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Price was $898.00. A great for my husband. He loves it. Great picture and sound.

-R. Anonymous

55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Roduct Highlights Br Br Uhd 4k 3840 X 2160 Led Panel Br Motionflow Xr 960 Br Screen Mirroring Technology Br Built-in Wi-fi Amp; Ethernet Connectivity Br Integrated Android Tv For App -Sony Xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model

  1. Bonus: Smart Functionality: Yes.
  2. Bonus: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.

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Works great after setup. However came with missing screws for stand. After i found some made it work. Be wary of ordering used items. It also came with no instructions. But not impossible to figure out. Picture is amazing. Everything more lifelike but games is where it shines best. Gave 4 stars due to missing screws and instructions. Best ultra hd smart tv | Sony-Television Review ( Apr 2020 ) Bonus Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 model) Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand:48. 5" x 28. 3" x 1. 8", tv with stand: 48. 5" x 30. 4" x 10. 4". Smart functionality: yes. Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture. Backlight: led (edge-lit). Refresh rate: 120hz (native); motionflow xr 960 (effective). Inputs: 4 hdmi (hdcp 2. 2/hdmi 2. 0a), 3 usb. Accessories included: voice remote control (rmf-tx200u), batteries (r03), ac power cord (pigtail, us with polarity), ir blaster (irb-br1), table top stand (separate, assembly required) .

Sony xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart tv 2016 model Review (xbr55x850d)

I'm no tv expert and more into monitors but have to say the tv is pretty decent. It has a lot of apps and setting it up was fairly simple. However the hdr seems to be wonky (or at least the xbox one s) doesn't seem to like hdr. I tried 10-bit hdr and it made some titles really washed out and dull. I'll fool around with it more in 8 bit - and then ultimately just turn it off/back to auto. I'm not sure if regular cable television looks better with or without the enhanced features turned on via hdmi. . I fooled around with the smoothness settings but those controls are a little strange and some of them just make the screen darker. Overall if you can get the tv at a decent price then the 4k picture quality is pretty nice for things like netflix and blu-rays. However this tv is absolutely terrible for gaming online, literally unplayable past very casual play. If you have any intentions of gaming online and trying to 'win' then look elsewhere cause this thing is the laggiest tv i've ever played on. . So basically if you can get it for cheap it's not bad - if you're serious about televisions or gaming then look elsewhere -A. Kellie

Sony Xbr55x850d 55 Inch Ultra Smart

  1. AspectRatio: 16:9
  2. Class: Electronics
  3. Brand: Sony
  4. Color: Black
  5. EAN: 0027242896420
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:32.18 inches
    Length:60.75 inches
    Weight:50.00 pounds
    Width:7.06 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Sony
  8. Model: XBR55X850D
  9. MPN: XBR55X850D
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: XBR55X850D
  13. Type: Home Theater
  14. Category: TELEVISION
  15. Size: 55-Inch
  16. UPC: 027242896420

55-inch 4k ultra hd smart tv 2016 Home Theater, Roduct highlights br br uhd 4k 3840 x 2160 led panel br motionflow xr 960 br screen mirroring technology br built-in wi-fi amp; ethernet connectivity br integrated android tv for app access br 4 x hdmi / 3 x usb br dynamic contrast enhancer br dolby digital sound br Sony Xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model (XBR55X850D-Sony).

Sony Xbr55x850d 55 Inch Ultra Smart Home Theater

  • I am just blown away. I bought it for gaming. 4k tv, with the 4k playstation and it blows everything else out of the water. Well worth it
  • This is a review for the 75" version. . If you are shopping for a 75" tv, this is a solid value. The options are fairly limited at this size. . Here are the current 75" tvs available, and my key research points added to assist other buyers. . 1. Sony x850d $3300 (ips panel, 420-422 cd/m2 brightness). 2. Lg uh8500 $3500 (ips panel, 219-556 cd/m2 brightness). 3. Vizio p-series $3800 (va panel, 317-535 cd/m2 brightness). 4. Samsung ju7100 $3300 (va panel, 323-324 cd/m2 brightness). -. 5. Samsung ks9000 $6000 (va panel, 515-1489 cd/m2 brightness). 6. Sony x940d $6000 (va panel, 465-1054 cd/m2 brightness). . How did i narrow this down? . 1. In my situation, the features on the x940d and ks9000 do not warrant an additional $2200 - $2700 in price for the 75" models. 2. For a large living room space with avg. Viewing distance at 10', wide viewing angles and brightness were my key considerations. Since the ju7100 and p-series are both va panels, i decided to eliminate those from contention. 3. This left the x850d and uh8500 ips panels. I ultimately decided on the x850d due to the sustained brightness and slightly lesser price point. . Pros:. 1. Value. 2. Quality bezel / frame. 3. Remote control, including voice & microphone integration for smarttv features such as a youtube search. 4. Remembers multitude of custom picture settings for each input source. 5. Default picture modes. 6. Built-in speakers above average. 7. Color. 8. Smarttv os, specifically netflix integration & 4k quality. We upgraded our netflix account to stream 4k content, and it looks amazing on this tv. There are quite a few scenic type 4k shows on netflix to try out. There is a netflix button on the sony remote, and the integration is excellent - just hit the netflix button and you go directly to the app, pick out your show, then you're on your way. The tv automatically renders 4k or upscales non-4k for whatever you are watching. We use a hard-wired connection to our lan from the tv, and netflix streams 4k content without any issue. 9. Youtube from the smarttv/android tv os is outstanding. You can use the integrated microphone on the remote to search, then once you make your selection the tv displays the content full screen and does a great job rendering/upscaling the content. We often watch upcoming movie trailers now through youtube on our living room tv and it feels like we're in a mini-theater. . Cons:. 1. Could be brighter to fight off ambient daytime light. Daytime lighting performance & contrast levels. 2. Would like for a quicker way to switch through picture modes (i often flip from vivid to cinema between day and evening viewing). 3. Ambient daylight reflections and glare could possibly be improved with a different screen material. . One other note, it was very difficult for me to gauge the screens on display at stores. They all truly looked outstanding. Even with all 6 of the screens listed above at 75" on display in dimly lit theater styled rooms i could not pick between any of them except the x940d and ks9000 which appeared more vivid. However, that was not worth the large increase in price at the 75" model. Fwiw to sony or samsung i would have probably sprung for the x940d or ks9000 in the $4500 range. . For viewing in a family room, with wide angles and all lighting conditions depending on time of day, i will most likely be replacing this screen once more affordable 75" options are available in the coming years that can better deal with fighting through ambient daylight and improving contrast & black levels. . I will update this review if anyone has any specific questions with the x850d. . 11/23/16 review update: coming up on 4 months of ownership on the new tv - everything is working great. Regarding the picture, i've really come to appreciate the cinema and home cinema modes. They create a very realistic picture, especially color - and is a good starting point for creating custom picture modes. For movies, this tv is in it's wheel-house at night with dim, warm lighting. The "advanced contrast enhancer" setting is also great - recommend setting that to high as it improves low light scenes. . 1/14/17 review update: couple more pros and cons, and everything is still functioning great. Pro: if you are a ufc fan, streaming a live ufc match in 4k looks incredible via the android tv ufc app (currently, only available on a sony). Con: dark scene contrast. This is not the tv's fault and is just more a limitation of all lcd and ips screens (obsolete by oled and improved by local dimming lcds). In dark scenes w/ some type of ambient light (moon-light, candle light etc. ) the tv cannot properly shade individual dark elements on the screen, giving everything a dark gray sheen. The "advanced contrast enhancer" does help and recommend setting this to high.
  • Coming from a plasma world, i was a tad surprised how bad it was. Upper corners are much lighter (whiter) than the center. My plasmas are 100% uniform. The right side is about 1 foot by 2 feet large. Hard to miss. Taking to contrast to 0 helps. But forget the picture modes, they all take the contrast way up. The dirty effect can be seen on panning scenes if you look for it. For the most part rtings was 95% correct. But i did not think it was going to be this bad. My mistake. If you look at full screen , not letter boxed movies and not dark scenes, the brightness and colors are great. Unfortunately, it is really hard to compare in this price range. In stores viewing the demo mode, all looks great. I just wish i could better afford the step up with back lighting (+$1500). The 75" segment is a tad limited. Seems like there were more 2015 models then 2016 models available. Also would be nice if they explained more of the settings:. Srgb/bt. 709, had to do some research to figure this one out. And the motion configuration, not sure how a lay person has a clue. But at least you a lot options. At this point, it appears the upscaling works very well. If i could just keep my eyes off the light corners, it would help. But knowing the flaws, it's frustrating. Note: it is on a dark room. So these flaws are seen easier then in a bright room. As for buying from online store, no issues there.
  • I bought a bunch of these for our office, and while the android tv features are cool, it doesn't properly support miracast / intel widi, so our laptops aren't able to wireless connect to them. It's a huge pain in the behind to now have to wire the conference rooms for hdmi, and sony's response to a feature they advertise on it not working correctly is the equivalent of an internet shrug.
  • 4/5 stars for the hardware here. 2 stars for the software. . Picture is stunning, depending on the source and calibration. 720 and 1080 content is handled pretty flawlessly. But the edge-lit display shows its limits with 4k hdr content in a dark space. Transitions in dark scenes can be harsh, with a lot of edge bleed. But edge lit is the compromise for a flatteringly thin and sleek set. Looks as good in a room off as it does on and on the whole the picture is great. . The software experience on the other hand is pretty dreadful. Since my viewing takes place from other inputs, the underpowered software of smart tvs has always been easy to ignore. But sony's implementation of android tv here actually impedes viewing in all circumstances, no matter if you're using it to stream content or not. Interruptive error messages pop up randomly. And hdmi connectivity to other devices seems to fail over time. Regular hard reboots solve both of these issues, making it pretty clear sony's combo of hardware and software is a pretty poor performer when it comes to memory and cache. . And good luck if you do choose to use sony's implementation of android tv to stream. A frustrating mish-mash of android and sony design, sony leaves the user little control of the set up, more often promoting the things that sony wants you to watch than the stuff you've actually selected yourself. There's no way to organize priority of apps, and sony divides apps between two shelves, neither of which makes any sense in relation to the other. It's seriously awful.

ultra hd smart tv Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Best most natural looking color for an led. Samsungs were too bright and this one is just right. I'm not a fan of the clear sound option so i don't use it.

Sony Xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model
Click to see NoticeSony Xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model (Television)"I ordered from online store, it was delivered on time, they put the stand on for me, very courteous guys! as for the tv, i could not be happier, the picture is awesome, some scenes in movies almost look 3d! the android system is easy to use! it's been 3 days and i'm still learning things! i watched press on football, and i could not believe how great it looked! i've heard a lot said about the sound quality, it's not the best, but unless you need hearing aids it works for me! so overall could not be happier!"

(0) Question: Does it do 3d, this particular model?

(1) Question: Anyone else having probs with the twitch app? (tv keeps saying "network error" after i turn on the tv, and i repeatedly must sign back in to twitch. )

(2) Question: How does this model xbr55x850d compare with xbr55x930d which cost $400 more?

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Sony XBR55X800E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Overall (3. 5/5), the superb quality of the visual, audio, and design of this tv (in my mind) overshadow the flaws that are found in the interface. Reason for purchase: i bought this tv after viewing the 800d i decided to wait for the 800e. . Visual & audio output: 5/5. In terms of visual/audio quality, i'm very impressed. Color spectrum looks great. Have had no issues with 4k output for ps4 or xbox one s upscaling. Looks great. For my apartment, there's no chance i'm going to even consider a soundbar. Remarkable upgrade over the 800d. . Design: 5/5: looks great, feels great. Unboxing is tough with one person if you're going to be super careful so just be warned on that front. . Field of view: 4/5. This is one thing i'm not sure i can blame sony for but the image viewing angle feels a bit smaller than i'd like. Especially in my studio apartment where i occasionally will view it laying down (off to the side and below normal viewing range), i sometimes feels as if the color spectrum doesn't look right. It's something that i overthought when purchasing this tv so just wanted to bring it up. . Price: 5/5. I don't think any tv's i looked at within this price range even compared to the quality of this tv. It honestly the best $1000 tv i saw. . Ease of use and interface : 2. 5/5: honestly, this is probably the most flawed issue with this tv. And maybe i'm being harsh since i work in software. I can only imagine someone without technical skills. The built in interface can feel a bit laggy when frequently switching between apps. It seems also that closing an app should be as simple as it is on your android/iphone . But the process is difficult especially on the built in controller. Not sure how memory management is working but it feels that switching between apps causes increasing lag. The worst part of this is manipulating between inputs/built in apps feels like there's some sort of disconnect. I almost think it would be better if the tv treated the built in apps as if it was it's own input but instead it acts an overlay on a particular input. What this means: if you are on hdmi2 and click the netflix button, the audio will switch to the netflix. Which seems great. However, switching back to hdmi2 does not switch the audio back to hdmi2, forcing you to go through the bulky process to actually close the netflix app / whatever app is open or actually pull the power on the tv. I assume an update is coming for this, but it let be known this is an issue. . Tl; dr: this review is really a 3. 5. If your main use of this tv is going to be apps and tv, then it's perfect. Gamers be warned: this tv provides imperfect audio output detection. That is, switching from an hdmi input to built in applications and back to that hdmi input results in a loss of sound. Hoping a firmware update will fix this and i can up this tv to a 5/5.

Enjoy truly remarkable 4k hdr clarity, colour and contrast. Rediscover every detail in 4k hdr while triluminos display adds a brilliant picture that s closer than ever to real-world colours. And with android tv, find all the entertainment you want, faster than ever.

Sony XBR55X800E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR55X800E-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Sony Xbr55x800e 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Fantastic picture. Family has been enjoying the high resolution tv that its capable of. Love watching sports and what a difference on how you see the game/movies etc. I had a sony the huge 400 pound 36 inch for over 15 years and never had a problem. Hopefully i will keep getting the same sony quality. The sound quality is good (i checked before i hooked it up to a sound bar system). Easy set up. Packaged nicely no damage at all. I'm glad we made this purchase. We have been using this tv for about a month now completely satisfied. -Notice from V. Carolyn, Ohio

Click to Show sony xbr55x800e 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model (television) Details

Very pleased. Already have a 43x800d aka last year's model of the same tv. I was pleased enough with it to buy this newer one for use in a different room. I find the newer model enough of an improvement in my situation to justify spending the difference in price. The older tv had a noticeable fall-off in picture color quality when viewed from an angle; a problem the new design overcomes. Having said that, if you will be watching last year's model mostly face-on, and the price difference is substantial, you will be happy with the older model.

Sony-xbr55x800e-55-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- L. RoweI've stuck with sony tv's over the years and this one is a gem, super dark panel for a 43 inch model dark scenes are clear as ever motion is smooth 4 hdmi inputs major + for me as i don't use a modern receiver so i had to purchase a usb device with optical cable that converts sound signal into rca cables decodes dts & dolby digital this device also powers up with a usb cable and when not in use it powers off, that was a surprise as my sound system was made in 1985. Blu-ray is stunning and crystal clear and i have yet to experience full 4k features, i'm impressed as is.

Great unit. Fantastic picture. It s features make searching easy and fast.

K. Rita, Dudley

Brand :    sony
Color :    55-Inch
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    50.00 pounds
Model :    XBR55X800E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48 5/8 x 28 1/4 x 2 1/4 inch, tv with stand: 48 5/8 x 30 1/2 x 10 inches.
  • 60hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you great motion for all types of content.
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Edge-lit led produces great picture quality with sleek slim design.
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
Price :    $669.50 (was $798.00)
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR55X800E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

Sony XBR55X900E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

4k hdr processor x1 powered by the 4k hdr processor zx1, the sony x900e pairs the brilliance of 4k clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of high dynamic range. Combined with 4k ultra hd resolution, hdr delivers exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a wide range of brightness, brilliant highlights and fine detail. Smart functionality from movies and tv shows to thousands of apps, sony s google home-compatible android tv brings you everything in an instant. Enjoy a huge range of apps from google play, youtube, netflix, online store video, hulu, pandora, and contract-free playstation vue. Stunning colors the sony triluminos display showcases vivid colors, faithfully reproduces reds, greens, blues, and skin tones with precise gradation. 4k hdr super bit mapping optimizes colors individually for satisfyingly rich and natural results. 4k x-reality pro upscales images to near 4k clarity, bringing details into clear, smooth focus. Incredible contrast sony x-tended dynamic range pro 5x projects five times the contrast range of a conventional led-edge lit tv. Balanced light output across the screen produces even greater brilliance in every scene. Motionflow xr technology maintains an ideal refresh rate to allow fast moving action sequences in sports and movies. Beautiful design delivering incredible viewing experiences, the slice of living concept for home product design reimagines the aesthetic style of the entire living space. The x900e s narrow, exquisitely designed aluminum frame keeps you focused on the screen, while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front. -sony 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2017 model xbr-55x900e) -4k hdr processor x1 -dimensions without stand: 48. 4" x 27. 9" x 2. 4" with stand: 48. 4" x 30. 5" x 10. 3" -inputs: 4 hdmi, 2 usb2. 0, 1 usb 3. 0, 1 component/composite hybrid, 1 composite -compatible with online store alexa

Sony XBR55X900E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR55X900E-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    55-Inch
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    58.00 pounds
Model :    XBR55X900E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR55X900E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $823.35 (was $998.00)
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Full-array local dimming technology, you get enhanced controlled contrast and incredible brightness in a stunningly slim design.
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48. 4" x 27. 9" x 2. 4", tv with stand: 48. 4" x 30. 5" x 10. 3"

Sony XBR55X930D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV 2016 Model

Thanks to our ingenious slim backlight drive, this 4k hdr television offers breathtaking picture quality in a super thin design.

Sony XBR55X930D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV 2016 ModelSony-XBR55X930D-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Price :    —
  • Backlight: grid array with local dimming and boosting; edge lit
  • Inputs: 4 hdmi (hdcp 2. 2/hdmi 2. 0a), 3 usb
  • Smart functionality: yes
  • Refresh rate: 120hz (native); motionflow xr 960 (effective)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48. 9" x 28. 3" x 1. 4", tv with stand: 48. 9" x 30. 4" x 10. 4"
Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    77.16 pounds
Model :    XBR55X930D
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR55X930D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

This version of the wall mount, compared to the non heavy duty wall mount, is much easier to install! this feels like a complete product compared to the latter. The installation is very easy and the is ample space for screwing screws in with a screwdriver. I would recommended this to anyone.

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value an online store brand.

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVsAmazonBasics-Heavy-Duty-Articulating-22-inch-55-inch

Basics Heavy Duty Articulating 22 Inch 55 Inch (pbh 997) FAQ.

This is a perfect tv wall mount bracket. I can watch my tv from two seperate rooms by using the swivel function. It can also hug flat against the wall very nicely. No regrets on this purchase! -Notice from Z. Bertie, Camden

Click to Show basics heavy duty articulating 22 inch 55 inch (pbh 997) Details

It all worked out good, the only issue was the bolts that where required didn't come with the kit. Tech who installed it said he ran into the same problem with a couple other "curved screen" tv's. Make you wonder if they say it will fit that tv why don't they give you bolts long enough. Other than that everything went well.

Basics-heavy-duty-articulating-22-inch-55-inch-(pbh-997) set picture

- . BullockThis was so easy to mount! took me 20 minutes.

Excellent. Beat local prices by half plus delivery in a day and a half compared to two weeks locally. Installation was straight forward and easy.

I. Dorothy, Kirklees

Brand :    basics
Color :    Black
Size :    22-inch to 55-inch TVs
Model :    7851B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    temporarily out of stock. order now and we'll deliver when available. we'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item.
  • Articulating design extends up to 16. 3 inches from the wall and swivels left to right up to 180 degrees
  • Bubble level and all mounting hardware included for easy installation
  • 15 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+10 to -5 degrees)
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for reliable strength
  • Articulating tv wall mount accommodates 22- to 55-inch tvs (up to 80 pounds) for enhanced home tv-viewing experience
Price :    $24.99
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (basics product review) for Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 22-inch to 55-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs available ( Apr 2020 )

Sony XBR65X750D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model

Upgrade to the stunning clarity and detail of 4k. Android tv opens a world of entertainment and connectivity, and motionflow xr keeps the action on screen moving as clear as real life. Everything is up scaled to impressive 4k ultra hd, while optimized colors and enhanced contrast take picture quality to the next level.

Sony XBR65X750D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 ModelSony-XBR65X750D-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Weight :    69.00 pounds
Model :    XBR65X750D
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X750D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $500.00 (was $998.00)
  • Send entertainment from your smartphone to you tv with google cast²³enjoy thousands of apps from google play², ³home automation controlled directly from your tv
  • Immerse yourself in the world of 4k¹. lifelike motion with motionflow xr technologyhd is upscale to impressive 4k ultra hd¹,
  • Dramatic brightness and black levels optimized colors with precision color mappingandroid tv with google cast, voice search & play store apps², ³

Sony HTCT790 Sound Bar 4K HDR Support

Enjoy a powerful cinema experience with 4k pass-through and dolby truehd & dts-hd master audio format support. Easily expand your home theater with multiple inputs and connect compatible speakers for true wireless surround sound. The ct790 has a stylish, slim design that lays flat or mounts discreetly on a wall, giving this small bar big capabilities.

Sony HTCT790 Sound Bar 4K HDR SupportSony-HTCT790-Sound-Bar-Support

Price :    $120.00 (was $499.99)
  • Easily add wireless surround sound speakers, enjoy wireless multi-room listening
  • Maintain 4k quality with hdcp2. 2 and hdr support, dolby truehd & dts-hd master audio format support
  • Get connected with 3 hdmi inputs, hdmi arc and more, play music wirelessly via bluetooth, enjoy music playback via usb
Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Weight :    30.86 pounds
Model :    HTCT790
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (sony product review) for Sony HTCT790 Sound Bar 4K HDR Support available ( Apr 2020 )

Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV 2016 Model

Excellent 40" tv, great price. Full featured, minimalist/thin design, clear/sharp screen. 1080p w/ 2 hdmi & ethernet ports. Works great with apple-tv gen4. The top 3/4's of the back of the tv is only 1. 75" thick, leaving plenty of room for a thin profile wall-mount kit (make sure you screw into studs). The bottom 1/4 of the back is 2. 9" thick, with most of the i/o ports facing to the edges, not directly out the back. This leaves plenty of room for a thin wall-mount and low profile installation (see pix). Flat-black bezel-edge is 0. 5". There are three i/o port locations - on the lower back left, straight out the back and straight down at the bottom (about 3" up from the edge). Look at the stanley low-profile mounting kit (tls-200s, $21. 00), also the leviton recessed entertainment box-frame ( 47617-reb, 8" wide, $20. 00). My tv was date-stamped jan-2017 (purch in mar-2017). 1yr sony warranty. The only issue was that it comes with an external power-brick on it's power-cable, so the larger recessed wallbox in handy (the wallbox has a standard depth of 3. 75").

The best in entertainment. Access a world of movies, tv and apps, and enjoy every moment in picture quality that goes beyond hd. With x-reality pro, you ll enjoy stunning clarity, sharpness and a more refined picture.

Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV 2016 ModelSony-KDL32W600D-32-Inch-Smart-Model

Sony Kdl32w600d 32-inch Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model (Television) FAQ.

Beautiful tv. my favorite feature is the screen. -Notice from Z. Williams, Oklahoma

Click to Show sony kdl32w600d 32-inch hd smart tv 2016 model (television) Details

Love this tv. It was easy to set up and has a beautiful picture as do my two other sony bravia tvs. The sound is not great but ok. Please beware that although the specs on this tv say that it has 2 hdmi ports and 2 usb ports, my tv came with one hdmi port and one ethernet port. There are no usb ports on this tv. This is not a problem for me as i don't need to add any peripherals but it might be a problem for other purchasers. I have no interest in using the "smart" features of this tv so i cannot comment on them. As far as i am concerned sony tvs have the very best pictures, hands down.

Sony-kdl32w600d-32-inch-hd-smart-tv-2016-model-(television) set picture

- O. JoanneI purchased this tv when it first came out to replace the vizio i had previously ordered. We watch tv using the sobetter 50 miles amplified indoor hdtv antenna with detachable amplifier power supply and 9. 8-feet coax cable and the internet content has improved with the addition of online store video! . We can now access hulu, netflix and online store video. The resolution is amazing and i like the fact that sony constantly improves its tvs by releasing software updates that are easy to install by just clicking on download now or update later.

Great picture quality. Sound okay, but needs improvment

H. Eleanor, Wokingham

Price :    $219.00 (was $299.99)
  • Living-room friendly, slim design, keep wires out of sight, precise motion clarity with motion flow xr 240
  • Beautiful hd tv with the clarity and sharpness of x-reality pro, access youtube and more with built-in wi-fi
  • Enjoy pure, natural audio with smooth reproduction
Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Size :    32-Inch
Weight :    16.20 pounds
Model :    KDL32W600D
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony KDL32W600D 32-Inch HD Smart TV 2016 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

Sony XBR65X850E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Sony xbr65x850e 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2017 model)

Sony XBR65X850E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR65X850E-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Price :    $1015.65 (was $1098.00)
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 3" x 33. 1" x 1. 8", tv with stand: 57. 3" x 35. 8" x 10. 5"
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Edge-lit led produces great picture quality with sleek slim design. motionflowtm xr keeps the action smooth
Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    77.16 pounds
Model :    XBR-65X850E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X850E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Apr 2020 )

EASY MOUNT Extra Ultra Slim Flat TV Wall Mount Bracket Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV 2016 model , Super Low 1.4 Profile Design - Heavy Duty Steel - Simple to Install

Knowledge is power - be confident when knowing your tv is secure! features: heavy duty steel construction securely holds your tv safety screws holds tv securely to mount ensure your tv is properly mounted with the included bubble level fully assembled perfect for use in your kitchen, living room, or any room in your home or office extra low 1. 4" profile design will give flush appearance on wall 3 easy steps to install max vesa 800x400 weight capacity 140lbs 64kgs fits 37"- 90" tvs package contains: mount hardware bubble level instruction manual install in 3 easy steps: 1. Attach wall plate to wall 2. Attach bracket to tv 3. Attach tv to wall plate

EASY MOUNT Extra Ultra Slim Flat TV Wall Mount Bracket Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV 2016 model , Super Low 1.4 Profile Design - Heavy Duty Steel - Simple to InstallEASY-MOUNT-Bracket-XBR55X850D-55-Inch

Price :    $59.95
  • Secure: made with strong, tough, and sturdy steel material.
  • Fashion: the low profile design will give the sleek, modern look you desire.
  • Perfect-view: comfortable visibility from your sofa, kitchen table, or bath tub.
  • Committed: our products are brand new and includes a 1 year limited warranty.
  • User-friendly: easy to install and simple to adjust.
Brand :    shop smart deals
Model :    4330184002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Speakers :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (shop smart deals product review) for EASY MOUNT Extra Ultra Slim Flat TV Wall Mount Bracket Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV 2016 model , Super Low 1.4 Profile Design - Heavy Duty Steel - Simple to Install available ( Apr 2020 )

HDMI Cable 6ft - HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet, Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D - Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC TV

Very nice set of wires one of the best i have seen for the price. They work fine and i am enjoying my streaming player in full resolution thanks to this wires

6 ft - braided 28 awg - hdmi 2. 0 cable - 18 gbps - ethernet & audio return channel get your hands on this heavy duty high quality 6ft hdmi 2. 0 cable, which will drive your 4k tv/monitor at 2160p. Don't be fooled by thin copper clad aluminium (cca) cables. This beauty is made of 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper and is triple-shielded for maximum performance and ultra low snr. Never mind it's thicker than most cables widely sold because a good cable is meant to be thick. Most 6 ft cables use cheaper & thiner 30 awg wiring (10 gbps). Securomax 6 ft cable uses more expensive thicker 28 awg wiring which enables 18 gbps speed required for all hdmi 2. 0 features. Connectors are 24k gold-plated and soldering points are covered by thick aluminium shell to achieve better shielding and even lower snr. Ethernet & audio return channels eliminate extra network and audio cables. Less cables means slimmer cable management box! supported video resolutions: full hd 1080p quad hd 1440p 3d format ultra hd 2160p this cable also works with: any device bearing the hdmi logo. All revisions of hdmi v2. 0, v1. 4 & v1. 3

HDMI Cable 6ft - HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet, Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D - Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC TVHDMI-Cable-6ft-Connectors-PlayStation

Hdmi Cable 6ft Connectors Playstation (Securomax) FAQ.

I have had many hdmi cables in my time. This one beats them all by far. The qaulity and workmanship on these are outstanding. The performances of these cables are terrific. I would recommend this cable to anyone needing a good hdmi cable. -Notice from P. Janice, North Tyneside

Click to Show hdmi cable 6ft connectors playstation (securomax) Details

Works fine, however the device i used it with had to be moved as far as possible from the television set to work properly. I believe a 4 foot cable would have been better.

Hdmi-cable-6ft-connectors-playstation-(securomax) set picture

- G. CindyGreat service and quick shipping from secuomax. No problems. These are very nicely made and good looking hdmi cables, just what i needed for my new samsung 4k tv and uhd blu-ray player.

I bought both the 10ft and 6ft version of this cable, and i'm happy to say that they both support 4k resolution at 60hz with 4:4:4 from my nvidia gtx 1080. I was frustrated with my last cables because this wasn't an option in the nvidia control panel - replaced with this cable and all is well. . Note that these are thick cables, and the connectors cannot bend very much from the cable - they are "stiff" if you will, so just keep that in mind. . These seem like very high quality built cables. Would highly recommend!

H. Stacey, Connecticut

Brand :    securomax
Size :    6'
  • Supports: 3d hd 2k 1080p qhd 1440p uhd 4k 2160p (up to 60 hz over hdmi 2. 0 - hdmi 2. 0 connection)
  • Length: 6 feet (2 meters) - free lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Ethernet & audio return channel - eliminate all network & audio cables between devices
  • Solid aluminium connector housings - braided cord - 100% pure copper wiring - backwards compatible with hdmi v2. 0, v1. 4 & v1. 3
  • Supports hdmi 2. 0 & 2. 0a ports (4k 60hz, 18 gbps, 28 awg) - connect 4k/hd tv to blu-ray/dvd player, xbox, play station, pc, and other hdmi devices
Price :    $7.00 (was $11.99)
Model :    FBA_SMHDMI06
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (securomax product review) for HDMI Cable 6ft - HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Ready - 28AWG Braided Cord - High Speed 18Gbps - Gold Plated Connectors - Ethernet, Audio Return - Video 4K 2160p HD 1080p 3D - Xbox PlayStation PS3 PS4 PC TV available ( Apr 2020 )

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BK

I have my 81lb vizio m series, 65" tv currently mounted to the wall in my basement. Like any project involving a pricey asset, you need to be careful, read directions 2 times at least, and ensure you measure correctly. The parts of the mount were easily laid out, with many options to pick from depending on your tv and the size. The mount is made from strong materials, that i tried to bend and test for strength prior to hanging. It met my test, although i am not superman. . I have read other reviews that their tv viewing angle tends to sag a few degrees, when fully extended. Perhaps those users should try to tighten the bolts related to the viewing angle more. I have 0 issues with that. . I will provide an update if my tv does fall out of the studs though. It has held steady since may 2016, and i am constantly adjusting the angles of the tv depending on the seating arrangements of guests. . I would recommend including a build in level to this product, for easier installation, but otherwise i have no complaints.

Featuring up to 150 of smooth swiveling capability, this large full-motion tv mount is a real mover. Not a shaker. Safety tested and ul certified to hold up to 132 lbs, you can rest assured your 37" - 70" led, lcd or plasma tv will be safe on the strong arm of this echogear tv mount. What the h is "ul certified"? it means we've tested this tv mount to verify that it will hold 4 times the weight rating and some safety science guys (that's a real thing) certified it. We'll do the math for you. 4 x 132 528 lbs! tech specs:vesa compatibility: 200x100 up to 600x400 (universal increments) tv extension from wall: 16" profile from wall (recessed) 2. 6" swivel: up to 150 degrees side-to-side (37" tv) tension adjustable? (for smoother/stiffer articulation): yes, using 7/32" hex key on joint bolts tilt: 5 up and 15 down post-install tv leveling adjustment: 3. 5 left or right wall plate dimensions: 17. 1" (w) x 10. 2" (h) max mounting hole dimensions: 16" (w) x 8. 9" (h) wall plate openings for in-wall cable management: 5. 6" (w) x 7. 6" (h) - two openings on each side construction: 100% high grade steel with plastic end caps for tv interface favorite color: echogear orangehdmi: v1. 4 high speed cable with bandwidth to support 1080p, 3d, and 4k/uhd 2160p picture 60 fps length: 6 ft. Install hardware included: 5/16" x 2. 75" lag bolts (4) lag bolt washers (4) m4 x 12mm screws (4) m4 x 35mm screws (4) m6 x 12mm screws (4) m6 x 35mm screws (4) m8 x 16mm screws (4) m8 x 20mm screws (4) m8 x 35mm screws (4) m4/m5 washers (4) m6/m8 washers (4) 22mm (7/8") tv spacers (4)

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BKECHOGEAR-Motion-Articulating-Bracket-patterns

Echogear Motion Articulating Bracket Patterns (eglf1 bk) FAQ.

I don't write many reviews but this product warranted one. I often bite off more than i can chew when it comes to diy types of stuff. I figured hanging this mount might be more difficult but i'd give it a try. Wow was i surprised at how straightforward it was to install. The instructions were clear and simple with good drawings showing details. The product was packaged very well and the screws, washers, bolts, etc. Were all packaged and labeled very well. It took me about one hour to install this with minimal help from my wife. I can't speak more highly about this product. The manufacturer couldn't have made it any easier. As for use, it is very smooth in operation and moves with the appropriate amount of resistance. I am very pleased with this product. For reference, i hung a new 55" samsung tv. -Notice from B. Carmen, Mississippi

Click to Show echogear motion articulating bracket patterns (eglf1 bk) Details

This wall mount is pretty good and very simple to install even though i had my contractor install it on the wall just to be on the safe side. The fact that we can shift the television to view more in other parts of our living room than our old table top big screen. The only issue i have is that i find it difficult to push back against the wall once it's been pulled/expanded out. Maybe i'm doing something wrong but i'm not comfortable push my new television dead center on the screen to put it more flush against the wall. The only confusion are the overload of screws that could be labeled better but it's to use for a variety of televisions. Otherwise, it's a good wall mount.

Echogear-motion-articulating-bracket-patterns-(eglf1-bk) set picture

- E. DeniseMounted a samsung 58in series 6 tv to the wall. The mount itself is quite heavy but extremely sturdy. As long as you mount it correctly on studs this mount works very well. After measuring several times i needed an extra hand to hold it up while drilling it into the wall. The movement of this mount works as intended and is perfect for my use. My house requires the tv to be at a corner end so being able to angle it was a huge deal. The echogear full motion mount pulls out and swivels with ease. Great quality product and definitely easy to install! . . Pros:. - well made with quality materials. - easy to install but definitely need a second pair of hands to hold it up. - pulls out and swivels with ease. . Cons:. - slight bulk due to full articulating but that's more preference

This is an early feedback but will update as needed. The product was one-day shipping so that was awesome. The shipping was horrible since it came in the original box with a shipping label. The box was broken up and thankfully nothing fell out. . The product. So far it is holding up amazing. It did not have the correct proper screws for my samsung suhd 55" curve tv but thankfully it was on a stand that required me to purchase bolts in the past. I had to reuse 2 of them and able to use the longer m6 x 35 with spacers for the bottom. . The mount feels very sturdy and since i had studs at 16" i did not have any issues during install. The tv weighs only 38 so very lightweight for what the mount is rated at. . Overall, i would recommend it and purchase again when needed.

. Emily, Alberta

Price :    $60.00 (was $79.99)
  • Window glare bugging you? 15-degree tilt capability makes adjustments easy. no tools, no fuss, no hands. just kidding, you'll need your hands.
  • Mounting has never been so easy: 30 minutes to install on 16" studs, with all hardware included and pre-divided. our u. s. -based customer care team members will even pick up the phone on sundays. seriously.
  • Our heavy-gauge universal tv mount holds 37"-70" tvs weighing up to 132lbs. don't worry, we'll do the heavy lifting: echogear tv mounts are tested to hold 4 times the weight they're rated to. safety tested - ul certified.
  • Pulling out to 16" and back in to 2. 6" from the wall gives your tv smooth moves. swivel your tv 150 degrees to the left or right to get all the views your room could ever need.
  • Feel the love with our 5-year warranty - included with all of our tv mounts.
Brand :    echogear
Size :    37-70 inch
Weight :    18.00 pounds
Model :    EGLF1-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (echogear product review) for ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/ VESA patterns up to 600 x 400 - 16 Extension - EGLF1-BK available ( Apr 2020 )

sony xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart tv 2016 model Price : 500, was : 887 as 2018-01-21
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Sony Xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model (Television) Reviewed by on

Top sony xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart tv 2016 model (television) Content

The F.A.Q. for sony xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart tv 2016 model

I have nothing to compare it to but have seen others of similar 4k type. The hd picture is very nice, controls are good, android tv works usually, 4k picture quality is lovely (usually with netflix and online you tube videos, sony online movie service didnt work so well - had trouble viewing the movies at 30 mbps while netflix worked well at that speed). Probably rates a 4. 5 not only 4.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Sony-XBR55X850D-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

(0) Question: Its it back lit or edge lit?

(1) Question: Is this 2016 tv, also please tell me if it has pic in pic can i view two different inputs as the same time like xbox game and dish

(2) Question: Hi whats actually the refresh rate? seeing 960hz 120hz and 60hz in the reviews. thaks

(3) Question: To the person who has bought this tv, can you advise me should i go to college or buy this tv? as the price is equal to fees for my entire semester.

(4) Question: Our "tv room" is sunlit in the afternoons, and of course pretty dark at night. can this tv handle the changes in room light?

(5) Question: Is this a 3d television.

(6) Question: Do you ship international (egypt)?

(7) Question: Is this the right mount for hanging this tv on a concrete wall?

(8) Question: Does the tv remote have a backlight?

(9) Question: There is no bluetooth on this tv? i use bluetooth noise canceling headphones so wife doesnt here if in same room

(10) Question: Do i need roku streaming device to be purchased seperately?

(11) Question: Does it have blue tooth

(12) Question: The tv does not upscale non 4k signals to 4k as 2015 model does. my question is 4k upconverter a good feature?

(13) Question: Will this model work in africa if shipped?

(14) Question: For this sony tv with hdr for best result what kind of hdmi cable (2. 0 ? ) woud i need to connect tv dvr box to tv? blue ray player to tv?

(15) Question: Are there any visibility problems during the daytime from ambient light coming through windows?

(16) Question: Does it support 60 fps

(note) Question: where/how to get Sony (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sony's products

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Electronics 282271, LED & LCD TVs 1107379546, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Sony Xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model (Television) FAQ Content

Best sony xbr55x850d 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart tv 2016 model (television) in review

Incredible picture and the quality is the best! online store had the best price after several months of looking.

C. Lara, Isle of Wight

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  • Attributes: Quick And Easy Wi-fi Setup Via Ios Or Android Device With Amcrest View App, Stream Video And Audio Directly To Your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac Or Windows Pc.
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S. Mable, Victoria says

The picture quality is everything we had expected, the ease of setting up all the options was awesome. Great purchase!

Z. Michele, West Virginia

Best picture i've seen on any tv i've owned. 1080p is excellent, but 4k is totally awesome! second best part of this purchase was the price. The tv has a lot of extras, like apps, etc, but the most extraordinary experience is plugging your xbox one-s in and inserting a 4k bluray (like deadpool), and sitting back for 2 hours.

K. June, Hartlepool says

Love it, great picture, clear and sharp

I. Delgado, Haute-Normandie

We love it! we had one just like it but 65" and we love this one even more. It is excellent and the price was very competitive.

U. Clara, Lincolnshire says

Nice upscaling feature. Great clarity and style. Thin look.

Q. Mahood, Somerset

Excellent picture, easy to set up, and really works well with roku and my tivo.

L. Moore, Salford says

Best tv i have ever owned. Bought this tv for my adirondack home which is mounted on our stone fireplace and the picture is so crisp and clear from all directions. I would never hesitate to buy this tv again!

T. Anonymous, New Jersey

This is the perfect tv for me. Although i sit only about 10' from the set, my vision and the size of the screen mesh perfectly. When i ordered it, my friends told me that the set is too big for my den, but it isn't! although a relative insisted i should purchase a comparable samsung, this sony tv is perfect for me in every way. I highly recommend it.

E. Finch, Texas says

This is exactly what i want. Super thin screen, bright color, sharpe image and really high quality.

N. Dorine, Southend-on-Sea

Broke my heart when my plasma died about a month ago. Loved it for smooth motion and great colors. Looked around at various led tv's for a replacement and compared various models under $2k and narrowed my choices to lg, samsung, sony. This model is from 2016, just hit the floors after debuting at ces and i could not be happier. As close as possible to my plasma smoothness and the picture is outstanding. Movies look good as well. I've heard it's hard for a tv to look great showing live sports and movies. I don't know about that, i just know i made a good choice for the next several years for our family. Voice control on some of the apps via android tv is fun. 4k stuff is expanding and the few things we have watched are spectacular. This tv is also capable of updating itself and is hdr ready for whatever comes down the road the next few years. Still exploring the options, but my first month report card for this tv is a solid "a".

H. Marguerite, Warrington says

I use this as a computer monitor - i like to have a lot of code windows open at once. The one problem is that it is slightly reflective (being intended as a tv), but keeping all the backgrounds white, the reflection doesn't bother me.

P. Sandra, Montana says

This is my second sony smart tv. It did not disappoint.

M. Anonymous, Minnesota

Great tv. great picture. apps could use help.

F. McCarthy, Blackburn with Darwen says

This is best tv sony has made . Colour is excellent

B. Pete, Oregon

I purchased this tv today after spending about 1. 5 hours at the store testing it out. I will tell you that its best to see the results for yourself rather than reading a review (especially the bad ones. I'l explain why) to start, its best for you to bring your own videos to actually see real stuff. I recommend downloading the "lights out" trailer in hd or the "scream 4 credits" in hd from youtube. (more about this later) take these to the store and tell the rep you want to play these videos. . To start, the color on this tv are absolutely amazing. The skin tones are practically lifelke, the tv absolutely rocks for its price. I enjoyed playing with google tv. Its fast and stable. However, i did notice some lag (about 1-2 seconds) after launching one of the apps. . Now, the reason why i said you should download those videos has to do with what the bad reviewers say about the tv's light bleed. I decided to see it for myself and download real content to look at vs watching a tv demo so i bought my usb drive and had the rep plug it in so i could get a real test. By the way, if you do this, it will take about 2 minutes for the tv to read whats on your usb drive. Thats annoying. If you play the "lights out" trailer, there is a scene at the beginning, where she repeatedly turns off the light and back on. During this time, you get to see how the tv handles dark scenes. You will see how the tv doesnt have the blackest blacks ever for a tv and you do see just a tad light bleeed and it is tad bit blackish/greyish when the light goes out. This is further confirmed by playing the "scream 4" credits video. You will see that there is a little light bleed but it is nothing to be of concern of. It could be blacker yes, but the tv makes up for this due its high color display. You will notice that you can see what is in the dark because the display is able to lighten up certai parts of the scene. This is confirmed when playing the scream 4 credits video. The tv shines during the "scream 4" credits because it is able to immediately rearrange the colors on skin tones in dark scenes so they dont appear washed out due to light bleeding! i"m assuming it is due to the triluminos and xreality pro tech built into the tv. . What really drove me to purchase the tv though was the upscaler. Yes, playing those videos (lights out 1080p, scream 4 720p) will cause the tv to defintely go into upscale mode and you will notice how clear the picture is. The clarity of those videos was so clear, that the rep actually thougth it was full 4k. That should speak for itself how amazing the upscaler is. If you have hd cable, you wont be disappointed as this will make all your hd channels practically 4k for you. Just seeing this in action will make anyone purchase the tv (or it should at least). That is what the people who gave the tv bad reviews fail to mention. . I had the rep play these videos on the xbr65x930d (sonys flaghship this year) and the xbr65x900 (sonys flaghsip last year) for a comparison so i could see with my own eyes. I recommend you do this too. Get this model and avoid the xbrx900 or play the videos on them to see with your own eyes. The light bleed will definitely be noticeable in each corner on the x900. Its so bad on the x900 that im suprised sony never issued a recall on that model. It seriously looks like a major defect. The x930 will defintely knock both of these tvs out in picture quality out due to it having local dimming as well as the the fact that its not using an ips display that the 65x850d uses. However on regular scenes like the common cable tv sitcom or watching a movie like avengers, or the news or netflix or hulu. , you wil not be able to tell the difference from this model vs the x930 in terms of color. It does lack in dark scenes, but it makes up for it in everything else. . Other cool things, its an android tv, has playstation now and supports screen mirrroring, out of the box. You can install many apps on it. I dont know if this will slow down the tv but i dont use that many apps anyway. I didnt like that when i put in my usb flash drive it took like 2 minutes for it to read the contents. It detected the usb immediately but then when it was reading it took two minutes to show that i had content on it. - - . . Overall, this tv is a great buy! download those videos from youtube using whatever program of your choosing but just make sure it can download them in hd. Or, download your own videos of your choosing that have dark scenes in them. Take it to best buy or whatever store you go to and have the rep play the videos. They are usually more than happy to do so. Its best to see with your own eyes. Play them on al three of the tvs to see a comparison an difference in picture clarity, black levels, and how the tvs upscale.

J. Olga, Kent says

All i expected and more. Had plans for bigger screen but the equation cumulative customer reviews and budget relative to brand reliability spoke louder. Excellent and just wished it could read the movies i have via usb on my portable hd. Oem sony signal connections and protective copy rights are as good and almost strong as apple right? highly recommended smart tv .

Y. Lawrence, Centre

Great picture quality. Really like end to end picture filling the screen.

D. Lynette, Merton says

Great tv with a great picture and easy to operate interface

Top ultra hd smart tv Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

Q. Meghan, Virginia says

After owning an amazing sony bravia 40 inch tv for 11 years, i foolishly thought that i would be able to buy another sony bravia that's larger and have 4k support and actually work as expected. The android integration is extremely poor. I have to unplug and restart the tv every other time i try to use it in order for it to work at all. Input switching doesn't work properly, there is a huge latency between touching a button on the remote and it actually working. I wish i could just turn off the smart features and use just the tv. When the tv works, it's fine, but to get it working is a big hassle. Do not buy this tv.

D. Clara, Colorado

When you watch bright picture it's excellent. But when you watch dark scenes it's hard to make out what i'm watching. It's like watching shadows. I played with pic setting for a while but a tv should not be this hard to operate. Just be forewarned that when you're at the store you'll likely see bright demos. So you can't get a sense of the pic quality until you get home. There are other options out there. I returned a samsung ks8500 65 inch for this because i thought i wanted a bigger screen. But picture quality, especially the ability to make out what's on screen, is extremely important. You can call it 4k, hdr, etc, but if you can't watch dark scenes, those don't matter.

G. Noguera, Pennsylvania says

Do not buy! update 2018, i now have iwned this pos for over 8 months, still thoroghly dissapointed in the software. Just dis overed it dies have pip, but it now keeps flipping me to crackle when i launch pip. Owned this tv for over 6months now and my dissapointment has grown! i bought the sony based on experience of being worth the extra money. No longer true!

T. Kellie, Essex

I like the tv. However, i don't like the menu system at all. The picture adjustments are so minute as to border on useless. Also, i get serious bleed in the upper left hand corner of the screen, that responds quite dramatically to even minute changes of the content of a single scene. In other words, as a person on got goes from one side of a room to another, and passes a wall sconce, the led brightens quite a bit, changing the whole screen, and then back again as the sconce goes out of view. . Also, the timers are insanely frustrating. It is so many remote clicks just to get to the timers. Then, once i set a sleep timer, i have to go back into inputs and re-select the input i was watching. Also, it interrupts and switches entirely away from the program while you do, making the whole process of setting a sleep timer quite a nuisance. . I was impressed that it auto-switched inputs when invoked. However, it doesn't recognize my xbox one. I must always manually select input 2 (where i chose to put it) in order to use the xbox. I admit it was a surprise when i first noticed that the cec features were so sensitive, but i learned to like it. So that's what makes this annoying when i want to play xbox - and even more annoying when i accidentally tap my online store firetv remote and it auto-switches to that input. All in all, that's a relative "good with the bad" for the most part - and i wish it would be consistent. . I'm probably being a bit harsh with 3 stars. But the remote itself, and the clumsy menus, and the very cluttered (almost unmanageable) home screen - fraught with advertising of services, is very very very annoying. In other words, there are a ton of application icons on it that only give you access to "at cost" applications. You cannot remove them either - so, your $2800 television becomes a constant marketing reminder, which i find particularly annoying.

C. Jackson, Massachusetts says

Picture great. . Speaker's system gets a thumbs down

V. Gloria, Bradford

I purchased the xbr55x850d in sept 2016. I use an ota antenna and stream netflix. Initially ota broadcasts of 1080i, 720p and 480i/p content were excellent to good. Uhd and hd content on netflix was also excellent too good. I was in about the 4th season of deep space nine when i purchased the tv. With the sony the picture was better. It had vivid contrast. Deep space nine is rated as hd. In the last month i ve seen the quality of the hd rated netflix videos and ota broadcasts of 720p and lower degrade. Very blurry with excessive pixelation. Pretty much what you would expect a lower resolution video to look like without upscaling. I would have returned the tv if it looked like this when i initially purchased it. I contacted sony and the service tech told me that the tv doesn t upscale video. He also told me i needed a 120mbps connection for netflix. I know both of those statements are false. He asked for remote access to the tv, which i allowed. He changed a lot of settings but never did any troubleshooting. I asked if he could see the picture quality and he said that he could not. I read the sony product literature to him that states sony s new 4k x-reality pro upscaler enhances ultra-hd, hd and sd images by analyzing and refining images with beautifully natural detail and astounding color. He ignored this and wanted me to look at youtube video quality. There is very little native 2160p video available. About 95% of the content out there is lower resolution so the ability to upscale lower resolutions is critical. I called crutchfield and a tech instructed me how to do a system reset. Unfortunately this didn t help. Later i discovered that the tv has some self-diagnostics under help so i ran those. The diagnostics didn t find anything. Unfortunately, 6 months had passed since i purchased the tv and crutchfield couldn t do anything else to help me. I called sony again. This time they asked for the serial number of the tv and after a few minutes on hold the service tech said they might be able to do an exchange but they needed me to take 3 pictures: one of the s/n plate, one of the entire front of the tv and one close-up of the issue. I took the pictures and sent them. The close-up picture i sent was of a paused netflix voyager episode (rated hd). After the weekend had passed i called them again. At this time the tech told me that based on the pictures that i sent, the tv was operating within specs and that if i wanted to have the tv repaired i would have to pay for it out of pocket because the warranty wouldn t cover it. The warranty doesn t cover bad image quality? i said. The service tech said, that is correct. . I am unhappy with the tv but even more dissatisfied with sony service. The tv is usable if i don t watch some 720p content and most 480i and 480p content. I am going to research other brands. When i find one i want i am going to donate this tv to charity with the understanding that it mostly works but it is not what i paid for. I ve wasted enough money on it. I don t believe i will be purchasing any more sony products. If possible i ll attach the pictures i sent to sony and you can decide for yourself.

S. Lorenz, Doncaster says

Picture when i first got the tv was great back in april. Now im seeing backlighting issues in the upper left corner.

. Connie, Solihull

This tv randomly reboots, the software speed lags, and the ghosting/grey/backlight/brightness are apalling. How sony could put their name on this is beyond me. It gets 3 stars because it is huge, does not weigh much at all, and does have a sharp picture. . Update 5/8/2017. Compatibility with playstation vue is poor. Most random reboots happen when this app is being used. Has happened with netflix, but rarely. Fast forwarding with vue is also terrible. Netflix and prime's ffwd work great. Backlight/contrast is still atrocious. . Update 7/17. Hate this tv. Turn it on, it fires up, and 15 sec later it reboots. Then it randomly reboots as if possessed. Backlight/contrast is still horrendous. . Firmware updates, power save settigs etc. , yield no improvements. . Do not buy. . Update 04 aug 2017. Sony replaced the motherboard 3 days ago. Unit seems to be working well thus far.

U. Alba, Connecticut says

Screen uniformity and blacklight bleed are a problem. Considering returning, i had such high hopes for this tv :( can't seem to get colors right everything is washed out. During dark scenes i can see parts of the backlight that are 'brighter'.

W. Dorothy, New Jersey

I struggled between deciding two vs. Three stars. Ultimately with the frustrations this tv has given me due to poor performance i cannot justify recommending someone to spend $1000 on this device. When all is well i am generally very satisfied with the tv but my first issue below is what really kills this rating for the tv. . Wifi problems . The one thing that drastically affects my rating is how terribly slow the tv sometimes is at connecting to wifi. Sometimes it connects instantly but other times it just refuses to connect. It always seems like it fails to connect at the worst times too, such as when i/we decide to watch something while we eat dinner. I'm sure others can relate that it is extremely aggravating not only not being able to connect but this happening while your dinner goes cold trying to troubleshoot the problem. . Often times when the wifi isn't connecting i go through the settings and it will pick up the network and spend minute, after minute, after minute spinning in circles saying it's connecting ultimately to say it failed to. Sometimes i'll then unplug the tv to fully reset it and start fresh. But the bloated android operating system sure takes a while to start up and that isn't necessarily a guarantee that it will promptly connect to the wifi. And trust me, it's not a problem with my wifi service. All of the computers in the house and phones are always connected and work just fine, even while the tv can't connect. I also have a sony ps4, which used to be what we used for streaming netflix, etc. I no longer use that because the tv offers all these features but the ps4 never has issues connecting to wifi. Obviously it must have a different wifi device in the ps4 but still, it's the same company. You would think the standard would be the same. . Operating system - dislike . I also am perturbed by the whole operating system. As my title indicates i think it is "too smart for its own good. " there is sometimes a delay between pressing a basic function and response. Prime example: adjusting the volume. You can see the little indicator light pulse showing that it recognized the button being pressed but there is no action. Sometimes in an anxious, frustrated moment where you strike the button several times it will all of a sudden catch up and suddenly adjust/recognize the command. This will also happen with changing channels, going through the guide, etc. While not all the time there should not be a delay/lag for a basic function such as changing the volume. . High frequency noise when 'off' . I have also noticed that the tv produces an audible high pitched hiss type noise when 'off'. I'm sure it's just in a sleep state due to the operating system and not fully off like a traditional tv but when all is quiet in the house i can hear it while in the living room. When you get close to the tv, especially behind it you have no problem hearing it at all. I find that bothersome, we have a sitting chair in somewhat close proximity to the tv that is often used for reading, etc. So the tv is typically not on while in that chair and the noise is unpleasant. . Black washed out grey . I purchased the tv knowing that it was not popular with anyone looking for deep, dark blacks for dark scenes. I was willing to sacrifice this and i was coming from my old pansonic plasma which hard rich, dark colors. Having bought this tv expecting inferior quality in regards to black/dark scenes i can live with it. . Otherwise, great picture quality . Hey, look at this. I have something positive to say about the tv finally! for brighter colored scenes i find that the tv puts out a great picture. Bright, vivid colors with crisp definition. As long as a scene isn't primarily dark i am very satisfied with the picture quality. . When it's actually connected to the wifi there are plenty of apps/features. I primarily just use netflix and occasionally online store prime. Also occasionally use youtube. I don't really utilize any of the other apps or functions of the tv. . Not factored into my score but something to maybe consider is that i have a vizio sound bar and there is an audio delay when using it. I can't stand having the audio being slightly off, just kills watching anything but especially people talking. This could very well be an issue with the soundbar, it's a cheap vizio one. Like i said, i did not factor this into my rating. . If there were not regular wifi connectivity issues that would really help bring up my ranking of this tv. I can live with the inferior darks this set offers, especially considering the brighter scenes can really pop. I can deal with the os which i don't care for, i hardly even watch live tv. Typically just hopping onto netflix. But in this day and age no device should take as miserably long as this tv can to find and connect to wifi. It really can be brutally slow if not repeatedly completely failing.

Y. Glenda, Nottinghamshire says

What a piece of junk this is. Sometimes it'll work, but sooner or later there will be an upgrade and some function will stop working. Currently with the latest update, the video on hdmi1 will start stuttering randomly after about an hour or so of use. The fix is easy, just turn the tv off and back on again. . It would of course make sense that you could just roll back to a previous version (which didn't have this issue) but, that would be way too user friendly! sony isn't into user friendliness of course, so that's not possible. . Currently bluetooth also doesn't work (can't detect any devices and searching for devices ends up in a constant loop. Don't worry, it'll be fixed in one or maybe two updates (at which point some other random function will stop working). . This will probably continue until at some point planned obsolescence sets in, sony pushes out a final version that breaks functionality in some horrid way and off to the landfill she'll go. What a waste of money this was.

. Rita, Stockport

I tend to keep things like cars and tvs until they fail, which is usually 10 or more years. Thus, when i finally replace them, technology has advanced so much that i'm delighted with the quality improvements. That is the case with this tv with regards to size and picture. For less than i paid in 2007, i got a tv that was 25" bigger diagonally and with 4k, hdr, etc. I'm more than happy with the picture quality. . On the other hand, and the reason i give only two stars, i think making a tv into an android device was a mistake and often is a pain in the butt for the viewer. Like your phone or pc, it will sometimes decide to reboot. Or like this morning, the message "unfortunately, google play services has stopped working" pops up every minute or so, and gives me the choice between "report" or "ok. " what exactly am i supposed to do with this information? i really would prefer if the tv were simply a screen that takes input from the cable set top box or streaming device (in my case roku). All the junk added, the error messages, the spontaneous reboots have me wanting to return it and look for a used tv from an earlier era before all this junk.

L. Nellie, Wirral says

Tv totally died a little over a month still can t get it replaced.

H. Wimbish, New York

I've had it, this thing is really a piece of garbage. I get that releasing a piece of hardware running somebody else's operating system is hard. I really do. But, at this point i just give up. I've been through all the help that sony recommends but my tv just keeps rebooting all the time. I turn it on, start navigating to something, and it doesn't matter what, and about 60 seconds in, bam, reboot time. The tv is really useless when, every single time i want to use it, i have to go through the long process of restarting.

N. Arnett, Windsor and Maidenhead says

 stay away from sony! . Take the demo video away, their tvs are not as good as they advertised, and they do not stand behind their products. . I don't know about others, but the 850d performed extremely poor in the darker themes. The background struggles between dark/bright lights that it would keep flashing in between. Just watch my video, it was taken with sony tech support's screen settings suggestion which i reduced the brightness down to 40, reduced backlight down to 35, turned off the motion flow, turn on power saving. Yet it's still barely watchable. . That's not the worse. After several calls with the customer support, tech support, and the supervisor. They refused to send a tech to take a look, and concluded it's only the nature of the tv that the background flashes in the dark. I guess this must be a very common issue that they already know via the phone without physically seeing it, and tried to convince me it is totally normal. . My conclusion:. For the price, the brand, and the customer service - the whole experience is a joke. I strongly advice to stay away from sony products. . Last, due to the competitions from the market - sony decided to add the hdr feature to the cheaper model 750d via firmware update. This bring down only one difference between the 750d and the 850d - triluminos display, yet the price difference between the models stays the same. I feel bad for those who purchased a 850d who thinks it's better than 750d, it's really not.

. Alberta, Wokingham

I bought this tv less than a week ago. Not happy. Several issues. . 1. The tv leans backwards when mounted on the base that came with it. Sony customer support says that's normal. If that is normal then the engineering team there needs to be fired. Absolutely not normal to have a tv lean backwards by almost 5 degrees. . 2. The tv has trouble adjusting to dark scenes. During night scenes the brightness kept automatically adjusting to high and low. When it was low the picture is perfect, but it cannot latch on to that. Very annoying. . 3. Andriod tv is buggy. The tv freezes all the time. Had to do hard reset couple of time to unfreeze netflix. Android is very good when its working but it bogs down a lot. . When things are working the picture quality is amazing, but these 3 issues may force me to return this unit.

P. Kelly, Mississippi says

The unit i received, while not a complete loss, does not sit in the right price category. I have started the process of returning it for a refund. . Pros:. - looks pretty, nice profile. - great exterior build quality. Sturdy base stand. - the operating system is robust. Many apps, easy to navigate, functioned well for me the little i used it. - concise settings for picture quality. - excellent input lag/response rate. Fast motion is very smooth with no ghosting i could notice. - the 4k resolution is great and sharp, and i'm sure i'll love it on the next brand of tv i purchase too. . Did not experience:. - audio. Only heard the tv speakers briefly before switching to an external system. They were adequate the bit i heard. - apps. I never used the apps to test their operability. I only used the ui that navigates them as this tv is meant for an htpc monitor. - wall mounting. Not interested. . Cons:. - terrible backlight. - backlight is so bad. - why did you do this to me, sony? i loved your kdl55w800b and needed to replace it after an accident. - how could a two year old set of roughly the same series progression outperform the newest one? . - there are no blacks. Only gray unless the auto-dim completely shuts off the leds in a completely black transition scene. - it's like there are four oddly placed and uneven led edge lights casting across the screen with massive gradient quadrants of graaaaayyyyyy. - sony, i had so much faith in you because of that 55" i broke in a fit of floor vacuuming rage, and i'm disappointed that i'll have to look elsewhere this time. I wanted to commit brand loyalty to you, but it looks like that will have to go on the back burner till you sort out this cost cutting you do on a tv you were trying to retail for $1800 a few months ago. . For reference - i have submitted a photo in my dark living room with my old 55" on the left with its scratched and pixel ruined sadness set to medium brightness, sitting next to the 65" of this model with all the brightness set to rock bottom. What the heck is with that? the old 55" is almost oled quality relative to this sad bungus!

X. Brenda, Utah

. Said the best buy sales woman to me as i was paying for this tv who then proceeded to explain how i'll need these new 4k cables to get the most out of my new 4k tv. All "high speed" hdmi cables are 4k etc. Capable. Don't buy into the hype. I'm upgrading from a 2005 42" sony kde-42xs955. My old plasma has incredible speakers. Clean sound, deep bass, loud (very loud). I have decided to upgrade due to deteriorating visuals and to bring myself into the 4k crowd. The display is night and day from my old tv. . I'm using this tv with fosmon braided high speed hdmi cables, ps4, xbox one s, wii u and 2012 mac mini. My experience has been mixed but mostly positive. I'm going to separate this review into 3 sections: the tv itself, the remote and the smart functionality. . Tv pros:. - the body of the tv is beautiful. The bezels are so slim and the tv has so little depth, i was shocked when i pulled it out of the box because of how thin and light this is. My old plasma is so deep and sooooo heavy (120-140 pounds depending on where you look), it was absolutely shocking to find that this tv is around 30 pounds. - the display is gorgeous. The way i set it up was:. 1. Switched to my mac mini and adjusted the pictured settings until i was satisfied. 2. Switched to my ps4/metal gear solid v then further adjusted the settings until i was satisfied. 3. Switched to my xbox one s/forza horizon 3 but started with the xbox one display calibration then i went into forza to make some final minor adjustments. All of my gaming and videos look perfect now. 4k and hdr gaming is incredible. Seeing the clarity and sharpness with this tv shows me just now ugly the display of my old plasma really is. I thought it was bad but had no idea it was that bad. - zero lag. - 4 hdmi ports. This is mind-blowing because my old plasma had 1 hdmi port. I've had to fuss around with hdmi switches for so many years. This is amazing. - great ui. It has some issues once in a while but it's rare enough to not be a nuisance. It pretty much only happens when i try to get into some menu too soon after i turn it on. - no annoying "always on" lights on the bezel. Settings in the tv allow you disable the white light underneath the screen. My old plasma had a small red light when the tv was off and a small green light when it was on and neither could be disabled. I have this tv set to only flash the white light when i press a button on the remote. -zero light bleed noticed while playing video games. . Tv cons:. - light bleeding mainly on the bottom right corner that is visible when using my computer (my tv is my monitor) and when watching youtube. - too short of a cable from the power port on the tv to the power brick. My old plasma had something like 6 feet of power cable. - blacks aren't as deep as i expected. Adjusting brightness and contrast doesn't change this. Changing the blackness settings helps but messes up other things so i'll make do with it as is. . Remote pros:. - nice rubberized finish to the top side. I love how it feels. - microphone button on the top. . Remote cons:. - tiny play/pause etc buttons on the bottom of the remote that are hard to find and harder to figure out the right one. Play, pause and the arrows should have been large and well centered. - terrible button layout overall. It has a dedicated "google play button" which was a lousy decision considering no one uses it. It should have been made a general streaming button that can be changed to whatever i want because i'd have it as youtube and the other as netflix since that's what i use. - when using the youtube app, a lot of buttons just don't respond due to being blocked for whatever reason (such as microphone a lot of times). - sometimes the remote just won't respond. - no dedicated settings menu. Only an "action menu" which brings up some settings. In order to bring up the settings, i have to use the microphone. - the entire back of the remote has to be popped off in order to change the aaa batteries (aaa. ). I feel like this was an aesthetic move but it sure is irritating. You press a button on the bottom then have to pry off the back with an uncomfortable amount of pressure. . Smart pros:. - the apps just work. I have heard so many horror stories about how lousy tv apps are but i've had great experiences with mine. - internet connection is solid and stays connected with zero hiccups. - the microphone understands me well and works quickly. It works as i'd expect it to, being an iphone user with siri. . Smart neutral:. When turning on the tv, it takes a few seconds for the wifi to initialize. This makes youtube and crackle not show in the discover menu until several seconds when the tv realizes it's online and that these apps need wifi. For some reason, netflix is always on the discover menu regardless if the others are there during this brief period. . Smart cons:. None so far.

M. Donna, Midi-Pyrenees says

I really wanted to love this tv. The colors are amazing and bright and light scenes are amazing. But:. 1) dark scenes the black levels lack. 2) clouding/light bleed but that may be due to shipping. 3) the reflection on the tv from any light source near you give a rainbow effect on the screen which i did not appreciate. The screen itself is grayish black so everything that had black or dark scenes looked unacceptable for us. We owe 65w850a and the 1080p black levels were better and color reproduction was more accurate. We decided to spend the extra money and go with the 940d. Night and day difference

F. Crawford, Alaska

First step to do while using the tv is to update the android tv and change the color settings. Google for different color settings for this tv and for some folks it can be as simple as changing the scheme to vivid. I could not find major difference in watching netflix 4k hdr movie(with updated plan) vs netflix hd movies. You can see some difference if you are watching slow moving video or images on youtube. . Cons:. Netflix always seems to get stuck on android tv(for this model at least). The known cons are lack of low dimming. (viz dark areas). The processor does not seem to be fast(or it's as fast as kindle fire tv stick) and there is some lag. (bad for the huge android games that you could have played on this). Hbogo will not work with android tv on comcast. (and i can't even seem to cast it). Online storetv works great on this , even though it does not work on some android tv(vizio? ). So does some apps like yupptv etc. Androidtv ecosystem(software remote, interface, hbo go etc) seems to be bad as compared to kindle fire tv. But i can see that to improve over time(assuming sony allows update). . Pros:. I have connected my tv directly to high speed wired connection. The tv looks great, and it appears that the color may be brighter as compared to realistic pictures(try casting home videos). . In case you misplaced the remote, the two apps that you can try are "androidtv" and "video and tv"(by sony) . The sony app is very hard to set up , but it's better than androidtv app. . I love the ir blaster that can be used to setup with the comcast box and the way the remote automatically works with my "kindle fire tv" or my old "samsung blue ray player". . The remote has a microphone that works nicely with google. . Other notes:. I could not figure out how to make it work with alexa. I have heard of folks setting up local server to do this or use anymote or harmony. I was hoping to hookup alexa with anymote app(not hardware) and it did not work for me. Any tips ? . . It seems alexa integration is coming to most sony tv(except this one) in 2017.

K. Sally, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I am baffled by the high ratings on this. . I find androidtv to be extremely bloated, and very slow. Basic functions such as switching inputs, turning up the volume, etc are just not responsive. . As a whole, the tv looks great. The picture is wonderful and vibrant. The sound is incredible considering how thin everything is. It looks awesome on my wall. . The issue is software. Constant crashes/reboots. Extremely slow response times on commands. Playstation vue is completely unusable, it's just too slow to function normally. It works great on ps4. Wifi disconnects every time you turn the tv off. You have to setup the connection again. There are plenty of articles about that if you do a google search. Support recommended direct connection, which fixes the issue. Though why include wifi if it doesn't work properly? . . This tv is both the best and worst tv i have ever purchased. It's gorgeous and sleek with a great picture. But the software brings it down to the point of wishing i could get a refund and buy something else. Even as a huge android fan, i hope they drop androidtv in future versions.

A. Anderson, New Brunswick

When it works its a nice tv, but it doesn't always. Just gets stuck on various screens and won't respond.

J. Watson, Arizona says

Beautiful color but horrible black level. Lots of screen edge bleeding. I am in the process of returning this set for either sony xbr55x930e or lg oled55b6p.

I. Perez, Redcar and Cleveland

Picture quality is fine - but the app interface is difficult, and it is not straightforward to connect a keyboard. The voice recognition is almost impossible to use as it does not recognize our commands. We wind up repeating commands to the tv over and over, and still can't get what we are seeking. Will never buy sony again, and wish we had chosen a different brand for our hdtv.

. Hannah, Kingston upon Thames says

Tv would be great as i like picture but hdmi arc does not work with my new denon avr. The only way to get audio output is via optical cable. Customer support will keep you online for hours and treat you like an idiot rather than admit the bravia sync does not work. There are numerous reports online regarding this issue. If i had known this before ai bought i would have gotten another brand. Running trouble shooting shows the tv connected by hdmi but also says that arc works with only a very limited number of avrs. Up to date firmware and the best hdmi cables to not resolve the issue so buyer beware if you are buying with the intent to use with a home theatre set up.

Z. Terry, Maryland

This is the dumbest smart tv you can buy. We cantantly have to do the soft reset on it, at least 3 times a week. Due to it not connecting to the wifi or it freezing. If you don't have settings perfect the picture is super jittery. It's always piping up with notifications saying something stopped working. The remote is kinda junky, you press buttons and nothing happens. Have to press it like 3 times to get a response (even with brand new batteries). Menus are laggy. You press something and have to wait like 15-30 seconds for it to respond, then if you get impatient and click again it clicks something else and changes again. Have had it for almost a year now and the problems just persist. If you call customer support they claim whatever you're calling about is a known issue and ya going to be fixed with the next update. But it is never fixed with the next update, and most times the tv does even update! would think sony would be a lot better than this. We are very disappointed in this tv.

O. Theola, British Columbia says

This tv works great with the exception of streaming videos. It is super slow and buffers a lot. Watching anything on online store is a no-go. Very disappointing! our lg tv does not have this issue!

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    Samsung Electronics Qn75q9 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (qn75q9famfxza) 2283 Samsung Electronics Qn75q9 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (qn75q9famfxza), Electronics Qn75q9 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Introducing Qled Tv, Our Most Spectacular Tv Yet. An Unbelievably Brilliant Picture Made Possible By A Billion Colors, Producing Images You Have To See To Believe. Thanks To Samsung -Samsung Electronics Qn75q9 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model
    1. Samsung did it again! this is my first 4k tv, the picture quality is fantastic, a wide array of brilliant colors. The blacks are very deep so it works very well in my dark theater. It gets very bright in the bright scenes as well, sometimes to the point it hurts your eyes, i will need to adjust for ... go to
    2. Bonus: Q 4k Hdr Elite+ With Infinite Array Produces Our Best Contrast And Detail In The Brightest And Darkest Areas On The Screen At The Same Time.
    3. Bonus: The No-bezel Design And Clean Back Finish Look Gorgeous Front To Back, Whether Mounted On The Wall Or Sitting On A Stand.
    Discounted Samsung Electronics Qn75q9 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) Qn75q9famfxza
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    Samsung Electronics Un65mu8500 Curved 65 Inch (un65mu8500fxza)

    Samsung Electronics Un65mu8500 Curved 65 Inch (un65mu8500fxza) 2042

    Discover it Samsung Electronics Un65mu8500 Curved 65 Inch (un65mu8500fxza), Electronics un65mu8500 curved 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 the samsung mu8500 curved ultra hdtv redefines the viewing experience that produces over a billion colors 4k color drive extreme and a high dynamic range (hdr) picture. our new smart -samsung electronics un65mu8500 curved 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 modelPrice Cut Samsung Electronics Un65mu8500 Curved 65 Inch (Television) Un65mu8500fxza

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