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Price was $697.00. I think the sonos system is fantastic. I've had it for a few weeks now and had no problems. It works seamlessly right out of the box. The app works great and the sound is flawless 99% of the time (you might occasionally experience some static but i believe that has more to do with my network than the speakers). I have the play 1, 3, 5 and soundbar and love how it works so easily and intuitively. Guests are always impressed. Using pandora, spotify and other platforms work like sonos had them in mind in designing the product. I really can't recommend this enough.

-N. Zelda

Playbar Tv Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming Tv Music Speaker. Works Playbar S Nine-speaker Design Floods Your Home Huge Waves Of Epic, Full-theater Sound For Tv, Web, Movies And Video Games. It Is Also A Stand-alone All-in-one Sonos Player That Allows -Sonos Playbar Tv Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming Tv Music Speaker. Works Alexa.

  1. Benefits: Connect Your Playbar To Any Echo Or Alexa-enabled Device, Then Just Ask For The Music You Love.
  2. Benefits: Syncs Wirelessly With Other Sonos Speakers So You Can Listen To Tv Or Music In Perfect Sync, Throughout Your Home.

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I expected high fidelity, and the bar disappoints by itself. Adding two sonos 1 rear speakers made all the difference and turned what i thought was lackluster sound into very good sound. With the 1's the bass is booming (in 15x15 room) when it needs to be booming, and the soundstage is sufficiently wide to make a very good replacement for a larger wired system. Without the rear speakers (just using the bar alone) i found the sound too localized to the tv, and the room was dead sounding when watching a movie with a big widely variable soundtrack. I don't have a sonos sub and think i'll go without it for awhile. The current bass seems fine for watching hdx movies, and the sound is clear and sharp. Best playbar tv soundbar wireless streaming | Sonos-Speakers Review ( Mar 2020 ) Benefits Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker. Works with Alexa. Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.. Connect your playbar to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.. Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.. Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.. Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.. Enhances speech for extra clarity. turn on night sound to enhance quiet sounds at lower volumes and reduce the intensity of loud sounds. dimensions while mounted - d x w x h 3. 35 x 35. 43 x 5. 51 inches. dimensions while resting - h x w x d 3. 35 x 35. 43 x 5. 51 inches .

Sonos playbar tv soundbar/ wireless streaming tv and music speaker. works with alexa. Review (pbar1us1blk)

The sonos playbar may seem expensive for a sound bar, but only if you look at it as just a sound bar. Really it does much more (and i'll get to that). But first, as a sound bar, it works well and is pretty easy to set up: plug in the power cord and an optical cable from your tv and that's it, as far as audio connections go. To fully configure the unit and get it to work with your existing remote, you'll need to install the sonos controller app (free) which runs on pc, mac, android and ios devices. In the app is where you "add a device" (add the playbar to your home network) and establish the sonos network in your home. . If you don't have any other sonos products in your home already, you'll need to either connect the playbar to a network router or network switch with a standard network cable (one of which is included in the box), or purchase a sonos bridge which plugs into your network router and allows the playbar to connect to your network wirelessly. The reason you need this is that the sonos mesh network is actually separate from your existing wifi network (it makes its own), which is great because it doesn't interfere with regular wifi traffic, and vice versa. This means fewer dropouts in your music. . Update: in 2014, sonos rolled out a software update that allows all existing sonos speakers to work without the need for a bridge. So as long as you have a solid wifi connection in your home, any sonos speaker (even a play:1 or the playbar) can play music wirelessly. . Adding the playbar to your sonos system requires pushing a couple of buttons on the unit itself when prompted by the app and then telling the sonos app what room it's in. Then you can program the playbar to respond to your existing tv remote or cable/satellite remote. An on-screen wizard walks you through this. Tip! - if you can't get the playbar to recognize commands from your dish or directv or cable remote, then you may need to first set up that other remote to control your tv. Most set top box remotes come without any tv remote commands pre-programmed into them so if you try to program it into the playbar, you won't get very far. This was a problem for me with a dish remote until i first programmed the dish remote to control my tv, then the playbar was able to see the remote and respond to it for volume control. Once you do that, you can do the basic operation of the bar (volume up/down) using your existing remote control, and you won't have to refer back to the app. The playbar's optical digital input automatically gets preference, so if you're listening to music on it, then turn on the tv, it will automatically switch over to tv sound. . In terms of sound quality, the playbar blows away any tv speakers i've heard. The thinner a tv gets, the worse it sounds. Speakers need some room to resonate, and the playbar has that, while flat panel tvs do not. Movie dialog, male or female vocals have a nice transparency on the playbar, treble and high frequencies are detailed without being harsh and bass response is tight, if not prodigious (there's only so much bass you can get from a small cabinet). . The playbar uses some acoustic and electronic techniques to expand the sound stage so it sounds wider than it is. I noticed this on a few songs and movies, but it was particularly obvious on rush "2112" and on the moody blues "wildest dreams. " the instruments appeared to be located outside the edges of the bar while vocals were locked in place in the center. There are a total of 9 speakers on the playbar (each with its own amplifier) and sonos uses this entire array to create a coherent soundstage. . But, as good as it sounds, the playbar isn't perfect. Bass is on the lighter side, and if you use the eq controls in the sonos app to boost the bass, it gets a bit boomy. Also, the playbar can get a bit congested and harsh when pushed to higher sound levels, though this is definitely better if you add the sonos sub. With the sub, the playbar can then allocate its amplification and drivers to the midrange and treble which are easier to drive without distortion. Also, these sonic deficiencies are only evident when comparing the unit to a dedicated surround sound system. . But there are two reasons why the playbar is unique and gets my recommendation: a. ) it's upgradeable to fully discrete and wireless 5. 1 surround (with the addition of the sonos sub and a pair of play:1 or play:3 speakers) and b. ) it's a sonos! (more on that later). I tested the playbar on its own and then with the sub and play:3 rear speakers. Adding the sub and rear speakers was a simple as adding the initial playbar to the sonos network, but there is a new option within the "room set-up" that allows you to group the play:3s, play:1s (or a connect amp) as surround speakers for the playbar in the same room. The set-up wizard asks a couple of questions about distance from listening position to the rear speakers and (for the subwoofer) some questions about the levels, but that's about it. . With the sub and play:3s added, the system was able to reproduce discrete 5. 1 channel dolby digital surround sound. I confirmed this using a 5. 1 channel test track from one of dolby's sampler discs as well as some movie clips and a couple of full length films. The playbar does not decode dts but this may not be a show-stopper for some as few tvs output or pass through dts. The issue with this or any sound bar that uses the tv's digital output for sound is that most tvs will not pass through a dolby digital 5. 1 signal from source through to tv output. Some sony tvs do it as well as some vizios and some lgs (there may be others), but most tvs will drop the signal down to 2-channel output at the fiberoptic digital out. For this reason, i would have liked to see a second digital input on the playbar as well as dts decoding. This way you could use one input for the tv and the second input for a dvd or blu-ray player to get discrete 5. 1 sound from that. I can understand why sonos chose this single-input approach - if there were an "input" function on the playbar to switch inputs, chances are things could have gotten confusing for some users. Still, for advanced users, the second input and dts decoding would have been appreciated. . There is a workaround to this issue (not the dts decoding, but the extra fiberoptic input), if you're willing to sacrifice some simplicity. You can buy a fiber optic digital audio switch box, connect your devices to this, plug its output into the playbar and then get discrete 5. 1 surround from dolby digital content on a cable box, streaming set-top box, dvd player or blu-ray player. There are several of these switches available on online store including this basic manual switch, and this more advanced remote-controlled switch. There are many others available like this. . In any case, the playbar does decode surround-encoded 2-channel pcm or dolby digital sound (which tvs do output) and will give you a reasonable surround sound stage even from this material as long as there is rear channel information encoded into the content. And if you do have a true 5. 1 source, like the streaming apps built into your tv (netflix, vudu, online store vod) or your tv's built-in atsc tuner, then you will get even better sound with discrete 5. 1 surround. . Watching a movie in full 5. 1 dolby digital surround on the system is a vastly improved experience over the playbar alone: bass is deep and extended without being bloated; surround effects emanate from all around the room and overall dynamic range is enhanced as the playbar is able to concentrate all its power on the front three channels, without having to worry about surround or low bass. The only caveat? adding the sub and play:3 rears brings the system cost from $700 to $about $1, 800 and that's a bit steep. . Sonos: the killer app for music. . In addition to being a sound bar, the playbar is also an independent wireless sonos zone. This means you can fire up the sonos app on your phone or tablet, access your digital music collection stored on a pc or local network drive (or in itunes on an iphone or ipad) and play it back through the playbar. You can also access a ton of different online music streaming services, some of which are free, and some of which require a subscription. I was finding songs and discovering new artists on spotify, accessing my local mp3 collection on my pc and streaming pandora radio stations just minutes after opening the box. And the nice thing about sonos is that it manages music from these different services in a single playback queue - so one song came from spotify, then a couple from one of my ripped cds, the next from spotify. You get the idea. . For those who say you can do that wireless music streaming stuff with airplay, or an appletv (etc. ), i say, "poppycock! " yes, airplay allows you to stream music from your phone, tablet or computer wirelessly. But to use apple tv, you're limited to the apple ecosystem (e. G. Itunes) and whichever apps apple chooses to enable. Sonos is more of an open platform with support for different file formats as well as all of the most popular music streaming apps and services. Also with appletv and virtually any other streaming media box, you have to have the tv on and switched to the correct input in order to hear anything or see what's playing. For music listening, this just isn't convenient. With the playbar, everything is driven through the sonos app on your smart phone, pc or tablet. Pick your music, press play and you're good to go. And when you want to switch back over to watching tv, the playbar handles that for you automatically so the sound matches the picture. . I found myself listening to a lot more music with the playbar in the living room, because it's not just easy but actually fun. If you're feeling adventurous (or home sick after a move) you can also access any of thousands of streaming internet radio stations, right within the app. . If you add on more sonos components (play:3, play:5, etc. ) throughout your home, you can decide which room gets which music, right from your smart phone, pc or tablet. It's an advanced multi-room audio system without the cost of installation or the need to rip up your walls. Also, with the playbar in the system and connected to your tv, you can pipe that tv sound to any other sonos wireless zone in your home which was an unexpected bonus. . For tv listening, the playbar has some nice features which work standalone or with the full 5. 1 system. "night" mode compresses the dynamic range so you can hear whispered dialog and subtle surround effects without the loud parts of the movie being overpowering. "speech enhancement" brings the dialog forward in the mix so you can make out what characters are saying, even when there are other distractions. You can use both at the same time or each feature independently. I tested both and found that they did make subtle but noticeable improvements to dialog intelligibility. And the night mode did equalize differences between soft and quiet points. I found i could keep "sherlock holmes: a game of shadows, " at a reasonable volume level and i didn't need to leap for the remote when the explosions kicked in. But for daytime movie viewing (and for music) i left these features turned off. . Turn-ons:. . * good sound overall, considering size. * simple connection, set-up and operation. * nice-looking unit. * flexible installation. * sonos app puts the world of music at your fingertips. . Turn-offs:. . * needs more bass. * gets a bit congested at high volumes. * could use a second fiberoptic input and dts support. * limited by tv's ability to pass through 5. 1 surround. * a little pricey. . Reviewing the playbar is a bit tricky. As a pure sound bar, it's a nice sounding simple solution that can plug and play with your existing tv and remote. But again, as a pure sound bar, it's expensive and doesn't offer the low bass extension of many more affordable sound bar/subwoofer combos. But unlike most sound bars, the playbar is upgradeable. Find the bass a bit light? add a sub. Want to experience discrete surround sound? add a pair of play:1s as surrounds. This is something most other sound bars simply cannot do. But what really sets the playbar apart from every other sound bar on the planet is that it's also a sonos wireless speaker with all the streaming musical goodness that the sonos platform has to offer. You'll come for the enhanced sound from movies and tv, but you'll stay for the music. Recommended. . Update (october, 2013): the rear channels of a playbar 5. 1 system can now be the new less expensive play:1 speakers, or you can use your own speakers with the connect amp. The play:3 is also still supported as a rear channel speaker for a playbar multi-channel system. . A more detailed review is available on big picture big sound (dot com). -L. Mary

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker

Product Dimensions
Height:3.33 inches
Length:35.43 inches
Weight:11.90 pounds
Width:5.51 inches
Brand New Open Box
Part/Serial Number
1 Year Coverage For Parts

playbar tv soundbar/ wireless streaming tv music speaker. works Speakers, Playbar s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for tv, web, movies and video games. it is also a stand-alone all-in-one sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your itunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. playbar connects to your tv using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your tv, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. connect playbar or bridge to your wireless router and link all sonos players wirelessly with one touch. note: to get started, you must wire either one player or bridge to your home network using a standard ethernet cable. Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (PBAR1US1BLK-Sonos).

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker Speakers

  • I am very impressed with quality of sound and the ease of use.
  • I'm very happy with my sound bar, and my sonos system in general. I have 2 play 3's, one play 5, and now the soundbar with 2 play 1's for surround. I may move the play 1's to another room, however, because they don't seem to make a difference. I put them right up to my ear during surround playback and can't hear anything. I suspect it's because my panasonic viera st50 tv audio out does not support surround, but i can't be sure. When playing stereo music via the controller (i. E. No tv involved) i also hear very little coming from the play 1. I've use dthe play 1 as a standalone speaker in the garden and it performs admirably for something so small.
  • Disappointing soundbar. Thought it would be a great purchase and am already invested with a bunch of other sonos gear. Bought the playbar and two play:1s since sonos says they can work together to do 5. 1 surround. Turns out the playbar doesn't support dts and because it only has optical in (no hdmi arc) it can't even support dolby digital plus. So the $700 playbar 90% of the time is playing 2-channel pcm stereo while my $199 soundbar downstairs plays every format i throw at it. After reading the sonos support forums it appears dts would be an easy software upgrade which has been requested by tons of their users, but sonos refuses to do it. Pretty disappointed all around with both product and company after that.
  • Sonos playbar sounds very good for tv, but lacking in bass. Not very good for music, sound is much too sterile sounding for me. Issue with no hdmi and 5. 1 will not pass through on my tv via the toslink cable. No hdmi makes the playbar feel a bit dated. Looked at using a switcher, but the sound quality did not make it worth the effort. I decided to return the playbar and purchased the sony htst5. The htst5 costs about $100 more than the playbar, but includes a wireless subwoofer. The htst5 has much better sound and handles 5. 1 and dts via a hdmi cable.
  • After having two of the sonos play5 for over a year we decided to get the playbar for our family room. We were very disappointed. Setup is super easy just like the other players but the sound quality is definitely lacking. Things are clear but it's a total waste of money without buying the very expensive subwoofer. This in no way shape or form gives you good quality sound on it's own if you like to watch movies or use a gaming console. Also, where the plug is located on it is ridiculous. We bought the wall mount for it as well and you can always see a bit of the cord because of the poor design. We really should have just sent this back but after cutting a hole in the wall and mounting it we kept it instead of doing wall repair and more shopping around. We had a bose system in our old house and i wish we would have went with that again instead of trying to save money with this product.

playbar tv soundbar wireless streaming Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker. Works with Alexa. (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Already had the sonos connect hooked to a receiver powering my rock speakers outside as well as a play3 in another room in the house, so i decided to ditch the home receiver & full on surround sound mess of home theater equipment in the living room. Couldn't be happier! while the playbar isn't going to give you total surround sound quality if you have a really advanced surround sound system (get the connect for that) - it is plenty loud enough to blast you out of a room. The set up is so simple and i love being able to now incorporate another room into my sonos choices. If this were a publicly traded company, i'd snatch up shares in a hurry! this company does it right and buying their components is addicting! i'd like to have one in every room! love sonos! buy one - you won't be disappointed!

Sonos Playbar Tv Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming Tv Music Speaker. Works Alexa.
Click to see NoticeSonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk)"Playbar (family room) + two play:3 (kitchen / living room) + one play:1 (master bedroom). Installation could not have been more simple and intuitive. Sound is amazing. Bridge is working well throughout the house - i was worried because we have a large house and thick walls - but it's working seamlessly. Love the app. Loving everything about it. Was a little worried about some of the reviews, but our experience the past few days since christmas has been stellar."

(0) Question: Is there a way to connect all my inputs to a denon 1612, connect that to the tv, and have the soundbar play sound from all sources?

(1) Question: Is there an option where i can use my cable remote to control the volumne of the sonos playbar?

(2) Question: Will a sonos tv soundbar significantly improve the clarity of speaking in movies and netflix? (or does it only improve music sound).

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SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar

An easy and secure wall-mounting solution for sonos playbar.

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR SoundbarSONOS-Wall-Mount-PLAYBAR-Soundbar

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.05 pounds
Model :    N/A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sonos product review) for SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $31.20 (was $39.00)
  • Makes playbar easy to install to any wall with pegs in precisely the right place.
  • Allow for placement horizontally above or below your tv
  • Ensures a secure and rattle-free wall-mount installation.

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Single Stand Black - WSS1-B1

I just put together my 2nd stand for a sonos play:1. At that time i only needed one stand for my bedroom. Since then we have decided to stick a new play:5 into our bedroom and re-tasked the play:1 as surround speakers. Since i only had one stand i needed to order an additional stand. The speakers look really sleek on the stands, love them! only suggestion i would make to the company is to loosen up the skirts a little bit. Other than that, nice stand!

Give your sonos play:1 or play:3 the stand it deserves. Built from quality materials to match the hi-def audio from your sonos speaker, the sanus speaker stand is an ideal match for your sonos. Not only will this stand keep your play:1 or play:3 safe, but will improve the sound quality from your wireless speaker by:securely supporting the speaker for optimum bass response. Positioning your sonos speaker at the ideal angle for the best sound quality. Including rubber feet and carpet spikes for ultimate stability & sound responsethis stand includes all hardware needed for a quick and easy assembly process. In under 15 minutes, your stand will be assembled. You'll be able to move the stand to any room so your sonos can come with you. Need to charge your play:1 or play:3? no worries, integrated wire channels in the stand make cable management easy. You won't need to sacrifice the clean look of a wireless speaker when you need to charge. Since this stand is designed specifically for the sonos play:1 and play:3, you can attach a speaker at any orientation. When you buy with sanus, you also get our world-class customer service, available 7 days a week to help finish your setup or answer questions.

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Single Stand Black - WSS1-B1Sanus-Wireless-Speaker-Designed-Speakers

Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (wss1 b1) FAQ.

Very easy to put together. Had trouble in ordering. Only order this new from online store. The reseller's suck and tried to hit me up for return shipping. They miss parts etc. Watch out. -Notice from . Sherry, Buckinghamshire

Click to Show sanus wireless speaker designed speakers (wss1 b1) Details

Very simple, but great product. I don't normally leave reviews, but i think these stands are perfect for the sonos 1's and 3's. Easy to put together and they actually look great! highly recommend.

Sanus-wireless-speaker-designed-speakers-(wss1-b1) set picture

- U. JessicaPerfectly fits sonos 1 s and three s. Wish they made one for sonos 5 s. I have 4 and will buy more as i expand my sound system. Well made and heavy, easy to assemble.

This product is a no brainer. I have no idea how people managed to break or crack these when assembling. Its so easy my 8 year old can do it and they look amazing!

V. Gladys, York

Brand :    sanus
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.65 pounds
Model :    WSS1-B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Audio Or Video (sanus product review) for Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Single Stand Black - WSS1-B1 available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $43.74 (was $49.99)
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Works with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • 1 speaker stand included
  • Includes rubber feet and adjustable carpet spikes
  • Conceal unsightly cables with hidden, internal cable routing.

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black

Add to your sonos system for amazing room-filling, deep bass sound. Connects wirelessly to sonos speakers. Works with play:1, play:3, play:5, playbar and connect:amp. Place it anywhere in the room, even lying flat under a couch. Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz.

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer BlackSonos-SUB-Wireless-Subwoofer-Black

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    35.27 pounds
Model :    SUBG1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $515.00 (was $699.00)
  • Adds dramatically deeper bass to any sonos wireless speaker. hear parts of the music you've never heard before
  • Two force-cancelling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
  • Connect wirelessly to playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5, and connect amp
  • Simple one button set up
  • Display it or hide it. this slim subwoofer sounds great standing up or on it's side. even place it under a couch. available in black or white

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. White

Fill your home with music the play:1 has two perfectly tuned class d amplifiers, one 3. 5" mid-woofer designed to faithfully reproduce mid-range frequencies and deliver deep bass, and one tweeter to create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response. No other wireless speaker this size delivers such rich, clear hifi sound. Don't just hear. Listen play:1's custom-tuned drivers and software deliver rich, powerful sound, with crystal clear highs and deep, rolling lows for pitch-perfect hifi music. Put your music in its place: anywhere play:1's sleek, versatile design easily fits anywhere your home needs music, for surprisingly big sound no matter how tight the spot. All your music, all together no matter how many places your music library lives or how many music services you use, the sonos app lets you access all the music you love in one place. A home full of music starts here play:1 is a building block of the sonos multi-room system, letting you start with one and easily expand to any room. Play the same song everywhere, or choose different tracks for different rooms. Amazing alone, even better together play:1's standalone hifi sound sets it apart. Pair two play:1s together for immersive, true stereo sound. Hifi sound and rock-solid wireless experience your favorite music from the only wireless music system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100 percent devoted to streaming hifi sound. Stream all the music on earth a single app lets you play your entire music library, stream all of your favorite music services and tune in to more than 100, 000 internet radio stations and podcasts. Play the same song in every room, in perfect sync-or play different music in every room-from any source.

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. WhiteSonos-Play-Compact-Wireless-Streaming

Brand :    sonos
Color :    White
Size :    100
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    PLAY1US1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.
  • Mini but mighty. fits in any space, fills any room with surprisingly rich and powerful sound.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like music, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
  • Perfect for home theater rears or a stereo pair. wall mountable. you don't even have to be in the same room as a speaker. and if your friends have the sonos app, they can do the same.
Price :    $120.72 (was $137.97)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. White available ( Mar 2020 )

All-new Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In Black

All-new sonos one voice controlled smart speaker with online store alexa built in (black)

All-new Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In BlackAll-new-Sonos-One-Controlled-Speaker

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Size :    878269003588
Model :    ONEG1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for All-new Sonos One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker Alexa Built In Black available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $154.23 (was $198.99)
  • Ask alexa to play music from music, spotify, pandora, iheartradio, tunein and siriusxm. listen to hundreds of other streaming services with the sonos app.
  • Start and control your music with your voice. alexa built right in.
  • Connect wirelessly with other sonos home sound system speakers to play music in any or every room.
  • Play songs, check news and traffic, control your smart home and enjoy all those other helpful alexa skills using a single sonos speaker.
  • Enjoy surprisingly rich, room-filling sound from a smart speaker. operating temperature 32 degree to 104 degree f -0 degree to 40 degree c

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer White

Add to your sonos system for amazing room-filling, deep bass sound. Connects wirelessly to sonos speakers. Works with play:1, play:3, play:5, playbar and connect:amp. Place it anywhere in the room, even lying flat under a couch. Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz.

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer WhiteSonos-SUB-Wireless-Subwoofer-White

Brand :    sonos
Color :    White
Weight :    35.27 pounds
Model :    SUBG1US1
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Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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  • Adds dramatically deeper base to any sonos wireless speaker. hear parts of the music you've never heard before.
  • Two force-cancelling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
  • Display it or hide it. this slim subwoofer sounds great standing up or on it's side. even place it under a couch. available in black or white.
  • Connect wirelessly to playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5, and connect amp
  • Simple one button set-up. one 10/100 mbps ethernet port provides the option to connect sub to a wired home network

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair Black - WSS2-B1

These sanus speaker stands are designed to work with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any orientation. They position the speakers at the speaker manufacturer's recommended angle and securely support the speaker for optimum bass response. The column and base have wire channels to make the cables disappear. This product is sold as a pair (2 stands - speakers not included).

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair Black - WSS2-B1Sanus-Wireless-Speaker-Designed-Speakers

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Weight :    1.65 pounds
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Works with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any position
  • Conceal unsightly cables/hardware
  • Includes rubber feet and adjustable carpet spikes
  • 2 speaker stands included
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Speakers :    Best Audio Or Video (sanus product review) for Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair Black - WSS2-B1 available ( Mar 2020 )

sonos playbar tv soundbar/ wireless streaming tv and music speaker. works with alexa. Price : 609, was : 697 as 2018-01-11
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The F.A.Q. for sonos playbar tv soundbar/ wireless streaming tv and music speaker. works with alexa.

Love this thing have to get sub for best experience possible

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Can you use the optical port to achieve dd 5. 1 on 8000 samsung smart tv

(1) Question: How do you control the volume?

(2) Question: Will the sonos playbar work with two play:5 speakers? do i really need to buy the play: 3 ( two of them) in order to get a 5. 0 surround sound?

(3) Question: Does anyone know how good the playbar sounds without the subwoofer?

(4) Question: Is there the option to have the television on (visual only) and stream music through the soundbar?

(5) Question: Watching movies. do you have the problem of having to constantly adjust the volume to turn down action and turn up dialog?

(6) Question: I already have a nice subwoofer. is there any way (even via wireless adapter of some type) that i can use it with the sonos playbar?

(7) Question: Has anyone mounted to a wall above a tv? also i have a receiver with blue ray, cable box, and wii. can you connect thru that?

(8) Question: Will the playbar send audio from my tv to other sonos zone speakers i have in different rooms or does it isolate the theater setup?

(9) Question: What is the sound quality like as compared to a samsung sound bar?

(10) Question: Does the soundbar have to directly in front, and in the middle of the tv? or can it be placed anywhere in the room

(11) Question: I notiuce for 699. 99 dollars this soundbar does not come with a subwoofer. is the sound stil impressive concerning bass?

(12) Question: I have a yamaha receiver model rx-v481bl, will i be able to connect sonos soundbar to it?

(13) Question: Can the sonos playbar tv act like a bridge for play 1

(14) Question: I recently purchased a sony str-dn840 7. 2 channel 150-watt a/v receiver. is there a way to connect all my inputs to the receiver, tv, blue-ray, xbox and connect several sonos wireless speakers to play through the receiver?

(15) Question: Can you connect a samsung smart tv to the sonos playbar wirelessly or do you still need the optical cord?

(16) Question: Can tv be placed on top of soundbar?

(note) Question: where/how to get Sonos (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sonos's products

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I returned a bose tv sound bar because this system integrates with other sonos wireless speakers in the room and in other rooms. I can drive music or tv sound from iphone, ipad, itunes on dell desktop, and tv to apple tv connected stereo system and all sonos wireless speakers. Just plug into 110 outlet and play. One sonos bridge unit plugged into wifi router required. And tv must have digital audio output port, or if not can plug to apple tv (just plays apple tv content with this setup). Plays my music, pandora, itunes radio, airplay any iphone content (podcasts, audio books, etc. ) to speakers through apple tv, lots more. Sound quality is super!

Bestsellers, SpeakersTop Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk) FAQ Content

Best sonos soundbar wireless streaming speaker (pbar1us1blk) in review

For those that want a simple solution for hooking up a great sound system to your tv, this is it. One simple connection to your tv and use the sonos app to set up for the best sound. This unit eliminates the need for additional left and right speakers as this sound bar has them built in. Sound is very good but i would highly recommend the sonos sub be added to this system for greater bass and better overall sound. Yes it is expensive, but you will love the sound and the ease of operation for not only your tv shows, but all your itunes, pandora, spotify and many other services that it will play.

D. Theresa, Florida

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B. Nees, Delaware says

Incredibly easy to set up, and the sound is excellent. If you're already using sonos for your music, this is the next logical step. After you set it up, you use whatever remote you're used to using and the sound bar volume is controlled right from that remote. There's no additional buttons to push, receivers to turn on, or remotes you need to keep track of. It just works, and the days of having to explain to your guests how to use your tv/home theater system are gone.

I. Palmer, Minnesota

Bass is much better than expected! gives a good surround type sound - very happy

Q. Brendon, East Riding of Yorkshire says

Bring your tv to life and integrate it with the rest of your sonos house. . Sound is great, setup is easy, features are exactly what you need. Add a sub and a pair of play speakers or a pair of in-wall speakers driven by a sonos:amp as surround speakers, and your home theater comes to life with full, rich sound that is easy to configure and use. When you use an amp and in-wall speakers, there's a separate setting to set the default levels when used for playing music to tailor the experience to your preference. It's really well conceived and executed. . Mobile apps and pc apps are amazing, and the continued updates that add new functionality are nothing short of amazing. I have a combination of new and used sonos components, the oldest of which is nearly ten years old, but they all get updates to the newest software.

J. Suzanne, Wisconsin

Perfect, like all of the sonos products. I've now got 4 play5 speakers and 2 playbars, and they all work and sound terrific. While the price may seem high, the fact that it just works, every time is absolutely worth it to me.

M. Cindy, Vermont says

Great sound and look. Volume controls with samsung smart tv 2015 rc. The only thing i don't like is there are too many levels and you need to click too many times to change the volume enough.

Y. Rose, Rhode Island

Perfect sound at higher decibels. When listening to music or watching tv at low levels it is just another speaker at an inflated price. I have the playbar and 2 play1's and life is much better now.

K. Bethany, Manchester says

Great product and i like how you can group multiple speakers together, just wished sonos had bluetooth.

V. Benton, South Carolina

Sonos makes great speaker systems. This is my second one.

R. Evelyn, Missouri says

Great way to add sonos to your living room without "overdoing it", especially if you live in an apartment building. Music on this thing sounds great, as it does with all sonos products. As i'm sure others have mentioned, unless your tv outputs dolby digital 5. 1 from it's optical output, you won't get the full experience unless connecting your product directly to it. Other than that, i'm perfectly happy with it

F. Jarvis, Michigan

I'd say this was one of the easiest devices i've set up in recent memory - all through the iphone app which worked seamlessly. I just bought two more speakers and i i'm assuming they will be easy to connect to the sound bar via it's network. The sound is quite good. I've had other sound bars and exterior speakers for the tv and they haven't added anything to the audio experience.

A. Newell, British Columbia says

Great product that simplified tv and music playback. All around great sound when paired with a sub and surround speakers. I have p1s in one room and built -ins in another and both sound great with the playbar and sub.

T. Russell, Virginia says

I have sony tv which pass through dolby digital 5. 1 so i'm good with one optical connection. Thought to return due to lack of dts and only one optical connection but after pairing with sub and the ease use made me keep it. These sonos are addictive you will enjoy any kind of music either from movies or radio. I compared with sony's $1200 play-bar and sub it fares equal and may be more better in sound quality but you have the option of expanding this to a 5. 1 system and sony is limited. If you have the means to own you will not regret worth every penny.

X. Anonymous, Surrey

Bought the sonos 5. 1 system for my living room. I didn't want to run wires throughout the room so took a chance on this without hearing it before the purchase and was not disappointed; my family and i love this system. We love it so much i already purchased two more play 1s for other parts or our house. . Great sounds, great bass and easy to set up. Great product with a great supporting application for your mobile device. We love being able to easily switch from listening the the tv over to listening to pandora and other music sources we use.

H. Alice, Barking and Dagenham says

Maybe i misread (i did) but thought the sound bar integrated with sub and other surround speakers on its own via wireless. Not so, had to buy a boost to complete setup. Easy to set up. It could use a little more options when used as a surround system but other than that very happy with system. The app for control leaves a little to be desired when it comes to adding music libraries. Itunes downloaded "ok" but the album artwork is all jacked up. Options for sorting the music good be better. Volume control setup for the dish remote was easy as well

O. Carrie, New Hampshire

Sounds great with the amp and 2 play 1s. Great 5. 1 sound! very happy and worth every penny.

Top playbar tv soundbar wireless streaming Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

E. Laura, New South Wales says

Five stars for easy of installation and use with the internet. Their app works perfectly and the we expect to enjoy the easy access to movies and music. However, after reading the rave reviews, i had high expectations for the sound quality. The sound is not high-quality stereo sound. We are not impressed. Clearly, to get the level of sound we had expected, we will need to lay out another $700 for the accompanying subwoofer.

D. Josephine, Hessen

I bought a new sonos playbar and received a used playbar. I'm not happy! when you spend retail price for something, especially when it's $700, you expect to get a new product, not something someone else found lacking and sent back. I'm tooling up to return it for a replacement unless some price adjustment is made. Otherwise, it's refund time and i'll buy a used one for less, like the one i received. . This sounbar should never be sold without the sonos sub. There is not enough sound range on the low end compared to similarly priced soundbars, which come the a sub. You will not be satisfied with overall sound power and range if you don't pair it with their sub. That said, $1200 for the pair (soundbar + sub) gets you a good sound system but not one that compares to others in the same price range. You have to justify the higher price to yourself by valuing the streaming functions sonos has done a good job engineering into their products. . Also, it is not made clear in sonos' description that you must have at least one sonos play product connected directly (not wireless) to your router or buy their bridge or boost components ($50 and $100 respectively). It appears that any sonos home theater configuration comprised of multiple components (playbar plus sub for example or play 1, 3, 5's) require the presence of a sonos private network, which is created by a direct lan-connected play 1, 3, 5, playbar, bridge, or boost. . Another significant deficiency is that your tv's capabilities determine whether you can produce surround sound or not. Check your tv if this is important to you. I have a 2yr old samsung with optical output through a samsung-supplied adapter that can only output stereo. Guess i'll have to buy a new tv. However, even if i buy a new tv with an optical port that transmits surround sound, it is still very likely that any other components plugged into the tv, such as a blue-ray dvd player, will have its surround audio signal down converted to two channel stereo. So be ware, you may not get what you think you're paying for.

X. Jessica, Pays de la Loire says

Although i originally liked the sound bar and sonos system, it no longer works well as a sound bar for a home entertainment system. On any modern movie via multiple streaming services, the sonos will not play the foreground audio (actor's voices) when watching via a chromecast. The background audio and music track play, but you cannot hear any dialog.

G. April, Birmingham

This thing is definitely the easiest way to get pretty good audio attached to your tv. I mostly picked it up to integrate with other sonos nodes i had in the house and a bit for the tech-toy factor. The setup is as simple as it gets. I think its a bit lame you have to press a button on one of the sonos nodes to add a new controller app and i dont really understand the requirement for one of the devices to have a hardwired lan connection but it works.

. McCarthy, Dorset says

Sound is good but lacks in functionality. Doesn't interface with spotify well. App is very annoying to use. Doesn't support airplay from apple devices.

I. Garner, Rotherham

System works well but is very difficult to set up and maintain using its apps.

C. Paige, Herefordshire says

I returned this more than a month ago because it wasn't compatible with my new smart tv. Still waiting for a refund!

N. Guest, Idaho

I have my playbar joined with a sub and two play 3's to make a 5. 1 system. It is connected to a panasonic plasma tv tc-p60gt50. The gt50 does not pass through to the optical out dd 5. 1 when watching content from hdmi connected source. It will pass dd 5. 1 out when watching content from netflix or online store apps on the tv. I solved this problem by buying an optical switch and using it to switch the outputs from my various sources (apple tv, sony blu-ray, direct tv box) to the playbar. This allows the dd 5. 1 to go from my devices to the playbar and works really well in my opinion. I also use the setup as my alarm clock, my music device etc etc. I really like the sonos system, i use the spotify and the radio apps most of the time. I use my ipad, kindle fire, and iphone as the controller and to me all work equally well. The one main problem i have with this is that it does not decode dolby digital + or dts. Though these suggestions are under consideration over on the sonos support website. 2 aug 13. Just a little updating here. The problem with dts is getting to be more of a problem for me. Several streaming sites are adding dts to their movie content, so those + blu rays i cannot play in the bedroom where i have the play bar. I have read that ps 3's can downgrade dts to 5. 1 but i myself have no knowledge of it, and dont want to buy a ps3 just for movies in the bedroom. But now to the good news, i love the playbar for watching tv and listening to music. Some people have said it's not good for music, but to me i love it. To each his own i guess. I mostly airplay my music now from my macbook air - apple tv - optical switch - play bar. I also turn the game on in the bedroom, then group my zones together and have the game playing through the house. . 20 jan 14 update *. Sonos has finally decided to not support dts which is really disappointing to me. It's great hardware but the software side of the house is really being neglected due to choices by the sonos company. I have dropped my review and actually have to say i regret my purchase now. For the past year, sonos had dts support under consideration, but recently changed that to not planned. Supposedly it's just a software update that will enable dts but they are not going to undertake it. This is a problem because from most tv's they only output stereo 2. 0 from the optical out when the source is fed from hdmi into the tv. And when this is the case the sonos system really sounds lousy. It really sounds good when you send dolby 5. 1 to the system or as i had hoped i could do, dts. But as it is, my blu-rays are encoded in dts and as such i can't watch them using the play bar, the only option is to use tv speakers while staring at a silent 700 dollar play bar.

U. Palmer, Bracknell Forest says

Not very loud over priced. I returned it i was expecting more than it is. Also i didn't have that dc audio on my tv so it only work to play music wirelessly through my phone

F. Edna, North Lincolnshire

Great user interface but expecting more in quality of sound for the price. Decent at higher volumes, but mainly bass and mid; lacks clarity in higher range and when volume is lower. Also, same issue as many other systems when watching a movie where voice is low and background, effects too loud; even adjusting and using movie and night setting. . Ultimately returned it and bought definitive technology studio w. Interface is not as good, but quality of sound is superior which makes up for interface.

. Shirley, Alsace says

I wasn't blown away by the sound of the stand alone soundbar. It's decent rather than great both for music and movies. I'm more impressed with the play 1 by itself and so may build the full surround sound set up over time and see what the sound is like when that's done.

W. Erickson, Victoria

The features of wifi are unbeatable. This is not as crystal cleat as bose.

S. Sally, New Hampshire says

I'm a huge sonos fan. I own 3 play:5's and a sub. I'd been wanting to replace my bulky 5. 1 speaker system with a playbar since it was rumored. All their products have incredible sound quality so i was optimistic about this set up. . Set up is easy, sound quality is good for the unit. It's a nice product and looks great while being easy to operate (although more reliant on the sonos application than i'd prefer). It's the typical awesomeness that you get with any sonos product. . When testing the playbar with a direct connection to a device (e. G. Apple tv) and running it compared to my 5 speaker system through my receiver i was impressed with the quality. Sound was more spread out and filled the room better but dialog/center was ultimately a bit shallow feeling. If you turn on speech enhancement in the menu it helps out but something still feels slightly off. It's something you're unlikely to notice unless you're actively comparing like i was but to the playbar's credit it was no slouch. I had a few people compare with me and everyone picked the typical 5. 1 setup for better sound but had positive things to say about the playbar - mainly noting its shallow feel in certain rangers and with dialog as the main issues. . Here's the issue though: sonos says they want you to use your tv as a hub, all the inputs going to the tv and then optical audio out from the tv to the playbar. Great idea - but the problem is that most tv's won't pass dolby digital (dd) 5. 1 surround from hdmi to the digital/optical audio. If it's from the tv itself (such as netflix on a smart tv) or input directly from the coaxial cable it will pass 5. 1 through the optical port but not from hdmi. This is either required to be hdcp compliant or is a licensing/cost issue (not sure). There are a few tv's that do this but they're few and far between and hard to verify. . So if you have multiple sources (say an xbox 360, blu-ray player, apple tv, etc) there's no way for those sources to ever deliver 5. 1 to the playbar as sonos intended (assuming you add a sub and some play:3's to the mix). And you can't wire multiple inputs directly to the playbar because they have a single input for the sake of simplicity. Normally i'm fine with this, but in light of the limitation with hdmi optical pass through on tvs this became an oversight to me upon learning about the pass through issue. You can solve this by finding a tv or receiver that does pass through dd 5. 1 through the optical audio, but you shouldn't have to. Alternatively you can use an optical audio switch, which is fine most of the time but may not work with a blu-ray player since playbar lacks dts support and are also limited on inputs, but this doesn't solve what to do for certain devices that don't have an optical audio port (e. G. Most computers, wii u, etc). . In the end you're left with a system that is capable of producing much better sound (especially if a sub and some play:3s are added) that most everyone won't be able to hear and results in this not sounding as good as it costs. And that's just a shame to me. . Pros:. ++easy set up. ++sonos. +decent sound from stereo source. . Cons:. -single optical input only. -no dts support. -entire package is expensive for 5. 1 (or even 3. 1). . The only scenario i can see this being a good thing is if you have a room where you want to add a sonos component and a soundbar to and you want to do it in a single package without caring about other components, like for a den or a bedroom. Any other solution seems like there'd be a better option. . Ultimately i'm disappointed. Had sonos included multiple audio inputs or hdmi pass through, or even better yet hdmi switching (in place of a receiver) then this could have been an amazing piece. But the reliance on a single optical input being provided from the tv, one which will down convert any hdmi source's audio to stereo sound, in the name of simplicity just seems like a bad idea. . Had i known about the tv's not passing through audio i wouldn't have bought this. My mistake, honestly, but it just makes it baffling as to why sonos didn't provide different input options. As it stands i'm returning it. Hopefully sonos will look in to making an hdmi hub option as an accessory. . * update *. The landscape has changed in terms of tvs that do pass 5. 1 through and it's better. It's still difficult to determine precisely so i'd suggest checking forums to see if your tv does in indeed pass 5. 1 out. My 2015 lg oled does not but i'm under the impression the 2017 models do, possibly the 2016 models for example. That all said i think my points made above still stand. Most existing tvs don't do this and it's still very hard to verify. . Additionally i'd like to note the omission of another audio format, dolby atmos. Sonos says they elected to omit this on the playbase (the related product to this) because so few things used it and they wanted to focus on streaming but the issue is this limits user choice. Vudu, netflix, and itunes support or will support dolby atmos. There are likely more services that do as well. . They have their very specific viewpoint of how people should use this product and with what (5. 1 over optical in dd, steaming services) and that options aren't needed. There are better products out there, especially for the total money spent. I'm not saying there's no market for this or it's terrible - if you have a tv that passes 5. 1 and you don't care about dts and dolby atmos it's a fine product and exactly the scenario that sonos has in mind. But if you want options or don't have a tv that will and you'll be limited to stereo, look elsewhere then. You can do better or cheaper. It's just a shame that sonos continues to limit this product as, when it works as they want it to, it's great.

B. Peggy, Solihull

For sonos, this was a huge disappointment. We have a total of 11 units, and by far this is the most poorly conceived. Sound quality is poor, and the software integration is disappointing. I understand many users might treat the television differently than the rest of the stereo system, but we use everything in "party mode" all the time. When we use the tv as an input, we don't want to loose the groupings! . . But mainly, the sound quality is terrible.

K. Imelda, California says

Let's me start off by saying sound quality warrants a broad range of positive and negative reviews on nearly everything from low to mid to high quality products. You can find someone "poo pooing" all over even $5, 000+ systems. I'm not an audiophile music nut but can appreciate a good quality product for music and movies. That's what sonos provides. The audio is clear and beautiful. However, if you are able to hardwire speakers and spend a bunch, this might not be a good fit. For me, i had limited ability to subcontract out when my house was being built so i didn't want to punch a bunch of holes in the wall and snake near-endless wires around. . Sonos gave me exactly what i was looking for with minimal wires and superior sound for the amount. Bose technology is not as innovative as it once was and sonos provides equal or better quality for a comparable if not cheaper price. I currently only have the playbar and subwoofer hooked up and the ease at which i can control everything through my iphone is remarkable. I plan on adding two play 1s when finances allow. I can control the volume and stream music and internet radio with no fuss. This product deserves 4-5 stars for what it is. I will update this review when i buy the two additional speakers to add to a more balanced sound that is closer to surround sound. The two pieces i have now are very impressive products. Kodos to sonos. . Update: 3/17/15. . I didn't want to heavily edit my previous review so you can see how things have changed for me. I downgraded the star rating to two stars but could have given it a three as well. My dissatisfaction with sonos is largely due to its abysmal performance at producing the proper sound through my television. I have last year's model for sharp with their aquos q+ which is a superior television in my opinion and has some of the latest technology. My current sonos system consists of the playbar, subwoofer, and wifi extender. I have zero complaints in regards to the system producing top-notch sound when streaming anything over my iphone. The issues arise with the television and the playbar's random flaws, which have become very annoying. I have done the troubleshooting to correct issues and only short term relief has been experienced. At first, i would get shows and movies in which the sound would drop out here and there for a few seconds at a time. Now, i have constant variations with the sound levels once the television is turned on. Additionally, i randomly get the wonderfully horrible "robotic tone" coming from actors talking and this can only be returned to normal when i change the channel and change it back. Maybe these things can be fixed but ask yourself this: if you just spent over $1500 on a soundbar, subwoofer, wifi extender, did the recommended troubleshooting and still had issues, would you be fed-up? i think so. I am about to look into ebay for recouping my invested money. I would never buy a sonos product again until their wifi technology is better tested and works as it should. They are a joke if they are trying to compete in their price range when there are these many issues.

J. Hakala, Arkansas

Got this along with two play:1s to replace my old wired home theater system with a new wireless setup. Unfortunately, the audio delays are too severe to recommend, and the whole system is too cumbersome/awkward to use on a daily basis. . You can t see what the current volume level is unless you look at the slow/generally bad sonos app, and you don t realize how important that isn t until it s missing. How loud is the tv right now? dunno, let s press play and see if we blow out our ear drums. . The ir-only remote setup doesn t work well with modern tvs, like the new samsungs with smart remotes that have ir disabled by default. You can get it to work eventually if you trick your tv into recognizing it, but it s definitely not plug-and-play. . In general it sounds much better than the tv speakers, of course, but not better than my old wired setup i got for a fraction of the price. . I mentioned this earlier, but the deal breaker for me is the audio delays. No matter how low you set your audio latency on the tv and sonos settings, the audio trails the video just enough to drive you crazy. If you re spending $1k for a home theater surround system, you shouldn t have to deal with lip sync issues. This appears to only be the case when surround is enabled, though: my theory is that sonos has to delay the playbar sound in order to synchronize with the rear speakers which are physically delayed by needing to go through wifi. It s not as bad if you re only using the playbar, but then it s not a full home theater replacement like it suggests. . Of course, there s also the sonos ecosystem problems, but if you re looking at this speaker you re probably already familiar with those limitations (e. G. No bluetooth, no line-in, no audible support, slow app updates, etc. ).

V. Nancy, Stockton-on-Tees says

I bought the playbar understanding the shortcomings because it does have a rich sound for a non-hardcore audiofile like myself. However, it is very sad that they chose not to support dts and ddp for movies. If your tv does not support 5. 1 audio (most don't) as many should know by now you will not get true 5. 1 sound. I do not know enough about the tech but hoping sonos can remedy this with an update one day. I have tried every slitter possible and settled with the monoprice 4x1, but since my tv doesn't support 5. 1 i get no 5. 1 from sonos even if i split the hdmi to push the audio to sonos before going to the tv. . Another missing component for me is no integration with google music. That one i didn't research enough before hand and was disappointed to learn about. . Overall though i do enjoy the single wire (power) system and with the sonos base and two play 3's the sound is very full. Just wish it had more control over the surround function, one for surround for movies and one for music. As it stands it defaults to movie type surround which isn't as good for listening to music. Hopefully in time they will resolve these with firmware updates.

Q. Valencia, City of Bristol

It showed up on my door in a beaten up box, torn and partially opened. The sound bar wasn't well protected and visibly beaten up. The sound seems fine. But i'm left with a feeling of uncomfort. Might have been a better choice to buy new

M. Paula, Ontario says

Purchased the playbar with high expectations. Perhaps too high. It does sound good but definitely lacks bass. I suppose i may splurge another $700 for the sub but first. Customer service is pretty poor. I have been unable to download my itunes library which is one of the main points for sonos versus other systems. Sent an email to customer nearly 2 days ago and still waiting for a response. I guess i got spoiled by online store's lightning quick customer service. If sonos doesn't contact me soon, good sound or not, the playbar is going back!

T. Lindsey, Barking and Dagenham

When i purchased this i was under the belief that i could stream anything from my iphone to the sonos playbar. After purchase i learned otherwise. You can only stream from your iphone what the sonos app supports. For example, it will not play the audio from a streaming youtube video. I thought the sonos playbar would play whatever the speaker of my iphone would play, similar to the way a bluetooth speaker might. . I'm happy to report i found a way around this. I purchased the bose bluetooth audio adapter and optical splitter seen below. Now i can stream anything from my iphone via bluetooth to the playbar. I used the splitter to connect the playbar to the bluetooth adapter and my tv. Obviously you cannot listen to the tv and stream from iphone simultaneously. I hope you find this as helpful as i did :). . Bose bluetooth audio adapter. Motong(tm) new design toslink digital optical audio splitter adapter 1 in 2 out-black

Z. Annette, West Sussex says

This was part of a gift for my daughter. When she set it up she said it was okay sounding, but that was about it. She then added sub woofer and that made all the difference in the world. With the sub woofer she would raise the rating to 5 stars.

O. Lara, Darlington

I had bought this along with a mode sound touch 300 so i could try each side by side. I honestly was not impressed with the play bar as i am with other sonos speakers. I knew it only had a digital audio out but expected a little more. Sound quality was a step up over tv speakers, but for my music it lacked sound clarity. My bose sound touch sounded great for tv and music. Handles bass very well so i ended up sending the play bar back.

R. Meredith, Hawaii says

Not as much bass as it promises. Center channel is good. Overall sound is a little mid range to treble sounding even after equalizer adjustments, which, honestly are kind of a joke. It's just table and bass adjustments. Nothing more. Overall it's ok, but pricey for the sound quality and adjustment availability.

P. Pete, Nottinghamshire

It was not compatible with my television so it had to be returned. Credit was given in a timely fashion.

H. Medina, Niedersachsen says

Works well for a sound bar. Unit controls other speakers through wi-fi. Had issues with volume control after software upgrade. But support team was very quick to respond.

L. Campbell, Louisiana

Cons:. - closed system: no way to play sound from your laptop (eg. : movies, youtube, your own player as itunes, etc) - it basically limits you to listening to their partner content providers. - poor software: inconsistent, you add custom radios (for streaming) and they don't appear, connectivity lost frequently. - poor support: a lot of complains on their forum (about the issues above, for example) and no decent response ( - too expensive considering its limitations and closed system. . Pros:. - sound quality only. . If the only thing you want to listen in this (expensive) toy is your tv, then buy this. Otherwise if you want the freedom to play whatever is in your computer/smartphone/tablet without depending on a limited and poor software that they provide, then avoid it.

. Anonymous, Lewisham says

I'm sending back the sonos playbar we just bought. Audio drm issues make it impossible to actually do what it promises for most people. Most (but not all) tvs take in multiple hdmi inputs from a variety of sources that can include surround sound. Most tvs have a handy optical audio out port that sends the sound from your tv to a more awesomer sound system. And most tvs change it into a lame 2-channel stereo signal on the way out. Wtf? is that to keep us from pirating the audio from star wars? the whole reason i got the playbar and two additional sonos speakers was to get surround (as they tout on their site and on online store). Will your tv pass through the full surround audio to your new sonos playbar? no real way of knowing. There is a partial list on the sonos support site, but tv vendors don't list this feature (or even have a standard name for it), so good luck. If you are one of the lucky few with a magic tv that *does* pass through full 5. 1, this is a great solution. That a big 'if' for most people.

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