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Price was 199. This is a nice one for a small tv. We replaced our old crt tv and had to fit a wide screen unit in the old square hole in the entertainment cabinet. This fit the bill. I had to put something under it to raise it up a bit. As far as set up and operation are fairly quick and easy. It does go on the internet. All you need is your wifi login an viola got internet, can go surfing. It is supposed to run your comcast box. Or is that visa versa? neither the twain did meet all the way. Yep i got the cable to work, but some features still require the tv remote to operate such as on/off. The tv remote does not run the cable operations as the instructions say. Better sent that one back to the programmers. However, my mom loves watching her new tv and she could care less about tv internet. No worries man. ; )

-U. Juliana

24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 With Wide Color Enhancer Plus, You’ll Witness A Wider Spectrum Of Colors On Your Screen, Just Like The Director Intended. You’ll Enjoy Enriched Colors While Watching Your Favorite -Samsung Un24h4500 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 Model

  1. Properties: Backlight: Led (edge-lit).
  2. Properties: Smart Functionality: Yes.

Inexpensive Samsung Un24h4500 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 Model (Television) Un24h4500

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This is a very nice 720p flat panel smart tv. 28 diagonal is a rare/odd size for a tv but perfect for my application. Samsung may be the only manufacturer of this size panel. The smart functions and ota tuner work fine. My only minor issues are:. I wish samsung or somebody made a 1080p 28 display. The off axis viewing could be better. (my 1080p 32 samsung is better off axis than this tv). This model does not support the hdmi arc (audio return chanel) standard. It can be connected to an av system via a digital optical cable however. Best 24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014 | Samsung-Television Review ( Mar 2020 ) Properties Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2014 Model) Refresh rate: 60hz (native); 120 clear motion rate (effective). Backlight: led (edge-lit). Smart functionality: yes. Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 22. 1" x 13. 7" x 1. 9"; tv with stand: 22. 1" x 15. 1" x 6. 4". Inputs: 2 hdmi, 2 usb. Accessories included: standard remote control .

Samsung un24h4500 24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014 model Review (un24h4500)

Nice tv! we bought 2 of these jan 2016 for our office, to replace two "samsung un26eh4000 26-inch led tvs" ( which didn't have smart tv functionality. . We both found the display notably 'more there', perhaps due to brightness or color fidelity or something, but unfortunately we had already disconnected the 26" tvs so we couldn't do a side-by-side compare. The smart internet functionality works fine, and the tv does have netflix and online store on it, which was a critical feature for us. We have one wired and one wireless to the router. -W. Weber

Samsung Un24h4500 24 Inch Smart Model

  1. AspectRatio: 16:9
  2. Class: Electronics
  3. Brand: Samsung
  4. Color: Samsung
  5. EAN: 0887276034171
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:15.10 inches
    Length:22.10 inches
    Weight:9.00 pounds
    Width:6.40 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Samsung
  8. Model: UN24H4500
  9. MPN: UN24H4500
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: UN24H4500
  12. Type: Home Theater
  13. Category: TELEVISION
  14. Size: 24-Inch
  15. UPC: 887276034171
  16. Warranty: 1 Year Coverage For Parts

24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014 Home Theater, With wide color enhancer plus, you'll witness a wider spectrum of colors on your screen, just like the director intended. you'll enjoy enriched colors while watching your favorite movies, and shows, even if it's older, non-hd content. enjoy a clear moving picture resolution at motion rate 60 with amazing refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology. enjoy everything you love in one place. the smart hub organizes your entertainment into 2 easy to use panels: ontv and apps. effortlessly navigate through live tv, movies, streaming content, browsing and more. Samsung Un24h4500 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 Model (UN24H4500-Samsung).

Samsung Un24h4500 24 Inch Smart Model Home Theater

  • This is a solid tv. It has a great picture, truly excellent sound quality for its size/price class, good remote and user interface, it's light, doesn't waste any space (it fit on a shelf that i was not expecting to find a 28" tv that fit on). The smart tv features, once connected, function perfectly and it offers a wide variety of services, one of the best smarttv user experiences i've seen. Almost good enough to make me toss my roku (almost). It has a couple serious flaws that prevent me from giving it five stars though:. 1) it has component/composite input, but you don't want to use it. Terrible, terrible quality upscaling from a 480p source over component. Fill colors take on a dot pattern, detail is badly lost. Same dvd player & cables on a different tv worked fine. Just forget the composite input is even there and use the hdmi inputs. I ended up digging out my old hd-dvd player just so i'd have something with hdmi. 2) it does not maintain its connection to wifi when in standby, and reconnecting takes an abnormal amount of time (half a minute or so). Forget about turning the tv on and jumping right into netflix. The "preparing tv, try again later" error message is quite unhelpful in giving the user a clue as to what's actually going on.
  • Nice picture. Sound is good. No, it's not a $1000. 00 tv. If you want one of those then go pay the money. We actually got a second one for my daughters bedroom. It has easy set up, remote is mapped out well, easy access to netflix and my online store prime shows. Love the following feature: 3 different sleep modes that can be set up for individual days of the week to turn off at any preset time. Also one of the few tv sets that has a wake timer. 3 different wake timers. One i set to turn on 10 minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning to ease the pain of the alarm. One is set to turn on later in the morning on the weekends so i can sleep in. There's plenty of more features on this set that i haven't even gotten into yet! so far, impressed with the price and functions. If you are looking for the perfect picture and sound, spend that $1000. 00 bill. I'll keep the extra cash to rent a ton of movies i like. 3 years later and still working great
  • I purchased this tv on november 30, 2014. The picture looked great and everything was fine right up until i hit the 1 year mark, then the problem started. At random times, my tv will just suddenly restart itself. So i'll be watching tv, then it will turn off then back on. I made a call to the warranty people and was told that they're going to replace the tv, or reimburse the cost, rather. So i do enjoy samsung products but the reviews were right, this tv is really slow, plus the problem i have is annoying and frustrating. I'm currently shopping around for something else.
  • The tv works fairly well for broadcast signals, with decent sound (considering it's a flat panel) and respectable viewing angles. However, it falls short when using the "smart" options: it takes a while with a sign "the tv is getting ready, try later" and response to commands from the remote are significantly delayed in a way that you don't really know if the set received the request. Internet browsing is extremely slow and are very few apps available. Would have rated it with 2 stars just based on the 'smart' experience but the tv performance would have been 4 stars otherwise.
  • We own and (mostly) love 75" and 55" samsung smart tvs. So when it came time to buy a small smart tv for our rv to use primarily with a plex server, i wanted to stick with a known brand and known ui. Unfortunately, this device does not live up to the performance or quality standards of its larger siblings. On the plus side, the image quality is very good for a display this size, and there is a good selection of ports. But there are a number of things that make it hard to recommend this tv:. . 1. The maximum volume is limited. The tv is mounted in a recessed shelf and with many sources i have to dial the volume up to 100 in order to hear the source. Even at 100, if a fan is on in the rv it can be hard to hear dialogue. . 2. Smarthub is incredibly slow. First of all, the plex client won't even launch unless the tv has been on for a few minutes. And even then the ui is really sluggish, with half second delays between button presses on the remote and anything happening on the screen. . 3. Smarthub can never remember what apps i use, which is especially annoying because i only use plex. I have to choose the samsung apps icon and find plex every single time i use the tv. To be fair, the recently used apps don't work right on the larger tvs either, but this behavior is still super frustrating. Why you can't simply tell the samsung which apps to show when you press the smarthub button is beyond me. . I realize that the 28" tv class is obsolete and most vendors don't want to support it any further. But i would still hope that who product managed this thing would have put more care into making it usable. Unfortunately there aren't really any better options so we will learn to live with the tv's limitations.

24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV (2014 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

The tv is really lightweight but it feels like it s well built. I m using the included stand instead of a wall mount. The stand is sturdy and has a small but stable footprint. I m using this in a bedroom so the 720 resolution works well, especially for the size (28 ). I don t have any odd viewing angles in the room so i haven t run into any problems on that front. I do get strange sun glare depending on the time of day but for the most part this has not been a problem either. . The setup on this one was really easy. It took about 15-20 minutes to scan for channels, set up the wireless, update the firmware and log into the video services. Online store and netflix were both on the frequently used list right out of the box. I ve even found myself using some of the other apps for free video content (i m looking at you ted and twit). . The smarthub feature for video streaming is occasionally frustrating. It can take up to 2 minutes before the smarthub can be used from a cold start. On the bright side, once it s up it works well and it has useful apps. . Overall i m happy with this model and would buy it again.

Samsung Un24h4500 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 Model
Click to see NoticeSamsung Un24h4500 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 Model (Television)"I am very happy but a word of caution. We chose this item as one of the few smart tvs available in the 28 inch size. 32 inch and 24 inch are easy to find, 28 inch not so much. Unfortunately, first one delivered was defective. Would not turn on initially, and then intermittently. Batteries supplied with the remote control were stale and didn't work. Online store authorized the return and sent a replacement the same day which arrived within 48 hours. Replacement works great. Unique feature of the samsung smart center is a full internet browser. It is a little cumbersome to use with the onscreen keyboard, but not even my sony bravia hd smart tv (for which there are many, many apps) has a full internet browser. Really good wifi connectability. Tv has two hdmi in ports and a coax cable connection. It will accomodate both composite (5 cable) input and 3 cable av input, but you can only use one or the other. In the av connection set up, one of the three composite video ports is used for the yellow video cable. Great picture. I also have a non-cabled roof aerial (connected via a coax) in addition to directtv (connected from satellite box via an hdmi cable). For some reason, this tv pulled in about a third more over the air digital stations than did the magnavox it replaced. The tv is lightweight, sharp picture. Very satisfied. Also, i use a wireless headset to listen at night while my wife is sleeping. No special setting required. As long as the wireless headphone cable is connected, it gets sound when the tv is on. To listen in privacy, i hit the "mute" button on the remote which turns off the tv's internal speaker and get the audio through the headphones. Happy with the product and very happty with the service i received from online store."

(0) Question: Can the base be removed

(1) Question: Does this tv have bluetooth?

(2) Question: Is hbonow app on it?

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Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 Model

Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2x the clarity of standard hd tvs. Enjoy a clear moving picture resolution at motion rate 60 with amazing refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology. See every image as the director intended with enriched colors even with older, non-hd content.

Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 ModelSamsung-UN40J5200-40-Inch-1080p-Smart

Brand :    samsung
Color :    BLACK
Size :    40-Inch
Weight :    16.30 pounds
  • Backlight: led
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 36. 3" x 20. 6" x 2. 3", tv with stand: 36. 3" x 23. 2" x 11. 3"
  • Smart functionality: yes- built in wi-fi
  • Refresh rate: 60cmr (effective)
  • Inputs: 2 hdmi, 1 usb
Price :    $419.99 (was $529.00)
Model :    UN40J5200AFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung UN40J5200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 2017 Model

This tv is perfect for a kitchen counter or guest bedroom. Excellent picture and sound. Super easy to set up. Nothing not to like about this tv!

Bring all your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and media content to life in vivid, vibrant hdtv display with amazing details over standard definition tv. Access all your favorites with intuitive smart tv features and wi-fi built in for a more interactive, more connected home entertainment experience. *versus dual-core processor *all devices must be on the same network and internet connection is required

Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN32M4500A-32-Inch-Smart

Samsung Electronics Un32m4500a 32-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un32m4500afxza) FAQ.

The picture quality is fantastic. The colours are vibrant, the clear motion technology works well, and the resolution looks as good as 1080. The sound is loud and clear in my small bedroom. Overall a great tv, and it will not break the bank either. The smart tv features work well and it even has the steam link app. When testing out the steam link app, i plugged my xbox360 controller into the tv and it was detected and worked fine, i also found out that you can use it to navigate the tv menus, which felt better than the tv remote. . But i do have a few caveats. The power button on the tv itself is terrible, but i use the remote anyway. Every time i turn on the tv, the settings/ apps menu pops up for 15 seconds, it blocks the cable guide which delays me from surfing for a show. The stand is very wonky, the slightest touch will set your tv askew. There aren t too many customisation options for the picture quality, nor is there a game mode. The clear motion technology looks a little wonky sometimes, but its usually fine. And my final complaint is that on a few ads, the aspect ratio gets wavy, but that s not too big a deal. -Notice from U. Elanor, Merton

Click to Show samsung electronics un32m4500a 32-inch 720p smart led tv 2017 model (un32m4500afxza) Details

I was actually surprised at the image quality on a 200 dollar tv. I wish i had bought a bigger size though. 28-inches seems a bit small at 15 feet away (but maybe just because i'm used to my larger tv in the living room). . The wifi connected good, has good strengths to stream netflix, and was quick and easy to set up. . You will need a philips head screwdriver to screw the plastic base pedestal into the tv, but that is it.

Samsung-electronics-un32m4500a-32-inch-720p-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(un32m4500afxza) set picture

- R. MelissaWe bought this tv for our rv and now i would like to buy one for every bedroom. It has an amazing hd picture. My husband watched old westerns on it the other day and thought i had somehow got updated copies. It looked so real. We love this television. I can't wait until you get more in stock.

I m super-delighted with our new tv. We don t have cable. This tv hooked up easily to our converter box/rabbit ears. Connecting to the internet was a little challenging, but not difficult. The step-by-step set up was easy to follow. The hardest part was deciphering the remote. I have not used the mirroring feature and expect to figure that out soon

C. Susana, Knowsley

Price :    $166.15 (was $229.99)
  • Enjoy a fluid browsing experience and faster control - switching between apps, streaming content, and other media effortlessly. *
  • Access your favorite program choices, live tv, video on demand, apps, and social media in one easy-to-browse navigation experience. *
  • Enjoy a clear moving picture resolution at motion rate 60 with amazing refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology.
  • Enjoy a viewing experience with 2x the clarity and detail.
Brand :    samsung
Size :    32 inches
Weight :    9.00 pounds
Model :    UN32M4500AFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 14 Extension Arm Tilt Swivel Most 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 26 27 30 LED TV Flat Panel Screen VESA 100x100,75x75 1330LM

Overall happy with this mount. Very solid constriction, the arms are fairly thick metal which makes me feel like the tv is secure even when fully extended. The joint off of the wall and between the two arms are great and can be easily adjusted to make them swivel easier or to stay in place. The joint between the second arm and tv is not adjustable and was very tight/stiff and makes it somewhat difficult to move, but hopefully some lubrication will help that. This is the joint that moves the tv horizontally around the last arm. Also, the joint allows the tv to tilt forward and back and to rotatle vertically is is a little tricky and made it difficult to adjust the viewing angle. All in all i'm happy with it. These type of mounts are outrageously priced in retail stores ($40-$70) and this was less than half of that. Definitely worth the money.

Please check the mount compatible for your tv: please check wood studs in your wall first. The mount can also be used on concrete wall and brick (anchors already included), but it can t be used on drywall. Check your tv weight and size, your tv size should be between 13-30 inches, and weight less than 33lbs (15kg). Compatible the vesa mounting holes on the back of your tv, the mounting holes must be less than 4 x4 (100x100mm). Please check tv cable and input area first, its possible blocked cable or input by the mount. Product specifications: fit 13 to 30 flat screen tv. Support weight up to 33lbs (15kg). Compatible with vesa mounting holes patterns:100x100mm/ 75x75mm (4"x4"/3"x3"). Fully adjustable 15 degrees upward and 15 degrees downward; swivel up to 180 degrees; 360 degrees rotate. Extends up to 14 and compressed 2 from the wall to save space package includes: 1 x wali tv wall mount 1 x user manual 1 x standard mounting hardware

WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 14 Extension Arm Tilt Swivel Most 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 26 27 30 LED TV Flat Panel Screen VESA 100x100,75x75 1330LMWALI-Articulating-Monitor-Extension-100x100

Wali Articulating Monitor Extension Wl 1330lm (Office Products) FAQ.

I had purchased a small television for watching during treadmill time, and had set it up on the treadmill. During walking, it moved as the treadmill moves wit speed, swaying a little with the walking. I looked at electronic stores for wall mounts, almost all were for heavier tv's. And they were pricy and huge, the over kill. When i saw this as well as the price, i took a chance assuming that i would not be out great bucks. This arm fits in well to the wall, it has proved to be the right size for the small tv, and is adjustable. The only issue were the wire ties, but i solved that with other ties. . I love the set up! -Notice from X. Campbell, Southend-on-Sea

Click to Show wali articulating monitor extension wl 1330lm (office products) Details

This is a very nice mount at a great price. I would have rated it 5 stars but three out of four that i ordered came with screws too long to go into the back of the tv, even with the spacers that came with it. Luckily, (these were for a job) i took with me a box that had all the unused hardware from previous jobs, so i found some screws in it that would work. . Most mounts come with two or three different length of screws. Had this one came with more choices of screws, i would have rated it 5 stars easily.

Wali-articulating-monitor-extension-wl-1330lm-(office-products) set picture

- U. DonnaThis wall mount is a very economical alternative to the over-priced options available at retail stores and works just as good (if not better) than units costing twice to three times as much. Installation was simple and all tools needed were included. One word of advice - it is easier to drive in the lag bolts if you have a ratchet and socket - and i did. I would definitely recommend this item.

I read the reviews and the questions and decided to make the purchase since the price was right. Wali wl-1330lm arrived this morning. Installation was pretty smooth and works as advertised. I actually installed wali to my 32" vizio tv even though the specs say up to 30" tv. I pre-drilled the holes for the lag bolts and put a little liquid hand soap on the threads to help them turn in a little easier. I suggest you use your socket set to turn in the bolts as the included wrench is useless for this. Also, as other reviewers have said, the "arms" are very stiff so work them back and forth and they will move a little easier. I used the supplied hex wrench and open end wrench and loosened the nut at the bottom of the arm bolts and this helped the movement. Just snug the nut to where you want it. This product is well made for the price. I am very pleased with this product.

G. Gina, Wigan

Brand :    wali
Color :    Black
Size :    13-inch to 30-inch TVs
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    WL-1330LM
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Office Sales (wali product review) for WALI TV Wall Mount Articulating LCD Monitor Full Motion 14 Extension Arm Tilt Swivel Most 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 26 27 30 LED TV Flat Panel Screen VESA 100x100,75x75 1330LM available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $11.15 (was $11.99)
  • Fully adjustable: +/-15 degrees tilt; 180 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotate for better-viewing flexibility.
  • Compatibility: full motion heavy duty wall mount for most 13 to 30 inches flat panel display up to 33lbs, with vesa 75x75mm to 200x200mm. detail: 75x75mm(3"x3"), 100x100mm(4"x4").
  • Package includes: 1 x wali articulating wall mount, 1 x mounting hardware kit, 1 x user manual, 10 year protection
  • Installation: 5. 9" x 1. 6" wall plate can be mounted on any vertical wood studs, brick, or concrete wall (do not mount on drywall alone).
  • Space save: places tv just 2 inches from the wall to enhance the look of ultra-thin led tv. extends up to 14" from the wall for the space saving.

Samsung UN40J6200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 Model

Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2x the clarity of standard hd tvs. See every image as the director intended with enriched colors even with older, non-hd content. Enjoy improved fast-action moving picture resolution at motion rate 120 with outstanding refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology.

Samsung UN40J6200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 ModelSamsung-UN40J6200-40-Inch-1080p-Smart

SAMSUNG UN40J6200 40-INCH 1080P SMART LED TV 2015 MODEL Advantage
Brand :    samsung
Color :    NA
Size :    40-Inch
Weight :    19.60 pounds
  • Inputs: 2 hdmi, 2 usb
  • Refresh rate: 120cmr (effective)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv w/ stand: 36. 5" x 23. 9" x 9", tv w/o stand: 36. 5" x 21. 6" x 3. 7"
  • Backlight: led
  • Smart functionality: yes, built in wi-fi: yes
Price :    $872.99
Model :    UN40J6200AFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung UN40J6200 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV 2015 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Love it, great color and very clear picture.

Bring all your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and media content to life in vivid, vibrant hdtv display with amazing details over standard definition tv. Access all your favorites with intuitive smart tv features and wi-fi built in for a more interactive, more connected home entertainment experience. *versus dual-core processor *all devices must be on the same network and internet connection is required

Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN24M4500A-24-Inch-Smart

Samsung Electronics Un24m4500a 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un24m4500afxza) FAQ.

The picture quality is great! having a few issues with connecting to the internet every time i use netflix. But i'm able to reconnect. -Notice from Q. Wayt, Delaware

Click to Show samsung electronics un24m4500a 24-inch 720p smart led tv 2017 model (un24m4500afxza) Details

Great little tv for a bedroom or kitchen with ability to cnnect to the internet.

Samsung-electronics-un24m4500a-24-inch-720p-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(un24m4500afxza) set picture

- Z. HurstVery nice. Received it with in two day. Great picture quality.

Nice tv good price. what you expect from samsung.

C. Susana, Sachsen-Anhalt

Price :    $159.99
  • Enjoy a clear moving picture resolution at motion rate 60 with amazing refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology. hyperreal picture engine
  • Enjoy a fluid browsing experience and faster control - switching between apps, streaming content, and other media effortlessly. *
  • Access your favorite program choices, live tv, video on demand, apps, and social media in one easy-to-browse navigation experience. *
  • Enjoy a viewing experience with 2x the clarity and detail.
Brand :    samsung
Size :    24 inches
Weight :    9.30 pounds
Model :    UN24M4500AFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

Samsung 470 HG24NE470AF 24 LED-LCD TV - 16:9

Enhance guest room ambience with samsung's he470 hospitality display with new opportunities to supply guests with engaging and informative content, hospitality displays can foster a differentiated and memorable in-room experience. Samsung's slim-designed he470 displays serve as an all-in-one content center where hotel managers can access a vast user interface template library to create and share customized welcome greetings and on-site and area promotional messaging. The he470 display features samsung's lynk reach 4. 0 communications and content management solution, offering operations teams a more complete view and easier control of hundreds of in-room displays. System integrator compatibility and usb cloning empower multi-device management with reduced installation and maintenance required. Highly functional, elegant and cost-efficient, the he470 inspires a more lavish and comfortable stay while driving more efficient hospitality operations. Main feature benefits 1: definition system/architecture hotels can use the latest hospitality management technology to deliver a differentiated guest experience. Samsung's lynk reach 4. 0 fuses the benefits of its sinc and reach hospitality technologies to offer a comprehensive content management solution. Lynk reach 4. 0 enhances the guest experience efficiency-enhancing technology and perks ranging from more information delivery channels, convenient communication options and efficient room management. As a unified content management solution, lynk reach 4. 0 accommodates lan, wifi and coaxial infrastructures to amplify hotel management, monitoring and guest service functions. Transferred by proprietary management server (pms) and customized templates, hospitality users can create and deliver personalized service for a more memorable experience. This includes access to a range of iptv and rf channels, applications and services mirroring what guests expect at home and on their mobile devices. Lynk reach 4. 0 additionally en

Samsung 470 HG24NE470AF 24 LED-LCD TV - 16:9Samsung-470-HG24NE470AF-24-LED-LCD

SAMSUNG 470 HG24NE470AF 24 LED-LCD TV - 16:9 Advantages
Brand :    samsung
Size :    24 inches
Weight :    3.99 pounds
Model :    HG24NE470AFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 3-4 business days
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung 470 HG24NE470AF 24 LED-LCD TV - 16:9 available ( Mar 2020 )

LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch 720p LED TV 2017 Model

The picture is great and the size is perfect for my study. Very nice tv so far. I hope it last for a long time.

Troubleshooting cannot control the tv with the remote control : check if anything such as tape has been placed over the receiver. Check if there is any obstacle between the product and the remote control. Replace the batteries with new ones. No image display and no sound is produced : - check if the product is turned on. - check if the power cord is connected to a wall outlet. - check if there is a problem in the wall outlet by connecting other products. The tv turns off suddenly. - check the power control settings. The power supply may be interrupted. - check if the off time / sleep timer feature is activated in the time settings. - if there is no signal while the tv is on, the tv will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity

LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch 720p LED TV 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-24LJ4540-24-Inch-Model

Lg Electronics 24lj4540 24-inch 720p Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

We have only had it a week but for our use - small kitchen tv - it s been great with great sound (gets very loud) and picture is fine. I saw reviews where people complained of sound but that seems weird to me because we got this tv bc the monitor we had before would not go loud enough and this tv goes way loud which is exactly what we needed. However, the tv does not tilt forward or backward. This is shocking to me because in its stand it is set to slightly forward. At counter height this is silly as it points to lower than your eye line by far. Now i have to figure out a way to craft some sort of stand so that it will tilt backward and actually be more flat. Very annoying . Still for the price, works great. -Notice from X. Delgado, Darlington

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Overall, picture is sharp and sound is good for this size tv. It fits nicely on the kitchen counter where we needed a small tv.

Lg-electronics-24lj4540-24-inch-720p-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- J. AnonymousWell, ordered this to replace a 5- 6 year old samsung in my bedroom that finally gave up the ghost after staying on pretty much 24/7 all that time. This lg is very easy to set up and the stand was a snap. Literally. Lol. No screws, no wobbles, seems sturdy. The manual isn't half bad but it doesn't give you any hints about what to do with the auto tuning screen that comes up automatically when the tv is first turned on. After quite a few minutes, i just went to manual because, being on directv satellite, i will only require channel 3 anyway, right? . . The reason for the 4 stars? (i almost gave it a 3. ) the picture, the reason for this to even exist, is mediocre at best, very bland and 'flat'. My many years-old samsung had a gorgeous picture that i never had to tweak or set up and which i never appreciated. In all fairness, i haven't gone into fine-tuning this television but. I have a sneaky feeling there won't be much improvement. If i am wrong, i will gladly update this post at a later date. So far, the sound is good and i can clearly hear it and have only turned it up halfway.

We bought multiples of these to replace outdated tv's in the mid-sized rooms of our cape cod b&b. We chose them on the strength of positive reviews on online store. So far there have been no comments whatsoever from our guests about these units, which indicates to us that they are doing their job as intended. Had the opposite been true there would have been complaints and critical comments. So we're satisfied.

. Kelly, Alaska

LG ELECTRONICS 24LJ4540 24-INCH 720P LED TV 2017 MODEL Benefits
Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    24 inches
Weight :    7.50 pounds
Model :    24LJ4540
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch 720p LED TV 2017 Model available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $92.48 (was $136.99)
  • No smart functionality; panel type : ads
  • 60hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with minimal motion blur (120hz effective rate)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 21. 9" x 2. 1" x 13. 6". dimensions : without stand (wxhxd): 21. 9 x 13. 6 x 2. 1 inches
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality
  • 720p hd resolution for a crisp picture. wall mount vesa: 75x75

LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV 2016 Model

I love this tv! i didn't want to pay for a cable box (this is a 2nd tv and had box taken away due to cost of rental) - it took me awhile to get the tv going right - but after studying and fooling around with the remote control i found all i was looking for. I have an inexpensive antenna which i attched to the torch lamp i have net to the tv (it was tiling and when i raised it high - it was perfect. ) i got it hooked up to my wifi and get many channels - would like a few more but will look for another box for that. It works better than my larger tv and is much newer! perfect hd - online store is one of the apps on it - so you don't need your firestick. If you have subscriptions to any of the streaming channels it's perfect. Has youtube, hulu, netflix and many more. It took me awhile to find the smart in the smart tv (i hate instructions) but the home button brings you right there. I recommend smart tv with flying colors. Love it! day 2! :d

The 24lh4830-pu simple smart tv. Features simple smart tv functionality. Screen share (miracast & widi). Wide viewing angle screen. Energy star qualified. Network file browser - yes ; google dial - yes

LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV 2016 ModelLG-Electronics-24LH4830-PU-24-Inch-Smart

Lg Electronics 24lh4830-pu 24-inch Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (24lh4830 pu) FAQ.

Wonderful tv. Great for the bedroom. Sooo easy to set up, even with netflix, prime and satellite service. Love it. Thanks lg for a tv even a 65 year old woman can set up with no help. -Notice from G. Lara, Shropshire

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I bought this tv for my bathroom, its a good size for the space. It shows crystal clear.

Lg-electronics-24lh4830-pu-24-inch-smart-led-tv-2016-model-(24lh4830-pu) set picture

- B. ErinTv has a great price and is a more recent model (2016) than what's offered elsewhere at the that price, plus it's a smart tv. I got the tv for my moms kitchen and she likes it better than the samsung it replaced and i haven't even tested the internet access to youtube, etc. Yet. Nice picture and front facing speakers.

I bought 2 tvs for my kids. Its easy to install and i love the smart tv features that comes with it(netflix, online store, hulu, etc).

L. Betty, East Sussex

Brand :    lg
Size :    24 inches
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    24LH4830-PU
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 24 inch simple smart led hd tv
  • Screen share (miracast & widi)
  • Hdmi (x2)
  • Wide viewing angle screen
  • Wi-fi direct
Price :    $136.70 (was $146.99)
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics 24LH4830-PU 24-Inch Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

samsung un24h4500 24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014 model Price : 199, was : 0 as 2019-01-07
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Great Britain
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After having the tv set up for about a month, the apps that i was connecting to no longer were allowing me access. I tried to correct the problem and ended up calling samsung 1800 number for customer service. To my surprise, i was almost immediately connect to a knowledgeable agent that was able to diagnose and fix my problem in less then 10 minutes from the beginning to end of call. That is extremely good customer service! . Well done samsung.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Does this tv play video files such as avi and mp4 off a usb drive?

(1) Question: When i flip my tv over something large inside rattles. anyone else have that?

(2) Question: Does this tv stream online store prime?

(3) Question: Does this tv have headphone jacks?

(4) Question: Can i use it as an external monitor for my laptop

(5) Question: Current tv is connected with 5 cables - 2red, green, blue and white, can i use these cables to connect this tv to direct tv?

(6) Question: Has anyone plugged in an online store fire stick or roku stick on a wall mounted on? for some reason samsung put the slots on the back and not the side

(7) Question: I need to access a website from a browser, can this tv support that?

(8) Question: I saw a response from mr. s from sept 2014 that the 24-inch model does not have the online store app. as of today, 2/8/15, does the model include this app?

(9) Question: Does this tv have a hd tuner built into it or do i need to get a separate tuner for it

(10) Question: Not receiving any cable services i use an old tv antenna & dtv converter box. if i purchase this tv do i still need the dtv converter box?

(11) Question: Hi, i built a custon tear drop camper, i installed a 12volt to 120 volt converter at 750 watts, what is the wattage of this tv, j r , massachusetts

(12) Question: Does it have sling tv?

(13) Question: How big is the stand itself?

(14) Question: Will this tv take a usb loaded with videos

(15) Question: Anybody have the actual viewable screen measurements ? its not available on other sites, including samsung

(16) Question: What size screws do i need for the mounting holes in the back? m8? m4? how long should they be? specifics appreciated.

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products

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Good product for the $. I've owned it for 1 month. What was most impressive was the ease of setup. This is my spare room tv. I use it only with wifi so no complicated installation procedures. I just plugged it in, connected wifi and began watching netflix. However, i had to contact support to change the ip address in order to watch youtube. It was a simple enough procedure. . Every few minutes there's a very brief 'cutting out' of sound which is noticeable but not particularly bothersome. The volume does not go up very high so i find this set more practical in a smaller room. . It suits my needs very well and will probably purchase another one for my master bedroom soon but i'll go with the next size larger.

Electronics 282271, LED & LCD TVs 1107379546, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Samsung Un24h4500 24-inch 720p Smart Led Tv 2014 Model (Television) FAQ Content

Best samsung un24h4500 24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014 model (television) in review

Update 1/31/15: i just found out that i can, in fact, receive the twc tv app along with just about any other app out there! i am extremely happy with this tv and am enjoying it immensely. The picture clarity is awesome and the size is just right for the spare room. . 1/29/15: first of all, the tv arrived on time and in good condition. It was fairly easy to set up and i liked the picture clarity. There are many apps included - netflix, online store, hulu, however i was very disappointed to find out that the twc tv app is not available for the 24" tv version. It is offered for the 28" and higher versions. It seems ludicrous since i can get the twc tv app on my phone, but not on this tv.

N. Anderson, Kingston upon Thames

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Y. Amanda, Bury says

This television performs admirably. The picture is great, there seem to be sufficient controls and settings for just about everything you might need and the wireless connection synced up quickly and effortlessly. Netflix performs flawlessly for hours. There are no buttons on the side of the set for that inevitable day when you can't find the remote but there is this single toggle button on the back of the set to control the basic functions. The button looks and feels like an oversized nipple on one of those ibm/lenovo laptop track pads (i always hated those things and never could effectively use it). I hope i never lose my remote so i never have to use it. . Speaking of remotes, the one thing that keeps this television from being 5 stars is the remote is not backlit. This is a giant pain. Your only options for operating the remote in the dark is to memorize the nearly indistinguishable buttons or reach for the lamp (i keep my cell phone handy and use the flash light app when i need to be a total vegetable and not reach for the lamp). The good news my cable company remote is backlit and i can just use that remote as long as i am not using the wireless smart functions to watch netflix or something. . One week in, overall it is a great set at a good price. I would recommend it and in fact i may order another one for a relative.

S. Margaret, Oregon

Bought this to use a web browser. Need to access a specific web page for digital display. After getting things turned on and setup (easy). The web browser gives me the typical message of today "your web browser is out of date and needs updating (which rarely works). To the internet community that is playing games with the public and making us buy new hardware because a web browser works for about a year these days, i say. Quit it! . I am running youtube on the web browser now as a test and so far so good. Picture quality is nice and it connected to wifi without any issue. Would recommended it. May update this post as i get into using the web browser more.

V. Cageen, Oklahoma says

Read the reviews before purchasing this tv and was expecting the low sound volume. Thought i would play with the settings and see what happened. The menu has sound options and you can choose amplified volume. The sound increased considerable and did not lose any quality. The picture is great and the apps readily available are the ones i use anyway. Use the search option in the smart function and you can find practically any app you desire. Primarily using online store and pandora for now. Netflix is right next to them. Enjoying the music and the christmas ambient videos are great. Definitely a great buy for those who don't want a huge screen overpowering their room.

O. Hadley, North Carolina

I bought this tv for our daughter's dorm room when she went away to college. While not a huge tv, it fit nicely on top of a dresser and is just the right size for a dorm room. The stand seems sturdy and secure; i am not concerned that it will fall should the dresser get bumped. Set up was extremely easy and intuitive. It took less than 10 minutes to get set up, and the only tool needed was a phillips head screwdriver. It easily connected to the campus wifi network and again setup was fairly intuitive. The only thing i needed to do that i had to look up instructions for was finding the mac address. The picture quality is very good and the sound is fine for a small dorm room. It could probably be improved by external speakers but that is not really necessary in this case. It also connected directly to the campus cable system without the need of a cable box. Once connected to wifi, it was very simple to log into netflix and start watching right away. Other options with this smart tv include youtube, hulu, facebook and many others that i didn t get to see before we were done getting her settled in and dropped off. While i hope the tv is just an occasional diversion and not a replacement for studying, i am glad i purchased this for her. She and her roommates are happy with it as well. . I am very pleased with this tv and its features especially for the price and am considering another one as a third tv at home.

G. Lisa, Enfield says

Samsung makes great tv's that surpass every other manufacturer in their class. I have two samsung's in my house and i can tell you the image is beautiful. This tv has an led screen and in my opinion this the way to go (led is similar to lcd its back-lit better so that they are no dark spots on the screen). . Now add in that this tv can directly connect to the internet and i'm sold. Tv's of this class have never been cheaper. . One thing that i have found with tv's that its very important to actually look at the tv in person. Now when you look at the tv's, go to a place like walmart to see them, because many times specialty stores like best buy play with the lighting controls on the tv and in the store to skew the image to there advantage. Once you look at the tv simply look and decide which one looks better to you. . The next step to take into consideration is features. Here are a few that come with this tv:. . This samsung comes with auto volume which automatically adjusts the volume of the desired channel, lowering the sound output when the modulation signal is high or raising the sound output when the modulation signal is low. This reduces the difference in volume when changing channels. The auto volume feature can be set to normal, night or off. . As far as outputs most of these tv's will come with more than enough inputs and outputs. This tv comes with 4 hdmi audio/video in, 1 ethernet lan in/out, 1 rca component audio/video in amd 1 digital coaxial audio out. . Next thing when shopping for a tv is in box technology. Here are some of the features of this tv:. . With this smart hdtv there is a full web browser with wifi built-in apps made for tv. Some of the apps this tv features is hulu plus, youtube, netflix, facebook, and twitter. Browse the web while you watch movies and tv shows, and enjoy tv while you chat with friends and family online, all on one screen with this samsung. . Thank you for reading my review, if you have any questions feel free to email me, i would be happy to help you with any questions you have.

P. Meghan, Torbay

This television fits my kitchen perfectly. The picture quality is very good, especially after i adjusted the colors and clarity. The sound volume was too. Low so i also had to adjust the volumes. The picture size provides me with some consternation-the wide picture size cuts off parts of the picture as the zoom. The regular picture size, on the other hand, provides a full picture, but only on about 65 percent of the picture screen. I like the smart television for netflix and online store; however, the internet feature is difficult for me to navigate. The online store price seems fair.

. Delgado, Wokingham says

This tv, the samsung un24h4500 24-inch 720p 60hz smart led tv is ok, but there are some bugs in it that have had me thinking about returning it at times. The picture is good, but the remote is quirky, requiring you to push unusually hard at times to get it to respond. But the biggest problem is the smart hub. At times it will keep you from being able to do anything, giving a message along the lines of "tv processing, try again later". Try again later? are you kidding me? the set won; t even let you set it up via wifi unless you have something plugged into it on the back, and gives you a selection of choices that may not correspond to what is there but will not let you proceed unless you do. I found that you can usually get around that by reconfirming the network under the smart hub settings, but why should you have to? . . After rereading my own review i'm wondering why i'm rating this as high as 4 stars. The reason is, when it works it does everything well. Perhaps they will resolve these problems during the next system upgrade and life will be good. Until then, i would stick to the non-smart version and add an online store fire or roku to handle the smart tasks. This one isn't there yet.

M. Guest, Liverpool

I got this tv for my office so it's not my main tv. It is definitely adequate, however. I sit about 5 feet away from the screen and it's a good size without being overwhelming. Again, it's not my main tv and it works well for what i need. Set up is really easy. A few button pushes and it's connected to your wi fi. The only negative is the remote seems to work off and on. Sometimes it works the directv menu and sometimes i need to press the button several times. I just ended up using the regular directv remote. Otherwise, looks pretty good . A nice size for viewing up to 6 feet away. For the price. A recommend.

. Nancy, Reading says

I agree with other reviewers that the sound quality is not the best, but i love everything else about this tv. I was upgrading from a smaller (19 inch) samsung and i was worried this 28 inch would be too big for a bedroom. It fits on the shelf just fine without taking over the room. The smart tv setup was straightforward and only took a few minutes because of all the passwords i had to input (netflix, wifi router, etc) and there have been no issues connecting to wifi or streaming. . I was, initially, hesitant to buy the 2014 model because it already seemed ancient in the world of technology, but i think it was the right choice. This tv does have 2 hdmi slots, which was something i knew i would need, and i'm not sure why all tv wouldn't offer 2 slots as the norm.

H. Shayna, Idaho

I bought this for my dad at christmas for a small tv for his kitchen. This 28 inch was the perfect size, and in that room, there is plenty of audio volume. Picture is really good. Setup was a breeze. Packaging from the factory was good. There was not a lot of selection for 28 inch flat screens across the manufacturers. So i'm glad samsung had this product available.

C. Paula, South Carolina says

I bought this tv this as a christmas gift. My mom's old crt tv was long overdue for an upgrade - her old one didn't even have any av inputs! obviously, compared to her old tv, this samsung tv is better in every way. Thinner and lighter, bigger screen, and much better picture quality than the old symphonic tv she was using. Despite being a better tv, it still has its flaws. . Scanning for channels can take a pretty long time. I don't know why the tv even bothers to add a bunch of scrambled channels initially only to remove them later on in the process of auto scanning. It seems like a huge waste of time, especially when over 300 channels have to get removed. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be done often. You'll either only have to do it once, or whenever you change your antenna, provider, or plan. . The tv easily connected to wifi and downloaded updates without any issues. After it first updated, it checked again for updates and seemed to take a while only to report that the tv already had the latest update. It also has an ethernet port for a wired connection, but i haven't tried it since its placement is nowhere near any wired connections. . I found the remote to be kind of unresponsive sometimes, not knowing whether i needed to press a button again in order for it to register, or if the tv was just slow in processing what button i pressed. You might find yourself typing the same character multiple times when entering text. I had to press the smart hub button a few times in order to get the menu to appear on the screen and then when it did appear. . The tv has to warm up for a little while before it can access any smart hub apps. Trying to launch netflix after just turning on the tv took about a minute and 15 seconds of "preparing the tv. Please try again later. " before it was able to launch. Then it took another few minutes for netflix to actually load. . 24" is a bit on the smaller end, so if this is for a bigger room, you might want to go for the 28 inch model or maybe a bigger tv in general. I wish that there was a 26" size of this tv, but 24" is still bigger than the old 19" 4:3 crt that it replaced. . I did read the reviews prior to purchasing, so the flaws experienced weren't unexpected. The flaws are an inconvenience, but not unbearable enough to warrant a return. . All in all, it's a decent smart tv, but if you don't like waiting for apps to load, there are probably better options available. It's a good all-in-one solution if you want to stream media without buying a separate device such as a fire tv, chromecast, roku, apple tv, etc. If you already have a good enough tv and want to stream media, then i'd opt for buying such a device instead. It'll most likely load apps a lot faster than the apps on this tv. For my mom's purposes, and for the price i paid, the tv is a great upgrade to the old one she had and she's happy with it. . It's about a 3. 75 out of 5 stars for me, but rounded up to 4 since i'm not able to rate in between.

L. Rowe, Merton says

Pretty decent small smart tv, but lacks apps . It's wifi enabled, has a really good picture, 2 hdmi ports and a usb port. The major complaint i have is access to apps. You can get youtube, netflix, online store and hulu, but that is about it. The smarthub for this model lacks cbs, nbc, fox and pretty much any newly released app. It's great if you use a fire stick, chromecast or some other streaming device, but if you're not planning on using one of those your choices are really limited.

. Carol, Rhode Island

I'm a samsung fan: they make high quality, durable products, and this is our third samsung large appliance/electronics purchase. The tv is ridiculously easy to set up (unlike some of the other reviewers, i didn't hear anything rattling in the back of the tv) and very lightweight. The picture quality is excellent. The usual apps are accessible: netflix, pandora, hulu, etc. We're also using mlb. Loading the apps was the most time consuming part of set up as you have to type in the letters of the app names using the remote and the onscreen keyboard, but that's a first world problem! we have an old altec lansing ipod dock connected to the tv to enhance the sound, which definitely gives it some resonance. Otherwise i have a little difficulty with sound clarity when watching netflix. With network tv, no issue. Finally, this is our only tv; it replaced a 40 inch samsung, and this size is perfect. I wanted a tv that wouldn't dominate the living room, and this one is visible yet unobtrusive.

. Hakala, California says

I was replacing a 24" sansui flat screen and i am so glad i opted for this model. I am a long-time samsung cell phone owner and have never had a problem with any of the devices. When i needed to get a new tv, i had several requirements. I needed a smart tv so i can get rid of my expensive cable tv plan and stream online content. I had found a 24" samsung for $168. 00. I also found the 28" smart tv for just $20. 00 more. Can you say sold? ! ? 2-day free delivery, no taxes and delivered right to my door sealed the deal. The easy packaging was as advertised. East stand assembly and power/ hdmi/ ethernet cable connections were a breeze. I have dropped by cable tv plan and kept a blazing fast internet connection. The screen size and resolution are awesome. I will definitely recommend this tv to others.

I. Allen, Virginia

We just received the samgsum un28h4500 after i set the unit up i'm amazed the quality, i was concerned the wifi connection n speed and to my surprise is as fast or faster than my recent purchased 32h6350 the only difference is the picture is a litter better of course 1080 vs 720 hd but my pocket feels better saved $300 no big deal 2" less; big deal i'm supper happy! . Folks fyi don't hesitate a minute to buy this tv it is perfect and the seller highly recommended, the tv came from ca. And was delivered in 3 1/2 days. All other negative reviews maybe they got a defective unit. Mine is perfect 100% satisfied. Thank you online store for a great deal and super fast shipping! '. . Ps. Our guest room is 17'x 15' the tv sound is perfect i'm glad i dont have to buy a sound bar '

Z. Sandra, Redbridge says

Bought this for use in our motor home. We don't live in our motor home, but spend several months traveling each year. It is an absolutely perfect fit for life on the road. Some rv parks provide cable hook-ups and this small set does a great job of broadcasting cable programs for viewing on the road. It really excels in locations that don't offer cable and we operate it off our roof antenna so we can easily select local hd broadcasts using the tv's smart program display feature. The screen displays sharp hd images and the sound quality is more than adequate. Samsung's reliability and smart features were the strongest points of consideration in making our purchase.

E. Linda, Stoke-on-Trent

My wife and i really like this tv; it provides beautiful color and good audio with the built in speaker(s). We use it a lot with online store prime and netflix and some youtube, with no latency issues. It's a real. Step up from the previous vizio that no longer supported online store prime or youtube. I would. Recommend this tv to anyone!

A. Moore, Illinois says

I was skeptical about the low price (cyber deals week) but i needed a screen for my new playstation. I was super worried right out of the box for a few reasons:. Install and placement, cons:. -it says only to touch it by the sides when removing. It was impossible on my own, i ended up touching the screen and back a few times. They give way a little under pressure and it feels scary. -it also says to lay it flat on a soft surface while installing the base. Do not lay it on a blanket with pet hair. It does tell you to lay it on the film that it came packed with, which i did, but a corner of it touched my bed and was coated in hair in seconds. The base too. They are black so, ew. -installing the base was my biggest complaint. I am a young, athletic person and it killed my hand to get the 3 little screws in. The space for the screws is too small for hands so you need a regular size screwdriver to get down there. I tried first with a small one, almost impossible. -it isn't tall enough for a ps4 to fit horizontally under it, mine is standing vertically next to it now. Pros:. -the size. I was worried because the description said the dimensions were 22", not 24". But it is the right size. -remote came with batteries (it's the little things! ). Cons and pros with set-up/tech:. -as soon as i started my ps4, the screen would go black every 5-15 seconds! i called customer service late on a friday and got support right away. Apparently game consoles work when plugged into the hdmi2, not hdmi1. Probably common knowledge, but this is my first tv in 8 years and first game console. I wish they had said it faster, took a 30 minute call, but they were very friendly and thorough with support. As soon as i re-plugged, no more issue. -hooked up to my hulu account quickly and plays beautifully. The screen is gorgeous. I hate the hd tvs that make everything look like you are really there watching actors be fake, this is like regular tv with the colors and detail maxxed out to gorgeousness. Overall super happy. The perfect mediumish size for my small room.

J. Carrie, Hawaii

This tv was a great deal for us! we purchased it for my son's room. I got this because it had the apps needed for his shows, netflix, online store instant video, etc. I don't really most shows on public tv and these apps have educational shows. It has great picture quality. So much so that my husband almost gave him our tv that is 5 inches bigger, just so this one could stay in our room. That being said, this was a better fit in the smaller room and was super quick and easy to wall mount. We have wall mount tv's many times before, and this one takes the cake. We did it in under 15 min. . The only thing that is keeping it form a 5 star review is that when starting up the tv it takes quite some time before you can access any of the internet related apps. You get a msg saying that it's preparing the tv, please wait. Not a huge deal most the time, but when your three year old is wanting to watch magic school bus, waiting can be difficult.

T. Guest, Lambeth says

This tv makes me proud. Everything on/in it works as advertised. One of the tv's main selling points is the fact it has 2 usb ports. I use the first port to transmit audio via a bluetooth dongle. (yes, the bluetooth transmitter manufacturers swear their products won't work with a samsung smart tv. It does, at least the amake transmitter anyway). The 2nd usb port is used for playing videos and music from a microsd card attached to a usb adapter. The fact that the ports can also be used with a keyboard and mouse is a plus. (yes, it would've been sweet if the tv had 4 usb ports, but one can't have it all). The speakers on this tv are awesome, too. Well, not awesome, but they are mighty loud for the room we're in, and because the speakers are down-firing, the bass is enhanced. The picture is also to die for. I recently watched an h. 264 version of "last days on mars. " the video was silky smooth, and even in area with a lot of action, there were no artifacts like blocking or skipped frames. I'd definitely recommend this tv to anyone. I think the 4500 series tv are one of the few with 2 usb ports. . Addendum: after using this tv for about 4 months, it began to suddenly turn and turn itself off for no reason. We've tried unplugging and plugging our attached components, but that didn't work. We read somewhere that resetting the tv to factory specs, and letting it download its update, does the trick. So we tried that and it works. It's unfortunate you have to go through this trouble, but that's electronics for you. We were reading this has something to do with a cheap capacitor samsung uses. Hopefully, they'll fix this in the next iteration of this tv.

X. Colleen, Brandenburg

This is a great tv and the only reason i'm giving it four stars instead of five is the delay in the audio so that people speaking aren't totally in synch with the video. I've seen postings at user forums commenting on the same problem. I recently found in the sound menu a way to adjust the delay, and if i find a setting that solves the problem i'll update this review. Except for this one problem (and the synch delay isn't always all that noticeable), i love the tv. It was extraordinarily easy to set up - sort of did the set up on its own with occasional on-screen questions for me to answer. Also the wi-fi functions perfectly such that i can now stream material from online store, netflix and the like without any problems - and the tv is in the master bedroom a fair distance from the router in my home office, although with a booster in-between.

D. Laura, Darlington says

We wanted a basic wi-fi enabled tv to watch streaming video. This one does the trick; the picture and sound quality are excellent and it's very easy to connect to your home network and get going on online store prime or whatever your video service of choice is. The only issue is that because of all the ports on the back of the tv, you have to get just the right wall-mounting bracket if you want to wall-mount it. Otherwise the bracket plate will cover some of the ports (which may or may not be an issue depending on which ones you're going to use). But if you want a small and basic but decent-quality tv, it's a great option.

. Gilmore, Champagne-Ardenne

The built-in wi-fi capability was easier and cheaper than getting a comparable tv and adding chromecast or firetv. There was an issue in setting up netflix initially. It required a firmware update but even then it was not letting me sign-in. A few restarts and still nothing. But after turning the tv off and letting it sit for a while (it apparently auto-updates when the tv is in standby mode) it started working. There was also an issue where the component video was not working properly but that could have been a cable problem; i did not investigate the matter further. But it does all that i expected and i need it to do and so i am happy.

Top 24-inch 720p smart led tv 2014 Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

B. Kimberly, Arizona says

I recently bought the exact same 2014 make and model to replace the one that broke - because i am old and used to this one - the only led or 'smart' tv i've ever owned. . How did the first one break? my foot got slightly tangled in a headphone cable - the tv toppled as if in slow motion, and the screen made faint contact with the corner of the metal shelf unit it was resting on. (i caught it before it fell any further. ). . That little tug, and ensuing little bump, tipped over and totaled the tv. Although the screen surface remained unbroken, underneath, the pixel matrix looked like a smashed window in a cartoon. . So beware: this tv is top-heavy on a flimsy stand, and fragile as a puff of lemon meringue . . . . Otherwise it's mostly okay.

T. April, Picardie

I recently purchased a 2016 model samsung smart tv which i compare to this model. I knew this tv was a 2014 model, but i needed a 28-inch samsung and they are not easy to find. The bottom line is that the tv features are great: picture, sound, etc. But, the "smart" functions show that it is using three-year-old technology. Unlike my 2016 samsung, the internet and app functions are very slow and it takes some time to move through the process to try and get a website you like. You literally press "enter" on your remote and wait for 15-20 seconds for something to happen (the 2016 model is almost instantaneous). Also, be warned many live streaming tv stations (i. E. , sky news, kgo san francisco) cannot be viewed because "your browser does not support . " the required viewing platform. So, it's a nice tv, but don't plan on quick and easy use as a smart tv.

L. Campbell, North Tyneside says

I am a huge samsung fan; from their tvs, to phones, to kitchen appliances. I own a couple 65" samsung tvs and love them. However, plain and simple, this tv sucks. . I bought it to mount in our kitchen and it has disappointed since day 1. First off, the mounting options are limited because i don't believe that the holes are truly vesa specs. The picture is okay when configured. The real issue is the amount of time the tv takes to load the apps. Seriously, from the time you turn the tv on to the time you can launch netflix, hulu, etc. Is around 2 minutes. It will display an error about it still loading the apps or something. Also, this tv has crazy input lag. Press the controller and it takes 6-8 seconds for it to register on the tv, no excuses for this type of ui on a model less than a year old. Probably should have returned it right away. My bad. Don't make the same mistake.

. Brenda, Tower Hamlets

I really dislike this tv and have had nothing but troubles with it! while the picture quality, sound, and weight are fine, it constantly goes black on us when we watch it. Seriously, in a 30 minute episode it "blacks out" (no picture, no sound, literally like it turns off and turns back on) 3-5 times. It comes back on within seconds but it's very inconvenient (1st world problem, right? ) however, i don't expect my tv to black out like it does. I'd send it back if it didn't cost a fortune to send back, or such a pain to take off my wall mount. Sheesh!

G. Nicole, Texas says

The smart tv is great, but the "universal remote" is not so smart, and not so universal. It won't even control all functions of a samsung dvd player of the same vintage (2014). To make it work, you have to use the supplied ir extender cable, and perform the remote control setup on the tv. After all that it controls the basic functions, but it does not control power on/off. So you still have to use 2 remotes. So what good is it . I can't believe that samsung built a good tv, then included a "universal remote" that won't even control their own brand dvd player.

K. Wells, Minnesota

I bought this tv to play stuff from my computer, which is wired directly to the router. I have a program that acts as a dlna server. I researched this tv, and it's manual, and all the sites said it played dlna, as long as they were in the correct file format. My movies are in . Mp4s, which is a basic video format, and was covered. The day after i got it, the tv changed the format of all my movies (except the ladies man) to . X-m-wmv in it's gui. It refused to play them all. On my computer they were still . Mp4s. We have an lg smart tv that can still play the videos that are on my computer. So i called the company, and finally got to remote support, where after 30 mins of just trying to reset the tv told me that it wouldn't work, and that i needed to download a program that shares stuff directly over wireless, and is useless for wired computers. She added that it wasn't supported on the tv. Since this is the main reason i got it, i am returning it to online store.

N. Cecilia, Schleswig-Holstein says

This tv was supposed to have wifi installed, but i could never get it to connect. I spent several days on the telephone with my internet provider and then samsung customer service, who finally told me he must be a hardware defect and advised me to send it to one of their service centers. I returned it instead and ordered the tcl roku tv which i am very happy with as installation was easy and painless compared to trying to set up the samsung. The model i bought was 2014, so possibly that might have something to do with the issues i had.

J. Gladys, Champagne-Ardenne

This tv is ok. It seems to have a lot of trouble with netflix. When i first set it up getting netflix to work was an ordeal and now they've done a software update that has rendered the netflix app totally useless. It's pretty disappointing because we mainly watch videos on netflix, which is why i bought a smart tv. Also the remote on this tv is really finicky. It just seems like you have to hold it at just the right angle and there is a pretty noticeable delay between pressing the buttons and the tv responding. Other than that though, it functions well and the picture and sound quality are decent. The tv wasn't expensive so i really wasn't expecting anything amazing.

Z. Clara, Leicestershire says

Greatly disappointed. I bought this to use on wifi. So i was counting on the available apps. The tv is ridiculously slow to start up and to open apps. Every time i turn it on, there are fewer apps and more discontinued services from samsung. I now use it exclusively with my chromecast. Would have been much better off buying a cheaper tv.

M. Hurst, Colorado

I am not impressed - expecting better. Sound is tinny - but the good news is that it has a head phone type plug in for computer speakers so you can plug in better quality sound easily. Unfortunately, you can't control the volume of external speakers from the tv, but you can use both internal speakers and external at the same time and control the internal volume. Picture is not all that sharp . With noticeable bleeding of more vibrant colors eg uniforms in football. So watching football games, i use standard rather than landscape viewing (set on my dish satellite), for better focus. Internet is almost a joke because typing requires the standard dinking around an on screen keyboard, or a plugged in keyboard. You might be able to mirror a pc computer on the tv, but not with a mac. So for the price, it's ok, but nothing to write home about.

V. Denise, Maine says

I bought this set in april 2017, writing the review in jan 2018. The size is perfect for my space in the bedroom, and the enter button has a nice little bump on it so you can find it in the dark. I'm giving this two stars because: 1) the volume drops off whenever i listen to hbo or starz, i've actually added an old pair of computer speakers to boost the volume, but then of course the remote's mute button does not work. I bought a fancy sound bar, but the set didn't isn't bluetooth to use the soundbar. 2) the set doesn't have the bandwidth or power or whatever the reason to bring in hbo-go. It plays a little, downloads a little, plays a little, downloads a little. It's so irritating i only watch direct tv from this set.

C. Joanna, Kensington and Chelsea

I am so disappointed with this television. We own two vizio smart televisions and are extremely pleased with them. Wanted a small set for the kitchen and decided to try out a samsung. What a mistake. When you turn it on it takes forever to load so you can acess your tv apps. Biggest gripe? the voice sync. We primarily watch abc via an antenna and i have never been able to get the voices to sync up. Same with the apps, twc/spectrum is the worst. A family member purchased a very large samsung smart unit for christmas and has the same problem with voice sync.

A. Widmer, British Columbia says

Good picture and ok sound. A little tricky to assemble if you're using the stand - it doesn't set far enough into the part attached to the tv to hold it in place while you fiddle with the screws that attach it. And, you have to reach a good 1. 5"-2" inside of the base to put the screws in the holes - i found this pretty difficult, and i have small fingers! . My main gripe with this tv is with programming the channels. I'm a "cord cutter" and get tv ota from nearby broadcast stations. Apparently, when scanning for channels, if a signal is weaker than some pre-determined threshold they won't even attempt to add the channel to the list. If it's a matter of turning your antenna a little, you might get that channel upon rescanning, only to send others into oblivion. The only way to add channels is via auto program - there is no way to add a channel manually and rescans wipe out everything, even favorites, and start fresh. So basically, if you have an antenna that sometimes needs to be turned to get whatever signal strength they deem "strong enough", you'll never have the full set of channels available at the same time. This is a total nuisance, ridiculous, and cost this item a star. Samsung - the digital converter box i used to use with my ancient analog tv had no issue registering the weaker stations, why can't you?

. Delgado, Milton Keynes

Well what can i say. It was cheap and it works! it takes forever after you turn it on to actually be able to connect to netflix, online store video, etc. , but still, it's a tv that can connect to those things without the aid of anything else so i can't really complain. The set-up took a long time as well, but it works great for the spare room and the display is nice.

U. Hadley, Western Australia says

I am updating this review after additiona months. I do not recommend this tv. The smart tv never works upon start up. It has to reset every time. I have several other samsung smart tv's and they all work but this one. The volume is terrible, you have to put it on its max for it to work and that is 100. I have 6 samsung tv's in my house and i am a super fan of samsung. I bought this little smart tv to replace a tv that i have on my kitchen counter that was not a smart tv. All my other tv's are smart tv's. I wanted to be able to stream in the kitchen. This must be a really early model or something because every time i turn it on to stream it says "please try again later, tv is updating. " it takes 5 minutes of trying to get the tv ready to stream. I have no idea why. None of my other tv's do that. Also, the volume has to be on 95 to hear it. The speakers must be in a weird spot. The color is not very good nor is the clarity. I think it was a good price because it must be one of the earliest versions of smart tv's. I didn't expect a lot for a 24", but i am super disappointed.

E. Elanor, Surrey

Not too smart, tv is slow and so far unable to conect to netflix, changed configuration as per manual instructions, nothing. Called netflix customer service and they told me this is a problem they've been experiencing with "new" samsung tvs, they will try to fix it on the next hours, after 1 day problem still unsolved.

P. Jacqueline, District of Columbia says

Not good for those with impaired hearing. Cannot hook up hearing assist device without turning off sound for other viewers

Q. Palmer, Kansas

Loose parts inside the case. Returned for replacement. Update. I've received the replacement and it had no loose parts inside but the set box had been opened and unpacked before it was shipped to me. However i set the tv up and it did work. I'm using it with digital cable. The picture is great and the sound is good. Apps such as netflix and pandora work as expected. Did not try any others. So why the three star rating. The dlna feature that is installed on the set works sometimes but most of the time it does not load the pictures, music, or videos form my computer fully or not at all. When it does and ask it to play a slide show it starts and plays for awhile and then indicates "there are not photos on this computer" i have a blue ray player mfg. By "xyz" and it has no problem what so ever showing the photos, videos, or playing the music that is on my computer over the net work. Yes , i have allowed the tv access to the appropriate files on the pc. (pc running win-7 64bit. Os

. Carrie, Arkansas says

This 24" samsung 4500 smart tv is the perfect size for my den, but i never got past the step of attaching the base. The base is not designed well in my opinion. A receptacle on the bottom of the tv which should hold the base to the bottom doesn't work. You just have to try to hold the base against the tv with one hand while trying to insert screws into it with your other hand. As if that weren't enough, the screws provided were too large for the holes which were not threaded properly. Not one of the three screws fit in any of the holes. I feared attempting to force-fit the screws would result in cracking the plastic on the bottom of the tv. I'm very disappointed. I have purchased samsung televisions over the years and was always very satisfied.

D. Valencia, Liverpool

I have to give this tv 3 stars because of the sharpness and great color of the picture it provides right out of the box, but we're still very disappointed with most all the other things about this set. Luckily, i'd read the reviews on online store before it arrived, so i wasn't too put out by the rattling from inside the tv when it was unpacked. After removing the screws and looking inside, i found that the right speaker had come loose from the pins that are supposed to hold it in place and was flopping around inside. It was placed back on its pins and closed up. It took some days to get used to the constant message, 'preparing the tv, please try again later', when attempting to connect with the smart hub apps. If the engineers at samsung only had a slightly better working knowledge of the english language, perhaps the phrase, 'connecting to your network' or something like that would have taken the mystery out of what was going on every time we tried to connect to netflix! even the annoying rotating circle would have been better than that cryptic message. Then, there's the poor sound quality. I'm by no means an audiophile, nor do i expect great stereo sound from a 24" tv of any brand, but these tinny, little speakers are the worse i've heard on any set we've ever owned, and i've been around as long as television! ok, easy enough to connect to external speakers, so that's a simple fix. What became a deal breaker for us, since the main reason we went for a 'smart tv' in the first place was to enjoy netflix and perhaps online store prime programming, eventually, was that there seems to be no way to change the picture size while in any of the smart hub apps(? ) if you enjoy watching many of the older shows and some movies before the cgi revolution, its nice to be able to adjust the aspect size on your tv. Even the least expensive streaming video box i'm aware of allows this function to work, but not this samsung tv. So, i guess it'll be back to a 24" 'dumb' tv with a media player attached until the technology of smart tv really catches up with the current models that don't quite make it.

F. Lara, Peterborough says

I am less than thrilled about this "smart" tv. I expected a lot more from samsung. Maybe it's because it's a 2014 model, which was made clear in the description. I have an lg smart tv that i love and i expected the same sort of performance from the samsung. The tv works ok, but when you choose the hub feature to access content over your internet connection, it takes forever. I press "online store, " for example, and i get a message box that says, "setting up tv. Try again later. " what? ! ? repeated pressings of this button get the same message for several minutes. This is like waiting for an old tube television to warm up. Ridiculous. Finally, i get a screen that always makes me laugh: "online store instant video. " ha! after a while, the online store menu starts to show up. Starts to. It takes forever to fill in with data. I have no idea why this television takes so long to do everything my other two sets do instantly. (i have a toshiba non-smart that operates with an online store firestick, and it works instantly. ) my latest annoyance is that i bought this to watch while using my treadmill; at the highest volume, i can't hear it clearly while walking. To overcome that, i tried to hook my direct-connect headphones to the audio out jack, which worked, but you can't control the volume; you get a message saying you need to use the volume control for the device you've connected. (there is none! ) so to counteract that, i searched for wireless headphones on online store, but first i checked out whether the bluetooth ones (which are just about the only kind you can get now unlike ten years ago) would work with the tv through the usb dongle. According to the community support articles i read (forget the manufacturer giving you this information in a manual, which they also can't be bothered to print and direct you to the active manual function in the tv menu), the usb only supports devices like a mouse and a keyboard, not audio. So i did more research and shopping and found that anything infrared or rf based are few and far between and much more expensive than the ones i used to buy in the early 2000's. It seemed from the research that the rf type would be best to use for this purpose, so i bought the only set out there that was reasonably priced, a gently used set on ebay. I got them, hooked them up, and they worked. But wait. The signal from the router started messing up. The screen went fuzzy and pixelated, and then the set just switched back to the antenna mode. I unplugged the headphone transmitter and the interference stopped. After significant exploration into why this would happen, the little tiny manual samsung did include with the set said that if you are experiencing interference with the wifi signal, you should make sure you don't have any wireless devices nearby that operate in the 2. 4ghz realm; use only 5ghz devices. Guess what my headphones use. Uh huh.

O. Anonymous, Medway

Gave it a couple months, now i simply do not like this tv. Say your watching online store prime, and you want to change the volume. Hit volume down button. Put remote down and count to 30. Hit volume button again, count to ten, when you finally see the numbers appear press volume again and again and sometimes it will respond this way. Expect to wait a while after turning on tv to watch anything using the smart functionality. In the end, great cheap deal, that i would return in a heartbeat. Just too slow for words, oh and horrible sound! its odd how bad the sound is! i ended up going hdmi from laptop just so i could use my $30 computer speakers. After spending the first month changing settings and trying out the sound presets, it was the only way to hear. They wanted a cheap tv to sell, and they made it.

I. Lindsey, Birmingham says

This tv is awful and the remote is unnecessarily large. First, the tv arrived with a dark spot in the lower left hand corner, i didn't notice because netflix displayes in non-wide screen, and it was in the black bars. The apps are incredibly slow to load when you power up the tv. It's slow and unresponsive when using apps. The sound is terrible. . Avoid at all costs

W. Rowe, Blackpool

Do not buy this tv if you want to use an antenna. The tuner barely works. All my other samsungs are fine, but not this one. Also, it will not respond to the remote unless you hit the button many times. And, the smart function only works occasionally. In short, the one i got is complete junk, i love samsung, but i am now disillusioned.

R. Pete, Pennsylvania says

Tv failed a few weeks after it arrived - would not turn on with either the remote or the power button. I learned this is a common problem and samsung would repair it at no charge. We had it repaired at an authorized dealer and it failed again within 1 week. I now want a replacement but samsung refuses, saying we are under a "service based" warranty and they have to try to fix it again. The burden of shipping the set back in falls totally on us. Not fair or right in any way. Just bureaucracy to avoid replacing a defective product. We own several samsung products (phones, tv's, etc) but we won't own any more.

S. Debra, Islington

The picture is fine, and honestly, there aren't that many "non smart" tvs available for much cheaper. So, you could do worse, but i will say that the "smart" functions are no reason to buy this tv. Every one of the streaming apps buffers constantly. Netflix, online store prime, hulu, they all take forever to connect, and once they do, they each will only play for about a half hour before needing to buffer, and once that starts, it gets worse and worse until it ultimately stops playback all together, often with an error to check my internet. . This isn't our only streaming device, however. My computers, phones, tablets and both major gaming devices, all stream flawlessly. I have a very fast fiber internet connection over which music, games, and visual entertainment are streamed constantly. We don't have cable tv, so it's literally the only way we watch tv. So it's obviously a problem with this device. . It's directly next to my router, the same router that every device connects to, so that's not the issue. We even put a samsung tablet directly next to it and played different episodes from the same series on the same app and sure enough, only this "smart" tv struggled. . So, we bought a chromecast. Now it's fine. So, as a tv, it's ok. However, i wouldn't recommend purchasing it for anything besides a display for the output from something else; antenna, cable box, roku, fire stick, chromecast, etc.

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