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Price was $299.98. My family and i couldn't be happier with our screen. It's a great match to our epson 2045 projector in the upstairs living room/ht. Screen tightens up and stays that way, perfect flat projecting surface. Assembly wasn't bad after watching someone do it on youtube and hanging it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. This subtile grey screen is at least half the price of the other guys, recommended.

-H. Guest

Silver ticket 4k ultra hd ready cinema format 6 piece fixed frame projector screen 16:9, 120 , grey the silver ticket products fixed frame projection screen offers powerful performance for the price. this screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. the material -str-169120-g silver ticket 4k ultra hd ready cinema format 6 piece fixed frame projector screen 16:9, 120 , grey material

  • Addition: The Fixed Grey Screen Surface Provides Great Picture Contrast Even In Rooms That Are Not Completely Dark – The Material Is 1. 0 Gain With A Wide Viewing Angle Of 160 Degrees With No Resolution Loss.
  • Addition: 2 3/8″ Heavy Duty Beveled Aluminum Frame Wrapped In Light-absorbing Black Velvet Material For A Beautifully Crisp Viewing Image; Enjoy Beautiful Movies, Pictures, And Games In Full Hd And Active 3d.

Competitive Str 169120 G Silver Ticket Cinema Projector (Office Products) Str 169120 G

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This screen is amazing! i had my projector just projecting on to the wall before the screen came in and it looked good. Once i put this grey 120" screen up, it easily looked 20x better! i have this up in my master bedroom with a 200 lumens ultra short throw projector sitting 32" back from the screen. The borders help to be able to set up the perfect picture and look awesome! the screen definitely gave me a way better picture. Better definition, better color contrast and looks way better with lights on. I went with the grey material because this is now my main tv setup in my room where we do have a floor to ceiling window. With the curtains open during the day, i am still able to clearly and enjoyably watch it. They grey really makes a difference in not letting the picture get washed out with ambient light. Plus it looks great just on the wall when your not watching anything. Installation took me alone a total of 45 min. Instructions can be a bit confusing to read for some, but there are many videos on youtube that make it easier. This is my first projector screen so i don't really have a basis for comparison, but i am beyond satisfied with this purchase. . Side note: i debated between the white and grey material for a while. I can honestly say that i am happy i went with grey given the amount of ambient lighting in my room. If you will have some light in the room you are putting your screen, i would recommend going grey over white. The Best silver ticket ultra hd ready cinema ( Apr 2020 ) | Silver Ticket Products-Office Products Review Addition STR-169120-G Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 120", Grey Material) (recommended) watch the online videos on manufacturers website and video websites. The fixed grey screen surface provides great picture contrast even in rooms that are not completely dark - the material is 1. 0 gain with a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees with no resolution loss. 2 3/8" heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material for a beautifully crisp viewing image; enjoy beautiful movies, pictures, and games in full hd and active 3d. Quick and easy assembly with tensioning rod system ensures that you can bring cinema-quality entertainment to your home in just a few minutes. Secure top and bottom mounting brackets that allow horizontal adjustment .

Str-169120-g Silver Ticket 4k Ultra Hd Ready Cinema Format 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen 16:9, 120 , Grey Material Review (str 169120 g)

Update after three years of use: i uninstalled my screen a few days ago to access some equipment behind the screen and found that the fabric bonding for one of the rod pockets had come "unstuck" over several inches. A photo is included to illustrate. Because this is the first time i could see behind the screen since installation, i can't be sure when this happened. This has not yet come loose far enough to be visible on the exposed projection image side. However, as you can see from the photo, only another inch or so needs to let loose before it can be seen. While it's been a while, i think its fair to expect that was not supposed to happen and was a manufacturing defect. I have reached out to silver ticket to see if they can help. I'll update this review when they respond. . Here's the original review from 2015:. . This is my third acoustically transparent screen. The last was a draper at1200 106" screen. I wanted to go bigger because my new jvc rs46u can throw a bright enough picture in 3d to make this possible. I've been a home theater fan for many years, and have owned a dedicated theater for well over a decade. Since the days of laserdiscs, crt projectors, and dolby surround. (you might find me on avsforum, emotiva lounge, or the polk audio forum as "rtart. "). . As part of my constant upgrade path, i did a lot of reading online before pulling the trigger on the st screen reviewed here so had no surprises about the assembly instructions (or lack thereof). Watching the youtube video makes it all clear, and a little mechanical inclination makes it fairly easy to put together and mount. The biggest issue with screens is their shipping size and cost. A ten foot long box is going to cost to ship. St makes this screen frame in sections, so the longer (top and bottom) frame sections have to be connected somehow. St manages this issue well, with a very sturdy connector between the two sections. The frame side sections are one piece, so no middle connection is necessary. Corners go together with reinforcing brackets and screws, and are very sturdy. After joining the top and bottom halves, put the corner brackets on the top and bottom first, then connect the frame sides. . I recommend adding the hanging brackets at this point, and figure out how you are going to mount the screen to the wall. Trust me, it's easier to do if you can reach through before the fabric is installed. Once you mount the wall bracket halves onto the wall, its time to install the fabric. Pull down the frame and lay it "ugly" side up. . Roll out the fabric and thread in the rods in the pockets. The shorter ones go on the top and bottom and meet in the middle. Start in with every third spring to get started, then fill in the ones that are missing. (the diagram does help a little here. The springs should clip down over the rods, and then the other end into the channel on the frame). . Fabric is pulled snugly by the springs, but inserting the middle supports (there are 2 here) was easy. I installed the hanging brackets onto the frame first, and set one end against the bracket while "encouraging" the other end to the other bracket with a mallet. If you orient them correctly (see the diagram) they will go in pretty easily. But you will need a mallet to get it done. Don't be shy, but you might want to wrap the mallet in a clean cloth to protect the screen surface. . A few small wrinkles in the screen, but i expect them to come out in a day or two. If this is an issue, i will revisit this review. . Fabric appears to indeed be 1. 1 gain, as compared to my other screens and a couple of samples from other manufacturers. Acoustic performance also appears to be as good as past screens i have owned. The weave of the fabric is invisible from my viewing distance, which is around 11 feet. . All things considered, this is a substantial screen that appears to have cost a lot more than i paid. I would recommend it to anyone considering it. Took me about an hour, by myself, from opening the box to watching a movie. -. Monique

Str 169120 G Silver Ticket Cinema Projector

  • Order: Office Product
  • Brand: Silver Ticket Products
  • Color: Grey Material
  • EAN: 6956100400858
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:63.63 inches
    Length:109.25 inches
    Weight:33.00 pounds
    Width:1.25 inches
  • Manufacturer: Silver Ticket Products
  • Model: STR-169120-G
  • MPN: STR-169120-G
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: STR-169120-G
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Size: 16:9, 120"

silver ticket 4k ultra hd ready cinema format 6 piece fixed frame projector screen 16:9, 120 , grey Speakers, The silver ticket products fixed frame projection screen offers powerful performance for the price. this screen features real projection screen material, not a sheet. the material is a stretchy, high-quality vinyl at 1. 0 gain that is designed for watching movies. the light-grey tint on the material enhances the black levels in the projected content without shifting the color spectrum. this screen truly assembles much faster than any other brand available! forget about tucking the screen material into the frame - the silver ticket tension rod system saves you time and frustration. how does the material connect to the frame? each side of the material has a pocket. a rod slides through the pocket to attach to the frame. this saves you time during assembly, but also removes any puckers or wrinkles in the viewing surface. the rod holds the material perfectly square all around the whole frame. this pocket and rod system remains hidden behind the frame so you only see the movie. forget about tricky installations - this fixed frame screen mounts on the wall much like a large picture frame. the sturdy aluminum frame is wrapped, not flocked, with a light absorbing black velvet fabric to absorb over-projected light so you don't have to be a professional when aligning your projector. while other brands use square tubing in their frames, this screen is built with durable extruded aluminum that contours down to the projected image so you won't have any ugly shadow on the image area. join the thousands of satisfied customers - buy silver ticket today! fixed screen Str 169120 G Silver Ticket Cinema Projector (STR-169120-G-Silver Ticket Products).

Str 169120 G Silver Ticket Cinema Projector Speakers

  • This is a great screen and i really like it. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when planning and executing the assembly of this screen to avoid rework and frustration:. . 1. Plan for plenty of assembly space (2-3' of free floor space around the entire perimeter of the screen). 2. You'll need some kind of accurate level (i used a 5 footer from the hardware store), a stud finder, a 2 phillips screwdriver, a soft face hammer (for the center support) along with a measuring tape. 3. You'll be screwing steel machine screws into extruded aluminum rails, so be very careful to start the screws straight because if you cross thread any of the holes you'll have a bad day. 4. Put some kind of card between the top sections of the horizontal rail. It makes it easy to find the center of the screen, which makes lining everything up a little easier. 5. There will be a small gap between the horizontal sections, and in the corners (viewed from the back) because of the flocking. From memory, it was a little smaller than 1/16". 6. Be sure to put the right number of plastic studs on each rail, and notice that there are two different screen hanger brackets. If you don't put the right ones in the right places, you'll be reassembling your screen. 7. The screen will not be flat when it is assembled, so you have to retain the bottom corners of the screen somehow. If you think that using the bottom hangers as designed is a giant, unnescessary pita (like i did), you can use a pan head screw next to the bottom brackets, and then slide the bottom brackets over to be retained by the shoulder of the screw-head. That worked really well for me and saved some excedrin.
  •  excellent screen. I've now assembled and used both the silver ticket and elite screens models, and assembly is actually a bit easier with the silver ticket screen. Check out my assembly video.
  • Not really sure how good of a screen this is because i have never compared to any other screens. This is my first screen. I did compare the screen to my wall. I know that is silly but sad to say their didn t seem to be much of a difference. My wall is a light grey color. I purchased the acoustically transparent screen. My projector is an entry level sony 45es. My biggest gripe is the black fabric they included does not fit the entire screen without stretching it. If you don t put the black fabric behind it then you will see right through the screen and the support beams and any light that might be coming through. I used 30lb 3m doubles sides tape and the fabric keeps falling off. So i purchased super strong trex tape and it still falls off. I wish they made be acoustically transparent screen with a black screen on the opposite side or offer a fabric with mounting kit included. I plan on keeping this screen since i put a lot of work putting together and installing it.
  • Installation is part of the user experience. There's a difference between buying a smoothie, buying a blender to make a smoothie, buying parts to build a blender to make a smoothie, etc. : you get my drift. . The instructions are awful and if you're not careful/lucky or experienced, you'll probably tear your hair out. A few areas notably missing from the instructions:. . 1. The step to slide in the material tensioners comes after the step to assemble the horizontal rails but before the vertical rails are introduced. Then you're told to connect the rails. If you realize after connecting the rails that the vertical rails need material tensioners, you'll need to disassemble and reassemble. 2. The step to slide in the hanging brackets tell you to slide two brackets into the top rail and two brackets into the bottom rail, but not that the four brackets are very slightly different and it's important which rail you slide the brackets onto. If you realize this at the mounting step, you'll need to disassemble and reassemble, almost from the very beginning. 3. The step to connect the tensioning rods does not tell you which rods to connect. The rods are unlabeled, so you need to lay them out to see which ones go where. You probably won't screw this up, but it's work that could easily be avoided with just labeling the rods by length and then saying to connect rod type "a" to rod type "b". 4. The step to install the support bar comes after the screen has been stretched onto the material tensioners. The instructions don't tell you that you should not stretch onto the last tensioner around the middle, or else you won't be able to slide in the support bar. 5. The instructions don't tell you where to drill for the mounting brackets. You need to google around for that. . Yes, the instructions have cya step saying "read everything before starting" but unless if you've build one of these before, you're probably not going to realistically be able to catch problems before actually going through the motions. They are unacceptably bad instructions and the worst part is that they don't have to be. The instructions are the same for all 2 3/8' frames (e. G. 100', 106', 110', etc. ) - would it kill anyone to put in the effort to write slightly different instructions for different sizes? i was paranoid after installation because i had a handful of material tensioners left over but the installation instructions only give a count of tensioners as "number depends on screen size". The instructions are plain lazy. . So, 1/5 stars for the user experience because your time is worth something and spending 2 hours doing something that could have been done in 30 minutes if someone put some thought into the installation instructions is unacceptable. . 4. 5/5 stars for the product itself. - excellent image quality on the screen; texturing is not as bad as expected; no hotspotting noted. - manufacturing tolerances are a bit loose; one of my screws won't go all the way in because the hole in the joiner is slightly offset. But it doesn't appear to affect functionality and it's acceptable because. - the price is unbeatable. Even if i knew how to make a diy frame, i wouldn't. . Overall 3/5.
  • This stated ambient light rejecting but it not at all even after following all installation instructions.

silver ticket ultra hd ready cinema STR-169120-G Silver Ticket 4K Ultra HD Ready Cinema Format (6 Piece Fixed Frame) Projector Screen (16:9, 120", Grey Material) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I purchased the 120" acoustically transparent woven screen. I have only had it up for about 2 days now so i wanted to leave a review while everything is fresh on my mind. First off, for the money, it is an absolutely incredible value, especially if you go shop around for other screens. The assembly is not hard at all, though it does take a little bit of patience. When i first unboxed all of the parts my initial reaction was i was super impressed with the quality of it all considering it cost me $400. The metal frame is super hard and sturdy. The black velvet wrapping around it is super nice and clean, and the screen material is not some super thin, easy to rip material. For anyone looking at the acoustic woven screen, let me address the most common concern, loss of sound. To the human ear, there is zero. I was actually more concerned when i opened it to discover that there is actually a secondary black fabric that goes behind the white woven material. It is just like the material most floor speaker's fronts are covered in, but two layers? . I was worried. The truth is i actually watched movies for few weeks in the room on a tv, on a stand until i got the screen and projector up. So i know what it sounded like before and now, and there is zero difference. Okay so i guess with an sound measuring device, there may be a small decimal of loss, but your ears can not hear it and there is no muffling. The picture that shows up on the acoustic fabric is second to none. You dont even know it's perforated unless you are 1 ft from it. I would guess it will take most people 1 hr to assemble the frame and 25 minutes to mount the brackets and hang it. Now that i have done it once, i could do it all in 35 minutes or so. Note: i am using an optoma hd142x as the projector and the in wall speakers are all the polk rc line. I bought the entire set up on online store and the screen, projector, 3 speakers and the pw 505 sub, i have a home theater that is awesome to someone on a budget yet still appreciates good sound and image. I was in film school for 2 years so i have set in a lot of 20-30k dollar screening rooms, this is not that, but for 10% of the price, the difference is so minimal. It wows my kids, it wows my friends. When a decent 75 inch tv from sam's club cost $2, 000, i will take a true home theater over that any day.

Str-169120-g Silver Ticket 4k Ultra Hd Ready Cinema Format 6 Piece Fixed Frame Projector Screen 16:9, 120 , Grey Material
Click to see NoticeStr 169120 G Silver Ticket Cinema Projector (Office Products)"Excellent screen and easy build. I fixed some leds to the back. Keep them close to the inside so the lip doesn't cast a shadow where you want your light. I rigged up a suspension so i didn't have to fix it to a cement basement wall. Really helped with letting the leds do their thing. Led control zip tied to one of the included wall mounts. Ir hidden in the eyelet. No waves or wrinkles black velvet is very forgiving if you're not perfectly aligned. We love it!"

(0) Question: Str-1610139 projector screen (16:10, 139", white material) does anyone know the actual screen size on this model?

(1) Question: It's a bit late for me to ask this question because i already bought the white screen. will this look good with an epson home cinema 4000?

(2) Question: I am not sure if i should pick white or grey gain on white is 1. 1 and on grey is 1. 0. i will be installing screen in the basement

BenQ HT2050A 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector, 2200 Lumens, 96% Rec.709, 3D, 16ms Low Input Lag, 2D Keystone, HDMI

Display projection system: dlp native resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution support: vga(640 x 480) to wuxga rb(1920 x 1200) *rb reduced blanking brightness (ansi lumens): 2200 ansi lumens contrast ratio (fofo): 15000:1 display color: 1. 07 billion colors native aspect ratio: 16:9 light source: lamp light source wattage: 240w light source life: normal 3500 hours economic 5000 hours smarteco 7000 hours optical throw ratio: 1. 15 - 1. 5 (100" 8. 2ft) zoom ratio: 1. 3x lens: f/ 2. 59 - 2. 87, f 16. 88 - 21. 88 mm lens shift: vertical : +10% keystone adjustment: 2d, vertical & horizontal +/- 30 degrees projection offset: 105% 2. 5% clear image size (diagonal): 60" 180" image size: 30' 300' horizontal frequency: 15 - 102khz vertical scan rate: 23 - 120hz picture picture mode: bright / vivid tv / cinema / game / user 1 / user 2 / isf night / isf day / (3d) color wheel segment: 6-segment (rgbrgb) color wheel speed: 6x (50hz), 4x (60hz) rec. 709 coverage: 96% audio speaker: chamber speaker 10w x 1 interface pc (d-sub): 1 composite video in (rca): 1 component video in: 1 hdmi: 2 - hdmi-1 (1. 4a/hdcp1. 4), hdmi-2 (1. 4a/hdcp1. 4) usb type a: 1 - usb-1 (2. 0/ power suppy) usb (type mini b): 1 (service) audio in (3. 5mm mini jack): 1 audio l/r in (rca): 1 audio out (3. 5mm mini jack): 1 rs232 (db-9pin): 1 dc 12v trigger (3. 5mm jack): 1 ir receiver: 2 (front/top) security bar: 1 special feature isf night/ day: yes cinemamaster audio +: yes compatibility hdtv compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p video compatibility: ntsc, pal, secam, sdtv 3d compatibility : frame sequential: up to 720p frame packing: up to1080p side by side: up to 1080i/p top bottom: up to 1080p environment power supply: ac100 to 240v, 50 to 60 hz typical power consumption: 353w/110v standby power consumption: 0. 5w acoustic noise (typ. /eco. ): 29 / 27 db operating temperature: 0 40 dimension and weight dimensions (w x h x d)(mm): 380. 5 x 121. 7 x 277 mm net weight (lbs): 7. 27lbs) accessories included (standard) carton: yes remote control w/ battery: yes (rcv012) power cord (by region): yes user manual cd: yes quick start guide: yes warranty card (by region): yes lens cover: yes battery: yes

BenQ HT2050A 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector, 2200 Lumens, 96% Rec.709, 3D, 16ms Low Input Lag, 2D Keystone, HDMIBenQ-HT2050A-Theater-Projector-Keystone

Brand :    benq
Weight :    8.00 pounds
Model :    HT2050A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (benq product review) for BenQ HT2050A 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector, 2200 Lumens, 96% Rec.709, 3D, 16ms Low Input Lag, 2D Keystone, HDMI available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $629.00
  • Shorter throw: easy installation with 60"-180" screens, 1. 3x zoom, vertical lens shift, throw ratio of 1. 15-1. 5 (79" 6. 6ft)
  • Reliable brand: benq is the 1 best-selling dlp projector brand worldwide and comes with a 3 year warranty. adjust the focus of the lens using the focus ring for clear picture
  • Low input lag: 16ms for optimal gaming experience and 2d keystone for side projection
  • Energy efficient: smarteco technology for energy conservation, auto standby mode to save energy and prolong lamp life, lamp lasts up to 7, 000 hours
  • High resolution: 3d 1080p projector with ansi brightness of 2, 200 lumens, 15, 000:1 contrast, premium rgbrgb color wheel and isfccc certified calibration for day/night viewing

Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D Series, 120-inch 16:9, Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Edge Free Projection Projector Screen, AR120DHD3

Elite screens aeon series is an excellent addition for your next event or gathering. Designed with ease of use in mind, this impactful presentation piece quickly sets-up without the use of any tools! aeon series features include: stunning edge free design! lightweight and easy to assemble split aluminum frame. Includes wall mount brackets to ensure a secure and centered installation. Includes an ultra-thin trim as an installation option to further enhance the overall appearance. Industry surpassing warranty from elite screens, for a period of 2 years and 3 years for products purchased directly by educational, non-profit, religious or government organizations; an iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 optional led backlight kit with remote control - sold separately. Aeon series includes elite screens' cinewhite projection screen material which features: 180 wide viewing angle 1. 1 gain active 3d, 4k ultra hd, and hdr ready! works with regular, short or ultra short throw projectors full lambertian diffuser- no half gain drop. A multitude of sizes are available. Elite screens is focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices while offering exceptional service. Since 2004, elite screens has become a global leader in projection screen manufacturing through its headquarters in the us and branch offices in europe, japan, australia, india, taiwan, and china. With a focus on superior product and service, elite screens is dedicated to making projection screens for any projection environment. Ask about elite s 2-year warranty and 3-year enr-g enhanced warranty.

Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D Series, 120-inch 16:9, Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Edge Free Projection Projector Screen, AR120DHD3Elite-Screens-Aeon-CineGrey-120-inch

Brand :    elite screens
Color :    Grey
Size :    120-inch / 16:9
Weight :    29.30 pounds
Model :    AR120DHD3
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Aeon screen kits includes full installation kit with optional use ultra-thin bezel frame and sliding wall mount brackets for easy hanging and centering. available accessory, sold seperately: color changing led for halo glow effect, search model: zled92h1
  • 120-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio. view size: 58. 3" h x 104. 1" w. overall size: 59. 3" h x 104. 9" w x 1. 0" d.
  • 2-year / 3-year enr-g, manufactures warranty by elite screens' an iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 and lifetime tech support by email, web chat or toll free phone call by elite's professional service team.
  • Stunning award winning edge free design, lightweight and easy to assemble 6-piece split aluminum frame with all installation and hanging hardware. view set-up / installation videos provided by elite screens website.
  • Screen material: cinegrey 3d, angular-reflective material with ambient light rejecting technology features a 90 viewing angle with 1. 2 gain. isf certified for accurate color and range, 8k - 4k ultra hd & active 3d ready and polarized for passive 3d. greenguard and greenguard gold ul 2818 certified for safety indoor emissions free
Price :    $480.00 (was $717.28)
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (elite screens product review) for Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D Series, 120-inch 16:9, Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Edge Free Projection Projector Screen, AR120DHD3 available ( Apr 2020 )

STR-MOUNTSB Silver Ticket Products LCD/DLP Low Profile Universal Projector Mount 3 Low Profile

The universal projector mount by silver ticket products is a durable, well-designed, adjustable projector mount intended to fit all types of both old and new projectors. Its simple design is intended to provide a stable, safe way for you to mount your projector exactly where you need it. This mount features adjustable extension arms that are compatible with mounting patterns up to 9. 625" x 9. 625". The universal projector mount comes in three models, each with different vertical extension heights, so choose the one that is just right for your application. This mount is crafted from high-grade steel for powerful durability at an affordable price. The universal projector mount includes four extendable, swiveling, spider-type arms for completely universal mounting capability. Easily position your projector with the tool-less tilt-adjustment knob and tool-less washer and thumb-screw vertical extension adjustment. The universal projector mount allows steady, secure placement of any projector from 2. 75" to 3". Full 360 degrees rotation and 15 degrees tilt adjustment allows for perfect alignment of your projector. Servicing your projector is simple with the tool-less quick-release system. This projector mount is the perfect choice for any setting - whether it is a classroom, boardroom, home theater, or anywhere else you may need to install a projector. Choose this projector mount from silver ticket products. You'll be glad you did! included in the box:1 x universal projector mount with 2. 75" to 3" vertical extension, ceiling plate, and hardware1 x quick start guide

STR-MOUNTSB Silver Ticket Products LCD/DLP Low Profile Universal Projector Mount 3 Low ProfileSTR-MOUNTSB-Silver-Ticket-Products-Universal

Brand :    silver ticket products
Size :    3" Low Profile
  • Height adjusts from 2. 75" to 3"; 15 degree tilt, 360 degree rotation lets you align your projector like a professional.
  • (recommended) watch the step-by-step video guide on manufacturers website
  • Durable, black, steel construction is built to last.
  • The included washer and thumb-screw adjustment allows tool-less, no-slip alignment of any projector.
  • Completely universal design includes four versatile, extendable arm components.
Price :    $19.88
Model :    STR-MOUNTSB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Office Sale :    Best Office Sales (silver ticket products product review) for STR-MOUNTSB Silver Ticket Products LCD/DLP Low Profile Universal Projector Mount 3 Low Profile available ( Apr 2020 )

BenQ HT3050 HD 1080p 3D Home Theater Projector RGBRGB Color Wheel, Rec. 709 Color, All Glass Lens

Great projector. The rec. 709 is spot on after doing my own calibration on user1. This for those who don't want to fool with calibrating except for a fewer minor setting. Also for those that want to go the wireless hdmi route, it has a compartment for the $400 wireless hdmi kit. In my personal opinion the picture just seems brighter and better than its little brother the ht2050.

Display projection system: dlp native resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution support: vga(640 x 480) to wuxga rb (1920 x 1200) *rb reduced blanking brightness (ansi lumens): 2000 ansi lumens contrast ratio (fofo): 15000:1 display color: 1. 07 billion colors native aspect ratio: 16:9 light source: lamp light source wattage: 240w light source life: normal 3500 hours economic 5000 hours smarteco 7000 hours optical throw ratio: 1. 15 - 1. 5 (100" 8. 2ft) zoom ratio: 1. 3x lens: f/ 2. 59 - 2. 87, f 16. 88 - 21. 88 mm lens shift: vertical : +10% keystone adjustment: 2d, auto vertical & manual horizontal 30 degree projection offset: 105% 2. 5% clear image size (diagonal): 60" 180" image size: 30' 300" horizontal frequency: 15 - 102khz vertical scan rate: 23 - 120hz picture picture mode: bright/vivid/cinema (rec. 709)/game/user 1/user 2/isf night/isf day/3d color wheel segment: 6-segment (rgbrgb) color wheel speed: 6x (50hz), 4x (60hz) rec. 709 coverage: 100% dci-p3 coverage: 81% audio speaker: chamber speaker 10w x 2 interface pc (d-sub): 1 composite video in (rca): 1 component video in: 1 hdmi: 3 hdmi-1 (1. 4a/mhl/hdcp1. 4) hdmi-2 (1. 4a/mhl/hdcp1. 4) hdmi-3 (1. 4a/hdcp1. 4) usb type a: 1, usb-1 (2. 0/ power suppy) usb type b: 1 usb type mini b: 1 (service), 1 (power supply for wdp02) audio in (3. 5mm mini jack): 1 audio l/r in (rca): 1 audio out (3. 5mm mini jack): 1 rs232 (db-9pin): 1 dc 12v trigger (3. 5mm jack): 1 ir receiver: 2 (front/top) security bar: 1 special feature isf night/ day: yes compatibility hdtv compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p video compatibility: ntsc, pal, secam, sdtv 3d compatibility : frame sequential: up to 720p frame packing: up to1080p side by side: up to 1080i/p top bottom: up to 1080p power power supply: ac100 to 240v, 50 to 60 hz typical power consumption: 353w standby power consumption: 0. 5w acoustic noise (typ. /eco. ): 29 / 27 db operating temperature: 0 40 dimension and weight dimensions (w x h x d)(mm): 380. 5 x 121. 7 x 277 net weight (lbs): 7. 93 accessories included (standard) carton: yes remote control w/ battery: yes (rcv012) power cord (by region): yes user manual cd: yes quick start guide: yes warranty card (by region): yes lens cover: yes battery: yes

BenQ HT3050 HD 1080p 3D Home Theater Projector RGBRGB Color Wheel, Rec. 709 Color, All Glass LensBenQ-HT3050-Theater-Projector-RGBRGB

Benq Ht3050 Theater Projector Rgbrgb (Video Device) FAQ.

Ive spent days and days researching projectors. I looked at lumens, throw ratios, bulbs, you name it. I probably spent about 3 weeks straight looking for the best projector $1, 000 can buy. I watch movies, anime, and play videogames. So my search was narrowed between this, and the benq 2150st. I have a small room and i was afraid the ht3050 wouldn't cover the wall like i wanted it to. I have the projector set back at about 13ft. After much review, tech support, pictures, youtube reviews, etc, i chose the ht3050. Im very happy with my choice. I have about a 156" super clear display at about 13ft. The benefit of the 2150st was the low latency in gaming lag. Well, the first time i played my xboxone through the ht3050, i noticed no lag whatsoever. The picture quality on this thing is astounding. Every color is vivid and colorful. There are no rainbow effects. No lag between frame rates. If you are debating between this one and another projector in this price range, i guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with this projector. I have it in eco mode and the picture quality literally didn't even seem to diminish. So im' getting a lot more lamp life out of an amazing looking projector. -Notice from C. Whiteman, Wyoming

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Great product, currently have tilted up due to location, works great, the keystone adjustments work very well. When switching between eco modes for the lamp, even the most economical setting still looks great. I do everything on it, playstation 4, chromecast, wii u, and 3d bluray.

Benq-ht3050-theater-projector-rgbrgb-(video-device) set picture

- V. PatriciaGreat projector, have had it for about a month and have had no issues

Great picture. The $249. 00 replacement lamps are going to really add up though. But then i was figuring on buying a 75+ inch flat panel at $2500++ so the difference in tv cost will buy a fair number of lamps.

R. Melissa, Darlington

Brand :    benq
Color :    Gray/white
Weight :    7.93 pounds
Model :    HT3050
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Energy efficient projector: includes smarteco technology for energy conservation and auto standby mode to save energy and prolong lamp life; lamp lasts up to 7, 000 hours
  • Big screen short throw projector: 100" image from just 8. 4' easy installation and setup with a diagonal screen size of 60" - 180", 1. 3x zoom, vertical lens shift and a throw ratio of 1. 15 - 1. 5 (79" 2m). big zoom:1. 3:1(3. 3mm)
  • Cinematic experience: the exact color palette used by hollywood studios featuring 15, 000:1 contrast, premium rgbrgb color wheel and isfccc certified rec. 709 cinematic color reproduction
  • Quiet projector: whisper quiet operation, with the lowest fan noise in its class allows viewers to hear the movie, not the projector
  • Included: 100% rec. 709 calibration report. reliable brand: benq is the 1 best-selling dlp projector brand worldwide with 1 year warranty for parts and labor.
Price :    $799.00
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (benq product review) for BenQ HT3050 HD 1080p 3D Home Theater Projector RGBRGB Color Wheel, Rec. 709 Color, All Glass Lens available ( Apr 2020 )

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector

Ok i gave it 5 stars but it really should be 4, the extra star is due to the value proposition overall and because it was the first. . Pros. Amazing colors. Bright enough to use with a bit of ambient light. Quiet like a whisper. Lens cover tied to lense. . Cons. Bad black levels for the price and thus contrast ratio. Cheap plastic and very cheep feeling controls ( focus, zoom etc ). Light bleeds from the vents. Non-uniform focus ( if you focus the top left, bottom right becomes just a bit out of focus ) this is only really a minor problem when use use it for pc/text. Blue tinge to sometimes comes in scenes with white highlights. . Overall i am still happy to have a 4k projector with such colors at this price point, if there is only one thing i can ask for it would be better blacks.

Uhd60 is a state of the art 4k ultra high definition (uhd) projector for home cinema and home theater capable of delivering ultra sharp images with a high level of detail and breathtaking color. With 4 times the pixels of 1080p, an ultra high resolution of 3840x2160, 3000 lumens, 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio, high dynamic range in the form of hdr10, vertical lens shift and a massive 1. 6x zoom, the optima uhd60 has been engineered to deliver the ultimate 4k uhd home viewing experience. Incorporating ultra hd 4k resolution it brings content to life with thrilling detail, colour and contrast for a stunningly immersive experience. The optima uhd60 is powered by a revolutionary texas instruments 4k dlp uhd chipset with a high performance dmd utilizing xpr video processing technology with fast switching to display 8. 3 million distinct pixels as mandated by the consumer technology association s 4k uhd 2160p specification. The uhd60 can project 4k uhd images up to 140 inches, allowing viewers to be in optimum viewing area to enjoy all 4k uhd pixels, from a distance of up to 16 feet. The average 50-65 inch 4k uhd tv simply cannot match this, as viewers typically sit further away from their tv than the optimum viewing area of 6-9 feet. High dynamic range is the true star of the 4k uhd show, leveraging rec. 2020 and dci-p3 color gamut's to deliver bright and luminous whites, the deepest black levels, and beautiful, life-like, real world color that was previously only possible on the big screen at the movies. A generous 15% vertical lens shift and 1. 6x optical zoom provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of installation location within any home, while dual 4w stereo speakers generate audio that is loud and crisp. The lamp life on the uhd60 is a robust 10, 000 hours in eco mode and 15, 000 hours in dynamic mode.

Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater ProjectorOptoma-UHD60-Definition-Theater-Projector

Optoma Uhd60 4k Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector (Video Device) FAQ.

What a wonderful shocker! i thought it would be another couple of years waiting. Wait no more. Reasonable $ 4k uhd hdr is here, now, today. Go get it. Order it. It's a no-brainer. Christmas in june. "yes virginia, there is a santa claus! " -Notice from J. Nees, Oxfordshire

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I got my uhd60 earlier this week. I had the optoma hd37 1080p projector before this one. The difference is night and day. . First thing that struck me was that the uhd60 is pretty big. Honestly i was hoping for a bit smaller. Hopefully future generations of this product will yield a physically smaller case. . The first time i turned it on, aligned it and fired up a 4k blu-ray, i was extremely pleased. Optoma really did hit it out of the park with this one. The pq rivals your local cinema. Very sharp, clear and bright. I had to actually step down to eco mode because the picture was a bit too bright. I did notice that sdr and hdr have different picture settings so you will need to calibrate both. . The blacks could be better. I will say, however, the dynamic black setting works pretty darn good. I never liked using that setting on previous projectors. On the uhd60, the dynamic black setting works perfectly and definitely helps with the black level without losing too much dark picture content. . The build quality on the case seems pretty cheap. Flimsy plastic door, knobs and buttons. It doesn t really take away from the performance but still, it s easy to tell where optoma cut corners. . This projector is whisper quiet. I am sitting about 4 feet below the projector and can barely hear the fan. . As i mentioned earlier, 4k blu-rays looks great. 4k content from netflix looks pretty good as well. Regular blu-rays also benefit greatly. Much smoother, detailed picture than on a 1080p projector. . I didn t have any issues with setup. My projector shoots just below the top of the screen but i was still able to achieve and perfectly aligned picture using the offset. It s tight but in my case, it works. . Sdr to hdr conversion is horrible. I don t plan on using it. The colors become too bright and the rainbow effect is horrible. . Haven t tried gaming yet but i m also not anal about lag so i couldn t tell you about that anyway. . Overall, very much worth the money. I am simply amazed at what optoma has done here at this price point. . Edit july 8, 2017 - just thought i would add a few things here since i've had this projector for almost a week. I did discover that any copper cable over 25 feet would not pass 4k hdr. I needed to purchase the ruipro fiber hdmi cable. It's expensive but it works. 4k hdr requires a ton of data and copper just doesn't work if the cable is too long. If you do use fiber hdmi, just be sure you have the ends connected correctly. One end must be on the projector and the other at the source material. It won't work the other way around.

Optoma-uhd60-4k-ultra-high-definition-home-theater-projector-(video-device) set picture

- U. KristenDue to not one but two sony 4k blu-ray units not syncing 4k video, i very nearly abandoned my quest for a 4k update. A samsung ubd-k8500 4k uhd blu-ray player rescued my installation. What a difference! if your existing high def setup does not include the hdmi 2. 0 and hdcp 2. 2 capability, you have to buy a new a/v receiver, blu-ray player and the 4k projector (or tv). I am glad i waited until prices started coming down. . Color saturation, resolution, and hdr are beautiful from this projector to a 90" screen.

I am super excited to have a 4k project to watch movies with my family. The image quality is fantastic. I have this setup in my basement with blackout currents (so low ambient light). The project is super bright under those conditions. Setup took a bit to get the image right, but once i did i could not be happier.

K. Wimbish, Hamburg

Price :    $1649.95 (was $1678.37)
  • Vertical lens shift and 1. 6x zoom provide an intuitive and flexible installation
  • Dynamic black delivers 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional black levels. displayable colors: 1073. 4 million, aspect ratio: 16:9 native, 4:3 compatible
  • Hdmi 2. 0 and hdcp 2. 2 deliver a full 18gbps for the best 4k uhd video bandwidth, image quality and device compatibility
  • Hdr-compatible - hdr10 produces the brightest whites, deepest blacks, and life-like color due to the rec. 2020 wide color gamut and dci-p3 color gamut compatibility
  • True 4k uhd 3840x2160 2160p resolution, bright 3000 lumens, and cinematic color with rec. 709. keystone not supported
Brand :    optoma
Color :    WHITE
Weight :    16.00 pounds
Model :    UHD60
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (optoma product review) for Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector available ( Apr 2020 )

Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD Home Theater Projector 4K Enhancement, HDR10, 100% Balanced Color White Brightness Ultra Wide DCI-P3 Color Gamut

I love this product. Bought it on impulse and didn t realize how much i spend until writing this review.

Get exceptional, color-rich performance and stunning detail with the home cinema 4000. Epson pro-uhd 3lcd home theater projectors deliver a groundbreaking combination of color, contrast and resolution for the ultimate entertainment experience. Every detail comes alive with 4k enhancement technology (1), which accepts 4k uhd content and upscales non-4k content. An advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd design means no color wheel, white segment or rainbow effect. With hdr10 (2) and l*a*b* ultra wide color gamut, movies look extraordinary. Plus, get 100% balanced color brightness, with 2, 200 lumens equal color/white brightness (4), and a rich black contrast ratio up to 140, 000:1. 1. 4k enhancement technology (4ke) shifts each pixel diagonally to double full hd resolution. Resolution is full hd in 3d mode. 2. Hdr performance available with select devices. For more information, see our official site. 3. Entire dci color space can be displayed in digital cinema mode only. 4. Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. Color light output measured in accordance with idms 15. 4; white light output measured in accordance with iso 21118. 5. For convenient and reasonable recycling options, visit our official site. 6. Smartway is an innovative partnership of the u. S. Environmental protection agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD Home Theater Projector 4K Enhancement, HDR10, 100% Balanced Color White Brightness Ultra Wide DCI-P3 Color GamutEpson-Home-Cinema-4000-Enhancement

Epson Home Cinema 4000 Enhancement (Video Device) FAQ.

Great projector that presents a fantastic image for the price. Automated lens controls are great addition. It is loud when first turned on but is barely noticeable after the warm up cycle. It is a big box in comparison to others i have seen. Would buy again. -Notice from H. Mahood, Poole

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Recently i had the opportunity to review the epson home cinema 4000 4ke video projector. Seeing that as part of our homeschool coop the kids do presentations sometimes i thought it would be great to have in order to project their presentation on the wall that was before we realized the size of this particular projector. After selecting the product to review, my husband and i discovered the size it would be . And he was laughing while saying there is no way you will be carrying this around! you see this particular projector is big and weight over 11 kg. So yes it was indeed out of question for carrying to coop. . So we were debating what to do . Maybe i should just forget about it. But hubby decided to go check in the basement with one of our boys to determine if it was feasible to remove the television and install this beast on the ceiling. They came back upstairs with a decision we will install it at the ceiling. . So when i got the epson home cinema 4000 4ke we waited about a week before testing it. Not at the ceiling mind you that will be done sometimes hopefully in december. But we have a foldup table and installed it on the back of our sofa. . Wow! the colors are absolutely stunning. The resolution on this projector is absolutely amazing. . In our living we currently have a 60 television on the wall. We were able to bring the size to 120 on the perpendicular wall. If we would bring the projector closer to the back wall of the room, we would be able to have a bigger area covered on the wall. Nevertheless, looking at a movie on a size of 120 is fabulous. Note that our walls have a light yellow color so it isn t necessary to have a white wall in order to see the colors properly. I mean lighting mcqueen was at his best on the wall of our living room! and our living room is fairly small but the capacity of coverage from the projector made it feel like a small private theater. . This particular project also comes with a smart motorized lens which allows you to adjust the lense in order to have the biggest, straightest and most amazing view for your movie. . Needless to say that we are very impressed with the projector. However, i need to highlight a few things about it if you will consider to get one. . 1) it does not come with speakers so you will need a different system to handle your sound. . 2) if you desire to install it at the ceiling, you will have to purchase a ceiling bracket. . 3) keep in mind that you may have to spend some money to hire an electrician to set up an electrical outlet for the device at the ceiling. Never do this kind of job yourself . . So we are very pleased with the quality of this epson home cinema 4000 projector. Now we only have to find the time to install it at the ceiling after we have purchase a ceiling bracket and got an electrical outlet installed. We have a few expenses to do for installing it but when it will be done i think it will be amazing in our basement area.

Epson-home-cinema-4000-enhancement-(video-device) set picture

- C. WidmerWonderful projector. We had a epson 3020 prior to this. While that projector was great, the hc4000 is incredible. Super clear, bright picture. 4k material look absolutely flawless. Very very happy with this purchase. 3d is awesome with this projector. Although not 100% 4k i doubt many could tell the difference. I recommend this to all.

This is a great projector for challenging installation location. This replaces a epson powerlite home cinema 8350. Epson does a great job with the optics for many different installation options. In my case my project needs to be ceiling mounted off to the side. This requires both horizontal and vertical lens shift and a good zoom for mounting it 10. 5 feet from the screen. The upgrade in black levels and contrast are very noticeable. Going from 50, 000:1 to 140, 000:1 contrast ratio is very noticeable. The hdr performance was a bit subdued bordering on dark until i upgraded to a new firmware version that made the digital cinema mode excellent with auto(bright) dynamic mode. Prior to this update this mode with hdr content was too dark. I used to have to watch with bight cinema mode, which has the downside of putting the projector in high power mode which causes the fan to be very loud. For quiet content this was problematic, but with normal content the noise is not too bad, and that is saying a lot considering the projector is only a few feet from the viewing position. Bright cinema still does give a little bit more punch when watching with ambient light, but dynamic mode actually is better in most cases for ambient light. I am feeding this projector with a sony ubp-x800 4k uhd blu-ray player. This provides me excellent 4k hdr blu-ray playback capability as well as 4k streaming from online store and netflix. Both streaming and physical media playback are excellent and it even does a good job upscaling 1080p and 480i content. I have played with switching off the 4k enhancement for 1080p content, but i found that the 4k enhancement in most cases does improve image sharpness for non 4k content. I am particularly impressed with the 4k hdr blu-ray of blade runner and blade runner 2049. Both really benefit from the hdr. What i really light about this projector hdr performance is that is feels natural and not overly saturated and fake like many 4k hdr tv's i have seen in the stores and those do not provide anything afford in terms of theater like experience. I have this projecting onto a 92 inch screen. For a while i had this projector an 102 inch image on the wall, but decided for my viewing distance of only 10 feet that the screen was too big. When you look up the thx recommended viewing angle of 36 degrees, 90 inches is actually the ideal size. With the bigger screen i did find myself moving head a bit when watching.

. Pete, Windsor and Maidenhead

Price :    $1799.00
  • Hdr10 (2) high dynamic range and rich black contrast - full 10-bit color output and a contrast ratio up to 140, 000:1 deliver an extraordinary range of color and detail in both bright and dark scenes.
  • Epson pro-uhd with 4k enhancement technology (1) - accepts 4k uhd content and upscales non-4k content to deliver amazing lifelike images with resolution that exceeds full hd.
  • L*a*b* ultra wide color gamut - delivers 100% of the 3 dimensional dci-p3 color gamut (3), the digital cinema standard, with 50% wider color gamut than rec. 709.
  • Advanced, 3-chip, 3lcd design - 3lcd technology ensures no color wheel, no white segment and no rainbow effect.
  • 100% balanced color brightness - 2, 200 lumens of equal color and white brightness (4) for vibrant, rich color, even in rooms with ambient light.
Brand :    epson
Weight :    24.30 pounds
Model :    Home Cinema 4000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Video Device (epson product review) for Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD Home Theater Projector 4K Enhancement, HDR10, 100% Balanced Color White Brightness Ultra Wide DCI-P3 Color Gamut available ( Apr 2020 )

Elite Screens Sable Frame B2, 120-INCH Diag. 16:9, Active 3D 4K / 8K Ultra HD Fixed Frame Home Theater Projection Projector Screen Kit, SB120WH2

I'm not an expert but this is the second home theater system i've set up. First time was using a 90" carada screen with excellent quality. This time the budget was a little tighter so i shopped a bit more. After reading the overwhelmingly positive reviews of this screen combined with online store's policies i decided to try saving 70%. Glad i did because after assembly of the quality parts and looking at the projection the only difference i can see is the money in my bank account.

Elite screens sable frame b2 series is an exclusive to online store product - manufactured with the highest of standards and in the most popular sizes allowing us to pass the savings onto you! sable frame b2 is great for any video presentation and is perfect for home, business or office environments. Series features include: stylish black velvet covered frame spring tension for the ultimate flatness installation hardware included industry surpassing warranty from elite screens, for a period of 2 years and 3 years for products purchased directly by educational, non-profit, religious or government organizations; an iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 sable frame b2 series includes elite screens' cinewhite front projection screen material which features: 160 wide viewing angle 1. 1 gain full lambertian diffuser- no half gain drop active 3d, 4k ultra hd, and hdr ready! black backed for a bright image works with regular, short or ultra short throw projectors elite screens is focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices while offering exceptional service. Since 2004, elite screens has grown to become a global leader in projection screen manufacturing through its headquarters in the us and worldwide branches.

Elite Screens Sable Frame B2, 120-INCH Diag. 16:9, Active 3D 4K / 8K Ultra HD Fixed Frame Home Theater Projection Projector Screen Kit, SB120WH2Elite-Screens-Sable-Frame-120-INCH

Elite Screens Sable Frame 120 Inch (sb120wh2) FAQ.

This screen is awesome. I was a little hesitant to buy a screen that was priced so low compared to my last screen that i paid over $700 for. This screen is incredible easy to assemble from the frame to the screen material. I assembled by myself in about 1 hour. Instructions were perfect and everything needed was included. I highly recommend this product. -Notice from W. Hadley, Southampton

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It was time consuming and hard to assemble the screen. The stretching with the metal spring and hook-up took most time.

Elite-screens-sable-frame-120-inch-(sb120wh2) set picture

- V. AudreyNow that we've had this screen for several months i gotta say it's amazing! we had a small issue where some springs were missing in the kit. We called and they rushed delivered a few extra springs for us. We use this screen in an enclosed room with no windows and it looks amazing. It was pretty easy to set up. One thing i like the is the black felt surrounding the white screen which allows you to enlarge the image without fear of seeing the image spilling over into the borders. This allows you to fill the screen 100% while maintaining fairly liberal alignment tolerances. Can't recomend this screen enough!

Great quality and value on this screen. Easy to assemble and install. I highly recommend this screen for home theaters

N. Wimbish, Corse

Brand :    elite screens
Color :    CineWhite
Size :    120" Diagonal, 16:9
Weight :    28.70 pounds
Model :    SB120WH2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Ce Accessory (elite screens product review) for Elite Screens Sable Frame B2, 120-INCH Diag. 16:9, Active 3D 4K / 8K Ultra HD Fixed Frame Home Theater Projection Projector Screen Kit, SB120WH2 available ( Apr 2020 )
Price :    $215.60 (was $265.04)
  • Screen material: cinewhite, 1. 1 gain. 4k ultra hd and active 3d projection ready. features 160 degree viewing angle with fully black backed front projection screen material. mildew resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water. compatible with standard, short throw, uhd/hd projectors.
  • 2. 75" light weigt aluminum frame with dense black velvet finish made to absorb projector overshoot while increases picture contrast for a polished theater like experience.
  • 120-inch diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio. view size: 59. 0" h x 104. 7" w. overall size: 63. 5" h x 109. 3" w x 1. 6" d. black velvet frame.
  • 2-year / 3-year enr-g, manufactures warranty by elite screens' an iso9001 manufacturer since 2004 and lifetime tech support by email, web chat or toll free phone call by elite's professional service team.
  • Easily sets up via the tensioned rod and spring system - comes with everything you need including the sliding wall brackets, drywall anchors, and screws

str-169120-g silver ticket 4k ultra hd ready cinema format 6 piece fixed frame projector screen 16:9, 120 , grey material Price : 276, was : 299 as 2018-12-05
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for str-169120-g silver ticket 4k ultra hd ready cinema format 6 piece fixed frame projector screen 16:9, 120 , grey material

Replaced an older silver screen made by one of the best in the business (and costing hundreds and hundreds more) with this screen. I couldn't be more happy with the results. Old screen was excellent for my dim projector 12 years ago, but couldn't handle the lumens of the sony 55es i purchased last fall. I started looking for a replacement and found silver ticket. After reading so many positive reviews here and on home theater sites, i decided to give silver ticket a try. . Everything about the experience just worked. Packaging was well executed, printed instructions and web-based instructions/videos were extremely useful and all i needed to get the screen together and installed - correctly - the first time. Build quality was excellent and everything went together as it should. Took some time to get the shipping wrinkles out (hair dryer), but once done, it was crisp and smooth as a snare drum head. A couple of questions i had before and after buying were answered in only a few business hours - responsiveness and clarity of answers were both excellent. One piece of advice - don't try to install a screen this large yourself. Have a helper. With my 16 year old son helping, it was a breeze. . One installation tip: use blue painter's tape on the wall across the whole width where you want to put in your mounting screws. Once you find and mark your studs (on the tape), start on one side and with the longest level you have, mark the "level" line with a sharpie. Check it and re-do it if you need to. Double-check it by measuring the distance from the ceiling to your drill spots, but trust the level line (ceilings and walls are not always 100% plumb). For the lower holes, repeat the process with a level line down the stud to the correct distance for mounting. Drop in your screws, peel off the tape and its all over but the hanging. Easy-peasey. . Highly recommended - insane value for the money. Oh, and my new projector looks incredible on this screen. Bravo, silver ticket! i'd buy this again in a heartbeat if something happened to the screen.

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(0) Question: Hi does this screen comes with hardwares or mounts to hang it on the wall?

(1) Question: I will be sitting about 16-17 away. will i be able to see the weave w/ acoustically transparent screen?

(2) Question: How easy is the assembly? how much time needed for a first timer?

(3) Question: Would this screen work good in a completely dark room. im getting 33 foot lamberts from a 1. 1 gain white screen.

(4) Question: My frame was a bit twisted (four corners are not in a same plane). how do i fix it?

(5) Question: Can one person mount it or do i need two people

(6) Question: Can you clean it

(7) Question: I have a epson 3600e, white ceiling and light walls. would the grey help or not make much of a difference. the 3600 has good lumens at 2500.

(8) Question: Trying to decide between the white and gray. the room is in the basement with no windows. will i miss out on the blacks for movies if i choose white?

(9) Question: Can the edge be trimmed with a razor or table saw? i only have 84" to work with, it states that it needs 84. 75"

(10) Question: How do these screens look during the day? is there a certain projector that is great during both day and night?

(11) Question: Can you give us the exact box dimensions. i'm from another country and we need to estimate the shipping cost. thanks

(12) Question: Can the center support rod be moved to the left or right to accomadate behind screen speaker placement?

(13) Question: Can i position speakers behind it and get sound across the other side?

(14) Question: What is the size of the drill bit to mount the screen? will 1/4" work?

(15) Question: Can this be used outdoors

(16) Question: White vs grey for living room with black out curtains, use mainly at night. i have a white pull down now that works well in another room.

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I'm not one to write a lot of reviews, but this screen is really awesome. I had an order for a $2, 000 screen from a big custom place and was looking at ways to cut the budget back on something so i could upgrade the projector. . Assembly was not difficult but was new to me, so it took me a bit of extra time to make sure i had it right. There is a time-lapse video of the company setting one up and they claim it takes 17 minutes. Not so sure about that. But it was not difficult. Instructions were written in asia by an engineer there, not very usa friendly, but i figured it out. . I really wish they took the time to make the instructions for exactly each unit they sell. This was a general set of instructions for all "thin bezel" frames. They ask you to take these plastic pieces and insert into the track frame and "the number of pieces you need on each side is on the frame. Guess what - it was not! i made a "best guess" and was over one piece per side. Trouble is: you only know that after the dang thing is all assembled and firmly set in place. So i tried to just move on and see if it would work, and it did. You stretch the screen material over the metal frame pieces and these white knobs hook snap over them to create the tension for the screen. . Overall, 5 stars for saving me over $1, 500! really incredible product for the price.

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The screen is beautiful. Everything is very high quality and it was not very hard to set up. I would recommend having a mallet to help with the tension rod, but other than that, a breeze. Picture looks fantastic on it. The grey material helps when you can't really get the room totally dark. It's not as bright as white, but it helps with contrast with some light pollution. . Quick story/warning/praise for the screen: i hung it on the only wall it would fit on- marble tile in the living room. Found out shortly after the attached photos that the stuff was hung pretty shoddily. So the wall. Shifted a bit. I had used industrial strength velcro to hang the screen which worked like a charm for the wall. (caution) the sliding hooks for hanging were so slick (some sort of coating? ) that the velcro tape just popped off after maybe a day. The velcro i used is really strong stuff. The tape just popped off and was super sticky still. Rectified by sanding hooks lightly and applying a small amount of super glue before placing the velcro tape back on to the sliding hooks. So here's where i'm going to praise this screen's durability- it had fallen forward into the mic stand for my pc in the first picture. It was leaning on two things: 1. Mic stand. 2. Receiver. Both left huge divots in the screen. I came home from work one day and my stomach dropped. I thought it was destroyed. I had to take care of a bunch of stuff that day, so i didn't have time to think of a solution. Ended up leaving the screen on the wall on the right. Left it for 24hrs . When i came back around to it, i was going to try a heat gun, warm it up and hope the stretchy screen would bounce back. No need. The screen had returned to normal. Like 100%. Had one of my friends look for the blemishes in the daylight and he couldn't find them. I was even pointing out the spots. 5/5 for durability! . . Overall awesome projector screen. You get what you pay for.

. Diana, Staffordshire

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. Arnett, Tameside says

99% perfect, an amazing value. 120" screen for $250. . There was a small scuff on the vinyl, about 4" x 0. 5" but it was not visible from the 12 foot viewing distance so i'm satisfied. There was a single 5 mm cutout missing for one of the notches. Some reviewers have had entire edges without cutouts. I thought the single missing cutout wasn't needed but then i could tell dimples were visible when looking at the screen so i used an x-acto knife to make a single cutout for the missing notch and the dimples disappeared. . You can tell the people who made this are home theater buffs. I built my own screen out of wood and blackout cloth but this is better because it's aluminum which makes it lightweight and sturdy. The vinyl screen produces good image quality comparable to blackout cloth. . The center bar was a challenge to put in but i had a second person help me. I would recommend a second person so you have an extra set of eyes to ensure safe and proper construction. One wrong move and the vinyl screen can get ripped. . Thank you for producing such a high quality product at an affordable price.

W. Colleen, Redcar and Cleveland

This screen is awesome. I bought the 120" acoustically transparent screen. The construction took about 1 hour and the springs that tension the screen work very well. I had a question about the brackets and thought they didn't send me the correct hardware. I contacted support for silver ticket and they replied right away on a saturday night. It wasn't their issue i just misunderstood the how to insert the brackets. I thought the screws were too small for the bracket. The frame acts as a washer and the brackets go inside the frame. There is a piece of black fabric that comes with the screen and i wish they would have a better way to attache it to the back of the screen. It helps with reflection and our screen definitely needed it. We have speakers installed behind the screen and they sound amazing through the screen. Our av guys said he is impressed by the qualilty and price of this screen i would definitely recommend it.

A. Lynette, Thurrock says

Found that usually the screens are priced from 100 - 300, but when the size cross 150', the price go upward exponentially. After buying a returning another brand screen ($1000, taking a hit of $175 return shipping fee), finally gave silver ticket (175') a try and boy, it turned out to be the best! it's priced reasonable and the build quality is excellent. It's a bit on the heavier side, so you really need to plan the mounting options, locations (studs), levels. Etc and prepare well . Initial frame assembly was easy. The only comparatively difficult areas were stretching the screen (did it alone, maybe cool with 2 ppl doin it) and putting the 2 support vertical bars towards the end of the assembly - had to use hammer and woke up everyone in the home :). Ultimately, the final results were amazing. I have an almost wall to wall screen which looks marvelous. Currently on 1080p and ready for 4k next year when the projector prices comes to a reasonable figure. Attached pic.

. Noguera, Oldham

If you have shopped for screens you likely already know there is a huge disparity in pricing, and there are a lot of options to choose from. Some people try to get by with a smooth wall painted white while others buy some fabric and construct a custom solution. However there are drawbacks to these options and you'll likely never get as clear and crisp of a picture as you would with a true screen. Since prices have come down considerably in recent years, you would be hard pressed to design and build anything of comparable quality for less money than simply purchasing one of these silver ticket screens. Yes you can spend much, much more you could even spend more than $2, 000 for the same size screen if you really wish, but i doubt you would find the final result any more gratifying. In fact i ve read reviews elsewhere that compared much more expensive screens to this one and found the silver ticket screen was just as good if not better for a fraction of the price. As the saying goes why pay more? . . Before purchasing my screen, i opted to project onto the wall to get a feel for what size would work best in my room. I used painters tape to mark the corners of the projected image and then measured to determine the appropriate screen size. I'd highly recommend this option since it allows you to get a feel for the optimal solution for your specific room factoring in speaker placement, distance to projector, obstructions etc. You also need to accommodate the size of the border so pay close attention to not only the dimensions of the screen, but also the overall dimensions including the frame to ensure everything fits as you intend. . When i received my screen and started unpacking it i quickly realized i had made a good choice. The extruded aluminum rails are very robust and do not flex at all. The felt covering is perfectly flat and smooth. Assembly instructions are simple and to the point, but youtube videos are available if you are more of a visual learner. I had the advantage of a flat ping pong table (covered with a blanket) to use for assembly but an open area of carpeting would work as well. All of the assembly hardware was high quality and made this a snap. They also provided a few extra screen clips and at least one extra assembly screw just in case. Initially i was concerned that the two piece rails for the top and bottom would be a weak point, but once assembled this is not a concern as those rails are laser straight. Also, the joint in the rails is effectively invisible due to the felt on the rails themselves if you didn t know that joint was there, you would never see it so it turned out to be a non-issue. The tensioning system left the screen completely taught with zero ripples or waves - however if there were minor indentations on the screen material itself i would guess they would work themselves out over time as the screen adapted to the tension. . It should be noted the screen itself is a pvc material with a coating so essentially a form of very flexible plastic rather than a traditional fabric. I noticed a minor smell when unrolling it similar to an air mattress or inflatable pool, but this odor disappeared within a couple of hours. I can t say if this material is as strong as fabric, but i can say installation was easy and there were no problems with tensioning as some other screen designs struggle with, so perhaps this material is more forgiving (it does have a certain amount of stretch to it). Either way the quality of the image is amazing so in my view that is what matters. . Because of the material being pvc this screen is not acoustically transparent. This means you would be unable to install speakers behind the screen as it would muffle the sound. If you want speakers hidden behind a screen you ll have to opt for a true acoustically transparent (at) screen which will either be perforated or will be more of a fabric weave material to allow sound to pass through it. . The installation of the screen on the wall was the only step which required two people. After measuring, and measuring again to ensure i had the screws in the proper locations i found it was helpful to use a bit of painters tape on the front of the frame to show me where the wall brackets were located, and another piece of tape on the wall above the screws. This allowed us to lift the screen up, align the two pieces of tape, and hang the screen off of the screws with zero issues. However, if the wall screws are too loose or too tight you may have to take the screen back down and adjust - so be prepared to take a few minutes for this step. . The four screws that hold the screen to the wall were the only part of the hardware that i wasn't 100% satisfied with. The philips heads on the screws weren't machined all that well so some minor stripping did occur while screwing into the studs. If i were to install the screen again, i'd chuck these four screws in the trash and install four high quality bugle head construction screws instead. A minor point, but worth mentioning. The wall mount brackets themselves work well, but i would have preferred some type of french cleat system that would have been more forgiving and wouldn t require precision alignment of the screws. I should also note that the wall mount brackets do result in the screen sitting in front of the wall by around one-half of an inch. This allows your fingers space behind the frame when installing, and it gives the center reinforcement strut a place to sit. I had thought the screen would sit flush with the wall when installed so initially i wasn t sure how i would feel about this, but once installed i haven t even noticed. That said, i do think with a small modification to their mounting brackets and a small change to the center strut they could easily design the screen to be installed flush to the wall. Why they didn t do this i m not sure since there is no need to worry about leaving room for speakers on a non-at screen. . All things considered i'm very happy. The projected image (i'm using the sony vplhw40es 1080p 3d projector) is incredibly sharp and bright. There is a noticeable improvement over the image projected onto the wall and the detail is so fine that i'm able to see pores in the skin of actors from over 15 feet away. So clearly both the projector and screen are doing their jobs. The felt frame does a fantastic job of absorbing light, thus if you set your zoom so that a few pixels fall onto the edge of the screen you won't even see it. A homemade screen with a wood or metal frame that isn't covered with felt might not have this advantage as they would tend to reflect some of that light back at you rather than absorbing it like the felt. This screen also does not have any trademarks or brand names on the frame like some other screens i looked at. That isn t a big issue for most people, but i feel a lack of a brand name makes it look more professional. . In summary:. . The good:. * sturdy aluminum rails. * high quality assembly hardware. * smooth felt material on rails. * good assembly instructions. * easy and fast assembly. * great packaging. * amazing screen image. * even more amazing value. * lack of branding on frame. . The bad:. * wall mount brackets require precision measuring (unforgiving). * wall mount screws are not up to par with the rest of the package. * final installation leaves gap between screen and wall. . The ugly:. * aside from the friend who paid five times much for a screen which isn t as nice as this one giving you a dirty look out of frustration there really isn t anything to report here. . If you are on the fence about this screen, i d urge you to buy it. I couldn t be happier with the finished product and i m a bit picky when it comes to my av gear. It took me months and months of research before i committed to a projector and screen and i regret nothing. I was prepared to spend much more on a screen but after reading reviews and comparing i kept coming back to the silver ticket option and i m glad i did. My very minor complaints are so small they aren't even worthy of deducting a half star from the rating, so this is most certainly a five out of five product. . I d love to hear your feedback if you come to the same conclusion as i did so leave a comment below and let me know!

. Matherly, Virginia says

I ordered this screen a couple of weeks ago, based on the great reviews and the low price (compared to other screen options). When the screen arrived, opened the package up and it was missing the "parts bag" with all of the smaller pieces (screws, corner brackets, etc. ). I scanned the parts page and then marked which parts i still needed. I contacted online store, who said i could ship the whole thing back, but i asked if i could just work with silver ticket to the the missing parts expressed out to me. . The silver tickets folks responded immediately, and overnight shipped the missing parts. Good service. All companies make mistakes, but i look at how they respond when this situation happens - silver ticket responded quickly and accurately, which i certainly appreciate. . I put the screen together by myself - it took about 1 hour. I watched the youtube video a couple of times (which was very helpful), and the diagrams / directions - which were "ok", but not as detailed as they could have been. Once you get the parts out, and start looking at how it goes together, and which things will need 16 screws (the corners) and which will need 8 (the bars that join the two top and two bottom pieces together, you can tell how it is supposed to go together, and it was pretty easy to figure out. It was a little challenging to stretch the screen over the little nylon "nubs" that slide into the tracks, even with the tension bars. But i think that is necessary to get the screen nice and flat. . The final product is very study and stable, with a nice flat screen. Got it hung on the wall with the four wood screws in studs - i really think even two wood screws in studs would have held it up easily, as it is pretty light. . I have this paired with an epson 5030 projector, and the result is very nice. A friend and i watch avatar in 3d on the screen right after we got the screen hung up on the wall. Comments like "wow" and "it looks like a window" were the feedback watching the movie on this screen. I am new to projection systems, but as a relative novice, i was very happy with this purchase and the resulting performance. Although the company did make a mistake by not including the parts bag in the original shipment, they responded very well, and took care of it. Consequently, even though the experience wasn't "perfect", i am thrilled with the purchase and the value received compared to what other screen pricing, so i give them five stars.

. Irene, Stockport

This is a rather surprisingly good screen, for not a lot of money. I started out the search by considering a diy approach, but after tallying the cost of materials and some tools that i didn't have, this turned out to be about $40 cheaper, easier and quicker to set-up, and looks rather professional at the same time. . I think the manufacturer did a good job packaging the item as well. Each component was either in its own box, or plastic bag. It was almost like opening a matryoshka - box inside a box inside. You get the idea. :). . The relevant components were also wrapped with foam on the tips and all components, other than a screw (more in a bit), just screamed quality imho. The bar that connects the two halves is one solid chunk of aluminum. . Each screw and such is in its own bag, which makes it easier to sort out and figure what is needed where. There was enough of every piece to build the screen, with at least one extra screw or hook left over. I'm glad there was an extra screw because one didn't have a hole on the head lol! :d. . Set-up took no more than an hour, and this was with breaks. It was just so easy to build, i just can't understand why some reviews say it's difficult. Even stretching the screen could be done with one hand. . The only time i needed help was mounting it to the wall, as it's a fairly wide screen and you'll need someone on the other end to lift it up. . The screen material itself looks good to me, i'm no videophile so can't really comment about gain and all that. But it's as good as the da-lite (4:3) that i had prior to this. Viewing angle is pretty good, and i had to turn down my projector brightness a bit to work with this screen. . Overall, a great buy for a great price and it looks rather professional too.

X. Florence, Corse says

Purchased and installed the 100inch screen and have loved everything about this screen. Size of the screen is a perfect fit for our media room and it was super easy to install. As long as you measure 3 times and drill once. It took me about an hour to assemble and hang on the wall after i did some pre-planning. This is the first movie screen i have ever purchased, so i don't have anything to compare it to in regards to brightness or color rendition. The picture looks great, and i am a very picky person when it comes to picture quality. I am a video editor, so i'm kind of a snob when it comes sharpness and color. I ordered the benq dlp hd 1080p projector (ht2050), and am very satisfied with this setup. My next door neighbor came over and looked at my setup and said mine looks better than his $6k setup. Boom! winning

. Guest, North East Lincolnshire

Purchased this screen for our home theater room i was working on setting up, and as i've now done two home theater set-ups (one in our previous home) i'm familiar with many aspects of installation on the various equipment one may own for such a set-up. The screen arrived with no damages and is well packed. It was fairly straight forward and easy to assemble with one minor, but understandable exception which i'll explain to maybe help people like me know of a critical step in the installation. In general, upon unpacking it, i was impressed with the overall quality of the components. The velvet wrap on the frame itself is made well, had no crush spots, precisely trimmed and glued with no perceivable slop. The frame pieces and joiners were all a precise fit. If you have any concerns about the center joint or mitre corners showing once assembled, don't. They completely disappear once everything is assembled and tightened down. . As i tend to be a directions skimmer, i got all the way through assembling the screen to the point where you install the center brace which keeps the screen square in the middle due to the joints and to give it reinforcement. The screen material is very taught once installed and puts so much pressure on those joints, there was nearly a 1" deflection (inward bow) where the center joints were for the top and bottom. There was no way i could get that brace installed, until i read a little more. You have to unhook some of the screen at the middle to get the frame to relax some, then myself and another person pulling the frame in opposing directions at the center with moderate force was able to swing that brace in and redo the screen over its mounting nubs. . I was able to build the screen mostly by myself until i got to the part of having to stretch and install the screen material onto the frame itself. Installing the center brace also required that second person. Finally, mounting it took the two of us to actually hang it on the wall due to it's overall size. It's otherwise not heavy as most of it's components are made out of aluminum. . If i have any complaint and this is so minor that i debated mentioning it. The screen material itself is a bit stinky, the room smells like fresh vinyl now. And 24 hours after the screen has been built and put on the wall, the odor is still pretty detectable. I'll assume that'll go away in a few days of having time to air itself out though.

R. Bethany, Manitoba says

I watched the the 5 youtube videos that silver ticket has up in order to get the assembly down. The center post gives people problems. After the screen was attached to all the clips, i released the screen from the two top/center clips and two bottom/center clips (where the center posts gets wedged in). Then, with far end of the center post in the groove of the frame, i was able to use my index fingers and thumbs to force the post and frame away from one another just enough for the end of the post to drop down into the groove. I then re-attached the screen to the top and bottom center clips. . I attached two 1/4" hooks ($. 98 from hd) and have the screen hanging in front of my plasma which is mounted to the wall behind it. I had previously had an elite b model pull down screen hanging from very strong wire through the ceiling and screwed to ceiling joists. I could no longer take all the wrinkles and waves of the pull-down screen. This screen is only about 20 lbs or so i'm guessing. It's easy to hang without help. I just lean it against a wall in a side room when using the plasma tv behind it, which is most of the time.

K. Helen, Florida

Assembly is a pia and i ended up stripping several screws while assembling the frame. If you can get past assembling it and get the new mounting brackets which i needed to contact silver ticket for and they sent them for free right away. Its a bargain. . Screen looks great, i get no loss of color compared to a standard solid white screen. No issues with sound transparency. I laugh at folks who spent 2500$ on a perf screen when they get nothing more compared to this except an easier time assembling it. . I tested several popular materials and this performed just as well if not better than the bunch. Also, no moire effect. Our first row is about 14' away with zero issues.

T. Finch, Australian Capital Territory says

I assembled and installed this today and very pleased with the product. . I did all of the assembly myself, but got help to hang it on the wall. Assembly took about 1. 5 - 2 hours from unboxing to completion. . * you need a very big, clear floor space to assemble this! * anticipate requiring 3ft of clearance on each side as you insert the tension rods (you can carefully slide the frame around to gain this clearance as needed). I assembled mine on a carpeted floor in an area about 14ft x 14 ft. . The directions are clear enough, and warn you when to expect a challenging section (of which there are only 2). . Everything is quite simple except for 2 parts:. 1. When you go to stretch the screen material over the plastic pegs. The instructions tell you that the vinyl will stretch and that it will fit - and it certainly does, without problem. But there is a moment of uncertainty while you are stretching it when you think to yourself, "there's no way this is going to fit. " but it does, without problem. 2. When you go to install the middle support beam. Ok, i'm lying. Others posted that they had massive difficulty or trepidation while installing this last piece. Actually, i had zero problem with it at all and i did it by myself. It took about 30 seconds to slide the bar into place. I don't know if i got a "good" kit or if i just took my time to get all of the parts properly installed as i went along. In any case, i had zero problem getting this crossbar installed. . The quality of both the frame and the screen is excellent. The assembled product feels robust, not flimsy. Colors pop and the black velvet frame diffuses overscan perfectly.

E. Veronica, Barnet says

First of all, don't buy a retractable screen unless you need your setup to be mobile. The distortion caused by a screen that is not completely flattened is not bad enough to make it useless but if you're any sort of videophile you will nonetheless want to avoid it. . And don't buy a high gain screen unless ambient light is an issue, in a classroom or conference room, for example. In a home theater environment, unless you have a very poor projector, you don't need the extra brightness. Thus the noticeable color distortions generated by a high gain screen, viewing the screen from different angles, as well as shifts in brightness, the center of the screen appearing brighter than the edges, are distractions you don't have to tolerate. . I went through three screens to get to this one, losing just shipping costs in the process (thank you, online store), and i couldn't be happier, seriously. I'm very glad i didn't settle for 'almost perfect' (and, in one case, triple the price). . Assembly requires a small investment of time but is not difficult.

C. Nellie, Sachsen-Anhalt

I have very light beige almost white walls. My projector has 4200 lumens. I thought the screen looked great and didn't need anything special. However, i decided to buy the entry level screen from silver ticket to give my room a more dedicated theater atmosphere. Assembling the screen was very easy. I suggest knee pads or a pillow as you will be on your knees most of the assembly. I also suggest using a rubber mallet when you put in the vertical support brace. I doubt you will be able to get it assembled otherwise. I would place a block between the mallet and the brace so one of your wild swings doesn't nick the screen itself. . As far as the performance of the screen? it is a lot brighter than my white wall. I had to turn down the brightness and even put the projector in eco mode to keep it from being too bright. This will give me longer projector and bulb life i hope. The black velvet edges are very high quality and do not reflect any light giving the screen a crisp edge. . Please note: if you are using a 16:10 projector with this 16:9 screen, there will be light bars on top and bottom as the black velvet edges are not wide enough to block this in my setup. Im planning on putting black velvet curtains at top and bottom or a black velvet wrapped 1x4 frame around the silver ticket to block this extra light.

O. Gladys, Illinois says

Amazing! i read the reviews before i bought and i'm so happy i did! the picture is beautiful and bright. It looks perfect. It was fairly easy to put together and hang on the wall - it took me about 25 minutes all together. Great buy for the money.

Y. Rhonda, Picardie

I have nothing to compare it to other than my lightly textured tan wall and boy what a difference! assembly was easy and material was made with high quality.

D. Perez, Oxfordshire says

Easy to install and looks amazing! used 2x4's behind the screen to install led lighting.

Q. Annette, Suffolk

Just a few thoughts on mounting. . My 16x9 135" screen would not slide left/right once mounted. The aluminum brackets bind to the frame and hinder sliding (for me, anyway). I needed to grab the top frame, and then jiggle it up/down as i pushed the frame either left or right. It would not slide otherwise. I also had to have 2 people holding the frame just in case i over-jiggled it so it would not come crashing down. . Other than the mounting issue. At $340, this is a really nice screen. And much better than my 110" painted diy screen. That diy screen lasted 12 years. But i needed a larger screen. And paired to my epson powerlite home cinema 3010 on eco mode, it is amazing how bright the image still is on this screen at 135". . The fit and finish on the screen is very, very nice. The mitered corners aligned perfectly. The black frame covering was neither cheap looking, nor cheap feeling. Physical assembly was easy. No bubbles, no wrinkles. . There was an error in the instructions regarding stud spacing. Mine stated a maximum of 80" spacing between studs, but that is incorrect for my 16x9 135" screen. 80" is the maximum for silver ticket's largest screen, however. Anyway, a small issue that does not detract from my rating. I did mention this to the silver ticket support staff via email. They responded quickly. So great customer support in my case. . Overall, i am very pleased

P. Guest, Wyoming says

I have had an 140 inch retractable screen for a very long time. It was very cheap at the time i purchased it. Just recently bought an ust 4k laser projector and was in shock when every single little flaw was visible on my old screen after hooking up my laser projector. Purchased this screen, and the clarity and quality of the image is so much better. The improvement is more than i expected. I am 100% pleased with this purchase. I easily assemble and mounted the screen by myself. Most people will probably need help. The screen material is very flat with no wri kles or creases.

N. Edith, Southwark

This is a god send. . One caveat: you actually don't need a hammer to drive the middle beam in place, like some youtube videos show. You can use your two thumbs to push the middle beam forward while rest of your fingers (i mean the rest of the 8 fingers) to pull the frame backward. It looks like quite impossible to do but it is not that hard as the frame is made of aluminum and quite malleable. . Also when you put the first tension rod in place, you want to measure its position first to make sure it aligns with the tension point at the opposite side of the frame. This step is critical otherwise you end up with an unevenly tensioned screen and you might rip the material. You just need to measure the position of the predrilled hole on the screen edge on the frame. The rest of the process is pretty much pain free.

J. Rochelle, Hammersmith and Fulham says

Fantastic customer service and very nice, solid and beautiful frame and screen. This was simple to build and you can tell that it is a very rugged frame with thick aluminum and black velvet covering. I mounted mine against a 1 x 1" wood "frame" that i nailed to the wall and it is about 1" clearance (smaller) than the frame itself so i can run some led strips around the frame as shown in the picture. Real easy to do. The frame is awesome and easy to mount against the wood. My customer service at silver ticket products is really the best i have ever experienced, and i mean that. They were very responsive to help me out making the right decision and very much care about the customer experience.

S. Cageen, Saskatchewan

This projection screen far exceeded my expectations. Very well made components, engineered to fit together perfectly. Quite an ingenious design! well-packaged for shipping. Clear instructions. I could not be more pleased. Also very much appreciated the person who posted the video instructions, as i've never assembled anything like this and it really helped me to see how it all went together. I was able to assemble and hang it up by myself in about 90 minutes. I would highly recommend watching the 4:59 "excellent screen" video before assembling. I got the 92" grey screen, and it really is excellent. So glad i got the grey vs. The white screen, because it seems to help with the richness/depth of the images, and also is less stark in the room than white would be when the projector is off. Highly recommended!

I. Sandra, Hessen says

I spent two months researching projectors and screens and ultimately felt that silver ticket was the way to go for an under $1, 000 screen that i would feel good about. Originally, i wanted a motorized dropdown screen, but it was clear after reading the hundreds of reviews for various models under $1, 000 that wrinkles and warping of the screen material was a common issue, and one that would really bother me. So, i opted for the stationary screen and we decided to figure out a way to keep it out of the way when not in use. Keep in mind that choosing a projector is important, but investing on a good screen is doubly so as it will generally outlast most projectors so you have to live with it for a long time. . Note: this screen (100") is huge when assembled, though not extremely heavy that one person cannot move it about, and magnificent when projected onto. After testing it yesterday, i felt later like i had been at the movies! i wondered if i would get that feel once the projector, screen and other supplies arrived and were installed and i was far from disappointed. . Assembly: it is obvious, based on some lower star reviews and the company's assembly instructional videos that they have improved the way this screen comes together. Some of the parts are different than those shown on the video, and actually better. These changes make this screen quite easy to assemble now. One person can do it, though two of us put it together and it took us 45 minutes, taking our time. Directions are fairly simple, especially if you watched the videos. Some instructions are even labeled directly on the parts (i. E. How many pegs to slide in per side). The tension bar is a little tricky because you have to gently hammer it into place but a second person to slightly bend it comes in handy. . Look and feel: the black velvet cover for the frame is almost sumptuous, and truly works to remove any projection that may land on the frame. The screen itself works great when projected onto and we could not be more pleased. . Here are some pictures i took of the screen during projection. I chose animated, black and white and an action film to show you a variety of color and feel. All looked amazing on this screen. I am using a benq ht3050 projector. Benq ht3050 1080p 3d dlp home theater projector with rec. 709 color (2015 model)

F. Weber, Medway

Nice quality screen. Machining on aluminum components is high quality and flawless. I was extremely impressed during the assembly process. Lots of though has went into this design and no corners have been cut. Upon inspection i would expect this screen to sell for $600+. Nice velvet border and picture looks amazing (see photos). . Tip: since the screen is so large, it can be very hard to mount it to the wall, especially if it's being installed into a tight space. After i installed the screws into studs, i marked the wall a few inches above the screw locations. Then i tied a long string to each screw, and pulled the string through the mounting brackets. Then i could lift up the screen, and pull the string tight and force the brackets to line up with the screws. Basically allowing the screen to mount itself.

Top silver ticket ultra hd ready cinema Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

. Donna, Torbay says

I was about to throw it across the room trying to put it together. Everything was good until the stability bar. Undid the ones in the middle to give it more play, nothing worked. Used a hammer, got it close and said forget it and just put it up. Ok as far as quality but would go with a different screen if i were to do it again.

S. Valencia, Warrington

I started the return process for this item. I wanted it to work because it seemed to be well built and seems pretty good, but it ultimately came down to the issues i've had with the screen material itself. I got 2 screen materials (2nd one sent in by silver ticket support to try and fix the issues). First screen had multiple vertical bands which were visible in bright panning/scenes (think top gun, star wars type of movies), they're like the vertical banding you see in lcd tvs. There's one vertical band right in the middle of the screen which i suspect to be the vertical support bar, seems like the screen material backing doesn't do a good enough job of hiding the support bar in bright scenes. Another issue i've noticed is that there's a bit of hotspotting (area brighter than the rest of the screen) on the mid-section of the screen where the projector is directed at. In the hotspot section, in bright scenes, you can clearly see the surface of the screen which seems to be very small sparkly grain. The second screen didn't have the multiple vertical bands but still had the hotspotting issue (bright mid-section and sparkly grain in bright scenes). The 2nd one also still showing the vertical support bar in bright scenes. . Silver ticket support was very helpful in trying to resolve my issues. Unfortunately, i didn't think it was worth more effort to try and fix the problem.

. Anonymous, Newfoundland and Labrador says

The assembly instructions are not very clear and the hardware is extremely low quality (i ended up stripping multiple screws while trying to tighten them manually with a screw driver). I had to buy replacements from home depot. Luckily they were easy to find - m6 x 16mm if anyone is in the same position i m in. Aside from the stripped screws, everything else went smoothly and the screen looks and works great

H. Melissa, Dudley

Nice construction. Easy to assemble. I'm using an lg cf3d passive projector. This screen does not retain as much polarization as i had hoped. In addition, there is a very noticeable, sparkly texture to the image when watching 2d material. I am getting used to it, but visitors notice it because they do not see it all the time. It is somewhat distracting seeing the screen through the picture. Only noticeable in light-colored scenes.

M. Guest, Lambeth says

I must say, at first i was very impressed with this screen. Coming from a diy wanted screen, this screen made a major difference in brightness and "pop" of color. After watching tv shows, and a couple of movies i noticed that i could "see" the screen. Now i'm not one to complain, but i thought i would get over it, and i didn't. I can't tell you how many time i cleaned my epson 8350 outer lens off. Of course using the correct solutions to do so. I am still "seeing" the screen. It's like i can see grit along with the particles in the screen. I was thinking it would grow on me, but now all i do when i watch anything is look for this imperfection. My diy screen did not have this issue and i didn't spend anymore than $80 on it. I would expect more out of a screen that i spent about $280 for. Not sure if i have a defective screen but i'm regretting this purchase. I'm never one to really complain or even write a review but i just had to be honest. . Other than the screen quality, putting the silver ticket together was fairly easy. I had it up within 40 minutes. I watched a couple of the install videos on youtube which i'm sure helped. I would say to go ahead and buy this screen. I'm sure a correctly made one looks great. My picture quality has improved as far as color reproduction, but my images look too grainy for my liking.

V. Pearce, Georgia

It's not as well made as i hoped. The aluminium bars that fit inside the top and bottom portion of the frame, to join the frame in the middle, were very poorly drilled and tapped. Some of the screws fell right into the threaded hole, which means the hole was drilled oversize by the manufacturer. The pieces that fit into the corners of the frame are inconsistent. Some fit in easily and others need to be tapped in with a mallet. Overall, i am not sure how well this will stay together once its hung up. I will try it and write another review in a few weeks. I didnt want to ask for replacement parts, because of all the effort i took to put it together. Also, i think i was given the white screen instead of the grey. I will need to speak to the seller about that.

W. Broyles, Champagne-Ardenne says

Instructions are so bad its comedic. But realistically its quite self explanatory make sure to put white mounts on before you finally assemble the frame! same with the wall mounts! other then that its huge and for the price totally worth it in comparison to other similar products.

Z. Marguerite, Southend-on-Sea

I helped install other screens for some friends of mine, and this one is the easiest. I bought this screen for myself and now i see a problem. The image when projected has a small curve at the center bottom of the image. When projected on the wall, its perfect, which tells me its a problem with the screen. I checked and noticed that the center part of the bottom bar is a bit curved and not straight which is causing this issue. I haven't reached out for support yet, but will do and update this review. Other than this issue, all is well with this screen.

I. Linda, Australian Capital Territory says

Product works as advertised. . I assembled the 15' screen and it was pretty dang tough. The frame went together nicely, stretching the screen - sucked! i ruined several of the springs trying to stretch the screen. If you are going to purchase a larger screen, please get someone to help you. It took literally 4 hands to stretch the screen material across the frame. . Maybe some practical advice/tips ("start with the corners") or something in the little 2 page install guide would of been great.

O. Garner, Tameside

Nice looking screen, but it was a pain to put together. The instructions were not clear, and i had to rely on youtube videos to put this thing together. After following the instructions to a tee, i noticed the screen was bubbly in the front. I did install the screen as instructed (working from the center and then out), but despite by best effort i did not like the look of the bubbled screen so i returned it for a replacement. After getting the replacement, i installed the new screen, however there was a crease down the center even though it came rolled up so i had to use a steamer to get the crease out. There was a still a small amount of bubbling, but i can live with it and you can't notice it when the projector is on and projecting an image onto the screen. I worked through silver tickets customer service for all my issues. They were quick to respond and offered assistance when i needed it. Despite paying $300 + dollars for this item, i expect more. Considering all the trouble i had with the screen and the fact i can still see some bubbles around the edges, i would not recommend this product.

G. Guest, Iowa says

The instructions was not that great, i had to take it apart, since to hang it, i didn't realize the eye hooks that come with it, that you slide on, and can't be removed unless you take back off the screen and take the frame apart, were in two different directions (2 go on the bottom, and 2 go on the top, but you cant mix them, despite they do all look the same - until you put them on). I think this is a poor design, as for $250 bucks they could of just used a better clip or bold'd in the directions with photos showing this - or at least marking the eye hooks with "upper" or "lower". That would of saved me a lot of headaches! . . Also the middle support bar is a beast to get on, and it wouldn't align straight, due to the seem where the frame was cut, doesn't match up flush which that uneven mess is slap right where the support bar is suppose to slide into. So the screen is wrinkled as a result of not full pressure being applied. Also, the inside edges of the frame are very sharp - so be cautious not to rip the screen. Once it is put together (after 2 separate times) - seems to be ok, but for $250 i expected the frame would go together flush and everything would match up properly (not uneven points, like i experienced). The screen is great though, just not happy with the frame, but, it's up on the wall, and to much work to return it - guess it serves it's purchase, but i could of built the frame and go the screen material, for about $80 bucks - after this experience, i regret not taking that path. Rating it 3 stars (would give 2. 5 if i could), since, overall it is good, but, the high price for something that doesn't match up flush all all the parts you put together, just seems like i got ripped off - especially since the screen has wrinkles in it.

. Powell, Connecticut

Good screen, especially for the value. Disappointed that that black felt in rear of projector screen was difficult to install and took some ingenuity on my part. Facing some screen sag issues (especially in the middle) but that may be fixed with use of smaller/tighter springs

D. Shayna, Pennsylvania says

You get what you pay for. The screen material had vertical lines going all the way across the screen, poorly constructed frame. I sent it back after two days. I bought this based on the shockingly good reviews but coming from a carada screen to this, there is a huge drop off in quality. This is just about equivalent to an elite screen, do not waste your time or money, spend a bit more to get quality.

C. Jessica, Kentucky

I live in a new subdivision and a few of us are building home theaters together. We all decided on identical silver ticket screens. So i've seen about three of them now and no two are alike. . One has really poor tension. Like the screen material was cut too large. . One had the wrong sized black backing. It looked like it was cut for a 16x9 screen instead of 2. 35:1. . Another had large deep creases in the material that wouldn't come out. . It's also near impossible to get the frame square. And it doesn't seem to be an assembly issue either. I'd say it was poor materials that can't withstand the screen tension but even the screen with poor tension wasn't flat. If you're not too picky it might not be a problem for you but if the screen isn't flat the image won't be either. . Their customer service is awesome. But ulimately they can't fix a poorly designed product. They'll just send you more of the same hit or miss components. . It's a shame. I really like their wab material. I don't get moire on my setup, the 1. 1 gain appears to be accurate, and i don't see the weave unless i get really close. But if i can't get the screen to lie flat than it's all pretty much worthless.

F. Margaret, Louisiana says

The screen has waves of lines in it that are obvious on most tv and movie projection .

P. Lindsey, West Sussex

Product is as presented, buy in my personal taste once i got it on the wall it looked a little chincy, and the frame is kind of old fashioned. It's my fault though as the description explains everything. / wasn't too bad to put together (with you tube tutorial that is).

K. Eva, Massachusetts says

Frame looks nice and is solid but the screen has noticable waves when viewing solid colors. Disappointing because it will be hard to package and return after spending the time assembling the screen.

A. Audrey, Virginia

I would have had a similar comments as everyone else except. The screen is missing a vital notch in the middle part of the screen on one side! (see photos) the screen cannot be attached to the plastic knob. This results in the screen being unevenly stretched halfway up on one side. For the money, i just wanted a screen without a defect.

X. Nancy, Middlesbrough says

The screen has wrinkles at the bottom left after assembly. My contractor said it might settle down and wrinkles go away but even after two months they are still there.

N. Angela, Hackney

For the cost it's decent, mine is slightly off-square (a parallelogram vs rectangle? ) not sure if i can fix it by disassembly/reassembly but that would be a mission just to try. . Also mine had scuff marks on the felt-like black framing, and the mounting system rattles against the wall when there is heavy bass. . Would like to see them use a rail mounting system similar to how hdtv brackets mount on to the wall bracket with a hook like structure at the top and a metal mounting bar that attaches to the wall first. . The screen looks great except for the distracting off-square issue, which i've just had to expand the picture onto the black felt some and lose some screen size to compensate for. The black border does its job and absorbs the extra light.

. Noguera, Rhode Island says

Tip - when inserting the center bar, release tension on the screen by removing four middle pins on top and bottom. I was very close to damaging the screen when trying to hammer it into place before removing the tension. The white screen is a good surface for projection. The black flocked wrapping on the frame bars is very good - does a complete job of blanking out the overshot screen. The tensioned screen setup is very good as well-very flat surface for projection.

Y. Watson, Bromley

Going from a carada 1. 1 gain white 110" screen to the 120" silver ticket screen should have been a no brainer but didn't work out like that. Wall mounting was not easy, and the screen has a bit of a sparkle to it. I can live with it. Not the go to screen all the reviews lead you to believe.

Q. Hannah, Yukon Territory says

Qc is a little off with this, most of the holes to bolt the rail of the frame together were off. Far enough off that i couldnt use a screw driver to try and bring them together. Really had to work to get some of the bolts to even start threading. Screen material seems nice, when stretched out it looks perfectly smooth. Only issues are with the frame.

U. Harrison, Utah

Update: added a couple stars due to the amazing customer service. They're shipping me out a new screen, hopefully this one will work out better. The warranty process was great. I emailed the photos and my receipt and they put a new screen in the mail. . I'm really upset i wasted my money on this screen, i feel like i got ripped off! i watched all the manufacturer videos on installation, read the directions carefully, and even watched other installation videos. I followed the manufacturer instructions exactly, and the screen looks awful! it looks like the screen is just to big for the frame. Getting the tension bar in wasn't tough at all, neither was snapping on the screen. There's very little tension at all going vertically. Something isn't sized right. . Spend your money on a better quality screen.

E. Jacqueline, Milton Keynes says

I got the damaged border, contacted/emails the seller. No response. . Other than that. Quality is good and all my friends use this in diff sizes. They all working fine. . Just not happy with vendor.

T. Megan, Greenwich

Great price and nice screen, but poor quality control ruin the experience. I received incorrect mounting brackets (3 for the bottom of the screen and only 1 for the top, instead of 2 and 2) and will have to pay for replacements as one of the brackets was improperly labeled and i did not notice the problem until after the 90 day warranty period had passed. Was skeptical after reading how many other reviewers had issues with missing / incorrect parts, and thought i had double checked everything prior to assembly. Was no problem while i used the screen unmounted for a few months until the home theater room was ready, but when i tried to hang it on the wall, no dice. Would probably buy again, but be extra careful when you unpack to ensure you have everything you need. Really a shame that they can't get this problem resolved; otherwise great product.

L. Elanor, South Tyneside says

The instructions for putting the screen together are horrible. They're are no actual instructions, just poorly drawn pictures that don't give you much help. Mostly just took trial and error to figure out how to do it. Some of the screw holes do not line up right either and took some extra effort and work to get them into place. Once the screen was actually assembled, it does look really good. The black velvet liner is very nice, the tension on the screen is great and the support brackets for mounting it are very high quality (actually better than they need to be considering the screen only weighs about 30 lbs. Assembled. The overall construction is great too, the frame is very sturdy with almost no wobble. The picture quality is great and the material does not seem to have any noticeable impact on sound. If the instructions and holes were done right, this would be a great screen for the money.

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