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Price was $1,998.00. I had this tv for little over a month now and i m still blown away on how beautiful the picture is . Using it mostly for gaming . Playstation 4 pro & xbox one x . The hdr on this set is very bright . My only two complaints is that the ui can t be a bit sluggish at times and hdmi 2 & 3 only inputs that output 4k hdr 60hz . Hdmi 1 & 4 do 4k hdr 30hz . That s just me being nit picky . Google play 4k looks great . I got 4 free 4k movies on google play with the purchase of this tv . I also purchased sony 4k blu ray player to match . Sony soundbar is next on my purchase . One more thing this tv is very heavy . So definitely don t try lifting or setting up by yourself .

-Q. Kathlene

4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Enjoy 4k Hdr Entertainment On Our X930e Android Tv. The New Slim Backlight Drive, This Television Offers Extraordinary Brightness In An Ultra-thin Design And The Incredible Performance -Sony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model

  1. Addition: Smart Functionality Gives You Access To Your Favorite Apps And Content Using Sony’s Android Tv.
  2. Addition: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.

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Sony have really outdone themselves with 930e. The hdr is awesome on this tv and blacks are really black. It's as close as you will get to oled blacks. I bought this tv for gaming first and movie watching second. So, if you are a gamer like myself, you will be in for a treat with this tv. Works great for gaming with no lag issues online or offline. I tested a ps4 pro, xbox one and xbox 360 so far with great results. The games i tested have been. Ps4 pro 4k hdr are, resogun the last of us, and ffx. In 4k its rez, and rise of the tomb raider. Using my denon receiver to upscale 1080p to 4k offline and online on xbox one it s, cod mw and iw, gow 4, halo 5 and the division. Xbox 360 its outland and bayonetta. All these games looked great. They were very rich in blacks and color and i had no motion issues. The one thing it all comes down too, is having the right settings for gaming. Once you find the correct ones, the tv is a spectacle. . Overall, i m extremely happy with the 930e and i'm glad i chose it over the 900e. Some may prefer fald over edge lit, but i think 930e is a great example of a well done edge lit display. It may still have some minor issues, but nothing that would stop you from really enjoying any content. If you can afford the extra cash over the 900e, i think you'll be better off with the 930e. Adding some bias lighting made a difference on this set at night because it can be bright. Oh and the ffx movie (bundled with the ffx special edition game) looks insane on the animation preset of the tv. I changed some settings on it, but i ve never seen such great picture quality on digital animation. I was blown away. I felt like i just saw the movie for the first time. Also popped in john wick and mad max: fury road and they both looked great upscaled. On top of the, it's hdr future proof with updates coming for dolby vision and hlg. . Highly recommended set for for mixed usage. Best hdr ultra hd tv | Sony-Television Review ( Nov 2019 ) Addition Sony XBR65X930E 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV (2017 Model) Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 3" x 33" x 1. 6", tv with stand: 57. 3" x 36" x 11. 6". Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.. Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.. Slim backlight drive + (grid array edge lit) directs light where it's needed, filling scenes with extra brightness and deep contrast, all in an ultra-slim tv.. 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur. Inputs: 4 - hdmi, 2 - usb2. 0, 1 - usb3. 0, 1 - component/composite hybrid, 1 - composite. Note: refer the user manual before use.. In the box: voice remote control (rmf-tx200u), batteries (r03), ac power cord spec (pig-tail us 2pin (flat blades)), ir blaster (1-849-161-12), operating instructions, quick setup guide / supplement cue (ga), table top stand (separate, assembly required) .

Sony xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k hdr ultra hd tv 2017 model Review (xbr65x930e)

I should start by saying i have only spent 1 day with the tv. The picture is amazing as expected. It is a very heavy tv. If you have a room that is sometimes bright and don't want to worry about burn in this is the clear choice vs oled. I don't think there is a competing led at the same price point. . My purchase was made through onecall. I was a little put off at first making a large purchase of a potentially delicate item from a 3rd party seller but honestly in the future i will specifically seek out onecall based on my experience so far. Within an hour of placing the order i received a call. I have heard of bait and switch tv sellers asking for additional $ to insure the shipment or additional $ to get the right tv so i was on guard. The call turned out to be a pleasant call to confirm shipping address and to inform me of the process of taking delivery. The tv was shipped upright attached to a pallet with a shock watch attached and inactivated. I will update if anything changes. -. Tracey

Sony Xbr65x930e 65 Inch Ultra Model

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Sony
  3. Color: 65-Inch
  4. EAN: 0027242903586
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:11.60 inches
    Length:36.00 inches
    Weight:90.00 pounds
    Width:57.30 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Sony
  7. Model: XBR65X930E
  8. MPN: XBR65X930E
  9. Quantity: 1
  10. Part/Serial Number: XBR65X930E
  11. Type: Home Theater
  12. Category: TELEVISION
  13. Size: 65-Inch
  14. UPC: 027242903586

4k hdr ultra hd tv 2017 Home Theater, Enjoy 4k hdr entertainment on our x930e with android tv. with the new slim backlight drive, this television offers extraordinary brightness in an ultra-thin design and with the incredible performance of the 4k hdr processor x1 extreme, everything you watch is improved to near 4k hdr quality. Sony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model (XBR65X930E-Sony).

Sony Xbr65x930e 65 Inch Ultra Model Home Theater

  • I purchased this television about 3 weeks ago from best buy when it was on sale for $1499. My previous television was the 2016 sony xbr49x800d. The 800d is a good solid budget/midrange 4k tv. I am big ps4 gamer and movie viewer so i wanted to upgrade my television to something more on the high end. Best buy has a very nice sony section and they had the 930e on display with the 7. 1 sony ht-st5000 dolby atmos sound bar playing pacific rim. I was in love and mesmerized when i saw the 930e in action. I did not have enough $ at the time so i when i saw that the television got a nice drop in price i had to pull the trigger. The android television and menu setup is exactly the same from my x800d so it took me literally 10-15 min to set the television up. I had my 49" hooked up the sony ht-nt5 sound bar and the sony ubp-x800 ultra hd player so i just switched the sound bar and uhd player over to the 930e. The ht-nt5 has 3 hdmi inputs that support 4k 60hz and hdr. I purchased 2 sony srs-zr5 speakers to add to the sound bar for wireless rears so i have surround sound 5. 1 setup instead of the 2. 1 from just the sound bar alone. The ps4 pro, ultra hd player, and cable box all play nicely connected to the sounbar then out to the 930e. . For 4k hdr gaming the 930e performs 10/10. Wipeout hd remaster, uncharted lost legacy, horizon zero dawn, destiny 2, injustice 2, ghost recon wild lands, and others all look fantastic on this television. The hdr really pops and is in another league compared to my x800d. The motion handling is also outstanding. The color is very good. I know its not oled good but for an led its top tier. The hdr really shines on this television. I am hoping sony has an upgraded ht-st5000 sound bar ces 2018 next month because i want to upgrade my sound bar since my television has been upgraded. Movies on this set is impressive and even in a very dark room. The blooming to me does not bother me and i knew this going in that the television would have this issue. So far i have watched kings men 2 the golden circle, spiderman homecoming, king arthur, star trek beyond, and star trek into darkness all in 4k and hdr and the clarity and color along with the great motion handling and amazing hdr really makes this television great in my opinion. . The one negative thing i would have to say about the television is that it gets warmer compared to my xbr49x800d. I would guess this is due to the backlight system it uses. I have the television in a well ventilated area also so hopefully its just normal for this television. I will be keeping my eye on it especially in the summer time where in southern california the weather can be hot.
  • List television has a beautiful picture. It is so clear and crisp that at times it nearly appears to be 3d. I would strongly recommend this product to others. I would buy this product again and again
  • I purchased the 65-inch x930e over thanksgiving and have some mixed feelings about it. This won't be a full review, as many others have done that already. These are just the stand-out things in my own personal use that i've noticed. . First, only hdmi ports 2 and 3 support hdr and, separately, 4k at 60 hz. That's a little problematic if you plan on connecting an apple tv 4k, an xbox one x, and a soundbar at the same time. Why? hdmi port 3 is also the arc port, so if you plan on connecting an arc-compatible soundbar (allows for the soundbar and tv to be operated with the same remote), you're going to have to connect one of those other devices (either the apple tv or xbox) to a port that doesn't support hdr or 4k at 60hz. At this price point (i got it for $1999 from bestbuy over thanksgiving), i personally feel that all of the hdmi ports should support hdr and 4k at 60hz. . Second, there is definitely some light-bleed and blooming with certain images against an otherwise black screen. I wouldn't say it's a massive problem, but you will notice it. Given the cost of the tv, you kinda don't want blooming and light-bleed issues. I know it's an edge lit display, but for the money, i thought it would be under better control than this (tv is updated with latest firmware). . Third, hdr is really problematic. I have both a 2017 roku ultra and an apple tv 4k and, with hdr turned on on these devices, the picture looked terrible - like 2014 1080p television quality. (that's with the set calibrated). When hdr is turned off, the picture looks like a fantastic 4k picture. But i can get a fantastic 4k picture with a lesser model, i got the x930e because of the terrific 4k picture plus it's ability to render fantastic hdr. Naturally, i then tried using the native apps loaded on the sony's android tv os, but the problem is that vudu, where almost all of my tv and movie content is, only renders in 1080p on the sony (using their app)! not 4k. . The x930e does deliver a terrific 4k picture, but it's drawbacks at this price point (that's the key) make it a thumbs down for me.
  • I don t recommend this tv. The picture quality and audio are horrible, tried everything, even disc calibration bought for $189. But did not worked for me. My old tv from 2006 has a better picture than this 2017 model. Stay away !
  • What do you get with a tv that has simply the best picture for movies, tv and sports whilst having the absolutely worst user interface and screen mirroring? you're interested in the frustration level from a tv aren't you? in a way, you want the mechanics of the tv to disappear as you become engrossed in the cool movies you're watching or the competitive sports that has you glued to the screen. The screen, well it's fabulous. It's colors are spectacular and you feel transported to a jungle or a desert or a forested island. It is simply the best. Now, the worst. It has screen mirroring which is absolute junk when i share from my samsung note cell phone. Perhaps, it's my phone. So, i use my screen mirroring from my samsung 4k player. The samsung is flawless. Whereas, the sony has a weird sound, then it skips the picture frames, it is simply terrible. Buy it for the screen and you will be pleased. Buy it for the graphical user interface and you'll scream with frustration. Buy it for seamless screen mirroring and you will totally ask yourself why did i buy this piece of junk? buyer beware. And don't expect sony to fix it by software updates either! we all know that sony does not care about the consumer after the purchase in any of its products like cameras, recorders, computers or expensive 4k tv's! so sad.

hdr ultra hd tv Sony XBR65X930E 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Ok first off this is a awsome tv. I didn t make my purchased on online store. But i will say i love this tv freaking amazing and awesome. I do not regret getting it love it

Sony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeSony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model (Television)"I have been in the market for a new tv and have bought and test several this week for the samsung 9500 to sony 850d and the lg b6. This tv is very very nice. After having the 850d for a few days i just could not live with the washed out blacks the tv produced. So i returned and tried out the samsung 9500 and the lg oled b6. . First off let me say a few things about this sony 930e. It's an awesome tv by far. The iq is what you expect from a flagship tv. The black levels are close to that of the lg oled b6. After comparing the 930e and the b6 side by side i have a few things i wanted to discuss. The black levels of 930e are very dark however what i have noticed compared to the b6 was that the 930e picked up some blue/purple in the blacks where the b6 was just back. I also noticed that the 930e is very bright to the point where the whites and bright areas get washed out and have clipping. You lose detail in the bright areas if you have this bad boy at max brightness which really defeats the purpose of a tv going so bright. It's just about unusable light. Especially if you use the x1 extended settings on high. The lg b6 handled the bright areas better than the 930e perhaps because it's not as bright. I have the 930e down at 20 on the bright setting and it looks good and bright in both day and night. The 930e seems to be sharper than the lg b6 straight out the box however there are tweaks you can to the lg to nearly match the sharpness of the 930e but i would say that there seems to be more detail in the sony 930e than both samsung 9500 and the b6. If you are into that soap opera effect the sony does a great job with it especially in the motion part. It surpasses the 850d and the 930d by far in that respect. Although the lg did does a great job as well i think the 930e handled jutteering and motion better. Skin tones on the sony tvs seam like they pick up green tint and i have not been able to figure out how to get it out. I do not like that green hue to skin tones it does especially in lower light scenes. The lg seams to have better skin tones more natural. Hdr viewing so far is better on the lg b6. I have streamed some 4k hdr from netflix and yeah the lg out performs the sony. More detail in the darkest blacks in the lg over the sony 930e. Colors are rich and vibrant and and probably the reds and yellows are deeper and more saturated often times on the sony but blues and better on the lg. Not in every movie which is weird because there are some movies where the colors are better than the sony. What i found was that with the lg b6 i had to crank up the saturation color +10 to match the sonys vibrance. I also noticed that background blurs and gradients are waayy better on the sony 930e. It's like night and day. Very smooth transitions from light to dark espcially in sky's. Where the lg b6 is more grainy. Folks this tv has to be the best altertnative to oled right now in the price range and if you are only viewing from the front there is no hesitation that this tv would be the top choice. However this tv falls very short from off center viewing. It's absolutely horrible! and this is why i gave it 4 stars. This was the only thing that i just can't get over. For the price you are paying you would expect a wider viewing angle. My king chair is off to the right of the tv and everything is brighter and you lose your deep blacks which this tv is all about and for that reason the lg b6 wins in off center viewing. If you want to. It a tv so that the whole room can get the best colors and picture oled is where it's at hands down and worth the extra $200 but if you only will be watching from the center. This is then the sony 930e is the tv to buy and you will be amazed at the picture quality. It's a giant step forward from the 930d."

(0) Question: What is the adapter voltage range? will it work with 240 volts?

(1) Question: Please tell me if i could use the tv's speakers along with those connected to my a/v receiver?

(2) Question: Does this tv have picture in picture quality?

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Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2017 Model

Firstly, this is a large, heavy, and beefy (functions) 4k blu ray player. If you remember the first dvd players that came out in the early oughts (2000) and how heavy they were - and also how they long they lasted, this is the feeling you will get with the x800. Weight: 8. 5 lb ( 4kg). Dimensions: 17"width x 10"depth x 2. 2"height ( 43cm x 25cm x 6cm). . When picking it up, it feels like quality because of the weight, the metal casing, and the 'solid' placement in your hands or if things are stacked on top (which i don't recommend). . The main purpose of this player is to play 4k blu ray movies. The latter is usually labeled fairly conspicuously over the top of the movie box. The reason for the new player is mainly because regular blu ray players cannot play 4k movies, not to mention if you have a 4k tv you want to be able to get full use of it. The good news is that regular blu rays *can* be played on this 4k player, with them being upscaled to match the 2160p format. What this means, if you don't already know, is that a program within the 4k player will 'guess' at what pixels should be used from your 1080p source to expand the pixel count/resolution to match the 2160p resolution. Going further:. . -upscaling- . 2160p (4k) has 8. 5 million pixels. Anytime you watch anything 4k on your tv, the screen is being filled with that many pixels. 1080p (hd) has 2 million pixels. If you are watching a regular blu ray on this 4k player in a 2160p resolution setting, there are 6. 5 million 'missing' pixels. So the player will guess the 6. 5 million pixels based on what's available in the original 1080p source. I can say this turns out really well with this player. 1080p blu-rays, while still being eye pleasingly sharp and detailed, look even more so with this player on a 4k tv. While it's not as 'organic' as a regular 4k blu-ray, it still is very impressive to watch your old collection with this upscaling. . That being said, let's get to the player:. . -speed- . . Loading of 4k movies is relatively fast and about the same as my blu-ray player. Nothing really to notice here. Even when navigating and using the included apps, it is fairly snappy. . -wifi- . . This uses a wifi card with mimo and maxed out my connection. Nothing to be said here: fast, responsive, no drops. Just like my pc card. . -bluetooth- . . Has a bluetooth connection where you can use bluetooth headphones to watch your movies in silence. Worked great with me sitting about 15ft away. . -quality- . . Not much to say here except that for what my 4k tv could give was a beautiful, clear and as precise a picture you could want. In result, i don't believe the x800 is the bottleneck as it outputs exactly 'as is' from the source material. . -hdmi cables- . . Hopefully you read this portion before you purchase new cables. First: if you need a hdmi cable longer than 30 ft, then you actually would do well to purchase an hdmi 2. 0a, for example. For those of you that do not need a 30ft cable, you can be happy to know that you likely can keep your existing hdmi cable and have zero issues. I know i did. Generally you need a certain throughput (around 18 gbps i believe) to get 60fps from a 4k source. Below 30 ft hdmi cables (of all types and version) can usually handle this with no problems. Moreover, remember most movies are 24 fps, so this is all moot for the most part and generally only tied to live action 60fps 4k television. To sum up, though, if you aren't using a cable greater than 30ft, you can probably keep your regular hdmi. Save the money for some 4k movies! . . -outputs/inputs- . . 1 x rear coaxial. 1 x ethernet. 2 x rear hdmi. 1 x front usb. . The idea here, then, is to have an hdmi running to your tv box/tv and one hdmi running to your surround sound. . -freebies- . . This player comes (in the box) with 4k blu rays: 1. The magnificent seven (2016) and 2. Ghostbusters (2016). It says you also can pick two more if you register when you first get it. I suppose this means you get 4 free movies. . *update* i initially said this player comes with 2 movies in the box, and i don't believe that to be true when you buy at retail. The reason why my unit came with 2 movies, i believe, is because mine was a review unit. So, being on the safe side, assume it does not come with movies but you can send off for them. . -. . New technology and early adoption usually means higher pricing. However, the price tag for this is not outlandish and in line with how much i paid for a fairly early, premium blu ray player. It is still running flawlessly. For a player that will keep you future-proofed. Until 8k. This is a premium player that will keep you streaming, 'bluetoothing'. All in high resolution hdr/uhd.

Come home to a more immersive experience with 4k hdr playback and the amazing realism of dolby atmos surround sound, plus the incredible detail of hi-res audio. Built for optimum video and audio performance, this universal uhd player plays almost any format, including 4k hdr streaming, and even streams music to different rooms.

Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2017 ModelSony-UBP-X800-Ultra-Blu-ray-Player

Sony Ubp-x800 4k Ultra Hd Blu-ray Player 2017 Model (ubp x800) FAQ.

Love it not going to 4k use this with my 1080p projector -Notice from O. Williams, North Tyneside

Click to Show sony ubp-x800 4k ultra hd blu-ray player 2017 model (ubp x800) Details

What a great dvd player! works great and due to waiting for a sale, i got this at a great price. Additionally, it has a netflix button on the remote that is much faster to use than my tivo. Would definitely purchase again.

Sony-ubp-x800-4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-player-2017-model-(ubp-x800) set picture

- X. WeberWorks great so far with my denon 7. 2 4k receiver and vizio 70" 4k flat screen. Only have one 4k blu-ray: everest. But it was amazing.

Love how i m able to watch youtube or netflix from this dvd player. So happy.

K. Harrison, Blackpool

Brand :    sony
Weight :    4.20 pounds
Model :    UBP-X800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (sony product review) for Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $128.70 (was $198.00)
  • Experience dolby atmos and dts:x object-based surround
  • Stream in 4k hdr and play almost any disc or file format
  • High dynamic range (hdr) support
  • Hear every detail with hi-res audio
  • Play 4k ultra hd movies

Sony SUWL830 Wall-mount Bracket Swivel X930E/X940E Series TV

Wall-mount bracket with swivel for the best viewing experience. Adjust to fit your viewing space and easily access all your connections.

Sony SUWL830 Wall-mount Bracket Swivel X930E/X940E Series TVSony-SUWL830-Wall-mount-Bracket-Swivel

Brand :    sony
Model :    SUWL830
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony SUWL830 Wall-mount Bracket Swivel X930E/X940E Series TV available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $118.37 (was $199.99)
  • Safe and easy installation
  • Quick access to tv connections
  • Easy swivel mount for optimal viewing

Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar Hi-Res Audio Wireless Streaming

The ultimate hi-res sound bar for your 4k home theater experience. The nt5 packs power and performance worthy of any home theater into a sleek, beautiful design. Experience the sonic details of every movie, playlist, and videogame thanks to the clarity of super tweeters and support for hi-res audio playback. And connect your compatible device wirelessly to stream music from all your favorite services.

Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar Hi-Res Audio Wireless StreamingSony-HTNT5-Hi-Res-Wireless-Streaming

Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Size :    HTNT5
Weight :    24.00 pounds
  • Experience rich, hi-res sound in a stylish design, maintain 4k quality with hdcp2. 2 and hdr support, dolby truehd & dts-hd master audio format support
  • Play music wirelessly via bluetooth, hi-res audio playback via usb
  • Easily add wireless surround sound speakers, enjoy wireless multi-room listening, get connected with 3 hdmi inputs, hdmi arc and more
Price :    $445.00 (was $598.00)
Model :    HTNT5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (sony product review) for Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar Hi-Res Audio Wireless Streaming available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony STRDN1080 7.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Home Theater AV Receiver

Experience true home theater without limitations with this 7. 2 channel receiver with dolby atmos 3d and dts:x object-based surround sound, plus 4k hdr and hdcp 2. 2 compatibility. Enjoy the flexibility of 6-in/2-out hdmi2 and multi-room listening, plus voice control powered by google home. All in a smaller chassis that fits more places.

Sony STRDN1080 7.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Home Theater AV ReceiverSony-STRDN1080-Channel-Theater-Receiver

Price :    $450.00 (was $598.00)
  • Expand your listening and control with multi-room and google home compatibility
  • Supports dolby atmos 3d and dts:x object-based surround sound up to 7. 1ch
  • 4k hdr compatibility with hdcp 2. 2 support
  • 7. 2 ch. a/v receiver (165 w x 7 6 ohms, 1 khz, thd 0. 9%), plus powered 2nd zone and available 3rd zone connectivity and control
  • 6-in/2-out hdmi flexibility
Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Size :    NA
Weight :    23.00 pounds
Model :    STRDN1080
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Receiver Or Amplifier :    Best Receiver Or Amplifier (sony product review) for Sony STRDN1080 7.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Home Theater AV Receiver available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony XBR75X940E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Enjoy 4k hdr entertainment on our x940e with android tv. With a full-array backlight and ten times the dynamic range, this television offers dazzling contrast in an ultra-thin design. And with the incredible performance of the 4k hdr processor x1 extreme, everything you watch is improved to near 4k hdr quality.

Sony XBR75X940E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR75X940E-75-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Price :    $500.00 (was $4298.00)
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 65. 9" x 40. 9" x 2. 5", tv with stand: 65. 9" x 40. 9" x 12. 9"
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • Precision full array boosting and dimming, you get precision contrast and incredible brightness in a stunningly slim design.
Brand :    sony
Color :    75-Inch
Size :    75-Inch
Weight :    120.00 pounds
Model :    XBR75X940E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR75X940E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Sanus Low Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket 40 -70 TVs - Features Effortless 10º Tilt, Slim 2 Profile, & Post Install Centering - OLT15-B1

This sanus tilting tv mount eliminates glare from your tv screen by tilting it down 10º with just a touch of a finger, no tools required. It provides a modern look, holding your tv just 2" off the wall. This tilting mount has an open wall plate design to accommodate for extra cables and provides ample room for an electrical outlet. At sanus, we don't skimp on the features. You can easily level your tv and center it with surroundings after you finish your installation to make your tv picture perfect. We included a quick-release lock to allow for easy access to cables behind your tv when hooking your components up. We provide an easy 1, 2, 3 step installation and include a drilling template to simplify the process. The sanus difference when you buy from sanus, not only you are you getting an awesome set of specs, but also peace of mind. At sanus, safety is our number one priority, that is why all our mounts are engineered in the us to be durable, safe, and effective. Our tv mounts are safety tested and ul certified, meaning they have tested and verified to hold 4x the weight they are rated to. With most online sellers, you'd be lucky to get a poorly written email response to your product or install questions. We don't think that is acceptable. Our expert us-based customer care team is available 7-days a week, and ready to help you with your project, and even walk you through your installation.   worried about compatibility with your tv? each of our wall brackets was built to accommodate a wide range of vesa patterns (the holes on the back of your tv), and includes the right screws to fit different tv brands. Supported vesa patterns for this tilting tv mount include:100x100200x100200x200300x200300x300400x300400x400600x400 still unsure? we're here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about this product.

Sanus Low Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket 40 -70 TVs - Features Effortless 10º Tilt, Slim 2 Profile, & Post Install Centering - OLT15-B1Sanus-Profile-Tilting-Mount-Bracket

Brand :    sanus
  • Horizontal shift allows you to slide the tv to center it perfectly on your wall after installing on studs up to 24".
  • Low profile design holds tvs only 2" from the wall, and the quick release mechanism makes accessing cables simple.
  • Eliminate screen glare at the touch of a finger with 10º of effortless tilt.
  • Easy 3 step install in under 30 minutes, includes wall template and divided hardware. sanus mounts are built to be compatible with almost every tv.
  • With sanus, you get a top quality product backed by our us-based customer care team, which is ready to answer your questions 7 days a week.
Price :    $50.99 (was $69.99)
Model :    OLT15-B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sanus product review) for Sanus Low Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket 40 -70 TVs - Features Effortless 10º Tilt, Slim 2 Profile, & Post Install Centering - OLT15-B1 available ( Nov 2019 )

Xbox One X 1TB Console

Feel true power with xbox one x. The xbox one x is a beast of a machine and worth every penny - xbox achievement the smoothest, most immersive console gaming experience possible. Daily star (uk) an incredibly impressive console. -ign xbox one x is the world's most powerful console. With 40% more power than any other console, experience immersive true 4k gaming. Blockbuster titles look great, run smoothly, and load quickly even on a 1080p screen. Xbox one x also works with all your xbox one games and accessories as well as xbox live, the most advanced multiplayer network, giving you more ways to play. *broadband internet required (isp fees apply). Online multiplayer requires xbox live gold subscription (sold separately - isp fees may apply)

Xbox One X 1TB ConsoleXbox-One-X-1TB-Console

Brand :    microsoft
Weight :    12.38 pounds
Model :    CYV-00001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Play with the greatest community of gamers on the most advanced multiplayer network
  • Play on the world's most powerful console. experience 40% more power than any other console
  • Games play better on xbox one x. 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and a 4k blu-ray player provides more immersive gaming and entertainment
  • "the xbox one x is a beast of a machine and worth every penny"- xbox achievement
  • ". the smoothest, most immersive console gaming experience possible. " - daily star (uk)
Price :    $483.99 (was $499.00)
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Sony HT-ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar 2017 model

Feel the sound come alive all around you with our flagship sound bar featuring dolby atmos 3d surround sound with 7. 1. 2 channels. Maintain quality from source to screen with the latest 4k hdr support, plus hdcp 2. 2. Enjoy the rich detail of hi-res audio and a whole-home solution with google home compatibility and multi-room listening. 2, 6 all in a sleek, stylish design that looks great in any room. Consider the sound bar raised.

Sony HT-ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar 2017 modelSony-HT-ST5000-7-1-2ch-Dolby-Atmos

Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Weight :    61.90 pounds
Model :    HT-ST5000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Audio Or Video (sony product review) for Sony HT-ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar 2017 model available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $1061.95 (was $1498.00)
  • Maintain quality from source to screen with 4k hdr support and hdcp 2. 2 .
  • Enjoy the rich, detail of hi-res audio in a stylish design.
  • Experience dolby atmos in a 7. 1. 2ch, 800w sound bar.
  • Google home compatibility and wireless multi-room listening.
  • Receiver-like connectivity with 3 hdmi inputs, hdmi arc and more.

Sony XBR65X850E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Sony xbr65x850e 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2017 model)

Sony XBR65X850E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR65X850E-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    77.16 pounds
Model :    XBR-65X850E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X850E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $1089.99 (was $1198.00)
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 3" x 33. 1" x 1. 8", tv with stand: 57. 3" x 35. 8" x 10. 5"
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Edge-lit led produces great picture quality with sleek slim design. motionflowtm xr keeps the action smooth

Sony CT800 Powerful sound bar 4K HDR Google Home Support 2017 model

Enjoy powerful, cinematic sound and wireless surround capability with this 4k hdr sound bar that also lets you expand your entertainment experience with google home. Stream music or even video sound to multiple rooms, while you hear everything at its best with dolby truehd and dts-hd master audio support. All in an ultra-slim design that lays flat or discreetly on a wall.

Sony CT800 Powerful sound bar 4K HDR Google Home Support 2017 modelSony-CT800-Powerful-Google-Support

Price :    $299.00 (was $398.00)
  • Stream music or video sound to different rooms with wireless multi-room listening
  • Maintain 4k quality with hdcp2. 2 and hdr support. 2. 1ch front surround sound
  • Easily add wireless surround sound speakers
  • Google home compatibility with voice control. sound function-clearaudio+, game, movie, music (dsee), sports, standard
  • Dolby truehd & dts-hd master audio format support
Brand :    sony
Color :    Black
Weight :    30.00 pounds
Model :    HTCT800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Receiver Or Amplifier :    Best Audio Or Video (sony product review) for Sony CT800 Powerful sound bar 4K HDR Google Home Support 2017 model available ( Nov 2019 )

LG Electronics OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 Model

Perfect black. Intense color. Every detail matters. Behold movies and more from the most popular providers, brought to life with intense cinematic colors against the ultimate backdrop of perfect black. Discover the most hdr entertainment choices, including support for premium dolby vision, delivered via the intuitive webos smart tv platform. Disclaimer: dolby and the double-d symbol are registered trademarks of dolby laboratories. Dolby vision is a trademark of dolby laboratories. Disclaimer: please check with content providers for required bandwidth to stream videos. Smart service on product is subject to change. Some apps that appear on the screen image may not be preinstalled; internet connection is required for download. Online store. Com is not a sponsor of this promotion. Except as required by law, online store. Com gift cards ("gcs") cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. Gcs may be used only for purchases of eligible goods at online store. Com or certain of its affiliated websites. For complete terms and conditions, see gcs are issued by aci gift cards llc, a washington limited liability company. All online store registered, copyrights and trademarks are ip of online store. Com, inc. Or its affiliates. No expiration date or service fees.

LG Electronics OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 ModelLG-Electronics-OLED65B7A-65-Inch-Ultra

Price :    $2195.85 (was $2496.96)
  • Individually lit oled pixels achieve the ultimate contrast for outstanding picture quality
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webos 3. 5. connectivity : wi-fi built in 802. 11ac
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 1" x 32. 7" x 1. 9", tv with stand: 57. 1" x 34. 7" x 8. 9"
  • Oled does not require a backlight giving it deep blacks and making it extremely thin
Brand :    lg
Color :    Black
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    58.20 pounds
Model :    OLED65B7A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (lg product review) for LG Electronics OLED65B7A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Awesome tv. Worth the price. Directv 4k compatible and ready. Android operating system. A huge amount of video adjustments to get the picture precisely tuned. Pip. Hi end upscaling really makes all the difference. Customer service is the best. Glad i bought this tv.

4k hdr processor x1 powered by the 4k hdr processor zx1, the sony x900e pairs the brilliance of 4k clarity with the brightness, color, and detail of high dynamic range. Combined with 4k ultra hd resolution, hdr delivers exceptional detail, color and contrast, with a wide range of brightness, brilliant highlights and fine detail. Smart functionality from movies and tv shows to thousands of apps, sony s google home-compatible android tv brings you everything in an instant. Enjoy a huge range of apps from google play, youtube, netflix, online store video, hulu, pandora, and contract-free playstation vue. Stunning colors the sony triluminos display showcases vivid colors, faithfully reproduces reds, greens, blues, and skin tones with precise gradation. 4k hdr super bit mapping optimizes colors individually for satisfyingly rich and natural results. 4k x-reality pro upscales images to near 4k clarity, bringing details into clear, smooth focus. Incredible contrast sony x-tended dynamic range pro 5x projects five times the contrast range of a conventional led-edge lit tv. Balanced light output across the screen produces even greater brilliance in every scene. Motionflow xr technology maintains an ideal refresh rate to allow fast moving action sequences in sports and movies. Beautiful design delivering incredible viewing experiences, the slice of living concept for home product design reimagines the aesthetic style of the entire living space. The x900e s narrow, exquisitely designed aluminum frame keeps you focused on the screen, while cables stay cleverly hidden at the back and the front. -sony 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2017 model xbr-65x900e) -4k hdr processor x1 -dimensions without stand: 57" x 32. 8" x 2. 4" with stand: 57" x 35. 3" x 10. 3" -inputs: 4 hdmi, 2 usb2. 0, 1 usb 3. 0, 1 component/composite hybrid, 1 composite -compatible with online store alexa

Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 ModelSony-XBR65X900E-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Sony Xbr65x900e 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Nicely packaged. Great image color/contrast/definition. Overall, super-awesome for a mid-range 4k uhd tv! -Notice from W. Janice, Wiltshire

Click to Show sony xbr65x900e 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model (television) Details

Great tv! great for hdr gaming on both the ps4 pro and the one x, works really well with the online store echo. There's a lot of videos and reviews stating that they have problems with the tv either bricking or slowing down. I haven't had any of those problems and would highly recommend this tv, especially at the reduced price of $998

Sony-xbr65x900e-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- T. YvetteI was bent on getting a 75 inch tv and i really wanted to get oled; that left the lg tv with a $20, 000 price tag. So, next, i was bent on getting a samsung because i like the brightness of their screens. Samsung is charging $6000 for their 65" qled technology which is barely the next generation of technology. Looking at the rtings website reviews for best 75 inch tvs, they mentioned that the best mid range 75 inch tv was this sony 75" x900e. I did the research. It is not oled in terms of measurable quantities (it is very good) but i will tell you that the actual viewing experience is 99% of what it is with an oled tv. The blacks are inky wet black and the the brights are amazing. I can watch this tv outside and it looks great. It very bright. The aesthetics are beautiful. It has a very small bezel, a the glass front has the same allure as fine crystal. It has plenty of adjustments for those who like to tweak and i think it looks great with the settings out of the box. The picture quality, is just amazing and again i can't stress enough how beautiful the hdr (high dynamic range) is. Deep rich blacks, plenty of mid tones and excellent highlights. For the price difference i would buy this tv every time and not really miss any real perceivable differences in oled. Sony deserves a huge compliment for creating such a beautiful tv and picture as such a great price. I got mine for approximately $3200 and that is great at this point in time. . If you are looking for a beautiful tv and picture, especially one in the 75 inch class, mid range and reasonable pricing then this is your tv!

Excellent picture and audio quality. The remote control is a bit tricky to use when using it for multiple sony devices, sometimes not the desired unit turns on or off, but it may be a set up issue. Google chrome works great with it for mirroring streaming media from iphone, ipad. So far so good!

H. Wilson, Idaho

Price :    $1249.00 (was $1498.00)
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57" x 32. 8" x 2. 4", tv with stand: 57" x 35. 3" x 10. 3"
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Full-array local dimming technology, you get enhanced controlled contrast and incredible brightness in a stunningly slim design.
Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    77.16 pounds
Model :    XBR65X900E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65X900E 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Christopher Nolan 4K Collection 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

Christopher nolan collection (4k ultra/uhd/bd) (4k ultra hd)dunkirk - trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea, british and allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces facing a fierce battle in world war ii. Batman begins - in the wake of his parents' murder, disillusioned industrial heir bruce wayne travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice.

Christopher Nolan 4K Collection 4K Ultra HD Blu-rayChristopher-Nolan-Collection-Ultra-Blu-ray

Brand :    warnerbrothers
Weight :    1.72 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Dvd :    Best Abis Dvd (warnerbrothers product review) for Christopher Nolan 4K Collection 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony XBR65Z9D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model

If tvs are measured on picture quality, then the sony z-series stands alone. Near perfect black levels combine with the ability to reproduce the brightness and color of the real world, while your favorites get up scaled to near-4k hdr brilliance. It s a viewing experience that can t be replicated.

Sony XBR65Z9D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 ModelSony-XBR65Z9D-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    sony
Color :    65-Inch
Size :    65-Inch
Weight :    71.00 pounds
Model :    XBR65Z9D
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 6" x 33. 4" x 3. 1", tv with stand: 57. 6" x 36. 3" x 10. 6"
  • 120hz native refresh rate plus motionflow xr gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture.
  • Backlight master drive (individual led controlled array) can display an unprecedented dynamic range with near perfect black levels and dazzling brightness.
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using sony's android tv.
Price :    $500.00 (was $3498.00)
Home Theater :    Best Television (sony product review) for Sony XBR65Z9D 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

sony xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k hdr ultra hd tv 2017 model Price : 1744, was : 1998 as 2018-01-17
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Sony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model (Television) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for sony xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k hdr ultra hd tv 2017 model

Excellent picture. I opted for this in lieu of lg's c7p because it is mounted in a room with a lot of natural light and i'm glad i did.

A number of questions have been asked here.

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(0) Question: Can this tv be mounted on a wall? i am talking the 65".

(1) Question: Tv has 3d

(2) Question: Can i use a wireless headset with this tv?

(3) Question: Can a universal mounting bracket be used for this tv?

(4) Question: Do sony xbr55x930e is perfect monitor pc ? support 4k ?

(5) Question: Is this a 3d tv?

(6) Question: What kind of a tuner does this tv have? can i hook it to an over the air antenna without extra equipment?

(7) Question: Does this 66x930e have an analog audio output jack?

(8) Question: Can the 55" model be mounted on the wall/what is sony wall mount part ?

(9) Question: Is the 55xbr930e a 3d hdtv

(10) Question: What are the dimensions of the stand? assuming it will fit on sonos play base?

(11) Question: Does this not have built in wi-fi?

(12) Question: Is it curved or flat?

(13) Question: Does this tv has the option to come with 100-240v power adapter?

(14) Question: Will a ps4 remote work with this tv?

(15) Question: How is the os on this tv? apps run smooth? or when hooked to an external drive or streaming from computers? thanks

(16) Question: What advantages does the xbr55x930e have over the xbr55x900e?

(note) Question: where/how to get Sony (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sony's products

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It should be noted that i did not buy from online store, i made my purchases from best buy but wanted to share my unbiased opinions. I am not being paid to write this review. I bought this tv for gaming on xbox one x and uhd movies and originally started with a sony x900e to a 55" lg c7 in an attempt to get improved blacks (the latter had decent blacks btw) for my money and while i got that i also got more distorted interpolation, more noise in general, choppy panning, and the blacks crushed the overall image. Most of the games were way too darkened, and the oled's have a problem with near blacks since the blacks crush all. I find it harder to play competitive multiplayer on this tv over the sony. The frame interpolation is way smoother on the sony which handled motion panning dramatically better and that tv is compatible with online store alexa as a bonus, unlike the lg c7. I don t think most content creators tune the image to be shown on an oled resulting in unintentional crushing of near dark detail. Theaters don t use oled screens either. My theory is that dark levels for movies are not developed for the oled specifically. So far the lg c7 has lost signal from hdmi four times in a week for no reason which makes it not reliable for a 2017 tv. I have also seen another report of this on the c7 on forums. While on youtube for 2 minutes i had image retention even with pixel refresher on. To improve the ownership of the c7 lg should have made the pixel refresher automatic during power off rather than having the user turn it on manually every time. It's a great future proof display since it has dolby vision and dolby atmos, and is better for 4k uhd movies but not as prominent soap opera effect if you're into that (probably due to lg s lacking processor when compared to sony s). In the end i felt much more immersed in 4k games with the x900e over this lg c7 oled. I d recommend the lg c7 if you re just going to watch 4k his movies. I eventually returned this tv for the 55 x930e which has been price dropped (11/25/17) to $1499 finally making it cheaper than the c7 when it previously was the same price. The sony x930e so far is the better choice of the 3 if you are like me and want great blacks and smoother 4k interpolation with low input lag and a seriously bright screen that meets hdr minimum nits standard (i believe 1400+ nits) that the x900e falls short of. It has twice the contrast of the x900e. It does have halo effect and blooming which is very noticeable to the trained eye if your looking for it since it is a type of edge lit display, the x900e has little to none of that and the c7 has none. For that reason i d recommend the x900e to most consumers since it is a full array display with no crushing blacks, and little to no blooming or halo effect for a better price. Only upgrade to the x930e if you want brighter image that meets hdr minimum standard requirements, slightly better blacks, and dolby vision support. When i am playing content that takes up the whole screen i do not notice any halo effect or edge lit bleeding or blooming and the image and near dark detail seem perfect on the x930e. If you could afford sonys top of the line z9d it is currently $3500 which is insane and would be an ideal tv. I have tried all of rtings. Com best of 2017 tv recommendations for midsize tvs and best 55 for 2017. Samsung qleds were not the best this year. According the rtings the samsung q7f has slightly better color volume than the x930e, but the x930e has much better brightness and local dimming and they recommend it over the samsung. Another plus is the sony tv is an android tv and is compatible with alexa or google assistant which will make voice control over the tv available. Even with the blooming and halo effect, for $1500 at time of review i feel this is a great temporary tv to own while hdr technology is maturing and screens get higher nits for hdr and become 12 bit for real dolby vision, and samsung is developing emissive qled technology in a few years that can give oled a run for its money without the image burn. I d say ditch the lg c7, and get a x930e. . Rtings ratings for:. . Sony x930e -. Design 8. 5. Picture quality 8. 1. Motion 8. 9. Inputs 8. 5. Sound quality 7. 3. Smart features 7. 8. . Sony x900e -. Design 8. 5. Picture quality 8. 0. Motion 9. 1. Inputs 8. 4. Sound quality 5. 9. Smart features 7. 8. . Lg c7p -. Design 9. 5. Picture quality 8. 6. Motion 9. 6. Inputs 9. 2. Sound quality 6. 9. Smart features 8. 2. . Samsung q7f -. Design 9. 5. Picture quality 7. 6. Motion 9. 0. Inputs 8. 8. Sound quality 7. 1. Smart features 8. 1. . Sony x930e:. Pros. - exceptional blacks and amazing near dark performance. - meets hdr minimum nits requirements. - dolby vision support. - best 4k interpolation due to x1 extreme processor. - easy picture adjustment on the fly. - alexa/google assistant supported. - sturdy base construction with quality materials and a sleek design. - awesome cable management system. . Cons. - blooming and halo effect from edge lit technology. - for price it should ve been a fald. Expensive for an edge lit. - viewing angle. - very heavy for a slim tv. . Sony x900e:. Pros. - best tv for under $1000. - fald display. - great natural colors. - when dimming is right the blacks are really black. . Cons. - could have better blacks considering what you spent for the tv but it is better than tvs in its price range. - some people may notice input lag, but people generally don t or will become used to it to where they no longer notice it. - 900 nits makes this tv brighter than most, but sometimes inadequate for a bright room. - poor viewing angle. - no support for dolby vision. . Lg c7:. Pros. - perfect blacks. - slim display. - motion remote cursor. - future proof (dolby vision, hdr10, dolby atmos etc. ). - low input lag for hdr gaming mode. - amazing for uhd movies. - sleek materials and quality tv stand. - no blooming, letterboxing, motion trailing, or halo effect. - best color volumes. Can do deep greens and cyan levels that tradition led cannot. . Cons. - picture adjustments are not as user friendly as the sony s. - pixel refresher isn t automatic. - image retention is improved this year but still a thing that can lead to image burn even with c7. - blacks crush near dark details. - more noise artifacts when compared to 2017 bravia s and qled q7f. - motion interpolation is not smooth. Soap opera effect poor. - picture seems to be generally darker than is intended by the content creator. - motion panning is choppy. - sometimes controller is touchy and the cursor will appear on your screen. - loses signal to hdmi ports occasionally. - sits very low to the stand and some sound bars can cover part of the picture at bottom of screen. . Hopefully this review will help people who are looking to join 4k who might have a ps4 pro or xbox one x and looking to save money on now affordable 2017 tv s. . Tl; dr: x930e lg c7 & q7f & x900e

Bestsellers, TelevisionTop Sony Xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k Hdr Ultra Hd Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ Content

Best sony xbr65x930e 65-inch 4k hdr ultra hd tv 2017 model (television) in review

One word. Awesome. Online store did a superb job as usual almost got burned by a 3rd party seller datavision computer, but saved it through online store. Product is beautiful.

N. McCarthy, Iowa

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  • Attribute: Quiet Projector: Whisper Quiet Operation, With The Lowest Fan Noise In Its Class Allows Viewers To Hear The Movie, Not The Projector.
Best Price Benq Ht3050 Theater Projector Rgbrgb (Video Device) Ht3050 Benq Ht3050 Theater Projector Rgbrgb (Video

. Isabel, New Hampshire says

Hello gents and gals. I'm falling in love tv's again. I originally purchased 65 inch x900e at best buy for $1799. 99. That set was quite awesome as well. But i was informed by doing a little research the micro center had the 930e on sale for 1999. 99. (best buy may price match this if you're lucky). So i figured for 200 bucks more i might as well return the x900 and get the next step up with the 930. Now i am one to always want a full array local diming tv like the 900e. And while i had that model it was awesome but this 930 even though its edge lit still had better blacks and contrast than the 900e because of sonys edge lighting tech. The contrast is also slightly better on this set. The 900e actually in my opinion has a more uniform light dispersal due to the full array. This tv is brighter than the 900 and hdr and colors really pop a little better on this set. This set will also get hdr10+ and dolby vision support. The more content is mastered over 1000 nits you will want a tv that can present over 1000 nits to maintain highlight details and not tone map everything losing some detail. These tvs by sony really rock this year. The android os on the sets arent the best but i must admit i use my xbox smart features on all my tvs so im not really using the packed in smart features. The sound is better than average for tv speakers as well. The tv also upscales non 4k content very awesomely. There was a recent update that reduces judder on 1080 i signals as well.

. Watson, Lincolnshire

Great picture, one of sony's best bravia series tv's. Picture quality is great with non 4k movies and fantastic streaming 4k movies via my appletv 4k. Highly recommend!

F. Helen, Oklahoma says

I purchased it few days ago and this is my first 4k tv. I had a hd tv before. As a sports fan and movie addict the picture quality is excellent! i felt i was right there in the scene. The audio quality is very good. Only concern i had from expert review was the side angle view. But i have to tell you it is not an issue at all. It is just little darker but really that's a problem? . I highly recommend this product.

W. Fabian, Nottingham

Sony can't be beat. I had purchased a more expensive lg from costco and i hated the remote and there were problems with the speakers. I returned it. I thought i would have to go a couple days without a tv in the living room - online store said it would be delivered on a tuesday - it was delivered on saturday - the day before i returned the lg. Hooray. I do not need a sound bar with this sony and the picture is great. (now if sony would only go back into the computer business. )

. Parker, Bracknell Forest says

The black levels are definitely improved over last year, however haloing is still visable. It won't ruin the image but it definitely can be seen in a dark room. However, there is no vertical column blooming or major light issues at all. It's a really uniform screen in a dark room, until you see a singular icon on the screen. The color feels vastly improved with xtended dynamic range x10! i've never seen highlights like this, not even on the qled i've tested! the world feels alive. Truly alive on this tv with xtended dynamic range pro on! object based remastering lets all sdr become very convincing hdr! i felt it looked better than native hdr. Which isn't bad at all. Hdr is bright. But my ks8000 was brighter. That said, it is very enjoyable because unlike my samsung sony has local boosting! color is perfect in every way! very natural pure images that truly express the 1billion colors! you have to see it! sound is average just but a soundbar. The grey backing is very ugly. The remote is horrible sauce! like you have just spent over $2k for a new smart tv. But then get a very cheap, clicky, ir remote! not cool. Good news is my touch remote from 2015 works. So you can just buy that and have a more premium experience! the x1 extreme chip destroyed my expectations! everything is sooooo clean, like grainless! even dvd cleans up better than a date on prom night! this is a big treat for me because i watch alot of anime! . Screen mirroring still has audio drops. Ui can still get confused requiring a reboot. Speaking if ui it is almost 100% exactly the same as last year. Feels lazy. Yes there are small changes but nothing that ever felt great. Motion was fantastic as usual. No judder or frame tearing! has an hdr gaming mode which works great! gaming mode also has low input lag, i had no issues! movies steal the show. I don't know how any tv is going to beat the magical picture. I'm definitely satisfied with the amazing image! not too fond of the big power brick though. Like sony needs to take a page from samsung with that. . Overall, this is a great successor of the x930d and i recommend buying it. But wait for black friday. I personally, will be returning to best buy to wait. The improvements don't change sony's ridiculous asking price of over $2k for an edge lit tv with alot of the same edge lit flaws. If you don't mind being hosed down as an early adopter go for it. Personally, i feel charging 2013 4k debut prices for hdr and deeper blacks is greedy. It's 2017 and the tech wasn't so fundamentally different from the x930d that is only $1. 4k! . . Hope this helps sorry i if i couldn't give more info, best buy only has a 14day return policy and i wanted to test other tvs!

O. Julia, Basse-Normandie

Great tv. This television is truly spectacular and a very competent 4k set; however the viewing angles aren't the best. If you're sitting directly in front of this television the wow! is real. Dolby vision will get added via an update on this television, which would be great. To experience true dolby vision you ll need at least 4, 000 -10, 000 nits and the panel should be 12-bits. Lastly, i ve returned the x900e for this television set and couldn t be happier. Even though it s not a full-array local dimming television. . Awesome set :)

Z. Wilson, Hartlepool says

Very bright. Hdr is fantastic. Video processing does seem to be an improvement over the x900e. This review also is based on sony fulfilling its promise to release the dolby vision firmware update in january 2018. The biggest complaint is that the screen's anti-reflective coating doesn't seem that great when compared to a range-topping samsung from 4-years ago that this tv replaced. Though it's in a very bright room. The mounting brackets seem designed to make installation with the sony wall mount bracket easier at the expense of making installation with standard vesa mounts more difficult.

V. Anonymous, British Columbia

I love it this tv is smarter then smart , it does everything i love the on screen tv guide just knowing what's on next along with full cast and bio and what's on next. And this sony smart tv comes jammed packed with so many apps and even more to offer from the google play store

E. Crawford, Kirklees says

What a great tv. My first "smart tv". I think i expected "bigger" sound from the speakers but it's fine. And when i run the sound through my home entertainment speakers it's amazing.

D. Beale, Isle of Wight

I consider myself an audiophile and videophone and am extremely difficult to please. When i notice the slightest imperfections, that is all i see. My goal was the z9d, the flagship and best. However pragmatism kicked in and i could not get past the extra $1500 for the z9d. As the owner of a high end sony 4k projector i needed this for the bedroom. It was replacing a 52xbr2 that was bought 12 years ago when the xbr line only had one model. I've watched the evolution of tvs's, researched and realised that now was finally a great time to upgrade. . Hdmi 2. 0, 18gb bandwidth, 4:4:4 chroma, hdr10 and dolby vision promised. Extremely bright that hdr can actually take advantage of unlike the new old's which are still too dark imo. The new x1 extreme chip, two rows of led backlighting for more even lighting, and many of the apps offering 4k. . I have to tell you. The picture is phenomenal. The x1 extreme chip also removed grain which really cleans up the image fantastically. The backlight is also brilliant. The most even image i've seen on a non fald. You do not miss anything. Brightness actually has to be turned down as it's so bright and it makes uhd and hdr sources really pop. Black levels are also amazing, so much detail and clarity. . The apps i use most, netflix, hulu, online store, hbo, youtube, vimeo, fx, at&t, showtime, are excellent. I can't believe the picture via apps is almost as good as a uhd 4k bluray on the udp-x800 i have hooked up to my 4k projector. You dont want for more. . It took me a little longer to get broadcast tv to look good, but the trick came in turning off the reality creation tool and getting the resolution from sharpness increase. I have it set to 60 i think. It looks better than broadcast ever looked. . Bottom line, it took a while for 4k standards and tech to get to a point for purchasing. Ces just announced all the 8k tv's but with 4k content just creeping in and netflix demanding all new content creators in 4k, 8k is going to take a while. Now is a great time to buy a well equipped 4k tv and i consider this one of the best i've seen. The z9d is better in every respect, but considerably more. If money is no concern, get that. If it is, get this. Oled needs time to get their brightness up. The picture is amazing, but the dark overall picture is inferior imo. Who cares how black the black levels are when you can't see what's going on? . . My only two nit-picks is that this tv is quite heavy and delicate. You can't put pressure on the screen side when lifting, as with most tv's so the added weight guarantees you'll need 2 people to lift it and hopefully not far. They also removed 3d which for one of the brightest tv's available would have been nice to take advantage of. Other than that, this tv is simply phenomenal. If you get one with tech issues, return it to get one without. It is worth it. Mine fortunately was perfect.

P. Kristen, Merton says

I've had the tv about 2 months now and i love it. The colors and clarity are truly amazing. All of sony's software and processing helps to create amazing images. Default settings are a little warm for my personal taste, but give a solid picture out of the box. With a little tweak of the settings tv gives very vibrant colors and deep blacks. . The audio from the unit is higher than the average newer big screen since it comes with 6 speakers built in, 2 being tweeters, 2 mid range and 2 woofer, giving it a nice balanced sound without the need for a soundbar. . Has lots of options for quick menus and remote even has a custom programmable quick input button allowing you to instantly go to any input with a single press. . Biggest downside to me is that is does take a couple minutes for the apps and google play stuff to really stop lagging. The screen will instantly turn on, but apps will sometime take a minute or so to instantly register inputs from remote.

. Elizabeth, Bournemouth says

An excellent alternative to unreliable oled tv s. I had a horrific experince with an lg 65 c7 oled tv that couldn t work reliably the 2 months i had it i replaced it with this tv. I m not going to get technical, if you go to rtings. Com, you will see this model as an alternative to the c7, at the top of their list. If you want tech detail, go there. I will say this: oled has amazing blacks absolutely ink black even across the screen. Hdr looks stunning, and a 65 oled weighs 37 lbs. The blacks on this led/lcd are 90+% as good, and the evenness of illumination is astonishingly good, especially being edge-lit! hdr looks 90+% as good as oled, but this sony is much brighter. In a dark room the oled is plenty bright enough, in any other room, it s not. The sony could be used in sunlight it s so bright. After calibration, i honesty forget that it s not the c7, it s that good. Cons. This thing weighs 90 friggin pounds prepare for that. Lastly, android tv is clunky, non-intuitive to the point i don t use it. Whereas lg s webos is best in class for a tv os, and samsung s 2017 version of tinzen (or whatever! ) is close, google tv isn t in the same class. Also, the last thing i want to do, is sign into google so they can spy on everything i watch, and sell the data to anyone. I have a roku 4k, which works very well. We love this tv!

. Sherry, Ohio

I did not buy this tv on online store, but i wanted to share my rating. Very simple: i reviewed all oled and led tvs and then decided to buy to lg oled b6, which was rated as the best tv on the market. I was very disappointed by it. If you watch any kind of sport (golf, football, soccer, tennis), do not buy that tv. The image is blurred, the golf ball and tennis balls skip on the screen - and that is after adjusting the motion settings any number of ways. Sports were simply unwatchable. I went back to the drawing board, and exchanged the b6 for the sony 65x930e. What a difference. Much better picture for all the sport broadcasts. Sony has the best 1080/4k converter, which means that it does a much better job than lg at rendering the 1080 signal on a 4k tv. Night and day difference. If you watch sports on your tv, imo, this is the tv to buy. The fact that the tv is backlit is also awesome. You can adjust the amount of backlight to make the picture really pop in any ambient light conditions. Super happy with this tv!

G. Cathy, Wisconsin says

Unbelievable picture! 4k programming pops and you feel like your there in the scene. The out of box default settings were 98%. Only had to tweak a couple. This tv rocks!

S. Carol, Westminster

So if it is in your budget, as far as i am concerned this tv is the best out there. I am not going to write a dissertation here, if you are looking for a new tv and trying to compare it with something else don't waste a lot of time. You will be more than happy with the clarity, color, and all around performance of this tv. Again if it is in your budget buy it, you will not be disappointed.

J. Barbara, Greenwich says

This is the brightest tv i have ever seen with amazing black levels (for an led) . It smokes my lg oled as a bright room "all around" tv. Its extremely tough and durable, but super heavy (80lbs). . In game mode its fast for fps. In cinema home/cinema pro it makes movies pop. The hdr is unreal. Wow! you have to see hdr on this thing. My jaw dropped. . Now lets talk about the cons. - its heavy. - its expensive. - a very faint amount of well-blended light can occasionally be seen in the 4 corners of the screen with 100% black background if a small, super bright image appears (like a white logo thats 20% of the screen size. This is due to the design of the slim backlight drive. However, this design also allows the tv to be as bright as airplane lights. Its there, but i've only seen it twice in the type of content i watch. No big deal. - android is clunky (what gives google? ). - the remote is god awful! its the worst remote on earth - biggest con. . Summary. Best tv ever. Hate the remote. Hate google's clunky android os.

M. Julie, Hawaii

Great price, free shipping, nothing bad to say

U. Ruff, Northwest Territries says

This tv delivers amazing hdr contents from apple tv. In my personal opinion, x930e upscales native hd content better than the atv (tvos 11. 2). Also, after calibrated the tv to my liking, i can't stop watching the grand tour over and over again. The picture and motion handling is simply stunning.

B. Allen, Newcastle upon Tyne

The x930e is a big step over the x930d. Great blacks. Beautiful colors. With the local dimming on you will have consistent blacks. Yes, they are not oled blacks and some clouding but for a led and the price is one of the best tvs on the market. I also have a b7 oled and panasonic dx900 so i know what i am saying. Totally recomended! good job sony.

I. Cortney, Peterborough says

This tv is amazing. Everything looks so beautiful and so crisp weather i'm watching a movie or playing video games (my ps4). Sony is such a great brand and they still have not disappointed me which is amazing.

Y. Gilmore, Centre

The picture quality and responsiveness of this tv is amazing. It connects online rapidly and effectively. It also diminishes cable clutter since all of the wires can be hidden on the back of the tv by removing some panels. My only complain with the tv is that the google play and the available downloadable applications is very limited.

R. Cindy, Warrington says

The picture is amazing on this thing and glad i went with an android tv. They are updating it all the time with new features being added. Got a ps4pro hooked to it and it's just a good time to be alive with great tech.

Top hdr ultra hd tv Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

O. Guest, Wyoming says

This tv has a serious problem with losing wifi connectivity for no known reason. The wifi connection was stable with no problems for about 4 weeks after initial setup end of november and then disappeared without warning. No other devices have problems with wifi in this area of my house and the wifi signal is consistently 5 bars. No excuse for wifi problems like this on new products like this. Who wants or has time to debug something like this on internet support pages or by support phone. Once you lose wifi it wont come back automatically. When you check on internet help pages many are having the same problem. The proposed solutions are tedious and unworkable from a time perspective and should be unnecessary. I will call sony when i have time but in meantime i hooked the to the ethernet outlet that i just happens to be available in the area of the tv. However this cable is periodically used for other purposes and should not be dominated by the tv.

S. Yvette, Delaware

The good: stellar image quality. Super bright and super sharp. Colors are just outstanding. As a display, i think that it is just incredible. . The bad: the android tv system is very nearly a complete show stopper. If you see a negative comment about it, please believe it. It locks up *all the time* and the tv responds to the remote control at a glacial pace. I may return my tv after only two days because of it. Also worth mention: my old tv wall mount would not fit this tv, so i ordered the proprietary wall bracket for $175. . Also note: no dolby vision update as of 11/18/17.

L. Bertie, Walsall says

Looks great on certain 4k / dolby viaion material (chefs table), has a lot of artifacts and noise on most other channels and on sports. Thought picture would be better overal.

T. Julia, Tennessee

My sony xbr55x930 died and will no longer turn on after fifty one weeks. Power distribution board was replaced by sony. Took 3 days to get a new board from sony and schedule a call from 3rd party company authorized by sony. Sony tech support was able to talk 3rd party tech through replacement and reseating of internal board 5 times. While i wish the board had not failed sony customer service and tech support did a good job fixing the problem. The tv works again. . I will never take a working tv for granted again. I wish i still had my beautiful reliable samsung dlp. I let it go when i was dazzeled by a younger sleeker product.

U. Monique, Michigan says

Though the top rated mid range tv, you need 11 7/8 inches clearance at the top, per the install manual. I confirmed this with customer service. That's a deal breaker for me. Other manufacturers require only four inches.

A. Franklin, Stoke-on-Trent

This tv has a warranty extension posted on sony website 7-27-17. This tv purchased in february 2017 died in august 0f 2017. Sony has said there is issue with power relay board and they will repair or replace tv. Why sony allowed such crap to come to market w-o rigorous debugging is beyond me. Have lost faith in recomending sony

W. Margaret, Norfolk says

The tv looks great and has a very nice picture. Best you can get without buying an oled. Mine worked for 3 hours unfortunately and this started off 2 months of dealing with sony customer relations. With how much this tv costs and the the amount of time and effort you as the consumer would have to put in to getting this tv replaced under sonys warranty i cannot in good faith recommend this tv to purchase despite how great it is.

Q. Wade, Minnesota

4k is nice with 4k bds, netflix and youtube. Unfortunately, i must deduct two stars because in order to use some features i must register with google and agree with google's unacceptable terms which i must decline thus making those features and apps useless. Google requires, collects and shares everything they can to their large pool of members for advertising via the apps, email. I suggest that you read this lengthy document. It is ironic that google describes in sufficient detail the many ways that they collect data. Globally google is one of the largest collectors of data and has some of the largest data repositories. Is google accountable in the event of an error or data breach? . . Update 01/02/2018. The youtube 4k videos that i have viewed are spectacular. 1080p or i sources are greatly improved. The problem is that google collects information that google, as stated in their terms, may distribute to third parties for various reasons. If those third parties distribute to other third parties ans so on, then it is more likely that sensitive information such as your netflix and other accounts which have information which contains your netflix login password (encrypted? ) which points to your credit card and personal information is made readily available to hackers and scammers. At the very least you will get some dangerous spam email. It is naive to think that google's stated claims will protect their clients, you and me, from hackers and scammers who will certainly not honor google's terms. . Good luck.

Y. Mable, Rhode Island says

 1st tv from store was defective. Returned, got a new one and it worked for 7 months. Now it s completely dead and awaiting repair.

C. Elizabeth, Wiltshire

I drove 3 hours to the nearest magnolia that had this tv on display just to make sure it was as good as it was advertised as being before i bought it. I spent nearly an hour with it watching lots of different content. The tv itself seems to really suffer from off axis color saturation and contrast fading. The worst thing and something that i know was a deal breaker for me is the backlighting. It looked as if a literal flashlight was shining behind the screen washing out the blacks and detail. The letter boxing went totally grey in a band top to bottom whenever there was a bright object in relative darkness. Another thing to note is that when i first saw the set i thought i was watching 1080 or 720 content. I asked the magnolia rep to put on some 4k and he said that pan (the movie we were watching) was a 4k blue ray. So we put on star trek and same thing. Not impressed with this set at all. And coming in more expensive than the ks9800 with far less image quality i'll have to renting my tv purchase. If anyone is curious, the only tv that i consider to be a perfect set is the sony z9d. It is not only the most accurate clear image with absolute blacks but there's something about how it makes bright whites and reflections look real, it's like you're looking at the sun in real life. It's the closest thing to a literal window i've ever seen. I sat for an hour with the 75 inch watching life of pi in the magnolia room and i was in love. I may just spring the extra 2500 for the z9d over the ks9800 and be satisfied for years to come. The z9d was right next to a new $8, 000 g series oled and blew it out of the water. If you can afford it or even if you have to do credit, if you're picky like me spend the extra for a set you'll never regret. Plus it's the only tv with 3d now, they are axing it for all new tvs.

G. Gladys, Leicester says

*bought this model from best buy 10 days ago. The tv works fine for a few hours, then doesn't turn on. Tried the remote, tried turning it on from the main power button. The only way to make it work is to plug it out from the socket and plug it back in. Had to do this once a day. One would think that for a $3000 product, the last thing you'd expect to not work is the on/off feature! several consumers have had the same problem with previous models as well, and it seems that despite being fully aware of the issue, sony has done nothing about it in subsequent models. Please read more on sony forums. Multiple horror stories. . We're lucky that we encountered this problem within the 15-day best buy return period. If you're in the market for a new tv, stay away from sony. . *this is a product review, not a review for online store service.

Z. Eleanor, Ealing

The sony tv not came with the vs screws, important for the flat wall mount. The colors and bright are great but the uhd definition on hd cable tv is very bad, i could be bad on youtube and netflix require more complex setting configuration and you can not do it.

B. Wilson, Brent says

I bought this tv for two reasons in which sony advertised that it had. . 1. ) dolby vision. . 2. ) hdr. . I have waited months and months and months for the dolby vision update which apparently was suppose to be live for everyone this week, but it was an absolute disaster and most people did not get the update (fortunately for them) and at this time it is tbd if there will ever dolby vision will come on the 2017 models. . To me this is a terrible bait and switch on sony's part. . I spent close to $3, 000 for this tv to get no dolby vision and. . 2. ) . Awful hdr. The hdr10 on this tv is dark, dreary, and absolutely unwatchable. I have gone on avs forums to figure out what are the best settings, and the common complaint is too dark even with "supposive" proper settings. . Overall the tv isn't bad and in actuality it is a great tv. It has fantastic gaming response with my xbox one x and the 4k is beautiful. . The problem a lot of the cost of the tv is based on hdr and dolby vision features, and the hdr10 is terrible and the dolby vision is none existent a year later. . Personally. Avoid this tv.

D. Emily, Richmond upon Thames

Last year i purchased the lg c6 oled for my mother and have been able to spend a decent amount of time watching it during my visits. She uses it every day and she's never had any issues. I would say wholeheartedly that the lg oleds are the best tvs you can buy both from an image quality perspective and from a user experience perspective thanks to webos. . That aside, this year i decided to purchase the sony x930e 65" for myself as i wanted an exceptionally bright tv and was impressed with all the reviews. I also was intrigued by the possibility of having full-blown android tv native to the television as an alternative to apple tv and nvidia shield tv (i have both). . The first noticeable difference is the weight of the set itself. The shipping weight is over 100 pounds, and i'd say the tv itself has to be around 90 pounds. I also purchased the matching wall mount (the sony model specifically designed for the 930 and 940), which is also very heavy compared to the sanus units sold at best buy. The weight of this setup is something to take into consideration when wall mounting - it is a 2 person job. That being said, this wall mount is amazing. It can extend a foot from the wall and tilt sideways, and then compress completely flat against the wall. I definitely recommend it. . I have no complaints with the tv and really nothing to add with so many other 5-star reviews about the image quality. The brightness is outstanding and in dark conditions you'll want to use the auto dimming as max brightness will hurt your eyes. We are using an antenna for local channels and the upscaling is good - although i feel that the lg is better despite being a year old and not having such a fancy chip like the x1 extreme. When i watch the lg, i think, "wow, that is an insanely good picture coming from an antenna", and with the sony i think, "eh, that looks good but could be better. ". . My only real complaints are with the android tv operating system. On the plus side, you have access to more apps than you can get on lg webos or samsung tizen. The downside is that it is incredibly laggy. Netflix runs fine, but oddly enough sony's own crackle runs terribly (1-2 second input lag, if it didn't crash and require a force close). Even going into the "action menu" to adjust picture settings is laggy. Compared to the lg, which is fluid and very "apple-like". . Overall i'm happy with my purchase. I got a great deal on black friday, and love how the tv looks on the wall. If the android tv features continue to bug me, i'll just reconnect the shield tv. . Update:. . I wrote my original review after only using it for a few hours. After work tonight i tried the apps i use the most, here are my results:. . Tv - "program info" gets randomly stuck on screen (must change channels to remove it). Netflix - hdr content stuck loading at 20%. Hulu - no 4k content, no profiles, opening menu stops playback and returns to hulu main screen. Online store - audio only (video is a black screen). Hbo - opening menu stops playback and returns to hbo main screen. Cnn - live playback pauses every 3 seconds. Espn - opening menu pauses playback and screen goes black (playback resumes when closing menu). Twitch - audio only (video is a black screen). . Note that i'm currently speed testing at 170mbps and having no internet connection issues on my apple tv or macbook. . While i know using another device like an apple tv or shield tv is an option, having such a terrible user experience on an expensive tv like this is unacceptable. Most of the reviews are about black levels and color saturation, so i feel it's important to mention the terrible software running on this device. How somebody could get a job working at sony or google shipping code this poor is beyond me.

E. Watson, Virginia says

So far, the tv itself seems ok. Picture is amazing. Gui is a disaster. Still working on figuring out the one remote with the soundbar, etc. The big issue here is the delivery company. Do not buy this from online store. Just got to best buy for the same price with much better service. They outsource the delivery to a third party company that is terrible. No english. Wouldn't bring the tv into the house. Damaged box, drove on my neighbor's lawn, etc.

X. Harrison, Redcar and Cleveland

Nice looking set, but an underperformer. Hdr streaming on netflix and online store is flat out horrible and there is no dolby vision as advertised. The basic tv picture is good, but nothing better than other brands that are less expensive. In addition - when you hit a command on the remote it could take a good 15 seconds for the tv to respond. Really! . . There is also horrible light blooming that makes this tv unwatchable in a dark room. . Compare to other brands before buying this. Tv.

V. Sarah, Oldham says

Tv is okay. Sony customer service is appalling. Read through the owners manual and verified all parts were in hand before doing anything else. Found i was missing two mounting fasteners. Called sony support, rep read through the book with me verified the missing parts were required for this model so it could be wall mounted. She said she would get them ordered and i should receive an email confirmation within a few days. I called again five days later to reconfirm. Had recount all the information to the sony rep until he figured it out and reconfirmed the information was correct and said they will get the parts coming to me. So in the past five days they had done nothing? about two hours later the same rep left a message for me that i am not due these parts for this tv even though it states it in the book on two different pages. I measured the for the fastener size i needed, bought two bolts at the hardware store for let than $1, mounted the tv on the wall. Is sony so desperate to save $1 they will treat customers this way? as i stated, the tv is okay, nothing fabulous, but i will probably never buy another sony product again for the way i was treated by customer service.

J. Dorothy, Coventry

The sound off with the lips, hate it

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    Explore more Element 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv - Fire Tv Edition (el4kamz6517), 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv - Fire Tv The Element 4k Uhd Smart Tv - Fire Tv Edition Is A New Generation Of Smart Tvs Featuring Fire Tv Experience Built-in And Including A Voice Remote Online Store Alexa. Fire Tv Edition -Element 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv - Fire Tv Edition
    1. Unlike speakers and laptops, i don t purchase a lot of new televisions. I didn t get a hd set until my trinitron wouldn t power on and i didn t get a big screen lcd until i upgraded to a blue-ray dvd player. I had no intention of getting a 4k set until broadcast channels bragged about it, and i didn... go to
    2. Characteristic: Experience True-to-life 4k Uhd Picture Quality With Over 8 Million Pixels For Stunning Clarity, Deep Contrast, And Brilliant Colors On A Direct-lit Led Screen With Minimal Motion Blur. Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (native), 120 Hz (effective).
    3. Characteristic: The Fire Tv Experience Is Built In So You Can Enjoy Tens Of Thousands Of Channels, Apps, And Alexa Skills. Get Universal Search Results Across Over 190 Channels And Apps Including Netflix, Hulu, Hbo Now, Showtime, Starz, And Prime Video.
    Bargain Element 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv - Fire Tv Edition (Television) El4kamz6517
  • Very Cheap
    Sony Xbr43x800e 43-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television)

    Sony Xbr43x800e 43-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) 2272

    Buy Now Sony Xbr43x800e 43-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television), 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 enjoy truly remarkable 4k hdr clarity, colour and contrast. rediscover every detail in 4k hdr while triluminos display adds a brilliant picture that s closer than ever to real-world -sony xbr43x800e 43-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2017 model
    • Special: Smart Functionality Gives You Access To Your Favorite Apps And Content Using Sony's Android Tv.
    • Bought the tv a month ago and am very happy with it. Still messing with all of the features trying to dial it in. I have 2 sony s and just got rid of the bedroom sony tube tv that lasted 20 years. I trust this brand.
    • Special: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.
    Affordable Sony Xbr43x800e 43-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) Xbr43x800e
  • Most Wishlist
    Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza)

    Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza) 2313

    Discover it Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (un65ks8000fxza), Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 The Samsung 4k Suhd Tv Completely Redefines The Viewing Experience The Revolutionary Quantum Dot Nano-crystal Technology. The Ks8000 Features Innovations That Produce A Remarkable -Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model
    1. Extra: More Than Just Pitch Black, Get The Best Shades Of Black With Triple Black Technology. Never Miss A Detail In The Dark.
    2. The samsung ks8000 is probably one of the best 4k tvs with a good picture that's still affordable. The best 4k led would be the sony z9d, with the x940d (x930d) with a close second and oled naturally being the best overall. The samsung ks8000 has a lot of high end features, with a great picture and ... go to
    3. Extra: Hdr 1000 Mirrors The High Contrast And Vividness The Way Movie Makers Intended.
    Discounted Samsung Un65ks8000 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (Television) Un65ks8000fxza
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    Lg Electronics Oled65b7a 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television)

    Lg Electronics Oled65b7a 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) 2315

    On Sale Lg Electronics Oled65b7a 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television), Electronics 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 perfect black. intense color. every detail matters. behold movies and more from the most popular providers, brought to life intense cinematic colors against the ultimate backdrop -lg electronics oled65b7a 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart oled tv 2017 model
    • Red dot, vertical line. . The tv is great. But it's defective (more on that later). . I'm about 90% netflix streamer / 5% online store streamer (with a roku) and 5% netflix bd user. I used to think 4k was bs for smaller tv's any mayby they are for ones smaller than this, but it definitely makes a di... go to
    • Benefits: Smart Functionality Gives You Access To Your Favorite Apps And Content Using Webos 3. 5. Connectivity : Wi-fi Built In 802. 11ac.
    • Benefits: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of High Dynamic Range (hdr) For The Most Lifelike Picture.
    Best Buy Lg Electronics Oled65b7a 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 2017 Model (Television) Oled65b7a

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