000 ( over the the model the q7f which replaced the ks8000 ) . The viewing angle on the ks8000 and q7f are the same. 69 degrees (typical for non oled) color saturation is ever so slightly better on the q7f over the ks8000 as well, but not enough to make up for the q7f inferior contrast, black uniformity, and grayscale. . The samsung ks800 hits up 1400 nits on "peak hdr windows" depending on the size. The q7f peak windows only hit just under 900 nits! . Huge difference on hdr. On standard definition tv (sdr) the ks8000 hits 500 to 700 nits while the q7f does about 500 nits max. This puts the q7f is the same brightness range as a high end cell phone. While the ks8000 would be noticeably brighter next to it. The q7f looks nice and bright unless is right next to a window on a bright day. This is where i immediately saw the difference compared to my ks8000 the q7f didn't appear as bright and rich in my large well lit living room . . The q7f and q9f both have cheaper speakers. Not quite as good compared to the ks series. . If you want the quality of a ks8000 / ks9000 you have to go buy a q9f which thankfully does slightly exceed the ks8000/9000 in some areas (but actually does worse in contrast, grayscale, and black uniformity). Furthermore the q7f & q97 cost much more then last years counterparts. Despite the q7f not even exceeding the older set it replaced. The samsung q7f is samsungs "replacement for the ks8000. And it falls short in many categories while costing more then the ks8000. A 65inch samsung ks8000 was $1800 versus the samsung q7f 65 inch for $4000. . Why would samsung do this you ask? imho, many professional reviewers previously recommended purchasing the ks8000 over the top end ks9000 because the ks8000 was so good the price difference wasn't worth it. Samsung saw this undercut the ks9000 flagship sales. This time the top brass at samsung made sure the top end model ( q97) could not even be "compared" to their midrange. By discontinuing the ks series and renaming quantum dot tech as qled and putting q designations in the tv name. Unlike the ks8000 . The q7f is not even close to the q97. The q7f is not close to the ks8000. Bad move samsung. I expected it to be slighter better or at least match it. . The consumer loses. The quality of the new flagship the q97 barely beats the ks9000 and still the ks9000 beats the q97 in contrast, black uniformity, speaker quality and a few other areas. The samsung q7f is a poor replacement for the ks8000. The only one areas where the q7f and q9f are slightly better then the ks series is color saturation. But its not eye popping for the huge price difference. The end result is the new flagship ( q9f) is ever so slightly better then the ks series while costing much more. The q7f is also more then the ks8000 while being inferior to it in all areas except color saturation. Which again i noticed but i wasn't like "wow, i gotta have it" . In fact again as i said above, first thing i noticed was the brightness of the screen wasn't as good on the q7f. I returned it and still using the ks8000 i have. . For those holding out for another firmware update: samsung has done one update back in march which didn't improve much to bring it near the ks8000 quality. Brightness still suffers as does contrast and black uniformity. Keep in mind samsung wants to maintain the distinguishable difference between the q7f and the q9f, not making the mistake that hurt the ks9000 flagship which was marginally better then the ks8000. They will never make the q7f close to the brightness of the q9f. The q9f is only marginally brighter then the ks series from last year. The q7f gets to suffer. There was a firmware update but it didn't increase the nits.

V. Hayward, South Carolina

When the tv actually works, it's pretty good. If anything goes wrong you are pretty much left with a horrible tv for several months as you jump through the ridiculous hoops to get service. If you're really lucky (like me) they'll even lose your ticket and you get to start all over. They absolutely refuse to fix their problems. Will never buy from samsung again and will be telling everyone i know to stay away from all samsung products.

Q. Josephine, Ile-de-France says

It's now been nearly 3 weeks since i received this 75" tv (on november 6) - and it still has not worked at all. . My advice: do not buy this at all - or at least do not buy it from online store. The issue is that it's huge, i can't easily return it, and i'm at the mercy of samsung's (terrible, slow) customer service in getting replacement parts. I got this on monday november 6 . And it's the weekend of 11/24 and it still doesn't work. Online store immediately referred me to samsung support - and they are taking forever. If you buy a tv like this from best buy, you can drive to the store and ask them to swap parts. Or you can drive the tv back to the store. With online store, i'm stuck since i need some delivery person to get it for a return. . Here's the full story: i had great excitement to get this, delivery went fine. Had professional installers hang it on the wall while i was at work . But when i came home they told me "we can't get the tv to work". . When powering on the tv, it just displays an image indicating that the "oneconnect box" isn't properly connected to power and to the tv monitor. Though of course it was connected. I checked the cables. Powered on/off. Nothing helped. . 1) contacted online store support. They (nicely) referred me to samsung support. 2) on the phone with samsung support for well over an hour trying to describe the facts, power on/off, search for a serial number. They determine they will send me a replacement oneconnect box. Ok, fine. They ask me to send my receipt/invoice to an email address . Which i do. 3) 7 days later (nov 13) . No contact from samsung, no oneconnect box has shown up. I call them back. On the phone they say "we never heard back from you" . I have no email from them (and they have my correct email address) and received no phone call from them. They take my info again and tell me that i need to receive an email from them and need to send a jpg (not a link! ) to my receipt/invoice and they'll call me. . I'm super frustrated. I've had this tv hanging on my wall for a week and haven't been able to watch anything. Samsung knows it's not working and has failed to contact me to close the loop on providing customer support. I'm hoping they'll do better on the second round. I'm now afraid there will be no football for me next weekend! . . Cannot recommend right now. . 4) hours later on the same day i hadn't received any email from samsung, so i called them back. This tech (patricia) was slightly more helpful and explained that i shouldn't have received an email - i needed to send them an email with the subject line formatted in a very specific way (ticket , last name, phone number) and once they received that email, they would call or email me back in 1-2 days and then confirm the shipping info for the replacement box. I am now even more frustrated. I have no way of knowing at this point if the email i sent is going to work. I can just keep calling them and polling, hoping that in 1-2 days they will acknowledge and arrange shipping. . 5) a day later. (nov 14) . No email has come, no phone call has come so i called them. This tech was slightly more helpful, he reported that there's still no record of them receiving the email with receipt- and told me that i could also send and mms and/or a fax. He sent me an email himself with instructions. So i sent both an mms message and a fax. (kind of tricky to locate a fax machine). . 6) i waited 5 hours and called them again to see whether they would confirm that they had my receipt. The tech reports that the "back office" will receive it. And they will contact me 2 days after my ticket was created- that's tomorrow. He couldn't help otherwise. . Day 8 - no working tv, no indication that samsung has my receipt, so i wait blindly, hoping that something has worked tomorrow. . - updated -. . 7) day 9 (wed november 15) - i got a phone call from samsung support saying they had received my receipt (yay! ) and they'd be sending me a replacement part. They said this should come "within 10 business days". I pointed out that it's already been 10 days, and i asked them to please send the replacement parts "overnight" so i'd have a chance of getting the tv working before thanksgiving, which is 9 days away. The support person said she'd add that to the ticket and she said she was "optimistic" i'd see the parts in time. . 8) day 18 (fri november 24) - well, it's been nearly 3 weeks and i still don't have any parts from samsung . And there was no thanksgiving parade or football on this tv. I tried talking to samsung again. Here's the detail from each of the calls:. - first call: the tech answered and told me that they hadn't sent any parts my way, as for situations like this they send a technician to your house. I was very upset about this - the previous tech told me the parts should arrive before thanksgiving. I asked to speak to the supervisor, as i'm not even sure who to believe any more. The tech placed me on hold, and 13 minutes later the call was disconnected. . - second call: i immediately called back and the new tech (joshua) looked at my file and told me that they hadn't sent any parts because they don't have a serial number listed. He said they should have called (they have not. There are no unanswered calls on my phone) and must have the serial number. He tried to claim that there was a process i could try with the remote to get the serial number -but i re-iterated that the tv doesn't work at all with the remote. I am away from home and will try this when i get to the tv. . 9) day 22 (nov 27). I got on the phone with samsung again after removing the tv from the wall to get the serial number. With the serial number, they said "we'll send the parts and they should arrive in 5-10 business days". I tried calling them back the next day to see if any problems had popped up . None had. . 10) day 26 (dec 1) - the parts arrived . I connected them . And now the tv is working. . Summary: when the tv arrived, it didn't function. It took nearly a month for samsung to get me a replacement part, and now it's working fine. If i'd bought this at best buy i probably would have driven to the store and gotten help. Sigh. . I am incredibly frustrated! do not buy this from online store!

Y. Brenda, Franche-Comte

The tv was as described. Very fancy looking and the 2 hours that i had with it was rather enjoyable. After that it refused to turn back on. I was told by samsung support that i was sold a defective item hence the 1 star review.

T. Meredith, Hertfordshire says

There's good and bad. Pros - i was initially super happy with this purchase, minus a missing component (the remote). The picture is really nice and bright. The set handles motion pretty well and displays 24p content without an abundance of the dreaded soap opera effect. There is some vertical white ghosting that occurs, but is an issue inehrent to edge lit lcd screens and it only really seems to occur if the entire screen is dark scept for plain white text in the middle of the screen. Not really a deal breaker since i prefer led to oled as i tend to fall asleep on the couch too often and do not want to risk the burn in that oleds get so easily. The one connect box is rather convenient, albeit slightly nerve wracking since the fiber is very delicate and expensive to replace. It would be nice if they just put it in a protective sleeve/coating to you didn't have to worry about it. The set does come with some nice little plastic corners, though, that help you to get the cable around angles and edges without risking damage tot he fiber, which is a nice touch. . Cons - i've had nothing but serious issues with customer service trying to get the remote for this tv sent to me. The first time, the incorrect remote was ssent to me, the plain plastice on available with the models under the qleds. The second time, it took some doing, but i convinced them to send me the right remote. After another 2 weeks, i attempted to check on the status since it had not yet arrived. I was told the order was delivered, then that i already had the right remote, then eventually that it was cancelled because the other remote was correct. No one notified me at any point of this action. Not sure what is going on with them, but it seems disorganized. Now i'm waiting another 2 weeks for the correct remote, but i am uncertain if i will keep the product or return it as i am very unhappy with the treatment i've received from customer service and the inability to expedite shipping on an error made by samsung. 3 times. We're at 5 weeks now, but we'll see if it gets here. Without this experience i would likely have given this tv 4 or 5 stars.

F. Jessica, Redcar and Cleveland

2 weeks after i got two black lines on the middle of the screen

A. Betty, Wyoming says

All hype not much better then last year's ks8000 very disappointed

G. Rose, Sachsen-Anhalt

I've owned a lot of samsung lcd and led panels over the past several years, after moving on from plasma. All have been at the pinnacle of what the technology had to offer. Up to the point that i bought the q7. Rather than going into extreme detail, the largest disappointment of the q7 is the artifact and strobing of fast moving objects. There were no settings that i could adjust (outside of employing the soap opera effect) to compensate for the poor performance. Additionally, i think samsung is selling a bill of goods with the quantum dot technology as they have opted to move away from oled (even though it's in all of their phones). In the end, i returned the q7 for the lg c7 oled and couldn't be happier. Yes, the oled has the risk of burn-in, but being a previous plasma owner, it doesn't bother me. I picked up the c7 from best buy with the geek squad 2 year warranty, which does cover burn-in, so i'm covered regardless. . One other note on this panel. Not sure if this is a new thing with samsung, but the colors on the q7 were way overblown, as in almost neon looking for brighter colors. I had to turn color way down to limit the effect, but it was still quite glaring. I recommend viewing normal content on this panel before purchase, or make sure there is a generous return policy from where you decide to buy from.

J. Alma, Idaho says

Update 10/3/2017. . Finally samsung released update 1144 which in my opinion reduced the vertical banding. It did not completely eliminate it, but at this point you have to be looking really hard to see them. In my opinion this has also reduced the brightness of the tv. It seem, and i am just speculating that the banding was most prominent when the brightness was high, therefore reducing the brightness would be a logical way to reduce the banding. Cool trick, but not so good for the consumer who wants a bright screen and wants to take advantage of the qled technology which promises brighter colors and larger color volume. If there is more to this fix i would surely want to know. I am still contemplating returning this tv, but would settle for what this fix has done if the brightness does not become a problem during the day. So far, i have only viewed this tv in the evening since i get home quite late from work; however this weekend coming i will be able to see what it looks like in bright day light and my final decision will be made. . I would also like samsung to reconsider adding dolby vision in the next firmware update, this feature is extremely important to me as i already have the dolby atmos via the samsung sound bar and it seems to me that consistency is very important to me. I feel that something is missing and lures me to go for lg or sony who both support it. . I also just began to have an issue with the remote control which does not allow me to open the battery compartment. I have to use a hard tool to pry it open. There is a defect in the mechanism and am going to request it be replaced, but i am just waiting to see if this tv is going back or not before i do it. . (original review). I purchased this tv after i returned the q9f. The q9f had vertical banding with some color tint. It was very noticeable and looked like the screen was dirty with watercolors. This was vertical banding. I then purchased the q7f and to my surprise this tv also had vertical banding but it was gray and white bands as apposed to the rainbow displayed by the q9f. . Interesting how both quantum tvs exhibit this issue, but in different ways. I have since returned the q7f and am expecting a replacement next week. I will follow with a post if the problem gets solved. If not, i am moving to sony. . What a shame that a tv that is so good can suffer from this issue, which takes away from the rest of the outstanding features and quality. . One thing i would like to see is that samsung recognize more devices such as nvidia shield or tivo. Also, there is not enough menu functions for the features that shield has, for example the home button on shield cannot be executed with this remote control. That said, i think that samsung has the best smart tv interface today. I also think that they are moving in the right direction with this concept. This is one of my biggest reasons for sticking with samsung despited some of the problems. . Thanks,

D. Cunningham, Westminster

 update 9/21/17- we returned the sony x940e tv and was disappointed in all the issues it has for the price, check my review out at the x940e online store listing for more details, we ended up getting the lg e7 oled tv and wow, the lg is the best picture, sound, operating system and remote we have ever used, we actually got the lg e7 for an amazing price from online store. Check the lg e7 listing for my review. . Update 9/2/17-samsung qled tv returned back to online store and i just received my sony x940e and i am disappointed in the sony as well, the operating system is super super laggy even when you turn up and down the volume, switch between inputs and viewing any apps, also the sony remote was terrible, you had to point the remote directly at the tv for it to recognize any buttons being pressed. I am gonna go for the lg oled e7 or g7 and see how that goes. . Update 8/29/17- received replacement tv from online store, same issue, see the new photo from the replacement tv, happens on all sources including the apps built in the tv like netflix and online store prime video, i spoke to a local samsung rep and he said these tv's from samsung are susceptible to this issue because there are led light rails that are vertical and can be noticeable on them, tv is being picked up by online store today and i already ordered the sony x940e and it will be here in a few days, too bad, inwas loyal to samsung but now i think it's time to change to a different brand. . Update 8/3/17- big problem now! look closely at my photo i attached of my screen, you can see faint white and black lines, it's worse when watching moving scenes and dark scenes, i have only had the tv 3 days and now there are faint white and black vertical lines that are noticeable when watching really bright or really dark scenes, it looks like the backlights behind the picture that light up the panel, it shows up on every input, on the built in apps like netflix and online store. . I have contacted samsung about this and they said that it's not supposed to be like that, they had me do a few steps like disconnecting the power and adjusting some of the picture settings, but nothing worked, they said the last thing for me to do is wait 7 days to see if it disappears, i also just saw another customer post a review yesterday stating the same issue. . I do not recommend buying this tv until they fix this issue. . I really want to love this tv, but this is terrible, stay away from this tv. I posted a picture, of you look closely you will see faint white and black lines, it's not reflections either, i will also post a video soon to show everyone. . Original review- we purchased this tv after seeing it in person at our local electronics store, we had to wait a couple weeks as the tv was on backorder, but it was totally worth the wait. . Now i always do a lot of research on tv's when i am in the market to buy one, and i make sure to look at every spec for every tv, you wanna make sure the picture quality is great, the motion stays clears in fast moving scenes or gaming, and also dark movies don't have any "ghosting or halos" from the led's in the screen. . I did read and watch reviews online about how people say the picture quality is not what it should be, but you have to remember, you need to fiddle with the picture settings to get the picture you want, not all tv's are equal, that's why it's very important to do your research. . Do not just change the picture mode to dynamic as that still does not provide the best picture this tv can produce. . I will post my settings at the bottom of this review so you can see what this tv can do. . The 75 inch version is huge! . . I love how dark black scenes are when watching at night, no, it's not gonna be as dark at oled, because this still uses edge lit led's but they figured out how to make the light only turn on at certain areas of the screen so the picture is as dark as it can be. . This tv get bright! . . But! the tv defaults are all activated, so the eco settings are all on, so at first you will notice the tv dims depending on lighting where the tv is, i disabled all the eco settings so the tv picture will stay consistent with brightness. . Eco settings found in settings under general, then eco solutions: turn them all off except auto power off if u want. . Now for my picture quality settings. . Picture mode: standard. Backlight: 17. Brightness: 1. Contrast: 100. Sharpness: 50. Color: 60. Tint: g50/r50. Digital clean view: on. Auto motion plus: custom-blur:10-judder:10, led clear motion:off. Local dimming: low. Contrast enhancer: low. Hdr+mode: off. Color tone: cool. . As far as the sound goes, i set it on optimized and its unbelievable, it sounds like it has a subwoofer built in, the sound is too clear and so loud, i didn't even have to hook up my samsung sound bar lol. . I love this tv! best investment. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

C. Beale, Michigan says

This is not a review i m looking forward to writing. Couple of years ago i bought a 75 inch samsung for my family room. I have a 32 inch samsung in my bedroom. I ve never had to contact samsung with any questions or service issues (although i have clouding on my 75 inch samsung). A week ago i received through online store from beach camera, a 65 inch samsung q7f, a 4k hdr tv for my living room. After assembling, i have noticed on screens where there is a bright white to a light gray, vertical banding. I understand this is a common problem because of the outstanding picture i am waiting to see if that vertical banding dissipates. However, i find that i am unable to determine the resolution from any of my sources to see if i am truly getting 4k video. I inquired on samsung s support site. It required me to put in the model number and serial number of the tv. After a day or so, support responded by email asking me for the model number and serial number. I again submitted all the information requested and repeated my question. That was several days ago and have still not heard back. . If samsung intends to keep my interest in their product, their service needs to be drastically improved with a quicker response time and attention to the customer. If samsung is monitoring this review, and suggest that again i contact customer service, it will only anger me further as i have contacted them twice already over the past week. Very sad as i really have liked samsung products. But this lack of service and avoidance in answering my inquiries is unacceptable for any product but especially for such a high cost product. . If you are going to buy a samsung tv, you have been forewarned. You do so at your own risk. . Update: several days have past and samsung continues to just ignore me! if you are okay with no service or being ignored when you have a question, i guess samsung is good for you (especially if vertical banding makes no difference to you)! very disappointed but certainly a lesson i will share with family, friends and neighbors and potential customers considering a samsung product.

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