Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza) 2313

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Price was $3,500.00. Overall very pleased with purchase during samsung sale event. Otherwise cost would be excessive for this set. Excellent picture and sound is better than expected. Like the remote with voice commands but still needs slight improvement. Still playing with setup but haven't honestly improved anything than out of box setup. Most changes are not noticeable other than initial standard, movie, etc mode. Looks awesome on wall and one connect box in my opinion works well since we have to use a set top box with verizon. Online store delivery was a concern as i purchased direct from online store for enhanced delivery requiring signature but box was left on porch in full manufacture packaging damaged in one corner as it appeared dropped. However no issue.

-S. Donna

Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 The Samsung 4k Suhd Tv Completely Redefines The Viewing Experience The Revolutionary Quantum Dot Nano-crystal Technology. The Ks8000 Features Innovations That Produce A Remarkable -Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model

  1. Extra: More Than Just Pitch Black, Get The Best Shades Of Black With Triple Black Technology. Never Miss A Detail In The Dark.
  2. Extra: Hdr 1000 Mirrors The High Contrast And Vividness The Way Movie Makers Intended.

Discounted Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (Television) Un65ks8000fxza

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Love it, it works perfectly with ps4 pro ! Best ultra hd smart led tv | Samsung-Television Review ( Jul 2019 ) Extra Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) The premium flat 4k suhd picture with quantum dot color drive. fires off a billion more colors than hd tvs for a life like picture unlike anything else. More than just pitch black, get the best shades of black with triple black technology. never miss a detail in the dark. Hdr 1000 mirrors the high contrast and vividness the way movie makers intended. Get richer colors and deeper contrast with uhd dimming. Smart 2016 - use one universal remote to switch from live tv to streaming seamlessly. easily access everything you want to watch .

Samsung un65ks8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model Review (un65ks8000fxza)

This is a great suhd tv with so many smart functions. The picture quality is amazing even with normal hd content you can see the difference. I like the small smart remote with voice command. I wall mounted the tv and look beautiful. The only issue was with the syncing my current home theatre to tv . -P. Shayna

Samsung Un65ks8000 65 Inch Ultra Smart

Product Dimensions
Height:35.80 inches
Length:56.90 inches
Weight:52.90 pounds
Width:11.60 inches
Part/Serial Number
Home Theater
1 Year Coverage For Parts

un65ks8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 Home Theater, The samsung 4k suhd tv completely redefines the viewing experience with the revolutionary quantum dot nano-crystal technology. the ks8000 features innovations that produce a remarkable high dynamic range picture experience, regardless of room-light interference. access your favorite streaming content services easier and faster with our premium design smart remote controller. Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (UN65KS8000FXZA-Samsung).

Samsung Un65ks8000 65 Inch Ultra Smart Home Theater

  • I did some extensive research, money wasn't too much of a problem, i bought in march 2017. I wanted the tv which was advanced enough and all the reviews pointed to this one! i wanted an hdr 4k 120-240 hz with an excellent picture and good sound! easy to understand set up good apps although i don't use them much! i so like watching movies with my samsung 7 phone mirrored to the tv i go through kodi exodus. I'm relegated to cable for now so picture quality isn't that good compared with directv. But none of the more advanced features will work on a wide scale! overall i'd say this tv is outstanding i have had no problems with it! it exceeds my expectations! oh and the tv prices have not come down at all!
  • To date, it is a true exercise in optimization. A totally different viewing experience when compared to other hd televisions we own. So far, the only challenges faced are related to 1) my perceived delicate nature of the product when it comes to handling because of its size; and 2) my inability to locate the serial & model number. I will check once it is wall mounted. Handling: it is relatively light (i'm 6'-4", over 200 lbs, and i exercise). Recommend moving it around with a minimum of two (2) people. While we wait for the wall mounting crew, i installed the legs so that we could go through the initial setup and to check out the picture. To start, i tilted it down so that it was flat and there was at least five (5) to six (6) inches of clearance between the floor and the tv. The instructions show two people lifting and setting it down on a table. You want a solid surface that covers most of the tvs surface to avoid contact, point, line or bending stresses. I slowly laid mine down with and upon all the stuffing that came with the box to install the two stands. If other people are not available, i recommend tilting it back up with cardboard beneath both feet so that it slides easily when needing to rotate the screen, especially on carpet or a textured surfaces. Remember, the greatest strength is in the direction of the height and width when compared to the thickness note: i have yet to find instructions on removing the two stands. Initial setup: i am the technology person in the house. It was the easiest setup for any television i have ever had. The remote takes some getting use to, but it is remarkably simple. The "one connect" is great. I love the idea of not having to search behind a television to plug things in. The wi-fi setup was quick and easy. I was able to setup everything up from the cable network, online store, netflix, hulu, and facebook. I was even able to mirror my phone on the device. Although i am not a big fan of anything where directional keys are used to select letters, the pain is minimized (not eliminated) with a process that anticipates your next letter selection so that it is 1 of 4 directional selections to the next letter. . Remote control: an exercise in minimization. Typically, you toss the remote that comes with the tv in favor of the remote that operates the cable box. The opposite is true in this case. There is no entering codes so that the remote operates both. This tv's remote operates the cable guide without setting anything up other than the type of service provider. The only drawback, i have not learned how to or if it will turn off the power on the cable box. A home button on the remote provides remarkably quick and easy access to all your programs and settings at the bottom of the screen while minimal disruption of whatever you are watching. . Instructions: there are some hardcopy instructions that come in the box. The majority are e-guides that you easily access via the tv. . Viewing: we have verizon fios and the picture is just wow. If you have ever visited universal studios, disney, or any amusement park with a 4-d experience, you may have an idea. My wife said "it looks like it is in 3-d! " she also said to paraphrase, "i understand why actors are not big fans of hd. You can see skin deep! " i anticipate re-watching a lot of movies just for the experience. . Internet connectivity viewing: despite the fact that we are pestered to upgrade our internet speed (something they promised in the beginning with a promotion, that never happened), the viewing experience did not change when accessing netflix, hulu or online store. There was none of the tiling that typically occurs with the boxes we purchased years ago when we cut the cord. (hopefully, we can cut it again. ). . Overall (to date): so far, so great!
  • We just bought it a few months ago and it won t start. Keeps flashing and has no video. Great picture but so far not lasting
  • The tv had a problem with it when i received it. The packaging seemed fine. In the end the power supply board had slipped out of the mounting clips. The ps board is not fastened in a positive way! shocking to this engineer! the big problem was that it was almost impossible to get samsung to take care of the problem! after about 7 days of calling and sending pictures over and over again some one working in the philippines was actually from the us and set up the warranty repair.
  • Beautiful picture but apps keep freezing and i've tried to reset the tv but it won't help. I'm on directv and suddenly when i've reset it it's detecting dish. My netflix app is completely frozen, even after i've reset it. I've googled the issue and i'm not the only one having these problems. Don't expect to have these when you're paying such a high price for a tv, so this is quite disappointing.

ultra hd smart led tv Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I'm am technicologiacally a bit unfocused and was concerned that i would hae trouble setting up the tv - but it was very simple. The only thing i have yet been able to do is set up direct streaming. I"m still using a hdmi cable with my computer afixed - but i'm sure i'll get there. (netflix, hulu, . Blame the cable carrier and the cable carrier blames netflix. ) the picture quality is very good but there is some lag time between changing channels - nothing painful. The sound is fine but i may invest in speakers to get better basic quality. All-in-all, for the price this is a fine tv. For the record, i have it a month as of this writing.

Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model
Click to see NoticeSamsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza)"This is a great tv, (when it works). I'm currently on my second one and have just requested a 3rd replacement. The first one had extremely bad light leaks in the bottom right corner and my current one has extremely bad dse which makes watching anything in a dark room almost impossible without noticing them. . I spoke with samsung and they suggest i return the 2nd unit as these panels shouldn't suffer from such poor dse. . However, despite these problems the panel is amazing, games look amazing when running in hdr and 4k content has to be seen to be believed. That's why i want i'm willing to stick with this unit and hopefully i will get a good panel. . Online store have also been amazing with returning my previously bad panel, just one of the reasons why i insist on shopping for everything on online store."

(0) Question: Is hdr functionality available while in game mode? i am wondering for use with xbox one s.

(1) Question: I plan to buy the 55" set. how far apart are the legs/stand? i need to buy the appropriate length furniture base.

(2) Question: How far apart are the legs and how wide are they at the bottom on the 55" version of this television? i have a corner tv stand that is 52" long.

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Samsung Electronics UBD-K8500 3D Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2016 Model

Love it. I would recommend , very nice picture. Not impressed with remote though. They could have made it bigger . That's way the 4 stars instead of 5 . With remote being that small it's hards to find the right buttons at first without turning lights on for example if you want to rewind or pause . Then once you get used to it, just make use you have a good , safe place to put it.

4k ultra hd br play 4k ultra hd movies at 4x the resolution of full 1080p hd, letting br you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like br never before. Br br high dynamic range (hdr) br hdr allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, br enhancing details from theoriginal film format. Br br wider color range br capable of producing 2x the color range of a conventional blu-ray player. Br the ultra hd blu-ray reveals more colors than you've ever seen before. Br smart blu-ray player br watch 4k movies and shows fromyour favorite streaming services. Br turn any tv into the ultimate home entertainment hub with full br access to all your favorite web and tv content, including games, br movies, smart apps, and videos. Plus, with the uhd upscaling br feature, all yourlow definition content will automatically refine to br near uhd, giving you a crystal clear picture at 4x the resolution of full br hd. Watch all your tv shows and movies in near 4k quality. * br br universal disc player br play all your music cds, dvds, and blu-ray discs on one device. Enjoy br all yourmovies and shows in near uhd quality. Br br built-in wi-fi br sync and stream all your favorite tv shows, games, apps, and more br with built-in wireless. Access and share your tv and multimedia br content from your pc and mobile devices for a truly connected br home media experience. * br hdmi br enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports with higherquality br audio. The hdmi

Samsung Electronics UBD-K8500 3D Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2016 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UBD-K8500-Blu-ray-Player

Samsung Electronics Ubd K8500 Blu Ray Player (ubd k8500 za) FAQ.

Machine is great. Has quick startup (fast processor? ). For today's world, it's big. And it comes with the most difficult to use remote ever. Whomever said that "double click" to start a program back in 1978 was the way to go must have designed this remote. -Notice from H. Evelyn, District of Columbia

Click to Show samsung electronics ubd k8500 blu ray player (ubd k8500 za) Details

Excellent product wonderful picture, great remote, cannot say enough about this great product. It will impress the heck out of you and your family & friends.

Samsung-electronics-ubd-k8500-blu-ray-player-(ubd-k8500-za) set picture

- F. BethanyI already watched 5 3d movies much better than my older vizio player. If you have a great tv and sound system you have to purchase this player. This player cost more money than the average 3d blu ray player but you get what you pay for and this player is worth the extra cash.

The user interface and playback controls are pretty archaic and difficult to use in today's standard of blu-ray players. Picture quality is fantastic though.

G. Patricia, Indiana

Price :    $124.99 (was $397.99)
  • High dynamic range (hdr) allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details from the original film format.
  • Built in wi-fi allows you to sync and stream all your favorite tv shows, games, apps, and more from your pc and mobile device for a truly connected home media experience.
  • See up to 2x the color range and 64x the color expressions of a conventional blu-ray player, revealing more colors than you've ever seen before.
  • Play 4k ultra hd movies at 4x the resolution of 1080p, letting you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like never before.
  • With dolby true hd and dts hd master audio, enjoy the ultimate in digital sound quality on all your favorite movies, tv shows, and streaming content.
Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    4.19 pounds
Model :    UBD-K8500/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UBD-K8500 3D Wi-Fi 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2016 Model available ( Jul 2019 )

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BK

I just hung my brand new 65 inch lg tv (65uf9500) and love this mount. I've used other mount companies in the past with much cheaper and smaller tvs. I've never had a problem with the others, but wasn't going to take a chance with this large and expensive tv. While i'm sure it is made in china like everything else; i liked that it was ul tested and is marketed/sold by an american company. It is very evident in the way their listing and all their installation materials are written and how everything is packaged and labeled. So many other products, including other mounts i've purchased use what i like to call "google translated english", that doesn't usually make much sense. Everything about this mount was as advertised and easy to install. If i had any complaints one would be that i wish it extended further from the wall, but that's just because of where i installed it and how i intend to use it. For most applications this mount is perfect. The other thing that would be useful is if the wall mounting plate had more lateral mounting flexibility. With 16" o. C. Studs, you have to center it on the studs because it's about 18" wide. I ended up having to make some field adjustments to shift it 8 to 10 inches to the right, because a full 16" wasn't doable. Maybe even if the mounting plate stayed similar, but where the arms attached to it was able to be changed.

Featuring up to 150 of smooth swiveling capability, this large full-motion tv mount is a real mover. Not a shaker. Safety tested and ul certified to hold up to 132 lbs, you can rest assured your 37" - 70" led, lcd or plasma tv will be safe on the strong arm of this echogear tv mount. What the h is "ul certified"? it means we've tested this tv mount to verify that it will hold 4 times the weight rating and some safety science guys (that's a real thing) certified it. We'll do the math for you. 4 x 132 528 lbs! tech specs:vesa compatibility: 200x100 up to 600x400 (universal increments) tv extension from wall: 16" profile from wall (recessed) 2. 6" swivel: up to 150 degrees side-to-side (37" tv) tension adjustable? (for smoother/stiffer articulation): yes, using 7/32" hex key on joint bolts tilt: 5 up and 15 down post-install tv leveling adjustment: 3. 5 left or right wall plate dimensions: 17. 1" (w) x 10. 2" (h) max mounting hole dimensions: 16" (w) x 8. 9" (h) wall plate openings for in-wall cable management: 5. 6" (w) x 7. 6" (h) - two openings on each side construction: 100% high grade steel with plastic end caps for tv interface favorite color: echogear orangehdmi: v1. 4 high speed cable with bandwidth to support 1080p, 3d, and 4k/uhd 2160p picture 60 fps length: 6 ft. Install hardware included: 5/16" x 2. 75" lag bolts (4) lag bolt washers (4) m4 x 12mm screws (4) m4 x 35mm screws (4) m6 x 12mm screws (4) m6 x 35mm screws (4) m8 x 16mm screws (4) m8 x 20mm screws (4) m8 x 35mm screws (4) m4/m5 washers (4) m6/m8 washers (4) 22mm (7/8") tv spacers (4)

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BKECHOGEAR-Motion-Articulating-Bracket-patterns

Echogear Motion Articulating Bracket Patterns (eglf1 bk) FAQ.

This wall mount is pretty good and very simple to install even though i had my contractor install it on the wall just to be on the safe side. The fact that we can shift the television to view more in other parts of our living room than our old table top big screen. The only issue i have is that i find it difficult to push back against the wall once it's been pulled/expanded out. Maybe i'm doing something wrong but i'm not comfortable push my new television dead center on the screen to put it more flush against the wall. The only confusion are the overload of screws that could be labeled better but it's to use for a variety of televisions. Otherwise, it's a good wall mount. -Notice from I. Julia, California

Click to Show echogear motion articulating bracket patterns (eglf1 bk) Details

This was just an awesome way to get my new 4k tv up and out of the way. Having had to fight with all sorts of stands, cabinets and what ever to get the tv at it's perfect place was an exercise in frustration. This thing is amazing how well it works, how logically it's laid out and how easy it is to get it done. I did it all myself and i have a 58" tv. If there is something i wish could be added however it is an extension for it to be installed across 3 studs and then centered between them. A lot of the functionality is lost because you have to use the great features of moving and adjusting just to get the screen centered on the wall instead of being able to move it in and out. When you have only one place your screen can fit you don't have the option of installing where the wall mount works, you have to adapt it to work. . Once up and ready to go you wonder why you waited. It moves freely and so smooth it's hard to believe. Trying to work with friends who used cheaper options it was a dream to feel just how smoothly this one works. You might think you're saving money but to me it's way more important to get the right one, have it work right and know it's gonna last. This is like buying a rolls royce to carry your screen. Not because it costs a lot but because it's every day functionality is so far above anything else. Don't waste money on cheaper alternatives that feel cheap and barely work. This is an investment you'll thank yourself for every time you use it.

Echogear-motion-articulating-bracket-patterns-(eglf1-bk) set picture

- T. RochelleGreat wall mount. I've got a 65 inch lg that i mounted on a basement wall using this mount. The wall is 16" on center studs covered with 1/2 sheetrock, so fairly standard. Measured out distance between studs, screwed into wall, added extension arms and mounted tv in around an hour. This mount uses 3 inch lag bolts at each corner that go into the studs, so it's not coming off the wall without some serious force. The mount itself is fairly thick steel and seems built to last. All swivels work fine. The tilt adjustment lever needed to be adjusted before i mounted the tv as it would have been blocked by the tv itself once it was mounted. You just pull the level out and move it back to get it in the right position. Tilt works great and in my opinion is necessary for a wall mount. Great purchase and well worth it. . Note: there is an hdmi cable included. I didn't use it and i doubt most people do. I'd be happy to see that removed and the price adjusted down a dollar. :-)

Absolutely wonderful tv mount. This tv mount is very heady duty and has very smooth and secure operation. I did have to supply my own 8m x 1. 25 mm screws, because the supplied screws for the mount were a little short to mount my samsun 40" 6350 tv. Otherwise, however, the mount is fantastic and very well thought out. The mount allows for tilt and slight level adjustment, which is nice. It holds the tv very securely and was easy to mount. Tv hangs on the mount easily and then locks into place. The scissors operation leaves room to run cables back to a recessed data box also, which is nice. Really, there is nothing i would say is lacking in this mount. If i were to add or redesign the mount, it would be difficult to think of much to add - maybe a small center indexing hole or mark, but this is rather trivial. . If you are looking for a mount that would go well in a multimillion dollar house, in order to mount and hold your tv, this is it. In fact, i remember last year i looked at a $3. 2m home up the road and recall it had a very nice and smooth operating tv mount for a very large tv. Now, after having installed this mount myself and seeing how nicely it operates, i'm guessing that home had an echogear mount of some type or other, since the operation is very similar. . Again, if you are looking for a very high quality, well made mount, you can't go wrong with this one.

Q. Wayt, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Brand :    echogear
Size :    37-70 inch
Weight :    18.00 pounds
  • Window glare bugging you? 15-degree tilt capability makes adjustments easy. no tools, no fuss, no hands. just kidding, you'll need your hands.
  • Our heavy-gauge universal tv mount holds 37"-70" tvs weighing up to 132lbs. don't worry, we'll do the heavy lifting: echogear tv mounts are tested to hold 4 times the weight they're rated to. safety tested - ul certified.
  • Mounting has never been so easy: 30 minutes to install on 16" studs, with all hardware included and pre-divided. our u. s. -based customer care team members will even pick up the phone on sundays. seriously.
  • Feel the love with our 5-year warranty - included with all of our tv mounts.
  • Pulling out to 16" and back in to 2. 6" from the wall gives your tv smooth moves. swivel your tv 150 degrees to the left or right to get all the views your room could ever need.
Price :    $60.00 (was $79.99)
Model :    EGLF1-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BK available ( Jul 2019 )

Samsung UN55KS800DFXZA 55 4K 240 MR LED SMART TV Certified Refurbished

Exceptional color. Authentic images-see accurate shades and lifelike colors come alive in detail with suhd quantum dot color that unlocks up to a billion color combinations. Dynamic brightness reveals hidden details-see the sunlight in its full radiant glory and find the small detail in the dark shadows with our best hdr innovation, hdr 1000. Remaster your non suhd content-watch your non-suhd content in bright and vivid picture quality with samsung s unique intelligent picture engine. It analyzes the brightness of the video source and remasters it for optimal contrast. See small details come to life-ultra black enhances contrast and preserves deep blacks and color richness in brighter room light settings. Designed to excite the senses-screen images come to life on a suhd tv that features an ultra-slim bezel, creating a virtually edgeless picture. Looks great from any angle-take in the elegant design of the suhd tv with a sleek metallic body and streamlined back that looks stunning from any angle. The features you want, all in one-simple access to live tv, streaming content sources, and apps in one place with smart hub and you only need one remote control for it all. Indulge your inner gamer-access games right from the cloud and enjoy the most realistic gaming experience on a large screen without the use of a console. Easily connect, share and play your favorite content-watch your tv entertainment on your mobile device or your mobile media on your tv via the smart view app. Vibrant viewing experience-uhd dimming optimizes color, contrast, and image detail by processing the image characteristics prior to them being displayed on the screen.

Samsung UN55KS800DFXZA 55 4K 240 MR LED SMART TV Certified RefurbishedSamsung-UN55KS800DFXZA-SMART-Certified-Refurbished

Price :    $899.99
  • Design: type: 4k suhd tv, screen type: flat panel, backlighting: edge-lit led, stand type: branch, cea 4k uhd certified: yes - video: screen size: 54. 6" measured diagonally, resolution: 3840 x 2160, motion rate*: mr 240, color (quantum dot/active crystal/purcolor): quantum dot color, 10bit support: yes, hdr (high-dynamic range): hdr 1000, uhd upscaling: yes, depth enhancing technology: contrast enhancer - audio: dolby: dolby digital plus, dts premium sound: dts premium sound 5. 1, sound output (rms): 40w (10w x 2, woofer 10w x 2), speaker type: down firing w/bass reflex (2. 1ch), multiroom link: yes, tv soundconnect: yes, bluetooth headset support: yes - wireless connectivity: wi-fi: built-in wi-fi, wi-fi direct: yes
  • This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. the refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. the product ships with all relevant accessories and may arrive in a generic box
  • Power: energy star certified: yes, power supply (v): ac110-120v 60hz, typical power consumption: 60w, maximum power consumption: 165w, standby power consumption: under 0. 3w - system: dtv tuner: atsc / clear qam - inputs & outputs: hdmi: 4, usb: 3, ethernet: 1, rf in (terrestrial/cable input): 1/1(common use for terrestrial), digital audio out (optical): 1, audio return channel support (via hdmi port): yes, rs232c: 1
  • Dimensions: product size (w x h x d) without stand: 48. 2" x 28. 0" x 1. 7", product size (w x h x d) with stand: 48. 2" x 30. 5" x 9. 2", stand size (w x h x d): 2. 8" x 6. 8" x 9. 2", shipping size (w x h x d): 52" x 31. 8" x 6. 8" - weight: product weight without stand: 37. 9 lb. , product weight with stand: 38. 8 lb. , shipping weight: 51. 4 lb. , vesa wall mount compatibility: yes (400 x 400)
  • In the box: samsung un55ks800dfxza 55" 4k smart tv 240mr, remote control, one connect box, power cable
Brand :    samsung
Size :    55-Inch
Model :    UN55KS800DFXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung UN55KS800DFXZA 55 4K 240 MR LED SMART TV Certified Refurbished available ( Jul 2019 )

Samsung Electronics UN65MU9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

This is my third samsung tv and i'm always very glad i spent the extra $ for the best picture. Anyone that comes over, comments on what an excellent picture it has. The remote and home screen are also very fast and easy. I just have to say 'netflix' in the remote and it switches over right away. I love it and the 4k upgrading is great also!

The samsung mu9000 ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience by producing over a billion rich colors with 4k color drive extreme and triple black extreme for a deeper high dynamic range (hdr) picture. Our new smart tv user interface (ui), the new smart remote controller with voice navigation capability provides faster access to your favorite streaming content choices and more.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN65MU9000-65-Inch-Ultra

Samsung Electronics Un65mu9000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un65mu9000fxza) FAQ.

Easy setup with the one connect, but this tv has no component connection. Online store shows most of the specs, but if you look on the samsung site, the extended specs show (1) component connection. This may be a samsung thing, but does warrant a mention. The only inputs/outputs are (4) hdmi, (2) usb, (1) optical audio and the ex-link. Not even any a/v connection. -Notice from J. Nellie, Sheffield

Click to Show samsung electronics un65mu9000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model (un65mu9000fxza) Details

Love the tv! the only issue i have is the remote control will not work with a sonos play bar. Luckily i have directv and the remote will operate the sonos! other than that, the tv is amazing!

Samsung-electronics-un65mu9000-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(un65mu9000fxza) set picture

- . CarolynGreat tv. Spent about 10 hours looking at tvs before i decided on this one. I purchased it with the samsung ms-750 sound bar. Great picture (stood at bestbuy for about 3 hrs looking at this model vs the 8000 model. The blacks just seemed deeper and coolers were brighter. Put it on the sass with the sound bar. Just need the sub to go with it now!

Great picture. stand is too gumby like. great buy

R. Edna, Staffordshire

Price :    $1129.64 (was $1697.99)
  • Triple black extreme brings out extreme detail even in the darkest scenes.
  • Enjoy smooth, crisp action even in the fastest scenes. motion rate 240 brings sports and fast moving content to life.
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than standard 4k uhd.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.
Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    63.90 pounds
Model :    UN65MU9000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN65MU9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Jul 2019 )

ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount With Low Profile Design 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare With 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install With All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK

I researched for a good while before choosing this wall mount. I chose this one because it was less expensive than many yet seemed sufficient for my needs. The max. Weight limit is 125 pounds, which is less than many other mounts, but since my 65" hdtv weighs 67 pounds anything more than this seemed like overkill. And i was right. The included bag of parts to hang/install was well organized and gave my several alternatives to choose from. The install went easily and looks great on the wall. . The only small issue i had was that the tv ends up being quite close to the wall - making it difficult to tighten down the angle bolts. But got it done. Overall happy with this mount.

Glare got you down? it won't for long with this large tilting tv mount, capable of up to 15-degrees of fingertip tilt technology. Safety tested and ul certified to hold 32" - 70" led, lcd or plasma screens up to 125 lbs, you'll get the best view from the couch, the bed or even the floor. If you're into that sort of thing. What the h is "ul certified" you ask? that means that we've tested this tv mount to verify that it will hold 4 times the weight rating and some safety science guys (that's a real thing) certified it. We'll do the math for you. 4 x 125 500 lbs! technical specs:vesa compatibility: 100x100 up to 600x400 (universal increments) profile from wall: 2. 5" tilt degrees: 5 up and 15 down wall plate dimensions: 25. 6" (w) x 10. 2" (h) maximum mounting hole dimension: 24" (w) x 7" (h) wall plate openings for in-wall cable management: 10. 7" (w) x 5. 1" (h) - two openings on each side construction: 100% high grade steel favorite color: beautiful echogear orange (that's right - we called it) hdmi: v1. 4 high speed cable with bandwidth to support 1080p, 3d, and 4k/uhd 2160p picture 60 fps length: 6 feet long installation hardware included: 5/16" x 2. 75" lag bolts (4) lag bolt washers (4) m4 x 12mm screws (4) m4 x 35mm screws (4) m6 x 12mm screws (4) m6 x 35mm screws (4) m8 x 16mm screws (4) m8 x 20mm screws (4) m8 x 35mm screws (4) m4/m5 washers (4) m6/m8 washers (4) 22mm (7/8") tv spacers (4)

ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount With Low Profile Design 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare With 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install With All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BKECHOGEAR-Tilting-Mount-Profile-Design

Echogear Tilting Mount Profile Design (fba eglt1 bk) FAQ.

Our motivation to purchase this mount was child safety, but came to find out that the tv looks really good on the wall. Mounted a 46" panasonic plasma (tv weighs about 65 lbs. ). Looks great on the wall and has a very low profile. I like this mount because i can still use it whenever i upgrade my tv. It was relatively easy to install with all necessary parts included. The mount is durable and has plenty of room for error if you don't measure perfectly. I recommend this mount to anyone that wants a low profile wall mount. -Notice from . Rowe, Missouri

Click to Show echogear tilting mount profile design (fba eglt1 bk) Details

Excellent for the price. Instructions very clear. Giving it four stars because the provided hardware did not fit my 2006 samsung. There was only one size spacer and it was too long. There needed to be a set of smaller spacers as well. Tried calling the provided tech support number for advice, but was disappointed to find support is available only during the week. I'm betting most installs happen on weekends, so this was not helpful. I ended up taking small spacers from the mounting kit for a smaller tv installed two weeks ago. This unit fits a couple of inches from the wall, making wire access difficult. For that reason, if i had to do it over again, i would get an articulating mount.

Echogear-tilting-mount-profile-design-(fba-eglt1-bk) set picture

- I. AdrienneWe recently bought a 43" vizio tv. Replacing our "old 500 pound monster". And placed it on our homemade entertainment center / fireplace mantel. Living in desert hot springs, ca. And on the san andreas fault. Needless to say. We were quite concerned about the safety of the tv. Sitting on the spindly legs. We spent some time going to some of the box stores. Looking for a tilting wall mount. After several days of frustration trying to find one that i liked. I went to the internet. Online store. We found your echogear tilting wall mount and ordered it. The mount arrived in 1 1/2 days. From online store. Unbelievable. I had not even finished building the false wall with studs for mounting yet! . The mount was just what we needed. The installation went smoothly. Thanks to the excellent instructions. The only issues that i had was with the length of the bracket screws for mounting on the tv. Both options of screws provided. Were too short. For my tv. The spacers provided for option 2. Were too long. So i cut the spacers in half. And then it was fine. The other small issue was finally reaching the locking screws to tighten them on the wall mount. I should have had a longer phillips screwdriver. Lol. I would like to thank online store. And echogear for such a great product. And service! i am truly thankful. For the ease with which i can shop these days for needed things. On online store.

So far, so good. I have weird studs in my walls (some are 16", some 24", etc. ) and this was wide enough to work. I have a 55" samsung on it and it feels sturdy. No shimmies or shakes. I have a toddler in my house, so it's mounted much higher than normal and the tilt has a good depth for watching from below.

. Audrey, Bradford

Brand :    echogear
Color :    Black
Weight :    9.00 pounds
Model :    FBA_EGLT1-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount With Low Profile Design 32-70 inch TVs - Eliminates Screen Glare With 15 Degrees of Smooth Tilt - Easy Install With All Hardware Included - EGLT1-BK available ( Jul 2019 )
Price :    $29.74 (was $34.99)
  • Our durable steel mounts are designed to accommodate almost any vesa pattern & tvs up to 70". they come with an extensive hardware packet to ensure compatibility.
  • Eliminate annoying screen glare with up to 15º of effortless tilt. no tools required.
  • The low-profile design securely holds your tv only 2. 5" from the wall, while still giving you easy access to cables.
  • We're here for you. echogear tv mount experts are available 7 days a week to help you finish your project. we guarantee satisfaction with echogear, or your money back.
  • Diy in no time. our easy to follow instructions and simple 3-step install process makes mounting your tv on 16" or 24" wood studs a breeze.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Samsung tv's are exceptional. Quality, longevity makes this a great product. Had sony tv's for years before and they pale against the samsung.

Every scene deserves a brilliant picture. Experience lifelike color with a billion more shades than regular 4k uhd and enjoy the expanded depth of hdr. With extreme contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights, you never miss a detail. Mr 240 brings fast action to life, and you can take it all in on a tv that's streamlined from every angle- from a sleek frame to a clean back.

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSamsung-Electronics-UN65MU8000-65-Inch-Ultra

Samsung Electronics Un65mu8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (un65mu8000fxza) FAQ.

Tv technology has come such a long way in the last 10 years that it's amazing. Better blacks and deeper colors in 4k and uhd, and samsung's mu8000 is certainly no exception. I can't speak for other tv manufacturers, but i will tell you that i am completely happy with this tv. I love the clean look of the thin bezel, and the colors are as sharp as any hd signal can keep up with. The smart functions on the tv have definitely come a long way. I remember when samsung first started to incorporate apps and its smart hub. Much better user interface, and better overall experience for me. I am more used to a middle stand for all my tv's, but i am definitely getting used to the wide legged dual positioning. Better since i still have young kids running around, so i cringe less when they play near the tv. . Overall, i am extremely pleased with this tv. I recently decided to do a complete upgrade of tv's in my house, so i'll be looking at other samsung tv's as well. -Notice from S. Kimberly, Hamburg

Click to Show samsung electronics un65mu8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model (un65mu8000fxza) Details

Could not afford newer higher cost samsung models, so decided on this model. Quite pleased with picture quality, size and sound. Using in den area, and decided to wall mount television rather than use stands. Looks even better. This is my second samsung television purchase in three years, and i am a fan. Using older curved samsung in master bedroom. Delivery was timely and arrived in excellent condition. Very well packaged and protected. Recommend purchasing.

Samsung-electronics-un65mu8000-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(un65mu8000fxza) set picture

- H. RoweGreat tv, glad i bought it when i did.

Have had this tv installed a week now and i am loving it. This is the first led tv i prefer of over my beloved plasma panasonic z1. The picture is great and the interface is worlds apart. Also the price point is sharp for what you get especially compared to my old plasma. . This is very well built tv and pretty hefty. It has a nice metal bezel surround. Construction wise it is a big improvement from the all plastic one on my prior samsung led tv. The 65 model is a 2-person wall mount installation. Weight reminds me of a plasma and that s a good thing. It even feels substantial to the touch. . Love the one connect box interface. It is a connection box that is separate from tv. This means less wire clutter behind the tv. Which means a cleaner install whether wall mount or on pedestal. So on my wall mount install i only have 1 wire going behind the wall. This also means more flexibility adding and changing inputs in the future. However i wish samsung also had ethernet connection on the one box instead of just tv. I prefer hardwire over wireless internet connection. . Picture wise this is a huge improvement over my prior led tv. Picture quality is great whether 4k or not. There is no soap opera effect and the picture is super sharp. Also the picture is great whether the room is dim or in direct sunlight. Also tv can be viewed from sharp angles (i. E. You don t have to be directly in front of it to have a good picture). Furthermore the sound quality is still good. Not as good as the dedicated soundbar, but it will not disappoint. . Samsung also hit a homerun regarding the user interface. The remote control is nice looking, small and easy to use. It controls many devices including my tivo, apple tv, soundbar and blueray player. It probably can control most cable boxes as well. You can also give the tv voice commands through the remote, such as such as watch verizon and change to channel 899. . . Most of all i love the apps on the tv. I stream music through siriusxm. Watch my favorite online store prime shows. Also love met opera and dramafever apps. Again you can switch to all these apps with voice commands! no fumbling around with remote control buttons. . I would highly recommend this model for someone looking for good quality picture, a lot of features and high build quality at a fair price.

V. Jennifer, Stockport

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    53.10 pounds
  • An extreme step up in color with a billion more shades than regular 4k uhd.
  • See extreme contrast between the darkest darks and the lightest lights, plus expanded color and depth.
  • See what you've been missing, even in dark scenes.
  • Enjoy smooth, crisp action, even in the fastest scenes, bringing sports and fast-moving content to life.
  • Please note the differences between the mu8000 and the mu800d. mu8000: gray cabinet, 500 nits hdr sustained brightness, mega dynamic contrast mu800d: dark titan cabinet, 470 nits hdr sustained brightness, ultra dynamic contrast
Price :    $1135.74 (was $1297.99)
Model :    UN65MU8000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Jul 2019 )

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar

An easy and secure wall-mounting solution for sonos playbar.

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR SoundbarSONOS-Wall-Mount-PLAYBAR-Soundbar

Price :    $31.20 (was $39.00)
  • Allow for placement horizontally above or below your tv
  • Makes playbar easy to install to any wall with pegs in precisely the right place.
  • Ensures a secure and rattle-free wall-mount installation.
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.05 pounds
Model :    N/A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sonos product review) for SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar available ( Jul 2019 )

Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model

Works great! happy with the sound quality, clear and crisp!

Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center channel speaker on the soundbar. It provides balanced sound from one end to the other and beautifully completes your home entertainment experience. Enjoy great sound with six built-in speakers. Each of them is designed with a dedicated amplifier to provide clear and accurate sound. Enjoy a clutter-free home entertainment system. Tv soundconnect lets you instantly enjoy movies, music, and tv shows with clearer, more impactful sound. (only available on select samsung tvs) surround sound expansion delivers more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it's coming right out of your tv. Enjoy some of your favorite internet streaming music services in high-quality 360 degree sound. Simply launch the multiroom app 2. 0 on your mobile device, select the service provider and experience the best music the internet has to offer. (compatible android and ios devices can download the app. ) connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices. Simply select the soundbar for pairing and power it on automatically for a seamless home entertainment experience. Feel the sound and get into the action with the incredible hd audio. It preserves the quality and richness of the original sound using 96khz/24bit without down-sampling.

Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 ModelSamsung-HW-K650-Channel-Wireless-Soundbar

Samsung Hw-k650 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model (hw k650 za) FAQ.

I bought this and i love it sounds really great and the subwoofer is more than what i thought it would be but they tell us ( samsung )that swa- 8000s. Rear speaker kit add on is compatible with the k650 sound bar it s not i bought the kit and i still can t get it to work it will not sync samsung customer service sucks they cannot help me give me the runaround and i don t think they know what the hells going on with the system the only thing will work is the 360 wi-fi speakers -Notice from O. Broyles, Hackney

Click to Show samsung hw-k650 3.1 channel 340 watt wireless audio soundbar 2016 model (hw k650 za) Details

Sounds great. Took me months of testing other brands. This is the best one at its price point.

Samsung-hw-k650-3.1-channel-340-watt-wireless-audio-soundbar-2016-model-(hw-k650-za) set picture

- I. DorothyAudio excellent but difficult to make and maintain connection.

Set up was easy although it requires the cable connection on an older flat screen. Bass and treble adjustment are also easy with the remote. Just set it up but so far so good!

U. Betty, Connecticut

Brand :    samsung
Color :    NA
Weight :    5.73 pounds
Model :    HW-K650/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Use the samsung multiroom app on your mobile device to enjoy your favorite internet streaming music services in high-quality sound.
  • Expand your surround system by adding the radiant360 speakers. enjoy the immersive, clutter-free audio experience by simply connecting wireless radiant360 units via wi-fi. * *radiant360 speakers sold separately.
  • Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center speaker on the soundbar, providing balanced sound from one end to the other.
  • 340 watts power the soundbar's 6 built-in speakers designed with a dedicated amplifer to provide clear and accurate sound.
  • Surround sound expansion delivers a more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it's coming right out of your tv.
Price :    $307.00 (was $499.99)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung HW-K650 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model available ( Jul 2019 )

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.

The sonos playbar may seem expensive for a sound bar, but only if you look at it as just a sound bar. Really it does much more (and i'll get to that). But first, as a sound bar, it works well and is pretty easy to set up: plug in the power cord and an optical cable from your tv and that's it, as far as audio connections go. To fully configure the unit and get it to work with your existing remote, you'll need to install the sonos controller app (free) which runs on pc, mac, android and ios devices. In the app is where you "add a device" (add the playbar to your home network) and establish the sonos network in your home. . If you don't have any other sonos products in your home already, you'll need to either connect the playbar to a network router or network switch with a standard network cable (one of which is included in the box), or purchase a sonos bridge which plugs into your network router and allows the playbar to connect to your network wirelessly. The reason you need this is that the sonos mesh network is actually separate from your existing wifi network (it makes its own), which is great because it doesn't interfere with regular wifi traffic, and vice versa. This means fewer dropouts in your music. . Update: in 2014, sonos rolled out a software update that allows all existing sonos speakers to work without the need for a bridge. So as long as you have a solid wifi connection in your home, any sonos speaker (even a play:1 or the playbar) can play music wirelessly. . Adding the playbar to your sonos system requires pushing a couple of buttons on the unit itself when prompted by the app and then telling the sonos app what room it's in. Then you can program the playbar to respond to your existing tv remote or cable/satellite remote. An on-screen wizard walks you through this. Tip! - if you can't get the playbar to recognize commands from your dish or directv or cable remote, then you may need to first set up that other remote to control your tv. Most set top box remotes come without any tv remote commands pre-programmed into them so if you try to program it into the playbar, you won't get very far. This was a problem for me with a dish remote until i first programmed the dish remote to control my tv, then the playbar was able to see the remote and respond to it for volume control. Once you do that, you can do the basic operation of the bar (volume up/down) using your existing remote control, and you won't have to refer back to the app. The playbar's optical digital input automatically gets preference, so if you're listening to music on it, then turn on the tv, it will automatically switch over to tv sound. . In terms of sound quality, the playbar blows away any tv speakers i've heard. The thinner a tv gets, the worse it sounds. Speakers need some room to resonate, and the playbar has that, while flat panel tvs do not. Movie dialog, male or female vocals have a nice transparency on the playbar, treble and high frequencies are detailed without being harsh and bass response is tight, if not prodigious (there's only so much bass you can get from a small cabinet). . The playbar uses some acoustic and electronic techniques to expand the sound stage so it sounds wider than it is. I noticed this on a few songs and movies, but it was particularly obvious on rush "2112" and on the moody blues "wildest dreams. " the instruments appeared to be located outside the edges of the bar while vocals were locked in place in the center. There are a total of 9 speakers on the playbar (each with its own amplifier) and sonos uses this entire array to create a coherent soundstage. . But, as good as it sounds, the playbar isn't perfect. Bass is on the lighter side, and if you use the eq controls in the sonos app to boost the bass, it gets a bit boomy. Also, the playbar can get a bit congested and harsh when pushed to higher sound levels, though this is definitely better if you add the sonos sub. With the sub, the playbar can then allocate its amplification and drivers to the midrange and treble which are easier to drive without distortion. Also, these sonic deficiencies are only evident when comparing the unit to a dedicated surround sound system. . But there are two reasons why the playbar is unique and gets my recommendation: a. ) it's upgradeable to fully discrete and wireless 5. 1 surround (with the addition of the sonos sub and a pair of play:1 or play:3 speakers) and b. ) it's a sonos! (more on that later). I tested the playbar on its own and then with the sub and play:3 rear speakers. Adding the sub and rear speakers was a simple as adding the initial playbar to the sonos network, but there is a new option within the "room set-up" that allows you to group the play:3s, play:1s (or a connect amp) as surround speakers for the playbar in the same room. The set-up wizard asks a couple of questions about distance from listening position to the rear speakers and (for the subwoofer) some questions about the levels, but that's about it. . With the sub and play:3s added, the system was able to reproduce discrete 5. 1 channel dolby digital surround sound. I confirmed this using a 5. 1 channel test track from one of dolby's sampler discs as well as some movie clips and a couple of full length films. The playbar does not decode dts but this may not be a show-stopper for some as few tvs output or pass through dts. The issue with this or any sound bar that uses the tv's digital output for sound is that most tvs will not pass through a dolby digital 5. 1 signal from source through to tv output. Some sony tvs do it as well as some vizios and some lgs (there may be others), but most tvs will drop the signal down to 2-channel output at the fiberoptic digital out. For this reason, i would have liked to see a second digital input on the playbar as well as dts decoding. This way you could use one input for the tv and the second input for a dvd or blu-ray player to get discrete 5. 1 sound from that. I can understand why sonos chose this single-input approach - if there were an "input" function on the playbar to switch inputs, chances are things could have gotten confusing for some users. Still, for advanced users, the second input and dts decoding would have been appreciated. . There is a workaround to this issue (not the dts decoding, but the extra fiberoptic input), if you're willing to sacrifice some simplicity. You can buy a fiber optic digital audio switch box, connect your devices to this, plug its output into the playbar and then get discrete 5. 1 surround from dolby digital content on a cable box, streaming set-top box, dvd player or blu-ray player. There are several of these switches available on online store including this basic manual switch, and this more advanced remote-controlled switch. There are many others available like this. . In any case, the playbar does decode surround-encoded 2-channel pcm or dolby digital sound (which tvs do output) and will give you a reasonable surround sound stage even from this material as long as there is rear channel information encoded into the content. And if you do have a true 5. 1 source, like the streaming apps built into your tv (netflix, vudu, online store vod) or your tv's built-in atsc tuner, then you will get even better sound with discrete 5. 1 surround. . Watching a movie in full 5. 1 dolby digital surround on the system is a vastly improved experience over the playbar alone: bass is deep and extended without being bloated; surround effects emanate from all around the room and overall dynamic range is enhanced as the playbar is able to concentrate all its power on the front three channels, without having to worry about surround or low bass. The only caveat? adding the sub and play:3 rears brings the system cost from $700 to $about $1, 800 and that's a bit steep. . Sonos: the killer app for music. . In addition to being a sound bar, the playbar is also an independent wireless sonos zone. This means you can fire up the sonos app on your phone or tablet, access your digital music collection stored on a pc or local network drive (or in itunes on an iphone or ipad) and play it back through the playbar. You can also access a ton of different online music streaming services, some of which are free, and some of which require a subscription. I was finding songs and discovering new artists on spotify, accessing my local mp3 collection on my pc and streaming pandora radio stations just minutes after opening the box. And the nice thing about sonos is that it manages music from these different services in a single playback queue - so one song came from spotify, then a couple from one of my ripped cds, the next from spotify. You get the idea. . For those who say you can do that wireless music streaming stuff with airplay, or an appletv (etc. ), i say, "poppycock! " yes, airplay allows you to stream music from your phone, tablet or computer wirelessly. But to use apple tv, you're limited to the apple ecosystem (e. G. Itunes) and whichever apps apple chooses to enable. Sonos is more of an open platform with support for different file formats as well as all of the most popular music streaming apps and services. Also with appletv and virtually any other streaming media box, you have to have the tv on and switched to the correct input in order to hear anything or see what's playing. For music listening, this just isn't convenient. With the playbar, everything is driven through the sonos app on your smart phone, pc or tablet. Pick your music, press play and you're good to go. And when you want to switch back over to watching tv, the playbar handles that for you automatically so the sound matches the picture. . I found myself listening to a lot more music with the playbar in the living room, because it's not just easy but actually fun. If you're feeling adventurous (or home sick after a move) you can also access any of thousands of streaming internet radio stations, right within the app. . If you add on more sonos components (play:3, play:5, etc. ) throughout your home, you can decide which room gets which music, right from your smart phone, pc or tablet. It's an advanced multi-room audio system without the cost of installation or the need to rip up your walls. Also, with the playbar in the system and connected to your tv, you can pipe that tv sound to any other sonos wireless zone in your home which was an unexpected bonus. . For tv listening, the playbar has some nice features which work standalone or with the full 5. 1 system. "night" mode compresses the dynamic range so you can hear whispered dialog and subtle surround effects without the loud parts of the movie being overpowering. "speech enhancement" brings the dialog forward in the mix so you can make out what characters are saying, even when there are other distractions. You can use both at the same time or each feature independently. I tested both and found that they did make subtle but noticeable improvements to dialog intelligibility. And the night mode did equalize differences between soft and quiet points. I found i could keep "sherlock holmes: a game of shadows, " at a reasonable volume level and i didn't need to leap for the remote when the explosions kicked in. But for daytime movie viewing (and for music) i left these features turned off. . Turn-ons:. . * good sound overall, considering size. * simple connection, set-up and operation. * nice-looking unit. * flexible installation. * sonos app puts the world of music at your fingertips. . Turn-offs:. . * needs more bass. * gets a bit congested at high volumes. * could use a second fiberoptic input and dts support. * limited by tv's ability to pass through 5. 1 surround. * a little pricey. . Reviewing the playbar is a bit tricky. As a pure sound bar, it's a nice sounding simple solution that can plug and play with your existing tv and remote. But again, as a pure sound bar, it's expensive and doesn't offer the low bass extension of many more affordable sound bar/subwoofer combos. But unlike most sound bars, the playbar is upgradeable. Find the bass a bit light? add a sub. Want to experience discrete surround sound? add a pair of play:1s as surrounds. This is something most other sound bars simply cannot do. But what really sets the playbar apart from every other sound bar on the planet is that it's also a sonos wireless speaker with all the streaming musical goodness that the sonos platform has to offer. You'll come for the enhanced sound from movies and tv, but you'll stay for the music. Recommended. . Update (october, 2013): the rear channels of a playbar 5. 1 system can now be the new less expensive play:1 speakers, or you can use your own speakers with the connect amp. The play:3 is also still supported as a rear channel speaker for a playbar multi-channel system. . A more detailed review is available on big picture big sound (dot com).

Playbar s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for tv, web, movies and video games. It is also a stand-alone all-in-one sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your itunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. Playbar connects to your tv using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your tv, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. Connect playbar or bridge to your wireless router and link all sonos players wirelessly with one touch. Note: to get started, you must wire either one player or bridge to your home network using a standard ethernet cable.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.Sonos-Soundbar-Wireless-Streaming-Speaker

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk) FAQ.

Sounds great with the amp and 2 play 1s. Great 5. 1 sound! very happy and worth every penny. -Notice from O. Carrie, New Hampshire

Click to Show sonos soundbar wireless streaming speaker (pbar1us1blk) Details

Bass is much better than expected! gives a good surround type sound - very happy

Sonos-soundbar-wireless-streaming-speaker-(pbar1us1blk) set picture

- X. AnonymousBought the sonos 5. 1 system for my living room. I didn't want to run wires throughout the room so took a chance on this without hearing it before the purchase and was not disappointed; my family and i love this system. We love it so much i already purchased two more play 1s for other parts or our house. . Great sounds, great bass and easy to set up. Great product with a great supporting application for your mobile device. We love being able to easily switch from listening the the tv over to listening to pandora and other music sources we use.

Maybe i misread (i did) but thought the sound bar integrated with sub and other surround speakers on its own via wireless. Not so, had to buy a boost to complete setup. Easy to set up. It could use a little more options when used as a surround system but other than that very happy with system. The app for control leaves a little to be desired when it comes to adding music libraries. Itunes downloaded "ok" but the album artwork is all jacked up. Options for sorting the music good be better. Volume control setup for the dish remote was easy as well

H. Alice, Barking and Dagenham

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    11.90 pounds
Model :    PBAR1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa. available ( Jul 2019 )
Price :    $610.74 (was $694.99)
  • Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
  • Connect your playbar to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.
  • Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.

Sony XBR65X930E 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV 2017 Model

Ok first off this is a awsome tv. I didn t make my purchased on online store. But i will say i love this tv freaking amazing and awesome. I do not regret getting it love it

Enjoy 4k hdr entertainment on our x930e with android tv. With the new slim backlight drive, this television offers extraordinary brightness in an ultra-thin design and with the incredible performance of the 4k hdr processor x1 extreme, everything you watch is improved to near 4k hdr quality.

Sony XBR65X930E 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR65X930E-65-Inch-Ultra-Model

Sony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

The black levels are definitely improved over last year, however haloing is still visable. It won't ruin the image but it definitely can be seen in a dark room. However, there is no vertical column blooming or major light issues at all. It's a really uniform screen in a dark room, until you see a singular icon on the screen. The color feels vastly improved with xtended dynamic range x10! i've never seen highlights like this, not even on the qled i've tested! the world feels alive. Truly alive on this tv with xtended dynamic range pro on! object based remastering lets all sdr become very convincing hdr! i felt it looked better than native hdr. Which isn't bad at all. Hdr is bright. But my ks8000 was brighter. That said, it is very enjoyable because unlike my samsung sony has local boosting! color is perfect in every way! very natural pure images that truly express the 1billion colors! you have to see it! sound is average just but a soundbar. The grey backing is very ugly. The remote is horrible sauce! like you have just spent over $2k for a new smart tv. But then get a very cheap, clicky, ir remote! not cool. Good news is my touch remote from 2015 works. So you can just buy that and have a more premium experience! the x1 extreme chip destroyed my expectations! everything is sooooo clean, like grainless! even dvd cleans up better than a date on prom night! this is a big treat for me because i watch alot of anime! . Screen mirroring still has audio drops. Ui can still get confused requiring a reboot. Speaking if ui it is almost 100% exactly the same as last year. Feels lazy. Yes there are small changes but nothing that ever felt great. Motion was fantastic as usual. No judder or frame tearing! has an hdr gaming mode which works great! gaming mode also has low input lag, i had no issues! movies steal the show. I don't know how any tv is going to beat the magical picture. I'm definitely satisfied with the amazing image! not too fond of the big power brick though. Like sony needs to take a page from samsung with that. . Overall, this is a great successor of the x930d and i recommend buying it. But wait for black friday. I personally, will be returning to best buy to wait. The improvements don't change sony's ridiculous asking price of over $2k for an edge lit tv with alot of the same edge lit flaws. If you don't mind being hosed down as an early adopter go for it. Personally, i feel charging 2013 4k debut prices for hdr and deeper blacks is greedy. It's 2017 and the tech wasn't so fundamentally different from the x930d that is only $1. 4k! . . Hope this helps sorry i if i couldn't give more info, best buy only has a 14day return policy and i wanted to test other tvs! -Notice from . Parker, Bracknell Forest

Click to Show sony xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k hdr ultra hd tv 2017 model (television) Details

This tv is amazing. Everything looks so beautiful and so crisp weather i'm watching a movie or playing video games (my ps4). Sony is such a great brand and they still have not disappointed me which is amazing.

Sony-xbr65x930e-65-inch-4k-hdr-ultra-hd-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- M. JulieGreat price, free shipping, nothing bad to say

So if it is in your budget, as far as i am concerned this tv is the best out there. I am not going to write a dissertation here, if you are looking for a new tv and trying to compare it with something else don't waste a lot of time. You will be more than happy with the clarity, color, and all around performance of this tv. Again if it is in your budget buy it, you will not be disappointed.

S. Carol, Westminster

Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    90.00 pounds
Model :    XBR65X930E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X930E 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV 2017 Model available ( Jul 2019 )
Price :    $1699.00 (was $1998.00)
  • Slim backlight drive + (grid array edge lit) directs light where it's needed, filling scenes with extra brightness and deep contrast, all in an ultra-slim tv.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 3" x 33" x 1. 6", tv with stand: 57. 3" x 36" x 11. 6"
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur

Samsung UN65KS9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model

The samsung 4k suhd tv completely redefines the viewing experience with the revolutionary quantum dot nano-crystal technology. The ks9000 features innovations that produce a remarkable high dynamic range picture experience, regardless of room-light interference. Access your favorite streaming content services easier and faster with our premium design smart remote controller.

Samsung UN65KS9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 ModelSamsung-UN65KS9000-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    samsung
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    63.10 pounds
Model :    UN65KS9000FXZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (samsung product review) for Samsung UN65KS9000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Jul 2019 )
Price :    $2132.55
  • Smart 2016 - use one universal remote to switch from live tv to streaming seamlessly. easily access everything you want to watch.
  • Hdr 1000 mirrors the high contrast and vividness the way movie makers intended
  • Advanced contrast, color and sharpness for true-to-life image quality with supreme uhd dimming
  • More than just pitch black, get the best shades of black with triple black technology. never miss a detail in the dark.
  • The ultimate flat 4k suhd picture powered by the quantum dot color drive. fires off a billion more colors than hd tvs for a lifelike picture unlike anything else

HDMI Cable 6ft - HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet, Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D - Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC TV

Nice cables, love that they are braided. Bought these to replace older ones that were alot longer. Audio and video seem to be crystal clear. Great price, would highly recommend

6 ft - braided 28 awg - hdmi 2. 0 cable - 18 gbps - ethernet & audio return channel get your hands on this heavy duty high quality 6ft hdmi 2. 0 cable, which will drive your 4k tv/monitor at 2160p. Don't be fooled by thin copper clad aluminium (cca) cables. This beauty is made of 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper and is triple-shielded for maximum performance and ultra low snr. Never mind it's thicker than most cables widely sold because a good cable is meant to be thick. Most 6 ft cables use cheaper & thiner 30 awg wiring (10 gbps). Securomax 6 ft cable uses more expensive thicker 28 awg wiring which enables 18 gbps speed required for all hdmi 2. 0 features. Connectors are 24k gold-plated and soldering points are covered by thick aluminium shell to achieve better shielding and even lower snr. Ethernet & audio return channels eliminate extra network and audio cables. Less cables means slimmer cable management box! supported video resolutions: full hd 1080p quad hd 1440p 3d format ultra hd 2160p this cable also works with: any device bearing the hdmi logo. All revisions of hdmi v2. 0, v1. 4 & v1. 3

HDMI Cable 6ft - HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet, Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D - Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC TVHDMI-Cable-6ft-Connectors-PlayStation

Hdmi Cable 6ft Connectors Playstation (Securomax) FAQ.

I have had many hdmi cables in my time. This one beats them all by far. The qaulity and workmanship on these are outstanding. The performances of these cables are terrific. I would recommend this cable to anyone needing a good hdmi cable. -Notice from P. Janice, North Tyneside

Click to Show hdmi cable 6ft connectors playstation (securomax) Details

I am very satisfied with this product. The picture and sound not only for 4k but overall, even for games is outstanding! get it! highly recommended!

Hdmi-cable-6ft-connectors-playstation-(securomax) set picture

- Y. PattonHdmi cable of good quality, i am using it without any problem. . Hdmi cable 6ft - hdmi 2. 0 (4k 60hz) ready - 28awg braided cord - high speed 18gbps - gold plated connectors - ethernet, audio return - video 4k 2160p hd 1080p 3d - xbox playstation ps3 ps4 pc tv

I love the picture quality of 4k. Be sure to get additional 4k hdmi cables if you want to use some other devices attached. You will notice the on the other devices.

O. Gina, Lorraine

Brand :    securomax
Size :    6'
Model :    FBA_SMHDMI06
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Solid aluminium connector housings - braided cord - 100% pure copper wiring - backwards compatible with hdmi v2. 0, v1. 4 & v1. 3
  • Ethernet & audio return channel - eliminate all network & audio cables between devices
  • Length: 6 feet (2 meters) - free lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Supports hdmi 2. 0 & 2. 0a ports (4k 60hz, 18 gbps, 28 awg) - connect 4k/hd tv to blu-ray/dvd player, xbox, play station, pc, and other hdmi devices
  • Supports: 3d hd 2k 1080p qhd 1440p uhd 4k 2160p (up to 60 hz over hdmi 2. 0 - hdmi 2. 0 connection)
Price :    $11.99 (was $12.99)
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (securomax product review) for HDMI Cable 6ft - HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet, Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D - Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC TV available ( Jul 2019 )

Samsung HW-K550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model

Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center channel speaker on the soundbar. It provides balanced sound from one end to the other and beautifully completes your home entertainment experience. Enjoy great sound with six built-in speakers. Each of them is designed with a dedicated amplifier to provide clear and accurate sound. Expand your surround system by adding the swa-8000s wireless surround kit. Enjoy the immersive, clutter-free audio experience by easily connecting the additional speakers wirelessly via wi-fi. Enjoy a clutter-free home entertainment system. Tv soundconnect lets you instantly enjoy movies, music, and tv shows with clearer, more impactful sound. (only available on select samsung tvs) surround sound expansion delivers more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it's coming right out of your tv. Control your home entertainment system from your phone or mobile device with the samsung audio remote app. (compatible android phones can download the app) connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices. Simply select the soundbar for pairing and power it on automatically for a seamless home entertainment experience.

Samsung HW-K550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 ModelSamsung-HW-K550-Channel-Wireless-Soundbar

Price :    —
  • Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center speaker on the soundbar, providing balanced sound from one end to the other.
  • 340 watts power the soundbar's 6 built-in speakers designed with a dedicated amplifer to provide clear and accurate sound.
  • Surround sound expansion delivers a more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it's coming right out of your tv.
  • Expand your surround system by adding the swa-8000s wireless surround kit for an immersive, clutter-free audio experience.
Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.73 pounds
Model :    HW-K550/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung HW-K550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model available ( Jul 2019 )

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black

Expensive - but you get what you pay for: simplicity, deep rich sound, stylish.

Add to your sonos system for amazing room-filling, deep bass sound. Connects wirelessly to sonos speakers. Works with play:1, play:3, play:5, playbar and connect:amp. Place it anywhere in the room, even lying flat under a couch. Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz.

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer BlackSonos-SUB-Wireless-Subwoofer-Black

Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Black (subg1us1blk) FAQ.

This is a must by for the home theater setup. Bass is so amazing and clear with no distortion. Yeah, it's expensive but worth the price for the quality, customer service and ease of use. -Notice from P. Monique, Stockton-on-Tees

Click to Show sonos sub wireless subwoofer black (subg1us1blk) Details

Whoa! this thing rocks like a mutha! i've had good speakers, some good subs before, but wow. . This thing is a thumper and rattles your bones and the walls in your house and affects the operation of your internal organs. . And looks classy and clean while doing it. . Pricey, but worth it.

Sonos-sub-wireless-subwoofer-black-(subg1us1blk) set picture

- M. CortneyYes i am enjoying it. It has superb quality and my sonos home theatre setup is complete now.

It took a few different times to set up with the other sonos souround speakers, as i had to reset my cell phone and restart my wifi. Now it's all done and i am extremely happy of the purchase. This is a great buy.

. Lorenz, Tasmania

Price :    $628.99 (was $679.99)
  • Connect wirelessly to playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5, and connect amp
  • Two force-cancelling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
  • Adds dramatically deeper bass to any sonos wireless speaker. hear parts of the music you've never heard before
  • Display it or hide it. this slim subwoofer sounds great standing up or on it's side. even place it under a couch. available in black or white
  • Simple one button set up
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    35.27 pounds
Model :    SUBG1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black available ( Jul 2019 )

samsung un65ks8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model Price : 1309, was : 3500 as 2018-01-20
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza) Reviewed by on

Top samsung un65ks8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model (un65ks8000fxza) Content

The F.A.Q. for samsung un65ks8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model

After several months of searching for a 4k tv (and waiting for a price drop) i went to bestbuy to see the un55ks8000fxza and was very impressed with every aspect of the tv. First impression, bright, sharp colors made this tv stand out from every other tv on display (comparable to the lg oled). . If you are going to mount this tv you might want to purchase the proper bolts (m8 x 45mm) - something like this: i did not have the correct bolts and had to find some at lowes. . The remote is a smart remote that works like a smart remote should - i can use it in place of a dish remote, online store fire tv remote and my sony audio receiver. Some people have complained about the cable hub but i think it is a great idea - i have a cleaner looking cable system and only the power cable and hub cable going up the tv stand cable tube - nice! . . One last note, the annoyingly bright "samsung" marque light can be turned off in the settings.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Samsung-UN65KS8000-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

(0) Question: Does this tv screen have a glossy finish or a matte finish? i have a lot of windows and need something that wont glare.

(1) Question: Can you hook up a antenna to this tv?

(2) Question: Does this model pass 5. 1 surround through the optical port so that you can get that capability to play through sound bars like sonos?

(3) Question: How far apart are the legs/stand with the 65" version of this television? i like this tv but may have to purchase a wider stand to hold it.

(4) Question: Does the ks8000 have 3d?

(5) Question: Can you watch 4k youtube with the smart tv function

(6) Question: My wife is hard of hearing and wants to volume too loud for me. does this tv support wireless headphones?

(7) Question: How far apart are the stand legs on the 55" tv?

(8) Question: I have an xbox one s dose this tv run hdr in game mode?

(9) Question: What is the response time about this tv ?

(10) Question: How far apart are the stand legs on the 55" flat model?

(11) Question: How is the sound for this tv - do you need to purchase a sound bar?

(12) Question: Can the samsung remote be used to operate a bose soundbar?

(13) Question: Will this swivel mount fit this tv properly?

(14) Question: Does this tv have an ethernet connection or only can connect wireless?

(15) Question: Does the 55" have two different positions for the legs?

(16) Question: How is the judder on this tv? i have last yesrs 6700 and its horrible with judder. thank you so much.

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products

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Not being a technician i'll just say it was one on the easiest tv's i've ever installed. The turn on everything, point all remotes, and go did it for me. I'd heard about the possible need for sound assistance but, being a little hard at hearing, the sound from this unit is the best of any of my past units. I'm still playing with it but the incredible upgrade within this unit is overwhelming. Watching previously viewed movies is a new experience. The reality of the picture is amazing. This is my fourth samsung upgrade, all the previous units (plasma) are still working great and still in use in other parts of the house, i just had to have the suhd. Did a lot of research, all the top ten stuff, many cheaper, but quality and service of past units sold me on loyalty to samsung.

Bestsellers, TelevisionTop Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza) FAQ Content

Best samsung un65ks8000 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model (un65ks8000fxza) in review

This is an awesome tv. If you've done your homework you may already know that. The 8 series for samsung's 4k tv's is the way to go. If you really can afford it, go for the 9 series but honestly i don't think it makes that big of a difference. Spring for the extra cash, over the 6 or 7 series, it's worth it. I almost got the ku6300 but changed my mind at the last minute. Everything looks amazing on this tv. Everything! even regular dvds look great. They look like blu rays in quality. The hdr 10 bit panel with wide color gamut will blow you away. I'm spoiled and catch watch anything on 1080p televisions.

Y. Pete, Vermont

You might like to see Gear vr with a new gear vr controller that's right in the box, you can explore, game and navigate organic movements. drop, point, lift and move total agility, and browse menus more natural -samsung gear vr controller
  • Featured: Ability To Recognize Hand Motion, Evolving Interactions And Gameplay In Vr.
  • Featured: An Ergonomic Design With A Trigger For Natural, Intuitive Control.
Reasonable Samsung Gear Vr Controller (Headphones) Et Yo324bbegus Samsung Gear Vr Controller (et
Or you might like to consider Electronics 75-inch 4k smart led tv 2017 boasting support for active hdr + dolby vision, this lg super uhd tv can display over a billion rich colors on a 75-inch-class screen in stunning 4k ultra hd, straight-on or off-angle. -lg electronics 75sj8570 75-inch 4k smart led tv 2017 model
  • Characteristic: Smart Functionality Gives You Access To Your Favorite Apps And Content Using Webos 3. 5. Connectivity : Wi-fi Built In 802. 11ac.
  • Characteristic: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.
Low-Priced Lg Electronics 75sj8570 75-inch 4k Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) 75sj8570 Lg Electronics 75sj8570 75-inch 4k Smart Led Tv 2017 Model

D. Hannah, Middlesbrough says

My wife and i have had this tv for about 2 1/2 months now. Considering this replaces a 10+ year old samsung, we're obviously impressed with the picture quality of this set. We had no issues with our old samsung, which is why we went this the same brand again. Thus far, we've been very pleased with the performance and easy-to-use setup and remote.

Z. Cortney, Hillingdon

I have played on this tv now for about 100hours using my ps4 and i can tell you that it really is great for shooters with the game mode reducing the input lag to 22ms. If you play with the game mode off and are just using the standard picture settings the input lag will be over 100ms and is very noticeable. . In game mode, there seems to be some type of "grid" pattern in the picture that you can see every now and then while playing (battlefield 1 for example) but i suppose is essential for the reduction of input lag. The picture in standard, dynamic, etc is really fantastic. . When the new systems come out (ps4 pro or the xbox scorpio) that integrate gaming at a higher resolution and hdr together the tv will still be able to handle that will around a 20ms lag which is fantastic for gaming. . I have done a ton of research at this link from rtings. Com which was extremely useful. . . . I have never purchased a tv for this amount of money before, but had held on to my old 1080p insignia for so long, that the money didn't matter anymore. The goal was to wait for 4k to catch on a tad and not pay top dollar for something that was going to get massive improvement in the future. I was able to pick up this tv for 996 usd without having to pay taxes or shipping. . For buying something with this pricetag online and getting it shipped, it arrived at my house flawless and would easily buy something this expensive and get it shipped again. . I would buy this tv again easily if i had to. . I attached a picture of my 49" and my buddy bought the 65" and wall mounted it. Enjoy

U. Elanor, Wolverhampton says

There are more greats with this tv than goods or bads and the greats heavily outweigh the bads. . Great: colors are fantastic, picture clarity is unbelievable, blacks deep and whites are bright (almost too bright with cartoons in dynamic mode, but it makes cartoons especially look fantastic), very little motion blur, easy to program, apps conveniently located and easy to move around/prioritize. Overall everything here is what matters because at the end of the day you're watching tv and this tv is amazing. Hdr is life changing for a viewing experience. I went from a regular 1080p lcd to this and it is like going from a '96 corolla to a 2016 bmw i8 (or whichever other fancy new car you prefer). It will have you again saying like we have in the past. They can't make this clearer or more real can they? . . Meh:. - the oneconnect (this is what all your hdmi cords and other cords plug into as they do not directly connect to the tv) gave me some problems upon initial opening and reading reviews it seems like a shaky item. I did get it working after a few attempts of the tv saying it wasn't connected. The quality is cheap on this piece but if you are wall mounting you will only have one cord to hide vs. Multiple so it is convenient. - the samsung remote runs into issues with comcast cable boxes especially when trying to find dvrd shows. The speak feature with the samsung remote doesn't bring up dvr for some reason just shows the next time the show is on cable in a list form. I instead just use the cable remote which runs into issues with the tv settings so i end up having to use both remotes which is a bummer because the samsung remote is sleek and matches the tv well. - i also have had some not so great experiences with the nfl sunday ticket app. It seems to be just this app i have had problems with but just to throw it out there. It has locked up and frozen multiple times and when backing out of the app and trying to go back in it goes to the same place and freezes. There isn't a great way to close an app after opening it (none that i am aware of but if someone knows it would be great to share) so i have had to shut off the tv and restart it. The picture quality isn't great on this app either but again, i'll chalk it up to the app. . Now. Here was my terrible (possibly unique/unlucky) enhanced delivery experience. About the only thing they did right was show up in the 3 hour window. I got my knock at the door by one of the 2 delivery guys and he said he was just making sure i was home, so he said he would get the tv and come up. I stayed at the door to hold the door for the team and there was no team, there was this one 20 something year old guy carrying my 60" $1200. 00 tv up the stairs in a bearhug, kneeing it and kicking it against the stairs as he walked. I let him in and show him where it is going, he placed the box infront of the tv stand and pulled out his phone. He blew up the screen so all i could see was a signature box (which i assumed was the delivery signature since the enhanced delivery options said youd have to sign) so i sign (like an idiot). He then pulls out a sheet which is clearly a delivery inventory sheet and asks me to sign. Now i was curious what i just signed on his phone but i didn't question it. Like an idiot. (i believe it was likely a waiver for the enhanced services) he then says. "well here you go, have a good day. " i explain i have enhanced delivery so he says oh, i didn't see that on the form but okay. He then makes a phone call and low and behold, a second delivery guy just walks into my apartment. The second guy was visibly angry he had to be there. He ripped the tape off the box to rip it open. He takes the tv out by himself and takes the styrofoam off the ends throwing it onto the floor and breaking it into pieces on my carpet. He then grabs the tv with one hand palm against the screen and takes a large piece of protectant plastic on the tv and yanks it off with no regard for the tv. I at this point intervened telling them to be careful and have some regard for my items and my home. He then flipped the tv again, one hand, palms on the screen pressing in and ripped another piece of plastic with no regard. I told them to stop, i would do the rest and advised them to get out of my apartment. Again, i would hope an isolated incident but i wanted to share my experience.

C. Lewis, Luton

No contest, i try to keep up with tech a bit. We buy a new tv every year or 2 and cycle them from living room, to game room to bed room lol. Amazing what the brightness does for the picture. I originally planned on buying a oled tv but i ended up preferring the picture of this samsung. I got the 65" ks8000. My only gripes are a bit of clouding, much better then older models, i also have a curved 65" 7 series from 2014 and the clouding on that is far worse. Second is the remote, the simple part is nice but i miss the buttons i guess. All in all its a great set and if you have a tv at least 2 or 3 years old. Get this, a 4k blu ray player and xmen apocalypse on 4k blu ray and you will surely not regret your purchase lol.

A. McCarthy, Camden says

I purchased this tv 4 months ago to replace the old 720p tv in my computer room. I am using it as a tv for over the air broadcasts, as a streaming tv, and as a second monitor for my computer. It is mounted to the wall just above and to the right of my main monitor. I have an older graphics board that can only display 1080p, but text display is phenomenally clear and sharp. If it displayed in 4k i would get the equivalent of 4 1080p monitors but, of course, the fonts would be much smaller. It is functioning very well as a tv but i did have to tweak the settings for better color. The remote is a minimalist design but i adapted to it very easily and now prefer it over remotes with number pads and extra buttons. It is also very easy to change channels by pressing the microphone button and speaking the channel.

. Kimberly, Rhode Island

So spoiled now it's hard to go to a theater. The colors are amazing, the built in apps are amazing, the 4k is amazing. I made the jump from an hd pioneer elite plasma and it's been so worth it. After seeing how rich the colors are and how bright the screen is compared to other brands i had to have the samsung. There just aren't any equivalents in the size and price range. . I use mine for 4k video and gaming and it has never disappointed me. If you're making the leap to 4k and hdr from an older tv, don't skimp!

. Broyles, Washington says

This review is dedicated to all those who ruminate for weeks to months on making a purchase decision. I m 50 years old; this is my primary television in the house. It serves my wife and family, and must be easy to use by those who do not understand electronics. I finally bought this 4k tv 11/2016 after about 6 months of looking, and an end of year price drop on several of the models i had narrowed my selection down to. It took a while for me to figure out the decent sets offered by each manufacturer. I wanted to stay at $1500 or less for a 65" current year model. I was not willing to pay for a top of the line model, but wanted something a few notches down that still had most of the high end features, especially picture quality with up scaling. I stayed away from 2015 models as the 2016 set i picked outperformed the 2015 top of the line model. I was not willing to pay for oled, and glad i didn't as the black levels on this set are not a compromise; and i think unless you have a matching oled set directly next to this model, i really think you are not going to notice much difference. I replaced an old 1080 sharp 52" that was very high end at the time when sharp was a bigger player in tv's. The picture was great for a 1080, and it is being transferred to the basement for ongoing use. Even after my 4k purchase, and prior to it s arrive and use i felt guilty about replacing the 1080 set. Nothing was wrong with it, but looking at the quality of 4k's picture with just an up scaled picture, and the larger size - i wanted to move forward. I put all this personal information in so in making your own decision, the reasons for my direction are clearer. Anyone who has the money or wants to take out a loan can buy the top of the line model you are welcome to go to it, but you have to ask is it really worth it? are you throwing money away? value was of importance to me, given i m sure in 10 years i will be replacing the set again. Back to buying, i had narrowed my choices down to the sony 850 after a great price drop, the samsung 70" in the 6300 model line, toyed with the idea of lg's super uhd because the pictures look great in the store and even the visio m series. I eliminated the visio based on price to value and quirky streaming reviews with the android based remote. I eliminated the lg based on price at the time of purchase, and reliability concerns. I eliminated the 6300 samsung after a best buy side by side comparison display in the store for the exact purpose of comparing there uhd vs suhd. Samsung's suhd just blew the 6300 away and the tech specs of the model i purchased were so much better. I liked the sony because of the name, solid reviews, and even at 100 less expensive than the samsung 8000 series, but i liked the picture quality of the suhd samsung better. I looked at no less than 10 online review sights including consumer reports. I read 100 s of peoples personal reviews. I narrowed down the purchase as coming from sam's club (or costco), best buy, online store and b&h photo. I wanted at least a 4 year warranty and the price of that warranty was also a factor in where i purchased, as was availability. No one had the 65 8000 samsung in milwaukee, it had to be shipped. After narrowing my purchase down to a basic price point, i picked the set i liked the most, not caring about 100-300 dollars in cost one way or another. Having the set only a several days i have no complaints. Out of the box her are my impressions:. 1. I love the picture. Namely the sharpness, contrast, color and most importantly the up scaled picture quality. I don t expect to watch much in true 4k, so up scaling performance was a factor for me. With just up-scaling, the colors are fantastic compared to the prior set. I believe this thing has a 10 bit processor and a billion color possibilities. I don t know what that means but the colors are mesmerizing. Shortly after setup, we found ourselves watching the (original) star wars series broadcast on cable. It was like seeing the movies for the first time. The picture was fine if not amazing right out of the box. People who are complaining about out of the box settings just don t make sense to me, except for turning off motion optimizer and such. I have a wide family room. Side viewing angle is good quality. 2. I like the smart hub: the only wires going to the back of the set are the power cable, the cat-5 network cable (i don't believe in relying on wi-fi for streaming) and the smart hub cable. The digital optical cable (the only way to connect to your sound system unless you have a bluetooth speaker system) and 3 hdmi s and 2 usb inputs are on the hub. This leaves my tv setup very clutter free compared to the prior set. The height of the set on the stand allows me to put my center channel speaker behind the tv. Nice clean setup. I zip tied the power cable, network cable and smart hub cable to the legs of the stands and the cables are now almost invisible. On a side note, the component in and rca out is gone with this set, so if you have older equipment to attach, you will need to upgrade your surround. However, i very much like the digital optical out from the smart hub, that transmits audio from all inputs, through the tv and to one input on my surround sound system. No switching from device to another device anymore on the surround sound system. 3. I like the smart remote. It is small and well thought out. It took a few hours to get down how to work it (without reading the directions) but the more i use it the more i like it. I am very glad i did not buy the android based visio after working with the smart remote. The cable company s remotes are fine to use with this set as well, so everyone gets a remote now. 4. I like the settings menu. I found exploring the settings and various options to be straight forward. I have not had to read the owners manual on this set. 5. I like the almost invisible benzyl around the set. The screen frame is largest along the bottom and the feet are also chrome in appearance but this is not in any was distracting from viewing, other than the feet are ? ugly. Samsung did put a lighted samsung in the center of the bottom benzyl which is on when the set is on. I found it annoying at first but it disappears when you get used to the set. This can be turned off if you like. So after great concern over buying the wrong set, the decision has been made. The picture is phenomenal, the features appear worth it. You can buy a lot of 65 inch sets now for 900 to 2200; i think the value to quality of this set is acceptable at the price point. I will not be returning this set thinking i will get more or better elsewhere. Best of luck.

N. Audrey, Merton

Best tv for the money, period. I ve owned for 7 months and it s been flawless. The picture is probably only surpassed by samsung qled technology but they re 3-4 times as much! no thanks for now. I m running a zvox sb700 and the sound is incredible without even an external sub. Fills our 2000 sq ft condo with 3 dimensional sound at %20 volume. It s really ridiculous how good movies & music look & sound. I have no idea why so many are complaining about sound & display issues but i ve experienced none of them. Just hooked up an xbox one x scorpio and fell off the couch when i fired up cod wwii. The display & sound is unworldly. I realize that there is now a newer version of this set but if you can find this gem for the money, don t hesitate. The simple answer to all of this consumer angst is to purchase the extended warranty for $150! problem solved ; )

V. Nancy, Arkansas says

Tv is amazing. For he price you will not be the quality.

X. Helen, Sutton

While i have reasonably minimal 4k content (mostly netflix, which isn't ideal), it's really solid with 1080p content and xbox games that support hdr really pop on it. Beautiful and bright, with a viewing angle that doesn't provide any issues in the corner of my living room, and great latency when in game mode. The remote is a huge departure from traditional tv remotes, being primarily menu driven rather than button driven, but for my usage (no live tv) it is really smartly designed. While i don't use much in the way of smart tv features, they at least stay the heck out of the way, and the overall ui for the tv hasn't done anything to bug me (that's decent praise from me). I don't know why anyone would spend the large premium for the ks9000 over this model, as there are limited improvements to be had. . The oddity that really stands out is that almost all of the inputs are on a breakout box rather than the tv itself. I like this as i can then put the input box next to my actual inputs, with just the breakout box cable and power running to the tv, rather than several hdmi cables, but i could see this being less than ideal for certain wall mount scenarios

B. Finch, Colorado says

The quality of the picture on this tv is outstanding and entirely inline with the review in rtings. Com. . Upscaling of content is first class - bluray content really pops on this screen, and uhd content is even better. . Sound is naturally not great, because it isn't great on any flat panel tvs this thin - so get a sound bar. . I have this wall mounted in a room that gets strong sunlight in the morning and it is bright enough (1000 nits) to cope without being washed out the way that a vizio p series would be. It's about time for this to be replaced, so if you can get a deal on the 8000, get it - you won't be disappointed.

L. Palmer, Champagne-Ardenne says

Wonderful tv. We've had it a week and most of the content we've watched has not been 4k (in fact very little of it has) and yet all of it, even old sd content has been looking great (sd upconvert has been better, but not great. 720 and 1080 content upconvert has been great, great great. . We live in manhattan so a flat tv mounted to our wall has opened up the room. It's the tv i have waited for my entire life (no joke). . The remote is good, but some of the buttons, like back, power, and play/pause are not the standard buttons but kinda a hidden button with a single bump so the user knows it's there. These are harder to press than i would like (bitch, whine, moan) not a big deal, but a minor annoyance. The rest of the aspects of the remote are great. I am a software developer and while not a designer i have studied ui/ux for over 20 years. They did a good job here.

T. Miller, Cambridgeshire

This tv is amazing. The colors are bright and very crisp. I have only had this product for a day but i just feel like i made a great decision in upgrading my tv. If you're on the fence trust me take the plunge and buy it you will not regret it. I will update this in a month to see how my new awesome tv is performing.

E. Eva, British Columbia says

Coming from a 4 1/2 year old samsung 64 inch plasma, there is no comparison. With the exception of the fact that the plasma died so quickly you can't compare the richness of the plasma colors, deepness of the blacks and perfect picture at any angle to an led which you have to sit straight in front of to realize the best picture. The led holds its own against other led's but the fact that plasma's are no longer being made left me no choice. My suggestion is to follow the online information on how to calibrate the tv correctly. Do not leave it on the factory settings. You will not get the best picture that way. Also, any broadcast from a network that does not record in uhd (that is all the live studio shows like the local news) you will get a horrible picture, but that is not the tv's fault. If you want to take advantage of the uhd, i suggest blu- ray or streaming tv such as netflix and online store. Most streamed tv is in higher definition than regular tv.

G. Kellie, Victoria

Wow. I love my ks8000 and i lucked out too, online store seller "evertec" was selling my set/55" refurb (refurbished by an official samsung dealer) for only $999. 52 + free shipping. . My refurb tv looks brand new all manuals/remote/original box included. I specifically saved up for this tv because at the end of this year (2017) xbox scorpio (code name) will be releasing. And in order to get the most out of the scorpio microsoft suggested buying any 2016 uhd modeled tv. . As long as it's a tv made in 2016, with features such as uhd, hdr 10. Microsoft says you should be good to go. . Speaking of hdr 10, 000 nits. If you're viewing this tv in dynamic mode i'd suggest you setting your backlight to the 4 - 12 input range. Because this tv is so bright that it might dazzle/burn your eyes. I'd also might suggest turning on the hdr +, feature for more depth. . Hdr might seem a little darker, but that's only because we/consumers are accustomed to tv manufactures cranking up the brightness thus washing out the picture. But that's not what the movie industry/production teams envisioned. . The movie industry prefer blacker blacks for certain scenes in movies it adds more depth/warmth to a scene. And that's where hdr shines the most. . I think hdr 10 will really shine once xbox scorpio is released. The colors should really pop. . I have a directv mini genie model: c61k - 700 (4k mini directv receiver) and the 4k on this tv is amazing! . . Quick advice, if you want to view your tv in true 4k uhd on a 4k directv receiver or uhd blu-ray player, a plain old hdmi will do the trick, i'll elaborate:. . Before i purchased this tv i ordered an hdmi 2. 0 cable from "monster cable" come to find out there's no such cable as, hdmi 2. 0 / 2. 0 a / 2. 0 b / 2. 1. It's your tv's hdmi port that has changed on newer tv's not the hdmi cable. You can use a plain old hdmi cable to get true 4k/hdr/uhd visuals to be honest. . As long as your hdmi cable wasn't produced in 2009 you should be good. Don't buy into the snake oil salesman's con and purchase an expensive hdmi cable like i did thinking somehow you'll get better benefits of true '4k/hdr/uhd' from expensive cables. . An old hdmi laying around the house or a 10 dollar hdmi should be fine. . Out of box picture quality is so so, but let's be real, any new/refurbished tv is set up for retail/floor model viewing. So i won't even consider this a con. That'd be just too nitpicky. . If you're having a hard time setting up your tv's color and there's saturation issues, just use thx tune-up app to calibrate. And that should do the trick. I do this with all my new/refurbished televisions. . All in all. Great buy, you won't regret it :)

I. Irene, Halton says

The samsung ks8000 is probably one of the best 4k tvs with a good picture that's still affordable. The best 4k led would be the sony z9d, with the x940d (x930d) with a close second and oled naturally being the best overall. The samsung ks8000 has a lot of high end features, with a great picture and a sleek high end design to back it up. There is only two flaws i've seen with this tv, and i'll go into detail with that later. . For now, i'll start on the picture quality, and it's excellent. Even in a dark rooms the ks8000 is able to produce dark scenes richly detailed that blow a lot of leds out of the water. Colorful scenes like cartoons for an example, pop off the screen and this is due to the ks8000 being a quantum dot display which comes with a wide color gamut. Samsung, lg and sony higher end models have this display, they just call it differently because quantum dot display doesn't sound sexy like samsung's nano crystal display or lg's color prime super uhd tv. This display is really what makes hdr content impressive and really stick out over standard content. So for those who can't wait to get their hands on 4k hdr gaming, this tv is a must have if you really want to see a difference. The ks8000 also has amazing contrast and black levels, this helps tremendously with hdr and dark scenes in movies as it gives you a more realistic picture and accurate color display. Now for negative number one, it's local dimming needs improvement. I thought samsung was going to do more with full array local dimming as their last year highest end model had that and i assumed either they would repeat that or trickle down on some of the other models. Unfortunately they seem bent on sticking with edge lit local dimming, which don't get me wrong they've improved on that over the years but still doesn't come close as full array dimming and for that i have to call them out on it. However, having any local dimming is better than not having it at all so we should be thankful nonetheless. Negative number two is a thing all samsung's have and that's limited viewing angles, and this is also why their tvs can give us such a good contrast and black levels and that's because they aren't using an ips display. Ips displays sacrifices contrast and black levels to give a wider viewing area without the picture deteriorating the more off angle you are like the samsung's. Each have their own positives and negatives, it's up the manufacturer to improve on these faults and samsung is slowly but surly working on this as with lg and their ips panels. However, lg could fix there issue by going full array local dimming but they are as hell bent as samsung with edge lit tvs. Edge lit tvs are cheaper, and they can make the tvs really thin where as full array would cost more and make the tv a little more bulky. I personally don't care how thin my tv is, because the true bragging rights come from having the best picture not the thinnest tv. This is where i fault many tv manufacturers for using this back light system. . There is another thing that needs to be said as well, and this is a feature that no one ever seems to look at when buying a tv and that's judder-free 24p support. Movies play a certain frame rates, blu rays and dvd's play at 24fps, streaming movies like from netflix play at 60p and movies from cable are 60i. This has been a thing that has always been over looked with most people, and that is does that tv support these frame rates. Samsung's 2016 models k6250 all the way through ku7500 doesn't support any of these frame rates. This means that regardless of what's playing, there will be a slight judder. It's mostly noticeable with slow panning shots, and to be honest most people don't notice it all. This is one of the reasons why motion interpolation which samsung calls it "clear motion rate" or now "motion rate" is included with led's and that's because with that soap opera effect on, it hides the judder you could see, so they could cut corners with some internal features that you wouldn't know you're missing. Samsung isn't the only brand that does this, sony, lg, vizio and many more do the same thing, and it's annoying and a trend that's slowly starting to change. However, samsung for the first year their entire ks line up supports all of these frame rates which means that regardless of what you are watching it will play smoothly, and without judder. This is a god send for those who hate the soap opera effect, so you can go into the settings, set it to custom and turn those sliders down and see the movies as they were intended to play. Their clear motion rate now is just extra icing on an already well made cake, so now you can literally have your cake and eat it too. . The samsung ks8000 is the best buy for a tv in this price range if you want to use it for multiple usage. Not a lot of other tvs can compete with its high picture quality, number of features and asking price. The ks8500 is almost identical, just with a curved screen and a little better with the black levels. If you want a curved screen, then it's still a great buy but other wise there's no true benefit of upgrading. The ks9000 can get brighter which is good for hdr, but not at the price point that they want for it and it shares the same identical features and picture quality. I don't see a reason to spend the money for the upgrade. . The sony x930d picture quality isn t superior but its price is. The sony x930d share the same picture quality, but x930d has one of the best edge lit local dimming i've seen to date and really out does samsung on this one. The samsung ks8000 offers a similar picture quality both in a very bright or very dark room and at a better price point that sits well with people. So if you have the money, i would go with sony other wise the ks8000 is a good buy. . The lg uh8500 can't exactly compete with the samsung ks8000 over picture quality, however the uh8500 does have a wider range of viewing angles and supports both hdr formats as well as passive 3d which with a 4k display is amazing. So if you have a larger room, and have multiple people watching at all angles then the lg may be a better buy, however if you are always in front of the tv, then the samsung would be better.

Q. Anonymous, South Australia

Picture quality is outstanding. The over the air tuner works great. As far a the smart aps, the system seems to lock up frequently and i have to do a power recycle.

H. Teresa, Hessen says

Design: the tv has a very sleek profile and a practically bezel-less display. I love the brushed metal framing too. The design is simple enough to suit any room. . Picture: it gets really bright even in a room full of sunlight, the brightest setting is still too intense for comfortable viewing and colors are very accurate after adjusting the settings a little (go to rtings. Com for recommendations). The blacks are quite deep and i only regret albeit slightly not splurging for the lg b6 oled when watching a dark scene at night with all the lights in the room off. A lot of reviews say this tv's biggest downside is mediocre viewing angles and i agree. Watching from more than 30 degrees off-center leads to noticeable color and contrast loss. It's not a big problem and programs are totally watchable even from very wide angles, but the loss of picture quality in off-angle viewing is an undeniable drawback not found on oleds. The speakers are also a little disappointing so i recommend at least a decent sound bar to get audio befitting this panel (i paired my tv with the excellent sony ht-nt5. ). Overall, if you're not willing to pay significantly more for the aforementioned lg model, the ks8000's colors, contrast, and brightness are tough to beat. . Features: it has everything one could reasonably expect from a contemporary set from cross-platform voice search to external device recognition all while being intuitive and speedy. I could bore you with endless descriptions of its capabilities but, trust me, you won't be missing out on content access or compatibility (unless you bought a bunch of movies on itunes or really want dolby vision). In sum, this full-featured interface is smart, simple, and elegant. . You won't regret buying one of these!

W. Hurst, Staffordshire

Tv is awesome! 4k and hdr is superb. Now we just need some more content! . Tv looks great visually. Modern and understated. I like the remote ot is simple and easy to use. I would prefer that the remote had backlighting/illuminated buttons. Easy to look past though. The tv is great for gaming with the low input lag. This was the main reason i bought this vs ponying up for a lg oled.

F. Franklin, Alabama says

I'd actually rate this tv a 4. 5 but i'll round up here. Overall i am 100% satisfied with my purchase but i'll go into some details. Long review coming up here. Tldr: it's good! . . Picture:. I thought the picture looked fantastic right out of box without any settings adjustments. After awhile though, i noticed that when watching some shows, depending on the lighting, the colors could look too bright and made people appear washed out and unnatural looking. I started poking around in the settings and i think i'm finally happy. Here are my quick/simple recommended specs, which are taken from rtings. Com's setting, with just a couple minor changes. . -reset all settings to default. -change picture to movie. -backlight 10. -brightness 45. -contrast 100. -sharpness 15. -color 50. -digital clean view off (supposedly makes low res content look better, not sure about this, can't tell you the last time i played a dvd). -auto motion plus auto (i hated auto motion on my old samsung but the ks8000 handles it really well and looks great, imo, this one is divisive. If the picture seems to be moving too fast or smooth, turn it off). -smart led low (when on high you can noticeably see the brightness shifting in scenes, low is more subtle). -dynamic contrast off (i don't notice much of a difference with this, i turn it off, that's what looks best imo). -color tone warm1 (i think warm2 looks too dull/yellow). -color space native. . I don't mess with the more in depth color settings, that's beyond my understanding. Oh, and turn off the power saving modes, it will dim your picture randomly, or based on the brightness of the room, which never seems correct to me. . Overall i think this gives a beautiful picture no matter what is on the screen, whites are bright and blacks are black, and every color in-between is gorgeous. And game mode works great for video games, i don't notice any lag whatsoever, on game mode it's supposedly around 20ms. Just make sure you adjust all the picture settings again for game mode because it initially makes the picture look super bright and grainy. All the settings i described above work in game mode and looks pretty much identical to movie mode. . Sound:. I expected such a thin tv to have terrible sound, but on the movie setting, this thing puts out some really surprisingly full sound with good bass. I normally watch stuff on only volume level 10-15 and it fills the room, i think if i went past 20 my neighbors would be complaining. Now people who are used to high-quality surround sound aren't going to be impressed but if you are used to tv speakers, i don't think you'll have any complaints with this. Just make sure to use the movie sound setting, standard sounds kind of dull. . Overall design:. This tv looks beautiful. Even the delivery guys that set it up asked me what kind of tv it was because they were amazed at how good it looks and how thin it is. From the side, the tv practically disappears. The only issue i could see is if you have limited space, the stands are about 4 feet apart on the 55", so you need quite a long tv stand if you aren't mounting it. . Cons:. Wide viewing angles are not the best. I have no complaints about this because i sit eye-level, straight in front of the tv, but if you have a large room with furniture all around, you might have some issues. You can still see the image clearly from the side but it loses some of the color. . The only real complaint i have with this tv is there are two dead pixels up in the top right corner. I'm counting this as an extremely small con though because i can only notice them if i am literally 2 feet away from the tv, and that doesn't bother me enough to pack it up and ship it back. Which brings me to my next complaint (which has nothing to do with the tv). If you are buying this tv from online store, please be aware that they use "specialty" shippers for large items. My delivery company was xpo, and if you haven't heard of them, it's for good reason. They broke my first tv during shipping, and i didn't even get a call or email about it. The only reason i found out is because the day before my scheduled delivery, i checked my tracking and it said "package was damaged during shipping and will not be delivered". I then had to speak to online store to schedule another shipment for a week later. The package should have been delivered on a friday, and at 10pm thursday evening, i got an email saying my package was delayed and will not be delivered. The email said they'd call me to schedule another delivery but i didn't want to wait any longer so i called them. Thankfully, they were able to get it to me on saturday. I have no idea why it was delayed because my package has just been sitting there at the shipping facility for 2 days. I will say though that the guys who brought were very friendly, but i thought it was really strange that they showed up in an enterprise truck. What kind of delivery service uses rental trucks? . . Smart features:. Not much to say here, you've got netflix, hulu, youtube, and online store, and a bunch of other stuff you'll never use. It all works well, no complaints, the interface is good, and so is the remote. . Final thoughts:. I can say with all honesty that this is not the absolute best on the market, and video fanatics will probably have several complaints about it (as noted by all of these unreasonable 1 star early reviews) but if you're just an average person like me who enjoys streaming video, and playing video games, you will be really impressed with this tv, and for the price, i don't think you're going to find much better.

Top ultra hd smart led tv Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Kelly, Harrow says

Tv came with the internal circuit main boards loose in the chassis - they were not installed correctly at the factory. Repaired under warranty after hours on the phone. Samsung support is awful. Tv is now experiencing color phase shifts very intermittently. . I really like samsung products but this has been a headache from delivery. . Make sure you check your return options before ordering. Large tvs typically aren't replaced when defective on arrival and you have to work through manufacturer to get a replacement. Store bought you would be able to take it right back and get a new one.

E. Weber, Hackney

Great t. V. If you don't need wifi. If you do some research, samsung has had a huge problem with their connectivity issues for a few years now. I thought they had to have fixed the problem by now (bought in april), nope. After three weeks i couldn't load netflix without turning off my modem or doing a soft reset of my t. V. I paid for a 4k tv, but i could have saved $5-700 if i didn't get a smart t. V. I now have to buy a powerline extender for an additional $75. I would return the t. V. , but i am already outside my return window.

Q. Zelda, Coventry says

Overall this is a fantastic tv. I am docking it two stars because an update to the tv requires you to opt in to advertisements or else all smart tv functions are disabled. For a premium priced tv consumers should not have to view advertisements to unlock all features of the product that purchased. If this"feature" isn't addressed, this will be the last samsung tv i purchase.

A. Imelda, Rhode Island

Not even 2 months after i recieved it and i already have dead pixels on the screen very, very disappointed.

M. Maria, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I was expecting a perfect build quality for 1000 dollars. . What is this ? . The bezels are already popping from the start, and you can see the glue leaked out and protruding on the bezel. . Learn from my mistake, don't buy samsung tv. The quality is pure trash

C. Susana, Virginia

If you like advertisements, this tv is for you! while you're changing inputs or browsing through the smart tv apps, you can see all of your favorite products and services in advertisements. The best part about this is that there's no way to disable the ads! so keep in mind when paying close to $2k for this tv that it comes with the bonus feature of plenty of advertisements!

N. Shayna, Illinois says

Excellent picture quality and features. I'm sure you've done enough research on your own. One thing i've seen nowhere: you cannot turn bluetooth off on this tv. I live in a condo and somebody's speakers try to pair with the tv every 15 minutes. So when you're watching a movie there's a pop-up coming up and you have to use the remote to cancel the pairing. . I spent time with support and there is no way to either turn off these notifications or turn off bluetooth. So good luck, and let me know if you have a solution. I'll update this if i find anything.

V. Nielsen, City of London

It is a really nice looking tv with a great picture quality. I would give 5 stars but the latest firmware update ruins the whole thing. I don't wanna be forced to see ads in the menu bar especially not when i refuse to the policy. I hope they are going to change this back again because i think this is a no go.

P. Eleanor, Poole says

The worst ever damage tv package if is ass this is not a one star this is a zero star!

W. Palmer, California

After reading many reviews on here and other online sites, i thought i would give this tv a try replacing my trusted sony. Unfortunately it suffers from a very severe leak at the bottom of the screen. No matter what i tried i could not get rid of it. 8 out of 10 times the picture was amazing, 1080p up-scaling was fantastic. My atv and ps4 looked better than ever. Super deep blacks, 4k content on the tvs apps were amazing and the hdr stuff blew my mind. The user interface and smart remote controlled everything i needed and was easy to use and set up. . Using a usb screen calibrator and running tests on the tv, out of the box on the movie setting the results are great. With some tweaking it was easy to reach all the correct levels. Do note that to achieve the correct gamma level for this tv, the smartled setting has to be turned on to at least low. With everything i tried, i couldn't get rid of the light bleed at the bottom. This didn't happen all the time, but on content that had fog, or tv content that had been purposely brightened, it would push the tvs led zones at the bottom of the screen into some kind of super bright setting. . I thought i could live with it, but after a few weeks i would see it all the time, even if it was faint. After a while it drove me crazy and i have returned the tv.

. Guest, Wisconsin says

Over rated. The first unit had background light reflections along the bottom of the screen. The replacement had similar problems but not quite as bad. Rather than return again i decided to live with it. But this should never be on a set as pricey as this! i have never seen this problem on other sets.

K. Monique, Southampton

Nice picture but they have not figured out a way for surround sound to stay connected. Do not purchase this item.

Z. Jarvis, Nebraska says

The tv is okay but the delivery was horrible. The box had fork lift punctures and it was amazing the tv was not not severely damaged.

J. Carrie, Ontario

Not worth the money. Very clear for slow moving pictures (news, etc), but terrible for faster moving programming like sports. We researched tvs for a long time and thought this was going to be good, but there is a high amount of judder and 'stop motion' type viewing. All of our tvs for years have been samsung, but this is not good.

X. Patton, Northamptonshire says

Just received the tv and it seems that samsung did not take the time to seal there bezel, as u can see it's already separating . It also has a weird looking black mark on top of the bezel.

. June, Vermont

Might update my review with the new unit but currently disappointed with my 60 inch. . Sure enough the back panel is seperating and the light bleed from the bottom is too distracting. The worst part is that it arrived with a big dead spot. . Online store is replacing it for free, but i fear the problem is with the 60 inch panel (made by sharp) and not just a one off.

B. April, Oklahoma says

Great looking tv. Wifi adapter and app store terrible.

L. Pearson, Pennsylvania

Tv started shutting itself off after 18 months. About 4-5 times in an evening. It s not built-in so it s not a heat issue. When the set is on, the picture is good but can t tell when it s off! unacceptable after only 18 months that it became defective. . Pursuing refund with online store, we ll see if they honor quality product commitment.

H. Margaret, Queensland says

Picture great ! the workings of the tv are not so good. The first week i had this tv was great except my wife had told me of an incident she had that the tv would not do anything so she finally had to turn it off. The second week it happened to me 3 times where i would go from my play station 4 to the tv source and the set would go black and then a message would come up to check that the source was connected. Now i am in my 3rd week of having this tv set and the source error message comes up several times a day. I called the samsung consumer line and they told me to unplug the tv and let it reset itself. That does work but it is bothersome to have to do this 3 times a day. I am sending the set back and hopefully the next one will be better and not have this problem.

S. Mathis, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

7 months in and the one connect box failed. Sending new one. Wait and see if it corrects the problem.

R. Hadley, Nebraska says

The tv has constantly had network issues since the day we got it. No other device in the house has any issues, but this tv consistently does. We have an upgraded network with extremely fast download and upload times, but somehow this tv always has trouble connecting. Tv is pretty solid other than that for the price, but network issues will drive you crazy.

G. Tracey, Bedfordshire

This tv has a gorgeous picture! i loved this tv right up to the moment it failed 15 months after i purchased it. It constantly tries to turn on but can t do it. A quick google search found this was common problem in these models.

Y. Claudia, Hamburg says

The tv has a wonderful picture and was very easy to set up. The remote, which i did not think i would like, turned out to be very intuitive. I would have given this a five (5) star review if the remote had not stopped working. 04/26/17 update: samsung sent a repair man to try a fix some problems that have already occurred. He replaced the wifi unit, the main board and something else. Now, there is a square section of the screen that has gray dots in it. Also, the sound has a random squeak that is very noticeable. Although, i generally like samsung products, their customer service is horrendous. I can not described the time i have wasted on the phone with them. Contacting them on-line is even worse. They will reply to your question with a "no response" email so i have to fill out all the questions (name, address, product description, problem, etc) every time i contact them. When i received this tv, i filled out the registration form with them, so you would think that they would just pull up your account information, but no, they can not do that because that is a different department. Will end up sending this back.

F. Adrienne, Warrington

If you are using the television speakers and you adjust the picture to specifications in a cnet. Com article, i would rate the tv 5 stars. (the picture without the cnet adjustments was terribly disappointing with cartoon-like colors. ) however if you want your sound to be passed through an a/v receiver (marantz in my case), it is very difficult using the samsung mandatory one connect box (ocb). The ocb has not been thought-out by samsung with a/v receivers in mind. You can patch something together with on-line help from a number of blogs that provide much conflicting information, but it is not elegant nor satisfactory for all possible a/v receiver hdmi connections. Samsung's website is not much help. My 3 star rating is an average, as my rating for my case is 2 stars. Look elsewhere is you want less frustration in your life.

O. Edna, Sheffield says

First off, the reason for the low rating is not because of the quality of the hardware. The tv looks fantastic. This issue is with samsung's smart tv software. A week after purchasing this, samsung pushed an update which disabled all smart tv functionality unless i agreed to interest based ads. To get it to work again, you have to agree to allow them to collect data on you to serve you ads, then go deep into the privacy menu and opt out of it again. While you're there, you should also opt out of most of the other things in the privacy menu. I already paid for this tv, i don't want to see ads in my menu.

. Arnett, Stockport

I wish i could give this 5 stars. The only thing stopping me from doing so is what i believe to be a factory defect. Judging from the other reviews here, i don't see this to be a common or normal issue at all. . There seems to be a wave effect emitting from the bottom right of the picture. The black border that surrounds the picture inside the tv has a "wave" in it - and it seems to be causing the wave effect in the picture. It seems to be on the inside of the tv as there is no damage on the outside of the tv. If you run your finger around the bezel of the tv, it feels flat. The screen feels flat too. But visually, you can see a wave in the black border and the effect it produces on the tv. . I am writing this in hopes someone from online store can contact me so we can discuss possible solutions. The "get product support" option gave me 2 choices:. - speak with an online store technician to get the tv setup (it's already setup). - a generic 800 number to contact samsung (riiiiight). . The other option is to "return or replace", but i have questions about that option and would like to speak with someone about it. . I purchased this tv as a christmas gift for my family. I've contemplated returning it and exchanging for another, but this brings up quite a bit of inconvenience. My old tv is now gone. Try going without a tv during the holiday break with your wife, child, and family coming over. Sure, talking to one another sounds great and all, and it is probably a healthier way to spend the holidays, but there's only so much conversation to be had. Not to mention, what about the rest of the days while the tv is in transit? my 9-year-old isn't going to just read a book during all this. Online store, please contact me.

U. Pearce, Limousin says

Good tv, but man the wifi issue is annoying. All my devices are fine with my router, except for the tv. It just seems to have the worst wifi receiver.

D. Mable, Reading

Samsung started adding ads on menubar that you can't disable :/. . I ended up with disabling internet connection completely to get rid of those ads. I tried unchecking settings in "terms & policy". However, that didn't help in any way. I tried googling for an answer for hours, but everyone says this can't be done without cutting off the internet connection.

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