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Price was $149.00. We bought this as a way to check in on our baby when we're further away than our 2. 4 ghz baby monitor will allow. The other camera we were considering is the dropcam. We went with the samsung because it seems to provide more options for direct connection rather than relaying through the vendor's website. . I found setup to be pretty straightforward, and the quality of the video to be very good. The camera seems to have very good low-light capability, even without using the ir night-vision. . I find the ios application to be straightforward to use on my iphone or ipad. I also find the web-based application (which does involve signing in to samsung's website) to be straightforward. . I am getting a number of dropped connections whether i'm viewing the camera via my iphone or samsung's application. There is a lot of very negative feedback in the itunes app store about the most recent version of the samsung smartcam app being more prone to dropped connections than previous versions. Hopefully samsung will get this sorted out. . The dropped connections make this impractical for us to use as a night-time baby monitor. Our baby sleeps in her own room, and we rely on the monitor to relay her crying to our bedroom if she wakes up in the middle of the night. If my iphone has dropped its connection to the smartcam in the middle of the night, i may not hear her. That's a deal-breaker for us, which is why i don't currently see the smartcam as a replacement for our 2. 4 ghz monitor for night-time use. . I was particularly concerned about being able to connect to the camera on a local wifi network without requiring that a lot of data be relayed over the internet. We will probably use this monitor at a resort that has decent wifi but an overloaded internet connection. I think this should work pretty well. . For one thing, it appears that the video data transfer between the camera and my samsung monitoring application is flowing completely within the local network. Both the camera and the monitoring application do periodically talk to samsung to maintain the connection. However, as an experiment, i tried disconnecting my home network from the internet while viewing the smartcam live video feed on my ios device. The live video continued for several minutes before it finally complained about a lost connection. . It is also possible to connect to the smartcam directly with a laptop web browser if i know its local ip address. I'm able to determine its local ip address using a simple network scanning app on my iphone. Be warned, though, that this requires that a plug-in be installed in the web browser. I was able to get this working with firefox, but not with internet explorer, nor with safari on my ios devices. . I am also able to connect to the smartcam directly using an app like ip cam viewer pro on an ios device. The frame rate is very low, however - it's more like stop-action than a live video feed. . Setting the smartcam up to connect to someone else's wifi network after i'd already configured it for our home wifi seems to present a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. I haven't figured out how to use wifi direct configuration to do this with my iphone - perhaps it requires that i reset the smartcam to factory defaults so that it offers wifi direct configuration again? the best workaround i've come up with so far is to set up the wired network interface on the smartcam to a static ip address, hook it up to my laptop through a portable network hub, and use the local web interface on the smartcam to access its wifi configuration page. This seems like a lot of work for the average user! . . We don't plan on using the sd-based video recording & playback feature, although it does look useful. The motion/sound alert feature together with sd-based recording & playback seem more useful in a security application than baby monitoring. I can also imagine that the frequent dropped connections are less of an issue in that application. . Overall, i think it's a handy gadget that should do what we need it to. If samsung were able to solve the dropped connection problems, i think they'd have a clear winner.

-W. Matherly

Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi 1080p Full Hd Wifi Camera View Larger Samsung Hd Pro Wifi Ip Camera (snh-p6410bn) Whether You Want To Check In On What Your Pet Is Doing, See If The Kids Are Safe Or Just Want The 42101710-Samsung Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi Camera

  1. Extra: 128 Degree Ultra-wide Angle Coverage, True Day And Night
    Wide Dynamic Range.
  2. Extra: Micro Sdxc Memory Card Slot For Local Storage, Email And Mobile Notification (max 64gb).

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The camera itself probably deserves a few more stars. It has great video quality and the focus zones are an amazing feature to keep the motion sensitivity from going overboard. I recommended one to my dad and he loves it. He uses the focus zones so he does not get motion activation from the fan or laptop screensaver. The nightvision is perfect and still gives amazing video clarity. . Unfortunately. The app that goes along with it is not so great. It drains the battery on my samsung note 4. Not so much that i don't make it though the day, but enough that i notice. And this happens whether or not i am using the app or viewing the camera at all. It also is not reliable in terms of notifications. The camera seems to pick up on motion events but it is totally hit or miss whether i get the notifications on my phone. . It still does have some good features. It is nice that you can access the stored clips or live stream from your phone and that there is no monthly subscription. That was a huge selling point for me. I already pay for an alarm service and i was not going to pay any more monthly fees. The 2 way microphone is fun too, it works well and can be useful on the go if you need to talk to someone in the house who has walked away from their cell phone. . All in all, it is a great quality camera with an app that is just so-so. I debated returning it, but in the end couldn't find a better replacement in this price range that does not require a monthly subscription. Best smartcam hd pro fullhd wifi | Samsung-Surveilance Systems Review ( Mar 2020 ) Extra Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera Multi-streaming up to 10 cameras, 1 year manufacturer's warranty. 128 degree ultra-wide angle coverage, true day and night wide dynamic range. Micro sdxc memory card slot for local storage, email and mobile notification (max 64gb). Built-in two-way talk, advanced motion and audio detection .

Samsung smartcam hd pro 1080p full-hd wi-fi camera Review (snh p6410bn)

Pros:. 1. Camera captured video, photos on event, photos manually, uploaded photos to google. 2. Captured video on micro sd card. . Cons:. 1. Live view seems to be only 720p 15fps. Perhaps the card has to be removed to see 1080p. 2. Very flimsy plastic mounting base. I used a 1" flat metal strip with holes to mount inside above the window and attached a 1. 5" wooden strip (floor molding wood) at the bottom with 2 screws and attached the camera to the wood. Mounting options need to be much better. . Cons:. 1. Micro sd hc 64gb card needed to be formatted to fat32 and inserted to be recognized. 2. Webviewer plugin did not work to view live video on windows 8. 1 firefox 32 after i disabled flash block plugin which allows any flash content to play once i click on it. This one is more extreme. After reading several reviews on dropcam and this camera, i decided to try this one for 2 reasons. 1. Micro sd card to record 64gb locally. 2. No monthly payment. . I received this camera yesterday. I was able to use android app on samsung galaxy note 3 running t mobile stock 4. 4. 2. I was able to use wifi direct button to connect the note 3 to the smartcam and then chose 5ghz network. It connected fine. I connected the camera to an outlet in my patio separated by 2 walls and about 20ft from my asus rt-n66u router. It could not connect in 5ghz. I had to use the reset button to re-connect to 2. 4ghz and then it was ok. . Today, i received samsung electronics 64gb evo micro sdxc from. . I used the app in the phone and selected sd card. No card was detected. I then used a card reader and did a quick format to fat32 using windows pc running version 8. 1. I then used firefox 32 browser on windows, power cycled the camera and logged on to samsung smartcam account. I selected the camera and then chose sd card. It was found. I set it to continuous recording and overwrite. Then i tried to open the live view. It asked me to install the web viewer plugin. I did that but still it wants to me install. Did not work on xubuntu 14. 04 firefox 32 either. I can see live video on android. . The event trigger did work and take photos and upload them to my google account. . I will update this after the server software and firmware version planned for sep 14th by samsung. . Update 9/15: no new firmware. May be they updated only their server. . I see that the cameras suddenly show disconnected in the phone app. Not sure if it is only to do with the android app. May be wired network will fix it. . I did find a way to control the cameras and even view video of multiple cameras simultaneously on the same pc using vlc media player. This works when your computer is on the same computer as the camera. The computer can run windows, mac, linux. You need to use vlc media player. Open network stream rtsp slash slash colon local ip address of camera slash profile 5 slash media dot smp. Default user name is admin for the camera (not sure how to change it) and password is the password of the camera. Nice thing is you can open multiple vlc windows to view all your cameras, connect your pc to a big monitor and you are all set. -V. Pearce

Samsung Smartcam 1080p Full Hd Camera

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0849688001639
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.00 inches
    Length:5.60 inches
    Weight:0..83 pounds
    Width:8.40 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: SNHP6410BN
  • LegalDisclaimer: 2MP CMOS Progressive-Scan Sensor Up To 1920 X 1080 Resolution At 30 Fps Wired Ethernet Or WiFi Connectivity Built-In Microphone And Speaker With AEC 2-Way Audio With Smartphone App Motion, Audio, Manual Recording Modes MicroSD/XC Card Slot, Up To 64GB IR LEDs With 16' Night Vision Range Real-Time Alarms Pushed To Smartphone Automatic Email Notifications
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Recommended Max-Age: 840
  • Suggested Min-Age: 2
  • Model: SNH-P6410BN
  • MPN: SNH-P6410BN
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: SNH-P6410BN
  • Platform: Windows 8
  • Platform: Windows XP Home Edition
  • Sub-Type: Photography
  • Type-Order: 42101710
  • ReleaseDate: 2014-04-03
  • Size: NA
  • UPC: 761768030981
  • Warranty: 30

smartcam hd pro 1080p full-hd wi-fi Photography, 1080p full hd wifi camera view larger samsung hd pro wifi ip camera (snh-p6410bn) whether you want to check in on what your pet is doing, see if the kids are safe or just want the reassurance of knowing that your home is secure, the samsung smartcam hd pro is the perfect way to keep an eye on what matters most. you can view your smartcam hd pro from your mobile device anytime from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind. designed for optimum performance with full hd 1080p video quality, simple set-up and an intuitive experience, the smartcam hd pro provides the high caliber video experience you would expect from samsung. the smartcam hd pro can be easily customized to instantly alert you to both motion and audio events so you won t miss a thing! the smartcam hd pro delivers real-time notification of activity through your iphone, ipad, or android smartphone or tablet. it also has a built-in slot for a microsdxc memory card which allows for video storage for later review. once you ve downloaded the samsung smartcam app and have set up your smartcam hd pro, there are no extra costs or monthly fees for viewing or storage. the smartcam hd pro wifi ip camera introduces many advanced features such as wide dynamic range, samsung light enhancer, advanced motion & audio detection, and motion zone select. each camera is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for crisp, clear two-way talk one more way samsung helps you be in two places at once! simple wifi setup setting up the device is simple and requires no use of software or cds. simply download the free samsung smartcam app for android or ios, available on the app store and google play, to your mobile device. the intuitive setup wizard helps you to begin viewing your camera in a matter of minutes. advanced motion & audio detection if your pet enters an off-limits room, the kids come home from school, or a window is shattered, you ll be immediately notified. false alarms due to slight changes in lighting or minor movements such as a houseplant gently ruffled by an air vent, are now a thing of the past! the smartcam hd pro s advanced motion & audio detection recognizes that things like rolling cloud coverage, falling leaves and swaying branches are not key events. you will only be notified, through instant push notifications to your mobile device, of true motion events such as someone entering the room. and in low light conditions, audio detection has you doubly covered listening for loud incidents you should know about. view larger 1080p full hd video the smartcam hd pro wifi ip camera provides up to 1080p full hd streaming video to your mobile device, delivering better image quality than 720p resolution. capture every detail of your kids playing video games, your cat poised at the window awaiting your return, or even the cash register inside your store. the large 1/2. 8-inch cmos sensor allows maximum light through the lens yielding vivid colors, brighter video and stunning detail. two-way talk go ahead: remind your child to do her homework or tell your dog to get off the couch. the samsung enhanced two-way talk feature lets you not only hear what s going on around the camera, but also allows you to talk back through your smartphone, no matter where you are. a built-in audio minijack that accommodates external speakers (not included) amplify and enhance the sound quality. view larger samsung light enhancer (sle) & wide dynamic range (wdr) sle: the samsung light enhancer enriches available light in dark areas to give you superior image detail in even the most challenging low light conditions. if you wake up with the nagging feeling that you left the burner on under the kettle, a quick check from your smartphone will put the issue and you to bed. wdr: bright light streaming through windows poses no problem for the smartcam hd pro. the wdr technology enhances details in backlit conditions to give you a clear view of the outside, while eliminating murky silhouettes in the foreground. so while it may be high noon outside, you ll clearly see the sheriff s star as your little cowgirl has a showdown in front of the playroom window. view larger true day & night and ultra-wide angle the smartcam hd pro features an advanced ir cut filter for accurate, vibrant colors. even in darkness, the camera provides clear, nighttime video up to 16 feet. no more need for barefoot late-night safety checks! while other cameras have constricted angles that limit your view, samsung s 128 ultra-wide angle lens gives you a wider view to maximize your recording coverage without compromising quality. want to know what the kids are doing with the crayon over there in the corner? the smartcam hd pro puts you right there! motion zone select motion zone select further fine-tunes what you want the camera to pay attention to. if you want to keep your eye on the window, but the dog runs back and forth beneath it, simply draw a box around it on your screen and the camera will alert you when someone is approaching outside. you can select up to three motion zones in the camera s field of view. local video storage capture those important events right onto your smartcam hd pro. local video storage is possible through a micro sd card slot with the ability to record directly onto a microsdxc memory card* with up to 64gb capacity. set your camera for continuous recording, record at scheduled times, or, to minimize viewing time and storage space, record only when motion and sound events are detected. you can even view the recorded video right from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. *sd card not included. Samsung Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi Camera (SNH-P6410BN-Samsung).

Samsung Smartcam 1080p Full Hd Camera Photography

  • I trusted the samsung name when purchasing this product, and i'm glad i did. This is truly a plug-n-play security device with excellent quality. I literally plugged in power cord, wife and i downloaded the samsung smartcam app to our smartphones (she has iphone, i have android phone), and it worked perfectly using our wireless network and internet. Using laptop was just as easy. Controls within system provide motion activated recording (which is what we need, but there is also a setting for audio detection as well), text alerts to our phones, acceptable night vision (only up to 16 ft), etc. I mounted the camera upside-down on our living room ceiling and was even able to adjust the view via the laptop to flip the image for us to view normally. A great product and would purchase again if we need additional cameras.
  • I ve dealt with several baby monitors up until now all priced around $199 and above. They all seem to either break or not deliver exactly what s advertised. Even when they say 800, 900, or even 1000ft, it s never really what they say it is. Why? because they test it on open fields where indoor living isn t much of a concern. This one is the real deal. Since it goes through my wifi settings, and my house has a strong signal all throughout the rooms, i don t have issues with disconnects or anything of that sort being a problem. I ve even yelled at my dog through the camera two-way speak function for trying to climb into the crib today. I must say that the installed lullabies are a bit creepy in my opinion, but i just went ahead and recorded my own songs through the voice recording option and play that for my son when he s being fussy. It s definitely better than having a separate monitor since all i need is my phone for the alerts. Camera quality is great too. I can see clearly during the day and dare i say almost even better at night. If you re going to spend the money on a baby monitor, this is definitely the way to go. It s not specifically meant to be one but heck, it does a better job than most of the ones that are out so far anyway.
  • Ugh. The most annoying configuration screens i have seen in a while. Samsung apparently tried to make it "easy" like other locked down cameras like nest. But instead they complicated it so much i have been trying got set up this camera for 35 minutes. I'll post an update later, but while i wait for hold for samsung support, i figured i would start this review. I bought 2 of these because of the wide angle, ethernet + wifi connectivity. (for context, i am a computer engineer). I am hopeful the camera performs well and worth the annoyance of set up. But right now, its a horrible interface, wizard. Etc. . . And update after waiting on hold for 25 minutes. I will be returning these cameras. The support was even worse. The tech told me to not "update" the firmware if i wanted to have static ip. And to add insult to injury they were not polite or did they seem like they cared. Printed instructions said safari was compatible and phone rep said i couldn't go forward with assistance and had to install chrome. I hope someone at samsung listens to the call! wow. Just wow. So disappointed because i wanted a camera that i could record with my own software, with wide angle lens, ethernet, and wifi. Too good to be true.
  • I ordered this camera to keep an eye on our new feline friend while we are away during the day. . The initial setup took me about 15 minutes to complete. I tried for over 10 minutes to get the wifi and wifi direct to work. Each time, it would lose connection with the access point and would never complete the configuration i was sitting next to the access point during this time. Eventually i connected and configured it using the ethernet cable. Using this method, i was able to get it to connect to the access point. . Using the app was the primary reason i returned the device. Every time i opened the app, it would take up to 2 minutes for my camera to show up in the camera menu. Then it would take another 30-45 seconds for it to actually show me the live feed. The app lacks a lot of basic features such as the ability to turn the camera on/off. The icons on the app don't have labels so it's a bit clumsy trying to figure out what does what. While using the app, i would continuously lose connection to the camera. My router/access point is brand new and i don't have any connection issues with my other devices. I even tried swapping channels as well. . The device was updated with the latest firmware and that didn't seem to help anything. I still dealt with the same issues. . Overall, the video quality is pretty good. Once you zoom in, the quality drops tremendously, so i wouldn't recommend using this for anything far away if you decide to purchase this. The night vision is actually pretty good. I'm sitting in about 25 feet away from the camera and only have the tv on in the room. I feel that this camera would be a great option if samsung actually put some effort into the app. . The last pic is the samsung next to my logitech circle which is next to my vw car key, for size comparison.
  • I would give this camera 5 stars if they would improve their web-based access. As it stands presently, they require a plugin to be installed in order to access the camera via web-browser (the smartphone app works fine, thankfully). If you happen to be a chrome user, their plugin is not going to work for you. They recommend ie or firefox. Since windows 10 doesn't come with ie anymore (it's now edge), i had to download the firefox browser, just to be able to have the camera feed up on my pc screen. And then, periodically - say every 2 or 3 months - something get updated somewhere and the web view doesn't work anymore until you re-install the plug-in. This gets very annoying when it happens. At the moment, even after installing the plugin. Uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc. The web view still continues to prompt me to download/install the plug-in. So i cannot access the camera at all view web browser and can only get to it via my smartphone app. I've tried finding answers online to this issue, but the suggestions so far have not resolved the problem. If only samsung would redesign the web access to utilize html5 instead of relying on older plugin technology, this hassle could be avoided.

smartcam hd pro fullhd wifi Samsung SmartCam HD Pro 1080p Full-HD Wi-Fi Camera (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

We have bought three of these camera's in the last month. It was the easiest electronic device i have ever, ever set up. Quality is fantastic, the interface on the iphone is fantastic. There is a pc interface and i've used it as well. But we always have our phones. Love checking in and seeing what the cats are up to (what are you doing on the counter! ). I can even talk to them but after making one of them cry because he couldn't find me, i don't do that any more. :-(. . Go ahead and buy the samsung 64gb evo class 10 micro sdxc card online store will suggest to you when buying this item. Using the card allows you to store and view videos (30 seconds or so at a time). Otherwise all you see is a snapshot (photo) of the event. . This is probably the third wifi camera we have bought (all different brands). We weren't smart enough to get them to work. Wifi where we use one of these is very spotty but this camera will log back on when it's available. If i could give this product 10 stars i could.

Samsung Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi Camera
Click to see NoticeSamsung Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi Camera (snh p6410bn)"My wireless ip camera days began about 2 years ago with foscam 8918 followed by an upgrade to their 720p hd 8921 model. Although overall satisfied with the foscam cameras, they both would frequently lose connection needing to be restarted before reestablishing a video stream. In january i purchased the dropcam pro hd which was quickly returned after finding no workaround from the need to add another monthly bill to provide any real utility. The dropcam pro hd may be ideal for a few, but most will find the samsung to be a much better value. I'll try to provide a comparison hopefully helping prerspective buyers make the right decision. . Design: from a utility perspective both cameras offer virtually the same design with a similar mounting option and having a wide angle lens providing a great field of view without the need of pan/tilt feature as found of the foscams. The dropcam offers a minimalistic and sleek design. Using a combination of high grade plastic and aluminum makes for a well built camera that blends in with nicer environments well. The samsung is a little bulkier and in typical samsung fashion, rely solely on plastic for its construction. Despite the plastic the body is solid with good heft suggestion a good, albeit less attractive build in comparison to the dropcam. The best comparison would be of a galaxy phone compared to an iphone or htc one. Winner-dropcam. . Setup: setting up wireless ip cameras such as those offered by foscam can be quite the challenge due to the need to create security loopholes in your wireless router necessary for viewing the cameras when away from home. Both the dropcam and samsung cameras make the setup so easy that you could have either up and running within seconds regardless of how technologically illiterate you may consider yourself. Both cameras even allow you to have the camera up and running without using a computer. However, at the time i hooked up the dropcam, only the ios app was able to be used for initial setup. The smartcam allows you to setup the camera using either an ios or android device. Winner-samsung. . Image quality: the dropcam and samsung both provide great day and night images relative to wi-fi/ip cameras. If hard pressed to choose which offers the best clarity i would have to say dropcam edges out the samsung. On paper the dropcam has a slightly larger field of view. In reality i found no difference in the area shown through the video streams, but the samsung somehow manages to do so with notably less of a 'fisheye' effect. Overall, i give the dropcam a slight edge to the samsung but definitely not enough to alone impact a purchase decision. Winner-dropcam. . Performance: keep in mind that camera load time and stream delay will be greatly impacted by your internet speed and wireless router. For the purpose of my comparison both cameras were connected to the same internet connection on the 5ghz band of the same router. The duration it takes to retrieve the video stream from the moment of launching each cameras respective applications is roughly the same. The video and audio stream of the dropcam experienced about a 5 second delay. The delay of samsungs streaming was notable shorter at about 3 seconds. Two seconds may not seem like much, but those are valuable seconds if using as a baby monitor and responding to a child in need. The samsung camera has only lost connection once during the few months i've had it. Wifi cameras remaining connected has a lot to do with the stability of your internet service, but the smartcam has been much better at keeping its video stream than my foscam cameras. I did not own the dropcam long enough to compare. If you notice your internet frequently dropping off or have to reset your router then you will experience problems with any wi-fi camera. Winner-samsung. . Features: both cameras have a built in speaker and mic with the samsung offering a selection of 3 lullabies. The lullaby feature certainly is not much of a selling point for me as i assume it wont be for most others, but the speaker of the samsung is louder and the microphone records louder when utilizing as an intercom. The samsung audio stream plays loud enough for me to utilize the camera as a baby monitor without the need to hook my phone up to an external speaker, whereas, i needed the external speaker for the dropcam to feel confident enough i could hear everything when in an environment with background noise such the tv. Recording capability is another essential feature of these cameras. If you don't need recording ability i would recommend sticking to traditional baby monitors to avoid the streaming delay altogether. This is the dropcam's achilles heel as it requires you to pay a $10 monthly charge as their minimum cloud recording package. There is no way to record video without use of their cloud storage. The recorded image are accessable for a 10 day revolving window without any means to delete video that you prefer not to have other people possibly viewing. Samsung records video triggered manually or through motion detection to an on board sd card. Some people may fear if the camera is stolen, the evidence is stolen along with it, but images taken once motion detection is activated are automatically sent to your email. Winner-samsung. . Overall:. The cost of the samsung smartcam pro hd after one year at $220 ($190 for camera, $30 for sd card), vs the minimal total cost of the dropcam $300 ($200 for camers, $100 for annual cloud plan). At two years of ownership the smartcam comes in at $180 cheaper. Each camera offers great hardware and have their strengths and weakness when directly compared but once taken in the total cost of ownership the smartcam is a far better choice unless for whatever reason you have a need for 24/7 recording rather than relying on motion activate recording."

(0) Question: Does it work with poe?

(1) Question: What is the duration of the video that's recorded on the microsd card by motion or sound events? is that something the user can set?

(2) Question: Is there an iphone / ipad app for this system?

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SNH-C6417BN - Samsung Wisenet SmartCam 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

Snh-c6417bn - samsung wisenet smartcam 1080p full hd wi-fi camera

SNH-C6417BN - Samsung Wisenet SmartCam 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi CameraSNH-C6417BN-Samsung-Wisenet-SmartCam-Camera

Brand :    samsung
Color :    White
Size :    1-pack
Model :    SNH-C6417BN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (samsung product review) for SNH-C6417BN - Samsung Wisenet SmartCam 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $93.16 (was $99.00)
  • Motion zone select, push notification of event detection
  • 1 pack of smartcam included, quick setup and intuitive operation
  • 1080p full hd video quality, two-way talk, advanced motion & audio detection
  • Night vision up to 32 ft, ultra-wide 130 angle lens, smartcloud compatible
  • Microsd card slot for local video storage up to 128gb, free monitoring and alert app for ios and android

Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren strobe alerts, Plug-in, Backup battery

Pretty happy with this z-wave alarm. I was able to easily integrate this into my smartthings system and ifttt. Works as advertised.

Protect your home and your safety with z-wave. Siren gen5 lets you add 210 lumen strobe light and 106db siren alerts to your z-wave home control system. Anti-tamper and power-out protect keeps the siren online even when your power isn't courtesy of siren gen5's inbuilt, 430 mah backup battery. Built upon gen5 and z-wave plus, aeotec's siren gen5 offers customisation and configuration via z-wave including different tones for different emergencies, adjustment of the decibles to be quieter or louder, and use of siren gen5 as a door chime. Z-wave plus certified, siren gen5 is compatible with certified z-wave gateways and software including fibaro, homeseer, indigo for mac, openhab, piper, samsung smartthings, mios vera, and wink.

Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren strobe alerts, Plug-in, Backup batteryAeotec-Z-Wave-strobe-alerts-battery

Aeotec Z Wave Strobe Alerts Battery (zw080) FAQ.

This is pretty loud but not insanely loud. I think in most instances people would prefer insanely loud. We use it as a catch-all for water leaks or home intrusions and unfortunately it can t be heard outside the house. I would suggest getting something louder or using two of these. -Notice from J. Lara, Georgia

Click to Show aeotec z wave strobe alerts battery (zw080) Details

Very loud siren. Integrated with my smartthings seamlessly. I like that i can assign different alarms to different events.

Aeotec-z-wave-strobe-alerts-battery-(zw080) set picture

- S. TaylorUnit is about the size of a two outlet wall plate. When the alarm is active, the white leds kind of circle around and are half-way bright. Good for a visual indicator, but that's about it. The alarm is about the same decibels as a smoke alarm. So you can hear it outside the house, but you'd have to be listening for it. 5 star unit for what it's marketed as. I give it a 4 star though because the battery is non-replaceable. Which means that it'll go bad at some point making the battery backup non-repairable when it goes through its normal lifetime.

Overall, this works well. Works with my smart things hub . But could be a lot louder. I can hear my slightly on the 2nd floor. Willl be adding a second for placement upstairs to compensate.

B. Rose, Hawaii

Brand :    aeotec
Color :    White
Weight :    0.18 pounds
Model :    ZW080
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (aeotec product review) for Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren strobe alerts, Plug-in, Backup battery available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $39.99 (was $49.90)
  • Compatible with certified z-wave gateways and software including fibaro, homeseer, indigo, openhab, piper, samsung smartthings, vera, and wink.
  • Siren has to immediately alert you to emergencies and safety problems. so that you always hear it, it has a high-intensity, 105db speaker built right in.
  • Z-wave emergency siren powerfully loud at 105db with 210 lumen strobe light alerts.
  • Tamper and power out protection with inbuilt, self-recharging, 430 mah backup battery.
  • Z-wave plus certified. certification number: zc10-14090012.

Samsung F-OUT-US-2 SmartThings Outlet, White

Add smartness to your home with a smartthings outlet and set lights, electronics, and small appliances to turn on and off at different times of the day, when doors are opened, when there's movement in your house, and much more.

Samsung F-OUT-US-2 SmartThings Outlet, WhiteSamsung-F-OUT-US-2-SmartThings-Outlet-White

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Model :    F-OUT-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Acts as a zigbee repeater, extending the range of your zigbee devices, when plugged into a wall outlet
  • Power things like coffee machines, crock-pots, a/c units, portable heaters and fans using your smartphone
  • Trigger lights to automatically turn on when you come home and turn off when you leave
  • Save energy by restricting power to electronics or appliances or receive alerts if lights or electronics were accidentally left on
  • Control lights, electronics and small appliances from your smartphone
Price :    $35.99 (was $39.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung F-OUT-US-2 SmartThings Outlet, White available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor

Setup with smartthing hub was very easy. Battery powered is a big push. Wi-fi connection was good even for the one in the garage. The only negative was aiming the device so that i got the area i wanted covered. So far no false alarm.

Samsung smartthings motion sensor

Samsung SmartThings Motion SensorSamsung-SmartThings-F-IRM-US-2-Motion-Sensor

Samsung Smartthings Motion Sensor (f irm us 2) FAQ.

Motion sensor is a great product for your smart home. The device accurately senses motion and then turns on my lights. It can be placed anywhere due to its small size. -Notice from W. Donna, Harrow

Click to Show samsung smartthings motion sensor (f irm us 2) Details

These just work. I have them all over the house including in locked cabinets that i want to know when they have been opened by someone other than me or my wife.

Samsung-smartthings-motion-sensor-(f-irm-us-2) set picture

- Y. JarvisI've got 4 of these little buggers in strategic locations. I like them. Figured out that you can mask part of the sensor to keep my dog from setting them off.

Works really well. highly recommend it.

C. Nielsen, Camden

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Size :    100
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    F-IRM-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Smartthings works with products from samsung, , bose, schlage, yale, cree, osram lightify, honeywell, first alert, and more. look for the works with smartthings logo or visit smartthings for a look at the full list of compatible devices.
  • Receive an alert if there's unexpected movement in your home, or if children access dangerous or off-limit areas
  • Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically as people come and go
  • Set connected lights to turn on and off automatically if there's unexpected movement
  • Connects to the samsung smartthings hub to automate and monitor your home from the smartthings smart phone app.
Price :    $28.79 (was $35.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Have used this st v2 hub for two months now and really like it. Not overworking it, with just a door lock and ac thermostat linked up but on the whole the hub has worked well and proved reliable even after smart app updates. . Linking my two devices to the hub was straightforward and finding extended device handlers and more comprehensive apps on the development community / st forum was well worth the effort. . The only issue i had (and reason for 4 stars) was activating the hub out of the box. As others have found, the activation code just did not work, failing time and again. Only after a hard rest could i get it to fire up. While i was happy to persevere, i'm not sure everyone would be as patient and would simply return for the refund. Samsung need to review this. . If you're dipping your toe into smart home technology, this hub is a good starting point. There's a enthusiastic community and lots of help and ideas out there for those that really want to explore the potential of this little box. . I expect to add a few more devices in the coming months.

Smartthings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the samsung smartthings hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free smartthings app. Receive notifications about what's happening in and around your home and use your smartphone to remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more. Since smartthings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different companies, once you have the smartthings hub and the free app for ios, android, or windows, you can add as many additional smartthings sensors or other popular z-wave, zigbee, or internet-connected products as you want to enhance your connected home. The samsung smartthings hub works in the us and canada. If the honeywell programmable thermostat was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a z-wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the smartthings hub. To do so in the smartthings mobile app: 1. Tap the menu 2. Tap the hub 3. Tap z-wave utilities 4. Tap general device exclusion 5. When prompted: 1. Press the system button on the left side of the thermostat's display 2. Press and hold the blank center button until the display changes 3. The first set of numbers/arrows is the "function" section - scroll until you find "rf10" 4. The second set of numbers/arrows is the "setting" section - select 0 5. Press done in the lower left corner to save and exit after the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from smartthings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the honeywell programmable thermostat. Note: please reference user guide and specification sheet below under 'technical specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home HubSamsung-SmartThings-Smart-Home-Hub

Samsung Smartthings Smart Home Hub (f hub us 2) FAQ.

There is a lot to like about this system! . 1. Easy to set up. Easy. 2. So many things (basically all the 'internet of things' type equipment) connects to it. 3. Did i say it was easy to set up? . . So, why not 5 stars? . . Basically, the app. It is good, but needs improvement. Whenever there is an alert, you go to check the app and it takes a few seconds to refresh. Not a huge deal, but it gets a bit annoying after awhile. . We are still getting used to how the system works and fine tuning how the alarms trigger, but it really helps knowing what is going on in the home (using it primarily for security right now). -Notice from W. Nielsen, Michigan

Click to Show samsung smartthings smart home hub (f hub us 2) Details

I bought this initially to monitor two sets of gocontrol door and motion sensors. Since then i've connected this to my honeywell thermostat, two connected light bulbs, and a garage door opener. If you have the time to tweak everything you can make this do a lot of great stuff. . I recently tied this in with ifttt so that i can control the lights and garage from my pebble smartwatch.

Samsung-smartthings-smart-home-hub-(f-hub-us-2) set picture

- Q. WadeEasy to setup, high compatibility with a large number of 3rd party products. Using extensively with cree connected bulbs. The secret to getting these to pair is get yourself a desk lamp and put it about a foot away from the hub. Every bulb pairs quickly and flawlessly this way. Then move the bulb to its final location.

Samsung smartthings wins the smart home battle! there are so many different items by various manufacturers that work with smartthings. You still need to be careful because some items will only work with wink or another hub. But so far, i am very impressed with this hub. I use it for my clients for smart home monitoring. The app for smart phones also works well (i do wish they had one for ipad). And the website and support are so helpful. It is open source so there is a large community of developers and others with creative solutions. If you are new to smart home automation - start here with smartthings. Buy your hub first! then buy different components that are compatible.

I. Franklin, Redcar and Cleveland

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Size :    100
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    STH-ETH-250
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Requires an internet-connected router with an available ethernet port requires the free smartthings app for ios (8. 1 or later), android (4. 0 or later), or windows phone (8. 1 or later)
  • Add smart devices and put your home to work. choose from a wide range of compatible devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.
  • Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with a smartthings hub. it connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together.
  • Use the smartthings app or alexa to control your smart home. teach your house new tricks by telling it what to do when you're asleep, awake, away, and back home.
  • Power: in-wall power adapter with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 aa batteries (included) communication. protocol: zigbee, z-wave, ip. range: 50-130 feet operating temperature: 41 to 95 f. compatible brands: honeywell, philips hue, kwikset
Price :    $62.95 (was $99.99)
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor

Works great. The range is okayish, but since my hub is in my kitchen, when my kids come home, i always get a message on my phone, 98% without errors

The smartthings arrival sensor can be used in a child s bag, a car or around a pet s collar to monitor when they arrive or leave home. It can also emit a beeping noise to help you find your keys. It requires the smartthings hub.

Samsung SmartThings Arrival SensorSamsung-SmartThings-F-ARR-US-2-Arrival-Sensor

Samsung Smartthings Arrival Sensor (f arr us 2) FAQ.

I bought this to track when my son gets home from school and up to this point it has worked flawlessly. . My setup was straightforward, i told the software i was adding hardware, it detected it immediately and then i added a task to message me when the sensor arrived at home. I checked the battery today and it is doing just fine, which is a relief. . I would recommend this product. -Notice from M. Rose, Georgia

Click to Show samsung smartthings arrival sensor (f arr us 2) Details

I, m giving the arrival sensor 5 stars. I have the sensor turn on one of my ge smart switch coincided with the samsung's smartthings hub for a light when i arrive from work. The distance of a zigbee signal i have no idea but it quite some distance when i see the light at night from about 100' that is already on before i get to the house. There is no way of knowing the activation of the light before then. Surprised about what this tiny device can do.

Samsung-smartthings-arrival-sensor-(f-arr-us-2) set picture

- Q. GinaThe sensor works well and is very small to be not so annoying on a key chain. It feels a bit cheap though. The sensor works well when in the car even with my hub on the other side of the house. The "beep" function to find it sounds quite annoying and reminds me of old atari sounds but it works.

Nice one , small and working perfectly.

N. Ophelia, Warrington

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Size :    Small
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    F-ARR-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $29.99
  • Get alerts when people and pets approach and leave a specified area, such as a home or office.
  • Trigger different actions to take place when you arrive or leave home
  • This version has a more minimal profile than the original smartsense presence sensor.
  • Additional requirements: samsung smartthings hub
  • Be notified if someone doesn't arrive home by a certain time and operating temperature (degrees fahrenheit) is 41 to 95 degree

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

The smartthings water leak sensor can monitor moisture to send you alerts that could prevent a leak from becoming a flood. It can also monitor temperature. It requires the smartthings hub

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak SensorSamsung-SmartThings-Water-Leak-Sensor

Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Weight :    0.10 pounds
  • Get an immediate alert on your smartphone at the first sign of excess water.
  • Trigger a light or siren to turn on to alert you if water is detected where it doesn't belong.
  • Place the sensor beside the sump pump in your basement to be notified if the sump pump fails.
  • Additional requirements: samsung smartthings hub. temperature 32 to 104 degree fahrenheit
Price :    $32.39 (was $35.99)
Model :    ST-CEN-MOIS-1/F-WTR-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    temporarily out of stock. order now and we'll deliver when available. we'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item.
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Monitoring Camera

Always stay connected to your home with the samsung smartcam hd plus. Innovative features such as two-way talk, advanced audio & motion detection, and true day & night allow you to look after your home from anywhere in the world. Experience a large, clear image on your mobile device or computer/laptop with the available 1080p full hd streaming and the an all new ultra-wide 130 angle angle lens. Setting up your home network takes only a matter of minutes - simply download the free samsung smartcam app for ios or android, available on the app store and google play, to your mobile device and follow the intuitive setup wizard guide. Theres no need to squint your eyes or lean in close with the smartcams 1080p full hd video. Whether you are checking if your children are playing nice in the playroom, or to make sure that grandpa is not in any trouble at home or to keep a eye on your business stockroom, the smartcam hd plus delivers a powerful viewing experience. The large 1/3. 0-inch cmos sensor allows maximum light through the lens producing vivid colors, brighter video and stunning detail. The smartcam also supports up to five multiple viewing streams, meaning both you and your partner can check in on the house at the same time. The samsung two-way talk feature lets you hear whats going on around the camera and reply through your smartphone, no matter where you are. Its possible to soothe your child if they wake up momentarily, encourage your pet to eat from a scheduled feeder, or give your guest a quick walkthrough of where that kitchen set is.

Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Monitoring CameraSamsung-SNH-V6414BN-SmartCam-Monitoring-Camera

Brand :    samsung
Weight :    1.60 pounds
Model :    SNH-V6414BN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Two-way talk
  • Night vision up to 32 feet
  • 1080p full hd streaming and recording
  • 130-degree ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Advanced motion & audio detection
Price :    $109.99 (was $119.99)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (samsung product review) for Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam HD Plus 1080p Wi-Fi IP Monitoring Camera available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

*update*. I have noticed the battery life of the open/close sensors are not as good as the standard motion sensors by smartthings. Could be because my door sensors are exposed to outdoor temps that my indoor motion sensors do not see. These sensors activate much less than our common motion sensors around the house so that's why it surprises me that the batteries would be at 80% now. All in all they still work as expected and i'm happy with them. . I love these so far. I use them on the front and backdoor of the house. They monitor open/close, acceleration, vibration and temp. I have routines setup in the smartthings app for turning on all lights and notifying me via push notification on my phone for when these sensors are triggered. These, along with smartthings motion sensors have allowed me to add a level of security to our home. The addition of a cam and a siren device would complete it. And maybe a few more of these multipurpose sensors for windows.

The most versatile device in the samsung smartthings family, this sleek zigbee device acts as a movement, vibration, orientation and temperature sensor all in one. The smartthings multipurpose sensor can detect whether an object like a door or drawer is open or closed; sense when valuable or off-limits items have been moved or tampered with; offer temperature readings; and feel vibration. It requires the smartthings hub. Smartthings offers a one-year limited warranty on this product. Troubleshooting steps: if your device doesn t connect after removing the "remove to pair" tab, hold the connect button while inserting the battery. Release the button when the led is lit. The led will blink blue while attempting to connect. Then select connect new device in the smartthings app. Note: check user manual in technical specification before use.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose SensorSamsung-SmartThings-F-MLT-US-2-Multipurpose-Sensor

Samsung Smartthings Multipurpose Sensor (f mlt us 2) FAQ.

Works 100% perfectly so far, i love being able to know when my doors open/close. Will be buying more of these as well as a few samsung smart things cameras to go with them. -Notice from N. Carmen, Wisconsin

Click to Show samsung smartthings multipurpose sensor (f mlt us 2) Details

Works great in my smartthings setup.

Samsung-smartthings-multipurpose-sensor-(f-mlt-us-2) set picture

- F. HadleyI use unit to detect possible theft of one of my 12 volt powered assets from backyard. I mounted sensor magnet section on velcro. I put hole in the magnet section and glued a line to it. That line is attached to ground. Sensor is under asset where no one can see it. Move my asset and the magnet is pulled away and i get an alarm. Enough movement and i will also get a movement alarm. You could mount sensor in a hidden place to fall over if your asset is moved too much and not need line to ground to pull magnet and activate sensor. . ! problem was button battery does not last long. . I pulled sensor apart and soldered wires to + & - . Ran them to a 'drok waterproof dc buck converter voltage regulator 8-22v to 1-15v 5v 12v 3a adjustable output power supply transformer'. Set it to 3 volts and connected sensor to assets battery that has a small solar panel to keep it topped up. I now have a reliable power supply to run the sensor without need for 'button' battery changes. (will work with other power sources with right adaptor) i have one off 120 volt to 3 volt adaptor in attic to control attic fans via st. . Added sensor to alarm for when away and also set up a notification any time for movement or 'open' situation to text me. Someone might be brazen to try during night when i am home asleep.

I really like these sensors. They detect just about anything i could ask for, and so far the battery drain isn't as bad as i had suspected/feared.

H. Olga, Lincolnshire

Price :    $25.99 (was $27.22)
  • Monitor secure areas of your home and be alerted if a door, window, cabinet or drawer opens unexpectedly
  • Get a reminder if you forgot to close your front door or garage door
  • We recommend placing the hub in an open area well away from other devices transmitting and receiving 2. 4ghz signals (like wifi routers). if the signal needs to penetrate walls or floors, we generally recommend sensors be placed within 30 ft of the hub, or that a device that can act like a zigbee repeater (such as a smartthings outlet) be placed between the two devices to boost the range.
  • The versatile multipurpose sensor is an all-in-one sensor that can detect vibration, orientation and angle (tilt), temperature and when things open or close
  • Know the temperature in any room or location
Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    White
Size :    100
Weight :    0.4 pounds
Model :    F-MLT-US-2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam HD WiFi IP Camera 16GB micro SD Card Certified Refurbished

Whether you want to check in on what your pet is doing, see if the kids are safe or just want the reassurance of knowing that your home is secure, the samsung smartcam hd is the perfect way to keep an eye on what matters most. You can view your smartcam hd from your mobile device anytime from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind. Designed for optimum performance with full hd 1080p video quality, simple set-up and an intuitive experience, the smartcam hd provides the high caliber video experience you would expect from samsung. The smartcam hd can be easily customized to instantly alert you to both motion and audio events so you won't miss a thing! the smartcam hd delivers real-time notification of activity through your iphone ipad or androidtmsmartphone or tablet. It also has a built-in slot for a microsdxc memory card which allows for video storage for later review. Once you're downloaded the samsung smartcam app and have set up your smartcam hd, there are no extra costs or monthly fees for viewing or storage. The smartcam hd wifi ip camera introduces many advanced features such as advanced motion & audio detection, and motion zone select. Each camera is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for crisp, clear two-way talk - one more way samsung helps you be in two places at once!

Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam HD WiFi IP Camera 16GB micro SD Card Certified RefurbishedSamsung-SNH-E6413BN-SmartCam-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    samsung
Weight :    1.10 pounds
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
  • Large storage and two-way talk - record and save video using a micro sd card (up to 32gb, sdxc), so you can easily track back to the activity captured. you can record continuously, or when smartcam automatically detects sound or motion. with the built-in microphone and speaker, you can stay connected with your loved ones or talk to your pets using the free app on your mobile device.
  • Detect sound and movement - push notifications alert you if smartcam detects noise or movement. you can select up to three areas using motion zone select, all from your mobile device.
  • Clear picture day & night - smartcam's wide dynamic range automatically detects when the light needs balancing and adjusts to keep your viewing clear, even in harsh lighting. with night vision up to 16ft, you'll always get a smooth picture. the camera accurately corrects low-light video and produces clear footage even in pitch-black darkness.
  • Full hd and ultra-wide angle - view everything in 1080p full hd quality. smartcam captures an ultra-wide 128 field of view with built-in automatic lens-distortion correction.
Price :    $59.00
Model :    SNH-E6413BN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (samsung product review) for Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam HD WiFi IP Camera 16GB micro SD Card Certified Refurbished available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam Full HD Plus 1080p WiFi IP Camera, Black Certified Refurbished

Always stay connected to your home with the samsung smartcam hd plus. Innovative features such as two-way talk, advanced audio & motion detection, and true day & night allow you to look after your home from anywhere in the world. Experience a large, clear image on your mobile device or computer/laptop with the available 1080p full hd and an all new ultra-wide 130 angle lens.

Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam Full HD Plus 1080p WiFi IP Camera, Black Certified RefurbishedSamsung-SNH-V6414BN-SmartCam-Certified-Refurbished

Brand :    samsung
  • Detect sound and movement - push notifications alert you if smartcam detects noise or movement. you can select up to three areas using motion zone select, all from your mobile device.
  • Clear picture day & night - smartcam's wide dynamic range automatically detects when the light needs balancing and adjusts to keep your viewing clear, even in harsh lighting. with night vision up to 32ft, you'll always get a smooth picture. the camera accurately corrects low-light video and produces clear footage even in pitch-black darkness.
  • Full hd and ultra-wide angle - view everything in 1080p full hd quality. smartcam captures an ultra-wide 130 field of view with built-in automatic lens-distortion correction.
  • Large storage and two-way talk - record and save video using a micro sd card (up to 128gb, sdxc), so you can easily track back to the activity captured. you can record continuously, or when smartcam automatically detects sound or motion. with the built-in microphone and speaker, you can stay connected with your loved ones or talk to your pets using the free app on your mobile device.
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box. only select sellers who maintain a high performance bar may offer certified refurbished products on
Price :    $69.00
Model :    SNH-V6414BN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (samsung product review) for Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam Full HD Plus 1080p WiFi IP Camera, Black Certified Refurbished available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SmartCam IP Camera SNH-1011

Samsung smartcam ip camera snh-1011

Samsung SmartCam IP Camera SNH-1011Samsung-SmartCam-IP-Camera-SNH-1011

Price :    $37.99 (was $89.50)
  • Monitor on pc, mac, and smartphones
  • Built-in mic and speaker for two way talk
  • Free and easy recording to google drive
  • Built-in ir led lamps for night vision wifi: 802. 11 b/g/n frame rate: 30fps
  • Audio and motion detection and notification
Brand :    samsung
Color :    white
Weight :    1.35 pounds
Model :    SNH-1011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (samsung product review) for Samsung SmartCam IP Camera SNH-1011 available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Samsung smartthings home monitoring kit

Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring KitSamsung-SmartThings-Home-Monitoring-Kit

Price :    $129.99 (was $209.95)
  • Smartthings works with products from samsung, , bose, schlage, yale, cree, osram lightify, honeywell, first alert, and more. look for the works with smartthings logo or visit smartthings for a look at the full list of compatible devices.
  • Everything you need to start your smart home.
  • Connect compatible appliances, lights, speakers, locks, cameras, thermostats, sensors, appliances and more.
  • The samsung smartthings home monitoring kit contains: one samsung smartthings hub, two samsung smartthings multipurpose sensors, one samsung smartthings motion sensor, and one samsung smartthings outlet.
  • Control, automate and monitor your home from anywhere using the smartthings app. range-50-100 feet
Brand :    samsung smartthings
Color :    6
Size :    100
Weight :    2.50 pounds
Model :    F-MON-KIT-1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (samsung smartthings product review) for Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit available ( Mar 2020 )

samsung smartcam hd pro 1080p full-hd wi-fi camera Price : 149, was : 0 as 2018-04-13
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Samsung Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi Camera (snh p6410bn) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for samsung smartcam hd pro 1080p full-hd wi-fi camera

Good resolution. Wi-fi and ethernet connectivity. Portable (i. E. Use it for watching the puppy during the day, unplug and hang on wall to watch house when on vacation). It still needs to be plugged in to power. Good app ( i do wish you could view several cameras at the same time, instead of having to click on each one independently). 2 way voice (if you connect a small portable speaker to the camera for them to hear you. You can hear what you are watching). Good night vision. Good audio and and movement detection. It will send you a push notifiction to your phone. Not just and email, that will get lost with the other emails. No monthly fees. Yes you have to buy a micro sd card to store footage. Yes you can view realtime video on phone. Yes you can view stored video footage on your phone too. I've had a lot of good experience with these cameras. There are a lot of options that i haven't mentioned that puts this camera over many of the others.

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(0) Question: Will this camera work with the synology surveillance station?

(1) Question: Is there any way to enable a privacy mode?

(2) Question: How do you access the camera directly by its ip address? some people say is possible others say not possible. thanks

(3) Question: Can this be used outdoors a a front door monitoring camera?

(4) Question: While the product info states it will work with a chrome browser, will it work with a 4g equipped chromebook - versus tablet - as a remote monitor?

(5) Question: If using this to hear a baby cry does the sound still work once your phone or ipad goes to sleep?

(6) Question: Can you monitor the video directly over lan, using a desktop video player, instead of using a browser and going through samsung servers?

(7) Question: Possible to record on a nas? i have trendnet and synology equipment; could throw a decent dell laptop w dead lcd display for control purposes. if not this ip camera, which?

(8) Question: How can i access videos on the sd card remotely or copy them on network. i physically won't be there for 1-2 years.

(9) Question: There are so many complaints about the camera disconecting from wifi, which i intend to use. has this problem been resolved yet? no use if it has not.

(10) Question: Can i view live or even sd card recorded video directly from the local ip if my wan is down if i am on the same lan?

(11) Question: How can i turn it off. ?

(12) Question: I want to use 2 cams for 'live' view out my front and rear windows. how do i dsiplay both cams simultaneously on one monitor?

(13) Question: I cannot figure out how to save the motion detection pictures directly to the sd card, instead of using picassa. is there a way to do this? thanks,

(14) Question: Can the sound be turned off so people in the house being viewed have privacy?

(15) Question: Will it allow to record on network attached storage disk nas?

(16) Question: Is it possible to disable the ir led's?

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products

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If you are looking for an easy to use, simple to set up, high quality video surveillance camera, then this unit might be for you. My intend use for this camera is a bit unusual. As a long haul truck driver, my family was constantly wondering where in the country i was & what the weather was like, particularly when they the news reported bad storms. I thought about purchasing a dash cam, but decided against it as that would not provide my family with a real time live view. So i went looking for a high quality hd 1080p wifi camera and found this one. It connects directly to my wifi hotspot. It only uses data when someone connects to it with the free app. I can have as many as 10 people connected a the same time. I can insert a 64gig micro sd card and store 24 hours on a continuous loop. Since purchasing this camera my family worries about me a lot less. If they ever get concerned or just curious they simply log onto the app and they can see where i am and what going on around me.

Camera & Photo 493205, Electronics 282271, Surveillance Cameras 004898, Video Surveillance 1101901617Top Samsung Smartcam Hd Pro 1080p Full-hd Wi-fi Camera (snh p6410bn) FAQ Content

Best samsung smartcam hd pro 1080p full-hd wi-fi camera (snh p6410bn) in review

New update: use google photos app for complete no-hassle access to event photos. Too easy. I rarely access the smart an app anymore but can see every event easily in picasa. . I'm hooked - this thing works great. No problems setting it up - took me 10 minutes to have foc. My parents, however, took a good hour to get this thing working with me walking them through it by phone. They eventually got it, and like it too. The functionality is great and there are no fees or services, etc. . Update 1 year later - the wifi on my home network stinks, so i ended up buying a wifi extender with a lan connection and direct-wired the smartcam to it - huge difference in connection time and function. The display pops right up on my app now and can do hd no problem. I have this camera inside pointing out a window, so i cannot use ir night vision (wont' go thru glass). Overall still very happy with this camera.

N. Audrey, Kent

You might like to see Act74 action camera 16mp 4k wifi waterproof sports cam 170 degree ultra wide-angle len 2 pcs rechargeable batteries mounting accessories campark 4k action camera is your choice, can't beat! capture your life's moments right away! it's an amazing gift for your friends and family, or even yourself. professional video -campark act74 action camera 16mp 4k wifi waterproof sports cam 170 degree ultra wide-angle len 2 pcs rechargeable batteries mounting accessories kits
  • Attribute: 2 Inch Hd Screen + 170 Ultra Wide Angle Lens This Action Cam With 2 Inch Hd Screen And 170 Degree Lens, You Won't Miss Out On Any Background Details And The Support Of 32gb On An Micro Sd Card Will Let You Store All Your Photos And Videos Right On The Camera.
  • Attribute: Wifi Remote Control Action Cameras Compatible With Ios And Android System. The Sports Camera Allows You Control Camera Via The Phone In Real Time, What Is More, Instantly Send Pics And Videos Via Email Or Share Them On Social Media Easily.
Lowest Price Campark Waterproof Wide Angle Rechargeable Accessories (Camera) Act74 Black+bf513 Campark Waterproof Wide Angle Rechargeable Accessories
Or you might like to consider Mx2 Dash Cam Front Rear Dual Camera Cars, 240 Degree Wide Angle Driving Recorder Specifications: Lcd Screen Size: 2. 0 Inches Shooting Angle: Camera 1 120 Degrees; Camera 2 120 Degrees Video Resolution: Camera 1 720p 30fps; Camera 2 Vga 480p 30fps Display: Picture -Pruveeo Mx2 Dash Cam Front Rear Dual Camera Cars, 240 Degree Wide Angle Driving Recorder Dvr
  1. Special: Discreet Design. The Camera Mounts To The Windshield, Staying Concealed From Outside The Car.
  2. Special: Dash-cam Works Automatically. It Starts Recording When The Engine Is Turned On And Stops When It Is Turned Off. Loop Interval Recording To Micro Sd Card. The Seamless Recording Means No Gaps Between Recorded Files.
Modest Pruveeo Mx2 Camera Driving Recorder (Speakers) Mx2 Ii Pruveeo Mx2 Camera Driving Recorder (mx2

O. Anonymous, Montana says

Samsung smartcam hd pro, snh-p6410bn. . I've had this running for a couple of days now and it's my first security camera purchase. Here's my impressions of it so far. . Camera & accessories. . The camera itself is a unique shape, not bulky or heavy. It would've been nice to offer more color choices such as gray or black (which i would've preferred). Stand is low and can move up and down to adjust the angle of the viewing area. The base is slightly smaller than the camera, has thin cushions underneath to avoid scratching the surface. It seems stable enough to prevent being knocked over easily, but i am concerned about the base not being wider or heavier and not having thicker rubber padding underneath to give it better grip. As for accessories, i can only comment on what i've used. The ethernet cable worked as it should, only used once during set up before going wireless (choice of 2. 4 ghz and 5 ghz). The power adapter's cord is approximately 8 ft. Long and barely reaches my outlet, be prepared to use an extension cord if needed. Other accessories included are mounting hardware and quick start guides in several languages, but i didn't use those. I found the set up video to be more helpful instead (see link below). . Features. . I won't list all the specs, you could see them in the ad's pictures or in the data sheet i listed (see link below). So, i'll comment on the features i've used so far (indoor use only). . I first set it up on the window sill next to the front door to see visitors approaching from the driveway and walking path. The daytime quality was very good whether watching it live or reviewing recorded video. Although i must mention that it showed a strong glare when the sun was shining on the window from that side of the house. Otherwise, it was a clear video with only minor reflection issues when viewing through a window. Then, i relocated it to record inside the house. I watched my son play and i walked around normally in the viewing/recording area to test it. Camera quality was at its best in a well-lit indoor environment, especially with wdr (wide dynamic range) switched on. I only tested the speaker/mic features during set up, it has volume control for both and like the live video, there's about a one-second delay. Motion detector (even at the lowest sensitivity level) still captured us from 10-15 feet away, that shows good range. To explain how sensitive the motion detector is, i've viewed night time recordings of a fly buzzing around the family room. Of course the video is in black/white, but you know the sensor is very good at detecting motion if it captured an insect on video at night. I was impressed, although i could see these false alarm alerts annoying some people if it happens too often. But that was only the first night after set up and i decreased the sensitivity to its lowest setting and kept it there. The second night, motion detector didn't record any insects flying around and didn't have any other false alarms. Maybe it was calibrating the sensitivity since i kept adjusting the settings on the first day. . Samsung's smartcam website for viewing live feeds or recorded content seems more user-friendly than most i've seen while researching on youtube. Regardless of computer skill level, i feel this should be easy to navigate for most users right away. On the smartcam website, there's three viewing choices: low speed network (640x360) note: product description states 640x480 , mid speed network (1280x720), and high speed network (1920x1080). You can set up several cameras, rename them, and give each one a password, too. I also downloaded the smartcam app from google's play store and use that more than viewing from a pc. You're able to manually record live feeds and even take pictures from your smartphone, all data saved on the micro sd card installed. Speaking of micro sd cards, i had a problem with a high capacity sandisk 64gb ultra class 10, kept getting "error" messages even though it can be read on my pc and android phone. So, i'm temporarily using an older sandisk 4gb class 4 micro sd card which the security camera recognized right away and you can even format the card from your phone. Also, there's a feature to have motion detector pictures sent to your gmail account where they can be saved on google's picasa. So far, it appears that i'm getting both notification pictures through gmail and recorded videos saved via micro sd card at the same time. While recording, i've found the motion detector playback feature to be quite helpful. On the phone app it shows a calendar, pick a day and then it shows a graph on what times they're recorded, can quickly view one video after another by pressing "okay" instead of going back to the menu to play the next video. On the website using a pc, select the calendar day, then "motion detector" on menu and it displays a time bar graph where you can scroll through the recorded videos. In the settings, you can increase the motion detector sensitivity as well as set up "continuous recording". I tried the constant 24-hour recording at first, but it used up a lot of memory, so i unchecked the box to only record small clips of 30-45 seconds when it detects motion in the area. There's also a feature that allows you to record over old footage if memory card is filled up. I use it and recommend enabling that feature so motion detection recordings aren't interrupted. . Conclusion. . Overall, i'd rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. I like the wide area that it captures, resolution up to 1080p, includes speaker/mic with very good night vision and motion detection. Also, the ability to receive picture notifications via gmail/picasa + using a micro sd card for recorded video is very cost-effective vs. Paying for monthly/yearly cloud service. But the base and stand seems somewhat unbalanced since camera is top-heavy, could've put bigger grip padding underneath. Camera doesn't pan around like others i've considered, plus motion detector had a few false alarms (first night only). Finally, doesn't offer more color choices and had micro sd card errors (can't read sandisk 64gb ultra, but did read sandisk 4gb class 4). For these reasons, i'm unable to give this product a full 5-star rating. Yet despite all that, i'd still recommend purchasing this as a security camera or as a baby/kid monitor. I'd even consider buying one more, so i could have one set up by the window to view the driveway/front door while leaving the other camera recording the front door/family room area inside the house. . I hope potential buyers consider everything i've mentioned before making a decision. Thanks for reading my review. . Other brands/models considered: dropcam pro ($199 retail) and foscam fi9821w v2 ($159. 99 retail). . Video (setting up with pc): see "comments" section. . Data sheet (pdf): see "comments" section. . *. . Update 1 (4/14/2014) - now that i've had this for over two weeks, thought i'd give a status update. . 1) sd card error continues on the sandisk 64gb ultra even after reformatting it several times. I've just about given up on that and am disappointed since the security camera advertises that it can handle up to 64gb. Like i said in my review, my pc and android phone were able to read the memory capacity of this micro sd card, but the security camera just won't read it. Maybe it only prefers samsung brand high-capacity micro sd cards, but i'm not willing to fork out the $ to test that theory. So, i took the 32gb micro sd card (sandisk, class 4) from my android smartphone, formatted it and it's now working in the security camera! i wonder if the hd pro can't read class 10 or certain 64gb micro sd cards. But at least i was able to use the 32gb in samsung's camera and upgraded my smartphone's memory card to 64gb ultra (which it could read, of course). . 2) the speaker and microphone features works fairly well. I've used it on my android phone and there is an audio delay. When tested in the house, the audio delay is only about 1 second, maybe less. But when i'm at work (26 miles from home), the audio delay is about 5 seconds. You can even hear your response, sounds a little hollow and robotic which i found kinda funny. Although there's some static in the voice, at least it's clear enough for others to hear and understand what you're saying. To access this feature on the android app, choose the camera, touch screen to bring up menu at the bottom, select conversation icon (box with quotes), it'll turn blue and you'll see a microphone symbol on the right side, press that to speak. . 3) i haven't had any more motion detector false alarms. I kept the sensitivity at the lowest setting and it still detects movement when i open the front door nearly 15 feet away. In my case, there's no need to turn it up any higher. Also, i turned off "audio detection" since i have a clock that rings every half hour and may cause many false alarms throughout the day. Speaking of false alarms, i don't recommend using the email feature for motion detection alerts. Correction, i only recommend using it if you know no one is home, then turn it on. Otherwise, you'll get flooded with false alarm alerts when there's people in the vicinity of the camera. I got over 100 emails in only about 3-4 hours and couldn't turn it off from my android phone, could only disable it through the desktop pc version. . If i think of anything else, i'll update this again. Thank you. . *. . Update 2 (4/17/2014) - regarding "update 1 / item 1". . Soltech security contacted me about the 64gb micro sd card "errors" i was having. They're an authorized seller and working closely with samsung on this new product. I'll be sending the smartcam hd pro back along with the sandisk 64gb micro sd card that was giving me the "error" message and getting a new replacement camera/memory card in exchange. Apparently, they pay attention to the reviews here on online store and am trying to fix any problems that arise. To me, i find that very reassuring that samsung isn't just putting a product on the market and don't care about the problems that consumers are having. Also, i noticed soltech security is doing an excellent job addressing any questions from potential customers. It's customer service like this that makes me feel better about my purchase of this product and would definitely consider buying a second security camera from soltech security. . *. . Update 3 (5/11/2014) - steps to get micro sd card issue working. . As i mentioned in "update 2", i received a new hd pro and 64gb memory card (samsung brand) and sent back the original security camera i purchased along with the sandisk 64gb. The replacement also duplicated the same problem; however, there is a work-around in making the memory card readable no matter what capacity. When adding or switching memory cards:. . 1) unplug camera's power cord. 2) log out smartcam website. 3) add/switch micro sd cards. 4) plug in camera's power cord. 5) log in smartcam website. 6) go to set up sd card turn on. . It should read the new micro sd card. I experimented with different brands and different memory capacities: sandisk 4gb, sandisk 8gb, sandisk 32gb, and samsung 64gb. The hd pro read every single memory card when i followed those steps. . And btw, sandisk 64gb has more "usable" memory space compared to samsung 64gb. Sandisk 62. 5gb vs. Samsung 58. 53gb. I pointed this out to the soltech security representative and he noticed that, too. . *. . Update 4 (10/28/2017) - error message from motion sensor recordings. . I've been getting this error message when trying to view motion sensor recordings last several days:. . "failed to play due to concurrent access or unstable network. Check the camera and pc's network status. ". . I tried three different microsd cards: sandisk 32gb & 64gb, and samsung 64gb. All records motion, but none are able to playback no matter if hard-wired or wireless connection to security camera. Live camera works fine (except no audio). . After 3. 5 years, it may be time to replace this with another brand/model indoor security camera. . *. . Update 5 (12/9/2017) - i bought more smartcam hd pros. . After extensive research, i decided to buy this again, and more than one security camera this time since soltech security was selling "refurbished" models $79. 00 each. Why did i buy the smartcam hd pro again? good question. . Past couple of weeks, i got quotes from professional installers selling high-grade security cameras kits with local hdd to store the videos. Their quotes ranged from $1800 - $2800. Bwahaha! no thanks. I even asked them if i bought my own security camera kit (under $500 from online store or costco) and just hire them to install the equipment, you know to save $. Those that i spoke to informed me that they'll do the work, but won't warranty anything since it's not their product they're selling and can't guarantee the quality (so if anything goes wrong, i have to take them all down myself to return/exchange). Understandable, but hiring them and spending $1800/$2800 vs. $79 samsung smartcam + $15 (32gb sd card) for each camera was a no-brainer to me. My samsung account is already setup and i'm familiar with the pc and smartphone interface. Plus, it's easy to add new cameras to it. I bought two recently and am happy enough with them that i bought two more for a total of four: two facing in the house, other two facing out the window towards driveway and backyard (i'll just deal with the glare and reflection issues). Done!

E. Cageen, Minnesota

The samsung smartcam is great. I have been researching smart cams that allow me to log in and see a live feed while also allowing me to record the feed to review at a later date if need be. I was certain before i began my search i would be getting the nest cam. While the nest cam does seem great, it pained me to think that i would need to pay a monthly fee just to see the recorded video. When i found the samsung and saw that it allowed use of a micro sd chip, i was intrigued and even more interested once i started reading other reviews. I have now had this cam for about 2 weeks and can say i am very happy with the choice i made. The setup was easy and the video is very clear, even on a smart phone. We have a very open and somewhat narrow floor plan. This cam sits atop the fridge and i can see nearly the entire first floor. With the installation of the micro sd card i can also revert back to old feeds and watch. I purchased a 64gb card and it didnt fill up for about a week. There is an option that allows you to set for continuous recording and for card overwriting. This allows you about 7 days worth of reviewing old data if necessary and then it continually overwrites the oldest feed. I gave it 4 stars because i wanted to set the camera to look out the window looking at the neighborhood street. There had been a few incidents in the neighborhood of cars getting sideswiped late at night. My wife prefers to park out front on the street as opposed to in the driveway outback so i wanted a way to keep an eye on the car. Well the camera has a circle of lights on the front which cause a major glare against the glass. This makes the view at night impossible to see. During the day the camera see past the glass just fine. I am still looking for a way to make that work and if i can, i will update the review. Overall, the cam is great and is highly recommended. If 7 days of feed recording is enough for you then a 64gb micro sd card will be sufficient. Hope this helps.

Z. Dorine, Sutton says

This camera integrates well with samsung smartthings! the quality is sharp, and the night vision mode works exceptionally well at night! if you want even more, make sure to download the smartcam app. This will allow you to update the firmware (smartthings doesn't) to the latest version. It will also allow you to do 2 walk talking and listening. Also, with the smartcam app, you have the ability to record to the phone or the sd card that is put into the camera. If you setup motion detecting on the camera (through the app), it has the ability to automatically record a predefined length of video to the sd card and/or upload the video and alert you. I highly recommend the camera!

Q. Nicole, Pennsylvania

I bought a dropcam before this one. Didn't like having to go through their server and having to subscribe at a cost of $100 a year to record! anyway the connector broke off inside while mounting and not repairable. Also, night vision sucked. I threw it away. Purchased the samsung and while i still have to go through their server, i can record on a sd card. I like the night vision particularly. I use mine for viewing outdoors (through a window) and it is the best i've seen. (you have to turn off the night vision because it is set for short distance and indoors). And, turn on "save password" on each viewing device. I. E. Iphone, ipad, etc. . I don't like the fact that i can't set my port address and having to go through their server. I'm not able to use my ios software to join this camera with my 4 other cameras. A real limitation! i guess the trade off is an easy set up and the necessity of using their app. However, there should be other options available for those of us who wish to do our own setup! . . With that said, i recommend this camera for the two feathers i like better than dropcam. Night vision and wide angle display in 1080. Got this samsung pro for $189 on online store. Now that i want another one, i can't match the price.

I. Cunningham, Rotherham says

I love this camera. Yes, it's sensitive to movement, i have a log home and they are notorious for flies, so a flys movement can send my phone buzzing with notifications, but i turned the audio up (from another state on my phone) and the movement down and it's perfect. For initial set up, the lady at the support desk helped me set it up as it was a bit confusing, but i was determined to set all my wifi stuff up before i left for the winter on my new iphone 6s and she walked me thru everything since i was clueless. At a moments notice, i can touch the icon and see my house. Color is crisp and clean. Infrared is awesome as well. The whole camera angle is great too. Super stoked with this purchase!

H. Adrienne, City of Kingston upon Hull

Good quality camera and has an ethernet port which is surprisingly hard to find for some reason. . I can't login to the app online to view the cameras, it keeps forcing me to install a plugin even though i already have. The faq on the issue is also not helpful at all, so that's kind of a pain. However, it works with smart things and i can view them in the app on my phone, so whatever.

A. Mary, Kensington and Chelsea says

I have had this camera for almost one year now. Overall, i would buy again. I use the camera primarily to keep an eye on the dog and house while away. . I purchased this camera over other high quality competitors (such as dropcam) because i wanted a camera with an sd card slot and did not want to pay a monthly fee to obtain video footage. Originally, the camera would also upload images to picasa (if a robber entered the house and took the camera, in theory i would still have pictures of the criminals in picasa). This feature was stopped temporarily in 2015, but i believe that this model camera will upload to picasa now if you authenticate it with google (seems to work for me now). . The video quality is great and adjustable for more/less light. Motion detection works great and allows a user to select areas of the screen to monitor for motion. The app is not as professional as i would have expected from samsung and has its quirks, but that said it is nice and easy enough to use still and has all the features i expected. The camera is easy to set-up. I also like that it will automatically start back up again if unplugged and plugged back in. . My only two complaints:. 1) the camera fell off of a table (my fault) and the lens cracked (see picture). I would have expected the reliability to be a bit better (it was not that far of a fall). The video shows a slight blur where the crack is, but the quality is good enough still. 2) i had a few bad experiences with the night vision and motion alerts. At times, the camera (with night vision) creates some fake swirly hazy motion in the video feed (i think it has trouble with contrast between surfaces). The motion is enough that the motion alerts pick up on it. A few times the alerts started pinging in so fast on my phone that i did not have enough time (between alerts) to log into the app to change the settings . And my phone just pinged with alerts over and over until i got home. I have managed to avoid this though by adjusting (decreasing) the sensitivity to motion and by pointing the camera in areas that are not prone to the fake motion. . I would buy again

F. Gina, Enfield

Good camera if the smartcam app always alerted you to motion/audio detection. Says connection error a lot when attempting to open app with phone, but i think that's because you lose service and connection when constantly moving and going places with your phone. After it says that error, all i do is usually sign back in successfully, but it does get annoying constantly seeing that app error message pop up when opening the app. A second sign in solves it usually. It always saves good video and pictures when alerted to motion and audio and saves it to my google account for later review. I just wish the app alerted me to these vids/pics every time it happens. Sometimes the app alerts, sometimes it doesn't, but it always saves the vid/pic. It is also very sensitive and even alerts and takes vids/pics of pieces of dust floating by and of shadows and reflections. The camera actually saved so many event videos/pics to my google account (over 5000) that i had to call google and ask how to delete them all at once instead of one by one. As for picassa and google, it seems due to privacy issues, samsung can't save anymore vid/pics there until their privacy issue is resolved. Whatever that means. In conclusion, good camera. If they ever get the smartcam app to alert to you 100% of the time, get it so the app stays connected and get that google privacy issue solved so it can continue storing your event pics/vids, it will be better.

R. Russell, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I seriously love this camera. Just so much. . I did a lot of research in preparation for buying a camera to be used as a baby monitor, and then received this one as a gift, and i'm so glad that we ended up with this camera instead of the one that i'd been planning to buy. We currently have the camera on our son's crib, but it's been moved around several times throughout our home. Initial setup is as easy as can be expected with this type of camera, and when unplugging and relocating, it just needs to be plugged back in and will remember the same settings that it had before. . The camera is really well made and feels very high end when you're handling it. The camera looks really nice. It looks expensive and clean. All the parts are well fitting, and the mount is firm enough to stay put when you move it, but flexible enough to be easy to move. Picture quality is great in regular lighting conditions, low light, and complete darkness. It's definitely more than adequate to see if tiny eyes are open and if the baby's awake. See the attached image for example of image in near complete darkness. . The app used for viewing is great and gives access to a host of useful features. Both sound a motion detection are available, along with adjustable sensitivity, which was a feature missing from many other cameras that we looked at. The sensitivity adjustment is important! especially if, like us, you're looking to monitor a nursery, that's a feature you'll need. The sensitivity slider allows us to receive sound based notifications when he actually fusses, but not to receive notifications due to the humidifier making noise or a soft lullaby playing. . The two way communication means that you can hear what's going on, as well as speak to anyone in the room with the camera. My husband and i actually end up using the camera as a walkie-talkie fairly often when one person is putting the baby to sleep and the other is in another part of the house. . I can view the camera from my phone at any time, whether i'm on my home network or not, which is great. No need to fiddle with my phone's wifi settings. The camera can also be defaulted to low, medium, or high definition, which is great if your network isn't up to constantly streaming a high def picture. It's super easy from the app to save recordings or still images. . Honestly, i have no complaints at all about this camera. It's fantastic.

K. Heidi, Halton

I just finished installing and setting up. It would have been nice to have some info that you could actually use. Such as the minimum requirements for using samsung's sw on my mac. Every time i tried to sign up on my mac mini 1. 66 ghz intel core duo (okay, i know it's an outdated model), i got the message that i needed the smart cam plug-in. No matter how times or different scenarios i tried downloading and installing i kept getting that message. Called samsung support - pretty useless. Tech kept saying, "well we can get it to work, don't know why you can't", with no offer of solutions or causes. When i asked if there was any documentation of my older mac not being compatible, he said, "no, we don't keep that info here. " after many questions from me about it, he said "yeah, that may have something to do with it, do you need anything else"? . . Luckily, i was able to create account account and set up on my iphone. Camera does work okay, but as others have said, it's a little clunky and slow to react to moves. I also downloaded app for an ipad. I will say setting up the camera on a second device was a breeze. . When i purchased this from online store, i also bought a 16gb sd card, which no matter how many times i try it, the camera does not recognize it is there. Glad that i did not spring for spending more on a 32 or 64gb card. Seems like this is also a prevalent issue. I wanted to have two of these, one for my front yard view and one for back yard view while i snowbird to fl for a few months. I still need to get a second cam, but i seriously doubt if it would be another samsung. Now looking at dlink. Any one have experience with those? . . Update: apparently the sd card needs formatting. Samsung did have the instructions for this at: after following their instructions, the sd card worked. I am now able to record and playback video via the sd card, which is pretty much what i was looking for. I am now happier about this purchase. I would now rate this 4 stars.

Y. Edna, Gloucestershire says

I like this little camera although it is missing some very simple common sense features that i'd like to see. . The camera is surprisingly easy to set up and it literally takes less than 10 minutes to get everything up and running. The ios app walks you through the entire process from start to finish and within a few minutes, you can watch live streaming video on your phone, ipad, and/or computer. . The video quality is excellent, the night vision works great (although it does take a few seconds for the camera to adjust when you turn the lights on and off). I purchased this thing mainly to keep an eye on my pooch while i'm at work but, the motion detection features make it usable as a somewhat simple security system as well. From where i positioned the camera, i can see my front door, bedroom door, back door, and side door - the wide angle field of view is great and it works perfectly for my rather small home. The adjustable motion detection zones work great too - you can stretch them however you want to cover critical areas where someone might break in while, at the same time, leaving space for your pets to move around without constantly setting thing off and sending you "event detection" messages on your phone. It works surprisingly well. The microphone is very, very sensitive as well. My dog's food bowl is 20 feet away from the camera and i can hear her chewing her food clear as day lol. . It's nice that you can store recorded events locally on an sd card an on your google + account via piccasa, as opposed to paying for some cloud service every month. . My only real gripe with the thing is that i can't turn it off. I don't really want my every waking moment and every conversation to be recorded (or broaddcast over the internet) and i don't want to have to set up an "alarm schedule" every time i leave the house. It would be a whole lot easier if i could just turn it on when i leave and shut if off when i come home. I think i might just install a switch for the outlet it's plugged in to. . Other than that, i'm pretty happy with the thing

. Yvette, Hamburg says

This was very easy to set up and connect to wireless. (i had originally purchased a dlink camera that i had to return because it would not connect to the wifi). I bought this to keep an eye on my car and property and i this set up outside, but in an area protected from rain/snow (in a carport). I know it says it is an indoor camera, but so far works fine outside. It has been down to about 10 f and still working. The only issue i have is in bright sunlight, everything is washed out. The camera is not in the direct sunlight, but some of the area it is watching is. Basically you could be standing in the parking area in the sunny area, and the camera would detect anything, see you (i did a test and went and jumped around in the sunny area and no pictures/video recorded). The night motion is not very good, but since it is an indoor camera, i think the range is quite small and too close for anything for me to monitor in the cameras current location. I do have a motion sensor light in my carport, so that goes on and i get regular lighted video, so this is not an issue for me. I like that this camera can record to the sd card and i do not have to pay any monthly fees for it. I have it set to record on motion detection only and after a month have only used up about 16gb of my 32gb card. That is probably less than an hour of recording each day. It will overwrite old recordings once it runs out of space. Also it is nice that it will take pictures of motion detection and upload them to google photos, so i can easily review the photos and then watch any videos if anything looks interesting enough. (nothing much really except i learned couple of cats that wander by everyday! ). I do not like that i cannot copy the video remotely, you have to remove the sd card from the camera and put it in your computer. Someone could also probably remove the sd card, but then i'd have the pictures as backup showing them doing that - also they'd have to be pretty tall to reach it :). . Pros - easy to install, records to sd card (no monthly fee), photos to google, photos/video seems fine. Cons - can't copy videos remotely, bad in bright sunlight, small night vision range

U. Rita, Wiltshire

A few months now since i hooked this up so i have a decent amount of real life use to review on now. For the quick reader, i'm actually leaving the review now because i looked the purchase back up to see present day price, as i'm interested in buying another now. That should give you my quick take. . The much much longer version:. Out of the box i tried setting this thing up via the samsung smartcam website option on my computer, as i wanted to eventually access the thing online through the site from my work computer anyway, figured i'd set it up all at once. I can't say exactly what the issue was, i was able to create an account, but just not able to find the camera when i hit it's wifi direct button. Network was fine i confirmed. Either way i gave up and switched gears to following the smart phone quick set up guide with my samsung phone. Followed instructions to down load their app from from google play and logged in real quick as i already set it up online, hit the wifi direct it all went real quick and easy on the first try. Setting the app up on my wife's phone and logging her in to the same account was also simple. We both have no issues using the app on the same account. Full disclosure, both are samsung phones. . Caveat: 1 of the 4 huge draws for this thing while researching was it said once motion was detected it would send me pics to my google account/ email. Having trouble setting that up however, i found out the only way it would work was if i let down some privacy/security setting in my google account to allow other 3rd party programs or apps etc. Access or control my account. In this day in age, doing so much with my phone and the android os being so tied in to our google accounts, i just didn't like the major warnings my google account was throwing up at me while trying follow the security let down steps, so i chickened out and scratched the idea altogether. If someone is compelled to contradict, provide clarity, or guide me towards a way to do it without relaxing the security, by all means. Otherwise, deduct 1 star for not working, and 1 more for not at least fine-printing that to me us front. . Picture quality was another draw and this doesn't disappoint. Full disclosure again, when i open the app it always defaults to low quality mode but while i have no data issues, i appreciate it as an attempt to preserve data if only to stick it back the over priced providers/carriers :) anyway if i choose to push hq mode which is right on the screen, quality bumps right up and looks great. . Third draw, wide field of view. I have one set up high by the ceiling and the wide field of view spans our entire open floor plan. Full disclosure again, its the fish eye view look, but works for me. . Last draw was the motion detection, which also works great. It lets you set the motion sensitivity which i though was curious; perhaps some have reasons they would allow a little motion go by but not a lot? a pet snake? a ghost? i couldn't think of any in my house so i just jacked it up all the way (you can also set it to act on sound detection, i tested it, but have no real life use to speak on). You can set the app to alert you when motion is detected, full disclosure moment: the app must be open on your phone to do so, something i'm not crazy about and another reason the gmail alerts fail stinks. You can set it to record locally to the sd card all the time, but also just when motion is detected as well, which i use. You can also record the video and/or image to your phone in the app too, in case you actually catch someone enter your house before they knock out the camera and take the sd card as other reviewers have mentioned renders the camera useless to them, maybe grab a shot of someone's face. I'm trying here. But i haven't really used the app recording beyond a test either. For my purposes the alerts from the app and sd card recording serve me very well, specific example being the couple of weeks we had a crew working in the basement while we were out at work. I trusted our main contractor guy but i didn't know his crew from the holes in the walls they were making down there. The camera was set up upstairs and had the basement and bathroom doors in its wide field of view. I would get an alert that there was motion on my cell while at work (again with app open), and when i accessed the sd card recording from my phone it came right up and streamed great on 4g. The video recordings are listed by date and labeled by exact start to end time to the seconds. I use the list of recorded events by date like this. Another option is dates in something like a pie graph, which again is just curious to me, maybe someone has a use. Anyway i did this for two weeks and every time i got an alert i'd look at the latest recording and it would pick up 5 secs before any motion would come into the room, which i think is great, and then i'd see the basement door open and a worker come out and go into the bathroom door, and usually come back out a minute later. Yes for some of the longer bathroom breaks yes it took a second recording to catch the guy coming out, but you can change the duration of recordings. The camera was in their field of view too, so it provided peace of mind to me as a deterrent as well. It defaults out of the box to show a little green led on front when in use but there's an option in the app to shut this off too, i guess depending on whether you're the subject and want to know if you're being viewed, or you're the viewer and don't want your subjects to know they are. I toggle. . Night vision is clear, and all works when in nv mode as well. . Last bit is a caveat regarding the blue r. I got it on and off for about a week. I would get this blue r on the screen when i accessed the camera from my phone when away form the house/network, and it wouldn't let me see hq mode, or access my recordings. I had to internet search what this was as the app tells you nothing about it and i found out through internet searching that buried somewhere on the support section of samsungsmartcam site it says this is "relay" mode, engaged when the wifi network the camera is on loses a strong enough signal to handle its higher bandwidth functions. When this happens it relays a low quality version of your signal to samsung's servers or something, which relay it to you, as a means to still get you anything. I rebooted my router and all was great again, which tells me it was my router. I saw a "helpful' ranked review complaining about this but as for me i'm actually adding a start back for this feature. Not only does it find a work around and still get me some signal when my network becomes unstable (they could've just chosen to let it drop off when the bandwidth falls below full function minimum requirements, and kick a message like "no signal detected as many other remote cameras do"), but to me it served as a means of letting me know my router needed the reboot. That's an added unexpected feature to me.

. Susan, Indiana says

Before i bought this samsung, i bought the foscam. Setting up the foscam was near impossible. Took me several hours to get it to work with someone (i. T. ) help. If you are very familiar with ip addresses, static ip, port forwarding, ftp sites, etc. Then foscam may work for you. I eventually got the foscam to work then it just shut down on me after a day. Great camera and night vision. But too difficult to deal with. I just wanted to get a no hassle, plug and play surveillance. And then came the samsung. . It took me 10 minutes to set it up. Oh i forgot i took a potty break in between. So 7 min really. Linked it up to my android phone and boom. Its working. . The one thing this camera lacks is the ability to pan up/down/left/right. However it is a wide angle with decent graphics. So it think that evens it out. Either way. I could have fell out of bed and got this thing to work. So easy. No hassle. . I will come back to update after a week or two. But for now. Im pretty happy with it. . Cheers!

D. Stacey, Wyoming

These are great little cameras. I bought a pair to cover the first floor of our house when we're away, and aside from some initial wifi issues, everything seems to be working well. On initial setup, they would not connect to our network. Either the 2. 4 ghz or 5ghz bands. I couldn't find anything in the specs or in searching that suggested they had an issue with encryption, but ultimately i tried switching our network over to wpa2 only (we were previously running mixed). Now they connect just fine. . The samsung smartcam website is pretty good, though these cameras don't have as much configuration options as a dropcam does. . The alerting works pretty well. Currently it sends an email with an image of the motion attached. I then use ifttt to push the image to onedrive and send a pushalot alert to my phone. That gives us easy access to the images from anywhere and the pushalot alert gets around the fact that samsung has chosen to not create an app for windows phone. . I'm also using the samsung net-i software on a local server to record the footage from both cameras. To clarify questions from other reviewers, you can record the video stream locally using samsung's software, completely separate from the samsungsmartcam. Com streams. Your video does not go out to the web then come back to be recorded. Net-i maps to the ip address of the camera within your network and records it that way. The software isn't perfect, but it does what it needs to for light use. Currently i record the footage to local disk, then replicate it up to online store glacier a few nights a week. . All in all, a pretty decent little offering, and i'm considering a third to cover the backyard. . Edit: thanks to soltech security in the comment below to help me find the motion detection settings.

C. Broyles, Franche-Comte says

Wow, this thing is great. My wife and i use this as a video baby monitor with our android smartphones and it could not be more perfect for that purpose. For anyone seeking a similar purpose you should try it at minimum. It is super easy to setup and can provide push notifications to your android devices. I have not tried it with any ios/apple devices, and even though this may work well with them, you may want to find something with very limited functionality, that is overpriced, and is meant for more for clueless isheep etc. ; ) i have the less premium samsung smartcam and it is nice but i like this one much better due to the features it has that the less expensive model lacks. Particularly that this unit can connect to a 5ghz wireless network. It is not your typical ip cam for network savvy advanced setup nerds and i still have no idea what it would take to achieve 1080p as i have a 100mbps fiber connection and plenty of bandwidth. If you have bandwidth issues, low monthly bandwidth limits, or are stuck with a slow internet connection you may need something else but i would still recommend trying this out and returning it if you network/internet connection can't handle it. I haven't noticed much of a difference with my monthly usage and viewing it using mobile data seems to be smooth, but i am sure it would burn through data quickly.

. Gilmore, Bedfordshire

This is a good camera with good resolution, nice form factor, and good wide angle view. I used it as a standalone camera with securityspy on a mac capturing motion for a while, but then upgraded to a dedicated nvr as i added several more outdoor bullet cameras. After *many* hours of troubleshooting, i was finally able to capture the stream to my hikvision ds-7608ni-e2/8p 8ch poe nvr network video recorder (monoprice. Com rebranded). Using a custom protocol, specify the camera's stream as. . Rtsp:// ip address /profile2/media. Smp. . You will just need to add the "/profile2/media. Smp" portion of the path. . I know. It's easy. But it took me forever to figure it out, and i wanted to make someone else's job easier. . The camera also appears to hijack port 8000 of your network for its web-based interface - and this is not editable. Thus, you will need to change the port of your nvr server from 8000 to another port (i chose 8001) and then have your router forward that port to your nvr ip address in order to access your nvr from outside the network. . Ever since chrome stopped using extensions, we lost the ability to view the stream on chrome. I hold out hope that samsung will write a new web interface that doesn't rely on an extension, but in the meantime, firefox and safari (on a mac at least) work well. The android and ios apps are quite good too, with zooming ability and excellent resolution. . All in all, a good, small camera with great resolution. Samsung's tech support wouldn't help me with an unsupported use (streaming to an nvr), so with any luck this review will save someone some time.

. Lisa, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I 'dropped' my previous cam when i got this one. Works well with my synology nas surveillance station, sd card recording a plus. . Good video quality, easy setup. Recommended. . Update 1/1/16: the camera has been humming along nicely until samsung decided to mangle the device with a firmware upgrade. Since the latest firmware upgrade this camera does not work with the synology nas anymore. (apparently the webserver component was deemed a security risk and removed, rendering the nas integration useless). I will probably sell this and hunt for a similar camera again.

J. Colleen, Texas

If you're like me and don"t want to pay a monthly subscription to have your video saved to the cloud, then this security camera is a great choice! . . Pros/summary:. . I have 2 of these. I've also had these for 2 years and samsung continually updates the firmware and app to improve the cameras features even more. The hd quality is ok. It's only 720p, but good enough for what i need to see (and hear). I like the fact that it can upload pictures to your google account when it senses movement or audio (depending on the sensitivity level you set your camera to). The other cool feature i appreciate is the 2-way mic. I can check on my kids and have a dialog with them as well. However, you'll probably have to be within 10-15 feet of the camera to hear anything. My favorite feature is the ability to store over a week's worth of hd footage on a 64gb sd card. . Now for the cons:. . In the beginning, the camera did (on several occasions) go offline (blue led) for no apparent reason. The router that i had it connected to was fine and operational and did not show any logs of it going down. . I also have to admit that the process to add the camera back online was not as easy as the directions led you to believe. However the process has been refined throughout the years (with firmware updates) and is now a "little" easier, but not like apple's "it just works! " easy. . I do wish they were smaller and less noticeable to everyone who walks by them. I'd like to be able to tuck them behind a picture frame or a lamp so that it isn't spotted so easily. Also, probably a color not as bright as white would be helpful. Black would be a start. . Otherwise, i love my cameras.

X. Shayna, Tennessee says

Samsung has added a cloud service for these cameras. I have not signed up and used it yet, but storage of events on the cloud is very important for a camera used for security - in the event the bad guys destroy or steal it, the film footage is still accessible. . The picture is crystal clear and i like the ability to limit the area where motion will trigger it. . One down side was the last camera i ordered has an adapter that is very long an sticks out from the wall socket in an odd manner. The only thing lacking is the "rapid recap" function found in the flir cameras that allows a person to review the entire day of activity/events in a minute or two and see if anything serious and security related happened. This camera is like all other non-flir cameras in that you have to slog through event after event and most of those are just plants blowing around or other unimportant "events. "

S. Bethany, Bremen

I did a lot of research before deciding to buy this camera and i would recommend it to anyone without hesitation. This camera is a great alternative to the cheapest camera my security company offered me (same price with a three year contract plus $10 more per month in order to view the live stream and store up to one month of video in their servers). . This camera is extremely easy to set up and use. You can set up the camera over wifi from a tablet or smart phone or by hooking it up to your router. You will need to create a free account to register and program the camera as well as to view the live stream. If you will view the live stream with a smart phone or ipad, you need to download the free "smart cam" app. . The camera has a slot for a micro sd card which you can use to constantly record what is going on or to record events triggered by motion or audio. If you choose to record 100% of the time, the camera has an auto loop function that will allow the camera to record over old footage. If you choose to record motion or audio events, it will capture snap shots of the event in the sd card. . You can program the camera to email you notifications of the motion or audio events that happen during a specific time of day or night (e. G. Between midnight and 5:00 am); you will receive an email with a picture of the event. What is really nice about the camera is that you can program it to sense motion at one or several specific areas rather than the entire room. You can also program the sensitivity of the motion and audio sensor. Another great thing about the camera is that if you have a google email account, you can program it to upload the pictures of the motion or audio events to picasa (google owns picasa and you can access picasa by using the same credentials you use for email). If you choose to do this, you will have to download picasa to your computer. In all, you have redundancy when recording the motion or audio events. . A note on the micro sd card: if you are only interested in recording motion or audio events that will alert you to something not being right at home, you can get away with buying a 8 or 16 gb micro sd card. If you choose to buy a 32 gb (the maximum it supports), you need to format the card before you put it in the camera (not so for the 16gb). Otherwise, it will not work. . The live stream is supposed to be high definition and it is very clear during the day and when using the night vision in complete darkness. . The camera has two way communication capability which comes handy when i need to speak to my son after he gets home from school, or when i want to scare our family pet. To use the microphone from a smart phone or tablet, you have to actually push the microphone icon and hold it down to talk. . I was concerned about the lens angle and whether or not the camera would cover my entire living room and basement. However, the camera angle is more than enough to cover these areas. . This camera makes a great baby monitor and has three lullabies you can play remotely. You can also prerecord messages to sooth your baby and play those when need it. . Despite the fact that the pictures of the motion and audio events are not as good as the quality of the video, the features that this camera offers makes it perfect for me. In fact, i decided to buy a second camera and installed it in my basement.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

X. Connie, North Tyneside says

Same issue as others. Upgraded firmware and it no longer works with surveillance station or my vera home automation system. It put about 50 holes in my router (seems to require tons of ports) as well opening up my "more secure" home to less cybersecurity. I guess samsung wants you to have some degree of physical security - but cyber. Not so much. Avoid if you can.

U. Reed, Schleswig-Holstein

I bought two of these cameras last month and have recently installed them. The installation process is relatively straightforward. The units feel well built and relatively solid and the image quality in high resolution is very good. . Now for the bad news - samsung's recent firmware update seems to have removed the ability to use the camera with standard camera management software (read other reviews for details) and what's left - the samsung online portal and the official app are both very very weak. As such the cameras are less useful than cheap less expensive amcrest units that can cost half as much. As such, my advice is to skip these and go for more functional, non proprietary cameras that use open standards.

O. Rhonda, Herefordshire says

I was really looking forward adding this little camera to my existing sharx ruled security camera assortment. My criteria were 1080p, motion trigger, email notifications, infrared and remote monitoring. On paper it appears this camera has it all including a good price. . The hardware is working great. Excellent image quality during the day and night but the challenges came with the software. Yes, i was able to setup the upnp port forwarding on my router but samsung does not clearly describe this process as detailed as they should. I was able to remotely monitor the camera on my iphone from work using a universal ip camera viewer app that i also used for all my other security cameras. So far so good. . I was not able to get the email notification system to work. For some reason the on-board camera software (over did not accept the gmail server settings, port and user/password combo even though the same settings worked fine with all my sharx cameras. So i tried the setup over the sammy website where you first need to register and then you can setup notifications based on motion or sounds. You can check a 'google' checkbox and request notifications by google email and picasa web albums but neither of these features are working for me. Samsung posted a note that picasa webalbums are no longer supported and the website still did not accept my google login settings even though i followed all instructions and setup my google account to accept the new device. . At some point i just gave up trying to get things to work, initiated the return process and will go back to the more expensive but reliable sharx security camera systems which do not have a slick looking os or control software, but they just work all the time when they need to and allow full configuration without the use for any external software. . Your mileage may vary and you may not need some of the features that i was looking forward to and in that case the unit would be just fine. I really like the form factor, looks and the image quality was excellent but the software needs more work.

C. Stacey, Basse-Normandie

Worst camera yet! where do i start. Ok. Not compatible with the chrome browser, even though the manufacturer says that this camera is- well it is not! not that big of a deal it is just a browser after all you can easily download a different one i downloaded the firefox. Allow me to go on. This camera is useless without samsung's website keep that in mind when buying! the day samsung starts charging for using their website you are screwed! you will be faced with a choice to keep your camera and pay $ or to throw your piece of equipment away. All signal goes through their website first then you view it on your tablet, smartphone, tv whatever. I personally hate the concept of a middle man. Now also there is a possibility someone could heck into their website and secretly tune in to your broadcast while lets say you are breastfeeding just saying. Their website constantly freezes- not reliable at all. Now about their customer service number. Sucks does not even begin to describe it! i called them because i was having difficulty setting the camera up and i needed some help. Here what i was told. A technician will call you back because they are all busy due to high call volume that spiel. Well, six hours later no one has called me back. They really care i am sure. One other thing which i found extremely annoying was the view window. It cannot be enlarged and or maximized to fit the whole screen- how dumb! stay away from this camera. Don't buy!

H. Shayna, West Sussex says

The samsung smartcam line used to offer some of the best cameras with great image quality, wide angle lenses, and a price well under $200. Unfortunately, samsung has made the decision to remove local access (by disabling each camera's integrated server) from all samsung smartcams via the release of their most recent smartcam firmware updates. This means that the only way you can access any of the smartcam cameras going forward will be via samsung's samsungsmartcam. Com site. I purchased a number of these cameras based on the image quality, price, and local access functionality, and unfortunately all of my samsung cameras are useless to me now that the local access functionality has been removed. . If you are planning on purchasing this camera to use with samsung's web-based/mobile viewing solution, similar to dropcam. Get the dropcam. If you are planning on purchasing this camera to integrate with your own software/dvr solution, or access the camera via its integrated server, don't - that functionality no longer exists.

T. Teresa, Cornwall

I liked this camera when i first got it. However, after having it for a while, its flaws are becoming more apparent. First, the app isn't as powerful as the website. However, i can't access the website. It doesn't work with google chrome and it doesn't seem to work with the new microsoft edge. It only works with the old internet explorer. So if you have a modern computer, don't plan on being able to access the website at all. The second major flaw is the camera's inability to recognize repetitive motion like shadows from trees or a light that turns on at the same time every day. Plan on getting a ton of event notifications on windy days! the main reason why i chose this camera was that it had some features that other cameras charge a monthly subscription for. . When the camera works properly it's nice, but if you have an issue then you're pretty much screwed. Good luck finding any decent troubleshooting information. We got a new wifi router recently and now we can't get it to connection wirelessly anymore. After spending a ton of time trying to get it to work, i think i discovered that it's due to our router ssid. We have a space in the new router ssid, and it doesn't appear that this camera can handle it.

B. Pearce, Reading says

This camera is garbage. I could never get it to work with chrome at all. It worked 50% of the time with firefox, the rest of the time it would insist that i needed to download the software from the website, even if it had been working 10 minutes previously. I must have downloaded and reinstalled the software 300 times in the couple months i've owned this camera. Then, a few weeks ago, it stopped working with firefox 100% of the time. Keeps insisting i download and install, which i keep doing, which never works. . Then, even more recently, it just tells me that it's no longer compatible with firefox and to try safari. Wtf is that? what kind of product takes away functionality from two of the most used web browsers available (chrome & firefox) and tells you to use safari? well, i don't use safari. At all. Because safari makes my machine lock up. Safari is garbage. Why does this product no longer work on firefox? . . It is now 100% worthless to me. I spent $140 on a camera that is now 100% worthless. If you are considering buying this, please don't. You will absolutely regret it. I don't know what samsung was thinking. This was $140 right down the drain. I feel like samsung should be offering up refunds if they make the product just randomly stop working. Disgusting.

. Anonymous, Oklahoma

 i'm going to cut to the chase and talk about the biggest problem with this camera, the quality of recorded video. When you look at the live feed via phone app or web browser it looks pretty clear, no artifacts or other issues. However, when you go to pull up recorded videos you get all kinds of compression artifacts and ghosting. It looks worse than other 720p cameras i've been testing out. I've attached to this review a live camera capture, video that was recorded by the camera, and a capture from that video for comparison. . Frankly this kind of quality dip makes the camera completely unacceptable for any sort of security use. . The app, while functional, isn't very user friendly. It takes awhile to get used to and some of the options are not well explained. Viewing online is a much better option thought there are some parts of samsung's site which aren't fully baked either. . Set up was pretty straight forward, though i'm not sure setup over wifi is supposed to work. After connecting it directly to my network the phone app was easily able to identify it. Unfortunately it appears to require dns while connected via wifi, i only see options for manually set an ip for a wired connection. This does support 5ghz networks, unlike other samsung cameras. . It's also worth noting that that status led can be turned off, but will re-enable following a reboot.

P. Delgado, Staffordshire says

Bought this to go with my dlink cameras (i have 4, 2 static and 2 pan/tilt). The dlink's have been good and they are cheap, but the image quality wasn't hd and the dynamic range (brightness/darkness) of the image was terrible. Anyways, i was hoping that this samsung would be a good upgrade path. . So firstly the good stuff. * the image quality is the best i've ever seen on a wifi camera. Its pin sharp and is able to resolve a lot of detail. * the dynamic range is amazing, really well controlled shadows and highlights. * the night mode is good. * the 2 way mic/speaker feature works great. * set up process was simple and flawless. * wide angle of the lens is really good. . Now the bad stuff:. . * web viewer. Through the samsung website the image is fixed to a tiny window so its not really that useful to have 1080p. * 720p not 1080p. Through the android app (which i use 100% of the time) the max resolution is 720p no matter the device (tried nexus 4, 5 and 7). This means its not really giving me 1080p. * no local streaming. The app connects to the camera via the internet even if i'm on the local wifi, it appears to be a waste of bandwidth, but i can't confirm. I'm used to the dlink app that allows you to connect to the cameras locally to remove latency and remove dependency on internet speeds. * latency. The webcam can be upto 10 seconds delayed. I have a 40mbit/20mbit connection. The dlink cameras i have 720p included are realtime when i do local streaming, and about 1 second delayed via the web. Samsung need to improve this. * mount. The camera has a proprietary plastic screw hole at the back to mount the stand, its annoying cause i cannot use existing standard mounts on it (tripod sized). * ir brightness. The ir leds are not really bright enough, at least compared to the other cameras i've used. It struggles to brightly light a area 10feet away. The dlinks appear to do well across a 30foot room. That said, the samsung does well in the dark, but feels like it needs more ir led power. . Conclusion:. Well, aside from the fact i can only really get 720p out of it i really like the camera. The one thing that bugs me the most is the delay and the fact i cannot stream the video locally when i'm on the same network. If they improve this with firmware and apps i would give it 5 stars and learn to live with the lack of standard mount and ir brightness. . Right now this is the best image quality wifi camera i've seen, its leaps and bounds above the dlink's that claim hd. . Feedback to samsung:. Get 1080p working, get local streaming working and improve your android app. In your next product, add pan/tilt and a strong ir led and you have a world class device.

Y. Glenda, Leicestershire

I have really mixed emotions about this camera. It has (in my very limited experience) unparalleled picture quality and the wide angle is amazing. The main reason i purchased this camera was because it was said to work with blue iris and i wouldn't have to pay the monthly fees such as with dropcam, or send my videos out to the cloud where i no longer control what happens to them. Not that anyone is going to care to watch my dog counter surfing when he thinks no one is looking, but the principle still bugs me. I didn't care for the cloud functionality that came with this camera either, for the same reasons, but at least i don't have to use it (the camera comes with firmware with some limited functionality that's useful if you don't have any other software handy) and i don't have to pay a monthly fee! . . Now for the down side-i found this camera incredibly difficult to get working with blue iris, although i finally did after spending probably 20 hours crawling the web looking for information and playing with the settings in blue iris. Finally that would have been perfect but this is when i learned the camera cannot keep a stable connection to my wireless network and the signal is dropped over 50% of the time, even using the in-camera firmware. . Another issue is the fps is extremely low with blue iris (less than 1! ) so even when i have an image it's pretty much useless. But viewing the video on the camera firmware it's reasonable. That may be a failing of blue iris, so i didn't take any stars off for it. But i did take a star off for the 5-7 second delay in the video, even with the firmware, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of my response to my dog's actions. . So yeah, i've learned a few unpleasant facts about my dog's behavior but unfortunately without a fast, stable connection access to the video, there's not much i can do about it since my corrections are late and frequently don't happen at all. Sadly, i feel like i wasted my money.

I. Beale, Havering says

Update:. After a couple months of use without any downtime, i realize now that the camera is just very sensitive to crappy wifi signals. I was causing my own issues by updating/upgrading my wifi network while expecting the camera to remain active, and if my wifi went into a quirky state for a while, the camera would be non-functional until i manually reset it. . In the end, the camera does what i wanted it to do, with a lot of effort and twiddling. . Update:. After about a week of use (with the camera configured to send alerts via email during certain hours when it detected motion), the camera stopped working. When i looked at the camera, instead of having the steady green led that i'd grown accustomed to seeing upon entering the secured area i saw a steady blue led. I powered down and then powered up the device and after the boot cycle and a short time it returned to a green light, but only until the next evening when it had stopped working again. When i looked at the led this time it was a flashing blue. I rebooted it again and the camera entered a green state once again. I tried to connect to it (with an android device) and the connection failed and the led went blue. . Right now i've powered it down to see if perhaps the heat (it gets warm! ) is an issue and i'll try one more time, tonight, to make sure that the camera can remain operational while simultaneously running a constant network check from another device (just to rule out the wifi router, which i have serious doubts is the issue). . Either way, it's looking like this device may not be suitable as a security camera, which is what it is marketed for (and the reason i purchased it). . Original review:. Most of my frustration with this camera have been with its software. Clearly the developers had some ambitious goals, and what they came up with was just barely enough for me to take what they've done and extend the camera for my own purposes. . First and foremost: the power cord is not long enough for my needs, and i'm not yet sure what i'm going to be able to do about that. I would love to be able to acquire a white 10-foot dc power extension cable specifically for this unit. For now i've broken out the ac extension cords and eventually i'll probably have to hire an electrician to put a power outlet in a more convenient location. . I was expecting that the software would be comparable to the lower-quality, less-expensive samsung smartcam snh-1011, which claims to record thirty-second video clips to google drive, but this one doesn't. Instead, it will upload snapshot images to google+ or email them to an arbitrary address. So i don't get videos, i get images, and i get them in email, not in google drive. I can live with that. . How secure are the email transmissions of the messages that are being sent? gmail claims to receive them after having negotiated an encrypted channel using sslv3 and the ecdhe-rsa-rc4-sha with 128/128 bits. Not bad; an attacker would need to figure out a new key for every transmission and because it's using forward secrecy. . Now, about that receiving messages in email rather than uploading them into google drive? thank goodness for apps script! here's the script i've developed to have the camera abide by a google calendar in order to know when it's okay to save a copy and send another alert. . Function checkforalerts() .   var calendarid 'insert your calendar id here'; .   var drivefolder 'insert the folder id that you want to stick the images into'; .   var alertlist 'add an alert address here' ; . .   var cal calendarapp. Getcalendarbyid(calendarid); .   var now new date(); .   var events cal. Getevents(new date(now. Gettime()), .   new date(now. Gettime() + 60000)); . .   var camon true; .   if(events. Length 0) .     camon false; .    . .   var alertthreads gmailapp. Search('subject:"event alarm"'); .   if(alertthreads. Length 0) .     return; .    . .   var drivefolder driveapp. Getfolderbyid(drivefolder); . .   for(var i 0; i alertthreads. Length; ++i) .     var thread alertthreads i ; .     var messages thread. Getmessages(); .     for(var j 0; j messages. Length; ++j) .       var message messages j ; . .       if(camon) .         var body message. Getbody(); .         var timestamp body. Split('. ') 2 . Split(' ') 2 ; .         var attachment message. Getattachments() 0 ; .         var file drivefolder. Createfile(attachment); .         file. Setname(timestamp + '. Jpg'); .         var url file. Geturl(); . .         var content body. Replace('. ', ' n') + ' ndrive url: ' + url; . .         for(var k 0; k alertlist. Length; k++) .           mailapp. Sendemail(alertlist k , 'home alert', content); .          .        . .       message. Movetotrash(); .      .    . . . And i have the above code running on a once-a-minute schedule. . The other thing to know is that i've added a filter to my gmail mailbox so that when the messages with subject:"event alarm" arrive, they're automatically archived so they don't show up in my inbox. . End result from all of this is images in drive, where i want them, and not in my mailbox. . Additional notes:. I'm not using the uploading to google+ feature anymore: i was quite displeased that it did not negotiate an oauth grant but instead required that i provide an application specific password, which is essentially a hole poked into my two-factor authentication scheme.

M. Campbell, Tennessee

I bought two of these (one from online store, one locally) for use with a samsung smartthings setup. For basic monitoring through the smartthings app (on a phone) they are adequate, and if that's all you want, these are not a bad choice - naturally you'd expect samsung products to work with samsung products. . However, it seems that the control of the camera through smartthings is minimal, for example the camera manual talks about zoom, but i see no way to access that. More importantly to me, peering at a small phone screen is not satisfactory when i have a pc nearby. So, i figured i'd install the samsung smartcam pc app, which requires web-site set up. The problem for me is that i need to enter my existing camera password, and the web site will only accept 8-character alphanumeric. My camera is already set up with a longer password (and therefore obviously supports one). Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing here. This is shoddy work. . I am aware of how to reset the password on the camera. But "no more than 8 chars alphanumeric" for an internet-facing device? in 2016? . . Oh, and to contact support, you can't use the smartcam website, you have to find the *other* website for the product.

J. Mathis, Bexley says

This is a great standalone camera. The reason it is getting one star is that, despite what samsung says, this camera is not compatible with a smart things hub. That is very much false advertising! oh, you can add this camera to your list on "things" on your smart things hub. But you cannot do anything with it at all. You can't even turn the damn thing on and off via smart things hub, nothing. I guess you could see video, except that option is currently broken and crashes the smart things app. Also, the led is green no matter what, so you have no indication that you are being watched / recorded. Lastly there is no ifttt channel for this camera. Its a really cool camera that can not work with anything else. Yes you are reading correctly, the samsung smartcam does not work with the samsung smart things hub.

F. Wilson, Iowa

I've had this camera for about 10 months and it's worked just fine doing exactly what it is supposed too, just never had to fiddle with it once i did the initial setup, learning curve and found the best settings. . Things have changed from that glowing praise to a 1 star rating because now there is no way to archive detected motion now that google has cut off picasa access to the smartcam software drivers. Why samsung didn't provide other email destinations besides google is what gives this product a 1 star rating. Now the camera won't record motion and deliver it to a email address, it just keeps it on the microsd card inside the camera. Not particularly useful for such a high priced item. . 1 star.

L. Clara, Leeds says

Great hardware with top notch image quality - but that's about it. Software and user friendliness truly horrific. Setting up is a nightmare (had to deactivate firewall and open ports in router) and software is buggy with nearly daily updates. Very limited functionality and no away home feature like nest cam. Went with nest cam after struggling with buggy smartcam for 2yrs . Nest cam took 5min to connect and get running. Smartcam took 2hrs and online research. Enough said.

V. Julie, Lancashire

The samsung cameras work fine however the samsungsmartcam. Com website, software, and app, no longer record any event alarm photos, i purchased two of these cameras and now it looks like a waste of money, no help form customer support on this issue. Do not waste your money on this camera.

Z. Nees, Dorset says

Latest firmware removed the ability for web address access to the camera. What this means is you can no longer type the ip address of the camera and be prompted for username/password. This makes it impossible to use your server to stream/record video. So if you are a synology server user and hope to record video you will no longer be able to. . Prior to firmware 1. 07 you were able to use with synology server for unified streaming across multiple cameras, recording to server hard drive and local access to make changes. Unfortunately i purchased multiple cameras prior to the firmware update and no stuck with cameras that don't work for my application.

E. Cecilia, West Virginia

I understood when i bought this camera that it was going upload images / video to samsung, over the internet, so that they could then be downloaded and viewed on my mobile device(s) while i was away from home. And it can do that, privacy issues aside (see the 4-star review by joe r. ) but most people don't have enough upload bandwidth to do that with any real picture quality. Usually, upload speeds are a fraction of your download speeds, at least here in the us, so the software automatically reduces image quality to accommodate for upload speeds. . But i bought the camera hoping that i could disable it's phone home capability and use it privately on my home network. And it turns out that you can do that, if you use it hardwired. Then, simply using firefox (even under linux), msie, safari, maybe others, and a simple url, (no plugins from samsung required), you can get a beautiful 1920x1080 still images or even video. . The first time i tried to use the camera, i followed the instructions and created an account with samsung and downloaded their plugin. During setup, they will ask you to create a private key which samsung sets as the 'admin' login password for the camera. It took a little sleuthing to find the camera's ip address (as it was dhcp assigned), but once you have that, just hit the camera's ip address with a web browser and you'll get a login screen. Use the private key as the password, and there is just (barely) enough software there to configure the camera with a static ip address. I also set non-existent ip addresses for the gateway and dhcp servers (which keeps the camera from using the internet, but also prevents it from setting date/time). (note: wireless can only use dhcp). . Once you have a static ip address, you can hit the camera with simple requests. For example, if i assign the camera an ip address of 10. 0. 0. 2 and type in the following urls:. . . . . You will see a login screen (no parameters), or be rewarded with stunning 1920x1080, wide angle, stills (jpg) or video (mjpg). Specify 1 for the resolution and you'll get 1280x1024 images. . It turns out that, under the hood, the camera is running some version of linux and you can configure the camera using requests and a web browser. The problem is finding the samsung document that describes the interface. (i never found anything specifically for this camera, but many of the commands used to control dozens of other samsung cameras also work with this camera). The documentation suggest there might be many possible ways to use this camera, including the capability to upload images to an ftp server after motion detection, possibly upon motion detection with facial recognition? . . Shame on samsung for not providing software to control all of these features or to use it within your private local area network! if you've ever used panasonic cameras, you'll be horribly disappointed with the software provided by samsung. . I also recommend reading the 5-star review by paulo h, dr. Sc in astrobiology, which discusses controlling the camera with rtsp as well as using ispy with the camera. There are several reviews that discuss finding the samsung network device api - i never found anything specifically for this camera, only other cameras samsung has made. . Update: lowering to one because it crashes so often.

G. Widmer, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern says

I have two of these cameras. The quality was good and i was able to view them in all my apps by inputting the correct ip address and password. However samsung updated the firmware to version 1. 07 which removed the ability to view these cameras locally and removed the ability to view these cameras the way they were able to be viewed previously. . Selling a camera and later removing features by firmware update? evolution in reverse.

D. Jacqueline, Kingston upon Thames

Warning - these were absolutely great cameras, but the most recent firmware update removes the local web server functionality from the camera. This means you now are required to register the camera through samsung's online service in order to use it, and this also forces the camera to run in a mode that is exposed to the internet. I have been using two of these for months without issue, but i recently had to send one in for rma - it came back with this new "update" and the camera is now completely useless to me. I bought these specifically for internal network use only. I don't want to trust samsung's security team with a live 24/7 internet stream of my baby's room. And i don't want to have their invasive plugin installed in my browser. Avoid. Such a disappointment. My only choice now is to configure the camera through their site, figure out what ports they are using to expose the stream to the internet, manually block them in my router, access the raw stream with this url rtsp://admin:mypassword mycameraip/profile5/media. Smp and hope i never need to modify the camera configuration settings ever again. Ugh.

. Smith, Sutton says

First, i will say that the quality of this camera's video is good. However, it has glitchy software. I have a very stable wifi network and internet connection, but this camera is continually dropping my connection. I didn't pay enough attention to the other reviews that mention that. It drops your connection and does not reconnect. It also sends your video up to samsung (which is probably why it drops - unreliable servers). Also note that you cannot view multiple cameras simultaneously on an android or iphone. When i called in to their technical help, i got a guy with a ton of attitude who was trying to tell me the problem is on my end. When i explained that the internet connection shouldn't matter if both the camera and my viewing device are on my wifi, he attempted to explain to me that my wifi is the internet. Wow, really? i will be returning the 2 cameras i bought. Update: i replaced 2 of these with dropcam hd's; they are very stable and work great! you do have to pay to record on the cloud, but because we are using them as baby monitors, that is not something we care about.

K. Ruby, Greenwich

I started out liking this camera but the app and web experience have become so annoying that i really cannot recommend any of the samsung smartcam line of cameras:. . -you cannot use chrome to view video on the web admin, so now i have to keep ie on my machine just for this site, and ie does not remember the password for this site, so i have to key the password in 5 times a day. . -every time i leave and come back to the android app it tells me that the network connection was lost, so i have to ack that message, then click to reload the video? why would the app not just try to reconnect? . . -the iphone app does not remember the password, so you have to enter it every time. . I own 3 smartcams and wish i would have invested in the nest cams and just paid the montly fee - these small issues are too annoying to live with.

Q. Moore, Nottingham says

Do not buy this unless you are very, very, very patient and can think of crazy work arounds. Technically this device is sound, but the firmware and front-end ui seriously blows. I mean it. This device was incredibly hard to install. After 6 hours yesterday and 2 today, i finally, finally got wireless connectivity. And still the green light is on showing connectivity, but on the smartphone it can't connect or takes a very long time. There's line of sight ( 20') between router and device, but nada. . Let me count the ways this product totally sucks. . 1) do it right, exactly, the first time. If you get anything, anything wrong, you have to reset. The edit function is a joke. Nothing sticks. No flip, no mirror, no quality, no nothing and certainly no changing of passwords. . 2) you better have a good modern router. The first camera wouldn't accept wpa2-psk security. So fortunately i had a guest setting, but, and get this, i had to disable security to get the camera to connect. A camera of your home on an unsecured network! the second one wouldn't accept the guest network, but finally the secured network. And yes, that was a reset every time to try different scenarios. . 3) the smarthings ui is great for sensors, but is terrible for cameras. No setting can be changed, except the name, from the interface. No flip, no mirror, no quality change. And if you reboot, you will have no idea unless you have the camera in hand and see the red light. No spinning wheel or indicator. 20 years of status bars, but not with smarthings. . 4) don't touch it. I lost connectivity everytime i rotated or touched the camera. What a pain while i waited for it to reconnect after every adjustment. I found that if killed the smarthings ui and restarted it would reconnect much faster. . Other reviews mentioned how clunky and difficult the setup and programming was. Believe it. I didn't because i thought being an engineer would make it easier. Nope. This setup is not, absolutely not, ready for prime time. Stay way if you want something simple.

W. Dorothy, Midi-Pyrenees

I bought two of these samsung wifi cameras. They're great when they work and connected to wifi but very unfortunately, they keep disconnecting themselves without the ability to autonomously reconnect themselves to wifi. It's terrible, stupid and a major pain in the you know where. I also have wifi honeywell thermostats in worse areas as the cameras, they rarely get disconnected and if so, they reconnect themselves very quickly and easily. Whys can't these samsung cameras have the ability to reconnect to wifi autonomously ? this is very bad. . A wifi camera used for security is very useless if it keeps disconnecting itself and you have to go back through a very long process to reconnect it yourself. What happens if it disconnects from wifi when you're far away from home ? lol. Doesn't make any sense, . . I've upgraded every time to each new firmware upgrade hoping for a fix, but still, no solution. What a terrible customer support when you think about it. . After two years, i have had enough and will be buying something else. You will see these on sale on ebay very soon. Please look around for something else and do not buy these cameras unless samsung fix this stupid problem.

N. Brendon, Bolton says

Useless camera. I had 1 in my home, and i loved it. So i bought a nas and 2 more cameras, to find out that samsung removed the rtsp access, so i have 3 useless cameras here, and i cannot use them with my nas, that i bought just to be my nvr. I'll try to sell them to someone who wants just a remote baby monitoring.

A. Mary, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

This is one of the worst electronic products that i have ever purchased. I bought this because it is 'supported' by smartthings (now owned by samsung). Well, i have a lot of electronics and it experience, and this is one of the worst (if not the worst) electronic products that i have ever purchased. It simply would not set up, using either smartthings, or the samsung app. I tried about six times christmas day, unsuccessfully, put it aside and tried later. Only by jacking into my router did it connect. It worked for about 18 hours, then lost the connection. When it worked, the samsung app would show the video. But with the smartthings integration there was simply no way to show video. You could link in the motion detect into smartthings apps, but that was so sensitive that you can't set it up to capture significant motion. Bottom line: don't buy this, buy a foscam for 1/3 the price, and activate it via other motion detectors. Buy the rboy smartthings app for ten bucks.

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