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Price was $169.88. So far so good after 2 yrs of use. Bye-bye to set top box rental although with fios you still have to pay them $5 to rent the cablecard. I hear many other cable operators give you one free card. Make sure you ask for "multistream" or m-card when you call your cable company. . Pros:. Easy installation if you know basic network/computer configuration. Excellent picture quality. . Cons. Occasional i get error message that no tuner is available even though no one is using any of them. I reboot of windows media player always fixes this so it could a be microsoft problem. Recently fios decided to set copy once flag on some contents (fox channels including natgeo, smithsonian, etc. ) and so can no longer view these channels with hdhomerun. You need a dedicated pc and windows media player to realize full potential. Most cheap booksize pc with hdmi will do.

-W. Anonymous

Hdhomerun Broadcast Hdtv Receive Free To Air Tv Via An Antenna Allowing You To Send Glorious High Definition Content To Anywhere In Your Home Over 802. 11n Wifi, Or A Wired Ethernet Connection. No More Expensive -Silicondust Hdhomerun Broadcast Hdtv 2-tuner

  1. Feature: Cut The Cable And Save On Monthly Rental Fees.
  2. Feature: Watch Live Hdtvon Up To 2 Devicessimultaneously Onyour Wifi Network.

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The gadget works fine - the real challenge is finding a matching cablecard. Comcast declined to ship cablecards to me by mail or bring them to my home on a service visit. (at least in my area; yours may be different. ) instead comcast invited me on an expedition to its local office. . If your comcast local office is anything like mine, the customer service counter is staffed by older ladies who are mostly clueless about technology, electronics, and computers. Their perch is patronized by grumpy customers who resent paying the high prices comcast imposes. The goal of the counter-ladies is to dispense with the grumpy customers swiftly and reach their lunch on time. Behind the counter they keep stacks of set-top boxes, modems, remote controls, cables, etc. , and they award these jewels to customers as merited. Over in some forgotten drawer of a dust-covered desk there's a pile of cablecards too. . The cablecards in the pile all look alike: aluminum case (shiny! ), credit-card-sized but thicker, same weight as a pack of gum, indecipherable gibberish written on the back. The cablecards arrived at the pile mainly because nobody wanted them. Maybe a grumpy customer brought them in. Maybe they were found skating around the back of a service van. Maybe they were inherited from that office the next town over when it closed. The ladies learned in training that cablecards could plug-into comcast s fancier set-top boxes to tune extra channels. They also heard rumors that cablecards were needed for the newest tivo appliances. They remembered reading a nasty memo explaining how comcast was legally mandated to hand over cablecards to paying customers without further charge. Yet requests for cablecards were few and far-between; for the most part the cablecards simply sit neglected in their drawer. . Enter our hero: a man who just purchased an hdhomerun and is motivated to make it work before his wife discovers its cost. He asks the counter-lady for "an m-card, " quite properly. She knows an m-card is one sort of cablecard, and she knows the cablecards are kept in that drawer in that desk over there in the corner, so she smiles politely and steps away. She pulls open the drawer, leafs through the pile, and notices how much alike all the cablecards appear. They re all so shiny (! ) and that gibberish printed on the back of each is too small to read anyway. She silently sings a verse of "eenie-meenie-miney-moe, " selects a fine specimen, and delivers it to the hapless customer at the counter. What could go wrong? . . If our hero is to succeed in his noble quest, it is here and now he must assert himself. Let s review the key obstacles. 1. Many of the cablecards in the pile are programmed for use in comcast set-top boxes. Those same cards will not work in hdhomeruns or other third-party appliances. It s one or the other. 2. The counter-lady has never heard of an hdhomerun (and doesn t care to learn). 3. The counter-lady cannot distinguish an m-card from other sorts of cablecards that are not m-cards. In fact, the distinction never occurred to her. She s bewildered by its significance to our hero. 4. The counter-lady cannot differentiate a functional cablecard from a faulty cablecard. 5. A substantial fraction of cablecards in the pile are broken/fried/defective. (recall the pile constitutes an accumulation of cablecards nobody wanted. ). 6. Lunch time draws near. . Before he retires to his castle, our hero must examine the cablecard for himself. He is honor-bound to reject any cablecard which . 1. Bears a "motorola" logo (on the front) and a serial number (on the back) which begins with any letter other than "m". 2. Bears a "cisco" logo (on the front) and a serial number (on the back) which begins with any letter other than "p". 3. Seems to have endured a game of badminton. 4. Seems to have been rode hard and put away wet. 5. Smells like dog poop. . So endeth the lesson. Best hdhomerun extendfree broadcast | Silicondust Usa-Tuner Review ( Mar 2020 ) Feature SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner) Free over the air hdtv with more reach watch transcoded, 'live and recorded' hdtv which can be viewed on multiple wifi devices, across your home network.. Cut the cable and save on monthly rental fees.. Watch live hdtvon up to 2 devicessimultaneously onyour wifi network.. Works with ourhdhomerun dvr soyou can watch, pauseand record.. Watch and record infull 1080p resolutionwhere available .

Silicondust hdhomerun broadcast hdtv 2-tuner Review (hdtc 2us m)

I've owned on of these since june 2012, use it every day. Unfortunately it died last week, so i'm looking to get another. I only gave it 4 stars due to the couple minor issues i'll discuss below. Absolutely worth it if you are trying to save on your cable/fios bill. . I use this on my personal pc while i'm working at home, or on a 2nd screen while i game/surf on my main screen. I also have it connected to my xbox 360 and my kids 3 laptops. The kids haven't made a ton of use of it as they tend to use on demand and you tube more than anything. . As for me, i have absolutely loved this combined with media center. I record football and baseball games all the time, occasional movies, and nightly watch espn, baseball, or movies while doing other things. The unit interfaces perfectly with media center and is very simple to operate. I have had it seem to lock up, or my pc stopped seeing it, not sure which, so have had to reboot it to recover from time to time. Not often enough to be bothered or upset though. . If you are looking for an inexpensive way to watch cable or fios, both of which i've used, the hardest part will be getting your provider to give you a properly setup media card. I've used verizon and comcast, and neither pushes their media cards that much, comcast even requires a technician dispatch to your home to install it. Absolutely silly considering how simple it is to slide a media card in and call in the information to activate. This is great way to not have to pay $10 a month for additional cable boxes, or 20 for a dvr. As long as the tv has an xbox or pc/laptop with windows media center access, this will provide almost everything you need (it can't do on-demand) -. Ruby

Silicondust Hdhomerun Extend Free Broadcast 2 Tuner

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: SiliconDust
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0857799005187
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:7.00 inches
    Length:4.00 inches
    Weight:2.20 pounds
    Width:11.00 inches
  6. Manufacturer: SiliconDust USA, Inc
  7. Model: HDTC-2US-M
  8. MPN: HDTC-2US-M
  9. Total Items: 10
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: HDTC-2US-M
  12. Type: Home Theater
  13. Category: TUNER
  14. ReleaseDate: 2017-01-26
  15. UPC: 857799005187

hdhomerun broadcast hdtv Home Theater, Receive free to air tv via an antenna allowing you to send glorious high definition content to anywhere in your home over 802. 11n wifi, or a wired ethernet connection. no more expensive cable tv subscriptions or cable boxes rental fees. you can now easily watch another program in a different room or enjoy football in the yard whether on android tv device, phone, tablet, computer or smart tv. you can watch live tv through our hdhomerun dvr app and you can record, pause, rewind and schedule your favorite shows using the hdhomerun dvr service*. you can also watch and record live tv with our kodi/xbmc add-on or you can record, pause, rewind and schedule programs using popular compatible third party dvr software. *requires guide subscription simply plug your hdhomerun extend into your router, follow the quick start procedure then stream live tv around your home. you can watch live hdtv via wifi on an 802. 11n router (minimum spec) or a wired connection. live tv can be viewed with our own hdhomerun dvr app (which is supported on windows / mac / linux pc or android devices such as phones, tablets, kindle fire, firetv box and android tv). or you can activate our full hdhomerun dvr service. it works with your playback and network storage devices adding the ability to watch, schedule and record live tv. for your playback devices it s an app that connects to your home network to give you access to live tv and recordings. playback devices include windows, mac, and android systems, with additional support on kodi and plex. for storage, the recording engine runs in the background on your nas box such as the wd my cloud. Silicondust Hdhomerun Broadcast Hdtv 2-tuner (HDTC-2US-M-Silicondust).

Silicondust Hdhomerun Extend Free Broadcast 2 Tuner Home Theater

  • A year or two ago i built up a mythtv setup for our main room, and then a satellite (client) for another room. This isn't meant to be a review on mythtv, but let me say mythtv is an awesome dvr setup especially if you are addicted to automatic commercial skipping which we had with our replaytv units . For the first six months, it ran with a hauppauge tuner. Then comcast decided all its channels would be encrypted - and so another solution needed to be found. . Enter the silicondust hdhomerun prime unit. . Getting the unit to work right was no easy task - not because of mythtv (which supports this out of the box) or obtaining a cablecard from comcast, but getting comcast to authorize all the channels we paid for took major hoops and levels of technical support and hours on the phone. . Once it was done, it operated flawlessly. . It gives us access to all the channels we pay for and gives us full hd video as well. . Commercial skip works pretty well with only occasional glitches when the image goes to complete black, but that is a mythtv feature not a feature of this unit. . To do a differential diagnosis of our problems required installing a windows 7 media center setup and accessing the unit via media center, which helped prove our unit wasn't authorized for stations. Comcast was clueless about mythtv. . It works so well, there were times we needed to record more than 3 channels simultaneously - and thus a second unit with its cable card was brought into the house. So yes, we own two of these. . Of course, this could all turn to crap if comcast decides to flip the 'copy freely' bit on its broadcast programs . Something i'd bet will happen sometime. But for now, we love this unit! . . We've had ours for over 3. 5 years now, both units still going strong.
  • I have charter cable. There was some difficulty setting it up because the commands to initiate and authorize the device have to go in a certain order and the low level it guys (the ones at the 800 help desk) don't seem to know it. After charter dispatched a technician to my house to check my signal strength and connections he made a call to his higher level it guy and it fired right up. . But from the moment i asked for the cablecard to when the technician arrived they all asked if there was anyway they could talk me out of using because they were trying to "phase cablecards out" of service. " haha, no chance. Don't get me wrong i like the cable service (waaaaaaaaaaay better than the dsl i had before it) so i'm not complaining on that front but they don't like my hdhomerun so much. . I use windows media center to find and record shows without a hitch. The only problem is that i need a bigger/more hdd's to store all of my shows! with my wifi i'm even able to watch live streams at my neighbor's house across the yard. You simply won't get that kind of flexibility with cableboxes littered around your home. . This thing is the coolest. It's the cat's pajamas. You will love it too, granted the it at your cable company is competent enough to know how to set it up on their end.
  • The device itself works well once set up. It is not easy to figure out the set up. Unfortunately silicon dust does not have a help line over the phone, only email. My problem that i was having could have been solved over a short phone call but instead turned into multiple emails over a few days to get resolved. I would rate it higher if they had better customer support
  • Found out the hard way that time warner puts broadcast flags on all of their channels, meaning that you can only record shows with windows media center, and you cannot convert them into another format. The software that shipped with the product would not load in any of my drives - in fact, i had to take my blu-ray burner apart to get the disc out (the emergancy tray release wouldn't even work - cheap manufactoring on the disc? ). The latest official software on the site had an issue where it would only detect 5 channels - i had to upgrade to beta software and firmware to get it to scan all my channels. Then the device itself had a faulty usb port and woudln't communicate with any of my cable resolvers (went through three before i determined it was the device that was faulty, not the cable resolvers). . Great idea, but this device seems to be plaugued by poor drivers and firmware, shotty quality, and then i found out that i can't even use the thing with my provider because of the broadcast flags. Do yourself a favor - if you are just trying to get shows in hd to your computer to archive, get a component hd capture card.
  • I got the hdhomerun prime so i can get rid of the cable box but i couldn't get it to work on my ps3 . I got it to show up on my ps3 but couldn't watch tv. It works great on my computer but don't need it on my computer.

hdhomerun extendfree broadcast SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE Broadcast HDTV (2-Tuner) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I purchased the hdhomerun prime as i already had windows media center set up and running with the antenna based hdhomerun product and we wanted to get some premium cable channels in addition to the over the air free channels. Setup was relatively easy, though it did have a couple of wrinkles that the less technically savvy may find daunting. I requested a cable card from our tv provider, comcast, and they insisted on sending it out via a technician visit. Predictably the technician did not have much of an idea on how the cable card should be set up and he left soon after slotting it into the back of the prime and sitting on hold with comcast technical support for 10 minutes. So, a $20 visit charge for having a clueless, unprepared technician push a cable card into the back of the prime and then complain and leave - bargain, right? . Once i got the technician out of the picture things went more smoothly. I had a problem right out of the gate - the comcast cable card activation folks said that the card was paired with the prime and ready to go, but no channels were appearing as authorized. A quick forum post on silicondust's support site was answered very promptly with the issue correctly diagnosed - the cable card was faulty. The next painful part came in having to drive to a comcast office, stand in line and wait for 30 minutes, and then try to explain to someone who seemed to have never seen a cable card before what the problem was. Some time later i left the comcast office with a replacement cable card. This one successfully paired with the prime once i got all the correct details to the folks in the comcast activation department, and the authorized channels showed up just fine. The next slightly painful part was setting up windows media center to use a cable card. The process itself wasn't too bad, but there are a couple of points where media center appears to be finished with its configuration but still won't play the cable channels. Some google searching to find how to's from users who'd already been though this soon got that solved - but again, if you're not technical in nature you might find this somewhat challenging. Once over these installation and setup hurdles the prime has been fabulous - just like the non-prime hdhomerun, it just works. We can record 3 channels simultaneously without a hiccup. The picture quality is top notch. It's hard to give the prime anything other than 5 stars because, as a product, it is excellent. The only issues i have had with it have been caused by the cable tv provider - comcast, and the windows software - neither of which silicondust can be blamed for. Given that the comcast set top boxes cost a fair bit per month, have less storage available, and are plain ugly, i am thrilled that i could buy the prime for a very reasonable price and then only pay $2 a month to comcast for the cable card - that's all the hardware costs i have per month *$2*! - and we get a good selection of cable channels we can watch and record using windows media center and an xbox 360 as an extender. Great product, highly recommended.

Silicondust Hdhomerun Broadcast Hdtv 2-tuner
Click to see NoticeSilicondust Hdhomerun Broadcast Hdtv 2-tuner (hdtc 2us m)"I got the prime, 3 tuner hdhomerun and am using this to replace a tivo and cable box that total about $24 extra a month to my cable bill. Even with subscribing to silicondust dvr service, still a $20/month savings. Setup was very easy, i transferred the cable card from tivo to the hdhomerun, and called comcast. Silicon dust even provided a phone number for comcast that put me directly at their cable card tech support. The rep needed a couple numbers read off the screen and in a couple minutes was working fine. I am using this with an online store fire and two fire sticks running the hdhomerun app. The fire tv works really well. Super fast, no lag. (the fire tv is also wired in to the router. ) my two fire sticks are in other rooms and obviously wireless (since fire sticks are only wireless). Watching live tv on them is a bit more laggy. Takes a while for the buffering and loading to work. Channel changing is also a little slower. (the firetv stick has less processing power, etc). I blame mostly my wireless setup (router on ground floor, and bedrooms upstairs) for the connection, i'm going to try to move the router higher up the wall. Overall, really great product. I will be connecting this to a wd my cloud to complete the dvr system. . Update on review: i moved my router up the wall and better situated, made all the difference. Fire sticks in my upstairs are showing tv with no lag. Absolutely love this device. A new ios beta app is available for iphones and ipads, and now can stream tv on those devices too. (you have to contact silicon dust, download the test flight app, and get a special code to get the app, since it is still in beta test phase. But it works great. Also means, the app will be available in near future)"

(0) Question: Would a dell inspiron 3000 (intel celeron g1820 processor 2. 7ghz, intel hd graphics) be enough to use this? i'm looking for a cheap, small footprint.

(1) Question: Is it possible to transfer recordings to a chromebook compatible format?

(2) Question: So does windows media center connect via your local network? i want to use this with charter since they are eliminating their analog signal.

GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna - Long Range - Compact Design Mount VHF / UHF Channels - 60 Mile Range

Do you stream videos through a pc, game console or other device? when you add an hd antenna, you get free local tv as well! enjoy exceptional hd digital reception with the ge attic mount indoor antenna. It installs in your attic for excellent reception while staying out of sight! this antenna receives and filters signals for superior performance. It works with all tv and converter box brands. Designed for hdtvs, you can receive up to full hd 1080p. The mounting bracket, mast and assembly instructions are included. This product comes with a limited-lifetime warranty.

GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna - Long Range - Compact Design Mount VHF / UHF Channels - 60 Mile RangeGE-33692-Attic-Mount-Antenna

Brand :    ge
Color :    GRAY
Size :    accessory
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • America's 1 antenna brand. indoor antenna. antenna reception range is based on a line of sight signal path from the tv broadcast towers to your home. several factors can limit reception range at your location. for use within 60 miles of the broadcast source
  • Watch free high-definition tv broadcasts from networks such as cbs, nbc, abc, fox, univision, cw, pbs and more!
  • Broad-spectrum reception for both vhf / uhf stations. receives un-compressed 1080p signals; 4k ready
  • Easily mounts in the attic for excellent reception while staying out of sight. mounting bracket, mast and assembly instructions included.
  • Compact high-performance antenna design makes it easy to mount and position for best reception. signal enhancing reflectors increases signal strength and reduces signal dropouts.
Price :    $19.95 (was $23.47)
Model :    33692
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for GE 33692 Attic Mount HD Antenna - Long Range - Compact Design Mount VHF / UHF Channels - 60 Mile Range available ( Mar 2020 )

ANTOP AT-400BV Flat-panel Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Indoor HDTV Antenna High Gain Built-in 4G LTE Filter 60/70 Miles Long Range Multi-Directional Reception 39ft Detachable Coaxial Cable

The antop flat panel smartpass amplified indoor/outdoor hdtv antenna requires no monthly fees and no need to subscribe. Just plug it into a tv, scan the channels and enjoy the show. The smartpass amplifier uses an all-in-one design for balancing short and long range reception. High-gain reception shields for minimum interference. The durable exterior features a waterproof design with uv coating. All antop products come with 24-hour access to online customer support and installation assistance. Antop products include a 12-month warranty.

ANTOP AT-400BV Flat-panel Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Indoor HDTV Antenna High Gain Built-in 4G LTE Filter 60/70 Miles Long Range Multi-Directional Reception 39ft Detachable Coaxial CableANTOP-AT-400BV-Flat-panel-Multi-Directional-Detachable

Brand :    antop
Color :    white
Size :    N/A
Weight :    7.72 pounds
Model :    AT-400BV
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal origination point, station signal strength, antenna positioning, reflections from nearby structures and any power consumption sources. the amount of free over-the-air channels you can receive will vary by area and antenna selection, check signal availability at http://dtv. gov/maps
  • Engineered and designed in the usa by antop, the antenna specialists, the flat-panel at-400bv digital tv antenna with new generation digital technology is designed to match similar gain of traditional bulky, unsightly mechanical antennas with an amplified signal reach of range from 0, 60 to70 miles from point of origination to assure more channel reception and fewer blind spots. the at-400bv includes vhf enhancer rods to strong the vhf reception.
  • Its uv coating, weather resistant finish and creative design, make the at-400bv perfect for easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, balcony. it is also suitable for indoor use in an attic or placed on a table top. antop was the first antenna manufacturer to include a built-in 4g filter in all their products to block 3g and 4g wireless signals to ensure noise-free digital tv reception.
  • Free tv for life! no monthly bill for watching tv! at-400bv hdtv antenna with multi-directional technological characteristics receives free broadcast high definition over-the-air tv signals, such as abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, fox, univision and others. compatible with tv converter boxes or digital televisions/4k ultra high definition (4k uhd) tvs.
  • Antop on-line customer support team is available mon-fri 9am to 5pm (pst), offering antenna selection & installation assistance, etc. all antop antennas come with 30-day money back guarantee. visit antopusa for complete warranty, return and replacement details.
Price :    $88.36 (was $143.00)
Home Theater :    Best Antenna (antop product review) for ANTOP AT-400BV Flat-panel Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Indoor HDTV Antenna High Gain Built-in 4G LTE Filter 60/70 Miles Long Range Multi-Directional Reception 39ft Detachable Coaxial Cable available ( Mar 2020 )

SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND. FREE broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner

Hdhomerun plus branded atsc dual tuner with hardware transcode to h. 264 avc. Hdhomerun is a network-attached tv tuner allowing you to stream free broadcast tv throughout your home. Watch live tv on your tablet smartphone smart tv pc or media player. Watch live tv on dlna-compatible devices including: smart tvs tablets (ipads & android) smart phones (iphones & android) game consoles and blu-ray players / media players. Up to 1080 hdtv hd homerun receives the high-quality 720/1080 broadcasts and converts them to h. 264 format for more efficient streaming over your network. Use an antenna to pick up the free broadcast digital tv (atsc) available in your area abc cbs fox nbc pbs and other networks. The instatv pro app supports direct streaming from hdhomerun plus devices and is available for ios android and windows 8. 1 (x86/x64/arm).

SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND. FREE broadcast HDTV 2-TunerSiliconDust-HDHomeRun-EXTEND-broadcast-2-Tuner

Price :    $179.99
  • Watch and record in full 1080i resolution where available.
  • Watch free live hdtv on up to 2 devices simultaneously on your wifi (802. 11n or better router) or wired network.
  • Works with our hdhomerun dvr so you can watch, pause and record.
  • Cut the cable and cut the rental costs.
  • Converts video to h. 264 avc for more efficient streaming and better playback support on portable devices.
Brand :    silicondust
Color :    Red
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    HDTC-2US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (silicondust product review) for SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND. FREE broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner available ( Mar 2020 )

SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US 2- Tuner LiveTV Cord Cutters -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable Ties

Silicondust hdhomerun connect duo hdhr5-2us tuner the connect duo hdhr5-2us tuner is one of silicondust's innovative item under the hdhomerun product line. This compact unit simplifies the way you watch live hdtv on any media devices in your home. You don't need to subscribe to expensive cable tv anymore! the connect duo allows you to watch live tv through the hdhomerun dvr app. Now, you can watch your favorite drama series or nba finals anywhere in your house by using a wired ethernet or wifi connection. It's that simple! features:2 x digital tunersdlna streaming availablereceives free digital broadcasthas hd tv over ethernet connection and wifican watch on tablets and mobile phonescompatible with hdhomerun dvr service technical specs:tv reception: 8-vsb, atsc, qam64/256connectivity interfaces: ieee 802. 3u (fast ethernet)connector type: 1 x lan, antenna (located at the rear)sound output mode: stereo additonal 5-pack of blucoil cable ties to complete your bundle!

SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US 2- Tuner LiveTV Cord Cutters -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable TiesSiliconDust-HDHomeRun-CONNECT-HDHR5-2US-Cutters

Brand :    blucoil
Color :    Black
Size :    Connect Duo
Model :    A360
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (blucoil product review) for SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO HDHR5-2US 2- Tuner LiveTV Cord Cutters -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable Ties available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $99.00
  • High-speed network - this unit boasts 100base tx high-speed network with ieee 802. 3u connectivity interface.
  • No more cable tv subscriptions or rental fees - the silicondust hdhomerun connect duo hdhr5-2us tuner receives free air tv broadcast over the antenna. it allows you to watch live tv anywhere in your house over an existing wired ethernet or wifi connection from the home router.
  • Includes - silicondust hdhomerun connect duo device, cat5e cable, power adapter, quick start guide, blucoil 5-pack cable ties.
  • Watch in different devices - you can now watch your favorite cooking show or basketball game via smart tv, game consoles, tablets, smartphones, computers, or media streamers.
  • Multi-room seamless viewing - you can pause on one device (tablet) and resume on another (smartphone) with the multi-user, multi-device, multi-room seamless viewing. and with the hdhomerun tuner you get simultaneous access to any live tv.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND FREE Broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable Ties

Silicondust hdhomerun extend tuner with the silicondust hdhomerun extend tuner, you can cut the cable tv subscription fees. This compact unit allows you to watch live hd tv on up to 2 devices (smart tv or pc or phone) simultaneously by using your wired ethernet network or wifi on an 802. 11n router. It also features h264 transcode for a more efficient video streaming and better playback. Hdhomerun extend works well with the hdhomerun dvr service letting you watch, pause and record any show in full 1080p resolution. Features:2 x digital tunersdlna streaming availablereceives free ota tvhas hd tv over ethernet connection and wifi (802. 11n router)tv reception: 8-vsb, atsc, qam64/256100basetx high-speed networkcan watch on tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, media streamers, and computerscompatible with hdhomerun dvr service additonal 5-pack of blucoil cable ties to complete your bundle!

SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND FREE Broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable TiesSiliconDust-HDHomeRun-Broadcast-2-Tuner-Blucoil

Brand :    blucoil
Color :    Black
Size :    Extend
  • 2 digital tuners - watch live hd tv on to 2 devices simultaneously with the silicondust hdhomerun extend tuner. it transmits the data from using wifi on an 802. 11n router or a wired ethernet connection.
  • Includes - silicondust hdhomerun extend tuner device. cat5e cable. power adapter. quick start guide. blucoil 5-pack cable ties.
  • Watch on different devices - the hdhomerun app is compatible with windows 10 and mac os pc, ios version 10 apple, appletv4, android os tv, fire tv, smart tv (2016 samsung), android tablets and phones.
  • Higher video quality - the hdhomerun extend tuner features h264 transcoder hardware that compresses video in real-time for lower bandwidth usage. it provides better video quality than connect and prime's raw mpeg2 hd streams.
  • Free live tv - save money by cutting the cable tv subscription fees and use the hdhomerun extend instead. this compact tuner receives free air tv broadcast over the antenna. with the use of hdhomerun app, you can now view your shows anywhere in the house and on any device.
Price :    $179.00
Model :    A363
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (blucoil product review) for SiliconDust HDHomeRun EXTEND FREE Broadcast HDTV 2-Tuner -INCLUDES- Blucoil 5-Pack Cable Ties available ( Mar 2020 )

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 18 dB Max Gain - USA

Winegard lna-200 boost xt tv preamplifier, vhf uhf amplifier extend the range and signal quality of your non-amplified digital hdtv antenna with a winegard tv antenna preamplifier. Winegard's ultra low-noise amplifiers offer maximum signal quality. Watch more free shows than ever before! boost clear circuit technology features the lowest noise figure (1 db typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. The boost xt enhances any non-amplified antenna! twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals. This separation of bands increases signal handling capability for up to 10 times more and reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Size, compatibility and features - dimensions: 6in x 4in x 4. 8in - twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals - 10x more power handling - bandpass filters remove interfering rf signals - installs on any outdoor non-amplified tv antenna - maximum gain (typical): 18 db - noise figure (typical): 1db - power: +5v at 130ma in the box - lna-200 boost xt preamplifier - 110v adapter, power inserter, hose clamps - printed documentation

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 18 dB Max Gain - USAWinegard-LNA-200-Preamplifier-Antenna-Amplifier

Price :    $30.18 (was $39.90)
  • 10x power handling capability - twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals for maximum performance on any non-amplified outdoor antenna. signal selectivity is greatly enhanced and noise and interference is reduced to the lowest levels.
  • Amplified clear circuit technology - boost clear circuit technology features the lowest noise figure (1db typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. the boost xt preamplifier enhances any non-amplified antenna.
  • Winegard tv antenna experts - leading us designer and manufacturer of quality tv antenna and signal equipment since 1954. designed and built in the u. s. a.
  • Hdtv antenna preamplifier - the winegard boost xt tv signal booster enhances any non-amplified antenna, delivering more range and available channels. delivers a crystal clear signal, watch more channels than with an antenna alone.
  • In the box - includes winegard boost lna-200 digital tv antenna amplifier, 110v adapter, power inserter, hose clamps and printed documentation. the boost xt preamplifier works with any passive/non-amplified antenna.
Brand :    winegard
Color :    Black
Size :    apple
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    LNA-200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 18 dB Max Gain - USA available ( Mar 2020 )

SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL High Definition Digital TV Tuner HDHR3-US Black 2013 Model

The hd homerun dual- two digital tuners, anywhere on your network: watch tv from any computer on your network, record full 1080i broadcast resolution, watch, pause, record, and rewind live tv, schedule and record all your favorite tv shows, expand of tuners with multiple hdhomerun devices. Tv sources: atsc digital tv (antenna), unencrypted digital cable tv (clear qam). Works with popular dvr software: watch, pause, record, and rewind live tv, schedule future or season recordings, record all your favorite tv shows by name, integrated tv guide (provided by the dvr software), never miss your favorite show. Seamless operation with multiple computers: run windows media center on multiple computers sharing the pool of hdhomerun tuners, tuners are automatically allocated between computers as needed, multiple hdhomerun units can be used together to expand the number of tuners, tuner pooling works with windows media center, free software / firmware upgrade available for download compatible with: windows media center, elgato eyetv - dvr for mac, mythtv - dvr for linux, snapstream beyondtv- dvr for windows, sagetv- dvr for windows/linux/mac, mediaportal - dvr for windows, gb-pvr - dvr for windows. Vlc - multi-platform media viewer tsreader. Mpeg-2 transport stream analysis. Specifications: 8-vsb (atsc over-the-air digital tv), qam64/256 (unencrypted digital cable tv), 100basetx high speed network, 1 year warranty requirements: dual core recommended for hd playback, 1 gb ram recommended, 1-4 gb per 1/2 hour of dtv recording .

SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL High Definition Digital TV Tuner HDHR3-US Black 2013 ModelSiliconDust-HDHomeRun-Definition-Digital-HDHR3-US

Brand :    silicondust
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    HDHR3-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Two digital tuners, anywhere on your network
  • Requirements: dual core recommended for hd playback, 1 gb ram recommended, 1-4 gb per 1/2 hour of dtv recording
  • Works with popular dvr software
  • Seamless operation with multiple computers
  • Tv sources: atsc digital tv (antenna), unencrypted digital cable tv (clear qam)
Price :    $57.51 (was $150.00)
Ce :    Best Tuner (silicondust product review) for SiliconDust HDHomeRun DUAL High Definition Digital TV Tuner HDHR3-US Black 2013 Model available ( Mar 2020 )

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote & Game Controller

Nvidia shield tv is the most advanced streaming media player that provides endless entertainment and is the perfect fit for your google-connected lifestyle. Ask your google assistant to play your favorite shows in up to 4k hdr, share your photos, stream the latest songs, display your calendar, dim the lights, and so much more, all with just your voice. With shield, it's more than tv. It's your life smarter and more connected. Enjoy netflix, online store video, and vudu in stunning 4k hdr and youtube, google play movies & tv, and more in up to 4k. Cut the cord with apps like youtube tv, sling tv or playstation vue. Cast your favorite apps to your tv with chromecast 4k built-in. Add smartthings link to turn shield into a zigbee and z-wave smart home hub to wirelessly connect and automate hundreds of compatible smart devices, so they can all work together with voice commands and automations. Even use shield as a plex media server and stream your personal media collection to any device, anywhere. Nvidia gamestream harnesses the power of your geforce gtx graphics card to let you cast your games from your pc to your tv. Don t have a powerful gaming rig? just stream pc games from the cloud with geforce now. You can also play a new class of exclusive android games.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote & Game ControllerNVIDIA-SHIELD-Streaming-Player-Controller

Brand :    nvidia
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    945128972500002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (nvidia product review) for NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player Remote & Game Controller available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $190.00 (was $237.88)
  • Cut the cord -apps like youtube tv, hulu, sling tv, and playstation vue give you access to live tv and sports without the mess and stress of a cable box.
  • Smart home ready -use your voice to dim lights, turn up the temperature, view your nest cam on the tv, and more. add smartthings link to turn your shield into a zigbee and z-wave smart home hub.
  • Google assistant built -in -ask it questions and see the answers on your tv, including google photos, your calendar, sports scores, and more. plus, cast apps to your tv with chromecast 4k built-in.
  • Nvidia-powered gaming -stream games from your geforce-powered pc to your tv in 4k hdr at 60 fps. you can even get nvidia-powered cloud gaming on demand with geforce now and explore shield-exclusive android games.
  • Home theater experience -enjoy the ultimate visual experience with 4k hdr quality and the most immersive sound with dolby atmos and dts-x surround sound pass-through.

Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna, Outdoor, Amplified, 75 Mile Range, Durable Lightweight, Mount Kit Included, Roof Attic, 4K-Ready, 30 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, MH-110585

The sky(r) hdtv attic/outdoor antenna is the newest addition to the mohu(r) family and offers a completely new take on the traditional rooftop or attic mounted antenna. Weighing in at only 3 pounds, the sky attic/outdoor antenna is a powerful, amplified antenna solution that was developed from research for the united states military. The antenna design is unlike anything that you will find in texts, literature or competitor's products. Similar to the leaf(r) antenna or leaf(r) ultimate, the sky outdoor antenna is multidirectional and does not have to be constantly readjusted for optimal signal strength.

Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna, Outdoor, Amplified, 75 Mile Range, Durable Lightweight, Mount Kit Included, Roof Attic, 4K-Ready, 30 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, MH-110585Mohu-Lightweight-Detachable-Performance-MH-110585

Brand :    mohu
Color :    New
Weight :    3.00 pounds
  • A completely new take on the roof top / attic mounted hdtv antenna: includes 30 ft. high performance cable and comes with dual powering options - usb or power cube
  • Note: enables access to free channels only - does not enable access to paid channels such as espn/fox news; 100% free tv in hd - networks like abc, cbs, fox, nbc, pbs, the cw, univision, and more
  • Crystal-clear tv for free: cleanpeak filter technology filters out cellular and fm signals resulting in low noise, a clearer picture and access to more free hdtv channels in 1080 hd
  • Channel reception varies based on what is broadcast in your area, your distance from broadcast towers, and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers.
  • Free tv for life: now tested to reach up to 75 miles, sky can access hd over-the-air tv channels without a cable or satellite subscription, including abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, fox, univision and more
Price :    $84.00 (was $128.00)
Model :    MH-110585
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (mohu product review) for Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna, Outdoor, Amplified, 75 Mile Range, Durable Lightweight, Mount Kit Included, Roof Attic, 4K-Ready, 30 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, MH-110585 available ( Mar 2020 )

1byone TV Antenna, 50 Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster, USB Power Supply 10 Feet Highest Performance Coaxial Cable-Black

Works great indoors - picking up stations ranging up to 35+ miles away with great picture. This was an essential tool in our cable cutting plans and has worked fantastically. We hung the flat antenna on the back side of the wood entertainment center that tv is located in - so it is between the wall on the unit - completely hidden. Ran the tv antenna scan feature twice - came back with over 35 channels (western suburb outside of milwaukee). We removed a bunch of those channels (shopping network / foreign language) and still over 20 available - including all the ota major networks in hd.

1byone super thin indoor hdtv antenna:our super thin antenna is specially designed for receiving digital over-the-air (ota) tv broadcasts from all your local television stations. So never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again and get all your local channels in crystal clear quality, absolutely free. At 1byone, we create lasting products that help people benefit from the power of technology and make life better, easier and more fulfilling. Come join our family with over 5 million satisfied customers and counting! indoor hdtv antenna features:1) excellent reception on all fm/vhf/uhf channels. 2) can be safely painted to match any home décor without affecting reception or resulting in signal loss. 3) the super soft, unobtrusively thin design and powerful reception capabilities make this antenna a top choice for any home. 4) fast and easy set up in 3 steps: a. Connect the antenna to cable/ant in on the back of any hdtv. B. Place the antenna in an optimal position, usually on a wall or window. C. Scan for channels using your tv's 'channel search' and be ready to enjoy free tv! indoor tv antenna specifications:frequency range: 47-230mhz, 470-862mhz receiving range: fm/vhf/uhf gain: 28db output level:100dbμv impedance: 75Ω noise figure: 3db power supply: via usb power adapter(5v/100ma)1byone comprehensive warranty:all 1byone tv antennas come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so our customers can purchase without worry. A happy customer experience is our 1 priority and so we also stand by our customers with a 12-month warranty. Simply contact us and we will happily send a replacement if any issues arise. Please note:1. For flatscreen hdtvs, please check the tv's manual to make sure the tv has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcast, and make sure this tuner can receive hd signals or else it will not be able to receive and watch hd channels. 2. Retune your tv and/or digital box from time to time to ensure you are receiving all available services. Retuning takes only a few minutes using the remote control. 3. Signal quality determines the picture quality and how many channels you can receive. Once you receive the antenna, hook it up to your tv, and try moving it around your home to find the placement with the best signal. You might be surprised how many hd channels you can receive! 4. Antenna signal strength can vary depending on distance from the tower, terrain, and weather. Reposition the antenna in a different location if needed. It is best for the antenna to be in line of sight with the tv tower(s) and avoid obstructions. Always re-scan for channels after moving the antenna. 5. This is an amplified antenna. If a signal cannot be received when using the external amplifier, remove the amplifier and try again. In some instances the amplifier may cause self-oscillation, which may interfere with signal reception. 6. If your tv has no built-in tuner, you can add an atsc digital converter box to receive the hd signal. Search b01n5mlc1m on online store for the 1byone converter box.

1byone TV Antenna, 50 Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster, USB Power Supply 10 Feet Highest Performance Coaxial Cable-Black1byone-Amplified-Detachable-Performance-Cable-Black

1byone Amplified Detachable Performance Cable Black (ous00 0186) FAQ.

Would work i'm sure if i didn't have three mountain ranges between us. Can only pull in four channels. The lateno and one christian. Do your homework as for line of sight of broadcast antenna before making purchase as i even spent the extra money for the 50 mile range with booster and still not able to pull in local channels. Just bad location for us as i checked the recommended site map web site provided and we are blocked by to many mountain ranges for a clear shot. My bad for not doing my homework before purchase. -Notice from Z. Erin, Waltham Forest

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We had a cheapo antenna that was rather hit and miss on whether we were going to get the stations in and how clear the reception was going to be. In researching for the next antenna, i found that we should have gone for a slightly more expensive 50 mile radius antenna - so we tried this one. So far, there's just one channel (which was dicey to get in on the old antenna) that doesn't wish to come in at all, but all the other 9 stations we can get from here are all 90% crystal clear - depending on what the weather is doing outside, when the other antenna would lose signal entirely. Suffice to say that the old adage "you get what you pay for" could be inserted here, as this slightly higher cost alternative is much more satisfying television watching for the family.

1byone-amplified-detachable-performance-cable-black-(ous00-0186) set picture

- U. KristenThis replaces a crappy radio shack antenna. I live in evanston il (north of chicago), and could not receive the local cbs (channel 2) station with the old antenna, and other channels were "iffy". This antenna receives the cbs station, and pulls plenty of others in loud and strong. Easy set - up, no muss - no fuss. It does the job well, so i highly recommend it. I am thrilled that i can now watch judge judy on cbs/channel 2. !

We cancelled our cable to save money and bought this so we could continue watching local tv and nfl football. I would recommend this if that's your goal. We live about 30 miles from austin and pretty far out in the country so i wasn't sure what the reception would be like. It's better than i expected! we get cbs, nbc, abc, fox, the cw, pbs and many others, including hispanic channels. There are also many local channels so your results will be different in your area. When we first got it we put it in the window and had pretty good reception. Since then we've had to move it around the living room because it loses it's signal. We do have to re-scan the channels frequently but we've been able to get up to 33 channels.

B. Terry, Oklahoma

Price :    $19.99 (was $24.99)
  • What you receive: tv antenna with integrated 10ft coaxial cable, detachable amplifier, 5ft usb power cable, wall adapter 5v 100ma, 3m adhesive mounting stickers, instruction manual, warranty card, 30-day full refund, and 12-month warranty with friendly customer service.
  • High performing slim design - slim, soft and lightweight so you can hide it behind the tv, lay it flat on the table or stick it high on a window (with durability against moisture and direct sunshine). it'll pull in hundreds of crystal clear digital & hd shows!
  • 10ft long cable and usb power - the long cable makes it easy to place the tv antenna in the best reception spot in your home. tv antenna can be powered either by an outlet or a tv's usb port.
  • Free for life - never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! 1byone tv antenna can pull in all of your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs absolutely free.
  • Included detachable amplifier - use the amplifier for the tv antenna's full 50 mile range, or remove it for better reception of you live nearer to the tv broadcast tower.
Brand :    1byone
Color :    Black
Model :    OUS00-0186
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (1byone product review) for 1byone TV Antenna, 50 Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster, USB Power Supply 10 Feet Highest Performance Coaxial Cable-Black available ( Mar 2020 )

1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic / Roof HDTV Antenna VHF UHF Band Mounting Pole, Extremely High Performance

1byone is a global leader in tv accessories. Come join our 1byone family of over 5 million satisfied customers and counting! outdoor tv antenna specification: frequency range:174-230mhz; 470-862mhz receiving range: vhf/uhf built-in amplified antenna gain: 21-23db for vhf; 26-28db for uhf impedance: 75Ω power supply input: ac 110v 60hz power supply output: dc 12v 100ma package include: 1x outdoor antenna 1x power supply unit (psu) 1x 1. 5m coaxial cable (from psu to tv) 1x 21-inch j-shape pole 1x mounting base 1x user manual 2x 6*19mm screw 1x 6*43mm screw 3x 6mm hexagon nut 2x 7*45 mm plastic anchor bolt please note: 1. If you are using a flat screen hdtv, please check your tv's manual to make sure your tv has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcasts. Also check to make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your hdtv or third-party hd receiver ; 2. Re-scan for channels. In the tv s setup menu, set the mode to antenna or air. Refer to the tv manual for detailed instructions ; 3. Make sure your tuner can receive hd signals, otherwise you won't be able to receive and watch hd channels ; 4. Signal quality determines picture quality and how many channels you can receive. Once you receive the antenna, please try to place the antenna in various locations to find a best signal reception spot. After finding the optimal location for your antenna, you may be surprised by how many hd channels you receive ; 5. If your tv has no built-in tuner, you can add an atsc digital converter box to receive the hd signal, put b01n5mlc1m into online store search box for 1byone converter box; 6. Before you buy, find out what channels are available in your area by visit "dtv. Gov/maps" or "tvfool";

1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic / Roof HDTV Antenna VHF UHF Band Mounting Pole, Extremely High Performance1byone-Amplified-Mounting-Extremely-Performance

Brand :    1byone
Weight :    4.40 pounds
Model :    O0000-0555
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Antenna (1byone product review) for 1byone 85 Miles Digital Amplified Outdoor / Attic / Roof HDTV Antenna VHF UHF Band Mounting Pole, Extremely High Performance available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $42.49 (was $49.99)
  • 1byone comprehensive warranty - we stand behind our antenna 100% with a 12-month warranty. please note: freeview reception is dependent upon environmental factors, we cannot guarantee reception in all conditions. we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all new items in order for you to test the suitability in your area.
  • The best picture and sound quality - you can now experience hdtv in the highest quality picture and sound available. over-the-air broadcasts are transmitted in uncompressed full hd (1080p), ultra hd (4k) and 3d channels; far surpassing what cable and satellite offer. many local broadcasts are digitally aired in dolby 5. 1 surround sound giving you the ultimate sound stage for watching live television.
  • Receive free local hdtv, vhf and uhf signals - optimized for 1080p digital reception, the 1byone antenna allows you to pick up free local vhf and uhf high-definition and standard definition signals.
  • Free for life - never pay your cable or satellite fee for television again! you can get all local channels crystal clear and absolutely free! the 1byone antenna can pull in all of your local news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs. simply connect the antenna to your tv using a coaxial cable, perform a channel scan, and in minutes you'll be enjoying your free local programs.
  • Included mounting pole and built-in high gain and low noise amplifier -j-shape pole for antenna installation; super long distance reception up to 85 miles. superior construction to withstand tough outdoor weather conditions.

Linear 2512 ChannelPlus DC & IR Passing 2-Way Splitter/Combiner

A bi-directional 2-way splitter/combiner that provides a 1 ghz bandwidth and is ideal for antenna and coaxial cable operations. The splitter/combiner can be used for two applications - splitting a signal from a source, or combining signals from multiple sources onto one coax run. Use a dc passing splitter whenever dc ir signals are present on the coax.

Linear 2512 ChannelPlus DC & IR Passing 2-Way Splitter/Combiner2512-ChannelPlus-Passing-Splitter-Combiner

Brand :    channelplus
Color :    SILVER
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    2512
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Computer Component (channelplus product review) for Linear 2512 ChannelPlus DC & IR Passing 2-Way Splitter/Combiner available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $7.00 (was $8.99)
  • 3. 5 db insertion loss
  • 1 ghz bandwidth
  • Use as a signal splitter or combiner
  • Passes dc ir signals on the coax
  • Dc and i/r passing

Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV Antenna

The channel master cm 4228hd is a pre-assembled 8-bay outdoor tv antenna which will receive uhf and hd signals. This antenna has a signal range of 60 miles and will pick up available local digital and hd signals. With an hd television you will pick up any crystal clear hd signals being broadcast in your area.

Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV AntennaChannel-Master-CM-4228HD-High-Antenna

Brand :    channel master
Color :    Gray
Size :    80 Miles
Weight :    10.00 pounds
Model :    CM-4228HD
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Lightweight, thin, frameless design
  • The channel master cm 4228hd is an 8-bay hd and uhf/vhf/fm outdoor tv antenna
  • The product is manufactured in china
Price :    $71.88 (was $89.85)
Speakers :    Best Antenna (channel master product review) for Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF HDTV Antenna available ( Mar 2020 )

SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR-US Dual Networked High Definition Digital Tuner Device White

One box - two digital tuners - anywhere on your network/dual digital network attached tuner device/watch - pause - record digital and hd content from over-the-air and cable from any computer on your home network system. Cross os compatible with windows/mac/linux. Total media dvr software included.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR-US Dual Networked High Definition Digital Tuner Device WhiteSiliconDust-HDHomeRun-HDHR-US-Networked-Definition

Brand :    silicondust
Color :    white
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • 1 year warranty
  • Ir receiver (signal pc with a standard remote control)
  • 100basetx high speed network
  • Qam64/256 (unencrypted digital cable tv)
  • 8-vsb (atsc over-the-air digital tv)
Price :    $54.01 (was $119.95)
Model :    HDHR-US
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Ce :    Best Computer (silicondust product review) for SiliconDust HDHomeRun HDHR-US Dual Networked High Definition Digital Tuner Device White available ( Mar 2020 )

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range

Get superior reception without the whole neighborhood noticing. This compact outdoor antenna is designed to maximize signal reception and integrate seamlessly into any home environment, indoors or out. Receive all available local hd digital broadcasts channels for free, including digital formats via uhf and vhf frequencies.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile RangeRCA-Compact-Outdoor-Antenna-Range

Brand :    rca
Color :    Silver
Size :    1
Weight :    2.00 pounds
  • Withstands tough outdoor conditions with durable construction and materials
  • Enjoy top-rated hdtv network programming and your favorite shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription
  • Supports up to 1080i hdtv broadcasts for high-quality picture and sound - 70+ miles from the towers
  • Simplifies installation with pre-assembled design, easy-lock fold-out uhf reflector and snap-lock elements
  • Disclaimer: reception quality and channels received will depend on distance from towers, broadcast power, terrain and other factors.
Price :    $32.12 (was $42.83)
Model :    ANT751Z
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range available ( Mar 2020 )

silicondust hdhomerun broadcast hdtv 2-tuner Price : 142, was : 169 as 2018-01-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Silicondust Hdhomerun Broadcast Hdtv 2-tuner (hdtc 2us m) Reviewed by on

Top silicondust hdhomerun broadcast hdtv 2-tuner (hdtc 2us m) Content

The F.A.Q. for silicondust hdhomerun broadcast hdtv 2-tuner

Good solution for remote tvs on your lan. Much cheaper in the long run than renting a cable box for each tv. Plan on an hour to get it configured, mostly waiting on your cable provider to get the cable card working properly. I use this device to provide tv to a remote building connected to my lan via a pair of mikrotik sxt radios. The remote location has a firestick running either kodi or the free hdhomerun app plugged into the hdmi port of a tv. Works well. Each channel needs over 10 mbits/second of bandwidth, so it is not suitable for wan based solutions where you have limited uplink bandwidth, nor will it work over a routed network.

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(0) Question: Does this device work with any of the little plug in devices. chromecast, fire stick etc

(1) Question: Storage

(2) Question: When useing a silicon prime do you need to rent a package along with card to get channels

(3) Question: For the device that takes a cable card, why is there also a coax connection? thanks

(4) Question: Can i use this with a cable box?

(5) Question: On time warner, with a tuning adapter, are you still able to use all three tuners?

(6) Question: Can i use 2 silicondust hdhomerun prime together to have 6 tuners? has anyone tried this? if so how does it work?

(7) Question: Does comcast provide m-cable cards?

(8) Question: With 3 built in tuners, can i stream to 3 separate pc's concurrently, or would i have to use one wmc computer and 2 extenders?

(9) Question: What about tv guide i have it verizon fios on the east cost?

(10) Question: Both green lights on the left eventually go solid but can not be seen on the network anym. it worked the night before and now. nothing. suggestions?

(11) Question: Can this device receive ota hd broadcasts using an antenna? tia.

(12) Question: How well does this work over wifi? i have a wifi ac & n around the house. i'd prefer to not have to run cat5 cable to the rooms.

(13) Question: Does your incoming tv signal from the road need to go into this tuner first then to your network?

(14) Question: If use this with windows media center can you watch hbo directly on the computer? i understand you can with an xbox 360 but i don't have an xbox.

(15) Question: Can you stream hd over wifi if you have enough bandwidth?

(16) Question: I have my roku 3 connected to the tv and to plex. how do we watch hdhomerun prime on my roku, such as live tv.

(note) Question: where/how to get Silicondust (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Silicondust's products

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The best:. It just works. I am able to access it from any of my laptops or my desktop without any problem. . The ok:. In order you watch it on your ios device, you need to upgrade to the latest version. While it is not a problem in itself to many, it is for me since i still keep my phone on ios 9 (hate the removal of swipe to unlock and the slow down issue of the battery). . The not so good:. Some mobile devices struggle with hd or premium channels. I have an ipad mini and some channels i get hd audio, but the video struggles and gets cut off. And no, this is not a wifi issue, as i have enterprise aps at home. Also, you need to buy the app in order to record a show. . At the end of the day, i can watch any show when i am working on my computer, which is why i bought this in the first place. Since i am not interested on the dvr features, it is enough for me. I am happy with the device.

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This was an interesting project, if anyone is wondering i have it working with a cable card from verizon fios, i had a card in my tivo so after installing the 2 tuner mcard and powering it up i just plugged it into my router. Everything went good until the last step in the manual with the link to dload software, the link didn't work in the manual for me so i had to go to their website and dload the hd software. After you install the software you can get the info from the menus or by typing the ip into a browser. I called vz fios and they were able to manually activate and validate my card which i verified in the hd config software. I had problems at first no sound or pic in hd software but the guide worked on the side, media center couldn't pick it up either. I first tried the android app and it worked so i knew the hardware was working. I looked around and realized the firewall (avast) was blocking it. After i got the fire wall setup it still didn t work until i rebooted my computer. The hd software now worked but no sound and that was ok with me since im guessing i couldn't get the right codec installed for windows media player. Its working good using media center on win7 pro so i may go back later and fix the audio for the hd homerun software when i install it on my other computers. The only thing to know is it needs a good connection to avoid lag on wireless. I m guessing a n router would help a lot and my 2nd monitor is older so i have to open it up on my new monitor first to avoid the copy right error since my 2nd monitor is not hdcp compliant

V. Mable, Nevada

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. Teresa, Oregon says

Amazing device i use the fios m-card , the plex hd homerun plugin , and the kodi hd homerun plugin , works great , i can record with plex dvr , it has allowed me to return three boxes saving me hundreds per year , does require some configuration , but well worth it

D. Tracey, Warwickshire

I rarely take time to write a review, but i must for this product since it saves me 12 bucks a month (at least, not counting the dvr function) from lease fees for a box from cox, and that makes me happy. Cox should offer an app on the roku stick like twc does so you can watch in hd without a box, but i digress. I won't lie, it was difficult to set this up, but mainly because cox was a pain to work with, and finally a technician was dispatched and he set up the cable card code properly for me. Splitting up my cable signal proved problematic at first, but he resolved that as well. Now that my 2006 dinosaur of a computer has added memory and a new video card, i use it as my media center computer with the hdhomerun, and i have an xbox as an extender in another room of the house. Now i can watch tv and record programs at will without having to pay extra for a dvr. Essentially, my computer works like a tivo, but for hundreds of dollars less. The only disadvantage is that media center is not offered on windows products past 8. 1, and that was an additional purchase for a product key for windows media center. Windows 10 does not offer it at all, not even as an extra. So, that makes it a little harder to set up the homerun for easy use. If one is facile with programming, there are ways to get the job done, but i'm just happy i got what i got, and kept what i kept (money in my purse).

M. Carrie, Northwest Territries says

I've been using the hdhomerun prime in conjunction with windows media centre for windows 8. 1 (with a cable card) for more than 8 months now and i have to say it has performed extremely well. The hardware is solid, with no downtime since i installed it; also a testament to the excellent drivers that they have made for it. Installation was easy and painless. What's more, with 3 tuners you can comfortably record your favorite shows either using all 3 tuners while you watch a prior recording or watch one of the items you are taping or two recordings and third live viewing. . There are some instances where i have wished it had more tuners, but thats been quote rare. I ultimately chose this device based on other user feedback which was better than the competitor's 6 tuner recorder. I have contemplated buy a second tuner but not sure whether that means i need another cable card which negates the reason i bought it. . From a financial perspective, the prime makes a lot of sense when you factor in the cost saved when compared to hiring a dvr from the cable company or getting a tv. Tied in with mce i worked out this would pay itself off in about a year when you consider the cost difference between a cable company dvr and renting a cable card. The only risk is that cable channels generally seem to have copy protection so you cannot use this device unless you have windows mce which is no longer available on windows 10. However, hd home run are creating their own software (hdhomerun dvr) which will work with this and will hopefully prove a worthy successor when windows 8 support ends. I suspect it is a few months away and will update this review with the software aspect if and when i upgrade. . In short, it's solid hardware that saves you money and lets you record, if you've willing or already have a pc in your living room and don't mind using windows 7 or 8 with mce.

S. Rowe, Gateshead

Have been using a sd hdhomerun prime 3-tuner for about a 18months now on my home network and it's pretty good! . I run all tv's in the house from the cablecard tuner on the network(both wired and wifi) - and it works near perfectly and very reliably (easily 98% uptime availability - but does require both solid tech understanding and additional supporting hardware! - like ups's on communication and networking gear and either small htpc computers or laptops for all tv's). But if ya have a good network infrastructure in your home - it's really sweet! . Wmc (windowsmediacenter) on win7(or above) runs great, has an integrated channel guide(per your zip), total dvr capability and the best total tv/computer integration i've found yet! . But it ain't for the technically faint of heart! (and your cable provider support for the cablecard is marginal at best). . I run 3 wired connections for tv in my home office(dual monitor setup), in livingroon (with small htpc), and bedroom (with a small dell mini tower), plus run tv's in garage and basement from a laptop wirelessly. Setup requires the full alpha soup of dlna and playready compliant vid cards and hardware but i lovit! . And i've got the best integrated tv/computer access throughout the complete house house i've found yet! . (eat your heart out mac/iusers - i got it all! plus power user computer power and communications everywhere! and a persomal (synology)nas cloud! )0comment was this review helpful to you? yes no report abusecommentinsert product linkpaste the product's web address below:product not found. Only products offered on online store can be linked. Selectwhat's this? what are product links? in the text of your review, you can link directly to any product offered on online store. Com. To insert a product link, follow these steps:1. Find the product you want to reference on online store. Com2. Copy the web address of the product3. Click insert product link4. Paste the web address in the box5. Click select6. Selecting the item displayed will insert text that looks like this: asin:014312854xhamlet (the pelican shakespeare) 7. When your review is displayed on online store. Com, this text will be transformed into a hyperlink, like so:hamlet (the pelican shakespeare)you are limited to 10 product links in your review, and your link text may not be longer than 256 characters. Talk about why you like this review, or ask a question. Please write at least one wordyou must be in good standing in the online store community to post. Your message will not be posted. Please see our guidelines regarding objectionable content. You must purchase at least one item from online store to post a commenta problem occurred while submitting your comment. Please try again later. Guidelines sign in to comment showing 0 commentssort by: newest oldest there was a problem loading comments right now. Please try again later.

E. Mahood, York says

I really wasn't planning to purchase this when i did but being a comcast customer facing full encryption of all channels my qam tuners were going to be useless after the date in the letter comcast sends when they do this in your area. None of that is really important to how the device works which is very well and works well with comcast cable, i did have to reset the device a few times around christmas but its been on rock solid other than that since i got it. . Set up with comcast is easy once you speak to the correct people. Many reps are not properly trained or forget because cable card is not something most customer ask for or are aware of. I had to get a rep. That knew of this type of device and he referred me to the cable card call center at a special 800 number. At the cable card call center they were familiar with this and the ceton infinitv as well as tivo. I was told were to get a cable card and was able to get it from the local comcast office before the tuner arrived. Once i got the tuner i simply hooked up the power coax and network. Installed the software, then called the cable card call center again. At first when you get them online to activate it they will ask if its a tivo. I told them no that it was homerun prime for windows and from there they knew what to do. I had my cable up on two win7 computers in a short time. . I have the computers both on a gigabit switch with the tuner and notice no poor video performance. The tuner is supposed to have an app to allow you to view tv on tables and phones but i have not tried it on my android table or phone yet. I have not tried streaming over wireless either. . I am so far very pleased with this and how well it works the tuner and cable card and window media center come up with all the channel names much better for the guide than with the qam tuners i used before which makes guide set up much better. . This is a good product

G. Emily, Southwark

Got this to replace my motorola dvr from comcast. Went to my local comcast service center with my rental dvr (forgot the remote. Doh), switched it for a cablecard no problem. Dropped $17/month off the bill. This thing pays for itself in less than a year. Hooked it up to my router (netgear 10/100), installed the software on my windows 7 htpc, followed the instructions in wmc (which included a call to comcast for activation), and it was up and running in no time. Overall it was about a 2 hour process. I've got an xbox 360 in each room extending the central htpc, they handle the signal no problem over ethernet. The wireless a dongle for one of the xbox's was choking on hdtv when it wasn't the only tuner in use. I've also set it up on a windows 7 laptop no problem, and on a ubuntu laptop using mythtv. The mythtv setup was a bit trickier, as the only way i could get it to work was by paying for channel info from schedules direct (and even then, the pay channels such as hbo can't come through because comcast flags them as copy-once). The interface on wmc is gorgeous, blows comcast's gui out of the water. No more page down. Page down. Page down while surfing for channels. You can even create channel playlists or change the channel number for channels you watch most frequently. If you use wmc, i highly recommend media browser and my channel logos to perfect the interface. Media browser is an incredible plug-in that pulls metadata for all your local files and presents them in a manner similar to xbmc. If you're sick of the awful comcast dvr/guide gui, do yourself a favor and pick this up along with a windows 7 htpc, you won't regret it.

. Anonymous, North Dakota says

After almost 20 years, my series 1 and series 2 tivo both stopped working. Time to get with 2018 so i searched online and discovered hdhomerun. Using only a rooftop antenna, (we cut the cable years ago) the connect duo 2-tuner was just the ticket to finally start recording shows in an hd format and bye analog less than sharp picture. The unit arrived quickly and easily hooked up as instructed. (we are using a wired ethernet which is recommended over wi-fi. ). . In order to tape shows, however, you need an external hard drive. Silicondust pushes the wd nas drives but you can actually use any external hard drive. The dvr software that silicondust provides is as they say a "work in progress" and yes, it is evolving. . Just know this: once unit is installed on your computer (pc in our case) and your unit is "discovered in set-up", download dvr software. The minimal $35 a year dvr electronic programming guide fee is worth it as you get great visuals and info on shows and search features (and one e. P. G. Can be used with multiple hdhomerun units in your home). Also "discover" shows feature. (if a show does not populate in search or guide, you can simply search for it to locate. ) when setting up dvr software and you go through steps to indicate storage of programming, browse to find your already installed external hard drive and apply change. When you come to external hard drive with nas set up, if you are not using an nas drive, just click to finish. Our unit found and began using the external drive as it's recording storage source. Note: at time of this review, the instructions on using dvr functionality including recording and options available is extremely limited if at all. The online tutorial videos do not fully address all potential questions that could arise. . Pros:. *easy to install. *unit pulled in over the air signals stronger than original over the air decoder box. *hd viewing on your tv. *no cable bills! . *pairs with downloadable hdhomerun dvr software (which is evolving. ). *shows are recorded in . Mpeg format which loads easily into our sony movie studio editor. *can pause a show to grab a large file screen capture (using microsoft snipping tool. ). . Cons:. *instructions are vague on dvr software. *instructions are vague on faq or potential problems. *dvr set up does not require their "sponsored" wd nas drives as heavily pushed (and offers 0 troubleshooting help online at their site or fully explains the options at time of this purchase/review. ). *no remote. Although your phone can be used to remotely view programming, you must have wi-fi on and working. *cannot manually set dvr to record specific times within a show or manually set to record a channel. (say if you wanted to record only the first 15 minutes of a 30 minutes show, you can't. ). . Our connect duo 2-tuner did record two shows at once and stored them as we directed in our external (seagate 6tb) drive. To record a show individually rather than an entire "series" you simply click on the show you want to watch and then the 14 days programming guide will populate all of the upcoming shows of that series. Simply click on the line of the show you want to record and the red record button will illuminate to indicate it is scheduled. (you can check in "tasks" to make sure. . We purchased our unit and everything described and were not compensated in any way for our honest user review.

. Eleanor, Leicester

This thing is excellent. Tuners like this are usually a gigantic headache to setup for the uninitiated or inexperienced, but if you follow the directions correctly with this one it sets up like a breeze. Also, unlike a lot of pvr-related ventures, the software support is excellent. I've had little to no problems getting this tuner to work with the cablecard once i set things up right, i had another pvr machine (a hauppage i think it was), which was an absolute headache to even get off the ground let alone get it to work the way i wanted it to (with ancient, outdated software that barely worked) - the hdhomerun was a whole different experience from that tangled nest of confusion. . My media machine is a linux (ubuntu 14. 04/mint rebecca) and my desktop is a windows 8. 1 and neither of them had problems accessing the network stream from the tuner. Depending on which software backend/frontend you choose, you could get a really nice setup (i use emby, kodi, and mythtv - i could probably pick one and stick with that but each one excels in different areas so i just use all 3). . Highly recommend. I know if i ditch my cable (and cablecard) i'm definitely getting another silicondust hdhomerun.

L. Guest, Poitou-Charentes says

This is my second "tv tuner", i have a ceton 4 channel tuner as well. This review is based on one big assumption, its a big one, your cable card is setup correctly by your cable company. With that said. . While this was not my first rodeo, installation (see above caveat) was crazy simple. Execution was even easier. After i plugged it in, put in the cable card, run the hd software, setup with windows media center (which auto found the tuner) up and running in less than 5 minutes. . As i stated i have a 4 channel tuner by ceton which is connect by usb on my pc. Its a couple years old, therefore it is not connected via network. This created a restriction of not being able to watch live channels, well, not easily watching live tv. The hd home run prime solves this problem. On android, you can download the hd view app, for ipad you can download instatv pro ($11. 99 by the way kinda pricey) which works amazing. You can not airplay from what i have read, but i have an ipad mini connected to a monitor it does mirror. . Based on support and ease, i would buy this vs the ceton.

Z. Angelica, Torbay

So far great product. Ceton is dead and broken. I bought this in hopes it could replace my ceton and it worked out of the box i was surprised. Was surprised it picked up all cable card channels right away and didn't need any funny stuff with wmc. Literally plug and play if you wanted it to be. I have it integrated into plex / emby without hassle. That said i would actually dump this plex / emby if the normal hd home-run player had a guide worth something (xbox / pc etc there all the same). Its 95% on its way to replacing all wmc has to offer but you need a better guide than a side scroll showing just a listing that's on. I feel that most users want that tv guide were all used to having that shows a few hrs and channels at the bottom on the screen. For this i take off 1 start as this would be a massive improvement and negate the need for 3rd party apps.

R. Rhonda, Ealing says

As advertised . Still waiting for the ability to play drm content (very important). Trying to root cause digital artifacts symptoms. Would appreciate knowing if other buyers are also experiencing occasional pixellation and software they are using to render the video (e. G. Hdhomerun software, vlc, mplayer, quicktime, other). The experience is more or less universal across these players. . Lan is clean in my case (no retransmits of any general traffic)

. Hakala, Shropshire says

Bought this product, paired it with a cablecard from verizon fios and connected it to my network. It flawlessly distributed up to 3 channels of hd tv at a time to various devices in my house. I've had intermittent issues with using it via wifi but that could very well be an issue with my network itself, not this device. For anyone wanting to stream their current cable internet to computers, phones, tablets, smart tv's etc. This device is perfect.

B. Sally, Louisiana

Probably one of the best alternatives to a cable box. I've gone the last 6 years without a "tv" and have just used my desktop as a dvr/tv. This 3 tuner box is an upgrade from my old ati all in wonder for sure. The fact the tuners are shared on the network makes it amazing, i can watch (although it gets choppy) tv on my back deck or in my bedroom, in the shower or in the garage. If the roommates want to watch something they can too. . Getting the cable card setup isn't terrible if you've done it before but for first time users google is your best friend. Silicondust does their best with tutorials though and it's a big step up from the older days. Personally i'd recommend anything but comcast but when you're stuck with them because of location this should help you save a few bucks and have some freedom

P. Fabian, Florida says

For years i used an ati 650 pro clear qam tuner to access the unencrypted digital channels from comcast. It was working great but comcast's decision to start encrypting channels, even the limited basic subset, put an end to that. . I therefore looked for a cablecard tuner and ended up ordering the prime from online store. . Getting a cablecard from comcast was easy. However understanding the pricing upfront is close to impossible. In my market comcast provides one cablecard for free. But does not make it clear it may come with a monthly additional outlet fee. Which in turn my be partially offset by a credit for owning your own equipment. On top of that a special/lower price may apply for the year following the start of the encryption if you get the card within a limited window. What i gathered is that the cablecard is completely free if you subscribe only to limited basic channels or do not have a cable box. But if you subscribe to more than limited basic and already have a cable box you may be charged up to $10/month offset by a $2. 50/month credit (which comes to about $7. 50/month). . The hardware is great and works well as long as you connect the pc(s) to it via a wired connection. Connecting to it over a single 20 mhz 802. 11n channel in the 2. 4 ghz band (72 mbps link speed) is ok for sd programming but not good for hd programming. However connecting to it using multiple 802. 11ac channels in the 5 ghz band (600 mbps link speed) is fine for hd. In other words do not plan to connect to it wirelessly unless you have high-end wi-fi equipment (netgear r6300v2 router paired with wd my net ac bridge works for me). . The software package is very lean (under 10 mb). It includes the driver and a simple viewer to make sure everything is working fine (with the unencrypted channels if any). It does not include any audio/video codec so the viewer may not work if you don't already have such codec installed (and that may be the case if you don't have a dvd drive in your system). This can be easily remedied by downloading a free codec such as ac3filter from the internet. . Assuming you are planning to use windows media center you then need to obtain it. It is bundled with most editions of windows 7 but not windows 8/8. 1. If you have a basic edition of windows 8/8. 1 be ready to shell up to $100 for the pro pack. . One you have windows media center installed you need to run the included digital cable advisor so that wmc can be set to use the cablecard in the prime. I had no problem on systems using an intel cpu but on systems using an amd cpu i had to disable hardware virtualization in the bios and uninstall hyper-v so that the tool could run. Once the digital cable advisor is happy you are good to go. . If you then want to stream the programs from a windows media center pc to your tv the cheapest xbox360 configured as a windows media extender is a good solution. You may want however to get a media remote to make it as convenient as using a cable box. . Finally if you want to watch tv on an android tablet there are two third-party applications that can directly access live tv streams from the prime (at least for unencrypted channels if any): homeruntv and instatv pro. Note that they both require additional free software to be installed before they can work (a player for homeruntv and a codec package for instatv pro). And that as mentioned above the wireless bandwidth may limit you to sd channels.

N. Angela, Reading

Excellent dvr alternative. There are a few things to keep in mind. 1) you need to keep a computer with windows media center connected. 2) you will need to do a bit of work with the cable card and setup. . The product itself. I've been using it for several months (i bought it used too). Good external build with minimal number of lights, simple exterior. It works very well. This box does much of the work of recording by itself. Some recorder attachments require a lot of computer resources this box does not. Much of the work is done inside the box by its own hardware. I haven't noticed any undue glitchyness, or other random errors. . If you want to make the most of the system here are some tips. . 1) xbox 360's are media center extenders. This will allow you to send (for free $0/month) your live tv, and recordings from your windows computer to your xbox in any room of the house. This is amazing! some folks even use multiple xbox's for multiple rooms of the house. 2) grab yourself a copy of a program like mcebuddy, you can convert many shows to mp4 (including commercial removal). 3) see if you can get a cable card for free or cheap from your cable provider. Comcast for instance may offer discounts if you only use cable cards. 4) a couple cable providers have xbox apps. This is important, because the hdhomerun prime does not get on-demand services. Xfinity(comcast) does have an on-demand app for the xbox. I think a couple others have similar apps. Which may negate needing to buy this box if you own an xbox. (i believe one provider has a live tv app). . 5) extend-ability - if you need more space to keep a large number of shows or movies, or want to share with multiple rooms of the house and require more rooms with dvr boxes, more tuners, etc. Just stack! buy another xbox, hdhomerun, hard drive, etc whatever you need an add it into the system. No more 500 gb dvr limits!

U. Erin, Northern Territory says

This thing is awesome. I have it set up with windows media center (which is a continual dissapointment due to it's lack of development, but that is neither here nor there). . I have this connected with a comcast m-card, which was a bit difficult to set up. After initially plugging it in i was able to see most of the channels i subscribed to, however there was some trouble with getting comcast (xfinity? ) to send the right channel lineup as i have a couple of premium channels that didn't work. Despite multiple calls and many hours on the phone it wasn't until a tech came out and added the "host" and "data" fields of this unit onto my account. Now of course i could have given this info to the phone support had i known they needed it but the techs essentially have no knowledge of this type of setup. Usually i could get close to the right department by telling them it was a tivo (which also uses an m-card), but it was still a hassle to explain it. Of course when the tech came out he literally spent all of 5 minutes to get things. . I blame comcast for these issues, not silicondust. However i think this initial setup could be improved if both silicon dust and comcast work together to develop additional documentation for this unit and make it easy for phone techs to find. At that point people in the future won't have as difficult a time as i did. . Once you've got it setup, the windows media center setup is pretty painless and automatic. I had some issues recently with guide data being wrong, check the guide data on msnbc website to verify for your zipcode, but i was able to get that fixed by tweeing at rovicorp, who provides that data. . I'm also investigating the new silicondust dvr. While there are a lot of limitations (no live tv as of yet, and no protected content i. E. Hbo) it looks like in the coming i will move over to that from windows media center. . It's worth saying again, this little box does it's job incredibly well, and is absolutely worth the money. It's already paid for itself in saved cable box rental fees, plus now i have far more recording space than any comcast box would ever ship with.

A. Lawrence, Minnesota

I love this box. I wish i would have found it sooner. I have replaced 3 verizon stbs dropping my bill by $40/month in rental equipment fees. Now i simply pay $5/month for a cable card from verizon and can still watch tv on up to 3 tvs without any loss of services. . With my setup i have apple tvs (gen 4) connected to 2 of my tvs. I installed the channels app which has a beautiful and easy to use tv guide to stream tv. For my third tv i installed the hdhomerun app on my xbox one. The guide on that works great after a brief time to download the channel line up. I was already running a plex media server so i can dvr shows and movies and have an app called mcdbuddy which strips the commercials and converts the video format to mp4 so i can sync the video to many different devices for on the go offline viewing. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to shave the costs of their tv bill.

X. Garner, Virginia says

Bought this device because i got tired of our painfully slow cable-company provided dvr box. I initially looked into getting a tivo, but decided against that when i discovered there was a monthly fee in addition to the high price of the box. Consequently, the fact that i build computers for a living, i decided to build my very first htpc box out of some spare parts i had in addition to the silverstone aluminum/steel micro atx media center/htpc case ml03b (black). . I called the cable company, and they said i would need a cable card and tuning adapter (the tuning adapter is necessary to receive channels that broadcast via switched digital video (sdv). As i came to realize, this includes most of the premium channels like hbo. They sent a guy to my house to hook everything up. Most installers really won't have a clue regarding these devices. Mine had never even heard of it. After i explained what i was attempting to do (i was essentially building my own tivo box), it made the process somewhat easier. Basically the cable coming into the house was split between my cable modem and the tuning adapter, and from there into the input of the hdhomerun - which i had already configured via my laptop and attached to the network. After doing an initial channel scan, i only received 30 channels. After the installer replaced the card, i received many more, but still was not receiving sdv content like hbo. . Figuring that it was probably just an issue on the cable company's end, i sent the installer on his way. After a few days of still having problems receiving those channels, i had them bring another guy out. He too was not very knowledgeable about the setup, so needless to say he was not much help. Wanting to get this sorted out, i decided to check the instructions once again. It was then i realized that i had missed a crucial step in the process. In order to get those sdv channels i had to interface the prime with the tuning adapter via a usb cable and voila! all the missing channels became available after a rescan. Needless to say, don't miss this step! after doing some research i discovered that sdv requires two-way communication and the usb port provides this. . In order to get the most use from the hdhomerun prime, i installed windows media center on the htpc and configured it to the prime. As someone who is very familiar with windows os, i was completely ignorant of the capabilities of wmc. It is a pretty compelling media center solution. It really left me wondering where i had been all these years! ? the fact that it is running on a relatively fast pc, it is a much more responsive and intuitive than the old junker dvr boxes provided by cable companies. Moreover, the fact that it can access three tuners means my wife can record her shows without interfering with me watching the ball game. Also, the fact that i don't have the cost of the dvr on my bill any longer, the htpc build should pay for itself rather quickly. Add an extender or two (i already had an xbox 360) and you essentially have dvr and digital cable viewing in multiple rooms. Performance is great. Hd streams perfectly well. I even tested it on my laptop over wireless. . As some my have already noted, you lose access to on-demand channels with the hdhomerun prime. But if you have access to things like netflix and hbo go via the internet, are you really missing much? i originally requested just a basic hd box specifically for on-demand channels, but now i'm rethinking that decision. More money saved. Perhaps that will go towards another prime? six tuners would be icing on the cake!

F. Dorine, North East Lincolnshire

I have this running with windows media center (wmc) 7 and a cable card from charter communications accessing wmc via an xbox 360 as an extender. After several months running like this, i'm more than pleased. Within 9 months, i'll have saved beyond what it would cost me to rent their hd dvr (since it isn't free) even factor paying for the cable card. The tech helping with the install also mentioned that the guide in wmc was faster than on their dvr service. . Things to note for charter:. . - you won't get to use just this and their cable card. . - charter will hook up a digital tuner via usb cable to the hdhomerunprime. . - charter will require you to have it professionally installed as there are some things the tech must do. . - the tech will need to see info off the hdhomerun device in order to complete the install. The info can be accessed via the hdhomerun software for the device. . - video on demand services will not work with the prime unit. . Things to note for wmc7 and the hdhomerun prime:. . - when setting up the wmc to use the prime device, you cannot be on a headless system. This means that the wmc machine must have a monitor and speakers attached in order to run and pass the cable advisor test that will show up in the wmc addons gallery. You pc must also meet some basic minimum requirements spec wise and it's video card (or on-board video must support hdcp). I was accessing my wmc machine via vnc remote desktop and the prime device would also fail to completely initialize within wmc. Finally i discovered that i needed a monitor and speakers attached. In fact you must run the cable advisor test from the local wmc machine and not via remote desktop even if you have a monitor and speakers attached. . - if you have a network intensive household (multiple streaming devices, gaming, etc), you might want to consider putting in gigabit switches if your house is wired. It made a significant difference when i moved from 10/100 switches to all gigabit. While the xbox 360 is only 100 megabit, the rest of my machines are all gigabit. With 2 ota homerun devices and the prime device device hooked into my wmc, i can support recording 5 hd signals at once or watch 1 hd and record 4 at once. This takes up a healthy chunk of bandwidth. It was nice having the extra cushion of gigabit as i regularly have 3-4 recordings taking place at once during primetime hours. . - with wmc 7, it'll support 2 hdhomerun dual devices for over-the-air hd broadcasts along with one hd homerun prime device without the need to buy the hack to increase the number of tuners wmc will support. The over-the-air channels integrate into the guide as x. 1, x. 2, etc right in line with the regular numbered channels perfectly. Nothing gets messed up. . - have plenty of hard disk space. I'd seriously suggest getting a 2tb or larger drive and make sure you have a good processor and healthy amount of ram to support multiple hd recordings and playback at once.

K. Lara, Newfoundland and Labrador says

I have to say that this is a great tuner. I have a ceton pcie internal card in my media center and when my cable company just deleted all of our analog channels i decided to expand the media center pc to serve tv to all tv's in the house using media extenders (ceton echos). I tried a new 6 tuner ceton pci card but strangely it was difficult to get activated and tv would pixilate horribly after 60 minutes of live or recorded video, tried 2 cards both did this. Went back to the 4 tuner card and added this 3 tuner external tuner. Not only was setup (cablecard pairing) a snap, but performance with the media center is perfect. . A real added plus is that you can also access these tuners from your home network from your smart tv (via dnla), from your pc desktop (using hdhomerun view free software), from an iphone/pad as well. If the media center needs a tuner to record a show, it will have priority. It performs beautifully! i am a new fan of silicon dust products!

. Susan, Bayern

I have 3 of these and have been using them for the last 3-4 years. . It can take some time to set these up with whatever media server you plan on using. They began developing their own "dvr" application, which is in beta, but it lacks a good t. V. Matrix. Rumor has it, the typical matrix you see with most (all? ) dvr's / t. V. Providers is patented, and they aren't willing to pay to utilize it, so the alternative is what they ran with, which stinks. This doesn't stop you from utilizing a different media center software (which was originally the only option you had). . Windows media center (old, yes, and at some point supposedly not going to be supported by microsoft, although they have promised they will develop an alternative before they stop supporting the old windows media center) is probably the "easiest" way to get things working. The only downfall is you need a xbox 360 as a media center extender (basically your remote "t. V. Box" to view what the server has recorded or to view live t. V. ". . Alternatively, you can use kodi/mythtv. There's a couple youtube videos on how to set it up in a server/client setup, where 1 server handles tuning it and recording (just like windows media center), but the client's are also running a full version of kodi on a client machine (raspberry pi 3 model b with the mpeg codec works just fine). . The only problem i have had in the last 4 years have been with microsoft, not with silicondust. You might have an issue getting them activated with your cable company because they lack the knowledge on how to get things going, but silicondust support can help in the event you run into an tech that doesn't know what they are doing. . I have 3 xbox 360's, connecting to a server that can tune in or record 9 channels are once. This would have easily cost me $40-$60 a month for the last 4 years in equipment fee's. It's paid for itself, the server it's running on, and all 3 xbox's in the last 4 years.

O. Lindsey, Hawaii says

I may have previously been one of those people that might occasionally have downloaded tv shows from the not-so-available-as-of-late sites, and i got tired of always trying to find a new watering hole. . On a whim i bought one of these, and spun up mythtv in a vm to just start recording all the tv my family watches as it airs. . This thing is great. Companies so soften this sort of product wrong my offering all sorts of complicated software and crippling functionality, but silicondust got it right. . Cable in, network stream out. Such a simple concept. Even supports dlna, so i can watch tv right devices that i didn't have cable connected to before. . Only thing missing is "live" trans coding to h. 264. I had to configure mythtv to do this after the fact. I hear they may add it in the next gen product.

J. Gilmore, Salford

This is such a great product. I use it with windows media center and it works so much better than ceton infinitv 4 pcie, usb or 6 pcie, usb. When i had the ceton 4 usb i had to reboot it every three days or it would stop recording correctly. I then switched to an infinitv 4, but the firmware flash system was broken and it was out of warranty so i made the switch to the infinitv 6 which didn't work and their technical support couldn't get it to work either. In fact they refunded my money as it just didn't work for me. That said as this products main competition appears to not function this product didn't have to even work very well to be the best, but actually on its own it is seamless. I would put it in the category of, it just works, setup was a breeze and it hasn't had any issues at all. The company even recently had a kickstarter campaign to create their own media center dvr solution for use instead of media center. This will come in handy when microsoft pulls the plug on the guide data on media center. . The other aspect of this product is that it saves me around $50. 00 - $60. 00 a month in dvr / cable box fees. I have my main media center pc in the living room and 3 xbox 360 extenders in other rooms in my house. Needless to say this product pays for itself and is factually the only reason i still have cable. I refuse to pay for leased equipment so dish, directv, and uverse are out. If you are going to have cable i highly recommend this as an option to save a ton of money!

C. Guest, Texas says

First off, let me say that this product, silicondust hdhr3-cc hd. Homerun prime, is fantastic and fully lives up to its promise. . What prompted me into buying it was that verizon fios just raised the monthly rental fee on their hi-def set-top-box (stb) to $11. 99/month. I had two of these, so the new monthly stb rental would be over $25/month with taxes added. I had been contemplating cutting the cable cord, and this stb rental fee increase was what pushed me review my options. The price of fios internet service by itself, which i would still need, was only about $20 less than the bundled internet & tv together if the stb rental was eliminated (i get no premium channels). So, before cutting the cord completely, i wanted to try eliminating or reducing the costs for the equipment rental first. I looked into alternatives and found the homerun prime. . I exchanged the 2 hi-def stbs for a cable card which costs $4/month rental, saving me over $20/month, so the cost of the homerun prime will be recouped in savings in less than a year. . The activation of the cable card was easy with verizon's online activation, and i was up and running in just a few minutes. Plus, i now have more features than before. I get 3 tuners and can watch hidef tv on 3 tv's/computers instead of just the 2 tvs that the stbs were connected to. I now get a free dvr with terrabytes of storage by using windows 7 media center on my desktop pc to record shows. The shows i record on my desktop pc can be watched on other pcs hooked to tvs as monitors, or on a laptop pc. . One weakness of the homerun-prime is that the tuners are not as sensitive as the stbs supplied by verizon. Initially, my verizon signal was split via coax to 4 outlets in the house. One for the actiontek internet router, and 2 for the motorola stbs, plus 1 to a room that had nothing hooked up. With the 4-way split signal (about 6 or 7 db weaker from the split) the stbs had no pixelation or stuttering, but the homerun prime initially had problems with pixelation/stuttering on some channels. Removing the house-wide splitter, sending the signal only to my office where the router was installed, and putting only a single 2-way splitter (about 3 db loss) to get the signal to both the actiontek internet router and the homerun prime, improved the signal quality by about 3 or 4 db which was enough to cure the pixelation and stuttering. So, while the tuners in the homerun prime are a bit weak, they are fine if you get a strong enough signal from the verizon fios optical network terminal (ont) - the box at the fiber entrance to your home where the fiber enters and the coax signal leaves. . Other potentially useful information:. 1. One of my tv's is "smart" and has a built-in dlna application. While it can "see" the homrrun-prime tuners on the network, it can't access them directly, so to watch the cable channels i still need a pc running windows media center (or similar extender) hooked to that tv to substitute for the old stb. . 2. There is a nice $5 third party program called mychannellogos which allows you to not only add the logos of the cable tv channels (helpful in browsing the guide), but also lets you increase the number of lines of listings displayed in the windows media center guide. . 3. It helps to upgrade your wired network to gigabit ethernet to stream the hi-def stuff around the house. . 4. Wireless streaming strains the limits of wireless-g for even a single hidef program, and wireless-n might not be able to handle more than a single stream to wifi connected laptops or tvs. Go for wired ethernet connections to your tvs if possible. . All in all, i'm greatly impressed by the homerun prime, and feel compelled to give it the praise it deserves. . For those, like me, not quite ready to cut the cable cord completely, it is a great money-saver.

Top hdhomerun extendfree broadcast Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Smith, Trafford says

I'm writing a 2 star review for a product that i should love. It was easy to get up and running, the video quality is very good and it basically does what it is supposed to do. So why am i giving this a 2 star review? . . The hdhomerun is a hardware/software solution. The hardware seems to do its' job very well but the software makes the package almost a complete fail. First, the is only free software for windows 10, mobile and xbox, which would great for me if the software was any good. Second, the is no free software available for firestick, ios or android. Finally, even though it integrates with media centers, it does not have a way for them to play protected channels within the same network that the hdhomerun software does. . Hdhomerun software. Several channels seem to only work on a spotty basis. This is not a protection or network issue since other channels do not have any issue. You cannot filter stations that you don't want to see in the channel selector, there is no up and down controls, last station, favorites and pretty much any set of standard tv controls that you would expect. Sometimes, it's even a challenge to keep the channel selector on screen when needed, especially on the xbox with the tv type remotes. On top of that the software has issues with amd drivers (silicondust acknowledges). . No free software for android, ios, roku or online store fire devices. This is a major issue since the hardware is worthless without the software. If they choose not to support some of the tv os's that's up to them, but i think they need, at least, windows, android, ios and firetv devices (maybe roku). . Media centers. My media center of choice is plex. I understand that plex has the ability to broadcast over the internet and that would be an issue with protected media. However, plex is also aware of the network that it runs on and could follow the same rules as the hdhomerun software. Since the hdhomerun software is so lacking, not being able to use a media center as a full replacement makes this a major issue. . What would it take for me to give 5 stars? give the software away for free. 3 stars. Fix the software 4 stars. They could have charged $25 more for the device and i would have paid. The 5th star would need features like channel mapping (so the hdhomerun could operate similar to my cable boxes) and guide services. . This are my opinions based on what i would like to see, your mileage my differ.

N. Patton, Tennessee

I've owned mine for eleven months, and it has worked well enough for nine. I always had issues with streaming it over wireless but i never invested in my router so i didn't really mind. About three months ago the cable feed started to flicker. I upgraded my router thinking that may have been the issue to a netgear r700 and the flicker remained. But to my surprise the wireless streaming never got any better. I upgraded from a linksys e2500 10/100 to a dual core 1ghz cpu, three antenna ac, gigabit router. And the wireless stream still sucked? that is a jump in wireless tech by like two gens. I talked to comcast, they said the lines were good and i have internet through them which is working fine i tend to believe them. And the support at silicondust told me to change some dynamic contrast settings (a solution i had found and tried before). It happens on all my devices: my desktop which is hooked up to a plasma tv, my laptop which uses an lcd panel, my phone which uses a superamoled screen, everything! the only type of display i haven't tested it on is an old crt or tube tv, and maybe dlp i guess, that is a different display tech. I should have gone with the ceton network tuner. Twice the price but twice the tuners plus it's probably made better.

R. Cunningham, Georgia says

I will preface my review with the fact i'm technical and consider the effort to get the hdhomerun prime working to be a novice level task. . That out of the way, i was incredibly disappointed with the unit i had. Setup and installation were a breeze as i was using this in windows media center where the prime, the htpc and my router coming in from verizon (fios) in my family room. . As others said, after about 15 minutes of following the directions, i was up and running. Hurrah i thought, it works as advertised. Then my htpc went to sleep. . The next time i opened windows media center, nothing worked. The tuner gave me an error message that all tuners were in use. This was odd, considering no other device in my household has any silicon dust software running on it and no other device has windows media center. After a lot of checking cables and playing with the router and verifying connectivity, it still didn't work. . I backed out of the install, and started again from the very beginning. This time around, i received error messages that the cable card was not activated and i needed to contacy my provider. This made no sense as i had literally taken the cable card out of my tivo which has been working fine for the last year on fios and plugged it into the hdhomerun prime. . After a lot of fiddling and tweaking, i was able to get in a state where the quicktv app for silicon dust was ok, but i couldn't get windows media center to recognize the tuners (either getting a 'weak signal' or the dreaded 'all tuners are in use'). . I tried working through their customer support, i tried everything in the forums, i couldn't get it to work. Others had similar symptoms and issues and as i, were directed to beta firmware to try and fix it. . Being as this product has been on the market for a year, and being as windows media center is the only real use case for it, i expected it to behave much better than it did. . It's a shame though, because i really liked it and wanted it to work and have had no issues with other hdhomerun products i've used in the past.

F. Wells, Kentucky

The system basically works. The software is a bit unstable and the updates are not very well organized to id new versions. . I did notice that they have not had very many updates this year. I think this product has a huge potential. The cable providers and the dish providers are screwing us all. The market is going to change. I would encourage the silicon dust folks to continue to develop this product.

B. Wade, City of Bristol says

This device does what it is advertised to do. It is a pain to get set up, but once you have it set up, it works as advertised. The main issue i have with this device is that there is little to no software out there (other than the defunct windows media center) that can display the drm channels from the cable company. So basically, unless you are using wmc, there is no point to having this device. I think hdhomerun is working on some software, but there is no confirmed dates for release. If/when there is software out there that can display these channels, then i might come back to this. But for now, i'm going to return and find another way to go.

L. Crawford, Kingston upon Thames

Missing some of my highest channels even after cable company review signal strength. I'm keeping it because it works with my plex server on a qnap nas.

. Olga, Southwark says

Complete lack of documentation for setup process.

X. Beale, Brent

Tested this against the tivo bolt. It is well designed and simple to integrate with a computer based entertainment system. I just found the bolt to be easier to operate day to day, where i had to operate from the computer with the homerun, i could operate from the couch with the bolt. If it's really important to you to be completely in control of every facet of your entertainment system, the homerun is the way to go.

K. Eva, Plymouth says

Works one day with our cablevision company. The next day it locks out all of the primuim channels i pay for. Their tech support stopped answering my calls two weeks ago. ( sorry douglas. Had to rat on you. ). ; cablevision has no clue whats wrong. Looks like another failure in the industry to me.

E. Judith, Buckinghamshire

Just couldn't get it to work with my cable tv provider-new wave communications. I don't think that i ever explained it well enough that they understood what i had and what was needed from them. I gave it 3 stars because i don't believe that there was anything with the hdhomerun and it is has great potential for those who can get it to work. But i never saw it perform. I think the company needs to provide orientation for the cable companies including regional ones like new wave on what the device is and how to set it up. Hopefully i will be able to return it.

D. Hakala, Arizona says

I have optimum cable & 8 tv's. 90% of optimum service is drm which means you have to use hdhomerun view app that cost effectively runs good on google nexus player runnung android 5. 1. 1 or greater. I used cheap used 2 netgear r6300, for 3000sq/ft coverage, running kong dd-wrt with 802. 11ac on the 5ghz for nexus players/tv's and n on 2. 4ghz for tablets and phones. Thanks dd-wrt and kong. The prime is a good solution, but it would be a great solution if their view app was better then just the basic. This thing would rock if the app was as fast as its peers and featured . Features like a guide, last channels viewed and channel lists.

. Michele, Oxfordshire

Works but not the best. The software really sucks though.

. Dorine, Picardie says

The idea behind it is good but installation on the client side is not straightforward and requires a lot of config, even for windows pcs. Also, tablet and smart phones will require you to buy a specific app, otherwise, its just too problematic. Product has potential but needs maturing. Once its setup, it works well.

I. Julie, Islington

Along with the hdhomerun prime, of which i purchased, i'm renting a cablecard & a cisco sta1520 tuning device from cox communications. The only way i can view non-drm channels is to use windows media center with a bunch of add-ons installed (digital cable ready, play on, etc. ). . I'm a kodi/xbmc user as windows media center is second rate and only plays a handful of video formats (no . Iso), no plugins, channel changing is slow and clunky, plus beyond windows 7 microsoft now charges extra for it. . So, to make this work on all tvs i need a pc located at each tv, running windows media center. Third party server programs such as serverwmc work, but only on non-drm channels. I don't care what they advertise, it doesn't work with pay channels. The only channels that are non-drm are the local channels and i can get those with an antenna. . So, this setup is a bust for me and i see no purpose for it. . Luckily, i kept my old setup of a hauppauge hd pvr running into nextpvr on my home server pc. It's slow and clunky as well but at least i can watch any channel, drm or not, on all my tvs using a plugin for kodi/xbmc and nothing more. No wmc, no cablecard, no cisco tuner, no additional monthly rental fees!

. Kellie, Alsace says

Unit won't work at gigabit speeds with the intel 82579v nic with out constant pixelation. Had to lower my ethernet connection speed to 100 to get this thing to work. Other then that it works as advertised. I had some network issues that were not a fault of this unit and it became more hassle then it was worth trying to record tv with a computer so i've stopped using this product and have gone back to my tivo. Good luck.

T. Pearce, Worcestershire

This is the 2nd unit i have used and both tuners have stopped working. The only reason i give it two stars is because silicon dust was very good supporting the defective product the first time around. They responded quickly and had me ship them the defective unit then shipped me a replacement (refurbished) unit, which lasted less than 3 months before it also stopped working. I suspect they have these issues a lot and if it were a $20-30 tuner, i'd likely just buy a new one but having to spend $80-100 a year to replace these is not exactly cord cutting. Got no response from tech support this time and unit is out of warranty. Good luck

Z. Rose, Dudley says

This device works well, however the software is crude and barely usable on android & windows. It has so much potential. They need to rewrite their client app for android. Their own app can't even access their own favorites list. It does work well with xbox one and kodi, but it's future hinges on it's android tv box market. Until they fix their android app they will be a big disappointment. Spotty control, even worse support for hardware and software mpeg2. Spotty support for drm. . The 3rd party instatv app is far superior to their own app, but also lacks drm support. These guys could make millions if they ever fixed their android app. The cord-cutters in the world would snap this up in a heartbeat.

Q. Joanna, St. Helens

Issue was dead power supply on the unit when it arrived i went back to get a replacement but they were out of stock so i had to buy a power supply separate to get this to work

Y. Susana, Tameside says

Used many differnt types of tuners, from i like this stand alone solution less to worry about if it doesn't work just reboot and usually fixes issues. They are pretty good about putting out firmware to fix bugs and keep it compatible. . I would not recommend if you beginner, have to understand a little of how cablecards work and how computers work.

U. Denise, Telford and Wrekin

I like the idea. But unfortunately without an app that show drm channels. It's useless.

H. Benton, Louisiana says

I have it set up on fios with a 150mbps ethernet connection, panasonic 50 9uk display, onkyo tx-sr607 receiver and a online store fire tv. The picture quality is nowhere as good as it is on the fios cable box. Its' grainy and the video displayed is much smaller. If a substandard picture is ok for your viewing you should be able to replace some or all of your cable boxes. . Make sure that you put the cable card in the right way(label side up) that it is pushed in all the way and that you have two solid green lights for proper cable card validation. . Update: poor picture quality was caused by the fire tv. Using any hdhomerun device with a fire tv will cause. Deinterlacing issues. There doesn't seem to be a current fix for this problem. The picture quality on a windows 7 pc was good. . I have upgraded my rating from 2 to 3 stars.

A. Valencia, North Lincolnshire

The tuner works, installation is easy. For completeness, i'll say it's a little signal sensitive, it doesn't always come back by itself after a brief signal problem. Works great with wmc. . But i sent it back because i couldn't get it to work with twc. 1) we tried three tuning adapters (needed to get switched digital channels) and got the same failure on each. This means only about half of the promised channels are really available. 2) most of the tv programming is copy protected, which means i can't access it over my network, can't even play it on another software video player, and can only save it in it's exact form and till i get a new computer. It looks like the industry has won the battle to keep us from saving our recorded shows. . The tuner works and the hd is beautiful, but these restrictions cut its value and usefulness.

O. Emily, Kansas says

I'm disappointed to say that due to lack of support to help resolve my issue, i returned the device for a refund. The connections to my unit would crash and reset in 10 minutes or less. The video would freeze, the audio would loop, the tuner light would flash and then turn off. I tried using the homerun viewer, vlc, the vlc browser plugin and windows media center with no luck. I had the same issues using 3 computers, 2 operating systems, 3 routers, a switch, ethernet and wifi, but all i was told was that i had packet loss and 2 network connections on one pc at the same time. Others seem to be having a much better experience than i did, so its possible i got a lemon and i'm surprised that support is limited only to email and there isn't any phone support available.

P. Courtney, Alaska

Pro -. Well i got it setup and i didn't have to call comcast. But if your not tech type of guy it might be to hard for you. Channels change fine there is split second delay sometimes but it doesn't bother me. . Con - don't buy open box

M. Teresa, New Hampshire says

I was really looking forward to having cable using this box on my network but one big drawback is it will not playback drm content on any of my players. Most of the channels on my provider (spectrum) are drm so that really kills it. The ones that don't have drm are mostly available with an antenna.

J. Jessica, Surrey

I would rate this product 5 stars if it could be used with apple tv 4 or the 2017 nvidia shield pro, but the drm issue hasn't been resolved. Unfortunately for me, my cable provider has the copy once flag set on every single channel so no channels can be decoded with this. If sd fixes that, i'll by this product again. I use sd's extend and connect and they work very well, but the prime has the drm issue.

G. Wanda, Darlington says

Software associated with the product needs to be improved to better handle hd content. Too much pixilation was observed when viewing programs. Given its close proximity to its end points video from the device should stream at least as well as internet streaming services do (e. G. Online store prime & netflix).

W. Kelly, Staffordshire

Great flexibility, using with windows 7 media center and with kodi. Works very well as long as you have very consistent internet. Cable tech had to amplify signal substantially to get rid of tiling over wifi. Best if used with direct ethernet connection or a high quality power line.

. Ross, Ontario says

Length of use: 1 year. . The good:. -help me save some extra cash for not paying for cable boxes. -record shows. -easy to use with windows media player. . The bad:. -set up could be a little challenging for many. I've pretty familiar with hardware, and been building my own pc for 20 years now, and the set up took a little longer than it should. Software, could also be improved. -it would randomly not work sometimes, and you have to reconfigure it with media player. -might have to download an extra plugin/extender with media player. -might have to call your cable provider to configure. -you have to hook this up directly from the modem to this box. If you hook this box, to a router, you will experience choppy, break up and interference. I am currently running 300mb/s line with asus rt-ac66u and this is till a problem. . Overall. -does it work? yes. -will you save money buying this instead of renting a cable box and hdr? yes. -does it work as well or better than a cable box? no. . You might not want to rush out and buy this right away. Maybe, wait for a good sale.

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