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Price was $49.00. I searched for a wi-fi speaker and i came across this bridge (i. E. , the transmitter, connected to a pc), together with the sonos play:1 speaker (i. E. , the receiver). It was very easy to install, together with the software to control the playlists on my windows pc. I get great sound by the pool while the pc does the work of playing and transmitting via this bridge. Sonos is very flexible and can be configured many different ways. The one that best suited my needs was a very simple one: connect the sonos bridge transmitter to the pc via a ethernet cable to a wi-fi router. The sonos play:1 speaker connects via wi-fi to the transmitter. Software on the pc works as a remote to control the hardware and play lists. All together, a very impressive package.

-. Susan

Bridge wireless network discontinued connect to a router to set up your sonos wireless network sonos music players can go anywhere and work wirelessly perfect for homes less accessible routers extend the range of your -sonos bridge sonos wireless network discontinued manufacturer

  • Additional: Provides A Solution For Homes Where Wi-fi Doesn’t Reach All Rooms.
  • Additional: Plugs Into Your Wi-fi Router To Create A Dedicated Wireless Network For Your Sonos System.

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Recently, for christmas 2013, i purchased the sonos play 5 speaker system for my daughter. As she had not yet gone sono wireless she had to have the sonos bridge too. Online store and sonos had a fantastic promotion and when i put the bridge in my basket i immediately was given a discount equal to the price of the sonos bridge! thanks online store! . . I recently visited my daughter and was mightily impressed with the sonos play 5 and sonos bridge. They sounded quite good and i'm what i consider to be an audiophile of sorts. My daughter isn't the type to dwell on computer tech so i asked her if it was a pain to install. She said it was a piece of cake! not one problem! i'll leave it to others to explain that process since i wasn't involved, but apparently it "just works" requiring little computer knowledge. . Sonos is definitely on to something here. Perhaps, one day, all audio will migrate to wireless delivery to multiple speaker in multiple rooms. For now, it would seem, sonos is ahead of the fray and providing easy to use solutions with excellent sound quality. In fact, my daughter's boyfriend got her the sonos subwoofer to round out her system. I can't say how pleased i am that my christmas present to her has already given her so much pleasure. Online store saved me having to drive over an hour to get the play 5 and bridge, but the best thing was the delivery to my door with the "free" sonos bridge. A very happy customer indeed. The Best bridge wireless network discontinued ( Feb 2020 ) | Sonos-Speakers Review Additional SONOS BRIDGE for Sonos Wireless Network (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Not required to set up your sonos wireless speaker. Provides a solution for homes where wi-fi doesn't reach all rooms. Plugs into your wi-fi router to create a dedicated wireless network for your sonos system .

Sonos Bridge For Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued By Manufacturer Review (zonebridge br100)

Sonos was first easy to use wireless whole home or whole compound (if you are into that sort of thing)for that matter audio system. They came out from the start with the best and in my six years with the products i have received nordstrom / costco quality service. The few times i have needed to call them i have always hung up the phone completely satisfied. If is a question in your mind which whole home audio system to purchase stop right here. Buy sonos! i am just an end user and my gushing over the product is honest. Your friends will be amazed with your system even more if you get an annual subscription to rhapsody. This service gives you every song and entertainer you want. Over 20 million tracks! you can play "stump the band" with your friends and win everytime. If budget pressures exist start small "play 5". And add on as your wallet allows. Pat pat cattins. Com in the seattle area. Happy listening! . Update october 19, 2013:. Ps: now they have even less expensive ways to start. Others (p* and y* and s* and now b*) they all fall short. Sonos made this category viable. They own all four corners. In over seven years now - - - nothing can do what sonos does, very small and unobtrusive, usually invisible, it is the best! enjoy your world of sound! -S. Garner

Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Sonos
  3. Color: Light Gray
  4. EAN: 0180501001147
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.76 inches
    Length:6.02 inches
    Weight:0.60 pounds
    Width:6.05 inches
  6. LegalDisclaimer: As Is In The Box.
  7. Manufacturer: Sonos
  8. Model: ZoneBridge BR100
  9. MPN: ZoneBridge BR100
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: ZoneBridge BR100
  13. Platform: Mac OS X
  14. Type: Speakers
  15. Category: SPEAKERS
  16. UPC: 180501001147
  17. Warranty: Sonos Warrants That The Product Will Be Free From Defects In Materials And Workmanship For One (1) Year After The Date Of Original Purchase Of The Product.

bridge wireless network discontinued Speakers, Connect to a router to set up your sonos wireless network sonos music players can go anywhere and work wirelessly perfect for homes with less accessible routers extend the range of your existing network Sonos Bridge Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer (ZoneBridge BR100-Sonos).

Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer Speakers

  • The play 1 system was outstanding. I added another pair and a connect to create a whole house wireless system. I have 1, 100 albums and 100's of internet radio stations to listen to at any time anywhere in the house. The ipad and ipod touch apps work flawlessly and the computer apps as well. Save your coin on buying a sonos controller. One of the best purchases i have ever made. After much research i picked the sonos system, even though it is not the lowest cost solution. The sound quality, range, and flexibility more than justify the price. Setup and configuration was super easy, even a caveman could do it! i love listening to smooth jazz from london, classical from orlando, and classic rock from kshe in st. Louis. Not to mention pandora and sky fm. I do not miss apple radio at all! only complaint was slow delivery by online store. That's why i bought the other components locally, since i did not want to wait 10 days to complete my system. Life's too short! sonos is insanely great!
  • I bought the sonos bridge, play 1 and play 3. Set up is not that easy, but when i was stumped, i called tech support, quickly got through and sam, from tech support, quickly provided solution. Not letting it go there, sam stayed with me until the complete system was set up - could not be happier with the support. . I view this as the next generation in wireless. After seeing the system advertised on the super bowl and listening to my relatives system, i decided to take the plunge for the rather expensive components. This is not a very sophisticated set up; bridge, play 3 in living room, play 1 in the bedroom - so i am not ready to comment on tv or stereo setup. . The components quickly synchronized with the bridge. I primarily play from my ipad and have itunes and pandora at my disposal, and they work well. Individual or grouped speaker ability, individual volume can be adjusted from my ipad. My hearing is not great, but the quality is fine for me. . I will continue to add to my components, but am very satisfied so far
  • After much troubleshooting i discovered that the sonos bridge does two things exceptionally well: 1) it causes wifi interference to such an extent that browsing the internet becomes nearly impossible (and yes, i configured the wifi channels appropriately and followed all the setup instructions). 2) the sound to my tv (played through the sonos bar) drops repeatedly and consistently. Wireless audio isn't really worth much if it doesn't work properly, and in this case, it doesn't.
  • The connection is not the strong as expected since this is a dedicated unit for sonos speaker.
  • Sonos is designed to have a straightforward set up, and it works. However, here is what you will go through if you ever unplug any of the speakers to, say, move one to a different room or have a power outage. . Last night, we had visitors on the upstairs deck. I moved one of the speakers up there, but the wifi was not strong enough to reach it. So, this morning i brought it back to its dining room home and plugged it in. Unplugging any of the speakers requires a full reset to get it reconnected to the sonos bridge. You have to hold down buttons on the speaker until the light changes color. Then, walk to the desktop computer, open sonos software and go through menu steps to reconnect. But wait! sonos has very frequent "software updates. " it freezes in its tracks and will not hook up a component or do anything else until you agree to the software update and wait for it to download. Update complete? now, get up and walk back to the speaker at the other end of the house and hold the buttons until the light changes color again. Now, back to the computer to go through the steps to reconnect. Done? nope. If you want the same music to come out of every speaker, you need to "group" them. A few more steps and you're done. . Bottom line: if you never unplug any of the speakers (because you cannot afford to put a $200-300 speaker in every room), it seems to keep working and you to play music from many sources with high quality sound. For us, after using this system for several months, i seem to have to keep playing with it to get it set up again. Thus, 3 stars is all i can give sonos.

bridge wireless network discontinued SONOS BRIDGE for Sonos Wireless Network (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I love this little unit. I have a larger home and have a wifi system that includes two access points and was using 3 different apple devices to control the music. The issue i had was that different speakers would show up and disappear depending where i was in the house. I was also having a hard time putting speakers in stereo. I called sonos support and they suggested the bridge. It works like a charm, no more missing speakers. I'm really happy with the purchase.

Sonos Bridge Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer
Click to see NoticeSonos Bridge Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer (zonebridge br100)"I needed to get my sonos system off of my home wifi because it's limited to 802. 11g. Adding this bridge instantly configured all the speakers to use it through the app and let me bump back up to faster internet. No more buffering when streaming on chromecast."

(0) Question: Can the sonos be run by an app using kindle fire? if not, has anyone figured out a clever way to run the sonos from a kindle fire? how?

(1) Question: "with the sonos wireless music system, one device has to be connected to your router. " do you need bridge or not? so confused! horrible marketing.

(2) Question: My router is not a wireless router. does hooking the bridge to my router allow me to have wireless from my computer to the sonos system.

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Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08

In tight or darker spaces, like under my desk, i can adjust power cables to fit with the pivot-plugs. The surge protection for rj-11 and coax on the end is a nice thought if you still use the modem on your pc or route a cable to your monitor. I have several belkin power strips throughout the house. They are well made. Over the years things have been plugged in, removed, and the socket still feels tight. They are made of a hearty plastic and have tough power cables - nothing chintzy.

The belkin 12-outlet surge protector protects your electronic devices from surges and spikes. This 4320-joule surge protector features 12 surge-protected outlets to provide powerful protection for your workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater systems and everyday household electronics. It features a cord-management system that helps keep cables organized, and a rotating outlet design to allow extra room for large ac adapter blocks.

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08Belkin-12-Outlet-Pivot-Plug-Protector-BP112230-08

Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Protector Bp112230 08 (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

The problem with six-outlet electrical plugs is that you rarely can use all six. Somehow, the electrical engineering wizards who design these things place the outlets way too close to each other, which basically defeats the purpose of using any appliances or electronics devices that have odd shaped adapters. . In the case of the belkin pivot wall surge protector, the design is spot on with six outlets; each outlet can be independently swiveled. Other swivel outlets only let you swivel a bank of three at a time, which basically presents the same problem as a standard flat six-plug wall mount-you can't fit all your devices because the plugs are too close together. . This belkin provided enough space to use every one of the outlets for my electronic gadgets. The most offending shaped one wasn't even an ac adapter, but a very large, round nightlight that hogged up two spaces. But with the belkin pivot, i just simply swiveled the outlet 90 degrees, and voila, problem solved. . This product gets one star less not because it doesn't perform well, but it is quite expensive when compared to the other six-plug non-movable outlets. . But on the flip side, it does give you total access to all six plugs, plus it offers some safety advantages by not having some of your ac adapters precariously hanging on by a tread because they don't exactly fit. . There's a screw that you can attach to the wall plate to keep the belkin pivot nice and secure, which is also a nice touch. -Notice from D. Weber, West Virginia

Click to Show belkin 12 outlet pivot plug protector bp112230 08 (power supplies or protection) Details

Best belkin product i've ever used. Belkin has always been a leader in a wide variety of accessories for computer users. This is brilliant! about time. . You can use all those weird cords which have power supplies which make the plugs so hard to use. I also use cords which allow you to either turn on or off or change brightness in lamps. You plug the lamp plug into those. But they are clunky and don't let you plug other things near them. No problem with this product. . I can see myself ordering more. No idea who uses the cable ports at the end . But the moving plug receptors are so functional. Highly recommended.

Belkin-12-outlet-pivot-plug-protector-bp112230-08-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- V. BrendaDefinitely helped with items with adaptor plugs. By rotating the outlet can connect several plugs. The attached photographs show the belkin power strip with six plugs, and also three with wide adaptors side by side. Manufacturers need to design plugs with narrow adaptors, such as the white one on the left (from landingzone dock).

It hasn't been long since we've started using this, so this is just our experience as of the first week or so. . The reason why i chose this wall mount version instead of the others, because i hate seeing a clutter of wires and the extension cords all over the place. I absolutely love the fact that this allows you to add 5 more sockets to one outlet (4 extra, really, because it will cover both outlets once you plug it in), and the fact that each individual socket swivels, so you don't have to worry about oddly shaped plugs. With everything being electronic lately, it's a struggle to organize all of the different chargers and adapters without making a mess. . So far, so great. We love this surge protector (note: we don't really have super high powered devices, so i can't speak to how much it can handle. We use this mainly for things like phone chargers, laptop chargers, televisions, etc. ) and it's the perfect addition to our home. . * the reason i removed one star is because it's a teensy bit flimsier than i had hoped for. The swivel is great, but you have to be careful when you plug something in and swing it around, because you don't want to ruin your chargers and plugs. Make sure you grab the swivel and plug together, and not just the plug, so you don't warp your plugs/chargers. . If my review has helped you in any way, please let me know, or hit "yes" under this review. Thank you! :)

N. Barbara, Warwickshire

Brand :    belkin
Color :    Gray
Size :    8 Feet
Weight :    2.45 pounds
Model :    BP112230-08
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08 available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $25.93 (was $31.77)
  • 8' cord delivers optimal, safe ac power through a 14-gauge heavy-duty cord
  • Belkin lifetime warranty and $300, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • Allows room for large block space outlets
  • 8 rotating and 4 stationary surge-protected outlets provide convenience and flexibility; 1-in, 2-out rj11 telephone/fax surge protection and coaxial protection
  • 4320 joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices, input voltage: 125v

Etymotic Research ER4P MicroPro Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones Discontinued Manufacturer

The er-4p micropro noise-blocking earphones from etymotic research offer realistic sound reproduction and noise isolation that far surpasses that of active noise-canceling earphones.

Etymotic Research ER4P MicroPro Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones Discontinued ManufacturerEtymotic-Research-ER4P-Noise-Isolating-Discontinued

Brand :    etymotic research
Color :    ER4P
Weight :    0.6 pounds
  • Highest noise-isolating earphones on the market
  • Assortment of accu-fit eartips included to ensure proper seal and comfort and 1/4 inch stereo adapter
  • Reduction of outside noise reduces the risk of listening at unsafe levels
  • Designed for audiophiles, musicians and sound engineers
Price :    —
Model :    ER4P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Headphones (etymotic research product review) for Etymotic Research ER4P MicroPro Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones Discontinued Manufacturer available ( Feb 2020 )

Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa.

Drives my bookshelf speakers nicely. I have a separate sub so i don't need high power. I'm very satisfied with the sound that this amp can produce.

The sonos connect:amp brings streaming music to your favorite wired bookshelf, floor-standing, outdoor, or in-ceiling speakers. Setup is easy, and you can play music on the connected speakers alone or throughout your house with sonos speakers in every room. Wirelessly stream your entire music library and favorite online music services, and control it all with a free app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa.Sonos-CONNECT-Wireless-Amplifier-Streaming

Sonos Connect:amp Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa. (zoneplayer 120) FAQ.

My family remodeled our house 3 years ago. During the process, we decided that we wanted multi-room audio capability, so we pre-wired for speakers in our kitchen, back porch, dining room, office, and living room. Along the way i demoed multiple systems including nuvo and russound, and ultimately i decided on sonos for a variety of reasons. I've now used the system literally daily now for 3 years, and i couldn't be happier with the purchase. My initial setup began with 4 connect:amp units and one connect unit (it has since expanded). Some things to know about sonos that i think aren't all that heavily appreciated by those that are new to the system:. . 1 - it is incredibly easy to setup. Like many apple products, sonos "just works" straight out of the box. There is no complex programming, no time consuming plugging/unplugging of wires, etc. Basically hook up power, plug in your speakers, push the two buttons on the front of the unit, and the amp then wirelessly syncs to your system immediately. Upon connecting to your sonos network, you are prompted to name your zone (there are stock names like bedroom or dining room or you can fully customize a zone name), and you are off to the races from there. . 2 - it is easy for anyone to use. Sonos doesn't technically require a smartphone for operation, but having one is the easiest way to operate your system. The app for ios devices and android devices works great and gives you complete control over your zones, selecting music sources, volume, and even special per-room settings like eq. My wife who is not interested in technology was able to use the system without any explanation on how it works, and even my 4-year old daughter knows how to operate it. . 3 - it is expandable. As mentioned, we wired 5 rooms for multi-room audio initially. 5 rooms is a lot, but we have many more rooms in the house. The reason i wired "only" 5 rooms is because a) this stuff was/is not cheap, and frankly we couldn't afford the added expense of equipment for more rooms, and b) we thought we'd listen to music only in the rooms we wired for. Once you use sonos, you will want the experience of it in all of your rooms. The good news is that sonos was built for expansion. My system was initially setup for use as a centralized, multi-room solution, but sonos actually built its reputation on its modular speaker line, first with the play:3, then the play:5, and now the play:1. We wanted to expand our system by adding music in our master bathroom. I initially thought about having the bathroom wired up and adding a new connect:amp to the system, and then i realized that rather than waste the money necessary to do that, i should just try out one of the modular speakers. I bought an open-box play:1 from best buy and gave it a shot. It is truly incredible. It not only seamlessly integrates with the rest of my sonos system, but it also sounds fantastic and fully fills the space. Eventually we will add play:3 units for our kids' bedrooms, and i am in the process of integrating a turntable into our system using the line-in feature offered by the connect unit so i can play records all around the house. While i wouldn't say that the possibilities are endless, i would say they are incredibly extensive, so know you can expand your system very easily in the future and build out units as your needs grow. . 4 - the way we consume music is evolving, sonos evolves with it. I grew up listening to records, then cassettes, then cd's, then purchased songs through itunes, and now i stream almost all my music. One of the beauties of the sonos infrastructure is the way in which it allows you to consume and access music. They've pretty much thought of it all. If your music resides on your computer through purchased music from itunes, sonos allows you to access that catalog and all your playlists. If you like to listen to local fm radio stations, they all are available on the sonos system (as are national stations). If you like listening to internet radio (including things like bloomberg radio, reggae, etc. ), they are mostly all available. And perhaps most importantly in today's day and age, if you stream your music, all of the major streaming companies are on the system, including spotify, beats, google play music, songza, pandora, slacker, etc. In the three years that i've owned sonos, they have been amongst the first companies to integrate new streaming services into their system. They listen to the requests of their customers and try to find ways to provide access to all channels of content. . This is an overly long review, but i hope helpful to those who are contemplating purchasing sonos for the first time. -Notice from T. Kristen, Dudley

Click to Show sonos connect:amp wireless amplifier streaming music. works alexa. (zoneplayer 120) Details

I am using sonos differently than most people do. I have used five sonos connect:amps to create a whole home audio system using built in ceiling mounted speakers. . To start with, about six months ago i installed one sonos connect:amp for my outdoor speakers around our pool, and it has worked very well for us. I have it connected to four outdoor speakers around our pool, the kind that look like rocks. . I used 10 gauge outdoor wire to connect the sonos to the outdoor speakers - the kind that is used for outdoor lighting and is designed to be buried. This wire is made from finely stranded copper, and is easy to work with. So the connect:amp is loaded to 4 ohms (two 8 ohm speakers on each channel), and it works well. More than loud enough for us. . This got me thinking that sonos connect:amp units would greatly simplify our whole home audio system. Our home was previously equipped with a very expensive, high-end, whole home audio system that is not user friendly. . But the speakers were good quality boston acoustics ceiling mounted speakers, all wired back to the equipment in our a/v equipment room at one end of the house. . Previously we had to use a control that is installed on the wall in each room that has a set of speakers to select the audio source (cd player with 5 cd tray, request audio server (photos attached), and ipod), change volume, turn on or off, etc, but we had to go to another place to select the music. I would rather be able to control all parts of the system from one place, and our phones, tablets, and computers are the perfect way to do this using the sonos app. I have attached a photo of that control device - it is the device with 12 buttons. . So now we can play internet radio or music from our nas, control the volume, etc. , and it is all done from the sonos app, which can run simultaneously on as many devices as you need. This way we can choose what we want to hear in any room, control the volume, turn the audio on and off, all from any phone or tablet, or my imac, whatever. . Since we have a large library of cds that i have ripped to itunes and stored on a synology nas, i am ripping that high-end clunky system and replacing it with, to start, 4 sonos connect:amp units, installed in the equipment room where the whole home audio system equipment is presently located, which is where all the wiring from the various speakers around the house terminates. . I will probably purchase several more connect:amp units to complete our system as we originally had a 12 zone system, although we never used it in some of the rooms it was installed in. . This is not a cheap replacement for the old system, but for someone starting out would be much less expensive than installing the typical whole-home audio systems that the professional audio/visual companies charge over 5 figures for. I see large systems using sonos connect:amp units as potentially economically disruptive to the professional whole home audio business. . I have found the sound quality very good for the cds i have ripped using apple lossless, and have not had problems with any audio drop out when playing from my nas. Since all 5 of my sonos connect:amp players are in the a/v equipment room, i have them connected to my network via ethernet cables. Same with internet radio, although a few times one of the stations my wife likes to listen to was obviously having problems with their stream. . The sonos app works well; we have over 3, 500 songs in our itunes library (all ripped from cds) and have created various playlists. . Some time ago i merged our two (wife and me) itunes libraries into one library and using the various sort options in the sonos music library it is easy to find an individual cuts of music if that is what i want to do. . Hope this can help anyone considering a whole-home audio system. . Update july 2, 2015:. . I have completed my sonos setup. I am using 5 sonos connect:amp units and 2 sonos connect units with an external 12 channel niles amplifier:. . Our home has several open areas where i combine two sets of speakers on one sonos connect:amp unit, and that works fine because my speakers are 8 ohms and the connect:amp will work fine with 4 ohms. It did not make sense, for example, to have a separate connect:amp in our kitchen and family room, which are a larger open area, because you could not be listening to one song or program in one room and another program in the other room since they were open to each other. . And i find the connect:amp has plenty of power to drive this arrangement. . But i had two areas where i wanted three sets of speakers connected to one sonos unit, so i am using two sonos connect units, each of which feed three stereo channels on a 12 channel niles power amplifier:. . . The niles amp has individual volume controls for each of its 12 channels, so i am able to fine tune the volume from each speaker. . Here is my setup (see photo). . Connect 1 - through 3 stereo channels of niles amp for two sets of speakers around pool and a set of stereo speakers in our "outdoor entertainment deck". . Connect:amp 1 - guest bedroom. . Connect:amp 2 - second guest bedroom (my wife uses this room for her office). . Connect:amp 3 - drives two sets of speakers in kitchen and family room (which is really just one open area). . Connect 2 - through 3 stereo channels of niles amp for speakers in living room, foyer, and dining room (of which all these rooms are open to each other). . Connect:amp 4 - drives two sets of speakers in master bed room and master bath room. . Connect:amp 5 - my home office. . I hope this helps you visualize how you could use connect and connect:amp in a whole home audio setting. From the reviews it appears a lot of people are doing just that. . Update february 12, 2016:. . In order to more effectively control my sonos system, i have installed 6 wall mounted ipad minis around the house. I am using the vidabox wall mount:. . Http:// . My previous whole house audio system used a proprietary control and was connected by cat 5 cables from the control back to the "rack room" where the audio equipment was located, so i was able to re-purpose those cat 5 cables to power the ipads via a poe (power over ethernet) to usb box, also made by vidamount:. . Http://www. Online store. Com/gp/product/b00qsmoo10? psc 1&redirect true&ref oh aui detailpage o01 s00. . I also use these ipads to control other systems around the house, such as thermostats, my pool and spa, and even my player piano.

Sonos-connect:amp-wireless-amplifier-streaming-music.-works-alexa.-(zoneplayer-120) set picture

- A. MeganI purchased a house this summer w 4-ceiling speakers. I had no idea how to use them. I saw this system and read reviews. When it arrived, i installed in 5 minutes and i have been enjoying wireless music since! super simple and the app is awesome! my mom visited and she downloaded the app and was able to control it as well.

Works as advertised. Bit expensive but nice. Would like to see multiple zones per amp in the future.

M. Powell, Camden

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Light Gray
Weight :    5.07 pounds
Model :    ZonePlayer 120
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Connects to your home wifi network with any 802. 11b/g, 2. 4 ghz broadcast-capable router for uninterrupted wireless streaming, connect amp to any echo or alexa-enabled device
  • Control wired speakers from anywhere in your home witha mobile device such as your smart phone. connect to patio or poolside speakers for outdoor listening entertainment
  • Upgrade your favorite stand alone speakers with amplified streaming music both indoors or outside
  • Wirelessly stream services like prime music unlimited, pandora, spotify and apple music on the speakers you already own
  • Built in amplifier brings more sonic punch. powers large or small speakers with 55w per channel
Price :    $410.84 (was $497.99)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa. available ( Feb 2020 )

Paradigm Shift SoundScape Soundbar Black

Ideal for flat panels 50" and up. 7 high-performance drivers deliver an engaging surround-sound experience. 7 x 50 watts peak power. Digital optical & analog stereo inputs amplifier design.

Paradigm Shift SoundScape Soundbar BlackParadigm-Shift-SoundScape-Soundbar-Black

Brand :    paradigm shift
Color :    Black
Weight :    27.00 pounds
  • Dsp-based amplifier design.
  • Paradigm virtual surround
  • Ir learning
  • 7 x 50 watts peak power
  • Bluetooth with aptx coding
Price :    $999.99 (was $1499.00)
Model :    SoundScape
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Audio Video :    Best Speakers (paradigm shift product review) for Paradigm Shift SoundScape Soundbar Black available ( Feb 2020 )

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black

I purchased my first sonos play 1 about 2 months ago, and since that time have purchased a sonos play 3 and another play 1. I love this system. It's easy to set up, simple to use, and it's great for my family to be able to play what we want in three different (so far) rooms in our house (or play the same song in all 3 for parties! ). I'm sure there are cheaper wireless speakers out there, but these are worth the slight uplift in cost. Also - thanks to this purchase -tunein is now one of my favorite free services on the web/smart phone. We don't get great fm reception in my house, so the ability to play my local stations - free of interference - is a great little perk. . This product is 5 stars in my book!

Fill your home with music the play:1 has two perfectly tuned class d amplifiers, one 3. 5" mid-woofer designed to faithfully reproduce mid-range frequencies and deliver deep bass, and one tweeter to create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response. No other wireless speaker this size delivers such rich, clear hifi sound. Don't just hear. Listen play:1's custom-tuned drivers and software deliver rich, powerful sound, with crystal clear highs and deep, rolling lows for pitch-perfect hifi music. Put your music in its place: anywhere play:1's sleek, versatile design easily fits anywhere your home needs music, for surprisingly big sound no matter how tight the spot. All your music, all together no matter how many places your music library lives or how many music services you use, the sonos app lets you access all the music you love in one place. A home full of music starts here play:1 is a building block of the sonos multi-room system, letting you start with one and easily expand to any room. Play the same song everywhere, or choose different tracks for different rooms. Amazing alone, even better together play:1's standalone hifi sound sets it apart. Pair two play:1s together for immersive, true stereo sound. Hifi sound and rock-solid wireless experience your favorite music from the only wireless music system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100 percent devoted to streaming hifi sound. Stream all the music on earth a single app lets you play your entire music library, stream all of your favorite music services and tune in to more than 100, 000 internet radio stations and podcasts. Play the same song in every room, in perfect sync-or play different music in every room-from any source.

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. BlackSonos-Play-Compact-Wireless-Streaming

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black (play1us1blk) FAQ.

The play:1 is a fantastic little speaker. Solid construction. Easy to hook-up. The sound quality is terrific, very well balanced. I've had any number of wireless speakers and sonos by far is the superior product. These are small and are very innocuous but manage to deliver a killer sound. The play:1 lacks depth in the bass when used at low volumes, even when the "loudness" switch is ticked in the software. Anyone looking to jump to a wireless music setup i would recommend sonos, without a second thought. It just works. Something that i never found with bluetooth speakers or airplay. The sound quality is amazing. -Notice from N. Cortney, Illinois

Click to Show sonos play:1 compact wireless speaker streaming music. works alexa. black (play1us1blk) Details

Five stars for sound quality, 3 stars for the sonos app. This speaker sounds amazing! it connected to the home wifi easily enough. Installed the app and loaded my spotify account and linked my music on my computer. The problem is playback with the app. First off, the majority of my local music is flac files. Unfortunately, due to the bitrate of most of these files, sonos won't play the file. That's a frustration but not a huge deal. The bigger problem is continuous play on spotify or jumping from song to song. I can't seem to skip multiple songs in a playlist without the app disconnecting from spotify. I've only had the speaker for 24 hours but so far i've had several problems with the app playing spotify content consistently. We have a solid and fast wifi connection in the house so it's not connection related. I love the sound of this thing when it is playing but it's been a bit frustrating to get the app to read music consistently. Hopefully it can be fixed with a future update.

Sonos-play:1-compact-wireless-speaker-streaming-music.-works-alexa.-black-(play1us1blk) set picture

- S. SharonWhat an unexpected sound treat! yes, i too read the reviews and wondered if they could all be true. This little nugget packs a powerful punch! it was easy to set up after downloading the appropriate software to both my phone and computer. The instructions were easy to follow and logical. I was up and running within 5 minutes! . . The sound quality for the sonos play:1 is excellent! i've listened to country, classical, contemporary, religious and pop music all of them sound great. I'm pleased with the size and style of the speaker as well. It boasts clean, sleek, simple lines and a nice compact size. It's unobtrusive and that's a bonus when you have little hands around who like to touch everything. . So what's the con? you will want another one! yep, it's true. I'm already scheming how i can justify another purchase. The price is expensive but the ability to link multiple devices wirelessly in different rooms is extremely appealing. Thank goodness i can rack up my credit card points to help out with my next sonos purchase.

Amazing! easy to connect and set up on my iphone. Play 1 is perfect for any space and add a second unit for music throughout. . Wow - wish i would have started with sono instead of other wired products.

D. Wells, Virginia

Price :    $120.73 (was $137.97)
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.
  • Connect your play:1 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Play:1 is our compact, surprisingly powerful speaker. it's a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters, and other snug places. so now you can enjoy great-sounding music anywhere.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like music, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Size :    n/a
Weight :    4.08 pounds
Model :    PLAY1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black available ( Feb 2020 )

SONOS BOOST Sonos Wireless Network

Amazing! extended the range of my sonos network all over the house. Incredibly easy to set up! love it!

Boost provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for your sonos system so you get unparalleled reliability in any situation. Boost gets rid of interference while increasing range so you can stream, surf and game all you want without missing a beat - even in homes that are known to have wireless connectivity problems.

SONOS BOOST Sonos Wireless NetworkSONOS-BOOST-Sonos-Wireless-Network

Sonos Boost Sonos Wireless Network (boostus1) FAQ.

These are good if your sonos units are either far away from the router or have thick walls in between. We have a log house and this thing keeps the signal strong. Also, it's good if you have lots of sonos components. -Notice from . Wilson, Delaware

Click to Show sonos boost sonos wireless network (boostus1) Details

I have a large house with a detached garage with several sonos products. After putting a play 5 in my detached garage and experiencing problems with connectivity i changed the sonos settings to a wifi-only system instead of using the sonos mesh network. While that helped, it didn't completely solve the problem and i continued to have connectivity issues. A call to sonos customer service and the addition of this boost fixed the problem immediately. . I connected this boost to my router (through a long cat5 cable to a central place in my house) which automatically launches the sonos mesh network and makes the boost act like a powerful wifi access point for the sonos products. Now i can see every sonos regardless of which wifi access point i'm connected to (i have three) and everything works perfectly.

Sonos-boost-sonos-wireless-network-(boostus1) set picture

- Q. NielsenI tried to avoid buying an extra device for connecting the sonos appliances to my network and tried power line ethernet or wireless access points but i had intermittent problems with all of them that was making my expensive sonos system unreliable. Got this and it all just works every time

I really didn't need it but bought it anyway and surprisingly it does a great job holding my sonos connect

D. Emma, Washington

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.42 pounds
Model :    BoostUS1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Plugs into your wi-fi router to create a dedicated wireless network for your sonos system
  • Not required to set up your sonos wireless speaker
  • Provides a solution for homes where wi-fi doesn't reach all rooms
  • Offers twice the power as bridge, with broadcast power comparable to enterprise-grade wi-fi routers
  • Two 10/100 mbps ethernet ports to connect to a wired home network and bring standard internet connectivity to other devices
Price :    $79.99 (was $99.00)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for SONOS BOOST Sonos Wireless Network available ( Feb 2020 )

Sonos CONNECT Wireless Receiver Component Streaming Music. Works Alexa.

I used to distribute digital audio through my house with apple airport expresses, using their audio outputs. But that solution got worse over time due to dropouts. Nothing ruins a good music groove like a dropout. Finally i sprung for the sonos connect. I use the digital output into my amplifier. It works great! no more dropouts! you can play anything from your idevice once you install the app. I installed the app on a desktop mac and share the music on it. Another nice benefit of this product is that it has internet radio built in so you can control it from any and all of your devices or computers. I love radio paradise and enjoy it even more now. I have since bought a sonos play 3 wireless speaker to replace a second stereo receiver in my bedroom.

The sonos connect brings streaming music to your stereo or home theater. Setup is easy, and you can play music on the connected speakers alone or throughout your house with sonos speakers in every room. Wirelessly stream your entire music library and favorite online music services, and control it all with a free app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Sonos CONNECT Wireless Receiver Component Streaming Music. Works Alexa.Sonos-Wireless-Receiver-Component-Streaming

Sonos Connect Wireless Receiver Component Streaming Music. Works Alexa. (zoneplayer 90) FAQ.

I got this primarily for streaming from my nas storage, and it does that very well. I finally replaced my (original, slimdevices) squeezebox, but only because i wanted something that was a bit more flexible and supported by other than community goodwill. . The good:. Setup was pretty simple. Plug it in, run the ios or android app, follow simple directions, done. I use the optical output to my audio system, so i don't know how good the analog output is, though. . It supports quite a few streaming services, and more are added all the time. It has the two i most commonly use already installed (pandora and rhapsody) and will also stream online store, google, spotify, audible, sirius, etc. Huge selection. . As i mentioned, it will stream directly from any network-accessible storage. I keep all my music, either flac or mp4 encoded, on a network drive. It found everything, plays it all just fine. . The bad (well, ok, the not-so-good):. You pretty much have to use the (proprietary) pc or smartphone app to control it. No built-in browser interface, no remote. But, if you really need an actual remote, the harmony home ultimate (which costs as much as the connect) will supposedly control it. There are also some free apps, none trivial to set up, that will give you a browser interface. . The documentation could be (a lot) better. I had to search online for explanations of how to use some of the features. . You cannot turn this thing off. Period. It's always on and if you don't remember to pause music when you're done, it will just keep streaming. Possibly there's some kind of inactivity timeout, but i've seen no description of that (documentation again). If you pause whatever you're listening to, it does go into a sleep mode and not stream until you resume. . All in all, it does what i want, and does it well, even though it is a bit pricey. -Notice from I. Lewis, Peterborough

Click to Show sonos connect wireless receiver component streaming music. works alexa. (zoneplayer 90) Details

Here's my setup: i listen to flac music files on a nas device that's hard wired into an asus router. My sonos connect connects to the router over treadnet powerline adapters. Note: sonos support says that powerline adapters can cause problems so be warned that this setup may not work in your house. Next, i have my connect wired into my receiver over the optical output. My receiver has a built in dac. . Briefly, the sound is wonderful. Maybe a younger person with better speakers could hear a difference between the flac files being played over a sonos connect and a cd player but i can't. I was also able to connect to an itunes library on a windows 7 box that is made up of mostly mp3 files. Some of the mp3 files sounded great and some of them sounded just awful but that's not a problem with the sonos connect, that's a problem with poorly created mp3 files. I was impressed that the sonos connect was able to read in my itunes playlists. . I use the iphone app to control the connect and that works very well. I was surprised at how quickly it was able to index my music collection. If i add more music to my nas device, running a re-index only takes seconds. The services the app supports is impressive. It was quite a shock to hear pandora over a good set of speakers. The sound quality is actually pretty decent. I have enjoyed just surfing around, listening to different stations from all over the country. The sound quality is comparable to a good fm tuner but the selection of sources is just amazing. . So, overall, i am more than very happy with my sonos connect. I am actually thinking about buying another one for my home theater. It's in the basement and running an antenna to it would be very difficult but adding another sonos connect would be very easy.

Sonos-connect-wireless-receiver-component-streaming-music.-works-alexa.-(zoneplayer-90) set picture

- S. OpheliaThis is really fantastic, the set up is really easy, it took less than 20 minutes for me to play the first song from android phone wirelessly with an old bose system. I finally turned my 15+ year lifestyle 5 become a modern wireless player. The streaming was steady so as the control via android phone (htc one). The connect was set up just next to bose for the need of wire connection. Do not need any wire connection btw the router and connect (if could do so if you need stronger signal). Now i can just control the song from any place via the android phone. Another advantage of sonos system is i could stream song from android system (bose could only do so for iphone via its airplay connection). If you have a good system and want to go for wirelss, forget about blue tooth etc. This is the solution! good buy, very happy and satisfy. I suppose i make a good marriage btw bose and sonos in this aspect!

I bought this receiver so that i can play distant radio stations through my stereo and so that i could stream all of my music collection. Was a little difficult to install, but sonos' customer service was on the job at 6:30 pm & helped us all the way through. Could not be happier

B. Nielsen, Colorado

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Light Gray
Weight :    1.52 pounds
Model :    ZonePlayer 90
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Connect your connect to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Features analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs for flexibility. also includes line-in. plug in any device you desire.
  • Instantly update your existing stereo or receiver with wireless streaming capabilities controlled from your smart device.
  • Wirelessly stream services like prime music unlimited, pandora, spotify and apple music on the equipment you already own.
Price :    $299.10 (was $348.96)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos CONNECT Wireless Receiver Component Streaming Music. Works Alexa. available ( Feb 2020 )

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset Discontinued Manufacturer

The bose in-ear headphones set a new standard for sound performance and is re-engineered from the inside out featuring an enhanced acoustic design.

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset Discontinued ManufacturerBose-Mobile-Headset-Discontinued-Manufacturer

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black, Silver
Weight :    0.4 pounds
  • Angled 3. 5 mm plug
  • Three 2. 5 mm adapters
  • Omnidirectional, inline microphone
  • Convenient, high-quality audio
  • One-touch switching, hands-free talking
Price :    $116.95
Model :    316833-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Headphones (bose product review) for Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset Discontinued Manufacturer available ( Feb 2020 )

Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 2.5-Foot Power Cord, 555 Joules BE106000-2.5

The switch in on the back next to the cord and recessed so it doesn't get accidentally flipped as often. There are no extraneous glowing lights to annoy you. The orientation and spacing of the outlets is good. Also the plug is flat to the wall and rotates which is quite convenient.

You've got a lot of money invested in your home computer and peripherals, so you need to protect them. The belkin be106000-2. 5 6-outlet home surge protector with 2. 5-foot cord is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home. This item does not come with a wall hugger plug. Ac rating: 15a/125v/1875w, max spike voltage: 6000v, ac plug style: straight plug, clamping voltage: 330v, emi/rfi noise filter: 150k hz 100m hz, up to 43db, circuit total joules: 555j, overload protection: yes, power safety shut down: yes.

Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 2.5-Foot Power Cord, 555 Joules BE106000-2.5Belkin-6-Outlet-Commercial-Protector-BE106000-2-5Online store. Com product description . Caption font-family: verdana, helvetica neue, arial, serif; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; ul. Indent list-style: inside disc; text-indent: 20px; table. Callout font-family: verdana, helvetica, arial, serif; margin: 10px; width: 250; td. Callout height: 100%; background: 9dc4d8 url( repeat-x; border-left: 1px solid 999999; border-right: 1px solid 999999; padding: 10px; width: 250px; ul. Callout list-style: inside disc; text-indent: -12px; font-size: 12px; line-height: 1. 5em; h5. Callout text-align: center; you've got a lot of money invested in your home computer and peripherals, so you need to protect them. The belkin be106000-2. 5 6-outlet home surge protector with 2. 5-foot cord is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home. The 6-outlet surge protector gives you peace of mind during power disturbances. View larger. This belkin 6-outlet surge protector offers: home power protection for home computers protection for computers, peripherals, telephones, and more a slim, sleek design a $15, 000 connected equipment warranty keeping the computers running as the demand for electricity to feed our hi-tech appetite increases, the likelihood of power interruptions and problems are also increasing. In addition to problems caused by the increasing severity of storms across the country, power experts are predicting that increasing power demand will soon put most major population centers at risk for severe power problems. As you know, power lulls and surges can severely damage your electronic equipment and even destroy your invaluable data. This belkin home series surge protector provides premium power protection for small home appliances, general household electronics, entry-level computers, printers, and adsl modems. Belkin has used advanced design elements, top-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components to provide the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and ac contamination available. Belkin backs this model with a lifetime product warranty and a $15, 000 connected equipment warranty. This surge protector is also stylishly designed; its slim, sleek case blends seamlessly with today's modern electronics and appliances, while saving valuable space. Br clear "all" belkin delivers surge protection for general electronics, home appliances, and more. Br clear "all"

Belkin 6 Outlet Commercial Protector Be106000 2 5 (Power Supplies Or Protection) FAQ.

These are great outlets. I currently have one powering two mini fridges and the occasional laptop and phone charger while the other supports a mid-sized fridge, microwave, and string lights in my dorm suite. I feel very safe knowing that the appliances are protected by a surge protector. The 2ft cord length works perfectly for my suite set up as well, but if you're looking for something longer, this isn't for you. Don't let the low price scare you away; it is a great product, and you get two! the plastic is high quality as well, so that's great because a lot of the power strips out there are made of cheap, flimsy plastic. The only reason i didn't give the product 5 stars is because i don't know the specs aspect or the competition very well. I hope you purchase! -Notice from Q. Patton, Connecticut

Click to Show belkin 6 outlet commercial protector be106000 2 5 (power supplies or protection) Details

I am very pleased with this product. No issues at all. 14awg cable. 1080 joules of surge protection for such a little price. $15k equipment warranty against electrical surges, this is why you really buy these products! . The power plug head rotates, kind of nice depending where you are going to use this. I purchased a couple of these and i would do again if needed. . Do it!

Belkin-6-outlet-commercial-protector-be106000-2-5-(power-supplies-or-protection) set picture

- I. WilliamsI've had this for about six years, and it has come with me to about that many homes, and it's been perfect. I live in southern louisiana so there are actually a lot of. "surges" to "protect" from (even though people might just use this as an outlet multiplier in other more temperate locations) and it has done me well! i know people who have had their entire computer harddrives zapped and lost from having their computers plugged directly into the wall during a thunder storm, and this has always protected my computer and phone. I also have power surges in my home all the time, and my technology has been safe. I love how many outlets it has too, of course. It has has a decent sized cord so while not a real extension cord it's definitely helped me get that extra bit further while trying to plug something in at a non convenient to outlet location. I also love how it has an on /off switch. It gives me peace of mind to know that i am a) not paying for electricity i'm not using and b) that there is no chance of an electrical fire when i leave the house. Would definitely recommend!

I wanted to get my big power strip off the floor and put it up into the under-desk wire organizer. This fit great, and is working perfectly. I have always been a fan of belkin power strips, and this one lives up to the name. Cant ask for any more from a power strip!

B. Franklin, East Sussex

Brand :    belkin
Color :    White
Size :    2.5'
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    BE106000-2.5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (Speakers product review) for Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 2.5-Foot Power Cord, 555 Joules BE106000-2.5 available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $7.57 (was $8.95)
  • Rated to handle 555 joules, belkin lifetime warranty and $15, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • Provides complete protection from power surges, spikes, and ac contamination
  • Ideal solution for small home appliances, general household electronics, entry-level computers, printers, and adsl modems
  • 6-outlet surge protector with 2. 5-foot cord, ac plug style: straight plug, not a flat plug.
  • Slim design reduces office clutter

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.

Great product and i like how you can group multiple speakers together, just wished sonos had bluetooth.

Playbar s nine-speaker design floods your home with huge waves of epic, full-theater sound for tv, web, movies and video games. It is also a stand-alone all-in-one sonos player that allows you to wirelessly stream all the music on earth-your itunes library, your favorite music services, and thousands of internet radio stations, shows and podcasts. Playbar connects to your tv using a single optical cable and power cord and plays everything that is connected to your tv, from cable boxes to gaming consoles. Connect playbar or bridge to your wireless router and link all sonos players wirelessly with one touch. Note: to get started, you must wire either one player or bridge to your home network using a standard ethernet cable.

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa.Sonos-Soundbar-Wireless-Streaming-Speaker

Sonos Soundbar Wireless Streaming Speaker (pbar1us1blk) FAQ.

Perfect, like all of the sonos products. I've now got 4 play5 speakers and 2 playbars, and they all work and sound terrific. While the price may seem high, the fact that it just works, every time is absolutely worth it to me. -Notice from J. Suzanne, Wisconsin

Click to Show sonos soundbar wireless streaming speaker (pbar1us1blk) Details

Love this thing have to get sub for best experience possible

Sonos-soundbar-wireless-streaming-speaker-(pbar1us1blk) set picture

- X. AnonymousBought the sonos 5. 1 system for my living room. I didn't want to run wires throughout the room so took a chance on this without hearing it before the purchase and was not disappointed; my family and i love this system. We love it so much i already purchased two more play 1s for other parts or our house. . Great sounds, great bass and easy to set up. Great product with a great supporting application for your mobile device. We love being able to easily switch from listening the the tv over to listening to pandora and other music sources we use.

Great way to add sonos to your living room without "overdoing it", especially if you live in an apartment building. Music on this thing sounds great, as it does with all sonos products. As i'm sure others have mentioned, unless your tv outputs dolby digital 5. 1 from it's optical output, you won't get the full experience unless connecting your product directly to it. Other than that, i'm perfectly happy with it

R. Evelyn, Missouri

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    11.90 pounds
Model :    PBAR1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.
  • Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
  • Connect your playbar to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.
Price :    $609.88 (was $697.00)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker. Works Alexa. available ( Feb 2020 )

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black

Yes i am enjoying it. It has superb quality and my sonos home theatre setup is complete now.

Add to your sonos system for amazing room-filling, deep bass sound. Connects wirelessly to sonos speakers. Works with play:1, play:3, play:5, playbar and connect:amp. Place it anywhere in the room, even lying flat under a couch. Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz.

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer BlackSonos-SUB-Wireless-Subwoofer-Black

Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Black (subg1us1blk) FAQ.

Really enjoying this sub, great base output when linked up with my playbase for tv and general music! . . I live in an apartment so have to set the base down but it definitely packs a punch -Notice from U. Campbell, Maine

Click to Show sonos sub wireless subwoofer black (subg1us1blk) Details

Exactly what i wanted and great service

Sonos-sub-wireless-subwoofer-black-(subg1us1blk) set picture

- B. ZeldaThe booming big sounds coming from the subwoofer totally completes the audio experience when watching action movies ! i love it !

Husband wanted 5. 1 in our bedroom. He was so happy to open this christmas morning! . Definitely worth every penny! movie night is every night!

V. Suzanne, Schleswig-Holstein

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    35.27 pounds
  • Two force-cancelling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
  • Adds dramatically deeper bass to any sonos wireless speaker. hear parts of the music you've never heard before
  • Simple one button set up
  • Connect wirelessly to playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5, and connect amp
  • Display it or hide it. this slim subwoofer sounds great standing up or on it's side. even place it under a couch. available in black or white
Price :    $581.45 (was $689.00)
Model :    SUBG1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black available ( Feb 2020 )

Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black

One of the best wireless speakers on the market today. I have use sonos speakers for a few years now and i have 4 of them and love them. I have them in three separate rooms along with one to move around. Fantastic sound from this ultimate speaker.

Step up to the all-new play:5; the powerfully smart speaker that fine-tunes its sound to bring you all the energy and emotion the artist packed into the original recording. Music that's pure, ferocious, tasty and true.    

Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. BlackSonos-PLAY-Ultimate-Wireless-Streaming

Sonos Play Ultimate Wireless Streaming (pl5g2us1blk) FAQ.

I have had a songs system for many years now, starting out with the songs connect so i could use all my current setup and equipment. Three years ago i started getting the play 1's, and those kept multiplying until i have a large herd of them around the house. . I had listened to the play 3 and old generation play 5 and thought for the most part the new tech in the play 1's are superior. . Now enter the new play 5 with all the new tech and more and better speakers. I initially got one thinking i could do a stereo pair and compare it with the play 1. That was a no go. Sonos software does not allow this pairing. Only like with like. So now i had to order another one, ouch that was costly. . Now that they are all setup in a stereo pair and did the custom sound procedure that sonos developed, they sound great. I did a side by side with the paired play 1's and here is my findings. They both sound great. They both have great bass response and highs. Where they part ways is the midranges, the detail, and the soundstage. . The play 5's take what was good in the play 1's and make it better. They are also a lot louder for when you really want to pump some sound. You don't need the sub with the play 5's. I have one, but it is really not needed anymore. The sub still does well for sure, but its kind of like there is a baby sub in each play five and the sub goes, hey im here too. Hey you still need me right? . . The play 5's are big and very heavy. About fourteen pounds each. Solid as a rock. Each speaker inside the play 5 has its own amp. . I am glad i have them, but it was painful buying two. You really don't need two for a pretty big room unless you want to pair them in stereo. The also can sense how you place them and the sound is changed automatically for vertical and horizontal. Horizontal does sound a bit better but i prefer the look of the vertical on my shelves. Also takes up less room and i did not have much to spare where i placed them. . A little side note for those who have connection or interference issues. Do not buy a bridge, those are semi worthless. The boost is much better. And something they don't advertise is that the sonos connect has the most powerful transmitter that will cut through interference like a light saber. I was running my system in a long house without it and was having connection problems all over the place. Hooked the connect back up in the middle of the house and it took over the signal from the boost. No more drops. Did not even have the connect connected to anything other than the ethernet. -Notice from F. Denise, New Hampshire

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This is the best speaker. The audio quality is amazing. If you have lossless format (or tidal hifi) songs then you'll be blown away. . I am so glad i got it.

Sonos-play-ultimate-wireless-streaming-(pl5g2us1blk) set picture

- Q. MorganI love the clear sound and the setup is incredibly easy. The app also makes finding music to play amazingly easy - from all the music i own stored on my computers and phone (the app just finds it) to all available streaming music. All in one place!

I own 2 play 3s in a stereo pair which are better than my old play 5. The new play 5 has a deeper enclosure and an extra bass driver it is simply phenomenal. Not as good as the playbar with sub but hey. Next is getting another one for play5 stereo pair

B. Eleanor, Trafford

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    14.00 pounds
Model :    PL5G2US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $386.73 (was $499.00)
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like music, pandora, apple music, and spotify
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home
  • Our biggest and best-sounding speaker featuring six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers. fill even the largest rooms with pure, brilliant sound. stereo pair for an even better sound experience
  • Connect your play:5 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. White

Songs is the best sound system ever. I have two of these in a stereo pair and the sound fills the room perfectly. The selection of music servies is outstanding. I listen to german radio and many other stations from around the world.

Fill your home with music the play:1 has two perfectly tuned class d amplifiers, one 3. 5" mid-woofer designed to faithfully reproduce mid-range frequencies and deliver deep bass, and one tweeter to create a crisp and accurate high-frequency response. No other wireless speaker this size delivers such rich, clear hifi sound. Don't just hear. Listen play:1's custom-tuned drivers and software deliver rich, powerful sound, with crystal clear highs and deep, rolling lows for pitch-perfect hifi music. Put your music in its place: anywhere play:1's sleek, versatile design easily fits anywhere your home needs music, for surprisingly big sound no matter how tight the spot. All your music, all together no matter how many places your music library lives or how many music services you use, the sonos app lets you access all the music you love in one place. A home full of music starts here play:1 is a building block of the sonos multi-room system, letting you start with one and easily expand to any room. Play the same song everywhere, or choose different tracks for different rooms. Amazing alone, even better together play:1's standalone hifi sound sets it apart. Pair two play:1s together for immersive, true stereo sound. Hifi sound and rock-solid wireless experience your favorite music from the only wireless music system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100 percent devoted to streaming hifi sound. Stream all the music on earth a single app lets you play your entire music library, stream all of your favorite music services and tune in to more than 100, 000 internet radio stations and podcasts. Play the same song in every room, in perfect sync-or play different music in every room-from any source.

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. WhiteSonos-Play-Compact-Wireless-Streaming

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. White (play1us1) FAQ.

I've been considering a whole house audio distribution system for a long time, but retrofitting into an older home is expensive so it never got done. I heard a review about the play:1 on a pre-christmas radio segment. It sounded good and i came into a large vale gift card so purchased a single speaker to give it a try. I took advantage of the free bridge promo because i wanted my speaker in the living room and the router is in my office. . Out of the box the set up was very simple. I loaded the software on my iphone plugged the bridge into my router and pushed the sync button. In a few seconds the bridge was recognized. I then plugged in the speaker, went to add a component and then i had a little trouble. The installation instructions show to push the sync button (on a bridge) for other components (e. G. , speakers) the drawing shows arrows pointing to the pause/play and the volume up buttons. I'm a little dense so i took it as 'or' instead of 'and. ' after i finally pushed both buttons simultaneously, the speaker quickly sync'd up. . To test, it was easy to locate a radio station to stream (picked a local one we listen to frequently), and in no time the system was working. . Speakers:. The speaker sounds good to my (non-audiophile) ear. It is easy to control from the app and i am satisfied with the sound in my average size living room (typical 50's rambler). We like light classical and lounge style music so not hitting particularly heavy bass. Others might prefer more oomph but for the price and features, i have no issues. Nicely designed with a clean, contemporary look. I was so impressed i bought 2 more play:1 speakers-one for kitchen and another for the master bedroom. . The speakers need a power source so that might be a small issue if you want to wall mount them as it's not likely the wall outlet will be near enough to avoid the need for an extension cord. This might also be an issue if you want to set up a stereo pair. . Apps/software:. I have the apps for iphone, ipad and pc. Locating music and controlling the playback is easy and intuitive. In addition to playing music from my computer, i've setup favorite streaming radio stations, pandora and spotify. I'm new to spotify and set up a trial premium account so still figuring it out. Pandora works very well. . You can add tracks, stations and/or playlists to sonos favorites for quick access. You can also create playlists within sonos. . Another great feature is the ability to group the speakers together so they are playing the same music. This can be done for any combination of speakers which is really handy for a party. The system also allows 2 speakers to be configured as a left/right stereo pair-something i haven't tried, but am thinking about for enhanced sound in the living room. . A couple of minor gripes with the software: 1) i find it hard to navigate to the settings menu in the iphone app. I get there eventually and usually just use the ipad or laptop when i need to reconfigure something. 2) update-it is possible to override the stock room names. See comment i would prefer the ability to name the rooms free-form instead of just using the stock names provided (e. G. , in my home we each have an office so i'd prefer 'dan's office' and 'terry's office' to 'office' and 'office2' for the identifiers). . Very happy (enough to buy 3 so far). Reasons to like:. 1) easy setup. 2) good sound; . 3) access to music library and tons of internet streaming options; . 4) whole house system without the expense; . 5) wireless so portable and easy to move around; and. 6) intuitive software interface on multiple platforms. . No real significant limitations from my point of view, but i'm not that concerned about the lack of support (yet) for things like itunes radio and i'm not an audiophile so limited ability to judge quality of the sound. -Notice from B. Patton, Bedfordshire

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I love the sonos speaker system. I purchased a play bar for my 55" lg smart t. V. And then added two play one speakers to different parts of the house. The quality of the sound is awesome, you wouldn't think a little speaker could sound that good, but it does!

Sonos-play:1-compact-wireless-speaker-streaming-music.-works-alexa.-white-(play1us1) set picture

- A. LindaFive stars for sound quality, 3 stars for the sonos app. This speaker sounds amazing! it connected to the home wifi easily enough. Installed the app and loaded my spotify account and linked my music on my computer. The problem is playback with the app. First off, the majority of my local music is flac files. Unfortunately, due to the bitrate of most of these files, sonos won't play the file. That's a frustration but not a huge deal. The bigger problem is continuous play on spotify or jumping from song to song. I can't seem to skip multiple songs in a playlist without the app disconnecting from spotify. I've only had the speaker for 24 hours but so far i've had several problems with the app playing spotify content consistently. We have a solid and fast wifi connection in the house so it's not connection related. I love the sound of this thing when it is playing but it's been a bit frustrating to get the app to read music consistently. Hopefully it can be fixed with a future update.

Lots of sound from this little guy. I purchased a play:1 and play:3 and could not be happier or more impressed. The one is in my master bathroom and when turned up literally sounds like you are in a club. The 3 is in the living room. Is it loud enough? yes, but if you want your neighbors to hear outside, then you probably need the play:5. The three is a nice in between unit that's price effective, meaning you can't go wrong with this choice. My opinion though is if you have a closed room, the 1 is good enough. If the room is open (open walls), then the 3 will do, but the 5 probably better. To clarify why (and i don't have the play:5 to compare) if you have the play:3 in a large room, it sounds good, but the sound is very directional as you can imagine. Two play:3s linked in stereo mode would be the best option. I would imagine a single play:5 although loud and nicer bass, would still be kind of directional.

Y. Kathlene, Tower Hamlets

Brand :    sonos
Color :    White
Size :    100
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    PLAY1US1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. White available ( Feb 2020 )
Price :    $120.72 (was $137.97)
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like music, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Mini but mighty. fits in any space, fills any room with surprisingly rich and powerful sound.
  • Perfect for home theater rears or a stereo pair. wall mountable. you don't even have to be in the same room as a speaker. and if your friends have the sonos app, they can do the same.

Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black

Outstanding sound coupled with great software and app. I can not think of any else to say except outstanding and well worth the investment.

Wirelessly stream your entire music library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations to any room. Place the sonos play:3 wireless hi-fi system vertically or horizontally, mount it on a wall or hide on a shelf. Set up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music. Control the sonos play:3 wireless with free apps for your phone, tablet, and computer.

Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. BlackSonos-PLAY-Mid-Sized-Wireless-Streaming

Sonos Play Mid Sized Wireless Streaming (play3us1blk) FAQ.

I have had my play 3 for about a month now and so far i am pleased with it. The size of it is a little bit larger than i expected, but over all its great! i looks and sounds nice and fits in with the rest of my home design. Although this a matter of opinion, the only con that i have is the lack of bass. It sounds great but lacks the umph of the low end. -Notice from S. Jacqueline, South Dakota

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I am a recent convert from logitech's squeezbox systems to sonos (mostly due to there is still no, new generation squeezbox boom for such a long time! ). After switching to sonos i can see now why this system is overall better than logitech's offerring for both software & hardware. I already have several play 5s and they sound great and have huge sound to fill a large room like my kitchen. I was thinking about buying another play 5, but saw the smaller play 3 and thinking maybe i can get away with this unit for smaller rooms. I have to say that the sound from the play 3 is still very impressive and sounds great. It reminded me of my older bose wave radio cd players. The play 3's sound fills smaller rooms nicely, but i believe still has great sound to fill larger rooms too and doesn't take up as much room as the play 5, especially if you want to somewhat hide the speaker in the corner of a living room, masterbedroom, etc. If it were my choice i would have a play 5 in every room, but that gets expensive and sometimes smaller is better depending on the room. I especially like the options for all these speakers to be able to adjust the bass / treble which makes everything sound even better. I liked this play 3 so much that i purchased another one for my master bedroom. The expandability of this system is endless, until i go overboard & start thinking of installing one in each bathroom!

Sonos-play-mid-sized-wireless-streaming-(play3us1blk) set picture

- R. IsabelSound quality is very good. You have to use a phone or computer to control it and that is my only minor complaint.

Incredibly simple installation! other companies could learn a thing or two from sonos about how to design usable products. It took me only a couple of minutes to get the speakers up and running. Audio quality so far is fantastic. I especially like that sonos has support for online store prime music (the only nitpick i have is that the app is not seamlessly integrated, so there are things you can do on the native online store app that you cannot do on the sonos version of it - like search easily.

P. Hakala, Hertfordshire

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Size :    100
Weight :    7.70 pounds
  • Delivers richer and deeper sound than play:1, making it perfect for spots where you have more room.
  • Connect your play:3 to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like music, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
Price :    $205.43 (was $249.00)
Model :    PLAY3US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music. Works Alexa. Black available ( Feb 2020 )

Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music - Starter Set Bundle White

Great sound from such a small speaker. The highs are clear and the bass is deep and rich. Love that its wireless. Just plug into an electric outlet, download the app to your cell phone or tablet and i can stream music to anywhere in the house. I can set these up as a pair or in separate rooms. I can play the same music on both speakers in different rooms or i can play different music on both speakers in different rooms. They can be added to a playbar and subwoofer to form a home theater. You can purchase other components that will let you connect your existing stereo to these speakers.

The 2 room starter set is the perfect way to start your sonos system. Experience the magic of sonos by filling two rooms of music with two play:1s for $349. The 2 room starter set includes 2 play:1 speakers - a compact wireless speaker that delivers deep, crystal clear hifi sound. Wirelessly stream your entire itunes or online store cloud player library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations from around the world through the compact wireless speaker. The play:1's sleek, versatile design easily fits anywhere your home needs music, for surprisingly big sound no matter how tight the spot. Place a play:1 speaker in each room you want music, and enjoy rich listening right out of the box. Set it up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music; play a different song in each room or the same song in perfect synchronization. And control it all from your android device, iphone or ipad using the free sonos control app. The 2 room starter set is an incredible value and only available for a limited time, so start your sonos system today. There's never been a better time to fill your home with music.

Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music - Starter Set Bundle WhiteSonos-PLAY-Wireless-Speakersfor-Streaming

Sonos Play Wireless Speakersfor Streaming (bply1us1hb) FAQ.

Love, love this system. Great sound quality, very easy setup. We now have music in every room, without running wires or cables. What a joy! -Notice from J. Edith, Durham

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Not sure if you know about sonos play but they are really cool. They stream music from the internet or from your phone. They link to your home network via wifi and you control them with a simple smartphone app, also via wifi. For example if you select pandora, the speakers stream directly from the internet (you can even turn off your phone or change programming from another smartphone. . Sounds awesome in the house (note that i am talking about decent room-filling sound, not rock concert levels).

Sonos-play-wireless-speakersfor-streaming-(bply1us1hb) set picture

- . RussellGreat sound but pricey and need more documentation. They could spend less on the fancy packaging.

Before you jump into sonos, you should know that you're getting a permanent always available speaker system. I love that you can start some music playing and then do something else on your phone. One downside is no line on these models. Another downside is price. These are expensive. But they sound great and when you pair them in stereo mode on either side of the living room, it produces room filling dynamic sound that is really nice.

T. Mays, Texas

Brand :    sonos
Color :    White
Weight :    8.16 pounds
  • Versatile, compact fit. place them wherever you want and enjoy rich, room-filling sound.
  • Fill two separate rooms with different music, or link them together to hear the same song in both. great surround speakers for your sonos home theater, too.
  • Connects wirelessly to sonos speakers in other rooms so you can expand your home sound system when you're ready.
  • Streams all your favorite music services like music unlimited, spotify, pandora, apple music and more.
  • Easy 10-minute wi-fi set up. no bluetooth pairing problems or interruptions.
Price :    $298.00
Model :    BPLY1US1HB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music - Starter Set Bundle White available ( Feb 2020 )

sonos bridge for sonos wireless network discontinued by manufacturer Price : 49, was : 0 as 2018-01-12
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Sonos Bridge Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer (zonebridge br100) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for sonos bridge for sonos wireless network discontinued by manufacturer

After having been exposed to the sonos systems at one of my colleague's home a couple of years ago i became interested in wireless speakers throughout the house. I finally broke down and purchased the bridge and a couple of speakers and i am amazed by the quality of the sound produced by these little gems. The installation was not as easy as purported by the marketing pieces on the devices but, it was less than an hour and i had music streaming from my mac as well as from my ipods. Future plan is to have an ipod solely dedicated to my music and it will be docked and i will be able to access any and all of my playlist from anywhere in the house. I recommend and will purchase more units for placement around the house.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Can you hook up to a tv for audio only? my tv is internet ready and has wireless built in. if not any suggestions for a product that will?

(1) Question: Wifi range ?

(2) Question: If i already have a bridge in my home, do i need another bridge for another family member to play their music independently?

(3) Question: Do you actually need one of these to use a sonos speaker or is it more of a convenience device?

(4) Question: Does sonos bridge/sonos 1 work with verizon fios router/modem? i am reading about issues with fios and sonos.

(5) Question: Does this work with mac os mountain lion? can it be an airport express alternative?

(6) Question: Color?

(7) Question: Is this compatible with other wireless speakers others than sonos?

(8) Question: Is the bridge needed to connect a sonos subwoofer to a playbar wirelessly if the playbar is not hard-wired into our home router?

(9) Question: Will a bridge and speakers allow me to play music, or do i need the playbar as well?

(10) Question: I'm a little confused. is this a speaker or a piece of a setup to create wireless? i am looking for a wireless speaker i can use away from router.

(11) Question: Can i still use my computer speakers at same time as the sonos to play the exact same music concurrently. can use windows media player to control?

(12) Question: I have a router-connected bridge. would another one that is farther away and is non-router connected extend the signal?

(13) Question: Can i use the sonos bridge with third party bluetooth or wireless speakers like bose etc?

(14) Question: I am going to get the sonos home theater system. how do i decide between boost and bridge? what's the difference between them?

(15) Question: Is the bridge's range dependent on the range of my multiple access point wifi network or does it have its own range/network? how far?

(16) Question: The ad shows a long list if devices it streams from, including ipad, android, and so forth, but does it stream from windows pcs?

(note) Question: where/how to get Sonos (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sonos's products

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My wife and i bought the sonos system as an alternative to wiring our house for sound. We hated the idea of snaking wires through walls and ceilings. The system was totally as advertised in all fronts. Easy set-up - i was listening to music within 5 minutes of taking the speakers out of the box. The sounds is stellar - the play 5 fills the room, the play 1 does a very nice job as well. Having them in the room together, while not true stereo sound, makes the room full of sound. Honestly - i somewhat regret getting the play 5. I think i would have rather gotten three more play 1s instead. The play 1 is really not that far off from the 5 when it comes to listening enjoyment. I know audiophiles will sniff at that - really my goal is just to fill my house with sound. . The only downside i can see to the sonos system at all is that it doesn't play itunes radio. Maybe at some point?

Electronics 282271, Home Audio 110648766, Wireless & Streaming Audio 110512223Top Sonos Bridge Sonos Wireless Network Discontinued Manufacturer (zonebridge br100) FAQ Content

Best sonos bridge sonos wireless network discontinued manufacturer (zonebridge br100) in review

This review was originally posted for the play:1, but i'm modifying it for the bridge since the review applies to both products. . I just purchased a home and was looking into having it wired for whole-house audio. Looking into multi-room systems on online store, it was apparent to me that it wouldn't be cheap: cost of the speakers, controllers, plus cost of running wires throughout the house. When i saw the sonos play:1 and bridge promotions, i found its wireless solution to be more cost effective, and with better speakers to boot. Below are the pros and cons that led me to decide for the sonos system. . Note: a sonos bridge is not needed to use the play:1/3/5, etc. See the installation section of this review. The bridge is primarily used to extend sonos' wireless range at lower cost than additional speakers. . Pros. - hi-fi. Speakers sound better than the multi-room, wired systems i looked at for less than $500. . - resale value. Wired speakers don't add much resale value to your house. So, why spend $1000s, only to leave the audio system behind when you sell the property or move? with wireless, i could take my expensive speakers with me to my new home. . - freedom to move around. With wireless, you are free to take the speakers anywhere you want throughout the whole house. For neighborhood block parties, i could even hook up the speakers to an extension cord out to the street, and stream music from my home. Or take it outside to your backyard. They are moisture-proof, but i wouldn't use them as permanent outdoor speakers unless you enclose them in protective casings. . Note on wireless: each sonos component is its own wireless client and repeater. Sonos wireless is a private, wireless "mesh" system, separate from your home wifi. What does that mean to you? it routes music through its own wireless, leaving your home wifi untouched. There's an additional benefit for that, as i'll explain after the installation note below. Most of the sonos components (play:1 is not one of them) have 2 network ports. This means, you can plug in the component into the network jack, and use the 2nd one on the speaker to connect your laptop. . Installation: first, the tech talk. You need 1 sonos component to be plugged in to your home network (any of the play speakers, soundbar, bridge, etc. ) so, as an example, you must plug in either the bridge or the play:1 to your network with a network cable. This turns that component into a wireless access point (or as consumers tend to call it, a "wifi router". ) all other sonos components will now be able to wirelessly talk to that plugged-in device. No other sonos component has to be plugged in, as long as it's within wireless range of the plugged-in one. Should a component in your house be too far away (say, your garage) from the plugged-in one, you can connect it to your network via cable, if available, or set up a sonos bridge (or any other sonos speaker) wirelessly somewhere between the plugged-in one and the garage speaker. The bridge or other speaker strengthens the wireless from the plugged-in one, and extends the range to the one in the garage. Each sonos component is both a wireless client, and a wireless access point/repeater. Each component talks to each other in a mesh network. Think of a spider net. Any part that is touched vibrates to the rest of the net. . Tech-talk aside, think about this: one person (person 1) is at a corner of the house. When he shouts, the person in the garage (person 2) can't hear person 1. The only way person 1 can talk to 2, is to pick up the phone (talking over a wired connection, or plugging a distant sonos component to the wired network) or having person 3 stand between them (having a sonos component physically be between both speakers) and relaying the information back and forth (what wifi mesh would do). So, with each sonos component/speaker, the sonos wireless range gets extended. . With the sonos wireless mesh, you could humorously place a few speakers into each house in the neighborhood, and suddenly play the same music through each home. Try that with bluetooth speakers. You wouldn't be able to. . Wifi mesh tip: if you have an android device, you can google "android devices on sonosnet", and you will see instructions on how to use your sonos wireless network ("sonosnet") to connect your android phone/tablet. This allows you to use your mobile device further away from your home wifi. This has disadvantages and advantages out of the scope of this review. I decided not to use sonosnet for my tablets. . Note: a sonos bridge is not needed to use the play:1. Just plug in the play:1 to the wired network (ie your router), and it will work just fine. You still control it with the sonos app from your mobile device. Once the play:1 is plugged in, you can add other sonos components to the system. A bridge is not needed for that either. It's only needed if you want to extend the sonos wireless range to a farther part of your house or yard for $50 vs buying another play speaker for $100+). . - small size. The bridge is about the same size as an apple tv/roku/wd tv live. . - ease of pairing. To pair other sonos components (or with the sonos controller app), simply hit the play/volume up button on the speaker, and the same combination on the other speakers. If pairing with the bridge, hit the pair button on that component. . - led. The bright led can be configured to turn on/off via the sonos app. . - ease of music sync. You can use the free sonos app for your android, ios (iphone/ipad/ipod), windows phone, mac/windows laptop/tablet (sadly, no windows store app yet) to control how the speakers play: you can easily choose which speakers to pair/unpair into groups. Grouping the speakers allows you to play the same music on those speakers. You can have up to 32 separate groups. You can also individually control each speaker from the app. Each group's volume is controlled by the sonos app. So, if speaker 1 is set to 50% volume, and speaker 2 is set to 25%, lowering the volume by 5% will lower speaker 1 to 45%, and 2 to 20%. . Once music is playing, you can leave the house, and it will continue to play - as long as the music source is not coming from that mobile device (meaning: if you're playing mp3s from your phone, and your phone leaves, it will stop playing. But if you started pandora from your phone, or you told the speaker to play music off one of your network shares, it will continue playing since the source is coming from a device that's still at home. ). . Parties: one cool feature is that once you download the sonos controller app and pair it to one of the sonos speakers (which authorizes the app/phone to talk to your sonos system - this prevents unauthorized people outside your home from controlling your speakers), each device can control the playlist. So, if you have guests coming over, and each guest downloads and authorizes the sonos app to your system, each guest can now add/remove songs from the queue. Everybody can now be a dj. . - expandability. Sonos did a smart thing. They released the less expensive play:1 to wet your/my appetite, and gave away bridge for free, too. As you use the system, you will likely buy more sonos components to expand your sound system, resulting in more revenue for the company. You can add any sonos component to your system, and they will all work in harmony. You can set up a complete home theater system that way too. I know, sounds pricey. It is. But it still is cheaper than having your whole house wired with nice speakers. . - alarm/sleep timer. You can set up each speaker (or group of speakers) to play music at a specific time, day, and volume (alarm) from a specific source for a specified amount of time. Or you can also set a sleep timer to play music for a specific number of minutes to ease you into sleep. I love getting waken up by mellow music (ie. Norah jones) in the morning, and when i leave the home, i don't have to worry about turning off the speakers. It'll automatically turn off after the 45 minutes i set up for the alarm. . - sound. Sound quality is quite good. I will leave you with the reviews by others to read more about that. With the sonos app, you can control bass, treble, and volume. I have the speakers play between 15% to 25% volume in each room - they are plenty loud enough. Setting them to 100% can be heard through the whole house - and the potential for your neighbors to complain. Even at low volume, the sound is very good. It's definitely better than most bluetooth speakers. If you put the play:1 in the corner of a room, the sound seems a bit more muffled due to the amplification of the bass by the walls on both ends. You can fix this by adding more treble, or by moving the speaker away from the corner. . - design. The play:1 and bridge are beautiful devices. They don't look out-of-place in my home. I bought the white ones. . Cons. I couldn't find many cons with the play:1. But here are some that have annoyed me. . - cost. The sonos system is expensive. Just look at the price of the other components. Holy moly. Still, if you were to wire your house with bose speakers, the sonos system is comparatively inexpensive. Again, i chose sonos because wiring the house won't add much resale value. I like the idea of being able to take my sonos with me to my new home. . - sonos app interface. The app is clunky and looks outdated. It took me a while to figure out where to go to do what (and i love gadgets/toys. I'm a technology tinkerer! ). It's not very user friendly. . - music sources. Not all apps can play to the sonos speakers. You have to use the sonos app, add the approved source to it, then you can play from that source. I wish you could re-route any audio from any device to the speakers. Pandora, network shares (nas), itunes, tuneit radio (built-in), ipod/ipad/iphone, media files on your own android/windows device are all possible sources. At one point (if i remember correctly), my not-so-tech-savvy dad was able to beam his ipad's youtube sound to the speakers without using the sonos app. I didn't get a chance to verify how he did it, but i did see the play:1 being available as a target on his ipad. Perhaps it was playing via the dlna protocol. Either way, that was neat. . - input source. I wish that the play:1 had a line-in/aux port so that you can connect any music source to it for playback, such as your tv or existing home entertainment system. Yes, the sonos connect takes care of that, but look at the price of that component! even then, the connect doesn't support spdif/optical input. . Weren't it for the online store/target promotions on black friday, i would have been extremely hesitant to buy these expensive speakers. I bought two play:1 during the promotion. With that said, overall, i'm quite pleased with the purchase. It came out cheaper than wiring the house, and i get to control my music from any of the mobile devices. That's neat. Lower the prices of your other components, sonos! i hope for increased competition in the market to drive the prices down - as of today, i'm not aware of any good, alternate, wireless hifi solution. . I have the bridge installed downstairs in a 2-story home. One play:1 is upstairs, and one play:1 is downstairs. I may purchase more play:1s in the future. The bridge is not needed at all for my home since one of the play:1 can act as the wireless access point for the other. . -. Edit 5/12/14: almost half a year later, and i'm still enjoying the play:1. By the way, sonos is working on making it unnecessary for any sonos component to be connected to the wired network/router. From their blog post, titled, "our vision for rock-solid wireless, evolved" (april 17, 2014), "we've found a way to deliver all the benefits of sonosnet without a product directly connected to your router. Start with a speaker and your smartphone, enter your wifi password and sonos takes care of the rest. ". . I've also updated my review with the clarification, "most of the sonos components (play:1 is not one of them) have 2 network ports. " (thank you, joekc, for pointing out the original review's error). . Edit 6/16/14: clarified that sonosnet is a proprietary wireless network. (thanks, kerton)

. Janice, Lambeth

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V. Nicole, British Columbia says

I highly recommend the sonos bridge. For anyone who is currently looking to set up a home theater system in their own house . But that's not all it can do. For example it can be used to listen to the radio either sirius xm, pandora, apple music to name a few

L. Kellie, Utah

I bought the sonos bridge with play:1 and set it up this afternoon. Set-up would have been a breeze if i'd started with my iphone as the "controller. " i started with my $ %$! windows 8 laptop and after several attempts to connect i called customer service. Instead of waiting in the call queue, i elected to provide my call-back number and have them call me. I received the call back in less than an hour and the customer service tech was more than wonderful. While she remote-accessed my laptop to look at the firewall settings, verify router settings, etc. , she had me install the sonos app on my iphone. With a few clicks i was able to use my iphone as the controller and i'd also linked to my online store cloud music library and a local radio station. Amazing sound from the play:1! . Back on the laptop, after a few tweaks and restarting twice, i was able to use the laptop version of the controller and also index my itunes library. Amazing customer support from sonos, and if i'd started with the iphone install i would have been amazed at how easy it was. As i did start with the laptop, there was the initial annoyance when the bridge connection failed and a secondary worry that i would have to purchase a third-party router (i went through the sonos website troubleshooting and there is a list of routers to avoid or work-around). I'm so happy i called customer support and that everything now works properly. The bridge itself is compact, easy to plug-in and connects with the controller at the touch of a button. I'm going to be exploring all the radio stations, etc. , i can get with the sonos controller!

I. Veronica, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Plug it in, download the app and you can start configuring a sonos set up - in my case built out of sonos 1 speakers. The folks at sonos designed something that is downright simple and elegant. No complaints! . . If you want a whole house speaker system, look no future. The sonos bridge and sonos 1 (i've not needed any of the other sonos speaker units) work well together. The cost of the bridge spread onto however many sonos 1 units you buy is trivial. The total cost is far less that trying to install ceiling speakers and wiring. In addition, the bridge allows you to set up sound room by room or group rooms into a common sound source. Any apple, android or pc device can control the system - in fact, many client devices can simultaneously run the sonos application for control by multiple people at the same time. The bridge allows you to associate your various online music/sound sources or local libraries so that they can be played over any sonos speaker or group of speakers. Once the association has been made for the bridge, the client device only needs start a playlist, album, song or stream and the bridge directly handles it (i. E the music/sound source does not work through the client device but directly through the bridge - the client is a control surface only). . Brilliant design by sonos.

E. Anonymous, Hartlepool

Based upon the walt mossberg's wall street journal review of the sonos play-1/sonos bridge combo, i considered this system as the top entry in my quest to replace my 5+ year old yamaha receiver/amp that gives off so much heat that i call it a "heater". After successfully testing this entry level pair i eventually replaced bookshelf speakers with more play-1 speakers (in pairs) and using two connect amps i can now power legacy speaker pairs that were pre-wired in the patio (weather proof speakers) and bedroom (and can control them independently). Even added more play-1 speakers where i could not previously run pre-wired speakers. Also, since the connect amps don't seem to give off near the "heat" of the old receiver/amp i can leave them on all the time without the worry of overheating in my "closed" entertainment center. To say this least this can be an expensive solution, but the option of adding components as you need them and controlling groups via tablets and smartphones, well worth the investment.

P. Medina, South Australia says

I purchased a bridge because i had an issue where an ipad streaming netflix while listening to music would sometimes cause dropped packets. The music would go out and it was very frustrating. Adding the bridge stopped that issue from occurring due to the dedicated network for the sonos. . The other reason i bought it is because i was up to a handful of speakers including the full playbar setup with the rear speakers (play 1) and sub. In order to do the surround sound with that specific setup, you need the bridge. I got it and setup was a snap. . One downside, and this may be a criticism of the sonos system overall, is that it seems difficult to attach the sub to a separate speaker. I have a play 5 floater and it would be nice to occasionally keep the sub rolling with only the play 5 (wherever it is). You can't easily detach it without some hassle. Again, the setup itself is easy but it's not something i'd want to do if i were just moving stuff around. Think the equivalent of plugging speaker wires in. Not hard but not something you want to repeat. So i guess i don't understand why it is so easy to attach groups of speakers together but the sub seems to fall outside of that.

K. Lewis, Somerset

I sold a bose accustimass 15 because it was extremely bulky, and too many cables etc. And exchanged it for a simple stereo system. Not having an amp/receiver and wireless equal no cables is perfection. Installation was simple and flawless and now i have the output of my tv hooked to a splitter that goes to the speaker and the other to a wireless headphone for night tv watching. I called sonos before i bought them to see if they work with my tv and was told that i may get sound out of sync with the video but i don't experience that problem. I still have one input in the other speaker that i can use with anything else. With pandora and plenty of radio stations is entertaining enough. I just subscribed to spotify, nice because you can choose any songs you want, pandora are stations that give you variety. . This review was intended for 2 sonos play 5 plus bridge

. Moore, Niedersachsen says

I have 3 play 5's. There is no delay at all with this bridge. Does not rely on bandwidth and is soooo easy to set up. Plug in, open app and select add sonos component. The app will literally show you which button to press. That is it. The app will then recognize this bridge and you are good to go. . Sonos really does make their components so easy to set up. Not sure why a few have had issues. Probably the easiest setup of any audio component ever.

G. Hakala, Missouri

This is awesome. This works well with the newer sonos equipment and was much cheaper than the new extenders out there.

J. Kimberly, Devon says

Set-up is stupid-easy: you plug this in to the power and router, after which a white light on top starts blinking. You download the app to the mobile device or computer as the controller device, select the option to add a component to the network, and push the button on top of the bridge. Done! . . Clearly the review of the sound quality of the sonos system doesn't belong here, but i still have not experienced any skips or drops in the sound being streamed to my speakers-so in that aspect, i guess this thing works great. . Like so many other recent tech products, this thing is packaged very well. It comes with a power cord and a thin, flat lan cable to connect to a router or switch. The set-up documentation is extremely simple and clear, not that you really need it! . . If you need to link multiple devices as controllers, there is a way! it's not mentioned in any of the set-up literature, or on the controller device when you're actually trying to set it up on the second (third, etc. ) controller(s), but here's what you do: click set-up, and then press the play and volume + button on the device. Bam! easy as pie. It took me several hours to stumble across that by accident, when i was right about to send it back because of that issue.

U. Paige, Quebec

Wow! spent 4 hours trying to get software and components to connect. Ideally their help desk will be open tomorrow and i can determine what's not working. Note, i'm no neophyte when it comes to networks, so be warned. If i could give this zero stars at this point, i would. I will revise my review tomorrow after i spend quality time with their support staff. Do not attempt to synch through any walls with vents, wires, water pipes, etc. - their bridge is just too underpowered to get through them. Once you do get them connected, their software is apparently suppose to instantly connect to pc to bridge+speaker (s) - but not if you have any one of approx. 50 routers and/or anti-virus and/or firewalls on your pc or network, so check out their list of products that aren't compatible before you install. . Update: for whatever reason, the sonos software on my pc was unable to find the bridge+speakers initially. After 24 hours, it magically found everything (with no assist from me). After pointing the pc-based software to my itunes library, everything works as expected. Their bridge is still underpowered and won't work in part of my house (due to heating ducts and water pipes i am guessing - distance wise, the speaker it wouldn't connect to was only 12 feet away, so i had to relocate one speaker), but music is flowing and i'll be keeping the product. I have changed my first rating from 1 star to 4 stars. Given the weak bridge, i'm not sure 5 stars is appropriate.

H. Lindsey, Victoria says

I got this today, and it is absolutely a wonderful system. I never take the time to write reviews, but this system is so awesome that i just couldn't help myself. It is soooo easy to hookup, so easy to figure out, and so easy to use that it blows everything else away. . For what it's worth, here's my set up: i have built in "home" audio, with speakers in the ceiling and wall controllers in the various rooms / zones and an amplifier in the basement. I connected the bridge to my router and then connected a connect in the basement, where the audio system amplifier is. I used the line out from the connect as one of my inputs into the amp. . Then i downloaded the app to my droid, and my girlfriend downloaded the app to her ipad. . Upstairs, i selected the appropriate source on my in wall audio controller and set the volume at the high end of the scale. (you'll see why in a moment. ). . The next thing was to load the sonos software on my main computer. . From my main computer, i browsed to my itunes folder and added that to the sonos. . Then the magic happens! . . From any droid or iphone or ipad (we have three connected already) and my desktop and my girlfriend's laptop, we can control the music and the volume. It's awesome. . You can create a playlist on the fly. . You can have a friend come over with songs on his or her iphone or droid, easily connect that device to the system, and play music from that device. (think, "hey, have you heard this song"? ). . You can create playlists with ease on the desktop computer or handheld and those playlists show up on all devices connected to the system. . You can also listen to local radio, internet radio, talk radio, pandora, slacker, you name it and it's on there. Amazing. . I just cannot say enough about how awesome it is. A true music solution. . This is one of those products that just magically does exactly what you think it should do and does it well.

F. Elida, Florida says

I used to be a sonos fan. Everything worked out so smoothly. Sound is great. Functionalities are (were? ) almost ideal . Adding components was a blast. Easy. Until they decided to rush a new controller version so that there is no need to use de sonosnet and allow to use own wifi network to transmit music. This was made in the last few weeks (august september 2014). Then everything turned into a major nightmare. Components are lost from the network; those components that are still "seen", cannot access web music services, new components are not registered in the system. I can go on with issues out of this 5. 1 software version "upgrade" made by sonos. I invested quite a lot of $ in this system (three play 1, one play 5, two connects and a bridge) and can't use it at all. Support is obviously going through the same nightmare, so are totally helpless. This initiative by sonos looks very much like the typical marketing driven desperation to rush into the market with a new feature that was not adequately tested in all conditions. Very likely, not even tested in the most usual conditions. . Update: after sonos customer service. After a couple of failed attempts in phone cservice, i reached a csr that was with me for about 1 hour or 90 minutes. He was probably the more patient csr i experienced ever. A supervisor was handy to support him in the process. I also involved my own router technician. It happened to be that some sonos items were not recognizing a fictitious mac address of my router. All of my about 20 ethernet devices including two play 1s, accepted this 11:11:11:11:11 mac address. But the bridge and the connect did not. Therefore the whole thing was not working. The sonos csr figured there was a mac issue, and my router technician figured that might had to do with the mac address masked for the router. He changed that to the original mac, and voila, everything went back to be as smooth as ever. I understand this is a sophisticated device but there is some inconsistency in the design issue that allowed some sonos devices to work and some other not under the same condition. I guess the new software did not help. But i do recognize that after going through various tech support processes, sonos one, overall, is very good considering they sell 300 usd items and not 3000 usd items. I've had serious hard time with significantly higher ticket audio items like denon receivers or sony tvs, among others. This is why i raised the one star initial vote to 4 stars.

T. Audrey, Norfolk

The bridge is the connection between the wireless capabilities of sonos speakers and your router. You start by downloading a sonos app that lets you control the speakers from your pc, mac, iphone/ipad or android device - sort of a wireless remote control. Then plug the bridge into your router and follow the prompts on whatever device you've chosen to use as a controller - for example on your iphone - and the app will recognize the bridge. Then it prompts you to connect any speakers in the system that are plugged into a power outlet, and any other sonos components. If you use a smartphone or a tablet as the controller and you have mp3 files on it, you can play your music immediately on the sonos speakers. You also set the system up to play content from more free and subscription sources than you knew existed, including internet services like pandoroa, and google and online store subscription services and broadcast radio from around the world - everything from the local hard rock station to bbc 4 to stations from a wide range of countries. . Sonos makes everything work elegantly. The combination of packaging, product design and apparent simplicity match apple's products. I say "apparent simplicity" because sonos's on-line instructions for setting up your computer music library (e. G. Your itunes library on your home computer) so you can play music or other content (e. G. Podcasts) are not quite as clear or accessible as they should be, but once you get set up, the system is amazingly flexible and powerful, and the bridge connects all the (more expensive) pieces.

A. Beale, Rutland says

Pros:. Works perfectly with my sonos play:1. Smooth, continuous streaming from anywhere in the house :d. Easily controllable from computer or mobile device. App has been updated, so it is a pleasure to use. High audio quality streaming, not like those terrible bluetooth speakers out there nowadays. Creates separate wifi network for your speakers. . Cons. Meh. Ethernet cable that came with it. A little plasticy, looks slightly cheap, and needs to hook up to your router, but none of these are really an issue provided you can get awesome audio from your speakers. . Summary: i mean, you do need one of these to operate your sonos speakers, so unless you really just can't afford one/hate these things, don't buy sonos. Streaming is great

R. Sandra, Torbay

Sonos. This system is a phenomenon, it's an art, it's joint effort of many engineers, scientists and many technicians and a great ceo at sonos lab, and it's from california with love. ( i do not work for sonos, but i simply love sonos bridge and speakers. ). . I, first heard sonos sound system from arizona, when i was on a trip to scottsdale visiting a relative of mine. There was a small speaker residing in a corner in their kitchen it was playing rick braun " kissing in the rain" and it was dusk. It was awesome, fantastic, marvelous and i have never ever heard such quality in my entire life, from such a small speaker. It was sonos play one, speaker. . Sonos system works in a different way, different style, different perspective. Sonos brings songs from all over the world, right at your home, with such clarity, frequency by frequency, decibels by decibels and you'll fall in love with sonos sound system. In order to obtain these lovely music, it's necessary to buy an item called bridge. I call it a hub. It's almost like a router at home. And that's what i bought as a starter along with a single sonos play one speaker. This is strange to call a speaker system " play one". It doesn't play just one song. It play 1000s songs from all over the world. Even from india ! . . Since the advent of these two items, i have started listening to songs more than ever and i am amazed that there are such lovely radio stations out there in the world. It has, even voa ! . . I bought two additional sonos play one speakers. My wife, who doesn't care too much of listening to songs, has started listening to sonos. She knows how to pair stereo in our bed room. . I highly recommend that each and every one of you people out there, to buy sonos bridge and sonos play one speakers and enjoy the music of the world. . I have two sonos bridges and 3 sonos play one speakers at this moment. I will add more sonos play one speakers sooner. Why 2 sonos bridges? it's a back up or to use it during my travel overseas. . Thank you sonos, thank you online store for introducing sonos to us.

D. Anonymous, Shropshire says

Recently i decided to upgrade my home sound system and decided to start with a sonos play:1 and a bridge; the price looked about right and the thoughts of not having to have wires all over the places while having my place with music as i wanted it was appealing so i decided to start small and see what it was like. Opening the boxes (i picked up a bridge at the same time, this review is about my total experience) i have to say that sonos did a quality job packing thing. Configuration seemed simple, plug in, download, and begin configuring; this is where the train starts coming off the track somewhat. The unpacking and plug in was simple enough (bridge to router, play:1 and bridge into an outlet), the trouble started when i started configuring things. I went through sonos s directions (select the component, push the button when the application tells you, continue on) and thought everything was working great; and it did for a little while. Actually the first round of music went smoothly and when i went to listen to some more my music cut out or skipped a little (or a lot). It seems that sometimes my play:1 would cut out of the connection for no reason (the bridge was always there). Researching online i learned that the frequency used for out of the box by sonos is near that of some wireless home phones and what needed to occur was to change the channel used, but to do that you needed to have the play:1 and the bridge up at the same time good thing they provided the means for a direct connection. After doing the direct connection and changing the channel i was able to get wireless sound in my place (it was a near run to me returning the system). . Rating wise the sound is a solid 5 but i have to rate the system a 4 because sonos failed to make it an easy set-up. By providing a simple sheet with common setup or connection problems i d have given this a 5 star rating but don t feel i can because of the pain, need to learn, and almost reaching the point of returning the product. (note: on the sonos website under faqs they mention that sonos uses 2. 4 ghz, the same as some phones).

Z. Erickson, Montana

A few months ago, i decided to upgrade my music system. I began looking at cd "jukeboxes" that could load my entire collection. Along the way, i discovered the world of wireless music systems, and began researching them. Sonos seemed to be well-received, so i finally made the decision to purchase a zonebridge and a zoneplayer 120. This setup has fulfilled every expectation i had for a new music system, and more. It's an easy and pleasant way to listen to music you already own, and to discover new music. . Below is my review of all the main benefits i see to this amazing system. . 1. System setup. Sonos offers many hardware options, but they all have a few things in common. A sonos zonebridge connects to your computer - it "indexes" music on your hard drive and connects to the internet for music services (more on that later), then it beams all this to a zoneplayer, which is hooked up to speakers somewhere else in your home. It creates a wireless network dedicated just to music and does not interfere with other wireless devices. You can add more zoneplayers, and they all pick up the same wireless signal and allow you to listen to your collection in multiple locations throughout your home. . The zoneplayer 120 has standard jacks for directly connecting speakers. You can also hook up an ethernet cable, if you want to stream music through a wire instead of using the wireless signal. Finally, the zoneplayer 120 allows you to connect an analog device using standard rca cables. For my setup, i just hooked up two speakers. . To get ready for this system, you must rip all your physical cds into a music library. This is the most time-consuming part of the process. But there is nothing unusual here. You can use itunes to rip cds into your library, just as you normally would. To get the best sound quality from the sonos system, you should rip everything using "apple lossless" format (instead of mp3). This is really easy to do in itunes. Lossless is not required (you can use mp3s if you want) , but it's better because you'll get cd-quality sound. . After you rip all your cds into an itunes library, you run the sonos "desktop controller, " which comes free with sonos systems. This is one of the easiest and most intuitive software applications i've ever used. Just tell it to set up your music library. It finds your itunes collection and "indexes" it in the sonos system. Depending on the size of your collection, this may take a little while. With my collection of about 400 cds, indexing takes about three minutes. . After that, there is an automated process where the software "locates" your zonebridge and zoneplayer. On your computer screen, it literally shows a picture of the devices with arrows pointing at the buttons you need to press. In less than five minutes (seriously) the sonos desktop controller can have the whole system done and ready to go. . Other than that, you just decide whether you want to use one of sonos' remote controllers, or get the free sonos app which runs on the iphone or ipod touch. I use the free app, and it it works great: i turn on the ipod touch, click the "sonos" icon, then scan my entire music collection and play anything, within a few seconds. . 2. The listening experience. Of course, easy set up does not matter if the system doesn't sound good. Well, sonos sounds great. The music that plays through the zoneplayer is cd quality (remember to rip in apple lossless format). It's as simple as that. . There is about a three-second wait time when you first click on the icon on your controller, as the sonos systems starts up. But after that, you can run through your collection without delay. I like how my music collection is suddenly organized alphabetically by artist, album, or track names. If you're like me and have a large collection, this indexing of your music is itself a great improvement over looking through hundreds of cds for the one you want! of course, the accuracy of your index relies on the album and artist data you provide when ripping your cds into your itunes library. . Once the music starts to play, it just works. I've never had interruptions due to wireless connection problems. While the music plays, you see album artwork on your controller, plus the standard play/pause/forward/rewind functions we're all accustomed to. You can also create playlists. . 3. Music discovery. Of course, having your entire music collection easily accessible is great. But the sonos system goes much further. I was pleasantly surprised after i started using my sonos system to see some excellent music discovery options i had not known about before. . Through the sonos system, you can access pandora (the free internet radio service) and play it through your stereo speakers. . You can also access radio stations from around the world and play them live over your stereo system. I've enjoyed cruising my local radio stations, or stations from around the world. You can find stations in obvious places like the us, europe, africa, and south america. But you can also find them in remote areas of the south pacific, asia, antarctica (i'm not kidding), and places you may have never heard of before. It seems as though almost every corner of the globe is represented in this system. If you find a station you like, you can bookmark it as a favorite. It is important to point out that when you play a radio station through this system, it is not a canned pre-recorded program. You're hearing the actual broadcast, exactly as it would be heard by a "regular" radio. . You can also take out a subscription to an online music service. I chose napster for $60/year. At any time, in about a minute or so, i can locate artists, albums, or tracks and play them on my stereo system. The sound quality of napster is not quite the same level as the lossless files ripped from my cd collection, but it's very good. You can bookmark your favorite albums or artists to play them easily each time you start the sonos system. Napster even has some interesting spoken-word "albums" like poetry readings and stories. You cannot create cds from napster music, but i use it all the time to hear enough to decide if i want to buy the actual cd, which i then rip into my library. . There are numerous other music services available through the sonos system. All of them show up right on the main menu of your controller. . 4. Product support. The sonos system often feels overwhelming when you're first looking into it. When i began reading about it, i was confused about all the different zoneplayers, could not tell what i really needed, and did not know about the sound quality of the equipment. For me, it was great having the sonos user forum, a group of customers helping each other. There are a lot of patient people there who are willing to help you understand what the sonos system is all about. After purchasing the system, you may have a question or two about options and possibilities, and the user forum is great for all of this. . 5. Conclusion. As you can see, i'm a big fan of what sonos has done with their music system. It really has opened up all kinds of listening possibilities. I can play music easily and at high quality levels, and i even see my own collection better now - sometimes noticing cds and songs i had forgotten about! . . I recommend this system strongly to people who want to modernize their music library but keep the same music quality they are accustomed to with cds.

B. Watson, Franche-Comte says

This thing is fairly reliable but still has to be reset sometimes. Every so often, i have to reset my router and modem for this thing to get picked up by my sonos app again. I can't figure out if it is because i'm overloading my router with laptops, games consoles, phones, and chromecasts or if it is my wireless printer that causes the problem. That thing seems to kick other devices off the network too, like my chromecast. It may not be the fault fo the bridge, but reseting the router and modem when you want to listen to some music isn't convenient when you just want to quickly pull up some music.

C. Lynette, Rhone-Alpes

I was looking for a replacement speaker to use outside for barbecues and pool parties. My current speaker is a rechargeable, waterproof speaker, but it is not wireless - i have to hook an mp3 player up directly to it. After much consideration and reading hundreds of reviews, i decided to go the sonos route. I am not disappointed in the least with my decision. I have had this bridge and the play:1 speaker for a couple weeks now, and from initial setup to configuration to library management and operation, this system is an absolute pleasure. . I read the instructions, but there's really not much need - this thing is super intuitive. Plug it in and connect it via ethernet cable to your router, download the app (mine is android, but i also use the windows desktop software from sonos), and when you're prompted to add a device, you simply push a button on top of the bridge. Repeat that for any additional components you want to add, and you're set up. . Adding music libraries and services is very easy as well. I set up a share on my windows pc, then entered the share and authentication information into the sonos app, and it found and indexed everything automatically. The only drawback of a local library share is that when my computer goes into sleep/hibernate mode, the share is unavailable. If that happens, and i don't want to just use another music service, i just head into the office and hit the space bar on my keyboard to wake the computer back up. I am now using the local library, pandora, google play music, online store music, and iheartradio for my sources. I can easily add new items into the current queue from my library, google play, and online store, and they will all play in the correct order seamlessly. Or if i don't want to put forth the effort to create a queue (or load a saved queue), i just find a station on pandora or iheartradio. I have not used this with spotify, as the app told me i needed a premium (paid) account with spotify to use it in sonos, which i don't have. . The range is very good, and i have never experienced dropouts or any other issues. The play:1 speaker is often 75+ feet from the bridge (3 rooms over and through an exterior wall). . I am thrilled with every aspect of the sonos system, and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend it over a bluetooth setup, mainly because of the increased fidelity and flexibility wifi offers. . The play:1 speaker amazes me as well, but i'll save that for a review on that item.

Y. Allen, Bromley says

We bought a couple of sonos products and there was a promotion at the time (may still be going on) that any sonos wireless speaker would come with a free bridge. That makes sense, as i would be upset if i had to spend $50 on this little device just to make my wireless speakers work as wireless speakers. You could plug the speaker directly into the ethernet of course, but then it wouldn't be very wireless would it? and if you want more than one speaker to be coordinated in the house you either need the bridge or multiple ethernet connections wired all over the place. . In general, as the title says, we found the sonos products to be very great-sounding devices, and the wireless aspect worked pretty flawlessly, but you can get similar sounding speakers for much less money. The other issue is, i prefer bluetooth to the sonos wireless setup at this time. For starters, you don't have issues with certain apps (such as the google cloud) not being supported. Beyond that, their app interface is a little outdated and you have to do a lot of navigating in it at times to get the songs you want playing in the order you want. I'd rather just be using spotify's (or google's or itunes's) interface directly.

X. Judith, West Virginia

In all seriousness, sonos puts out a great product. From un-boxed to playing music was just under fifteen minutes. If there are every any hiccups, the bridge is super easy to pair again with mobile devices. . The only hitch (that other people have mentioned) is that the vile scum of the earth cable company that starts with c and rhymes with pomcast does not allow you to link directly with their wireless router. Die in a fire, comcast. If you are going straight to your wireless router and comcast is your cable/internet provider, you do need another wireless router for the bridge to go through. Easy fix, but if your sonos system arrives ten minutes before all of your guests do for partypalooza '14. You may be disappointed if you hook up to your comcast router and nothing happens. But, if you use comcast, you are used to disappointment anyway so there is that.

Top bridge wireless network discontinued Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

C. Meyer, Utah says

Easily connected through wifi. Have very good step by step instruction to connect and link with other unit. Just too much unit as i got 2 while only need one to connect. The promotion do not clearly mentioned that each customers would only get one free as interpretation is saying every play 3 purchase will get free bridge

. Denise, Maine

Not strong enough for larger houses

V. Julie, Pennsylvania says

I purchased this product and sonos developed an app to eliminate it prior to me installing it for my client. I've attempted several times to return and haven't gotten a response. Poo on sonos for not letting buyers know that an item would be obselete shortly. 50 down the drain.

H. Weber, Sefton

It took me two days before i got my system to work. The reason is that sonos will not be able to connect to your router if it has to compete with all the other wireless devices in your home. Disconnect those and set up becomes easy. Once i figured out the problem (which is not explained in any troubleshooting manual, btw), i was able to adjust the settings on the router so that all devices won't have to compete for the router. Now that it has been sorted, the system has truly provided wonderful surround sound for my home.

P. Russell, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

Product description says:. . "connects to your router so sonos players can go anywhere in your home" -this is bunk, because the sonos play 1 i have is out of range in my garage (approx. 80ft from the bridge in my office). . "extends the wireless range of your sonos system" -i'm not convinced that it extends the wireless range of anything. It simply allows you to plug in a sonos speaker into a wall outlet without it having to be connected to an internet line (i. E. Cat 5 cable). Whether i'm using a bridge or not, the distance i can be away from the system (where ever the speaker connected to router are or bridge is at) with my iphone is approx 45-50ft after that i lose connectivity. . "the sonos system allows you to stream your music wirelessly to sonos speakers throughout your home" -again, in my opinion this is only partly true. At least in my house the range is about a 50ft radius from my sonos bridge (or sonos speaker connected to router). . While i'm not impressed enough to buy more sonos products i am going to keep the sonos bridge and play 1. Together they put out great sound and it's awesome to fire up music right from my phone when i get home. I'm just limited to listening to it in the living room and kitchen areas of my house, we usually listen to music while we cook so this will beat out the small ihome speakers we currently have while cooking dinner.

O. Newell, South Gloucestershire

The ads said that it was the simplest system to set up; just plug it in and go. That was true till i plugged it in and found a complex set of help files. One of which is a list of about 75 routers that do not work with the sonos system. Really? couldn't i have been told that before i bought this system? i ended up spending another $100. 00 on a new router before i could set up the hardware for the sonos. It didn't end there because guess what, it didn't work very well with my firewall either. The helpfiles had some help for dealing with my firewall but after dedicating from about 10:00 pm to 3:30 am to just configuring and reconfiguring my firewall, i was forced to call the helpline. . They do have live people there to help you and that is the only reason this is 3 star and not 1 star. I was able to describe everything i had done in about 5 minutes and the very knowledgeable technician had my system set up in 5 more minutes. It was in fact a silly lack of intuitive rules in my firewall (give tcp/udp permissions but there were also boxes to uncheck that blocked tcp/udp traffic). . So i had 2 problems that stopped me from setting this simple system up in 5 minutes, hardware and software. Then i dug for hours and hours to figure out that i wasn't given enough information to sort out my problems by the help files. After its all set up and running i love it. I might buy another speaker. I should get a discount on the next one.

B. Veronica, California says

Had immense issues getting sonos bridge and speakers to work on our home wifi, tried to reach out for some support, but never got reply. Took a chance and bought a new powerful wifi router and after a difficult installation phase where sonos bridge never connected until many resets of router and bridge it finally worked. Since then it's been working on all devices so interoperability with wifi routers are apparently a weak point with sonos and should be noted, even if the faults are on the router side.

U. Mary, Durham

This is a case where i was replacing a dead sonos bridge. It was not quite obvious from the documentation that the sonos bridge could not be identified in the sonos network on a router unless there was another previously registered sonos device in the same immediate connection. The connection otherwise has to be immediate. If they can spell this out in documentation, they might get less tech support calls. I did not call - i figured out how they actually are visible and connect, but i have over 35 years in it and the average consumer might find it challenging to get it working in such a scenario. . Update - 2nd one died a few months past the warranty

Y. Walsh, Connecticut says

I don't like anything sonos anymore. . Speakers are way over processed, are not loud at all, even the ac cables are proprietary - i hate them

M. Parker, Medway

I have reviewed hundreds of products and this is may be one of the only 1 star reviews i have ever written. . Do not buy this awful product! . . Why? . . 1. It is not actually compatible with itunes at all. You have to use the crappy sonos app which is a layer on top of itunes so none of the functionality works at all. Play counts, genius, even smart playlists and dj mode all do not work. . 2. Most important, the software is so buggy and awful that the system doesn't even work. The system kept forgetting the components and then to get them working takes over an hour of unplugging, plugging back in, waiting, re-booting the mac, restarting the sonos app (terrible on the mac) and re-adding the components. It is a complete nightmare. If you want music that simply plays when you turn your computer on, this is not the system for you. It is buggy, it loses the connection constantly, and their tech support line is terrible because they won't even call you back. You can email them, but all they do is ask for the error code and then they never follow up. . 3. Sound quality isn't even that good- not even noticeably better than a cheap pair of sony speakers. Worse yet, the speakers keep disconnecting so you have no music. . 4. Over-priced. Obviously, considering they don't even work. . I bought two play 5s and this bridge and what a waste of a thousand dollars. . Buyer beware!

. Wade, Bury says

This is useless on its own, but only worthwhile for enabling other sonos units. About a month after i bought it, sonos released firmware to allow a network to work over normal wireless, almost obsoleting this. I guess it may be required for some uses, though.

Z. Florence, British Columbia

The bridge and speaker we bought from sonos worked great out of the box, integrates well with our phone and computer software and sounds excellent. . Be aware though that after 10 months of solid use we started having problems. The sonos would mysteriously vanish from our network only to re-appear and have to be set up again from scratch. This went on for a couple of months until the bridge finally died. . I called support to troubleshoot and they confirmed what i knew yes - the bridge is dead. Since i called 2 weeks past warranty their advice is to buy a new bridge. Not even an apology from the tech on the phone. . I know the bridge is an inexpensive component but i am now suspect of the more expensive parts and it makes it difficult to invest in a sonos for our home. Be aware the power supply is not well made and may not last much longer than the warranty.

S. Pearson, Baden-Wuerttemberg says

The bridge was easy to set up. I'm somewhat disappointed in the range. I now have two bridges in my setup feeding my sonos one. The second bridge did extend my range but i still get dropouts. The total distance from my wireless router where the first bridge is connected and the sonos one is about 65 feet. The second bridge is roughly in the middle so i'm only about 30 feet from the second bridge. Dropouts seem to happen with playing i-tunes more than internet radio. I am happy with the sound quality of the sonos one. I only wish it could play hi-rez music downloads.

J. Lewis, Idaho

Though the online store supplier advertised this as new in box, it came in a plain cardboard box rather than the sonos packaging, no literature, no ethernet cable and no power cord. Once i replaced these items at my expense it works fine and does what it's supposed to do. The product gets 5 stars, the vendor gets 1.

I. Cathy, Connecticut says

Repeated cycles of link up. The bridge needs to be fairly close to the speakers to avoid dropping the linkage and having to go through the start up, reconnection process. Once it is operating, it works great!

F. Pete, Cornwall

Had issues with connectivity of my sonos to this after the wifi update. Not sure if the two were fighting for signal, but had to return it.

X. Anonymous, Gateshead says

I have a sonos 5 connected to my pc with audio cable. Use it for music and also as a speaker for the pc. I wanted to move it to other side of the room. Was told to buy a sonos bridge. It worked fine for internet radio & pandora but not for streaming audio for movies or videos being played on the pc. But that is what i wanted to use it for as a don't have proper speakers on my pc. The description of it should have warned for this lack. So back it went!

N. Lisa, Northern Territory

- got this as free gift of play 1. So actually hard to complain. But coverage is not good. Come on, this is the only function it should do. - hope there is a way to attach it the wall. - the product itself looks compact and well designed. And they have ethernet cable int the box. Thumb up.

E. Bertie, Ontario says

Wish i knew you don't need these anymore. Software updates to units i have make this unnecessary. Check your system with sonos before buying.

A. Lynette, Alabama

Not even sure if i needed it, but it seems to be working as expected. Don't really notice that my wifi is any faster now that the sonos speakers have this to work from.

R. Melissa, Kentucky says

If you are going sons you have to have a bridge. Plug your ethernet cable from your internet control box into your bridge and add sons components. The sons system is good but there interface with i tunes is cumbersome and not easily integrated. Maybe the next gen controller app that is just around the corner will help. Currently you have to import i tunes to sonos and is not seamless.

K. Paige, Newfoundland and Labrador

It created a network that ran my first two sonos play1 speakers, but i had trouble with repeated dropouts - the music would just stop. I sent it back and installed the sonos "boost" instead and have had no issues. The "boost" just works!

Q. Aldana, Champagne-Ardenne says

This is our second. The first just stopped working after a year-ish. It gets the job done. But i'd prefer not having to purchase one yearly- one month out of sonos coverage.

W. Anonymous, New Mexico

What can i say - sonos is great and to use most of the functionality, you need the bridge. Look for periodic deals where the bridge is bundled free with the speakers. . Nothing wrong with the bridge to bring the rating down from 4, i just dislike having to pay $50 extra for something required to make the $300 thingy i just bought work. For 4 stars, it should be thrown in with the higher model speakers and for 5 stars it should better support large home networks with multiple access points.

G. Neva, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I have had this for 4 years so i probably have more experience with this than many people writing a review. I have a mac system at home - imac, ipads, apple tv, newest airport extreme router. Everything in my system works great as expected except for the sonos components. I have spent more time over the last 4 years trying to get this to work right than i have ever spent trying to get a computer component to function. It loses connection for no apparent reason, it randomly has to reset the controller, it skips music playback, it suddenly can't connect to online services, it frequently can't put the music you want on the playlist. . When it is working right it is a nice system, easy to use and the sound quality is better than what you get with an airport express or bluetooth system. For me the sound quality was the biggest selling point. However, i really don't think it is worth the headache anymore. It's just too much hassle. I recommend you avoid this and look at alternatives. I wish i had.

D. Anonymous, Wirral

The bridge is not penetrating any distance. Can't seem to get this working with much range. . If a sonos rep reads this, please contact me.

. Candy, North Yorkshire says

I've had my sonos system for about 2 years now (bridge and play:5). When everything is working, the system is great. Good sound, good controllers with apps for my macbook pro, iphone and ipad. However, this system spends more time not working then it does working. I don't use the system on a daily basis, maybe a couple times a week at most. I don't know if the non-daily use has something to do with my inability to maintain connectivity with the sonos system over time. Generally, once a month, the sonos components are 'not found' and i have to go through the basic setup process (about 10 minutes of finding the components and re-indexing my music library). Once every few months, this simple setup process doesn't work, and i have to spend much more time power cycling every piece of my network (modem, router, connected devices such as network storage, roku, computer, sonos componets, etc. ). After 30+ minutes, i eventually get the system working again. Having invested so much $ in the system and unwilling to cut my losses, this has just been part of my ownership experience. . I would not buy this product again as it's been a constant headache for me. . For reference, my setup is:. Bridge. Play:5. Macbook pro. Airport extreme. Osx firewall turned on. Motorola surfboard sb6141. More recently, i've added a nas and roku, but the connectivity problems have always been there.

. Shayna, York

I set up this system at home for a better sound quality then apple tv. I am a dj, i was planing to use it to demonstrate music for my clients. Music cuts off and i still do not like the quality. I either use small bluetooth speakers with my ipad app. Or connect my device to my big speakers with cable. I did not really use any of sonos devices sand i feel like i wasted my money on them,

. Hadley, Alaska says

It works well and as per spec, if you care to check. . However, if you read the spec you will find that the wireless transmission rate is not that great. If you are broadcasting mp3 you will not notice . If you have high fidelity lossless recordings it will refuse the handle the signal until you reduce the baud rate, kind of self defeating. . Unless you have a high end system and discerning hearing (i do) you will be very happy with sonos.

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