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Price was $249.99. This little $200 box will pay for itself in a matter of a few months. I "cut the cable" this past march and am running on a $29/month verizon fios 25/25 mbps internet contract for two years, so besides online store prime video and hbo now, i wanted ota content for free. First, i purchased a $30 digital tuner box and a mohu leaf, but long story short, i just stepped up to the tablo 2-tuner box and after several hours of positioning the mohu, i now have cbs, nbc, abc, fox, pbs, to name the major channels, all crystal clear. For a mere $5/month (cheaper if you pay per year or lifetime), you get an awesome electronic program guide which allows you to schedule recording ala dvr to a usb drive i added to it (i had a 1 tb seagate external). I buy a lot on online store, and rarely bother to write a review, but this is worth underscoring. I can configure and watch live or recorded programming from my smartphone, laptop, pc, and best of all my roku3 hooked to my 55" sony tv. Fees to the cable companies. $0. 00! hats off to the tablo folks!

-. Julia

4-tuner Digital Video Recorder Dvr Over-the-air Ota Hdtv Wi-fi Live Tv Tablo Is A 4-tuner Over-the-air (ota) Dvr For Cord-cutters Using Hdtv Antennas To Access Broadcast Tv Signals. All Tablo Units Include Dual Band Wi-fi Enabling Tablo And The Antenna -Tablo 4-tuner Digital Video Recorder Dvr Over-the-air Ota Hdtv Wi-fi Live Tv Streaming

  1. Add-on: Four Tuners Allow You To Record And Watch Four Different Programs On Up To (6) Devices In Your Home, H. 264 (hls: Live Streaming).
  2. Add-on: Discover New Shows, Schedule And Manage Recordings And Skip Commercials Using The Content-rich Interface Of The Tablo Apps For Ipad, Android & Kindle Tablets, Smartphones, Chrome, Roku, Android Tv And Fire Tv.

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Update: since the unit was also getting very hot i decided to return it and get a new one. Since getting the new one it works completely differently and has not shut down and works very quickly. At the same time i also got rid of the seagate hard drive, even though it was one of the suggested ones online, and one for the western digital essentials that most people seem to have the best luck with. And it is a noticeable difference in its performance. I will update it if the performance goes downhill but so far i am very pleased with the change. Original review:i loved the idea of this. However, not sure if all of the aggravation and constant resets and doovers will be worth my cable savings. However, i enjoy a good gadget and i got this because i liked the idea of only needing one antenna to get ota signals for all tvs in house (albeit nothing like the real experience of plugging in an antenna directly). I also liked that i can watch my dvr is any room, just like the cable guys. The dvr is buggy the hard drive just fails for no reason and it's one that is meant to work. The system constantly crashes and has to reconnect daily. Signals, of course, change with weather, etc and antenna placement is a bitch to get all channels. I live 19 miles from nyc. The tuner built in is just not strong enough like the tvs themselves. For example, i can get a great signal on nbc if i plug into my tv directly, but if i go through tablo, the results show red and unavailable. So, caveat emptor. I'd do it again, as i don't see the point in having one dvr in one room and always having to watch it there, but am questioning whether i could have just lived with one for my bedroom and not bother with this buffering. Yes, it's cool that my son can watch live tv in the basement on his xbox (and no antenna in the world will allow that) Best digital video recorder dvr overtheair | Tablo-Digital Video Recorder Review ( Mar 2020 ) Add-on Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Over-The-Air [OTA] HDTV with Wi-Fi for LIVE TV Streaming Watch, record, pause, and stream free broadcast hdtv channels: cbs, abc, nbc, and many more, 100 mbps ethernet 802. 11n dual band wifi with mimo. Four tuners allow you to record and watch four different programs on up to (6) devices in your home, h. 264 (hls: live streaming). Discover new shows, schedule and manage recordings and skip commercials using the content-rich interface of the tablo apps for ipad, android & kindle tablets, smartphones, chrome, roku, android tv and fire tv. With tabloconnect subscription you can stream your hometown news and sports when traveling. No hdmi with tablo's wi-fi wireless broadcast of content to tablets, laptops, firetv, appletv, roku, android tv, chromecast, iphones, galaxy smartphones, nvidia shield, and more .

Tablo 4-tuner digital video recorder dvr for over-the-air ota hdtv with wi-fi for live tv streaming Review (spvr4 01 na)

I've been very impressed with this little device. After reading reviews and contemplating an over the air tivo i opted to try the tablo given it's support of multiple televisions through roku apps which i already owned. At first i was having some pixelation issues but doing some research learned how to set this up on my home network properly. I had opted to set the tablo up in a room on the second floor where the antenna signal was best, versus in my home office on the first floor near my router. I opted to do the whole configuration over wireless versus plugging directly into my router. If you go this route, you need to have a great router, i'm using asus rt-ac68u with a strong signal to the tablo. My first attempt i had connected it to a 2ghz band, not realizing it defaults there if you use the same ssid name on both 2 & 5ghz. Setting up a dedicated guest network on my 5ghz band allowed me establish a faster connection to remove the pixelation issues. The roku's and apple tv's all connect to my router over 5 ghz spectrum with solid signal strength ensuring a fast connection to the playing units. With all the infrastructure in place i've not had any issues with great playback, excellent picture and sound quality, and now have network tv dvr capabilities without the ongoing fees. Added a streaming service for the traditional cable channels we wanted and the unit and hard drive will be paid for within 14 months with my reduced cable bill. -. Patton

Tablo 4 Tuner Digital Recorder Streaming

Product Dimensions
Height:3.00 inches
Length:9.00 inches
Weight:1.80 pounds
Width:9.00 inches
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Home Theater
1 Year

4-tuner digital video recorder dvr over-the-air ota hdtv wi-fi live tv Home Theater, Tablo is a 4-tuner over-the-air (ota) dvr for cord-cutters using hdtv antennas to access broadcast tv signals. all tablo units include dual band wi-fi enabling tablo and the antenna to be placed in an optimal location for ota reception. browse, record and stream up to four simultaneous live or recorded hdtv programs on your ipad, android tablet, laptop, smartphone, or your big screen tv using roku, chrome cast or apple tv. a whole-home-dvr and place shifter combined, tablo streams your favorite hdtv programs including local news and sports to all connected devices on your home network or anywhere you have internet. Tablo 4 Tuner Digital Recorder Streaming (SPVR4-01-NA-Tablo).

Tablo 4 Tuner Digital Recorder Streaming Home Theater

  • *update: 8 jan 15*. I continue to be happy overall with the tablo. There have been some notable developments over the last few months that potential tablo buyers (and anyone stuck with huge cable/satellite bills) should be aware of:. . 1. Sling tv: wow. It's an exciting time to be someone looking to escape their big cable/satellite bills. At ces, dish network just announced that their stand-alone "sling tv" service will launch in the coming weeks. Sling tv will be an online streaming service that will cost only $20/mo and live-stream a small number of the most popular cable channels that typically keep people sucked into huge, bloated cable bundles. Espn, hgtv, tnt, disney, cnn, etc. All will be streamed live to roku and other streaming devices. Very exciting. The big "problem" that people are pointing out is that sling tv does not provide access to the network channels (abc/cbs/nbc/fox/pbs). Well, that's where tablo comes in to fill that gap. While sling does have some other notable "issues" such as being viewable on only one device at a time. A "tablo + sling tv + (netflix/online store)" bundle could be a huge value-play for forward-leaning tv viewers. Not to mention being potentially very disruptive to the traditional cable/satellite-tv paradigm. . 2. Phone apps! as noted below, tablo did not enable streaming to phones upon original release. This was remedied a few weeks back with the release of "web-based apps" for both android 4. 1+ and ios7+. I have not used it yet, but they are there, and seem to be fully functional according to feedback. . 3. Hdd selection. Be sure to carefully select what external hdd you choose to use with tablo. Many hdds have had inconsistent results when used on tablo. As of right now, the wd "elements" line seems to be tablo's recommended drive. Recommend going to the tablo forums to see what the latest recommendations are on the hdd front. . 4. Major roku app upgrade coming. On their blog, tablo has released some screenshots of a major upgrade to the tablo roku channel/app. This will use a custom-built channel (like netflix & hulu do, for example) rather than sticking to the very limited "standard" roku channel format. The screesnhots look great. A recent tablo survey indicated that roku is by far the most used way to watch tablo, so i'm very interested to see how this turns out. A really good tablo channel for roku would go a long way towards making tablo seem more like a traditional dvr. No eta has been given yet. . *end of update. Original review below*. . For the better part of two years, i've been on a search for what i would consider the holy grail of cord-cutters: a high quality over the air (ota) whole-home dvr solution. I have three (sometimes 4) tvs throughout the house, and didn't want to maintain 3-4 different dvrs. However, that's not all. I also wanted to be able to stream recordings and live tv to my mobile devices (androids and kindles). I wanted at least 4 ota tuners to basically eliminate any recording/watching conflicts. Oh. And bonus points goes to the solution that also ties into my roku 3's. Which would allow me to avoid having to add another "box" to each of my tvs. And, of course, i don't want to have to pay a lot for it. If this sounds a bit like a fantasy, it's for good reason. It seems like it didn't exist until recently. . I went hands-on with multiple potential solutions to my requirement. And researched several others, but the quad-tuner tablo is where i found the best blend of functionality, reliability, price, and performance. It hasn't quite reached holy-grail status, but it comes really, really close. And is getting closer by the day. . Prior to tablo, here are some of the other solutions i tried:. . 1. I tried the do-it-yourself myth-tv server. It turned out to be too complex to be reliable. I sank a couple of weeks of effort into it, but eventually cut my losses and moved on. . 2. Windows media center (wmc) with extenders. It worked. But required stand-alone extenders (ceton echos or xbox360s) that added cost and complexity to my overall system. Streaming to my android devices could be achieved by using a remote potato service, but doing so required a powerful computer and taking the risk of relying on a non-commercial product for that functionality. Finally, microsoft's tepid support to wmc made it feel like i was very late to the game on this one. So i moved on. . 3. Simple. Tv v1. The simple tv is very similar in concept to tablo in that it transcodes to a stream-friendly format for rokus and mobile devices. It worked in the most basic sense, but it failed on multiple fronts. The transcoder and compression was poor. Picture quality was ok on my android devices, but simply didn't cut it on the tvs. None of the meta-data or schedules were stored locally on the device, so it would "phone home" to simple's servers constantly during use. Unfortunately that meant that it turned into a brick whenever their servers or your internet connectivity were down. It was only a single-tuner as well, meaning it was not up to par as a true whole-home dvr. Simple released a v2 dual-tuner version. But it was a disaster at the beginning, with widespread overheating problems and very loud cooling fans. . 4. Tivo. I had tivo hds in the past, and liked them. The base tivo roamio, which is the only one with ota tuners, receives really good reviews. Tivo's achilles heel, however, has always been their pricing practices. They historically have required a relatively high monthly fee for each device. Or a huge upfront cost for a lifetime subscription for each device. Additionally, tivo did not have android streaming support until just recently. It also requires a tivo-specific "box" at each tv (either full-up tivo, or a tivo-mini) with corresponding networking infrastructure. It should be noted, however, that tivo seems to be making changes rapidly in recent months. With the possibility of the monthly fees being ended on tivo minis, as well as a previously mentioned android streaming being finally released after years of development. This occurred after i purchased my tablo. But even with those changes, i would still have picked the tablo. . -. . After looking at the above solutions, i decided to give one last try before resigning myself to keeping my dish network service. Tablo. On paper, it looked good. It had two models, including one with 4 tuners. The channel schedules and meta data were stored locally on the device, so it avoided the cloud-reliance issues from the simple. Tv. It also approached the transcoding differently than the simple (too techy to really get into here). So i suspected the picture quality would be better. Streams to roku? yep. Streaming to androids? mostly. But only tablets (more on that later). Is it cheap? well. That probably depends on what functionality you'll be using. For me, with 3-4 tvs and multiple mobiles to stream to, it was cost-effective. . So, i pre-ordered the tablo quad-tuner and received it shortly after release. I've been using it now for about 3 months, and have been very, very impressed with it. . Here are some of the strengths of tablo from my viewpoint:. . Picture quality: pretty good. For most content, it's almost indiscernible from dish network. The transcoding does struggle a "little" during sports, where motion isn't quite as smooth as the original ota transmission. And the compression is noticeable on my biggest tv (54" plasma). But overall, light-years ahead of simple. Tv when it comes to viewing on tvs. . Reliability: probably the most surprising part for me. It was pretty solid from the start. There have been a few reboots (maybe every couple of weeks), but it's getting better with each firmware update. Having the data stored locally also is huge as far as reliability goes. . Seems to be a great company: tablo is very, very active on their forums and other popular forums. They seem to very interested in what the customer wants. They communicate well. And are rapidly improving their product. . Roku integration: for my own requirements. This is the money maker. I already had rokus on all of my tvs, so i didn't have to add any additional devices to puchase/install. The tablo "channel" for roku works well. It takes a bit of getting used to and has some quirks and shortcomings (no traditional "guide", for example). But it gets the job done and is also being improved continuously. . Some downsides of tablo:. . Audio: all audio is transcoded to stereo aac for maximum compatibility. However, it loses a lot of the "pop" from the original dolby digital transmission when viewed on capable surround sound systems. Dolby digital pass-through has been a popular request on their forums, and tablo acknowledges it. But it doesn't seem to be imminent or high on their priority list. . Phone streaming: as of right now, tablo only support streaming to devices 7" or larger (tablets, basically). It doesn't stream to phones. Tablo readily admits they underestimated the demand for streaming to phones. And seems to be committed to making this happen in the future. This can be overcome, however, if you have a plex server. Plex can serve as an intermediary to enable streaming to any plex-capable device. It works well. Kudos to the developers. *update: phone apps were released in nov 2014*. . Syncing/downloading content: tablo doesn't have that functionality (yet). . External streaming: this takes a bit of technical know-how to open ports on your router. And requires your device to have been "registered" previously with the tablo by having been on the same lan previously. Kind of an odd "authentication scheme" there. . -. . So. In the end, if you're looking for an ota dvr. What should you buy? in my opinion. It depends. What do you want that dvr to do? what do you currently have? . . Do you have a couple of tvs and want a traditional dvr experience? willing to spend some money for a high-quality and polished experience? get a tivo roamio and a tivo mini. Honestly. Tivo is the best pure traditional dvr. Uncompromised picture quality. The famous tivo ui experience. It makes for an easy transition for family members. . Do you already have a traditional dvr you're happy with. But just want to be able to stream the big game to your phone/tablet while you work on a project in the garage, commute, or are out-and-about on the weekend? give the simple. Tv v1 a try. You can get these for dirt-cheap on ebay now ( $75. Including a lifetime subscription). Take the hard drive out of an old laptop, slap it in a $10 external hard drive enclosure. And for less than $100, you have that ability. The cloud reliance of simple. Tv is actually a strength in this case. Because it's server serves as an intermediary for connecting. Making router-adjustments unneeded. . Do you want a whole-home dvr to integrate into your roku-streaming house? want mobile streaming without having to deal with horrible transcoding? tablo is what you want. For me. It's the best "next-gen" ota dvr on the market right now. It's not a traditional dvr. And it's not purely an aereo-replacement. It's something in the middle or something else entirely depending on how you look at it. It's not perfect. It won't fool anyone into thinking that it's a traditional dvr, and that takes some getting used to. It still has some shortcomings, but those are being actively worked on by what seems to be a very good and responsive company. So, it gets a highly recommended from me.
  • Out of the box, the unit is very simple to configure. I suggest that you do a little bit of prep work prior to introducing the tablo to your home ecosystem. Install your hd antennae in a location that will provide you with all the channels that you want on your tvs. (i just wanted cbs, nbc, abc and fox) this may seem like an obvious statement, but if you can see it on your tv and you are not getting any pixelization, then you will have success with the tablo. The unit take a few minutes to install. I have roku units throughout the house and they wired to my ethernet switches. I chose not to go with wifi because of the faster speeds throughout the house and i am getting great results. The one roku that is not wired at this time has a hard time processing the data on the tablo and it is very slow on this unit. If you can, use wired for best results. On the set up menus, you can choose many different options, just use the recommended 720. It is not as clear as the 1080, but the recordings are clear and there are no drop outs. I tried all the other settings with poor results. Tablo should remove those settings as they are problematic and will cause you much frustration. I used a wd passport with no issues and the recordings seem fine. They are not as clear as the hd reception that i am receiving, but i did not expect them to be. The only issue that i can see at this time is the roku remote and the fact that ff or rr is not great. I only wish that there was a way that tablo could create a better interface with those units so that commercial ff would be easier. Tablo states that you can watch live tv on their app on your mobile devices. I have yet to see that function properly. I can stream any recorded show though, and that does work well. I am going to look into that further and will update my review when i speak with them. Support with tablo can be an issue. They have limited their support to times that most people are at work which means that you cannot solve the problems when you are in front of the unit. They should change this if they want more customers to move their system. My suggestion for tablo would be to have support from 6am to 10pm throughout the us. For those of you that are not familiar with how drv systems work and what to look for, this can be your one point of failure that will make this a bad purchase for you. I happen to build broadcast systems for a living so this was not much of a stretch and i knew going in what would be problematic. The schedule that they provide is very good. If you have used a dvr in the past, you will feel right at home. Compared to the tivo ecosystem, you are going to save a ton. Tivo has the romio unit for 49. 95, but you are required to purchase their annual service for 180. 00 per year. Compare that to 150. 00 lifetime on the tablo and you have a clear cost advantage going this direction. In addition, you must use their tivo minis which are 150. 00 each. The minis do the exact same function as the roku which cost 50. 00. With tivo, you do get a better ff and rr and skip function, but is that really worth the additional expenses that you will incur? . Two weeks into the unit, this has been a good purchase. My girlfriend wants me to install a similar system at her house after watching me proof my system. I am surprised that more people do not go this direction? i am going to cancel my hulu subscription now that i have proofed this product as they do not provide much more in the way of service. In fact they are missing many of the shows that i get on the same day with this system. Yes, they remove commercials, but for the additional expense, i can press the remove button a couple of times and be fine. For those of you that have some technical background, this will be a very simple upgrade to your system. Have a wired system ready in your house or have very good wifi coverage. Choose a good usb 3 drive and you should really enjoy this system.
  • I bought the 4 channel version of tablo january 15. I have waited to see how things evolved before writing a review. I bought this device knowing that it was still in the somewhat early development stages and have been interested to see how things evolved over the last year. I am using this with a roku3 over ethernet (all wired connections) and have line of sight to broadcasting antennae which are about 12 miles away. For the most part i could never have relied on this product to replace subscription tv. Up until the latest firmware upgrade for the tablo, things were pretty erratic. Many shows set to record were heavily pixillated and not worth watching. Changing between channels is a major exercise that takes way too long. After the last firmware upgrade the quality of the recordings and live tv is definitely better (rivaling directv). It remains a work in progress but i would still not rely on the tablo for my only source of local tv. Their support has been excellent in my experience. The company seems to care about the product and i believe they are working to resolve issues.
  • So far been using it for 3 months. First the good. Sets up easy, no contracts and was able to cut the cord from cable. . Now the bad, . . Their customer service , well lets say lack of customer service, hopefully you never need live help as getting a human or any email other than a form response is not gonna happen, at least for me it has not. I tried resetting my password and it would say successful but then still would not let me log in, after email support they kept telling me reset your password, no fooling sherlock if i could i would not be emailing you. It records most shows but for some reason it seems to not record some of the popular ones on ota tv. Hells kitchen is hit or miss, blue bloods the same. Some times it will record the whole show or just a few minutes. Since it is a month to month, i paid this month then 6 days later they cancelled my subscription and i had to pay again to get reactivated, emailed for credit. Since you are prepaying for service it is impossible to get behind. If they want to become a household name they need to get their customer service and billing dept fixed asap . It does require you to do updates often, i do it thru my phone when within blue tooth range of the device as the device will not update on its own, ( does not make sense, my tv, dvd and everything else updates on its own. If someone from tablo would actually answer an email or return a message i would give them more stars. Overall good for cutting the cord it you want to be able to record tv, if recording tv does not matter than just stick with ota
  • Well, i gave it a go and the verdict is, i don't like it. It takes a heck of a long time for the tv guide to show on start-up using chrome. Takes about 30 seconds. Then when you want to switch to recordings, another 30 seconds. Then when you click on a recording, another 30 seconds. Switch channels? you have to go back to the tv guide before you can switch to another channel. Every action you make seem to take 30 seconds to happen. The tv guide that you have to subscribe to is not that great. You can't change the font size of the display, and over half the screen is covered by an uncollapsible window that just says "live tv". That is super dumb because you could see so many more channels on the guide if it can be collapsed, but the way it is, only 5 channels show up at a time. . I give the unit two stars because it is the only option my husband has found to replace the satellite dish dvr for a nominal price. I just don't understand why they haven't improved on this product; probably lack of competition. If you can find something else, do it. Tablo is not that great.

digital video recorder dvr overtheair Tablo 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder [DVR] for Over-The-Air [OTA] HDTV with Wi-Fi for LIVE TV Streaming (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

At first i was a little hesitant buying this because so many people had issues or thought this product was subpar. I bought it anyway because it had everything i wanted. I could use it with any of my rokus, record anything i wanted, watch on my iphone or ipad, and gave me access to all the major networks . My review is almost all positive. It works faster with the wired connection, it took awhile to figure out my antenna setup but works great now because i'm allowed to put the tablo anywhere i want (i have it hidden under my son's dresser). Two things that keep it from a 5 star. It takes some time to load a show, and sometimes it thinks there's no hard drive connected. That's it. This is a must purchase for cord cutters!

Tablo 4-tuner Digital Video Recorder Dvr Over-the-air Ota Hdtv Wi-fi Live Tv Streaming
Click to see NoticeTablo 4 Tuner Digital Recorder Streaming (spvr4 01 na)"Pros:. This product is built on a very good principle no wire connection between the box and the tv. Therefore you can place the box closer to a windows and reduce the cable length between the antenna and the box. Other good point, external hard drive. If the drive fails you buy another cheap hard drive plug it in and you good to go. You can register 4 shows at the same time. No need to buy additional equipment for a second or third tv. Customer service is very responsive. Con:. You might run into signal problem just like me. I couldn't have a continuously the same channels. I when through 4 antennas (amplified and non amplified) but could not get the local channels i usually watch. It brake my hearth but i had to return it and keep the roku 4. This is the main reason i gave it a 4stars. . If you want to cut the cable this is the best solution if you have a good signal reception. If not look for live tv streaming services such as sling tv or playstationvue. Playstationvue is my favorite with the cloud dvr"

(0) Question: What are the options for an epg? what is included without subscription, how far ahead does it see? what are the differences if one subscribes?

(1) Question: Why no hdmi output?

(2) Question: My smart tv has a ethernet connection. when moving the imput settings it shows up too. so, if i wire it direct to my router will it stream to the tv?

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Home Theater :    Best Antenna (channel master product review) for Channel Master LTE Filter Improves TV Antenna Signals available ( Mar 2020 )

TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR: Digital Video Recorder Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD Compatible - Works Digital Cable HD Antenna

Tivo bolt, the unified entertainment system. It looks unconventional because there s nothing conventional about it. The tivo bolt brings all your entertainment together in a way that s simple, speedy and personal. It replaces your existing cable equipment, delivers all your cable channels, and records up to four shows at once. Even better, your streaming content is built right into the experience (2). Search everything in one click. And every available season and episode no matter where it comes from is organized for your binge-ing pleasure. Engineered to get you to the good stuff faster, tivo bolt was born to entertain with these unique features:          record up to 75 hours of hd programming (1)          4k uhd compatible          skipmode skips entire commercial breaks at the press of a button (3)          quickmode speeds through recorded and buffered shows 30% faster, with pitch-corrected audio          onesearch means you no longer have to jump from app to app trying to find a show or movie. Search tv, available on demand, and streaming apps in one click, and pick the best option for you.          integrates access to netflix, online store prime, hbo go, hulu, vudu & more (2)          searches tv, available on-demand, and streaming content simultaneously          streams and downloads to mobile devices in the home (4)          schedule recordings almost anywhere with free tivo app          ability to record ota (over-the-air) channels and save your favorite shows broadcast in your region.          compatible with tivo mini for multi-room/whole home tv solutions (5)

TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR: Digital Video Recorder Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD Compatible - Works Digital Cable HD AntennaTiVo-BOLT-500-DVR-Compatible

Brand :    tivo
Color :    White
Size :    500GB
Weight :    0.70 pounds
  • Record 4 shows at once and up to 75 hours of hd programming. (1) replaces your cable box and works with your existing subscription (requires cablecard); or plugs into any hd antenna to record over-the-air channels easily (over -the-air reception varies by location and is impacted by multiple factors).
  • Tivo service subscription is required. options include a monthly service plan at $14. 99/mo and a 1-year commitment, (4) and an annual service plan at $149. 99/year. (5)
  • Your favorite streaming apps are fully integrated: no more switching inputs, remotes or devices. access netflix, prime, hbo go, hulu, pandora and more from one, integrated experience. (2)
  • Skipmode allows you to skip through entire commercial breaks of recorded shows at the press of a single button. (3) quickmode lets you watch recorded shows 30% faster with pitch-corrected audio.
  • Watch eye-popping 4k/uhd content. fully 4k/ultra high-definition compatible right out of the box, so you can soak up all that crisp color, clarity and detail.
Price :    $116.55 (was $149.99)
Model :    R84950
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (tivo product review) for TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR: Digital Video Recorder Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD Compatible - Works Digital Cable HD Antenna available ( Mar 2020 )

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN

Wd elements portable hard drives with usb 3. 0 offer reliable, high-capacity storage to go, fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with usb 2. 0 and usb 3. 0 devices. The small, lightweight enclosure features massive capacity and wd quality and reliability. It includes a free trial of wd smartware pro for local and cloud backup.

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESNElements-Portable-External-Drive-WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN

Brand :    western digital
Color :    Black
Size :    2TB
Weight :    0.51 pounds
Model :    WDBU6Y0020BBK-EESN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2 to 3 weeks
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Drive Or Storage (western digital product review) for WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $59.31 (was $69.99)
  • Easily reformat drive for mac
  • Usb 3. 0 and usb 2. 0 compatibility
  • Up to 5 gb/s data transfer speed
  • 2tb storage capacity
  • Formatted for windows 8, 7, vista & xp

AVerMedia EZRecorder, HD Video Capture High Definition HDMI Recorder, PVR, DVR, Subscription Free, Schedule Recording, IR Blaster ER310

Ezrecorder 310 is a digital video recorder that records and stores tv shows for you to enjoy at any time. It works like a vcr but no tape is required. Instead, everything is stored inside a hard drive for easy video playback and managing. Better yet, ezrecorder 310 automatically turns your set-top box on and records video at a scheduled time so you'll never have to rush home for your favorite shows again.

AVerMedia EZRecorder, HD Video Capture High Definition HDMI Recorder, PVR, DVR, Subscription Free, Schedule Recording, IR Blaster ER310AVerMedia-EZRecorder-Definition-Subscription-ER310

Brand :    avermedia
Weight :    0.60 pounds
  • Internal hard drive is not included. please format your hard drive to ntfs before using it. usb hubs, card readers, fat format, nas, kingston uv400 series ssd, sandisk ssd plus or hdds over 2tb capacity are not supported.
  • Work with your set-top box for scheduled recording via ir blaster, please view sop of ir blaster learning at the technical specification section.
  • Internal and external hard drives with at least 500g capacity are recommended, and maximum 2tb for external hard drive.
  • 1-click record and snapshot, record 1080p30 hd video from your cable / satellite service providers, camcorder, game console via hdmi/component connection.
  • Save in mp4 and jpeg to enjoy on pc or any mobile device. hdcp - protected content cannot be recorded
Price :    $153.13 (was $162.00)
Model :    ER310
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer (avermedia product review) for AVerMedia EZRecorder, HD Video Capture High Definition HDMI Recorder, PVR, DVR, Subscription Free, Schedule Recording, IR Blaster ER310 available ( Mar 2020 )

Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K/HDR/HD streaming player 4x wireless range & voice remote TV power volume 2017

Easy to set up and great video and sound quality. Navigating the menus and adding channels could be simplified.

Exceptional wireless. Stunning picture quality. Start watching your favorites quickly and enjoy a smooth streaming experience. Whether you re streaming in your home, hotel or even in the backyard, the advanced wireless receiver gives you 4x the range and a stronger signal for streaming. This means you can stream in places that are ordinarily too far from the router. Stream in brilliant 4k, hdr and hd. Experience the visual rush of 4k and vibrant hdr picture quality with the new powerful and portable streaming stick plus . Plus, no more juggling remotes. Our new voice remote with buttons for tv power and volume control makes it easy to control both your tv and streaming stick plus . Enjoy 500, 000 plus movies and tv episodes across thousands of free or paid channels. You can even search by voice across top channels by actor, show and more.

Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K/HDR/HD streaming player 4x wireless range & voice remote TV power volume 2017Roku-Streaming-Stick-streaming-wireless

Roku Streaming Stick Streaming Wireless (Tuner) FAQ.

Last month i made the decision to fire my overpriced satellite dish provider and jump in the streaming tv wagon. I needed to find something that was reliable and very easy to use to avoid a potential tv/new technology crisis with the wife. . Reading all the great reviews on this brand, i decided to take a chance on roku, i have not looked back. . My wife and kid absolutely love it and once i set everything up it took them about 90 seconds to learn how to use it. . We love these so much we bought 2 more for our bedroom tv's. . This roku stick+ is easy to program. Fantastic 4k picture, so inconspicuous and unobtrusive. Simply an amazing product that i highly recommend. -Notice from R. Sherry, Doncaster

Click to Show roku streaming stick streaming wireless (tuner) Details

I tried a number of these units to access the internet on my tv and in my opinion found this is the best product for what it is supposed to do.

Roku-streaming-stick-streaming-wireless-(tuner) set picture

- P. AliceThis replaced a roku we already had. We were experiencing lags and weird picture issues, likely because it was on the opposite side of the house and down a floor than the router. The roku streaming stick+ cleared up all those issues. All the issues from the first roku (which was several years old) disappeared.

Terrific upgrade to prior roku devices. So good i bought three with no issues and all great results. Highly recommended.

S. Neva, Buckinghamshire

Brand :    roku
  • New 2017 model!
  • Powerful, portable, exceptional wireless
  • Voice remote with tv power and volume
  • Advanced wireless receiver for 4x the range
  • Brilliant 4k, hdr, and hd streaming. note: the usb port on some tv's may be unable to power a streaming stick+, if you see the on-screen warning message that appears in these cases, use a wall outlet.
Price :    $48.99 (was $64.98)
Model :    Roku Streaming Stick+
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K/HDR/HD streaming player 4x wireless range & voice remote TV power volume 2017 available ( Mar 2020 )

TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR - With No Monthly Service Fees - Digital Video Recorder Streaming Media Player

Tivo roamio ota. The premium tv experience without the premium price. Cutting the cord? the tivo roamio ota was built for those looking for a full-throttled entertainment experience without cable or satellite. It works with any hd antenna, delivers 1 terabyte of recording capacity (up to 150 hd hours of hd programming) and integrates all your streaming content from netflix, online store prime, hulu, youtube, pandora and more. (4) best of all, it s now available without a monthly tivo service fee. Without those hefty monthly tv bills and with tivo service included in your purchase price tivo roamio ota is the most economical premium tv experience available anywhere. Kindly enter your zip-code in the following link to check the available tv reception in your locality.

TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR - With No Monthly Service Fees - Digital Video Recorder Streaming Media PlayerTiVo-Roamio-OTA-DVR-Streaming

Price :    $359.99
  • Skipmode skips entire commercial breaks of recorded shows at the press of a button. quickmode speeds through recorded and buffered shows 30% faster, with pitch-corrected audio.
  • Searches tv and streaming content simultaneously. integrates access to netflix, prime, hulu, vudu and more.
  • Record four shows at once and up to 150 hours of hd programming. pause, rewind and record free hd programming.
  • Compatible only with hdtv antennas. does not work with cable or satellite tv. no monthly tivo service fee required.
  • Over-the-air reception varies widely by location, and is affected by surroundings, distance from transmitter, terrain, and availability of local channels. power: 12v
Brand :    tivo
Color :    Black
Size :    1000GB
Weight :    3.70 pounds
Model :    R84600
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (tivo product review) for TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB DVR - With No Monthly Service Fees - Digital Video Recorder Streaming Media Player available ( Mar 2020 )

Tablo DUAL OTA DVR Cord Cutters - 64 GB WiFi - For use HDTV Antennas

I have had our tablo dual for a couple weeks now and cut the cord 2 years ago. This is what i was missing! the one thing i needed tablo fits perfectly, and ota dvr. Tired of watching commercials or missing our favorite programs, works great and can watch on almost any device!

Tablo is a network-connected dvr that streams live and recorded over-the-air (ota) hdtv from your digital antenna to any screen, anytime, anywhere using the tablo app. Tablo dual can stream or record up to two ota tv channels simultaneously and includes 40 hours of onboard hd recording storage. A whole-home dvr for cord cutters, tablo is the only ota dvr that allows you to use either ethernet or dual-band wi-fi to connect your hdtv antenna to your home network so you can place the dvr and antenna in the best location for ota tv signal reception. Tablo apps are available free for ios/android mobile phones & tablets, computers, smart tvs, streaming media and gaming devices, including roku, fire tv, android tv, apple tv, and xbox as well as support for chromecast. For technical assistance contact 1-844-822-5688.

Tablo DUAL OTA DVR Cord Cutters - 64 GB WiFi - For use HDTV AntennasTablo-DUAL-OTA-Cord-Cutters

Tablo Dual Ota Dvr Cord Cutters - 64 Gb Wifi - Use Hdtv Antennas (spvr2 02 en) FAQ.

I cut the cable about a year ago. My setup is a powered outdoor ota antenna (35 miles from the transmitters). We bought the dual tuner model and a 2tb usb drive. We are hardwired networked from the tablo to the router to a roku for the main tv and a roku wireless stick for the second set. The antenna signal is split between the tv input and tablo input. If you have the dual tuner, this lets you watch via the antenna signal direct in case the two tablo tuners are busy. . We are in far suburbia in the houston, tx area. Tablo recognizes about 60 channels many of which are foreign language stations. . Pros: easy to set up. 2 tb is lots of recording capacity. The guide is easy to use to set up recordings for whole series or a onesie. Picturequality is fine, tablo sends out new software every so often and keeps the tablo up to date. . Cons: the guide costs $50 a year - not a deal breaker but there it is. The guide is somewhat slow to load when you change to that mode and are looking for some new show to record. (maybe i should delete some of the channels i don't usually watch). At the highest resolution setting, i had buffering issues even hardwired - the picture would freeze and audio continue - this happened about every 10 seconds for 3 or so seconds. I dropped back to the second best quality level and the problem went away (you can see a slight visual difference between the tablo and the antenna only pictures. ) occasionally with 2 tuners, they will both be busy recording (i am considering buying a 4 tuner model). . Summary - it works well, not many glitches, i am glad we have it, -Notice from F. Susana, Arkansas

Click to Show tablo dual ota dvr cord cutters - 64 gb wifi - use hdtv antennas (spvr2 02 en) Details

Not perfect but getting there, so glad i found out about this product. Try it you'll be glad you did!

Tablo-dual-ota-dvr-cord-cutters---64-gb-wifi---use-hdtv-antennas-(spvr2-02-en) set picture

- Z. NevaLove my tablo. I was a long time tivo user (8 years). My tivo hd started failing (random reboots daily). Instead of putting more money into an old machine i decided to look at new dvrs. I checked out the new tivos (same old thing) then found tablo. First thing it's not a set top box. You need a compatible device to stream it on. Luckily i have a tcl roku tv so that obstacle was easy. Next while the tablo dual comes with on board storage i do recommend getting an external hard drive. There is an extensive thread on tablos forum listing compatible drives. Initial setup is easy. Picture quality is great. One thing to note is your bank may decline the guide subscription charge since it's international. I made one quick call to my bank and they allowed the charge to go through. All in all i'm very pleased with my tablo dvr.

So far so good! very easy install - basically plug in ethernet, antenna, and power and then the web-based install scans for channels and pulls in the tv grid. I'm using an rca ant751r antenna and i'm receiving all the major networks from 30+ miles away without any reception issues. It's very nice to be able to watch recorded shows and live tv on my roku 3, iphone 7, or web browser wherever i am in the house. . I agree with some of the other reviews that the 10 seconds delay when switching channels when watching live tv isn't ideal but as a cord-cutter using this as a dvr i basically know what channel i want so it's not really a problem. . Unfortunately this item was out of stock at online store so i ordered online at bestbuy which offered free 2-day shipping similar to online store prime.

U. Pamela, South Tyneside

Brand :    tablo
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.82 pounds
  • 64gb internal + expandable usb storage: record up to 40 hours of hdtv, right out of the box. upgrade recording capacity by adding an external usb hard drive. (usb hard drive sold separately)
  • Whole-home networked dvr: browse, record, and stream free live over-the-air (ota) hdtv to any device, any time, anywhere - without the expense or commitment of cable or satellite contracts.
  • Tablo: the live tv app: enjoy tablo apps on ios & android mobile devices, computers, smart tvs, streaming media & gaming devices, including roku, fire tv, android tv, apple tv, nvidia shield, and xbox
  • Dual-band wi-fi included: the only ota dvr with wi-fi, tablo lets you position the dvr and antenna for the best signal reception. (hdtv antenna required, sold separately)
  • Cancel cable, keep the dvr: watch, pause, and record live antenna tv. browse upcoming shows, schedule and manage recordings by episode or series. skip commercials, fast-forward and rewind recordings.
Price :    $219.99
Model :    SPVR2-02-EN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Digital Video Recorder (tablo product review) for Tablo DUAL OTA DVR Cord Cutters - 64 GB WiFi - For use HDTV Antennas available ( Mar 2020 )

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range

Get superior reception without the whole neighborhood noticing. This compact outdoor antenna is designed to maximize signal reception and integrate seamlessly into any home environment, indoors or out. Receive all available local hd digital broadcasts channels for free, including digital formats via uhf and vhf frequencies.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile RangeRCA-Compact-Outdoor-Antenna-Range

Price :    $34.26 (was $42.83)
  • Simplifies installation with pre-assembled design, easy-lock fold-out uhf reflector and snap-lock elements
  • Disclaimer: reception quality and channels received will depend on distance from towers, broadcast power, terrain and other factors.
  • Withstands tough outdoor conditions with durable construction and materials
  • Supports up to 1080i hdtv broadcasts for high-quality picture and sound - 70+ miles from the towers
  • Enjoy top-rated hdtv network programming and your favorite shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription
Brand :    rca
Color :    Silver
Size :    1
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    ANT751Z
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range available ( Mar 2020 )

WD 1TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN

Wd elements portable hard drives with usb 3. 0 offer reliable, high-capacity storage to go, fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with usb 2. 0 and usb 3. 0 devices. The small, lightweight enclosure features massive capacity and wd quality and reliability. It includes a free trial of wd smartware pro for local and cloud backup.

WD 1TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBUZG0010BBK-WESNElements-Portable-External-Drive-WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN

Brand :    western digital
Size :    1TB
Weight :    0.30 pounds
  • Massive capacity
  • Ultra-fast usb 3. 0 data transfers
  • Free trial of wd smartware pro auto and cloud backup software
  • For mac compatibility this hard drive requires reformatting. refer to application guide for guidance on this
Price :    $46.74 (was $54.99)
Model :    WDBUZG0010BBK-EESN
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Personal Computer :    Best Computer Drive Or Storage (western digital product review) for WD 1TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN available ( Mar 2020 )

TiVo BOLT VOX 1TB, DVR & Streaming Media Player, 4K UHD, Now Voice Control TCD849000V

Tivo s innovative unified entertainment system now includes the ultimate voice remote that dramatically improves the search experience across all your live tv, dvr and streaming tv series and movies. The 4k ultra hd compatible tivo bolt vox still boasts tivo s unique fan-favorite features including skipmode , onepass , onesearch and more. And with three different models, there s a bolt vox specifically crafted to meet your entertainment demands and budget.

TiVo BOLT VOX 1TB, DVR & Streaming Media Player, 4K UHD, Now Voice Control TCD849000VTiVo-Streaming-Player-Control-TCD849000V

Brand :    tivo
Color :    Black
Size :    1 TB
Weight :    1.90 pounds
Model :    TCD849000V
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (tivo product review) for TiVo BOLT VOX 1TB, DVR & Streaming Media Player, 4K UHD, Now Voice Control TCD849000V available ( Mar 2020 )
Price :    $269.99
  • Your favorite streaming apps are fully integrated: no more switching inputs, remotes or devices. access netflix, prime, hbo go, hulu, pandora and more from one, integrated experience.
  • This unified entertainment system replaces your cable box and works with your existing cable subscription (requires cable card).
  • Tivo service subscription is required. options include a monthly service plan at $14. 99/mo. and a 1-year commitment, (4) and an annual service plan at $149. 99/year.
  • Fully 4k/ultra high-definition compatible right out of the box, so you can soak up all that crisp color, clarity and detail.
  • Tivo's new voice remote lets you instantly search across your live tv, dvr recordings and streaming content to quickly and easily find what you're looking for.

Roku Ultra 4K/HDR/HD streaming player Enhanced remote voice, remote finder, headphone jack, TV power volume , Ethernet, MicroSD USB 2017

Love roku. Spent the extra money for the upper tier, much worth it. I don't need to purchase the extra cable boxes. Works beautiful with you cable provider.

Our ultimate streaming experience. The next-generation roku ultra is our most powerful player, with a quad-core processor and our best wireless performance. A great choice for avid streamers and users of cable replacement services such as directv now, sling tv, and more. Whether your tv is 4k or hd, roku ultra will optimize your content for the best picture resolution possible. Experience the visual rush of crisp details and rich hdr color. Plus, the roku ultra is fully loaded with features you ll love. Our new voice remote lets you easily control your tv with buttons for tv power and volume. Headphones let you listen in private. And no more tearing the family room apart with our lost-remote finder. Plus, enjoy 500, 000 plus movies and tv episodes, including blockbusters, award-winning original series, kids shows, live network tv, and more-across thousands of free or paid channels like netflix, online store video, hbo now, and pbs kids.

Roku Ultra 4K/HDR/HD streaming player Enhanced remote voice, remote finder, headphone jack, TV power volume , Ethernet, MicroSD USB 2017Roku-Ultra-streaming-Enhanced-headphone

Roku Ultra Streaming Enhanced Headphone (Tuner) FAQ.

I got tired of laggy interaction and playback and unsynchronized sound from my online store stick, and upgraded to this after reading many positive reviews. Playback from the roku ultra is amazingly crisp and snappy - i and my wife are so happy we got this. So far i haven't found anything i could do with the stick that i can't do better with the roku. I just wish i could reassign the dedicated slingtv and hbonow buttons to other services, but the voice control more than makes up for that. . Edit: audio lag is sometimes still a problem, but much less than with the online store stick. Unsynchronized audio frustrates me, as this is a pretty fundamental thing which could easily be solved with industry standards. This is one thing which analog tv did better than digital. -Notice from L. Susana, New Jersey

Click to Show roku ultra streaming enhanced headphone (tuner) Details

I purchased this to replace an earlier edition that was not able to get hulu plus. I now get hulu plus and am very pleased with the streaming. I have this device hardwired.

Roku-ultra-streaming-enhanced-headphone-(tuner) set picture

- U. ParkerUpgrade from very old roku and it works great! love the 4k!

My first roku. I needed something that i could hook my 2tb drive up to (via usb) and watch videos while on the road. Hotel wifi is pretty bad and having videos i can watch locally makes things easy. I use this primarily for plex, netflix, hulu, and online store prime video and all work great. Highly recommend this box.

A. Guest, Virginia

Brand :    roku
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    Roku Ultra
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Brilliant 4k, hdr, and hd streaming
  • Voice remote with tv power and volume
  • Powerful quad-core processor and best wireless performance
  • 500, 000 plus movies and tv episodes
  • Roku ultra new 2017 model.
Price :    $77.99 (was $99.99)
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (roku product review) for Roku Ultra 4K/HDR/HD streaming player Enhanced remote voice, remote finder, headphone jack, TV power volume , Ethernet, MicroSD USB 2017 available ( Mar 2020 )

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 18 dB Max Gain - USA

Winegard lna-200 boost xt tv preamplifier, vhf uhf amplifier extend the range and signal quality of your non-amplified digital hdtv antenna with a winegard tv antenna preamplifier. Winegard's ultra low-noise amplifiers offer maximum signal quality. Watch more free shows than ever before! boost clear circuit technology features the lowest noise figure (1 db typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. The boost xt enhances any non-amplified antenna! twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals. This separation of bands increases signal handling capability for up to 10 times more and reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Size, compatibility and features - dimensions: 6in x 4in x 4. 8in - twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals - 10x more power handling - bandpass filters remove interfering rf signals - installs on any outdoor non-amplified tv antenna - maximum gain (typical): 18 db - noise figure (typical): 1db - power: +5v at 130ma in the box - lna-200 boost xt preamplifier - 110v adapter, power inserter, hose clamps - printed documentation

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 18 dB Max Gain - USAWinegard-LNA-200-Preamplifier-Antenna-Amplifier

Brand :    winegard
Color :    Black
Size :    apple
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    LNA-200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Hdtv antenna preamplifier - the winegard boost xt tv signal booster enhances any non-amplified antenna, delivering more range and available channels. delivers a crystal clear signal, watch more channels than with an antenna alone.
  • In the box - includes winegard boost lna-200 digital tv antenna amplifier, 110v adapter, power inserter, hose clamps and printed documentation. the boost xt preamplifier works with any passive/non-amplified antenna.
  • Winegard tv antenna experts - leading us designer and manufacturer of quality tv antenna and signal equipment since 1954. designed and built in the u. s. a.
  • Amplified clear circuit technology - boost clear circuit technology features the lowest noise figure (1db typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. the boost xt preamplifier enhances any non-amplified antenna.
  • 10x power handling capability - twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals for maximum performance on any non-amplified outdoor antenna. signal selectivity is greatly enhanced and noise and interference is reduced to the lowest levels.
Price :    $30.18 (was $39.90)
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 18 dB Max Gain - USA available ( Mar 2020 )

Marathon HDTV Long Distance Amplified Indoor / Outdoor Digital TV Antenna. Long Range High Definition UHF - VHF Reception Top Rated Whole House Performance Free Signal TV

Finally, a whole-house tv antenna solution with super long-range power! the marathon by free signal tv surpasses the competition with outstanding long-distance signal gathering performance of up to 100 miles and high power amplification to power up to 4 tvs! the latest in rf antenna engineering and circuitry design allows the marathon to capture long distance signals that other antennas miss - especially in the tough vhf range. Features include unique built in signal amplification, super easy hook up using standard cable and 110v outlet, and indoor/outdoor durability in a compact sealed unit design that is 4k ready and includes the latest 4g/lte filter circuitry. Years of research has finally yielded an antenna that makes eliminating high cost cable and satellite services worthwhile. Invest in the best, so you can start saving today and enjoy hd quality local broadcasts in multiple rooms! a free customized reception map is provided with each marathon order showing direction to towers for aiming along with detailed channel listings. To view stations available in your area before ordering, enter your zip code on the fcc reception map located here: easy 3 step installation: step 1- consult the custom reception map & quick tips sheet emailed to all buyers for where to aim the antenna during installation. Step 2- connect the marathon's unique power insertion module into coaxial line from antenna wherever power is available (place within 50 feet of antenna location). Step 3- replacing cable or satellite service? mount the marathon inside or outside at the highest available location and connect in place of incoming cable and satellite feed. The unit will then power all tvs in your home using existing cable wiring. - questions? troubleshooting? free signal tv tech support personnel are available by calling 859-250-9538. Our experts can answer pre-installation questions and quickly help solve any reception issues.

Marathon HDTV Long Distance Amplified Indoor / Outdoor Digital TV Antenna. Long Range High Definition UHF - VHF Reception Top Rated Whole House Performance Free Signal TVMarathon-Distance-Amplified-TV-Definition

Brand :    free signal tv
Weight :    4.80 pounds
  • Eliminates the need for high cost cable and satellite service for local and regional tv channels
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tablo 4-tuner digital video recorder dvr for over-the-air ota hdtv with wi-fi for live tv streaming Price : 249, was : 0 as 2018-01-12
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Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for tablo 4-tuner digital video recorder dvr for over-the-air ota hdtv with wi-fi for live tv streaming

I can only give this 4 stars, since i was never able to attach the device to my network over wifi. I didn't try tech support - i decided to hard-wired it to my router. That, of course, created another problem relative to antenna placement, but that seemed an easier problem to overcome than fighting wifi throughput. Other than that, the device works exactly as described and designed. Its interface is simple and functional, and integration with the tablo program listing service is excellent. I have a 1 terabyte ssd attached to it (they're cheap), and don't think i'll be struggling with capacity issues. The only other observation i might make (and this isn't relative to the device, but to cutting the cord in general) is that you have to make sure your antenna produces a sufficiently strong signal. Mine is clean most of the time, but we discover poor quality recordings from time to time, impacted, i assume, by weather and other problems associated with over-the-air broadcast. I'm in the process of updating my antenna installation to suit. But, again, this is a very viable alternative to cable dvr systems for folks who are mostly interested in the content broadcast locally, and otherwise purchase streaming services (netflix, etc. ) for content beyond that. I'm saving a bundle over my cable bill.

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on Tablo-4-Tuner-Digital-Recorder-Streaming

(0) Question: How well does the fast forward and rewind features work when playing a pre-recorded video?

(1) Question: How often do i need to acess the interent or wifi with tablo? if i buy this and cut ties with cable, i will only have my smartphone for interent.

(2) Question: How does this compare to tivo's $49. 99 over the air only dvr with hard drive and 4 tuners? i've been looking at both.

(3) Question: Can i hook up one tune to my main roof antenna and another tuner to my secondary roof antenna?

(4) Question: Is there a monthly charge to use this dvr? we have a roku and an hd antenna and our isp is through our landline phone service.

(5) Question: Can services like hulu plus and netflix be recorded on the tablo?

(6) Question: Can recorded shows be moved to a different storage location e. g. a homeserver or a windows desktop and shared via media center?

(7) Question: Surround sound

(8) Question: What kind of usb hard drive do i need? i plan on simply recording a sports game on the weekend or a show here and there

(9) Question: Can you transfer recordings to a tablet or swap hard drives to take recordings with you?

(10) Question: How do you control this unit if it doesn't have a remote control? how do you set it to record? to fast-forward, rewind, etc. when playing?

(11) Question: If i hardwire the tablo to my router (as one reviewer strongly suggested), can i also stream to a hardwired tv (cat6)?

(12) Question: If i understand this correctly, this is a network(lan) attached dvr for capturing over-the-air signal in hd/sd. does it have apps for a lot of devices

(13) Question: Can you watch a previously recorded show while recording 2 others?

(14) Question: Is the hard drive formatted according to a standard (i. e. ntfs, ext3)? are the video files save in a standard format? or, is everything proprietary?

(15) Question: Does the tablo continuously record up to the last 15 minutes of the current live feed and give you the option to save like a comcast dvr does?

(16) Question: What picture quality (1080i? sd? less? ) do you receive from the tablo using a roku 3 on an hd tv?

(note) Question: where/how to get Tablo (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Tablo's products

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I have looked for a while for a whole-house dvr solution for over the air (ota) hdtv. I have tried a couple of versions of the hdhomerun product and read everything i can about others like the channelmaster dvr+, simpletv, and others. . I believe that tablo has the best feature set. The major disadvantage of hdhomerun is that it is not a self-contained system. There is no recording ability built-in. You need to dedicate a computer to it just for recording. Then, in order to watch the recordings on anything but that computer, you have to figure out how to get the data to your tv. This might require transcoding the video so it's usable on another device like a roku. Transcoding is either another manual step or requires setting up jobs on a server. Too much hassle even for me, and i'm a computer/gadget geek. . Reading about the channelmaster dvr+, i could not see how to watch the recordings on another tv or tablet, at least not easily. It looks like a promising device except for that. I could be wrong but for the price it should include streaming to other devices. . Simpletv is getting very mixed reviews, to put it mildly. I decided to skip it. Tivo's guide pricing turned me off of their system-$15 a month for a guide? if their pricing was more reasonable i would have gone that way. . When tablo was announced i was very interested. Self-contained system for recording, watching tv or recordings on pc's, macs, roku, ipad, and android tablets. Ability to watch on basically any device in your home, or even over the internet from a remote location. . While tablo does charge a fee for their guide service, it's optional. The system is still functional without it. You can set up manual recordings using time and channel number, just like the old vcr days. I subscribed to the service, i think it's worth the fee they charge but again, it's optional. . I've been using the tablo for a week now. The system is tucked into a spare room and hard-wired with an ethernet cable into my wifi router. I think that's an important factor for best performance. The more wifi connections in use, the slower they will be which can result in dropouts when viewing the streams. The main tv connects to the tablo with a roku 3 which connects to the nework with 5ghz 802. 11n connection. No dropouts when watching tablo or netflix. Beautiful picture on my recordings, at least equal to my old comcast dvr setup. . The ability to watch live or recorded tv anywhere in the house on any device is very cool. My wife has an ipad and i have an android tablet and both work great. We are saving a fair amount of money over our old comcast setup, about $85 a month even after you factor in the $5 a month guide service (it's cheaper by the year) and $8 a month for netflix. . I'm now a cord-cutter and i'm happy to say the tablo is everything i hoped for. It makes watching recordings anywhere in the house simple, and does not require a dedicated pc for transcoding and serving up streams. I have not had any problems with my tablo rebooting or freezing or anything like that. I think having it hard-wired to the network is a big part of that. . Update: 10/22/2014 i've been using the tablo for a month now. I'm still completely happy with it. I haven't had any problems at all after getting it set up. I did have a problem with the initial setup not working with the web app, so i completed it using the android app which worked fine. . It's very early days for tablo still, and some people have reported some issues, such as failed recordings. I have not seen this. The most likely reasons are too many signal dropouts from the antenna, or a hard drive issue. Some folks are not happy with the roku app. It's in a very early stage of development. Tablo has promised improvements and i think they will deliver but even as is the app is functional. . The tablo should be thought of as a network device, not so much an accessory for your tv. For best results it should be hard-wired to your router and have a solid antenna signal. You will then need a roku 3 or equivalent to stream it to your tv. This works fantastically well in my setup. The roku stick is known to have weak wifi reception and may not work well. . If you're looking for a straight dvr to connect directly to your tv like a traditional setup, you might be better off looking at the channel master dvr+ or tivo roamio ota. Neither of those devices will match the flexibility of the tablo out of the box though-the tivo needs additional hardware to enable streaming, and the dvr+ can't stream at all, as i understand it. You gain a lot of flexibility if you let go of the 1980's vcr paradigm and embrace network devices like this. . Update 1/5/2015: still love the tablo. Tablo just announced a preview of the new roku channel at ces, can't wait! ok, here's the key to success, i'll repeat it again. Many of the bad reviews talk about wifi problems with the tablo. Don't use wifi-connect it directly to your router with an ethernet cable. Using wifi for the tablo itself doubles your chances of having buffering/lost connections. I never have issues with buffering on any of my devices. Fwiw: my setup is 5 ghz 802. 11n. You mileage may vary if you use 2. 4 ghz or g band wifi. Make sure you have enough wifi speed for streaming hd video. If you can't already stream hd video, you won't be able to stream tablo either. It might be worth upgrading to an 802. 11ac router, if you have a laptop or tablet that supports 802. 11ac. . Update 12/11/2015: roku updates have caused some issues. When fast forwarding thru commercials the roku app can freeze occasionally requiring a reboot of the roku. When this happens the tablo is still working fine, i can connect to it with a tablet or pc and watch recordings. More frequently roku would paused streaming and display "loading, please wait" for 10 seconds. So following advice of others on the tablo community forum, i purchased a google nexus player on sale for $49. It works far better than the roku for accessing the tablo. Fast forwarding works incredibly well and starts up instantly. I still have a roku in my bedroom so i'm hoping the roku issue gets fixed. At this point it is uncertain whether the problem lies with roku or tablo. So, it you are considering getting the tablo, at this point the roku may not be the recommended streaming receiver. Make no mistake i still love the tablo, just annoyed with the roku issues. Right now the nexus player is working great in it's place. . Update 12/17/2015-roku issue fixed. Roku issued an emergency software update that was supposed to fix lockups in one of their apps. Well, guess what, it also fixed the lockups in the tablo app. So the problem was on the roku side as many of us have suspected. I have gone back to using roku 3 instead of the nexus player and it's working great again. So thanks to roku for fixing this issue but no thanks to them for breaking it in the first place. . Final update 3/16/2017-this is my final update to this review; nothing has changed since the last update. Still using my tablo every day and still love it. I still just have the 1tb wd portable drive mentioned in the comments below (i don't keep recordings after viewing them). So i've had this device almost 2. 5 years and use it nearly every day. I record a lot of old movies, especially sci-fi from the comet network. I will never go back to paying for cable tv. I also got rid of my sling tv subscription. Anything i can't find ota i stream from online store or netflix.

Bestsellers, Digital Video RecorderTop Tablo 4 Tuner Digital Recorder Streaming (spvr4 01 na) FAQ Content

Best tablo 4 tuner digital recorder streaming (spvr4 01 na) in review

Overview. . I purchased this ota dvr as part of my plan to cut the cord. I'm still working on that plan, but since this purchase, i've decided that the tablotv will be part of my setup along with some other streaming services. . My long term goal is to run the tablotv using an attic mount antenna (i have an old one up there now), but i haven't had the right weather / tools to run the coax down to the room where the tablotv is set up. For now, i'm using a mohu leaf 25 flat antenna. I live about 25 miles from my major metro city center. . I'm running my main tvs using apple tv's, and i use a seagate 2tb 2. 5" external hard drive for recording / dvr capability. . Overall, the tablotv works as expected, but there is room for improvement. The biggest hurdle is cost - much more expensive getting started than i expected. Setup technical issues can also be difficult for some users. . Pros . . 1) tablotv is a stupid simple concept - record from an antenna and stream to any connected device. . 2) you only need one antenna. You do not need multiple antennas at each tv. I've read some folks using a large attic mount antenna with a distribution amp so that they can send the signal directly to tvs as a backup to the functionality tablotv offers, but that seems pretty hardcore. . 3) there are multiple ways to watch. I have apple tvs on both tvs in my home, and i also have ipads, iphones, and kindle fire tablets. They all have tablotv apps for viewing. The experience between each is, for the most part, consistent. I can also pop open a web browser and get the full controls user experience while doing work on any computer. . 4) setup is relatively painless with a guided walkthrough of all the bits and pieces to getting your ota signal streaming on a support device or app. . 5) cost for the guide is reasonable at $50/year. Much better than tivo. I considered the lifetime option, but i'm fine paying a little over 3 years to get the equivalent use. I'm not sure how long the service will be around, so 3 years for this changing cord cutting technology landscape seems like a reasonable bet. . Cons . . 1) app experience is not consistent between devices. Iphones have fewer controls than ipads. The controls are different again on the kindle fire tablet. The apple tv app is great, but you cannot start recordings on demand (from the channel viewing mode - e. G. Just start recording this show i'm watching now without interrupting the show). Additionally, the ipad commercial skip and instant replay times are 10s vs. 30s and 20s on other apps / devices. It's a limiting experience that can be somewhat frustrating. . 2) there's no per channel signal strength meter. If, for whatever reason, a channel isn't broadcasting at the strength it was when you first scanned it and added it, then you're just going to get a low information warning that the signal is bad and it won't tune the channel. I've had some times where channel signal strength degrading and i've had to run the channel scan again (tedious) to get an idea of how bad it is. . 3) cost is a barrier to entry, i think. The 2-tuner unit is $200 and rarely goes on sale. Then you're in a hunt to find a compatible hard drive for about $80. Even worse - you may have to go 2. 5" hard drive since some of the larger 3. 5" hard drives with separate power supplies have issues with tablotv. Finally - you need an antenna - at least $30 for a decent mohu on sale. Finally, add the $50/year subscription cost, and your initial outlay is just under $400. . 4) i had very technical issues with setup - mostly related to the hard drives. I had an old 320gb hard drive in an enclosure that i tried to use to begin with. It would not format. The tablotv sets up a connected usb drive for dvr and recordings using the ext4 format, with some simple recording and metadata folders. For whatever reason, this 320gb western digital blue hard drive in a vantec nexus hard drive enclosure would not format. Ever. When i got a brand new seagate 2tb 2. 5" external hard drive, it refused to format several times. No explanation - i just had to connect and disconnect it several times. I formatted it 2-3 times on my macbook pro with exfat and fat32 before it finally worked and finished the ext4 format. . 5) there's no preset way to migrate to a different hard drive. I replaced the failed 320gb hard drive, as noted above, with a 2tb hard drive that, eventually, worked. Then the 2tb hard drive started clicking, which meant i needed to replace it. Note - there is no utility to migrate from one hard drive to another. For me to move to the new 2tb hard drive, i had to do the following on a macbook pro (which does not support ext4):. . A) attach new hard drive to tablotv and get it formatted with the tablotv ext4 filesystem. B) install a linux virtual machine on macbook pro and connect both old and new hard drives inside the virtual machine. C) copy over recordings from old filesystem to new filesystem (it's self explanatory, but you'll need to have root privileges to do it in the virtual machine). D) reconnect the new hard drive and verify that your recordings carried over in the tablotv admin. . 6) everyone is right - it takes about 5-10 seconds for a channel to tune. And you can't flip. You do have to exit live tv and go back to the guide to find / tune a new station. . Summary . . Yes, it's a great option for ota dvr / recordings. . Yes, once you get it set up it's pretty easy to use. . Yes, it's reasonably cost effective after the initial outlay. . Yes, it will work with a pretty basic antenna and tons of apps. . No, it's not for the faint of heart in terms of setup and troubleshooting. . No, it isn't cheap up front. . Overall - i like tablotv and will continue to use it in my cord cutter set up. I look forward to future improvements to the apps on multiple devices.

L. Walsh, Alaska

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. Anonymous, Newcastle upon Tyne says

I'd been looking to cut the cable for a while, but being able to receive over-the-air broadcasts was the hangup. I initially bought a converter box and it was confusing to switch back and forth from a cable system to antenna reception. I bought the tablo, a 1t hard drive, downloaded the tablo app for appletv and it has worked well. I can record network shows, playback is a breeze and i've figured out how to zap through commercials. All in all, buying tablo was a good decision.

H. Wanda, Hampshire

Finally we became cord cutters. We started by getting a mohu leaf, the amplified version. I must confess mohu leaf was amazing. It did take us a while to figure out where to place the antenna. Once we had the antenna, it was amazing to see all the ota channels in high-def with dolby 5 channel sound. The next step was to get sling tv. We use sling primarily for the kids channels and for cnn. After that and actually at the same time i got tablo. I also got the elements hard drive that is recommended by others. I was amazed by a few things. 1. The tablo is really small. Specially if you compare it to the cable company boxes. 2. Installation could not have been easier. You plug everything in and then set it up using your mobile device or your tablet. I was literally setup in 10 minutes. We did get a roku so that we could stream it to our tv. 3. The most interesting thing is that, you can so easily stream to your iphone, ipad. It is really really easy. 4. It is a very easy to use dvr. More intuitive than the cable company. You should get the tv guide. It is $5 per month or you get it lifetime for $150. . So to recap: my cord cutting setup: mohu leaf hdtv antenna. Roku. Tablo and a hard drive plus sling tv. It truly works well. So why not 5 stars. I deducted a star for the lack of dolby 5 channel sound. You get 2 channel sound. The device takes 5 channel dolby and down converts it to 2 channel sound. A small disappointment. I would think most folks will be okay. I would have expected more from such an amazing product. Update may 2016: now i have had tablo for more than 4 months. Every month my recordings would just stop. I could not figure out what was wrong. Now tablo support is only week days and that too only business hours. So the first three times this happened i did not call tablo. I just reset the whole thing and continue on. The last time it happened i emailed support. They asked me to provide them access to my tablo which i did. In about a day they figured out the problem. Apparently the issue was with the firmware on my device. It was not keeping the correct time. The support person updated my firmware and i was good to go. I am writing this update to suggest folks to reach out to support if they have problems. My only gripe is that i should not firmware issues on new units. Anyways looks like my problem is resolved. If i have problems i will update my post. I really like tablo, it is a good dvr that works well and i will like to see it be successful

O. Margaret, Camden says

Works great for ota viewing. I was tired of paying for 350 channels when we only watched 9. Enter tablo. I've had it for around a year and they regularly update the software. The update about 6 months ago made it the best. The only thing that i can complain about is the number of clicks to get to the program you want to watch is about 1-2 too many (which takes time). Other than that, the system works very well! i use roku players on 3 different tvs, and have no issues, but that's why i got the 4 tuner. If you only have 1 tv, 2 tuners should suffice, otherwise, get the 4 tuner. Negate 1 star for the extra time needed to get to the show, otherwise, 5 stars.

P. Guest, New York

I did a lot of research before committing to a dvr for when we cut the cable cord. For the money and features the tablo looked like a good solution. I went for the 4 tuner model just to make sure that if we were watching two different shows that the third could be recorded. I received the unit and the setup was fairly simple. I am using a wd elements drive as most people recommend and it works very well. . I had a problem early on, though. The tablo sometimes didn't want to let my apps connect to it so i rebooted it, after which it was annoying. The problem came after about the third day, a sunday, when nothing would connect to it at all. I used a wired network connection and it was showing up in my router. The blue light came on but never flashed. Tablo support is email only so i sent a message to their support group detailing every solution i had tried from their forums to resolve the problem. I found out that they only work monday through friday during regular business hours so having this happen on a weekend meant no answers until monday. I didn't get a reply from them until monday afternoon, and their answer was to try turning it off and back on again. I replied to the email right away, outlining again what i had said that was done in the original email including their dubious suggestion and a lot of other steps and network information. I didn't get an answer so i emailed them again a couple of hours later asking for an update for the next steps since i wanted to record something but they did not answer that day. . I got fed up and tuesday morning went through online store to get a replacement. That went quickly but it turned out that online store was out of stock so it was nearly a week before the new unit came in. I did get another reply from tablo support on tuesday afternoon saying that they probably needed to send me a replacement(! ). . The new unit arrived and it set up just as easily. I've been using it for several weeks and it has performed flawlessly. I like the interface, especially the commercial skip which shows you thumbnails for you to click through. On our old dvr i would fast-forward and sometimes miss where the program resumed and have to back-track, and i like this method better. Due to the lag switching between channels i wound up running an antenna line to each of the tvs in the house for live ota viewing and just use tablo for recording. After considering that i probably would have gone with the 2-tuner model. I downloaded the tablo ripper program to my computer and i can easily extract any recording to my desktop, which i can then copy down to my kindle fire for when i go on trips. My experience is that this does a great job as a dvr but the support response is slow and poor. I've worked in technical support for most of my career and i couldn't get away with responding to customer issues that slowly.

T. Powell, Milton Keynes says

In the most important ways, this is a dream product for me. I'd been searching for something to distribute the clear ota signal from an upstairs room to other tvs in my house without installing an external antenna and running a bunch of cable, and tablo tv does that mostly well. . Pros:. - easy to get set up. No messing with router ports or firewalls. - connects over wifi. This is crucial because where i get the best ota signal is not practical to wire to my router. In fact my tablo is connected through a wifi range extender and a relatively old asus router and works great. - incredible app support. I have a mix of xbox ones, rokus, fire tv sticks, pcs, and android phones and tablo has apps for all of them. That's amazing. . Cons:. - device instability. When i first set it up, i could watch live tv for maybe 5 minutes before the tablo would poof away - the app would lose connection to the device and often crash. I suspect the device was rebooting, maybe due to overheating, but hard to say for sure. I was able to fix it by changing the "recording quality" setting to a lower setting (the default was 720p 5mbps, i set it to 720p 3 mbps). Since then, i haven't experienced any issues and the quality is not noticeably different. However, it's not a great sign that the device can't stay up at default settings. And the ui isn't great since the "recording quality" setting doesn't obviously apply to live tv. - hard drive support is incredibly flaky. First i tried a 2tb seagate and it wasn't recognized by tablo. After some searching, i read on tablo community threads that there is a dependency on physical sector size of 512 bytes, which is totally nuts in 2017 but fine, i checked and the seagate was not 512. I had another 1. 5tb toshiba that had the right sector size and plugged it in, and still not recognized. Now i think that the usb ports on the tablo do not provide enough power so either you need a drive with a separate power supply (both of my drives are usb powered only) or you need to buy a powered usb hub. This is just simply too many hoops to jump through to plug in a hard drive in this day and age. So if you really want the dvr functionality, be aware that your existing drive might not just work. . Overall, as long as my tablo continues to be stable after adjusting the quality setting, i will consider it a great purchase that solved a hard problem in an elegant way. I have ordered a powered usb hub so i can try out the dvr feature, but i mostly want it for live tv.

F. Bethany, City of London

It has been a year since i bought this, and i really like it. We had occasional issues in the beginning, but firmware updates have resolved them. This works a little slow on our older roku xs, but on the new roku 2 it is very responsive. We also have a g box q with kodi, and just added the new tablo add-on. It is pretty much identical to the roku app. We chose the tablo because it was the only ota dvr i could find that lets you place it wherever you get the best reception. For us, that's on our third floor. If i could change anything about the tablo, it would be the format for recordings. It would be great if i were able to copy/transfer to another device, or just to make backup copies. It is also worth noting that every time we have a power outage, i need to reset. Otherwise, it doesn't record any of our prescheduled shows. A backup battery would be a nice addition. Overall, tablo has done a nice job on this dvr. They are timely with their firmware updates, have a pretty good interactive blog and seem to really listen and interact with their users. The recent addition of the kodi add-on was a nice surprise.

V. Amanda, Tasmania says

After reading some reviews, i decided to get this tuner/dvr for the broadcast portion of our "cut the cord" setup. Now i wish i had done this months ago. . We have roku devices on two tv sets in the house; i was pleasantly surprised to find we could watch live broadcast tv by streaming the tablo through the roku box and i didn't need to string any antenna cables to those tv sets. That was a huge savings in time. . Recording quality is great, and the tv guide supplied (monthly charge or pay once) is excellent, displaying our favorite channels and scrollable quickly. . One note: we decided to get the four-tuner model; when it turned out we could watch live broadcast on any television in the house with this tuner via a roku, we are doing this a lot. If we had gotten the two tuner version we might have run into issues where we want to record shows and watch others live - and required more than the two tuners the other version provides. . -. . Update 11/01/2016: all of the above still applies. Loving it! one annoyance to note. When you choose a channel to stream, there is a several-second delay (i'm assuming in which the streamed channel is pulled up and cached) before playback begins. Somewhat annoying over time. Especially to my wife who is an at&t u-verse "instant start" fan. We're working through this but it's more noticeable than i would like. I hear there's a new firmware for the box, i'm hoping this gives us some options. Not a dealbreaker.

X. Carrie, Georgia

Five stars from the first impression. I just received my unit a couple of days ago. It took me couple of tries with hard drives to get one that worked. It is sensitive to which hd you conect. I have a couple of usb docks - one was recognized one was not. No sweat because once it had the right hd it worked great. I am a day or two away from calling at&t and telling them to go gouge someone else. Plan on putting roku 3's on every tv. A fairly large investment up front but saving about $120 a month will recoup that pretty quick. I have had satellite from dish and direct, comcast, uverse. Yo name it i've had them. Nothing will please me more than being able to tell them i'm cancelling. Being with all of them have been the most frustrating experience i have every had with a company. Bills are never the same and you never are charged what they tell you will be charged for. . Update 4/21. Ok, one step closer. Signed up for comcast 50mb internet with free hbo to go for $49 a month. Comcast internet is incredibly fast - am getting 55+ down and 15 up with the speed test. The tablo is working great on more than one device at a time so that takes care of my locals. I would recommend if you plan on doing this to go with gigabit switches. Will eventually end up with 6 rokus in the house. Called at&t and got my early term rate which is about $200. Given the etf and what i am paying for the devices i am moving to it will take about 8 months to break even. More to come :)

. Finch, Massachusetts says

I love this thing. I am preparing to cut the cord and it was between this and the channel master. I made the correct choice. It is easy to set up. Plug it in, connect the cat5 cable from the router, connect the antenna and the external hard drive (i bought a 4tb for 95 here on online store) download the app and you are good to go. I hard wired it right out of the box and never attempt to use it with wifi as i think it would just create "too many devices trying to do too many things at the same time lag" with my network and i have 75 mbps. I bought this used so it did not appear it still had the 30 day guide for free option. I purchased the guide for 5. 00 and i like it enough that i will be buying a lifetime subscription for 150. I live in chicago so i was able to get about 60 or so channels with my 25 mile 8. 00 antenna in a window. The office that this is in has a window right by the top of the desk so i placed it up there and put the antenna in the window. I did buy a 50 mile antenna to see if i can get everything the tv guide app says i should but if not the 25 mile one worked fine. I love that you can schedule whole series of shows so i do not have to remember to schedule the goldbergs every week as it will record either just the new ones or all of them depending on what i choose. I never realized how many classics are still on local channels like cheers, all in the family and chips. If i ever go back to cable i will probably still use this and save the 15. 00 a month the cable company charges to use theirs. I had to kinda laugh at the reviews that state this is not for channel surfing, correct this is for recording. If you want to channel surf buy a 8 dollar antenna, switch input to tv and surf away. I love that i can watch anything i recorded on any device anywhere in my home not just one tv downstairs or on main floor or in the bedroom. I will soon have 5 tv's so the fact that it does not cost anything to watch the recorded episodes on any of my tv's is a bonus.

Y. Carmen, Westminster

I wanted to cut my monthly cable bill from over $100/mm so i went with an over-the-top (internet) tv provider. That's good for sports channels but they don't have local channels in my area. I needed an ota dvr to record local channels. . I researched a lot of dvrs and came down to three options: tablo, tivo roamio and channelmaster. I decided on tablo because i wanted to control directvnow and my dvr in one place without having to switch back and forth to different inputs in my tv. The tablo app and dtv now app (plus bunch more) are all run through apple tv 4th generation (xbox one has apps for both as well). . Tablo is expensive, over $400 all-in (unit, hard drive, and lifetime subscription). It was more than a basic roamio. However, i wanted to watch my dvr on multiple tvs and adding a second or third tv on roamio was awkward and even more expensive. There isn't an easy option to watch on other tvs or devices with channel master. . The basic function works well, it's easy to setup and get running. Easy to watch on phones, tablets, computers and to stream outside of your home network. . That's the good (except the expense). The mostly minor complaints are the amount of time it takes to switch channels. If you are tuning to a new channel it can take 10-20 seconds (only a few seconds if you are going back to the channel that is on the other tuner). The guide only shows 24 hours in advance. The unit gets hot, so i turned it in its side instead of laying flat. It doesn't support dolby 5. 1 (if that matters to you). . If they clean up the apps and make them more user friendly, functional, and speed up the tuning, it would be a great unit instead of really good. . *update - after using the free 30 day subscription trial, i tried it without the subscription. If you want to use it as a dvr, a subscription is pretty much required. You can manually record but it is inconvenient and cumbersome, so the subscription is worth the cost. . The apple tv app doesn't have all the functions of the ipad or iphone apps, so you need to do some of the things on the phone or computer, not the worst, just slightly inconvenient . My set up has the tablo and apple tv connected to the router via ethernet cable. I tried using the tablo connected wirelessly and it worked fine, i wouldn't hesitate to use it that way. I also have a 3rd generation apple tv in the other room. There isn't a native app for older apple tvs so i have to cast it from ipad /iphone. It works really well, good sound and picture quality.

N. Nicole, Oklahoma says

The tablo 4-tuner is what i have been looking for. Why? because the interface is straightforward (more below), it does exactly what it is advertised to do, across many platforms. In my area, at least, i can record up to 4 videos at once, while watching any of them. What is really nice, is that this is also a "server" that allows me to watch what i have recorded, anywhere! while that is mostly done at home, what is nice, is that i get to watch them from anything from my phone (android) to my big screen tv. I can even watch them on a tablet as long as i have internet connection. So, while waiting for an oil change, i can view last sunday's recorded program. . I used to use windows media center to record programs from all different sources. I would record shows using a silicon dust solution, to my computer, then watch them at home. The problem with that, is windows media center would record them in a format that was foreign to every other media streaming solution. So, one would have to either watch them on the machine it was recorded on, or use a 3rd party program to convert them to another format (. Mp4), in order to view them on another device. Since most of the cable channels are now protected, that was not even an option. . So, i have given up cable, and am strictly over the air, or over the top type of tv consumer. So, for me, i am able to receive for free, (my cable company used to charge for the over the air channels), abc, cbs, nbc, npr or whatever the educational tv is, the cw, and fox all over the air. Since, in my opinion, they are still the big movers in tv entertainment, i get all my news, lots of tv series, over the air. And, i can time shift and even place shift them. . One of the things that makes this unit different from the normal video recorder, is that it is not hooked up directly to one's tv. So, while that may be a bit awkward in some instances, where it pays off is in multiple tv installations. So, my connection is antenna in to the tablo, then network out. I use a wired connection for the output, and the same for input to two each of my tv's, and wireless for everything else. . I would definitely recommend using a roku ver 2 or 3 for tv viewing. Even though the chromecast is a device they claim is supported, the roku solution is much more refined, and works well. Picture quality, is great. The over the air signals are great at my residence. The claim is that the over the air signals are superior to cable, because cable has to compress the signal, thus losing some fidelity. It may be my tv, my eyes, or a combination of the two, but my over the air quality is superb, and the recorded quality from the tablo is very much the same. . One other nice thing about the tablo, is the tv guide. For the first 30 days you get their tv guide for free! it is very well put together. It provides the same or better detail for the programming for up to two weeks in advance. The only downside, is it is not free. But very economical, if you ask me. Well worth the money. . One thing you do need to know, is that if you want to record, you will need a stand alone usb hard drive to plug into the unit. This is where your recordings reside. They (tablo), recommend a few drives on their site. I have read that others do not work well. I purchased a western digital elements 2tb usb 3. 0 portable hard drive when i purchase the tablo. So far, no regrets! . . Set up was pretty easy. Just follow their guide!

Q. Laura, Thueringen says

They kept raising the price so i cancelled uverse tv - now i'm saving $65. 00 per month. Yhat will pay for the tablo in less than a year. We weren't watching anything except broadcast tv and streaming (netflick & hulu) anyway. Since we are over 50 miles from tv stations we had to install an outdoor antenna. Reception is great. Love the guide. Manual recording is the only problem. We normally use a roku 3 but you can't record manually with that. I have to go to a home computer to schedule a manual record. That's essential during football season as the games seem to always disrupt the regular schedule.

. Pamela, Kensington and Chelsea

I have been looking for and researching a good way to stream my air tv (ota) to my roku devices. This does that and so much more. I can watch live tv and it has dvr after you attach a hard drive. I stream my live tv to my work pc, mac, and my phone and ipad. This works on roku and appletv. I had a problem with the guide, and the support has been awesome to work with and they kept working until the problem was fixed. I highly recommend this product for anyone thinking of cutting the cable. A++ product.

U. Michele, Halton says

I spent a lot of time searching for a dvr and always came up empty save for the few offerings that required satellite or cable service to get them, or those few that were made but not well supported because so few bought them. Why would i want to pay a monthly fee, hundreds of dollars a year, for the right to record ota tv? or iu was finding stuff that when i clicked the link i found the company stopped making them for some reason or got a lot of "no longer available". I had given up - until i had trouble finding dvds for our dvd recorder and decided to look into dvr again. This time i got results - i kept seeing the word "tablo" pop up on online store. Com and on tech review sites. Most had "good" reviews, some said "young product" or "not mature" but they all loved the concept. So did i. It was what i had been hoping for without realizing it. Even better than expected this used an external drive, had multiple tuners, and no need to tether it to just a single tv if you have 3 or 4 or 5 tvs in the house. I read all i could and decided with online store's return policies i couldn't lose. Thanks online store but i won't be needing your return policy. The really good:. This device is light, . Small, low power requirements (it uses a small external transformer or power supply, proving how little power it really consumes. One could call it going green and cutting the cord to those crazy cable fees. ), . For location or placement of your tablo that is limited only by where your existing antenna needs to sit, where your roof antenna cable terminates or where you have room for a new antenna. (by the way, *free tv has never gone away*, it's always been there, free over the airwaves regardless of what the cable and satellite companies would love you to believe. It's not because of any mandate or law like the makers of that antenna sold on tv commercials try to convince you, it just never went away, only converted from analog to digital. Those roof antennas aren't just for show. ). Mine sits on a small shelf on the bottom of an end table in the front room. Antenna cable, short usb cable to slim drive for the recordings, ethernet to my netgear 2200d router, power supply. The connection to the tv is over wi-fi using a chromecast device plugged into one of the 3 hdmi ports on my tv. (i could watch on other tvs by buying other devices such as more chromecast, or move this one to a different tv. The tablo can stay put, no need to even look at it. ). It's also wi-fi equipped (more on that later). Their support is quite good, responsive and cares. They listen to suggestions and requests and are willing to look at customer input or ideas. They keep adding features where and when possible. It can broadcast live tv and/or recorded shows to multiple devices (depends on number of tuners and other things). . Here is the "more on that later" part - wi-fi. It can utilize wi-fi to connect with "control devices" which mean a tablet, android phone, pc, ipad, etc. And to the receiving device - chromecast, rokue and other things - the list keeps growing. However, wi-fi success depends on your network, your home layout, walls, etc. Wi-fi is fine for convenience and data but isn't always the best thing for streaming media like tv shows at a decent resolution. There are a lot of "what-ifs" involved there. I strongly suggest using the ethernet port the tablo is equipped with and wiring it to the core of your network - your router or a good switch next to your router in your network configuration. This way your wi-fi is used only to get from router to streaming device. In full wi-fi mode the program has to traverse wi-fi from tablo to router, then from router over wi-fi to the control device (ipad, phone, computer and from there to chromecast, etc. If you wire the tablo to your network, the wi-fi is used for only the last parts and it's much faster/better. That's not the fault of tablo or the device, that's just networking 101, wi-fi as it is. There's a bit of a learning curve - setup is simple and fast. You can record without reading a thing, but playback can require some thought or reading because you aren't popping in a disk and hitting the play arrow. But on the other hand, it's mostly intuitive and is well supported by tablo and by a growing community of tablo fans who know these things inside and out. As general zod said "you are not alone" - if you buy a tablo there's a wealth of information and support out there. Oh, on the topic of monthly fees - there is one but only if you want to pay. It's for their guide. It's cheap, and it's wonderful and i absolutely do recommend it. Click to record. Otherwise you can skip the fee and manually program shows to record like we used to do before dvrs (for any of you old enough to remember vcrs or dvd recorders). If it's this great and still so young, it can only get better and smoother with age. Buy a tablo right here on online store. You can't lose with their return policy. Buy directly from the tablo web site - they also have a good return policy. They will also strive to be sure you are happy with it. If you have questions, shoot tablo a message or ask on their online community. It's hard to go wrong! . . In the photo - 3 wires. White is antenna, yellow is ethernet to my router, thin black is to the power supply in the outlet. The thin small silver device is a 2t drive to store the recordings on. That's hundreds of hours of tv.

G. Mahood, New Mexico

Best thing since cable tv. Since 95% of what i watch is available ota, i decided a couple of months ago to drop at&t uverse and got a tablo with 4 tuners. Setup is easy and recording/watching programs works great. Have not had any problems using it on my online store fire or apple tv since day one. I have connected to it a 2 tb wd hard drive that i picked up on online store for like $70 wd 2tb elements portable external hard drive - usb 3. 0 - wdbu6y0020bbk-wesn and a $30 antenna, also from online store rgtech monarch 50 black flat paper thin indoor hdtv antenna - 50 mile range multidirectional reception, uwb technology and 4g filter for maximum uhf/vhf/fm/usb tv tuner/dvb-t/dab radio reception. Both hard drive and antenna i highly recommend and works great with the tablo. One thing i would recommend is to connect the tablo to your network via wired vs. Wireless. Wireless works great, by i noticed a slight performance increase for fast forwarding and rewinding shows when i connected the tablo directly to my router. I hope that tablo continues to support this product for many years to come with firmware and app updates to continually make this product better and better.

A. Rhonda, Illinois says

Really surprised to see so many negative reviews, maybe people aren't completely informed. This thing has been amazing. The current roku app works great (although i find the roku 3 a little flaky) and i'm really looking forward to an apple tv app. The remote streaming works great- you used to have to configure your router in the settings which i ignored because it was too much of a hassle. But now you don't need to configure anything, it just works and i was able to watch a playoff nfl game while stuck in a medical waiting room this past weekend. Watching via chrome web browser works great, as well as on my phone or ipad. I paired it up with a cheap antenna from online store and a 2tb external drive and it has been working like a champ, coming up on 1 year in use. Now that its worked so well this past year i'm going to pay for the lifetime programming guide. Also being able to put it anywhere is great, i have it in an upstairs room in the back of a shelf with the antenna on the top of another shelf, totally out of the way. The guide/recordings view operates about 1000% faster than any directv or cable box i've ever used.

W. Harrison, Australian Capital Territory

There's much i could say about my experience with tablotv, but i'll keep it brief:. . Pros:. -records reliably, much more reliably than the cheaper alternatives you will find on online store (i have used them). -skips through commercials easily, saving you plenty of time. -picks up a great picture, tuner seems better than most i have tried. -allows you to place your antenna somewhere in your house with good reception (ours is upstairs next to a window). -excellent picture quality. -responsive development team with constant updates and excellent customer support. -the brand new roku channel is seriously awesome! it looks great and functions perfectly. -the add on subscription ($5/month, $50/year, or $150 lifetime) adds a lot of value - it's great looking for movies, sports games, or tv shows in the next 14 days and setting up recording instantly. . Cons:. -you need a great wifi connection/good speeds to get 1080p picture quality. I stick with 720p for reliable streaming with no buffering. (see update 1 below). -as of 4/4/15, they still don't have surround sound support. This is my biggest complaint, and i hope it is fixed soon. . Conclusion:. I would recommend this to anyone who has cut the cord and is looking for a seamless dvr/streaming experience. Highly recommended. . Update (5/11/15): still extremely happy with my tablo. I ended up buying some powerline adapters on online store which allowed me to hardwire ethernet internet connections to the tablo as well as each roku, which dramatically increased streaming speeds. I can finally record and play back 1080p recordings without intermittent buffering. I highly recommend picking up a couple of adapters if you buy this item to fully appreciate the great picture quality. The new roku channel has been improved even further through software updates. Still not surround sound support, but i am optimistic they will figure that out eventually. Until then, i'll continue to enjoy the show.

M. Judith, Bolton says

Jury still out on tablo for me. Android app isn't that great. I can get tablo to work locally using kodi add on and fire tv. Remotely doesn't work. Guide will download but just says connecting to tablo but you never get option to select a channel. Picture quality is good locally. Recordings are good. Only wanted so i can stream to all my tv's and use remotely. Right now it's losing the remote access battle so not sure if i want to keep device or send back. Will do some more testing. Hopefully it will get better. Btw this things gets hot. Very hot. Should consider a laptop cooler. . *update*so i figured out remote access. It setup screen it shows you the ports that need to be opened on your router. I thought it was and either or type situation but you have to configure both ports. I set for tcp/udp on my port forwarding in router just to be safe. Now video remotely works flawlessly. I am streaming full quality with no hiccups. Still concerned by how hot it gets but updated rating a star to 4 stars now the remote setup is working. . *last update*resolved issue with tablo being hot. Bought a laptop cooler laptop cooling fan with built-in 3 usb hub - silver finish ideal for notebook, netbook, macbook, and other 9"-14" laptops that works with tablo. Keeps device considerably cooler but still i had to buy a separate device so will keep rating of 4 the same. . Key things you will need. Strong signal preferably a root top antenna for a strong signal. Laptop cooler(device normally runs hot). Good platform to run on(website, kodi app. Fire tv, android app work flawlessly) my not work right on android tv box it didnt on mine. Configure router for remote setup(both parts have to be setup not just one). Patience(lol)

C. Beale, Wirral

I've had the tablo for about a month now, and it is working perfectly! it did not necessarily start off that way, but that was to be expected with such a new product. When you purchase the tablo dvr, make sure you know that this product has existed for barely a year - it is not perfect yet. It is a new technology, and like any new technology, there will be kinks to work out. The tablo team is very responsive, and have already released 2 updates for the device since i've had mine. Basically, if you are not tech savvy at all, i would hold off on buying this, as it will just bring frustrations. If you are somewhat tech savvy (as i am myself), you'll be able to get it to work, it may just take some time and help from tablo support (who are very helpful and responsive). If you are very tech savvy, you should be all set :). . The challenges of set-up that may cause frustration:. - appropriate tv antenna set-up/location. This can be the cause of poor quality tv. - tablo set-up process: not the easiest, but doable. - getting all of your devices connected to tablo - took a while for me in some cases. - setting up tablo connect - this is how you can view your live tv or recordings away from home. Depending on your router, the set-up here may be very challenging. You may need to mess around with your router settings, as i did. Although it was frustrating, tablo support helped me through it, and now it is working flawlessly. Hopefully you have a better router than i do ; -). . With any of those above challenges, if you stick it out, you will be extremely happy. I am. I love my tablo now. I can watch live tv from my roku, tablets, phones, and computers. At home and away from home! pretty cool being able to watch your recorded shows at the gym, and watch your local news while in another state live. Picture quality is great too. And things will keep getting better and smoother, as tablo continues to release updates and improvements. And they've got a much improved roku channel on the way soon too. The current channel is a little bland, but the wait should be worth it. . If you are on the fence with this, i encourage you to purchase only if you are a little tech savvy. It may take a little time, but you'll be able to get things working. If you aren't tech savvy, i'd recommend staying away for now, until this product is developed a little more. . Update 2/8/15:. Having a quality wireless router is key to getting tablo to work seamlessly. When i wrote my previous review, i had an old router - probably 5 years old. Last week i bought a brand new router, and tablo is working better than ever. Some of the initial set-up issues i had with tablo were problems with my old router. The new router eliminates all of those issues! if you have a very old router, be aware that this may slow your set-up, and just slow down general tablo usage. My new router makes it absolutely perfect! . . Update 7/2/15:. Still going very strong - near perfect performance for me! the new roku channel is great too - very clean and much prettier than the old one. And i've read tablo's blog post about the next round of tech improvements - more good stuff coming. They just keep working on things and making tablo better and better. The one tricky part of the set-up is ensuring you have a good antenna signal. Many people seem to blame poor antenna reception on the tablo - know that if you have a good antenna placement, tablo works really well.

K. Edith, New Jersey says

I purchased this in 2015 and could never got it to work properly. The biggest issue was constant buffering and lost connection to the unit. Gave it another try early this year since i was tired of paying 120+ for sat tv. All the issues i mentioned above have been fixed. Buffering is pretty much gone. I think several things had help. . 1. Probably better firmware. 2. I upgraded my home router so internal speed is north of 30 mbps. 3. Added an external antennae in my attic. . Overall, i'm happy with the unit. Cancelled my sattv.

R. Carolyn, New Jersey

Purchased this july 2016 after much deliberation and research on antenna dvrs. So far i am extremely impressed. Tablo has an active community, support is fairly responsive. Hardware is quality and the regular release of new features makes me think tablo will be around for a while. One of my favorites is the thumbnails it generates for fast forward/rewind. I deducted 1 star because the device would lose connection to my hard drive and support's response was to upgrade the firmware of the drive (wd elements). I have two problems with this 1) the drive works fine connected to my macbook and windows desktop and 2) wd support, also unhelpful, insisted the drive was fine because windows and mac os sees it (i agree). Since it was just a 1 tb and i wanted more storage, i picked up a 2 tb wd drive, it's been fine. I now use the 1 tb as a backup drive. . In any case, tablo is the way to go for an ota dvr. For those still on the fence, more importantly than your dvr choice is your antenna, do your reasearch! it really depends where you live. Besides all of the mapping sites that show tower strength, i contacted channel master and antenna's direct and had them make recommendations.

Z. Rita, Queensland says

I have been a tivo user for years and have really enjoyed their product. Tivo just got bought by the same people that built macrovision. Ugh! . Lately, my tivo after 2 years with no problems stopped receiving cbs? after i bought two new tivos, a new antenna, and talking with tech support i still could not tune in cbs on my tivo. Never-mind all my other antenna tv's in the house received it just fine. I have now diagnosed this problem to a software update from tivo that uses a macrovision flag to turn it off. Tivo tech support will not admit this becasue they would loose to many customers. However, cbs has just started their own streaming internet service and doesn't want competition. . Enter the tablo. Yes it receives and records all ota channels including cbs that tivo turned off. I just bought the tablo lifetime membership and i could not be happier with this product. I use it with. A roku 2. Great product with to many features to list. I am very happy again!

. Tracey, Iowa

Tablo is nearly perfect for a cord cutter. I left direct tv and opted to stream through online store fire tv and install an ota. I will provide a little background to what i did. I purchased and installed a clear stream 2v ota. I then purchased the roku ultra and roku stick for my other tv. Tablo works perfectly with the roku in terms of delivering the content, i was however more impressed with the online store fire environment. The gui is much cleaner and it even shows you how far into the program you are currently in through the guide. I am streaming through playstation vue solely because they offer a cloud based dvr system. No other streaming service has this. The gui for ps vue is horrible on the roku, the fire tv gui is very clean and provides a grid format. Tablo works great with online store and seems to have a better menu built in. One thing i love is that tablo, ps vue, prime and netflix all work in one device so no need to switch inputs! so far the system has been working flawlessly, i am hardwire in everywhere and my main entertainment area i have my fire tv hooked up ethernet. I do have fire sticks in my master bedroom and the kids room and both stream live tv and recorded shows with no issues. Like others have reported the start up is slow and changing channels has a delay, but i don't typically channel surf. We record shows and watch them on our own time. The only time we watch live tv is during the prime time news times. I love the fact that i don't have to run coaxial to any of my tvs, which is pain in the butt when they are all wall mounted. So why the four stars, three reasons:. . 1. I wish for this price point they at least put in a 500gb hard drive, i had a spare portable drive so a not a huge, but i wish is was built in. 2. Guide data is an additional $150 for a lifetime subscription (5 a month or 50 a year is also an option). This is still cheaper than tivo, which doesn't integrate with online store to my knowledge and still much cheaper than cable. 3. The box runs very hot sometimes since they used passive cooling. I honestly prefer the fan noise if it prolongs the device life. Based on how hot it runs i am concerned it will be failing sooner than it should. . So all in all expect to pay around 400-500 if you consider the hard drive and guide as part of your investment. Seem like a lot, but the reality at least for me is that the payback period is going to be around 5 months with the money i am saving from scraping my directv subscription. Good luck.

. Cageen, Tennessee says

Overall i love this product. It has far more pros than cons for me, but i will be more detailed in the cons because everyone has different needs. . Two fyi:. 1)this is the case with any ota dvr, but you need a strong signal. I would setup your antenna, amplifier, etc and make sure you are happy with your ota before buying any dvr. That said, the tuner on the tablo itself is very good - better than my tv's actually. 2)this is a streaming device. This does not connect to your tv, it uses you home network to stream live tv and dvr recordings to devices. . Pros:. - tablo allows you to have one dvr and connect multiple devices in any room of the house and view live tv or dvr recordings. This functionality works better than any cable service i've ever had including whole house dvr through xfintity x1 and verizon fios. The tablo itself lives next to the router. We can view live tv or recordings in the home theater through an appletv (airplay from ipad), the living room using a roku, or anywhere else on our laptop, iphones or ipad. During the super bowl, some of the food wasn't quite done, so i threw the game on my ipad right in the kitchen and didn't mess a beat. - tablo apps are easy to use. - you can set up remote use to watch on devices away from home. - variable streaming quality allows optimized use based on your internet connection. - guide subscription (optional, but recommended) is way cheaper than the competitors. A life time guide subscription pays for itself in 10 months compared to tivo romio. - tablo is constantly adding new feature through firmware and app updates. The product keeps getting better without requiring you to buying a new device every year. - tablo support is great. Very active and responsive. I haven't had any issues with my unit, but i've dealt with them through feature requests and through some beta testing. They are very active in improving the product and use customer feedback to add new features. . Cons:. - no surround sound. The way the unit works, the incoming stream is transcoded to be compatible with many devices and the raw audio is lost, at this time surround sound is not passed through. I use dolby prologic ii in my ht to get surround sound and it works pretty well. - set up and use is slightly more complicated than your typical off the shelf device. You don't need to be an av expert, but you need a general idea of electronics to get it configured right. A good baseline is if you are comfortable setting up your own wifi router. If you can do that, you will have no problem with the tablo. Even if you are less comfortable, tablo support is great and there are video tutorials to help you through the set up. - no hdmi out - this is due to the way the unit works and isn't really a con, but you do need a device (like appletv, roku, firestick etc) at each tv to view the content. - you need to provide your own hard drive. I use a portable 2. 5" 2 tb drive. It hold s a lot of recorded shows. - the interface is slightly different on every device so experience isn't identical on every device. Going between apple an roku you will find different features and options on each. - you need a strong lan network. The box only uses internet for the guide. But some devices like chromecast have weak wifi and you need a strong signal for optimal performance. The device needs a little more horsepower than netflix, so wired connections are preferred, but my roku 2 is on wifi and works great. - live tv has a delay. The unit buffers live tv to allow pause. This happens when you tune to a channel so channel surfing if a bit slow. Start up is a bit slow as well. . For me, this unit single singlehandedly allowed me to cut the cord and drop comcast. The upfront cost can be high when you consider the cost of the tablo, a hdd and guide subscription, but its worth it based on my monthly savings. I have no problem recommending this device to people who are looking for a whole house ota dvr.

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Disadvantage and Critical reviews

H. Meredith, Swindon says

Well after nine months of trying to get tablo to work reliably my wife told me this morning that she would give up her massages, dunking donuts trips and work extra overtime at work if i would switch back to cable. . The concept of tablo is great and when it works it's awesome. I've had the box for 9 months and during that time i've had periods where things worked very well. The problem is that it's very unreliable. There's nothing more frustrating than halfway through a show the whole thing craps out or you go to watch a show and you miss the first 10 minutes because you have to reboot the box. . I've spent quite a bit of time with the support folks they are very nice and they have tried to be helpful. They've sent me debug/beta builds and i've sent them details on whats broken but we still can't get things stable. My network is solid, i get good signal strength at all the tvs and have very little wifi interference, even on the wired portions i have issues. I'm also able to use other roku apps with zero problems (netflix, online store, and a host of others). Support agrees that the problems are with the tablo. . Some good news is that tablo is doing a lot to add in feature and make improvements, i may in a year try again and see how things are going (after all i've paid for the box and a lifetime of channel guide). However unless you are very technically savvy (and i feel that i am) and have time to spend debugging the system and your not looking for a solid replacement for cable then, the this might be worth the purchase, if you looking for more of a plug and play you should wait a while until things stabilize. . Tablo continues to make improvements. One of my favorite is that you can fast forward through using thumbnails. It's great to find the exact spot to start watching again. They added in a live tv guide for roku. They also seem to query there users for other feature requests, like bulk delete. I do however wish they'd spend a little more time making the box more stable. . Things that don't work. Live tv on roku 2 connected to a sd tv (app crashes) - i reported this a while back and tablo has given me a couple test builds to try to resolve the problem. The frustrating part about this is that i found a work around on the forums, it's odd that support was not aware of the work around. You can plug your roku into an hd tv and set it up for 720, then move back to your sd tv. You obviously need a hd tv to make this work and when you move back the picture quality isn't very good. (because your running 720 on an sd tv). Another workaround, and i find this one strange is i go to another tv or to my pc and record the show. I then go to my sd tv and watch the recording. It works, not sure why. If it can stream a recording why can't it stream live tv? . . Fast forward/rewind. When this works it's awesome, but like many other users i run into the same problem where it locks up. Then you sit there pressing every button frantically trying to get it to respond. It will on occasion crash. . Live tv stuck in a loop. This used to happen on channels with a weak signal, however now even on a strong signal there are times where the box just plays the same 10-30 second loop over and over. You'll need to reset the box to clear this one up. . Error weak signal. This will sometimes happen on a station with a strong signal. The fix to this is to go into your settings (from a pc), you'll notice under the remote click box some router port errors, if you uncheck the remote access and then re-enable that will fix the problem. If you leave this box unchecked you won't be able to remote access the tablo but you won't get the error. If you do re-enable it you'll get the error again but not right away. . Slow response/ multi steps needed. This isn't really a problem it's just how things work but it, it's not like cable where you click up/down channel. It takes many clicks when you first start to get to a stations. 1 click to wake roku, click over to tablo app, click app, wait for it to load, click live tv, wait for schedule to load, click up/down to find station, click on station, wait for popup dialog, click watch, wait for stream to start. I'm not sure tablo can do a lot to change this but would be nice if they could speed it up. For example when the dialog box pops up, show the watch button first so folks can click on that, load the other buttons after. . Overall, i really would like to cut my cable, and i think in the not so distant future that will truly be possible. The concept of tablo is great but my recommendation is to wait until they are able to get things a little more solid. . I hope this was useful, and hope to rejoin my fellow cable cutters in the future.

Z. Bertie, Utah

I don't care for the interface. The guide is great & it works, i don't like having to bounce back to the guide to select another channel. It takes a long time to connect, the sound is weird & the picture is just ok. I need a better antenna, but the most strong, clear signal i get comes through my roku all weird looking & sound is weak. Even the streaming channels through it have a weird look to them. The roku streams just fine on the apps it has, so it has to be this unit. It took me too long to get to setting it up so i can't return it now. Will use it on a guest room tv. Good back up for when the cable goes out, but not nearly good enough for me to cut the cord with.

V. Mays, Nottinghamshire says

We wanted to drop our cable and primarily go with streaming services. One concern we had was sports and with an ota antenna we could get abc, nbc, cbs, and fox. The tablo interested us as it provided a dvr function for recording sports and would stream ota from a central place to each of our tvs via a roku. . Alternatives. We considered the tivo roamio as well, but had it too many drawbacks. First, tivo requires you to stream to a tivo mini where the tablo works through our existing roku devices. We were not willing to give up the roku as we decided to go with playstation vue for our streaming and there is no support for tivo mini at this time. For a tivo setup we would have to run two devices at each tv, roku & tivo. Second, the cost for the tivo ota dvr and three mini's is about $746 ($371 + $125x3). The tablo ($300) with a 1tb drive ($55) and life time plan ($150) is only $505. Even if you purchase 3 roku streaming sticks you are still about $100 cheaper than the tivo roamio and mini setup. Finally, the roku use wifi and the tivo mini require network via cat or moca which means you need to have a connection at each tv. If you go the moca route since there is already coax at the tv, this may add additional costs. . Setup. The tablo was easy enough to setup initial. Once connected to our ota antenna it scanned for channels, created our list, formatted the hard drive and was up and running. Stability of the tablo is somewhat sporadic. We have had it running for a week now and twice i have turned on the tv to find the tablo not streaming. All other streaming services (local - plex, wan - playstation vue) were working fine. Just the tablo was having issues. Usually this manifested itself as connecting, pulling up the channel, but then loading and never actually streaming the tv. All firmware has been updated. Usually unplugging it for a bit rest everything and would get it working again. . Use. For the pricing and ease of setup the tablo would have easily earned five stars. The stability issues have knocked it down half to one star. The usability defiantly takes it down another star. All of the menu's load up very slowly. I am not just referring to loading content from the antenna that takes some time, but just going from live tv - to a list of stations with descriptions - to selecting a station - to selecting watch. Our $50 roku streaming stick once booted up goes through menus and items much faster. . As mentioned above, we primarily wanted the tablo to record sports. This is where we have noticed the biggest drawback. The advantage the tivo roamio has is skipmode to quickly go through commercials. The tablo has nothing like this. You just have to fast forward at the three fast forward speeds. Even the 30 second jump forward on our old cable tv would be welcome. This is the other big issue with the tablo. When fast forwarding, you can only see thumbnails of content once it is has processed the recording. Processing the recording only happens when the recording is done. Yesterday we recorded the olympics for 3 hours and started about an hour in. Since the recording was not complete, and the processing did not take place, you get no thumbnails. So fast forwarding through events or commercials is a guess. I assume come fall, football will be the same. I record a game and start it while it is still in progress which means no thumbnails or help fast forwarding. . Summary. Looking back i would most likely not go with the tablo again. I would probably go with the tivo and just a single mini for our two main tvs. All other tvs would still get streaming services via roku and playstation vue. This would cost about the same as the tablo setup but provide far superior usability. The drawback is we would only have ota and recordings on two tvs out of four, but that seems like an worthwhile tradeoff. . *10/31/2016 update*. The more we use the tablo the more we are disappointed with it. As stated before, the system is slow to use, and the more you use it, the more this wears on you. We can only get it to record shows through the web browser app. Trying directly on the tablo or through the ios app won't work. The system will randomly not connect, yet everything else on our network and other streaming services are fine. As mentioned we use it to record sports and several times it has dropped stopped recording in the middle of the program. No this is not the length set to short, it just records half the program. As soon as another ota dvr option that streams to roku comes out, we will be making the switch. It looks like plex may offer this soon and we cannot wait for it to get released.

Y. Lynette, Indiana

The product is feels like it is in the last stages of beta testing. It does not work well on a fire tv stick. When i used an apple tv 4 i got better results however there is no ability to search and schedule recordings so you have to do that ok on the iphone or ipad. App sometimes loses communication with the tablo and requires resetting. I don't think the tuner is the most reliable either since channels can be lost and require resetting to get reception again. Needs better quality engineering to obtain reliable performance. On a positive note i'm excited to not be paying comcast a dime anymore.

T. Imelda, Pennsylvania says

We cut the cord a while back. We have rokus on all our tv's for streaming content, and then have an external antenna for all our live ota viewing (which were hooked directly to our 3 tvs with awesome reception). We didn't mind switching between the tuner on the tv (for live tv) and the rokus (for streaming media). The only thing missing was the ability to pause live tv and record something so that we can watch it later. This is where the tablo comes into play. We ordered the tablo on online store about three weeks ago. Simply tying the live tv into the rokus (without having to switch back and forth between inputs) was enough of an incentive to purchase the product. We hooked it up, attached the external hard drive, updated the software, scanned the channels, connected it to the tablo app on all the rokus, etc. Setup was very straight forward. And although i do work in tech, setup was a breeze and should be very straight forward for anyone who follows the getting started guide included in the box. Now come the frustrations. . Life before the tablo: to access live tv we would simply hit the watch tv button on our harmony remote (yes awesome remotes). The tv would go on and switch to the tv input. And clicking the epg would instantly bring up the ota guide and we can quickly find what we want and instantly switch channel. Clicking channel up and down instantly changes channels using the native ota tuner on the tv. It was fast and reliable. Again the only drawbacks were that we would have to switch inputs (simple on a harmony remote) and we couldn't pause or record (pausing live tv is priceless when watching sports). . Life after tablo: (please note that all of our tablo watching is done on rokus, so everything below is our experience solely on rokus. ) to watch live tv we wouldn't have to switch inputs anymore, but rather just select the tablo channel within the roku menu. Then wait 10-15 seconds for the app to launch and then wait some more for the guide to load. Then scroll up and down the guide (which is very slow . You can click the down button several times and it takes several seconds for the selection in the menu to catch up . So you click; then wait for the command to appear on the screen). The instant gratification of clicking up and down in the guide is gone (but i can live with that). Now it's time to select the channel. Note you must click the play button, not the select button. If you click the select button, you have to wait another 10 seconds for the information screen to come up. By clicking the play button, it takes you directly to the channel (sort of). You click play, and it takes about 15 seconds to switch to the live channel, buffer, and start playing. Once it starts playing, it is very clear (and reliable. Sort of). Now you want to change the channel. You can't just click channel up or down, or press the guide button for a guide overlay on the channel you are watching. You must exit the channel you are watching and wait to reload the guide (another 15 seconds). Then start scrolling up and down (waiting after each click for the selection in the app to catch up), select the new station, press play, and then wait again for another 15 seconds or so for it to start. The instant gratification of watching live tv (as you would with the builtin ota tuner on your tv, or with your cable or satellite provider) is gone. It wake you several minutes to find something to watch, and if you need to change the channel, it's again very painful; not because of the interface (it's respectful) but because of how much time you waste waiting. Now my thoughts on pausing live tv and recording on the tablo. Of course trying to bring up your list or recordings takes considerable time, but my pet peeve is about the functionality itself. If you want to rewind live tv, there is absolutely no preview showing you how far you have rewinded or fast forwarded. There is a small box with a timer on, but you find yourself guessing. So you try to rewind to watch that missed sports play, and you don't know where you are in rewinding the recording. So you hit play and wait for it to buffer and start playing; only to find out you overshot it. So you you try to fast forward 30-60 seconds, but because you can't see a preview, you guess, press play again and wait for it to buffer, finding out you're still not where you want to be. It's absolutely nothing like a tivo or your provider's dvr; and absolutely nothing like hulu or online store prime streaming, where you can see previews as you are rewinding or fast forwarding. It's just painful and frustrating; and specifically because of the lack of speed (but the cloogy functionality does help either). If it was even close to what it's intended to replace, it would rock and i would overlook several of the other issues (the handful of other problems are spelled out in the next paragraph). . So i covered the nuances related to speed of operations; now let me list the glitches. When viewing a live show, there are times with the app would just stop playing and go back to the info screen for that channel. You can restart the channel, but everything that has been recorded on that channel has been lost. Not a big deal, but you can't rewind beyond that point and you will miss part of that program. Another issue with live tv is that there are occasions when we are watching live tv; then all of a sudden it magically rewinds about 10 seconds. Indefinitely. What i mean is that 10 second clip will keep repeating forever. The only way i found to fix it is to fast forward past that clip. It does continue to record that live station, so fast forwarding past the stuck 10 second segment works. Other issues i have experienced are that the tablo app will occasionally completely crash (not necessarily in the middle of watching tv, but rather when i'm navigating around in the tablo app and guide on the roku). That takes me back to the roku home page and i need to relaunch the tablo app. And on a few other occasions, the tablo app completely locks up the roku (again when navigating around the tablo app menus and guides and not during live tv). And when this happens, one cannot even exit the tablo app to get to roku home screen. When this happens, the roku needs to be rebooted and it then works again (unplugged and plugged back in). Another issue i experienced was when i was customizing the guide via the mobile app on an iphone (i was removing channels i don't care to watch and also enabling streaming tv to my mobile phone); i clicked update guide to submit my changes and the mobile app seemed to freeze (had to kill and restart the mobile app). Then after this for some reason none of the channels on the tablo worked on any or the rokus. They all complained of a weak signal. I rebooted the tablo and the error went away. Another major annoyance is when watching live or recorded tv, when it switches to commercials or between commercials, the speakers make a very loud obnoxious buzz sound (sound almost like a loud beeb) for about half a second. This happens on all our tvs. This is in fact so loud and disturbing that my wife won't let me watch tv when in bed. My thoughts is that it has something to do with different video/audio settings between commercials and the the show we're watching; and the tablo doesn't handle that very gracefully. To be honest, there is rarely a day when we don't experience one of these glitches (having to work around stuck segments to crashing apps to having to reboot my rokus or the tablo). With all the other roku apps, the rokus are rock solid (never had to restart it). It only happens with the tablo app. . All in all the concept is great; but due to the poor speed of performing all functions (it doesn't feel like live tv with it takes a full minute to initially get to a channel, and then half a minute to get to another channel) and the fact that it is loaded with bugs and issues; i can't actually recommend it. It doesn't perform per expectations and the bugs make it even more painful to use. My wife loved how quick the cable and satellite providers dvrs were; and was perfectly happy with the tv's built-in tuners (in terms of speed of tuning and changing channels). She's not sure if being able to access it from the rokus and being able to pause/record is worth it after spending a few weeks essentially doing what seems like beta testing (i'd call it pre-beta testing). It's in fact so painful that i'm considering returning it until they have fixed their bugs and performance issues. . I know this was a long winded review, but i did want to share my personal experience with everyone. Bottom line is that conceptually this is beautiful. But it will let a lot of people down due to execution; the bugs (not reliable) and slowness of the tablo application (which seems to be shared regardless of what platform people are using). Yes you can pause and record live ota tv, but it's doesn't replace the reliability and speed of your cable or satellite tv provider, nor does it provide you the performance you are accustomed to with the build it tuner on your tv.

. Medina, West Virginia

Basically does what it claims: allows you to set up recording and then play them later. But oh lord is it slow and tedious. If you're used to modern electronics, for which pressing a button results in something happening, you probably don't want this product. I tried several times to try to find a show currently playing, and found myself unable to get past the very first screen of listings; i press the down arrow, and it would pause, put up the little spinning "i'm thinking" icon, think about my request for a bit, put up another "progress bar, " go out for a cup of coffee, decide on its next move in a theoretical game of chess, and then move the icon down to the next line. (i'm only barely exaggerating; i literally never got past the first screen of the schedule. ). . Playing a show was similarly tedious and time consuming; i was finally able to get something to show up on my firestick, but was so frustrated that i gave up. If this was the only choice, i'd go back to my cable provider. But although slightly more expensive, the tivo roamio i bought to replace it does pretty much exactly what i'd expect. This product isn't ready for prime time.

. Broyles, Blackpool says

It is great when it works, i have owned it for a few months now. We were on vacation last week, it stopped recording on wednesday, so when i got home saturday had to reboot it, none of my shows got recorded wed night, thur or fri. Constant reconnection, from laptop and roku, stops recording in the middle of shows, and when i try to watch the show and notice the time is too short, it stopped recording in the middle of it, sometimes when watching a show it just stops and goes back to the live tv channel screen, then reconnects and stops recording so if you were behind on the show, you are no longer behind and have to watch it live. Basically i am glad i am not that into tv cause i can't count on it recording. Now to the pros, when it works, i love it, it has 4 tuners so it is capable of recording 4 things at once, i have never needed that but have done 3 and it worked that time. Love the fact that i can connect to it even when i am away from home, with some router programming. Can watch it on any device in my house. Can connect from anywhere with router programming. Update - 12-4-2016. It ran a software update and now randomly it does not record on the day i program it to, it records on the day before. It has happened twice so far. I am just about at my wits end with it, dropping it to 2 stars.

. Guest, Nevada

I'm not one to write bad reviews, but i'm hoping this will get tablo to fix the current issues, and prevent you from the frustration i am currently experiencing. Bottom line is it stops playing after 5-10 minutes with a "playback error". I have tried this on 2 different online store fire tvs, a roku 2, and plex. My network is all hardwired, and bandwidth is not an issue. In addition to that, bringing up the guide is painfully slow. . Requiring an external hard drive is another sore point, it should some internal storage to not require you go out and buy another device. . And finally, this is tv - the expectation is that it just works. You cannot assume the home owner has the optimal setup to get this working. I really want tablo to succeed, as it is core to cord cutting (btw tablo, you are actually costing me more money as i cannot cutout cable (family dictates) until this works as it should).

R. Widmer, Southampton says

During the 30-day trial period for the service, the tablo worked just fine. As soon as our trial period for the pay-service was over, our tablo started crashing. It has crashed daily for the last week. It looses its wireless connection, and although we were able to do: tablo reset, tablo power down, modem reset, tablo reset to factory settings (yes, i lost over 100 recordings as a tablo owner already)-combinations of these steps helped us back up every other day this week, but as of last night, none of them are working, and the tablo will not reconnect at all. We are able to connect to the tablo from our wireless network, but the tablo app for the computer will not take us past that step to reconnecting our tablo to our network. . I am in the process of working with support, so this is all i can say for now, but i am writing this review so that customers know that-although the box comes with absolutely no directions, this is not a plug-and-play device. There are very many ways it can fail. I would not recommend the tablo unless you can say "yes" to all three questions: (1) do you have a great deal of technical knowledge? (2) do you have a great deal of patience? (3) is it ok if you miss your favorite shows sometimes? if the answer to any of these is "no, " then the tablo is probably not for you.

C. Janice, Wyoming

While i believe this device has potential and could be a good option for cord-cutters, i don't feel it's ready for prime time. I've owned this device for about 4 months. I use it with a mohu leaf antenna, which gets a strong signal from all local network channels, and the tablo app on a roku. My biggest issue with the device is that it consistently has +/- 5 second loops where it will play about 5 seconds of a show and then will loop back and play the same 5 seconds. Sometimes the looping stops after a few loops but other times it will continue indefinitely unless i pause the show for a few seconds. The loops happen randomly and quite frequently. It is an extreme annoyance, especially when watching live sports. Watching the u. S. Open this weekend was one of the most painful television experiences i've ever had. I'm a huge golf fan and i almost turned it off because i couldn't stand the constant looping. This happens both with and without an external hard drive hooked up. My wifi signal is strong and no other roku apps (netflix, hulu, slingtv, etc. ) have any issues. I've given up on this device and would not recommend it until the manufacturer can figure out how to stop the looping (which i know is a known issue as others have complained about it).

F. Benton, Tasmania says

I just plugged my tablo in for the first earlier today (10/29/15). My setup is as follows:. . 1. My house is completely wired with gigabit ethernet connections. 2. I use a wired nvidia shield tv (android tv) box as my main video player. 3. I use a wired roku 3 box in my bedroom. 4. I have a relatively new moto x (2014) android phone. 5. I have a slightly older (but still running android lollipop) lg g. Pad google play edition tablet. 6. I also have a desktop computer. . The initial setup was relatively painless. I plugged the tablo into the ethernet switch, plugged an old usb hard drive i had into the tablo, and finally plugged the tablo into the power adapter to get it going. . I did my initial connection and set-up from my android phone. It detected the tablo, and first asked me if i wanted to format the attached hard drive. I said yes, then it proceeded to scan for channels and set-up my guide data. It found everything the tuner built-in to my tv found. So far so good. I then powered on my nvidia shield tv, installed the tablo app, and launched it. I was then able to go to live tv, pick a show, and it started playing. Everything was fine, for a couple of minutes. Then i started to notice stuttering on live playback. When i launched a second stream on another device, it only got worse. Of course, your first thought would be network issues, but everything was running on a fully wired gigabit ethernet network that has been well tested and rock solid. I did connect a 4 - 5 year old usb hard drive i happened to have in "surplus" to the tablo, so that was my first hunch. Sure enough, a quick google search showed that other tablo owners have trouble with certain hard drives (tablo even has a hard drive compatibility list on their site). So i went out and bought a $60 toshiba canvio connect 1 tb, and swapped out the old generic surplus drive. That seems to have solved my stuttering issues. I bring this up as an issue to be aware of. If you have a hard drive laying around that you intend to use with the tablo, but it isn't on the "supported list", you may need to factor in an additional cost to your total purchase price. . So with that solved, how does it work? it works, but it isn't a great experience. It takes way too long over a fully wired gigabit ethernet network for the tablo to start streaming any given show live. My typical wait time is 10 to 14 seconds every time i select a new live program to watch on my nvidia shield tv. That kind of delay simply isn't acceptable. As an aside, the nvidia shield tv is no slouch. It has far more processing power than any of the other supported set-top boxes out there (roku, apple tv, or fire tv). Watching on the computer (also wired) in the chrome browser isn't much better (9 seconds to start streaming live tv). The roku 3 is better, clocking in at 3 - 4 seconds to get a stream going. I'd consider 3 - 4 seconds to get a stream going to be on the edge of acceptable. Anything more than that isn't getting the job done. . *update 10/30/15*. The delay to start streaming appears to be associated with live streams. Streaming recorded shows seems much quicker. Also, it appears to be pretty quick if you change back to a channel you were just watching. My guess is the device keeps that transcoding stream going after you switch away unless the tuner is needed for something else, specifically to help with the long live stream start wait times. . *update 10/31/15*. The roku live channel start-up time of 3-4 seconds was bad testing on my part. Apparently, the tablo will keep a previously tuned channel "warm" for a certain period of time, so that if it is requested again, the playback starts much more quickly. However, "cold" live stream start-up times on the roku are just as bad as on other playback devices (10+ seconds). At this point, it is clear tablo needs to update their hardware. Whoever made the engineering/business decision that 10+ seconds would be acceptable was wrong, at least for this customer. I'd gladly pay $50 more for beefier hardware that can get a live stream going in 1 - 3 seconds over a wired network. . So now on to the phone/tablet experience. I'd love to tell you how long it takes to launch a live tv stream on my phone or tablet, but i can't figure out how to do it. When i go to the live tv grid, and pick a show to watch, my only option is to record the show. There is no "play" button like there is on every other device. Oddly, that is true for both my phone and tablet. I've reached out to tablo support to see if they know what's going on. I'll share both the promptness and usefulness of their response here once i hear back. . *update 10/30/15*. I was able to get the android playback to work. This was an inconsistent ui across devices issue on the roku. Shiueld tv/computer browser, you can click on a show in the grid, then click the play button to watch it. On android mobile devices, you have to click on the channel number. Time to initial live stream is still slow ( 10 seconds). . In summary, it is a good idea, with a middling execution so far. The tablo "community" seems fiercely protective and loyal, so there are definitely a lot of people who want it to work. I want it to work. It is close, but not quite there yet in terms of user experience. Whether or not i keep it, or return the unit and try something else, will depend entirely on how well tablo support can solve my mobile device playback issue.

G. Rowe, District of Columbia

Even though i think there is great potential with the tablo, its surely not without its fair share of challenges and problems. Thats not to say they won't iron out the issues in the future, but it is a much different experience than using something like dish, direct tv, or direct tv. When viewing live and recorded shows, there is a several second delay, and occasionally there are loading and restart issues, depending on the type of client you are using to view shows from tablo. There are some that claim that there are no issues and that it is nearly flawless in operation. Maybe if you had the perfect setup with the right antenna, right router, good cables, and everything configured correctly, that just might be possible, but don't count on it; especially, if you are a first time buyer. For the last six months that i have had the tablo, i have been tweaking my network, my roku, my antennas, and my network cable to get everything working right. I am still experiencing issues, but i hope to get things working better in the future. To get this system configured right, it takes someone who is technically savvy, and has a good understanding how to setup and configure a network with antenna to get everything to work right. Just don't expect it to be the same kind of experience you will have with dish. It is my experience that it is much slower than dish, but the big upside is i am not making expensive payments to dish every month. For now, i am trying to live with the problems and performance issues, and hopefully tablo works out the bugs and problems in the future. Knowing what i know now, i would probably have waited until tablo became more stable and had better performance.

W. Dorothy, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur says

I must say that my initial enthusiasm has diminished. I was so excited about getting an over-the-air hd dvr that would play through my apple tv. Discovering that it doesn't has left me disappointed and frustrated. I expect it to become a great product, but it isn't really ready, yet. . My biggest complaint revolves around the claim that it works with apple tv. This feature had me quite excited until i hooked it up and discovered that it doesn't. They say the apple tv app will be available spring 2016, and that should make this a useful item for me. As it is now, you can only use this through apple tv if you are also using an ios device that can stream to the apple tv using airplay. I have an android tablet and there appears to be no way to send the content to my apple tv. I use doubletwist to airplay content from my tablet to my apple tv, but it won't work to send my tablo content to the apple tv. . I've had my tablo for a week and have yet to be able to use it. I expect it to remain sitting idle for a few more months. Knowing what i know now, i would have simply waited to buy it until it was actually ready to use. . Adding to this disappointment is their customer service. You need to hope that you never need customer service. There is no phone number to call for assistance. You must submit an e-mail request and wait until they get around to responding. I'm still waiting for an answer to find out if they have any advice for persuading my android tablet to send my tablo to my apple tv. Even if they make this work, it remains an uncomfortable workaround. . I had a challenge getting it to format my ssd hard drive that i bought specifically to use with the tablo. Customer service tried to help me a day later, but they had no answer. Two days later, customer service got back to me again, but provided a bunch of information that was of absolutely no value. Fortunately, i had resolved my own issue the morning before i got their follow-up e-mail. . I'm not at all pleased that they claim that this works with apple tv - it doesn't. Using your ipad as an intermediary is not a real solution and they shouldn't pretend that this is actually working with apple tv. It seems it never occurred to them that somebody who doesn't own an ipad might own an apple tv. . I'm also irritated that there's no means of actually speaking to a person for help. . On the plus side, the interface is clean and easy to use. It performs its recording functions well and doesn't take up much space. . I expect to fall in love with my tablo once they release the tablo app for apple tv. Until then, it is nothing more than a paperweight.

X. Anderson, Delaware

I love the concept of this device but it turned out to be a solid month of frustration. Pros: the monthly fee is low, i like the freedom to watch on any device and the guide and interface were good. Cons: overall the system is very glitchy. The hard drive has to be just the right one. They say you can connect via wifi, but don't waste your time, it works much better if you hard wire the roku's with ethernet cable. Fast forward is terrible be prepared to learn patience. Sometimes the sound didn't match what was happening on screen. The final straw was the tuner, it couldn't find 8 channels on 2 separate towers some of which my tv could find without an antenna attached! tablo support tried, but couldn't fix this problem. I have returned the tablo and purchased the tivo romio ota and it works perfectly! the tivo finds all channels, fast forward is responsive and smooth, commercial skip is terrific, it is by far the better product.

K. Melissa, Maine says

Does what it says it does in terms of basic functionality. Sometimes the app takes a while to load/sync if it has not been used in a while. I think there have been some recent changes to the android app which have greatly improved the experience. I leave 3 stars because the ios app does not have the ability to cast to a chromecast device. This is a huge downer for the other 4 people in my house who are ios users. I am the only one with an android device that has the ability to cast to chromecast. I bought the device and cut by catv cord with the expectation that everyone would be able to cast to chromecast on any of our tvs; not the case.

U. Eva, Vermont

I tried tablo hardwired to the network for a week with chromecast and an android phone. All are on latest fw. I regularly use my phone to cast 1080p to my tv with no issue. Using tablo the screen continuously paused and hung. I tried a number of things to resolve but couldn't find a solution and cutting out during sunday night football was super frustrating. I tried using a laptop with browser which removed the pauses but the quality of the image cast was much lower quality. The concept is great but doesn't execute well at least with chromecast and tablo. I was tempted to try it with a roku hardwired to the tv as i think that might have helped, but if they say chromecast is supported and these were the results decided wasn't worth qaing another device integration that may or may not work. If it had an hdmi port on the back i think this would have worked great. Oh and the other clincher the video guide is $5/mth after the first month. This ones going back for and ota device that hardwires to the tv and data.

L. Colleen, Bremen says

Almost brilliant but hampered by some glaring deficiencies. I have been an avid user of m$ media center since it first appeared, alas, they have dropped support for media center in windows 10, so i have been searching for an alternative ota dvr. Other options seemed either too expensive, too limited, or too featureless. This seemed to be the best bang for the buck currently available, and it is good but is still hampered by some really poor implementation in many areas. I would think the issues could be easily addressed in future (hope your listening tablo, you are just a few minor problems away from 5 stars). First the good: the unit is small, quiet and attractive, much better than the gigantic and loud htpc currently sitting under my tv (yes, there are ways to address that but it is dead to me now anyway). Setup was super easy, out of the box and running in less than 10 minutes. Easy to use program guide that displays really useful thumbnails. The guide is easily searched for programs to add to the recording schedule. Available to use on multiple platforms. I am set up via an apple tv (since windows 8, 10 and loss of media center i am ridding myself of all things m$, and the tablo is the htpc's final nail in its coffin. ). I think it kind of gimmicky, but its also sort of neat in a way, that tablo can also be accessed via ipad etc, although i use that primarily for setting up, adding recordings and the like. Playback for us is 99. 99% via the primary tv so, unless you have a house full of kids or other family that likes to watch different programs at the same time regardless of format, you will probably be fine with the 2 tuner model. I got the 4 tuner (my htpc is dual tuner only by the way) model for those extremely rare times where i want to record 3 shows that conflict. Presently, we just record 2 and watch the 3rd via the tv's built in tuner. But anyway - the bad: you cannot pull up the guide while watching a program. This is just mystifying. I am used to being able to peek at the guide whilst watching, which leads to the next gripe in that you cannot directly select a channel - so as to switch to another station, directly from the guide. As is, you must stop playback and step backwards twice to get back to the guide, then select the station you want to watch, and step forward twice again to watch. This causes an unacceptable delay (some delay is understood as the new channel has to have time to start buffering but these are completely unnecessary steps) which makes tuning into another channel a four step affair. First, why not just assume one wants to watch the channel selected from the guide and play it? next, while the system will build in time for over runs during live events, there is no way to tell it to start 2 minutes early and end 5 minutes late on all recordings. I can't tell you how many times i have missed the last minute or two of a program because the station or the recorder was off just a little for some reason. Finally, there needs to be a way to instantly record the current program! how hard can that be? its already recording as part of the pause/rewind buffer, just add a command to commit that buffer to permanent record! and my final gripe is there is no way to search for programs that are currently out of season to add them to the recording schedule. I have several shows that are on hiatus right now for the holidays that i now have to remember that i need to add when they are back in rotation. Finally the ugly: there is no way to change the channel directly to another. Again, how hard would it be to incorporate a menu / pip window to allow the guide to overlay playback to allow changing the channel directly, without having to stop playback, step back twice, select the next channel, and step forward twice. At a minimum, add an up/down arrow in the menu to select the next or previous channel in your guide. The current method (at least on the apple tv) is hugely inconvenient and results in a huge bump in continuity. Siri integration might be nice for use with apple tv. So, in closing, this unit is nothing short of potentially awesome, kept from total domination of the ota dvr market by some pretty major usability stumbles that it seems to me could be largely or completely mitigated with some thought towards development and user interaction. Even so, i am happy with the unit so far simply because it does what i primarily need it to do, record ota television. . * update *. I am revising this down from 3 to 1 star after spending a few weeks with the unit now. 1st, and most troubling, the company was on point, responsive, and very helpful answering my questions before the sale. Now that i have placed a couple of requests for support as detailed below, they are m. I. A. No response, no help, no communication what so ever for over two weeks now since my first request. Just deafening silence. Issue 1, attempting to skip forward or back results in complete system lockup about 90% of the time. Playback freezes and the only way to resume is to back completely out of the app and go back to the program to try again. Issue 2, at random times, the program guide (to which i have purchased a lifetime subscription) will, so far one channel only, get out of sync by between 1 - 3 hours. In other words, one channel will show prime time programming normally airing at 8pm during the 5 pm news hour. So the guide, and the recording thumbnail, will show you a prime time program recorded but what you actually get is an hour of the 5 o'clock news instead. And most recently, problem 3, several programs that were set to record, and still appear as if they will record in the recording menu, will appear as not recording - and in fact do not record - in the guide. We have now missed 4 shows we expected to record and now we know why. The only way to fix it, is to notice it, go back into the record program schedule and de-select, then re-select the program. I am giving them another week to address this, and then returning it for the silicone dust product. My recommendation, give this a pass until if and when they get this device out of beta. . *update 3* tech support finally did reach out, and they were helpful. I wish the communication was a bit more on point, but, they did do an excellent job of support once it actually happened. Also, the team did send out a survey for feature requests and what works and what does not work, but have since gone quiet again. I am hopeful that they are still working out the kinks, and, i have to say, once you learn the few limitations of the device, and its quirks (mostly to do with using it via apple tv - the ipad experience is much better and the interface was clearly written with mobile devices in mind) - it generally works well. I am going to restore my initial 3 star rating and keep my fingers crossed. I have to say, no other product has compelled me to revisit a review as many times as this one has.

D. Helen, Haute-Normandie

The good first. The tablo can be installed anywhere in the house that has a good wireless connection or connected straight into the ethernet on your cable modem. In my case i placed it upstairs and used the ethernet cable to tie it directly into the cable modem. This also allowed me to have my mudflap antenna up on the second floor with very much improved reception. I bought a cheap 20 dollar one with a amp and got 38 over the air stations. But i canned all that were not hd because i own an hd tv and 480 is not looking to good. Most important was abc nbc and cbs for the stuff my wife likes. . Tablo will connect straight into the roku app (use the new version) this app has live on air available and all your recordings that you have set up. There is no direct connecting this to a tv. The commercial skip in the roku app is simply awesome. . You will need a usb hard drive i suggest the western digital element usb drive of your choice. It also plugs into the usb port of the tablo and gets all it's power from the same. . The bad. No 5. 1 dolby surround sound. . So if sound is important i suggest you look elsewhere. . It works fairly well seems to have some built in delay on occasion bu it is livable. . You get 30 days free channel guide do not pay for it when you register. Wait for your 30 days to expire. It cost $4. 99 us a month but is 2 weeks updated automatically. This small fee will also enable you to send your recordings or live tv with the tablo app to your smart phone for viewing anywhere.

P. Ophelia, New York says

Works pretty good for recording over the air programs. Playback stops sometimes for no reason which is annoying. Trying to watch live tv over the wifi works but is very slow and stops frequently. Router is only 2 rooms away. Have no problems streaming other services. I give it a 3 because of the live tv problems and it is kind of annoying having to use your phone for a remote. Would be better if it worked with your tv remote for fast forwarding, etc.

I. Annette, Hawaii

Just recently purchased this product so the jury is still out. It does exactly what its description states. It will receive and record (if desired) the ota programs in your area. And you will also be able to view content with an internet connection away from home. The two-tuner version is all i required as i have only one tv in my condo. In order to get the channels i desired that were previously received via my directv service, i signed up for playstation vue which i would recommend. But i have started thinking that the only benefit to me in using tablo is recording ota programs for later viewing. True i can stream ota content to other devices as tablo works through the internet. However, if i want to record a show on nfl network or some other channel that is not broadcast ota, it is not possible with tablo. My big screen tv has an antenna input so i could receive local ota channels that way but would not be able to record those programs or stream them to another device. So the question i ask myself is the cost of the tablo 2-tuner ($180) plus a usb hard drive needed for recording ($50+) worth it to me for recording ota programming only? it may not be. This is not a knock on the tablo device and its features but rather a personal decision based on total cost and its benefit to me.

. Wanda, Nebraska says

The only reason why this product is getting a 3-star review is because of the convenience that it kfferz when it comes to using it with a roku. My wife is able to watch the few shows that were getting recorded in our living room and also in our bedroom. The app works really good on the roku and that is definitely worth the three star review. Sadly this device deserves a 2 stars because of how poorly it gets channel reception. I had my antenna plugged into my tivo and i was getting perfect reception on the tivo, but when i switched it over to this device, i was lucky if i even got 2 dot reception. For some reason, without moving the antenna at all, the reception was much worse on this device; and moving the antenna around did not seem to help at all. When it would record shows it would break it up into four or five little recording blocks because it would record, lose reception, record , lose reception, record lose reception, record. Also with the 2 usb ports on the back i tried to use 2 thumbdrives that i had for the recordings. It will only recognize one of the drives. Not quite sure why there's two ports on the back if you can't use both of them for combined to storage.

O. Gina, Peterborough

This thing is a waste of money. Huge disappointment. It is a great idea but i don't think it is ready to be put on the market. The user interface is slow and buggy. It is not dependable and runs extremely hot. I sent it back and ordered the tivo roamio with the lifetime guide, its 399 right now, which is about what you have in this thing by the time you buy a hard drive and streaming device if you don't have one. And tivo so far is awesome.

S. Cunningham, Bolton says

I really wanted this to work out. After cutting the cord a couple years ago we wanted a way to watch our local abc and pbs affiliates a well as cbs shows. Started with an indoor antenna that could pick up all 3 channels without a problem (as well as many others). Then after reviewing the tablo, tivo models, and channelmaster devices i decided the tablo was our best bet because of the whole home dvr feature. . Most of the time the tablo worked fine. About once a week it would give a "poor reception" error which after some troubleshooting found i could cure this by simply restarting the device or just power cycling the hard drive. But after a while this stopped working on some channels. I connected my antenna directly to my tv and the channels would come in fine. Switch the antenna back to the tablo and no dice. . Rather than trying to put more of my time and money and trying to get this system to work we're just going to return it and get our money back. . Hopefully they can improve on what i think is a great idea and get this technology working more reliably and then i'll try again.

. Linda, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Overall, a very poor product. The idea is awesome, but in reality it just doesn't work. Do not be fooled. I have to unplug everyday for it to work properly. The casting to chromecast is terrible. If you want to record a football game, and then begin watching the game and fast forwarding during commercials, it does not work if you cast it to your tv. Everytime you try to skip a commercial it goes back to the beginning. I have tried from multiple devices to multiple tvs: it does not work. You have to watch it only from the tablet or phone directly in order to do that. Even just trying to cast recorded shows is very chopping and freezes up all the time. I have no experience with any of the other options, i loved how this one sounded, but very disappointed. Do not buy.

E. Cortney, Brandenburg says

I really want these guys to succeed, unfortunately in it's current state this device is not for me. I am in it and pretty technical and trying to perfect my cord cutting set up. I currently have all tv's in the house on a fire tv & fire stick setup on a router setup of over $500 running 5ghz with no issues. I have playstation vue as my tv service and needed an ota solution. My main two issues are, it's painfully slow because how it converts the video feed to a different video format in order to stream it to your devices. That conversion process is painfully slow and it happens everytime you switch channels. The other issue has been that i've had to reset it a couple of times and it's slightly buggy. I'll move to a kodi/serverwmc setup moving forward until sling air tv comes out.

B. Kellie, Auvergne

The unit does what it is advertised to do, i bought the 4 channel unit tried it out by recording 4 shows, two at the same time, while watching a third. Playback was very good with the ability to fast forward through commercials. This unit is only for over the air (ota) broadcasts and will not pick-up or record cable or satellite programming. I have a negative, the unit in my opinion gets more than a little warm, i have attempted to contact tablo support twice asking about this and if there's a way to power the unit off, or allow it to go to sleep, when not being used and they never answered me. I currently remove the power source from the unit when i'm not taping a show, and that sort of defeats the purpose of spending this amount of money for it because i am watching ota program on all my televisions with a set of rabbit ears on each unit. I currently have the ability to use the unit on three televisions, and my laptop computer. You do need a stand alone hard drive be hooked to the unit for it to work. The unit was very easy to set up, however the website is a bit confusing, when you create an account to register your product. The biggest upside of this unit for me is the electronic program guide (epg), without any subscription you get an epg for a 24 hour period, if you choose to purchase a subscription you get two weeks of programming and the ability to preset and automatically record shows, but with no subscription you have to manually program. When you create an account to register your product, you are asked what type of subscription you want, there are three options a monthly charge, a yearly charge, or a once in a lifetime charge for a subscription. You do not need to pick an option to be able to use your tablo unit, you get the full two weeks of the epg free for 30 days. After the free trial you still do not need to buy a subscription for your unit to work but you do lose some value added features. I chose no subscription and am happy with what the unit does. I do not own a smart tv and am streaming using roku devices, there is a very nice interface which makes this process painless. I like the unit i just have concerns about heat issues.

Q. Crawford, Colorado says

The tablo does what i want it to do and so it would seem i have nothing to complain about. And yet, i give it three stars because it is an unrefined product at this point and could use some competition to push the makers into new refinements. First, the whole operation is pretty darned slow. Hit a button on your remote (i'm using roku) and it will take a bit to get your choice. If you are wanting to flip between channels (watching football on sunday, for instance), getting from one channel to the next requires multiple remote button presses and multiple waits, resulting in about 30 seconds to get from one to the other. It is painful enough that i don't bother to change channels. But the functionality is good. I added a hard drive and recording works well. Streaming to my three tv's in the house works fine (all through roku). If you want to be a cable cutter, this is a pretty important part of your replacement solution. . Another star came off because the on-screen guide must be paid for after a free 30 day trial. It is cheap, but i would rather not pay for it at all and really they should just price that into the cost of the box.

N. Cassella, Maryland

I really wanted the tablo to work for me and i invested significant time, money and energy to make it work but i really struggled to get it to tune in channels and hold a consistent signal. I live in downtown dallas and i'm well within range (under 18 miles) of all the major stations. I started out with a few of the midrange indoor antennas, but struggled to keep consistent signals. What i mean by that is i would run an channel scan, it would pick up some channels, i would rerun the scan minutes later and get a completely different set of channels at varying levels of strength. I eventually hired a professional to install a rooftop antenna and he did a fantastic job tuning this in for my tvs, but had the same issues if not worse with the tablotv device. After reading through the forums and speaking with support i was informed that amplified antenna on the roof may conflict with tablo's built in amp and may cause signals that are actually too powerful to tune in, so we added attenuators and other techniques. But we were again plagued by inconsistencies with the signal. To add to my frustration, i borrowed a tivo roamio ota, plugged it into the same antenna setup and got crystal clear connection right out of the gate with no further tuning. And the signal has held strong all week for the tivo, while the tablo still struggles. . Without the ability to hold a consistent signal, many of the scheduled recordings fail and the live tv signal is erratic, even for channels that showed all green after the channel scan. This is truly disappointing because the feature set is fantastic considering the overall price point and the ongoing monthly maintenance fees.

M. Heidi, Arkansas says

This is a product to fill in the gap between nothing and when something better comes out. The features between tablo and a tivo with no subscription are about the same after the free service trial expires. ( you can still schedule a manual recording on both. ) all of the best features disappear when the free trial expires after 30 days. . Some of those are:. Remote viewing from outside the home. Guide info other than time starting (no show info). Extending recording time in the case of a live event. Scheduling a recording on roku. . I now have to schedule thru my android phone. I live in philadelphia, after setup, no guide info. I had to contact them and provide a mac address so they could add program info for phila that process took a couple of days. If you live in a market as small as phila, you may have this issue lol. If you have no internet connection you will have no guide info, only a list of channels the device scanned for at setup, there is also a delay of about 10 seconds when switching between channels. The device picture recording quality is as good as a cable tv dvr or tivo.

J. Emma, Calderdale

Good products but some features should have been free such as remote viewing outside your home. It's a feature that you have to pay extra that should be included. Tv guide is a paid subscription which is understandable. Other similar products offer free remote viewing. If you have google fiber, this will not even work for remote viewing because google doesn't do port mapping. Tablo decided to not make their ports in the box changeable and requires you to do port mapping. If you want remote viewing and on google fiber, this product is not for you. . Until remote viewing become a standard feature of this unit and not make you pay subscription, like other tv services, this is not totally cut the cord product you want. Nextpvr is totally free if you want to setup on your computer and works with plex as channel.

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    • Add-on: Cancel Cable, Keep The Dvr: Watch, Pause, And Record Live Antenna Tv. Browse Upcoming Shows, Schedule And Manage Recordings By Episode Or Series. Skip Commercials, Fast-forward And Rewind Recordings.
    • Add-on: Dual-band Wi-fi Included: The Only Ota Dvr With Wi-fi, Tablo Lets You Position The Dvr And Antenna For The Best Signal Reception. (hdtv Antenna Required, Sold Separately).
    • In my market (slc), i get about 45 channels/subchannels clearly with my little indoor antenna. About 30 of these are worth watching. This device has worked out quite well in my home. I use it almost exclusively with roku devices. . A star off because i have to reboot it about once a month, and it wi... go to
    Sale Tablo Dual Ota Dvr Cord Cutters - 64 Gb Wifi - Use Hdtv Antennas (Digital Video Recorder) Spvr2 02 En

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