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Price was 799. If i could, i would give the tv a 4. 5 star rating. It excels or meets all of my family's tv-watching needs. Streaming content loads quickly (minus hulu) and the roku interface is very smooth (and much faster than our fire stick we used on our previous tv). This tv is a cord cutter's dream! setting up gaming inputs was a breeze and although i am still back in the stone age with my ps3, it looks fantastic on the tv. . The only reason i wouldn't give this tv 5 stars is due to the issues with the grey uniformity. I love watching football and soccer and one of the many reasons i got the tv was to get ready for the upcoming seasons. The poor grey uniformity performance is noticeable when watching a soccer match. On a wide view, the field tends to look a bit fuzzy, for lack of a better term. All that said, it doesn't make it unwatchable, but it is something you notice, especially as you get used to all the crisp uhd and 4k content you see from tv shows and movies. . Overall, i love my new tv, but i would caution some that are buying this tv for the primary purpose of watching sports to potentially consider other options until tcl modifies future models to account for the uniformity problems (unfortunately it seems like the uniformity cannot be adjusted like other tv settings via software updates, advanced picture settings, etc). This tv is by far the best value for the technology it uses and i would recommend it to others looking to make the jump to 4k for a reasonable cost. . Update: i've found that the stream quality can make a big difference in the appearance of field sports. For instance, sling just doesn't look that great for sports. I watched a english championship match on watch espn and it looked brilliant. Yrmv depending on the source you use for watching the games.

-. Benton

55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 tcl, one of the world’s largest tv manufacturers and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. we’ve simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can -tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model

  • Details: Smart Functionality Offers Access To Over 4, 000 Streaming Channels Featuring More Than 450, 000 Movies And Tv Episodes Via Roku Tv.
  • Details: Pairs 4k Ultra Hd Picture Clarity With The Contrast, Color, And Detail Of Dolby Vision Hdr (high Dynamic Range) For The Most Lifelike Picture.

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Couple of weeks ago, i had my mind set to drop $1500 on a sony x900e 55' for my living room. The order was placed and delivery was scheduled. As i continued to do my research, i stumbled upon the avs forum where one of the reviewers was having a first look article on the new tcl 55p607 that was suppose to release in mid-june. Long story short, the reviewer convinced me that at this price point, this tv would not only be a steal, but was going to have a major impact on the current market for 4k tvs. . Fast forward couple of weeks, the tv is finally shipping. As customers began receiving their tvs, many of them seemed to be receiving defective units. Some units had severe backlight bleeding, some had clouding, some had flashlighting (all of which are fairly well explained on sites like rtings. Com, a website where they review popular consumer tvs), and some even had severe cracked screens or other frank damages. The major origins for first shipments of the set came from georgia, and fedex delivered the sets via ground shipping the entire way, even if the destination was all the way in california, so these damages were not completely surprising. Needless to say, i was prepared to receive a bad unit. . When the tv was finally delivered, there was a moderate sized puncture hole in one corner of the screen, as well as some tearing damage to some of the corners, but nothing too severe. By myself, i was able to unpackage the set slowly and safely. I opened up both ends of the box while having the set stay standing. Followed by removing the major packing component, which is a thick and sturdy cardboard, to loosen the packaging. After that, i was able to pull the box slowly from above revealing the set. Anytime i handled the tv, i paid special attention not to pinch the screen, and most of the pressure applied is at the bottom center of the set. I then placed the tv on a flat and cushioned surface facing up to install the columns, and slowly carried it to the top of my tv stand, all without too much trouble. I knew the bezel was fragile, so i made sure all my movements were gentle and planned out. . Setting up the tv itself was a breeze. You have heard the interface being awesome, and it really is. Fast response, intuitive and simple. I am pairing the tv up with my av receiver denon w1300x which was a breeze as well. . Colors are vibrant just as expected. . Gaming on the tv is a pleasure with its low input lag. There is an option to turn on "game mode" which further improves the input lag to the incredible 1x ms range, but i never use it, as i don't do competitive gaming on tv/console. At 3x ms input lag, this set is perfectly fine for a great gaming experiencing with 4k hdr. Uncharted 4 looked absolutely stunning. . I don't have cable tv, but watching shows on this tv is a simple and enjoyable experience. You can search and download apps easily. I do recommend an ethernet connection for streaming contents, as i personally cannot stand buffering. Roku offers 2 months of hbo now with the purchase of this tv, which i have activated and have been enjoyning. Fandango now offers many movies and tv shows for rent for a reasonable price. Netflix and online store offer many 4k/hdr options as well. . I eventually came to testing backlight bleeding with the youtube bb testing video. With fald turned completely off. I have moderate bleeding in the bottom left corner of my screen, and some mild bleeding in the other corners. However, with fald turned on, these are not normally noticeable. The only times i've noticed any sort of bleeding outside of purposely testing for bleeding was when my av receiver changes source. Movies with letterboxes are completely pitch black and non-distracting. . I do notice pretty significant reflection depending on my ambient lighting/contents on tv at any particular moment, which would be about the only gripe i have with my new tv. . Overall, i am very happy with this particular purchase. I was surprised that i got a 4k tv for less than half of what i was originally going to spend on a 55 inch screen. There appears to be some quality control issue with this first batch of shipment. If tcl sort this out, this will be the set i recommend to anyone currently in the market for a 4k tv. The Best ultra hd roku smart led tv ( Nov 2019 ) | Tcl-Television Review Details TCL 55P607 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 49" x 28. 3" x 3", tv with stand: 49" x 30. 1" x 8. 3". Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv. Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of dolby vision hdr (high dynamic range) for the most lifelike picture. Full-array led backlighting with 72 local dimming zones produces deep blacks and excellent picture quality. 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur. Inputs: 3 hdmi 2. 0 with hdcp 2. 2 (one with hdmi arc), 1 usb (media player), rf, composite, headphone jack, optical audio out, ethernet .

Tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model Review (55p607)

For someone who is a baller-on-a-budget, this tv is an extremely good value. Seriously, the colors you get from this tv really pop and definitely deserve the "hdr" name on the box. Another amazing quality of this tv is how bright the bright/white colors get. When watching netflix's, "the hunt, " in complete darkness and the settings on "bright, " i almost had to squint when some antarctica footage was rolling through. And one might think with a mainly white snow/ice covered screen the blacks and darker ocean colors would be a little cloudy, but that is definitely not the case. The contrast you get from this set is really good. Maybe not oled good, but for roughly 1/3 the price (compared to lg's budget b6 series) it's pretty ridiculous. . I have played some destiny and battlefield 1 on this set, and honestly no complaints. Even with game-mode on, the color and contrast from frame to frame look incredible. The foliage from argonne forest, for example, is very bright and vivid. I am however playing on a regular ps4, so can't comment on the 4k lag-times. . The reason i didn't give this tv 5 stars is that there was one flaw. When i was reading the specs on tcl and online store's websites, i thought to myself that this is has to be too good to be true. For $600, you get all those premium features? actually yeah, tcl came through! . For the most important part, picture quality. The only flaw i saw from my set, and many other bad reviewer's sets is how delicate/fragile it is. . If you get this set, be very careful with how you go about getting it out of the box. Looking back, having another set of hands would have been nice or even laying the box on it's back and sliding it out onto carpet would be ideal. I was probably a little too eager to set this tv up, and i pressed a little too hard on one of the bezels lifting it out of the box. At first, i didn't notice anything, but once i started watching some content, it became clearer. The spot where i pressed, while lifting up the tv, looks exactly like the ripple effect pictures i've seen on some reviewers' posts. The effect isn't as dramatic as most i've seen, but that, i believe, is the root cause of the majority of the damaged screens. The warping of my screen was user-error, and that isn't why i've taken off one star; rather how easy it is to inflict damage on the screen. Obviously, one should treat all electronics with care, but my other tvs in the past have been moved around countless times due to moving, transferring to different rooms, wall mounting, etc, and have given me no problems. The only corner tcl has cut, in my opinion, is the build quality of the frame. (the packaging of the tv, was perfectly fine. Lots of styrofoam in all the right places, mainly top and bottom, and a lot of distance between the edges of the tv and the inside of the box. ). . I hope tcl can learn something from this review, and that this review helps those that receive this tv in the future. Those who order the tv, be extra careful unboxing, moving the set around, and enjoy your amazing picture quality tv! tcl definitely delivered with the "picture performance" aspect of the tv, but unfortunately, what surrounds the amazing picture could use some work. Once the prices of 4k tvs drop, i'm sure tcl can invest some r&d time in a more quality build externally. But i think, for $600 in 2017, they needed to cut costs somewhere, and i'm glad it wasn't in picture performance. You can always fix how careful you are. -C. Elida

Tcl 55p607 55 Inch Ultra Smart

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: TCL
  3. Color: Black
  4. EAN: 0846042008228
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:30.10 inches
    Length:49.00 inches
    Weight:33.10 pounds
    Width:8.30 inches
  6. Manufacturer: TCL
  7. Model: 55P607
  8. MPN: 55P607
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 55P607
  12. Type: Home Theater
  13. Category: TELEVISION
  14. UPC: 846042008228

55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 Home Theater, Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. we've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. with dolby vision hdr compatibility, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more. Tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (55P607-Tcl).

Tcl 55p607 55 Inch Ultra Smart Home Theater

  • Just got my new tv and i absolutely love it! the picture quality is incredible. I looked at buying other brands and more expensive models, but settled on this 55" tcl, and im glad i did. The reviews on the internet are accurate, great bang for your buck. I definitely recommend this tv to anyone looking for a great at an affordable price.
  • Lightweight, easy to unpack, i am female in my 60's and was able to unpack and easily set up on my tv cabinet. The cabinet was not long enough so i purchased a thin cedar board at home depot 48x24. It worked great. I painted the edges black to fit with the cabinet. I hate the boomerang legs on this tv because it limits the placement unless you want the tv on the wall. Tv operation is so easy to set up especially if you have used roku features before. I love the integrated antenna, cable, dvd, etc. And my favorite roku channels all on the same screen. The roku remote is easy to use and intuitive. The option button will work in movie mode and do something else when in the home screen mode. It takes a little time to set up your favorite channels, you have to input roku code in computer to activate but can also use the roku app on your smartphone. This tv was easier to set up than any other brand i have had. . Pros: easy set up - lightweight - great picture quality on antenna, cable, and especially on the streaming channels thru wifi - crisp and sharp images on streaming channels - easy to use remote (in antenna mode use arrows to switch channels, there are no numbers on roku remotes) - the audio is slightly better than average, the audio has a "speech" option which is good for seniors. The tv comes with an av adapter and i was able to connect an old dvd multi-region dvd player using rca cables. Value: this is very good value for all the quality features that are on this tv. I have always loved roku so this was the main reason i purchased this tcl tv. . Cons: boomerang feet instead of pedestal. Remote: this is not a universal remote therefore to switch channels while in cable mode, you have to use your remote for the cable box - that was a major disappointment to me. I thought i would be able to reset the roku remote and change the channels with arrows as i do in the antenna mode. I spoke to tcl customer service about the issue and they responded quickly. . Update 12-07-2017: i purchased this tv for $649 on online store on november 7, 2017, it was same price at best buy at the time. Since then the price on online store is $200 more for model p607 which seems high. After one month i am very happy with all the features. Only had one glitch so far: the youtube app on tcl tv would not open the videos shown on the screen, i reset the tv by disconnecting the power plug and plugging back in and it is working fine now.
  • Bought this tv end last year and was very happy with it until 3 weeks later. I get gray screen when i turned it on. I tried resetting to orig mfg. Specs as instructed on their troubleshooting problems instructions booklet and it work temporarily. The following day it's seems to have the same problem. I have to constantly turn it off and reset again and again. Terrible. Finally, i returned product, and they told me it just defective tv so they replace it with a brand new tv (same model) and it seem to work ok for now. Until, after a week. I tried turning it off but couldn't. I have to unplug the tv. And it seem to work again. I hope in the coming days its not going to give me the same problem otherwise i will return it for good and buy a different brand. Disappointed tcl customer
  • Reading other reviews, i'm not surprised at the pq. After the extremely easy set-up, video/movie images have the strangest problem i have ever encountered on a tv: the left half of the screen image is upside down and mirrored. Just bizarre. See attached photos. I have returned the tv.
  • I was so excited for this tv. Shortly after i got it all setup (maybe 2-3 weeks) it started flickering. Within the week the home screen would randomly not appear on screen. The remote could still open apps, but there would be no way to switch to an hdmi input. The only way to get it to work was to unplug the device and plug it back in. That would be fine if it only happened maybe once a week, not great but fine. It happens almost every day, sometimes more than once. I tried to return it through online store but was past the 30 day mark, so they referred me to the manufacturer. The call center (off-shored) was less than helpful and very vague. "we have headquarters. They review entire situation, and usually repair. Takes long time. " was the answer i received when i asked for a refund. Definitely not helpful. I at least expect a timeline for how a return process (even for repairs) works. I do not suggest anyone purchase this item. However, if you do, please be more careful and discerning than i was when it comes to getting any issues resolved within proper time restraints. Hope this helps :). . Update 1/4/18 after working with tcl customer care representatives larry and mario i am pleased to say that although i might avoid this particular model, i won't completely avoid tcl in the future. These guys reached out after seeing the troubles i had with the return process and were able to help me get a return succesfully completed with this tv. I have changed my 1 star rating to a 2 star rating in gratitude to these very easy to work with gentlemen.

ultra hd roku smart led tv TCL 55P607 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Fantastic picture quality! i, as many others here were in the pre-order status when purchasing this 4k tv. When it became available there was a mass shipment to all parts of the country. I think this is the reason for some of the poor reviews (damage during shipping). There may be some validity to some of the reviews stating problems with backlight bleeding. I would classify it more accurately (imo) as clouding or flashlighting which is common with led panels. Now unless you're going to sit in front of the tv staring at a black screen this will not be a problem in normal viewing. I would have never noticed or tested for it (youtube backlight bleed test) until so-called experts on a forum made this a "panic" issue. As i said, and looking at the samples that youtube provided after the test. It is really not light bleed in most cases. I feel sorry for the people that received damaged units and possibly legitimate defective issues. But i don't think they are as prevalent as some of these low ratings would indicate. . The tv is mostly plastic with black borders and gunmetal strips inserted on the sides. Not a premium look but quite nice-looking. Power it on and you will be completely surprised at the quality for the price! bright with deep blacks and great contrast. The 72 zone local dimming works as reviews have stated. Even without the local dimming on it has very good native contrast. The colors really pop! there are some 4k demos on you tube that really showcase the tv. The menu settings are very easy to navigate as well. I had my neighbor over to check it out and they were so impressed that they called best buy to order when available later this month. They are sporadically available here on online store. But i'm sure they'll be here sooner than the specified wait period. Our pre-orders arrived much sooner than initially thought. I am still in awe every time i power on the tv. That i received so much for so little. The old adage that "you get what you pay for" does not hold true in this case. You get much more for what you pay. I believe tcl is marketing at such a low introductory cost so as to get a foothold in the usa market (not easy going up against behemoths like samsung, sony, lg). . In summary. I am totally satisfied with this tcl 4k tv. It has all that i need and more! i took a chance on a relatively new company and glad i did. One bit of advice when unpacking your tv. I opened it from the top, take out the thick brown protective cardboard, also the top styrofoam and accessory packet. Then i carefully laid it down on my carpet and sat on the floor and pulled/slid it out from the other side. My wife and i (after putting the stands on. Laid a blanket over the box) picked it up by gripping the bottom but placing our hands open/flat on the top. The frame is very thin and must be moved carefully. We had no problems or damage to the box or the tv. Yes, there are probably better tv's out there but you will pay a premium price. We have an lg 65uh8500, vizio m55-c2, sony 60r550, tlc 55us5800, and this tv "right up there" with them in terms of picture quality. Thanks for reading!

Tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model
Click to see NoticeTcl 55p607 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television)"Here's my 48 hour review of the tcl55p605. I'll preface by noting the tv this replaced was a 43" samsung plasma. I'd held off for quite a while on upgrading as i generally wasn't impressed with the overall image quality of lcd vs plasma. For all intents and purposes the tv was about 10 years old. About 3 years ago the tv died so i replaced it. But it was pretty much the exact same tv, with some minor tweaks. Going into the tcl i was little leery. They are the newest player in the market, quickly having established themselves with ownership of 13% of us tv sales, but have had some qa issues ( 2% higher failure rate within 3 years than samsung/lg according to consumer reports) and some occasional out-of-the-box qc irregularities. However i did already own a smaller, moderately used 32" tcl for den/nook area of the house, which i have had no issues with. . I've generally never been a high end electronics consumer, often preferring the highest bang/buck ratio, while waiting for those top of line features read: oled to become more affordable. In my initial research, after deciding i was in the market for a larger 4k tv, the new tcl p-series was noticeably highlighted on many "best budget tv" lists including cnet and rtings. Com. Additionally, it met my non-negotiable of the inclusion of hdr 10, which many budget friendly 4k tv's do not offer. Also it supported dolby vision, an hdr format quickly increasing in popularity, and 72 individual contrast control zones, a feature typically reserved for mid-high end sets. . With all of this in consideration i opted for the $599 tcl 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv (55p605). Worth noting online store does offer a similar model (55p607) for $649, currently 2-3 months out of stock, which is the same tv as the 55p605, but features an upgraded remote (non-ir, headphone jack, remote finder). The headphone jack/non-ir option can be replicated by the roku app on your phone, so i decided to save the $50. Over the first 48 hours i've been more than impressed. I won't take too much time reiterating the more technical reviews found elsewhere, but talk more from a user experience. . Resolution increase aside the tcl has thus far presented deep blacks without crushing, bright whites, without bleeding or halos, and an incredibly rich color palette. Moving from a plasma, known for excellent contrast and vibrant colors, i've been very impressed with the image quality, already rewatching movies i've recently seen to enjoy the increased fidelity. Speaking of fidelity, lets talk about 4k. Quite frankly 4k wasn't the driver in the this purchase. 4k increases the resolution about 4 times over 1080p, but this resolution increase is seen in the smaller details. For a 55" tv, such as this, in order for the human eye to notice those small details you would need to sit at minimum of 7' from the tv and ideally 4' away. I sit 8' away. I could have opted for a larger tv, but to be in an optimal range to experience 4k it would have needed to be at least 70", which is outside my price point, and frankly too large for the room setup. . For this reason, and as a whole, i've found the hdr and individual contrast control zones to be the most notable upgrades on this tv. Hdr (and/or dolby vision) is a night and day difference. Although hdr content is somewhat sparse i've been able to play around with it on ratchet and clank and horizon: zero dawn for the ps4 (non-pro), as well as streaming content from netflix, online store, and youtube. Additionally the 72 individual contrast control zones is huge improvement over the more traditional auto contrast adjustments which previously effected the entire panel. This means instead of the contrast being modified for the entire scene, it's modified individually in 72 different zones. It's very notable in watching shows like game of thrones with a dark, but fire lit scene, allowing for deep blacks, but retaining the brightness delivered by the flames without it appearing washed out. I did notice, though it's slightly less effective when coupled with quick motion. . Possibly the biggest con the tv presents is gray uniformity. While i won't try to write off the issue entirely, how bothersome this issue is likely in the eye of the beholder. I'd hedge my bets on any non videophile friends and family not even noticing it. And in everyday viewing, as you sink back into the couch to watch a movie, you might not either. But if you go looking it is present and darker edges, with a slightly warmer banding lightly appears during fast camera panning or when a singular color monopolizes the screen. I can see it, when i'm looking for it, but generally don't notice otherwise. So it has to be an issue you can compromise on. Which i was willing considering the price point. Aside from this the viewing angles are tighter, which isn't a problem with my setup and the tv, although marketed at 120hz, is "fake 120hz", by doubling the frames to achieve the refresh rate. . All and all that's the crux of this tv. You're going to be asked to compromise a few things in comparison to a higher end tv. But if you're interested in hdr (and/or 4k content), otherwise have found it unaffordable or impractical, for the $600 price tag this is a superb entry point, starting you a few steps higher than any other tv at this price range provides. . Also, the roku integrated ui is possibly, objectively, one of the best "smart tv" ui's out there."

(0) Question: Costco has the model 55c803 which will be 449. 00 next week. we are not gamers. we don't have a sound system? which would you recommend?

(1) Question: Does the roku support 4k streaming?

(2) Question: Does this have an ips display?

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Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth Black

Experience your favorite tv shows, movies and music with clear, dynamic sound. This ultra-slim sound bar fits discreetly in front of your tv or on a shelf, or can be rotated for low-profile wall mounting.   setup is a breeze with a simple connection to your tv while bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream from your mobile devices, echo or echo dot.

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Dual Built-In Subwoofers & Bluetooth BlackYamaha-YAS-107BL-Built-Subwoofers-Bluetooth

Brand :    yamaha
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  • Built-in subwoofers for deep bass without a second box
  • Simple setup with hdmi, optical or analog connection
  • Ultra-slim, beautifully-simple design
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity              
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Introducing the all-new vizio 36 2. 1 sound bar system that instantly upgrades your home theater experience. Tv shows, movies, and sport games are enhanced with a room-filling audio experience with a wireless subwoofer for booming bass. It's bluetooth compatible so you can stream music from your mobile device in high quality, too. A sleek design blends into any room of your home. The slimmer, compact sound bar fits under most vizio tv models. With all audio cables included, it s an easy setup from start to finish. * sound pressure level measured using pink noise at 1 meter, c-weighted. Total harmonic distortion calculated as electrical measurement of amplifier distortion.

VIZIO SB3621n-E8M 36 2.1 Sound Bar System, BlackVIZIO-SB3621n-E8M-Sound-System-Black

Brand :    vizio
Color :    Black
Weight :    13.45 pounds
Model :    SB3621n-E8M
Quantity :    1
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  • 3. bluetooth: built-in bluetooth lets you stream music from your mobile device in high quality
  • 2. wireless subwoofer: wireless subwoofer adds booming bass
  • 1. audio quality: enjoy 100 db of room filling, crystal clear sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion*
Price :    $145.29
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TCL 65C807 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With dolby vision hdr, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 65C807 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-65C807-65-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    tcl
Size :    65 Inch
Weight :    53.10 pounds
Model :    65C807
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 65C807 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $899.00 (was $1051.80)
  • Edge led backlighting with dynamic contrast produces deep blacks and excellent picture quality
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 57. 2" x 34. 5" x 2. 4", tv with stand: 57. 2" x 35. 7" x 12. 7"
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of dolby vision hdr (high dynamic range) for the most lifelike picture
  • Roku tv smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes

VIZIO SmartCast 36 5.1 Wireless Soundbar System - SB3651

Simple setup vizio sound bars are designed to blend in with a wide variety of placement options. They fit with any space and are sized to match your tv. Explore all the convenient and appealing places you can put your vizio sound bar.   specifications bluetooth compatible yes brand vizio color black includes subwoofer yes number of channels 5. 1 wi-fi enabled yes wireless yes

VIZIO SmartCast 36 5.1 Wireless Soundbar System - SB3651VIZIO-SmartCast-Wireless-Soundbar-System

Brand :    vizio
Weight :    12.62 pounds
  • Input includes 1 mini jack, rca x 2, 1 coaxial digital audio rca, 1 optical digital audio, 1 usb type a and 1 hdmi.
  • Bluetooth music streaming makes it easy to enjoy tracks stored on a compatible bluetooth-enabled device (not included).
  • Features three drivers to deliver a movie theater experience in your own home.
  • With 5" driver for powerful bass.
Price :    $174.95 (was $228.00)
Model :    SB3651-E6
Quantity :    1
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Home Theater :    Best Home Theater System Or Htib (vizio product review) for VIZIO SmartCast 36 5.1 Wireless Soundbar System - SB3651 available ( Nov 2019 )

TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

After hours of gaming, movies and tv, this is simply the best tv i've ever purchased! i tweaked some settings (which was incredibly easy) and couldn't stop dropping my jaw. Draw distances in games seemed enhanced somehow. The colors. The hdr is so worth it. I can't stress enough how worth it the hdr is. Blows my dang mind, even the tv's speakers are better than expected, bass is noticable. The apps and roku function very smoothly. I would highly suggest anyone that loves movies or games (or both) to get this tv! great price for supreme value!

The s-series 4k tcl roku tv delivers stunning picture performance while bringing all your favorite content through a simple, intuitive interface in a sleek modern design.

TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-55S405-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

I purchased this tv to go into a spare bedroom that's primarily used for gaming & sports, so it would not only need to be a fantastic tv, but also double as a 4th pc monitor. . As a tv, this is a great product. I was happily surprised when compared to our main tv downstairs (a $2, 500 samsung 4k hdr) when i was testing it for issues. I didn't have any cracks, dead pixels, or light bleeding upon arrival. The color display may be lacking many of the customization options found on more expensive tvs, but the default settings will be more than enough for the average user. The hdr settings are excellent and my ps4 pro was able to output a beautiful picture (pro-tip: switch the input mode to hdmi 2. 0 instead of auto and raise the color to about 75). The upscaling from 1080p to 4k isn't as crisp as with my more expensive samsung, but i've actually seen worse on a more expensive sony set. . For a smart tv, this is where i wish other companies like samsung would invest a little more effort. The roku interface is absolutely top-notch and one of the best smart tv firmwares around. It's simple, elegant, responsive (i. E. Fast) and supports just about everything you can think of except twitch. . Edit: there is in-fact an app for twitch. Dunno how i missed it. . Pc monitor - this is a capable monitor for both 4k and hdr, but there are some things to take note of. My regular setup already consisted of a triple 1080p 24-inch monitor desk, with the 49" tcl to be mounted on the wall above them. When linked to my pc, it had no problem auto detecting as a 4th monitor, but getting hdr to work on the other hand was a little wonky due to some limitations with windows 10. First of all, if you simply enable hdr in windows 10, you'll find that the colors are very, very washed out. You can solve this by simply adjusting the color setting for the tv up to a higher amount (80-90 should work), but you'll still find that something is not quite right as the white tones will still look a tad "grayish". If you have an nvidia gpu (i have a gtx 1080), you'll need to manually adjust some of the settings for the best results. . Nvidia control panel - change resolution - use nvidia color settings and set the following options:. Output color format: ycbcr444. Disable windows 10 hdr. Enable game mode on the tv for reduced input lag. . Edit: hdr can still be enabled by individual games if played in fullscreen. The windows 10 setting controls only the desktop mode and apps. . This technically no longer will let you set the color depth to 10 bpc which i believe is needed for most hdr10 compliant devices to detect an hdr source, but after doing a bit of digging online, it's not that big of a loss. The more important factor is the chroma 4:4:4 setting that this tv supports at 4k 60 hz. With this setting, i did lose the "hdr" notification on the tv when switching to some games, but those were games with wonky hdr support anyway. Games like middle-earth: shadow of war, gears of war 4, and resident evil 7 had no problem getting the tv to recognize as being an hdr signal, and displayed the "hdr" notification. Colors were absolutely fantastic. Mass effect andromeda on the other hand gives me issues where it will either not properly display at fullscreen (borderless works but then framerate takes a dive), or the colors are washed out-for that game only, i had to disable hdr in windows 10 and force the hdr10 setting in the game menu, and then it worked. Of course, you could alway set the nvidia color setting to rgb and the dynamic range to full for richer colors, but then you'll be closer to crushed blacks and off-looking whites again. . Overall, i would say that this tv is worth the price. Products as good as this will hopefully help drive the cost of 4k/hdr sets down over the next year, as it's clear that you don't need a $2, 000 tv to properly use the tech. While this tv may not be perfect for all uses, it's very capable for anything. -Notice from F. Connie, Newcastle upon Tyne

Click to Show tcl 55s405 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model (television) Details

I am shocked at the picture quality. I went into this purchase wanting a larger inexpensive tv for the master bedroom. So far i am floored, the picture blows away my panasonic plasma i purchased several years ago (for 3x the price). The roku os is super easy, the antenna integration and usb storage for recording live programming are great. . One small item i can nitpick is the white led at the bottom center of the tv that remains on after powering off. I haven't dug through all the settings yet, i will post an update if i can disable it. Update: the led can be disabled in settings under power settings. . If this set can continue to perform, i will replace my main panasonic plasma with the new tcl c series. . The pic is from a nature show "the hunt" streamed from netflix. . I can't imagine a better picture for the price point. That coupled with the roku os and i am extremely happy with this purchase

Tcl-55s405-55-inch-4k-ultra-hd-roku-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- E. HeidiI did some tests with the 49s405 and an old crt monitor to test input delay (input lag). I'm not 100% sure that i did it correctly but what i'm seeing is 40 - 50ms+ on the tv. That being said i played some overwatch and didn't feel the delay and it didn't seem to affect my performance. Overaqll i am happy with the tv but i am not videophile. In video games, input lag is the delay between the television or monitor receiving a signal and it being displayed on the screen.

There are numerous reviews about this tv for you to read on the internet - rtings being very thorough for your average joe. Here's my non-technical review in upgrading from a nearly 10-year old samsung fluorescent-lit lcd tv. . Compared to the old tv, . * blacks are deeper and more even. * colors are more vibrant, even without actual hdr or wcg. * 4k content looks amazing, but 1080 content looks natural (no issues with fuzziness/blurriness). * weighs far less due to being significantly thinner. . The other tvs i considered were the 2017 vizio m-series and tcl p-series tvs. After considering how we use tv (fairly infrequently - mostly streaming yt, oann, plex, online store vid, etc. ) and the cost difference for hdr, wcg, and fald (and upgrading to a 4k receiver + player), i decided to go with the inexpensive route. Honestly, the tech has improved so much even at the low-end that my eyes are impressed and i haven't noticed what i'm missing. Maybe in a couple more years, we'll upgrade our entire setup and move this tv to the bedroom, but if you're like me, coming from a dinosaur of an lcd tv, the comparative upgrade is gigantic; i'd bet even tvs from 3-5 years ago might look poor next to this.

. Claudia, Pennsylvania

Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Size :    55-Inch
Weight :    30.00 pounds
Model :    55S405
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 49. 1" x 28. 5" x 3", tv with stand: 49. 1" x 30. 8" x 8. 7"
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
Price :    $399.99
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 26 -55 LCD LED Plasma 3D TV VESA up to 400x400, Full Motion Tilt Swivel Dual Arms BD4

The mw340b makes it easy to wall-mount and position your led lcd tv. This full-motion bracket can support most tvs from 26"-47" and some up to 55" display with vesa mount hole up to 400x400 (16 inch apart). The arm pulls out to extend your tv up to 16" from the wall. The mount lets you swivel, tilt it up or down your tv for optimal viewing. This mount fit most brand tv with mounting thread inserts (vesa) 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200, 200x100, 100x100mm (16"x16"/16"x8"/8"x8"/16"x12"/12x12"/12"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4"), up to 135 lbs. , common mounting hardware included.

VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 26 -55 LCD LED Plasma 3D TV VESA up to 400x400, Full Motion Tilt Swivel Dual Arms BD4VideoSecu-Articulating-Bracket-Plasma-400x400

Brand :    videosecu
Color :    black
Model :    MW340B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Minimum mounting profile 4. 3", extends to 16"; adjustable tilt 15 degree forward or 5 degree backward; swivel 160 degrees
  • Fit 26" 27" 32" 37" 40" 42" 46" 47" 50" 52" 55" display with vesa up to 400x400mm(16"x16")
  • Post installation level adjustment allows tv to be level after mounting
  • Common hardware pack included in the package
  • Steel construction, supports tv up to 135 lbs. , mount to wood wall studs up to 16" on center.
Price :    $32.99
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 26 -55 LCD LED Plasma 3D TV VESA up to 400x400, Full Motion Tilt Swivel Dual Arms BD4 available ( Nov 2019 )

TCL 43S405 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers in the world and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With hrd compatibility, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 43S405 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-43S405-43-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Size :    43-Inch
Weight :    16.80 pounds
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 38. 3" x 22. 2" x2. 9", tv with stand: 38. 3" x 24. 4" x 7. 5"
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
Price :    $329.99
Model :    43S405
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 43S405 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37 -70 LED LCD Plasma HDTV up to 165 lbs VESA 684x400 600x400 400x400 200x200mm, Dual Arm pulls out up to 16 AW8

Needed an option to only have to drill into one stud because of an unusual stud placement between 2 doors. Researched mounts for weeks and after reading the reviews finally took a chance with this one. Was worries that at $25 this was going to be a poor quality product. Happy to say that i was wrong! mount arrived when it was supposed to. Was shocked that at this price this product came with all the hardware to install and then some! also came with an hdmi cable. I can't even find one of those for the price of the cable and the mount anymore! mount was up and i was enjoying my wall mounted television within 30 minutes from the time the box was opened. Easy to install, mount is solid. Articulates, extends, etc as advertised and fluid motion to boot. This is an easy product to recommend. I can't believe the price of this solid mount versus the cheapest that i could find at any big name store. Did i mention it came with an hdmi cable too?

The videosecu full motion articulating mount is designed for mid to large size lcd led plasma flat panel screen display. Constructed with high gauge steel, it handles screens up to 165lbs. This articulating mount supports tv vesa 684x400, 684x300, 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 500x300, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 200x200, 200x100mm. Dual arm design allows 160 degree side-to-side swivel (the max degree is depending on your display size), 15 degree forward and 15 degree backward tilt and extends the flat panel screen for perfect view positioning and reduce glare. The wall plate is 17. 5" wide, allowing it to be mounted into two standard wood studs 16" apart. Post installation level adjustment allows 3 degree rotation for perfect level in different view angles. How to ensure the mount compliance with your selected display? first, the weight of your display should be less than 165lbs. Next, mounting holes distance on the rear of tv must be less than 27" (684mm) horizontally and 16" (400mm) vertically. Last, your tv should be at least 37 inch. Otherwise, you will see the bracket. Notice: this mount fits most 37-60" tvs (vesa hole patterns from 200x200 mm (8x8") to 684x400mm (27x16")), some up to 65 70 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37 -70 LED LCD Plasma HDTV up to 165 lbs VESA 684x400 600x400 400x400 200x200mm, Dual Arm pulls out up to 16 AW8VideoSecu-MW380B3-Articulating-Bracket-200x200mm

Videosecu Mw380b3 Articulating Bracket 200x200mm (Av Furniture) FAQ.

Awesome mount. Practically zero assembly. You just drill some pilot holes, secure the mount, then attach the bracket to the tv and hang. . I ended up using a socket wrench to get the screws the rest of the way into our stud, but that's because my cordless drill just didn't have enough torque. So be prepared for that if you're using a standard 18v cordless drill. . Other weird problem was that the arms you add to the bracket that attaches/extends to the tv have to be perfectly aligned (which is good, because it's very well designed/cut). I ended up loosening the part where the arms attach to the tv bracket, then it gave freedom to screw the arms into the television. After tightening it all it felt very solid. That's probably the protocol for doing it anyway. When it was all said and done, the mount works beautifully. -Notice from . Crawford, Gateshead

Click to Show videosecu mw380b3 articulating bracket 200x200mm (av furniture) Details

Just received our second tv mount. We have had the first one around 5 months, and has held up really well. The first one we have a 42" insignia mounted, and today mounted our 55" tcl. Installation is super easy, both time only taking about 10-15 minutes with the help of my wife. The angles of this thing are amazing, and you can turn it or tilt it for a viewing angle that suits you! anywhere you can find a stud this mount will fit, even in a corner! these are super sturdy and well made for the price. Instructions are simple and to the point. Comes with plenty of screws, washers, and even an hdmi cord! can not recommend these enough, and i'm sure they'll outlast my tvs!

Videosecu-mw380b3-articulating-bracket-200x200mm-(av-furniture) set picture

- D. MariaI put my 55" tv up using this mount and so far everything has been great. The tv can swivel easily and the mount feels sturdy after i added loctite to all of the screws. Using the 400mm mounting option i added the wings like the picture for this mount shows. Those screws are not too big, and reminded me of a previous chinese piece of equipment that would lose screw tightness a lot. Blue loctite on every screw let's anyone sleep better at night. . Over a year later update; liked this kit so much i ordered a 2nd one for a different install. I forgot how great the kit is with the hdmi cable and a little level tool. All sorts of options for mounting and appropriate instructions.

Super easy to install. A total of 7 screws need for my installation. 3 for the mounting bracket to attach to my wall and 4 to my 40 inch television. All accessories included to provide installation on several surfaces. Mine was on hollow tile, the kit included heavy duty anchor screws which is great. At a hardware store, these could run you $6 dollars alone. The swiveling bracket is the reason for my purchase and it works as advertised. Bonus accessories included an hdmi cable and level! for the price this is an awesome kit.

W. Anonymous, Telford and Wrekin

Price :    $55.24 (was $64.99)
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Arm fold less than 3" or extend 16" from wall ; post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level
  • Articulating arm tv wall mount fits 37" 40" 42" 46" 47" 50" 52" 55" 58" 60" 62" 63" 65" 70" lcd led plasma display; mounting hole pattern compatible from 200x200 300x300 300x200 400x200 400x300 400x400 600x400 684x300 684x400mm
  • Fit 16 inch apart wood studs; free hdmi cable and standard mounting screws included
  • Supports display up to 165 lbs; adjustable tilt +15/-15 degrees and swivel side-to-side for comfortable viewing angle
Brand :    videosecu
Color :    Black
Size :    37-70 inch
Weight :    17.00 pounds
Model :    MW380B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket 37 -70 LED LCD Plasma HDTV up to 165 lbs VESA 684x400 600x400 400x400 200x200mm, Dual Arm pulls out up to 16 AW8 available ( Nov 2019 )

TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With dolby vision hdr, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-55C807-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Brand :    tcl
Size :    55 Inch
Weight :    40.80 pounds
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 48. 5" x 29. 6" x 2. 3", tv with stand: 48. 5" x 31. 2" x 9. 6"
  • Roku tv smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of dolby vision hdr (high dynamic range) for the most lifelike picture
  • Edge led backlighting with dynamic contrast produces deep blacks and excellent picture quality
Price :    $665.29 (was $698.95)
Model :    55C807
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 55C807 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2017 Model

Come home to a more immersive experience with 4k hdr playback and the amazing realism of dolby atmos surround sound, plus the incredible detail of hi-res audio. Built for optimum video and audio performance, this universal uhd player plays almost any format, including 4k hdr streaming, and even streams music to different rooms.

Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2017 ModelSony-UBP-X800-Ultra-Blu-ray-Player

Brand :    sony
Weight :    4.20 pounds
  • Play 4k ultra hd movies
  • Hear every detail with hi-res audio
  • Experience dolby atmos and dts:x object-based surround
  • Stream in 4k hdr and play almost any disc or file format
  • High dynamic range (hdr) support
Price :    $154.00 (was $248.00)
Model :    UBP-X800
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Dvd Player Or Recorder (sony product review) for Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 32 -55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm, HDMI Cable & Bubble Level WP5

I installed two of these - one on a 40" samsung led and one on a 55" samsung led. The design is clever (you'll see it on mounts from several manufacturers) and the unit is very solidly built. The instructions are "minimalist" but comprehensible. One tip: do a "dry fit" of the vertical supports to the back of the tv to determine the best fit before you do anything else. Then, you will know where the vertical center of the tv will be and can mount the support plate to the wall accordingly. The instructions don't have you touching the vertical supports until after you've already mounted the wall plate and this can be a problem if you discover as i did on my first installation that the power port on the tv was blocked by the horizontal support bar. I had to move the vertical supports up a couple of notches to clear the power port and that in turn forced installing the tv a couple of inches higher than i had planned. Not a huge deal, but best to know up front how to plan the installation. Also, if your tv has recessed vesa holes, you will probably need to purchase screws of a different length than what are supplied. Another reason to do the dry fit before you do anything else, since you are likely to be making a trip to the hardware store before proceeding. Aside from these details, the installation is quite straightforward and i'm very happy with the product. Highly recommend it

The videosecu articulating mount is a mounting solution for 32"- 42", some models up to 55 inch (please check vesa and weight). The tv mount fit vesa 200x200mm/200x100/100x100 (8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4"). This wall mount comes with 4 removable mount adapters. It can extend the vesa to 400x400 400x300 400x200 300x300 300x200 (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"). Please check your tv vesa; these are square or rectangular patterns between 4 and 16 inches per side on the rear of your display. Heavy gauge steel construction provides safety loading up to 88lbs display. The high-tech look mount offers 15 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward tilt, 180 degrees of swivel and extension up to 20 inch for viewing angle and tv placement adjustment. The removable vesa plate can be taken off for easy installation. Will the mount fit my tv? firstly, please check the weight of your display, it should be less than 88 lbs. Secondly, if your monitor or tv has 4 mounting holes on the back of the screen that are 400x400 400x300 400x200 300x300 300x200 200x200mm/200x100/100x100 (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"/8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4") apart from each other vertically and horizontally this bracket will fit. In addition, please check the area inside the 4 mounting holes to make sure there are not any plugs. Otherwise, the plate may block the plugs. Notice: this mount fits most 32-49" tvs (vesa 400x400/400x300/400x200/300x300/300x200/200x200/200x100/100x100mm(16x16"/16x12"/16x8"/12x12"/12x8"/8x8"/8x4"/4x4")), some up to 50 55 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 32 -55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm, HDMI Cable & Bubble Level WP5VideoSecu-ML531BE-Monitor-Articulating-Extension

Videosecu Ml531be Monitor Articulating Extension (ml530b) FAQ.

Very nice wall mount for price. Little to no wobble at all. Only hilding a 12 pound tv now. Might not be as sturdy with older heavy tv's when extended out. Also, the brain team i had install this put it up upside diwn, but did not notice and it still looks great. Cant tell it affected anything. They had the mount plate already attached this way and i just bolted tv to plate in this upside diwn position! not quite sure hiw i would take it down now if removing tv leaving plate attached to it! but heck, it dure is not comkng off the mount! recommed it for the newer light tv's. Dont hang a 60 pound plasma on it! -Notice from P. Reed, Hillingdon

Click to Show videosecu ml531be monitor articulating extension (ml530b) Details

I used to install tvs for people professionally, so i have used many different mounting systems. I was looking for something cheap, but reliable to hang a 50" lg 50la6200 lcd tv. I looked at a lot of options both on online store as well as elsewhere before settling in this one. I am happy that i did! . . For starters, this comes with everything that you could possible need to hang your tv, with the exception of a 2 phillips head screwdriver and a drill. Included are a complete assortment of screws, bolts and washers (all neatly organized and labeled in individual packets), a double-sided spanner wrench, a very nice magnetic level, and even a 10' hdmi cable. The instructions say to use the "optional" expansion kit for larger tvs. Usually, this is code for "kit not included. " i was pleasantly surprised to find that that was not the case here. For once, the "optional" kit was actually included! . . Installation was a breeze for me, even without instructions since i already know how this works, but i found the instructions relatively easy to follow for those who need them. All of the various configurations for the expansion arms can get confusing, but just try each one until you find the right setup for your tv. . * please note *. There is one change to the instructions that i highly suggest, however. The instructions say to drill a 7/32" pilot hole into the stud for each mounting bolt. Then screw the bolt in with a phillips head screwdriver. When i first mounted this (i wound up moving it shortly thereafter), i followed the suggestions for the pilot hole. Sure enough the screw did thread in easily. A little too easily. The second hole from the top actually stripped out and i was not putting much force behind the screwdriver at all! when i moved this to the other side of the room, i decided to go with a smaller pilot bit. I used a 3/16" bit instead. Granted, you are not going to thread the bolt in with a screwdriver - you will need a 10mm socket - but doing it this way, those bolts are not going anywhere! you could probably get away with a 13/64" bit, but to really protect your expensive tv, i would want all of the bite i could get! . . I also found that the inside diameter of one of the washers was a smidge too small for the bolt to go through. I just enlarged it with a round needle file, but since they don't include any spares, if you don't have a file or another washer laying around, you'll need to get one. Just thought i'd throw that out there in the interest of full disclosure. . Once this was installed, i was impressed with not only the sturdiness, but also with the complete range of motion. This is fully articulated. You can put your tv pretty much anywhere you want to. The only thing it can't do is move your tv up or down, although you can tilt it to a certain degree.

Videosecu-ml531be-monitor-articulating-extension-(ml530b) set picture

- X. TaylorNeeded an option to only have to drill into one stud because of an unusual stud placement between 2 doors. Researched mounts for weeks and after reading the reviews finally took a chance with this one. Was worries that at $25 this was going to be a poor quality product. Happy to say that i was wrong! mount arrived when it was supposed to. Was shocked that at this price this product came with all the hardware to install and then some! also came with an hdmi cable. I can't even find one of those for the price of the cable and the mount anymore! mount was up and i was enjoying my wall mounted television within 30 minutes from the time the box was opened. Easy to install, mount is solid. Articulates, extends, etc as advertised and fluid motion to boot. This is an easy product to recommend. I can't believe the price of this solid mount versus the cheapest that i could find at any big name store. Did i mention it came with an hdmi cable too?

Overall:. - excellent tv motion. - stable. - fairly easy to mount. - mounting area doesn't allow beyond 16 inches (studs). . So far, this is a great mount. I've bought and used two in my house. Only complaint is the wall hanging portion just covers 16 inches. So if you have an older house where the studs are occasionally 17 inches apart to center, you are going to have a bad time. There's absolutely no room for play in that width. But, again, outside of that minor complaint, i found this to be an very good choice for a mount (especially at the price).

A. Audrey, Lambeth

Brand :    videosecu
Color :    Black
Size :    32-50 inch
Weight :    10.00 pounds
Model :    ML531BE
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level
  • Standard mounting hardware, 10 ft hdmi cable and 6" 3-axis magnetic bubble level included
  • Heavy guage steel supports screens up to 88 lbs. compatible with vesa (mounting hole pattern) 400x400mm/400x300mm/400x200mm/300x300mm/300x200mm/200x200mm/200x100mm/100x100mm (16"x16"/16"x12"/16"x8"/12"x12"/12"x8"/8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4")
  • Tilt+15 /-5 , swivel 180 degrees and rotate for maximum viewing flexibility; vesa plate can be taken off for easy installation by one person
  • Low profile mount retracts to 2. 2" to save space, extends 20" from the wall
Price :    $19.99 (was $24.99)
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount 32 -55 LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor up to 88 lb VESA 400x400 Full Motion Swivel Articulating 20 in Extension Arm, HDMI Cable & Bubble Level WP5 available ( Nov 2019 )

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs

So far so good. Ordered 2 for my kids tvs so we can mount them and they won t be able to touch them anything! . Easy install

Online storebasics brings you everyday items at a great value an online store brand.

Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVsAmazonBasics-Heavy-Duty-Articulating-32-inch-80-inch

Basics Heavy Duty Articulating 32 Inch 80 Inch (pbh 1006) FAQ.

This was so easy to mount! took me 20 minutes. -Notice from E. Cecilia, Connecticut

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Love this product! i was initially worried because of other reviewers saying they didn't like it but we bought it and hoped for the best! we first hung the tv in our living room on this mount, and then ended up buying another for our bedroom. If you are looking for a nice and sturdy tv mount, buy this one and be able to not worry about a tv falling off the fall. We will definitely be buying this for any future tvs that need to be mounted.

Basics-heavy-duty-articulating-32-inch-80-inch-(pbh-1006) set picture

- Z. LaraI used this to mount a 32" tv in my kitchen. Install was a breeze and all required hardware was included. Instructions were easy to follow as well. The tv is easy to move and rotate.

Great wall mount! easy to install and i absolutely love the swivel feature! the directions are easy to follow and compared to some of the other wall mounts i ve seen you definitely are getting a deal with this one.

R. Dorothy, Darlington

Brand :    basics
Color :    Black
Size :    32-inch to 80-inch TVs
Weight :    15.00 pounds
Model :    7852B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Av Furniture (basics product review) for Basics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen TVs available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $35.12
  • 15 degrees of tilt for optimal viewing angle (+10 to -5 degrees); articulating design extends up to 19. 9 inches from the wall
  • Equipped with a built-in bubble level
  • Articulating tv wall mount accommodates 32- to 80-inch tvs (up to 130 pounds) for enhanced home tv-viewing experience
  • Fits vesa 100x100 - 600x400mm mounting patterns (the vesa mounting patterns are the distances (in mm) between the four screw holes on the back of the tv)
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel for reliable strength

TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model

Quite frankly, i was very, very unsure as to whether i should purchase this tv. It is a ridiculously good price, says it has hdr (hdr10), it has some local dimming type qualities and is under $400 it s also from a manufacturer that, quite frankly, i am not very sure of as i am not familiar. What pushed me over the proverbial edge to buy this was two-fold first, it is quasi suggested by online store, the price is great and i know it has a roku built in. This is the third (i think) generation from tcl and roku and the first to boast 4k and hdr. There are some outstanding features on this television and a couple cons that i can live with. I ll outline them below. . I wanted to buy a new tv for my bedroom and the 49 was cheaper than the 43 . Also, in my humble opinion, if you want to get a 4k tv with hdr, it is best experienced with a larger tv screen. I wanted to get the 55 version that has dolby vision hdr (because it can use dolby vision or hdr10 standards for hdr) but it was cost and size prohibitive. . I saw a lg tv for a similar price but they are still using a rgbw pixel setup for their budget tv s and it really does not do blacks well nor does it perform well with some contrasting. The reviews, research and data specs i found for this tv all outweighed going with a more familiar brand. Plus, online store is awesome and prime has great benefits to protect us. I mention that as buying a tv online is a bit scary to me as i worry it might arrive broken but this was packed so well it would be malfeasance to arrive broken (or intentional). . After it arrived, i checked to make sure it was in one piece. After i found it was, i set it up. The first thing i noticed is that it weighs less than half a 46 sony tv from 2010 that it replaced. This thing is light! i can pick it up and turn it in my hands by myself without worrying about dropping it. Be careful though. . Concerning picture:. . This has hdr and the colors really pop and look outstanding. The version is hdr 10 and the tv has a 10 bit panel. Be weary of tv s that tout hdr but only have 8 bit panels as they cannot show the full color gamut (aka not really show much of the benefit of hdr). The ones you really have to check are budget samsung (i love samsung but the budget ones have some critical reviews; which i urge you to check yourself) and lg. Now, the premier models (aka, flagship) for samsung and lg are absolutely amazing but they also cost a lot more. Nonetheless, the screen is very, very good for the cost and i am thrilled at the price and performance. Setting up hdr is easy but make sure you press the * key on the remote for each input to access the settings to change the hdmi setting. It took me a bit to figure that out. . This tv has a refresh rate of 60hz but some internal hardware bumps it up to 120hz but does give it a bit of a soap opera effect. Some love it, some loathe it. I am the latter. Either way, in sports mode it was able to keep up with fast nfl action in 4k and some other programming on directv (nfl not in 4k but the upscaling was great! ). From what i read, i wouldn t calibrate this tv as it didn t really help. This is different as calibration usually makes the tv show it s best picture but that doesn t seem to be the case here. Oh well, easier for me to setup. . Sound:. . The volume gets quite loud! what i love about this is an option to use to have speech mode so language in movies, shows, etc, is clearer without having to turn the tv up in general to loud levels. My former tv lacked this. Nice addition. The stock speakers don t sound tinney or bad at all to me. Keep your expectations in check though; this is a budget tv. . Other features, etc:. . Sd content and content from streaming is upscaled very well. That is extremely important, in my opinion, as there is not a ton of 4k material and hdr but it is growing rapidly. Most of the hdr and 4k content out there to stream, you need about 30mbps download speeds (which rules me out as i can only get dsl). Hdr adds another 3mbps required with 4k. . Breakdown. It has hdr (hdr10 and it looks great for the price). Great up scaling. Screen cast. Roku remote and user interface. Simple, fast and easy to use user interface. Good apps/thousands of channels because it is a roku. . 3 hdmi (all can do 60hz 4k at 4:4:4 or 4:2:2). Headphone/speaker out. Ota tuner. Component input. Great sound for a budget tv. 1 arc hdmi. 1 mhl hdmi. As wide as my 2010 sony 46 tv (small bezel on this). Inexpensive. Full led backlight array, it seems, with local dimming. It doesn t perform as well as much more expensive tv s but it performs well at this price point. Wifi true dual band ac and have had zero drop outs thus far. . Some cons are:. . Needs another hdmi input. No 3d (if that is a con). . Could use more than 1 usb port. . I would recommend taking advantage of the 2 year warranty available so you get the 1 year manufacturer one and 2 after that. . Overall, i cannot dispute the value this brings to the table; it s amazing

Tcl, one of the world's largest tv manufacturers in the world and america s fastest growing tv brand, bring the latest in 4k technology and design. The s-series 4k tcl roku tv delivers stunning ultra hd picture quality with four times the resolution of full hd for enhanced clarity and detail, as well as the most streaming channels of any 4k tv. We've simplified the 4k ultra hd tv so you can instantly enjoy endless entertainment. With hrd compatibility, choose from more than 4, 000 streaming channels that feature 450, 000 movies and tv episodes plus live sports, news, music, kids and family, food, science and tech, fitness, foreign language and so much more.

TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 ModelTCL-49S405-49-Inch-Ultra-Smart

Tcl 49s405 49-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ.

Tcl 49s405 is an impressive smart tv for the price - we didn't realize that until four years ago when we bought a 40" for our office though 4k wasn't available then. Since moving this fall, we decided to upgrade to a larger screen with 4k and we love built in roku so all we compared the tcl line with a few others and price wise, tcl came out on top again. With this smart tv we are also cutting the cord, we've gotten used to what roku has to offer and has now partnered with (online store being one, super easy to set up) along with the higher package hulu and a few other groups that cost less in the long run, offer more ultra hd (that's 4k) and 4k straight up. We are saving a lot of money and super happy with the picture quality but man! you can tell when it's on cable and external antenna hd against 4k! . If you are on sd or the latter cable, the black is holographic and annoying and either too bright or too dark even with all the settings tcl offers with the 49s405. The speaker still isn't great but a lot better than the older one we have though we still use a full stereo surround sound system. It also has just enough hdmi ports with ethernet & a headphone jack. There is no lag time when using your laptop on screen and while we don't use it much, the smart phone app allows you to do everything from your phone that the included ruko bar does as well as control and broadcast in sync with the tcl. It's also built so you can use just about any wall mount you may already have without blocking access to the side panel so there is that too. If you are looking for a bargain and thinking of cutting the cord, start with a tcl. You really will not be disappointed. -Notice from W. Heidi, Sunderland

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After hours of gaming, movies and tv, this is simply the best tv i've ever purchased! i tweaked some settings (which was incredibly easy) and couldn't stop dropping my jaw. Draw distances in games seemed enhanced somehow. The colors. The hdr is so worth it. I can't stress enough how worth it the hdr is. Blows my dang mind, even the tv's speakers are better than expected, bass is noticable. The apps and roku function very smoothly. I would highly suggest anyone that loves movies or games (or both) to get this tv! great price for supreme value!

Tcl-49s405-49-inch-4k-ultra-hd-roku-smart-led-tv-2017-model-(television) set picture

- X. BullockFeatures: 5 stars. The roku features work very well! . Display: 3 stars. Fair to good. The backlighting is a little uneven. (see picture. I did not edit it, but it looks more non-uniform in the photo than in real life). The uneven lighting generally is not noticeable for tv/movie viewing. Dim scenes have a lot of motion blur, especially at 480p. Upscaling from the dvd i tested was not very good (seemed to draw weird extra lines/edges). Great for 720, 1080 and 4k though! . Edit: i realized the weird appearance of the dvd was due to the bluray player i was using. The bluray player was upscaling the 480p to 1080p. (i assume the tv further upscaled to 4k). From a distance it looked ok, but up close the artificial enhancement of edges looked pretty bad. I set the player to display the original resolution. The picture was much better! . Value: 4 stars, great tv for the price!

I did some tests with the 49s405 and an old crt monitor to test input delay (input lag). I'm not 100% sure that i did it correctly but what i'm seeing is 40 - 50ms+ on the tv. That being said i played some overwatch and didn't feel the delay and it didn't seem to affect my performance. Overaqll i am happy with the tv but i am not videophile. In video games, input lag is the delay between the television or monitor receiving a signal and it being displayed on the screen.

G. Rebecca, Saskatchewan

Brand :    tcl
Color :    Black
Size :    49-Inch
Weight :    25.40 pounds
Model :    49S405
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Home Theater :    Best Television (tcl product review) for TCL 49S405 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV 2017 Model available ( Nov 2019 )
Price :    $349.50 (was $359.99)
  • Direct-lit led produces great picture quality
  • 120hz refresh rate allows fast moving action scenes to be seen with virtually no motion blur
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): tv without stand: 43. 7" x 25. 3" x 3", tv with stand: 43. 7" x 27. 7" x 8. 5"
  • Smart functionality offers access to over 4, 000 streaming channels featuring more than 450, 000 movies and tv episodes via roku tv
  • Pairs 4k ultra hd picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of high dynamic range (hdr) for the most lifelike picture

tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model Price : 799, was : 0 as 2018-01-11
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) Reviewed by on

Top tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model (television) Content

The F.A.Q. for tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model

I received this yesterday and to say i was somewhat apprehensive would be a definite understatement. Right after i ordered this, the less than stellar reviews started pouring in. I actually got it set up late yesterday afternoon and tentatively started the activation process. The picture out of the box was ok, nothing to write home about but acceptable. On the other hand the roku was a dream to set up and use. Was terribly concerned that i would have light bleed thru but didn't thankfully. So after realizing that that part of my concern was unfounded began playing with the settings until i finally got an excellent picture, waiting for my son to stop by and fine tune it but it is currently an excellent picture. The sound is a 7 on a 1-10 scale. All in all i am happy with this tv and especially the price. Ps: i will keep the box for another month in case i have to return it but i really don't foresee a need to do that at this time!

A number of questions have been asked here.

Showing 20 Q&A on TCL-55P607-55-Inch-Ultra-Smart

(0) Question: Does the tv have local demming

(1) Question: Is there a variable audio output (to liberate me from needing to additionally adjust volume on a separate audio output component)?

(2) Question: Are the speakers harman kardon? thanks

(3) Question: What is the difference between the tcl 55p607 and the tcl 55s405? what does the extra $150 for the p series buy me?

(4) Question: What is the footprint distance of the leg stands for the 55"?

(5) Question: What is this tv's native refresh rate?

(6) Question: Can the tv support mirrorcast or other cast apps?

(7) Question: What is the diffrence between & the tcl 55c807 and why is there no link to thetcl 55c807 thats recomended on the page ?

(8) Question: Does the digital audio optical only send out a dolby digital signal?

(9) Question: Does thus tv have a tuner?

(10) Question: What vesa mount will this use?

(11) Question: Does the picture engine support upacaling from 1080p?

(12) Question: Does this tv support h. d. r. 10 devices.

(13) Question: Bluetooth? thanks in advance.

(14) Question: Can you turn on/turn off the tv through the app?

(15) Question: Do any of the apps on roku support dolbyvision streaming?

(16) Question: Is the screen ips or va?

(note) Question: where/how to get Tcl (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Tcl's products

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Electronics 282271, LED & LCD TVs 1107379546, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k Ultra Hd Roku Smart Led Tv 2017 Model (Television) FAQ Content

Best tcl 55p607 55-inch 4k ultra hd roku smart led tv 2017 model (television) in review

I m writing this review as someone who has worked in broadcast tv for over 40 years. Based largely on my own research and very comprehensive reviews from wirecutter and cnet, i purchased the tcl 55p607 about two weeks ago through online store. It replaced a 10-year old panasonic plasma tv that sadly died. As both reviews noted, for the price, it s very hard to beat. After setting it up and adjusting the set, i m happy to report that it looks fantastic and is as good as my old plasma which displayed excellent inky-blacks when called upon. I can also attest to the color quality and accuracy. . Now a word about adjusting the set. Both cnet and wirecutter provide their own suggested settings and that may be fine for some people. I tried both and found them not to my liking. I used a free app called thx tune-up (ios and android) to accomplish my setup. It got me to 95% of where i wanted the settings. The remainder were minor tweaks. My advice is to use the settings that you find most aesthetically pleasing. It s your own perception that matters. . The built-in roku is a great plus and i was already using a roku box one with my panasonic. With it built-in to the tcl set, i disconnected the box from my system and found it a new home on another set. . Bottom line: this set is an excellent value and an excellent tv. If you re not in the mood to spend a whole lot more for an oled set, the tcl will provide you with an excellent experience.

X. Smith, Somerset

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N. Nellie, Kingston upon Thames says

Incredible tv that exceeded my expectations! . . First let me say that i am a tv fanatic! i used to work for panasonic, and have several tv s in my home. Recently, my 50 plasma in my living room stopped working after 7 years. I decided to replace it with the tcl 55p607 since i am familiar with their brand. They have been making tv s for decades, just under other names. They now brand their own tv s and are the best kept secret on the market! . . I saw this tv on online store for under $600 and jumped on this deal! especially, given all of the extra features tcl offers. I placed my order and it took about a week to arrive. I saw the delivery van drive up, and figured i may need to go help him bring it in, but he didn t need any help. It was very light weight, and probably weighs around 30lbs or so. Certainly much lighter than the plasma that i replaced. . This tv was extremely easy to wall mount and light enough that i was able to attach it to the wall plate by myself! i turned on the tv and it was very intuitive and walked me through the setup process. I did a few updates once i was connected to the internet. This was by far the easiest tv i have ever setup! once i completed setup, i started flipping through the channels and the screen looked amazing! this picture is extremely sharp, and i like it so much better than my panasonic. It was so much better than i expected for $600. . I started to setup roku / online store prime / and netflix which were all super easy! i started playing movies from online store prime, and again the picture was stunning! my wife and i quickly fell in love with the tv, and decided to swap it with the 65 lg led that we have in our bedroom. We just bought that lg at christmas 2016 for $999, and this was so much better! it has so many amazing features, plus it has a built in headphone jack in the remote, which lets you listen to the audio through headphones. My wife especially loves this feature because i like to stay up late and watch tv, and now she can sleep without the tv sound in the background. Tcl even includes ear buds in the box! . . I can t believe how excited i am over this tv! i wanted to give it a week or so before i wrote this review to make sure that there were no issues, and my user experience just keeps getting better and better! the more familiar i get with the tv the more i love it. Plus, i love how easy the remote is to operate, and how quickly i can change inputs. My lg doesn t have roku or netflix built in, so i never really knew what i was missing. I can see now how people can get addicted to netflix and online store prime! plus, with the 4k video, all of the shows look incredible! . . Give tcl a try, you won t be sorry you did!

Y. Brendon, Iowa

Pros:. Tv looks fantastic. Mounts well. Loads quickly. Apps work fast. . Cons:. Remote sucks down batteries like theres no tomorrow. . Legitimately needs a remote rework. I emailed tcl about the fact that even with the tv off i lose about 10% battery power every day and they said "thats because its a rf remote instead of an ir remote". Thats all well and good but when youre going thru a 4pack of aa's a month you will get upset quickly. Buy rechargeable batteries or take your batteries out whenever you turn the tv off. It will continue to drain even with the tv off for some reason.

S. Ruby, Isle of Wight says

Review update 7/28/17: the firmware has been updated as of 7/27/17 that adds fald (local dimming) while in game mode! i have had a chance to test it out, again with a rhythm game, and can confirm the input lag (or lack thereof lol) seems exactly the same even with this new addition. This tv keeps getting better and better. Original review below. . First off, i'm not a 4k tv expert, and this is my first one, so pardon my excitement but i am stunned at how awesome this is. Bright, clear as day, and black that looks very black. I have just only set it up and put some streaming services to use (like online store prime video for 4k hdr stuff). . Easy to set up, it took like 10 minutes to install and get all logged in and firmware updated. Roku tv interface is super snappy and quick. Remote is awesome, has voice search, and even has a headphone jack to listen by yourself. Comes with earbuds too :). . One thing i appreciate a lot, is if the tv detects an hdr or a dolby vision signal, the logo appears up in the corner for a few seconds. So there's no question! . . I got the set primarily for gaming, since 4k is the new hotness. Everything is very snappy. Switching between the different hdmi inputs and such. I really like the roku tv interface. I'm coming from a 2014 sony 1080p tv. . I played around with a few settings (they save between inputs so that is nice), like putting the darkness down a couple notches, turning color up a bit to my liking, but that's all the tweaking i've done. There's a roku tv app that lets you really get nitty gritty, but i'll wait until a pro provides some settings. There is a game mode for every input, but i have not used it yet. Haven't experienced anything bad so i am thinking whatever input lag is very small. . I don't have a 4k receiver, so the xbox one s and ps4 pro went to inputs one and two direct, with optical cable out to receiver (also supports arc, maybe i'll set that up), and then the switch, wiiu, and ps3 go through the receiver and to the tv, since they aren't 4k anyway. . There's many settings when hdr is activated (and you can tell the tv has switched because it will say hdr in the corner for a few seconds, even for games, or have the dolby vision logo). I don't know what they all do yet or which is the preferred for each instance, but the overall look does change when switching between them. There's hdr dark, hdr normal, hdr bright, and the same for dolby vision. It saves all your settings even if you go back and forth between hdr and non-hdr so that's nice. Once hdr kicks in it goes to your settings for that. . First i wanted to see if there was any "blooming" or whatever people say. This set is fald with 72 zones apparently. Like if there's something against what should be a completely dark screen would get a halo of light around it, so i found a dolby logo. It passes the test. I don't see any blooming, the dang thing is a black screen! . . Tried out some forza horizon 3 in hdr. I am used to my old tv being in torch mode because that's all i could do to get it looking good. This looks very natural and more real. . I then popped in planet earth ii 4k blu-ray on the one s for a few minutes, and wow. . Next up is wipeout omega collection on ps4 pro, which is native 4k 60fps. Looks great, and again much more real looking than my old torch mode tv. . Booted up the switch to see if there were any "upscaling" problems, and everything looked great. Tried out shantae. I looked during the cutscenes to see if there was any "light bleeding" into the letterbox area, but it was completely clean. . I've attached some photos of my testing from today. . Very satisfied with this purchase! amazing value for all this set can do! . . Edit: regarding input lag and not having the option for fald in game mode. I set up hdmi arc to my receiver just now, and decided to put a rhythm game to the test. If anything would show lag it would be a rhythm game. This is with game mode turned off. I tested superbeat xonic on the ps4 pro. I hit every note exactly. There is an option in the xonic menu to calibrate lag, and i did not need it, it is set to 0ms. Now i am positive this set doesn't have zero input lag, but in my case it might as well be. No reason for me to even use game mode. Amazing.

A. Kellie, Pennsylvania

Just buy this tv. Seriously, i did months of intense research on every tv out there (i m a newly married college student on a budget) & unless you have more than enough money to comfortably buy a $1, 200. 00 + tv, then this is your go-to; simply put, nothing up through this price range is as good in all around specs, nor has such fantastic value for just $600(p605)-$650(p607) depending on if you d like the upgraded controller. This is by far the the best tv i ve ever seen. Dolby vision, other hdr content, uhd 4k, it all looks insanely brilliant! gaming is just unworldy, especially on the new xbox one x, & this tv also has one of the top 3 fastest lag times for a tv on the market today, which means it s the next best thing outside of a gaming monitor with the added benefit of experiencing it on a more immersive 55 screen instead of a pc monitor that s a 1/3rd of the size. Overall i understand that this tv is not perfect, none are, but i do not ever notice any of its few so-called cons, & have certainly never been distracted by anything other than just how incredibly excellent the picture looks! the black levels have always been great to me, & i bought vizio s $150. 00 36 sound bar (sb3621 n-e8) that comes with a subwoofer (best sound bar for under $400. 00) so that i could have enough incredible sound to match the incredibly great picture (a 36 sound bar rests perfectly in between the legs of this tv). While i ve scoured every review article on the web & watched every review on youtube that s in existance, there are two that are among the best which i would recommend in looking at & comparing this tv to others. They are, ratings. Com, & digitaldaily. Com. Hope this helps, & seriously, just buy this tv!

W. Candy, Michigan says

First impression is. Wow! . I've only had this in my living room for about a week and it took almost a month to get to me due to backorders i suppose, but i knew the delivery time when i ordered it. Online store actually got it to me a week ahead of when they originally said they would, so no worries on that front. . This tv is awesome. It was a huge step up from what i thought was an already decent sharp tv. The picture is great in all modes (after a little tweaking, i will admit, but nothing major, and super simple to do). The addition of roku built in and the familiar way that it handles "channels" and incorporates all of the inputs is worth the price of admission. . This unit eliminated 2 pieces of extra equipment and 3 sets of cables. I was able to eliminate an external hdmi switch, extra sets of audio cables that used to have to run to my receiver, and it eliminated the need to switch the video feed and the receive channel. With hdmi directly to the tv, and a convenient toslink connection out of the tv to the receiver, all switching is handled in the roku home screen now. That is what helps boost this unit to the top for me personally. I know there's other units out there that do this, but the way tcl incorporates it with the roku is awesome. . The picture is phenomenal and the 4k content that i've demo'd so far is impressive. I will be looking for prices to drop on ultrahdr blu-ray players to add that to the mix next. . About this unit in particular, i specifically wanted the 55p607, not the "s", "c", or others; and not the 605. Reasons:. "p" - i wanted the 72 zone dynamic led backlight control (i know there's a "marketing term" that they have for it, but the fact that this isn't edge-lit is the reason i spent the extra for the "p" model - and i'll say i can tell a huge difference. It's the little things like credits, or opening titles, or night scenes with moons and stars, etc. No extra "glow" on the screen, just pitch black except where it's supposed to be lit. Even the light rings that eminate from certain things (example: hbo into, directv splash screen, etc. ) look "better" and have less distinction between the rings, and don't bleed over to the black area. . 607 - the upgraded remote was worth it for me. I like the rf functionality (not having to point it at the tv just right. ) and the as novel as the headphone idea is, it really is cool. My daughter is so excited that she can hit up the ps4 or watch a movie without waking us up. (tbh though, i know that she could have already done that with the ps4 controllers, but still cool). . Overall so far, i'd give this 10 stars if they were available. I'll amend this review over time, if necessary, but for now - i'm a very satisfied customer with zero buyer's remorse about this decision. I feel like i just put a $3k set in my home for about $650. Stealofadeal

Q. Cunningham, Bayern

Update on 11/8/2017; the tv is still providing a great experience. The price has significantly increased. . Update on 9/10/2017; i still give the set 5 stars in all areas except sound. There have been none of the screen problems others have reported. I added a sony ubp-x800 hdr blu ray player. Movies look great on the tv. . I made this purchase after a month of researching the reviews, complaints, and praises of 3 55"models; the samsung 55ks8000f, vizio 55" p series, and tcl 55p607. Every professional review recommended the 55p607. Still, i was favoring the 55" samsung 8000 series set. I wanted the very best picture quality between the 3 models. Professional reviews gave the samsung slightly higher ratings in most usage tests and my nephew has a 65" samsung 8500 that looked fantastic. The reviews gave the p series lower ratings in most areas. I again visited my nephew on july 25th. His 6-month old samsung had "waves" covering the left side of the screen. (by the way, this "bleeding" effect on hdr sets seems to be one of the common complaints. ) i went home and purchased the 55p607. Online store predicted a 6 to 8 week wait for delivery. I received the set on august 2nd. It was simple to set up. An update downloaded once the set was turned on. I had this tv is a wonderful deal. I had found a refurbished 55" 8000 for $899 (great deal). I also found a refurbished 55" p series for $799 (also a great deal). The picture is great for movies or my desktop. Thank goodness i haven't experienced viewing problems others stated in the negative reviews. The speaker sound did receive lower ratings in in every professional review. Speaker quality isn't an issue since i use either a soundbar or headphones. Some professional and many customer reviews complained how confusing or difficult it is to configure video settings. You can easily find this info online. I have 3 different settings for the tv, my computer, and the dvd player. I did purchase a 5-year warranty. Would have bought a 5-year warranty with the other 2 choices. As stated before, true hdr televisions seem to have bleeding problems, except oled. Hope this review helps. I will try to remember to update this reveiw in 6 months.

B. Mays, Thueringen says

This is a fantastic television. As a prior owner of samsung and lg smart tvs, this 55 inch tcl roku tv is the highest performing tv i've owned. . Set up was a breeze. From the time the box came, i had the tv out of the box and up and running within half an hour. I even was able to connect to my hulu, netflix, online store, and hbo accounts effortlessly by creating a roku account. . This tv is so easy to use. I have not had cable for the past 6 years and this tv is made for the streaming age. The remote is uniquely designed to include a buttons for netflix, hulu, starz, and sling. The remote is quite small because there is not a number pad like most remotes include. The volume button is on the side which is a nice touch to the design. My favorite part about the remote is the headphone jack. Headphones are includes, though i tested out some of my other headphones and they work with the remote. Also, if you download the roku app you can use your phone as a remote. . The picture quality is impressive. As an avid video game player (nintendo switch and xbox 1), i was unsure how the 1080 consoles would look on a 4k tv. The upscaling is great; the games look better than they ever have. And the input lag is basically non existent. Watching 4k movies and shows on this tv is breathtaking. Both 4k streaming and uhd blu rays look flawless on this screen. Roku supports 4k streaming through many different services so that's really convenient as well. . I would recommend this tv to anyone looking for a good entry level 4k smart tv.

D. Cassella, North Lincolnshire

First off, you can get this tv today from best buy for $50 cheaper. The only difference is it comes with the regular remote (no audio jack out wifi connection for the remote), it's model p605. So that's what i did. The day before i bought the s405 from them then gave it to me wife and decided i wanted to see how good this upgraded one was (a 10% off coupon i got in the email from best buy i was able to use on each item helped, causing me to get both tvs today and cheaper than online store). . In short, its great. The panel is basically the same as the s405 but with local dimming and wide color gamut added and dolby vision support. The s405 looks awesome, the p607/5 is a slight bump. The local dimming makes blacks look like a black hole to another dimension. The hdr works well though it is a bit underwhelming compared to all the hype about hdr i'm general. Colors do look great. Compared to the cheaper s405 in general things look very close to the same but there are some colors that really standout on the p model such as dark purples and dark blues. We have both sets side by side (we're both gamers) so a lot of comparison is happening. . Given that i have a pc and a ps4 hooked up to the p and a ps4 hooked up the s the feature i was looking forward to the least was the roku. Absolutely unneeded and probably terrible i was thinking. Well well well was i so so wrong. The roku is absolutely amazing. For anyone unfamiliar, the roku functions as the default home screen on your tv, much like a game console has the home screen you pick what game you want to play from. . The design is very simple, very intuitive and best of all very snappy. In fact, the roku and the tv menu for changing display options are all incredibly quick which is a complete difference from my last set of tv's purchased around 2013. The roku is absolutely any unexpectedly amazing and one of my favorite features by far. . Another great surprise, the upscaler. This is a 4k display, no matter what video input it had it will display that in 4k either from a 4k source or by upscaling the lower resolution source to 4k. Some tv's do it well and some don't. The p and s both do it exceptionally, enough so that i have walked back on buying a ps pro. For instance, comparing what i'm seeing from horizon zero dawn on my ps4 being upscaled from 1080p to 4k is nearly identical to 4k hdr clips of the game (viewed on p). The upscaling effect is best with video games where it simply sharpens everything up. It is as good as i'd expect for video. . The audio isn't great. Out of the box color is good enough but i would still recommend calibrating either professionally or trying it rtings. Com's calibration settings. . This is a great tv especially for the price you're just not going to find something better without spending a lot more money. Also if you're stretching it to get this 1 over the s you really can't go wrong with the s. Consider the p a 9 and the s an 8. 2 it just isn't a huge jump but if you can afford it the p is the way to go as it has pretty much every feature you may need in the future that is available right now in a 4k tv.

E. Irene, Wiltshire says

Beautiful picture, great roku interface. Service department did a great job. Only issue is that i have not been able to get my logitech harmony hub to work with this tv.

. Guest, North Dakota

Wow. I've had an edge lit 1080p hd tv for 10 years before this, and after watching this one, it is just incredible! no light bleed issues at all, it truly goes solid black when it needs to. Great picture, great color, and very bright. Have not messed with the settings much, so it came pretty well set up straight from the factory.

F. Nielsen, Australian Capital Territory says

Just in case anyone is frustrated like i was with setting this up, here's what you have to do in order to get 4k at 60hz with 4:4:4 chroma on a tcl 55p607 or 55p605. I thought it was a bad hdmi cable for a while, but if you have a hdmi 2. 0 compatible graphics card, a high-speed hdmi cable, and this tv, you can get it set up. This tv is just a bit peculiar about handling pc input. I have a gtx 1070, and if i tried to output 4k at higher than 30hz through nvidia control panel, i'd get a picture of the top 2/3 of the tv and everything would be either pink or green. The bottom 1/3 would be garbled. Really frustrating. . Here's the steps:. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed from your graphics card supplier. On the tv, set up a nickname for the hdmi input from the pc. I called it "computer". Turn off your pc. On the tv, go to settings tv inputs computer (or whatever you named the pc input) hdmi mode. Set it to hdmi 2. 0. Disconnect all hdmi cables from your tv including the pc. On the tv, go to settings system power system restart and wait for the tv to restart. This is key! turning off with the remote doesn't actually turn it off completely and this was the bane of my existence. If you upgrade your netflix account for 4k, you should restart this way as well, if you don't see the 4k tags in the netflix for roku app. Plug the pc hdmi cable back in the same hdmi port it was plugged into before. Boot your pc. Use nvidia control panel (right-click on desktop to find it) or amd's equivalent to adjust resolution and refresh rate if it was not automatically set. Press 'ok' on your remote to see if the hdmi output is at 4k and 60hz. . Hopefully that works for you.

U. Harrison, Bourgogne says

Impressive doesn't quite begin to describe this television. . Let's begin with the packing of this television. When i first received this tv, my heart sank. All the corners of the box were damaged. Struggling to keep my anxiety at bay, i quickly cut the box open. Swinging open the flaps of the box, i was greeted by an inner fortress of styrofoam. "there is still a good chance the tv is not damaged" i told myself. I couldn't quite convince myself as i feverishly pulled out the styrofoam like a child ripping apart a christmas gift. At this point i realized there was no real way for me to remove this behemoth from its box on my own. Quickly i recruited the better half to help me lure this beast out of its styrofoam cavern. With "leviathan" (55p607) out of its box we gently installed the "feet" and laid it across a tv stand. We fired up the television and were instantly transferred to the upper echelon of home entertainment. . The most important feature would be the display. It was instantly apparent to me why this television was highly rated on online store. A 4k hdr dolby vision television set for under $700 is insane. I loaded trolls the movie on netflix through the roku app interface. I figured if the tv was going to struggle and show signs of weakness, trolls the movie would expose its flaws. I began streaming trolls 4k hdr on netflix. For those of you who have netflix, make sure you subscribe to 4k streaming on netflix otherwise you will do a disservice to this tv. The image displayed on the tcl 55p607 surpassed my expectations. The vibrant and colorful scenes that were flashing in-front of my eyes, were captivating. The tcl 55p607 exhibited brilliant and bright colors. As for the black shades, they were truly black. I noticed no sign of light bleeding. I realized much later into the movie there were no dull gray colorizations to the black shades. . A few features i am quickly starting to fall in love with. I am digging the interface and the apps that can be downloaded. Extremely simple switching between apps with minimal loading times. I am enjoying the simplicity of the premium remote. Its refreshing to see a remote control with minimal buttons. I absolutely love the voice search feature. It makes searching across the roku system a breeze. I am blown away by the contrast this tv offers, it is ridiculous. . Normally i go back and fourth for weeks debating wether i made the right decision on the tv i have purchased. In comparison to an older vizio led tv and a lg plasma as well as countless other televisions i have owned, the tcl 55p607 tv has made me confident in my purchase.

J. Weber, New Jersey

*i've attached photos of the tv, taken within seconds of each other. There is zero light bleed; it just looks like it on loading and menu screens*. . *update 2: tcl called and assured me the directv now app is coming at some point. Directv is in charge of the approval/timing, so we are waiting on them. Fair enough. *. . I am fully editing my original 2-star review. In it, i complained about "terrible light bleed. " after actually watching content, i can say with 100% certainty that there is zero light bleed on my set. . Yes, the menus with black backgrounds and some solid-black (empty) transition/loading screens will make the set look like it has crazy light bleed. This isn't the case. As another reviewer put it, the menus do not have "local dimming" so it looks like bleed. . If you actually watch content, you will quickly find that the panel gets jet black. One example youtube video to illustrate this is:. . "lg hdr 4k oled demo". . Find that video and watch it (pause at 12:09). You will see exactly what i mean. There is probably nothing wrong with anyone's set. No light bleed in the corners, etc. So, avoid the knee-jerk negativity until you've actually watched content. My take, anyway as i was 100% wrong in my initial critical review. Fyi, this is the only lcd i've found that i've been able to replace my pioneer kuro plasma with. It's that good. Not oled good, but also not a fortune. It's a perfect replacement for the kuro, the best tv i've ever had that i didn't think was replaceable. . I highly recommend this tv, especially for the money. Nothing else comes close, imo.

R. Bethany, Alsace says

 received a unit today. Took care to unpack carefully as the bezels are made of plastic and some people on the avs forum were wondering if the backlight bleeding issues may have come from putting too much pressure on the bezels while unpacking. . Not a videophile by any means but the picture quality of this tv is impressive (having spent several hours looking at best buy and costco in-store sets). So far we have watched some local news, an episode of man in the high castle in uhd/hdr, and some you tube clips and it has been knocking my socks off. . I've attached a video clip of myself doing a backlight bleed test. Think i did it the right way and i do not notice any backlight bleeding. . Apart from this the contrast on this tv is excellent and i am very pleased with my purchase. Tcl has done an amazing job bringing such a nice tv at this price point to the consumer! that being said, i guess there are some lemons out there as with many products. Hopefully as production of these tvs continue tcl will improve their product quality control. . . . Edit to the comment above - i realized that i did not have fald off when i did the backlight bleed test. With fald off, there is some minor backlight bleed on the top two corners. . That being said. I'm not sure why/when i would turn fald off and did not notice the "backlight bleeding" through any content (much of which was darker scenes). . Still feel very positive about this tv!

G. Rhonda, Prince Edward Island

Love it, picture quality is stunning. Not a videophile but i am not sure why people are complaining about light bleed with fald off? didn't you pay more money to have fald functionality and now testing it with fald off? there is no light bleed with fald on and 4k videos look stunning at least in my case. Gaming through computer seemed fine, didn't feel like there was any noticeable lag. Roku interface is probably is best smart tv interface out there right now, easy to use no lag. Some people giving negative reviews because shipping company damaged it ? is it products fault? . . Long story short, is this tv like an lg oled ? the answer is no. But i firmly believe it is the best tv out there in 599-799 price range.

K. Susan, Wakefield says

I've had this tv for a few days now and couldn't be happier with the entire experience. The tv arrived via fedex and i had it up and running in about 10 minutes. I was curious if i'd be able to see a difference when viewing hdr content so i fired up netflix and found a show that supported dolby vision. The colors on the screen just popped and were so natural. It's hard to describe other than to say that you don't realize how artificial most screens look until you've seen hdr in action. It's a completely different experience. The operating system for this tv is all roku. This is my first experience using roku and i absolutely love how everything just works perfectly together. The interface is clean and it doesn't feel at all like other smart tvs i've seen. I'm not sure i want to buy another tv that doesn't have roku integrated. . I can't stress enough how beautiful the picture is on this tv but most of all i don't know how tcl is able to pack all these features in at this price. Well done tcl, consider me a very satisfied customer!

P. Paula, Alabama

I looked around at a lot of tv's and did my research and this tv by far out weigh's the other brands that are out there.

I. Carol, York says

So i received the tv on june 14th but wasn't setting it up until june 16 as i was having it professionally mounted with new electrical outlets being installed behind it. Well, after reading the avs forum for the tv and seeing all of the initial complaints of damaged units, i rushed downstairs and carefully took it out of the box to inspect the screen. No cracks but i knew i wasn't out of the woods until i powered it up. Friday june 16th arrives and i literally worked from home to meet the installer at the house. Got the outlets installed and tv mounted in about an hour. So i'm just now writing the review as i wanted to allow sufficient time to elapse before writing a review. The tv this set is replacing is a 2015 model samsung un50j6200. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the samsung but i'm the type to upgrade when something seems to be a step up in technology at a reasonable price. So i powered the tv on and connected it to wifi and set back up my home theater system (word of advice if you are upgrading tv: take pics of your home theater connections as it took me forever to get everything hooked back up). I've now watched directv, netflix, youtube, and several other streaming apps built into roku. At first i felt like there wasn't much difference between this set and the samsung other than the size. I don't know if there is a break-in period for tvs but today is fathers day, june 16th and the tv picture is flexing it's muscles. The picture quality is absolutely excellent. The roku interface and availability of tons of popular streaming apps may lead me to cancel directv at some point. I just need to figure out how to get the nfl package in september and i'm gone. Any suggestions let me know. Anyways, most of the negative reviews are not based on the tv itself, but damaged units. I get people are angry and frustrated after anticipating their new tv, but that's not fair to rate the tv poorly due to damaged units. So if you're on the fence, jump over. A really great tv at a really great price.

. Wilson, Derby

Best tv money can buy, no complaints 6 months later

Top ultra hd roku smart led tv Review

Disadvantage and Critical reviews

O. Rose, Newham says

The tv's volume is stuck on high and i have not been able to get assistance from online store or tcl directly. The tv is constantly making the input received noise for the volume to go up even when the remote is off. Tcl has terrible customer support.

W. Stacey, Greenwich

Backlight bleed and washed out colors. Blacks are a soupy gray. . The internet was seriously hyped about this tv but i really wish i went with a different tv. My four year old vizio that was only $350 at the time has a much better picture than this tv. Pretty unimpressive overall. A lot of people seem to be rushing to the defense of this tv, telling readers to "ignore the negative reviews". But why? there are multiple people experience the backlight bleed and disappointing picture quality. That seems like a valid, major issue for a brand new tv. Not something to be ignored. . Fyi- mine wasn't a shipping issue. The box looked just fine, and there are zero signs of damage. Just consistent, solid backlight bleed and gray blacks, mostly concentrated along the bottom of the screen. It just reminds me of a very low contrast ratio cheap tv like you'd find on the shelves of a discount store. . Update after a few days of use: the local dimming is apparent, but it doesn't cover up for the poor contrast. I like to watch tv with subtitles, and when a relatively dark scene comes up, there are areas of "total black" which truly are black. But if there is anything in the area such as the subtitles, the whole area becomes gray because the local backlight for that region comes on and the tv otherwise has a poor contrast ratio. The true deep black is more like a gimmick since it can't stay true black if there is any color anywhere near the black area. My comment about the older vizio tv holds true- a high contrast ratio apparently beats local dimming. . Further update: i've added an image of credits rolling after a movie. Soupy is still about the best word i can use to describe the "black" around anything not black. A cloud of soupy gray follows up the screen along with any words in the credits. This applies to all scenes but the credits are just the easiest to capture a photo of. Just a tv with poor contrast ratio posing as a decent panel. The local dimming only helps a bit. . To respond to questions- no, i don't have the brightness set to max, even though for some reason the manufacturer ships the tv set to max brightness. If memory serves, there are 5 settings; i use the second lowest. It was too dark at the true lowest setting but the next one up was fine.

M. Marguerite, Kensington and Chelsea says

Roku operating system is great, but the tv's user interface (remote and connectivity with other devices) are bad. You can't control the sound level of an external playbar (ex: sonos) without an hdmi connection since the remote is not infared. Since most playbars use optical cables now and don't even have hdmi ports that means you need to use a smartphone app to control the tv sound levels. I exchanged emails with tcl tech support and they confirmed this. Slightly infuriating since very few people use these types of tvs without playbars of some type and sonos is one of the market leaders. Why the tcl product management team didn't think to do a configuration test is beyond me. Also, the remote's construction is somewhat cheap and the retention device for the battery cover snaps off far too easily.

Y. Guest, Texas

When the tv works, it looks great and the picture is very nice. But for me, i've had nothing but trouble. . The picture will just shut off after about 20 minutes of operation. I unboxed, went through the on-screen setups, logged into my hulu/online store/netflix accounts and starting using the tv with no issue. Then, one afternoon, i hear the tv audio but there's absolutely no picture. No backlighting at all. The remote works and i can hear menu icons beeping as if i'm moving from one to the next but i don't have any idea what's going on because . Again . The screen is completely off. . So i contact tcl. They ask that i hit the reset button. Or unplug and replug. If i wait 30 seconds or more and replug, the tv seems to work for an additional 15 mins. Then the screen goes off. The tv still is on, mind you. But the display is off. . My theory is that (a) the tv is overheating and this is some sort of protection mechanism gone crazy. My tv is not in direct sunlight and i live in the bay area where a very reasonable 65f is the norm. Or it could be (b) a bad version of firmware was installed and a glitch causes the screen to die, or even (c) there's just a bad transistor in mine. But if you search the web you'll find more reports like my own. Personally, i'd skip this model if i were you. You might get a lemon. You might get a winner. But keeping the box, talking with tech support, shipping it back, etc. Is just not worth the risk.

P. Neva, Champagne-Ardenne says

Very good tv deserve four stars, but my sound went out after a month and customer service was unbelievable. First u are taking to people who can t speak english well and are not willing to offer any help. So i ll give the tv four stars

F. Palmer, Sachsen

Read the first impression post on avs weeks back, preordered the tv on the first day available, and excitedly awaited its arrival. As others have posted on avs (and see my photo as well) the left side of the panel arrived damaged. For so many units to arrive like this, it's easy to imagine the set is simply very fragile. . Trying to ignore that enormous caveat. 4k/hdr videos on youtube are amazing. (the peru video is one example. ) content on netflix is not nearly as impressive to my eye. (house of cards is better than on my previous tvs, while master of none was demonstrably worse the letterbox kept flashing, which may be related to the damage. ? ) it was easy to be blown away by the "demo" type material on youtube, but in reality, most of what i watch is unavailable in 4k/hdr to this point. I've tried watching 1080 content and hoped it might be upscaled to some degree, and as i'm no videophile, i can't address that, but to my eye, some hd content seems the same on this tv compared to my much older units, and i'd even say some content is inferior on this unit. . Another (unpopular) thought. I'd never used roku before, but i'm not at all a fan. I've been using apple tv almost exclusively for the last couple years, so i'm terribly biased, but that experience is so much better in every way (save for its lack of 4k/hdr capability). Siri is better than roku's voice search (being able to say "rewind two minutes" or "what'd he say? " are features that are hard to step back from). The app layout is far better on atv, the remote is imo better, though i'd say that's mostly what you get used to. Lastly, i couldn't believe the comments i read about roku being less biased with content delivery than apple tv or online store boxes since they don't sell content directly; meanwhile, the right 1/3 of the app screen is one big rotating ad for apps, and the remote has four buttons dedicated to particular apps. I think starz having a dedicated remote button instead of a competitor like hbo indicates that roku has its own bia$. All in all, roku is not bad by any means, but for those raving about it, i highly recommend giving apple tv a shot at least when they release a 4k compatible box (and i admit it's ridiculous that they haven't. ). . To end this somewhat ranting review, the worst part is the online store can't immediately replace the damaged unit that i preordered. I'm at the back of the line, with a estimated ship date of 10-13 weeks from now. I don't expect to have to wait that long, but it's frustrating that i have to wait at all, despite my credit card being charged in full.

B. April, Haringey says

This will be direct and blunt. Hopefully i cover everything you want to know. . Overall it's a great television. The picture is stunning, nothing more can be said about this, its absolutely beautiful. The sound is pretty damn good as well. . One issue, an issue i have found with every roku device i have owned, randomly will lose connection. I have a very expensive and fast router less than 12 feet away from this t. V. And it still will lose connection at least once a day. . Edit: have had the tv for almost a year. Changed my review from 4 stars to 2. The tv loses connection several times a day, will randomly freeze, will not work with the roku smartphone app (which is also pretty bad). Wouldn't reccomend this tv. You are better off with a vizio or samsung even though they are a tad more expensive

. Wade, New Jersey

This is a good set if you are only using it for gaming or watching 4k/dolby vison/hdr content on netflix, online store video and the likes. If you plan on watching sports or any other cable tv programming you will be very disappointed. The up-scaling on this set is nearly non existent, sports and cable tv shows looked like sd even though it was hd. I watch a lot of sports and regular tv, so i sold this set (took a $200 loss) and bought the sony x900e, i do not regret it for one second. Again, good set, but only if you don't plan on watching cable tv.

I. Teresa, South Dakota says

Bought this tv in august 2017 and everything was peachy up until now. All of a sudden there is a line of broken pixel on the screen and no matter what i do it would not go away.

J. Annette, Oklahoma

It was the best tv i've ever owned for the first 14 days. The picture was beautiful. The roku interface was easy to use. Then on day 15 a blue line appeared down the middle of the screen (i had a similar issue in the past with a samsung tv about 10 years ago and it was the panel). I opened a support ticket with tcl because i knew the tv was still on back order from online store and it would have been 2-3 months for a replacement. Tcl was great and very responsive. At first. They needed all of the pertinent information (when i purchased, when it happened, serial number, etc. ) then the support technician(s) just stopped replying. This lead me with no choice other than return the item to online store. I always heard that tcl took pride in customer service, however, i guess i was wrong.

Z. Cindy, Queensland says

It's a beautiful tv, a beautiful image. But unfortunately, my experience is ruined by a large checkerboard shaped discolored spot in the center left of the screen. Whenever the top-half of the screen has a lighter shade, i. E. Any shot with the sky, a light gradient, or white or light colored background, the dark checkered spot instantly ruins my appreciation of what is otherwise a beautiful picture. I was one of those who ordered this tv in late november and didn't receive it for over a month, but when i received it i handled it with the utmost care, never touching the screen or pressing the back of the tv panel. Since the tv arrived this way, i'll have to get either online store or tcl to fix it; it's just a shame, since i've already waited over a month for this tv, and everything else on the screen looks great. :/

R. Michele, Southwark

*7/19/17. Still no replacement the tv "blooming im being told is normal" and the "backlight bleed i see is also". After using the tv now for 30 days the tv will drop wifi connection daily, freeze and then i have to do a restart for it to work again. Tcl only wants to send a tech to my house to get the tv and then mail me a check even though ive requested a direct swap and have the box still where i can mail it back. Working long days i am not home during normal hours for a tech to stop by. Then if i buy the tv again i will have to spend more since i bought at pre order price. . *update 6/27/17 - after having a warranty case open for 10 days, couple of hours on the phone and many email back and forth the issue is not fixed. Had a cali number call me from tcl even though the guy did not present himself or what department/title he had we started talking. And basically the guy said going off my phone pictures we cant help. Try returning to online store. Well online store is out of stock. What does or does not the 1 year warranty cover? and after debating a few things and even ask for a tech to come look for himself since the pictures do not do it justice that was not a option for them either. The guy hangs up on me. Wow, talk about customer support! called him back no answer. Call the 1800 number and talked to a nice guy that is going to try and make stuff right. Now we wait. Will re update on outcome. . Came in with back light bleed and blooming/ghosting and a random screen flicker. With local dimming on or off. . . Cannot get a simple replacement through tcl. . Cannot get a swap with online store due to being 2-3 months before new ones come in? . . Not happy.

N. Paige, New York says

Purchased on 10/9/2017 (3rd party re-seller: electronics express). . Overall, the display is gorgeous. I won't go into that here, since other reviews describe it at length. What's important is that this set shipped with multiple (rather glaring) defects. . There are two columns of dead pixels, and a third irregular group of dead pixels. Additionally, the "back" button on the remote cannot be depressed, and therefore cannot be used. It's a somewhat important button, as you might imagine. . Two stars since even with the defects, the picture is the nicest i've ever seen. I have contacted tcl support. If they come through and rectify all of the above issues at minimal cost, i'll update the review to 5 stars. If they don't, i'll knock it down to one star. . Photos attached, so you know i'm not making this up. The box wasn't damaged, so it definitely left tcl's factory this way. . Update 1: four days in with tcl support. I can't imagine they have many more ridiculous hoops for me to jump through, after asking for a picture of the remote (which would show nothing, since the fault is mechanical, not cosmetic, and i have told them this repeatedly), after i had sent them a video of the remote control not functioning as intended. It almost seems like tcl support takes some perverse pleasure in requesting the most frustrating, arbitrary information they can think of. No hint of making good on the warranty yet. I'll update again later.

U. Colleen, Dudley

The picture is gorgeous. The problem is that there's a serious defect in the screen, as you can see in the photo. Impossible to know if it's a manufacturing problem or a problem with shipping. Very disappointing, as the image quality is so good. Without the defect i would give it 5 stars. Returning for a refund.

. Julia, Massachusetts says

Background. This is my second hd television and my first 4k tv. I don't usually like to pay the early adopter tax on stuff but i was looking for another good upgrade from my 42 inch 1080p monitor (truth be told i also wanted to re-purpose the 42 inch tv for the man cave). I had been looking at the reviews and recommendations on several sites and had been watching the tcl brand for a bit. I was about to bit the bullet a few months ago when i saw the announcement for their new 2017 models. The p607 series seemed to fit in the sweet spot for me. It had some of the nice upgrades only found on much more expensive screens and came in at a very reasonable price. It didn't promise to be the best but it had a ton of potential. . Shipping. So the day came of the release on online store and i preordered it. Online store kept telling me when it should ship but when the day came i wasn't given tracking number. A couple more days went by and still no tracking number. I was about to call to see what was up with my order since it was supposed to have shipped 3 days prior and then i finally got notified of the tracking number. Surprise surprise it had shipped when they said and was going to be delivered later that same day (for some reason the system just didn't want to update with a tracking number). So if you are ever excited about your order and are wondering why it hasn't shipped don't fret, it may arrive before you know it! . . Setup. After the screen arrived i took it out of the box and got some help from my wife in getting the legs on bottom. They were easy to install, just 4 screws. I planned on mounting it but i wanted to make sure everything worked fine first before going through the trouble. I liked that it only had a 2 prong outlet since some of the outlets in my house don't have a ground and that is true for the one that the old tv is plugged into (i had to use an adapter for that one). Everything powered on fine and i went through the setup process. It seemed to be a bit harder that it should have been. I was using my smartphone to connect to the roku website and generate a pin to plug into the tv. For some reason the site would time out and i would have to keep on generating a new code. And i'm not one that gets confused by technology by any means (i've worked in it for 8 years and as a software engineer for 9 after that). I was finally able to get it linked to my roku account. I picked what additional channels i wanted installed. After it went to the home screen i was greeted by a nice surprise. It had apparently carried over my channels from my roku 3 account that i still had hooked up to the old tv. While i had to put back in the passwords and account info from some of my streaming channels some of my other ones just worked (sorry, can't recall all of the ones that carried over but i do think my online store video stuff carried over without having to put in the account info again). I played around with it some and it seemed to have some speed issues with my 5ghz band on my router so i switched it to 2. 4ghz and it didn't have any more issues. After testing that everything seemed to come on fine i went through the trouble of mounting it. My tv mount isn't the most convenient but it's strong and stable . Luckily for it size the tv is quite light too. I'd still recommend getting someone else's help but it's doable on your own. . Observations. I kept the default settings on initial check but then switched it to "movie" mode and loaded up the trolls movie. A very colorful movie with a lot of detail in the textures in the characters. Actually, i hadn't noticed how much detail there was on my old tv. Sure, it still looked good on that screen, but the larger screen size, and whatever other combination of technologies they had (the source was only 1080p, not a 4k movie) still made the movie "pop" a lot more. I noticed little details that i hadn't before (and i'd seen the movie at least a dozen times thanks to my 2 year-old twins). The setup of my antenna was very easy too and it was nice having everything on one remote again. Before i was having to track two remotes (the roku remote and tv remote). I haven't tested the earphone capability yet but that worked well for the roku 3 so i'm thinking it will work just fine. When the movies faded to black it seemed like the tv was off whereas my old tv had a lot of backlight bleed and it was easy to see where the screen was in the dark room (it even lit up the room a little bit). Not this tv, nice and solid black, sort of like the tv was off. . Issues. I've had a few issues with the tv here and there. The first problem i only noticed when the trolls movie got to some scenes where there was a solid color on left side of the screen. There seems to be some sort of damage that was done (sort of looks like a bubble with black ripples). It doesn't appear to be from any external event (like shipping). It's not very noticeable when the screen has a mixed color but on solid colors it becomes very obvious. I've uploaded a picture to show this. From straight on and through my camera it isn't as obvious (though it is in person) but by taking a picture of the left side at a 45 degree angle the camera picked it up easily. . Besides the ripple issue i've had it where netflix wouldn't load (kept on spinning the load screen) and i couldn't get it to reset until i unplugged the tv and plugged it back in (powering off and back on didn't help). I've had to use this reset a couple of other times since. I'm not sure if it is software issue, just something with the netflix channel (it is my most used channel) but hopefully it will be fixed in software updates. . I've also noticed at times a rapid flickering where the image goes between black and the correct image. It doesn't happen lot, but it has happened a few times so it wasn't a one time issue. . Finally, the last thing that seems to be a consistent problem (i noticed it while watching moana on the vudu channel). Whenever the movie is first starting up (when it is giving the legend story and all of the wavy patterns are on the screen) i notice a lot of what looks like static in the black border beyond the normal screen image. It's not like white noise, more like checkered lighter gray that dance and shift around. It's not noticeable from straight on, but one of my couches sits off at a 45 degree angle and it's very distracting when watching from that one. Interestingly enough, when i loaded moana on netflix (rather than vudu) it didn't have the same issue. So it may have something to do with the video source. I also haven't notice the issue with other movies on vudu. So it may not have anything to do with this tv, or it might just be the way it handles certain black screen data from specific sources. . Overall. I really like the features of this tv. I like the size and really liked the price. I don't have other 4k tv's i can compare it with, besides the ones i checked in the stores. It definitely has some nice features. There are some frustrating experiences with the occasional freeze ups, the original setup issues, and the quality control issues with the screen itself. I'd still recommend the product, but it remains to be seen how well it will last. With these issues already in place i'm hoping it isn't a downhill spiral. Things could actually get better over time (except for my screen issues) as long as the cause is firmware, channel versions, or video source issues and not an indication of defects in my particular unit.

A. Kristen, Suffolk

Still smell an acrid odor from the tv one month after purchase. Tried to burn it off by leaving the tv on for 48 straight hours with windows open, no affect. It's not a mild odor, makes you queasy. Not sure what to do when winter arrives and can't leave windows open. Otherwise i like the tv.

V. Guest, Tameside says

 this tv has a beautiful picture, is great for gaming, and is a bargain for the price. I however cannot suggest anyone buys this tv. . The reason being i have had 2 defective models in a row that had the exact same issue. Which leads me to believe this is an issue with the model in general. . When watching movies there will be a "flash" that is jarring and distracting. It lasts a millisecond, but its the same as if you were reading a book and someone turned the lights out on you and then flicked them back on. This was reproducible and i have footage of the issue for others to see and debate whether its worth getting this tv.

X. Anonymous, West Sussex

I really wanted to like this tv. It has great picture quality and the roku features are awesome. However, there is bad backlight bleeding in 3 corners of the tv. It's very noticeable in night scenes and other dark scenes. It's too bad - if it wasn't for this quirk, i would love this tv. I will definitely be returning it. . Edit: i also want to say that i was very careful unpacking this, so this is not just an unpacking issue as some people might speculate. I barely even touched the bezel and lifted it by the bottom. This is clearly a manufacturing defect that seems to be present in quite a few of these tvs, and since the shipping box was not damaged, i believe is tcl's fault. I've attached a picture so that others can see how bad the problem is. This is with fald off, but it's clearly noticeable in content with fald on high unless it's pure black (basically only title screens).

G. Paula, Florida says

I was so happy and loving my 55" tcl roku tv. So much so i got my mother to purchase the same one! . The back leg on my tv just snapped out of no where and my tv fell off the stand. Cracking the screen. I purchased a 3 year warranty and basically was told by tcl and where i purchased from i'm s. O. L. I'm beyond pissed and disappointed with the lack of service from both parties. As how is it my fault the leg was obviously not made correctly? ! . . Other then this issue i used to love my tv.

D. Emma, Mississippi

I'm concerned about the quality control of this product. There's a blemish on the left center side of the tv. None of the settings (local dimming, contrast, etc. Could alleviate the issue. This isn't light bleed. There's what looks like a small bubble under the glass with dark rings radiating outward. It's unfortunate as this tv seems to be highly recommended. It otherwise looks very nice, especially when viewing higher resolution content.

L. June, Bromley says

Great while it lasted, but after less than 2 months i started having issues. Id turn the tv on, hear sound, but have no picture for a minute or 2. Over the course of a week it took longer and longer to show a picture until it stopped displaying an image altogether. I called tcl, did some basic troubleshooting, but it was determined the set needed to be either repaired or replaced, and a case was opened. I had to send over pictures of my serial number, receipt, and the tv itself that "proved the issue", which i did on a friday afternoon right after i hung up with tech support. I was told the whole repair/replace process takes about 2 weeks, and that someone would be contacting me within 48 hours of sending the pics. I guess not counting the weekend, im still within that timeframe. Hopefully i will hear back monday. To be continued.

Q. Nielsen, Brandenburg

When i made the jump to 4k, i originally bought a samsung but the unit had issues displaying hdr content & some other issues. So after doing some more research i thought i'd roll the dice on this tv. Reviews are pretty positive, and the features are simply great given the cost. If you're gamer it becomes even more appealing due to the super low input lag. . Unfortunately when i finally received mine i noticed it had some dead pixels, though they were hardly noticeable. I thought i'd still try out the tv a bit longer and as i did, something kept catching my eye. When the tv was displaying darker colors i couldn't see it but when it came to light colors it would still catch my eye. What i was seeing almost looked like indentations in the bottom corners. I think you can see it better with the white back ground. . Due to some confusion with online store i had to turn to tcl for some answers via twitter. They were fast to get back to me and more than willing to take over handling the issue, but ultimately i decided to return it through online store. . I think if you get one in perfect working order you'll be very happy with it, especially if you do game. I myself may give the tv another chance but that depends on if i can find it locally.

C. Clara, City of London says

The picture on this tv is very good, especially for the price. A game in native 4k from the ps4 pro with hdr looks incredible. The input lag is also low for a tv, even with hdr on. Local dimming is even available with game mode on now. With roku built in, there are a number of available applications, but i have found myself mostly using the packed in apps besides twitch. Netflix and online store video both allow for 4k video if you're willing to risk the bandwidth for the month. . Despite all of that, i have had a few issues with the tv. First, the corners are a little bit dim compared to the rest of the screen. Second, there's a sort of hazy effect on the screen when there is mostly a single color, so if you're watching something like football, the screen can detract from the game when there is not much motion. Third, the remote has been draining batteries absurdly fast. I use my remote just to turn the tv on and off, but i'm now on my third set of batteries after a couple of months. The final issue is a weird one. When i got my tv, there was a bug crawling behind the screen. I hoped that it would find its way out, but it subsequently died and is now stuck in the upper part of the screen. It seems absurd, but it happened somehow and is irritating. It isn't a big deal when there is a lot going on, but you can easily see the bug when that area of the screen is white or any other light solid color. I finally went to contact tcl customer service, and after sending them all the proof they requested, they forwarded me to their service department and then nothing. I haven't heard from them in over a month. They said my case would be evaluated, and they just haven't said anything. . The tv is great for the price, but customer service coupled with a weird issue have severely detracted from that for me.

S. Guest, Hillingdon

This is probably the best 4k unit you can buy for the lowest price. The darks are. Well, dark. The colors are vivid. The unit itself looks simple and the roku tv platform is just awesome. The only thing i can't stand is where there are really dark scenes, the screen kind of flashes. It's like the tv is having trouble to make the darks really black. This happens especially when it's fast moving dark scenes. Other than this, the tv so far is just awesome. I would rate it a 4 if it didn't have this issue. It seriously bugs me.

H. Russell, North Somerset says

Set intermittently flashed completely white for a single frame every 10-20 minutes. Tcl support seemed to have no idea what could be causing it ("have you tried turning it off and on again? "). Reviewing the p607 on avsforums showed it was not something isolated to just my set.

T. Carmen, Arizona

I've had a lot of different tvs over the years and i honestly can't remember having problems with even one of them. This tv is a completely different story, though. When i bought this i had read a decent amount of reviews stating problems, but i overlooked them because i considered this tv to be such a great deal. I had never before seen a tv so feature rich for such a low price. I am, however, once again reminded that you get what you pay for. I have had more problems with this tv than i care to dictate. Everything from the picture having color spots blurs when 4k or dolby vision material is being played, to the tv randomly shutting off multiple times every day, to the remote getting stuck doing the same action no matter what button i press, to sound issues while i'm listening via the remote. I would list all the problems, but i've honestly i already spent way too much time dealing with this tv. Which brings me to my biggest gripe, the customer service. Their unbelievably rude, their processes to get anything fixed are annoying, time-consuming, and i believe they are as such to discourage customers from using them. I already went through the entire process to get my tv fixed, taking video of my tv while it was exhibiting problems, taking pictures of the back of my tv, showing proof of purchase, etc. However, after i did all of that and it was approved, i was unable to set a time for the repair person to come because i was in the hospital. I just recently called back to set up a time, and i was told that the window for getting my tv fixed had expired (not the warranty). The tcl customer service person said that if i wanted to get it fixed that i would have to go through all the steps that i had already done again in order for them to do anything. I explained to the person i have the email chain of me corresponding with the tcl rep and it included everything that was needed. I was told that it didn't matter and that they need a new one for whatever reason. I say for whatever reason because the tcl rep could give one other than that was just how they did it. I explained that it's really hard for me to move around right now, that i had already done that, and it was already approved. The tcl rep didn't care, though, and said they needed it all to be done again or the tv wasn't going to be fixed. I'm probably just going to trash this thing. I'm just not well enough to deal with these people. It's not worth it.

. Lindsey, Washington says

My husband and i really wanted to like this tv - and we did like it, up to a point. . Setting the tv up and getting the hang of roku (we're late to the streaming game) was extremely easy, and it was a snap to add other streaming accounts (britbox, sling, etc). Totally intuitive interface and i love the commonsense idea of having the headphone jack in the remote, not in the tv. . Unfortunately, we ultimately decided to return it because of the inconsistent light/dark areas issue that has been noted in other reviews. The fave sports in my household are ice hockey and soccer and, sadly, the tv's inability to provide a consistent white field during a hockey game quickly went from "hm, i suppose we can live with it" to "argh, this is so annoying! ". . To tcl's credit, they worked with us to try to fix the issue (making sure we had the most up-to-date firmware, etc) but it was clear that we were suffering from a problem noted by many other purchasers. . If you're lucky enough to get a unit where this issue isn't too pronounced, then good for you. Alas, we weren't one of those fortunate few and so we're turning it in and shopping around for something else.

E. Cortney, Stockport

I purchased this tv from best buy last week since the online store one is backordered, and what an emotional roller coaster it has been. I wish i could give it two and a half stars because two seems too low and three seems too high; the tv has some really great strengths and can put out a stunning picture, but i wouldn't get it just yet. . I'm someone who obsesses over reading reviews before buying a product, and as many point out, there's a lot to like about the tcl 55 p series. The first thing you'll notice is that the roku interface is very easy to set up and use, even for a technology-impaired spouse. While there are some minor annoyances (like the picture settings being fragmented into at least three separate menus that can be hard to find until you read up on them) and the remote is useless if you have a soundbar in front of your tv, the roku app is simple and versatile. The picture when you're watching 4k hdr videos on youtube is spectacular, and will likely be what convinces your significant other that you made the right purchase. . The picture really is terrific, but be prepared to play around with settings and read up on them. Without the local dimming on, my panel had horrible clouding/flashlighting, and i would have returned it if i hadn't read that turning on/up the local dimming helps enormously here. If you have a playstation pro or xbox one x the upgrade to 4k is gorgeous. I did not notice as huge a boost from hdr as i expected. I played uncharted 4 with it on and off and and so far the change seems negligible, although i have yet to play horizon zero dawn, which is supposed to make great use of it, but right now at least for the ps pro there are only around 10-20 titles that make use of hdr, and not a ton that have 4k either. . So far, this would be at worst a 4 star review. The problem at the moment that knocks three stars off my review is that netflix and online store prime 4k/hdr are awful on it. Netflix is about two stops too dark and this is almost impossible to work around without raising brightness settings that flatten out the image and make it look worse than a regular hdtv. You can read quite a bit on it and may be related to the use of dolby vision. It's also very grainy, but this is at least tolerable, if fairly disappointing. Even worse, however, is that online store video has switched to hdr+ within the last few days, and it looks absolutely atrocious on a non-hdr+ tv like this. The picture is so flat and desaturated it's impossible to watch anything and, again, hdtvs look 1000% better. It's not like this television is old, and i'm hoping that both companies get their acts together and fix this. You can't turn off hdr anywhere, so you're stuck with programming on both that is a significant downgrade from an hdtv. Hopefully i'll be updating this review and laughing it off as just a kink in the tech transition, but if not i would absolutely not purchase a tv that won't play either format well and displays streaming media at a major disadvantage. If it's not resolved within my return window i plan to return the tv and wait until the dust settles and a suitable format is worked out. . In closing, if you're just buying this for gaming, it's a great bargain and assuming you get a good panel you'll be very happy. If you're buying it to watch any media other than 4k blu-rays you own, sit this one out for a bit, and be careful if you go with another brand as i wouldn't be surprised if the online store video hdr+ problem affects other sets too. This is not a bad product and i would easily give it four or five stars, but these problems need resolved. Hopefully netflix, roku, tcl, and online store can get it sorted out quickly because in the meanwhile it's very disappointing not to have any content other than games and youtube that really take advantage of it. . Pros:. Great picture*. Roku interface is mostly easy to use. Good price. . Cons:. *picture requires fussing with, uniformity/clouding is awful without local dimming on. Netflix and online store video do not work properly on it as of 12/18/17, no way to turn off hdr to watch them regularly. If hdr standard is replaced by hdr+ with no compatibility, this is a very poor investment. Menus are scattered and can be a little hard to find. . I hope this helps you make a decision and that you are happy with your purchase!

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